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#59 Trans-Species Hitler! Walt Heyer (Former Tranny)and SooperMexican

2016-01-29 | 🔗
This week we're joined by 3 wonderful guests. Walt Heyer, author of SexChangeRegret.com and former transgender, discusses the politically incorrect ramifications surrounding tranny-ism. SooperMexican stops by to discuss debates, and Yosemite Alex the crazy gun dealer debunks "Gunshow Loophole" for us.

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At no time for gentle insults with Doktor Ben I have always maintained that have immense respect for all of my colleagues on this stage, including the colleague not on this day, Donald Trump, I do find, however, to be problematic. Is him convincing us that he will stand up to tune and ISIS when this week he didn't in his running from Megan Kelly display his lack of Scotman TEST, This has been gentle insults with Doktor Frank, found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, at I, dont like
we all want to bother still without having a healthy body image. You very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body not of the kind. We are definitely going get letters your listening, the top radios strangers animal you're getting louder with router speeds and that sound means it is the weekend or almost there. I am your host Stephen producing with me in studio, as always, is Jared. Who is not gay. I filled my legal obligations. You can follow him on twitter at not gay Jared and draw your own conclusions. We good we we
our good man good week. Good we released a video this week ladder with greater dot com and the thing is gone well over a million place where we went to the gun, shows and experts The gun show loophole hidden camera, which crawler right through just asked just wages as we learn through it like a journal at a gear party and it in being something that was it real people who identified what we're going to talk with three Walt higher who Actually, as a former transgender who has website. Sixteen regret, dot org This will be talking like I took up. This exchange regret. That comes, I went from male to female back to mail and he does a lot of work and works of psychologists right now. So I thought that was really interesting, going to have a registered gun dealer on later to actually go into detail too just about the gun show loophole as theirs is push for gun control. Supermax can from the right you com, but before we get to
those things we have all and we all kinds of stories, a girl who recognizes herself ass, a cat trans species ISM. It's been a news pact week and you are welcome because we are the only ones who can do this, there's no one else who can if All of humanity was taken out through a nuclear holocaust, you better product you don't want the guy who knows how to make fire. You don't need the people. Who know how to create electricity. I can't do that. but you need people who can deliver the news in an entertainment way that is palatable and that's that we do not advocate what you'd that someone you are on a desert island Gaza this year for that purpose. Yes, God sent us here for that purpose. I welcome Guess what happened last night. I'm gonna go with another GOP debate. Kennedy and I tried again having age rather than what did you guess? want to go with GB debate. Can I panting gas?
the judgment work involving after redo aid has not is ass, follows second, the worldwide is you're the one who sets up the sound board, and I now so you ruined your own joke. Aright Yesterday the debates The TED crews and Marco Rubio show I say this job, did better than I expected he did. Love is just not home trump. Honest, general what it was, but he came out came out stronger for sure. a a year less bitchy little more on point right: I guess it tramples on the stage for one reason or another, and I think it something else going on, but I do want to talk about TED Crews, a couple of things that he did. We're pretty funny so right off the bat they asked, but Trump not being on stage and you let it with a one to punch. Secondly, let me say, I'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid. Fat and
and then you're a terrible search. Now that we ve gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way through the uncomfortable malaria ones like, but I will go and wisely calling it over. There lay that's, not nice, Rubio did real. I will say this about the debates, a couple of things that really stand out People are wrong and that, in that Fox NEWS has people who they prefer absolutely That being said, they haven't been nearly as unfair with someone like Trump as they have been with someone like TED crews Obviously they really likes job Bush from in similar cases and they obviously like Rubio. At this point, I like we are too. There are a lot of, people who I like no one's proverb there, a lot of people who I like There were a lot of attacks on crews, and I predicted this. If you go back to what I said my predictions night, everyone's going to attack cruise except for Doktor Ben Carson,
because he's just so level is guys just so why nothing, he said was contrary. You give a lot of specifics which always bothers me, but He can say something that it wildly politically incorrect but say it in a way that seems loving. we are a nation of immigrants, people from all walks all colors, our countries legends as long as you come here to be in American and you share our values and ideals, and if you don't stay where you are, and when they know what I've been like rats raised so cute. So I just I really do like Ben Carson as a person. I don't think he had the weakest, maybe biggest turn out last night, though I think we'll didn't ask him anything and he's got you pushes for staged. I will say this about Doktor been Carson, he genuinely doesn't seem to when people say it's
odds will a lot of the time. They say that they don't they just sort of Satan case they lose it fail safe. I genuinely DE believes that and then, if this is meant to happen, it'll happen and he'll do is best, but he is not fighting first age time. He doesn't seem to me to be angry or insult anybody else here kind of gas cough case it yeah yeah off he Ohio cosmic. Tell your story no case like now. Now we don't. We really do want to really do not want any more stories. We don't we don't. We mean I I frankly just would like to see a visceral, not painfully not not death but like being to another planet. A lot of attacks on crews, which I thought was was a little Odd when they go. You know they asked Rubio question about something crew disagreed with and how does Rubio want to address crews and then crews It takes a do this last night and then crews addressed it
answered your July? Several questions were hey Rubio. Can you attack crews case it? Mr case it can you attackers. I think he was absolutely right in what he said. I don't think you should have set it, though, because outcomes This is why he should have come back does not only involve becoming really why first per animal, I think of him, I understand bids are putting his cup. Do putting, but if you knew it you're watching it, it definitely was happen every day that the guy needs and might all right. Yes, I can understand that withdrew a but as far as who came across the rainfall really, how does comes across as so bitchy thing he says is complaining and what, what is he talks about TED? I just less than one is ran Paul because we're watching it will do these cartoons you're doing impressions ramps Ah actual sort of sounds like a stone or when he talks. When I was there for the audit, the fad owned
never showed? Ah there eyeball he does as a dive straight the people- I don't know- I don't know why does he em so for some ironically, who is accusing crews of claiming to be the most pure conservative, ran? pause entire thing, was he just go? the cross, petulant, bitchy and I Grand Paul, probably on policy more than most people? I think, people do foreign policy, your kind of ok- I can understand it and I can respect it All he ever does is act did onstage by the way, for this got an mp I grandpa and I would support a lever for ample. Ok, I think that's highly unlikely in rainfall did their people refusing to show I'm not pulling Donald Trump and now thousand lose no. I've always had listened like rain Paul, but it comes across as bitchy his people. particularly nice. They were pretty rude.
Rushed off line. I don't have time and ironically, for someone whose only path to gaining any kind of traction is the alternative sort of conservative. He is the worst dealing with new media. He is the worst actually treating fit you eat. He is far more arrogant, then other candidates who we dealt with so that things that I like grandpa. I never like him on stage at a debate not to care. For me. I understand is kind of you, MR lieutenant. I can appreciate that I do think an abortion last night, I don't think he's going. when a lotta conservative hearts, with with kind of this whole You have to say that the youth abortion is an ass, its
to all right, yeah abortion is a natural human right, the right to life, the right- and I think, that's nice state by state issue? No it's and about their. There are some legitimate issues that are not state issues. An abortion is not. Abortion should be one of the few believe in that comes out. If you believe it's a life, if you leave it's a life that like deserted protected. If you, don't believe it's a life there. It then there's just its same category slavery, right. Labour should not be estates date right now exactly, and I was wondering what the confederate flag dummies, who got really mad at me when they're moving about listen, knows about. It rightly states rights. Do not have the ability to supersede human rights, the right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. It's the promised slavery, that's why it required a civil war, the ten crews thing I do want to get we'll come back after the break in and get into a couple of of strong answers with TED crews, Senator TED Crews- let you even if he was right. I definitely think there was a bit of a hatchet job going on it's kind of like
The comedians have come out and Amy humor. Recently right, we ve talked what has blatantly stolen from comedians. but the Canadians always come across as whiny. That's the problem make the in what kind of like victim blaming with someone who's been raped. They just career, shame and it's you should be tougher to stand up to it, so you should be tougher to stand up to with taxes. So, even though he wasn't incorrect, I think that it wasn't a good play, but I do want to get too wanting, because a lot of people have been insinuating Had crews bullet was was part of this. He was for illegal immigration until it was against it, and this is important for people to note because again context matters with politics. So let me give you TED cruises immigration answer here. Real quick was that all an act was pre convincing you know the amendment you're talking about as one sentence, its thirty eight words. Anyone can go online at TED crews, DOT, org and rate exactly what it said in those stars: Eight words. It said anyone here illegally.
Permanently ineligible for citizenship. It didn't say a word about legalization, the billiard balls, the bill. You are amending, allowed citizenship and legal, but Megan the bill. a thousand pages. I introduced a series of amendments each designed to fix problems and the bill. The fact that each didn't fix. Every problem didn't mean that I supported the rest of them now, if you're silly person you go, the whole point was to amend the bell because you want immigration bill, but one. make sure that citizenship did not happen with Rubio and the gang of aid. It would have happened in the bill. Only recently did it was to prevent amnesty That's pivotal will come back with more context after this weather at that time for doktor ran ball bitches about everything. But I think, if you are talking, bout people on this stage, Van the only one is consistent and ever
one else here is not consistent would be opposed diametrically to the constitution, which frankly gets me a little pissed off. Because they feel that way, but not man. I still like the man, botanic doktor ran all bitches about everything say too, and we are back and we are talking about the debates and then we're going to given to some other stores for two weeks, because I'm tired of talking about these debates aren't you I. I was dreading it going in zeal: I just feel like. If it was as if it was a tiered tv series, I think,
can cancel out. The second episode I'll take a minute what it made a pass. The pilot yeah biscuit calories, I feel like a good turn. Lies debate, not even realise that I wasn't watching the current one by flip, it open and its Fox news and worse What can I get any worse? Take a look around you out on where the flash all about That's right! That's what I feel and I then I see John K second stage with his like you look. Like a newly born bird with his hair. He looks like an early warning or take the hair and a competing over the ones. I have a little fat you mean, like was upturned feathers, mixed with, like, like a purse like a little bit space? Here, though, I have cut of old leathery committed antique antique. Don't know where Still on the stage gun he's not guy, that's the whole point. he's. Never gone junk is ok, so I do want to get there
the text is immigration thing, because that is important. Listen when you have Republicans right now, we're slandering each other in saying things that aren't you there are things do not like about every candidate but to act as though TED Cruises anything other than anti amnesty and and pro immigration reform is dishonest. Funding is bothering about marker Ruby. A little bit too, I think, is the most winnable yeah. I he's one of the lesser honest people on that stage, so was cruises. Final answer immigration. Making citizenship off the table was in Ordinated revealed the hypocrisy of the. Poland's of this bill, who were look Four votes: listen can solve immigration. We just heard an argument back and forth that we can solve immigration. I have a detailed immigration plant.
Anyway, I want to make a clear. I recommend he got his site, it's important. If someone's is allowed you over. Why did you showed an amendment that would allow for legal state status? Ok, because it was a bell that allowed for amnesty for citizenship rights. And so the bill was maybe going to go through anyway and signal the bills gonna go through, let's, let's at least make sure there's no- citizenship Gary, never permanently no off the books. Now that was back when Donald Trump was still for immigration, illegal immigration, so important to note that gosh turn think do we want to apply the Rubio highlights What do the people want? I mean Ruby, ok, one more and then we'll one one that will be done with this. Ruby had a strong answer, however. The feed Hillary Clinton till he doesn't want to run against me, but I cannot wait to run against her and I cannot wait turn the opportunity to do it, because she cannot
The president of the United States. She wants to put Barack Obama on the Supreme Court of the United States of America she's that here are just a few days ago. That would be a disaster for this country, so I hope and pray and cannot wait until this state and others give me an opportunity to serve this party. Is it's not funny because I will defeat Hillary Clinton, Important and here's what I want is important, yet a few Kiki injured with that a few times with a little bit stock, which worries me about marker Rubio he's not as quick, Miss Phoebe, someone like attackers whoever you are going to vote for out there: ok, I dont want again to the Trump and crews battle, but if you are a conservative, if you libertarian. If we truly believe in any principles, you have to believe in all them, but any principles there could be up to us to four Supreme court. Justice is appointed in an excellent you need to know that your candidate will appoint people who you support You need to know that your candidate will appoint people who will not
be judicial activists who will not open the door for abortion, for infringement on freedom of speech for infringement the right to bear arms. You run Supreme Court case away America, one case away. From losing your right to bear. important to know that, because the last Supreme Court case Lower verses, I'll have infinite. The dissenting arguments to give an idea. The dissenting arguments can be determined just as easily as the same sex. Marriage issuers determined. The dissenting arguments are just important as the arguments that allow you to bear arms and those argue and were actually, if you interpret the constitution separating the people their rights from. Militia. People don't have the right to own firearms at all, at all three justices who made that argument? Ok, now can go just as for any other way. That means not assault weapons ban, not capacity not
gun, but not that gun you have no right to own a firearm at all your once. In court decision away down, tromp was begun for a long time. Donald Trump with pro partial birth abortion for a long time. even so. I trust rainfall with that, and I trust ran policy that I trusted crews with that. I trust one thing to say Document Carson and have said this, trouble. I would need to be required for me to vote in support for trumpets if surrounds himself with geniuses. I think that question was somewhat answer, but Sarah Palin I believe, Doktor been Carson. If you look at this, he always surrounds himself with geniuses, that's important to me. So it's a pivot. But you understand the Supreme Court Justices once get this real election. It's not goofy goofy gain time. Ok, you are one Supreme Court decision away from losing your right to bear arms from losing your right to freedom of speech. You
we do know that you have a president who supports the constitution and who will fill that court with people who do that is pivotal. Stoa hung up what would it which are promised syrup Paley I don't I don't understand where. Ah, oh, do we have you I was still there. I was top right. My friend topic, where top right of the positives, because it is definitely on the positive Side Board, right wing and clean can I can I get so appealing, should so energy drinks way? Every year Can I just I get stoked every tenth European gets on the camera is beggar models actually, so I was little its European. I'm saying I think, Donald Trump
like a bad habit when it comes to a general. This is important to know these are important things to now. Ok, the Supreme Court is pivotal here lesson after oh by the way I'm going to be performing tonight Friday, twenty nine Battle Creek Michigan, it battle cry. They wrote going to be there at our wonderful home station wham. So I think I'll be talk with him later today. Albania, stand up, offending everybody in the audience. That's kind of what I do should be. Time and after this break. We're going to have Walt hair now this gentleman was a Christian. Wasn't a christian mail to me. transgender. Who now runs a guess. You would call not quite a mission work, but he runs a treatment centre for transit. Is because you reverting back and he'll, be explaining to us a order and how he works with these people. I've just read his book fast, We'll be back with Voltaire, Looking for any and debates,
welcome back to another instalment of the reasonable conversationalist on NPR We sit with the surrogate for the Bernie Sanders campaign. familiar Camilla. How are you today I'm doing what? very glad to have you here so many people. have criticized the senator Bernie Sanders plans as unrealistic, but I notice that man, of his followers are, in fact very enthusiastic? Your position, correct me, if I am incorrect, is that you would like college. You would like health care, and you would like to have a better standard of living, but you in fact yourself are unwilling to pay for it Sakharov Prize. That's correct, sound entirely reasonable, join us for our next installed. of the reasonable conversationalist on
Pierre, your listening to a little louder with crowd her out, nice, that so what happened next. He it it came together. Last minute we tried to have this gentleman on a wild back and, and now he's back. So we have him via the Skype. If you're listening terrestrial, you can watch the video wall, tire, author of a Trans, genders faith or transgender faith or a transgender faith Walt a transgender faith is one of the first
books said, got ok and then there's the diameter website, a transgender space, dot com so Walt we want to you on. We talked about this a lot this year I was so Caitlin Jenner. I dont know if you just saw this, or the Olympic Committee now may allow tricky dear may allow male transgender athletes to compete as females knows. Audrey required only one year of hormone therapy, so we'll get to that. But let's go backwards. Tell everyone about your story, who might not know the story of Wall Tire and a Trans Genders faith rate. I started out as a child transgendered the age of four or five. Started. Cross dressing. Men went throughout my life as a transgender. When I started it was a few years ago said there wasn't really all the terms and all the jargon weren't really employees, but you know I was just somebody who was
you know cross dressing thinking I was gonna, become a girl right. So ok le me, we move on because I am no. These are silly questions you done so much press and get them all the time, but a lot of young men watching will have these, so he started out cross sing. You said when you are young parents knowin? How did they react because now a days parents half to encourage it or you know hate speech right well, I started up at my grammars than the first two and a half years and then that my parents found out and my parents were not happy with grandma like women imagine cell. No, they weren't they weren't real pleased so but it didn't end it. As far as I was concerned, I couldn't go to grandma's anymore, but I was still secretly cross dressing, even though my parents didn't approve of it. So you know you don't stop the behavior
and- and I don't want people find out about it, especially as many years ago as I did it, it will really carried a great deal of stigma, but so I was unfortunately I am not go. Who thought you know that I was crazy? Well, I was, but he thought I was crazy, so he decided to sexually molest me because of my cross dressing, and so there is a lot of things that happened during that period of time. I eventually did get married and had two children running many transgender sure, not homosexuals, in fact Jenner says he's not, but we're not sure that Russia, so that's why I begin you were never you were never gave. No, no! You just you wanted to be a woman. So let me ass, it did so. This is you don't know what's and let me give you some info, obviously one does no longer Some people were: how do we have an earlier? It's a long story. We have a few segments stay along with us here. Did you
Give yourself as a lesbian woman. I never did give it that. Yet as I did, was I hadn't an identity, a gender identity issue? So I didn't put all these. the things that we have today in place. I just knew that. You know I was struggling with my gender identity. I told my future wife. I was struggling with it We do you know you didn't hear about it in those days. So we did. Thing, goes any big deal and after being married, seven in here underwent the full gender reassignment surgery. She divorced me as she should, the main that was appropriate and my kids struggled with my gender changes, they should have struggled as well so and then eventually, I started steady and psychology. It you see Santa Cruz in California and discovered it most transgender suffer from some kind of mental disorder and so the biggest
challenge that we face with a transgender population is actually having the opportunity to sit down with the men began to investigate what those disorders are in. There must be a there. Is such a large grouping of them that it takes a real soon, old clinician, to be able to dig into someone's background and unravel it. Ok couple questions right to that. I have three questions: it is proper in first. What was your mental disorder that you found was the route of your transgender them? Ok, we called it a dissociative disorder in that was the idea of my grandmother. Crossdressing me. Actually I begin to dissociate from the boy that I was so it's it's a simple disorder that can become more complex and actually can evolve into multiple personalities, mine didn't it's just called the social
That may be dissociated from who you are so you attempt to become someone who you can never acts lobby, so your grandma was when you started cross dressing. Your wasn't your choice and she just sort of helped with it. Well, that's a good question that still an open question I was four years old, so who knows? Ok what you know that that's. That brings me to another question. I had because a lot of parents, you know you'll, see them on Oprah or the tire bank show. This boy went up any. They could not tell him what you call your ear. Your penis said my both defect. My penis has enabled clapping and what will haunt second maybe it would be healthier to say: ok, I'm parameters mentally. That would need some addressing here, rather than Lorraine, vomiting. His daughter and calling the girl. Do you think that in today, environment, I mustn't you went to Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz. Nobody is going to tell someone is a transgender today that there's some underlying psychiatric disorder. Do you think today I want to get to the reason why you went back to being a man. Do you think today you would
We're come to that conclusion and gone as Europe. I guess you, your natural sex, do you think you have done that? Had I not discovered this psychological Sammy. Today you think you would have even been put on that path. Discovered would have accepted it wholesale and just gone with you, and I can't really speculating just say that when I was alarmed to find out that there were so many different psychological and psychiatric disorders and I want to become a councillor, so I started studying in and began to look at my own thanks. I dont know what would happen if I was in it today. I dont know if, as in it today had probably boy my brains out, I don't know well, that's it beside right, it doesn't get better with the operation. So so was it finding this ok, so you find out that there are generally psychiatric disorders that underlie this issue. What was it that prompted you two to go back to living?
man. What caused that transition? Well, when you realize it disorder is what's driving you and that, and then you realize biologically when you go deeper and start studying at the fact of the matter. Is nobody hear me up? Nobody changes from one gender to the other, biologically as categorical and possible. It's a greatest medical fraud and history to say that someone can change gender. you can't do it okay, so when people say you can do it, who are they just talking? things that are cosmetic. As at that, we say that's what there's their say and I can look like a female and I can feel like it in my head and I can act like it and I can present like it, but if they were to biologically test that person there still gonna be somebody else. They're not gonna, be this. This masquerade, gender Did they ve taken on? What's attention that you talk about this because you certainly don't seem like a hateful person, you seem so you want to help the community and help them, lesson of the underlying issues, however, you will
see you are seeing that way for many, the community, the fact that you are accepted wholesale- you say: hey, let's, let's address some of these conditions. They see it as hateful. How do you Is there a way to reason with those people do just what we have to accept that there are some that can be reasoned within some? That can't because you are right in the fire and in the thick of it when you go into that man well, yet I I'm the unreasonable and because I I want to prevent suicides, so that makes me Unreason up the nerve to do yet a man I mean unbelievably yeah, so I want to prevent suicides. I want to point out to people they probably need to check out some of these co morbid disorders, effort to try to prevent them from committing suicide because suicide that Org says. Ninety percent of all suicides are the result of untreated and undiagnosed mental disorder self. You know if, if I'm the bad guy and there the end there, the people who are trying to prevent people from
in therapy as pretty amazing, it is pretty amazing. But what about their argument that the suicide rate is so high because of societal pressure and because I ve been marginalized, besides that Org says suicide is a result of untreated mental illness. Ok, bench beer brings up in a six point two, where the suicide rate is nowhere. The rate of the trends in many anywhere else throughout human history, including american slaves, the only other places even comparable ism Jews under the nazi Holocaust pieces. So you have to argue that transgendered are treated is badly in United States if its due to societal circumstance, not something underlying I would put. In one caveat, I deduce research and there is one other area where the suicide rate is. As I am sure you know, this schizophrenia acts so entranced genders twenty five percent in our states.
Twenty five percent. Not you can people find those doubts at your website? Well that it is this stuff I've written. I gotta dig into my writings. I've got it printed in there that this. That study was, I believe, a Dutch studied by a hundred and nine psychiatric doctors that did this collective steady and they said that twenty five percent of them are schizophrenia, then that group, that they studied of a hundred nine so of course unless network into the data to in its there. Why is it that right now and twenty sixteen, it's just a scarlet people say no, no, that's hateful its incorrect! Well because it would destroy the agenda. I mean if anybody had us modicum of grey matter left and looked at the studies that I look at you a totally stop this entire nonsense. This the surgery is actually killing people in and nobody can seem to get that a doctor ill unfilled. Charles L Il unfilled a homo set.
sure doktor working in the hairy Benjamin Clinic in the nineteen seventys. The early pioneer worked with some five hundred Trans genders over a six year period, said I'm getting out of this because there, too many suicides and too much unhappiness in their suffering from psychological and psychiatric disorders, is now a psychiatric doctors. We're up in New York. While my have those infidels, how much longer do we have here before the end of a segment Calais? I wanna about two minutes. Ok, so we have a statistical, the reality. Indeed, I would love to have you with their in my actually we rule of we call her him her, the reasonable, transgender, reasonable trainee, because very often and libertarian does not want the pronoun situation, but I was still agree disagree with it that the signing of the arguments that would be presented by by fair and on a personal level. How do you shut that off regardless of districts you feel like a woman you
be a woman. Did you go through hormone replacement therapy? Yeah went through it. I've had enough. Snoopy is gone all at source So what are you a snoop he's gone? She Snoopy, you know our friend you get her off. Oh, you mean yeah yeah, this exchange. Yes, oh entirely oak. I do I, why didn't know wider? No Snoopy, I mean we could just this generation. Oh god, I wasn't aware: Snoopy was a term. How do you forgive me for asking you is there anyway? I ve been able to get that back or no, no Snoopy. You know you can it only becomes a cosmic appendage when it goes back on its non functioning. So what's this since a spin sixty grant to the have that hung back honour. I guess I've elk head on the wall, yeah I mean yeah there you go without the exact, because you hear you
Can't get the horns like you used it. So gimme the ok Gimme the personal answer there, because it's a very personal decision. Well, yes, I mean I looked into it. I wanted to restore that part of it, but when I realized like what we're talking about right now, I never change genders and if something hanging but when your legs or not hang between your legs is, is defined. Who you are than were really in trouble. Aren't we usually on sick? So so you can see, I mean there's a lot of people have industrial accidents, they have cancers, they have all kinds of things and Snoopy gets taken off to save their life or because of an accident. I'm sorry I thought was terms tally worker smack of fonts. In one eye border lesson we can lift. Let's up, we only have a few. We have thirty seconds left and I want to give you the floor here. So, let's go. Do this break and we'll be back won't hair? transgendered, may dotcom wall. Thank you. So much lotta with brothers
This is our with router be sure to visit louder with proud. at that time for doktor ran ball bitches about everything, wild both fully on the issue of drugs? Not opponents Van conversed worth the constitution or the principles of liberty none of them would, after those with the college students who our chair and even consider an spurt of labour day smoking a blind with them in vain and not as we do that, but not man,
I still like the man but dear Doktor Van Paul Bitches, about everything say to this is louder with crowd and we're going to get would not want that. A sex change. Ok, I just have some way to go. We have so many projects, while sixteen, I regret that calm dot, org that got sex change, regrets exchange, regret. Dotcom are in a great great book by people who want to look into. This is a piece of paper
leaders! Ok, I guarantee you. A lot of people will will just be mad and not read in them. I think if they do their research and understand we are coming from as someone you talk about, faces, a question from a place of love wanting to help people they be well serves to read it so before we left your personal decision, because obviously people don't make their personal decisions based on statistics when it's a visceral emotional reaction, I would add that happened. How did you do it? So many people say it's impossible. Well, when I, when I finally realise that it's a psychological disorder and I started going for treatment for the psychological disorder, I started understanding how it about. When I understood that my grandmother when she was crushed, dress me that began the process of dissociation than because of the sexual abuse, I was struggling with unresolved issues because of that, and so after a period of a couple of years of good psychotherapy and then
I started going to church. I started playing a lot. I was asking the Lord for help to restore my life and and by golly my wife restored. I have never look back. I've been married again now for almost nineteen years, and I haven't looked back on track transgender stuff for well over twenty one years, gosh, you have to answer your wife now. How did she react when she found out about that? You, on the right at the outset, yeah she's gonna. We know each other here. She knew that I was struggling in and we had a mutual friend and we we saw each other socially for five years. As you know, my entire story and she just appreciated the fact that I was cleaning over and we'll get my life back together and so with which we have great married. So you clean and some precise human drugs or alcohol were a part of your issues as well yeah
Is that pretty commons outcome I mean. I know it comes belong self medicating with most mental disorders but as their statistical correlation with the trends dinner community. Well, they suffer alight from alcoholism, drug addiction and self abuse, so that all falls into that. the gory so yeah that I dont know the actual numbers for the population, but its fairly large. I would imagine it is ok, see you got married, you have this going on now and M one. Why shouldn't you said you weren't, you got council and you got help for it. I dont know that that really exist. in mainstream psychology or site that you know psychiatry today, because it's considered hateful the things you're talking about even get even providing. Systems to people who would rather not be transgender is considered hateful, so then available today, and what kind of treatment is that? Well, you know
the therapy is psychotherapy going on. You dig into your childhood in, and you begin to unravel what happened. You begin to talk about what happened and when someone can sit down with you and connect the dots as to what happened. You realize that you weren't born that way. Then you begin to understand that psychotherapy hazard a very good place in helping us understand how we got to a bad place and and through that therapy you begin to want to be who you really are instead of this fake. Who you really are two good point, as you said, and I always a little bit ironic when they say you know, love yourself, the way you are as liberal mantra unless, unless you feel like you're, a woman, then you should change everything about yourself, cosmetically hate yourself until the surgeries take place in an we just we allow it. We just allow this
a forward unquestioned, so psychotherapy. Ok, would it be something if you make this case? Would a psychiatric ignition were there at any kind of medication involve because obviously, with bipolar gets a funny other drugs available? That would have a note a statistically noticeable effect. It wasn't in my case, but I am sure that some of the people are suffering From severe depression and schizophrenia, seventy, so things probably do need some medication. Intervention is part of the treatment, but every case is different. There's probably fifteen different disorders that are typically associated their cold cold, morbid disorders associated with a transgender population. So this finding a therapist whose willing to deal with a transgender is difficult and then finding one who is skilled in qualified and able to do it is another. Well, that's the promise that you find a thank you find a lot of, maybe it's less than qualified Christians Airbus dealing with the issue because they're on board from an ideological standpoint and even people who would do it don't work,
to deal with a liability who are professionally licensed therapy everywhere? I absolutely yeah they're scared. I mean I have. I have psychologist their clients to me to talk to you, because they're afraid of my meaning that licence in anything and also idle I'm talking to people you're not just take a complete net job whose finally come back to reality. Sieges him, a bunch transgendered, not banging down your door, predate Rennick. They Walt it hurts yeah yeah. I do. Do I do you know? What do I do now that now that even ill and fell back at it, Harry Benjamin's clinic said for the people who think they're gonna benefit from it? It's only gonna be a ten or fifteen year reprieve, so The people I get are usually at ten or fifteen year reprieve when the reprieve is over. they're gonna. What do I do right? That's so after ten years ease. They want to go back well what what I've seen in the last ten years, between eight and twenty years, people are saying:
I shouldn't have done this. It was a mistake. How can I get back and restoring I, like you, did in those are the people I work with. So do you think you think someone like a Bruce Caitlin General in ten fifteen years will probably be reverting back I dont know that you know somebody asked me about him and if someone or pay me the six million dollars he's getting, I probably would continue snap sure, but a night club and address they call you beautiful, but he didn't go through the bottom. Half like you did so Bruce's lesson not even has committed as a trading as as Walt was well he's getting paid with their Snoopy they'll. Hang it so you know he's a peace. What I call a jack, strap transsexual there are hierarchy in the transsexual community where it. You know that the money when he's the money bags of this whole thing and he's drive in so many different agenda with bad money back with a bag where the Jack Strap Romanus ridiculous,
Well yeah. I note that the funding thing is talked about this Bruce generally. Doesn't seem like an angry social justice activist, he simply the edges are sent a view about the jokes everyone around, and you can't talk about that. How dare you even though I disagree exhibited the lifestyle first kings. Probably a reasonable one person to hang out with Snoopy withstanding silk. There are so many thoughts going through my head with this. How do you deal with? What did we ever get? A second ok, we're gonna, gonna break it at your screwed up, a judge could have rights. I will go. Go to the web. Extended version louder with greater dot. Com will be back. Your listening louder with greater follows even on Twitter S, prouder at no time for gentle insults with doktor been part of
even though the Governor Chris question I don't agree entirely on policy immense respect for him in his accomplishments and that is why it's out of concern- and I I bring up- is guaranteed Adele onset diabetes unless he makes some form a correction to his lifestyle, which would obviously, I think, indicate to many of us a lack of discipline which is problematic if you listen. closely even handyman getting fatter, and this has been gentle insults with Doktor Bank. What are you doing? Beggar with Europe? Where'd you get, it can do no other than other war, not up for fifteen dot com, they have fifty and accessories for sale
have devised a wave of a web host there's another one. We do what a arbitrary well, if you do not have the best place to go and that to take away with important step. at that time, for doktor ran ball, bitches about everything. Well, You're goin depend me on Chris Christy's fag job bushes, fat TED Cruises, fake marker, Rubeus, Faye, Huckabee, Santorum Fianna fail facts, facts, but not mad. I still like the man, but then it got around all bridges about everything say to your getting louder with louder. Louder,
back. We are in the second, our we will be joined by Supermax again at the half hour here, and we have Yosemite Alex in the third our who's going to talk about the process. necessary to purchase firearms producing with me. As always, is not gay Jared follow him at Nootka Jared available legal obligations, drawing conclusions, couple of I find a little. I just heard a spot for Lord Ingram there and talking about how either You're a code writer or you work at your coat lay. And so that there is really no economy for Americans anymore, and I will tell you something This is a mindset that I hear a lot from conservatives, which I find very disturbing in its antithetical too conservative. what is it assume? It assumes that an economy has to be based on skill, less manufacturing and that, not what our economy was based on. It was based and ingenuity. Now we talk about taxes, I actually talked about this online this week,
it's a little boring, but I should hate about teslas lower the corporate tax rate, the highest rate, as at thirty nine percent. The highest knew just realise role, lowered to thirty percent. If, can prove that a majority of your employees and services United States lower to twenty. Now these are just arbitrary numbers. We followed the I'm, not an economist, but instead saying: we're gonna, punish Jaya. Ok, we're gonna make sure that their that China can do what they do so just punishing. So yes, how about we incentivize people to higher in the United States? I believe that everyone should have the higher the United States. I don't necessarily believe it. Outsourcing is a bad thing all the time. sometimes yeah when it's just a wiggle through, but I'll tell you what you know apple facebook, but you know that not outsourcing intellectual jobs, mining jobs, engineering, jobs, outsourcing jobs of people who punch numbers and a keyboard or people who screw something into our on other riveting struck putting a Bolton place. You know, what's that
doesnt have Future Comcast nimbly registered future gas supplies. That's not the bedrock of an economy now What we want to do is encourage more innovation and more of those jobs where Americans excel at creating at inventing producing at distributing, though the great thing there's nothing wrong with working in a manufacturing job, but it's not owed to you. That's it in time. moment minds, a lot of conservatives have to listen the American. I buy american by american cars. Little known fact, you're actually probably employing more Americans at this point. If you buy a Nissan or a Honda,. and you're certainly employing Americans, who aren't using their money to fund all fund funnel funds, democratic candidates awaken, keep Detroit and dead. There's nothing if you're buying a Honda handy between yoga. Honda just set up a huge, a Toyota to set up a huge plant in Plano, Texas and Kentucky. I think they have a huge one hundred and twenty four Honda.
Toyota North american headquarters are going to be in Plano Texas, now home prices, our skyrocketing the economies. coming unemployment is at an incredible low look to Texas courage, businesses to come here? Let's make the United States a place where Japan wants to do more industry where they want to set up shop? Let's make it a play For businesses want to outsource through manufacturing jobs here, as opposed to punishing people where they incentivize Americans, a sun manufacturing jobs over there, and we can't base the entire economy on some people really upset because their screwing a bolt onto a battery, on a line at the? U S w and into a car that sucks sorry, I Oh, I know its, not populism, it's not it's not worth it. What you want to hear, but you know what I'm a principle conservative I always have. I didn't like it when Ronald Reagan put taxes and tariffs on japanese bikes back in the eighties. You know why
You know I japanese bikes, we're incredible was because of the gas crisis created by Jimmy Carter and Harley Davidson, they were run by M F. Angry Tom can tell you, he's a hardly writer body, also respect for japanese, more cycles. I I own some japanese motorcycles. Guess what, at that time, undeniable japanese bikes, we're better, we're cheaper and they were better on gas and there are more powerful. But guess you didn't get to experience that the american consumer. At a rate that the Japanese wanted to sell it right, because we know we have to make sure the american banks are the ones the Americans by, but they second are expensive m. F thing blue. upon the freeway, so I don't believe it but you can tweak made ass crowd or if your populist, you does it. That's fine, just rationalize your argument. I don't believe in it. I do want to talk about something I find interesting here. Ice cube waited onto the whole Oscars so white? What do you mean you PETE? What do you mean you people? This? Is
What what do I just levice you? I just think I was it's putting money you're talking like a regular person voice, because I just pigeon will always sound angry angry, it's fantastic well, this is the guy was straight out a common enough, the police, all this stuff right and w ay, and actually recommend people watch the film to just at least understand the culture relevancy Everyone else has been whining the Smiths Well Smith, you to pick and Smith or boycotting the Oscars. Despite the fact that black people make up about twelve percent of the population, they make up about twelve percent of cadmium words. It doesn't matter, they just want more black people to get the award so ice cube waited in on it. They expected the guy to be. You know, Mister social justice. If the police and kind of a racist in there he's early? Ninety is an expected him to go along with. It is real Bonds is priceless. Look at it. As you know, like a horse race announcing, what's your horse. lose racy terribly ticket and gone and back on You know because
can really to put that much energy into like that. It's we don't do move. These for the industry, we do movies for affairs for the people. and I know that you not if they give you a trophy or not or patch, on the back and not it's nice, but isn't something that you should dwell lesson And we got so much praise for the movie in this light. how could you be maggots one other cat of me or killed, or anybody didn't say, is noble. Animals like in us is: and about not having enough icing on the cake. Is this ridiculous normie normally a man whichever blocks in them. So I could. I say that, because you know what that does it I feel as though they should know what you mean. Even if they don't they, don't you Norman. Yet yeah pretty much prettier.
But then you get a venture. A bunch of black wrappers and rednecks may bring bevy entire conversation. So I just It's great, listen, not everyone is this far gone and there are a lot of black Americans who are reasonable, who are tired of the identity, politics lesson ice, Cuba's. yes for when I know I'll get, conservatives will be upset. If not, then I think he's a conservative, but I think he's a free think around this issue. It's ok to support someone's idea without supporting that person. That's ok something else. I really want to talk about what what what we're going to talk about firearms a lot today- there was a woman who defended herself this week in Sweden. Outside of a refugee asylum from a would be rapist. Ok, this important for people to notice, with pepper spray, Now, of course, are being charged with carrying the weapon of the swedish girl, not the immigrant.
The swedish girl who defended herself from rape outside of an asylum with pepper spray, is being charged with carrying a weapon. so this is what's important for people out there. You can come. their statistics and you can get out you can piecemeal it. You can talk about private cells when the truth if you eliminate right soon I'd. If you eliminate gang violence, it comes. to what is your chance of being shot in the United States as an innocent person mass shooting, but very, very minimal most nonexistent right? It's very, very unlikely. In the difference between places like Germany, Sweden switch on the United States are marginal at that point now we have a different history. We have a lot of gang violence. We have a very multi cultural country and you're, seeing this now between, which was entirely homogenized. They introduce other cultures that don't share the values it becomes: an epidemic of violence, United States. At one point we all shared values, but through identity politics. Now we don't
you don't have, this kind of a color pellet anywhere else. Of course, you're going to have more violence, you're going to have more conflict, but regardless the statistics knows are important and I've gotten through them at louder with greater dot com. You can read a lot, of information. It comes down to something really fundamental, do You believe that swedish girl. Who may have been raped, as many others have been raped, ripped the hell out of Sweden, swedish girls, those migrant Muslims. It's done. not even if they more weight than you can shake a rape stick at. Does she have the right to self preservation? she's being charged with the weapon, pepper spray. That tells you that Sweden doesn't believe in the basic human right of self preservation. That's what it comes down to. Because you know what if it comes down to you know what I believe that I have the right to protect myself. I believe that that women have the right to protect yourself from rape. I believe-
that. Humans have that right. Then the statistics are exemplary right You can use them to substantiate your argument, particularly in the United States. It's easier to compare within states than country to come. Because a violent crime rates in the international comparisons but those can be used to support your argument, but the principle you believe in the basic human right to self preservation. Europe. Doesn't they never have that's what Avenant constitution. That's what the second amendment exists. If you but that girl has the right to self preservation. She should never be charged with carrying a weapon for defending herself against rapist and and by the way, I would prefer that pepper spray be three hundred and fifty seven. And that would be rape as being the icy you. It comes down to the right to protect yourself as a human being
and if you don't believe that newly what's more important is the collective and that nobody is able to kill themselves with a gun and that all that supersedes the right to basic human presence, preservation? That's fine, that's your opinion, but be honest. I didn't say, I support these gun laws because I dont believe that so Innovation is a human right, marriages and changing your sex absolutely, but the right to protect your life, that's crazy. Talk later with credit will be back and no time for gentle insults with Doktor Ben passed, certainly acknowledge that doctor end has been one of the most consistent figures in the party. I do have respect his consistency on these issues.
and I dont think than anybody else should have anything that most admiration for someone to be as consistent as him in it a dozen hopefully they don't allow anything from that? taken away by the fact that he does come across in times like a busy time ball brush, which has been gentle insults with Doktor Van Carson, right, I'm glad to be back, I'm going to talk about something that people are gonna get mad.
This happens allotted to the video about Bernie Sanders push Anders Bernie Sanders, but instead that spanish Energy I don't think about Bernie Sanders being a fascist and people got really mad. My whole life sucks as according to the dictionary Mary Mobsters Diff dictionary reference of fascism, and someone interatomic using the dictionaries. Perhaps this was a case of the first thing you learning College is never used. The dictionary for definitions now. People have gotten really mad, and I want you to hear me, but I understand that we have a lot of people who watch who are. Conservative and we Free who are libertarians were anti social justice warrior who are anti authoritarian, but are not right wing, and I appreciate you and I definitely want you to stay here and have a dialogue about I'm, not new pander to you like a lot of other people out there. I know there are winning issues like guns and free speech and feminism. When we can talk about that and I get really mad when Bernie Sanders thing, but you need we something economic
Authoritarianism is still authoritarianism, socialism, yes, is, by definition a form of fascism, a form of authoritarianism? Ok- and let me make this case and you can get upset But I dont need is out to say just you're just stupid if you don't believe what I believe. I believe someone should present the case. So I wrote about this that Hitler. Constantly use right misuses that Hitler? What we hear about it? He was sick. Right why Wang rightwing guy Firstly, it is very important, is let's let's, but this in your in your notepad here, Nazis for national, socialist german workers party came so put that in your back pocket guy? He also said that he was socialist, we're enemies of today's capital as a capitalist economic system. You read my comfy talks. Often I hope you will try to say he didn't like curled Karl call like communism are. Let me go.
That now let me get to something people will say. I know what you're going to say: national socialism, not democratic socialism like Bernie Sanders, there's a huge one is fascism right wing. One is not. There socialism and I'm going to back to this, but democratic socialism always becomes national, nationalistic socialism. By definition it has to why ok, the United States is not a democracy the term democratic as though its noble know we're constitutional Representative Republic, Why that's important to know it's important that we're not a democracy? That's because accuracy is mob rule. The reason the United States was frames. A constitutional representative republic is too sure that of the minority are still protected from the magician right, that's what made a civil war over slavery? That's why People who are jewish have the same,
I devote vote, have the same rights to freedom of speech, the right to bear arms the minority needs to be protected by a majority other. eyes. The majority can just vote through the minority. new or liberate. You should be on board with that democracy. By definition, would inherently bad be bad for minorities cell. socialism, am I saying Bernie Sanders like Hitler? No, The ideology is the ideology that lends itself towards authoritarianism and fascism because of an increased expansion of the state. Now, once you get it from a nationalistic example for fraudulent? You become some policies with Hitler, because I want to go back to that brief. storekeeper backroom employment, for all. Hitler Most employment, for, of course, was a self of self about socialist, innovative public works schemes gave Workers increase benefits, increase jobs by increasing the state.
not allowing wages to rise with prices, because you wanna people working for the government. He ensured everyone had a job, big education free care you bad. Basically, an entire generation who were raised by the state nationalized health care up to an eighty percent tax. I know we can get some nerdy things: marginal tax rates for effective tax rates, gun control, of course, implement the gun, control. Abortion was radically pro abortion. Blaming under one percent back then the one percent were Jews, none of these things are right wing. None, These things are libertarian or conservative. So, let's if you got a policy for policy, there's nothing about an that's right wing, a conservative other than the fact that your to trying and a tribute racism to conservatism, because that's what you ve been taught to do by your college, professor policy, wise there's. No, you can't make an argument. There Why is this so important? Going back? representative government well Hitler used. The idea of democracy mob rule to infringe on under
of the minority rights. Do they reach Rhine jewels, one percent! That's how about this Now I know that the simplification- I don't have a ton of time here, the majority Germans, Germans, national nationalistic democratic, democratic and its nationalistic, they believe the true Germans, Germany was that for the Germans, not for the Jews migratory nationalism either way MA where the Nationalists win. That's the whole point, infringe on the rights of minorities, now going to take that change it for one second, take Jews switch to the well, Could the Jews were one percent this? I have these numbers here. Jews and Germany made up less than one percent. They they use that allow the one percent rhetoric. Change Jews to the wealthy change Germans to working class.
you have an economic version of exactly the same thing. Am I saying the working class wants to her millionaires, small business owners and the gas chambers? No, what I'm saying is that's what democratic socialism is mob mob rule Germans against the Jews, minorities lose their rights. mob rule, Bernie Sanders MOB rule, democratic, socialism is opposed to national Socialism mob rule Working Class takes the rights of the wealthy in an economic way, while simultaneously just like Hitler expanding the state. free, school, bigger government cracking down businesses, so more people go to public school razor kids in public day care work for the government, and you move the proof that the power from the private, putting it to the government. Here's the deal, I don't have that much face and government, whether someone like and it Hitler
and I'm not saying Bernie Sanders wants to kill Jews. Obviously it's Irene that someone used Socialism, national socialism, democratic socialism used mob rule socialism to exterminate Jews and now a jewish man who wants to use the same philosophy is like Donna Gilbert talks on his book. It's a smiley. Today's progressive ism plays liberals just smile, its fashion, Smiley face fascism and you can go to lotta with crowded, read this more more sources, the idea that Hitler was right wing; no, he was a very, very emphatic liberal, big government socialist, under still authoritarianism we'll be back with Super Mexico after this break welcome to another instalment of the reasonable conversationalist on NPR
today we are joined by Twitter, handle at social justice for change as I correct. Yes, that is. That is correct. Thank you for having off course were so glad to have you here today, so I was following your twitter feed, which I found very interesting and, of course, reasonable. Hence the name of the programme, even though it Hitler himself was the head of the nationals. surest workers, Party of Germany, you and many others on higher education campuses claimed that Hitler was not in fact a socialist sucker. Yes, that's that's correct. We just instead, say that he's right wing with with no substantiation? Oh, that's entirely reasonable. Join us next week, instalment, reasonable, rotational on Anti. Are
nice. Patrie we're back happy to be banned. Happy to have here so women had him on, but we ve run in some circles for a while and he's a great supporter of some the stuff tat we ve done with ladder with greater over it. The site he manages the right scoop dot com. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend you check it out. Follow him on Twitter, our guests,
hopefully, irregular guest and That means I mean to have his own intro, not Gauger, happy introduce to you, there's a senior saying it's. My sister distort it's the turn of super mexican thanks for being on the shoulder. You're doing I am doing you very well. They please you're you're. Looking very nice in this house rock innovation. I know people tell mainly to wash it nice high when it's ok Library, glad that you have me, and so I can talk about my transformational transitioning turns the Alamo here it s just what I want to change from Mexico to Cuban because their doing so well in the in the election? So what do you think That would be a horrible idea because Mexicans are not strong swimmers, oh yeah, that's it at point asked
yeah wading through you know, a trough is not quite the same as hopping on an old yardstick in floating into Florida, are at that's a good point. Its existing thus took Planet, what's a good points, I want to talk about the debate with you now I will say this have noticed a shift at the right scooping at a lot of sites even Lena mark within you guys work so closely with him, where people were kind of on the Trump bandwagon and hey! You are not now, but there was a time where you were kind of. Ok, let's see where this goes. Was it that you thought he bore some value, and you think now it's just ok, it's time to get serious. where do you line up on this whole kind of circus whilst I'll tell you what I think it was for the website is that we saw the value in what he was doing, because he sees absolutely a kind of symbolic of this anger towards the GNP establishment
the other kind of entities we ve had the same kind of anger for years about, so we saw the benefit in that lately he's just guns so nasty. And so I mean it's just going to the point where we can defend and it anymore, and so I think that's that's kind of what you are saying is is a you know. A lot of people are kind of turning on I'm just because of the way, he's attacking tat crews in a very highly personal way, not anything to do with any substance, not having anything to do. policy matters? It's about. You know he's not really christian, because he's from Cuba he's he read that into Corinthians. Had that the trick and you don't know what that like is. Is everyone else, Emulous Nearest Morgan it must always realise this complete bs or at the liberty thing is a perfect example. Took her Indians right took her intense. You got because the Lord said: you're gonna love this at that for liberty. For all. That's it! That's it. That's the may think. That's it!
first and then it goes, and it's always appeared to get even of course you wouldn't get. Even none of you will get divorced because request it. Just it's so clear to me that he's pandering the real there obvious line in the middle of all? That is when he said that the two like right, that's it you like when you lie literally the that's it you like that that you want to hear it is. It is so obvious to the rest of us. It's just you know it's blinding Lee Bewildering, to see people who either wiess we kind of foreign next to against liberals falling for this,
Just its incredibly really is, and what year did you see it on Fox NEWS, like half of the house are, are suspicious of trump and the other half hour like full bore like merging rs literally saying you know, you cannot attack him, you have to? U have to toe the line like it isn't. It is amazing. It's really grow wild yeah and having worked evacuees for a long time- and I know the people they prefer. There's truth that, but, like you see humans, it split among the hosts and when it comes out of the Megan Kelly thing, I don't Your question was all that inappropriate, the first one that that crime, this cascade. I certainly don't think it was bad enough to boycott of debate in, like everything else, I think there's something personal there behind the scenes. It seems like every decision Trump makes a very personal right here Ronda Rousey until he's not gonna, vote form he likes banks. until he beat him the policy like TED crews until ten years between the poles. Everything is hyper early, personal, Yeah, that's a mean look. He doesn't even hide it here
really will say I like this person, if they like me, and I hate them if they, if they hate me, if the nice like me and with which I find so funny about that is innovation. repair it that's the kind of attitude that you try to teach her kids not to be because that such a childish way to look at the world email. Like the point you frighten you, try to teacher children's, have values and principles that you like people according to their character, not whether they like it or not, and that's the such a real politics very kind of pragmatic way of looking at the world, and you would think that if you were a principled conservative, He would see right through that, but so many of us may, but so many people are just sick of sick of being lied to you by the GEO and they will lapse
Anything as long as they think it's gonna make better cry. You know, that's not a good as that, a good reason, but all in all the GEO be they be. They just said. Yes, you, don't know senators of endorse you, TED Crews, Bob Doll now Huckabee Santorum by sickly. Unofficially, endorsing someone like from everyone in the establishment has said they would prefer trump because he's a deal maker and he'll compromise, None of them wanted crews. Some people talk the establishment. isn't that important to know how you feel like you're readers, because I've noticed the readers at right. Scoop have have come along with you and that's not the case that a lot of sites a lot of such just drunk twenty. Sixteen, you saw come reporting you to the USA you feel as though they just become more educated in and there has been a slow turning or do you think this guy, just gonna, get the nomination and we'll all be audited audited no that our audience is now terribly indeed of the greater audience. I would hope so, but
I do also think that there is an army of online trolls that make it seem like in a he is invincible in the end. That's not the case. I think there are some signs in Iowa on that and he may not be, as I had there as as people would like to think, but I don't know difficult to say is this thing is, is, as you very smart about this stuff and you ve read up a lot about it. The founders, the founders, purposely route, the constitution, such a way to keep populous out like to keep right in this kind of a strong man? Populism from taking root here in or so many to just blindly into latch onto it. It is. It is just an amazing why I'm a litmus test menaces my litmus test, and you tell me if you think, I'm I'm out of line. While I can understand people say: ok, I get it. He was pro syrian refugee, months ago he's in a four here's. My first thing you're seventy years old and you ve come.
Neatly change your worldview too pro life too limited government. What were you doing for the first sixty five years of your life is a legitimate question right. Why did you make the change and I need to hear a flash of genius moment which have not hurt, but my litmus test is not, Ok can someone support. I understand people who support trump and they're. Not casinos conservatism has nothing to do with it and they just what they want, I can understand that my issue is with pundits and people out there on radio and on Fox. My litmus test is: if you refuse to cut Size Trump: in the same way, you would criticising other candidates, and if someone doesn't do that, I immediately have to discount their opinion and- and I hold no water and I can't respect them. Do you feel that way? I think, a kind of feel that way. I feel the reason. One of the reasons it trump is so popular that we
have kind of encourage this outrage machine, and this like black and white thinking among social media conservatives and and were in. We just got them into this lab. and now they're coming back to bite us on the buy it now in our common section and everywhere else. Where you know u real against you, Gee establishment and now without any english of the definitions of words? They're gonna play that to you, you're. What I might like, although we have I'm establishment, I'm on the GEO we re rudder. I've got a body like an islamic Google you're, a conservative, you love, I was doing videos, I've done more videos on Islam, than any other individual conservative and I was gonna back and oh nine getting death threats before bright part sites existed and while Donald Trump still believed in censoring free speech against Islam Rocks, but I'm the cook worthy estate
do you think you think these people actually think were paid by the GEO. Pity. Think they're really believe that are just an attack. I think they're, not even thinking I think, they're lashing, I mean it is so it is so I mean they don't start stupid, is nowhere to go through life. So that's exactly right. The stuff I get is we were, since I had when I got from Obama. Zombies like yeah. These people are illiterate. I mean A rational, their disjointed, disconnected like their attacks, make no sense waiting to be fair. We're not talking about all from voters were taught him as if you can t can see us right now, there's a lot of very good, very decent people who support transfer. the other reasons that they think are just unfortunate, that every single NEO Nazi area in racist group also endorses Trump assist unfortunate. I had someone go oh yeah. You hatred because you're probably a cock who supports adopting african children and The problem is not just some random person, but it got like fifty eight
Retweeting likes as yoga, was an insult. What is wrong the war, don't don't try failure, political correctness, its unnatural do not want to see your line go down. I genuinely couldn't care less. I would gladly adopt an african child. I would sadly see my daughter be what they buy of any raised as long as they shared my principles and values. It's never even occur to me yeah, I do think you know this is delineating in a kind of distinction between what we are seeing in this wide gulf? Among conservatives as that, there's a there's, those of us who think that the values and the principles of conservatism and of America are a beyond race and they apply to everyone equally, as long as they can live up to him, and I can accept them and then there's people who sit really think, there's a racial element in there, and it's just weird. It's just odd. Why don't I
and every citizen. It's a low information voter base, because I dont understand and call me a cock for saying us when we talk about America and becoming an american emigrating here, we're not talking about a race. I dont care from Haiti on care from Ex going to care for them humor. You learn the language in become an american and you take part and you produce. You contribute in american society, its whether or not a country like Germany or so With a race of people or or or Zimbabwe, were conch a very specific ideas, and it is probably really troubling to me, just like us are not all from voters. Get a lot and I know you do to a lot of emails and comments from people who think it's a race thing. Yes, No, absolutely I mean it fortunately some of our Vienna legendary Conserved
I've thinkers! Think that too. This is why Felicia Phyllis back and ever surnamed shaft lie. She left me feel ass. Well, ass. I introduce her at sea back a few years ago. This terrible what I got an outcome in a juggler. How fine she was. You didn't find it funny ashes as you like TAT, which she wrote this editorial about. Oh you know I love tee knows and his annex v. They are simply incapable of understanding the principles and the bill of rights, and, unlike wow man, I thought that I understood them. Apparently I dont, because I'm hispanic- I never knew this year. It's it's a kind of that kind of weird his dislike it. There are certain races. He just while I don't understand how Alfonzo Rachel Andrew Clay, people like you would even be able to get started in the climate today. People who share the ideals you, I guess don't
right level of melon in their skin, but supermax again, we have to let you go the site for people who don't know is also directly come, and also at the rights that the rescue package. Thank you so much for the work to have you back with your party singing, sometimes in order lipless thank you very much. That was Supermax again? For those of you who don't know- and I know it's gonna break Roquat got his love Zella. This is the best and show we have enough of that will go to a break we'll be back, and I dont know what will talk about Sweden and why it sucks statue. at that time for doktor ran ball, bitches about everything Well, yes, I have in fact heard the criticism coming from my opponents that my had does law like a toilet had brought and that's the kind of ad Harmon attack you would get from non
serve of republican candidates granted with better hairstyle us, but not mad I still like the man, but dear doktor Van Paul Bitches, about everything say too till I come in from breaks camellia. Knowing would be it that's what I did it's annoying, which normally do, but that that would be worse. I would say that well what reward
you break. We have a great guess, coming up in a lot of people have been asking questions about the the gun, video that we did this week obviously went by a little be coming up on a million plays in like a day and a half soon where we went to expose we'll talk about that after the break before that, not gay, Jordan. I were talking about this. This weird as well. The German in Vienna, as you're driving Indiana. To do this show and we were talking about how I mean, if you put it to you, you look at her. Are I accuse you look at what we ve relatively smart, guys say you know pretty smart. Not a genius but we're talking about how it stemmed from when the stuff got when crack goes down. You want the people first word that gunshot right or everything else goes up, not Iphone repair. None of that stuff. You need the person who can hunt fish and protect your pile of food and entertain with that casts and entertain with by. like we would you we would be entirely useless, but then I got to thinking if this house
in some kind of I don't know nuclear polyps right. and we somehow are left here. The human race is screwed and most people want ever think about that. your tv, Money must not aiming at the iphones. Ok, let's not even get the Iphone STAR teachers, but set with tee shirts. Would you do not make a teacher acuteness. What're say my life. Now I think you can do bear skin and, like you just be tying it around your neck. But go to any pretty gay scarf, that any kind of electricity think about this. For us Think of how dependent we are on other people smarter than us. Any kind of electricity at all. You know, people go hey? We need you you're, the leader. We voted you leader. We need you to create similar Tristram your! I think I got it. What I would We find a waterfall you some old, loop I saw since was family Robinson use them. canoe panels and I
let it run to the one, and I would put a string in the waterfall leading up to like a telephone can in the tree house but I wouldn't I dont- know the conductor where the string, I would put the string in the water next to the rotating paddles and if you very simple that the electricity or I do I do- I don't know it also do I was driving at nuts logo in in a car for people in the middle of country in Ohio. Nothing going on that that, unlike were previously Mona, I mean this is as like out and not dependent anybody s as it comes in particular driving alike, were driving. Elsner radio wearing clothes. I phoned me back passes glasses, unmake. There is enough in this car nothing about! This experience is as the middle of nowhere as I as I am that I could replicate should in apocalypse situation happen. Nothing I may I guess. Can maybe build a house some steals your glasses there? There are no lens grafter left. You just don't see again,
yeah. I mean you know how to make a contact. I could know You know how to make a glasses lens, you'd, probably like taping, magnifying glass as to your eyes and gettin migraines all day yeah, maybe I bet you stick as I work. I work for you, but if I had to build a house, for instance, I think I could probably kind of get halfway there, but I wouldn't go on a second, I with the idea of a little, maybe I call on the second I like I would I be there's no way, I'm not trust them now. It's kind of like I don't know what I prefer it when someone else makes a sandwich, because I don't do it, We will see what sewage salads authority, I always tastes better. Some years his house, the Swedish make music you make your own so much I can, but I trust I dont trust myself. I'm gonna trust myself to make fire no ok, a good example the most basic right, I have to say I can make it with a lighter and paper, some
we don't have anything, go make a fire: ok, no, to chop off branches, I wouldn't know the difference between a flintstone or a lot. I would just be banging rocks to go no spoke plaque. this signal. what are you watch the Martian recently great movie, I was real, actually really press. There was a fund that you usually huge, madam, if any other body is really good and what is guy build? You know Martian potato plants in figure how to use is no water, but I know the recipe for water and you make builds is crazy. Contraption that creates water and water, unlike there is, does maybe I'd wait so far beyond what I would ever be capable of. We also. However, he puts the potatoes. He does If you someone feeding their potato potatoes, I put, oh god, no I believe we all now know infringements
improve infringements. I mean here's the thing the support to note you weren't we're talking mothers to give people just an idea as to how different people are and this is what you can legislate humanity as though, where the saint we're not people are very different. Now someone like that who would know how to plant who wouldn't would be nor to we know design a spaceship me then don't understand basic economics, many are unable to come. Unit, Kate, what they to somebody else, it's impossible. For example, you put me in a room. Moral with all the tools I need- and you say you don't get out I would never be able to design a telephone. I wouldn't I would die. There would be Howard Hughes being in jars. I would be there forever now having a much more valuable than my skill set. Now, if you take the person who- knows how to design, let's say a macbook and you
I'm ok, you only come out when you are able to effective, teach everybody else how to do this and when you can do in front of a crowd of two thousand people and maintain your nerve that guy never gets out now is everyone has their thing now What we do happens to not be nearly as complex again one when it goes down when it goes down yonder so even want to technological. You want the dead I've who know how to shoot, knew how to haunt Us dear those are the Will you want and your team? Those are the number one draft that when you are think about this It is scary how useless you all in one scary. How independent you think you are None of us are now even its. He was looking backwards up in the mountains somewhere with your house. Full of you know ten thousand rounds of every kind of caliber you are you ever see. Someone still need. Somebody else provide all that crap receives someone does widdle a beautiful, both staff No, I don't know this is not there's no way. I could do it
before we get your computer. I went to this staff, and I decorate what I couldn't. not my whole life. You proposed that the line refrigerators and I've known you, you don't know how to do it. It's it. There's no latch was crowded, we'll be back no watch, Welcome to another instalment of the region, conversationalist! On NPR this week we are joined by Gerald Harold you as a matter of fact, an advocate for Hillary Clinton and also a self professed feminist. Correct me if, if, if I'm incorrect about anything now, that is, that is correct and
many people have claimed and come out, including people like Susan, surrounded and other former Hillary Clinton supporters that her chequered passed with victims of sexual assault at the hands of her husband might be problematic for her Canada. in championing women's cause. I don't think that's true and- and I dont think that any of that I don't think that any of that matter certainly well. That sounds entirely reasonable, join us again next week for another instalment of the reasonable conversations on NPR How high, while didn't see there? What are you doing her Andras lecturing an Android, more monitoring civilly, a ball of fire reverent have referred to full of Wimbledon there's murmur worthy establishment. No Wimbledon, you now have some I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine come why
call their number. What's that number Jarrett eight forbore to seven. Why have you come from aggravate spring. I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, a whole lot about wine. Just what I like exit, easy to get. The call go to the website, talk with a small yea list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can haven't ship directly to my door or give her up and sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years. I've reform over there, entry, I know you do well, but you're an elite is bastard. That's why Like me, I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling eight hundred and forty four two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. At that time, for doktor ran ball bitches about everything less in the American Paypal, don't have a huge amount of faith in their government
because every one else on this stage is in fact an inconsistent liar who respectfully shouldn't be trusted banal I still like the man but Derek Doktor Van Ball, bitches about everything say to your getting louder with router speed. It's gotta be back. the third, our producing of means He always is not good jeered at not gay jeered on Twitter. I am at S crowd her father, and draw your own conclusions, a couple: wrong to have Yosemite Alex on later the programme to talk about the gun show loophole. We did this video a lot of people had questions. We did a hidden camera videos at lotta with cutter dot com,
went to gunshot after gun, show to try and use the gun, show loophole. We tried to buy automatic weapons. We tried to buy weapons that a background check hint, its bs. Your president, the lied to you, but a lot of people been asking behind the scenes and we let people and on the gag yeah dead and use the one guy was pretty upset. I went back to the store yesterday and he was a vat or something and if the guy that thumbnail he's the guy who we try to buy an automatic weapons from really came, also This is threatened, maybe a home defence us at least let's go with that. Yeah yeah, that's got that everybody went to the back room with his eyes and I could hear he's gone you guys assuming nice guys, but risk really weird questions do we call caught up like you can tell, is really upset. The head was words it. What a poor is outlets I hope, the on defence. So, apart felt really bad, but these people were such good sports about it. They were so decent. We told
what we were doing you people can get the wrong idea align lately the portrayed in the light that you don't realize, summit Gunderson, gun people in general, art are by and large, very honest, genuine nice, patient, good people, I think it's right the process weeds them out, because there's a country went brought about, tells you there's many regulations are so much red tape. There is so much liability down gun dealer that it it weeds out. The irresponsible think now are, big announcement. By the way, this week later with credit calmer, the Youtube Channel, we will be doing a video every single day, starting today, starting Friday. Jenny twenty ninth. Every single day leading to next thing. Day when we will be doing a live stream Thursday night for the first time full on I video stream on the tube for you fan some louder
Crowd are there so video every day, just to let you know that we are going to be live streaming from from now on this whole programme, video online for people who are our stray LEO, we have people who listened from China so big deal. Kind of a big deal, video everyday lot of interviews lot of cool stuff today would not cool, I live in there. You go. You know where I'm going with this. This trend right now trade species ism now eroded this latter with prouder dot, TK and then I saw was picked up by national views other sites. We took it from some kind of a sweet. I think some swedish website, where I find these towards ever we're news feed with message boards There's a girl here she's, a name is now twenty years old. Well, let me let me just play a cliff for your real quick and then I ll explain why are confused. we all know sure about cop ten deliver
Some of them are caught now says: like the devil's language, and it is. It is my view it is the devil's language, also the devil's furniture, and she might be so may not be swedish, maybe from there. I could be wrong. I'm just I'm just ethnocentric against white people from weird places, This is a girl who claims that she is a cat, but she was born. A cat so that real, I now here's a language of just like the transgender movement. I realized I was a cat when I was sixteen when doctors and psychologists found out what the thing was with me under my birth was a genetic defect I was born. So the crazy thing is she insinuates, and this is a report. You can go, watch Lydia. She insinuates that her doktor simple, just like the transgender thing, when you were born the wrong gender, your birth defect, you were supposed to be a cat. her language is, I don't know people think it sounds crazy lesson slippery slope we did. This
For me, the fifty two year old guy you plenty was a six year old girl. You can't say that's absurd few say, no more absurd! Then a man a winning women of the year. Ok, that happened. How do you not know this idea I'll catch? You know that gender one woman of the year, by the way that right Your mother, you have bells new small time snoopy, though their Snoopy as what there's a first time ever One are the year has balls at one point that would have been considered absurd. It's not that observe less Hilary one lesson if you're all things, here's the thing about this. This is an affront to actual crazy Ladys. I won't do her, the honor of calling her a crazy tat. Lady she goes on. She says he thinks. Sometimes I hiss.
One meeting dogs in the street, it's because of their behaviour and my instinct automatically reacts by hissing I hate water, a hip Walter? What? like you get the instinct to wash your surfing the face and stuff so she's, a stupid catch united into a kind of users are words very well. It's also, obviously a cat. What our stuff purring me. I know its, not obvious you're a cat, it's obvious, you're, a psychopath it's obvious that you are in need of some serious counselling and your parents screwed up monumentally really bothers me about this. me more than ISIS. This powers me more than terrorist? Let me tell you what it the girl, a high school who had no scam. No discernible skills was unattractive or the boy in high school right, so they went Garth and they That kid would always say: I'm just super random stimuli.
now that you are talking about something of yours go, but I can say anything: I'm super random. Aren't I love about. You know you just you suck you're, not to maintain a train of thought there, for you hide it in a random right kind of like environment, but Dane Cook when he got way towards universe, comedy career. We don't you all know blank completely unrelated, but made up you know, Don't you want a yokes fall down stairwells? What are you talking about right, comedy cell. Here's the worst, but this is what bothers me about this. So much as I know bills for those who now this is going to be mainstreamed, watch it's going to be mainstreamed. This is that's it you're only couple years away from it and then come back and watch me right now saying I told you so. It goes on in the worst part of reporters taking seriously so the reporter asked this girl will roll the clip at some point ass.
girl? How would you say like come here in cat, Yeah yeah, yeah and averting oh, is that correct then, the camera pans to her boyfriend is yes I understand this. I notice. I understand what you think, like. Oh my, Another point the rapporteur do not get a call crap about the source is the reporters it in their complicit, treating as it is those anything other than a severe mental disorder insight that sector fifty two Euro guy became six. Your girls reporters, like ah yoga very good work, was wrongly outages. Discouraged start it was part of the transgender project right. This is the true Legitimately, boyfriend despite he just trying to get laid youth Yum, yum, yum, here's what you do if I'm all right how they could be seen reality what's going on. I don't know, that's a good one here's! What I do care Gotham before I go, I repeat: Guy BS, Hong Kong, BS, here's what I'm gonna do little Miss swedish chef.
How do you say in cat? I want to eat a fish I want you to write it down this piece paper. Hey, hey, pumpkin pie, boyfriend stay there. Come anywhere near. I want to read on this piece of paper, since you do both communicating cat right, just just as though you, your sex, your gender cannot be changed. Its never happened, it will never happen in is a delusion. It is physically impossible. We can accommodate a delusion. It's a delusion is scientifically impossible to change your sex or gender justice. Scientifically possible to change our species, we have to that. We don't hurt her feelings of on the reporter. I go. Ok, you're gonna write down this phrase on this paper boyfriend stay there or I'm gonna pistol whip. You ok,. I have a right down. Ok, I want to eat a fish, write it down the piece of paper. Then look at the boyfriend and say hey since you speak. to universal language, I assume. How do you say? I want you to fish
is not identical to that page. Lock him up. I lock him up. I put them in prison, and I put them in general population, and I too, and I put cat years on them, do do you could a letter box and there are not that it could be intimate. Rotti people could be animal cruelty if you dont be well, you know what sort of just consider it isn't it. I will. I will show their faith in the letter box. There's no argument that just just do it just because I can. It's one of those are just eat. It bothers me so much because this is group. Think of yes, I believe on the cat. Yes, I believe your cat, we won't speak cat. Any goes along with it because he wants to get laid in these two people if they might even believe that they speak cat, it's just like it meeting of one group think happens in everyone's. Everyone agrees upon it when there's no scientific basis. It's the same thing with with sorry. In sexual, when we have friends, trends renders we're friends of the show, but listen.
undeniable. Scientifically you cannot change your gender, you cannot change or species, but because the left has had the completely disregard facts. Statistics oh sociological data has been available to them all scientists, able to them and say well, it doesn't really matter. You can't change your sex or gender, we're going to call him a woman and deem it hate speech if you dont, because it's all about feelings, invalids, feelings, too Supersede also public information available to humanity. They ve done that with sex. I can't see a legitimate argument for them doing it against this crazy swedish chef girl, by always facial, piercings cats. she'll piercings, I just exile here's? The thing I know it sounds silly it bothers me more than terrorism, because I What to expect with terrorism I know why line up with ISIS with care
easy people and social justice warriors. You never know. What's coming on the Pike ISIS, The gilded chosen you women, working at par for the course social Justice WAR is a new thing. Just ran species is impressive. I gotta get my lexicon With greater we'll be back, We read in global war will grow. I am all for fun. play we have in studio one man, but because she is norwegian Why would she was born drown briefly, tribe wavering will know from now
Norwegian Lando scraps and Emile climb to be born in the wrong species that you are a cat your work, you what I believe you to answer the question here. All this is a problem. story I'll, try and meet them all round. We provided everything. You require the car nevertheless, box and water for a green rooms. boy were worthy of Europe who are not yet educated We really would like a vague of opportunity, assess less in answering these questions Where were you realize you canoes? our riding reward
we are back and we're going to bring on our guest who will not be brought into an introduction sell. This man runs We don't know that I don't the site yet, but he's launching an incredible online gun store. There will be. an integral part of lotta with credit, our common future, because we're pretty big the fire arms so he's. Well. Those crazy gun he's going to inform us a little bit more expanded the gunshot loophole. I am. They introduce to. You- are new, regular, go to and shelters no way,
Yosemite Alex Yosemite Alex. Are you with us, I'm with you? That is awesome. It is due first gathered. I got I got such a man crash on you. It's a man crush Monday. On a Friday. You are such a freaking rockstar and instead, I'm so happy to beyond your job and stop at all, I can only subsist on a hate retained. The singers arise. I don't jerk, You know with compliment if at all, either see with all those firearms back there. You don't I got to say I am a little bit concerned. I've been listening to our buddy Roger Gibbon. Lately you know on surrounded by going to emigrate, Wendy suckers gonna, jump off the rack and loaded self and start shooting at me. These guys. This guy back years been eyeball in me, a bulldog in me a little bit this morning, yeah yeah However, with the mathematics It is our right and our guy. You, oh, don't take that time with me. I will build review and I will not use any again. Will you gotta keep it
Keep the pillar are yonder our air fifteen's at our our libelous air fifteen's was. It was a rifle company. I forgot about him some name Anderson, Danish, rifle Islanders and rifle nothing, I'm ok, so words out. Will you Alex, because we did this video this week and people alive, questions when a gunshot loophole, Clearly you ended it. So you are an official gun dealer right. I am. I am a federal firearms licence holders class to dealer. Yes, If someone wants to come in and by a firearm from you were made to believe that it can happen really easily with effectively no background check, you fill out simply what's the reality. What is the process for someone coming to you to buy a firearm, whether they come in their online? What's the online shop, I know you're setting one up yet patriot guns with a z duck I will not have to change that. Neither the terrible but ok! What's the process, like you know, every day the ads
a gun crowd. They talk about. We need add more regulations, there's already crap sons, regulations. I mean it is not. You know he listened Obama flap his lips and you think that you can just like walk into Wally World and by a gun like it's. I buy in alone, read it just not that way. There is a There is a very structured process and its easy at all, as a class to dealer. I've gotta put people through a through a set of paperwork, it's called a forty four. Seventy three, it's an atm form. They ve got again a bunch of questions. They can't be Phelan, they can't be a dictated merely defective, meaning that can have been can by a judge to some sort of mental facility. They can't have it a misdemeanor demand violence on and on and on there's a bunch of disqualifies. Then I got a phone. The FBI, I gotta put these folks through a nix background check. I mean there is far more scrutiny on these guns and there are unlikely syrian refugees. A syrian refugees don't have to prove anything they can I come into our country with thy. You know just say and well I'm
in the hot behind it for a mile over here and others to ever. I tell you I want to be. Why don't think they would go with that name, fraternity covert. I think they trust commencing. Yes, Bob and its obsolete or or for route. I am for Bob for Route If you allow me, I would like to come and rape your women, please and if they defend themselves firearms, it will be charged with possession of a weapon that happened in Sweden with pepper spray. We were talking about that absolutely ridiculous. That's what it comes down to the right to your own self preservation. That's it we're talking here, believe in it are you don't and then you can, He gout and piecemeal the statistics. So, ok, so that's the process, so even more logical to several issues of your fellow no domestic violence, misdemeanor, no misdemeanor domestic violence, if you ve been a Jew dictated merely defective if you're under indictment. If your under investigation for a felony that's a active instigation and there's a whole bunch of disqualifies. You can't just like walk in and say I want that, are off the rack there and then
we do so by we take some money and then sell it to Missus to assist it. It's a straw, man and a red herring. It's not addressing the real problem of gun violence in this country. Will you have a gun but problem, but it's not it's not the guys that are walk it into a gunshot by, and guns. Legally. What about the gun show loophole that we hear about. You know that guy Nepal again, it is a distraction. It's not addressing the core problem is not the right next down at the boys. You gonna show that are committing all the crimes with the gods right. We we have thirty two thousand gun deaths per year, in the? U S: sixty percent of those are suicides, so you can wave a magic wand and that a limit all gains in this country overnight. It's not going to stop those those folks from killing themselves out of the out of the remaining four percent. All these crimes are committed in big blue Democrats, cities in a drug gang and crime. Tax is now it's not. You know, cleanest down. The boys again show committing crimes. Well, could those guys say Brok, ominously people were talking about. Never saying we were dishonest from a gun dealer. Could that criminal from Chicago go on down the Indiana and
just legally get a gun through the gunshot loophole. Without a background check, no no, not at all. It's ridiculous! There's no long awaited now. You could do no wrong waited for you. in the trunk outside of a gun show illegally, but does not a loophole that exactly I mean if you they are really serious about stopping illegal gun. Well, it's in the: U S, they closed the southern border. You got drug cartels in gangs, like Thirteen bring an illegal guns back and forth over the southern border. Every single day. It's it's easy to buy an automatic weapon on the streets as it is to buy a crack, cocaine or by math or by marijuana. That's the problem, if they are really serious about gun control, do do gun control on that will mean a lowest when we just close the math loophole there. You go the crystal Meth Loop supposed, let's closed the border legal, we got sanctions cities that openly violate federal law and they're allowed to exist in and found their nose at federal law, and you know, site
I want to be a sanctuary person. How about we now myself sanctuary person Haven't we closed the murder loophole a loophole. The clause, since just anything people do illegally, is considered a loophole, expand mercury. The ban murder. I think that's but still it lets ban murder. We should Why would we thought of that closely? close the loopholes. That really is the minimum level what I've usual and understand it right. There can be a private explain to people. There can be a private bill of sale within state and times are therefore going to know. In Indiana there was a guy said what we can only fear to Indiana. We didn't see anyone do in private bill of sales of brand new a hours. It was an old guys with old shot guns, and you had to be in state and again it still illegal. If you have any kind of a criminal background, you can maybe find a way to do it but it's illegal to explain to people the private bill of sale issue because that's what they said is gun shall loop when really the dogma, private and integrate it's ridiculous. These guys are sulphuric apparent
I deal with these cats everyday I mean the left, accuses them away paranoid and then they don't give him credit for being paranoid. On the other hand, when their selling guns privately, these guys a bill assail, they get a copy of their ideas. Times are selling to friends and family. They already know these folks. They know that feeling is that of the other, and you know again again there there targeting a group. That is not the problem, though these aren't the guys that are committing. Eighty four The gun, violence. In this we have break all. We will be back louder with greater with Yosemite Alex similarly Alex. I am a little crazy and now it's time you're dating advice, minutes with pill. ask to curb, should weigh for love.
No you're right now was arrives Does I have a great with ever greater until recently three dry brag bar playfully You lie that is my lover. I wouldn't lover, or will we ever? You were like a bad mood, but about what would tat girl you run out of this situation. That would we were more,
the truth is you want cuz? I don't really have weighed of the solve this problem with the free life. What you going to do, some drugs El, the dollar border of cap, we can forget the cap, the provocative, like brought about the growth of a gap, but up up up up up This has been you're dating advice minute with cars
nice We are glad to be back dancing a happy songs, good time back with Yosemite Alex. Ok, we were taught, before we went on D. They say show loophole which is non existent, they mean is private bill of sale in some states before we left. We were talking about that now, the report, we voted in the context of the reason for that is sell within families friend or for example, I have a gun to my name, there's an intruder. My wife uses it she's
legally liable for an unregistered weapon, something that's illegal, that's the Spirit behind it. Not again, these people are not arms. Dealers, as as you are so explain for audience exactly what that means and how it's been conflated with this gun showed deal. sure I'm again, it's a straw, man and a red herring they're. Just it's a distraction, but you know really private parties sales or are generally speaking for individuals that are transacting guys between friends and family. I mean well again show between people. They know, I'm not that. That's basically it in a nutshell. Again, these people aren't the problem. I mean maybe a fraction of a fraction, four percent end up being used in a crime from this type of transaction, so spent all his time all this effort, all this money and and and the President of the United States, the most powerful man world, focusing on it. Now, when we're swallowing the camel of our open, poorer southern borders, where a buckskin gangs and drugs those are run an illegal guns back and forth all time raw sewage. As anything without chap odious. You would happen. They found one of his guns from the air. The whole eight
scandal that you see the exact, I mean you know. If you want to go to the southern I bear older and then this is. This is easier guidelines, hills they get illegal gun and it is for you to get one that again show there wasn't. A nine Miller is fifty calibre. Defense was officially asked the Alps. for people who don't member fats and fear is gonNa Walker right there out, chapel was approved, but let's he got Eric holders. Le Morgan's than I am, and I'm sayin it crap turn against radio yeah. Your price rises are very reasonable. I look forward to selling them I'll catch deal's off. They sell tax there may be a one and no background check, just justice dropping the background Jack. That's what you're gonna do it Yes, the probability ok, we will say will set that does happen at gunshots. Again. Does ok, it does happen. It does happen. but its eye, and this is how it happens. Generally, these guys are paranoid to begin with, but they're getting a bill, assail they're, getting a copy of these peoples idea and and intend to do in a transaction
yeah I made maybe a fraction of a fraction of a per cent of those slip through the cracks, and maybe one Phelan Cons one of these guys. What in a blue moon, but again we're focusing all these resources all before we get to that. It's important because he said there incentive when we asked people in India. I said: well this or we need your idea, and we do this and I count on the back. jack, but I will get your information, they sort of uniformity, and will you can't do it period nurse for that, but I don't know if you do a private bill of sale and there isn't a bill of sale or that in states if the person buys it privately often softer register it, but if thou doesn't happen. It still registered to the name of the person who sold it and They have a vested interest in making sure that there is only one, a crime because barely high level these these folks are already There's already enough law and regulation did is kind of keeping some pressure on these folks who
to sell again, do you know Johnny at stake? There goes out and robs liquor store and shoot somebody ray you could be civilly liable. Be then there you know that If you're in an anti gun stay there looking to make examples of people and they're gonna, they may you know really look into that transaction and you could say well, I did know, but there's already pressure to bear on people to be very careful in a private transaction and again, the bulk of these transactions is between friends, family, an unknown quantities. It's like you know, you got cleanest, bother down at the boys again show swapping guns, big deal, they know each other right. I shoot what time? It's ridiculous again, we're straight in and at worst following the camel now you're, absolutely right just that, because people's and water is technically away, so they take the gunshot loophole barometer. Sixty percent of gun, Cramond Chicago, come from people automatic weapons in Crampon Indiana at a gunshot, here's the deal we went to the polls that rock no the hell they run. We regard it as a false statistic: I've I've studied this. Oh sure in it. It's not that that sixty percent is a bogus number
Are we absolutely? Sixty percent assumes a going to legal gun dealers like yourself, we did exactly what Obama said people do at the exact place he claims they do it. And not a single person was willing to do it and left this will still But technically there is this kind of loopholes, but that's not. The point was resting exactly what he's telling you yes and it's a lie, and what is what What does it mean? Obviously, your your sales are probably doing really well he's been great for sales, Barack Obama. That's that's a silver lining. The guy is such a whole and I can't stand it, but why? God that guy is the best guns salesmen of all time I met, I sent a free basket for Christmas said: keep that stuff biggest anthrax. You're going to the USA is the lesser right now. Don't please outer. Are you crazy tea party guys do not feel that
we do not need another holiday and we don't need no excuse for a hundred years to blame by guys for all products in Amerika we. now go away yeah you do. I even I mean, in my opinion the guy's half way and is probably gay. Even now, God Did you see that seen in throw a baseball rider, biker answers Budapest, nor a guy is light your mom's, like what our lesson Annie would get dusted. Basketball court by Sarah Pale and she played college barn, recite diehards. There is one Youtube: click where the guy shot twenty shots into ass painful. I saw that ended the photo up they did with with the best. What is clear savings poll was never things like all of them, the. Why guys take twenty minutes but if it so bad surplus ape noted is,
like when the metal heads trying to act as though there tough as someone who grapples as someone who does combat sports. You know these are just gelatinous tubs of goo, whose ass you could easily kick but its freak. So it's kind like Barack Obama, who you know with smoke attitude, was doing coke in college and was trying to introduce river trying to be the sort of anti. anti mainstream intellectual, but now he wants to act like he's one of the boys play in basketball, and it is so easy to see through about that. Guy got so much white. You he's got he's got by Europe in a state of California, too ridiculous yeah pills. Why are they I dont know about the gay part. I talk about this, so I dont think I don't think he's gay and I dont think Hillary Clinton is a lesbian, but considering all the rumours for every conservative Alla time, I'm a Rick Perry and I was in a room at MSNBC and everything. I really really repairs. Gay war, lessening Innis Emerson, Lydia S Dnc suited there, but think if we're going to start a rumor
You, no one would be surprised if Hilary came out as a lesbian tomorrow I would not be shocked. Billygoat really! No one would be. I will thank you for educating on us on the on the gun situation when this gunshot gets up Yosemite Alex. Where can I find it? Well, you don't like the name, so we can work on that. But right now it's patriot and with ASEAN. I can't patriot guns and Ezida Commune. I'm I'm I'm here in Idaho. I got restores here and I know how it is done, Our state is shaped like a gun at Patria, upon a gun in Idaho, we got stores STAR, Meridian and humble o near your Boise. must let you go, but thank you so much as somebody Alex for being on the programme, always good people who actually know what they're talking about with them. The coven new trend? Now I see some people kind of getting into like facts, and you see it's got to cover fringe movement in some ways I think facts people valuable in the living a big one day if we're lucky, it might become, mainstream, might become mainstream,
Let informality information, it's cool thing. Why I really do genuinely sympathise with people who are war, gun dealers, affair, fowls selling, because I ve been so vilified and the truth is it it's ok to vilify certain contingencies of the american population. as long as they're deemed let us enough so like the wealthy, it's ok to vilify them if the right now the message from Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is hey. If you work hard and you invest in you. Take risks. You too, Can maybe one day become wealthy enough to see your rights taken away. Why do you cross over where ok I may I have basic rights, and then when I make overturned and fifty are household makes opportune fifty thousand a year. I lose my rights because more Half my income goes away. what why is it? Ok, just because a person is wealthy, suppose a mind, the village
of success that would come for a birth in his presidency. Think about this too. Where do you think, like those research you wants to happen, are you nervous his solar panels and crap we're gonna come from there's no incentive for success. There's no incentive for innovation is a collaboration, so the only it's gonna get. Only things are happening funded our government granted government grants. So I mean welcome to communism yet well now it's not Don't call it communism, because national socialism lay so different from democratic socialism, In amazement, people go away. Want democracy, no We are not a democracy. We are a constitutional representative in it. That's what you wanted. What are you ready to this democratic socialism? Gummy communism is just one step down the road and that's just like is opposite from from a democratic situation as you can get yet they think this is kind of that we are. We the people. you cannot have the masses was online
Purely voting in their own self interest, that's it that's one of the tenants, one of the central tennis to conservatism. You can't do that and that's also the problem with the Donald Trump Populism right now and the Czech, or check the check, not the choice the chair of the church, the church, the church thought you were saying. I do owe you a check for some equipment that we bought redo. I need to write you a check there. really get that you dont even get the nationality right. I don't care enough and shot the church together. Well, nobody likes problems, we talk, you know what I ruining. One rate goes up because I only get mad. The church. I'm not a nationalistic person. I am not so. Who blames specific nationality or race. I think entirely wrong. I believe in a discussion of ideas and ideology, solutions except when it comes. I hate the judge. I've had enough of the church and I enough of people telling me that I can't hate the judge their book crap is running.
But for long run, ramp and unchecked for long enough, unchecked and judged on Jack. It's been a judge and judged gas that I mean an ever. Everyone knows it. That's the big elephant, the room that no one wants to talk about is the church. The point is: you cannot just have the majority voting in their own self interest, people to understand, not that's it. conservatism in populism too easy to be led astray and we're seeing that now with a lot of people who claim to be conservative, saying this? Is reaction, you're being a reactionary when you do this, but now a lot of people are claiming the mantle reactionary nationalist, very proud you're being a reactionary when you say hey this guy signed in so many executive orders prison, De Obama has almost been a dictator. We hours to do it better? We want our dictator has been what what you know. It's been a. What I say is is a dictator, but I mean weaken what we could cut that weren't half and still make sense
Ok, so they there. I was confused for a second. It's getting towards Georgiana toward the end of the programme and in my brain has slowed down, make a profit Idiot with me more effectively no color from well. I just I went online or of your house no out. I'm out, you will see your catch me up there. The point It's you interrupted my thought process traditional. must be more severe, you'd be fired, but it's not enough, I don't know you can tweak made us crowd or I dont want the right wing version of obama- I dont want hey he'd, you acted so out of order. He signed someone executive actions. We want our guy to do it. I don't I well with someone reversing executive action and then saying: hey, no more unconstitutional, executive actions and not all agree, the Americans are on constitutional. That's not what I said but no more overreach of the executive branch. So I want to take that office who The person you want to take that office is the. Person who, in here
We believe that that office should be, small that it would be too you because you pass on your way to get coffee This is the people and for present right now it bill little talk about this. We get to hire them or fire them. Donald Trump. Isn't the boss TED cruises boss, they're, asking for us to hire them there listing their resume? It still needs to be treated. That way, don't be a fool right now we're in the driver's seat. Then they convinced us you to talk about making a deal for these people, make a good deal for you and for that Sri Lanka with credible, we back and wrap it up, at no time for gentle insults with Doktor Betancourt.
I do believe that everybody on the stage has something mine again here, as governor While I would like to speak up for a moment, you know I haven't out as much time as the other candidates and I think, shut up. nobody here, including myself, Lacy shut up. This has been gentle insults with Doktor Frank
very bad glad to wrap up this show for you again, video every single day up at Lahti, was crowded dot com. If you are listening, of course, rashly and one of our wonderful affiliates, WHAM Homestake Detroit W Easy S, New Hampshire, doubly J C Florida, Patriot and Northern Michigan and Cone Alaska if you listen to the audio podcast, so to get a sight of video every single day and alive stream. Next Thursday, you know
This comes to this one thing we sort of do as we have a rule lotta with credit, where we sit and in last segment reflect on every than we thought about the news stories in in and go macro, and I think be it's because I don't want to be repetitive. A lot, I was just sort of ghost story, story, story, debate, debate, debate, rant, rant, rant, repeat and then and the show and it's not particularly helpful. I think that people need to, have information delivered in a way that observable that taken taken pieces. I know a lot of you listening on the podcast. Listen stop go to the gym. Listen if there's a big time! away here right now. It's it's a real problem with group! Think and that's why I was kind of joking, but not really that crazy cat lady bothers me more than ISIS but it's the same reason. Islam bothers me It's the same reason. European socialism bothers me
it's the same reason. People who won't criticise specific candidates bother me if you listen, this programme. We have at some point criticized every single candidate, every single one. We ve also compliment in every single candidate. Let me run through them ran Paul. I think the guy's consistent. I think he serves a role and keeping fakes accountable. I like him on a lot of issues, the criticisms he comes across as bitchy he can be petty and his head looks like a toilet brush Carly, fearing Great on debate, no one's better than her in the debate she strong she's outside of the political establishment she hasn't held office she's a business background. inside she's mismanaged your campaign. I have some proof. with her on the way she deals with Islam in a way that tries to be more politically correct and she should smile more TED crew. is the most solid across the board definitely believes what
As if you look at his record, the guy has been so incredibly consistent problem is the delivery, and a little bit of out of touch touchingness sometimes, and can he build coalition Marco Rubio was Anti establishment beat Chris. I like em a lot the most presidential very well spoken, downside receding, hairline and the immigration TAT Ben Carson, so many things to like about an honourable Carson good man accomplished and I truly believe that he feels called to this office and people demanded that he run. You can see that debates he's not clamouring for stage time downside. I don't think he's particularly quick on his feet, I don't know that he's cut out to be a president. I think he's a brilliant surgeon and I would hate to see the office destroy someone like him. I don't know if he has the right temperament Donald Trump, love that he's proven you can go after the political stance.
meant the media establishment that you don't have to be politically correct? I think someone like Carly fear, Lena, would stand to learn from his campaign. I think that other Politicians should look at his playbook and say you know what we need get rid of these strategists the people who run paints rank and for Bush run campaigns from a Canaan Rami, they should all be gone, they should all be fired and I think Donald Trump has proven that criticism obviously that he's a liberal democrat. every single one of them! I've complemented and criticized. and you should to show its group think in being politically correct. Weathers doing with Islam or feminism. That bothers me. It's group think, with this girl saying she's a cat and and saying yes, I can communicate, I can speak cat, it's just group think and group think can offer start off as a lie. People just short of agree that this is what they're going to go with. You see, with his administration? They're going to go with the gun, show loophole, I don't doubt for assent,
they started off. Knowing it was a lie, knowing it is dishonest, but at a certain point they ve posted so long then the people who come in the people who voted and after they ve been anonymous, don't realize that it was a lie in the group. Think rose. I problem what the Trump issue. If not, I have plenty of people who I respect, who support Trump conservatism has nothing to do with it, but I can respect liberals who run up on other issues. So I respect people who are populists who, like Trump for reasons and they if they ve, weighed the pros and cons. My problem is with group think my problem, as if you are refusing to criticise something at all. If you are going to talk about TED crews, borrowing from Goldman Sachs against his own assets and having paid it back and not complain that from- has loans from George Soros that Donald Trump has given to policy to Harry Reid, to Hillary Clinton, you're group thinker you're a follower.
you're a week person, I'm not saying your week if you just like Trump but your week. If you were few, who's, to hear of la la la la, I can't hear you it's. A lack of critical thinking. Group think is the by product from lack of critical. and we can make fun of it all. We want, because it's easy to see with college students. It's easy to see with Sweden and Germany in the refugee crisis, there are times words really easy, it's really blame, but for every time you see something blatant there's ten more ample that you probably myth happens on both the left and the right. Happens when a man and woman of the year with testicles. it happens when you have a candidate who's been alive Democrat, whose radically pro choice, Anti gun, who now claims to be A republican and people say. How dare you question him? He's the only one is going to win. That's a problem. It's a problem! when people say, there's a gunshot loophole and
Greece, even though there isn't its approval when people say I can speak cat and orders act as though its legitimate. It starts off with group think without looking at each individual issue critically on that doesn't mean that you can have a world. You need to have a word. You need to have a lens through which to filter the world. For me, that's conservatism for me, that's that's, limited government believing in the power of the individual, believing in human and alien, oh God, given rights. That is my starting off point. I'll admit that my buys absolutely I still with each individual shoe analyzer critically. Problem today, with the GEO be raised with the debates with the Trump circus with the men working women of the with Social Justice warrior with democratic socialism, the problem is group thing and conservatives aren't supposed to be a part of group- think we're, beyond that be better talk your next week louder with greater
at that time for doktor ran ball bitches about everything. I think that if you look at my opponents, many of them are out of touch with reality, and the american voter, as seen by the expensive, suits that day, where less and not a single other candidate on this stage would even consider as a matter of fact, they would make it forbidden to wear downgrade genes. sport code that is ill setting, but not may I still like the man, but then it got around all bitches about everything say too.
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