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#62 Larry Elder, Karen Straughan and Mrs. Crowder!

2016-02-19 | 🔗
Crowder announces his upcoming knee surgery and actually thanks NotGayJared for helping him. Mrs. Crowder complains about Steven arguing with doctors. Also, great guests, Larry Elder and Karen Straughan!

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While all of brower- miles. We are only allowed to know town hall, with our whom goober, who is queer, mere steer clear our to know where you stand now, Israel? Ok, frankly, thank you for that question. Ok, truthfully! I'd love questions you, people s, judge fantastic, watches, people. They say what do you love about North Carolina, South Carolina, all the Carolinas Ellis? Nobody cared.
There is no Caroline, I don't love. Ok, I see what I love about. The people is just so curious. There are so many questions when it comes to Israel and Palestine. Ok, I, but how do we will hear? Love Israel? Ok, ok of Palestine. Ok, you're kind of split, listen: I've gotta remain neutral in Israel, Palestine. I would remain neutral because I need to abate. Are predictable? Ok, a good deal frankly to make the two I dont know if we can make this deal right, but if you have any idea for Israel you're, probably hearing this podcast either through I tunes or sound cloud somethin like that- or maybe you ve heard it on this indicator- radio show across the country, but you may not know that this show is actually live stream video live stream every Thursday night, eight o clock Eastern Thursday, eight
like Eastern at louder, with better dot com or youtube dot, com, Slash Stephen Crowd or you can actually watch the live stream. See the guests see all these little infographic go on there. We have some explosive commercials. You get to see the hopper. Can people like the hopper camp and additional firing of not gauger itself? Again, it's free, if you to see what your hearing go on the live stream, Thursdays, eight p m Easter. Lotta with Canada, you down yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country, folks, entertainment I dont like and out all want to bother still without having a healthy body image. Given very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body not of a kind of death,
You going to get letters! Your listening top radios, strangest animal you're getting louder with router, and you know what that means it's about the weekend, depending when you're. Listening to this it could be the weekend. I am your, even greater ladder with credit losing with me in video studio. As always, is Jerry who is not gay? You can follow him at, not gay Jared on Twitter? I fulfilled all my legal obligations you, can draw your conclusions. We good for enough people people are wondering why your back We will wait to the same thing how these walked back in
and I said, ok- and that was about it now- ok get to the Pope, everyone's I read in Colombo, Donald Trump and a little bit and we will get to a man who dropped Trout in Seattle, bathroom setting gender roles, we have great guests, Larry Elder Karen Strawn Missis. I will come on to tell a story about me. That's my doctors that leads me to actually o jared. Not gay Jared who buy has never had HIV. Any kind ever. I want to get it, so I thank you and I owe a thank you to Courtney, big as I had an emergency room basin region presented its you for those of you who know I've. I've trained for a long time have done the mix, martial arts Irena problem. You, Google this will be. I do not in the best eight that emergency, not this. last area, where blew my knee out, sounded like a paper shredder. We talk about this,
Briefly, in the only podcast podcast exclusive version, last week and what are you doing on your desk? They're, not injured, penalised hooker and was going to doktor after doktor trying to it took a long time am our eyes so long, racial jeered and corny completely handled this The latter was I come last week Riding through Sunday was the first time since I've known Jared so the man who in a show of actually taken a weekend off and out next week, Thursday we're going into surgery for some reconstruction on my knee, I will go to the details, but pretty pretty ugly and em at affair, Doktor was entirely wrong. Who gave me wrong information? I thought he was wrong and argued with them for an hour, and so is that you can get a second opinion. Give me his referral. I threw it in the trash I found this fantastic doktor of Michigan, What's a penis associates sort this guy doktor headland.
He's had doktor from I don't know. If I can talk about this, but some very high and sports teams in Michigan there are only so many high and sports teams. my god. She was so helpful. So it's changed my life, so without it's just for you, people I am destroying my body will be undergoing starting next week, but dont work. Don't worry, I can guess what theirs I'm going to be a show whether I'm done job or not I hope they are geared really will be. I will be ok! So we want to get to the Pope and Trump cash. That's. for you know, corny, one of our main writers had Courtney costs Catholic and she wrote a letter to the Vatican shut up about immigration people got really mad at me. In them they don't read the by lines and we What does that mean today about the Pope saying you shouldn't be building walls? He should be building bridges, brain
I'll drop in the Vatican is covered by a war surrounded by a wall. We put this up of course, The Catholics get mad, listen, I don't ventilate, Catholics are Co. Uk won't kevlar works may give her crap. She gives me crap, but I will say this Catholics, often the worst offenders are being totally cool, with mockery in comedy until it becomes their thing, and that is, Ok, how dare you see there? the Pope, This is common thing with a lot of people, though suit it's. Ok, I want every how things are really bad Muslims. Like you know, I can make fun of the gay stuff, and you never give me if I can make fun of I don't know, I'm trying to think you can make fun of the now. The steadily and I, like you know it's ok, I'll. Let you I'll? Let you go along the trail. You know really can't take a joke. Stairs gosh darn catch yeah. Well, it's digits cause, that's a mature, a serious problem, but we also ices official PR spokesperson Abdul Rahman
later on the programme. So that's nice, and listen people respond with, while the Pope was being figurative, yet Wilson is Donald Trump in the sense that he's not talking about. There are sitting down troubles. Building up a wall of Mexicans needs to be building bridges. That Treating them poorly, don't drive is actually not treating Mexicans poorly, ok, bye, deporting people who are illegal, their training, american taxpayers, poorly anyone watch. Is this show where listens to this programme so that I'm not a big Donald Trump and ok I'll get into that for second, but in this situation in Spirit he's not wrong, he can you do. port, all Mexicans. No, of course not is there anything wrong or immoral was saying, listen, we're gonna, put up our borders will strengthen our borders, put up a wall going to get rid of the people who broken a lotta get here there is, thing morally wrong about that and the boat needs to shut his mouth. The people I understand the pope was only infallible on matters of spirituality, right as it relates to the Bible and Doktor Nott politics Let me put this is simply as I can. Ok for people who are fighting about
there's Christians and non Christians and Trump supporters and and supporters, and in it, vans and non Pope fans who knows about as much regarding the Bible, as the Pope does regarding american immigration policy, that fair, pretty fair, intentional and pay attention problems fix what problems do have knowing any to know not only around for the listener. Yeah little bit. There were good little a hearing on Madeira sound like four and Russia to them. I did that's with calling for the wish that so they went all the earlier. But this is how the shells gonna go today, so that that day said I know I'm not a triumphant he's, not my guy but in this innocent one percent, while you're going to endorse Donald Trump. This is kind of the problem with politics. Now they know not endorsing down from agree with him on this issue and disagree with the pope doesn't mean I where's, Donald Trump, just like it
mean that I hate the Pope. I had the lean a certain way, I'm not a big fan of this pope, I'm not catholic. I don't strive to Catholics theology. I have a lot of problems with it. I think plenty of people out there. looks and our good vine. We can disagree on that its Ok to tell people they can't speak poorly of the pope. Pope is not Christ. Pope has not a daddy, and I will say it is completely and entirely unchristian of you to say above is anything like Christ or to say that speaking against the Pope and anyways blasphemy, if you say that you're. Not you're. Not are you really don't really understand Christianity or the maintenance of its faith, to say it's blasphemy to save the bulbs wrong- an immigration you're, an idiot Newberry likely, not a Christian. So go. You consider hate mail to add. As greater as it comes to die, Trump This is something I want to talk about for a to run with jeered about this today.
Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton right everyone strong, but that's very entertaining that's a reality show I understand that Donald Trump, when you have, when you add up the national poles, he's the one candidate who loses two Hillary Clinton. He says there one Paul today from USA, today very beat Hillary still, that's one Paul nationally, Donald Trouble lose a Rubio, wins, crews wins even cases. And so we will have a lot of data, so you can't entirely make them judging Donald Trump has the least chance of winning and then JEB Bush crews, wins, Rubia wins. Bernie Sanders its tighter crews. Ruby, I think probably would win. Trump still loses. this is important enough trouble eloquent reality show one Republicans probably lose. talking about numbers here. Now, What do, I think, is a very hard election would be, let's say, the candidate and being crews verses, Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders the more difficult opponent. I know everyone on radio was telling you the opposite, Bernie Sanders as a more difficult upon, because so many people hate Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders versus TED crew. In contrast with Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump? Would probably be the most beautiful election. an american reason in history? Certainly the last hundred years too? simply showcase the stark contrast, socialism and the constitution. I don't or you my fears, socialism white, what my win! If we were to ask this question, I don't ten years ago made even eight years. It's all. Of course, no self about socialists would win. Dared interracial people who don't even think, it's a dirty word anymore, but say what you want about: Bernie Sanders, whoever runs Hilary it's going to be at it's going to be bringing up the past. It's going to be people having their breaks, go out on their car and planes going down over the great legs. That's going happened to whoever runs against Hillary Clinton and probably return. kind, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton they're, both friends personally, but it's going to be personal attacks? There's not enough contrast. Bernie Sanders say what you want about Bernie Sanders. The guy has
the ability to go dirty attacking Hillary Clinton and he hasn't. He stayed on policy, state and ideas. Now, I think, is these are terrible. He's a cell, that socialists? That's bad? I come from socialism, it's bad boy. he's been consistent. Ted crews is remarkably consists in the constitutional lesson of any candidates that you would take TED cruises by far the most consistent constitutional, certainly compared to Donald Trump. Remarkably, like marker Rubio, be the closest thing to say. Verses marks or Keynes versus hike that we would have in our lifetime First time I think in american history. You would have said tourism com. protectionism boom, all the cards on the table and a man kids would get to pick them to me- is so beautiful and isn't a harder election to win yeah, but I
It would be great to see that it would be a great barometer as to where we are as a country, and at least we know where we stand. Listen. Romney versus Barack Obama to people in a hiss we of the world of ever signed a health care mandate into law to ever history of the world, The Obama Mitt Romney John came. No one considers John Mccain to be a conservative, and Obama was a liar, he never claimed to be a socialist, they said, if you call them a socialist, you really wanted to use. The inward here This could be amazing and really beautiful in the sense of its purity just Bernie Sanders. Forlorn socialism for college freer for writing and it creates constitutional gas and- being easy fight, I'm not even saying that socialism would lose I just think it's a fight. We need to see logger with proud kind of what we back over
it was in fact it was whether Boardman those were wrong while with growled our models will now jack you to Town Hall with them some arms Elmer, whom Goober who owns a queer, jacobean curse, What I admire mouth about. You is your integrity, and I wanted to know your thoughts on how your opponent, Mr Donald Trump, said that he would support the good things that plan parenthood.
Thank you for your question and I'm very grateful to be here the town hall. These issues that matter when you ve evil in the United States I think the vision has been a very serious problem in his country in coming together in a place like this of the power of the american people still have in himself an issue of life. I firmly believe that we must determine to be a culture. of life or death and as it relates to a boy plan. I think, I'll give you up data we were drawn to doktor Burnham Gardens, We have our group ok business time really Some of you don't know where to find me louder with product,
half a dozen to ten articles, every single day, Twitter follow me. As crowded with greater podcast on Itunes, sound glowed or any other pod catching device youtube dot com, Slash Stephen prouder, or you can type in Stephen Prattle on Facebook and be one of the million plus ban or join the mailing list. There are so many ways for you to stay connected. You have no excuse, you have no excuse. Just like you have no excuse for those rules that are just cascading over your belt buckled. Unless your lady, then you deserve to get her a metal right, we're back. Not gay Jared had some problems. You think you got him fixed time.
El Stephen, I will tell wasn't the time before the programme to tell as ineffective violator who is it working? I think that good Lord aright, when you up Larry elder after the break talk about Clarence Thomas Justice Scalia in dumb Nels, Osama Donald Trump, and he claimed that George Bush lied about wmds and should have been impeached, so Larry Elder S, opinions about that and my gosh I just loved his moustache get rid of it. I don't know why bad move bad move forward, I want to talk about the story I loved. It was our biggest story in Lotto with credit outcome. This week guy in Seattle. In a park do we set the state for you, the morleys we're dead to begin with goes into the women's locker room. Ok, in just start, changing. At any time. Someone calls them on and he just sites their new gender rule in Washington or I don't have it Seattle or Washington? We haven't up on this Seattle. I think it's a municipal Thank Sierra he keeps doing it and if
as part of the city has didn't know what to do. They were asked to know he will call it for you. They were talk now, they're still figuring out the problem. They can't do care this guy is goes on to say, you're a man you're supposed to be a new general and woman. So this guy is my hero and, let's play a little, but we have that ready. The UK with both brings up on gender identity. It happened, Evans, poor, located on the North west side of green, like a busy area right in the heart of sea, The manufacturers are exactly why one group of protesters gather outside the capital yesterday, confides also moral, shows us why Seattle officials say there still not sure how to handle it wasn't busy a candle lapse when, according to Seattle, carts and recreation, a man wearing board shore,
entered the whip. He's going to try and took off his Verne Board, surely flirted staff who told the man to leave, but he said the law has changed and I have a right to be here. I can't imagine why they want do the way myriads I love. I love this lady, that's my favorite part. We have a whole video, but the website. I can't and why a man would want to be in the woman's locker room. Ok for reference. see every single middle school boys, see ever it's gonna dig a lot of lot of brain work, beg you, though, and I don't know what the problem is- that woman can't fathom why a man would want to go into changing with making women are taking a dead,
The city is a thing. Well, you know this is working on it more to getting a problem not now they're, not getting to the doktor Manette. Guy just says: bull is completely, but here's the truth, and this is why we're going to be playing later on in the show newest gender pronouns. actually hundreds of gender is that you don't know about so we pull them from Tumblr and we're going to speak. New generously. Every week, listen peoples, this absurd roses observes that Guy Norman standing right, because he looks like a man- allow me to change. Our man- has no business being a woman's changing this ridiculous. It makes them comfortable. This is a man change that word man with transgender who has a penis. And for some reason, it's acceptable. There is nothing different in the biological makeup of Bruce Jenner, Caitlin Jenner, and this guy there just mad. If this guy Ladys came him alleges. One has got a good trophy, so bad as good a ward. Him is something I don't.
What would be basis here of the year here seems to glamour. We did this, the planet, fitness I want. I want him on the programme. I wonder when the programme, because it The guy is bold, and what's so funny no he's been inoculated after the first time Now, it's just old hat, probably the first time you went in and board shorts in got changed and by the way, George are not necessarily something of an old guy where some governesses, probably younger guy who's, causing trouble here walked in dropped. Him got changed, intimate first time he was a little nervous but it has been going on now for us think now what he's going in and changing the ladies room before someone even starts hey. What are you a new general? What are you what we are now? What can you do? It's not fair that fair itself is everyone that this was never going to happen. I mean, when you start working on this programme. Right of funding to be in this- you when you were placed him, so this was only start working last on the programme we
you're working for me on children what time in January last year, okay, so a year full time on the programme and added programme has come probably relic March, maybe a guy like but you're working before that, freelance anyway member by then how we were like. Oh man, I wonder where this distress gender thing is going to go. How far do you think they'll take it so Just this amount of time Seattle. I know how to handle a man and a woman's changing room. All of these remember we. This is a slippery slope. What's to stop a man simply coming in. What's to stop predators! Oh you, local, even had this argument with them gosh. What was it psychopaths name nor is it down for the Shell J J, Marie rather the psychopath psychopath. These I got a psychopath transgendered also your email and there's emails. Knowing about a psychopath erotica, she was on argue with concern has been Cynthia yucky where he was and argue and kept. Emailing us remember: AL
word after the church of the life. Are the other twitter like thought? What, but also like five paragraph emails in its scientific, none of it valid like emailing Youtube videos of him, her singing about wanting to go to the bathroom and a night club members. Weird stuff, really Weird style, reared, dark, poetry of sea, and we talk if you go back, it was that it was. Were you really think some guy is going to use this to GO on the woman's changing room? Yes, yes, yes, why Why not I mean I'm perfect, we knew a guy, whose last name was man in high school ironically enough and everyone knew or thought he was gay. Any was a front This guy was just constantly surrounded by gorgeous women in fashion. Tabs and up, and then I found out here just get in the second base with all of them. It was a show he was just this guy was just swim in it and you know-
we're trying to convert him, and you think you could ever how I don't think so. I just never thought of it that way, then, but maybe you could change me, you know what happened guy was brilliant, We just thought he was some sprite prancing around wondering do gymnastics class. The guy was, could yoga that guy was constantly surrounded by women. Yes, so here is where we are okay, this is where we have. This is the point we have reached. Is the easiest thing paper? Yes, they will, and they are abusing it manner, using women, changing rooms and there's nothing you can do about it. What's so funny is a city can do nothing that just imagine entire country and your schools and your daughter and a guy walks in George, Michael sorry, died, be back with Larry Elder after this. Maybe you'll find him in Istanbul.
we now move to the town on Sea Donald Rob. guph who, as poor Mister, Durham, You said that you believe President George W Bush lot and was deserving of impeachment bringing us into Iraq. Do you stand by that statement, or are you continuing to walk back as you ve done in the previous? We acknowledge the chief. I don't like that. That's it! Why should I m sure? What to do? I don't know you do it? Haven't people with questions like that? Coming in here can we do to load a question I them. Actually said a beach. Ok, that's a big.
I might have. I didn't mean to say: impeach. Listen, I don't know. Maybe I David eight, it is able to point, is ok that George W Bush was really listen, that eleven abbot. Ok, it happen under his watch. He was president ok so that, frankly, that's disgusting, that's disgusting! All of you should be discussed Tell you this! Ok, though right eleventh gonna happen to know by watch that little avid gay note I twelve not even, and I don T a k there isn't even gotta be listed. One was the eurozone. Would gotta be a seven twenty four there's that could be a one. Twenty six there's not going to be a seven twenty, nine ever ok, I do Donald Trump Presidency, Donald Trump, ok, fire president, got to do away with leafy leap here has made take so complex. Ok, we're losing so much sleep here. Ok, what you think about it! It's hard! schedule you have Valentine's day. Sometimes if what about people are birthdays, do they age it? For years we are going to stop losing too
here we are going to start with. The girls will tell all with where Goober end all drop. I'm power him off along what are you doing back with tee where'd you get it. Could you know not a war between dot com, they have fifty eight and accessories the best advice, the rhythm aware behold now, there's no matter what you would do, what a arbitrating? Well, if you do not have the best ways to go and that to take away with important step nice
or right, wear dance and we're happy and I'm so glad to have our next guess. We had him on a while ago and we ve had computer crashes. Let me purposes. I watched this gentleman as I grew in Canada. I didn't have conservative radio, I didn't have any of those things and he was on television. So to him to me he was an actual celebrity get five on television with a glorious, glorious, understand, stash, which I still trying to convince them to get back, but you can follow him at Larry Elder Larry Elder thanks ring on the show good, sir. My quite sure know that scares you go on long gone gone. We're not forgot nobody. Why? Why? Why it's a long story, but I used to kill a Tory on my face like a lot of blackmail ingrown hairs in one morning I get up and I and I put it onto too deeply on one side and it burn that side. So I did the other side of burn that side
May I end up having little thing like Hitler. I found out that nobody, even though only here, nineteen years old, I think, when I present bear all these years. Even I find out nobody even notice, Freethinker time anymore blush we're. I noticed you know why, because I can grow one. It's I think it's one of those things Haven't you notice it, and maybe I did all your friends of glorious dashes, though, was just kind of you know that run. I noticed a black man thing if you notice of black men by proportion have a lot more moustaches. Unlike guys, do I'm not quite sure why my dad never did like most the guide to my neighbour, with ignore growing here with a cool thing felt. I always had it and when I got rid of it nobody noticed when I think about the team and update the ones like that. What do you want? I won t have to go straight to the racial thing goes right to the racial thick. Well, because it becomes
Supreme Court nomination having an effect on racial. You hear about that. Florence tried at the Harvard professor. He says the reason the Republicans knowing stand in the years, because the bomb lack yeah. They remain a bottom up, a bottom of one of the above stairs family, though I am alarmed families that going to the funeral of avenues believe so maybe get nothing Are you american? If you want to bring the re start up? Will back the moustaches two of your talking about italian American? Listen, the prim forget as a layman, you're, obviously much more informed and well read gentlemen and me if it not the Senate's job to sort of a system is vetting. more confused as to their role. What's on constitutional about this well, the Senate role is advise and consent. They often have to vote on the nominee that, if no role that required them
and the nominee, let alone boat on the nominee and a president lame duck, ear and chuck humour in two thousand and seven and bushes last year said he wasn't gonna pull any nominees whatsoever, Rocco Bomb of an inch and trying to filibuster, stopped families from even come into the pork or of both. So when the shoes on the other foot, these guys have no problem whatsoever. Runagate, there's guys know what has happened in Yemen. Swedish all politics, the bottom line is there will be no Supreme Court nominee until Ababa is gone. It'll be up to the next president, because your colleague it won't have it over there body and one or the other way around the Democrats would be doing the same thing as is done in the past over your dead body. Will them, with the time are run against Hillary Clinton? For this little scribbles, it's quite possible. So ok, Mr Elder, this isn't but I also sort of wonder that, because you are really obviously with the Clarence Thomas thing at the forefront in that is interesting sort of go back to what was the big.
Controversy that, because we talk now about all how politically correct we ve gotten what was this big conch? firstly because it was on twitter and there's an entire generation. I know about this, the coke in the short and curly there's an entire generation who doesn't know, and so they believe the Clarence Thomas is a horrible womanizer and sexual harasser who still sitting on the court. As briefly as you can for those dumb ass is listening. Let them know what the big scandalous bout with Clarence Thomas. What forty? If we go back to that,
Ire nominee and that will thus Robert Bork Bright Robert work and making eighty seven with nominated by wrought awake. Normally, these things don't make any real difference. That work is going to replace the liberal and the court would then shipped at five or in favour of the conservatives, believe it or not answer not Scalia. Arguably the most conservative justice serving right now with serving got confirmed unanimously, not a single vote against damp right, booth, great again to work very liberal, not a single vote against her. Nobody cared until all of a sudden the Corbett going to shift from the will to conservative and in liquid workers nominated, and he was called everything but a child of God. He was defeated on the floor, so the bush them is total should be regulated at another conservative, a black one, hoping that even the Democrats we're going to stop this guy because he would have been the second blackguard be unscrewing torture, but it turns out that a woman, surface name Anita he'll, be used to work. Brigham remains.
Luckily hereafter what did he do? Ah, he fairly hit on her not physically just made moves on her didn't touch. Her aunt apparently said for some reason: there's a pubic hair on myself. All ninety the cereal, because you run through a serious series of events, tells us there with a straight face. It's that was what it was it was. It was something like Ebay was ain't like you, no kind of in a break room. I was telling not geared about the seas. Younger Newton really know the story again. His big is big. Sin was he said this someone's pubic care. My coat can and kept on walking and that is a big thank you just gotten. He just got in divorce. Chemotherapy lonely is getting on this woman at work and this hunting way of doing it, but he didn't touch her didn't dinner after you didn't solitary journey, didn't rape and why this was a big deal only with because of the quality anyway, Clarence Thomas is there an apparently has not put up to the current EU by coach. Since then
One wonders at the wrong with your with when you had the mustache. If that can be confused, if you leave it there and are doing burning it off and the other half it learn your leave and hairs everywhere. So what's what's this Cocaine Larry. I hope, moreover, that they would hope he had taken a sip of your coke. Wouldn't you upload and thing I have to worry about survival. Have its authority on Ebay. I don't have the spanish citizens hope dream well well I just wanted to briefly touch on that because he was trending, I'm sure you saw on twitter or people were praising the. Ethically, and they were thrilled with it Listen, I will tell you that I made fun of TED Kennedy. Need when he died because no killed somebody, so I don't regret people for that. I just point out the hypocrisy of the left demands respect when their people pass and, of course they show one what here at another level of hypocrisy when
We are now clear, died their whole bunch between saying what is apparent. How much want to do now that after is dead, you gotta, typically both the saint and when people are saying the Clarence Thomas. If those stupid, they don't know what he's doing until critically tell them what to do now. This it s, not racist. I don't know what it is. What is your problem? You insensitive all that's what I said very very, very Maggie Stephen came out a few years ago, is now on called emerge. Maggotty caricature of pirates, Thomas on the cover the magazine with him. Holding a lantern and the graphic said: Justest Clarence Thomas lawn jockey to the far right inside the magazines, the black magazine out at once. The body would probably my ebony inside the magazine, their parakeet you're, a clearance Thomas on his knees shining.
economically issues yet well devalued guide, Robia Open minded, empathetic non non racist hearing. We care about black people laugh waiting until they. The black conservative course refutes the whole narrative that right or request that the man you're holding back, and so my Clarence Thomas and, if I may say Larry Elder, are a direct breadth. Narrative and therefore where we have been aligned Uncle Tom and fell out right left and also that characters and accurate, because the one time a scene, Antonyms Collyer, with a full shot which ensure no doubt thrilled Dick Morris, he was wearing brushed swayed shoes. You don't need to shine. The left does not care about accuracy. I won't be question on how they got airline. They could know it's funny that you talk about that, and you know then there was article were people got really mad this week and if you read it where, where Bill Clinton effectively said, you know he was colorblind and I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. I think was disingenuous, but then the left attacked him for saying when you're
blind you're racing all the accomplishments of block American. So if you recognize Rachel indifference, you're, racist and if you don't you raise, is that it seems, listen well, we're through that that that's not how I took what did open tat. What he said was that most people are not one hundred percent black and he said that Rocco Bonnet with hundred resemble Axel. What's the big deal about him being pulled, the birth lack president essentially thing that that bombers, historic evidently was not all that big a deal. My wife will be the poorest female role. Hundred percent in that would be a big deal that kind of what he said yeah, but you and us just sort of the social justice class competing for the biggest victim status that wasn't what the Was upset about their upset about him claiming to be. You know, colorblind that we're all african necessarily you know Merrill Strike Miller it was that we're all african Ennis like It's not entirely accurate. Firstly, but who cares. I Merrill Streep people get so up in arms about it. Have you noticed as a black American Olga
spider. My monitor this is a nightmare chaired night, I'm serious, I can see it avoids over there. Oh, my gosh like in this thing off I hate spiders, Where the signing ceremony, I grew up in a huge Arachne phobic. She cannot stand fighters diplomatically whenever that one around, I pick it up and chaser with. Well, that's that's poor Ok, then we're going to collect enough. It is horrible, Hop Bahama, my dogs in the studio tonight I mean applied. I think it very logical know. What's a logical fear, you know why there the world's littlest murderer. So it's like saying why are you afraid of murder Stephen? Why are you afraid of Oj Simpson? I'm afraid, because I kill people, that's why don't like love what I needed, picking them up, building chafing with with the saving people Wickham immaturity history, but on the other hand, and allow me to quote and your art this with some very jolly well. All we have to do is gained a whole lot of weight and you can parking handicap parking. That's all I have to do it or try to mount. We know you might want to conceal
You're not get out of a carbon time crops it. What you're handicap, and I said I looked up esteem and he's a great fell. I was able to state really me is that a true story? He let you go now factory story made it back. I don't know itself. You try story! You know you started life right, but I like it. Why wasn't lying on spiders? They are murderers. You ve seen what a brown recluse does. Let me You back to the social model that have you seen this as a black American. So you but you always been begun. Personal responsibility, you marble, libertarian after the break I want to give you may have the force. We can talk about your your column and Donald Trump and Iraq. And I thought it was important. trusting, but we can do that next, two minutes, but staying on this frame of sort of Clarence Thomas,
You feel that in twenty sixteen, after a barrage of our presidency, we are more racially divided or united than say in two thousand one. Ninety, ninety nine. We are less waste this now than ever before, but we're still walking on extra because we criticise a bomb of Jimmy Carter. The former president said about Obama care that you would have gotten the same criticism. I had. He been a white president, which is both because Hilary care I, which was done by Hilary, whose why would also criticized like the point if people are walking on eggshells, Chris Vital bomber too harshly and your white are perceived to be to be racist. You criticise them too harshly and your black, your novel Tom we get along better than ever before the number one way of cutting, whether not society working out interracial marriage and nineteen. Fifty four, only five percent supported it now about ninety percent and you're more racial America than ever
so we are more open, minded tolerant society than ever before, but there we have a political correctness, kind of thing that people are proceeding at races, which I don't think it's racism. I think you and I see that go back. I see in this field because having been thin skinned, aren't you go back because you heard the term no doubt cocksure motive and I've been called them because I was talking on Twitter. I say we I wouldn't, I would have no. I would adopt an african child if we were to adopt that wouldn't care where it came from, and I will say the racist tweets that come out of it. Certainly I believe- and I was there at the first, he party within your bright but Michel market, that debt Dallas Southwark Rent, but it will say some of the tweets now the kind of the alternative right for the Donald Trump Camp. I've never seen this before- and I think some of it is showmanship, but I think it is, Jackson like you set of political correctness and We have one minute real, quick and will bring you back up and talk about. Don't trump do worry that the pendulum can go too far, the other way in the face of political correctness. Not now I really doubt three hundred million Americans in per cent of them, think I was still alive apron.
We know that you're gonna get it. Then they get it. Don't you gotta wide open and pretend that people there give more odd, but most people, I think, a value way. People based upon the content of their character, not the color of their skin, that pretty much where we are Ok, I think those are wise words to go to a break with to go to a break with which will be horribly immature with our filled commercial breaks, but yeah, it's you don't forget, you meant ten percent believe Elvis is alive. I'm an actual number here, you're, an eight percent believe he's gonna. Let her go, get it not as an eight percent of that ten percent or eight percent of american populist, eight percent, the american public. I dont believe that ok well back after this with Larry I'll they're, going to factor that during the brake ladder crowded, stay tuned.
This is why, while Brower onboard models with our journey to Doktor Burnham, cars in the tower all arms. With an urgent cooper who are ill, Doktor Carr, some thank you for taking back which, and I would like to know as someone who is a narrow surgeon with a higher educational pedigree, nor my fail. How are you could based, though, a myth led into believing that the pyramids and oatmeal Listen, I think, that's an unfair care nation. When I put forward I believe that there are many. There are many
different areas about what's going on, and here don't you there is. I ask that question is because Dislike about Morocco, Romans college racket, Are you. we'll get you data when we were drawn to doktor Burnham Garden with goober legs. you're. Listening to you or watching this pod guess, there's a strong chance that you are not yet found. Me on Twitter at as router from Sweden all day long, I'm takin off the social justice warriors. You should see the amount of hate I get on their farms.
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so good to be back home. That spider in the studio is gone. That will haunt my dreams forever. Back, with Larry Elder, MR other words, the best place for people to find you by the way. You can go to my website, Larry Elder dot com or my blog elder statement, dot com and I'm very active on Twitter at burial to this issue, and you out, you do the podcasting as well right. Why have shown right you aren't k or delay Salem and Bobby having from big news and a couple of days, Stephen, my showed gonna be expanding and I can't talk about it right now, but it's gonna be really really huge. Might they deal
Ok, I'm glad I'm glad to hear it for am glad to see that happening by the way. Also not not does sillier thunder. We have to thank Cale Idee Missouri for picking up of what has been picked up with these affiliates and thank you. We never expected very grateful so, MR elder now I want to set the stage you seem to have been are you are? You is Trump, your guy or are you just router you know like now? Crop is a popular. If you ve got a conservative, not differ conservative. I am I'm a libertarian, as you pointed out, shirt from its not that he too economic populist, but economic, populist beach. Those two socialist on the other side and both of them are socialists these different admitted one Hilary just one on layaway, so you don't think human result on you list as well. Are these guys would be better than ITALY on the eighty speak out any body but elevate, but I can't crew the lot. I think a cruiser, probably the most consistent a mark or will we will might be the most electable bombarded by the gang of eight dismal yeah. I think I think almost everybody shares your sentiment, who isn't in the Donald
from a sort of ye know. Call if you look recently. I will say that I dont believe tromp was anything and when you look at Jimmy Carter and when you look at all the liberals interviews, Stephen King, this liberal the Atlantic or Washington Post, and they were saying they were taught me how horrible Donald Trump was, and these are Liberals are behind closed doors, nicety, Aberdeen, still better than territories, because he's effectively a democratic can be controlled, so happy Never you you, you were raised or you have you had Reagan, you Emily even even Nixon before scandal before that, certainly as far as contracting economies and policies- and I come from a generation of people who ve never seen actual conservatism, the closest I ve seen as George Bush, and you know there are problems there. So I'm rightist at a point where, even less? There is a stark contrast if Republican is put in their whose effectively leftist, I do think that you'll never see another conservative elected because I'll say well. We tried both sides are all the same and that's where don't you
that burning senators, TED crews would be as far as you know, you're interested in ideas? Don't you think that would be the most beautiful election as far as purity and contrasting through ideas and thought about it? Probably so authorities- and it is a real obviously of socialists, but I think the entire party, the Socialist Party, that where the date is less than what you want you want paid to wish and soda tailoring argue wants, paid family leaves out it's sort of Hilary he wants to take from the rich, given the poor sort of everyone's to tax, the rich, even more so that every both have an ant high pre trade policy. Now, so they really isn't he lotta differently in the two of them other than Bernie Sanders had been saying the same kind of stuff along a longer time, with a view to manage the payroll taxes. Indeed, tat, the mandatory health insurance sort of premium tax, I think bernie- does go any wants to start a higher taxes a little bit further. My point is he's more open and honest about it to the general american public effort. You know give a guy's an endless and I think we can both says about Bernie Sanders he's crazy, but I I I
these genuine and I respect that he is not run a dirty campaign against Hilary when he could have so. I think it a general. I don't think he's gonna be slinging as much modest Clinton's. You could tell me if you think I'm wrong. I think you're right, but I also think the recently I've been thinking about it. I don't really think Bernie Sanders thought he goes to the chance of winning consistent. I think I want to push the boy to the lap. I think he's a shock of anybody in the front runner. That's why you didn't you Henry on the email it could have that right and that brought up campaign contributions to the Clinton Foundation, not wait right up the women that Hilary apparently line when you Roger woman. That claims you rate by Bill Clinton said two weeks after the elect rate, it became apparent, Rugeley intimidated her. Not anybody off running for president trying to really get elected would bring that kind of stuff up. The factory is not just any than he really what they are to have a good time. He fairly four years old, the nice little appeared at the end of paragraph of my career in these shocked that he's
arguably the front I would disagree endured. Could citizens since the beginning of this programme? I said: don't look past. I think Bernie tends to be the nominee now. I still don't think he probably will. I think it's about a forty percent chance, but have already said. I think if it were completely up the voter, he would be up to the Motor Super Doug's, supernova democratic reality. Only waste going your marriage, the nomination is, if you just requirement, deteriorate and they're not going to do that. So here we are damaged goods. You got that either. Camel hanging over her, but there's no way they're to Can somebody who's out now blatant socialist network Don't you you may be right, I think, for years ago that would have been entirely correct. I think now they're letting a freak flag fly, but let will see what happens I want to talk about. You know, Donald Trump. You did write this piece on Donald Trump, saying that you're Bush lie to take us to Iraq. Put it out in others. This big lie that we never found wmds. That's, of course, false in New York Times admitted that it was false. Now people one of the narrow it say, will you didn't find active, nukes? Okay, so you
a piece about this, explain it for the listener, because I thought it was. It was really well done important work to believe that George W Bush Lighteth into a racket believe that puts the eighty eight nine eleven OJ shrimps and I did not murder to people. The evidence is overwhelming that George W Bush did not lighted up a commission that was set up by Congress to look into the entail, if call them optimum information right. Other guide, nay, nay. My Laurent Silberman Roy piece in the Wall Street Journal and a headline was the dangerous lie that Bush lie. It took the task as rapporteur for these cells.
where are you publicly said that George W Bush like if it we spent a whole bunch of time looking at it? But while the UK was warm and we didn't find the stockpile, no body live Bob Woodward, the famous serve with Wood Bernstein Guide an eighteen month. Writing a book about all of this. He said nobody widened each George, W Bush with more sceptical about the entail Rockingham by George, JANET Syria director, who served by the way, both under Bill Clinton and George W Bush gave him both the same right now. He said it was a slam dumped at the internet was there. We have sixteen intelligence agency that do do in investigations on the internal. Sixteen all sixteen said at the highest level of probability, there's no such thing as a hundred percent certainty. Raw. Sixteen said that Saddam Hussein has WMD you only quarrel with over how far along he was getting a new, so no body, I it's a lie that he lied and I'm shot, because even Hilary who voted for the war in the later on turned against it never said he lied.
It gave a speech in October of up to a famous speech when he's running percent. If you call the Iraq war, no more Edith. Anybody like Bernie Sanders right about its vote against the Iraq war. You never get anybody like. No, I know republican thing. It is amazing. Well, it's basically Republican, using code pink, talking points who also has a borderline truth, or so I think it's important to note- and I think and it's also borne to note that you can disagree with the war in Iraq as many libertarians do, and not necessarily accuse George Bush of lying before we go. Larry elder working people find you one last time real, quick at Larry Elder Larry Other got com, my blog elevator doc. I want a r l, eight nine p m. Every night we have to go. I gotta go. I love you area will be back. I love you.
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You're getting louder with router speeds, Yoda streamed imo. That's what we all know you're all strange animals if you're listening to this show is of course a little bit off the wall. Britain with me in the videos, do you, as always, is not gauge You can follow him at not gay jeered, enemy at S, crowded, legally fulfilment. She's draw your own conclusions. We got we're, get, we are proceed. What would you during the break. You said there was something you while I thought so funny. I was ready came here, I was watching watching the news too. Did you get myself kind of and well I'll, say twenties newsboy, because
It seems that labour written you still have. I still have stack stacks of of Wall Street Journal than are that, literally literally legalese for are copies. Never at one didn't bother cancelling the subscription, pardon my french but poorly time, but I get the point so hurling good about Surprise president's O President Obama respectful Little is not attending school. Yes, we know now, course not citing locations and expense of sending the the old we now secret service routine. Go to travel funeral. Yes, it is, but to redeem himself, hastening Biden no word. If you send a security detail for bite and earn on average, the leaders security, detail, her garden issues, boon cruder with a shotgun in some chinese deaths stars. Yes,
Well, you know how to stop. This is chinese deaths. Does you can like the chinese STAR Wars, Sudan, the cuts that the chinese flag with this, worse analogy and at no you were nowhere close to the actual terminology as an industry. Selfsame thing I think, ninjas were japanese too. I don't think they were Chinese because basically take a fuse. The he's here. Ok, that's funny well into the game play it takes emigrant, reminds funerals together. Take that didn't go to my brown too. I forgive us He was a mere rise, I think maybe you're gonna there, all the Nigger, symbolic funeral of shocking blackness, not now not Shonkin has black identity I miss moment into there's a funeral not not again think what lemme think straight.
Ellie Barometer Gay alcoholic. Can we just say it? I think he's a homosexual alcoholic I cannot subscribe. This in any way, shape or form somewhere. Yosemite Alice. Cheering right now looks like he's, always just crazy he's looking, so we just had a purple popsicle. You understand upon Iraq Obama, I know, but I don't know it's not a racist thing. Not all black people that way he has oddly shaded lips for his skin. Now that you say that like your cause me, it's not like tat takes it's not like Burundi and Morocco but for some reason, looks like he got in the stash of blue popsicles, your name, that kid is vain and regarding the western and having a good time with the guy from Mcdonald's kids covers, I dont remember things are poor, potato It's different answers. Google is not dangerous platforms. We're on the present about the president. This way, how dare you argue you have? We got
This won't listen to them and I haven't maybe I'll caprices other key players. I love around about this year to skin. in whole markets online as Obama, but I'm not ready to bring it up yet. I just want you to start issues affecting the president. I don't understand what you under the grateful nineteen sixty six That is the give that key song, given that as they give it gives, I get. Aids is definitely no notice this guy in New York, it goes absolutely nuts, I'm a guy playing a trombone cell yeah, listen tweet me it s greater what you think about Barack Obama missing Scully as funeral. What's funny Everyone seem to like Scalia in the Supreme Court and in the legal system except Barack Obama. at a certain point. It's! U ricotta, like Gerald Ford, everyone actually Many people who had a lot of negative things to say about Gerald Ford, hurt anyone say a long time,
Gerald Ford. I reckon you ve never heard that now most people Don T like We have a president Santer rather than ever No, the problem I have recently Gerald Ford Emission higher knows Alexander was boring, place limits via the jail for museum for those you dont know people watching the live stream, so If you look at from aerial shut, the front looks really big an impressive these bury. There is not enough to resign his bird, those bodies that another was actually good. Man Gerald Ford, do a whole lot. Naturally, lotta people now realises pardoning of Nixon was the right thing to do at the time whether you like Nixon or not? It was what the country needed to move forward and in progress and heal the jail for me. MRS really wide entrance and then it now it's like a piece of its that's. I swear it the jail for museum. You walk in the jail for staff and, like a football uniform, a few things, I'm not joking, Once you go further back towards the end of the triangle. It's gone
Elvis exhibit, and it has nothing to do with Gerald Ford whatsoever. Irena Nigeria ran out of stuff compared the Reagan Library Wireless is just. unbelievably impressive, the Jew museum. Is trying to fool you I was now. about wanting that a lot of people, I think rename Donald Trump when asked about Israel, say ok, who any idea just get about. I stay neutral, Israel, Palestine. What dish up? Maybe we can good deal. I would make a good deal. good deal, but I want to stay mutual it'll keep my element of surprise again: cartel press, important principles. I've been called Germany for supporting his real here's the deal understand you note for people who understand the Israel for of complicated thing, logical, say why we given them so much money and lawyers. They will run policy anti semite because I don't want to give his real anyone annulled think is an anti semite. What run Paul is basically saying. Yes, we give Israel more funding than any individual country, but if you can buy
in all the countries around the, but we work with like Saudi Arabia, Egypt. One time I don't know what Antonov relationships likely. Egypt now few collect said no money to the Middle EAST in the night its Israel would probably be better off, because at that when everyone around them doesn't have arm our business camaraderie relationship, so that the argument I understand- and I also think it's perfectly acceptable- say ok, no more money to anyone else, but still a little bit to Israel. Why people say you're. Just you believe the governor with Israel. No, you do need to understand something we had to Kennedy on this programme. Israel is pound from our past. Most formidable military force in the world therein. It is unbelievable we rely on them for a lot of intelligence, listen near Every relationship in the Middle EAST. The United States has had at one point Nazism. because the saudi arabian prince just came out, who guess was friends of the bushes and now he's basically advocating genocide against the Sunnis and rough. He saw that prolonged Estonia
if you're, to simplify Islamic out as soon as are the good ones and Muslims are the bad ones. So I was We have them allies as it is a subset of Sunni yeah, so that blow. You're all thing to Hell right there so nearly everyone without a relationship with us at some point, has screwed us almost proactively, except for Israel, There is one place and there were people are allowed to be any religion. They're allowed to be any ethnicity, they're allowed to be any sexual station and not die, you make the Jews, but that's reality. and there's one place in the world we have launching pad. We have landing areas. We have safe haven in that entire dark cesspool, filth and sadness. We're dreams gonna die. There is a Middle EAST. There is war, shining light. Israel so it is it's not just giving money to Israel and people send these means all you want our american soldiers to die for Israel. More american soldiers dying if we didn't have an ally in Israel there
very very important ally in if you believe that the world would be safer for the United States having a worse relationship with Israel, your disease who doesn't understand how things What militarily listen. I can understand you from a libertarian standpoint, not believing a non interventionist. I can understand it, but you can't argue: can substantiate that having no relationship with Israel would make us safer. So when people say why rigour that well listen, it's a mutually beneficial relationship with Israel, something else a thundering funding. We ve talked about this. You know George Bush, like people died war for oil. Right war for all. We ve got all oil, we're. Ok, here's something else. It's crazy! who's your biggest ally in the Middle EAST. German probably not Egypt, probably not sick, you're gonna go an absolute. Eighty percent of these people complain about. You have too much financial ties with Israel. What's the one country there in that godless, forsaken area of the planet, that dog
have any oil. There's only one- and it is when his reserve are going to talk about war for oil and are going to talk about Chadian Halliburton, the last July. We would pick what be Israel we do find. It gets them it s about Israel if it was all about, oh by the way, four billion, because they were for oil. You have no idea what a war for oil looks like think about desert storm. We have the oil feel there's, nothing they can do take it. We packed I loved what a war territory looks like and people who know what a war for territory looks like that because they have actually unfortunate enough to live in a time where the world's first anti evil empire, the world's greatest superpower. That's ever existed, the United States isn't I empire, as opposed to taking all the territory that we could like Canada, I I don't know midnight tonight. I want again if we take it as opposed to that.
people for their goods and services, and we forge alliances and or friend, was certain people. Other people, you don't you get an Acropolis, we're gonna blow up, that's relatively so in peace they wore for oil is because these people have never actually seen an evil empire in a war for land at work. They in the United States, was accused of being an evil empire, and then I turned around, of course, and states too expensive with our nation building. Where are we in evil empire or we nation building its one or the other? That's a big irony for me. building an empires not costly its profitable, Nation building has brought it is, is very costly. so either nation building? empire pick one we'll be back with actual pr spokesperson for ISIS.
we now move to the town on sea. Donald Rob our group, who is clear, yes, mister trap. Thank you for taking my question. I would like to ask you as someone who has clearly been so successful. What would you say is your greatest shortcomings in this election or obstacles to overcome wireless you're right about the first, have a k bilaterally with thick idea. Illicit everyone here knows. Ok, I built up what ten billion down it is she ok. I applaud people, I'm so good at winning. That's why people? What Donald Trump a cab show good at winning all I do is with everywhere. I go we'd. Well, you d lose out. Ok yeah that was rigged. Does tat coups like ok at every
Therefore, every other state I'm going to win. I have one ok show by figures: licit, a lot of people have obstacles, logical, have shortcoming I don't have that. That's why I'm so good at willing. Frankly, they call me the wedding machine and how much I've widow all the time. What about that every measurable national Paul has you losing to Hillary Clinton in a general election. Ok with you are grateful little mother I go to your brother edge with pitchfork and there are going to make orphans of your children. I am going to hire a lawyer, ok lawyer with a lot of valuable that his name and I am going to make your life a living those were the town with where Goober an Donald Trump, I'm him off.
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a farmer gosh. I love the sound of rancid when we're doing a lotta with credit glad to bring this next guests exclusive, a scoop, not gauge yard uses. We had this guy and before you are working with the programmes.
I heard about that. I miss those days again find those pocket willingly. Filth, sit, exert like ghosts or go out of anyone like a ghost, so this is, I want to make sure I get the name right. The official p r spokesperson for ISIS, Abdul Rock Man, are you there Abdul? Yes, Stephen I'm here. I thank you for having me on your programme now forgotten how get that right. Abdul Rahman you put a little more to it than mine rough him on better, better onboard birth, Stephen Pretty good rock mom I like it- I like it. I like your coming along, very good. Well, thank you are pretty it's been a while, since even on the show, I assume you ve been pretty busy. I know I thought I got. I got the blacklisted eyes like first, de I say now Stephen! This is not a good! Now you weren't blacklist that you're always welcome here. Even
Emma Chowdhury, you know who personally has has requested my death. He he's been on here so you're in good company. I am sorry to hear about at forty a statement. Well, that's! Ok! You know it's kind of par for the course. With a mom shattering sell us. An Reuters has reported today that radioactive material, gone missing in Iraq. That's a big reason why we want to have you on so I first question: have you had anything to do with it?. see Stephen. This is this is exactly why people do not for us, liberal media. Like you, you know you are so quick to assume that it happened to be international network of debtors hell bent on destroying that entire region. I mean, can you bias. I think I think I think, maybe you guilty of a little bit of by wireless. Now I would not you that, but I don't think it's a kind of biased you're thinking. Are you scared? Listen with this going around right now. A lot of the lot of unrest or use
the United States retaliating with this are responding. Scanned the lights Even get a President Obama scared of your drowns. Please, no single weapon. Obama has tat, can cripple our organization, except for maybe Obama, maybe okay well shape, but I didn't I see what you did bear you insulted our our health care system, so you're you're not impressed. He have good good dental there at ISIS. I know what that is. I promise I will google it later because I've Google its go. It's Google, its rouble, that, like s, lie or something I don't know I mean I don't know where I leave. You don't have I am a year ahead of the curve, if you have any form of Google, so thank God, last case being of which, what do you think about President Obama?
I hate to dwell on the negative, but we do have a lot in common unit. We both play God we have. left handed. We would be to destroy the Keystone exiled pipeline, so we do have common ground that we could find before no, we kill you right anchoring. That's that commissioner. Let me ask: you are even far there's a lot going on with you S, politics following the EU s political ratio. I've been following it a little bit. You have anyone you specifically. If you were armies, you know you're, not. I would imagine you're not getting citizenship rights, how hard would it be for someone like you to get citizenship in the United States, No, I dont know I have not looked into it. I dont know if you're our whole thing is a death to America. So it was not. I on my list of priorities
you know things change things change things change. You know we do have. Funnily enough, we probably have better middle eastern cuisine than you. Haven't you ISIS huts? That is absolutely through a man. I I hear you know Dearborn a lot of nice restaurants that is near you you sure you don't try some out, you know you might you might like you might like it. You might want to come. Come come, live here might get an explosion of flavour, though you're done I see what you did then a causing harm people not to go back to a serious. No, so ok, if you are Merrick, and now it's a soon was on your list of priorities. What is there anyone in the race who you'd be looking at her you'd be supporting right now. You know I, like junkie sick case case its case. It s a I am. We have problems with it too. I know it's a tough name. It is tat it on me. I thought we had names, but that is a pretty tough one case John I like
He seems like you can appeal to both sides. I mean between between you and is the event. A lot of these guys are further the extreme you know, what I'm saying Plaza. I've actually been too high really Yes, you're New Ohio, unfortunately in in Ohio, and this this. This was Talking to me was a restaurant Stephen dedicated entirely to chicken the fingers like it only served chicken thing it, how you allow this state with the chicken fingerprints, to determine your elections. I will never understand. I tell you what so we can find some common ground. I dont understand either else, Today, you're trimming your budgets and of even resorted to releasing detainees for five dollars. A person is that true, yes, unfortunately, Stephen that
is through. We hear at ices are more broke than Garnier we are actually going to have to try to do something soon. I don't know, maybe a kick start. Their kids like an online fundraiser on another, we are going to start kicking people until they give us more money, it's hard to believe you're broke. All you do is plunder and kill the rights of its breadth, embarrass You know that me I mean, while we are quick to display them away. We are not ourselves the sharpest knives in the world. I mean we invested in Twitter forgets jeez, that's one more point, that's term one more question before you go. I know your friend Do you have any predictions and he's going to win the battle of the season? four thousand without building
come on up. Do you now? I know we have. I believe we have actually been searching. Look I'll, tell you that band! Is it, though, the Green Box and whoever takes four define on Seventy two roses is going to be one lucky group of women as well I can't argue with their hate lesson. We have to go Abdul Rock mind. Thank you. So much for speaking with us will have you back answer. bag is vague and stay save our bearing they tried. I hear it's pretty dangerous out that yeah well you're not mistaken. There was a big rock mine official PR spokesperson for ISIS, we'll be back blotter with crowded, this is why, while growl or by Re Marvels- and we now to Doktor Burnham Gardens Tower all
with Anderson Cooper who live in ain't? You got your vacation fatigue in my question. I just wanted to ask you as soon as no real experience with government. Do you think that might prove to be an obstacle for you to overcome securing how Washington is filled with clear politicians. I appreciate your question and I think it's indicative of how many Americans feel right now, and I would like to answer your question with some everyone's American: all of us have gifts. Each of us is intrinsically valuable and we have spirits we are all valuable in the eyes of guy.
Hence I believe that I forgot you quit. Or give you all data where we were drawn to doktor Burnham Garden Wall. we have our group are like you probably hearing this podcast either through I dunes or sound cloud somethin like that, or maybe you ve heard it on this indicator. Radio show across the country, but you may not know that this show was actually live streaming. Video live stream every Thursday night, eight o clock Eastern Thursday, eight like Eastern at Lahti with better dot com or youtube dot com, Slash Stephen Crowd or you can actually watch the live stream. See the guests see all these little infographic going on there. We have some explosive commercials. You get to see the hopper. Can people like the hopper camp an additional firing of not gay jeer itself? Again, it's free! If you to see what your hearing go on the live stream? Thursdays eight p m Easter
Otto with Canada on nice, we're back were dancing the happy songs, of course, excited good time. Let me tell you: Laurie really quickly before we're going to play a new game and jeered going to play with me with gender pronouns after this we're going to educate you. Might it's going to be on after and I want tell the story. So this week with my knee I had a bad me problem. Emergency room Kay wasn't jeered knows a trip truthfully thanks to not get it
Courtney because they they allowed me they actually planned a head for me to have time off came at a time when I needed it with this emergency I mean something hobbling around. I was like like willow. That was midgets walking like that. I mean we can't they warm normally. Is you know it? arresting you're like it's were abandoned over too tightly. Their muscles are a bit like if they gotta never couples that we do have to be uncomfortable at the jack in the box. Soapy it there's a pandemic There's a pandemic admit one of India. You can't find one when you know when you really when we try to rent a major power, video and the place that was rent a midget dot com set printed dwarfed on come up. He was dwarf what they said. We were going to use for an illicit purposes, satellite Let us what else do you use when their image aren't we Their image was a midget with a shamrock and like a pipe dressed as a as a as a leopard.
I'm gonna write had emerged at the Red Headed was how rare it that is the that's the estimates for the clover afforded clovers Arthur. I'm saying if this is what you put forward Clearly there not having him there to teach kids to stay off drugs. Drunk guys or having the measured around to yell leprechaun and unless you get along with the cop uniform, do they have a material we are now, but I'm sure they can come in talk about this now knows that campaign we were. Kids, that's not unbelievable character. It is, I mean certain birthday parties, but was a cafe, Matt and what was it when we were a little the cops to come. It was like that before aware of the no of their dare yet air if you have any idea how anymore rang out- and I think maybe they do montoni- ex prosecutor to a video game used to collect the dare DE r E. When I play a game, was part of their as a great game was a great day
yeah? I remember that now it's kind of an era: kids, you don't really believe it does anything wrong with drugs. it is a problem of midgets. What was I talking about, but also the doktor there are no those hobbling around and it took me totally tweet. in a crowd seems long to you. Can room below out of the knee sounds like a paper shredder MIKE, does actually laughing because he thinks my pants have been ripped and he walks over can't walk. emergency room that Saturday K they can't get an mri on me. They can't send me to get an MRI. They tell me to try and call some random orthopedic and hopefully I can get in. Thankfully, screw up where I was being sent to a shoulder doctor that I never needed. Anyway. We had some appointments. I call them and set out your shoulder doctrine of any person. They said yes, so we are fortunate enough to have someone that Tuesday, ok, So we go and they say: ok, we'll, send you to go, get an mri nor need so they me the following Saturday to get right so basically, between the total blood of my me, which I now know requires immediate
surgery as soon as possible to diagnose. for that knee? was eleven days, that's a pretty long, Canada. That would be. That will be. The check that be the six items are less last food drive through. But in the United States, such as seems really long, and so the first doctor I went back to and mark repetition, Coach want rapto, restarting strength. What sent me with specific instructions and our easy. Listen. If you any ligament tears, don't leave their without surgery, because if you can ligament, you have to do it quickly. That way, you need to death. Does it's not going to deal properly with scar tissue? That way when you got on line are going to get a cadaver, you don't Do that so go in There's a tear do not leave without a form sending it a surgery like within the weak, and I go in, and there is a tear and it's a bunch of tissue for the doktor- and I say what's all this grey matter? On the MRI
now in our only now. I think it's inflammation or something and promotion that be something goes well ears, but I know I see your Elsie. I like him in here, and I see it here, but I see it here, but there's all those grey matter goes feeling Annie, I'm not feeling there. So I think it's gone. I so Caser shouldn't. We re it tat you now. Basically he told me: do nothing Kay not a bad me since I was nineteen he's a do nothing and case scenario your knee might get back to where it was happy to one. This blue out happened in the first place, and so Ask your molly like I was like. Ok, this doctor is is wrong. I knew wrong, because I said what is this grey matter here? I don't know he did. told me. He was puzzling over my mri. He literally no one had looked at MRI until I was sitting on that is so we'll call it the daily paper and the doctors office in the waiting room. No one looked at it. and every time I asked a question even basic respond with well, I'm a doctor. If you want to go with your friends advice, so
then, before I leave, I go hey doc. I go hey doc. What's this for those people watching, I haven't here in my classical but I dont have a my left side case. Let us go what's this Ngos? Ah I don't know. What's that, there's a muscle on the side. There's not on this idea. I see it. I have no idea, never see it as ok, that's right, take a walk doctor, okay. You have no. You can't even tell me what this says. You can't tell what the gray matter is, so it turns out. I go to a different doctor, thank God for my dad. We fantastic doktor. He brings made us all kinds of manual manipulation everything that coach Margaret told me this doctor reiterated he's had. Actually you too, This legume the connective tissue. it was damaged here, that's the gray matter. I left the gray matter his that's the gray matter, the gray matters is torn muscle tissue there, the the puppeteers sedated any pc, ours is damaged. I really got ass, the other doctor this was yet it is, I said, ok is
anything that I can do other than nothing. He said. Yes, we can re attach it. literally everything, either Doktor Tommy was wrong. Now the problem is that the ligament too we attach it- you ve, got to four weeks tops, otherwise it heels Asgard tissue, can't we attach it Esker surgery, skirt issues, roughs dusk was passionate, ligament specially so anyway, long story short thank you so much doktor headland, but I'm such a second it. sometimes is so important and you need to argue with your doctor. If you don't argue with your doktor, it's your its you're not equipped to seek treatment. The guy was wrong he was a simple simply put. He was wrong, I'm the one who actually told my doctor when I think it wasn't feeling. Well, I suppose that's no way to run these tests and usually news running, is testing, for I think you were testing flick, quarters less able to test my test. My thyroid test, my testosterone, and that was what was wrong. He wouldn't even thought to test it. So do you patient get a good doctor. Do your due diligence, and sometimes your doctors are wrong. Just like someone gets it wrong on your car right now because of the client. Can you go to repair it and it doesn't get repaired and
they go back in some other mechanics has no. This is what will happen with doctors only at your body there not always right. So my It was in the room, however, and she was very upset that I was argued with the Doktor so we'll bring her on after the segment. talk about it and she can sort of speak her peace as to why she thought I was out of line and nothing about out of line, because it was right but stand to play games. Jim TAT Time, the play a new instead. in line with greater.
No science, none so Jared is going to take this. These are actual genders. Now I guess they're, not pronouns, but song where these are gender is that you can find today. These are. We recognised by the feminist and social justice where you're community, the algae, beating you a ip community that is the actual acronym and Jerry Gamblers everywhere, tumblers everywhere, Jerry I guess you're just going to read me a gender from this less and I need to guess it asked me real one from the left this list. I really need to make use of it.
this just for people say or you're being absurd. Morocco got all these reality. You tell yours getting really silly. Also, listen, you're marginalizing people! This is it as to the actual pronoun of actual dinners. It will be recognised if you go to a Bernie Sanders really so right, let's hit me with it so number one already several or several several feel is gender feel less gender fellas, gender fellas, gender, like field S, agenda, F, P, l, I s ass gender, gender someone who has in your touristic Lee strong love for the show felicity, no small, catlike gender actually that makes sense. The feline I should have known that. Ok, we gotta number two meters gender met, media malaria, M e d. I m e g. I M
de I yet midday gender. I think when you get media from that dyslexic two, yet you said that your list of chronic problems, gosh Medea gender, no cheating sea can tweet made us crowd or play along as we do. This fear. Listening live Medea agenda Medea gender made a gender someone may day someone who has a fetish foregoing down with the ship close a magical, physical, gender. We really know what it means that we will all goes back to the measure to hobble malaria. Its agenda, people they just like Willow Here- is this one. Would probably sound more like it's how long it s list, because we have actually for argument? How long is the actual is because we want to make sure that we can go on, because we can t keep your several installments several. How can you just keep? Ok live streaming till next week, ok, Gimme, one gender as a S ear, Well, that's easy that someone who wants to get free with a fish Agenda that is so deep and unknown
as the ocean itself. The agenda that is most incomprehensible but slow. familiar and her in human terms alone, Bing every? That's not sure! That's an extra! That's that's right! Their hats! That's not a real Jan Tumblr here that, if that some Katy wants to sound important or some chick was not attractive, is trying to make guys interesting earth or a guy trying to make girls think he's complex, millimeter cut, so to make the gun. I don't know you're lying to me. No, not you you're not putting me on with its natural areas. They both agenda vapor, gender, yet Vapor rising is very popular. Now e cigarettes vapor rising somebody who wants to be six We stimulated by by vapours, be they water vapours or my guess. It wonderingly vapor a generous feels like smoke. I've been there. You been there. One again see it understand it on a shell level, but it won't try to go deeper. It disappears and what is left with no gender. Only time you whispers of the gender of once thought once once thought it was
These are real genders Israel genders at other than to wipe out. There were two unless a medical condition Medical is male female. We might be one with both. You ve got a rough decision to make. My heart goes out to you last one: ok, that's one single, always video gender video gender were ok. This one would seem obvious how much time do you have left in a segment? We ve got But one one: half, ok, we're going! Ok, videoed and I really want to trying to give me a couple except the obvious one is a jet someone who wants to Get on with a video Ok, so I may give it so someone who some It was only interested in like video chatting. That is only one have relationships like video chat like webcam, not human relationships. That's that's! I can understand that. Actually, that's thus far too articulated Jineta appeals to Europe. Technological to be classified in human standards. Note the commons! humans, dinner notes, the common theme.
this just they just say anything, and they say you dont know what it is. I think catching on learning you're learning. together her I'm sick of this guy, and this has been playing we're getting go with the music cure lot with gravel We are we. We want all doubt shop. I dont to my own horn as a tutor tout. No one knows I hear both
I've got away with it. What is it a minute and a half hour long or do I have with this now about twice as well as in any way we play that game to point out some absurdity to you, but the truth is this is reality. This is the world your kid is living in and if he's got against it. It's hate speech, you think it's hate speech today gave it a few months will be back after with with women, real women. Stated now it's time for Hopper Anti Social Justice WAR, dog doing you public servants, so be. Finally, both
America thank Hopper Man, hopper thee. I pay social justice, warrior undergo doing you, America public. German. Ok, business time really so Some of you don't know where to find me louder with product. Half a dozen to ten articles every single day, Twitter follow me at as crowded louder with greater. pod gas on Itunes, sound glowed or any other pod catching device, Youtube dot, com, Slash Stephen prouder, or you can type in Stephen Prattle on Facebook and be one of the million was banned.
Or join the male. Unless there are so many ways for you to stay connected, you have no excuse. You have no excuse just like you, have no excuse for those rules that are just cascading over your belt buckled. Unless your lady, then you deserve to get her a metal oh geez, everywhere, to come back with a proven, an actual show. Here we are back with one of my favorite guess she was in a while ago. We too have a
more regularly. You can watch Youtube channel at girl rights. What, like to use the term men's rights activists she's just a sort of counter culture. We can call her disturber of the field. Captain Strawn, thanks for being on I am. I am a disturber of ethical matter and thank you for having me again. I you know I I I try to sort of not go so much by the the men's rights, activist label. Lately We have a more assertive just focused on Anti Feminism, so an anti as J W coach, this is truly a winning battle right now, that's the thing! There's a noticeable shift to the point where, whenever I get a tweet to the opposite way, are you serious about this? So the reason? Actually, I forgot I reached out to you last week and then I had all this this Kurt this whole kerfuffle say that happened with my knee. So we moved you over was TED crews
in the draft now, I know you're, not even a surly conservative, but he was the one guy said like no. I don't think women should be in the draft. I think it's ridiculous. I understand that's a double standard, but Where do you line up on this now because become a little bit of a complex issue? First female combatant than the United States filtering when a wall. I just getting sterical. I think I think them All women being loud and combat question is irrelevant. I think women should have been subjected to the draft the moment that they got the vote, an damn his men were and there is set when when, when she goes to war. It's not it's. Not just a matter of pudding men in boots with false and bayonets to charge hills right right there, an entire support staff behind that there are people sitting. an rooms behind computers, their people piloting, drones, their people, changing tyres on military vehicles. There, people cooking, French, toast,
eyes in barracks, they're all kinds of position, there they are not combat positions that don't require the kind of training door require. Pudding our daughters in you know, in a foxhole, you know being born and we shall write and free, clearly when, when you look at responsibilities that tat men have had through history and that that the cow that balanced out the extra rights that they have on top of what women hash and you even look at the female anti suffragists and there were lots of them. The majority of women opposed the draft right almost right up until the same afternoon, it was granted to serve their vote right well, but almost ran, there's that you are one and the same at that point right, but the real Why they opposed it was because they didn't want the responsibilities that came with citizenship for men and those
Stability is we're not just military conscription. It was sad being part of bucket brigades being part of policies. If ordered to do so assisting police officers as fire marshals, hue and cry laws that require hue and cry law would Old man, as responsible as the perpetrator, if he. Failed to intervene when you real quick, because I brought this up after having an interview with you looked into it even more. I had kind of a cursory knowledge and I've looked up a lot of your speeches. And I was actually a movie theater and they were tucked showcasing, suffer Jackie. North Merrill Street was now in hot water. For african comments and I told the lady there was clearly a feminist. I do not listen. I just thought she looked like a feminist snap at heart attack. and I said: well you know that why majority women opposed actually that the right to vote, I talked LISA Bucket Brigade, the drought, I'm not sure if that's true, I'm not sure if those true and then she went by pleasure in by us. It actually has a great girl. You should look up
name see broad Karen strong girl right what and she said, I don't think so. I don't think that's correct so that all of this is viable. www beating your head against the wall, because nobody believe me when I say there is like well, you just want women devote our like any link. I dont get me long. It's not like I'm arguing against women having the vote. What I'm arguing for is for women too. And we have seen this sort of steadily over time. Women gained the rights the men had well maintaining their their privileges and their exemptions from the obligations that typically went along with those for men and they slowly, but surely overtime, Minos, sometimes it's fifty years, some seventy five years. Sometimes it's a hundred years right before women
forced to take on the obligations that went along with those rights for men back when women got the same rights as men. So I mean you: have this move towards an accusation of responsibility and that's a really good thing right and I'm It's not necessarily saying that term. Sir. If there's noise in the background is my boyfriend's on the phone to king work or something like that and he's just wander around here, you, I dare you, you know it is it's not it's. It's seven. Thirty five in the evening he's on the phone talking. This is sure you're not on gods time you over there in Canada, while the it brings up, though an interesting sort of dilemma. Now, because you have people like TED Cruiser, more conservative, who said no, I don't think women should be in combat They can serve the military they can serve as part of the support structure. I absolutely dont think women
being camp right, bride and now is opposing the draft, because we ve gone far along that trail. So where do you line up here now? Do you think draft? But women and combat or tat crews, thinks you're women not in combat. So I support the draft and no women and combat were kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place because of how far along the trail we ve got well now I would actually end and I'm gonna see very, very odd in this threats, cluster of maybe I'm thirty seconds so give it never come back to women do not belong in combat women will just make they will just put people's lives at risk. The single immense lives at risk right, they do not belong in combat, they should be kept out of combat. They should not be. offered any positions that require them to me. You know to be in combat, as their first know, train them if they have to. I'll, be in combat on roadway basis, but not their first purpose.
When you're sniping at a woman comes in your folks, all men are looking at heard. What are you up? to your home on or island states, We have to go to break out to bring you back, because I just think we had book in that girl rights, Karen Strong, brilliant in what you would expect coming out of the very lovely lips of a woman we'll be back later with crowd or stay tuned, and this weekend, feminism Oh my god.
I believe you in Seattle, these guys, just using The winnings using it under rule birds deal with it. Oh my god you're, not even you not even transgender, so yeah yeah now programme, not I'm a trend that so unfair. You marginalized carbon jeer at what are you doing back with a Europe of tea where'd you get it. I can do no other than other work up. Fifteen dot com they have fifteen and accessories for sale, at the boys the river, where behold now there's another one with what they are doing. Well, if you do not have the best place to go in that to take away with important step,
you're getting louder with router spirits right, we talk a lot. I didn't I dont the UK. We went from Andrew W Kay. The John DOE and I know what you're a Canadian, so you well you going on. I meant well listen. This has just been picked up by seven networks. I dont know what this will cast a goddamn. This is well listen, it went any of the moment have started, and now it's just expanding like a cancerous growth on a rainy Ike it in right. Now I am not unlike in right now and I would say what I have a super liver, because I don't get affected by that stuff. So much, let me call on. Let me blooming you introduce you first of at producing with me in studio. As always is not gay Jared follow him at not gay Geraghty is not gave hello, my legal obligations, drawing conclusions, of the hour, we are back with care and strong
of girl rights, what Youtube dot, com, slashed, girl rights, what or follow her on Twitter girl rights. What I think covered all of it. Ok, Karen you can come in now before we were leaving more who were done that the draft ok We know what we had more crypto done about. Lightless women. Just aren't is good at combat this reality and you'll find an outlier, but I think it's it's what's more info and you ve talked about this. So much is why women opposed voting. It was because of the draft, and now we're so far down the trail to something that really should just seem to be given. When people earned the right to vote back and day, the draft was a part of it. So so, how do you try to convince people are Kate them with something like this with a TED crew situation, words, an uproar everyone's, How do you react and how do you try and coach people? Well, I think I would.
think. I would tell someone like TED crews, that there is absolutely no way women belonging combat that that they, just they actually don't and there's this multiple reasons for it. Even women who meet all of the standards and can do all of these are the tasks right. They they have. I like, even just in infantry, particularly in elite forces. There is permanent damage to your body from what your body is being pushed through raw. Not just in training, but in in actually on the field, and so that and that damage is gonna, be much much worse for a woman. you? You will end up with women who will permanently lose their fertility because they have been in. very, very, very intense physical labour in say the marine corps or something like that they will lose their fertility permanently. They will have to suffer ITALY, extreme
bone loss right. So this is this. Is This is not something that women should be doing is running video game. You in your house is that what I am hearing? Sorry there's someone Video games in your house? Is that what I am hearing you you wouldn't there's it's totally silent here is that you should be honest. Is that you must not get up Your Gameboy Jared yeah, isn't the of the old gray scale almost like everyone go silent for second, is not the more I guarantee it was Geraghty with screw around his phone care, and this is what he does. It gets cold and he said he wasn't doing anything, that's all we fired and last week, if you missed it, we fired and we had that we did it till a miserable. He was begging more dangerous, let go! And again, when I love call Stephen lawlessness, answers time Jared. This is the first time I've. Actually, seen you and now I can see. What Stephen was talking about when he said that gay guys hit on you well,
does little further having I'm not allowed to talk about it, there's a gag order, not unlike the gags. This man prefers okay, so that it does Very, very you you're an extremely attractive man in a very particular way would very much peel to a certain type of game you know it's gotta be hungry care and how to recover, and I always that really does have the power to shut this whole programme down quickly. What's funny, is you both kind of control, only switch a little, because she has her hair shorter than yours. Now I I I want to go into any bar, and I talk five seconds of dirt into anybody easier and I can take somebody home. Doesn't, madam, is well that's the point being a woman and doesn't quite like that way with a man is so ok John, what yeah TED crews, but so here we are so TAT has no no dress. because women are in combat so do support him in Spain. could he women shouldn't be in combat or do support
more liberal people who say women should be in combat, and then you say: ok, then you need to have the draft that totally non. Neither of those are my position. Ok, women belonging combat combat has nothing to do with it. The win, win, win nation goes to war. The entire nation goes to work right. It is eight, you don't say, conscription is not just about putting men in foxholes. It is about putting support staff behind It is even about putting women behind typewriters. Write letters of condone and to the real parents of the men, the conscripted men, little I'd fact now using a typewriter for this part cast until last week, so tat area with you, you know what I mean I'd like that There are a multitude of like when, when Kennedy, hold. It says. So Eighteens out of Iraq right, you know against the fight against ISIS when we pulled those and everybody thought oh we're pulling fourteen play
ends and fourteen pilots out of out of that region, We weren't, we were probably pulling a staff of about four hundred people because even just for the maintenance on those planes and keeping them flying keeping them in the air. The you you're. Looking, a team of ten to twelve people per plain right. So there, there's there's no shortage of positions in the military that are perfectly doable by women right and that the whole thing really boils this resistance to women being drafted in my opinion, because it's not like we're just gonna shoot where it we're talking, just like her opinion, you hear that not gay jeered, her opinion shows sorry nothing. it's not like it's not it's not like we're gonna like just everybody in the just gonna randomly people these these. This group on the left side of the room were going to go into the foxholes route.
this group of people are gonna, go into support positions, they're going to do that right, they're going to overcome, coming put women into support. Physicians, probably put gonna put like next to no women and combat the only one We're gonna go into combat are probably gonna, be the women who wanted to be there anyway right, yeah so so you're looking at the whole question is how are we inconvenience women right. That's really all it is you're absolutely right. I just I hope the people here this innate, they educate themselves, a little bit. More on on. Why is the case? Because you have these stumble come out and suffer jet new left us are great at drawing this sort of emotional connection to paint a story that just is an accurate and, I think, TAT crews, what share your position. Everyone here some saying no draft. These are saying no draft that women should be in the military does not in combat, and now the draft is proper Eric because we will add women and combat, did you by the way did you follow the story of the first female combat? going AWOL? I look.
Into it. Yes, she she disappeared, like it was issued in complete basic training. Did she know? Well the rigour we wrote about it. We will act so hard and we really should be dead or alive. Oh what we are already along this trail and we have no bread crumbs to follow back, I don't think so. She she took like Urban choose like partly through basic training and took a medical leave, or something like that. but she just left them and it wasn't. An official medical leaves uses got, and I know not. All women will do that, but every now and then you get one street tat centre point he if it's it's eight, it's it's a well known, but never spoken of secret in The, U S military, that term. You know you you oh that, if you're in a military that, if you get the you get it ll allow yourself to be sunburned. You can actually be prosecuted for that because you ve damaged. U S, property right, your body belongs to the military. and so I mean if you act
do something that makes you ve not do something stupid. That makes it impossible for you to actually perform your duties that you can. You can be charged with a cry. for that. You can be truly commercial for that right, but it's a well known, varied, not very ass, much spoken of secret in the military that, when women are deployed, They have a very high rate of becoming pregnant within a very brief period of time. well. It couldn't go them almost stud muffins and the military. They look at me, I'm a good record that that they're they're all on contraception they're all on a long term, contraception, and somehow somehow they forget to take the birth control as somehow in and what what happens? Then they ve damaged government property. They put a piece of government property out of out of commission through their care. This and what happens to them? They just get sent back stateside,
you know, and then they you know, get put into some cushy job on on. U S! Harry based in the United States right baby. They just send them home right, so can you get those stats upon your twitter when people go like it up, there are stats. I this is just a word of mouth from men. I have talked to vibrate from women. I heard it from a female sergeant when I was in Guantanamo Bay and she said that actually, the only place at old matter anymore will be the the marine she's it because in the army they send her girls and in basic training they cry because yells of them- and so now they don't allow sardines to yell at them. So the king, Secondly, Ernie seen from full mental jacket doesn't happen anymore, because is your major malfunction while longer hold on lifting stay here, and I know it's I and he was actually just a consultant and the guided to be. The real drill sergeant just couldn't go today said: okay, let you go in there and do it Karen where's. Let people know that a place to find you, because I really want people to to read up on your stuff.
Those things on its surface people say there's no way and they- morning. Up, ok, maybe so, where can I find your? Maybe there is my my chin is just Youtube, her slash girl rights, what I have a blog it SAM got a bad name and raise called own your ass. Well, oh owning your s word and yeah, but I don't I don't put much there. I mostly just stick to my gentle and I also am a co host with team of people on a pot, casket, honey, badger. Radio. This is true and that available through Youtube is ok. We have to go, but can we want to have you back sooner than later? Watson was too long because it just always so much in the realm of feminism and if you're going to talk about it, some online Karen is probably the most formative and disarming person out there because he's a broad hooks some broad to say this louder with greater. We will be back. With my wife. Never write me for
of my doctor we now move to the town on sea with Donald Rob, our group who is clear, MR trip? Many of your critics have said then a startling trend of you abusing the courts to advance your business. And carrying that mindset ended his campaign threatening to sue your opponents is there how you believe, president should conduct himself with your idle abuse. The court's ok people talk about that these courts. I use this step. Ok, frankly, this system, as all six
for people of use, this system that is available to them of going to bury the system. They call me that is the using machine at I win. I win with this damned I waited with machines, I that's the kind of guy who looks at a system which is what this new apple. EC system. I dont know how to operate it. Ok in update I dont want to use it. I don't go to a system. I met the guy who getting my wedding ring. Ok attached to a machine and Andalusia and all to buy for because I don't argue, I know how to use systems frankly show good that I've got abusing this system, but I do think that question was slanderous at. I hope you have a good lawyer, you stupid, because I oppose without all uneasy with where goober and I'll drop I'm. our aim off alone, you're, listening to you or watching this part, guess there's a strong chance that you are not yet found Bring me on twitter add as router
from Sweden all day long, I'm takin off the social justice warriors. You should see the amount of hate I get on their far far far worse than any at sports illustrated model or black lives matter charlatan. So unless it's free, you get to be entertained and you can try men. Also, if your following me on Twitter, you can send me your tweets and maybe you'll be lucky enough, and I mean lucky enough, because I have a lot of followers. Ok, that they call me the follower machine to have yours, to me or not gay jeered included in our rock in earnest tweet of the weak. So follow me on Twitter as crowd or, if not I dont want to say I have sites on your mother, but how she's dead you just saying that, because I made a mom diagnoses really dead well you kinda walked it
nice right. I won't say that I'm thrilled with this next thing went because it opens a surly know where it goes. I love with all my being? But he's coming on she she's, sometimes sometimes it's tough Jared. You know this. He knows that that two passionate people together- it's it's not quite snow- like the fairy tale, if he think it is, but it's are in some ways better and that in some way is far worse. So what does that mean?. That means it is time to bring on.
she's gone So that means MRS Crowd or MRS credit. Thank you for being in the studio, hi, honey, no k, and I can't believe you just dinner deuce me with and sometimes it's far worse, it is far worse. talked about it? My knee going first, I have to tell you something: ok, I just gave Hopper little shard, nay and he loved it you just a little set. Not if you do that, you're gonna come after us and say its abuse of animals. I don't know he was only one said: don't stop speaking stop speed. that means my wife, a fact that has also partaken I'd today. Didn't she hop
of beer, but now he liked the cannon my beer thing one: can we can't? We can't leave at around him the guy Let's go not till Tippit overrun trying drink it for some reason, hates blueberries though so. Ok, I told you about the new situation. Earlier in the programme, and I went to a doctor- and I and I argued with them- and I was right This crowd her you, take a different position, whereas I think that was a victory, because now I'm going to get my body fixed, and I went to a good doctor who took care of me, what will what's the problem? Well, here's the thing, think then one level- it is a fact As you are getting your body fixed and I'm really happy for you, and I'm really happy for me to cause. I won't have again husband- that's not that's hate speech, but hoods heads, good bides! I fell like. I was prepping you and I don't know if you can have realized those kind of like fluffing. You arrive Hey that's nowadays to thank you for that big me.
Breakfast. I can't believe this is why we can't gotta commercial we're syndicate again heartbreak wrapping you in a couple hours, before I went in by owing to suddenly say. You know if you're, really positive and really nice to that, may think, though, you know, though one and give give the best care paths of all, and you know, don't complain and go in being really positive about we're. Gonna dig, tear you think you're going you and spiders back the spiders back right. Now, in my monitor, do you see this? Can you see it? I can Thea actually, the spider killer in our household. They dont phase me on occasion. We both share spider going duties. Yes, even does see my own.
Sometimes he hates them, but I am friends if I look at these incomparable you're flickered into Norman afflicted done to operate it very eager. Ok, now it's going towards happen, who is tells lacking so yet we walked in the office, and I knew that my attempts had failed. He gave you got. We walk over ended This thing you start talking to talking the first resort hurrying to the reception is Complaining about how long it took them to see you and I'm like all this isn't in her control. I am if it seemed like a long time eleven days to Disney Doctrine of diagnosis, something that should have been operated on within that time. But then you also talked like the waiting room, nurse that and then- and I think I mean think. You were wrong. Here's thing I don't think you're wrong at all, but I think you're setting yourself up for failure because I think that she then went in and whispered to the Doktor Heath, difficult big
when the p I came in, I dont know if you pick it up picked up on this. I was already squirming with awkward best in the corner, but the Pierre came in. the doktor and her face be red ones. Came in before they even said anything. So I felt ass if she knew something we did. You mean when she walked genocide. Yeah. We were just puzzling over your mri because the first time ever even glanced at it was before I came in there would have. Why was upset to begin with and correct, Now, I'm still a hearing at any point where I was wrong: no, no! You we're wrong, but it was suits of reach we ever the really awkward experience, if, if year, the wife for the onlooker, because we sat there and Stephen debated with the doktor in a heated manner, for I'm not kidding you probably forty five minutes as if the doktor was a Democrat like that's how intensity were in your debate and there With them there were moments there where I'm like. Ok, maybe any
Maybe maybe I should say something because I'm worried that the doctors gonna run for his life, scared of Stephen, because you're just so you're, so quick witted and then I'm like our aid doctor grown man donor. With it. You know a lot of you do not answer my question. You write he didn't answer. I will take you sought, because this is healthy tissue and, what's all that crap its job, gray matter, which we now know is torn everything and that any just set it right. I think it's probably fluid and rupture desert repetitions after tissue what's rupture tissue, and it goes I said well what about re? Attaching a ligament does I was less than I am a doctor. You can believe what your friend says. or you can believe me- I'm the light, I don't believe you do you're far more calm than you were in the doctors It was not true, obviously wrong. I've ever be passed when it's my body and the guy kept answer. You can give me an answer. You just said. Well, I'm a doctor, no begging me he was friendly, but
anyone who is a double now you re, he became here's the thing: don't your age will go on then thing you knew he was a dumb math, and that was higher than me. My bike, my heart, when I leave out of my chest I go. run. I wanted to jump out that window well now can be completely Elton Did you shouldn't do it? I want that doctor to jump out the window. He was even the twenty million wrong. I mean no hope yet. She said I d to give you any hope, because believing as others Doktor said, link his daughter told his patient. I dont want to say how we didn't. We now hope that the way you said it was very poor. again and not do we I grant you didn't, say I don't believe in half of these that I don't want to sell you hold yeah. He didn't want to know that was when you were talking about all the other treat mythology, ministers, therapy, plasma, seamless and doc. I'm not saying that all of these work there there's gotta, be Nothing out there anyway,
There's a lot that works. I was gonna break. We want, as you must stay. I dont tell me about your Pipkin, where you can they contain ok, we'll be back with MRS crowded louder with crowd stay tune. Yeah. This is why the new law models we now to Doktor Burnham Guard
with tat all arms with an urgent cooper who are its arms to Carson Explorer taken the doktor parson right. Just one ask you what you plan to do to two as it as a black man approached the the racial divide. America. He question. I think it's on the minds of many America probably more racially divided than ever in this country, I do believe that the way forward is not through my is not too Is that not getting here I'll, give you updated where we were drawn to doktor Burnham Gardens. we, our whom goober
hey while didn't see there. What are you doing? Andras relaxing an android, my monitoring, seventy at ball Brow, a fine reverent, have refinement of record pullup rippled, there's murmur Morpheus no Wimbledon. You now One, I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine. Come why just Their number. What's that number Jerry aid for four too, seven. Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simple things like You don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easier to get the call go to the website, talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget and can have a ship directly to my door or give consent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years five or from of a barrier to entry. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them like me over simplified wine, dot com or just calling eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine.
We have one more segment now, it's the wife with not gay Jared, wilful and second Mummy introduce she deserves your own music, not get your doesn't ever get music as we get into the home stretch of this show. Whenever I hear the sound you're about to hear the voice of an extremely tower person she's she's, MRS Grotto, Miss crowded MRS drought requirements is thanks for being back you're. Welcome through being back ok, this is what's happening
fish are now, I dont know if, if Stevens told the audience but how're you Tom, what you're using to walk around where this is hardly a Cain pretty medical looking device, but I'm walking around with a cane. Yes, we're we're vote. First, I wanted to decorate, the pimp Kane for Valentine's day, but both lazy, wouldn't do any thing didn't happen, but I will say that read the movie theater the other day and Steve. these are not always like, like an eight year old who hire who, with an eye to tell about that nasty and each man in the air all that. Well, that's what I get this morning, the Stevens these thing an eighty year old man walking with the cane and Stephen paddling with his cane, and makes thirty hovel extra fast, though he can run up to the old man and tell them that their brothers- it's not, you know what it is. Their brother, no
I said the brotherhood of the cane universe- Geraghty probably felt ass when you were in some kind of you know your weird not a surgery, and he had met someone else who shared common round. Now never run up some money and set on their brother. He because I'm really dig there came. He had a cane and I had a cane truth ass. He was, can you walk in? There is no tension on the cane. Like you know, you can tell colleague when a pimp as well, it's just for decoration, he was old and you knew you which is doing it to get somebody, but maybe that's why I didn't respond. I didn't say: Kane Brothers of brothers of cane, further heard came so I've been funny because, as Stevens been again people dont know if they did, they kind of think, because they can't in Indonesia, steam hobbling along with a cane most probably think this is some table. permanent ailment, So I kind of think I'm getting one of two responses. If we're out somewhere and Stephen happen,
to open the door. For me with his GIMP leg, and I walk through the door. They think that I'm Satan girlfriend Harnett not seen Stephen Satan, but I'm a terrible woman, because I'm letting the Scamp open the door for me love how her negative comment about her is still, and I got on my man- no got she Satan, Satan's, girlfriend or pages the is walking along the street. They probably think I'm your girlfriend and then I'm a true saint for dating a Cripple under that guy, at dumb at the brewery when we went there- and I was just walking through this- is true story jeered, I know usually think I'm in Iraq, but Hilary was there and Excuse me and I I just item on the shoulder Nina big Winner jacket, and so he didn't do anything as a kind of around him, but the people who were out with us. They said that his wife said sweetie that guy was running around with the game. Is it well? That's his problem like hell or will we have to be american. I would have just where I would have a meaningless,
you two things can asks incredibly painful and have the immobilized, but when the adrenaline pomp and you can, you can make one go of it and that jacket was just like a hook. Random. I had no idea that aims at what a horrible person speaking of horrible people, my wife. Mrs greater came and told the story. The have you heard the story. I heard breathe if another room, but I'm I'm eager to hear it. Ok in the flesh is a true story, honest to God ok, ok, Hilary! Let's lay the groundwork here. Well, why you're already laughing at the time you might, I feel, like you, just send I've been very dramatic manner. Listen I've set a standard can perform that standard. feel prior. I'm gonna performed that standard, I'm gettin performance standards just think of it like a sandwich all right, so I'm good see what's maker straight ITALY, excellences drove the excellent just like my images, so I am travelling back from Phoenix.
Last Thursday and I'm in one of those dinky little planes. We have to walk outside and walk up a terrifying ladder, cancer drinking more bitter anguish and subject to close a midget like playing us back, and you need to walk large ladder to get into the plain and there's a girl, that's about me! age behind me, she's got a baby, strap tourists got all this luggage, so you know just waiting to be. decent human being. I am I offered to care. Her bag and my bag, and so I'm carried up the plane for her and destroying do to help her out right so get up the plain and opening up all of the luggage Ben's trying to? ways, both her bag and my bag. I notice that these geriatrics have filled the bins with their coats, so I say into chipper vote. not sure who these codes are, but I'm just gonna, just gonna move em right across the aisle, so I can make room for this. Young ladys bag move coats three hours later,
this here today, the fact that What happens next is three: hours later is pivotal I think some eighty three year old man was, chewing on this, the entire flight and for some reason I, fine satisfaction that that's not normal, How can go ahead so Helen satisfaction for Henry? For me, satisfaction for me to know how angry this man, oh gosh, I consider how horrible years at least I have considered ass a small moral victory that he had to live in a zone know how and faster and tell us what happened since three hours later we are getting exiting the flight. Landed, getting exit include written, getting off the virus axing the flight, and I'm grabbing this young these bag and this aid to old man taps me on the shoulder, and he goes you. Moved my coat. A view touch my colleague,
am. I not yielded a great inside thirty. Like laugh, a little repeat what is because their links, surely he must be doing that. Weird all people thing. Are you trying to joke in it's not funny. Why? Then, he looked at me with a stone phase, I knew a moment that I was in danger when we do Well, you knock you. The ground will actually written a committed, serious crime. This way you dead because he was too weak to knock me into the ground. He turned a random woman next to me who had barely know interaction with any started telling her what a kind purse she? Why than like how great her children were on the flight Think because you one like Robin my face, what an evil person I was retouching occurring even now, lady hadn't done anything for the poor pregnant woman well hell now this kind down, not de jure. Don't utopia this comes down to the battle of the other victimized classes. Is it
two year old man or the pregnant woman who takes priority. Oh gosh, I'm say everyone has to be all at some point it's the woman, because Shelly the principle must be a woman. Pregnant should eventually had to be all too often at all, I'm pregnant. No thank you Let's like smoke. Let's run birth, defects began olden pregnant you to Rome dice and it's just not a smart gamble. I was my cane falling. But you see the sun if you beating me with their exertions enemy, be those boys, horn, he'll, now they'll know pointed at me with his cane today and I felt like I was married to eighty two year old son. I pointed out you with my cane your gesturing like very adamantly. I don't believe that I think she's gonna sound way. Having said Ralph, basically a glorified, pointing the vice it's perfectly functional, for that is that what you're doing with you beat me down the stairs we re pointy me when I the stairs. I have no,
you're telling me, I would say, pregnant woman. Still it's not. This is a problem, but old people get a free sometimes, and sometimes they can be just as horrible and disrespectful that one of them five minutes now can we have finally achieved our rights. MRS Trotter. Ok, partly in them are going to send you off here. This happened. how'd you find. No old man push you to the ground and then my goober driver with smoking weed. Now he wasn't smoking. We that's not a big deal when it was was. He was actually hot boxing when he picked you up, and I I had a moment that came to tell you my moment. It was Who is one of those moments? You only get a few of them in life where you say I've got ten seconds to decide. What am I going to do? Am I going to with this driver and put my life in danger and probably be kidnapped and taken to his truck glare, or do I offend him and say Sir You smell like marijuana, I'm gonna leave your car, now like marijuana the smell, was leaving the car, if a guy
not like marijuana you're in the wrong. If the guy was hot, seeing the car, as you originally told the story he's in there I don't care what anybody says. Little girl doesn't appear you're driving, listen, I would not trust, Life to someone who is currently smoking in a car- and I and I made you got another maneuver driver, yes I would say why don't I pick up because I was again otherwise it would pick you up in one respect for the airport, yeah. I know I'm just teething yeah you do and of course I did. Of course you do know. Stephen actually is a really great has. Then that's what I have to say to you the thing. Why would you can see that you come from a family who doesn't pick you up from your fortnight? Go out of my way to do some teething? That's not fair! Now he does. He always takes me from the airport, no matter Jonah from airport, if the US that's kind of their needs- and rightly so. think I was right with the doktor again. It's a thing about tone, and I guess we can already the day that I was right. You know where you were wrong. I was right.
and now my body will get fixed and if I listened to you, I would walking around with a damaged the serial killer corner for the rest of my life. I am glad you with your gut that's as close to an admission of being right, give that might do not get you Thank you, sweet savour those moments. You heard right and a good thing. We haven't log as proof that work is, of course our gosh. It's always hard to navigate this whole sound she's, my sweetheart body, so that what MRS crowded she supposed to come, the book Review but she's been reading really uninteresting books. Lately Eve Ardor book relaxed, like Chinese. Prison camps are, like you know: Intolerancy cults stuff.
Lately, I've been reading about an ocean and reading about it's not that it's not worth reviewing. Women tend to not readable. Good thing: she usually dazzle. She read Does he expect the normal, though you know it's not like you not like in debt of good books, just ashes spin herself outlets, onto you know I'll use. One thing I like having a woman who has an opinion and annoying people. That's a big irony of feminism. They think claim to be strong women. They wouldn't be able to handle my wife Spring Feminism, fat checks and sports illustrated, about that this week I got so much hate mail anytime you even question the health of a woman whose Assize eighteen five foot seven and say: listen, you know, maybe that's not the best life choice people get mad and they tell you that their big and beautiful. My problem is now. The plus eyes models in sports illustrated it's that rejection of the market of the free market, of what people want in order to push an agenda, an agenda that ultimately leads to a lot of problems and innocent obesity is a huge problem in the United States, Michelle
Obama said that it's a bigger threat than terrorism. I don't wanna, go that far and bigger, throw them terrorism, and I that I see as is possible, your husband butter or Hillary Clinton. Well, I guess you know how it Clinton, terrorism, at this point. You boy to help it is rose so talked about that. There's a video but later with credit. I cannot think of a whole bunch of ten they get into the cash. I can't believe it is the end of the show close. We again cos your cash Larry Elder Karen Strawn, my wife head PR person for ISIS Games will be nine. I guess I was oppressive now you know what he won't admit to it, but is actually kind of a fan kind of like when I want you to get kind of Edinburgh tweets
kind of like when you, when I used to grab the popcorn and laugh it Al Jazeera, your dear you dont, really agree with that, but you're goin, my gases entertaining yes, that's really what this programme is about, keeping your entertained keeping you informed, loving you caressing near eardrums, we're not trying to assaulted we're not trying to blitz you with information and pomposity Make love to your cerebellum and educate you in a way that leaves feeling good about yourself, because you know what you deserve. It give it to. You are going to wrap this up in a nice by lotta with greater statement,
we now draw you do the town on sea with Donald Rob, had arson guph. Who is yes? Mister trap you ever going to answer that question on Israel and Palestine. How would you handle that cod? I had the address is listed like I said how many people have big eye. Israel are big on the right. I've ever been in a neutral okay, but let me tell you why? Ok, it's because I have so many people from both sides. You love me. Ok, the heaves! They love me. Listen. I work a New York. Okay right. We work with the huge all the time there and they love me I've all the time I'm out there I buy
my danish right in what he had a good name. They cover the initiating machina by loggers. Ok, I've drifted their coffee or by a deeper yeah after video, you New York, to do business with the heaps, but though, what did that nobody talks about? Everyone knows how much the Jews love me. Ok, but the rag heads love me to ok. Nobody wants to break that up, because everybody else listen, they're, hated, ok, frankly, tat crews, he's he's a nasty guy he's adversity guy, that of those tower work. Ok right! is it going to like that, cuz you're not going to work with them, they will cut a deal. I will tell you this: okay, if Donald Trump is president that he okay and the wreckage they're going to come together, they're going to make it you're gonna make a deal so great. You gotta say why would they either in the records of refining, because I've gotta get along with everybody? Ok, I've gotta go get along with the heaps I've gotta get along with the ragged I've gotta get along with the packaging and end the negroes. They
of everyone loves me. I get along those roads out all with where goober and I'll drop I'm power him off. Grotto AIDS, if you're listening to this on Itunes or sound cloud or maybe on the Youtube, live free, presents a thing now: you're missing so much continent louder with crowd or dotcom. That's actually the bulk of what me and my glorious team not gauge year and notwithstanding, do on a date. basis anywhere from four to ten article, the day with commentary, videos, gifts, images and it's all free. So if you want to be The data knows and entertain just add louder with greater dot com to your rss feed go to every day it's three you get to support the site, then you know maybe we'll give you for free I don't know many free college bitterly Problem free college healthcare. probably won't give you that just just put market and will give it to you.
a farmer myself right we're back. We were pantomimic that for those not watching the video lives remit, should you sugar, you should be ashamed of yourself were pouring into the home stretch the end of the show, and we have this week's in town halls, going on Donald Trump,
had crews coming down the Marco Ruby. I guess, but the next time we'll talk South Carolina. I've been determined, open, determined. I wonder you can I wonder who will I will be dropping out next week as a result? Maybe you think you do you predict wrangle drop out. Did Christie drop Chris dropped out? Yes, yeah ravage. The only people demolished, Ruby onstage dropped out, so they The left are obviously of truce trump, We jab case a cartel. The only one left sixes us six crews, Trump Rubio case, a job. That's five Carson, O Carson, Carson. I think our something arsenal drop out and was still going, he had ever has the money rather than going going him and in case it I don't think it's going to drop out because he sees what he has now is momentum, and I think if they both what's good for him, I think it is the most are met them.
He's virus pre. Surprise at the momentum has now. I want to see everyone dropped out, except except for crews, Trump Rubio. Even then, I've I've, I feel like we're gonna, have to see crews or maybe a drop out in order to at some point, not nominate trunk, the emigrant, whereas there are not there yet they're, not there they're still battling for that spot, so they lodge They could lay claim to listen, I'm not dropping out you first and I don't blame them. It's not like a lot of these candidates who stayed in wait too long and they knew there was no path to victory. A lot publicans I've gotten greedy. I really do think it's a problem and as disappointing near This is a point we talked about. I would love to see Sanders versus cruisers, because I'd love to see that contrast. I do think that dumb, I didn't go out. I was never going to canvass for Mccain four Romney I certainly wouldn't for Trump Pro after Rubio animals and that I can vote for a multitude of people on that stage: crew,
This is the one person who, if you actually look into his record, though, if you know of someone would attack you have yet whose bumper sticker it would be because of something conservative. What about them you want to check the rich more. Yes, whether what is it about social security? Yes, all about what you said about simply yes, words with Romney. They could bring up and say well he's inconsistent he's a flip flopper. You know if it's Ruby other. Until what about the gang of eight see, they don't even believe it's safe is trump they'll say from Somerset Philosophical throwing a gang of aid, don't actually relaunched in anything about it. Now. I think, I think, in the republic inside they do with that idea. Much rail people on the other side, that people is worse things if you like, if you're not really informed, you could still kind of like not relishing it be kind of used as a starting point that you're not really sure where the right heads and tails of it is that I don't know people onto the glamour that you just used was our eyes. Oh offensive targets,
this as you too, I'm connected with Youtube you're connecting with Youtube is what we have radio stations. That syndicate us, of course, are wonderful. Homesick wham and they're, going to hear this and it's going to be like nails and a chalkboard, Is it like? You know you don't end of Iraqis me. Let me more than you they don't everyone likes you more than me somewhat, mean, and what in Germany like Hitler more than the other guy, the horrible argument we get from me to Hitler so fast lads uneasy parallels, sudden. Unexpectedly, there really You can Germany Yoni Germany now recently, not written. that's going start some rumors self. Listen! Here's my problem this week, sending what the Pope same thing with the sports illustrated fat issue same with that adds yet the draft issue. What's the take away, my problem isn't
any individual person. My problems with being told exactly what to think you should find all people beautiful. I dont you should talk this way about the Pope. I will you shouldn't speak that way about the draft use, support women in combat, I don't you know, as Woody Allen said, I just have a general problem with authority. There's nothing wrong with that. Look having a problem with authority if to be respectful of authority, that doesn't mean that you don't fight authority, it doesn't mean that you don't after authority and that's a big defining difference between the idea. Is of conservatism, verses, roll ISM. Now I know it's I need a joke about harm. A jack ass in Nigeria. To my wife call me Larry David, but look at that with the doktor good example. I went and I thought he was wrong now I don't do that the time of the doktor. I have a good friend doctor. I usually go in and most of them have done what they said. But when I went and this doctor clear
wasn't very interested to hear what I had to say when I said: what's: what's this on the MRI? What's that great anything? It's probably this is why shouldn't you know he's a. Do not listen. I'm a doctor. I do this all the time I said what there's a tear ligament shouldn't how bad it is. Doesn't really matter because we're not gonna do anything anyway and then I go I didn't trust him? There should be a mistake of authority Was I a little bit of a global budget? Maybe maybe the point is because of my current distrust for blanket authority, not feed have said hey and you know what I can answer that question. But let me send you to someone who can That's why we ll have a lot of respect for someone someone recognizes where they are not an expert and their willing, delegate, that's what that's what Henry Ford talked about, that is, If somebody
what is a of that most intelligence, but certainly leadership, and he sought with George W Bush. He made a lot of stress, be appointed brilliant people and what happened because of my distrust of authority. I went to another doctor. I went for a second opinion. That's what he said you should have been in surgery like yesterday were rushing me next week and assert I'm going to have a knee that have probably not had since I was nineteen when I first injured it. We ve talked about that injury, No, what I came in I was really happy, because I finally had hope and it all came from not being told what to say you don't have to be right you just have to be questioning. You just have to be thinking in finding the right people and that's what happened and that's what The voting process should be with anyone running for president with anyone is currently in office door Let me tell you what to think you should find this woman beautiful on this sports illustrated cover now you shouldn t, This way about the pope. Now
you shouldn't disrespect? The president now thank for yourself avoid that think sometimes a great results. So you next week, yeah
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