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Crowder goes into everything wrong with Springsteen's "unity" commercial. He also looks at Democrats' worst hoaxes. And did you see that Time article exposing elites for "fortifying" the election? With special guest Tulsi Gabbard!

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If your yelling and all way, that's Dodge twins there on the show and their incredibly unprofessional tomorrow will be life swimming the impeachment I fact checking it on Youtube and let us Canada comes much more club so tuning. We dont know when it starts, because politicians ways, late lazy and unaccountable give this by guest rating. If you listening to an audio I'll, see you tomorrow, cinema industry was united, the stream. I will find your pet and I'll make its demise look like an accident This is not admissible in court. This weakened feminism. A job in the made in Europe.
that is delicious, its round of winning still winning euro. Even when we're losing you, what does that sound mean? It's the Hodge twins? How are you can govern our don't tell anyone I was watching, which ones key for twenty seven key fees give you that was actually just for me. I wish you would have to reach one July shoot and best way to file. You guys is you're too conservative. Did. You can several twins for as long as they allow it by the way will also be doing it. Impeachment stream tomorrow live fat rejecting some guess. We don't know when they start, because you know you're you're tax paid employers, employees there, they don't know, don't follow a schedule, so we just have to kind of follow them kind of like the people who do, you they follow the grateful that around we're gonna wait till the impeachment trial starts. We will stream live with life.
Acting the entire time general day? How are you I am well you be. The sham trial were actually wouldn't want that GM child on so that we get removes sham. While what did I get here? You go with a girl, gonna. Let you know what I do know we happen to show tat. We have totally gabert what enlargement you didn't think that we actually had torso gabert she's, pretty but what I said earlier before you like you, let go you don't forget it. While you thought I was gonna, be voice like a fast. So I really so I'm into a white guy right, don't know! Don't we also like this to you. Movement entailed like also get but actually that far from what I just did cultural differences, which brings us actually do you guys know after you know it is like history months, thrilling. P S, don't talk about give us some respect hold a month
the holding of mine on the whole, you like the white people, we get a hold on every fourth year its position, and then you get another lesson. Come on baby steps. You can you can vote, Squidlike airing only give us some very glad if we want to thank you for your right due to rampant. Why privilege in came in industry? It's it's hard to be. You know man get in the entertainment industry right you don't get into any movies or tv show right that all change in eighteen, eighty six, when large fish burn actually broke into, became the first black men to ever be in a tv, show, Orpheum or felt right here or phone, and it was for his great role is Cowboy Curtis in here call me mister. So we have a lot to get things right. We're gonna have tells together we have the top five, because I don't really know you're a sea. Last week she was vacant. You know that she was shot. You you're that whole thing that almost we have, but this isn't happening in Friday. I think it's funny not to be
done died. I was shot, was shot on Spartacus, I'm dipshit and not to be out of top five democratically crimes which are different from crimes like just small but we ve already done those we can compile. Jesus of those. These are just democratic power. Missions and candidates who lied about crimes, are needed at Fort, also Gabert. But before that that will happen last night. No one is talking about this mumbling bag of human excrement. I've never liked time. For us. I'd meant Andrew Springsteen. What a piece of shit you looked like a political right there, yeah you gotta meet us during the stingers there, too, timid atomic. What's this guy doing here, what do I do? I don't see it and yet mentioned be allowed on television. What is happening in terms of lives? Lean he's like bill night on the Reverse Captain America, serum did worthy the issue that
I didn't ministries. Uk varies running rapidly throughout the EU s eye more concerned, with whatever makes you that getting rapidly are United States, carbohydrates and we give meant Michelle Obama to force him a sack lunch. Ok! So brief, Springsteen, listen! You said you guys, like Bruce Springsteen, yeah he's got this. One song is kind of creeping yeah. What is it ago. Hey little girl, I use your daddy on us, like mental, far normal fire, I'm off. Familiar while the clap, albeit burns itself,
but it's a nice all its groundwater, animal feed people say just glad as you are flying and only leader expressed a pedophile. I like not like the size of a major innovation is maintained, Springsteen, the council wanted to find a bridge Springsteen by the way, from back in the day, been totally wiped. He's like but she now here's. Why don't like besprinkling his Christmas song is the worst ever he's our total fake he's a diva. He calls himself the boss, man, your first himself in the third person and if you go and look at his old clips, he sounds like mouse macho talking about this one. A nice idea. May them with my work and no you're, not you're. Not now like Bill rightly talks about the folks. He hasn't met a folk in fort
five years. Tell us, I really all right. So this is a super bowl commercial. This is the trend now right, of course, as everyone is calling later we cells from rock of almost president after they call George Bush Nazi whenever they called Donald Trump, a Nazi as well as rights, truly and, of course, famous black nazis I've been Shapiro, notorious damaging outsource now, they're like forget all that you're still Nazis, but it's too, for unity and there's nothing that crystallizes that more tone definitely than this Bruce Springsteen superbly. Pile of shit? It's not the property of just a fortunate it belongs to us all. Whoever you are wherever you is what next
I live in it. If someone from a diner where he would never again ever you, maybe he would send in his indentured servants and then beaten mercilessly and deport him on visa charges. If he brought him something that dairy and today is dragging much of this, is you go on back to catch wisely, so breathy because he's follow crap out with China. If you go back and watch opportunities best from serpent goes right. Listen what do we do about these very cops, and now he likes bring its disingenuous. He wants a sound, tough, Bruce still. You ve never written a good song, and I could hurt you. Ok, it's just that. So Could he, whatever now they're calling for unity right ass, your eyes to it? Because you are you know you were minority minority, more conservative voters did you feel like it wanted to unify with you today, embrace you with open arms, now no precedent Brits we get
Email is let us discuss like, but we ve been betrayed by the black community near they say we betrayed but they ve betrayed. What did we actually betrayed each other have you been in a black community law at all? It's like a mexican black standoff select Unblock this war and I think it's funny call for unit data once started. All this shit, I don't remember, was it before Donald Trump was present when something up Baltimore Ferguson burners mother down. What would you do with brandy Did you say unity of unity, the language of the unheard give that unheard meant a mega video. But it's all over This is true. Springsteen now wants you re man. This is him not only with victory at yours. Look we have a collage or you can just other vitriolic hatred for from Bruce brings in the worst of the worst, but years alone,
that he route, which is always don't you just love it when he said I just celebrities write letters. They never expect politicians terrific wow you're gonna get right The ball is certainly be a letter between both agree that it is not going to date is by the way it is like a pool of music music is agree. Will order and Green M analyses the biggest diva ever know? What's go radio scooper, biography, tutelary, seven jungle intends to poor beer and his boot news of war pull their built. Man like I don't know, I'm gonna do nothing. I've ever any one- you can go to the very first show I'd ever done when this was on radio like eight years ago and been in
you're segment was unjust. How much I couldn't stand whisperings before every single year we get around Christmas, you bring up his terrible horologue, whereas the latter stylist reed we're gonna vocal, somewhat more vocal stylist. No, you wish stylus. Ok, that's what you are, so we believe that they paint with. Are these people oil paintings Patsy so this is apologizing for letting trump when this is actually Bruce bracing a letter. Can you imagine
I've done that for two or three weeks by bird dog man I could stone, is Arias stolen. I was tv crews. Do you not think that would have rushed to me and wanted to hear my opinion on the big may? Not only would have won over some of his supporters, but almost definitely support have come after me and how bad you take. That would have been for him. You think the new boss, good of objective regional and get away with it, because he invented bs I, of course he doesn't like being up stage. You know we would have had come after me. Can you imagine if he Jack Bruce, brings in a just to be clear. This is Bruce Springsteen, referring to Bruce bringing in the Boston person Spartacus in case you data, his piece of shit. Agnes if either way he thinks I jumped supporters are racist. I don't want you knew this. How are these deadly incite involve the eggs? If that's what you know, if you are accusing the sitting president, everyone, seventy million people who support living
white, supremacist and NEO Nazis. I dont know how that's not inciting violence. I suppose you think ay. We need to fix the integrity of our election, so this is something else. I wrote you a good portion of a thank you to my eyes, been to thoroughly hypnotize, brainwash, since an NGO ism from phony patriotism, fear the black planet? Vanity narcissism paranoia conspiracy theories, vanity narcissism, referring to yourself in a third person. They don't lie to me. They don't lie to me. You're the boss deadlock, to make us out by their by that. You were the one born in Kenya. Who who joins I've learned man, this is someone who is young we might feel like. I need to be taken more seriously. I know how do we call you the boss, all, but I've never actually employed. Anybody was bigger. Making
from a road and we will see family haven't we just change like the working all like the working man. I can change my Jane a voice like this directive, even though far for two days like the same right as prints about is that it is ready to leave the United States if Trump one any go to Australia. Indeed, I did he know even while he didn't do, though I think you said that he was re elected however, happened? It's like when you first electricity move away, and when you know what I can I can't leave. How are you gonna handle the town of John Presidency without the Bosman? I'm almost still do until he loses the next election then, where are we going to push for? The programme? Is the biggest corporate sell out that exists
anyway. You have anything else that you have. My antibody Springsteen pedophile have set up a croupier sober. Hey LULU Berlin, where do you think it's? Our work has always been a priority, so ever written you need to listen to. The lyrics is real quick. This is on what you guys light, I gotta go Dude ETA, where would have a great way to bring into this right, was a little girls daddy. How now I'm not supposed to talk to strangers Jill amidst the rattling oh I don't, I don't even have to say, but that's it listen Bruce this
don't buy. What they're saying now, unity and after this unity over a lie, is still owe you. The overall. Why is still I dont care? It? Listen. Sometimes you will say them that I'm a centrist, because I'm I'm willing to talk with almost any right. You don't want to talk with people who are actually advocating. Murder actually have done that authority. Mom chowder on the show you were there advocated, not be killed. Now, with an eye on what I'm rightfully stopping us from your warehouses out I was they will obtain, came and then an email me was like you needed. I now next question. Motorways of the unity thing is that this
unity unity. Is. I welcome your way. A little bit you will come, my will arrange compromise will be unified. This is unity if you agree with what we're saying to finalize. Not even so I just like a man with a small business that make a bad man no little girl get unified. Let's not nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi, not a unified. By the way, I don't know you know what happened after the actual Nazis in Germany- history lesson by the Way World WAR two- the Nazis Keller, all that mashes sad going. They didn't unify with them. They kick them out and that's why when people say hey, I don't think they want Republicans at all. I think someone around us up and Buddhist from social media boot us from the workforce
re educating, because you referred to all of us, including the black gentlemen, and here in the quarter black gentlemen. Here any asian and here as not someone referred to us as Nazis, and you say that we need to be re educated in DE programmed after the election. We assume that you probably want to treat us, though, why one would reasonably treat actual nazis and then your calls for unity fall on deaf ears and that's why Proof Springsteen is a huge issue: or by the way, follow us on Instagram. If you want to watch my progress from my broken femur and is going to ease and lifestyle stuff more Joe Louis on a lot of Canada comes last month. Let you can still engines. Cocoa, rather returns for thirty dollars at an early age,
some white privilege work and, of course you take. Your chat later will have some extended Chelsea Gabert, which will talk much himself. There are a lot of talk about here in the EU to overlords, which reminds me, I'm glad you guys are here, over the brake? And you guys know that we ve had to prepare for a lot of legal issues. We are pursuing a facebook, half asian impeachment stream tomorrow, but developments she's with Youtube. Now here's to beauty Youtube hasn't here's what hard strikes even they typically due for hate speech, gaily regulations, but I think it's probably because these things were already cleared and we have already been audited. Now. We have to change things retroactively, but during the break, but that we have quite a few episodes removed for violation of hatred, these guidelines and one that happens. You know I have to look through the analytics and say: ok, what's the straw? What's the trend here? What's the constant and I'm bring up the overlay. Yet these are two. I realise that both of them were episodes with,
Hodge, twins, radio, hate speech, and I go where it which upset with this now to go back to our cross reference, and it is fast forward to a moment anywhere in there and it's when you go and we're out again. There goes out. It's like, I can say, to sell, but you know what I do not know how many me juices is making money if they were the only areas we don't use color yet utilise colorblind welder algorithm, adjust years, audio color blind unless you're like complex, and you have the money, be dial forget for blowing drop in his latest sneaker. I just that would not have. We went to a Youtube conference in there, but always conservatives and they had some lady, come up from a complex to talk about guidelines, and I just read the
with the inward like nine times this. What's the rule looking through the cushion get back to circle back, they never circle. Back no question of the day before we move on here think it is that the democratic! Why didn't you just make up crimes? I'm sorry Not just now- and I don't just mean like like some politicians like just an ordinary sis- is still the funniest one I'm Hillary Clinton Elsie Ill on Omar job. Like this to me, I think, because there's a rush to victimhood, because that's more celebrated than accomplishments in the lead, what you tell me. What do you think it is that they Do this constantly in this is this was also to mean what bothers me so much. I was listening to a public news updates and listen to every morning. Bbc Abc Fox NEWS whose NPR
ABC News, and this was the Friday newscast right, ABC Barbara Puncture, listening to it and cover the ale ceased or like a yo, see, describes or harrowing experience on capital this Friday. So I thought that in beard of trying to appear balanced. They would addressing controversy about it. Like some conservatives have questioned her have questioned her report, but they never addressed it Friday morning, they just acted like ABC, told her story, religion with a survivor. They never even address the fact that she wasn't there. That's the issue. Have to deal with its, not the lies that you see proactively. That's why don't? We have a problem with MSNBC? It's the lies by omission, Peter listening to ABC genuine. We have no idea that she was nowhere near governments direction, no pipe unfrequented there and she's generally fellowship. They don't have any idea. There was an abc or Brine Williams.
Or any other new outlet for that music MSNBC. But the point is nonetheless, I just like them off. There's a hatred in my heart that I'm proud of you working So have you guys read this article from Time magazine, ok, So let me know if you read this and if you think it's an unfair characterisation for folks outline of a time magazine basically admit it will be We get the time magazine. Some of you may have forgotten that that you know Joe Biden said this. We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american policy, Surface, that seems bad, think is missing. Current context. You realize
it's crazy. That's all. I do think we meant to say something else, but I don't exactly. Could you imagine if Donald Round, but that the way is like I dont, think? Listen, I dont think if they were sick was as rapporteur. I think the last person would be Joe Biden he's not go. They would like that. He can't let him you can't let him know about it. You have to cork his fork, so it doesn't lose an eye when he's out there for light. We alarm about the massive anyway. I did see too fat check on that one is Joe Biden has done He did really mean mostly false, also due to the large voted for. That is also false. So he's crazy, any misspoke or you are false. How are you a picture of you from your webcam euro spying on much like a five year old, Joe Biden? Repeat everything he hears right. You should have said that in public access and manage the close of the human head ways, power salute the burning up, my
there are six Bonnie red. That's, ok, that's the thing, so he was mostly right in this is, according to Time magazine, it was actually an election fortifications like cereal with vitamins. So last Thursday time magazine ran this article. It's called the secret history of the shadow campaign that saves the twenty twenty election. Now I encourage you to read the full article. We to a lot of credit outcome when they know what people say that were taken out of context, because they're trying to spin everything about to read to you as a positive, but I was somewhat argue, its tone, deaf title alone. So this is it is the article is describing is meant to be short of satirical, but look at a well funded cabal of powerful people raining across industries and ideologies working together by the scenes to insolence perceptions, change rules and laws? Dear media coverage and control the flow of information? They were not really election, they were fortifying it and they believe the puzzle needs to understand the system's fragility in order to ensure that democracy in Amerika TAT, look, here's a thing they're trying to say
they won't bring the elections. They were just trying to make sure that the elections were fair and that Donald Trump was silenced from all private industry. When it talks about the affair scenario- big tat, media- you're trying to say whether the rig and I understand what you're saying through Dmitri, like dominion or a massive voter fraud scheme which are trying to say is it was we were rigging it by making sure that the media covered Donald Trump negatively compared about Joe Biden at nine to one that they were ring in a sensitive nature. Hunter buying was removed from big tat is false information. They were written to make sure that people could vote by mail with no identification for the first time they were ringing it to make sure that any thing Republican suggested as as voters, security would be considered. Racists and their lackeys in big tech would continue, but that's what they were doing and they were doing it for your own good, here's more from the article they got stay.
To change voting systems oh and laws, and help secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding Zuckerberg there? They found it off. Voter suppression, lawsuits, recruited, armies of poor workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time, go back to our vote by male article or video did what we just documented elections that had to be overturned or re run because vote by mail was a problem not think fraud. There were errors with vote by mail almost by design. Here they successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and use data driven strategies to fight viral smears anyway. Trump was right. There was a conspiracy. Unfolding hunters means one that both curtail the protests. Coordinated the resistance from see egos now listen. This is very clear that Democrats are trying to steal the next elections. I can't talk the previous elections, but what they talk about here The general election in France till the next elections very clear. What the
do through voter laws with the trinity without voter idea, by having massive immigration an amnesty. So since we could, of course, be punished for this notification bell which may or may not work by the tiny equanimity subscriptions, don't necessarily gone work you, but certain others. They say it. They assume that they are on the side of the angels here right, the road to the Lord's work, essentially in everything that we do to silence any of this stuff that we don't like to hear any other viewpoints that we don't like is good and it's good for you and I think the scariest. Why you exactly that's the scariest part of this because they think that their so right, We silenced all these other. Do here what you just said. Yeah. You silenced opinions. You disagreed with simply because you just right word cabal: what years they are trying to use it. I run early and I understand people say you're, taking this out of context because they're talking about actually making the actions better, but the way They do it think about better. Second, there describing the Hunter Biden story being removed. Yes from socially that's fine. They're, saying assisted by design and hundreds of millions in private and public funding things
happening the election that culture agreeing with things we that their panting, the hunter buying story. It seems weird at their punting the Kampala, hair story about imprisoning nonviolent drug offenders. That's by design that MAC. She wasn't rigged by just look we're not just come up long before that you cannot compete against the kind of free advertising of the democratic system gives you the final quota. A couple more could says. I think I read that defended our voters, oppression. Our future. Could armies of coworkers guidelines so that people vote for male by first time recruiting armies of poor workers, armies of port workers, from its face sounds prudently enough, but it seems increasingly like how did that, play a significant role. Armies of forwarders in this completely fair one a percentage from election, we cannot criticise otherwise, we removed from Youtube. There's voter further occurs individually, but do not The election in any way affect the armies of poor workers. Let's see what they did, and I have
seen from women who came to any said, lead that let's get let's get. This mammoth sought, accusing them of some like your mask, slept you were not led away, so you need to go out, and you know your phone was out and they will really intimidating all these white people, so they had the shift. Change at six, a M, Mr Batten, Algeria and evaluate management team, got back on a microphone and said this is what the news, the new shift change rate the new employees says this is what democracy is, is supposed to look like right in front of around the whole room cheered. Under the guise of the hour all workers booted, even though he had every right to be there thing to see here, just breaking the chain, custody. This kind. All this young pissed me off over again. This is what this is written, most vote, but vote by mail
right, Mister Redmain processes and absentee ballot. Now, by the way, this its isn't one. Those important United States issue, other countries look at voter ideas, racist, like what have you done. What you have any kind of identification is needed for voting. You know really. How do you do about? Let some silly right? This is accepted. At all the countries that you love to praise rhetoric, although even the sum of the socialist ones in the norwegian countries that really are the population, this data, but Ireland and nerve entirely imagining it looks like skimmed milk of yet who committed Mcgrath at what I don't get it when we are Democrats. Doyle is wider republic. Does let it happen, do anything they didn't. They do anything that is certainly didn't do enough and this thanks to Democrats for talking about it. You can look at the Jimmy Carter. Commission. You can get the letters from Elizabeth, worn anymore. Which are specifically that we're being sent to Adam was apparent Many have dominion their expressing obvious that they had done
in the security of our election and the applicants did not do enough, no, absolutely not in when we had the laws teens when it quota that ports as we get lot. But what we're changed was this was assumptions of any real change the law, ITALY, and to make it ok to vote after the deadline is not what I was the only way to do that, not everybody Ike, that's one of the one of the biggest right I'll tell all of these Is that your bragging about all these things that you're so patriotic about doing right to help fortify our election make sure? What did you actually do? Tell me what laws you change that work for the good of the people or the labour unions you're behind this, where it talks about the article they put themselves out. Well, I can announce our oh. That's! Not your first move as President
What like you're, not my keystone pipelines, are we're going to shut down the main rule. Shrinking has no qualifications, as it relates to energy independence, unemployment, common to tat in the? U S such an communist, so anyway listen go redo and I know that people say you're taken out of context. No Anderson really think all these things are for your own good. I think that is pretty crappy and I think that now there flagrantly admitting to things at Republicans were complaining about and sounding the alarm about now. Just they know nothing can be done. They know nothing can be done Republicans in fighting back there. You see all these Republicans grow a backbone now and be the party of Noah with Brok Obama. Don't you do that? Really, what happened when you had power? I think it's me
I know you did nothing, you win nothing good day, Sir Red. What does it there's a common thread here between Antiphon? What the left is doing right now. Aunt was this party that supposed to be our? This group is supposed to be against fascism and their against fascism by In fact, it has invested in so Democrats are supposed to be for fair elections in their being for fair elections by rigging elections, essentially that the safe, fair election I'm sorry, I'm misspoke, yet that didn't have any widespread, not ever know not impact on the July, all men, of course. Now we would never say on you to know that their verifiable e tens, hundreds of thousands of votes that are, at the very least illegitimate, couldn't be counted because you do hate. About recounts that there still some courts moving threat, some cases moving through the courts. We can say that all these things actually ended up in tandem, but none of it impacted the election. This budget, ski and let it remain votes as cod.
Still pounding, though you two hundred who knows they haven't troll on information that whole hunt a bond story. If every news media outlets de facto, though the males in those pictures, he would never get elected and think about this for a second rights they ere it big twitter was the one that ban the new post because they say: oh, it's, a violation of our privacy laws, right of hacking of private information, but they did release what turned out to be mostly debunks Donald Trump Stats Return, which were right. You aren t, hack daring, was how it was like two weeks after that. That's as explained I was years of somebody working their way into the swamp and administration to get their hands on incomplete tax returns. To give a story to the New York Times at the media ran with too sweet up until the end. Hunter bind was so cracked out of his mind. He didn't pick up his Ipad Geek squad. They couldn't clean, they didn't know because they ve been trying to get Donald Trump to release. Is tax returns for years stuffing than I won t obtained illegally. There's no way outta. Here the zone of tax returns
but today I am not now here's what it is. You o four hundred million dollars to overseas companies like have you ever heard of a mortgage, the buildings worth a billion euro. I do understand how business works, how much Texas did he pay, what they pushed alive? taxes. They treat us at all. He wouldn't look. You should all whittled down your task. As you know, I love it You should always as little as you need to internal right yeah. I don't know why we liberals do not to look at Bernie Sanders. Thacker eleven Bernie Sanders. He tips to look to the absolute death the eighteen percent right. You know what my Joe Biden rode off like donated underwear to job. Nobody has only those least charitable, proud and ever in history, when it was running from her, I don't know we can bring this up. We can bring it back up later. I think it was back when he was running for president in two thousand to turn them into does need. There was a key gave, one thousand dollars of out of whatever four hundred
Six thousand dollars earned that yet ere it was really bad. Courtyard. Lego ratio ties the whole thing no way for man. Ok, that's my gonna get away for. We hold you to a different standard when we expect you to have the intellectual capacity of Tom Hanks in the mid afternoon, castaway whenever they bring them back on the road that Joe Biden gave three average. Three and six a year far worse. Think about that! That's our words. Korea would be giving more to charity if you just signed up for that. We do here, Mclaughlin we're just inspired by that by dogs shivering in the goal. You would give more than Joe Biden. He is Evan users route about this for second he's ebony, just because a p doesn't believe in you to give a charity. What ebeneezer screw tried to Christmas Carol somewhat. Feeble must have an industry with a big government level at the beginning, and then he became concerned at the beginning. He
and charitable commodity say: are there no prisons? Are there no poor houses? He was saying I money goes to support those institutions and I will not give up anymore. That is Joe Biden. He gives three hundred and sixty nine, so you're going to sixty nine dollars more, but that's basically criminal, nothing because he goes. We need the government to do it and he absolve themselves responsible contrast that, let me just groups at the end of the Christmas Carol where he is, of his own volition, freely to people and he's giving from what he's earned through free enterprise, and he now pays Bob Cratchit mortal thousand more call for the fire, still deplorable working conditions by modern standards, but babies, save tiny TIM, say Johnny, Jim Aren T there came just happen with tiny damage say tat. We start off his leg and games from waste for an hour and we should not put him out of doing I'm late autumn. Yet here we go data plum. Ok, let's go to top five democratic forces in a fake. Hang, not hate crime, just fake crime. Yet
I've told you gathered coming up real Tulsa Gabarus, not my faced with a cut up you're not really be hilarious. People always think that, like we had Donald Trump on the first of may take crews on and we had Rudy Giuliani, I'm like the exclusive we're just gonna be Stephen doing I've got to be fair, we did every year, I did it for you here. I just did it for Giuliano agenda every you just do it was always homophobic, so we will always be the actual letting what was important understand when I want to go visit density. We, of course it is congressional. It was just surrounded by car everybody s. So anyway, you came on. The media landscape has changed just so, please we know about the ale, see thing, but you may have forgotten about some of these other fake crimes that Democrats have claimed were committed against them. Together, there's a race to victimhood and if you anymore there's a race to victimhood, look at Joe by
assistant as Hell Secretary engine Rachel living like don't have you can you know me any other assistant, any cabinet position, Most of them were generally persistent differences, You know the assistant traffic television, because what we need to tread wheel, you're trans, we don't have anyone- have a radio Levine who killed a bunch of people and Pennsylvania, Z and assistance with a view to put the real else I can do now. I want to put for cattle and woman, those out there. This would fall, but she took a murmur of nursing home right issue around Mama nursing anchorages like that you, the distances dangerous, then sent all the other old people into nursing assistant, though, gets great coffees. Why do we care
ok, so you were a night six red dress, as well as the gypsies. Third, the sheep, because I don't know I just build water generally thought she won't be a war. But see no matter how clean, as they get the choice actually cause. You can have a man. Do a woman's Jo Leinen with Rachel immunities foam she's a pediatrician really no way a subject. Like you see there s a lot of time. I sponsor thing later this careful, don't worry you! Ok, you take to see. Yet he is year. I think, he's got mental problems like you want to talk. Up can. I ask you to leave the room assurances about
I know they did you say I M, like I'm an amateur just take the hormone blockers and then you will have no more testosterone in your bones. Will go we're going to demand the American Pediatric Association? If I'm not mistaken, has declared it child abuse? Did Think the Americans someone to bring that up the American Association a pediatrics declared transitioning children to be child abuse, its common sense. While that taken down that kid, now is not. Was the Nazis arose the Nazis over at the American Pediatrics Association, ash. Ok, so let's go through the top five that I could remember. Fake crimes at Democrats have claimed, of course, in the rear victims, and what jogger memory, of course, was this wonderful performance, Oscar worthy
Alexandria, Cassio Car dance. When all of a sudden I hear boom boom boom boom. That's also, I maintained fight. You see that, like that women way fist it's the sound voted genre we started work I'll, go with you to do. As you know, I've interest you, I think, do. I know it's hard to look into her eyes when one is looking to have a lot more sweetheart. I want to look into your eyes and hate. Look at me. Look at me. I can't I'm doing the best. I can catch your honor, good, I think how would you describe her pretty dark hair mocha skin
eyes like ask early to Google, easily medical nomenclature, googly buggy, Oji, uncomfortable, ok, a cloud Maxine. To go. You disagree with her eyes. Look like somebody doktor dreadful homework. It's ok! Let's go the other way. Whereby he just made this claim again last week that he was shot two thousand seven trip to Iraq's I shot at shows that when he addressed diplomatic AIDS to the State Department, this was ably Friday. You not only have great intellectual capacity. We have great personal courage I agree with some of you when we ve been shot at with some of you when we ve now bases that you would have There are many idea you'd want to be when you were going to school. Foreign policy like this, Springsteen Superbowl Party. It looks like you to pay
the natural. No, no, I don't even want to be in your house and you suck here's the thing he made his exact same claimed back in two thousand eight at the democratic debate here you got inside the greens, were I've been seven times and shot at you better make sure you have protection for them or let them die number one. So you can't leave em for tat production limits, but he was shot. This is important shot. Apparently, this was something he made that claiming back then he was factually than mine. He ran and nineteen eighty some eighty nine at young and he had to withdraw and shame because he lied about everything back then here, but there's a whole shit or Donald Trump like someone sent areas, is a pretty good bill best versus Joe by making up things that didn't. Then, in places where he never was with people who don't even exist, big difference The shot apparently want to set a building. He and other senators were in inviting
and had to clarify. A statement is comes from the hill. Where says, no one got up and ran from the room. It wasn't that kind of thing: it's not someone holding a gun to my head. I was near where a shot landed. Well knows landed outside and afterwards amount is ended, shot landed outside its, I couldn't earthquake happens in someone's asleep. To become. Here it was. It was a couple of hundred yards away, it wasn't legacy lie outside the building, and somebody said the other, some mortar fire a couple hundred yards away and if it keeps up we're gonna have to go down to the basement, but I think we're fine right. What happened he crap
health, but for unrelated reasons there. What advantage? Now? I don't think he knows that what he said was a lie. The other day I just think he's like well, I remember saying that when times are not incorporated into his memory, they love claiming you guys we're Marines. Obviously I mean you know, stolen valorous, genre of political speak. I guess, but they love claiming that they were shot me out of my brain Williams. His was more exaggerated, shot down my compter regional, haven't, you might be going to fly it only agent. I was holding onto dropped down like here and now that happened, brag about being shut out. There was no shadow, cosy anybody spinning each time what he never brag about. Don't you talk about Romania. So, let's see somebody tumbled out shot it he's disliked were either you guys are shut it now. Thank God I know, I know, if you have what about running through office, you might want to find a way to change that little bit.
Never involved. Look like people. What you gotta do is use. Hang a noose in your garage tier one is a hate crime than when for office Uncle Samson. The wiser Agatha, simply vote right away. We need to make a new she's gonna piece of shoe lace and tied. Look look it's a news. They possibly job means a mega country. Look to breach the journal do try to make why this is what happens at this event. When Jesse Small at this is what happens when higher nigerian personal trainers to try and role play as white supremacist good. What do we do? What you want supremacist know won't go to bleed what this work leads. I'm just gonna go home but because we do not only want to help small? It's like God, you guys take checks, and you know what
keep that receive that's right. Now we have Hillary Clinton claiming that there are no better than just as well that this is what they jumped to support just smile at an agency, Hillary Clinton. She claimed repeatedly repeatedly that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. During a ninety. Ninety six trip just rolled a clip. Remember landing you're sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down. We lay within their lady unemployed out ruler. Handing down ran out because they said might be sniper fire I don't remember anybody offered me tea on the tarmac when that was happening, the welcoming the ceremony had to be moved inside because of sniper fire. Ok, it is. Evil? Well, here's the thing here holiday Rambo in her defence, like rain williams- and you know Joe Biden, make stuff up. We do have video of that exact arrival
sweet, God, humanity, but instead of finding us eyebrows in person. Thank you very much Her head went down later when who machine at your hotel for years, I have no, I here's how they're so comfortable lying, because it talks about the need to do a thing. Just like you said here. We see what the ABC story on Friday saying she Recounter harrowing surviving experience. This is the point that the enemy isn't just people in the White House: the enemy. Isn't the enemy use this term because naturally says the enemy. And when I say you, your political ideological, the people who are opposed to what you believe and listen he take the power of Washington DC over Hollywood over the media over big tech most only you would need a cat scan, it's that these people feel so comfortable lie
We all know that if we made a lie like that, we would immediately be fact immediately. We people trying to call me a clinic colonel the guy, get how I get rods, put him through much roubles Roma lethargic. She claims she went to Bosnia under sniper fired. Instead, they are putting a lot necklaces around her neck. I know I am exaggerating Ritalin. Why remains she was very unattractive back that we're seeing new and improved Hillary Clinton. This is making tough if, if you are in a situation like this, where a gunshot went off near you Somehow some way like what are you a hundred yards, it just easier, the public tee I mean really. What are they going for here? Like demonization works there like I was shot. I feel sorry for me now. Here's a really bad policy that you just said you like me now remember. You have two packs this legacy that but where political, consonance or should night till to whom you got shot and face about a goddamn. Sometimes here, let's make it real fast me no happened, saying no tell, and now I thank you for working for my pack yeah me
watching this like in just the best you can do is comment comment on how a man that help with the Algorithms palm comment. You know about how the Democrats are planning to steal the next election and what think is the most agreed is, I guess, they're coming about. I see which of these crimes, you think, is the worst here's one too. This is a crime. By the way faking a crime is actually rights to ever held accountable. Dick Blumenthal do under this one, Dick Blumenthal and two thousand eight Connecticut attorney black. Did black black jiminey click Blumenthal who do? How is TAT did Blumenthal claimed that he had served in Vietnam, and this was keeping might just say it once or twice like job I like it. They run on this. To show you there. One of you are the best among US years. It's clean
We have learned something very important since the days of ice and you whatever we think about Afghanistan. We support He not only do you never servant Vietnam, it was marine reserves. Thank you for your service, but it took five military performance and actively avoided deployment, and here is women's all admitting that he apparently misspoke that's eternity. Agent. I have spoken about my service. What, and I regret that an idea, the iron sheet behind him. During. I will not allow anyone to take a few minutes. These words verges queue at mine record, What about bibles? I will not suddenly take every EU misplaced words, its stolen valor, and you ran on it it's. Your
you're. A few misplaced words of you miss These words like when you say you know, for example, that the military or Vietnam is happening and what you said it so many times tat are going well their twisting something. I know you said sniper. Five repeatedly, you said your heads had to go down. Said you had to move the event to a different like this. These are detailed lies, there's a difference between being a bull shit or someone who naturally, listen people do then, of course, sometimes they do that on the shell. When I'm telling a story, we exaggerate because a tender team- and I understand that and Donald Trump, what exaggerate wasn't a big fan of it. I think sometimes you could play loosen goose with Lucy Goosey. If that these people make stuff up from the ground up because there is no fee your whatsoever of accountability read in its even worse than that. They don't it's not like this guy joined. The Marines just happened to be in the reserves. Like some of my bodies, were they just never get shipped out overseas, Afghanistan or stuff like that? He actually had four deferments that we're just fine in the
if one with actually hanging in the balance, it didn't look like the fifth one, was gonna work and ended up getting placed in the marine reserves, doing toys for tots and clean up locally. The United States is looking to cover my letter this week. It is just don't say that Europeans I am when you guys, the older brother excuse from wonder years that you had flatfish, so you're, given out shoe box all of TAT year olds. Read everything in your power to stay away from. There are not saying that he shouldn't have been trying did not go ready. I get it. You know if you're gonna get call up at the sky. Proposition email if you join and we should be trying to not go. That's what I'm saying you didn't. Do it up his own volition. He was in college a couple of times like he was in harboured. One time using grad school, the next time I get it you're deferred because you're in school that that's totally the jet, but then he avoided it with everything he and then he saying that he served during Vietnam playing off like served her You didn't go there and you didn't want to go there either way you were here He knew a dog who was served in Vietnam, but not just here in the swift boats to be offered
but that's my god. I can't believe John carrying a swift, but how do we forget that? What we want a hurried fit and had in a swift proteins is whether these are going to push him inside waves. Gonna take your us it That is why the Marines do- and this is what you know you didn't talk about it a whole lot. When I found you guys cause you don't just fitness videos and without your sketches in bits, we're funny. Read an interview where I found that you in the marines- and I await business owners. Marines seem like good family guys. Nuts I bet you, the more conservative and they realise and just played up word like take me for my service. You guys did actually serve you. You're angry truck driver peoples. Look. I wasn't a curt: what were you how work please? I gotta be illegal ones like like ours. In the world, cuts of late. Let's Papa needs some grave biscuits in some states I'll go, get it bring back there,
did she was both the supply and you keep their jobs? whole time I can never moved years, pretty safe than ever said, like even may not gonna move you two potato scoop. I know you know we are. Who will we join the military recruiters lad too, police, the police officer. Oh that's, right, mother, recruiter! What games is illegal? a bit. Of course, he will know the horse had a black black free of any of the silken black gather yeah, but each of the black guy, the white girls like imo, make you cops, didn't legacy Denmark, where did you get a uniform it'll, get all current simplicity, aka Asset so suddenly cup and gives them would not learn about everyday with open contract. Well, I'm sorry about that
thank you for your services, like that you're a hats are little tattered. They come that way. Yet It's like Abercrombie, unfair guys. It's already weathered alike, twins Abercrombie and Fitch Shop. Energy policy is another one of their number two story. We're going near the end of this now because it tells you gave it if she wants to be she's, not why? Oh, my God, hearts twins what will be your MIKE's after you caught matchless remedies in the salon in article vortex. It is the drier accused. This is just one of the worst clips. Weren't antsy policy have always said that you guess eloquent is evil and people ask me somewhat fucking intrinsic election. I said, look, look look here, we couldn't is bad. Hillary Clinton is a politician. The person's evils. Nancy policy, and the other person who I would say put not category- is Whittemore Whitman, hello see are, of course a squad, but they're, just like so out, land use that no one can take them. So lonely demons, just gonna, be one really bad quote from Airline Omar about the Jews and in a way I hit the bricks my brother merrier, so
she's got the mask less in the salon. She blamed. History come on the salon owner she blended of payments in honour of setting a set up another. Yes, all girls. I take responsibility for trusting other word at the neighborhoods along that I didn't you over the year many times as it turn now it was set up, so I civility were falling for asylum and that's all I'm going, Sir John and clear. I think, though, as salons nearby the fairy tale she's really worked for black people. Man that when my group ain't, that, like a woman to do or say, listen, you are in the wrong. I think you owe me an apology for causing me of being wrong. I mean I wide, but you didn't happen,
the tone about it, will here's the thing the salon owner actually provided TAT, showing that it was in fact blocked by Nancy policies, a system, so it was set up? What is it by your people? and placed in your Google calendar. I write What would you like? I would like these surf, inter from they bring it out. What's the big idea, China set me up exactly go through this process what happened? Well, I sent them a text because I needed a blow out. Ok and how did they set Europe? Will they replied and said? Yes, yes, they replied will do it These people need to be investigated for criminal activity. Ok, where they do. They said. I accept Did you proposition them? What I would give them money for the blood? Ok, when I tell you what, if I were friends and anti plus you work for any capacity, this would terrify me. Aren't you gonna, throw anyone under the bar and then ask for an apology for network. You should apologise to make no she's, not
but our brain, the computer, that hey look they're, not your husband, they don't have to deal with your two thousand dollar ice cream. Deep freezer fridge, bull shit. They don't have to deal with it because I dont want to sleep with you later, which is growth in its own right things. Go hey! Wait! A second euro lie here. No one calls. No one calls me on my stuff: rich American does and that's why they want you gone from social media, because I don't want the average American have awakened to be able to call them on corruption. So we gotta the time article now, here's my favorite another is the worst one there's just because she's the worst person in the list- maybe not its do. You know what just a toss up of sub par human beings or ill on Omar as nice as recent, the claim that the GNP is trying to stripper of committees, because she is black and muslim. They know doing what it what it is in their blame book, which is evident when they are a key
the one doing what to say: hey look over here and there, the Muslim there's an immigrant. There is a black person doing something else, amendment of a little loose with the rules. We're saying a black gets that, like art, I know you I will get sick, I gotta go over Lampblack, because a muslim cousin, blending red light of illegal racism against Islamism, holding on Muslim, exonerate, Are they trying to reach you put it there because I'm muslim, because I'm black now known that's actually is actually not what they wanted to remove you from committee. So given moment people talking about Margie tailored ring, I do you think I do think conspiracies that nine eleven dinner, the Pentagon thing and now I just I think if I think it's crazy I do not want to set the standard of removing people because they once held crazy opinions, because constituents did vote for that person in that's the process of people vote. For that, that's what they deserve to get they vote for it, but ill on Omar, if we're going to be comparing why they want to move from committees is not because she's black muslim, but kind of because of the radical anti semitic, tirades and crazy conspiracy,
theories. Are Europe Congresswoman Omar drew criticism after tweeting that, U S, politicians, Israel, because it's all about the Benjamin's baby Three It is out of place or allegiance to a whole country care was found dead after nine eleven, because they recognise that some people did something We want to make sure that our allies are living out the same values that we push for. What do you suppose videos what is possible yes, I've Gmos when she says the horrifying things are almost with her. I give her the create we're. There seems to be remorse because it up talks with it, because some, People did some Those words sorry for her and his eyes report
talk and shot at the evil like this to put right with all the outrage on the left right now from the conspiracy theories, like you said, horrible stuff like that that that's that's crazy, that's what's your name and see dear in empty you, whatever name is his is spouting for the right, but this persons in your own party. I would believe your outrage a little bit more. Maybe you cared about her right, get kicked out of it except to change what we need to look at what we need to put this to hear I could have occurred in March. By the way, so that the problem with her- but I don't know anybody picked up on this, but the Democrats actually have removed her from committees. So now the power the party that is in power is determining what minority people we love. You know it's not minority language Kennedy, I hate you
Yet again we learn just giving. I have a wife pregnant with twins at home. I must get out of here it's like sleeping with an angry hot water bottles, but you didn't serve in Vietnam right that, just to be clear, night, ok size, like kids, keepin kid cabin was not a cook. I haven't right. Have you ever questions we're gonna after this will go to mock up after we start with us, and then we have us even know sports Superbowl dismissed a grand, but we will have to meet. You makes little bit because our next guess may not be able to hear me super well. If you want to punch you, let me but it is time for our guests very glad to have run the show. We wanted her here for a long time rather than have totally gabert. Let's All right representative, but what do you prefer caught? Congresswoman, Gabert, representative, Gabert Z, tells me tat this guy,
nice to meet. You noticed, I finally tells the umbrella haunting when we need to adjust the audio a little bit. So let me let people know that you're launching a new package soon. This is Tulsa Gabert and I assume it's available wherever podcast are like apple. When I read in Spotify, ok, yet you get two hundred million dollar ideology are. Broken now you know what other. After this you might sell some in nature box or simply safety can make someone. You know that's after now, you don't tells you wanted to have you on the show for awhile and you didn't want you wanted to, but you didn't come on the ship. Is it up or is it because it's me or is it just busy urges shoe extra Ethel about you. I was. I was just a tiny little bit busy running for president and think I was put on military duty for a little while in response to things happening here in Hawaii, so anyway, I'm really glad at this finally happened. Thank you for inviting me and for being too
I am glad that you come on a showman. Listen at usual thing I think, is important. I disagree with you on a lot see there are probably if you are running in my district Alice, and I told them because of where we disagree, but I think that you have been at the forefront of understanding the problem with big tech and with Yazzi complications that are coming into play. There's all, although to our backs Reynolds, but but can you explain to people what it is that you think I guess what Biggest threat is right now from big Tec to free speech and, of course, expect to be called a russian asset in salon. After this been there done that buddy I mean really what what this gets to the heart to is the threat to free speech, and so I think this is where it is so important, especially right now, during these crazy and divisive times, let's see where people like you and I can agree and fun,
mentally as Americans. We agree and our constitutional right to free speech, and when you have you have these big tech monopolies, essentially deciding who has a voice and who doesn't in these virtual public town squares that they ve created. But you also have people in great position power in our government for partisan political reasons, trying to decide who gets to be heard and who doesn't just further in full we made divisiveness and really truly undermining our constitutional rights and ended that that debt the nation of who we are the countries we are as Americans and and that's really, where were when we look at big tack and their ability to and sexually act with impunity we will do whatever they want and making billions of dollars in the process it in. It speaks to the very just place that we are as a country and when and why we all need to come together as Americans and point this out, whether I like what you're saying. Are you like what I'm saying or not right? What do you think about that
are coming together to remove you know. Then, President Donald Trump amassing it's you It is exactly one of the major indicators of of how dangerously powerful these big tech monopolies have become, and I thought it was very appropriate that we saw other heads of states from other countries around the world sang This is really really dangerous and it something that that shouldn't happen again, whether you, your disagree with what what he said or what other people are saying. We have very clear guidelines laid out in our constitution, and big tech does not get to be the decider who has a voice in America who doesn't right will that's the issue to my biggest issue was Republicans is no. We talk about two thirty and it comes down to. I would like to see the first step being big tat, the I'm tired of it
had entry in the hearings and Senator Harun AL. I know you know who run on asking for me to be removed from a private company, in which case it's no longer the free market actively asking me for me to be removed from from you to that surreal too. Senators, namely Stephen crowd. It's in your room like heavy watch. This we want to change my mind and we felt we tell where I think this is absurd. If you remove me, you remove all conservatives, I think they kind of no gotten that's what the goal is, but nothing was done from Republicans and now you see- and this is something where I think a lot of people feel they- maybe when it involves a Democrat Party, its like everyone in positions of power right now, and the Democratic party support stifling opinions. They don't like on big tech platforms. Yeah- and this is this- is what dangerous is as there looking at the so called reform there you're not really looking in the right places. You know when people go and actually look at section, two thirty that fact
The fix is actually quite simple where it you just change the line where it says essentially, big tat has the authority to remove, objectionable content, how much more vague can you get than that objectionable to who or for what reason? But then the thing that comes after that is the most troubling part says whether it is constitutional or not right and how that got into our name laws and policies is beyond me, but that just change that line and take out that part, but whether its constitutional or not, and then you point, took a big tech. There's precedents here decades of President's make your decisions based on the constitutional precedence of free speech and protected speech. Whether their platform or they are a publisher- mean that's what people? Nobody! No one gets mad at the New York Times rights, an object that they disagree rights these
You is when you are being treated by the government as an open platform, and I think it's pretty clear when they all the same day remove at that point to guess the day after being a sitting, president member, the exact date or term and either way thing it's pretty cool. And here is one thing to that I want to. I want to throw to a clip from a little bit a while ago, maybe about a year ago. Listen, I didn't have a dogma, frightened democratic primary, If I like it, I like you of them, but I don't want to run the risk because I thought you could win. So I apologise for that. Sounds like things well, as it can be a problem for Trump mess. I didn't want to highlight this, but the issue was after yet some impressive debate. This is totally occurred over organically every its impressive debate, performances and we saw people.
Searching for your name, a whole lot more. You know my kind of strong suit is Youtube and I was looking for some clips from the debate and it can find them and that force me to do a bit of a deeper dive, and this is how we came to be in contact with you for people who don't remember, we used VP ends and let form We explain exactly what happened when we set our Vps for you, a Non United States country and we search for tall, see, gathered her channel and the videos from a channel all showed up. First, yet again, when we switched our searches to the United States. However, nothing exclusively in the United States, the country in which she is currently running for president would receive no results from Dulcy Gabert Channel or videos until strolling passed the first page, here's a videos, green recording input, just in case people, try to say that we ve docketed Finally, let me just say really quickly. I started that from home using express
european and then they ultimately came a sponsor, so people got expressly beyond outcomes less crowded and you get to three months free, that's it we did. We used a vip, to search you in other countries and here's? The thing tells you won't. We spoke with some people powers that be they said. Well, that's what just what happens? No matter what is far channel showing up, it still doesn't explained it perennial between why you shop in any country. That's not the United States will actively running for president. Did you can answers on that, and it's not only while actively running for president, but, like you said when you open this in that first debate and I believe the second debate, possibly others to follow. I was the most searched candidate of the night, and so one would think that, would kind of push them results up, say: hey everybody's looking for information on this individual, let's make it available to them, but but in fact that was not the case, as you just pointed out in, and that was something that that you know I was not aware of what you didn't till after you announced it, but what we saw an hour,
I was because you went into that debate night. Obviously, I had hoped that people would be interested in black people know who I was okay. We wish you what she about. Let me go certain and learn more about her, so You know we had our Google ad account set up and we had everything so that people would be able to see the information that we were trying to share, and shortly after we learned, I was the most search candidate magically our Google adds. Account was cancelled without explanation without any direction. Think I fix this and then we'll put it back up. It was suspended and we will work in the funds and the emails or trying to figure out hey, what's goin on here. How do we get this back up to this pretty critical time for our campaign? It wasn't until some time later that it was magically restored once again without any action nation or or really any response whatsoever, so yeah,
and I think I think there are two reasons that you were the most searched on one night. First off, even after the vice President camel hair like a spider monkey on crack, you were vicious, I think it doesn't hurt. That's quite a description. Yes and I don't think it's out of, and I dont know that you are you're, I'm unmarried men, your fetching lady, I mean especially, you know. Next to people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warner thinking it help secure farming, does an offence We married women to work, and I, why is also fine, but I mean just come ahead to Joe Biden, so I think that I remember that's why we were searching for you like I said I would have every vested interest. Look if I run against the weakest opponent. I've thought okay, someone like a worn, and I said the people who could be a problem could be it also gathered, were maybe Yang, but so
I was a little of it until he got all mean no, because the reason the reason for that, though, is actually a really important one in any absolutely not the first person. I've heard that from from some, my friends on the republic inside during that campaign thing exactly that same thing, because they saw what we were doing, which is actually a beautiful thing. When you take a step back from the electoral politics which was, I was bringing people from across the political, ideological spectrums. Together my town halls, we had everybody from Bernie Sanders supporters to read hat. Trump Margo, TAT wearing Trump supporter that recent regular, let your same red hair you gotta go now demanded an and having very respectful, open discussions and conversations.
Everybody sank whereby we all agree on everything by any means, but coming together in that spirit of thing we love our country and we want to. We want to work together to be able to do some good things and that that was, I think, the threat that Tom not only people like you may have seen, but also some people in the Democratic Party. Probably I should as a threat. Politically meaningly, ok, Democrat Republican at this area, but as someone like yourself is good for the country? And so I have to get past myself and as someone for example, who does it changed? My mind? Is someone who's had people, I mean I've. Had I've had We just talk but demands on the show who actively use my show to call for my death lie on hearing of all. We should cut his microphone, but I didn't I let him speak as peace. We had everyone from food. Left two centuries to write on this show it doesn't mean you have to agree what you need to have a conversation. Gerald more. That has a question for you
you can bring their is. Can you hear me MIKE I'm needed in waste their time had been brought up a really good point. You said the Google Turkey down, didn't didn't really say anything about hated it data down her or adds right. May I remind you they were taken out. Her adds what we running searches and you couldn't find her organically. That's just cells are the wrong. That's Google! That's you too. We ve had Facebook issues. These companies seem to be acting with impunity and we ve, given the Republicans a hard time for not doing more about it. Are there any people on your side of the isle that have the same concerns that you do about this? So is there any hope,
this changing. If the Democrats are in control, it there's a lot of talk, and this has been the problem is that when it is people who feel like there are being targeted, then they start to speak up about it. For a lot of talk, we had a lot of these fancy hearings, but when it comes down to the kind of change that we are talking about here today, I dont see it to be quite honest, stricter talking about making some other changes that, I think, would probably move in the wrong direction of of squashing. More voices then actually moving in the right direction, which is doing what you just talked about. Stephen is let people come on? Let people air their voices. You can agree, disagree whatever, but this is America. That's what we do here. I lit a lot of people on the show, minimise Dave Reuben, not theirs user. Radical. During these vanilla keys, vanilla, he's psychology history. I thought I was coming on your showing very nice things to say about it:
These I love, if you know, with better of that is, is his his husband other Davy, his husband. Their Davis far more fun. I feel like those our second eyes like a route Dave to ribbon. Why do you always want to stay in tonight and binge watch over? Nobody would ask what what how you would classify your views, because we're talking about there's been a lot of talk, and I do you mean call for unity, and they say the right is really far right. Listen, you know, Why does conservative conservative guess if you were to line me on that spectrum or libertarian? I see really the radicalism coming from the left as far as not only banning speeds, but the four year term ended. You prefer, the bill to ban biological males biological males who are true and females from women's sports to protect title nine- and that seems like something that should be reasonable costs? Here's a thing when the tray l gb tissue, a ip and a cap expanding but we had the people on the show how to transact with some shown as well. What do you do? They want to
two women sports, and this was before we had fallen Fox scenario, breaking someone's orbital and mail. Of that that Z said? Well, don't we're not asking to be women sports, but what's to stop, but when you say that men and women are no different, you can gender driver's license, and here we are to me the fact that you have to propose a bill to ban biological mails from competing women sports as we ve to overturn window has moved it. Can you tell us to what kind of backlash that you receive for something that regional and the response was was buried? I got a lot of backlash from people who I dont know. If even read the bill there. The word trans is not even included in the bill. It was purely a bill that was intended to clarify, uphold and strengthen title nine in order to continue to carry out the legacy of this historic legislation.
The game changer for people like my mom, who grew up super athletic tomboyish, you wanna play sports, but she was limited to cheer leading and water ballet. And then you look at you. Duration later, and you see the opportunities that opened up for women and girls that really levelled that playing field and my intent working with my colleague Republican Parkway Molin from Oklahoma, who has six kids? Three of them are little girls who loved to rest and for him and his wife there thinking. Okay, what happens if, if one day we take Leora out to a competition and all of a sudden she's up against a boy who is much bigger and much stronger and what kind of not only unfairness that creates, but also just the physical danger that has little girls. We would would see
so common sense legislation, upholding title mine and supported by science and common sense. I got a lot of. I got a lot of folks who saw that and understood it and appreciated that lead legislation was actually introduced for this, but obviously got a lot of backlash. Saying hey. This is just a hate, driven Anti Trans piece of legislation when, when it's not at all, it's simply goes to that that biological physiological difference- that is reality between boys and girls and men and women. Both it's a big part of no sort of third way feminism is- and I was raised, the swaying public schools in Canada Related said. Another voice can governing girls canoeing girls controlling boys. Can you there is no difference as ok? It's wouldn't you two girls like not so fast, and we haven't conversations- and I think that now some concern since they ve we'll conservatives overtime, chauvinist sexist, racist. Whatever it is, I've been very clear.
I don't want biological males to compete in female sports because I dont like watching women, get beaten up by biological males. That's really what it is. It's very disturbing for me to watch something like that, but listen I'll see really quickly. We are going to right now tell everyone is on Youtube, leave a comment. You can't leave right now, a sluggish leave. A comment. Tell tells you how much you lover we are going to take this to me. Club only take your chats Youtube. You know what to do. All right again the progress is. This is tells you get sound like a movie true- and this is,
Do you know why I called it that those Steven is because I haven't gone through this whole presidential campaign and just dealing with politics and seeing the filters in the caricatures and all these different things that are created about me or portraying me, but they have nothing to do with my views where I stand and my motivations for for wanting to to make the kind of changes that I'm speaking so yes unfiltered. This is me. I have a couple of questions for you. I know I know you're busy, so we can talk forever, but the hair, the street ABC, I'm not vote, but they were tough. Is this what what, and you just decided it to it to keep it. But it's like very it's been almost looks like you did it on purpose, because it's so perfectly placed no it to it. Is something that started to happen when I was in my gosh, I guess early twenties during and after my first supplementary rock
and had just started. Turning in that one spot, and I served in a medical unit during that deployment and one of my jobs every single day was to go through a list of every single american casualty in death that had occurred the day before and for those who were in country to be able to make sure that from our brigade they got the care that they needed and they were getting where they needed to be to recover either to stay in country or to get home as quickly as possible, and just I decided to keep it cause it is. It is that ever present reminder of those who we lost my brothers and sisters and those who pay the price. Before. I appreciate not to run a sentimentality, but of course it also pretty. We also proportion that it happens to be bad ass, like if you just got aloe Pisa from its. You probably would have fixed it, but that's it we're it works it
call on God. You approve. If you came in looking like Charlie Brown, with one colonel now I say: let us now. I've actually got the same thing from when they start Youtube. You hurt cheese it which is keen senator saying my name, and I thought I was having a heart attack after that I got a inexact crescent moon of White. And I'm gray hair. So I just remind my side: we really did I gotTa Crescent Moon right here of what of white it looks like that hyper pigment Toshiba where I'm looking forward to being. The salt and pepper, but I'm hungry it's right here, and it goes like this, where it looks like scar tissue. It's not great white, so maybe os, just remember because you ve inspired me, but mine is very. I just hope that I'm a guy who wanted to grow sideburns but couldn't wherewith trial, I will live, he didn't have you didn't you didn't I prefer the heart attack. That's a pretty big found. I was a panic. It has happened when the Youtube Vocs Apocalypse happened right and they just
They ran me and I will mean that the hotlines, my dad and montage on CNN The worst thing that I said was a list be cool about a guy who identified as clear and constantly joke about its lisp soap. We can say is not nice fine, but a banipal offence. On Youtube, knew that end I got a call on. There are basically reading letter at this point. Fifteen people who employed hearing of built us from the and up- and they were read my letter and they weren't answering you're talking to us in the phone whose, whatever we said, there's kept reading through this letter, like a political Are you thinking? Oh my gosh they're going to ban are channel even though they ve already out, and we did nothing wrong and the room started. Spinning unable to breathe and then and I kind of lay back in the day and this in that's why we're going to be monitored in general, and I say that I was so relieved Don't get me wrong, but the US took me. While the recover, I know I'm not comparing it to what you did. Obviously
now what How would you define your political views, a lot of illness- and I didn't leave the Democrat Bright Democrat. Would you define it sort of classical liberal J, F K, pure democratic I mean it. Could I don't wanna misrepresent you how would use here now I've always struggled with fitting into any of these boxes. That exists. To be quite honest. There there are certain, shoes. I definitely ever ever more libertarian view on others may be more church. Traditional old school Democrat? Maybe concern but they have on other issues, and I think that has been one of the things for me. Is you know having just come out of eight years in Congress and really making it a point to, as as looking at at every vote that comes before us, not just saying, while the Democrat Bill vote, yes, republican bill vote, no, which is pretty much what they told us when when we first got elected, went
Washington, but instead actually looking at the substance and end examining okay well, this is something that makes sense or or not, and unfortunately, the lot of bills. It's it's which vote is going to cause the least amount of damage, because so many the bills kind of cobbled together with all of these different things that that it's it's not a black and white scenario. So that's what I try to do. As I look at issues, I don't feel at all confined to the limitations of a political party or a court uncle label? It's it's really just about me to do my best to serve, but who do you yeah. I guess anemic outside of politicians. Would you feel the american public right now has been supporting you more? Would you say that now you're getting more of that from conservatives still getting it more from Democrats, because the misinformation campaign on you being a russian asset. First off hilarious. Second, I've got it. Agent, for you, I know, isn't funny, for he was twenty for me
commissioner, for you probably open your eyes to await this whole party. Did this to Donald Trump and twenty sixteen their use? Now, tactics against me- and maybe you should have felt like a kindred spirit, a little bit with some of us who had been dealing with it. Yeah? It certainly was kind of their latest knocked the belt, and- and You know seeing how its progressed even to what happened. Most recently was a Jimmy camels and blaming the whole game stop short squeeze on on Russia and Russian Botz and trolls. I mean that its there. Where do you draw the line? It gets to the point where anybody who they disagree, where they automatically throw this russian asset stamp on it. In for me, it was. It was now it wasn't so funny because to have the former secretary of state make that occurs. Nation against me, as a soldier as a better and as a member of Congress and end without
anybody in the media challenging that assertion asking for evidence or proof and immediately just running with it was, was pretty deeply offensive in an angry. A whole host of reasons. Why didn't mean funny so much as it was funny adjustment as that? For me, I was funny because I, for a tv tuner had I'll just go, I'm gonna do it, they do it! Everybody just like the Nazi and announcing a Nazi, and I'm on the Nazi who supports Israel. Ok, not a very good one. No, that is really scary. What really scary, as is the media freedom. I was just talking about this earlier. YO see capital debacle. I was listening to the ABC News update in my car. I have it set, so I always have left and right sources. Web ABC News and I have foxes, Having pr as I did, the only news things, conservatives factions, everything is liberal outside a Fox news, but but by someone else see. Sharing her story is a survivor. This is Friday after the controversy afterwards found that she wasn't the cap
There was no mention of the controversy there was no mention of the fact that some people are saying wasn't there was no mention that it was even a conversation they work. Covering the story is though, it just happened on Tuesday and what's really sort of pernicious, and I don't know you would probably know this better than I would have as a candidate, because you're doing with me all the time where's. Only deal with immediate when they attack me is the lies by omission, is what they never chew. Yes to cover, and that's all be frustrating s sort of the scrappy underdog candidate, because your greatest asset is getting your voice out there and they just exactly up there and that's that's the biggest thing that nobody talk, though it may talk about campaign, financer warm and through the influence of massive corporations and our elections. Will let's talk about these? These massive corporations that control our media and the billions of dollars worth of impact and coverage that day
used to drive people in one direction or another. And yes, I experienced this first hand. There therefore profit driven decisions and and frankly, there working hand in hand with the party leadership. You know we sought over over and over again during the debates where you know, people like Andrew Gang and Myself- maybe maybe the five minutes or six minutes of of actual talk time in like a two or three hour, long debate, even after assurances are made. Like all core we're give everybody rang time and- and that's really what was was so frustrating and frankly, why I'm I'm starting my my Pakistan show is because there I found that they're not actually interested in talking about issues and substance, and you know the real challenges that we face in our country, whether they be domestic challenges are or national security issues there only interested in hate, what's the sound bite and what's gonna, make for good,
Phoebe and haven't we frame a question so that you can you can get one candidate to attack another and can create a little fiery political reality. Tv show road and and it is unfortunate because the people lose the most the out we suffered at my campaign because, where our time reaching people, but the voters suffer the most, because how can we expect you to make an informed decision when most people don't have time to sit there and scour all the news as as you and I might do, because this is what we have to do. Run their they're just lookin. For you know, who's gonna be the best person to lead our country and the media, as is doing a disservice to people's ability to make that ever important decision. But you have to find an uphill battle against, obviously the Dnc than you have to find an appeal battle against, or the media, who wants a coordination and you have to fight and appeal battle against Joe Biden- ammonia smelling salts. He can't crack though.
The cameras always on you, they're, not gonna. Let you do that, like a power lifting me what they had amount of final question to you in the course of my guess is this is Tulsa Gabardine other you saw the ride. You bought a ticket anyway, representative tossing what what What would you like to see? Where do we go from here? What would you like to see us do, let's say under an administration under the next four years. How do you think we we fix? Some of those? I don't think we can fix much of what is broken in our country. Until we, the people and the leaders of our country, stop just
talking about unity and actually reach out to each other, actually have real conversations and not one sided ones, but really, listen and understand. You know why why people voted the way they did why there is so much frustration. Why is there so much anger? Why is there so much dissatisfaction at Athens? how the half the countries being disenfranchised and how easily these labels of oh now we're gonna go target extremists will wall. What? What? What does that mean an end when you have people like Brennan throwing out labels like, although even libertarians we ve gotta, go and watch out for those guys that that is not the path forward towards healing towards. Unity, towards actually solving problems in getting things done, and so I you know I continue to to push my call to action to both Democrat republican leaders to President Biden to do what he said.
Would do and be a leader for all Americans, including those who did not vote for him, because that is that that has to be the catalyst for us to be able to actually move forward and start solving some some of the real challenges that people are. Struggling with in dealing with every day. That is correct. I've just for the record. We, of course do not need to worry about. Libertarians are the last people to charge the hell? You shoot them before their done rising it, they wouldn't there can be no war cry for libertarians. It's not possible. All rights Let us also give it thank you so much for taking the time. Hopefully when this is all over, we can have you in studio end Godspeed with the public ass. This is Tulsa Gabert. Thank you. Up now arriving a german harsh, what were you doing or you would you call that? What it is we who called secular hotels,
things. Do this? Do their toes agree there? Let's get those bright gold very storm, it works now works were IRAN. I pointed out in your rather ill reference comic where it had been of no, I didn't storm, got away all. Why rogue has this sir, yeah. I knew something happened, Wonderingly. Of his subject there. No that's robe tied up the loser, for. I know he is correct. The one who's jubilee. We mean Jubilee Jubilee when what is it was really do she
It sparks and shit about Jubilee number favour when nobody really knows what she'd like Sparky Sport, you, will see that the set up in easy villain for her to take down right. So you Europe above, are you guys, you guess all sports it off? I gave up all sportsmen are gonna. Politics, ok, support those loses. I don't know anything about sports at our side of light, combat sports mixed martial arts hockey has little but not so much anymore, so ably way on Canada, but we do a segment now, just because people think I'm exaggerating the Superbowl did you guys, fellow suitable suitable, Ok so see, I didn't so So this is a signal that we call Stephen. No sports are right, so like this? One too has taken on the game for people who don't know? Yes, organ. Ask you a few questions. These are all Superbowl,
related for this about zero Superbowl related question. Together there are few that are just just There are few to just trying to get me a fighting chance for the record. I did not watch this horrible. I do not know anything about the suitable. I dont even know the teams are involved I just know that there was a commercial with wings world because it showed up my over each was actually antiphon. That was until the hook Reynard at the end. I forgot our party be sorry. Marginally ready prefers the term concubine because the salaries crashing human beings are right. Even then I just gotta Instagram yeah, how Woodman my God, never Father would have been started out. What it is that sweetheart, it's not advise! You go on interim and talk about cleaning your asshole with you.
Relic nails. When a teenage answer is this shirt says like carbon came women ok. So these are questions I wouldn't. I watch nothing with the super bowl and you can play along with neither will be taking a jet if you think that I'm a sweaty, how much we know about sports, none! None! Ok, I will one hundred but he's not lying was got exactly our right. Let's see! Ok, what does it first question progression regards? Which of these players is known as the Brady's Slayer, having defeated somebody twice in the simple, and we got multiple choice, a paid manning, be Eli Manning, see your favorite drew breeze and deep five get us because their summit, because I spelled drew breeze like four breeze, with Z, with Z, ok, here's thing I know Tom Brady.
No Tom Brady is because I got a pair, the Tom Brady Pajamas for Christmas, five have been able to picture from the rupture really come from now. So here's what I don't know anything about your breeze, but I know that you said he's really good took an hour. Do you guys know the answer that I didn't? Ok, don't give me an answer. I know its not ratified because he wasn t likely sort of passes, prime sending dick text by the time Tom Brady was really taken names because romanian citizens to does it ok, but far. Well, he's he's handling the ball. And as part of such a good thrower, because it's the only ball. It's not round my god, I wouldn't know what to do now victim who I'm gonna say here: ok, unerring, to air sea? Why? Because from what I understand, and only because I've seen Peyton Manning hoses resident Eli Manning is the lesser manning like that. Like the Dylan brother on entourage, he is less Manning from what I understand and it comes down to a
Peyton Manning or see drew breeze. I but I feel like Peyton Manning was sort of wasn't short of its tail end. While Tom Brady was coming here, some serious neck issues, wasn't it like a man who was kind of aging as ready was coming up. I mean that they can apply that this entire somebody's been planned for twenty two years right, but wooden legs robberies be playing weren't, the second half of Tom Brady impatiently. Anyone reply must have, I think, all through those guys are about the same, but the same shall pay material. Is ninety eight, ninety nine, So is only a couple years behind. Ok, now, either air sea, but I'm gonna go by narrowing down, see drew breeze.
Incorrect ease? I wasn't right out of great value to burn wrong. Actually, I re utilise the lesser manning with some reason. He beats Brady Movie. Really the lesser meant he has more Superbowl wins the right name, username and where the same say it's like Rock paper says it is sometimes it's like football match. Ups make fighting in the neighborhood. You guys we're one that will be getting ten out of ten times and that it will be this, other guy Tena ten times, but he'll be the first guy like torrent and time just a stylistic match up. Ok, finance and I wouldn't know Eli Manning if he walked up and bit me on this. I wonder what it looks like you. Unless you look so strikingly Kate man would do you know many people by how they get you on the S, people guy a restraining order that guy just doesn't understand like like getting its thing, but it's not mine. Early awkward, next question over it, I never to which of these two. Has never won a super, began his arms, be the raiders, see the jets or d the vacant
I know it's not the rams, but isn't that LAS Vegas radio, they didn't LOS Angeles Angeles. Now, ok, so in North Africa, it was not the raiders because remember when I played for the greenfield part, Packers Kinnock's football and we won provincials, we running state. We wonder if you like, sixty something to not I'll be that's just, for example, getting remsen. We practiced four times a week, and then we did a warm up before the game, and so we just so we would have been Greenfield Park Packers so nationally, but further Green Bay, Packers, and if I remember correctly thing was the raiders beat the Packers kind of in their peak. Wasn't it like it when one year, packers next year, raiders she Denver. No, I think, you're right. I know the rain or shine oversell. Ok, so I narrowing down to the jets and the Viking and from what I understand. The jets are really bad and is kind of like it's not that it's a trick. Lions, if that were here, I could have said lions. Obviously, I'm gonna go see the jets. Have you ever heard of somebody called Broadway Joe now Whenever mine is at the guy,
you yourselves, but your panties prick impacts they'll, be out a little bit really. Is our video him going into the air wears a baker he can? call your money, I know Joe name he don't into Mohammed Ali little seventies, see the Jack quarterback Yea Jack Jack Quarterback so there's and adjusted when a superpower, ok the Vikings, like you were gonna help. Dvds, TB, AIDS are correctly is not joking. I don't feel at ease or easy question. No clowning relatively Friday. I didn't notice. Ok! Well, that's! Firstly, that's good We got an easy one for you. No gain. We gallery, and ass. I have a better idea worldwide, women's eighty of all time, any I couldn't do that. Yes, you are I could name enough. I wasn't it that one in four people leaders in the lock, enable you, I'm sure vocabulary
have to take a guess how Google than in the name of a very big black man, so many big black, I'm gonna start with Jerome. Ok, I'm gonna go, with pictures. They already do clearly where such aroma blood Jerome. What's a carbon black person last name and Alex Smith White Yanks arrived the global Jackson, Jackson, ok, something Jackson, something Jackson, those syndrome blockers a name. I don't know something. Jackson, I'm trying to think something: Jakin Judgment, Jackson, Marcus Jack, that's a good I feel like mine. Why
I've only one goes. Gonna raises a sacrifice, a name any soccer player and is the most common Argo it didn't last name over. I care, while Marcus JAG Mark is less and less people don't like generalizations and stereotypes they can see if your life, shell, cable, Marcus Jackson. Well now I can't nay my son. I want to name one of my sons, Marcus Aurelius Hilary. My wife is like the markets as a black person, call your wiser release knows you have certainly too it will be weird. I should know you, white guy, I've, never known awakening, Mark really I've. I've known a few black
Marcus, because you really like any Marcus added to it. Now. That's Denmark is a damn. That's right! The view that a lot like like D, Andre yeah beyond on Tv De Keith, dealing went these potentially lethal. To its credit. It is about the steel l go for putting that. I can't do it fuckin flood, the state River noticed black people smuggling to go well with joy. Could dances we have plenty of angry intervene? Hipsters three aircraft beer? the gravity Okochee number four questions before we always go to Heaven my may, which of these fighters and not play the NFL per annum shop Och listener Gregg Hardy, Derek Louis. I know Brok listener dead things at present
Brennan shop did play, but I think he was benched, subject was identical, Gregg hardy. This is one that I am not entirely sure could be Jack, Louis Grech, hearty because I think all of them play football, but and this is something to him. It maybe like there aren't a level athletes, an enemy and actually that some people who came from from football and Brok Listener was a high level, athlete yeah, but using I see great assets and we may there that's why just a brawl because they gonna more lucrative sports. That Religio. You ve had a lot of professional athletes. Mother sports come in and they just don't like getting bunch interface. It's a very different thing, getting points in the face of identity, in our going out wherein had hit his pads. Somebody say see: Gregg Hearty. It's either rang regarding Derek Louis Ankara is regarded as early as did play in college, ok played in college One of these guys benched actually know what that's incorrect Brooklyn in plain Unifil. Nor did he played for AL. He tried out Seattle. He tried out, he didn't make it
eggs I'd like make lad so technically now now that's a fact That was all questions I never suited up and played a game. Look it up took an hour. I knew that and I gave you a past because you're trying to trick me play that will play the Unifil. Does that mean you don't even think it was on a practice? Squat? Really, I don't think you and I think we got the bars or whatever that's you that you guys why now he knew he was on the Vikings now he put in again, ok, why no Matt material in Brendan Shower think that mercury on was one who actually play the most. If I didn't know the Chauvelin now, with a very good, much load of progress, hosting ability, I will not out worse stand up special I've ever seen in the round, and I had a special just set gas, nor is it at Netflix
I probably financial, Showtime, suitor Sancho, to look for the cover with a full grown man dressed like Justin Bieber our own workers, Nigeria, to more and more in the way I got Czechs who is this? Roger Hamley. I don't know I just gave an event Marcus. I honestly. I have no idea who that is. I couldn't I couldn't. I have no idea. This is Superbowl champion Guinea pronounced Jude, you Smith, Schuster, that's not a real. It is not a real news. Yes it and now I dont believe me, it's not what he goes by this is. This is his name. That's his name, it's a long one is partly name is: do nobody's really good to really get he's Polynesia things like half like half polynesian. Ok, I was watching the commercials his fish, it's gonna, send me allow Jackson for Talkin Smack terms really here: something affairs actually kind of funny. None of this makes certainly,
Julia was his name's do Smith Schuster, but he S. In pirate, nobody, polynesian so highly, thereby come after you Judy joy fire. Now, right Illinois morning he had watched the Superbowl can't letter near the screen. Why women are the last one year ago underlines? here- is Sir Thomas, where she s the first woman to referee insuperable, be the first woman to coach insuperable, see the foreseeable champions. Position of knowing a woman or d the inescapable. Ok, let's not see your d. The easy with either coach a referee, but women wouldn't one where the uniform. So I'm going to assume and why, because stripes, if she should be dynamic and thinks it's slimming, it makes her look toddler. You guys know there's one Keith given is self explanatory.
Ok, I'm gonna say that out terrorist acts as the first woman to coach in a super bowl B Brown, whereas that somehow laboratory no quoted a clear now requires nowadays I gotta think this level had picked it in your d assistant, Hell Secretary or San Francisco, I think had an assistant just gonna be something just gonna, be some coach out there with Rachel of Lean call the truth. I was Superbowl Party, Israel again, because that's what we need another woman telling men with their doing wrong. There was that there was a female reconciliation, anime Kim Kim something poor thing was just fill out. The obituary come away down all women and she was too like she just she would let fights goin away too long, and then like she wasn't aggressive enough so guys we pounding guys out a conscious and she they gonna, just tap that now that
so she can do a lot of trouble. I don't think she actually referees a whole lot anymore. You payments have to be a fighter to be a rough treatment to jump in their. Sometimes you run again. Edges are going to say to you that what it was a midget and I saw a referee one thirty five fight, and I would like to the only use the metaphor for that's why we do not like weapon which directive will it? What's the Medina do of rock laughed merrily. Supernova marker gene one is not like many niece, I don't know called on doors were any better Now it's dwarfism endorphins cardinal dwarves having little little people yet people around, because major our suck amid the Knocker terms, not homage Itzhak right, rear, yen, exact, either way. Someone's gonna hammered heartand collapse and can't we just see them as a person I see them as I think, there's not a little permit their just little person
let it out of poor puts level with Sweden don't show and when we came out of state right then, Road with a little person is a cute little loafers right, inevitable, Let us look like this without a legal basis for me, like the asker, my reader, kid on the dog man, but she she came to meet greed after the show. Shiro bad That's because there's no one else will grow lashings than it did. You did you compliment smarter You can tell us about ass, like a nice fat, They are bright. What a major day we should like now, she's she's, like
this is why we need Sweden. Now I assume that all countries are as diverse as the United States not apply sums up the really safe and bear no. They literally see using a lot of things in Sweden. Nor about now that's what we came up with do you see? Did you see insular black people at all? When I see not insisting on maybe one day, people look at differently. They like or not a really nice cougar willing to start right when you left like a novelty will occur. They do exist without the burglars able at people talk about like Sweden, and then they turn out. Aren't norwegian countries, Denmark, enforcer for comparing the country to the size of the state of New Jersey, and it's very homogenous, like act as though their policies are going to be the same there. That you can inaccurate country, Gruner, plus million United States people here come from different
grounds and different values anyway, I'm so talking. Ok, this has been Stephen, knows sports our rapid fire check as we well here and tomorrow we'll shoot. I should have promoted at more we're doing the impeachment surmount know when that is tomorrow, impeachment decided a couple times: yeah should a jet. More though I was there, once you guys remind me, you don't do anything I just got here like party are brought under the Bush. Do three rapid fire objectives we gotta go higher great Britain G wants! No Stephen. Do you know any actual pro american musicians to listen to you now that I hate Bruce gosh, I you know capital outsider, like you know, conservative self proclaimed musicians but like gum well Lil Wayne
yeah how's Cooper, whose knowledge prevention is somewhat hesitant and he's about as good as it gets, who else? Who else I'm trying to think gap, Yes, we want to start using or cast a lot of metal guys like kiss like a lot a lot of the method for hearken to leave. Our hearts go to metals, metal, hard rock, allow those guys are more conservative than Pierre realise about countries like I think countries very phone I, like you, see it boil as Hollywood in Nashville. I've been around element is really kind of liberal and there's like they have the Panther, the demographic, some were true some sure there's some in country bottom, I'm assuming guises, no country that they take the bulk of it not so that mental allow the classic rockers is an alarmingly Hiphop, guys, Yahoo, Deejay Lithuania pitfall anybody Is there anybody the Donald Trump pardoned whom you as a former mayor, but you gotta be the next pitfall. Video are, I ask of you:
Mrs conservative teacher wants no as an employer and an entrepreneur. What skills would you want future employers to have that? A teacher like myself can develop in practice? What what what I've my employs two here with what is eels? Are you most looking for you, all business owner. So you can know me. I will say that you cannot teach attitude. That's one thing that I will say you need to find found that if you have someone who's, hyperlink technical incapable, but they don't really have the work, ethic or attitude or drive that it doesn't really working you to find the intersect of someone who is technically very capable proficient, but the person who is technically good enough with an two in a work ethic and self discipline will almost always surpass that expert in short amount of time and certain surpass your expectations as an employer when compared to someone initiative. Has that technical wherewithal vulgarity so another? take me to go, and I was a very good one- just the ability to problem solved. Yes, it's it's
unbelievable how many people, if they get outside of their defined field of what they know a step three and four and five just freeze when some you're, probably on his way to cause you got to my country's hate it when you have an employee who brings you like it will lose, represent problem, you're like the great prostitution like well, ok, what you would only one or two. I want you to tell some initiative yet about that. That's what people update business owners. I warn you: if you're so smart, wasn't you do it's like? He probably did it for years and hire you, so you can expand and higher more of you and you're supposed to do the job problem. Solving is huge, huge things. Look at him over the whole thing, hops, graduates, colleague the red days or something just misguided, sent its basis and would send someone out, and even if I didn't exist, find this. I think read they something ACE its basic
sending someone out for something arbitrary, just to see if they can do it yet exactly yeah, and that's what I would say, the big differences between business owners and a lot of employees that has never quite appreciate is when you are out there and you're taking a risk, and it's your own money right. You have to solve problems, do not have the luxury of saying While this happened a that's, not my job, you don't have that luxury. No, because ultimately are the ones who have to be on air and ultimately you're the one you have to be onstage right in sending. You can't say that right, yes, ultimately, that wine ass to be at the dinner. Ultimately, those people need to get the shipment, and I can't say that I can very well ok. This doesn't I couldn t figure out the source of by so the class warfare? That's really dangerous to me as pitting employees against business owners, where's business owners. Listen, they want to grow and employ more people. Worse, they wanted to wealth in themselves, but rather everyone here.
I know the way you treat your employees at another way Youtube, but I assume you treat underway, treat other people pretty well. We all want our employees to do well, yes, but we also don't want our lives to be overburdened with stress. If employees aren't, you know if you're not threaten the finance minister, stop talking about being shown right here, he's only a quarter of late, You know it's about what would you say how twins best quality for employ initiative in they didn't need a ladder, assistance data beer they pretty much, can figure out or no yellow we're just ahead issue with that, I'm not going back there. We did have any problems when we was just run, they were like we had done with of our role. They created problems spreading like made everyday so much hot spots and make my life a lot easier, nay, every problem right now. That's a big, so that's one thing look think of. If you also want to get yourself in your bosses, good races, here's just beacon She might see what maybe he needs. That's a big thing to lower
he or she noisy really because they have also. You can get a lot of hats in the back. You always have to encourage employers and hey good. This is great hey. That fact, thank you for doing that right and then sometimes I was. Is your problem upon your desk and just listen? If you want, maybe it's you I don't know. If that's what you mean by teacher, maybe it's a principle. Maybe it's the dean of your superiors but take initiative problem solved. And know that there's someone else who probably has more responsibilities and you, which means probably more stresses than you and see what there is that you can help them with, and I guarantee That will go a long way and not all bosses are far left Democrat Ebenezer Scrooge, pre redemption, one more chat! Ok, final, one comes from blah blah blah. Why do you think Democrats like to victimize themselves? so often because its currency and its most valuable currency there is. There is nothing more desirable and today's Democrat Party than to be a victim accomplishments, nay self, discipline, Nay virtues who gives a shit. I need the victim card today.
What can be black, it could be gay, it could be transitory, transkei could be pan sexual or could be half block. It could be thinking that I was shot at an half black and might be trend, but congratulations on the assistant health secretary. That's the state of the when a party we will be following the impeachment tomorrow. Tell all your friends, we don't know when it starts, because politicians are lazy, Hodge wins, watch them on conservative twins obey our week by
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