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Crowder's got everything you need to know about #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet lying about the Capitol Riots. He also does a deep dive into the most extreme anti-gun bill he's seen. And why is the DOJ attacking Elon Musk for hiring American?

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Ok down it skip thirty seconds. I know you're the pitch about Magua, but let us Canada come such Michael, but I will tell you this today. I try. In a time machine I'm taking this after the live, broadcast like a whole. Other hour of stuff that Landau and I get into that. Could never p hosted on Youtube, so If you want to enjoy it and help us fighter, big tech consider subscribing ladder was going to come. Such microcredit turns give you thirty dollars all thirty. Now I dont gives you money off want to be free letter. That's fine, listen! That's fine, too! We still have the heavy around liberating,
therein, and I still have my ear drums this ago around helpful, so stupid. So stupid is the theme of today with a yo, see in truth, facts. Truth. It is that there is a difference between who are conniving political geniuses who are dishonest and and who, just so dumb with zero life experience. That's what we're dealing with ABC the fact that you didn't think anyone would fact check per on earth story, I know not the first to address this, but we have some info that not a lot of people have what am I gonna? We should now do you do you're ready to issue a they looks like it might be, some kind of. Are they messing with us resolute? can issue a resident, or is this going out to you to bring people can hear me peoples cabotage is. What does it plan is playing like in very large for some reason playing very large museum. Yeah. Think these you it's like zoomed in ok.
Well, you know what let's put this on pause here really quickly and then and then come back, because you too, because I don't wanna, be looking like an agency, Instagram Video, you really don't where people look at work, Good now are we are we got ok, we are good. Anyway, we isn't exclusive information here on a sea even out of that checks and and and and what s interesting is she actually wants all of you to flag for the show anything on Twitter Facebook to act like social media gestapo remarkable remarks. Google so yeah, I guess they call it a deep dialogue at the corner d call D, what sort of Jerusalem Gerald us here how you I'm well good data land? I was here as well today my how asian loader can't be here because you suing Facebook, where have you been doing to show soon
together, almost come up and good knights and rally right then, and there might be a little low- might be little special, apparently mortar black gear. It is your order blackguard. How are you doing great me, which mean don't do that is disgusting and eventually I that our interests that, for we talk about the rest of it as a black history month? Ok, the court will give us some drops analogy for people who don't know. Alright, I cut it out. Is the real facts real fact. That's a little whose breyman that's enough, it's embarrassing Lucifer your work stain on your people in O J, AI cables. You say that I'm so a finger right now, but a little whose you gotta, let me get to look a little- owes avert made history by implementing a twenty. Four million dollar diamond in his face. That's actually true real. No, that is drawn us. Oh, what do you think this area, its banks, Brooklyn
listen, I don't want to see the lottery winner who cuts. That is be done, king with a Jake Hall, Superfly, that's mine, let us keep it these, not paying attention by Thyssen had a hundred and fifty million dollars torn from Don King O. The point is: the number gets high before they start paying attention to their expense, and by that I mean wealthy celebrities who buy expensive things. MIKE Tyson also had a flat screen televisions in his tiger cages, I'm not while they needed his name is anyone's they, but they need to watch something he's like a better Joe eggs. I want them more discovery, but yeah discoveries, really just a bunch of midgets in reality, shows a disappointed they have their ill tempered Woman now there was ever proven, never allegedly can take it tastes and punch in Russia.
It's gonna leave a mark is being approved. Today is all about documentary proof, EO see when we talk about a crazy new gun bill, but First John carry the climate tsar. That's afraid. Just came out of my mouth, yeah John Kerry Climate Tsar doesn't make sense. Why are we with the tsars- again, I don't know Russian Jaime House bad. It's Mohammed was John, carries Sars thou just him locked down in Toronto airport. It happens that show he's take, heat now for an incident. Twenty nineteen, since he is the climate tsar, now really energies are whenever you want to call it because he went to go except his arctic Circle award for climate leadership. I'm reading these because these are actual awards and now that he's in charge of being green people said warehousing, he took that but ward, the costs of a private jet,
eyes and they asked him. What did you really need you to private jet? And here is John Kerry Climate tsars answer? If you offset your carbon, it's the only choice for somebody like me: who is traveling the world to win this battle. Convenient? I understand I understand time is money can make you can make that argument but jumped. Did you really need two of them? John? I just It was over but go ahead before anyone else. You follow me on Instagram, that's where we do a lot of stuff you we, you can read more about my my been babies, maybe I am excited baby bees. Gonna be. How do you know it's ITALY constantly sonogram, just clicking kicking on the junior Sweden together? Maybe this giant club foot, the miracle of also better can join mocha. They think it's valid for us, the weak and I've got it. I can't slash mug, let me get thirty hours off of user promo code crowded returns,
Taking your chat a little later on, along with running of interns and many the police sketch artists, we of course could not do here on Youtube. Noah So I cannot go into you. My question to you question of the day before I move on. Here is just Why do you think someone like you, because everyone would you believe it? Cd nobly they'll, see recourse, but why do you think she so comfortable wine, it really does mean sort of Joe Biden. You know Joe Biden. Donald Trump was sometimes will both be able to read. He would stating the guy in the best adapted shed the healthiest ever like a sailor backwards? Joe Biden will see that he is a doctor and he invented health, bright and it will see just me all this up with with the shooting and now she's doubling down on it and making up new facts that we will robot today, because there also finally fall. Well, a lot of guys. They wanted to pick her up over the years, lied to her and said she was smart
No, it's true, and so she eventually learned the line was easy and could get paid, Yoshi believe people so yeah like as a work I am and by though she's like the kind of girl would say I am so or random, ouch like I'm, not religious, Baronne Spirit, Joie does then I don't even know why I told you that just now I speak has. I might sour end, before we move on to everything that is factually incorrect and there has been some misinformation out there, because some people have been rebutting facts that she never actually claimed fair game. when you to accept responsibility the whole it capital right people who the capital separate from that- and this is separate from yossi- we learned lesson Dave. You know now that the capital mall is not the right place to host your actual born killers quotas on you now know better. I, in its fun
vent and if it wasn't for me you would be still slang and hash in that shit out and bang in your boss. I see what he did there. All the point is, I understand some of the confusion, so we will give a season grace. Please come grace over you're all invited this pretty much just me yelling. So we covered that honest? You can write, it was. It was going life. She was recounting the capital right and was trending was Alexandria, Cassio Smollett frowning number one. I think you have that overlaid given that. So there is some initial claims now here's the thing, though it goes far deeper her, which, by the way, is very similar to Jesse smaller here's. What happened just small right. This is cohesion. What happens with these stories, someone comes out makes it quite right. The claim was why
supremacist saying this is modern country, Jesse Small, at wrapped, a noose around my neck and port bleach on me, and then they found that it was too nigerian personal trainers who had a home depot store credit card they put on the company tab and he's really. This could have happened because of systemic racism and Brian stealth or nuisance monies tell us that we need to address the real problem in the United States. This will happen ABC made claims which are verifiable, false, we'll get to that. When people said those claims are very finally false she tried to say this is media manipulation defended her claims again made new ones and then last night or this morning sent an email out to her supporters, demanding that her supporters flag and report anyone fat checking her verifiable, false claims. That is urging social media gestapo like behaviour, she's, not saying hey, look for this
it's the truth. This is what people are saying. Let me provide you some sources, so you know what actually happened. Let me give you some context. She is telling her supporters. If you see anyone claiming that what I said is untrue or anyone saying anything mean to me because of my lies report them to the authority, who, by the way, are more powerful than the roman empire. Big three companies really make five Amazon, Big Amazon, Google Alphabet, Google say company Facebook, twitter apple there. we're permanently dogmas. They both had an intact sandwich at the end. But not only that, but if you, if you go down a little further in her letter, she basically says if people are saying these things against me, that's what led to the violence that we experienced on capital, so she's, tying it back to just saying. She's lying is now inciting violence. Rice, we move on. I don't know I don't you put something like that and she did at last night because she was- I can certainly she was turning for the robberies. I remember a simple time when inciting violence was defined by actually inciting violence, while those are the day embers yeah that was not used to argue remedy.
Are you against free speech? They used to have his lazy argument saying how do you know tat to freedom of speech, but what you can't yell fire to credit theatre? There are say, but you can't you know, tell someone to kill somebody else and we, the girl, cable, internet yeah, of course, think that's not. Freedom of speech is the call to a violent action and now that expanded they go well. What do you say something that somebody else really doesn't like and that is the equivalent to two violence, because Words are weapons to this is where we are now twenty. My interpretation was vital, that was my interpreter euro literalist yeah! Well, David Berkowitz, as neighbours dog told them. The dog has been arrested on free speech gets through. They did what I never like. The devil might be an Oracle, reticent, rarely Gamba short end and I think that's dot com bubble really did them wrong pound, but Edith had met. So here let's go first visit. We watched her entire ninety minute video programme pillage I just I will say it's
is. It said the reason that YO see makes these except the reason that she's, a public drama queen will I'll get to that little. But I actually think it's kind of sad. I really do genuinely have empathy, for I think, there's a void. She's looking to fail and she's been dishonest about that void, long arise, yeah the look in her eyes, the sole Astaire that Isles eyes they roll over stupid. So This was her initially claiming that people people domestic terrorist, breached her office. Then I just start to hear these youse of is she? Where is she? This is trunk country and I just thought to myself: they got inside. Don't don't believe you thought
So now you have Nancy Nay, she was. She was in the same hallways ABC we had this tweet, it's been confirmed. There were no writer surrendered the hallway. Now. That being said, this isn't Superman and because this What she did she included this early in the ninety minute video, but use it as a bait and switch to later on trying to like a soap, opera, cliffhanger, say, and it turns out it was the cops. So this is not the most relevant portion of information, but it's what everybody is circulating. That being said, she did do us, of doubling down on that lie. in another report, so it still is relevant. But here's your saying got you and I come out and this man. If a cap, a police officer but the story of men, the HAWK door, but wait. Don't my what all right before I move on, because I'm getting really mad hit the notification Bell because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot on Youtube, and I don't know if this is actually going to get out
When you see you do when you see Sayeth Myers is finding out the same way. She barely did just by the skin of her when issuing early colombian tie down. I am not happen like I have a question. A nominal lost her because she said she was in a bathroom yard. She had gone to the back of this young. She like put herself up against the wall. She's like right, a door it opens in Ljubljana can magyars, whereas she could wish she like hiding from Satan there. Did she not look through the cracks in the door to see if it was a? he's up. Sir. Well, the Liese report describes rises. Googly I read for minorities. The call was coming from inside the hell. Yes now again, it's it's. She can't see through cracks, but she can see around corners like that superiors, Ochre area violent come in, come in come in the United States. Are you remember that super circle with the Handle EU members? You share and the first thing you like: hey, dad, I'm aiming at this target catch. You and my dad would beat me
so I can go on second Rummy wish here to think. Was she evacuated These people were rushing the office. Is that what you're saying Elsie you're about we have an overly you're not really have to look at what you get a timeline here, because again there was another report after that, where she did say that people rush the office cylinder the urge to their people. Russia has meant that it was a cops, but then there's another report I think, was a long time. Does it actually now she said the people did actually rush the office. So then she didn't say that it was the cuts. What matters here? The inconsistency. Let me give you a timeline to show you why her new claims are physically impossible. However, that has never stopped aims in the past granted. I understand why there might be disconnected frying to bridge the divine right, I'm trying to make sense of the timeline she's nonsensical in a straitjacket it wouldn't be out of reason, but Jason said. She know she has twelve good years left eleven. Now your generous mandate extra, that's hyperactive one. Twenty two p m
cannon billing received an evaluation notice k due to execute internal relocation due to pilot police activity. This is this is a courtyard then, at one, thirty, nine p, pm DC police Should this alert, if you cannon building, take visitors, escape hoods and go kits and report to the south tunnel connecting to the long worth further information be provided as becomes available at one. Forty four p m Nancy makes tweeted. The best way to my office in CAN in the cannon building riches where she was, which is where there are no other people, if I went along worth just a vacuum office and cannon due to a nearby threat. Now we're seeing protesters assaulting the capital building so before one forty four p m Nancy found time to get settled. Reader, twitter, feed and fight a video to retreat at one forty, seven p m the deed, see police announced that the evaluation was all clear, Kay He would have been completely evacuated, an underground right. That's what
have an underground. What you're talking about this, this this interaction happening where she was their hiding. Ok, there's no possible way, look the time. Oh yeah she's got where's, you don't even evacuated that point. Still for a while. I'm following obvious, I'm surprised and shocked. She has that's exactly I'm actually then said when we reach the long worth. Buildings is a little cheek. She could hear hinges, cracking trump yelling trying to break in and then when she saw Katy, Porter congressmen Movement now she has she could shelter with her shelter to and that was confirmed again at the time of yours, Congress, Z, Porter. I think you have eclipsing closing its common. Is a company like here all of these years behind the glass and note that my decision, you know, and we have no specific location to go,
when the how and where light up to like the dung dulness of the basement, and so she could not have been there and hallway at this time. The yells- and I just gave you the time to break into the building that wherein it almost felt like a zombie movies, and then we here, like other capital police, trying to protect the building barking back at these people, and it just feels like it's just a matter of seconds when, when these doors are gonna break through and they're gonna get. I hear like the hinges, cracky. Ok, here's the thing that was a good one, forty seven, she would have already been evacuated according to her own words and according to the documents that we have there, she could have no hinges crack, and this is what I'm talking about? It's not that you look a few to say it was really scary and we were evacuated and it was a blur. She is making up verify global wise. That could not possibly be true, and this is the problem with the media big.
and this administration they feel as though no one is going to call him on it she'll, be all so comfortable in. Being immune that she's actually willing to go to the heads of big tech and send her mob out to flag one who questions are no way could have been there. No way she could have heard those things she would have long since been evacuated, and it is confirmed by congressmen move right here, she leave her. She saw me we believe that went into my office and a couple seconds later. She didn't. She said, no couldn't can we come in and then I should, of course, not by the hair of your tuna like a before and after the battle. If you saw me in ways that sounds like I'm terrified. It was right for my life, you know like a toss. A wave to dance around
This is amazing. There's again I just just went through this time. I've got to got several here. They're all documented. The sources are available. I don't care, come one hundred and twenty two one hundred and thirty nine one hundred and forty for one hundred and forty four again, one hundred and forty seven announce the evacuation was all clear and after that is when she heard the hinges and the people making it into the building where she was not so basically you're telling me yesterday when we watch this video in and we talked about it, I was ok to be sceptical. I was it was justifiable, was three days ago, but you're drunk wait a minute three days ago: gasometers happens on Monday that long ago, this week is formed by right and we have a map. to this is something else that is pretty important. Yet look at that then shows exactly where the riots we're taking place. No the rioters, nowhere near a location, there's no there's a mom there's basically equivalent to a park and Bruce Cry. is between her legs. We have lost our change my mind,
saying you are in Montana. During nine eleven you're, like I almost like a little odd situation, really really, as I clearly different building, they look. I was completely safe, but I was terrified right now that sons awful so she wasn't the cannon building. It was along with building where she was not. The riders were nowhere near where she was by the way I didn't even what she is just happens, even what she's describing region but like I can, and I sex photometer church that ETA biology, jug farewells, ok, so wasn't building, that being said, maybe she just you know she got confused with her. Ptsd was describing what other people experience that building here's the thing we don't really have a lot of video evidence from the intense atmosphere she described in building. But this is a video from the exact time
sure my god. It is harrowing. Terrible is worth TED. Crews tries to murder her. Yet I think this is already breaks it. Where is a yo see around that corner there? So that's about what we have and then there is an interview at three twenty three with Jim Cooper. So while it was happening again to this is the closest thing we have to prove a video of it happening inside you go congressmen Jim. But what was the situation in Iraq is right and my staff and I are safe inside the office well son of a bitch, doesn't make forgot television round. We do wish. We had one more mass various equivalent to the hill. Now I wish I don't give a shit that was some guy out there. We got a soda machine, you make me, do the zoom call here. I gotta put on pants but our seas rushing to be the victim. Oh yes, she is,
rushing to be the victim. She doesn't even care if it's true worse than that, the story here is. She believed she is so confident the media will carry her water, she doesnt even care to try and hide it. Ok. So now she pivoted. the thing Missus Ray I interacted with her on twitter. You can follow me on Twitter and are what's your twitter their day when Lando Dat, Landau Dave when you're on your own seas cross, there's. No, I apologize, I don't so there you have it and now she saying that the pipe bomb she's equal actually look. This is this is a manipulation, keep that up, so I can read it their monopoly in the fact that most people don't of the ladder the complex I just showed you to lay out. We are all in the capital complex. The attack wasn't just the dome. I don't know what you're talking about the bombs Trump supporters planted, surrounded our offices to ok, here's some factual and accuracy. They haven't found the people who planted the bombs. We don't have any evidence. What we do have is to bombs. They did find two bombs,
none of which were anywhere near EO saying so a doubling back will actually ok. Look, it was the door hinges cracking than we had the high. Poured a party, you are undermining, didn't happen. I could have. Then, though, and then I was in the building and then but then I could have been in this building and it was. It was pretty scary and in your forget, what about the pipe palms of the pipe mumbled anywhere near you? They could have been out of They were why they won't. Let me show you think we have another map. This is useful. Bombs, one outside the Aral Sea headquarters. That's two minutes from our seas officer. We haven't overlay and then other one was the Dnc headquarters, seven minutes, From my car is locking us it's a fast by George, you know in advance that you use Google MAPS or Mapquest or God forbid Apple maps. Don't use that this is bad is broken, which, with the past our companies through and nothing is
together by the way and he's building in Washington's he's a massive building, so they go from one to the other across the mall. Is a long walk? Look. She wasn't close to where any violence happened to the time that it happened and no pipe We were anywhere near her. Everything she has said is a verifiable falsehood. I just don't know that I can say lie because she so stupid being in Washington DC, I'm sure she was close to violence, just not that via writes that proper training, it's very nice, etc. Yeah, yeah, absolutely, but again, either way someone's dealing a grand jury instead, crews, that was Barton and he was dressed as a capital. Policemen register that into the story we haven't. We for that was separate, uses roleplaying as Abubakar Pitiful he gets on truancy. Let's all illegal, then you're not well you're supposed to be shop window, I am now. Let me
explain to you why this is something that no one else is really talking about, and this is this is conjecture and I do feel bad for four Elsie. I would for bad if it wouldn't we're gonna get the gun bill by what we're talking about inciting violence. If it didn't incite, I'm not going to say violence inside stupidity in sight, mental retardation that We're seeing from a Yossi it discourages critical thinking everything she does is we need someone to control the voices we need. Someone can now what you can hear. We need someone to control your choices as consumer. We need someone to control the fact checking. We need to everything to be controlled because she doesn't believe that you should be allowed to think for yourself. You can look at proposed policy. What car to drive what house eleven? What's eleven. What public transport? What tweets you can read offices anything to Turkey she's, a child? That's not beginning like a kid and that's the issues were being ran by a child rearing.
run especially. This is the problem it so pernicious with feminism is the women who are the least happy have the most amount of of influence over policy that affect women, and I say this because look, I think, ABC unlike Whittemore, unlike Nancy Pelosi, who are very smart, who are who are cunning, and I I I'm more afraid of them, because their sharp enough to use a system of seas and organisers yes glue. But issue here is what I was about six months ago. The issue years ago had you can, I was gonna say she hasn't proven herself to be in any way capable of doing the job she's been assigned to this right has been elected to buy her constituents, so we get what a hundred and twenty a thousand things amity votes. She got her somewhere thereabouts of people that put her there and now she's trying to shape and entire party. I think she could she's one of people unlike Pelosi, unlike those folks, I bet you then ten fifteen years you won't be conservative, but she could become more but also covered the second. She gets any responsibility having if she did
the buy it now right where she is alive today, area having children having a family working in the private after just removing yourself from suckling at the at the public door. The public teeth designing their line of attack. She is a college student who controls our lives and want to an incredible amount of control of your life and there. She's always dramatic that she's hyperbolic is not just because she's I'll see you, like you, said, she's a child for the same reason that she felt your photo up at the border member with kids engaged. Here. It is look, that's what she's just a long awaited newsletter, SAD Biden, administration, and I think I saw this last night- reopened those same detention, facilities, yonder, basically, science, angry, because we might have amnesty. There are more people sending children with strangers to get across the border so that they could be granted amnesty
under Joe Biden, unintended consequences. It's almost like we're doing a repeat of the floors consent policy which adopt about the chamber mines. In my we need to build a wall here. Will I think ale sees now on a plane down there to protest. Those cage is being opened up again. I mean that would be consistent, at least hopefully should then well Chimbleys geese regroup, built them we want to use, and yet I was her team. You build a shark cage sooner or later, you're gonna want to see an endangered species like it's gonna great. Why tail is halfway? What is she I dont know? I always for questionable, not remember like Jessica Alba she's, not but she's not chimney, she's, not tough and what's courts has so I am. Accurate something's from spare my room, she Dominica illnesses dominican, I dont know. Why would you assume that she's, not his dark keep in mind that I dont whiter than clears we ought to be here. I live in a dominican neighbourhood either. I do there's a down a bit there, a fun people here,
but you're in Detroit. I'd done, I just know: either you live in a enable New York. Our environment in Harlem is all my neighbours are dominican because there's like fifteen and each apartment I'm kidding, but I'm not internet. It's just like nineteen cars in the driveway, the I'm sure a year and a half, but you know why you know if you know why, because because people dominions, and also not only Dominicans but also Latin Americans, and also a lot of black Americans, they understood and even if you look in the Middle EAST to understand a lot of Americans have missed, that's why they have all there Emily on one street or one apartment, because they know that when stuff goes down, it's not going to be able, see, you're buying, he's going to save our immediate family, and so they really do value family, which is, I think, a lot of shit Westernize Americans don't appreciate anymore. They think that he's gonna be there to save them and end. The dominican are very, I made my first us. Senate manager was dominican, No and all. Joking aside, the very nice people, like my neighborhood- and I just don't you
doesn't look dominican two may perhaps that is jumping the gun could be jumping. The gun. We should not judge. No tolerance for the church was in essence, but she's doing right now. Basically like one of your children, whose, under the age of ten years old running into the room and trying in saying that Tommy hit in the occasion to go, find out what happened right and young basically ran in because Tommy looked at her right. You know what it's like, what it in their apparent in their somebody's gonna, go wait a minute This is true right. Any keep doubling down on your summit need no right. Her more like a guy coming back from summer vacation and telling everybody he got laid by woman who clearly doesn't exist No you shouldn't matter. Name was back yeah shares little house, you don't just illusions in Canada. They got better public school chile for food. but you know, you're not like her. She really has no Africa.
the engineer work out. My almost died, it's wrong quicker than the country. Next year's wriggled, she's she's, not honest. She has a whole in her soul. She has a void in. This is a lot of the lot of feminist. Listen. You want to work great Carly, fearing a who am very disappointed and vera. She described feminist I think more articulately indistinctly than anyone had ever her before she said. Feminism is the ability to make a choice. You wanna work going on You want to be a stay at home, based mom, and most women are happier being mothers We will not all, but a lot of women would like that option. We don't have it now. Don't necessarily have it now because of sort of how asked our society is and in the dual income household, more Sobek, not that you wouldn't have it, but because people think they need things that they don't necessarily need, and that's that's a big under lying issue. with a o c, and let me show you some inconsistency here again. She doesn't understand that the internet is forever largely because I don't think she knows. I don't think she knows that she's hitting record
button that says play sweetheart. It's always been it congressmen who said that agency would sing? I just hope I get to be a mom. I don't want to die, which honestly breaks my heart years, her sing, and she said I just hope- to be your mom. I hope I don't die today. Did I'd buy that inflatable predictor screen from sky mall? you're not a political commitment where it was not our slimmer and then, but here's the thing that said to me it is, but a yo see, has has toxify many young women for years for decades to come. by selling them the lie that it may be, morally unacceptable for women to have children due to her rays on the right climate change her she is facing. like their scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult, and it does lead. I think young people, Sir,
a legitimate question, no Uli, but is it ok to still have children, also justice, basic moral question? What are we you and, and even if you dont have kids there, still sheltering here in the world and we have a moral obligation to them you fulfilling a moral obligation by spending my money on new infrastructure with five page deal that takes over sixty percent of the economy. Sweetheart. What are you doing for the children he's doing an embassy at a moment of clarity at the, and maybe she was really afraid. I highly doubt all of this, but maybe she had a moment Glinda, the good, not immediately moment of. Maybe I could survive today and be a mother. That's fantastic run with that. Yeah, that's life, and make sure you tell your constituents exactly. You can still have the job of being a congresswoman. Just do
better? And you know what you can still have your Cody ugly tabletop dance? Not going to stop me from going out of yours. It's John Raw, your assessment. There are just saying that she's always asking a question and we also have kids nearer and there's children on earth. Is she making a sandwich was well likes. You re walking the shock admirably, you're saying: yes, we can have kids, oh yeah, there's kids on earth. She put this out there, like what she's made any sites like she saw. This was like this is something the world should now nothing but words. I want to leave my stamp on it worry, I want people to know, I'm an idiot. When people to know that I've encourage young women do not have children because of climate, and this is the issue to write, I hope, the people understanding. Now I was labelled for a long term, climate change deny or global warming. Look, I'm not less you're gonna talk about the world temperature going up. One point, six degrees. Ok, My issue is not with the idea that the climate is changing its not even with the idea that humans maybe some contributing force on some level too that temperature,
change! I'm not saying it is, I'm not saying it isn't, but I do think that the conversation to be had, I think, It is far more reasonable for someone to maintain that position. and say That is a catastrophic world ending problem. see hasn't got a shot in hell of fixing it for us I don't want to sign onto our bill. It's the political ramifications that take control over your lives and by the way kill countless people in third world countries that I have a problem with and if you question that she labels, you assigns denier. If you question story, she says you're, a hate speaker, you're inciting violence. This is a woman who says, if you don't believe her five bathed green new deal bill, which we read your assigned deny who also believes in double masks by the way and tried to claim that TED Crews is TED. Bundy eggs Equally, we most of that five pages, just drawings with Brazil
over this period I number of. Finally, I have a quick update related to the story broke. The law makers will share their personal stories about the attack. The name Elsie will kick off the special or of cheese, our fair basis NASA circled your that must be, and that must be that new that new age lying therapy Julian tonight. What we owe law, but here's the thing the thing that its sense of Persia S got together at the long. Nor was it won't, I will not say longhorns we're gonna get together hand. Unworthily did together tonight at the dome takes him. I Alaska encourage our cell relentlessly hell they're all around a campfire reasoning, sacrificing lose it. I won't like the ring. I welcome was with warns bringing the zebra teepee in just the SSC prosecutors seamen
these were using a Beaver health blanket I made the I brought the Gilberts in the Republicans and all the cities, the burned to the ground and the countless dozens of people who died in the billions of dollars and damage in the officers of, or can we have maybe something about them over the summer. Did we just all forget that and of course we forgot them didn't happen now it didn't happen, here's the thing it doesn't add or because the rioters from black lives matter the rioters from Antwerp. They were targeting businesses that had nothing to do with it. They were targeting other victims rights and, by the way, like, I said Peter go in there and innovating anti blows his office. I think it's crappy, adding that those who commit crimes obviously need only held accountable for their guns. But to act? as the one is entirely acceptable, where they were can businesses that have nothing to do with their number slights versus people who wrong, obviously discouraging violence. But did you can understand if they were upset target? What they saw as at least targeting
but would influence to and which would you know shorted there now for the re under saying, if you're going to actually look at it, and so ok, where is the all we anger is misplaced and my biggest problem to which this insurrection is its is it's really do like any of us, would like parliament to do something. You know that you're, the flintstones you're that you're the guy lackey the joint agreement, capital building, boss, Domini they're, just gonna arrest. You knew set us back ninety years. That's the real problem with it not dimension. That is morally reprehensible, but protesting. For example. Let's just take the protest in the words marching on the capital. Is very much more sensible when you are saying hey, they are not a meanness evidence. We think that Washington DC is occur, is a corrupt town with politicians who are looking after their own self interest versus marching down a street molotov cocktails businesses re Bernay you weren't the one hiding in a bathroom four blocks away through changing. Yet
hinge. Did a crack headed hinges crack I dont know if it was a fortress, were. Apparently she lived in the house from Annabel what bathroom door just about Algeria, church basement worth only wall right sake, a pig boys, it doesnt know now pass ok, but what else have one of the story here? While we're fact checking because we're talk, we can talk about it and I were lying. We're not backtracking. This is these last year, by the way, everything, as I said, is a lie that they are actually they weren't, toupee bombs or five hundred, and they were all under Dios he's been as I just said, is bullshit. Thank God, you brother, but nothing else too. If you look at a time, I have Donald Trump speech. This is what the Trinity speeches, violence begets violence, Donald Trump saying fight like hell, or you won't have a country anymore, even though he said peacefully, and he said
you need a leafy jerry, liveliest, hey I've, gotta get me peacefully understand Donald Trump card from the hip. You didn't speak very articulately, but to argue that he actually encourage people to commit any act of violence is silly. I won't go along with you down that trail. I don't care if you demand that I say it or threatened to bear me. Fine, see you in court. Ok, he didn't, incite violence around and even come close to encouraging violence. That being said, if you look at the Timely, and this is something else we we did the math when his each ended verses when the actual actions of violence occurred on the state cap. Took an hour and you're telling me you have washing together on the six Donald Trump speech ended at once and Pm Eastern and then the the rat began at one eleven p m. One has any real. That's that's one point eight miles, one point eight miles away so assuming that diatribe even said that if they have no, then I am assuming that even said that they will
had to run one point. Eight miles on point eight miles in one minute in the world record is like three minutes in forty three second for one minor fast but yeah for one, my for one mile, and so because, the guy with the wars mustache at em, it's busters is an interesting doing his job anymore. We decided to put it to you. test to see if it is actually physically possible to make that happen. Course. I hurt my knees, so we go now to the running of the internet. Ok joking around we have them. We have been waiting right now, we're going to start them. They're gonna be running of one minute mile, one point minute mile and there they're running to the studio them will have them the studio later on decent, how an eight miles the interns. Ok, all right, let's check in with them, Are you guys ready there? They go
I don't know if they can hear me right now, the others we got. Ok oh that's, a runner darkness, sex gonna turn out as a twin flats created. Ok, one of the story of wanting to get really quickly in us. I think we're done on their way here. Elon musk, There's a real story gets mobile. Ok, and I think this is important, just a touch on, because it is proof positive to me why nationalism is the most potent form of anti racism that exists, but exclusively the United States So even mosque he's under investigation right now, and you know why I do being good being good, and yet here we were dying. Mother see the day. I was wrong about Donald Trump and a lot of fronts is also wrong about Elon Musk on lower. I look areas he's a billionaire playing with his money, he's a billionaire playing with his money, cool stuff. I think he can
use the system a little bit with the green subsidies. But when you look into how the system is rigged for the big three, it's not even close an effect you on mask the greenest entrepreneur throughout the history of modern mankind that I can think of any I had to leave California flip them the bird to run his green company from Texas, it just to feel story of the year, a beautiful, but these actually under investigation. This is according to the OJ in March twenty twenty on now, U S! Citizen enquiring about a position of technology strategy, associate that's a mouthful a job at Spacex. He was asked about his citizenship status. Do you the attorney LISA Sandoval, stated that space ex ultimately failed to hire him for the position, because he is not the? U S, citizen or lawful. minute resident on a second Elon musk is under investigation for asking papers so that he would not be breaking the law nets.
This is why this is lying. Nationalism speak because that that little self that look that little african American more effort. American than you I run, it was more a marinate American, then that commie broad, a oh see because he understands that the United States of America is nationalism is not a racial identity. Hunting noticed it it's about ideas, about our ideals here It's why someone like an african American you unless I want him on our american team more than I want white privilege, professor commies, ok, the only way to successfully vaccinate people against racism, Is nationalism with an identity centred on wills and principles, and a shared identity coalescing under freedom, Elon Musk, your first draft for us absolutely. I can't believe investigating improve upholding one by the way he was he's being investigated because he asked the question
you can't ask that quite a lot of things. I don't worry, we'll put national legal immigrants hobbled to business owners you higher than the rest. You I'm asking like show me your papers and then I hope How is that not a good thing? We, like a great thing, are you sure you told him security numbers one, two, three, four: five: zero J rate things for american workers and by the way, even if you want to grant citizenship to every single caravan that can get into a ninety eight dodge sauntering on up to the border. It's a good thing for working conditions for migrants, because there on the books, for you guys, don't worry about sanctuary cities that they be afraid to go to the cops if they're here illegally. Don't we want people on the books, a rat's, ass about union jobs, you don't even want Americans to have jobs, the game is rich and if you look, deeper into that story that they actually requested a lot of files from emanate that that the company gave the files that they requested that pertain to this
civic incident within their like men? And we want everything? Probably they gave the files and comply because they didn't think there could possibly be anything come now. They had to say it was a court order, find you have two in their discovery process, but there are like men and we want all of the other. What I'm saying is if I'm Elon musk and they go home, you want to make sure that you are not employing illegal Roma and we want to make sure your employing illegal in similar ethic. Ok, so hold on hold on time. So no illegal immigrants get hired, fine, get you and I'm supposed to determine that. How can ask the question what's the next step, ass motionless walk me through this. I just you know what this is. Vice nationalism is an antidote to racism. It's an antidote to f no centralism. I don't care What you unmask looks like it's kind of weird. Please don't What kind of weird kind of weird looking do. He's american I'm making it work. That's what I wanted to say that african American who, I hope you get some that African American Grant money Julia. We haven't even looking.
that doesn't get measure our east IRAN. She got some. She did. She got some probable and everyone, a tac ghettos get money grand and show that if a global everybody she's right, there's a broken and it's like that's cute you're, not a subsidy is really is Sworder. Rapprochement is now emerging Anders she's, not by her liner linguistic stay. I hear people once it's, not black, its african American Charlie's there, in the end you I must was one or not that having mechanisms can have on the wrong side. Over their social beneath the account the killings I'm not saying I think everyone is on the wrong side over there. They haven't gotten right ever. True. Aren't chart and it just a pendulum swinging of genocide. They just brought back farmers goes there like sorry, we killed you, but how do you gross? We really
by not primarily planting in sand. Tell us more yes, yes, I'm here at this down this baby cure aids. Please put it down for it underground just don't know what it is, somewhere in the relief safely yellow, be cultural differences. Think actually we're gonna be checking in with our interned before I move on to the new by the new gunnbiorn, what's being put to the house which a lot of attention due because their focusing on more of their focusing on representative green right now right you see this unseen and focus green focus on removing our committees, because you believe some crazy stuff granted. Let's not focus on removing your second amendment rights. Russia is of course, sitting here before that we have heard we have the internet or they are they. an early start run away, I think, are still on their way. They still ok they're in Albania, the internet. We got em back. I've ordered Finally, what was they didn't make that there's? So we know that they may das know. Did you so ok You think it's partner with much longer one thing.
a completely unrelated bright, show them what you can do with Europe with your niece here. Look at us get the camera it look. He can walk with his feet backwards, watch this. What oh my city, Reao guy, can horn. The internet is ever ok when you guys meant where's that where's where's Thomas where's Finnegan, we lose him. Did we lose then again now we carry on as we have as at the atomic energy that Stephen yeah you set me up with Gabby. Will you jumbo jet car insurance? I needed sure Stephen what what's happening? Thomas Finnegan talk to US Do you can't get maiden now? I can get you have the house to show, but the tents did you hurt yourselves? Did he hurt him to Thomas Mann? Cannot himself sounds window
a robot on sound, very good, now, Thomas. But again, I think you need to go forward. Doktor gap he's not gonna help. You right now Thomas we'll, take care of yourself you know what what are you guys go back and get Thomas are right when you guys later Gabby by the way? It's not you don't just get health insurance from going to again, because I, like car insurance, I save a ton of money have talked with such as allows you compare unsure, trade, especially if you ve been handling insurance for very long time, you're really intolerable robbing the rights just check I gotta get. I think I was the promo is we have gathered outcome of underground right behind. You cannot really check it for free. You can just check your current car insurance rates and just save money, because what people want realises that bank on you not actually watching your rates, gaunt yeah, so Gabbett, conflict, crowded, and help Thomas than now than it really is. Simple. What am I was, I felt very stupid for having not used at all
What else do we have here? I don't know we have some other things to talk about the gun. Do ok, let's get a piss off. I guess we have to wait for last rent yeah this is H, our one twenty seven alone, if you guys, are paying attention to this and by the way comment, can't that's the best thing you can do that you're watching this on an archive stream. Just comment written, I can't live because we don't want all the crazy people come and live and then Youtube Holding is liable to different standards because it creates but comment. If you been following this bill hr one twenty seven, it's insane gun bill and no one's been talking about it because I ve been talking about they talk about game. Stop maybe talk. They talk about the green right here and there not talking about people being around. did for means or bills that will remove your ability to defend yourself. I met some of the most violent uprisings we ve seen in our country, so generally forth. This was two days before the capital right. This was the piece of legislation was introduced to the house, and Nancy Pelosi advocated for extra secure
This kind of gain steam right this gun. Now, because Pelosi was I want to know when we consider inciting violence where she was saying we need more security measures because of the enemy within any with GM clip. I I do believe- and I have said this all along- that we will probably need a supplemental afore out more security for members once again. is with in the House of Representatives. That's all you're centre. In that way, the light from the insurance companies- and I gotta go, I really say losing it- was directed by TIM Burden, This is America, and this was a knight errant rhetoric for unity, The enemy is within right. What does that mean? Can you define an enemy you guys are a little bit loose with definitions of definition, but enemy seems like it would be: caustic, yes, and by the way, if identify this enemy, what actions are now ok for me to take to deal with this enemy right? Because your basic
just telling me: we have an enemy that has to be dealt with a K. What how do we deal with this? And I understand, if you say, for example, this is a problem with some dangerous conspiracy that you do so on the right and left, but I think you see far more on the left, because electrocuted everyone disagrees with them are being Nazis. You have a very small contingency of radicals, on the right who think that some people need to be hung for treason when they don't necessarily need to be hung for trees, right That being said is not nearly as pernicious as you see a Yossi referred to all Trump supporters as white supremacist, you just People only refer to Republicans as enemies within, and so when you, you paint your opposition as Nazis, as just as enemies within it lit look. Don't think anyone want to go to you if an actual Marty with swastika his arm walked in and they went up punishment.
Very simple, who wasn't right technical punch, my brethren in the thing you know like a jacket, I wouldn't pull down. My shirt like you are welcome to check him we're gonna check because our removed but open. he regretted it was one drunken night. It really was a guy, but like I attach to last forever so you think it's important sponsor of a bell by the bank Herpes, the founder of the body. Must I got em both that night, I'm kidding, I dont have let it happen, more concerned with you, knowing they didn't, have herpes and having no, I meant tattoos. Now I have catches and Herpes and a strong belief and rights,
This is why you're getting on days is, you know I pay guy he's back on with another mask right now, she's holding as as Democrats prepared a whole vote to strip representative from committee roles. Look, I haven't done a bunch of digging into green, because I, found something that I dont like. I was that I disagree with ok. That being said, I dont think wanted to be stripped for wrong. Think just because, because that's it needs to be applied, Where does so she's absolutely wrong, but can we can get the anti Semitism from Omar and to leave and they are that something that is equivalent to saying that? Maybe then level you may find out, I'm marrying your brother, yes, but while we're talking about radicals
from a green? Ok, let me give you that just so, we can, for the sake of ok, green lets, a radical you gonna go to the process and get rid of earn. You go to you go through the process. Is an agenda that exist. Ok, listen! That's your prerogative are fine but We also address what we're talking about this gun bill. The found of the feast, the lady who helped draft this bill she Jackson. Lee letter explain in her own words. While we're talking about is a radical and it gets worse what it means this bill. I feel that I mentioned is dealing with a terrible weapons held in Vienna my hand. It is it's me I wish I had it that you might be moving ten boxes using hands up. If you care about these kinds of bullets, to be wise and do not need to be industry to cheat to that.
The danger mine there just say that air fifty fires, fifty cow, as you know that it's just stay out here. She did and issues that that's the first Pearl necklace she's warns. Nineteen sixty four just say that if I was to think I didn't even have you any idea? What a fifty Kallas given idea of doing this I've just this is shows this woman is drafting a bill which we will go route season. AIR Control of your ability to protect EU and yours, frightened, your God, given right, without even knowing anything about that EC firearms? Not only that, while we're talking about radical either. She is so mine, numbingly, dumb, that she shouldn't be anywhere near a pen level a piece of legislation or She holds the radical view, as recently two thousand ten that there are still two Vietnam's today. We have two Vietnam's side by side, north and south, exchanging working and then this what what is it
the lower SIRI Martha. What does that mean? You mean that, country the war. How we're talking about a letter? I don't know what that means. No, I think she's still. I think she thinks you're too Vietnam's in two thousand by the way they work than south. They can't be besides, it's like I'm links, took everything in Germany. You get so you get more like what ails see where you get an all off track on a pipe bombs in creaky doors on this, because it would show that Europe. Would you like a lot I sighed and longitude one? Of course you don't have to travel here. The census speaking throughout this is another true story about Rhett representative Sheila, it Sheila Jackson, Liege highlighted recently. I want my try going to write a three names jaunty unaware that when someone named, she stole it, your last name, one dollar, I couldn't see flight. from a Human rights ACT of Modern day,
and then it writes about realised by modern day rose apart, and I agree that this is my seat. Now this bill is making or sense tar lesson I pay you pay three hundred dollars for this is my now Mammy tickets is a thirty. We arrange your first class first class landed on me. Isn't what gets a Jackson and Kevin Psmith we're talking about? I guess I know how Rosa okay, so, let's do be fair crazy, but the view the views and got the views in the bill are not that crazy. Again the bill. We have all these sources available out of kind of outcome. I want to make sure I think we have the bill read up on the website right HR, one, twenty seven, all the pages are numbered. There are real thing H whose peoples for
It is in all our neighbours in California squatters rights. He was their first report. This is a little like a one liner and then they just take a picture which is up against the window like they can't see me. If only gets episode of going over the Twilight Zone thing on the wind, you you see, I think we're Dave do this and have a hidden camera to see how it goes. I want one hundred percent of no value time for your white ass to be stowaway, reflected only on a play. You see when you, this is black. Make I'm going home to see page everything about
That story is funny. What's not funding control that this lady has real? Don't don't you think we sought me, but I think it's definitely didn't like this. We would use our remaining fire arms in place them promptly in our mouths and their very heavy therein. Boxes Where am I happy cap she's a light? Packer they're gonna get some sort of a wash down, is delicious first class and taken the champagne to get first class because I gotta get my carry on first, a our fifteen fit the cap. You no invitation Samsonite Bitch, I'm going to check a bag within some needles to sugar. The competitive incident needles, you respirator pack, a bag, carry my foot Otto doktor sitting on, take my feet and then it will happen, and you know what what will take
I'm below my be on my way, and so it is not. My cannot see patch ok dispose going to deliver on the floor with go into my bra la go. I gotta connecting flights to a private island. Gonna biggest Oh, you mean Maza, but you re not going about. This fits not she's great, but so is from a vice. Joe Biden right, because you run on a platform that would ban all online firearms sales and semi automatic weapons that can hold more than three rounds because he thinks you're Double their yacht gun about the way semi automatic is one pull the trigger Bang Bang. I know you
the gun. Guys I'll give you some out. You can actually react. These cause. You're, you think your own fire. I do but you're not like you not like a hobby as soon as it has a house of Group in Detroit. That's true, he has, I think, the issue at birth yeah, I've heard, many go off. So how many pulled on me in two places I wasn't was to be well tat. You didn't help! No, it does when you shouldn't be sunbathing how well spent. Indians live needs. A majority in the lock down to a few polish gaze in Detroit got that. So this is what the build this cell for me, Sheila jangling by the way, is not their ethnicity appears in the bill. Adele, base nationwide for licensing possession of firearms and animation would be made accessible to law enforcement and the public. So there you go and defer black lives matter can know where all the gun owners live well.
Given that it was? The emotion is well the ammunition. If you buy it, I a firearm and you buy ammunition, you'll be put on a public registry every. Could access and go Dave Deva Textual not so funny, now, first class and all the way to go right. Sex offenders have more like a syllogism, even if you are on this list very worried, for I will you. I know how to find the cynics quite wily. Dingaan did sex offenders. It's I'm a vigilante wouldn't thing. Neither knowledge is, I'm not worried. I bought mine out of a brown paper bag and I was like lives matter teacher serial numbers. I do understand, seem to your tanked up how this who come back to bite me, but I gotta go feeling about you. I, like you, pay a tab. Double so you're employ your employees who don't like you of your business owner your nosey neighbours, the guidelines of the world. When we seem people dragged out and coughed because they were walking their dogs and countries with lockdown rules. What do you think,
going to happen when moms demand action, no, that they live next door to a revolver owner and its public. When it's also like a list of for thieves to go, ok well, they These guns breakin there and take all your guns another. I now criminal sanctions over the years they might as well. Just tell me where you keep em right and like how yeah be for you to get the combination and protect your family there. Let me guess, and how long before any wrong we charge your ring doorbell battery set, why in it for everybody who have had their seeing other people have better things to do the worry about that you, member, when people are being exposed for donating to the Republican Party pressure, was being applied, that they be fired or have to step down from their positions of leadership and companies they dont have better things. it is another thing right turn out to be half of Beverly Hills of neurons, fresh prince with non accurate, the pension fund.
Far from it. So this is also in the building and we have a lot of candidate comes. You can read all that its hundred pages, but this is, I believe, from page for Sixteen, I haven't in front of me here obtainable, since for a fire and by the way, while you would require psychological evaluation involving members of your household and here's the worth and any Ex spouses what they filled with first off, I don't agree with some general just generics. Ike Evaluation, whose determining the evaluation. If you didn't the into sleeper of Unita Xanax. Can you not on a firearm? But let's say ok, because the left wants to say that the right is fringe radical and that their centrist? Ok, let's say it was a central point of view too pass a psych evaluation, let's even say that some people might believe it sensible for you to be able to protect yourself from criminals, violent criminals and writers, and your neighborhood that this evaluation would require members of your family,
intervention, point? There still shoehorning spousal, but this is the seventh you ve never heard, I'm a wonderful person just ask why exploit happily right, Stephen, you would fail on this. Even do you feel like people out to get you yeah. I know The carbon question? Why do they do that as well? You can answer yes, this is: can we close to home because jailed knows that at one point I was almost people thought I was. I had a question, like you think, you're, the impending film, that people want to hurt you. I just got enough What if the darker Stanley I kind of interesting we asked, do you feel the constant pressure to perform as though everyone's watching you ok waiter, Can I see this
no you're, not gonna work, but even getting asked the question. It's like well, yeah watcher end goal in that question. I feel like you're kind of up to get me right auxiliaries. Currently laid down and well, you know what I guess, maybe we'll put down for twenty two in nine months. That's about. As far as we are willing to go. Here's a major you use, people might hurt you yeah, that's what I wanted to getting quite laundry. You know karate rod and check out the local cobra Kai now that flax paper you to read, I'm sure you'll get some from their just hand. Your final paperwork to my security guard on the way out India will be sure to be in touch also by the way comment. Just that's the best thing you can do, except at the fourth addressing new comment. If you ve read this bill HR one, twenty seven most welcome where's. My mother tells us like evaluation and I ll
a very large area, where do you go to where you can read the bill I went to the congressional website was not on. We have that we have a pdf. I think a lot of good. That's what we try and do you know this is a comedy showing, how significant Andrew gotta get banned, presenting it's crazy? Oh my gosh. To do you know what they might benefit is is implying that she resembles aren't Jemima than one they'll say yes, readable characteristic, not all women were what do you say that about K Washington? What do you want? the do, since she lost her job? As I'm now frank white people ruin uncle ban you're something else in the the bill, there are so many things in the political arena. Rattle supporting culture, submit a notice to the Bureau of Alcohol tobacco firearms explosives. I call it party city notify the attorney general when one wants to loan a firearm. If you want to do that to be mandatory twenty four hour training for obtaining a licensed are being annual. Eight hundred dollar gun insurance fee required.
No license for military style weapons which, if you actually know the assault weapons and you just means a pistol, grip, verses of vertical grip and by the way, Joe Biden things. Anything that isn't Elmer funds shot gun is a military style assault weapon. A ban on ten round magazines ban on fifty cow, which is just so because she thinks that today our fifteen scare, try and fitted in like she's just like prone to enable the bullet will fit. That's cause us around and that's the wrong gas not allow it. You use it. You must not be certain first class of Massey. This one have kung fu grip penalties, the other penalties are five to seven thousand. Oh sure, why the seven thousand hours, MRS who does this hurt the most look? Well, where police response times the worst in the country in Detroit, where do people? where people not able to afford private jets, like John Kerry or sick already details like Sheila accidently and so their great equalizer name for women and the weak and frail is what has once been referred to as the Grady.
Lives or Sandra quarter made people equal. This we'll negatively affect the most impoverished the most vulnerable among us this bill. If you were to craft a bill to guarantee that women women in inner cities have no defence from would be rapists. You'd be hard pressed to create something better than this. The absolutely, by the way, the task everybody who the capital building on January six, if they would have felt better if they had had a site arm with them, because the capital police were overwhelmed? Are you I mean you have to go to the country to worry about response times? Let's go, downtown allay during the riots the summer when the police basically left in areas in New York in Chicago in Portland in Seattle, edges raising two neighbouring peoples they also, but we're gonna, just called the cops. Therefore, have you ever situation, where the cops didn't show up immediately like kazoo later had
what you have just happens as they are my God, someone's in my house is unsure, but grim afforded them. Do you think there are three to five minutes? Good luck, Reginald, Danny Use. Now a penguin wrangler just think regional, Rambo Right for no reason Oh he was prevented from entering. We think the big Billy kilowatts rights again all right. They pull them out there. Now it's it's amazing these. This is something look. We can't afford security details. We can't afford private. I can't afford a private jet, usually fight. So usually like you know John Kerry. I can't afford usually steel. First, I can't afford private security detail everywhere I go so I have a genuine and I have some fire. This is that these these votes, or so out of touch they dont understand how the rest of America lives here
only convenient to them when they need some kind of a union voting block or to convince you that Trump voters are white supremacist. Why do you think that there's let their lower black unemployment under Donald Trump than ever before? Why do you think that was lower violence until the riots, according to don't remember, before Does truth for for his bombastic, as he is he's too bombastic to be paying attention to come. He is right. No debts is what about Black ruggedo care. They get the shade thing. You guys want. That's a novel approach, stranger and one thing that you really did hit on those a lot of these fines like two five, seven thousand dollars. These are based on their own ludicrous salaries that they can easily of network than what any other American can actually come up with. Eight hundred,
hours a year just to ensure it is, how do you get for the insurance? Didn't even say? What are you? Well listen. What do you expect your talking about administration that put more this? This VP put more nonviolent marijuana offenders behind bars and private. They were good labour, yeah, she's, she's, walking, reefer madness, okay and now she wants. Doing about face, and this is what they wanted to now. They now want to strip minorities and people and communities who can afford private security details. Now that police response times of even being able to exercise oh God, given right to self preservation, I'm pissed off. So let's go now. Listen everywhere! You can comedy and watching on Youtube for those were muslim. Members will be taking your chat. We have many to police sketch. Artist, therefore, is that we need to talk about that they take giant, only really happy with Youtube? You can have covered up. Would you do
Emma seepage answer out the small first, I thought you'd thought your white ass could enjoy full grain premium level. I just I just I paid for this. My grandfather was a flame. What are our gold member? What what's next, what's next seven proposed last year, was even worse. I wanted Stop her for audio anyone's first class foots grandmother. You can't like the sheets he's got that she does have a grandmother. Look whether she's, air and tomato in and out ass. She was an old likely layer. Exotic for a second set of native land. Now try to intimidate someone into giving up their first class that he wouldn't be sucked out the window. Oh I ve killed we would actually like gas, even Seagal and executive decision before act too willing to everybody's its. Therefore, now that they have given our pass on this when she's gonna take it to the next level, she's just gonna go walk in a net. Jetson go that's my plane as let's go go Warren!
what should I got stuff to do? Why money and try to keep me down old, Dolliver Backup bill? seven offering to Nebraska furniture? Might not even in Nebraska put Diet and Texas, you can see, we can avail cop, I'm not playing. My plane. Now nobody gets a break your boss, dumb ass glasses, but don't ask Joe Mass investing next, just by the way ass I got it. Would you replacement of fit my fit to calves? well, I've got a historic occasion, For some reason I don't know what I just. I just kept track outside and put it up and put my fifty cars in a month or contribute shape It is easier to solve a twenty eight peace puzzle and it takes me three day. Dashes french revolution is french for, like it throws it like a slingshot, but it don't kill that is its annoying. Accurate data it is not accurate. You know a cheese
she's not accurate, estimating wait, no ten boxes who knows what's in those boxes where it wouldn't one rabbis, it has one on try and up the rates. Do that you're gonna pay for a carry onto our gonna pay for a check back. What do I put my batteries? Warm, but Joe S and us back animal, nothing about that shit can put my camera batteries in stowaway. What does that mean? You see this red eye glass, mother. What is that a threat? It is I'm not afraid. I would really like Hitler knife that means I got no death perception. and so I can walk not even know in not held legally liable. I can assault in say if my glasses, yeah. I got my only have one hour to gather. Did this he ain't gonna need
that being said it was. I was what were the only person in Schenectady who was marked by a blind person that year my hands off the inertia is difficult to put off you. He was I'd. Have like a kid like what sort of government under the jacket you oughta gotta go only glasses, I didn't know he was- bondage legally I mean he was hit me we wanted impose and his dog bit me. Actually you know it think it was more, so I got in his way to try to take his head. It gets even a bus. Let's be honest, I took his wallet. aid is she'd, been even work. I just take a token. Also desire, not less register myself sit. I gotta go see. I've gotta go draft. A bill in the morning, madrigals usage, Malaysia and I will know laser James bounced. I've gone Emma Water mom, you shock angles,
it is now it would be a shame if you'll see, instead of you being in it had marked in the sea and be a shame if that didn't happen. I turn your ass thick ass he's gonna, do you can go see joys and, I concur races about Lucy about human rights activists. That was just a bad luck of a dream and if you try to do something about it, I will legislate away you're right to protect yourself. Have my fault shoot? You use an ado. Why don't You make a right and go down to thirty two b he has got a nice view. Overlooking the star
Imagine the whole life has a button. It has a button. They said you can reclined, but you keep ok. My recent she slowly becoming Caprio, enjoying this lady is a career politician who provides no value to the american public and wants to legislate away, you're right, ok and people. We will be more offended that white guys did black voice but I will of course, right back voice. I don't know HANS, and black face was minstrel shows where people were specifically drawing to degrade people and make black people feel lesser than through this practice of black. It's what wasn't doing impression of someone's voice, by the way we were doing an impression of what she did. At first glance, also useful that our way
cooler than why have you absolutely? I really already so I dont know if twenty three in me can bite like there's a cool Jean with black people, that when there is the truth, no one will know what it wants to be white for cool points. You know, I know one of your life. You know, because higher pay now that, but not for cool point now tracked by Nancy Pelosi right here. Look at achieving this basis since gonna take some money, but worth investment Alex you just walked out is walking away. He walked off from House buccaneers people and what happened is the distinction stream conspiracy ready to make between side house are a threat of she talking about people who said that our sitting president colluded with Russia, is actually talking about banning Jerry's blood diamonds? Cherry was melt
then her fridge that the aim of about three of John carries playing. Oh yeah, that's what he's doing now is not doing what you guys don't give three planes like a GDP snow Razor who gives a climate award in Iceland, where everyone is going to have to take a plane to get there should be a political, its assholes keeping horrible pay due it virtually it's a pretty good lookin trophy though it's just a polar bear, holding onto the top up. Do you know this duty? my polar booze. Do you know what happens at the polar bear? Let's say because it uses had more polar bears were dying by them, are poorer porters and they were so Polar bears were dying because they would have to swim further to to reach, like other icebergs, What happens if a polar bear stop swimming? Nothing did, did you know no life, look They turn over and they float the APOLLO hairs. They naturally are
and really make it would take effort to drown. I'm not gonna lie. They would have purposefully drowned themselves yeah. I thought the woman's rights you were dead, I'm married or that was suicidal little Africa yearly me. They want a debate like out Detroit, that's it I mean if there's one to the latter, they're not gonna, feel at home. Well, in the winter the importer grabber rocket Take me home about, like all told in Iraq, at the bottom of the pool like bill, Marinas, Budweiser, sure, that's and Rushmore black Bear keeps take Spock This is my rock. This is drowning suicide
I can only warn you dont get to check out of his mouth first. The grizzly bears like yours is happy to be ok. What should I bring us? I don't you know we should really be doing this on the show, but we have actually wonderful artist here smooth, namely the Colombian who has been hearing from the past me actually went to school and studied art, he's a wonderful painter and he's actually moonlights, as a police state artisans and now it's time for smooth many, the police, catch artist alright, smooth Manny is here, will need to adjust the men quarterback gives them over their internal to monitor so that smooth Manny cannot see. Ok, the picture could become so smooth many tell people low, but for people who don't know we ve done this before you went to school for art
I can hear him again make their up there and we say: can hey hey? Ok, we you went to school for what it was: a bachelor, fine arts and hastily computer information, but I learned or London isn't it bachelors, but other than that it is an s. So he's foreign scale required that there might be added my weight yeah. That's your fear, foreign, so you're, ok with our. She would genuinely bit right. Yeah, ok, data, we're fine As long as the guy who looks white doesn't mind yes, my God, you really don't want to job security. Do you Dave got out a baby, an you moonlighted to police catch artists. Yes, I didn't say that this is your side job and it's a lucrative career. You know nowadays there secure
the camera footage radio. I always wondered that you know like what, if, if, if Christopher Walken was out of work, that there are no more dead zones, there's that do not necessarily only the psychic and the gazebo to figure it out. Well, I've got simply safe there just lining up. Like can I help now we ve got ragged rigour so we are going to describe for you. A recent criminal outlined criminal and you're going to for us to know why we do this. Why not just taken the process. You know every now and then also lets show offer people watching when we taking your chat here, my club, but this is the person. That's that's, ok. I am seeing that for the first time. Well, HU. I hear you Dave come over here tonight. Community I come over here, sit down, there's just ass, you see you can see it. They can just really quickly hold it up to date. And I can come around and see What I have to get many many wonderful, so I'm going to start with the circle.
Well, you know what it's it's a little more angular. We mean angle, I mean some people have you know like oval faces in Germany will have more chiseled features in some people have really reaches or Vienna, so almost as though they were actually place there with a chisel so chiseled like a very manly job or like I wouldn't say that: no, no, no, no, no man loans. I would urge cheekbone chiseled angular. Definitely I mean a defined jaw or I may be a bell pepper. Was there was a chisel down to nothing gas, roughly so very angular. So, yes, a sharp jaw line. This person is very thin houses like a jolly jocose or more too thin. No more thin thin angular a little like less a little less Jacko a little more Gerard deposit, though that over snow,
the whip land little slightly whiplash, drawing iron man or Dudley. Do right? Ok, so I would say this. So very God I note with interest the noble Algeria is almost not one. So is a very It's a very thin, very thin areas and small thin. No like picture someone who knows maybe a nose job who had too many, and then it got too small. Like someone who might need this to having a high notes. I gotta citizen, politically. It is not that far what about the ice big small squinting lifeless What I am lifeless until but child might work. into the room, but only the picture is yet to take. This point no right now, it's that of disappointment, but there I would say that kind of their not soup. Around little almond shaped you. No kind of like I don't wanna dog is happy. You guys eyes are why
I'd like had an airliner little bit cry between high is this. This looks like credit, and it's not know about you, but I'm not a woman. That air is. I don't know if you would say it's a lot, so this person is wearing black fedora. Ok and battened down shirt like Corey Feldman, might well run yeah. Look I cards like a federal court Feldman. Why might where a red button down shirts a blackberry? in coming out is kind of demand. Long hair, it's it's kind of a mollet, but that its longer in the front thing I would like a soul glow like a soldier like us, an irish girl girl not not like a surfer kind o, I don't the joint whenever I handle it. I say you described
I mean I'm not gonna, druther hat but maybe saying earlier. Canada, curly, wavy, hair curly like not like, like tight pearls, but you know it's black hair. That is somewhat currently think like an eighty sort of a kind of eighties rock and roll yet will not serve for my wrestler kid on a waterbed, yeah, yeah, yeah, rice yeah. I just want to curl up with some hot cocoa and go through hormones won through seven and their parents, or staying six miles away at the nearest hotel yeah. What about your eyebrows? We know full well, there's artificial, artificial artifice. eyebrows, so there art there pillar, thin and angular sent an act. Or again, everything is re angular having as very sharp. This person keeps in shape, but sharply methamphetamine like angry shores, yeah yeah, that's good! yeah yeah, you are getting very red area allows not so much in shape is, has enough pills in them to not be able to eat food or keep it down.
The true really did not mean that require it. No really that really not required. So I would Describe this purpose a marvel of science very much so we're almost say the skin town of your dad beat the black off yeah yeah yeah, since we re very red lips area, be read rain, very, Guy pray, worrying, horrifically abuse. Yes, no at a very difficult and very, Inter Alia, embryos became a monster. what's most disconcerting to me as it smooth many still doesn't know the G8, and here too there is a moment of magic whereby realises that he's racist or he's homophobic. He has no idea where this plane as land, now that the beat the black off of your kind. It's kind of gave it off. I think that's what the hell did you visit as this woman who do we use that form
pray, let me know, let me know if, if I'm wrong, because of your data the black. Have you got it on her getting Klaus is put on your argument. I love you know who this is. Why did their smiling? Because if it is way thinking as there is a kid in the room, Are you? Are you putting a kitten? No, that's! I wouldn't incriminate myself you and examine your Yahoo, I want to hear you might come into the house with the parents too. in a settlement. I think some parents asked for that. Apparently I made it. This is what I am able to do. The right thing. When HBO comes calling in the statute of limitations rang, Often when one has there come to Jesus moments: richer. Yes, the beat the black of youth and gave it it's gotta be
equal, Jack's yeah bring us some reason. You Druidism Scooby do veal, and after that I got accident before you knew. What will you Michael Jackson, so what about the lips? I always liked. I always remember him with this really weird but Chin. They just look like the? U nobody cancer hated him yeah, like our credit, Nobody would convince. The kids was his, but he also mentioned I don't think so. You know the difference. Like start like like the haunted house, when you turn off the lights and you'd, tell the kid at the meatballs or eyes yet eternity put its achievement was the son of right
Ferris will when you can't sit down. I so rightly verse. This rise wrong with all lips gave me. Let's finish up the lips here behind you and you know what use the good thing is. This man is a well known. Criminal is alleged to lead a life seminar with grim and smooth variant. He's a pitiful rapist going on. Well now: listen! Listen! We never! Moselle day homosexual pet outbreak, homosexual pedophile, rapists, Michael Jackson, sustainable at all in the mirror again poor Rodya he they said Mc Gowan still make fun of o J or my legitimate and sexual and then make us look where he just call, though the aim to call me that's when you got five, I love and I want to see the original draft of Yellow Jackson songs cause it's all about. Like loving women- and you know it
So you really don't matter your six or rather like an elegant little job. Thank you. Thank you. So much appalling. Could you please go ahead? change all the boys to women. I don't have the time until thirteen gather creepy stuff latin commitments, avenues to just see now, cuddly. Ok, you mustn't. Jesus. I do not know enough about dissolved and red wine in a diet. Coke can, but I believe, is a six year old who does early met each other. we'll go on tour with them around the World Data base, don't just a chimpanzee. He was expensive, but he is best will by the German.
Well, that's it. That's Nancy was like an animal and cap captivity. Blown hyperbole aggressive was the same. You knows the old Navy Chimp in Connecticut that they gunned down in the drive one that was Michael's no Windows, Ireland. It was the old Navy one though there would sit in the car on the commercials really an and she got it was like. You know what chimps like wine and one Zanna AIDS orphans. They had a fight over the remote. Yes, we'll motion was like here's, a banana cake in Van ripper fates.
later when you go from a fine burgundy, Striven Anna cakes, just not going to do it in the first phase transplant and boy? Did it look like the for all right? Let's say my axe and let's see this year, you got it right. You guess it's like guess who only in remaining value very much smooth Manny this amendment. May the police gets artist functional gotta Lack Garret, a new Youtube's form,
Ok, let's go to some chat. We have a lot to ever next week. I will be I'll, be here all of next week and the following week. I will be there through when you're not gonna, be here. You have some shows coming next week. I will be here. I will be back, we can next week we have large twin so heavily. We may have Tarsi Gabert on for a long form and the following week. I will miss one Thursday because they have to get a male clinic, but I believe that were either going to have. Change from one organised fill in house. So yeah, that's you know it. I appreciate you guys are about pardoning our dustier but all of next week, and then I will be here through Wednesday venomous one day. I'm back, I think you should say chat with the walk in voicing images. Is time can chat is much better so you have to ensure that we must have a chap. Can I turn Parliament's look about a kid, a pack of cigarettes up my ass, I find out what is for tuna turns out. You Chin,
mother. Why, after an idea, why did you say the word? Chattanooga you disappear in the walk and voice. Does sound work in its better check, the bigger the issues look in the United States are now we need. As we hear and then I want your son areas and I went into animal. I always makes token our left, but in the morning when a column like at five in the morning I d I say: hey, you know Jack Blackberry, Workin on the show, Matt Buddy you're the best, and it's not the drugs talkin body, its drags on the phone. It's on the periods, some order to Jack Life. I've never heard, even though I had a wife softened, a five, a m phone call checking up on those It's not press the fairy like learning what I need you to. I just have a debt about a celebrity cruise ship going down with different and it was a giant boys. Favorite bet- and I have always followed with such till. They enjoy sort of impressions instead, but so hard if it in what would seem like if nobody here we're getting is located.
Rights little set up- yeah, oh my god. Now he does a fantastic Nixon I like that, incite get me a fifty cow here. I might add that this is generally more Nixon's offers Europe. What is this? Let us start its work and study I don't want any more than I am wow. This is horrible. I actually got here's the worst part. I got bumped for rich little. What's where show him these freedom to or where you got the bullet there. The whole thing. third in resonate with the audience funny taken. A lotta hits oh, no soul, crushing that is twenty! Three year, like I'm
are you who is there another way now frank travelling? I wasn't available. So sorry we went Little well was, after him, corpse of men number all year so. I was close and very many young men, his neck. It is one we got well too the general line of contact for Phyllis Door she cheese. eleven spry, yes, we'll figure, we'll figure out. Where are you? People are gonna Jack, arrived zone. Palmer has an easy question for you. Why shoulder Harry, you know what actually I just do it because it's comfortable to carry here in the office, so I carrying office and Roma how and it started with, we were going to do an open, carry walk in Austin and we ve been doing it because I was a garret foster thing lamentable, unwanted right people are trying kill us and the city of astern, so we had to get the hell out of Dodge L of the hoboes yes got together. Can it's hard to different,
yet the hoboes- and it is very hard. It is that's just they just get a bunch of hoboes to yell out. I am Antiphon and then you don't know but tat I was gonna, do an open, because I do. I will say this. My goal with this show what it considers to be entertained. So it's it's an entertainment, but as it relates to my point of view as it relates to my police, my conservatism My worldview am, I want to have, as I want to create as many other disciples, Christians, conservatives, good men, good women happy people's humanly possible right. I want to make it as accessible as humanly possible, and so I feel like with firearms. You often have. Is the open carry people who go out there with the most into and there's nothing wrong with this by the way. I'm not that I don't have no problem with these people. It is their right now. I understand the value in it, but I think that we only have kind of two groups of people, people who go out with the intimidating plate carriers, the eight hour fifteen's or the UK, forty seven in their ski goggles- and they say it's my right and it is their right
and then you have people who are really afraid of it, and so I said I want to go and do in old and carry, but I want to do in open, carry walk the way I would want most people to open carry, and that would be. You know something on your hips, or some of us had hip holsters night, put on a shoulder holster, because for some reason I don't know why you add. Leather and steel and its less intimidating people than like a black polymer got because people dont know they assumed, like polymer scary, it's a fifty cow, so I started with that. because it was just really comfortable and I came home, I mean my wife just what she would mean. She was adapts Tuesday, and I think this is really the answer. This is actually a came all the way back around and if I come home and if my wife isn't there- and I put my firearm on my desk- I do it louder. If I treat of Joe Louis and is my wife, she has come. She just comes colleagues. I have enough, that's a big part of it. We want to do, and we will do that eventually, I want more people and I want more.
Begins to be in a good way: desensitized open caring and want Americans to their when I lived in Michigan wouldn't attend we're lotta people open carried because a lot of them are hunters to, and it's not a big deal, but you never see those not open. Carrying with play, cares and our fifteen their walk and laudable have long guns. We see a lot of people with revolvers on their hip, especially if you're going to hunting, and maybe it's like bear season. So that's. Why really all it is, as I wanted to be visible, and I want it to not be scared. You look like a detective. Unlike nineteen sixty movie, that's no role I play you know what I hear these things get really king my first class seat and you have to earn it back. I was not happy about that this one's from Gwen Roberts hatred or just signed up for months. My boyfriend thinks it's. It's us against the politicians instead of red against left. What are your thoughts now? I think
Speakers is often comes from people who are like man. They want. Our leaders want to keep you sheep and that's what these broad broad generalizations like right versus left, an initial people versus politicians will look like gives you a more accurate snapshot of what someone believes if they identify as conservative or fair identifies liberal or if they happen to be a politician or there are great there's some great politicians do we agree with. a whole lot, and I understand that the system corrupts you know. I understand that. Obviously lot is. We will look after their own self interest, but a lot of other issues, we're gonna wanna put late. We put labels on things all the time and I don't want to hide from one it. Look. I'm conservative I've already taken the hits for it and stung with Dave about this yesterday. Unfortunately, conservatives but much little. They never really appreciated, comedy and entertainment. So I was a little bit of a red headed step child there and then a lot alchemy, and never really understood how unsafe it has always been to have right wing views new team industry. They would always say long as president right, it's clean.
But they would say as long as you're as long as it's funny about another matter than now There's wouldn't even represent you. In some cases you I had made him agents drop me and I got into trouble. I would be this is enough thousand five and two thousand sex clubs, but so they wouldn't book there anymore, and I wasn't it wasn't even dirty so anyway, my point is no its, not us versus politicians. You really just do if you're going you're always going to have to make some kind of a label. That's why labels Edition always going to have to make some generalizations to make a judgment, call so you should make them based on values based on principle. And lining people up that way, rather than their job. because then you end up with kind of class warfare. where business owners are all that look. I don't think when I worked on Wall Street is bad. I dont think that they need to pay astronomical taxes, This thinking you to be held in the same rules as every other American. That's my worldview so. If someone understands and agrees with that worldview and happens to work and finance, I consider him an ally. If he happens to be a politician, I consider an ally.
If the politician believes that I should have to pay an eight hundred dollar insurance for you, my address should be publicly posted to Antiphon, just because I own Walter. Well, then it's me against that. First class seats dealing politicians. distinct hearing I get another one more chat and thank you for joining my club. I thank you so much The last year- and I understand what you are saying- and I are your boyfriend saying. I understand that look. It does what the Deca stacked against you and I There is validity to being disappointed and Republicans, dozens of gas aboard their muscle users are final check, big that one there talking on care, gotta get Humphrey interpret. Boats birthday was this: we can blah blah blah wants to know. What do you think he would say to you about current events, putting the fewest alive. You know it's a person but then an interim. We were just on what does yesterday. You asked me if I am, I think you asked me if I knew Andrew yet
Why are we so? The sign in and reducing them indignation was one of the first books that I read from a conservative author right. What do you think the book I loved it yeah pretty baby? This is before the council culture thing. It was our social justice warrior with the term, but Andrew kind of How do I defy that? The left is culture will, and I related allotted to him as when he was young rainy, any kind of explains the progression of just himself and just going from a kid with a certain forced ideology to starting to see it. From picture, and he really does Swain a beautifully all the way to working for the Huffington pose. I mean every that he put in. There is real. It's a really good read for anybody, yeah random. Talk about this before, but not one that I know Interim India was the first person RSVP at my wedding said he ass. He was actually answer. I use looking into profiting western Michigan, oh really, because you said that you, since this is the first place
My kids for summer, like there are lakes in California, but not I didn't know what this was and they put down their phone. It's like this wonderland like he just he keeps you loved it, and I told him he was going to love it and you love the people there. but I will say this: I wouldn't be going any of this, if not for any bright bar and you're right, but it was an accident. I was just short, an incidental lifeline. What happened was I had, I think at this point you I've been doing acting and stand up since I've been very young, and I just want some films. I didn't get paid a whole lot and this point there wasn't really a lot of work. We were after pilot season in my parents said you well, can we better after we better get a job that at this point I want to wait tables have we not lucky Roman and do we have enough money from the last thing that I filmed I'm gonna do Youtube now treat it like a full time. Job do for six months, have enough money for it
months it turned out that then I didn't need after three months. I knew that I could then I could do it and I messaged people as it back. When you took a direct messages. I would message people there were no concern channels, but out fine channels. It we're like pro firearm channels, rod, fine channels, it we're former military channels and says hey. You might like my content and I got to ten thousand subscriber. So I was treating like a fault. job, because I realise that I didn't play well with others in the entertainment we have told the story. I was in a show called Greek where we got into it over South Park and the guy did not like me that ABC family should seriously I hadn't was running. Is I had a character if you're gonna be called Jason? Was posted a multi episode arc and it could just be a Crispin named drunken drunken fat guy number two, because they call them completely immediately after that, I know, is because a very specific conversation we had about South Park and liberals because the guy was a fan of South Park, and I thought he was one of us and he wasn't. The irony was lost, yeah he doesn't itself. But now you don't get South Park and he thought I didn't gets.
Park in that turned into something even more hostile he's not gonna like trays views and is not so what happened I heard Andrew Bright Bart on Dennis Miller Show- and I was this back before really podcast. I would tune in to a. I knew there was a station Texas because it and stand up capacity, comedy club and so I knew the danish voters on the station, so it listen to Dennis Miller almost everyday radiation. I heard a ripe michel- and this is the fourth was bright part- the trademark it was. He couldn't get the website bright, bar or big Hollywood dotcom. The reason his name was included was because you wanted to get big Hollywood, Dotcom, Andrews First Project and was talking about this. On Dennis Militia was big Hollywood. He had to get the url bright Bart dot, big hollywood dot com, because because it was already own intimate with sitting on it and it was a play four conservatives in Hollywood dispute, when it comes to turn into bloggers who were conservative to write about Hollywood, but the first writers, their autism innovation potential.
others again and get eaten John Multi. There are only a handful Adam Baldwin, and I heard in Japan, Barton Dennis Miller, show, and it was just for me kind like you with his book, I suggest gateway. This is that's. That's what he sang. That's what I am you. Don't I've not really heard many people like that before and so I found his phone call them any treated me like I was they had the senior Booker propeller rally spoken me for forty five minutes. He hung up and I sent them a stand up real and then he called back and he said look here is now I see it and I understand what you are doing is caught. It she's a kind of show low voice. I interrupted showing them a static, and that's not what I want to put this to the website, though already posted it. Hurricane and there's an I wanted to write for the site and then I will say a kind of forced his hand. I started doing these Youtube videos and what I just said, As I said to the editor there I said: look how you're going to do at the end of a Youtube video.
I want to put big Hollywood up. There is a credit and will now I can promote you. You cannot promote me and Diana, and there are like you not to delay. I already did it so opposed to video. So I thought I foresaw TAT S important, but it became popular at that point. Michel markets, reposing things hot air, and because of that, I had enough that back then, fifteen thousand Jews on Youtube was a tonne. And then that took me to accompany PDA Tv were actually met, my wife and that to meet a Fox news for four and a half years. yeah, I'd never actually worked for or with educators work alongside I was always to buy, would just contribute where, whenever I felt like it was an open door. We were friends We were colleagues and he was incredibly support of an remember, having conversations in time with me about doing my due diligence before storming constituting the castle, and he really understood what leftism was because he lived in that world. You know we have from LOS Angeles, so he had his finger on the pulse of it and he didn't hate anybody. There was also
thing to people talk about happy warrior. I watched Andrew look Andrew obviously made some mistakes in him and I have our differences, but and really believed and what he did and and change, the media landscape, forever, hematoma bright, brought the trademark and I'm not Andrew bright part, the man- and it was an uphill struggle, It was an uphill struggle model out if he was persona non grata. Their fox news when Bill rally strewed the pooch at one point bill O Reilly, edited the Shirley Shiraz tape out of context and then, when she got fired, blamed Andrew bright part but ensure bright part uploaded. surely Shariah tape she said something racist in the tape and people clapped and then later on. She said I learned that was racist and that it should be about black verses white so and irreparable this. This this is a sign lemming others make incentive. But this is not that I was a really rough period and ensure bright parts. Life and it really went a long way. This was a formative for me to see someone redeem himself between these years leading up to anywhere, so he did the acorn stuff he once lawsuits he had built
website up. He became persona non grata and I watched every one turn their back on including people who had gotten their jobs at Fox NEWS because of Andrew Bright bar. And I got my job and directly as a contributor because Avenger bright part, because you put my name- ok, so I a lot and a lot of other people, Odom Alot, they turned their backs on and that for me made me canna. Ok marks info I understand you wouldn't have what you have without undue bright part, and now you through under the bus for optics, you didn't you- I even think he was wrong. Here's what happened Andrew Bright, had a video member Shirley Shiraz, you meant able to find it. She was head. It was a black lady head of some kind of anger Cultural Department. This is years ago, so she was giving a speech to the underbelly seeping Andrew Right Bart, uploaded this post to think this big government. At this point dot, com and again was before with bright bird was just big government outcome and its hearst
I did not help the white farmer as much as I would help the black farmer, inevitably sepia audience and Andrew bright part in the post at big government. Miss posted now, if you fast forward to whatever it is. Twenty four Minutes in she does talk about. She learned the lesson that it wasn't about: white versus black. It went about helping those in need in her, humanity did eventually get the best. But that doesn't change the audience reaction when she said something racist, his this was the end. Double asap, clapping racism before they hear the redemption, if it be like people clapping, major strewed saying: are there no prisons? Are there no poor houses before you watch the third act, and you can report was very clear about that. O Reilly runs the video on who show one of his editors cuts it just at that part, no contacts
and surely shroud basically saying that she's, a racist I'd know why she still, I too have a job she gets fired because of the outbreak, unbelievable and then liberal, say why you're taking on context what she said that her humanity got the best of it wasn't about racism and pillar. Riley goes on air and a lot of you will foxes nigger. This kind of Journalism is just as disgusting to us from the right as when the left does it and Andrew bright part, you shouldn't better key didn't know better. He posted at these people want one responsibility for the fact that they wanted a sex, your story and they took the can't. They took the quote out of context. So he became persona non grata. He wasn't on news for years and people who had jobs because of him didn't throw a lifeline, didn't support him. Remember he was going to a pretty rough grind because he knew he was right and he knew that they knew. He was right and at that point what happened? I don't want you a verb? They would say all bright bar it with a light. It was eleven. That's all right, part, gotcha journalism, bright back to the point where
Anthony wiener. This happened right. All these was a couple years. Then company winter saga happens Andrew bright part at this point says I have these naked Petra from it. when you read the story, I'm going out, what are the media? Do the media goes? You gonna believe you gonna believe this Anthony we too, because they were putting on him running for office. They said it was false. They said Laurie wasn't true Andrew bright, but even following this: has a whiff of bright Bart about, remember, tweeting, so we try to turn it into a verb to discredit Andrew and there are complicit people at Fox NEWS and the right to the point where Andrew said look, look I have the pictures from Anthony. I the pictures from Anthony Wiener I'd, rather not least them as do not destroy his family publicly, but you have to stop raking, my name through the mud. Remember him saying, and they have sent lies, lies lies Anthony a waiter, Anthony Winter was holding a Prescott Think I was at the army, I don't remember, was there, it was on C span and he was about to go out there publicly with Oliver sick offence in the press. Just like you said today, no accountability and say
this is a smear campaign for a man. Right bar, never go, of course bright bark and dismiss it. These pieces were already. free, written and approve. This is what was going to happen and someone yelled out through the hallways Andrew bright building. can read about it. It is both a shilling and he went up on that podium and said I have the pictures and is immediately and when it does not apologise that acknowledge the smear campaign in the attacks on my character, I will release them. I would rather not release of an ethical crumpled up his script and went out and admitted fault and apologise, but I watched Andrew bright by have all of his friends turn their back, not all of them, but a long term there. on him, for political expediency and for optics, and that was important for me to watch It was important for me to see that triumph, because then everyone, Debbie Andrews friend and that came with a whole bunch of other problems. Sometimes where
in all your star rises to quickly and and- and I wish that he would be able to take care of himself better, but Andrew bright part was someone who is not it's not just something I put on my resume because I've never put it on my room. He was a man who had a really signal, Impact on my life and he's had a more significant impact on all of your life sanctuary in the run up nervous hat on everyone's life out there than you probably even now, and recommend you erase book righteous indignation if you can end up, but also about him ass. He just listen. He's not perfect. Is he was a music? Their use is lost in some ways, trying to do the right thing and loved people really love people and indeed a lot. that's so Andrew? I miss him and I have already think about today lesson I think you could probably guess it wouldn't be. That hard
was an open, but what do you think? Algebra, Andrew Bright part lived to burn down the media establishment? I do think that Andrew bright part if he were alive would be in a very different situation with big dick. I think that any rippled one a few people out there who would actually be filing lawsuits like we are actually trying to hold politicians accountable rather than lip service and trying to maintain their own platforms. I think Andrew ripe are probably would have been a lot more and I would like to thank you. I talk about the sum to I'd like to think that he be proud of what I built, but I dont know you never know. Doesn't matter is still a lot of things that he did write that that I want to emulate even something that I dont want to emulate, but that that was upstairs format for me. Seeing him be shit on, be betrayed. People turn their backs on him and and seeing and went because real life, the good guy doesn't always get doesn't. I was gonna head. Doesn't always
and he did it means a lot. I don't know we'll see what comes around next week in our time anomalous. I get emotional issue. Emotions you next week by your day,
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