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AMERICA CANCELED?! Democrats Pass INSANE Voter Bill!


“For the People” voting reform bill is WORSE than advertised. Crowder exposes why. Also, illegal immigrants are crossing the border with COVID. China has a new way to test for the virus … in your butt. And who does Joe Biden think he’s calling a Neanderthal?

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This is Jack black talking to you about mug club, and if you want to see- or rather here mark, the guy you wanna, hear more impressions of Jack Black, admit the Landau over there. You mister Harding fires, Dean put it up, then you better now for my club, because we keep an exclusive and you know you have to keep an exclusive enjoy. The shell Betty
there is a little more about it, you're getting on and seven out of the water here this morning I usually do the coffins have before the show. This is all a why just one who hates just finally paying attention we have so much to get to today, by the way you neanderthals we the bail that just went through the house, whereas, according to each hour one I'm horrible with numbers HR one to contact, is why modular number it's the number one, the new flu I guess technique. Yes, it was but there are some clips from Joe Biden. We have some science on masks and some, instruments to make also there's another caravan a boar nice is always a fun place now Dodge play an action in their best. Can you believe that was the catalyst for Donald Trump voracious there? That said they do best folks, I thought it was alive, It depends on what their competing. It is true that walking
from one country to the next, a marathon plastic or the ability to hand teardrop tattoos or to earn loom. Listen. It takes work, ok days, law, Time, to gaiety, like birthday You don't want to. I want shared Europe, does not intimidate how you and you have any good to be by hand. Do candies noted, printing press, so we have Gerald and studio here. How are you and what a real I'm terrible? How are you quarterback area do great and we have we have Dave Linda he's gonna, be in Omaha Nebraska this weekend by choice by choice Friday and Saturday. You can see me at the funny in my home, Nebraska, yes, and we have an announcement later on with deadlines. Are we making that right now took an hour later in the show sees me ok, all right. So how are we move on with had as have my operation, for this is a clip? That's been going. I confirmed it is real.
In case you doubted that the DMZ has no confidence. In present, Joe Biden watches, Do the many more things we know we have to do so thank you all. I really mean from what thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm happy to take questions of us. You are supposed to do nance whatever you want me to do. what what question he doesn't know how to get off here, Exit statements have kids and she doesn't know how to exit stage left now impartial under public somewhat. They have no ability me brother, what people no they fundamentally and candidates from the film and not even the classic film, but they think it's a film with LIVE Schreiber who, by the way like universal Budgetary and Kennedy, comes from Manchuria, wash the sun, the last emperor, where basically,
guy was, he was put in a position of power. The Japanese said you're gonna scientists and you can't leave the palace. That is job. Four kroner, there's just a greater promotion of our government- wants to remove his war powers, be president of the court that say these already misuse them. So you know looks like how you would meet on our time that dating zero likely this programme up, and she just sitting there. I've been arranged in Lyon, gonna turn on the computer, download dont download my ninety seven years around us, like the guy sound figures from Bangladesh. It's not Finally, China Politics is gone viral but that we always have to make that we fact check that we give some exclusively for China did apologize to our our former vice Joe Biden for the aid Swab, covert, tenor, spokesperson from Beijing, unfortunately assured washing the tests were given error and then
not a curse and now were exempt from the task. So you know they tat. They made a but swab like fifty two people about I'm so that you know, if you want to talk about the future wars, not worth thought with infantry in TAT great thought going to be We fought and cyber warfare codes right translations all this kind of technology they didn't include, ask you to know. I didn't say that, we think it may appear strip for you, asshole apology. Europe days, I've got a big, acute papa. You two Americans go asked about. Requiem Verger email is at an early in the show, MR learned about when we actually do it through here. If we do have the exclusive, because they get it wrong and was not fifty two people- and I want missionary correctly- we have exclusive audio of former vice president with the Chinese
Ah now, parliament Job- I might add- that perhaps prevent job, but you have to tell me I can only come true. Here? yeah air LA la LA Why yeah well that export yeah I'm accepts narrow. What look if you can and the lion again. It really is your fault. The Africa, especially letting you just got out, align the fears that I want an early ass. A cat may make We are also working on those waters like no even see me before. how many vague moustaches do you have.
And the less in his house. both wearing like a trench coat on each other's showed yeah just lying around one buckwheat, my little rascals. Why are you so unstable? I don't know you're talking. I have this impulse weird when he started picking his own swab. I want him bs exit. Why didn't you get to pick you up? he's good good taste. By this I mean that everyone is talking about. We have so much that we have the bill to get anyone voting rights. We have the immigration issue, that's going on which, by the way is we're talking about masks, of course, to excess. My question can do the best you can do as is comment, but genuine question is: when do you think it will be socially acceptable to stop worrying masks? Because we had feared days of latin occur. There we had only twenty twenty and now you're fucked you saying into twenty twenty two January. If you had to estimate, when do you think people will actual we pay attention to the science and say you know what you have to mask anymore. At least one do you think you'll have to double mask
and I don't want it and arguing Irish there's a lot of divisions, lotta polarization, of you if I see someone in a crowd just to be clear, wearing a double mask immediately my enemy, but that's reductive. I think April, twenty twenty be a good time. Do not ask me out, I guess, tat. I think I think a good time would be Delorean, that's what I right back. There is no reason for not at all, I still Wareham for others. I don't know, I don't wear them- I just set. While if idea of sometimes you have to wear mask ice, I just I just go- I never wash it. I put it on What does that has remained mean? I thought you were a scientist I always wear been below my nose just to piss them off milk. I actually have a mask on sir. Oh, I forgot to tell you but we can follow me and Surrender- says this- is this latter, with greater and intellectual Monday authors ten a m eastern minor, what else is there anything you talk about it? We get the one x history, we now know we're not do, and we could do that.
I don't want to do. I don't want to get those limits. The time of the dynamics of so here's Joe Biden has going viral and to be clear, he didn't call Texans in Mississippi INS Neanderthal. He said that if you Don't listen to him exactly it's! It's neanderthal thinking I want to go through this. I want to see what you got. There is one thing that I noticed right away about this clip that nobody else was pointing out, but I want to walk you, through this was just let's use the scientific process. Ok, let's go. Let's Testa Hyper, let's go through a process of elimination here as to What is going wrong in what might be fruitful as it relates to his guidance uranium Asko here he is referring to half the country. As thinking like me, cells, I hope make a difference. We are being able fundamentally
change the nature of this disease because of the way with your able to get vaccines and people are we've been able to move that all the way up to the end of may to have enough for every American to get every adult American get a shot The last thing you need is a neanderthal thinking that, in the meantime, explain take up your mass okay, notwithstanding the fact that anything more neanderthal like and behaviour than sniffing. Your pray Let's follow this right in Vienna and also to act. Let's follow the mask science right. That's right! air on the package colored like you can get there and attract us right there on their age does not protect again. Co. Very nineteen where'd you find one written in English. Well, that's where it's my area go just in case you think making this up overlay
the box, where your mouse comes from ever almost, I think it But I've seen it so It does not protect against covert nineteen. My favorite bedroom move rate and you're using these. As he says, the science- maybe just we're just about the signs that he agrees with red rights specifically because there's a lot of science, others have only known actually mess that their their different degrees of efficacy specific. So the cdc, let's just use the cdc, because that's the only authoritative source for science. Now, not that bad. CDC says you need to make sure that your mask covers your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin. It must fit. Snug against the sides of your face. Do you mean like this
great example covering his eyes like, but here's the thing you because I know that several science in Irish we all acknowledge you're right. We want to acknowledge a site, it's really important, according to the CDC to make sure that fits snugly against your face, because otherwise the mask would be entirely useless, accorded this easy now their credibility. But every other major study that we say if you dont have it's not your face. It could be rendered entirely useless through the fact that you make, if perhaps at some point, find yourself uncomfortable, all touch the front of the man some right! This is from the CDC. This is also why- and I ll go back to that, we had a mask shortage- Remember this! You can't just keep reusing a mask again. The science remember this I have to tell you the day throwing away of the mask being in private business.
the throwing away the masquerade away they thrown away? And when you hear fifty five million masks word, I'm saying fifty five million. How could possibly be such a number? They say. Oh, that's, just a small fraction of what we need, and I said: why are we sanitizing mess? You know you look at the mess up, look through all the different networks, some don't led themselves to doing that. I think, but many do- and I said why aren't we have very good goods for doing their sanitizing unless something there for starting to do more and more now look everything that he said there was scientifically accurate. He just said in a way that sounds as though it isn't, so I'm only meant to say it's because you know why are we wait? We have very fine liquid, you mean to say, maybe we have some non corrosive sanitized that we can unions messed. It would have been a non issue. The way you and finer wearing a mask actually works. We wouldn't have to worry or figure at the technology are spent hundreds of millions. And expedite, which a figurehead of sanitation, recycle masks,
but at least he is talking about the mask as opposed to bind whose putting it over his eyes. Black subjects falls asleep, like up ahead bird bed, I'll go whether newspaper under my chair. What sir but, as you know, what's, where does every time? I do not think that I eat my food. It looks like I didn't need my folks give me a baby to steer phoney debate for two more time I crack just like an ammonia smelling. There is waking up like about it spine, I think. Maybe next week we talk about right, we're talking at the Science Donald Trump thing. How do we sanitizing ass, because a category of this agency in everywhere that you can find signs? If you touch your mask, it's no longer use flower. That's why we had the initial pandemic. When Bp We Joe, I want you
keep in mind here folks can packaging, says, masks, don't protected, guess it. I think that it protects other people from you if its fit perfectly in you touch. It keep in mind that the former vice President commander in chief, is seeing here same clip. It's one minute see how many times he touches his particular face. I want to make a difference. we are being able fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way with your able to get set stains and people aren't even able to move that all the way up to the end of may to have enough for every American to get every adult American get a shot.
Last last look snug. I can see the sight of his nostrils forget which, by the way, it means you're in the danger zone of Joe Economic Kennedy on the right. That's I'm not sure. I link it. Last year, two thousand eight hundred and forty seven seconds in three times loose. Thousands more This will not occur is giving it emphasise this point just how far eminent space that is shot someone's or second take time come on. Is credit to one more time critical, one more time and they follow the size
What like that mask is blocking the articles coming out of his nose still not run Bobby Kennedy said she would listen to science could give him hair plugs with cobwebs. Not only look at your age is now really man by orator, that's all or violations of scientific protocol. Well, we're being generous. Eared says you're, saying that it makes that it makes the mask ineffective. Not only does that, where do you think any virus that stopped is residing yeah? I just you PETE Boot Agenda Executive now when he was at the door knob or shake somebody's hand or rights with his pen grabs the small shy, or does it not their exactly when you smell of Malta that you have won back rubies, you put the virus on your mask and now you're, accelerating Matthew. aspirated mask virus in your touching. That's what we'd never in the history of human that indiscretions either we
ever mast. Healthy people, we ve, never said hey healthy people, always where mass. Let's, let's follow this logic for electricity, Donald Trump was not prepared. Ok, but you thought that banning any immigration banning any travel from from the place where the virus originate, which, by the way said, maybe didn't, originate there. Ok, fine! So that's what you said. Then you said oh even though the stockpiles were depleted because a Brok Obama loops eight years this one former vice already I was in there he lay down for not having a ppp. Well, how could you not having to pay if the masks can just be reuse? There really is its recite right, recycle! That's all it as I thought whether they were the party recycling and now they want to blame you for denying science for using masks in a way which, if it worked, they could have never actually validated their attack on Donald Trump and conservatives for depleting the PPP pile, because it's a never ending pile of mass that use your glove compartment next to your paper, food napkins, why don't you? Anthea the shield
The only out like you get out of I gonna planets efface shield, if your Asian, as well as the whole suit heavy, adding that the whole way yet like you're, making a math where people live, face, Shield worked, the popcorn, shrimp and golden corral would be the cleanest place on our group, and I think it. of course, Europe at the golden corral. Yeah dance got everything at the girl you ve gone girl leaders like that is, I will say I dont believe, and predatory capitalism with people portrayed. That is just that designed to victimize fat people, but also to pay What you're into its an eye candy viagra, what it's not senators, it get actually baby we're boons and dipped it in and put it into my mouth, and I could see like a manageable. You did that idea: perverse. When there was a young man,
note about that. Just meantime, locked either way, there's something worse, that you keep a secret. Meanwhile, as I did after looking it put it back in, I was very courteous to put the spoon battle about the health not behind use about to dump it all over her eyes. I don't get you re sick at the corral. Everybody's got one foot from diabetes which, by the way it also it throws off so the way station the waste because of the way station, because if they are, they see how much you can eat, because we did a whale that you would put them down await class, it's like you're, not a junior welter, wait. Now we just missing from the calf down hip and artificial value. Your scribes because apparently subscription so mean a whole lot on new to clean up and again we're just live every Monday through Thursday. Ten, a m Eastern and you know what I will say- I've been trot. You know this quarter, black garret I've been trying to pay, for anyone here, and this is for anyone in the office who wants a vaccine. I've said I will pay for it multiple times period and you don't
on your vaccine. Apprehensive, not open source token. Our representative and it's a problem, because not everyone but I will be damned if we don't reach heard immunity, and so I have to tick look sometimes being heavy where's, that at the tick matters into my own hands. Let's do it for you: pay for anal, swabs like a vaccine in my neck. is a daily, the John Jordan. Your nerve man gets some thoughts.
We're gonna move onto this bill. The voting bill, which, by the way, is a violation of human rights but will get back to that you have a little talk about for here is an authoritative source. Someone who is actually involves was the interrogation, the capital riot right now, and I know he'll ones. It is finished so here you can hear it straight from the horses mouth in this case the horse kind of sixteen. If they had a little remains darling, strong, darling, various no firearms. Let's doesn't mind here. I don't know why Arms are recovered at the capital riot at all. How many firearms confiscated in applause or on cap grounds. During that day, to my knowledge, we have not recover any on that day for many other arrest at the scene at this point, but I don't want to speak on behalf of metro and capital belated, but to my knowledge, none marriage, recharge rooted, actual firearm weapon in the cap learn
apple grounds, track net. Look. This is not to say that heading someone on ahead of the fire extinguisher raise without fault supposedly, but since Well, that's what not the officer, but there are some people using you know. A guy varying weapons point is no. One here is saying that any acts of violence particular against innocent people is anything reprehensible, that's about saying bar, keep in mind what was solved. You people stormed with guns. Remember these authoritative sources which available for these are what are used for you to Facebook. Twitter apple basically fork- financial control, all the information they use these sources that checkers something else. I noticed this, you know it just do this experiment now yesterday it took two pages token, our run. A search guns, no, The capital riot or no guns recovered a capital right I'll show you articles from back then
guns at the calibre everywhere today, and I am sure it will change once we do. This. Video like this without a voter roles, changed overnight. But again these are the people who work. or data sources. Why is there no accountability? Think of how scary that is unthinkable, scary. It is that you have mentioned a puppet right now grown in February last emperor Manchuria they got you have a candidate, render, will sign anything it's put in front of them and have Democrats who are absolutely gun they are married to the idea of ensuring that there is more censorship for hate speech. fake news and social media. What Reuters CNN, because You guys were wrong worth of attraction, and not only that, but right now there actually saying today and supposedly, if not today may be two days from now as when Donald Trump is supposed to be. You know triumphantly returned to the presidency of the United States because originator, yes, exactly there their say
that this is something that the legitimate threats we have to keep the fences up. We have to keep the barbed wire up. We have to keep this place, looking like a militarized zone, so war can next week when this stuff doesn't happen, I'm pretty got nobody's dumb enough to try to do anything stupid on either one of these days coma. But after that they're gonna come up with This is what we have to keep it, because maybe in June things or come back, I don't really know we have to keep the National guard right. We have to keep offences in the power that we have put sums paramount and allows us yeah yeah. Absolutely I carry bear spray idea too, have they been whether I think it's just a defence words? Is that a lot of time and golden corrupt yeah? Well, now it's a cologne, I wear to attract them. You would need whale spray if you're going to go round yes rocking season as urgently as not just move. I think that's system, dear my running, getting everybody gets their own cart, their mobile
That is the right of the door. He guy again image of writing presidency. Yes, you can be, as bird scooters is going to make a killing though they are around. It says there are nineteen available hovered carts near the popcorn. Is there a more well built machine them that I mean what a sturdy dirty? I have doubts about the app let's Tippit, just mash, the phone with Europe. We know that the UN's don't necessarily set off a half dignitaries screen. Yes, if you want to make a reservation, just hit one two, three four five, and also your ravens you to focus by delay, we're going to what we do month after this is gonna, be a fund show. We have some announcement sewer without doubt, but tat will be doing impressions and improper you're buying a scene. Where will take your suggestion, so you will suggest scenarios for me.
He went out and I will see what it'll be like in problem pics only not crappy, oh good. Ok, I see I see Robert Deniro at Starbucks, RO dug out you do, I look like you know. I'd rather swallow a shot, gonna be listen, discover, death or any any improv. You ve ever done at a bar like all right. Can I get an object to Anything else will do something else. you're what your mom's jailed. family guy, guys a gag seeds, Emily Improv, that's what we have Teen Jersey, you're, a dildo, oh boy, all right! So, let's go! This is something else is going on right now, member that caravan that was achieved,
to the border just in time for binds inauguration? That's not a problem right away for natural born american citizens or legal immigrants button. Let me refresh your memory this one and that there was the new. Jordan's coming out dogma, Germans lift your great. So the Lex immigration policies of power is power and watching on which I will Holocene just begun. The number here important numbers. This is right to look down the adjective numbers written a hundred and illegal immigrants, have been released at the southern border. Despite testing
the positive, so keep in mind. This is what happens right. You need aware to match its unionist shut down your businesses, because we need to make sure that the pandemic doesn't spread. While we release illegal aliens with covert, we need to make sure that we we protect the vote of the people we need. This is for the people billets number one number one is an appeal, because our number one priority, and by the way, we're not going to ask for any voter identification. We're gonna do mass mail in voting which can go to said, tested positive, illegal immigrants, because I didn't have a social union relying on doing it. For you, you shut down your business. Europe gets cancelled out because we love you ass? They do in the voting list, but too many illegal immigrants are getting picked up and running that too weak vacation in Quarantine Rights yachting ass. Rather, dealers are really are child holding facilities. It's a Jimbo re with a few say, pillar, fides ghost stories, this is something that deeply doesn't Utah worries about your dad that just got shot by a quarter of its most likely the drug
tell did the shooting we honestly let my dad is a more than anyone that next week, when we are talking about vice, they have a whole video on this, which basically is the most self defeating segment. I think I've ever seen in my life, but I would like to know come on it's. The best thing we can do here on Youtube is just to an antenna, sometimes tat. I M Eastern again what the rationalization could there be for shutting people's businesses demand the p double mask, saying we're not going to return to a normal and then releasing ill. Prince illegal immigrants will, you know, have already tested positive recover. What other rationalization can there be? If we haven't? currently altruistic motives, are used to set us. I don't believe in attributing motive and I'm still not, but I'm just looking at the results here and it's really hard to think of another reason and here's the thing we have yet another, day, migrant caravan at the border exclusive footage,
go to live right now, Why asked chaotic, really chaotic Mass hope refunds is Morocco. Cuomo and women are actually saying: hey covered nineteen people that immigrant yes, it to us, will put him in the no fly zones. Ragged replaced. Have we sent over the three amigos to stop them Saint Ives, they got taken up. I am as thirteen. Let's have it the redoubt. A very different film we getting up
of Martin Schulz fingers. I thought what is its departments pan an eternal artist, white hair on eternal, I thought this was actually kind of like really mean we were releasing them back into Mexico. To go weaken factory was a go. That's brutal, none whatever they do that, though, that's on us early release them back into El Paso, exactly and then, by the way. Take. Let's also try and create a federal prohibition of stand, our ground laws or can go wrong. People on the southern border. There nothing haven't you ever wanted to do a video but apparently canker this illegal, where I just hired a bunch of illegal immigrants to pass out masks really Maybe I'm wear masks because they don't. and apparently it's not an overseer legal buttered frowned upon ass may have Asian learned over seven he'll, be honest enough to kill joy camel, show the house they passed its hr one, it's always hard for me to razors eighty one and one puffins each one visas and I have a our one for the people act- and this is basically a bill regard.
elections with weeping national legislation which, if you look at If you look at all of it in aggregation, is clearly meant to wipe out the vote of lodge She intimate voters who have identification and want secure elections, but don't take my word for here's Nancy Pelosi with visual AIDS. So here we are set on the floor. This reminds me of let it must have felt like a valley George, I'm so important, everything is at stake. We must win this race, this fight for this bill because it and at the same time as we are gathering here to honour our democracy across the country, over two hundred bills are being put together. Provisions are putting forth to suppress the vote to suppress the vow. How could it be How do we pledge allegiance to the flag?
capital this temple of democracy on the one hand and live on the wording, is what I have already said. Arthur drank the though, with the red and Yellow China flag was too heavy a way to you. I guess this ordeal its homework. She praise to could bums. Please stop hoping in my DR wait. He said on the bills: will oh, my god, so here's another guy talk doing over this. I forgot to this guy is but the for the people act as they say that is meant to repair or broken democracy Monday, as they say that Republicans oppose the bill because they again they want to suppress your vote. This is more from the rapid rally. All of the videos. All of the sources are available at ladder with crowded dot com. So you can them in their entirety, so I won't subjected. Much more, but this one's relevant. When I think back to this struggles of my family. They can be traced to one common cause, and that is our broken democracy.
The reason health care higher education and housing are out of reach, for so many millions of Americans is due to fact that our democracy was not set up to reflect the will of everyday people after that. Normous turn out, we saw republican legislators all over the country. Try and stop that voting to stop the absentee voting to impose barriers to make it harder for Americans to vote He char one would put a stop to that. it's like a young lady mountain from lavishly. Nothing else happens, not abused, emergent people's voices are heard and she just walk. So the border with sat back, people read your viewpoint that notification working people more fans of eighties Muppet ERA, films,
I am delighted that I want to build a barrier just between her and the king had good luck. So, let's put me they really clear. This bill is, is is just it's designed to ensure that no republic no conservative no constitution was ever wins. Intellection again, that's actually what s designed to do. I think you have that right through collage either took it out and let me be really before I get into what's in the bill,. The suggestions that we have from our side of the we are not a moderate, can only be clear and I don't think so. That moderate identification to vote that you have a valid address to have to request a male in ballot with a valid reason to vote absentee and theirs that's the reason radical insurrectionists. Does the terminals or not think someone should have to you now present the same amount
to verification as they did when they would have to go through the swinging doors at the family. Video, I think, is really the vote over and over again like PETE Buddha, judging and anal swat. Also an address that exists helps. That does that we should have the list. But if you're missing? You should be able to have someone change it for you. Yes, what only at night yeah spent by the way If you do not have a driver's license picture of your face, animal cardinal do it works by the way. I look. I love these guys are crying democracy. When the parliamentarian comes out and says hey by the way, you can't shoehorn that fifteen dollar minimum wage in their up. I can't believe it. I can't believe we do. We have to get rid of that provision staff with your raise. You can also get a state's deep you don't set out drives. Let's try to stay a week. S me. Are you get this guy had party play. Even if you are currently incarcerated for D W, I, u can vote shop.
this rule this law here look only walk you through this really quickly allow same day and automatic registration and without a workman ballots, get returned before their sent out expand early voting. It prohibits any kind of voter Idee prohibit signature requirement that doesn't make sense if they try to say voter ideas of literacy tests variant. Just just you know what happened to fingerprint. How about that my career, I just didn't greasy smears from the Bob corn shrimp as long as its consistent mandates. No excuse absentee voting, one absentee ballot application for all future elections, horses states to accept the mail and the ten days after the election day it allows or about harvesting eighteen year old, to registered about it, as did they want to have. Six redrawn by unelected bureaucrats limits the ability,
peanut butter roles and basically it legalise, is fraud also by the way, as we ve all been clamouring for it'll make the cesspool of filth and sadness that is washing DC stake. Oh that's, always a good thing, but as there is a lot of arguments right now with a dc should be a state and you what you have to remember, as if it is with seven hundred thousand people to get to senators that will almost forever be damn. crash right so that hopefully throws it's also on Constitutional Maryland gave them land, so the Washington DC to capital could be separate from any state and not dependent on any state if they were dead. did on them to vote for the City council devote if they get electricity in the White House. When troubles are, don't you think they would have with him just a little about the mega. We set so we would never would have had area step if here's a think, if you want those people to be able to have representation like this, you have to give the land back to Maryland.
Provision that says? You cannot create another state from another states, property its violence, Robert Guys, you guys all know what the hell you talk about, looking able to history less, it's insane uneasily will halfway through. I was just thinking what I did know like Donald Trump will be the least fun person for practical, jokes or more improv. Like will be doing Marietta, hey D of Prince out, and can I spoke? Listen. You like barriers. Why did Ask me that ok will serve as the improbable immaterial alias skimming step speaking here? It is, opens up. One of those, not cans with the spring in an injustice, have you had health inspection here? There's a snake in this can a package okay well know? That's what excuse me scares me.
In private, I'm always hey Ray stand up. I would join jobless May hello what it sounds like a bull shit dead, look for a job. You probably find another Nevada. The scares me is that a vote I don't smoke up by the way I just met. That's the best thing you can do here and you too, I don't know what you can come and I don't have the announcement. We have the diva known ass man, you're, ready yet said about the its closure. Carry brain, can you bring it? Can we do it now for people who don't know actually Dave Lando? We ve been circulating third year for a while half Asian Bill Richmond, my lawyer can beer that often because yet to court, he comes a nervous legal issues. Dave land is going to become a permanent member of the latter, with greater family
How are you, sir? I mean I don't know, but I just wanted we're gonna be doing initiation yeah, it's a little later it a little later on my club. Only some of our really lie around you and you're on a brisk little nervous. Now I need to say only, but I, like you a lot better than the other person that was in that chair. We talk who sang The journalists were now come on. What is with you in that? What you want voter I want to do away with my half asian lawyer. Why didn't I just want him dead? Don't want I'm gone, we could you want half of them gone. You can't get rid of half without him dying. Dont. Think that you snuck wanted on US racist son of a bitch. Usurpation slurs alarm last night, you shall see by actually when ordering food you're like come on man they're, going to spit in it and the restaurants, italian, but wearing your food. I was order. You just called an italian guy, a zipper head right.
it's your slurs, doesn't make any sense. We primarily used aircraft when we were fighting them in world war. Two they wouldn't have actually had the trademark from attacks. A zipper had doesn't apply here. You stupid, son of a bitch. What do you do my bit hide out the trees from both here? Something else to something else. This is I've been politicized in other countries like we ve talked about this oppressors and the EU in a lot of areas like the UK, where they don't even allied, have guns and their crops have Billy clubs that use oppressors when they hunt, but the United States have one thinks it is going to be no instalment of the godfather same thing with voting with mass mail. In voting, you look at this law. You have the Democrats and Republicans in a country to go. Republicans are far right now. Look it's not! That there's been a divide that and you're in this country, let's be really clear its that all parties have moved further to the left. Let me just give you a prime sample of other democratic. Go JFK generate content. Vietnam JFK reduce taxes. When you look at what JFK
J, F, K believe in a strong national defence. J F K still with somewhat catholic when he wasn't banging Marilyn robot. You understand we're not all perfects once and then you have Ronald Reagan. You look at Ronald Reagan again. Reducing taxes is policies at republic, and then you compare that with say. George W Bush you compare. With say now, allowing men to beat up girls in college wrestling. Everyone is to the left and when people say I'm say, I'm I'm a centrist because I'm I'm being reason we're gonna, look, there's nothing on reasonable about staying the course. Everyone veering often using not go, and I'm not going with you. Why are you staying there? Why are you being so unreasonable? Why you're? Why are you widening the chasm? Because you want What for your age on puberty blockers about that Joseph jumping off point during neanderthal neanderthal thinking of thinking, it's a bank handed way of calling you in the end. If all sir nobody wants to see a young man, five years old, with tits while job-
wants to sniff. Oh now, so here let's go. Let's go! Let's go to Europe! Ok, really in european countries. They find these changes absolutely absurd. Most of them either outright ban or limit. So they re. Yes, can pretty much. Sixty three percent of the EU only allow mail in votes for people living abroad completely lives. broad seventy eight percent of organization. This is some kind of what this organisation is exactly, but apparently it's some kind of a gold internet golden international standard. Can this or surveillance, let us Canada come. Seventy eight percent of organisation for Economic cooperation, members and development are economic, Cooperation and of e o c d is what call, a c d c d staff, only allow mail in votes for people abroad or require afford identification for beyond doubt, France knows how about France by the way.
the original version, because they re with standard issue, individual white flag up understand how absurd mail in voting is. That's why they banned it in nineteen. Seventy five and it's been banned ever since France, the bastion of democracy, think about this for a second there looking at us as though we're fools people talk about improving our international standing. You think, that creating mass mail in voting without voter idea is getting people in Belgium to respect this by the way who needs their respective mayonnaise on their fries bottom. there. You just needed a crescent and a red balloon effect. Oh yeah, and if you re a break array, ninety nine will need more than while others the problem as any float away from the precinct. That's I must say that the whole of argument having just gonna keep on going as though nothing happened, there's a times there. You don't even have to speak the language to be entertained, especially in France,
orange and you didn't around in france- are sense of humor is Jerry. Louis Europe paper machine like eight is just a worse since I am a man is not funny Dave, mimes, being beaten, girl that's it. Larry was plainly way amendments funny. I would love to see up of mine and a blow chair he's not doing anything sustainable. Mine? Sometimes you have to look at something to say. I want to say that the whole point of this is actually to try not to limit anything motherly if you're a poor white person in person, black person, hispanic aren't you
just like out of your mind, pissed off the Democrats and say that you're too stupid or lazy to get an idea right. You have no abilities that allow you to walk somewhere, take a bus somewhere, DR somewhere, taken over and get an idea or do by male right, you're supposed to be spending elections, and that's all we're trying to do with us, especially in others, ideas at golden corral. What are they hardly knew their target audience we're like: where can we find them? The corral? Ok, but I wanted to go before we go to the other clip from anti policy. This is, I think we have overlay. I think it's o before this year is common knowledge, that mass mail in voting was susceptible to fraud. Something that everybody knew that people agree upon and something far more proof: Abraham Lincoln. You know this
newly scammed out of the presidency. Absolutely do it explain that animals are now it was. It was an eighteen sixty one sixty four guide, so the civil war is still going on, and yet people that wanted to stop the civil war and ended the war in the Democratic Party, and so they were supporting the other guys, so they set out while the troops are still station places will just let what does go ballot. Harvesting, hello, California, anyway, remember what that's like right, we'll go up there and intolerable, but looked what they found is, and this is what people say. Why would there be mass fraud? I can't believe you do that. You literally had generals supplying the votes for people and rooms of people set up just passing them down the chain here. Sign this one for this guy he's dead or he's wounded, but it's ok. He cast a good is what one general was quoted as saying in only because a guy went up there to make sure the vote was ok. Did we find this out in those boats gives own- I think, about this, for a second today. Democrats believe that you're a minority. You are too stupid or an apt to procure and identification order, not even illegal immigrant right. So really you go back. Take Democrats have,
screwing, Republicans, Re Sicily, since eighteen, sixty four and raisins Democrats tried to screw the man who freed the sleigh with Madame Ale in votes and the same people now tell black people there too stupid to take part in a democratic process. Who Lincoln's wife, she was a goofy bit she behind every goofy. Did you hear that that was a speech not very popular them? A recent deduce, you know, however, behind every great man is a great woman. I used to think That too, I think I gave her the syphilis she's always complaining about headaches. what look separately, We live Sally Field, pudding,
mid Abraham, learn more gas write it down. I did not sign that proclamation years, something else through the Democrats again their permanent. It's like shaken the baby rattle at the mall when you take a picture with Santa Single. What's that they try to make you don't think about mass mail in voting fraud which is well known across the world and was known in this in this country really up until a year ago, just as they become, which are just as well as before and assess Jimmy Carter, but they try and say this bill is to keep big dark money out of politics. Here's policy this is called for. The people and in doing so we combat big, dark special interests, money in politics and amplify the voice of the american people. So today, members of- Congress. We'll have a choice. They will have a choice to vote for the people's interest or to vote with the special
interest and even dangerous, continual him job dot. Suffocating this it's. Start the landed, I guess really afraid in body slip because do mean special interest like these. Seventy four million from Wall Street went to bind compared to eighty million dollars to Donald Trump is out. You mean. Is that what suddenly switched Elizabeth worn talking about taking down Wall Street to investigating day traders for game stop? Is that made it a little flippityflop any while we're talking about special interest, dark forces whose shakes their fists? Like that, that's not inspector gadgets Archer, coupled with osteoporosis, grew summer with Austria, paralysis and a couple of very expensive, deep freezers and fibre miles was made up disease for people like her. This should be the we don't care about accuracy. Bill
I was there, never farewelled until they find out what it actually was the pillars De Lozada. Usually a lot of pain is paramount amendments on both yes, like look. We just take it easy vying with its often an umbrella, for we don't know what's wrong. Yes, yes, that, like someone who end up having arthritis, I'm sorry I'm sorry. I don't need your history lesson recently having restless leg syndrome, Stephen right here. I got that Naked APOLLO has a great big on that nickel ally, but I'm seeing trucks now when I was to be for everything restless leg syndrome to shape a knight errant benefiting pill for you, what my grandmother, by the way she was the one who wants it and click. Yes, I do. Oh, my gosh, you have, if you want your hearing about it, stop it because there are going to be a bunch of angry females and the kind of action who play a little joke. Absolutely! No, I think it's real for women sitting and actually breaking up the room from the OECD. See really yes actually turns out. You'll need two shots in order for them to work, really work. It right.
How can you do you re? Two shots? Ok, I'll, be I'm gonna go around their kids. You heard a mom I'll, be damned if we reach all right I'll, be right back, It works partner, a blocked it Wednesday of coming back or at her back in time This is where we have very few sponsorship show because most sponsors drop up very quickly and what is your arm in general? This is what I was wearing their their flexible vest there when we have a lancing Michigan, so you know Samuel, say hey. I trust this sponsor with my life have actually done that
literally for rare living. It was read the label where it said. Please tuck in your shirt, if you're wearing right. I now agree that we're that's it don't look like an Africa, so listen! Anyone who, I think, was it spartan, armor systems, dot com is a permanent, a party that ten percent of single smart over there. A lot of that sat there. These are ones that you can wear fewer. One aware Your clothes or you can have a bigger one way. If we want to strengthen tactical when you got hunt, ask yourselves sake, but there actually energy certified. This is something really important conflict with supplements, we're lotta people say purity tested, but what does that mean powdered sugar, whatever scrapings we could find out the old tobacco floor. We have no idea if there actually certified, and that means they have to meet certain strict requirements. Actually, works, so you know they ve we're gonna get shot, and God forbid that happens. This, if you don't want it, if you dont, want to be shot just just go, I guess near the capital, because no guns are found their hair on syphon, the police officers, but listen joke.
How do I make myself there on your life and by that I recommend some people. Why would you need to tat? This is what they get on. My left us want to ban body armor. It's it's not a whit, It's what is a priority that sense, if I don't understand it, so I've got a lot of them, and this this is other heavy duty once after Bulgaria, the things that are there like four, format, improve they want nothing you're, the one you have your life during the elections dream that I had over there is to it felt like just a t, Shirt Batley that I was putting on South Wales, nice, yet because executive, how they give you a teacher and wait a minute. I also gave someone your address and yours In conclusion, I would you tell me that at armor why do the math and shaken figured out five dweeb another clip? We do ok, This is an chemo Williams, saying that Americans right to vote is under constant assault and that each hour one I just hate these gosh I want to I just
there is going to remedy that bootless. Rather, as we stand at twenty twenty election and into twenty twenty one run on arms, Georgians are not afraid to fight daily for what fellow many take for granted in this country, including the right to vote, but the third parties, we should ensure that wrote, Ya'Ll and thus be no one percent debt to the daily threats of their rights being taken away HR one before the people will put a stop to the vote. If a person here the indian debate right now in Georgia, but taken and aim at the end, the two snow barriers devoting and once he that proportion reading or speaks Ya'Ll? No one's gonna by this so. I think she was really she's like. I think we need a Ya'Ll, and here I need to sound like I am one of the people. Can we reference Ottawa yeah? Maybe I can have a hundred mile right here to make sure that people know that I am more urban and by the main enemy like right here. Tat. Can somebody make something too I really want to go for the cousin by then
just the hare in them that mass can't turn it into something to protect our children, another hole in demographic anymore. I don't give a shit, no more racial yeah cause. We all knew cousin its rays. You Ruby, I think it was white. Judging on the Adams, family, bloodline, ruin, the blonde were very white hair translucent like art, they positively opaque. You have to have one. I think was a boy and vanity, and yet either that either cousin it was white, or that was one hell of a deeper job, Joe Biden calling for president to visit the way. I'm right here I want to make it's just nothing but to prep we use it now that part, if I may make dead hand and eight attached another part plus for kids. My favorite, no more, tears,
that's motto, at least in Hertfordshire. This is one this is alien to. Let me be really clear: every single law abiding citizen in the United States right now occur. why has the right to vote? Let us be clear: there doesn't need to be a new law put into place, and are you thinking what you think if the read between the lines that are not every Abiding citizen can vote today. What they want is for convicted felons, violent felons to also be to vote olive. That's the issue, and I just want you to be informed that you don't run a search. Rightly can convict, should convicted fellows, be able to vote God forbid, writers and CNN pops up about it. If they do they really wanted, is talking about the mail and Balin gone back to that. If they really wanted, every single persons vote account. They would never push for male and balloting, because in the two thousand eight election, I think there was like thirty five million that were sent out only twenty seven million. That came back. That's ten to twenty four and a people's votes that they wanted to cast their disenfranchise for all kinds of reasons.
some of them got lost some of em. Eight hundred thousand loan were rejected because they don't have the proper signature on that. I just I dont have this measure at an interesting article. I think it was yesterday with someone, for there was some kind of democratic pulsar someone who worked in the Obama Administration Reserve as some kind of an adviser in two thousand twelve, the demographic. Really changing the Democratic Party, because its controlled, typically by privileged white and I will say this especially when you people out there who go Bruno Cook, because because you think the Republicans can include black people move, I guess then go ahead and use that term. I'm fine weather, I don't know about you, but I feel Like there is less of a cultural divide right now, for example, if you're too, into an area of irony. South Alcyonaria Detroit with average black begins at a church than I wanted. A hipster coffee shop we far more values. Data most black and latino people keep in mind. The Democrats lost voters. They lost ground with black vote.
And with latino voters, sometimes by double digit margins, because they don't think what it would mean that you think I good idea what you mean that I don't know how. I don't think I dont know how to use you to think. I don't know how to use a voting machine. What do you mean you're saying that what were you saying this? Why are you talking down to me? What do you mean? You think you think, because I'm a minority, you think that you want the sullen together we want fifty five year old playing college, women's basketball. Why would just think that, because of Melanie I certainly feel like black people, America right now have more in common than voting. More conservative them Conservative on issues, Sawr Latino Americans, certainly the Democratic Party going very very far left and I feel that at a place by the way they finally had a precedent that told them you are just as capable as anybody and, finally the truth came gradually equality right, I am capable Actually I don't think I've ever met in real life, a black man who hated Donald Trump there every single, every single black men hollows relax in Bulgaria
that you have a one sided your family. I met a couple: pretender they're, not I'm not pretend I mean if I met them like voted for a failure, but they weren't listen, blacker, blogging, enthusiastic, my hillyer or job. but all of them, even if they didn't necessarily like Trump. They didn't hate him the way rich white list, do what you like, but he says, was always my army, but I like it They had like a rally against the police in Plymouth, Michigan where it is like a high and right areas. Let's just moms wearing like LULU lemons happen, and I think we're going to need the police for protection for the Santa police rally rise. Think about it
Marguerite, is, after all, people actually want at least as much of a police presence, as there is now or more. When you look at Latino Latin Latin American, what we say: latino immigrants, people, brown paper, K, brown people because it can come from a let now over the plain I dont care. Mercury is your language, mostly Mexicans, sometimes from hundreds and El Salvador. If we have tightened up the poorest getting. But my point is these people here they don't want one mass illegal immigration didn't want that executions didn't want the caravans travelling from El Salvador. Wait a minute wait! A minute! You're kind is no welcome. How can you tell my guy from your guy, we now know:
people want left wing hippies moving into the neighbourhood, making an urban farm exotic Logan. I turn your crack house into a farm and like this isn't a crack us. I think this is where I live. I live here, but drug lords in Detroit. We're like yes, please come in with your money about Mars. We will. I always like to admit that when you see him get stabbed on the new framework, taking all my plums all this into trainers, an epidemic of hysteria, weird, maybe go to the neighbourhood where people one of my drugs trafficking logic, is like a book. I take it. You know what black Americans need single origin coffee. really do you don't really what they need? No voter idea, would you ve ever had coffee like the following:
I think that in this field, through they ve actually made a pushed for equality in air travel, because you have to have an idea to get on a plane. Also cover Kevin Smith, gets three seats for pretty botsey right equality in printing of or checking at a book from a library, because yet have an idea for that as well. I don't think that making the push in these areas, it's only in something that they think will benefit them. Why would they do that? Why were they only pushing this when travelling is is a big thing? Yet we will get on a plane right last time anyone's walked into a public library. There is at bent back paperclip telling you you ve misspell right now wrecks the DOW Y know what ass Jeeves not again Crawler resting went crowd was a good man Netscape navigator and by the way, this is someone that's really important to remember, because all the time about this mass mail and voting. We know again these Democrats before this election. You can look at the representatives talking about how the biggest threat to our democracy was in secure elections, and we don't talk about that. Once there are fraudulent votes or once they're, not even further
the legitimate votes cast. Let's just say it's a clerical air, but either way someone is voting, who doesn't exist or the addressed doesn't exist or someone else filled out a ballot. We know that that happens. Ok once that happens, keep in mind according right from the horses mouth? There is no process to remedy it, not aware that would allow us to do what you're acting asking Us Hansel. Someone boat was already voted. I'm asking you to remove vote from someone who couldn't possibly help loaded with job I am not aware of a law that would allow us to take that sort of action.
Thank you that's exactly my issue. Along with these thousands of other votes on the roles. I appreciate your time Dan. Thank you. I hope that you go and visit that address appreciated the advocate. They drive safe, its careful, don't talk on your phone and text now, don't let us list fool you that manage their own chillingly, scary, tear via actually got that there's nothing you can do is just words book with a few states. I dont know what, as the French say this remarkable to me and by the way we do have to get going, we're going to need some impressions whatsoever to in some improv your mug club. We, have some other some other stories to head before we come back next week and, of course, Dave Land- I was going to be here permanently in rotation, Geraldine, Omaha Nebraska, go showed me. Let him any in the comments section just We do have some love to work. Let us
if you're happy or if we should immediately fire and because we have a two week out clause. So thank you so much for very little right now, it's time for us to go to our family and mother,
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