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2019-11-08 | 🔗
This is a big one! Talking all things Pedophile Island, Trump crashing UFC, Russia's Weasley spies, and how the left's attempt to impeach Trump is pure theater. Joined by mega guest Donald Trump Jr. who talks about the dangers of 'woke culture' and communism.

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We have an animal spectacular behind the scenes, sort of many documentary that'll be available. A lot of Canada comes much my club. We are going to have Donald Trump Junior, the shutters and extended interview, also behind my club, and were proud to announce a new sponsor for this programme. Black rifle coffee, we'll talk about a more later on, but now he's a little bit of what you must make into with Asia yeah, yeah tourism off track, some of you everywhere.
I'm not because nobody, but there was someone else who got a lot of hot water. That is really little. Mr Jesus Christ, you ok, I gotta know eligible little Betty Jesus Christ. Socialism, sharia. And everything bad. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect leftist, but professor chink:
evidently added an extra ingredient to the concoction progress. If ness. Thus the squad was born using. Ultra superpowers. Seize on understood, I have dedicated their lives. Fighting America, horses.
This is called the no date. Rape, drug in the world will work in the club if you're doing this in advance the receiver disease with guys doing some music videos and then, when you see the longshot just them
it's real cover their benevolent these existing watson. I don't know I've seen only the best means of various Donald Trump Juniors and the show tat they get on, but you didn't leave in the shadows. Father that's tree is a book he's a man and we have every reason to have on the show, of course, before we get there, we can be tough but impeachment today, But what are you going asking why we haven't been talking about a peaceful settlement question today is the constant impeach. Coverage gotten you more concerned than initially when it was being discussed or has it just become like noise. Indeed, Personally. I think that we need to cover impeachment more sport.
I'm not going to, but I wonder what you name doesn't matter. I half regional or Bill Richmond is here, everybody he's wearing sneakers today is a little of the Rhine. Gonna lose anything Quarterboat garage owners. Add is awful. It's better than usual, economically, wouldn't get more flag that you use the quarter inward museum extra. No, you didn't do the e r and D Morgan Junior Gerald a what is the one who wanted to day is: could lead the book a stone? I don't know what any of that could delay to go later, focused on how to failure. How are you do rehearse that and about I've had sat for a while? I was one of those things in the bathroom when it's disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself and feel lonely. He don't cry aloud. He cries because he takes advantage of himself was wife's yeah. I don't know why. I'm not sure how to do that. Lets because you you go
good I'll! Do technical, dramatic! You are your own climatic memory, but first before we get to any other stories, here's something from Elizabeth warrants. What are they tell you need to watch through your fingers? Wait a bit beg structural! Barely you know that you know that a catchphrase, kids, you know that the tail structural value, not familiar with that eighty Emily excellent old time he sang big Structural Bailey. The colloquialisms could use it in the Senate. Maybe nobody.
Get a kick out of how much coaching must have been the ongoing structural. Just. How does that start whose normally use we jubilant ethnic and speed tell me honestly, they started sitting Christmas carols in the park, structural, barely why parliament so excited about PET, the dog to I think they were all so ugly. The r word you're not supposed to save millions of leading the news and we'll get to impeachment in I'm not happy about it. Moscow, Idaho was named the best place in America to raise a family by market watch. Yet it was a big year because they can count for housing market in cost of living and holding it spot at the workplace to raise a family still petty,
island yeah they firmly in holding onto that for awhile streak in you. You got up appreciated concerns here. Yes, the mayor that was really melt and if you think I'm closing pedophile island here on the fourth of July weekend, this place will be crawling with toddler tourist. Give them anything coming thanks. Mayor that Jerry PLAID suit catch this last Wednesday S catch. Unless we can Donald Trump actually came the first present to attend to you see them. Oh yeah, he was written by a mix of booze and cheers Saturnalia sat down for the Jorge most of all, a neat DS fight it fixed in the present actually had so much fun. Ye crash the Post Fight press conference. After what I asked, Mr President, what did you think of the fight guard? ok, just as much as I love fighting folks, because, let's face it read apathetic folks, if that forum bowed spurs. People have said that I could have been heavyweight champion of the world
that would ensure that that's what they tell me. I don't fully, though, like Georgie smaller wait, classes, a general, especially. What is Cuba Tito's fighting? It looks like frankly too: spreading over a sandwich. Congratulations if you win at bear to wait here the toughest guy fourteen, Slumber Party, but I understand that these two basic kids were for the last. Oh, what visa I like it. Ok, we only get the best he's the kind of integration report. We could support right. Folks, that's right, president, what did you think of the women's pay on the under guard? Ok, frankly, what have you got jello, a says what we're all think a can be destroyed. Shooter, like a use Borgia. I just have to put in what was labour
They done matter. Honours dont, want Joanna junk J J in that Rhonda Rusty role around in something gelatinous naked fight on runs down through for all. I could internationally in the image and we're in internet we're gonna get to more by south are later so we have to work to be done about in period of cancel. Don't don't we want left unturned. Canada spent one hour. Viewers to gelatinous delta into alleged russian agent Maria Bettina spoke from prison about being accused of trying to influence. U S, policies for the Kremlin, so Bettina denies the charges and says that she just wants to get back to living your previous life being run. We easily sister.
You just have to know about this in the tunnel. I would like, if you're gonna pick me, it's like a lineup of spies, like what are you pick, somebody that, like recognize with a k everybody's got caught, you aren't you because she's limousine, now you don't have any shit like nine brothers. The worse, I ever somebody wisely sisters were there? Does anyone know of others? Only one wisely society dont know, but rent run landline radically right here right now that we said sad, but I'm your very entertaining our aid characters on wisely literally a woman. Pretty much was a relative or selling fake doctors. Notes to student is comes from hopeful dinner students, Belinda Gale, fond Dron was charge. Filing or maintaining false public record selling medical excuses, Twenty dollars election, they Carter, because the most suspicious one read sorry marked can't make it into school today, his penis is too big to fit in his pants huge Pierre.
Tell everyone was almost a tip off my languages. Attitude stories of Bettina Belinda I have no doubt, but that was literally radio, muppets daughter, I thought we'd Bettina Belinda Bettina, let's Chris Belinda Tina and now it's could you know what you want? merry Christmas all year round. If you keep it in your heart, That's a good one. Things every wherever you find love. It feels like Christmas. Shame on you actually next, but this is good news for yes, somebody
same sex, same sex love, seeing these are being restored on Delta, are allowed in flight movies. Now this becomes a little me already edited versions of both books, Martin Elton John Baltic Rocket man at universal and outraged dope, though some had. I understand this single sides as some argue that adding the scenes to the influx Hd video was a step too far, Smoking is not allowed on any delta flight and federal law, prohibits tampering with disabling, are destroying the restroom smoke detector and even if the site is all it should be for sea, both ass it in case we experienced unexpected reverend, enjoy your flight. We know some others, some absurdly Sweden of homosexuals, rosier bottle and Elizabeth Rooney is very sad.
All the thing Gauge Donald took the opportunity to announce your engagement to her new partner, a big thing Scream, listen, don't discriminates even ice cream is, Why not discriminating sizing, pint gallons pig divided what she can get vessel rice. Isn't gonna jump into but maybe we could call up our joint budget can see if she could find out with my general Far's portion size of ice cream. Is the container can Ryan's Delta Fit into it? Probably too much for a serving Yanza racing grovelled, but not for brain after, but probably not for sure. Definitely do you want your brain stouter and if he's aid, if you like burrowed, is weighing it very the ice dream. I was in the container too much. That's just last Saturday night things you stay pollutants or can get into it. I think they probably yeah.
The closer you know that you're alive now we gotta do their parents, but Michelin Man's Delta in sport. Moves before we get to impeachment decibel reporters said them, but this so that, she said you have actually entire baseball wow. You have given Petunias comes from Isabella support may not know much about baseball, but I would work my way through the Washington Nationals team, like a bulldozer clearing old growth forests, to make way for a housing development, so Lena Houghton, I want to make sure you gotta go. I do you know what I do. I got us. I do appreciate her candour in speaking openly about this: one of the kind of self centered, because I've actually I've long expressed that have presented the opportunity. I would paper bag the entire WMD Ain when, under the rising into your sounds of the ocean and feel sand beneath my feet, at which point out have someone ready to greet me with about nothing to fancy? Maybe twenty four trawler
just lifting we throw off the bow, threw off the stern had up the South Channel past rocky neck, ten pound island pass now's pond, where I escape as a kid blow your horn throw away the light housekeepers kid. And the bird show up black backs herring, Gulls big dump, ducks green legged Coots son hits your head north open up a tree of steam, and now the guys are busy here in charge and then I'd kill myself. That's I would do unless I've seen. It was clearly murdered catches. That's how strongly I figured I'd. Only voiding sexual encounters with any member of the W B. Yes, yes, you should at the general meeting to get into my bed the next day and find a weave and my foot locker Mamma. How dare you idea? Finally, I D say: has approved a drug
many are saying could help end the opium groundwater users. They they desired publicly. One problem its crack hey Pga. What's Goin on Stephen I myself have met the down your methadone, spaniard, new thing about three years. He I know you don't like like Peter, is not very serious about getting help. Yet you don't really love. You can only help people when they're serious about getting help themselves right, there's gotta be willing to admit they have a prob. Yes,
and just Europe Peters March, didn't in doing stick yeah, I don't know, he's a method. I question hissing earnestness, sorry, methadone, actor, o Lord knows that tone actor. You don't like it if I use your cracked pipe you're, just the evasion which mean that the after the debts the outcome of the mighty going, I get mad at Daniel Daniel Day. That is less than that any does dollop Danny day. Mister, ok, we're pneumonia. Nobody listened, we contribute contest. Winter is Nadia from Nerd Doll. Faced right, my dears court, who would have already identified zombie as the first ever zombie movie. That's
That's an intermodal credit trivia. What do we spectacular but ordered, show recently seen it s? There are some random if we really golden ticket sweepstakes per writers. Actors of the nominated about one academy awards no more than two ok. First, I e mail Streep obviously also answer second lazy. Writing. So context we talk about impeachment little, but here a lot of folks. If not that, honestly, but some people have asked why we don't cover the impeachment. I guess we would say proceeding just then the whole impeachment about worry more sometimes. What is it you're using is coming? Is it because you don't want to, I think, critical around boy trump principles, it my boy, you're, always young, all you eyes, my boy
from my boy like what does anybody know he's a private how united state your White What are you the way that the dead guy in charge the people on the railroad tracks and cool hand? Luke nihilism? Here by my boy, you have a failure to communicate the impeachment proceedings goes for yourself. So here's why? Let me explain why you're really quickly hop on if you have a longer operates, pacing back and because it is not my revisit this impunity. Graciously impeachment is Bush, there's nothing new This is the true there's. Nothing noodle forwarded a whole segment on impeachment, a while back Nothing new has happened and its its remarkable, because, usually September October November. We talked about this efficiently. If these are the fast, for the new right after new cycle, undemonstrative breaks between Thanksgiving
what should tell you that news as manipulative all of a sudden to American how it happens, nothing really happen, but for some reason, September October, this far November have not. And there's nothing going out and so that their kind of slowing down the new cycle by continually covering impeachment- and I want to be clear that this is a long montage, because I want there to be no doubt the media has been claiming. Really, for years? This point, but certainly the last few months, the last several quarters in Korea had record economic growth of the internet era that he is and I don't want to. I know I saw em are seated a great montage of them talking. The media talk impeachment, but what I want to specifically address is even saying now for over a year that Removal from office is imminent, right that's what people story catches up like all this time is going to be impeach. If you don't believe me, don't take my word for it all
Does the walls closing in on children and Donald Trump? The walls are closing and would feels as if we're getting closer and closer to the truth must heels. If this is closing in on him gal tromp is clearly losing it, but they were not feels like the walls are closing in had sounded very bodyguards. Related trust me impeachment. Is happening and they are going to impeach. I mean I don't think that's a foregone conclusion at some point in the future. Donald Trump will no longer be president of the United States. Applause I this is unimpeachable. What did we know that it's completely increasingly aged, warlike proof, devastating Donald Trump now, and he will not survive. They only out that the press
It will have the only out this isn't resign. The office. I have no idea when that day will come probably happen before Christmas and new year, slightly after it looks like some could be impedes September on the holidays and trust. We believe that, actually, president tromp will resign or be forced that next twelve months, yes, I do actually thing doing being being we gotta winner. Now, when we talk about impeachment with the market crash, if Trump were impeach, no, the president cannot pardon himself to avoid impeachment slaughter the hammering in order to save US family. I must not run. I ordered the chill hammer by my pants. Very much like Richard Nixon was, the president, cannot pardon
the vice president. To avoid impeachment it two thousand fourteen Donald Trump tweeted secrets. Are you allowed to a peach, a president for gross incompetence and give the resident any? I guess we're about to find out the tiptoeing is over the whispers. Turning into shouts is now the story in the country from across the country. Is that there is no question of prosperity he's done after two years now awaiting its trump may finally face articles of impeach with some is coding us to engage in one of the organisations that launched the looks like peace. We are having here just moment, poetry, duration. Does what it really true? What this moment needs reporters is more reporting are there any warning about pizza, doesn't physically and black sea is more or less than ever, not more speculating or guessing.
He really asking for real or border or apply yourself of what's going on. I am in fact another budget It was on legs. Twenty working in the United States actually valid top watching present rubbia. The sense of someone close, I get a german handsome care care to the state of the creature. Shop really gets survive. You see this ending now. Does it ended the ballot box in year hired disease make it do? can term. Does he resign as well mceachern? I said it weeks ago. I'm going to say it again. Mr Trump will not serve out his term. Is it no way? No, how he will be wars to automatically reside this week. Tony shores at a very early stage of a certain, was closing ever been ready. Landings Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mahler in Congress, leaving no choice, trumps presidencies
actively over would be amazed. Peace survives till the end of the year, more likely resigns by fall, if not sooner opposite. Cover back got net is liberal. Catnip can't tell me was honest, is passed by that committee to start putting the best seller list now put it someone, I format is number one right now. We were it's like catnip for had clone. It is just that I wanted to put time stance that it was going to take too much work. Thank you so much you are our political, giving you put it on, of course, read Reelect here's. This is so important that they're they're, saying its imminent. Really. I want to be clear about this is interesting. Well, could he be impeach, like George W Bush, that wanted to impeach right? They have consistently been if you watch CNN, for twenty
I'm never going at sixty no derives from a dutch operational, not least that broke mentally. We rather be water bordered by TIM Kennedy all day. Yesterday, I heard I heard all day two hours or day thirty, which as we know, is serious because you will see when you watch CNN for twenty four and twenty four hour cycle. Breaking engagement is imminent and, of course, if you watch the young Turks, you get I cancer so and the reason by recycling, this narrative of you to say it's possible, there's a general impeachment inquiry out there. It's not news. You'll need a break, your new cycle for that. That's why they consistently ethically neuro it's going down today. It's happening. It's like a school fight. You today by Brac three o clock, arrogant and that recycling this impeachment narrative walk what because it all cover. Pedophile island was zero. Amy robot go back to our interview with James. Give Jeffrey Epstein known, petrified, petty pedophile island was
swing trotted. Our leader of a secular was a sex traveller who had a ring of the sex trafficking ring. That seems a programme aims right. Yet the point is the media can do what we can do just to talk about. File island is right or wrong of us to talk about tat water sums up the recent chromium somewhere and I do not have the other five years. If it's not immediately, there's something else. What this really isn't up because do, let me prove this: nothing, a meaningful, nothing, meaningful and allowing leaning case in point brine, smelter. Literally the entire and I'm not saying literally like millennials, do like vigorously because you're going to see literally did an entire segment. You wouldn't impeachment request that other people loser parties and we need real reporters. Anybody to email me at protons. I dont know how to what others might of ice cream just add one
I can't tell you with my fingers that just matches the key paddler I'm constantly calling emergency. Yet though, after my Iphone, they had an amber alert for me. I'm just great. Ryan's delta. This week we wouldn't impeachment an entire segment counting, president drums typos. But never seen anyone do a comprehensive study. How his spelling error for resolving ideal fact based its excellent website. Theirs, every single word, the president says some other politicians as well. It looks at all from we even then later once for this database of typos and other screw up Ok, he could have introduced a seminal everything. I've never seen anybody else wasted much of your time that were hard hitting new limousine. Everyone knew and entire saving on trumps tweets, which, following pressure, they have you I've never seen anyone do an entire segment on the
african squirrels, not gathering patterns in relation to climate change. So why don't you a match up to our era? To me I am still totally I mean stay puff. We ve done the segment, but I I dont get it like their people. Disagree with that. I understand. Like Anderson Cooper, I don't agree with them, but I get it he's a good news, Gaster Chris Cuomo. I can't stand, but he has the right connections at least he's gotta face for television like I can't get it June into whatever able, even some women on the view you understand that they can counter the cackling back and forth. There's some kind of value, their Ryan's, isn't even talent was formerly gap to bomb fact that really guy gets every single story wrong. Excuse me, but I can never figure out what they want to bring in a japanese kid to tell me how to do it by Mary to get that. That's at hominem, I don't the brilliance of bronze soldier. He lets us seem to have
such little, if any redeeming qualities as a human being that the only criticism of them can be at home. In Germany can play the committee that the strategy that each ass may want to freely eighty share three pillars: now now? Is that any way back to an appeasement com, these people they will? They will cover anything on Trump if its negative, not newsworthy, and I just don't see the purpose of covering, something until its relevant here, and I want to be clear about this. When there's a terrorist attack, we always best practices. We try to wait if there's a shooting wait for a little bit of information because war really, beholden to having the explicit schooner causes an entertainment show. Where will you people wrong information. I wanna began the wrong and that's the thing that one of the problems with a twenty four hour new cycle is that they have to stretch to find things, but in this case their actual great stories out there right now, like almost every day record, breaking stock prices,
anybody else's presidency about it happened under an Obama. Will it we're going? crowding story on every newspaper. It would have been the lead within the breaking story, every single five minutes that happens right and it's not even being really covenants. Like all will trunk tweets, you know it out adwords else what pedophile island, but if I by the way what island you never grow old? but what makes you before you grow up with its Epstein talks about it, you could have saved children scale even killed, I surely Brian seller amounts are dragged. The gulf was just those lines over these illegal. You looking to reveal notes is show man, ok, Pennifer, allowing their charges here, while I was actually convicted in any be going. Bowing errors, I hate, spelling out the things. That's that's the news. What not only are they proven wrong.
Verifiable over and over on trumps impeachment. Their own narrative keeps changing like first it was. He was going to be in peace, because of collusion Mother report found them incredibly extensive investigation, turning up every stone and found them so they like well, then we're gonna find some I gotta find something else, because hitherto real report guy, that everybody thought that without my, why was the one who told me I'd have to die and we already said the Miller report was going to India, so I wonder why we hardly like think it's beautiful have sex with all the time. What should I cover and you think impeachment like a when I got the brilliance of bronze two thirds of all those who have asked good, there's nothing to hit. I wish I loved thing as much as he loved faking being straight and after russian collusion it was he being would be impeached because of the ukrainian quid pro quo. Call them president from to release a transcript turned out to be nothing, but
So the Democrats, though they dont want the whistleblowers to appear at the one I'm actually appear. They wanted to be anonymous, but that continue to contradict the official transcript. They say that there are some funny business going on. Of course, no identities are being released as far as whistleblowers and are not testifying with the Democrats, and I understand, will get into whistleblower laws and protecting anonymous sources, but with the Democrats and it's always in anonymous source that has all the info. That's that concern she just pepper innate every now and then with something verifiable, and I want to show you a lot of you have talked about. This ran for rainfall is caught flack for it that the whistle blower should be out there. You know I'm in this case what, what's that? law here on the whistleblowers. So there's allotted for whistle, blower statutes and no one here is related to intelligence, whistleblower. So there's a particular statute, and so when you actually look it's only so many articles are out there with the ones that actually address the statute itself. And don't you speak from emotion, they say: look, there's a very when protection here, it's only a protection from an adverse response in the employee
blow contacts there is nothing that stops Congress from. The person stops. Anyone else from naming the persons other than the employer and a certain particular situation and it certainly does not prevent the president from being able to do it and so what they want- you compare these articles, the ones who know the law in railways have addressed. The law was a yeah you. This is the way that it is. You can go ahead and name the person verses. In this particular situation. Other whistleblowers attitudes are a little bit different and then the ones who don't the law themselves or just well. I just don't think we should have. This has never happened. If you aren't, you know how to really care if they wanted. They attack ideology from junior great gonna, be on the show who just retweeted an article. What there was that Israel was several authorities right, how dare Donald Trump Junior Retreat in article from real, clear investigations rank he should be hung for tree, then right.
We really do my wife says yes and use it may also. Do you wanna talk, let go to bill here really quickly because ran Paul talked about this and of the right to face your accuser right now, that's enough in a criminal case. But in this case it's not a criminal trial, but they are making Chris accusations. So how does is so that that's one context that is important: that articles impeachment aren't limited to just crimes they lay. There are just a general kind of bad acts umbrella that can be used for our votes in Egypt, which is this. You know relatively new and grey area about where you're gonna be able to answer the question but I think that the most important part would be. Why do we have in the criminal system the right to face your user? It's because faced with the harsh reality and light, and the strict questioning people stories will either stick if their true or they want right in here That is the point. If there is a whistle blower there was war has allegations. The allegations are true, then the whistle blower should have. Certainly there
the consequences, are yet or but should there should be that ability to aloud highest office in the land to be able to address those accusation. I was, as I don't understand the world in which the level of interest in that there is some great territory with this law and that's a wanted to turn again you're taken about, but I dont have seen as the world of the left lives in where someone can come forward. Can you the anonymous with no evidence at this point and jumping contrary evidence or whatever claims contradict their previous claims net face the music never appeared, so we don't know who they are and the press. The present gets impeached like our semi game that they want to play exactly. I think right now, they're just playing the headline game. They're just saying, hey, we ve got this little information. It was funny because they had one whistleblower. First frightened and hey we'd, get this common Donald Trump. That's, why said, bother to follow movie, just released a transcript and say boom what he got now and then we have another one says: something else happened it we're not gonna. Let you talk to sharing, gonna, run them into a hearing and at first email they I'm glad. You explain that I wanted. I was like women, a don't. We protect whistleblowers and answers. Yes, you protect.
Against their employer in this case, make by offering a guy on average regime against that yeah. But at this point that the president has responded and said no, I didn't do this another saying no, we suffer whistleblower whistle blower. Let's question it looks let's find out. That's that sorry and I'm going to say that we have nineteen whistle blower, that's what my super. Can anyone tell me we borrowed some from the cabin all acknowledge? What does it has even been retracted? Verify this also accelerate Christine Lousy Ford, who it has been proven that none of her story adds up Nothing against. I had any evidence or has resulted in any criminal charges at all at all, not even close. What in this is. This is my this. My big problem of the left right now is that they they think they got him based on headlines, everybody who is a democratic right now, as I gather impeaching him just like we saw
ok, well, why? Well, I don't know what they said. It's happening right now and next headlines, like rosy o Donnell in league of their own. We never seen that feel no come on. It's I've, never seen it says I don't understand the reference. Was our coasts are a big thing of ice cream. There's no crying in baseball using you think he's going to be like you, I think the articles of the EU They will, then. I think that I think they will, because of the showmanship that needs to go into it as opposed to a legitimate basis. Right because remember it's is we say this all the time in anyone's Valse loss if, for any reason, it's been it's the next question, there's no gatekeeper saying at for ourselves. Let me read this verse and reside and work in a limited similar. Even though there are procedures in place, it will require them to jointly you're gonna hoops to jump through to be able to have the articles impeachment again. Again and again, we keep hearing the cry. Wolf is: is it Two years ago that he was getting impeached immediately, but at eighteen months ago now, twelve months ago, six months I mean at some point you just eight look. If you ve got it show it yeah at some point
At some point I would make their case a little struck, make it easier for them, and I would also make it easier for me. So I would you wouldn't have to read your stupid questions. I am not govern impeachment, there's something I want to talk about anymore now, if the articles are brought forward. A third impeachment, absolutely right governor, but at this point is below it, wouldn't let you can be sure that now, when is then now soon free crab, tomorrow in any or something else too that I haven't heard anyone else talk about this. It doesn't mean that is necessarily original, but with all the region. Recent impeachment hysteria right now it's been about that Ukraine. Has anyone stop to consider them, save contradiction, verse we're going to be impeachment because of russian collusion and that didn't and now it's the Ukraine and by the Ukraine officials of the present prime minister, several of the higher up officials, have said that Donald Trump did not pressure them right right. Democrats they're lying there just trying to make Trump look good I don't know if you know this
Ukraine and Russia are mortal enemies. They don't each other at all. As a remedy, for this is pretty reason, Riah learning worrying was Russia that, but the annex with with the criminal revolutionary front Crimea. How do we not that? I don't know. I don't watch Russia today, because I'm not a potent puppet. But ever since the elections in Ukraine, Russia been extremely tense as of right now, by the way they have no diplomatic relations, Ukrainians of officially recommended it. Citizens don't even travelled to Russia at all and they even banned some russian television stations and vital the Kremlin want a minute looks like they ve been sending in troops to aid the progression rebels in every ten thousand. People have died so far in the conflict. So if Donald was really Putin Stooge. What's there still claiming by the way, the radio I would ukrainian presidents or Prime Minister's carry the water for Trump. If he is
for Russia. They would have every incentive to expose in damage Donald Trump as much as possible because they put in Russia is like the moon lending conspiracy and I don't want to get. I know people are here to settlements. The boys at our offers upset because I was talking about bronze dealt, only saw the clipped the Mon landing situation. The reason I look on a second the more alarming was faked. We all. European governments are internet together. The Russians who wanted to get to the moon first would have every incentive to release to the public that the United States thank them online. They because I want to embarrass address the same thing with the with Ukraine. I guess you don't see that anymore. They drafted with Ukraine. They went hungry every reason in the world to try and hang Donald Trump out to dry if he was a Putin puppet and by the abuse. That's not debatable. Ok, we have to go to die From general second, but this is something that is not up for debate and I will say that it's not like like them, beer, Young Churchill's general. It was, but the fact is not up for debate. I don't do that.
In this case. I will say it too put my stamp on it if you believe the mainstream media and you really really hate President Trump, you you still have to pick either. President Trump is a puppet for Putin. Or he's working quid pro quo with his bodies in Ukraine, it has to be one or the other period, but the media in the day Product national committee, they want to impeach him for both. What does that tell you about the legitimacy of these claims are Donald. Trump Junior will have him on his visa on standby he's a busy man.
Speed shop, cotton, candy weed Christmas, Crystal Meth or cool kid stuff, you can find yourself behind a seven eleven me jeep and turning tricks for quick before you know it. But when it comes to him they say: don't have your money Friday, and then your supervisor asked you for his chick and he's so you'll have it soon but he'd, so it's very bad hands you like you. I told you to get back out on the street to make Danny some money It's always how it happens. Kids using methamphetamine, given cool it, isn't safe, and that's why I switched to crack cocaine kids,
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stop it, I'm still bobbin Threeg out some routes from no. No, no, I mean my feet school friend from Hollywood he's totally world joy join Mug club, because soon videos like this will all that's left on. You, too, are you gonna do you? I never did this before. You know the padding your head and rubbing her stomach limerick that way, on audio wages that Pakistan? Is it rubbed her head her pet? I don't remember it's the point. Is this it's very difficult. I only try to recently I felt like I know, that's what you're let worrying right bubblegum at the same time, I did. This has gone No what's wrong with me many things now. I know But hey, what's not run is our next guest we're very fortunate ever Yes, and he looks as though the secular, with a little bit of a reach even making the rapids. You know a museum. His book right now is triggered how the
thrives on hate and wants to silence us cautious follow him on the twitter at Donald Trump Junior done. How are you, sir? A new unwell man. How are you I am do I'll just so people, no, I said Don because you told me to say that off air we're not familiar like doubted boy though, and I love you baby, so listen. This book is out now that the term to everybody- but there are few specials now one Netflix ethically Kalash wriggle. Did you titles for those. I would imagine so he I sort of that sort of guide. For me. It defined The time I mean look at what my father's doing. I look at what is done in politics in everyone's triggered about everything I mean you can't have basic conversation, you get. You know today's comedy. Isn't funny any more, because good comedy would be totally off limits today, Amanda things that would have been funny ten fifteen years ago I mean you'd get cancel. They are running with, and I think it is important to call this stuff out. I think you're, my father's, the Critical version of now reads like a guy enough, like
We didn't trouble for doing an impression of your data. The table it does everything together. We're not gonna, throw the calibre Lisi Judy. I can't take it anymore, you're driving me crazy. Then I get some of that. I read in the book. I talk about giving the call from the White House and he's telling me. I got a slowdown on social, a little bit, I'm getting a little too hot and click on to my dad. I'll. Take your advice on a lot of things. The one place. Where did I just thought at all in the kettle black and a hundred generally, I learned it by watching you direct exactly now is a hairy cheapen song only. He is president. That's interesting! That Youtube you bring this up. As what look, let me ask you this first off before we get to everything else and Halloran, when the people check out the book you mention comedy by the way we get cancelled for an entirely different reason. We do push limits, but our wildly and funny, so we the best of both worlds. Here,
How have you always been aware of this, because I don't wanna be that guy who s you bunch of questions about your dad? Of course, as you have an international now, we're all eyes are on you as well, and you ve worked in new work, business and then, of course, entertainment and she was ass, witches LOS Angeles, so This is really noticed. Bastions of conservatism. Were you always sensitive sensitive to this? For you, aware of how far the progressive left was going are really only in the last three years Well, as I think you know, no one hides the fact that the law, The media has always been left leaning, but the reference is now they don't even hide from it Ray I mean, there's a big part of the book. I mean I'm an unlikely conservative to your point, random from New York City, son of a billion, are I went to an Ivy league school? I did you know what Did you wouldn't necessarily be around all that conservative movement, but I also have a mom you're that escaped from communist Czechoslovakia
right. You know I have grandparents, there will be a blue collar people from there and they they saw the incredible blessings we had in this country living in America with our freedoms and there like Will. You have to come over there and see the other side. So I spoke the language of the young age I used to spend a month every summer with my grandfather be the starting at the age of five. Waited in those bread lines. Not so great. They're. Not so glamorous like Bernie would love to believe, and I will send you know it's sort of interesting. You know with all the people that subject to socialism in communism. All this nonsense, that's being pushed by the main stream laughed and the low liberal elite right now, there's no one in Eastern Europe under the soviet side. That would for communism and socialism and there's no one from China that set Hanan bring that crap here right. We should do it here. It would be awesome, there's no one from Cuba and Venezuela, it it's like academic. And these are so I experienced as a young age. I saw that as a kid.
For the first time I went over there by first memory is, was first I'm with bright, never afraid in my life and on that woman Theo gets too afraid too easily red lines will do that and by the way your grandfather made, you don't you couldn't toss you and our export like. You could still have learned the lesson that stuff than exists there remain only now that was literally before sliced bread, gratitude cut. It yourself at home and so over there doesn t, although borderline bread, but yes, it wasn't like hell up helicopter brand buried. I like I'll, get your mind. What does it matter? Go to the store? Go, get Brett, I've done it, but I for the first time I went over there I was literally pulled out of the customs lying, is offering a gene jacket which have pretty eighty school, but it had to stop and stripes on it, and I like it, soldier in a military, uniform of than a k over her shoulder saying like What why are you here like a fire like. I was a baby, what a gap in our work than their spreading the gospel ito- capitalism, I was by just didn't know if you can
where that here that I mean just remember that was like my one of my earliest memories. Can I remember being afraid for the first time I say they allowed them. It's happened there, it's only go one way, and so when I see that my ninety three old grandmother she's still alive- and you know, she's where there are large and shall call me, and you have done you don't understand. It always send so good, everything's, very everything's, wonderful, and then they get you in this. Isn't a woman? That's been through nothing random in GDP, from the Nazis in the basement of our farm house for two years during world war? Two then lived through that communist occupation she's been there done that and she's calling me in tears. If she only see CNN over there, I don't have a veto conservative outlet over there and You know she's in fear, for the future and well being of her grand in her in her great grandkids that test,
All you need to know about these systems and floor when they become sort of mainstream yeah, I'm an unlikely conservative but Madame Vocal, and I will not be shut down. What note where you always more concerted, I know you say concerted. You identify conservative, libertarian sort of moderate, and are you always this way? I'd say that definitely have bouts of libertarianism in there. I think that certain social issues- I don't care much about that you're gonna beat you know that way. That sort of can we live and let live but you can't even be live and let live anymore. That's not enough! Now you know the woke goal posts. You know what is woke today is all right. Next week ran, now, if you can be behind percent awoke today. What we'll get now? I think you guys are taking a little bit for twenty four hours later. The goalposts have moved in with, but when you get no credit, we're being woke today, you're just your out right some time in the book. Talking about that, I'm using your Martina Navratilova as the example issues. Obviously famous female aptly tennis player you don't known lesbian spokesperson, been doing it for forty years, probably
thirty five years before it was cool to be doing it. And she came out against like the Trans women in sports thing. This is one of the most accomplished beam athletes of all time right. She says you know, I just don't think it's fair to be competing against someone who is ill male skeletal structure. Male must be muscles lung capacity, whatever it may be. I dont think so she had an opinion. This was a person who is it me an activist activist for the algae BT community. She had an opinion a man. She was awoke enough and they went and destroy her so much so that she had she had to walk back. Do them. Call upon so sorry, I'm so sorry and in three weeks later she has to start hating Trump, because that's the only way to get fully back into it. Ass, someone who had a similar story. She also left Czechoslovakia. We need, growing up, spend time with this woman, but then she to start getting drunk magically after years, just because that's the only way to get accepted back into that's the pass. It's like sale as a lawyer and I ll marry I tweeted from joke.
That's exactly it, and by the way, what for people who don't know could have some younger people may not be familiar like that? She's not like a lesbian, she's really lies like she's, practically going adds her orbits. You know any of our like she's very, like she has always been a less me inside. This is new for her, so I think I don't really like the Nigerians doing it before was cool yes, and even so it can. I talk about that in the book and like you can be, lay them alive but has as a father of girls like you know, where one of a recent rate athlete of like I just don't, think it's right like we Where are the feminist, Steve worthy them? coming on, say: ok, come on You have women that trans women breaking every record imaginable, their winning world championships, their breaking every world record in weightlifting and track in their against racism. Lighters, Radford, some woman skull in the ring like when, you stay right enough is enough and that's the problem, whether you can be the most live and let live person and yours a terrible person. I made one of the examples are used in the booklet
cycle. Being I have plenty of gay friends all this stuff, but I'm sick of being called enormous harm above or whatever it is because I don't want to date a woman with a beard and man. It's like that? Doesn't make your Mama folk right if it seems like it's totally reasonable I don't. I don't know about that and I think that's a largely because of your last name. You have you say, for example, one point is considered worked to say I think women tribunal to breastfeed in public now they go. Men can breastfeeding public and you're like a rat. Ok, I can wait. That's ok! I'm confused, but what we it is yes, your bill MAR was talking with a dentist Prager recent. You know it's a big lie. Now that men can menstruating builders, I must have missed it. That's a small faction of the Democratic Party or none at all, these are mainstream adds across the entire country internationally for tampon.
It's going on Youtube. What is it? People half, but we found always uncles and have every single Dnc candidate, listing their preferred pronouns in their twitter profile. In hooligan Castro, saying that transgendered should have the right to tax payer funded. Abortion is ok, I don't even know where the work goalposts are at this point. It just the whole field. By the way I operate, I went on Twitter, I offered. I say you know what, if trams, Trans female, I will for your abortion, not not desert, just because your answer. Is your poignant? You see the point of making ready. I will. I will bear the burden of that expense, because it's ridiculous is no with Spence, ok, Muslim, that we have to have this conversation and if you don't buy into it, Europe too mobile human being your cancelled? You can't say anything anymore, so again You ve been through what I've been through over the last few years for being a the Tipp of the Spirit of the greatest political upset in history watch. There are also the target over the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on them on.
Can people with the Mulder report regarding the number to target after the present? Can we can't get em we're gonna put his family in jail unprovided now job limits he's a fifty year old guy that stealing money from ukrainian companies. He doesn't even know why the hell he's getting those jobs and businesses, but getting rich thrown out of the Navy for doing cope. No problem that told me off limits. You think they give me that same break. I think if I certainly you pick up my turn down a rental car with a crack pipe in it and all sorts of weird paraphernalia. You think you think that story. I think you would be off celebrity in front of us if you had a crack pipe, if you and if you just might obey the angle. I wish I was Hunter by them, because that makes me a Democrat, and that would mean I can go do whatever I wanted. We We were in international business company for decades. That's what we did was a big part of what I did, and when we got into this into politics we gave all of that. We say we will not do any new deals going forward. Obviously, we are building a broad like what you know. You can't just start building a building. If we partnership that we signed on twenty January, accusing Islam Lord
They can't win right, but we said hey we Do no deals going forward, no new deals in international business, even though it a huge part of our company, a huge part of our revenue stream. We set we're gonna stop because it's the right thing to do hunter biting magically becomes an international businessmen. The second, his father had some influence over you. You do Ukraine, he doesn't speak the language. He doesn't know anything about energy, but he gets an eighty three thousand dollars a month job to sit on the board of a company like. Why do you think that I don't know it's got it because he's a brilliant businessmen. Yes, I could be that brilliant, but you think that they be ok with Donald Trump. How about? If I went to China on AIR Force Tuesday, even about four days later, five days later, with one point: five billion dollars from the chinese government to invest. In my phone that no one ever heard of a monopoly. The season investor, no one had ever heard of some of the biggest guys on Wall Street, spend ten years to get into China hoping to get but those investment dollars this guy magically poles are often five days it because he's better than everyone's. Also you don't need to go on.
Or two you can just you can. You can happen have seen ere you, it's a favorite airline of many from a dns whenever it is, but you I wish the way I wasted the media would hold me to the same standard that they do Hunter by them, because I can do anything. I wanted before we go to ethics, and I want to ask you this for everyone to can hear what would you say? It's been most stressful for your family. You mentioned the biggest hoax every opportunity, american public, the mother. I, since Russia, the Ukraine or the recent impeachment toxic, what's really been tellers and for me personally I know it was nonsense, but you still got a deal in areas not spent millions and legal fees to defend this crap, which was the russian instigation, I've had literally half of Congress. You can go play the tape saying they're gonna. Try me, treason you know punishable by death, minor details. Now I guess what was interesting. It took me. Where do you one years just sort of realise that I have a lot more of my father and me, then I probably thought otherwise, when you backed us in a corner, when you threaten our family, when you literally threatened our lives, we do this it's. I don't have that usual sort of defence mechanism like what's curl up in a ball
die discuss what the other side wants. We actually fight back. It was a big sort of aspect of why I wrote but people. So you should write the business book about the Trump family, like I think my father's gonna had that covered with the art of the deal. The either come back. All of the this sort of newer territory I got to do there. I got to be a part of it. I got to witness it and I see the results and I see what he doing now unprecedented success at all times low unemployment numbers all time, high business startups. Every aspect of this is going well for the first time in a long time and yet President modern history whose actually executing on his- pain promises and still trying to destroy him. So I spent a lot of time talking about your media. You know the biases of the left in there. I spent a lot of time talking about social media, the shadow banning I know you have dealt with that Certainly I have I've been calling it out for three years and they keep doing it too
and if you know a whole thing unjustly small at and that whole nonsense, because I was one of the first guys and we now you watch, you will not tarnish the good name of Jesse smaller on this programme. Here we have journalist expatriate amendment as a national hero, sir, by the way, I also want to defend those from the fetal position curl into a ball community. I find it a very effective fighting, so does its accorded like it's. Only defence is my only we're gonna do have exceeded. The book is triggered by down from Japan and, of course, its available ever books are sold. They can get an Amazon and even an audio outright. Please tell me you even the audio books, you too, for those who are illiterate. I've gotta work on the colouring, because that's what the left says, I'm only capable of so that will be for your gave way. None the pop up for people who are not Boca members we're going to have extended a couple more minutes here with down from junior in both you're my feelings,
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I held it longer. I got some rolled out back in the day. Thank you so much Donald Romania. For those who are not only a member- and so I ve been extended interview with him of course, available to pay off for those who are coming up did that was that this was the
the guy's Mattie want. You know even underwater these mad, please Arnold in our world, the black eye with beard what are you know? You know it is you know you talk about that, but I just want to move them. Other Steven Spielberg from terrible offal from was like a vocs video with actors. So, like a box video use. Even at the dinner table. He did this that look like his front Fang to finance such testing. The sitting, gone intimidated? Anyone ever do that than to signal their mad. That thing like D ever yet, if that very well, you can do it better. Not ever do that as any kind of signal outside of anger, broccoli. I guess we, We need many broccoli, broccoli, which I don't what it is it seems like it smaller longer, starts and entirely share. It look at US users that would lead to sort of mushroom things in supermarkets. Level too, when you get up in the class point is, is a very poor
this programme right now, but before I get to Mario Monti they'll? Never here unless this is unprompted, I want at name me one good thing that happens. One positive thing that you're happy about this week. I only weak. Yet this week I just moved in my house good. That's right! That's a big one! Congratulations quarter, blacker, nothing like buck the stereotype. You put it down my family good, free, audio way. I had some delicious hot wings. It's the little things, a little things. Where'd you get them from. I don't remember, must have been stellar? I dont know what I mean. This is from Chateau. Do I dont give it up? I will tell what, because other we wait for Thanksgiving or New year's make resolution just take takes them. Every every day every we just go. This is one good thing. The topic has been a pre stressful. We go in and think about what I'm grateful for shoes
I find it S. Shoes at are widening guys know this. My feet are like four: why their floor III and east of a pair of Nike, that they may they were perfectly almost about like three bears them they stopped making them. I ran out and selection let's try knowledge of imperative choose my feet like I didn't realize it not have one lives as though there there going to daily chinese football, and so I bought some shoes and they were to where they were audio noticing size and they were too narrow. So, given the him with other pics, IVO and benefits, but now I finally have issues that are wide enough in fit unfurled about it. You have a whole new lease online. I really do your fear, but my hips are better. My knees. Don't hurt as much because we are choosing to walk on. Stilts but we want em. It goes and still- and I laid kit them horrible. I don't know if you would have listened. It has as its gratitude that weak, but now that wasn't there. So I wanted to tell you something here, a story that occurred this. We cannot just talking about this in a morning its meaning. I really really. This was something that we could tell an air, but I think was
tim- and you know what you should talk about that. So I was at the gym this week, there's a guy in there are black guy who I know and he's not he's really. Like and like really black little reallocate nuclear nice guy. He keep your christian guy. He coaches like a cautious basketball for underprivileged, privileged kids church. We talk all the time ago we always enjoyed his company, was just talking with him about, like you, Jitsu, to tell my basketball with a kind of learning from each other, the conversation transition to politics, but at one point and started with me. I think we're talking about athletics and the whole kind of transgender, athletics thing and so started with that, and I talk about your transgender athletes and an end men winning room women's wrestling meets he's egos me why What is it? What is this happening as what we we'll be nicer? Where have you been? You don't write another case in Texas in Texas what the Father and son
he has to raise its voice, a girl who is at best I you may get better because I know you do you show and that's it I do. I do little shall in it as there was demeaning, but I appreciate the way you find it No? This is real people Let's get you really should probably help me get involved. But Moreno, learn about it and You should tell you what do you think about politics, which are Bernie Sanders and exactly how do I guess? France who, like they like Bunny, said about without a lot like. What do you think so? Well, I don't know what do you think a ninety percent income tax- and this is just one- ninety come on, come on, do as you know, If that's it, just right now run a youtube search running. You can see Bernie Sanders saying that a ninety percent tax wouldn't be completely out of line and as we're talking he's like me, That's crazy! This other guy comes up, and I know it is also a good guy some guy because the Chicago guy, no damages Chicago Union Liberal, and he walks up
This is kind of guy trust. A bulldozer conversation goes there already, about a burnished taxing ninety percent nice again talking about tax, yeah, yeah? Well, do you? That's, because you, like your roads right away, is going to this generic socialism or black as black. I know what I want is a blessing. I dont need their names, I'm saying black eye. So whenever you can be offended, if you want his orders, you, like your roads and the biogas road don't get. Malaria is crazy. That's what we call a non sequitur roads, because how do you think more roads, police department, social, secure, Knesset Social Security, Medicare Medicaid Welfare, public schools, DM the Post office, all programmes at work really well in the black. I guess yeah but they dont thou, so they set Chicago White Guy off. Go nuts. He goes you started District Donald Trump goes. I don't care what you are a Christmas. I'll trump
horrible man, because no one treat people like that: people like what you? What do you watch the news do you want to do together? You gotta does it up, because we knew that there was also whether you could go now. I think that we have a european economy and were better off. He was of a river and economy level. What do you say that as well? I don't know we have the lowest and employ tat we ve had in decades with high labour force participation. We budget surplus we're five thousand hours, the median household increase for middle income families, not including the super wealthy. I think this is a pretty good too, and I also lost black unemployment rate in the black and others like yeah yeah, that's true test or more black business being sorted and actively because yeah yeah, that's. You are right about that undergo the apple. What about to GDP as second, I thought I don't want to talk about where these metrics that really affect everyday Americans oysters bringing up his phone any brings us something about gdp and it didn't dinner, really relevant, and I refuse to didn't pointed into another source and he goes.
Let the problem, you Republicans, only care about money you brought it up? You brought up the GDP way this point of view, you only care about about your greed and the black guy he got he turns. Who's got a level, so lovely little fickle, because eight years those yeah budget I do, though, right let you public, as you like, yeah, like a lot of white Republicans, a young Europeans to care about money like a whole lot right now, not real. I don't think so because now, You don't think that's a good, What will our way we as ok? Right now, I pay have half a man came because year asking you, for. I pay pretty pretty close that problem, because you know you're in Texas, but if you're in California we think closed after incoming know, that day is pre, successful, businessperson egos that's it. So I want to know if half isn't enough, what number is enough you tell me what numbers enough. How would pay for all these programmes that Mr Chicago is proposing?
far as Greta, I would like to Know- and this is an original says something from Thomas Soul. I believe- and it's been repeated I said what I would like to know is: why is it greedy for me to want to keep more than half but greedy for someone else to want to take more than half, and he said, there is food for thought: the village ass move back anywhere else they like this. This is this is a good example of a black. Yes to the cultural, when it play your and my colorblind. No, it's very entertaining to white people, sometimes to listen. The black countries food thought and then I don't know the Chicago guy went on the elliptical, and that was that. But the point that I am making here's this is a black guy who is not a Republican at all and afterwards, by the way you took me said later, the next anything you know you Tom. I disapprove of the Athens trumpets. Look like, I think, he's like a deck but
he I do ugly. Would you say, like I think, it's a lot. I think his burden alone or but things are talking about that I'm gone he hears the point. Folks times convincing people is not that hard, so it just takes trying people to understand this just having those conversations and data they like. I can't tell you how many times I have not before we ve run the show that, before that, thousands of people line up to go to school shows in and talk about how this programmer or other programmes have influence their sort of political work. It at all. Did with me having conversations with people. That was the basis for change my mind, so logical why you do more to what do you do debate that we will do more debates when two debates in the show potential mine is not about a debate. Change them is to showcase what I just described. How you can conversations with people in everyday life and either convince them or convince someone who's watching you talk with, In other words, when the Chicago Guy Horned in, I wasn't trying to convince him
I knew that if I spoke articulately, if I didn't get mad, if I kept my cool- and I made my points now speaking truthfully- that the black gentlemen would hear my point, any did sometimes it just takes trying on when I hear people. I've heard this a lot. Some people on the regularly complain about immigration, and I do not have a problem of illegal immigration and as it leads to legal immigration. I do think that we should be pretty. And who we allow it, and we should be picking the best and the brightest. I think we should have standards and want to be clear about that, but sometimes people who say well, you know the thing: is you just demographics and people coming from these countries, black people or brown people. They vote overwhelmingly Democrat and you know what the more you? U let coming just revolution, will never have any more conservative principles one second. First up, I don't agree with the point because demographics are changing. Look at the electoral map with Donald Trump in the Midwest in Chicago Chicago Michigan. Wisconsin, rightly states that no one body at a chance of winning yours truly included. Things change, but when you say well, he's demographics there's no way to change it. They come in working to lose. If it, what does it do.
It absolves you of habit. That conversation that I just had the gym did it mean that aim is to work up sure, and I was grumpy that because if I don't get some exercise an unusually kind of but the point when someone says this demographic problem it absolves, you have any responsibility as a really. The changing somebody's mine and this is something that we do a lot ally of the time people act. Though everything is out of their control like well. You know, that's just that's the way this system works, it could be in your job out. You know what they only. They only promote people who are the bosses son convenient Well you're, my wife. It is never going to understand that to do this a lot. We act as though far more out of our control, then I think we give ourselves credit for This is a challenge for for this week to week, responsibilities. Do you think you ve been absolving yourself? I know I just screwed up the dramatic phraseology he's gonna kill me, of which responsibilities. Have you been absolving yourself? What
You think maybe is something that you could do or you should be doing, but you ve met excuses that are outside of your control. So there's no way you could do it you know what you're never gonna to you: you're, never gonna get more than used to be three percent of the black vote and Donald Trump came around, I think, was eight or ten percent. That's a pretty big shift. Doesn't mean it's gonna, be fifty percent, but something change. Thank God, Donald Trump and his his team didn't say organ or right off the block vote. I think I did indeed say right away that them in western, but they could have done that they could have absolve themselves because you know what there's a precedent and no one else had done it just because no one else had done it has done. It does mean that you shouldn't try to do it doesn't mean that you can't do it, but it's a lot easier to tell yourself. This can't be done and I'll tell you what if you show me what it is that You know what I think you should be doing, but these responsibilities advocating I'll, show you. What is it should be at the top of your to do list so
People go their entire lives absolving themselves of the most important decisions, they could make of the most important actions they could take, because that's not only would affect you. Your life in your happiness, but we want a round you and ultimately the country, I know that not all of you have a show like this with we're really blessed with this platform, but guess what every single one of you goes to the gym goes to work or goes to school, as family gatherings, where these conversations can come up, and you doing it every single day, you should be living at every single day, no matter how daunting it may see you may have, thanksgiving table filled with with nothing but the black Panthers and after a lesbian Phd studies, majors and yet not one of them, could turn into Conway West that happened is tat with a black pepper, jubilant demographically. That should not exist
God, someone didn't pass the buck, and just you know what that's that's a lost cause. It's not They are very, very few lost causes you're convincing yourself? That's that and that's why you're not doing whatever it is that you should be doing stop taken into our right now. What is it that you ve been solving for yourself that you could be doing every single day. You can push this ball forward. You can move the ball. You don't need me to do it, but we were asked to do it and it starts with thing. You know what it's probably possible. Let me give it a work and then, what a guy, if they knew for food for thought, unity.
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