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Steven Crowder examines the latest police shootings and analyzes whether or not these were justified. He then takes a look at the conflicts in Portland at the “No to Marxism Rally” and discussed the difference between groups like the Proud Boys and Antifa. Lastly he interviews Jeremy of The Quartering regarding the drama over the latest high profile ban of the YouTuber Leafy.

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yeah, long as working time? Male they each year, hard out CNN really glad to be with you, and we want to get to talk about the DMZ convention. Poster post, conventional and derision monitor every time a completely justifiable officer shootings officers shooting. Yes, getting a refuge setting as a legal terms and we'll have the quartering. His name is Jeremy Jeremy, Jeremy Africanist Lasting, but he will be here to turn about leafy being banned on Youtube along with them at attention. We might get really we're talking about leafy, yet I believe you did I I don't know what to do speck name, but doesn't mean that it should not be protected as well. I'm a half an hour but which is not here using burning. It is a real jobs or audio Wade is utterly interchange. How are you doing well I don't like this team for major,
is in charge of audio and then jail day. Is that yes logical hundred dead? I, despite the reports, I am not fired or dead. I know, there's always a conspiracy when you're only even other actions like what the White Guy, what the blonde hair all the area do. Where words I got yet modalities, go not here, but you had year your ear, testicles, working overtime, Yoda baby well, nine months ago. They were yes, yes relating to game now, and then we do pretty much you guys. I take a recess from that particular activity. Yes, and what's the name of a little girl, little Luke, more little Luke and looking anything he looks more like you more like them is in some ways he looks a lot like me and other ways her. So we ve heard from both like nurses would say, so you and I actually think he looks. He looks up a lot more like you than them. I we have a picture to jail of adorable little baby. I think the glass
This item is receiving an airline better. Only please say about the way. I see it as a lazy photoshop. Everyone's work already clog like Gerald for nine months, you're MIKE one day to anyone out there is have you noticed. The goalposts we're going to be getting into a couple of pollution. Is this? The goalposts have moved now complete as far as it used the unarmed black man technologist black man, with a weapon that slightly less effective and the police officers right and one do you that is appropriate for police officer to shoot. You think that they should only be able to use lethal force if you are completely unarmed. I dont think most Americans, but you know what I've been known to be out of touch with that little bit right, change remains a rude awakening. Also, please you some sort of a crowd of bits and my club little coda comes much more club. That's the only thing that allows us to survive that allows us to create the change our minds and purchased bulletproof vast everything
Yeah we did our maniacal. Hopefully we will do the other bulletproof cars so anyway, you I ll ask I'm looking at this for we move on to some stories. This is this is fun. Fighting is one of three candidates to ever not receive oppose, invention. Bounce line of this overlooks the only other warn us we're Mcgovern and carry that's so this is about and what in the convention convention bounce. I asked us as far as our voting. Only reason to have a convention is rising to get out here and had a parade of your ideas without reading get out that no, he didn't now. These data is Bob Healthcare, which is not bulletproof, because that would be a byproduct what they, Turkey, if you didn't
the carry where he had a negative impact on the more we hear about you, the less we want and what was that could just be because it was a year that introduced hd carrying you. Definitely not wanting ATP things are cavernous now can we d, as for k, just ended her career? This bring back down the hiding. Now I don't want you give anybody a false sense of hope. Ok get out in vote in this area, and this is where I some others which are worth. I wish that I was a democratic vote twice. Get our dead. You know it's. My legacy a piece of meat stage, but an that's my voting by it. I don't want to give you a false sense. Hope, but I am more confident now. I think that Donald Trump will wear white I think our target of a bump post convention- I do because it has to be message of optimism. We ve taught the others I think they might have in watching the stream.
Because this wasn't focused. They cannot then- and I hate to say, people like I started, and I found out about about TAT Peter Gate, but I do not This? The Democrats thing need a message of negativity right now the deck eject against you. The economy is collapsing. You can't do it yourself, so you need this transcendent political figure to save you, which is Joe Biden, has been in government for sixty four year. Sixty fifth, the charm and then inside? It has to be hey, we did have the best economy ever hit. We haven't been a major where wars hey, we actually have had the lowest crime until, of course, the writing. You call them protest tomato riot burning on a wall greens that needs to be the message. Republicans with people need to be optimistic. Republicans to win. People need to be pessimistic for Democrats to win and they need to be pessimistic and not believe that their and control their own destiny they have to believe that things are really bad and the only way it can be fixed his job.
Which to me that that is a real. It's getting really said to be a democratic. You got it, you gotta watch again, yes, horrible narrative and then yes, your Savior how'd, you wanna, go quickly, see this. This lady looks like if Kelly Uncommonly Romano, those little like dinosaurs. You get the cereal Pakistan put in water, and this is a peculiar conway and water is expensive and into along its bubbling. Yes, if you even to learning its bubbly back to the way it was. Nice, lady, so pissed off about the SBS thing, whether anyone about my tongue, my most because you want here for two exactly know. Even I very is not, and I was wondering the shadow on its all about overtime. I can always do why can't you just billet put these guys, but we also shootings in just you don't take off. Exactly what's it about what you have other european pisses me off, and would you have to get to the justified police shootings is? Is that they conflate absentee bow
right Malian out because, because I've been I've been have voted before by uncertainty back because it entirely five you're, very different, there's identification yet to require all first. Yes, you have to do a lot of you. You might my problem with his entire thing. Here is one that the European does not need a single cent to be able to get this done too. If every person in America voted that would be seventy five percent of the male they process in one day you have not a person America's gonna open all registered. I had all these letters for central exactly so it is that it is now clear and by the way, the issue what they're saying like that he cut overtime. That's the issue, its unions pissed off that he cut over time because they would have to complete the male once they started. He changed the whole system to make it better.
And their pissed about it? That's it! That's all! That's going on right during their heroes, they're not derive their nest of allies, brought on the front lines of the forty percent. Successful delivery rate on the front lines of playing ball with my black rifle espresso machine is forty. One two bites ass work, that's them doing their best. That's really are had been losing money for thirteen years stray billion you ve cost the taxpayer billions. If not trillions. If you just translation, I have absolutely no idea what did you ever was evaluated and you can be taken out by someone with a van and an Amazon sticker? You know. I really do not want a union for the bare necessity,
alright, I agree with you. We should do more on the: U S, p s thing, and you know maybe later I understand eventually Donald Trump, obviously think it there's itself serving here, but the? U S PS, need some some revamp. It doesn't that's what they're trying to do right now, that's what did Joyce or whatever they met the joy is trying to do it's races and they're, saying we will talk about this. Another time cause I'm pissed. Ok, not apparently a minute. I can change the name of the ledger here. Out of you said we were gonna talk about it later I'll tell you later. You lie all right. Let's go to. This ring, of course, have been riots in connection with content, and I want to warn you that will be some graphic content today. So again, the question of the days. When do you think that police are justified in using legal force? Does the perpetrator have to be aiming a gun at the fit which I guess it doesn't matter It happened in Georgia, and people like WWW. Twitter was dark thou, so I probably wouldn't have him in the face Ok, I guess her. Let's just send out complexes, let's just put cops against the wall in front of a firing line like changeover.
Haven't we just do that at this point, if you dont want them to defend themselves at all even when a gun taser sorry is aimed at the face, but in this case we have to actually situations. We can, I thought for sure, when a second one over the weekend of a guy with a knife, I going anywhere you're sure not protest It surprises me now that the tender there for protest very, very long, we We literally out over everything child abusers, sex offenders who ve been arrested for assaulting officers before assaulting officers. Aiming teachers at faces and they still protests as an unjustified shooting. So, I'm out of touch. That's my white privileged talking, but let's get to the first one here notion: Wisconsin somebody's, preferably graphic. This is the reason you ve heard: destroy unarmed black men shot by police that they are protesting
This is what we have in the passenger side. It asked me in the round and are undergoing at home and is reaching reaching reaching waging a nation on earth. Well I mean I don't know why you seem surprised, you know was winning resources. There is heavy on the other side of the car. Their weapons are drawn in their ordering you to do something that usually accuse. You have posed a threat. Not if you're probably not do anything, I would like to bring up that still if we haven't really still here. This wasn't a guy who was just walking away from authors. Look at that attention that guy is basically horizontal like like the kid and what about Bob and Virginia I visit teaching and how to rise. Actually, That's it. That's not a guy who is just passionately thrombosis, get another decision out of time according to mutual, because there could be a safety hazard for your very clearly this context, because all the officers already had their guns or the guy was walking around the car, but you can do is go.
So there's deftly banjo into a growth of a statement from the the governor of Jacob Like was shut local times in broad daylight. Where does that for time, does not of bread daylight doesn't matter knows the guy posing a threat, guy not complying. Could the guy have turned round shot officers doesn't matter if he shot him, I don't care if its dusk dawn. Now, Both twilight, civil twilight, Sid could not be less relevant. If, if all you need to know is the colours of the people involved, your reasoning like a child Yet there is your accident. You are not able to sort out the morality and obviously there's some kind of crazy situation going on again. We have to reduce it down to the color people involved the cop was white person was black. I wish this region and to put the air conditioning on recital because otherwise is not efficient,
the governor basically said here all the other cases that I know that have been tragic. Any peep tries to lump all these things together. You know anyone say he didn't say one word in support of police officers who felt that their life was in danger and a man was trying to. Into his car to grab something yet in say one word to say: let's wait for the fact that make sure we get everyone lined up. First, These cops are trying wasn't there because we have to do some. Facts sprang up these facts here from the county demand. Blake. Actually question is number one turned and went right now what you want these? He had a warrant out for his arrest. He was a sex offender and it already assaulted officers and resisted arrest after pulling a gun in a bar. Twenty fifteen models that my guess is that probably came up if they ran his plate or they had him pull decide, because that right away would show up when you run someone's registration right when you want to play you, this is a serial Tom Thunder went to second he's a set.
The fender he's assault the police officers when the officers were already responding because he brandished a gun and now he's reaching into the car didn't shoot him for the priors they shot him cause. He was reaching right actually area because we reject the car, but you do have to take into account right, someone's criminal, vitally Hittaways, whisk fire or if they knew that absolutely true right, but it it in like just like you, said, wait, it he's doing something worthy of getting shot the officers and by the way, when your friends are telling you the same The officers aren't like stops. I've? No! No! No! No! No, like that. You could hear the background. The video take it. Take a hint maybe everybody's we're? U stopping walking rapidly be listened closely. You can usually go here. We go bright keyboard. You can do it pays what you re really like, I'm not a new thing that this guy now is. It ok is it said of certain someone loses their life it especially further children, it's more sad for those children that man made horrible decisions, including putting the officers in a situation where they believed their life was endeavour
you know what this story is not nearly as sad as a story that would read: officers don't go home to their children, run I'm sorry! It's not that. I know that people say oh just now that it's not that one if matters more than the other. Is that you Made decisions and taken actions that lead you closer to forfeiting you're right to live the closer you to the line of forcing somebody else to protect their life, whether you mean that take it from them or not. You are no longer in the right now there is there the scale there and have got all right all. Second sex offender, ok give a history of violence: ok, you're not complying you're reaching into a car? Ok, they can't. Even what are they supposed to do at this point? They're supposed to wait until you turn around and shoot one of the officers dead and then pull their guns? Well there, like a tale. I don't think I note the protesters in Canosa are supposed to do also another. They don't laughter, Sheboygan, very big, incorporated into writing wagon. The writing. The looting very relevant twist up that, along with listen, I'm a good upon arrival, capital and writing and burning. This is what they did of course
not an officer haunches with a Cuban easily the pleasure, they're clapping, The fire, the fires kiss in it, Many of us when we were there now supposed to say, although Y Y, you shoot em, we only had a brick right. That's what They weapon bizarre gently without a break, a knife, a black jack taser, I'm all, but what point we have to have a gun for an hour or to use his gun and we'll get it, second, because a Netscape we're about to talk about actually did have a knife. A brick like it was a was usually go. You just got Brecht, like usual things like
look about thing right now in Bali beat down only Brecht, ah among us, but I wonder what do you want? but this guy he is in serious condition. He didn't die from the shooting. Going back to my written a book, I read that he had died. Okay, so the last report that our unless something came up very early this morning, he wasn't serious condition in the hospital was not dead, but that could have change father and pack was reading as well. Then, why have a market off and put him in the ambulance took in the hospital? the careful in ITALY because he reached into a car and actively look like he was reaching for something like this don't you stupid said I don't know what was he region for What does it mean that hospital you have been doing it doesn't matter what it does? What can it there is? In other words, you are trying to rationalize decision rights, police officer in your talk about you that today s great you're too. Maybe someone is doing this. Where's posting the benefit of that Brussels, where you have to take take control, protecting your own life right at that point in other parts of the back of other officers. Here I cannot,
a scenario where a guy is resisting your pulling at his tank top enrich. That's not a guy munching infers insurance, diverging infirmary licence, that's not a guy reaching in to take it out a neutral that is a guy with a purpose who lunching into a car, and even maybe he was maybe like George Floaty, was on drugs and out of his mind, that could lead to upload your arrest. We have absolutely no idea, but if you're an officer you have at that point, If anyone think of a scenario reader of this totally normal behave, I'm not endanger at all. I can't know now absolutely if you can't use force here in any way, like you just can't use at all, we ve talked yet as a number of times that every time that you do something like this, like you ruin and officers life, you didn't do anything wrong. The governor doesn't command support you. What is it? What does that, due to again to the morale of officers? What does it do? next time that they put it. They hesitate the next time they could die that That's the line they? Why didn't I did I would ever I want you to go to the police, can do anything to me, I'm not going to allow as is being shot while black and not wanting to be arrested.
Exactly what are known as it's, because I don't want my rest. I did want to rest now. What are they had their life on the line because you wanted. Even this is another area where there's a worn out for his arrest. That's one commonality that you see here right that people eyes. That's. Why said before, Georgia was reassured broke, the sum of the male cannibal guess. I bet you that this guy had a rap sheet. We turn it on. I don't have any evidence right now. I bet you there's a rapture, though, that he was going. Go away for a long time now, because that's where you see scenarios that people violently resist theirs and by the way it happens all the time. If someone has a rapture do not want to go back to the rank. They're, not gonna, willing. We gotta go back the patio egg. In that we're all colossal phobia appears. Radio, and it happens. All it happens all the time that when people are the most dangerous because have nothing to lose, their desperate and officers know that they know, when their approaching us
but there are has that potential like ok. This is the third strike or the fourth time they're getting arrested for this are going away for a while. I have to be careful because they know that they know that they have to pay. If you watch the video, the cops are obviously having away the consequences of their actions. The person is not weigh the consequences of their actions and is acting wildly violently is the guy who end up getting shot up there? so, you can paint this as if the cops are just again just swing in their guns around him whenever they want, but really that's the other guy who got shot is the guy who's, not thinking exactly headline that piss me off. There were on Twitter with said a black man shot in the back by police officers and, like all my gosh, what happened and I clicked on it right and then I didn't see it in the lower thirty as they show the video. The video is right. There yonder, showing black man shot by police officers. No tat what he had shot in the back? That's what they're back just isn't like it's always you get a very rapidly moving or Billy boy in that's not works. You still have a nice,
see. That's it! It's right there on your screen, can't you say it looks like he's reaching into the car. Can't you provide some commentary that says casino. Can you speak the truth it all out, there's another one in other, completely justifiable officer shootings perpetrators. This happened, I believe in Louisiana. This is another one. I don't know what you ve seen. This has happened over the course of the week, an assault on tv and again the story was man shot in the back by officers. Ten time g, I've read both eleven and ten times made me. Someone can tell me which one is corrected to continue to have you go to again graphic warning, but this is important. I was sure that this wouldn't have liked What are gonna be? This is there's a clear cut, just a viable one end, and here we are
guy has a knife, is wanting opening its doors. I was getting to work out an ice. They ve already teased him from what I understand, or they try to table there trying to block of getting an inconvenience for that's what he's going as entire time. It's got a nice there's a lot with the car ptarmigan the ground to try to table taken to mean that these continue, what's between historic turning over the knife soon as he starts to try to get in there, so you hey everyone that convenience store right, Russia. What do you think is again what is half of what could be any justifiable scenario in that case, where you're you refuse to comply you refused to get down on the ground, taser
working and you're walking with a nose like it's a part of our daily checklist like I am we're rate or jos, and getting too can last resort, the last resort visited take him down, he could have out in their stab the clerk stand is clearly going there with a purpose. That was a man on a mission, and you can not at that point. Other people's lives are in danger and what again, what are you does? Does a man have to have a gun? You have to have Does it have to be currently securing the clerks? Facebook render the bullet proof glass right with a little low microphone hole which started to feed the purpose. It really does move blasphemy. Demonstrators at one time would, by the way, can clear up the cockroaches, also bulletproof, glass kind of pointless and, as a whole, the size of your giant regular, your head in the seventies having somebody in the figure. How are these special with a knife? How we're officer spoke to submit
but that's what I want those you, because you're gonna get staff and if it be, I believe, the entire black lives matter. Narrative. Is this your martyr, this guy, this guy he's running inconvenienced over the knife? That's that's the guy. You answer is yes, I don't know what the other didn't do. They didn't shoot him for about one hundred and fifty feet. Walking behind him, telling him to get on the grass right or wrong or withdraw tailoring the minute that he started to put somebody else's I've endangering price rise. It gets in that store and a knife to the threat of the clerk. It's a hospice hygiene are done. Somebody could not get to go home because they went to work that day this guy with the idea that clerk part. I have noted your father, but now I know you're a sock. Look, I'm sorry! Someone had sexual first I don't know. I don't have that wasn't a white community or black community. I know I know it doesn't matter. Men of all people in that store should not have their life put in jeopardy because you, like a man with a nice being shot by the police, we move the goalposts from around black.
And by the way, not often seen in both in an end young Turks, but I repeat myself so I saw them say either. If you intimated took across and said what he said at last year, it was eight unarmed black men, which is a different step, because I think we need to step nine. I believe it's ninety seven, eight unarmed black men were shot by police officers and they went back the scene in the entrances. Accept that's not true and illicit. Some number, four hundred, some. Not even say black men shot by officers. He said on arms, because that was his dinner that you used by the way many of those unarmed black man we're still committing acts of violence. You can still be punching someone in the face on aren't. We went from unarmed too. Well now A name was not enough, aiming Taser at and officers phase is not enough. It is from this man was aren't this man with are you're going to approach. A man who is on- and he was not by the way just assaulting officers, he was going to likely commit a violent assaults against
He was a series of civilians. His knife was just for the hotdog. Sometimes you know you didn't give local hockey. That's what I hear you go get some two kilos boy those things with any other very demanding and not the vetoes cut symmetrically. Unless I get, we're both. We shit rush, this attitude. Now we go down by the way. If I sent you, you're famous activities I went into one of their like you're. That goes Stephen we love we ve thought about he's like you did. I, like your Julian Assange per sponsorship, therapeutic commands. What would I lie? Rosea shame if all of a sudden I became version of reach, no, I can't reach at your mercy K. I have no Lebrecht B, seven regions interact sets in seven eleven. There bathrooms are like an episode of lockup locked up abroad. Every girl, I've written
We back that by the way, it is you're wondering what could happen to an officer if they don't take measures to protect their leisure largest, unalienable, we have a montage here of the officers who, what happens if someone does reach fur gloves, go at regional level. Or someone does go into a card, let alone night. For this last mammals, like should just be discarded. Unfortunately, there going to be protest, but its very very common officers have two makes put decisions and when they make the wrong one and they don't shoot, this can happen alpha, Betelgeuse sucks, do both Michigan. Probably up guy, gets to guard right now they don't shoot him
Reaching in boom boom room, having heard form again postponed the trigger only officers in wanting to this important people say well, there's a discrepancy. This is generally force. They have done this people, dont, ok, but there are also the discrepancy writers, a huge chasm in someone who hired to enforce the law. Someone who is act we have sent. Someone is beholden to the laws and someone who is proactively breaking the law that also it's an advantage. Is that in this copses, why It just murder in cold blood, you're, the guy says boy. I think I got a leg out, because I didn't modern call red eye with what the go climate right now with police officers is that you can do whatever you, one police officer shouldn't, be able to do anything back that just in people read your
everybody, all the police officers are bad people their horrible right. Now we should defend them. You do have to listen to them. You can do whatever you want and then somebody goes often does this. Unlike what did you shoot him for right? Because you said this, you created this environment where every cop bad looking to kill a black person? That's not the case there trying to at last and by the way, what your cause we shall all of the black cups under the ride, all minority officers who make up a high percentage of candles after the general outline their uncle terms and so lonely. You know anything about this love a man with only a night. You know that last guy to their their pissed off about the number of times the police shot this guy, they shouted multiple times the last guy that shot those two officers had a bullet in his ed and drove himself to the hospital yeah. Ok, that's why you'd multiple? That world is not enough. You shoot. The perpetrator is down, don't start with little. They keep on from what the bullet had gone. Deeper had only made him stronger. Mr Bonde, we can have
we can have soldiers fighting our up here is what the world is. Not enough. Ok, you're, gonna wanna buy what hit the notification bell if you're subscribed on you too, because the difference between a whole lot modifications will make sure that its pump to your your mobile and oh yeah, I am sorry that we want to hear that a sound areas it does whiskey and we do the show, every week day Monday through Thursday, at ten a m in eastern and let us know if you want us to us during the convention, the republican dimension on Thursday. I thought it would be boring. Maybe, but maybe we can will put a whole lot on twitter and you can, let me know, maybe something else I don't under. This is something that I guess. Maybe someone can explain it to me. Wait: you're smart, We had to dominate long way. I think you better get out of it from all your father. In a true, He is my license. He's been rather more it's a given as long ago, but I mean you're, just like a big hit
just leave the already below that I gave you so comfortable thy now, but you're a code. I also along that answer, my son. I saw sleeping yogi about this matter sponsor but yogi about being bag. It's a good long sleep in my garage, which you know just a digital Jim double up the foam- and I woke up with Jean Louis his face in my face because he wants to be so closely- wants to inhale my breath and then, where my flesh, like a skin like he started stated, is dug you'd better get news because a gorilla devalues reversing the tables about. I understand this one. This became a rule that you. Only use when it is at the perpetrator users. If You are home alone at night and a rapist comes in and he only has a nice. Are you unjustified in shooting that rapist we're? Should you only using I've, should you have? I think it should be as unfair of a fight as humanly possible and especially with answers, because we send them not only to defend their own lives but to defend our lives. That is actually the contract that we have with officers. They are paid through our tax dollars,
worn duty to protect our rights, and this is the fundamental misunderstanding of police officers and people understand this is yeah. I do have a problem with militarization of police. I do have a problem of police who are infringing on our right of a police officer. Pulled me open asks to search my car for no reason. I say I would say no, no. You can't, because I do believe in constitute limited parameters for officers, but underneath in the Spirit of the law. They are sworn to protect our right, someone. Someone else becomes a threat to our lives and by the way, by proxy there a threat to our lives if they start picking. First like Dallas, ended Freud or the nine hundred officer casualties that we ve seen as a result of these rights they have at that point, I think they should pull out art relax their Jim carry in the mask. Ok when we started there, you David Rock Paper, sensors, exact, you, don't exactly yellowed area. What will you have got guys he's only at a knife? I'd everybody put your guns daily lives like what
murdered the accounts to living in complicated scary situations, and people on the outside dont want to deal with the actual details. The details get the details, get crazy and to make decisions that we don't ever have to make sure that we don't typically have to make, and so
again from the outside people on CNN. They sit in there, they send their studios and they can comment, but they don't actually want to deal with situations, do not protected Vita Hendricks officers and by what happened. It will not really all that. Well, when they ravished area, they are satisfied. Customers, a police priest, precinct, logistic. Just lately, you kind of open its just snack packs, either he's our special little boy. Health are really does have anything happened to gain a wealthy families going to get mad, because you know he has no business hosting market, and I think this is no doubt that this is post queer. I still to run a Google image search for young stealth. That's gotta give children nightmares and you know what first a farmer. These people are paying tax.
By the way who don't remainders Andy Contract, we have police officers because you don't pay taxes. I have no idea what something other than this could be a teachable moment with kids. You know, for example, I knew a kid. His dad died shrinking and the college is now with the kid: was you know? What had made a mistake and make sure you don't ever make that kind of mistake, because this could happen to you, but these are not the conversation that are being held with these kids right now. How do we know because they're not having these conversations, Dnc no mentioned by the way the right none at the DMZ, also no mention of impeachment, not once zero. I also don't think there's any mention of Russia, but I could be wrong. Never come back a few in number one story: I normally restore Cavanaugh, no mention of cabinet, but no one is talking about with these children hate. You know what your dad reached into a car when he was told to get up. You're dead
the knife wielded it and try to go stab someone in a convenience store who autumn some money for carburetor? Nobody? I guess mistake: don't do it instead, its there out to get you there to get you every time you get pulled over your life is in danger. Statistically, it's not true, and even anecdotally now know these anecdotes, this nothing if their. If there were an example, if it is able to fit out there, please send it of a man going officer my hands or at ten, and could I have a license here. I'm a conceal, carried permanent older. Let me reach for this in my left. If there is any in the last year with all these going out, these black lives matter, Antiphon riots, you can find a video of a man say? Ok, I'm complying I'm getting on the ground officer. This is this the miscommunication up and getting shot getting a little like the fourth of July. I will stand corrected. I haven't seen it very least you go ok, I can see this is a muddy scenario, but in all the we presented this this morning. It's entirely justifiable
I personally have dinner and dont even skipper meal now break your fast and go home and get your family because you get to live another day officers. I blame you for nothing, not something not a little bit Not you wrong! So make a right. You did your job! Thank you! Officers! No problem here and if you get a lot of support from the police, the union's they should get a lot of support, for. The mayor. Everybody should be supporting them right now and saying: look where we're standing behind police officers, but you have to if you don't, police officers are going to quit or going to die on the job that those are the two things that are going to happen because people it shot like they. Don't really like others. I know. Well, we a very imperfect system. I dont know when we thought that this was perfect, that there was never going to be a mistake made by police officers that there was never gonna, be a perpetrator that pose a threat that was gonna have to be put down for some reason and sad that it happens, but I'd rather they be shot. The police are to be shot. It's an imperfect system. If you do what cops tell you
you do you will ninety nine point. Ninety nine point. Ninety nine, a nine nine nine nine percent of the time go home there. Now that I know you're, not a numbers that best never quartering can affect equity. And yet I got ombudsman with Jewels Father in bulk. Did my IRA math Asian yeah. Listen, I'm saying I split your attention is split you possibly know that number, because you human to raise donating, arrange a little human if you, if you listen to and if you believe the CNN version of this the online version, the twitter version of this you are turned into a stupid person. You are, you are at their dear you're, not out of it. I don't write down for you because they think you're stupid and, if you're taking in and again taking the simplified version of this. You are stupid gap I just called everyone stupid, you really training to be going to think. If you turn your back to an officer there, it's like or game off wrath,
it's not my cloak, he can sell under. Yes, you kind of I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm a sex offender and commit a child abuse, but after that we will have to re back. Where are you? do. Is fortunate. Go Carolyn on your sorry. Ass instilled lets you into oblivion. You, John, ass you're, just both yourself. Are you moron? Ok, Sweden of morons people who wanted to cover this, the one or two companies or the proud boys descended upon Portland committed Mass acts of violence. This is trending right now with training yesterday, and I want to be clear. I am a member of the bread boys. I do not endorse approach. I just I am not a member of any group gang because eventually you're gonna have someone in their whose an unsavory character, even though there laxity, doesnt problems. I wouldn't be surprised if you search high and low if you find somebody who probably has some petty posts, I don't know, maybe so
down the line. Had a couple of posted storm front, no idea what is clearly not the mission of the proud boys as an organisation so want to be clear and not one of them this coverage was absolutely ridiculous. One hundred a boy showed up important. They were violently attacked, of course, by Antiphon blacklist matter protesters, and then the media tried to point out the double standard. Why? Why aren't they cracking down on these people? A crackdown on peaceful protesters with tear gas brow We can show up with Nazi flagged what that's actually not what happened, but yours, There is an article there. I'm entertain actually umbrella. He did not want associations, Ngos, he always because none of them can fight now
I appreciate the problems the one about the defence beaker, sometimes from interbedded. The fighting is this actually pathetic, and it has to be considered because you're, fighting in gangs and only pussies joint gangs, folks I remember what a guy's heading one an umbrella hearse. What are you trying to annoy people and even umbrella they're gonna? Hurt anybody rear that article actually think we can bring it up from acts Ios. It was talking about the convention that started today, and it said this is trampling India and they said. I see a lot of american flags. I think we re centre of power either be ours. The left has admitted that patriotism is public in value its own deserve european run all these american flights. I got when your folks Democrats or american flag payments, because that's just my way back in his chair, he didn't you now have candidates in the primary issue, honeymoon in the USSR, people who made to believe in a slightly more progressive tax, but they generally still like this country. Now you have Communist
as annual button math. I think, though, the math one joking and it will be a trump in production and in there they have a direct, but where they, though, I saw some american flag in terms of fairy, actually us better. So of course, people were furies. The captain intervene immediately and enabling all of the proud boys far right activists. Ok, of course they now. Let's accept this miss for a second. This is your, I wonder now, let's and I don't think that the problems are far right activists again. Maybe you might have some in their who are, but that's not the mission statement of the renovation, far right activists. Let's assume that and of course when people say these folks exist on the fringes of course would have saved essay anti and I guess now black lives matter exist on the fringe right. These are just the extreme left, so extreme right. My right you're left proud boys. Should I go stateless state right figures on better terms. I've got all my right you're right. I got down stage that's down toward
Yeah, that's up up up up up stage, but you know what I'm gonna problems. We have stayed up stage, profit boys, state, idolize matter and anti so proud boy. There far right, let's except us from what I saw they committed zero in property damage you're on rapidly to emulate Dounia, compare that you, seven hundred plus million dollars and property damage on black lives, buyers every night diagnoses for heat from what ideas on anyone could drag me. If I'm wrong out there, you come and let me know because if I'm wrong, I want you to tell me just be like my wife. It's never too full time. I've got to tell you what it you know. I did yesterday something really who had my wife was. Actually she put her brother board from her gps like wouldn't board with a roller Bali, any idea I gotta get her balancing for the third time she put it around the corner and it's the same. Color is her wooden floorboards and I stepped on it hurt my back and I wouldn't Macedonia fall.
Now you think I'm gonna fuck with you. I gotta turn my back. Ok, I say we talk of the systems and next time, if you put that there are rumours of I'm going to tell you that you are one of the youngest I'm gonna up, I'm telling you it's! Ok, fine! If we're going to complete this, is the role of a complete and total lack of consideration border fine. I wouldn't smoking a cigar and I swear to God, asked on the carpet that is, why didn't you apologize saw. The ashes worked out. Mediately knew I was wrong. I don't see why do in the right direction? I have by the way I love what you did. You are going to have to buy new carpet if that now you know what I did. I picked a cigar that I know drops often chunks afterwards. It didn't. Actually the car arrived and has a lecture. I trust you guys anyway same oh yeah,
obviously go now are the wound. I don't want to look ass. Sure ass throws up pressure that disgusting. I was sitting on my back anti gravity, chair and tat. The action would first like to get it out because my inverted starting to like it. Communism in anyway I get bodies you're, not gonna, give us a camera. Get a look at the burned down focused can really looking around look at your life was so hard Europe's gas, I dont need so much corrections. Your comments of correcting you so much as a comment for myself, maybe maybe just use common sense so or go back to There are right. Zero property damage can print about this matter. From what I saw.
Civilians, targeted or harm from well look at them, certainly, no targeting that's not why they went there. They were for a back the blue rally. As far as I understand the result we soon and millionaires and probably damage we have no civilians targeted right here from the problems again needs. If it is it worth the far right, has the riots wreck these guys again putting Richard Spencer there, because it is voted for guidance and it was it remember who richer Spencer is he's the one from. This is still exists and is supported by the bad haircut yet, but should surely they like empty to see vs or something right away? You would assume so I was himself or at the very least like Dwayne read it. Is they don't hang out there for an hour? Or so you know what gets your factually I'm on my show. Let's get contrast, this not attacking any civilians with blacklist matter
There is no again, I warn you graphic content here today, because I think you guys need to know the God I go on the road. They copies, guided them ass, yet any cash I go to jail for a very long time. Europe or what they should do, is like a lift I'll give him the right from only to have the right to run. He has the right to reach into a black box this guy and told them they claim. You started people over like that's, not what I'm going to live. As you can see. Those are that's not warring gangs are mountains there. Now those are civilian to around right again, Prob Voice Gun to fight they should have gotten to fight. They showed up to fight with interval in black eyes, release Europe to back the blue, but listen, maybe
back then, obviously experimental reactors rent in Athens. Because, really don't you don't have any debate the hook, you just show up Zactly arouse now you just it's like. What do I need to do to to be the target of there? for them to be violent exist walked down. It exists. We hardly be violently attacked. Actually about away just because black lives matter aunt of a happy to be protesting somewhere, it doesn't mean that somebody else can't protest as well. If your backing their right to protest, you have to back everybody's right now, take a walk down the street and not do anything wrong. So my point is this year I know we have our guests robia and here within just a second dear me from Jimmy Hamley from occurring. But if the proud boys are the far my regular, far right and left perhaps, but all too often we see no civilians targeted, no police officers, targeted no countryside, of course, with nine hundred arrived these same people get mad and his orders casualties, because the report does not have a definition of casualties. Do you pay taxes, Sup casualties from black?
matter really the only people, if your checking your closet for the far right bogeyman, the only way to be checking your closet, China, Tibet, our Antiphon in black lives matter. So have you out there are concerned about which side is more dangerous. There's one side that systematically and continue There has been a long standing history of them being dangerous to anyone who gets in their path. Verses cut its accounts, your bombers is a laser, guided missiles. Rapporteur shirts wrong, you can't, we can't just sharpens, are being people up the reason, the officers and interferes because a lot of states have mutual combat laws, and on that occasion organ I don't think, there's any when Washington there is, people are mutual engaging in combat and it's not going to the point of death or something incredibly dangerous. People have that right, so when people they were doing this because their white, some of the problems or black? No, it's because you targeting the officers burning down the precincts chanting, defined the police and attacking civilian. So if you want to check your closet under your bed for far right activists, you're not gonna, find a proud boys if you're going to find not only into but all of black lives matter. Ok, we're gonna go to equipment.
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Right right, let that happen. I guess in of course, that is black rifle copied. I try to get twenty percent off of entering the promo code Trotter, I love their coffee very so we have them than we were that someone didn't clean the coffee machine here and now You know, I mean I don't really tastes like hysteria. Totally way. Meat was still so we are not like rival drastic, no, not only the unclean coffee machine, the sullied our next guess Dear me, Hamley, you know him on the Youtube as the quartering can follow on the twitter at the quartering Germany. Thank your being here, sir. That's an honor they are the show glad to be on. Well, don't let's, let's curbing expectations here, spoken, I half asian Little Bill Richmond. If I'm not mistaken,. Yeah, you know we ve. Actually I've engage with him and he told me he was giving me the crowd or price. I thought that was a good thing, but I
I'm curious how good it was formerly yeah. No, that's the I'm annoyed. Every time you call price that me. I have a holler idee Super screener price for people who don't you did a video on this. I know of quite a few people have, but you gotta cover these topics quite a bit. I wanted One leafy is someone who was really big on Youtube, a while back and as for, as I understand it, he is still banned on you to correct and explain to people, but the conflict is here the he is still band, and as a minor update. His second channel is bound so the generally accepted reasoning, is that here, made a series of videos about a particular content creator. And some of them were coming just click baiting her some of them were critiquing or directly, or is he describes himself in comedy and and satire apparently Youtube didn't like that
so they bandits channel at the time he had zero strikes. Today he has receives Europe occasions around you tube. He receives emails, why is account was banned team? You too has reply to thousands of other requests for information on their official twitter account and they have ignored his requests, which has something like twenty thousand interacts too, because if he is not a small leafy like four plus million subscriber and did it would also the gaming if I'm not super familiar, I know at the email cut. That's about what I remember. Yeah, I don't you, people say yeah yeah, as well as some sort of a weak chin, but I dont like leaf. Is content? Wasn't exactly for me by my and it is simply the naked exposure of Youtube Community guidelines strikes, meaning nothing he had seen.
In my opinion, strikes should be things that issued Irishers court to give corrective action right if, if you're gonna issue, all thirty at once, you have your basic. You just have a public execution. What what is the point? Further content creators to rely on the system right? Yet what point to a warning of its, I got out a warning shot an he's dead. Well, you find a warning shot and nine times straight to the sternum seem like a warning shot was kind of incidental. At that point, you ll. Let me what's the general reaction from again for people who don't it's wasn't political. This is just it's. It's not consistent with Youtube's guidelines, I, too am sorry that those guidelines again more stringent guilty, as I did in ten for it to be the case, but it might right- we criticise vocs many times and not just specific people. Boxing criticise multiple different people, multiple different channels from box
our different series on their channel and obviously some individuals got upset and you to acknowledge that this was by enlargement. Was a cry dozens of vocs as ideal is any atlas and at how many? Sometimes because it's funny I mean you just said, we can- and I say this the man who drew near to hide my own, very weak gin and if I girul it goes in the right down into my chest, ash burnt did so, but here's. My question is that the issue is obviously inconsistent application of guidelines and there's no real use to them. If they, if they and something that people understand what I'm fine. Really upsetting is when you get big, you tumors, I also want to show you one of the best, but people like a three year before Philip, the Franco people are these big Youtube Rosetta there who go well
you're happy about this or what are you guys think and they don't take it that you see that ultimate guy, you are mistaken, yeah. What are you? What are you a beautiful bastards? Think I don't know, do you have an opinion cause they're coming for you? What do you think? What does a reaction been from from Youtube and people online and in general do is have been largely positive because another person was disliked or do these people also understand that even if they dislike somebody, it still doesn't set a good precedent for this personally permanent Walter, So just first and foremost, I think you already know some of yours. We do share them. My opinion is that its one hundred percent greater bs and whether or not you liked discount content is irrelevant to me
I think that most people in the no have had this kind of a take, some of whose content is difficult to defend their word? Definitely terms of service breaking things in some of the videos and I've cover that unease that definitely deserved a strike or two for some of that stuff But what's really discuss things, some of these large creators, like you, imagine, then go step further because on your platform at once for as much as the creator like eighty three eighty three openly celebrating it right. That is this stuff that I cannot stand. It is one of the most There's that saying right that came for whatever and then I said nothing and I said nothing and when they came for me there is no one left it it's is another Youtube or who is subject of serious amount of council culture and he put out tweet, basically like nothing. A value was lost
now. I won't say that freedom, leafy yeah, don't say that He was necessarily a victim of cancelled culture, but it did spin up after he was terminated. People jumping on the war have been you know before he lost his platform. I haven't said anything, but now that he's gone, I've been against is clear. Harassment
year yeah. I hate him for little yeah right, hey that yeah! That's that's! Coming from some of the large creators and its difficult because as someone who supports all tech, you supporters wise, you have Richard Account, what's good for you, but you know these creators don't see an alternative and they don't see the big picture and they don't see that what they ll say down the road or an old joke they made will come back to get them. The second people wanted to end its such yeah. It's such a hypocritical position takes, I think, the over opposition. Sorry, is that most people understand it's a bad thing. There are a few people with very poor takes muse
people that he's made fun of honestly, it's it's nakedly. I got its total obvious hypocrisy. So right you know in general, I think people are against it yet another Reuben. What we're gonna go to a website it a lot of Canada. Come such Muslim here really quickly for people who are watching on you too, because sometimes we can't discuss everything on Youtube, but I'm somebody was the victim of this myself by the way in that the young Turks man, like fifty thousand subscribers, the region go peoples. They will already have such an action plan with a minority more because of bee boy. Mobility hunting down, but when I was coming up, they targeted me when I was a small channel and I ever wanted them to be banned. I just wanted to be able to have a debate. I wanted to be able to have my content, be just as publicly available is there, so I have been the victim of targeted campaigns both from people who are bowing when I was small and cancel culture, and I don't have it. For any those people to be banned, we ve had people on the shoulder. I disagree with you been banned and I dont advocate for so someone like an aged three aged three, who I saw them as we have seen fit to Frank I've seen a few people,
ass, just I'm so disappointed when I see it in a short of our are taken up arms with the enemy, Abc Cbs is where they're trying to protect. What's theirs, they have a huge plot now they want to slam the door behind him and Listen, that's fine if they want to say that I just don't want to see is, namely Ethan Klein. You say this is my. I don't want to see him ever bitching about cancel culture ever again are complaining when something of his is taken out of context. Lost that right and anyone here in this office will now I'm going to continue talking behind them. My club, but for right now people watch and go to the quartering on Youtube and Youtube. You can pick up. Turkey deck. She were often say whatever you want,
say something that you have. You won't get well. Let me say this about youth incline and he is a plenty big platform to defend himself. This is a guy that engaged in an I'd. I dont care for either one of these people, but he engaged in an extended harassment, as when I say, aroused when it's as Youtube defines a designer and extended harassment campaign again H, M Comstock eyes made several like a couple months ago. You said yes and and all of a sudden you know your heat and receive any community guidelines. Came star, got demonetized from wasn't it kind of going back and forth. There are both go and each other, so they are both go in Africa who sows mutual it with mutual trolling. At that point, yes, that's fair to say, but when you know this is a guy, that's coincidentally
seeking the approval of several prominent twitter communist now, since he has lost eighty percent of its sponsors due to his own self inflicted wounds. So this is a guy that engage in council. Culture has been negatively financially affected by it, but still doesn't and that's just mind, boggling nobody's ever so, don't even eight three three right yeah. Yes, I'm listening, for me as models. Generational gaps like it's, not quite cardiac wipe, but I wash and I go. Oh it's a guy with there's nothing interesting, say who sits down and doesn't prepare? Ok, I guess you play video games at one time ended a funny vape sketch. So it's not really. For me, but I made it very clear that people here whose lives have all been in jeopardy. If you guys can do what you want, but anyone here who continues to watch these people support general culture. I will respect you less I don't I'm Abbasid on enforcing a kind of a boycott, but people need to understand that these folks want to take. What is powers- and all I want- is the ability for my people here to make a living
Where do you see this going on you too, because even following this for a long time and you're you're, really in the bloodstream and all I can do is have come out and defended the really high high profile names have been banned and if you will allow me to defend itself because every single person who get banned that that's all I'd be doing yeah, but you ve kind of in following this morning on a micro level. Where do you see the pecan going you think it gets better? Do you think it gets worse? Why think it's? I think we all know it's gonna get far worse. I think that
each time you have a high priority ban. Do you get a mass exodus of people to all tat which is good, for you know selfishly, but ultimately you too wants to be a tv. I think we, I think that that's why you see every boring late night show host cut cut continuously pushed down our throats. I can't watch certain independent news creators without my next fifty videos being foxes and CNN. It's obvious to me that you too wants to be the new tv and which means that Youtube. Yours will now have to live under the stand. It's that tv people do and unless you're making fun of the president every single night, including for things like his physical appearance. We do that done here, Air go like this and is tat the man you know, or should I just gave you fifty four young Turks videos. Fifty four.
Yeah. I know you're you're right it any member, I'm avenant nutrients, two thousand six and really uploading regularly, meaning at least once a week since two thousand and nine- and I remember Evelyn and Joe Rogan talking about this back when is pod gas used to still be just him in his office with a webcam saying, the cool thing is here- and I should say this too: there will be no more gatekeepers anymore. There aren't the talent agents in the executive producers in the networks who have to polish you and make sure that your palatable focus groups only now there are gatekeepers and unfortunately the gatekeepers have become the people who is tat themselves on Youtube in a lot of ways. Through this this this wonder of no gatekeepers. Now they ve made themselves into that. It's interesting em, it's very, very true. You take a guy like leafy to bring it back to him. This is a guy that gross four million dollars using a sixty dollar microphone, no production team, nothing bows, as first run on Youtube. I dont know how much you may the second time round, because I'm back in those days, sepia arms were you know some Ets
completely different world. Yes, but not now I can by half a kit car. But yes, yes, perhaps if you, if you ve, had a good day, I will now you finally can perhaps, but the de problem is just, as you say, these people that used to be a g or even pro free speech. I have now become so afraid of losing what they built, because they haven't spent any time diversifying they don't sell, merge they dont support all tag. They don't have membership clubs like the mug club, for example, and so they rely a hundred percent unpleasing you tube and an end to a certain degree describing to nice, but I can at least understand why they ve become huge pussies. Yet out of something he right right,
it s a great way to put too fine a point on it. Yes, I shall just oak sets its we're off Youtube. United unite generally keep a pretty cleaner, my channel two, but it's it's us and that's really what perpetuates to write these are people that will tacitly get behind these type of banning by not theirs. There's asking people what they think and there's covering it, but then there's disavowing it right. No man, like you, set what the young Turks that I have the same thing smaller degree. Some small channels are constantly will lives you, my videos, flayed my video videos, flag, as I don't want them to platforms right. You know it generates free content. For me, too, it's the way, the ecosystem,
should work, but ultimately these people rise to power and some of the things that they say about replied forming are very scary, yeah. Why Wilson is- and I don't know leafy but but I do think- and I dont think that people should be banned, but I do think there is a difference between expressing offensive points of view and meeting point to be that might offensively. For example, you said pussy. Well, that's not really concern on you too, because party, He is number one of music right. If I had a title, if you say that hey you know what forty seven percent of the covert deaths are actually attributable to nursing homes. That is now considered, not authoritative, and that's that yeah you know. Yet what does it matter to you to make sure that the conspiracy along Mashable, so my places it's not already words, its unpopular opinions and that's what
So scary, it's not censorship of we were kids were people said if you don't like it, don't watch it. It's vulgar. It's an opinion that you tube doesn't necessarily like that. Perhaps it it's try, go have was up I'll, say, not mainstream opinion right. Basically, they basically lockstep with that right. Exactly that's why I see a lot. I can't. I can't name names here, but there are a lot of people knew tube in the pot care. Space was messages and they agree with people like myself in public yourself a whole lot more than I can ever lead on. I M to people. In the background. There are large, alter a large creators that we have seen in my life streams before and I'm sure they're not there to dig of dirt on me, and I dont you know I I understand. I understand why a protector, not if you ve, got a family and all this stuff, but it's really not that hard to be pro free speech and demand. Youtube use the system that they have implied instead of these public executions.
Of content creators when they get to big, because that does not change anything? No, it doesn't change anything, but I will say I also understand I can understand from a platform point of view, There are some channels that exist. They dont create any content. They only exist to troll and attack other people- and I don't love leafy, was that- and I am certainly not saying that I am supporting leave he's been at all. I think I've been pretty clear in expressing the opera, but there are channels out there that don't create anything new. All they do is try to send a swarm of fans to make people's lives miserable, whether they do x or not, and I think that that also needs to be addressed, as
supper problem behooves Youtube to treat them as a separate problem. Then points of view that are controversial because our pretty easy to delineate yeah. I think that there are other tools that you too has both public and private sense we're on the private area. Now I mean, I think we all know that shadow banning on Youtube is a thing it absolutely is. Did there are things like that they can do and quite honestly, Just demonetized the channel, if you remove the financial incentive, that's a lot right and these you could make the argument that hate Coca COLA doesn't want to sponsor this. I'm not saying I want anyone, demonetized prancing, at least there's a guy, though, is doing three and we D board videos, I don't know you're, probably kind of a boomer. So you probably really citizens with a really popular there. Really popularity faked is growth.
Dad had all this stuff instead of banning and they demonetized him which basically remove the incentive to make content like that, and I think that that's easier our that's more effect. I don't think so. I hate to say it, but the problem not doing that because of yours truly did really did. Did you ever think of you for the work of our demonetized? That's going to make us combat stronger than before and Youtube videos. The last time we do that and in you know, listen. I hate that it was the catalyst for these changes, but I also do think there are some value in shining light. You know sunlight in some ways can be disbursed as in fact, and I would say ever clear but sunlight to it- works too for example, both absolutely work and recommended that during the demonetized period it was a dark time. Is what I'm saying, but yet, nor did the deed
The timing is something that could take it. I never argued against the idea of democratization. I just said: hey. Listen I wanted to be consistent. Now are, as she was always the shadow banning. You know if there was a period where, if you search Stephen, try to change my mind. Abortion you'd find an old PBS video with forthwith, place. It was seven years old. We spoke with about lonely. Thank you for your in our attention bring that to our attention, not least that kills the goods sis. I went to the system which reminds me I won't have you seen this with the Joe Biden. I thought, maybe you don't move, you can confirm whether this is real or not. It does look like its authentic post convention, the Joe Biden speech where the dislikes disappeared on you too. I think we can bring to show people yet? And people are saying well, you know what this could just be: the cash kind. The refreshing really see five point nine thousand dislikes right now and then the person hits refresh on the browser. So four point: nine thousand likes five point: nine thousand dislikes as soon as a reef.
Is that all the sun goes down to three point. Something thousand three point: eight thousand dislikes now I'm glad I don't know. I want to get your opinion that I've seen this happen before also with big Hollywood movie trailers, and things like that. I think there are two ways. This is my theory. One is if they are banning accounts. My question is what it is like a mass dislike campaign in their banning like spam. Does that remove the dislikes I'd Now too, I feel, like I've, seen this thing where they re upload the video, but the views don't change, but the likes and dislikes change I've seen them few times in the wild, and I'm not exactly. Wild in ferment yeah no,
never seen that before I've never seen. I've seen, of course, like we all know, right Youtube is not. There is not a flawless system, so sometimes go from two thousand likes to five thousand, because there's a glitch in other sort of the late effective. But I've never seen the dislikes go down in the ratio. Change a ceremony, couple times that movie trailers, where everyone suspected there is foul play there as well. Not just political, have you seen? it may seem that its credibly rare to see dislikes disappear. That's very different from a staggering yeah. It's very, very, very rare, and then the mechanisms for me even people it inside of Youtube that I've talked due to even do that, I'm not sure unless they're banning accounts and when your account gets ban them year. History gets ban with it that's entirely possible, but the mechanisms to just kind of artificially scrub the likes and dislikes I've heard of that eggs tat doesn't mean, I'm rubber would twitter, so they didn't have lacked listening. Then they got act right to have them.
Option on their dashboards here. You know, which is always remarkable to me, that these people get hacked. Aren't you the biggest tech companies in the world like this, because user Vps Joan is going on here maybe in wonderful sponsored the shut your eyes. I will say that I don't expect this to happen with the the Trump our and see the convention afterward. But who knows we have it now? We won't need that's true. That's a good point. He probably won't needed and I will say that we have reached out to you- do, I believe, have agents are built. Judgment is reached out to Youtube for comment on that. We have not heard back yet, but we do have to let you go the quartering on Youtube. German Hamley is, or anywhere else that you want people to follow. You support you. You can just follow me you're a parlor and if you just subscribe to my Youtube Channel and give it a try, that's that's all. I was going to really really thankful for you having me on and to talk about something that I'm really passionate about. Well jokes on you, because we snapchat-
filtered Dickens had the entire time unless you Snapple interacting. Thank you, Jerry repression. It will see you later we do have to get going. I didn't realize you're, pretty soon wait you're still here, but your lamb. I am hullo. How did you did you know? I was here that will lead to I've. I've, I'm not familiar with his work, but I'm a definite for this year is a German. I don't really know a whole lot about it. I just know that, and he doesn't bunch of different news stories kind of across the websites, so pretty good showed. I know my headphones stopped working, so it's like it's like. Flying blind, unlike goose and Let her go straight Middle Yoshi. So listen. I've won out there. Please you support him at the quartering you're going to be back tomorrow. We have as a guest, and I think we have the truth according to smooth manner on the black you. What is it the cube of Saturn? In view of that, I really don't like it. I told you to not research, it and listen. I do want to leave you. Sometimes we do that we do. The credit closes typically on Thursdays, worldly train. What about your help you, but
if nothing else. I want to leave this, so you at least can take something with you and then be helped. Dont wheeled a knife in Russia can store cops. Tell targeting that. Do it's pretty good advice, I just I'd hate to see many of you be justifiably shot ten. Twelve. Your guess is as good as mine. Like Robocop only you know you turn your back so dont. Do it just Only because I love you its advice. We will see you tomorrow.
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