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BIDEN'S AMERICA: The TRUTH About Asian Hate Crimes!


We tell you what the mainstream media WON’T about the rise in Asian hate crimes. Also, there’s been a biting incident in the White House that doesn’t involve Joe Biden. Socialists have taken over the Nevada Democratic Party. And apparently there’s drama in the royal family.

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Hey there audio listener. I reach you today, in a somber tone because first, if you're, not fishing there. So you go you to Burma. Club lot of Canada come such Macleod, if not just rated an Android or on Apple, wherever you're watching it, but you should too. to my club to hear what Dave Landau says that actually got us locked out of twitter today, what did I say what hasn't happened yet? Who introduced
Why Ah, ah, we all got droplets droplet everywhere and not a drop to drink. I think spend together diagnosis, which book was that not a drop the drink somewhat going chat with you and mom club after hey, we have a lot to talk about today, Joe Biden detect dog. What is What is a Megan Markel? I didn't know into announcer digression. I thought it was the monster who would capture the fragile again. Sounds a little princess british as well. That makes sense with negative jewish stereotypes Le Crystal and then have you Have you guys been hearing about the rise and anti asian hate crimes know? This has been ever I also appeal to you? I heard you don't pay attention to the new stood rate is number one story everywhere: no, not showing you the stories to what is actually happening hint, its a bunch of people from the suburbs of gross point going out and beating Koreans Well, then, what a daily with my ten years well wasted youth
the sign of a good left slap to a Korean, its movements, assignable wasted youth worthless. But the sharing time you enjoyed wasting my time wasted, John Lennon said now? He was a communist, where the rolls Royce so terrible man we're locked they get to today would also be talking about we're talking about two o, you too, and the violation of two thirty removing comments from Genseric he's recent video. This is interesting as well as socialists, taking control of all of Nevada, which puts all of em Gerald areas here today. How are you and what are you never? Well, how are you quoted like great Dave Land? I was here, he'll be economically castle in Detroit. Yes, this weekend in Royal Oak Michigan right outside in Detroit. While please tell me a bodyguards, I famine and Needham. Judging by some texts, I got you would not fare well in Detroit,
Stage are known. I do Great Detroit now. I know you do well, but when you get any the less bs sovereign rights we have so little more downward motorway. I'm trying to be pc placidia either way. Someone Subaru Outback is getting carjack. Yes, I like it. What happened my fiddle forth on cinder blocks, it's just a steering wheel and two bricks. RO, Doc, Barnes Adam Kind, a girl's, these birchen doktor missionary, Perkins Sacrament Steel, tell Biden Jaw another back in January. When I was in my way look I love dogs, I love german shepherds, but I since the media against this is another example of them fawning all over the good Administration biting his dogs. Of course, they ve covered it at length. Anything they can cover justice, Minos, negative feel good, because opined doesn't talk to anyone.
Maybe Thursday, let us move you wanted to live from its first live public address, but for those who don't member, this is clip the recovering former Vice President Biden, Doc. gear that last thing before we go deny those our direct quotes. That's a sound! We haven't heard in the White House in a long time. The sound of a very good dog make that too, very good dogs this week the viands welcome to the White House. Major and champ major Rescue and it strikes us he's the first true rescue since L B, Jays beloved dog Yuki, unfair. it turns out that majors been striking a lot of people because he D had a fighting incident. Actually, over there and he's been sent back to Delaware. That's rough yeah! So much Joe Biden Dog bit. Somebody sent back today, aware of how the media coverage, we actually have an exclusive photographs of the incident in question. I believe yeah.
I will just hope it gets better binds fire you got that fire. Those german shepherds really do have a high opinion of just whites. Yes, yes, very true, very protective day were bred for a reason. Look it's wrong to hate major! Why do I, and this shows a pot it's available Monday through Thursday? Ten M eastern figures are wondering what to do in can also get it on Apollonian right. If you listen to audio only and the best thing you can do right now just come and comment on the shelf. That's the best thing you can. We won't you do these common. So my question to you is look for comment here. What are you? go on with these staggering rise and anti asian hate crimes, do you think it's entirely because of the term coined Chinese flew spoiler? No, I think It's because they often more say I feel sorry for your mama Well, I didn't how other right it does now hell no way. There's gonna pick the five laid pick, the final latin rooftop Koreans. Now there was defence,
the alarm yoga intermodal those we could get somebody bring back falling down. So this is another story that everyone's dogma, Megan Markel and- let me be clear- I've talked about this before. We read a lie. Renews nonstop right all day news and nine affection, and then some if I just know it something that enough space right on pan with four. That is completely an inch. I don't watch a video on it. I had never seen a market I'll ever even when I had never seen a markel until you yesterday happened, I had no idea. I thought it was I thought it was, I sought to market was the one who have been like that. Kate, you ve? Never surrender the most grateful princess. I've never said are not as strange. It's like the princess. The p if the princess whereby racial and the key word billions of dollars of honour and tax dollars and she was still pissed. Yes, that's it
to be the lesson of Megan Markel, so I had never seen Megan Markel and we'll get to the cliff in a second. But then, when I want oh that's making mark and then someone's he s, making others what she's complaining about races She's black she's, what can I do came again and wait never seen a Megan Markel, but now I M corrected I'll, keep in mind everyone's been talking about this. don't know how we did, but president Drunk called this one. Once again, I'm, not a fan of hers. And I would on this occasion, probably has heard there, but a lot of luck, dairy related, however, insinuates rapidly heard that follow up makes you say that, because I yelled it out of my limo, do suitable job is
This is coming from during an interview with Oprah. Now everyone agrees with President Trump. She claims she was suicidal because of racism and that members with members from the royal family are concerned with how dark second check again keep in mind? I had never seen a maiden Arkell. Until yes, I'd read about it, I knew you'd only contract out after Princess Diane's funeral in June, Elton John Cash back in and candle in the wind added a few syllables Oscar. Now this is the clip from Oprah. Her complaining. of racism in the we'll palace. look? I was really a shame to say it at the time and ashamed to have to admit it to Harry, especially because I know how much loss he suffered, who but I knew that if I didn't say it, that I would do it and I I just didn't.
I just don't want to be alive anymore concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he is born. What who, who is having that conversation with you. First off, let's tone down the drama a little bit that ok, silent idea is dramatic. I guarantee you that if I were married to a black woman, my dad Montero cap could be casual conversation. They know how white or about how white or black, even beginning to be. What's the over under them being looking more black. We should be well. That being said, it shouldn't shy to come as a surprise to Oprah that the people who for generations? Have bang their sisters to make? Surely maintaining the hardline have a little? You want to know how it's very obvious that they screwed up thoughts, look at their teeth,
these are royalty in name only most, I just hope, and they have all ten fingers extra fingers were also, he's a ginger, and I hate to say it, but when, when that MRS mixes with the cocoa, no good, I it's their reject their that it was not wrong. It's wrong how those the African American, or in that case I guess the United Kingdom African now who get when they reject albino ginger's among them, Yes, if made his kind they'll take them is one of their own. They never do that. Never by not relax. You should see what that just listen. Italians, Howard, listen I'm talking about his upbringing that I love this. What works and I don't know why they were so upset or worried. Accordant hurt when the baby came out. Looking like this here's an image that mean, I know that the data it looks like David Gurgaon,
Oh, you know what you get is its cause. She's, not black, now see tat. She totally is. I look. I dont- and I know that we ve talked about this in the past. Okay and I know every look ugly things happening pretty houses, yet we know Of course. You, however, is there anything more exemplary of chasing victimhood there claiming to be a victim and suicidal in Buckingham Palace as a princess yeah. Never let the rather could get. No look. I get that that's difficult to to kind of good at that lifestyle, where you're onstage twenty four seven now, but they left royal family. They said because the media attention was just too much. They wanted to go, live normal lives right, nor a normal life apparently means going on Oprah soliciting voice work from her husband when you're at a party
these just like you exact wash. You never seem that hated. It wasn't. My own I am with the family, were the queen was like. I need a limousine with no seat belts and drug dry and I'll hire a popular at sea at the funeral be showed a feed. Those parliament owes beef arena before they walk or cast down the royal lame. I dont care, let it happen. Decoupling would seem like leaders aiming for the iron did. I feel like if this is just my opinion, considering the fact I didn't know that market was black and then I watch the video and I still didn't notion tat. Towing around this topic, I don't look at the level of expenditure, for it is cut throat. That's not mentioned recently. We already have a history of sales of ingredients specifically to have all the appearance of racism boy. At least this is broad Nigel Ferrari back out of the woodwork in the American. I he is. He released a video yesterday, six minutes long, just blisters,
Hang them both saying that their one there was most likely baseless, they'd, even name who this was. It was like. Oh someone named person right. This is woke. Hollywood meets Buckingham Palace and choose like I don't like this at all. You guys you I'm not prize at all that this happened and Nigel Fraud to the very end was saying, Prince Harry was just like. I can't believe you guys are actual things up. A lot of work into this, isn't it cause she's american, and this surprised me right if ITALY phrase and we're so if racism happened to be as prevalent as they claim that it is in the United States of America where she was raised. Of course equally incredibly race, incredibly prevalent in Hollywood, which where she worked. If it were so prevalent, Hollywood in the United States. Why would be shocked by something seemingly so innocuous final. I keep in mind that slavery has existed in the in the british empire, far longer than it outlining those issues in England, the british Empire sure you can talk about it being outlawed, specifically with royalty in England, but the english empire. It was until sustained by
slavery. So why are you surprise? You It seems as though you faced borderline hate crimes in the United States, your entire life, and, if that's true, that's terrible, but it should be duck. Offer the by racial water awful by racial, looks back if their December, I think you might be if actually back, who kerosene there. Yet you're a princess shut up. It's not even real you're, the only person who gets to be a princess, even another countries, princesses are like nine years old right. There are seven of em like you're the last girl you, the only woman on the planet, is really a real prince right here, stop if you're out, I wanted to commit suicide worthy. Does everybody I've been that I've been the victim of of rough hate crimes? Mind! Look if you think that american cops are racist. What, I think the royal guards will do to you. The only have Billy clubs, though out listen when they move a whole lot. That's just takes longer us always, then look.
She's got into black in a law. Why? Why why this nobody's going to shut her eyes? Listen, I can't believe. She's, a lady in a row family chasing the gene pool for us solely brothers and sisters and free bands and language. I remember when it was nothing but cousins up and put in hand palace at all night long run. We had a way of them out of bed and make sure that we fit the cook. The team in their flipper end right with full fingers. So I wrote to you should know: whipper snapper spokes now The last thing you wonder why skins a little bit of a tan generally, Dr Lafayette walk around the sombre and you're gonna bring oh shit or thanks. So let me get my total acts somebody had the Jews hide the no open, chose the royal coal is what our more round and she's here
or have a good look at a good opportunity to give peace a mob. I don't think you understand it all right do believe. Your wife pick pocketed my wallet. what she would, if I too, want to what don't carry wallets Cicero. God not lie the smile. I don't know why what's excuse, she's mad gonna live online photo princess, although humanity, Well, what are we walk around with a frown like that vision, Untitled whatsoever to American Jews by arch if you wanted, a girl that didn't want you. You could just gone with Andrew to Epstein Island Listen. This is all a lie. There has been a black queen. I have seen Britain, ok, I've ever gonna go to the answer. I thought we were going out of bats now that you want to be on say which, by the way, have you never do in eight people out there. If you call beyond Say Queen Bee you're gay
a guy who really mad at you, too. Conservative only and I wrote an article about beyond say she was complaining about racism and courting I wrote this article and was pretty brutal- is one of our first viral articles and by the way, all the sources here today or build a lot of Canada COM and it was dear I would say not because your black, it's because you're a whore and we could, All these videos, like on stage company the stage and every time we made a point Someone came up to me was like you know. You really I'm going to make any inroads into black community by attacking Queen Bee. Basically, you may homosexual community. That's what you meant to set up a queen. the inroads. There's no self respecting yeah, there's no guys, not a Download brother brother referring to her, and that will be that a black equivalent of having a share wall right now, you're. It is all right. Now just a big fan area. Ok, let's get to the violence against against asian certain. Let me be clear: there is a rise right now.
and it's horrible anti, even violence right now of asian hate crimes being committed. I want to know how much you guys have heard of this crazy, is when you read articles in the articles described the video and then they don't include the video because it destroys the very narrative of the article- and this is another example where I realize I had a blind spot because I read more than I want a lot of these these video. So there has been a spike in in crimes asian hate crimes, but of course traffic Nancy policy. This is probably what you ve heard their use. To try and tar feather their political opponents, no way, man, conversations and New Yorker out of a man just pushed a woman. in her fifty's. Describers old I describe regime pushed away. Asian american woman, and then on this Only the moon,
she put out the word on another celebrities by word or social media, the police near Calais. She gave them credit found him very soon, but They didn't know whether it was a hate crime, whites primacy is, is the biggest pocket of concern when it comes to domestic terrorism. Well, that's that, statistically by the quantities that Dave's amount water here, even Brennan he's missing some here. We should have had that done before the show agent, whose and growth what is it would show those we, London dang? I hope you do European, maybe you don't you better use of european house. Does anything is tractable here in the studio if you used it Renato hooked up to our system. Yet what do you need
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showed him the assistant secretary of healthy eating dinner. Now, oh yeah VP, that is absolutely VP. Enteritis yeah is considered fetish. So here's what they want you to believe Nancy Pelosi. They wanted to believe that, of course, because of trumps hateful rhetoric greatest because the systemic racism, I think we have a collage you're just to give. You saw this everywhere, of course, specifically because Donald Trump called the chinese virus has a harsh what we call the chinese virus cookies from wool descriptions in they description to name just have twenty five percent of the year, a child these viruses, because it originates from China which, by the way they are now admitting that, firstly, the nobler than when we were on on air- and they were saying a new new evidence emerges that it actually originated from the United States on CNN, fraternal I'd, really the only source that you have it the chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Drought, I am categorically propaganda minutes on twitter who made it up and you had Chris Cuomo It was legitimate thanks
Donald Trump lies again trying to blame China, so this is a good example right here. This article, ok, let's finish this article talks about it and makes a hole in depth. Article makes no mention. No of the race of the attackers look and I hate. This is a perfect example. of where race matters. I don't believe in looking at people through the Prism of race, wherever you're black, your Asian, your mail, your feet, you're Trans Male, your Trans FEMA. That's not how we want to look at people. However, if we do see a startling statistical trend specifically of and interracial relationship that seems to be consistent. This is where it matters. This is where there needs to be a dialogue that can take place. So in reality the attackers aren't a bunch. White, guys and Magua Hats or Jesse small. It's personal trainers ass. majority are black or arabic. Just to be clear that in case didn't believe us. I have a very amato materials instinct had a video
montage for you that were taken from sources. If you go to the articles that include These videos don't mention who is committing crimes in the videos. Here you go This surveillance footage shows a seventy one year old asian grandmother violently shoved the ground, her purse stolen just one. Several attacks in California Bay Area recently Ninety one year old man pushed in Oakland, Chinatown one of three, tax. That day. Eighty four Ty American Visa Autonomy die. Over all out for a walk. He died a few days. Later from his injuries? Is family sing, people leave. It was rooted in racism should not be
back on the street. They should be charged with murder. If you see the video is nothing not intentional about asian american leaders say these attacks are trained, they would not really really brothers. We had been reporting on the growing number of attacks on Asian Americans across this country into night here in New York, a vicious and brutal attack, the suspect allegedly stabbing the victim from behind the thirty six year old, victim, seen here, insecurity, camera video now being reviewed by police with walking alone when Solomon wilfully, he allegedly Stabs him in the back. With this eight inch night poyser investigating another attack on an asian american person is only a bully, undesirable, laundered and illusions: geography, Russia February twenty. Third, while you call me back there
what you don't use for you. You don't call me that's that this raises to you. This is a thing. Did the Asians right now? This is some of its not new. By the way, this is important for people in San Francisco K in two thousand. I this pre, its Cobain this shocked me and all resources are available. Lot of Canada. Com can go, read all the original sources. We hyperlinks them an inscription blow the sin for Go police department found that eighty five percent of all four equally violent crimes. Physical assault crimes consists a black attacker in an asian victim while eighty, five percent. In the in the Bay area. The most woke precinct in all of America. That's what you think, I'm so that you would think that absolutely shocked yet a shock. And of course you won't get this assistance as to what's happening right now, because nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to address it look that guy just said something that guarantee was edited wasted. This is absolutely racism, K, of course, It wouldn't have been aired. If you said look, this is absolutely
on asian racism, one can be racist by the Asians can be racist against blacks, blasphemy, racism. What of course, white can be racist against. Let's ride it, just it's just a mexican stand off of aid. Also Mexicans condemnation against everybody. The point here is this is something that needs to be addressed, that no one is, but if you're not being honest about the problem, eighty five percent is what we would call, statistically believable significant and if we're talking about dammit racism and inherent right inherent unconscious bias? One about the report eminently conscious bias that causes you to run up and pushing old age man causing them to be, can cost and die. That's not sub! anxious bias. It's going on right now to the tune of eighty five percent of all physical assaults. Do we just no longer care about bout asian victims? Are they not the minority of the day or do they need to be trans? But
he policy and crew over there. I do something that they always you. They find a real problem right. There is a rise in and they go. Who can we blame? That will help us. We can blame damage We can say it's because he's a white supremacist. We can say that that shoving incident is a direct link to him, saying China, virus and Michael will because I, like out Donald Trump, says mean things on twitter. So therefore it must be true. Yeah, that's not look at actually had a fit the problems that we have. Let's just look at how we can blame people and have political advantage right, pretty sure. That's. A leaky was inspired by Donald Trump slaves, yet probably random. So this is my country actually quickly. We followed up and get the blame on the issue of the notes that some work to do in a grave. I check your cash He again and manage the society when he showing the tape on a loop of him, murdering asian guy in his wife behind them.
count the liquor store where it was ninety. Ninety two it's been gone on for all has been going on for quite a while. There are some tension. There is something college always time Koreans and, as is the problem now, why do you think this races and by the way, just let me give you an example. This is something pretty important: why do you think there's been a rise? This has been on statistically gains a baseline since before covered, like one thousand video make me hard heart. I'm in a move on here hard because he flexed Why did it in the light of this wise, as happened bright? Why has this racism increased, why have there been increasing but welcome the baseline eighty five percent in the Bay area right? This is an area we have a lot of black people and you have a lot of asian people writer, so they come in contact more often than say, even some other inner cities where the areas are completely segregated aright. So it's kind of a almost caught a bell whether county for racial hate crunches. So this is going on for a while, but why hasn't gotten worse? Well, let's think you'd better,
really bread more racism by accusing everybody of being racist and giving people licence as a perceived underclass or victim from that guy, who show the old age man to Megan, Markel that their victim of circumstance, their victim of people systemically discriminating against them, and to give you more proof that last, when the guy who got shoved the San Francisco district attorney pole, the charges, what in that last going to promote quote restorative justice to promote story of justice. That man was shoved too. I believe, with the cliff where the man was killed. So what you think happens when you tell a specific race of people hate you can't make it in this country. Hey you're, not good enough. Hey the deck stacked against you ignore the former president of the United States ignore Doktor Ben Carson, our ROTC first person, a separate, conjoined twins. Colin Powell, is not black enough congolese arises in black enough. Let's ignore those folks, but the cards that the deck stacked against you. You have absolutely no chance. It's under
animal that you commit crimes, we're gonna. Let you riot and and cause over two billion dollars worth of damage is in your own communities. Very often we're talking about dozens of deaths, hundreds of officer casualties, including black officers, we're going to let you do that and are even going to carry your water, because we will say that it is mostly peaceful right. We ve do that, because you have been the underclass and you know what those are the folks keeping you down now you have people who go really what happens if I commit a crime and what we're not going to do anything but the rioters polluters are very little comparatively. What are you gonna do if I beat up an old chinaman as they say they are allowed to say we don't considerations because of cultural differences. What happens but be him up we're going well or to to met restorative justice to take place will retain those charges. You have created a powder keg of racism and violence. that's. Why you see a spike in crime across the entire country, entirely attributed to riots right crime went down almost
we single year since the nineteen eighties spiked up because of no count. Just for writing. And now you have Asian Americans. Other minority by the way built the railroads discriminate against pretty recently put an internment camps, our bad that's one on us, and now they have. They have a knockout game to look forward to their local fish market absolutely and if there are no consequences, why do you think we had rooftop Koreans in the first place, because police weren't responding to take care of the situation in the riots? Also, they were already. There are preparing the seagulls of its true. That is true. It's free food will just by calling and restorative. It simply means that your allowing a group of people to get away with all kinds of stuff based on issues of the past week doesn't work. Nobody was therefore that they didn't experienced those same things. It and in no way is that evolving. It's just going. Oh, you can be this piece of shit for this long and then will
It there's a zero there's, no answer to what unwholesome when one was a legal defence. I'm sorry I've had a tough life. I get to take it out on somebody else. That's number worked for anybody in any situation. I know it's worked all the time. Will you you got- it was ever so little guy I'll just now, but it should not happen. no it shouldn't happen. What happens all the time? I tried that with my do eyes, miracle temporary insanity. No that's a good one, but did go to a mental hospital, so they did for me. You know what he was insane, but now we think that you should drop all charges, we're not going to do that. He was black and free dismissed wealth in fairness. Twenty years ago, at a ban and guilty professor, I, when I do understand that there are issues of the path course allowing people to a lot of the problem is the black. The community, who are good people, are not going to go and behave like that, because you're getting a past, they think it's ridiculous, as anybody else you're just letting the people on the site in any group of people that are most angry, too
advantage of that and go out and hurt. I tell you what I grew up in opposing court about getting. I talk about this. I really did grubby reopen. The choice is a little different, but really in a post, racial Canada, America, we're friends who were miracle flags we can't even really think about. Frankly, didn't even really occurred with where these kids, who are about four black brothers, are cut, namely the gullies and you just. We would see them all around our small small town on the kind like a broken in New York in Montreal. The sounds all right, we're we're out. We knew what we're gonna see, one of the goals of the public corpse pool where the local basketball court, great kids. If we stay out dad, who is supersaver dark nigerian one who was like a walking technical commercial. She was as English as you go and we never even consider my brother had a bully. Kid was happen to be black, never thought of it. because the kid was black. I just thought this because his elder brother was a really nice kid. It was some that we didn't really think about the shows that we watched family matters fresh, prince of Bel AIR right. They were always pretty mixed. It doesn't mean that there are. There was racism taking place, however, I will say that I never looked at people through there
prism of race, and I know that, certainly where I was raised in a middle class ass area in a semi suburb of Montreal, they didn't all that we were looking at them that way until they were told that we were looking at them that way, and then we got to college, and I had these kids, who spoke and acted just like me, starting to talk like Drake, whose butter soft bitch nice area West Mount in Toronto, who tries to speak Ladys for Memphis and then they fake it. And what happens? Is you now breed more racism? When you say by the way? It's ok because they're, not the oppressed class of the day, just like women. This is it here's a perfect parallel back in the day it was- you know what women's sport sucks. Why? Because their weaker smaller generally less fast and uninteresting to watch? Well, that's your problem. Ok! What do you want to do it tat spoke dollars. Total lie. We will force you to watch women sports. We said all right, fine, we'll let you have your sports, even though it doesn't really matter, it's not a thing cool and now
women sports, because women are no longer the underclass of the day. They are no longer the oppressed and it's not just Then verses women now its women oppressing trans. What happened now, with Asians right now. As we know, they are not really the ones being oppressed. You want to see. Someone is totally confused. You wouldn't try, explain to an axe we'll korean emigrant right, Corina an emigrant chinese american immigrant, the idea of their crimes being plainly white from the record in order to restore in order implement restorative justice. Watch them get their head around it. What do you mean can go. I can pride so I can possibly allow me a lot of us have the gang up on a blackened awake vaseful a real live, but they won't. Do you really? get the glass we have therefore they don't they don't they couldn't comprehended enforced. We expect to be punished for their crimes if it only makes sense if it really there
I want to know how this was used as a defence. Think about that think about going. to court right now and knowing that your defence is merely race. That's what happened here going I'm sure listen servitor honour your honor? I know that I push that man down and he is still in a coma and we don't know they're going to remove the feeding tube but worried, it wasn't the mayor that senator whatever I was as interest good district attorney. We had earlier that the other night, if the guy had a good time to make his own case on that one. Maybe that is just like. Maybe we'll just throw this up by the way it works just me, but I hope there is a special place reserved in hell for people who do that to elderly people who played a knockout game like that, just offends me so greatly. I have when this was going on with an aka game, actually thought. Okay, if I could just like move passages catch somebody, Let em I don't ever want to know if I saw it coming and just kind of like let it happen. I was like that that would be fantastic. I can do that is never because now that your being here,
not easy Pratt, yet a hard target and again look what I believe to be very clear. We are not saying all black you're doing this. We are saying that the people, majority. Eighty five percent of the crimes are committed by black people against Asians and the reason for is you ve said: hey you're mad? We understand? Let your voice be heard and there will be no consequences and by the way we don't really care about Asian Americans right now because are actually more successful. As a matter of fact, we are to reject them in record rate from just because a score too high and the s eighties, would you like to come in with nine forty come on come on come on, we got room for you there at brown. That's what's happening right now and, unlike us who are raising a relatively post racial Amerika? What is what are you Think right now. What do you think those those people who were who were hit? What do you think their asian chilled asian american children are gonna, think growing up. Even let's go to bring more unity or less I'm telling you I am worried. I am worried that we will have more racism in the night. generation, then any since slavery. I am really
than any since the Emancipation proclamation, I'm really worried. I because I see battle on the left or young who see everything to the some of race and guilt, and then I see, well, who rejected out of hand and there's an maasai, because they ve been guilty for being white or They haven't been heard as the victim of hate crimes overwhelmingly as Asian Americans or they didn't get to try to go to stand for because they didn't score. enough on the Bell curve, despite the fact that people with lower s eighty scores gps and extracurricular, got in those aid. children who grow into adults are going to be a problem for you and then said Continues. We hear you asian Americans, we need regulations, were nickel thing to allow your emissions to college is not doing anything in the the anti asian hate crime epidemic of two things twenty one so ourselves, our nation, feel so much shame here. Some free shit! That's what's going to happen, I'm telling you it's going. I said this about black lives matter in the past. I said it was gone
debris more racism. Here we are, I'm telling you you ve got to stop this now we're looking off the edge of a cliff spring, but I really do. Can we check in and see how Brandt Rate Brennan's doing make sure you use that deeply, and we talk about this and we love shall be thick our eye, anyone else. You say you know what you know. It is better for restorative justice, but we always inability Prince Charles Ducks question, not Harry and made an interview based on the population There are a lot and this morning prince charming, do live every question I get nervous and syndicate holding the royal family, who are figureheads more accountable and Joe Biden. He didn't duck the question he was walking out of a meeting in somebody said: hey what do you think about the interview? He just didn't say they also. He walks like a duck. Well, that's true, etc!
It went what he's going somewhere about when you're dead, banged your beer, your mom losers, their sisters and others Royal Bloodlines Catholic Arkansas worry about it. but an anti re as fuels. I said the best thing for sort of healing for justice is accountability. That's what people want all the time they want people be held accountable for their actions, and that restores your faith and hope in somebody else being person or at least being forced to be away from you. If they are gonna say it's kill old asian yoga. Yes, it is a short cut, but sometimes it's not working harder. Its working, smarter. Exactly take that choice so like with corn burger king, also, by the way we have to get the quorum on a little bit of some news there, but Burger King identities, us his eyes wandered far speaking of speaking of social justice under Firefox Tweet. Yesterday, as signing international women's day, which read,
at women and belong in the Kitchen- and they were saying this- the contacts- what they want, more female chefs utterly of being at burger in the five a YO chef really come about working is drunk. Think anybody listening go ahead. There came out with a wee wee mitted we're uplifting women. We're trying to get rid of this matter. Will you here we want to meet our kitchen, do very little money, that's what we meant that a state plan interns access to your twitter, which- and this can you also watches women's sleep in the commercial, especially in light of the bed exactly and it's really weird when he's watching them sleep, and you see the UNESCO butterfly like that, can just dropped her. How is it coming we'll cross over that king drug, her he's got, it Fever, vendetta, mustache, really remember milking. By that I got Megan moment still, but I should say there is still better than the Popeye's tweet, which has got to blacken
oh, why it also, by the way people peep that says more about you if you're mad about it. Not all bitch is just some bitch is right on summit taco bells have another baby: Hyena was a little red was a little. I was young world alone. Oh yes, but that's why? those countries going into german demographics? Changing network the times are changing obvious Arby's followed up with. Please eat our food yeah dives armies followed up with it. Doesnt tastes like vomit any more, they like Arby's tastes like baby, throw up this case. If every thought earlier in business through tastily, gave her a babysitter open. My mouth I've had a baby sped up in my mouth, no projectiles, I always dread Errol. They realise that our biggest being seen in your life is a big baby, please everybody is a big up. When I see that baby, when that baby learns to walk, you just have to make sure you don't have the thought as to how the world could end, because it will happen.
he's, gotta headlights, Dewey Griffin, it is a date, is a terrifying proportional fellows. ANA things, not proportional. There's, nothing purported energy reigns in there. Now I dont. That remains to be so I think the rock and arrives boys are it's like. If you were to have all off this table meal at his head, is so big like he would actually like headfirst, unlike he would stay They are one of those one of those unable out like one as we will watch honey. Don't worry, that's gonna happen even areas, a great looking kid, but his head is bigger than my wife's. Nah it's on my what we're gonna have a measure. It got you your exact and we let's get the calibre jeers here coming from its least wider than I'm coming from the guy who told my wife was like her, his heads, pretty big, you think that's gotta fit it's gotta, be a problem. we wanted to have natural that if we could see a great many of the god of we're gonna be able to do that now. Fed Ryanair lot given birth to to side by side, cantaloupe head is huge scale these positive view positively, though area in his hair. Is why light I do mean
The brain sought her lot, hair blue eyed and I dont make those connection we know. Now. I don't want to talk about us of his child, feel weird and it doesn't feel we're. Demeanor he's a fantastic glad, because the quitting way to allow the reins the quickest way through the father is the sun in this case, making fun of his kit aright Let's go on here too. This is an interesting story. You tube or the White House. We don't know he's a great looking kid thanks. he is very aware. Even have UK he's weird hey he's he's weirdly large is my point. He's like Jack, it's gotta be seven foot He sure he's wearing one year old clothes, seven, my while really has been working on for about a month. They looked snug yeah. They are you look like you a lot of acid Juliette, it's a little. He was doing like any Murphy's raw. I'm gonna have loyal boy and girl. Twins, which means for the first four years, however, is going to go where they done a column. You seriously just gonna start getting angry. Well, you and we ll get her Cox bigger I'll, get angry others take.
I'm gonna gets parenting us about its about beating that even the car imply. I my house for the first four years, just gonna, look like one of those late eighties, wrestling, buddy commercial sphere, hope, let's Kaliko careful here, because we just us- but it is a subject- and I am saying this for me- I soon do so either the White House or Youtube turned offer deleted comments again, and this is something it's entering. The lot of people might have missed, and you know what but let there let me I'm going to ask you something because time machine online, you can go back and check and see. You know the internet above it only works. If people have taken scrutiny, people taken rain shots right, so everyone out there when you see something suspicious, please take screenshots just comment below. It was the best thing we can do under the yoke, and let me know what foul play you ve seen a few spot it take strange. at the very least we have a time machine utilities accessible to so Jen Zackie
spoke yesterday. This was the video in question where there were some some little bit of tomfoolery in the comments actually get to in a second Megan Mark out. Markel is wrong. Racist, so is Harry at this point for anyone to come Ford and speak about their own struggles with mental health and tell her own personal story that takes courage, not certainly something the present believes in these talks about the importance of you now investing in a lot of these areas that they are committed to in the future as well, that clip was only nine seconds and I lost interest. A third of the ways to so here's something that's intro. Even third idea. Honestly, I zoned out legislative Chuckie thing enjoyed. Let us not forget that it is a good temper. So, shortly after she may these comments at the press conference there, they were turned off on Youtube after they were flooded with neck. of consciousness and by the way before that, there seems to be some proof that the negative comments were removed and then they eventually turned it off now, here's what
so either the White House has done this or Youtube instants. It's a problem either way need. I remind you that in two thousand nineteen, a federal appeals court right. They ruled that trunk could not legally block twitter followers, claiming that it violated users. First, amendment rights are Americans right because they were part of his constituency. So if you of the White House blocking Bull from commenting at what amounts to a publicly televised press conference that, of course, it could be Argued is a violation of first amendment rights or, if you'd It is doing it themselves, that's a gross violation of their two thirty safe harbour protections being an open platform. So it's pick your poison White house. Wouldn't be able to add it sensor. Comments are not legally a federal appeals. Court said that Donald Trump couldn't do
you can't do it and certainly Youtube as no business doing this, despite the fact that I know they really really dont want the public to see the down votes in the negative comments, and it was what like fifteen to want or something like that of the day. I think there's like a hundred and something people acted like fifteen hundred people footsteps and just because you don't like He was comments. Let them talk with them. Figure out why they don't like it. Somebody's gonna bring up a good point. Maybe somebody's gonna defend Megan have some Ngos, I say, but I doubt it on a happy. It's their home at section of you to which would have really go to die level. on the comments section of a White House Press conference. This is like a scenario to you're, not finding their they're, not sending them back to their brightest folks. Like me, getting that all trucker bathroom stuffs located a covert. We don't like what we see on those walls. Nothing says: transparency, administration, the most transparent administration ever nothing says: transparency like removing any and all feedback from your voters Oh, I just any time I need a nice pepper. You know I,
to look at my Youtube com and I always got what I needed today. It's like arouse act in written form and the press and all the way. It is also our duty. It goes in this order. It goes worst Youtube comments and then twitter at replies, probably on end and then Facebook, and then I mean snapshot. Adjust you mean, you know you can see picture if it can be. Christiania sticks out of breath he sent it to every, but every body, nobody special units, I'm saying it's not like it's a thing for and rich people, we just as a thing for means and pictures like that. Eight, let's check back and I'm a little worried about Brenda, Did you show him he's must include. Let's keep secret. Take here's another, before we get to Chris Cuomo. Our quest Chris Andrew, almost Governor Cuomo TOP pick up lines, which is pretty happy.
The entire staff of them that a democratic party they walked off, after socialist one. All five party leadership is less so socialist unity, Judith Whittemore feel in it. She won. The Democratic Party Chairman Clark County, which sounds familiarly does, and the intercept reported nations came after deep divisions within Nevada, Democratic Party and their processes. So here's the weird thing is they ve? All basic people resign saying this is a socialist right does a bridge too far, even for us and we I agree with the socialist candidates who have achieved office which again says it: there's a war between Democrats and their constituents, their own voters, but they said look we can not beyond with this? We can their conscience, support this agenda. We're gone well. What was what's Whitman. the gender. What's a platform on the rate of forty of fifteen down minimum wage, universal health care, of course, and aggressive support for green, unproven, unprofitable energies and, of course, ensuring that apply
and parenthood in one way or another receives tax payer resources which do not listen. I get the people. I'm thinking this is so radical, because the socialist self about socialist candidate, but this platform sounds it sounds familiar. our recovery plan, also calls for an increase in the minimum wage. Fifteen at least fifteen dollars an hour here at American, how hard it is a right for all, not a privilege shrift. So today I'm announcing my plan for clean energy revolution. I support a woman's right to choose. I support its constitutional right. I've supported continue to support it and I won't move as president to see to that Congress legislates that that is the law. I can't help. Gamala Harris looks borders trying to think of an ex black sounding thing to say, but in that case you should have just shoved them or TED little erect,
by the way the MAGIC words Andrew Yang I mean Ozma Shadow boxing where's. His dad ran revolve. Who can I should have that won't be able to plan the skin and the audience for Rice Patty had now what I thought was funny. Wasn't just the staff that written like resigned. It was like every consultant. Everybody was involved with it, but before she left the leader before she left she transferred almost all of the funds for her and fifty thousand dollars to the Senate campaign so that they could use it. I thought that was brilliant there. Pretty far away. We had several checks, we're all God and he made me look at bank balance it a little low. It's like I stallion job. Yet yes sector score where that socialist opens up the metal too, with facts if you're watching both of those move. It is exactly like em night Channel Honorof, those true crime dramas, the one with the Cecil Hotel,
my area, anyone out there. What's that think. What's that one called just so you know if anyone out there is planning and watching the true crimes theories about the Cecil Hotel, spoiler alert, it's not really a spoiler, because exactly what you think it's going to be in the first thirty seconds is what happens to beat. You see just how easy asian lady not to becoming a crime at this point, because it happened a few years ago, where she's in the hotel at Hotel Cecil she hit all the button she's acting little knotty, she's looking outside our people and you're like what's going on, she looks like she might be high and she might be out of her mind and they go through always conspiracies at the hotel. Us haunted that maybe somebody with lace or episodes and then an episode five you find out now she was high and she was out of her mind. Thank you. Thank you for five hours of my life that only ever get crazy. High asian does not the content of a show make war. doesn't the elevator move because she's high and hit all about gas, and it's all the old hotel, why doesn't the door closed on its own, because she's list and hit the open button? No guys it's
the hotels, racist, that's true, oh yeah is redesigned. Half the hotels. Look nice and the other half was still for homeless. Suffer through this half of it like an electoral lax and the other half was o d bumpy us, but they can still shared elevator. Good luck! Good luck! I let's check and really quickly before we get to Cuomo with Brendan I'd, let it how's he doing has just laying unwashed recipe and accomplished Carter. You guys will never not you'll, never know so in a news update, neither Cuomo Sex scandal story and I would never signals a rapist. Let us, Makos allegation. I find it deplorable why you smoking I'm not your rape apologize. I dont! Let rape apologies and my job is reading something funny. So, as you now awaiting you, don't apologize says yes own it so
otherwise they smell it on you and then run by definition Dave that if the ends of totally about what it is entirely correct, that's my understanding. you just say sorry: I caught a fragile so in a new update. most scandal. New York state Republicans just introduced resolution now to impeach Cuomo they want to teach Cuomo this is, and I want to know what the Gallagher you can come at. Why you think they're turning item at this point? Is it just because he evidence is overwhelming, I'm not so mad that he kissed someone on the cheek and entered on the cheek. It is as a method. He killed your grandparents but I'll. Take when I can get so now, they want to impeach Cuomo in its also because there's been some new evidence, That's come to light that you are having women just coming forward, stop here and a lot of transcripts of inappropriate talking, which brings us to the top pickup lines. From Andrew Cuomo. This week, seven plus one
forgot always forget the one in the report. You gotta be careful with it. So this one actually we have. These are the top Andrew Cuomo when our Como pickup lines there that you will find these transcripts. At least we picked up top when it's hard to pick it really. Yes, is so many they're so on a wearily racist. I think it's him be in him. I think it's him be unwise through a queen coins will be boy yeah queen see gonna be all right. All right is ripe, pleasant place. Now, let's get the other brought, I know, but I figured it was getting one or two also want a bay they show and racist stereotypes. Thanks thanks six foot for blonde hair blue eye, that's really gonna be good for optics ass. I have a better lower love. Do you would have loved you know, because you look nothing Hitler can also cats, Rodya short, bald, dark, hair media right
today the top Andrew Cuomo pick up what you can read the transcripts, their available corset ladder, credit outcome and we have a real because there are so many so weak, seven plus one top Cuomo pick up lines. Let's have you take never fourteen day, Landau, I'm gonna start few harder than cold with patients into a nurse in home. First them I thought, then that's like Martyrs Thanksgiving this stuff. What is so high? We got no sunday gravely we do and issue the governor, we'll make sure. There's no cranberry saw Swoboda. We gotta go away when you hidden hidden the bullet day after he talks. People can hear what he is saying: you're much of a bitch gay whites. I do to speech shoot together. You shoot the guy, you gotta, let me say my finishing line like you're too you're, full of shit or, like I was built for nine bank. Ok, you don't mean
and it's all regula. I meant a lot of men every day, because this guy over is out there shovin down old, Chinamen Org, Donna Korea down causing a problem. I paid him to do to Governor Cuomo Stommick up lines in the transcript number. Thirteen. Those are nipple rings, I'm just happy to see grandma dead, TAT, pick up lines from Governor Cuomo number, twelve, what to see the real nursing on death rate. It's in the bay. My limo
you don't even needed. Aren't we will need a convinced they always get in the back of my limo, namely because my bodyguard Asthma gunpoint, with thirty eight get about only I tell them that I might have numbers states rightly say get: do you get back there? You know what's good for you, a beautiful, you are beautiful Oda right. Let's go top Andrew pick up lines. Number eleven Dave Landau is Data ventilator in your pocket. Are you just happy? I killed grammar, that's a good time. You don't need me not there. Now it may not by me not by Jove. Busted, it's war. all right top Andrew Cuomo, Governor Cuomo pick up lines? Hopefully this is still up. the next half hour you too sweet
like Isle of God. Will I've got some all you can eat bread, debt works every time, unlimited sticks and then afterwards it's my. Never Randall S ball. It's right You can talk to sail. We bring me a table side all now. You could pick our traditional. I tell you it's just craft dressing put in an old wine. They can't of God and come on take. What you get you can also use. Jellia syrup is another event, your mama down. I'm sorry, I'm sorry now here? No more, you know that, aside from the trees, they show the trees. Alright, let's not think you can handle one that jail jail there to do in detail, and I let me do no knowledge. You want I'll, let you do number eight top governor Cuomo the guidelines from the transcripts, the legally observable trends that I stand by this number, nine
before you. Maybe we could grab some dinner and unplug memos see pap every time you get no claim so. let's see a file of sea of Mister Rochester S over you can put on a put on a most a lady boy. You got one, but I try. I made you eggplant parmesan, it's my bread is frigate, warlike, violet, there's a Cecile uniting and his woodpile somewhere down the line. Folks, a lot about the more this shows educational,
not only are we are. We would windows, seven plus one- that's real without a real good. Without another, seven plus one body see let's go day book and thou with number seven Andrew Cuomo pick up lines you so hot you Roy legalised abortion until the fourth trimester sounds like something I would say, that's what I say up to its first birthday. If it's mine, I don't want governor of New York. What am I supposed to do? Peter rabbit scan the twenty first century get about. Do let's have Gerald? I read this one big, just just pay I want to see. If he's sorry areas can get. Why would you want to see the discomfort I want to see him say this? One top edge Rogliano pick up lines. Numbers
I hate you I'd, kill that ass like itself, once a wailing Schenectady nurse at all authority said enough. If you ve been Schenectady, yes right, eye What I think you re deck. As you know, I don't know how to read deck quote: we're gonna go, have a blood test. No more in New York now could involve just tell them that you're good devote bring in a paper box in an empty toilet paper role that would budgets You like you could use a necklace I see what is going on. I'm not comfortable with them like a chain could use it to a right. Listen. I want to read this one: oh ok, all right. Let's go! Let's have taken when number five and Andrew Cuomo pick up lines you my Russia. Chris. Now because when I look at you, I can help think to myself. May I wanna hit
pussy. Why am I brought on believable work and Percy Judge biggest pussy? I know my dad did heeds is what they call a double on time. That's what they call a time when a punch, the girl- and you know why, when my brother comes out at Samara Dennis I hit I hit his hair yea. We so tat. We wrestle. Sometimes we thanks gave. It was all done. Resolutely brings out his victims than is eighty. Eight foot basketball tries to convince every tries to go on down a spanish, I'm convinced them its end weak. Unlike this moulins gonna jump of six feet, big whoops, they never buy it number four top through Cuomo. That's the governor, not d, less Cuomo, like the Dylan from entourage, milk number. Four, no body like a Cuomo brothers Spit rose party because a Cuomo Brothers Spit rose body. Don't tell
I could, although what what did I just see some pennies hit the floor you Nobody, trade, Cuomo, picket lines sweetheart. I will not grow old with you nicely done for well played. Let's see, let's see, you know what I'm unreasonable toe and then you gotta remember one.
Cause I'm gonna, do novel are really good. You says I mean number one guy feel good about what you're doing number one now, so I don't want to get in Trouble Yang whenever you got so. Am I miss you up, just give it to you, because people will lose the guy with the you know, the guy who use that the lesbian cut and Eliza what you think. I bet you don't buy monsieur, but that's not she's well before back when he had the molecule. Look like rancid air there, maybe what the Subaru Forrester one or another guy well, listen, there's nothing wrong with that. I happen to live the way to them women, dress, different strokes were different, looks that's the way: a cargo shorts, Doc, Martins sound like an old Jew. I don't know what's happened and at this point not, although York top Andrew Cuomo pick up lines, sure my brothers on CNN, but on them trusted, name and hidden that you come on now,
I'm a shot and bacon for all governors to see how it is, written on this beauty. What was that? these girls Ratan on such bill. I don't know you know what they change than at the summit used to big now that it's a problem, I don't know shit about. I want to say it, but I am ashamed of all the beaches in my state governor of New York Gay key mind the character he puts down, and suicidal demand. it s an AIDS. Ria, that's exactly what happens is like what they call a flesh mob. I flashed a mob. You're right got a number one number one android worm all governor pick up line. Should fireworks everytime, you might have one way, does work every time, every time all right, listen, they dominate the put this one of my back pocket. Next to my thirty eight yet works every time backfires man, my pants I've known in a nursing home stiffly
a bull maple, how you didn't get it without me, chemical enhancement, but it also points out that, the bird boy AIDS right out. Of course, we have the plus one in the chamber that most people forget about the plus one top Andrew Cuomo govern a pickup lines, hey when the lesbian so she's a Cuomo sexual and you because if you want to keep working here that dog my boy on the slow knows we gotta be sicilian MEG in my call, ok, I'd like to put their queen and an old folks home and the height of death. I tell you what put a girl, an apartment in the Upper EAST side, with just a little bit of cocaine and about a thousand bucks in cash she's. Grateful shown tell me a depressed, Megan,
come on, let's society, but you know what I don't even know that last time I put a broad and alphabet village, she's gotta, think where toilet supposed to be they say, she's got a bathtub. Garbage disposal should be as a clam and white sauce, which brought over job. All right, listen we're gonna go! Actually. I do have a brig zone, among Betsy words, its role so twitter, just like the sound of the account actually well. You got an email and the reasoning for why you're like that. I think you'll like this specifically for nothing but really like that. I've been locked Am I a club for violating nothing again? Wonderful, because we brought attention to the fact that there were. Eighty five percent in two thousand and eight of physically violent crimes committed in the Bay Valley from
Assailants on asian assailant, since we were trying to educate the public on the asian eight crimes, and now I find myself back into a corner, because this is a legitimate knows item, but I can't break care about Roma AIDS right, it's very important to discuss, but was so down the rabbit hold of this highly races, Sketch also Also, you haven't had a rabbit red, go my words. Sometimes you know what I have just put tat in a stick: Yahoo mail, it down the my broad on the side in the alphabet village. You have a head that prego old world style bone personally comes over. I don't like that, would take it that's what they get the airline my source to different Nego cause you ain't nothin. You weigh union level. This is what This is what twitter fails. You gotta protect the young uns from don't worry about the fact that the record numbers
African Americans go and cop on Don King action on old Chinaman, but they bear fruit, the word don't wanna, seven plus one list pointing out the governor who sexually harassed. We want to work, form and killed all people without a make sure that we have that kind of opinion by the way it is still international women's day, because I saw a lot of women with tax. I noticed there too. I go, you know when I was young they hit China's that's. What I used to take turns out turns out death, Trans phobic, I'm just glad that most of my young experience was women are now not gay, the vast majority, I would say almost of sometimes my brother, you knowing that I said nay, look, what a big As for all right, we got
Galicia. Will we don't get? What are we boy replaying bad Moby lines of money and by the way, twenty just banged us? Ok, they just blocked this out of the account. I don't really know what that means when there's no reason to justify its decision that again, what is that relevant portal thanks for that Jack cast away Dorothy. But if you want to support No that's what you're gonna muslim world quota, Gunflash Mug libyan turn your promo code of your stolen veteran, active military! Listen! If you have a yellow belgian that bullshit type one though you can yourself down as a student. Ok, I don't give a rat's s, that's what let's keep it down the trail right now you do. We appreciate that you didn't remove us for this sketch, which lasted some people. could say, borderline the line you don't piss off
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