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Do you think the banning of Alex Jones was justified? We talk to him today straight from the mean streets of Austin. Also, if Trump wins, do you expect Democrats to challenge the election results? And what do you think they’ll claim this time? Russian collusion, or something to do with mail-in votes, or coronavirus?

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Further progress, listener. You're doing this whole thing on audio, despite it being a tv show, because I gave sir you have fun is for radio in days gone by, but work I do see you are here you again good morning, mug club, every Monday, through Thursday, up until election, along with spare streams for we debate, town Hall. We really hope that you enjoy this programme as much as we did making it that really wasn't that much you enjoy more today. I was all our best back with a vengeance was because you may like going up to the increase of learning the velocity increase. I got you like them. Dyson, guy German, not
which pay working. What do you guys think how twins Like your firstly, how funds are not here this morning is learning driven I was in this communication on our part with travel and stuff like that, so which lead to their sleeping on the show today, because many be set We're gonna be softening we'd Alex Jones, so we're only one of the few minutes and then go alive to something that we taped just a little bit earlier with Alex in the streets of Boston warning for parents who don't want to hear what their children to hear the words Bum piss heated monitor encounter it, though its context like every other, we're just listen POGO before the break in terms of my headphones here. This is a disaster. What is happening here? I've got a job and I really like its context. This is that you realise this is a dancer people. Do this: oh you're, thrusting your hips,
that's mimicking sexual movement, it sexual undulation, but there's this is ok and it's all! Well, it's ok! answer mine, my wife the derogatory zone for, but it's all It's ok, but I rose: what's not okay, it just change the face rights with this. This is fine, but this is You know that if you have a big hole, smile on my point here is context over content. See you thought you weren't gonna going Alyosha intellectual. So I have a couple of questions you, since we have Ox Jones on today. Do you think The banning of Alex Jones was right now say this weekend in heart and Alex Jones Cortisone touch her right, I agree with him a whole lot, namely on the conspiracy theories and have done so on his show. Don't think he's a guy who ever should have been banned. I will say personally with
we had? A he's always been very respectful had from the relationship is good fun. It's fun like if you have my kids, who are really high energy. Fun for a? But then you can if Europe, the baby sitter, but not if you like a little, you know like unity, border Alex Joan and he Alex Jones is, you know you be fluctuating. Wages talked about on the ship, but he even when he's been like what he's really needs to swim here Some are he's still built like the the error that someone would go over a waterfall him makes rise like they crawl in Alex Jones very over the water Frau, like Sassy, homeward, bound tough questions. You think he should have been and then, if Donald from wins the election, what do you think the charges are going to be election? Russian interfere golden showers with prostitutes at the time Mahal wherever it is. I I don't know, but I wouldn't talk about this more hard twins on Wednesday because
de of mail in voting and the idea of sort of bussing people in the idea. Ring the barrier to entry to vote. Has often been ascribed to disenchanted minorities, rights and there's a historical context every time, a little short of litter literacy tests and you look at them because they didn't really have the same kind of a place in the schooling system that it was discriminatory at some point. I dont really think that's comparable, for example, to license, or family unification or or just showing up at this point, but the goalposts removed at the last elections and was like hey. You should have to have a valid idee, and now it just hey. People should have to be vote. Like John Geologic area- and I say this as someone I have had to do absentee voting because touring doing standard comedy it's different, because that's a very long process where you have to submit your address gay summit
voter riding. At least it was worth what, where I was at that point to submit some kind of valid if go through the process, and then it wasn't just our send in any mail another's multi step process, but they are talking about right now, effectively with male in voting, is just you wanna, but you'll have to go now. Here's the thing the left, pushing very hard for. We had whole segment ready, but the hush when slept inside it deserves more time than we can give it this more but I do want to let you know before it's your turn, postal service and Amazon and Jeff Basin Alex Jones probably there is. There are multi You'd have reasons that mail in voting is a real problem and its political, and by the way it wasn't political until this election there was a pretty much unilateral agreement. You can argue about what happened with. With gerrymandering. You can argue about some kind of we can't argue about it with them. Did argue about voter identification? However, till this election, and this is obviously because of covert, is what are they would claim. The idea
of showing up at the polls and it's your duty as an american citizen to pull that lever punched. You know punch that ticket which in full I don't know what the point is You should show up and do it we changed recently and there are plenty of examples. What I mean in New Jersey, this happened two long ago, by the way, there's a long history as to why hasn't worked, but just recently rattle ISAF one. Four million voters who participated. Eighty seven percent of them did it by by male sixty five thousand ballots had been thrown off, arriving late K missed. And it had eight and forty six ballot thrown out because voters were dead Why are you all right, I can't show that of incidents right or elections from heritage that we're stolen, that we know of scope. Fresno County Mayor Election, Miami in eighteen, eighty, seven, a democratic primary in Chicago? Indiana Surrogacy, Chicago Indiana threats, kind like to lead Toledo's, basically, Michigan and Ease Saint Louis is actually Illinois.
And a congressional action in North Carolina, the nice district and twenty eating. There are plenty of examples as to why this can be a problem now, if you think that we need to somehow create a foolproof system due to covert before this, election. That's me, we have a valid argument to make you have I don't have a leg to stand on, but that's not what the left is saying right now. The left to say what's so funny to me, is turning to CNN this morning and I hate to say it but the well. That's wanting Are these the armenian genocide, deniers yeah and they were complaining, saying you and Donald Trump said: maybe we'll have to maybe let those selection later. What do you think they can you believe it wants to die the electric light, just what happened on the day CNN this morning, our many genocide and ours we're saying well, the thing is what We need to do male imbalance and is going to take for three years six days, by the way studies show a week to get the results and else that aren't right. A three percent margin of error keep in mind that those wings dates three percent plus or minus.
Percent wholesome, and what about Michigan Pennsylvania, what they were like one point, five million it seems consequential racist self willed like tat of the high and its three percent of a huge country that represents thousands and thousands of people right yeah. It's not three percent of when done, perhaps as it, but whenever New Zealand does it retarget I'll get it out let's go out and you- and I don't follow them since Lord of the rings on that issue in trash, but they do have good beef. From what I hear I can afford it, I'm an online hose in other CNN Logical Rights, Turner's end up in a wild beast, offering me buckets of gas. So I hear from you. What do you think about mail in voting and do you think that Jones giving was right, whether you agree first actually ought let me let me do this list a and b, when you entered this course, the comments now I'll be waiting and had actually been been trying to reach some more of them? Lately they were, you
Jones fanned you consider yourselves, someone who agrees with Alex Jones K then be was Alex. Jones was his banning right should have been so did you agree with and do so did you support him and then do think those are justified banning? Could I think else- may surprise a Lotta payment Alex Jones tomorrow is another change, my mind, of course, by the way hit the notification bell. If you haven't yet because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot, we brought cast every morning now through election at ten a m eastern that's good morning, Muslim and Thursday. We have the full life stream of the democratic convention. You know, there's a whole lot of ongoing horrible coming down to provide I've heard people say come on down the pipe. I just spoken words, Pike, Frederick, when a man like me, comin down a pipe out of a unified and algae, were because zebra muscles invasive species. China get your shit together. We will be back right after this without Ex Jones. After this instalment of pack other from the hopeful
now for a message from pagoda, friendly, homo hole. Now me, MRS pack up high Can you make sure that you and your guys get the bushes this time because last time, SAM and I really need a trim, the hedges, Z out Jim the motion and sorry for the mistake- and I stand that's fine. Would you or your crew like some? a long island. I stay there peppered farm cookies, nice, ok, nothing! I can get. You know enough for me: and even noise, because you are a very me and when they These I mean nothin, because you pay me very well and through me very much like a provisional, but I'm a comfortable. Drinking from your glass a cookie because Jordan Strain
another or I really go. Alex Jones sit street that was once the most happy place here and Austin, whether it was the best bet special people to find hears it so info wars in for wars, not common vandam area and video important. Ever because of all these doctors, they ve been banning off the internet for having their speech all because you got your bill gates says they don't have any speech now. Well, they do have these still advance. Video or doctors. Have hundreds of doctors have been silent, bandit video, but you know we did a second down and Deep Elam one morning. I was surprised how everything was boarded up. I was very soon and we can hundred and six treat for people. We see everything going on. Thing is boarded up
all the black lives matter, address stuffs right over it right and if you try, over that, if a business owner does they can actually be charged with a hate crime. In some cases it can be actually criminal too wash your own work, that's right! Now the George Soros financed. We must anti american propaganda on Europe. Putting on your boarded up. Business is a civil right, and if you pay over, you get charged the hatred here or there is a business owner who or may nameless in Dallas. It was like, I just clean that and then he said having to leave it up. You know one guy who interviewed yesterday what we're doing a change of mind. So these boards were up for covert. So can you only as a co voters at more so the rioting and breaking the windows. It was both when covered started really six months a girl. Here some of the big corporations boarded up because they were on the inside baseball. There's gonna be a permanent shot down till tramples driven from office. Smaller businesses try to stay open, but then he ordered them clause, but they did board up a thin right after that, they activated and when the George Lloyd Incident happened, the black lives matter and the anti
and so they began smashing windows and that's one. Virtually everything out boarded up have almost everything has gone up here. It's funny you little all these places like these places are the picture bars knots and that would be supportive. This movement. I had to say it I kind of thinking and what you want. Four deserves itself alive right now what I mean I love often what what used to be, but now it is the excrement of LOS Angeles and sand from Let's go important one in Seattle. All those people have fled here and so often is now the worst parts West Coast, cultural, spiritual point, ran, and so this is not often. This is now literally the sphincter poison, blue studies around the country that are now emptying out like rats leaving a sinking ship, This is no longer often. This is Ella. Wait, let's, let's pause for significant level, not pause, but Podsnap moving. Look. We have been some of the only pay all around us. We have some of the camera folk security here. It's been nothing but a six week boards and help us. It often is just that they bear the city. Motto could just be pumped,
While you re alive music, novel the world right now. It is the capital of bumpers and needles and feces and all sorts of mentally ill people and anti fraud and be a lamb running around burning things. Now is very, very sad. I look. I love taxes, but I want taxes are no California used to be read as it can get, and now it is a blue, such pit. So there's this arrogance in red states like used to be read and now its deep blue, the apple better. Why the hell up and pushed back culturally or the left will take your ass over like wixted. There is an example of how fast it can change ABC White Christmas have been Crosbie oceanic, they say at one point, talking about getting all of the old the old army gents together the generals Ben breakfast. Yes, says you have a better chance of finding a Democrat and remained in Poland that I love that, although the exacting so right wing the people had no idea that Vermont used to be short of the place where the wealthy would go and ski do you haven't I as to what the number is in property damage year,
crimes and opposite one knows about get fostering. That's what's been going well, there are conservative numbers, but it's in the hundreds of millions of dollars and then its end billions just protectionist what what the covered lockdown has done. But, no one really sure the number, because most people are not able to get the unemployment war. The bail out check yeah they spent weeks on those computers and then, by the time they get on in all the monies gone chromosome I know who even middle class people they got laid off sir jobs. They ve not in any of this magical stimulus, money right, so using wonders of millions. Just an awesome, I know, is the number that we found. It is very hard to find these numbers and you have said a lot more researchers, and I do was six hundred million dollars in damage country wide from the riots, but you're saying you think it's a hundred million just in Austin, I'm talking about what covered handled on with. The destruction of the businesses and some of the businesses that got broken into and rob. So I think you're right. No one knows the actual number but they're saying Austin it with things together has lost billions that makes sense it's really hard to find some of these
for example, my home state of Michigan right they were going to release the covered nursing home. That's what I think a number of one point, as it is close to forty percent forty, something out per cent of all covered, desperate nursing on death. Then it just stop counting finally, I updated normal Yorkshire doing the same thing and we you get them in Michigan Governor what reconstituted never finished. Absolute like this is. This is startling. We talked about it, deep down. This is really a post apocalyptic here rights inherent here, your priorities, the key and they all on the back. Of the same guy, who was just totally doubt and, samples having always robotics, but then They become the symbol that the police, the basics our janitors for them out and clean up their crap. They take the hospital analysis because out of hand, Amazon mistake. If something happens, the police can charged with murder rights, it is. Did you watch full body? Can footage retarded was its very sad. It was very sad and I think
What's going to happen, unfortunately, are gonna, see more backlash because listen, it's a tragedy. We always said it was an example of impasse. Police training, but there's no. Couple of malice or racism in other policing, hey we're, not gonna shoot you get in the back of the car These will roll down the windows. In the background, the air that we breathe Sydney carton me I'm scared. He was, and the offices doctors are world onawandah. Yet so a tragedy still obviously, but there's no where they can make something like secondary murder. Stick and we talk. People here on these streets- and you say it was that we watch the foot of the item you to watch its know that that killing was martyr it's it's really concerning all- becomes an excuse to riot and burn things down right to try to kill the: U S: economy, its No, more and all Democrats, we want to depression. We want a recession, we want a crashing stock market, show people reject President Trump and so promptly to get out there. Europe needs to get out there and expose the fact that it is the democratic and the deep state who are trying to kid the whole economy to bring the entire. U S download them to have a new.
Our full point on nationwide to bail them out, because the truth is the blue city. Member states have been horrible. Managing their plutocracy. They robbed their people their collapsing, so another how to collapse the whole country to make all the red stage in the Midwest. Another areas, bail them out. So that's why they're trying to bring the country now send the dollar is going to die and all the rest of this is because they literally no America's waking up to those who are trying to destroy us before we actually like this. That we'll see I love you know, but this is what George flood what it wanted. Well, that's right. I mean this atm people that we will get money out of it. Recommendation whites approach This is a symbol of white supremacist like Olano largest set of Sarajevo, see she said the banks and the businesses and Walter. It's all evil. We're gonna, destroy it and collapse at a horse, then they'd be in Somalia right, which is what she does not escape at what you collapse and civilization, that than that
empower you that make support, but I was I was joking. Genuine Omar did that these are someone who committed a crime and uses an excuse. This is less remark, not totally agree. What you're saying no? No, I innocently letting, but there in general, saying that borders that wall no USA at all, let's destroy it. The city of Austrian in the official budget has been put forward now says they want to blow up the police patient as a symbol of fighting police. Misconduct. Literally shows us the city of all in their official budget too, about accelerating the control demolition of the he's department as a symbol of getting rid of hate and the negative. Least be broken up and put your mother bureaucracies inside the city are sorted out. I know it sounds so earnestly retirement there you're time, defining the police, some areas with a talk, abolishing the police the City council kind of situation, but what what is it I know that. Listen, you ve been anti shorter, militarization of police. You talk about that for a long time, obviously are more of a libertarian. Where do you live
you see this new see all the damage wouldn't keep working. When you see do you think that Donald Trump, for example, and in in Portland or in Seattle, should be sending in the feds, the National Guard sure you'll end up on that people get confused about the fact that I am against a police state right, but I'm not the police. A crash are the ones that want a police state. We don't have any process where you're surveys, where you don't have free speech, were naked, secretly arrest, you don't wanna get the police they want to take. Over the police through the union runs Throng sittings initiative that Obama and Ready Lynch Plus, and that's a hazard wicked. I didn't put that nailing right, daddy workmanship, I mean if you're gonna be a whole bow please put in the mail right, because you could get intentness well, Stephen. I love you bring. This happens. This is critical tetanus the police the enemy democratic. Wanna make the lowest level of government the enemy, because they know there's a revolution: corrupt government rising. Let's have a revolution which burned down the local city hall,
That's just the Democrats can taken in full control, so I'm not a gives police, I'm against the democratic, getting control the police and setting up a police state and back under Clinton and advance you uncle. Why won't give because you know how come you know? A pass I don't know why. That's that's the guy theory go there and have a buffalo burger. You know, They do have borders that are they I've heard about good burgers. I we went any other day. We I did have a burger, not heard they were pretty good burgers. I've never seen so many caribbean are key clips. They all Look the same! That's how you know they look different in there I'll tell you this one time our crew went in there and they said we what's wrong: Paul wouldn't like Alex Jones, I pollyanna dynamometer fifteen years and my crew, Baker, bouncers asses! Really not! We actually be done without set it on camera, but gonna get you some of the police state fully state. What we have here- the places they got Luther out here you go across, nor can it we're going to her, but what sort of Euro rival stock, or else statue-
but I'm not really been coherent. Honest police that you're chronic swine nano innocent back when the federal government was more global, is trying to turn the police against us and say our main enemy is constitutional terrorists and the police are to take our guns. I'm it gives police being captured by the deep state being used against this, but when the police wake up to the new world order like this happen and the globalist sorrels are unable to take control of them and sorrows and then try to destroy the police had taken over. I totally support the police in the constitutional role right. You have so that there is a constitutional role for police, namely to protect citizens rights and when they start violently looting and protesting. That's infringing an people have absolutely the real out of control system. Is the anarchy trying to set up its own government? They only want anarchy for a few weeks. They set up their government where we have no just like a sharp and Chaz people that warrant communist or warrant Basically double worshippers rapidly for war. Not welcome that place was the ultimate Will you stay with me What are your gains? Petroleum right? I don't want our police department, warlord guns and I dont want an hour.
Funded by George Soros, overthrown, Ukraine and other governments showing up again here we're ok, so first I want to go back, what happened to you so this place was looted and civic. A lot of places of that obviously window smashed in there's something regular? That happened here, a lot of places Rob here Austin, but this one got caught on venting needed time lapse and actually our crew with your wasn't Savannah here, Samantha was here. She she caught some of the best. What use will give an alternative text and everything we got it yours and she caught with arithmetic over until She was not about the torch, for guys would refer started early on yeah, so they started up over there. He d people started margin for closer, so smart grid should have the sort of research, but there is a lot of riding on this sort out that eighty d they marched down this way, I ended up getting it perfectly. I felt right when they went Andy broken all the windows and again this is a black on business, your soul.
Down the windows. They looted everything inside and they just took off on the three. There is actually people in the bars because the bars are still open, and I mean everyone of the police were sending their just watching as well, because there's nothing! there's just too much about going on right now, there's no one here, so I guess my person Now I feel like I'm in trouble when you walk out with a camera. You're about to shout me down, like Stephen Trotter, is funded by the new world order. That was a joke. You don't know, I know I know, but this is those situations where ok, we see this now. This isn't worth this style choice or this is banned because they tried to reload it. I think they try to relocate Oh, that's just silly, because there's no more private stock. Clearly situation here is there's no one around so is the writing and looting. Because then you see footage. For example, we came in. There is nobody around and the next morning we see footed a more rights and looting. There is serious because it gets fosters tough going on. Is it only have at night, because it's completely dad should mainly and tonight ok and another is not very many of the bars restaurants open plus they have limited numbers that can come in things like twenty five percent or by supporting mask and all you have is facing.
In gangs out here show like vampires, can finally about a killer often they then go down the highway and the front roads and roads and are now going off up to add, say ten twenty walks away. Now loading people's cars, attacking people, they're coming up old, ladys cars, yeah fronted brag about made it very frightening. Well, it's also exacerbates by the fact that I want to get into comes from. Local was so the mayor two thousand hours, we don't wear fine, you don't wear masks brain is. Is it correct two thousand dollars per person, in your business, not wearing a mask five, Last time I checked per person. I want to do they find the business redefined the parasite about they find the best two thousand and eight there they found the eventual five hundred. Well, ok, As a few weeks ago you threatening to raise it even more, but then he's bought out and about and in events not wearing mask. He lives at the top of the W. But to City Council members that voted against any funding the police. They all got violet, of their houses at night, and he says
supports it all. He says defined the police and it's in the official budget that they are proposing to have a controlled demolition. Police department as a symbol of stopping policemen What I want to ask you some because I was you're talking about, we can keep walk, and so people Evans in the side of the street, by the way like so do I know you have Sacrament I too, in all saints tat to assist little irony little hipster irony really battle, rarely got over the Sabbath, that's that's where the real ok, where you could ever to set it up, you talk about sort of people in power and organizations and its bands dot, video right been video, yes or worse outcome. Should we got over it, but all the homeless stuff? Maybe you know that's where you want others wandered around a direct non sobbing, though this item care with a few blocks had everything down. It's all there. Ok, let's do that I'll bet. It's like there's any lacking that that I was very pleased that there are always were ordered?
then there are organised in a vacuum created by the city. Council was up are the main elements of economic and social reality. European talent so worried the author and for the last three, except for the last one, is past Saturday that one was handled perfectly because they had so much intelligence coming and ahead of time. But when the George Why? What rights first happen? They honour We believe that the answer was to show support to demonstrate. That, would help keep the violence down a guess. What kneeling on least chief came out kneel down more, did everything in everything they could to matter the ideal broken stores they still had private stop target all these different places, and now they did this in bold in them and see our word when everything involved in them so now that's what we're here, halogens and us over the last week before his past Saturday that, What mountaintop, though they finally brought in the ito, enough officers to annul the situation and, more importantly, allow those answers to be proactive right, right and abate
the difference in the eyes of a single business handed there, wasn't a single person heart and tell them what they want planning. Finally, maybe state actually take action also, what had, finally to use they got information. It was gonna, be demonstrators that we're gonna be out there and gun trucks with armed in visuals inability structure and those drugs actually showed up last Monday in so doing, dry runs right here on six streamlining around six three really are blocking the road. They also guide Mogadishu and had a picture of deploying of parking garages with rifles as snipers. Well, that's that's! Like Detroit rights. My grandfather was in the air force. He was running reconnaissance because we're snipers on the rooftops- and I don't know if I would say that this has surpassed Detroit rights can have such concentrated violence. But us definitely more at a national level, not only so that this is one thing where I think. Sometimes you and I disagree. I agree with what you're talking about now. Is the funding from black eyes matter very well funded antiphon? shut up yesterday. But I see think that a lot of these leaders in a lot of damage is not it's all there was foolish to die revenue, but but for
these groups and the media saying its legitimate salute and attack people they trigger it one should start that's how it runs wild fact. Three years ago we got secret George Soros documents that they can find where there's religion or Soros was running this main river familiarity, and Our mission is to go out and get locals and burn things right that they trigger assumption of their just the detonators. Well, I don't even think you're gonna go many shoots up about wouldn't want a wilderness. Now is you got, it shook point only thing: that's going on that there's a specific story! Is this your your hotel in me around your hometown? Well, I know that there are just homeless, shelter, inspection on every corner. I didn't achieves a rule now with a lot of protein physically to Panhandle. So when a lucrative, Lincoln sleep on from your house, ok- and this is an encouraging people to take drugs and get their welfare check- they just camp out over by my office now routinely they just grill under the overpass and they're just pointing out. How do they afford grilled well for emolument Daniel GOSH will
this week, if you can at least that's in your homework, we have a Weber under an overpass negative us in that area, are distinct from heroin. Lay back next recent bear what actually see that she has appeared on camera Angela horseless. One of three thousand people should know pear when the other day just right here in Austin. I guess to my question as well happens. This is a really disturbs me just like using the blacklist matter. Riots and I don't know zillion secret stuff. Soros is as important as the actual charter publicly from black lives matter when you start a movement that complete abolition of the police in prisons the nuclear family. To me, that's enough! that's a set point and, of course, of one's going to act unlawfully. But what happens Awesome the homeless, folks and I were drop in Montreal, where one can win more homeless people for cap, but I think that we were in North America, or at least I was close, first person- came up by bottom coffee, the second person I was yellow tat. Place, taco delight and then once four five, six and ten minute period,
you become desensitized, dehumanize is pure doesnt, actually help them dehumanizing because it become background noise. Absolutely just like you. If you feed animals in your backyard extra funding themselves right- and that's what's happening here of course- bring almost able to animals or we're talking about the idea that nutritional, yet they just becomes white noise rigour. Well usual, might say, hey man. I know how many you want to see the police department, my blog Africa, ok, we're almost there there's still turnabout up. It is in the official proposal, reform of the City Council the majority that wants to get rid of them always referendum to blow up the, here's to jump over your eyes while a bug. So here we are repeating and oh I promise I'll probably be am joking.
They officially, while others are now so Jimmy Flag in the Security Council set out all his fellow council members and in that mental, that we have a phobia literally says that we need to call for an expedited demolition of eighty headquarters. The removal of the Lahti commanders insistent chiefs at eighty because you're not playing ball with the city council, and so they want to replace them with civilians and pick by the City council overseas. Such important functions as eighty patrol eighty, the detective zero. Basically, all the important visions with Abd they want to take police leadership out of those positions and replace them with Handspike City Council wanted. No, it's not. That I believe is this. Is this was going to be my question and you just answered it team was, it is answered. I was wondering if you know their demand.
Because I want to move to a nicer facility like now we're moving to a penthouse. We not actually gonna blow had actually want to build a right and they said that they feel like by getting rid of some of the painter seventy system, cheese and then, whatever leadership is left over that legally get rid of, because some of those positions require sworn law enforcement also to being those undergoing long. So what do I gotta do? Read them out. Other city buildings already existing on its way, must go on, just say for us because he's a bogeyman literally has given over a billion dollars to amplify black lives matter in the last six years. It's on regularly brag about about it gets worse he's financed over five hundred. What's up when across. If we want to see that I get the initial from across the way. Stephen you put your patience, but this, and now this is all we want to Know- is going rate, Science has gotten hundreds of DA's and hundreds of mayors, and all these state of hurried generals like location, James, I'm crazy,
Saint Louis, literally arrested entire people who defend their houses, and so they know gotten, a George Soros guy as the new turning, who openly says we find the police and public communist right, so they're putting com in charge, read their almost in control and other so they're gonna blow up the police station? That's that are just two points that I am against. A police state we're about them. The Communist enroll control the police and bring him He'll, they're, saying we're in a block your damn building, and one thing I wanted to point out here, just because I lesson about sort of a green new deal. Obviously, right about NEO Environmentalist leftover ex everything, but I also don't believe in literature. I get real, I'm gonna get pessimism, and certainly other years ago this was all beautiful was beautiful and parliamentary duty. I say this is probably
Dirty is city. I think I don't see. Any images like a habit would walk out from under it, but now you go down here, there's needles in feces and hepatitis everywhere. Look at this! Why dont wasn't? Why don't they have an organization than sitting here for talking about community organizing to just clean stuff? They get thirty seven times the money they got fifty years ago for the homeless year more and not of those two and the Democrats, siphoned off and steal everyday ambit of it. This is filthy. This. Not what it was. We have known that, yes, I do. I smell that bumpers. If you would have bumpers really is that's the smell of the danger of dust, little smell I thought it was those is pumped. This is bad enough. I think I think, but this is worth. Does might Don Loris eurobonds from earth of these modern got serious smell that backing it. Do it No, I have somebody, let's get something straight here in front of the ices crush, so I was put on actor that smell man, Ruth smell that Jesus you smell like
you guys want, it was crazy. I think this is not what it is its regarding. Only people in the city who obey actual crosswalk, so let's hence I stopped but really cares at this point I usually just like the however now belong to you. I don't want to get on the freeway. Why don't you they're gonna burn scooter on that loop? Pays it you're the guy. Three that one look to leaving traffic the the civil engineer, the architect killed himself. I didn't I don't know what you're not we are going to wrap it up here. It's really sad to see. What's happened, ass, an idle recognizes sitting and my brother. What do you do for four years? He was
It even goes one the one, the big ball, their husbands, young, we scored lower than statistical random on the iq, be just paradise shots right here. If you don't worry, what do you want to do? What I want to see down we're? What needs to be done right now? What's the biggest problem facing cities like Austin, we have to recognise that there is a multinational United Nations. Corporate operations of the Erika and through UNESCO, call me realisation where they come in at the city level. In the past, carbon taxes and green new deal shut down all the better says, not owed by insight herbs, and you can see like the wealth and power. Then they come in and they put in there. The attorney there attorneys and then they start prosecuting general public while releasing the criminals and they stabilize the cities and implode them and then by the ever for police on the dollar. So what this is is an infrastructure takeover of all the major cities United states that they can. Third world everything free come in
We will be a sanctuary setting, but by minister, all of this replacement migration mean grotto working people watching right now or watch what you look like an they do. Let me feel helpless are not listen. You're in a city, your business gets, looted, you're shut down. Can't run a business right. Are you employed are collecting to check business owners, aren't like an insane wanted. What can they were being made to be dependent? Don't follow them? Ask rules, don't take their. What Wherefer in the city stop following their regulations and rules, because there are not Americans their globalists that are using your compliance to get rid of the country. We have outlaw criminal government run the globalist
floating our cities by design. He must recognise that, where the enemy, you must recognise that this twenty first century warfare- and you must cry them and then say, don't support any leftist or global stores, whether small or big and people should hang a shingle out of their businesses. Let people know that their populist their free market and their pro America, and that you're not going to follow their garbage just like that features like that New Jersey, Jim, that has been reopening. Whereas what happens? Those guys are folk heroes. When the government becomes criminal in these blue cities, we have become rather it's not following the regulations. We have to resist them at every turn. What about because I will say this. I think that the mass thing is is kind of silly because of the way people using masking the CDC was saying, don't use masters of wax if you're sick, a mask is going to be a long time ago, either from their way is being implemented. I disagree people out there I would say
where's, the fine, don't disobey the law, but you can still open your businesses will not falling the royal meaning in HOLLAND and Sweden are topside to set at the match. Don't help you right also are not so happy. I just want people going out there breaking the law, no signs in my hearing of it. At a certain point, I would say where a mask, if you don't want to get fine- and you know, go to the gym, but exactly what they told Rosa Parks of the back of the bus along at a certain point. We gotta have civil disobedience on thing. Is there having mass compliance and prepare us for forest and occupations? They take has funded MIT, unwise university, a digital tattooed, because if it is to prove that you ve been inoculated, they ores publishing world government and worrying the mask job or a
worker in Islam is a sign of submission to the globalist and found you. You said it's a sign of your submission to them. The medical cartel. That's been wrong about everything. They had two point: two million people die, it's honoured, fifty thousand they comparable to die from gunshot wounds contracts in the cold, the column. They count the flu. So yes, there's a real virus and it's not as bad as a regular pneumonia or being taught this fear and this hysteria and that's the cover to make the good people be locked down their houses. Then the Democrats, activate all their organisation, cannot stay out of the country. That's what this Spencer attack here. You know. What I see in Austin too, is: I think, people to understand a surly, like you said, the unintended consequences or intended consequences for some of these global regulations. What you have, as you have a street where businesses are shut them. Yes, Can a desolate there's? No one honest like Detroit University at my home town, where the reason are so much crime is there's no one here to witness it: you're the downtown area and its almost rural and you're. Seeing that here we're one night we were out, we didn't see anyone for. I think it was six minutes. We didn't see a single person,
I'm learning sharper, one mass. We have no people, no witnesses. No reply support no business is incomplete and anonymity, it's got to increase crime will not try to totally apocalyptic. And I've been destroyed several times. I was early eighties and it was ok, billows Mary I was here about four years ago for letting- and it literally look like something out of science fiction, distilled the civilizations collapse that mass for that and you right away the vast and now in the downtown area. It looks like Detroit looks and is very sad. Here. Seven, that's really need it. Didn't that's pretty fast that it happens to me. Detroit took decades there. She took a few months written so this civic celebrated poignant collapse, but here's what I started this offer that I'd like to end with this time.
You remember what I was thinking. Platforms have yours and I told the world your next resolves, really different corporate plants. Now hundreds and hundreds of doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, virologist scientists, some of the heads of major hospitals come out and say things like there's hundreds of studies that Hydroxyl cork one has a nine percent rate with somebody who gets out and then found she puts out a bill gates study that's been withdrawn from fraudulent, even NBC reports that and he's ok. They use that think study for the union to say we see hydroxyl work. What does not approve, even though it is a problem for years, and now he would pharmacies, won't give it out too many doctors, because She says on the? U N says even though they have the medical degrees bill gates is running all this does not have that medical degree, and since we are hundreds doctors are unable to press conferences in America rightly taken off you do they take it off. Google, they taken off to enter a gigolo, Facebook and now they're talking about trying to take
barks servers away because their hosting the video of this that's what we have paid dot, video, that's what they and not videos exploded, because all these people that have been banned or able to come there and that's what we're having videos routinely with a million two million views, because it so that the future. But now we have the democratic state
The organisations openly harassing our server companies and telling them you can carry there's. This is dangerous, so they say build your own thing, but then I go after every piece of your infrastructure right just beyond censorship. This is authoritarian. Take over of the mind are now even doctors with medical degrees that are respected, aren't allowed to speak pathology and that you give me a bill gates, say now I'll give you one more. We say everyone says trust the experts right you're assigns nice, but I don't think that she is actually practice medicine with patience and thirty years courtiers and having economics written there. Forty five years voted very rapid and an end to the research on Doktor Voucher, the AIDS epidemic in the kind of stuff it was about investing I'm not saying that he doesn't know what he's talking about in certain areas, but I certainly have a problem with doctors who are practising and actually serving their patients right. Doctors have taken the hippocratic oath who are trying to learn. Is that you're right? I said, and they are not considered. Experts foul cheat at almost the patent onto the vaccines huge part of the patenting of how is that not a conflict of interest and ETA goes far, will further. They skipped
animal trials that, before dawn and they're having an eighty percent rate of people getting sick. In these studies, CBS News, I ve- never had this position on a regular Maxine, where they put in a genuine peace of the virus into your body, learns to have immunity against national from side effects, but its wealth acknowledged. This is DNA. Actually, the November the nuclei and reprogram Yoursel defrayed approaching so now, you're gonna be like a GMO creature. If you take these vaccines, look up, I looked it up, but sounds Briscoe. It's absolutely frightening and so on. Scare me so that I can observe with my own eyes, and we do know statistically like we set its innovation people out there, hey, listen if you guys can find these numbers force, what percentage of of a are nursing home related, they stopped keeping record. I haven't seen them about forty four, I must say that forty, what they stopped a long time in forty seven percent and not, but you can't find those now they will not release the numbers. They will release crime numbers outta there.
Prime numbers debate on interracial crime statistics right now on rape statistics, a lot of these numbers keep changing, that's what we had some of Europe's justice or was it the partner, Vespers F B. I think we'll have the overly here about who is committing, which crimes no number one cause of death for young black Americans homicide. We say because we want to actually help all black lives, not the very, very small percentage. Will that's right. Take me. Have we react statistics we put amount on Instagram and is to grant Banda where it shows tend to want black on why crime, but they stop recording. In that way, I think we're those two thousand statistics which it doesn't well if they change the way they do statistics and we can't find someone. That's what's really concerning to me. If I talk about listen, silencing information, we should all be on board with at least providing information to the while the truth is the democratic cities where everybody gets killed matter. What color? They are right at the big that those dangerous place for a black persons and their mother's womb and, thank God, Our group shares main original plan parenthood in New York. Her name off on it because she asked black people need to be exterminated is weeds, so how
is her name on the plan, apparently buildings, so the left finally figuring out how to do so to all the black people and but she's. Supposing a liberal Sayer Hitler gave and said what I know. I know from you: rent, Social, Margaret Sayer, inspired Hitler. We talk about Henry Ford being it doesn't matter which we know we had kind of works, and what does it do not just, but still wasn't actually exterminating black people and record numbers as planned, we set up a market zanger if it is to take down the morals for Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln. For God's sake, you gotta take that name off the the Marquis would be first of this woman said, of course, we need your exterminate the black race. Yes, she said shouts of this is the woman the left, but want to cover time magazine unusually, shows what Signal hold springs, harbour run by all these liberals up a New York. That's the main eugenics makes right. That's what Bill Gates Internet will establish into his dad reemployed baronet. Look at it
fringe arbour. Why? Thank you can look into plan as a whole is bad enough. It's getting pretty hot, Alex US telling one last time to find your everyday precede making the time I don't send its awesome rather, like I'm glad we always had you on If you see me, I am not going to cower like almost everybody else has been a coward, we are back when they were actually restricting people that it having on now we're gonna, probably the blockades. Some people get trouble the interview which, but do they not? We didn't trouble amount of what we do so kind of white noise. Again, we will hear the revenge or before the chance during which, at that time and face because as everyone citing violence, where we Chaz we actually went about Razumihin. We want European day you're, not supposed to show tat. They declare so the way they have shown that he abandoned gonna. Be all that much to me just remember, folks, all those doktor videos and if you ever gets band God forbid in there bandit dot. Video and news wars have always that common disguise awesome supporting, would be part of the mug club. Give anything tat, wasn t shirts right here, because this is one of the few guys out there. That's not a coward, let's get into some water and get him away from the one that hobo per standard political Bobby mites. Yes, they live in
hope is
I will talk about the emotional complemented doctors and what makes you nauseated exotic smell the piss, what we call the smell of bumpers, that's it sweet nausea, expel, so I wouldn't say: Swedes does Sweden. Sweet stanch makes me feel like brought me. It is getting the crap, thus might and smelt they they wanted. Torture me. I should like. The idea of banning of water Borg was Hobo. This is an exclusive to bump passed as opposed were all these loving liberals. We saw women out there on the ground, which sores all over their bodies like day of the dead, saw me and we have shantytowns. We'd rod covers a giant shantytown only under guard what you wanna see that an image that not to want to go to this end it well. If you don't work, we did. We ended on bumpers, united talking you're, not gonna beat us might bumpers cool today
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