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#73 TRUMP & TRANNIES! Christina Hoff Sommers and Nick DiPaolo Trigger #SJWs

2016-05-06 | 🔗
This week Steven Crowder is joined by the ultra triggering Christina Hoff Sommers, and legendary comedian Nick DiPaolo to talk Trump, triggering, and trannies. @NotGayJared survives his hospital visit. Gets AIDS anyways.

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Whose working move allow or withdraw our power in love. We're, drag you now with our automobile reporter Jimmy Mercer gone World brother Barack Obama himself was for a moment wars, warm to pay. Struggling residence, others anyone they famous firms, alarming crime right now moves notorious words fund. I written drab water of this remove that will give you a story on falls our with withdrawn. I'm I'm all ears.
You probably hearing this podcast either through I tunes or sound cloud somethin like that, or maybe you ve heard it on this indicator. Radio show across the country, but you may not know that this show was actually live stream Video live stream every Thursday night, eight o clock Eastern Thursday, eight o clock Eastern at Lahti with credit outcome or Youtube Slash Stephen Crowd or you can actually watch the live stream, see the guests zeal. These little infographic go on there. We have some inclusive commercials. You get to see the hopper. Can people like the Hopper camp entities firing of not gay itself. Again, it's free. If you to see what your hearing go off. The live stream, Thursdays, eight p m easter. Otto with matter to you,
found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment, I dont like a whole bunch of others still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body not of the kind. We are definitely going to get letters. Your listening to talk, radios, strangest animal you're getting louder with out. That's means it's the sound of the weak and glad to be with you. I'm your host, even crowded with me using as always in video studio. Video stream is not gay Jared. He is Gay. Follow him, not gay Jared on Twitter. I forgot
the legal obligations, drawing conclusions! we're good, I'm even more glad to be with you. This is What would be the more global had ended that occur, but we have to let people know our guests. Yes, we have legendary comedian, Nicht APOLLO on tonight. So if you don't follow him, you need to follow him. If you don't know who he is learn who he is and of course we have based mom, Christina Half summers, Doktor, Christina half summers bypassed their demands. She was there with me at you Mass and we they will get around that week we were already booked, so we brought her on this week and I'm excited to to get in the full with those two. What well, Let's let people know about not gay Jared. He was sick. I don't want you can really what you want to reveal He was in the emergency room this week. Can we tongue what that the blood transfusion Ireland's hip hidden without real quick, will go back to because we have to get to that that the Trump stuff this we lost lost a lot of blood apparently
that's not good, not good, not good. They don't devise itself blood transfusion first time at that five units of blood. That's your first time not that I know what I may have had, certainly before we talk about that, but you know I don't know if I had transfusion mid surgery or not not aware but she was on the other foot because you dont, you don't want to none of that gay blood or you told me about and he told me worst case- scenarios AIDS, but the best case was superpowers. So I took the ratio of the gambling tolerated as the role of the dice yes. I don't know what superpower well the as far as I know, I don't have superpowers yet, and four hours were still waiting on the silhouette. Still waiting for your hemoglobin level was really six point since point as you well right I'll. These twelve supplement that twelve, sixteen twelve sixteen, so the optimal ranges proper closer to six yeah, not night, closer to death. You just away the one before the sixteen, and that was where you were so what will die? Furthermore, after the break was a scary weak for not gay jeered and were mostly glad that he's back alive the stories this week
So obviously listen, the big one is, and we want you, don't politics so much we get so tired, every now and then in all areas and tired of it. Honestly, when you don't do they happened, I wasn't even following it. I dont care that much. Anymore. If you're going to argue that guy, like I, was passed it at this point. You know I'm usually I'm not the biggest trump fan, but he won and here's one thing I will say you know what I said on Twitter. I should hate. You know, congratulations trump! On the wind and TED crews, classic dropping out trying to unify the party, that's all I said and people nuclear you're on the Trump bandwagon you idiot. Have you ever been in a sport? Have you ever competed? Have you ever been in, debate in a high school college debate club I've lost. People who I can't stand, and I have that well know what those are. The rules, shake your hand, congratulate them on the win, it seems and if Hillary Clinton wins I do not like Hillary Clinton. I would not be happy but I've gotta say: ok, you you one
Congratulations on the wind, Were you raise that way? Congratulations on the wind. I hope you die. Oh yeah, you wish tat it or you can wish, for. It is entirely appropriate. Take your little doll, you stick the pins and you haven't. You know like a body that can t buy. You always did the Nevada, who wanting last year with the little line up and man's on the way and the problem is geared to start up TB last week. And that is a good time sets from those social media with elections, and why exhausting your people have never entered the arena, never been in a fight. Never any kind of a struggle, and then they think their opinions are as informed or mean as much as everyone else and here's the truth? Everyone can have an opinion European, isn't necessarily is valid as someone else's and it isn't as of much value as other people, It also depends on the person whom your expressing the opinion to me right Well I just star so his opinion. And a lot more to me than not gay Jared. That's ok, they can both have opinions doesn't mean I trust them.
So drop one, that's the reality. He won't opinion matters only somewhat then does improvement from last week. It's because of the sympathy right now sit round the aids I'll take it, and I want you can like, like Tom Hanks from Philadelphia. One sees you ball than theirs and make a wish foundation. Nobody remembers that mean man who told you I started foundation is allow you could always start a fire has not even your answer, but if so does change, I think about Trump now. Will I vote for Donald Trump let us now, probably not now. I reserve the right to change. If I've always said this is done. From start surrounding himself with brilliant people. Brilliant people Sarah Palin now you're, stone, ok, people who are really brilliant, who I constitutional, is to understand how to run again let me surround themselves those people who I think are trustworthy. I reserve the right to change my opinion. I was, I want to change my opinion period but this change, how I feel about Donald Trump. It doesn't, but I feel the need to
to congratulate someone. I know when people say why aren't you unburthen? Never trump. I've never been that even a long before, never trump. I sat on the show it has Donald Trump Parliament vote form. Why? Because probably the hashtag. Never Trump is What I saw what it wasn't about, I will never vote for Donald Trump. It was now our trump, even at the cost of collusion anyone people have loved that at me, that will you want that you want the election to be stolen. I dont want the election to be stolen. I was pretty clear: there Then there is a very specific number one, two three seven delegates that didn't you there? Wasn't pulled out of a hat, and I said if Donald Trump gets those delegates he wins period and if a GEO people some pulls out Paul, Mr P, Ex Ryan. I, relieve myself on the GEO P Ashes review that picture of Hamilton curls. Ninety access scared like they took the pictures. You can see the hair on the back of his knees, there is no more unattractive place for here. We all have it, but you don't Oh I don't have anything. I know
a fantasy. You hearing them at a hearing these. That's your superpower, the ability to grow me hair crap, its growing in the interior of your kneecap. So I always say that about about power, but if he doesn't it, goes to a contested convention, that's not new. It's happened and we'll see happens in the ballot Donald Trump, those delegates. He wins, Donald Trump other people pulled out? Ok, that's reality! That's why We are you don't necessarily like it. I don't necessarily like it that we and ass for TAT cruising Carly fearing a p. Thank you know, because we had them both in the show I, like Chrome, fearing a lot. They think we ve been enough of them bullets, and am I Don t pretend to be an unbiased journalist right. Entertainer. I do, sir. Upon this- shows a mix of of comedy and and and in politics, entertainment, but have been pretty brutal on them. If you actually listened sketches between segments, but we ve done some pre eminent Carly, fearing a barren womb bit in the GEO, be debate cartoon
We have criticised everybody, no, naturally, with my opinion, I'm going to favour Carly, fearing tat crews over Donald Trump. That's o k, because I, like their policies more than Donald Trump, but we ve got plenty of criticism and hear some more of it tat crews. Hardly fearing to deserve Toulouse. I like them. I wish they didn't. They deserve to lose. Now they were fighting against a reality show, Big neighbour Toma remain recognition in the american public right now right, you have Hillary Clinton, big name, recognition, Donald Trump Name, recognition. They were fighting it and they thought there are gonna play. Safe and go the traditional round. They deserve a loose data. We're going to going to go in the traditional, am radio Circuit, Fox NEWS and they were going to win with republican base. It's not enough, it's not enough. They are running campaign like champions and by the way this is necessarily because of them, but because of advisers and strategists we get It will be I've taken you off. We get these emails all the time from people who want us to have politicians on
in our senators or congressmen who are only interested in national politicians because otherwise it just gets so boring. There's almost boring guess you could possibly have noted, but the senator from Ex District in Oklahoma. Now we ve dynamic APOLLO on so these people are advising them tongue. Let's go, let's go to say, let's go, let's play traditional media, let's focus on white christian conservatism. I sang the raises no, but that was their absolute gameplay, which isn't enough when we add, took Carly fearing a text in this programme. The first time now. Listen. Do we do massive just now, but the programmes of California Hector bigger than CNN. Well! Well, into the six figures combined, seven figures on the download videos and the cliffs tons of comments when people say I never. I never see them like this. I never TED crews talk about pink, Floyd or Carly, fearing they came on good time. We invite
back, and I know for a fact that they were scared. You play spot the training after presidential candidate there like well, you know what kind of attacking Donald Trump over the Howard stern thing, which is stupid. They don't want to come back I understand that so, let's us from the equation, editor soldier, just so out of touch we're talking about young people by the way anyone under the age of forty Republicans anyone under the age of forty five and you lose them the issue here and they are so your TED had his whole teens for TED thing was that it was. It was at sea, J Pearson. Kid got enough to vote. We probably hadn't had his balls drop, yet nobody is calling. I can either your shogunate. We would like. Now you can't. Ownership now is asserted foreboding, purged of any sort, build conservatives out of thousands of dollars for speaking to her and tat truth. This is gonna. Let you know if, if, if, if twenty five has authority is young and relevant, today is really relevant, not how we want to show king for our team.
They were so risk averse and here too thin. Yet the gold bigger go home in this campaign. I M not a campaign strategies, but if I could run it, you need me A guerrilla warfare came Ellis, remove us from the equation: Adam Corolla, Joe Rogan pop Www Youtube channels: curly fearing tat, grows din of that none of it. Okay, tat drew's! You wanted It's an friends every couple of weeks we will see a God. And that's what listen for a lot of people like my low the alt read. It all agree with them on a lot of principle, but the reason we can discuss is because I don't just has taken over job we're. Ok, let's discuss ideas there right, there's, not a lot of originality conservative movement right now, we're very fortunate. Benefit. From that. That's why I've people appearing on on? cable knows lifting bits from kid. The studio as we this week with the case sick and closing time and that people are at our own- we don't care but they're taking shoes from people who
on medium. They should have been paying attention to all along Conservatives think this is new media still acting literally there isn't a mom, it's not know it's been around for a long time, you're just too silly to have noticed it. We'll talk more about this after the break I've gotta haven't aneurysm everybody In fact it was a rather bondman
and now for Donald Trump unifies. The GEO be ok, frankly, he's done whatever they killed Kennedy. I know it. I will talk about this. Guy he's dead, practically pulled the trigger is there was a second should. Ok, I dont get it for effect, a pernicious, decorous his death by his wife. You should have face. Look at her face to face tat, look of a face, your life, I can't believe the face of this terrible and the one or the other players is Donald Trump eyes great export. It we're gonna, make a back a great again, hey take we got Stephen Drought or your height Jared. What are you doing? Seventh troubled into this block? That's because you can't ray. I know I shouldn't use freedom, project, academy, freedom, what freedom project,
can we just gotta, Effie, USA dot Org, it's a fully accredited private online school, no common core and absolutely no government funding. What's However, all the classes are taught live online kindergarten through high school, with real teachers based around the country, so through freedom, products, classical curriculum students, master the basics like math english history, science said some more commonly neglected courses like logic in giving them a lot of schools. Now makes american studies in Latin, all of which foster the long lost art of critical thinking and create leaders for Timor. All classes are reported to be viewed. Twenty four seven, eight you can get you variants need bigger than any class or professor it s p we're, say, DOT, bore opening Roman runs March through July, but classes always fill up fast. Now. Do you have your JD equivalency Jared, those at important? I think I mean you might want to give my called that's freedom, project, Academy, F, B E. U S a dot org.
I'll be back, I'm going to wrap up the Donald Trump we have so many great guests, and that I can go on too many too many rents. With this to say this. I, like Senator TED crews. I, like Carly, fear INA you're, welcome on the programme tat. Even I am tired of their faces and their voices like another Donald Trump fan. I hope that people Never trump side still understand ran up, and I hope that the people who love Donald Trump think that this is entirely reasonable? I dont have like somebody? I can express my policy disagreements, my disagreements on ideas and still be, O K with the rules, if this Anders one I would soil myself and I would say I got good game hundred and fifteen year old soul last June was never held the private job. You did it, I don't know, I don't know how you did
It's not that I'm lazy! It's that I just don't care. I think a lot of people have hit that tat ass, a kid Davis murmured, the Kim Dae Vicinage, never seem to one end ever right and just like you like and there was a lot of their her. Is again yeah you're some warm or face yeah, you know you're. Never, oh that's her for no that's an episode of harder than about better. If anybody that's her face her face on hoarders debt as deficit. We're represents good that it was good. It was just a bunch of of cutlery like carries mom mercy is it. You never saw the original care. I did actually u everyone, although all the knives go into her and that that was one of the scenes from Washington immensely uncomfortable to stop. What are you doing here, but, of course, that when christian shop in the film or carries mom, ok, so people
Evan asking and hopefully among I'm, going to let you take a little bit of a lead, because I tossed into the audience you can tweak made us credit for questions. People actually care about you. Some people and you got sick, so I was ready for, though the Monday morning meeting you didn't command and you were rushed to the hospital hospital. It's like a hotel. By the way How can I saw spittle myself, but literally they use the same furniture. My wife works a French as a high. It like the ottomans and stuff like that and your food wasn't bad either buy food. You know I had a lot of work on a clean clinic, let's ride like all my stuff diamond, I live there and I'm in number of topics. In a country in the world, but this place actually better food, including gonna, know rooms were comparable and you have to be even more so tell me what you have. I been keeping a relatively close the chest and then, when I went and you're telling anyone who would listen just a little bit of its aid seat if seat of seed of AIDS, seed, a fancy to pay c d minus the aids when you have no call on our audience, knows that
and ass you see. But can you get scared illogical? Now he has no colon. He can't take a crap. This is medical realizing. I can call Hillary Clinton Bitch, but I can't say Jared needs to take a dump that he says button. The tragedy is so silly public internet all by the way, is being of radio. Thank you so much to gain an easy one. To seven point three family arena for begging us up: we must ensure that plug earlier. Thank you. So much for picking us up, just as the nurse picked up Jared collapsed me beg to tell him what happened You don't have any more ok for those. Can we say that not without getting detail, how you lost blood but think that I figured out no call on local and so you're? Not I don't want to know you wanna leave us no, but now that we're pretty honest with the audience. Yes, so get a call and like this, isn't that abnormal for Jared but
I was concerned, and- and you know we were- I didn't sleep at all Sunday night because talking with with you know family members and they were kind of updating me and so you're in the hospital they give you a transfusion and you have see death right, see. The fear had ended due to the test it that's all they tested at first. That was a lot of fun. The what an engine You ve had up for now. They literally shove a straw your knows not know of your nose down your throat? oh god, the contents understand to see what their oh I've had that, because I drank all by of like ass, a meat. If it is it's the worst well yeah I had my stomach pump it now. The worst thing about halting minus d just like it now be able eat valid. Today I mean, but could even worse, if not for you I mean I will Ghana to your inhuman gag reflex. I had come to years of practice. We have said if. And here's the thing we do this. We have a den built studio out of me, where, where I live, and
they're telling me- I've down your hands. Antibacterial soap enhance on tourism to not get c d from gone, not gay here. I will literally come into my house and just quote the ball with us. Second coating of paint seven times a day. And I'm worried about washing my hands. So I need to know is this something I need do I need to go see a doctor. You should probably test. I should probably get that's. How do they tell the drive to do that thing? If that would be fine for me, you should have with the narrative it well sometimes have to do a sample of a word. We can't say and you have to figure out what I figured out. The intestinal bacteria have invited tweet, not gay jeered at a friend, but also employers He needs to be healthier certain I want to say this was preventable, but everyone here, I was about his diet habits in and you ve got it you gotta get on top of that you do. I said as a friend
also, you know as obviously we want you to get to work because it's not good for you. I've had lots of skills lightly. Those there's a protein right. What later I'm sure they're fortified with vitamins? Okay, so see death. That's the case and something else I want to say so. Not gay Jared one of his relatives is there and I've taught we have their registered sex offender in the block who allegedly so we know, is registered sex offender. We he's harass many people. He spends all kinds of medicine, the drunk tank Annie. Thirdly, molested especial needs, diner block, we ve talked about em, I don't know, produces actual name, and I don't know you remember. This sitting and I was complaining because a spent this this child molesters another ally on the block now sitting? wash my hands and gone Krajina Loggia? What does it take? I got a guy, the guy right the retired and your relet. Was what you never never met with. Conversations after I left there. Surprisingly involved nothing of raping retards, so you got off.
We just walked in and go in and out of it, I hate that can without com Second sound bad, I'm literally talking about somebody who sexually molested a special needs child he raped Aris. Do you look on your first union seem as Ngos abnormal war? You can remember I'm around me all the time so that our normal for me, but when I think like this, never see you at all. Over this month, the tweet, a very nice they get healthy, be warned about your gag reflex, Chewbacca lover twinning us I held a close to my chest, steam clarity. Sixteen then there Now I must go on to gauge. To be honest, I rhythm the odd but even more capacity. This is what happens. Well, we ve come up with Greece, Doktor, Christina hot Summers, yep and that's maybe great, so, will hold your questions until after that water with crowded Christine off.
We're coming up. She's a doctor stated now. On case ex only supervision and a primary watch body, hey guys thanks so much for inviting me ass common. I'm glad you tell me you think you only have two choices with Trump: you really want to take a better look case. It I've heard it's really easy, only one who breach Hillary Clinton and ahead ahead International Poland telling now, but you know, risk as the lot of name recognition onto its because, your case. It is the only one who knows how to deal with the political divisiveness in today's atmosphere.
I don't know man. I just don't really think this is because even in the research, if you did the right, if you do the research on cases believing you change your mind, we are now getting official word from TAT girls campaign that has suspended its presidential campaign until four. Why that's it. If tenuous couldn't win any era, we said he should drop out. I told you should drop out if you can't win the case, could have one that without TAT cruising their case. It's one left right now, it's between trumpery cases and in telling you it's tons, take a serious look. He can really fiction. You know it is still only one. What one stay doesn't erroneous ok, Rony at this point, he's the only one left its human drama. Choice. Them are getting a now that John case. It has also officially suspended his presidential
ok? We are now join so keep you keep your mouth in line there, not gay journey, classy, lady and do it anymore knows this review of twisting her and was hoarse enough to assure the stage where we can watch or stuff on you to youtube dot com, slash factual feminist or follow her twitter, C, H, summers, s, o m m e r S, Christina Half summers! Thank you for being with us. Thank you me. I'm such a star on Youtube. Now you stole our show you bastard
I know, I assure you have no intention. Sometimes the screaming belligerent one can capture the most amount of attention, but tat a great well. Thank you that we needed a fantastic job. You know what we talked about that you mile. I myself your tongue, but as they are out new! Before I was kind of like you were going to do your your speech and Milo, I was gonna do his bit and I was going. I had a stand up, less settle est. And then I said, but I dont know if he's got you are going to allow it in then what triggered me so to speak? Was you just I expected with my lonely, was so short. You went out at Umass. Four for people have watch the full lecture. We haven't up at the website and just vile and vulgar and angry they were with you. You just said something off rose going: ok, if, if, if Christina, half summers whose thoughtful safety for twenty years doesn't have a shot at some kind of a civil. Conversation, that's out the window and that's cool.
That was my mindset. Always you who inspired me because I wanted to beat their faces in. Was astonishing and, as you said, I expected Milo would create some chaos. And then I thought- and this has happened and other universities will, I would come- the students would listen more or less round because I don't say anything inflammatory. I try to reason with them and They had already passed out. Flyers. Quoting me acquainted knock. You is close by the way you have recently questioning a wage gap. Myth or questioning that you know Swarthmore or Wesley indicate that these are rate cultures. They say that you are a dangerous and I want person were exactly and in no sense of irony that they're saying that, while they literally don't have enough middle fingers together, as we walk out on stage, will not get here. We talk about that last week. He see me do stand up. He. He knew right away that this is not what Stephen does.
This deal very angry are well. It responded because we all have different expectations. I sort of thought of myself addressing student a lecture. My overall performance art and you referred to it- is an act, and I don't and somehow agenda work, but it was very effective in raising awareness run out what has happened on our campus? Yes, and I think funnily enough people going to I've, never seen crowded this mad because of people actually watch. This show its very, very much like you are experiencing right now, it's very conversational. Only we had people come on and call for my death and I just go well that's interesting. I disagree with you, but then the stand up is it is different and in ours- just as it was like Michael Douglas and falling down. I've had enough- and I think that surprise people- because I'm not I am an angry person, but an explosive in that way publicly. Generally speaking, but a lot of people
you'll get the reaction. So let's look let's get enough about me darling! They were talking about you and in people who weren't even you. Don't we talk about you six thousand the full lecture in a one point- six seven million- and on my rent, the overwhelmingly positive for you just as much as I mostly you, people love these- aren't conservatives the majority of these people. If you look at Youtube, just the numbers have to be centre or love laughed in and you have not really been a Republican. You, like you, said your kind of a lifelong registered Democrat, but often lected. Yes, we'll get to that. To get us interesting conversation right now, but I was, action with you, people going. I can't believe I'm so reasonable. Your followers they told me I haven't verified this- that the crowd was actually angriest. When I was talking, infuriated the more and they were noisier than guy having checked it out, but every time I attempted to speak
There was so much fury and I was trying to be generous to them, trying to understand that, because I do think and it is a comedian. You know how to do this, but I like to meet them half way. Trying to see the world was they do right rules. We asked, I couldn't do it now. Why and on this show I always do that and we invited the actions of those do the show and they haven't come on the show very even invited the yes, I'm the guy. Wrote the letter that yeah a couple of them. If I can find Trickly fight invite her, but I think I think she's in a natural hibernation cycle, little sorry for her now now don't do that. I felt that way too might have no she's, not she's, not retorted, and I work with special needs. People she's, not, I think, maybe very intelligent, though I think that note students,
important. I think that the criticism should focus on the professors who enraged her because she's just she acted out. Yardage he's gonna suffer some humiliation lightly, as the polish proponents important before long? They wanted him about, but that's not cyber boy, she showed up and was trying to take food from the mouths of my family and your family, because big part of our living, is speaking engagement, social, environmental and she's hungry. So that's where I lose the empathy this wasn't. She wasn't filmed in Iraq. Truman made fun of her wait. She showed up to yell and swear and cut you out. She saw that right and she bought a ticket and if you will the day she lost will say one thing: I wasn't it one thing this has happened. Every campus, where I been where they acted out Learn where they had their safe space and thirty one dog therapy dogs lead in your space and at a Georgetown in both those
First is the students look foolish and people had it took photos, and then the students were horrified that people posted there photos so that why are they childish in the way they protest in the way they think in their view of the world? But when I go to protest, they had a temper tantrum. If people call him out on it right No, it's it's a great point, and this is the first generation, that's kind of which I think was reflected in people went aha with my This is the first generation of people who are fighting for less rights, their fighting for less freedoms, that's their fight and aisy. It's absolutely amazing, that I looked back when I was in college. The idea of having dean's monitoring our personal lives was out of the question we didn't. We wouldn't want to call in the police and courts. The administration in our everyday bet. We won. Our lives. We wanted to be independent at liberty.
Beings, and today I call this fainting couch feminism. It takes us back to the Victoria an era where hysteria, the demand for adults to supervise every every thing they do everything little thing that happens to them. They run screaming to their parents, radiance animalization. I think it goes beyond politics or absolutely everything were struggling to understand what happened on campus, but I think it may have to do with the helicopter parenting. Were this self esteem movements? thing, is gone badly. Wrong was a certain sector of privileged millennials. Tomorrow, led the kids. Are the more prestigious the school and expensive the school the more likely this is to happen. It's a good point. You don't see. Kids, probably going to trade school, or kids, who aren't going to college who are going into construction, you don't see them acting as professional protestors.
Even if they might be union Democrats right. This is activist privilege. Yes, that's a good activists privilege right. Down, not getting checking around like that, so that we should act as well. Yeah someone's going to listen, from you and climate as their own, so will have this as as as the record here for that. Yet you know trick Trickly puff, as is interesting the sentence- I know so that name it. We will have another name for her, but I'm not. I don't think we should username. Now I think Shrigley puff works works, fine. She was so angry and so upset and end the reaction requisite with with you was disarming in that people. Who would she wondering how to and you could there are some people- are members and well didn't sell it. There are that destructive to me and one person Christina Heart, because you know have summers clearly just would repeat herself, because she couldn't. I don't wanna know you understand she couldn't hear herself. We couldn't hear each they people, understanding of the sound, is going out to people and the old,
Recording they're getting right is the microphone like right now, my dog snoring. You can't hear him that's. Why comedy tape especially have makes on the audience. So people Only your reaction in in to be fair, it would seem if they don't hear this- that your stuttering, but really there interrupting you so much. If the restart your point and when I wrote that down some people, the left us very small minorities, and why do I guess? I don't see that and of course, when turn the camera on the audience than they did see that you now you don't hear Trickly puff regional, video player it produced by favour mean probably of the night the which was the with dutch summers. The Socrates, Socrates, is my favorite. I said that if our institutions of higher learning become places where people go to feel comfortable and say rather than to challenge,
You know to be challenged and to learn new ideas, new thoughts, then the universities will lose their reason for being licence and, when I try to say was since the time of Socrates, higher education has been synonymous with debate with contention with examining ideas with with cuts, it oh being held responsible for the clarity of your thought. Would if this disappears, then, as it were, happens to education. It becomes a kindergarten. What's a good browser, people call her based mom. Have you heard that nickname paste trade is mom.
It's not I do want to correct. You are a couple of things I correct Milo, but I do want to correct you and a couple of things and there was no way to do it in an environment where I do think that use might want to consider modified your position on Islam, because of course there are terrorists and and and dangerous people, and then people dinner, you know, have very backward views through, but you must acknowledge a growing number, not big enough, but its growing number of labour, all Muslims or shot Mangi and asked rotten, no money, wonderful, reformists! They happen to be religious, but they want to bring a kind of enlightenment to Islam. I think was asked
not wishing she hosted demands, someone nailed it into the door of a Washington is Islamic sent rife and these we have to support them, and so, if you say things, it suggests that you know have. Animals towards all those little eyes, nor I said the operas irish we're going from, but I was very clear to single out Mohammed. I will say by that out in my home and was a terrorist ere it did there is talk of record is uneven. There are examples of things that he did that were progressive. You have to put it in the town Then he lived yes, I fully, I understand, but yesterday oppression figures there, problematic, not anywhere near that. What say, because if you look at historically Christianity in its inception where they were known, oppressors right, Stephen, the first martyr right stoned to death, it was clear up. Your christian you're dead with it
amendment. No one knew Mohammed was no one really cared so even when there were no known oppressors, it was always spread through the sword. Historically in I understand you say I would. I would be appalled if someone said I hate all Muslims, but I do I do stand by my statement in my world. Do that term. Mohammed was the original ISIS founder and there a lot of Muslims in part way with that. But, My issues I may I will write to you about that. I just I just don't think it's helpful to talk that way. Because that british, accurate King David, ended a future date, jewish history, very uneven record, you can say all sorts of things, but it would be so hurtful to jewish people to hear it, No. They acknowledge that about King David, it's what they know, there are big differences. King David first of King David is not the holiest of profits and he's widely regarded as a very flawed king, who was. What to do great things? Mohammed is regarded as the most perfect human who ever lived? He's the prime example- and I would say that's too bad,
it. Even things just like Samson is not the perfect being like most of that. But Mohammed is a moment. Did he don't know? People can't be certain stories about Mohammed? It's it's all a matter of a german nation there isn't open. I have to go to go to brag about, let's bring you back based mom, factual feminists, I'll I love it. We can have this disagreement. Respectful stay tuned, lined with greater. In the year. Two thousand then remember Sweden, you can be what ever you want to be so long as you put your mind to it doesn't mean I can even be a boy, oh dearest known or that one sensible, I'm talking real life, the twentieth sixty
sweetheart, you can do whatever you want to be so long as you put your mind to it, really even a boy nothing Oh, hey loud, didn't see there. What are you doing? Andras relaxing an android, my Martin, seventy eight bull brow, a fine reverent, have refined record, pull up a ripple, there's murmur.
For the establishment of an original than you now have some fun. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's all! I got a simplified wine come. Why just call their number. What's that number Jerry, eight four for to night? Seven? Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a care for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a lot about wine, just what I like. It makes it easy to get the call go to the website, talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can have a ship directly to my door or give her up and sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years. I prefer a more of a barrier to entry. I know you do while, but you're an elite is bastard. That's why person
like me, I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling for for two nine seven right. That's enough that dancing, we had to cut the cut the factual feminist of followers. Follow her, what are you doing with your life at c? H: summers, s, o m m e r S, Christina hot summers, thanks so much for being back so We let them at this agreement. Notice does got terrestrial occasion that we're gonna, let's make this three seconds because she's ok, so I just we with you on that and also you know, I can't travel to huge portions of the world. You know I'm right next to Salman Rushdie on Cares, watch list and we ve had been serious security runs so it's it's,
on a small minority of people. I agree with you that reformists should be recognised, but if we go back to David people aren't aren't, in record numbers and haven't been doing so for David for centuries, and I always compare If you ve seen the video, I did a video. Let's compare Jesus verses Mohammed, because I'm a horrible example for Christians. I know that I think comparing the founder founder of the feast Jesus versus mom, it yields to very very characters and end two very different results in the in the history of the religion. Bottom I understand that you should get a couple corrections. It hit me with the other ones, because I believe me I'm not beyond it. I'm willing to accept. I'm always saying that when you go to a canvas, are you facing you know very furious activists who can't be reasoned with. Your goal should be able to convince the people in the middle, and here you can
hey things. That will be pleasing to your followers in you're you're fast. You want it. To the people in the middle work persuadable and, I think, you'd. I think your rat was excellent and even my somewhat liberal sons, you were great. Well, tell you you, you got past a lot of you, no barriers, nor, I agree with you know. I agree with you, I just don't think you want to insult the whole religion. Me they're just end, and I don't say they you always do, but it just sounded to me. I wanted to clarify that one should why Yes, it's important to delineate the joke. Where I say you don't remember what I said. I made a joke. The only way it can be beating on her if she, if she puts on the head job, that's a joke and then
Ahmed thing rising Mohammed, is a terrorist repeat it. Let's move on all come on. That's not fair. This is the thing that conservatives do it's respectfully its lot easier, take on feminist and social justice words when it comes to Islam, you can hear the sphincters puckering others, because I personally, I don't take on all feminist. I take up those who, I think are guilty of yes, hyperbole and, and actually they do the very thing they occur. Is male patriarchs into or because you have permanent eyes and they re humiliate people. They wanted harm people. They become the very thing that claim to dislike the people they accused of being privileged and wanted me to want to describe all these negative characteristics. They had taken always characteristics that other eyes to use those their worth and a, but when will we will continue with his right now? We can do it later it when it comes to a religion at very different, because people a year a Christian and you're, very says
about your religion is a special place in no I'm, not I'm not sensitive about it. Thing I think it's open to criticism, and I have a problem and one religion makes itself communicate system and one religion through a system of law wants to oppress anyone for speaking out against it? And let us when I say that I think that Laszlo, in a moment? Muslim were farmers would agree as well. They may be. We should allow humour, he has at least and allow criticism made we are not a Muslim, let them the Muslims that I know that are trying so hard to bring reform in the United States. Though, and that's a nice guy, don't always going. Elsewhere, but my point me right my point to us when I said I'm sure they're plenum people in this room right, but there is now an islamic country in existence, not one where you would be safe or my wife would feel safe or or will it be safe there there, the truth in the world there are muslim, feminist, who are struggling for women's rights. There is no family.
In the western are idle of the ever recorded. That kind of danger- and in this is something I lament- is that in our women studies depart when there are lamenting about? I don't know you know they're having their data space, because someone broke Donald Trump on charm and yet they should be making common cause. They should have right. You know some kind of bond with these women in IRAN. You can be good in this. These horrible prisons, for daring to have a blog were playing rock music or anything that I just so much wish the need. The activists are. Campuses would open themselves an end and look at them world and what's going on in the world and realize they are privileged, they benefit neither the fishery rapid, receive a humane society, we're not perfect
but we are so much better than so many parts of the world and that you have privileged kids an overload swap more Harvard Yale. They think they are victims that have to be protected from the the girl. Think that would protect from the boys on their campus, whom they act as though they are these lethal oppressor. Like most of that is being asked to respectfully, if not you not weep, but these girls like eyes had a girl is talking to knock a jury about this. We both know her and she was but a guy, ok, Omagh a story in anecdote too, so that then you can take it home here this guy, we know very nice guy K is he's he's like just quantity, surfer, nice guy, you know he really liked my wife's friend she's very attractive. He liked her a lot. She didn't like him, but he was constantly pursuing our buying or flowers there as we call them this gentlemen, that he's a surfer was very very into her she's very attractive. This other girl who is a monster who also nearby claims that he groped her nest.
The exact opposite type, and this guy has now history of that at all his. We know these actually worked as a baby. Sitter any didn't do that girl that we know he liked the girl, is unattractive. Who would not stand a chance in hell of being grown by this guy he's creepy? He was all over me. I think there's a out of that on campus. I think Shrigley puff is more likely to say someone groped her, then someone who is more likely to be groped using as we know and the problem is young. Women are being taught to interpret it overtures of our someone just telling a joke or say giving a compliment. They are being taught to view that as some kind of transgression and it years ago, will not dominate in a few years ago. When I would talk about these issues, it was a small
percentage of women who were taken one too many women studies courses, they believed the propaganda and they became somewhat fanatical. Yes, what worries me is its now spread. Because too many young women. They believe this misinformation. We have to go to a book. I want this is the first. I want to keep you unstrained the next hour because work on one women studies course. Some could argue, as is one too many in today's world crisis. Christie, love summers back at the top, our lot with crowd. Are you change that channel will beat you in writing. Ro, hurry, marvels Waller was growler issuing a correction.
Earlier in the evenings, rob gas. We falsely stated that Veal Rewarder Jimmy was diseased. We ve, learned that he is still in Flint and capable of communication Germany. Are you there Jimmy Jimmy the whole programme offers on. Do you hear my nose zoom. Can you tell us what you see on the ground and flung one half afraid. I can't see a thing because my eyes, a legally binding, Eyes really rooms are all Germany will stay with us. Can you feel round through debris? Can you make sense of the event of sound and quite dressed? I wish I could
often the drive by self, not now Germany, Austria with me I lost heart if you could dig indeed here, use what you're trying to figure out by starts. I feel so Well, I got your greater drawback jeer at what are you doing? Beggar with Europe and the weird you get? It could do nothing, but in another war for fifteen dot com they have been dead and accessories for sale at the best advice to Isabel web Wholesale there's another one with what they are doing. Well, if you do not have the best place to go in that the take away with important step
all right, always with a dancing the class you, lady, back, going into the second our had to have her factual, feminist on Youtube Twitter. What we ve done, all all the plugs. You know where to find her, Christina Half summers. Twenty to call you doctor, Christine as fine foretaste, mom british, we're really guy at my high school, a doctorate phd in philosophy, and his name was Mr Monti, major com, doktor monkey, and, if you didn't, you would make you write, an essay
he got kicked out. I think we're being verbal abuse of guy was a pompous So that's. Why asked like that? Since the as we used to call him, and we would never do this with any, but because he was he would make em and calm Doktor EAST a prank call me voice mills and his machine like asking for medical advice, and he didn't find it funny. I drank causes a kid: yes, yes, we half have half the recurring characterised people see. Oh my channel we're characters. We used to make prank calls with to work with you. The women who so women who go into these women studies and they become fanatical. You know a couple of things. Is there any way to do you think what a point which even possible to teach
women studies and not make fanatical feminist you think there's any opening there for people, like you were actual feminists, ought to be a constant present on can't presence on campus, not just speakers. It think that ship assailed is complicated because, like a few distinctions there are women studies, Investors who are legitimate trade, teach women in literature. They teach women in media of all Valencia. I don't know where specialists on women and abide by the protocols of Euro professional Historiographer. They are serious scholars. However, they are accompanied by large certain professions up the battle, but of what I would call it a feminist theorists experts on feminists theory. What is done in this area?
No one is no one outside a little coterie of like minded people takes it seriously, it has not been properly evaluate and if you do try to evaluate it in your outside the sisterhood, your call the backlash and a crank. So Craig is a natural tremble use. Craig yeah The term backlash like I was just get you give a penis again have an opinion. So I don't hear the inside lady terms, oh well. He as these are just words I do not have a common label, you know like, like you know. Transphobia label or social justice were not enough like crank or back lasher was hashtag for like people. These are just the words that they will use. The word backlash apple. I was once the harbor. This is a few years back some young. What I said- and I mention that dissident feminist, like myself and there can no Polly.
There are others. No ready court can add Katy rife. Yes, it we're not typically taught in the class and then he it. Oh yes, one of my professors put essays together in the library and we could go and look at it. It was under the label back. Flash their eyes how they do it but ratio could aside to make room for Naomi Worth our while they are still read her. I think, as I read it, doesnt matter could be. No wolf. Could be a scholar. The scholars are ideologues. Dishonest theorists, you and they are carried away with Miss with these is full. Information about how America women live in it
eight of seizures almost is the better things get for women in the United States, the angrier they get a day. They will not admit that most of the things they fought for, not all that most those battles have been fought and won. Yeah, you don't take yes for an answer. What the problem is now there's going to be backlash from a lot of young men because they ve been vilified. You can only say that their in only paint them is rapists and sexual predators, and that was a point I met made. Listen I don't know a single man and if they are there in hiding, no one in my circle of influence or friends who, by the way, I was reaping this broad and expect us to be like here. That's that's Tuesday, every one of us hate ring cannot name, then eight rapers it as much as women, if not more right, to say that America's with and if you find somebody attacking it, harms women, the instinct of a man Americans in an people. I hope our most everywhere. The instinct is to find that person and we feel something,
you can on it seems it. Isn't it a crime. Is revised. All that was my instinct with you with with the verbal assault, and then I was conflicted because I wasn't quite cheerful was a man or a woman verbally assaulting use? I didn't know exactly what to feel, and that was my my dad's instinct, and if some of the comments that the vast majority of the male commentaries and gone I'll, even agree with her, but she seems so nice like she could be. My mom is really really discuss me that they would treat her this way. That's the mainstream reaction of men
and it isn't personnel and by the way I think that a lot of a very nice man they hear from their feminist teacher or their their girlfriend about all these men that are doing these terrible things and they may think back and they remember they once knew someone, and so they take it seriously on Ebay. But I urge all those young men to think about your friends. Think about your father. Think about your brothers. Does that describe them? Do the mandate, which is the average man does not one in the United States, is now want to attack or harm a girl. Nobody be their friends, they want they. May they like them. And they want to have sexual relations with them. They they fall in love with that Why dont know at this point it so much. You know if it's it's just a just in advance with a woman is considered if it's considered her
man, it's so broadly defined. There are an end. Some of this is being driven. Not it what's happened is that we have this axis of intolerance. You have the somewhat fanatical feminists theorists, then you have the students who become extra alice, but now they are empowered by administrators who were given the go ahead by both the Justice Department in the United States and the Us Department of education. So we have this a propaganda campaign driving. A policy which is making the fanaticism and hampers worse, I dont know I eventually it's all gonna following out, but its very unfortunate its, and it is also unfortunate because there are victims of sexual violence. Campus most of the victims are off campus
d: you look at the best data. We have you. Women who, in poor neighborhoods, are far more at far greater risk than girls. It yeah, It's either university is this prestigious got little anecdotally anecdotally cause you're. Britain loves the factual information. Anecdotally, I know, probably I probably know for girls who claimed they were raped. I know one person who was actually raped in was devastating. It was life destroying and the other person someone to the other people dated the eyes again who they claimed ripped them. Nor does it mean it didn't happen. No, but if a monopoly Vegas betting odds on it. It was a v three different reaction from someone who I knew was actually raped, and that was upset me because but these are the people beforehand, and when I, when I found out this other person, was actually raped. It was such a stark contrast. I thought, while it really belittles what you ve gone through.
Well, there are their young women now than if they have a drunken hooker and look back on it. They are encouraged to call that a rate my wife left me all the time, and we now know ever too much wine. When we go first egg dinner and listen, she takes the she takes the rain yet will it makes most, if not most, a lot of human intimacy becomes a crime yeah, and why is it again at that point us versus permit reverse sexism? Isn't a thing! That's a pervert example. If both are drunk. Why is one responsible for rape, unless it's predicated on the idea that men are strong
more and more sexually predatory by nature, which they deny average place, and I ask that question I was once he is going to debate University in Virginia will allow professor and she thought that sex under the influence of alcohol was a form of sexual assault. I said well what if two people have had the same amount to drink and they have sex, would you say they re to each other, and I thought that was turning a deaf ear absurd. She said yes the problem with the recovery on campus right now, and you know it even going back to that point. I know a guy who will we would go out with a scene, we weren't, you know either puncture or hard courts would go down to the continent. We knew a guy and he was in a Tory, is forgetting chicks, drunk he wouldn't be, is drunk and take advantage of them, and we all hope that guy. I watch that guy get the crap kicked out of him by someone sister that does but that is a problem that is wrong it, but there are talking
same pile. The guy who goes out and deliberately gets women drunk to take advantage of them is put in the same file as to people who had a couple echoed trinkets drinks. The bobbin realize they weren't attractive in the morning. They also keep in mind that a lot of women. Really well with their eyes. I recall big ecology would sometimes drink to lower your in addition, so you could do crazy things. I'm gonna think about myself at a kids. Did that rice on my friends with drink and so they be less inhabited by the river disclaimer. I think you were the guy, you had a Khatami high unless we engage drink with another things? Yes, well, that's why he's took around four stuck around for your phd because he said College allows for this kind of arrivals base. Mom became her screen name matter, Trickly path stood Lord
how much time you have jeered woman, one minute. How can we have a whole bunch of I just I just wanna review it was for I'm still reeling about what we had. I didn't you may have something that was the most intense reaction. Yeah I was thinking was boiling point in their own friends. My lord I have appeared places thereby threatening was a threat to murder us with a machine gun. And then about somehow this was the liberals will address. The machine was not handing out the back backyard there's no way they can have a machine gun, is hard. I believe me I'm trying to get a licence to go through a whole hall charade. Ok will you come back with a soon? We will you come back in the programmes soon? Oh, yes, I don't feel so bad leaving you. Rather we have Nicht APOLLO to get to next. Another wildly offensive comedian, factual, feminist, Christina, half summers. Thank you so much
and we need to have you back soon like within a month you loud with greater stay tuned, be nice and now for Donald Trump unifies the GEO be a galaxy. Frankly, he got this guy. Ok, that's perfect cash out of his adapt look a choice. It is politically first that the only thing ok to a threat that he's a doctrine is big pathological. Calico pennifer, you catch your pathological. This this gap like us, nice guy, he eats Pennifer. Ok, you know, I just got little kids, I I don't know. I would have said about the kids, who is good at what they say is adopted by cars and all it does is. It does have the brain surgery. Ok, truthfully,
and what he's not he's gonna get the one or the other twelve eyes great things. It is a great victory for America. Ok, I got two cars are what out of the bridge. Hey listening, you're, listening to or watching this part guess, there's a strong chance that you are not yet following me on Twitter, at as crowded from Sweden all day long, I'm takin off the social justice warriors. You should see the amount of hate I get on their far far far worse than any fats, Portugal, raided model or black lives matter charlatan. So unless it it's free, you get to be entertained and you can show men also, if you're following me on Twitter, you can send me your tweets and maybe you'll be lucky enough, and I mean lucky enough, because I have a lot of followers. Ok, that they call me the follower machine to have your tweet
me or not. Gay jeered included in our rocky earnest tweet of the weak. So follow me on Twitter as crowd or, if not, I don't want to say I have sites on your mother, but how she's dead you saying that, because a minimum diagnosed really dead. Well, you kind of water. That was a surge of energy that is came through Ma Am big. On the cheek I write positivity news. We don't have much time. I think the Nicht APOLLO after this unexcited owls Van Darling, don't do it, they could
Now it's not it's noisy aircraft nerving. It is one of the railway want to break out your Bullwinkle impression that so few people are asking me Ben Shapiro in Milo Monopolise got into it on twitter? I shouldn't say, got into it. I won't want to be neutral because I like both of them, they are both scheduled to be in the very first live stream of the show and it didn't work memory. Didn't you didn't work? We couldn't get them both on, because we have the right tool only at the same time, and it is going back to back by the way. We also just found out that not geared that there's a setting that we can change next week, so there should be far fewer complications. As far as buffering for people on you to write it once again, things that could have been brought to my attention has done that. I don't know it's just that I as a setting here were there. We won't have any more problem So we apologise if you're listening to resolutely live video stream, Thursday night so Molly, Apple has Shapiro got into it on twitter didn't get into.
Milo, when after ban has been happening for a bit now, and I like, both of them, are obviously performed with Milo as it we're going back and forth on winter. I provided this show as an open platform for them both to debate and peoples was not neutral, because I don't like trump well. You know what I'd like. That's true, I dont like Trump, but if you must know my interview with with Ben, I was a little contrary in and the machine fields thing to try before. And the same thing with Milo I'll I've worked with both of them. I consider myself friends with both of them, so I respect both of them and I think that there are far more pressing issues then trying to destroy the other very valuable members of the conservative movement. That being said, Petruchio did accept and I no, that Milo did to be fair behind the scenes you know their their contract issues at play, so I dont know I dont want to throw anyone under the bus or assume why contract availability right bends, not tied down by that depends on who you works, one in this business up so anyway,
that's a standing offer. There always welcome to come and air their grievances and, I think, will be much more effective and going back and forth a pleasant. It really we'll be really energetic. We were going to do it a long time ago, while they were still more so friends and now it is just that it's it's just, listen they're, both very good in their vertical Milo, as he is a very entertaining provocative. Nor he knows how to manipulate, not manipulate. He knows how to work media. He understands the showmanship is also, of course, very intelligent. Ben Shapiro is a high, poorly informed, and I guess credentials you would say lawyer debater debate there, that's kind of his yeah, so they're, both very good at what they do and I think they're both valuable server role and bends themselves volubly duty, which is not helpful, sometimes been needed in Ireland I dont like, and it turned out
ness reservation had enough, and that was that movie for your consideration Chris Forgetful, Ok, so I do want to talk about two minutes was minister, are so many stories to get too oh, my gosh, and we have to get any Capello so couple things to top target stock dropped over four points, Albany, the hate crime and we talk about that was proven to be a hoax. Those race, baiting Broad's, have been indicted. We had story up there on Facebook, censoring conservatives. We know that I want to talk about something. This happened at a Walmart. This video, viral the woman berating a guy in a line in front of her using an Ebay T card. Now If you read the article there's a lot of new wants. Their unpeopled has commented on the title, so I figured I'd expand upon this on the programme here. Let's roll that clear All in all, I want
what was bearing up so that is very true, now do I think, she's a shrew when she's out of line for Tuna a guy in front of US kids. Yes, I think he's out of line to be a full grown men with kids when a cannibal corpse t shirt. Yes, do I think that too? I guess we're always yes, but he was telling you goes on and that he was a lotta with credit outcome. He goes on to tell her well yeah, of course. Of course. Of course, I'll take advantage of the system is what republican? What does that mean Hey! If you don't. Let me take your stuff but republican. Now I wrote about that. She's out align he's at align? Let me get to the spirit of this. However, there was a time or people felt shame taking stuff from others there was a time or welfare was available. I talk about this Jimmy Braddock. You ve seen public Cinderella man, it's a true story. He took welfare heed to pass the hat. He felt so ashamed
about, and I'm not saying, should feel that vat ashamed but their somewhere in the middle. Some shame is good that he returned for money. We was back on top. Is an f D. Are Irish Catholic Democrat in New York Jimmy Braddock? He returned the welfare money. The spirit is deaf. If someone has helped done under lock verses this guy, no overt republican and you're, not gonNA, Windsor Amateur, keep taking your stuff. Someone asked me on Twitter. This is this happened on twitter today. Why took I work forty hours a week and I take I take our food stamps to pay for my kids. Does that make me less of a man? Yes, pretty much yeah now it? Why? Well one of the most masculine qualities and certainly one of the most attractive qualities to members of the opposite. Sex is the ability to provide think what that first men look for women with big boobs with birthing hips. They look for a trip. Why lactation the ability to give them a healthy offspring. Men are sexually attracted to physical traits, their attracted the warmth,
track into a mothering nature period. That's reality. Women are attracted to strength, their attracted You men who seem like they can provide men who can take care of the flock. That's why they like big muscles. That's why they like confidence, that's why they like people, who are funny is, is something generally until you get to the whole cerebral comedians. Now, I'm just so miserable one point: the guy was fun. Was a guy in the room. You could hold court funny, confident, strong men, that's what women like not being able to provide and doing so pride fully as very masculine. You're not really mad due to animals? We must demand for taking money for, yes, I think you probably should now those kids, I think you should decide beforehand and then, if you're there. I think you find a way, and I think that if you do need to take a hand out at some point, you do so quietly and you do it for a short time has passed, Am I wrong tweet me it s credit, it's not that I'm not sympathetic! Everyone needs help. I understand that it is the spirit of honest gonna get my by the way people talk about that.
Why should not get that help? Okay, I understand that, but why should you take it from someone else? Is working sixty hours a week and doesn't qualify for those benefits at some point, it's coming from somebody. And you're just saying that is more fair for you, because you're less successful, then the other guy whom be working more and in putting it more effort. So, let's not can, This would be mean and not being fair, someone's paying for it. How is that fair? With a come back with the legendary we're gonna? Do this happening? Nicht APOLLO Otto with greater stay tuned or your bad, you suck I gotta go
the new them the new mineral make? I know it's expensive financing, frontier splurge, if it's better, my squire, no, I could breathe it is that it sounds like someone being standing. I think so What is being here lay now. He s only goal. The judge said so civil rights in one area and think it works like when we stop right there. I can tell you that it works I agree that way. Don't think I got easier. You read you're. My favorites, I can just go,
Mobile now, you're right, it's fine find a wonderful, lose no good, we're fine, where Larry right, I'm really glad to hear that, because I'm about to go back in there and dropped the Huxtable's love at the poor. As that racist, maybe if I weren't draining notify you gonna pick. Now, no, of course, ladies, gotta go fair warning any one of you take the stall next to me. I take a particularly wide stance again, have a good one with anything with that very Craig
right glad to have. Why are we set out, but ok? This is what what let me introduce this this next guest, Finally, we give a lot of plugs, really obvious. He has a tremendous podcast, Nicht APOLLO podcast follow him on Twitter at Nicht, APOLLO, the IP, a o o o, the funniest man alive. For me, my opinion. I think he is the funniest man walking granted earth right now Nick for the board, borderline faggot tree fan. Girl ism. Are you there? You have it the hell of an introduction nowhere to go, but if you just think back to three, you could say that
sorry, no, we can't I can cause not gay jeered can edit it, so he can plan for it. But you have to Vienna shortly because he was a mere podcast man, I mean it's it's I think I we talked about this because thank you. You played this But I did it get you mass. And then I was able, I did because of anything you know I was. I was channeling people from who have grown up on like like you. We view dealt with this world since before I was worn do you feel like it has gotten worse recently. I know you want to college campuses. But even just in the last few years, because you're known for a guy who passes people off that's kind of your brand guess what pissing me off when somebody government following you or your ought,
come on. I use here. This is this. Is the third idea now comedians everything gets touchy or who is? Are we at the fury bad here at the nursing home well, my my my polished islet after getting in the way,
Its lubricating pocket gathered her because I am radio though so like hotcakes. Now I'm gonna go get sample kid of capital can make fine that half of February done I'm getting my top redoubled adorned over guiding, I repeat, be it's gotta be got progressively Grammy. Like I told you, I can't up my first. My first open might gig would like a nineteen eighty, seven and after about my third, my problem a third time on stage. Somebody got your kind of like politically incorrect. That's that's! That's worth headed man you're in the light spot and an even banned night,
the guy, I don't like dogma and it's gonna get exponentially worse since we let women bout, but anyway, why well yeah? I know I don't know you know you it's five. We ve talked about that not to get off the comedy thing, but you know most women didn't want the right to vote. Did you know that right yeah? You know why? Because back then the vote you european The draft bucket duty was voluntary fire fighter service so with seventy something, but despite what Merrill Street will tell you in her academy worthy, performance which they claim every single one is most women did not want to vote, because it was seen as a privilege that came with responsibilities and women didn't want a lot when I said that to the ticket holder, a member of a movie theater and sons Bay, she's up and down, I was lying to her until I brought it up on my phone hundred percent or how do we get better? We channel those women to raise one How do we get back to those hard luck? I'm just not
I think I think you're right out of the day a call to step up and, like I don't know, it's women warrant voting if they didn't have the boat republic into what upon every election except the one in the eyes and our greater public? Probably an and I'll tell you what I know I will get. A trump is not gonna, not gonna help Republicans with that right now, that's kind of his Achilles heel, but the comedy thing you know it's funny. You said that you sort of ice out but an eighty seven. It was certainly more open. That was part of my ran right. Even if you look at the hippies back, then they at least sort of tried to feign, like they were fighting for free speech. Kids in college campus right now not only will they not even there four nine eleven Nicosia, for me what you just a few years, removed just sort of been assumed. Will hate speeches an acceptable, offensive speeches and acceptable? It's it's not even an issue to them. It just assumed yeah we have to limit speech. So I
I got an email from a seventy. There too stark contrast there, opera, nine eleven. Would you like to add a climate in which they were Lord Doin, some banking sunglass hot picked it up a job but use of God we're gonna get letters I e they did what they ve been brainwashed back. Eighty seven, if you watch movies from the eighties you you can see the level jerk off to make film at work. Opponents started to take over the politically correct method used in movies. Right watch, watch Althea with palm hang, you won't be an attack on all the white men and not to mention about my travels Billy little romantic com.
That alone in the mid eighties, get lots of politically correct nonsense that that's guy I'd better with happening before Tammy always doubled. The liberal, that's when I even noticed in why think you're in about the eighties, because right rigging in Hollywood sort of fancies itself as anti authoritarian, though right now they are the man there, the media, the invitation industry and they have the White House and for several years they had a house of representatives of the super majority. But dumb. You know in the eighties, with Reagan. Think they had free rent like the Infirm Examples Philadelphia, the AIDS thing it was never an epidemic was never an epidemic that your choice, we're getting aid unless you're shootin dirty needles and having gay origin, a truck stall, are statistically less than zero percent in the United States they always have been and that there is a lot of unhealthy asian choreographer a lot of work in that strategy
Patient choreographer, without making a job at the peak of the type of material that get me doing. Radio my basement black but- and I know it's while I'm at this time of it- it doesn't even faintly. Now. I guess I just plough ahead. I mean tromp. Look, I'm not a huge Thomas Mann right, but you know he saw one meal just to the set of all want em out, half asleep on the couch in six months ago and started the huge imitating that their that were porter from New York Times, just disable guy. Whenever I am fell off the couch laughing no, not not, but I want to make one of physical challenge. People out your saying is an investment by air and endorsement. This is precisely why that, unlike Nick I'm kind of been sucked into this political sphere and he's really done more,
C the comedy site like what are you endorse? Someone because of what you just there are so many quotes like that from me. They can run up enabling this man who played spot the transsexual on April. Third endorse you, Mr Rubio, or whoever it is no, I you for, I don't I don't like from because I think a special committee comedians known authoritarian, a guy who's alluded cracking down on free speech is, is a problem for guys, like you and me, and you know all the sudden if you dont like them, that's support, but I like you But the things that I dont like a bottom have none. To do with the reasons the media eightam that he make round of somebody Perry says build a wall, or is that you but problem, none of those he's bother me, but it's it's the free speech.
It means a comedian. Does that make you a little uneasy when you see I'm talking about liable laws with the press and really just anyone he doesn't like it seems as the umbrella sort of definition. Will you? I might add that I am, I thought, get bigger than the one of the things I dont like a like to pin in yeah like that. I think you would have a hell of a time path of libel law, although in other words the component Burma who just passed rapidly want like input that right, but just ten it out. You can stand that Hilary if she was a guy should be it by then. That is to me that that is so afresh in pension splashing around I kissed a chest soul. I shouldn't right now wait like that. Cholera back an ugly. I mean I can't wait a bit. It's gonna, be like God, Villefort Mighty Joe Young, miss if she's not jail right some will they can both be inside your legal right before the web. November I mean they both have lost they. Both
indictment, here's some big law suits raised from you and now raping a younger. I don't think it's true. This is the first time, though, to presidential candidates could be either indicted or just hissing of better where the right there will even candidates did you pay rate. Even you heard the news like this, this this, a gang rape for an under age girl. I don't think, there's any truth to it, just like the Tec crews affairs, but there is a lawsuit right now on trumped for rape and when I went to bed surface eight minutes ago, the about back up a couple of days ago, baggage that when one in Indiana to back them up, Noah came up before me I don't think it's true at all, but I'll do not by trying to convince racket erratic, Gregor item that right yeah,
God. That was why we that's right, you're in New York and in every time those come out. There must always verifiable proven false. I gotta. Happily, we would have heard about this rate charge last year in year out things running, I will not hesitate, not just they does. The loss of the thing was just filed and that's what I do think it's politically motivated absolutely at that time sorry, I didn't it yeah. What does the same thing with the crews affairs, which then you know went away the problem for how could anybody really believed they checked? Bang occur with open like well, I mean look at me. Look at article How much are you look at Arnold when we are x or tiger woods? Sometimes it's no even about attraction like Arnold Dislike went with this this lady However, I now, but it's easy ugly, one crews in this equation. Yeah but men are used
but they did. That would be even less right because women, as long as your powerful where's with Arnold dealing whenever a ban, might luckily outdated our opponents growing inequality area or run together. Good lawyers are not like that, yeah. I know I don't think anyone does actually think for what does she sixty five she's? Not here is not just a bit certainly better than Hilary. She stays more fit below attack or not that's why you said about Hilary, because we wrote an article not longer and with that you know the Obama UPS, the red and blue sign. We put Hilary face in there and we put it on a wall and said Bitch writer, Hilary and on the article was bitch, will become the New Edward Romania everyone said: will you just think socialists, because you want to say the inward and what we at least this. What was astir, maybe eight months ago even conservatives were all I can't we're outrage and when we re released recently same post met to fan, they're from left to right and left. So there
it's the same thing we just released. It and people are no longer offended now. One likes her. No one likes to feel that an in your more in the comedy club circuit still resisting feel even with fellow comedians, like Hillary Clinton is kind of kind of like their George Bush, where a lot of indefensible and and they're not really big. Fancy just feel they have to pull that lover. I don't know, I hang around my felt by myself and a like anybody in my business, but I wouldn't have a foul Hilary to be worded. I might drop a shield well, ok, I'll write your farm. We are far more tasteful and I There's a ship that even the last few months- and I don't know so- I think some of that is due to Trump now think like said there are a lot of people like you out there who are just hired. You can only culpable racist, sexist, homophobic transfer because a new
for so long until they go right. Let's, let's go with that and their fine with it the trumpet lucky. You can only travel on the working class with online and they did that the working class death and it back for forty years and its country before they finally react, and this is what you watch it with its Trump given all the support they. Finally, that finally strike back. You gotta pick on somebody for so long. So it's refreshing, I actually he action and out and like its automatic trumpery even before he started to run, but I would see him on the apprentice IRAN on TV and admit that you, I would go with this guy doing near a bit of a thought. It's that I used to say that any very he won me over with we're. Just gonna have a political correctness and that's what that's why you're one as well as he did younger while we going back that's what it's about about the culture is about working class white guy tide.
He called bigoted raised the admit that this was a reaction right off the temporary want, I hope. So now we re overruns bits crap. I am so sick of. Listen, it's a black like matters and in our work and on that note we're gonna bring Europe back after the break of one to talk about that nicotine, Paulo statin, funniest man walking. were you move Lauer will draw parallels with you now back to our feel reporter Jimmy.
Ah, within rough rape Jimmy off time, we left you how, as the situation has changed much drink the water. So thanks for that, but they still have any eyes or whims itself. What you sign up for when you volunteered for flood Jimmy, I need you to love. Snow was happening on the ground last. I knew there was a protest and and- and president came in, I'm getting everything a lot of blood here drink. Now I leave you to save rational ruins. Others would be easily stay on track. Stone task employment, Quadriplegia down Mervyn promoted from feel report are treated like there's a sure if job
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We are going to be like the next guess. We have to put those silly bumper, music and I know for him- is used, used to do all the morning shows where the toilet flush sound or something like that you're, the comedians. You have to do this, however, and we don't wanna, we don't want to do that to him, but Nicht APOLLO follow him on what are Nicht APOLLO podcast whenever I see people sending screenshots in their subscribe to Dominica, who also subscribe to railway, although we subscribe to next thing next, Meanwhile, as you mentioned black lives matter before he went to the break this The big shift when I was at
not you mass, before that, when I was a cow polly and we had bomb threat, so we had to have cops go through black lives matter showed up and in the paper that they fact checked. My jokes and asked me to check my privilege. You wouldn't let that happen and what the fabric, I've actually Sears and using unit. You know Nicolet for for all the stuff right. You mass right, where we ve with sort of talked about this where they operate protein. At least you know where your aiming right, but they come up in there Ed quiet and they had their phone on an area it would make a joke where you can see me, that's right cause you don't like that that the Skype so every time, I would make a joke. They would shake their had. No like five people in the front row. Just to make everyone uncomfortable laughing and then they wrote- and paper that I don't know something s. It was an accurate about black history, which it most likely was because it was a joke yeah. This this happens all the time it happened in clubs before this, certainly in Canada, because there
they, don't really have freedom of speech just giving it. College campuses or orgies- I mean your big enough real, do kind of feeders on your own right now. So do you think I know what I am theatres and yet it is also clear that a good pouch gap I did want an Staten island, but that you know that in Ireland a college and step now, let's like I think it might have been. I think it was a diversion. I am aware that there was nobody complying factor. I could never do that. I would never go near college. Can't order without paper like going atmosphere, railing, we're we're answering to young black college students, what we can't can't say you're really. Well
Yeah, I mean your white, so this is kind of how much first to be set up right now, but even uncommonly clubs I mean, do you have a lot of Booker's? Yet you got it. What is it you gotta be? Aren't you happening on a black, a new generation of black hawk Allah, the black people, my age like to know where you stand bait. They, like the great you white comical. It speak it. If my right. I was different that are linked to be genuine past weekend with a black. I read the Middle animal, but do rack on his work and he was do you. I was playing the him out speeding up his energy the whole time he right laugh in it and the more of those being the harder he was laughing came up to me after the show that he waited me and my- and this is true in my twenty- a here- don't stand up- I swear to God. I've had maybe ten ten ten black people walk out in all
my shoulder. They got as far as opposed to an unlucky, idiots, hundreds and hundreds of white young kids right yeah. Let's get offended for the guy, though I have had peopled outright get below those let me get incident racial thing, but you get ultra sensitive I mean what do you think someone like I hate to you because you can't speak from, but you were so close in? Why do with Patrice O Neill? What he wasn't around for the the black lives matter right. You are constantly rubbing each other and tough crowded was cut LEO Rational Joker, Euro Wop, and you know, you're a Julia. What do you think you would on a black lives matter, and he would I hated it. He would I hate it like you said he and some don't take some young black comic came up to me like three month you're going to live here under your ambiguity with some silly. I mean like twenty years old, and you can call me introducing himself and goes your man, I'm not treat or Neil couple years going steady straight out gangs. They want to create a common,
I would also like to know what that means, but I'll take. It only means that means I only use Skype very often crowded later. In Europe, what it meant to be totally honest, but your medical hidden in the crowd relic, but like categorically Hilary that Black Radio station hot thoughts. My gosh we ran with, we had met an aluminum morphine drip, fed the pathway to load about with black, and she was pandering everybody in the room. Knowing what, when there's someone here carrying a purse, they want to have more respect for her He said well, thank you. Your people, I carry, makes it out and they want a lap, the wrapper and in an elite that lack I grew up with the it's not the same mandate the same, and I mean all the black people. You grew up with. You know they were right, their parents. If not, then we know the least understood the civil, the civil rights, and there was some kind of a struggle. These kids have none
in their more offended than ever. That's the odd thing. I think that obviously not numbing, an old Jew. Because you're older than me, but people even just five years, older people like Robert Alright Box and the can be a success and that every day with junior we were hired, we dealt with will cause over that's because he was not your Reiser granted by everything that they have been buried. Nothing in the way of pain, you're. Absolutely right now. Would you stay of college campuses? I wish you didn't just because the to hear what you have out there and I think there entire generation of kids would love it because they are too give it to again there, the silent majority that you understand it's about you mass right. That was maybe I've heard as low as seven hundred as high as a thousand like eight hundred people in their twenty nine thousand students. Maybe Forty or fifty of them were disruptive and yelling. You like that trick, Shrigley puff who she's infamous algae, infamously now and then
screamed allowed us. The other people were cheering and drowning amount. I think would be surprised if it aids a horrible dynamic for comedy boy. A rag rapid have a panel that setting down that the dynamic if you're up the Atlantic DAWN by itself must be leaving the room and the voting people which did not gonna, because somebody of while a lawsuit but on a college campuses, but you you can't you can't go I'll, be a headline or an appeal by yourself. An entire people Yelling crap, I mean you u K and because your unique, the APOLLO and in your anybody can go on anybody go up there and any comical regarded as long as I have just verbal destroy people were running the show, but that's not what rapporteur. People can't know exactly six respectfully audience you're you're right, but
Ok, we don't. Let's do this, do a couple minutes in a web extended here, knocking jeered, because I think I think nickel will look to throw some the leash off and people the dress really can go to lotta with colored common here this, but Nick staring. Nick develop August. Everyone else go online.
Hop our takeover of the logo with crowded channel here I did not want to do this, but I had no other way left with what I believe most Americans and are canine counterparts fine to be unsatisfactory candidates for president. I would like to announce that I am beginning hoppers Exploratory Committee for President, my formal announcement of candidacies and policies will come in the following weeks, but I can tell you that I hope a platform without a doubt will provide equal rights under the law for everyone and Sardinia and all the cheeses for all the peoples and all
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Give it to you. That's a farmer I'll be back. That was Nicht APOLLO. Always we have the Morgan coming on after the next break, so I did have to get people what attitude that shirt, but I was wearing earlier producing within a studio, as always is not gay jeered. Follow him, not gay jeered on Twitter, familiar obligation, trade on including the shirt had one of those. It wasn't a tag. You know where it says: material and it was just it was digging an enemy I had to take it all. I wanted to be professional for the newer guests But now I just said I will not something comes that she was just it was
and was making a noise, and I had a role it up because it had what's that. Has the Skype Skype or covenant whose skyping us stinkin tink, mighty gaining Skype Mass on eighteen, eighty, their yeah hey Day, a good ever do not show him call CO back later. As I say we right now, because I want to go out these requests. Have you got a body ass already? I am but an were busy him until I was doing. I shall let you didn't. You see that yeah we're live the wretched I've. So can we can come back later, Tomer doing or due to show or not? It is clearly not a girl. Hang up got a guy site. Now things that happen. Pretty often, and I saw me- was dimly visit you and you're in a hospital he did. He did
but I know you got on the show, because you knew him before we ever worked together in the show, and I won't stop just keep calling what is actually needed. Shouts fires, a good guy by the way we had some pulls out earlier over two thousand people have answered in less than an hour trump versatility. What're you doing forty eight percent have said Trump negligible. Three percent said Henry, but thirty four percent said third party and fifteen percent said flora. Your tap exclamation exclamation exclamation. That's a valid option: we need to stop put out was options on there because they think it's results. The fact that its pretty close between Trump and third party. The scary thing, the GEO, P may wives and a lot of people are talking about areas. We have often Petersen on last week. People talking com attempting option now they know in, although our bottom, amidst a protest, vote yeah Tsar willing to go anywhere, but it could be no
the line right push the bar limited, but I want to get to a someone was asking me of one of our fancy on Twitter asked me about the alt right. What is your opinion, but we ve talked about it before some good people and there are some bad people in every movement. I think when he struck into the point we are your emailing, the Nazi propaganda Ben Shapiro. You go from being a disturber too if your goal is offence being offensive is a perfectly acceptable delivery mechanism. This is what I have always said and obviously have offended a lot of people. I'm fine with that. If your goal is a fence in and of itself, it just means you're a hack and some like like Nick, who is one of the best comedians ever would tell you that needs as offensive as they come, but you can find a fence of people in an open. My son, thing with people online trawls. Understand that it can be used very well and very effectively, and I'm not early against it, but if you're angry Did you see how much I voted a person and that's it We can do it. Obviously I didn't I
respect for you as a performance artists as a comedian as an activist you're you're, just a hack. Not saying the entire. All right is that one thing I will say is: I really do appreciate our funds. We have various EL fans, they go online, they create the means, but their part with a pretty informed fan base, I'm not worried about them. Trying to dock somebody, they'll argue with people. I mean I've been blocked by people, a gaming humor and of a pc principle or or forty forty indulge. One of them Chewbacca lover I dunno, which one was blocked by any one: hasn't been blocked by Sean King and was upset their small and most of them petition to get me fired its resolve its their smart air and balance their instigators, but they they they are. They still have a semblance of humanity. So we appreciate and then one of us the most. To be honest, you just most of all speaking of making fun of people who may or may not be gay, and we all know where they stand. Caitlin Jenner,
was will be on the cover of sports, illustrated nude than american flag and Bruce dinners metals. Margo. May Christmas came early. First, I don't know how they do what they do with the air, brushing the bits and pieces now knew, This is an mobility. That's hard with this report. The metals countries cover them tastefully, like a little taste validity kind, like you do with the older greek statues. With all these four little little percentage sub only their metals that Caitlin Jenner. Never one. This is what so silly about it. Kalen Jenner has the exact same amount less about of athletic accomplishments, as I do Similarly, if you play by the whole transgender only be to you a ip and a silent, f rules right this new person, Bruce is a watch. The sharp watch, the I am Kate show me now are.
Virgil, seminal, mesh and ambrosia shown in the past, but this is an arm Caitlin. Now, I'm a whole new person that, yes, you are, you're only person will. Then sorry you don't get to carry over metals. If I went to gold medal, hiccups. If I went to gold medal scare me, I can take my ex ante chemicals on the ok. Well can't pick. Ups are gone they're gone. If I went gold medals, they don't go to not gauge Erin Bruce gentleman's metals. They don't go to Caitlin Generous, isn't about intolerance. These are the same people who, by the way, we'll get absolutely furious and in and want to strip athletes of metals freezing performance enhancing drugs? We'll do the reverse you think when general could win anything in any category under the hormone replacement therapy. Now imagine the added weight a meter and leaned down as a as is the Catholic you're a couple of points of rubber ized gelatinous can do tat. There's that either word
way Caitlin Generous when winning any kind of an athletic endeavour. There isn't. Consistency whatsoever with the transgender thing and again, whenever we speak ill of of of former employers, of course, so that people ask me what the pigeon anything and actually better lotta great friends pity to be just made me think about it, because we're tongue with the Trans thing and it made me think about lamb and fun dip who got furious for people and when the show started he was my producer and how many would get about the Trans stuff on. There is never any consistency there isn't it. Many consistency. He was a perfect emblem of you know couldn't argue. There is no logic of ordinary people want. What are they feel whatever their sole says,. So now, Caitlin Jenner wants to steal, Bruce generous metals. Thought it ironic that four for a strong, now feminist she built over. Off the man, hackers pack of land well. He he built it off. The back of whores Well there guys daughter. Now. What do you mean? there's a million have sex on camera for money
well. I guess that's that's kind of alibi. We have met all the time at that like why you can't use, let you can't let shame or useless. Maybe you should be ashamed. I guess it's kind of self induced isn't it develops. About yourself. I do little bed well there. You go your mom Reggie, very poorly killer, men are getting a tweet me, it s credit what you think my eye. Just it's one of those deals where there is no logic to this issue and to tackle the social justice leftism Shrigley puff by the way, I think we have the best video strictly puff that the internet will see on Monday. Knotted tease you, but it might be Tuesday morning, but I think
for to it. If you want more Trickly puff, would stung by someone asked me how member who was recently this week's in MILAN. Do you think that there are also the transgender thing? The bathroom deal black lives matter there, always very disruptive and pretty violent. Leftist occupy Wall Street Black lives matter at our rally. Yelling cussing swearing, whereas the tea party they left places cleaner than they found on whether you like it or not. Generally conservative protests of have have not been violent. Conservative wrote us in its it's something, really simple Hit me will think about it for a second big government socialism. The only way to make that work when you boil it down is through violent force, coercion. That's the only way we can saying the people's revolution. That needs to be fair. What are you gonna? Do it? We're gonna take their stuff? What if they don't want we're gonna foursome what if they hey, I'm not giving you sixty five percent of whatever and the real answer. We're gonna send and people who are armed, protected and put
jail. The real answer is unlike capitalism, unlike free enterprise. Can only function through voluntary transaction again that the tree, let's get to the centre of this right, that whatever that was what the fidgit the tree trunk casual, stump. Nokia, that's a battery tree trunk is violence, that's the route of liberalism that sort of socialism, communism, centralize government. They can only take it through force so where's. It stands to reason that the people who are protesting, who are out there getting what they want they're using the same technique that they believe government should do, which is taken by force. You like summit, also speech. Take it by force chicken little teacher arm fat Little Occupy Wall Street, we believe the governments are redistributed. Ok, well, you're wrong! Part of Zucchini park, your Newark tell Mama drop a deuce in someone else's ten, the route
liberal as people who are at the end of the day, it can only be accomplished through violence. That's the ultimate threat that's not necessary for capitalism. What is necessary for capitalism, not tongue, crony capitalism is voluntary transaction. The only way succeeded if someone wants are good goods. Your product, yours and so when you think it when you ok, this is the trunk of a tree. The branches coming off. It makes sense that their inherently more violent than conservatives that left to start that way that they throw these temper tantrums. That data through windows if they burned down cities, because at the end of the day, they're doing this, because they want a system of government that effectively would have to do the same thing to accomplish what they want. Take your pick, anything anything anything that Bernie Sanders from recall it tomorrow tat? My brother Cayman Islands, how of should we walked on the line government force, it's not peaceful for the peaceful hippies love man at the end.
Today you are advocating forcibly taking other people's things that they have rightfully earned arrogantly do a video rebuttal on on the Karl Marx video that has been circular. It was trending. Today it is one of those things were. I'm amazed that weren't generation people actually praise Karl Marx. I am also amazed that Caitlin Jenner apparently gets to take Bruce generous metals. A chick gets to take a guy's metal running, a guy's division, and if you say that's kind of weird plus Caitlin still has a puckered hate speech. Welcome the twenties, Well, they re sixteen, so seems, like I M, not able to make sense of that. It's because I'm not I someone wants to come on the programme and present a valid case as too Caitlin generous athletic accomplishments, I'm all ears and boobs and winner, because I can have all them Gerald Morgan rocket scientist
for the brakes they don't now bore Donald Trump unifies. The GEO be acknowledged. Education- it is even doing. I would only there the guy has no ratings. Okay, I still post graduate what state occasion illusion, ok, listen! I would ever because cut pockmarked somebody pepperbox you wanna Present frankly was packed box like that he has pack bucks. Ok, I would have liked to nobody likes in Ohio. Is white? Doesn't like? Ok, that's that's what other people say either Ok, you know that such a bad guy, I care what to think about what a black Donald Trump eyes. Great great knows we're gonna make a back a great again. Thank you for Josie Mae as your President pay Governor Casey.
Did you get, we're back with our guests. That was very poor dancing. The people watching videos studio was embarrassing, probably was proposed at the map. It dance, but- and I this next guess- is not a phantom up its, but he is a very complex, neurosurgeon rocket scientist. I think he has three p. These three not thought about art for in the street they could before. I think you might have had a gender studies, but is a very learned. Man and work We are fortunate to be greater. This presents you can follow him at
gee, Morgan, Junior Gerald Morgan. Are you with a sigh and in the immortal words King prom? What you do, what you do? but you do not pay. The king prawn is one actually right. Converted Gerald is one of the funniest characters in all of the tv film permitting brought in jail in amateur. What web wedding we're? We add a couple of beers when night, we're watching them up at show us again and ended it more interesting. Yes, that made it more interesting. So ok Gerald your job at the bed to come out of this protein. Usually you always you ditches, but the audience likes you, because the trump such you were pretty. I haven't seen him they. Ve never had any simply see him. They would Rosalie cut to you if you're talking there.
Will you be inferred treat thickets if they could see Gerald? Yes, I don't know, I'm sorry. I have better pictures and the one on twitter I mean come on. Really. I think we have the yellow shirt like gets on purpose. I gave yes, yes, it is actually on purpose. Dear you're, shaming me right now, your body, shaming man, I don't like not well know you, shame yourself, Sir That's not it allows in public views it where the hell did. You could, like, I think, like Ferenc Chafing, Une about that you could put pants on over it. This is a decision you made and now you have to. But the consequences meet the internet. So you have this week with the with the Donald Trump a. We obviously know that you don't like Donald Trump. I die. Don't you often work late in the evening. So I don't you some steam in early on. The fact is, rules are rules and I don't like it, but I should hate. You know Donald Trump. You want congrats in the wind and let's see where it goes, doesn't mean that I'm a fan, but I feel like we do have to accept the results. If the
go by the rules that we agree to beforehand where you with us heads like the convention's gonna, be the slow clapped that never really takes off. There's gonna, be here. I don't know And nobody, nobody joins the Euro, maybe one other guy on the other side of the arena, but it I just it wasn't me you and I kind talk, talk Just a little bit about EU tax me like, I think everybody is gonna, be passed to some degree I think you're right the process is the process. My problem is is just and I hate to say that your listeners, don't they fall into this category, but everybody else. If you, if you're listening to this turn, turn it turn it up really loud and maybe get a pen account were stupid. If we think that these people on both sides are the best that we ve got, the very best, options for the greatest country in the history of the world. For these two people to be our leaders, we are absolutely idiots and we,
very quickly find out that we can't be idiots our entire life and expect to stay free. It just does not happen. History, shows us over and over and over again whenever we start to get high ourselves and think that we ve got it all figured out and that we can put people in Japan or that we like, because they maybe talk to us like it aim show host. Or somebody who skirts the long gets away within we're like while cool they keep away with it. I guess I'll reality, then we will quickly find out that our country comes to an end. At some point it can't It never has happened. Ries report won't haven't we're gonna have to legacy, but somebody you're saying when I'm at a certain point, like I said: if you got the delegates who got the number fine network, I want to endorse it. Just fine, and here we are other evil dropped out. I don't like it just like it. I like the fact that the vaguest bedding odds are overwhelmingly favour. Hillary Clinton, but that's reality, and that's when I have a problem with it. Never trump thing, even though long before never trump exists it along
before a lot of these other aim. Radio house were on board with trumpetings until they finally decided a pivot. How I said I am a member can vote for I also don't believe in making sure It's never trump at the cost of the process and at the cost of the will of the people. Even if they're wrong, absolutely we knew- and I talked about this before in regard to other matters- freedom is always messy, but it's always that so we get the people that the system gives us, because it's more important that we adhere to the policies that we put forward in the system. Then it is. Do we go away. Why want trumps? Let's do something underhanded they get him out. I ever been a fan of drunk, I never frankly, I never thought it may he'd make it frankly if right, yeah, frankly, gods gotta be huge. I'm sorry, you do better, that's ok, it's a cake and to take them autonomy, but not yet listen and if any of you know this is where we are just as we were at a that's. That's the reason that I wanted to say a few things that we have to care. We have to stop just like.
Our lives and in a way that they really leaves us with people like this, that the only way that they can grab our attention is to say something offensive. That's the only way the trump grabs attention, is by saying something that's offensive to the majority of people in the country, but were such an hour so tuned entertainment that we retweet. Now I don't know that's either. I respect I think you're wrong about that. I think people are actually there refresh. That's and I like it, about trumpet, he's not afraid to back something he doesn't back summing up, because someone else has its offensive. And even though I disagree with his policies, I do think more people should tear page from that saying what build a wall shouldn't be offensive and people say it out, and I know it's not offensive. What's ass if to say to people is like yeah, you're, all criminals and weakness, and you all that yes, absolutely natural out, no absent. Well, no, not that! What's what would be offensive that someone, for example, I think that's an handshake, congratulations politically from ten crews right too Donald Trump, but taxes as a man after Donald Trump insulted. His wife's
Instead, it is dad was involved, the shooting of JFK he deserve to die. Her an absolute magnificent pepper, two Donald Trump in pay back and then ok, let's move in politics, but personally I don't know can make up with a guy like that, that's very different from a policy difference will. Personally, I thought we were better than the two candidates that it looks like we're. Gonna be stuck with on on one side and on the other. I dont think Donald Trump is a serious and it s a really down it. It just seems like he got in it and all the sudden was popular, unlike all crap. Now what do I do? I guess I gotta get a campaigns tat either they don't do this eggs and he may end up being just fine as a president for a little while. But if we consistently pick people like this too, to read then we're gonna have a lot of problems, and I I just think that it's time for us to go ok, this is our gut check moment here. Ok, Donald, try made it to be the hypothalamus most people dead, most people that even there, a party most people do not vote for Donald Trump. He didn't you ever get anywhere near majority, but that
where the system is set up. We we have to mobilise people to God and actually both for a solid candidate. We don't do that right. Now we go for ratings people. We go for the people that we see the most, because we don't spend any time digging into who these people are. You Splendid, a lot on your show on the progress we don't, but frozen criterion, Rubio screwed up and they ve been run. Like a campaign and ninety ninety six and the reserve they deserve to lose. They deserve better than I do to have you back and after the break, and it pains me to say it, but of all of their faces. At this point, people get exhausted and speak. Of the way these people have these incestuous advisers and strategists we'll talk more about it after them, Gerald Morgan, the most qualify gonna show state the latter was ground. Hey, what are you doing? Browsing air fifteen dot com really set about scared like rival, with the best
ices community information on the web, what the hell's the difference between them! Everything ok as you know- and you know that is heard- the three take you did three takes you didn't editor they can hear ah gotta be back before I bring on my next guest. Looking at some of the tweets a couple of things, Someone said: why aren't you part of never trump movement? Isn't? Isn't the sentiment the same? No, I just explained I probably will never vote Donald Trump like I said it resorts to change my mind if we surrender of brilliant people, I do not believe in the idea of never trump at the cost of integrity of the process,
and the party. I am not never tromp like some people right novel, even never trumpet, even if it means trotting out Mitt, Romney or Paul Ryan. I also think just being a joiner and a hashtag is kind of silly sorry. And it's also why this show is consistently grown. Other people have taken that divisive issue and not been reasonable. Everyone knows where I stand on that matter, On adamant, lunch SEC, Adam manners and thanks for twigs vague, is overwhelmingly Clayton it. Sixty forty check predicted Donald Trump as the people's choice, given some credit first off forty percent is not the peoples. Secondly, a sixty two forty election is exactly what we would refer to as a landslide, sixty forty would be a landslide election. Those are unbelievable odds. Sixty sixty forty in politics. That is unreal. I'm just getting frustrated. People have no idea what their talk even even about five point. Difference in an election did his huge monumental, bringing back of course at G Morgan,
Your jailed Morgan Gerald is it. Is it me sixty forty split that that that means huge artillerist favour right now thank you for reading those, because you just prove my point: lots of morons their who does what the first one is, the first time that I have never trump, but its people, We had an untenable position. It's not member tromp. We want the system to survive more than we want to keep a bad guy like Trump out of office, that they don't know their stand, that their willing to sacrifice. All of that not standing. What will come next get rid of this system. Fine, then you have nothing right. There idiots! I'm sorry, both of those were idiots Well, are you guys, I'm just I'm not saying you, I'm saying you in general are not specifically now it's you. I just want to clarify my position. I think It's entirely tenable and logical. You dont have to like the results, but I sign up for the rules. It was my same Brahma, Donald Trump and the delegates he benefited from a delicate game. More than anyone got did got proportionately far more delegates. They did votes and the.
Complains when he loses that bothers me. Inconsistency from people on the left and the right I've never been inconsistent. I'm I'm not changing my personal stance on Trump Oh you're branded as you are, because people want to yell and scream now, I'm not brain it that way. People just asking these questions, which are hopefully clarified. Listen. I clarified in three tat what they want. Plus hashtags or silly their silly. You see some other than never trump hashtag in there. In their thing, just its aims, sorry, I understand it. I understand supporting too, but at this point at this point, why at this What does that mean? Never trump you're just not going about. From finding owing to ash egg. At this point we want, Paul Ryan and on better. I probably I wont, load tromp policies around them. Several geniuses. I've said that even the most vocal opponent, but right now today, may fifth, if you're saying
ever trump. What are you saying exactly that? I think that I think I think that ultimately my point to be with their people that are willing to just get rid of everything, because they don't like you gonna, like the guy, one is he's. He's the Higgs denominate, there's no way around that he's gonna get the number of delegates that he needs case closed. We move on right, we're probably looking at Hilary Donald Trump My problem is that I don't want to be in this position in four years in an eight years and in twelve years and in sixteen years or illegal g and you know a great guy like Donald Trump, we never thought he be a reality. Tv starring come out and be a presidential candidate who knew right. I kind of like to have good p. There are people, like you said, begins an election, cycled change and what people need to say. It changed Donald Trump change that game and maybe that's a good legacy for him. Maybe He'S- make politicians be a little bit more honest and a little bit more forward. Instead of all, these can practise lines that they just keep thrown out at speech after speech. Maybe that's a good thing we have to raise. Has afore campaigns will never be
same. They shouldn't be, they live in the same, it must not cycle. Generally the same a long time, a guy just as fresh listen. I am this is not a policy should, but I am just as fresh it it with the GEO Ps Trump people are because they are so mine, numbingly, stupid. Tonight I mean, of ongoing understood how does Lindsey Gram of Mitch Mcconnell get to be in a position of power. How do the job people of this is the sound work with it. Salute. Morons Moraunt indecorous is really when it comes to the constitutional. Running a campaign was laughed fast enough at all. These people, anywhere near thats, deserve to lose. They deserve mean down from deserve to win. Now it's like watching one of those awful smoker fights, whether just Sturgis hang on to each other for dear life after fat and more of them gets hold on the structure of the other guy, only one, because one of them one d, cardiac arrest because they couldn't get nodded on a treadmill. That was this election,
No one- and I know about its popular always bitch, no one did a good job. Trump did a good job with the campaigning but we have to be fair. I know Gerald is too, but I just think a job with very little standing about the campaign process, What does that tell you? He understood people and that's what you did understand and unfortunately, a presidential race and most of politics has turned into a popularity contest. What happened then in high school. When you vote for class president, the most popular person when they do nothing same thing happens areas over or they promised inciting people, but you you're doing you're doing when at what I get upset with with conservatives in hosting that's true, so adapt Animal that survived is not the strongest as fast as it's the animal that adapts so yeah you're right true, but that's reality in the European has been just been saying that an bitching about it, but you know what Carly fearing TAT grew not only should have back on this programme. I guess it Adam Guerrilla,
Rogan, Howard Stern. All these shows that can serve as don't like because of naughty language. They should have been doing that and I do mean, and that really You know I taught using those as an example, but the same thing where they would you social media the way we're trying to go under only the Christian White Bible belt type voter districts, it's just it's it's asinine and- and I am just as mad with them- we needed a little more drunk TED cruiser night Treatin from for himself. That's what the whirl needed FED with a few bottles, a scotch handy met. A few bottles Gerald kill him that I would like to get a sip occasionally come on you. They gotta have a stock dear ones, sang and around you did say he was a scotch guy which surprised me to the southern Baptist to this the twin about this earlier this week, trumps president, but we film every moment of it like a trimming, show an error because no, he doesn't know
now we will see where those tweet. I think that is who see a legal. I generally, what else did you wanna get off your chest on this my chest I really wanted to mention that you should probably take your shirt off on air next time if you're gonna change just for the Ladys. I might one that, after its negative Ladys, believe me, if you will if we look at our follower ship, it's coming Furthermore, I got here, I think I got over there. A strong gay, libertarian conservative following so we're pretty grateful for that, and I think it's me places ass, excellent Venus its markets in these markets but the teachers are coming, but that's a pervert example right. There are plenty of gay
but their her freshet with you. I don't know why people like TAT truth and Karl, if hearing about weren't really focusing on the winning issues like the freedom of speech and the social justice left, they dont get it. They don't get that. That's a big issue right now. It's a big winning issue if they focused on, I never even talk about it. Agri at one. Other thing I did want to say is: don't vote third party, make a choice either choose to vote for the person that you want to win or choose to vote against them right. If you, if you mean they're, choose to vote against the other person, make the choice. Don't vote their party third party? Basically just what's that and who ever if you're republican uneven third party, all you ve done? It with the boat- it's not gonna, help anything up. Let us, sir, and I bet a certain point- a protest vote, I'm not saying necessarily, but I like that what often Petersen had to say in the show at a certain point, You are so not represented at all. I'm not saying people should vote third party, but I think it's it's defensible a protest vote it up. Here's here's! Why? Disagree with you about. You show me that you wanted to protest before the vote came. Maybe gotten,
I'm not you about somebody who really wants to have a protest phenomena vote for this third road again, it is like asking why don't you get involved earlier on in the process is going to come into the game? Lay in saying this. I just don't like my options, rent ominous for I'm the cry better on Twitter, I'm gonna do something about it. Then you Protests will not be right. There were these ain't. Absolutely you tried your hardest and nobody up. There's good bye. At a point where they're going to be sick, I mean you think about this right now the Democrats are more likely to they're the ones who could go to a contested convention with a sigh showest democratic social ills about general, I wait what we, no there's gotta be a lot of them to disappear. Will love trumpery Present just so. They can't blame all the Hilary Crap Democratical, unroll Craig looking at twitter, someone's asking if Nicht APOLLO was sleeping. I read is tweets in his voice. I'm lie awake, jerk off I followed between six and voices, began the voice of journalists and their yellow fascist. I am Armada African wide awake.
Yes, I agree with you. Did ya, but some people are on the right at this point if they felt like them and really active and they ve been snubbed. This is different. It is very different because of how personal it has been, and I dont think you can unify after this no mean it's gonna be really hard to turn out solid Republican based on this you're. Not gonna get a lot of guys here about for anybody else. On the on the line to come out and really be excited about Trump. I don't see it. I mean there's plenty of other people that are excited about him. He could win the realities, I get it, but he could win. He could get good, it's unlikely, but yes, absolutely possible. I reserve the right to never make a prediction again. Well yeah. I normally doesn't even Stephen calm down, it's gonna be fine, for months now and I'm gonna be Talkin trump. Stephen, don't worry, Did he won't make it to the top nine dog, the top five? We do not haughty, saffery crap, it's funny because of other.
From people who have my lonely thing. I dont get it, but when you're on, I was saying I think, you're under estimating M anyone who would come on with a view that, even if I agree they're, going to think that I disagree with them just because they feel required you're. So many soft balls all the time on the radio You gave us off all the Carly, fearing a view which, a at that point with before the first debate and I said tenured hp was less than impressive. How do you, answer your critics? Is there any more biting issue for, even in even after, even after this this week, people choking on Twitter about how the campaign doesn't have to lay off of people that still the joke that stilted still ahead. Curly right, you know, are still there yeah absolute with senator Tattoos as they are now. You just come across as out of touch Why don't you want to do this more? It's the packaging we'd for yourself reset. We said that on air self now a year I think you're right Joe, but I don't know where the government, I think Donald Trump could win just because here's the thing weren't, you
a lot of other I was listening. I don't listen to it, often, but another conservative, radio single here, we are left with conservative left without an option, and that was the bitching segment and I'm gonna wanna. Second alot of people dont care, we at a point where they are, they does your conservatism ongoing, because the countries and conservative our job to convince people who are now they ve taken the red pill The reason why you have is because these principles- constitutional, ism federalism This is why they are important, as opposed to just one guy so friend, It is a welcome conservatives now, no one there People who are willing to listen Trump as a step- and I think there some convincing going on there and that's why I don't just want a boom hashtag, never trump and in shut the door on some of those people. I agree, I understand what you say and I just think you're gonna hear whatever he thinks take for him to get support. Of course, I do I don't wanna be light. Do I mean, if he's the guy, he says he is then stay that way. Right, don't try to come and be this great unified, like you're commercial suspect him between the segments of dogma
you're, not gonna! Unify us. You men exactly what you said. Of course you meant that otherwise you wouldn't have set it, don't come back and color smoother and say, oh we're, gonna make Amerika great again together. It's it's all of us together. No, no! That's not! What ran on so just be honest at least right now, I agree with you: ask it's gonna, be a clear. If war, I want to hear his answer on the Dun North Carolina Trans issue now because it across the Alps nobody did before, but now with this gross violation, and I love how all of the media, the Trump media out there just completely gloss her. They decided barriers so fast because with they knew they could swiss positions because they are also pumping out like before was currently only after himself and then the next morning was tromp was Truman out and support in North Carolina Social Justice Warrior law before we go Gerald what you think about that about the court saying: hey, hey North Carolina, you can't do that. You have till Monday
come and get me where I live. There worthy of traders are willing to oblige signing up rooms and their employees and arrogance of those talking to a guy about he's a super liberalized market. Nobody events are going to go and he said, as is their this problem. I wasn't aware of where all these people are being denied bathroom access. If a girl walks into a guy's bathroom, it looks like a guy nobody's gonna ask anything what was going on. That was, so I'm going to ask some questions that we have to go to the bright jail, Morgan Junior thanks for being with us. They do less segment well, our withdraw empowering marvels and they knew you are on the railroad horror, who will exhibit the utmost professionalism from here, for
Won't you may, of course, of course. Jimmy your informant uneven verily! I think the time is coming back, Germany, the driver Ok, we as well as in Germany, was happening. Do your job. Germany. Would I will go. I told you, I don't worry, I use Germany is very important as a full report. Really you were you love avail. Can. CIAO, my what kind. However, Lisbon power generating. Your flash feel like now We call begging an inference is required. What decisions on film Jimmy go with your got: no nine millimeter that means Column Cowan we're out. There is a lazy, Porter Jimmy so easy. Why you come here
kind of attitudes exactly like found yourself remove from the palm beach assignment Simon Flats online and think about lack Jerry while you're bleeding now is self important law person
we are back final segment,
from the very across the tanks and got really poor diet where its duty, as we call it, is called the leader of the dead? It's called a late hour to Caprio. For those you didn't listen, podcast, blue and no one did some time ago, we did that whole titanic theme, pod curly, hair it step, but we thought it was amazing titanic when she, just as its greatest story ever told she was annoyed by his frozen court. No life rather than just by Joseph Shark. I can imagine doing that to my wife, I can't you do it to you. Secondly, to the new demands unity. I don't wanna see Deaf on my my life Hut Tyler. Everything that, like there are so many things wrong with that movie or or the note book. It's pornography for what that's what the other is booze, Emily done. One with Joseph Gordon Levin, Scarlet Johannsen joy
if she were if you want, Europe thousands slash Lord Vader. Yes, what did your bathroom, you heard her voice in the stall next you'd be calling your senator, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh Michael Makeup, say, may ushered nor the tall food now hurry your Scarlett Johansson large figure was childbirth. I don't know, by the way and other startled we're talking about it. Parents supporting this the six year old has gone into classes as a transgender, and I saw the story and it just sort of came out at me. The idea of of- and I hate to do the whole common sense thing. But when, since when do we allow children, small children to make permanent decisions regarding their sexuality, orientation or gender fluidity, capitalism picric their career to those like what seventeen have. But here so you generating a six. Most of them can do that right now
in an inherent in Albany thing? Was a hate crime hate the hate crime? Albany story was a hoax. We have that up on the website. You have to go check it out. They ve been indicted, so much is happening. We didn't have feminists world furious about attractive cheerleaders. If you saw this is another story, they were mad that cheerleaders our attractive. They apparently want cheerleaders to look like shrigley puff. There was a black racist in South Africa who brag about making a white Rachel Waitress cry. Farmers can onawandah dismissing there's someone stories you wanted to get too. We need to do another, we needed to get the show go and more than once a week. At this point we do a video and Karl Marx. I want a sort of talk about this here before we Before we release the video something that is this, is it isn't mainstreaming your little brother was one who sent me this video. Like a giant, he said he has you you were but thats because It's been shown all my clients classes and he's these take. Fourteen years, fourteen it's hilarious by they weren't in one of the biggest smart Alex there is and its Cromer.
Video it has a vermilion plays and people are prey and the guy is clearly in the pocket for Karl Marx, at one point, touched by how Karl Marx believes that that profit for corporations was theft, soft from the worker and it's funny when you think about that. We are at a point where that's no different. What Bernie people believe cannot sang the communists, but it's different. They believe that its theft for corporations to have on, I guess, sort of unfair profit margins. So we think it's theft for corporations or a business owner to make a profit, but not actual theft, because what does government do yeah they step in. They say we're taking your money to the profit. No here men with guns were taken, your money, that's actual. So a business owner was created. I dont know the big MAC and has now.
Family is now billion air or Walmart, where you're deodorant prices went down. Seventy two percent and you shop there, that's theft taking their stuff, isn't theft! That's where we are that's what a lot of people believe at this point. They will This is what so harbour the generation with this election. Do you have a lot of people I wish than the trumps? I'd still does just purely voting on their own self interest, saying why it's not about principles. Now, I'm just gonna go to my own self interest and that's ok. Protectionism can only take that so far before it changes before the kids. You have no demographic change a little bit in the next person votes in our own self interest, and then they mob you that that that's that's the order of these things. That's where they go cash good example things. It left us really hate, rightly really hate Rotumah this earlier earlier socialism leftists hate, big corporations, big banks right
but we ate big banks will listen. So do I hate big banks, but let us walk this down the logical. The only reason that those big banks can continue to be big banks or monopolies is because people. You really hate right. The corrupt politicians Karl Marx acknowledge there is corruption in any kind of a hierarchy. So big banks continued to be big banks because of an evening supply of bail out funds from big government, big politicians whom you hate right. So what happened under communism are socialism that big government bailing out the big bank who you hate you dont trust they now are the bank, And then your only bank, one of those great ironies that has lost, and I think it's loss on a lot of people when it comes to the Trump side, certainly to the Bernie, something that's what that's. Why there's a lot of cross over we ve looked analytics. It is a stunning number at how many people who are either Trump or Bernie at first glance, to go out silly there's! No! I know there is a way we can see people coming in to do
We have all the comments and people go, and I just want someone who's independent, Bernier Trump people going from RON Paul to Bernie, at a certain point I understand, was in a lot of people- are on board with principled conservatism. I get it so what we don't assume that you are, but at a certain point for you, regardless of how I am presenting at principles. Have to come into play, someone at some point: every system of government can be subjected to the populace is any At some point you have to decide either appropriate role of government or what it is that you believe you're angry with banks. Why you're angry with the GEO Pe? Why. And you're angry Mitch, Mccall. Why? If you dont want about Donald Trump, why third party, why we try to answer those questions and sometimes amount is clear. I wish I could be. I hope we weren't the situation with Trump tonight. I certainly hope. That we were on the Bruce Jenner, Caitlin generating metals on sports illustrated tucking Tucker
front tale at level of bill, but have you going to get mad or vote. You need to ask yourself, and you need to be able to answer publicly why anger in itself is not enough. Just to go a strong, but being offensive in and of itself is not enough. There's! No. Wrong with being angry, there's nothing wrong with being offensive if it is a means to an end, if there is a goal, so we're being angry offensive sake, you're not accomplishing anything but talking next week. Think about it or don't matter with crowded.
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