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I'm goin on the maestro and by the way I want to go, see actually a symphony for Christmas this year early. I am ninety nine percent, convinced that most of this is both crap. I mean there's a guy like playing the wrong on what you want. It does
pacing right bill just keep everyone on time yeah. I know what I don't believe in speaking of which will be the lovely intra from smooth many happy birthday, smooth may and two pops crowded and love you both, but I hate your country, the country of Colombia, aside from such coffee and sugar. We have TIM's me on the shoulder and will be, I think, a little bit of inside baseball and some of the biased going on with the covert stuff from the Youtube. My half asian lawyers here. How are you so glad to be here in Richmond? I should say: wait when HANS. I am afraid it is Giralda which one I don't even know anymore. L, Willie Outskirt without I'll still is the mug club quarantine months. Yes, according to enter in the promo code. Quarantine at allowed it with it comes. Last month you get thirty dollars off, it's our biggest discount. The Vocs Parker lips were not first responders, but we can create more content, so we're doing everything.
The people who can go to the scheduled on the website to see the live stream that we're doing now, Monday ones they Friday in the morning we doubled content for you. It's like a good idea, and I retired I was in the office really didn't like this, like like Cameron, Gimme came, and he said you look when Stephen you bad daily and realize it. I'm just gonna regulating funded, do text after this might be a man and come pick me up quarter. Blackguard is here. Hopefully you change. Your pants and audio waiting to Cute Mattie is doing the overlay she's back she's, feeling better into view that I just threw up. No, but I swallowed Gerald is here how user, undue and well sir, we have written. We have Donald trumps Trillo.
Have really inaccurate. Terranova is correct. I we remain claim we lit area and scientifically sound April questions before we go on and I ran this past half asian bill beforehand. I think I'm gonna take a grip on China. Is I get it self approved? What are you? What are you because of China's worst offence by the way, we're not just talk or what? can mainly about the chinese government but you're eating pets. Would that be fair dangerous viral experimentation lying about the pandemic or sentinel, you let me before we move on with a lot of news of the day. China actually giving credit words do there. Finally, stepping up their corona virus efforts,
magical any good. Not now we know where we're Governor Connally gets his idea. Why they razor bomb? Was it a barbell korean plungers that was nice of entertaining of you will be a I looked good. Inevitably that's racist. We don't hold on the shopping away before we get started. I see you may be familiar with our motions, graphics, designer Brent, even ready. We talk with them on Wednesday, Wednesday morning, because his family came into town to visit him and for all across the entire country. It's good time again, so we ve had to take precautions, because there is a lot. We heard a slim? Is it? Maybe they came in contact with a groan of our. So let's go to Hell where security camera we ve taken the proper precautions, everyone there is working and then- and there you go. There is Brendan good. Ok, that's fine! Cape Breton!
but the mask on buddy. You can't you can't I don't give a shit micro Dont know if you're eating put the mask on it doesn't work if it's on your neck. Crying out loud. Make the car makes it very difficult is limiting as all address it makes it difficult. When you're employees are retorted That is that's true. That's very true. Woodchuck packing make sure you harry both physically and emotionally. Your birthday, Brennan, shut up and either birthdays here and is now coming to build. Hopefully he gets his government unit. You knew this was coming died away, a canadian movie. Now, the first it's called corona. It's the first Kobe nineteen release. It explores the chinese virus discrimination and the ripples acts therein and it was shot last month,
it. Is we go now? I think we have to have an early look at the trailer. Shhh. Each new. Yeah like before, I told it is much too bill when he's my dad is the favorite thing. I've ever had gone over this and library. It was short, it was sweet. We much like me and we we actually know we could release a woman's voice for for Lord, and we
We asked to shoot Mattie and with explaining tat context, use bank if she would have to wait, wait, Duologue oppression so logic Pro what does Lodge attack logic MEG Amber, I don't you. I should be grateful that we're here with you and not broadcasting from Skype. If you want that, go to cement the revenue from local torrenting thirty dollars off, and if you are the most remember, of course please do renew its gps satellite, while gems, their mainly clothes out might margin is close. I think all of our genes are closed, feels that we are going to give the corona virus, though it's not stopping justice state or Ginsburg from working out. According to her personal trainer, though, disease been shut down, the justice quote a cabinet and laid her personal trainer, and yet
even in sharing her work outside Instagram, which you can see here, she is Lyra about- I wanna buy what selling, which coincidentally is my fit. Mason. I like little sweat bans on the risks, the yellow, using Hey reference that you know it's. It's Morbus, it's more of a fashion statement when you no longer have sweat glance, yeah yeah really know it is just for the ranks yeah that I'd really like leg warmer. Is unanimity legs Alexandra XO? Finally, in these trying times by the way everyone's been affected by this we're going to China and little bit and then Temple, I'm really looking for tangled temple, because there's a visa is banned in social media. Everyone's been tested year, even celebrities a little bit, but some of them in really helpful. For example, nickel back they ve stepped up with a signed guitar, nickel, Back Qatar, real for charity generals, though I should be clear Kafka
a clear, they are limiting the guitar to one per customer, dont get more than one. We have to look out for each other, yet we do right now the difficulty of wording like that doesn't rules. I should mention on that same website, creed, singer. Scott step is selling one of his guitars as well.
I was enjoying lay in the surprisingly really easy. We were all. Doesn't we broke backwards from? How can we write a bit? You are we physically on Michael and then we went. What do you want to know right right now, just read or lose next to that of a little at the little something. What does it Scott step? You got it and by the way, before you, but will actually be, including some. We only do live chat, spyware with people who are more club members on Monday, Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, it probably will be live streaming where they do not deny, but do not let the life
Tuesday, night Watchman ice call of duty which call duty junkie, gonna, Miss Langmore Zone, I dunno, but the point is: if you just want to get worse, but if you want to share with us, we dont use Youtube bloodshed because don't pay and so you can track through my club before Lando actually think one summit list back in with our good friend, even Brendan Brendan AID Brennan, you know even working aren't I appreciate. Go grab yourself, a break, a cup of water, yeah yeah. I know it's tough, it's been tough for you not now six feet per the CDC man he's right. There Brendan his birthday. Come on now, sixty Grand Brendan get yourself some water, but but six yeah. Ok, well, I don't mad at me, Brent, I dont mean the rules. I just call them, isn't that right, the average investors have you got to go,
for some, then I have to collect his check from the gun. Hey look. I already said if you need to turn the power upon the shirt collar. I know we will you know, and it's not it's it's. It's not fair. It's not for his own good unfair for you to have to do that. For me to have to do that. Hey quartered, like form of endless, bring up the tweets of the week here that we have some pictures of that. All these folks great! Thank you so much so that the blue eyes and that lady right there, you can't put agenda that blue. My eyes are, moreover, they get liquor, listless top. What have you done with walls and abandoned huh, we're like adults, yeah, the devil's, some dangerous condemns rude and Norway.
I don't know why you're watching your joy on amazed at how lazy that their late night, oh star and I get it they can't get. The employees are likely to have a hundred and fifty writers so interested in this deal. They could get adjusted. It could get a snowball Micro Yeti MIKE it's gonna, be broadcasting from home. Be helpful. Let's get, and you can have. No. Actually, I have asian blossom contacts on this. Originally, this was titled because he's training. What are these China, but we was, we realise it didn't delineate enough between the chinese government. The chinese people try to talk about that. That being said, there are still some issues that have outside of the chinese government to and didn't you re not a lot, but let's talk about this right now, everything wrong with China and not just as a whole, this pandemic right now birth? But I think if nothing else is a sort of lift the veil for a lot of people to realise a hate as far as international trade goes. As far as the agreements, there necessarily our friends in
don't even necessarily enemies and I wanna be losing. You should be american by American. I mean have yet have you driven a vault, I don't, I don't even know that they have worse there. I don't even know how the AAA in Japan call the guidance of biotechnology in another. No, not a mechanic salesmen he's my card cells point is. Now that I said that we condemn on China so drunk has been trying to sound the alarm. Optically as it relates to international trade on China for quite some time the like to have you, take a look at the effect in all its coming out of China and Mexico made Chinese drug traffickers forges, and they have really put very, very Strong,
the clamps on them they ve indicted them where one old age, I M, very excited, resent for a car to go in, and we charge two percent for their car to come into the united. AIDS, that's like we ve attacks, chide, three hundred billion dollars worth of goods and products being sold into our country. He said he was going to stop bent at all from coming into. Our countries are coming out of China now using either and I've talked about this. I don't like the idea of tears because its attacks pass on to the consumer. However, right there is a valid point, when you do have countries It is no longer equitable if they are taxing our goods going over, and this happened at one point. I believe too, with Japan that japan- and there are several Japan'S- that's the thing I ever now and we don't jump hands down on everybody's bans or not, but what Japan with doing with motorcycles, and unfortunately we did.
Hand as it were coming in and it was actually Ronald Reagan who did this? I undressed. Having equitable but the flip side is a lot of Americans had done, hardly and if I'm not missed it was when the M F days were taken work at all, so I didn't have access to good motorcycles, but there does need to be a balance of making sure that any aren't competing with slave labour in and you have managed to have relatives yes, so I've got a mean. I've got some family were in Hong Kong and I actually had a cousin who was either born in the United States worked extensively in China and, what's really interesting, is just the different the different ways in which China has kind of spoken, audible sides of his mouth right. At one point it saying: oh, no, we're we're we're very pro the wet markets unknown our against them, we're shutting them all down right, then, the same time, their timing, traditional medicine, which uses the animal proper the wildlife animals from the wet markets and all the while. You have your pockets of chinese citizens and scientists were saying our
you're kidding me right. Can't we just shut these down to join the royal. How would I move on to what markets, but more so with trade re has, as it has more libertarians. We have we really listen. We shouldn't be just putting a terrifying to punish a country, but if they are punishing us, we really isn't a fair international trade agreement and I think, and no one, no one by the way, but Journey Sanders talked about this. Hillary Clinton talked about this a long time ago I known after we can go into vocally, but if you list Neighbourly couldn't rhetoric, but certainly Bernie Sanders Donald Trump, the first person to do anything as it relates to trade is that we're talking about today. It has short of fostered and environment with this festering post. Jewel. That has become the chinese communist government for everybody who is giving Donald Trump a hard time about the tariffs I get it. But what are you doing? You have a trading partner like that that refuses to play by any rules that stealing peoples I raised as they come into the country and doing whatever they want with it like it. What what do you do? If that's, not the solution? Ok, fine! What are you?
no administration before this has done a good job. Dealing with them right not only want to stand up and they have the purchasing power of nineteen billion people. That's true that even understand there are people in the census. That's crazy at it. Absolutely is now so it's gone back to bills. Point China! This week they reopened the wet markets that were allegedly sore Zile this and by the way, you're still selling bats dogs and cats, and I want to be clear- and I try to be really careful about what I want to warn you- we're not showing anything graphic as far as videos, but to me it fill disturbing. It's really hard for me to do any of the animal stuff. So let me describe it for you and until you you're not going to see anything other than than dogs in cages at market, but I do think it's important rather some to understand the sort of severity I mean. Ok, it's tough cohesion. You don't like and ensure the clip. Isn't that isn't that bad, they reinstated the wet markets, right, hey what markets, allegedly from understand create virus and now, while the rest of the world is still going to the pandemic,
They reinstated them to understand the severity that imagine the United States, removing all the social distancing guidelines and then banning soap. That's how severe back what markets can be no hygiene standards. The cruelty, though, is it's. It's over the top dogs or captain cramp cage and then gonna show it, but then there boiled alive. I want to warn you: it's not random, but the following footage will make you angry We could assure because it now we can do more without you guys are getting super super pets, no bill. What does Marty meaner me to ask you specifically you go: did you do mean presented it, as I think we do in your asking? The asian half so be ok, accurate, so so would what people have always understood what markets to be in what they have always been described, as is the wet refers to the blood people are going to be scanning the animals alive or butchering them live on the street in front of the customers and the like.
Work in military terms, assassinations, that's putting it refer The blood is involved, but now actually people are trying to swing the other way to drag counter the racism of just the facts of the situation of how these what market exists. There is an elite times. Article came out either today or s re that tried to say well, it's actually referring to the blood in the Bush ring is just referring to the fact that they own the ground off. Ground is wet questioning the round is now wet with the blood of the animal regaled alive, because apparently that makes them more delicious and vital, and I know it's not all chinese people support the idea of what markets, but here's a thinker, it's enough
There are enough people that this can happen in a public square. For example, if you shut with Margaret had here in the United States antifreeze going to adopt a punch you in the face, no one is their apologies. It with a temple just knock and create jobs like free. I want, as I want to see what market Willard other way than simple one really important thing too. There are knows there are no civilised cultures: men, none outside of Asia, that eat dogs. I wanna be really clear by the can. I understand the eating cats thing, that's good! I don't like cats, but cats have not always been domesticated animals in a similar way. The dogs have been. I understand when people now say: oh pigs, you can. Why do we pigs? That's wrong, because a lot of you have pigs as pets? I can understand that cultural differences, since the dawn of Human civilization dog. Then our eyes, our ears and the senses that we do not have. We have always had an alliance. No other society outside of asian societies, eat dogs exe
and I did a lot of research on this- a couple of societies in like the Swiss Alps, and these are really there basically like try the fish which was running, and I say this one's family Olsson and all they are mainly guy did. This is an issue that is like there is multi to killing in animals, that is Lee affectionate towards human and in the way that they do a tube unless you think that these wet markets exist in the countryside, because you think, oh, it's gotta, be remove, know the one area where these, what market, its fifteen million persons city rise, enter it's like you how to get in downtown New York right. They re around everybody, this pact together. So it's not like an isolated thing on the country Rio to them it just so. You know the numbers and minutes tens of thousands of market, so you mark element, and its people, for this are a shopping mall down, which was not long ago months ago. Writing about their work. Thousands of these markets, and even in not just in the corner, what rule provinces, which is a good point, although these are more
four million persons city data, but even in Shanghai or Beijing or in the suburbs around those towns they have those wet markets and You know it's again: it's not just the idea of a butcher right. Look. We have butchers here in July butchering, but it's the proximity of wild animals. All together will combine. With the hygiene and the mixing that creates the huge problem right. Yeah, that's a good point, tens of thousands- it's not like I'm Michael Vick dog fighting ring where you hear about it in the United States and everyone is horrified and then our basically loses his past to society where people locked by adopting gold alive there and learn lessons about right, yes, said here is that this is important. This has been a threat globally that has been talked about for a while, but not in mainstream media, because Russia, Russia, Russia. So we can't talk, there's only so much air time. We have to know about qualmless nipple rings and his brothers Alfredo recipe. So, let's go through a few points here that I think that matter in relation to China in half Asian built, you can have correctly. Women run out only have the web.
Gets there not only were grown of our certain, also Sars. Now, let's, let's be clear about, and those are just the diseases that originally specifically in the wet market. So that all meant not all but many different strains of bird flu K, swine flu they spread in these markets. They didn't they weren't created necessarily markets, but this is where they spread hand. They lead to repeated outbreak, and I know what you're going to say. I've read this. I dont know where I read this become all you know just because these diseases started there just like every night. United States started wine disease, a strict? What there's a big difference between a disease started in a cruel market with a dog both alive from a cage and take a bite at Yale from an oak tree? We really want to compare this sure. That's out as sorry about we ozarks ended line disease. Ok, there is a clear difference between something that occurs in nature and something that is repeatedly european a decade after decade allowed to happen not just through inaction but through
Surely touting these policies right encourage the kind of conditions in which not just one Sars came out, but the current Verona is a version of Sars right like this has never before in the chinese government has before stepped in and immediately set were shooting at all. Now that's another important thing to me: right: we have this noble. They shut down these markets during they shut down during the Sars outbreak journey each seven and nine, which it don't necessarily remember it was otherwise burdens. But we know that Bert. That's what we know about birds, but that was a pandemic. I was, and am now grown up our so what's most important to me, is they shut them down right disease spreads they shut down, Magua, get railway, ok and then we open up, so they did it's happening there and right now, it's extra
It is because the pandemic is still a spreading across the globe and their already reopening them. Like can't you wait until the bodies have assumed room temperature in ITALY and Spain and the United States before you reopen what you know. Wing Lee had created as an incubator took to create the proliferation of this disease. That's what bothers me then there is no in ignorance is an offence. You told me about it before one of the items now I dont know what they don't even get that or you know you know you know, and I will say it is not all There's are created equal. I believe that the american culture is better than the culture that has live. What markets or shortly that component of our culture. Yet looking if, if you say- and there has been another article bill came out that I read that said that this is part of chinese culture and we need to make sure that we don't get rid of a completely because of livelihoods in everything else and unlike ok, I can understand the argument to a degree. But let's let's at least
say if you're gonna have this kind of a market. I disagree with some of the animals. Have their right I'll, never agree with that, but the other stuff it legally, what do you really think that those animals I disagree with the mayor having them there are financially migrant and physical everywhere to that kind of person, I heard Gerald say yes a vacant. I disagree with a lot of real, not at all, so you have to have regulation there because they tested. So the problem is with the washing they would put these animals into these these bats. It's almost like this communal back to clean them off and they tested the water and they discover using it and reusing and raising that's where all the viruses are right. We got every single one of offering a wet markets is gravel point made, I think- and I you know I don't worry, we'll get that animals. Animals is a clever little bastard. Let's go some other dangerous things have been going. The research cases market, one bad enough. Chinese government they been conducting all kinds of viral research- rightly been.
The isolated and worked with over two thousand and one I should get over two thousand new viruses, including that kind of viruses just three miles from the landmark you're saying. Actually some of them are one point. Two kilometers one point, two kilometers away what Washington Times put up there. It was three, but I actually just Google Earth that, but the chinese government or somebody for removed from Google, the listing of where that that's interesting. I would like to know why there's a discrepancy at one of its the way of the bird had. No, so one, please you kilometer walking, really walking you can get up right now, Well, I don't want to look it up around saying, like the people at home, I'll trust you over Washington. You should definitely do that. What can you do? You have any idea what we will say, what they're they're, researching viruses, deadly viruses cos
three miles to be generous. Now, if it's one point two kilometres, that's about half a mile close its clarity like growing organic turnips next area. Fifty one yeah, that's not a good idea there. It's not a good living matter, alien turnips and this isn't a race thing. It's a bad idea thing. George study deadly virus is next aware that people live thing so and by the way, there's a hospital right across the street. From this place we low there was. There is actually a paper by what does it sound technical institute? The came out has been out for a couple of months. Just got recently updated. They are saying that, like I would know what like going out China Technical Times over the years and years later, of leading you in my pipe and slippers on Sunday. Let me see anyone else getting the feeling that Gerald like stocks, the one instrument, a gallon of all I did the deck Jackie on reducing our spots are China's one p m, because something tells me you would find a hardware full of chinese pornography. My chinese government contacts that you're on some list over there. Why should be by now, but what they're saying is that they actually dont think that there is any.
Instead, it came from the market, meaning originated they're they're, saying that they are the only evidence they have his tissue samples or being worked on at this dinner for Disease Control in China. This is not a conspiracy theory. There saying that the closest habit. For these battles is over nine hundred kilometers away the bats that they say cause. They were not being sold at the market at the time but there's nothing else, matters that are by their know that waiting until information economically about rather than set from these scientists, is coming from and inciting source by the way, I'm China, some coil silver, which will kill this rain directly to get there and say it's a hundred percent, you, you said you thought the Abbe it came from the lab. Look. I think that there it's a matter of chance that the
I was it's all in one word of what we have one concern other, but I will say, may have been a fairy, so they have been an accident. The exact messing there's some kind of like intentional release, arriving right like intentionally creating biological weapons or anything like that. But you know when you say it out loud like that, doesn't sound so far to say that I needed that of member of binding shoe fits so the Lucas had earlier. The issue is its bringing all these things together. So if you're bringing animals with different all animals have diseases, time and time again a lot of these very pandemic inducing diseases come from and what, frankly, an unholy combination or proximity of unhygienic animals and people in Britain
processes or even other types of things. I got right and when you put them altogether frequently frequently frequently it's just it's not doesn't mean. Two dates can be bad or tomorrow's inventor next month, but you have increased the chance. Yes, something was going to spread. Animal data may lead to success. I would let me say something else too. This is important, we're not pointing out cruelty, because we don't know cruelty. We does have a dramatic effect on the health of these animals in the immune system. Like Portugal, about factory farming, United States will have to inject with all kinds of antibiotics because our close proximity, your dog, is jerk. This filthy enough. They would detract from entering like your basic idea at it and kind of one of your own dog. Most people are fine. Was it I understand, but that's not what tat with these days, when you put them in a cage and their basely being abuse their entire lives, they are going to be more carriers for disease and they give you just so you know this isn't necessarily. I think everyone everything that you have all said here is reasonable and now I'm starting to think yeah biological
By that I don't never. I met on twenty June. We wouldn't that chinese researchers, but they created a mutated strain of the bird flew in their attempts to make this is. This is quote, to make strains in a lab that would, if accidently, released or used for nefarious purposes pose tension global health threat. Now I'm saying they were now that possibility weren't they weren't like playing it. Coil like what's the bird flu for you, they were to saying that Haiti. If this were to happen, it would be we back, and they were analogy that we're doing all of these things that hopefully this have you seen Jurassic Park won through five. This never works out what I've always interesting work. Seven, really it's amazing! It just takes place. There was really in a warmer chinese release. Civil war in China, Goebbels Rife, finds a way
the limit value. I hit the notification vow if you're not subscribed or not joining Montclair despite Muslim Quarantine month. All modifications- and of course, have tried to credible, we have new that he has a cop every night at nine p M Eastern anyway, here on Youtube is always a cliff on Youtube, and although we have a full show here Another thing that I think is pretty important when we're talking about China, because the media is not doing it they're carrying their water. I'll tell you why I think the media are cut thinking, media communist sympathisers, I'm not gonna, walk that back at all right now, but also go back to that because, lest you shut it off, I just did advertise colonial silver and say that they are coming look at it. The masks the test gets that the equipment right. Here's the thing has been bananas. We now know this when it comes to medical testing right within now I ve done is acknowledging that we
throttled on you two per se. You cannot trust the numbers coming out of China right now. We didn't say that they are flat out wrong, but you can't trust them yet and, of course, Youtube Twitter Facebook. They decided to redirect all of these kinds of statements to more authoritative sources, some of which were directly from the chinese communist government. That than by the way down trumps that we're not taken the masks. Everyone gave him credit for the Netherlands. They had to recall six hundred thousand while faulty masks from China. The latest test, kids from Spain they'll nor thirty percent of the time same for that Turkey, yet country, their scrambling to try and dump. So these bad chinese products that are destroying the chances of taking Corona Virus, or at least containing it here think about this for second call the numbers from these countries. Potentially thirty percent Utah
about the infection rates were the only country that doesn't have that right now we have more accurate testing right now. The end now we're doing more more testing by their effect. I was shocked I double check, doesn't have read your research, a thirty per Failure rate you might not have you play. Will it take to address? That's insane would lose. A condom, would have thirty percent failure rate, hardly more than thirty percent of the time. You think that's a seventy percent failure or what they had
The only point zero made only worth thirty percent well, but our ombudsman so entirely chinese. It can do without a bad enough if it had already waiting we'd be up in arms. It was seventy percent failure is loud and the chinese government in Spain. Basically the embassy said well there they, just they weren't licence to make products are bad. That was their defence and also that baby foods, as best as might want to avoid deaf or the best by day, not really, rather than as they do have a history by the wave of sometimes China exporting goods that was making jobs that poisonous toothpaste. Toxic children's toys, unsafe tyres, all of which had to be recalled now wanted you really not all. Not all chinese goods are mad and not all american goods are good. So, but wait there's an american manufacturer there who can actually create a quality mark for us. We would love to work with you. It just has to be at a reasonable rate and decent quality. At that time. We can only find
Where can you made mugs and was more expensive? So we said, will bring it from a company that tests chemically test there there their products, and now we have Americans who are etching it in painting it so create more jobs. But if there is an american manufacturer who can make this kind of a mug, we would love a partner with you and if you want a big fat contract Mrs pandemic, there, a lotta, Numa Club sign up soldiers. Thank all of you, but certainly not at all, you get keep gonna keep what it well. That's one thing to again made in the USA sometimes can also mean crap
we ve talked about that with the Harley Davidson you you're, not you not a huge Harley Davidson. You say there is great products from other countries. In this case China just keep sending us crap kind of repeatedly. I dont believe that all american products of the best, especially when you compare, for example, american cars with japanese cars, when I look at the costs that go in for lay sick and gentle and unions per retiree. We need to be clear about that, but it's also very difficult to make the argument that Americans can compete effectively with a country that employ slave labour. When you look at it again, that's the problem with the chinese government. The problem here is not with some with some products being faulty, because it s the same thing. May the country, the problem the chinese government recognising that and sending them out internationally and then we're not taking a dump on american products, and we say that their sub standard we want there to be some are no some so that it wanted one out there did you know a made in China means crap none other than I am sorry, but we and medical products we want you to make great stuff so that it can compete with the rest of the world right. So when we hold your feet of art, that's why would you think when you see Mania Salmon China Bill doesn't
I mean look at the global economy that things are made in China there good somewhere, not good, seem in the? U s I mean now it's a different rights, apples and oranges. When you compare the economy in all the things I mean there are. A number of people went ahead on America and say you know that we there are so many bad things are happening, but when you think about why we have to why we have to charge more, why we have certain standards of living that are much better and we are not the source of global pandemics. I mean you know I get it, there's a different bounds. There's a number of people in China who are allowing us to continue to happen in a lot of those people in government. They want to keep their they. They want to keep the pristine view that they think they have about how their in their people. The aim to continue to have a global economy be the engine that sending a lot of products around the world, but it's gonna. Take the chinese people to say we we gotta do
the different. I hope I pray to God, namely that we see in armed intervention from the chinese people against those commie bastards at some point in our lifetime. They get overthrown with your encouraging violence for the people who are being ass if they had been all of a sudden, disappeared whistleblowers right. Several doctors now one trying to blow the whistle on them asked she's gone yeah yeah, I think, some of them only to defend themselves, and I think people need to rise up and hope for the international community rather than being paralysed by political correctness, will say you know what you know: what these people, not the government. These people deserve the same rights that we have in France in Spain and ITALY and the United States. So you know what chinese government, because we sympathise with your people, how about that? combat some do. I would like to you. We need to do that. I'd love to hear that press conference. Here's another point: Fetnah! Is it fair Miller front at all I don't know, I'm not emit while ok ass. My order was what the presence at faint nonsensical he's at present. I must be wrong, then I realized nodded.
We gave the rate of sentinel related deaths been doubling every year. Now almost twenty thousand dying each year may destination for Reynolds United states main source of Fetnah China now. I know I know what you're saying this is a valid point. You have can you make. Meth are synthesize opiates, that's absolutely true, but those p, people are not creating drugs that are effectively sanctioned or
actually subsidized by the government and given tax breaks on exports. As you see in China, yeah yeah, I know that actually happens for conflict about Joe exotic receiving a federal grant for a gay men. Tat do parlor tiger damp. That's what I do. It's not that it's not very only country with drugs that Romania is the government actually subsidizing in giving a tax breaks knows an export, my gosh, these videos of what do people use that enough, or do they just to give high gums theirs. I don't know Rick and more on the question of real art in general that ensures that jail is this innocent footnote. Is a crazy painkiller. How can I know what he's out are dangerously just overtaking it? Well, it's so dangerous that if you can like a grain of it in heroin, the long time, heroin, user, dots really
Yes, it's that put no get crazy. It's alexeyev examining over did it. It's like. I inhale the grave and you're dead right away, like one great in like ninety cases of wine would still kill. You dang adds yet one day adds really there died when I knew was a painting. I just did know how people are using and ten. You know I will say that what you have to go in prison. Fortunately, president, on all these points, but critically fence knowledge you pronounce, it he's been he's been pretty consistent and I wish that more people listened on. All of these points acts. Our goods going into China is totally unfair deal with tax China on three hundred billion dollars worth of goods, products being sold it to our country, the chinese virus. It comes from China, that is in jeopardy clear. I think he has taken so much crap recalling China, but somebody had to somebody finally had to stand up and say, look right. This isn't fair you're, not dealing with the rest of the world in a fair way and you have to be dealt with and
No, why people can't see how obvious that is Kennicott. Can I call arena dollars wave that we're seeing in the last couple of days of people mean mainstream media saying we're The question that China numbers- oh maybe we should not necessarily believe the facts that are coming from this communist government in three months. From now, every one of them is gonna forget that they said oh, we should have been hard on China and all of them are going to come back to those facts and say: oh that's right. China was bad, but they will conveniently forget that during this period they said, let's keep listening. I think there. I think the communists I think that I don't I'm not seeing the media are communist, but I will not walk this back. It I'll think about it. For second, why were Washington Post New York Times Vocs all saying the flu is something to which the corona virus is not an issue. Dont worry about another train. I think it's a left right thing. I know you're new guy said not to worry about it, because they are that point. You repairing the World Health Organization, talking points who, by the way, we're paying the chinese government talking points there.
All of a sudden when it was blamed on the United States that we were ready because we're trusting information from China and a chinese foreign Minister who, by the way, was not throttled or censured by twitter at all for anger motives for saying at the masks we're faulty which these drew out. You know she was central because the clerk one thing I think I would send sourcing and that's where forty makes the issue was a thing before I was talking about before that we act in a foreign minister. Again the quickest outcomes, razor you. Why would they say it's not a big deal and then all of a sudden say it's a big deal. No right is wrong about for the same reason that they don't seem to have a problem with doctors and whistleblowers disappearing in China and they refuse to run the press briefings here in the United States from the way doesn't frontiers, a new rule. What we're talking about freedom of the press? You know what does not exactly communist China here if CNN refuses to run the press briefing and instead runs commentary on the press, briefing that you don't get a cedar oppressed badge. How about that? How about once? You start parroting communist Chinese, talking points, then maybe you get a seat at that table. It is remarkable to me that I can't think of any other time in american history, but Orange man bad, that we have a president commander in chief who's, going out there addressing the people directly.
President of the United States, and the media is opting not to run it in dead, running false propaganda that maybe they're not getting to the chinese government, but it certainly will be congruent with the messages of the chinese companies trying to put out there right now, when you look at reporters retweeting, the foreign minister with conspiracy theories, for some reason there are still on urban Alex Jones is not. This is rather the Essen summit goes it remarkable they all potentially a hundred thousand adieu and and twenty thousand deaths from corona by next year. We got those numbers,
from the press. Briefing rail me, but you didn't run it because you didn't want to include that we're getting hundreds of thousands of new masked we're getting hundreds of thousands of mess that can be sanitize. The FDA approve the fair Pudica that Donald Trump tattered and use that he was wrong and crazy about. So what do they? Do? They Joe run the press briefing. Instead they run commentary on the press. Briefing mother, Cuomo talk about their moms pasta, sauce, nipple rinsed. Then they take the worst numbers from the press briefings and don't actually tell Americans about the positives. Listen, not all cultures are created. Equal Undotted, Donald Trump is right about this. Just like Bernie Sanders was right about this. American should not have to compete with the child and a mighty factory whose working for a buck fifty a day. This is that we can't beat an international economy if it's not fair, and you know what we're talking about this. Not all cultures are created equal because I
that American, except for them, is a good thing, you know if you, if you boil dogs alive and you pay children, a dollar, twenty five or three twenty five day, guess what you don't get a seat at the international bargaining table, not just China, because not all cultures are equal. If you don't let your women drive, you don't get to sit and dictate policy, or even express your opinion here in the United States. If you allow women to be beaten, are that require four witnesses for rape, We don't need to listen to you we're not going to be any committee or international agreement that you take part, and so, let's start with China and then work our way down so that hopefully we can be the empire we ve been accused of being and make the rest of the world the United States of America. Why? Because the Chinese and everyone else would be better off about that Temple at the cost of the toll of death,
won t. You need to understand that wants to understand a story for demagogues here. Did you enjoyed tonight's opening? Of course you did. You can thank the hundreds of under age, chinese children elevators when working around the clock solely for your amusement
you want me to do help keep our chinese animation sweatshop open by joining mug club during Mug club, quarantine months, gotta lotta with credit outcome, Slash Mug club and use a promo code quarantine to get thirty dollars off again lost montagnier school on beyond us. This where's, the owner of the logical that allow who love ass, maasai guilty or not ass if they got big black rifle cuff step to black river company, dot, com, slush, greater political grounds for twenty percent off first purchase,
dozens of Europe just upgraded and probably birds like drug Norway. Mr Rewrite guidelines, happy why exactly what they are out of date. Latvia was watch this in war and our other channel crowded
a little bit of my was declined. I'd love to laugh that was the event. I gather that he is using this up right along with the sun from happening. I dont know, if that's the kind of thing back then, where they laughing in theatres, I try to give whether people say I was different time. Was it the peoples, I love to love, did Vandyke. He really slave was her time doing stupid return. I dont think we're still mean simpler. They did stormed the beaches of Normandy. I think they probably had us and they also by the way, love somebody get hot, which is still funny. That's true, so I don't know I'm just freshly amateur
point now in the week, wherever really appreciate it mucklucks twenty months, but I'm frustrate I'm tired and I think in doing to show but I am very glad there's a liver of no I'm very grateful, but there's a light in the tunnel here for today, as we can to going to himself. He, of course you know me love him. His Youtube channels, his tin cast in TIM, cast new and you can follow him at what did theirs. Isn't there asked aunt? Em? Guess, nurses, but you're gonna, correct me, that's right, studies on twitter, while allowable at TIM cast Mr Poul. How user regard all things considered? What does that mean all things Aids. Do you know about what work were told not to go outside were told not to go to the store were told The world's basically ending in the economy must be destroyed because it is virus wiping everything I work from home, so you know not much has changed from the other than we have less chicken in the Fraser Agus right, you're eating more beans. Well, I don't, you're, hack and asian right quarter.
Actually hoard hand that unilaterally they have like a red being ice cream in utilization countries, rights without you it'll ice cream, the actually a little bit of iceman. Now where we went to the stone we got beans. The bean market is a bowman. Aren't you heard it seriously like their bullish on in stocks. Really that's the apocalypse food. I guess I got beans, we're going bear. I thought it I thought it was a bare market for beans. I wouldn't want you avenue- show right every week night at eight p m what what is it yet? Yes, oh you too Calm slashed him cast. I r l me in my body Adam do it was postponed. General interest show like we talked about movies, we're talking about the new sonic, the headshot movie than than the apocalypse happened now, there's no news other than corona virus and we're sitting here like I've dude. I feel you when you're saying you're, you know you're you're too Whatever our view phrase, it I'm getting so sick of every front
The story is covered covered covered yeah. I might do give me a Brad pits. Shortlist, you know celebrity loss of sovereignty and you sure you don't have a little bit. The purpose of the first Seaward guy- that's it's actually a jump from a shower because there was one store on the daily mail are all the kind of ours there was one tiny storing it was like Brad Pitt took a shirt off for us, they decided, or rather that non like I'll, take whatever I can get you now. Oh no! No, I understand I'm with you. I still Brad Pitt still responsible for these. I have this scar, tissue and minority yeah, really because that shot in ledges befall when he comes over the hill on horseback. All the time. So I just can't you Brad Pitt. Always me some connect irrigation repair and I really want to someone who, under some some specifics. The problem is- we do, of course, is all Corona Corona Correct when all the time and then so much of it needs to be corrected. That a silly late night show like this now morning show has to spend time on it. Because
watch scene and for an hour, not one mention of private industry thing up and making masks, not one mention of the able to sanitize masks, not one mention of the FDA, will actually actually nano you I'm sorry, Stephen. You wrong. I did take time out of their day to insult MIKE Lyndal for switching is pull production to masks, and I I I can't SAM surprised, It was jump across the carbon, the pillow guy, like derided infer come on man yeah, it's upsets me because primarily my job, I'm supposed to make fun of the pillar, bless guy? Who puts a racking peanuts in a tarp? And so yeah rested upon the american public because I drew near from short tank likes to use bed death and beyond to sell cheap crap, but I appreciate I appreciate that This guy, we told seventy five percent of his factories, not only nationally relevant, but isn't it the job? of the media, and certainly our leaders to not only be truthful, but two
I find the positive amidst a pandemic. Don't you bear some responsibility, you know. I am always a little self critical too, because I feel like a lot of what I do and a lot of other. You know, I guess media critics are we're we're decently negative too, but it's almost its reaction to the media, just misleading it misrepresenting and costly trying to make us like trash. So I feel, like you know too, and a great deserves some blame, because then I throw the pies right back, but I don't I don't I don't what else you do, I'm lucky I sit here and let them just lie and misrepresent what's going on and if they do all day, it's absurd. We ve been up- and I know you ve to put it more recent video. You know that they talk about President Trump and Fox NEWS. Downplaying the corona viruses, Conservative thing I know you're not a conservative, though unfortunately, even you, been labelled one because you have the gall to appear on the show. You shall have some insight into that wasn't just conservatives that was all of mainstream media up until March downplaying remote
You know that media matters ran a smear on Fox NEWS on Jane, I believe was January, twenty Eightth saying that they were fearmongering about. You know the Krona virus in China Actually, you add, you had Gregg got fouled, you had Tucker Karlsson they were they were. You know there are raising the issue of the red flags very early on and the media was. For my favorite started out use is Washington Post February. Fourth, get a grip America, the flu is way bigger, threatening krona virus and there's a meme going around of all of these stories from all these mainstream media companies, where sang it. The flu was worse buzz, feed, I believe this was on January. Twenty Eightth, they sat, don't fear the krona virus. The flu is worse and these tweets in these posts are all still up. Yet now they're not going to Fox NEWS, saying ah Hannity, You know what was downplaying this then it's like is so where you were right. You know my mother, my favorite argument is there. If you see all these planets coming, attacking Trump for a slow response and ok, maybe Trump did it did have a slow response and a bad job.
I think tromp was a little slow on this one, but guess what the Democrats didn't do anything No, it s eyes him for being racist, twenty instituted, the travel ban exactly and they were focused on impeachment, Let us see if your argument that have tromp was going to slow, and that means he's not you know, is eastern a terrible job. It's ok, fine! I accept that. That means you didn't worse job because you were literally doing nothing but try to impeach the guy right now. He was actually mean opening the taskforce to think about this recession. We talk about this quite a bit, but let's try. Vertical scenario. Can you imagine how the media would have reacted during this impeachment trial of Donald Trump said? Ok, you know what we are going to institute a stay in place, we're gonna put a travel ban and out we're going to unwelcome events protect production at while that is going on three February thought was Adam Shift, giving his testimony now. Can you imagine how they would have reacted? Had he done and at that point therefore,. Resources, your guys, we can do all of it. I'll give you the headline the opinion piece in the New York Times, trumps desperate attempt to distract from his. You know,
peach meant in impending impeachment conviction. Right Donald Trump earlier today tried to claim there was a real threat to the american Health in a desperate bid to stop the due to distract the american public. Once again blah blah blah right now, you're exactly right, and I wonder how much how much of it is This now with air transport is a conservative problem and downplaying it just because they want to short of move on from the impeach proud and am downplaying it for so long as they want to put it at his feet the story that I was just commenting. I just I was reading it. This from media matters. Accused Gregg, got felt of of downpour are either Fox NEWS downplayed. This great responded I called him a liar and now there's a video clip from the twenty eighth of Gregg saying our administration isn't done a good job on this. China's locking everything down right and I'm like it, did read the story about how Tucker Karlsson went down to Florida meet with trumped. To tell him. This is a serious issue, unlike February the beginning of February, whatever right it's, it's like you,
everybody was a bit slow on this one for sure. Even I initially on the twenty third of January said, I didn't think I was gonna, be a big deal and I was wrong and then I started change my tune when the new more information came out, but I think it's fair to point out but it was slow on this and at a time when Buzzfeed, Washington, post and everybody had said it was no big, no big deal at the very least trump. You know Fox news. These personnel you're talking about a trauma, did put together a travellers I mean what I want to say I would I would. I would put a finer point on it- not to disagree with you. I would say that everybody was programme, actively slowed down by the agents that be in government at the CDC and World Health Organisation, because they said this wasn't something to worry about. They said contained in China, the CDC said: none at all private industry. You can step up of the tests, and now we have a two minute at home test and there still left is still stopping them from reducing a hundred and sixty thousand a capping it at a hundred thousand, so private industry could have moved quickly. They were stopped proactively by the bureaucracy, bureaucracy between the government. I got it
Right and I say it's. I agree with you and then I say, but you know what I'll still give ninety percent of the blame, the China or more their lives. They downplayed this, they will information and the World Health Organization was just pointing up and pushing their propaganda like that that that video of that after shutting the Skype off when it gets asked about Taiwan, as this is despicable, gosh cylindrical, who don't know since you're corporation. My lawyers talked about this for people who donors and the sort of rivalry. I guess you hatred between Taiwan and China? I mean it. Argentina, Brazil Soccer pale in comparison. So the fact that its one of two things are world health workers. Is either so tone deaf. They I have no idea as to what it is your button educate assign with Taiwan in China, or they proactively, tried to hold tight away from the talks in conversation. I can give you the full history and that you know,
the taiwanese scholar anything, but essentially Taiwan order Asian. You should know something you eat red. Being ice cream gimme something today, my entire there that Taiwan use themselves as independent from China Right China does not agree. There's been a major international conflict, so when Hong Kong Hong Kong reporter asked the doktor from the World Health organization. How does he You know taiwanese membership into the World Health organization. You just ignore. Entirely yeah. This is completely toeing the line for China, it meaning people in the Eu S, respect Taiwan or I buy assume Taiwan's dependence? We call them Taiwan, not China, rent and people in Hong Kong. It is as well so it's it's him. Like the South, China Sea. If you all right, China, Shell you'll, be like that's China, you'll put it your movies you'll do what they do right here: the NBA players and, if you're, not pro China on appeal, was the horrifying made. They think they do. We were Muslims in the camps and end the repression in Hong Kong, you'll, you'll easily point out. The people of Taiwan want nothing to do with them break so that at the
organization is toeing the line it would. It would seem so, how can we trust them? we in the silver lining is here when you look at the young turks- and you look at all these leftist- and I know that you're more left on the idea of sort of some sort of socially your plan or more cell or universal some component to it. I dont, want to misrepresent Lebanon We differ on that. If, however, the You mean it's always been made that well, actually we have worse. Health care were ranked thirty six will arrive. Next to Slovenia, and we are, you know, he's ranked number to ITALY, Spain, is ranked number seventy. So right now that ranking system which is based primarily on subjective polling, are you satisfied with your healthcare from the World Health Organization is no longer valid, the left can never point to it. The only other when they can point to is the Commonwealth studied, involved eleven countries and had us ranked eleven and the UK number one how's that working out for them, so hopefully people or at least open. Right now, going on a second
The CDC Fda really were slow and mock this up and private industry. Even the my pillow rapists, looking guy is stepping in pick up their slack here's some angle. Not really about, though TIM, because you know- there's probably better than anybody not just blowing smoke- that the media by and the algorithms? Obviously that happen across so media a big one of these obviously was Lord Ingram, she put out a tweet talking about the queen, I believe, from not mistaken Touting it is a treatment and that same year, by the way, talk about as a treatment to strengthen a cure and therapeutics, and we ve done but that on the show, notice that are videos were drastically throttled. They had no reach. This was from Twitter as misleading information, now it's been moved by the FDA as emergency treatment. Is it does
then there is a little bit more nuanced ceremony discover that. Is there a worry here that the people who are in putting these algorithms there's so much selection, biased before the algorithms go out to two got two Parana Paradise? That's a new verb news. I think, we're facing it's gonna its with weariness, our civil liberties hit? Really, really because of this, that touches octopus. What about the Lord Ingram thing? She said that there was a dog. You're in Lennox Hill. That was using it, and I believe that was incorrect. Funny thing to verify- that there had been several statements from a doctor in Lennoxes that was touting, though the potential for it and previous studies what I understand he was a practising physician who had like something like mission privileges. In other words, he wasn't a full time staff at Lennox. Hailed as he did work at Lennox Hale in some Yes, so so they win on a technically the truth right, you know trump comes out and says Hydroxyl core hydroxide clerk,
and as it were, mice and fish are very promising. He says it. It might work at my not I'm very hopeful. The media terrorism. Apart claims and for our guide, you know put a spoonful of fish tank later in a soda. Meanwhile Angelo says the same thing they completely ignore either way. You know that wife killed my husband that, with the fish and cleaner she's, the new Carol. Ask and we can get into that she's a huge, their eradication she's, a huge democratic donor and I was looking to try and divorce the guy and then all of a sudden he fish tank cleaner and she didn't it speculation by the way, don't legal, its fake news, but I'm going to do the job spiralling. When I get tired, I spiral and continue to take the reins remedy: messes up I'm worried about, so that this social media- that's right, I just I saw their posts from from James Oki Facebook took down video where he is literally just filming going to new rush out to get a test. Yeah like this is this is the new normal there's there's a progressive commentator. Pack linsky, I think, is a good. Do any tweeted that weren't, there's not gonna, be back to normal, we're going to see a pre,
post covert thing just like we do eleven, and I said I think so. And we're seeing major corporations justify censoring on social media like Lord Ingram and the President of Brazil without question, They say what will label it misleading they don't care. Heads of state are gone. You know high profile upon it, you're gone. If you don't what they want you to say Scary is what's the real critics of James O keeps going in filming what people think. Clayton Massimo D. It's it's that with that me was insane and see like journalist shearing, for it like what he asked a front line guy like how do you feel I used to do that all the time when I would go down too, like Egypt or Ukraine and and comes out on the ground, I walk of gigantic, what's happening, how do you feel and that's journalism to them, but counters their narrative or goes against their machine so What what we're seeing now is. You hold that thought one second year and I really protuberant many. I am familiar think with with calculus. Given what you don't want to debate,
some time ago when we were much more channels, but hopefully listen. I appreciate that. I think he eat we, someone like him. I would disagree but he's being straightforward about this. He never used as the World Health Organization's rankings again about Commonwealth study will see. Here's do that for we're watching everything's in for the pay. Well, because Hashtag, my club quarantine This is the time where we would leave, go to break and say: hey gotta Mug club go to the place b for web extended, but instead right now you could see all of it so indian colours and we're back here with Temple. Ok, TIM continue. What you're talking about with a journalism so well What works perfectly worry? I got distracted. I dont know here's what I want to ask you but she totally killed her right with the fish. Ok, we're going about genuine Zaki, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, essentially we're seeing. One major corporations are justifying taking things down, Kara swishing your times right. This up ad, saying Fox NEWS is dangerous. You know campaign and it and its it scared,
their people who read thus not realising that it was the Washington Post USA today and all his other news outlets that we're saying the exact same thing, a weird? weird thing happened where your early on a lot of conservatives were in front of this Tom Continent, especially has always been in front of us, and Fox NEWS was, but then the media latched onto it. It seems like there was this weird tribal thing that happened. The left didn't want to concede that Conservatives were right and beat him to calling this outcast on cotton was right. Facebook was apparently taking down in his statements in the sun. Let me give you a strader path to an explanation here. Captain there communists in common. Sympathisers and always say this because they were, they were not think about this. For a second, this sounds extreme. They were complicit in preparing the comment that the chair, come line right that we have it contain. It's taken care of, don't worry about it so, one day, was what they were saying. The media will not set its fine, don't worry about it, like you say, from washing posts, then when the chinese government said. Actually we have it
pain and it may have come from the american Government- and it's your fault- guess what they pair, that same line. So if you want to look at consistency, they might as well be walking. With the chinese Communist governments Handbook will your ears. It's amazing, Twitter thinks it's susceptible that Lord Ingram put out a tweet about Hydroxyl clerk when they find it acceptable that a chinese official tweet several times that it was a? U S military doing it! Your foreign minister, yeah, there's the right moment He was also by the way, editing clips out of context where it was some. I don't have it in front of it or some kind of a Senate hearing. I don't remember, but they were interviewing doctors and the doctor was saying that. Yes, were likely some corona virus cases, Before March- and they were saying see it started in the United States and it was covered up by the military- it's the kind of thing they would have banned, Alex Jones for a law.
Time ago here something I would like to ask you, because we noticed this in the first week when the corona virus, when the covered we flew child Chinese, well? If you want to call it, I don't use everything. It offends. Everybody here we notice it nothing. We put up that related to corona virus was getting any place for the first reading. I mean about less than a tenth of every other video that we were uploading in the months prior and then all of a sudden, I think, maybe last week it was, and peoples saying. Notifications were back in and out Did you see any of that? Damn Uruguay channel? No, they they! Well. I didn't cover this as it was rising throughout February, because I was told straight up that its I wouldn't just be suppressed. Like What, when I tried talking about certain issues really to foreign policy, I got a hard notification that was discussed like I did a video about trust. We're already, they called it. Terrorism related
and so I was told and know how is that they also attributed. They also said that change my mind. There was a change, my mind: male privileges them if they said that was election meddling, so be it You don't have to make some there there's people who work there, who try in their either there's that incompetence, there's malice and eventually I get. These are worth with these things overturned, but when I saw my second general, the TIM Guess NEWS one. I have no problem talking about this other than I have a wall of confirmed e manifestations and the views were, I would say down like fifteen or twenty percent, but I dont you know modest right, but I think people, but on my second general I call my second general. They don't they're, not european, arching for specific information about it, so it doesn't matter if they hard, suppress it to a certain degree right. My my flagship general, the main one. Where I do the one segment I try your video on it, and then I get out of it. She sang war, conflict, tragedy, terrorism, right and when that happens, I get maybe like two to three percent of normal view. Worship.
So I am. I had no choice on like this. There's no point even uploading it, so I ll just take it down but everybody was at. That was something corona virus related. You had that early, so maybe could be it in? My inbox is just so flooded right now that I just didn't catch, it rose gone like animals, and you know what can I do so in view of the South the thing on Youtube. I don't sell certify unmarried now. I yes well but not at their there's, a new programme they launched, and maybe I'm just being hell. It's not real autonomy, don't if you guys get monetize back or whatever, but they want me to you too are. Let me just now you re monetize, you pulled it out of me well to reallocate. I guess I have this thing where they tell me I,
to tell them what's in it, and so when I wrote a video about this, this is under here's a fourth on January, twenty third, I made a video about this because China is locking things down in. It was alarming now not a partisan amiss public thing I thought was important and they said it was fine. I bet To me, does it contain any of these things? Hate speech, firearms booze, whatever none of these things, no war related, not tear related. They said you're good to go, They, they manually review every video. I do no matter what, whether its monetize or demonetized a week later, they reversed that and gave me a flag striking the video like confirming it demonetized and suppressing it for the next rushing up until like a week like three or four days ago, they We agreed to overturn it. Ok, because what that what they told me was we have accepted the reality of the corona virus, we're not gonna. Let you talk about it. I think think think about how many could have been warned if you didn't suppress my content right, and this is a perfect example of the media winds and a technicality in getting Lord Ingram Sweet taken down because the Lennox Hills
Water is not technically on Retainer Lennox Hale. He just as I think outpatient. I don't our patient privileges, but We would say that made. It would be a better win for the media if they actually educated the american public on a potential very efficient treatment. That's been approved, the FDA, it's almost like vat, should be more important for the media to try to focus on That is what I love what they do. What was March Nineteenth Techcrunch, I dropped it hydrochloric when is it through? My just pop promising results. Donald Trump comes out. Two days later. I heard this are you here? This amazing Donald Trump lies pushes conspiracy like that that that the media reports Andrew Cuomo March six masks are being stolen from comes out a couple days ago, maybe the master being stolen trumpeted, conspiracies. It's like you, guys reported this first right, they reported tromp repeats it. Then they call it a lie. Understand how others, whether or not both anymore people starting to see through this trumps approval. Writing is going up when I really appreciate genuinely people like you are out there, who, I don't believe you were
tromp voter. Certainly you aren't shareholders and the fact that you are actually out there being objective it. When people talk about common ground, I would say: listen. Truth is more important. Common ground, for example, United, agree on some issues, but we can find common ground as we do right now, without actually having to agree question. I want to ask you about this because of the quarter Asian which, by the way you fool people beautifully like you could go to an Abercrombie, add just get yourself a spray ten and claim any ethnicity. It's wonderful right, mainstreaming, It is true, I don't have that. Don't I briefly mention I was in Egypt and the people there thought I was egyptian sure I gotta go I think I'm spanish, like no one unambiguous, like sort London anywhere and you go with white people, and I don't care I like him. I was always saying so the earth. Do you think that the FDA did the right thing, refusing the masks from China knowing what we know now, because I was another thing that was covered by the media as a huge probable
you know, I've been hearing stories that we get tonnes of goods from then that's contaminated with a ton of really nasty stuff that we have to reject all the time right, and you know that I guess it's tough call. If ten percent work is it worth, in them out and probably not they're they're trying to exploit the situation for economic gain. They ve been lying to us, about time? We bring other manufacturing back here and you and you know that when it comes to the idea of being objective of people like to say and unlike like you said, the truth is more important right about China and manufacturing in all that, and if we had listened and moved much more quickly in the past few years, we wouldn't be strain for medical supplies. That's just a fact now. I feel you're absolutely right, Mr Poul Inclosing. What what? What would you want people to see as a silver lining in all of this, like what wit? Where should they look to, or what do you think is helpful in this area, because a lot of people say it is looking bleak there there. You know I to point out positives an oblique situation in certain circles.
But it should be said that I think this will help make us stronger. I think we bring manufacturing back. We have better border secure, we take very seriously the need for just community and working together and fighting together. We're we're not think so incredible were deep, prioritizing the bs. You know in economics like celebrities are some are being mocked and ridiculed by you know across the board, friend, doctors and nurses truck drivers are being champion. These jobs that are actually employ for all of us, so you don't- you know I've been saying. Is that a lot of these social justice fantasies? You know, but people saying its violence we sought to call me a name is due at all now being a race where people realize only possible to say those things, because you lived in a safety bubble right now that we have a real threat. All of that stuff is starting to to disappear because relevant to none of it was true in the first place, that's a silver lining, you'll get people back to responsibility and You know independence, individuality, I think, but also in terms of U S community we gotta bring our manufacturing back. One hundred percent-
yeah, and I think I think another I mean, I think, that's a silver lining and I think a very uncomfortable truth is that people are realising that folks, who many Americans thought had their best interests at heart. Genuinely don't I hate that this is what has been required to wake up some folks, but I think you see pretty clear what the stark contrast in the second Donald Trump is able to speak directly to the american people with his briefings. His approval ratings go wrong in in record. Time by the way, and so immediately the network's stop airing it to me. Most people go ok, What I really would like the guy, but he still is the president right now, when you guy said this is the worst pandemic of our lifetime. We should probably here from the president and, of course, his cabinet and matter specialists to our up there. Did you see that that day rose garden interaction where
that I think the CNN journalist says you said I want to be appreciated and then not to call people and trumps has read the whole quote. I was, I see the stuff Alla time, I'm used to it, but I was still shocked by what the actual, what was wrecked drop saying I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about the administration. We are working hard on like ass. They should be as when the media cut that out of That's really hard for Trump to say, so it makes him even man. You know him say at that stage that I'm not saying it's about them in that, and then it is. I can you still don't get me credit insane. We're doin what we said. It's me to me that we are, as it were, throwing away these masks. We have. We should they too sanitize. We have very Ray, sounds like a buffoon, fine with what he means. We have a sanitation and process which we now by the way, could make up to four hundred thousand masks a day usable twenty times recycling,
this is something that should be generally by the fat lesbians at Buzzfeed on Youtube Homepage, immediately, recycling lesson that it's it's not conservative, orally well to point out that there is a potential treatment or masks and be reused, and this is what I a lot of the tribal less left. Don't like about me. What why did accused me of being conservative? It's like hey the American but really like what Donald Trump is doing, what what he sang and there like, will only a trump supported. What would say good things about em know if the poles are showing it Donald Trump lied about masks. That's unlike what Andrew com That too, is not a conservative position to call out mask that's what it's it. No one's arguing policy in these stories, tribalism them it's not about whether you agree with social policy or not it's what you're on my team. Yes, but it is opposition position for Cuomo to be governor with nipple harmonise, so the channel is TIM Pool, there's TIM Cast and then TIM cast news on Twitter.
For as long as it's allowable at TIM Cast Hate Temple. Thank you For being, your men will always appreciate it and stay safe, wash your hands. Well, they like stroganoff wrap this up a story, Euro like gear Standest, verandah cavalier, they lack grants Alex you and they got this gap with an income throughout wondered nag, poor black rifle coffee I gotta get on you. I saw the two in the meanwhile. Let me hear what is granules them, whether large or ask go moist, but on the bottom bet that North Sea, like gas on gap, we report on me soon lost process began. Yes, they let them go me harder on them in medium, roast meat crack.
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Both called the drowning dance looking at the clock. But let us talk anymore, it's been a long. We thank you all you I saw the web extended and, of course, a lot of these things are just dumb there always by the people. People who now
we're probably most of the time headphones got laptops and ok now have- and I really am bricklayer we were talking about- does of people who lose jobs and five million for unemployment there, like you, know up the workload really isn't. I isn't Let's get off my nose, but I look at the clock and I can't believe it still today, one of those? Technically it's only if there is not a Friday feels I don't have. It feels like a Friday feels like I wish. It were afraid I did think is. Are you guys get there? You know you got to watch and spend time with us, but I dont get to see you write to you watch a new year, but we don't see you I mean right now you put a sticking out on that, but I don't see all of you and celebrated or I can now do we're doing twice workload and is open. It works Everything I know how many hours point that yellow submarine, maybe crap we
Now I have no idea, but we have a lot next week. I believe we have a bunch of yes, of course, Monday ones. They Friday we're doing good morning. My club live or you can chat with us every morning, ten, a M Eastern and then we have clips on Youtube every night, if you're not interested in the thirty dollars of quarantine code from. But that is what will keep us afloat and, during and after this, a lot of marital have so. Unfortunately, some conservative organizations, out there you ve Robin reading some of the news they ve been Lang. Some people often- and I hope that that bounds, because because a lot of people are dependent on ad revenue out there right now and predict like Google, adsense or websites. The problem of that is a lot of those businesses are smaller businesses running handsomely can't afford it. The first cut office is advertisers and dump were primarily funded by viewers. Like you, you guys get this wonderful mug and do not support it when Caliphate. So we will see you next week is going all month: Mccloy Quarantine,
I wanted to talk about today is created, touched on this with with team pools little bit Temple and I have talked off air. Full disclosure were not part of some secret cabal wages every now, and then I hated his units, my nine year, that did you hear this now was ok I'll talk to you about a next week. That's about it, wearing pointy hats. You're no owls involved- do not, unlike that, no burning, editing and energy, but so we disagree on a whole lot politically and that's when light. Like he's, not one of those guys who really conservative trying to claim that he's too liberal and he's really not a conservative which, Pritchett NEWS that we can fight. We find common ground, and- and I was What do you know why, when people talk about the political division, not really complaining about political division, because that has existed always pretty much tried it. You can go back and watch films from the fifty sixty seven,
are they say republican Democrat they kind of rib each other people have divided along ideological lines since the beginning of time. In United States republican Democrats, we have two party system, that's kind of that's kind of, important way because you're signing onto a platform. That being said, You can find common ground right. Without meeting in the middle. That's something that I think people get wrong. It doesnt mean that oh, gonna compromise meet the middle. You can be a conservative hardline conservative, You can be a far left liberal and you find common ground without he agree on anything political. And what does that mean more timely, coming? It's because really you're finding common ground with should be principles. Or moral through lines that we share, in other words the idea of freedom over the individual freedom of the individual, sorry over the collective or the idea that for
ample families will look out for themselves before they look out for some foreign country or entity, or the idea that a country that allows people to be free and ended slavery, that's a better thing than a country that still employs labour, because not all moral outlooks in the world are equivalent these our moral through lines that Democrats and Republicans at one point shared, even though they disagreed wildly on tax policy, foreign policy and even abortion. Why is it so hard to do right now? Here's why as the basis of finding common ground- and it can be the only basis it has to be founded on truth. You have to come to some kind of agreement as to what the truth is and that what's happening right now, that's why you have a media that refuses to run press conferences and then Cherry information from those press conferences and then pay. This is amazing, was running this morning. I was reading a story. It remember where it was
at the last second, their share Donald Trump. Israel press conferences on tactics, downplay corona virus, and then they cite the one hundred to two hundred thousand deaths from from Bergson. They got that from the Prescott fruits, when Donald Trump did. Ok, I gotta you tell them, and then they got down from doesn't want to acknowledge this. Second, that's why they don't want to run these. Because I don't want us to find common ground on truth. There there's a silver lining in nets or another, should be a silver lining that way You come together, like we did after nine. Eleven right all Americans hand in hand that we are the world that we are America against an invisible enemy and you dont want when it happens, when you're going to war and forbidden describe this as a war against an invisible adversary when you're going into battle You do need to recognise the victories. That matters you for the term. Morale that's important, It's important for leader
Obviously Donald Trump is at present no leader and that's why he's tried to focus on that and GOSH? That's horrible. We should change the present precipitating positive, but you, who else is in a position of leadership, is not just a president. It's not just Washington DC. I've said this before. If you were to take the power of Washington DC over the power of Hollywood in the media, Unita CAT scan. You're in a position of leadership. They don't cha, but only the victories, recyclable masks, hundreds thousands five minute test, two minute test at home, test therapies, somebody's over ninety percent of x. You right now that. And here's what we're trying to find a silver lining whenever we talk about common ground, here's why we can't find common ground and we wanted to budge on this. We
Meaning, Americans, I may even Bernie Voters, Americans, who actually believe in the idea and concept of the United States of America. They know what let's take one step further. Let's say you don't believe that the United States is the greatest country even that good of a country. You don't want to see it go away. You just want to see american survive. You just want Americans to have hope, but guess what We can all find a silver lining their together. In common ground in the idea that were making progress and the idea that the mortality rates are going down as we increase testing as we increase efficiency of testing, as we hopefully have more private industry step up, as were able to use more masks as were able to sanitized more masks can find common ground on that, because common ground, on a silver lining, which is the truth, but here's the thing. If a silver lining is a lie, is meaningless. And unfortunately, right now the silver lining that we have
in the media, who should be looking out for the best interests of the american public right that That is our job. The idea of just the fact that the slogan routine and just the facts will just the facts would mean that you're looking for the best interests, the american public, that you, I want them to be able to make an informed decision. But I'm sure, there's a silver lining that they are looking for. Right now is To blame it on Republicans and the president after Russia and an impeachment in work and after pair the communist chinese gum. Line verbatim didn't work so the silver lining that we're looking for Americans is how we gonna come others. How severe? Is it what kind of risk factory looking at? What will you do with mom and dad and Grandpa grandma? confers sibilant. Well, that's good news. Ok, here's some product! the measures that we can take at that exact same time. The people we can find common ground with those in charge of the media, entertainment, industrial, complex, are going where's the silver lining here. How do we blame Republicans in Trump and Christians and guess
what we want need to find common ground with those folks, we need to do is focused on finding common ground in the truth. Otherwise, The silver lining means nothing, because it's a lie. I don't have anything productive to offer you. As far as advice, read the news fact check, say your prayers and set a guard. There's a lot of good happening out there right now and you're not going to hear of it if you're. Turning into the main networks, that's why we're doubling the content for Mug club quarantine and were given you a promo code, thirty dollars off, join. If you want to support it, if you do watch for free. We appreciate you being there. We hope that some day you do support us, so we can be here for years to come. Finding silver linings see an ex we're. Not next. We see you tomorrow morning, oh god, it's still today and we haven't tomorrow
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