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#60 Ben Shapiro, Milo and Crowder. 'Nuff Said...

2016-02-05 | 🔗
Join Crowder and NotGayJared as they broadcast their first video live-stream with all star guests, Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos. Also, Jared does not gay things.

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This is just even Churchill, though, bought formally announced my endorsement for presidential clarity of United States of America. That's why Jesse the bad is endorsing Donald Trump, because he's going to take us down the trail to greatness. and address the issues that really matter flora in your tab. You know the facts. You Yourself at the junction, where worlds me holler, civility about honesty in this country. Folks, anarchy like. And out all want to bother still without having healthy body image, even very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible bodies, not a we definitely going
others, your listening to talk, radioed strangers animal you're, getting louder with router. And that sound, it sounds sounds like God is talking to me with my echo and my headphones lotta with greater recommending that sound means it's the weekend producing with in a video studio, as always, is Jared who is not gay? You can follow him at not gay Jared. I have fulfilled all my legal obligations and you can drive conclusions. We get appreciate that we are going to protect wearing. What is that echo that I was hearing? I am I'm a portal retarded and less aid speed that hate speech and that's a cake is its self degrading its we Geneva the wrong How long phaedr up so are we gonna over again? We have
working or get well listen. This is this is a big day for later with crowded people listening to rest, really, of course, this is the first Video live stream, so people can either. watching this right now in Lahti, was cutter, dot com or the Youtube's hello full on video live stream. Not gauge here has been working on this all day. So though, listening at our work. Careful home station, WHAM or Affiliates W Easy S, New Hampshire, W J C in Florida, cone, Alaska, Patriot, northern Michigan, Travers City The others out there. Thank you, but you can now watch this. Crap live can and then I got the beauty has yawning seen you yet show them. They have not the scene, my little mother, tell me that guy is not gay. Tell me you buy that not gay but, of course, legally. ok, big, weak, obviously Iowa will big, show we're going to ban Shapiro on
Milo. You, Courtney, cure travel join us after that. We also have the the Iowa Caucus official coin toss czar. on later the savage tsars for submitting the tsars for everything we just crazy, you have all banks have tsars so big thing. Obviously Our Iowa was won by tat groups now decades, but Rubio had a surprising showing Rubio by a spanking accrues, biased banking, by a spanking. Let's make it drink, your caffeine guy brain and not working at you, have the wrong phaedr. Here's the deal Course has been marred by controversial tankers. Talking about that with Ben Shapiro, later he's a Jew Cheryl and We talk about that with my own monopolise, whose a gay and em, knows so. Nonchalantly yeah well he's one of the gaze
My french but you're. True at one time, are you so taken lost now, of course, everyone was dogma. How is winning the poles before that- and this is a big deal- is whether you line up whether its trump weathers tat Crews- this is this is a pretty important step, because- you fall into one of two camps. You buy everything that trumps been selling wholesale, that there as a controversy that the crews campaign went out and told them Carson was dropping out of the campaign and the only reason that TED crews one was because of voter fraud all so. You believe that and we'll get to and maybe you do believe that not fine or you leave something else. which is what I believe in. Let me tell you, I believe us now. It does there are some volunteers from cruises campaign that came out and told people it looks like Carson's. It looks at Carcinus
bending his campaign because it came from CNN which came from Carson himself talking about going to Florida comes volunteers now been do enough of these political rallies and these these sea packs and these kinds of events that they're incredibly disorganized and politics one person in a chain of command to say something in the under the quisling vulgar they do so, I will not willing to a year BP, yes, can in turn number five from Lynchburg Virginia. I'm not incline to believe a goal. We don't have any evidence that once the top listen if TED crews per No, I said hey, I want you to lie and tell her. Ben Carson dropped out. And the only well when win. This is real gotten gain screw Carson winded take outcrop. If that happened, I dont want. I don't want to do it. and he's he's he's a bad person if that happened, We have no evidence at that happened, ok and
Something else do cars initially did better than we thought Nepal's up the two percent better than the poles before him Rubio they manufacture. Everybody did better sign from Donald Trump, so and I know people people watching this on came into the light. Trot wondered. What is this? no I've listened, have never been a big fan of Donald Trump. There, a lot of people I can vote for and clear conscience and trumps been invited the ship. Here's what I think happen in Europe. correct me. If you think I'm wrong here, not gay jeered, I think a lot of people, talking with Gavin. In about this, I think a lot of people. There are a lot of great things about Trump that I supported about Trump. No political Agnes shine a light on the political establishment, George Bush fighting back. I get that. I appreciate all that. I think a lot of people appreciated them and I think a lot people also realize he's not fit to be commander in chief and self look, it's not just crews, it's not just Ruby us, not just cut its everybody. If you look-
it would seem that there is a certain percentage of trump hat wearing bumper sticker. Amerika, great again campaign fanatics, who went in and when it came time the pulled a lever said, jokes summer crews, drugs over Rubio that is much more likely than You know every conspiracy. What what? What are we here's? My thing would Donald Trump Dickerson. You can tweak me it s crowded. We don't have the live, chat going on you too, because you're all animals, but you Tweet me it s crowded, can tweet it not gay Jared Donald Trump, ever attacked TED crews on ideas, yet I mean you know he's he's canadian, so is Unfit Goldman Sachs all these results should be nullified though TAT grows did Edward, I'll drop. Actually what we have that
Has there been any debate where he's really gone after crews aggressively over his ideas? Tweet me it S. Credit has been cars into she's level, one bankers and gets get a lover, so my ever seen him has college transcripts. Why are you asking that They use either. Or who goes, ghetto and five seconds honest funniest thing: that's Ben! there's an act of violence and throat. Well, listen doktor bunker And from Detroit to a single mom and tried to stab somebody he's not when they, say he's not black enough about the Colin Powell about the kind of these arises. The even tradable with Herman Kane is like listen, Doktor Van Carson's from Detroit to a single mom and try to stab somebody. Ok he's all star black he's, not flying in the feeder system, but what has as Donald Trump
TAT Ted crews on ideas. Yet because it's all right of anything, I can think of anything, and if it is it, certainly maybe ten percent- and this is one thing I have said- you know at least with Bernie Sanders. I respect him and I respect their cars with is immensely he's. Not my guy. Don't want him to win the really haven't gotten into the person tax it enormously TED crews didn't he'll, be back on the show. Solidarity only first came on and ask him about Is it I'm not going to get in there, and at that point you he had not done anything. The biggest mistake was beating Trump in the polls he doesn't aiding and at that point in time his chances of any kind of winning was really pretty much a long shot. A long way since has come a long way since then, but we Darwin Ironic wrong ground game. So so that's what Concerning to me, listen regardless of where you end up on politics right. We always He was tired of same old, same old, radiant, same old, same old politics. It's the personal
in running some of them. I did not talking about ideas and not making progress. So What? Why is that? Ok, when one person does it and another person doesn't, do it? Listen better Bernie Sanders. I think he's insane. I there is always more with forever without go to college, but he has run a dirty campaign, he's been very, very it and, when need to think about, the Clinton's that is much material, easy opponent, much material, My opponents and plans are unrealistic and in Britain, but this broad killer go, that's it! That's it might drop. Might write, drop just walk off, so I do respected about Bernie Sanders ten years, but about Ben Carson. What would I want you to treat me? Let me know what you think then we'll get a pull up here on twitter. You think that all of this is ill gotten get. Here's one think the one thing about Donald Trump that I think everyone can agree on. If you're being objective,
He's never met a victory that wasn't wholly legitimate and he's never met a defeat that wasn't entirely foul play Before this I never heard him say, a single Paul was rigged against him that he was winning right. every Paul, listen, we're gonna! It's so much you gonna, be you're gonna, be sick of winning we're gonna win somewhat. You gotta be to lose his first. We're going to win so much. You gonna be sick of winning, ok and then the second that the vote matters. He loses. They were. The video is reg. Nobody cared That is no reason for it. Saving of apology, that balls reg. That's all it is it's entirely personal and that's just it's just something. I dont my people, don't see it I dont know why people do not see that with the guy
The pandering. You know what that to correct these, this, what you like right, liberty, test, all take Esta, does it is it s point he just strikes me as a guy who decided to run for office is like. I should probably pick up a handle. Catherine stuff evasion, oh yeah. Second, second, a baby s, that's what you like great! That's! You know guns, that's that's for you! I thought you that's what you're into we're all everything he talks about. It seems that wage this just like to guarantee is about everything it just to grin. These is the most blatant in delirious of all. That is pretty funny. When are we going to talk about divorce? Said not a? U will get to voice. Could not are you gotta know? Could you christian? I thought that's what you like. as will we owe Howland. We have today in the second year about about thirty seconds to that. Seconds of my own any music: does that mean you forget that the figure is common is coming to be older people watching as we actually when we have commercials that run live. If your listing terrestrial we have come,
that run running live video stream in them they are not FCC approved. But I'll tell you what we're going to stay here and fight and assess pull that, as you, too, will be back. Everybody was invited by the parliament
I'm warning you. deputy director on radio your duck lips did your Douglas I got on radio we're back from the break, damn it. This is the problem with the lives dream and now we're we're going to lose affiliates lighted with greater. We are back
Ben Shapiro coming up after the break which import excited about people watching alive stream. Now, by the way for those listening to rush, we have seen not gay ere it for the first and the feedback SAM shares as a hundred times better than S, an l commercials gets the high angolans slimming effect, then Carson Impression spot on people of the air fifteen. They should know that my care as well That's not the best, I'm actually more. Ten watch jeopardize humanism, mannerisms confuse ones gate are conclusions were hung at this point we have. The best fan is fair spare, oh by the way, our epoch, the voice of God. It's ok On command really, yes, we are giving a voice of God the voice, oh god Jared, your sexual lifestyle is immoral. That's pretty awesome, should we forget, I want you to bring his upon me
Someone is really important here, we're talking about establishment a lot, and I think it's important for us to try to define what that means, because that's a term now being anti establishment as an inherently make you anti conservative doesn't inherently make you virtuous. So when we're looking at Kennedys record, we have this upon the screen so really quickly. I have a list of candidates and percentage of their donations that are small donations, meaning donations and haven't just come from giant packs or donors to his credit, Bernie Sanders, and I think they count. Unions here, unfortunately, is up there. Ben Carson, Microscopy Carly, fearing a TED crews. Those are the top five right with tech truce. Coming from small donations about forty two percent of the time. That's
Or because of people now the whole attack right now, republican primary from known Trump as its establishment. Donald Trump he's been endorsed by Bob Doll, Scott Brown or now Jimmy Carter's came up this week and the Jimmy Carter, I'm in God, bless him. You know he's got that. What are you laughing? I don't know Are you laughing about as your loving? Let us disease is that why you're laughing cancers? Never I mean it's usually kind of began. I forgive you. So, given the whole, I think that it will make cancer jokes, I think not allowed. A second, and always like a segment is, is this? This is about
start. Well, listen we already. I will my dad had cancer people sent in their best cancer, jokes you're, my favorite cancer joke. As someone said this to my dad had cancer the surgeries been removed. My fair cancer joke is a guy goes into the doktor doctor says: ok got some bad news, you ve got cancer and you ve got Alzheimer's and the patient says could be worse. We sit on of cancer. But I have about that. Zog is an all time like old man's Roque. You now drinkin like drinking slits at the bar, but it's all- really dark and twist it has the best of both worlds. Jimmy guarding the funny thing is it about drop as the reason he would rather see Trump and cruises, because Trump has no principles is totally malleable.
So here is something of this, yet Chris Christie, JEB Bush, John Kasich, Martin O'Malley, Hillary Clinton. These are people in in Donald Trump photo enough toward the bond. That list of these are people who have giant big blocks of cash, meaning coming in from people who are probably big businesses, big packs, JEB Bush. The perfect example When I have talked about this, how is Job Bush Dylan's? Nobody? I know like some now. If you want to talk about establishment, Jab Bush or Chris Christie, you, accurately law. That accusation right. That's absolutely true! When it's just coming from but some big money, people really like em, but nobody else like some. It's kind of like conservative content out there right now, The real reason we ve done pretty well and am incredibly grateful as its determined by the audience. I once had
producer say you know? Radio actually is not about the audience about the sponsor you're, just selling the audience? That's it! That's what's happened! That's why conservative radios gotten so one note. A lot of wealthy people. Republican party are dying off their out of touch. They dont know what people want, so they would support people in general Chris Christie have the sun on the screen. Nobody in the Republican Party, like TED crews, he's those reviled hated member, the Republican Party, because he called Mitch Mcconnell liar, lends here's the deal you may not like him. Ok, you may think is arrogant and I think that's a valid criticism of tat. Truth of people could feel that way because he called people liars. He basically was one to shut down the government on Republicans, and this is a bad idea. He's a nope, dont care, I'm going to do it. I like that, because I'm an arrogant, ass. I have no problem with people. Saying hey: hey you should play
oh and I take my ball and go home. I understand people don't like that about tat crews, but what you can't do is say nobody there, a bug, nobody likes him and then say at ease establishment. Ok, I, fighting here, because a career politician, someone like a text has done everything he claimed. He would do any one and he was elected, went they reclaiming now you may not like that's fine, but when we say establishment important because something it's used for mindless people right now, very unintelligent people throat around just as a term- and you know this year and we work with lots of credit comedy stories. Every day week we get ripped off. We currently have to compete with click bait, damn you put in a bomb is going to hurt the establishment eager guaranteed a ton of clicks. Yes,. So that's why they love. It is so easy for them to take the Donald Trump stuff just completed with all its establishment against try, since this is a double its well time for but its importance. It will have this tat. We have it up on the screen. What will have it up it later with greater dot com
it gives an idea as to who is really establishment who's going big money donors, I'm surprised, Carly, fearing as high up there, because everyone was told that she was getting all the job people who jumped from job. But this week Randy. All our grand Pollyanna Hairline had like a toilet hair brush, but I like em, who else without Rainfall Ben cars into suspended its campaign and who s? Who else Huckabee ran pulse someone else. One outward saint on, which surprisingly very endorse Rubio about Catholics. Gesture, I mean that's more, who I would thought of that other feather we communion to gather the same in the rain or some Catholics, God I would have thought after attended the whole Trump rally thing, ditch the prime time they may God would probably heard it was kind confusing vote. closure. I know the sand terms pretty well and- and I was surprised by that, we ve His daughter Elizabeth on this programme, lovely girl
Lovely Baobab Elizabeth Centaur, but I do think that, as those people drop out, the lion's share of those people are going to anyone. named Trump right now, whether you like it or not, I think trumps popularity is about as high as is going to be. And he has the highest unfavourably rating of any president sitting or running in the last twenty five years at sixty percent George Bush is absolute. Worst did not have a disapproval rating of sixty percent so that's going to be tough to overcome no one. What we're going to bring on bench appear after this to cut through this and get this video framework unwell, lotta, with greater stay tuned, and now it's time
you're dating advice minute with bill caused, not love comes from. Russia is collect. Lawyer Who is required our way, but work at world level reward through above a guy lab, buried We're gonna get it brought him rough. thereby robbed of bucks, berries, algal causes, rather than the so called bargain
You know what I'm talking about. You gotta go yourself: drugs yourself, the important, not rational, Ruby! Please use, go very proud. But this has been your dating advice minute with pale costly. Yeah. And I am so sorry about that- for people who were watching the live stream One out you had to watch hoppers sit Where do you that was the actual hopper? Can
He was now. He is positively inert people and women. so glad to bring on our next gas. We finally have him on end he's. A lawyer scholar and a gentleman benches glad to have you with us yet glad to be here. Just sorry, I can't see Stephen, because that was gonna make my ear. That, of course, I know right now. I have this horrible homeless beard and not gauge yards we fired, of course, for the technical difficulties. You know it's funny, but with so many requests for you to beyond like live and I'm gonna actually been. Shapiro was on the show before it was a show when it was just a Youtube channel. You around all about primetime propaganda. Remember that I am in lessons Stephen you and I go all the way back to two. You actually trying out your brazilian headline son me in my car and you had a hernia, I did have a pizza, It is not a yard. Is the second gas things
that's because you will now what ended up being gay argument with crime again instead which, as MR it didn't work out unless it can happen that it was prospect which maybe even gayer, guys you're doing snatch first snatches for Rebs until you snap your spine up. Yet what does the voters goldfields Ben was actually acted as my lawyer on several contracts, and you can tell you I just said, as I listen these people, We want to give you this money, you're you're a lawyer in your Jewish. I here that's good right. You out I'll, take care of you. It was basically breaking yes exactly thirty months, but it worked out. I didn't have getting should as a matter of fact, you know there's a lot of people in the consumer. movement, don't even own the rights to their own name. Owned by someone else. It's trademarked in dumb of what was your just just a divine intervention, but that's actually never happen with me. I managed to maintain the rights I think a trademark at a long time ago I mean I'm not worlds worse. Lawyers I did protect.
Somewhat. This is true, but now you're doing a lot more speaking and you have your own podcast where's the best place for people to find it Ben Agar daily wire dotcom. That's my website son and still under a large over bright barbarism editor in chief daily wires. That's more reflective, I think, of of sword my views on agenda level design more pieces there. Than ever, radio show in the mornings and Charolais it seventy out here and then obviously the podcast which I can it I tunes you can get it off down clown. All of the usual voices mother, you wanna know people can get the video cas which its now nightmare like ours is quite so ok, then we were just sort of talk. Does that our Milo will come on? I don't I'll bet you do not get you. Can we get them both on or now offered we look it'll have I one or the other aspects which might be good cause? miles audience might not be fans of Ben. I was talking about this today I haven't. In just a rash of anti semitic comments. and I'm not jewish idiot? You worried automatically the centre on the jewish basketball
the bulgarian government, has a bit about tat time out. A reinforced rim of the jewish Cultural Centre is like. There have been two broken rooms in the history of the NBA and not one from a for foot, and I enjoyed Have you been getting, I ve noticed a big uptake in this way. It really only started when I started becoming critical of Trump sell. My original view of tromp was that he wasn't conservative, but he was hitting some the right people join him hitting a lot of, but I remember that I remember that. Member being like what a thinking it was odd because I I said those same things, but you seemed more emphatically pro trump, but none of them. really really wasn't that I was in fact only programmers anti the media. Those attacking triumph for the wrong rewrite was one thing to say: tromp was concerned, it totally agree, but some of the hits on from
we're illegitimate and size or try to at least the objective enough to take out media had so much effort hands it. That means when, when they went after Ben Carson in, for example, over the West point thing, I was the one who really do bunk the West Point store right and that saved his candidacy at the time. For what and no one really knows- and now I feel like I'm in the same place with crews, because there is they, the Carson and trumpet. Rubio campaigns are hidden crews over this is not how much cursing you on your part, and although this go, there's goes out to a bunch of stations on the terrestrial, as well case too, will be fair hair, say yesterday these bs charges that accrues it was was responsible for voter fraud, I am basically laugh. It was not even well done. Charges is running on a legal footing on the jewish lawyer had an illegal This is absurd and not a moral level is absurd. To I mean what, when the news first broke, the pen Carson was was skipping. I want a new Hampshire and South Carolina heading due to Florida. Pick up his laundry. I dont want romance in Manchester North in New Hampshire.
No one would not happen. Everybody on the internet and the same exact thing, which was ok campaigns over this is just can you imagine if a white guy the white privilege that would be bandied about if a white person went back to Florida change close, it's a bench appear we're running, for I was gonna, I'm gonna drive flying across the country to change clothes. Like would really your privilege, showing I even aliens weeded out a Google map of all the measures in town for forbidden, Carson, another another dry cleaners in Manchester, when Carson and K, I doubt that out in your best neurosurgeon the countries in shops at Macy's, though John Edwards, and I remember that John and we're just to get these designer suits me what he would cut out the tag and put in a fake like GC penny tag, so he could seem at one of the people that you are not only not Donald Trump doesn't like Macy's businesses in size and Sweden.
The ties that were made in China must correct ability. But what what's so absurd about this whole thing with trumped up to get back to the original question is that the I started off as kind of lukewarm on trumped, like he's, hitting some of the right people visa hammer in search of a nail, Remington, Andrea to nail, and sometimes it's a puppy, but if one sitting and ale every so often and better here, the not and then in the last two months, he really just started to do: go wild, not just against crews, which who cares, but but again, but against crews on unknown conservative basis, Oleson cruises a bad guy, because he wasn't in favour of quasi universal Healthcare cruises a bad guy because he was born in Canada. Greece is a bad guy, because Christmas, two right wing, nobody like them in the Senate. Kara somebody's liked in the Senate, and in this I found frustrating and as soon as I started, getting critical a trump then all of a sudden I started getting exactly why what you ve been getting, what you desire cock, serve it if I hear you're you're somebody's aid, this because you're a Jew, all you? U Jews, coming out in all the stuff, and it's like well. First of all, my jewels always out, I mean, like I wear this thing
Here this yamaha- I don't take it. Aren't you going to lose your jus powers of our exactly for those two seconds right that I was born there. Will that fortunately have in section of my protocols of the island picture it or like a teacup? where you take on the steam goes out only it's pure cash for the genetic at all that that's. Why only take it off in the privacy of my home, and I want to hear that no, of course, not you and your your secret Dougal, yet its it. I do feel a kinship, I think, with the with the juice, because I've been the target of so many anti semitic comments I mean not not Jared knows all. time like what it will mean that one demanded that video on you have em in the guy yelled at me, some zionist goulash. You said you jus, and I said what I do is use what you look jewish and we didn't it make the cut, because we knew that people would run with us say was anti semitic. But what I said to myself, like you, need a lot of six three to two
five juice. Do you think's sizzling zionist school, how he called me a gulags or even knowing people imitated the Jew thing alive? My automatic response on Twitter is yet another civic g the exclamation be exactly you, that's when you look at them and you see the great nineteen sixty six, that that's it that's exactly Raymond. Where did you get that words get? The first glue was named bench of Europe. I mean. What do you think you? Could you come up with a more jewish name? Did the button but you're right that there is a wing of the internet that is being taken
ordered by certain people on the right, and it would be interesting to talk to my lot at the central, Milo and you, and I think you have differences on us by their theirs. It there's a whole contingent of the all right and I want to say to the entire outbreaks and allow the entire all right, but a server that certainly a significant percentage of the all right that the many turned against tromp all of the latent Anti Semitism came out. I was I was sort of like the good you until I came out again and I started coming out against tromp them in a bad habit. It was all well he's in the pay of his zionist master dear and say: well, no other people pay me our jewish. Actually, well, what was really bazaar was added to sing on first of your jewish. Ok, Hitler is there anything about Hitler's policy that we're right wing? Conservative? Yes, now now Exactly. I just want to make sure there's someone far smarter than me as I did this now
What about it? We talk about eighty percent tax photographer going to draw socialize healthcare. As we had two responses he had left his tour furious saying Hitler was Hitler was a national socialist and you know democratic socialism is still mob rule, which eventually will favour the nationalist, because there, the majority right there No problem with democracy over republic, so they were really mad. Matching Hitler was not liberal and then there's this. On contingency of people who, of course call me are you a couple who were mad because they also want to claim Hitler was not liberal and that he may Germany great again, I'm not kidding. These are actual tweets. Hitler. May Germany great again, I've never seen this before, certainly not so openly and then have talked about this. I do think a big big, big responsibility. This is from the left, the pendulum his by
major had to swing further, the other. Where do you think this is just sort of a natural reaction to the politically correct authoritarian speech police, the agonizing? What what's happened is that a lot of the people who are anti establishment assume their conservative, because their aunt I stabbed judgments, they look at the political, correct regime that has been created and their immediate response. I hate those peoples all side with the people on the other side, but they're, not necessarily on our side in their. Not necessarily conservative. Lot of them are in favour of bigger,
an intervention, the economy, a lot of them, are in favour of of high trade tariffs. A lot of them are in favour of a tiny militaries, I'm not sure what exactly is so traditionally right wing about any of this I mean, as far as the national Socialists thing in the Nazis being right wing. The truth is that there was a meme, those originally started by communism, it if you're a communist everybody is right, wing and so by communist lights. Nazis were right wing because, if you're on the extreme left than anything to the right of you is right, but but even that, certainly Hitler didn't consider himself a right wing or by any stretch of the imagination he just considered himself anticommunist, why they need to consider himself anti anything, not Hitler while having their there's truth about, but he had a coherence, ideologists. True and if you read it, if you read his book community, it's pretty cool
that coherence ideology was and is much more similar to modern international leftism. Then it is to anything traditionally conservative. It's always fascinate. I entirely agree with you, but then it gets really are to make that argument and they go will actually and they point to Trump making about this. We want things to be there and written about the alternative right and incorrect me if you think I'm wrong here. I've always been under this impression that again school of right part, Malcolm people who exercise no people who adopted soon, I got so much gaffer saying I would adopt a black child today, like so much crap that you wouldn't believe wisely controversy. A man could well because, apparently you know, because I'm a conservative. I was under the impression that it wasn't about race. It was about America being a set of ideals because I'm like a lot of these european nations. We are not really a racist but we are a melting pot of people from all different kinds of walks of life and most of those were generally white. But as long as you learn the language as long as you subscribe to the american ideals, that's what we were trying to conserve conservatism conserve the ideas of America, not why
ness, and it seems that maybe you just have a generation of people who are a little bit younger hoo hoo hoo dont, really grasp that. You think that's a component here having their lot impregnated shredding through a lot of people are ignored, civilian constitute analyse them and I think that a lot of people who are lacking in values. I also think that we reach the point american life or were reverting to a pathetic tribalism and its true across the board. You see people who are just identifying by tribe as opposed to buy. I d is and in that really sick and opened it, for a lot of black, focusing its true for a lot of white folks. It's always been desire to me. I mean I'm in I'm a Jew, but I don't think of ethnic Jews as anything special like one when people make a big deal out of that agenda Kovacs whose was Jus. This has no bearing for me because he doesn't subscribed my ideology as far as I know, Certainly non Chomsky, dozens and if Non Chomsky were drowning in a river somewhere in somebody who is not you issue agreed with me, was drowning in that same river, I would say: the person who agreed with Nevins acknowledge commentaries ethnically
I should add too stupid question so lead you and let no Chomsky drowning river yeah withstanding. If, if I the atlas, I wouldn't let no chance he drowned in a rubber if you're, the only alternative, but if ever to people like it's a while, you have to go to break that, whatever it was a puppy unknown, Chomsky normally always had the human being. But ok, that's that's. We have to go to break. We want to bring you back Ben Shapiro, daily Wire died, can't thank you. Brother state tune for more louder with crowd her. What are you? What are you ve signalling to me- and I am, I The break here with this lives dream. Is that what's happening? Just did you not do your man properly? Are we still, unlike most online we're. So a lot of much prettier than ever come in recent. Am I going to do we do come, and eventually here you'd you realize that you are fired and that dickie sense in the real sense, Lotto crowded, we'll be back,
wait, awhile, our, like others, trial run. Our group party is now left rival were the GEO renominated all from users of foul play. We have heard from Mozart Drums press conference as Ways Burke. Illicit brightly cruelly did with anything. Ok, ok with you! Don't you think you know what Christie he went. The clock is goes any told them. He told bed caution was dropping a he told them. I supported about it all absorbing things about what I support insatiable robotic. He would I did. I dont know if you know this. Frankly: ok, I'm getting reports, the precincts, TED Crews, what ok, anytime, you put a button and you hit the Okay, I love listen. I don't want to buy it, but we have a bunch of the Trump tower.
there, the elevator. They cover the by pushing machine. If you push the button for everyone, but crews, no vote went to crews ok, another negative, rightly the vote with the groups We have a relatively very another suspicious at this time. Don't worry we'll keep. Your word evolve: remodels rigging, no one per hour spirits glad to be back. I am getting multiple tweets to fire, not gay, jeered Fire not get here. This is a disaster, your life, he's going off the rails package areas fired we, eventually, all over Europe pay Matheson or Donald Trump, so the people spoke? Women have to put up a pole here and see if we want not gauge here to be fired. Ben Shapiro, I'm so sorry,
they even dragged into this. Oh no, no worries, I mean as long as people heard me, cursing obliterate, the non cool and down with I will you weren't reasonably street, but you were actually helps wearing your soul for those listening to rest, Rielly, the commercial breaks. Sometimes you can hear things that you came here to resolutely and Ben with arguments. Listen Bennett I get both were pretty young, we s earnest and when I was the youngest contributor ever to Fox, when I was twenty one amount to set a bit, then help me with my contract with every single entity. At that point, and dumb, like you, said another syndicated communist. When I was seventeen- and I know that both of US Yes, there are not only this move, yes, the want, of course, but they did, but for both of us is what I'm saying for people who are trying to hear what I was saying over the terrible commercial during break. What I was actually saying was that you start off in this movement when you start
young as an ideal want. Somebody really is true believer, and then you realize that most people movement are actually offers an and then he is become cynical and you realize some people are just nasty and in its make about, and then you, you think, ok, while at election time a lethal sort of get our act together and will come back to you. Ok, we gotta be Hillary Clinton. We gotta find the most conservative person who can win were on the same page and then you just are disillusioned all over again and it is massively depressing and it's happening candidate by candidate. in a group, my group, and as every time I think I hate the establishment more. I realized it. Then I hate the media more than I realise that the grass roots are screwing everyone initiatives. terrible, and I always considered myself an anti establishment. Pro grass roots die and I still do, but I really feel like this whole thing is just turn into a massive clown shown suppressing. I know some people are listening. We now hearing bench apparel and their thing in themselves from ITALY. Guide, you says bull, and so we are going to make a lot of
that I agree with you that you know it's. I, wherever talking with Andrew bright part when he was filling in four, I think Dennis Miller Number one Rubio beat Christy, I had a big deal that was that was a big anthrax elephant victory and then people can actually go and look at footage from years ago, where I was too the people who know whenever I would do stand up counter. There was opened this view and I'm an avenue and stand up since Lebanon stand up, since I was eighteen for Runner NEWS from going to count, but now in the conservative party last these colonies near the who's, the next person and over four years right was Bobby agenda will not for years for months, and then it was Marco Rubio and then it was tat crews and I would always listen it's not the guy. There is no, the guy. The guy will always change. Were actually about. This would have been a year in three months ago. I was talking to an audience and Flint Michigan, don't drink the tap water by the way- and I said, listen last year you would have said TAT Margaret was the guy. Everyone goes no boat. Tat grows decorous. This is a room of that seven hundred people who came to watch the show in Nassau Sinclair Shores.
I wonder how many of them right now would say TED Cruises, the guy. I wonder how many of them would even admit to having said teachers is the guy, and I think it's just its. It does come down to a Messiah complex, and I do It is somewhat ironic that the same people who claim that someone like me who is a conservative or you who actually just speak on issues, whether its popular or not, who signed I send my own checks. You are you're an entrepreneur in New York or some other companies. At the same time, they call us weak conservatives, but then get man. We speak out against someone who might be more popular. It's an irony that I think is lost on them. Nothing! It's true! I mean it is annoying because again I defended trumpet. I thought the tromp was right, or at least what I thought was being unfairly malign. I've really diving done my best to do this, but I do not want to turn into a sob session. I think that is more important to say what. Where can we go from here? And I think that in all be frank with you, I am the most pessimistic person on the right side of it
I am deeply pessimistic. I think that we're gonna lose the election. I think it doesn't matter who we nominate. I come take that Arafat Economic, often safe. If you become more positive alone there, bright now seeing things in a whole new light, This is my people. Why are we bitching what's way like there's there's light in this room in an I'm feeling, sort of saying what I know: nothing sack again. They also have an ever zero Lovin Joe Ban. Is it that the whole thing is it whenever they hit? Here's here's the problem? If you want to build a movement, build a movement right, you want to pretend to build a movement you what you're doing right now, because the aid that the right keeps they did. They ve always been like this. We re election to election. We just worry about what's right in front of us and then we lose and then we say: oh well, it's just that makes more urgent that we win the next elections. We have to get the most electable dive to find the most aware
One that I will save us all right in the dark room like Reagan on a white horse and endeavour, happens that way, Reagan Road and on a white horse and is still didn't save the country for long remedy. The late sort of the inevitable slide, and the fact is that if you want to build a movement that you need to start that, if we have to hear again my pessimistically, you if we're going to lose this time and not another, we are, but what's it all, I think we agree with a very negative problem: insensitive tall lighten up Ok, we're gonna go on here, Bender, look at you with the higher iq to give them hope. The now promised that the reason that I have the hierarchy that everybody is watching is because I dont give you hope, then, that the profits get stone in the Temple. That's how this work. So it is said that the bottom line here is it you need to eat you. You do need to start from the premise that a movement needs to be built in a movement needs to be built on idea,
not on temporary coalitions of power, because the left builds movements on idea, there's a reason that Bernie Sanders is competing with Hillary Clinton for who can be more socialist and then they getting power and they push their agenda, and I really think the difference between the left and the right. Is this easy one thousand nine hundred and seventy two George Mcgovern it gets destroyed by Richard Nixon as a pivotal moment. with the left, the right look since at sixty four and we got Reagan item nineteen sixty four american waters laws and we I'll, say: oh boy, we can't have nineteen sixty four all over again. That would just be horrible. No! It's about a movement that you build, not about the singular election in which you engage. Let's go to something for you, think you're gonna kill the guy, I'm not sure that our own and clinical, the guy. I think that I think that if she had the, if she had the strength in her it fingers to you. I don't like to talk about the analogue we'll go who, like it never heard, evinced faster or bad image on the czech government, faster, reassuring to kill somebody
We want to build, or anything like that- you might be next on that list, where are we get going pretty words the best place? We will find you. I gotTA daily wired atomic check every and then we will have you back when this is not a disaster and IKEA jeered. Well, I guess I'll be back in a couple of exactly I adventure pair. Thank you very much good, sir. Coming about it is right. That means we're going to have Milo you're, not powerless and we'll see now that one. My guess is that little rowdy pretty rally right, knock adjourned, Arms spivey look up other jobs here. I know I don't know how long we have until a break now. So my let us when we come back statement,
what are you doing, beggar with lots of tea where'd you get, it could do nothing, but there's a lot of work for the entire com they have fifty and accessories for sale the best advice, the river, where behold now there's another one with what they are doing. Well, if you do not have the best ways to go in that would take away with important step. you're getting louder with router spirits. Oh you know what that means.
sound means that we are in the second, our glad. Thank you tweets all over the place. That's not gay Jared should be fired. The good news is there are thousands of people listening on line right now? The live stream. One of them is no out hiring excited to bring Our next guest was supposed to be on last week, violently ill Milo, monopolised cipher being answer. Thank you angel. How my Gus three, I didn't knock it you didn't reveal until Look at you. Look at the new pomp you gonna rockerbilt like it. Why do I think, Kind of steel and my style I'm still I've, never had another hair cut. I hate that its now trendy is this year I got. This is what you have like radiological, but just don't overdo it. Our trolling the bars. I would I would do it like yours to promise now when I go and citizen Gimme this and they go out when they try and cut it like yours, because ass the train them, I don't know, I don't want it is exaggerated. Yours is an exact. You go baby. You know. I just way
Oh yes, I mean of the other people, tell me stories about two hours spent in this alone. I just wake up, and I look like you were carving up a long from some see food poisoning from what you told me so awfully you're feeling, but I had well. I went for very beautiful meal, which was a lovely tasting menu, yet he had, but I think the oysters well maybe but bad. So I was supposed to be honest. I was visiting a pre record of you and I was kind of likes spontaneously having stomach convictions on the side of the motorways. I'm sorry I didn't get to do that. But hey you got me, live even better. We'll talk about that afterward, so rough weak for you, Mila it towards a rough weak. I saw you tweet win, win, win Trump lost the cock. If you were not throw No? No, no, no daddy's, fine, Daddy's, fine, listen! Nobody cares about Iowa, nobody gets about it. They haven't picture nominees since two thousand. This goes out who FCC station? So let's keep the language to
So I know what you guys do in your city, little gay bars with your bug, chasers deplorable and disgusting, I'm a sexual it is about. Hey can you can you for once? Do you think I'm a cock servant of Mila? Yes, but I am too soda K. Really you are too young. No, no. I mean some of the people who use that word like me, but I still am one big. I did it. I get a test. There's like seven question. Like a questionnaire and I think, like strong support for Israel, like immediately put you in the Kok bottoms, see as well, and I think, being a fag doesn't help a dance. What
There's some other thing, though I believe in it they don't like. Oh, like I'm. I suppose I would be probably kind of new economy foreign policy, because I am quite hawkish, so I think we get a patent because you're flamboyant legal, yes, but I think I think that the old right you I have many sympathies with by the way I like in my in many ways, I think they tend to be fairly anti war. Anti expansionism anticipate love Hitler Well, I think that most of you, I think that the press is completely got that run on Burma. My timeline right now is literally nothing, but Pro Hitler comments from the all right, but they give it because it gets you. They don't get me at all: they do it because they support Hitler. It's got you because You bring it up. Let these people are professional, professional trolls on the internet. Why do this? enjoy your culture than knowing. Why do they send Jonah Goldberg of National Review like horrible things about you,
is because he never shuts up about it. When they do, they were people, don't troll. It doesnt work in our people troll because they get under way will skin and they fly off the handle either. Member most. These is a lot of these like a seventeen year old kids for God's sake, and they didn't like dont, have any living, but who, through this mobile. They don't appreciate. You could of course say there's nothing wrong with me saying I would adopt a black child with the benefit of our mother, all your cock. How dare you I won't chocolate. Babies to oh yes, I I just think their funding and also, I think I have a better chance of not having to pay for college. Does it get a scholarship? I've been trying to get pregnant. Mothers are bad start back. These are good people watching right now, my love so, We would emphasise that there are all sorts of bigger movie with him in the back. I fact Dana Veto, which has a bit o twins, wit, that's what
like. My offices dress, like the twins cover their those who, I am sure I don't think I was born. Then I was an old enough to see that we turn your ruin me stop it, older than you, this little known fact for people out there any time I block Milo Monopolise for this show, even if he is available, he's going to tell you that he's not available and flip it. On Y Y, you saying that absolutely sure of that literally, if I could bring up the email thread, tomorrow, and they said. assistant in I'm having dinner this time you know, that's love. because you asked for me at a time when I was supposed to be having supper and like I have like two evenings to myself a week these days Roy I treated like I try to keep. I dont have I can't like I can't call Sunday back so instead, I have like two evenings a week. I call it somewhere, don't like what, because I was schooled. Probably I called at supper bike.
I tried two thousand and pronounce your ares, you smug prick what some, what what Think I should be so now I want to cause suffering on French. Superior comes from french sources. Denise is, is, is a whole than they bastardize in a school problems. Because- and I speak three languages- I love it. When Americans pretend understand. European languages was reason can, and I spoke color with you, some half breed awful. I remember this is his wide never come on your shoulders. like a period public with Canadians, is true. Listen, no one is proud of it. Ok, that's no one's! No!
part of being made, especially now with that with Trudeau. Oh my gosh, so ok! Well, I didn't want to interrupt so what we're, where you feeling this, what you said you feel fine, because I know I know you ve talked about trumpet even seven Rogan podcast you're, not really hoping he wins. You like on the threats about that now, because I'm starting to get really into the more I find out about the American Republic establishment and american political establishment generate more realize. It's just like ours in London and the more I want to see it hurts, but they endorsed France. The more I want to see it suffer. No. I mean there come they're coming round to the idea that they might have to pretend to tolerate him because they think he's controllable and they don't think cruises bought it would we have seriously. I wouldn't we admit, that's kind of a testament to the fact that cruises piss so many people off, because he does his own thing where you live
you're, not you and then he should wear that was issued, whether as a budget pride, I certainly what yeah yeah for sure, but straight version of you. No, no! No! No, because these know there's something start amphibian about TED crews like if you touched his hands, still clammy call. I can't he's gonna, like Mr Rogers, with Dracula widow Pique I can't wound to him, and I don't know why I think he may just be like one of those people that just you can't empathize with its just like a brick wall. Emotionally
and I just can't get inspired- I hadn't it's not like that is its insight fees, no Daniel its insight from a sociopath ignores assessed so that the Good analyse well. This is, is this you see their purchase. Mainly guess approaches make the best gamekeepers, so I'm just letting you know. I see him as a sort of fellow says we have it and turn it. How do you see this playing out in Britain right as someone who comes from Europe, Europe's fallen? We know that you know that. How do they see? Are they too close to the forest to see the trees or do they see this know? You know what Trump might be right about some things Brits don't like Trump, because they don't like the brush off his particular style of american light conspicuous consumption, and Unapologetic rashness Europeans in particularly bricks dont like that at all, so that they they sort of instinct. They know they didn't like him and then they search for reasons why they want this with such countries as they can say, they don't like him that are a bit more publicly acceptable than I dont like brush people, which is the truth, so they'll say, for example, within Islamophobia, is a racist or that we have this grotesque, terrible spectacle.
Of our Mps in parliament, wasting taxpayers money and then for people like me who have defended Trump on those issues that that you know, allows it to duck from whatever that that fake so yeah we're think we have the right enemies. Most of the time. Sometimes you know she's going with would get on board the train a bit more often, or at least just knowledge this more often cause. I know you hate him as this is a serious candidate, but I judge people by their enemies and there is no body with. an exception of me, the noise, the progressive left as much as the dear sweet, daddy, I've been doing back since two thousand nine when when from was a democrat- and I think I don't know what you are doing, but I pissed them off for a long time trot We was against islamic speech. I have about half a year ago: ok, whatever not only what I just if this particular policy issues of why we will vote for him anyway, if you're trying to interrogate him on the basis of audio school consistency north
you're right. I think you're right. If people like him- and I don't want to do it with- don't understand human- you don't understand his voters if you're trying to interrogate them according to policy positions that are not possible to understand the free speech position. You know it's a PAM Geller thing. I think that we agree on this point that that's nice. I get the feeling that he's not a robust on free speeches. I would like right, I believe, can be entered on that I have had some on the what little he said, for example, about technology and video games, just an area that the two areas that I'm into its positions on perfect, but that's only because I think they haven't really been fleshed out. Through yet I think on free speech, Eastern wavered slightly and, as you know yes well, that's all. before the break in England. Europe is free speech making come back. Do you think we had gone forever? No, no! It never will only there's a chance in America, because you have the first and thank the second amendment that basically protect your rights and your freedoms.
We don't have anything comparable in Europe, we don't have anything similar and we don't have any Armenia. Nobody in the public square sticking up for freedom of speech and nobody serious is taking up for a free intellectual inquiry and honest open disk. you do see it in America and you see a lot everywhere in America. Even if the current establishment run by progressive and academia, media, publishing and and news is in the opposite direction. There is at least a huge body people in public life in the same world. Stereo you're busy certainly do have to go to break up. We have. This is no syndicate, Russia. Where is the best place for you to find you Milo? Oh you can finally onto his attachment.
Flash Nero for animals I'm too, and he would be in Michigan performing soon and will be working on some videos. Milo. Thank you! So much for being here, we will have you back again soon, lotta, with greater stay tuned. This is just even Churchill. The formally announced my endorsement for presidential candidate of the United States of America. that's why just see the is isn't Donald Trump, because he's going to take us down the trail talk. Miss and address the issues that really matter. it for roaming around the North West territories.
We owe the facts here, rancid, given me the God. What is that? What is. the course here right now, I don't know they could hear, is here it might just be special for us for us our assembly wheat me it s crowd. Are you hearing their vote? Oh God, echo cause. I'm hearing that am. I am hearing that in my own headphones now, it's gonna take it off. I don't want it off. I don't want to hear nothing. I've got in your own brain you really to get their act together. I do in fact get drunk and stupid is nowhere to go through life.
I can't figure it that out. I dont know how we planned all day all day to do to do this and you are you mental I dont, speaking of which at time of those driven away, democratic debate happening. Who cares? I love? It is put these things no one's going to watch them. It doesn't even trend on twitter. The damn debate I do knows at all. In fact, no one could even on us up in it. Just like. Oh where they ran one opposite her home and Rhonda rouse IE, and then they ran the other one wouldn't like on a Sunday night. I think there were next one is insuperable Sunday and I think they there they're running on Fox sports for ok, so you may have heard of this story by the way after after the in the bottom of the are going to have the I will caucus coin toss. Tsar jeered is strewn with something so we'll get off a politics little bit little bit of a surprise. Here I have this up on my screen. We wrote about this latter with Canada. Come girl scouts
are allowing cross dressing boys to drawing that's fantastic mega, go America. So next time you buy some girl scout cookies. Some thin meant some Somalia's might be opinions. Looking around the corner could be the Mickey Rourke Diner, with the popcorn bucket on the first date, only with a bow for some hours, so do not reach that bottom horizontal row of Somalia's, because it's not quite the crackerjack surprise you're used to. Let me read this story for you. I like to sell cookies because it's very nice to sell cookies. She told Buzzfeed NEWS. She is. He. but one stormy who is transgender, started, knocking on neighbours, doors near her home and Herrin Eleanor. One man turned her away saying: what do you cook is a boy in address? What
you insensitive all. I know This is a story from Buzzfeed. I love this guy said this to achieve, some boy came up. Who is clearly a boy trying to sell him some some Somalia's, and he just said now. This is not going to happen this that dog won't hunt and not bind girl scout cookies. From a boy dress. So what happens? It goes to the Washington Post. It goes to Buzzfeed and algae beating you support group from Idaho sent out for a call for support. While Sailing cookies, starting was met with negativity, no orders and even one less than kind person. As apparent this me angry as apparent of trends. and your children. This made me live and hold on a second, isn't what I find very bizarre, transgender children, plural listen man, your kids. Are you crazy Those guys are reach are ok, they're, not normal. This is
not normal to have several trends are not realise how incredibly, where that is unbelievably ref! That's like everyone in rent having aids in the film and like a society's someone's going on its own move it bizarre here? I have an image Europe on my screen of the Boyne address. Listen, that's a buoyant address, Milos, prettier. And if people think sounds absurd. Here's the thing with the alt right or whoever it is. You know left us or anti authoritarian, but they still believe in high taxes of the burning sanders. This is the next one go step? Ok, you can say now it's not the case. We talked about what's renamed the norwegian
I only wanted to be a cat Stephanie. The fifty two year old man acquainted a six year old girl. You said that people were absolutely absurd when they talked about the unprecedented same sex. Marriage, basically declaring that men and women were fundamentally interchangeable. He said now, there's no slippery slope, that's just fearmongering. Consumers are ignorant here you go. This is the next logical step in something that people don't think about, and Courtney Cure Courtney, Scots Foller at Courtney, scoffs, whose brilliant who writes for me we're talking about this boy in address right? What about the girls in the girl scouts, little girls, custody, going camping trips, my sisters and the girls cause? I know nothing supper, I'm expecting a large
Your cookies soon, my father in law got kicked out of the boy scouts because the only join for the knife and the second get an ip through it and a king kicked him out. I in Canada. This is true. We had Beaver set up and we'll happened we had beavers. Do you have that new states beavers I've? No, it chose before before boy scouts, and it was before boys got so that the next level, your beavers in your voice, you were cub scotsmen boy scouts and there was a sort of about authoritarianism, there's a woman and a power trip. This is the true story. My dad and my mom continue true one hundred percent. I was two weeks. ass, a joint period. My brother was older, and so he had joined beavers and I thought well, I didn't even know about it. That sounds cool Jordan's and there I want to be in their. It sounds funny, and so I call my parents. I want to join this. Ok, Stephen wants to join beavers, and so they went and I swear he can't it's past the sign up period and my moment of french people. That's ridiculous indicated through week. You want to go, join the Beaver Oki. Was you going to put his name
than they do the scary Halloween with the butcher and invest Peggotty. Tell them tell them you brain! You know: fine, that's fine! That's what they do getting on How do you put all your actually live at one time? It rains grapes because apparently outgrew, like he, a christian conservative and they came on like they did, tell us how to do that. You put your hands and grapes, they didn't for my sweats next, I airy potter book, so we we end this woman said no. He can't join as passive date and then my dad finally went to the board for Beavers. This is absurd and I swear to you. This lady stood up to the board and said Stephen will join beavers over me. Dead body, and you think I'm like Larry David might argue our down and argued until he wants this, and I would invite members a better business that can act and absolutely thinks he's just a very good, and I think you got that lady fired so everyone on camping, proponent of girl scouts do seemingly.
are going to allow transgender people to compete in the Olympics. I get that the guys want to you even have to get this extreme guys want to put on addressed. What about the women will be absolutely massacre in contacts ports or the women when they're out in their sleep overs in their slumber parties and their have. What about the single at a pillow fight, but the girl scout only you're putting a boy in there loaded with deal top boots, not gonna hell out of those broad ladder with greater will be back to talk about something less weird. Maybe
and now it's time for your dating advice, minute with pill caused wage level coverage was thrown out Muslim. Given gay jar Yeah yeah, you broadly worthy Barbara Raw worth of after Berlin lay Bare would no doubt have to prove the work already like leftovers. I will give you some life about the poor guy, look forward.
I don't know how do I have relations life? Give yourself some drugs. You got a lot to gain from railway. We lag mobile labour over cover up large number. They gave me. Where are you from your? Maybe Godfrey a Bible derive their brutal. By before I go to look back to where you were, you go back to your bomb or new book, but this has been you're dating. Advise me with.
One night we were back that's enough for the dancing why only unprofessional stream for the first time, but it is going well. Thank you so much to our homes, stations, WHAM and Ann Arbor, Patriot voice. Northern Michigan dollar Florida New Hampshire, that's pretty big, come and by the way, the Damn Debates over Hampshire. Speaking of New Hampshire, the dim debates are going on. Apparently, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders losing their crap over
Other spent ass, Dick, I would ever hear Bernie Sanders- loses money to think that guy who got really mad outside of the met tumor, you can start work in this world. You are stuck it soon. Now have it. the innovative. You haven't seen into this guy who looked like he was again version of under the giant and the guy playing your funded trumpet, and this guy is freaks out. You miserable presumptuous, no talent, it is absolutely loses his mind and it's not offensive. He knows things mediocre. The audition, like you, argue the bags and is not quite and he's not that bad he's not like he's not great but he's not like, but now I'm terrible. even the high school band, yet not many years, make first pillar violin you're like a cat die. You know tat sign this, wasn't that bad believes. our intended reminder that grateful get mighty. Sixty six.
but apparently Bernie and Hillary losing their minds. I can't really comment on it because we're running running this program and, of course it's always hard to do. Research people might be listening to send the kid in the weekend. You might not be hearing it live people hearing it live. They can update us on the twitter as crowd or hear something. I wanted to talk about this being the Bernie Sanders. When people talk about the one percent and we ve talked about the sort of economic authoritarianism right, they talk about public company CEO, such thrown around a lot right. Oh my gosh salaries, their increasing wages are stagnant when we're tongue, but the one percent, or even the point, one percent, the vast majority are not public company ceos who are screwing people through
what we are talking about, one percent you're talking about household income annually for one thousand right- that's the one percent on the older wellmere majority are entrepreneurs, their business owners who have created a better product or better service. There are not some kind of a ceo who you want to hate, except for apple with tat. We never talk what the apple embodiment like. I understand that big Maxie users are terrible. I don't believe in too big to fail. The West Indies trading Company employed a fifth of population earth. They went bankrupt of talk, that with matters that we talked about that with some kind of a cat, but the vast majority or business owners and entrepreneurs who, despite all of the alternatives available to you, the consumer, have convinced you to give them your money in exchange for their product through competition. Most of these people have won your dollar to become a part of the one percent you ve made them a part of the one
and are not big banks. So when you eliminate the big banks, Theo's right wait. Let's take away the rhetoric in their tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the wealthy that you think you hate you're talking about punishing people who provide you with nearly everything. Who use or enjoy from franchise owners down that you go to your local Starbucks? You go to your local big ya. Gotta through a coffee, sponsor Begbie you'll, never be a sponsor don't get me start Gautier go to a local, mom and pop coffee shop. What about your grocery store? What about these microphone set were using? We order these from a great store sweetwater in Michigan. All of those things. What what? What are you? What are your headphones, where they coming from? What about your glasses? The lenses? Did you go to an optometrists?
all of these people, and these means, if their successful, if they ve been around for I dont, have exact number in front of you think it's somewhere between five and ten years. If you ve gotten these from a business that have been around for more than five years, let's call it ten years that owner is part of the one percent and those are the people. You're vilified. Those are the people, the left wants you to hate and they want you to think there's unfair corporate influence and in politics that's another thing: people don't understand citizens united. You should go check out how the world works leader and at a great video, and it's not about giant packs and corporate money. We ve talked about the giant influence that unions have nobody wants to talk about that. What it was a citizens United was about a group of people who made a film. Those anti Hilary thing was called Hilary, the movie or Clinton the movie, and basically certain people in government want to shut it down.
And the Supreme Court ruled. You know what groups of people corporations are still entitled to their first amendment rights still have the right to express freedom of speech. So, if you want to do now, there are ways with financial form campaign financed from. There are ways to fix some other some of the problems there. I agree with you. but to do it with citizens. United to basically say that you know what, because we don't like corporate influences in elections, we want to give that right to the federal government to determine who can and who cannot have a voice, and this is something it so important you don't. I get the sense that a lot of conservatives a lot of people on the right and I understand it- have seen someone executive actions have seen so much authoritarianism coming from the left from Iraq. At this point when you read it, because you just screw them just screw them, don't be a tux revered of screw them. Let's just put in our own guy was going to do this. Let's put it I was gonna, do all of his executive borders. That is scary to me and the reason it scare
is because having been selectively, I guess you could use not the term prosecuted legally, but having been selectively targeted politically. This has happened in the past, be it financially or not. Having your day in court, lot of people have had this. A lot of people experience this. Anyone works for conservative nonprofit under the Obama administration. Your reaction should be such such modification is so terrifying that you don't want to see that happen, because whether its Brok, Obama or Donald Trump, all it takes, is the guy you dont like coming in next and having that power. So if you give whether its Donald Trump, I don't really think tattoos would do it. I don't know about Ruby. I don't think that cars would do it, but if you want to give Trump all that authority, because you just want to screw Barack Obama, will guess what? What? If he's a one term present,
and I ve set a precedent and the guy who comes in does all the crap. You don't want to see and you're on the wrong side of that. So it is important to realise that at any point, if this has been turned, if selective prosecution of Olaf's censorship of speech has been used by the government on either side, even if you like the enemies on that list, even if you like the fact that those people are targeted, you know the kind of people you want to see targeted, even if its giant factors trusting tests holiday with putting oozing from her pours. and you're? So now I like seeing her target, but they can target you next. That is important, and that is something I hope everybody realises, because that pendulum, so the pendulum swings both ways, something I think that's really funny to we talk about these taxes. We talk about taxing those, healthy one percent? I think a lot of people out there just aren't even aware of basic economics, aren't even aware of them.
I talk about this with our audience, will talk about supply side, economics and, of course, in Nepal, Krugman has sort of try to already debunks that you talk about. Why that's an accurate, but yours is a lot of people, I'm sure knock a jerk. understands is in a generation, haven't even got that far down the branch of the debate. So, if I say, for example, like the laffer curve doesn't mean anything to you, it does because previous conversations, certain other who don't know the laughter curve and Paul Krugman debunked it by acknowledging it now? What they'll programming is just at any time to the ultimate strongman builders? We can destroy right somebody, they transit conservative, simplify the laughter curve to is from art, laffer right about something's wrong about something's leftist trend, simplify it too or well other the laugh of people believe in all tax cuts. Pay for themselves now: here's a Africa, ok, I'm kind of you, the idea, if you tax people at zero percent gum
revenue will be zero percent right, but if you tax people at a hundred percent government revenue will be zero percent somewhere between. There is an ideal point of taxing. Ok, if you go past that point, there is a One of the mission returns now, depending on who you asking depending what the GDP, as depending at the current economic climate in the country that can vary somewhere between thirty two. I think some people will cite seventy percent as far as high a marginal tax rates. Now here's the point, though, to It does then it comes down to a moral issue. Let's say you tax people at thirty percent and you get x amount of government revenue. Will. Let's say you see a two point: five percent increase in government revenue if you increase that tax to seventy percent. Is that worth the moral reprehensible? Eighty of taxing people at seventy percent gray example: two houses law. You know about that or Hauser LAW houses or housing depended on it. I've never done anything. You talk, you that's another example people too
doesn't really matter what the tax rates are. Government revenue hovers. Nineteen percent, and even when you look at ex revenue as high as nine ninety percent level that no one actually pay that don't believe that mess. We ve talked about that previous episodes. If you're watching this in a live stream subscribe on Itunes or sound Clodagh. Take this and it's not. Your people do not pay the ninety percent tax rate. Under the it still hovers between eighteen and twenty one percent, no matter what you tax people, that's how there's one there's no escaping it. Now some people might say. Well, actually, that's not true, because when we tax we will at seventy percent the revenue. Actually went up to nineteen point five percent as the as opposed to eighteen point. One. There's a point of diminishing returns that people need to understand. I hate to get. Won't you hate ticket. I and the economics with you, but I think a lot of people. We as we have a lot of listeners were younger, don't undressed and that it is not a linear equation text. Even more you get this much more revenue, you tax people more. A good example is Bernie Sanders right, everyone's it'll. There won't
Any tax raises at all until your earning to an fifty thousand. Well, that's not true, give a two point: five percent mandatory insurance premium, and we ve eliminated. We will let me let me use as an example Georgi what happens when you sleep sober like our Yemen, yeah business or about memory. What the memory. This is that when you sleep alot of people, dont know what happens is when you go to sleep. This is how you build your memory. Your mind, sorts through new information learned during that day, in compares it. These are sound affecting women assembled whip with information. You ve, had it ok. Does this? Don't what works? Does this jive? It's ok, it's fit in. Let me put that in the memory back. That's why you don't need to understand every issue. You don't need to know the ins and outs in that's one thing: you'll see a lot with people who try it. I guess what of the pseudo intellectuals. I talk These people, they train rag, unison, deep waters. Let's say you have a debate on frighteningly go well. What do you think about
what you think about debt in county in the eighteenth district in zones with farmer our lot and when you think about that, of course, no one's going to know that right, and so they think they when they win the argument sailing with economic, so try and bring up something had happened, and I dont know some inconsequential country like Barbados, with some having collapse. And what will you do know That's when you consider itself educated. I do you don't need to know all about section five, article, eight ivy We keep it now and we ve, given up on our no I gathered, show you are thereby send up charters waving, no one, article five, because we can stand on top of it. As looked at him, I said no, while you're really should I, like you, have a nice one. Everyone wants to feel important. so if they feel like they ve got, gentlemen, they don't know and feel silly used to happen to me when I believe I should know all these things, you can't what you need to know our basic fundamentals, just like any sport, fundamental information right, get that in your brains, red soul, actually great book, Johns, docile myths lies and downright stupidity, an atheist libertarian. So there s a straight down the middle, as you can get read these
these books get your basic information K. So you have that baseline of information, and when you learn new information, you can contrast, it seems we need to have a worldview when people say I don't believe in isms, it's silly ever does they're lying themselves. For example, if your tongue, but a mandatory health insurance premium, That eliminates competition like Bernie Sanders proposing additional of six percent payroll taxes, is effectively a tax in employees before you get to the issue, if the math could work and it doesn't come from Canada, we ve had relatives die from socialized medicine. The math does not work even if it did your worldview says that it still wrong to eliminate competition to put private businesses out of bed. This and ensure only one option for healthcare. The government option. So you know what's wrong: you have baseline information to socialize health care work, learn about countries like Blake, Canada, what's happening in Europe in the collapse in medical research,
and then you can piecemeal. The new information that comes in that's the best way to handle, have your base, one information and a world view, and it makes it easier to process some of this stuff there's some of alarming information out. There's flight or untrue, and some of it is a little too complex for some of you to understand not for me or bench appear, because we listen we're freaking geniuses, gosh, we'll come back, will talk more the damn debate and trainees lotta with greater statement,
right well, grounded on time off. We're done, you, the Donald Trump Press conference. the accusation of law apply certain crook elicits. Frankly, this is a travesty. Ok of justice. Ok, people and I was right, they want to vote. Ok, I haven't four Iowa, truthfully than anybody else, has ever been talk about. Ok, how I would be for ethanol subsidies. Ok, listen tackles an investment subsidies. He doesn't care about liberalising. I've always been big. I've got ok, we'll get court of the God would have creep cognitive court of Spanish okay. So what could they? Probably the quota eating machine is what they call dropped. Their two thousand tat grew doesn't like what I will even the TED crews. Ok, does it even
Indeed, we can either what the President, the United States need only called a week. The fathers did that both protect roses is ill. Gotten gains all of these precepts. Ok, regular, voted for debt grows. We have reason to believe that they shut out a violation, ok voting policy and they lighted their constituency. Okay, this is a file victory. But he's delegation we gotta for groups of the whole starts from what we believe that those delegates are legitimate. Ok, we have no reason to believe that anything wrong and we should keep it Larry why didn't know, MA am
our I glad to bring on our next gas? Do we have a more, not good, you're a big there exists, we haven't here. Obviously a lot happened this this last week in Iowa. So pretty excited to get this. This exclusive interview with the Iowa caucus COIN Toss Tsar James, are you others, James I am now thanks for having me on your show, Stephen well, were glad to have you with us, so this must have
a busy weak for you. Oh yes, it was very, very busy and that it was actually my first time working the Isle of Copper and, I might say, It was very exciting. It was very excited yet did would you say it was an overall positive experience. I think so I think it was you know, is very much a festive atmosphere and I felt like I got to be part of something great right you only worked in a democratic side right, not the Republican. side of the eye? Ok, so you the democratic site, and that will explain for those You might not know that that was a very, very close race correct. Yet yes, as you know, I view, as you probably harden, the nose is that it was so close between Hillary Clinton and by
any burnt by Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders into hard name. Yet it is a hard name to say, but it was so close that it was too close the call. Ok, so well. Let me ask you this: that's what a lot of people thought this matter fact Bernie was saying, on Twitter. That's he suspected some things were less than kosher that things were very close, so how it finally determined when a racist so close with the ILO caucus, while in a situation like that, you know what the experts we get together and we have to look at a rate and proceed in a very cautious, legally binding fashion, and we decided to you know a quite so you ve lived a goin, that's the legal process that occurs in Iowa that it
we do to determine the winners of the Coca, ok and coin flipping. These are the this is the legal terminology. I guess I I won't spend too much time getting out over that so, Bernie in Hilary was determined by a coin tough, but it was determined by quite a few pointers and I'm sure you ve, read about this. It's that Hilary you ve heard does not gauge I have seen many may have won and abnormal percentage of those coin. Tosses, in fact, six that not true. That is correct and I see what you're getting at and but let me explain, I think, but once you, but you know here the procedure, you can understand how they could have.
I've been botched and anyway, the procedure of ok, the procedure in determining the winner, ok woven, maybe that's up what walk me through. It operates with my right hand, I make a. I take my thumb and I placed between my index in middle think. This is the create enough pressure and leverage the place. The coin above, I thought so that I can push it up far enough into the air into flipping motion. Ok, I think that is going but I'll. Let you finish finish because I'm hoping it something different than anticipated, Once the coins into the air, my fist turned into an open faith palm underneath the coin in the air to catch the coin. Once the coin lands into my palm watches,
oh, a very tricky situation, but it landed and my palm every single time. I will place my open faith palm onto my closed, based, on my left hand on the back of my hand, to reveal the winner- and in this case it was a tail and we had a fine failed to Hell religion and she won, but she's. So I was ok? That's it there's nothing beyond that. I thought you were. Did you send a process that just sounds like a basic coin? Flip you'd see a hawk again while your Sierra hockey game it there different. They just flip it into the hour. Let it land on the ice and the ice has a totally different factor. It is not the same. What would the ice? When was some level of friction? You think, would change the
well, the army, I think it's like either way. You know it's not as accurate as my procedure. Ok, what have you got a shaky palm while that is why we tend to not hire people with shaggy palms, but in that case it would go to a recourse I'll go to reach us. Ok, and did you have any resources with this proposal? We did we decided to go back to our and the first three when details they Hillary Clinton, and we know that that was not I've been hell that that can happen three times in a row, so we decided to go too thick and she won all thick now we're sorry thing: she won all six. All six were two out of three so six times three or even three, and then just can t
you do the six. We continue to the six, and I must say that lady luck was shining on request Is that what you did this is again attack. This is a technical legal term. Lady luck! Yet there is a legal problem. You don't have to go worry about it. I know I don't want to get off into the weed with them that in our our listeners may not be able to understand. Can you can you understand Some people might say that that seem suspicious. I understand I understand how people can say that, but, like I said it was a very technical procedure and the outcome was the outcome. Ok, still a lot of means with are you sure I mean would like more of a chance of being a prank coin, or something like that. I mean you know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. It just seems very unlikely rank night. I've never heard of such a thing. What do you mean like a double?
Reddcoin, you know you throw the coin. That's tails! No matter what I assure you, it was not a prank coin. I have it right here in my pocket. Let me let's read it and reveal that it is a not a. Jeanne, Malaria, lumber side, that doesn't sound like a disaster. You gonna be involved with any other primary states not believe, though, after that lotta withdrawn or James thanks will have you back people stay tuned after this break. Hey allowed, didn't see there. What are you doing?
reflecting an android my term. Seventy it bore a fine reverent have refined gave racquetball of women has murmur of the establishment of a viable You now have some fun. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine that come. Why just call their number. What's that number Jerry, eight wherefore, United seven. Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easy to get the call good. The website talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can have a ship directly to I door or give her up and sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years. I prefer a more of a barrier to entry. I know you do while, but you're no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them like me, I prefer simplified wine, dot, com or just calling for for to night.
seven you're getting louder with round her spirits were back, even though I'm back in the third our cough button. I forgot to I e to hold the core funding is through a year you through my ex, it's a key tat. It is its key, its key people watching the lives of course. Producing with me in studios always is not gay jeered. He is not gay of legally fulfilled its obligations, but you can try to a conclusion now get your given give him a shot of you there. Let him see it for those come on. Come on what you dont know is that that red curtains
covering up lies a monopoly autographed records that we talked about that with the legal agreements. you know Eliza Monopoly Militant you nor can keep them at home. Strew LISA conceal, Carrie, protect. Your lies in Manila. right. I was forget now to you that we have the camera going on for a wonderful affiliates doing this terrestrial so damn debate, but we have Obama, those damn damn debate door, and our dinner and underbrush governor. But tat lie down the right guilty.
I'm so above a mosque this week and lectured Americans about hate. I have it here up. A lot of credit are coming on the whole speech. Ok, I've been talking about Islam for a long while one Morocco, but this is obviously a political movement, the bolt Islamic, but this is an islamic society of Baltimore, something really long. Obnoxious like something long and other noxious in a crap whole city which cripple city. Would you mind you who's running from air, whose ready for their data are. Second, does any? out there you can t made us guard, you know who's running from air. Was running from air that I was a direct The re direct gay black lives matter to re Pemberley files, the paperwork to run for mayor of Baltimore New Mansion, and I know what he thinks it can offer the city I mean he's gonna, be just just pulverized
Section will be the first where I get with that. The first time a city is over fast would have hooves. That is an evil evil man. So we ve been a Baltimore Olympic. Someone is vomited, a city, Baltimores horrible city had a friendly lives there but enough in asian friends. So it's it's. What the real economic generation asian front wrought. He was his parents moved here from louse and so the very different culture very different, moving too to the bottom or good stories. There's no planning to when you look at it in us. Just like, ok, here's a here's, a house right next, with seven eleven right next to a hooker, damn, that's shouldn't be a hooker den right there, but there's ochre them in our inability is very proud, Martineau malaise, a wildly proud of it that he's disarmed. His citizenry Baltimore is an awful awful city I dont want to vilify than we might have. We probably a lot listeners in Baltimore, get out get out to Baltimore Detroit Baltimore Cleveland, Saint Louis, renounce its redoubts, its
you're, not places you should be, and I can hear the outright right now. Boys recruiter black knows not because their black, it's because of the ideas, it's because of the far left ideas in the ideology that is run those cities forever. Ok, welfare, programmes more and more money to public school and unions, a dish Armed citizenry. These places are awful factor, Barack Obama meeting with thy sounded like Obama. The way said it was short them. My brain is tired is different as we do with a video I've gotta be item glistening, it look like a nine year old catchers. The terrible disaster, but here's the thing of almost Jong about Muslims and the hatred from the United States right now we need we need to stop this,
I have not heard him talk about the discrimination towards Christians when it deals with bakeries or Bettin breakfasts right, because I don't want to serve people. Is there something wrong with your beverage you're looking at it as they got sick, no analysis, dumb, bakeries, brain phraseology, pretty called it. out of the freezer. The you don't hear, President Obama. He makes it a priority at the Baltimore Islamic Society, a talk about Islam and the hate, but we just I cut out the chairman, MAO Jews juice face commissions country way. More citizen was speaking well openly by Muslims, believe almost Muslim hey produce, but even that even in this country, Waymore discrimination hate crimes. If you take arms against against the old, reduce gas course, which is why there so angry, we need Katy player. You know that I am trumpet the right way in my hearing a beeping knots in your head, buddy, I'm hearing.
Beeping did I have a stroke? You look like I'm hearing a beeping going on yeah. Let's talk about. Let's talk about the Jews. Let's talk Christians in their businesses going at being run out on real. Let's not what is never talk about Germany or Sweden. Sweden is the rape capital of the west. All of this is happening for the first time. Europe has gone guys. We were, we gonna, spend billions to get these borders up. We can have this open passing through. We ve got to do something about this because it become a protein. Most, the most politically correct countries in Europe have acknowledged. There is a problem with it: what about all the covered up sexual else in Germany in Cologne. All all of that happened because of Muslims were again. We talk about the transgender situation before right. The boy and girl scout cookie, men who want to write about their donaghmore now competing in the Olympics is females we all too well. You dont want to discriminate your cruel. Ok. What about the women?
who have to Russell Alexander, Caroline and redress. What about the girls who want to have their slumber party and now have to deal with Nicholas the girl scout? What about the women who were Sassparilla Jasper? What about what? What about the women have been sexually assaulted in red numbers undeniable correlation all across Europe. It was it was it a byproduct of theirs they had it coming, because I didn't wear her jobs You have mayors in Germany right now asking parents tat their old children, where parkers in funny hats again because minded in order to be so tolerant of Islam right now. It's the same racism as you see with affirmative action. It's that prejudice of lower expectations. We expect islamic men to control themselves or you were weren't you weren't wearing her job. and he had an erection, will you're supposed to do not have sex with you.
what choice did he have you during a turtleneck in genes, and he wanted to rape, you drive our conclusion dummy. What are you he's coming down the pike hint it hurts. It's not gonna be comfortable. My point is, Any time you try an act that we need to prevent the marginalization of this group you're going to marginalize. Someone else- and we are at the point where the minority is scream so loudly- we're talking very, very- is less than single digit percentage point here of transgender of of of social justice warriors of angry fat feminists. of other kin that we're marginalizing everybody else lesson women aren't big fans of having to compete against men there. Also not big fan of received by Muslims and record numbers all across Europe. But do we,
we talk about rape, culture here in the United States, the fact that Morocco, in today's climate decided to stop by the Islamic society of Baltimore is emblematic of we think that is wrong. It someone who doesn't want to deal with the real issues and it's a reason why Trump has had so much popularity, Nyc knowledge. It enters value in that someone is willing to say, hey that this. Let's call this outright. That needs to happen timber ikebana says something. Now you have Donald Trump routine Guide? You says bull and that's good, I wish it were somewhat more principled, saying it Obama, as heavy visited a synagogue. Has he done
Rocco Mamma. I dont think, as I don't think they ll airs Rivet event of that by one they may have driven in Detroit, careful with our language and you're. Talking about an african American generalised, her your speech journals break your self, they felt Mamma the cocoa go, go, go, that's gonna become that's! That's the highly that's the gift of the gift of the show. Listen. Jews are disproportionately targeted freight crumbs simply because our Jews, I can recall Brok about lecturing Hollywood for their anti Christian by us. The whole deal is right, which any time where we see it in islamic terrorist and a film we're supposed to feel guilty and how unfairly are they represented? I think they're perfectly rep, and then they want to see more muslim terrorists and films I get so angry. I don't know about you. Whenever I see a feminist like theirs, is terrorist plot to blow up the White House really, yes and the terrorist is played by Gerard. part of the swedish extremist right, you, like God, you know based
loose. We and our true story, and you look up a true story and it was Farouk Mohammed Ajax it will. They have this time, Gerard Butler releasing their worst? I get so upset when Brits talk about how Americans can do the english acts, and I got listen. Your best act or Michael Kane has never come. Close is only a few. I think, like british actors, who can really pull off the miracle acts it well. I think it's probably a lot more America's. It pull up the year, the British, that even when it does it better Tom Hearty it's always kind of the same guy unless you as a Dane mask used by the best. Is he lorry yours, pretty good, he's town to guide to place Pierre Joe Undertones, pretty good with it. What we want to join Britain, I know years untried, think I'll, take a back seat, play a Briton, anything and I can think of him there. I dont think many people than nobody's America I dont. Now we go track. We gonna Tsutomu Muslims. We wish we need to get back on track and what the islamic society
tweet me it s crowd or how you feel about this, a modest overreacting. I think that with Europe falling in with listen, Europe is falling in its entirely due to islamic immigration. Ok, you shouldn't have that problem United States, because it's not a racial thing. It's an idiot! It is the politics. Of being able to say no to exclude you Eddie Ology, it's not a race, because, as long as in a race, it's an idiotic right, we can say- and other ideology is hateful- we listen you better big. Does gay wedding cake, but we can't say you know what, if you're not going to come here and obey our law, and not rape, our women. We don't have time for you. I don't think we're going to bring on Courtney scoffs after this raise the estrogen level stay tuned,
This is a girl scout cookie warning. We have reason to believe that there are boys dressed up as girl scout attempting to sell goodies too naive bystanders. Physique ingredient in third countries is believed to make anyone tried to tell you or anybody. You now leave goodies back away slowly and avoid touching that this has been
girl, scout cookie warning were to be back in. Of course, not de, and you can follow him on the twitter. If you want him off the chopping block, tweet me at s crowded, because he is gone. because we have one of our regular guess, my most brilliant writer and when we ve never intro song. So Jerry Ready, give her the intro zone. You know about bread proclaim. Our vote is oh well. now you know of Darth Courtney Darth already allegories using now, none, I don't. She can't speak until introduce her it's it's distorts the translator theme song
They had done tat had done that it does not, and I am delighted to have the right it does that it back so. I want to bring on my next guess: jeweller you're fired, I'm not bomb bomb Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob. Please hire me. I need a helper bob. According to their job. Is here I can stop and it's embarrassing Courtney. Thank you this with a jacket, I don't know you. I've been nice pink, feminine, I've been my girl, your girl power, Serbia, don't know a lot of stuff. That's been that goes up on the website. Courtney is my my my senior editor at the sight. She writes a lot she's very intelligence and you ve got to get a turning point so with Iowa. Let me ask you this: firstly, do you think TED crews personally sent out the order to tell everyone that Ben Carson his campaign had been stopped and that they should vote for him instead and that's why he won.
I do not believe that he is probably way too busy trying to get out as many votes does. He killed at inside training, announcement about sticker, doing interviews and those kinds of Things don't come from the time sounded like it was just frontiers, who did it and keep I can't see. Ted crew sitting there stroking occur, chair with the with way, Sonic going, you we're gonna do work. gonna screw ban Carson by saying he's cancelled his campaign do it now. I just knocked it not now. Indeed, just don't see that. Well, you because with this, Mr Rogers, with his sweater and his and shut your mouth valid arguments, but you don't see its Courtney, we expected better. What is this each was commented. Brain cells not go well In contrast, I would die from who did compare Ben Carson to a pedophile right, so then Carson
as the petty fun and Donald Trump Saint Aubert, Carson, and he was so screwed by tat grew so a few months, You are compared to jail muster, so ways. Not gauge area was shortly when I did stand when someone came up, and so you know Just I trust trump as well. Why- I just trust, I'm you little. Ok, the wires Should it easy only good man and Ben caution. I looked around here. so I've been carcinus sex with little children. How how good as we support a file, what do you think it was a trump said. I don't believe the media, I said the as will, Graham with a bimbo good. She she was requisite seems very nice cholera them. I wouldn't do that. Donald Trump did that media and then she yet Bert she put her ginger's in a water jar which at anyone know still happened, but that was what she did. That was fairly taking a little too far. Her.
Year insulting her, that's ages them now, one dimensional actually carried around with her. It was like algae now of adventure. He drank as weird, but I guess you something out of it: it's like a bare grills. She was recycling this. Maybe she was recycling rates, I was talking with it. We can come back to this because I was talking with non cage hearing about this and you were you like Trump. I one point I liked Trump. I liked what he was doing. I was there was ever a support from us said: ok, there's some value here. People can go back on the site and see that, but has he can you recall any incident instance where he's he's gone after TED crews on ideas and not something personal He has the there that their reaching all the wind, the barrow for this, which is just politics. If you report from sand and saying that that Carson's doing, something very unusual and not
genuine on the campaign trail- is gonna. Go back to afforded to get some new clothes. This is Paul. Tax so that that tromp, is using this again the Kurds and casual honest cruises, canadian Cruiser Nasty Guy Goldman Sachs, nobody likes it. How's going after him on anything that is done in the south or is now I caricom so and you can't either not gauger. I'm at a watch me there's so much anymore, you're much a lifetime of rallies and stuff, but not on a Penelope Blake, really broad platform? It relies on a certain. I want people, please tweet me it s crowded. I just can't remember the closest. I thing I know is he said: TED crews was against amnesty, which he always was now he's he's taken my point and copying me: that's the closest thing to politics, which is that's an important thing. People to understand on the amnesty issue too,
whose was always against amnesty, the reasoning and under that those Nokia housing at this both going through. We have to at least carve out no amnesty outside Nope. Note, not amnesty no path to citizenship at all. If you came here illegally and I'll, try to claim credit for that. that's the closest thing that I know I'm trying to think of anything else. We're Donald Trump is attacked his ideas, but have you done that with with Ben Carson, excessive or child molestation in public the really big plan about members influential. Maybe they just pass the inner re as the biggest the biggest special interests donors Nanda. Now it's it's true. You know the age of consent is nine. Sorry that Saudi Arabia, ok, so Courtney, so But how do you think she's going that while we have well, can we only them? How do you think is going to play? You think is going to play in favour for trump or even going to hurt him getting? Is going to hurt TAT Kreutz, it's hard to say because
people who, like trunk still like tromp. I dont know that anything he does is going to change their minds. they're very emotional about him. Whether it's gonna hurt TED Crew, is that my especial is, as other candidate start dropping out of the race, and there are I to be collected. So I don't if it's gonna hurt takers, I hope I liked hackers yeah, I like him to help you on the show, probably to talk about some of these issues which must have Rubio. I think too. I dont know I dont book these guests anymore. I don't like doing it. I didn't like you in court, Nissan she's on all the time I want to go to break will be back with Courtney will, talk about the first female combatants. For those who don't know it's a pretty funny story, lotta with crowd of statehood.
yeah, and now it's time- for your dating advice, minute with pill. Cosby wage level comes to us.
Wrong if father loved Lil tell every because our problem with my wife got a great deal, we always good wife, the problem of capsules, oddly now go about a body of the wild bob. Ok worth
the brown by Wilbur. Ok, we're gonna, have the good have real self catches? After they have the baby, so what's he gonna role? Wives were so when she's baby bad lives, Cavern Calvary Power recovery, but about the private parties have you got one, but about back that this has been your dating advice minute with cars.
because my old white guy dance watching the lives dream. This is how the old white people old, whitish side of my family dance at wedding, for those who don't know little known fact. Not gauge yard was in the end of the tour with Jason Siegel Jesse eyes and bird, and do it again get the care on you that you can see him in ones dancing just like that. And I dont know if the director there? We have a lot of people working in detail in issues of a ship if you're, listening or if you're, watching this union fired, not de jure does an extra on the spot. You should all the amount in front of the actors and rubbed his nose and how to get to that point? The book you serious we have. We have no other shots, videos when shopping, you literally scenario for serious this really cameras rolling any reports under.
we are back with our good writer. Courtney. Scoffs is where you can find her on twitter. We have a tweet actually about you, Courtney from Dick Morris. Can you show your feet? Thus, it is weird It is up to the social and the lawyers segment. What is I know on art is your seat reply. I know its not dig Morris, but without an ongoing joke about Dick nurse liking feet. It was well known, and so someone actually think created an entire account around this. Just to just two Resnick Morris spent ass. It is great- and I respect the guy's troll game- well done Dick moors, but I don't think you'll see Courtney feet. Courtney. We talk about this with you, your first I'm on the programme about women being able to enlist in the military in active combat.
Well, the first female combatant first one will you wrote about this latter with credit? I've come what happened to give us the scoop darling. Well, she! Unless it she got so much praise, because she was so brave and she is just breaking through the glass ceiling and Yes, all women, she went through basic training. She sign of as an engineer went through basic training, For some reason she was on convalescent for a little while and then one day later she was out of there and as yet to report for duty it's been about. I think it's been about a couple weeks. as you well know, I think it's been about a month and after twenty five days where new dollars or your consider regattas, why form she showed up to the world? we'll be me army. The price is wrong: Bitch Mass, Do I get to shoot a gun because I want to share the view. I see again is it, but is it like that, like width of lack of
I do find it. What are you laughing so hard night? Is it he could have gone a long? She might be dead right so, as right in a close, we don't know yet it's, I hope, she's not a ditch somewhere, but I'm gonna make I never go. Obviously we hope is not an addiction. We honour the the anyone who serve our country, but gonna Patty didn't at least a week. I think Stalker Jimmy tweeted us out of they figure out. She went able to perform the independent review of the performance of your truth. All of a sudden, I know it's not indicative and you have plenty of women who don't go AWOL. Who will do fine right antics? Obviously there are outlined But every now and then you get a story that has just so straight down: centre plate. I mean you ve gotta, you gotta go with it right, the first one that they and its because people made such a big deal about it and
she's gone, she had thrown jack. Somebody else are you: are this maternity leave from military moms we have proposed this, I'm sorry, it's really embarrassing and women start and such like. Maternity leave, so that you know How to the a military, but also want to have fun. so you're on urgent is allowed the sound border. Why? Don't you go back home or island, it the court is salutary, lad. I'll show about its didn't show up at some point. I feel so bad my parents are tuning and imaginative. your daughter is made it she put on this nice, pink, blazer, she's called. Then she turned her, make up she's, very pretty sure, she's she's, just a elegant woman and then you tuning go. My daughter is on those lives dream of this popular showing the first thing you. Why don't you
back to your home on or island, and that's why we do the sheriff you do what you gotta keep oppress your children, reach for the stars reached from the always happen your first time. Sometimes you have to go back to your own. If you aim for the star at the very least, if you miss your land on horror, island, so court of maternity leave is the thing about the military is. It was a perfect microcosm for an apolitical atmosphere and having entertained the troops several different times. They talked about that won't even know after Brok. Mom again when we were doing his interviews in Guantanamo Bay. Momentum will listen. You know I was there in early fans of this guy, but they're not gonna. Tell you guys were not allowed to talk about. This was really tough to get them to speak on camera. They had to be politically neutral because this was their commander in chief you're, not really our commander in chief, that's a term that sort of, I guess, misappropriate he's their commander in chief. He is the leader of the military which protects the free world, and so politics we're not supposed to be involved, and now I've got to
gay, the Trans issues, women in their in combat maternity leave As a woman Courtney, yes does adzes make you feel safer. Now, that's not enough before republican okay. So when we talked about with reptile right, we set the purpose, The military is to kill people and break things, yes NAIL clean waters and for the feminists out their breaking the male is not part of it no, it doesn't count and if you want to be in an altar fine, you mean do you to be able to kill people and break things, and do it really well It is not supposed to be a petri dish for social experiments, that's how democratic wonder years older brother, who was this Butch, your bully, he couldn't get in the military, was crying because it was because he had flat feet like you want to.
Oh, you should tell the more effective. At best anymore, The more that I think he wants the arch casino site. It's just a savage. Yeah, but you know that that pointed everyone considered winning packages that we're flat feet or blow your glasses. You can't be a pilot now, it's like thirty two sixty percent weaker than the average mail, and you can't pull ups or meet the BT requirements. Sure we want you That's a startling change. I don't know about you for the military. I want a rough Tibet. Goad shoeing leather, necked hunter would be shooting restaurant anything lesbian, you're, missing. That's one thing about lesbians, he's never like the movies in the movies as well and then I realized I lifted my plans. Airbus. Let's talk about that that drive me crazy, you're, you're, pretty good! You can find the heart anymore. I go, but to look for the shirts, when applied, it is no longer even people think you're a lesbian. They think you're the elder sister from Roseanne. It's been mistaken, one life, maybe
be twice? You know I don't get like if I were gay I'd be attracted like Sargon. I wouldn't be, reacted too. I mean if your woman right, you're you're, attracted to men but you are attracted to women would be because you don't like men, so you think you would be attracted to someone like my wife, for my wife would be attracted to someone like you. Someone feminine yeah, really not not rosy, o Donnell, Now, objectively, as omen is rosy Donald there's something missing, I don't see it Ok, this is maybe we'll get in The only reason I, oh god, no, please no, no, no You have to let that one plant, ok, what get into it with rosy, but we're going to say, with Lesbians in general. There nothing like other portrayed in film these beautiful statute. Models, tat, not hopeless.
That's not lesbians are. When you see. as beans in real life driving the Subaru foresters, there overweight their dumpy, they ve got really which short haircuts there on attractive. and I know that there are going to come out with knives against me for saying this, but sometimes I think That their lifecycle, your ass, they couldn't was actually a Maoist, does Emilius just for them. You set up. P, o box, Please send your knives that. Doesn't allow you they send you anthrax anvil. Not most landscape if they try to sit on me there's still a bail out of their practices. So when it comes to it they did. It hasn't made sense to me- and I actually had explained we by conservative pundit who is gay and but once you opened the doors you expand your horizon sexually, then you're able these norms are broken down and again that makes the case that ok, then there
can be no anti slippery slope argument. Your basically saying you removing all barometers to attraction and in that all human interaction is relate to sexual. and so now you're lesbian, who hates man, but you like women who look like men, otherwise its nonsensical right. That's what's really worried about feminism, the feminists, China, about how much the ape man. Then they turn on and start looking like men. So. if defeated their own argument strong woman, you're Henry's, don't you are so where such an organization? Nazi, I mean you are probably you and my wife for the strongest women. I know, as far as you know, a professional and have your goals and your driven. So why does someone like you? What is it that makes you so anti feminists, because the people would think you're right now, we'll house now they're, feminists or Wendy there?
They are now. I guess I don't need feminism. I I don't need modern feminists owning third way feminism, because can do things for myself and of a guy says something that I find offensive. I don't go crying about it right. I asked, I think some of these women have never had a man say anything complimentary to them, so they don't want other women having compliments from men either that's a dirty little secret of the of the third way feminist. They pay want to proceed. Everything has re culture because no one has ever said to them. You look hot today. This is true. Also you don't hate winners like you, don't fear them. So are you gonna play the horizon? Well, now not yet will played on the way that you you go we're not going to we're not going. There would be an appropriate right, not featured the screens you'd ever disagree.
disagreement here we go. Why don't you go back to your arm on or island feels good? I feel better. It feels right. Cancer is only around right for the programme and its. Obviously, feminism has led to women in the military I always think I think my gosh we're at a time right now are we send our women off to the front lines to die and we call that progress while they're. So well there s a shrine, They shifted onto that Iraq They would have been right there if it was we're time revolutionary. Warn people were you know what we're tamping their muskets. They would have been crawling through the ranks to the back and pushing them and from a cannonballs I have to go out. My baby has ever grandma baby maternal. Can you imagine that no male maternity leave. I mean I know in Europe they trying to like paternity leave again we're back to an Arnold film that at Filmore Junior we're on the guy got pregnant.
with a year that was you couldn't make that or MRS doubt fire today? You could make those films would absolutely behalf speech, but there is no there's no wiener leave. The same recently, prostate cancer is never going to be as popular to raise money for his breast cancer everyone, like you know I m sex. Women, want to keep their boobs men want women to keep their boobs. On that that also, if the feminists want to cause that women are really good at advocating for causes I think more men die every year, prostate cancer than of breast cancer. The greatest not noticed, prosecutors, very slow spreading. No one wants to get help. But women should be waived. Raising awareness about back and we all know. Breast cancer is a problem that we don't need to turn October pink anymore. I do not know how much it. Let's move on its
in October. We have too little great Courtney. Scarves thanks ring with us, will wrap up this show in a nice both for your statement.
welcome to cool news news with super cool approach. I am your host few coup this week with the Supreme Court, which I may remind you turn Eliza he's got rid of coupled with a lie solve a here. I guess I can see. I can't drink my coffee scared. I I didn't write my copy. Can you get me a copyright useful Give me a flashlight, a flashlight, something like a renewed
well that's on becoming not so good. I always gonna, let it play and nobody knows its economy song and I don't blame them speaking what you can't.
This guy best tweet of the night again our first live stream. If you're listening on one of our wonderful affiliates, of course, from station WHAM, W Easy S, New Hampshire delegates in northern Sort, a patriot voices, northern Michigan are Cone Alaska and we have some other small failure, but those are a big ones. It don't is our lives stream, so people can see this and have been sending US tweets your programme from Bruce Scott Laidlaw. bout, not gay at least so far in the closet. They know him and knocked me. I've heard a lot of closet Jonah wish. I could say that we have you. I hear from adaptability there's no I've heard levies for Lisbon could have you heard the Narnia now asked as regards this view, because better disaster some days want Aztlan have his way.
didn't hit this programme today. Those times where you get the tweet of the week. What you just really interpretive dances, my calling all right. So this is what's the macro here we ve been tongue, but a lot of things this week has been hard for me to keep my focus because we have a lot of new things going on and not Gauger has done an absolute horrible job, but you should praise him for giving it the old college. Try the old a very gay college. Try, I think, what is most important to take away here. Let me leave with tat we were talking about. This trump has never met a victory that wasn't intact. the legitimate and a defeat that wasn't wholly illegitimate. That wasn't foul play. I will say that about Donald Trump Lessen, the guy had millions of dollars and alone, if you'd have retired, and It is his money would be worth more now. He made his money less valuable through the investments that has made. The point is, but he's always at a safety,
he's never had to do the trap ease act without a net loan. Dad's money, access to good schools, access to powerful people plays the tough guy act. In one thing that bothers me, I don't care who plays it is. Is the tough guy act? other union work or thinking you're tough, because you work on the docks or your Donald Trump saying, you're tough, because you have a New York accent, You know people out there who are watching her, who know nothing If I've been involved in combat sports for a long time, but my father has to my father You have an was a very, very good, very physical hockey player My father has not even had a point scored against him in competition in Brazil, Jujitsu, let alone around I just injuries and compete at all any more. I do some coaching something I've always done and there are people in the sport and let me bring us back to the point here but foreign to know this example. There are people and we know them as breakers. We know them as people who are folders. We know them as people who break who fold
their front runners. You sought recently in you have with Sage Northcote. This guy had three fights in four bang when they're on their lightened people up and they look great. Then, when they get challenged when they get pushed they fold in all the reports that came up Donald Trump in Iowa when he lost it, was that he looked like he had seen a ghost. He didn't know what to do. He was dead For a day- and you didn't come back and give credit and say you know what, let's, let's, let's, let's move on from this Dutch ourselves off I understand it. Champions always want to try and in their mind, justify their losses, but instead the what a true champion? Doesn't you look inside yourself? You say what can I fix? What can I do better, but people who incapable of that are generally people who are front runners, their breakers and we ve had And no one has ever rustled out there, you can t administrator done judo or boxing. There are people who are making the example. I know people a second in grappling there on top EU in their grinding you, it's hard, their incredible you're going
there's another. This guy's going smash me and just for a quick second, you don't even when the match, but the momentum turns you gotta sweep you gotta reversal, you get them Position is compromising everyone whose rolled or whose Donna combat every physical sport has felt us, even in hockey in a hockey from my daddy to talk about this and you get that little switching momentum and you feel them go just flattered that give up, they haven't even lost, it could be. wrestling and there's, there's a couple minutes left on the clock or digital matches gone ten minutes or could be hockey and the hasn't even stepped in anyone is wash hockey fights good front of our family was due crimson. A lot of the time it just people who are willing to stand in there and take it, and there are some people It is something that cannot be taught. There are some
people who have the grit who are willing to take that risk in that tends to be the personality of people who start businesses, not people who take their fathers money and start, but the people were actually take the risks. Take it out of savings, go out their risk, their name risk their livelihood. Those tend to be the people, the people with that great the people with determination, they always say if you have cancer, is he a fighter? This is what we are talking about, and there are people, it is a character traits people who simply fold under pressure when pressed anyone has gone out there in competed knows these people, anyone has been this person at some point say what, when I had a really bad back injury, I used to tap before any came on because I was so scared I knew I was exposed, wasn't and I wasn't confident I had no confidence because I've been no without the use of my legs for a while, so yeah injuries he makes cowards of us all, but you have some people out there when they're, not, hired when they're not hurt. Their instinct is twofold when things get tough and
using to admit defeat and simply trying to find a way around it in trying to eliminate an opponent. That's the same thing. That's the political equivalent of folding I think it's important to know that, because it comes into the big point. There I want to end on, do not be wrapped up in a cult of personality. Ben Shapiro talked about this. Do not think that there is any one man out there to save you. Everyone running for resident right now belittle has talked about this in a different way. Everyone is running for President you and I are the ones who fired them, they're running for a job there in the screening process there in the job interview process, for you for me: they're not in the driver's seat, we're not following them. You should be Reading there slogan and showing up and cheering and fainting, you are not following them at this the game. It is their job to prove to you that they have any business being in that seat and you have to start from the position that none of them do so
There are two bomber, whether its Bernie, whether its Trump, whether its could be crews. That could be anyone do not get hyped up in a cult of personality, especially right. Now it's easy to do. Don't do it later, a crowd of sea next week This is just even Churchill. I have formally announced my endorsement for presidential candidate of the United States of America. That's why Jesse the bad isn't! Orson Donald Trump, because he's going to take us down the trail to greatness and addressed
issues that really matter the fact that nine eleven wasn't inside job, the guy you orchestrated, doesn't want to meet me in the back of a dark hair like the facts
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