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#625 ANTI-OSCARS PARTY! | Louder with Crowder by Louder With Crowder

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oh boy that we are going to. Let me that could quickly get where actually how it cut out. Our right? Well, I have no idea welcome to the third or fourth third. Third, I think there are more than anyone else is vital if you're tuning and right now the promo code is crowded Oscars and you get I will twenty dollars off at mug, clever enough enjoying month of entering the promo code, credit Oscar Sweats, both the hashtag promo code. Tonight we have. I believe we have when we haven't sure we have given in the Oscars in the Irish Sea with India, Clayton Bobo? We have razor freest. Oh, you must love this first name razor. We have Clint our National United things specially since it's late night after their into what the over under a naked Clint Howard. I know we have had a reactor you'd have to edit subpoena, not long called us, and we have heard about parities here. What's up me and you are all the whole control remarked the film cats.
And you are all parliamentary dimension in case you get taken down, which has happened yes last year and I believe the year before you can go to blaze, tv and watch it which came from a document to this one. Anyone we will What about which we know is my main camera realise everything on different. Is this one regularity, pointing Europe utter? These classes is very difficult to see him. She law blaze, tv in case we get removed, which is a distinct possibility, is accurate. A way to keep Mattie she's disgusting, even cuter in the cat got eyes spit and throw up on your grave Gerald. O barefoot is the way to the day. Thank you not unlike the Oscars pie and protests. We also, picture sequels, we have some much does some merchandise and that we have to have emerged and ice exclusive from some of these Asker nominated film Attica, this industry and its all merchandising. Yet the money horse. Irish brought again is right next to me, which anymore, because it leads to tonight's drill.
Game by the way left rules, you have to take a drink every time someone mentions Trump diversity, wiper climate change racism, feminism or end. Subsidiary therein. I believe we have all the other day. We go words, literal star Wars Intra, I didn't really is an undertone clout there. He got up and running we so you are. I am too Pope's one cup, so senior posts That's all right about that move that might we can see if we can see rising, spends gonna see that every time we have a german right now and then a year old, nay, is waiting. The auditors down the Oscar statue, your non gm, I'm wearing something tighter than I should everywhere. Just put it this way, because we ve just been awaits inflation
It is like thing hated invention, Puros closet, a bench of your Google Yahoo, annual, lousy Brody there's. No. I can't hear you also nice adventure. Beer already go wrong row. Hey! I heard you the first I'll be all right. I will make sure we have seven seven plus one seventh of one way. Celebrities are fighting climate change. That's good this evening. So all Rhine seek rest assured Oh that's rough when it starts off that she is taller than that. That is not a good look he's looking for a box, even though I should really like right now, because I think is precarious jobs so really quickly before they start because, of course, will want to get too commentary here. We want to ensure that a substantive we ve all seen, I believe, Ray Oscars film excellent. I haven't seen little women and I could make it all the way through marriage story, your favorite in April, is what you want to win Gerald Joker, I think, is both for me. It's my favorite to internet you're, an idiot and audio way. I like children, in nineteen seventeen. Those are my there's my talk.
Seventeen and once upon a time in Hollywood, we knew Giorgio rabbit, but that I want to end marriage story, probably one you think you know what I'm going to go with. Marriage story might win and although they also want to do this with the industry and Netflix, that's kind of a dynamic that we think landings, and I really would like once upon a time in Hollywood to win. I, like Joe Joe Rabbit quite a bit, I preferred hunt for the world. The same directly to Russia. I did like Georgia rabbit. I would like to see if jovial rabbit or once upon a time once upon a time in Hollywood, wins I will be happy. There will be justice after that fish in that was a good man outlining another, our aid and, as Mr Liese, the reality is that it was not easy. I wish he was also a fish. No Should I was actually with Johnny Boy in LOS Angeles, at one point in part, we might have to bleat where we don't have. Host. I swear to you said that we had a couple of beers. They had never watch the movie all the way through an exact what if you have children, we're not gonna be swimming night, but this is exactly what happened. Ideas but was watching it for about thirty,
and I realize what it wasn't I turned to John you take uncharted. Has you really want a partner? they were actors multiple. Secondly, he's ok, the answers intra. Let's see, why are the offenders on their again enters the trail, how etc the guiding stranger things. Good yeah. You know we have a few by what we do have some correspond to site. Would you actually like correspondent from the STAR Wars Party, very STAR wars, Outskirts party, and we also have the opportunity dialect correspondent who is in reality even try to develop GINO Dialect, because our view is received some criticism? made from the irish matches like yeah. It's been a little bit, but a little bit rough lazy almost under. And film. I would say this year by the way, probably Sidney, runs a marathon pretty runs a marathon dragged across concrete for those who aren't mug club member did a whole episode on this on Ash Wednesday, but pretty runs a marathon. If you watch that film, it's basically a film, fat angry feminist who gets a crap together and runs,
What I find out that she's happier she has more self respect and the friends who were basically patronising. Her didn't have respect for her. She makes new friends who encourage Brittany runs. A marathon is a film made by some who probably isn't a conservative but their conservative, and they know it yes, Alonso so you're looking for meaning in films. Not necessarily something. That is why, at this event, in order better to find it accidentally by really really furthermore, surprisingly, good drank across concrete, of course, we know that filmmakers more conservative, that when my most underrated film two years ago, it was broad and sell blog. Ninety nine it was as if this guy is a conservative, filmmaker, doesn't realize it and now we're getting it and, of course, I ll never get above fifty and one to me ever known, never again, which I agree with that. Without one. We're, not famous accordant. I think that's me your James, more light thing way. There's was another fat, black lesbos live or not is mixing up the name. You cannot be reinstated, livening, who knows
mostly never two thirds is not the right thing. Irishman sought! I think a lot to do here, but I did get a little bit long. It obvious that big, I certainly think it's better than a lot of score says he found a lot of allowing a sacrilege, my favorites presumed departed, and I thought the Irishman. What is up there with his recent work? What we talked about this with Joker you guys that it didn't need to be made, are going to feel the same way about the human right that it there wasn't. It didn't really do a lot for me like that stories been told before to some degree from some angle rise opposed to the story of the Joker Right Jack Nicholas. I don't who is a crappy James Cagney, that guy was in thirty seconds to Jared later our generosity that Jack exactly in ledger and then, who is the old guy in the original Batman, with the mexican name you don't remember, Romero era is that's right or fees are America, so you think that that being said, no I think that play right. John Malkovich knows
I'm going to headlines, but even so that more deeply offer his tagline was fight power and the rich? Now Such we really pops out the industrial revolution. It is imperative that we, that is Jimmy Hoffa, domain, as opposed to opportunities which a thing have a colony like dog day after we gotta be pissed. You now get one the most over interact. Alternate theory like I would take Liz. Oh before I would go see Elizabeth Film
an opportunity with really that's. What do we think is a stand out performance from this year. There is sometimes a mail them. The Oscar, ok and again, the Roma code is crowded Oscars on the costume contest Africa, sending your costumes to add s crowd or, as you watch, this lively will pick a winner and send you a bunch of frameworks. What is it they get tee surety dna scraping Roma to cute matter. You ve got some early entry into the kroner us really early city. Some college arrives Lily. What that that's Gerald see that's gonna say JANET stalwarts doesn't in star wars and just a hotbed, ok, sweetheart, don't trust us
a hobbit unless you are a midget by the way that makes it really starting. The Joker took me out the whole. Really, I'm not really good. You don't like that. Like what you mean, you don't have to say we are we gonna get onto, isn't that what the hell they sound like when you kill them. I think that what is this? The intra community interest shoot sure we'll get regular customers want. Button is apple, move on now. That's the black There's another one that I set out of it this body away. That's gonna be rough on your ears little flat. Yes, I suppose we could send out of breath. I don't think she can get the thing. One
that look like Tom Hanks was trying to decipher transgender a guy. I think that's a bout. She's, no Billy Crystal Rice, Tom Hanks, wife Green always looks very elegant, guys need why succeeded and she Tremendous work in general, all the well yes, but our underrated performance, real she's. No, but you know she plays a cards right gains above me, you just messed up my hair, lady. Oh that's right! There's no tonight, yes or no host. We have that tweet from where future based we bring than other notifying reduce. What? Let's see that from Ricky Jervis. She said if he was ass. If you were Hosni, Asters would be as first best yoga I can't wait to hear you inspirational speeches about equality, that what is it
credit is realising its not as only time badly paid migrant have staff we'll get some time off to sleep this week, rough alone, I love. I wish he was there to actually delivery. I should have been there saying more. Let's see this case, we are doing we spent over this? Isn't my just out of touch genoa. There are multiple, Joker now you'll be for not knowing what Jean Monet now out of the way. I bet. She's gonna flip it up with her foot, You don't worry, move there. It's all wars of jokers Second, this can't be right that has great wanted six, fifty five and were well past. That website its floating all well again will make them. We would you like to break with the break now I dont want to break. This is really exist skirt level there is cringe. Now. Is that
report. No, no! It's not here that we say that would really present or somethin. Will you just want anybody, we waited Janni Fox. Did you see him now and by the way, interview room? All yeah Recall it sets a rag. Weena republic drag queen too, We haven't you know, and you can see Jimmy found, go agus bono. Was met rolodex nice, I'm not gonna, be an inside addition, united around our ears but from telling you that doesn't really offended cheapen community timing for directly now she did let it never be send women aren't funny to me. That's the deal with some rare hat. Do you think they had to find a blocked from bonuses and in saxophone is how hard it having organised, move right way through the Kennedy Look alike. No, no David avocado look back to your neutral commercial. Yes, you are just
not applying uniform, bow jazz year. I re materialise they are over compensating a little bit to this entire rural than white people, it's a little minstrelsy. Yes, it is the way again blaze the blaze, much but actually swimming lived there for free yesterday they don't give a damn thing can react earlier. It's actually available for those who are not even magua members and if the blaze Flash mug club here we have you know you're on everyone would then take down. There was that we say I've no eyes only. I have no idea, but everyone else out there always of course have this on. Your television is wealth kind of you to watch a long because people can at that can really knows not my camera, because you know there's a good chance we could take, and I should met mentioned by the way, have asian water Richmond did in fact reach out to direct contact that count
Youtube and let them know that you're doing this tonight that we had been unfairly taken down several years in a row and that we ve always one then one has gone into any kind of legal battle and consider necessarily arbitration at that point to their copyright system right. So we let you you know we should be. We should be fine words, the precautions, but you know you So it's gonna like don't start some more Benin and kind of thing right, outta, the creative camera angle. Oh, I really liked They brought a director photography, didn't it makes me feel like I'm watching a film. I just hope you, when the Emmy for both television job, ok so step you know hosting. Stand out hosting warm, and there are some years ago we stand up performances for oscars real around. We just think just mail me Oscars for me. In my lifetime the been a couple: Cuba getting Junior Jerry, Maguire, nobody in the warrior, but you didn't get it because crisper plumber played a guy and then as much as a matter of huge fan, MO apostrophe, meek impressions. The film she was on the level of watches you think are male her. The asker. Can anyone think of it?
this year. That was that deserving of the Oscar There was an already nominate. I would not know that is nominated idle people hated the movie, but I gotta go that I'm Dr Remarriage story, where you get enough of this reason alone and I think ass do if you, if you know I known as actually gone through it, because if you get divorced system, is so games against the guy. You never see the guy's point of view and divorce movie. That's good, and the way and then the weighty plated, including meltdown Roger. What gray drive We'll go back to it. I wanna hear the opening speech. If there is a speech is no host how these illegal ones will there be in your speech, that's an airing razor stigma I get precisely my work. Do always touring the peninsular right now why people
I ended. Zadig back, I you said you weren't gonna cost absurd. Let's just rock the night you eating Prs Rock we make in some not a mere mozilla and rebuilding saw only urban daisy. I need another. Madagascar have a real, I'm a little drunk you baby. What, then, drag her out shale. Why she there is, or are they retroactively? Finally, recognising cut Throat island, we oppose
He asked Molly Harlan is always passed by earth. Girls are easing anymore. Why is pretty much earlier? That's funny weakness. Embarrassingly a couple of years ago there was a big disaster. The Martin said Twitter right over his ball, but they guarantee that this will not happen this year because the account we switch to the new I will caucus out at all. They got was a little candleton because, as you know, political political joke, we don't have to drink conflicts, no clubs and the first political judgment, trumped yoke was gone for that Brad Pitt
look, you get a mere. Isn't this like having a host very much are getting home because he's a good guy he's gonna hurt. You know what that means furthermore, the dream with a drink wherever Dingley two important thing, we need a dinner, otherwise Ben Kingsley he's an all out. They get the man, it's the Mandarin, just bad too soon to dying inside. The comedy, somewhat bared story. There was examining cowboy.
You're gonna get him bribery, simply a decent guy marine. Now I like getting my packages on time They also Marty get familiar with these members. Somebody like could eventually point. Someone just said: Marty acting as was one, namely Madonna share and whose Mario Monti score says he. I call a Marty. Oh you're, a dick Reclose RE, Romano movie. My great supporting, obviously, did you see the job I've waited until the land, but already junker. That's pretty rough, a joke. I would make this guy. I thought there was something missing from the list. Would you yeah.
I'll do the thing everybody out. We have to drink again, use crash tag, crashed investment while hashtag crowded Oscars. I swear. I have not had any don't drink. Diego and sweetest coarser costumes end. If you sign up for my club tonight, you come from a country that was off. We want to see it from you and let us know if you are thinking the vertebral column poisoning, because He started off early, I'm just gonna say early and often you know you don't the whole that put the whole night we, like you, VE, really have made era that today's he's doing like arrogant attitude like hey, do. Let me rehearse where these are good. People is that little peasant, like an unnecessarily in depth, sex life, they asked me? They know what they put me in a closet. I get any again gets way home again.
I just have to make our streets of girl, but can public at some point no longer well go back back and I didn't want to nine. There were no acting nominees. The break through this contract already of any ring, elegy varying warning benign, but they still at the shoe, ordered in their even their non polluting pains in nice. Not wanting the line they didn't have one. Now they have won by the way. What are they ve got? A lot of people don't know. That's the Oscars made black people set on the second balcony for a really someone's going to cloning that around said we were the ones you talked about racism when everyone else's whispered. It useful crap on renewing directly for Georgia to actively I waited when what is its representing last March award. Now the ILO Carcass app is up and running, and there is a horrible show. So What are its people claim. Is that the one who who is that it's from Jerry Maguire, as you know why Frontier Maguire she was used
We need to do some measure it by its box office, but actually, I think, she's pretty good data pickets Methusalem ingested, often entice with family as well as good or Seabury. That's a class, you dress, she looks great game. So many actors in supporting role? So here's the thing you can support around you can address sexually had not dress like us like a whole lot. Only where have you say more recently, loaning sure that I clarify here I mean someone who had sex with lots of people might leave for money, Don't have to press that what no right down to that is elegant and it still sexy by definition, she's, a pretty woman she's wearing it. Well, she does the work where she's on the right to wear that dress. She looks fantastic and I think that is a very good ensemble, comparable to what I've just together. You know just go to the clause and see if you have a funny have made a Brad Pitt has nominated Opie wins, supporting, I would have. I wasn't. I demanded tat- was pretty good,
you know it. Actually, I think we have. While we're doing this, we have our very own opportunity, dialogue. We were right to actually one of nominees fear. Well, actually, no wait. Let me see it out, but you know dominated our hearings on the screen right. After all, these are the screen. Oh the already there I can't see, right now that they are talking these talking it over. The correspondent We may know that economic, whereby you may know that is now an infinite, can reward offers portrayal. Jimmy Hoffa, like you, know the Irish, when we were to stop me, you may not know over the years he's actually procured the services of a dialect, real. I actually have israeli. We want the new, but he's you jumped to prepare for quite a few are also actually throughout the whole evening. What we with our outbid Chino Dialect course, and an even Brendan even Brendan. Are you there, sir? Thank you, Stephen
here we have a clip from early on in the movie. Is that Frank Frank is Jimmy off. Let's nature were glad to meet you too. So far as you can see, gangs are checking along nicely there. Ok, great bubbles, I can't let you later that actually, that's that was pretty good and along with a good start, but we have a very good up. That is a good start. Ok extreme right now get a distance morning integrating. Nor are not the oh brother were valid. To bring up the genome. Ok are called who do you think wins. I think they gave it to pursue rapidly. I hope pick up? My heart busy to point was pretty good and that article Tom Hanks score Good Morning on Acta and Mister Roger some who the leader of the jury, it does form it has in a supporting role. There we go. We go Tom Hanks a beautiful day,
ding genuine opening out. None of this is, she is announcing. We party, like the clips, say I will announce it and now they're really trying to stretch this out in an open and frank all that rigid Louis haven't seen as preparing for a method role. It goes from major getting money minutes on his narrow seas with toilet paper on bread. Pities is doing an excellent report that more and more as he gets older. Honestly, I really do I love these cared Alright, let's see cargoes too. Ok, so starting out starting off pretty well very happy, I'm happy with that, and it was a great movie. Removing I don't I don't love it as much as everyone else. I thought it was a lot I got an early, I thought was great I remember once content I would get yet or as the one before
I don't know. That's not a guy must, I believe so. Surely he was robbed with joy. Credible is that of the first Didn't really I'll see him sorry, so it was a dumb question. How can we be five seconds appear, I'm playing my part, which is forty five seconds more than Senate John boldness. We think. Maybe when does a movie about it in the end, they don't do the right thing. Dragging embodying only girl, yet another big John just run did all of the goodwill in this room. You Is it out shut up said of the film industry would be quick. Bring up a quote from anyone in Hollywood. About John Bolton before this last would also everyone bring up a quote from any these people on Mitt Romney. Before one of the really clear about this people and by the way we do not therefore be removed, you can go watch the blazed outcome, Flash Mucklucks, Mitt, Romney, vote.
I know right now. You think these people are your friends you wanting in with a cool club, like David French, with David French of Transport, David, French, really quivering other one, not the good hosting and Rick Wilson they're. Not your friends! Do let me ask you this, this question. Do you genuinely think that these people or the That's because I wanted to say must be wholesale. Hang on the same dinners, the multi media, entertainment, industrial, complex is one and the same of the Democratic party. Does anyone We believe that lets say Donald Trump. Peace in the Senate. Did it and might pens became present or what just remove my countrymen equation? Do you believe any other Republican. If they were to become president, would be treated more fairly than Donald Trump. Does anyone actually, that you wouldn't know, gonna pull it back. They did it. Thing with George W Bush that he was a Nazi. They did this
thing one Mitt Romney was running binders full of women, the ragged we had as his dog Canada on top of a car, which I will grant kind of weird, I don't know, maybe it's normal thing, I'm not one to judge their culture, but now these people act like well it's time to be Americans and find common ground you're, finding common ground with people who will abandon you discard you in paint you out to be the same evil Nazi, that they do Donald Trump appeasing crocodiles is fees I dont know why these people dont get it anyone you need understand. This isn't about Donald Trump right Now this is about any other republican from twenty twenty thereafter. They set the precedent. That is the first time an unimpeded. Like this has gone on for admitted now. I'm peaceable crime rate. There was no way. Just a maze that people in other John Bolton listen. I disagree with him, but he was an american hero. John Poland, listen. I disagree with my rounding policy, but he's a decent man, real, yes and language. Since when did you do that in the election campaign? And you calling him a Nazi, Rick Santorum, by the way who
you're, giving them or not. You would have to admit, probably the most risk, equitable family man? If you look into it ass with scandal, and instead you decided to absolutely destroy tar and further his reputation, his name. Anyone out there, who thinks that this is a Donald Trump problem is complete. The delusional- and I say this by the way- is someone I always make sure to stress, not because I cover. My own asked that I was not of transport in the primary reason. Why? Because I want you to know that was more wrong about that than anything in my life, in the sense that I didn't think you would go into one. There was no what you are going to win Michigan. I would were so wrong. I want to be clear about that. I admit I apologize for it and right now. People think that Donald Trump is a lightning rod. No, the dinner that's losing is the lightning, rather than after Barack Obama, that the tides returned the pension
shifted? None of them are children, have no apology and every brethren again, because politics and shifted in Morocco Mamma had shaken up the man. The this is a baby right now being put to sleep in its crib. Who is just even if the rows of no, I don't want to take a nap in its economic, a spoiled brat. It has nothing to do with the fact that President Donald Trump is the one bring them in their trip, ok now well, and I think too that what pisses them off the most is that their being punched back at. Finally, we don't write politician, just sitting back and kind of taking in saying- oh, don't be so mean to us and you guys are ringing- the system he's actually punching back now, sometimes doesn't away that. We don't like. I don't like what he says sometimes, but he's punching back and he needs to because these guys have no good plants or none whatsoever, That's just fine when they get up there and grant more than John Bruton got. Let me ask you this: would you people for John Bolton to get air time if it were anything other than each a dominant role in mind away anything ever approaching my pants you're, what exactly right after Donald Trappings hours, but here's the thing anybody can say something in a book in
We can say something in a book or you telling me they need to be able to go and testify at any level of government to be able, go and testify, and so we had done. I want to shellfish handler at the hearing. We have. No money, no doubt become backward. Roads is good it one thing: if we need to stop saying that Mitt Romney was the main principle, because at least politically He had never been a management. Now we hasn't he was Obama care what some people forget because, unlike well, he did at state level, and I understand that, but still on a state level. He actually was not conservative and really any way, shape or form, and I understand when he became pro life. Here's the thing it does make sense. Because he was always a mormon and the position of Women church has always been pro life right. Mormons are typically pro life, so it's not like you could say. Well, I had a moment of faith ran this my ahem moment his rash of Genius Mitt Romney just was likewise with the normal, how life and its principles- and I was a christian conservative- it out pro abortion and now that, because Why wasn't I wasn't anymore? Why didn't you know Tuesday? I was running profits and he was the Massachusetts. Morbid exotic district changed
Why are you now for Life Mandarin I took a pole. Is this report? We also know someone on this day. It right now is going to act as though they are supporter of John Bolton Brown or Mitt Romney. It is so unreal to me or that when I bet you they'll plain that tonight wasn't political than by return. They don't see that political when they decide to go up and take jobs at Donald Trump and Jan really at half of the voting population, because they're just right. Just the moral arbiters that gathers dissenters, a truce for paper act. We don't actually, let's go to the first commercial break really quickly because we do have a genuine coming up. After that again promo code is crowded Oscars and that's the hashtag as well get twenty dollars a month. If you join good Monday, sending your costumes to S crowded and we do have some exclusive there is, I believe, for his equals really send in right. Now this is the tribute will, do you no? Actually, this is already the license. They voted. I think its mere max who has it the sequel to the Irishman? What does a sequel
Irishman. We will have that right after this break coming up in a second dont be done through
be when you die, they want to move in a war going on community guidelines, dry or regular driving. Somalia is an election year, so you don't know the relevant cantons waterline asylum clause, we don't know anymore, bang, Bang, downplaying, gentlemen, see you on you too. Gonna surrounded by everyone is aware of their rights.
Tat. We re not only anybody Loya Jirga, gathers price, you gonna, get just box videos boxing's and make up the joy of training.
We need a surrender Zella. What's your private video with labour have answered guarantee a Europe where people forget that, for your consideration for best acted in a supporting role, Gilbert gods in twelve years Why,
you'll get it. What about your and we're going back and then brought against like let us is a good time area start speaking randomly. I was Lord remittances, animated short film, and let it we'll be said that there is enough diversity at the US. That actually was so. Let that be a less really. What was it was a story about a father, I've immediately long at interest, but rise up its tutorial, Cody crowd. It was the only a short films are really see. Are the ones that my brother sends me and the ones before Pixar Film,
I gotta pick trying volcano there really good, that's really nihilist for a little short film. We should submit some like. I think the saving private rain with matter getting her head blown off that would be fantastic submitted about now She was playing a man. Well, yeah! What did you think it was one of you, relax Peter PAN and Think Julia Andrews's PAM Julie, fountains, yeah, out to lunch, sir. What was her name Peter Maybe I just get right. Look what I got one and we have Jim Norton coming up really quickly. Animated movies are loved everywhere. Rat frozen So what about Uganda, like we don't know that quite everywhere, animated boom is that like when you dig a well now it's like Pixar the warlords, these dumb, there's no evil. Even a warlord name Pixar. We have a lot running a name. I don't let animated hold me that what we do have the poster
We're going to is equal to the Irishman is idle. However, I believe it just the Irishman to correct. There we go, and we have a film called Europe too, while that seen after so much pain or are they going to computer graphic to make those Arnold younger? They will yeah they will or that the robber Deniro kick by the way and see the Irishman, it uses the worst thing in that it was like bad for stage combat rub despiser. Oh yes, on the curb when he heard the guy at the bakery or whatever was so embarrassing authority, not have any one who could look at this and I call on us, but when I go back and check the gate was the main reside in the other with the movie, because my physical therapists have made the same point. You did where you can see them when they were younger, still moving his old, manageable among us it'll tuna hours of the shit. Now, let's go I want to stop this not of crap like if someone thing it is as a performance. This euro
Oh, what a second thrown it was frozen to. It thought I no longer frozen vm, but without climate climate change, the better, but of rose into ended That would do getting in the movie, where my nephew, for my sister rope on your says. Yes, Well, that's, not a part of the field. No, it wasn't. No that highlight how could we reference is unlikely for us to give you all. The best part of the film was what I I snuck in ever lasting gobs that I really feel I pulled one. Let us employment just did a kick out until the end layers ate. My gosh useless treaty could lead the story with by the way. This is something that none of you could
We have constant grantors. Winners are apparently to humanity and sign up tonight for my first one. I don't even know what that costume, of course in building a vague and me a Wallace up in and then we, striker driver. I don't know it's true, that, like Adam driver, no idea? No, Nobody has little cash job. What, then, is oh and we have we ever Paul Stanley of CARE, so that's the doktor trump music videos and then is that is at papers at Kurt Shilling. I can't see these Champagne, behold I'm gonna have to explain who your costume is supposed to be imposed on integrated guidelines, but instead let good lobby should obviously obvious. You did not win tonight, ward for you, you know What we do we know how we know that you wasn't closet, because I can tell you circumcised.
This is really the end up. Let all I really do I do it do let us to do what do I do it? Well, that's vibrating, on camera, to sit by the council that I want to point out that we want a budget for non vibrating. The hackers writing. I believe that I got this would use that we have or Gm Norton Lotta people dont know this, but I think it was who is a celebrity, went out most other fighting climate change this year. All of them, narrowing down. Please. Yes, all of them one of the conditions. I think that it Joker Guy we have tried in Vienna. Has what keynesian activities going on he's going. Vision, which is actually worth environment, but he also was before going is crippling shoulder surgery, oh that good, for I don't know how I'm gonna have a record. How will go somewhere luxury that weird Twitty does have that than is like his body looks like couldn't turn Tito's face.
Maybe maybe you know you earn the face that you deserve, because you're evil, the percentage of ADI, maybe he's performance, isn't that good than in Germany that just him later they morning, they were just having a backs. Bosnia, we have seven plus one or river, corresponded to us and is an ok either when we actually do have right now are seven plus one ways at celebrities are fighting crime saying that you may have heard this. Is this week, seven plus one provided you're, the seventh was one of honey. You always look. I got a right to show seven plus one way that celebrities are fighting climate change this year, number seven amber It is actually fighting climate change by switching to hemp Wrap look at dinner. Is what does it doesn't provide that third knuckles You know you two thousand, but it also makes a blood they darted five gas, natural fibre and although greets yeah, when your kid
the shit out of Johnny Depp. Yes, you think when it was being beaten up using IE like reverted to Jack Sparrow, absolutely searching. You can remember six their broad again. Ok, working Felix will fight climate change by vowing. The shower with another failure that just Tuesday I, like a man ass, he lifted number five, seven plus one ways celebrity, are fighting climate change. Your same Smith will actually climate change by reusing recycling, more Tom, Petty saw a lot of recycling. Is thou startlingly like petty, like something out of the James Bond song, yeah horrible Jenkins we want to live in their number. We therefore oh, this is one of my you. Let me right. If you have kids, the outer now get out now, if you hadn't already number four little first name.
His last names really a lot Liz XO participants, timid disease- Listen. I was going to fight climate change because we all know sustainable. Food is re. Writing farming, as a lot of people are moving away from giant agriculture. Moving agriculture, electrical, big agriculture, I'm sorry, I'm just turn about myself under debate, whether I still want to know what's going on with like climate change by actually, informing herself into a raw milk share so that I get a drink of water? All right. You know like number three, let's go to Gerald you guys, Xanadu, ok, Kobe Bryant will fight climate.
Bush up with them. I don't even know. How did you get that did you put in the troika is reared. We forced me to he for doing this now and then in the Czechs. What are you wouldn't be? What did he make it out to cash? I get is probably about silent again, We ve got our friend and the judge. What are you What did he make it out to cash? Are you having nobody's correctly about silent, I get numbering villain. Go along like this. I'm number two Lee producers actually will actually filmmaker. No bomb back, I'm not a vampire than we have at our disposal. My brother, he likes this going the way I watched my. What do you like this? This is just awful. It seems I mean you know what she's teaches a self important prick right, so noble architecture, producer and director creator of American or fight climate change by eleven? people are limiting the laughing The carbon footprint he's going to fight
we changed by eliminating plot points. Now, that's not quite all right. I've no climate, imaginative, climax change, is going to be fighting climate change, which really isn't a new endeavour for him. No, when you think about it, and you watches back catalogue, you just go earlier switch. This is kind of par for the course bombard rain, Bert Gordon the well we get it. We get in your life has no meaning hundred dear Joseph Lecture Pro and actually number one number one and always MO need will fight. Climate change by reducing her use of Apostrophe Varela, only reduce because it makes it unnecessary having good We will link, but if you use apostrophise as opposed to separate words that you're kind of reducing it, but I say when I use any I know so, don't we need a run, no rights. We we're not gonna, say monarch, no, no one!
We know that Mono one. Would you put an e in their good? Doesn't I urge you to reach all over and then a Yo Yo reaching over further for the advisory, and yet you get winded that co2 more unnecessary one little dark overtime by going over the plus one plus one. For this week this month, seven perform leonarda. Caprio is actually going to fight climate change by he's a big, then recycling, recycling, supermodel that has been left behind in the chamber. I know many people forget that one of the chamber- alright, let's turn into the Oscars here and see what they have to say, because this is not all that time. Keaton there's a Yahoo is this: is this bill and TED Free, there's no more buying their audio data, can hear anything. Gotta give remember me, there's a little mumbling
that's right. They will know you all know. You were that somebody's gotta give yeah yeah yeah. No, no, I mean, obviously mean either I mean that there is a lot of crying and their lights and laughing and crying, and what is that he had. Some really will mainly be frank. It leaves us with a new and chat. I would go down but anyway. So what is it that way? When are you like love script, because it what I mean? It's gotta watch laugh in Socrates rocket to me because I myself not yet not yet that's it. I mean they both drunk written. I just got away. It is its Alzheimer's. This is a great movement, has always been my surprise that Alzheimer's beast knives, attentive Brian John the biggest technologies for vessel writer. What does this mean? Oh no, just
green tourism, as original screenplay I haven't seen knives out, but I've heard good is very underrated things written by no garbage. How is that great writing? garbage man. I don't understand I marriage nor you'd. You made it always through audio. Was it worth the pay off? You know Wasn't we offer the algae? I have nothing else to say I didn't make a marriage story and I didn't make through parasite here we go I love this this than I wasn't a cute. I think it was ok. I just don't think it was great loved pleasant it just like one giant camera trick with that's all thing that you know and when, when you allow for that gimmick, I will say a lot like the view that the lack of establishment of characters are backs. This kind of forgive about clean, but I just don't think it's great. This was and tat things. I want to knock one guarantee, no family, I dont like politics and I cannot watch any of the kill bills now, regardless of volume
my only regret? I d like from couldn't turn to know you guys. Let me know if your contenting event once upon a time in Hollywood is his best film without a doubt that, after that, Jackie Brown, that's fine, but I genuinely why couldn't turn girls and then Jangle unchained, you don't go, take it or leave it, but I didn't joining us getting about once upon a time in Hollywood was probably my favorite some of the year. If I had, pick one. That really was very good, so I mean it won't injustice. This year wasn't a great year for film. We're all. Despite an open Shapiro said that some other people have said it was a great year for film, I think, was ok. But some of the stand out that I've been picked we're very headed off too keen on June. Drink for diversity, a word doing I don't think you hit the damn? That's tells it an ominous bone was going to be a dangerous that's all right into the studio without like Jumanji drums, will have another. You have that's a whip,
sound like here. This whole control set up here will be no doubly more soon, as we have around talking about beers in the background there did. You are at liberty to accept and speech. I don't you know what I think let us avoid politics who do I get the drop I wanted to go up and accept the word just go on and on and on, and eventually bow incessantly. If you like, my mother, who was thickly gang and styles, their places in the writing scrapped. As always, why does he get more time countries, but this is provided for. Those car to South Korea. Thank you very much. I feel ceremonies to answer for the exploding phone, Peru and so on. We ve forgotten that we haven't had actually, doesn't answer again. I think that's the best web video ever created
when I watch gingham style, I was sad as I think never creating. When we actually do have Jim Norton the lines. Are we normally already the whole before we go to. Can we bring in the star wars corresponded Resurgam exactly make sure they have. I have having erect lie or its logic. Norton will hold the onion with one second, but one of the nominees I believe in star wars right, audio aid? should be harnessed for sound design, I believe, an army. Which fan of the sound of designer I verily followed his work by. Why doesn't even need to be named? Not only have I wouldn't goes without saying that we are now it makes in his work and its after the first Oscar nomination for STAR wars since nineteen eighty three allow them ass. Well, I should say I think we all know it's Matthew wouldn't accord
of courage than my own for saying anything. If I'm not forcing anything on the show is that I'm a big fan of matter would enable a court. You know that's what I'm not acknowledge that there are not many things are multi faceted ass, a memorial threat. You are that's only because that's the only colonialism that it goes up to triple like we can also be adaptable. Threat talked up like that, namely round small children, because I have harmed them should not. I'm very. I somehow threaten many ways. Buyer. If, among for one thing it's that I'm the one thing I always say is people want appreciate No, you wouldn't David accordingly, especially once you look them up inside the building here to discuss. Actually the nomination tonight is our star wars, correspondent also brain then Brandon, There are therefore make you look a lot like the opportunity for having you look a little the opportunity to respond in there. Brandon from earlier thanks, I get there
Well that wasn't necessarily a compliment. Tell us what you here tonight we're here, because we believe that star wars will in fact bring home all the Oscars nominated for and will it back sweep every great, including best bet, want best pictures. It's actually looking here. It's not nominated, just young etiquette was rejected by the General Council because of their fear later rose to the highest heights of power. Ok, I'm gonna take and I hope your Dinah fire. I don't know anymore now, but Parliament already paid him. We have amendments aiming if you're, not a liar David is David Accord. I like it. I don't know. I don't like him at all then, because you're STAR wars, it's a wonder. Your mirror. Arrival. Did you because you always do she's, so sweet his wife, but that I hear talk about star wars and video brainwash, and I assume I just assume that he's a horribly abuse.
I dropped my now. You get all over your paper alone, a second, although we have them isn't still on hold on hold on hold on everybody thanks a minute Stevens! Never smoked are before you know. I never met I love shelter, pander to our first gas to ignore a it. Now, it's all screwed up and I'm just just going embarrassing, we have a minor. Do we have any negative towards you know, I'm? U love em! You can follow on the twitter at EU level as it just Jim Norton nor Nand. Yet Jim Norton, how are you, Sir of good man how reopened joy this, oh god, will thanks for much of this are right when you came in the other, the ashes here. This- was actually we desire that we needed something for the Irishman, since you would be our first guess this evening and dumb doesn't seem like you're at the actual Oscars, though Jim No. I was delighted that I gave magical Sebastian escargot because I was killed
your show, while large, I dont believe it at all. It sounds like you might be sick. Did you? Did you blow the apparatus from seven, perhaps so am I gonna. Do I'm getting over a little bit and something I just acted? The wool and improv, and I haven't been feel that this is happening on our way. Why apologize won't, keep you too long, but this is your first time I dont only believe being about with the phenomenon for an Oscar but being involved with a film that you're. RO. Yes, this is the first time in a film, but I don't just China bumble through you know, because I'm involved with it all new when nothing past wording actor. I ride with joy, but Hollywood loves their own. They loved reward their own anybody or trade, one of them right here she was so good. The Irish, I actually I don't got that he was nominated, would show pashas he's under appreciated for the in between people. Think of big the rain,
and you don't realize that I also Adam Sandler lotta people know em for his cot comedic roles are. They seem like an reign over me with rain on marine over me, where they seamen the crying seeing and they are okay, so he's a good actual, actually he's a really good actor, because you don't really noticed these acting when he's not doing that and Joe Petty, I will say, did that really well in the Irishman, where you were you on set with him, will lock is an interesting one year. One day shoot my scene was with that was played pickles. A club impassioned Deniro were in this scene. But as soon as I heard there we're getting nominated? Unlike note, the kiss of death is in how it isn't why I was a big trouble. Wasn't Many were you, and that is well over that. Where were you when you were a pilot weren't you? film or someone moves you over and punch you in the face or where you driver. I could be totally wrong. It might have in another. Now not at all in cash. I apologize left.
We have the drinking game already going and they decided to immediately start with the the John Bolton. Did you see that you know it's just typical leave mix it does, but at least he kept his dumb politics to ten I kinda people die right, not the little. What applause break that whenever it is free once up there right now, I'm confused that child. Above and frankly, oh no, I mean about Falcon that was already under way to get on this year's, whereas now I feel back I'll buy I only saw from behind its the guy with down syndrome from Peter Butter Falcon. Of course, I would never insulting by I'm hearing him to Frank lunch. I know- and this has rising, I get pretty pissed when you people are patterns that, like the midget and Joker Not- not at. He was amazing and peanut butter Falcon, not because he actually has down syndrome heap. Really was a failing, ass, Dick performer, and I need to see you Jim, I have no, I saw most of the films. I love nineteen, seventeen. I thought how
it kind of OZ stunk. I wanted to like that. How interesting can someone sitting on a bus, be? It was just a fan. So speech wrong to my wife. Speeches are really irritated me like that. You can tell me they were from the pointy, even though it was a black when giving them. It is really annoyed me with it. We don't need the speeches. It was a powerful story so that kind of stuff Joe Grin the Irishman Well, I I really liked once upon a time in Hollywood. It is. I hate to say this: if you're watching the stream most people here, we're not big fans the Irishman, I wasn't Gerald, wasn't I believe, Radegund liked it as well. I was, I was afraid of him. I was invited move either yeah, so there you go he's just that you, the supervision of yours, Jim, he loves and your performance stuck with him. It was ready, Buddy I mean look, I'm just happy. I didn't. I didn't want to buy the cutting room floor, but rest assured, because Jim Norton was involved, but De Niro
I could see no data on their suits for no reason, so I think you in a few different roles, and actually even the sketch that you pulled with Robert near before your special, not all coming and can translate to comedy, and am I will send us it's sort of surprise. Me, because you are very much me very much a comic comic and that you, you're you're, a joke, tell her, you don't do a ton of different voices, I've always loved. You do you're sort of twenties agony. I know which may be lent itself out of this role. I always wondered: what came Jim Norton Transfer that you have some comedians? You can, but you a re, Romano, Adam Sandler, it's more kind of, I guess I don't feel like act out comedy were commercial Acting out a scenario and the couple times I've seen you I've been, very impressive. This summit, you always wanted to do it. You just kind of fell into Could you always do comedy expecting to move into acting No, I mean I act once in a while. I Blake too much I'm uncomfortable to look at like it's gotta. Be something that's right for me.
Because I didn't have to addition: fourscore safety! Actually requested me so because I didn't have to addition. I wasn't that nervous when I did like you, I had to addition. I would have been panic stricken, but if he called for me that unlike well, he asked me so I must be able to debate. It has to be right, for you know. Is that what you said when Martin Score says he called, or do you call him Margaret? You say: well, my it's gotta be right for me, or did you say? Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They absolute whatever you want. I am much a comfortable telling you it has to be right for me when he called I was like. I will be. There immediately wrote, clearly determined deported to please don't miss departed doings across the Irishman and output. Displaying Jimmy Hoffa, which you know. I think I think to be fair. In the euro and and passion. I think tat she was the best performer in that I'm not the biggest ban of between. Oh, I know you two are drinking bodies now and I dont want to get you in trouble, but I've only met him. A couple of times have never gonna get to talk to him very briefly on the red carpet than I was so. Why am I went up there and they weren't Lenny
people. I I just can actually squeeze my face into a couple. The cask photos Deniro per Chino and the jackass who was on screen for forty seconds. You know it all. I'd, never interviewed him, but I would love to talk to him, but that a lot of people like in this half- I love them, but I joy him, but I understand that he's a bit over the top for some people right. Yes, exactly so you're the only one who went to the press junket voluntarily, when not asked are you showed up high this uncertainty from real news that Tv Norton that's. No, it's a binding. I went out Ellie date with the Ark directors. Awards happened last week, so they asked me to present something and I've never been asked to present Of course it wasn't televised straightens needed aid have been introduced. We as from the Irishman and, if I felt great, but I felt like such a fraud like
the Irishman. This should be true, tell her to be re where she began it like the Irishman, they're, all looking like this have not this week I didn't say that before your name, because that must have felt like the longest five seconds the world said from the Irish when you're gonna- oh god, no it's Jim, nor do they say your name first know these. From the irish banks chip, nor was I I wanted to, but I want to tell him. I know how you feel so good. I mean we do before me unrelated out, was that the worst introduction you think you ve ever had because a little I want a year war story here. I've got one in my mind, but what's that ensuring the rat doing stand, because hard to say it's probably it could have happened multiple times when they say your name first, yet when they got up. Gentlemen, are your comedian, Jim Norton, he's been seen all and is just such an anticlimax right or my friend John last year, who I loved the comedy seller. Will introduce me to go,
all right. You ve been recognised units comedian from Netflix. Are you guys ready and gives them time to think of all the big celebrities? Whenever recognized me from yes, I I had whatcha throughout one guy who immediately before I went up, was talking about Benghazi. I want an Abilene Texas, we're with Saturn dealership in the back room at stake House and a shed, and he did all the things that you said only I also at no stage or microphone and I got kicked out. I got kicked out this guy found me on Myspace at a Saturn dealership paid me five hundred dollars and Abilene Texas and kicked me in the middle of my set, because I got into a fight with a female heckler in any brought me back to read the right. For my part and then the worst whatever had within Wyoming was overwhelming Montana, one of the two and the guy. Does next guy he's soap?
legally incorrect shot. Hannity had him fired from Fox NEWS, and I said this is in the public eye so as to which I have no idea where he got it was indignant about. As an actual doesn't know, you might want to ask me before you do an injury that ours is written. What the what I found online. Where do you find that I have no idea, wars and then you publicist publicist will sometimes send a bio that has like credit for thirteen years ago. My. Why am I saying you know what I'm doing that? I know the exact killing people still recognize me from my voice work on Arthur. That's always a real ego gut punch when you talk with a child in the matter. What you say, if you like John Kennedy, home alone, like Noguchi, Boca, kiss me poker now, making sure Blake and if I do say, Arthur kids light up and they want to picture the guy from Arthur. And I was fired at thirteen. So it's a sore spot right, Jack Nortons. You must go. I appreciate making the time, Sir where's. We should build a fire you where you performing next
I just see the degenerates netflix on the first episode of secrecy and Albion temper in two weeks and Jim Norton dot com for my dates in twitter. Thank you, so jam. We let me brother be well. He allowed frenzied up our. I will say that we have to go now its christian wait. We just want from a very funny. Person to do them over hormone funny people ever, let's see what they say and not laugh we just snow. There are a lot of directors here tonight. So do you think with that dress? Kristen, weaker Christian wakes. It like pain I want to show some side boob and they said have about side rib known As you know, you ve got. Some rose. I've got it yes, they have only seventy painfully on funny guesses, anything feminist about, having anything mother, I am writing rang. Did you know that fundraising, Bang,
there. It is not easy to deal Bob Bob. Look a man can do that here. You know why this is. I can't do this and you know what this is upsetting. You know my mired offers offensive because under cuddly, hurling Giovanni women out there like any polar, like I'm gonna, throw lassitude if they think you're bigger faint of tuna faint, but like Kathleen Madigan like Lily Tom, and there are plenty of funny women out there, Fortunately it So a shallower talent, what're, you don't really this they go where we need more diverse, and so you got an open like night and if its tend to me in the public. Maybe five guys six guys and for women. But the thing is there drawing for women from a talent pool that's less than maybe twenty four of the guys, so the cream rises to the top, but also with women, single comics. Sometimes the show
but you didn't write their ship. My belt right should floods in shit and they are not allowed to female comic. We should just go with the foot I bring Grant Marin's. My point is that this comedy is equivalent to human exe. It really does under cut its. You know if you're really funny female comedian and they go ahead. You made it you're on the Oscars and you know that you yourself will target year, but I did I, with my Rudolf yeah elusive does like all the female reboot films that we saw, wait away. Whose why is Bruce Blanche nominated designer that routes will other Bruce Village next to allow him to marry break up. Bruce for land, I feel it gets into marriage, not sell all. That was what was the one for your movie all at once, but once while production is actually, I think we can all agree that it should end up in jail, and I will say that really I do you think, I'm pretty good at being objective with this kind of stuff. Like a lot of conservatives out there, they
If someone they don't like, as liberal they get mad, I do think I'm pretty fair minded with that. There's a show I hate called the deuce on it, it basically pornography, but they require in Times Square in, I think early seventies relates many late. Chinese ended so remarkable. Even I hate the show just ignore We need not a fan, but she deserved the Oscar. Even if once upon a time in Hollywood is not your favorite film this year. I think it's pretty tough. Argue than anything else would deserve productions, maybe nineteen seventeen nineteen seventy act huge sent these among the no man's land area, an area with the city or hey across moved from dream works the male, it's wages, and you know, to immigrate answers. Remain vigilant concerning those China, Saudi Arabia, untrue What were you saying? I can't hear you that what does it matter voices like white noise, right, listen, Did you ever get a role in Cannes right? We
through the large quantities of higher I'll wait for you. They diversity wanna, let it was a girl, Getting I mean, I'm pretty sure I ll have a drink brought against giving hammered music. You take me to we will have the Lance drink, a high level, aunt Joanna Lana, due to lack of worldwide we, I know I know many, you aren't there. I know many of you out. There were thinking, James Nelson Riley, no, that's Blanche and how I think that all fat until white men look alike, but, as you know the answer, yes Laugh lies in the lack of talent. Make jokes about glass and learn so am I Are there still on this day? Why go away stop awake?
This is the same state, but you didn't bridesmaids where you saying that number and everyone for some reason, acts like its groundbreaking and funny. Even though every single romantic comedy or chicks, look, I should say not. Romantic comedy involves a musical number, usually with some kind of a montage you're doing the same thing: hey it's! The Joker. Because all our second I need to absorb on funding to recharge my own batteries, because no motive I heard create a programme worth watching We really have somebody so funny. You d want to watch it, because your word that will contaminate you nearly one million awry, readying funny for two weeks after them. How do you, you mean you don't lie blade. Don't I blame Kevin heart because he made a joke about a gay person ten years ago. We're stuck with this, they are all given. Art cannot have good example, not a big fan of a stand up. It's not my style esteem, but the guy's talent,
the guy's, very general. There is also a good actor handlers comedian spot, even though it's not for me, I gotta, say the guy is funny, certainly funnier, that's all costume. Ass to misinform, because a lot of people dont know my mother was a very I think she was actually now made for some kind of french Guiana word. That's why she started costume desire and wardrobe, I think, was first was a wardrobe stylist and then moving the caution design. She did all the for laughs at Montreal, which are big, comedy festival. So she was working of guys like Jerry Seinfeld. And former John Candy. Take your pick of whoever was the biggest comedy start that year Dane Edna hi Mandela! One year, Ilusha have my started, actual Toma, Jim Baluchi story. After for people who don't necessarily know he's a talent, less deck, she really gonna be reminding those men were really fortunate to have been able to all the wardrobe and a lot of them make it, but you see along with actually quarter blackguard he's gotten really good at prosthetic make up
from my wonderful mom Francine, who Naomi Wolf claimed, was simply a diversity higher women's employment. What one I'm as my mom and sick- well, ok, wardrobes, second, are editor at large- is also a female agar and Youtube Mattie works with editing, which is really I don't got. Events email heritage is a lot of the change, remove one who one whose little woman, little women alone. If you want film they in a closet and ignore hang out with all, let me see what are speech is really quickly as an inspiration. She kept it sure very nice did best Donald Trump, even surprise she was the one who made a suffer through nineteen minutes of Maya, Rudolf, Kristen wig standing with you from breakthrough user can lurks written by oh my god! Oh no! What oh? That's? What's your Fraser
the US is. I think this is actually Bruce, for which I have to tell my the glass. I thought it was. The top of the capitals lucas- Ok, here's the thing! I want to be really clear about this. We will say. Oh that's me. That's at hominem your correct on both fronts by this worse than two things can be true. This person, unbelievably talented, yes, yes, and also likely to drop dead there, possibly during this year during the and we're not trying to be we're, not know me, I'm going to get a bunch of well she's, not any less talented, especially at something like singing. It's not as though you ve been tight cast because you are overweight. Whether was a wreath of similar, The Franklin know what say what she hasn't been the same since she lost now right. Good and eighty in this scenario here like this- is what it surprising aid is? shocking. It's been I mean, is that what's a phrase from this? Is us into the area that I beg you different vat rate is the earlier if she's up on stages, because she said,
where's, your just a regular will. Not so you think it's a diversity, yes issues than any other. Rather, actors on tv shouldn't be up here. It's because they're pulling at this diversity thing well, she actually glancing HANS. I can mention singing for a movie, that's it I feel as if they were going to go to another break really quickly, but I'm out of here we go, and I think that after this break that we have our merchandise, let's do that after the brain, you are our film merchandise, but before we go to break again, we're talking a lot about sequels tonight, promo code, crowded Oscars, and that is also the ash Dagonite twenty hours off my club would that's right, the other sea, what is the sequel and we have in the inside lane here. Corners gotta do not know this, but we have an inclusive poster for the upcoming sequel to was the tube she's. That hopes are Tupolev actually does. Is it without Tupac, know that because the money,
views which to Pope's they are two hopes. Is it the german pope? What one of the german ones racks forget ok and the other one is the area in German, but did not german pop the Newport gets into the abortions hope yet yeah? Ok, it's the german pope! Any abortion programme put isn't funny. We all would have thought that the german progress would have historically been more likely to support eugenic certainties, open to win the support of the character, so we're gonna go this break we'll be back right after this send in asked trot costumes and what you believe the title will be to the sequel for two Pope's soon. A couple minutes get ready for now. That's when I got in regulation. Your favorite president makes these
It is a J, J, J, P mayors and who can forget the peat bog jigsaw Split splash day we're taking a bad, and it was a couple voted on by the attendees at the weekly Whitehouse talent show. This collection is sure to make you want to get up and day decade just blew my back might replace with what I might have decided to support the police cars. They worked really really hard nuth. Its effect would be ideal. That's how you re Biagi internet for hello, re, welcome to culture
these days Cooper There is not a book now that What I call to rob Peter and I don't play bay which not Youtube's, twitter or Facebook. That's because I only one will their respect nets and I you can join my club to be rebel. Like me, join up and have freedom to be around me, no getting there Mackenzie
just a stern Goering, you're the one about the seismic So what the hell of sulphur, like that with Russia money for pressure to come and tell us how to fix it. The new mobile call me.
Gives you might give it up black rival, coffee
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You have a good Christmas they're, pretty good, get everything you want it almost almost, Well, that's life! Guessers! Always next Christmas here say: that's funny, we'll start over there we're mine. The desk over there go take a look.
While there was a review nine billion below the forty five point, the experiment, Ralphie
that so go to them, so go to them. Ourselves, swear snazzy, glowing unswerving, thereby louder with grotto shop. Dont, go like this new signature, baseball de LA agrees, Ranger, panties and, of course, the holy GRAIL itself. Club. Let's go I noticed black guy,
keeps on weapons. Would you all right back boy that jobs out there was, of course, a promo code is crowded Oscars, that's the hashtag and twenty hours off mug club tonight. We let me talk about, may have Asian we're boorishness spoken with Youtube, so Are some contacts over there's a whole? We do not get banned tonight. I know some people have been complaining that we haven't been bring the Oscars up on foot. Green or bring the sound up, and that's because we have the kind of its it's the dance of death,
gonna play the game right system. I tell you what we hear you. We are going to bring it up more the turtles club right now and winning for something that someone up here to speak best documentary for american factor. It was good I liked it and presence in the company of our sister and brother documentary I didn't know there were more monastery who risk their lives, making stories, nobody doubts about what was about hospitals being bombed and Syria maybe that one bombed in Israel we like every single hour of the night? That's very our film. The next item is China in their films? Are those good guys chinese workers and really could be from,
watch it that bring out somewhere in India. You non province, there's an intramural basketball team. Glowing. Apology means that one there man young, I too, shall have a map of corona days and we believe that things will get better when workers of the World drink drink now unites, I did think we're going to do is get whose working thirty five cents a day to unite with someone who is pushing for a fifteen dollar minimum wage to push a fillet of your fish. You know so that MRS Turtle holding in the movie, they showed a factory that was closing that it states it was opened by a chinese company and then the chinese kind of brought it there work style fired most of the Americans that were there and Workpeople too much. That was, all points and you're telling of the world unite. Working hours will unite. Mrs turtle it'll be called it's called automation,
oh she's going Yes, your backed off I'm gonna underscore the city. Is I've seen your hand, letter take your hand given the Pope, given the pope, maybe they'll, think about over the boy. Do you want? Can it be said that the Pope, whether the Pope, what he's been shooting, She waited Dunham, promote the point in time, and Hollywood wasn't yes, yes, she why ass? She was. I know, you're proudly blotted out our advice. Better, you don't need the pope. You want the Pope guiding principles. Walk right, she's, gonna, she's gone by the others, are buddy. You can take your book back. Ok thing, I almost let's go to this model of a low, you must be things around the North eastern Rank learning to stay for dinner
drank with along name if you're, a girl, when I was a day of the moving wars, inherits implied? Oh, oh, so those are islamic, Their primary concern should be about learning to wear skateboard in a war zone when you're a woman, so much is how to not get beaten by their Husband Rash, showing their eyebrow it's true? It's not as and she likes eyebrow is just not going to work. There can do that. Aren't let's see revelation. There are a lot of rules and alliance. Look a lot like a planned honouring firms off today in nineteen set loaning. These sweeping only words we care about. I thought I'd skip the hard part. I will then go on to me and if I hadn't had that encouragement at my back back, then I wouldn't it. Must have a lot of encouragement for decades, very broad encouragement, FIFA,
for the longer judgment next year for the drinking eight one of the topics in April board. Most of the speeches I mean that's every single year we can only drink. So my radegund than alcohol poisoning comes in Irish Catholic, Cinematography, Mary man, I do come barbarians. Here s a little bit Zanna and TAT, I see our number one girl crew is that a very definite since today? I'm still not here today is my love letters we go to the brain without wanting to get the cap reform here took a whole lot of not quitting and teachers the kind eyes I have to be an end where we also have Andrew Clave unstinting advisers, scales Van School at the heart of the town. They teach girls courage to raise your hand to say I am here. I have something to say without the stark contrast from back in the set.
These include teach girls to say. I'm not here, It was a large part of the course curriculum to teach them to say I'm a movement of your imagination here. Aren't you think, there's a new nets. They remove from the curriculum elevates anymore. I don't have a stony hostages, Cutty right. There was actually asking why a brutal action- twenty not go along ways. By do we did some voice. Overs reproached Gator three season. We do have interplay them but we haven't you global know. We're gonna be late for Andrew Claim, and I apologize if we have to get to our props here. Yeah. Sorry, you don't, I believe I spoke with our or their daring alone, but maybe that didn't get to senior Senor, claiming to running a little bit late. Let him know have interests, Elba area what do you think I, like people, look alike? All I know, is dangerous, elbow supporting accurate, ok, Laura Dern. Let's hear this absolutely don't accept the same family.
She was often that slots are rolling star wars get out, I was kidding. I hated it. Our energy Ojo rabbit. Come on. We just choose, you might as well put the award and cereal bogs Scarlett Johansson for Georgia. Rabbit but he was in their preliminary minutes. Motionless is your imaginary friend, a boy way from Glasgow Giant have to earn a living tissue codify with this we have you don't like nice tomorrow, you mean I demand for wasn't good. Then marriage is an economic position because it oh, I get it support remedies version. Of course, what is more, the rubber, not partly clamshell, really bombshell they keep sending these people. Why are they naming the nominees resist montage, just amongst them on top of the nominees? Ok, dickens done these at the same time our really drawn this will. Then you know what
now what service before Andrew Craven we can show these intermittently. Could we I'm on camera course? We actually have the exclusive right, lotta people don't notice audio way. You know this. I do that when we are making a political agreement signed on HR, did We want a violation. Oji or we product, we films, a lot of you dont know this crowd or credit Oscars promo code of an hashtag films are about merchandise. Yes, they are licensing, let alone was a star where's people got really Madame said you just think that it was a great film are treated. Them is always an excuse to sell toys, and you are a lot of you. Don't know this, they sort of separate commercial films from lot of the more art house on the funds that are sort of honor nature. It's really one big play for merchandising as well. It is, and we actually have some. Exclusive toys, I believe from these Phil do it. So we can bring these up right now. I see a little. Let's do not enable dont know this. I might have to shoot travelling and I just know where the might screen,
This broken here, I'll get done, don't worry, given a what what's given he's gonna only going to get a second uses hours? What actual and we have a lot of people thought this was in poor taste, but marriage story. You may not think back is a guy who just looking to make a quick buck, but now there are I believe these partnered with Hasbro, really have the let's aloman. Second, you will get the don't touch. What until, of course, we have it set up. But I've got to get to come to my honour, their their Elsie S got gonna drive a damn it. I was just trying to not to show him and you just uses look at you and we have all these from bomb back and you can purchase is now at Europe. Will toys arrest, dot com? You can watch the merry. We re have regular Merrick story place. The married story place edges ages. Foreign up right here further back here, didn't Why is growing every services
forty driver one of the ones they took some artistically. Really, I don't have weakened very well within. This looks like you're only seeing her from the back, so you we're going for northern Rock, where she won and grandma. Thank you to this cast. A majestic Adam scarlet are amazing crew, David, no road, a movie about active grand and about reaching divisions, did not saying what are you talking and they didn't? and eventually for all, not just the ELM argument, Andrew claiming only recently able see my camera. He truancy that gives the actions and I now see would by want children, see Jane Harris my heart and inspiration every
So here I need you to say say Riah up here, you are, we just sign with lies at the priorities and Sand Jaya. Just when you thought it was safe to tune back into the ask those tat no show back innocent and dry sand jail dad you're so out of touch with by racial? I don't Its age is, if you want to you, I am nuclear. India is Maybe I don't want to. I don't like your good for allowing the glassy speech. I hated her in the movies and I realized I was wrong. Yeah Taoism, environmentalism, there now but yet little by local. So we have actually some more Phil merchandising here, really quitted the next one coming
coming to me coming. I hope that the next one twenty to bring my MIKE over here for Catalonia right there, so we can hear the network can merchandising, is a big that's. What films are met, your base that one big giant glorified commercial trigger and the next one. Actually, that is available, I believe they parted with Milton Bradley O the nineteen seventeen handheld camera overhead and nineteen. Seventeen handheld Cameroon is which, if we started right here right, This initiative stopped oh Johnny, already idea excellent. You can take it to your local developer and they'll. Take care that four, but I guess In finishing, I got one just one shot. You only get just one Sharia law How much are we asking for these none nine and I for one particular nineteen vaccinating seventeen camera, you get one shot. Well, that's it when we started with scales are up to. Does everyone understand one? Just
I don't think we need to have. It goes over the head, the nation we hear, and it is certainly spending that money. Oh that's right, that's one and we have Andrew Claiborne coming up after this I'm. Actually, this one is actually already on oh, really, and it was actually number fourteen. Real in the Amazon Sub Category of foreign Phil merchandise. Ok, wow. Currently available- is cleaning up. I've got them solely by so this. Actually, this next one comes from the people who just actually accepted the speech. Cept separately award gave a speech for parasite yeah, so parasite has peered up with Parker Brothers to sell for children mexican tap water. We have as we go sources very. We can see. Although the label I'm an, I was reading the labour for parasite, I think, is innocent by the way. Also tremendous weight loss programme yeah yeah, it's a big thing. We have to be so competitive because of the fracturing of media that strengthen the toys directive,
every multi faceted elevated, what the weight loss is mostly from the diarrhoea. Yes, I don't know why you would need do, I think, was self employed, but thanks. I just wanted to make that clear, and this is also by the way not only the parasite you'll have to lose weight, but the calories you burn, attempting to open, I don't know why they decided to every single minded audio tape recorder from nineteen point. Ninety seven percent aerial evaluating makers as Iraq, boy, yes and now is is- is that there are numerous, is still the Flint Atwater place. No, that's that that would be distasteful. Wouldn't do that. I don't know what you're that's a class theme which its Guatemala, water, one is. Actually this one is actually a jot available. Yet, but it's a controversy, because it's already been involved in several shootings, ok yeah, so we have actually asean. This is coming from again Milton Bradley. They occur. On this page that the Joker Starter KIT You gotta toys are asking you purchase this ok yoga.
Isn't it a bag like that, I like the bag, you get yourself. Ok, it's a way. It's kind of a mystery bought. It is you never know if you're gonna get a red nose, understandable and on a first edition, printing of the cap, you're in the raw. Very going sense. Guys are altogether yeah really happening right now. You're going to be familiar with, the sky are well known we shall examine like an exploration, uptown I've. Really. I would never do that's going to give you. This is that we have two more and I will get the antiquated this next. One is actually one item that I am pretty yeah I would pay other alive, easy. I was now it's my job. I endorse yeah I'd. While I get, I get a percentage of everyone so well. That makes link, is in a lot of Canada. Comes much more clearly can enter into promo code credit operators and lose full disclosure. They are a sponsor all these toys. Our good this nets want, of course, is again gradually. It's up from the Irishman, Martin Weir says a lot of yellow, very big and licensing to really marks
He says he is never enough for Marty. You learn different. This is actually the Alps achieve. Piano from the irish I believe we can now show that there are going to Wowzer that things it's only it's only one note if you present here, oh, which are yeah it's this one is really not for the parents Now I would imagine that some very different, that's really uncles, to give today shows how much are they asking for this? There audio we gotta, be ninety nine nineteen. I really like me. They are united on this measure.
Your heart's content live only nine dollars. You can't put a price on the smile on those fish serves through, never came out there. We got us, not least given the way for me, because I don't remember that you want to buy one of them. I mean, like you say I get them for free, ok, yeah I'd want to pay its nor the perks it is. One of the parties is like a green room bag, a hole in a second does a man in a there's, a bullfighter when about personal heroes, asked nominated sought. Rather Lynn Manuel Medina the third and greatness and taken out, I think, you're a much deeper hunting or as added? Ok, those whom you prefer? just came out like Thomas Jefferson of that year after year, no, you never saw Hamilton. I did it. Saw wait that children's writer is gay, who knew collected
River injures, good song lie power by partners in time, Chevy, Chace Organisms, songs, I'm immediately important individual I'll bring Andrew claiming on it just a minute? Yeah we do, you still haven't ok lines as much apologies This whole thing is cringe where they are looking for someone who makes me far less and less wrenching. You know you love me the favor, the show you news cast over there at daily wire dot com, the edgy show, which that's spoil alert Andrew Clavering, how you good what the hell are you wearing I don't know. I thought that you are right or so you could reverse engineer. I urge man, I thought leprechaun
we did not know why I love Lebrecht, aren't you, but we couldn't afford deferents Jenny, antecedents cameo, some people, colored Jennifer. I color Jenny, Jenny, formidable clause because you were both very its by the way. The first leprechaun scared the hell out of me as a kid I wanted friends, house and then I went back and watch and wish that I hadn't. You knew the while had lost all your dignity or you does, though, that's a new developments. I think you have put in has been since we last spoken, no developments on my front, but these are actually my wedding pants and look there that you can't was a guest. On black and as one of the Austrian turned up my pants I've lost weight, so that's a good thing illegal use another down I have a question what I dont so much look down. My pants hey Andrews Could you share your had ever since I've known you? That's not a new development model.
Used to share it. So let me ask you: this has always been my question with men who were who are bought by choice by choice. How do you decide where to start the beard? It's a really good blush, and basically I just put my ears. Like a really nice place. You look at my face the most attractive spot on my facebook. You, ok, your source of Russia, the switchboard peoples Ok to the debate, I didn't know, I thought that maybe your age, you have to go by the melanoma markers I would think dark and my dad had melanoma told edge in your Craven o Matthew. What is your favorite film of this year, and you think it's going to win. Well, there's somebody I didn't see that you are perfectly then reasons I didn't see what reasons those Viejo Clavering Europe, every picking your beard start now. I can see them, women bizarre, unlike white, seen in China,
in the vertical. You don't know that story, that's an actual fat really, which explains why Chase women's rights It will keep you just want to consider them yet. So you don't really change the context, because sizzling is only sizzling if it can consenting to enable their problem. Otherwise it's still a crime. We just This we see it is not as invasive it still plenty invasive. We saw Harvey, have some grown up to do Yes, I will I wondered what be you know what the women were doing, what he was injecting himself? good, my lover just a minute walk, never daughter lives like an one second unanimous Eminem up there on our doesn't have to drink. What is this?
its Molly's on he's, gonna go and lose yourself around. You turn it back down and I believe- and I assume you're, not a Marshall matters fan again. I call a marshall. Some people call M M India, I don't want you anyway, so the film the by really did like what's gonna talk like that, the heads of what great scenes with men. Acting like I thought was always, and then it was ruined by Brad Pitt, winning the award of a realise. Oh, he too has a China, the guy you have to understand. Not their necks stand up there, their jobs to speak words written by somebody else, random, realistic passion. Their job right, yeah, yeah, it's probably know a thing or two about it. Yeah, I was going to tips with writers because it by this isn't funny They are on the right road. Like now I quit
so I will be your worst nightmare. Maybe it will be myself in some, unlike Vince VON who would be I can. I can only imagine you wanna set with Vince VON, where you write descriptive, firelock, where I understand what you're saying I like we're headset claiming, but I think that maybe this actually better for the character of maybe I start talking about no one on downtown going to ride. Like district making some bad decisions, I think it really create some background story and listen. I know you can think about it. What but listen? Is that what you wrote that are? No! You wrote it's. Ok, it's not! Ok! It's ok! I'm going to want I'm going down to the district, but the prostitute on taking the risk, and then you you're fired. That's that's bullshit! You know I actually have now want. Opposition movements during which I say one word. Something like I was an eye. It was like a let you know. I like how you and non state that, with your high understand that you can say very few words lock, you sing a whole lot because I can see it in your eyes. You gotta great smile, but here's the thing when I'm sitting down, I have to create a character in a background story, got acquainted with three dimensional Andrea. You want to do that because he has written a page. That's what one d, maybe even to what the most I'm just saying
we're gonna, get it let them let there be a meeting of the mind you beautiful kid. That would be my interaction. Surprisingly, good imitation well spent an hour with him, but he didn't know it, Let me have a stalker, I just it was going to sell us go Lucifer. You don't know that that's that's gonna get into the flatters community. Anyway, it's a joke, Joe. What do you think will? and your claim an island once upon a time, a Hollywood by the way, and I'm not a big turn Tino fan, I think it's best film. Yes, I am I am also not big, urge you ve known. I think it's best nonsense that person one the written word because I like Jackie Brown, but our allow it night. I think bids winners bill which I He knows that way, which one would wonder you you're my uncle seventeen nineteen, seventy
really you. Why do you think would be that? Because I just think it's the one that, above and beyond the controversy about with another copy one, because we want breakfast. I know what I think of things you don't care about: the Gimme huge standing Oda Eminem. Can someone tell me what to do to make a political statement had now he just unfortunate alone. Guy Y know I was unaware of the first. Was over there like there's LEO to cap. The camera just loves him. All right: education, Nelson take the body of a woman of the trunk of his car gather and then he sat down in a body was actually the singer up there from this is us and he was a young. I mean I need your help her and, if you can't do it or an increase in winter, you Condon Ali who, though, in light. Let me ask him educated before we go best actor and you think this is overall a good year for film. Where every other good built I mean that the reform will be
our versus variety knows how young ups that's very good. I bought the knives out was bought at once which remotely did you feel you see Giorgio rabbit? I did. I thought that was pretty good too, and yet I touched but sham Morocco asking He always you can always go. I don't ever seen. Samara Rock will not be good in a film now and it's very hard to say- when you're next to a four hundred pound black man who can make people p S. True, that's a special skill. Aren't you was nominated, does not reflect our bread. Just one he went up and then he right away made it yet ansal claim Oh, I don't know. I haven't thought that it was my Rudolf and India in Christian Wig and I sort of block them out in a presenters. I know Patsy was nominate. A rapid near of course, have eaten. John best after yet we know that was supported. That was a warning. I I know Leonardo Caprio would lead actor in them. Yeah, yeah, ok, economically,
in nominating moved from the art, not await picture band, oh my gosh. Can you believe that directors cut sectors more? What have you been shooting Jager moisten with Peter Jackson, someone's given them avenue for crying out loud? I dont know Andrew that's. Why we're watching this attitude in and I do this or that most people don't have to we do have to go. You might get the little little bit tougher than where's about pleasure. We will find you Andrew the daily wired up, my guess there were days daily. Why- and I will say this about Andrew Claim and is a wonderful writer body also when he is in the room, he's writing or he's performing. He makes Everyone, the room better. There aren't many people who can claim that always love having him on the show. Thank you. So much brother go enjoy you're you're, well. Drinks. Changer glowing, I well! I promise you think actually graver them to dig. The comedy show is hiding the Germans Yes, we didn't actually you guys,
see because we always have the full splits really was dipping his fingers in a bowl of porridge. We having actually believes more costume contests emissions as well as clubs isolating prior notice, crowded ask as we have finally got the day off and s credit trying to kill me with his drinking God, I'm so star wars costumes, don't count why? Because where's. The horrible motion betray exactly Peter, be Parker from the spider verse. Ok, so I have a lot of lot of noirtier. We letters right. President you'd cock. I get that you're speaker, gender, neutral policy. I got it. Mr Rogers Missus Rogers reminiscent Pocahontas, evil clock. That's all Wall gender Vizir- oh my God, Energy Bill Louis, seek a please come to make up job. Otherwise you have my sympathies. That's who passed urging doing opacity of unknown view. Says: oh he's my natural gas him Louis e K, if you remember crowd overview of em, take our oh. I do hello past orgy, waiter, what we
about an hour. The term brave around so much tonight is lost all meaning I you to stick with it all right. Let's check in right now that these Selma higher, who is known primarily for those that they were for sound, very famous ITALY. This does dollars sky the referenda, but to go to face. Yes, will genuine. Fourth and David promotes he wasn't. Oh, yes, that's even its Oscar from the Oscars, ok worse than you were in the world from star wars, and we I think that the next year I blocked at those nourishment he should not be brought to light, and I shoot first job in exploiting the man's got. Mixer mines is a city of Gotham, and even Galaxy far far away Woogie wing in and I am sorry
What are you saying? Yeah, that's good, not a word! I feel a little or no upside down last hours left doors. Booby was ok and now we're having a single strand on it. Wasn't without a strong opinion on. I don't think so, Where's fans have been happy in thirty years. Marie Anne Eyesight, this sort of thing you thesis on star wars. You know what I will say tat if there was an award category, four slow mode dancing and try writing Joker would be right to stop what is this category four sounded Amazon? Yes, I will say I'd joke. I do like the way they do at the end, they tied everything into the end. The babylonian right. There are very big idea, I mean like angiogram. I understand that you might not have this part. Is the budget brilliant. Actually it's a private care. How do you know my wanted to be dragon by Brad Pitt? Because you know there's a rotarian streak in in, in one's condemning. How would they only mention hippies of its preceded by filthy ethic? Effing? Yes, we'll,
oh ok hours of bright star wars last few check back and if I'm not mistaken with our Matthew, ain't gonna was wrong. We do we have among the line we can. Actually let me know when we can go back and you are star wars. Correspondent are we there? Let's check, and with our star wars, correspondent also Brendan what he got forest Brandon but with the river connection, failure there. Let me know we haven't back. Ok, let's go, let's do not enter the Oscars right now and see what this guy has two secular, maybe twentieth Century Fox. I want to thank the last night Last week. I remember a guaranteed right, the remarks. Oh, that's! That's right: that's right: the merger handsome homes and one that was sad day says I know I'll look on those initial credits. You were very forlorn, you know exactly where you were when you heard the news raised, one of them what's in time.
Thinking about nine eleven. No other reason I'm standing years of James mangled. He is the reason I'm here he should have been nominated for directors of bright this, because I was star alienated We have not been able to get our star wars. Yes, I know them all back conceiving get less back in right now with STAR Wars, Oscars, correspondent, even Brandon Brandon, are you there, sir? written areas ran? How are you Brandon? Oh, I think, Look! Let's bring that off here, rope with a step that that I believe is actually from. I believe we somehow travelled back in time on. First Oscars correspond in Sydney idea being that this control suite is gonna, be more sparse and I just but I never do it.
I guess so we want what being up? What is this right now academy? Let's bring it back up the laughing the laughing some sometimes grabs, found everything something the sound added happened in once upon a time in Hollywood in oligarchy, we all feel that we have. That would probably mistake. The stalwart people probably won't wait and see if they want to work right through let me know what a black here when we have, of course, you do worse without sound mixing Nobody cares about now? I guess seventy, oh god, I'm running out with our Us Curs star wars corresponding. Do we have? Are you there now Brandon random? Are you there now, hello, Stephen? It looks like they ve been some Oscars Glinda movies other than star wars, which does contradict my prediction. However, we are
I don't know best picture win remedy it. I master Obi WAN Kenobi could not see the future for what it was and that soon young and I don't want it. Why do we? I dont know why we, who was I d- was to put this man and retain again we're too bad. I know I call them back, but you really trial. We already have mount there. We have a whole satellite set US legacy, Jim, your man to each one of them did outstanding work on this film. From my guys, and the change also universally lovers studio. He was the end four Brad Pitt and smash poor lies partly through EVA until producers Callum Jahannam Paper pipelines, salamanders, none the wiser, here without I do you that was nice very sweet adopted suck signal, as you also invariably is ensured mendous we're different people and jumbo
generally speaking, we are grateful that delivers many political, the angels are guarded such great schools. I think there is one more merchandising pressing. What did we have right? I dont have this year, but we do have this actually right now. So it's not so much merchandising, ok, but you saw the previous oscars marchioness for these films, but there is all there's other forms of licensing and actually allow time you see offshoots you see them, try to really short of MAX. They invest a lot of time into these motion. Pictures like this now that we're gonna make as much back on their investments they want to recoup as much as possible and so the two Pope's? Actually, if I'm not mistaken, we have a clip. Yes, They actually have just signed up for a new Hulu Comedy SIRI Special, a spin off two and a half pope's O
ah ha That was in the first five seconds you you knew what we were going, but you just have to write it. Our young animals are at your self in speaking of having to ride out. Randy Newman. Is that the article fourteen nineteen five eve and in me we can. Actually here the original around he added, The thing is I actually I like Randy Newman, but does he really that time? Songwriter. Now, no one loves Zella, I mean I feel I feel as though they signalling hey. We got toy story, five Now you can write a song tool with the revised we
story work through that door towards that we got worse a little Bobby towards thirty five Oscar exacting. It is vital that none of that even rhymes, with five sheep rhyming vied with Iep into story and three you're not supposed to know rejoined DORA five you. That's it you're, just think you ve got a friend in me now it's the same who, as the actors I'm doing it. My Stevie wonder, reaches gale. I think, by the way, I think our policies, you razor fist ice, but we are not having read this article. We have human right. Yes, right now, it's been a little bit crowded. Let me very rarely Newman a little bit more here. Are we on the vagueness about away we all over this year?
He didn't. She wanted an guarantee himself, some work for a few more years you ve got. The reason I wanted to have long enough. I committed is giving me a headache. Essentially, when you get off small are linked, I my with yours, you oh commercial right. Ok, Mervyn! We are going to go to our third commercial break. Worse, we have exclusive rights to men. Hollywood films, actor that are coming out. We have incites go because we get the screens we're all members of the union. And only didn't show last. We didn't like that. Provide allowed on the sequel actually to v to Pope's it'll be coming out into when twenty four were. I don't know why is too fast to pay oh for a few facts, outwardly moves and by the way, Pope spoiler in real life. They don't get along. No, they do not get along very well. We have to keep them separatists trailer.
Really, yes- and I do believe that we have a sequel- it's already lined up along with the merchandise, ok for once upon a time in Hollywood, You also send your gases for the sequel for once we're gonna need. I'm in Hollywood, do what that'll begun. Promo code is crowded Oscars for twenty hours off mug club. We, you need you to join? If you want these kinds of peace is to continue or just change remind. This may not be here and not mine, as well as the hashtag writer asters, we'll be back after this short break and come up. I believe, our later
get ready for now. That's what I call Gerard Inverse compilation. Your favorite president makes these hid his J G mail bag and who can forecasts, Peat bog jigsaw, split splash day, we're taking a bad, and it was a couple voted on by the attendees, the weakening white outlay. Glad. You're gonna have to get up a decade, my back my runaways ACT, which was decided The library nuth fact goes. Biagi.
That's how you re Biagi, senator beheld re well to culture, there's this base Cooper There is not a book That's what I call to rob.
What happens next,
I don't- I don't understand the sketch. I don't think I. What do you really mean it his hands. I I don't know what that means. What we put muslim every day. I know I have the money on the hands just like a movie, but what we're doing sketch go from there. I don't understand it. Is it me I mean not appreciated, gets put on the work. I wouldn't do Now I know what you're thinking refined fourteen rounds or fifty
that's a roomy says my new all steel people. You five match at seventeen round magazine plus one in the chamber best ergonomics in the business and capable of putting a shot break between your eyes for your way Have to ask yourself one question: you're lucky, Julia Punk Lotta, with greater studios protected exclusively by Walter.
for your consideration. For best actor in a leading role, Tom Crew in Gandhi, I'm asking you to fight to fight against their anger, not to provoked bewildered strike a blow. We will my strength, they may torture. My body break my bones, pay even kill me. They will have my dear, but not my obedience.
And I had to wait- do again can happen Ditch he's ears hurt right: let's go live really quickly. Promo code cried rosters. That's also the hashtag twenty hours off my global. Those we can continue in the show will fail in the lane was region in nineteen fancy. He was very ideas, very idea, it's an angel I don't know why my library versus Ferrari versus spare once I'm still a lot of the cure,
in Bosnia, is a worry here, so you do all right scrap! Oh no! He is he's about to say that he was saying zero. The nominees for achievement and Phil waiting for the sun was that with elegant incomplete bit little hearing thing, I thought you were supposed to be funny while they're both Many people went away varies from various feral and Julia Limited area, but that was familiar. I bet writing and actually is a great show. Called avenue five or people who don't know it's on HBO. Right now and you don't like it- the first step with the first episode and throw I wouldn't throat here's the thing. I will say that I will say the acting out punts, the coverage of the writing and looking to see that sometimes I don't know what you're saying tonight got it. So cinematography was nineteen seventeen just over the bridge just over the break
Ok and me with this now what building achievements in editing, and it was at nineteen, seventeen that one, I guess you know. No borders are right. Now it's of orders is just one for editing, by the way I dont know I work in the industry. How do you do an award to both sound engineering and sound mixing? I don't know I'm not sure we do have the once upon a time. Hoster! That's true! That's what we're talking about the sequel, let's see what it is you once upon a time- and I would say Mexico one time and is once upon a time Hollywood, too, should have killed me and so yeah seems a lot of people really know. Why not the end of that tale that that was the point that it not only about the movie only because when it appeared to pieces like that sums are simply too much of the dune parities of the characters. Rightly, I dont disintegrated claim hearing this guy's gagging telling how is moving the Oscar family
Argentina, our knowledge is power and it's a different culture. Everyone says: yes, what makes us human being taxed while she's that way we are next gave gay or for through, sat and watch it with his one I'm best coming up. Fifty fifty is this fifty years on? We have to admit that there must be gay best rector's not going to that in my man and Christian. Our dp, fading pop Michael, are produced its drainage, topping Peter churn and to everyone. It twentyth century thoughts a tireless kick You know that, but with the Academy award, so the actors directors, it's basically soap box, a bit with these people who are in the technical arts we're doing a lot of legwork, it's basically a plea for more work in their very thankful to be there there very, but thank you. Twenty is launching an aim, but I hope that I still have a confident injury and party wine scene. I don't care what they say about you,
we're going just you know, I don't worry, I need work and are not a union army. We did make with the actors uncle there, No, I don't. I welcome our way. Oh well. I thought it was with this item. Newsome history, who is at nineteen twenty, it's another effective remedies, decided to open up a museum under the leadership of my residential predecessor, Douglas Fair alleys. The president of the thing, only one of them linked to that this very well now nine their gates. What are you wearing this approach? I know it's not an american flag because you never sent us a lesson in either its Magna Carta. It's not an american fly, for I will end mathematics near when they were wearing some kind of anti war thing. He had a big s: red flowers, white flour, emblem flower, yeah, two young, Oscar winner, and then you smoke a bunch apart.
Yet has one leg in applying bundles, oh Tom, anxious that same political, I think you're great actor It gives me great actor. You can still be a great. I know, I'm just saying I want a light. Only laugh! Don't worry that conservative! That's that's not what I was. There is plenty of come so glad he ditched you. Angels dedicated are music and history species on the street and we even have almost skitter allocated to sell things, I'm not sure, but look it up and enjoy. I get a lot of us about boiling over sciences. Emotion, Elliot unemployment, relenting worth being born. Yes, labour law, the bite of us we're over there. Just this morning I was putting up some dry wall scarlet.
Had brought her. She was doing vocal lessons for transitioning females, emails or rhetorical. What did you do? That was no contest very proud of what has been accomplished so far in the landmark that is taking shape at Fairfax and well sure that is fair, fax Wilshire, and it is a pleasure to me just talk to somebody pictures. Will you don't you bans? on December, fourteenth of two thousand and twenty I've got to a man is very, it's gotta, be love, you were shifted the Oscars, because there's no house there's nothing notable. We ve heard the Bolton thing honestly has been did we apolitical tonight. I will say that I am really happy with arrogance have nominate. Let me look and see here, but we have we.
Tonight, I've got with God before a lot of other than a flagrant about it. The just like average Hollywood douche about it right So we are on the run, a girl and carry over right You don't like five more avatars Cameron, James, you have the opportunity a correspondent? Oh, don't we do not hold on to, let me make sure they have my my math, correct hello, one SEC, another, ok, you're. What yeah? Let's check back in width era, are Albert GINO, corresponding also Brandon Brandy Are you there, Sir Wilson Things are starting to deteriorate and the opportunity of acts and are really listen. Ok, stop. I would suggest that, doesn't matter rough stuff, Stephen yeah, we can tell we appreciate you keeping us abreast. Thank you very much.
Yeah will check that here we have an that's the same fill you makes it less motion picture within ten minute that they'll want me half its wild. I voted with from the MID West, weird too weird how we work sums have to check that without correspond Emily, nor is it gets worse. It does. It arrives at least one in an earlier gets. Well now I know a guy it. If I were to guess, Israel, a promo buddy Obama? We have some muslim sign of the promo code is crowded Oscars. Of course the hashtag is crowded, Oscars guy that you can make, and we have a new sign up. We have to thank you re much morally right. Thank you very much. Brian chance you. This is what allow this to continue, of course, still completely demonetized For my part of my life has complete mom I apologize we can, we can provide, You with a hand edged Garthie mug as well as early content, but I don't think it's going to fill that wife shaped hole in your heart
so I don't want you over promise. You still need not only to fill the idea right, not even bureaucratic and come on. I don't know I don't want to. I don't I don't want you put not gonna play out. Another program is lady. Only response overlays stop it could have good and adopt the goal. Part of our diet, It's not the colonel S, maybe there for a while, I shouldn t be filling a whole, in writing. De this right now allow at marriage is a good. The carnivore dialect, carnivore, diet, cures, crippling bipolar, doesn't ask good. In goodness, do not seek the help of a doktor just a rabbi. Yes, I love me enjoy them a weaker economies, a fabulous music director This brings the pit really my hair. Maybe I'm nervous everyone has anybody on into the pit. Even that would be fun I yet I have that they could be arose a much better now
speaking what was actually known and performer those Cynthia River, a double nominee tonight, ok. I know people out of touch. Does anyone else, no Cynthia Riva, never other than we had raised from little mouse? What the sombrero No, I know some of the speakers, its visa meaning and others we desire is meetings, always gonna, be there now. Hopefully, I would make this whole no worth better, much better The national veto is going so Bogart, rigorously, transport, let live and let live at least or be am. I is below forty six, the soldiers we don't want you to be. That being said, it also removes some suspense from the around the will. You won't make it through this performance, as you gotta be hauled out in a stretcher onto the stage, really aside, hammock or I'm innocent Willie and I've lost my similar pound life? I know what they are, no other. If the breakdown the north wall is always the north wind and why you know, I just think it's it's something about the earth's magnetism,
measure negatively imitated the brain, the body? I also because when someone is that big, they can't see where they're going so they navigate by the stars do celestial now you do the north wall because you can see the Northstar even during, but you can't see ahead of you when you're driving the latter with oil but why they asked us about. Another dashboard seems like that. That's navigate by the stars of the just put her in back. It's just No, I'm not a paramedic you're. Not now. I dont want to tell them how to do their job, and you dont tell me: how did you might have on that? Its very little nothing at all only one person- s gold, ok, I think it has been somewhat against the robes and kiss them. If you took my car
now. I understand, though, what I ve brought out a plan D Newman, an eminently because the singer really this year are awful each other, because this is something like ten years. We must acknowledge this base with entire ceremony. Is conceding that note that the film industry is dying as a whole, but then we do not have to bear the broad who looks like Wesley's, Knights and demolition man we're going to have a reference. Let's bring Eminem. What are you going back out? What is going on around the boy? Maybe we got no housed off. What do you mean? We should have gotten you're always talk in the best, but remember eminent. The former is viewed the Norton Interview, so we have a mute, Is it not to confuse bases in the crowd lagoon? Never try to get it all. I am I supposed to dance. I guess what are that? The funny thing about people were endured like the old wow, what a black? What with you in the come running, if the black people good criminal sheriff, ok there, they were black people, they were into the music
Are you gonna do ok, he's a think they were crossing the Rachel divide, beginning an eminent in the first place. It was the Kirsty old white people suddenly like when I by allowing the chair for what was really operative and martial Matt. I know you comment. I call my mom you know he pointed LA he appointed to Macao Pfeiffer audience and it was an empty seat. With a crutch Why does he died without humankind? We didn't really go now What are you run into figures? The most memorable part, amendment nine by four- is that it was mentioned in that song. Yes, yes, the big aid is no movie there's no, my guy from a kite fibres, Othello microbial someone's just playing an early arts playlist. We thought he was nominated Macgyver if you say his name three times in a mere. He shows up. Comes you expecting it. Organic adolescent lack any rural Europe. These made of bees.
Candy Man, some there would not be standing it just came in and what was the bees thing with Canada? I think the bees came out of there was now came with not like not like in the very mild with him all right. So what we're doing this? Let me talk about. There's gonna exit out there alone code. Is that cross corners hashtag right about one thing: let people look at me like. I, actually, I think it's important delineate, because a lot of men out There- and this is something people are people- do a disservice both conservatives in the left, where they want men to be androgynous, they vilify masculinity. That's that's the bus, that's rows of boxes, book, a hard man, Tubman she's advice, one was a parks, did the she had. The train steer this summer Montreal. We call it a metro which, by the way I had one rising all into the show we're doing this five years ago said my ancestors. Slave one mistake to Canada message. You know that, in Canada, more slaves,
had slay them that outliers escaped ahead. It owes a great programme over there and we will take you won't let you live free right and then, and then true dose ancestors were taking notes for character, inspiration. They are going to make a great high school talent show a hundred. Fifty years from now I'm on abbreviated minds, I'm somebody tell dressed in black face. Are we back to come, Shall we arena our? While? I think check and action with our are, we still have our star wars, correspondent. I believe we can and I want to talk about more romantic comedies. But let me check him. Exchanges have to make sure that we have this right, ok, all right now, back in with our hour is our opportunity star wars next to no more all our right of more back again with tonight, Oscar STAR Wars, correspondent. Even
and in Brendan what you have for us Brendan? Are you there yeah? Well Stephen? Despite the predictions of the greatest minds, where's the rest Skywalker seriously under performed this evening which mind out about it and that nobody is wrong with the economy. These days, there's a lot of a great man said: George Goodbye size do no not stretch out for my horse. Power. Ok, I want you hung up at dawn before breakfast All right, I don't even want you to get the most important aim of the day. When someone does, I hope that Frank eyes rises from dead to water board. You, let's double check every five years, nor have they not delivering. Definitely not data is alive creeping around one, and I hope that alive, frank, waterborne. You is there even worse than than someone doing a Yoda unprejudiced are worth anything so doing something original. Maybe the people who do column,
I'm gonna get my precious. We get you're a virgin and by all come I was by rejoice for a very long time, but not if it down and pressure and I'm not Gotham. Impressions is like vagina, repellent. That's when you left, I haven't forgotten. Really doing all right, now that he's into an awe what is this going to have to channel Technology has come up with a little yellow a rectangle. That's nationally. Zero channel, the yes everyone as a channel think that their little yellow squares so iconic. They want you to tell us this National geographic, and I think that we just see the week that we just see a force. Polygon and we go. Oh National Geographic, Mister, MC, powerful elephants or are they vary by the way? The last time I read, a National geographic was before the internet. And I wanted to see tits.
Yes, the only when looking through the window, there we're gonna just show that was a very examples of great all National Geographic, that the teachers are aired. City it's. This is having a simultaneous adds, its tits and advertisements That's a solid else. Even with this glass from prevalent in the magazine like their terrorist threats, in every now and then you'll learn that they can balance a basket on their head? That's that's kind of interesting article turn the page like their balancing it. What was showing their tits buzz? there's only recently paid attention and class is exactly goes. Teddy's. I'd like this, culture because they don't wear brawls or short still its authority, or I really like Africa because teddy side will undoubtedly an ivy like genuinely. The only reason you like about the fact that at the cradle of my of civilization, maybe now really
you don't get someone who's out their act rather news about Blackie regime like they were, don't tell me that they taught me was going to have sex with Jesus being. Why am I I'm not? I think that he was a brown mediterranean man and that they were just trying to make unpalatable to a western audience. Scandal examined, as you say, ok good cause. He was black But what you are, I don't know me area and I'm not sure, because anything if Jesus, if Jesus was black, I could fine, I know what I'm going to renounce my faith. Aids. Incredibly unlikely, though yes, but but you get forget catch. The black Israelites are actually the longest running Jerome but I guess you could blowing his ok we're back to the Oscar. We always important ones yet figure we starting to look very heavy dial. Ok come on! That is less effort than your cat, works so well. We later you James Gordon
So even they wrote this bit into the Oscars before cats is one of the biggest flops in modern way. I still gonna go out and do this on it. One guy laughing recently saw them in cat uniformities like you're incorrigible members of them. I just feel bad for them. If you're way for them. Now also, you should know us understands the importance of good visual a boy what many writers there was even a punch line or a premise: did you see get here on the nominees for achievement in visual effects?
and then just about nominees over achieving this by being a pugsy talent was hanged. I thought the hosts of late night shows had you have had a history comedy get me just do like off off Broadway audio wages that it and in Broadway did a guess what I'm gonna do. That's all I knew I would like to see him and more often off that's the most off Broadway production, our eyes off the peer yeah. I want an off of sheep said they, seventeen nineteen, seventeen and this is a nomination for what now to ensure that the rise of oh come on. I haven't seen yet spoiler alert. Boiler. Ireland is dead, gun at Oscars ha ha. I don't Steve ended when something is so. Italy, this new law as a cat parent, though it's getting
still kind of those we can? realism and I've been thinking about moving you're dressed as a cat. You really discussing speaking. It is for my therefore inevitable besides stalwarts is that whenever will be that they actually totally paid me while yet, as I say I got me out- is whether it hurts me to say this Jane sale above Reboot did not come out a came early. Ok, here's the thing her! Not that I was, acting anything but say we radically masturbating reworking of our guy. I mean James above and mental up might like Robin Cook. Ok to be of areas where you hi guys you to me, of course, a little, but it was category Stephen, who one nineteen seventeen They showed all right. Let's see if this guy actually knows what is done with a bout of each country, facts which also extends to collaborate with some truly fantastic.
People after surrendering in every moral guess so inspirational and leading us through this. If he doesn't win to think up, produces wasn t badge and I've been callin everybody at gambling and universal, classes are also version and subordinate everything's hurt in there just standing there. This whole time you should read marked by my ear I got the hat was earning enough, though, is that Europe is what these glasses look us law. They look look look at this and look at it. Utterly? As events moldavian ended aside, animals like sitting already trying to turn the glove as they won't fit out like a man s and am not me. I really do the best. Still a glass, so I cannot do it. Do it. Do it, I'm a good at Look there's a good. Ok doesn't hurt my glass, I had the worst headache and I dont get headaches has what is going on. Yes, those glasses binding into the sides, my ears and one of these times are really gets that little Fanelli once more. It was exacerbated by the fact that I I still grains
so my inflammatory response is like I should be on the carnivores. I use the word enough that the triangle hates Lucy Little Point and Romano Prodi, seven years old, interesting Charlie's, theorem he's transition. That's that's very grave actors. Ravings formation starts in the make up in here trailer. Listen all! Joking aside, I do want to say: I saw at first hand I was in here and make the people on the Irishman, they would transform us every day, I would just say, but about let's bring back, equipping back up our drinking game rule. Just don't you know. Four people are still drinking along. Any time the words trump diversely white privilege, climate change, racism, feminism are those of the topics or subsidiaries thereof. People now Any one of us has a lot would use. I think you said the letter J somebody drank worldly, that's fine day. They had a belief, something what we have
drink bombshell, because, obviously, that as a whole, are they shouted trumped? Hey have you recently enriching? John with gal impression. I want to know, wait. Here's my John was gone pressingly, that's my John with well, I'm not joking. I Josh Harkin it my heart, and I thought that was Eli. Of brilliant dead, that's portfolios and eight Joshua, that's makers, and here I was of the award of their showing all bombs one for make up. Ok, now, no, no! No! No! They did have to make do with what is it is actually look like Megan Fox now make a phone call I thought joke loving got out. Looking for any such weight is the same people who d parasite they ban
look alike as ever, eventually nor Mr Johnson and entire team at Brown, studio loan scared casting a crew and friends. Do you really think how bearded is for someone who might be like japanese or korean or chinese? Let for us. It really hurt. You read the name. How do I say that it's just as difficult? him to say Don Johnson. Yes, let's finally adopt. She arose. Turner and they're, just like the same thing had gone, what I don't know just as hard for them to know the point. Is I wouldn't think making is it? We are all part of one race when human rights? Yes, That's it we're all citizens of one place which is one of our planet,
its flat. We are the world that the point I would make it was being misinterpreted as racist, not another little, but that was not a little or no. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! You were the litmus test for your own soul is unknown Unita checking own heart. If you thought dark darker than I hear it's disgusting, It's really honestly sometimes I'm shape. Shame. I think it shameful season. The gold is only on the outside all come on. We still have to do go on asking for cross border. I didn't you have something more romantic comedy. Yes, romantic comedy so wanted to talk about this promo code, crater asters, that's also the hashtag witless. Really appreciate it. We ve done this for four years now, but of course you know we're not monetize at all. If you do, you want to get out and there's like this length of show You have this everyday behind the pay wall and you don't see everything over there and you too, of course, get the entire blaze catalogue. Dave, rheumatism, there's well you'll, really long. He was adamant about who he deserved. The wardrobe award, no opinions on anything else. Yeah, I'm getting a strange, because rivers
not only men, exerting Kane. Thirteen came to London came clerk now, probably what is this conventional further collar. I think I got a lot of flatness we're lost. I don't really like action films that much they have to be very like I, like very poor killer action films, but I'm not a big man. Can you name? I do have one they that Aquila private Ryan is ok and there is no one, but it was a good one. It orally accurate to say I am not a huge diehard fan Holbrooke like because it so bad, but Three hundred films, like that films like the fast and the furious I saw I may be terrible mistake. Three hundred was and by the way I want to know who out their outside of the chinese market watching too fast. You fears why? Why do I have to pass a Hobbs in short, cut out every time I go to this in a place I want to hold its own in responsible, but Sunday will watch that. It's just not my thing and I think that a lot and are guilty where they think romantic comedy just then they shouldn't watch. I actually I enjoy.
Comedies far more than action from such a difference between Roma the comedies, in chick flicks and doesn't then am I the only one who actually is a big difference? Some? What would you would you prefer watch a movie like a like a Autonoe too fast, you furious or a good romantic comedy goodwill. Good romantic comedy. Good, is the key. You, like your antivirus force over a gardener on forty four. That doesn't mean that we, generally speaking a good romantic comedy, is like it it's good. Acting it's very well written yeah. No one's sullied of Sunday creating any wind, it doesn't mean anything world without popular puts it to Vietnam architecture. Does everything worked perfectly to prefer First of all, your these words coming out of that are covered by I made it there's only half an hour ago proposals, I think so different sellers. You irish new blush, make clear what yes there's nothing so politically wrong with the pop cornflakes, but yet Romania com- you get actually like you know,
You know what parliament is very much about the microphone whack. You know that material was written by a cat person. Whether that we're gonna have up to now run cats but silent, hidden there? Some angry lesbian cat, lady with it will be really funny if they pass the microphone with them, pause. Nineteen more time, some wondering how David Letterman so that he can. He can be a sad to our pain with his Oprah Boomer material. Oh yeah tragedies? I will be turned on the microphone, so we didn't. So let me go tonight. Favorite romantic comedy. I think this year a film is very underrated. Gary underrated. Broad guidelines, only the prisoners, Brittany runs a marathon vera. Therein is on Amazon. If you haven't seen it please I want you to go, watch it or if you have washed it tweet me it s credit. We can reach a opinions from you guys. Tell me it s kind of what did you say? it is remarkable that film, it's a girl who starts off overweight
Access by the way is really funny. I've seen in quite a few things I think she was then. This is a reality and interact late night, ladies night, which was date, there's ladys leeches ladies night out single moms, some one of them without building at among Dodge others. Greece's forty, two, ok, I will keep going through my dear, but I want to see if there's anything you, the real hasn't been that much political tonight has no now we're rising. What does this growing up? I was really work of pain that's the spanish version autograph so rather than get drunk, and he becomes a little ready little. That raises the races programme really low. That saying all races down will not man now just up she's talking about ok got you and even always, really runs a marathon, so people haven't seen it. It starts off a woman whose overweight, whose doctor says when you get your health ages, but all bodies are beautiful right, you healthy and even makes a joke. I think you miss the point of these dove commercials. Yes,
so it really is like they take some shots at the fat pride move. They should and then she gets a crap together. She finds a man. She realised that there is valued relationships. She realized friends who she thought was simply thought she thought that they were sympathetic to or don't really care about her. Is like having her hang around as a fat friend, and I will say when she's wasting time its internet the decision was cheese scrolling through you know blogs, and it has, if I'm not mistaken, salon or slate indelible slate Joseph Layton Jazz about so either some was doing that with a complete lack of self awareness or someone who wrote that with a libertarian. But if you haven't seen pretty runs a marathon is fun for the whole family. Thirteen another very underrated, I'm amazed! More people aren't talking about it, not only conservatives but just people in general. We are grateful and We have another presented, its international feature film, it's ok! We can always regret over this. We can do that. He is at banana. I was supposed to be the new. Let me I wasn't vanilla sky, not more family
the debt having the thing I particularly driver. Brittany render a marathon yours you're, like the left, saying that good they always when all the movies have a social message and they wanted the communities that the products they buy. The company that I guess you know have message a mere they focus on like social change. I can't think of more of a message then showing people about getting here. Together right I mean if you want to help people, but they thinking there's this idea. That's the same reason it you get a lot of people who are upset with Jordan Peterson, even though what he says you think is what was in it shouldn't be that controversial, raise. He gets back for people saying he's unoriginal and that a big part of his messages, personal responsibility and taking ownership, tank and ownership of the things that you can control right and then you have people who say see these people who say he's original, there's nothing new and then you have the left and they have criticised. Mainly for Saint Maur, ignores the socio economic problems. People can't help it.
Cells negative set with someone like a Jordan Petersen when it should be a universal message. So it is amazing to me that if you really want to help people, it does start with vegetable cleaning up their own room. Let's see what does he say now? It looks like you wanna twice. He says I'm gonna, so you took the movie DEC. I don't think so. I didn't know another speech has, but one international weight is that actually is ignite. Yes, a single thing. I address this. One does just look like some guidance from past foreign language to pass an island like you exactly like bill regiments, first recipient under the little room under the boy, you don't you think you know what puts it should be best for language film, because all of that Hot grossing, films of all time are ink and, more importantly, a mess in another military lords brings up an american productions: okay, so
in mind what you you got a flight as quickly as you could to come over and accept this Oscars award. I think that Brad Pitt would be sending proxy to the south Korean, a catalogue of an ocean, picking winners, as stated in red glow, just international as though its listen, I'm sort of doing it. Roasted service to an international film that I don't have. It happened. Gets now Mr Wynn's best technology, because it's the best known period, I think up. With a film last year there was a network that was terrible, no, the one that was the spanish one. Is tourism only go. Oh I've, many Roma Roma robot. We must hear no would not believe One says I'm using. I think I want something. I don't think you why agenda a film if it gets now made for best picture, absolutely great, of course, whether its Japanese with south korean weather?
its, whether it spanish, but this is a foreign language from because this is an american institution right now, you're talking about the academy, this takes place where, in LOS Angeles, as it has every single year, do you not think that? Do you not think that people in South Korea, here, Americans and think of it as a foreign country? Why is that is controversial, and this is something else that really bothers me. People were talking about this recently, I think, are, I think, our Joel, echo this sentiment and I don't wanna say, was only but he was talk quoting somebody else. What made the same in a lot of people at least expresses, when I say what our borders as judgement on this day again and see in and if what prompted what borders, where these are just what imaginary lines that we create? Ok, good at it, Elton John earlier is performing at four a m It is remarkable that he is avoided the HIV, It really is good for him.
Why are they digestible as parliament? Some good decision? Yes and the odds were not in this vein. I also good for him, but he had not us, not us single gray, well, well, That is a marvel of genetics than just four men that mean that their product you goodbye? I am confused if that's, if that's Elton John of its Randy Newman with an outfit Rainy Newman, just get into a meeting with the wardrobe recycling and gas, is on its own people, say this a lot uselessly, what our borders it just as arbitrary. What because someone laid out a law created a line this divides us and we're supposed to believe it. That's a real think. Not you know what borders are really bosnian people try and be so rich, given bioengineering robbing reductive. It's a valid point, but in this case it is false. A border represents, folks, just like we're, taught him a foreign language films and that offend people, verses, international. The reason that orders exists because very physical manifestation of shared, or even more importantly, now, and twenty twenty on shared values.
Someone has decided to lay a lying down if, for example, the United States work worsening hold on a second the reason we have a border. The reason we have country boundaries is because we value liberty. We value personal freedom. We value the individual over the group. We value the right to protect yourself. We value men are created equal that all people are created equal, that women are not subservient to. They can drive cars that they don't have to hide their face. We value free enterprise not giving everything the government, we value, that all human. We value that we don't have slavery as opposed to many countries where there is indentured servitude. It is important for people to realise at borders are a physical manifestation of on shared values, and you know it also important. That's also by the legal immigration thing is a big deal. The only reason. The only reason, the sole reason that we have an immigration system by which you can migrate here legally by which you can move into this country legally, is to ensure that you share the same values. Well, there's a citizenship oath when people act as though these folks, just
but come into this country will want a second look at. Value than many be south american countries do they share the american values. Do they believe in the power to do they believe in freedom of speech? They were. The people have the right to protect their home and property what made you want? Rooting out corruption, office and I know some people. I know what about Donald Trump. Ok, look it Look at Venezuela folks. Why would we want to bring in people who might bring him values from a ship hall, south american country, where they value any of the tenets of of the principles of this country. Orders existed a physical manifestation of values. Share and values that we don't share and the reason we have a system so that we can check and make sure people are coming through is to ensure that only the people who share our values and want to take part in the american experiment. By the way, also work language become a partly american culture and appreciate american culture are coming to this country. How we lost sight of that now, where everyone is entitled to go to move into any
country that they want you, because we are all citizens of the world is asinine, it's stupid. If the rhetoric. It leads to obviously silly meaningless decisions like switching foreign film to International, but you know I am a big fan of borders on a big fan of borders and about the big fan, of knowing is coming into the country illegally, because I don't have a problem with putting on teen jerseys when you have citizens of the world who believe that women need four witnesses for rape, who believe that you don't have the right to speak out against a government. You know, I am glad that we have a dividing line and I'd like there to be a fuckin wall about that national original. Then, if you're gonna come here, can What did he can't feel? How are the Koreans doing? You're too bad, they're, not on my way out of here, get all that about John no international law as opposed to foreign language. Look, let me let me just dumbing down just a little bit the United States clear what people from California moving to taxes with their values that have not worked.
California, in coming later, in your voting that way in Texas. So it's not like I'm saying that it's just people from another country rather want people in this country coming from other stay and that's an appetite airs, and you know why, because people are leaving California, because economic helpful, it has become. We can his name, some businesses that are moving from caliphs, at least. I think- and I know that Toyota Toyota Estate Farm, limiting mutual there. They moved to a place called plain over- that's up verb of doubt, I think twelve thousand job, so people leave California because their jobs have gone away. The companies have gone away and they want to move to a two state of play. Looks very mines and with Mechano competent has not provided a California experts. Must they don't share the values? Just like someone coming from the hunter US who wants to vote in for them to be able to get health care, even though they are not here in this country legally. Do you not see how that can destroy a very country? It has nothing to do with color, in another me with a language that they write it because it s what that's be irrelevant once you begin a citizen of the United States on away it's not because
valuing another culture and by proxy their values over that of the United States, and in that case I don't want you here. If you do want to be the great american experiment or the great Texas experiment black. Why yellow red I dont care? Let's go! There are two here because of the original million? The point here already. I couldn't care less but if you share the values, I don't want you here. You are not welcome. We come take part in this. Don't come in change right. That gun of what used to like New York is due to Florida or also within an intervention made sense to me, so you this formula for two hours later, because only Org is behind us again. It's true Yorkers revolts. Vote for people who raise attacks is make their save. You know took right to live in right, so they moved like North Carolina Florida and then proceed to still vote for the same people who vote for policies that I get too expensive eleven. So this is is you're describing
something that sounds like a virus? It destroys something and then move on to another. How we do it s pretty much of that fact. There's gonna be about viruses. It turns out are sure to spoil our China. This is about a bunch of Asian to rip off rich people in and stabbed them. I thought it was lonely released around a virus even while it is not. Film, the parasite. I was wrong or parasite up here, no not know thou keep putting their eating. I oughta good from put it this way, Oddy I think you're, the only one who seem parasite if that we're just like it. If I did, I can't bear and can raise filled. You think we'll be nominated. Now now trouble now where we traveled only three percent be whore. Film on rotten tomatoes yet, but because the standards of so much higher again, because if you look at it in the film industry that unite, states is number not only want to draw all the way through the top. Fifty two hundred you might find one that's English in there somewhere, but because our standard to so much higher again, it's the it's the prejudice of soft exe.
Well, I did ass. I did tell somebody that parricide enjoy it quite as much in their like. Well, was it because of its international? That's so I didn't world standards are forced to remain on the agenda. That is doing, and what do you mean say that you like it, because it was an item. What you're saying I remain terminus. People, often one leg would wanted to start. I angry in high school, going through my my high school during grand grad night. We didn't have problem, we call the grad night Canadian There are no time talking about it's all one night, you're graduation, your promise, all just one really. I wouldn't have to suffer now and we will have no need of in jail twice. Just want no media so that we can have this either way someone's breaking the window and a limo and migrant. I went to bed and Jerry with a bunch of guys you rented a limo. None of us had date. We went to bed and James, but then my girlfriend was a year younger than me. I went to her great night. She, this affected prick, was in college, who is studying film, of course, quick guarantee, no Indiana and ask me that's why hated guarantee pie yeah, you know what
I don't know why I saw apply because I first saw Requiem for a dream and I thought I would be any better, but it's not you self important narcissistic prick, but he said I should. If human rights are no longer she said I always I've used it things. I don't watch american films words, This was in two thousand five, so there are no fundamental items from I really really Ok, Fellini do Filmmaker Phil Fill me in Mr Godard, and it turns out ask I knew nothing literally, only New Godard and Fellini, because we want to act as though you, Mr Rehn, and I just I could I can't take it in high school. I didn't even necessarily know what all my values where, but I knew that I wanted to kill all people like that. You are the right traders, Hitler. Not I didn't, kill lets you would have to say we have gathered on the ancestral lives of atonement, Tomyo and too much damage. We acknowledge them as the first peoples of this land on which our motion picture
community lives and works. I drink are yeah, and now it is my honour willing eyes how many times a day That said, you know what really, let's make it easy we will have to be talking suit. All you'll bring a chicken bones, my mistake and directors, David Ledge and lean of it. All Lynch that's another guy. Only but really I don't get him and then you have actually seen blue velvet humanitarian actors, Gina Davis. Wait, wait, dimension, Gina Davis gettin away their original; rather She looks good for radio unit EVA solar plan. Now, please Welcome Academy Award, nominated actions. Security weaver me award winning Bree lesson using that's going to leave her. Seen her vagina, but I cant remember the
I was shocked. I was shocked, not someone. Can someone can send me a rapid and serious which go wasn't where we see suborning weavers Vagina Leffingwell ride with nine airlines. It was an alien swimming daily Enemy I guess we. What did she say? Wait for you and in such an honour to be standing here with you guys I'm sorry Galvano is way too attracted redress like that, and in fact just now I like it. Each side is that wanted to look like three Larsen right now. I don't know I don't love actually only once and if anyone wants to dress wise men are invited, but right now shirts allowed I'm sorry. I've jolly like eyes
What brings you out of the voters that two times ranking because they just integrated all men, an implied in Heaven- could fight the loose gets to answer questions from journalists about how we can feel to be a woman in Hollywood. You mean free or post your public endorsing a party lines. The understanding is exactly. We also want to say by the way, real arson- and am I not supposed to look at your debts- is that why you showed him? I think so. I think she does. Once you know you can't have it all where don't don't get mad at people. If they look at you sexually, when you are showing your breath I showed half a ball on this dream right now. We didn't has, in my view, which you have just a quarter. Nord was coming out of here. Would it not be what was at the front of your mind? It's like an ass. On the chest and she looks very fetching by the way. I don't have any problems it, I'm not implying that someone who shows their tits deserves to be sexually assaulted.
Blind that someone who showed their tits publicly and endorses hardy wines, even though they know that their sexual predator, behind the scenes of ruin the lives of women for decades to come, to be sexually assaulted. Of course not, I think the men who commit those crimes should be strung up at dawn before breakfast, along with their star wars correspondent, but it is remarkable to me that they expect men to look at that and not thinking about breasts. It's done by the way of arrests generally have a sexual connotation demand. They do little more than one of the cat out of the bag to new breaking news rests we, we also have some admiring the tidies objectively know about. Why was he hath we're looking at their thinking? Motorboat Well, I don't know about that thick world. It s, not nice I don't live in a single city on your loving him look, I will say this right of your comment about Gallagher. She actually is dressed better, in my opinion that much sexier to have stuff a little bit hidden then leave it at all. The invocation I bet she went
sit there and I'm gonna Clint Howard come up. I ran up to this, but I bet shoe when they set to take away the fight. And you know we're gonna show man. What's what the moment from Joker would the shit out of all three of you and not break a sweat I laughed at last of a sweat been, is acting glasses. Nature. Not empowering women. Gallagher is beautiful. You just play wonder woman, you aren't one. Do you understand that if you actually started fight club with a bit like the way you empower women is by telling we're not to try to be as tough and its physical men put to you their mind to be more ten. To be more loving, to be more empathetic, to be more intelligent, to learn more to educate themselves more, perhaps too they should. They should not pursue physical strength. They should pay
not even just knowledge but discernment. Martin wisdom, you don't have time to try and tell you that, because you're too busy endorsing Harvey Weinstein's and talking about how tough you are really, you wanna tell me how to throw a punch without any effects, just throw paunch onstage Everyone will laugh at you and rightfully so you're pretty you not tough, amazing about these people buy it so Matt Damon. What you think, Matt Damon things. Getting a ring with mighty mouse. What do you think you're going to happen but to be all right, I think they were, and I guess we have one's didn't like we do he's been on for all three are last three rca gonna believe we can only guess for you the girl, because I was still in Michigan First report, but is one of our favorite guess. Hopefully he is blows this time and not in the house have largely, let's be honest. I hope these. Tat the unclear meet. You know I mean he probably has one of the most extensive Reza maize and all of Film Clint, coward how're, you, Sir
Well, I'm doing great lying here for governor was ball. Gonna go about tell us, What are you talking into? It looks like the wax that covers a piece of many cheese, and this is a high tech life. Guess from play more of a very nice. I don't think you're talking into a microphone because deeply, there's no proximity effect and is this Eliza Monopoly Fan club? No, actually it's the bomb. All contingencies. Finally, in the cellar- where's confusing, but I appreciate you always making the time for the Oscars Clint give anything rich tonight, as far as who you would like to see when which motion pictures have you seen or a big fan of any of them while take I was standing captivated when I want to reinforce my dear friend Tom Hanks, I feel bad supply because his the boy was first stop it he's. Looking.
To stay there all night right, yeah and knowing that he's a loser, Well, I think I saw involving Ngos right away. Yes, I'm crying into his pile of other Oscars heart goes out to those who said it was crying. Emu is jets. Will. You know Tom Hanks. It will say this Tom Hanks at one point for a couple years with the with the eventually comes look a little bit worst for the, where in some way he had the kind of not Guatemala but kind of their. But now it looks like he's, reverse the clock. Maybe fifteen years give any inside lane on that. Surgery arrival. Not necessarily think it was or blogs and fast very helpful work rigidities table with their blogs, because it's very easy right. You go for both vice when you get air plugs, but it keeps it keeps it real keep using overdue. So who do you? Recollect went no? No! No! I just
speaking when was it said, bubbling, how why I was under the impression that bar is going to join us, but it seems like his is bright although little delay here governors ball, so I believe that that we're gonna miss Thong glory. Well, thank you for letting us know. I tell you what it would have been better, Do you not because it would have been a bonus that he showed up? We didn't expect you to go full tilt for tonight, but thank you for letting us know what we missed out working, I'm looking to get Bobby Clarity and, of course, on the candidate he was roused up there. I got things and some of them see yes, I Y, I understand what as well and for those who don't know. Of course, Bobby carrying David carrying did come. Bobby Carrying, not quite as well known. It did have Tito Series not is populated.
Revenge of the guards. One two three four five six seven year wrote that gravy train right to pollute the bill. I mean I thought. Polluter Bell was not a good thing, because my only frame of reference is on the waterfront, but using political will is a desirable destination. What is probably implausible israeli desire. Ok, all right now. If I understand correctly We can't stay with you too long, but what what picture where our lines are lanes again be ready. We're gonna go balls ok, all right. Why I dont want to ruin every so your pic. What you think will win or which motion picture do you think, will win best picture and which would you like to see. I was willing does picture and I think moving ok and are your X or what is your personal favorite film of the year? That's nominated,
You know I was down for a while. I saw this. They want seasons, taxing Jimmy, the pictures I have parasite. I'm chance there all right, still, naples- and I believe this has been a glorious night for Us- while I appreciate that very much and well let Oscar fulfil Oscar in on your thoughts. I want go enjoy your your bowling, their claim, and we need to have you on the show again, sometime years soon in the future. Now that you're back stateside, hopefully the ices, not still after you or not what is going to get any bigger, actually anything else want to blow into your steering wheel, your man, I know that's tough, are I thank you so much Clint yeah, you gotta, saw me brought you gotta practice, blowing away it's even if you didn't do that job, you gotta go. That's enough. Can, however, I haven't ok, John, let's see what is a ward is right now what does belong in a movie,
when I don't want to get rid of these congratulations, Paramount pictures, Jim you guys have been first class all the way through this. This. Needless to say, most of this goes to the people they were involved in rocket man. A little bit of this is an area one of their hearts did you say about furnish driven this train all the way here. I heard the asker is very fellowship person behind them. Yes, linear glitter of different colors use good piece out jointly that behind them, she's in tray on Martin Sheikh being here with this guy, I dont even know I dont have words, for it mean this is. This is just justification for fifty three
years just hammering out not yet hammering by law is rocket man, because it's like a phallic symbol. Is that good, we're gonna because he does drugs? Thank you, too Bernie who has been caused a thing in my life, but I screwed up, but I was normal, is always been there for me David. I love you so much Matthew VON town, adjutant, what a performance Giles Mark for the music mats still growing. One more has forgotten him when everybody involved paramount pictures. I mean just amazing ha now: I'm gonna leave somebody. I don't know, I'm taking you much time. This is a dream for us. We ve never been nominated before this. Thank you to the academy. Thank it, but thank you to my fellow nominees for or losing weight
amazing, tat being as do desire rights, while unto my beautiful boys watching this in Sydney Zachary Elijah. How much do I love you? I love! You, daddy, loves you fight about! Listen! If, if that wasn't bad John can avoid making a political speech something they talk. No one else has an experience. Every document about the fascinating but John because, while he's been at the forefront for like a lotta gay issues, he's also done things like performer reversal, Ambrose wedding, here's something else! Your honor! I wrote an article on, and I think this was kind of what spawned him our support him to apologize. I dunno I correct vessel spawning, spurred with both the appropriateness instance when I drinks on air. I started doubt my own grammar you should be. I think it's also and I heard him say Florida, So maybe parent manager does not normally in effect from beer pen. Like this, my
article that Elton John and rush limbo agree on gay marriage, because Elton John said that same set, you know same sex couples should pursue civil, yes, allow monitor, sardinian, civil unions, but Mary term for straight people and its it. That's exactly what Russia than by anyone, about it, and then this got picked up. This is back and bright, but it was still big Hollywood. It wasn't actually bright, but was big right, Bart dot com for ever he had been asked about it and he should have had to walk it back, but the truth is. I think the guy who I was with probably lean, left and name it, because you know there is no real conservative wing from where he's from, but he does tend to be relatively tasteful. With it, and I think he would surprise people some of its values that might lean somewhat concerned. I know he's not a fan of breaks it, but I think it s surprise a lot of people. It's equally the virtue signatures in their trade on Sheikh at the Oscars want to speak for people like Elton John, he just one
to do as music and where glitter either even said. I've never been nominated for something like this before so again at a person who is happy to be there and happy to be grateful to everybody who helped him get there and take an award, and just I mean they thinking out. Let me rican John they're like thinks thinks we're about anything. It's is awesome. Great right arm or no matter what right right. So I think your point is that some of these people are so self centred and self important that they get up there and feel like they have to throw up all over us with their political views. But these guys areas like hey, we did great mixing, that's fantastic rates in with them We were just really glad to be here. Thank you so much I mean that we are talking about my everybody on the right workers. Look, let's be honest, I mean, if you need any time industry, you probably vote from different people than we do probably, but there's always a conversation with a burning the are from the artists and it's always a question of yeah, ok or habit of the order of the artist and ass all about it, and how much they sound like they hate they have the conflict like all these. I heard you re out spike leader is just such a
now runs up at a costume like that playing spitefully, it will be considered. Race are true. To be fair, he's honouring Kobe Bryant. Otherwise, this check, as our high right was turned achievement: indirect mourns, going some of the sea Last time I was here I was walked out. I think that is going to guide. You will go to support, says he or go to guaranteeing. I've got to imagine Unthinking Todd, Phillips gets it kidding, call it what you think whence I wouldn't be surprised. So you think when I think that end as Romania, as I do, oh yeah, you not based on the way the Wardsman going and the cameras good on him like a hundred times yeah. Who do you think audio way? I think it's can return to our mouth and my uncle. I speak to heart from this events. I've been sitting on five June, I did at the score says you can t go different, but I think I'll probably turned you know,
no garbage- I think that if we knew we would be time that you would have combed his hair one clear now. Our goal to anyone. I know Prince Important millwards veneer is. Is people are waiting? in this way. Oh my gosh I'm it's not arouse eventually, Yoda know it better, not it merely serene it. I've heard I blew no any by gold dust. Now! Listen, I get it, but there were so many good things that I have seen that I would be very summarised. The parasite was better looks for says he asked to act and I didn't want to murder him right now. I don't have many more years left come on. Don't do contain eleventh leader the next item. Is you just about Alexa? Yes, each listen,
talk about this wide that yeah you get it after the ceremony who comes under before that we be royal you're right. He's probably gonna win best pictures on customers of the monies no eleven by invoking votes, because until he was about to whom I don't believe it will not. Take us even bodes well. Thank you so much when I was young and studying cinema. There was a saying that I can't deepened to my heart, which is the most dont have a girl, the most creative come out, and this is one of those things too. He sounds. Are we saying quite a bit more than she entries translating? I think we're Lula, translation centre anytime with them all intensity, salad, in quite a bit more than that yeah said Tory Time, the way score says he is actually tonight holodeck clapping for Martin. Third,
I didn't know Morton well, say that, and she just add some great in Europe. They are called your daughter from London. That's gonna says he probably dump the Italian. How does a mobile units per se Lombardy has Marty everyone in Moscow good question, animal that he has done me. Did you maybe one for the departed from Greece. I dont know research. I think those both let's bring it up, as recent think departed, one best picture it and, of course, as you one that year though, but does he care, he gets a trophy. You know what we can answer the question: if you just Google, was there Gay Guy nominated that year. If so, when we know you gaps happened, Miss Temple which will There go nuts right now again for anyone who is actually not seen parasite quaint, always go watch it. Let me do you think that people have seen parasite? Do you really think that was a best motion picture? It's basically-
see W made for tv set director. It has not yet one best picture, so I am thing it won't bring parasite answers Woody Not so what does that mean? Ok, so many to giving their level the timing has to have it in regulating I'm off nobody's no Nope during long after gain dancers. The directors like don't play off. We need the stretcher he's gonna do to catch he's. Gonna start hid them. I gonna keep talking until years while death, another one single malt number, two or four gingham statutory says he did when best directive for departure. There you go so we say. Oh God sees these good to get you out of the question I answered, on quite a few speaking to Coronel vehicle lousy. We do have the io, let's get anything unwittingly, otherwise, our last one, let's check in
last time with our output Chino Dialect corresponded even brand in what's going on in the opportunity front. Brandon wants me to go and see that little. While I was all control, it is completely degenerated into Juno, circa sense of a woman. What Well that is well. I think we could all agree really hungry stuff. That's still recognise, take cover Y understand that skills is that just sensible women, but that still the Irishman, that's just the Irish. The same failure say: let's hear, let's hear Stevens, because when I was watching it looks like he's, smelling farts there, his own and now really I wish and Phineas perform in there. Let us until people I've never brought to bear on the theme from Schindler's less as well The in Memoriam parts are always sat here, but Billy Ellie
very interesting comments about homes going. Ok, drug, keep us hanging. I now running, I need you know I I I really was oh my God brought a brave. I really really wish. I would have thought of this before the award. Why don't you leave your mind that go very interesting comment brought it, Where do you remember the clutching to your leg like the cover of evil than it is? about home school. I go drunken one to those you what's going on the recent magazine, Billy Elisha Knobs going.
Your answer is within the global Homework magazine called you are doing. I do. I mentioned this a magazine called recent wretch regularly about giving people it's that article Somebody said it was someone In finishing I boy, We, the ambulance, place the most enlightening or its happily comments, and I dont get out the ridge This is a bout of brandy researcher. Does God but slip?
I was really all years like there. The comments are really fun. I dont know that it could possibly live up to this high comments are probably mildly amusing. I feel really government were laughing this hard more. Yes, we are not going to play well bring it up when you can there to marry and also the winner of mom how soon contest. I have no idea. I think rather think that register researcher. By the way, these really that's right again- was asking to bring up the comments Billy, I suggest we may actually we ve recent is in great need of recent reason.
Oh really is our Jersey accident that the agreement of the round table of results in if you change your Vps by expressly the unwinnable sponsor J Change, your ip to Florida, learner, regularity, We will never reach my causing. This is if I play a game written by broad, again or swedish chef who knew who do book or to underwrite it. Romantic comedy, spyware, go back to my favorite meant economies of all time. Jim Maguire is no oars. Yorkists ass, I was areas, went Jerry, Maguire, fantastic that Brooks Film. I have another one. There I think is number one wedding singers, Adam Sandler is best film guy believe there's one rate romantic comedy Martha was doubly more that's very close, not to be confused with. Rustles, been ran, never seen the I've seen AIDS funny.
Than that film, oh yeah, our astronomy, giving other word voting on this is the attitude of some funny aids. Since you will mainly oppressing there was really to spill Adelphi assume the city riddled with Denmark, you, but still we kept their spirit, some of the money they had an appreciation for levity, it has to have it and then, as good as it gets, I think is one of them is operating stammered Peter Romantic comedy. What I think is important, because a lot of men about think it's not me. You until like romantic thumbs. I don't know why could be more masculine, then enjoying the company of a woman and watching of finding a middle ground. We can watch a film, it's funny, clever, that your wife will enjoy we'll put her in the mood, and I think we need a linear, romantic, comedies and Chicks Lamar
Like not only to launch goes to grow friends pass really just any old ass. You Mcconnell Free Dallas buyers, Club catalogue, it's some of his clothes. I was pyres court can just becomes repetitive, allow a lot of things with romantic comedy. Is you don't even a certainly, if the be about like Romania, you'd typical Ro Romania couple this this woman, because about time yeah I get bill. Nay, he wrote my God, I'm thinking for possible. It also has to me it's not just like girl. The go to one with a levy, a wild and just in timber like what was that at the same one, I would like the time, travellers, wife, we feel it is well like that romantic comedy. No, I'm saying that its I'm sorry, I'm sorry but with the vain he examined Nokia and about time, basing like Billy other men and be believed. Him then go back in time, but the right where the back to their own life right and but it was also it was. It was romantic, you just loving life, and what about the love between between father and son?
It was very good guys and- and I cried at the end- yes, If you haven't seen area, you can read about them in recent years, We also note is resolved by way of a regime. We had a really other commercial breaks, but I don't like your comments. I've never been to school, a grip on school, same home, schooled. Never was not home opera bridge that gap outrage in Canada. We currently better, not at the close of the war. That was an interesting to you about what that was just the headline really brought the thunder tonight you again at that which register vault, radegund prodigal strategy for tonight. All else fails bring up recent,
this was to wrench really interesting comments, but I cannot remember, of course it's kind of help before that we do love. You, though, brought ignore port at all. Radegund brought it slightly buzz brought again is my favorite. It really is actually Pope slightly Buzz brought against foreign. Don't know, right again is my longest. I think my long standing and yet you are, he was standing well, these not, and I dont afterwards will need a willing to have. You won't be able to. Let me from the beginning when the latter was credit was really just a website through the earlier start, up and then I think Courtney came and after that, I think the best picture there representing the guy is really a warrior s. You guys don't get on camera. Often we're coming to the fore go running boards of the evening and time is of the essence, which is why I'm here to introduce myself before introducing someone else who will in turn introduce someone else. So please welcome acting royalty. The truly prettier than wonderful,
the award winner Olivia Common, going to best we're, not gonna commercial right. We can bring them up. We have more sequels here together, doing we're the inside school because of a lot of friends in Hollywood. Yes, alarm the sequel actually coming arbiters. You owe you a lot of alone, as they already have a sequel to ninety seven, oh, and we actually have they given us because they want to something they want them. Do. We want a yeah yeah, of course, need to get this in the hands of the people who can reach the people. Yes, when we act Actually, the LLC for ladder of greater is the people reaching people thought now We know that that is not legitimate, organizational touching poorer wherein print yes, other parent, what is done by hand or typewriter, so there nine worrying seventeen there sequel that looking working forty very much is actually for those it Anyone can guess, send your tweets, but we're not
Mr Brown's nineteen? Eighteen? Oh we go again. Yeah, as you can see, we are getting a lover is getting tool for this. Really is a stickler use. Take a lot of diversity what are we gonna do after he was told that should twenty years ago, is that he's making a lethal weapon with another he's, really real information? And then we have one last sequel that actually we do add on wages, have the kind of railways off now, because we're getting very near the end of this evening is Marriage story know no bounds. Tell me I gotta give a sequel lined up already, but bomb back isn't bomb back, won't be directing, direct airily Brian singer? guy he's a king of the signals controversial. Actually, it's actually go directly by Brian singer and Rennie Harlin Yoga of of noted. You did cut throat, island and die hard to ok deep sea? So if you want to equal done right, yeah Rennie
I now speak out so disabled, story is crap. Alimony story, but she's enjoying it. They said that they will see it sees enjoying it. I really Leonardo Caprio winds for this, but I do I have to go. I think driver, I think ducking Phoenix does what talking. I mean if I win really think so. It was very good, though I don't know anything about it, but I think of the movie went out and in yeah he care is many holes like everybody. Is that our present, if he's not in it, I think The only recently other guy one as Joker decide, chemicals members are dragging because he died what have the guy from tomorrow never dies is not as a Europe that always I got him. Yes tells me to come back.
Here we go here. I know he is most memorable: how disappointed in the eighth grade with a model for the Pope Other going announced and after we ve already settled them, Antonia Band. Why why they used to say the name of the person in Le Monde Dodge looking at the goat like three or four more collapse come on LEO, I told you they just drawing is all of you didn't have enough material, regular lab. They really get a dried out. Thirty pass are cut off time in cleaning your neck, Joker busy nervous? well, I just want to seem disinterest. I don't know that those Keanu bagasse backing Everybody get ready, lie. You there'll, be political questions here. First, ask your eggs?
these immigrants daring, what more prescription beard refrigerator going to bring in a police prescription yeah you, whoever that don't give it you don't do not enable him avoid summers elbows, and I do not know that's actually called, can read out because of your Regan Diana S, room, because the carnivorous out there, like that when we share the same love, love a film and this form of expression has some people even me, the most extraordinary life. I don't know what I'd be without it, but I think the greatest gift it has given me and many others able, as is the opportunity to use our voice restless trap need suddenly. So the distressing issues that we are facing collectively
spit it out collective communism, red we hit the days were made to feel that we cannot be indifferent causes, but for me, Those delay, I said: ok reality. I think whether we're talking about during the arrogance dry need beer, eggs or a lot of God Did you use rights were willing to drink more like there are only back outside drinks learning. What do you have something? Really one bringing beers right now we need a real basis has airway to dominate, who take caves. They stop blocking savage brought about on the threat of lonely. Go up the subject of the fat check from this. Is us these chemicals we ve comparing dissuasion me running right now. We
I've run Alec happen I'll bring you search, maybe you're, no one watching man room that we're. There's leave your back there, nor even to the natural world, and we have brought a lot of drought above. A crowd of anyone feel entitled. I took a very long enough for you watching the same. Show we steal your baby right Erica. Of anguish, unmistakable and then we take from milk. That's entails. Calf zanger everyone else, a shot, gonna drank likeness hole, had happened this beach, everyone I drink there and thereby here in its entirety, to give something up. But beings and our best we measure the creative genius. We yes for use, love and compassion.
As our guiding principle. I do I love being true. Love and compassion brings a move. You dumb, five children unto the environment. Environment. I've been really one of the five. Now the man we should be nice. I wish my view of life are robe improvement, hard to work with. This is get darn grateful, but so you in this room have given me. Essays brother died outside the right. That's what was tasteless but when we supported so I dont obviously wish without further my y know, like maybe studio fifty four, where he did a little bit too much law had come to Jesus moment and then decided that he would. You have to follow. Chrysler blows head off because he's good does Germany drugs. That seems to be too worse is that can be charted, guided the listener they don't. They only have forty seconds well. I think that this
They give you a little bit more time to pontificate more blood eight, whichever eight you want. When in recent years we were seventeen Marbella robes, this lyric runnin, The rest, don't you love, and now I think that is rather lost, and you know what you know. Why ok, I've! Only if the drink ray you I do think he's drunk or higher. Ok use more nerve you're, just like when you marry more saviours of the bad family. Evidently, the reason that his brothers document- Obviously, people are accountable for their own actions, but I feel sympathetic to the family and I feel so let it to people like the Barrymores family because they live. In an industry of the worst among us, because they aren't you run about people saying you know what you shouldn't go to the content and the cool nightclub pop rob these outside. But you know what Do it because these values are compassion and those values, those and, by the way, the way they mean love. It's not a value that we women lovers, judeo Christian
a hummingbird faces face is that we want. Stand, love as an action. They believe it's a feeling. How do I know because they ve created poor, not free for women with chick bricks and mortar romantic comedy is what these false ideas of love and removing personal responsibility, and otherwise, ironically, the only place in the world that actually has the fifty percent divorce rate, which people try to thrust upon the America but what was never to recording the Census Bureau divorce rate peak in this and these are the self handling prophecied about thirty something percent. You know what it is and how we would you want to take a guess. I don't want to take. It s, what the divorce? What is referred to America's in Hollywood sixty is one hundred percent. It is hundred percent. While that's what happens when you're guiding principles? Are love and compassion which, by the way, by the same thing, I think it's just decoupling now is that with it? when it comes to self is on coupling a couple: everyone. How do you think this thing, and that is your everyone, nothing and underneath your tongue? I will say this one thing, but about while Queen
I suppose, the bread walk when we as walkway lot, we. Finally within our mountains, we as opposed to breadfruit- where I think is this- is a Roma talking point. I honestly think what what what worries? I think you're feeling actually humbled by the wind energy Kenya and then he started vomiting right raised the alarm, what distance I forgot to we was brought home, but I think he was hospitals and see about it. Just so happens everything you said was bleeding worship now now. Can you one number with it within a golden global every one where he told all would accuracy stop flying in private jets who, in his mind, I believe- and I am delighted with how bout you ve Lion coach first order or or dealt the conflict over plus, does? What can we accept a new car because, unless he's robbing an old Peter he's doing more to harm the environment and human flying private, let's see Cynthia River very demolition man that is strong.
Finally decided what exactly what this marriage cheaper but you did better in showed her aunt much more than that which this beer so busy it's hard for drink, one big one, second, to drink, of an authoritarian others. We will probably have to get a producers to be quicker on the repair. I need a beer, I'm out, I'm ready, I drink all my watch, they just one. I know you drink it. Died and get a full one come on, I'm not an alcoholics that wine brought together all hold, ok bombs. Rene Zeller. She needed a went after what happened to your face. You did what she did? She was acute next euro. Then she did bridge diary and she gained weight than she did the sequel, people don't don't tell you by the way Hollywood. They have. You gain a bunch of wait for Rule then lose a bunch of wait for approval. It's very tight. On your body wants to get past thirty, and then they they discard you,
I think it was a rude awakening for her and I what again german where's my favorite films. I like it. I think you did I just don't know how to do exactly that. Had didn't check the Hawaiian follow my Lord Wisbeach thank you for inviting me here inside one of the most beauty. What's What movie, which fell experiences of my life? I have said it before and I will say it again: Cynthia Scarlet sideways search at say, desire to be considered company. It Livingstone, caramel crack and that's a democratic and that's just a club for whisky.
Do more in your yeah allotted to finish this afternoon. It regulates man get up here and take us to go to the region. Do that to him one can carry Diego the rack running through cast any true who worked so hard to sell, but such a good beer extended family. That's right, you're gonna, look abounded in France. Are you are not getting club? I reckon I say this as the reason I'm probably tinier than than the japanese and korean guy for your emphasise around three and twenty five would rise in South Korea waste. A japanese evanescent really. You said Korea that South Korea, who gives a shit well in one's Helen ones, not that's true, accurate one funny Renee story because, as as enrolled at your letter with prouder in the midnight
understanding. You judge in the mid nineties everyone's but she's, just a joy, Lauren atoms, enjoy Lord out, I'm sort of story about someone who got them confused, who was everyone seems well, yes, it is reassuring as a true story I can't tell by the glass in your eyes it was on this scale. Ok, ok! So what rhetoric? If action read again your ads ridge, idealistic islets, artists, still, science question racial across unconscious, ok, during all cultures, dragnet billowing that you do It's almost like ruining here to do a light. We have to keep Consequently, the last speech inspire the fine that picture for that Therefore, the worse, because you are here as we agree- the moderate hecklers when you need a second, I make money,
you, do not you not a skilled. You better get square safety, Harriet the Pope and of one man, incisors gosh. Sweaty pie, really I've ever heard of a state like three hours. Reload findings will be well these pages. That must be the same person who What do I nice? You shouldn't engaging hominem attacks, how wouldn't reverberates rapid, stop it good or evil doers believe do unlike rehearsed. Why is it then? That is enough? That is enough when muppets attack
I gotta control edges. It's all right. We lost our reticence if you re not mine, but oh my gosh. What what do you think you're? So any matter lumbering? Half pope its half of a hat Think of where I put my face here when I'm doing with that, I'm gonna do it. Oh that's right! He doesn't, while still Then people can see my mouth moving. It doesnt matter because you're showing it to the Heartland of America earning arrogant, well go on and not burn cook shocker link. We could be left to feed the widow to bury the years or unless we are refreshing it right now work in the field. We're, probably not missing much takes about as much time as proud.
In southern carbohydrates. Due to turn to the actual body of Christ, is now a little on the no very taste will will see here. What what have you don't like it? bit of consecration, Schumann, ray leash thank you mean transubstantiation. I know you say that you have. I think we're back up we're just our large, a commercial we're just Dino commercial break boy, you anything other than words Somebody give advertisements, Aberdeen bring me a weapon, it's only. I go for Google, home half pope. It is oh well
We can eliminate horribly warrants themes, conversations and find out what pills we took to grow of low hanging fruit get someone forgot to tell you I'm staying up and have put it. We can all quarter Pope good. It really is like a quarter is kind of a quarter. Po we haven't ordered my literary. They tend to be very small, so made it really is a half and we would just we would view. It is clear I think, you're right you're right. I've also grocer hired of the Pope Stick. Yet this is me trying to feel tat. Do we have worked out we're having costume winner, we're still winter, a God. Let's see you the CUP Manatee, what thou art complaining? I well that's why? like me, Elizabeth Warm. It wasn't like that don't let it looks a little bit like me? Ok, you know why that is.
Disgusting allowed Weller Terry is someone rest as grass roots are addressed as Elizabeth Ward winner is someone who can still pronoun were wrong. Thank you for your lives with war. Now will you and brave women they are like. This looks like a dog color it and look at this warn against this off is choking make like theirs we ve to break this either. We do more breakthrough in Europe. No, I don't wanna go to break we're going to be done. We have two new sign up to Numa clubs. I see those people you ve, let's see those sign up saying we have purchased, governs the owner Joanna Foundation B, main and bread, Cavalry to power.
Thank you so much while we are more general Jordan gang I piles red always and MIKE Postman. Thank you for joining so Monterrey and we actually, I don't know if we were now to get believe some new talents coming to the blaze. You I heard the rapporteur underrated over the various don't announced rumours. I know that. I know that when you get a little when you drink a little bit, you get loose weapon issues with your magazine, subscript wishes, because when you said Davy Reuben Matter yeah, you got dean. Martin wishes he couldn't erotic during an obedient media. Would you know you need to know understand. Our aim, in my mind, was supposedly drank apple juice really really! Yes, yes, Can you say that the matter we are after all day, but tell me this drug, your honour, the different views.
Hence ran the fence resists the Gaza. Jane Fonda, pay less listener because she's insufferable bitch? Obviously so drinking and you haven't got in. I think this is what people have funding for the US drinking towards the end of the night. Yet this is what pay, for you saw the ride me want. Take. You write fuck you this is a rules out. We have we ve lost ground and we have lost me. There's gonna be aid and can make on our lives as individuals. You talk to the enemy on society as a whole, for the academy. Here are the films that, the greatest impact this year, Johnny Boy, if you listening not morally flights for giving early point out my idea that people have to do something we merciless bearing alike
so you guys called that picture. Who did you I'll pick you up? Ninety don t you judge, or at nineteen seventeen versus Ferrari Peter churn Georgiana. I they once upon a time in Hollywood. That's what I would like to see basins what's goings on. I think it could be. Parasite. I swear if its various at an end or not the which never would have been created. If the writer this was on a carnivores diet. In writing. I avoided all. I think they should go tore through China might, of course, a picture of you, probably right until my personal because once upon a time in Hollywood, followed by Giorgio rabbits got, I think so I'm thinking, parasite desire this room. This movie was reminiscent, was Anderson. The hours will be sought to something else. Working again and he read you like. I showed you rapid and that little kid little chubby kid looks like at. What's the name of that psychic for Simon Pegg, who was in hot fuzz and Shaun of the dead Nick Frost
Ross here. A little kills. You little mic crossed a flash. I think so. There were some good pictures. You didn't shoot em time, so I will say these are pretty good. With the exception of Paris, Marriage story, don't worry good film and little one, and I don't watch this once I didn't see little What time zone is greater than ninety five percent? We are all able to lesbians. Little woman was forgotten. There were little woman, they were little lemon. They were learning three zero. Cried all the women, listen and upon a time when I was hotter than anyone this new movie until she started feeling fuckin choose what they want you. So how does it out a still see who's as you know, things up the money. I know I know you like one owner writers thing. I know just for your box waters.
I have yet to open. This is therefore a problem, but I will not hide There is a lot of people wonder why we don't do a state of the union's rowing. That's because I actually to hear what Donald Trump has to say. About what I've never done a set of the union's doing, because I want to hear this speech. I can add nothing. Value The commander in chief is speaking to the nation true, but this is an utterly valueless there's nothing here, a value and to get it out, how how little value this debacle is drunken broad agenda was an early morning. Flight is more important for you to hear the only way to address this issue with us talking over and now I'm starting to learn your trouble. America, never were your word spoken,
Paris. I all gas unions and I was just not worth ice vision and not because its foreign, it's just bad Adams form. You know I like tat. Was it Roberto, Fellini, life is made of all with regard to Fellini. We must make sure it is not parasite, not parasite, not per se. Frederick of landing goes to the Vietnamese, Paris, that's what makes you Oscar whistling bad luck, I'm sorry what the fuck winning. Ok, I've come down everything. Ok,
I would have rather cats. Almost one hundred good for you. But the sight of me you are you know what such violent Terran Tino is going to win best picture for another film, that he doesn't it a nervous right guy, with a damsel with training day to what was that we gave it to him, for he didn't went from. Welcome actually gave a tomb for training the radio, but now I realize that bill is exerting firecrackers and an average of people rather bulbs what do will be around like I support that am I drove the treaty. What Chinese South Korea, unless you get here, stop it.
You know I always what are you talking about? That is if we want a game, show in yellow or jumping over five zero, either carriers obstacle with people laughing at you put. This shows that the best score says he is dead inside this missing that kinda toenails, hey, guess what This more international as opposed to a foreign language. We would be bridging the cultural gap, because internet I mean it crossed borderline right across international the idea of international that we are all citizens of the world, but we can communicate because apparently when the dire of Babel she'd. You said right now, you want our words. What you can't learn the language. I tell you what the iron angling Further South Korea. In a word, I will learn both your language
I will learn the verb. Tens is as well as how to create verb, exploding, phones and thrust them upon the unsuspecting american public, and I will honour your culture gang. I think they're fine, I think on gingham style they shouldn't have won but they're fine. It's been a while happening right now. What are you doing with all of you, and I are the cause of some states Johnny turning up they're turning off the lights we get them off stage. What are you doing? What turn out the lights they get about? This vague fire him off is garden commonality? hello, everybody! I really like to thank him for you. Being said: Marianne Obese among them. That's truth. That means that, in that this is a south korean reductions, lots of rising the means
get that fat eating white rights, neither we nor the garb story one fat guy directors. Little little trouble is not that bad about sends a very ready she. Yes, we haven't, I watched parasite. I said this is and with a sense of humor right yeah he's a regular riot of this man is regular south korean Joey, Bishop, I say, throws it when I watch parasite. Nitrogen is rigid, lose my son of a bitch origin. Cucumetto, bring up a big job Richard Louis, and tell me that out, but Chino is not marry your thing individual. It's enough. Three ingredients of Richard. I was It's on the Sunday. I didn't have time to think of anything for love. I wonder I wish I could take it off break it just what will then There's you haven't where this is not mobster, Folsom,
Very have let it just doesn't even its opportunities there are about can't keep track. It's tough. After what keenly talking politics is speeding up was down down, is up. Greed that wasn't me Oscars it's a Samsung grandpa deal. The good news about this is that little woman, one almost no awards marriage Furthermore, I never went about limiting was that just is that the documentary about a midget from jokers transition story? Yes, little density always show those are eligible for the asker. Nobody asked is eligible for Thursday. Night are open. What what what crazy gravity going? This are all have now that we ve gotten parasite way who really one we gave it to Jane Fonda said I won't wait. Watchers after photo of Ursula, though we have w
You can see the word we or watch really is a travesty. Horrible than normal There were much better films far and I just when I didn't regulation no nominees to know viewers, and I hate that I've wasting my time. I'm not gonna lie aside broad again having too much a drink, I think I might be my last ask restrict suggested. I dont know that I want to do this anymore. Subject myself to it, I dont. I honestly, I thought about this you to this. This is true. I told Johnny, I said you know, maybe it's Christmas, we need to do another sixty hour scene and live streaming heels out now. Why would you that I say honestly because it was the hardest thing I've ever Dias and I feel like if I dont do it again, it will haunt me forever. Ok, Is that so I said, if I don't do it again, I know it will be afraid of that. Sixty in our lives room for the rest of my life. When I look back- and that was the worst moment of my life was a bite by our about twelve
I was losing my. I know I was going to do next guys, whether that is it made me. So that was an exercise. And controlling ones. Temper. Ok, let's go around main take away tonight by the way. Thank you so much for tuning, and we appreciate you watching with us. The promo code is still able, through Monday night crowd or Oscars Every single meant for every membership. He a trillion dollars and ten dollars goes to the the Betty Ford Clementine products will be making our colleagues anonymous. You haven't you remember so Gerald what you mean take away from tonight. My with my main, take away is that everybody just went with the International Delia thought that the theme would fit for everything and I'm not taking anything away from parasite, but there other movies out there. That was out. There is a shithole. I owe you say it's not what you think. I only I again you're borrowing, well your head Gerald?
well I like it. I like there's like they show Jim's corner, don't start up yet don't me ass, it might turn the lights. I tell you what, if you put me off you all know the meaning of prisons and poor houses faster than you can say what team Phoenix is a prick. But what I have to go to prison audio what you mean take away from tonight. Hollywood is dead. Ok We regard this also now or black garret jeez. This garbage. Besides the same thing you said is like they just went with It was just give its weight or what you say. I can remember. Is that you are saying that they were with the theme of a foreign he's in there just giving it to the end of the day. S journey react to everyone. What we know now Gandhi now it, the rest of your life, you send their good of Kenya could coffee in Kenya, W a new girl, I've rival, Godfrey there's a blow all right right. So that, from this Hollywood
down from disorder. Hollywood, because, with the exception of one, is based upon every bread, but no one the power on all the names- and I bet you forgotten- how is what do you. Oh you, tomorrow, they kept us mother, mother Fucker We still have the boys. Some, let me just say, mother. Legally binding for people who are shooting and will it not because of its very I mean I'm enthralled, yes, appeared for those who are shooting from Youtube pronounce it blazed tv that comes less crowded while eighty outcomes not already there, so they know that for those Turning into you tube that, even though the last three years running we ve been booted from the did you ever the Oscars stream, and even though every single we ve won the case. We won the copyright dispute and even though half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond reached out to Youtube ahead of time,
still were voted for something that was well within various here's. What crazy the biggest criticism we received tonight and it's a valid critic. And by the way I agree with you that we didn't show enough of the I don't get lacking and the reason we didn't is because we're trying to dance round this flame of the other. You too copyright system, but we know as follows: how do we know what false? Because he always win after the fact. This is fair use, its trade formative for some reason, even though, when we reach out to direct contacts at youtube- and we have a long story- history of winning every single time- the big boys dreams decided they have to take us down. And it is a remarkable problem. People are doing is ablaze right now. Thank you so much. We appreciate it also by people who are watching the blaze were watching there all night. We appreciate it. I want you to watch, it has our home, you too valuable advertising revenue Boeing,
no money off that and it is remarkable as to how corrupt that system is. So please, if your tuning in Youtube Nyjord. Turning over the blaze, do sign up at my god? We never be able to do this. Otherwise look we would I be able to do this. Otherwise we play by the rules. We do everything that is asked of us, and we by every single time is a false copyright strike. We were, we ve never lost every year, either way what about why this is the only by the way with the occupation. By the way, with what sums and I the bottom fanned by the way said that summit. You often by the way or we ve talked about this, and I do love and criticism by the way I give us, rather than that we didn't show whenever the Oscars. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but we had tonight, then we still pardon me got, but they fuck you. I know you do I shrink
What happens? They know that you don't allow you to boyfriend. You do the whole life you whenever you fuckin copyright dispute and they fuck you they fuck. You won the life street. You spilled your beer, you're cartoon cited. This however matters very right, and that that entitles them to smell is beer, where we really is what what are you a lot of the basket again tonight? The whole theme of Hollywood is dead and another kind of joking, but like you and how it is that the industry is changing and we ve seen that there are millions of themselves seen it with all the capitals and by the way that access is not exempt. Look at knock, Lucy and Dynamic, NBC also Amy. And we see CBS. They can't get the viewer ship source do they call their overlord that Youtube and say hey, we'd, better make the independent content creators better not be able to compete. Because now we realise that the capital valuable is the eyeballs and ears on Youtube. Initially, there We wanted to make sure they knew. How is going to be monetize right and that being so, you can't monetize something like Youtube with a classic classical corporate cost structure, so they
I did that now they ve seen channel. Like ours, income there's another. By the way. We don't. We don't talk numbers a whole lot of Michel because we want to be based on content and people who want to tune, and we never wanted to be. Oh yeah we're the cross x amount of user x amount of subscribers that beings and if you look at those numbers and you compare on a pound propound basis, this show and south my this show and Trevor Noah this show and Stephen Colbert, or this show and young. So no using their independence. There actually funded by Al Jazeera, and I know what you're saying hello. We pointed out that the blaze, but guess what guess, how much have yet to bet how? Much of latter, with greater do I own one hundred percent? We have a look, using agreement with partners who have been on the up and up incredibly honest and supportive of this content, along with other content creators like gave Reuben law Roman loyal, more talent to come, the point entire industry has been up ended like we ve seen the film industry, but now you see it on line and, unfortunately you Jabez decided to acquiesce to these people rather
honour this ecosystem that was created by content creators like us, or people like beauty by take your pick. The point is right now, there's a divide, these people as irrelevant. I'm willing to bet that tomorrow will read about this bingo Lois, rated Oscars ever, and so people like that want to make sure that people like you can't see content like this, because if we available in a free and open internet and by the way, we're not stealing anything right next to a heavy seas. Oscars dream that you will pick this programme and that's why we are so you have to everyone who has and people who haven't we how's that you do. We just ask that you do. Of course you don't have to. You, can find a multitude of waste who steel these people, streams and aren't available you too, but we just ask that you support us. Cut it out. Comes much mug club, we really could use it and it's what keeps this whole vessel afloat there is a war right now going on and it is with the legs of the Working Phoenix is Steven Spielberg, Marty Score says: he's the Paris creators, I can't pronounced their names and content.
It is like, and without a leg up we win Just ask that you help us when and if not that's, ok, we appreciate it. We know that not everyone is used to paying for content, and we thank you for me with this for as long as the long and very much broader needs, more drinkings heard prodigal have known about the growing of what you said. I mean I see like like my ancestors we drove you, don't work. Looks like I don't like you. I feel what like my seven you're, my through your neck nieces watch. It's not what's a navy see what's on sea, because that would put an embassy it's what an independent creators are putting on Youtube in their case its independent creators like family, they kids playing with toys that they own right, but still that's what entertain them.
What you were, the networks are watching the not watching the commercials for what networks are watching their watering, like independent creators, of what I want to do something I wanted to get a second, I'm just gonna walk to make sure you follow me here with the cameras. I think a lot of people don't necessarily realizing when it started out Youtube. Just one person talking to a Cambria, so he thought of you. This one sole independent content creator, Hollywood as fifty year, forty Jerusalem and specifically that seem to go from Gonna Volga. There was something known. As you know, you would sort of think of Hollywood. As I don't giant corporate sort of conglomerates structure where all these people We're union are working on a film right now. There's this raised to the middle, for the same reason that you'll never have the late night ratings that Johnny Carson had I would like them to Be- can compete with us. They basically given up paying light Trevor Noah, and if you look at the South Myers they just pay a bunch for advertising evils. Are tens of millions of dollars and advertising? They still can't compete but I do need to understand that there is a split, the difference
since there is a race to the middle, we are in the process of building up and we have more power, working for this company and a lot of independent Youtube content. Creators who had in the past and Hollywood is having to show down so they're, trying to shave, people and lay people laugh and trim the books. We employing more people and unjust for people who may not necessarily now. Let me show you what you're muslim support we have brought in Russia who flew in from New York long Island one. Do you morning, seven m. Seventy, my god is less. Can you live on it Johnny boastful Ok, all right evolve, as now lay down even involve that's his byline in recent days. Recent maggie- you don't know by the way and seeing thank you so much notably anymore, to help find the funds. This is several thousand dollars in wardrobe, Yede, more proof. Look at James cordoned cat versus quarter black. We here right now, you're makin, the Bishop support job
We mercilessly mock and rightly so sure, thrives fairly. We also it also voice appellation Bill Richmond who let go. Anyone legally required to wear this out, but I am spite the fact that every time normally small packer for six with other grow or not or shower Missouri several hundred members, it was five or six hundred helping unbelievably with our tv commercials with the overlays. This you're my gloves, important body weight. Audio Wade is a great surprise. It we ve had here. I don't know if you're going to be this camera, that where the camp, where this is a whole new, this is somewhat. Relaxing the vizier over here articulated lorry from Florida, artisan Ethan.
Our concern with the operators life and to the grass is handled became one of our greatest surprises with this that you ve, been also a brilliant writer. Teeming with your mother was already await your mother support quarterback, their historic, like water between states respectfully, was woefully on on qualified at that point in Athens we need in the end he wasn't really address, think you would say that there is fair, but we found a really was mister, just creatively picture to helping with proper with make up, and we will do this in his off tat ass. You do this. Why don't you let us know we brought him back. I think it was through the other you to purely scene and will use it was held. An intern- and we said that guy quarterback, it wasn't issue, it is not as an editor, but he had not been well worth. It
we gotta get a. I do. We want him back and now he learned look around. You can see all of us against the cameras he learned how to operate all of this the lives. Switching that you see going from Cameroon, camera major automatic central audio on time that all comes from quarter blackguard. He would not be able to implement this company if not for your mother, I guess I'll have to walk with. Building phenomena. Is energy I met a couple dream, so all of these people and again another ten to fifteen people who you don't get to see you What has happened? We have Courtney. We have read the researcher. We have I'm trying to think of us We have our about. You know you're someone. I can't I can't say well off hand get anywhere but which, by the way we are even Brendan. We have right. We ve all these people who are employed by you joining we're not funded by a foreign. Caliphate with Al Jazeera, knowing that there are twenty million funding from Al Jazeera with young Turks, fifty nine it came from wherever else somewhere in Qatar,
We are funded entirely by not like people says this, because I mean viewers like you and federal funding I use signing up to dollar in watching the show and there's this race to the middle and people like a b c. In Disney, and we ve had to deal with, I think vice is it did, ABC Disney and then NBC Vocs amenities lawgivers over and this universal vocs. As what boy we really pick, point seven. Only we let it go to adopting a fight with a b c Disney and then vote Ex NBC Universal. We need to fight it. These giant corporations, because, through you, funding through your support. We are able to be competitive and I use this term for fractions on the penny of the dollar compared to what they spend. They can't stand it. They can't stand you they have disdain for you, just
have disdain for the Donald Trump voting baser anyone with an hour next to their name, the robes, and so we need you more than ever before us. We did. He can't join up. We understand. We just ask that when you can you do thank you. So much. I really do appreciate it. Everyone here thanks, you I am so blessed to be supported by you, and everyone here is supported by you. Your dollar goes far further than I think you realize When you understand, I want a fax, real fast, name that movie line before we go. I hope you enjoy our fourth annual oscars. A promo code is crowded Oscars for those who want to sign up. I think it's time from now taken before we leave to check back in one final time be paid for the retainer with our Star Wars correspondent? How did evening transpire for you even Brandon I left the room at the fortunate he's. Gonna end really sad
J J varieties, while the either that or a buffalo. Why away this, it is climbing he's just climbing out. You know that you know it lets with that all right. Thank you very much. Everybody hope you got. A great man see you next week this week. This this week this Sunday. It's weird.
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