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2019-10-11 | 🔗
Talking all things Bernie Sanders heart condition, Nickelback's sudden surge, the whistleblower's real identity, and all the ways Greta Thunberg is the pits. The always hilarious HodgeTwins guest!

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After party for mothers. Only so bring your costumes in your mother got a lotta with private Tom, Slash tour to get yours today, and we will see you on hollowing at the Texas S. What
running, suppress g avoid in the show where you would have to speak of this communist. Do you want here at your calm down a rope? Blankets and sheets evaded the God, it's time to get back to the old folks home over again,
This is how you may aiming to yours.
That's a drummer to call just snares nothing else. Only playing the snares attain the name, just snares your view show. Today we have the Hodge twins and the programme had been making the rounds of the concerning the movement now, which is disconcerting are the ones who opened up that yacht will be
talking about the Nobel Peace Prize in Gretta to number, which leads me to question the day before introduce, of course, irregulars you. Attention at all to who gives a word Nobel Peace Prize winner has it ever occurred to you that its That is totally I mean it doesn't seem like the wizard of OZ. You pick behind the curtain only it's a bunch of global as socialists who want to destroy the work making the case later on, as rumour circulate the gratitude but will be winning. We don't know it yet us of the time of this taping I have a similar bill Richmond in with us. How are you circular wonderful for the black care? How are you a better dog that is awful. I think your dad's, probably indonesian, not black, with our own junior old, just an isosceles just in I saw Natalie medical terms. You know, ok, what is myself, what makes an isosceles? Try has two sides of equal link, my article,
an interesting. Ok. How you will anyone here by the Nobel Peace Prize to be talking about a little more later on, but first leading the news: Scurvilegs had a baby with marble, comics MOTO end our Mojo MO in motion. This happened. slogan, for that was trans lives matter, even more remarkable, marrable stuff. It gives children nightmare yes, of course, but we also want to take it. Our thoughts infers obviously got two Bernie Sanders who suffered a heart attack this week, which, unfortunately is is leading questions. Now into his candidacy? It should be noted that it does thankfully scene
it was minor with senator centres likely to return to the campaign trail and he's turn lemons in dilemmas. Ninety respect that about him he's been using this opportunity to raise camp. Funds through sales of limited edition, Bernie operation doctor? I he'll go larceny in your heart. You arteries are claw taken to back it up a chance operation, remove the pieces and collect your be, but don't touch the aortic operation earnest. Many of you probably asking that it did. The question occur to us whether this was
soon it did. We went ahead with it anyway, and I won't be really without money, and that means scheduling the shoot preparing. The greens dreams procuring the costumes in finding a rubber heart. If I'm gonna many cross roads opportunities where we could have stopped Tansy author and ass, we ve ever needed So I just want you know that if you're still here with us right now, you saw the ride, you bought take it. Anyone know pony right, lady, by the way, a little bit of a little bit of animals. The irony is that really ironic, let us more set was wrong about the sun coincide. Actually the same procedure that Bernie Sanders had Sandy three too I believe eleven weeks in Canada, O garret system and in the Uk Think has seven weeks. If you're senator, if your member of parliament in Iranian, what's right now because he nothing's the latest about special treatment, Also, another political news, Johan Omar, officially filed for divorce.
Her husband mad amid a fair allegations showing once again that sibling rivalry knows no bounds. I cannot imagine using the defence ye. I married my brother, but I divorced him. So I'm ok, let's get really what she's gonna be telling people what we should be clear. This is not. Rather, she was married to another person, s right who was her brother. We really does want to focus on the fact that she banged her brother. I feel it is to take away. I think that was the lead. Don't you have when you build a legal case. You have a few kind of tenancy, but this is the most. This is a central theme, sure yeah you got some lead points, yeah top contention and yet goes wrong with it and just with May rather pretty much. The brotherly editor intercourse of biological brother should be right at the top. It should be sure it's not. It's noteworthy in what some are calling long overdue reform for the church put Francis is now considering Seeing the celibacy requirements for pre how very which yet good news for
Actually specifically cardinal mechanics, controversial, taken altar boy leave an altar boy, Bodega tray, so he is thrill of man It can be well known, and there are some people who I know, take the all taken altar boy, but they never leave and never miss not alter daddy's images were set of them. That was that I was I was my gosh rule territorially raised by what is terribly some kind of a series of they get very misguided policy by the catholic church. I think sorry, if any catholic regions are offended but least was misguided, condemn land grab. So could it?
in what it turned into is abusing children. What didn't running your land grab? It's a letter was turning quickly by a lot of what I said. You know what I said then nickel. This has been our news that nickel backs of five hundred and sixty nine percent surge in downloads. I think I'm lime wire after I think that maybe your eyes We did a meme puff posted the search happened after the president. Shared doctored, clip of nickel backs photograph, music, video, of course, most outraged by the tweet was creed. Any kind of people who know me know
they were still happy. I am that idea. Rees makes a currency that German, why it's a big ehrlichman Valise back three made for me, commands God love my I don't wanna say if I mentioned in my thoughts are candy man. If I'm a generally dams and mere though surely do you see, four
I assume you just wait and Red Mohammed, but also to reform its is a poor. Kids are gonna, be dropping or mix tape with will I am and the other black I'd be. Who does this? and it is You be lovely speaking of little use, a story about animals and Houston Zoo has unveiled a new webcam that broadcast live footage from the exhibits. Twenty four twenty soiled acute accept, actually between thirty in two, a m one that producers are up the deadline struggling to fill in the audience, so this has come in handy for a little late with Lily sing. Growing sex was so confusing here on a thing that I thought were. Actually I found that girl
dozens of holes and then, when a boy pick the right one the prize and be a baby, that's what we call an industry seems filler ignored, she's, one of you belonging to the Euro Asian zero euros. Prominent, parties non traditional hair. He had fireworks noodles and that Yes is awesome nothing. That's every hundred, ironically, nothing makes everything else same funnier, lilies picture. We have an Ex Photoshop, no, no way It was to roaming headway. How they had to cut guy will say that we had to cut it at revolved around Jeffrey Chimpanzee Dean
but what did realise then videos? You can sell your camera even show someone having their or their area- nordic valve being torn the second. You have a hand in a suit with a silver wig hanging out with an event sheet. People just think it sank. Have standards comes suing. You basically right. I guess moving into a guess this next week. I guess it's an entertainment news that use stretch noted prison reform activists Kim Kardashian, yes, and- She tweeted written report of Brandon. I see that there, the kid from making a murder urging us remember, apron and ass. She actually she reached out to ass to notify us of our support in a phone call obtained exclusively by it
Let us credit, I can't cash. I treated the point here Make a factor. It really does, whereas we already have one into the sea,
extra think only doesn't work that way. Man come on. Tat was one of those that you guys want making murder. When I came out of my gosh, there was one of those areas not about just setting a narrative that was false like right. Maybe you didn't do this, but what did I tell you? The guy was guilty of sexual assault multiple times the guide dipped his cat in motor oil burned at a lively ballots, yet think about that Hitler did Donald Trump had done the season. When you think about the collapse. Planting some keys in a Chevalier Craig TAT, I don't know I really got here where was a rat or they would be complaining that they would say, kill down by any means possible if he boil the cat alive in that context and say derisory that killed on that's not what I'm saying now started to lift an analogy it does now. Would you do against making sure they now our like, like journals comparison of burning a cat motor oil is worse than Hitler, no
when he was a kid at his way of animals and put him in his like his drawers and his wares close, whereas, like that it gets worse than like boiling. I'm alive is worse sexually a good. Where did you go to school? killing of animal with like a gun, is different than boiling, and I say this that it is starving your whole digging ones really paid for the Japanese with you, and I think no, I'm not. I don't want to get up and I'll jails not wrong. I just don't think that for anyone else think are our most significant grievance with Hitler. It's nice, the cat is not the beginning at the beginning. I dont think that that was right. It later work, it's in nice, in the years we have only Sid early enough in the history books. The cat breeder, like maybe, would be a guess writer in the forward. So there's not a chapter
a driver in a car crash bob. You is now the accused. This is a story that came from Orlando of offering the victim free food Chile's. If the victim didn't call the police digital scaring, we think about even more sinister had the victim called the cops demand threatened to taking the Appleby club. Look, look, look. They have great ships of Chile's. We ve had some good luck. Conversations every kick my ass. If you actually like dad used to like Chile's, maybe they were recently no of plastic silverware anywhere unlike, but it's not even a nice little outside I Amazon fire that doesn't work yet they gotta mountains assail it's totally different. There's no millennials innocent wanting millennials are good about. This are not after not going out to franchises when they can pay the same amount and get something better and support a mom and pop business. Here a chile's of closed, haven't seen one lately not all along with a lot of them have closed were Applebee's. Applebee's on my wife, and I fully share the two for twenty. We reports would go for night and what happens with Applebee's is that they should have succulent
one good appetite, spinning choked up here, we had that yeah, it's very good, so you go happier. I have a beer and you with some friends and you have a spinach art of Japanese. You know what this is really. I should I will be a shot. Vigo differs only the sirloins gotta be about on par with expenditure. Is nine club, it's completely oil slick, there's top sirloin in this area The bottom show its extinct or certain. It still has a hole in the middle where they cut it out since new, with a gap There is the latest, of course, impeachment Roma. Before we get the Nobel Prize and a hunch twins Democrats are considering, during the voice and the appearance of the whistle blower and the centre of this house, Democrat this may help us democratic looking for whistleblower from being identified, fearing Republican, could leak, who it is over based on the previous whistleblower, not having first hand knowledge. People are questioning the validity of these whistleblowers and in summer house leadership are actually concerned that there could be
is here and in it could actually be the current one? Maybe a White House plant or troll do shoe grateful for you swore potatoes. Ok, I don't want a real skeletons. Are We truly wish, if we're going to a peach- We need to deal with what we published our taxpayers, but my boy, you had me it's a make. Democrats are more concerned with distorting the image of the whistle blower than they are with actually
fighting the whistle blower validating the claims kind of confuse billion, maybe you can have it this way. If you ve already released the transcript of the phone call, how is it possible to have a second whistle blower for the phone call like? I dont understand that sorry, I'm a lawyer, not images like come again, it saying but whistleblower for Stevens episode. He did last week that everybody saw like, but we'll just look at the episode, but we know TAT was woods interesting about it is that it is widely acknowledged that whistleblower doesn't actually have foreseen now, three years, it's not literally realigning anyone off the street and just saying well. I would like for you to just make things up yet having this, even whenever work in a court of law and economic evidence, but right, let's go They got away HANS again. Are you really whistle blower, or are you just presenting the prestige? this is almost worse than killing the cat Doyle. You bring a thank you. Thank you. Washing process will keep you anonymous for article source close to,
White House are, let me only ass. He s here, how many of you done. Research in the Nobel Peace Prize before this just a little when Barrack wanted, yet and mostly I saw your video, and I honestly I will say this- I felt bad when Barack Obama wanted, because I did that peace prize. Lydia cited Spanish, which I thought we'd done a segment on this here at that issue, and we hadn't I've talked about a quite a bit, So I want to tell us into why everything wrong with credit. But what she is just the duchess, the worst, I'm not going to say anything that could get me ban she's, just the pits
but when it comes to Brok Obama you how many months had even president was very quick, inexact meditative nominated him, we're talking about it well before. Even that point, when I want think they were playing politics and honestly, I felt like Barack Obama was thrust into it like. I think he woke up good news. Mr President, you won the Nobel Peace Prize, you like dish you're, probably I'm never going to hear the end of its Donald Trump going to ask for my long form, but this is not gonna knock it I'm gonna! Now, there's gonna, be my please rise application thing I think about it. I don't think he wanted. He knew of it. I think, if anything, he knew that the problems of not just going merit right of you're just saying play politics only check boxes. I wanna go for the media. You're gonna inevitably make decisions that even make the people who have been selected weary of the fact that they have been, and I think I think Obama was away. I think he realized he hadn't done anything at that point. It is Europe
it really watered down the prize and made it something because he is a connoisseur of reaching high positions of authority without having done anything yes, voting presence has its benefits, while also academic, naked, sealed with an accidental and Harvard Harvard. How do you do that money? To that? I have no idea still we're all trying to find a murder. China went out ok, so there are the documents. Let's give some context here: let's just let's not go capture so everything that's insane regarding the Nobel Peace Prize is legitimate. I cannot vote for what Cora blackguards risk isn't gonna shoot the six six year old, obviously Gratitude Burg. For those you forget, she is continuing to make headlines this week for being the favourite. We don't know right now: the terminus taping, the Nobel Peace Prize, so nominee for her outstanding work and just just honestly.
Fantastic depend on their excellent work on the climate change stuffing all that business, and she spoke this week at the ongoing exe- rebellion protests which of the thing I guess in London hero and we will not stop fighting. We will never stop fighting for the spanish and for ourselves. A future for the future of our children and grandchildren That's my death. There is one of the clowns from raw designed solely to say. The left is Santana put on devil, costumes and a white, but there's something really disconcerting about white dread. Let us very diabolical it. This doesn't seem right
Oh my god, it's like a troop of actors that were unemployed, get bored one we can only lets go do stupid stuff. It means that an usually I want to just short of Dr Homer go and get some details. Like people don't know the history necessarily of the Nobel Peace Prize in the winners, but it's going to be announced. I think tomorrow it is a shame. Thing is a fraud and real What bothers me, it's about optics is different from the prizes in science prizes in I think they would have science. Is it physics, physics idea, literature and economics, but they don't? They haven't awarded in economics prize every year and actions to be awarded the least consistently. I don't know why, so not only that, but the peace prize in and of itself, it's not about who is most deserving, It really is about optics, and that is something that, at a certain point, just have similar serves no purpose for talking about climate change. Right, let's go with that. Let's go with cleaning up the environment, let's assume that humans can effect Let's assume that in some intergovernmental panel we could stop. The one point
degree warming which I would not be able to discern the studio. My goodness got ok about giving it to two points. Let no one at that he's a twenty. Have your dutch inventor entrepreneur. See over companies, it is owed ocean, clean up their ocean clean up he's working on cleaning up plastic pollution from the ocean once he was. Sixteen are practical. Just this week he announced after five years over two hundred and fifty models. He has its autonomous plan retrieval system and it at its six. Fully retrieving debris from the ocean right now just talk. No, Incentives here having negro, ok, point taken counterpoint You all come to us young people for hope. How dare you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words and yet One of the objectives we were people Was suffering people are dying,
tired ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the giving of mass extinction, and all you can talk about is the money fairy tales of Egypt economic growth. How dare you painful derivation also got it for economic. She was getting that this year, as I had Smith I had a legitimate question: how in the world, would you get a peace prize for even if she solves global warming? Has that a peace prize doesn't seem to fit the cat? three so that the rules are shifting. I haven't procedural question the objective point here: why exactly to understand that the credit and brings wings prize, because instead of setting the real problem, solvers- and I do think. Even if I disagree, the politics of someone is actively trying to solve a problem. This is all about politics, it usually for people. Luther King Jr, mother Teresa, think it be tough to argue with that like when you know, I'm, not a catholic we're, not capital expenditure,
pretty good starting, and maybe I don't have to agree with her on all church doctrine. Right, I'm a mother to color me, a mother, Teresa fan, so. Here is our entire has chosen will just be. Has a finger in the button? Is this? Can I can't not yes, but then the twentieth century, and it just it took a turn. So ninety ninety four, let me give you a few examples, the other one this prize Nobel Peace Prize in my finger
but Yasser Arafat, and I think that the punctuated yes, the counter peal of pioneer the terrorists technique of hijacking planes. Forty seven people, many of you sure he was the Steve jobs of terrorism. I gotta make a future and you couldn't tell the difference between the beard known. It was you yeah, but apparently one you're, an actual terrorist imposing this is hyperbole, know when you're an actual tears prizes. Just for quitting Europe hijacking habit a little bit, I can operate high school of Nobel Peace Prize winners killed forty seven people than most of the committee and goes g. Your dress look really great. Mrs Cleaver kill him. The prize guilt. Can we get going in there not all be
there is going to be somebody centrist him. I don't want to kill the next going to talk about. I just don't like him, so I want to make sure that I'm very clear no. Thus, occasionally you thought would become tasted now, not in two thousand and seven. Gore one for his efforts. Giovanni Macsharry, the quote: disseminate greater knowledge about man, made climate change and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change along with doing stuff with Susan, I think more lying, I think, is what price William allied misuses. He told me what you won't. He told them lie areas like hands in title here was the invented the internet so well in advance. That was pretty good. I usually get more peaceful when I watch cat videos this primarily Alvar, you show me. Well I mean I'm hungry all the tiger security retroactively take these away when it is proven like that, these people are morons can like we're, gonna go and take your prize slip into the outgoing gotta peace prize. For laying yes, that's it damn. You.
But now I just gotta my head that bill average endorsement is watching cooking, show the cats Zoellick an asian guy you're, using Socrates, Siamese or back to killing cats. Again, really killing either diner dissidents. Racism is dry, show our taboo racist laughed don't forget. Of course, when we talk about that brag about was no order. The Nobel Prize for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy in cooperation between peoples. It wasn't yet he wasn't even a year, and his presence here remember the exact length of time little today. Now that you would be the first president to be at war for all, years of his two terms, because I first brother, yes bad record, not a good for an anti war president, yeah no. I was only but he never, but what Muslim fortunately Is he never use droves to kill? Anyone know
now, that's where that is not really radically. Remember those also noted a foot yeah. Now we just as it was just a with Mr. It was fake news. You just twitching used edgewise accident like to push other buttons. You thought it was a game of all those six. There's, two jihadi or worse still less. Do you still think Al Gore Obama Yasser Arafat? I guess I can see it. I mean I can't whatever floats about here, maybe this old. Maybe this alone will convince you'll tippy over the edge to that twelve, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, What to do? European Union, not us. Member? Not the head? Is islanders spearhead just European Union. What does it mean? I don't even have happened. How full of yourself do you have to be to give a prize essentially to yourself the European Union's just we'd love, I wonder, do find interesting. As you know, the criticism of the left about citizens united. In other cases, it say their corporations can donated. Yet
billowy to exercise their rights because their reflection of people and outrage on the left about that and yet in time your disk, imbibe, related government body got a whole Claude. That has been an unmitigated disaster. Had every right wing from We want to twelve economies, were failing entire countries going bankrupt in the European Union, but at the prizes, definite in order its feel good internationally. The gold- I will tell you dont, fully understand the European Union because, as we know, pen tell us works, Russie helps right and he's drink. He the Germans and then the Germans blamed. The Greeks are just thinks bomb that whole area, it's the greatest officer, just destroy a carpet. It is remark your time of the peace prize. You know the United States fought off. Obviously Europe, on off the old old king. We will result in a special next week. We have this thing with Winston Churchill. A parody of darkest hour will be the intro. Funny when you listen. That speech, though he does talk about how, if, if Great Britain falls that the british EM
I will continue to fight and isn't that color like I get that you didn't gas Jews, that's better, but like depression empire to commit some atrocity of it? Like you really just saying, we want our empire to continue and we don't want the Nazi and by the current, is trying to do what you did only supercharged with evil when you consider it like. The United States is the only country throughout the history of mankind by the European Union. Peace pricing episodes never got it. Kick the ass of the british most countries would then say: were crossing the Atlantic and were taken over in our countries and dealing there's. Not a man Canada, Canada still exists, but could not imagine in the old world. We are the only country who could take over every single other, and we don't We'll drive is well your nation, but right now we're talking about this, for example, abandoning right the Kurds. We'll talk others more next week. I was wait for more evidence as it relates to internet not for a foreign policy, because we don't know what's going to untold but think about it for a second. It not just another united state. We don't do exactly
We didn't do that. The Ottoman empire, the Greek Empire, the Romans any time they could take land they took it, showed the British. Don't ever got up these price so sore about it. What about a little I mean you know, and it was even better- is undoubtedly arena going out there to create new states of court. Someone's gonna say we're trying to us I'll democracy in governments. They don't want it. Ok, yeah, colorist fans of democracy right now, but we're even trying to get rid of. I mean there's an act of movement, just trop California, back to Spain, so seeing my sovereignty and grab overseas and trying to clean up yours, I'm sorry, that's exactly what's happening. You make a mess of things. We come over to try to make sure you're, drunk people don't fight, and then you get pissed at an end and the people most upset about the drop in California back to Spain or Mexicans, because it after we learn spanish other I mean soon, it's gonna, be the Nevada. California bore me beat though its do you mean Lyonnais, that's the only word. I know catalogue penis by them
hit the notification bell. Please do some private microblog colored accomplish Mug club, sixty nine students at sixteen dollars for students veterans, acted Walter, you get the families cataloguing, I have Dave Reuben, it's the only thing to see this available for free on Youtube and there's like eighty percent more content. Their episodes, every single that you just see a small clip and duty, Nobody on you too, because we're not in suggesting videos. If you search us, we don't even show up, but if you check back everyday there's, always a new video at nine o clock. Eastern and then eight o clock likes you are here is another about Rattoon Berg. I guess I guess it's kind of a hybrid of of the Nobel Peace Prize. Go back to why Gratitude Burg is just the pits for its innocent innocent, her fault, she's, a child right, we're Toma, giving away that wasn't I'm nuts, I'm not saying please. Let me know nothing that we should. Never listened to young people, whether David Bowe in such, like, I get it
these children that you spit on as they try to change that. I don't listen to british empire music. I'm still here over ins and the outs Alec whereby, but you can post out on Metallica last time, but you will do this thing to ask Jimmy better. Ok,. Netscape israeli describes as people have no access to modern up. My creator is on that thing? You should never listened to young people. I think that we can learn a lot from them, but I'm really, but allowing them to dictate policy. It is not. My biggest problem here is that they use these children as human shields. Guy immune to from criticism it with them.
Hot, and let me tell you this Republicans: do it too? I see pack number I introduce Johnson Crone, it was like the conservative, but how do we prevent This their wages is wonder Kin wouldn't again as I was here, underpinned Romero like we are wondering just like a spaniard right, you, Spain, I met a change by why they do it with us. We all go hunting us without seeing that I'm sorry for the bleak but to introduce Johnson Connemara got into trouble because I was talking about it and readiness of you. I think it's I'm ok, I'm always uncomfortable with the twelve year old sort of Alex picky look alike because think they're really parroting what their parents are telling dare to say, and theirs strong likelihood that you'll end up being a pot smoking hippy at I was right about all of it, except he went to Colombia, and then there was another I came over him. There is that there was a young black conservative was making around wanted to be. I think we had him on once, but then he was supporting
crews and he was supporting Bernie Sanders and then he went back to Trump like it. There is a lot about. I don't want to say drifting, but the thing is that there is in open avenue to push the game of being young and a lot of politicians. Could you say their opinions aren't developing? Yes, there By the way you can have print you. Can it be a person who who already has established your values like minorities, are all that different when I was fourteen or fifteen or sixteen rain, but use be given a national platform. I now Sir it should be allowed to dictate policy international policy right when you have yet to make income building about it. Is trying to do, is trying to make the messenger immune right, bolster the message right you're doing. If this thing was this, and if the words she was saying we're to stand on their own, that anyone should be able to say them. If I didn't take the youth of Europe to come up and say hey, this is what it to give it sure credibility right, but whenever they say those other things, it never gets this kind of attention and certainly doesn't get any kind of credibility
I mean have you went up at EU and climate panel, and you have just said. You, you ruined my dreams, I blame average and bells retarded. I think they will. You wonder. Why is my hair braided? Why my wearing a pink dress, a website like an idiot, it is, is it it just would make any sense? I thought the Mercosur Look Alike Convention was next door. It was my right away he's also like he should not place because he does not what hundred percent more violent, Beauregard Augustus glucose sloop glue. Children die in that film. Yes, did we ever see them again nearly died that their order
yet our english suffrage. Why won't get killed all of them? The aid promised them free chocolate and then committed murder. Welcome to the real world. God are you you're right that they really are homeless, as they are immune to criticism just watch this leftist lose his mind at the slightest criticism of british timbered you're a grown man in your attacking a child. Shame on you! She trying to get a laughing weeks, rioting and relax skinny boy highly worrying, not be shy, skid, evil, ourselves! Ok, just do it you're just going to act because I berringer my right you're all Juve. First, I was like goes as complementing insult, not only in its annex, I let it airs and who could run and defend himself, just calm down my boy right man who has a forty hour dash that would be competitive at the combine. That's it you're not fit to hold gretta as braid political. Let's compare that with the treatment of. If you remember that
Lincoln Children, Swift a clash against the behaviour of those Kentucky. Teens smile travel to Washington this past Friday on a school trip to attend them. For life, the diocese of Covington Catholic High School, where some of the boys attend condemning their actions saying in a statement. This behaviour is opposed to the churches, teachings of dignity and respect the matter. Is being investigated and we will take appropriate action up to and including expulsion, I mean the behaviour of simply standing. There smiling, whether being paraded by Abrek, Blackie, Brac. Sorry as little black fever, Israelites embryo what's happened there. I declare he's totally. Are you speaking well? That makes it all the way to the diocese Why should you be more concern that those kids they weren't had sex with People didn't make sex with them like that would be my concern just take an audible. Not what the main difference here
Is that dumb, they didn't shoot sweeter? didn't used to be the spot, which was lawyers and will how can you know? I actually think that you can point out a double standard and say that one is defensible a they didn't do anything wrong. Not the gretta did anything wrong. Necessarily, I think her opinions are wrong. I think her parents have done something wrong, but when you compare it like that, don't get. There was some over the phone who took it out of context and then their lives were ruined, Gretta decided to thrust herself under the spotlight, and so I do believe that there is a certain level of criticism which is valid At that point, you certainly shouldn't be immune from it just because of your age. If you decided that you are going to be the torch bear, not just my thought. I think yes, We should be more forgiving of children right absolutely, they make mistakes, but they don't they don't you shouldn't all get a pass? No Additionally, a kid murders. Somebody like we need, we don't try them as an adult. Well, you know I'd like you to tell me
not even a little bit more sterner than I had ever. Gonna be only news and it's not gonna be fun. If you, are gonna, go out and represent any position on care. What your age is. You need to know your stuff like you need to run you like steeped in this. She basically just get pissed off and started skipping school on Friday to protest and many, done some research, but there is no way that she is cape. We're going out and giving a speech that has any substance, look at what she said, but you stolen my dreams, you ve stolen, my future were on the edge of extinction where none of that's true and everybody's, a little Celebrate Agnes says Roger has so it's interesting is even american law, as the release of the first amendment has a concept of. If you throw yourself into the light, is called being a public figure or limited purpose. Public figures, so we had a person whose private, who decides to actively put themselves into the light, is now at a different story:
bird for defamation, slander, liable to survive thanks in its natural outgrowth of you know, of course, the kings law that we derive some of our laws from in the concept. Very clear. If you choose that you're giving a certain level of ability to say. Oh, I should be criticised rather a lot of talk about the criticism part, but being able to say: hey we're, gonna attack your ideas and push back on them, criticise them, and I think what you said is perfect. It's not that she something wrong per se she's? Subject our parents putting her out there now but it, but we we definitely have to criticise the idea. In its hard, not to criticise or the those ideas without kitten criticising the vessel. Let me clarify its up. This is not. This is anything wrong with the concept. Is anything wrong with the circus that is doing Burke. Not necessarily her so another. Another point everything wrong about: she'd been debt cheese, the men If we carry on as a mental effort for mental illness Ivan Candy open about it, Limburg is dying. Asperger syndrome also obsessive com,
deserted disorder and and for me. Selective nudism, you're thinking so like defeatism sounds like both you also said to suffer from severe depression, eating disorders and panic attacks using Why this is not about her, I'm not condemning her for struggling with, whatever the being, what do they call it Nero diverse Jonah. If she's on the browser and as someone who has struggled with depression, it's a mental illness doesn't mean that it needs to be debilitating. We should be honest about this about this. We should silence people for bringing up. I am not at all condemning Gretta for struggling with, whichever one of these afflictions she may have, but I would any one in their right mind use her as a political pawn, knowing that she respond so poorly to stress this flip is sad passes.
I beg you Look. I hate to hear that cheers you I'm sorry. My brain is not working and they listen. Sorry, if you an adult me say, I'm sorry, my brain is not. My brain is not workpeople cheer written peoples? It will give me a break English into second language, she's artistic. You know when I say yes, yes, English is our second language. She's artistic depressive, obsessive compulsive has anxiety, driven selective nudism. Let's give her a break by not resting her into an international spotlight where she will be forced to talk with multiple people and faced two viable criminal criticism on a global scale, but mainly positive, but I do believe Let me be really, I do believe in autism. I think, have Asperger's something something. Eighty, each d, I understood depression. Yes, I'm not one of those people who thinks it's made up in its owner had selected museum. I don't know anything about it
You heard about that before. I never really about it, but I will say, but all the others Asperger's ADHD I think we can also create a lot of these issued their over. Be diagnosed in kids, are overly medicated, I think the right do. Things can be true absolutely so the parents are obviously the ones guiding the ship that leads to these diagnoses, the same parents by the way who dresser in the. If a flag- lest you forget my yet ass, but if you would a pickup as an author rack right and pick any mental affliction that you could in attempts to me them immune from criticism. This is what you would I think that all our second she's artistic, so she can't speak Well- she's manic depressive. She has exactly so. She may not be able to perform anxious selective nudism, so she won't answer your questions. Also antidote so you might draw bottle at your has, as you know, in the other part of that is also think about someone who would be the most likely to be susceptible to the type of Britain brainwashing. There is
the ready to accept Whatever is sad without facts and then to give an emotional plea. I did, I think, the cheese surely feeling the emotions and you see there, but are those motions based on any facts. I fear that's a very at the end. There was more outrage over Michael knows, comment pointing out that she had mental illness, not making fun of her for it not making a point about her being stupid, and she can't talk just pointed out by the way that Apple research, the reveal that it was a book that are mom, wrote yet reveal. All of that that wasn't like we had a garden dig up stuff honour, we're just reporting and nobody's pissed off at the parents like come, guys. I dont see this idling ideological and child abuse family cancel, but I'm going Point number four: it's wrong with better timber is: is the cultures and write this this culture personality? Maybe the most bizarre asked This is their there actually celebrating credit as some sort of saint. We said that around a while that the left's new religion is a secular humanism. It's it's! It's earth, worship its guy. It's climate change. Alarm is right, once all the problem kill all people, that's what it is, but consider the count
four NBC. That's gave now launched a website. Where you can confess your climates, and Hey: hey: hey, hey Multinational billion Dollar Corporation NBC. You first about how many how many people with many people had to develop that website whenever drinking from aluminum red bowl cans, Athene, farts, poseur thing So did you need to do the box set of the office has put them in Manila onboard this just be real here. My sacrifices, you guys can make the most right we target. Taxing the ritual. How? But we talk about the people, waste the most as far as plastic. As far as emissions space? How about you confess first and change it now. We have our beds referring to regret as Joan of ARC Quite climate,
when preparing her, as is Mary or Christ in Syria, Silverman see both as ever makers and exit children with instructions. Yet what was a serious overman? A black face, or not, this was just normal said. I didn't see. The cliffs, I would say, are Silverman Horsefaced, let alone a ceremony zeal and herds of Sweden, the declared. Heard. The successor of Jesus Christ, which is our concern, Silberman, doesn't unbelieving due to strike up what? What? What is it? Why do you have to push this person to Saint Hood, like I don't understand why you are looking for like it? I don't think this is greatest fault. The people doing this right. I think people, yes open. This is really what we shall do that here, the second coming of Moses.
Wanna be the second coming a most. I don't really understand. The point. Is you just want to make me that someone who is an atheist do he's a second coming? If you gotta give greater numbers some some credit here I mean it takes a lot to make someone see someone else's God. Ok, considerably rules. In this case, it doesn't take a lotta, take somebody say, keep still my dreams like that's all why are they so my kids from flowers in the attic? What for us, mother or its final player, but point out if I would give the enlargements she cheated? Gretta, this one hers she is. She is a fraud. The idea what's been built around her is fraudulent. She made headlines that she was sailing right instead of flying United States. Would emissions hegemony tell you her crew, not one or two. Whole crew then had to fly back What is reducing more machines? It would have just taken to fire there in the first place You sail across the Atlantic on your own. Congratulations, gonna beat us await you just road sailboat.
How the crew yes operated. I never knew back I'd say it's a remark it get all. This is a photo up, all a really is appropriate and in an actual that, of course, utility you and climate change action summit and she filed a complaint against five countries. Here we should right on its goods, not among them. By the way China sorry Bill biggest producer of co2 emissions at early. You gotta talk to their but put it in the suggestion rock facts out of bed on human rights that on climate, I think one of the interesting thing is when you dive to the process for this? So there's so people others. You know most building o offered a bell. He swedish all other away, so, given by swedish Committee, the peace process, by norwegian committee that the nordic government, shoes whose on that committee and the guy who was proposing that the European Union be a worthy he still on the committee. Now there, or two members. A minority of this five percent committee is actually pro conservative, but
see how the actual votes come out when things about, because the clear change has been that their willing to do this for politics as a and if the stout incredible insightful, but you lost me at swedish and norwegian because owners and the difference I think if you look at a swedish chef verses, Turkey, is one idea knockings. I do know that green. Iceland is very nice. Greenland covered with ice found that offer muddied axe to the girl whose dating Gordon Brown paving the way for asking. So let me just tell you that is word for word. I don't know why. I remember this: it's I'm probably more disturbs and greatest parents. Impasse in many where I dont plain gretta. I really don't want to be really clear here: less we be banned or for the upper. I have no idea that fair play I do which will aim the parents and the people, all people who use children as political ponds, and, if anything, I wish that I could talk to greater Gregor too. ETA and tell her that these people, just like we said this about David Haug and look where is limited
People are going to use you up, Gretta shoe and spit you out to the end result of political, wonder. Kins per, We mirrors that of child start right, the most valuable skill that Gretta needs to acquire life right now, right now, Gretta. If I could talk you is it's not confidence, it's not boldness. It's not bravado its decision, specifically discernment in who trust, that's gonna be big for you sweetheart. I really don't want to see you go the path of David, hotter, Corey Haim. Aren't we have the harsh ones coming up after this I'm looking forward to it, but have your finger and feed theirs. My dad watch, this law and our other general crowded do
You are so bad at this game. Just keep killing you over and over again. Did you give me if you need some kind of training itself I'm going to look at some tutorials and stuff. You need it, hello, yes, the police. Yes, that is the correct address. And the police said the guy. What You gotta complain about terrorist threats were going to kill you over and over again replied, try it would just trashed. I didn't tell us, is guns in the other room, I believe in it. For me
but you may be concerned with what your hearing about red flag laws need to protect yourself from being on the wrong side of a red flag law. That's why you need firearms legal protection without twenty four seven emergency hotline and plans designed specifically firearms owner firearms. Legal protection is the bachelor legal protection you can have for self. Please Dingle dine Dingle down, I think that I'm not I'm in I mean I've of White Americans were out of touch with black culture, but but that's ridiculous. No, it's ours was no dingle down, is terminology Canadians are the worst added canadian black people. They treadstone. Hybrid event in wanting to unite people very few moments haitian than french Canadians, can stand them because their racist, but we had a few black kids, would like create this lingo
a hybrid of Canadian as well as American, and that's what is the chill like you do that so chill, one. I think that's the thing out. Somebody like another was that's jokes, someone, so that's me once so that our money is man? That's jokes, ok, Jonas Retirement like giving joke as in a verb, and I don't want it- talking about and we weren't friends, so I guess the liberals one they divided and conquered through language. Yet again, that's joke! What does that mean? I met here? Next guess can help us crowd favorites. You know them you'll love them. You can follow them at Hodge twins. Before being a mom, I'm going to talk to a clip, you can follow. Hodge twins, tour, dotcom cars are speaking, live quite a bit and they do nor that now, since you took apparently, is going and similar treatment. As far as our cell going around, but I was listen Mummy set this context before bringing on the time. We had them in the studio they were Man, I don't know because they weren't out of there. I want really conservative right the kind of we're just I thought military entrepreneurs they instinctively be more traditional.
Successful Think I renew them. Let the Rob report, which is basically a move. It's like a magazine about yachting Denominator yacht, but to me? It seems as though they ve crossed over entirely, because I caught this the full that here we have a clip of them. Had lining the black leadership seminar believe from turning point USA Hagen quickly, Just me right, I think, they're your heart twins Keith and gave him. Can you hear me sirs? Yes, loud cleared like you happiness. While you are welcome, I didn't have to like my boots. Listen it's ok you're already here and we gave you a good plug way, what happened here? You are sort of pulled into this kicking and screaming, and now I see you had lining a
a summit from one of the most reviled right wing organizations in the world tells a transition how that occur when it started with you, couple years hands you grab dishonor, so limited status accorded to do it. Then you said that the one of you said that you voted for Mitt Romney and I think you got some flag for that turns out he's around since these big Republican right up the whole Obama payments, etc. Really renegades, rattles enow a white woman. I guess so everyone loses let me ask you this: what first before we move on to a deeper USA? What you do you guys have had some have happened on Youtube right. Did you have a video, video removed for hate speeches that what I am hearing. Second, video remove for hate speaks just repeat Buddha days, video we did avail because he was on
his clerk talking to Charlemagne a guy. I still don't know what to call him. The God be Charlemagne Fool, but we did a video Why is it called Charlemagne? I mean it's a historical reference. They like do. You think he knows straining latch onto sorry to interrupt your story, I'm just out of touch what got contribute: China, Turkey, David where we did a video and people gives you don't want. Breakfast club use actually using biometric data advocate for ever came to a Bush rely. We did a video urgency, adding Satan to mean our just out perforated from the Bible, thou shalt, not stick of that must be dealt with by ass. Before I think- and I told him it should proceed only now when we have the right to deal with China still calls. I think men need not have more rightful right. Now you and relationship with a woman. You can gain a huge argument right in a woman, six, seven, eight months
an abortion and I don't have no say so that as already telling people to just shut up, I don't know, I don't know how you make that leap to hey. Man should have a say in what we do with our offspring to mushroom tip in centre, which thank you, though, repeating exactly what it was that got. You or video remove program. Ratification, I appreciate case Yes, I know I think you were calling actually dear in my dad, is the better, for the show is an imbecile. Did you call asked me? half asian lawyers that what I heard yes, I made was that what is happening Illinois Matter, because we got we got all, but two thousand subscribers on our conservative twins Channel now got a second strike. Won't brutes of losing a channel for hate speech here, which is amazed while we lose all at work that went to this channel is on the verge of being taken. Now could united third strike? They delete your channel
right it. It's like biggest, why will say half regional or Bill Richmond is is plenty busy with me, but I'll I'll see what I can you. Maybe you can sort of feather you into the algae BT, Q, lawsuit against you, tube savings rule for had black guy here you didn't see, a twenty three in May, otherwise, I'd be shaking in their boots, which you would subsequently like. Let me ask you you have to, That's just Dems the brakes. Sorry, you didn't used to be born into that skin. What was it that that happened? Not only Youtube has gotten up. With you, but you lost followers from doing some of your political videos which let me because I think that your audiences are packed. Now we perform life is number one. Will we came out the closet right? We came up the clause, but you'll have a girl. You we was done a deal black. We wish obloquy. You will have to be based in the skin color. You right now shows they have a whole lot more coal at all levels,
to our show. Male, it's like a Bruce brings the encounter. Thank delivers. Who, who is a turning point? You say I thought I walked into the twilight zone is number but beware, mega ads, This is where it was crazy. They looked so happy. Man like trumpet just gave them reparations. Levels of maize, Sparrow was so happy s. What I was trying to do, man, shining black people come out and perform for about black folks were maggots yeah, and I think it is important because we have a lot of you sort of come up to the ranks as I'm a black conservative. That's my thing, guys will read, is actually here and no one of our researchers, who is a very strong guys competed in parliament. You ve been a fan of yours for a long time and we You win, you didn't come up his black conservative commentators, you're successful black entertainment art who then came out of the closet conservancy you stood to lose something which is why they,
we harder and- and I think it is more helpful to people out there, because it's one thing to do. The career path? Like all I know, if I say the right things as a black conservative, I can some speakers engagements, you guys actually lost some fans in the process like us. As that one of the biggest comments we get them back could be August, don't put money, I didn't need, I need to do this. I mean access to discuss. How I feel I want to share the ideologies, would people but about people that were black people might think we don't for money. Already senator we select, shows, or else the world do unduly doing, is because I believe in any need to follow that any defiance outer shine ago. So let us do What you want to help the black community- and this is an interesting way to do it- did it ever occur to you that meet perhaps just fake a hate crime. Man, I'm not that smart, quick ass to victory. Now I mean you know you bleach That now would you want to save robe think up like a bungee corn that would be used.
Dog create a dog candle that he had just live. Video unjustly small family had little the rope. It was like that's a real rope. The whole thing was predicted like shoots drawings, and it was that there was a black. A big was a joint you huh. But I guess he had ice cream shop in a pizza place right, but you won't do it so good, so he break to his own business, like Ben, allows its place right on the wall. He paints. Monkey was swastika if what he had to go to Inward rang revealed a deal to put the cherry on TAT he painted on all make Amerika great. If this country is so great right now you got black. People could meet in fact cake crumbs on themselves near it does do. Do you usually see these crimes in the news and think probably fake heavy reach that now where you tend to lean towards its fake until proven otherwise soon, as I see that day,
put back on the walls, I know its fate because make a mega great again does not stand that slow does not fall to bring back slavery. Dns what the TVS told black people s your black prison victim of a hate crime unknown. They didn t like TAT. One incident might Brown, he say: hands up, don't shoot. I think what innocent may walk down the street and caught pulled over there. Don't shoot right. I think if I just rob, somebody like you would like excuse me all this would seems need a problem today, but you do that to distract him while you reach for his gun and Colombian, where I would imagine lets you follow me Let me ask you this: what have you ever encounter and it doesn't mean that this doesn't happen but encountered to the degree that its fake those kinds of of racist actions or hate crimes like actually encountered someone who is paying I don't know a nazi swastika in your your bathroom or
Magua on your mere chevalier cavalier, never never, never seen a swastika unless it was on we don T bad, never went anywhere since I was born, Siena Swatch go mad Nazi inward in bathrooms year, but it is not just any old baffled. I've seen on the last time I was called inward by white woman is when I was driving in California see, I cut off a damn, it killed, Rangitata deserved so deep water. A baby? What you watch where you going so I got it that. Won't come in twelve years ago, yeah yeah So did you guess your strategy with this this hit here in the shows you were going to bring us down with you and I'm sure that our channel gets removed as well hope, there's a strike
but go it s! What did I hear that I can't champion your cause once you're gone, you still need me hear you. Me on this one out. How did turning for you as goods are because, while the entertained so honestly, the questions are formality at this point. So if you do, you can just take them on that. But how did? How did a turning point? Usa come around because that's really sort of morbid traditional Republican or zation like that's, not what you guys do you guys do stand up. You guys did videos and fitness stuff. So when I saw that it was like, I was in the twilight. Dunham gonna want a second to the people. Keeping USA seem to me. I think your data credible, we came in Texas I was just like that was agreed to go. We definitely have to clean up our current soon. I guess you know we year who gave a speech made a very definite do, but I do want to eat. We did
we didn't Dade year. We changed it up. A lot here were actually professional will behave like white me here we could read in a jolly good at airports really tat. Yet amendment apple put up people, s gummy. You always said you want to get us to guy was like. No, you don't get. We ve been going back. Both robot can is Owens own Instagram. Ninety invited they resort to my agent now say just give it a try so we can be very, very good and very, very bad. That could be a road Tacoma. Then maybe you could have caught you guys are starting a new podcast right, maybe con you could be a first guest beagles Nag S will be entered and it would leave it until you have to That white still keep a little, but have you like keep enough, but I would just be sort of like b, B Abercrombie Black like be black enough, that we get where you're coming from. But you know you don't intimidate white people.
Crombie Black is being gay debate, Abercrombie Black in a black communities or put all right, we'll call it off its arms cab, arrival. Isn't we're gonna go to web extended? I could listen you guys all day, but it is hot twins. Ad hoc twins on Twitter, Hodge Twins tour dot com. Before we go to the web extended for people who are not in my club where your next dates, people to outlook for harsh was toward outcome calm and we gotta get to general, please been deleted. Conservative twig right. Ok, what the is Ernie cities coming up very soon ranges access in November, we gonna senator. Oh Arlington Dallas. We tropical backdoors, but that's a little, also less destined along the texts. We are pretty much used eastern gear L Dickie, Please look show manners with how we act.
The biggest the biggest right we have with this interview, I'm sir. What just get this point? That's a bridge too far. She has her finger on the ban, cancel buttons. No inward mushroom tip in butter neighbour to reach these would happen of free speech may use you can say what have you want? I can say anything: we're not steal, it would have want us. It would have alone. I can understand, but yeah, just making jokes UK we make jokes anymore. These people crazy yeah it seems to me that that the reaction from a lot of folks amused Tom, like quarter black hair, was recognised in New York by a black guy and was a big fan. He wishes it noise at quarter, but not all and then he took his wallet, which we thought was distasteful, nothing like perpetuating the original starting right at Auschwitz. Hot twins toward outcome. We're gonna go to it well extended, but for those on you too can wrap it up.
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their great, they support the show. I love their products we reached out to them initially, because I used Walter Firearms revolver guy until I fired a wealth or semi automatic, so for them to be doing The white can I enter. Am I to enter. Nobody said this is a big one of those members from down south under no salvadoran, no colombian argentinian peruvian Julian Brazilian he's mexican can't too gay penguins adopted in abandoned egg. We really has felt that it was beating a dead horse, these were the joke that didn't Albania for me, Doctor Wizard master Guru, prouder. I appreciate all that, except for wizard, we don't need you tarring us, I asked of no legs out on a date without knowing that you didn't have legs, because we met in addressing help I had no idea rather way that he was asian. If you're watching close your eyes.
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their funding because they are not super cowboy. Yes, they do have a cuban heal the continent by the collar cuban weird by the way hate hush Wednesday. Other web extended available on. Of course, my club place tv lotta stuff there that they could not say nothing, just let him run with it and don't forget that Halloween aunt em spectacular October thirties first lot of Canada comes less tour. Looking forward to seeing you guys, there on four November young in Halloween, and these saint Patrick Democratic gains, so at least twice a year, so you can put your school and running. Ok, yeah was this up because I'm getting very near the end of this now you know I hear this all the time k I just heard at the other day in it, it cannot bother me. It was a girl telling her friend that you, serve to you deserve to be happy and it was used as a springboard to this dear now that that we won deserves to be happy. We hear that a lot like you, just? U everyone does
you deserve to be happy. Here's the thing individually. Many people. Many of you deserve to be happy, as a universal rule. Absolutely not! I think that not everyone deserves to be happy. Now you probably believe it. You really believe that you deserve to be happy. Here's the thing! No, you don't, You do not deserve to be happy, and let me tell you want on whether something is incredibly corrosive and damaging if people actually believe this just on a societal scale, but on a personal one by definition, deserves the transit of K outlining sir. Thing of which you are worthy or for which you have merit. Not everyone by that definition, deserves to be happy, as a matter of fact is uncomfortable some people, some of you, many of you, actually deserve to be distinctly unhappy. People who do bad things, people who make their decisions, people who hurt other People do they deserve to be happy, and I think it's important to highlight this. Not only
this narcissistic, not only because it it's just wrong, because this one simple this myth this lie. That we tell ourselves that people think of any sort of a benign greeting card slogan, if believe, can ruin you doom, you for all time. Just I've talked about the idea that you know you're perfect way. You are that's a lie, but Pink wrote a song. But it's everyone seems to believe it now. If you're youth, if you're starting off point in life right its prey hated on this notion that you deserve to be happy simply through the qualification of having a pulse. Not only is it going to leave you a stray throughout dictate. Your actions, It will also remove the lens of self criticism that required to improve as a person. It will also
Lee Rob you of the tools that you need to achieve true happiness. Here's the truth, happiness is earned, happiness is it's it's a yield, think of it think of it as an investment cake. If you invest well, if you're disciplined, if you treat people well, if you take the right action, you. You gain interest, you get more back, but it is a sign of your dentist breakers talk about this. I do believe, will talk about this they. Then it's your moral obligation to attempt to be happy. I don't mean to be selfish, the cost, others, but to live a life with a grateful heart and enjoys cabinets. Why? Because again, Dentistry so this is not original. I want to be really clear. All credit dam is talked about it for a long time. If you could do one thing that would guarantee you, people around to your friends, your family, that they would be happier right now. Would you do it? What you can't it's? By being happy spice, my so it is a worthy goal. I want to be clear about that, going back to happiness, thinking of it as a yield them return on investment. Let's say you don't
and by that I mean you, don't invest in improving yourself living a virtuous life. Above all else, invest in serving others Did you ever think that you're worthy of reaping the benefits? Let's go a step further watch. What should you rip If you dont invests in those ideas, those actions that life, so what are you you deserve and I say this in part gimmicks inspired by this conversation between two women, one was going HU, a divorce and her friend told her she's sweetie you just you sweetie. You deserve to be happy not as far as I could tell ok this wasn't a divorce due to domestic abuse. Infidelity. It was more so along the lines of it. It just wasn't working. I dont have all the ins and outs. So let me just be clear here, but we probably know people like that. The decision. That was it, it wasn't working, and so this woman would make a life altering decision predicated on
idea that she wasn't happy and she deserved. It gives you the only there We are talking about the fact that, as a general rule, divorce does not lend itself toward longterm happiness, statistically quite the opposite it, but I'm not a bit. Let's put that on the shelf, This woman was justifying a decision that would knowingly harm another human being her husband, potentially irreparably through the notion that you deserve happiness. Why? What words about action merits happiness. I'm going to hurt someone else because I deserved to be happy and then I had to wonder how many decisions were made based on this false evil here that everyone deserves happiness that ultimately led to the situation in the first place, just using this as an example here, by the way, but to a sweetness relationship. Maybe you didn't want to sit down and listened to her talk about problems. Why? Because it made him You're too play video games and guess what
he deserves what he gets. If that's decision makes. Maybe she didn't support his dreams because it would cut into the time of her Hobbes, which would make her happy think she deserves that. Maybe there one dimensional counselling, because I'd rather hang out with friends which in the moment, made them happier and bought by God. They deserve that happiness. You don't deserve happiness, it's not a birthright, and this goes back to the fund different between the right and the left. Ok, today's progressive left believe and enforcement of equal outcomes, because everyone deserves to be happy. Conservatives institutionalists like motor. We want to call us like myself. We believe in freedom, because everyone has a birth right too. Joy the opportunity of pursuing happiness that they deserve, but again serve by definition, means earned and here's my challenge to you this week for watching listening and you find yourself unhappy spaces If you're happy move on down the trail k good for you you're unhappy, have you ask yourself why now barring mental
case. I don't run hanging on that here understand. These are extenuating circumstances, barring a few, not happy ask yourself: why take a minute And then I want you to answer two questions for me right now,. Why are you unhappy? What is it? that's going on in your life. What results are you seeing that are making you unhappy question number two. This is a tough one. If you're unhappy do you deserve it. I want you to retraced his steps that lead you to this point. The decisions you ve made. Do you really feel that you deserve happiness, or maybe just. Maybe are you getting right now what you actually deserve? for this up as judgment? Ok, because here is the Good NEWS just like it so out of debt or recovering from injury, can earn happiness. It's never too late. You are now beyond redemption, no matter where you are in your life, you can turn it around and start taking steps
To being truly happy right now, today, now, when I to be truly happy because happiness earned. I mean- I mean earned happiness, honest have. Otherwise just hollow and fleeting and your life. Do yourself you may not. You may not deserve to be happy today, but can be starting tomorrow. Hopefully that helps look at them. See next week.
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