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2020-01-31 | 🔗
Talking all things: Hillary’s election urges, stoned bees, transgender muslim wives, and finally covering Elizabeth Warren’s awful and unfair proposal of forgiving student loan debt. Joined by cancerous tumbler huckster, Ben Shapiro!

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I am proud that my right hand, man right.
This is called the police Alice Cooper, don't copyright as I will be bad happens, because you will surely we ve been through an amendment yours, but we don't want student loans, quick announced, but there will be no lives. Your next Thursday does anyone know why it is going to be our annual live Oscar stream partner that every night on Sunday, seven forty
I've Pm Eastern, please don't strike us as we. I refer to it. Hurricane times learn tornado timezone, urine hurricane tat. We have on the programme course my efficiently, but we're going against great We- and I was very initially. How are you there like a man? Why well always done sir? I saw a figure. I just saw the flip of the pen and eyes the weight of the eyes. Gee Morgan whatsoever, that we'd get immortal More laudable, cavern like immortal technique,
wonderful and going round. I see that my underground hip hop references are lost beyond the apologetic. Professor ok we're still before, and we want to support the idea of forgiving all student debt wireline. The days of lawyers reaction, sustained wire. Why not say why do you support and then, ultimately, who do you think pays the bill if we forgive our students? is there an actual victim in the equation? Who couldn't be? We ve talked about this a lot. This whole idea victim culture, sometimes great actual. Intended victims will get to that in a second. But first now is the time on ladder with greater, where we did
I wish I love anything as much as you like being a sex criminal. What the hell are we watch it you sign now the right and purchased a ticket like here. You know like the video if you're, so this must be primarily way. We have to lower them into a state of complacency. Animal rights cascades, leading the new before the particularly Clinton, has admitted that shit, feels quote the urge to run again, president tramping, adding that she thinks she can win, because quote the twenty six in election was a really odd time. Also, having years forty run it and Donald Trump Footing,
Yes, we are actually upon hearing the story. President Trump decided to include its thoughts when drafting up is a community of the union. And that is where you kids, stick your articles of peach better as to buy a put its frankly silbury losers at the bright side. At least I don't have to run against Hillary Clinton it she would enjoy the race now truthfully, there is no way. I would kick your ass, an exponential there's, no way it would be a nightmare. The Hillary Clinton to throw her head into the rig, which Wendy twenty eight would be the single worst thing that could happen it also. I don't care what you might say she's that a rapidly agent murderous protein slash egg reclassified, lesbian.
I don't know I feel like we need, are in turn to be a little less loose, would require Delia reading between the lines media that more research. Yes, when reach for official common bill Clinton said anything that gets the pick out of the house, but many are seated to have sex with women That is why Tuesday, perhaps the greatest they're calling card might cause. This was embarrassing and under what happened at the beginning of the week, we talked about those warrant. Mug of members behind the people, some wonderful programme, by the way, my cup in place here so big announcements running any one time. My hair was going to court? Can flip, I'm so embarrassed under Saddam Hussein? International? That's exactly the same anyway! Why don't you just like your shirt? My answers have led to repay of Reserve Gerald is just a hobo shirts this. This must really embarrassing and happened earlier in the week, but there's a little more context: MSNBC anchor Allison Moors,
claims that she said, nay, curves and not the end word, while reporting on and here's a clip reporting on Kobe Bryant Death seems like he was just the kind of act like the kind of star there was perfect cast on the LOS Angeles Niggers like ischemia, I heard you stressing knows and another Lakers button. No team has a gene from the nuggets, but that doesn't apply because I do not know what about that. I thought it and you got you dropped out of falling basket, I mean just as Asia are too can win sanity do she took us cause to, and I heard a campfire tankers It happened by August, reclaimed, mixing nix and Lakers now on the service. Listen. This is an understandable mistake, those Edward pointed to Allisons other slip. Ups from referring to them, the Toronto rap sheets to the Chicago black?
as well as the incident where she burned crosses on the lines of every active member of the Detroit Pistons roster. It's a flux that seems pretty cutting dry seems started, and I know a lot of evidence put it all. Together, I get repass real first, when I thought when I reviewed that I would like now needs to be the innocent. We see the anchor not paint pull the rug picture. I won't. Let me say this, let me log so in the spirit of consistency, I don't I, We made a mistake. I dont think that she's a racist, I dont think that we should crucify this woman, but do you think biology if has happened on Fox NEWS would be enough. Of course I didn't sell, but we don't want. We don't want to live by security hearing about in science news. Let's talk about science and good cannabis, and right now, Come to hold it.
Canada's might actually just save global depopulate. Now let us go into the leaf desk enough. That's a parent! I've done what society's new August I dont know. Scientists! I leave plans, has the potential to provide a critical nutritional resource that could help reverse. Be shortage which lead this is the incredible led to increase medical research in other fields and sadly, it actually proved to be unhelpful, in researching, be allergies, spray sign language driving times it is based on says he can see without his glasses
if a man he's going to beat until at last the fourth time reference that from that is taking something that is incredibly painful, that child I wanted my girl S, real appropriating it so that you can laugh. It's like you up. Artists do with the inward it's our it's, the white version of that waste Reappropriate and Gerald having one and no I'm not because I know You just said it makes legs answer with a guy says I gotcha, apparently the Grammy's we're on Sunday literally potentially weren't prepping, nobody, they Gaza stream next Sunday to Athens every night, the singer Chris, and brought us five year old, daughter with animals. That was all over. That's my threatened during the course of the whole evening. He only had her once so. You have to take the winds, that's lower than average the progress here you know it's a downward trend. Yeah I'd like to see that
computer strike from that limo ride. Most likely boxing ass. We get the comp you strike reference engine indulges in Weave Chris, International NEWS, it is never monetarism. Annoying overlapping of Ugandan. You gain in Ie Mommy's he's actually he's been suspended from his duties cleric after his wife of two weeks turned out to be a man. Scotland. I only male, though I was arrested for the safety of a television set, and I wonder if we stop are carried out a body search found, it wasn't actually a woman. So Some are speculating that this was all part of a big plot to embarrass the high profile Emma with some other people having chalk it. Just a simple mistake: others are still circulating, rumours that this was simply an elaborate plot to promote the new wanes brothers vehicle you mom chair, So that seems more, that's not, then here's the faces walked too
That is the wrong way and rather wrong. I was already was it the other way around our lives? Are they brothers, when there other matters, we have their brothers Wayne not named Damon, so They get scary movie. Nineteen we! Finally, there was a recent study actually came out. We thought this was interesting and by the way, a Porsche. This was written before news this week, which will be When you see it, I, how does a story? We can show you the document that it was drafted three weeks ago, but we just gotta pull it at this point. A recent study claims that women are actually being held back in marketing critically the marketing field by system pervasive sexism. The Ark article says so
to them in the marketing fit leaning, listen at first, we brought little bit sceptical, but, having looked into a deep, they may be honest, something gentleman in a similar. You will learn everything you need to know about sales and marketing, so take notes, set aside all your Don Draper bulls and listened closely. Let's take a look at this logo- Coca COLA, one of the most successful logos of all time. Why do people of anyone, the red? The white, draws the eye, and I think I m the curse of writing his classic, but it still feels no rational and remarks like that. Are exactly why Julia left. You look at me. Look at me with your fault. It was moving on people love this logo because it looks like a penis its clear now. Let's take a look at another load up: the Nike logo, famous simple sleek: yes, it's a penis next logo NASA cycling through these Dwight CIA toilet Lexus, Amazon Theme Ba all penises new non patriots, Facebook, Buzzfeed, motel, six outing, Puma, the Miami HEAT Nbc. There are several going here: Spacex beats by Drake Old Mobile Jaguar, decipher Channel Ferrari, the network, the Royal Bank of Scotland. You got for Venuses, Saint Louis Cardinals, gate, arrayed, Brook shoes, veal, see softening in and out burger, Chile's the Washington Wizards Playstation, the old Reebok Logo, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Essex, Pontiac, Arby's, the Orlando MAGIC Volvo Tesla danish Network USB and finally, Kobe Bryant Signature, Nike.
Now it should be clear that the link between all of these is that people want products, because people want penises to him the questions, but what about the the urbane be logo ETA? The kind of looks like a vagina we're talking about penises here, Carl, it reminded of the gutter discussed Karlov cars appoint written before this week. Yes, yes, people's does everybody? I liked you in just six people who worker and we heard in the collective side only get right, but you know what I was. Some of those are looked a little bit of a reach literature.
But things have a lears looks like aggressive penetration. Whizzer aside, I mean that amateur wrestlers called the oil check? Look it up Don't let go to our low rolling and understand, determine out. You know what? Let's just malino are only the Eastern Bloc competitors. Do it because the cowardly, so student loans. Even if you have a lot of I know, a lot of people were Bernie supporters and now kind of Trump supporters, because your aunt s elephant understand that we want real around, but I'm still support The idea of forgiving all student loans- and I understand why it sounds gonna surface. I would like to hear your opinions before you watch the segment and let me know if it may be changed at all. Let's start with Elizabeth When was recently questioned by a dad regarding. Student loans and having put his daughter through college,
my money, saving money, those of us who did the right thing. It's my buddy boy vacation. I say my money I made more. Ninety word, I dont worry acted like TAT, so your lap, we combat no comfort to TED. Truthfully was an Iowa. When you start the corn subsidies and Agnes you're gonna hurt our industry, your knee explained the guy by the end of it. The guidance of the courts of these might actually be bad for his fondness. Imagine if you come back he's been no laughing right at the better. We think ladder constituent space. He I saved for a long time on the american dream. I have a family. I put my daughter to college. I can't buy your boat handed him. A cards says I laughed prick. You patriarchal paternalistic, prick.
That was a subject yeah, that's right after the clear interest in creating a new victim class and right now, the victim class extends to people who willingly took on student loans on getting loose with. The term is here we create real victims, who might the real victims be like this father or people like folks who work here on this team who worked to three jobs? their way through through school or went to community colleges or want to trade school or some people who work here who actually didn't go to university stared, gained workplace experience and work their way up, Those are the actual victims, because they will be done are footing the bill. They saved their money right. They avoided the student loan or they paid off their own student loans. And now you are asking them to pay your student loans its I understand how it seems compassionate happiness, hey these folks are saddled with debt and given that in the second and why that's not necessarily accurate, even Its assume that student loans, which predatory lending its the bank's fault- it's still wouldn't solve the issue,
forcing somebody else to pay that bill twice. Ok, so let's go through this idea, though the crisis, because its predicate on the idea that there is a crisis right now. This is a huge Claim you see from current Democrats that there's one point four trillion student debt write thirty five thousand dollars on average per individual. I think we have it. We have a clip on us the backs of Elsie and Rule Senator Bernie Sanders is joining others in Congress to unveil a sweeping the landlord wait it out of the nations could crushing I'm not a proposal completely eliminate student, in this country and ends? The absurdity of sentencing an entire generation. The militia your generation to a lifetime. Daring crime are doing the right thing. Lloyd by joint, loud and loaded, and this time are going to use our people right Philadelphia
What do you mean? Our people need to five percent of the two questions. Why is Andrew Yang wearing his hat? Up like earnest goes to write and second Could Bernie Sanders meeting more transparent with his pandering to Argentina to millennials what about bombers? but you don't know levels who undoubtedly will vote from what but we all realize now, like innocent women, it's important to know it sounds like a lot one point: virtually it's not nothing. Car alone. Debt in this country is about one point. Two trillion dollars encourage appreciate way faster than educationalist. Of course, its agenda authorities agree, in which case
Are you sure you don't want a hundred percent once you roll you're fat, angry feminist, ass off the lot of so fast that we are now is in his house a compassionate, let's say, let's say quarter blackguard ok. Has some car payments left, hey audio? Do you have any kind of asean? No, I bought an old used car cash. Ok and I say hey, you know what weighed and pull out this gun there. It's called payments of what a nice guy I didnt pay the car payment break. I just forced way to do it. Why one compassion and one is not, let's go. I will tell my card payments mortgage loans that, by the way that comes in at an average of of two hundred thousand dollars per person at nine point. Five trillion dollars Josh. Why isn't I consider the crisis according to Bernie Sanders insult correct. If I'm but the thirty five year on Alors. Thank you. Thank you, sir. May I add another thirty. Doesn't sound like a low interest, doesn't sound like crushing debt for
visual. I know I understand its early in the morning career and everything else, but am I am the only person here? That's like thirty. Five thousand dollars doesn't sound wait. I haven't been underwater basket, weaving with a minor and german. What Eddie? Maybe it of course, international? Finally, and it would help the not right use a quick lesson for you, and people got mad at this week. If you want everyone out, their K uncle see mistake, if you want to build wealth, don't buy a new car ever like any other. If you want, you go green right, you want to be in don't buy a new car. It is for you to buy in old eighty five bronco than that new test. That has to be good in driven off the lot so that you can have your rich white liberal, killed status. Symbol have additional fans, by you caught up, there's, no reason: radio, unless you're multi, millionaire and you're just looking to throw money around and create the environment fine. But this
everyone diplomatically this. If you dont have to buy new cars, we owe or demon, you can buy, used cars and they don't yeah. So what I find is really interesting. This example of, like don't buy new car, is the same example of well I mean. The only thing I can do is go to a four year institution that fifty thousand dollars a year and have the government you know prove these loans in an ominous sign is paperwork, but now I really don't know what the paperwork said it. Oh you mean I have to pay back later. At some point I mean the whole point here: is, if you're going to do, why shopping the of the other Coralie? What that father was saying is what about the they decided would you go, etc. Community college instead paid for it themselves in five years out here. Some of years behind some one who took loans out gonna, get it off for free or actually doing persistence of bright the difference between those people in your punishing those who
Tartarin is at that said: did it the right way will have understood it was someone always has to pay the bill if they gave you in health care and pre existing conditions? What you're doing is now you ve astronomically raised healthcare costs represent. We must not impose because people who opted and by when most people who didn't have health insurance chose not to have health insurance. We crunch the numbers. We can go back and search that segment. They could afford health insurance prickly young people, they opted not to until They had a serious condition. Will the whole point to buying healthcare insurance is its basically creating a pool of lower risk, so that you can use it when you need it, so the people who bought health insurance. Before that urgency arose. That's why they locked in lower rates then had to pay a higher bill, because everyone else didn't have that kind of forethought is now joining into the same pull. It ends up harming people who thought ahead, land responsibly. Not always some people get some tough breaks by the way, tough break notifications, dont really working.
The notification Bell all modifications because, like Youtube and please do consider drawing up a lot of Canada comes much more club. My club, you get everything that is available on police tv and this wonderful management like eighteen more shows of this per week, exaggerate its afore suddenly are here The point I wanted to get feels like if someone who it harms, who does We would rather soon loan forgiveness who that room Lord right, Bernie Sanders actually uses the term. You just talked about the use of the term punishing. I believe that we should stop punishing people for going to school. We have a clip bottom line is, we should not be punishing people for getting higher education. It is time that hit the reset button. Under the proposal that we introduce today, all students debt would be cancelled and six month.
Well, Bernie. Maybe you should be punished for painting a lifelong unemployed, couch surfing ass who's never been gainfully employed aside from suckling at the government's teat. Maybe you should feel lots of eighty forgiving student that punishes those who worked hard, never wanted it. Like we ve talked you happy. I owe a debt, but who does it reward? Ok, people think that if we forgive student loans and this is again, I understand what people think it's compassionate, but the numbers do matter. They think it most. This money is going to go to those have a hard time paying off their loans right. That's how Bernie presents a ton of that would go to people who making a lot of money anyway? So, yes, the average will come back to that student debtors. Thirty, five thousand dollars, but how its distributed, I think we have it. Let's look at a chart. We haven't right here: motions people if you look for on a low into that spectrum? Well below thirty thousand, and then you have
with astronomical costs, rightly stress things out on the opposite end of the spectrum, so those are the high end. Seeing this chart typically come from families making over a hundred and fourteen thousand dollars a year, and they go into careers like law in dentistry, so it takes some time to pay off those loans, but there actually living pretty comforted. Huge or, I should say acute None of these large number that are being cited, it actually evidence of a crisis that is. What created by upper class families we take out loans to put their kids into very lucrative career path. I mean how much is law school american Rynch anywhere from if you're certain state programmes twenty in a to fifty or sixty thousand a year, all told with expensive so bright. Exactly but you're not gonna, be destitute. If you go into law, probably not but I would actually say that there is an issue when it comes to grow, well, because a lot of folks will say you know whether it's a liberal arts programmer. You know it's a gender studies Phd or even a J d
or a jacket these engender studies. Now, oh yeah we're getting or other intelligent and testament. That's why I'm areas and again, did you decide you're going to go to Staying and who's gonna have to pay for fur. You having gone and got disintegrate, rang he's gonna be rent. It rested alone, bears and be the rest of America. If, if you decide to forgive the lowest people who are just going to grad school for no purpose for no reason right then you're literally asking someone else's subside education followed. Maybe but half of that, because I'm ahead of adjusting, I have an annuity ass, an Algeria, Wentworth seventh year, wives are we be well we're G Whitworth
WWW, J G when our and put a hit out on Mr Wentworth, though do it is it's getting? I left my lawyers through the back door, but this will be the nightly. So there's going to be some guy who's named J, Slash De Wentworth, he's gonna, get a horrible emails and about or substance in his mail box and he's gonna find this video. We're very sorry, are bad, so does the other diligently which, by the way, you have problems paying off their loans, that is actually pretty small group. They tend People actually have a hard time paying The loans being settled by debt tells me less than, five thousand dollars, when you eliminate people who are going to medical law school, get where they have a lot of student debt initially in they paid off quickly. People who long term have problems bang five thousand hours. That's a number that matters. So, let's before we go to the idea of federal government, what could be a
foolish solution for you right is our silver lining, either, as with doesn't acquire any federal intervention. Okay. So here the steps you can take number one Hu, a reasonable college or trade scope k their number to choose, hey you're discipline. Little set you up for a well paying job number. Three finish your degree. That's it! That's it sure did rate statistically you'll. Be absolutely fine. Again, those people who have that data five thousand- I was heartened- think most them don't finish the absolute and obviously, if you dont finished, you don't get to use the benefits of having that degree to make more money so finished, but bill brought this up. Go to the community college for two years. Who says that you have to go for those first two years, we're getting your basic right out of the way nobody cares if he transferred from a community John and graduated from Uti. Your diploma says you t rise matter, Furthermore- and this is actually a good, but this brings me to point number: three: everyone out should consider traceable tracing have a ton of advantages over four year colleges on bridge by the way about seventy percent. Less at twice the job placement almost twice the starting salary went with it
The report as a side by side, yet you know where you're so I can actually read it: yeah average debt, thirty six thousand and for your college we just went through those numbers: job placement by fifty percent average. Ten thousand dollars for to your trade, school hundred percent average job. It was almost twice the starting salary. But again we we mark this idea the college experience which for many is four years of glorified alcoholism. Certainly don't forget the victory laugh if they go for fire like this, you don't need to do it, and this does come from a lot of intellectuals. A lot of politicians who place this value, university. That is not reflected in real world numbers. I've had parents be horrified when kids come up at live chosen and give my son I vices and well. What do you want to do in this area If I remember now, it's great to have his, I don't know yet as it would don't go
university, your ears, exactly, why would you want that can have debt yeah? It's had a pitch. Is the thing that you do after high school, like some summer camp that you go to and have a good time no you're going to work harder than he worked in high school to try to have a career and be able to provide for yourself. That is what you should be when I think it's very important to we're talking about going to university or whether you gotta tricycle do choose your major, wisely K. This is There are kind of solution that you can all take into account here or not in the nest burning to take their money to value out fine, but think about, make any other purchases, but you just go out and and by the most expensive car? can afford. You got you buy the most expensive. How she could have no financial evasion would say: that's what you should do, but that is exactly what we do with universities. We tell kids apply to all of the top schools. The most expensive most prestigious calls. That's, usually what parents tell their kids to see which one takes you, and if we look at university rankings based on echo,
value added to students lives, not their status symbol, not how many people see the the crest on your jacket regner, but how Its value would actually adds the students live here. We consider them. It's actually with these numbers. Look at every student salaries, the employment rate, if students are employed in their particular field, studies. According to that metric me, of the top colleges they're just pop? universities and state schools. What you're planning on going the Supreme Court? You dont need an Ivy League university to be at the top of your field, people and a top of any of these given fields. There is no no correlation. We specific school or degree from that school and success. Now you know exactly what you want to do, what they practice law or GM host. Apart Asked where you want to tell anyone that you practice lab and his wife and doktor go ahead.
What what? What I really find is addressing us think about who are the people that are being rewarded? Your rewarding the people who didn't take personal responsibility in wrecking of choices but you're also reward the universities right so think about. The framework where we talk about the first amendment we said hey when there's hate speech, we don't need to have more regulation, we already regulate dangerous speech or you know inciting violence of the size of things and other calling them and murder in cold blood. Genji Wentworth, yoga, Piazzi Emily, then I won't irish Rhine, goading addicted himself goes NATO, but but we already, a framework in place are willing to become a parable dear aunt Hannah. But you can't yell fire in a crowded feeder confidence. Ass nature did you went birthright, thought everyone, unlike Middle EAST, is a national hero. It's what we already have ever been reworked in place to deal with any type of fraud. The may have happened in a hoarse of selling these universities. What you think about If the loan companies had sold you abyla goods, the loans themselves. Why? I didn't know I repay it right, then. Ok,
You have a lawsuit there. If the diversity, sold you and you didn't get the education. You expected. You have another lawsuit there if you were me, led by your parents. Just put a home or don't talk to them or don't go to this point is instead, these new year must stop and lunar new year. What do I owe you, a sap, Aloni and celebrating the cells disenchanting if you're goin, if you're, who are you going to reward, you reward all of the people that created this system instead of I know that you want to hire someone punish the people who put us into the system if they deserve punishment, yeah or the people would enable. Andrew Yang to his credit, talked about how some somehow maybe costs should be tied to those fields of education, and if you look at majors like I think it education like art, have hidden hit art. History, F, mixed Things like. I think that our current useless it you can learn on Google into afternoons. They are not high earning feel right, but they require a comparable
not of student loan debt round the other in the majors that have the highest earnings to debt ratio are stem degrees right, which is science, technology engineering method. Now and then let us not a matter of a master put it this way, masters in humanity's from stand. It is like having a brand new Maza Roddy in your drive when it's it's a modern status symbol and it cost you a lot of money for a peaceable, only know no more majority. Yes, your mama's arrival muzzle Mouser Roddy no was really sponsorship. Here now I haven't been their competitors also to the devil. You just take me off your list. I don't like your cars haven't about this goes, but if you ve a clear plan of what your major, what the best school is for you, I don't. I don't wanna discouraging, as you know, for that absolutely, but keep in mind twenty two: if the percent of students they enter school is undecided and then most of them that's most of them end up changing their major again step one you want to fix, go to reasonable schools.
You dont major and worthless, step. Three finish your degree and you will avoid this problem and one of the things that I think is lost in all of the discussion about this is why do we have have so much student debt right now, wise tuition skyrocketing and there's there's a couple of statistics out there that are really too The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that every one dollar in federal aid actually increases tuition by sixty five cents right you're centrally. Creating the same bubble that we had with housing. You just doing it for student loans and then burning Elizabeth and you guys want to go back to who caused this. They say trace it back to a nineteen. Seventy eight, a bill that path in the Carter administration that basically guaranteed, of these loans so that people can go out there and get them so easily did matter anymore if you qualified or if you could actually afford to pay it thou. That was helpful informally, that I appreciate that you, you slipped a cartridge, abbot why was this deal well earned? Well earned. There are a lot of people who are allergic Katrina, spits trope, Butler fix the problem. Don't just try to take care of a symptom of the problem right, the actual problem, what they think about
for us? This is really it. We do have to go to a bench appear and little, but is a brilliant ploy right you tell people. Young people millennials has Bernie Sanders at his voting base. You tell them that they are the victim of some predatory system of lending right you and urge them to saddle themselves with more debt tending universities that they can't afford often pursuing degrees that Gary t all, but guaranteeing inability to pay off that did not dimension by the way you are Courage in young people to make you'll be the largest financial decision of their lives before they graduate high school, because there are already applying you further encourage further incentivize. This behaviour with grants and scholarships from the government, like you said, which also leads to tests simultaneously hyper inflates right, the cost of education overall, and then you bribed the voters who followed your instructions explicitly by promising to bail them out with other people's money, and this is somebody here last year pills and while I shouldn't we balance, we build out the banks- Bela, nothing. But we don't bail out Goldman Sachs, the Afro less
studies, major yearly sons, a hit and any politics that you here in the right, as well as our limited up on Wall Street there should in Detroit down, should both down shot down. I'm not looking for is a better stones. Goldman Sachs Bear stones, their stern varies with theirs. Baron there's bull, correct burial. Turn bank bear market, both market- you can see. I dont know economics. I just meant Ray, but we should not be bailing out any of these people. What's the root of the problem. Here and again, I want to hear from you. I understand that people on both sides are compassionate the root of the problem, telling kids who have no idea what they want. Do with their lives to make the biggest financial decision of their future before they have any real world experience but this is what is required right now in the modern workplace and to have self esteem are also bodily tying up. Children tying up young people's self worth with
gray they have with a sheet of paper to tell people how important they are, and then promising that we are going to bail them out. It doesn't work, it has not worked, it will not work. The solution is not to bail people out. The solution is that everybody start taking pursue that personal responsibility and making better decisions verse up. What does that make a throw one? More time? Ok, waste money going to an expensive university. If you don't have to don't get to you this degree and finish You do go to school. Congratulations! I just saved you one point, four trillion dollars international bail out what could have been Shapiro in a little bit and I want less than people wanted us to talk about the corona virus. Here. I think this is like Bola and Swine flu. It's been blown and proportional it'll, but one thing to be aware of is of course, that dumb you may not know you haven't until the symptoms of already manifested themselves, whether around a virus can dump.
Ouch one of the below You are positively sinister any delay in the world, and I said I'm not saying the republic doesn't need to be fixed. Look there's a guy. Have that can be wearing this stupid helmets. Jujitsu is such a powerful thing. The aspect of your life. It really does improve the way that you think it improves your confidence, improve your physical conditioning,
The way you view other people in the world, can have such a massive impact on its out a huge That's not my wife. Is forest? Kids go I say that you judge is more important for
during the love. It's no! No! No I'll wait for you to shoot me now. I brought you some black rifle coffee and I want you to give me your genuine honest reaction to it. I did not consent to this experiment powder, seeing as this would be a horrible waste of coffee that has already gone to the complex process of being brood as well as source and roasted, which most do not appreciate. I feel obligated to conduct a formal copying browser. Do you know how does one ends up.
It was all right: black rival, Guffey Flock Rifle Coffee the council s cry to say how to do like multiple takes, because it kept saying black rifle that come slash crowded, because around the office we just sit, which is referred to as black rifle run. To name only basis where that familiar black rival copied outcome, Slash crowded, get twenty percent off your first order. This is my but we must make every effort. It is the medic blend here in the office, but it's actually think called the the coffee saves or vintage rose. We have a espresso machine at the office, that's what we put in there is as good as any coffee we ve put through it
put through at least probably twenty thirty varietals. So yeah there, a veteran owned company, a Porsche, their profits go to support veteran causes. That's all great. Their coffee, though, is better than the competition and a more reasonable price. We're going to do some coffee tutorials coming here in the future, but black rifle coffee, dotcom, slash cracker! If you can drink coffee support a company that has the balls to support this show and they make better coffee. It's a win win for your consideration for best acted in a supporting role,
Gilbert again in twelve years, want to up. But once again, though, I don't look was stick up in home alone. This is a stick up dwelled or toys story. Was at hand alone. Buzz Lightyear. But this is to that's all home alone. That's all! But toy story. It only man what's goin on? What's happened connected to? I should we were aiming for adjutant running the democratic framework, very much like a final cake hours take there. I have a question for a nice:
is not politically related autonomy to turn the break, but I want to clarify that you know him some of the eleven something you don't. That's the name the beast you can follow at Ben Shapiro on Twitter, of course, daily wired outcome. I believe that, his editor in chief. You can correct me on that. His show is the bench appear shop, Mister here. How are you, sir? M Juno care. At least I wasn't till I got here. So I appreciate that the original you always plays coy he does, but that off ere. He sends me wildly uncomfortable picture nothing sexual mind you having sexual, like he's looking for love in all the wrong place right all along. I don't know. What do you want pictures of juncture, menotomy idea unsolicited, that's what he calls a little, Let me ask you this: we're german, its opponents and I've been using some show where a few people is. Where did you get this? Where did you learn Yiddish but put em means face elements but told me that that doesn't actually mean face in Hebrew, which I'm very confused as to what YE additional is exactly
Rachel is one of a match up aid it it's sort of like ladino like there few language is therefore a match up some of other languages. I knew this was a mass of Hebrew and AIR Mag there's some slavic languages in there, because the Jews are you know and have kicked round to various countries? There are where there are being added that report of adoptions mother from other languages, but put him, is basically the different pronunciation of Putney, which, if you read the Bible and refers to you know, phase of Moses. It referred to as planning programming honey. Miguel penny is house pronouncing Hebrews pronounce upon him in unison, ok, by order name sag from little money. Grill all the time Everyone is saying yes and a saga, I don't know, that's the thing with indian restaurants,
there is less than what does your face. I feel like it's a different accounts. Infant thank you think I'm frozen chosen. It would allow Gobi Poniard is how do you know? That's what really ensure that didn't last angels. I think one time we went to a restaurant and it was one of those affected. Many years ago, a half cracked quail egg and able to table acted like while another one of those as though we ever eat some way these Phooey restaurants. Alright, this is completely off the beaten path here, impeachment your thoughts. Boring, slimmer, boring I mean it's a bit like AIDS is incredibly boring. We all know where this is going and watching he had tried to spin it into a frenzy as set out my shower minutes. It's it's like trying to watch the media spin people up for female goes busters right away. Guys guaranteed. This is the greatest movie. If you don't love the movie it just because you hate women and because our member of tat sick vandams. Now all of Amerika is toxic vandam when it comes to impeachment, because you can pull people on what they think, but I will give you an opinion on anything at all them on random? If you ask them if they like the color blue and they will get
opinion. That does not mean they spend every waking moment consumed with the question of whether blue is a nice coloured whereby generating things ain't hellerman I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend. You call me go ahead, you with might with genders blooming colors by name, but the fact that it is the fact that there are so many when the media, who just over the moon about ass, though something new, is going to come from. It is ridiculous, not that said it's like everybody, blue this thing ever as for our usual arrangement than american politics, every its deep, it's not house of cards everybody's an idiot. So, on the one hand, you have the Democrats who put foreign impeachment without any witnesses that actually testify what would be the imperial offence it put forward impeachment offences that don't include criminal offences. Roach would be the first time in american history. They have like no criminal offences whatsoever. Alleged now be kind of a new one. They do only limited leisure born. There lay a warehouse second to Bilbil, couldn't building the that the crime there was perjury. It wasn't sex with an interest Was perjury allowed even recently, all he had a little bit of fun. This is waywardness. Perjury is an actual crime which of
To sum up, I think that you actually talked about. I want to touch on this so that it might be a problem as far as Bolton. If a bold and comes to testify or fees force, a testifying Donald Trump, that there could be a risk of committing perjury at that point right, you never trumps, testify under any circumstance secured from somewhere in between them up in the basement. You put on pornography and you say: never ex gay there. There's! No way our european debates, everyone- what did you which seven before this, even watching seven I cannot tell you whether it was like phonographic version of saw by it. Yeah. You want from house of cards, and this I think you have Kevin spacey on the brain, the seven that's the seven degrees I mean I can take. It certainly hope not, but in any case that are going to happen on the brain that we're not gonna go there in any case the the problem here for Democrats, of course rush. This thing didn't bother to wait for the witnesses they didn't bother to go through the entire process, and then they get to the Senate and the Republicans him a very in case for saying, ok Your work for you right, you guys didn't, go
Mrs you didn't wake, you didn't do any of the stuff, so we're not acquire witnesses, worry we're just gonna Look away gave us and what does he know and then that's gonna be end of this, and then president from decides that he has his own best defense attorney, and this is the biggest pro The reason from can't get a good defence attorney is because what good defence turning. In their right mind would defend this client. It's late, as it s, an attorney their first rule to your call you get them into a museum shut up shop, shot. It didn't just be quiet beyond trump has he will not do that. Instead is constantly blowing up his own defence. In this in the best possible defence for Trump from the beginning was yes, I said to the Ukraine? that unless they did a series of investigation surrounding twenty. Sixteen about which I have concerns as it, some justified, some, not so justified, but I have then I want always investigate in return for the aid, and that's that read this unimpeachable. You may not like it may not like my judging you may think, I'm buying into Rudy conspiracy theories, but nothing to do with getting Joe Biden out for twenty twenty or anything rights there.
I'm here novice crap about what's going on Ukraine, and I want all the investigative many get money, Ryan is if you'd said that we're done because then John Bonham comes forward. New says right, you not from told me. He told me one condition: military aid and obvious investigation and from his like right so and then we will have to call. Lucas Bottle, isn't anything out of the story. Instead, what from does is, can bones alliance? Is it damn it? I will refer that Trump actually did that, considering that the money was delivered before you know the deadline, and maybe there are there In addition, the military condition the military aid on some of investigations fairly certain that he did that I mean he he hinted. In the end, twenty vote in the joy twenty five phone, quite as an explicitly say in the July twenty fifth uncle- he did there's multiple we'll testifying at this point that he has told people who have told them at the today a conditional autumn is now saying overtly, but this is the case. Has provided no other explanation as to why the military aid was was held up in the world. Ways like normally, if you're going to give another excellent. That is why the military aid was held up. You should have
We just say it: Ryan and it doesnt any, doesn't hold for him to say. Well, you know we know pair fair. We pay too much of their ukrainian military burn. That's been true for years right. What I can't do anything they have been in the timeline. I think, like you do, linear, though, between unimpeachable offences in actual crimes versus rubbing, you may not like. I think it's also the linear, as you said, John Donald Trump shoots from the hip, there's a difference between a conversation with you. Frida. Look. It did at dead at Biden. Kid Bcg doesn't speak. You created here's the experience of oil gas, this debt lubrication there's a difference between that and officially withholding fond, and particularly if it were passed, deadline and agreed upon deadline. That would be more of a. I do think we dont yet whether it was anything official, just him talking and I think that's kind of risk. What you said the waters are money view, but do you think there is a risk that do you think that some value in down from not following the play? What kind of like what the election? Because there is a court opposite court of law, is a quart of public opinion and regard let's say his name, is- is cleared. You haven't done anything wrong, as you verbs looter too,
It doesn't matter if the public, like Donald Don Lemon all these people have been tarring his name forever. So there is some value there to fighting back in the sphere of public opinion. Likewise, he hears a thing I think about meaning. I think that as it as you know, playing defence attorney for Chrome, what you want is for him to make a case. Factually based indefensible in the region, actually based as well as defensible and not just sort of defensible been Actually, this is because now open the door to all this testimony right. You ve now created the situation where, what's let's be real added value, begins. Don't just need from to win in twenty twenty. They need to retain the Senate writer bunch of it in purple states what is bad for those indoors and purple sates if it looks as though there was a very material witness, and then they were complicit in acting those witnesses and then this thing forward ripe. We they quitted the singles forward. Two weeks before the election you get, a bunch of people are out there saying
withheld here's, my new bombshell material drop, so we can have for the election and that pseudo bombshell, which really is in a bomb, shall, but that the media will play that way that hurts trumpet. You actually want to get the decks clear as in any way that we know look at least Rick Wilson going to release a book, or some of it will be a few though the farm shells memento. Why that that's what you want, but, but what you dont want is to be the person who was caught out saying I I explicitly set. I dont want these people, testifying than that exact person comes out two weeks before the election and then says Ray. I wanted testify the Republican stop me, and now the senders and trouble is eating for tromp right. This is for a lot of the senators you no one but the senators in a position where they have to defend why they were covering four trump when honest he's. Gonna get acquitted anyway. Railway you'd, like he will be able to say. Wasn't you has one wanted we gave you both autumn came in, he said, he's there wasn't a pitiable. We moved to a great and historic right. Does that to me that is a smarter strategy. You want to give you while ground to fight for short, again, listen, I'm not seeing trunk can defend himself. I'm saying that
I'll, try so far in this investigation has suggested. We didn't know, left partners and then we're partners drops to table. He explicitly talking about Marie Ivanovitch right trumpet suggested that the perfect phone call to place it is a perfect phone call by any stretch of the imagination yeah, but let any link like him saying perfect. That's Donald Trump like it was a good food quality. It is mine, it was a good for it was perfect. From causing for fertile doesn't fit for people who are the dates when an abode for him anyway. None of this makes any difference right and people who hate him. It makes no difference right, but Seven people, horror in between the fact, as you want easier, not harder to defend you. The goal here etc. Or when it comes to elections, there's two goals what to make it nearly impossible. Hold for the other guy which, from his great at and the other, is make it really easy for people to support you, Ray and from is not a great at making it very easy for people to support him. He makes it easy for people to support him to love him, but he does you're, really easy or on the fence, is important. I agree that we agree with you on that front me. It's amazing people are undecided now, but I do think policy wise, and this is what we were talking about, loaded behind the scenes and, similarly sudden, on this
policy wise there no choice for consumers, like I see people who are employed in the never from camp. But what bothers me is its predicate on this idea that, because of my conservative principles from a long time, I see people coming on seeing eye both for the DMZ, I'm all. Second. Well, that's insane! I didn't know you had lain saint right, I'm somebody would involve a trumpet twenty. Sixteen is patently insane suggested this point they given, Policy Record Yang, given what the Democrats are putting up on the other side they may be, for a democratic nor to uphold the merits of the constitution, or some such nuns right here and now today, but their coordination would overthrow the first amendment yes, but are quite a few people who are in that case. And I think there are like five them on other looking to revive them to having a being, I think there is wildly overblown. I think that that is, I think it's a bugaboo and a lot of people in teams. Like to use a sort of the whipping boy for this for this particular election. It from here, the election? It's not gonna, be because seven people, including Rick Wilson, were like He ran and add about from aids
if he was too Bernie Sanders like wrangling anybody's arena where these Andrew, I don't think I realise that you are you're doing the recoil face without do if you are manifested any results it lay honestly like who is that since twenty four requisite. It's the people who watched CNN and MSNBC rhyming those where people work, who are paying salaries Data French Stuart would like em. Maybe I value from third rapture misleading like this? I think that work also makes a lot of sand like Wrench, Stuart you're still around. While now I've met Rick Wilson's fan like I just think that led the question. Forty there's got to be an increasingly is gonna, be if you, if you whose is to somebody like Bernie Sanders. I dont know how a pin, on the other. Seven, never Trumpery won't like true, never from Paris. Where laughed like. That's gonNA,
Bernie Sanders email. I fatalism responsibilities, because these people get so much airtime like we saw with diamond right, so maybe a very small continually, but listen. I only alien absolves them of responsibility for making dumb points in marking. People ridiculously in making fools of themselves mainly always bear responsibility for what you say. No, I don't need them, but I think it does. I think something that is important, like you said what you said here his base going to vote from anyway, but for people who are undecided, people who may be somewhat republican or maybe moderate and not necessarily be political hobbyists is, as you are, and, to a lesser degree myself, you know, impeachment is what the Democrats want that a really really loaded words. So I got in say that, and so I do think that, since we're pass that point, that's kind of a bridge too far I understand we think strategically. There need to be some some calculated decisions, but it There's some value here in in burning this thing down, since impeachment already happened, that's what they wanted. That was really the only goal here and there treading water. I do think there's value at some point.
Giving another inch. I don't know the best, and I hear that argument. I really do I'm not I'm not saying that it's completely foolish argument, I'm not ripping into it in saying like everybody he's doing, I know anyway, I'm gonna, I'm just saying that I think there's a we good strategic argument for allowing senators to at least creed the defensive shield for themselves sure in case one of these witnesses comes for later and they say. Ok, why didn't vote to ban the witness right? I said that the winners catastrophe they testified and we heard it had to say, and that's all off the dac right at me. Now now the Democrats organisation going to say there's nothing new to break on impeachment in the same way that there are a lot. Bill urging Trump just firewall or I could get rid of because we know what this is to set up. The Democrats want you they want after you, and I was saying the whole time just let it go forward. The way to the investigation will get to the end. There's not going to go out there and then trouble be able to claim vindication. That's what happened What I'm saying here is that you do to do that or the next couple of weeks, and it would be too seriously, just nuke the thing and then right too, from the election new information arises. I was after Mahler
What new information originally right? We let you do the whole thing you spent years doing it millions of dollars. You didn't come up with what you wanted and areas pissed about it better to do that. Appears obstructionist, because that does have a right now, something like seventy percent of american city. One further witnesses again. Is that mean their passionate about in their desperate for no, but doesn't mean that if you are a senator alike, and we all the Lex using Collins, but we would like to retain a Republican, that's a short if you're a senator likes using college and running a very narrow rice in honestly, like calling the witness to to make sure that we retain a republican majority in the Senate seems like not at their mighty intimate, yes, and I would agree with you on all those fronts, except for the fact that we are still talking about a general american public who action. I believe, my God Christine Glossy Forts claims, because the media moves on so they would have claimed the investigation wartime. Mahler a victory. Men moved on something that no one knows this is written. Most people have no idea that half of the cabinet, You just just recanted that, maybe just moves on, and I do think that that is something to take into account. Is this unholy amalgamate of media?
indeed that we have been dealt with before. Of course, I agree. I agree with all that. I just I don't love the logic that, since every socks, it's not our hands anyway, so you get or get bench apparel hold that thought daily, wired, dot com. We are about to go over time. We have been Shapiro on hold for those who want to see the rest of the interview. I think I'm going to talk. Oscars more with Ben got a lot of colored outcome, Slash Mug club, you can watch the full interview full show at blaze. Tv will be right back after this side, then looking up, I noticed black guy
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Snazzy, clothing and swaying divided louder with grotto shop. Dont, go like this new signature, baseball de la these ranger panties and, of course, the holy GRAIL itself, Mug club, that's and Sicily,.
There was called the revisiting the Gregg Lou Ghana stance, volume, that's our remember goodbye way ahead of you of Ben Shapiro. You only know this because you watch the show India is one hundred percent. Why aren't you that your your niece of of of of study was not gay divers who filled Olympic with AIDS and credible for people no regular gives you the diver. You try that were you dive off by the way, what makes an interview had been Shapiro cases where non Muslim and you cannot swim. Ok, let me ask you a real question. Swam Catalonia really think we're Jochen about that. Even legal raises you're dead. Obviously, look strange looks far more black than you do. And any other relatives who are who are wonderfully what's a swimming. Do the debate. They learn to swim later. I have a couple that cannot swim at all, really yeah. So now I don't know why? Yes, eleven, I guess the cultural thing might that actually doesn't like water at all. Really he doesn't like any of us to be around waters is like a fear of some reason. Why moves like a deep seated,
learning, so much of your father is afraid of water near relatives who do not swim. That is exceeded this the cultural thing audio Do you know any one in your direct family who is not capable swimming grown adult now? now would be a rare. I know there is already a syringe like if there be someone at a pool party room, let's say two barbecue and theirs is run like a like. Oh no, that's that's add he can't these twenty eight against women. Which it my brother I adopted. Brother he's he's black. We took on a canoe trip and he had Like the waiter on everything, and then I'm not I'm not here, ok one minute off of push off of this decide. They fly. The burden, his aching panicking, unite us. We're like stand up stand up, so you know anybody who stands up for a while. I do what the story before where it is not certain death tipping over kayaking, in recent years? An omen. I've known he was up. You get out,
just what I was an open pace canoes. So it's just you know you just needed someone at each of these are injured. These are interesting things which must be colorblind. Are we supposed to be swim back? Swim, disabled, blind, I mean it sticks out to us and by the way it, also sets out to us that young black it far faster than you like it. They were deep when I was at the bottom of the local mall evolution Sinclair Shores. We lived in Michigan and I'd, be walking about two and a half with this monotony kids, we take me out and they be thanking me and that we should and driving and parents, because our kid retorted Now- and this is why I was not nearly as physically coordinated, but they still where flurries. I would even say that's my point. There is a liar budget and no one is better progress. We just have different strengths. I'm a pretty gets worse
Let lest you think that point, one percent sub saharan african from my twenty three in me- might me a challenge? It is not I break down the racial barriers, all right, so you wanna talk when we talk about this earlier and I sent out this tweet about you, don't buy a new car ever insidious. Really upset about it and we will treat me banks it well. I bought who cards its way, less maintenance and better mileage come on you by a used fiesta? right, you don't need to get a new prayers, were two giant non recyclable batteries, but I do conversation recently with someone who is a friend of mine who has had some trouble with that not trouble but hasn't been super responsible finances, and I talk to them about the idea of buying new car versus used car? He had purchased a new car own explained to him. The depreciation and I explained to him why it's not a good investment. My car actually is not an investment at all to depreciating ass it he actually sentence that wow. I can't believe that I didn't
no this, and it was very helpful for him, and this is something that I want to get to all of us have an area that thing I'm an expert and finance and all, but this was just imparting some wisdom that no one ever even attempted to with someone like this, I think a lot they're probably know that allege that you shouldn't be buying new card depreciate, thirty percent. When you build a lot, but a lot of the time we have. We have this knowledge that we keep to it. Cells, and we may not even realise that we are doing there there is there, a multitude of, is that we can help those around us directly things. Super important for people to think about, because, as conservatives small government for enterprises, we dont want the government coming in solving their problems. That means that we need to take more personal response. Billy and be more compassionate, be more helpful to those. This is something that I have learned. Being around some of the best in their field. Amish and even whether you like them or not, but we ve had your saint pierre. That Daniel form has been the show multiple times, TAT S Brain Shaw, five times world's strongest meant the best
Thomas all the best. As far as writing, thing that I have noticed with people who are very good at something accomplished: people typically always but accomplished people help other people accomplish. In other words, when I talk with these people are fair and I say Manhattan: how do you do that or how do you, low single when I start with one of the finest I'll show you they excited at teaching people something at helping somebody, learn to. How do you learn to do research that we all? Let me show you how I do it. It's actually a process, that's pretty simple, I've run into this consistently people who are accomplished. Not only willing but often enthusiastic about in looking for people to request their assistance in accomplishing accomplished. People help people accomplish in- and I say this also in the general sense- I don't just mean someone is accomplished. We have professional athletes or Paul Sir winners here on the show. How do you mean
in the general sense. If you are accomplished in any area, it is our duty to share it. I dont mean being no it all, but If you know that you could help someone with some advice, if you could help them with within with some gee! I don't know what it is if use. If you find something that you believe it gift that has improved your life The symbols that someone has improved your life and you know what improve the lies about It is your duty to share. It is your duty to impart wisdom, so people often wonder I get ashore question? Why do you talk about? I talk budget gelatinous, show or the film the edge have talked about a quite a bit more. Let me explain to you why not because its own that I know but with Brazil, India, Gypsies Evan doing for a long time. I started when I was when I learned it, I had spent years doing things that didn't work. I was boy. I've got my aspect as a kid I want karate schools in the council and problem a guy on the ball shot. Self defence dimension will that's. It doesn't work
Then, when I learned basic Judy, which is what I started with a communist romanian instructor, was great. It was a great great competitor, but we just avoided talking about the Eastern Bloc what I learned from him, I applied it and it worked right away and the reason I talk about this quite a bit is because I remember that experience where I went. What what? What? What is this this time? Why doesn't? Everybody know this. I went down to the Meda martial arts, where some guy at the community center called it. I could die Jude Pseudo, so Give yourself a nice degree, black belt, my wasted money in years of my life in there's. This is so simple. I learned it in six months and it works why everybody knows this, why isn't Anybody aware of the bull, that's out there! That's why talk about Because it was a revelation for me and I think it would I would doing you a disservice to not talk about the same thing with my favorite film, I talked about this court of the edge Kay
Now here's the deal with the edge Anthony Hopkins out Baldwin, fantastic from you, shot audio wait like that. You ve seen a quarter bucket. I've seen you have seen it. Ok, did you like it Now, I'm not saying it's. The best Filmore needs me. If I'm not saying it's citizen, Kate, but citizen, Kane, it's, like, I said, Kate, low, King Gade member that from chubby ring the aliens measuring how big name that movie line- and you get a free teacher, I'm not so, citizen Kane, and I even saying that is trying to town which has a better filming godfather again I say that, because everyone loves to praise godfather, I think it will help you from you to make you aware of which film was better, but I do tell people this. When people ask why I'm so enthusiastic about the go watch, the edge by David Mandate is also a concern wasn't the time when he wrote it I'd from one portion of green screening that film and I was because they use an actual bare and shouted pragmatically, but there is one thing that was pretty difficult do so there's one scene we're! Ok, I grant you. It looks a little bit chauncey. You can see the greens but outside of that The comments on that
Finally, one fault with that film. Not the film that I would say on paper. Oh my gosh, it is a technical wonder, but it is so good and nobody talks about it. That's why I talk about it either. When I bought the dvd wasn't a bargain been. I was in Toronto with my Father on a business trip. We had seem chicken run at the movie theater and then Are the engine of bargain been for four? Ninety nine budgets, pretty good. I saw that with your mom. He knew there like Anthony Hopkins, was ok I'll by putting a puppet and actually might have an average aspect and profit and watched it and want it. Thyssen, why isn't everybody talking about this film What do you need me? Buddy knows it's such a good fillin, nobody listed in the recommendations and if you know anyone who seen the film when you asked me about the only that wasn't the moon, the same principle here applies to how all of us have something that may not be the edge it may not be pursued.
The two, but something that has dramatically improved our lives. Now I've taught myself. Of course, Christ got my faith family. That's why but it that's why Christians often blamed for four proselytizing Christians are like people who are religious, does not one there preachy here's the thing their sharing it because it's prove their life immeasurably more than any other decision that they ve made. You may not we would. Then you may not find yourself being a person of faith, but I, understand how we can blame people for that. Even if someone wants to convert me too, I dont know what it is Jehovah's witnesses. It could be a more modest it could be Scientology. Afghan people come on and do that and guess what I appreciate it, because they feel that its improved their life and that I can be the judge as to whether or not that's accurate. Now one thing when I, when I tell you this, I am not talking about going out there. What I'm saying, sharing and impart wisdom talking about being judged. I'm not talking about telling everybody what their. What
doing wrong and looking for an opportunity to scold, because there some people like that it had them in my Bible study and I immediately get them out. Even though I don't run the Bible study. They're, usually quite passed, but again. This is why people share their faces I talk about judges. Who was a white talk about sums like the engine? Isn't what I want you to do? I want you to think about what it is. That is improved your life wherever you are right now, take a minute. Think about it. About something that maybe you should think of. As this, I guess open secret for lack of a better word take a second part if you have to, if your listing on audio congratulations, you are a miracle, because if one mostly watches is on you too, but I hope your pausing and listening if you're in your car keep your eyes on the road whatever it is for you by the way. I want to see your comment come. Let me know what it is. What is improve your life so dramatically so monumentally that its altered. The course of who you are and it's something that a lot of people don't know about, or maybe
something that somebody you know. Who's in your personal circle of friends doesn't know about like Somebody buying a new car one. There there strained for cash. What is I think about it? What is it your life. What do you know that somebody in your life does not know? How can you help? one. What is your secret? your Rushmore MAX, then it's your duty to share this week go out share it with at least three people! This is how we start the fix to student loans, to fatherless households, to the economic problem that we face in this country division. It all starts with helping folks that you know if you know something, and it can help people. It is your responsibility to share it. Let me know how it works out. I want to see, bunch of going to come of such a right I'll, see you next week, but not Thursday. On Sunday February night, the asker lives.
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