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APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT?! Media Matters Cancel Culture EXPOSED!


Demonetized on YouTube. Silenced on social media. But today, we’re taking on the cancelers themselves, the DNC’s wingman: Media Matters. Join us in the fight to expose these leftist propagandists and redeem every conservative name they’ve dragged through the mud.

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Hey there. Audio listens to the first day back, do but, more importantly, crowd or shut that coming summer, awesome, new shirts and gear hated you're the one about the priest. Boyscout, stop, stop, stop, stop a put you in charge. Leave a rating and that'll make sense once you listen to the whole, shall leave a rating review and hopefully will be here,
this can all be over all the groups that farming and just cry out, but the world organization and a merciful messengers, as you too and Twitter of Soup, us super awesome Just out as you like, didn't really cool about all this just say, rather dear God, just The band comedian,
is to say a word:
that's the sound of it!
second attempt at the street. That is a sign of the second we so just saying to people who are watching monopolies are the best thing you can do right now, if you're watching this just tweet it out ere it hosted on Facebook. If the share button on you too, because we just started the stream, longer area five ten minutes ago, and I think what happened was we had such a surge in view worshiped? Can you bring that overlay up? We like two hundred something thousand people within four minutes: and so then I think it. Yes, gremlins illnesses, which, by the way, should also be a strong, are the film yeah case at most a killer arriv with handicap ramp. I show that my six year old in his terrify, you made a mistake in your horrible father. I am media matters, child services, so we have a lot to get you by the way, a crowd of shop. That com is the best way you can see where this general days here quarter. Black it is higher land Dave is here a whole number two and we don't know how long we're going to be here Youtube, obviously
especially consider what happened at the first reading and we are going to be talking about it is live. It was nine thirty, five, ten, twenty five eastern, we can have seen on here, because we have so many clips and sources references Oliver, Laos gotta come for you I'm a little out of breath because I know or hovering just haven't panicking another go now. It turns out. We just out punted our cause. This should happen. I shouldn't be in this position, so we're going to be talking about medium matters here today. I know auditing, who that's most people unless you're rich billionaire hedge fund, a billionaire who funds them and they are the original, cancel cultural lists. They ve gone after probable All of your favorite hosts athletes, actors and the town were done with this today fully no one will ever take them seriously again and in big tech platforms will not include them among their reputable research firms or fact checkers online, because that's really the big reason attach a lot of this sort of happened. So before I get into that
Look in the best you can do to his comment. Comment just leave alike if you're watching this on Youtube. That's what help the algorithm, because no one has gone up in a week in a half, so we need some interactions and they're gonna, give you dont, widgets key, wins before we move on with all this cancel culture is something that did everyone talks about someone you little macro here today. Have people on the left, for like media matters, they will cancel culture, isn't real. It's exaggerated, ill you're complaining just for being held accountable for your actions, and then you have people on the right who just throw out the term, cancel culture any time something happens. They don't like it There's only one clearly define cancel culture, and take a second to to do that, because if someone asks you what it is, you should be able to outline it and especially based on our recent experiences, which I know mirrors you. I want one after another. This isn't about us. This is about you. This is
is something one on their coated. Like you're going to show in the eurozone are the viewers are back in the early hours are good, which means will become found us. What do you hear back and for what? are stopped they argue over there. They are don't shut up. They are looking to you just for right now, because it is important for the audience and other they're going after us, because the one who, after you, ok they're gonna cancel everybody out there. This is at the point where you just have to ignore. the rules as it relates to what opinions what jokes are permissible in? What aren't? So what is? Cancel cultural look. Let me explain this to you. It's not just offensive jokes! Ok, it's not just that, though, that matters, it's not just that opinions, are not even allowed to be expressed in media or more important than any of the big tech platforms today, and it's it's not just that even some opinions which you know they deem permissible,
on these platforms are only permissible, provided the person expressing them as a right race, gender orientation or be an eye index, as we now know by the increasing marginalized classes, it's the totality of the changing rules ever changing rules designed, to change a moment's notice in order. The box, you in a box in our speech and ultimately separate all of us from one another it almost mirrors the tower of Babel little. But I know some of you raised the issue going at majesty included the parable. So let's go, Moreover, this jokes once upon a time. Ok, people could tell these things. I know a lot of kids Out there you know it's like it's like a Indiana Jones, taken time off from his tempting job, going to find some artifact. They were called jokes. They were not bother about junior jokes, We have no time they were Joe, They were part of a broader umbrella of entertainment and, more importantly, human,
action which used to be known as humor. Ok, now the following that I'm about to less. You are just some examples of third rail topics of Discussion but more poorly, even jokes, which may even of themselves not directly violate big tech policies. We need to separate the and so mob and the policies of big right now, we're talking about the cancel mob, might exert pressure demanding the removal of your job, your social standing in otherwise any ability to maintain a livelihood for your family. That's also, what's a real problem here: you're, not behold into the FCC what used to be you dont, say things get illogical. For example, you could say what a shithead, but you couldn't say I gotta- take a shit which, by the way I took one between, two streams, Nozdrev When I get nervous Miranda, what I get nervous, I did when I get nervous better get the Rennes. So I made a rush. Let's, let's talk about one of these topics- race, k- this is one of this- is the third rail for jokes. He can't
jokes about race, anymore, right with the exceptions being. outline the rules. You said person telling a joke as a member of that specific race. However, it's only provided that said person. I've said race has the right opinion. Representative said race, for example, can zones Hodge twins can't make black jokes, even though they are black, because our conservative so political persuasions, resulting them being called Coon's or Uncle Tom or course, in some cases, jokes about other ethnicities, even If you are the right race are impermissible. If they are There are currently more marginalized community, for example, of until recently, blacks could make jokes about Asians that was allowed until the rise and anti asian hake I'm in the community, largely stemming from those in the black community. Just something anti close. You won't tell you between deep firms, now another topic- number two algae BT, Q, a ip because some people will be mad, that I didn't get enough letters and somebody rather in putting the plus, even if
I were queers a three dollar bill. I could be the victim now the council more because it will actually a ip p. I f, o in silent q. We only had a cue there's another one We can't make jokes about algae betake you IP anymore, lest you be accused, of course, of grant transphobia homophobia. My xenophobia, which means fear of everything or the golden I instalment of James Bond film it. It should be noted, however, that this supersedes rule number one: the race again provided the current new cycle has presented said group as a more marginalized class for reference, sedate chapels jokes, a black eye about the alphabet community caught conflict for that one, but and he got back in a good graces when he attacked the wrong person with candy. Silence was ok, that's the social currency number three we have raised. You can't make jokes about that, can't make it. what algebra teach you IP? Also gender men can Make jokes about women, lest you be accused of sexism. Now, by the way,
recommended that you refrain from even using the term man or woman as modern gender theory, which is a very modern SIRI by the way not based in science, has stated that sex is biological while gender is a societal construct and exists on an endless ever expanding spectrum. You know, like the universe now he's having sex engender, are also no longer considered separately. We just have this conversation to change my view. A single sex engender are different let's change. Now, as that's it, you can change your sex on your driver's license. You can PETE in women's based sports, but predicated on sex so there. Considered separate in all circles of algae. Beating you a IP thought circle. now. Some would say cult circles, because by law, The terms are considered increasingly offensive, as seen by the introduction of terms NATO, mail and NATO female to replace the wildly offensive gestapo base terminology as biological mail or biological senior. I take this moment
apologize to any of the NEO Natal transsexuals us may offend. You haven't achieved marginalized classier number. Four we have raised. We of algae be takeaway ip. We have gender again. This is just First portion of cancer culture. Wait you can't make it. Alabama jokes about the morbidly obese, even even mind you, if said land whales are openly advocating for dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle, which fly, of course in opposition to the entirety of human medical history and scientific literature on the issue of mobility of mobility of obesity, obeyed at a man. What her what he said on the issue of the city, long term health outcomes, all cause, mortality arterial plaque lets you be considered fat phobic that a run on sentence. I'm tired! I need a donor number five Islam. So
We have raised algae, beating you ip gender. We have wait. Islam, of course, and this one is interesting because of the unholy alliance that you see from the left and Islam when their convenient in outside. Well, you know what we don't wanna talk about, not allowing women to drive, but we like that you so that's all you. This is interesting because I'm not just talking about here, the drawing of Prophet Muhammad Ali painting a prophet Muhammad, India mentioned. Let us we did sorry, but you know that I'm not I did not do that, I'm not about that! There was mixed up. color that you put my face next picture my mind, look very likely a parallel he's. Gonna die are not just talking about with Islam, drawing or painting the prophet Mohammed itself, which of course will result in the call for your immediate execution from members. said religion of peace, but more disturbing to me, then Having my head lopped off is at risk.
in standing up for the freedom of speech and of the foundation of western civilization, which, by the way, you can also get in trouble for saying, because that's what supremacy round the same time, we have to acknowledge that these people are coming from other countries, because the situation is so dire notices you could also using the United States is a superior to Mexico, hundreds, maybe you don't. Why would I want to come here? Because, they want new experiences, because it's a crap hall, because those countries aren't very good so was disturbing to me when we talk about Islam is not the fact that you can Roma home, and we know that right. You expect these soft expectations for members of the religion of peace. Is that those on the left Don't stand up for the freedom of speech. We see terrorism on Holly, woke allies, calling for the immediate firing and Look admonishment of anyone who even dares to broach the topic Should we want, especially all the edgy atheists. You know who populate you tube here I get.
you just don't like Christians, because I don't like accountability and hell's a nasty thought is gonna, be nastier when you're there can. If what you say that you could still hear, look, here's a gimme, guys, Islam All the things that you dont like about Christianity, namely monotheism in some sort of accountability. Heaven help also matter but up this is what word appoint right now or logic, doesn't apply again: defining cancel culture, no MILAN from jokes to forbidden, actual opinions. It's not just the topics. off limits for playful banter comedy which will get to mourn a second. I just have to get this out here. The following: I'm about to us are examples. Actual opinions which are officially declared impermissible or banned by all major social media platforms who control over ninety percent of the entirety of digital human interactions. Some would argue as high as ninety eight percent, given given the deck depending on the deck soap want an opinion that is not allowed. According to policy covered,
policy scepticism Noah, maybe really really clear about this. I dont mean saying that code. is not a real thing which, by the way I think people should be allowed to. I don't agree with it. Covered is lethal covert his deadly, but you need to look at the pot. Does that mean that big? has it significantly more deadly than the flu for older people, but I even allowed to say. The CDC numbers available as it did not come for anyone under the age of twenty five, are not allowed to make the comparison, because at that are less video banned, but I'm sure scepticism, even with policy. Thank you know what I dont know of. Downs are a good idea. Well, why why why do you say that, because you anti science now because the homicide, the suicide, the murder, the mental health follow the shutting down of businesses, the unemployment just hate science got? You do a job and I d gone from considering Indochina. Good thanks, Copernicus So, according to Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, you are not allowed to express opinions that run com. ray to the World Health Organization,
and when I say that, not the World Health Organisation there narrative uncovered or the current CDC guidelines this can result in the immediate removal of content. Even if it directly agrees with the stance of the World Health Organisation or CDC held back is four days ago Romania Delorean just of just working memory better than the former vice President United States. Now I'm not talk. About conspiracy theories, I'm not talking about an even closer that its extreme. What I am saying is that doctors been removed from all. platforms working in unison for suggesting that the initial death rate projections of over two point- two million in the United States within the first year alone, were incorrect. Doctor said that is incorrect were removed even never get reinstated, even though now they're right in the first,
conducted. The Imperial College of London City had a step damaging. I'm talking about democratically elected officials being suspended for questioning the alliance of the World Health organization. Their ties to China Refusal to acknowledge Taiwan's existence or even providing reason to presentations as to why lock down do far more harm than the virus itself. It look. I know that somebody, point two examples of content like this right now being available in several see it's a lot, but again that doesn't change the policy of Facebook Twitter. You too we don't know could be an Amazon they ban books by the way we use bearing books and you call it We also nazi. How about you go away? Wasn't panting books live here, made that is em all Do you take some time for self reflection? Asshole? But I guess it doesn't change the policy. We ve seen that once said, conall or the content creator becomes larger, influential enough? It results in their removal. So just because you can find a couple now does
mean they won't be removed tomorrow, foreign accent, see us for many of us now, here's another You can't talk about cover. These are the official policies of big tech, election integrity, again official policy of Youtube Twitter Facebook is impairment, above all, to express the opinion even have supported by data press it verifiable research that election fraud cottage even to suggest it could even take place anonymous massive scale was a scale that could affect the outcome of the election. You're. Not to suggest that elections rod could even take place on a semi large scale call at medium call. It may call it that MC flurry, small, but not kid size scale or there mere voting anomalies. Could even occur due to go. Apps and voter verification systems, her oversight, that's a violation of policy and will result in a me.
removal? So you can't tell jokes about race, about L, Gb Takeaway IP, that gender, about which the only what the fact is you can, then you can't. So these are just things it or third railways. Far up policies you're not allowed to talk, that cover to be sceptical. You're not allowed to be sceptical, as it relates to two election ah says he's, let's say not resize, it's just someone shown up saying Bob Cook. I live at one two, three maple can enough for me. If you say anything to promoting a little bit more than others that another policy trains gender policy on the big tech platforms. Now this one it is a sort of seems redundant. I'm not I'm about mob, as we were dressing previously, is in fact, a violation of policy to go against. Transgender dogma and refer to some one by their biologically appropriate pronouns. Even suggest that until
it unfounded, potentially dangerous hormone blockers and chemical castration for children could be, but that can result content or the content creator being removed? Why is considered in their policies, an attack on Iraq. People characteristics or denying the existence of a transgender, individual and again could and the removal of the content the person entirely. So look. This is cancelled. Let's added up. What's this all about society right now, one can't make jokes about razor race, gender, algebra, takeaway, ip obesity is long and on the ground of policy. One is not allowed to express opinions or present arguments, no matter how qualified they are in the face of maybe some alternative, strategic covert approaches, the election, integrity or voting anomalies, or even just ways to strengthen voter verification or even for doctors, including all of Johns Hopkins, to express medical opinions shared by a huge percentage and by heat for Senator me, the one who's who tell the truth,
article changers dangers of gender reassignment surgery. Can't I buy mascot, you feel free. Do you feel like you to give? Your can have conversations, do feel more connected to a fellow man at least a couple of those pair them up the majority of the country, and certainly the world agree with that's the elites verses you there, most Americans dont think men should be biological men, natal males, sorry, don't get better, a computer women sports Youtube Facebook, I think you should be allowed to say that oh by the way the notification bell. If you're subscribed, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot best thing you can do go to court shop that can we have some new shortcoming indisposed to come in the middle of the show. This is something
big reason for this. The elites are big reason that their such a disconnect between people right now out there and what's going on with big Tec, is because of the influencers who are designed from the ground up exclusively to manipulate those ITALY power. What do I mean by elites that becomes a buzzword to what I mean I mean there are five companies right now that are more powerful than national, a world government its ever existed before them. That's apple, Amazon, good! Alphabet Google Youtube Facebook Twitter control more than steady training company- no one's ever been roman empire pails. In comparison, these people who, by the way gained a trillion dollars in revenue. Are you guys were unemployed while You guys couldn't run your restaurant, while you guys couldn't run your shop going to Amazon ever was watching content on Youtube. Whenever we go and on social media, they saw their networks expand dramatically and a big.
is that they are so disconnected is because of other. Organizations like media matters which were going to get into we ve been recently the target of a media matters, smear campaign and that by the way they are the original. The founders of the feast cancel cultural us, People don't really know what that that is where started started. Going back to Don T go back to dine Imus Rush, Limbaugh banana Piero media matters is an approach that only exists to get people cancelled and its coincidence that they start
this massive campaign and then we are running into problems, and this was your first experience with them Dave years. They are losing their jobs on a dark club. That's right! That's all! I wanted to let s jokes and I got to see. I see them in print, which was great because if you wanna take contexts out of anything just put it in print jerkily, especially com, it's wonderful, oh yeah! You wanna take out new ones, sarcasm, it's great right for the funding and Turkey and you don't even know about the funny tie- seem even do that in the print I type I hit it button meticulous Henry. That medium reminds you of social justice. Worry was reading. David tells jokes off because she was angry about America were still killing, and this is why I love is a hot crowd. I'm going to do
original material, that sounds a cricket. Humping was alive, leaving endorse shutting down, because nothing is more funding than having a list in your head of topics that you can't discuss right that our current topics in media the day by the way you mentioned a lot of things that you can't even cities, you can't even quote people to people. You can't quite your former self to their current self because they change their opinions on these things grant getting play the clip anymore. I can never about Robert Bird. I would just nine alarms nonstop. Will you can't that's true? So, let's get it! you media matters. This is something I know a lot of people at their younger and you may not be aware them there. Really short of existed to try and destroy cable notes and am radio for a long time, but now I realise that you know: cable, isn't really that relevant, so they're trying to get their clause into big tech, and we know this Quarter- Black Garrett and Gerald and David little but new to this. So yes, any questions, I guess confirm Frida to jump in explain to you who media matters is ok, it's fast
two thousand for by in David brought care. He was a former conservative turned radical leftist and get the help of John Podesta Centre for american progress media matters, has an annual revenue four and fourteen million dollars with Brok for some reason paying himself a salary of two hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars annually. So general worth every penny. Listen, it's a nonprofit! Never David Brok, I don't know what you think. I know what you think Fourteen million dollars that sound like a lot. Not not a lot of you. Look at my net worth online and use these articles. Like Stephen written by someone in Bangladesh student has fourteen dollar net worth living in. Oh, side in in Dallas
I'm worth seventeen million dates as the very now I have no idea you for you. I have none of it. Like tell you what I mean, I don't know your salary, you, a charity, rejoice Ali he's lying, won't you hundred and seventy four thousand none. So I know a lot here. There are thinking about forty million dollars. How is that possible, when media matters only gets around nine hundred thousand views or read, for example, entire month of February, that's enough to generate the revenue. Compare that too bright part. Forty six million a month vocs even ninety four million a month and there are losing the money daily mail. Three million a month allow the blaze, twelve, twelve million a month, twelve and a half million a month. It's only What was that was it for another
yeah, I'm in, and you don't like to talk about now. Our travel that I've by rinsed numbers a member at length of four point: one million, what that's what I'm saying? can't view, isn't that enough? Look those using that that could all go away to Morrow. The best thing we can do is just check in daily, and you all know where to find us now a lot of conduct any time the stream is not available and you're not embark on number yet just got a lot of Canada. Council s, life right, dude, the follow up just bookmark us, because notifications and subscriptions won't reach you but it's way more than media matters about fifty five I'm the Americans now keep in mind. We're privately funded were not a for profit. We basically have only a handful of people on staff and we have far more traffic than these idiots and we're fine and, unlike unlike algerian, affordable foreign caliphate, funded by hand, etched marks, pretty good money, even though box was still a thing yeah. I still think that for now
They call produce shows with Youtube so as not to Managua incestuous relationships with flipper grandkids here and that's because media matters to be clear despite the another masquerading too many is a website. It's not it's, not that's a lie. That's it! That's! That's the correct the north korean front villages, the blazing saddles tat. There are not for profit entities, so let me show their registered with the IRS under the guise of being a nun, partisan, non profit? five or one c, three charitable institution really non partisan. I think you need to bring it up. There took it down here. Wake up right, anything more charitable than trying to ruin someone's law right. Well, that's our express purpose. That's their express purpose is to remove content the right as it, because a charitable Not all heroes were capes now, some of them where process.
penis our now from now on other commitments, Barcelona take those. We don't have that problem. Ladies, you gotta figure it out for yourself, so Brok himself what he actually an army of these nonprofits, ok, including their seven total nonprofits. Three super packs, one five to seven committee, which I had a kind of look up: what an unwanted I'll LLC, there's one joint fund raising committee and then there's one on registered solicitor and these up these enemies. They often all work together same roof. They share office bases resources, some of them even use the same telephone and what you're thinking you have a landline they go. Far behind so you might go of. Forty million doesn't seem like that. Much, but let's get some of these other institutions that are connected with broken media matters. Then I'm going to get into how this affects you, but you need to know how much money there is involved. You need to know how much power there is and then understand who Youtube uses as their source as for independent fact, checkers, which by the way is our lot few skated windows.
poverty law centres in there and I'll get some quote you to show that it seems like media matters is in there anyway, level, you tell me if that's a good thing and certainly its non partisan. I remember churches right there, five at once. He three because we now have to speak up radically number one past or send you to be careful speaking out about abortion, because it's a political issue but maybe in matters of the final one, nonprofit seafaring churches wishing him. It's got to talk about it because it upsets the customers. So let's look at some of these other entities. American bridge twenty first century is a democratic lunch. You pack, they spent more than fifty Mb billion on ads opposing Present Donald Trump between twenty election. Yet these are just some of the other ones. Under David Brok, founder of the fees american, Democracy Legal Fund, an organisation that battles Republicans in court less than a year, operation, they filed fifteen complaints against Republicans conservative groups. There is the correct the record super pack who created
Trump leaks campaign offering financial rewards to people who provided them with videos of Trump acting in a non presidential manner. I don't how much money they spent on it, but you know what just tune in to oppress caught for sport, so you need to pay for that. That's already out there, what What else do you like? Look? I want one on finding something president might say that could be interpreted as uncouth. We have and higher speech. Yes, also celebrity apprentice seasons, one two three and eight tone: Opera is entirely compatible with and get paid for that and by the way. According to Time magazine, Hillary Clinton called Brok after the election suggested that he find top notch litigators, who do pro bono work against trouble because nonprofit its pro bono.
He also spent by the way Brok founder of the face two thousand dollars on unsuccessful efforts to bring forward accusations of sexual misconduct against Trump before elections. Now here's the thing to they a fund all of these things, but these are all these are all sort of this incestuous right. If you'd have what it causes, grass or little things, go out little circles. What's that in that no you're looking at the wrong person knows a diagram, their dynamic desire. I run like I had before this second street ass. Nothing you make where it's got: dinosaurs, Gimme, a young and old. I am making a lemon I thought, though I nailed it. Here's the thing. This would also go they ve taken in a lot of money from big Democrat hitters in August. Two thousand Hillary Clinton brag about hoping to found medium matters. But as of our Burton says, you dont have to take my word for it. a lot of the new progressive infrastructure institutions that I helped to start support like media matters and center for american progress
clear that was just to pay off the internet bill met with privately conference rooms. Any there's gotta be a way. ballroom, get your shit together. They also took a lot of suit. He can, he can fill out a suit, ended in turn. Oh, she. My day well below one million dollars from George Soros. Will you know who was the person who does exist now when he was a person who you know to get out to allegedly allegedly would tell the Nazis? You know where the Jews were. Allegedly alleging allegedly third world, but this I might just be a thank you by way of sorrows, because the Bonner group also money for a bunch of sorrows backed organizations such as the centre for american Progress, the American Foundation for equal rights. So here is the point that I'm making that you need to understand: media matters and Dave you're, probably a good example of people who are watching their May above elites, with the sole purpose of removing all conservative thought from media and the internet. That's their only goal it's in there charter, but
who can here's the thing a lot of yours, is all right left. Who cares right if it just these fringe leftist extremists who nobody reads? Why does it matter and this is where the pivotal difference between the elite in power and you, the unsuspecting american public, comes into play. This is where the deck is stacked against if you happen to disagree with the dogma of the company, should control ninety plus per cent of the flow of information, because before getting a clause in the big tech media matters. I ve been working with the elites in mainstream media for years now. I know you from me save me just read you from their mission saying to work day. to notify activists, journalists, pundits and the general public about instances of misinformation. Overly s are taken on. Providing them with the resources to rebut false claims and to take direct action against, fending media institutions so again false claims can be jokes or opinions. I don't like let's say who defines what a false claim is. One important show me some of the Democrat Rock and shortly condemn. Well, now: listen stores
us does not exist. That's a name that that person doesn't have any part in politics call. It makes a mockery at times just saying his name, such really kind of funny. That is actually in call. If you guys want related out, we have to have a clip of him talking about those days. The happiest densities live Rio. What our later Austria and I so why did we also? I just got word that the sure to hear like the shirts azure, so there sure you're, ok. So let's play this clip. How long is the cliff? And then I want to change my shirt here, but I don't want to I pointed out to me. I got her enough enough, so he's a clip, as I said. In my view, it is eight seconds. Oh it's like eight. Second, ok, let's play the clip. Look at this is George shows term of the happiest days of his life, where he was going to play at church. Do we haven't? We split up arrogant people's actually, probably the happiest by life, that year of german occupation? For me, it's a very positive experience is a strange thing. We're going to see.
I was a weird cut off our own. Why, in the world they got a creep out of a guy. What do we get? This new marches is now very nice. Just some guys again, you can just say comment comment come at once. The show is done right now we have to get changed really quickly. I like this, I'm not going to be practising firearms. hold on a second year. Aids Joe Louis come and join you like I'm three dollar who's, gonna change, shirts, their journey we all have to. I was lucky cutaway cut away from me Let us call a spade a goodly, these Shirts came anesthesiology, they were shipped via. U S, p S give a large. I love her as everyone getting changes, leave it on me in my life by the way. By the way this this is a protected class. Bitches talk about. a goodly art the other roles: you're, not nice, that's a nice where these are just came, and we want to wear them today. So
for people who don't you can show me where they get changed. We have this the aim of this up the new fight, like hell, shirts, figuratively trade. If we look at this, they got that asked.
Washington in there this is black, but I think we hurried swimmin hoodies women T shirt. It's all available, George Washington is it George Washington demanded that largely the man who does not have wouldn t. I read an article that if I told you why he has animal tv other people s ear about tell anyone have any. Until recently this had a mixed makes of t. It was a mixed, listen if english people can have an opinion. So can I ok? No, that was your wronging english people. Have you been paying attention to anything? I've been saying really thinking that you're allowed to have opinions such absurd there's, a mere six four, with blonde hair and blue eyes, you're not allowed to express your thoughts on at least a couple decades that moratoriums in place, I know and I'm straits. I've got no role talk and you can apparently just destroy short people. I'd like to speak for the short people committee. That's fine! Nobody saying that air you're, not a pretence.
Did clan now we're not we're not of recycling is in immutable characteristics, pretty going pretty easily mute you just because of the way so we ve travel. I don't hear the button. It is my hope that her sorry these are nicer art, so these are available right now we're out of shot right. Now you rarely promote this. People were asking left in Riyadh because a lot of the already we owing to a club there were like hey. What can we do to support our million? There are millions of people out there leans about the by they don't say millions wouldn't want that many people cause a stream of Catalonia. There are ten of tat? I wanna be writing they're gonna be like than ever shorter than nothing. I want to be the mediocre and you can go to my then Mona get to stay here, be sure to send it to land out Dave, nonprofits fibre ones. Three now profit for profits. Now, nonprofit, except for my quarter million dollars a year. Is everyone gets mad at pastors, bringing out and planes and stuff like that? But no one gets mad at these, and this is funny. They only exist for partisan politics. So here's some
Jeff, runnels again talking about media. This was back when media matters are goal was with traditional media. Jeff Reynolds wrote in his book behind the curtain. The media matters team proactively. They contact a journalist presenting themselves as non partisan nonprofit, offering to help them avoid their pro conservative bias and the relationships that they would build, help them the stories they wanted to push were being propagated and by the way the New York Times started. Outsourcing to media matters here, it's as according to review of social media content conducted for the New York Times by media matters, softening watchdog even of the ten most popular stories about proposal are targeting transgender people. So far this year from daily Wire show their using media matters is also legitimate resource and it's it's almost as if they want to get away with says they say: conservative bias. I'm sorry, I almost thought that they said that the media has a conservative Byron. I want to make sure that there isn't any conservative by Angela stands at thirty ten, although there were not enough, it's not a completely.
I want to be eradicated, AIDS, TB, Iraq, it needs to be eradicated set for us. It must be got to sign that a nine year than in the closet, moderators alarm of my life. I have a better club of source, arraignment, otherwise sorrels, because then we're gonna get to what matters most transition for media to big tech, and it affects all the autumn you're going on how to mind that get banned. Because solutions like media matters and the fact that their listen to buy Facebook, Google and youtube- and let's go here to again here, donated one million dollars to media matters, it's the money that Brok and the broader group and media matters also cry ass pollinate with sore, so it's a thing he's a real person. Then you should check your bed form this for years of a paycheck. The shifts Tibet, at with this protector of the oars, who swore that you were Rob is adopted guys science lives went out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews
a target remit. That's that sounds like it. Experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch. For Many many years was a difficult and not- and I am not at all, not at all. Maybe, as a child, you dont, you don't see the connection but it was the it created. No, no problem really with no bottle glasses. You couldn't see it little loud arc? I won't do not feel anything well, you're, a kid, no problems. I feel you know it's fire to like and by the way I just want to ask you like way. You know the fact that you problem mere your interpret resulted in the death of countless innocent juice You feel bad about it. If you don't lie
If we were primarily IRAN is seek, and I was riding out my friend, I would feel terrible right yeah well, but when you read out your friend in this case you get their toys right get all this point was is, and he was though he would. George Soros was a guy walking through Job Lincoln off it's going on access and there And thirdly, a magazine, Landry Jones, you everywhere jewels jails everywhere. These people have the these people have the ear of everyone who controls what you can and cannot say. I'm sorry not a little bit of a different two different. Don't I just want to make sure that everyone here understands if this continues, why were not hear what cancel cultures so big tech? This is where we are with an institution like many matters now the elite influence is extended to all of big tap, harnessing so media matters foundered. David Brok he's even brag about having access to raw data for Facebook, too,
other social media platforms pointing out there. You know, what's all plot proprietary, when we say we find out what's happened, he has all the acts that there was a leak. Twenty twenty media matters plan with Mason confusing, was a four year plan published in twenty. Sixteen that outlined there liberation with big tech companies to advise them on their over them, so all the while, worse and you're gonna get seems like something is going on the algorithms. You can take your pick weathers daily way, where there's a place where there's hush ones with its kind of zones, whether it's us being told that Facebook going to remove us whether its Youtube thing? You can't talk about covered? You can't talk about elections Wilson Year when it. Why is this happening? And then, when you understand the significance is not that media matters as some website with six hundred thousand nine hundred thousand readers, and no one cares about it's the money in the Florence, because they go to the right cocktail party
this is from the leaked manifesto, it says it became clear that Facebook needed our help and fully understanding the problem and identifying concrete solutions further. It also became clear that we information insight that they didn't have we're lucky. Facebook media matters had a detailed map of the constellation of right wing Facebook pages that had been the biggest purveyors of fake news. Given my remember, the New York Times also had that story where fillip to Franco was in their eyes and that guy's, a liberal dick in that it sets out just Facebook but could have anything to do with you too, Similarly, after Google revise their terms of services are familiar terms to us in order to prohibit so called fake news sites from using their advertising network, it was media matter that had the information necessary to identify forty of the worst new sites to which its policy applied and here's the thing
any other single, fake news. First off, that's pretty tough to identify but it gets way worse than that, because these purveyors Facebook, Google, there listening to media matters there listen we're writers are considered authority right, and there needs to be some accountability. Their consider an authority on being purveyor of what is that? What constitutes fake news, but a fake can't find something fake or offensive enough to work. Aren't a banning from big tech platforms altogether just a lot, media matters has no problem just flat out lying and here's what happens therein the Graces- Google Youtube Facebook, they say hey. You know what we trust these guys, their fat checkers everything
you tell us, must be accurate and then media matters says here. You go fake news, look at what this person is spreading and it's a lie and there's no recourse proof see their most recent accusation that I was a part of and covering for the absurd Q, non conspiracy, Q and on conspiracy. Look it's as crowd or gave cover for q and on with his condemnation of little NASA's axes: music, video! What's that
they said in those years by quoting that what I say when people talk about the sort of they'll, say pedophile Cabal, which I dont think its people than children, sex slaves in the home basement. What I do think it's an inherently immoral people, meaning little mass king, the devil's deck, and I set an inherently more people who have rebelled against God's will: gods commandments, gods, decencies what I said I was talking about this gay wrapper. You know you're having a lap dance being penetrated by Bob, and I said this video where he's grinding Satan eyes. Even I don't even think he's a saint Louis. I think he's just running arise out of people, but the point is when this is deemed unacceptable and that is permissible. The same video and its considered child friendly. That's a problem because I said Satan because our averted God, I can't do that. Few non wrote us our media matters wrote about them,
and no doubt we know now. We know that the director went to you too went to Google went to spoke to say that I was a kid and on conspiracy theories, which is a verifiable lie. How do I know? Well now you know some people are telling me this is their thing. This is actually part of the plan with doctrine with all part of the plan to expose vote. Fraud is gonna. Do this men on the island of four years exposed order from our came up with protein and they only operate a plant January sex? Then people think it's all part of a plant January twenty Joe binds. to be arrested. Look look! Look if you believe that you're stupid when people talk bout. You know this crazy cabal of Saint like gives the EU the Irish, the idiot on people who believe that their satanist pedophiles like look. far more pervasive is Satanism is the idea of worshipping the flash worshipping yourself. You do not set a plan in motion which allows first zero contingency for at a point where now there's not a whole lot. You can do a lot of these people,
there were no waiting on some plan or some conspiracy, which did a bunch of damage. Of course. Anyone who actually button that well guess what you can do anything. Don't they self be led astray. Just like a stupid branding play maimed Robin Hood, you Idiot Pirnie rose There has been no have you wash the show with somebody.
got mellowed. You really have to go and so hard on you and on. Yes, I think you know mass does on decisions. Are you teabag out you alone, because that's what that video was- and all you said to be clear- was that it should have a rating on it's ours got a rating agency should exist now, since it should be on the internet. You just said it should have a ready. I just said that that and dick or dildo, which has allowed for children on you to generating by the way, did you're dildo again, it's always dick. It just makes me. Is this a box of reasons or me having sex with you? It's you having sex. I wear this, go it's almost useless gay much like truth or dare he always take truth, but I always always. spoken out against the Cuban on conspiracy theories. Have always at the lie isn't needed when the truth is enough. Matter, though, to media matters, because our sole goal is to get off have you removed, even if you tread so lightly in you, don't come any those third rail topics, they'll find
no way to lie anyway. you're, not so much no job a conversation with Brennan argument, swear jar for any time, one of my employs even mentions it does it. about Epstein, I like it two thousand three: it's real place. Lets you think I rule and iron fist that was borderline. six dollars to a proper generic moodily. Yes, and all my money, don't worry, we got that now, nonprofit dire bills, long as it goes to a good number of profit. I even what you what you just said about you, that's just that
It is a way that they can turn feather you to this organisation right before that it was racist rights or everybody who is on the right or conservative was a racist, no matter what your views weren't. So they would go to media that unsaleable Stephen crowded erase yet then it's like walk you and arms, like the flavour of the day, for people to think is crazy right, oh yeah. He supports cuban on, even though you know you ve obviously come out, and that was a wholehearted support if you're not if I've ever seen, one almost as far as little nuts they'll nonsense we'll see what the real job suited handling into absurdity. No! You know and that's what they want to do to discredit him, which is not fair where, with their eulogists granted Evans itself discredit. ass. Now, Maria together, I don't know, that's really coagulated. No, I had read it my their immediate matters. Go that way. When you think Dave thing,
Stephen Crowd, nice, no new day, I never going to get run its right like birds of a feather. We stick to gather the same when the rain or banned. I would start reading Youtube policies and the Koran day. If you really want to make sure you, I read the Koran in present day ago, nine ever been friends why jail? I bet, is to slave now and join the nation of Islam, surprising Dave as a nation of insular that's, his nooning Dave Exeter connected Frames Day Ex lil. Now, by the way, shouldn't be surprising that they tried to label. Ask you this can happen to any of you said. the perils and I dont know if they had been imprisoned Nazi, but that's a common thread. I know for a fact that these Hales, covering for Cuban on they, can do that to anybody and the most powerful people in the world will listen to them. It shouldn't be a surprising considering just how little media matters pays attention to actual research for a real.
space nonprofit here look, let's compare our publicly listed references for the ban Youtube covered for activity, for example all available lot of Canada, com and media matters. There listed references in fact checking it. Oh that's right! There isn't one when I'm so there's something and then there's nothing, something in nothing and also the something came out of nothing. That's how the world start Tyler's a lot of something's on that page. There was a whole lot of nothing, and then it blew up that right. That's that's true! No criticising is not at all, basically, basically so some of our resources, CDC World Health Organisation Imperial College of London, Johns Hopkins now known as NEO Nazi hatred, because they want to form the above. The bottom surgery for gentle nature or the media matters, their sources, media, manhattans, washing Post Bloomberg in the Youtube
investment policies which, by the way, I partially determined by the lies media matters. I feel like they listed themselves at the source where we said it, because would that we set an earlier scattered through circulars eight. They needed to see it s silence. And then they quote, CNN a second. It is a source of nice lives like right now I say: well, you know what I think that I think that vote identification, which has seen in every single modern industrialized country, those states, including New Jersey, by the way or Stacy Abrams praise new journalists. Voting laws are far more restrictive than Georgia. I think that vote identification is an important step. Just two sure that we have secure and fair elections and everyone's votes counts may go. Oh, oh, oh, why are you created as well? There is no evidence if there's ever been voter fraud that anyone without idea. How would you know and that's what happens?
just asking the question you are answered a picnic, sir. I've ever look at least at least the major League baseball guys move their all star game out of Georgia to the the bastion of no vote, a regular, all Denver. It actually have more strictly now they can go into a giant. Work is entirely other areas of the country for them rates. No more logical around. Here I don't know, Dave is not really a sports cannot really sports guy, but I will say this in Detroit Big Hockey town Montreal Albuquerque down at least in a hockey lisa. Two people have a problem, the rest. Let some blue reflect some go in baseball. You can be Karen
t that a bunch of butter, soft bitches, will all doggie pile on the pictures. I think I thought your on steroids. You can't do better very true. They tell them, they cannot take the bat with them. That's. Why are you need a Robert fur? Yes for baseball somebody who hurts everyone in that's his job. That's only job autism, and I want to hear from you guys out there. Did you how aware review of media matters by them? how are you aware of them and I'm gonna call to action for all of you to take part if you protect or if you think that you're freeze if you value your free speech on these new platforms, gotta super important. Let's go to some absurd examples of media matters cancelling. So let me go out for a long time. Alan West, like I was a wonderful flat top it's like picture a black guy with beef haircut back to the future for sale in West. receiving. I'm just thinking about do up whose Ellen West,
He said he was a former military as he is on his congressmen. Oppose congressmen. Well, now show you'll, see who look after the Democrat they want to get they. They actually went after medium matters, a campaign to get him remove any is pages removed because he said that the Democrats want to keep lack voters on the on the plantation right: this is a court. The democrat appetite for ever increasing redistribution airy handouts, is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining. At any rate, you may not learn that the black guy, like you often Remember that we are black, I hear in this office, and it was because he just looks really why that's because of genetics, it didn't get passed out. Look at the picture is dead in his wallet, which only has got of weird, like my He looks hispanic will no case. We thought we thought it was much conflict. The first minister of so many more actually asked him to interpret Spanish for Now I said no and then you can use like I do. He said
What we want what we're gonna get letters. Money went after Andy now because, as before They are the anti, even at times in eradicating for Opera Trang Antiphon as leftwing terrorists, who pose a threat to that of rights with that of right wing groups. They, whenever Tulsa Gabert right, they went after tell gathered forgiving right wing, media quote anti trans content with her bill to protect girls, which, by the way, is also hilarious. Just compare what the patriarchy didn't know: they're, not perfect, but they had anti spy. abuse laws right, birth control. I think you're happy with that attempt. And were invented by a man right to vote which took us allow, but we got around to it. A lot of women didn't want to vote, because you want to do a mandatory bucket duty, firefighter service, the draft and pay taxes, but right devout all and then title
largely pass by men or women could have sports, despite the fact that nobody wants to watch woman sports, because I want to watch the best in sports. Sorry and now if you think the elderly being, did you pay movement where you have to compete against said men deal
This one yourself Ladys hope that it was worth being nice and waiting for the day that somebody turned from being a woman to a man and competes in many sports. I you know that I did Marsh I'd know. I'd is another men. Men invented tampon societies, headdress visual. If the guy would like his eighth ruined couch, walk Lamb, doesn't I'm gonna go fix a problem, but I got enough where it? Where are you going to work? Free, blatant, don't do. That was what we ve been through this just like putting down hey it used to be a progress on the ground. It was also about the first Tampa, just it just hey with a sudden new raptor put at that point that out there for your widen oh dear, how long I work than those of you in the stable Dermot Subway,
where's. My ponytail returned. He gets a sanitarium. It's true, though it's really of the house is not funny going as absolutely I was trying to go. Elation only I like that is cancelled for being hilarious, yeah. Well, that's that lower we wrong. I bet you ever. She would conflict that fact that amendment ten pounds ass, one of the engines bringing up I know, I'm a dead man, invented birth control and I know I'm pretty sure management damp. I'm sure he's like I got a fix. This sticky situation now he was he was. He was a slick operator, So there is another one: Lou Dobbs ready media matters. They went after and they went after forward actually and gotten the polar advertisements from Dobbs Programme Dobbs later resign. From seen in two thousand nine and media matter stated, we got
well at least the good guys, one don I most people don't has done. I must was one of the first ones for media matters. They allegedly hired fifty people to do research to find, anything that he had ever said. That was a fan love so that they could get him fired, which again I don't know how you need fifty people. If that's what happened, how you have the budget for it? And if you still have said people how you don't list any sources, communications, research non profit, It is much easier to find shock. Job done. Imus is most offensive comments. Just list the best I hope they do it for you the launch of a pass on stern, who did way worse or whether, given the past now, because he's apologise that I would never do that again, he is to have met yet farting on prostitutes for cop I don't have it
that, but I know already going really had a lady play a harmonica with your nether regions, which, by the way you are a NATO male trains, gender female, don't try and do it covered by warranty. I play far more I myself pretty good. I thought that was. I thought that was a Dylan cover band of those me, sir. Our researchers. They can find heavings learn that convention thing about a couch chart, Regina gags in nineteen, twenty nine, a physician named Doktor Earl, has painted a patent and invented the modern day tampon, with the aid of which came up. Came up with the idea during a trip to California, where friend told them how she was able to improvise a more comfortable and effective alternative, though the commonly used in bulky external pads by simply inserting a piece of sponge on the inside rather than the idols, add three fair: that's out of got so inventions change and back then
a tap on the applicator was a piece of tape to put over your mouth and quit. While the average Haider was a threat she's, there was a stair yeah, but before that ancient Egypt they had no. I know this but they're going to Paris plants, Yow Paris, agent. it actually hey? You know they were there disgusting. I don't like it I don't need it via writers that they invented learn about this. You actually church, where there are talking about sort of human sexuality, sort of sacrifice. Well, without ancient Egypt we wouldn't have Steve Martin doing King Tut, so I think we all owe them a big. Thank you to the international treasure like when he goes like. This might mean a beauty. So he's got an arrow through that. I was just about to say that our too much like you're fired the erroneous that used to go up on stage with another on his head and brilliant
Gee does it, ironically, is at least a few years until father of the bride part too, and this gets redeemed, soulless bakers by the cheaper by the deeper by the dozen they can't you cheaper by the bakers, doesn't because it would be unlucky. So look. What can you do here. This is important you need to understand. None of this would matter. There's nothing else that you remember here. It's Facebook, Twitter, you to these people, have their ear medium. matters and its absurd that so silly the fact that an organization like that can just go out and they don't even kid, don't expect and kind of attraction, frowsed even to eradicate the router for Cuban on end, and it's not, they ve done this with pretty much every person out area are only they will never stop until you lose your sponsors demonetized, for ever indefinitely, I should say: whatever: worse for my mom's got a lot of Canada come such month, twenty dollars, our fight, like hell more by one of the fight like hell, church we're going to be selling a whole lot more merge, but you to the big check
bottleneck years is what's so important. So much is controlled right now think about what is controlled and deter. in your life, that is completely out of your control, in the last year K your business out of your control, the ability to employ people out of you, draw the ability to charge rant if your landlord out of your control the ability to raise your children as you see fit if it flies in the face of modern gender theory out of your control, the abilities, think about the election on at what really, the new towns where out of your control, the ability to question covert policy, as it relates to all the other affirmation, items that are out of control. That's out of your control, the abyss. to hopefully not have your taxes, perhaps close to doubled out of your control, the ability to speak out against the people who are pushing for all of these things to be removed from your control out of Europe. Control and it's because of an unholy alliance of a very select few people in control and other
stream is when people say extra. I wouldn't have a problem with fringe extremists leftist if they didn't influence the. entire Dnc and all of big tech and all of media. Think about this right. Now you ve got a president. who hasn't seen a private office in forty nine years. And you have an entire party advocating for more censorship on line and the people who they use for sources at Senate hearings that committee's congressional hearings, or often taken from an organisation that is listed as a non partisan, five or one c three that is so flagrantly their issue of lying and, as you know, they could read at the next hearing earnest, even greater Coonan guy. I think I'm the guy, what the Viking helmet working you do. What can you do at the very least, what starts putting some things? cannot control everyone out there watching right now, email, Youtube at press at Google, dotcom, email them at all,
but that's so, if they're going to think that they have to cut all sponsors from anyone is even remotely conservative, including basic bitch conservative, who talked about not having sex until he was married, like if wife, if Albania monetize, if they ban our content, I'm sorry you haven't, got a shot with your pep aims, which also, I would say, toned down little bit so press at Google dot com. Hopefully maybe Youtube, will understand how you know what We should have some folks on are advising committees who represent the other half of the country who represent the other. of the globe, who aren't by the way beholden to the chinese election system like Coca COLA Copenhagen has invested in no promise the elections over there in general, in communist party. Only here in the United States will require unification just enter essential email, everyone out their pleas to press it, google dot com, and let them know that a high. a partisan, massively funded political hit, organization like media matters shouldn't
we'll be taken seriously and should not be in any part, some of them which is also so opaque. It's hard rights. We have community guidelines now. Ok, those are mostly populism. Then they have advertiser guidelines you to buy. no one really knows are those our guests who determines that Youtube unaware you never know when they have borderline guidelines, and none of that has been released as far as who determines that we notice that anomaly law centres involved- and we know from the leaks memos that media matters has a direct line of communication with Google one. That's not even just move the goalposts, that's letting Lucy hold the football in changing the name of the team whenever constantly which, by the way, we surprised, Charlie Brown into shoot at the school? I'm sorry,
I too am glad he didn't pull that shit, what the football- and I think he has had a horrible city from falling at his head all the time, what the proletariat and help at what she ran that horse psychiatric care should they use just building business for herself commands hair of a woman, but there was a meme about Donald Trump where he was sitting there and it says they they hate me they're coming after me, because they hate you write and that's it actually what's happening right. Man, they're they're, coming after us right ladder with prouder because they hate you. They hate conservatives, they hate your opinions, and so, if you are concerned about their, we know a lot about the conservatives watch this they check on us wins he's going wrong. They help us out you ve gotta come together because I'm a come ass, not of a more need to attach more need to if they can come after us and take us down gear teed they're coming for you text where the biggest ones were the first domino you want to survive. You have to adapt to this, Youtube will find a way to take you, that's crazy. Twenty nine dearer don't like sixty million plus people.
sometimes believe evidence. That's why the shows are filled when we go like cats you tonight I live in a world where I'm only reading liberal sources all day. Could they have to right now we're before you notice the sources that we provide. The references are became an all those yes, cybercrime, airily list left leaning sources because they always training for myself, but then it is relay it. So I live in this world where I assume that everyone hates me- and then I hate me, but do you know what that those pretty good? We don't hate you that I'm like a lot of you. I wish you a bigger room when we go to schools, so you know it and with this being said now, we're gonna move onto hopefully obey a little bit of levity here. But before we move on to levity, we actually have a seven plus one this, which is a little bit different, ok this week, because its seven plus one year, futile fact about media matters, Forgot
rights. A few media matters jokes here, seven plus one irrefutable facts are not jokes, irrefutable facts. I don't. I don't jump over seven, how many media matters contributors does it take to screw in a light bulb? now the entire staff, one discouraging and everyone else to bitch that its two white number, six Dave. Yes, Why is medium matters? Nothing like dog shit, nothing! I don't know when, shit smear something it actually bothers you. It s really a problem, the track ass. You please don't look right now outside regular order, different, doesn't matter. Domestic changed just hit the bullet sound here you know what hit number five their Europe wide media matters cross the road. Why? Because George Ross bade them. Did ice, knock knock. Who is
their media matters, media matters not iguanas doors. You know now so TAT hey we're giving number three their Dave. Why was the dinosaur covered in blood why it was the Jurassic period. I was then, how then the advantages of it's? I don't know the strange thing all allow it with high into the earlier jokes. Why, as media matters so obsessed with Ben Shapiro, why George Soros? Won't stop, reporting him never effective, still here best years of his life all right. I got When I give this one today, because Gerald you'll just like it, I appreciate it media matter, researcher work, into a bar. The bartender says why the smallpox Why would you know you should where parents into a bar really and by the way, the plus one
take it. Nice all bars, need dear immutable media matters, facts and, by the way, it's important to remember lack live. Matter is very different. It does not all black people career, I think, lack lives matter is a horrible organisation. Yes, and I think that media matters agrostis service to black people by trying to connect them so one irrefutable media matters. Facts my dad I just want to know when I was a child by the fire so black lives matter, founder and aunt. If a member and immediate matters contributor die in a car crash, horrible crash unfortunate They arrive at heavens, gates the Lord upon them all sternly unease has surely your sins are so great your rejection of may so passionate? You cannot expect to enter my kingdom for eternity owing to the black lives matter. Founder first any says you, you were
Did your fellow neighbour for the color of his skin, which the book tells you is, rejected me yourself. You sought the destruction of the nuclear family, which I prescribe is a wholly covenant to be fruitful and populate the earth and knowingly inspired countless acts, senseless violence and riotous barbarism in the name of your fallen ideology and the black lives matter founder concern right respondents, oh oh, my I now see how wrong I was, and I promise, if you give me what one more chance, but one more chance and reject all those ways and love all people of all skin colours and embrace. You was away the truth and the light now the Lord pondered for a moment pause before you responded. You know justice would be for you'd have to pay for your sins and harm to your fellow men, but being a good father who yearns for all of my child, To return to me. I will grant you a place in my kingdom, and the gate opens up new blacklist matter. he cheerfully thanks Lord and runs in women goodbye to his comrades. Next, the Lord looks upon yet
member with a tear in his eyes. He says I formed you fearfully wonderfully in your mother's womb. My numbered every hair on your head before you were born, and after that I gave you a good father, a good mother protected you throughout your youth, but you rejected me and instead to the crusade against my people and all the principles you are raised to hold dear now, trembling the ant for member before God responded only when I see now the folly of my ways and if I could be granted one more chance. I promise to honour the values with which I was raised and the blessings you bestowed upon me. Please God forgive me. Lord pauses, for a second me tells them justice would be free to pay for all your sins and harm to your fellow men, but being a good father who yearns for all my children to return to me, I will grant you a place in my kingdom again once the gates of the ants remember runs past practically brimming with glee Finally, the Lord looks upon the media matters contributor contain. is to gaze no word
spoken in silence to build for what? seems to be an eternity until the media matters contributor feels like he can no longer take. He can't take one more second and the Lord speaks out to his voice booming across the skies with the sound of a thousand furious horses. Have that many and that seven plus one irrefutable media mats facts forgot turning back I love that will doubtless be written it goes on to say, oh and by the way it just because I know that this will be something we want to just you to have a definitive, definitive episode. We don't really need to address media matters for this. You can laugh them, but since we know there'll be a right up, I decided I would do the media matters thumbnail for them,
Well, I that one more time, elements are mainly set here. Three too in the shop, we don't know where that's been will hasn't been on Satan's lap, that's rather, nine Roswell went off with show is going to delay. He hasn't been Friedrich, so this is one to that and I hate I hate to do this. I hated unite. No, we hate to have to explain jokes in saying that we have to an end the amount for research that you have to do to do a joke is astonishing to me. I don't think people realise that, once again
you're the amount of effort you put into making sure it's all correct, as more than I think. Anyone on the plan which we shouldn't have to do now. You shouldn't have a joke, but it's just in case something like this actually comes up, so we did a sketch last week where wasn't on Youtube were was it? Was black lives matter street right Geraghty the sesame showing which resulted, of course and outrage from media matters and everyone else really upset devils down on bigotry. These are adults, What, however, is a groan adult been offended by anything? No I've actually had bad things happen to me in my life. Yes, what happened to you? If you don't like it, don't watch revenue, liberals or that they are like the upset that Christians are losing out on a promise outbreak into something it's beyond at nine p M, which Creators are greater if you don't like it, don't watch
we did I will I will never have. I will never be the Vienna promise, explain a joke, but just to give you contact as to how much research not only goes into the show and the actual opinions, put the joke this is how Saturday's. Let me give you some context. There's a sesame street episode where they telling Elmo about about the new about about the different thing, black people and white. People know, and I am jellies I actually even on airs and, like all you know, what actually thought that was a pretty good get hearing the lot of you, don't know? I actually thought that this was indeed When you watch assess mystery episode because it was translated, it wasn't. We all look. The same are all part of a human rights, no data. Private protested in two years. Ok, now that's important, I too, second, that context is important, because that, sets up. Why comes next with the sketch in question. But did they scaled back
because it first love, you don't know, not everything makes a cut ray had producers, it consultants who were black lives matter activists, and there was an original cut, which we hear it louder with Crocker, with obtained the exclusive original cut of the Sesame Street episode with black last matter concerns on race and melanin spouting it rough. Oh Don T put in your mouth garden for this tin. Canna, kick them hit unit Was there a manifesto in in this catch, so we wrote that yes, we ropey David to sketch, It is true that we both wrote the sketch. I was likely to put my name on it like an athlete with good will,
or to examine it all the time it's so nobody is its directly from their manifold. Yes, in just a week, we were very clear and ensuring that disconnect between black lives matter, the organization radicalism and the actual black american community where's. The left wants them to Inextricably linked in order to forbid you from criticising black lives matter. Dissembling ever was a black eyes met as a terrorist organisation, waited and say all people whose hops are terrorists. In Here's, my look at it. It's funny a puppet saying it. That's part of it. That's it that's really hot autistic puppet seriously come on. We doubt until the puppet over lords come for us. We should listen to them Lastly, we had no idea
in the midst. Only instead of those giant praying that it's just cranky anchors. So look, we were, a week later why we even had to do the sketch the black, matter. Logo the wording and the giant black fist to the entirety of the sketch. Again, I will there again because having to explain in fact, jokes, adjust destroys, comedy and again country with me John awesome. I think we'll just shoot from the hip. We provide references for ever allowed us better to come, but we all, so provide references and ensure that our jokes are rooted in verifiable reality which again we should not have, I do wonder not renewing his contract. No
that's not on me because we, the bill, and I just to say, you're you're, not gonna, be here from out clause. We heard forgets on racial slurs dream of contractors out clause. It makes it easy highways nevermind out a kind of joke I go for around. I know exactly what you're thinking. Yes, it's involves said at the start, I think it's an antenna alone, ass, videotapes, it's more funny when David doesn't say the general issue. I beg of you to let the boy get viewer offended by that your brain. Did you do it? Do you keep in mind? There are so let's go through the sets me street sketch, which didn't air here, and this is also the issue right. You're trying to bank you banned for things, you stay off the platform round, so pissed off Youtube isn't enough our sesame Street characters in the parity joked about. For example, one of them was a black sports records
Let's get his breath. Why homo my mom and told me it's because of melanin right damage a dead man will melanin assume we each have a sort of our bodies that make the outside our bodies the color that it is. It also gives us a competitive edge in all sports beside swimming. You can do it now. I know you say how work were, how dare you well, ok, listen for references, and these will be available on the website, because that's good for comedy all the top NBA players of all time go all the top five boxers of all time, even though, in the top fifty budget item top land, speed, running records, and one of these things I know you're TAT something record surrogate one thing not like it's a joke. Ok, a joker, invite my way. I dont think that any black person because we ve made this joke with them in their never offended by it pleasant
one out of sports? Disregarding hockey with this is because little baby, but only the cold, you're smarter, we ve been won. One sport there we do, what we were doing in Houston, we're done that kind of you were doing the kind of thing I was just along for the ride. We go to a country, club republican meeting, its surrounded by ammonia, like what you guys still think that steel, The kid swam you racists, I accuse an entire room of Republican for being races s and they didn't like it for them left to the beluga table immediately. This undermines no one gets. No one gets a tentative, you say: hey white men can jump, What a film not look now I venture to say on a black black people- tend to tend to be faster fuel, the records, I'll people of different genetic closing for some reason, Phelps and then bunch of guys who look like em. We wouldn't real determinant, align up or better still seem we gotta forming. One can exert media matters and people at Youtube. So it's a joke on we go. This is,
we get to the black lives matter portion again it throughout the entire video, where the blackness Matter Sesame Street ramp members. They were talking about vote I want to protest Jesus. Why would Taken this city back, that's where we go. do Elmo, take it back and give it to the black man. Take it from Evil. Whites! That's where we go What do you mean? Are you out Almah? its workers general, but rattled Orient, Those got ensuring by the way, Roper used to be a Jew until Charles Random, Sylvester Goober wasn't even thereafter that day. We, whenever I love that, almost an hour by black, so black lives matter, not black people, black lives matter, burning cities. Where does that joke told by muppets, come from
The two billion dollars and damage is right: the hundreds of officer casualties, the deaths, the thousands of arrests- and you know what I believe, your lionize, these mostly peaceful protests, of course give people write or we will burn this country to ashes. Black lives matter street, not all black people street, Its media matters, who wants you to you too, who wants you to think that they are one and the same, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of lack voters want you to required two percent identification now let's go on to some of the Sesame Street Black lives matter. The black lives matter, muppets goals that wasn't sketch we long for a world
for without anti blackness, and we do it to dismantle the west and prescribe nuclear family work. No own paradise. Logwood Condor now works there was an ad lib and I feel, like problematic just because it's a shooting from how But where did I get that from doesn't rising water house? This good news I mean, there's, there's a put their pluses and their minuses right like, running water, electricity. No, but you can throw a spear from the top of your Tesla rights. Which is not raise its advance, it's the way this film ever. But where do we get destruction of the nuclear family from no in the charter
how ya doin this its eyes were able that from their site, it's probably less than they did the writing. For me, I hadn't pace is a by product of white supremacist. Is western sailors were swimming pool so that bent back paperclip? Did you in this bow period. No, no shadow, remember my purple bonds, oh buddy! You can't quote them to them Why just think it's good to put a headline out, because you know people are busy and only of the time to read. That's just call everything, racist and prepared a realist right yeah, which is very much like what will happen next time. You train right, a bus, That headline about you did you read the article I've seen enough get em. watch the video, no, no! No! I just assume they were right. Yes, I just assume that in that light, where they live, but that their fourteen million knows now we move on to the sesame Street again. This wasn't even avowal here on Youtube. The
where the marriage wanna joke. I'm high is I'm going to people for wireless colors come together. We stand strong like this tree. Damson Strawberry Jeez network. Does that come from, I don't know, again. The blacklist matter charter abolish the three strikes: long lost close a federal presence would seem extreme decriminalizing retroactively expunge drug offences, which, by the way, doesn't mean that I am against the idea. I dont think that non violent drug offender should be behind bars. However, theirs of a basis and then for that punchline than you know, any that media matters rights in regards to queue and on and by the way it out ass. If it was white, people would be made.
In front of their missing teeth, because they do math before several times no watch. The show think he watched the shock illegally to dart dry never seen tiger king? We made fun of ammonia. Drug etiquette. Drug addicts are sick. They should be in prison and should not be in prison because of three strikes with part in right now play black people do drugs he or the race. This is course it's Jason tells them it's just at the founders and organizers of black lives matter really really like them. It's just unreal. It's the racist now out of date, listen they're. Fighting racism with more racing like a bite silence, with more fascist deride, with more races or if somebody's drowning, you spray a hose Adam S, I get an organism and deeper restarted. Nice little oil fire on the top looks like free will. Then you jump.
So, like picture poison, you want to drown or come up and look like dark man of Michael Jackson, billions in his house, That is where they re, like just jump out a burning window. It is your ways out of time and window on me. You choose. The wind Number three is returned to the future: only mass acts as an amicable. Now he awaited her armitage. Ices has opened the door to a brick wall. Gotcha orders, it's a door that he painted that only he out and then you ve got hit with an anville. Ok, and here's another one hears the real due to their upset about the joke, in this case about violence against Asian Americans. Let's get lit, the blame at our white people, not first glance sounds back. That's again, the bullet right now
and because, if you look at some of the blacklist matter, founders knifed recently gotten into hot water, there is significant amount of black American. on asian crime, two thousand eight San Francisco police departments are re, found. Eighty five percent of all physical assaults consisted of the blue contact or an asian victim, and recently this is something again the media is lying about, including people at medium matters and maybe it'll be a part of you to policy. We are not allowed to discuss the actual statistics in regards to probably see how people are being victimize right now, which would be helpful in protecting the asian american community at MIT depressed. conference. Last week the police showed pictures of those arrested and asked for help, and I define any of the suspects in the anti asian hate crimes and here's the thing. Why can't I just got to watch it One believes that they were victimize and recognised. Is someone in these photos to please call Nypd crime suffers hotline, one eight hundred five. Seven tips
We are also seeking to bring some order pans in cases where suspects are still being sought. The individuals you see here and videos and photographs with our continuing work. Our continuing, conversely, Genes and community forums and with your collapse duration, we will together prevent future crimes. I'm just gonna color bars, cut tat look, I can tell I made a mistake. I apologize. I had no idea that possibility. Look. You may not like it. He remained find it funny, but to suggest that pointing out the official stances statements and then the result of the black lives matter organization and their policies tests to imply that that's racist means that either ok, you aid don't know anything about the black lives matter organization or that be
I'd be a little raises and I'm not going to demand an apology, but I will recommend some strong gender neutral reflection. You wanna women, we ve gone over time, taking your chat at multiple out of paradise, conflict smuggling and I'm a little bit little, but if you about saying this, knockers might be too so my dear ever got about people who are watching like share this wherever you can appreciate, therefore, that when we vote tomorrow, the March up women upcoming chain for my next week, so I will not be in Thursday it'll be Dave and we have a long super video that revolves around Latin a hint. It's a term for rich white women so leave a comment: go shop and Youtube. Longer going to be thanking you, because I am indignant so you know what to do.
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