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What has been your opinion of late night during the COVID-19 pandemic? Kimmel, Colbert, Meyers ... have you found any of it to be fun? Is there even a joke or a bit that stands out? The gang talks about dying with dignity, Kenyan coronavirus care packages, Brian Stelter "not being OK," Joe Biden's fondest sniffing memories, and the extra guy in the Rolling Stones. In the Meat segment, we cover the "not-ever-funny-on-accident" Trevor Noah's lockdown protest lies.

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Hey audio list are still mug club quarantine month all of April. Everything is available for free. I know you're publicity of overloading my apple bike ass. It used to be Itunes really how this, but it s, because we want to get everything away for free. So you know what you're missing behind the pay war, as well as connect with people during this time, everyone's hurting. Some people are stepping up ritual in factories. We can't do that. We can provide you with more content than ever before, and so we that is for the month of April three morning, shows ten eastern lot of Canada comes last month, but please do consider joining entered from a coded Florentine thirty dollars, often of course, for the full schedule louder than about compassion, scheduled, there's a lot of stuff like eating guy wrapped around or prouder proud of jail. Prouder proud of ground. Now,
for a trip inside Trump Worlds, hall of mirrors. Sorry sooner was never do this thesis is, has never been about pollution. What is the matter with its illegal to possess? The stolen adopted you stay out of you are fake, served now that's louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Betty
The report tries to our most questions is tangible centuries, just so exciting show from the two reasons, first spread of earth seconds working right off my military, that's from once every single one of these checks to have his signature on what should be the first
he's ever put his name on something helpful. Elmers thing he's decide to put his name on something really dumb, brilliant. Ever
about calling trump and suggesting way is that he can do better, never allowed any crisis from civil wars. Trade through to a pandemic is seventy all the way around. Sixteen. We have never never lead democracy. Six second Ivan images from funny here.
That's called the magnetic spoke about job inserts, a webcam, the old all shuffle what book? Shortly before a quite bizarre, your guy Noah, which
I can about. Today we have said we have similar take risen. A show- allow re here, of course, is the winner for these stimulus and wisdom in this funding. Twelve dollars really read that a little bit later ass, everybody here, you guys I've gotten checks. You absolutely have. You know that more now than ever, because we're still working this will that's good. The thing up. Well anyway, this guy's going to appreciate it tomorrow morning. Of course, we have good morning mug clubs and mucklucks seventeen months. We have been crucial in the show its huge that bastardy bumped us Show up on Wednesday so will have him tomorrow. The probable code is quarantine, thirty dollars off through the whole month of April fewer thing when it Then the quarantine and my municipality? Listen it's not a regional promotion, so I'm gonna have a national level, guys sorry, can't county bucks
at the same rules and everyone else and, of course we're we're broadcasting twisted area? And I am very tired. So we have my half asian lawyer bill. Richmond is here how you see he's lost welfare, yeah for him. You I mean, that's, that's like a freer swim. I know it's amazing quarter black guarantees. He was glad to guide you stuck here perfectly straight hair back in anticipation of high up, so you can pass was try initial, as opposed to nineties book audio weight, is here G Morgan Junior Gerald Day. What's the one of that one of the day is cosmic egg, the cosmic Secondly, as monkey or I don't know, why do we have Brian smelters head as a why it does look like that? Doesn't it doesn't like that at all week I was rewarded. The bow go out talking about Trevor Noah late. Now, all this as my question for you, I guess, is what what's your opinion been of late night This pandemic came all Colbert Myers, which one do you think is done at best,
Israel and a Joker bit that stands out. I gotta tell you, I feel really, good about it, because for the this time they ve entered into our and they can they get me something I already they were worthy competitors now just unworthy it will have on the train that will begin to, of course, the denigrating of all the American, the american citizens, who think we should be giving back to work and travel notice, how to take a big steaming. South Africa crap on them a ship and ours. First world tied up in our national news. It's important to look to international politics to learn that you know it. You can still die with dignity, No, that does is Uganda's Bill Maria Equivalent in get low or he's an ass.
People to Liberty is, whereas funeral actually in their culture. Death is good. As a swede I leave from life exists. I think I wanted my fear is that option on the funeral home? Would you like the hype crew to carry your has on its own, but I feel that way about this job. I want that yeah I have not, who I order. You don't want to be a black man with their parents. Are all united, so I don't know who was in that they could have been me in their dancing. That's the best dancing University is like looking into a mere you're. The one is forced to prevent us from getting laid a hand on yeah, rising, dancing view. We have some news to get yeah. It's it's it's a racism of soft expectation. I know they're not necessarily doing little rascals on each other shoulders with a dragon going. I grow Baptist. I love dancing in any for do you How many words for xenophobia have? Well, my people have ninety seven words for snow lamp.
Syria checks out fell If we want a coat covered. Nineteen o forces covert. Nineteen has changed a lot of people's minds. It's actually forced epidemiologist to question the longstanding medical theory. That quote laughter is the best medicine So our its nose, elaborated, of course, that Donald Trump has been holding daily press briefings. We did alive skilling, one of those which networks have accused of turning into propaganda sessions with CNN, even going so far as to refuse even air them, replacing it instead with a fat guy talking about them. So, they got. You know serving you just the facts. Ryan's through this week stated- and I want to actually get this right- that its quote: ok to not be okay this week when he was speaking of his grief over the krona virus, even leading to his admission that he quote crawled into bed and cried for hours
over the pandemic and matters is worn help. Anyone is tweet was protests by the Westboro Baptist church. So that's a dumb event for double It's happening you get in their sights. I dont know: stouter was expecting some empathy from this side of the payment gallery. Sorrow at stake. You wouldn't cried with millions of dollars. Don't worry, he's. Ok, switching international news, backed international news, because energy bills forte other international kenyan governor announced plans to include Hennessy in corona virus packages this week. I like this guy gets waiting but about alcohol plays a very major role in killing the corona virus or any sort virus. That's his court! Not ours, don't don't help us, not briskly canyon, governor, MIKE Sancho he's not to be confused with nigerian President Mohammed do hurry. Who himself is a notorious caught? Forty five, once every time
creative works. Every ten miles Sancho I mean you wouldn't expect that I mean it's like Englishmen doesn't make sense. We are proud of our leadership. He has done a fantastic job and leading our people to prosperity right MIKE, gotcha back to America. Of course, Joe Biden has been done, It's not really. A laughing matter has been showing troubling signs of early onset dimension, which has led many experts very suggestion that capability of its basic memory, the ones never forget sniffing, surely Temple, oh my gosh. How does he leaves? I give you remember, I've got ever ever written in my life
not only is he a pedophile, not only in that joke is Joe Biden very old yeah he's old enough to have been a petty file when he sniffed, surely Temple and if you don't appreciate that go watch traveller turn of insects are today is really temples birth really doing that. I thought you and will crack that he dug up is That's what I'd next filling with real own. Over complicate the jokes. Also other news New York City Mayer, for those build applause- you, oh you are so many notable mayors of New York and then this got here. Social distancing, Tipp line was flooded by the way with warning. If you prisoner, penis photos and Hitler means of funding
to find the story, the story of this new Yorkers, lousy or how they felt about being asked to snatch on each other when supplying went public by flooding it with crank complaints, including pictures of peace is an means featuring Adolf Hitler. Now I do want to know that the photos were initially separate until the gray mean convergence of Hitler Pick and that a proud. Thank you for that is for raging. How goes and Allison Anthony winners back in the news he has always as president I mean I feel should be. He should be here because I think that while his wife is off on her secret, lesbian escapade, so she's in religion up several pop Francis, he said that whisky is Real holy water in a loud answered clip all these guys, attaboy yeah, the clip
The court was debut in upcoming documentary, but it was censured by the Vatican over concerns for the Pope's and I do not understand the do damage control. This should come as no surprise from the man who want some Marian is crack rock so really has alongside, as is a party that is a large cracker, her out of a productive pope anymore. Previously we involve Vatican four hours. I love our thing. It made an issue that twenty four care my face and glass and smartest guy, especially when it comes to Mass Monday, is the one who was instantly identifying the absurd size, the crime, yeah. I didn't insulting to look at this one. It should be asked crack day
because you do so much crack cocaine. I was picking I'm joking aftermath guy. I have all my t afford crack, but give him some Annie, freeze and a couple bottles of nails and he's going to sell nails and bottles. That's how that shows you. How are you ok? Last time I went to a load right, but everyone how Jim nails independence? How much do you need like a bottle? Maybe you gotta pull him out. I got a bottle of males, preferably with a final included. I live over. Contractor veterans are like what in the railways, can no no you're going leads eaten with seeming ouch blood? What I mean they're watching me in there I found in the back of a pickup truck. Now we turn to the latest with a groan of areas covered? Nineteen whose rapid spread is changed. The way that we look at the disease are Vincent. There's been some new updates this week we ve talked about in quite a bit in the morning, show more laid back. We get into the ins and outs of death.
So now understanding now that the vast majority of people who contract the disease or asymptomatic were learning this. This means that, The mortality rate is drastically lower than initially expected. That's a good thing: more people can be potential, carry so you win some. You lose some unless you're the Detroit Lions, then you just lose some alot Now, finally, lastly, dozens celebrities, you're gonna, say early decided that I don't care anymore. You didn't go alone, after a short lorries. Heavy is the heavy where the crown heavy is the area where we have a big head family guy head, I'm just not that famous, so it just comes with all sort of cranium. Around location is without the benefit of a multi million dollar contract novel. Finally, I think that it was at last week
yet somehow teamed up for an eight hour stream called one world and by the way, whenever one world isn't it, you know it's going, crap just from a Saturday morning show after Hang time and city guys anyone out there who remembers it. You know what I'm talking about, there's one asian actor in their sorry. We represent here, but I would from that already do you know whatever it is that this thing right? Here's call one world together at home one of the stand out performs, of course, was this went viral was from the rolling stones well he's Richards, sickly been bombed What have we done at their best he's never been sober and it works for me to tell you. I was gonna, tell Keys Richard to sober up he's just being preserved by King tat is ass. It always well pickled, ok, come on think about your family. You think about your family,
they were just never would name. I tell me what more do wrong. Obviously Gwynplaine play America's making millions? Who cares about Jack Sparrow, it works allies from Liberal Liverpool, Think they dont forget regional, aggravate right now. Nurse a lot of people, think they specula we're talking about how you here in their there's a shaker sir, but the person who is using the shaker, wasn't pictured, and so this became became it sort of a phenomenon on line people were had conspiracy. It was during this- will require at the latter gotTa Britain, we have an exclusive footage of has been made available to us of the mysterious shaker player. Since we couldn't afford the rights to be clear, you'll be out of this happening that we couldn't afford the rights that runs down. So we do not want to run a file of the copyright. So here is the isolated track?
a man. Are you getting common rights not showing up on zone? Why seven minutes of that avow enshrined at all when you get an exclusive the feedback have to take advantage of the scoop. This promise zoom the immunity he did it. I don't know anything about zoom humor is it not my genre of humanity of enough a tumor, I would argue about your house's zoom in crack. Rock scrag drugs that are oversized look at them. Zoom in the research, where there are we to the weeks that we have a Europe where the budget tweets new books are members, they got their eyes within five days, as also that's pretty I'd like you. So much for sound like rifle coffee and such like breakfast. I noticed people really like the dark rose from black rifle which, as you know, I am not a big fan of dark rose and then of the medium roses. There's one, but you know that's if future think that your favorite from the medium unitary, like called there
Ultimately, media and of why feel like enable me to overreact, your favorite Brodie them is red. Yes, yes, I'm them like you for picking a collar. Knowing I couldn't see it well, how are you, Somalia, covering goes well whether nice, with a nice filet you can arrive self, a nice white or Greece. What's that stick with a white? Why don't you just tell me the name of the line you would like haven't figured it for a very long time styrene. This is this that this, I believe is is speckled that champagne champagne in the winter, but either way you will be receiving new Hundred dollar loud, as I don't need this stimulus jack and are able to keep our jobs here. I know that many of you bid affected. It is what's his name. It's father to Ellie West.
Bother to Ellie West EDGAR. I had really EDGAR's, I dont know. I hope I didn't think I hope I didn't. I was really that sounds long name Doctor would be the least of your worries. Here we have a from MRS he's. A twenty five year old driver for trucking company he's gone away from me. At a time hears why I am asking for a blessing starting February, two thousand and ten million for wifi, not she's, three weeks pregnant with our beautiful baby boy. Congratulations, not even three days after funny at the news or health went down she's. Better rest. As of right now he's the only income for them, so you know what I know a lot of people been affected. If I had the money, I would give one thousand two hundred dollars away to everybody, but you know what you guys should hit Trevor Noah, because he wants to get back I do it do. You know: is generous with my money, with your money. He'll. Take it from you and give it that I like. When you leave. I serve your wine up The difference is, I know which colored is with one.
Understanding of european color works. I think he's a covering adopting its glass see through electronically, so that I can still see now just clutching at baby, because it's your unhealthy addiction, everything you do makes things worse in the room? I should sit still. I love you I see that ok, now. I really do. You were great. You buy. Thank you for vessels flying co pilot in the resolution. Life by what we are doing a lot from next Thursday, where we will be doing another press briefing will be doing exactly and then continuing through scene and I'm tired of fact checking them, since they won't run the press briefings. I believe that have to do. We have we have Chris Cuomo. We have both Blitzer Ehrenberg. That's the whole gallery yeah, because the lot of you get some positive feedback that you you like the press briefing and you want to do more than we thought. Well, you know what the then the next day we should have. The lines yet happened after the press briefing its history. What we're doing a show next Friday, since at the end of my group,
did you just said? Let's just do for hours, because I'm afraid I'm advocates, you are nothing like finishing strong yeah our let's go without so I want to talk Trevor know a lot of people who making these same exact claims out there. They ve just been vilified. Anyone who wants to go back to work as conspiracy theory, nuts, is more on this flight over dances. So, let's face it. They just target Trevor, nor because I think he's everything wrong with not America because he's from here, and you shouldn't be here, just humanity, emblematic without a visa. Was the age be one for highly skilled workers? No, no! No! No! No! No!
do. You have any I'm having at in Sir Sound how someone tricks the tax man into thinking Trevor Noah is a highly skilled. Workers never saw Letterman, I'm guessing. You also trick people into thinking. It was funny to what that was. The location yes said with a light laid out there just in case somebody, MRS so here's the content. I want to run some clips and will go through easiest emblematic of such perfect, because we can rebuild all of his points as a kind of just it's this amalgamated horrible points and strong and that everyone else, has been making here's a clear, I think, with a first, what he's vilify the protesters and right you're too these same attacking here, all the time that people who are protesting out there want to restart the economy. They clearly want to increase deaths over the weekend, America supposed forty thousand confirmed corona virus debts and seven hundred and fifty thousand confirmed infections, and because of that most of us have accept,
That is painful as it is. We need to stay at home a little longer until we can get those numbers under control, but it turns out there's a different group of people around the country who are saying now: how can we those nose ring a sweater that makes them look like voting as their coasts to cope with calls and setting up more thousands lining the streets of those answer rallying cry from Washington to Colorado. To Maryland. Actually people just wanted. First off its is so bad. If you have you make. Make that hood pink, that's just intrude out. And his little Edmund Antagonize, like an uncircumcised Trevor. No, oh yeah, I guess if there's like some penicillin on that point, there's something I know, vision and remarkable to me that we vilify these who want they want, go back to work by the way and now we're seeing the numbers increase suicides increasing anxiety, depression. What do you want more people to die by locking them at home
Important. Do not twenty two million Americans file jobless claims thou surveys, show that one in four Americans happy their lost their job or had paid cut from shutdowns business, I don't even know how much is going lessening with thirty five percent of retailers that we're non groceries. Twenty seven percent of hotels fifteen to twenty percent of rare once that they say they have to close. The crisis continues over the coming months and we know that that kind of stress and trauma comes with suicide depression or that is more Burden on our health system than building extra hospitals are interlinked and people are picking on other states for opening up, saying, look, you don't need to get your hair cut. You don't need to go to a nail salon right and that's not that's not really. The point is emblematic of the whole shut down its like that. We need to be able gotten do things that are safe enough to do. Don't just pick the hair salon in the nail salons right now to parlours, and so we can do that we can go out and shop six feet away. Home depot can be open debate, furniture mark can be checked. Travelling Trevor Noah's Perma guy is he come. He does house calls? Oh that's convenient from six feet away a lot. Don't you realize how learn
look. I do have my doubts You didn't tell him that he made bill. You. Nothing happened nothin today still alive today, I don't know what, how seldom by people of an unjust, counting all the money I want to make from legal fees suit over these great love come at me, Trevor Noah come at me bra. No, no! You won't these very small and on funding so wispy really whispered. He asked Wispy various he has a mustache like to tackle belt. Yet it is not only the mustache like Amber heard, should beat the shit out of a quota. Domestic abuse joke it's funny when it has two men, it is expedient joke about rape ever unless it's about men, then it's a good
for all that, there's something else. It talks about your ear. He has this misconception about flattening the curve and what have you noticed by the way we ve? We are always talking about flattening occurred as a whole day. I was the whole thing up, yet we are hearing that nearly as much known Sputnik reflect the carving out a Fleming I gotta find me I've got to. Let me go, that's always what we raised against what you think fit the curve people need to understand this. Ok, it's not too. You can't eliminate the disease by flattening because it was to manage the cases in a way that the health care system wasn't overload right. Here's, the graphic that I think that we always yet. We would always- and I get it like you- just look at the graph doesn't We mean anything you to look into the numbers, because you can make a graph look like anything, but that was the idea you want to fly and that's a legitimate thing to do. I want make this very clear that we should do that. We We didn't do that by the way. This is why they said we need forty thousand ventilators and turned out that, and you need four thousand right. They opened up. These hospitals and now they're shutting down their laying offer following healthcare workers, because we have not seen this in
Lots of people run very early on this. It hey. If you think you have symptoms and you're young stay home, don't overload the hospital right now. It half potency and understand young people waiting too long before they fled hospitals. There were converting stadiums into hospital, they were building hospitals in central park. There are doing well these field hospitals like hell, we built those momentum. Is you don't need any other and by the way, just something to be clear? Flattening the curve is important so that you obviously give is that rubber band effect that you healthcare system enough time to deal with a burden, but where's, the z flapping. The curve does can offer make it go longer. Even you're not deposition, yet it makes it go like it makes. What's this I will write a hedge. My words lawyer was in the room, so go ahead and you can say different. I will, and whenever you look at every single traffic for planning the curve they're getting stretches out as long as possible. The motto: gown. Yes, just like Jack, just like crap.
Plato that your mom made at home, or even though it really was in full of a stretch, Armstrong many. My parents can forget it becomes even if they did they well and not just drag. Cheetah still hurts Europe within the question. I feel that my faces are not ready can agents are interrupted. Your point here, aren't you saved my life? I'm second smartest jail, hey are you gonna. Do you're gonna be dragging out yet raggedy Andy. I went to went to one November December twenty twenty five, I mean that's the issue. There is no, they being both folks wiggle backslide, Rachel Man are, you pointed out last week is saying we can't even think by reopening words, was really not think about giving jobs robot. Of the economy, of not allowing people to support themselves, who's gonna pay rent in November. If we're still shut, I'll go Elsie, isn't just don't just don't pay rent yeah! That's all right. If I What, if I would have ever more or just don't pay, but what about the guy? Who needs you to paste that he can? But will you didn't have to pay years ago?
I get from China and you don't understand you bra guide. Ugh. None of you no good at could shoe. She knows a pug. Definitely knows this is one, closer algae reminds me of like of like, but like a sort of milky brown version of STAR Jones after she lost the weight and put it back on that face wasn't built for that under the people that raise late near looking greatly bill with twelve downs renovated, and there are some people like Al Roca where they just look like they once upon a time we're wearing a fat suit, equity, eggs on the roads, L, Kilmer The long years is a long as our healthcare systems are not over wound, flattening the curve. Beyond what we have done, it's not going to as long as long as our healthcare systems are not overwhelmed, flattening the curve beyond what we have done it's not going to save lives at
the same amount of people who will die during the total, duration of the disease? Right, that's important. So this begs the question this is important, like you just brought up if hospitals, not overburdened, and if you're watching seen on, you may not know this objectively, they are not there. Now they ve built new hospital. I dont know that any single new hospital has had to be used. I know that the vast majority, And we report on this morning are empty and calm down ray. I dont know if there's a single one to prompt the probably could be, but I dont know most hospitals, extra hospitals not being used at all. They are not the hospital that we currently have or not at capacity or overcapacity short begs. The question of hospitals are not overburdened, which was the goal of flattening the curve. That means we ve done it what is the goal of a continued indefinite shut down, you started this- was we ve gotta flattened curve? Okay, we got it, and now you want to exclude anyone who says all right we ve done. It tend to get back to work. Why?
and I know I do a little Jesse venture right now who might join the Green Party, which sleep I do understand, I'm just asking questions but gimme the answer because they want this to drag on a guy? They here's the thing right now. If we struck economy back up, we get back to the best economy that we ve ever had guessed. What people are going to remember this area them absolute? Initially, they wanted. You remember this November, so do I now they want you'd still be in this come November, because there is no objective reason to try and flattened occur vanity. Indeed, there is no objective reason for an indefinite shut down its ups and by the way, Europe many places in Europe there
more leftist, didn't have conservatives now they have liberals and liberal separatists and communists, and there like origin and our economy forever ridiculous. That's it! That's really terrible idea- and this is a classic someone is leadership- is converted. This is a classic example of the treatment killing. The patience of the whole goal was to save the hospital system, essentially right, don't overwhelming so that it ends up collapsing right now. What they ve done is taken away the main source of income, which is elected procedures and now hospital out looking down stab looking down at your it moved. I'm sorry you're not supposed to be looking itself apple, Jarrett jailed right to note that there are, I am. There are two words to me Looking down like you can't remember what you're about to say, that's like invite liquidity wax what the irish relay Admit based Gerald notes right. We don't really have it. We all use prompter euro. We have also notes that we just scribble, we put an Ipad and I'm just make sure you know the incitement to make sure that everyone remembers are points that are color coded,
do you without even maybe two, oh, my gosh. I just ran- and I hope that you have just now- that general points or color code wait about rounding, aren't azaleas. I think that using only because I swear to God, they used to only be color coded, and then I really hard jail puts them like it's just a weird like. If ever he could see that it's like clip, be term analysis. That's all we're going there. Then I thought it was weird that it was bloom. I guess a blue Gerald color and then start adding G M column. He forgets is the name. I just why these colorblind work enough them horrible. You should use. I don't, but I love now. I understand any right now
don't look down? It is otherwise up, they moved and I looked outside so, but the latter tea would accept that set I've made that joke five minutes later, our own sticking outside. So what the back to the point was that we are going to do the same thing that we are trying to avoid the first place and kill the economy at the same time. Right and we're gonna make the hospitals closed down, because they don't have enough money to keep the staff on anymore yeah right. They have to open becket, they absolutely have to where they will be gone. Of course, they're they're they're saying we need to open better, like we should start doing so now. You know like unease, surgeries s, oral point to say the hospitals, killing hospital and the next point- here that we we have from tremor Noah is he makes this claiming here. That's a whole bunch. This idea that people are out there, but the more you protest right overview test is out the irony. I can't do that. I've, not a lot of south Africans. They don't sound like him. No it's hard to do action You gotta that layers definitely will are heard you nazis,
if you're doing like Mickey Rooney, Breakfas Epiphanes rang ethical Milton girl, but just like how do I convey unfunded stuff, but within international law not to know I bet he was probably raised in like West MT. I get into a guys so resisted this point that the more that you protest right, the longer we're going to have to lockdown all around the country over the Weekend- protests, birth, things, demanding an immediate end to lockdown. Let's be honest people. This is both insane and counterproductive. Because the more you gathering groups, the longer the lockdown will have to go on. Can you imagine if, during the AIDS crisis, mobs of people gathered to Gangbanger monkey that started at all? What do we want monkey sags? Where do we want it now I don't know I just I only the prom, I saw an injured foot and it can be very difficult for me to to finger with might
the trigger to the shot gun in my now difficult. It is painfully and funny that my backers right now waternot couple reasons Lemming gonna, give you why this is first off its two thousand nine you tube crap right where someone is doing like hey, and I we used this Beckley built the Franco and do it like you, you would car do a character in his case, a strong it right. And she was tired or maybe you'd, put on like your chain, Dawson you'd gone black faced by slapping putting on your face to carbon balloon and help people forget about it. But the point is you would do that and then go back to commentary, but the dish Who here is he's bad at it? It straw Manning it's not funny, and this is something we talk about. A quarter. Blackguard he's not he's not projecting the audience you re entered the room. We met yeah. But when we were in green screens everything we ve perform. Some you haven't been doing like sitting. Private Rhine will be sitting to go on talking, hey cap, like us, whispering to listen. I know we're small room with the greens green, but picture yourself.
On the battlefield, Jack Jack Trevor, nowhere professional performer than experience. Let me explain to you why that's awkward sure he's on funny to begin with right, but you What do we want? No, that should be back off from the microphone was yelling like you would be outside protests, give it some passion, then it doesn't feel so awkward with people wanting to punch you in the face, and it's not because our south african it just because you're bad at your job, It remains a funny that, even if we could at least be done why at least it would have some enthusiasm cells in and here's the truth of the matter is that yeah, ok, obviously, there's been some dumb protestors read in a lot of these protests. People staying in their cars with plenty of space in between, and I've seen people in their cars with masks, which I we encourage masks back when the CDC was saying, don't wear, masks nervous? I think you should be wearing mass protest when you'd destroying public property, good yeah right has
I'll bet you have produced now that enables where mask a thing should do stigmatize masts in public, but if you're wearing a mask in your car you're, so ended at that guy. With a mask on, I swear. I drove up next, whom he had a mask. Did everything wrong he'd, rather from the middle, rather than a middle, pulled it down in vain just two on my part, it was the pillars and would put so much ass, a crack rock. These relate above, but it is remarkable having no one talks about. I haven't seen as on many other shows, or any other shows we're talking about people being in their cars, for example, the lanes and Catherine, let's take even more extreme some people on the beach or maybe not exactly six feet apart out in the EU, we light with the salt water, that's something that we need to be upset about people in parks or distance. None of it compares to the people in New York.
In the subways every day they ve never been closed. They have never been closed in Israel. Why are we talking about, I understand this because when you live in a big city, you can't be independent. You can get your car and drive anywhere. I used to think New York was a living ho when I was there because I had to get on the subway, I was on the east side rhetoric the green line. At that point they were, can about other owing to build another one. I think I will not work to build another one. I meant it might happen on. Second, they never did they never did The programme has been going on for thirty years. I think they built it now, and I would have three subways, though, by that we're full work get onto the wait for the next one york. This is. I can't find me apply, it's more contaminated. Then the old train right, Have you seen the warriors, you know him, It covers strange, you catch just bomb on your way to Coney, to avoid the baseball furious.
I just have amazing Owens talking about will end. It was always more and I hate subway, so any chance I can yeah well, you should get a Mabel too, but that would be the only fair thing to do right. We have to have some kind of media coverage of somebody's in a car in Michigan trilogies, pointing out that they're doing it to people that they like right. Democrat governors are facing these protests that right what they're trying to to protect against here's. Another claim that he made an you. Ve heard this quite a bit, and this is not new, but Trevor know what makes it because he doesn't really have used a sense for originality. Enter into the equation that the protests are of course, far right and summer anti semitic. Now these protests have really been infused with the far right ideology. Clearly, many damage NATO's war mega hats? They help? found systematic signs and in Michigan they even waved confederate flags, a clear symbol of Michigan, proud southern heritage that last one was little funny I'll, give you that, but let's be really figure, the scientist Hail Whittemore, that's not anti semitic, its comparing Governor Whittemore to Hitler, which I
not personally do they are trying to imply that are her? Orders are fascists. You know like they do with Trump the time and, most importantly its upon that works- you should take notes they should do. You're weekend course Trevor! No, are you don't understand? I have with natural, or is this you support the s s he just likes. Jokes you do like gives is completely on, ironically, is is talking about how compare someone who engages in wrongful government tyranny as a bad person is somehow against the Jews. Re like some media Whitby there's no correction. We, that is the thing, is the each are: not the only wasn't. First, they came to protect the Jews and then there was no one there. Protect me that's not the quote and what came, and you said not that these people are saying something. That's exactly labelling now it's a good point, but obviously I think we can go the direction of South Africa because commentary well. Failure that too,
release from what is for investment, not really southern. I remember was postponed scenario Montreal. I just I disease. Words, it sounded, and also you maybe you may be noted, recently bought their single. What about the swastika that I saw these protests get well, it turns out that was actually an ant for support. Pretending to be a trump supporter, and it was even lockdown protest at all. It was at a Bernie rally, so there is that in its pretty cheap to define a movement, but even if any of these claims or true which are not it's pretty cheap, to define a movement by a few bad apples, every every movement like this every protests, every rally is gonna, potentially have an idiot that shit and we can all pointed them and say either idiots- doesn't mean that every other person that was they are trying to make sure they can put food on the table, should be lumped in with that person right right and it's exactly who is doing with all of this. Yet its remarkable every job is essential to the people who rely on it too. Now everyday rambling living. It is remarkable to me. Let me ask you out there folks, who you know work
ok, others, those angel at all. It is essential for you to make a living Did you tell me, I don't know it will vote but above all on twitter, but I have no idea we'll see. That's a normal part, land makin a lie that people will have incredibly redundant answers urgently needs and it's gonna be put by the way if you haven't joined mug lobby and of course please do use a quarantine promo code from accordingly at thirty dollars off that, doing this Monday morning. My lot of paradise come Slash, my club, and if you subscribe, and you do not convince Denmark yet just hit notification bell, hit all modifications that way you you find out about the videos, but you know what gets us another hour week nights every night at eight rent. Having good morning we'll get more regulations. I saved you the horror of having two WWW Amazon making us like I'm sorry, I'm retail, because I had to spend all morning watching Trevor no
about to say I was this epoch ass. I have been a lot more. So for the services are a madman. Do it also about their while being forced to do if you want to see my delay are classed as a good good way to go now. Get out of here that I listened to the show, oh, is that required on the job. Because you know what we're talking about today. A proud here's another clunbury makes from Trevor know is that reopening the economy is anti science. Why? Because something something something on funny something doctor function is often doktor found. She appeared on the network and made the case for continuing the shut VOX knows the satellite but forget a second opinion like anonymous idle transition to capture whose doktor, film appearing on Fox NEWS, blasting, the government's response appearing to downplay the endemic, ok, listen, Doktor Phil
is not the voice of these protests now far be it from me to defend doktor fill that The plant- and this is why they dont when the press briefing. This is why we did that oppress, breathing life, and we will do it next Thursday Donald Trump plan for real the economy it been created, developed very carefully with a team of doctors, pretending that issues are open force, a flag. That's not what he's planning you're talking about a multi phase system that still involves mainly social distancing and protecting our most vulnerable all the way until face three. If I'm not mistaken, they gotta be adding more phases, which is a little bit ridiculous to make not that we shouldn't have faces, but we don't need four five and six seventeen then it becomes energy becomes. You know like the leprechaun seriously and of what the leper common space go in the latter, leprechaun and Harlequin work. It doesn't work, you ve, never gonna, Harlem you gotta space and all the black people would scatter the terrified. That's got Daily Blaine Street MAGIC, you notice,
crazy about all this is, were not shut down right now, and I mean the whole country whether or not a single jurisdiction in the United States, city county or otherwise? That is completely now most every one of them are already in a staged opening, in the sense that there are certain businesses in what did you call him a central or not, but pet stores are open. Why? Because you gotta go to the business you gotta be able to get food, rear, bats, underhand right or a number of different businesses that are still operates. What we're talking about is a change by degrees, so everyone who goes if we open a single is this. The whole Amerika will die right right. Does it make any sense? We already open right now to augur talky modest making. This change might agree whether we need to do two phases or four phases or need appropriate when the thing you ve talked about before, since the very beginning of this was, can we do some kind of spot quarantine? Can we do this in a way that minimizes the amount of closure, as opposed to Missus blanket close and wait were doing it already and we're gonna open its
fully quarantine old people, sick people, the most vulnerable, since that makes up ninety five percent of the deaths and then allow everyone else to not be thrust into. A third world economy seems to me to be reached, That's it we're suggestion. I guarantee you anyone out there. If their complaining of you see people on Facebook we're not. This is this is your job. Ok, people complain about the opening showed send them the link to the actual plan, the three phased plan of reopening bright, no one, no one- will have a problem with it and by the way, They were shut down, quick trip, I'm dead, my diet is nothing but neuro, pleasant kudos. That is, the rule that you would die on, is break into the quick through your so but nobody's Roquat. You made a great point that phased plan got there and look at it. I guarantee you there's people watching right now. I have no idea even exists because no one is covered in the media right right, it is a phased approach. Were NGO art is phase one going. Ok, are we spiking our numbers? No, let's go to face two. That is most. Reasonable, and I am so I say I'm
discipline in some of these conservative hosts out. There have gone along with it because listen we're not write about everything, but when it comes to this compared to any, we ve been right about away We have a very balanced approach and guess what, when you're the only one is right. You get no credit because no one highlight how wrong they have to lay off half a Fox news. While the keep the drawback go back and why did I just want to show the people arguing that we should stay closed? Are the people who were most of the time affected, the least by rights? It should take note of that who had the least skin of the game, are the ones who are saying right away. I stay close and see how long we can run with this chicken right have this chicken can run without its head We got another way off. Like moody metaphor, it might what what are you
that's where the latter geopolitically this value that they want to talk about. It is that a disaster of nineteen seventeen, no eight, sixteen eighteen, it's going in the wrong way. No, I appreciate, as good point like ABC, don't show up the work of an agency says really terrible idea. Will you say that after you get primary, you're crazy, broad scope do you know about your allotted showed the work. I do agree with her on that point. Like everyone has a choice miracle, what you do is reading way everyone else's show right right, you're telling them that they, the you're, saying you, don't know how to exercise the kind of precautions that are important, and this is what really emblematic of this from everything else. Is it's the kind of paternalistic you can't be trusted to do something crack we rock about guns. You talk about raising a family, you thought about all these other things it comes down to. Can you be trusted as an individual to mostly make the right decision and agency?
dude on your own org. You need the government to dictate every step. You can take every move, you may and don't they can apparently misled by May giving away to a hundred dollars to a truck driver whose offended the show, if, if you do too, not just the work, you'll be fired immediately. I'm here no apology unprepared, because that you can talk to me or Asia also by the weather. We're talking about how to use criminal was. He said that we could reopen the economy soon. This isn't like its foreign to him, the? U S, economy may be able to start reopening as early as next month. That's according to Doktor, Anthony faulty the nations top infectious disease export, told CNN. The economy could gradually reopen in various parts of the country. Pending on the status of the pandemic, widespread testing, availability and sharp declines of people who are seriously ill? Will hoping that at the end of the month we could look around and say: ok is, any element here, then
can safely cautiously start pulling back on it. So do it. If not- then just continue to conquer down straight from the freshly shaven. Japan, mouth so you're, not the only doctrine the world. For some. This is the letter. I just want to cling to doktor faulty doktor, Burke's, doktor, bergs level. Beauty and actor Birdwatching lady who is, I want to say old, but older than me- read a beautiful woman, common all shapes and sizes in ages, primarily a doctor shape nothing alleges she's very clear if doktor books, I can be your job, I knew my scratches and if that's all, I'm out as raising prematurely Let us just ass. If I show doktor books should act, we had told people that they are clearly in the President guidelines made it very clear about this declarations of phase one
phase, one also included social distancing in restaurants, social distancing in every place that was entertainment and keeping your own individual social to less than ten, and we very clear in the guidelines, and I think it's up to you. Governor is in mayor, is to ensure that their following the best they can each of those phases to make sure that both of the public is completely protected. Really do you think you're talking to pick about a scale. Let's let me give you an analogy. It lets say that you have the floor and this is important enough. As you can only listen to doctors and right, you have to listen to economists. You have to listen to people in the country, people who are truckers, people who run small businesses, people who work in maybe what you determining on essential services? There has to be a collective discussion so that mechanical. Let's say that you have the flu cages to really bad flew some you, but you also have to go through a big.
Is this merger a busy season like for you rainest, typically in the far right, and huge meeting on Monday that can determine the rest of the year for your business? You absolutely positively cannot miss DE ask your doktor weather. Ten that meeting on Monday, you know he's going to say now. Read you absolutely no, that the voice of one doktor is not the only voice, it can't be the only voice and that's the danger, with the logical fallacy of appealing to authority its well doktor project. What can find another document will then they're trying to say something to learn. If you saw the little the bottom secondary, I always miss It's gonna get a pronounced this if it was on screen, while doktor locking I were not at sea and that's why we came back. You you're, like the cartoon character, with like heart eyes, I hold you in sinuses per ray. What will they set its requirements? There? Not requirements. Are guidelines yeah? Ok, so we can push people into this category of lakes, not doing what
required these guidelines for community. You say tomorrow, night say: fascism, self, here's another here's another clip from Germany, where this is another implication that are making on the left. You can see this in any meaning website or read at politics. Oh my gosh. I would just let out a coup against, not hurt anybody read it now takes, but conservatives to migrate there and just just make the voices heard, because it is amazing that a horrible makes me want to you again. Toe the shot gun trigger just been Ivan, what's more effective than a nine millimeter and we're all about efficiency here. So Where will the ashes protesters are all conspiracy, theorists, morons and, of course they Darwin Award exert be wiped out of it now it will be a lot easier, not take these protests seriously if they would just being fuelled by Fox NEWS and internet conspiracy theories, The problem is that all of these morons also have the support of the morning chief we'll. Luckily for us David Edinburgh has agreed to study these strange lifeforms to help the rest of us
understand- and here we see natural selection in its purest form, a group of moral crowded together spitting in each other's nations, as they demand the right to get ahead even for the corona virus. This is too easy are you now I like that and insurance concerns. When I'm not looking, can someone stick a razor blade in my lunch Yet our I'll do the track you or they asked irritate you now. I don't know I hope we will do whatever it takes. Ok, assuming the other direct live video there is, we do have to go here's the thing. We have senator tat crews, failure there there's this first I'll, show you what he thinks of everyday life, the Moroccans, morn and chief, and it also shows you really think it was Attenborough Russian for gods. There are so many reasons that I couldn't stand Trevor. No and of course it combines the leaders in this smugness and he by the way, he's probably the least a familiar with fly over country because he didn't lose.
York LOS Angeles. Why would he ever be in Grand Rapids Michigan? Why would he ever be in El Paso? Taxes has no exposure to that. So this is not a guy who should be speaking. The average of the american good thing is: look at us. Ratings he's not, but you're unfunded moments. For some people, for example, Stephen call bearing on things always want becomes quite honestly, the call back when I was very funny when he used to do it. If you look at Jimmy Kimmel, I don't think he's always very funny comes by an honest man show is funny when I was there with Adam Corolla. If you'll get David, let him in the Cairo Brian all of these people, For even I don't really like Jimmie Dale, and I understand that college kids really like his impressions, musically he's gives it. I understand it, but not all people travel know it's like he was. Hit by an unfunded howitzer. It is remarkable. Trevor Noah and to be their smog. They hate you, but, more importantly, when they talk about Americans wanting to go back to work they call them morons. While you subsequently take a check for a job.
You do not do as a comedian. You don't Do your job Trevor Noah? Is everything wrong with late night? He's everything wrong with politics and he's everything wrong with this sort of pre packaged he'll know used to call bands like sellouts, fortunately green day. They they committed this. This unbelievable unforgivable saint of having an outcome that was successful and I dont loud disposable, early, ridiculous yoursel up. That being said, wherever Noah. He is the pre packaged corporate comedy that the to thrust upon the american public that people don't want, because they don't think that is gonna Tipp over any carts. Think about this for a second, you look at the daily. This is why it bothers me here the least qualified person for that job. He's a diversity higher. If you look at the daily show It is just a whose issue of some of the best comedic actors and comedians votes- we have Stephen Colbert, Steve Corral, Rob wriggle Rob court. Who else do we have any helms? That's right! It's it's a whose huge list, and then you have to make
the b and Trevor Noah and then only ones to get their own shows any you again one day, in scale into account jaw watch them its. Ever wrong with the entertainment industry and, more importantly, he's wrong. Your honour, the south african defence, is wrong, we'll be back with Trevor. No ought not to have another look alike: Hungary, dips. Revel coffee mug club morning, and we decided to come in and dress up right now, one of my favorites methods, the Arrow press. The reason is so celebrated cannot get a middle ground between drip, coffee and express not really because its filtered, but you can make a coffee concentrate so first atoms, gonna put the paper filter and here put on the mug
The reason I'm doing this you don't have to do is just to pre heat, the vessel and the mug. I'm gonna grind twenty five grams of coffee I know that this grinder has a built in scale, so I dont need away it. So this is really simple with the oppressor. What am I gonna? Do their differ recipes? What I like to do is fill it up to about the number two or number three mark. Do what you like? It's pretty tough to make a crappy cup of coffee, specially for using the right temperature and beans that our freshly roasted, which, of course get at black rifled outcome. Slash prouder, three percent from a contractor. Using an air present is that a different guise size, maybe from other you can do really fines, as if you aren't you a shorter time or you can do really coarse and let it sit here. It's kind of a tip with this. If you on a stronger, but we wanted to brew longer and put that in and just like a straw pull up a little bit that creates a section. So right now that approved for as long as I wanted to be the only two.
For that longer because economic pressed down gently to create pressure which extracts, of course along with heat, all the compounds are the coffee, so gentle Presi Countess use your body weight now here When did you start hearing the hissing? You stop some people trash. Can I have an assistant now see this kind of a concentrate their. What most well, if you want a big cup of coffee, is just do the call by passages, I add water to it to make the size of a cup of coffee that I want really he probably my favorite method for making coffee at home. So that's what your boat! getting things like eight clock. Forever, but our complex trotter entering from occurring at twenty percent. And it's important by the way, to note that they ve donated, I think, over twenty.
Thousand bags of coffee with their by a bad, give a bad campaign a veteran own. It is, it is a lot of coffee and that they also just launched a new round of canned coffee that you can add years. You can get it online Twitter Miller. Of caffeine per. Can it's coming from natural got like as protein? I haven't had any they haven't sent me, but I hope you enjoy our black rival coffee that comes less crowded. They have the balls to sponsor the show and if you drink, coffee, just drink better coffee from a company who gives a rat's ass, Nowhere is this more and our other general crowded. This. Hey guess, whisper again over the past few weeks, laden in hopes of all the quarantine and do their shows her home is a very noble thing to do. In a time of public health crisis, such holbein, with on that more
just as I thought the same wall. They thought we would notice that this smoking typically off disappear. We remember that we're not face. While Trump has the memory of a gold fish you smoke, we do. They really expect us to believe that with multi million dollar budgets and hundreds of writers that they're just this on a regional now they have the corn cheated all they ve enforcing a secret cabal aimed to destroy our lady company with terrible writing apathetic production value and they hold all their meetings, can have rented bedroom of the Mark TWAIN House. Guys, I'm just like my girlfriend me here again: I just signed the lease on a new apartment after getting that MCM deal, but it turned out to be a bit of a scam. I lost my savings: aspire
that was made you in the legacy of the orchestra pit, I went to a symphony Christmas. I think you may end up I dont even for Zachary someone like all that's a g, I meant F believe it. It's an aren't, you just don't understand you no kind of like most postmodern art only. I guess it's not post my vote. I speaking of classics, our next guest, oh yeah, but I am leered. You can follow on the twitter at TED crews. Of course he's a senator. I don't think he you. I know we hosted a pod cast enough where it's like is called the murders and was taken a cruiser. You ventured into the pot gas base.
I'll stay that I'm I'm doing what I can't compete near arena and how to add, I gotta say: thou with what you open your show with those dance, but nobody told me dancing would be involved in slap. Fat You may have some natural advantages over me and that arena I do, namely a lack of self respect, but this isn't a hog cast this late match of every, and I will say every time they can Harry has a pike s. So how are you gonna differentiate yourself aside from obviously being legacy sitting, senator and the wonderful Beard Sprague well utilised We launched it. We launched verdict during Impeach, and we did it every night right after the trial we go and film at lie that it never existed. I remember my team and we were the first day we went on. We set out what would be success and we were saying well We get to the top one hundred. That would be great weight. Skyrocketing debating the number one rag podcast in the world and in which we have had
enormous enthusiasm people signing up both both for the pot. Ass, download, but also on Youtube, and I know you tube you and you tube gone round and round and I'm engaged in those battles we have, but but they haven't, as of yet band my ipod
from Youtube. So so so I may not be doing it right, Stephen. I may I ask where some of your advice on that right now. This fact check you by redirecting put folks to Nancy Pelosi. So that's it and don't open your podcast if you act like an idiot like I'd, I'd still water on my shirt on my computer to replace all that and Senator Chris, you guys consumer senator cruisers playing it off like a gentleman. He didn't. Where are you a simpleton skill water on your shirt? You moron, I'm a sitting senator so there's will I'm glad to hear that you are doing what we need more people out there as far as Youtube. You know it's not so much a given take its really more like em, like Ali Chuck webinar. I just I take pride in making into the fourteenth round and then, of course, obey me single before Yvonne. You were just talking about those are airports that you're wearing right now, but are not the airport prose. You said you dont, like those or some weird reason, so it's that it's the simply it it's the bottom of the line version of the airport. So it's this it's the cheapest one and I were the airport prose
honest I haven't tried them, but I didn't like how they look like they stick deep in your ear and I started my life: how these funds that I'm comfortable with and so I don't really didn't. We really want to Jan two things deepen my ear and ways work you make that sound far less pleasant than it is it's not that big, even audio, but that things are those don't fit. My ear, though, the original when they were just follow, have huge earlier and then the new era, five per, whose they come with three different sizes, and did you like an air section tests? Nor tells you have the right size. I tried the biggest size Just said: what's wrong with you, what is its customs? Have you tried to? Maybe you gotta twenty three me and see what's wrong with our genetic lineage, because my ear canals are so being nothing aright, selfless incinerators, long glad that you're wearing your ring standard ones. But I want to hear when I want to hear about in the hearing damage what Is going on right now with China not a big fan.
Of what's been going on with his whole pandemic in the world health organization- and I know you ve been outspoken with, seems more people now we're coming around for the longest time we recover the loan lone voice in the wilderness. One, people need to know and in how should the american government take what stance, taken. We know, well, listen, China, A bad player. The communist government of China has been responsible for millions of deaths, murders, tortures they have bab over a million of their own citizens. Wiggers in concentration camps right now they engage in censorship, surveillance, oppression. They engage in global espionage they for a long time. I had been advocating that the position that that China is the single greatest GEO political threat to the United States over the next century. They are in very high massively billions in their military and and they rely on intellectual property there as a strategy
from the government, the history of mankind, that has never happened. We had these would have pirates right Never a nation state with trillion dollars of resources in there, staying and stealing, stealing military hardware, stealing com, she'll hardware, stealing medical innovations any and all we just saw the consequences- of their censorship regime. We ve always thought of their censorship. Is a human rights issue, but the hummer up there. Engaged in with this corona virus outbreak illustrates their censorship is not just a human rights issue. It is a national security issue in a global health issue, because a very real sense. China bear responsibility, for the over a hundred and seventy thousand people who have died due to comment in the trillions of dollars of economic value has been destroyed. I think it's a very good way to put its very important people realise as a basis of how they do commerce, intellectual property,
and have you know it's a libertarian can get just for this idea of intellectual property sometimes violates real property rights where, if I say Helen HAM, sandwich and our continent, and is that what I have ham and bread, I can't put it into a ham sandwich that being said with China Future Rancheria, VP, the contract furniture company that big export the economy of cargo. Every year she was assigned for two years as she was working away up just two. Sure that, specifically people from from these companies, inventors didn't come and take pictures of their chairs to rip them off, because they would do all this work that would have them. You know, tested at this, is tested up to like seven hundred pounds and initially told us or any appeals that that's racist should no, no, it's not it's. They don't think it's wrong. She said you have to explain them. None are now. You can't do this, and sometimes people were very surprised, apply that to a global health pandemic. We're apply that too. And even more unfortunate God. You know Youtube Google, with Dragonfly their creating a search engine to to kowtow to these people it shivers down my spine, look big tech and and much of big business
get back to the main street baby at America. There terrified of track, because China, represents big box. It represents dollars They want access to the chinese market. You know. Just yesterday, you tube, announced we're gonna pull down anything on their site. That was, Contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, the World Health Organisation is a chinese puppet that has echoed the comic. Propaganda from China in the midst of the corona virus pandemic in January late January, the world. How organization tweeted out that that there's no evidence of to human transmission of the court The virus and in China is doing a great job now dealing with it right at the time China was covering it up in hiding yet and helping contribute to this global. Damn again in. The willingness sell out for the almighty dollar, I think, is right.
Really dangerous. When it comes to China, they use their economic might Hollywood. Terrified owns a Hollywood sensors them at our movies right and they change right arm could provoke, suddenly changed from China to Korea, which wasn't really really really come on. Speaking of chinese bandaging, close them look the puppet looking. I know North Green, not chinese, benighted economic outlook, a puppet. Let's be honest- people Swat team America. You flip through channels really quickly you're, tired in Euro. Tell Romania on HBO here, you think it's a biotech you have now thinking in America is, is one of the greatest movies ever made it absolutely, and it is the absolute hey managed, has everybody off on the right and left announcement? None of you guys get this gate vague spot of everybody and look. It makes verdict and servants. I can deal with that. Look at getting your last begged spot of everybody. I will say that Every third word is a profanity up and
Heidi and I made the mistake of bringing a team America DVD on vacation, whether parents at I sort of, was forgetting it was a little more family friendly. I would just The love from your ma the current when you're way. Second, F, Bob with carpets isn't a puppet. Secondly, in return it as ever more. How do you forget that? That's me, what are you are you go in the way of by me? That's not gonna short term, everything and you're being very by though a generous and saying F bombs. No, no! It's that is used as a descriptor. Well, if it's a paper freedom is it for it's a bucket, etc, and I think you just gained more fans. With than all of your number one pod gas combined people now tat drives us. Senator territories gets it. Let me ask you this: what China
so what we ve been covering this for a very long time- and I will say this- I never walked back. I thought early honest had listened. This could get bad. I don't get. It people making? It ought to be. I see a lot of people walking some of their doomsday predictions back, but we always focused on China when we ran the video of the high representative who out denied or flat out, refused to answer the question regarding Taiwan and then hung up the Skype call it may be. Few hundred plays at that point. Nobody else was covering it course Youtube redirected to something else, learn more about coded nineteen. It is remark. Well to me where these, when you just to talk about our firm. They talk about the human rights abuses across the world, but right now when there is something that we could do about it, we were in a position where there is an international dynamic where we could do something and are in a position of power or the global community could support us, not a peep. I don't, but I do but I dont. Maybe you can shed some light on it for me, so I don't get it wrong. Look Corruption that we see with the media is profound. Let's take okay, so last fall last October,
I did in Asia Trip, but I travelled to pearl. Bird, Japan, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, and it was designed to really be a friends and allies to healthy all around try. Yes, a lot of yes. Yes, you had to my brother, went to India, space these out. I do this and he still came back and was sick for two weeks, so I didn't get the film it. India, outside the Ministry of Finance. On my phone I fill there was just this this whole herd or, block of monkeys that are, what do you call a group of monkeys? Is it pride as lions? I don't know what what I'm going to? Let you try out on this vine here, along with your school of monkeys I think it a barrel senator I don't know, but it was a crap tone among running around it play games like baby buggies. I filled it all and send it to my girls. No it part of the trip they thought was poor was like the monkeys
we're playing right next to the Ministry of Defence, but the whole course of that trip. That would be my fate who is yelling like National David, Caroline, ok, see just ran away. My twelve year old said she thought the monkeys were stupid. South are evolving. Well, you know what your daughter sounds very judgmental, and I don't know that. I appreciate that on this programme we dont taller than ginger species discrimination. But let me let me redirect sensitive. We both got the strategy. What we'd be at all feasible to say you know what you're costly hundreds of thousands of lives, China. You lied about it. There's some debt here we're gonna. Do we negotiate? Do you know what I mean? I'm not gonna, see a penny until you're sort. This out. Is that something that's within our power to do, because I know that a lot of the intellectual leads have said. That's outside the realm of possibility to just use it as a bargaining chip. Look. I think that will be a major topic of this
How should I the first thing we need to have it just accountability. We need to know what happens when we needed document so, for example, the origins of the dammit. We now know that there were not one but two chinese land. Controlled by the chinese government in on within miles or where the outbreak occurred not only were researching corona viruses. They were right searching: corona viruses derived from bat and they had lied, population a bat they were real urging. We know that there were serious questions about the security protocols at these labs, including multiple state. Parliament will buyers before the Pandemic raising questions about the security and saying this could lead to a glow pandemic, their needs these serious inquiry did this virus escape accidentally, one of those chinese lab China, refuses to they don't want to answer that they will not answer the simple question:
Were you studying the Nobel Corona virus? This particular grown a virus at that lab and did it accidently escape an end? Eighty eight point we were making before so I've been raising these questions for it for about six weeks now, early March is when I started raising these questions. The media reacted like like they lived there. On fire. They said: you're, crazy, tinfoil, hat wearing conspiracy theories, which is actually what they call us any other day two different, but the Washington Post head this being refutation. They ran. I think, early march. If I remember right where they said people point these labs raising this here s. Why? Because the genetic make up of the virus does not suggest, was created in the lab but occurred naturally now one of the real. Help. When someone is trying to deceive you is there. The answer is different: weather yeah, but they ate. Sir. The question that you as well
One is arguing that this was created in a lab. What what then can trial evidence suggests is that this was being studied and alive. It may well be naturally occurring, but that it was being studied in the lab, and they did such a half ass job that it escaped than in and that view now, there's more and more evidence to support if there needs to be real accountability. We know China covered it up. We know they punish they silence. The whistle blowers than right to draw attention to it, but once we accountability in terms of understanding what they did, then I think there will be a real global reassessment of what the consequences will be, or the yes, and the trillions of dollars of economic value that China bears direct responsibility for right, hey, really quickly web extended and Erika usually would be behind a payment, but because we're doing Fremont Club month, Markham, Quarantine, lemme, ask you that's what we're time reassessing why
is there. Why was there any american funding going too a lab and we're on these very I dont understand that. I know that you don't agree with it, but it is remarkable to me where we sort of talk about the legitimate purview of government mere sort of. Moreover, libertarian conservative like I am a threefold- the political compass test which is useless, but you know I started when it's convenient for me so far outside of the purview of the legitimate role of government how many steps of screw up does it. Take to find that we are funding a lab that could be creating communicable communicable deadly diseases for years to come. Well, Sadly, it is hopeless, naivete and driven by ideology. Listen there's a perfectly legitimate role for government too. A surge pandemics and how to stop what the shooting it does. We need to be prepared to keep us save the stupid part. It is that we are sending taxpayer funding to the wool Hon lab to the lab in China, but that that better
shoddy security measures and whose government chinese communists are not our friends, they are enemies and an end. This is look It's the same naivete that led the Obama administration to send a hundred billion dollars to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who chant death to America Royal, give millions of dollars or billions of dollars to people who how to kill you, that principle is true. The same principle. It's true! Don't get dont give money too. Foolish chinese lab not our friends and we shouldn't be giving a penny to China and it was fully ideological naivete that caused the those administration, to stay and that money, oh and let us be clear, this is bliss, wasn't partnering with privatized chinese labs. This wasn't the rule on equivalent of quest or lab car right that China DNS there, and because of that, I know that you feel this way because of my empathy for the chinese people.
Nothing but disdain for the communist chinese government and what I would hate to see them build up a military forcibly enlist people for this. God forbid it, leads to some kind of a global conflict or catastrophe, because guess what there's a here? portion of the chinese people right now who are just as piss. Off, as we are only they don't have a voice and guess what they have no hope of a voice when they look at the american media trying to silence Americans editors and host you any idea, I mean. I know you have an idea, but for people you have any idea how demoralising men ass to be for chinese citizens right now to go. I want to speak up. I wanna earn freedom or wait a second. There fact checking Senator TED crews for saying this and their redirecting from Stephen crowd. Worship, I'd better, be quiet now, but you're right, but let me give you some real encouragement, which is freedom, how're. You know Years ago I sat down with the tone Sharansky the fame solely a dissident. He and I sat down in Jerusalem and he described how when he was a soviet goulash, they would ass from sell the cell notes saying
Here what Reagan said referring to the Soviet Union is an evil empire, say Marxism Leninism will end up on the ashes of history, saying MR but trot tear down this wall, though words they there, power and tyrannies, communists, It are terrified of true lay point to an example. I think it is very valuable to highlight. Yes, it is just one of the things I try to do often irregularity in your right. There are heroic dissidents in China standing up for freedom against their oppressive government, one of them as about Lucia about Nobel Peace. Laureate, spoke for democracy was in prison, but and won the Nobel Peace Prize for speaking up against the chinese communist govern. I actually took a page at a regular book. I introduce legislative action. To rename the street in front of the chinese embassy in Dc Lucia Outlaws. Some nine Reagan Reagan did that.
During the cold war he rename the street and from the soviet embassy soccer applause after Sakharov that the Soviet, this I tried to get it passed in the Senate and in a democratic Diane. Stein objective. She- and I argued back and forth on this- law repeatedly Giant Einstein said, but but but this will irritate the chinese government to which I was yes die, and that gives the opportunity to finish my salary. I just I just drop in my mouth a little senator crews. You said you're gonna, get any hope speak I have come here to me, MR, so you will like the the store at which is. This is during the Obama administration, I placed a hold on every nominated. The state department, the Obama administration, freaked out, said. How can we get you to lift the hold? I said it's very simple pass by legislation yet Feinstein, Withdraw her objection, can they did my life, this evasion past the Senate unanimously a hundred and nothing and then I lifted the whole fast forward. A couple years later,
loser about passes away. His widow, Lucia, is in China? Trumpet the new president erects tiller, sends the secretary of State I'm having breakfast with Rex till tell her son, told me and talking to China they raised among their top. Three priorities was don't let this legislation passed, it already passed, the Senate stop cruises, legislate because it terrified them right and I've told rags at the time. I said, listen use me as the Bay guy. Tell China we're going to pass this unless they release Lucia, they did they least her and let her out that's how scared they are approved so keep speaking the truth, What you say what I say, what the dissidents say it chair.
Is she and then in the Chinese dictate? I don't know if what I say so much terrifies them as much as they just want to beat my ass, but they laugh while punching so it's a useful scale, speeding up much. What am I going to making the parents on your part? Guess they're, senator crews? ass? I refuse the invitation. I will never do it. I want to hold on a second grown, very strong. I wanted to ask you about the immigration ban, but you know what you want to sit up its David. Did. I just want to be clear. Is that as a result of the about action, just remember, I know what you're underground bunker gives and end the black helicopters circulating in the storm. Troopers Bolivia and endless
the doors. I have nothing to do with them. Well, I can imagine you know it's tough to know, because every now and then it sounds like a tugboat is going passes away from airports started running a train that life. But what is this you just started running this? Is it the polar expressly sounds like or three now found out, there's a track, so I wouldn't be able to hear him coming so that's another one for you, senators and I wanted to talk about the immigration banned, but you know what I'm I'm really glad to hear. You speak out about China have been following you. You ve been an inspiration, and I hope that I know that No, they don't, unfortunately, no. We thought this would be the silver lining with new media, because we know that chinese media will never allow those dissidents are never allow their citizens to see these kinds of conversations on television. Fortunately now we're running into the same road blocks with big text. I appreciate your fight. Tat is well Senator crews. Thank you, brother. I know you're busy, keep up the good fight, we'll talk, but he soon exe
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Now the german dance regulators rang out of white shirt and I didn't- I didn't- you can't swim in a white shirt. I don't want to end up like Vienna, modest ass, a bachelor
I'm so sad that I know that's why I only- and I always remember, because you're lying husband, she was at Miss, Miss Wet T, shirt, my hand, that's an actual prize, and how horrible must the fourth place? I feel for that. Like you, you're a wet t, Shirt Miami in your good, but you didn't even than that Thank you to Senator Greece. Tomorrow we have represented Dan Crenshaw show good Morning, my club and we appreciate question and it has been a lot of people and we got a lot of feedback and, of course, promo code. Teen three dollars office is still mug club quarantine and it ends on day Jeez Mcconnell. I've been a lot of work for quite a few folks. Here have been you. I've been of Photography goes before the show it some when I get tired, unlike our entire southern, not gonna do some, but I'm always concerned about doing it. Well, right,
sometimes I'll, get to the point where I taped in the morning and I have to work and take sketches and write all day and I'm like oh my gosh. We can do this show at night, but Don't wanna to I don't want to sound like your bike Look now it's differently. If you're, tired, you novels job being an area, can hide but hi? Where am I gonna go I'll be going to the Danube, like always on the spectrum which I am sensory deprivation, so I haven't retired shows a lot of work, and I wonder what do you know? I there is a lot that bothers me about this. This pandemic right now, it really bothers me, is people say, The crises that we ve, never known, that we ve never seen in our lifetime of rheumatism, and there are people out there we're going through crap before this and who have been going through crap during this. That is far more severe and talk. Bout tone deaf, You want to talk about this and my wife and I weren't going to until she felt counter with this, but
type, there's been some kind of going on some people's noticed that maybe I feel a little tiring Eleanor Bit testy yeah did did it to explain it I was gripped my wife and I have been trying to become parents for a long time, and very happy that I thought I was going to be a father until I wasn't elephant we'll have worse than that right. This is not all that on common, but yeah is semi devastating. I would say and the reason for this too- and this is something I think, a lot of feminist Smith's, because all men, if you ve ever had a pregnant wife but never been through like a miscarriage you just want to serve as best you can, and you don't necessarily know how you just now. This is something that obviously they are feeling more intensely, and you feel things really intensely, but but but you can't show it and that's Carlos Dogma dimension. It is a joke. There was a bit veiled last week where I talked
with sort of the marriage counselor for this, which is encourage people to do. Your men sort of way. I really want to sit there and try in front of our wives, because we don't want to feel that they lack the stability went to lean on. So, if you're, like a dog, off into the woods to die. She that there was a kind of funding doping is clear on the dog who grew up, in other words, that I am a dog. But let me tell you, what what? What the roller coaster wasn why Corona virus was, I gotta tell you is still at the boy, Some of my list of priorities right now on hearing you know weeks ago that Ok, I was going to finally be a dad I dont know if anyone else's experiences, but I was like out immediately, like crippling fear, said but they all my God, ok, why don't you do we have to review the house with what we have to turn this? That we have to turn the honest into a baby women? Ok, we gotta make sure will now we're getting an offence for the pool and we got ensure that will carry you get a book for Betty, and I think that when this hat you know
Often women are just thinking about how they feel and in worship thing about what we need to do. This is my experience anyway. And then when the news. Was delivered about not about about it. Not what about better miscarriages of justice call what it is, but a miscarriage it really wasn't. Fear it was it was. It was sadness. And I think some time- and I think we confuse fear with negative emotions, sometimes enough. It said I was a negative emotion, but sometimes fear sets in because of some of the matters. Sometimes your fee, full because you don't want to lose something that brings you so much joy, something that is so important to you and that's why, that fears, pretty damn close to not only intelligence, but emotional intelligence eat you. And reason- and I talk about this in. We often talk about these things. I've talked about Maoist rebels in the past. With
What sort of mental health issues and struggling with with depression is because I know that their alot of people out there listening and it doesnt solve anything, I'm not one of those celebrities. Who I'm not a celebrity, but I'm not one of those people want a celebrity dies. Everyone comes out and got out struggle at this is well. I Keith Ledger died. Never one can whether or not the pressure, but where were you when that wasn't in the tabloids? Where were you when that wasn't in the headlines? And people are looking for someone to relate to and so I've to be transparent with those things so that you out there don't have to suffer alone. And that's what I'm doing right now, A lot of people out there. It's not all that uncommon have gone through this night I want you to feel like you're suffering through the long, but let me be, I am also doing a slow, but selfishly idle this year? I would like to see people who ve been through the same scenario. Comment below Let me know what it was like. Let me know like for you, let me know how you found a way to to get past it
I I I I don't want after I dont want malevolent to go through this alone as Canada. It's a tough issue to talk about for some reason. Alot of people feel shameful- and this is one of those things to you know. People have obviously made comments. Why don't you have kids and you know that quarter backyard its? It listen stings, because something that you know we ve been working on for a long time and I'm not going into details, but when someone throws it out there, all we like that's a bar, but guess what I accept. That is part and parcel of this job. You guys bought take it. You have the right to be who you view as the heels or not complaining about that, but I'm not gonna lie and makes a pretty tough and, after my wife stay away from the computer. And everyone is usually right when you talk about the nightmare, that is a comment section k, but I'm gonna, there's gonna be a little vulnerable here and it, and do this entrust trust that humanity has a little bit more to offer by Paul them to the comments section below I want
What you have to say about this, I want to see what people out there have been through, and I want to see you supporting each other, because we have all these tools and I think it slip through our fingers. We thought social media this online, we're gonna be more connected than ever and instead it just became about cramping on each other, and I believe me, the irony is not lost on me that I just took a big steaming dump on Trevor Noah. That being said, he is a national platform were not exactly punching down and they certainly and consider bullying him in the common section, namely in I don't know. They knows how to read not You think it's a damn thing, what really bothers me with the corona, that's comfortable with corona virus virtue, signalling, because when I tell you this in, while everyone else's scaled back, we ve really try to scale up two shows a day right, because we want to serve you. We're not nurses, we're not doctors. We thought people quarantined. People are isolated, their journey for connection for content, I know I've been.
It's been a grueling couple of weeks, two shows at its heart really hard, and this isn't just a pot gas retard until microphone culture. I hope that that seeing the late night hosts broadcasting from home has highlighted just how much work this entire team puts into the show. You see me hosting it. You see people in this room and yeah. Ok, you see that you share the fruits of our writing. Abc some jokes maybe see Photoshop but, you don't necessarily understand how much work always goes from people who you never get to see or occasionally on a security camera if its Brendan, when Colbert broadcasting from his home, with just a few crappy punch lines and maybe a photo still any still has five to ten times the staff of anyone working here right now, in that same week. Even look at those same. We look at the typical bear. Look a camel look, a terminal! Look at Samantha B, we ve done mass of parity sketches original content twice the volume of shows this now myself and I wouldn't be able to do it without them. You know how you know. Do you know how you know that go back and
this shall watch my Youtube channel before this team now creatively sure impressions sure Joe sure was able to go? Do hidden camera stuff yeah? but it was maybe once a week once a month the volume of content and quality of content that you see this isn't me bragging. I myself wouldn't be able to do it without remarkable outfit- and you know what there. Never gonna you'll, never here and say that, where the number one show with a bullet in this space that when you all the avenues where people consume this that everyone else Competing for distant second, because we like to focus on their work, but that's the truth that is absolutely the truth, for myself. I say for what they ve done. They are the ones who helped make this number one, because I've been around for a while, and I wasn't even number fifty one. So when I, Reporters and activists and social media. Just wailing like Kim Jong IL died and they deserve a grassy
this pandemic. When they haven't lost their business, they haven't lost their jobs. Many of them don't have employees at all to support, let alone families to support they need. The sniffles, and they say this is the worst episode and our history. However, what we regain hope really really one of you lost. What specifically because of covert nineteen one, Have you lost- and I tell you this you can look at the timeline of of covered. Nineteen would have lost what I'll never get back has nothing to do with a virus, that is increasingly seeming like having the mortality rate of the flu has nothing to do with that. You know what I lost. I lost not being able to know the things I thought about the net. What am I gonna name him or her it's gonna be looked like me, are more like more, like my wife,
be shy, or will we be outgoing is going to see my gaudy awaits kid whose great and I really love hanging out with them. How is it going to interact with Betty? What are his dreams and hope is going to be? What am I going to see his personality? Develop? Never get to know that that is what we really clear about this case. This isn't me bitching, but this is also as we talk about bullet, that is, a life lost. That is a lifeline. But I will never get to Know- and this is really messed up, but someone about this on the team in women. I understand that I have just gone into my whole. This and try to be a supportive as I can and then at one point cry like in the car listening James Taylor, which thankfully no one will ever see except the USA. Can we I'm uncomfortable and talk with talking about this stuff what was I was saying before this is ok. I like it. I was talking to someone on the team, Women might not have the my body. My choice, that's absolutely to understand nursing
There's something to my wife is going through they'll. Never not, but there is also an men. Please tell we again in the comments section if you ve been through this was a miscarriage. Journalism is gonna, call it what it is. There's almost I dont want to use the word jealousy, but that's where it is when you have all these hopes and dreams, and this idea of what your child could or maybe won't be added. Taken away from you and you're, almost sort of jealous that at least you, your wife, was able to have a connection with that life that you ve never going to have that's and it's tough this, and if you say it, you sound like you're being inconsiderate. Prick mean to be. But I want to know if that something that that I suffer along with, I want to know that other people out there have felt, because we usually don't talk about this, and certainly Mendel really talk about it like a mile, yet too tough racket. Now it's a really tough racket, and so, when I see people who media right now acting like all is lost when they personally have lost nothing and they did
just absolutely be little. The people who experience real loss, pandemic. Is this whole charade from the media? Not the virus are the hoax, but the blowing and out of proportion and using as a political weapon, its belittled, real loss. It's very little when people experience real loss because outside The virus has made it very hard for us to scale up a lot of work, made it hard to keep work afloat period, it's made every single day for people here, one big, stubborn, stutter step. Just oak, we're gonna be ok, we got to know it, we gotta do they show that threat? We have. We have another shot. I don't get to relax with the be up at four a m to prepare for the next year, but compared to what my wife and I have been going through, it is nothing. It is nothing. It's a walk in the caution, Doth park and you know what we all have but the matter. This is something that people want to talk about. We all have a set empathy meter and at a certain point, it runs out, and I want to be open to the people who need it and we,
can't keep running everyone's empathy meter down to nothing without refilling it back up. Some validation and that's what is happening right now: virus? What you are doing is draining people of their empathy because at a certain point they have nothing left to give especially when you or sympathising with them, and they don't know how they're going to put food on the table or especially when you talk about. Oh, my god, I can't believe it there's a disease out there, a virus that can have a death rate of zero point, two percent when there are people out there who are going through miscarriages, who have parents with early onset dementia who have cancer running in the family, who maybe just had to hold their dog in their arms while they put him down, people are experiencing real loss, and so when we
the twenty twenty. This was a strategy from the left. They wanted you to be too. They wanted to appear empathetic. Can they wanted you to remember all of this loss that they were hoping and praying for when you actually look at their statements? It's very clear what the motivation was about attributing motive. They said that if you watch CNN guess what I want you to remember it too. I want you to remember all of this. I want you to remember what you lost burst, what you are told, would be lost. And the real losses that you ve had your life all along the way, I hope to see the comments section and regain some some its inhumanity. You guys are usually pretty good. You do a good job I'll see you tomorrow morning, Muslim,
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