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#71 WIENERS EVERYWHERE! Curt Schilling, Dave Rubin, Gavin McInnes

2016-04-22 | 🔗
This week, we have the first, exclusive interview with Curt Schilling after his controversial firing from ESPN! Also, Dave Rubin stops by for some debate, and Gavin plays "Newest Gender Pronouns!" With lord hopper.

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This week and not get yards, diet haven't what what is as an energy yeah. What is it next to it? Some skittles where'd. You have for dinner, the first half of the skills. You know your body, can't be healthy right. I assume so it's not possible to be healthy eating with that. Well,. Novel earlier statement more now, data you probably hearing this podcast either through I tunes or sound cloud somethin like that, or maybe you ve heard it on this indicator. Radio show across the country, but you may not know that this show is actually live stream. Video lives through every Thursday night, eight o clock Eastern Thursday, eight o clock eastern lotta with better dot com or youtube dot, com, Slash Stephen Crowd or you can actually watch the live stream, see the guests Z
all these little infographic go on there. We have some inclusive commercials. You get to see the hopper. Can people like the hopper can an additional firing of not gay itself? Again, it's free. If you to see what your hearing go off, the live stream, Thursdays, eight p M Easter lotta with Canada,
found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment, I dont like a whole bunch of others still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body. Not only can we are definitely going to minors, your listening top radios, strangest you're getting louder with router to be with you. We are working now. Hopefully, everyone can hear me. We did is alive streaming online before now we are live with you of course, think it not geared we fired after the break. I am your hosts, Stephen Credit, losing with me insidious.
Always, is not gauge aired, but a lot of kind of outcome follow him at night. Gay Geraghty is not gay. Fulfil my legal obligations, drawing conclusions, I'm assuming that we're good. I don't need to afford you that luxury since you screwed up so badly big S today, For those who don't know we have actually I'm under the impression is exclusive interview. The first interview with Kurt showing of ESPN. After the debacle of him, posting hosting an image of training with this whole North Carolina situation was fine from his around to bring about always run two of the meme like lash the heads of in this. Last year with an Islamic, but it wasn't fired, wasn't fire. Think, but I mean this is like. So this is round Rondeau. This is probably too easily repeat offenders yeah. He is so he's going to be on here and the third our he's going to phone in and of, but I had no idea you follow me. I guess a fan of a shower incredibly grateful even exclusive on that we have given Mcguinness, always fun. We playing newest gender and we have Dave Reuben Lovely. Comedian host
more left end. Always fun to have him on so great gas lined up today and a big show like going on this week. Big show that you are due to you that prince died and he's got in. You an absolute moron, some eight is mine and none. I note that on you, I know that France died s, lights. Does horrible way to introduce it the singer on air. Yes, been trending everywhere numb. How could I not know just what you just said. Is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. Thank you, but here's the idea. Here's your travelling. You may I was travelling to doing what around now people no about point in your rambling, incoherent response, will you close to anything that could considered irrational thought. I just wondered if you knew about it, it's injury topic, people, going about it. Yeah there's also election going on
they wanted to notify audience that too, yes, Sexton resulting Nancy everyone in this room is now Dahmer, for Listen to it. You just keep me up perfectly, and I warn you know, points and make God have mercy on yourself. Prince did pass away he didn't. We are aware of this. I was aware of this was listen. I listen the prince a whole lot, think of Batman, Vicki Veil, Revell yeah, that's true! That's what think of yeah! Well, that's because your Europe Miro horrible human being- and you don't actually recognizes accomplishments, the guy was a wildly talented, Musician Tom simply come Governments yeah any always it was overshadowed by the gimmick. That's one of the things that happened to the lot of these people, and you see it. You see it with in any form of media, see it with comedian deceit with musicians, their brilliant telling lady Gaga Lady Gaga was a great jasmine.
And if you actually look is even now to go, we are to make it well. You know ugly takes up to go fishing with dynamite, and so people aren't shown up for your jazz recital you toss on a meat suit in expose your nipples and call it a day. Not that not my point is there she's talented, prince was incredibly talented. I feel like Prince is one of those artists. Alot of people want to say that like Prince, but didn't really listen to him, and I am just honest. I had heard a couple of in a couple of his main songs site. I wanna pretend like I'm a fan we'll do that lonesome and I can't believe it China, the rest or died. Isn't this it s a glad at sight of someone dies, but I'm not gonna. I wasn't a fan follows doubly w. We deem it I won't live. There was a pardon me that thought Princess D. Already there are seven miles. I thought inside thoughts are now out, while that you should keep them is insight. Thoughts, of any inside outside Donald Trump
It will go right into this because will no doubt have to get into this with guests. We ve talked about this. We did that that transgender Bill schoolhouse rock parity and for those who don't know restraints right Adams? All these people are more cunning North Carolina over the Trans algae beating you a ip bathroom laws. Basically, the bathroom laws for those we haven't been, how long have you been living under a rock it's another? It's why court showing was fired so conservatives radically opposed. Not only can. His moderate, left us where thing are getting a little absurd. Ok, if businesses want people who have been, is to use the men's room. They should this is not an entirely right issue. This isn't right. Verses left me People agree with that and that's why this outrage at Kurt Shilling was fired, but now There's Donald Trump today. So let's talk about this, that's really clip restaurant. Don't run an issue here. Mr Trump, please be specific. Tell us your view. On algae BT? Are you plan to be inclusive, as president speak about,
curious you, after a law in particular fairly require she was gonna come up. I will tell you well I've got a lot to do. Something was very strong and paying a big price and there's a lot of problems, and I heard one of the best answers I heard was from a common taylor. Yesterday, saying leave it, It is right now they happen not very few problems, just as we know idea, let's carolina what they're going through with all of the businesses in all of the strife and and its on both sides. Leave the waiters. There have been very few complaints. The way it is go that use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate their husbands a little trouble and the problem with what happened in North Carolina? Is the strife and the the Anyone who goes on European himself working just we'd have to watch all thing and goes on to say the transgender people should be released when we're bathroom. They want so for those this. This is important right. You can't again, if you just say I don't care about any of it. I want Donald Trump sorry
let's just lay into this here you can not on what were were thirst. We'll get. You can rely on Wednesday night be outraged, in its the number one trend, and I watched all these trump people. You cannot be outraged that Kurt shilling was fired for clear. Speaking out against the trends in Europe, even people. I got like James Woods and celebrities. Not be outraged and point out how silly it is and then justify these remarks into the mental gymnastics the next day to say: well, no, it's ok for trumpets it at first off. People are trying to say here. You know like, let me tell you a few believe, he's politically incorrect he's gonna stay. This is the most spineless paralytic we correct state, to answer you could possibly give not only They display that he has no understanding of how state laws work or why this law was created in the first place he not an intelligent, and he doesn't know. That's need us now there's a combination of him not being very bright in understanding how government works and he's one to turn. Go back to the previous episodes. Like I said in a general election he's going
be far more gentle on Hillary Clinton, then he's been on. Republicans watch it if he makes it through. He, probable megatherium goes to a second ballot. But Somebody does what somebody gets the delegates. This is that easy appeasing. The left answer expect this: and whilst others that there is a politically correct, we know is not willing to be politically incorrect when it's hard. This is an issue he's caked, ok, you can't leave the laws the way they are gets into? Why is he an authoritarian state as the reason North Carolina had to create this law is because of a city, ordinance and Charlotte by the way, Donald I'm sure, knows this. If your landlord in New York City, you can be fined for using the pro gender pronouns member. We covered that Libya, if you own a building in New York City dicks, bathroom and yo. You gonna, ladies room. If you do that, you can be fined that really mean you can lose your business. You can be suit this. Happens in New York City, The reason why do your values suck don't tell me what you're. Well, you suck
if the values of a city involve fighting somebody for recognizing by Ology the values of that city suck. So that's what but we know that's happened in York. That's what happened with Charlotte, basically forcing forcing these places. Businesses to this note. You have to let people use whatever bathroom. They feel like to the state came in and said no use the bathroom that you were born with. Let's simplify the confusion and people, we can talk about roads, protection that we talk about this last week. They train lines that it describes against gay people. It has nothing to do with gay people and has to do specifically with businesses churches, organisations having the to say, listen, you ve got it on Thomas. Don't go in. Girls room and it was necessary because of Charlotte the law was created in response to encroaching government power That's why? So you can but the way it is you don't know what you're talking about and, of course, you don't you're talking about and you're trying to use it to appease the politically correct left. If you
protesting, Kurt shilling being fired and ESPN on Wednesday. And then doing mental loop de loops to justify trumps remarks the next day come on. Let's just say you don't care. I have no problem people who don't care, but if one you can see the time and of Dickie mentioned being the girls restroom. This is ridiculous. I support North Carolina. I want a boycott, Bruce Springsteen. Then this trumpeting comes up. Well, you know, Maybe it doesn't matter anyway. Let's talk about the economy, my only what is it you didn't I match or cop out within our cop out, I see you're a cop out, I raised another. Now he played Devils Afghan. We elements, What are you thinking? Maybe another purpose, Tennessee. I believe it is the governor Publican per train businesses with tax hikes. If it doesnt support the law, there is one for you if they don't supports. The same kind of bill that is being passed on, what kind of the same each one party or Scotty pressure them. I roads repression with tax. If they don't guess what you do so you say
ok or honour the bill on ensuring that our words, you say: hey, I dont know queer burner. You're going but people use whatever restrooms. They want we're going to tax. You more known, a nose As for the bill, he wants the trend gender build so that, like North Carolina, has passed right so show you To be able to authorise on your biological, yes, but my point is so, let's say a private business like a queer burger or whatever it is gay and her says: hey we want to let any one you should have a bathroom. This governor wants to tax that business more. I think so. I think it's at that's the just I got would suggest you got, I would need to read up on it more. My initial reaction would be disagree. I haven't read up on that. I've been on the road performing. So if this just happened recently- but I would have to read up on it- my issue would be if its businesses lobbying against it, trying to force other businesses to re eyes any kind of a bath but this isn't just businesses also goes to public buildings and that's what you have any other states do so in public buildings. I do think it should be left to businesses either,
I just like I think than breakfast should have the right to say. I don't want to marry two guys named TAT, go to another one or do not have the biggest two years on it, so you I would at first glance be against that law. If the girl, what will come back and in fight about this more in fact it was a rather Bondman and now for Sean King claims things. Well, all right, Mister king, I am so glad that we have that the saga behind us we can move forward on a purely professional basis. Yes meets EU adds where great Of course you are aware the term european accusations that you ve plagiarize this recent article of yours is this in fact, just shoot me straight as this. Your article III
That is my article. Consumers want to be clear for the record. You are in fact claiming that this is an original piece of content from you. Yes, that is correct, okay, so people claiming that it came from this other publication, there's no basis. I wrote that as well, I'm certainly from the other public. Hey you to sit. It was original than at one another problem. Asian. Yes, but I did it. May I ask you something: did you make this computer e ass? I did in fact make that personal computer Mr Kane, are you just claiming things yeah? What about these pants and where did you make these past years? you saw them stitch. Yes, I did manufactured them. Yes, industry,
yeah, did you carry it to the store and place a sales tag on yeah, we'll let the liquidation stickers and you put those yes that is mastic these glasses. Did you make these glasses yeah? You are claiming that these glasses right here on my head. You made yes claim in those glasses. You complete and utter lack of regard, for the truth is is nothing short of remarkable. I've been told that before That's been this week's instalment of Shonkin claims things. I gladly were dancing. The studio is pushing my cleavage together because you know what I'm going this in turn is practically the weekend. I'm going
to be ass. Why, Andrew I dont say what data we have some of our wonderful affiliates who run it not necessarily on Thursday when people can also be easy Einstein for now. As you know, the Moors hatred voices nor the Michigan Quality Missouri WHAM. Cone Alaska, BT, Mp Missouri, if you more than missing you d, memorizes you're, reading that I am reading those other right in front of you, I'm a cholesterol numbers right, it load my notes or did I know why those are there. I was by the way, is a good. My my my classroom numbers are fantastic and they got way better. When I start more meat and fat Anna Bregetio wasn't ash entered in Aachen? Well, that's reasonable, not Gauger, that's absolutely reasonable. We have a few store you I was. Let me let me start with us here Reuben coming up after the break Dave Reuben, I was performing it at buck now university.
And younger. It was one of the things that date got mixed up. Then you got mixed, so it was a middle of the road show, but Tom over their hullo said he peak here produces miles podcast, great guy, nice guy. We did this the shower sort of started out to stand up, and then I blew up my need doing my penguin impression and I How does it most of us? Are you angry gotten my whole settlers, because we're just blinding pain, but we need to do away with the audience and a few things have a remarkable with you for those listening people who listen to this tend to be relatively educated. They tend to be in the know. They're pretty engaged your listing. This show. Typically, you know more than the average citizen regarding politics. There is that there are some protesters. There are some people who showed up some left. Us too, are there to not So when we started talking having a discussion asking questions, the first question I always ask, is: what is the fundamental role of government and in no left us has ever answer this? That a programme and, of course the conservatives Answer- is to protect the inalienable right of the people and then left will go left us whatever, which right.
Well, isn't a great that we have. The constitution is blueprint. This one guy was Bernie Sanders supporter, saying, isn't it my job to represent the most people. I said no, I really want them to redistribute wealth. I think that's cause. It needs to be what's better for people s, you need to substantiate that he was unable to and asked more ok, you want what do you believe that fairness as what about Amerika like a flat tax, he said will know? That's not fair. This is true by the way you can ass Tom over their young America's for liberty, not you could feel wave over the room of concern. Realizing that left us for professional protestors, who tried to ban Milo from campus weren't, happy that I was showing up on campus they had no idea what conservatives we're thinking this really but in real time- and I think it's important for you to hear this- because it would hurt the poor more because and paying in the rich. Don't pay anything, because here we have a problem with the general concept of percentages said: what do you mean? I'm a hundred thousand dollars and I paid twenty thousand dollars,
and then I make a million dollars and they turn a thousand dollars. How is that not fair? He said. Oh, oh, that's a flat tax. I forget: what did you think was I thought it was like a flat fee that everyone paid. So ok, so what I just described to you is that fair. Well, it's more fairer than I thought yeah, but you already voted you absolute but whole This point has already voted for Bernie Sanders, so the girl notes are due to. But it is not now it's not a virtue for you. Ve gotten vote You don't even know what what what a flat tax as you have no idea what this is, your welcome it I think perhaps numerous didn't work out. You never stopped us other thought, that others no way up a poor person could pay said Tom. We ourselves have regarded, not unknown decided. No one corrected him from the laughter of the whole group of people. More left is not a single one. They probably know either. No, they didn't know, though, if you spoke up or the consumer Republicans
saying now, it's not a flat tax then he was willing to reconsider it. Simply we women, who are talking about feminism on campus, enable even say spaces. They could name one single right, afforded demand that weren't afforded to women and twenty sixteen ended up having a dialogue and afterward. They came up and they thanked me in this. You know I appreciate you at least letting us speak. A lot of conserving speakers. Come here with with Q guards they don't really answer any questions, so an actual something alot of people do L, Frank and does that regos askew Q guard from the audience I snow stand. Meeting, who would do that? He would like I m monetarism. Improv comedy an acute card was always like culinary making a pizza doing in making a pizza like he, energy use and everyone is seen as acted like. Ok, improv we get it. Why should a dialogue with these kids and you? you will be sometimes astounded at the very don't mean they're stupid, but the very basic ideas of which they ve never really thought and afterwards that struck me. This is what we do this programme
A very smart people on this programme in a ruined a smart guy had get set on. We have we have what color biologists have eight degrees Gerald have these days, and I dont know how Maggie has of Austria we that psychiatrist who lecture across the country and then we also placed by the treaty. We have a kind of silly stuff as well, but if it seems isn't like this, if you think it wise that reductive, when you have a significant portion of kids in college, we're getting masters degrees who don't know what a flat taxes its import, these kids couldn't named the three branches of government. That's why schoolhouse rock and such a big advocate the preamble to the constitution, three Rosa three branches of government, what their role is, how a bill becomes a law Andrew, junctions and you can learn it in a span of an afternoon. Kids aren't getting. Basic education on college campuses. Afterwards, this girl came up who was all about police brutality and feminism and say spaces? She'd will thank you for for at least make sure you have never heard your pay, the opinions you spouse to force. It wasn't ready for it as it is attacking us appreciate that, but little let me bring something up to you.
Every single conservative here in this audience has heard all of your opinions every opinion you express, and they ve heard it before, I didn't even really have to answer these questions. I just happen, have the microphone. I said you know why, because it's the same opinion of all your professors and they had a defended their entire life. They ve heard nothing, but your opinions, everything you ve expressed, they ve heard mould, times and have been able to substantiate where they disagree with it. You have not even heard one opinions expressed and I, as am going to talk about diversity, who do you think it's running themselves? Are the more intellectually diverse group. So you know what that's so that's true. I really should educators, so I should learn more she'd, never hurt anybody, say the wage gap as a myth, just in me. This girl Tom was listening there from back now, people were astounded. When I talk about statistics, riot police brutality as well. If we talk about your police shootings with With- blackmail and actually you're more likely to be shut. His young wife person. I don't believe you. Ok, let's give you.
Much leeway as possible and me as little as possible. That's we train from these debates. Let's say that's not true too. Could we at least acknowledge? Statistically black Americans commit more crimes that would probably correlate the arrests or cop shooting them with. Correlate if, if not an inverse correlation compared to white people with their violent crime rate, and she said why don't know where those statistics should. I don't really know what statistics are anyway. What are they really? They can just say anything. That's no statistics are there. Numerical equation. That is stated that is verified. All that you can observe that is used to to estimate correlation and Causation Senator Paine there's not a feeling of safe space. That's what statistics are Well, I don't agree. I disagree after that. I disagree this. What's happening on college campuses. And sometimes we start off. We'll get into a lot today, but it could get nerdy Unita. Really some people don't even have a basic understood, of government or no to flatter this day Reuben after the break he's one of the smart one statement
this week and not get yards, diet haven't or those cheese, its daddy Johnson, you dipping cheese, it's an ranch, after you did the inner drinkin skittles earlier, yet there's no way for your body to be able to fund in closing about it and don't worry about it later, Yes, they do and more not get yards died Stephen Grotto, your height Jared? What are you doing to seventh troubled into this block? That's because you can't ray. I know I shouldn't use freedom, project, academy, freedom, what Freedom Project Academy just go to F B, Eu Usa Dot Org, it's a fully accredited private online school, no common core and absolutely government funding whatsoever, all the classes.
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we are glad that bring on our first guess. I don't off if I'd use the word glad, but See here show on the authority laughing before and bringing it doesn't understand the rules and broadcasting this hack. You gonna come Reuben Roof ruin. Report? You can watch it online over Itunes or a tv Dave Reuben. Thanks for being answer, Carter. I love this you're. Just on my show, we're doing an old school cross promotion right out, as is very Professional man sponsored by the call, gave our way twenty were kind of going back to that. Have you noticed that we went from my all add break with a ton of ads, and now it's going back to sponsored content like the full programme. As one or two main sponsors, its everything all those new again, everything all these new. You know sponsored content as long as they are not telling you what to say. It's pretty good cause. You know, there's some products that I wouldn't mind having a nice red wine bottle behind me in talking about drinking that I dont have shown by me at the moment, but I think that would be.
Sweet one of our sponsors, a simplified wind outcomes. They should do that. They just they ship, wine to your door. You call your like I like this piano. This is my budget and then he curates it and send it to you what it. What if I steal them from you right now, you did steal a made in a really have any money They pays Vienna swill and it's all you do. Is it up for money I know a way that you know sell out that's kind of that's kind of economics, ok, we're just on others in Europe, media and sort of being corporate corporate sellouts I'm always been open in this general. We have a very select few sponsors every now and then we just make money and whatever the general add revenue is, but you I want to pay, not Jared in our employees. Well, I want to grow and increase influence. At what point do you think that crosses over into when does it become a problem? Well, either. Look it's different! It's different for everybody
and if you have integrity, which I think you do, and I think I do, it makes a trick- the right road equity there you faking it pretty overnight. We think it pretty well yeah, it's our share. I got the court where the money in back. Nice try with that, I'm still trying to get that the big tracking money that you mentioned during my writing. I want burn slant, oil drilling money. Remember that from the sentence yeah that's right, slant drilling. It was pretty brilliant. That's what cause dad who shot? Mr Verhofstadt, ailing. Now that's right! You're such a Simpsons, trivia! Guys! Aren't you almost everything I know from comedies from seasons like forty eight, those those prime years simpsons of Simpsons this past Sunday season twenty seven. It was an episode like all about up who, with a quickie mark- and I left the cup times, and I was like all right: that's the best they can do now, but and could you know about? Usually I'm watching to Vienna like this- is all horse garbage, so terrifying,
have twice and a half don't don't. This is actually item FCC radio, so don't don't make not get yards job harder areas. That's, ok, no you're right! We now have a good friend. Actually he does a lot in the in and symptoms, she's she's, a conservative and she talked about how hostile it as their just when they're in their recording how nobody else is in. Came in industry and she has to keep it a secret and you would know right away she's one of the prominent voice actresses on their part that was a great show. They tried to be family guy for awhile member. They were losing steam in family. Guy came enemy, could sort of sea seeping into the influence it doesn't work. Don't try me family guy, the Simpsons kind of like a day David, be Dave. Ruben, dont, be I don't know who else? I don't know your Dave Reuben, I'm don't that anti dumping Larry King, because now you're working with them insert other generic guy no you're, not you're, lucky guy Ok, I'm not very good at the gay thing, I'm going from like ten p m like what it wants. Those are my main gay
Let's my plan to claim on the best, and I want to bring question Why do you think a problem? You people talk on mainstream media and corporate media right, but everyone to make a living soul. What point is genuinely a problem or someone's not being honest, yeah? Well, I have a great situation here with our because, as I told you a couple minutes ago, my show daily do whatever I want now, obviously salaried by them, but their goal. They have never pulled me aside and say they say that I honestly a hundred percent. Honestly, I don't no the exact. Is that are in this building right now, I don't even know their political opinions on anything truly that's a beautiful thing, because it allows me to go about my own. This in a way where I'm only behold into my thoughts that that's pretty soon. If such a contrast when I was with traditional media, oh my gosh, I was always going to be the trouble colleagues. So that's look! That's why people don't trust mainstream media anymore. You know
It is very second, I do have my turn in the right way. I've got nine b it and then that's just so. I can hear you brethren of anyone in the control room parking orders at me, or I hope you're not going to. Maybe they'll start right now, but you know to be because of that Can you do this freely? This is the beauty of the internet. That's why we have to make sure that as we ve seen some of the screws tightening on the internet. You know where we know shadow banning has gone out on Twitter and New York. Tweet every now and again, you'll see subscribed my show before they kicked me off twitter right. You know, and we know why, with Facebook were actually in litigation right now at Facebook, because they it's not just they sense stated something wrong financially. Were they we can't get into all of it on air, but it is right now they are apologizing and trying to remedy it, and yet this kind, happens a lot and a lot of you don't have the power to stand up to it. And yet it is generally and tie. Conservative
That's because I see the conservatives as the radical free speech, people and the hate speech and so you're sort of and on on unwilling brother in arms had pulled in that. That's it way to describe it. I mean that that sort of how I feel, because we can, we can disagree about as much political step as you want to get into, but absolutely more than anything else believe in freedom. Each year say absolutely what every what short short of direct call for violence, direct call for murder and and harming someone, but short of that you can say ever you want- and I will counter your speech with speed I will not silence you. I won't Stop. You know what weeks ago, they had these people, these trump people wanted to get to a rally in Arizona and there were burnt. People that were literally blocking the highway. That's it You know we have a social contract that we should allow
each other to speak and then beat their speed. You got a better idea: let's have a better a battle of ideas. If you don't let people have the battle baby. Then Actually you just strengthen the lot of the other side. I know you're, not a big trump guy, but of the reason that the trumped up is working is because his people feel but they can't get their message. I know that may not be true at all No, but I dare say I agree with it and then like so I have defended that you have written about that multiple times and defended it like interests on the Bernie rally but, like you said, you go well what it yet the toolbar. What is not defensible, direct call to action and I'm gonna kill you can in a territory words punch them in the face. Now pay your legal fees The sudden change, like you, get your photo crowded bitter and they also deserve no one's arguing that, but then yes and people who are arguing you can offer to pay someone legal fees that they put some of the face we're getting in defensible territory in that's my issue with like hey, it doesn't have to go this. You can still make a valid argument and and not go full crazy. But this
where everyone, except for this little sliver, I think somewhere in the middle between classic liberals and the material, has gone completely bonkers. So of course, you're right. Try is inciting violence when he implies that if someone punches, somebody's gonna pay for them These and someone get punched right we'd. So we have a somewhat recollection there right. The same time the day? of the of the trunk rally in Chicago: it wasn't the trump people that were outside attacking cops and burning things and breaking windows Bernie. I those those were burning people so both sides are at fault here and look, I don't think Really himself is instigating bull to violence, but there is something behind the social. This movement allowing people to think that, while I was very simple, is ok varies and that's the problem, and this is what I send you may disagree, but when you call him a racist when you call someone a sexist and homophobia and a fashion
and a transfer of you ve now made them out to be worse than nazis. Would we disagree enough? A nazi walked on an who wanted to actually kill Jews that it would be acceptable to jail. That person course now I would have a problem with Nazis, but when you create one, treat someone when you make them out to be less than human, you make it acceptable to treat them in a way that sub human and that's what you're saying and it started with tee parties. Race. And now everything is sexist, homophobic transfer back. They think of have I a penis that you should use the males, locker room Bruce. Seen in programme thing. You need a protest estate because that's hate speech equivalent to Lynch mobs and mother gonna get you talking to absorb it, not that I'm gonna get stuff for I just talking to a straight white male you're, the worst you're, the worse than the one. Where you get your when your white male disunity he likes to party, you know what actually even the gaping right now is not an answer being shifted out of the pecking order. You know
this pecking order that the left has with this stuff gay men? specially gay white men are really being pushed out now we're viewed as privileged, so they there. There done with eyes too, which is which is obviously a problem. Market there's also gay white men tend to be very successful. You up, you intend to fill that under the Bell curve, with tend to be smarter, tend to be creative. It's one of those things. Milo talked about it in a just peace, you're not like hearing. This is just a statistic. Gay men tend to be relatively smart for whatever reason, good looking and successful there, You must hate those people, because their successful is that our work, I think I've found works in the left. I just don't I just don't like you, because you're gay so unites or not that way what one does happen. Looking around, we froze there far you that's not gonna. Our good. We can see your fine, it must be our tell org spring for high speed their day. Reuben happened right. I don't know, I don't like you, because you're gay punchline and he's looking around like people, people
the girl. Now we really are founded on IRAN. You couldn't be talking about me, that's. Why are we talking about me? I'm gonna go into now, but that's that's my point raised. They just stay so for us. It's been so much further behind you on the trail where we ve been condemned and now you're experiencing it. What let me ask, where do you feel and they just talk and I'll? Let you like a good example. North Carolina right, They go to anti algae, BT, Q Laws, I think anyone to use energy beating you seriously should be roasted with their own Thanksgiving Turkey, with a stake we german through their heart, I Joe Material High, and there is another, only maybe a ip but algae. He is widely accepted, even Jaw Mikhail. Whenever I remember his son. We need to know what the Earth North Carolina, what the earth, I want to give all my money to eligibility Q community without a sense of this is kind of ridiculous harder. Feel being the g this is entirely by the way bathroom situation. It has nothing to do with gay people at all. How do you,
what that, where there is lump you in with that same moniker wheel, You made that distinction first cause. I've said this many times that being being a gay mail or being a lesbian or something else. You know we put all these letters together, but the, but the truth is that I don't know intrinsically more about the trans experience than you do now. It's an it's an other right in terms of humanity. I suppose so that that's why these people are grouped together and I know some transport. I have some good trans friends, but I, but I dont I'm not in, only by being gay rights that doesn't make me know anything more about their experience, Robert, but this without getting into the minutiae of this specific lock. As we know these things com and then to my later there there forgotten about but it is so directly linked to what you said before about the
everyone's races, homophobia, sexist every other thing- and that's why I'm really proud if I've done anything since we started to show in September that I've really helped normalize and get too to the mainstream, this regressive left phrase because these people. They are pretending to be progressive. They are pretending to be for progress, what they are for really is regression. They are for viewing us all only by the color of our skin by our sexuality or ironically by our religion, even though progressives or them supposedly the most against religion, raise right- and I say this as an atheist- throw so there's a lot there and that's why I want people to freak know you in fighting the good fight on your side for the right- and I know you want the Republican Party and the right to get back
some decent ideals and have that battle of ideas, and that's why I'm doing it on the left. Here we have one more shorter segment. Can we do? but in this area I am, I right Youtube com, Slash Reuben report. You can watch him everywhere, we're going more about algae. Did you a ip and silent number? Two latter with cutters data and now for Shonkin makes excuses sponge. Twitter inject or see Mister king and several allegations, not the least of which is that you are in fact not black holes, that you have plagiarize your recent content. Also that you have lied about the true in spring of funds as they relate to black lives matter,
other racially motivated nonprofit? Yes, but you don't understand something: what's that my mom was a whore Ya'Ll, your mom or themselves very black thing. Do I me she was a real filled. The whole we're buying man, I'm telling you that bit was the whole. Getting blacker is not my fault that my mom slept with a man. Who was why black, shows up as I want to do. I don't remember here: we are not very good at this. That's been this week's instalment of shocking makes excuses
He is a busy man who have to let him go. We can't take him for too long Youtube outcomes. Letterman report Dave, Reuben. Thank you for being here. We were told this before the break, yet you I've been fighting this fight for a long time you to really going back to two thousand and nine two thousand. Ex. If you count some semi political videos and it wasn't very popular back, then there were no doubt rubens. Everyone was a militant leftist atheists because they were the environment. They hated George Bush, and so everyone who was conservative was racist and and so I think, the reputation proceedings, because a lot of those people have sort of transition, but still regret. Like now, but I still hope that crowded guy worth nothing, I'm saying is any different I think you union I drafted back in there behind the flying v I'm glad to help you out, I'm glad you're in the fault uglier than I can
why'd you with a little self affirmation. Why are you people? You didn't exist if you did not exist, or at least maybe you were bundle certain certain contracts or authority, or maybe you couldn't, people leave existed, I will be a hundred per se. Honest with you as I would be with you all the time I didn't have my awakening, I mean it really crack in the last two years. So I was what I would now consider to be far left and I mean tensions, we're always good. So why the phrase you know the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I think a lot of these people have good intentions. You know some of you, you throw out. You say: well, these lacked estimate this implication that they're all like you know just profound Lee unintentionally, evil. Yes, some of them are. Some of them are evil. I'll. Give you that much, but but a lot of them do think that this She'll justice warriors stuff that all of this stuff, real
is the right road to take and that's why that's why I've tried to make my show about ideas, because I don't I don't want to demonize them to the point where I can't talk to them, I've been trying to show people that there is a little bit of a wider net here. That's why it's workin yeah. I think I think you're right I separated into- and I was writing a book about this. Well, maybe I'll finish it, but all the conservative publishers really normally do comedy and not doomsday enough. They said everything else Obama Doomsday book written in south doesn't, unlike the wake up Mama blueprint and I think killing. Whatever was kid there's so many killing books, but it separately killings have has really done already well, eventually regularly the killing orally amended spare us off? I think I think of what happened. Is there too if there are what are called modern left us, recall the regressive left and then just the american idiots Green Data, American idiot right. They went to the Uk Recorder Anti american song. People pump their fish stocks.
And I remember cinnamon car I live in Canada and bright eyes and images come errands moving again right and it was an easy applause, because a comedian right, you're, nay hello, Lanka, Stern, this common bash Bush in there People who lie the James Cameron's the the people out there in heads of media, the Sean pen to our decision. To our so basket in the agenda. They can't get off of it and I think that a lot of people like you said who just buy it there aren't they intentions, but they believe it porn to delineate between the two, but I think there are far more people who are lists and dishonest. Then I will. To believe for a long time when you have Obama going up and talk about the pay gap that we know is false. We know anyone with just a basic in turn. Who can do? Statistics knows it's untrue that a president who is being dishonest, afford an agenda and in that I would say my awakening where I was and I don't want to attribute to collusion what can be attributed to incompetence. I think more collusion and I once believed. Well, you know it's funny to me because
you think about the the Bernie campaign right. You know he Leslie talks. Obviously money in politics is the number one thing. There's no question and I uniting people on both sides. The I'll do think that money in politics is a huge problem, but He also talks about totally for citizens united, but you can continue. You offers indeed, I absolutely do you know why I started you don't have any idea why we're gonna go, people have no idea. Why do you know why citizens United exists. Because they want to demand an anti Hillary Clinton documentary. That's that's the court case. No, you can't releases before an election and it was going to be banned. There are going to say no, you can't funds, this can go out, and so he's filmmakers, thought it, so they would have the right to make an anti Hillary Clinton documentary. That's the basis for it, and so is a no corporations, have the same rights as people recognize me personally to these film Yours could make an anti Hilary documentary. People need to read up on the history of that. There needs to be corrections because of that case, but overturning the right of businesses to have a say in politics, our rights
Be that as it may and as I said, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, rather good intentions with the law, then I'll give you that, but that doesn't mean that their money in politics in isn't a problem, but I will support. The point is, when, when Bernie says this money in politics, when he talks about all America's wars, thoughts about health care, What he's really saying is that Barack Obama has been a horrible president right right because borough look when you can blame, we can again spend the endless amount of time blaming George Bush for Iraq and nobody's defending the Iraq war anymore, and guess what It almost aim is a pretty honourable guy doing some horrible step and we didn't have Youtube as excessively back there to see all the raffle things he is doing in patrolling gaze approves- and you know the horrible torture chambers in terror and asking the Kurds and organise a terrible somebody loved brand crunch. So there's a right, but the point is that that, if, as Bernie is running on
saying all the american Wars and our healthcare system so screwed up in the money about what it's been a pretty left. I in the oval office for the last seven years, Mama has in that I guess book or anything. While a bomb. I haven't done anything about our wars. There is still plenty a drone strikes right. I think I just read this morning that were sending two hundred troops on the ground back to Iraq or somethin. You know Obviously our healthcare Obamacare didn't work out as well as Obama would have liked. Could then Bernie wouldn't be talking about it right There is an interesting condemnation of the left by Bernie that I dont think people have quite woken up, I think you're right now. Just by when I wrote about it, I was saying we who have to blame of Allah had for the first time. Years he could do whatever he wanted any did and the same reason people upset with it. Begins as even stopped any of it. One was wanted, he's gotten done and they just want more done. They just want more control. I want to public option. They want to keep moving further. That's why? So, if you want to talk about extreme,
seems. I don't. I think I am far less extreme, then certainly Bernie or Barack Obama. I dont think its far more We must say, ok held on this healthcare planned and work. Let's allow people to opt out, let allow private organizations in exemptions. Let's allow insurance across state lines, tort reform, One is a much more extreme position, finance for people that you have had an awakening. I've I've awaken lesson when we talk about it's the click bait, the issues right now, some dishonesty and the media on the right- and we both have a problem with that and other aren't many people out there doing. You're doing so? You know even now, you're you're out it's a lot of bad It's not really when you're off in common with all your. I don't know what you guys doing, I'm assuming its like a false and street fair in the beach, but you told me Mary. We, my early laid on the beach. My phone was locked in a safe for nine,
I don't know I don't buy per second, I don't like little. Second, you people are scandalous and our habit on my programme. You use Youtube com. Ass Dave Reuben. Thank you. So my brother and I stay tuned from a lotta with crowded. about to catch the news, just in the Nick of Time, with Mcnulty Ass wings, hard tax, damn tat this trying bench over and checks of blood, sweat and tears term for his life, Americans, don't pay for a five percent on MAC. I stopped by catch plan
That was news in the Nick of time with Mcnulty. Here, listening to you or watching this podcast, there's a strong chance that you are not yet far, doing me on twitter at as router Brown, Sweden. All day long, I'm takin off a social justice warriors. You should see the amount of hate I get on their far far far worse than any fat, ports illustrated model or black lives matter charlatan. So unless it it's free, you get to be entertained and you can try men. Also, if you're following me on Twitter, you can send me your tweets and maybe you'll be lucky enough, and I mean lucky enough, because I have a lot of followers. Ok, that they call me the follower machine to have your too to me or not, gay jeered included in our rock earnest tweet of the weak. So follow me on Twitter as crowd or, if not
I don't want to say. I have sights on your mother, but oh she's that you're just saying that, because I'm in a mom joke know she's really dead. You gonna walk Why do we want to be I do not have the MIKE on again we're in the second our my was another ten years errs on producing with me. Instead
so is by the way people watching the live. Video stream people comment there always offbeat it's, because there is a delay in online video stream, so were actually dancing to the real soon and they're getting a couple set out here, you're lying to them again about your. He'd? Why I've read them? I don't I don't. I don't deny that. I have no rhythm, but is being a rhythm conducted, remove, shall we have given Mcguinness that the half hour the model of the hour and then we have exclusive with Kurt Shilling yes got can from us. And another reminds us using that terminology. So a lot has been going on this week by the way tweet me at s crowd, or what do you think it? I want to know really from people who are trump supporters when people who follow this programme is no secret, that I'm not a big fan. Where do you find out? What's a guys, the comments on the train Bathroom laws, and where did you learn it was Kurt chilling do, you feel that your position is consistent I would like. I would like to hear that so a couple things are going to talk about a Europe that whole foods country
I did. I saw the other pictures going up and I don't really know about. I am reading in his prey hilarious. Actually, it's pretty funny. We have it up on my screen here for those who who didn't read it the site, you can read up later come so started out this horrible controversy, gay guy asks to have a wedding cake made. That says, love wins so there we go. We can see it right there and then a tweet it out I can't believe whole foods units as love wins fag on the cake the baker, did a love wins? Calling him? The F word, the effort that we're not the singular the three there was a fair income is a cigarette offensive. I have to say effort some stations are gonna. What we're not gonna believe that it was on the cake. It's love, wins fag, so right away this impasse sniff test, because I'm ok, this Similarly, an incredible liability. It's not really clever. Why What someone do this from whole foods the
the hipster bass generate the hemorrhage around him, except for funding of X, the guys actually libertarian when it comes to the affordable kara, was tackled. This issue a whole food is today's. I put into the home the first falsehoods there in Austin. Right, newer, Lance Armstrong had his own had his bike and or testicle steroids shop, and is it very nice very nice hold foods. I dont, like all food, my wife loaves whole food, a thing it's over priced and you can go to local farmers market anyway. That's not the point right away. In past smelt us, but at this point in already been trending hashtag right, social this warriors all over the place out there, you put this on a cake. Well, then, we have security, camera footage. Of this gay man with the love wins cake cream doing nothing here's a fishing run by sheer stall, messed up and kind of the carpet. We're getting a carbon copy I so we now. The security footage which, at have Europe at the website where he takes his cake, looks at the cake and walks out without incident.
You're, right away. You gone well enough if I'm gay- and I have the word fag written across my cake- go here. I want to love, wins, oh, you wrote loved ones that guy that's one way to do it to the picture go back. It is a great dead centre to there's no missing it. If you're walking out with it afterward learned as the others adapter read up on the screen, yeah there's no missing this. If you're gay, you don't see a cake that says, love winds, fag call, that's one for you by you know: you're upset. Camera footage, the camera footage at whole foods I'll taking place, reveals nothing of the sort and so Not only the whole then hope it's of this. This didn't happen. This is not true. Folks debunked faster than than balloon boy or a clock. Boy. Yes came under the kid who put a clock in a suitcase. Nearly besides in you and Bill Meyer scientists so Mohammed? When I wasn't me, Mohammed was Why is it that you are now he's in Lahti? Crap, Qatar, Qatar, How do you pronounce it? I always had other is from
if a country now by someone else, someone thrown on relevant with a less but some point point is david- would not visiting anytime soon. Now so this hoaxes debunked meeting now this didn't happen: not only did not happen. The baker who made the cake little wrinkle is also gay. I wouldn't right there I guess so entirely false. It's entirely manufactured just We have another story where a man was suspend expelled. Colorado State University for not raping woman. He didn't we but the girl said that he didn't raper, but a friend said that he did raper, and so he was expelled. The ends justify the means with left us right. Then it doesn't matter if it's true or not, and why to make the right left, because if there is the right left, I was taught us that the college Rio was talking with these students it back now there's one group of people who want to pain. Everyone as racist sexist homophobic- France fell because a new thing, androgynous phobic intersects fell back,
when a pain, everyone as other, somehow discriminatory horrible. Just just some. Human scum. Why? Because it makes it ok to treat them in humanely right. If, if you believed, you could somehow manipulate people if you could go back, manipulate people into not liking Hitler sway public opinion. You promise. Eighty, not the ends, justify the means. I can lie about Hitler. Four means: saving people Will they see people who disagree with them as people who need to be eliminated right here. It doesnt matter. That is not true. I'm gonna put fag on there. It doesnt matter that I wasn't rate. Let's just get this guy expelled and there are even harming other gay people. You know it we have in this gig. You made this cake. If he's not If he's not a republican he's, probably a libertarian now he's problem. Not on board with the social justice where you're eligibility Q a I pay anything that to move engender yeah, Yet if you see the z who do it was, it was some liberal pastor from the liberal passage from Lena Mary against her to let leftist pastor, listen if you wanna be upheld
Bessie, that's like shocking surpassed. Remember legs shocking as a faster. I always forget about that now you know what church, where I dont know by no. He talked about a lot about doing mission trips, and things like that. I think down in Alice in Haiti. Something that's about all. I know you went down to Haiti and try to tell me was black, I want to know that a better three tested out physically. It's me American Black yeah kind of we look very different debate very different, different lineage. There was like open, MIKE testing Material out Sean King went down the zambian mission work and convey that to sketch series are there this guy who's, gay makes a cake and yes blame for what about your ears, my issue with it where this is? What really matters is zero was attacked reset scandal right all not a single one of these conspiracy theories have been, they ve all been proven, false or certain opera true time and time again only prove so many things thousand ok with to move on. That happens, that's front page
but when things are proven false, that's page six, love ones, can you hold foods from pay tougher, huh, folks, salami places, nowhere to be found nowhere to be found when it turns out that no one wrote pay fag on a cake there. Nobody, found that happened with me, where you know that they did so well. I've been I've, looked behind the current rights both in the council was conservatives, K with the right wing, media and left wing media. Ok, you name the network. I've done you name that that the show I've probably done it and this is what they do have totally. They said you know I yelled the inward at sea back good Chris Lash was front page and then when they had the issue the retraction, but this was front page dead centre trending and then, when they found I was wrong. We were using that word knickers and even in the view, videos watches is very clear. We say knickers make a joke about the word knickers, it's a! U can do not like the joke. But not lie, and so you yogi inward to retraction is six pages.
The damage has already been done, and that's it I think that left left us do with this. Guy has been expelled for not raping somebody or mattress girl. If you ve been accused of it, the damage is done. And we are at a point for sure, if we're going to talk about the rape issue, where there are poor, we far more men whose for more males whose lives are ruined by the accusation of rape. No substantiation than there are actual rapes on campus? I know it's hard to verify, but I will willing to bet my bottom dollar if we could actually get into those numbers accurately, it is so much easier like Lana, Dunham, to sell books and falsely accused him of rape by the way. You are raging in your sisters, hooch looking for rocks We complain about about fictional rape right so that all don't don't look. Look at those literal child molestation, you open, you're funny shiny rocks at bath dunams huge with your sister under saying you ve ever done. Now. I can use that word. It sounds dirtier, come say who are who
There is no good word for the female anatomy. Schwinn Schwann lots, swans, that's for men, four men? You got lots of options, Yashmak all tally, Whacker Donaghmore, one eyed, bald man problem at warrior. You can go on all days. It goes but with liquid women there's no way to there's no term for it that you would want to use in front of your mother. How do you feel about the jingo is a natural turn. I heard it on Scrubbs for a woman's from woman agenda, so I don't know, there's an options we ve gotten way. Off track here, but what is true anyway, tweet me, your favorite word for the female anatomy as crowded that you think is appropriate. And I dont want like boudoir talk, I'm talking. If you have to talk you know if I talk of my mama got kicked in the nuts in school, I can say: moms girl kicked me in the not smoking Didn't school beheld like dirt, Arend male privilege, whack. But if I were a woman, how, if I'm
girl. How would I go to my dad and say dad I was kicked in the blank or how to talk to a five year old girl if you had to like non preferred. We bring that title. I don't talk a little kids, it's alive, we hope you just say one thing again. How often I told the story before I had a kid who is like a third cousin his mom was drunk his dad was a drug addict olive donor block, and he asked me for my gameboy. I you can't my game and I have given my old Gameboy by the way Mikhail. I give my old Gameboy but he asked for my new one at this point was a Gameboy color when I said we started yelling at the top of his lungs pedophile, the top of his lungs. I slept I did slap them and I, like I have no, I shouldn't have what I was like your whack What do I do the decisions made. Here's the sad part that kid's death had didn't visitation rights because everyone said he what you accuse me of being a pitiful and this kid went onto
use, five more people are being pedophiles, because I didn't give him their tony HAWK pro skateboard to videogame my point here. Hi, it back, is the algae take you a ip or mattress girl or these people who falsely claim rape are no better than five year old children who simply yell and screamed to get what they want. The differences, destroy lives, so if anyone tells you, I can't believe that happened at all foods in the story Mitchell. You know it's not true, mattress drop. You need to make sure they know it's not you. You will be stunned to realise how many people in your circle of friends, shocking, satellite charging- you not like a black chunks, not black gusher, can feel confusing me. It's like black. Like me, only lies lotta with greater we'll be back my brain is this week and not get yards diet happens. Is that the red Ozma? Now I mean
yeah, but the commissioner should. Firstly, though, I'm concerned about there's no way you can be helped your sick Alla time your coughing, I don't buy, it took it's one of things. This a vitamin doesn't make up everything It is from this earlier today, just as this morning of item it isn't it to supplement. And now Eminem stay doing more of not get yards Diet Hale! I didn't see there. What are you doing relaxing, an Android, my nineteen. Seventy at ball brow, a fine reverent, have refined wreckage, volatile Wimbledon. Here's murmur Morpheus, no real than you know.
One, I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine come why just call their number. What's that number Jerry, eight forbore to nine seven? Why have you come from his horse aggravate spray? I haven't changed to a care for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easier to get the call go to the website talk with a similar yea list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can have it directly to my door or give her up and sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years. I prefer a more of a barrier to entry. I know you do while, but you're an elite is bastard. That's why for simple them like me, I prefer simplified line. Dot com or just calling for for two
seven years ago, just sitting back into my chair, I got my Lord backs up right. I thought I was asking how to carry that right and in the right move coming up. The break. We will have given Mcguinness and we will play newest gender pronoun for people who don't know there. A lot of gender knew now. Four genders on tumblr? There are hundreds in case you didn't know, they call them. Other kids and we are
two of see who's? Who knows that deep, dark realm of the world best? Ok, speaking about equality, here's another strain Courtney Cure Chaff, wrote about this at the website: cautious, brilliant! You can follow her ETA Courtney scoffs. We ve talked about this about what, The front lines right equality, great example. If I care and strong on women should have gotten the right to vote the way they did take that out of context go ahead the reason most women didn't want to vote is because they didn't want. The draft didn't want the mandatory requirements that came with voting. It wasn't seen as a basic human right. It was seen as a privilege they didn't want to perform. Bucket duty was mended. Fire Fighter service. So most women are gone off. That's what comes at the right to vote? No! No! Thank you guys, one of them, one them the right to vote. Not saying women do not have the right to vote today. My point is: it was never actually based on equality.
Because equality will be. Ok, though you're in the draft- and you have to perform firefighter services and if you don't you're, kicked out near shun from society, Sending their been lodged, protect female spouses that really don't exist. Europe certainly aren't enacted to protect male spouses. Ryan abuse actually goes both ways: mothers tend to be more abusive than fathers, don't realize that, because there is no lifetime movie of the mother, pushing the farther down the stairs, it happens all the time. So equality talk about those women going into the military when it lower standards. Well, here is something that has to Sicily, observe what what our statistics said. The lady at back now Bias housed sticks, in the Marines, women can't do polyps. The people who are going out there and a very physical endeavour to defend your country on the front lines are less equipped than junior high school boys. Let's just be real here,
data collection, two thousand thirteen fund- we have us up at the website, have it up on the screen. Data collection in twenty four teen found at fifty five percent of female recruits couldn't meet. The minimum requirement A study of written eighteen female rains found that women could complete on average one point: six three polyps Roughly twenty percent of those Marines could only hit three pull ups if they use their lower bodies in a kipping motion, the average for one with one point, sixty three pull ups Listen, I know some guys out there can't do that. You're, weak. You are very weak man. If you can't do to pull polyps ok, something that, by the way, as a man doesn't take more than a few weeks. I've I've talked about this when it comes to pull up. So you might have told us about my dad. Britain is correct.
I needed something out, yet it wasn't. A woman professor show how and what they do this to happen there. What happened? My dad is on my uncle's at the school pullup record in junior high K. I don't, let's do it Detroit somewhere and it was, I want to say nine at the time another guy came in and be it, and it was also like eleven, so my uncle went down to my dad. My dad was four years younger. You said: hey, hey, hey man, you gotta, restore the family, honor you to sit record is all true will have pops crowd around, maybe next week to talk about it with his own personal hell for half of that year in school city, got it restore the otter? I'm I'm gone I'm out of school. Now my record got broken. So, let's go down they went downstairs NATO pipe? He socio. Many could do my dad. Couldn't do one My uncle wasn't very nice older brother. He said your pathetic walked up in my
add every single day went down in practice, pelops all the time. It's what we call greasing the groove just to get support, which is able to do one is able to do to and then the day where it came, the school record. He went home and he read that honey was good energy, so we actually guzzle a bottle of honey, peanut butter, banal Scientists, guzzles, honey, and he went in any set the school record, with thirteen doesn't sound like a lot, your term junior high school, so I want to say he was twelve or thirteen. And then so he was really put you in his own personal health, but he got to that. Why? Because it was hard he over and he was so scared to lose right. He was terrified and then his friend actually won. The perch Rony brothers came an interest. The little short attack came in the next, your away with like twenty one. It wasn't even coffers play away depressed The exactly the point is, he took the challenge and there was no. He didn't say: hey what can we scale this back took it met it did it these women who are in the Marines, so left me.
Europeans are all persons tough man you're in the Marines mess with them to Chechnya? one point: six pops. What do you mean did you. I mean women, you mean you, I mean women your week. They are week and they shouldn't be impositions positions that require any kind of any kind of physic, lad if they dont have them. So this where we are in a military at that point, marine fanatical, the marine corps allowed women to choose. This is this. Is the problem leading choose between pull ups and the our hang as officials developed a new plan. Yoda new plan was developed, new planet was crap, we alone. The petty crime, as this is a joke. What what? What Where were they not able to do ten? We lord to six. What we can do, Of course, what anchors Cousin ABC honours entering the point is
that was their plan was o crap. We don't want glory, all read to be making a phone call, can't even do like. If we set the minimum at one pull up people organ- you think we're being sexist because it so embarrassing, because what so ill equipped at doing pull ups. Let's just go to the flex man, by the way for those of you who remember back on their still the presidential fitness test I think, was under Ronald Reagan and before that policies for a part of it. Flexed arm hang was basically like being put in the stocks. It was embarrassment, it was for the boys who couldn't do a single pull up, and so you basically already failed, and you were trying to restore some kind of now. Listen, that's sad! great school, Jim shouldn't be happening when it comes to finding the best of the best service members. Bear a thing for a twelve year old boy, Will you want to join the Marines you're gonna get you can going be fighting ISIS where the burning people alive in cages? You can be carrying these Patrick going to be part of a squad. So your
The abilities actually affect those around you and their lives depend on you, but can't even do the pull ups, let's go with them. Next arm. Hang what what that's what we can't do pushups. Let's do it push, ops, you don't you want to go away with no more pushups down, facing dog, don't ask tell us gone down we're facing dog. Some people are going to be happy about it. Why you're down Let's just make a few new friends, no more pull up. No more poor shops, do what you non, not lifting flag football and if you, but the flag, that's ok, but the very Please you make the marine caught we'll try and assure you under the special forces. We think that's the fair thing to do. I feel like I'm, taking crazy pills given Mcguinness after this break I now unemployed. John king goes to the blood dry
Mister King, so glad to have you. We looked at your lipids that you ended in and they look fantastic where blood type so glad to have you. Yes, everything I do is with excellent. Isn't that great? Ok, we're just going to prick you a little bit here so dont be alarmed you, ok, you're you're doing great there and we have a good vein. It looks like it's flowing freely in what seems to be the problem. I just I've never seen anything like this, like what what you wrote down here, that your blood type was be negative. Yes, but what's coming out of the tube is.
It's it's, it's literally Bush, where I have always done things differently, that's great, but this is just a medical anomaly: it's a mortal that you're still walking upright. Yes, I was trying to do the right thing to donate blood, for my fellow black may, re, naturally sweet, but there's just no possible match. There is literally nobody else who will walk into this hospital, who was literally filled with books. Her heart, reverting hot ass. I spoke to soon. We may use this
I did something we're back with our next guess. Not gauge here. Didn't you need to take part here. Fix this. Take part They are not gauge here and in the video you're, the only one wearing clothing, our guests limit rebel media, Anthony Cuming Podcast network, follow him on Twitter, Gavin, Mcguinness, Gavin Mcguinness! Thank you. For being honest, Thanks for having me this, you know it's funny, think why you shut up. We have the exact They embody we're very similar. We both have the same amount of chest: hair I understand now what you're so so so promiscuous with the bare look, women, women, love it and all that all the ink you're gonna have to em. If you have to two that's a whole region for right. Otherwise, people don't get to see. Ok, we want to lead with this because
The game we play before you haven't played it and then afterwards we can't talk and an ex like myself we're going to I knew his tender protests of the game, there's a hot, the other hundreds of of genders on Tumblr. Now. Are you aware of this that there hundreds that you didn't know. If I know there is the last I tuned into this. Facebook had is up. Fifteen. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no nature! I have no idea what you're talking about worse than Dana, so well educated. He has no idea, I can't you, You know it nothing. It's embarrassing for the show We presented as an educated man, and he just has no clue. Ok, so we're actually going to go through them. We have to get up staring at your debts by the way. Thank you, sir. I was ass. Well, it's stable that we'll do it, captain I'll. Do men should work out, but that what you end up making little breasts? Well, I guess bad is being fat, right, let's, let's move on it, is time to play Jared. Let's hit it heading it ready for it right.
For it later: ok, quite elite in their cabin aright, The game you need the rules explained jeered is going to give us an actual gender. It's not actually. Now, given you know, you worked, we just need. An extra syllable is technically just now, but we made so here. They give us one, and then you and I have to guess what gender that really is and then knock it will give us the actual definition. Clearness. Ok, What would we go knock at just one love, gender, ok, I'll distance,
is gabions first time I'll go. This is somebody who puts no boundaries on there and they feel more attached to the idea of love itself, an actual physical love Gavin? What do you think love gender? Is that I agree with that that they're they're, going to reject the whole notion of gender and save their focus is on love which, by the way, why do you get to say that gaze and streets and other people, by don't buy feel that way, while those somebody these gender seem to already be covered by the fire. I started These are much hate speech. Corners has become a tradespeople, could not get hired real thrill into real answer. Really love gender agenda defined by love for other gendered people who are treated badly and for your own gender as well what is even more out are not treated badly. Can love, someone who can you love? Someone is treated well, I guess so.
It's very scientific, no matter how you cut it. Ok! Well, can we that when you the winter, when everyone has the right answer,. No Are you ok I'll take it? I don't think that's. Actually, Lord pardon gives us. Ok, let's go another gender hit us with wonder gender Ale gender ale are. I gave a newly this one. These are real by the way these are actually taken from Tumblr Richard Alive all represent ten percent. Now this king two ways again be beer Bay and your gender is based on a different on brood ales its you latest hit product or could be a clay. The word general I also want to say that I'm gonna go with. It is a player General engender rail. Now I'm going to change my mind. Methods Gender ale is a gender based on home, brood
pumpkin Ale Chocolate Ale, that kind of ok. I got its agenda. Ok, I'm going to go with I think gender ale is is someone who has been starved true love in the current gender dichotomy issue, pathetic and so ok just got Lord said, Lord said judges what the actual death in general, a general that is hard to describe really associated with plants herbs and like wits, the kid Gavin jeer at all, but does that with that doesn't make any sense. So here is that, like other kin, where you're a different species, these people think that their plans, I mean it. What makes him everything they violently gender or something our right well, who is closest to the cap and the definition of a thing until you figured it out yourself? You can't just say plants and our no liquids yeah how they all related herbs has something you create a tree or tincture. Anyway,
mustache he's gonna, very loyal, is now a loyal hoppers or none at all. Given your willingness, you're, not relics, Gandia fashion the gender fashioned gender. Ok I'll, go with this first, I'm going to say it is someone who is fascinated with genders of all types and their actual preference is that of curiosity, sounds like something someone engender studies would say. Given what say you I think sachet gender is a fascist. Gender, and this is someone who is chosen to be male because they admire Hitler. Stalin POL pot. Now people have chosen mail, not because of sex, but because of genocide. Organic matter reed powering your most earnest he's too much control or the sound idea. The winner is. The winner is
faster general gender experienced largely related to a special interest for out our partner artistic autistic corvettes. Spirits, that's molestation, that is I don't know, that's my molestation eleven and artistic mean dear you, you think you're artistic and you're, not artistic, pretending to be a test of your pretending to be on gender or your attracted to artistic people. I think it. Either way out of love. I don't know It isn't got to do with gender. I dont understand, there's, there's male and female people with autism. I think. They want to claim. It is a gender. That's why I think it's. If your attracted to them, they would consider that agenda item I don't understand this at all. This one doesn't make any none of these make. Our agenda just means any group, I'm attracted to look like brunettes. Am I like a broom, Gender its redheads, because that is clearly fetish territory, its normal? So it's a weighted. It's got. I think they just take a random fetish, instinct, gender. At the end,
were. That seems to be the trend. Aren't we do have one more year, but let's hear the women I one that you ok, one that once we have one more lovely one more and lets them old umbrella. Let's do one world cycle of gender why? I know what I think I know what this is, but let's have Gavin have a go at first. Ok, I'm! I guess that this is cynical. They are the perennials of the gender world and they are. Men for a six months of the year and women for six months of the year, or maybe that doesn't have to define the times it could be something for four months it could be. Three months can be to miss. The point is that, like a menstrual cycle, this person gender changes every let safe couple fortnight, I'm going to say it. Somebody who has an unhealthy sexual attraction to the bill, packs and film twister she's a good film and I actually would put us under reasonable category of gender. What's the answer,
cycle agenda regenerate entity that she met with one's menstrual cycles. Actually got one first time. Anyone got any correct at Point alright! Let's, let's announced the winner of the winner, There is, no before US perform which one of you has any last minute changes. Nothing, there's no cheese for this, The winner is right. I really thought I were fired, cheese and the physical area like these pipes These four shortening visits were his shirt and we have this tattoos. They ve probably help accent
When I write this well we're gonna heads the answer. I gave up the dance it off on. Not what could you give us a MAC, Dance, Gavin, gotta gonna play the play off, so I hit hit a year ago. Gavin we want. I look like I haven't, had a tumble there. Do you take a tumble given You hire you. You and you and Doktor Bankers Carson. You went from having a hare slipped back and I, when it came for you kind of look like that add furlong air in american history ex I'm talking about your that's the beauty of this. What you do is, if you're going balls in the back, you just keep growing it, and then you get like a rat.
For perms that african american woman used and you just like that- hide all your bottom going balls in the back. Are you here some problem areas back. There really doesn't look that bad, I wouldn't say, go and also the illusion. Well, I'm sorry to hear that can in no way does this whole segment just took a downer. What might marry I could have aids and have no face. I mean I could be burned. Victim were good, that's magic! Johnson! the AIDS and he's married, and she never even caught our know. How that works by not outwardly. Isn't that big problem? It's actually not real. It's really hard to give aids to somebody if you're in, even if, even if you're, not necessarily using economist, is one person, your wife, depending on the kind of active You know you know. The real issue with with AIDS is fewer Jehovah's witnesses and you go off at a tangent with some weird sect and they tell you that your cured and you stop taking the medication and you die and you ve
it's like purple rain and you ve had songs like stand back. Did you hear that prince died actually good, larger that's so we started. The show is that you hear this. He had no idea that everybody knew this and will wait I've been by myself all day to hear of AIDS. Yes, but he really my eye. Connected to the gay underground. Through my wife was a fag, and she said that her people told her. Then he had aids and he job witnesses don't tell you, you not take medication, but I'm sure within that there's, like you know, like the snake people with Christian. HU? Thank you couldn't resist snake bites. I'm sure who is witnesses have this y know christian scientists, I know, are a sect that do and then I believe in medicine of any kind, would I think he got in that kind of stuff, ok, said refined in God loves you. Will you talk
this before all your punk rock friends would get cancer and they think they could fix it with creams and they refuse to get. You know western medicine treatment and they were just drop and like flies, and you think this is highly styrene from X, ray specks. That way, the girl from the slit this area up. She also thought that you should just take cream and they got this from Bob Marley, because I know his hairy ups case an end Bob Marley died, you dump reality highly Selassie, highly retarded ride tweet him at Gavin Mcguinness, yeah. I agree with you about Martha got so much flag. The only great thing about Bob Marley is that people who wish the greatest douche bag, meter, people, who are that the Bob Marley shirts, let you let's be honest: He barely knew more than a few cords. He wrote a couple. Catchy songs he's Of guy who, if you actually set him down and try to discuss theology philosophy Nobody was talking about, but I dont
how many morons have one love, tattooed and no one is actually able to explain it to me. What do you mean? One love Just means? You know like beyond: Yellow Kendrick largest said that he just said the thing up politics is it all comes down to one word love. You go What are you me when I was eight? She shut up we will give you an after this break and more about politics of the day, but that is driving noted about chemical. More will have to go back and talk about that. One love maybe can show us if he has any tattoo similar Lutterworth gotta stay tuned, he'll be back
and now it's time for your dating advice, minute with pill caused this week's lever. Cubs to me for life frogs should care the lives. Rule applies both shovel. Your leg of travel by car, the place of the book of boards of the gas Paisley Ridge above the cap would look up at the rate of progress by. But a book for at last give me. I got a war, however, that we have suggested you liked very thorough. Using you see me, oh yeah, I love you go on thousand EU waters, grass observe the rules,
Fatima allows guy of those guys that which commercial running right now below, is enough I think I think you should know I'd like to know when I can meet with them to it sometime. Regard no. No. I mean I got news for me about tourism is a drink,
pretty soon make sure that we have those renditions ready for another browser, but, above all, this has been you're dating advice minute with cars. What are you doing? Beggar with tee where'd? You get it everything. I am not a war between dot com, they have fifty and accept wait for sale, the best advice, the river, where the whole go, there's another one with what they are doing. Well, if you do not have the best place to go and that to take away with important step
My party has got to be back Gavin Mckinnis Anthony Coup. What's the official website there given Anthony, call me a dot com, Anthony me a dot com, governess filling in France and you right now he's hosting, but what use how many hours a day or you hosting no, no. No! I just in one up our about? What I do, my normal show an hour and a half a day, but he said Jim Norton one Bennington, can't Quinn bunch. Mentally ill people. Yes, like Bobo the clown. He got the clock,
No, it's bozo elbows I'll, get it corrects the climate in the fifties yeah. I know a lot of I'm surprised, jeered? Even those who are so you don't want this, we were trying to break, You been astounded all AIDS and christian scientists aside at the catalogue of work from port from Prince yeah, this sort it takes so long as it takes for them to die before you looked up as in the Polyxena Damagon, all this some old irish song, that must be three hundred years old. Let me look it up and then see what Mcgowan role, you go wholly crap. You worried about fifteen major here, yeah Taylor, Swift, is the same and energy Debbie K, who you played on the way in me. I didn't have it's like these guys had had been played. All his own instruments. Would always on songs incredible? He had yet at least if you don't like, would other two would really surprised people Paul Anchor still was pretty particle die Polenka Northeast life, like only a few?
years ago, like the guy still does things where he's not in front of you not in front of them, but you'll be amazed and Alice Cooper are people you don't realize how any songs yeah How many songs you actually wrote when you should look at the hidden, a lot on we're ballads, like only women, bleed you and me, and people when you look at it, you actually look at the best of going gone. Oh my god, I had no idea and it's not people this sort of hyper aggressive. Think you really wasn't. It was actually pretty well constructed rock and roll Prince had nothing. Paris to you, which was she needs entire career here, romantic Monday's, which remained the bangles he had when you are mine, Cindy lockers, one of sinew offers biggest its stand back. Stand back, Stevie necks, criminal rain. What sounded like? A greater sits, album right and then is all create a little red corvette controversy, stark staff, they shank coffee. What is at risk muffins and jam Bob Marley who had one song yeah. You know that
certain artist though like Lens Applin, you listen to them two thousand times you go, I'm still good. Let's put it on with Bob Marley Incirlik ignored fever, just shut the hell ignored right if you knew it Tipping what we go. I never want to hear the word egg or nor ever again I just ruined, and I once knew a ton attitude Marley phases, young man, and I cannot listen to one cord from that guy, think who I was. I guess I became that way with the Mars Volta. I was them. A lot of the kid and ethnic economic colleague, pink Floyd Economic, take so much we're gonna do whatever the hell. We want an album and it's no longer melodic reg. Oh all, right. I've lost my grace period here yeah. I guess I one kind of went through a Bob Marley fan and I was introduced to Morrow. You have your Jimi Hendrix phase. You have your Maud phase right. You go through all those but Sicilian, Bob Marley, where you just don't want to go back like who who was the polar legend and put it on
put the needle on the final right now. Nobody My colleague Simon Garfunkel Simon, Lou. Do you have it Like diarrhoea little bit it just a jolly women, I met our art Garfunkel when he was coming to tape. Arthur was during a phase where we were coached. Do mention Paul Simon because any measures, Dr Human rights, that we rearing stories- but ok, we're talking mothers, Kurt Shilling, is going to be on after you, you got five from european for the whole transgender thing you are Mr Anti Social Justice warrior right. You can't stand it you, one of you videos has been on the Trans gender thing you also. From guy but you're consistent you like crews, you don't hate crews, you, like If you like, of course, law yes and are an exactly so don't want to pay even in that box, but where are you right now, with the Trump condemning North Carolina end an end really opposing this law on the Trans bathroom rights. Is that a screw up
I am on. The Stephen crowd show learning that Donald Trump is against North Carolinas would you read this advance. Now you hurt me: I wasn't trying to catch you get we played the clip day said said you know, I think they should travel should be ITALY's wherever bathroom. They want spent a lot of strike this wise was a bad decision- and you know, they should we ve lived where they are in. So my thing is: is that it's a pc, yeah spineless? I think it can to this in the general and its also statist answer. You can't keep the laws the way they were because of Charlotte Right, because The reason stated to step in with, because Charlotte was infringing on private. This is right and in the states that narrow, let's make it you, use. The bathroom you're born into Panda Inn from came in and he's he's against it, and he was, he was pretty that he reiterated was adamant and I'm not trying to catch you with it, but that that is what happened. But you caught me and I'm embarrassed, I'm embarrassed for my guy. It's like Ann Coulter says she goes
Have you noticed that our guys insane he's very sad. Mental centre is like a crazed teenager and he says this stuff wow. You are the whole thing. Let them get the whole day thing. They just think lately at the last straw, man. They don't want to be known as a bad guy, and this is this the less greatest tool I've been doing gaily the even more effectively lump it. Don't you think that's a day, exactly it being gay and you go out on a b that guy right, Jeffrey Dahmer, when they were doing, the document is life. He goes by the way I only a black people because where the nearest ones around me, I'm not racist, Jeffrey Doll. Amr Annabelle was concerned about being seen as a racist radius of you know what eating feet but you ve, boiled in a pot is way worse, but ok and in this data of course, he's Goin Dick Morrison.
Sorry, sorry, Gemmen considerably can only conceivably homophobic is the apocalypse and you go now. I don't want my daughter to be vulnerable to some creeper goes way. What for alright, let's just put a Wigan. Alright, I'm going down. This has happened. This happens in Canada where this is already been legal for a while it happening as the arrows going into shelters and abusing women yeah. No you're right, always get a trans. Guys were scared of guys pretending to be true What's not even that is just again it's infringing on the rights of a vast majority for it for people who are delusional Gavin. I dont want to catch you with it. So we'll go, but we'll talk about that. Another time, Anthony Komio call me later, while no, no, no no Gavin is very reasonable and in any always has our support. Given Mckinnis Anthony coming a dot com, a lotta with broader. Will you back thank you Gavin you're. The draining champion of news gender pronouns need to defend my time with a friend.
and now for unemployed John King ends in his resume. Well, Mister King Your rather may is nothing short of impressive. Yes, that is correct. It says here that you graduated archie of top of your class with honour. I did accomplish that year says that you are one of the highest honour as most accomplished surgeon here in the United States. I did that adds where says here that you were the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins at the head, Meridian, etc. I did
perform that miracle. That was me, as will it also says you ran for president and wrote a best selling. This is our factual information. Mister king, this is just doktor, been Carson, a real black man's resume, where I would beg to disagree. It says here on the internet that that is in fact my resume of accomplishment. Mister king, your own tweet? Yes, and you misspelled there. I did not misspell. You must use the wrong they're supposed to be th. Ye are used. Apostrophe are, I can see this interview was going nowhere. Thank you. Your ok business time really, SIMPLE. Some of you don't know where to find me louder with crowded dot com, half a dozen to ten articles every single day. Twitter follow me as crowded louder with
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and here it is hot, Zbigniew image hot. What's funny, he did to you that this just happen. Cases the whole nice Guy ACT going everyone's catching on. Here so Mattie stall. The recorder report is meant. What is Gammon still era quickly? Heavens codes. You still there it is our job. That guy he's won't go away. He won't go away. I will Gavin still lingering somewhere on the show for those were watching the lives. Of course. Listening to rest, really you do not care. This meant that did not get scared. You gonna! Let him go at some point. You just won't. Stop laugh my my mouth frozen. His apparently is too is a beginning up inherent hang up the scientist, always there tonight anyways Oh, you know we need to get this video up. That's right! You don't have it Hilary about. This is weak Hilary pandering to black out again again, it is so people bring video clip of people haven't been following. This is just so funny this week, Hitler.
He's done that where she puts on the full sorted Brok Obama right putting on the fake black voice, it depends on who is with real build talk, is gonna talk like this, and then it gets in front a black people, and you know what I'm talking about, moreover, was from about fear, born and raised What we need is a fresh bracing. I like bidder, Desert Jeff then the national treasure, secondly, that Morocco Battle, but just pandering from the left and Donald I just hate vagary. I hate it parents, Hillary Clinton, whether Donald Trump Weather Rock Obama weathers John K, sick. I just can't stand it when people fake things in it so clear and Hitler. If you can bring up the avenue any point down. One of your plan, the ok, let's play this- I just saw it newsworthy? Now necessarily, but it is everything that's wrong with Hillary Clinton and a little little. In fact, that is not a single person at buck now or Cow Polly. When I was aware of a cow Polly Buckinghamshire, they have just. The college has recently cow, Polly
working university buck now, be it yet am hearst this next week with Milo you and Christine not a single young person on the blacklist, a feminist you show up who rip down the posters protest, not a single one of them likes Hillary Clinton, nowhere, all Bernie Sanders and why? Because of this, let's roll, the cliff area with me, that's right. This is this: is the hip hop reductions, self rosy right now? You know last autumn, so. That is why I really the promise, when a report, a video clip, she's, an autonomous, outsourcing, airbags, waxlike outsourcing everything hot sauce. Hats are hats,
providers walked into the Buzzfeed office. What there you know, there are no doubt there there, their black lunch table because a segregated lunch tables and walked in said Holmes, some watermelon, If the budget is danced off, you'd have my vote. I will have you will have my budgetary authority. Hot saw its position. I pour on everything really fried chicken put it by means? This fellow members like odds us, but then it the a follow up on good morning. America, diligence use use actually urban about catch fire. Some of us point. Rape report highlights: no behind for what what's funny as they followed up. That's right good morning, America's or use Roger person like a timescale she's like it's, your answer, just like kind of doubt I love, all the verses I love all of them. I you all of them, you're going me. What are you for your heart sauces Corredor? Whether ok,
Rochester catch up from using any kind of asian food Pizza, that's the basic one, and then we have you have days insanity if you wanna screw with people get really hot with cow heart cells involuntarily, like a herd of due to bomb the bomb, is one of the worst is nuts is others ass in the tub, hot sauce and issues of actual? When called Three sweeper actually has a little cloak and skull on top of hot sauce bottle this. Tuesday? I used to go to a place called Jack by the way. My dad wanted me to issue a correction. He set the school record and junior high with sixteen polyps sixteen, which is pretty impressive, regardless of your age. We did send that to me sorry, pops crowded. We should go to this place, Jack Asters with a restaurant in Montreal, It was coming to Chile's flair and very fun and this canadian guy would always come up any they'd have like hot sauce with a thing would you like us, and so he would come up, and it always would say we just because here it was they all. What do you have run down the list and you is french meaningless.
We have lots of ourselves, we have tabasco, we have tabasco chip portly, we have Louisiana. We have tat patio, we. Hassen. The tab the new one has in space. It was ass. Well, ass in the space of Eu Citizens straight face, so this like us into movies. Yes, wasn't we got? We got that fantastic cuts off from the former cop The vast illinois- very hostile made by a cop on an aid by. I asked I've yet really good, no preservatives anyway, the point you're going to claim you put hearts and everything should have a couple of answers just like if go claim that the Bible is your most important book. You have a couple of verses, You should have a couple leaves you say I like hunters, obtain justice anything anything anything frying, anything out there you now get because that way catch up. Answer of hothouses big one January. Sixteen authors, freedom of of the Bible, other vital both thing, which figures Bernie Sanders, I guess
he finally release his tax returns and covered it earlier this week and he didn't release his tax returns. So that's it. He releases two thousand and fourteen return and he's very cheap. See higher ici surprised if you like, of course, left us do not give at all and by the way they lied about it, so that they release or tax returns to train lever just against Hillary Clinton, single rules or tax returns. If you really sure Wall Street speeches they didn't and his wife has been caught in some violent scandals for a while now and she's, a lifelong suck. You best in the government team working in the education sector and basely supporting her husband's career campaign. I was one that with Bernie Sanders he's anti establishment. He has not held a private job since June. Carter was president. Maybe Reagan. If I'm going to say it without a punchline, without exaggerating he has not. That held anything other than tax payer funded employment for three decades is: little bit of vested interest, a little laugh at interest. The guy who you want to be president is the guy who does not want the job or need it
The ideal scenario. Is the guy who does not want the job. When people say we want. This would Dave Reuben people said here too. We need money, money into politics, citizens, United, that's another point, ninety percent of, well, who say: Citizens United. They have no idea what was about. Citizens united it was citizens who made an anti Hillary Clinton film and base we're too you're not going to be able to make this movie. They tried to. This was actual systemic censorship, so one of the Supreme Court and Supreme Courts had no businesses have the. Citizens have the right to unite and they still maintain their rights to holding a political opinion or casting political, no donations It's about. Is there something to fix right now in the political system as far as money? Yes, but did you say overturned citizens. United means that you are giving the government authority to say about me, can't you later with greater We don't. We don't want to govern Mcguinness, doing to show we dont want Milo to have as podcast trust me. If you even freedom of speech and you won, What citizens United is their flaws in the system?
but you need to know it? Don't just walk out with us a few silly buzzwords that happens a lot for you hear Bernie Sanders say and Donald Trump says the same thing we stop. Citizens united It really is someone who is entirely uneducated, tweet man, s credit, what you think about citizens United, what you think, when you do with money in politics, think that nobody ever mentions is big unions and hear something to begging and, of course, in a brace enters its ally, he's taken all kinds of big donations and, of course, tons of money from big unions who are far more money than big oil. Big farmer, Coke brothers by the Erika brothers check Cached jeered. So we live to deny us getting obiang. Next, we are still waiting for the fucking money, but if it's coming to the male end up People, just they dont, acknowledge Bacon, and now only can unions give these huge contributions. Look at an example and sacks right republican right wing, whilst we actually know they give priests split amount. Most of these big Bang, Dickie Morgan Goldman Sachs and on the exact list in front of me most gave more to Obama all big thanks are doing, is bedding.
And then they hedge their bats, but their betting. On a winner and almost a winner, so they better unblock Obama and they had it. They might give fifty four forty five, a really extreme right wing Bank might give sixty sixty forty. We can hear you typing Gauger, but you Ninety nine percent. Ninety nine percent of their contributions go entirely to Democrats. Now, first, I that that ninety nine percent of people who are in unions are Democrats. You don't find that kind of it anywhere that kind of a consistency probably most of them, but Sir not all of them. It's also a lot easier for unions, where's. These individual donations through. Do that something nobody talks about. For example, I've had to be in the actors Union, since I was twelve just to be on our I had to be in the union and by the way this though, a unions set it up, they want to protect the workers want to protect the union's. I was get back toward him. This is it, story? Total? blessing to get my union card. Why? Because I was able at a young age, I wasn't the first brain and Arthur. I was able to do the impression of an impression of the previous kid for a few see
and so they were able to justify bring a non union member in me and each episode counted as a credit. You need to get six credit To get to the union and back- and I think the rules were one Filmore credit, so you wanted to get an episodic, so secret rack up those credits because guess what you can't if Europe, unless you're in the union, having the union policy of the credits, So is a really really rare occurrence for me to get in there. The Georgians are designed to protect the actors. Unions. I wouldn't be surprised if annual dues that that we have to pay if some that has gone to Hillary Clinton or a Bernie fundraiser? They can that they can take on a few extra box and you'll never know so. Not only do they give giant sums on behalf of the union. Their able there's a there's. A lot of that. If you wanna talk, corruption, lessons talk in Michigan Unions, Jimmy Hoffa right, this guy was buried. My grandfather as such. We offer the day he died when you realize this is a true story, Fred Course crazy. I wish she could tell it, but you he's dead, that's always heart! That's
difficult to do whatever you, if we really wanted to tell it modest, trot him out in the next election, haven't vote Hillary Clinton while he's there hey. Can you tell us a story? Silicon gets Democrats, cattle are dead, people who vote for them. Explained a lot. You don't understand that we're right now is really slow going to get a lot of all you're going out with the left. I had a girl in high school are talking about that. I don't know who it was. Who did that in Canada famous politician, and it was a scandal it he had dead people voting forming a girl I'm here with Sasha, she said that Mr Holm, how could they phone if they were dad, and I Wanna got kicked out because cholera, more truth, Why do we have the courtesy that segment next said Maximilian relaxed segment, we're going to have Kurt shilling exclusive talking about that the UN firing. So in this whole scandal its let's stay tuned, curtailing lotta with greater love. You
Why are you know a lot of crawler a mobile phone, with her. You know wake. It is only to govern case as emerged. Love campaigns should mercury greeting tell you, how glad I am to be here among us radio Americans, who serve not delicious food, but really joy. That's together in a positive fusion of mexican and american cuisine. I've also we need to open up the floor for questions, but not too long. I really want to dig this taco shower yes, user.
Not now lady, I'm in here, but still Just following me around why semi shot at closing time very much Usually you don't have anything better. Do my job A lot of Americans lost their job. That's why I'm running for the highest office in the land. I don't know Why don't think? That's really I do not. I do not see
I am so glad to have this gets done. It's the first interview that he's done not geared. I will bring one if you could tweet this out my twitter to stopped working for this, handle that what we're doing it and on top trend, Oliver Social Media and the EU works with a Fisher House where they build homes for wounded veterans, and that's he wanted us to plug it because nice guy. You could have made it about himself, Kurt Sheila. Thank you for being here, sir. What I've got, Well, I'm glad you sound so so chipper has this been a tough, weak or age?
you just can't help or probably on my family, I'm not. I don't it's a job, not not a member of my family and got a plan and in I want the sun came up the day come up tomorrow. Why would I wish? I could say I'm surprised, you know that no work were pass, that at this point I am calling on you worked with with ease paean. Forgive him, I'm not a sports plea. I worked on and off them, for I would assume called two seven. Eight nine years got some of the greatest human that ever know when I get the work with the people who work with were some amazing and good quality people men at arms on this network. Now, ok for people who don't know explaining to them real quick will do to segments where the here to count but explain it. So you were, you are relieved of your duties at yes, piano a one time thing I initially, this all started out when I tweeted
I mean about muslim extremists and compare them to the naughty then basically saying not. Just this quarter got seven to ten percent of extreme all in an incomplete at a percentage of the Nazis. In Germany, read the Nazi Party talking and basically saying: oh how that worked out, and then I said something to the point where you do the math. It's pretty staggering! Well, I was on a flight to little world series and I was immediately told to get on a plane to go home and they put out a statement almost meet this availing themselves of the tweet in my first response was: ok, I don't know What are you disavowing what went in and then I quickly realized that everybody that went batch gravy. So because they get the word extreme is out of the post right, which, if you do tat it s incredibly raises thing, which is: why
It would be worth it mattered, tweed, actually well yeah debate. They don't care about that. So defence, that without the designated, The first thing they told me he was my employer is now we like programme. The boss, but they're calling Horatius right well, so it's also not or even if you remove extremist, it's not racist. You have a prominent ideology and a religion. Islam is not a problem with extreme right by forms. Are you MIKE? I worked with sharp practice. Nobody has a problem, people that our dinner, you know every game. Muslims are probably extreme found care if they were white extremists, black extremism, but their muslim extremists. Ed there are calls, tells them to kill anyone not of their fate, and this is very much like not but remember how made the point is you couldn't get the territory with was most I want to get to the more recent one, but Mohammed the terrorist Mohammed himself as a that's. How long spread around the world through work longer exactly spread by the sword?
speaking of soil so anyway, so going for that. I made a comment about our continent. That comment was based we're she's got these fish? I thought they'd. Let me evidence you know I do. You'll be, but you shall be should be under the jail people together, your killed, which was wrong and they go past about that girl and then they set out the memo than everybody gets at the same time. What we ve done before but I would therefore I feel like an apple it back, but I was called out for the things that I had said. While there were things being said, the other and on many other shows that were very liberal, very progressive, greatest steed makes me: does it pretty much daily tour and and so it I've gotta cured. But then the last one was yes. We have. On the screen? Nigeria I mean I I respond to which we are to a painful posts at someone else. It may now there's a couple days ago about,
I responded to admires wanted basic other than men's rooms were clearly made for guys. People who stand up to copy in women's work not- and I use the word it might naturally youth anyway, we turned out to be trained public right now. The other people to know about this, as I made this comment on and share this post on, and on that thing my private facebook page like people to get the postal. My page and the comments of my friends, cortical France, be right for ended me on Facebook. So but even then you know, even if you didn't get it, you understand and you are being tactful because we're with european but even then said testing that if you have a penis that you should use the men's room should not something scene is so hateful integrity that unusual John. I shut. My point was what the hell is. It urinal mate for
What do you think? I want to thank the seashore setup attack, but it's like listen men's rooms were made for people to go about and standing up and women's rooms were not. And what you do want bathroom everybody would use right, but but, but again I now I became falling. Well, that's the new term right because they have they have the same sex marriage. They have same sex marriage and I was pushed through Supreme Court in it's over now and they ve accelerated railway like ok. It will now now everyone's transfer back. That's any just talk it onto the gay thing to let you see with North Carolina and has nothing to do with hey here's, the problem that nothing I was transported number one eye. When I ran the video company that went so poorly at the end, I hadn't multiple transgender employees who work some of the best. I people that I worked with my son. Might one of my youngest son is a member of the algae beating
arbitrary, slowly up the ropes run it. Let me ask you, in the rope like from the trends in Europe, how do they thought that application and ended? I never cared don't care but if you want an early start, there are pulling the wool over overconfidence. The thing is, I think I ve come to realize the reason people get cast because we don't make it as big deal if they wanted to be right. Care. I don't care what you where I don't care, what you sleep with as long as it's, not my wife, I don't care what What right I don't care about that stuff. I've never cared about budget up and I'm old enough that if I had those goes in my closet, video rights, they began to plunge glass. I checked for the most part people. I know you re you're, not afraid of it no the proud of yeah? It's definitely not someone, that's, but that they know that. That's why they try to act as others seek remember only to say we have used the word socialist, its code for the inward from Iraq Obama, Bernie Sanders who, just as a socialist, I know
boy beyond words. We will now that cohort book is like forty thousand paid. Yes, what we always work for something race, as well as liberal We have our little. We have set our little orphan, any secret decoder, pen, rigour, ok, socialist outlines up what the hell I don't. I don't have one and I dont care. Here's airs Y all afternoon of rank and I'll get it get you one of the mail and what have you back to talk of artists, Kurt shilling sky man got a short of the stick, deserves better Lutterworth credibly back with them stay tuned. and now
for unemployed, John King and then his resonates Mister king, your rhythm of hers, nothing short of impressive near says here that you were self taught with twenty musical instruments. Yes, that is, and that is an approximate and you have countless multi, bustling platinum, albums. I consider math, of blessed Mister King says here that you wrote purple rain. I had no idea it would be as successful as it were. Mister king. This is clear, the princess resume and more alarming is clearly a screenshot of Wikipedia where you can find anything on the internet? Why should I waste paper? The main problem here is that it said you died on April, twenty first, where, as a Christian passed rapidly, we dat the flesh every day you know, I would really like to hit you right now, but I'd hate to be charged with a hatred
one second gear fractured after its central can I be charged with a hate crime. If I had somebody my office, who is clearly white work that way. Thank you, you're not needed any further little greater as if you're listening to this on Itunes or sound cloud or maybe on the Youtube lives, represents a thing now: you're missing, so much continent louder with crowded dot com. That's actually the bulk of what me and my glorious team, not gauge year notwithstanding do on a daily basis anywhere from four to ten article, the day with commentary, videos, gifts, images and it's all free. So if you want to be The data knows and entertain just add louder with greater dot com to your rss feed go check it. Today. It's you get to support the site, then you know maybe I'll give you a free to. I don't know
every college bitterly problem free college healthcare. Probably won't give you that just just put market and will give it to you. A farmer, I gladly are added commercial, regular evil. Corporate overlords, but this man's a pro he knows the business, Kurt Shilling, I would is Twitter handle, but it so hard, it's hard to say so, just type in court showing any shows up he's verified Kurt thank for staying with his brother. What's up Ok! Well! What's it there's so you're terminal law, a lot of things that the under the prison? Hillary Clinton was at a breaking bad reference. Someone mentioned that on Twitter, ok, great programme,
a little known fact overwhelm, arrange one of the greatest ever is really good. I, like sons of anarchy, first came out and then it got to the point was like I don't know how much I can stay with this and then my wife in the sand, and then we still my favorite ever yeah and then Saunders pretty good- that big breaking guide, which both my god yeah it's as good as it gets, and my friend used actually right back and forth physically with brain cancer and illegal, but he was actually think about becoming a priest at one pushes really. I know I he that held it really Commercial did he did what he thought, Neither the one man baseball show like a commercial on Emily. Worker sump n. It was one of the funny thing I've ever seen in my life. Why? I knew you I'm not going to middle. I thought it was. It was incredibly underrated programme in largely because of him if he wasn't seen everyone elevated their game and communal, he was just there people arose out what an influential show, Malcolm and Middle, was moving towards that single camera sitcom in the United States, and
I'm always I'm always borne away by how good and after ass would be to make you hate their character. This true, You know you start out big loudly. What are you doing is why come on now? Can you be mad at him? He's tried it and then, by the end, like what a piece of track I don't get. It ended perfect speaking of hate that there are a couple guys. I want to die much more horrible this is right. This is true, but not everyone who want to clarify speaking of eight. So what's been, what what is it? What was that the process like where you know you no longer work at European? How did they, you know you said you ve met good did did, did it creates some fat, Instead, he feels under the bus and then what was a public reaction. I, while I get the auditing go from a cop levels I could go on, but for for quite a while, they picked that that committee's elegantly common and I'm not might might know you was that they make you drive two hours yesterday to me with somebody in a jar that I just called me like I drove down there. Maybe I'm done many of those meetings. Yes,
unlike pocket. Germany are eager to. I would have a million duplicative collar like. Thirdly, what what's the whole that bombing there'd, be you have you basically corn yourself into not having an option. What you are doing, and I want to say this about your meme, your meme wasn't even anti trans for people who did brought it up earlier. They can go surgeon, twitter. What it was. It was saying if you have it for an opinion you are accused of being. Hateful Diana Frolic, big. It was a commentary on the social justice where you're left. So my question is: is it ITALY is an unwritten ESPN policy, where you have to have that, pinion on the elderly to you a IP silent, F, otherwise do not welcome their gap, but it's not my fault. It secret. I mean again, if you listen to the commentary, looked right and I hate to say it like this, because I'm not letting everybody gathers again. I had some amazing people extra work with it, but I fear airs
Might be and how they are used with a couple of employees there that way, it's fucking what they said Lucian. It might come out yesterday and said. Transgender people are the greatest people the world, and if you don't girt agree your son of a bitch, they would have said. Listen, please don't you that language on the air now imminent now, when the boy would break bed, Benjamin people screaming about the first amendment this and birth. The first member doesn't apply here not about why Freedom of speech, but would you work for other people? You have caught the competitive. You say things that they'll get much get along with my problem is, I don't believe you can have a double standard? I don't think it's late. To allow one racist opinion and not allow another. You don't agree with it regularly. Also our at an EU defence glinting there's nothing
but you said was racist. Now, when I try to talk to be talking to people, I spoke to somebody that was that it actually transgender. Supposing we're talkin about how they all came to be it? I shouldn't you know to be very clear: if you want more people either sympathetic or open hearing about your cause. Then you got at least at the bank. The power people you want to go out to be no animals. Is that regardless of anecdotally? If, if you have transparency, then a lot on the show there were plenty of stops on this logic, bus that we could pull them. They didn't want gender neutral gas and other third bathroom. That's a perfect solution, but they believe that's the movement, the gay stop that and stop, I believe its discriminatory have a third, Ass remorse like ok, this is all bets are off that way. Everyone's comfortable, that was as it has not the new plumbing finance is now. One of the questions I have got ass, though, is: when did it always that the world should push conform around them
conforming to the world you living or working yourself to the world you live in. People now expect all the shape itself for you and I hadn't that's not When I worked hard to try to make it work right, yeah, honey, that's all you're gay people, two percent of population are simply is not nothing. What love gave you have them on. The programme disagreed We just had Dave Reuben on the shelf, super gay, lovely gentlemen. Then the trans people here you're a single percentage point of a single percent point and men. Those people aren't at the front lines, fighting for the social justice bathroom issue, you are talking such a small percentage of people who have so much trial and can get people like you, fired, please just agreeing that year. She had thing, and this is why the thing this is how we ve got to where we are. We allowed the vocal minority shut up. Everyone else run, and now it drives every all of our political agendas. Here's the thing! I don't care that there was a transgender marched down. My street too,
strange and about rooms? I wouldn't go out a lot and I wouldn't care that the wrapping it no. I want almost veterans. That's all. I want origin abuse, at home. I want all the problems. Countries. There are so many other things that are actually legitimately staring right and dangerous. Like the oasis, by my little known fact: ISIS, not huge supporters of the algae be tissue any birth rates they might be in a while? You know your item boycotted North Carolina So I'm assuming all your stopping earlier now can't look at things like merited a legal and ITALY you're mine atoms in Egypt performing right now, The Middle EAST you get the added or execute or thrown off, arose from majority stories of your. If you're gay If you're a woman, you lose your beer starve or if you're, not a member of the faith,
Well, I've made you not. There might be more convenient for trans men because all you need to do in those countries is to us on the head, dress and none. But no one thing I want to talk about it, but the problem is that that the world people pick and choose. Strategically right, exactly what they want and looking at the problem is: listen, it's not only minorities as it does a representative, the Public republic and not a democracy, but like Donald Trump cannot, then we really The point is that they should leave Eliza where they are. What we're at a point you can't, because Charlotte decided to step in and so the state had to say, not an earl. You can't do this, use it room you were born with you can't come in from the other thing I said at the beginning of their air. Was this within Turkey than I thought I would get out and oppose that somebody posted from a transgender website. It said something: did it backed up curse, chilling, post horrible transphobia mean Collis Transgender people pathetic, and I am waiting unlike most
Where did that, while I think a great Europe what right at the bottom of the response, I have said that we need our government to step in and make these laws now. It's pathetic right, yeah Well. I do think that if you, if you need to be created in a safe space, because you can't use ladies room when you have a packer, I would say that person is pathetic and I don't need a trans report that new today, like I dont, have everybody oh, my god. You know people gotta, get raped and women's babbling about there's, no, its not what's gonna happen and you can sure is already happened, but it's going to happen one time in a big way. Somebody, it's gonna, get elected in a women's room and it's gonna be a child and some scumbag pervert child, the less we gonna go to jail and transgender. Coming. It's gotta be a place. They ve never ever wanted to be a you. They're gonna have to be defending their right to use the bathroom, which opens up the door for what he has just
like the like it. I please think right right. There are most violent, we're ever in history from all the more when they rebuilt having men their amazing that women are put your live life. There are bad egg in there and they should be set for the worst penalty ever right. But that's not representative of the force like about representative of Training Centre engendered Urbana files, but later for the unemployed. This law to their advantage in someone is going to get her right. Then I think you're, absolutely right, you think that's necessary. If they are what what if it doesn't happen, it doesn't even matter because again, most women are immensely uncomfortable it as this they all about men, yet you and I and Inaccurate- probably not uncomfortable to men's room. Why? Because women aren't naturally sexually predatory, that women are it's the way we're wired, We're going fantasy to go into the girl. Why? Why tell us I don't get it
man's Romania in particular. I don't care if you're going to install it, and why do I have to know you're, not oil, for a man. I don't care. Others like ITALY issued a lot of women did care and felt uncomfortable in so cities and solely at all. We hear the other piece think about the air the world two years ago that we live in. And if one should happen and no one had ever known today, what we would all be any different. Yes, what it given the current order. Somebody actually met with that guy. And we were there. Are you always this sentiment? They like we did the whole, but the whole fake, limping with Caitlin General winning the commentary Caitlin Jenny, If we believe this is a new person is separate from Bruce Caitlin. Has precisely he as many have accomplishments is not gauge aired zero. And in a word I will work, but you behind the scenes at european or even even though the far left like yeah. Ok, this is kind of two years
what I was about to speak of rights in any way but but upon so when no one spoke about it. That way, by accepting a careful, but I dont who cares honestly, ok, Why would you do if you cannot find you can go every discussion and in the other piece I try to make these people understand that I was speaking with an opinion and a boy protuberant different thing: right: with an opinion it might malleable got all my opinions are most. People's art, my belief that this was the son of God and that my my family, both things bolder unshakeable. Right right away. You you're given far less leeway. The second you may right now right, but that if I'm a racist, that's it that's a fundamental belief of mine that one racists appear to another right and if I'm, if I'm almost all back my boy, my foundational belief is that
gay men are worthy of the same, like I'm sure that none of those things are true now, but people make but here to think about this. What can this was to me that the things that really got to me when people are calling you things that you could not even what is the baby? You know somewhere the wiring screwed up now they come from top down. It is at that point it is going right now you're right, you're right, but I will, if I said, the inward in my life like adequate, come out of the great. Oh, my you might just and killing, reckon I'd. Never Like judge somebody on anything other than how they treated me, and I bet preconceived notions of people like a dish. I had a plan with a guy. You like the greatest thing. I've ever had. I learned that enough times in all right, but what people are calling your wages in Europe we're, not gonna. Public reactions of my question was weeding into the back rooms on appreciating assignment. I think it's been exactly what I wish it. I expected at the point when the muzzle thinking out with the same thing like that
two days later they every book, I'm Goin, encircled but necessary. Nine, eleven right and nine eleven everybody was cut. This country's the grants with let's go kill. Everybody does right and then, but the really loud folks they die out about six months right. Whatever all these people screaming elegant fourteen hours, you gotta be on something else, because they fired and they're all happy eyes exist. I think you ve had really shouldn't go away. I believe I think you got more support than he S. P. Unexpected No, absolutely I dont say I think they're pushing way too hard right now too fast, and this may have a rebound because if you look, if you look at social media, it wasn't even let a majority of people thought that this was pretty ridiculous. I think it shows are actually work, even though a majority of people who didn't agree with the thing I posted we're saying that they like Writing- is ridiculous We have to go, Mr Chilly, thank you so much and I know you're going to start going to the store and everyone's going to want. A piece of you is everything we can do. Let us know
Thank you for stop, and by in the men. I appreciate that you will understand the pack. I pray you on bright bark tomorrow morning. That should be a lot of fun, Kurt Shillings. Thank you, sir. We must go a lot with greater stay tuned as we wrap it up. Were you lose a wilder, will drop her mouth we thank you know I've to governor or John CASE campaign stop at a new or delay Bruce. I that America want somebody who can you can win in the fall? Yes, but MR case, if you ve only one Ohio, that's ok! How can I finish answering the question ready
think I need to ask for us not trying to answer the question. Ok about about picking someone, Who could win an for several years? going to take the low road owes a nice guy. I know, but you keep it you're right here. Ok, let me answer no microphone. Ok, robot caught sight of a while Man here Now, that's not true. I'm running a positive campaign on still nice guy address, then I'll think than I do. And how do you carry around such an impressive catalogue of music with appropriate for every game.
Big bird flu is entirely appropriate, I disagree. Movie runs you fools of kroner, I'm very math.
And that sound that sound that original track means that it is the end to our programme. Glad all the guests who came on incredibly grateful, Mr Kurt, showing our first the first programme he did. I have not listened. We don't deserve that.
We really dont download. So we did nothing to. We have no business getting these exclusive scoops every now, and then we have people who either follow or fans and end. I don't know it. Will we have the ability to get to it? First, somebody apparently, I guess, there's some kind of life might think that people are talking. What's a fix This is the last segment here so wanted to sort following what I'm a curt was talking about. Because I know he has to be careful and not that any punches, but our legal ramifications right if he says I kind of like when Ben Shapiro was on the shelf. Situation. Anything you use in public can be used legally and that's why it's important. For example, we your politicians who miss misuse the terms or that they consider them in changeable like battery assault. If you use the wrong one or someone committed a misdemeanor new, say felony now, you're on the hook for slander
So I wanted it to give us a common programme, really nice respectable than you play spot the training afterwards. You know what to do with it, but it doesn't matter had happier still happened and then they're gonna show the gift of me in Gavin. You know the areas and then you're like are you running for President Sir, and this was the programme on which you you paid a visit, so I think we managed to have Libertarian Kennedy Austin Petersen, if I'm correct you're. So there was someone else who are talking about you're talking to talk and talk and talk, and was it oh might be, well might be, might be Nicht APOLLO. I think that the text we were not entirely sure but often Petersen, that few other guests can also we're we're. We're we're always grateful, listen. The common thread here with with what Kurt was talking about is he was quite ass. He was silenced, he was fired for being Trans phobic, racist, homophobic, that's what happens on campus more performing camp, and I hate it honestly, I'm looking forward to this. Being,
or the tours we're going to a few more dates: you're gonna ladder with colored icon to see them through the spring and we'll take it off in summer and then fall just colleges really suck. They really suck now make it a sharp and people protest and for provocateurs it's fun because you videotape it nay, sharp and their mad. When you just want stand up against the point. Words almost impossible. You now and it's really no longer fun to do. But again, when I spoke with these kids and the same exacting it's happening with Kurt showing it's. The same thing has happened on campus, with a guy being expelled for not raping somebody to same thing. That happened with whole foods. All these tactics and techniques they were used entirely from the left now all you do, is you know the left right divide? Man? Yes, don't you away from it and it's entirely appropriate. You not see it. Coming from conservative? You don't see this coming from the right Certainly not in record numbers this way if they get mad. Something that someone said they don't try and get that personal Luther.
Maybe now some factions of the right wing- I don't know- maybe it happens, but certainly not conservatives who have I've worked with my entire life on campus. They try and ban speakers racist, sexist, homophobic right. So what solution? Dont? Let speak Kurt Shilling put out a meme on his private facebook page where he, basically thanks hey. If you were born a man specifically, you don't go through with the surgery you, probably still a man in the meanwhile was pointing out this idea that if you say that your hateful and bigoted even even necessarily say that heat the meme was about even that is considered hateful bigoted, and what do they do The name is hateful and regulate. It is just that it might not be so What's the solution fire him make sure he doesn't get to speak never time. I go to college campus, these these speaking engagements, their open and liberals come in. You know what conservatives on campus. Never do they never train bank people, it doesn't happen, you don't see. College republicans, you don't see them and wanting to erase chalk and demanding safe spaces. You may
they're wrong, again lifted right: man, yes left and right. The right does not try to constantly there go too is not silence, voices of opposition by defaming the person before the argument even begins. Counter bad speech. With more speech, Dave Reuben we're talking what he was on our program. I was on his programme this week. He he's never received more hate mail Dave. I like Dave Ruben. Were actually what we ve become friends and we disagree on nearly everything but were willing to have an idea. Guess what no one on this programme? No one who watches? ever complaints. We have they ribbon on. It doesn't happen. You'll see people say they might make a joke, but say he sees he so far. Left is wrong about everything he has his head up as rear, I'm good comes on the show. Similarly, we have left us on whether it's what or people who lean more left likes likes argon or deal hugely Cathy of anyone we ve had on that provides some visceral nasty reaction of land and whether flock their page and now span with hate online people,
Let the young Turks, but that's because they do that without without us, You were staying, everyone is raises. Some people are tired of it. To look at this, and I know you it's easy to be offence. Sitter and say: will you know it's not left right people at? Yes, everyone is an individual, but if you look at what is happening on campus, if you look at what is happening in the media, if you look at what is happening there's consistently one side that always if they can do it first. If they can drop this nuke first, they will silence it before the dialogue begins sweated and ban me on campus. It's why in doing that. We bomb threats at cow Polly. Now I dont go out there and put on a website big and make a big deal out of it. Why? Because I just wanted to stand up and then, after the fact we can talk about it. You know a lot of people think this presses good press, but when you back add security problems talking about the Islam, we actually underplay it. Conservatives don't do that. So yeah it does matter to see the world you dare do. Isms are ok,
I do believe in any ideology. Minutes always fluid. While you can also, you can also be blinded by that, because it is point? If you refused Otis consistency is. There is nothing different, nothing different about what's happening with Kurt showing that he s been and what happened at all foods or on campus like buck downright was it's the exact same thing It is the tactic of the left and here's what I will say. You should listen to people, you should always have a dialogue. If you can if someone immediately goes to a racist card or tell you some of the racist or transphobia homophobia, their opinion immediately be met with kept scepticism and the first thing need to do is stop them at war. You say racist justify that Why are you so gay rationalizing? Because I tell you what, when I there I do. They shows on campus for two hours, some have been two and a half their, never able to. There never able to rationalize there, never able to make position tenable, just like they won't against Kurt shilling they'll just say: he's a racist or transfer of someone's.
That, you should immediately put them on your radar. Somebody should be skeptical lotta, with Trotter, see you next week.
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