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#69 Everything Is Racist! Gad Saad and Mark Rippetoe

2016-04-08 | 🔗
Everything is racist! Special guests this week include Gad Saad, talking the science of #SJW Leftism, and Mark Rippetoe talking 2016 election and cats. Papa Crowder also crashes the show to let loose on Trump. @NotGayJared is appropriately fired.

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Sanders gas message: in my travels across vast country, I hear traumatic stories from Americans home that system. I'll bring you human visitors entered it. What do you do in loans by now, working at my dumb, ass food, etc and they are the of fillet of fish and in that I gave em egg said I gave him a double cheeseburger and then they said that they wanted to fully fish, so they asked. To speak with my manager and my manager said. Why do you keep getting orders wrong answer? My manager fired and it wasn't even fifteen dollars an hour, and now I applied to a job I keep trying to get to his butt.
Present juncture us because I accidently fell on a needle and it put heroin and me and I'm getting a job Bernie Sanders presidency visa kinds Welby and Bernie Sanders. Well how MAC that merit.
You found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment. I don't like it and don't want to bother still without having a healthy body image. Given very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body, not any kind of definitely going to get letters. Your listening to talk, radios, strangest animal you're getting louder with router glad to be with you. That sound means is the Can I am your host Stephen Credit
and with me in studio, live stream, video Casper, those listening to rest really, as always, is Jared who is not go. You can follow him on Twitter at knock agenda for firmer legal obligations, draw your own conclusions. We got I'm just happen to be your Stephen. You ve been here like John K. I guess it's just just happened here. It is happy to be here with a couple of great guests or three. Actually, we have coach Margaret Veto, parliament should before noted strength coach to world renowned, one of them at best selling strength coaches around also, literally wrote the book literally wrote the book on strength, also noted, geologists and a pretty big into politics, smart guy. We have him and then we have evolutionary biologist Had saved from tree all who has done some incredible research on the psychology in the sort of evolutionary process of political correctness in and why it is ruining.
Everything that touches. Finally, if you think that I've been unfair to Sir Donald Trump, with my dad Papa Crowder on in the last hour, he was just going off. I so you know I want to just say this stuff. On air said: okay, if that bold about it, the apple, if, if you're willing to record, speaking of which a big week, so let's talk about this partial born again too, a bunch of other issues in our all crazy social justice, where your stuff, which is Fun we usually drain avoid the micro political talk, but an important one. Wisconsin happened this week for, though, who were not following the party with the bigger. Unless you dont like down Trump, then it was really really bad. Is like Doomsday Bernie Sanders did well and TAT crews, one by huge margin, landslide landslide now, obviously take Greece's behind Donald Trump. It is, is the front runner
except that I understand that a lot of people out there like Donald Trump, here's why this matters we won't get into the whole voter. I think every ten Donald Trump loses. That's what bothers me people they come up these conspiracy theories lesson with technical loses. He loses if it when reveal it, they lose one. Donald Trump loses he doesn't lose, but every positive Paul is constantly cited, never ending on Twitter. This is why this is important. So Wisconsin as the last vote last primary that happens for a long time for over a week. I think, when is the next one until November, The next round is, I think, is New York April night teeth right, ok, So, what's causing the last one for a while this is one have one boom began. This is why that's important worst week of Donald Trump spot political campaign, gaff after gaff self inflicted, and at his disapproval, writing went through the roof and attackers, lot of ground on him, then was content? Happens it's a big blow out when I think Donald Trump ended up getting three delegates
that's going to be lasting in people's minds so I don't want to get too boring and draining the political thing. But this is important to note in every now and then I can kind of get one of these rights so something else it's pretty pretty important to note tat crews. Why? the first of these one, every demographic, so Big said much like trumpet South Carolina thinking Yon Trump typically has done better and more rural areas. People don't like the others, but with with less educated white voters. That's in his strong suit, but even any lead that by a landslide This when he lost that by about four points so TED when women he one men, he won are people he won younger people. He oneself pass up self professed conservative he won moderates. He won independence. He college educated, he won Noncolor dedicated something else. It's really bay because we thought of it. I was going to be a landslide going into with these in a very well could be. I still expect New York to be a blow out terrorism.
Lot better and big cities, which are they the prize a lot of people and that when you go east a lot of these places are big cities and, what's important, is he wasn't doing that before? So that's a shift now Finally, for the first time, tat, crews, Reuters, daily policies First time is leading trump by two I've been looking for a while. They weren't they were closer awhile back. There important. So what does that mean just so? You know, as we go into this, it comes down to Pennsylvania, new export we're going to go to Donald Trump. We all know that it's it's a proportional It's not a winner takes all as long as anyone else remained even remotely competitive. That won't be a blow out California is interesting because it isn't winner takes all aim, he's within a point of crews: but Pennsylvania's winner takes all and that's the big one where ok sick, I hate to say but case it might one Pennsylvania, so it comes down to what happens in Pennsylvania. That's what people are looking to, whatever happens in Pennsylvania will likely determine if we go to a contested convention, so boiling it all down are going in a lot of information. What is this like this?
trumpet tough spot there's an inch, to me this is our politics had interesting thing about this. Tromp has a lot momentum out it's coming coming up against him and get a really bad week. This is what's going to be in people's minds until an ex primary. He either Ass to continue or from fish, which is what's hurt him here or take his brother, asked pedal, in which case his constituency think seas. Kind of a pansy, so he's in a tough spot, be entering this. It really does. It seems, like he's he's he's trying to accelerate through it is seen as a tax on crews. This week, I've been nonstop, they would get increasingly more tantrum me! That's why our that's that's interesting. To talk about the Trump thing. Do you want to talk about the rudder stone deal, in answer to this point is clear and that will we get all the other trumpet political stuff out of the way and get to our guests and speak. I speak on more interesting matters.
Stone who, of course, working from Trump campaign does not any longer, but they aren't good terms was on a podcast Stephan Millennia. Mon. I can't print yes if the money would be. The french word in this is what he was talking about. What the contested convention, let's roll back, let reschedule come to Cleveland March on Cleveland, join us in the forest city. We're going to have protests demonstrate and we will disclose the hotels in Rome numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steel. If you're from Pennsylvania, we'll tell you with the culprits, are we urge you to visit their hotel and find them Our eye, wherever you line up my question here in tweet, made us crowded what at what point? Does that become a criminal liability cash?
I will be going there unarmed. I would not be going to Cleveland unarmed. I would have a shot gun tied to that Doran, like a home alone, booby trapped, yeah, no someone's going to say that's illegal. I know it's illegal, but the flame throwers. The makeshift are That is the question: if it's a pellet gonna, think you're in a clear well but it's one thing to say: do you encourage violent rhetoric? Basing planned parenthood is bad with Carly FEAR, Rina or when they tried to a long time ago a pale and say we already know that. What that show that target map saying well some on the right wing in Creator Clayton can I can I get so Jim that is, that is not good yards Jim. Should the target map and their work is a responsible for Giffords. I think that silly, but if someone says we're going to have a day of of not protest here to day of rage for I'll trump I'm going to post towns and their numbers, and you better pay them a visit. Someone up and hurt. Somebody is that Criminal reliable at that point was other nuver trumpeting. When you called for paying the law
suits rebel, who countrymen the pilot phase yeah. So because I am not familiar strategy, that's a call to action. Little disappointing, Stephan, I've. I've watched him of his pockets like a lot of things. We invited among the show a while back, and he said that have time, and you didn't do other shows what that was surprising. You know we didn't do gas I'm and now he has a guy on who is talking about posting people's addresses, so perhaps that's it some more legitimate form of criticism of of people with whom you disagree. I you know I: can Billy that were here, I can't believe or making fun of people's wives and we're talking about posting hotel room numbers. And I think this is this- is really hurting Donald Trump Irene, we do think that its Harding em right now and I know
fans. He can do no wrong, so we it'll be anxious to see what what what happens here there who out there is. We have a few listeners out there in Pennsylvania for broadcasting in Pennsylvania, but I was gonna talk like he couldn't buzz. In my view, that striving the absolutely in saying that the voices steered us voices that are dismissed my head, I want to talk about and how much time we have, I want to talk about Pfizer and the pharmaceutical companies before we need more time for that. This is about you know this, these tariffs and he's pharmaceutical companies, and I fear they wanted to go out to Ireland because of a lower corporate tax rate in Brok. Lama, push him legislation signal now stay here, so this is the big government. People need to understand this absolutely screws. A middle class and the working class more
than any other mechanism of governance out there more than any other mechanism of commerce out. There is big government. I want to talk about that, but I want to be thorough, so it doesn't get taken out of context. You made a good point for which we can all the stuff swing of people being beaten. He returned my being raised this week. We watch family matter and what came up here. Resign I'd finished the OJ. The odor of shared values. It and I'm finished- and I was really surprised I mean I grew up more than ninety, so I was it. You know a young child play a bigger as when O J was in a race and down the need for three inches or whatever the highway is in his bill. Why brought out and yes, and so Oh, I just with surprise how much this, painted the whole black lives. Zeal matters matters, genes in a negative light. I was caught us. It was only a back back. That's because, as members in our group in the nineties, and so I watched insolence shows, I watched
family matters and write the afresh Prince Cosby show just funny failing hours, but the damage. Really on Iraq. Now I dont want that record now. Family matters right that the father was a cop father was a cop, first judge right there on the odds are hardest. Yet we talk. I too have already in an in dramatically that's funny. We were told that we watch this growing up when you talk about this division, not only in politics in the trumpets wasted, but of course, that the left has been the biggest copper without you talk about the racial division. These warrant black shows. These rights shows. We want yachting think the amount a black show in a wash images, just a funny show right because trimming- and you know getting in the black so don't know it's funny, but now at a point where almost everything is the Perry Show This is where the buy out why out and why the watch this show. Therefore, we need quotas and we d fight for quotas, inequality and up I don't want to go back to Carl winds that we'll be back after this talk more
in fact it was a rather bondman, an average of two hundred and forty five, a game of droids podcast stout Did you see that this week you mean four zero people died. Junior will we gritted star with three hundred and forty. You gave it.
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What do I gotta be And don't don't do that? Don't you can't do it better than outcasts right, but I just want you to try to I. Just I get to into is the problem. This is why we need crappy royalty free music, so I dont get sucked in this is why your dad should have taught you to lower your expectations.
And the debt with me. So ok, so we view videos of Roma democratic socialism with a lot of feedback coming up at the bottom of the hour coach Mark Roberto here. Some of that was interesting. I think a sort of emblematic and a lot of people miss this this week was a big story Pfizer. I think what see the company Oregon elegant, there's gonna, be a merger right, yeah, elegant pharmaceutical company, big evil pharmaceutical company, by the way that they pay the show along with a cup brothers and big oil is caught. My portion, my check the coat brothers get that in before the law. They say they hate, not gay people so I would not say one of my check out. So they were I miss murder. I would basically put Pfizer in Ireland right big tax havens. Little known fact about bottom supports big liver. Policies has his money in Ireland to the well known tax haven, a lot some american businesses do this, so I want to follow them.
The trail here, because right when people get mad at big pharmaceutical companies going, they don't have the right to do that. So they say: oh, my gosh highest go protectorate, industrialized world two states we're going to put our we're going to put our business in Ireland K. This is great. That way we can. We can continue to sustain our cell, Brok Obama? Liberals then create a law to punish american companies that take any other business offshore. They said no, so you have to stay forcing them to pay record high taxes. These duration. So what happens? These companies are good example. I want you to formulate a lotta trail here will inevitably necessarily raise the price of drugs going to hang over thirty percent court Patrick then arose declare healthcare to be a human right and they pass legislation to force them to reduce or put a cap drug prices, so these through the businesses with the high taxes they bear.
Them from illegally migrating somewhere, where they could avoids at high taxes, of course, eliminating any kind of international competition, and then they legislate that these companies lower their profit margins. What what is it you want Europe there to their corporate tax rates are much lower People understand that does not in evil it was something even a lot of these socialist countries that left us love. The praise have lower corporate tax rates because they want to have our individual tax rates and stand at a corporation being taxed less, allow for more money to go to the employees. And we hear the United States is the only country. Internationalize healthcare plan we were also the number one country were the only country with number one in research cures, Nobel prizes, survival, it does not even close. Why, because its profitable to ITALY, here and now were killing debt. So what do you think is going to happen if you keep these corporate tax rates so high force company? Thus
use the pharmaceutical industry for a start force them to stay here. Then say also: you can't raise your prices. What is going to happen. Probably some less research probably less drugs. Many of you listening right now probably die Some of you said in your fan pictures I don't Many of you are going to make it passed the week. I don't know it's s habit or you have some, but that we ve figured out yet, but you need to get yourselves checked out the exact being a curtsey with minimum wage. How does but governments through people with minimum wage, ok force businesses to fight for fifty pay affecting our minimum wage, regardless of skill or value. Now is that business automates jobs right with machines or computers? What does the garden? Are you laughing at seven yoke of Udo? Sought I would cite he's so friendly with his schooling he so Fourthly, I don't. I don't feel like what I like about him is, I don't think it's a guy who wants to be there? I think he's guys like
I'd rather be home, perfecting MR fry recipe, but I'll pull. We school this idiot on economics instead and probably those bad news raw is so fond of washing do that was amazing is the people to send out to represent these. These causes gap. The waiver, fifteen this video. This is this is your representative. She came out and ass. He had right with the first and we are fire for fifteen. This is just reality. We find the corporations who make lots of profits. They already Rosa cost, like the big MAC. Anger, no money Just you just assume it is raise a price. Maybe the cost of beef went up because of you. We're getting supply you said the girl who came up with the pre school it is it is it this amounts to represent their creative ways as in any way really do you have sent them all in a neo capital. Just don't want anybody. You want back so far the pay everything down minimum wage with minimum wage ripe than the business, made some, you punish the business. I know you can't automate them, you can't automate them and they force
We need to hire more people Florida effectively redundant jobs when prices inevitably go up. Businesses go under what is the government do promised to subsidize more welfare programmes? When there's, unemployment either way they win. They don't care for does do well. They don't care employment. Is all that great they care about it during election season, but they don't act. Policy help people. This will constantly com. Currently screw the middle class. Through this people, He agreed examples, Amazon we'll be american by American. You can buy American, you also don't have to that's we would have a free market Amazon like if you want to buy the artillery was my wife, my wife, about the battle with something like some den debt. I think white, strips you're half the price on Amis Why? Because automated half of that stuff is done with him. You know that comes out of one central warehouse, their source and not everything is done in the United States and guess what you save a ton of money. Do you want to start paying double? If not you,
have to examine your trade policies, are not saying that we should be getting screwed on trade deals, but this idea that you do want to punish. Companies are brought about american jobs Shore, first off most of them suck and what happened with Amazon going. Automate. They are able to create more good jobs here in the United States. They lay there. George, the crappy ones, yet there The how many companies do we know what it wants. It can be done by people who know about three english words in, and you know, by five letters, but What its job stability should learn, a job that you can't be replaced by robot, maybe just get it That's why I'm around, because you have yet to find a robot millennium that can cause you. Don't you? Don't you think? If you could you I mean I be robot by now that I'm sick millennials refused to do like those jobs, plumbing citizens? Carpentry is imminent. But there was something so announcing button weed. We ve done the Pfizer Company pharmaceutical minimum wage, similar vomica? Ok, what do you think happens? You force ensure
companies to accept high risk people who they weren't, accepting before they're they're playing abetting game insurance companies. People put in this much. We will have to pay their networks. Why should a higher high risk people? Ok mandate. So what happens? They also plan? companies that don't pay for full time, workers for their health care and people right, there's a minute, you're forced to or you get punished, happens. The insurance companies prices go up there's a brain and people with diabetes and fried Orioles and Snickers Bars and cancer, and then companies, lay our full time workers and force more people to part time work, and now Hillary Clinton essentially might use an executive action to fix the problem with a rash of part time employment, and you wonder why weren't debt at every step. Screw people, What we have to have this will light, not double come back
I worry Sanders? Had I plug ass message. In my travels across vast country, I hear too many stories from Americans home. That system has oil what interests energy digging like waiting! My story is: I've been homeowner for four years I have not made any payments for three and a half of those years, but what happened was talked about this with you and I Right, Iphone man's penis industry negative pregnant, and I then no one wanted to pay for it, and so on a child, and when I was about, I could only I could only people in the house I couldn't even the house. I can only be for my job. The problem, and now the bank's isn't going to for closing the house know someone who can actually by the house, when the weather, within twenty percent down payment in India
have proven come in, I don't have that, but the problem is, I ve, been in this house for four years and they haven't been in this house for really any yours. So for years, is more than is more than no years but you to pay for it by Sanders Presidency These are Americans wildly and Bernie Sanders. Well, how barbaric.
I glad is the first time we, you dont, have a lot of people who come into the studio, but you ve seen him on the programme before you. Ve hurt him I'm turning the best thing to plug, but you know I'm coach, Margaret Mattel Senor ripped out thanks for being an eight glad to be here now. What's the best site for people to go to, started to write that we are just redesigned. It way, staff just redesign the whole website. Brand new interface Modern look. Very modern well talked about it, for people listening word. What will veer back into s because we tie things together but dumb
strength. Coach knows a lot about that. He's been open about his politics caught some flak forbidden show before read before honor you're, talking about being a story about. Was it a tiger in Africa? No tigers, Asia was a lie as a line in Africa. Ives transitioning out of the retirement age, bigger tigers where we are talking about just were in here talking, are at an we're. Talking about people be eaten by tyres staff, and I said that there is an old story: famous old story about lions in Africa, the my site builder, fancies out of thorn and amazingly enough thorns, I think its case, it's a similar to the singing a big. What is Miss Kate trees? We have in Texas pile these thorns and they keep a Catalan in big tall places and out inside at night away from the lions and theory is,
that the thorns gate, the lions out and there's the story of beta or what he saw very I'm guessing it didn't work loyally. Then work this time, the story. I heard was in this is from radiant several dozen years ago, but I thought it was impressive just because these damn thing's or straw bliant jumps in the crawled, which is that the name for the for the container jumps into crawl kills a hamper its twelve foot prints jobs over the Twelveth. It kills a hamper grabs or by the neck and jumps out with with the half her in shots four hundred pound five hundred pound hamper- and you know that sir I mean those of you- people that have had that have house cats have had at at I'm levels interaction were the cat is pissed. The cat is
stronger than you think the cat ought to be leaving the house at the house. Cat is is insanely straw, it's just it's an amazing, its italian we're a lot smarter than they are because you know right. They would It also gives me great appreciation. I was talking about this in the programme- people, if you think the biggest cattle We will think lions with any of the next and the next level up does the Siberian Tiger in Siberia: insert seven six fifty, but big difference where they would smoke lions in the young and the Colosseum who so what'd, you don't know, there's its need, think it's just a size difference now. Lions have to be on three pause and they can power Siberia entire can actually load up on his hind legs and power. And so they would just ass in several lions to warm up the tiger cause. I am would come out like this after be on three points in the tire would just boom pounced on a single one,
think that daily is the lion rampant in figure that, by using the Scottish National flag, Lion is up on his kindly Address not act right, I don't know. I just Maybe I would maybe it's all his demand, the logical scottish concept of a lion. That's not true. I know people say a lot of reliable and any more so Buena what his heart of alignment- we used to lines have a lot of. I don't know they have a heart and to have a heart. They are hard Have you seen a heart of alone How do you know you wanta you're, funny story about to give in as to how little sometimes we know about science, even her that sort of thing the Germans and the lion in Sweden. Now you can google the picture a guy came in from after this long before planes as long time ago, or someone want from Africa to Sweden that took days, you know, probably travel the troop of people have them were dead by the time he got there and brought back the lines that I killed it up and went to tax,
Nor must the guy had never seen it. He had the skin of a lion. Any stuff is like and you can look at the picture. It looks nothing like a lot I bet you get the sighted people doing and glided dinosaurs than telling you that they can see with through vision through movement, indirect park and he's really how much guesswork there's off just inference right when at a time her lions it looks in Nagoya, translation, yeah, that's not sing should abandon science to saying that the others incredible how many leap sometimes we make, and if you question they say. Some sciences are more prone to that than others. Mrs trillion, in all honesty, subsides is it is. It has become quite acceptable to love to extrapolate. Geronimo client. Will you know several examples of that in some of the aid it at its climate, science is kind of becoming too
science isn't it it is. I believe, one hundred. They understand that. I think they do. You think that on the side of it, do who are pushing it. I think I understand that I think are, and they want to paint everyone who is sceptical at all, of course, It's become very religious and I think a lot of people have no That is a little bit of overreach, even people who are going. Ok, it's getting a little here's. My question with that lets us everything is true. The earth is getting warmer. Humans are the cause of it. It'll have catastrophic results were do you believe that Hillary Clinton can do about it. Yeah yeah, that's cat about that's kind of problem. The there's just not case to be made for either certainty with respect to answer began at global warming or, if you know left postulated it is being caused by us. What the hell are you gonna do about right. I mean we elected a minnow? Eight, the sea level, stop rising right right.
The house, the sea level rising anyway. Why isn't it? You know that I'm sure I think for us to be gone now, according to their income. In truth, we did that we did hold faction of Hey. Let's go back with this anniversary inconvenient truth in none of them held up. Well, I just you know. I have a science background, I'm a geologist, my utter edge with degrees is in geology, and I didn't know: oh yeah, I've gotta put in fact petroleum geology and For some reason, as I urge you to green, can you see ology no standard degree? without any result shows a p degree? Don't you require your people demand certified your programme, never degree and now? Ok, we prefer they. Don't they don't? Paypal with exercise eyes agrees that government seminar. We have to teach him exercise because they don't know anything when they get there I'd much rather room have a hard time.
Agro biology. Degree of physics rather came as a result there like that, because they know how to think more clearly right, then the p majors that that sound wander it matter on now that that's their turn going turn them into a social science right. They have an already, let some say they're, trying to turn everything into social site, but not the point I like to make is. That here, you have a bunch of people with Actually degrees in English telling us that one party or another is anti science right here by the wise it? Why is it that all intellectuals have english degrees? It's going what's the deal Then, how come chemistry, majors or genoa, undoubtedly they'll, get to be intellectuals, have gender studies. People can be intellectuals and physics. Major can't be an intellectual, because, of course,
he's just a manner what I even taken one step further, how come the guy, who was a plumber, ok How come the guy? Who is a plumber, who started a business and is making a six figure income who filled avoid where there is a necessary job? Why don't we consider that person in intellectual this guy knows intricacies that we begin to wonder. Who knows how to solve problems. Certain Brahms he's he's good at policies. I've run my life execution. I met a mechanic who looked like the redneck on the Simpsons. Did you get another tooth sidewalk that guy run and he was brilliant. He was a mechanic and he mechanical comes here. House and fix your car at your house with engineers. Engineer's
I have no idea levels are invocation was but think about that guy, not a modest need. A certification of certification is that he can fix what you're all right right, Hagen he can fix problems. I had a good friend. It's a welder ignore Texas couple gas that are like this, but the guy I'm thinking is. He is he's a wilder But jam is the designer he's a design engineer and this old country guy, but when he builds things they work Yankee designs, Nancy, because he knows the fish eggs. He doesn't know the terms. He didn't actually know that he knows the physical Giovanni knows the fears not get your nurse talking about this. If we had to not get you're right, we could probably you you're famous line. We d probably build a house, I will just say she couldn't I wouldn't go on the second floor,
I wouldn't get under the second. Now nobody wants to be under new, exactly only structure. It is another thing that someone it can't studied, whether its can each year dear be agenda these major and also being intellectual, but, like you said, we're not the is making that argument. We're not the ones that placing a barrier to entry. The regressive left is the wanted to go back to it. You know it's funny. You mention anti science. I don't know it's a lot. Is there anything more settled science? As far as observable hard science human dna, but the people who accuse the anti authoritarian right of being anti science, believe that penis and your dna is a figment of your imagination. Well, I, like your confusing morphology with genetics there. It's just you know you I wanted to have us heinous in cause because of genetics. If you'd like to say painters again,.
No hit while find another name for it loud that no, we can't do that, because this is a family show. What you can say you can say tat act or tally. Whacker, that's not what I was raised. The call is that when you called it, that's what my mother told me to call it that your tally, whacker your tally, whack, my den at a bunch them's launch looker shackle. Now we that those are old jewish terms. We were nor Texas, purple Home or you don't have any when will the people of Europe want well thought out and we don't allow them there. We just go home controls, your there's only great go. I don't know, I guess emetic comments. Recent are no jewish masterminds north at certain. How the thing much I don't know that without that aspect of the conspiracy, what are you doing? there is an upright jewish people. Only control New York, in LOS Angeles, now put there there's a big
die area and there in the middle right ripe for the take it. I've read these genius. I think that some kind of with the earth force and the pact that they ve made with said spiritual forces at work for some reason. Null and void in fly over a country I dont know: you'd have to go, ask the conspiracy theory, speaking of which did you We just watch that you so that the Roger Stone former Trump campaign I saw you played for me what an interesting, what an interesting thing to have recorded in Haiti they were going. We just talk about it. What is wrong with these guys release the hotel rooms and encouraging people to point does that become a criminal liability at the point where the lunatics drag somebody at all and beta, but guess you told the room number right, but the The amiable, noticeably you check into a hotel the rule that the DAS clerk will not even say
three o nine out loud, here's your room, sir, and they write it and handed to yet this idiot. Is going to give the room numbers bright? All of these delegates. Now it is a question. What kind of criminal activity is you have to do to procure said room number of that's an excellent question by beat it out of a desperate or what maybe they can buy tat by them. If you go to a from those who are looking, if not gauge areas in Cleveland, his room. It's always under Holly go lightly. Three applied little room number sixty ok, come on it's a nice programme, lateral strata, coach about river. Tell I'll be back
now. I would urge you to reschedule season for me, family matters, millennial edition, Carl Winslow back in the force Robert, this game. To one one, two: three: what the heck
These bothering Osborne was over. Three two one, one, two three Father really really making your voices three two one one too, bathing jackasses bothering we're back.
Ask me questions that the Holocaust lightly, with breakfasts at different breakfast at. And so he was that by them Could you believe that character Mc Iranian Breakfast A do you think they get away with that today it's been a while, since saying that move now fallen, japanese buck teeth peculiarity, it's been a while, since I've seen it but I'll tell you what I did see is all the Papa cartoons. When I was grown up, the pop I curtained that were made in the forties we're all eighty war propaganda You haven't probably seen those. I don't know that they're even available on Youtube now, but all the japanese people were drawn of the glasses like that thick and buck teeth and everything so what does that I've never met a buck teeth. Japanese person either I dont know I haven't either I've ever seen, before I dont know why that stereotype became right.
Not that I would excuse it, but usually you like, I can see where they got, that other usually stereo type has some Basis in reality, in terms of pattern, recognition, that's why it's eight stereo right right. But our teeth, I don't think I've ever. I don't think I've ever met. An asian was buck teeth. I have indeed I don't know where that Cambridge very good question. We would have to actually I want also to Twitter tweet me it s a by company, I don't know somebody. I know that this gap depart by people who made people who are doing a lot of spanish because a pop I, when you were a kid, Ria, more easily influenced by the to get any stronger little known fact, I'm pretty sure pop. I had something wrong with them. That's not unnatural! Physique. With the forms pop I had some highly atrophied buys. It should seek take some atrophied ass bias, the absence light big gigantic ass, for I think it was more. I think it was cancerous inflammation of anything
we not allow to roll, not natural body tat. We are almost before that I was trying to get back to okay. So if you're in Cleveland Diskiver, your hotel number, your delegate by for people who don't know you probably know someone who is a delicate or has been a delicate can become a delicate there's. This idea right that it's just some random guy in Washington DC delegates are often chosen by their neighbors. You have to represent it. If I know a guy that fact, Davis plumber docking earlier baptize guys a plumber that was a delegate to the two thousand toiled republican convention in Texas. Ok, this is an interesting story and bad. It is it's interesting in that it makes me wonder exactly how they got rid of Jim. What happened gyp. He went down to the two thousand well, he was what do the Kok has brought the county carcasses and over there was nominated as a delegate to the republican convention in
exists in two thousand toil and as a result of this thing he was going to go down urged both IRAN Paul right around? in a bunch of his buddies, had not now tomorrow, let alone fact through who don't know: Mitt, Romney ones, some states and run Paul. One more delegate, sin with Texas and Obama, and Hilary thing was Hilary one Texas omg the delegates or the other way around, but it's not uncommon for someone to win a state and not one dwell and limit. Let me finish. The current genuine you'll go. Well, that's interesting! So they go down there and they get in the convention and the the managers of the convention- I don't know what they call them: stewards or whatever come around and they're going to pull the delegates to see who's going to vote for him right, so they can kind of plan on what's going on so group at the wrong Paul people or I'll hang around together and they come over and said. Dal said who? Who you guys flannel voting for
for the nominee and they should rod Paul and they said how you're not any set. What do you mean? No, I'm not he said here, you're not going to vote for a who is telling your friend that is the steward S, your friends, the delegates let us tell her hands out elegant the guide. The representatives of the Darwin see index right said no you're not going to vote for rumble, and he said well, that's what we're here. For an hour we're doing a primary. This is during that this is the preliminary events at the republican caucus in Texas in two thousand toil And- and I may be get some of the detailed wrong because it yeah well, you may be bound if Romney had won their district.
Or Santoro River was fine carriage. That's it that's a good question. I dont know if, if the delegates have the ability in Ngos from talk about this now, the delegates are essentially functioning autonomously, its level right so rather than by design, whether you like it or not. That's designed so that someone doesn't just go hey. We want Rick because you ve just killed a guy who didn't like we want to make an president, so you have people who are semi responsible, single hull. I'm second Rick can't be president right, there's a reason right. Well, it at any rate what they did was they. They took another approach to the problem. They revoked all those peoples credentials as delegates yes, and it just signed someone else. They just run through them out of the building revoked their credentials. So now you're not going about Toronto, so that's one way to dance their party? Well, and I guess I run baby, maybe about to show us that again heard what did their party and they get to do with it.
They won't do they ve already shown burning how that works. Well with the super delegates have demonstrated. On top of their ways around right. You know, but if no one has yet metal Amber is going in the convention. This democracy, things kind of inconvenience, but in word, is thy word I put up with we're. Ok, at that time are going someone's hotel room and blown up. Whaley. Now we're we're not talking about, but every event like Donald Trump, doesn't have that number going into convention. Do you think it's unfair at that point, eminent about where they put him head to head was with Crusoe can get rid of her own house, put em on her head to head, see who wins or just Two trunk amounts. I see no other way that no other rules require toil birdies right. I say no other way than to let the the affair play itself out now. If, if one thousand, two hundred and thirty seven isn't accomplished on the second ballot, and did they
trot out. Eight trot out Paul Ryan, careful Samuel, Anja who's never been voted for president before right he becomes a nominee boys and girls who are going to be problems you're gonna be prompted me to understand that happens, though I think would be the first and for a lot of people and their lifetimes? It's happened but jeered How long are we going to break you? now go back and thirty seconds. Where the Senate version I dont, know what will, but we have a bunch of gas coming coach ripped out starting for I come thanks for being bags or having a lot of crowd of state to China?
I'm Bernie Sanders. Had I plug ass message and my travels across vast country. I hear traumatic stories from Americans home. That system has and you say why Missus Sanders is alive. I was when working do. I runs out fell and, as I this guy excellently round this guy in. Screen. Is living inside bring it these mean revival generalised. Will we get away to revulsion and so I am frankly Bernie Sanders presidency Americans well be allowed and Bernie Sanders. Well, how MAC?
Barbara. Ok business time really simple. Some of you don't know where to find me later. Cotter dot com, half a dozen to ten articles every single day, Twitter follow me at ass, crowded, louder, broader podcast on Itunes, sound blood or any other pod catching device youtube dot, com, Slash Stephen prouder, or you can type in Stephen Prattle on Facebook and be one of the million- was banned or join the male. Unless there are so many ways for you to stay connected, you have no excuse. You have no excuse. Just like you have no excuse for those rules that are just cascading over your belt buckled. Unless your lady, then you deserve to get her a metal.
You're getting louder with router? I mean Second, our producing with me and studio as always, is jeered. Who is not gay. Follow him at not gay Jared. I throw my legal obligations. Draw your own conclusions, glad to be back we're back back, we'll get sad evolution, biologist at the bottom of the hour. So what do we do? Lunar tuna show, but I think this guy might get a little a little bit smart on us, so give him some room to to expand upon his points hears from Montreal. As I am to works that are to have him on and you can tweet us at s cracker. Of course, if your listing live or few listening to the archives, you can just come on a tweet mean in terms of that. You hate me that I'm a disappointment so we are going to go straight to this week in social justice. Warrior leftism, a few
easy stories, is by the way we did that video at you have at last year and they want to consider crazy and micro aggression, yeah Howard. Well, that's that's that acts as a lot of momentum behind it. Now because think of how often you hear some of these stories, as will tell you about new, that's crazy, they don't want you to say, that's gonna, try to stop you from replying before it happens. Also, It's a way to cover up crazy. The first thing someone does when their crazy is tell you there not crazy, also by the way, if someone ever tells you that there, the best at something nine times out of ten of the best it nothing. I've heard that you picked up on me her. There click on view, you, dear related, less than anything I not you and I have that kind of confidence, but there are some stories here this week that, via driven from early knock on Acta, that against the legal getting some territory where only enough we can still be a family show
these stories. We ve covered them a lot of credit outcome. People think we're we're making it up or they think it's satire. So I want to start with one that the left believes reasonable and then another one that some on the left believed to be unreasonable. I just don't say I think either you're all in or you're, not all in doing that. First clip ready, ok,. Is a clip that went on line. I think it was a buzz. Veto was talking about how beautiful it is. It's a feminist. Married to a man telling her order that her husband, Girls, daddy is now a woman and you're supposed to feel good about this. What role? The clip yeah. What and how does that make you feel good? It does make you feel boy, you gonna be like a boy, you boy, actually really feel happy as
world, I'm gonna stay like a girl. What's nice, but daddy doesn't feel happy as a boy, so we have decided to help daddy become the person that his rain and his heart tell him that he really is so yes exactly not exactly one month Daddy one. On that day on Saturday we went and got some new clothes and we got like all new girl close and we got daddy. Some me Ok, I wanted the piano daddy's gonna, where something happens like girls close sudden grow. Maybe growth, his hair out so look at this girl's vague. She has. No. Are you ok with it? You know that are you still gonna, be the same person and always to be your daddy very still going to be mentally ill? You know that. How do you think of tat his name, you, like
yet this girl knows a camera in our look at the camera and tell the Mallory, what you think is happening. It feels Can you tell him not to tell her how much you love her daddy, daddy they'll, not the most basic even now. I love you all. What's this now that's. Ok, Iceland, as is the worst first, our people think you know you bill, We, this is literally the blue hair to pierced spacers, and you're feminist we make fun of. This- is the woman that Milo checks under his bed forever visit? This is the woman who chases Paul Joseph Watson and his nightmares just this face, borderline child abuse. First, if I hate the giving of using children and I love what I do about this new system- that people this is the response from the child directly call
leads to the emotional maturity of the father and a mother daddy. Like a girl. How do you feel about that? I feel good will now you're making life decisions with the exactly moral compass is daddy. That's all that's required. It feels good yeah. You know about rape and other fields,. How do you feel about genital mutilation depends fails polluters about ascetic sounds like a party this is so far off the beam at this point, People want people are what they want to act as those as beautiful. If you speak out against. This is hate speech, of course, This is child abuse. This girl, then, goes on to say she wants to be a boy and the mounds We consider that give our citizens a lesbian, gay. This woman is attracted the men lets us beyond This woman is as sick as this guy. Ok, there's some kind of an arrangement, it's like Bill and Hilary they're sleeping in separate beds, and he has an internal his and she has operas best friend in hers. This is, what's going on here? Ok, what's
not Stedman and Operas friend's name You know it's happening that exactly what I'm talking about. So this sickness all around and we're not. This is what this is important, because it brings to another story because left school. This is beautiful. And then, as other story accorded daily mail, and they don't know how they feel that's. Let me set this up for you. This is someone who calls them a dragon, Lady Tm Medusa for America, county Arizona, has removed his ears and knows that surgical procedures to become a dragon born a man too. I'll always training, but a dragon training Dragon Dragon tales. Ok, let's bring this clip up. Well said I am even do sir and too many people who get to know me some years ago. I am also known ass. No man tat, no man handiest.
No one knows that you mentioned a number of more for project just quickly. Metamorphosis project is this. Basically, my transition from the no man can remember. I was too eager to day I'm I'm a father, a great teenage cheered on these software in high school, and I can I can I just drop a little, but if you're listening terrestrial, you should really see the video to believe what it is it can. I worse take a look around you. First of all, a bow in this the guard at how? This is exactly how I hate so he watched this and you go. That's absurd right, someone's trying to turn themselves into a mythical figure, that's impossible. You know
Elsa Impossible a man turning himself into a woman. It's not scientifically, it's not physically possible. Today Nobody has a sex change operation that works. Your body tries. Fix it as a wound, its very hard. Most people don't get it because that reason they tossed on address and we all have to act like their girl. Otherwise it takes me so in their entirety, made. A do. Some soul searching crazy, I found some dragon Ladys in my soul, so I think either way to call a priest. This is the guy. By the way, this was Richard demand, as who then turn into a woman. What should be the first time something mentally wasn't healthy and now as a dragon. So the left is trying to whisper if, however, this man to turn into a woman but going into a we're not sure if we want to accept that is normal, ok, cut off his ears and knows to become a dragon merely image cheered can bring up my screen or you can sit, cut off the ears and knows to become a dragon. This person seems
Sir, no more absurd and cut off your tally. Whacker. You jump off your one eyed eyeball men, all of a sudden gettin, some exaggerated cauliflower wrestlers here, doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But in some knobs in your forehead and calling them horns, doesnt seem that big of a deal once cut off your penis and create a wound that you have repeatedly open? Otherwise, your body clauses and your pumping your body full of hormones that no doubt will put you in a shallow cancerous click it in that grave. In the name of love, however, because we wouldn't want to be in town, they overlap and over time it organic food and zero estrogen and Bp Aids are going to walk around with their steel tumblers and are now Jean bottles. Why are we want to avoid the contamination of GPS? Will? What could it acts like s agenda buying, that's cancerous? What about when you reject the estrogen directly into your balls, Nora, that CORE Sciences in India. How did you about Dragon Lady, who the guy
all the dragon. Do nobody wants to be a lady now wants to call the lady part. Ok, my hateful not sure I feel that the dragon are, we sure, that's not possible, I think we're quite sure, that's not possible are sure it's not possible. Yes, I'm quite com, that turning a man into a dragon is not humanly possible. This isn't game of France. Also quite confident that turning a man Richard Hernandez into A woman is not possible. By quite certain, I mean a hundred percent who's. This science deniers by the way this is Leonarda. Caprio left us cannot. Republicans are anti. Science is anymore. Science than human DNA. I don't think so, because prettier pretty imagine verdicts and that's the great thing about you know your penis as a young boy, you have your own vertical petri dish, it's your walking experiment and every boy has tested multiple hypotheses
through their teenage years? It is testable. Verifiable science and my boy, ok, well here, is a list of tests that you can do. It's really just too, but you can do them in a multitude of ways. Put your own signature on it, and here you go draw your own inclusion on your own conclusions. Pretty sure you're, a boy. There is no one to include these. Two together is: can you can't say you can start off with men, and women are fundamentally interchangeable, which is required for same sex. Marriages required for this trans algae be tissue, a ip relay movement and then all of a sudden say well, listen. We don't know how I feel about the dragon situation, twenty to create dragon bathrooms by the way. That is a great question again back to the cancer you have to bring his best speck. We can have. People is breathing fire and bathrooms is true, especially there. It's a hey bathroom, which I think that's what dragons go on just kind of like palace of
of hay and one highly flammable. One can make the case that it's a safety hazard we you one, can make a relatively firm case but just opinion. Stay too the outbreak. Every cell for hydrogen sixty four degree with gouged divide, cast
So you see the disengaged withdrawing this week where they had on board. We did a vital area also at star wars and gay, withdraw you they'll, probably your prices, star wars. You will be back in its side with episode, five, forty two game. It goes back to my care. Hey you're listening to you or watching this part. Guess there's a strong chance that you are not At following me on Twitter, at as router from Sweden all day long, I'm takin off the social justice warriors. You should see the amount of hate I get on their far far far.
Worse than any fat sports illustrated model or black lives matter, charlatan. So listen, it's free! You get to be entertained and you can try men. Also, if you're following me on Twitter, you can send me your tweets and maybe you'll be lucky enough, and I mean lucky enough, because I have a lot of followers. Ok, that they call me the follower machine to have, or tweet to me or not, gay jeered included in our rocky earnest tweet of the weak. So follow me on Twitter as crowd or, if not I don't want to say I have sites on your mother, but how she's dead, you're, just saying that, because I made a mom diagnoses really dead. Well, you kind of walked, Why do we back coming up at the bottom of the idea of God
of evolutionary biologist class up the show, because it's taken a weird turn. This whole programme is taken. The very bizarre ain't Amy introduced trainees, though it's down the do that that the hate word transgender Why certainly have Google search that drain are you trying to gender, for I know that you ve had your careful search multiple times by, though, if you hear this crumple it'll work for work. If you hear this crumpling, I dont know what happened for hours ago. My throat just closed shut, just got swell and I just add, we think, a fever. How armies already centres do that to you I've been united, the video Bernie Sanders and it's pretty tough on the vocal courts, but I have no idea what happened so if I seem a little out of sorts. I probably see more, like I probably see more normal. I probably see much more on point, MR, so I don't know, maybe inject myself with a virus every single week. Just so, I can be more professional on equal terms with my am talker
Oh Brad, we get swab blood. I got surprise for you. Well, I wanted to let you know you might they have a lawsuit appending for last time, blood and are you wanted to do the right thing? They told me it was the right thing. Now you did that you, you lied and your questionnaire you're going to bring back shared with aid some time to talk about this soon we need to bring him back a lot of people's didn't think he was really something very of a guy who talks out or who speaks just against the regressive left. People say he's not gay putting their more people with conspiracies that I'm gay and miles not unjust, accepting things how they are speaking of which I want to play this video for you this this week was trending all over, given a risk Florence was now I'm not necessarily huge fan of Ex got k is not endorsement of Rick's got because I'm mentioned somebody doesn't mean that I love the person and I do think the galaxy skeletal. We all know that this woman was yelling at him in a Starbucks in Florida, and
one praise this woman as a hero, so What you do here for yourself and then we'll come back, and I think I can guess my own opinion. Geraghty have the eclipse, let's roll it. Baby. So I can get apartment. Are you you? Don't care about working people just be ashamed to show your face around probably everyone working Starbucks Air this is just an emblematic of the left of feeling the need for
first off no one as jobs here and nobody back he's looking around expecting the backer up. Let me tell you something: scream crazy, cackling, hag, here's what people haven't back you up. First, you insulted all of them, because you're hot rent, a horrendous which on wheels, can know Nobody likes you because you're, not a nice person, it'll be all shut up. I'm talking to you. Second, there not back in Europe. Because they're working, No very well, you have jobs as she says it. You're wash someone's pouring coffee job, someone's grinding coffee, job someone's taking order job, and you are sitting there, I'm guessing that Lenovo MAC, but not now, Linux we'll get mad. That Lenovo, haven't you laptop? I would you sort, top and file if Macbook Ipad. I bet you that Lenovo in saying Laptop But we're tired, I just dead inside I dont know what is happening to my mouth on the fever, I'm better! That's not homemade!.
You are sitting in a Starbucks on it, custom laptop It's about how nobody has job surrounded by people who again maybe Just you also if you don't, have a job if your poor, probably not your best idea to be spending eight times the amount. Coffee if you made it at home, I'm not the wealthiest point. One percent- I do ok Jared employed good for us. I don't go to Starbucks everyday. I almost never go to Starbucks. I dont like Starbucks, I dont begrudge people who go to Starbucks this lady. Yes, That's because I judge people as individuals and she is Satan, so the voting is as we have all these tweets up in low she's got to hear more Americans need to do this really. More Americans need to do. This How did you write your representative? How about you vote habit?
release a video, maybe you make a phone call. How do I, when someone is going into get a cup of coffee? You don't you oh profundities, in a family establishment that our best in nothing more than your own. Delusions also lets avoid being that would be something I would recommend you start with you because you catch more bees with none bitch honey. The recipe. God bless. You know it's what's raw honey. What is also be good for you throw It would be good for my throne. I need to get some some honey to smooth my throat ever make you imagine if I had to do an impression of this woman, this woman kit, if this woman is married. I bet you it's like that. Guy with the blue haired feminist, who wants to become a training, is one of those situations where yeah I'll marry. You just makes Have my alone time, while we know that you do not get ready for the money, she rarely does
it doesn't work. Everyone complains about how they dont work. My favorite liner was was. We would have good jobs. I showed you seem like they seem very nice, very nice, lady, as is What are the door? Listen, you know it. Maybe I don't love you put cackling Angry shrew on your job, application, general, speaking. They they we'd you out before it gets to the call back. Everyone wants to wants to act as though everyone has everyone. This done this a certain point where you do. Want to acknowledge that it's your fault, people make excuses, and George Saint Pierre talked about this a champion at some point, the difference being to champion the difference in somebody who succeed in who doesn't is they have to look themselves in a mere at some point on? we say: ok did I do something wrong. What do wrong. How can I fix it? What you can control you address, You know that a woman like this who people are
raising of the hero? She has never job because of wrecks got she can't Ford abortions because of Rick Scott or because of probably Marco Rubio right at somebody else's fault, somebody else should pay for her birth control. Despite the you can get a twenty five cent, Robert a truck stop. I know she's, probably allergic, to lay tax, all of a sudden, every person who follow Sandra Fluke as allergic to late tax, everything is somebody else's fault, and if it it's from sounded like a broken record. That is the biggest problem and you see on the right as well as on the left. Listen you lost a primary. That's your fault! You have job. Maybe that's your fault. Speaking of which scientists after the break gets at stake
I worry Sanders. Had I applaud gas mask edge. My travel, your class basque country. I hear told many stories from Americans home that system EL. Thank you very much, Mr Sanders. I really What you're doing as an inspiration to America in this may surprise some people, but I am in fact black I was. I was born Sean king to a. Why? Don't you? father, but I do know that I I identify as black. I was at one point making a lot of money for being black in raising money for black causes in when it was alleged that I was not black and I I didn't. Have I refused to refute this because I don't feel that I should have to justice
I might my race are all through my mom under the bus I called her a horse said she could have slept with any black man, and so my father likely was, but I was charged with fraud for raising money for being black and getting a scholarship and the problem is, I don't eat the monies gone. I don't have any more people are asking for their money back and I need you to pay, for it sounds rather than say please Americans Welby Bernie Sanders well how MAC? barbaric.
I gladly ring on our next year, so it happened on twitter organically. Some people were calling for this to happen. He's he's swinging above our batting average. Bringing this guy here he's a scholar. You can watch Youtube, Genoa highly recommended GAD, sad, that's IE eight D ass, a d before them Egg Senor said was actually coaching and how to say it with the proper middle eastern way. How do I do that, Sir Galahad Side GAD Side kind of its aid? garlic, prettier. Evidently embarrass me right off the bat it puts us on an even playing field, where I put me below so you're
I'm from Montreal your tone, what that I always hear this, these accidents, greek Lebanese. Lot to where I went to centennial on the South shore. There's always that's it sound! Yes, There is a unique science sound too much here. Send me It also makes for the fact that originally from Lebanon grew up, grew up in Lebanon and came The Montreal is alive and I dont know if there is any remnant of an accident there, so I'm plus, of course I speak French, in Hebrew, so it's an The United Nations linguists yes, you are being which we will get to the United Nations. Rather, but yet Montreal is funny we'd, a lotta Lebanese there at centennial lot of middle eastern people. We had been very very much. Is a mere still a franchise there in Montreal. Yes, they are small caveats now. When I tell me what as I get Mcdonald's of lebanese restaurants, you have them everywhere there. What the us very kind, very diverse, so you, sir, you Chicken Courtier University in Montreal give degrees from again
One thing that fascinated me so right off the bat people we're going to have to go on he gets out on your choice, it sure and then all Commenting on my gosh, why would you do is show? Is gonna be nuclear and when I looked at your videos I didn't see a whole lot that I disagreed with certain on anything, I thought was unreasonable. Why do you think was the reaction. Am I missing something I think you know people use these faster frugal strategies, what their thinking and it's easy to label peoples it's hard to try to worry about what Stephen crowd really things. Let's just call sort of a right wing. Neil COM, nazi move on to write me? That's how people operate by me. That's how stereotypes are may that's. How raises illustrated registered, allows for people to generalise and simplify the world soap. I engage with Stevens idea. Just label have assembly that you shouldn't be talking to and move on
Funny, though, is a memo now, obviously egg. I get the Nazi references in any anti semitic stuff, so I get boas right. There's a lot of fun If I get both side of that coin, but does it that your anti semitic nor I get Anderson. People think I'm jewish. All the time I like actual nazi propaganda, and I I mean, we were taught us a bench appear as we denounce it's kind of funny to me because I'm used to it like with bench, appear my cache. It's gonna be tough of your actually jewish gettin that stuff we all need to make up their minds, but you ve Montreal, so I am right wing. It didn't exist in Montreal in their liberals and liberal separatists. Really when I was there and up done actually a lot of research regarding sort of political correctness and the social Justice Warrior left. How would you describe yourself, would you say probably left in August fiscally in more right, socially, you know first of all, discuss our dreams to say this, but I despise labels, I think each issue and then
our position on that particular issues. I would consider myself probably libertarian, when it comes to social issues and very liberal when comes to issues such as, perhaps say, immigration. Some might think. I'm a bit more. Conservative and so are really the best results for the death penalty. I think that it is true that, under all circumstances to kill somebody is immoral and barbaric. Few raved, solemnized and killed twenty children, then maybe, lose your right to live so So I'm really all over the place it right. I really judge each issue. I don't think it's all over the place. No, I don't think that's all all over the place, and you know why we have this sort of what is that little quadrant graph? Now, that's really famous it's so incredibly biased to the left. You know the questions are like. Do you believe that corporations should only operate in the interest of the shareholders and enraged and Andrew Gus, like that's, not everyone's? The left that is, gives people kind of an idea, especially America.
The United States Montreal there's it's a whole day world and a lot of people are necessarily aware, but you you ve done some recent I ve talked a lot about sort of political correctness that this rise of the social justice left I was having read all of it, but what? What is it that, as captured you're you're your attention with it so much as some sort of suggesting that it is a psycho, my main area of research is in applying biology and evolutionary psychology to study human behaviour at the way I got into the hopeful go correct. This issue is not so much if you like, through my research, but rather as a public intellectual one of the self imposed and AIDS that I've that I've, that sort of pursue as I tackle bad ideas, wherever I find rights, of whom I thank, for example, radical feminists espoused some stupidity. Then I feel compelled to tackle it. If I think that both modernism
as a bunch of gibberish nonsense. Then I will tackle it. So, in a sense I like to consider myself as slayer of bad ideas, and so I use science. I use reason I use logic to tackle that would leave let the records show that it was MR said who said that he would tackle feminists. Not myself continues every played on a loop like morphine drip on feminists frequency. My friend watch, your micro aggressive language is not as though you know I've I've just out it myself. If you just have to do and how many things have gone after them, stupidity, maybe a spouse, oh sure, what it's it it's not common at all in Montreal. Is it really and I remember you know what I was doing stand up comedy and really the conservatives their funny story the concrete conclusions. Places where I was banned Andrew circles in MIKE male. We did a show at their they're kind of pub, their anger, the black guy and kid when up just talked about. Funded, they were, they were booing and protesting jokes
we're thinking this is really really weird for comedy. Was the environment Montreal we just had. Might ward on was put before human rights Tribunal, so do you think you ve taken mental I guess particular particularly gives you should have a public intellectual. Let's put the research to one side: because you're in an area where they're just aren't many people express these ideas, it's not even on the radar for a lot of french or English, came although I would say that what you just described is not strictly speaking true of Quebec in particular, rather its of academia and general right not as though at Wellesley College. Outside of Boston you're, going to have you no bastions of freedom of speech walking round on campus, so I really think it's a problem that is intended to the academic atmosphere that I think that's fair, but I think it's different Montreal again because you know my mother went to you. Teen Austin, for example, so did too
sage up situation: scholarship, Uti, Austin, film school, so not a bastion of right wing conservatism and leftism. I guess for lack of a better word in Montreal was that of ignorance, because they have even been exposed to ideas, whereas in Austin it was. It was very aggressive because putting back against sort of Texas culture? So what people too seemed far less informed in country all as relates Tipp to freedom of speech. In these ideas I mean perhaps But again it in my case. What compels me just its mind? It's my genetic make up as the random combination that make up. Why am I get genuinely offended by stupidity and therefore go after it. In all its forms, I just I almost feel as though I am cheating truth. If I don't go after people bad ideas and so to the extent that it the social justice Warrior and all the mai and safe spaces is. Is it? they'd lunacy. Then I feel that I have to
it out against it, and I only wish that some of my colleagues would take up the matter with me. Do you have a lot of backlash with professors not actually, all right! You know it's funny, because Government Mcguinness recently haven't I The charter we had earlier also last fall and he's just astonished that I dont get more backlash, and so he he already theory is that I just love as long very as if I'm a cross between a puppy and Santa Claus, which I don't really like that particular now. Because it's gonna emasculated I'd like to think that a lot more justice maidens sought the vendor Santa lost, but apparently so, thing in my delivery? Maybe because a measure maybe because that unites dots. I run a gauge hyperbole. You know people don't actually attack me too often. I do they hate mail, but not not to us, you gave some. I personally on twitter
engage and yeah you're right. I mean I'm not a bad thing and can you know there's nothing wrong with it? If it's done an addendum to a reasonable arguments like at home and in place of an argument, you throw it away, at harmony in addendum to its? It can be fantastic and use, We I mean, I think, what you probably referring to a sort of my satirical style, where I, where I try, to demonstrate the lunacy of something by act, They start arising to death or, for example, I've gone, asked bill night, not so much because I want to go after bill night. The person, but because as the position that I thought was soul, obnoxious and grotesque that I just can't letter sleep and then people right back to me and say: ok, ok, I'm the horses that stop eating it. I say no, when you have this kind of public platform and you travel Are you that's gonna, be the crisis in Syria? over the Middle EAST is in part driven by climate change. I'm gonna come after you, the other threats of the mainstream. They were now climb.
Change of our these need jobs. That's a big thing, though, to obviously speaking out against Islam and in in Montreal, as it is a problem The people- I have a different theory on that- I don't think it's because you look like a puppy in Santa Claus. I think again it sort of stems back to the. And that in the United States, I'm saying I don't mean stupid. I mean it I mean in the United States we ve had to invent these terms. Safe spaces are true: warnings? Why? Because the baseline you're trail of bread, crumbs back out of the forest, is the first amendment. You have to somehow refute that or argue against something. That's inherently flaw in the first amendment to uphold that view in the United States in Montreal, really needed to create those terms or go back where I was raised, because freedom of speech is an inherent right I mean I experienced at first hand a lot of Americans don't relate to let go there, so I think you're throwing seven different kinds of smoke- they're, not even talking about yet right That's perhaps should also say that there is the same sense of entitlements in university campuses and
as there is in the? U S, perhaps in part, because you don't need it wishes are not nearly the same, and so I've noticed I've taught at Coronel My internet use your vine and wine, For I respect those rules and I love the students there. They tend to have slightly more of a chip on their shoulders, probably because they pay five countries. Were for the education and so therefore it's easier to have victimhood sort of ethos. When you feel bad entitled. Words were in Tibet, almost everything as semi free. Maybe you don't have quite the same chip on your shoulder where eggs, until you train raise tuition by what two hundred dollars like we had many protests industries alongside sing calls that was from Hell I was told I presented think all the Montreal like what you already talking about. Like tremors noticed an actual thing. It was a bunch of them in Montreal right, and all you have to think up. A real problem area just gets very close to our house. If you, if you drive unit within five, finally,
five minutes from our house, it's basically as though you're driving a third world well. Yeah there are a lot of things I love about Montreal, but speaking and now you know, students like you said she. I definitely feel I guess financially students think they're entitled when I was there, I want to say Mcgill might have been a couple thousand a year and that seems like it would be stretching it. When I left in two thousand for two thousand and five it was fifty something going dollars and at last I checked it was over. Seventy did you know what the numbers on that now, but it's horrible night. I don't. I don't, but I tell you what I when I went, I did my undergrad. An MBA adds a girl so that the whole thing took six years. I paid If I remember correctly so this is eighty four to ninety ninety I paid. I think four hundred and forty dollars a semester sidelined.
The right method to be precise in an mba, probably for about five thousand six thousand dollars so yeah, exactly an American through that mega jealous. But when you look at the numbers of that that the crushing debt- and it's just hard upkeep these programmes of Miguel or just our taxes right, I mean people think it's funny. It's not fair. Basically, I've got Ford four dollars left to my name at the end of every year. Right, what's the highest marginal tax rate is it still. Fifty two in Quebec gets us nowhere and if you add the sales tax at the start that that I probably take at the end of it, maybe thirty five cents on the dollar yeah yeah. We did those rates a member and a video on canadian healthcare when I was at PDA, tv and in peace thought. I was lying These are the actual, effective, marginal tax rates, And I'm one just to their there's no way this is propaganda. So ok, we'll talk more about that when we get back with a view to a break Youtube com, Slash GAD, sad to AIDS, because a guy the middle east- and we probably lotta with Carter statement
this week in Germany that we are here live at the University of Michigan protests from the student bodies, L Gb, dig you a ip protests demanding that their preferred gender pronouns be used in absence of by Gee. I stand here with their female represented now see right there I didn't say female, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. This ladys! No, it's the same thing. It seems you would prefer
Stephen drudgery right Jared what're, you doing. Seventh troubled into this blocks: let's because you can't ray, I know I shouldn't use freedom, Project Academy, freedom, what Freedom Product Academy just go to: Effie, USA, DOT, Org, it's a fully accredited private online school, no common core and absolutely no government funding whatsoever. All the clock are taught live online kindergarten through high school, with real teachers based around the country, so through freedom, products, classical curriculum students, master the basics like math, English, history, science. Alongside some more commonly neglected courses like logic, giving them a lot of schools, economics, american studies in Latin, all of which foster the long lost art of critical thinking in greek leaders for Timor. All classes are reported to be viewed. Twenty four seven, eight, you can get your very own sneaked eager to any class or professor F p. Usa, doubtful, open and roman runs March through July's classes always fill up fast now. Do you have your JD equivalency Jared knows that important? I think
I mean you might want to give them a call, that's freedom, project, Academy, F, B E. U S a dot org we're glad to have this gets back right into it. You can follow this channel highly recommended check it out. Gad Sad S, a a d from Montreal, professor scholar, thank you for being back So what would you say is the most important issue that you you touch upon sort of August Binding year, your beer research in psychology with What you are? You found a knee savagely and social media and being a public intellectual, so you're talkin about in terms of ice
Private research thereby saw bit- I mean the ultimate goal. Has has from the start of my being a professor too Darwin Eyes, the behavioral science has and what I mean by that This offers sizes have existed in a world where biology is relevant for the mosquito and the zebra, the giraffe, but somehow not relevant to human behaviour, because the argument has been that makes us human is that we transcend our biology right calls for animal. That's what makes us different from the zebra and the Sort of interesting reasons why that arose at me why the application of biology, and so what I wanted to do was really use the planetary framework of evolution, psychology to explain specifically consumer behaviour, the idea, being that you can fully understand consumption or a conciliatory nature, without understanding the biological foundations of what made
Consumers are really all much of my research revolves around that central Gran Objective Raw. Now, how does how does that work? Now, with sea trans everything movement, I mean the most sexist transfer that people in the world must be biological researchers or or doctors. At the first question you have to fill out in a questionnaire. Here. I dont specifically study those transactions, although I do have a doctoral students, that's currently with me but there were interested in looking at homosexual consumers to see whether certain phenomena If we study and a heterosexual context, for example, give giving courtship rituals in between men and women. Would they replicate amongst a homosexual. You don't context right, for example, if you are a top or a bottom which is its role that you take by your predominantly either the acid or the use of the family from a show- and I also resent that premise- I know for a fact from similar estimates- show that they can be interchangeable. Sir. How dare you that there is
first you're, absolutely right. There are versus eyes, but what we're trying to look? Actually, Where are the ones who are predominantly one or the other Russia, the guys who are sort of doing both ways? Maybe we'd keep them out. To see whether somebody heterosexual phenomena that we, what that we ve been that with documents it would also mean Themselves in a homosexual couples, so that's the extent to which I have looked at some of the things that you're looking at in the context of a baby right was a deal. The reason I ask because of the transit issue a minute we have tried to throw out the window biology genders non binary. Of course, if you question at your anti science, I would think that, as opposed to climate science, DNA would one could our he was more settled, I certainly have heard people made that case, and I was convinced, so I wondered
that's like teaching in that realm today, if people have to tiptoe around at depending on whether a student gets offended or not, because he stays now that ban, if band sending people to two counselling, you know who want emulator generals, because it's not hate, thought hate speech. I was curious that the car Thus, in which I see these types of issues, not the transit issue by sort of sex differences is in the context of whether set weather, are any sex differences that are actually in eight other than genitalia from whether everything is due to social construction. Now, for Truly radicals will constructivist argue that everything short of your genitalia is ultimately do too. Cascade of affiliation and, of course, the average three year old would be able to falsify that promise. But the reality is that then the wooden fortresses, just with pushups, take a while back, but you know what the social cost, in our view it would be for that.
Very very young age little Johnny Is- is condone. Those is it courage, too, rough and tumble styles and that sort of shares your issue, but that silly that silly, especially any biological science at you look at their muscle trauma. You look at the way muscle dealt diminishes. The testosterone you look at the hormonal profiles, its. It's silly and I feel, like you know, sometimes We have a lot of intellectuals lavishly who debate on campus, and sometimes we get so far off the beam. We're gonna use that premise and deconstructed. Listen, it's silly, there's a reason: the military requirements right now there have been lowered for women. They can't do it it's not because of a social construct. They ve been stripped down to a number. We know it's true and sometimes we get so far off into the weeds. So you have a question for you and on the feminism front, obviously spoken out against feminism. How does someone like you, obviously someone who who is really studied the biology How do you see a feminist who is often going against? I would assume that you are you some, some of which is their nature, some as nurture trying to
act like men out manning the man. You know I got the feminist film Festival, we go what what? What kind of irreparable damage is that do they and is it entirely daddy issue? Well, I would say, first of all that we have to sort of decoupled a different definitions of feminism, it feminism as the idea that we should be equal under the law, right, equity, feminism, liberality. Of course it's easy for you and I to get behind the problem comes from sort of article feminist, whereby they, regrettably conflate the idea that bit that everybody should be equal under the law. The Edward that. Therefore, that must mean that we should be investing shook indistinguishable from one another right right to argue that we're indistinguishable from one another makes it easier to fight the circles sexist status for having bathwater problem. The reality is that biologists define homo sapiens. As a sexually by more fish species, in other words the manner, and
humans, I define right, recognizes that we are innately difference in are set out in our and I'm dimorphism. So so it's ok! It's exactly what you said it's silly, but of course from an ideological position, that's very, very difficult to fight against you had one thing: that's that's difficult to disprove right. Because the way they set it up- and I I have a writer from my website, Courtney, whose brilliant and she but doesn't people got really mad where she said you know I is a very strong, independent woman, she's up often around she's been self employed for a long time. You talked about how we're trying to empower women through put in the same way filled with men action stars trying to force them into sciences in the military in the front lines, and she I use the term you're, given a lot of young women complexes without from a psychological perspective. I wonder if you could confirm them me, listen, think Agro Funeral General Lawrence Summers is that direct name could bring about
the name does ring a bell yeah, but we do have to put a brake soon will go web extended so Gillette? Can you wrap this make twenty seconds and then we'll come back ass? It was the Harvard President and he basically gave a speech when he talked about the idea that us some women, not me? It's science? They got kicked out of harbour. That's right! I think we did right. About that ended. Poor bastard for people listening to rush, really you to dot com, Slash, GAD, sad, ass, a a d, and as an exclusive web extended coming later with credit card statement, I worry Sanders had I plug ass message in my travels across vast country, I hear traumatic stories from Americans home. That system has pale
No just Sanders viruses, inspiration I've going to college, and I because I one fifteen Cherokee Fella applications. I got it. I had a great and I went to but I wish I was opposed to maintain certain grave where it anyway when I was going to take my test. I felt on a heroin needle, and so it went inside me and I had heroin and it caused a problem and then they also If these are, then I wasn't one fifteen charity which I didn't know one over on the application and then combined with my jp was a one point four, but it was because they are in need of an advance on the sidewalk and only one I can we go give me they were there thing that govern with violent debate. It? I don't want to be the major Sanders presidency, These are Americans well and Bernie Sanders. Well, how that man
by Morocco. You're getting louder with router robbery back third, our coming up at the bottom box. You know segment will be pop, a quarter I've gotta. He actually wants you to. Let him know DM five minutes notice fuel. So I will do that. So to do it, I just figured I bring em on you know. I really do think that we ve been pretty fair with the candidates development, but in the programme some have come on the programme. Some have not any Alison. Who cares if I dont like Donald Trump you can whenever I just think that people need us, and she had two arguments. My father is not as forgiving.
It's not as forgiving as February. I am so Oh I vigour, you should hear it from him he's a piece of pretty smart guy and he is not a fan all, we were going to be my mama, but she just that. I can't do it. I get to mad. With with that that guy's make me say, she's the biggest republican conservative. There is she's, not someone she does, she would have voted for anyone at sheet. She actually like Rubio. She likes Irina should like cruise ship even like, ran like talk about she liked all of them. I can't think of any one. She didn't like trying to think who does she like Dick Cheney was the grand Linsey Burundi grams. Lazily was its also guy's name. That is, Marina Oswald and whose to walk around and cheeky shorts. Ok, so verbal, my dad and I want to address two issues here. We covered this on the website,
and we have the video ready. You know people got mad when I talked about democratic socialism and communism and socialism and and- and I do argue and I've, I've put it forward in long form in short, formed. I think it's entirely in entirely valid comparison, communism, socialism, democratic socialism and people's you're just right. You just trying to scare people so here is Bernie Sanders in an interview from nineteen eighty five back before he knew that the cameras were what were rolling first future presidential, but now it is pretty silent on its foreign policy. Not so many puts forward a whole lot here. Is him talking about Nicaragua's communist bread line straight from the horses mouth gun? But nobody really said this about Communism and Nicaragua. Fully sometimes american journalist spoke about a better country. Is that people are lining up. That's a good thing, countries people to line up food, the rich get the food in the poor starve to death. So it's club,
there are lying waiting precursor. And within a guy just says book. But let me explain it to you. This is Bernie Sanders by the way tat my communist food lines. Now, if you want are statistically is incorrect that in communist countries everybody eats and rich countries. Poor people die only the rich, Ok, people were listening to this, not every person who, since the latter with trotters, Daddy WAR, bucks or MR peanut. Mr planters, though, like to picture them as such. It makes my job less nerve, racking so much better. Now, not at all. This is Bernie Sanders himself praising Communist food law. End of year. Two ways actually follows: re people think I'm maybe I'm doing an impression of them. I think it's like this. Real, listen and inoculated made this point. Democratic socialism is just communism with a check box. Just a you democratic in front of something it doesn't change through ideology. Right, Bernie Sanders thinks it I mean it's red lines. Org, you just said: that's a good thing.
But somehow he's he's, duped people into believing that what he wants to do is different, because he wants people to vote, that we have bread lines. So, if you, if double vote, but we're gonna broad lines. Then it's ok, because it was a vote on it. You can vote for slavery, democratic slavery, are we on board with that you can vote, Gosh, I'm trying to think I'll cabled of obviously don't support. You can vote against same sex marriage, its democratic it doesnt, putting democratic, doesn't make something any more moral, also idea that the majority supports Ex therefore moral, it's the right thing to do ex. That's not true at all. The majority of people often make bad decision Often Michelin in history for two seconds and you realize the majority were on board the wrong thing. Absolute lots of times absolutely laugh
times and a majority of of communist or authoritative regimes at some point were voted in and then they shut the door behind them money our once. Given that power, before they were, where they get. That is they were highly for nazis I mean you can draw up the path, those wherever you want, but bridle. I something people had to be on board with its neighbours to power ranges, walk in and say. Let us that's wrong with this. No, of course not, and I'm not saying have only supports Bernie Sanders a Nazi, but he is openly supporting praising bread lines here, this guy and instead Craddock, so here's a majority supports because he believes for some reason that in the United States more people are dying of starvation, and I guess Cuba, Nicaragua or instead honest Russia. I I just I don't I don't know. I don't know if this is what this guy's been saying for ever talk about a guy who never held the private job until forty something lived on people's apartments. This The guy who view on college campuses are ok. It's Bernie these. Now wait. He smells like we he's gonna patent, very it as he's pass and that that the socialist pamphlets with his friend what the dread locks good. Lord,
that was Bernie Sanders that the guy in college, none of you liked ok, here nice now and say its democratic, its immoral and he's gotten a haircut gotta, given that Wales and it's not it's not optional, you just God, gave him a haircut. God cut his hair down. But by just one other point: Mississippi has enacted to new welfare laws, and we wrote about this so ties right into the broad lines. Again Went back to human nature in Mississippi, people are required to work for some of their welfare benefits, not cagey role that clip Mr Pink, ran a some of those receiving benefits are working to make sure they don't lose. Them I'm working here as part of this new programme for doing forty hours a month in exchange for keeping my food stamps today is perceived the yards first day. Volunteering feed my sheep, engulf port, I'm in a car job search and I'm trying to make sure that I can still
Fortunately Percy says, even though the work is hard, he doesn't mind putting in long hours to keep its benefits. We're. Ok, a couple of things There, the big argument against welfare expansion, the benefits from Hilary in Bernie right now is it Republicans. Wanna hurt minorities the most. If you just listen to that club, you might have enabled here from the voice if you watch it that gentleman caucasian gentlemen. Twenty is a correct terms here, caucasian white borderline translucent. So we talk about racism and how you want to shut down welfare at all races. That's the leftist argument, because they expect very little of their voter constituency couple. Things are important fly directly in the face of Bernie Sanders. Unbreadlike. You hear this guy said ok, Never underestimate the power of self preservation, If someone needs to work in order to eat, they will work. That sounds girl. It's not, if someone needs to be productive in order to be a part,
of a society. They will do so. It's an amazing motivational to whether you I want to acknowledge it or not. Again. It goes to human nature. You may want to believe that, eventually, everyone It's the same. No one is rewarded for success in its work on a utopian society, because you tell them too and they enjoy the work that you are forcing them to do. That's not how it's worked out. That's why socialism, that's why communism? That's why big government, when it takes over forms of commerce, has never worked long term where it's been tried, it matter of time before they move towards a more free enterprise system. Another thing the people To talk about this is what this is why the left has destroyed entire sectors of the community. They talk about wealth. They promise voters free stuff right, ass, the gift if some given the whole year, if you will results in Mississippi people like it, people like working for welfare people were designed to be purple for there happier than more fulfilled when their living. That way would not work. Can be easier yes and so
Many people will do that. Just like many people would cheat on tests in high school. If you could finding asian kid pay him for homework. Commerce Kay some people in the studio May or may not have taken part, but you feel good about it. Didn't make you a better person, didn't cause you to grow. Time and time again. We see that giving people stuff doesn't make them happier, it surely doesn't strengthen economy. It certainly doesn't strengthen culture despite what Bernie Sanders says, and it doesn't make someone. Happy else demeaning its demeaning. It's more demeaning tells me I'm going to give it to you, because I know you can't take care of yourself, then ask you and the workforce. This is a perfect example. We talk about common ground K, a lot people go all the gridlock in Washington. I hate I hate divisive. It's been, you know what I don't. I really don't there's all this talk or people try inactive, somehow, morally, its altruistic too, and we could, come together. We all want the same things. I don't want the same things, I'm sorry I dont be
say that we need to work together, because we want the same thing for the country. No, you won't. Kill babies and bread lines, Bernie Sanders you that we should be able to kill babies up till the woman has contractions and red lines. I dont want the same thing. I don't need to hold hands into the whole. We are the world both crap. I don't want the same thinks I'm Kay with that dividing line. I'm ok with Divisive. If I'm dividing myself from the right person so, in this case, if we want to talk about coming together, I can Think of another area where everyone should be coming together other than right here, let's talk about welfare, ok, listen! We have welfare in this country. We have benefited Wanna help people other down sure here. So we wanted to drug tested for welfare and you work. Why is everybody not on board with that? If so tweet,
it s credit. I have never heard a single sound arguments presented against that. We left us on the shows we ve had Bernie supporters on the shows hopefully will have more. Can one person give me an argument as to why asking people who shot for welfare to work. Could be anything other than a good thing, as we see here in Mississippi was successful, result drunk s it for welfare. You shop to work, Then you can place them in a job. They gain experience there. Have you been welfare forever? I to a tribute to to. I hate retributive motive, but I can't see any other path to it. When Democrat say when you still ok, let's have lost welfare, but let's try and skill it back. Let's have a work programme, no. Let's make you the people, aren't you staying on welfare forever and abusing substances and they have no intention of working now again, I'm with being politically divided and some issues. But if we're going to talk about common ground
we get to abortion before we get the ninety percent tax on people making opportune and fifty thousand a year. How about you just work for your dollar seems reasonable, Papa crowd. After this Josie call you forty five de gave its college scared applied here, ok Report is day I'd chaff. Did you see every so there s we gave it throughout? you were eve. Would you very much fear that that why John I was doing away with the guy you Judy. I used to track your blood. I guess that's the narratives it they gather worry interested.
On currency reactor class people here are broadcast. Blacktop bullshit shall stay too for everything. Six hundred and ninety four key with joy to pack test we're, Eugene Look we revised. We did a job feel MAC Oh hi, while didn't see there? What are you doing her Andras relaxing an android, my monitoring, seventy bull brow, a fine reverent, have ratified it full of women has murmur Morpheus neighbour. No Wimbledon. You now have some. One. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine come why call their number. What's that number Jerry aid for four too, seven, why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a care for some things like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easy
get the call go to the website talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can haven't ship shipped directly to my door or give her up and sent to a it doesn't get any simpler than the simplified y know. I prefer a more robust entry. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's simpletons. Like me, I prefer simplified wine, dot com or just calling eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. Glad to be bad. It's fun! It's a good time is found to be in the programme from programme
this programme is a fundamental programme disapproving unless we want to make it above average programme, but slightly above average forward were right in the bell curve there ways to be these days, not a bad place to be now a lot of I think that I have been unfair with with with with Donald from India, I would disagree and a lot of people think that sometimes I get too weak to heated if you think I'm, if you think I'm unfair, I wanted to bring on our next thing. You know you ve heard him here, but we know the only time you hear this song how I got the products
Does he see some honeys tonight could be heavens, baby, Papa crowded? Thank you for being on the shoulder and thanks for having you and jeered. No, I do love, but all my hands in the air like a like you don't care. Perhaps he is a true player. True player away, I wrote my dad is a triangle. Thing has ever been a wider introduction. Somehow we may not hungry g shit fully white. At the outset layers and gets trapped in my way. Still, but that's you know like too soon, Certainly the nerve on him with a racist talk, but it does have some shriek red coming from Detroit. We ve talked about that before he's from the area that Eminem likes to claim. These from dead right, you are around with your sister and surely worked at the restaurant, where Eminem busboy right, right long before he had the handle, I'm an emblem right. He was still Marshall matters at that point. That is right and article pick up.
What the fuck he was, the guys, wait. You I'll be a big, wrapper bulimia right and he did proven wrong. Ok just grab at Mach, yet this decision that might get in your bleached head look stupid put, something other than an undershirt every now and then silly little boy. Ok, we arguments as before and Mama get to heated on the Trump thing, you ve been following the politics primaries ever since I've known you, you ve been pretty conservative what we might go into a contested convention, what what are you? What do you make of this dad? What? Where are you on the trump situation? Are you kinder? Maybe let let the listeners now heard my intro their site, and I think that get when the bag. You I've never been a fan, and we talk about this all the time it sir. It's it's really sad, I know, will beacon contested convention. I believe- and I just think if you give this guy enough rope,
or in his case alive MIKE when he doesn't know it on evil lighted decoration burn. So I'm waiting for that and say things that it seems to be happening little by little. But I wonder for sister, just some some real vulgar rant. That's common at work. It wouldn't hear about. His people go I'll get it. I was gone for a while, but its own. His own people are going to tap out with you this place earlier and to show the Roger Stone guys it is going to release the hotel room. I know: doesn't work with the campaign anymore, released the hotel rooms of the delegates who don't pledge to him and you tat we ve done this you do not want to see a broker convention, if Trump wins the specific amount of delegates you he needs.
Nowadays we agreed on that. But if there's a reason that rule exists so where you, if no one, has enough delegates- and it goes to a contested convention- you think that's. Where did you get to work the floor? And let's see, let's see what you got now matters people are people about what it really counts. What we can do- and I think, crews as a good, pretty good ground game, is working to delegate's hard he's winning the delegates fairly consistently, but I never want to see the world of people usurped. We can't do that. You can't have the other party elites decided against the will of the folks. When people have already said hey, you ran his guide bias. We didn't vote formed next weekend, both for him neck right and our two laughed and then try to foist their person who maybe at already been through or if they try to grab Paul Ryan or something like that. It's just is wrong. It can't happen. You something trot Paul Ryan is penile. Extorts you're, not gonna, be a fan, it's quite a lot, but now I wouldn't wouldn't get my behold,
but he's he's a guy. You would have pick last for volleyball on your Jim Squad as an adult, but in a teenage by you say that I agree that I agree with that, but there is a very serious. This is not new. We ve talked about this. You know, I think, was Texas Pillory one Just put Obama got more delegates with Mitra. May he won some states and Paul Ryan Nepal. Rhine ran up Braun Paul one more delegate's. This is thing knew. Why do you think the apple
all of a sudden act as though this is foul play. Delegate shouldn't exist. It should only be the popular vote and if, if they dont, you deserve to knock down their hotel room door convention gap. Now I'd I'd like to talk about this earlier that it's ok to let the states to their own Corky little okay. This is the way we pick candidate just as for us. This is how we're gonna go. You do what you that's. Ok, it's fifty sovereign states, a pretty it's a neat place, this great experiment and it works, and it it's a little bit funny. I know some people do caucuses. Others do like primaries. Others just do delegates in increasing, but you can't go against fat and say: ok at that work it, but there's a lot of rancor there's a lot of distrust. So read an environment where people are looking for, and I think that's that's where we all people are just angry and you ve had friends, know people who know you're eurocrats man, you Tom people at church. You are kind of on the Trump training had some conversations with them, and they
inside of these things now they had just like a lot of folks. The were Christians who talked about this before that were voting for a bomb, and I said well as a follower of Martin Luther king. I could never vote for a bottle and they would what what what what they didn't happen didn't have a chip in a brain to take that an elephant specially they were black Box and you could bring them around the fact that this person and share your values in sacking mocks year, values and case will triumph he's not he's not in your camp. Mark you, he gets out Howard Stern you're, the brunt of every girl, but when he's in the international spotlight year, what allows all of the Bible rail he's consisted in his inconsistency pressure is not yet cruised I'll, even though we know is it he's a Christian, and these are not up to a ram that done anyone strategies constitution was it's gotta pushed back in the states.
And limit the federal government. Your lot shop, I don't have any global. No Mamma derivatives in Asia said the exact same thing, little known fact, most his lack of my father's church group. Why why? Why I was not aware, but we then we will have to let you go Papa crowd are obviously not on social media or any of that I know you're out too to dinner with with mom and friends. So thanks for coming autumn, we will check back in with you but Tom, hopefully next time years matters you are when you call me this week, updates Baxter for having me talk you later. That was Papa prouder pops crowded, depending on what you want to call on Sis White Male, privileged with opinions, I'll be back later with greater statement.
I'm worried Sanders. Had I plug ass message. In my travels across vast country, I hear traumatic stories from Americans home. That system has now been cubist. You seem to have reached a rude so my story is: I was born a man, but now I don't wanna be a mere anymore and I want to get my I want to get my twigs and there is room in silence. In the end I didn't they ve rails insurance. I was on my way to have a very old and Germans at one time, but then what happened when they fell? Sidewalk in it fell in a hero, and you know I had a problem and I address this to it, but I never ended up getting opens and are now in the dark say that the sexual reassignment areas is isn't it but that's not covered, and then I could technically still function with happiness, but I was
with what I don't wanna version of the minutes and I was but when they want to non functioning Medina again Sanders presidency. These. Kinds, Welby and Bernie Sanders? Well how MAC barbaric, What are you doing? You began with a Europe of tea where'd you get it. I can do no other than not a warrant for fifteen dot com. They have been dean and accessories for sale at the best advice. The lives of a web host there's another one with what they are being well, if you're gonna above place to go and that the take away with important step
gotta, be back. Any who watches the lives? We did the dancing incentive, coercing you're, offbeat, theirs there's, always a little bit of another aid in your brain from the rhythm of the soft I walked right in a ride. It, ok, speaking of walking face first into something it's time to walk face first into racism. Let me set this story up Yes, sir, I want to get the last name right. You don't wanna, be racist. You struck Kg Ali The black lives matter founders from Toronto,. Tweet it out that she wanted the strength from a lot.
Please give me strength to not cuss kill these white men and white folks out here today. Please, please, please. I know. To some of you that may sound racist, It may sound borderline inappropriate. However, she presented this sound argument in her defence jeer. Let's roll declared. This is extremely frustrating and emotional for me because we slept outside for two weeks to get somebody to care about in our community, and this is what you decide to focus on if we carry on with their on everything. There is, above all, our lives matter, but zero years a lot has there been a story on Pierre Bony Tourism has lots and lots of its very irresponsible I tweet out that I want to kill white people, and you say hey: what do you want to kill white people you're an irresponsible J ass. These are the new rules. So
a sort of clarify I know I'm not allowed to with my white privilege. Similarly, I dont know what racism is, so, yes, let me give you a few pointers and I'm sorry, you had a bad weak bottom. A lot of people have bad weeks. You don't find themselves over reacting by tweeting out allusions to mass genocide. It's it's not considered a healthy reaction, but I'm not a professional. This is contrary to the black lives matter. Movement, rivers, constant, false claims of racism. What's being exhibited, hears actual racism. Let me explain the only provides an example. A white guy refusing to check is privilege, that's not actually racism when we define it first. Racism is a belief that people are inferior, subservient solely due to the color of their skin, telling away
gotta check as privileged. If he doesn't that's, not necessarily racism jerk, we agree. I agree full you're, looking like you, not even in the room of Sweden, all your tweets hinterland twitters, a white guy wearing dread locks, that's not racism, you may say cultural appropriation, but that is not racism, a person simply believing in a free enterprise system and that he shouldn't support I will first that's not racism wanting to kill people solely because of the color of their skin. I'll drive you raises yeah, there. You go, and I know it's, I hope of crystallise the basic concept for you. I hope, made it clear. If you have any questions you can treat me it s crowded, but I love that but the black lives matter movement. They want segregated, safe spaces. They want affirmative action that they they tell people to check their privilege therein.
Average. They are being gun down by cops in the streets. Because that's what cops do one does that's what happens they tweet out that they feel they want to kill all white folks. By the way she Judas tweet out, she was publicly praying. Of course. Do you know her on her pagan, God, whose profit wrecked a six year old girl, so there's a problem there to begin with Mohammed. Islam are now united us. I don't know what to say it technically. He raped her when she was nine okay, I grant you that that's it maybe that's the problem of jumping off point fears, law- Mohammed is kind of you, your ear, your stand by example. We can any mask genocide the whites you now you want to do with the Jews swap wordplay, but we'll play there. Something else I find really fight. This is the girl from Toronto. I was raised and she always had get set on. This is not place that has the same kind of history or per
claims that the United States would have where you talk about the police force. Is it not at all, and it does it also. Of course it is not the same kind of a color palette. They dont have the amount of black people in Toronto, as you do need knighted states very few places do have the diversity that you haven't united States. Despite the fact work used to being racist by these over well, mainly white european nations, by designing the ones that claimed are not socialist writers wants to do we're not socialist when Bernie Sanders says that works here and then the Danish from initial says now, not an out and out we're not socialist, So this is a perfect example. I, when I was raised in Montreal, we always laughed about this. For example ebonic the the the TWAIN you hear from urban Cities United States from black people, you can trace at history, Reagan traces manufacture, White Southerners use a lot of the same lingo he's a lot of seem slang, future, listen to white people from the south
They speak much more, similarly to actually even black people from Detroit, then white people from Detroit a lot of the same expressions and, of course, you can trace back to slavery. You can trace set back to origins of black people itself, not not saying it's a good thing, I'm simply talking about it like you can trace that. So it is a uniquely american thing when I find funny. As you know, we would have to the Montreal who they would sound. Like God said they would sound like those people they or they would french, Canadian. We're trying to your talk like they were from Detroit and then you end up with Drake the wrapper Clayton from Memphis you're the butter soft Paraplegia, kinda grassy, who couldn't outrun the school shooting right here we get from Toronto and then they fake the american way it has to be. Make anyone from Canada who tries to act as though they ve lived. The american black experience is lying or They ve created it for themselves as the
Woman has now places like New York Places like Detroit, I'm not going to we're going to deny reality as racism is palpable in Detroit absolutely in places like New York. People stand that you may have a lot of people from different walks of life. Different races. Different ethnicities is very divided in New York lived there for years. I'm not. Going to deny that tension. That, of course, but that is, The case in Montreal up, isn't even looking again the reason- that's occasioning out it's a lot of other statistical, if you're a cop and your gammon with your life for me, a very dangerous area like right, now record shootings in Chicago? vast majority of them are committed by blocking members doesn't all people are getting members, that's not what I'm saying, but if you're a cop and you're gammon with your life- and you have to make split second bets yeah, I think for some cops to enter the equation. I dont think they premeditated legal and say I'm going to knock off a black guy today. I think things escalate and this happens more
but you don't even have that statistical reality in Toronto. I guarantee Who contract gone? Oh, oh, oh, there's! A frustration there are. This is the problem. Let's let you know I just to be on the safe side: let's go full to mere rice. Seventy do there isn't in this history in Canada. So here you have a woman who is created fake. System. There is racism in Canada. There is discrimination. Sincerely racism, like the prejudice in Canada, between the english and French and its far far worse and far more blatant than in black and white in the United States, I mean if you D, replaced French and English the stuff They say about each other publicly in French, Canada is replaced with black and white it would, it would be. You know, David, Duke Type, stuff. It's just ok because of the language thing that's therefrom affronted. Were I wasn't, Quebec, not entirely sure about Toronto, but it's not a bastion of racism. So this, I come from a place where that's not even a part of the history creates the blow
lies ladder matter. Movement of CO founder in Toronto disrupts goes out. These people they cause Crow. They say that they, it's been overwhelmingly problematic to use their word and people dont like them. Nobody likes you booster. Nobody wants black lives matter in their town or gone cry. They show up here and it was going so well what Father, how we die you deserve? It is and is not black people they, but this they're not send the Nazis the bread lines, it's not black people he's you its black lives matter, you you know. What is the giant movement that consists of people who almost act entirely in unison. Like that, well broad at Starbucks yelling at risk on her times a bunch of people giving money to Shaun King! That's black lives matter, it's it's the,
J jurors, with a lot more like enthusiasm in motivation right, more rates of anymore racism. So this girl Cosmic creates a movement that, based on a falsehood, isn't this racial tension there isn't a racial history in Toronto. Use it to create black lives matter, try and play the professional victim card. Then it's out of our how she's praying for her for help with her desire to murder all white people call run it and she has the nerve to tell them that their being irresponsible. Why? Because lost sleep because she's upset about something. This is the logic of the left
and this woman had hits the pillow at night. You what's usurer, where much of that are given name, I don't think that's like like cats, Stephen situation, Useth Islam, but when you, when you join the blacklist better, you at your sign. The name issue were joking. It's probably true problems. I wouldn't be surprised they probably like that. The people take it or leave. It would pose this. We hate, we propose it simply. A suggestion can be tat. Also, we would advise that term. You want to kill people, don't do it. About it, this woman's head hits that pillow every night tonight, it's gonna hit that pillow he's not again she's not going to look at herself in the mirror and say what, if I find it
pray to the zero austrian pagan, Moon God who then they re branded as Islam, with cereal, rapists, pedophile Mohammed as early as profit, terrorism be upon him. You know if, if I pray to them God for the strength to not kill all white people is. That is the problem me. Is there a possibility that maybe there's something wrong with me? What she'll wheels everyone is just racist. I was proven that this week I have ever friend has taken this this quiz, for, for her odd social psychology class for adoration and approved you dear biases, you cause you pressed The letters e and I fast enough on a keyboard. It just is as a ticket doubt being your racist right, it was it It was basically a micro aggression test without the statement that recent MIKE aggression but yeah there's a micro russian test in the shed blood faces a white faces opposite identified and fast up and then start mixing in what
ends or you just now threatening objects, and you have to start Association which, when you so say fastest, which way either with the blue and in and weapon or the or the white, and not yet so accused mixing up, but it did juries out juries and I'm where raw racist, when you said that you actually, when you tested use, in weapons white with? Why people, which is that's, if you know, I think I suck at the game, because that's probably what's going on it- would correlate with the fact that you attributed to black people. Morceau reduces them, this is true out, even though there was a category I was voting on with these buttons. But that's what came us not a category for everyone? Just you just made. That is what happened just but this girl's. I've been having a conversation with something like that. Point, actually asking yourself: am I the power with wanting to kill white people, hurting is going down that pill at night and ass. She her last thoughts as she goes to sleep is above, should not pay the pagan moon got. His prophet was a serial. Rape. Is Mohammed terrorism be upon her.
I thought, as she goes to bed, is kept that report will eat, had the nerve to ask me about killing white people so irresponsible. That's what she's thinking. This is how far the worst part is she's, probably going to be backed up by professors. She's problem you're going to be supported by other sympathetic figures in the media. Feminist frequency shall make the daily bees to her she'll make the daily beast tour. She might come a dragon lady, I dont know how far this goes. I do no, where it ends up, but I just want to Simpson they're going we're so far off the being people be if saying you want to kill people because there of the race that is picture, perfect racism, if I were to use this in a video, people or on air, they would say: you're building a straw. Man No one ever said they wanted to kill white people. She dad benches mad that you think it's an appropriate took a privilege,
The real root of all racism is not racism. It's your white paper lotta with credible, wrap this up after the break. I worry Sanders had I plug ass message at my travel across vast country. I hear traumatic stories from Americans home. That says Thank you, Mr Centres. I was walking too. To work in a day, and I fell, and I fell government Lahti, agronomic It went in my mouth and I drank it, and I did that for months, egg epidemic walk. I would given this. I want farmers latino gonna, and now
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a Gladby back, we are at your tweets. Someone asked me to address the fact that I dont believe that majority should always rule, and I disagree with it- will thank you for respectfully disagree respectfully, you're wrong.
What we want so well, one thing: tweeted the show, that's what you said you wanted to bring up what is his profile. This is a profile dedicated as my gator gate, our that's right, this person getting to the binary get into the bottom monitoring my tweets, I think he should Z only follows me: maybe you ok, but yeah, it's pretty good tweets a prettier tweets helps with the you know there are good slew finer conclude there doing work. I want to a couple of things. Can I wanted to ask to answer some questions that people asked and I wanted to tighten something that I think is important. We talk about us with Gatt said, he's a very small but he did mention that he actually sees some more dogmatic I guess, what of unilateral clothes minded, sometimes it intellectuals and academia than you see elsewhere. I am glad that he actually made of that being an academic himself. Get us a lot on you too, So here I want to read a couple of comments we can bring this up on the screen. This came to us on the Youtube from right.
Castelo able to bring it up to knock a jeered. I'm not seen anything there. We got I could tell us of our democratic socialism credit. I dont general agree with your worldview. Is it pertains to the role of government, but you can try please try appreciate. Thank you, Ryan. I wanted to pose a question Does the decentralization of government authority always lead to greater prosperity for the greater number of people or in your estimation, is it Annabelle, that deregulation will open the door for oligarchy powers to act and ethical practices on a populous in the pursuit of profit. So isn't theoretical discussion more about where the line should be wrong and not if one should be done at all. Thank you for the question And I remember philosophy: wanna one is well good for you, I know you ve used, you attempted to be verbose in an unworthy, and I appreciate it and I'm not saying that people shouldn't use more than a fourth grade vocabulary. Ok, I support candidates who do it's a good thing,
But you managed to in your attempt in your pursuit of intellectuality. You fell right in the target of pseudo intellectuality and it's silly. And this is something to its great to be able to seem articulate. But if you can't make a basic, laser in on it, and if you are women are still really crappy. It doesn't matter how you trying presented talking about oligarchical powers, deregulation and that these are buzzwords right, establishment, deregulation, oligarchy, pursuit of profit. If you're going to be considered about oligarchy effectively, meaning a ruling class right? I'm not. To be as concerned about the cafe honour down the street which, against small businesses, make up the vast majority of corporations when you're discussing evil corporate overlords. As I am career politicians who can achieve public office like Bernie Sanders and then go five years without having to provide goods or services, some kind of serviceable employment for someone else, I am
more concerned are going to talk about all the guy go powers, and Regulation with the people whom the regulation and aren't beholden to any market forces whatsoever? You're talkin oligarchy. How about some? mandating that you purchased private insurance would account how about more executive orders and any precedent in the history of ever Barack Obama. I'm much more concerned about that kind of an oligarchy, then Walmart getting me one. Ninety nine prices cannon deodorant is this: you know people in their attempt to sound, very intelligent. Sometimes it I'm sure this guy is smart. They to show everyone their ability to be intellectual as opposed to actually critical can critically I have another one. You know how much time we have before. We believe we have three minutes No, you don't like my brain mummy closer because its longer and even more worthy.
I'm not an anti intellectuals. Ok, I'm not a populist, and I like having discussions with intelligent people. However, like mark Rebecca was talking about. Why do we consider intellectual? Only those who work in philosophy, one people have degrees and maybe engineering one people? One of you were brilliant at being car mechanics people can be bought Clinton in many different facets of life and intellectuals, people who are into philosophy humanity's theory? That's great. We need those folks too. But you can get so far off the beam. They cannot even able to answer a basic question in some you don't need sometimes need a leader and Bilbil has talked about. This is the difference between Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. All listen we're what we have to make a decision here. Do we do we throw this strike? We could take out one of them. Here of ISIS, but there but be civilian casualties, We need to analyze the situation, the term really. What is the? What are the GEO political ramifications?
regarding the oligarch of powers in the regions, of course, there are okay, we got five seconds hear someone has to pull a trigger. What do we need to do? Well, it's interesting that you mention these seconds, because time actually is relative. If you look at the three poverty and understand if your travelling somebody, make a decision, you're all dead boom you're, a great consultant you're, not a great leader. Will you dont need to be this, this guy in the room to be the best leader. You need to be smart enough. Any need to be able to make decisions expression. We ve talked about this, and if we talk about this on the show, I don't think so. People use this term alot Jack, of all trades master of Non. That's not the actual term. The term was jack of all trades master of one. That's how someone becomes great. And that one doesn't have to be a philosophy. Degree. That one can be being a great general. Can we being great business owner?
You have to be smart enough. You have to be competent enough. You have to be physically not all of those things account for a complete human being. Complete man. Yes, I put physicality in there. This is your vehicle your brain is your vehicle. You should take care that too, but it does have to be used. One trade that you master, in pseudo intellectual of many citizens college a lot you have people there so far down the trail they want is gender binary. They want to have these discussions. Where is it very basic answer: penis or not write a few exceptions that take so far down the trail, no trial of bread crumbs to bring them back to a basic, logical. I'm not saying since its substantiation What I am saying is that, just because someone wants to sound intellectual doesn't necessarily mean that they are, and it's ok to question
they pointed to a degree that are most definitely a fraud lotta with prouder state. You will see next week,
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