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2020-02-14 | 🔗
Talking all things: slutty wandering lone wolves, Swiss banning gayness, transgender My Little Pony, saying farewell to Andrew Yang, and finally thoroughly debunking the idea that Pete Buttigieg is a moderate. Spoiler alert: not even close.

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about sixty nine dollars for students, veterans, active military and it's the only way we can the lights on. We are not monetize on Youtube. It is entirely funded by viewers like you and not a foreign caliph. Just mugs for those who have not yet joined up. Here's a little bit of what you must this week, These regions must be the same person who could out with Chino Piano TAT, only one. No, I love this episode. It's it's. How you make lemonade from all depictions of TIM family must be treated with the same reverence as the men themselves, which is why we ve made this recent addition to our company. Wretched, I'd like to be on the lips and not actually in eligible roof is actually the dome. I spoke about in a close one time at the gym thought guy, and I want to see your thoughts because it this is what's airing our right now on television. Let us also not forget someone,
Trans community, I absolutely would cover the writer an abortion disgusting the actual debate that wasn't the presidential debate then trick devious water with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Betty Where are the other two half asian than the one? Where we are? What we looked everywhere, Sir, MA. Am I mean observer, mind doesnt? Have you
a new community guidelines. Yet yes, sir, but there are their little confusing or contradict ready, broken most. Audio Wade? You, desecrated, Dan Fogel Bird saw, but congratulations you are actually the least offensive of the bunch quarter: Black Garret hello, you ve taken part and some of the most racists sketches ever uploaded to this platform. Fat drunken quarter black as no wait. Go through life, Sun and MR crowded, the real We had to rewrite community guidelines and the first there- is literally not a single marginalized group that you haven't insult. We even had to create new groups just because of you a fine exam
oh, you ve set, make sure you tell the half Asian and then the wine guy exactly what I'm about to tell what what what was at sir you're out finished at you too. Platform. I want you of this general Monday morning and I'm sure they happy to know. I have contacted Facebook and Twitter is, will also linked in Tik Tok Slack Spotify. You won't be able to so much as open a myspace account. Well,
well out with it.
That is called me laughing behind the scenes introduced really having my lawyer assassinate. Wonderful to this show hate by that reminds me. Guest today will be talking about PETE but gig. Whether he's a moderate can question that I have you heard him referred to as a moderate Canada, PETE Bucket of Indiana, and do you think that they are of enemy been any truly moderate Democrats since tooth
I don't know what it takes. I just want to say any more, but I, Dammit inessential. I guess at sea and Remedies which has an actual think you might be my lawyer. This, as you see, dies horribly, but today we have he protected MIKE Tyson Jeffrey Epstein. Hardly wasting recently. Donald Trump, America's favorite lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, as we already exotic first, I will second before we get that having their policeman. How are you from wonderful? Let me hear what a black gear or user in Green had passed. What I do want to see an audio way: G, Morgan Junior. What's you wanted? One of them is born of fire. Cabernet. Ok, we'll next time you conservative audience. Members do realise that we said no servitor audience members and he refused to did I refuse service he seems like, and I have the right to do. That is like a nice guy, behind the scenes he's a massive.
I don't know why people are even more. We move on. We have to get to this, for those listening, and I am sorry, but I am those that determines aroused her. That's what people, but I know that a new looked familiar that's what walk out music
the voices can we really hurt, and I guess I can't even say- and twenty twenty like hey, don't don't just scream out, has really that's how adults act the hardware here and it does its awesome. I love emotional you're, not drop at your irish folk song. Insulin, single ok will also be talking about people get quite a bit today in Michael Bloomberg, but leading the news. Bernie Sanders, of course, was the winner of the New Hampshire Primary Sport, a slim victory over former mayor PETE, but gig and sanders now turned his attention to South Carolina. That's a big story of court after calling it where he's he's got to shift people are talking about this data. We don't talk but political strategy whole out Michel, but he's going to need to appeal and he's been, two more traditionally religious voters
but why did you do it fast over? You know. If you were to endorse me for leader of the free world, everyone could be destined to believe me. I know Jesus I'd like you to think about joining. We can spread matching uniforms and crippling taxes across the board. You mean stealing democratic stew, steel. I'm ok go back to fast. I gave you how free healthcare really yeahs accept you'd have to pay a not interested in any way. I sat.
Look, I don't want. I don't want your guys like very much. I can wait a minute. I'm Jesus yeah
God sign, not down from the angel the Son of Man ringing it against burning through everybody's against and the Lamb of God clearly has a club which are bent take those ending really got Amy, also by the way, some sad to reply. I apologise for this programme are way this after this America's favorite nuclear, sad news actually in endangered wolf that walked eighty seven hundred mile to find a mate and love has died. This comes from the guardian. Scientists had been tracking the wolf since she left Oregon for California in twenty eight teen cross country too. And a mate they named her. Oh our fifty four, which
Cherokee translates to travelling whore Wolf, oh well! love is certainly making. It knows what she wants to get lost on the way. Eighty seven hundred miles from Oregon, the California has just announced yields. Let's get you let you know what horrible Traveling werewolf they're not going to respect you until you respect yourself. You just have to be yourself. It's enough is enough. International is by the way the Swiss didn't make. It needs a whole lot, but they ve loaded to penalize public homophobia. Now that's going to be a new law wasn't before and now they are protected which is actually great news for Switzerland's number. One favorite hot cocoa brand swiss Miss turf worker so that a delicious
reconvene is that alkali process cocoa? I don't I don't listen. Now I dont get it. I'm a cow fan, really how good Lord near the differences? Nothing! It means I'm an ass. I just sacred cow, because I want to have a conversation reason. What do you mean Cook was unknown oak, a cow and explain you that if in processing it just means you should walk along your Mary way and avoid me at a party yeah. I don't do that and I also pretty much for groceries. So a man was another news. We was arrested for trying to pay a prostitute with Hamburger news. We may seem out of the ordinary to some trying to pay for sex with a hamburger, but it's actually surprisingly, increasingly common. It happens quite a bit so well. Ass hates, why Mcdonald's? Don't even we started on the workings kids club.
What do you mean? We now say: there's not for people with an eye. What is this? It makes no sense and also for those listing. I do remember grimace can, I also provide a central issue for those listening, an audio you're. What listening to achieve, Yet what we still want you there really are we not now take away here. Is that Gerald isn't is an ungenerous bach? easier and garnish love? Yes, he does. What are you pay with MC doubles. Now I pay with one: Is you pay with wind s, helping us about everything good? I just bought him into a corner because then it was wife is watching her sexual violence, companion, cereals, like I just eat, just a little reared pulled me. Nozzle me large model. Be knows
nozzle nozzle, how it's got Youtube. Thank you. By the way another stray proving once again that the internet is not real life. Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential cause you're doing so good your parents, were, spare me the longer. I just thought it actually. When I saw the story, I thought it was new hallmark filled with thinking. I was under the vote that you could be it. I've really crazy about Andrea, untold supporters. I'm not someone who wants to take people's time and dedication. If I don't think we have a chance to win so everyone here less and obviously we look at these people is worthy competitors. Have one here wishes, Mr Yang well in his future, endeavours, of course no ill will, but for Andrew and Yang Gang it's time to close
you're here sing. Your policy is to give every adult in the United States one thousand dollars a month. No questions asked. I think, if, like three point, two trillion dollars a year, How would you do that? time endings and began again,
times. It's time to go to the regions, I want that you're. Getting things to opening is complete.
You shouldn't be doing Jello shot so you're a lawyer in many ways I loved thing is I'm not just Andrea loved running for president going into many had a good time with a grace period, also, by the way Tom Step, Tom's dire, dropped out at the time. You call me told me I was like I don't know I just once they are good.
If that was started, you know we all have different Irene, sire didn't drop out, not actually Michael Bennett, yes, as and when they had. When I tell the story its terms to the ears of those rights and a delay, so there's there's a ninety percent. He created that's a good rodya speaking. We are dead, yes, so New York City Mayor MIKE Mike Bloomberg, is actually now paint. This is a big, so he's paying influencers make em seem cool, while did its comes from the daily bees, four hundred and fifty dollars, the Bloomberg campaign will pay people to say that my Bloomberg is the most
electoral and he's really try to appeal to young people and alighted will remember this. Did you see the clip from the moves like Bloomberg? It's not that simple words. Please welcome. Fuller black began last herself. This the guy was admissible. Were you really just wants the millennium vote and it's not been working out well forum? We understand what do you do get somebody, Sir Bloomberg. On one June we had one Duma. No, that's it! I'm not going to happen. I might get off enough now leave under fifty thousand a desk. Ok, can you pay? Airbus is politics or the weird face. It's just
It's a lazy writing How do you say? Hi only has one Bloomberg etc. It is trying to write it backwards. I love it, I dont Louisiana Louisiana man by the river about PETE Buckingham Dershowitz. Spoiler again, are you think people gig is moderate candidate? That's other trying to sell me now. I do not agree a Louisiana man and other news he's been arrested in charge. Burning down three Stormily black churches, comes from NPR. He pledged guilty to all counts and was sentenced to five years in historically black prison. It's not going get well firmly. My opponent, I think it's more funny to me because it's the theatre of the mind out here right. So, finally, my little pony, I wouldn't wish my worst enemy set, that guy my little pony and transformers have announced a cross of Gatt. Now this comes from comic book duck
Because it's a slow news. We automatically stores twilight, sparkle, teamed up with optimism to overcome, malevolent magic and machinery, the news, Reach will be aptly called Tran. Ponies and they actually have already signed the merchant. We know this. It's all about March has signed the merchandising deal already and that we have an exclusive first look no were rainbow little here you can use, would burst through me, like it is My little eggs available exclusively at target
They put other eggs in the bricks and mortar matter. Handing out did in arguing that I have to admit. I was wrong. I didn't think they were position being able to compete with Amazon Walmart, but I didn't see my little reporting pike. Innovation wins. What am I an oracle by the way our trivia contests winner from last week, who is it they're gonna get? It is Rebecca painters. And ass. She crank area, one of my favorite, cigars, brick house, standard, absolutely end. I think we're about. U S ready, and I think that you take too much of a nip of bourbon no desired. Not an east asian well know best the out of it. You never change. Our eyes are generally very taught spinning we k I've been crying over my cousin, Andrew, it's like the underneath, your eyes get on it. I'm gonna put it up. Tentacles John Moon, we were commiserate.
Together, underneath the under bags of your eyes are like that, tent that self pops in the movie Congo, where we got here a site with right as one of its priorities for the meat segments So this is what we are talking about today. Even hearing this quite a bit that peat but gig, I know I don't care how it on that boat again with moderate in the Democratic Party everyone's been hearing, this reduces the attacks are trying to frame it after after New Hampshire and after Iowa right and it's just between Sanders and PETE, but gigs Anders these leading in total votes. Bucking slightly more delegates bullets, let's, let's let someone else tell you so that you believe it in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Delhi. To win the nomination. This is the beginning of a long road to that demo. The convention in Milwaukee take a look at where we are Buddha: Actually
to delegate lead at twenty three sailors. Twenty one more and aid closure seven violent down in six. So Bernie Sanders very well emerges from New Hampshire ever strong, showing our as the national front. Our north distributed space would actually in the way you get the nomination. Winning thousand nine hundred and eighty one Elliot. We put a judge who, out of these first to contest, is actually out. Inflation is how we look so you just gotta pills, very dull boy on his table. Napoletano, just quickly Christmas story? What is really so enthusiastic? It's bizarre. We can believe, but that's, ok. My reputation means not a thing and has told me imperfect why I am so just a quick recap: Iowa people in asking about the island debacle, I find it incredibly boring. There is an app me
by Democrats as shadow ink, which had only been run a couple of months to calculate the results, the malfunction and then we found out Peat bog made a victory speech, even though there were zero official results which, by the way good for you, that's a pimp, move PETE but gig accidents. But it's like I haven't also comes to sail with scorn, went away. Let me that's: that's illegal really care the coin. And told them one gay. If they say I can't do it ought to say it's a hate crime and I don't think it is. I think it's I think it's a reverse beard really straight. As an area eminence pouring, I think you straight On my way, it also contains campaign donate over forty thousand dollars to the app company. What and the ILO Democratic Party there were caught making errors that strangely always seem to favour PETE but GIG over Bernie, so you can look into it. I understand what people think that the deck maybe stacked against Bernie. I am not willing to
firm that or say that I agree with you, but I understand why people might sort of expressed that sentiment. Not a Bernie browsing. Something say: she's gone, ok, fine The dynamic here now is that it's the Socialist Bernie Sanders verses. This of Central Africa are trying to create with PETE but GIG and Bernie Sanders, but the question really remains is but gig. Actually a moderate, you ve been fed that a whole lot. There's no way does Canada. Down to brass tacks: let's go to set with immigration k, emigrate economics and get into more social issues and I think, have asian bills uncomfortable that he had killed him you. Actually, Airbus is still that I'm just really I cannot accept, is really can't read my mind around that. A group that has always championed diversity is going to be choosing between two white,
or maybe that is what we want to them is, but one of them is gay sworder. That's why I think it will be backing as active a furtively something right. First, black woman was with worn first woman Bernie Sanders motion. As you know, I don't really first presently where the hens, no feedback, giggling. First. First, president, first first point and actually we ve heard of him up as the first president. I mean you much sweeter.
We don't. We know we know rise. Is that what you're? Just saying like reburial, be the first necklace president, you know as well as the children are always right. I mean it, you have you set the standards we go and has no no neck. Now I was thinking you went on a cruise and came back with those who could show no. He said the little girl in a little brain standard I think, our beluga than the Saint Lawrence River by the way I'm from under that we know what its three Pinocchio canals and rivers are not much more. I know a lot about ravines, you do you have a question. I ravines I'm your man, it's when it comes to the canals Emma to lunch.
So but cake which I want immigration, nothing efforts that we have it. We have its on immigration, Reggae says it down: there are eleven million illegal estates and there's a man you're some arguments as to that number exactly right. Let's use another, he uses anything that their eleven million illegals in United States that because the economy brought them here, and then he also clarifies that or extrapolate that the mission of aid is illegal. The reason we have eleven million undocumented immigrants is because our economy needed eleven billion or people in our system. Wait wait, prepared to admit what So another thing we gotta do when we do that reform is set, it up, So in the future, you can Review every couple years how many work based visas? We need to keep our economy when these worries, illegals policies. Ok!
clarify what ices purposes. Ok, it is to protect America from the cross, border crime and illegal immigration that threaten national security and public safety, so no pain, it's not illegal there. There, quite literally enforcing basic due to the government in ensuring the safety of our borders from people who could potentially break the law and can't be tracked and the reason the ice is necessary, and I know that a lot of people, the young, Turks and cement the b we say to criminal enterprise really want you think it s. The Corleone is present. There should be no less criminal, we already have a police force, but the reason ice exists is because there are still illegal immigrants there used to be in record numbers. Now it's been decreasing. Thank your Donald Trump NET, Mariner gray. I appreciate it. I was wrong, didn't think you would when Twins Gabriel S, life is going to show. My point is that there was a lot of the mine. Isn't it There was a reason that they exist, that they are necessary because a job wasn't being done and we'll get too. There are some more reasons as to why that is PETE, but GIG take a guess. It involves you first,
ratification bell if you're watching this on Youtube or leader of yours, you listening on Itunes and do consider joining my club. Lot of cholera comes much Muslim. You get an entire show every day and access to the whole blaze catalogue along with some additional from Gerald and Bill and everyone. I respect everyone because he doesn't side with PETE, but gig baby really easy. What you know that have a conclave of the gaze? Well, yes, and then be sending out, clings smoke, as it covers we'll get that immigration. Let's move onto healthcare, because a lot of people say well he's moderate because he's not a radical here's, the thing! you're compelling PETE but GIG to Iraq, go socialists to prevent his honeymoon in the? U S: s are he spent his honeymoon in Xinjiang, Giff level Tristram loved it? I just want to make clear you might seem as a moderate, but I think it's important compared to all past Democrats, including Barack Obama, Barack Obama
couldn't even see peat bog gig to his left. He so far left of Morocco vamosed we'll keep that in context. Let's go to healthcare he's seen as a moderate because he wants care for all who want it. That's his plan, that's what he calls it and that's the governments, I plan to people who by letting others keep the private insurance, as opposed to simply care for all. No other option. Yeah like Bernie Sanders, so this really to be clear people know monsieur. I understand they say well, it seems more modern, Bernie Sanders. Ok, sure it's a public option just like Obamacare, but to a far more strain degree. Let me explain if you don't and roll in in the insurance plan, the Medicare for all for those who want it according to campaign instead of just being fined six hundred ninety five dollars. I think that's what it was right and around and around six hundred seventy two hours remember exactly you're Instead of that, you'll be automatically registered if you dont have insurance in the government programme and you could
actual actively oh as much as seven thousand dollars in premiums at the end of the year. Even though you never used the insurance, my gosh you, so you don't like for all the water and if you don't want it pay seven thousand dollars anyway. Why don't you said if I wanted, then I realized boobs. Good, now understand their there. Their campaign is so out of touch with reality that their staffers basically sibyl. It's not like. You didn't have health insurance the entire year you're just paying for something that you had that you didn't pay for reform, site he's gonna be had what I didn't want it I dont doesn't matter. I do understand the words that are coming. I never used it well, you could have, but I didn't want Well, you know, I just want to know what you are stealing from me. You say tomorrow I say: seven thousand dollar preach. And it doesn't end there by the way, because we go back to the illegal immigration. So you talk about this, its Medicare for all who want at which really isn't an option
is to extend the government funded insurance to everyone, including illegal immigrants hearing ago an audio translate talking about health care to everyone in the country too, allegedly an illegal immigrant Saint commodious, say three shot meditated for all wanted PETE, but it says that is our solution, and this Opportunity by this plan is for everyone. Regardless of their immigration status, say Do you see
LISA Spanish is better than Corey Booker. That's exactly what I was thinking about. What I was what it's better moratorium work. Oh my gosh, not as good as as ingredients. Cantonese companies have no idea he's got a merely today's one note red in the history books. Of the Asians. I love it. So if you agree, I just wanted to build a wall to block it again. Today. Is that when you are not doing what we revert to what you know, I think you wanted a party for a few months and have it funded by the people mission accomplished. I mean that rate, but think about this for a second think about that you want to. Create. Basically man data, they say it's an option, but you have taxpayer funded healthcare and then,
want to extend it to people who are not even citizens, and by that I do you see now the problem with abolishing an organization like ice who are designed to prevent illegal immigration. While you are simultaneously incentivize in anywhere incentivize and by the way- let's be honest, PETE, but get you ve, never done anything successful yourself in your own life, your incentivize in it by footing the bill at the American. Taxpayers expense. Yes, expensive. They don't care about the american worker. People wonder why why the all that you ve seen all these states that afflict over, I was, I don't think I've ever been more wrong about anything in my life when I said, there's no way. Donald Trump wins mission yeah no way because it was such a working class kind of union state in the union's were bought and paid for by obviously Democrats and then Clayton. Just I mean just screwed, it is impossible to lose. That made is remarkable to me, but these people don't feel represented by you. Why? Because a core two Bernie Sanders mind you, anyone making over twenty nine thousand dollars a year would have to pay more for this government funded.
Health insurance programme and sell the american taxpayer we'll be subsidizing illegal immigrants according to their own words. It doesn't in that the american taxpayers, the average american worker is racist. It doesn't mean that they hate brown people. It means that they don't want to be forced into a healthcare system with they don't want to be a part of a lot of them like the private insurance, and they certainly don't want to be forced to pay for people who have no is this being here in the first place, many of whom don't pay any taxes and the ones with face tat. You our animals, not all the more difficult when you say that, like traditional trump, I'm calling on its consent of neural, just the ones are the face: TAT Two's who do gang initiation where they still grant Reno. Specifically the elsewhere. Magaziner terrible has been a guy's ok. So let's move onto guns. This is another one, and this is a really hard issue for the left, because a lot of people get Bernie Sanders he's from Vermont.
As a liberal as it gives, the lace have been in Jericho for crying out loud and you don't even need a permanent at all to carry a gun open or concealed the other, most liberal, gun laws and the country. There are plenty of Democrats who are still process amendment. This is a real problem for the Democratic Party p, but he signed off. All of them, That's most radical gun control proposals and I want watch. This clip, because it's very very tell in his own words as to why he is so pro Controlling sweeping constricting gun control legislation, closing the hate loophole, the Charleston disarming domestic enacting red flag was extreme risk protection orders banning the sale of of assault weapons like what I carried in Afghanistan. We know what we have to do. The question How do we make sure that this time really is different, because. Every time we say this time is different and all
of the plants. Of course, I think my plan is the best soda Nobody else course all multiplied by zero. If we don't actually get something done so this is not just a question about policy. This is a question about power. There It's a question about power. That's what it is. It's not! bout policy. It's a question about power, because what would be empowering to a boot bureaucratic federal government than removing your ability to say no at some point down, one, that's real or the second matter is people understand that talk about a war. It's not that about a civil one. Of course, I not advocating any kind of civil unrest right now, but what the second second, a feminist, truly about right, you're, the first amendment you have the right say whatever you want, the second allows you the right to defend, saying now what you're gonna have to do this now, you're gonna have to pay for healthcare, for illegal immigrants, the second item or where you're going to have to be enslaved. Take your pick name any grip. Movement throughout the history meant we actually for some out beyond this right. We like were somehow beyond slavery, goes on across the world, the people
across the modern western world who are jailed for jokes Second, amendment was taken to prison because you made a joke. No, that's the expressed the second amendment. That is why they talk about it being about power. Something else that I think is important in the hay loophole its What about like weapons? I took into war, he was in a military. Can you point meeting any jerk who's, gonna battle and air fifteen ever ever You're shooter there, half agent orange our fifteen other carrying m16 your animated airing in and go or maybe they're carrying an M sixty but they're all carrying right, automatic or burst, which are outside of the exactly that's pretty important because it tries well, they are. Fifteen is very it's the same chat. It's the same Jesse as an m16. Only
doesn't have the automatic or burst. But that's the whole point where you pull the trigger and a bullet comes out like guns, the other is a machine gun. I haven't you. Walls are people use, ok, what fires, nine millimeter, one of them fires, Borys myths and was now three start. Then one fires, twenty two for blinking in practice and it's not the same fire arms just because it looks the same. That is the least relevant piece of information as it relates to a firearm. So I want people to think about this particular point. Yes, I want think, there's always a supply of saying well, isn't more today we're having more mass we're having more problem with these guns, but before or the automatic weapons ban, was passed for this all weapons and passed before we got, to a society that cared less about conservative principles and more about cultural and merely relativism. They all agree. There is less mass murders less mass shootings back then? So we
More laws we have more restrictions, so is the difference, not the amount of guns are. We have really matter people with guns, it's the question of whose behind gun in my actually pull the trigger, and that's never addressed that entire list that he gave you about, How do we prevent these Anderson? That's more! That's more philosophical exercise. Joel truth is they're lying. There is an increased right, even if there are assuming its true it does. It falls apart when I get past the surface right now, you're, absolutely right. Ok, anything! I want you to come in on this. The hate loophole our laws and using these people do this lot because, like you said there in positions of power, rightly around in the dark as much as possible, if not conspiracy, when he says hate loophole theirs, First, I've heard of it.
Living law. You know, I don't know, I'm absolutely. It's amazing real, the one that says it's a really will erase Carter Gender card. You can use that to say everyone else why mighty am pan into whether you like it. I hate I used it. I'm allowed its help, people to hate you of your race and your religion way because of the way, that's textbook use your fifty to regenerate. Why excellent? I was not. How did it you're sent? Why would you twenty three million? No idea I did, how dare you Gerald is identified in case you miss S, name, Democrats. Trying to pass these bills. The hate loophole. When I looked into the more they would make it illegal to own or purchase a firearm if you ve been convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime, so that someone, because right now, you're convicted of a violent crime are in actual fact, I obviously you can,
purchased a fire. We have those laws. What is a misdemeanor hate crime? What would you have to do to get charged with it? Ok, so here's a specific example and looking up some stuff there are these students at a University of Connecticut Camp. There are goofing off and by the way, not condoning these actions. So let's be clear, of course, simmer yelling increasingly offensive words back and forth. It was like you're, the penis came when you wicked. Yes, you say you subpoenas penis, penis, penis,. Penis thoroughly? Shall I think I've got a host and so far no one here is going to blame me, but that was a game we used to plan a women's Ngos. You support we're very stupid. We deserve a game. Work somewhere, looks in a circle for some reason. I am allowed to hit him. Yes right, everybody agrees didn't unless you do the whole, I'm in the clan apparently runner one another one of those two and then we simply the PS came as a kid, which is where you would have to say, penis increasingly louder in a public space to see you know who would be more more readily charter, the sex crime, The game ecstatic was your permanent record
so the kids were doing this, but they were doing a variation from what I understand offensive words back and forth. Some others. Do. Film them saying the end not saying you should yelled the inward of course. Now they charge with amiss, demeanor hate
crime, so saying a slur, not even any one, and you could lose your second amendment right, your God given right to protect your house and unimagined that when you're a kid and by the way, penis could also the penis game it gotta below of data replied the penis came again saying trying be shocking. It was a very common game and household of later because now that to be a hate crime, if you say around someone who's gender flow it and they can. We really upset regular twenty years down the line. There's a robber at your house- and you don't have your thrifty seven next year, bedside because I mention male genitalia across the bathroom from someone who had male genitalia but claim they were a woman. They speak, but exactly she ate exactly. We could all be found guilty of that crime just by singing of our favorite wraps on we ve gone through this willows. Different words like just saying. The word itself is what you're saying is wrong here by the way we said this so many times. There is no such thing as hate speech. There is no such thing as they hate crime. I dont tend to commit crime in a loving manner. The minority should be different because I thought about it differently. In my head, when I killed you you're the image
what is it you're dead and had you recommend you look up the hate loophole and see the cases at the actually I make it is to start like that. They believe people, the people on the left believe folks losers, economic rights in one of the interesting things were going through. That story notice how it was unstated. What the skin color was of the peace this ring it was. It was because think about it. If, if the skin color had been anything other than white or or most certainly had been african american or black, it would In no story there would be ironic, it would have been simply oh that certainly okay. So again, it's not just the words that their being set, it's who sing them in the outer characteristics of them again, judging asking color and by content. So it's not the words themselves. It's who sang single article, don't know this really, like you know, we need background checks. Ok, This is why we used to do the hashtag gift again, we should bring it back. Anyone is ever purchased a firearm. Legally knows you can a background check every time. That's that's what happened that is watched summer, some film, I remember what it was always that show Messiah Terrible, show either way Netflix and
a guy got into my again just goes. Yes, I would like to buy a gonna give him a fake idea. Workload, look like him and then I gotta find me at his hands and a bunch of I am I wanna get like gets out here. That's not happens. You usually for a half hour to check a bunch of boxes. For some reason you have to check caucasian as well as not latino, which is dear to me alone. Very weird. Do me? The first check did the I just want to make sure you're, really not latina lad like you're, not like latina. Look at Lisbon, worn is native American. What is this on? The questionnaire singer is actually a place where you put the how much percentage native american you are now in a host of nine digits. You can put. It has raised a tie decimal point and then a lot of its day. I'd ask you next year with a secret
Let's just go to climate change PETE, but Ghip Ghisizzle funding the he supported. Eo sees the green new deal we're going winking at which I don't even know how, if you you, you can go back and watch the video where I read the entire green new deal on camera said pages like you're here If you bought a used car, your car facts is longer than the green new deal, not a lot of substance, and not only TAT but PETE, but gig when it far too what we're talking about the moderate claim that the that the change was a big cars. The Syrian more and then a viewing hamburgers yours draws. You are part of the problem. Don't take my word for it and Gracious crises are increasing because a things like drought and fires Our accelerated by the problems in our climate, there is some evidence that this contributed for example, I think about a mostly through the perspective of guilt. You know from using draw to eating a burger on my part of the problem of real. Well PETE problem
I think I may well every one of the mouth ever closed I think this is so stupid what what it aside get hot and whose, like odds terribly out of a desire to killing people. Now he didn't. He also forget one very important things: jobs, don't always equal peace in some cultures. They do, but these guys here the ices is, is fighting them their body. There always going to be fighting it's not because of the weather. Ok, what do you think that we now have ISIS and people are being burned alive in cages, because the one point to change Fahrenheit exacerbated salamis male men? It is actually that's all. I know that's all remaining. It does something I learned. I didn't realize that the Middle EAST was apparently not a desert before we put in a mirror cause the Middle EAST to become a desert, because our for our huge impact on the environment that will create an ice. What, if I didn't feel rather the way we didn't read his way effectively
Syria would be fern golly, they be growing rail and they would be great, should, I feel sure, nothing, air Terrorism in abundance cholera. Greens are not a cultural staple for you for good reason. You We dare we did Sweetheart Alexander, let's go to. Abortion is another one again the moderate Kennedy PETE, but let me know what you think, but gig made waves for saying that dumb, there's no place by the way for Prologue Democrats in the parties, so that was that for people, no one at all ass kind of maybe off color anything It's a one off now: it's not because he also refuses to place any living on abortion at all. Including infanticide, and this isn't a radical position in the Democratic Party That would Alan Dershowitz Luther make America's favorite later after this, because someone must be conflicting that they can see themselves pro abortion pro choice, but they think there are limits. There is no place,
for you and the Democratic Party is actually far more modern, because nearly every major republican considers there to be exceptions for rape or incestuous. That's not not a single candidate outside of toasted Gabert would name a point where you should stop the abortion so before watching them about to show you remember even the pro choice group that Mocker Institute. They say that most late term abortions is import are not because of birth defects or because of health of the mother but goes on to say this. Clearly later abortions mean there's some kind of terrible health problems occur, to his own sources he's flat outlying. Now you see the clip from polite people. Me was that you might remain possible. You know, there's a lot of controversy with governed. Tom and what it means and widen what time a woman should be able to have an can I just wanted you to clarify, because I found that statement be pretty radical, I'm just pointing to the fact that differ. People will interpret their own moral lights and for that matter interpret scripture differently myself.
Abortion is something that was coming up in, like as a government them. It was a huge controversy when he was running from remunerated. I think you're comes anyway and Democrats in our pro doubt. Live Democrats in the country want to know exactly where your line is because you will be the president. If you went boy put. My point is that it should be up to a government officials to draw the line it should be up to the woman died after a baby was born you'd, be anybody seriously think that's what the occasion I hear about them, their global social way. I guess if you, if this is a long term situation than by definition, one where a woman was expecting to carry the pregnancy to term then she the most. Perhaps stating news of her life about famine that may have picked out a name maybe assembling a crib and they learn something excruciating and are faced with this terrible choice and I dont know what to tell them morally about what they should do.
She's trying to give him rope to pause lifeboats. A year ago, here's rope hears a lesser evil wrangle himself. I get it and she just ignore here. What do you think? What do you think when you look at the matter does not run away? What do you think about style? Sit as if the tackling weren't enough now I gotta deal with your MIKE pops. It's just that it's like an out stupid in each other, so. This is completely untrue would finally on through by the sort of. But let me let me let me give you something exercise you're. Ok, we know that from the Guttmacher Institute, that's not the case for the vast majority of late from abortions, theirs no time we're a later. An abortion is medically necessary period ever. But do you really by that? Do you really by
for a second. This does. This is a gross disservice to women who have miscarriages are women who want actual numbers complications, because if a woman, I actually had the room painted a creep up and she's had a house warming party, a baby shower and I've done a whole gender reveal- which I guess is also hate speech now, maybe when people O Brien our fifteen. After that, I have no idea according to beat, but guess what do you really think that this mom is a kind of mom who is going to abort that baby at eight or nine months, if there is a point, zero five percent chance of that baby living? That mother, of course, is going to go through with the birth because to them going through the process of birth is a small price. Hey, I'm not saying it's a small price to pay, but to them even The possibility that is baby the Schuman being could be brought into the world. Do you really even believe he's trying to pay a hypothetical scenario to talk on your heartstrings? Let's use it among paints, the painful
was blue. It's going to be a boy demands from taking prenatal vitamins. The mom is not a plan. Paranoid activist amount actually wants to have this baby. The mom's got an ultra sounds. The mom is already named the baby, and the doctor says that babies to level all the senders, a complication with this baby may or may not make it like a TIM Debo at minors or nine months. Anything that mom does well get the Forceps, really now that's just amazing to me, the dishonesty and the fact that he wouldn't just take the lay up and several course him against infanticide yeah. That's the easy one right, of course you can say, then he said moral at the end of it. Morally, I dont know what to tell them how about not killing a child. Is there any clear moral line that we can draw spect? Fine? If we have disagreements down the line on what tweet twenty week, twenty five, we can't. We just say that at the very end, when doktor say it's almost never medically necessary to have an abortion, can we just say that that's the more along and we have to be really clear so, even though one of its would have it set into silver, that's not what we're
We are talking about a baby at seven eight nine months. There is no debate at this point when people say well to nuanced issue its. New ones at all that this baby could live. Outside of the Wolf right right. Babies, What I think I was in a mere my brothers, one premature one of us, was to eight gonna get out. One of us couldn't be pulled out. I don't like that not more than two years ago, I was born early thinking here, but the point is about the point with the point is now the point is now here we are talking about a seven eight month old baby. Still alive, but there is a strong chance that this baby doesn't make it, and so You make a decision to stop the heart. We are Talking about a scenario where there's a beating heart, there's a live baby and because there's a chance, it may not make it a doctor and a woman arse helping the heart of that seven. Eight month old baby in the statistics, the research, a court, two but gigs own sources show us it is never medically necessary. That is unequivocal, not new, wants. That is murder that
and I believe that a doctor who willingly does that shit- he charged with murder, and if you happened in Virginia? If you make that decision in the baby comes out, we have TAT of them saying this is what you should be allowed to do. You should make a decision within this baby live or die yeah that is remarkable, not taking it out of context that the oil, or would you have to get anything ironing out their bill? Yes, definitely peat is a model. I'm not. I was on the fence banality. So what people say? Modern! Ok, if you compare to Bernie Sanders again, the guy you honeymoon in the? U S, s are the guys that are ninety percent. Tax rate is ok. I understand it, but remember that used to say Barack Obama was sort of leading us toward socialism. Peat bog biggest A far lower brought he's he's not he's well beyond the passing lady. Just The media and in a debt is to the left and my rock Obama he would be. The first has left present that we ve ever had in the history of this country, but unfortunately, because we are comparing them now to radical left Us Socialists, the guy, who supports
fantasize, the guy who wants mandated government healthcare, the guy who wants to take away semi automatic weapons, even if you happen to have used a naughty word at some point, is seen as a moderate candidate PETE, but gig that's nibbling little mouth, always open at the fair worm is being presented as a moderate. If somebody save a worm, oh my commanded so relate above ok while or I'd Islander shortly after this sum of shoot him,
you guys, have black rival copy. I was not there began not today. Neither I heard you so scanned assiduities, nice, but subtle, I wouldn't say quite citrus, but Saskatoon there so is that it. That's that's a no no I've heard of the coffee, but I choose not to support a brand that takes part in the military, industrial, complex and the needless wars overseas. That's important, inherently patriarchal system that you're, probably a fan of, even though, I'm pencil MAC, chicken, hawkers, never thought of danish life, but life, but your uncle at Thanksgiving told you were all America this how we do
you have that about right, Todd Black rival. Coffee. Black rifle copied outcome, slash prouder! Today, black rifle coffee, you follow them, quite a bit there, a veteran owned company in a portion of the profits go to veteran causes. That's great glad to hear it. The important thing is they make fantastic coffee if you got a black rifle coffee, dotcom, slash criteria at twenty percent off your first order. If you're, not a coffee, nerd its very well priced and its high quality? If you are a coffee nerd, you can do no better at the price point amicably. Nor do we use a sexually Leah espresso machine here at the office, lack rifle copied outcomes, less crowded, great coffee at the ball. Sponsor. The show were really glad to work in partnership with them, but are becoming very easy.
That's abbreviation MA am I mean, are geared to to space and enjoying stuff, it's bizarre. He closed the door and faster yeah. six joy I dont know what they're saying that song. It all mean that they have no idea. I don't- and I also don't I don't understand- I still don't understand the meaning, but without even
Alright, our next guest, no strings. The controversy people I feel like with especially with a lot of people who might want to show who are who are young? who weren't necessarily as involving the political process. They know the name, but they don't know everything that sort of our role in a huge part of american history. He is, of course, a lawyer from Harvard law. Professor a new book out or make strike at this right guilt by association, which provides a pretty in depth. Analysis of some of the accusations brought against him by out these alleged Jeffrey Epstein three victims. One of them is Virginia. I don't know how to pronounce her virgin. Robert Terrific, it sounds It sounds like a cheese that I would mispronounced, but he was also, of course, a part of our present Donald Trump defence to mixed. Amid the judgments saga. You can follow me on Twitter at Alan Durst, spoiler, Mister, Dershowitz how're, you, Sir, thank you, but its guilt by
USA. Should I get that wrong again, it keeps them. Associations are right and you get it broke, but ninety five on kindle- and it's really worth reading- goes the accusation against me woman- I never make it happen to you- could happen to your brother, your sister, your child, Joe. You should read your back musician. I do. I do get he is quite a bit by women. I ve never met but they're, not as as a grave. It's just your prick. So when the evidence we have the way it before we get to that, so it doesn't guilt by accusation down on you. Did you do the audio book? Again? that's a lot of the audio books and the Kindle is there. So you can read it or hear it in any. Format you are, how long does it take you to do an audio books like that, because it's not a short reed it's a day. Usually
starting at nine and got about five. I read pretty quickly. I don't make them any mistakes, so it goes pretty fast, but you know my phone rings and I have to take pauses and clients on death row client sewer. For a long prison terms, they have a right to call me at any time, so I dont her up my brown take quick question. This is just to tell me when you get your phone in it rings d ever answer. Is it ever Gloria all read, because I imagine that would be a fight for the ages? Well, low glory, and I are friends like I admire her. I think she does great When she, when she represents people who are justly using other people and She basely told me that she didn't believe accusation against me, so I think is one of the people who really can distinguish two accusations from false accusation: the feminists have been on my side. They see falls, accuses really hurting the movement terribly.
And that's what happened, my user. She was put out the fire lawyers they saw a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and now I'm suing lawyers and suing her, and want to see her in prison because she Firefox David, knowing their false affidavits right and people who make false accusations against people they never met, should go to prison people who make false accusations matters of degree. Well, I don't think I could send it. Maybe I didn't. In no way there they are making an honest mistake right, but people who delivered Anyone who is apparently I'm it'll. Somebody had ever macroeconomic all our money. People like that ought to go to jail. Well, I don't want to circle back to that so glory already fair. To say in your favorites five favorite on the Iphone we get, but let me ask you controversial figure, obviously been a lifelong liberal Democrat from from what you ve got on shows? I want to make sure that people are clear and that, because some people confuse you're defensive trump
as you being a lifelong republican. So as a lifelong Democrat, you decided you opted to help defend President Trump, your wife, people who may not necessarily know, but it is it. Is that very compelling for people but for the same reason that I help defend President Bill Clinton, I testified in his behalf for consulting whose legal team I wrote a book about it, I wrote It's about it. I dont believe in peace. Should be used for cars and purposes. I also defended the rights of Richard Nixon, even though the borders impeachment. I thought he was being treated fairly by some prospects, yours, and so I jumped into defend his rights- for me: I always defend the constitution, frequently been elected president. She were impeached on grounds of abuse of power. I would have been there defending her as well. So was I it must be confronted. The said I'm here on behalf of the principal, I fear, because I love my country of the constitution and I don't want to see the constitution turned into a partisan weapon in which impede
Can be used against any president when the House these additives is under the control of the opposite party, which is what would have happened at President Trump. Removed from office- and I think there's some misconceptions here. I think the key one that we often here's, this you're talking to trial with no witness when we talk about the impeachment saga, is mostly live Why? What went on in the house right back witnesses. Do we have when we talk about that's what was at seventeen or was it night was at seventeen or including ship, have also heard nineteen, but a lot of people think no, witnesses ever any point and it s just got it wrong, it's like a long number one number two they shouldn't have been anyway. This is in the Senate. For a very obvious reason, there was no impeachment crying charge. Let me give you an example. I assume you were accused of misinformation having sex, so the woman at the opposite race, which of course is a crime. In many states you go, he's working and say: hey it's unconstitutional and they would say.
What this is we need, what is it? You don't get witnesses in future. Somebody with an unconstitutional cry. You don't get too. Where this is? If you charge president with Annette, each will now unimpeachable offences Rebecca you have the first reach, threshold is unimpeachable vents. If we can prove it, then if you can prove it, you get to call witnesses, but if, even if you prove did it, being a peach will of bats. Obviously it the powers not unimpeachable offensive start. Your powers is not and people s you don't get. It What is more constitute one that in fact, all what would constitute unimpeachable offence because a lot of other people on either side, but I dont see other side because again, you're Lifeline Democrat have argued that these were unimpeachable offences. I actually don't think they are. What would you say, passes that Threshold Richard exit very clearly read your next in trying to get elected president orders in the public interest to himself elected president obstructed justice. Bribe witnesses, hush money destroyed, Evan
it's all those things will crimes high crimes. Perfect case repeat with the only case for impeachment in american history Andrew Johnson should been peace, Bill Clinton, shouldn't even impeached and Donald Trump shouldn't have been a shouldn't action should have been and beat anybody you committed. A crime or a misdemeanor. Anybody who commits treason, bribery should be impeach, but we haven't cases like that in our history, but the framers rejected broad open, ended criteria like abuse of power What are you? Our residents have been accused of abusing their power by political is that we want to make every president subject to impeachment is that ours is under the control of the opposite party? That's what I was fighting is right and what we would constitute. I guess you said hi crimes, misdemeanours. What would perjury constitute cousin? You have talked about Bill Bill, Bill Clinton. So that's. Why to be, as that was a low crime, that a high crime was her dream that private life not perjury about something that involves governance, had committed perjury involving governance.
That would be an offensive extortion or of a wide variety of crimes, giving an exam Mr Alexander Hamilton, when you sector treasure There was objective. Impeachment had an affair with a woman, was married. She was married, those both felonies under existing law with serious punishment, but he wasn't peach remain the he will accept and then the extortion has said I mean it You paid money to me out of Treasury bonds. Had he paid the money out of Treasury funds. That would have been a high crime, but he did so. He wasn't in peace He was one of the people who wrote about impeachment you're my generation right now. I do think it is important for people to look at the founding document to look at the framers at what they consider to be. People and what they specifically excluded. Alot of people don't rise early brush up on that you go on. There are a lot of conversations. You there's a lot of back and forth recent. Ok! This, yes, is acceptable. That is not in Think we. I fell right. Hundreds of the latter category
that's what the Democrats fail to understand. The framers exclusion maladministration, which is one of the criteria for impeachment under english law, because matters the Father Constitution said that would be to open ended with journeys. Your british parliamentary democracy, where president serves at the pleasure of the legislature, see rejected that any region. Tat. He was a rejected, implicitly abuse of power, obstruction of Congress Malpractice, this all the vague open, ended, criteria that framers did not want to govern. Indeed, but under the constitution ass. You and I made a floor. The said many sides agree with me and then of course, the Them Gregson CNN, when our rampage and claim that I said our president can commit Crime wants as long as he wants to be arrested. I want to be elected there was it
said the following is a good example. This is, if I answer the phone. I don't believe this. This is balls. I dont believe President committed any crime in order to get elected, and then CNN excluded the first part and gives it a president. Can do anything you want. Do you think I was deliberate, noisy really. This is my question is a very, very difficult. This is a very different context here, because you appear unseen and quite a bit and they would consider themselves friendly to you for a long time. Conservatives, inconsiderate, doke, okay, so was in Accra, YO, like with with I'll turn. Cuomo like are you still? Can you still like ring them up or or are you persona non grata because used to hang out, I am pretty, persona non grata. Since I started defending the rights of the president, but now I have accuse them too abruptly and wilfully of doctoring. My interview, I mean by doctoring, while they added, but they added in a way to suggest
the opposite of what I said: rising resident committed any crime can be impeach, they took that out, and they said I said if president committed any crime, he can't be. That's not just. That's doctoring, ran that's what see it ended. Msnbc did it and some of the other networks in it, and then they members of Congress Managers, it's an Amazon and made me say things that were exactly the opposite exactly, and they are so good a doctor. I blame Sanjay Gupta when you have a guy and staff, and that's all he does that's what he's looking to do that I want to move back to the to the Epstein case into this effort, Virginia how to pronounce your last name. By the way he grew fray, Guph, Fray, Virginia Roberts, that's automobile! itself a hum, I don't think we're so concerned about the name there. Before the end of that, though, you did read an article in a bed. Sorry in the hill, I believe we talk about
some of your friends at Marthas Vineyard that they demanded now to have this right trigger warnings. So they can be hard to know that will encounter you or your ideas in this. Isn't the entirety of Marthas vineyard? No, but we had a group on Marthas Vineyard, probably thirty couples that we used to socialize, where than men. Them now refuse to have anything. To do with me. Wondering just wrote me an incredibly self righteous letter saying I could want to be in your society. Handlers issued orders the sea because I know the guy right now. Was boring guy in the face of the earth, what a blessing I've been using. I had to be polite. Right here is because my wife and his wife got along and they will rise. Guy was pouring when I got a letter saying you didn't want to be my society anyway jumped up and down and cheer button a people or more. We in Europe have refused
to be associated with us and they want to know where I'm going to be so they say we who had a daughter having up or sun having already awaiting body, and we will, of course close friends, but there was another couple and the other couple said no. We have to make joint. If you invite Alan and his wife to work out, so you realize you're real life, Larry David, where you just put the Magua, had on the seat next to you, so that people would be ideal abruptly way. Larry got the idea for me the only difference I don't have to wear the mega more illegal work and leave the rest guy you have to do is defend the most controversial president, modern american history. It's a trade off. I would go for the beanie as a black get here. What a question and I'm going to go to a web extended here after a quick break. Did you get that same kind of backlash when you defended people, like you, Oji Simpson, Epstein, Harvey Weinstein's MIKE Tyson?
nothing like it in those instances, peoples it! We don't like what you're doing with Trump. They said We don't like who you are we don't like who you are- and it was very personal- other cases where we wish. You didn't do it, but we still like you, we don't like you now. And we don't like who you are what you ve become, what about become a bit a libertarian all my life, I've never deviated from my principles would be doing. The same thing is very like never is Mr President, I would be very happy man today because I supported her and be because they try to feature at all defend her and they would do the statue. Myanmar is vineyard euro of what is really making exam we, the same arguments are making today what hypocrisy pardon
These are a part of you believe that you're saying that publicly, because you don't want to get whacked, but I understand that I have written to stay Saint Book is we're gonna come back after this to the web extended. The book is, of course, guilt by accusation, not association, Alan Dirt, on twitter. After those we're not muslim members, this is going to be after the break more with elders with advised My little mud club daily content four blotter with greater nineteen. Dollars a year, sixty nine students veterans and active military subscribe now at louder with crowded outcome, slash my club
not without a shop. There is now a selling baseball team in red and get yours and later with greater shop gun today. I can't,
That's called when I was three years old and I jumped off the high dive and I forgot that arm floaties on and very painful cause you you don't shoot up back to the surface. You normally would shoulders first variant, gums rough and what's wrong with that one such doubts, because a tip you Albert, doesn't give you back Alan's urgently. People who have experienced this this close call with death from floaty Bell, tat, sea way, pool and a shave. Lambert know what it is of which I speak. Everyone else so I wonder what there's a long extended if you are able and Mccleery rejected more about Epstein and sectors all that stuff so next week, some big shows come anyway as well, We have really Giuliani Michel next Thursday, ourselves. she certainly you don't wanna, be say what you like
state aid issues. Is that as we cynical about everything in college, so I just insults things by saying something that sounds like it's not an insult, but as many as an insult them when they will, he must be smart, prestigious like I think it is still going not so much an adjective that's just it, and this is a noun. Well, you're the problem of custodians. They are the backbone of societal them and teachers. So I talk to me. We somewhat hate hate loopholes earlier today with the gun. To encourage all of you look up hate loophole and you to read the leftist sources and how they believe it should be closed and what they believe should constitute a hate crime misdemeanour. Don't worry conservative sources, just read the case, the actual cases themselves you can find them. It's alarming and that sort of combined with. I was just re watching Silicon Valley recently, if anyone out there, I watch that things went the best comedies in in the last decade,
but of a memory trigger. I realize, for the same reason I hate these hate loopholes are they discuss. This is what I hate so much about the left. In comedy today we can say: attainment and culture at large. But let's look kind. Comedies, jumping off point in Silicon Valley, there's his character, Russ Handyman hilarious, when the funniest character that I can think of in a modern come is making a joke about. How is russian mail order bride? Had some ideas regarding juice, and when she has some, she has some ideas regarding juice, some good, some bad. That was the joke. Sit there laughing and is based on it is EU contractually. It's tough for me to repeat a right now, but it's it's basically a joke about Anti Semitism right! and obviously they have jewish people who work on the show right. They have you. If your backing, shall producing the show and their comfortable, creating that kind of comedy. So the joke itself is anti semitic issue, but it's a joke about someone being blatantly anti semitic and I think that context as well.
Important, because the reason that their comfortable create on these jewish producer, actors is for the same reason that people are comfortable downward goals, making jokes about everybody. Regardless of race or or gender or really I mean do we most certainly do make sense. Mohammed Ali is here, look did put innovation. Does he goes why what what? What what what he says? What but fuelling Melina standards but it's the same. It's for the same reason that we were offended by Don Rickles back in the day, for the same reason that friends, for example, especially guy friends out there were told us earlier, the penis came from make fun of other guys, mom sooner, that quarter black hair and it's a common it's, because you know that people dont really mean it. You know that People in Silicon Valley are not actually anti semitic. You know that recall twenties, roasting Mohammed Ali hates blacks about as much as he hates alcoholics when he's roasting dean, Martin, which is to say not at all when you.
Fun of someone's mother for women. It understand this because we say the most filthy, depraved you can say about someone's mother. That's what guys do you mean owners? There are two mothers guys, you can back me up on us if your wife is listening for listing the car. Make you shut off for Evermore K. There are two mothers. We all know this right, there's the real mother, whose a lovely lady who have respect for nature politely when you see her and then there's the imaginary mother, to whom do unspeakable things on principle, because you want to get under your friends skin. The reason that you can make those jokes and I this deliberately is it's a safe place, because you know intent. Theirs I think more unfunded guy makes a mom Jochen. Some else makes a mom jumping to the war, which is little memorial, Lucius Ruby Policy, we're doing you know. I don't actually want to hurt your feelings and insult your mother again. The intent Silicon Valley is not disparate Anti Semitism. So to do any of those things it's just.
Try and interact with people, and sometimes we interact. People in a way that might be offensive to some, but why is it was fine back in the day and it was fine. When you watch Silicon Valley, certain context, people are free and open to explore, they should be the creators face that is comedy and It's really important reason. We often do this, and sometimes comedy goes too far because, unlike a lot of arts I'm like a lot of arts, but I think sometimes people give a pass to music, give a pass to know it could be poets. I have no idea, but let us for some reason. People think all committing all of a sudden means, and why is this a ban, there's no base, there's no drummers. Just a guy talking into a microphone, and so you assume that this must be a hundred percent. True are authentic. I think that's why comedies real lightning rod now why people care about politically correct culture? In comedy I mean this, they ain't gonna free, passed a comedy, but sometimes it's just as justice, or two of artists that I'm terms they comedians our as for any other argument, painting doodling, but on how it is the term artist means anymore. Are you dick? I self important you're, an artist we get it
but comedy to some degree, all of it almost without Someone comes from pain. Every single bit think about this. Every Joker bit that you ve heard. I want you to go to this thought, experiment right now and fine, the pain in the jokes Louis UK. Obviously the bill bird obvious. These are obvious ones. If you go to jail Seinfeld, the pain comes from observed, things in the mundane irritate and the same reason curbing enthusiasm is so funny to so many people, Larry David, gets upset at the small. Things and that causes him some degree of paint. Let's go back to the most basic joke. There is what's that joke that almost everybody years when there are killed or tells what. Why did the chicken crossed the room right? It's? Why don't you can cross the road? I don't know get to the other side. The pain. Is you the pain to get to either side stupid, you're, the idiot it is it your
Spence Comedy always comes at the expense of someone or something some idea. There's some kind of sting. The colonel of Ouch and what the left to do is make that impossible. We're talking with this, relates to guns, right, hate loopholes and we people my friend MIKE Warden candidate loss before Human Rights Tribunal for making a joke about are about to make kid in Canada who didn't die and he's been fined for violating human rights in making a joke about the kid not die it. That's what it speech laws led to the left, wants to make an ice? Speaking broadly, there are some exceptions got it. Just none of them are running for the demand. Presidential nomination all them support these kinds of laws or, of course and you have to channel, takes mathematics ever know. What tat young Turks now supports. I'm gonna hate speech lost the point as they want to make a culture and atmosphere where we can creative and we can laugh again impossible
not only do they accuse everybody of racism, but they also have any proof of racism and even a case where there are people who are very clearly very vehemently anti racist. As you see on the show, or as you see with other programmes, whether it so you take your pick there, always in the Dark House Dave ship, I wasn't doghouse at one point. Use everyone being racist are only being homophobic and they want you to believe that somehow comedy what it's always been is a secret racist dog whistle. They want you to believe that there's racism around every corner. Why? it removes that safety of us giving benefit of the doubt to most people so that we can enjoy our interactions and not be offended doors. One point in this country like we're talking that was done, Whoever is using event at one point in this country. The baseline by was not that everyone was a racist or that remove the at one point, the baseline was that most people telling a joke strictly misleadingly
when club or at a roast are we're not doing it out of hate. The base I was. We presume that these are jokes. We presume we started off the German off point likely generally decent people who art hateful and now that's been turned into racism around every corner. Everyone is a racist or a sexist or all the foam and not on a second one of the guys gay one of the guys black. Ok, now you are transposed now your gender flew unfold. Now you're a phantom paraplegia Phobic just keep the list keeps getting on. Everyone needs to check their privilege in some way and by the way that guy onstage Accompany Club is telling a joke regarding race. Therefore, here lesbian nazi, that is the jumping off point now right. It's you But there's a lot more racism than you think. That's what you want you to think when there's more recently, Racism is there's a lot. We just been ignorant to it. Couldn't be more aware, you guys need to stop it back. That comedian means it.
Guy making a joke with his friends that guy making a joke about your mother means it he's a rapist know, and that's We remove the safety. Ironically, we talk. Safe spaces, we remove the safe in trying to create all of these safe spaces for people who are offended by everything we remove the benefit of the doubt from not only performers- and The figures, but now would you see with hate loopholes, beach loopholes and laws that are proposed and supported by current democratic nominees. We removed the benefit of the doubt from not only performers but everyone in our day to day life and that How you have leftist liberals progressive at the dinner table with your family, who get offended and Sometimes I just want you to know about it, you're not going. I know we push buttons on the show, but how many times have you recently had an interaction where someone is offended you? How do you do nothing offensive about what you said,
happens to everyone listening out. Their premature Why have you not currently running for the President data on the platform, the Democratic Party, this simply might have interaction where someone might be offended and we're going. I must benign dated interaction, not something where you're telling a joke where they might be dancing on the line Mrs happened right: you have an interaction you couldn't even compute as remotely offensive won't even entrance your mental equation and it sets somebody oft sesame. Why is there that disconnect? This is really what I've been trying to examine. Why it bothers me so much. This is because most of us are still living most decent people are still living in a world where give the general benefit of the doubt to people if they make a joke. If they express an opinion, even something that we disagree with writing just say the conservative pohono? Second, what what? What did you mean when you said that right there and, of course the left today when you look at these proposed laws? And you look at the cancel culture and I think it's sort of simplified, but it really
is an important point. They want to remove any benefit of the doubt, which is ironic to me, because I think We all believe, as conservatives and talked with intense pregnant human beings are flawed, selfish, sinful in nature. Where's. The left just to believe that all people and central Governments are inherently morally altruistic but we want is inherently morally good. That's the only way socialism can work. Didn't we we can work is of peat, bucking Bernie Sanders. Anyone who actually grabs those range is inherently good and not prone to the human condition of being selfish sinful. If people, not all inherently morally good right. You never trust this much of your life to a few central figure heads and the government, so the left looks the world through a lens of everyone is basically good, but we don't then they also want to create an atmosphere of there's, also racism, sexism homophobia around every corner. That's how you know that it's a political tool
bothered by it. I am bothered by why it's a political tool and a lot of us are able to put our finger on that You know it's being used to selectively silence voices, concerned about here is not just that. Not one left us one say because none of us really gave at the culture of self censorship that I see emerging. Not talk about the first amendment. Everyone out there needs to be aware of, and you can control a culture of self censorship is more. Concerning than just the first amendment. A lot of what we went into K. They're, not the really, not first amendment issues, but it's really a bully pulpit culture. People use this term cancel culture, it's not it's a bullet culture must designed to create a country where everyone says I want to make this joke, but I can't say that you know, you know what I actually have an opinion when it comes to a form of action, but it keeps you cover your mouth and you stay quiet here, don't want This sets much exercise for self improvement. This is exercise for societal improvement. I went out there,
walk forward like soldiers- and I know this improper get me band, not vital, soldiers, let's be clear, killed to die and was whose chests allegorical here's, what you do no more covering of your mouth now of granite. Exception if you're an actual racist, your natural sexist, and by that I mean if you believe that people are inferior exclusively because of their race or because of their sex, and you want some kind of a white Ethno state or any f, no state. Think of your mouth loaded little bit more cake, I'm not talking to you shut the softening! Well, you listening, but to everyone else. I want you this week, choose to no longer cover your mouth. To choose to start working on eggshells. Now, don't choose to offend But if you have something that you want to say and you're worried about people reacting, I want you to check your intent, if your intent is not malicious, say it you're going to say, regardless of events,
you to say it. I dont want, because I want speaking then, if someone is offended, follow up ask them. Why and start a conversation? The point is, I think, You will find this to be the case. Those people are fewer. Further between than the media wants you to believe so Also, if you know you're intent You know who you are. You know what you mean. I don't want you to cover. You must start with the self censorship. That's not what we do here. That's not what we should do. That's not how progress is made peace Greece is not made by getting all of the masses to self sensor, and a few people in positions of power have the to tell you what is and what is not ok to say it doesn't go where good Soviet seem trivial but seems like a maniac task. Now it starts with you controlling what you can't and what you? What can you control check your heart check? Your motive check your entire and if you know that it's true step self censoring stop being a coward, and you know what you might find yourself
Aren't you live with a bunch of other people who are self censoring any realise this isn't half bad. It's just a few people were running from the democratic nominee and their complicit media pricks or I'll, see you next week of exercise no covering enough What
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