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2019-11-22 | 🔗
Talking all things Trump impeachment silliness, Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman?, cats in the clink, Prince Andrew’s disturbing love languages, and how Trump has done more for Black America than Obama ever did! Super guest Alex Jones delves into impeachment games and so much more!

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Hey there audio listener. Here, listening to and p, I could imagine how and why I dont know how people listening NPR whenever I accidently tune into it on my radio, I veer off the road This is, of course the audio version. Lot of people are watching the videos more and more of less subscribing to the daily show. Lotta was uttered a complex, my club, if you have not, it is what keeps free shows coming v shows will cease to exist. Less more of you join a lot with third accomplishment of the ninety nine annually that sixty nine for students veterans are active military just entering the word as a discount, because Google's in squeezing Youtube has been squeezing. If you look at the apple store, they're, not necessarily super super pro. Whatever your view is as long as it's not radically left there given money, the southern poverty loss answer, you heard me talk about them. We appreciate the support and, if you feel it
as announced some visual gags had on over to Youtube to watch the whole thing after the show. Thank God for this delicious black rifle coffee. From my my club, good thing about my Walter right here cover I felt the insurance listen Mug doublet of Canada comes up. Smoking was more than ever, because on Monday will be doing Stream, which most certainly will be taken down, we have a teaser here really quickly before the show it's the hashtag. Steam didn't, kill himself live stream at eight p m eastern? We! We have reiterated the entire prison cell, meaning Actually add people work, construction and we'll be testing both three pounds of, cork. I dont really the newtons. I don't know exactly what it is. I trying to use to sever. Cervical vertebrae, live at eight p m Eastern Trisect Literati Knievel event You know a pedophile try to kill himself, here's a teacher enjoy the rest of the show. Monday. Eight p m Eastern.
Valiant our business man, Jeffrey Epstein, committed suicide and committed suicide suicide plundering November twenty fifth right here we will be I've streaming, the Epstein didn't, kill himself super show in which we recreate the exact conditions surrounding Epstein death. And verify for ourselves whether there was foul play against America favorite. That's November, twenty fifth, this Monday, eight p M Eastern special Epstein didn't kill himself live stream. Mug club discounts too far.
what would happen? next, I don't, I don't understand the sketch. I don't think I. What do you want me to its Edwards his hands? I don't know what that means. We put Muslim, every day. I know I have the money on the hands just like a movie, but what we didn't sketch go from there. I don't understand it. Is it me, for I mean I'm not appreciated Gazprom. Do the work.
What does he do? That's called the and still waiting for my Ex chair Glenn back Where are we
Jones, and not only today, but also ameliorated. Donna targets will be talking about Donald Trump being the first black president, as well as recent judgment proceedings in the spoiler. Nothing is, but you haven't. I wasn't Glinda radio show a long time ago NEA he asked what happened. Was you the commercial of her chair. And I'm just looking for them to talk about when it came from the break. Tell you what better fix that looks really call this chairs a piece of crap as a joke. Apparent Bobby a top of the line exchequer losing seems like this show. Now I have, Where is? I don't know he said I have no, I don't czech German left their personal. Thank you sell your professional gift. You just trying to be nice, but he went off like I was lying so push for women, but do you think that resident Trump has done well? First, up, do you feel at ease and more for black Americans? Then President Obama ever has and then objectively do you think so sport
look, if you say no you're wrong, my halfway and more vigorous men is with us. I France, thank you, Sir glad to see accorded like John I dont like, and I am very uncomfortable and audio way GMO in Geneva. One of the day I do it's shattered the mercenary ruse. What is I mean to penal are surrender
What are we to say from learning? I want to say route because then read Scrooge means read in French. I said: oh, it's a ruse, it's a red. What does it bids opinion wears a pino from? If it just say it say it is a penal, they assume you're, more educated, say it's a piano and like many, I want you to objective Rudy. Ok, I don't want I'm talking. I drink gala, well, Turkey and I wake up in a puddle of my own filth. Ok, what we talked about a lot of other things today, but first President tromp is going to be president forever. Yes, the only people who, on ironically, where Fanny Pats people, gig fans and cereal pedophiles, which ones
this week's, who are better ways of making an Orange Missus Dale Hand Jenny Seville, as that of our clearly short segment of the very short bad for forcing the crew. To put that altogether, you'll feel to be kicking things off after that, the screen writer of the new film Harriet. He waited. Harry I M when at first I thought like in the Henderson's and then I realized now underground rail road, oh yeah, that one this creative Harriet claimed that a Hollywood executive wanted Harriet Tubman to be played by Julia Roberts. Is it's it's a nice word instrument think we thought it was a real areas like the onion. We really we thought was the end of each of its verified story. But actually, I think here letters Carter. We obtained in exclusive early trailer
big mistake, huge from sexual favours six hundred very for more jobs and combating lame ass. I want you to think hard about what your spine slinging pizza for the rest of my life
enough address fantastic. Whatever her her scope is as big as your mouth. They will have a crush on Tinker Bell from hook. Well, why not? The idea was someone who you know you could just fitting you're back pocket, and at that point you can be a movie theater. Into impeachment news Canada. The eyes in the Mask as a kid, and I was really upset when they replace can basing it within the first batman with. I wouldn't want to see the second one, because it was too racy our so terrible, challenging to Coal Kidman Environment friendly, but there are placed convention with a ginger terrible them right away. I didn't I didn't want that recessive, Jean raising my pool because that was ever not owing to impeachment news. You don't think you're getting up between seen in present track and back to it, but the network they announced that the recently put hired a power.
Ass legal, do all in their suit against the president. Allow and, of course, the media has been in a tailspin over this reaction. The powerhouse legal do oh, and we actually have a reaction and present exclusive. I think. As in all your phone call from the White House, he asked I beg you haven't above them. I want you to write up, but that's not exactly. I shouted at rightly said, except powerhouse legal deep after me, but I got to be bad fish truthfully really to move the word power line. So I want to use by executive power to further delude the word power out as budget legally possible. How would you like
do not get into that ok, bad resident. Vice president to propel every house in Amerika, I want to be legally called a power out at the brick house by the carbon org, fourth because brick powerhouse so you're, so the rod over big got old shielded how this will be called the rattle. The big got on our children's houses right way. It will be called half way power. Battered women, sheltered will be called powerful. Women sheltered from now on. The White House is also to be referred to. As the white
come back to it, but you catch by drift. They died a job. That is what you would pick up: the phone and tweet with your wife So we can. We help out of that whole also coming out of the White House this week at Donald Trump hosted a screening of Joker, the rubber that moves comes from Yahoo Trump screen, the movie for family friends in some staff and, like the film screening, was cut however, because Doktor been Carson, wouldn't stop yelling at the screen, so that was my dear you ve he's gonna make you happy. But death because he has it see the rested. A film plans is trying to be helpful and actually surprise. I did my mom and about back home.
I have not heard the guy now on that is needed in the European Union. We have you weren't still see coming in on order basil, ass, I've hacked Amazon, he will never come in. Ok international lose out there because, as an international show, Prince Andrew claim that it drove him with Jeffrey Epstein under age. Sex slave couldn't be him. This is actual too fast he does a hug, that's right, comes to love languages Prince Andrew Proof child rape, errant my garden by the way, it's really a den to the five it's this language largely overlooked, really the secret sex. It should be the way he said it was so awkward is like I'm not one to, as it were hug right
owing to me like. That is an admission that he's just gives the foreplay Ngos, France, his mother did. That's it. You didn't say, is idea of it said all different local because they did not actually want to write into bed right little little time the table as they could you at least get me a jewel jus, that's what I'm the way was paying for. I'll just happens to be made easier. Disgusting, you're desirable. He like. I don't accept during for Andrea was also argue. You'll have to accept it, because my original ledger Andrew would also, let's have a lower Cairo for Morgan, zero, pedophiles Vanni Pack, we're fanny packs. It's the only element in our land, and now I am Gerald Morgan, the third, where Fanny pacts definite I've, never wanted a family back in my life printed.
Several I seriously. This is what you know. You don't know, I think you're you we're fanny packs. As he slowly dragged ways. I don't like you down on the ground, nothing, the prince. My present, you also recently was accused of using the inward Au Prince Andrew, and I therefore urge is, but hopefully accusations will distract from all the child rate, we must do a lot of a boy, but I feel as if they do to throw off the same because people are met. Concerned about being called a racist right. Then a pedophile like politicking huge all right. Let's get going on about! Oh my gosh major child rapist, Abidjan, yes, cream time Kramer had child rape dungeon any better. I'll castle? What about ok?
see what you're doing Michael Jackson. That's not saying, I say me all the time you there was nothing that wasn't that wasn't your thing at all that wasn't his thing out. He was known you were known, for. I believe that I was a horrible racist know that really the major gripe against what we say. I don't know happening realities legacy tarnished, We might now happen tomorrow, Thursday. We're a legend. What has happened to you is trying to do. Of the scent Brad Pitt. Adam Sandler revealed in a recent interview by the way, the links that go to to avoid being recognised, how their methods and wearing sunglasses pulling down their baseball caps and not being in anything good for the last fifteen years, but that does not look at where we disagree. Adam Sandler, yes, but not my guy bright below.
Applause from the money. By always like it, when you can seriously- and I added I fight you over movie- can you imagine a policy for right now a day? That's that's! The difficulty act was eighty. Two percent of God would have it Mcmanus like that, is statistically incorrect. Sir. That. Just shows that what I think check Lange, this isn't the actual jack. It's merely symbolic. Let you know of the price I still have. The same thing is that it sets a good actor and so much crap a lot going gets paid. A lot of money, too, crap and placed himself money Bessie. I am familiar with this practice.
So how's about it before we get to impeachment, don't trust the first black president. I really do want to know if you think that there is a valid argument we made I'll make it some middle eastern countries have. Killer, robots from China? Oh my gosh, that well. I believe every human dad comes from the daily star, but don't you know everything's daily? That's true. I ve never like the by key view gall happy every other day, maybe yeah it when we feel like it once and about our own yeah Tribune, its being we're going out of business. The host This fear is these Polly. This comes from pillaged. Are these holy autonomous robots could have dire results with the machines able to decide who lives dies you're next, concerning move aside,
he's killer beat. We have chinese killer robots effectively the worst terminator reboot, yet avail guy got for a second. I was me in the photo leisure, in my view, may by votes annual right. What do you think we're making all these iphones we're all gonna believe that come with me if you want to do math, Finally, we call it is correct to record the Anonymisation urine. Wait clear the record on that you pay a violin and isn't violent. Very mathematics do, but I also know how to drive its American. I thought I'd math, Asians wordly the whole thing they can do the math until it's a gear shift like one fine go from one to five, that's actually
climate of that nature. There were clear on the record that climate on tree organs we get earlier, I gotta crouching tat. I had in fact angrily follow that up with the hope, so good for you and violent major EU funding. I finally, a cat, put in solitary confinement for freeing other cats from terrorist shelter The measure was necessary after security camera Footed showed quilting the cat jumping up and pulling the handle down on the cat room door ass. He was a real for the sheltered. Sadly, for equality, the security cameras. Briefly, functioned we do screen shot from. I now know, but you know what that's not the worst, that tat use the end
Oh said the word used the word you just trying to replace that not only the inward Marilla, I see what here when I voted, no while I think he's laying it onto said goes to Michael Jackson without enough matter, if you all why, without ones actually kind of in line with what he, but only raising I always had enough. If that's all you're gonna, do you mean I didn't make? It goes. Michael Jackson is the same. Color is alive. Michael J S, not ass, I close it didn't have to change. He was preparing. I dont know if you lose your hood pass at what point that hands thinks but apparently still think that he has it yeah yeah. He does We tried to claim that that happened because he's allergic to sunlight
this scheme condition alluded to sense that really how to fix it s, not how they work, I'm pretty sure, don't fix a sun allergy with Perker said you can try How do you know any dangle debated the windows it, or did you see how we held that baby out of the balcony stories, not that he held only be out of the balcony. The story is that he put it in the camel clutch position hanging out of the balcony like it when almost Abidjan actual and almost dropped it yes and killed it. Never childhood. Well, ok, free pass is at work, that's right! Trivia contests! What do you want to read it their engine room? I heard the genes, I just jump as you like, giving away free stuff. Would you like to know if really likes dealings nice to stop it from me?
I'll, put principle organised on its as racist and failing to act where forty eight unity here go hadn't really long dinner on Chris Neil wines for answering the question for us: I hate you. This is why a little closer to reduce our Russia with this visual aid. Aids after that set up mail that once set up what the literary equivalent of George, Michael in LOS Angeles rest I'll get through one of these eventually and others, and the focus is off me he's going into Terence Howard Film, where Like a white coach, inspires him to see women reproach, you can do it doesn't matter what side of the tracks you're from Greece
My people latest tracks for entails girl daily more. It makes a reality laid the foundation for you This is gonna very dark place. Really. Could let's go see that the hearings, quick recap of the hearings, are the impeachment, because we have to talk about this. So again, the media's been breathlessly covering impeachment hearings, one bombshell witness after another, but bombshell, you mean disingenuous limp, showed its wanna make clear its definitely it's hard, for it showed to be linked, gets its physics, that's effectively ass. Suddenly, ass, there's no hang yeah.
So on Tuesday it was Alex Andor Vindelin. He was a! U S, army officer! Now, here's what you ve hurt! You further he's a high ranking govern official hand picked by trumped to help lead the quid pro quo sort of conspiracy until his conscience couldn't alignment anymore that he was being complicit. So it came forward with his first hand, information the presence wrongdoing. That's what's been cover sounds good read. The truth is that his own supervisors testify that concerns about his judgment is being a potential eager that didn't respect the chain of command and he himself admitted the Ukrainians never mentioned pressure from President or this administration, lest you think I make this up. Let's do what the young Turks and sets Myers don't and accurate clip. I ask you, Mr Marsh: and whether others raised a concern that Mr Colonel them and may have leaked information. You did ask that yes, Your answer was others that represented that. Yes, ok, and I ask you whether you are concerned. Colonel women did not keep you in the loop at all times with his official duties. Yes,
and in fact the most entertaining part of their duty in following the July twenty two car he did not first come to you is that correct, correct and you are his supervisor in the chain of command. Correct, correct: did you ever here from any Ukrainians, either in the United States, aimlessly Wakefield puffy about the pressure that they fell and get my beauty sleet you for the last investigators decades and throw away it may have in mind the pc guy not bad, dictated by just along you know, I'm so glad someone else understands is going out with this whole thing is a it's so dull domain,
Your mistake there is that you think anyone understand what's going on the problems that you did, what with reason, we want to do this segment, there's nothing new in the last summit in an impasse, and this is what's important. There is no new information. It's rehashing information that has already been made available to the public, largely through some small tidbits here and there, but you need to know these people have not come forward with first hand, information that is blown this wide open now they're coming forward to talk about anonymous, thirty and information as well. So we keep rehashing at eight that, even if the talk about it, but we do because otherwise we will look you to say not doing our job. The fact is, I am arriving you of your kind of this, an archive fast for the next five minutes, because you don't need to know any of this. Last time I checked. If something was a bombshell. Revelation bombshell, witness they actually had something to say. None of these people have anything to say we call it a gate if it means something gets a gate needs repeating, indeed mitigate or whatever the thing they go out and buy a jerk gate, its wiener,
right. This isn't even reached dates. That amendment allows button gate a means not only would live, gave no, ok, all right. Isn't it more zone, I want my opinion admitted that he leaked the less Jackson, there are like you know what we were concerned, that women didn't respect Yannick manner. He might be a potential leaker. They weren't you get that from here that he led kind of xenophobia, Ukraine, out of people outside the White House, and when I was asked boom, he started spawned only to be interrupted. Good old shift in a clip that, by the way I can only describe as that. I hope he actually fast. Forded I just now. I must have a time machine. I would say, come back because this clip is worth it Adam ship interruption, but I can only describe as perfect as you know that Tell us its community as seventeen different agencies. What agency? this individual from. If I could energetic here
We don't want years these proceedings time and we need to protect the whistle blower. Please stop that. There's no effort to out the whistle these proceedings. You have to ask a question at all: no, not unless I'm reading from a fate transcript China, I actually you start myself making. He really looks like the pc guy does have its development and ass. I now have we considered that line was an outing, a whistle blowers that guy out of bounds asking all there was a question. The question was who what agent today as they weren't yeah. Oh, oh, I guess it's one of those agencies. It only has one employed, so we identify the name of it. Tells you the web, lower rights now that it was as clearly and attempt to cover up the tracks of who did actually was known about them. When did they know about it? Who is back channeling on what access that Romania is? Actually, the federal government is known for streamlining
today's languages. Like you, you know what you know. Government employee has ever heard when they been laid off downside That's not ever like. You failed your force, piss test, okay and by the way you're the only person I even know who enjoy Salvian I guess but bill. I question for you that they share and basically made his own rule and said in the beginning that they would not out the name of the whistle blower right in and then the lawyer cited the chairman's rule to say that his client didn't have to answer the questions and at the risk of any real people, will take this clip, and I want to. I want a piggy back onto what you just said, because it sounds incredibly ignorant but I'll throw my lot Emily, because I'm ignored as well, because this is not a criminal investigation regret. But here's to think how does that? that's not a criminal investigation so up, but that it can there supporting people right yes, so they can, they can subpoena people's isn't gonna follow. Half rules was not evil. Relocate organisation is because the congressional hearings fallen, neither the completely criminal or completely civil. So
Even if you were to say, ok, you been kicked of crime. The fundamental question is: is it a steak or climbers a federal crime, but then, when you get to impeachment, it's just wrong doing, there's no specific language there right on the constitution, but it's not limited to just crimes or civil I believe, in fact, that doesn't have to be either of those. So here the person who is in charge of the committee under the deference in the rules that are typically done in these kinds of hearings, they are getting to set some of the rules on mean. That was our ringing. The here is that what you think of anything, but there was no criminal standard for whistle blower writing criminal here is like there's a bright to anonymous, but not right down investigation, but then there's still using the power to subpoena people rats. So I dont into both the legal terms, for that is Jerry. Picking right yeah indoor stacking, the deck and yet is nevertheless somewhere black relocating scales of justice right when I was little fist on the scale and rents idea, it's just as chief is dancing in the statue of liberty, grave
she's, not dead, is not actually idea or at the store. What is Wednesday live here that? U S ambassador to the EU, it was a golden sunlight I know I'm rehashing is on this basis. For anyone who doesn't know, this is pretty much everything that you need to know what to hate ethical everything. So someone admitted tat. He had never heard anything from Trump tying aid to any investigation. The idea of quid pro quo was entirely his own us shut. I don't recall President Trump ever talking to me about any security assistance ever! Is that your testimony in drafting this master asylum that you have evidence that Donald Trump The investigations aid, because I don't think you're saying that I have said repeatedly congressmen. I was zooming? I also said to no one: not just the present Giuliani, didn't tell you belvane, he didn't tell yet nobody pumps, I didn't tell you know. Somebody else on this planet told you that Donald.
Was tying aid to these investigations. Is that correct? I think, he testified AIDS? Is it correct? No one on this planet told you that Donald Trump was this aid to the investigation, because it My answer is yes, chairman's wrong, and the headline on CNN is wrong No one on this, I told you that President Trump was tying aid to investigations. Yes or no. Yes, I didn't know the sponge was supposed to be wet That is just so. The headline is this: is this? Is the promise you can't put their genie back in the bottle genome runs with. I dont have all the headlines differently, but I remember we were doing it. Remind- and so I am very much in a focused manner- I don't get to read the news and I try to catch up as much as possible in the headlines. It seem initially as though there was no. Inclusive information rights later? They were at first hand
I did the same thing every day I gonna look and I'm like. Okay. If there is a real bombshell, the first place, it's almost going to pull it out would be CNN. So I go look at you click the reverie link that has in a brazen, incredible title and it clicked through and you're. Like. Okay, really, though, be more beneath this hope diamond national, although this one was crying over on the treadmill. Exactly again, all these has had an ad hoc gonna get the article on. Like I dont see, there's nothing. Let me go back to that. Ok, no, the title! No, there's not actually enterprise! Here and there's like twenty five child celebrities, who are data, Macaulay Culture and I click new Corey Haim come click basis. You saw the yes right. The yes said quote: surrounded by this is figured out there actually CNN is using instead of real quotes to court someone because he didn't say that it is right and locking by the editor of the Online department going do some of that
just go out with you that there were gone then, but how it with that with that ground down there. This is yes that there was quid pro quo had. How are you supposed to know? What's real, because the guy on the screen was saying the exact opposite of that money, CS. It is running that had like every single doesnt born since we already have the direct transcript right from Zalewski got. We know what happened that I think that the route, the heart of the exchange rate in between Trump This testimony is about other conversations revolving around that key and for which has been public for weeks and not a single one could say that Trump sit a single thing ever adequate broker. That's important enough! Sure there can be conjecture, there are things that it will come up. There are unflattering to President Trump absolutely, but not one person could point to an exam. Of Trump directly saying anything now quit programme wretches hearsay in
We have, in fact it is, and it seems like the democratic strategy here- is just basically to try to grab some headlines to rail their base up in time for an election, and that's it because this isn't going anywhere if it goes to the Senate bill. Correct me, if I'm wrong, it's going where he's going somewhere, because polls show that port for the impeachment investigation is dropped, two points since the beginning, opposition to Trump opposition to its are in favour. Trump went up by three points and he's all approval rating has gone so think about that for a second, because it's not exactly the same thing is brought about by the media is clearly left their controlling everything. Pushing this impeachment narrative like we just talk about headlines in fake airports, but still a few Americans than ever walked impeachment. Then, when you guys started, this is not going to end well for you and that's what please go ahead with impeachment, take that they thought I was gonna, be a time you Harding situation, their entrance themselves is getting worse for them and why are they so desperate to discuss impeachment what I think
because I want to maybe take the focus of the economy, which is booming, particularly for the p o sees the people of color. One is the proper terms. Think. Let always what, whenever broken, I was president want to talk about the improvements, the economy, you ve heard time and time again it any economy, stupid I'll get to where we are. Asked economy ever and now it's like it's not so much the economy. That stupid is what they're trying to sell you, but first the notification: Belfry subscribed. Please, because subscription don't be an awful lot notifications, let you no one knew videos group. Of course we have a new video everyday life dream on Thursday and Mug club as how we keep this going because we are not monetize too trip, so from actual viewers like you, have to do a jerry's, kids, telethon, that's what I have to have a kid come out with. You know the hook. Hand Just pilot a lotta get access to a whole daily show the entire blaze catalogue aloud with Canada come slash I need to reiterate next Monday, eight p m eastern we are doing the Jeff. Epstein did not kill himself
I've stream? We have actually recreated the entire prison cell Zack specifications and I will attempting to kill myself with paper bedsheets. This is real. Monday is bipartisan. Eight p m Eastern is about people could do it for so, let's get the economy. If we turn, we look at the kind of captain. It's going really welfare for olive oil, but black Americans. Ethically, and I want to make sure that we understand this, but first off before we get to a trunk trump. You know President recently launched a black voices for Trump Coalition from Atlanta and he's got some flat. For it. What do you prefer? Blacks drop african Americans? I can't blame him no
your name Brother John. I thought when someone might try issue that was growing, w pushes Robin and we value asiatic content and its probably is single greatest accompany it really made was the issue of dodgy throwing up at the table not so much, and I understand that this is an important element that when people discuss economy, audio where'd, you said this- I think we're back guarantee the economics often get boring in this I think a lumpy will necessarily have a good hand wanting it doesn't exist axiom. It is important to contrast with other presents, particularly the previous president right that does matter that you have some kind of scale to understand it. Okay, so I want to make sure that frame these numbers, hopefully in a way that makes it understandable, because sometimes people say we're wages They gonna count, translation everything represent you here. Right now tries to account for those variables like even the most accurate information possible. Not a regular Thomas all, but I definitely try to harder than Samantha being so. Your way again So under President Trump K we have the lowest.
Women rate in fifty years, while rigour workers are turning to the workforce. We have very high labour force participation rate worker lay offs hit a twenty year low this year. Wage growth just hit a ten year high. Despite, the myth models predicting the opposite, and it appears that it keep accelerate and by the way, but this is important because we ve been an entire segment unwisely average hourly average hourly earnings are outwardly. What is utterly wage is not the most accurate barometer to use what use actually is average individual rate where wages, because area basically a fillet of ash being made ten years ago, when accounting for inflation, isn't really worth more. Today is a job, but people tend to make more money and that's been consistently on the rise.
Long time, but right now we are using their measurement. So what I'm saying is growth? People making a volley of fish are actually making more outwardly want, adjusted for inflation today than they were five years ago, using the lowest possible common denominator. Our lives is look it's some kind of a fish. Did he get the order wrong in eighteen? Eighty six did it if the order wrong today, five percent rates still delicious, really believe that it was only in movies. We gotta run thickly covered. A spectre is I guess, as long as the only thing you can trust threats. It's an island you further fish like God, unless the next words out of his mouth or century egg, the answer's, no it century a century fillet affair is bringing us biter monkey next to the table with a vice grip. That's just my help
when you intend to do in case you forgotten about this, is why the scale matters? The contrast. Do you remember how the media covered the DOW dropping? Eight hundred points I do the brutal session walls today, the DOW having its worst day of the year and crossing below its two hundred day, moving average for the first time in more than two. A new followers, that's gonna, varying into Donald around your readers, Lottchen right they'll run it. I've got a warning sign. Today's government interest rate on that dropped, two levels,
in a reliable indicator that a recession is coming out at? Had investors donor mongering milk at this down fell more than three percent. It was a wild there. There's a looks like we are. Finally things them can extend into the markets. Are things going to get worse before they get better is as a dip hereby? What do you do? It was the number one trend everywhere this week, the DOW top twenty two thousand for the first time in the media coverage is equivalent to crickets hum There's nothing out there covering the fact that we are getting on record high wages, short split them, but I live there, which is the lowest since two months ago, really, who is evident to months ago many that are still higher than sixty years. These cross. He owns milestones twenty thousand through twenty eight thousand. I feel like he gets a plaque for each when it gets he's. I get thought over there, but the rest of, unlike he's, derives killing empire, and these guys won't let him have win. Instead, there talking about how to bring it out low, lower level media military officers
yeah superiors, we're saying I think they might be leakers admit that their liquors linger on say by the way, not that I don't have anything new. I just know one tell me quid pro quo. I just think I don't want to do that There are coverings echo instead of that the economy we have ever had and. But nothing nothing. You didn't want something that I think that all the time you also under which you only really hear about it when it's the universe area of the concern or that occasionally they'll, be something about like I was on her way you only we hear about it when it's the anniversary of the concern or that occasionally they'll, be something about like the victims themselves, but there's nothing about the shooter. There's nothing about the is the most of the areas public shoot, MASH, shooting in modern memory that took place at a country western concert.
And there's no info women for about. We have been told that the almost to the people and in California there that I don't wanna, say Muslims who used and will more than an s started ass, a general got about evaluating valley, sapping Amber data. Sorry- and I am not mistaken- that one was mostly foiled. Plot like I was able to nearly is definitely is vague, all lives matter and not be little thing about my party's. We know nothing and that they did not like the Unabomber, some guy, with a couple of mental cope bottle of difference. Who cares? Let's move on other cameras now working at a casino, we have now had many views on this. Now they were installed by the Jeffrey Epstein Watchin. The grew very To turn off so they just so tired those guys, I'm cells, sleepy, I just have to go on twitter pornography. Welcome to stock up what about
you can watch them. A t shirt onto their. You get a ripple whirled around about. Actually I'm actually. They re actually covered and said that the guards were were bottling while they are on the internet. Browsing using the inward never put every day there guards at three in the morning. Ok, good Lord. I dont think threats cigar bid So what about an economy that is pursued by early guardedly, specifically black Americans share surely that is worsened under racist present trump. Now keep in mind, We contrast it that Blackwell took a huge nosedive under President Obama, TAT, simple, under President Obama, household income didn't do offer any racist, but especially black Americans under President Trump a household incomes are up to thousand dollars and sign sixty keep in mind under Barack Obama,
overall wage increase for all Americans. Not black Americans was around one thousand, while so who are you are doing twice as better as far as improvement when you just for scale since when fixing them into of President Obama and a black black unemployment. All time Her love some most recently at an all time low in September, the previous all time low Siena like this, I wonder, Trump may twenty eighty nine, what what what they cover is in April they go. Black unemployment has risen, our search engine, black unemployment has risen for the first time since May of last month that ethical cynically, we hit an optimal. It's like he's piling on with all these economic awards and he's doing exactly what he said. He and people said he can accomplish when he went to tariffs on China. Oh, it's gonna crash the economy didn't gradually economy right when you, Passing all these things that we talk about now, it's helping everybody. I think that's what does the fear? Nice is important to note because since taking office, so we will try and claim that it's an accident and I'm going to rebut that pretty, I think,
thoroughly here, either he's a complete idiot or he's an evil genius and I've been trying to make so much stick from Russia to Ukraine to two again: Russia, prosecuting relying on receiving vinyl couches. Having taken a big, dishonest business don't and nothing has stuck. I'm gonna leaned toward evil genius. If I have to pick one ok since taking office. It's not an accident present! Europe is invested. In specifically, does this infamous website distress communities he's promoter minority on businesses he's made supporting historically black colleges university. The key priority for administration and trumps opponents will that what the loft and say is Elsie just riding Obama's coattails first off. This is important point, trumps policies present trumps policies haven't been a continuation of Obama's. No, they ve been a complete reversal. Okay, so Obama, blacks. Did. Really black Americans data horribly President Trump comes in reverses policy. Tax cuts, business incentives too much red tape right
regulation didn't continue what Obama, aside from spending. I have a problem with that, but the economic policy has been a total reversal and now we have good fortune. Secondly, if In writing. The expected Obama wave is there now claiming, then why does he all the experts claim that it would be completely impossible for brethren trumpeted economic growth we predicted- lest you doubt me, I have receipts, remember about other name himself- that residents from could create new jobs, which is looking back, such as stupid thing. This guy, like you, can help it, like. I dont think doctrine of the great better make it like making as many jobs. This, as you know, is that he couldn't create new jobs, and then he asked him where the magic wand, twenty seventeen, all the economic gurus laugh and we'll be percent growth. That is our delusional president.
President Trump Administration would big things it even possible for there to be three percent growth. Let scarlet receipts when somebody says like the person you just mentioned, do not go ahead, as for I done like Miss Hale was born how these rules, by how pornography like there's, there's no answer to This says? Well, I know what I'm not negotiate a better deal with what how exact, are you want to negotiate, but what matters One? Do you have found dietary about our cash. In some ways I worry that he might actually go with his original tax plan, which it with the trillions of dollars. Lost revenue, and we must at the moment inflation is the least of our problems, but
in other words, that we could have a hyper. I love that at least guy just rising waiting guy without getting in trouble and has a spider monkey staggered departed constraints. Polluters, you can make me total dictate, do everything I still wouldn't get rich picture here, just as thirty fourth street. In a funny hat, he looks like old MC eleven. Am I wrong with references which, by the way, these twenty routine United States economy somehow in over four percent growth MIKE but what you don't know, waivers wave a magic wand. Brok Obama is so bad at anything, economic. He couldn't even possibly comprehend, what's wave a magic wand now, just not suck get out of the way it was because they too Donald Trump citizens, already continuation of Obama's polonaise right because you'll be
Instead, the deadline is very like a wealthy continues. My policies, maybe you not loosen the pickle jar for near that- will have a majority that goes deeper than programme is not least delusional, know every percent, let's four percent You didn't build that. Neither did you ok right exactly I loved, but the invitations he's done. All of this. With the Democrats trying to came out literally take him out at every single turned they're trying to impeach him for any and everything that can they're trying to mess with his business dealings and he's kept us focus. We have to do this Obama couldn't handle it is. I think I think this is one of the things were when you compare the headlines, you have dive beneath them right, because, if he's continuing the policies, then you can see a need to see the results that were happening under Obama right exact. What if you reversed the policies? You compare the headlines from one period to the next period, its just like when you, for on an eight hundred point drop in a record setting weak right now, we're anyhow percentages are not working about historical years trying to get that sound by satellites when you put inside
side. I showed. I also wish you guys are having great points, but we are going a long today and we are out of Jones in the show. So, oh, my god, that's cool! Generally, we mostly web accident in suddenly. It's not my fault. No, that's really could point it. It's a complete reversal in people need to recognise that immediately after the other claims that they will make us towards a continuation of Obama's policies. Of course, it's absolutely not and then the other claim at them It doesn't state epizootic economies doing better across the globe. Ok short is not nearly as well as the United States does not even close sorry. Bernie can pointed Denmark all you want, even though I think your dick for calling them socialist and they're. Not I just none of the arguments hold up. If someone has great, you know, come and below and see where you think, where you think maybe present trumpeters riding Barack Obama's coattails make the case. I dont think anyone can make that case chamber. My mother we next week, another thing it's import. I think this is one. Do we ve gone through the economy, but let's, let's get to something that was a little. We're personal president from past criminal justice reform, a village
it helped. Nonviolent drug offenders be rehabilitated into society, and this is this is a middle ground. I think that Prison should in some form of punishment, and then you have places like Sweden, where they get effectively and IKEA Sweet with an Xbox and mocha plaque, but they have to put it together. That's the punishment yeah not remember. They can read the swedish instructs. Its punishment for Americans and really stupid American reared, usually devoted meatballs you so I went to the site is very angry and IKEA no only place horses, William Sonoma go to market up here I have a problem with that. I've had barkers in the streets of Turkey less aggressive. Works at Williams, and I'm gonna help you here, and I want to stab you with this
of shiny things, I dont know how sharp they are yet, but I see ever let me grab it all right miss what the Katy Lang Hair cut, you better start run and I'll give you ten. Second, a head start up. You like a pumpkin bark opening. I haven't had much sleep, a sweet, something ok, criminal Justice Reform Programme, most famously pardon. If you dont know this, you probably don't know, that's multiple. You know this because we want to show you know. Who else knows this Alice Alice regions and he was in prison for life for marijuana, possession hearing Alice Marine Johnson rushing into the I love my frames asleep yesterday after twenty one years in federal prison sentence to life on drug charges, production, West Lobby, the President on Ms Johnson's behalf- and yesterday he commuted her sentence. Getting her good, behavior and rehabilitation, none of which would be especially controversial, accept it as part of a series of pardons and proposed pardoned by the president. It is raising questions on a number of fronts, including just exactly how the president is using one of the few absolute
hours the present one wanted to put the Cato Institute, and this really is a second I standpoint, and it would be a valid argument to make fashionable you're, more libertarian? If you said, I think I think it's a good thing that nonviolent drug offenders are now being allowed a second chance it life, but I am worried the scope of the executive power, the methodology to appoint fair Anderson Cooper. About that consistently. Just about other racist Republican Party wants to disproportionately put blacks behind bars. President drunk you two here's the thing That's a great example of an executive order. You know what taking over the american economies are having an affair with health. Did you know what you know Lucy? I think this,
he's gonna die, though Caille side. How dare you do they actually do know what I'm gonna take over officially economy and kill a bunch of doctors, for you says in Cuban rounded my West village apartment and have sex with a guy named while, as we slide agrees to fire pole with Chris, go I'm so while tired them now just there's no consistency in all other dissipate. Ok, keeping my uncle back to keep in mind even though presidential yes, he's been personally against marijuana he's the one who signed the bill, legalizing industrial him where's your save you're, the guy who deliberately inhaled in college and did crack with a demand. Terrorist convicted mind, you didn't do anything for you. He couldn't get you some see, vd none drop wouldn't want to do that. Meloth contrast, this with tat right now. I just love is click because quarterback there I was making a point before I? U have to vice President Joe Biden
the truth of the matter. Is we there's not nearly been enough evidence than has been acquired? as to whether or not it is a gateway drug, its debate and I want a lot more before I legalised nationally. I want sure we know a lot more about the science behind it, a new law that became is on the other side. Camera. That's like that, time. He's done that right, where you yeah the camera, walking away. What do you need a cover, the camera and a light bright here, whether the Amazon can't? I disagree with what Biden just said that we need more signs, and I think I've talked about this. The more science comes, and I do think, there's a medical uses for former one. I dont want kids eating a bunch of edibles and biting people's faces off when they have a chimpanzee inviting with the clicker, but I do think that I
industry, Angela Corbett's or it The point is everything it's bad about. Donald Trump is these are things that they should be supporting criminal justice reform? When you look at what I've been doing for black Americans, it should be a good thing that the economy is doing well and black Americans are doing well. I'm happy that any Americans are doing in this is why the media is desperate to cover impeachment. Things are undeniably better under president truck, not and this is something you know- here's the thing irish and let me give you this tunnel but I am so glad that he's president I'm ever so many conservatives were say you know if Donald Trump emigrate Fox News- and I was there- I can say this now. Can I say general things about vaccinations. I've worked there before. I dont. Ok, I hear you might get a complaint. I they would say like one that in itself is going to be. If he's an officer, republican ones can be bad for us, because our voice of opposition, we always do better rings.
I believe that, because I believe that the the opposition right, the big, the the establishment, the man is, the media is the media, entertainment, industrial, complex, ok, they're, the ones you control the narrative, what I'm so glad that President Trump is because it allows us to be objective, because you know what I can say. President Trump kindly Ok, I can see no problem saying you know that I'm here, but here's the thing. I dont really We care that much. We know all previous break. Taft tat might have been a total. No idea could have been burned in the chamber may if it doesn't use Google news when it does he banks chambermaids, where you want. That's the thing economy the me national security opportunity, the thing matter are all better and
They never talk about those things that matter in the media today, specifically as it relates to pro active actions to improve the lives of black Americans more than any other president to have come before. But if you look at the list of all the president's becoming forty point, you see little, let you see darker darker dot. You only have those what in the world, while the presence there isn't a black eye level. Economic policy doesn't really seem at this guy. What the blonde pseudo to pay seems to be the fresh points of Pennsylvania Avenue, that's why the moonlight doesn't want to cover it and they want to rehash impeachment proceedings. Don't expect me to talk about it anymore until there's something new which will probably be a couple of months Monday. We ve lived remitting incomes Pm Eastern Alex Jones. Next, it might need to be a tease her mind We do not waste flows.
Did you decide you wanted the darkest Ebay witness the cancer society Wade was a cancer, but why why why why he barked limits by american Japanese allow for you really should have been there when they bombed those? Why people cancer.
Frank, watch this more and our other Jill prouder bits hope for ensuring the should, of course, that number one sponsor is you mug club lot of Paradise complex multiple of a discount code on Monday, when we,
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you know what I don't even say. What do you plan to use or not, if you ever use it, you will. Thank God that you have some kind of insurance, because using your firearm to protect yourself is the first step. A lot of people. Don't think about aftermath. There are competitors, none of them offer the kind of services that I felt p. As that- and I say that sincerely- because I I know all of em firearms legal- that complex elderly you see- and I have the balls to sponsor the shout- so have the balls to support them. You needed anyway, but you don't have a gun, you There is no point in having realised how nonsensical lyrics are yearning. Eminem, there's no sense and wondering where your pockets are. We If your Eminem there's no sense in one. Where you problem, I would never have pockets, and if the imminent hath, idiotic s song is saying, but if it Eminem did have pockets assuming that there pockets. Otherwise, my mentioning, why would the fact that he is imminent?
preclude you from wondering where the pockets are amounts to one annoying. I still am Our maniacs guess knows: aren't I guess I'm really glad to have him on the ship, as I am also very tired, as you know today, and usually he just takes a bone, runs it. So my job is very easy. You know you follow him. Input will info wars, store dot com ring on, of course, band dot. Video is where you can find his content. Mister Jones, our user id, good debate here. As we see the twilight of a basic american liberties as Europe in both during all of our basic cherished ride, genders in many respects trump stands idly by as the guardian of the destruction of those liberties, I'm on it the problem being supporter of drop. That this is not beyond censorship related some these articles, thank you MA am wait. I will just argument that you must not thirty pounds So lately I just hastily quit drinking
and I also started religiously, taking all the supplements and we're here a little bit more. I was about thirty pounds in the last three months, good for you, thirty pounds. That's that's! That's three quarters of Justin Bieber. So you ve got to leave her off your back or ever go back till. I know yet some documents there and for people are watching. We went over I'm just going to be a little bit short, but we're gonna have a very long web extended interview which will release later so continue with the destruction of Amerika Alex cut you off. I wanted to congratulate you in the last way. Thank you, sir kind of moral. Actually, I agree with you that government involvement in what corporations in companies and media do is bad and an we dont once a government coming in and censoring companies
towing company get together as groups led by TIM Cook and others and say we want to go out for conservatives who want to go out for nationalism going to call christian conservatives, Nazis Rental, Stephen Miller, Nazi went to call him to lose his job. This is which, like all the other, which and so now its toll by the Thai coms get rid of the Hong Kong, the taiwanese energy, and they did it, and then It expands out from their Facebook blocks post of dams support border fan starker girls, that a video- and we have all shown these videos of Obama Alaric chain. We need a border man's we need of technical that are criminals, deport them all this stuff. That shows that trumps on a nazi for saying that all our law right well now, Facebook said fact check those aren't real videos and put it I think it's Prager you and blocked a video. Well, it turns out the blood of fact they linked to.
Shut. It was a real video, Buddy Idiot could watch. You know that. So now, the next letter, I can only go we're Obama when you say a real video. You mean these are obviously real videos of Hillary Clinton and other President saying that any political fact and Facebook or saying that it's not yes, no the fact checkers even said it was true but always point to say. Look this says it's not true when they. It was totally true. You know these facts. Figures have proven to be very partisan like knowledge and others, but exactly but all I'm saying is it's not just, Alex Challenge in is videos or platforms. It's now move to don't show energy running. Ok, symbol is white supremacist, another fischbach can't be used and its official Adsl religious or doc, C and and and other Barbie Lawson are leftist orthodoxy banning.
And now you can't show Obama and Hilary Clubs from Prager you, the most scholarly organization, the dishes very politely lovingly putting this outright. They show Duggar Karlsson, that that gets ban such so understand folks, its everything it everything they're coming for everything you can sell a club of Obama calling for a border all right now. I think I want to ask you this, because we were actually ennasin doing it change my mind yesterday I didn't know that you were down there. I think we can be role of you and it's a truckers, a tank right. I know you were there. We could have come and crashed, we we don't. We know what we actually because of security reasons that we never announced and we do it because elegant live show or in cedar without some clothes. So now what you should do it and set leave immediately get the hell out of Dodge, but you for people who don't know. President Tromp was appeared to have met with TIM Cook. Writer This is working closely with TIM, Karla added, no you're gonna bring the shop that the picture is gonna, bring it up a guide because Champ Look is leading on record the child
operation, these move, the code, kids of apple road is reported a year and a half ago to China there become virtually state run about tax exemption. Are helping suppress two million workers in Golly an enforced labour camps, I mean this is all going on right. Only those who are helping So now? Yes problem, let's bring some of the apple factories rather suicide. That's like Fox con, literally back here. The? U s how wonderful but trumped up there with Jim Saying how Grady isn't everything says? Hey how about you stop censoring all the conservatives ten cook is leading the authoritarian, Censorship. Now there, the banning all these pro life groups and an end right or trying to ban focused on the families podcast on apple with his germinate, its worst. It's worse than that. I don't have yours but live action on Twitter. I believe they
told they wouldn't be allowed to be on twitter unless they removed all ultrasound photos from their own websites. I know you ve talked about this and that drudge about social media ghettos nap, but now these social media, ghettos or saying, if you even in you to do this with us with our most or their thing, if you even have something off of our platform that we don't agree with we're going to ban these were alter. Sound pictures punish you for off platform behaviour. That's exactly! That's nuts level interact Facebook months ago, and they said you can you say my name in a positive way or you'll get banned. They fed by the way you in that update. They said, we will punish you for off platform, even That's five, ten years old world She knew how authoritarian is that why do you think we were just talking about you know? Listen I've been critical of Trump, where I think he deserves traceable and try to be as far as possible, but it is appointing these therewith TIM Cooker TIM Tim Apple, as some people living there. For what you think when you watch and Donald Trump doesn't talk about that at all. The censorship.
When I see that it just let me know a vodka Jared Kirshner that are best bodies will TIM Apple. Basically, dropped a shell out free speech for the idea that that, at him, cooks, gonna build a bunch of factories here, but I mean I think the first amendment goes right, along with the fact reason is, quite frankly, even more important and trumpet shed bureaucratic, strong action against big tech censorship, which is coordinated, discriminatory targeting whole classes of people they just demonize me took some color about a context and said I banning all job? Ok, you just get ready and then once that out that was the first big domino. So yes by lesters want me to just love trump absolutely everything he says is wonderful and- and everything's fantastic, and no I mean we need to keep prompts feet to the, right or he is going to sit there and listen to some of the more rhinos in the party and its support.
Red flag laws and things like that weren't you they could get review process. That's all I'm saying is, black Hilary, not President shore, but we don't need trumped, become here, rely in this campaign process. Lost everything that we ve been trying to fight for this kind of the way describe it to people. Let me know whether you agree disagree. I think trumps existence as president, and here my guy in the primary interest him, but he's existences president's as president his ability to sort of cut through the bs and shoot from the hip. You know that of itself has been a real blow to political correctness and sort of this culture of censorship. So his essence, is very valuable there, but he doesn't take a lot of proactive actions to try and combated, and I'd like to see more of that, I was trying to say that show today that we try to explore like he's doing grade, and he amazing and he's able to do all these things and he is able to change the story when they're trying to get to keep it on some lie. These great energy- and I really love the guy, I'm sure he means well. It's just
we're hang out here twisting in the wind right and a lot of crazy stuff going on, and I need tromp talking about Anti viciously attacking, ray it's all over the country and italian free speech. Now he needs to come out. Lee and his supporters, and what we ve all gone through being persecuted and people need that and they want that, and so that's all I'm saying is I'm not called I'm your telling tromp hey voters audience and others help get you into office and we I need you not to deserve your grass roots where you came from right. There persecuting aim they're lying we're, trying to get him out of there. He is will presently promoting nationalism, he's hurting political correctness. He. Literally the antidote to what they're doing we simply need tromp on the sense. Ship areas and on some other areas like that too too, to come to the rescue because he's having here, his own megaphone, his own amplification system, cut out from underneath him at its very
very dangerous and again that's not it, because I'm trying to get back on these platforms. I was already shadow ban them but Hilary lost I mean it was like. We were throttle back ninety six percent on every graph, rising ninety six percent and then did they, when oh well, when it wants to stone marriages thing Evanna unless its negative and that's? What are they gonna? Like? Is these platforms? Can all people attack me and so the most outrageous lies and then I'm in solitary confinement can't respond? My audience? No, what s really going on right, but again it it's almost like a man and a high tower. Nowadays it is pretty crazy and, like I think, is a good way to put it he's an antidote himself, but he's not really prescribing the antidotes that I would like to see and prescribing like that we'd gone. Four times for people who are watching on you too. It is info war, store, dot com band that video. If you're, not a member of my group, we are going to go to a web extended mocha right now, talk a little bit more. I want to get into Epstein because we are doing the lies dream. On Monday Monday, a pm Eastern Epstein didn't kill himself more without stones from other them.
Indeed, be lower than the rest of the show and so I forget you do to do that main spots, guys and king Louder, louder, shop, nightcap supporting free speech since two thousand and some, with people being banned from social media left and right. You can now purchase this platform. This limited edition, lotta with better shop that completion, signifying your name subordinate to authority and request for them whereas the latter would punish. I'm not gum today.
That was called me, events girl. These under study was Gregg Lou Ganis, who convinced him to dive into, water, and then he realistic he couldn't play piano. Underwater single one act play a little one at little, wanna
Vince growled. The libyan people is one of the regular Restrict Laguna Sky headed. If not AIDS Hiv hit his head on the back board at the Olympics in blood all over the pool. Discussing it is awful. Thank you so much to Alex John sorry. I know we have with much longer web extended this week because we went law economics do that, hopefully made it entertaining Monday? As we said, please, it's gonna be a big with the team you guys works. Tie Firstly, by the way I had no idea, I said what I want to do is Jeffrey Epstein episode, where we We try to recreate the sense that the situation is scenario here, how he killed himself because that we read online, it didn't add up and we don't I'm gonna do this live actually lie. Like a it'll, be done like an evil, Knievel stunt we're gonna, have we're. Gonna have Chancellor would have professional security. Officers and people who know what to do in the event of it. Not, I guess
through a, but for some reason it will be a large canyon. And I was just let's just create like this is what they had some kind of bed. They had. There were no bars, so this is how will create sort of the the set you guys they actually built our bedroom they were bring it in, I mean, bring it in beings like the seven dwarfs it was unreal, so I think strange. Let us show them a screenshot here Monday, at eight p m Eastern, we are going to do that live or I'm going to try multiple ways to break. Not hang myself break my neck break, my cervical sir, that's what and don't worry we'll have. We will have some nega protection, but we will so be measuring the force. What's that call will actually have we ever devised with order spared no expense alone measures. The force as all this, the talking here force from its aim.
Point to see if we can generate the amount of force necessary to new rates. My spine, Antonov, its new is newtons news. I think you're making up that a fig So that's wonder at an eastern it's like now, and then we also have a change my mind They want to really is low, decided, cannot afford regatta thanks giving off its neck when you do a showman Thursday. I want it to be worth your while, where you have a ton of content to enjoy going into the brake on a text that, but what about haven't done? Ok goes down for the sacrifice by the way, the black eye from the gym from the last Carter closes. He came up. I was with Johnny Boy the gym, whose just strong as an ox, if you guys haven't what I think was last week's episode of the week before talking about red piling up get the gps, the thought that thought back. He came up to me the Gmos with Johnny boy. He had no idea who this guy. Wasn't it can't you because you mess. You miss said what mess I love it. You mess,
I was like the I was wondering, ideally radiating legit. I would like to talk about your show that nothing that's what you're saying a monotonous nor you just. You may don't get me started, which you may it was a really nice and then later I was talking with me boy. We were talking to someone else oh dear, I said, I am blank and only if there is a real character from across agenda without giving a biased blinkers. We'll get your shit. You know genuinely. This creates b. Could he stopped laughing at the appointed hour? and so I really am grateful that I get to share this stuff with you in that I am so that gives a tough weakening to change their mind travelling and I'm running for hours, sleep mode at most. For several weeks, one can change their minds that and when you're tired, actually no one. I get to do this. I get the common and do this job grateful for even if I'm tired, they don't want to do that at that moment. So, let's talk about this, often
we'll say the most challenging things that we do this a kind. What I've been going through the last couple of weeks are there things required of us right, you're assigned a job at the office where you work, you have to do it or you're fired. You have to pick up your son from school or I'll, get kidnapped, you have to wear a hat and the winter or you get AIDS. These are things when there, quiet of you they're not difficult to do and what fine I've talked about this, but I want to one can deliver what's far harder and this is the reason that most human beings choose to be employees rather than business owners. What's harder is, is what you do what you can. Wash and what challenges you overcome when it's not required of you and by the that's, also, why I want to talk about this, because I want to see more business owners nearly six. We should talk about your record level of black business owners. I think it's a wonderful thing. If you
save the economy and one thing I hate with identity politics both from the right and the left, and they go whether it's you know you should get you should about American. You should think about America. Often they only think about employees and not the business. Where's business owners need to be able to have competent employees. Business owners are a part of the american fabric. They employ more dickens than non business owners by a margin of one hundred percent, so I really do think it. So If we're going to talk about this is conservatives right, people always go out and say well occasional establishment is is a bit of a sham that I've only it needs to go to expensive university, hears us all the time always talking heads on radio on people who gets what other kids go to Harvard got a prince and none of them are going to a trade scolded impacts, what they preach I want to see, business owners out there and is a challenge that people run into some using it as an example. But that's all I want to talk about that, most challenging things to accomplish our when nobody requires them of you. How much do you get done Many obstacles. Do you plough through when
not only is no expecting, but no even cares right. This This is what most people gainfully employed, but there also out of shape its most people kids, their fair there sheltered, but that Gordon. Patio outback was never completed and adjust brown recluse. Are piling up there in their bark lounger right. It's. Why in follow with me here, because I want you to understand what I'm saying don't say: I'm trashing veterans, it's the opposite to why we have come veterans. If they told me this at our meeting greets, they can blow up buildings, secure, even drag their brothers in arms out from blast zones and then, when they come home, not Where do they struggle of PTSD? Often depression I don't suppose that, although the two to belittle our troops, but to draw attention to something that we often ignore and to appoint. This is not only our shoes, but this is a part. One condition at large, but with veterans they don't say that when they come home they feel directionless. They feel that their floating
because it's a bit floating around in this sort of an easier because it very hard to go from war, a red, ten and thank you guys for doing it back down to a level for in civilian life and veterans out there. You are carrying out some of those extreme acts of bravery heroism because you had to He chose to sign up absolutely and we appreciate that. But you are following orders from your superior, because if you didn't so unlike die, and then you arrived back here and you know it people. Thank you for your service, but no one really orders you around. That goes back to the Crosbie sung in white Christmas, about known wanting to an employer forced our general, and if you choose to do anything when you come home from war and now you're in civilian life, probably no one's going to die, except maybe yourself Except maybe you're, so that's what you end up, crushing and limit better intended for, but because I know
there are some wonderful charities out there. Anything you don't even better than charities. I think we have. I don't have furthermore gives my mode but I've black rifle coffee. I had it in here now: water there's some businesses. If you Do your business. What people trinity through charity? I always advocate the business rap for first, as we have a problem of the conservative organizations are all these vital once you three babble once you force and their beholden to the government right for tax exemption, Nazi foresee three sorry. There are different exemptions for political organisations. I want Businesses. That's also we ve never been out there begging with a cup. We try to give you more content, and so even better than charities veterans, black rifle coffee. They correspond to the show they specifically and proactively higher veterans to help with that problem of reintegrating at an end, reintegrating someone who is a any. We misuse this word aloud to the point where dilutes it I don't want, with powerhouse actual real life warriors, reintegrating into a society where no one is telling them to be a warrior anymore. It's not!
wire to them to be a warrior warrior anymore, so that companies are black, rifle coffee and hiring them and having on businesses, Crete structure in purpose, which is so important that that's only a piece of the puzzle so for better Please you their lot of businesses out there that do want to support competent veterans after I get how hard it is. I don't say, because I've been that'll, but we ve had some believe fan, send us flags but fan send us items that were the people, wearing when they were shot in war, and so we hear this all the time incredibly grateful, but there are other businesses and organisations that can help you, but we need you to get off the veterans for for everyone else. This is everybody We need you and unity comfortable the idea of doing things when no one else is looking, and no one even cares So this is what I want to ask of you. Ok, I don't you think about it right now. A minute we sort of do this is a thought exercise. I want you to think about something.
You know you should do or that you know you recalled to do Well, you know what even just something that needs to be done. Maybe it wasn't put on your lap, but it is something that can be done and it's been in your mind for a while, but no one's requiring an opening No one euro that the additional like those who prefer walls in the first USC now want to have a public to the funniest moment until it and give it first, you see event bill Super Footballs, Cummings, yes and tonight's competitive panics. But I do want to do this not exercising your home, innovation. I'm trying to get you something just to anger and am too angry and better I'm going to think of what it is that you feel called to do. That needs to be done. That hasn't been that no one is calling you take a minute positive. You have to think about what that is. Ok, a few positive. I want you,
to now tell me comment or tell someone else. What is it you are going to do to accomplish this when you are in this position, where a comparatively there's no accountability gets here. Let me put a little twist on that. You are aware well to yourself and just as as the most corrosive lies that we tell are the ones that we tell ourselves, because we never believe them. When we have two layer lie on top of Lyon type of lions, of lie to try and prevent trains, Seven, the mere just as dangerous are things that you don't do that. You know you should be doing because you're, not animals. Anyone else, but you are accountable to yourself. Don't forget that What no one cares. I don't care what you do when someone orders you to do something I don't What you do, because you have to do it when you're back against the wall. What is you do, who are you when no one is looking, and nobody even cares? That is what defines
You can start changing that right now to see you next week at the extreme, didn't kill himself wives. He he didn't hold himself, he's a pedophile, pretty bad.
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