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Steven first reviews how the polls got 2020 so wrong. He then turns to the Democrats' renewed calls for lockdowns, and their war on family gatherings at Thanksgiving

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Hey there audio listener tired of your old bedsheets I don't I don't have an. I can do for you because bedsheets don't sponsor the show, but I would like to tell you about gold really more of a golden opportunity, join Magua. But let us cut it out, conflict smuggling! That's the only reason that they show is actually available. Audio version that your listing two or on Youtube, and we have a full daily show that you don't get access to anywhere else. So if you want to continue during this show change my mind or the like, or if you just like a hate, listen you like a hate watch. we'll do that Anna punishable face. Please consider supporting at Lahti with credit that come slash, mug club. And up today in you'll be a better person for it? dare Cooper, things. Fine area is no, certainly is not going to get things done to get things done, that they wanted to see done. For life, I wouldn't
other than the wrong tat surface. I rather be a think tank with ISIS. Well, that put to rest never be said. Women can't be four years ago when once I'm sorry right now, just because you're so angry Eddie, it's my hope when they take the asker from Haiti Mitya annually today
that was a good one side where there are real weight. Have patience, Orville Richmond is here Gerald a mayor, quarter, blackguards hearing loyal, don't believe it, but he shunned by all communities. the badge of honor, Sir willing lies to talk about today. Yesterday we had some technical issues in its technical issues, also combined with the fact that last minute, half asian businessmen thought he might have the convicted. I I was praying for it, not insurmountable barriers, ass, all around thirty day into the prayers of everyone, you Hadley Hand, so there that's everywhere, planning a sketch of parity of dragged me to Hell. We're the lady who curses the main actress drips. Embalming flew round work it out. I covered on air fairly, was still still searching journals, work and yellow fever? I hope I find what I'm looking for. We will live Zagreb, are we talking about what? Why do you think the poles are always wrong? For some reason, the media have been translated. The poles were rightness, elections will be joining about thanksgiving
importantly, we will be talking about with one of the most common chats that we get is what can you do? What can you new right now to resist right because right now you are the resistance, and there are plenty of legal acts of civil disobedience. So doesn't have to be. Do nothing comply or civil war. But there are plenty of acts civil disobedience and would you can engage and hey the coppers? The fuss suppose you can. They help support us with this. First fraud update what city power there! There is none, but the crack and is really morbid its tepid calamari. At this point Will these ethically she's got the whole week? Yes she has all week, will be since its entirely speculation. We don't To do that on Youtube and get removed will be talking about it. On my club exclusively after this lot of current outcome, Slash mug level you can subscribe. Predilections dream still gives you
eighty dollars off still now we have it. We have so much to get too that's going on right now, so we do want to talk about Thanksgiving. I know people are afraid that the election fraud stuff is not going anywhere. Hopefully, legal team has her stuff in order I'm always arise when we made the case Sidney. Powell has, but we really are actually actually has this data. That would be surprised because we don't it's just Tuesday, it is just as it is just Tuesday note not and by the way, I don't think you need that. I don't think you need yearning in voting systems, but it does seem a little at this point. You do have to make sure that either presenting something important american political interests, bigger and have some evidently I've, I've I've lost interest in, and I love regionally honey, but not many dripping flipping the brown madam, to show this Giuliani other. That was it like w w e look where he was trying to be intimidating, Middle Rudy Bear, but first actually this week the Pope met with
NBA players. Not, then, is rotten at this point: NBA players to discuss issues of social justice- and this is just do funny to not look that is a huge Ferrero Rochelle. Isn't it flew? No done voice can understand You know, mumble realize it's everywhere now what is this? Everybody does gold about three months ago now manage to do it. I was the first one to wait in movie line for red shoes. They offer them gifts of gold, frank, incense and, of course, putting racial United Blu Ray copy of Medea family Christmas, so that it can be. Why are they holing begins all after he has the healing, begins or deafening silence
italian was the same sense of humour. Look when there's a common enemy we really get to get enemy is every medium, every single mothers than the Americans worth, whereas they did not. Finally, what is the paper most I had been well knows: independence day and just out of the alien ship comes idea. Movies are alike. Are we really anything by that? We talk about parlor to the media's, accuse parlor, being racist. We are available on parlor us. You can follow us. Follow me Stephen credit on parlor right there. We have two major announcements coming with social media in the coming months, but we'd get done that right now again, why do you think poles are all wrong and wider than the media's friends of the Poles were right, but first, let's go to acts of civil disobedience worthy? What are they talking about Renault unseen and really quickly? Finally, succeeded: if with poppy Harlow and shoulder patches of trying to make it
does she say I only want to closet of pirate shirts or Brigitte Nielsen suit. I don't know if anybody's Et Cetera level, woman with good broad shouldered. Yes, I think I, like my in built, like a Rick out house, with a firm grip salad suffered by women Ale, each crabs, legs Laskin King Crab links with their hands, which requires both affirmed M calices. I would like that looks like Doin Howard, uniform people have. What can you do and in M glad my half anywhere but which monsieur covered free with out of it and we're going to thanksgiving- and there are these lock downs and people are similar. What can we do at this point? It seems like everything is lost and it's not. The election is not over, and so we still have the promo code, but you he'll do have the far left, acting as though it's over and already implementing these crazy, locked downs and and and trying to bar you from celebrating Thanksgiving here's. You have seen this in the media. There have been a lot of active civil
civilians and it starts with understanding your rights. It starts with, understanding the bounds of the law, so that you can understand where your local officials, or, in some cases governors are actually not within the parameters of the law- are certainly people coming and going to shut down your business when they don't have that ready, so let's go through a few active civil disobedience, my favorites, one of which involves a crazy punishment. Finally, finally, the crazy Pollux got one right, in Buffalo New York, no one cares and pull actually through is true. However, we were the ones who said stop with the muslim immigration jokes on you, we win,
I don't know if I will say hello showing a lottery, and I dont know what it feels about New York. Sound midwestern, as you will see in this group here, some not only business owners and Buffeloni, but there was a meeting a business owner to think restaurant tours visiting doesn't affected name you wanna Diner up as a political tool. They sit in some cops came in and were sent in, and I think also perhaps a health inspector match or the role that this professional Karen and chief, they were shouting down trying to shut. this business and they responded again and understanding their rights. This to me, is one of the most beautiful and cancellations of you. Knowing your rights and civil disobedience that all of us and I would encourage to be needing it kind of property legally resident who killed or compassion. I dunno your taxpayers, have thirty pages of some of these people actually work for their money and they don't want to lose their livelihood. I've lost for an ailing who killed, So that's why it's die because they ve lost their livelihoods side.
I know you are and I must appeal a message for you to guess: that's my compassion for the people that have lost everything we you have compassion for, but people don't able, you may go, have compassion parking lot easier, ass, a man this is higher, probably around here. So do your job However, she recently holster and pulled out a cell phone. We do as a protest and no add to burn down a race track, throw molotov cocktails into a book store. I wish and go on ahead. There not listening. I think they're not reaching into the suit jacket and pulling out a notepad. where are you going
they understood. I know you, you don't have the authority to come in where you're on private property live. They didn't if anybody they didn't, throw Rex didn't hit anyone the back, enable the snare drum which, although creative crime- I do not advocate this. I believe is an interesting this that sounds. You actually have to lose. One he's going to hit a female cop in a riot helmet with a sneer dramas, sure, like she was very confused, ensures more is someone start. Is cancer didn't know about, didn't get a permit. You let me say as you to say that they asked them. They said: ok! Well, what is the violation too, that the Karen and cheap? As you pointed out- and she said- oh it's anonymously- pull out miles where another murder rights holes, your accuser, direct. Well, you do in turn contacts and inheres here's. The thing is: look: where were you if you were a law enforcement officer in this moment you have a lot of things at you're in a rock and a hard place, a right which is your sword, pull the law, whatever the laws may be, but, however, you have the ability in the United States
to decide whether or not you can actually go and enforce them. They are not. So what are the pressure? The pressure is coming from? Who, who is at the top of every law enforcement routine in every jurisdiction, politicians, elected politicians were saying you go enforce these rules or you'll be out on the street. Ruby outer livelihood. So so I like how those it business owners spoke to them and even worse, What am I doing? The chanting? That's all great son, it's communicating, hey we're trying to do our job yeah and what sucks is opposite. Work would have been a rock and a hard place are caught between a Cuomo in a constitutional. Placing scenario is genuinely ones the hard place or to my original barbell nipple Cuomo, arrogant to annex giving orders which, by the way I will not comply at an oath. That means I'm going to be banned because I'll be making merry. But people is that, if you make merry thanksgiving, you can have a much quieter house Christmas I go.
I see an empty crutch by the fire goes screw yourselves. Now, listen we're going to celebrate Thanksgiving and so is another in hunting and beat right. There are people protest in California. They had he overnight, curfew, which is called aid, which I don't understand how a curfew helps covered Actually, my daughter I gave you desire to those Ovid asked to sleep too, must not for the riots now allow better. I as well I mean. Maybe it did, leave the guy. That's all they take off shifts so Harrison Opel in hunting and beach in California. Look you're not all smiling spineless serfs protesting the over lockdown iranian Beach.
Not only no crimes, those flags and even touched the ground. Accidental. That's wonderful! Then here's another one again we're talking. But what can you do? Acts of civil disobedience, no you're right. If you run a business, you can run your business understand the authority that people viewer. Don't
have to shut it down, understand your right to peaceably assemble in protest to petition. These are your rights right now. I know a lot of people want to sit and you dont have these rights. They didn't go away and they don't do not only afforded to members of the black lives matter anti for black lock group just to be clear about. If I do even applies to polish Americans with eyes that look like upside down quarter, moons, here's, a polish american comparing the lockdown to stern europe- and I love this guy through I now we can do so in the United States of America, which we witnessed first hand all these things, Stephen and enabling the election they want to take it over by fraud. The first hand how the coming years and socialism or its beautiful idea, it's actually inhumane, is now
I would tend to agree peoples. I really religion is the cause of all wars, enough you're, counting religious atheists em if you're, counting marxism, but people who live in a communist rule understand that and ears another one too, that this isn't a people miss. They think it's just need. Knighted states. This is worldwide. The difference is the United States is the only place where you have a voice left so that of itself is very important as it relates to civil disobedience in Europe places. These peoples, egg? At my neutral, unbiased sources like the BBC, you mean funded by the government of eyes. Abc you mean nationally funded news. You don't need to go to Venezuela to find it, and so people who are protesting a lot of these european nations. There does not allowed have a voice. So you don't see it and of course I constantly get
These violations on twitter, in accordance with german law or the last one we got was Japan, but within an area of set with one of your posts unrelated go back this stealing hip, hop and skateboarding agenda. Japanese culture is, if you are the only other culture that has skateboarding hip hop in baseball you're America, Light down have guns, and that's because you wouldn't know how to use them. So long distance GO born, tells me about that and let it not be said that they do not contribute to modern american society. We we have freedom, we have the first note we have the second. I meant you have used panty machine of all good for of innovators, godless society.
whose job in Japan is to push you in the subway. Yet we have accurate or sell their sole fall cut in some way of competition, and it is now the cuban people, like eight people perceptual. I do think people student want us to push little black, but we do want a comfortable Porsche. Look: we're worried about restaurant tours, restaurant or disregard wrestlers in America, but what about the japanese subway push a kind of besides. Why did I need jobs? Those jobs? You can't do anything else with those so good at present. Maybe they can push each other under the third rail If we do, we are already a job. you don't know this happens across the globe. Berlin! Still get it right. Here's an anti lockdown protest in Berlin and then, as a camera, pins you'll see how they still treat their people in Germany.
protest, peace, peaceful, ok, doesn't look but they're burning, the buyer, none of its vodka party, irons, fire houses, where you gonna? U we're going to send the german shepherds! sentences cases, a lack of irony. Mrs Roth rhinos, maybe, as that would be you know, like, I feel like a spy versus by a kind of violation of rights. Berlin, you still don't get it right on keep him. I knew about. We stopped using water cannons in the seventies fat optics noted in the place it likes to talk down to America, while they have brown out horribly, skyrocketing energy costs and they still fire hose their protest. I do want to say that every other article I read on any kind of left, leaning sites. You know we talk about how you read a lot of the agenda with the other side is saying: is they just selectively taking european countries and is being improved meaningless?
shit out of Americans are angry, I being like look Angela Merkel. She gave everything to everyone and all of their dreams came true and then the next day there, like Germans, are the worst in the high seas in the government and the next day to crush, go of it and then the next day they didn't do so like that they cross carbon. How files is it's amazing? The pressure you can live when you remove that you call a novel. You take us that's an rubber gas gets? You can really do harm to people just trying to get some pirate Dinah covert. Doesnt Thriven dead bodies is really doesn't that's true unless you're swimming in them, because they ve been fire hosed. When a mass shallow grain, Germany, I'm sorry, I don't care, I don't care what Germany has to say, and this is something else that was actually people of off. We talk about Sweden, and this is something that I will tell you. I didn't even refute, because I do think to do the research just because I didn't know what so consequential. We talk about. Sweden had no lockdown right, there's an actual measures collagen Economic freedom. Annex I dont know the name of someone can tell me you can tell me in chat, but they have an index that shows
A free societies have been versus how strange it the lock down in Sweden is very free. And so you have a lot of these people and electrical yeah between didn't do nearly as well as their neighbours and Finland. Norway right now, we know Sweden is not as bad as ITALY and Spain Sweden's better than some worse in some, but they haven't seen the crippling effects to their economy. So I was somewhat Does it really matter because Belgium, Norway, it just seems like there's no rhyme or here's the thing? If you are Norway in Finland. They had less restrictions than Sweden. That's why doesn't really didn't want, let a less if their attitude, but there are worse off than their neighbors. You haven't even more or less a fat mask mandate, and within Ireland they just got. You know what Finland they should take. Doin the terrorists showed up, saw how boring it wasn't left. If we really want this, place where the line for something to bomb, but also to pass the time exactly. What I love about this protest, though, is that people in Germany
seem to have bigger balls than people in America right now protesting things that are again was suddenly when these countries are not saying over. Robbed thing, that's a huge protest here, that's massive, you don't even have that right to begin with, you need to understand, too, but when I get violations on twitter violations of german law violations, islamic law violations in Pakistan, but these are countries where my account would probably be removed if our base in their country- because I would be subject to those last line Americans don't understand this, and I was somewhat Minos raising Canada. If freedom of speech goes here, it goes everywhere. That's why the hung long protesters were singing the NASH, the American National anthem, you may not like it, you may not like people exercise or so civilians, others their free speech rights here, but you need to understand that is uniquely american. It does not exist anywhere else. You don't get fire hose down simply for assembly now I know some people will say that Donald Trump being bad some folks, but that's because the steeple was on fire. Different strokes,
here's one that was in Michigan. Another civil protest was operation gridlock in opposition to some of the lock down from government, and this is another creative. What you got, whoa That being said, like gridlock in lancing inconsequential, If we really want this log in adults no day you mean, I can't go to work and lancing boss, deniers challenges which now circulated and then here's another. What do we have this one? We have clear twenty I do, but this is another example and it's crazy that these people are the rebels. This is what these people are jewish or as their known, if their practicing Jews on Twitter not welcome this secret jewish wedding with thousands of mask was people. It's wonderful
EC law But how can I stop them? Finally, here's another example and I'll be doing an ash Wednesday tomorrow, with past remarked, Driscoll, so long form interview their churches, never closed down in Phoenix, it's kind of surprising, as that that were now at this phase of of rebellion. It is the jewish community attack, was at New York that last clip. I don't know that I was in, we can and we have regularly in Geneva. I don't know where you can find that many that left out using nets in one quoted here that United States, that if you are not without affecting Provo Utah inside INS, Rushmore Programme, we shall have to them more money ample. They change
the core like change, but we got a glaring I've decided to liberate she's the one hearing. You know the Jews, well yeah room. She was under a bed, she sees juice, let's give just a dust: Bunny stop Rosita don't you know what's wrong? I hate to rush. You too have bad dream. She ain't just ass George at the little will get no use measuring all day and that's why you're happy I'm audio waits faced by the way it is facial surgery, so smiling as it is, is difficult shore, for I thought it would be an improvement. It's I'm sorry. Look, look look Xenon Biden, string of cabinet picks so stage for new era. The new era. It's exactly like the same era from four years
ago socks, why are we going to back the terrible people doing a bad job, creating a Henry? The will usher in a new John carries now in charge of climate change, the thought he was dead. I did tat. I really. I mean secondary, maybe night like embody form but like and career form. Everyone was ass like ass, not this guy, I thought he was a politician, celebrity rehab. I thought I really know that he was still around. That's you, you guys can say what you want. You can talk about how Donald Trump and people who are on call, if I didn't have experience, but it was certainly a shake up. I didn't say: Breaking new ground. By installing John Kerry New ERA, Steve Climate Change using internet they're, gonna higher John Edwards to set up the ring dorm Emily cheat and his wife with african women as a party of absolute just degeneracy. Ok, contrast,
The degeneracy of the left and the new era of binding John Macarthur gives a church in Lhasa, LOS Angeles and he continued to meet, despite the bands, of course, on judges hears actually how he- and I know, people think that old, polite white guys can't be rebels, but this clip is proof positive that unity check your biases morning. Everyone, I'm so happy to welcome you to the grace Community church, peaceful Pro, test. That may well be that picture Johnny Cash to set up a little bit of a joke all night programmes, Israel, proud surfing, grace and pass the go screw yourselves unconscious,
the national governments, Mass Bri. I love it. I love seeing that going to California s rude Nous LOS Angeles, the guy it's gonna go out and do whatever he wants. Six hundred and fifty dollars a plate at french laundry. Here I don't know it's. Ok, they really just like you. They held the service at french laundry so rightly said, raggedy Andy, when he was also mask less. I think we had half oyster on the raw quail egg. Just can you just get like this and I like food, but I didn't have to be such an affected prick. Can you go to a place Spencer. Even good and people understand. What's on the menu, nothing bothers me more than when you gonna go earlier. Evelyn pretends economic, oh yes, I always eat the oyster show on the half quailing. Of course, ever up may only in theirs daggers, even your suchet fascist, and see the guys in the bag or like. Let us see how ridiculous we can. Europe is a little on the top of a waiver delicious. What is what what, that that is porpoise penis.
For that is likely simmered in a Morel truffle sauce made separating it's disgusting, also funding bodies being very tender, what you have. This. Is the appetizer right? It's three course meal. What are the other all purpose being? its purpose. We were over restrictions, it's very hard to get anything other than war. Spain is gumbo workers Minos way you know of it are interrupted. A lot of supply and silly then fried four point. Five billion is the large toll on the poorest community there, but here penis list people may be. It is going to be all over this report and this in every country, my gas. The book misbehavior only be one really too crazy, of a fan from mug labelling and show like right side up or persuade us. It's gonna be one ass. I guarantee you before like it. When I go to Morrow, we won, we
the full pay grows. If at all that sounds good roasted on a spit, yeah, nice porpoise, penis Plato course know about it, there is no getting away from the purpose of this Iraq's restaurants. Might I suggest you go to places more your speed coming any place, it isn't porpoise. Penis, that's correct is correct, and you're going to hey, hey coppers, you guys can win too and glad that my half asian lawyer likes this You guys can join in two police officer, because you know we went to bat for you when he went, people were or were targeting you police officers, and so you know what we went to bat for you when you were actually trying to do your job and people were treating you like crap, and you don't now it's time to go back to have the back of the people who should Do not. I got a police officer that way when you have run police, there's coming in and they are willing to enforce orders that they nor a violation of people's rights. That's where you need to know your rights where you say hey, you need a warrant. How.
I would like to see- and we ve seen a lot of this- the Spirit of police officers as Europeans, second. So, for example, in Virginia they pass an unconstitutional guns, and this is actually but a jet Virginia attorney General Mark hearing. You said when Virginia Pass: it he's gone safety laws, they will be found. They will be enforced and talking about threatening officers who do not have one this. Basically, by the way, a ban and a lot of weapons, we would have to be made to the original figure buyback. Echo genitally, you didn't tell me if you were taken it, you have that authority not really, but who cares about not anymore, because just Brussels has my back there saying we're gonna, punish officers who do not enforce this unconstitutional gun law and hear police officers saying no,
If the wheels go there is proposed, they will not be enforced in our cities. We support at all because the United States in the Constitution of Virginia remarked, I gave them alive my Santa's association either. This is a really just bear with me on this comic book reference scared of marital get a Dutch initially. You remember how, unlike all the Batman movies there and in the comic books in everything there always like yeah, we, that guy over there on the Batman file is like the stupidest guys like that Helen Keller of detectives became our gates. They related line and writer quiet there like what you let her handler was scrolling down. I guess she says: look before you leave.
in color said that, like the still like men, we can think it's the bad men. I visually it's exactly, I mean look, here's the reality. If you're an officer who disobeyed in your told by a north them or someone else, we will punish you. The only punishment is, we will fiery ran out on the street and that's a reality for what these offices so went. Whenever were confronted with an officer who sang like look man Ok, I'm gonna look over here and you like walk away, but I'm in a report that had happened then making sure that they can put food on the right there on the budget, which is why we have to focus our iron, not just on pushing back with officers and telling them hate be on our side, but then remembering that the person who is pushing them to be the person pushing them to the end of the plank right into this situation are the pilot since you were allowed into office research. Just remember that is a problem, and now what that's why we have to get back to the constitution? That's what you need to understand what you're rights are and what is fit. What is the constitution tells you which rights cannot be violated?
That's why? I don't believe that I need a permanent. It's the second amendment. Now that's a law that lavishly infringe upon a different states, but it shall not be enough period. I know you get the idea of conceal carry. However, you do have the right to have Thanksgiving dinner in your own home. I'm sorry I don't care what a governor says. That's my God given right, and so if a police officer comes in breaks it up as we ve seen, because you're you're acidic jews- and they say you can't be more than ten- will first off good luck, finding any home in New York in Queens. What's aesthetic jusan has less than ten people? Second, you don't have the right to do that, so listen Renee Jews with the curly sideburns, I dont know I dont know many, but we got your back and have the right absolutely and in this case of just like one or two people doing this. Seventy three counties so far have set up this kind of sanctuary county, whether sang look. If these laws passed their unconstitutional, we're not going to enforce them, not one or two right. Seventy three counties in Virginia rat love it. I love seeing that yeah. There's no record! You were not
going to go. Remember one people said they said: hey they're, coming for your guns and we're not coming for your gun recently pointed, however, is DC ready, actually dissenting opinions that you have no right to own a firearm. What's up Some kind of scary assault weapon which you leaving. That means necessarily, but even that's just not at all said and we'll gun. Now there are some people that they believe in the Hellebores DC dissenting opinions. I dont have a right to have a firearm period. Even here carrying around in my only in my own property in my own home, and then we will said they're going to come for your computer now? Why you? Why you fearmongering now you actually have secretaries. You have governor saying no to the homes and take those guns any have someone who will be present United States, Joe Biden, who so they go make data work is guns, are who sit held. Rest it'll be a mandatory buyback which, by the way, ok, I will comply. I will sell back any firearms, and I have personally purchased from the federal government. I will sell it
I have checked the receive written by the way. The good news is that we know Democrats support us in not enforcing these laws, and you know we know. That is because they set up sanctuary cities not to enforce immigration laws, and they also said that step that was federally illegal was told. if I'm in their state that totally on board with this, we should just do this across the country. So there you go. If you have a link together, if you having angrily own firearm, that all of a sudden became illegal because of a tyrannical governo, you just do is take your pile and toss it into the closet of an illegal immigrant uncle famous none. The wiser fact sanctuary to think clauses that we're gonna. Do you know what it is? Actually a city that you're? Just I don't want you put all these guns and always closet he's not used for these many firearms quietly. I don't know if you're not ice. Now, how can I fix it moving on to with his unconscious Norris Thanksgiving this? Isn't it
A lot of people are afraid, listen, and I know that we have a lot of people here who don't wanna get covenants are not doing this, giving that's you right now. That is actually right, but we ve moved from public places to private home We ve moved think about the goalposts have moved to weeks, public places at that. I don't know when they first if they are actually saying the mask at that point. No, when I first started so we don't wear masks, they do more harm than good. We found this a two week. Social distancing, flattened, occur right and then extended to several months, and now we have a Talley. that they keep on saying I'm like a never ending ticker net with two flew season. two colonies and then wrote any and all debts with people who die with covert, and now we move the goalposts from ok. We went to weeks public places, element, ok It's never shutting down business businesses for money, and now we're saying. Actually, you cannot in some of these states we're going to enforce that. You cannot celebrate Thanksgiving in your own home, even if you wear mask which, by the way, we said, didn't work in the largest study. We have unmasked homemade cotton asked from Denmark or that they dont work, not saying surgical, masks,
dont work in a medical context right, but the kind and ask that you have that you got off of some facebook. Add that doesn't actually have any kind of infiltration says. You're, probably breathing in asbestos this when pisses me off the most. When are you gonna get some details, but this this? If you want to tell me, This isn't a great idea if you guys to get together, but do what you want to do because you're, a free american citizen, other violent ass, a guide right, that's fantastic! If you lock this down, I swear to you. If I lived in a state that did this, I would be imprisoned right now. You have no authority to tell me who can come to my house and hang on a second by the way, hidden notification notification bellicose described. We do it, we didn't do it yesterday, obviously, but weekdays attain eastern. I appreciate Oh you sound like dirty harry just then, why would you we in prison Gerald, because I would violate the order and publicize it ok would absolutely pit to middle fingers up together. Newsome. If I live in California, with a picture of me and as many people as
could squeeze into whatever frickin small house that I had the cost. A million dollars in LOS Angeles. You know it makes Gerald really tough Brenna does not occur again. You know if you ass, if he was wearing anything else, I wouldn't believe it. By rejecting the text. Now I really there are. Those protests option is moderate shorts year, eraser really good point, which is that civil disobedience and in any these types of protests, whether its need over curfew or whatever these rules are, they naturally involve a decision that a law is unconstitutional. Or immoral. So you are. We are acknowledging that there is a kind of dissonant ideas there that typically conservatives are the pro law and order right, except when those laws and that enforced order are unconstitutional and they violate fundamental principles. So the idea of saying, hey, we're gonna stay up ass, a curfew because its unconstitutional brick knowledge that you might be breaking the law, the law as it stated, but for the purpose of showing not only that you won't be misled.
I tranquil government or follow it, but also setting up to stage to challenge that within the legal right it just like. When you saw Shelly Luther's when you see other folks were say, we're not gonna, do it and they take it to the next level. That's when you get the kind of opinions like a, however, DC right where again only by one vote remember tankers, but talking about that right, Helen Keller, Rather, every ah, she says that a why Man saves nor the winter. What I felt there are tons of brilliant Helen she's, never gonna catch man or the share of set aside the rank and file. These were right now, I think you're inaccurate. This happened in New York sheriffs, so we just so that Virginia Zoran conformity with them all as Santa Monica seizure in America in New York, some chefs it ain't we're not going to go in house to house and enforcing Governor Como thanks giving rules would have by the way his suggestions are, go house to house and bring.
Get up. Yes, you do like doing that's what are actually arcs in West side story. Do not remember. I thought it was just a couple of weeks ago that we heard the left. They define the police, but now, if you like, you know we really an extra one, the bullying, so that they have the ability to go catch all these. What's not absolutely job to save businesses from Molotov cocktails out what it is our job to make sure that a guy in a short hat with sideburns curls doesn't see his sister. She can have extended family over, but you can protest in writing. This vehicle gonna get what what point We talk about Anti Semitism. How about the gun? How would the laws of New York
you know he's been doing. I wait on this and not allow someone get that all covert. All summer it's been specifically targeting the orthodox. You wish communities yeah, like literally walking past other protests right for Georgia, going Josie you literally to the jewish road deaths and be like you guys or do you got you gonna go to jail ratty wagon time, hold on a second. I have to walk past Spanish, Harlem here, whether that we're out of you what are a few garbage fires by counters, I'm coming for you and I love the way so the sheriff shares that are not going to enforce it and hears Governor Cuomo speaking of constitutional apparently is, Marty and the rule book. I think the leaden his barville nipples have gone to his head saying that they are not real officers of the law. I believe that law enforcement officer violates his or her constitutional duty. Don't consider them along enforcement officer,
because you don't have the right to pay laws that you think you will enforce and you don't enforce laws that you don't agree what right? That's not! enforcement officer, see that's what psychologists call projecting of you Don T, simply enforce laws, because you want those laws. I told you we can celebrate Thanksgiving and not enforce laws, because you don't owe me with them like stopping all year. And by the way mercy, I think he's. Yet. You do have the right as a police officer not to enforce and illegal lawn unconstitutional law right. There may be some ramifications, initially course, activism and allegations yet, but you have a right to do that Hence I use the word right. I mean you have like you. Would you be able to go in and say I should not have been fired, because this thing I did
wrong, maybe but an oriental states. You can get fired for no reason. Nurse Jeff you choose, which is not at York right and not by the EU in a lotta differ jurisdictions. You may end up having to suffer for this, which is why we need we need to back the blue, regardless even especially for the ones they may engage in, so that you may raise your Michael it'll just but loan, namely at the bar and use the. Let me get fired for doing that. You get fact come come talk to me. I don't know I would say that line ray. I want I want back. I won't back if they go in house to house to separate out of its own and in a number of a problem with the blue. I'm never promised you because you're not trouble, I'm just that, I'm just let you know maybe individual officers and yet overall, but I think the way things are getting too far off the being because it starts with. Does Governor Cuomo have the thirty, two! Let arson continue right and deaths. And assaults by the way, also on his officers and then have the authority to break up worth it. Stu celebrating a holiday for no by so much if he doesn't know
I don't wanna, be does not by his own logic. The fact that he is let these things can t happen all summer under the guise of progressive weakness. He is There is never the chief law enforcement has never been more more exemplary governors as it relates to a lead, as we know, is tat. We used to have this. Sometimes Sarah Palin rosaries, due to New York and Democratic Europe. Flowers acknowledge and you have all different kinds of people in need. states, but there is its view of the coastal elites and think about it. For a second, you have Cuomo whose brother has his own television programme, which he does not warrant at all. By the way, the only person less qualified is totally straight Brien's Delta, who doesn't pay new money, did Nick Sandman, so you have a governor in New York with brother has a show he had covered and he was out and about rough guys
fat, tire bicycle and no consequences at all, and then you have Governor Newsome. We go all the way to EAST Coast. What's it's not a Hey pot battle, it's an affected white leanest, prick battle will have their say or spending six to eighty five dollars a plate at the french laundry, restaurant what we share. Everybody else you couldn't create more out of Touch hinge disingenuous inconsistent, elitist characters in a film. Now you wouldn't buy it Script gave, you may not know, is disguised array disguised actually going to transcend cops in to break up, do celebrating poorer, and then he left his brother Pusher guy over a bicycle. All right look put this truly rights. Brittany, something Americans can buy. Did you adjective we had said like imagine. There had been some. You know, parity about Gavin, Newsome, going to french lodgers mothers expects a restaurant in Senora people. Would you know that that tweet would have been flagged, it would have been defamation and then oh, it's true
It's true were disappointed, but we're not surprise anyone Are you celebrating Thanksgiving you? People are that's another question that have Yahoo out. There is actually celebrating Thanksgiving if your cat like right now as you watch all the lives of the many many people. What just like right now, if you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, because as for me, my house, bird, here's governor Universe, how the gray, stall Christmas, you already labour day for yeah and thanks trot, was later language. You didn't want traffic because she had the lower boat cohesion- is begging with her binary Sinner, who still higher and, by the way, the non binary Michigan sinner your router growing out sweetheart. We can, I beg you not to celebrate without discovering what we're saying, don't celebrate with anyone outside of the household. I want to talk about
thanksgiving, which is- and I was what, if you are considering spending thanksgiving with people outside of your household, I urge you reconsider urgent one end. Why didn't sign or have a mask? That's true. so good voice, saying that when that story in finishing quick trip, where I told you about a move that weren't asked moving as juicier yelling at me, so I took off my mask. Instead, try to train you signify the salutary written and then guy working the desk told me Put a mask said nothing on the angry black eye. So please, like certain you put a mask on message about to leave, is like ok, fair enough and then the black goes by law. we take it. So he was clearly at the counter for e arrive here before me.
Was leaving after not a word. You know there's a lot of it. We ve heard anecdotally about how a lot of businesses are really worried because are getting cited for having people in their stores of that Marianna. They don't care right, but there I worry that people that officers are forcing officers are coming in and then they see people without me asks and they get written up for like if you're a business owner. I now just try to scrape I frickin pandemic. You are afraid of your own custom. Right? That's why he's in Austin? I just found out the businesses that black lives matter. Sign and artists would loiter until a cup founded without a masculine here, Tell me nothin Am I to make this one thing. What did about two grand like are an example of the azeri nature. Be CAFE here's another want our favorite Gyp Hadow in chief he's, got no strings to hold them down. He's outbreak faulty again people comply only celebrate with people in your immediate household
The answer is you gotta use some common sense in the situation that you read and I think when most people are asking you're in the home, the safest thing you can do is to confine the activities in your own home with the immediate occupants of that home. Now as a response. That is something that I need to take its yeah. What's the hours you're going to say that it is acting as if Safety is the only thing that you only factor in your life. Right there are. Seventy ended and there's joy. There's thanksgiving, there's happiness. Well, you ve got to do other stuff yeah. You have to be able to live your life right because remember, but Clemson and noted and played nodded and beat them the fans rush. The feel there was. I can't believe it. These people are right next to each other, their yelling, their chambers, hundreds and hundreds of innovative I'd. How dare that they have had no cover cases from that. None, so you're telling me back in handling the now we're gonna have to declare know what you're saying that cove it doesn't exist around that.
Tell you a story, I was driving his drive thru, because there's only one place that you guys notice open like at four hundred and thirty or five, a dot m to get coffee, and I want to wake up my right now in the dogs by using their own consumption, so I wouldn't get coffee and the person there at the drive through young girl. Maybe eighteen and nineteen Haines she's working, surgical, gloves to masks and a vital what a welding I used to think. I said will revisit this later, we're talking about social media and people in their own echo chamber. She had no idea, we say, follow scientific if allisons. What's that, what are the chances of she looked to be fit slim, nineteen twenty years old. What are the chances of her dying from carbon? I said you realise, at your chances of dying from from covert, statistically scientifically are negligible, you does it did it almost theoretically now she has. No, I didn't know what does that mean, as it means that it so infinitesimal? It cannot actually be quantified. It's basically zero. She said, oh and this is what you say: oh I thought it was
More than that because it would be more what how much more than that and you think I'd be yes, you're wrong answer. One would be more than any other number right or wrong, but where the parties anti science there is, it doesn't help to wear to mask and surgical gloves unless you're change. That's why surgeons take off their executive, lesser changing them. Every time you hand a cup of coffee to somebody, it's stupid and pointless taken. Gerald you Subway sandwich artists, you it's a boy I urge you to be so I like to get my cure egg out of the home
This is even lower the mob water and this man once coffee, where you gonna orangist coffee filters from remaining growth and jobs, the faint I know it's artie and you know what you know- inheres here's the one thing I would say is also calling for this about some of the present policies. They completely ignore the people that they arguably are trying to protect. Groundwater brought you a lot of folks who are because of their own city and whether their older their amino compromise, whatever it may be, that they still have to pay their bills strike diesel. Live their lives into what they needed. Setting aside the fact that we can do things giving, which is excellent for us, we're all the young whatever it may be natural, but like the rest of us right, I'm not I'm not going to go over thanks giving in that. You know they set this out of illicit on care. I want to celebrate. Look Evan I plan to give him a Christmas put it this way when people say what's most important, he'll say your health now get your health, but like me, you haven't been some is we're, ok, so your health, but doesn't mean that it negates ever
else on the list, it's not all negated by, which is the case for most people with Cobler. I think I've lost slightly myself suppose I have relatives who said hey, if not thanksgiving, if not Christmas, with my with my children with my grandchildren what what? What is worth the point, one percent risk this is this. Is this is the most joyous time all of my best raised in my wife or with family Thanksgiving Christmas, because sacrificed that's exactly by the we help. Not the most important thing. Otherwise we would all live in a bubble. We dont living life is the most important very friendly to greater freedom is important family to me as more important faces. More important health is very important again then that's Sliding scale aids, pretty bad mushroom outer Johnson. Seasonal flu,
for you than covert, if you're young, not as vat, if you're older, no one talks about that either by the way that is death toll right now, unseen and two and fifty seven thousand right. That includes only percent of those numbers are people who just had governed right now, not so instead of only six percent of deaths are from covered. Remsen number is misleading because people who shot shut themselves in the with a shotgun are listed and offer routes, as well as people who are driving drunk on a motors. Yet I got all that from two seasons we had a before and now we're going into another winter and we'll just put it? You don't do that with any other seasonal flu, any other seasonal, it doesn't happen, and it's only right now. Here's another one to buy. What we're talking about Thanksgiving, which I will celebrate you. Let me know if you will organ Governor Kate Brown. First of all, I was Kay spade, and then I realized she killed your analyses, the iron different one, my wife Trickly with that were she's like I need a new person so very expensive, for she was a can't look at. It has Catesby killed herself, but whereas that affect your parents,
led by another person. Purse have a pick them. She bought said. I dont willingly has heard piquet on it and then when she bought a Kate Spade, whatever the female governors to a wallet and cohesion countries such as it was then out with a wallet, announced That was only that you got tricks. I now did you got me labor it. Women are sneaky riotous because I was sad to say goodbye. That's because I'm and I want to Moscow there, so they sell Percinet, costly, Linda versus behind us, and I was like some like a spade issued in redwings yeah. She done herself in the sand
spend another man. Christmas help me buy something so came round. The Oregon governor, encourage people to call the police on those who violate lockdown orders for thanksgiving violators. Can they could face thirty days in jail or over twelve hundred dollars in fines or both hate Maybe this is what turns more black people republican than anything else. Snitching policy under the current oil is a state that was literally the hotbed of do not snitch on right right. Did you now, let's on right or nurse, you raised them, praise them just take your raping. We reckon and that you gettin inflatable down because sittings gonna hurt for a while you're doing it for the greater good, please. do snitch on poppy and grandma as they put a turkey.
to make sure that we shut that by the way we might this. The state that just legalised black tar heroin so back in ten Grand rocks fine, The global generally seem to be welcomed with open arms. While the holiday Inn gets her head on a spike priorities, it just look. between the sweet potato, After all in the turkey you smashed window or by some drugs, its fight, you got it. You got a break. Uk Turkey there to develop. you gonna be there for a drug these. So what you see is what you do if you want to get. Listen: okay, tat to the most enfranchise minorities, the United States. We heard about the right most disproportionately affected by these by these disease diseases and these protests. We do you say, get yours, you going you smashed window, you take your seat, Ok, take everything that you want. The cops aren't gonna do anything. Then turn over. You give the cops in phony
When the guy who's making Thanksgiving dinner, I get yourself a nice little reward. Congratulations, you are both a fellow and a bounty hunter. You just old Uncle SAM S, arm an identical sorry about the cycles them in advance. I just assume everything's all those areas that might do it. Well, we hear about this right it s, what effects that it affects the most disenchanted among us of minorities. You know what you know. Actually, my nor black. I can give you can take a black Americans hispanic Americans, especially sporadic Americans. Have you seen how many cars there are in the driveway and on both sides of the street in an area that is predominantly latina yard for crying out loud, no homeowners association to say you can't open an office in your garage is not an office. Is a bunk bed. Ok, that's fine! They have big families. They come from cultures that we're supposed to be celebrating is partly american melting pot. Black Americans.
big family should celebrate, people talk about, saw cook a habit. I want them to be able to celebrate their holidays. Same thing was mexican american emigrants. Those were here legally mind you, of course, my friends move, smooth man he's colombian Verandah loudly copulate, like rabbits I'll tell you about. The Cubans are the most fertile people on the planet. They are fertile and buoyant. That's what they ve. Where does it come from so now, we're always know. What do you think would happen if a white person, snatched Latino America, rather a big fat? How do you think that cop deals with it when he shows up right wines are doing that will happen? Neighborhoods me like a member of your outrage of the White Lady who is being rude to that guy. You that your remarks by the late she was she was totally. I, like you now in current you're incentivize in this. Well, I mean It is this chapter, seven or chapter four and nineteen. Eighty four right,
where it's like, hey make sure you walk around and if you see anyone giving thanks right. Their names now take their photo and give it to the police. I don't which, after all, are certainly pass. The point really does have a bunch of Saxony apartment. What do I was? Ok, let's flip the page, you actually read a bunch of sex in an apartment. So ok, I write. What at one is big brother comment: does you watch I was really think you really think these these politicians who want you, find these politicians who want you. You don't like the jewellers. Sorry stretching unit jealous get down, doesn't show those penis can come on where I was up there, that's porpoise painters came before us all. This talk about paupers previous, maybe we're hungry every. Thank you Jean Louis thanks back then he's a good pop. Do you really think that these gaps, are you running these politicians? You really think celebrities are going to actually honor
these rules themselves, visa for going to be socially did not let alone celebrating Thanksgiving it, of course, Governor Newsome at french laundry which in writing it wasn't like twelve people who have been twenty something people on additives. Six, when, in some sick trumped succeeded something dollars a plate. Paper coordinates penis on the half quail egg, not even that politicians you ve been out in the street, you ve seen them not social distance. You really think they're going to follow. These rules are respected Oh my god, he's droplet projected we actually he actually made like you know. What's that chocolate eels were yet, he was actually what in his own voice. that was humour that pulled out a second. While I talk, I'm gonna, have my assistant hold on many fan.
I would also want I just I just haven't we pool of any of these politicians who are saying that they don't want to gather. Would people outside of their houses on Thursday, but Wednesday. They were gathering in their offices with one hundred percent people out of there It's true story, Mr Bones. I think it's the people to want to hang out with them right now like farming and have like two peoples who make the world too because they actually think that people want to hang out with them. Laurie Lightfoot come on up. Again, if you think these people are serious about cancelling thanksgiving years apart, there's no more perfect example than this Harrison forward. Of course, unknown. Recent leftist who is flying is private plain. I think you have. The story you go pick up is son ahead of you after crashing, after crashing used
you flying its own private, plain to go pick up his son for Thanksgiving, but by what I don't don't get a twisted. That does not mean they airs and Ford is on board with all aspects of thanksgiving, as seen by our exclusive footage of this flight, get off my play. Just the news with a bird flu assault later flightless, you smart, ass delighted, you better, not glide, debt or muslim doves need another. Take for these pink fingers are pointing back. You got me
we're not even structures. The team is that you can make it look really crazy. I don't really like a Gary. Alban was a term that media, but that was the more people say Gary Omen can transform really play. I admit it is something else that I really want to talk about you that people must, because this also applies to the first amendment. Look: I am more libertarian have talked about this before with companies right, saying: hey. They have the right to life the right to act as publishers all they want. They have the right determined. What commented content is on their platform. That is a private businesses right. However, that changes when they have protections of being not a publisher but form a need that the sort of analogy has been used before as in a town square. So couple things I think people dont know what we're talking about lockdown in Thanksgiving, and you see that little lad. staying home is staying safe when you go in Amazon right now, button one another's big tech, most powerful Gump he's in the world, people are more powerful than the Roman empire than any empire.
I don't really know a whole lot about the ottomans, not just no one of them got kicked in a pit. What I do know its threats that these more powerful than any world government than any empire. They love lock down. When you look at these big tech companies, companies, Amazon companies like so Google's profits are up and Amazon nearly doubled its profits. Lockdown allow mine more a bear. American businesses have been shuddered in the last three months, then, in the entirety of the great recession that our country had Susan, I think it's important on Youtube. Video seagoing worthy we're gonna, keep Amazon out of New York now, in that case, the big business would benefit a local municipality because we're bringing in thousands of jobs within We shall have a hundred twenty seven thousand. They said no, no, don't bring those jobs and want to keep those in Bangladesh, but we do You shut down all the jobs that do exist in queens or the Bronx or any of these places the ABC claim she's from depending on the day when you want to down those businesses and make sure that they are entirely entirely reliant on Amazon? Let's not let them be employed,
by Amazon, but let's make sure they can only get their goods or services from places like Amazon or Google who, by the way lobby to support more government shutdowns big government bureaucracy, always hurts the little guy and helps the bigger you della big banks, small banks, Never compete can't compete with a supply of federal dollars. So thing with airlines sang. With American Idol manufactures anyone here want to drive a chevy bolt the so is no or you're wrong. So let me let me I want to point this out, because they tech support, lockdown nurses, unholy relationship between government and big tack, and a lot of people don't necessarily understand they still have some libertarians, I think, are wrong on this who say: well, it's a private business. If you don't like it, you, Now you can go start your own government to go start my own telephone, Ray the seller and get the parlour and second is doing very well. Let me show you The town actually would actually has a town square, a little town. We
that I found lovely awhile back when I visited, because I didn't show a long time, and so these places really exists. So that's a town square and explain to you when we talk about the first amendment that ten square see those areas. Those are all individual businesses, ok, they can all set the rules in their businesses. As far as what you can say, or do you can't enter. If you dont have chooser shirt and lesser, can you just need doing a fourth outlets, mostly just Jimmy Buffet, trying to cover up the fact that you're, who very straight Kenny? what business is all of these businesses here can determine what you sale or can't say in their individual. since that is their right. That refreshment! Absolutely now you have the town square right there in the middle. That's a town square right, the public square, where you can say whatever you want, you are free to speak out against the government. You are free to speak, really as long as you're not actually committing a crime or lying like when people say you can't say fire. Yeah there's a fire, perhaps greater, isn't because you causes stampede. Ok, now, let's change However, this is the problem. When you have companies that are now
supporting locked downs and run everything all of those businesses that you see surrender the towns where this is where we are today in TWAIN. Twenty, it's three business, five, if you're really reaching waited includes. Because, let's beyond Dorsey you're not You want a seat at the club, but you're delaying, but Amazon Google Facebook, you could probably throw apple. Now. And here's some so all of these businesses now get sure they can set the rules. So what you say in their businesses only all these companies have gotten together, and I mean this actual meetings we ve actually been there for some of them and agreed to this in policies as far as what is it double and what is not accepted this speech and assault and based on a political opinion also lets adds that all of these companies own we're town square that We have now zoom out and you have that in every. single municipality in the United States of America? That is the shoe with big tech that
the issue with protection under the law, the safe harbour laws, and that is the issue with the most powerful companies the world has ever seen supporting locked down. While you shut your businesses in record numbers, they w when they companies when the rules powerful company ever doubled its profits and you have a record business shutdowns. What? What? What do you say to democratic parties? Not for the little guy right and you ve got the Democrats in lockstep with these companies. Setting up shutdowns are fantastic, because here you followed through rights shut down, so businesses have to close down. People need the government more because they need money. So that's the only thing we're talking about redressed, give people money, give stimulus money and the only way that you can afford to do that because that's the next logical question is to tax rich people that you dont like anyway, the outright eight look at this unseen and really quickly by the way for Supper
the Gomes Adam Suit past our apparently he's wearing an old ladys leggings. What kind of man you got in a grand apenny, but their salaries Bree. This lady has a face. It just always upset as millions travelling despite surging cases and see this millions of American celebrating your God, given right visit their nieces, nephews and grandchildren that humanity we need to shut this down, ravelling terrible now my ground item that so twenty twenty travelling and this by the way to a while we're talking about big take? This brings us to parlor, where I am you can follow me and prouder parlor will be doing some more content. There get to be on these forms on on Youtube Facebook, Twitter, bringing the fight to the left long as we still are allowed access, but it is important to protect your neck, There is something now parlors been growing very rapidly, a lot of big nations as they haven't left either platforms, but even opening up profiles at parlour and so
course. Now they are target of the media. Here is a man MSNBC talking about why parlor is- notice. Just traveling is dangerous. They don't like is dangerous. What about what about I can go either way. What about parlor shuddered brought about by subscribing, there are a lot of roadblocks yonder and wants its. What's your on their supper, useful in the other issue, is you know they are finding it its finch and racism and step up their, not fine with all other sorts of things, you know swearing is not really allowed in some cases, Nobody is our only allowed when the climate racism middle avenues. Rankest like Youtube is go away, went on twitter. You can conjure ass contrast with with places like Facebook and Youtube where they allow child pornography, but not to say Magua. So I think so.
The player a bacterial orange or Donald. Stop the damn hammering busy holding programming we can come to expect from MSNBC. So community guidelines are pretty clear by the way they don't allow criminal activities, for example, nah goofy, where minors might actually be able to see it right or things like Botz right date. They have from you the guidelines that are very clear and you can go and read them. Also, it's fine kind of funding. Lamenting this idea of profanity like parlour, even though it supports all points of view, actually is designed to try and promote civility, so they actually do remove people for being trawls or spam. Or or imitating, the alert someone was imitating had a badge for student cradle. Yes, not me They remove that. Thank you. Those are proper enforcement of cause. That's that's illegal! That's illegal but if I find it funny, this is not going to make sure I hear about that. I think we have to worry when I come about. ugly parlor allows racism here. So it's a free speech by form,
in racism. Only really in the worry is you know if you're spending you're holding on parlor getting inundated with one thing and then the universe into the real world. You gotta shop. You start talking politics in reality is widely different. Then the actual reality and we're gonna, have problems decidedly problems across the board. Will I'm sorry you talking about Facebook? No twitter he's autonomy s letter to my liking. It sought to hear what does it again? That's where I was telling you about getting coffee in the lady having two sets of gloves to masks welding mask the eyes of the union, chances are typical Millville. She said I thought it was way worse than that. You know why, because she gets older news on Facebook, and you know why she's not educated as to the actual scientists, because Facebook doesn't allow it. They ban science from actual doctors who seen actual patients. Unlike algae, has effectively been a career.
Politician really at this point for most was like bats and there's not a brilliant gotten, but they have banned doctors. They have banned control trial on homemade masks from Denmark right. This is They have the biggest trial that we had the biggest actual so that we ve had a mask, not saying the masks and surgical medical setting. Dont work. That's why surgeons use them. They use it once wash their hands? Someone puts its someone else puts on the gloves. Like homer Simpson dealing with the uranium bar and then, when their done, they peel often they toss it away. That is very different from you grabbing grannie panties, with a bunch of cord and wrapping around your problem, thinking you're protected against microscopic droplets that could possibly be blocked by that fabric weave you out. So people who live on Facebook would never actually see this science. They would never actually see the kind of locked down measures that we ve seen in Sweden or
No, even myself, it was a victim of this. That places like Finland to places like Norway actually had fewer lockdown measures in places like Sweden, because we bought it because information is not allowed on Facebook, and then we condemn parlor this guy saying, if you leave parlor, you might go out into the world its very different place. You mean yeah, If we leave parlor, we might actually be more educated than the remainder of society, who are only on social media platforms that eliminate opinions by design. Look! Let me local. Let me be really clear with pilot you can go to your page right now. It says there about values, page expressly, invite people of all races, genders creeds period and, more importantly, any point of view. So phase so Youtube got caught with all that pitiful pornography that weird stuff going on right now, for some reason wasn't a problem, but if you actually say that transitioning children given them puberty blockers, is child abuse you might get banned depending on. Bigger channel is where,
parlor they say: hey, you know what we just ass. If you dont commit fraud, we just ass it, you don't break the law. We just ask that you dont docks. We ask you to try and keep it simple, because we all want you to if you're, just continually harassing people in non contributing which you can do on Facebook provided to the left. If we're can have a problem with you, but we allow outside of that any point of view test me on this. Gonna parlor, all the liberals who watch the showing? No, we have plenty of them, and some of you are still bleeding from a young. Turks were still watching over that its electoral reference and less time right now, gonna parlor sign up posters stories and see. If you get throttled, I will. I will eat this mug and it is currently. It is very, very well love. How is he the line at being able to swear in post porn, yeah like that was wearing. This is an american bad american and I can't oh by the way he's. Not american, then call
Canadian, and I thought you might be created because I heard him say out and then I started work for Emerson, Canada and I thought okay, the two together one by themselves, maybe he's a decrepit rapporteur, as you can obviously see that they sent him to the theatre, Leagues and Canada. Now these canadian and the reason you don't understand, parlor by the way, people who don't know that Canada doesn't allow free speech, I come from Canada is the country where they find in jail people for jokes, the friend of mine. MIKE Border the show put before Human Rights Tribunal for Joe yeah yeah. You know what I want people to live in the part. I want the real world to be more like the parlor world and less like the Facebook or the twitter world, which means you have no accountability whatsoever, no transparency and when speaking with as in front of a congressional hearing, say I don't know where I can get the answer to you, while rejecting through yourself. If you are going to tell you fear beard, if he's Kennedy, you understand why he wants porn
black because that's aren't that's our times square in Montreal. Worse, just giant neon, purple, tits and handling Where do you want to meet for it? We're? Where do you want to sit and watch the Christmas break? I don't know I have for you old sitting beneath the giant neon purple, tits I'll meet you there s something on my second cop, that's not still bombed out by all the bunker gangs. Is it because we talk of violence in Canada, and here's there's a level of just what what we have to be able to get along with it. It is a level of being offended and then rebutting and having a conversation that a platform like parlor allows right. You can rather different point and people are going to necessarily respond to that and you're going to have? We have seen on parlour I dont posts onto our on partly, but I've been on there and seeing the kind of us where, when people are engaging in racism there being
hold out by conservatives and about how their being races, but then the Athena them when their jokes or like other things that are not racist, that people are saying hey this raises But yes, let's all haven't writing in the wild west there is enforcement, but there's actually some kind of a legal guidelines with partner fraud, pornography, actual sis harassment, what I mean by that is not you say some someone doesn't like, but we all this right in places like Twitter, Facebook, where people they contribute nothing, they create a sock account decreed about account, do his attack and insult people. That adds no value, and that's us away part of they have some kind of identification which I would also incur Maybe we incorporated into our voting. Maybe three oh yeah, I do recommend to you guys go check out. Parliament least you know, diversify your investments, which we believe must keep
this on Youtube and an average monopoly hips euro. By no ago Little Layton apparition bill. If you have to leave you can after this segment use here is its along. Our last show like this before tomorrow and afterwards they with marked Driscoll tuning for that and then from Uclaf members. We have the laugh along as we watch how many special Sarah Coopers everything's fine enable have you did I've seen funnier kids make a wish. Everything is not fine. oh I've seen funnier documentaries and produce area. They had darkened felt guilty watching it. I wasn't supposed to laugh at here- appears in another story here, because I don't know why it is normal, for example, the media having no accountability, right, Amazon and big tack and powerlessness racist rightly so, because they think they ve no kind of just like the media's, hoping that you don't remember the Poles, so what they they just gloss over it, like Nate Silver Bet. You regret that bumper sticker from two thousand eight, I was also two thousand sixteen could have
the election that worries wrong before twenty six ethics DNS right here. He is talking on some show saying that oppose gotta, most right effects. There are many things that make pulling difficult, and so you just hoped get close and they usually do get close, including this year, for the most part, have regional are built, when does the prosecutors case hold water dad, hot water and waste? I like that. whereas on future for them. Ah Monsieur said, literally in the shown us build tug like em up a wall Gerald than you, in the long drip drip drip drip, nor have they didn't get checkups. Ok, I get it right so the poles understated? I want to make sure they get this correct? They understood that a percentage of the republican vote in forty eight fifty states k for ten of the sixteen Senate races and sounds like mostly and by the way
There are saying that these are because remember every kind of acknowledge what was the argument there were saying. Well now, it's not twenty. Sixteen there's, things isn't always exceeds I'm about a kind of a second secret trump voter. So how do you say now? The poles gotta, mostly right when it was We acknowledge that you're wrong and twenty sixteen and the margins are actually worse than twenty. Sixteen in this election- and this is even including all the balance that just wherever that run through, like your counting cash in the back room. Joe across the presidential swing, since the average air was five points. The Senate seven points, oh, that eleven point five points out soon enough The margin of error can you can, as I have already told you, guys, have notification, but here's what was most most interesting to me, specifically the most here. You know I'm going to have my ipod here anymore. Others collateral those club agar, specifically the most respected poles from five thirty eight right, five minutes I wonder what I would like to see if we could actually have a google trend on the sales of Nate Silver Bumpersticker. Researchers
I guess, it's a reverse. Hockey stick will ring the Ridge Bell, so the most respected poles. I took the poles from five thirty eight, because here too thing I say an average of five points off: that's including truffle, Garren Rasmussen and rules that were actually close to being right. That leaned, more conservative take them out. The numbers are very different. Now they're off by anywhere from seven to nine points, somewhat same nature, where's margin of error, so I've only taking the ones with a A minus our air, a plus rating Florida, will suffer this sort of what a Trump one prison front. One by three three point: two percent: the number one ranked Marice Paul. According to five thirty, eight trusting children had died and plus four, number two plus ranked Monmouth had by net plus six, never for rang your time Sienna had by net plus three, all of them,
Side for ABC that's an outlet for them here they had by winning the top pollsters with Florida under counted support by an average of six to eight percent, while sixty eight percent of yours important by the way this is after they all them closer got coming into election day right yet further you go back meaning a week or two weeks from election. They were off by twelve points in many of these states. That's insane that's a victory margin in like Idaho. They were off by twelve points. I mean that what point you just say where we don't need poles anymore, we're going to weigh up by twelve, they gotta, mostly rate elderly, if its plus or minus twelve leads useless and had to say, even though do not respect anymore, they were once the gold standard rank to be at five. Thirty, eight, so still that's you know, that's a passing great canopy act, canopy acquitted quantity at something they were up by fifteen.
zero by fifteen verges as they clung lashing Medea happening there in the back room there like what's wrong with you like beating the Berlin Wall, the office in that's what we say that's worth because remember election IDA, My people saying Florida, an Irishman states, the right anyway, I argued bench appear. I say that every hour more surprised if Ohio and blue than texas- and I hoped you Didn'T- have to eat your words but when I wasn't sold and scarcely Gerald you said you didn't believe you didn't. I believed him. I was I was like. I was a shudder, nautical that's why I will talk more about any power. Obviously, for those who are most exquisite, take your chat because we don't know we're not making prediction run out, we're not making any promises, I did make the promise on my said, Lord and I are going from I would say that it was a pretty decisive victory in Ohio present from one by eight point. Two percent, not significant We have marice. None of you have never given the number one through the top ranking the gardener, five trust night, but break up his thanks, giving gather
last name: silver weight on needs. I tell you that there are probably quite a few other silver, not household, to be broken up come on up. Curly Cyber and so modest, had Biden plus four. Wrong by twelve percent Emerson wrong by nine percent New York Times. comes off by nine percent and again the further back you get from the action, meaning if you did you get right up to elections, the gaps or sudden closed. But if you are taken the poles from six days before two weeks before they were off fight. Our third, depending on these fourteen percent, which, by what was exactly trend with Hillary Clinton peoples, it will anything was up in the air with its election. This is always what happens, and there have been studies that have been conducted, its not necessarily been conclusive. That poles are used to manipulate public opinion that they can actually affect people going out in voting if they think there's no chance and winning or if they think that their that far on election day we have the final Umbria lecture near the top ranked pollsters. According to thirty eight trust night under kind of trump voters,
while by eight to twelve percent three weeks, for election day was ten to fifteen percent, less Europe what if I were to say, hey that mask it's only eighty eight percent effective per hour, doing less but I pointed out. You probably wouldn't feel secure the poles who cares since the future of the free world at stake by the way. This is something I really like New York Times had it off by eleven or ten percent in Ohio on three separate occasions they re all still very correctly, separate trump voter. Oh you did so you pulled three time New York Times in Africa's most respected publication, and you had winning by what, how close real we were about thirteen points off how much troubled by over eight percent and you're still employed. We don't expect to last. And how do you account for a secret voter, yeah right here,
What I just said it didn't sell. Our goal was to be accurately pulsars bad as those like precision college. Following always our demand that maybe I was wrong. I'm sorry that was Wisconsin. No. Ninety, nine one by point. Six, on your terms, pulled in Wisconsin three, Applications in iraq- I tend to eleven percent through point. I'll just say noted, is overrated. That's not true Wisconsin Yacht historically leave. It say that you guys far more on average from precision rankings in any other team. Serious answering it was This is the one that best their rent number there, a plus ranked by need silver trust me. They under counted Trump voters in Wisconsin. By seven percent. So a member that, while this, when you had people saying it's over, no one has ever come back from a seventeen point. We have on the media saying that no one's ever come back it's over and yet some people who actually didn't shop to vote, because that will to seven seventeen point, led what they want to point five and was constant twenty thousand votes. But you you mean to tell me that that won't effect
public behaviour. If people believe that their guys down by seventeen point according to the most respected, a plus, plus plus ranked pollster according to professionals, make oil salesman and chief mate silver, and then I think that even went out of their way to kind of the lambaste. These other pull. What Trafalgar took our hey pronounce right, whatever one that was there were sent out these guys know what they're talking about you clean Green Z, eyes they actually gotta get. Forty writing. Knowledge of older was wrong about the states of aid that they called for trumpeted very close margin by one point: five percent in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, were there. We know there is no rampant at least we soon. No one was watching, but for some reason there not held accountable when they had one Donald trouble losing Ohio by twelve and Florida. You got those states wrong. Wasn't whether the margin of error was even Klaus or something else the house, by the way this is a big one. The final five thirty eight projection had Democrats game.
This summit was widely x, Ray ever know that you're gonna beginnings he's even the nightmare Election Fox NEWS Fox. Then I trusted name and shit Fox NEWS is pulling. It was so bad they still projected. We were there on election night Democrats, expanding their house majority by at least five seats as an election in the factories, incision DAS Canal projected democratic will retain control of the House of Representatives and expand their majority by at least five seats. being run. That's dinner and rewind he's good at rock bottom up. This surprise me pick up nine seats and are actually leading in several of the innocent races to high school, not an assent, authentic, here's another one specific example that we have to go in May. This is one that a lot of people now don't remember because immediately talkative, because there are no accountability, they basically acted like member report Susan Collins, like always, it was data, doesn't she has no chance? Not a matter of fact. There was to Susan Count is a perfect example:
There was not a single pole, not one Susan Collins, winning some of them had the Democrats are getting up by as much as twelve point twelve, points. You think I am right. Nine what my nine point Pole, showing Collins winning by nine points now how many points company that's a swing of twenty one, twenty nine! I think the fraud went backwards on that and I think they try. Rig it the other way and together, but I got it all right. The business is very simple: the Dickens ITALY are not a Monday in detail. I got a decimal point. One place out of the son of a bitch someone, Germany server rooms could be passed. So that's when people do not want to let the poles are mostly right. Now, don't listen! You hold yourselves accountable, media and big tech. You would,
yourselves down, and you would flog yourself what that guy, who was the actor Wimbledon individually, covering a broad? Let us act. You deserve to be punishment. You perverse Nepal and you should feel bad and I don't feel bad about things of exclusive talk right now behind Mug club exclusive, because we can talk about the new powers and election stuff right now, because it many veterinary, maybe bent so you do, you can go piss off mocha. We love you,
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