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#61 Crippled Crowder, Dean Cain, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Ben Shapiro Fire @NotGayJared... In Song

2016-02-15 | 🔗
A crippled Crowder talks New Hampshire and Beyoncé. @NotGayJared is fired live, on air, for real. (One Day More Parody)

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You ve found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country, folk, entertainment, like a whole bunch of others still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body, not any kind of death letters. Your listening top radio strangers you're getting louder with out. That's enough! So people, watching this. Can they hear me not gauger? They can hear me
I can see me and they note that I look a little bit different. So this is just for you, the podcast, listeners on Itunes set well for our second producing with me in studio studios always and he's a fortunate to be doing so is not gay jeered. Who is not gay? You can follow him on twitter at night. gay jared I've legally fulfilled all my obligations. You can draw your own conclusions. Can we move on we're good you no doubt read the comment section from last week I think that the best but I got the most flattering: lamas, probably your not quite as gazed thought you were right. I m pretty sure you're, absolutely gay by gay Irene, Fag Prudential urged, followed by absolutely that's that As part of that phrase Emmi, so we were upset with your performance with all the screw up so last. Week was our first ever live. The stream.
to use a primary watching it lotta with cutter dot com, maybe just hit the twitter button. So there's not going to be fought for those who don't know you can subscribe to the podcast on Itunes, sound clodagh bananas for a long time, people or single, or why so number sixty worthy of the fifty nine, whether all available on Itunes, sound cloudburst indicated to I don't Six or seven stations a few stations out there, it's a radio show and when you hear on the radio either here on Friday mornings, are you here in the weekend in its three hours long and This is the first week Jerry This is the first week. That's not a Christmas day that I have foregone doing that show and the rest that's what I want to the reasons are age we just couldn't pulling together. So we had some pretty big guess. I actually blew out my knee in in writing grappling class in Brazil, India, Jitsu to giving idea it sounded like a paper cutter, and so bad that the coach laughed and said. Did you reappears pads Europe
ski Brazilian guys that now now that was his knee, My knee out. I've had some pretty serious injuries that was so scary about this is that it didn't hurt, She didn't hurt at all. I just felt like attention in a me better than another fellow noodle. I hit everything about the story. Will you so many airlines sterile? Looked like a boob wait. What else like a boom like beyond says ass? On my knee who, by the way, pretty slutty beyond, say I do not feel we just wrote a call about it: Courtney and I corroded Courtney, scoffs and my God is blunt. Sometimes, oh, my god, I don't know if I can write us about women, she goes well. Let me, let me put a little. Further, the the thing with stings also productivity. Can you know as the necessary equipment. I have to say she is unbelievably blunt and she included those horrid gifts of beyond say so anyway, that's what happened and then afterward. I thought I was fine. I try to get up and walk out no more. I just felt like there's no attention in my leg and it felt funny
able to bend it in the guy who was passing my guard, nice guy, he didn't do anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong with just a really light drill and it just happened. There was probably a long standing injury that we didn't know about. He said: don't bandit dumping That is that you should go to the emergency room. I said ok a dozen or so the outgoing too, so I actually I take it to the emergency room. I knew at about a window of twenty minutes and by the time. the emergency room I couldn't get out of the car. I could I couldn't bend my If you don't look now, my leg is mostly straight thinking. It's big and mobilization thing, so I went to the doctor. They said. Probably a torn, Elsie out? Maybe eight so we're we're doing all these things memorize x rays? And it's not that I think I can do because of my needs that are just took up so much time we weren't able to book the guests. and even then this Saturday and follow ups? So there will be the full three our show.
tomorrow to kind of fill you in on that. We're really grateful to people who are watching people who come along the drawer, and I haven't left these pajamas. Not get you a if that is true I can't I don't pants off on line. don't try. Everything is a baby white bath. I can't get in the shower. I can't I can't bend to move my pants, so I've just been Pajamas I changed the top. The programme which made me feel better about myself. You can see the hair I mean this is this. Is me This is without all the make up and all professional you know a hair and face people, Otto, with greater, you usually are a cost do enjoy employee he must make its more evil realise how much of your budget the wardrobe people take up now. Just isn't. And not only that, but you and Courtney had a bit of a mutiny this week.
You don't seem in Turkey. Will you tell me what thou wert me now, but now corny got together and they did. You said okay now you're going to ban me from all of the social media they have. My password have your pal. I can just start shut you down your entire life down because tribute all it's been really along comes that actually taken a whole day off. My closest thing is Sunday. I got a half day off, but I get up and I get up two or three stories in the morning and then after that any he's been, which has been a lot with the media, have to going to get him our eyes and a weakened in the morning and so Jared Uncourteously listen were or were were cutting you out, you're not allowed to go on. So we're doing this. I M going to talk about a couple of things. Obviously, New Hampshire happened Trump one fair and square good for him. I would say If you want, I wouldn't complain about it. You know I'm fine given up a legitimate when he won. I do find it funny that the Bernie Sanders one day the farthest left the Democrats, one further laughter. The Republicans want Donald Trump. It isn't
ever in a John case, if one second music and Bush every figure who they do in New Hampshire, does anybody, while New Hampshire apparently knows, and they make their voice heard loud and clear, and unfortunately, the guy who looks like Neue hatched duckling is going to be in the race for how much longer, for a lot like like hard CORE Democrat Union, guys who, like would like John, who is so that they will vote for no other public, but junk right may put a lever for that guy. This self rule, that's that's, not usually good signs, so that happened in New Hampshire. What I do think is important when TAT crew said listen, your values with all the respect, not the values of the rest of the country. Atlas in New Hampshire is, by extension, New York right, we're talking about New England, we're talking about a lot New Yorkers who have vacation homes in New Hampshire lesson, New Hampshire, if Relax Bernie Sanders. If you Bernie Sanders and then in the Republicans you pick trump cases and Bush Kay your values do not reflect the values of the rest. The country crept Trump, ok, sure, but certain
Kay Second Bush you're not going to see that in any others. Pre primary state certainly does but what the fainting affirm our dear you share this new values, integrate our look at nine. Eleven, listen, New England values. These people are very far left and it should tell you something: Bernie Sanders wanted a landslide and then Tromp case a convulsion republican Party Trump case, a Bush trump endorsed by Bob. I was at Lindsey Gram got brown in Jimmy kind of they also because They can control them care where you line up and not bashing Trump Guide, but Trump case it Bush that Hampshire, republican primary. the Superbowl outrage, there's a lot about Rachel Superbowl. This happened with, I guess the black lives matter, the black Panthers, and we advocate I'm getting all these. except for my conservative black run, whose furious that I wrote that beyond say as a whore. Now. Listen when I say whore,
I mean someone who sells who uses their private parts for financial gain? My hope I crystallized my position for you So when I say that the answer here, not vagina boobs, I think he's got a horse. She's married she's, married to a former drug dealer. I just I just don't care! Listen! I! There are plenty of reasons to dislike beyond, say, ok and is complaining. It's a race. Racist raises, the enraged. Has nothing doesn't need to be among them. I don't think so literally talented, I think, she's the least attractive member of destinies child. She certainly the one who kept up the least get rid of them make up and the personal trainers and the off season. Making Rhonda arouse you look like a ban on weight and let me guess, she's a great role model for young black rules everywhere for young black girls who want.
Gyrate and undulate like whores, who can afford blonde hair die in deep firms? Be? I would say, is a perfect example- knows jobs and knows jobs beyond say is a perfect example. She's, a perfect role model for young black girls who want to sell their ass, boobs and vagina on television, provided they can afford blood or die and deep firms to make sure that they dont really look all that black and that's how they separate themselves from the other members of destinies job. She has a role model to the community seems like a meet community for her It would seem like an enemy me, but it's not similarly Howie Berry how we bury doktor there, my iconic award, what Can anyone name a decent film? Haileybury was in the street we don't you another example Crusher what you want, the Flintstones, that's that's, probably her best felt the funds, I recently watch that I don't even know.
We do not hold up where I will let you know that, doesn't it I tell you now that I tell you what does the erections? How we bury that is a hyper early sexual eyes, character for children's film, the flintstones as a kid it was Cameron D as in the mask, Kim Basinger in Europe Batman and Polly Erin Flintstones, I design He was. I had no idea she was black. You wouldn't know unless she told you please, we're blacklisting than Jessica Alba who isn't black. They did that DNA tests and George Lopez she's like Spain, this European Union You could think just Alber highly basis, there's any what she talked about her. I conical ward, how it said we ve gone back as far as diversity is look at what how Ebay? What did you do to for diversity? You are If did an award for months? ball. Her side. Paisley gets I believe our nerve, I don't know abused and southward programme,
we're going. A little abuse by redneck bats but the award was for It was a social justice and what no one saw the film it wasn't an enjoyable film, but she was gifted in a word right. There's there's your don't take it, you're going to get is a category or, and what did you do? Gaza gone, Catwoman, what have you done for the black community haileybury? You screwed up there we ve only got an award, you know did more of it one community, then how we bury with her ward, more make more apostrophe, unique received the news that movie precious, Oh, no, I would say able Oh performers, and there is, among the best know of any film really, there's a scene in their work, crying at the child services. I get it hey just one of the scenery to surrender like ok, given the Asker kind of like Nick in now warrior where he was Oh good here undeniable, but crisper plummet,
what a guy! So that's what happened there, but. Moaning was fantastic and precious. I watched precious and there was a scene in there. dear exact anybody seen as can confirm this right now we're illiterate. Three hundred and fifty pound black girl steals a bucket of fried chicken. That's the scene that one or the Asker impression when I read them disruption. probably precious through. hundred and fifty pound likely diabetic black girl steals commits a crime, stealing project. Saunders saying if we're gonna, if we're going to then fain offence now with beyond, say it was ever. We saw with the black that black Panthers reference. Of course your hateful couldn't stand Martin Luther King logical to address from either side haileybury. She said her ward was iconic and it was because for blackmail.
well, then you say: okay, if you want to make it about rates. What have you done for black Americans, so I've gotta? What happened this week? A really, about our last week for all of the errors on Jared Part are we even gone? Lives is working as working women, No, you screwed up. I know a lot of people really wanna jeered fired. I I want to fired a lot of people out there. We saw your comments and he was fired. I had very high war Mile chapel assure this. We just to make sure we have L chapel producing here justice to kind of help out in shows that shirt we're even by that shirt I would say agent em, but that would not help my case, but it should have. Yeah what what's happening on a visit?
the life gets going one day another day. Another fire is never ending row to fire. This matter pays me, for my time is surely can my ass for this kind of cool names you had to be heard. How could I not far you're sorry, ok, ass, one day, rule Europe, yet you ask me one more chance now to bet you do this crew things one more chance to prove? I'm able you still have your credit card phrase, my brain disease, because you think I'm not border some choose to have some ice cream drew torpid with saudi Cinema, never know a much needed to live died here. The little sign say I to your mom you I'm podcast haven't, will choose aside and this based on who gave me ice cream. Since that is not coming.
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