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BLM Shoots Cops over FALSE Breonna Taylor Narrative!


Steven looks at the nationwide riots and violence over the Breonna Taylor verdict, then reveals how the key “facts” in the #BlackLivesMatter narrative are false. Then he debunks the Left’s false claim that Trump won’t concede the election if he loses and shows how the Democrats are actually setting the stage for a concession refusal from Biden. Last, we look at the strange tic Biden uses to cover for his gaffes.

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From the very beginning, the governor was allowing covert positive patients to be placed in the same nursing homes, covert, vacated patients. Many in the legislature disagreed and want to work to try and change the policy, but the governor now has vetoed it, governor, Whittemore, still standing by our policy of placing covert positive patients in nursing homes with people work over negative. There hasn't been of one nursing home that has taken hold of nineteen patient, that they didn't think if they were prepared to care across the state. Nursing homes are not prepared. With enough PPP. I'd like to hear what data was relied on to nurse in arms to bring in Kovac patients to. In fact, those warning fact killed. Those loved ones. How is that for
I'm your listing audio, so you can see this beautiful end card Friday October. Second, in lancing state capital in michigan- I will be. There were some exclusive information regarding covered. You are wonderful, authoritarian, governor, that's Friday, October second bring everyone. You know to the State Capitol Rowena. Turning around today, there is at the centre S set out a little or no rags restful sipping as ever people. Sorry that we started late. We are still locked out of Facebook account there's a letter on Facebook, known Youtube wasn't working, but we got your other. We have always able to stream at Magua. Definitely streams in the future does not work
becomes less market. Also Governor Whittemore GUM envoy. Technically, it's my backyard you're just visiting south asian lawyer Bill Richmond in speaking of which force the way in court of hungarian mornings golden never hardtack there If a little, you did very urgent, a Wade Gerald a list no secret here will be talking about me talking about what's going on in Kentucky Asthma, like to say that it's out of the norm nowadays, folks, but let's be honest and Milosevic Dogma Donald Trump, how he will not peaceably transfer power is what I never knew how much credence because well don't bullshit I have a question for you before we get to. All that is didn't. Tell you know,
now that almost every single tonight at almost every single time, the story that we get the namibian these black lives matter. The police units are verifiable, false just like every SK. It looked apparel every scandal with Donald Trump, Russia. Verifiable rang, also puts all exactly the news. Media never covers the correct version right very work like that. For the version that they want. That will help of their time points. Yes, still no mention hunter bind by the wind was mentioned at apparel is not a big deal to you, the wife of the mayor. Maskos three point: four million dollars for sexually tomato economic into before it move on. Let's look at seeing what they're saying about Brianna Taylor in Kentucky Taylor but you know willing to this shit
change now what we're doing now wearing machines? Can you believe the that is it? This is getting carrot. Level its top, didn't understand the subject that he was covering. Ok, let's get to Brianna Taylor, and why about everything you know was wrong, be cleared here. I would consider a tragedy, because all around I wish that this hadn't happened, Brianna or should not have been shot. Absolutely, not. Ok,. They shouldn't have been shooting through door. There was confusion, but the anyone who assume that this is because of racism is an easy it or. Anyone who believes that Brianna Taylor was sleeping in her bed know that the police came with a no not warrant no and that they initiated the opening fire. No, what happened was they not announced themselves to pay police guy was shooting they try to break through the door. Return fire gratitude. I will come to the specific, but anyone who thinks that this tragedy is due to read
racism is their sympathy basis So, of course, urban protests emigrants protest ominously riots, rights. Rapporteur, thank you. Riots on enabling this lady knows with her go schreider chain whip who took attains, offer this interviews out of a job. I can change. They charge one of the officers right, one of the three officers with they charged with want endangerment because he he fired his weapon and it put p pull at risk in their sing. Laugh. Why didn't they just charging for murdering run until it will, because here's the thing they had a warrant for Brianna Tailors Apartment or her out townhouse apartment condo, not entirely sure dont fat sugar leave. It wasn't apartment her domicile. I don't know if it was a sublet. You never know
I would argue as irrelevant. It might actually be irrelevant erroneous to use my mathematics so wanted endangerment, yes, the charge which, by the way, I've never heard of one endangerment used outside of one in danger or one disregarded set of words out of those I did have to clarify with generally thought we're talking about want alongside that just disease. Racist tat is true. If you re honest mistake, he's tall white in blonde, my brother was grounded because you refuse you want on supermarket one really does it was it a principled way and not the western World Food court he demanded want and soup because it a friend who ate want on soup and Jordan. We know that you don't like it. You said none at all. I wanted to do and I don't need it we're gonna around you and you won't get to see all I want for Christmas have little drummer from that thing. You do and levelling yielding he's a nice guy and then guess what he meant is out on a single magic masterpieces back to God. True story cross my heart and hope to die, but if this is what happened, but then there were, of course these
it's yours montage. To start you often what the palate, that's a man for definition that white man protecting a sharp looks like a Dr Sultana car swarming ever thought about that support house. Now you can tell by the architecture that goes it burned, at least imitating Don lemon nature. Has now look this look at us. That's attempted murder doesn't know what that's a weapon, and so is this next Thursday,
this is a definite. Oh yeah. There's a turn. Fifteen people right around the area. Walking hitting an officer in the back of the head with a baseball bat and throwing molotov cocktails keep in mind. There was no building he could have reached with his pussy arm. So no, he was aiming for people absolute also because he announced it. So you throw effectively. Homemade me, ta much right you're trying to you, though you probably failed, get some mohawk get some Our clear Tito's won't cut it throwing back into a crowd of people and hitting someone on the back of the head as hard as you came with a baseball bat. As far as I'm concerned have we reached the level, especially whenever the cops attempted murder. These are only to be locked up for a very long time, not running that's the exact law you can clarify, but that's what I would like to see. If you hate an officer in the back of the head with a baseball bat that the heavy offers early effect on the magician.
Officer is not with rare John earlier, when it is also a problem turned to stone, but it cannot, If I was attempted murder hitting some on the back of the head is hardly coded. So it's it's a combination of both the action that they're doing, but also the thing that they're using so few gene pool noodle. Ok, united. For I swing an aluminum level, slugger yeah, absolutely you're way out of the letter had to be women. Men are now living look like to bring this about. My though I call on you know at the cop, so the crime was there, he looks like he had fallen off of his bicycle because he hit like a little barrier yeah, it wasn't like he was fighting with protesters, didn't look like initially from right. Also he just he fell down like oh someone fell down. What will notice how's? It was noticed how you know we reacted to being almost decapitated rang. He
pulled out his gun shot. Every everyone holder is pepper, Sprague right and ran for his life rat that which they also want to ban by of police brutality right right. This is a department is clearly racist, The core and observing a burning entire sit. Well, that's the hallmark of the K. Is they walk back while in the defence of Europe, unlike pepper, sprang piracy when Robert Virgin is cross, but you wouldn't so much burn across as he would knock. Ding Dong ditch and run back. There may wonder they don't know their history, because you all got fooled watching routes so aware This will be, and I want to go to your ear your point here again, two officers were shot in Louisville. Ok, This is it. This is going to be the last week that we are showing these shirts at the lot of car shopped outcome for David. Don't it is open season on officers Lebron James, the spineless I dont want to use the word again spinal erect vagina. Who said he had no comment on the LOS Angeles deputy. Am
hush cream, really Yokohama, dungeon, how comment on Jacob Legs, rape haven't. I on on any of these crimes and fell coming to come on any of these acts of men of wanting disregard for the safety or lives of police officers out there, and I thought about this more later. Oh my. We don't cover enough. I feel so bad black police officers, and you see them in all of these videos by the way they are completely forgotten. They are the most use this pause for the media right now, so they give them no air time. What must it be like right? Now, I'm going to destroy riots. My dad had a friend who was a police officer. They had friends were black black police officers. I stated go home, an unmarked vehicles. I can only imagine what's happening now, but guess what some people do appreciate you. Your service is not completely unappreciated just by pricks like Don Lemon who talk about burning it down, so we can bridge the racial divide and he can attempt to bridge the
sexuality right. I have no idea whatever divide, you will be about a successful, as is show despite being in prime time. This is the story that we were given K. I know not war. This is why we have the right to know not what was issued cop shut that was issued. Copped showed up, didn't, knock, didn't raw, didn't a veil, their identity at all. Didn't you until basically nothing they like they were the police. Bandits, regular, Molly laws. They do not warrant that there were no. Rather than the home that Brianna Taylor had nothing to do with drugs and that the cops randomly shot, a black woman sleeping in her effectively sleeping vacuous having that's how it was brother. Now, let me break it down for you, it wasn't no, not more. She wasn't sleeping and the current boyfriend. The home with Brown a tailor shot first, okay, so they want you to think that it was a slumber party with just an officer comedy unlike commando, when really it was more like this
It's the policeman we ve got a warrant I don't know any Warren now, if we had a word or two. No matter where the police and we have an end aren't always gets the shoreline war or poor guy. He had to sit and then I want to. I want to give some details want to summarize out, for you see, you know that everything is wrong and I will explain to you why in case you, you know, you think like your young. Turks are down lemon right on providing resources. I've brought receive, spill. I'm wondering why the anger is directed at the police right now. I understand about the actual event that happened right, but when you take charges to a grand jury in the grand jury comes back and says: there's no evidence should they be pissed at the people, the people in the city. Basically, that said, hey we looked at all the evidence and we can't brainy charged by the way. We look at all the evidence with no defence. Basically,
for anybody on the police force all the evidence against them essentially and waste there wasn't enough to charge me. That is a pretty much what happened well yeah in Erin into in when you look at any of these grand jury. Look no one's gonna know one on either side who say the grand jury is always get a writer that they allow wrong, but they get it right, virtually almost all the time standards are very low. It's pretty easy to be able to go through. If you have, the evidence might be will say, this is just to charge of people right, but they went through the process things I'm the evidence and put all of the facts. We have show it's the same. It's not that the officer shot. First, the officers worship there was a shot fired first at the then they fire back. I cannot answer was struck in the leg by that fully supporting it even mention those issues, but the young Turks are talking about the fact that the people there were not, though they shot Perhaps one of them is that personal lag bogus, from ITALY and tell me how it feels what normally, when Think when I get shot in the leg is all this guy's done?
You know we had Chris Cholera here, just aimed to write it very urgent. We write the femoral, no big deal right. Let's everyone just like shake hands at this point, which completely ignores the danger that officers face it every of quotas. In moment I mean, there's just a complete denial reality the dangers of being officer and how they put their lives on the line every single time, whether it was David Doorn, both before and after he was a copyright and cops every single day. But ultimately, when you look at what happened in this particular situation, no one denies it. If you're in the dark your firing shots, maybe we can be critical if they didn't say loud enough or if it turns out through they didn't say anything, but there's no evidence that one thing I want to be clear about the boyfriend did say that they not even if they do not use it. I dont said that he will not didn't hear them saying the labour polyte right now. The official order was change for the worse. Because we ve been covered. Destroy me said the police claim that they stated who they were Renault, the order was change from a no not warrant before they went out and the boy
friend has already said. They did knock on the door, and we now know that Brianna tell it was not asleep. They were both awake and alert in the hallway. So the only argument- and it's my reverses, there's an official order. That was no that wasn't, I know not warrant, is Did they say policeman? Did they think that only that's the only fact that's in question at this point, I want to be clear about that. It's never been so when we look at the charges themselves, look every person who owns again even police officers. Their themselves are gonna, say. Yes, there is no question that there's adrenaline, no question that you're gonna need a fire weapon and you know there's no rule about how many times you fire shot, they all want to talk about how many times your we you fire when you perceive the danger and continued fire until it appears that the dangers are longer there and the fact that they took the the ability to look at the door officers, it wasn't. Even the Austria charged with one endangerment, wasn't even when the shot the most rhino. One of the other one shot significantly more bullets, but it was how he did it and why he,
so the fact that they said again, it's not the same, showing to shoot called it a law there. Well, that's inappropriate music, one for you How do you think I would rather you concerned, but this is actually an example of how the system does work in Europe Analyzing the actual facts, as opposed to the feelings of great and saying. Ok, it is a tragedy. It look at the edge. He said he goes its a tragedy, yet she died. There's no doubt bowed, but that doesn't mean we compound that with additional tragedies of law by charging people, though we ve already compounded with additional tragedies from the media likes it. This is an example of the law working. It doesn't always work, but in this, as in this case, more truth has come to light. We waited facts, but it shows us that media is not working that that is a broken system because look right now they dont care will there back to cover for a little, but they still do not have underlined they don't care what the truth is. They don't come
That's a hate crime hoax, whether its small at or bubble watkins or poop, swastika or the Duke lacrosse team. Not just draw they just cover. The initial lie today to get a double down the long. I let the riots burn for a little bit. Have some democrats on they're talking about how they have the other empathetic. Then they will move on them anyway, because there's no accountability but as it relates to the law, also Missus Aberdeen. I believe you have a beach party, Beach House, this guy. Yes, I just signed a new lease on a wonderful beach, Palestine is about water honoured, but you know I mean this market you should buy. It's at least is not the way. Let me get to a couple of facts here that wasn't no not warrant. Not just was really clear about that. I think we have an overly for that change. The official order change LISA born at the residents of reality. This is a lunatic computing and I want to get to know. There was a drug dealer across town. They also had a war
that person has been brought up on charges. He hasn't been convicted. Yet as far as I know, but if he gets off without being convicted, I will my hat, I will find a hadn't warehouse and let's eat it, promised you no charges are met, dominant Walker boyfriend was a man named. Denmark is clever, he is also a convicted drug traffickers. Ok, ok, Brianna Taylor had packages sent to her residence that was being picked up this other drug, that's what they had to congruent congress. Concurrently primary concerns, concurrent interviewed radios wandering wanton concurrent warrants for that house in four Brianna Tailors house personally, while the old aunt Rachel had a dead body in a rental car, and twenty sixty well as a whole are circulating as it gets. A weird very weird was in our energy. While I would have been back, then it's a hopes, but this year
dead body at a rental car. It's again, do you think the camps know that the I rented it this way you would find yourselves run. Well, I'd go all right. What's this warrant broke, I think, though, that regular drop down, I hears a violent history in the dead body in a key concept for dinner, and she and she got a cleaning deposit back about for the happened. That truck is regarded ass because because Avis didn't want a riot data disclose that, on the form like I have a deal on, the left and dirty body in the world is no. That was already there mom you're good on that have you had any pets are smoked in the vehicle now anything else, we should know about right,
in corpse. I dont know how much you have got their background when I reached, in my hand, heritage rated through the carcass, because I've been sitting on the dashboard and the hot sun for a long time. So hello, the eyes, have something like a spray network got a little pine tree hanging from the middle new currency else's rashness originally was a no not more that changed. Okay. This is important because we need to know too that the police had to announce himself nearly they claim they didn't ounce himself, the boy fronts at YAP. They did not, but I dont know that if they announced themselves, that said the Brianna Taylor was not asleep, k she and her boyfriend both again in the hall Why ass? She was shot amidst the return fire. Nobody across fire going on that matters because simply walking in shooting someone you identify is an execution sherry going about ways where both people are shot is not the same thing. That's not the same as a hate crimes, certainly not the same as a public. Lynching, the Ex boyfriend lover.
Has since starting not the ex boyfriend? I think this is the drug trafficking has been arrested on charges. The boyfriend has a previous story of drugs everything that we don't think he ate any drug trafficking here right right now I also have some questions wasn't able to find out based on its previous criminal history, how he had a gun. I Full energy depends from take to state. You can't get answers because the media doesn't don't. You have any idea how many petition for information with the sign at a fucking comedy. Shall I tell you know what Michigan for private LAW the thai government? Does anyone know this now, although my search right after I have to go through a government portal to ask for it. I have to what this upper grin, doorbell, sketch of the police and archaeology weakened bargain art I'm doing Brian stop those jobs. Drake were asking a lot of you, Stephen. They w little Stevens Massive, showing me to go work on the fire.
That he does have to go where I have asked to go here today, because we do not want to Billy with legal things. You know them. Rights was ok. You know, in this case they laid out very very clearly. Age did a fantastic job. Saying look here is exactly what happened heat the officer was shot there. Turn fire. The ballistics confirmed that the office, the officer that shot Brianna Taylor, who standing right next to the person, not another room, randomly getting shot. This is all that happened and when they serve the war, like you, said it wasn't a no knock anymore. They have a witness. That said, they announced themselves as police, that's what they went off and also the guy who their prior listed it. His place of residence. That's why they were there in the first place. It wasn't because Brianna tailors because we're ex boyfriend he enlisted it as I live here January, wherever they went very list, different residences like when I did with Polly Shore Criterion DVD collection. I don't want that.
I'd. Rather you don't usually a p o box works, while the livelihood of many others in an apartment so as to sign for it. Now there is a great and see, no mainly via again noticing a trend here. No no! It's just under age pornography in the army. Now there you go No, this is also a vital for I forgot follow me and Instagram, where we do a lot of stuff that doesn't matter with news. It's just. I guess they call lifestyle. We, like you, might see me in some panties selling, some tee o my didn't arranging my user trainer and here's something entering as soon as the Louisville protesters. They started marching and then have some more info that will figure your just a U hall pulled up
and it was given the big you hall, and you know they have a buddy I'm going to let the second a small you hall pulled up with a bunch of supplies, including riot shield signs which then just so happened to be strategically placed at the front of every single CNN Correspond, but here's a video of the truck and then there's a real surprise to us design to look homemade ideology. Let us have no white guys like me, I have to say yes, master abolition. Now I love that led. The creative choices that they made to make it seem like you, didn't, come off a production line but whose whole made right my six year old, ever fling some pray along with a lady who was handing it out that we don't know that for sure, but has been confirmed by several different sources, and I again, if its. If I'm wrong on this, I won't eat my hat, but I'll make Jerry
Edith had been idead as Holly's dollar she's a member of the what I know this might be bent the George Soros bail fund project that was the top tween twit twins top twitter ran yesterday binding Tibetan rub off on one of the top twit a twitter trend. How can it not sit hard, guitar anxiety about all? You are in your blood pressure right now, it's probably a little hot and makes it hard where they bail out felons who commit crimes that night right and protests. It's like a revolving door. It's like the revolving door and elf only committing rape and arson baseball bat, amazed that doing not near as you like this bail them out. It was the top friend on Twitter. Yes, we have to bear these people are, and we know that these celebrities and politicians have build up people who's going to commit murders and clearly Alan Donnelly Ravens. So
yeah making those in a black community Morse. It seems that you didn't hear the words of Tupac Tupac. Actually talk about. This is better than it was drama. Geek wasn't really a gangster. He talked about how you think only white people care about the violence in your communities. We have to live next door to it. Of course we want someone to do something about it, but the police aren't shown up, but our neighbours that used to be the complaint. These are shown up to help us the police response time in this neighbourhood is really rough. Why don't we get there I'm gonna help the white people get that's. What Tupac talked about. A lot of these people talked about. A lot of civil rights activists were complaining that there was a legitimate grievance now they're saying hey, we want ability to harm all other members of our community without the police officer showing up. If I come in worse sodomy. I wouldn't to see a social working counselor place like an antidote. Fantasy league where they just like bail people out to get back on the streets. Let's get some more carnage going for this guy. He rightly didn't really well last night, when you get it
In the age of Fantasy League, my first pickers Rosen MOM Cereal child rapist. I know that that's the number one raft gosh aunt, if a good for you good for you, I cannot throw no, not even a stone. Bulgaria, the row of whether I can blow a feather without a hidden a serial rapist. If any of these protestors covert it yeah. It's it's not possible. I can't breathe droplets without hearing somebody who hasn't committed a violent crime on the left, where I live, where I go to where I hang out where I gotta similes, where I work, I could Bobo end nothing but law, abiding citizens and other breaking these windows to cover their filthy consciences, good person. Now, though, they must stay,
they were behind PCB and there was not taken for confession. Do you mean I must leave? I store is not where I go to to reach final. Have solutions are the size? Thirty, four thirty six is, though, because I M doing it for cheese its way to deal. I can't not taken since a notification bell by the way, if you're watching on Youtube sorry about starting late today, Facebook locked us out, we couldn't sitting there was kind of half working is only what are you? That's because you kept jumping in there I mean as stuff It is always frustrates me. It's not that you'd, like you, said initially the reports coming out. We should always wait. We ve said that from day, one based on the evidence that we have and it's not, that they just get that wrong. That's bad enough. They dont correct the record, they continuous stuff. They continue with headlines that say no job losses in the case for Brianna tailored that's the headline that they say, people like what I can't believe it and they don't go and listen to the agency who, by the is, is not white right he's not some
white guy, and it wasn't a court for arranging ample time. People right away a zone where they pulled up more Europe deserves a timber log cabin. I believe, correcting. This would at least help us out a little, but maybe you would calm some people down, so they dont go, make idiots out of themselves and worse attack. Police only add to your concern if you'll make idiots out of I said at the very least yet Riley's. Now I'm more concerned about the murder, that's I sighed attacking police officer. I would lead with it, I will say that I was holding the primary believing the murder in red did Jerry and I verily believe I don't really care so dumb while doing its care more about the worst penetration Gerald, the forced penetration. Being a father's
you soft now it has not made any soft embarrassed by the way we're going to be talk, and this is why we're going to Michigan. We are going to Michigan on October. Second, I welcome everyone, Genoa up their William ass. If he can, we don't want to govern and have an excuse to shut down, but you know that's another narrative where people have been protesting in violent cove. It has been spreading because president hasn't done enough. Well guess what Michigan as one of the highest per capita debts and the good thing is that we actually have direct, compare since as far as population population density, geographic I see in the United States and nothing comes close to Michigan, and we know why and no one's talking about it. So I dont believe that this idea that there hasn't been enough action taken on behalf of governors on behalf of the present is what led to the threat of covert. But I can verifiable make the case to you, and I will Michigan that Governor Whittemore didn't keep you safe. Governor Whittemore killed your grandparents, governor, Whittemore forcibly proactively put them.
Vulnerable among your state at risk for political because she's planning an office run and I'll prove it October. Second, governor whittemore- and I do not like you- I don't want to be your friend. I have plenty of friends. I could use a few enemies and going to exercise my first amendment right. I wish you the best and I don't think you'll win reelection. Ok You should ve peaceful transfer of power. This only other tremulous, pitiless as anything else on on the riots. There are big junior, you started, you give Senioratu, not a fan of riots and, as I always say, if you want to those Numbers down. You gotta, get the abortion numbers up a little boy or why are raising a little one note We have consistently and multi faceted, because you know that
Now, let's be honest years, she had one thing and she wrote that horse to the top. This is another they really want to give much credence, but I do want to talk about Joe Biden. Waking look for on the debate on the internet, which will be covering you to some techniques. Strategies that I think are becoming very apparent, and I want you to be looking for them, but before that I have to address this because its number one fabricated and that's been manipulated on twitter. For some reason they are saying that Trump refused to transfer power peacefully, or will he lost the election? Here's the actual clip either it is the draft backlit really quickly and alignment rioting, others than rioting. Now in AIDS us? Why many cities across his country, red and your so called red and blue states. Just keep me Are you kidding playing to making sure that there is a piece.
You there's only one yet transport of that. We try to put it that way. So this is the well, I guess have to go in reverse order. We don't do they do not. The other clips are working their quota. At this point, I don't because Facebook denies us my view there do. That's ok, so many before back written other, their common hopefully get these clips and Steve. Given token I want, I want you to be bringing it up all those clips up. Let's have reached a bandit doing it. Sorry, it's a little bit of a disaster today, because of Facebook in lieu do not link, as I don't want my flood or want to claim censorship. It could just be a glitch that was unforeseen by the world's most effective and largest technology. There were no, it would be like me coming in here and forgetting vowels
part of it all. We don't know the air and the code that your job Zuckerberg. Is that your job? Can you do it from your bungalow? We understand that you are a man of the people as a millionaire and you like the drinking water senator. Can you make your shit work? I don't think so. It's too much, ask you show up and do your job. This is equal went to Facebook. Nicole into Mcdonald worker, putting on the crooked cheese and a fillet of fish which, by the way, happens every time. And whenever I see it. I look at that crooked piece of cheese, and I don't you know what I'm not fighting for fifteen doesn't look like it. It's definitely not unworthy of team neurons.
Now that we have a good result, we, I thought you liked fillet of fish. Nobody likes philosophers aren't even I know, they're introduce a crooked, are indeed a shot. You ok diverse, Clip, Berkeley. Ok, it's been rioting, others than rioting and many cities across his country, red and your so called red and blue states. Will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful trends for all of power after the election to see what happens? You know that I have been complaining very strongly about the ballot. And the ballast disaster and arrive. Do you have to make sure that there is only one side of the ballots in you'll? Have a very transfer will have a very peaceful? There won't be a transfer frankly they'll be a continuation of the ballots, are ETA control. You know it and you know who knows it better than anybody else. The Democrats know it better than anybody else yeah The transfer of this is this. Is this an error we on the left I don't want to be hyperbolic. They are professional
I still take her right now. There are no binding, not concede under any circumstances. What's or what? What's gonna happen, if you exercise your constant, nor constitutional right, which is entirely congruent, not concurrent congruent with residence rights, Donald Trump and appoint a Supreme court nominee. Woollen beat you Donald Trump wins reelection, while we won't concede and will continue riding in the streets and then Go hey, but will you do the opposite of that? If in right now, going to force you into a corner where you have to answer in writing that a goal that Joe Biden, somehow my God, winds this thing without cramping his pants and forgetting what was written on. Second, let us turn on the microwave. It threw off the metal platonists head, let's just throw out the high percentage, says: statical scenario: can you tell us, can you tell us if you be peace? Well, ass? I can we have a problem with male imbalance which we know has a k source and in Stared. We try and make it about a comment from Donald Trump, rather than the current.
Sure, violence that has been happening across in his country and what he said is it's not going to be. A transfer is going to be a continuation, which is showing confidence that he's gonna get away with it, and that's what every single president or candidate who has ever been ask that question they pivot to something else. Whenever we talk about lose one second right now, they're talking about it with gang and MR toupee, let's see what they say: it's the seafaring ending at that lectern, the podium in the White House Briefing room. I think I may not honour of the results of the count that begins. Nice from now was started. He SAM, I won't see, not offering for light, and you don't. Let's see what are you doing on two may actually trying to discredit waffle ways of voting because is losing with that after yesterday, which are really part of a broad, range of actions, the president's taking that challenge the integrity of the government. As you
even now and in the integrity of the government like not allowing people to vote, trying to ban people from voting the way that they voted out until the beginning of ever dreaming, trying to instil doubt in our in our electoral institutions like saying we need to do away with the electoral college. This happened spoken about from top democratic rules, as well as our favorite socialists and chief many of them, or send me to burn whole system down down lemon, who, let's be honest, as a donor there at least a poor boy. Are we talking about the areas where this? If we know what we should not Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, they are talking about Donald Trump trying to so distrust and the government. Here's what let me simplify this forty folks, I talked about it yesterday. I hate to repeat myself, but I'm going to do it anyway, Donald Trump has sown zero distrust in America. Traditional institutions or constitutional powers. The only I trust that Donald Trump has bred and really shine. A light on is in the media and that's it. That's what I want to make. You think that its Donald Trump, who
is the one who doesn't want lawn order? Who wants an eye? Witness reads: there's Donald Trump, who won't concede that it's done, tromp, who doesn't value may, institutions not now, as a matter of fact, if you look on, every single issue is looking to locate the Supreme Court. Donald Trump values, institutions and traditional is let us look at the Electoral college down trumps he's a value. He understands and talented our various sides- internationalism. Second amendment rights: while he sees Americans as having that right law and order, but we haven't we, the people should be able to riots and loot and commit arson. What about conceding the electorate? What do you want me just think you should go in and vote. I gotta go the dynamism that is really similar to Hitler. Exactly is like. I want my primary gripe with Hitler with voting yeah you using a german postal service. It's all
but you're not asked to go in person and vote. You other trains, unless your name as a lot of vowels in the in the last one, then stay This is a special area Do you know any conservative out there who, if Donald Trump clearly loses the election right? He go see whatever process. That is whether he takes it to court to make sure the countess correct, there's nothing wrong with that by the way. That's what Gore did when I was a legal right. If it goes to the process and loses, do you know any conservative that would be willing throw everything away and say no he's not leaving we're just gonna. Let him stay in power, nobody would do it. I dont know a single person has come out and said that they would say yet he was the election. You can stand power, that's obviously not what he's talking about, but they're not giving him the benefit. It doubt you know they did give the benefit of the doubt to Hillary Clinton when she said don't concern Under any circumstances will I dont think killers
and stay there and never let anybody else and maybe jumped the fence around at the White House you Dillinger present. I don't think she did. She have to lie to argue that she to do as you have a horror is going to do it like naked running than about the camera, which is pan away. You d want to get out and you re a wider go. Let's go see then never covered. That is being oh, my gosh Joe Biden is gonna just assume the presidency, even if he loses, and yet what we see with Donald Trump is that logic goes out. The window context goes out the window, a second terminals. In that context, we so what we see with Donald Trump logic goes out. The window that arose from the media coverage of dominant relate to dine. With spell it out conservatives to start protest at this shell because being a dad is made you that's all. I'm not sought their coverage of down.
Europe has no logic to. Of course you didn't mean that he's been speaking out against mass mail in ballots, because God forbid Texas, as ninety five thousand non citizens right now we're going to do a segment on that natural. I personally personal. I know we have statistics. We talk about how mail in voting has been an absolute disaster, not absent evolving plasma Aloni out. I know somebody who's father has been dead for years receive. His father. Could you stated in our voting done alive, really sure you know that I have. I haven't screenshots, we'll run that Monday personally, its hysterical and frightening, and that's all he's pointing to using. I want your votes to count if you vote in you say that I'm not gonna, be your president. Fine, when January comes we're. Gonna put some other guy here, but what is going to happen? His comment about getting rid of the ballot was not getting rid of boats that people have cast its making sure that your vote counts, not somebody else whose ballot harvesting and when that and what my colleague and what do they want us? If you ask a fighter, you ask any fighter. This is it's very simple analogy. You don't have that kind of a question you ask a fighter who
is, let's say, fighting and everyone containers button and about the five the championship- and you say hey this is: if you win this finery thinking about the heavyweight championship they always answer. It would be a mistake to overlook my current opponent when I think about that now, when we talk about that, when we get there, that's how you entered into things this. Actually someone asks the hypothetical in which you get your ass, your old with dementia, going to answer your question on your parliament and I want to go away, but let's just really quick, while they taught me down from sewing distress. Who is it? Who is this fermenting, actual violence. In distress in the american system work it just so happens with super cut and place she we weren't says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. We, as Hopper Punch, Jim people in some people in the face of big enough target and everyone. Beware because they're not It is gonna they're, not gonna, start before election day November and they're not gonna, stop after election day, and that should be. Everyone should take note.
That body, cabinet to rob the bloody would actually one year can welcome or anywhere how an eerie. Where did I miss cast roots morphinists? You said gasoline lecture them three problem. We have towards like Bill Bill Bill that shack when you create a crowd and tell them They are welcome and you're something tat when people say because of Donald Trump rhetoric, people out there have now been violent. We have white supremacy. I can point to any rhetoric that is remotely similar. Now we're not talking about
campaign that, like the punch that guy in the face, which left has also done as we just showed you but Maxine waters, you have an actual official saying, create a crowd great, a mob, and let them know that they aren't welcome here and guess what people have done that. I haven't seen Donald Trump say by the way, all cats I won't Go out and shoot blacks just make sure your body cams or are. There is no direct correlation in causation action, equal reaction from Donald Trump and violence that you would see on the right. If it existed, it doesn't exist. Arm ass, like the left. As you see, the rhetoric from leftist elected officials and the behaviour of their constituents I'm sorry it's not a hunch anymore. It's not a theory. She should create a crowd. Let them know that they're not welcome. That's exactly what people have done. We ve shown you overnight with hundreds of instances of that happening. That guy says, go on hunch them in the face
Kamali Harris. First P, O S, VP penalties for those areas of the appeal as she goes out, and she says we want to see more of these rights and we see more of them react action reaction, its clear as day show me that example right now on the right and guess what if some NEO Nazis go, it doesn't qualify, it doesnt qualify because Donald Trump said: NEO You should be condemned totally their horrible. People Sharia, horrible people, our any made it very Maxine waters didn't do that, no not at all. They haven't come on so that the rioters, a horrible people, are that antiphon horrible people, even though they ve been dangers, data centre that people should protest peacefully, but they haven't taken aimed at the actual organization right now who are responsible for the violence and again, while we're too about holding the american institutions hostage in case you forgotten what They say about Joe Biden if you lose as the election, which is looking increasingly likely while here's what you can expect,
Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, because I mean this is gonna wedding out factually. I do believe that when we gave them and in your woman is mentally ending up on our own, we just don't like this, like the others. I've worked with, joyful needs, be The nerve biomechanical neurons are Miss Browning you're, not telling her. How d you know. Hillary Clinton like I haven't, and I'm in an interview in awhile, its enemies, you gimme, retorted person or transgender whatever I just need to check. Some box is going to come out and say that Joe Biden should concede under no circumstances. It's too old women on a Skype call, so they added some trap. They sell. Bubbletop, strap, lay stress again that is easier by any effect on editing and put cardy bees, water and violent Tommy lap. I know you moron
I knew you much pronunciation is most offensive in those circumstances as well, because its funding, all Donald Trump has done, is point out what's happening now, that is inciting what is happening. As I know, I'm not inciting anything I've just as they look what the buildings on fire like all. Why did you put the building up and you're really quickly because ever for a quadrant view with a moderately unqualified hats up next week? That's everyday outrage across the country that after no charges no offices were charged directly, program that marks a rubber Brianna tales their summer. No charges novices recharging, her death and that's true Nevertheless, it nor oysters recurrent directly, ok and texture so again they could present ejaculated wants to live again with John King can't be bothered to add these single extra phrase. No officers were charged directly with her ass, though they were charged with proper mama, little bit the trial Zack its isn't
Jimmy CNN and protests erupt. That's a dishonest, lower. Third, the weather. Weird summary of what happened last night, we hoped- and we saw clips of rang again wrote about interrupted, makes you think it spontaneous out of a satellite spontaneous hurling. Where are you all pulls up with Dickens Erika, there's nothing containing a rent, those ahead of time there was a framework is spontaneous protest that included ninety percent of the same spontaneous protesters in Seattle, Portland Ass to their migrating, spontaneous protests, nervous flash mob do not travel go south in the winter, flying the knuckle puck time. What are you talking about at sea and unknown watches, speeding away Here's one thing to Joe Biden justifying we need to get to this, because these ran for present obviously will be talking about the debate. A little bit more, but I hope we will be broadcast in the debates on Tuesday bigger.
There have been that opening up everything. Why recently that just happened that, I think is, I think people need to be fair people said, was a gas and it wasn't really gaff this interview that came out right. You might have seen oars. Why? What I missed one and listened we're better than that? We don't you train, hang people on misleading, it wasn't a gas. By an especial and understand what was going on with prompter. He was just distracted. So look, let's showed well context or taken freeze deportations. For the first time. Your days only people we deported or people who committed felony while here s another one that you are going to freeze, ok, I lost it was, but that's good lot of you like your line to be what it is, but I do then, here some of that I've noticed with Joe Biden thing he does a lot.
No one's calling upon it, because this this is a tactic that only works. I was talking with Reggie bandied about. Does it only the media, carriage water and tat of the texts that he uses the technique, I do appreciate that sort of a coping mechanism with his dementia The map is when he starts talking himself into a corner. He doesn't correct it he doesn't tryin sort of reverse course, or try and readjust and go. Let me get to that in any way. Let me find another way like congruent and concurrent Rina. Yes, I M, my jellyfish pills, so this what happens I don't know. I would imagine too much CNN generally something, therefore, your brain, that I don't know what five my house for some they're paying me right now for my House of Bank, you, Tom seller, may I worked on line, but I watched cable elegant, very bizarre life. So what he does is win. Joseph Biden gets himself into a corner gets
he does real talk, so it doesn't pay. And you know what we're talking about the one hundred years in and be seen aid you don't care about. That less it tries to just also I don't need to go through the details and facts and bicker about COO Ee. Oh you know the thing and it tries to. One of the folks know probably hasn't met a folk in thirty five fifty five years, and I wanted to show you some examples of this. Are you can know to watch for going forward because time. You see him abandoned his train of thought. Just go, look, listen or try and get tough or straight from the shoulder S who says you know that he's actually lost his train of thought. And the media will never call em on it. So here's actually the first example of five examples of this. Have you noticed that it does us? Then I have to get angry. Look, it's editing, damning, listen, listen
that's kind like yours defies. I get these rights are like they're like you, welcome we're gonna hate Muslim. You welcome you here, but we are now well, let's get it over and over especially very loud quick might be taken. I wrote a sign and I'm saying that again. Yes, I am plan checkers kingly, what it's working, So here is the first one. We talked about a truce and the thing, watches behaviour and will show you the pattern we always choose reserve Avenue one created by go. You know that you know the thing. That's a classic I've, never bothered like what what he doesn't know all you? No, I don't know the thing can, tell me the thing you're just trying to do what what what am I, I do. What am I gonna? Stop the alphabet,
it's a day is a village it. What the alphabet! What are you talking about? You know in the cereal. What lucky charms you're, just nailing things about got acted, look, look up the work of the irish guys, guys look Europe needs take a locker room, you saying you wanna, Bang may work, it's my job Frazier you're, just naming prayers? are you naming things in the wrong? I love prompter appears a nephew, the ample- and this is reason- and I don't think so- the gaff it's the pledge of Illusions IDA. He had no intention of seeing a pledge of regions because he doesn't know it, but I dont. He was planning on saying the pledge of allegiance and losses train of thought. I thought I think that he was trying to again create a pre, determined defence mechanism with I don't know that
of allegiance, so I ll just kind of started and sort of act like I'm being flippant and then move on, and hopefully normal call me on it and they didn't so. Here's that Clip Merrick, I pledge it leads to the United States of America, one nation endeavours under God for real effort, real because I thought it was for fake real. I can occasion words you to start saying the blood I love it. I thought that it was for fake. Rather confused. Thank you who are fighting for while around the subjects of clarification, I think I've forgotten some parts of the pledge of allegiance. Hey former, spread, that of the United States. Could you help me out to see those legs back I'll? Give you the entire Blu Ray set of schoolhouse rock and fifteen minutes to find it. You just recite? What you watch, while small bouncing demented idiot you'd, be interested
here's another one. We had this mental illness quickly does the same thing from this recent town hall. It just get. You ve noticed this here you can see him going crap on reaching the end of a sentence, and I dont know where I'm going with this, because I dont remember where I started or how I got here say anything else here you go. Look we learn. Drug abuse is that it does not cause metal was mental. Stress in mental Mental illness caused drug abuse. We ve learned so much that we can change so much that's why we have to make sure that the the Superbowl they start paying their fair share. So we do the things we have to do to make life better for better for hard work, middle class. Folks. What we ve learned so much. Thank God you're, not the teacher.
I am happy that we learn so much law. What can we learn from what you have just said? I learn anything: we're ready to pay their fair share, your rich, but we do not find it ironic. That, of course, is no one over four hundred thousand dollars we paying more taxes. Central salary and ass all demented old Circa, that's right around that cut off the only difference is even suckling at the public to you. Ve never made it in the private sector from people willingly offering you money for goods or services who makes no one who makes any less than mine. Exactly what a pair of orange that's never been caught off guard you come up with that number. We have learned a lot. Let us work, we the things we need to do now. Being myths, look, look. You can
We are by the bike. Rats Bobo, you have forty thousand dollars, remained tat, one or two years and monitor wondering thing. This is a pattern and I want everyone to notice it. You can feel free to rip this clip ripped these things imposed him and I don't care if you be deleted proprietary. I just wanted to be on call on everyone to be on deck noticing this in sending it directly to Joe Biden advisers and think it in his head and boxes and say hey. You know that thing that you do everything to time. You say something really stupid. You have to stop doing that, because people notice it and then you'll hear the actual sound of his body being squeezed like a tube toothpaste. As he soils himself in relieving kind of defamation, one can only describe endurance, ended, so big, there's, another one where he was ass. Something about this one is just more nonsensical but again he's trying. To speed up and sound. Like he's one of the people and off the cuff, and that's where he's really bad, and so then he says things that not only
make sense in this context. They ve never mates. I propose a new dress slightly right here. We weren't situation. President of the council, move on won't shut down for yourself, wasn't I didn't tell him: you had a cancer moon shots. Nobody did you misunderstand. The current president, Barack Obama deadline was trying to tell you that you had brain. Can you put it at the rocket Joe? I think you ought to maybe get checked for some brain cancer. Moon shot, no other brain cancer Mon shot. Let's go with that and then he just like he's going people how they won't be allied about the next time we usually of innovation, is gonna, be running but it'll be Hilary Benn, he'll, be long gone and a jacket and a room with felt white walls. Its
It's so sad that people allow him to do too like this is the very best that we have. Is there any other time in history that a guy that was this incompetence above Ass Democrats, were it's probably the aid that we didn't say that you did primaries crap you, ok. Best among all of you, but he would never in any other presidential election like this. Guy will be like he can't he can't print there's no way right. Gotta pick the socialist over this guy, because this guy in the White House, her hair playing both when you have to double. At short, I'd be pissed off, I repeat, but I believe that this is the only the only soon I committed as I like cock up. I thought you guys like rather hire a demented circus monkey. Then inarticulate clean cut man who is generally likeable, but I happen to like to do that was my disqualifying athletic location register as an independent, and I welcome with open arms.
So who's whose more pissed off the guy, the loss to Joe Biden for this is the guy that last two spelter for the lead role, at the words the same guy, I did. Those people can really make a guy, like you heartbreaking last evening, rather that, if I guess he's very upset and with reason yet another one who for many of you may have forgotten, because no some of your younger and you haven't been following Joe Biden for a long time. I was falling back during the primary when he's running into Obama said he's racist stuff back then was hilarious, I know that parliament too, because I don't like it Joe Biden, racist. I really don't think he's a racist. I think that he says racist thing, yes, which I find hilarious, I know of people. I don't know plenty of all people who are not racists, but this. Racist things, because it is there, but you know there are here at this point there can steal a locked. Haven't you don't really people steel because what're you gonna do lock em up
just about anything with old people. Put me away cab, one old. I am going to be a cop I think that what I will raise- and it's not what I want to do now- it's just a right as the flow of life. So many of you don't remember this. His quote about the double barrelled, shocking and again in this does the same thing back then, but I hadn't noticed it wasn't a severe, but he shares walking. Any notice is wait. A second Bilbil shock and fired into any relies. Oh, I just advocated something seriously illegal lesson, but you don't need any changes subject and another nonsensical way. Said Joe authors ever problem. Just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put double barrel, shotgun in five
to blast, fell outside the house. I promise you is ever coming in his knock. You don't mean a our fifteen countries harder to aim its harder to use and in fact you don't need thirty round to protect yourself. That's not a fact. Does not bring. He got you fire in the air. I let me redirect it's hard. It's harder use its aim or aiming as one of the primary uses of firearms covered it, but I get it. It's ok, you're about. Ninety four will give you a past is in fact all fact: fire in fact I'm firearm efficient. So maybe there's something I don't know you don't need thirty round. Policy does not affect that's an asshole opinion. Well in how many people are there right. Now, Indeed, as a relevant here's a recent there's a lot there's some, the show the average number of shots to hit. Somebody is seven depending on which studies you used to have a source of development, and certainly more than one and theirs,
these that show that people who commit armed robbery, usually more than what I don't have the source? But I saw the town ran the point here, but let us say there are five people, ten people well which fairly round at that point. Absolutely seems conservatives on the. When someone says fact, and then it's not a fact that that's approach I always tell you when I say: hey opinion, you know what this is just conjecture. This is an opinion and when I say fat. Usually it's preceded by fact: and basically he just thinks it's like a dual where nobody moves and you just kind of like stand there and take a shot at each other rightly so you don't need thirty and more just stand there and take it which, by the way, I don't think how duels are. Actually, I think, that's what an understanding that's what they didn't the films that quick draw. I think they did it, because John Wayne had a limp and walked kind of get really John leans over the Duke S. There's only one anymore masculine. The Duke shawl show me your gate. He's gotta horse years like a horse. Why is this
Stevens bad light Andrew. I learned that our here's another one, my personal favorite. That's reason in the media has tried to sweep under the rug One would say, probably most relevant because we're talking about President Donald Trump not doing enough in reverse it open, and I understand that you do you feel that way. You think that I have, there's. An argument to be made about argument but I understand why people are saying it, however, if you making that argument. You can't say we should replace them with the guy who doesn't know. What year, it is, how many deaths have occurred with covert or the fact that a covert has killed hundreds of people over thousands of years. In other words, you can have it both ways. Here's a clip call that has taken this year, just since the outbreak more than one hundred ear, here's It's just think about it. More lies engineer than any other year for the past two hundred years. Think think about you. First
just like you, and I don't have any due to finish the thought. Just start, to the midway point if a map on the back of a kids men you what I have just expected to get around the spiral, thereby than is what does it really does anything look? This is the thing tell me the thing. I don't know that What's the problem, I think the president should know that ITALY's it abandons, maybe I'd. I had not seen a glimmer of light in the less. What does what is illogical? who he's going to make it taken more lives than anything else? The last hundred years? There's nothing that fits that listen, there's, not! a clear, because sometimes I blur the lines do of satire and in fact, in the army GI. Yes, that Sir That's true. I would also like to add Joe Biden. I know personally, you say she young man and without any further substantial evidence I would have to
include these are all deep fakes right. That's what C. So, even though genetically identical she'll be voting for Joe Biden pressure walking ass, he had not quite yet she's she's, most Samuel. I shall be voting for Joe Biden, note, which let me just say that there is a difference between sound. I appreciate you clarifying satire, nobler line, so let me be clear here in watching that, where he says a hundred years and the deaths in the cover more than a hundred years, not fact Joe Biden has dementia I cannot confirm that just because we gave our story like green room, because Brian Spelter is like a hockey golly stopping you from any thought that believe tat he needed. He's been obtaining their twenty five minutes. He asked that Joe Biden stop campaigning on eight and nine thirty in the morning this we call the lid, I think, almost every day before noon, it was like an editorial now. Third uneasy would have on about Donald Trump that guy has energy for day. You may not like what he said.
But may I ask where he invests is energy. He worry at all day as president and then does a two hour rally right out of examining dawn. He unwinds with a diet coke, while tweeting yeah there's a rocketing eyes, the tea two thousand. Brave ass, all of your at about that's just kids die, but he's never sleep can die with other arm is tweeting impressive. It makes Another army can do that when you liquid metal, that happened for my little John, so I expect to see there's a whole lot in the debate, we're going to be covering this all of Tuesday night. It starts at, I believe, eight thirty, eight thirty eastern external Austrian, a little bit earlier option commentary wanting to be looking for that lot of people speculating as to what will happen on the debate stage here. Think if, if Joe Biden actually shows up in person on that debate, state when Donald Trump
I will never be so happy to have been wrong with liquid, enabling a great amount show up in person. I thought he would do as you call a killer Clinton with the aspects need. Lady, and I also don't listen. I don't that's it. I think that's actually the case there, so I think we should have begun. Think it's that I'm throwing out olive rancher audio year of arbitrary bad says more about you does allow. People are speculating as to what might happen in the debate. And we don't know exactly. I want you to watch these tactics, but we do actually have an exclusive pewter modeling projections of debates when we entered in all the valid data and the analytical information that we had the computer it, which is you know these, like four boxing, Yea and their lives imports This is the projected computer simply to match up
Furthermore, a mamma: I shall not comment on all of us here. You didn't vine decline that also both learn French. They both looked orange. I think that's a terrible! You learn broken you. I was just Italian, but you do. We live speak French correct these added talk of. You is a french handwriting uncle private videos, and it's not a cent clip it's actually. Let me explain why there are stupid anglophone, that's what it's french Canadians call! English, don't understand the context that guy who throws the punch, he's yelling at he's, going you
see where you go up in a guy goes? Not the guy limit has not to put it out, I'm back. He does not have any intention of fighting come on we're a dolphin they all this you little shit, that's that's it! Then the guy swings sidesteps any falls like if you fall flat rate. That's bad
but if you're playing here, that's you're the decline and the guy may still doing better than actual by finnish clip. I do this, but this goes back to I don't care about the power differential. I care about whose right whose wrong and even of an old man just vaporize is his here. I do not have a problem that he is the one thing I know, I'm gonna kick your ass, I gotta know come on come on, then I want to find out. I want to fight and I don't care if it said that is just stance. You know what we are going to deal with some of your chats. We do have to go. This is the last week just so you know of the David Don T shirt. Isn't it is a lot of kind of shock. That kind of I don't know the ladder of cutter shopped again we have sold. We have raised a lot of money, goods or the wife, Andorra, and it's actually going by her request to a scholarship or a fund, indignant horns name. So she wanted you to know. There is not actually going to her, which is one of these
people- are salt of the earth and I really do appreciate them, especially now, in its open season on officers. This will be the last week we gave adorned shared a lot of cut a shop that come quick break
responses, will come back with your chats and some experiments. Retired Saint Louis Police, Captain David Doorn Doorn was shot and killed by eluder earlier. This week, in North Saint Louis, is a great great cost, do exist and is likewise the marriage onto the heavenly deserted early
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I believe you get you get three months freak out, expressively and outcome. Slash crowd! I want to show the express gps, dot, com, slashed, crowded, the reasoning, This in writing is because I just haven't installed on my computer and my own oil rig at the letter. Writing it again once you install it does use them. Using, though, is reality is it's what we use in them? They also are. As far as I understand it, the only major security expressed at the GPS, about solidarity expressed. The word I was looking for was VP. Envy recipe has persisted, though you know that if our website, I ate them on their wanted in Vienna to advertise part of cats and on Youtube, didn't have a security breach, the withheld public, so I'm not going to name names but Leicestershire Fer to it as brand acts there, but by the withered there tons of brands lining up to Joe Biden, their spokesperson right. You don't go
with the FAO reaches he's so used to reading prompter. We can put it there I'll just say it and it doesn't matter if it's illegal or goes right. We're gonna go to your room, Regrettably, we do these jets exclusively with money. Members are gonna can set up a lot of credit accomplished my club, where we were broadcasting today before we got locked out of Facebook and Youtube. So that's the failsafe. It's the only thing that keeps this going and us Not to super because I don't want to give the I don't want to give the volcanic big tech overlords my money, our in say sooner Scientology guarded by the fetus, in says, do you think the resurgence in riots due to the Brianna Taylor verdict will help Trump win? Close rust belt states? or Minnesota. I certainly don't think that it hurts. I don't off, he will win and if you look at the electoral map. There, a lot of ways at Donald Trump can win in there. There is really kind of pre set path for Joe Biden too, and if Donald Trump, when sort in the poles are having and head right now.
For the more recent polls and other rolling average isn't. But if you look at the trend, the more recent polls show him closing it, especially because the demographics with latino them with by black people and stay if trouble in Florida, there are multiple passport. To win. An all them do involves him and western states, though, but that A combination of Minnesota, Wisconsin or miss again or Michigan in Pennsylvania. I was very eyes at Michigan. In the last election I wouldn't be. I was going either way this go around, but that's what we're going to the capital and oversight and began the one leg, the governor, what we're has to stand on it for some reason, michiganders have bought this shit Is you see all these signs? Thank you government for keeping a safe by the way she speaking of IE and because they have no record of a number of record of the member live seniors in Michigan, and no other numbers makes sense, hopefully will get them, but we do have some numbers, it might interest you. The only leg that she has to stand on and Democrats in Michigan is this message that they are pumping that Donald from didn't do enough to stop covert, whereas their governor took actions, protract
Lee that killed people, I'm not saying she's a murder. Her policies killed guilty you can contrast it by any other. Patrick you use population, population density, amount of major cities, amount of landmass, geographic location by any other metric Michigan is not even close. Its outlier and her policy is that of outlier governor and hopefully someone who's out of office very, very soon and an outright liar now, exactly I think, you're right think: there's no win for the Democrats on the rights that they they look bad because they don't they dont typically come out, condemned the rioting right into support. These things are at least push them a little bit and every time people get scared that are independence. They get scared for their safety and security. They tend to run republican, so I outing unless you have security helping out from I dont know that he will win all the midwestern states. I wouldn't be surprised to see and pick up some if he wins if you Lord and Pennsylvania. It's done. If you Florida and then just maintains the states that lean Republican but are necessarily deadlocks
he can win either Minnesota Wisconsin or Michigan any of anyone's. So there are a lot of paths for him to win and you don't listen. People say the point. I don't know about the poles, but I will say when the Poles, if you look at our cp, they have Texas and they had Missouri up until this week as toss ups. Well, then, you have to throw we have left I will certainly eat my hat if Missouri votes for Joe Biden you find me the vaguest of Abe, Lincoln Captain how you can find me, I M a hat, and I will eat said hat and the cat nine wins Mazarine. That's how you know the poles are trying to manipulate public opinion and when people say there aren't nearly as many secret trump voters are they used to be well, I don't know it listen. I think that in twenty, sixteen trump was an unknown, so maybe people kind of didn't know where they were leaving, but its secret trump voters in twenty sixteen people weren't shot in the head point blank for voting tromp, so I think some people might keep it to themselves, and I know at least fifty two hundred people
watch this Josie just can't talk about it and I just don't tell me won't, but I want to definite vote Donald Trump. I wouldn't answer Paul. That's antics. Statistically, if you look at their sampling averages, they are pretty unbiased, biased and tilted towards the Democrats. I think they consider it balance because include more independence, but certainly not Republicans, go to another jack. Please adjustments as do think open, carry protests cause more harm than good for defending to a rights. What Conservatives who desperately want to protect these rights do instead what you know its industry, because we had a video player on this right. There on location before covered- and I will say that I'm not to condemn people who go out and carry long rifles. Ok, I understand is there right absolutely and I don't believe in it should be infringed upon. However, If our goal is to draw more people into the fold into the secondment of community want more people to carry firearms. I do think that its counter productive site- hope that I've made my position clear. I'm not saying that you're wrong, I'm not saying that I am against it, but I do think. First off I prefer concealed
because it's true, but I also think that if we go into open here, that's not how p would open carry in everyday life, ironic, that maybe we will see some people open carrying, maybe in higher numbers now, but there are three walking around Fifteen are more likely to have a shoulder Ulster or maybe they have a hip holster lets outside of a tucked in shirt with a pistol on their hip. So I think that open carry protests should try be as close to mimicking how people could see themselves exercise using that right and not people who look like you know back. We are paint dollars tying militia and I'm not saying it's morally wrong. I understand what yet I would like to see and we were decided on doing this. A more realistic open carry, but then you know there was a bad flew because than these
you're, looking threatening images like what its legal yeah this is. I couldn't hear you through your skull area. Gulls later I don't enjoy. This conversation has an awkward are usually more chat, yet absolutely shun says in tv just launched some attacks in North Carolina near me. At what point do we citizens need to pick up the responsibility for protecting our state when our leaders failed to do so? That's a good question. We ve talked That's quite a bit in the show. Listen. I will never advocate that. You do something illegal in this programme, because there are people who are just ache and ban me in jail, but I will this. I definitely encourage support and would like to see more homeowners in business owners, rightfully lawfully protecting what is theirs not talking about going out and hunting people who do not agree with and not even talk, not going out, and playing vigilante, but going I'm playing. Peacemaker was again even if you go to a riot and your goal is to try and quell the right. You bring a fire and that's not what happens, but I do
want to see more Americans. I do want to see massive numbers of Americans when people stroll, through your neighborhood and blue into your house or break into your business I would to see more Americans exercising their second amendment rights and defending what is theirs. Why so? That other? Americans are afraid to do so. I'm not I make power These four stating that I hope that I've been very clear on where I line up. I want you to protect what yours and you know what there are a lot of communities where no, where there are ways to block parents in Canada. Nothing here, but community watch program running your neighborhood, you get with other people who are gun, owners and or p. Live alarm system. Some people just have alarm system beyond these watch programmes where, if you have a break in You don't have the money for an alarm system, you call them and they had a button that allows the police, so it would be good to get with p in your community and have a plan to have a strategy to protect your family to protect their source, your business community don't go out and look for a fight, even
into a fight that already happening. I'm sorry that your government have abandoned. You eventually that'll be the president's job to send in the feds everywhere. But you do. Have the right and different from state to state, but it's your God given right to protect your family and your property, and I doing courage everyone to do that. No apologies you might Sean for that. I presented Gerald ay. I appreciate you being here, sir. I did want to, of course, that you guys know that will be in Michigan again October. Second, and next Tuesday is the huge debate stream, but if you want to take the second step to send Thank you. I talk about earlier and doing break. I rose want to talk about it. No more people ask you to check your privilege. As I conclude, I am recommending that ever I'm not gonna be checking my privilege solely for being white, but I will recognise privileges that I've enjoyed throughout my life. That many people have, for example, have a moment a debt at a mom and dad who love me, and that is incredible privilege. I think it's one. That's more valuable than money then asked
That's then a good school, any good, mom and dad. I am eternally grateful, but I will recognise that a white person, there is a privileged I have where I can be I'm a police officer, I so choose with being considered a race trader or an uncle Tom or my family being at risk that some its exclusive to black men in this country, who choose to go out and serve their communities by the way they do it in a higher percentage of the police force than the general population. It's a privilege that I recognise it's not something generally speaking in the White community, where, if I say we're, ok to want to go, to the military. What I like to go to college- or you know I've always wanted to be a police officer firefighter, but specifically police officer, the response is generally not without fail. Why would you want to be a cop? Oh, my god, you want one force that system known as a fact that would be surprising that reaction for white person would tell his parents that he wants to become a police officer, its
rule very often you see right now in the black activists community, not the black communities themselves. We look at the polls. Most black people in the United States actually wants eighty something percent between seventy to eighty something percent, depending which Paul you're, using with sampling bias. They want to see at least as much police presence in their neighborhoods as they have Or more, but in the media, if you are a black police officer, you are given no credit. And this is why I was thinking about that today, watching these protests and watching police officers get hit in the back of the head and watch, black police officers trying to serve their community and trying to reason with people who may live next door to them, but certainly have the same same color skin, and they hate that use in the eyes of other black people toward black police officers. Often this country, that's gotta, be horrible feeling we ve talked about it and they show. But you know what I think, that I've done a disservice. Yeah we're showing the David Doorn sure this is the last week that will go to that, but I don't think we'll talk,
I think that we almost you could almost that we forgotten about black police officers. We ve talked about it, but my you know what that is. Probably the main take away right now, with the protest or the Riots and the police violence. When I think about when I thought about this morning what they have to go through black officers. Day in the United States of America and twenty twenty. It almost bring the tear to my eye because really well? compared to anyone anyone else on the side of these. Concepts who gets who gets the short into this. Taking two pair white police officers, you compare black put protesters, you can compare white protesters its even close. It's not even close the people who get treated the worse. The people who get no credit from most communities are the the black police officers in this country. What there's gotta be a really hard decision, and I think about the first some guy
two in twenty twenty or let's go back a few years or Zyobite refer to it century. Let's go back to twenty sixteen above guys, and you know what I think I want to serve my committee, I crime? I see drugs. I see violence. I want to become a police officer in twenty sixteen and twenty twenty that takes a brass pair. And so you know what officers out their officers are. I assume that listen, you not easily find its way to say black american officers and I want to pay off a series of color because but kick my ass and rightfully so you should get the Billy club. If I said a black authors, I want you to know and I know this may not mean a whole lot coming from a basic white guy, like myself really mean the irony is lost to me, but we have a one year later was crowded, and I know I probably speak for most conservatives truly appreciate the sacrifices that you have made an, namely the biggest sacrifice you ve made, which is. You're, calling your vacation for the rest of your life. You ve chosen to do something which has never glorified for which you have given me
little credit, nominatives individualism man genuinely general? we. I appreciate your willingness to make the hard choice to pro active, look down to pass and I don't know if you can look at a much harder path as a black man in the United States of America than becoming a police officer and you'd- shows that one I don't suppose you probably. I also think that this is not so much a probable around you wonder. Is it all worth it listen? I can't tell you that you'll have to determine that for yourself, but I can tell you We need. You It's it's of America, people of all colors, true, we need you, I can say that I see you, I recognize you and when it feels like the world, doesn't I want you know, that's a media and democratic division led lie the rest of us here. Do we see you Pritchett you, your story isn't told enough, and I cannot thank you enough.
I appreciate it. We will see you next week. Thank you again, black officers. I won't say authors of color because today
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