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#70 GIMME YOUR STUFF! Julie Borowski, Ed Morrissey and SooperMexican

2016-04-15 | 🔗
This week, NotGayJared explains how he systematically signed up for #FightFor15 protests only to discover it was a sham. Noted libertarian, Julie Borowski stops by for a friendly debate, Ed Morrissey explains delegate math and SooperMexican plays "Spot the Tranny!"

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This is so great that world joined together, we're by the workers, rights who or what to prepare more to minimum wages. We deserve at least fifty three will rule. Nineteen nineteen is better than fifteen all fires with fifteen, but that we need new posters, ok, business time really so some of you don't know where to find me louder with crowded dot com? half a dozen to ten articles every single day, Twitter follow me as crowded louder.
Broader podcast on Itunes, sound bite or any other pod catching device youtube dot com, Slash Stephen prouder or you can type in Stephen Prattle on Facebook and be one of the million plus ban or join the male. Unless there are so many ways for you to stay connected, you have no excuse. You have no excuse. Just like you have no excuse for those rules that are just cascading over your belt buckled. Unless your lady, then you deserve to get her a metal you
found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment, I don't like a whole bunch of others still without having a healthy body image. Given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body not of the kind. We are definitely going to get letters. Your listening top radios, strangest animal you're getting louder with router that's it! I mean it's a sound of the weak and glad to be with you. I am your host. Stephen crowd are producing with me in video studio, as always is
jeered? Who is not gay? You can follow him on twitter at not gay Jared. I fulfilment will obligation and draw your own conclusions. We get bigger, nah, gay and dead. Now did not dead the rumours well now that I hear myself on my I can hear the site this is- can hang in there it started last Thursday. Remember we had the without long a break and what it what is with. I feel I feel funny and little known fact one can contract sinus aids. Speaking of diseases for fifteen is training everywhere by great guests. We have Julie, Brodsky, formerly too, libertarian chicken we're supermax again of the Right don't come one of the vital we had at Morrissey this new book and ours? That he knows a lot about the politics, the micro politics. Have the delegates work, how the counties work, but we actually happened by we, I mean not Gauger and have-
sclusively scope this week trending everywhere fight for fifteen all the Bernie voters, these people they want fifteen dollar minimum which specifically fast food workers. Yes, so. Let me lay the foundation and endured as you speak it we can now I'll bring up, be screenshots it's entirely fate We're talking about whether the idea is good or not it's a scam, and a ball jeered. You want! You want to start off with what what we did, because we're going to send jogging calmly. Noted by sand Bernie. Then he was all about it to the fight lose everything decided to go to which is kind of right. Disarming. Yes, so and I have so I could not get Europe It is these things I said now get me to set this up, find out where these fifteen are going to have this up here on my screen, you can see so not geared. What did you do so we sign up for the email, because without hey, that's the best wasting contact, yup rethought, hey, we
It has been involved. We want to be their support, the great cause less final what's gonna happen on anyone is for John Geek, so we can form emphasis, sent him in Kenya, signed up with smiles with emails. To make sure you never secure no affiliation with lie with greater, so wouldn't be scrapped. Now We have the strain and they were- and this is where use this is where you sign up to be a part of it does a screenshot one here, let me bring up another one, Another screenshot, big, ever global strikes in protest. Silencing help us grow the fight share. Now these screenshots I have here so these are all being sent directly to your inbox. Correct. Yes, ok, The personal letters from a thousand ploys about do never sign were glad to have you wrong doing there failing, let's pull together we're here. It says today we must rely on their number three hundred cities. She stand strong share. This now We have emails here too. They were supposed to tell you: where are you from? in place, and then eventually give us your phone number and we'll text. You
so you and I were thinking this might be like a flash mob scenario right yet worse, rather everyone together right last minute bomb, the media, because you sign up for the email list. Give them your phone number building hype for weeks spilling out for weeks- and I have the text right here saying so tuned. Your messages on the way work with us, share this. Did they ever tell you where the projectile not once now not once, and I couldn't find out now then I called half a dozen Mcdonald's specifically because it retargeting Mcdonald and fast food places one employee, not a single employee, nor manager had heard of it. This happened me last time. The this happen I went to couple fast replaces in person right then, having heard now let know I was talking about now and if you look at the picture, so they trend its all out, Essie, I? U members pictures of them
when it six forty five, a m and said you know brothers and sisters, one that later today later tonight, why? Why are you Prodi? staying at six, forty, five, a m photos and they're gone and their back later. But when we analyse we're missing something we say for the email, lest we made the phone calls, gay jeered tried proactively to find out where these pro Tests are no, no answer Oliver Michigan all over Detroit Chicago Chicago. On funny thing, and the claim is three hundred cities have gotten on board this writing three in our cities and the text to me said maybe this is Just- do not mean to it into a bit join Thousands, yes, thousands! So do the math, let's be really aggressive the say, ten thousand people which, if there was ten thousand people to progress at tens of thousands of people right right too three in cities. Ten thousand bought the most thirty three people precisely that's not much of a movement. What and the thing is there
Counting you the counting measures, what so dishonest they are counting on their, not gay Jarrett email, as one of the millions are tens of thousands resenting whatever representing I suddenly having strong, so tell you. This is important for you know other. You wanna talk about astroturf these. Paid union protestors most of whom do not work at these fast food establishments and are claiming among their rights. We are supported by thousands now they're paying protesters professional protesters to show up unions do this and they including someone like not gay Jared who deliberately misled. Into signing up that he could be a part of their protest and it was a shut out. They do not want anyone to be. A part is now contrast this with the tea party. With the margin Washington that happened with with Glenn beckoned one point or the same thing with with John Stewart when you did at the counter protests in Washington or even occupy Wall Street right if you're creating a genuine protest, the whole goal is to get as many people as possible to be.
Part of a movement, and did the exact opposite of this. And I don't know if anyone else has done so I don't know why. No one is talking about this. We have all the emails, we have all the texts and you, the question us on it. We can prove it and remember we planned or weak around us descended on the ugly did. We did. We been Poland Sixty hour days and a big video coming out by the way when people Why are you always went to school of Rock schoolhouse rocket foreshadowing dummies? and we planned are weaker on this and nowhere where we able to get this information and the pictures you see our essay I members and union membership. Do not work at Mcdonald's, acting improve it, but there's one he Miller, you'll see has like all different cities sharing their photos. Echo improve it, but I would bet I would bet You can find allows photos online from past. From past rallies, I couldn't prove exists. Time today right I would be very interesting. I venture in journalism there. What are we doing
here's, the christening we're not journal. I'm a journalist is an entertainment based program right and which is what is. With people who do you want to start with people and then every now and then we stumbled across these rose. Nobody else is doing the work. Nobody as I do the Work Fox NEWS and doing the work These other new sources are doing work help us think I don't want to create any you didn't want to get to. The bottom of this is really basic stuff. This is, totally fraudulent movement. It's a giant scam! I because they think they think it's cretin of hype in social media sphere can table twitter, eventually, it'll come to fruition In reality, I don't know if it just cut, keep people some big movement laughing to happen. People excited paper Pompey by March industries. Eventually but why? When they want me to show you something That's why they don't want. I don't want you to show up because they want to control it, they want to put an affront, and they know many workers, don't really want to join. Our union ranks thing alive. Workers understand automation a lot?
workers see what's happened in places like California Foreign you hadn't this morning. They be but that's the internet, they withdrew note your nerve and you should never be fired for protesting and leaving herb your job. What about the fact that you cannot get correctly at K of Sea white in dark me it's never happened now, nor the original Crispy they never get on re usually see the difference. They can never get it right. Imagine these kind of like any other military protesting like oh weeding Yet our our rations today just right we're striking tomorrow railway we're going to have its a funny to people on Twitter tongue, but this are going you you could easily paperless. If you just gave the ceo pay to the employees like they just think that the sea- oh god, swipe a garden. If I can understand that second biggest number and any expenditure lest for for business is employee, cos is a medallion such point. Sixty one billion, ok, how many people they employ.
And this is what so crazy you just tell someone they deserve something. You start What will the hashtag and they don't? They don't even pay attention to the law, but remember if you just raise the price of a big MAC by fifteen and a half cents pay for adults. No brain big MAC isn't worth fifteen and a half cents to begin with such bad. On their part and whatever the numbers at the rather well. Fifteen. Why not make a nineteen one make twenty five one at that point. Just pick a number and say that we have between us is a good example. Twinning us you know what you try and live on that kind of out of a wage. We can't even eat. Ok on, did I don't eat out no less than we do? We do pretty well. Anago lie about that. What we been pretty blast. We ve had some hardships. Neither of us are in a food line, and I'm great we're not going to lie about you know I've been able to hire jeered at higher brilliant people like Courtney and Casey, and hopefully more, we want to grow, we dont do any unpaid interns but yeah what what what what we're not
we're not struggling. I understand that people have a far worse off than we do right now and I'm grateful. But you know what, if I'm not eating out, and I do quite a bit. If not it's eight dollars a day. I've done the math people. So you can, you know, but portal will have access to healthy food, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, meat, all of the latter which you can buy on sale, you can eat like professional athlete. This is where user yours you're chink, not accomplish what my chink change, chink, chink, Jack J, J from young Turks and Turks spokespeople? a complicated, I like the rational I'd like the reason. Why argued, but instead of the sick both Romania, but it's a perfect young Turks impression if you russian it I'm going to have you jailed like bill. Nigh wants to do with actual scientists will talk about that Africa. I wouldn't talk more about this fight for fifteen in this pilot. Bull crap.
And this idea the poor, have it so horrible notice it I was raised to back. The poor have worse stated it was in fact it was whether Bondman this week in cultural programmes. Well, Mr Saki Araba, your application here at the University of Michigan is nothing short of impressive Tycho. You heard her much. I tried to bring in my family you great on. Well, you ve certainly done that. You took your ass. Eighteen are incredible: are your extracurricular or through the roof? Your grades are as good as they can be. I look for many side, aha yeah. Unfortunately,
we do have a slight problem very clear. If you know the treaty, I am just finishing just at all on common and what we can forget. Honestly, we have to make. Asia Europe is, I dont understand, surprise. No, it We have other video, but behind many of the views that have links. But I will take that pneumonia. We we have the opportunity at one. Why didn't you tell me when we give yours when our marching? I know this is handy. These own cause, we're going. I can't
yeah. I know that promising. I am willing us much time in the history of the EMA me I text set off for the operating that text. Curricular video. We not understand, that's how lines up this is a major risk taking I'll meet. You know my job or tell me how you disagree out, lives just world I carried out. We do not know ready to jewish. What do you mean how'd you in here and there should be an order were rat. We ve had to perform the height of Julia. Understand that right, you are just the accessible under my feet, don't stop and we have to respect. Is culture Furthermore, in cultural programmes,
gladly. And you're going to move on so bill. My wants to jail bill. I non scientist noted scientist, but he taught me how to make some excellent rock handy really you crystal meth? Well, that's what we called it got agenda. Bethlehem, but our gauge Jared one bill now, one day in his mom said: what's going on these allegations, summary that she said she said what's wrong with you, he's back so we're dogma, fight fifteen before the summer time. Let's talk about this ok food We have done this math a lot by the way
Get your gate was very, very nice and gave us some money to a homeless man who were downtown and coach marked Roberto was this we're walking out, because you know I'm hobbled, Jerry, is giving him did we tell the stronger, outweighs the always forget, there's so much that happens in a week. There's no You mean to go daily with something like this, but we're downtown, so what pulling up and we just see in Algiers little dainty hand coming out with a cut event. Some change. I hate Zither extract my hand of either the nurse who has not been undermined. Proportionally esper singers would mean length length, does not correlate with growth strength, well, you're, not left handed and not because of the right hand but the point is that we see a hand going out with change in Iraq. It up. I I just your mark is going now. He knows it's going to happen. The guy takes the money from jeered thanks.
Captain bed, you hear me: God bless you captain then, and we're walking up and as we're walking up and jeered is passing him money out of the window. So we're trying to get in the car he stopped. Thus to shake us down. He's Scott money from you, he knows where, in the same car, substantial want to change it. Look like a fool cup and eaters. Captain, you haven't isidian outlets, and I don't he's the one who would have any changes in the council we are with you. You can't find anything against bearing and then take away your change, the council swell. I figured it out afterwards by the way it's been taken, your pay, so it all works out me and that's why you don't fight for fifty turns to mark and before you can even get to speaking with coach mark, he looks at me and he D says: go way that's an whisk cool with because the caterpillar rattled the whole car a little. The echoes of the Joe go away any ideas. Doktor left my point is and what we ve people of average? What
You may have seen a couple times since then, yes, which Thousands of people being ailing, often make more than minimum wage people. Don't know that for a lot of you, This kind of help people are down your luck, but that's just reality. Ok, you're making what's a minimum wage woodsman about eight seven thousand. Our something is amiss and forty. Maybe the point, is you leave off of that very very easily. It comes down to choice. We were talking about because you are eating some kind of Sweden's our skills Discover if we answer I was reading, I got you. Guy went about worth. I went for both as In fact it go It's still feel great shame, but money is worth that same price you could have had to bananas a pint of milk. And probably I don't know something Else- raspberries a couple of eggs, think about get a gallon of milk. It's what three! Ninety nine bananas are. Ninety nine cents, you get a whole handful of them. This dear that say that now that angle back not
how big it skills and there has been there. I think I've Let us get also out get that's what I figured. I resolved the point: illnesses fight for fifteen years. A bunch of people were, it's always a problem, that's not themselves! And conservatives have so compassionate conservatism people want to their guilt, no listen. It's ok, problem. Is you problem. Is you if you look at people who are successful? If you look at people who have made it beyond minimum wage jobs in every way, some of them do it and weak some them two months, some undoing years. They said I'm going to do what it takes to get beyond this period. There's a common thread, one hundred percent of the time. Ok,. And, generally speaking there is that same common thread for people who remain in those employment positions, long term long term So we went down your luck absolutely now. If they are in that position, long term and they're, not disabled,
are particularly maybe not highly functioning. We work with special needs. My wife and I work with special needs people. If you ve seen the video on friendship club alive, these people have jobs, and they pay them less a minimum wage, their finding something for these people to do these. People just want to go out and do something and some of them actually do work at Mcdonald's. We know a guy named Dominic with British. Damage, Eminem smart, guy called Magritte Grandpa because of the grey hairs and ass. I birds he's these speeches. Less down's syndrome. Blair is very funny, but actually moved up pick up a shift management Mcdonald's con, I'm not trying to say that if, if, if, if down with down syndrome, can do it, you have no excuse but of dominant what down's syndrome can become a manager Mcdonald's? You probably have no excuse, that's the real poverty and people get so mad. They talk about corporations. Let us not lose sight of something. Ok, people too That's socialism and a safety net. I was raised in Canada. Everything costs more by the way
believe me when I said you can get beef high quality stake for forty nine upon the state working you get that watch them go on sale. That's my my ass do well you're, not my mom. Does she finds stake when it's on sale for nine? the pound she put in? The freezer bag doesn't even pay for the freezer machine sealant. Whatever you call, it has a fancy. She sucks out the air with a straw state dinner, King Chicken. Four under two dollars: a pound, pork eggs, it's very very easy to do? You just have to make the decision, but people so in a state anyway, it's a lotta people didn't believe me when I, when I, throughout these prices on twitter in gas. I remember thinking like that's true in Canada, wheat. We ate these kinds of foods far less off Let's not lose sight, people walk into a right aid or people. Walk into a Mcdonald's or their walk into a local coffee, roaster company or local restaurant and go the elegant. Color, these billionaires, poorly corporate billionaires rigging. The system is capitalism
ignore on that same street, the dozens or hundreds of hundred snares or low level millionaires its not one or the other. Capitalism has brought more people has created more moving class structures and any other system ever in the history of the world, particularly America's brand free enterprise. Capitalism so. These are the bitch about the billionaire, but guess what the person who has that fountain machine but you're? Looking at Britain about the Coca COLA, because you're thinking about something you was billions that allowed that guy too But a franchise, Beanery Coffee, whatever it is big, be coffee and he's able to make good money, upper middle class, and that's a lot of people, and it's available to nearly all of you if you're, basically competent so vision about what somebody else s try and take part in the common thread. Next, every single, moderately successful American prove yourself, you're the loser.
Are going to say it's not compassionate. We don't need to apologize, for it If you never advance it, you you're the problem. We're gonna, have Julie Vronsky after this break stay tuned. And now for Donald Trump plays family aboard games brought to you by Bradley and Al Jazeera, ok, your turn a case micro will you do you do it Baltic Avenue Shit, not ball together with the hotel you're not doing with ok, I can do whatever I want. It's not true God she works. Ok, UK shit there today do it's gotta, be some kind of at least two. This about but a call by lorry. I hope you, a good law, has a lot of vowels at his last name. Ok, I'm going
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to see what your hearing go off. The live stream, Thursdays, eight p m eastern Otto with got yeah right now. Get Jared is asleep at the switch. He'll have to be promptly fired, I'm good. Bring this next guest on I've watched for a while, we sort of rain and the Youtube circles years ago, and you know, there's token libertarian check you can follow her Youtube. Genoa highly recommended at we both rouse key B, o r o w s K. I and she just moderated the Libertarian party debate so she's she's
when I got up and a pretty high profile in libertarian movement. Hey Julie, Julie, thanks for coming on ok, so a pretty exciting you were there. I mean why what libertarian party debate? Isn't it sort of settled that it's going to be very Johnson or other still other people vying for, while those actually monitored there d be in there without each other candidates on there is a couple front: runners Rick Gary jobs will be there thou front migrant in theirs. Peter, said and others a year. I would you like a time. Did you do have a favorite yourself? Fer you stay is doing. I don't wanna. Interestingly one year I apologize like hath. That's ok, the cap, I think I probably agree with us and Petersen than those I do know Hill Gary Johnson. I do like hell. I watched the Fox NEWS to be with him the other night and he says a couple of things. They didn't quite agree with Go Johnson
He said that figures should be forced to maybe Kate regain weddings and he won't limits. We'll keep getting gun so that what kind of work, surfers people go. What is she saying here? He's they mentally ill? People should do guns, but I know what she sang and actually agree with what Julius so hold your horses, you. Why are you laughing gay jeered. What is so funny, I'm serious, nothing money. Would you I think about is nothing designing the cat. That's whenever I think how is laughing when it goes. You mention that about Gary Johnson in the cake and talk about it. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that Jerry Johnson might be a little bit lighten the loafers and so that the gay cat thing would stand to reason. I have nothing to substantiate that, but sometimes a little flippant and and Anna and feminine for male money went unnoticed, noticed I wanted go that far, but he does have a quite a few liberal positions. No,
Well, I'm not talking to a whole other level with the positions are not tied me, and I am saying I think he might be almost actual, but I have never to substantiate these events. It goes up there in the thick of makes any reason what the cakes actually like Gary Johnson of Funny enough for the four talked about this. If it is Gary Johnson, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there's not enough of a contrast, and I don't know I might flip the switch forget Johnson. I have no idea even though I don't consider myself a tried and true libertarian I think there are a lot of people right now. You know what it comes down to a nobler than many of them are pro life at this and the amount of one issue vote. But that is a closed handed issue and Gary Johnson would be the guy obviously has no chance of winning. If he did, he cut the beast but they had, and even though, is not pro life, he would defend it. So I like ok, if some not pro life, what they want to end my tax dollars. Funding baby killing I can get on board are enough. That stands to reason.
Yeah. I use branched voice. Lawson Petersen is probably, I think them biggest prologue person the right Donald Trump. I dont know where he's the on issue because he was probably before and now it s a lie in the days of punishment. He didn't even know so I don't know where you stand on the issue of birds. That wasn't me was often Petersen. I just mean a third party candidate. You know it's a protest. I understand that yeah. I think we might, if its Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I dont think there's for the contrast where I think a protest, makes sense, at that point- and you do you see a lot of that in this election people, who never even thought of that you think coming into the fold, just gone through their hands up and then their tired of it yeah desperately, I think the way became party. I think you're probably can indeed the best at the time in decades in this election, because its body aprons and Donald Shortcuts why no one really likes them down lives, though,
Thank you aren't going to go over and protest vote. I voted for Gary Johnson TWAIN's values. I'd like Mitt, Romney whereabouts but now that we're gonna over a third parties. I can't see in any of your friend wonders if it was ran Paul. Would you voted republican leave everything. Ok, so even the next closest thing being tat, crews wise at a no go I like TED crews on some domestic policy issues, but when it comes to foreign policy, he kind of scares me. He said things like let's make seeing glow in the Middle EAST which uses like for me, I'm a non intervention as some like earth. I don't know- I don't know so I guess My question I understand where I come from in them, I'm more libertarian and then most conservatives I would be more libertarian then conservative in a lot of ways. I just don't use a label because Bill MAR Branca Phelan Glenn call one point my way. What is illegal means to say conservative and people ask me to explain: what's the liver,
Terry Nigerian. How would how do you think a president should deal, for example, with ISIS, where we are infringed your hard question I think, why ran Paul didn't do as well as the election because of the whole ISIS thing talk about non interventionism. People think you're pacifist people think that you're completely anti war, where anything unless libertarians, including some are not completely anti war right. I think you'd, better, is a real threat from ISIS, especially there they threaten to attack us and if they do, I think that we should be fond I'm not completely like up and do whatever they want to do. I will steadily a hard question. Do any. Do you think any limit, because that's one thing libertarians have just not had answers for that and I think more be, would look at them
they did is there anyone there, you think, has a solid answer. If, if rainfall didn't do it, would it be Petersen, would it be Johnson who answers that questions of people go? Ok, I can take it seriously. Libertarian party HU, I honestly think that's one of our downfall is right now, being those people are so scared of ISIS all devices always fearmongering. If you don't say We're gonna go over and defeat. Ices people think that your weak on this issue why those really horrible fearmongering- and I think that's gonna- throw so then ok, so then you need that kind of rationalized. Why is it fearmongering? That would mean that ices is not a threat. So again that goes out question. How does a libertarian candidate say it's fearmongering why I dont think ancestors bigoted threat, as the news makes it out to be actually to us, of course, in the mail leave. Ices is a huge threat to those people, but I don't think there is big as a threat to us. Does the news makes it ought to be on course, when you say that people just think all your does not even the least you you're ivory, I think something
but would I can understand arguments on its I'm and I can understand. Certainly, looking back in people saying well, ok, erect and work out, and I was a mistake and I can see arguments on both sides provided their honest provided are not spreading falsehoods like there were no and these are some like that. If this house nor WMD said I'm out is good, but I dont think I should have done it. Great I'm on board of Libertarians there. My question is always ok we're here now you know and that's that that is, I think, an issue like this. It is disconcerting if people are offering a viable solution to deal with it when one p, are our sort of being burned alive in cages. I think there are two libertarians I think you ve, just sort of which and gray four defined yourself as there, libertarians we're going. Ok, good enough is good enough for you, ran Paul. You would have ordered voted form and I think a lot of libertarians lay the libertarian club. When I was in college. You know they're out of a movement if all of a sudden right, the Libertarian Canada actually has a So you see the libertarian movement gonNA, taken like a tea party approach of taking back the Republican
putting people like Rand or, like and am ashes, is a great representative in Michigan. Do you think? That's that's. That's the approach or do you think, go boom full third party in separate and stay that way. Very different sides to the women movement. I think there are people who believe in a libertarian part even gonna go that way, and then there is materials, you believe that taking over the Republican Party is the right way to go. I think Libertarian just kind of got fed up with the Republican Party after on Paul, after that, what they did to hand and arm mention all those rules which narrow backfiring against them establishment. So there's too when things like us, exactly three different things got some have the anarchy is the movement. He want nothing to do with politics, though it's very interested to those people who, if it's not it's, not ran Paul, they gotta Bernie, the anarchists alone. I'm sorry wouldn't put them in the same vein as someone who says thoughtful as you, why is that Why did half of round balls people go Rand and half of them? Bernie.
What is worse, it doesn't make you couldn't get anymore opposite from run Paul. I disagree them on something that love em on some issues, but I dont understand someone can rationalize that at MIT argue. It seem quite People in the whole ran com movement, which I was a part of Germany He just there because they were contrary and they were anti establishment. They designed to burn the system to the ground and they feel Bernie. Sanders is the best person to do that, but also I've noticed lot around Paul people going to Donald Trump, I did you mean Iraq is to support. You have followed going to Donald Trump, which makes no sense to me. Well, how do you like someone like you, you know whether someone is agreed that you're not has been has been consistent in our seas. Like the alt right, which consisted of a lot of libertarians and now they're they're, sort of nationalist Trump supporters, populism, what do you think when you're watching this election unfold, and you see people who
aimed your mantle. Now. Go and trump I think they are, People who go to Donald Trump may do it for the right reasons, for others also. You said the all rights airing scenes and libertarians go down this rapid hole where they're so against politically correct culture, which I am against too sure what they become Sol completely against the very fact that may become spiteful and The rights and these people Those are really insane people I mean to have widget NEO Nazis and there, which is not libertarian whatsoever. No such Billy, it's really scary, to see if we could just bring them back into Spargo. He think about this be logical, like I think, anger, I wanna anger and angers. Not you know that reason to vote. Have you seen, because you have some like Ben Shapiro, whose conservative but again much more libertarian. Then people would realize if they actually look at what he believes,
and had him on the show and obviously Milo and they ve, taken too directions and bends been a target? Have you some of these people are just some of the not all the outright there. A lot of people who go there for the right reasons. Have you felt wrath of some of these people for remaining libertarian and they're, not happy with you ass. I get all kinds of heat on Twitter for AIDS ass. They say all kinds of terrible things about me that I'm naive eat for beer, libertarian still on politically correct witches. Crazy to meet. Somebody would think. I'm politically correct. Also that I don't hate all grants Lima, pseudo, be put part of this whole politically correct culture. That's another thing or two different kind of ideas on libertarianism, where Some are much more open too. I guess not necessarily open, but more free borders and then there are some who think. No, it's a problem. We really need to fix and take seriously
Where do you line up and which candidate? I guess because that's a big issue to, like you, said a kind of wheat ISIS. Foreign policy for libertarians is not a good year for them to run immigration. Is a hot button issue How should libertarians handle that in this election or how do you see it? honestly. I am torn immigration, because we do have this huge welfare states and people come here and some people just wanna get on the government all right on some immigrants. Do that to do that, but at the same time there are some immigrants who come here, who are very small, very educate, didn't come here for a better life may due to contribute to society For me, I think the biggest issue is how bureaucratic system, is how many years it takes to become a legal citizen of this nation ice some of my friends go through that system and I for me that, the biggest issue that people come here legally and they did they fly.
The wall, the good people buy it just so hard to become a citizen yeah, I think, I think you're right on that, but my mother, being illegal immigrant, would would argue that it should No one is more freshwater to people who don't go to the process and don't learn the language and a lot of legal immigrants so yeah, two sides that COIN and it's a reasoned argument speaking about? you must go to a reasonable break for evil corporate overlords. Hopefully we have some that coat brother money, but we will be back dear listener with token libertarian Julie, Bourgeois ski stay tuned ratings humans. This, as I hope or take over the Good NEWS, is I come in peace. All you have to do as send hopper all your sardines and chooses
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He wouldn't. You say why Julie thank for being backwardness. Ok, I know if the others break, when these com, Yeah, the immigration issue there there are definite tutors splits with with with libertarians what what What do you want, but the two party system- libertarians complainants- that alot I'm a big fan of the two parties system? That's. Why asked that kind of question before if they think about taking republican party swathes of the report? in party are staying third party and you know remaining forever, pretty ineffectual. What do you think and in what is a sentiment right now and in the true libertarian community? I guess the base to he comes there on I'm not against the libertarian party? I vote for limiting party allowed the times they think probably taking over the Republican Party is a more effective strategy. Let me mention just a Marsh Thomas Massey ran Paul Ryan Paul. All there return, leaning who are in the Republican Party in their doing good,
dad, I'm not going to say and people all always get on means he owed Julie, shower and tell us what to do? I mean you can do anything, but that's the problem. Libertarians, especially professed anarchists than support trump. There is determined to do Julie but you're the problem of the libertarian party right. You never win I mean the whole reason for the two parties system I come from, it was raising Canada parliamentary system right. The reason for the two parties system is too the absolute crap show that you see Now in a primary right where someone who get above thirty. Five percent of the vote can hijack a primary and win a nomination. Well, that's. What have If ever you dont have a two party system. Right? You don't have someone who represents even close to a majority, and we have had a prime ministers in Canada elected with you now I want to take thirty five percent. So I think, a little libertarians and in college. I certainly wouldn't include you there, but a lot of my libertarian, principally to party system man, look at the primary right now, that's what we avoid, so
do you think a lot of people really think of that or are they just again angrier libertarians is angry as the Trump and the burning voters and third parties get born all turned off. Like you said, it's kind of protest bill rain. I don't like any of these two candidates. I'm gonna vote vote for this person. I think, good I'll tell you know, I'm not exactly as opposed to it. I think the problem is that those people are opposed to the report because they don't think they can win Toledo vote for them bribing best thinking, struggle, philibert, in party that when you vote for libertarians oftentimes, p who accuse you're going for the democratic raise, indeed often twelve, I gotta hues of voting for Obama. I don't know how many times I think that's the biggest struggle, there is a significant portion of libertarians did. I was shocked to find me I want some of my friends at reason who voted for Obama shocked at that point. Now,
and I want I know some of them. I guess they have a discrepancy as far as what, where the priorities are with social issues and then, of course, or similar turn to you know, I just want to smoke a bunch of pot. Do do you have to to pat people down at you at your meetings to make sure that they do not bring in India the wacky tobacco Guy exclude those while we were tyrians, you don't smoke by weighing over military, cannot only talk about There would be part. The committee should really sad yeah. I think if we Legalizing burden we can stop one other issues libertarians what you know. That's one thing examples, TED crews or myself. Ok, here's one people say: will you not libertarian pot state when a legalised pot go ahead, states, one a vote and say no fine, then just stay out of it. I was ever lie in you, states. It came love we gladly asian. How would you know what
You have to do again with a view of a legitimate role of government to separate things. Asking your personal opinion. You know well, I think, was in Colorado. It hasn't had the results that people claim that would I dont know I'd have to think about I've, never smoked pot, I'm open about that. I dont begrudge people who do I think, generally speaking, if someone's fully grown adult healthy, probably not, that big of a deal. My main issue- and this is where again libertarians. They should look at TAT, Greece as a state as you boom great. Instead, they focus on him saying I vote against it in my state. It doesn't matter. Just think it doesn't matter if you think he's crazy Christian, doesn't matter. If he's the guy, who doesn't want the power that comes with the job right, just like it both for an atheist. If he's goin, I just don't care, I wanna be enforcing my beliefs and anyone. That's what I think a lot overturns, get it wrong with tat crews. My issue is people vote and needs to be honest, not medicine, doesnt work,
kids are not being jailed for smoking. A joint, that's not happening. Our prisons are not overcrowded with people who are just Single Tom drug offenders. That's not the case. People say hey We want to vote. We want to get high, we put in our bodies at our own business in the states of sure. I have no problem with it. Yeah. I think I'll stage to legalise it bill. Is that a libertarian viewpoint for some people for states to have the right signal? We saw Colorado, we don't want it in Texas or I don't know, New Hampshire. If we were to your that's a difficult one could libertarian say it should be a state issue. You decide but decide, but also to look it from the individual's perspective state can also take away. Your freedom, citing sound libertarians, will say that all states to legalise it States have the right to and state like public schools therefore I am against the Federal Department of Education rare, but I
Give the state of Michigan says we want public schools just like our parents, that they should have the right to do it, if they do not want to issue. So why not the same with with drugs? because you have to look at it as an individual perspective. That's how can I view in order to limit the schools are still taking taxes, something both at the same issue, its Vietnam enumerating the costs to the power of the constitution, and I get so much blood. Libertarian unknown wasn't, if you don't think, I'm an ally No one is an ally the only ally, someone is losing smoke two years cancer and the comments section on you too, I beg you have dates, go to any all. You're, probably the winning side or more states will legalise at the non yeah. Hopes they think of their individual freedom issue. Assets can seem alive, taxpayer dollars and, as you said, I think police officers even around on this issue and say no. We have better things to do than bust teenagers. Making marijuana,
I certainly think that better things to do what you can we go, we can vote. Can we do a web extended version there, because I think this is an exciting topic. I think some interesting information has come out with Colorado, but We would agree on most those self you listening terrestrial podcast, extended version, Julie, Borowski, statement, in withdraw a milestone in the way Conjurers regarding them cartons reason statements, I got for down from campaign.
We drag. You do know closer the interview with our own report or german jelly. Thank you Perry, Mr Carson, Having said that, you would be never trump, if not for your children, even criticised as. Not a very loyal surrogate, what do you say to your credit to me: think. That's particularly accurate in contexts explain as to. Why would be never jump in so I wouldn't me. Ok, I'm still not quite clear. Why is it what's the context? which you would be never trump. I don't think thinking, Maggie Vague and present angling is pretty simple and in what context. Is that appropriate, first surrogate to say, listen,
how can we will give you up to date as its exclusive interview unfolds? Were? Writing knows a lot of kroner, Milo, I am glad to be back like an hour. Of course. Producer with means studios always is jeered. Who is not gay? Follow him on twitter at not gay Jared fulfil my legal obligations. Draw your. Conclusions were good,
follow me do other than TAT gazed up. There are lots of it when we run some tweets at is Jerry. Gay afterwards is at its jeered gay. There are some people. If you should followers on Twitter, for not is Jared. That is your day. Some some sleuths out there some some some hearty boys No, I know look at an inaccurate years back, not funny funny lawyer. That's what you're thinking ok before we go I want to go into a segment here, pretty soon two things Not gauge here to have us up on my screen just got another text from the fight for fifteen. So given when we talk about this in the first hour, at no point have any of the multiple forms of contact that J has given them. Actually been alerted as to where or when the events take place, correct, correct. And now they're saying what a day we want here. How yours went text us back with your favorite story.
I was going through text about bring it up here, but this is the threat of texts. At no point did they told anyone, anyone who sign up online where and it's happening. You can only know if you're above a part of some double secret probation Clare. I have no idea so can keep Keep this in mind when people talk about this entire thing is a sham also really quick, we're going to have supermax Mexican on at on the half hour there and we're going to place, but the trinity bring them in back people like us, the spot through any, which means that we want to talk about the the bathroom laws with so much to get to this week. But of course, the North Carolina Mississippi Brian Atoms, Bruce Springsteen, a single star, Ringo STAR, have cancelled their tours with Carolina. Why adding one m one Amazon differ state.
When it was miss right. Adams was Mississippi Mississippi after the same sort, law, river and the biggest losers are the other forty nine states where they weren't cancelled. Yes, exactly it, of course, but not Egypt, not Egypt for or Dubai places, where people like bright AMS play frequently where they can throw you off a roof for free. Two dips, so keep that in mind. I know it's easy is low hanging fruit to point out the hypocrisy I do want to will talk more about Springsteen, O Brien atoms and why they sucks so badly the main thing with bright atoms. Every telling your brain, I'm sorry, they're, not bad songs, but I'm thinking just there will be a lot. If it were brine atoms, he's? The only artist were covers of his songs are better than the original source. You wanna hear someone else. Do it as fair you would rather here journey doing about it so most anything really gas, but them think will come back to this the issue it was anti gay. The only thing is true: sexual, want to use a bathroom without prove anything.
A man with a penis butts unaddressed things here, the right to use the bathroom. That's all it is. There is nothing else? There is, nothing else. This is a protection where We believe that bathroom businesses have the right to say no use. You use the gender. That you are and protects businesses, of course, from things the business. What what? What we're getting there are so many businesses and examples and peoples who are demanding that it has happened since the entire thing penis men's room this is why people are cancelling or tourist. There is nothing more to it. They try and say its anti gay and because are trying to feather in the act a state which means I can fire, not gay jeered, because I dont like his face the fact that here happens to be not gay is incidental and it has nothing to do with this law every isn't at will state. When the car exceptions. I don't like face. It would be completely reasonable. It would be entirely reasonable would be affected have expected to so that they're, trying to try tack on more. It's not ass! Now the about the actual state of separate, but
I want to get something. It's gone viral this week, Buzzfeed Video was questions for black people. So we're going to do this live right now for those watching the live stream in listening and then, of course, will be up as a video but Buzzfeed put out this video questions for black people, of course, entirely black people based of course, and stereotyping black people in pigeon holding them and then, bitching about how you're stereotyping and fidgeting pigeonhole himself yes. I know that I'm white, but I'm to answer these questions, not as a black person, not as a white person, not a summit with a penis or lack thereof, but using logic. Let's go through the video. If my dad is awfully Did we just messing around here all right, are you cute up there knocking at your let's go to the video? Why is it a problem. See going to work hack into work is may not. Work may not work on our work. Happened, lesbian no time to test this. That's that's! That's the problem!
so it's not going to work. The cleaning out working groups may not work Does that mean noted that aren't you waited until I get back? The active me hide others, like must be more severe, but we will get back to that so Ok, let me wont. Let me take that time, then, with the trends. Sexual twenty bathroom issue that's a simple as it is. It has nothing to do with the actual state being fired at will. Gay people are, being targeted and being far no wire states at will states because want to avoid the exact kind of frivolous lawsuits that are now occurring when men with me who's, trying user Ladys, restroom guess what that's expensive, Mun businesses. They're trying to avoid that. That's why it's an at will state two separate issues they want to know what they can fire gay people. I will they can fire black people what they can fire wiping. What were they can fire men, women? They don't have to give you a reason, that's what it will mean that has nothing to do with tat. Workers in a ladies room when it comes this issue. Of course, of people talk about religious protection
Let me underline the algae, be you a ip and silent f. They said: listen! We don't care about your churches. You do your own thing. We just want our own civil rights. Will civil unions weren't enough game? Supreme Court ruling- it's not enough bathrooms now enough gender neutral bathrooms, not enough that still aid speech, to think listen. We don't want to do the complications of men's and women's room, endless greater gender neutral, but nevertheless, still hate speech saying you have the right to get milieu recognising the state is entitled the same, illustrate marriage, but if a bed and breakfast doesn't to host your wedding there there s not enough. Listen, of course, in the eyes of the law. You are totally married, but we can't force a bakery to be involved with your wedding, not enough bakeries, pizzerias, bed and breakfast landlords all heavy there EAST lawsuits or been shut down. And they said it wasn't going to affect any of you. They were want to come for. The churches will now guess what their protest and protect
for churches and businesses- that's their problem. Where there are so many stops on this logic pass where you could have gotten off and there could have been some logical compromises. That's not what they want. It's not what the algae beating you I number to be squared wants it will never be enough, and once this happens in the bathroom. If there's a Supreme court ruling denying basic biology, They all move on to something else made like salon dot com with pet aphelion people say yours, you're snow go to salon dot com, they wrote several. Articles, I'm a pedophile, but I'm not a monster know you are a pedophile in your monster. This is mainstream leftism, we're not talking fringe sites. Ok, This is where we are. But one thing I do want to talk about its also. It's not as is really about predators, because he can't argue in the name of because we haven't studied, hey guys with he's going to women's rooms in the United States that result more sexual assault. We don't know, understanding the sexually predatory nature of man, I would guess so.
But let's not even argue that you can't even need to the overwhelming majority of women are wildly uncomfortable and feel very exposed when people walking when men walking in their use the restroom therein readily an overwhelming amount of men with daughters are wildly uncouple, with their daughters being an restroom with men. If you are talking about rate col We don't even maybe get the sexual assault right. If a guy looks at you wrong on coal on the campus at Columbia, its rate culture, but tossing a guy in a ladies room with secure growth on a problem. What what's wrong? What's the matter with, you What are you saying they're going to do? I don't know I wouldn't be super uncomfortable. If some, if some some Caitlin Jenner like Sprite, whilst on into the men's room, I probably who care, but you know what I think my I would if someone like me, a wig walked in. I think should be uncomfortable variant.
When I don't think it be a safe atmosphere. I don't Why should we completely just absolutely run roughshod over the rights. Of ninety nine point: nine, nine, nine, whenever percent of Americans for the it's a very, very small percentage, not the rights, the once we're, not rights, need finally to have the right to use whatever bathroom you. It's not a bright, certainly not a private business. I walk into. If I walk into a start by subways never have bathrooms and its habits they never have bathrooms. Employee key evolving smells like about. The whole thing to necessitate stays with you for, like days like ourselves, far subway as far but There were those all the time, no UK, the bathroom lets you buy something, They can't do that with Bob who calls himself Bess that's an a you phone call waiting to happen. Your user. You started no positive, not another bank, about nor bathroom. You you with it.
Could you address other I've been gone right then Do I know it's illegal but make sure that nobody knows I'm tower and rights that in other areas, is coming and I let a man you said not or first you have to buy energy drinks, something that's or something. You must carry your beautiful Delaware go right back into the Ladys. Let everybody now that this guy why do they do that right? I oh I'm so sorry date for free. Don't call the that's what's going to happen tell me how many of you out there s crowd or have been denied using a bathroom in a private place. They ve always had that right now just tacked on absurdity. This is The algae be. Take you a ip boy pop, but it's not even a majority of gay people there. Be tons of gay people out there who are going? Eighty gale I to do with me Kay
let me end with the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world, higher than holocaust victims and Americans live and gets of products, because they except their basic biology, because I have a different preference friction it's not the same thing, but there you back in order not to create that visual, but I just that visual. We have to go. Recent we're gonna, take calls right under the logical this week and ok. You're calls after the break, get it right. Algae you a ip is the real thing. We're serious here stated: now or Donald Trump plays family aboard games brought to you by Bradley and Al Jazeera. Ok right! about a guy, now, ok, frankly, no Jaeger!
it is peace. Have ok, it's ace its daddy would symmetrical. Is what, if he's like this? It's not. Symmetrical PETE for Jaeger. I've got to tell you changed the rules, you changed the pieces after we started the gay. Ok, I wanted. I want to look back at this and find out which one are you is put in the eighth better. I'm gonna do ok such brutal thanks to whoever is putting a symmetrical pieces and Jake. I wanted to say, you never could believe. Whoever statement from or Donald Trump plays Family board games brought to you by militant Thirdly, an Al Jazeera hey, you're, listening to you or watching this part, guess there's a strong chance that you are not yet found me on twitter at as router from Sweden all day long, I'm takin off the social justice warriors. You should see the amount of hate I get out there far far far
worse than any fat sports illustrated model or black lives matter. Charlatan. So listen! It's free! You get to be entertaining! You can try men also, if you're following me on Twitter, you can send me your tweets and maybe you'll be lucky enough, and I mean lucky enough, because I have a lot of followers. Ok, that they call me the follower machine to have your too, to me or not gay jeered included in our rock earnest tweet of the weak. So follow me on Twitter as crowd or, if not I dont want to say I have sites on your mother, but how she's dead. Saying that, because I made a mom notions really dead. Well, you kind of
gladly back down and the studio live stream today and I use this because I hate it wouldn't want when hostess pump up the phone lines and it can kind of lazy who want Do you know what what Johnny Johnny from Jacksonville from Jacksonville, Knoxville Suffocate, goes on down there. We are actually listeners now started off to waste or anyway, but today we do want to open a phone lines, and you don't here what's on your mind, so here. We have somebody and allows Sammy now he's had varies from so SAM after their online one. You are getting louder with creditor
Hey Stephen days rather beyond the show. I you know, I appreciate you opening the airwaves to the common folk. Thank you appreciate it. Sam. What's on your mind, well. I want to see you know your opinion on what you thought about this Donald Trump, winning all the primary. Why it's kind of a loaded question. He hasn't one all the primaries end, you certainly not winning all the delegates. I get that the Trump people are upset about it, but these are the rules and he's been organised poorly so I guess I don't know what you're what your questions. He hasn't one all the primaries and there is a strong chance. He doesn't get the nomination. That's what I think. What you ll see then see they're here, clearly common from a certain place. Ok, Ok, what do you mean like dignity mean them coming from a certain place where you can? really don't like the guy okay. Now, what I want to know is, like you know, he's got that calm over. You know
in it and want to blow over in the wind. You know, and you had looks exactly like in which one all day, long k? That's no! That's no unnecessary! That's if you're gonna, from a keep you on the line you gonna have to keep it, so I dont want not geared to have, as is work cut out from what the sensor button. Ok, I'm just saying. I think you would like the guy since you like. Ok, come on come on seriously. Let's That's the one last shot. What you haven't is that productive to add to the conversation well yeah you're, serious posters, your! I don't think that's why we don When we have other people know I, when, when we're gonna in Chicago think cops I must come up is because
Would you get sent which people ask me? Ok, we wanted to. They want us to talk about the Trump issue going on right now this week, with Michel feels so we're going to have had more, whose it was more of a policy walk lesson we have Shapiro on, I try to be fair That's a it really comes down to deal with that you should grab a reporter or not doesn't look like Ireland he's going to be charged, so there we are Does that mean there's justice? No Any of the many many dozens of people who tried to file police reports at the. And right to work protest when their tent was cut down and were told, were unable, will tell you what justice isn't always served, but listen, to be fair. If you're going to go that route with the law, you see the ride, you bought the ticket no Eureka, that's that those are the results. So, they're not gonna charge, and they did say he d grabber and a bit. Zack worrying in front of me Benjamin
Mr Bangemann, they didn't like they were too fond of it, but they said you know, an apology would have ended this whole legal procedure. Measured imagination, that's that's Cavaco. Have thing right, who are they trying to camp? So that's what we with that, then we will have many more opinion than that cheat. She apparently Michel fields is falling, perhaps defamation suit, and I know they threatened species and want to do that because of dick through her past. So. I don't want going to speculate about this point- for me I wouldn't go with the defamation suit at this point, I would move on now. Think the I so much admired you could drag people through and it doesn't really benefit anybody. I don't it what you get out of it and career for everybody. I think what happened it happened. It was shocking. That's not the way you typical, reporters genuine the reaction. I don't think someone went in there looking to get those people are trying to destroy this woman's career like us, it with Ben lesson either you think it's ok to grab reporters or not
as the level of which then be, then it's just a bunch of arguing over what how severe wasn't it wasn't brace of here and as someone who has been violently assault as someone who, as family members who have been, very violently, assaulted. I dont, like belittling it. But if that were my wife. And Lewandowski our alone have some words. What Doesn't change evacuate? Wasn't? Ok, you want, I can speculate because the law happened right. You have to accept that. Sometimes, ok, you may have like it, but you have to accept that. I hope I'm being consistent here, because another trump people will will either way. Note, no doubt be mad and wellbeing people. Let us understand, listen, you thought you try to find the charges was. Served, maybe not, but This is where we are. They do defamation suit will keep you posted, doesn't change the core Lewandowski punk, doesn't change fact that every single timing, grabs ones when you're looking away. I think it's very telling anyone that programme
the protests to rally right the guys, look at em, Lord Lewandowski, nothing to say nothing to do, and then he turned around its a gang of the collar death any guy who's been in the arena, any guy was wrestled in high school and you get a person has ever been a combat or physical contact. Sport athlete no that's a guy who wants out no. That's a guy who didn't wanna, take and same thing grabbing a girl when always from behind always common up from behind that's my personal Pinion, but you know I'm not a lawyer. Ok, So I am thinking of a bunch dogma that here's something people are talking about. This will talk within Morrissey about this ok decorated, doing really wealth the delicate right he's cleaning up delegates. And Trump is now complaining just cause: he understands how works hundreds and how it works. One can correct me, and had more see. No doubt will he knows this as well as anybody and that's what we're having him on The rules have been out there since August
and not a one- has changed. None of them have changed. You may not like the rules, but these are the rules. Something else pursuing odds its departments not about the popular vote. Is that representative the popular vote? Well, you know who benefits the most from that right now, Donald Trump. I read this over here. We haven't from up from ricochet great site more wonky than me, but I read them every day, so so far, Donald Trump, drawn thirty, seven percent of the primary about total that's a ceiling. He's one forty five percent of the delegates Are you complaining I like, for example, he only one forty five percent of Florida. It's way with all ninety nine delegates, so action You look proportionally Donald proportionally has far more delegates than even the leave that he has Of course, we know now that that switched where he's behind tat crews in the national pulse. Now I'm not listen, the system that we are not saying it's a flawless system, but you can
complain will benefit what what, when it benefits the other guy, and there are many sound when it benefits you, whereas Trump, when we think we shouldn't do undertake all he stood. Banking and winner, takes take all in New York. The rules have not changed. You saw the ride. You bought a ticket where we coming back with more calls Super Mexican in coming up. in withdraw, a milestone in the way? conjurers regarding them cars. Reason statements. Surrogate for down from campaign. We take you. I've closer the interview with our grown reward, german joy, Doktor Van Carson. I don't think fully aware of
role of surrogate you're not supposed to say these things about the person you're representing respectfully. No, that's not true, and There came a mindset that had Americans tired of politics in general, a mayor, Kids are tired of their surrogates. Now trashing the candidate, for whom they work like him now, but I have to say, I this is my job the worst surrogate ever you realize that you can Did they What are you up to date as its exclusive interview unfolds? Were writing new or old crawler Milo,
our next guess what remained silent because we actually have intro music forum. I just realized I was behind on twitter and so I had a letter or not, it was coming on fan base Is it really a guy So as long as the borders re, let's go to our super racist intro, because when you hear this I saying it's my immediate super mexican from the rights Gupta COM, super? Are you there with us? What are you doing? I'm doing. Ok was people know, that's no high speak. I don't lowers the first time, but I guess work again. Well, we don't want to risk it. You know someone out there who knows We have people who dissect everything and only likely to claim you like a joint european that is the worst next in accident, from a method and our friends or Brussels.
This is actually happening to me right now. This is amazing you you can enjoy. This is that this is what I do whenever I go into radio show is that in our as a joke, I start off with us a really bad makes it acts in a hurry you doing and then they like you, I don't tell those I'm doing a silly freak out there, like. Oh, my god, is that how is actually attacked honour, and then you know us ten seconds later, I'm like I'm just getting this that I would also like well anyway, that many the railway. This is true. I do this for Ipod capacities for everything right in and there's these people out there, who think that they dont under and that it's a joke, and so they think that I'm a fake Mexican, because you know I have. I use a fake action at first and then I talk in my regular voice. But what is your background regrettable, but won't? I was born in California. Which is the which is the northernmost port point of Mexico right hand up you both my parents are are from Mexico. I was born here
so we're in I'm, I'm did I'm american, but I'm from of Mexican too. Your parents short, I am taller than both my parents. I know at so here I was. I thought, though, is safe with those Vegas betting on the right there so I really apologise, but I D. Apparently I don't have enough melanin in my voice like I need to work on that. So I shall try to You do need to work on an endless, and I mean I dont want the mexican shame you, but I mean I'd I'd. I'd feel satisfied if you Mexican shamed yourself you about a busy week. So Roger Stone for those who don't know the former Trump ACT active at what he come from a trump operative. He didn't work with many more or less use. It can't be manager, sent my adviser or strategy, and what was the official title? Do you know what she was like? His aid is a long time for Andy's notion for many many years end and right right when he, when Trump
again as presidential campaign he was fired all of a sudden and ever since then he's because This trump operative, in that you know that they have the they have the ability to to say why is not about the campaign, but everything but time something really shady happens around Trump Roger Stone. Is there so yeah well, I want to talk about that, because the right scooped outcome is and is not approach from sight. You're you're, one of the few, and here the problem, invited plenty of people on from when they just won't do it. They won't argue on the show publicly many people out there, sir get some Alban invited dont. Do it people who are big advocates, who are friends of mine is wireless, is behind the same thing so it's hard, it's only german. Listen. We ve had we communists on and terrorists who want me dead. So if a fee go out there who are legitimate sites, not be of a hundred followers one. I want to make the case we are more than welcome to but you're stone was saying he was going to
two dresses and a lot of people thought that was in poor taste. And you are calling about a lot and then he directly tweeted you right. Yeah, it was a very nondescripts thing. You know I don't want to make a big deal about it, but it is kind of weird because already tweeted was basically, we ve been going after him because at least to us its most obvious thing in the world right, you fire this guy. He actually ran the dirty tricks political wing of Nixon's campaign way back in the day. So, all of a sudden it oh he's calling for riots and protests he's giving out dresses of people's names, who were delegates were antitrust, delegates and assume. This is the clearest thing in the world to us. I don't know why bother people recover these only demanded eyes, and they said well, you time later Nina. We worry said peaceful what he said. It take a K. He said day of rage and he was going to post addresses. Listen, I don't like. Bernie Sanders. Ok, I'm never!
going deposed Bernice address or people who support him and say what started day of rage. I would hope that way. Get both agree on that Sears. There's an! U can peacefully rage. Apparently you fully re peaceful yours, like rave, doesn't mean I'm kind of angry. Rage means peace, heinous means, vagina, sorry, I'll Superior goes so Have you anything behind the scenes as well, adjust or no? Not yet But what are you did is easy samples, little sweet and we really go hard on him because he really does seem a kind of a scummy guy, and so you know I realise how am I to say this is a trumps lackey and he's kind of a scumbag and ends outta. There was one of the headlines any responded aegis. As you know, I love you too, are less really odd and into me. I know you directly at replied. Amer was he just up the subject of the article? I think he would hear he was wandering. You know article,
about him, and so I think you know was kind of a heads up like hey. He and I were watching if right is not something you want to hear from a psycho like him who has billion are backing here? No one, I don't know, don't you stand up against the millionaires eastern against the establishment by. Listing addresses to people who are elected by their neighbours. They have rage with peaceful day of Rachel Super exactly right. Well s because you know, we're taking away their vote? So that's why we deserve to be hunted down with pitchforks and torches bird nights, it's completely absurd and in the sea this is a thing. It kills me, as is Annette. I'm sure you get. The same thing is that all of these Travilla diets, like these illiterate morons, like we said last time we were talking about this on all along your problem. Sensitive tall. The other, not there's some decent trump people. This went, but the loudest ones are real arrow
careers and they come after me, and I'm sure you ve done this to where they say that I'm an establishment chill and that the Jew P veto conjured me up and that I am a product of the estate Adam I'd like there. That's insane like I've been speaking about against is that women for years now, but all of a sudden, if you're not on the Trump train, the general romance little ways and he says no. Nobody likes frankly, nobody likes to cruise condemn these politicians like a day like me, and then he says he's. The one is going to fight the politicians and there's no track record of it. As you know, an item in the bothers me I like em, but These allow this house was now say you're. My mark of any kind of support has been really good about this and you can you frustration in his voice, but slim Bond, Sean Hannity in some of these people on Fox NEWS when they say up as though Trump but establishment they never. So trump, and you know what I am and strong tea party conservatives who don't like him there is it it's a sleight of hand in it. I know that they know better. So, for some
he's been names to simply painted as though Trump and establishment I don't. You, but that seem to make someone who's hanging onto a listener ship in a dying medium and not being entirely forthright in my life. I think I think that's true. I mean, I think, that's kind of what Trump represents. You know it's really weird, because Trump represents so much of the criticisms that liberals have been making against conservatives and he just fulfils them. What I mean so his son orders are in other older there. They actually don't care about conservative principles, there get very pragmatic they they. Just You know. I don't want a democratic. I think they're selfish. I dont think that the war idea and make him exculpate, irish and we're coming from, but I think that gives a lot of people too much credit. Holding its pragmatic when there's no actual economic solution, I want no free trade. How
he's going to negotiate a good deal of shore, but, interestingly yours, it's it's aware. No you're right! That's exactly the word for it! It's it's! We have the strain at America that in and a lot of people die to better that we just want problem solved were very impatient like if there is a price. Just solve it, and I think you know proper rational philosophical conservatism, says hey. Sometimes there are just problems that we need to wrestle with and there are not specifically solvable. In fact, in one of my heroes, Thomas Soul, I think one of the the epitome of conservative thought is this quote from him, which I think is utterly brilliant, brilliant and he says that there are no solutions are only tradeoffs idle. I, like I'm, done that even Jochen, unlike Chris Matthews, when I say it, I'd like it Tingley about it, because I think that sums up conservative thought leg
If somebody is selling you a solution like we're just doing the athlete it's gonna solves, nothing is like you're full of it any and every time that you have power in its collected at the top and they're gonna make a huge decision decision. There's gonna, be people who are negatively affected by an there's gonna, be people who were positively affected by somebody is telling you from the left or the right that they have this absolute solution. That's gonna fix everything, they're, usually law. That's antithetical to everything. People railed against with Obama right, like people, say the number one. It was immigration with English you, but you know, if you're going to be a single issue motor it should be about the disproportionate MT of power in the last eight years, you could argue in sixteen years. George Bush did too been given to the executive office. Schoolhouse rock free and use of government we're not in balance anymore? If you want to talk about the key issue, that's the key issue right. And so you want the guy who doesn't really
the job. Sometimes you want the guy or single on poor, hey. I lost my Germany. This sucks kelp here somewhere that's exactly right here? and there's too many people who are you know what I was really shocked by this summit thought that we were the rational party that the kind of understood that not everything has a solution in the EU can make things better or you to make things worse. But you can't positively completely solved. The thing and trump comes on on the scene and is like I'm gonna wave, my, u no magic wand and I'm gonna fix everything and these people are fallen for any look at a mere like wow. Like you sound like a Democrat, that's what Democrats do they think that you can solve that? You can waive this magic, be government wants and solve everything, and that's that's just that's not us, but have you noticed something to get you started off in?
We were kind of the same boat where we always made fun of tromp because he's comedy gold but we're like listen. I understand the value in sort of shattering political correctness. We run the same page there. Let's see what happens and though we as he was never going to espouse things that we believed and we're ok look here, we are The transition and have you noticed the I have no problem with people like you said you say: listen, about an evil things anymore? I just want to walk No, I don't want to do it with free trade right, I'm firewood, those people, you have those people and then you have some people who had to do a lot of mental gymnastics, sort of the Christian Tea Party, conservatives and or even just the wrong Paul sort of liberty it concerns at, I can in some of those people now go this isn't what I thought have you noticed that little bit here, I think you're even early on run, Paul himself said
He wasn't gonna endorse anybody, because nobody was, it was really espousing visa libertarianism and I think I'm seeing a little more of those people come around because there, with which I am- I don't throw myself in without crab completely, but I do agree with them on a lot of things, at least in principle. They have the there very principled about these things and probably out at sea to an extreme like that's. The fault is that there are really principled on a few things. They want to jettison everything else out, have parity with social conservatism, things like that, but in any case they are actually very principle that I think what they're saying is that you know this guy is isn't is, is the the like? the interests of what they are. First thought we have to put a soon. I think we can talk about, will combat you're playing spot the training right the global all lose their jobs. I think faith hey libertarians they were pulled between are destroying, two party system, but then they realized this could be actually worse than the rhinos.
Understand they were tired of Republicans like we all were, and then there was another fork where ok text listen, Donald Trump or not the typical Republicans and now there is another choice. Supermax again we'll come back here: games spot the tragedy? Yes tons of hate speech had stated ratings humans. This is another couple,
over your package, seems to have been lost in the mail, as I still do not have all the cheeses, but hopper is willing to overlook this mistake and forgive provided our assent promptly to hoppers p o box by the next commercial break. I come and pigs, but only if it has all the cheeses, otherwise I will be forced to row under couch downstairs couch what I'm not allowed to go and I usually do not go, but you will force my hand in this situation. I dont want to do it.
All you have to do in send all the cheeses follow my instructions and no cultures will get dirty jeer at what are you doing back with tee where'd you get it everything. I can not a warrant for fifteen dot com, they have been doing and accessories for sale. As the Vice President Weber, Wholesale there's another one with what they are but well, if you do not have the best place to go in that the take away. Couldn't portal that have a staff.
Poverty WAR party, all right, we're back with super mexican at Supermax, can spell with two hours. Are you whether Sir just Ok, you are with us and have you ever seen this game, but for are you aware of the rules? Don't take it? Ok, so they set it up for you. We find it with what would within a few times plaint last most recently with gave him against. So I have said that I have had a trainee doctors and have now
and fold yet that is very easy to determine. This is my argument, and so now a year, and my producer sets up pictures and wait. We play you and I can Pete here to see on the reigning championship, we're going to see a picture we're going to. U simple is it? Is it a transgender urge that a real mail or woman- and I M going to tell you the score any questions? all right. I got it and you're comfortable you're, not it's ok with unexpected be out of it. You can be if you're comfortable with this game. There's something wrong with you smell you, your online, aristocratic Jared. Let's go to live rum, ram, Solvay, yeah, it's time to black sea. We have high production values here, L super,
dared. Let's get we are going. Ok, referendum are one. This is for you Stevens. For me, I'm gonna give you three. Second tier Khatami, Trainee, not a training area. Oh ok, I am going to say I'm not a tranny with that say: that's a woman. Do ask superhero not just me it's just. You know what you think. I think I think that's a woman. Why too, that's the first time ever was from the record first and here we go for super ones for you, for you. They're gonna. Look about one there! That's rough! That's what I think. I think that's actually Stephen Crowd, or so I'm gonna go with I think I'm gonna go with a guy. That's ago these in Haiti. We try and boil down to try to avoid that, You can judge by its affair, etc. We judge by a pardon my foot, but your own government.
Of gas remarks agenda about Jason was cold. Ok, We have one more funds, even this idea to market area boom. What is what is it what it is? That is its that's a trans thanks! Oh yes, I think so you're right? I got it all right, ok, super back! Do you ready these around? further Mozilla they're, not even using our area seen some in my day, o you'd be honest. Now nothing that nothing must not revert to the mexican accident. We need you to be honest. We have to tell you the score. I very scary. Now, every square minorities here I'm gonna go with you're going to get and we're going to set new prerogatives. Super is enacted you're not playing nicely on the programmes, not good good
nice, even last one for you run on category four legs score. I presented I one by one, but he's got a lawsuit, so I am so boom we waiting all come on nothing now, that's a woman, that's gotta, be a war. Or might already know drive you model. My heart outrage to an end? Is Europe confused. I dont is There are like my whole body is confused. That's what I'm saying come on, don't you're right! Then all you want ones, I'm sorry, but I would like to ask one super ready area boom Surprise, your girlfriend, we'll office unfortunately, I think I data that thing This is more acceptable in Mexico. Last california- I, though, maybe in California,
I don't know about that. But and I'm gonna go with not a guy. So the unbounded running ACL, you have gosh Super tripped up, get superfluous. No, it's L super. That's a supermax gonna go. What's this course supermax? Can we once he wins? I would say, I'm surprised unease sued out of his mind, I mean We're not the thing super. If you want you took it, you have to come back to defend your title, so we you want this kind of heat, I see, I say, bring it I'll, get it. I dont pc, you I want the whole he wants. That was From these have been
immigrants landed. Only if your country, with his game, you are not gay Jared as always there might be tottering last brick and I should value lawyer- can decide, but supermax Supermax can seemed relatively control with it needed C mon Dieu rattled. Well, have you ever get a fire him, apparently a guinea, a suitor into oblivion? Some might be looking for a job. Maybe I can take it. Well, I don't know if you want that job, because it comes with eminent already comes at the baggage of several lawsuits, with algerian, less look at work yeah, namely for me this is an absurd. Your he's, my indigestion, boy no window at all. So how do you see this hat we're going to talk with Ed Morrissey? How do you see this happening? Do you think from gets denomination using? It goes to contesting invention
You know what the only way he doesn't get the contested the Illinois doesn't get the nomination and we Europeans, as it convention I think, is if the GEO beholds align end the never hold the line, and they have already given signs that the another level spineless on this. If they actually cared about the principles of conservatism, I think they would have gone after him a little earlier and a little quicker and they didn't so. I could see them caving. You know. Even before the convention, the only way to save us, as if said, crews gets a search and were not looking we're not seen, then the poles, yet I'm hoping for it, I'm paying for it and bring down my ass. They got but not sure if it's gonna have- and I only heard a very relevant to them without human sacrifice. That's why right? slave peeps unsupervised. It's in the fine print. I reiterate the fine print, I saw a pocket. I don't know what I'm talking about real
I love, my movie must be: never ended our supermax again. Thank you so much for me. Sport and yet to come back to defend your title, absolutely down That is your mexican readers Duff at the right scoop. Dotcom highly recommend lotta with greater state do and now for Donald Trump plays family aboard games brought to you by Bradley and Al Jazeera yeah both a guy, both statements of all or Donald Trump plays Family board games brought to you by Milton ITALY and Al Jazeera, HALO,
didn't see there. What are you doing? Andras lacks an android, my Martin. Seventy it bore a fine, reverent, have refined, gave record, pull up a ripple, there's murmur Morpheus. We have often you now have some I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine come why just call their number? What's that number Jerry aid for two night: seven. Why have you come from wars aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a care for simple. Like You don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easier to get the call go to the website talk with a similar list. What I like what I dont like my budget and can have a ship directly to my door or give sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years. I prefer a more of a barrier to entry. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them take me. I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine,
You are right. I am glad to we'll try to phone calls for more time. We're taking your calls this week, its atypical. We don't do it a whole lot, but not gay jeered has always had called before Donnie from Chicago Correct. Yes, daddy, you they're good, any good that our user. Ok, Being far too kind, so what what can we do? You all yours, You know we got all this without all this nonsense. Going on about everybody's already, propped sighing about. What's gonna happen at the GEO Pekin Bachelor, I mean it's like already in the box, but here's the thing I gotta tell you:
I gotta tell you, I know you're you're eliciting type a guy. You know if I were go on I want a new car. I want a new car. I would find one that I really really like it's where she had looks good it and then in its people, want it. Okay. This is a thought for a minute, because I want to try to put all this together. Limiting Chicago doesn't help, because I see that the faster the disaster of what the Democrats done to a city, it's it's in the whole, it's like Detroit. It's taken. You got gun laws that make apps.
We don't Jakarta. Really, not Democrats. Is it since thirty one. I think mayor thought my father used to say every city need a good corrupt politicians like their daily. The problem is that he was right back then at least mayor Daily could save a shot up or thought it. This way, but now everybody's corrupt. So you don't you look at the dams, everybody knows what. So you know that when it's done the people, but here's the thing, I can't get it through my head that the GEO P has given us any body to beat the nonsense of Hilary or even Bernie looked at What young generation they love this guy? I now think they don't. Even if the aid they love the guy because he speaks about, suffers Lamoureux Millennials all the time and I would not put down I worked in millennia all a guy, what a four point always doing well in college and all this kind of stuff, but the fact that they believe that there's a Savior out there that's gonna chain
while this is it this. Why don't you see providing right now that with the GEO P, that's what about the same Messiah complex while areas areas except the here's, the only thing. Ok, the keel p had never ever given that the idea that listed will just keep you everything you want. We never did. The Democrats have lived off of a you know: let's give everybody free everything. Ok, they lived off for that limit, but dont Detroit to Chicago every baltimores, your lot. But everything is a disaster, but but
to working with the language. You people don't understand me up Chicago. I talked with ease them. Suppose Jaya understandably, was well what I want to have an intellectual conversation aim. I have to change my language. What happened was weak. The key appears not figured out yet how to talk the language of this generation. That's it. That's why I say you know what do they wondering how we can combat this and in all honesty, that every time I hear crews talk, I just wanna kill myself every time. A your case which talk like? Are you bring me. You got great point, but the people that you're looking to connect with their not connecting guys there is the better communicator of them were not here. Here's what I'm
as president, everyone he's dead last of anyone with millennials here's. What have I Don T want to part? We want no flesh, we want something. Would power would possess wood dust of that was my boy route. Is all these old cars or sit in the driveway in the tee o p, instead of God? But we can't you be people these cars. What why didn't they build somebody from within right, alas, poor african years? Why did they pick a guy with which says that that that could communicate and I can't lifted the crews. I can't watch for the case that I can't do it well carrying right, daddy from Chicago you for college, and we appreciate it and I think I think it's I think it's a valid question I think some would argue that was ruthlessness, someone who voted for crews in Texas.
A bit there's a reason that Marco Rubio lost Florida, big and tattoos, one Texas Beg to people Saint John, came up the same way: anti establishment, tea party ones, voting constituency felt betrayed and once an ok, we got what we have. For not everyone necessarily likes it, but that is study. In contrast, and I do agree. Listen I mean if people talk about this autumn, you know you I'm talking like, like a daddy, valid gag Venice Farinas sticks of what people talk about it. What people really see all these conservative provocateurs these authors around now, who are kind of in there in their death throes saying, oh, you know it oxygen. What these democratic these voters, we need white people. There are people out there at nothing, it's about what you will never one black, so little Mexicans. That's what Democrats want twenty white people here. You are if the wrong way and its democratic way of thinking. If Republicans
just minimize their losses, main p under thirty five, to low double digit me if they lost it. I don't know. Sixty forty as the pose both the giant margins by which are losing them. Now they never lose another election. Its much bigger voting base under thirty five. You could even extend that number two under forty, but certainly Thirty five hundred are not just talking twenty five under thirty five and under ok, could change that voting base by ten points. Just you could fill those it, but they mark- just not as mammoth Republicans would never lose another election and I'd be in perpetuity because he'd be building something it's a future about you're, not just talking about who is black today. Was white today, whose mexican today ok, let's look at the demographic numbers, Republicans have had a very, very serious problem. There and That's reality, and no one wants to talk about something else
We talk about communication. Ok, let's talk about communication will have we'll have em and more and more won't do it. Calls after? We have also causes that we're getting warmer collar want and are more gone. Then it more civilian fishing around there's something also law. Now in our right. Ok, we're fine! try using windows, and you are values thing people in many countries. Nobody today as it does it does the subject from a trump email. Keziah has any further we value their fears, This isn't just such populous, pandering bowl, crap right. Conservative any moderate any non far leftist would who live in New York? Would you didn't go you are those dummies who thinks it, because your New York, you have to the rangers: are you from you're from Philadelphia like the Phillies from those stupid but who ties your identity in some city? There's no helping you, but you know what any conservative who live in New York City goes. You know what yeah I
Ok, but I'm in a city where I legally are not capable of owning a gun to protect my family and my apartment. Also landlords are being jailed if they don't allow trainees to use whatever bathroom they want. Sorry being fined. Also they wanted to ban big ups. You know what my cities values, suck put their ranks nationalism. Sometimes it sucks. I was born in Detroit. My dad was born and raised in Detroit. I left when I was younger, Troy values, suck one with common sense. Would look to Manhattan. Would look, to the plaza little Bloomberg and say. Those values suck. Why should that change? I dont understand I've, never between me and has got it. I dont understand why this should change
I live in Texas or I live in Canada. I live in Utah and I vote Republican around. What does that mean? Well me, they believe in freedom of speech. I believe in a second amendment, I believe in federalism and constitutional limitations. Federal government and then that power should be delegated to the states. Ok, yeah yeah from New York and I felt republican or what does that mean means, I believe in strict gun control am against free speech, higher taxes and socialized programmes and banning big groups. How does change based on your geographical location unless you are in the most technical matter, speaking a dumb ass, Unless you are an absolute moron, so I'm telling you if you think you're republican, that your cities far far are far left policies do not represent the mainstream values, a republican voters could be a non issue, its own list.
For a stupid person who goes New York once and- for that guy, possibly like the gun control you, The fact that foreign policy is elected palestinian government. He liked the high taxes now, so, what's the from their like others, this. I'm uncomfortable, I don't know it just mean that good, you know I I I added to extra instead, it is that's cannot Cleveland, is because these northeast cities think more than most can of habitats are alike. We. Through Hell back at our own doing it, we can band together kind of vat. It's kind of a thing Chicago you just a troika is Cleveland. Now Cleveland S problem, they ve been there, it's going to get worse in June July. Baltimore New York City Boston,
no, what is I think, of the cold of windows is kind of like as a kind of pushing a group think how many of the city- and you can't leave gonna get out. I know the sports the everything China plays into as well. I think- but I don't know I know, but that said, if someone were say clean, the sucks I gotta yeah yeah yeah, it's bad as the pre Saki you're unhappy with the political representation for sure of Cleveland. No, no, I'm really not what Detroit now We ve got into kerfuffle with people over there s less remember, we will have to be measured sentence as you're, Cleveland, one looks at the troika and they can start work in its well. Yes, soon now have in many of the previous. That's what clean says the Detroit Cleveland looked at Detroit and says that tablet
level of citizens. As under the grateful sixty six, We also conflates, if that is not so that video, it is the the internet has ever produced. But I don't blame you I wouldn't want to be mentioned in the same sense as the two are unfounded there is a perfect example. I can say: yeah Detroit is is is weighed worse, including so called in the d, and if that is true, said that I wouldn't get mad at him. I got somethin right, we'll be back more calls after this in writing while or withdraw a milestone in the way
conjurers regarding them cartons. Reason statements surrogate for down from campaign. We You do know closer the interview with our own report, german joy, doktor, Ban, Carson. Try this one more time, if you felt this way about Donald Trump, why would you feel it's your role to act and his Half on the campaign trail. Listen, I think position where I don't have a choice: ok, some questions about. Mr Donald Trump, ok they ain't she knows for his wife or life. I will do. I want you, yes, doctor been Carson. We all want to know. Does this In that you will no longer be acting? representative of the term campaign, nursing,
Toby representing the Donald Trump Campaign, with great pride. In fact,. What are you up to date as exclusive interview unfolds were breaking news of kroner? Milo right now to be back. For the most part we ve had a good time. You want to call today, and so let's go to our line knock it here. We have somebody continent, yet we have jack from Samson. Jack from seven year on one getting louder with chronic Stephen, I? U Darwin eight. I wanted to ask why you like what
money in your mouth capture, Germany. Now what is your name. I try to Korea knows you a whole lot more here we had Donnie from Chicago, but by the way one thing for people. When you talk about sort of Egypt put in some kind. Next year. My uncle my brother have gone in and take the lead in India is one of the real quick and they work. It's a missionary just last night. They burned down twenty churches more than two hundred turkeys and he also bang Province, and I have really they want to kill two hundred missionaries the next when you four hours, yes, Islam, so Christians are hiding in villages. This is happening in India right now.
So how do you say this? Many more people are killed by islamic terrorism, then than Timothy Mcveigh? Well, they want to put out two hundred just in this province of India in one night for being christian stuff happens all the time across the world, so time every at any time. You can snap your your fingers someone's, killed in the name of is somewhere in the world, not by a muslim the sound of somebody being killed in the name of Islam with that amount of frequency Every single day keep that in mind and next time there Hutton for some kind of a white, Anglo Saxon TED crews, bring terrorist, I want to talk with your tongue pot with joy, bosky veracity. I dont know what their little doable do web extended I think it's an entirely reasonable, untenable position. Listen state should have the right to legal aid if they want to. I just don't like it being based on a lie
but I also front of anyone who have made such a pivotal issue of of weed really in and in a non beneficial drug. You wanna get high finance, but less does not say. Edison or firms? You go means kit. They can make plenty of money. They have several patents on chemical compounds Romero, one on the only one that works is. Is that the one that they have for nausea in in sickness, associate with chemo but no one in the streets picketing for that drug right. It's not fund because not get high there picking industry, because I want to get plates that I understand it. I just want people to be honest about it more compelling conversation. We would be something like steroids and the reason thing about it was generally arguing personal freedoms, the term personal freedoms, but I want to take it extended because That is that these are legal drugs and they are on that are wildly beneficial right away steroids right either to reduce or zero Kurds now, but there I'll be beneficial to aids. Patients burn victims right that their prescribed
They were invented, their proscribed noses, scare, big scare that happened after that, the Russian in EAST Germany, the Olympics right the steroids wars another vilified, but these are legal drugs that have gone to the scientific process and so in most affected drug known to man and allow the time. Doctors would probably proscribed these two people and their frayed because of the deed I don't see why libertarians not focus on that more! That's where you can make some headway. The reason I was thinking about it was because she talked we talk about drugs with I'm just ring today. I follow, makes martial arts there's a fighter, namely on the cheetah who just got fined for testing for a p D. Pities performance, enhancing drugs, no jail says as every single drug is a performance enhancing drugs. If your doctors giving you a drug that is not performance, enhancing, that's malpractice, he cannot you make sense, say performance hindering drug the drug that was banned, that Lebanon a private organisation. You? U S. Eighty eight their guidelines are our wide. I don't wanna get lucky, for you
was deejay that something you can watch. Probably many of you watching might even be taking it or might be one of your supplements. Anyone even know certain If you have older, apparent grandparents, it's me likely that some of them, you can walk right now to write aid to see, vs and take them and its banned in sport. And his guy's name is gonna, be dragged in vital union test positive, he disclosed it. He was listening elements in our creating this multi vitamin D. Eighty eight Nay said: oh well, you're, that's band so you're going to be suspended and their thinking about as this is an issue that again we ve dealt with in the media because of liars. Like Lands Armstrong, I understand it because a people who abuse it- but you are somewhat athletes- They have given us a lot of thought of going back and forth on your children. Ass leads, who are putting their body under stress the lifespan for NFL players is not good for people who are in contact sports. It's not good. We talk about concussions, it's really bad
right. Cutting weight is very difficult and combat sports. We know the long term health ramifications and we know that steroids would help. We that they would help these athletes who want them to perform these bats. And. Finally, if you, if you think about ethics, are on the mute, you're, you're Deirdre Delusional, ok, most of these, it there's a significant portion of them or ask any professional athletes once their retiring. Oh, yes, absolutely rampant! Why shouldn't they have the right to take those drugs? Didn't we That's right, I really think it's hard case to make that they should meeting in under a doctor supervision can at the witch the new drugs are developed shouldn't we'd be allowed, you can give them perker set the addictive drugs pain. Killers are rampant, rampant with people and professional sports. Depression rampant, you can give them so lofty can give them all of these anti depressants. You can toss oxy at them, which we know is bad. It doesn't help you or you can give them something that is possibly the most effect drug known to man pick a list from whatever steroids, are keeping monitored with unhealthy levels from a doctor and it
Enhanced this person's performance, their sole job as physically performing for you. When we tell them now, here's a bottle of her Cosette. You can take what would actually help you here. It's just that, and I was watching, is going to have some of my dad. I'm gonna get tested for something. You know that you you take it, but it's not even that effective deejay. It's really mix result creating as more effective, creating a very effective supplement. That's one that I recommend to a lot of people. Rather you don't know what it is has even available, but I want you to meet us crowded, I'm just curious as to why the lines been drawn at pot, something that's not proven. Certainly not as time tested as as steroids, which can be prescribed by a doctor and many we'll take it. You know what we prescribe these specific kinds for these kinds of injuries, but we can't. And that's where I get more libertarian. I'm never touched these drugs never smoked part, but I think of a document to prescribe the mission. I think doctors should prescribe them.
Have the right to if it works, but we need to be honest about whether it works Morrissey Right and more and more after the break. Stay too greetings humans. This is the final hopper take over. I have. Find my in other regions four times since to less commercial break, but still have yet to see an
Jesus. I would like to give a humans the benefit of the doubt, and if you believe that you should not send cheetahs, because Hopper does not have a possible terms and would not be able to open the cheeses, I can assure you. I have taken the proper precautions and you can send them at all earliest convenience and, lastly, Knocker Gyroscope Grotto, as if your listening to this on Itunes or sound cloud or maybe on the Youtube lives ring, presents a thing now: you're missing so much continent louder with crowd or dotcom. That's actually the bulk of what me and my glorious team not gauge year and notwithstanding, do on a date. Basis anywhere from four to ten artist the day with commentary, videos, gifts, images and it's all free. So if you want to be the data knows and entertain just add louder with greater dot com to your rss feed, goats,
every day it's free, you get to support the site, then you know maybe we'll give you for free I don't know many free college bitterly problem. Free college healthcare, probably won't give you that's just just put market and will give it to you, a farmer. How dare you I got up the dance because I was tweeting That more is he was going to in the programme and you ruined all thing: two without being thrown out right now original turned out. Now I don't let let's just pretend like that, didn't happen next guest, fine guess he hasn't been a while
long time friend personally and he was on the show in the first show started long before indication, and then several markets can and pulled us Morse indication and then, of course, more Polina. Morse indication add more see editor in chief at hot air dot com with the official term ed your enter senior uttered, I can't sing it is these terms are so hard to keep. I know it says its nomenclature that kills you Stephen. What can I say that this beard? You warned me about it? How long has this been going on about a month? since he back, ok now, because I saw your morning Joe I didn't want to Helen is happening. Because if it had been happening for a year, something I screwed up. What was a decision? ok, so this is kind of a funny story. What happened was rightly foresee. Pack, I got a little rash on my lip right up here and I thought Ashley. Well, I'll. Just hang around it right, but I would have liked.
With a mustache it. We are right in there and I thought that was a bad look at a conservative political action conference Naga like almost S group and then I thought well, the whole mustache grow eddied, something underneath it because you know the shaved had just the mustache, Well, they got look at work, not pretty much. You know. I don't know this. I don't want this works. It ties it does not give a decent beard. My question is, and then we have to get because we only have one segment here. My question is this: how What you now listen, I don't think I'm let in the care of the bag, with the financial situation How do you decide where to start the beard when there's not a usually just continue the sideburns? What's that decision process like that, decision process was like what is it that I think I can actually sustain and I decided to resist this was and I thought about what all the way up to the top of the ears it would, I don't know,
Look we're not at this doesn't, but for some reason this is the line that I kind of Norway works. It works, but because you don't want to grow in any go full Jesse Ventura with the skeleton that just doesn't work for us bad. That's bad! Luck! Ok, so here we are. You knew the new book titled renew book, it's going going, read, write going red, ok and you talk about very you get raised to tee Jurek in this talking about the what votes determine the republican election. Real Quick just hit us with it, because I know you ve been doing the press tour and then I want again to something current tied into, but Gordon Adam. What's the premise, the problem is. Is that in order to win the swing states states, it Republicans used to win before? two thousand and eight Republicans need to get there. On the ground and discover who these voters are the reason why Republicans and one of the reasons that one of the big reasons why republicans of lost in two thousand and eight in two thousand and twelve- is because
They were relying on national messaging? They had no idea who the voters were in these in these when states and swing county, seven swing, counties in seven swing states and that voters have changed their concerns are different in each of these communities. You can't really on just a national message in a European in a national election anymore. You really, after one, four hundred and thirty five rational campaigns for president in its most critical, states where voters are on the fence as to which direction are gonna go that's what going rent is about, tells the stories of these seven counties. Ie, seven communities said people get a chance to know these people better, find people, terrific people, I get a chance to spend five storing and and and talking with, no, I dont like them. I think there are terrible people, I know endorse or come ok, but let me ask you this: can this be done? Add without pandora was still being absolutely no. You see. This is the thing if you, if you are talking, people in these communities you're getting your.
Not what it is. Their concerns are in those communities and then you the conservative agenda and show how it applies to these two these. Issues to these problems rather than just saying: Liberty, Liberty, free markets, etc. You go into these for communities and say hey, you, ve got a problem with the EPA in the metropolitan water districts. Gonna cost you a hundred dollars a year for the next twenty years out of your pocket, because the GPA won't reconsider a plan to write in order for payment this the reason why Regular Britain or over regulation is bad. Not just saying over regulation is bad. You have the time to people's lives linked to come up with a positive, a positive agenda. That's got to improve like K shook running a positive care. They, let me ask you point blank who region? no hidden home, and I don't know maybe some people like him when there are occasionally to Fanny pops up with a yard sign which candidate do you think is most capable of doing that. Well, look I mean, I think I think that
The candidates all have some qualities that lend themselves to this. I think that there are one strong messages that I got from talking with people is that their tired of wars thing somebody who's going to get things accomplish that are going to make positive difference in their lives work and outlines against head crews, but, on the other hand, TED cruises really good at getting on round and talking with people and in presenting a concern. Agenda in ways that are specific to different communities. So he's good at that. Tromp is good at understanding that people are frustrated in his speech in the hyper competent super executive? Who can get things done? Who is apart from the ideological wars right answer that appeals to that? That's part of the message two, so you re telling me there's a chance, isn't it Well, I don't because if we really want segments, ok, we're coming from with that. I won't have
back, arming and dual longer segment, we'd, better chairs about the training, and thank you so much for having me tonight. I know that you squeeze me and they know it or not. We can squeeze you and I wanted to have you in and then it was just that the schedule got insane with the collars and not gauge year. It will be fired. I want Ask using it because you ve written on politics for a long time, but you particular interest in the delicate game. Districts, unison, that better than most, what is the truth here. Have the rules changed against Donald Trump have theirs? the same I am under the impression. Am I wrong? They were. Out there in August and not a one has changed since August, but see it certainly since August, most most of the delicate allocation rules or are really traditional Colorado changed up. I'll bit over a year ago, but only just to say that Can I have bound delegates? The delicate selection process is the same as it's always been. This is those sausage making moments in an american politics most of the time convention
are over before they even start there they're just there to celebrate the nomination of the person who we ve known for months, Can it be the nominee. This The one year in a generation, one psychology in a where that's not the case until now, all of a sudden everybody has to catch up with these rules and alive part being taken by surprise by these roles, but the really the same rules have been around for decades and tourism delicate allocation, and of willing delegates. This is the way conventions have ways been done when their business, clear nominated by the time the conventional, exactly designed to ensure that somebody who cannot get a majority of even the republican vote doesn't go to a general correct right, Right I mean that's, that's that's the overall purpose of absolutely yet demonstrates and competence. You have demonstrated a broad ray within the party. That's right to nominate you absolutely well, that's my
for some other two party system, as hitherto party system, is to try to avoid a national version of what's happening. What these primaries, with someone who can't get about that thirty five percent fret threshold can take up the country, hostage and you ve, seen that in other countries with with thirty or Parties now come from Canada with a parliamentary system, psycho, listen to party system. It isn't great It's better than most alternatives, and it's really easy to say you were you me and corporate influence, but, like that, look at this look at this nomination process and a primary really want this kind of a quagmire in general. The difference between this is, The parliamentary system is that we are in the national issues prior the general election within the parties in a parliamentary system is but an that's much. Canada exist boiling three parties in Canada, But- others, are liberal, conservative, Andy P and then in cabana block you, like a book ever brought about some parties, big, you is more of it
back over. They still run nationally, they all eyes so silly. But when you take a look at Israel nurse like what twelve thirteen different parties it in a two party system, those those parties would cut it, be divvied up and they deemed viper leadership within the party before the general election. That's our two party system. All we are doing is we're replacing the stop. That would happen in any parliament in the United States for four years. With with this you're a long process of ironing out and bring me in the two when we get to the convention? That's that's it's really. This is It's it's the same type of function. We just put it. I headed schedule more or less than parliamentary system? And I can understand people we ve talked about this. I think it was Obama, Obama will heal it. Couldn't one Texas Obama got more delegates, I could be swap and the Mitt Romney one some states but run Paul got more delegates. This is not new, like you said it just its. It's coming down to the wire, so for the first time people educating themselves about it
and I understand why some more angry- I get it there with the Lindsey Grams- Miss MC kernels. I understand that. I understand this sentiment, but the point is some he's not being stolen from someone if you can't get over thirty five percent or thirty. Seven percent of the republican we're not this is people. Some of this is tat. Posting address, party writing this reach note. This is a party, it's not the government, and this is guy, who doesn't even have forty percent of the vote within one half of the country's voting electorate. I do so people keep it in perspective before they go to when in Start Bang and down hotel room doors, I think so. I knew I actually think that there's got to be a gap of about six weeks between the final primaries in the convention, and I think what you gotta find is people put the those five or six weeks to pretty good news to semi lotta wheeling and dealing to trade try to kneel this down prior to the convention. But even if it goes to the convention- and you have a year- you have
seven or eight or ten or fifteen balance before you get to a nominee. You know, that's, ok, that's what conventions actually are there. The backstop for when your prayers reprocess doesn't pick a consensus, not ready, ran in that's that's what they're. That's that's why you will like delegates to go to a convention so that you can so that that can be done. Its representative democracy rights, it's it's You must look right, let fall down the alternative right will obviously term doesn't want one vote. You know, representation doesn't want that because he's the one benefiting the most from the delicate system and winner takes all states right, there are no complete, was flaw, and he's banking on New York far more a far higher. Delegates than its actual per cent of the vote. So people need to understand that, and am I My thing as I have always tried to be consistent. Consistency is what bothers me, but let's a lot of trade, the other way, ok just vote and that person wins. Is it a good thing for who can't get over that thirty six percent threshold to get their approval,
in part is that is that productive that guy that's the only sort of they would have to make that tenable position for people who were yelling foul play right now. My incorrect, no you're right this in and bear in mind that the primary schedule was designed this time around to prevent that type of thing from him. Is well? Re idea was to wrap up a nominee early because member than on the primary kindest stretched out in India, twenty cycle to emit Romeo and of taking a lot of damage, even though it was clear that he was going to be more or less the consensus nominee, he didn't get it wrapped up until now, you're in the primary and in the meantime he's taking potshots from fell republicans, and then he would he had to spend all miss. I always primary. Care. She had no cash left and then the convention was in the first week in September
no way to answer these attack adds that we're coming from your home and you ve got all the secret Mormon gold. We know they have. Those later TAT says, add you're on a fact game. Here you need- and I said what can we say about the Mormon goes regatta morbid gold. I will not allow that. Oh, my gosh, how could I forget about that's? What's really destroying the party? Is the Mormon gold? That's their real? Well, but you're right, I mean it's a big day for as long as the primary six times they didn't have to go through that, but the problem was that they had a number of candidates who had viability and and so what you ve it is this poor five six candidates that were buying from buying for real boats in the first part of that front, loaded primary, it's not what you ve got is the extent what what's left over in its stretch, although with the convention now, because they did their when I was going to be my final question, we have, they had hard break. You think we're going to contact the convention. I think it's pretty likely it
point. I mean I think Trump can still get twelve thirty seven, but I think we're gonna go to a second ballot or third ballot in Cleveland yeah. That's what gonna fix balcony going red going red, he doesn't even it properly add Morrissey, we'll get you back on and global play one of the games with here. Maybe you and Superman. Thanks, so much weight at all. If the grocer love the beard louder with crowd her. Do not gonna wrap this up in a nice bow, because we can't wrap it up in a beard. That's physically impossible. They do now or Donald Trump plays family aboard games brought to you by Bradley Al Jazeera, ok, right, foot, on ran right foot. Now. This gave us rig
or by a little secret? Ok, you play a game. You stack the deck, occasionally your professional job doping. I do my research. I have people go to the best research, the best tumbling class, when I was five, should a tablet class when she was a disclosure you're disclose any papers area for heating disclosure. You do ok, lie like a lion, Michel, Ecology, a lion by sharing, merges playing twister our oceans. Like? Ok, let's leave flexibility and how will you? What are you buy? Churchyard shot, you stretch struggling to Ladys Europa, it's all games, rig statement from or Donald Trump Plays, family board games brought to buy Milton
Thirdly, an Al Jazeera only what you put Miss drink that drink only the special excise, although a dragon. O, my lord, that was called, I have an isolated at tumblr
and it seems you ve gotten colder and now my mouth hurts year what that was at Morrissey. You hadn't, Bessie going reticence book. I highly recommend it. I know you listen. We go from playing spot the training to thoughtful political discussions and more see knows that pretty well and he's a kind man he's a nice man usually present other stories in the final summit, but I thought this is pretty important. We just wrote about tonight at louder with crowded dot com by the way the Buzzfeed second that's not good, for which you will be five. We couldn't get working that'll be up on the website. Probably tomorrow, Buzzfeed released released a wildly racist, video stereotyping, black people, we're going to just answer there. Twenty seven quest that does not we're cute and show you why it's pure derisory here's a story bill nigh video. We have another website thinks, and he made the statement. That all that global warming, climate change sceptics should be imprisoned.
I'm not going to play this right now lying on the website. His reason any said for me, as a taxpayer and a voter, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate changes affecting my quality of life for the public citizen, I'm glad it's it public citizen and not scientist. At least he dropped that moniker So this is what we call the everything goes into: the General Welfare clause right after fifteen years in the constitution, general laugh, welfare, laws, I want free healthcare workers with the house. Consul general welfare clause- I want free, where's, our general welfare clause. I wanted bathroom general welfare clause, I wouldn't businesses have to serve me no matter what at any point, they have no right to say sorry general Welfare Clause whose Jennifer Welfare Gent Vanessa Jennifer
I general welfare collateral welfare and want to write that down can be taught I'm and now we go further on down the trail and you have bill nigh. I want to jail all people who decide want to as noted non scientist, Belmont Nigh G. That includes thirty thousand real scientists who actually signed a petition against climate change. Little on the millions of people who aren't convinced of man made global warming. Climate change now to be soon to be global, cooling again over the last few years,. He thinks that all of these actual scientists should be jailed well. That constitute general welfare clause and they tell us everything underneath it they want to jail you for having a different opinion.
And scientists he's not a scientist. He certainly not an atmospheric scientist who knows a scientist Kuchma Crypto Degree in geology lot of scientists it that they, like asking when you actually get down to science is way more split and what this goes back to why why jail them one and argue but ideas? What's affecting my personal life as a citizen, the ban, farts you're at that point. There is a movement I can get on board with well, I can't because happened would be hauled out here and Capps II be the first to go. It's true But my point is: you can just sandwich everything in there and the left uses it to silence all voices of opposition Pfeiffer fifteen. There was no trend
baronetcy. No one was notified of where it was you sign. If the email it was impossible. Why? Because I don't want the cameras rolling. They don't want. Reporters to show up who might challenge serb Police College Camp Is there going to ban what about that on the website this week, they're going to ban you if you offend people, a few trigger people on campus, Consumers are saying, hey, you can say whatever you want sure you want to do the Piss Christ art glad brilliant on campus, You aren't you all kinds of anti christian anti conservative. You want to step on the american flag. Absolutely glad conservative say that if you're conservatives on campus anyway, to say? No, we need them banned, kick them out, segregated spaces out, want transparency to no one. That dialogue bill. My non scientist wants actual scientists jailed doesn't want to dialogue. There is a consistent,
requiring of a lack of transparency on the left that you should find us concern. Any should fund equally disconcerting any time it happens on the right now give it retiring. They really focus on. Transparency were talking about a guy like just in a match. I agree with him on everything. Defies every single vote. He makes on his website social media page. That sounds great. That's it we're not mob rule, we're not total democracy, The representative republic, isn't it great to have one? Is transport What do you like it or not? This is a trade mark of the left, and this is listen people say, say: ok, you know we obviously sometimes were making arguments on louder with greater and we're drawing parallels. Bernie Sanders fascism for mediocrity he wants to socially engineer right classes and capitalism and free enterprise. We talk about his classes are moving, Bernie Sanders must to that doesn't happen, that's fascism for mediocrity. Ok,
using that as an analogy, this is actual fascism. How can who are you? How can I left argued? This is not very bleak Literal fascism jail people with whom I disagree. And wise and this front page everywhere, you don't. You have people getting mad they're, saying another TED tat. Ted crews wants to establish religious oligarchy because the Christian mark reptiles, an atheist does on the shows Knox. If you look, he doesn't want to do that at all. He believes in powers of the state is like rain, Paul, deeply catholic not want to establish a religious oligarchy. What about it? bill mine, and as user mainstream leftism who won to jail people for agreeing with sketchy science by the way. Climate change settled science. Gender is fluid if you say you were born with a penis vagina. That's hate speech. That should be so alarming to you to America.
I hated Maradona. Doomsday thing read the article look at the patterns: we need more dialogue. We need more conversation, we need more battles of ideas. The left has disdain, for it know that and always look looking out for you. That's us lotta with greater see you next week,
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