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Talking lockdown beer shortages, corona-infected meth, China’s dog eating ban, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s MAJOR mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis! Joined by special guest Ben Shapiro!

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This is one of the most astonishing acts of this information. We see from a White House sense of Vietnam ERA, active misinformation. This information, breathing and tramped makes me feel to urge the pressing need to do a better job. They need unplug the stuff we are going to avoid airing any more of this White House briefing until a returns to what it was supposed to be so disgrace, one of your terrible reporter. You know you're a fake. You know that you're home network, the way you covered is fake, the union's coverage of the president's covered nineteen breathing has been indefinitely halted to prevent disinformation. Do not watch lotta with greater life's Raymond President trumps breathing on Tuesday April twenty first around five p m. Definitely do not follow s crowd around twitter for obviate. Regarding
enjoying nineteen gradually. Nature was demonetized, but Youtube's community safety court for a crime they didn't commit today still wanted by you. Do they survive a soldier of fortune? If there was a left is no one else will make fun of, and if you can find them, you can hire the elder abuse eating
I'll be, mortal. Alas, this isn't the origin may Venetian if you guys want to get them because people, but not CDC, saying we're MAX. I thought it was a fascist given masks turns out. We were right two weeks ago. We would help. Do you think mortal combat, because you cannot think a mortal combat character. One used to get hit more. They would go like this. They go and I love it. What
what nobody roof, that your people can't even sensors in the video games like the Goblin guy, like hey, how would it asian? How would it trainees person You tell us out of the hands react if he got hit. But walk back not actually fall again. That, following my people's advice to wear a mask on the time drew through your people were right. I was wrong about Lana Guy Jean. We have ventured peer want to show you away and I will let you know that was pretty because pass over and wants to trick the Lord I take my club morning. Everything is free of this month. We are due shows in the morning when it was a good one. A clear warning right, get right already dollars off, because you tube doesn't pay us anything. The term of the Plaza labour things bad, a question for you at this point harshly we ve
we held harmonization. Some people have some globally, not trump somebody evil of blamed China. Some people are blatant. Who do you think is most at fault. Here, I'm actually really curious. My half asian Landfill Richmond user. On the great I blame my mother really wow, that's entirely every night, when you guys lay the studio. She comes in and costs on everything I just thought she committed gross abuse and negligence as an hour is part and parcel of that sort of like areas It is the less aims. Fishermen, friends out, I've got man. Yellow or is black and their marine and thinking of the Lakers. Just where this hope it s just five years, I can't be I needed, but the Tablet- rigour in the land, kings, ok and just that can be set so that George Lopez gets a to humanity and overly Gerald Age, old, Morgan Junior. What's the one today, one of the day is keen and tyranny from
Well then, and I love what I've brought it in half false, what looks like an old warships or bodily? What do you think? I'm afraid I may I may have the consumer from there weren't tat, our shame makes grown a virus worse, what nothing ok so that all locked and even worse or out of our task in about Blasi O, because my gosh, when you get into it, he's done it absolutely everything wrong. But first it appears that Joe Biden running for we're, still has already cut out form they ve sent He made us all more Jen with his Joe Biden, We want
you don't have to. We won't sleep. That's shockingly anville reworking of Don Quixote swinging it when they make me vote for. No one is saying that nor a crazy person. I don't, I think there are trotted out prevention. I d better. I dont know we have to talk about the bloody. I want to talk about Whittemore, because my heart is in Michigan. Yes, we so awful, and it's so largely auditioning, for the role of vice president re out that every less prize. If they trotted out John case it they're mine, Romany. I can take away civil liberties to look at me right. Jesus is wrong in the lead. What is interesting that you know you're hearing a lot about Democrats who were you know, there's one? They were sad that Biden's even there, but now they're, actually starting to even talk amongst themselves about the question of you got to pick a vice president because they might
step four Biden. Six days went by me, but actually it s in it. You six months go you too near than at all, and so that really interesting in the now they're like well, ok, where we know like civil liberties, so women, that's, I think, pretty much what they said leading news. I don't wanna pronounced this so soon Not if I ox so A little boy named scalped a Sue city woman was arrested after asking police to check her drugs for covered nineteen He approached the officer s very nervous and ask them to train test yeah heard drug paraphernalia and her garage work over nineteen and shipping upon further examination. The samples while they tested negative, recovered nineteen, did test positive for you're, gonna wanna know it on the ground, so also in pandemic, tested positive for crack
and a little more time in jail. My wife really like that. I want to apologize for a man ass, governor general science is almost like after, sometimes you really don't gotta play it. Often true, I don't it's like it's like I'm trying to balance it often attack board, and it just goes over offence was sometimes it comes back sometimes does. Is it a bad? It's, it's always doesn't joking. I really man not going to drink the rest of this bottle. I now enjoy your words to stop the court. A man discovered his girlfriend buried. She buried his stuff I'll of beans and the woods in case quote the corona virus gets back wherever jokes on her as the giants two are in quarantine? So there is nowhere. What which berries I think in the woods if it gets bad,
I mean if it's a corpse going about that, yet no stupid. I shall a grave checking in with our elderly, the elderly folks, because I remember the really important and also elderly and spirit our guest tonight, Ben Shapiro elderly before his time. Yes, there's a ninety. Three year old, Pennsylvania, woman, Pennsylvania moment, Pennsylvania woman. She went viral this week after she had this message about her beer during the outbreak pandemic. Ninety pre rolled all of their anesi, held up a Coors light can and a sign. That said, she needs more beer while doing her part to stay home and save a relative snapped. This picture and posted it online since then folks have been sending some her way? I have a big night. I got some unknown. I do want one so lax
have you relax like crisper guest, a Bigley Junior carried out is an actual human being and the news I want to know what story lost out. That's right, you're, asking the taxpayers to bail out local new running at Baggily Junior, what they know to within industry having Ike it's starting to safer, but what she sang. I thought she looked like the key of Sea colonel Sanders, his wife, what those asses I mean it's not like. I am not familiar with his wife this by the way, by the way more time. So this is a blind spot. The we ve all had prick privilege privilege much as this good, have a time as any to point out that covered nineteen disproportionately
it's a nice little special, but it does disproportionately affect marginalize classes. This virus is taking a toll on all of us, but one man decided to ask for a helping hand. Yes, things really affected. Our community will really stepped up procedure. It's good to know that some people still care. I take some crack tested, positive, every crack, get him. He looked so mellow now here actually say that taxes crack with three quarters. Math you got to a major by the EU, have to ride Harry Blend, he's really more so pixie dusting the crack into his mass why more respect for him at least need and ass for beer right? So I'm fine. I don't even
That means, but I do know that horse, he loves both met crack at Vibrational Monkey office. Back, wait, let's go with some can't get that by racial fish off his back. We didn't inflated everything Actually is China is isn't that just so bizarre? Who is it who got fired because they were talking? What's when really strong in Unifil, it's like I just like he strongly to silver back a real and legal cause. He's blacklist never about anyone. It's crazy, stronger, ass! You could totally fine. I made a mistake. After losing its referred a precious now. So that would mean that we must give our yourself. I can't get it right, so China Intolerant their signal that their planning to officially ban the eating of dogs o species was recently another excluded from a list of animals approved for human consumption. So dogs are now excluded.
For human consumption in China still included the Taiwanese. I don't trust China. China is oh pragmatic, he's the Buddha. We need he is very taiwanese, so you sympathise with them absolutely taiwanese if they thought they fled their still fighting there still hanging out, there's giggling did they. Just you know kind of one American look away from getting Newt by China Record Sucks area. You know. I really I realize I know about Taiwan. I know about I was of the controversy, but in all done a whole lot about the actual fight. Well Taiwan is there there on an island, they fled, they consider themselves a nation. Anyone who recognise Taiwan goes on China's list. Now, not good seems odd, though, that they could actually be an island that close to China and still alive.
Right. Well, let us very weird to me, but could you imagine, if Rhode Island, we're leaving? I would have said. Well I mean there's nothing we can do is what island we set are taken. And what do we do? You feel like the Chinese could take care of this, I'm glad they didn't, but you, like you, we ve ever I'm not my people's plan to go rather not at all in terms of sounds like not available, lacking, Rhode, island, You want to do is go into Providence, air old. Who among us is not now. I don't know seven knowing accents I don't know if it's Rhode, island or main, which ones bad weather, but I don't think there's any thing redeemable that. Finally, with covert nineteen years and tomorrow we have good morning my club, I think we're Brian Cowen on the show or doktor choice. Gonna be just a little bit areas than Shapiro. A police officer got his hand chapter, with a sword while, while enforcing corona virus lockdown measures
comes from Newsweek, it happened while the officer, patrolled outside vetch market in North Western India got his hand chopped off with a start to be to be fair. The officer in question, They try to steal an apple cultural differences, You say justified punishment. We say barbarism. An amazing Disney class, it isn't he's, never go to sleep with them. Yet imagine like when they said they were gonna turn latin into a real live action from I thought of something like Greece, we are going to be. You know. Gaiety knows whether we like it like you know very it would actually be in Saudi Arabia, and instead it was just. It was, will Psmith,
being the genie lightly, other global, secondly, to four witnesses, whereas the stoning of sir, I am where's other duskiness extent, can I wanted, I mean if we want to princess jasmine, should be buried up to her head with honey port on our noggin until the Red Army ants eater alive. I want to see the Christopher no one third night version of each Disney movie rights level I wanna get down in the dirt, so here's the link king only it's now sequential symbols alive now is now he's in the womb. Now we're back on. What are you doing? You don't like now go you pull them are very well the aid he pulls them off. Making money with a prestige does we're bits of his soul and that box memento was backwards. Also backward spoiler. I should say, though, the basic European films Corporal have you have you watched memento, my heavy watched it in reverse
Why would he hailed as its life changing ok I'll play? Did it change your life? Well, do is cool, all right now I understand with the West Anderson Tee shirts up. Let's go Do you want here who, from everyone out there, who you really blame with this with this Akerana bars? I will say this and I think about doing a super video at this. I was again it quick trip this morning. Please just a place like every other answer. It is remarkable, like I don't make a dime. What is legally rides raised rang lux racetrack. Is we re? Ok, seven, a laboratory? I would rather blow my brains out all over this wall, then use of public stall, seven eleven. I will give you that it's like an episode of can lock up. I don't know why you don't take note from quick trip in quick trip. I dont know why you aren't taking notes from me. I
sell everything that you have driven, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, you still have what're you shall have toppled cheek of everyone else, has a shortage. You need me I need you you have to. Let me out of my way never understood like like which it was such a big deal to me. We didn't have emergency ever walk into a like cheek. She has, but you never one. Your Custar or an ultra modern. She has no idea what I grant with S, pool of filth and sound it was or the hard core pornography Montreal was place right next to the sour skittles. That's Where you make the same face. Our galaxy is necessary. I get it look at low police. Allow police started the tabloid journal that combined violence in pornography, and they would put it right next to the smarties. That's
made him think what sentiments and argued that we already have you have, but you is the candy those parties in Canada, chocolate to basically imminent by it, doesn't make any sense, never mind it's a horrible place. Why does black blacker than what we just? Don't? We don't really have any blown. There is every reason why you to invade Canada. That's what I'm saying! Chocolates Marty compare Taiwan, Canada! Why Just take it. We could very well, What what? What? What do you think about Bucky? So if you're a big fan of cutie, anyone who puts a Bucky's bumper sticker on their car. I didn't ass about that should be boiled with their own state and through their heart stake of all. It is so good. Lord Ec Audio wait help me out again come on now. I got it, I've just being sarcastic what
pretending to be stupid, asylum, whose words in their way in the commons below you like as Dr Sacred Geraldine, these data Holly the biggest argument with the way I did a the friendliest seeming person when audio weight is frustrated, the kind of insults that he delivers,
are the kind of any kind of got punch that would render an entire bloodline baron. But this is true, but it is so brutal and it'll save us. They say that everything my dad's watching him. I don't care right yet either this is God we have the meat segment left, just waiting for Amazon, that's up the azure out and I haven't done it doesn't matter persona back the czech or fronts. The Czechs easy dick eliciting opportunity of these guys you he likes the Bay clear, so here's the thing we want. I want to talk about New York because I think it meant not only is New York, obviously leading the United States and in Verona virus rang, flew come flew chinese virus. What we want to call it cases and deaths, and it's not lost to me that your idea of per capita that some of the media does by the way like to say, is that we have more infections, we're more infections and deaths than any other country, but then all the sun when they say we have enough testing that use the per capita
yeah well margin. We apply it to both. It should be because per capita guess we're not even close to the countries that they raise Belgium, France, Sweden, that Sweden, Belgium, its serene. Italy definitely Dinah if we hundreds that are insignificant on a global scale, generally genetically interchangeable really and for certain that go back and forth. So keep an eye on that, because that does matter. Sometimes you will see, even in the same article, that reference infections, rent and deaths total Then, in the very same paragraph they will reference the testing not being up to snuff. We have more tests than any other country. We don't have. The best number of testing per capita but it's actually a significantly better number. Then you look at the difference between a total of deaths Since per capita deaf ears, a wider gap without pretty much anything that they can do to make Donald Trump look bad or make the situation look worse than it is felt it that's. A general rule. Has anyone who's gonna sit down from stopped his hair. Does he loves what it is now I was grey and prejudice or depends depends which phraseology natural,
you don't want anybody. Guy gallery relates actual do they probably having I need a throw her all I need you look like this is dressed both remain and made it clear that meeting where we do just Diana a touch, a grey, no grey gray, because sideburns you can't grow them. He said start planning to do. My pupil. I have no idea that he could not gross eyebrows I cannot confirm its only around himself. Router can show you all at New York artists in Europe. They ve added. And this in a terribly tragic number of deaths and versus right. They just past everywhere else, of course, in the canadian pet just pass, and but it's just what you said But here is what also matters they just added thirty seven hundred deaths, which, really bad, because we hear all along with crested. We ve hit the peak right reflecting the curve and they go more deaths than ever. New York will actually these
had never been tested, just to be clear, we can bring it up these are three hundred definitely added saying can now discovered that's while it seems a bit strange and such like that for second thirty, seven hundred when you look the total decided at the time of this broadcast somewhere between twenty eight and twenty nine thousand, I believe some, seven hundred could be a guess, you're good. Is as good as mine that matters, especially when you go. Ok, let's say thirty thousand, let's rounded up, let's take away people who, over the age of eighty, let's take away love, diabetes, Rev, serious heart conditions, let's take are the ones that are just a market Dennis carbon and guess what you are left with in another: leave oblique small number of deaths. Doesn't it knows just don't matter, but it does matter in us gauging the response and the accuracy of the kind of aftermath will have from this disease. You know, is the unintended consequences of these reclassifying? Is it's going to skew concerns that we have about these? Other types of death right so right, the flu numbers people are saying. Ah, there's no flew debts anymore, work.
Really are problems just go back to talk over. It is growing all the time right when you think about ok. So what does this mean? These statistics will be repeated ad nauseam people who are studying the flu research into the flu research into these other areas, preventative measures into all the other that people are still dying from right, we'll lose out not just today, not next month, but next year, when the budget's come up and everyone goes Lemme give the bonus to the co bid, give all the research to the covert way whose giving them honest to Kofi Annan Alive, a warlike of your users. Job well, yeah created a great contract, hey hey, they hazy and anti virus the lebanese biological warfare unit bonuses. While we don't have enough research on that, but it does make your theory was correctly come from. I think I said to come. Can't say as I get sued. Well, that's true, and then, if you will allow me, I just whispered to Gerald. While he was asleep and then he's setting like many, I planted Christopher dollar backing
now. It must be clear here, Governor Cuomo, as much as I can stand his brother, I'm still have to have a cage match with him. He's actually been getting along pretty well with with wisdom, from just surprised Avenue somewhere, they both in praising each siphoned, barbell nipples but come on these are Monday in details. You can't stop our Those are not a Monday in detail, Michael what New York City, the mayor and its often easy to forget, because Giuliani was great and then he had Bloomberg who was hysterical and then you have the plaza, whose just an ass So I really would ask that he's the mayor of New York City he's done the opposite of Cuomo. He has tried to pin all of this on Donald Trump, and I understand that everyone everyone needs to their does need to be some blame somewhere. The buck needs to stop somewhere. I knew how to exit moving forward, but he's even gone so far as to insinuate that Donald Trump has killed people. Here you go check the press, United States,
from New York City and he will not lift a finger to help his home town and I'll get it chuck. I can't be blunt enough if the President, act, I'm peel biodiversity. Otherwise can what did you can sign up an effort at the family architecture and action from the present United States. By the way they must love in shock. Todd used as an excuse to grow. Wish beard happy, we can't get hurt, you never know well, go view rank radically. You still have a tremor go ahead, They don't let em if scissors mentally. Ok. So let us go to the time when here, because I do think that this matter should keep in mind. Donald Trump restricted travel right from a travel ban. What do we want to call January thirty first course it didn't really take long for New York produce. So to spin it as racists, and then he hits
officials telling people to attend the chinese lunar parade, gosh and smart it's a lot worse there. She actually tweets right after that, when she said, hey guys, go out in a tennis, letterpress she's like live your lives as usual, dont discriminated that. That was a good. Don't discriminate urgent, not going to Chinatown, whichever inadequacy. No none of the late, that first, we tore away and leave the house to help officials in New York City saying I got there, don't discriminate by not going to check it out. Right was what you think you're right after terminate by not going to Chinatown epidemic what you should, but there's not discrimination not to go to a place that could have people that just came from a country that has an outbreak of a virus. That's not discrimination, I just I don't go just because, primarily I don't like it and those ends by the lack of a federation, That's what I mean it's really. What am I gonna store my two Lapierre barrels of salt yeah, it's true name mighty hard yea, so
the blog yo. Not only this, you see those tweets to bless. Yo himself encourage people to eat in Chinatown in late February, and then you have Pelosi even stopped by to promote like- let's be honest, you don't just stop by in Chinatown. They decided to stage a photo up after the travel ban in Chinatown to gather and eat in public. In case you think I'm learning should not stop. You forgot about your life stop you from going to China Town and go, and I believe that today, myself, Kanzi Chinatown. Here we are again careful, safe and come join while a sentences, three things did anyone else. No, they were all six inches from each other. What, if he's for purposes of a photo up? It's fine! just I I have done this shows seldom and I am at a loss for words. I feel like
Chris hands and when he showed up and that pedophile was naked, Mcdonald's for the second time always just trying to get something to eat. I just looked at me. That's why I wanted to know. If he's getting arrested, they were sick. They were encouraging people to eat in Chinatown eat when Chinatown I think in Chinatown. That's enough the virus entreated them up. Keep this in mind here. Most most Chinese Americans dont, want to eat in Chinatown you're safe, come on down this. Isn't what really matters to me too, as you can go back and see that you're down from could have taken actions earlier in some specific instances, understood, certainly not a perfect handling but it China, town one.
For the travel ban, you aren't, you can go back and say we didn't get the supplies. You obviously weren't worried, you're, telling everyone that they should go go Don't worry it's no worse than the first? and that they should all take the opportunity to eat about about. In China, town Chinatown, restaurant Tours association, but let us use the money right like my aid in Chinatown policy, that should be her. Shawl can't write a song about that from a Chinatown restaurant in the air and sea. Seventeen Billy Joel besides and no one wants so then, a few days later, after encouraging people to eat in Chinatown, first case occurred and spread began in Manhattan. Let's keep that might have said at the end, and we should have learned from history a little bit here right, so they they take. Everybody got this lunar new year thing which is just teeming with people. The same thing happened. It's also, though, still it is yours, so I beg you to do it. It's finds a big deal.
The same thing happened in Philadelphia, I'm sorry even for me that was too much I stepped into that door. Knowing of racism is being around it's about a really here, but its arms anyway. Don't look that that should have been a lesson they learned like you, don't call people in the midst of a pandemic. You don't call people into mass gatherings on the street that happened in Philadelphia with the Liberty Parade and that's when the virus exploded. They should have known to cancel that you have is an easy call. It's also a deliberate those cracked. Well, it was a Liberty bond parade now the amount I seldom pressure, those Chinatown unfairly, someone ate it and then uncontrollably vomit. Bow, and you know it was transported sort of thing, which is an anti vibration technology that we use underneath microphone. Listen this work because its cracked throwing up at that
Of course, it is to preserve the crack after the crack, wanted to keep the same crack was the actual extend tested positive for crap. I thought running a little better than that on one January, the floating on target and here's something else. After the first case. I feel so much better after yesterday's good really does like a man- and I will end here- I just you know I got the eaten Chinatown bit iron say whenever I wanted died out on that for a while and then finding is that, even if the right, a joke, because there it's just the advice from Nancy Policy that I can repeat it-
material at the blog. You don't take him out of the equation, might call I dont want to take him out of the equation. I want him back in the equation. S cell was bringing back on March. Second, what we're talking about timelines, you're De Palacio tweeted on one march. We get this right since I'm encouraging New Yorkers March second to go with your lives, plus the simple plus as actors, was plus get out on the town despite corona virus. I thought I would offer some suggestions beyond eating in China. Here is the first. Through Thursday, is this item. Twenty seven March would have you ok march. Fifth, it couldn't Meum March fifth to go see. The trader at film ink on what that is, The wire was a true story, plus symbol again set in ITALY. It was eight this film, ok. The first thing is its nonsensical. That's a horrible! love you. I know I d, you look at what I just did for quick trip. Ok,
go to school, on the opposite of that. But if I were as bad at espousing my love for quick trip, everyone go to race, track You don't want to. I don't like that, because I love quick trip. The people who made the movie we're like ok, so the mayor of New York did too our movie, but also he's an idiot yeah. We have now everyone thinks that were were broadcasting in Chinatown and we're tired. All our mayor is the worst. Broken windows. Very how about retarded mayor theory. I believe it has some. I believe it was not from global written a book about what was mentioned by high somewhere, so and of all things might like, even my movies eaters, the worst place to go to China to well, I don't know, but it almost seems like eight workers. It almost seems that that goes without saying. Unfortunately, that was exactly said, what I would almost say we take the worse place to go during a pandemic with a virus that stems from China.
Reading in Chinatown, if you like, you wasted some syllables there, you have to say that it could have spelled out plus we got it but now I have to say I don't even Chinatown case the messages of nuclear theatres, We cedars at the worst place to go to, because you cannot manage distance at all or of an alert in the bathroom seven of ambassadors, but that's that's always even without pandemics rate, its natural, incurring. They are bombing, is less efficient. Then the Romans history RO with Israel is like little aqueduct myself about their let's go the time because I was gonna tell entering amazingly Donald Trump, nothing in the plaza March. Eighth, that's after March, second, so eating, is that it is the rules you think I guess you didn't know the arc of this settlement for more than a year. Something
You know, I'm not a p demolished epidemiology. See? That's pretend I'm almost career, I'm not evident analogy. Even then, when a virus already, when there's like a virus out, we don't know a whole lot about it. I would say: well I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that, since a lot of you will get it like, you know it could be transmitted through on TAT right where you should clean surface. You have two heads just the little right. You don't need to be a doctor to understand that right. Well, the thing is Laws. Yo is not a doktor and he also doesn't stand that because he said covert disappears from surfaces in That's like it was a sham. Well, commercial couldn't be transmitted through casual contact. What needs it? We have some direct contact. You need to have the kind of exposure that you wouldn't get casually the subway, for example. This is a disease that does not have long on a surface only on most services, like supernatural plastic desk,
counter a subway pole It's only a matter of minutes before this he's dies and the interpreters have. You saw you're saying this ass, like our fears, are setting up a gear motive would agree with the point of view they are. Are you dont know our rights? What I just unrivalled amendments rods- we're here the pain and I usually try not take aim at that's enough some of it down because he's been through enough for the chink denying so thing to clarify
because this is a silly show, but let's get serious for a second in only one set. A kind of ours does remain on services for very long time yeah, it's really bad. But it's a ban That's it didn't want it always held. The worst is not mistaken is like cardboard. It can be an cargo for forty. Eight hours. Plastic, I believe, is three four days. Wow, it's much classic, was much longer on the chart that I saw right. I'm sure you know that a it'll save for weeks and weeks inside of a vacuum sealed vile that I carried so you are right, Everybody is basically old generalised what I mailed the mayor's office jobs. You drop totally ours, not, of course not. I want nature to run its course and above Yoda have a slow deterioration in the five years. From now we can see him on the bag and train that's one way or another is ringing sentences together. They neither LA healed, over his early onset dementia.
I'm. A horrible inside is not only can it be, can it be transmitted by casual back two and a whole lot for helping the negative stereotypes channels. Save it doesnt you're laughing too high that my murdered hey, Harlem Islamic, like I've, seen folks who out there and there talking about others, anger at Asian, Americans and people. Are you don't look races? Second erases? They were gonna races before Corona, right, they're doing raises some now just come out. That's fine, when I see you call you ever, you are right, but no one is actually doing in real life. Well, I'll tell you what that's why I've tried to make it up a really important point to delineate between the chinese government and the Chinese. People be cause. I will tell you this, but this was just we did it yesterday actually and only realised it that you guys someone you're talking about a ABC news was breaking overdoing good morning, my club, you can go back and watch it and a chinese representative responded to the United States defending who- and I think we brought up a source from ABC News and then after it
I was tired, so we haunt psychopathic did I just read a quote on air that lead lesions owl got the guy who actually crew and spread the conspiracy theory that american troops created corona virus. Then I said New York Times washing Post Bloomberg, all of them a chinese propaganda Mamma to try to express supporting down from so when I say hey, I think the media are actually commie sympathisers. That's that's our hyperbolic. I mean it it is happening means, and I will say the more they see this. When I see you see the voices echoed of the worst chinese people in the world, because it's always for ministers, people who work for the government, so I will say this guys you do need to guard you're your heart is. I haven't. I really like these sums doesn't areas, but not chinese people, but the chinese government. Do need to make it very clear that there is no one who is targeted and marginalized and oppressed and, frankly violently actually look Contorta assaulted, murdered by the he's government the chinese citizens, so
easy to hate. The chinese government do not apply that two people, like my wonderful having one. Couldn't afford a GEO knows: I'm gonna do I didn't have to say, though you know, everyone in the chinese government is chinese, so justice, whatever yes yet. Everyone in San Francisco is american. Here they got me from a little biochemical. Surprise there himself on the streets already the Chinese over in India into seem now months into this, that people are finally going. I think we should take those statistics what the grand assault, even just a month ago, when they were saying we should believe China yeah China's corrective always had a history. Honesty, forthrightness amazed and its courts crazy to me, as I will quote, the chinese propagandist lesions owl, but actually we may need to call some journalists. Actually this we can call it if they knew that there is a worrying, a chinese propagandist because Alex Jones got banned DE platforms for
right. I don't agree with Alex Joseph Kabila conspiracies. I obviously dont default Flagstaff. I none of that is a severe is blaming the american military for created all fast it as a weapon. I think context November. What he said. That's everybody's bad and worse, there. You are fastened a little bit of context that you should be team. America, if you work for me. Eric and media, it's unbelievable to me the double standard here and it's sleep disturbing. Let's go back to you. I want to be clear, provide useful information. Of course, corona virus can be transmitted just through casual and tat. We had Doktor Choi, Maya, Micro and doktor on the show, I believe, two or three weeks ago to talk about it and he did have this to say it is about tat, they go. We shake their heads of another person who has a virus or, if we add to touch the surfaces As somebody who has a virus catches a ended. We touch our face with it wrong
you got it enters through. Our eyes are no their mouth. So is this a respiratory virus, but we can also we can be airborne, is typically not. They can be airborne or droplet. So if somebody Cox at US so we can actually inhaled that and we can get up. We can get the virus infection by the way he's also parttime sign it But if I may go in head shoulders knees and close our eyes, the mouth and nose I loved. I contributed where he's gonna be on sudanese the mohican investigative. Ever he care. So much. I will say that he has given me advice off air that can't centre because you want to be sued, he's gonna hate, listen, these are some things that might help might help your immune system might prevent an overreaction right. He's he's a doctor who want to talk with you and not just worry about liability scheme. This isn't necessarily prove helpful. But these settlements might be a good idea. I've never had a doctor do that before so Commision going to happen,
tell me about we're talking about all the crap that the chinese government does. He not chinese is korean, so you know told you oughta good, stifle, really is a fantastic doctor. I about it. We hit the notification. Belgrade bench appear come up in a minute. It almost evasions, because inscription syllabuses really mean a whole lot. There's also crater bits. Now, where you can watch some segments and, of course do consider joining my club, because that's all we hear Humph that's it, I guess it's very sad when I think about it. If you don't join up, Roma were dead or chemical corn. Thank you for helping fishermen's friend and new content. Every day at eight p m eight p m the oyster every day. In case you can't be bothered. Do you any of those? here's. Some of that I wanted to what we're talking about tromp. I dont, resent you but the fact that I have to point out that at the end, just eight o clock All we get out of your party wants to say,
But it was he I won't say. I am very tired, I'm mad at everything, because we're still doing with corona virus, and I will say again: I went back to the quick tripping there is something remarkable going on right. Now, every person I've spoken to in real life, every single one thinks it. This isn't over reaction. As a quick enough. There was, I think she was half a teenage girl in there there was a young black gentlemen in there. Certainly I wouldn't imagine trumps base is my point and I wonder what the mask and they look at me like this. They did that and other, but what? we're off, but you do not get the memo and, like I wear masks it will not. Second has anyone here. I'm sick, like meaning all of quick trip emitted. Not going on here. I don't think anyone in the franchise but, like I said, come may become down. Hygiene wash your hands and don't touch you knows
that's very true, and these people that, when you think about in the media, the reaction to just saying hey, you know what we do think that we need to balance the idea of reopening the economy, understanding the risk making. Assessment and allowing Americans the ability to make a living. If anyone says that it's like you are denied set your Holocaust denial button, the vast majority of Americans and out of things that even the cats represented in pulling, because I think people are afraid to even tell someone in a play. All that we should re or any economy everyone. I talk with, including many police officers go down. This is this is really round me. We ve got to the point where finally, people feel comfortable, saying that initially and still some people that I know that are close friends feel like I have to do my part like this. It's very much this propaganda there's enemy. We have to be afraid, and if your neighbours not doing their partner, extending your pain and suffering so report them like it writes. Finally, people going wait a minute. I don't think that's actually true. Yeah, don't be ears, think do your research don't be shamed independent enough
but for the difference between President Trump and mayor to blossom can he's a man works. It easy to forget, so the media, the Trump downplayed. This whole thing, when what let's be honest, lately is really has been trying to give Americans help units in aid, we might be passed the peak right now there are things that were doing. There are treatments that might be working. We're on the road tolls vaccine wreck hake may be will be opened by Easter. He said he didn't open everything by Eastern now, let's be really clear: Ellis contrast that with De Palacio who is telling people to get out there, tend to public gatherings along with eating in Chinatown. This entire time so compared. Hopefully it would be beautiful timeline if we could be open uneasy. How can you believe this guy and the other guys eating you know rat nevertheless it on their. But I
I don't understand why people get mad at at the president for saying hey, I am hopeful that we can do something like this. The local government is the one who's going to have to make the decision on whether they reopen a city or part of town right, not a pandemic. Our crisis like this, so in new you don't understand because you're, not a communist. I know that's true, but New York. I'm a real spots, certainly like they just just throw up the ladder like what does he blamed Cuomo and commerce legwork? I couldn't do anything here. That's when travelling to blame the next run up. I don't think that's how it works, but in New York City as the mayor of a city that is incredibly large and densely populated you know. You have to know better rarely yeah right. You have to know in Schenectady right, but you do in New York, city, hey, that's the city I make fun of,
sounds like a funny name on a fund to say horrible to live it. We're dreams go to die with the anthrax, doesnt even stop, and can I think it s got straight to prohibit the race everyone weight to solidarity, the tire let a tier just rolled down your chief, because people have to live with that all year. The novelties nice for you in the Joe Biden expressed they live there, like when my wife at six years old, her dad took her to do you wanna. So she would appreciate what Americans, that's what we should do. So this really matters because it now it does it show. The blame game is just totally playing politics where people say we don't have time for politics, but Governor Whitman Michigan. I don't have time politics and she's. What's on that hat that says that later, from my lady from Michigan. What the fuck, you too, have doubts about its just empty audition for Joe Biden Vice Presidential, so that, hopefully you know, people don't think he's actually retarded they're gonna buy where do they go this matter? By contrast, the reaction time, but also of funding
Don't misunderstand misinterpretation of the role of government ends directly relate to the constitution. So let me explain this really quickly. Yes, we know that they all hate Donald Trump, the medium we're talking, right now, and I'm not is bogus then, but I think that the pettiness that the childishness is it this is called If one thing they so good, this is what they deserve. But again they freaked out misrepresenting him saying that his thoughts, Eddie in allowing states to reopen their own economies is absolute Jean King was just saying he's claiming that he has authorities that he doesn't have all costume. Does not give the present United States total us David. The present power total in this. Clearly, it's not total Let's get access can arise from a three split view. Actual wrought in the October mom voice that needed so that we can
Leave us he's a dictator, authoritarian, saying that his authority and allowing states reopened its absolute now, let's compare this to, after all, the downplaying, after all, it's not an emergency go eat in Chinatown New York City shut everything down. After all this in the book, the Plaza claimed that he has the power the absolute power to permanently shut down. Church or synagogue that disobeyed his orders, everyone has been instructed that if they see worship surfaces, serves, is going on there, go to the nationals of that congregation on form than they need to stop the services and disperse. If that does not happen, they will take additional action up to the point of fines and potentially those the building permanently closing aisles of building permanently lobbying. I think he's heard of religious liberty right
Maybe not. What I think me like I haven't. I was like Armenia, Coyote jammed the exit. Exactly they tell us, you know, take sixty two parts and ends in. We saw the thing in Kentucky where they were in their car and there's a golf course, and this is so stupid right by where I live, that pulled it's a publicly you'll have to touch or talk to anyone to planet. They pulled the pins and put signs ups as closed yeah like walking through apart, but before we move into that, should keep in mind that the plaza was this area is concerned. That christian group might helping and that they may not be allowed to work as we stand to gain Islamophobia by the way did he mention anything about islamic places? criminal money, just the Jews right Christians and Jews did. He chose to mention Christians and Jews anti semitic March when I got over very well in the upper West side, but I this is workable to me for a few reasons at the park thing, there's a guy who got fine for kissing his wife and a park technicality realized,
you, as America have sex with their right she's my wife, if we're gonna, give it's gonna get it. If it gets ridiculous, you people do they actually think we're social distancing at home? Now I'm telling you keep putting my kid in a different room. I liked you my drown: Social Justice home at least for now, travel costs. Listen! Even I don't care what the viruses you could bring back. Sars one gets my lord, did they find one public part? But this is this to me shows a fundamental in capability of understanding, the role of government. Ok, I think Donald Trump was wrong and saying he has absolute authority not right in context. It's not nearly as severe is people make it out. And if you look at his actions, they ve actually been pretty measured. Don't take my word for it. Take Cuomo take newsrooms word for night. You didn't open thing that Easter. He was hoping that we can open things around. He hasn't reopened. The entire economy now he's hoping that we can
he hasn't signs and carbon executive order. What he saying is that he can end effectively national ban on Commerce happening and allow states to real gives absolute authority to defer it to the states. That is important. Compare that with the blog you who is there on camera, spread sleek communicating a violation of the first amendment saying He will shut down churches permanently after, just go down and eaten Chinatown for churches to go right. Isn't that big deal you gotta go and pay rise, and not as bad as China down. He is saying that he would shut down churches permanently. Let me be really clear: separation of church and state is determined from San actually real thing. It's an actual real wording, it's written from jumps into the Danbury Baptist taken out of context, but when you look at the first amendment, the spirit of it is very important because about keeping the governor out of the church. Running business relied precisely to preserve the church, because I believe that for moral set for up for a free society, you had to have a moral society, so they saw the importance of the
urge and did not want to have a church of England rats why it exists and he You have a mayor not saying he has the absolute. Ready to defer to states in reopening their economies as they see fit, but you the mayor of the biggest city in the country saying hey I'm going to use my church to step into the church, running or synagogue, business and shut them down permanently. If they don't take, my granted conflicting advice. That is an absolutely authoritarian. That is, absolutely a violation of the Spirit of the constitution and basic american rights and its actually a violation of the letter of the constitution and basic american rights. So if we want the game and try and try and go back and forth with semantics Maradona you're. The party of the
I, who said, eaten China down and then the next week said I will shut down churches permanently. Unless you follow my every order, you have no leg to stand on its done, we're not listening to you. Let's look at the places and minuses and get back to our starting this economy, or at least a bunch of IRAN after this. So what you think about the synagogue, thanks. Man actually Now all you have to do is accessed and fascist computer mainframe. This will be to smoke Oh, why not conforming gender less none binary too scared, if God what happened did they find you know
we have no search. History born a boy, at least what you do online. You tat your business Express GPS. Be sure to protect yourself with must affect the wrong sponsor Express Vps. That's the one that I you don't even know it pulled out to physically symbolise express Vps If you are looking these VP and you absolutely should, if you use a computer, we was expressed. Vps here a lot of credit, and you know that we have you seen us using one long before the we're sponsor with a totally gabert scenario, with Youtube and, more recently, with the written link, comments hiding. Can we call him up there I don't know works well and here's think Express Vps is
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Will you make sense red school? You need some crap means much more than what the whole We need good man to another man, listen more and our other generally close grovelling to that list. That's all reminds me. It sounds like a gallop unite, but don't you think
and I started after Junkie Donna lecturing playing red dead redemption too, because I really liked red Revolver on Xbox come to realisation that I'm just done trying to pretend like em, even interested video there, so delayed as our module hold the left trigger to talk to this guy. He's gonna tell you about how he lost his daughter, it's a virus and they hit this button to get the horse and tie up the horses, but you have to eat. You have to eat a packet, but don't smoke cigarettes as it will enhance your health, but it'll decrease your stamina. I put this much work riddled with eighty into work.
I mean a lot is that I can get us after almost like a show. You know, lather show is our next always get only fifty eight second glance, things to say what was even necessary because it came back from a break through let it was well. I just want to keep him waiting so that you know it's asserting dominance. Like the body language experts show. You know, you love me a favor, the show the bench Shapiro Show editor in chief of Daily why're. You can follow at bench apparel and just to be clear. Lord. This is pre taped because pass over and I dont like Ben. I want to make sure that clarifies you don't get in trouble with the Lord. Was it only with the law, and I think God knows it's all of its all of the people who are they not good Jews watching your show? Who will then email me and pretend they are good use, because I'm on your show, ok, that's that's how the way they would have to work. I get tons of emails every time. I do a pre record. Podcast, and then it appears sometime honour on a jewish holiday people. Do it
Finally, you showing your true colours insect while you are listening, weren't you! Yes, exactly yes and I'm sorry for nicotine, MRS incessant emails, they seem very unnecessary, he's a pious brick, but I do know that obviously, passports are treated for people who are necessarily benches. Our first of how are you doing right now, with the other quarantine and you're still doing you shoulda content, yeah what lotta content happening. I have three kids under the age of seven, including a newborn, we're locked in the home and my kids don't have school and so I'm I'm on the edge. My friend I mean I'll, tell you. I listen, I'm awhile, luckier than in a lot of other people. I still have a job. We saw the business. People are still workin here, and so I want to make it sound as though I am in the bottom quadrant of sufferers, I'm not I'm in the top quadrant sufferers, but yeah with that said. Children, no place to go. Are ridiculous. Mayor has shut down every park in the city, and so yeah, I mean everybody's going low, but not my kids have basically turn
the Lord the Flies yet running around. In there they're holding a pig's heads on spears and staff and at its its wild I mean all of you. Or restrictions on on media, and how much do you they can want today have gone completely out the window. Basically, tv is now the third parent, because there just the way you shouldn't have them in front of Lord of the flies? If that was yeah yeah, I probably didn't I should. I should definitely handsomely doing. Yes, some baby Einstein on their once. You ve seen them use piggies glasses to build a fire eve, pretty much The one thing and another way I spend must really really can't stand. This kid was always produce, any kids are mediocre and the best of times, and then your life in the house with them for long periods of time and they started their minds. They give to understand it that everything that you I feel, as adults is magnified and small children Rousseau like if you lock me in a house with a person. I love you lock me and ass, my wife for months on end
to get. You know a little bit. Crotchety, we're gonna start to be like a little mad with each other in a low but abrasive, and you do that would like a thief rolled child and within seven minutes, they're tearing things off the walls are trying to beat you to death with a toy hammer like getting there is. There is no doubt that there is no wall. Just we care, Pre quarantine was bench appear or not, abrasive, correct, Yeah, that's right! You you never experience. Abrasion, like this abrasion really the funding of my wife- and I we had kind of a breakthrough a little not long ago, but we really, we always love spending for both quality time people. That's our love language, gas. So, like it's ok, if half the time we live like we're single so long as we dont cheat, I mean a reasonable you'll, see like what, when you have a lot of kids, the problem becomes that that's, I'm does not exist when it just doesn't, it's ok. If half the time like we're single so long as we dont cheat. Reasonable, you'll see like what, when you have lots of kids, the problem becomes that that time does exist when it just doesn't
just anymore, so the kids wake up at six o clock in the morning and then they go to bed at like eight o clock at night and then get your wife and you, like, I M just dead tired. I can't do anything. My brain is not functioning at this point and then we have the newborns the newborns up in the middle of the night, so sickly. I've seen my what, like, we ve, been home with each other and bring much nobody else for a month, and I've seen my wife for combined total of seventy two seconds. Meanwhile, when my way where's that you don't keep track like that, let me ask the ehler make sure meticulous about this. Yes, yes, exactly so we art seventy two seconds, that's not enough for a man to feel fulfilled. Signal right, so I know where you come from ground, because I, as while I was waterborne and my wife came in and served you a beverage while I was being waterborne by special forces, be less surprised or having the sense, and we must actually be like within breathable d,
of other human beings and right they. It is amazing to watch tv, shows and films now and you just our seeing people like, in a restaurant, you, like ah data in writing. I, like pannikins be again, I wanted it. So you are an article opposite daily, while talking that kind of some some questions, key questions that need to be answered before we reopen economy, and I think one of questions was we need to determine the accurate fatality ray. I wanna first get to what your questions are, what you think the most necessary questions and then I will say this: I don't know we have a disagreement. I think that the overall deaths per capita are the really the only reliable metric at this point, because a fatality rate is so dictated by infection rates and accuracy of testing in them. Lying in China Joe. I think that is true, but I think the problem is that in a moment goes up what I mean is that if you are looking at the fatality ray the number of fatalities per million men, all that's gonna happen is that the presumption
is that when we all go out of quarantine, if we in fact each other in terms of people by well, then that number is gonna go up. That did not give you a good indicator of exactly where the number is going to go or, as the case may tell any re theoretically, should give you an idea of how far things are going to go. Given us or number being infected right, the only two statistics that really matter are the ones that we have no numbers on. One is the transmission rate. We assume that it somewhere between two point, five and five And the other one is the he's fatality right. We have no clue there because we all know what the denominator is, because we know that tons and tons of people are asymptomatic. There is a new England Journal of Medicine peace. The just came out. I would have been when people watch this yesterday, that looked at I'm pregnant women who are brought into New York City hospitals, all of whom are screened for covered is when you come in they screen for covered. Apparently I the two hundred eleven women, twenty nine of them, two positive for covered. Only four were to me. Would I that for everybody who is symptomatic there at least seven people or a sometimes Have you actually applied that state wide to New York State right now, New York State has
five percent case. They tell at any rate it somewhere like ten thousand dead people and a hundred five thousand positive task. Well, take that bottom number that hundred ninety five thousand multiplied by seven point: five right now, it's looking a lot more. Like one point: four million ruddier actual case they tell you rate, is point seven percent, which is significantly eyes. So I think what you're saying that in that the number the case fatality rate will go down because, as testing is more accurate, it'll be a smaller portion of the overall infection rates, and that makes a difference, because if we are glad in fact each other and then is that the kind of overall number of deaths that we expect a lot lower. So, as far as young, as far as overall number that we expect, what I am saying is, I think, the most at the most accurate metric as far as what we should be using for people to sort of assess therein. Because a lot of us was oh, my gosh we're seeing a fight about one point: ten percent more tolerate than a five percent that a three percent- and I like what we all know the mortality rate, but they predicted two point: five million deaths than emit and then a minimum with social distancing which was imposed have kicked and a hundred thousand dollar forty thousand and then sixty thousand
the overall and I think, especially when comparing it of across countries, the most accurate we have is a per capita death rate years. Why? Because you eliminate more variables in the sense that aren't you gotta per capita rights, so that matters, because you can't just go by total rate and then test efficiency is very different. For example, let's say in Belgium and France, Spain or ITALY care to the United States and then overall, when you look at how many people per million residents or inhabitants of this this country have died. It's the only one that we have that the constant now I know it'll only go up, but I don't it's going to only go out for the United States as a matter of fact, even as it goes up in the United States, the gap widened between places like ITALY and Spain. Still why it he's right at me because the one thing this Taking into account is the actual lockdown measures Joe, what we're watching for example, right now in Sweden is Sweden's rate continues to go up. Will answer Switzerland- probably not words, or probably not also languages for population. I can give, gives you some weird outliers, because some places rival,
six million people or five million people really noticed. It has three her and thirty million people sure sample size or you can count on land or our example. I dont use raise outline like some marrow nature, reminder that there's a place where one person dies and you're in your actual death. They ate your action per million rate is like fifty writers, only ten people in the country by right, so that it is so it's it's. It is to that that can makes it difficult, but Reasoner, comparing France, Belgium, ITALY, Spain and the United States and those are all sizeable enough countries. None of us you know. Obviously United States is very different network bodily. Also lets me, maybe there's nothing. You can do that again. The reason I am not going along with this just because I think it doesn't take into account the lad time, meaning that is for two weeks ahead of us. We don't know, is ITALY writings ahead of us? They shut down like a week in advance of us, maybe two weeks in advance of us, and so, if Looking at where the United States is going to be into weeks, which is kind of what we're trying to figure out. As you know, when we reopen, then you want looking at something more accurate like and it well
what was out, I would remind all, put rivals, isn't going one that actually matters me more than the case. Fatality rate is what the case vitality. Like for young, healthy people ready. I think this is where we're being completely snow, not even that young but yes, anybody under these forty five, if you're under the age of forty five year, healthy your chance of dying Kobe are exorbitant, Lila, my very, very, very low, and I'm looking like right now this minute at some of the New York City, health data, the nearest health data, which has revealed the number of positive tests it the number of dead people and the number of people who I'd without pre existing conditions. According to the New York City Health Department, there are twenty six deaths total in New York City. People aged below forty five, with no underlying conditions. That's out of over six thousand deaths and out of over Forty two thousand five hundred diagnosed cases of carbon nineteen for New Yorkers under that age. Europe means that your actual chances of dying in York City, and this is again a high and asthmatics is not taking into account all the people who have not.
Tested and all people are asymptomatic, or even using the number of tests, that of combat positive versus the number four who died under the age of forty five, with no pre existing conditions, you're. Looking the case fatality rate of the point, zero, six percent, meaning that nine hundred and ninety four out of every thousand new Yorkers under the age of forty five for a healthy will not. I grasped only a low and estimate as the number of people who live there, and I think that more than ninety ninety six or nine ninety sat right and the biggest and one thing that has, I don't wanna, say valuable, because obviously the tragedy we have to hedge onward. But one thing that has been valuable with this data that we seem prickly from New York is the greatest Germany factor was underlined, conditions is diabetes and heart disease being over it is a single, bigger, controlling factor outside of age, so, even if you're below the age, if you want everyone expand that are below the age of seventy and you don't have I believe it or not obese the, fatality rate is still exceedingly low, so that in the recitals that matters, because a lot of the measures that you're being generated
about right now, robots mass test, everybody. Three million today employers testing everybody. He tracks when you go into a theatre, we're gonna, we're gonna, give you a temperature check which, by the way, is so stupid, because a lot of this is asymptomatic, roads and helped actual expressed. When you take into account the anti body tests which isn't yielding the same kind of results, as we did from just a covert nineteen testing positive itself, we are funding from that and then right- and we also want, even though the accuracy of the antibody tacit display my ninety ninety five percent, accurate. So given all of those can too, and given the reality, which is this crap cannot? Last beyond midnight, I mean you just can't people who can go back to work. People are going to say, I've lost my job, I've lost my livelihood. I've lost my dreams, like I'm, getting very tired of people, doing sort of eight a one factor test for how we get out of this, which is how many people are going to die. I don't know the answer. You the answer. I know how many people have lost their jobs and always will be lost. Their life savings break and how many people are now waiting in food bank who never thought they would have to wait. It flew bank because the guy
we decided to shut everything up. I'm not seeing the governor was wrong. Should everything! Now, what I M saying is: if you are young and your healthy, we should be talking right now about how you go back to work wearing, wear masks as you know, in fact other people, even if you have it, go back to work socially distance. We probably wouldn't go back at you, relations have football games right now, but go back to restaurants, make sure that the tables are speed apart basically goes wheat. There's lots he's dying in Sweden is not wrong done it and everybody Hussein, while sweetened spite yeah, oh by the way, by the way, as also shot after I had a lot of you wanna this also South Korea. Of course they docks their own citizens as well, but they did. I warrant in the old man was vulnerable, and I say this with my doctor who was carrying on this show before I went to total don't, I said hey, I know some craziness sensitive, how about just corn Getting old and sick people but I ve done in some countries and there isn't as far as we know, right now, again, there's a lot of data hasn't come in. They haven't had worse outcomes, you do because you can't just get up. You can't unearthed all world, but you can get people who are older. You can get people a priest. Conditions to quarantine themselves and the outcomes are like
better for them if the economy continues, because we all know the long term health ramifications when people no jobs when employers can't go back to their businesses and we cannot continue to innovate or push for an economy. Long working hours for health people understand that people are poor, guy, thicket, sick, they get fat. Think at the press. They commit suicide. There are more burglaries, that's a big thing. I mean that that is I think it is also worth noting that there are a couple of values that you know actually matter. And that when we talk you know just deaths versus debts that that does not take into account like about living in a free country. About living in relative prosperity like these, used to matter and in fact, do matter for a lot. People and quality of life is still a thing them yeah. We can we can live, but it also matters how we live, I mean, if it does matter to me, if you don't experienced pain, seeing fan he's waiting in a car at a food banking, so well Lena least you're alive. Yes at least you're alive, and also those people would almost and almost certainly be alive if they're out
in a mask at work and nodded food bank right out like is owed, so you do have to battle linked to pretended there now competing values. You're right, we don't have to weigh all of those competing values when a public policy is what is really at all drowned trotting. Usually this would go to the pay behind the peril, but since its free Magua Magua Quarantine month, this will be available right here and you too, but this is where you would see a commercial break and it would be right back with Ben at the place and go and we're back up. You, like the the native American First Nations, going Ben. I agree with you and all that I still would say the reason that I think the deaths per million and by though, of course, it's been Shapiro, show you can download everywhere. Podcast are sold or not salt. And you didn't she for daily. Why the reason it Deaths per million matter is because we largely used fatality rates for our projections.
So, I would say that it matters because they use the initial mortality rates as a portion of those tested to predict the two point: five million to predict the one hundred thousand Forty thousand, what I do think matters is that was taking into account social distancing, a minute. A hundred to two and forty thousand lobby illness that they said enough. It's two point: five million. If the social distancing is ineffective and they said it would take, it would kick in after we already saw obviously decrease rate of of death to any degree. Is it only minimum hundred to join in forty thousand, so they can change it to what really wanted and glad. I want the numbers lowest possible, but people especially when we are talking about listen, a balance of of lives and livelihoods, do need to understand that none of the data projections have been close to accurate, and I think that kind of goes back to what you ve talked about quite a bit and regardless of our people, about Donald Trump. The media's vested interest in making people think a certain way in anyone who disagrees with them. While you just don't care about Americans and Europeans.
By the way. I think that is actually one of the better things. The trumpets done at ease and a couple of things that are that are really good aside from sort of generalised making sure that they are. Meant gets resources where they are supposed to go in activating in and the China Flight Partial kind of shut down in the european travel that, like the he's, got a bunch of good things, but in terms of overall rhetoric, she's been criticized for Is rhetoric? I've done a lot of criticising. I don't think that he's been particularly unifying. I think that him fulminating, was ratings, is a complete waste of time when everybody is wondering is mom. Gonna died of a report by walking outside doesn't seem to me that you know him comparing his range, the apprentice or or to the bachelor at is critical to be declared by the way to one of your mom is not going to die if she goes out tomorrow unleashes a seventy five year old diabetic with dry cough continue, but the lead the couple things that Trump has done right are: he has resisted the calls for nationalization up until this week, when he randomly declared himself emperor in and initiated order. Sixty six up until that point, he was here, too much on the right track, and also he
really did resists the idea again of sort of a centralized national power against the state where he was saying that the states are the ones responsible and the media car just completely dishonest. They kept saying ok. So when Andrew Comoros in China statement, though the palazzo doesn't Tropicana City, it's from salt and then one trump is like a comment to make them in aiming to make them do it. I want that I was a dictator. Now I want to be clear when he says I have the authority. What he's talking about is Annie. I sometimes he speaks where his his mouth go. His reign move faster than his mouth can catch up. What you are saying is now I do have the authority to allow states to reopen, not all states will reopen states have the right to remain closed, but if thou, what's this, I notice has aright Kentucky or ten If you guys want to start reducing these stay home, and we always say that was at home cover shelter. What about how it is that we forget what set in place that he does have that right to allow states to then maker decisions movie, forward. You just can't the governors here, the in in terms it like if they decide to keep it on, he can't walk in and say, ok, no about exactly exactly about what with that said, one of the things, so I
there. There are certain times when you're very grateful from President. I'm very grateful trumpet president a couple of reasons right now. Really one of them is that because the Democrats have a vested interest, in maximizing the power of government. You see this every time we have one of these, these stimulus package, it's where they just trying to load it up with crap or whenever you see Joe Biden Talk Music, all this great opportunity to push for in any sort of kills over. He can Europe giving a more credit do. But yes, yet forehead was noticed, invested a personal he's got a real SAM. The eagle look, More has actually approved all the way back and nursing a position with all the way back across the back of his head is, for it actually begins right. We're normal people's bald spot actually begins pretty impressive about with, with all of that said, If you had a democratic charge, Renault and Democrats were were pushing for massive radical change around the manual? Never let a good crisis go to waste kind of stuff, the level of push back again flock and lockdown orders would be a hundred times. Magnified people would be saying this crap this
Zol being done for purpose. The fact that from keep saying I want to open up is actually The things that allow in the country to give it a chance to breathe Second, because everybody knows the trump doesn't want to be in this situation where people like people like me we're like. Ok, we understand from once you get out of this. We understood. The dare bunch of republican governors who want to get out of this and they're, not using this crisis as an opportunity to maximize the power govern it brought about or Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden we're President right now, my suspicion would be that they were attempting to do a bunch of very politically driven things in order manifestly change. The relationship between citizens and government are now call it. I will say one thing on that note and we do have to go. That has been really disconcerting for me. You know we ve taught people often make the argument so you think that if you have gone for the second moment, you think you're gonna fight off the the government who has toxic well yeah because obvious, unless you want to blow up you're a real whole country, you want to preserve them. Horses and then there have been some people have said and mostly right so, but listen. Most police officers and national they're not going to come in and violate people's rights. I think that's mostly
unfortunately, I do think that we ve seen it only takes a couple of bad apples. When you have officers, fine, People are zip tying husbands because our kissing their wives and of public park you do see There are some police officers out there who are willing to abuse that authorities. Eddies orders are coming from higher up and really makes me uncomfortable. Oh yeah, I mean I didn't, petty tyranny. They can be unleashed when people feel Our eye is really dangerous. That's why I'm sort of hoping that one of the things that happens in the aftermath of all this there is a bit of libertarian moment because everybody just says God that was really terrible. Like everybody was on our ass all right. We need everyone to leave us alone, and I think that I think there is the potential for something like that. Yeah, that's what the left has been really brilliant and I think it's important to bring up, nor now, with social distancing minimum hundred to two hundred forty thousand, because after this one the numbers inevitably lower compared to what they could they will say what you don't know. How much of this, how much this is from social distancing neural. We know what you claimed would be possible with social distancing. It's not even close to that are the
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snagging is illegal quarterback earth to fishing turn your promote. Thank you so much, and Shapiro show today, but you know what you would figure when asked You guys are lonely and do that we had with you
now that I can actually look through your webcam should ease sticking out tomorrow, we have good morning my good, of course, at nine, a m right, nine M Wait one image in italian, aerodynamic eastern. I get four times all wrong, and We talk a lot more about Michigan Equipment, because, if a little close to my heart and sometimes it's a little nerdy where I'm juggernaut, something regional but Michigan, is pretty important kind of like Detroit is the perfect example of leftist utopia for the entire country, Michigan right now is an example of if unfettered, what the left would do with the entire country and I want to see this broad ousted, I want to see her in the boat vigorously, Piccadilly don't hit women. Got almost ass. Uncomfortable Gary shamming impression yesterday was governor, went into my c p myself. My pants looked like a Roar shack test.
And even again son of a paper. I wonder how did it somebody virtue to good channel nobody? Firstly, handling not like this guy a couple into one of the talk about now I'll. Keep this brief, listen, they're events, I think that have gone on personally separate from the whole quarantine thing that I won't get into it food is I am amazed when you see a lot of these celebrities out there even influencers, I guess- to use the term now. Basically, people who sell tee and have big asses talking. How hard this is. And it is remarkable to me do this to try out like you're being selfless like I'm I'm with you- and I understand this by the way we have to talk about my struggles, whether it's the depression Norman health issues or or or or ethical issues or whatever use or going through a company so that, hopefully you don't have to go through it alone. I understand the value in that Being said, no one concerned about having to war.
Through the valley of the shadow of mansions with indoor pools is just egotistical, terrorism, these people who are on Instagram, so these celebrities are out there and when there's just scattered wherever it is, and I know how this is: orders long for connection Belle s now you're doing it you're, a wonderful house with everything you could possibly imagine. This. This idea that this quarantine, two people talk about this now I dont like quarantine, because I think that I think should People should be quarantine. I think we should be able to open certain segments. Economy about that you don't use mutating people here. Ok, you instruments, but the problem that I have with the quarantine is not this idea. That's eliminated emotional connection people who say that new posts- and so there is looking for emotional- action in the wrong places like I have not suffered? I'm about you guess I have not suffered from a lack of connection with.
People who matter most during this courting. I see my wife, I see my family There's literally no one else, I would rather be with you but what am I longing for the people and Instagram or Twitter who have never seen before? I still get to interact with you. I said to do this for what we have to make it becomes a suicidal, because if the forego the cigar lounge for another quarter is remote but we think the tone deafness that bothers people's Zella. These folks are wealthy Europe, a grudge anyone for being wealthy this self important riding on social media, and it is, I just want to you just want to what you did what? What? What is it? makes you happy that is so missing in your life right now that you're beside yourself, you don't The thing that matters is right there just think about this here that I I can't think now there's some things I would like to do. It maybe like to go to a movie and we like to go to dinner absolutely but There is no place that I am happier or more
full or at peace than one I'm at home. With my wife You're gonna give you specifically at home with my wife. We ve a good dinner. Maybe some family over which we still do sorry, I'm a rebel. I guess I'm not obeying the law yet sometimes my mom and dad come over, occasionally a sibling hole the kid, after a good our family- and I I sit down and watch some either real or watch television or film, with my wife Betty's over there, my wonderful a dog and she put her hand on my shoulder and her snores, like a metric images, puts me right to sleep. It's race officer, I'm sick, they're gone, when we have to be upset about, couldn't possibly summit? The tears to do it. Instagram selfie, video based, the life it I've been living, Can you imagine there are a lot of people out there like that? Now, I'm not talking about losing losing your jobs is a real concern that some of these people talking about not being able to
forward ignobly little go forth in an a livelihood for your family. That's a real thing! and we are fortunate enough here. That no one here as to worry about that. We had this conversation. What's an exceptional risk? What's not we're going to continue to create content for you, but one people? their act as though something has been removed from their lives. That has caused them to be depressed and said robbing it mean something has been removed that have been put on an important pedestal where it never should have been in this. It comes down to a lot of Europe at someone asked me to see the day there was this I don't do really whole lot of press. Maybe I'll start doing that? Maybe I won't I dont know, but someone asked me ok, how do I want to be remembered Ets we're gonna selfish level. Everyone wants a legacy right, but listen this time. This I'll tell you exactly how I wanna be remembered and how most people should seek to be remembered. Point history. This month, these two months, this quarantine, this covert pandemic- I dont want,
you to. Remember me. I want you, to hopefully remember that I was here for you I want you to remember is that everyone here worked hard for you, not that we are That's why I see that we had to struggle with a b c dots. To be remembered by what you did or what you accomplished strikes. To be remembered by what you did for others, it's how you cement. Jesse Worth having and I think until Hollywood gets, this there's going to be this out of Touch Agnes. That occurs when you have Gallagher, dough sobbing in her own private orchard, about how hard this has been on her. That's because someone is looking to cement the legacy that is all about themselves, and that is not the way to live. I think that this corona virus pandemic, if nothing else, has really highlighted people's narcissism.
Thinking about how can I relate to people? How can I? How can I relate my experience to someone else? Has you are so what about their experience? If you can like right now, I dont get to talk with you, but I've tried to at least empathize, with your experience tried to put myself in your shoes. Everyone at this office has and said: oh ok, rather than sharing our experience. Let's to make yours better and more livable and What don't do that anymore and eleven? doing that right now, so I wish this could be a little more inspirational, but I'm kind of pissed off and I didn't know why I was so pissed off seeing all of these videos and selfies. Until I realise these people don't give a rat's ass about anyone, also the country they they We care about being seen by the country, so it makes good about themselves, anyone
they are seeking to cement a legacy or, if you're asking me how I want to be remembered, I would say this: this is important at this point in history. I want you to look back at this time in your life and remember that everyone here was here for you, that's it that's. I want to be remembered Hopefully we can do. It will still be here for another two weeks. We will see tomorrow good morning Muslim, promo code, quarantine period. I was off without a debate number two.
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