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SJW's got Gina Carano fired from Star Wars, but we have her back. We've also got the latest from the SHAM impeachment trial. And did you know that Mark Cuban is an anti-American douche? All this and special guest TED CRUZ!

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I ride audio restart your kind of weird, because this is really morbid video show, but I do appreciate you listening on audio play to take a second to write this, if you're on the apple, if you're not even care, if you're, stealing it and that we do have a sponsor. Of course, I hope you, I hope you are using a VPN Express vpn- is one we've used. We use it without so Gabert algorithms. I think so that people who are here the show today they like to expressly paean love. It has all the best of it. Oh gee. I will admit that yet that's right off the top of the show, and we know that some members of the intelligence community are listening. Just check all the black guys express BP and outcome, slash crowd or you get three months free, just protect yourself online. Look, you protect your house, protect what you'd probably spend more time on your phone doing stuff than anywhere so expressly beyond that conflict crowded,
Yes, we must enjoy the shell iterating, that's called it in the same way we got a good show. Free today is a genuine good show. What are you? What we want? You don't even playing ball or I get what the harsh to end this again Danbridge everyday, rightful as we gotta day, good, CEO
Sweden's you can tell them consumer twins and what is the official Hodge Twins outcome? Yeah? That's it! That's all I m. Looking people do they? Can they can one big enough support us by Burner Barnard, tee shirts merchandise now say that create products by picking patriarchy, should today he's got cold circle back. Oh, my God where at all possible to support their business rethink it's almost like they don't want. Geraldine is here quarter black is year using your lungs. No communities have true. May we do have a big show free today we have tat crews on Senator two hours later on. I know I told you guys were now. Can we lobbied soft balls throw got some tough questions forum on the impeachment time, some of his comments, and hopefully gives us some answers. We have a lot to get. You have granted. We have more cuban. We have the impeachment recap of that. Sorry. He gets it to sit through the first day, those horrible diet, the beer helped yet a beer. How will the amateur half of the area- and they were completely slot ass, a white boy
It's gonna make everyone you're gonna blame racism through. It would be just lean bags. Although the bavarian purity Laufer brewing methods could be misconstrued as white supremacy or retirement allotted preferred, hey, you know. We we of course appreciate our African, where it black history months, brain knowing all well hurry to celebrate it by firing a quarter black producer never gone right, it's a train. Are you good for moving forward and all right, so why? This is where we advocate you in some little known, but you all know about Rosa Park. You all know about areas Tubman who that very well, it Tubman. She I you know she showed created it. Is she created Amtrak, but there's something for that. You don't know out, there so gives it did, but their quota bugger. So I got this news. Breaking you know, history, we're making making history. All Harris is the first black person. She is the first black water how national,
The cradle of civilization lies with Kemal Harrison, just don't look at or your facial melt, she's also the first Indian she's. Also the first These are these are facts Lucy in the office who left your way to the other way round as people. How do I hated actually independent people? This has been going on for a long time. People have been marginalizing black women's work and horror. Yourself out to politicians for carbon emissions. That is work. It is hard work, but didn't it someone marginalizing it right. You didn't do it a mile. Now we're gonna be talking about. I'm I'm I'm very listen, mats Vodafone your candidate effectively election mats. Voter fraud is real. We have some interns right now in Vegas too, in the trip that we could not afford. Right now, with my knee so will have some more verification there. The thing is, I can they claim that I can't personally verify, and so we can Personally verify doesn't
of the thousands that we found and I will swear to that under penalty of perjury. So we have a lot of work on your magazines measurement of real change. I might have come up soon, but in the vein of course, racism you aren't Dimas name. Logo has been replaced by saying this is a big story start with Pearl milling company. He guy saw this. Unfortunately, the replacement bottle was received is equally tone deaf and that's different times article is an improvement. Very well said the doktor was joking. I was a joke. Does a joke? You it's ok, it's ok, I'm catching him entirely there. If you guys think that they're just this way on air, they are they go to the back. What you got
bathroom together, we're this a twenty year later, when it's a wonder: what's Goin on their office, doing a cameo, you're twins, usually nation, being only fence their Donna cameo. My office, and I hear that may now you rule should point and, like my microphone is on the floor, what did you do it mass those chemicals gettin tits? Do they think they seem like a piece of cake? But I don't know, I don't know right. So this is a story. I was just going on right now. First was checking machine and really quickly or is it real warm or change of ownership. I'm gonna wait and talk about my all of that is valid, but the story turning this morning. Listen. I want to be clear about this. This is an empty gesture. Gina Coranto I've been following for rail and tat. Not only are we have you on the show, I will hire you percy I'll, hire you as a team striking coach. I don't care if you need a job. We have one for you
lotta with greater there. I seventy million plus Americans who have your back, and this is the man the leftist mob comes and they destroyed. Those careers and what they do is they are basically saying we want you destitute. We don't mediaeval provide for your family for the rest of your life it effectively. We want you dead. We want you under a bridge somewhere there doing this with in a grand. Also Lucas Disney They fire Gina Coranto from the didn't put the man Delorean is that show over posts that they called aboard? a boy and a born here, the poster they called for We have them right here you're saying, she's, Trans phobic people were saying that she's anti Mass can people are saying that she's but she's showing Holocaust material. Read that for me, there are taken on red what she wrote. She wrote, listen and I think that you should compare a whole lot to the holocaust and, generally speaking, but this was a vow, she wasn't saying all liberals were nazis, it's the famous first, they came for the Jews and she was talking about what we ve talked about: the dehumanizing of voices of opposition, how she transphobia she said. I want,
pronouns data be beat boot, Bob Ray involvement because he just didn't want to put Kronos do you want to run out and because they are having pressure for then she antennas why she showed a picture of a guy weren't, a bunch, a mask. We did not come out shot, it's hilarious coma and then she basically put a post up saying this is what happens when you? Can you read the part that poster from we took an oath certain ratsey soldiers could easily roundup thousands of Jews. The government first made their neighbors happen simply for being Jews. Has that any different from hitting someone for their political views, bright
although there is no common either way, the heading of the Jews was married with their political views, a lot of the time they get married, Loescher Dixon. They try to analyse and let's not get into all of the Nazi isn't because some people are still tell me that I'm crazy, because I think the National Socialist Party is social. It was one of those things, but that that's how they weren't they lay the groundwork. For so that the minutes she comes out to defend herself illegality, fascist she, somebody who's just absolutely abhorrence- is that how Bore beat boot bought bets right, airily posts that and then also prove their her point right like you'll, see said the ice caps at the border was our concentration camps yeah. So every reference?
everybody can use that comparison and leisure conservative, apparently enthusiastic. She also treated us something about the election right about election fraud. Saying those very odd. All we want is to make sure, and she it was a longer tweet, but just one makes you a free and fair elections. Just investigate make sure, as indeed is a worthy so that you don't wake up questioning at is the theme of the day by the way Disney Mass market and China will get to mark, given that using the play, the national anthem utter even Communist China, and then, of course, the impeachment maniacs well well, who's Forte is banging chinese spikes. Well, I think you may be the one per oh. No, I didn't go to a dirty asian Masood, but part massage parliament. They have a picture on the wall. A dry, cleaner levity, regular client he's talking about foreign interference, Eric swore! Well, you know Johnny spies. That is your legacy. Anyway, you showed his penis. You have sex with chinese women worse, so that,
words today, but a shy not much worse. China is one of the themes and they want to cancel this woman Gina Corona. I followed her for long time she's at no one has a bad word to say about inflation rate, and this is what they do. They d personalized people, dehumanize people well really she's transfer, but she's, not transphobia. Well, really. She she was the other thing, Transphobia Anti Semitic, which that not be: lemme Anti genetic and anti mask. Well, you know what you have. Also anti double mask thought she asked. He was programme, announced canaries, video formats, guy, wouldn't three masks and seriously before they changed by the innate director as well. I mean all these people trust the science and ignore your internet time machine because sign.
Never change it. So, therefore, I think that you got two weeks ago. This isn't like forever ago. The valley was against these two masks. It was one way to do. It was one we can happen and in general it was our first show that try to be generous as no science. For that now, as I turns out now, I say there: it's I'm sides guy. So it's true. This is about the CDC over forty thousand people died from the universe. Give that were true. You two were almost a year to tell yeah yeah. Well, by the way you want to be able to provide a simple what people say this reductive if masks, works so well. Why haven't they? so that they could even warn them. Ass, oh, shut up everyone's been wearing matters. Look at it, the embassies subway from where I worked so well. What are we shut down? It is yet another masks than a little distance? And now there's still time people? Even if you have not seen you ll ask, what's the point of getting the vaccine, I dont like needles,
fuck, you gave me for like Arabs, while we're coming here have happy ending body have frown phrase. We say: why are you so fast pace? We give you at the ending of treason, theirs asked with Gina Carano. They want you to kids. What mrs something do like this is geographic was what an actual beautiful beautiful You remember it looks like the way she could be the face for when people talk about plus size models, not tests holiday Obesity that puts at risk of correct complications, she's tallying woman who was a professional fighter who, as a base of muscle and she happens, to be a little bit bigger, is thick right we have seen with two seas. She thought she had nothing wrong if you want to have a good time, go watch your way in which it was two pounds over and they d cover her with towns and socially just now now and you can see the guy's whole metallic Guzman. Don't send me Satan, taught him
all right, so this is what they want. You to believe a beautiful brave woman looks like, and so because of leftist conditioning. We understand that duty is suicidal conditioning assigned to play who's that right woman. Our nine also be confusing, but keep in mind. We say this that dumb and if your children must leave the penis is a veritable truth. What stick guys it's not societal condition. Very true: it's not an opt out in Washington, Post sometime area incoming! It does not lie. So who is the beautiful brave woman? Is it a The beautiful brave woman. Is it d? Joe you gotta get mutual economic point for train somebody, shoot me it's going.
It is guns or, as a bit of labour woman, see They go together, his leg, I say yes to go, be brave woman who was it guys see see of course, now, you're all racist, that's it! You know. What are you guys hate guineas? rise that Ariel a lady wasn't in the lineup. I would have thought you guys. We have a common bond with Sicily and you know the moors there's a blind theirs. It there's a black man hiding behind her woodshed somewhere Dunna down the twenty three me genetically I say we are all from the crew civilization, malaria, ricotta,
all right. Now we have to get to the impeachment. We will review every single thing that they presented. The impeachment is either verifiable false or comes from some anonymous source or comes from some anonymous source, who was briefed account safe from an anonymous source. This is journalism. This is why brains doesn't want us to have a show their release of all north because, generally speaking, overweight unattractive effeminate men shouldn't have shown where's make good? They don't try to allow wrong. Let's make me shiny, but you know it's not. Stealth arrive, get lipstick on Yeah we're out because of what he was doing, the green room he comes out make up, so I don't think you can use any right. Has it's just what his studio idea? The lights are big and harmless to the studio and a buffalo bill. Outfit and Green one looks and does so. Mark Cuban attempted to ban the national anthem in the NBA. What are they gonna play it before, and I wonder if the court after, but first we're going to
too little explanation here, so there's been a few things that have happened: arguments it we're not come for the national area. They didn't blow national anthem peoples. Have that kind of weird what happened, Communist China, all that's where you want a market, the Jersey, people notice. It was weird and then the NBA responded by saying now we're going to play the national anthem and Mark Cuban took on the chin like a batch, so red, then GIN Sukhi was asked about it at a press conference from Joe Biden and answered with words spaghetti what does present via think about Dallas, Mavericks, owner mark you been designed to indefinitely stop playing the national anthem apply. I haven't spoken with the president about the decision. By mark you then, on the Dallas Mavericks learning, I should say the nationalism, but I know he's incredibly proud to be american and has great respect for the anthem. All represents, and for actually for men and women serving in uniform around the world. Good deed also say that, of course, that part of the UN
pride in our country means recognising moments where we, as a country haven't lived up to highest ideals, which is often an attack where people are speaking to when they take action sporting events and it means respecting the right of people, ran into them the constitution to peacefully protests. That's why he ran for president in the first pillar and that's what he's focused on doing every day when you did the portal ginger's Oh I'm, sorry, but I think you should give soulless breeding pools so joking, how here's the thing there, let made no sense just say we support them. Plant them and should play just stop you're the President of the United States. This wouldn't have been a controversial issue for anyone know. This was an easy weaving. J F K would like lot Y all those our college complaining about the flag and about. Why don't? I go out there and over the ball with Libya has a policy of peace,
the national anthem and- and they ve been dented crossly great you're supposed to stand for you're, not supposed to protest for it and Adam Silver hasn't enforce that rule right. So that was the leeway that he gave in the market comes out, said no, we didn't banned the national anthem, it's a part of an ongoing conversation and, like I don't know, did you have you play it yet this year, no now. Ok, that's banning the national anthem that taking it away right. What reason do you have for the here's? The reason- and this is what really he says we love so the from marking the DAS Mavericks, we also loudly hear the voices of those who feel that the anthem does not represent them. We feel Their voices need to be respected and heard because they have not been listen. You guys said for a long time the kneeling like this. It will listen. It's not that I am not proud to be american is that I want America to live up to our ideals and proud american, but I'm not proud of some of our history. Now you're saying that the national anthem doesn't represent you, this is
thing, never had anything to do with changing policy. It is about anti american communist Intromits and when I say there's always mark you in a billiard is a billion, but you want to get to the chinese market right now. That's why he wouldn't speak out against the hall while human rights abuses here, I think it's over user people say ruined America, get the hell out right now. There are plenty of things you don't necessarily have to like, for example, Genseric Ginger But if you say- and I feel that the national anthem I dont feel our national anthem represents me, so I dont want to hear it at the game. You should pay, we find a country. I think in this case it's perfectly appropriate to suggest you find a country that has a national anthem. You will support and go play their good luck. I love is the Texas wasted no time by the way the governor came out and I think the lieutenant governor came at night actually are putting forward legislation, saying, look if you're getting for state funding and its aims. Your sporting event, you're playing the national anthem. It's gonna be made into a law, potentially rare, and stars- tweeted out right after that, like we're playing the nest
lamp and before every single one of the hour and a half come watch out. Yes, those half the players in Asia and Russia yeah exactly like gods, Americans hid Yoda homeland. I respect my homeland in we don't even have low is genes from five four toilet paper and still, if I hear national anthem will, among toilet, see thy peace all over the floor, I have to stand by what is wrong with you. I don't give a rat's ass, you know it s great black Americans and you weren't conservative, so much until I can by other closet. I apologise for that, but you guys are doing well What do you want to work out or even when you were not conservatives Would you have related to block? You said national anthem? I don't feel like it represents me no further, when I feel it most like Americans feel that way. Every black American I talked with America's law has its mistakes, but the greatest country in the world,
but there's a subset culture within a black community gets all the tv time. Young Hollywood majority black people feel that way now, but a modular black people feel delirium speaking out right, forget it nation as well as early as one of the houses, and how does that help like Americans by just shut what you do, create a wider divide, which is, of course, what they did prior to the impeachment. Many want to blame people for reacting. Do this wider divide. America is flawed, but certainly not as flawed as China days. Dallas Mavericks NBA. Are you listening TED Lou right radio? Do they are flawed loud America lets you think we're giving the immunity of a time they pulled people out of games that helped signs of the said free Hong Kong breath that we have. That was as bad as it got, and they actually kick them out right right, so it's not just like their hoarding for their money on the Jersey sales, their actively, sir, One thing free speech on american soil: could you imagine if the Trumpet Ministry
were treating black Americans the way the Hong Kong protest was obvious. They will they rightfully there would be first they would actually at our story. I want to take more Cubans argument to the next step. Roquat. What does he insinuating is going to happen if people's voices are heard, you think it's going to frustrate them and maybe think, oh, my gosh, we are voices are being heard, so we have to go to the streets like they did during the summer and I'm not saying writing is ok protesting. Fine writing bad right, just so we're on Saint Age group, but that's what you're implying I know it is a similar situation, unfold, arts, what the national anthem guys and then we're a nation of just G2, corrals raw wrapped up in a pop in all over the place, look in water animals. So It's a joke,
Apple having to be on the shoulder of the ground by the whale subscribe on Apple or Android, if you guys are not listen to the audio, then can take it with you wherever you go and, of course the best thing you can do in case are notifications. Subscriptions don't work. Is we stream this every mortal? morning Monday, through Thursday, lieutenant an eastern cash adjust tune in my book market tuning line who watch it. So you know when you check it, that we never lose touch with you and, of course we want to support us a lot of Canada. Come such Macleod. We still have the promo code fight like hell, you get thirty hours off a wee bit quicker. Breaking news. Update finale, what's happened, project Berytus has been suspended from twitter James? Rarely do I dont really. I dont know if current better luck on the accounts of James O, Keefe and product very us for reporting on Facebook, VP guy risen in his statements that Facebook freezes comments in place places, the algorithms think there may be hate speech. Ah well, that's it,
Maybe that's not scary at all that the world's third, but rather an what twitters problem, but that the world's fourth refused to Blake S company is carrying the water for the world's second biggest. Come don't come in the number that they jockey for position when its alpha, Google and Amazon an apple. The point is there or in this. What point you say there in Cahoots Twitter bans a journalist for reporting on Facebook, Debbie COPE, shoot you on the street for reporting on Pepsi President do sooner, you know I'm surprised at what it is. I hope and James O Keefe. Of course, you usually just follow single Party consent was here when we were kids, this is what so scary. We were growing up. There was something called them to get a journalist yeah, and it was expected that if people were doing something untoward where people are committing a crime and they were caught on camera that the pilot deserve to know about it. Now you deserve to know nothing right. By the way these same people- and I am not saying you- come down on either side of this- but that say, Edward Snowden should be fried right. These same
you're, saying how free him and make sure Assange is beg, pardon and everything else, but by God we can't have project. It s going into an abortion clinic an actual recording, what they say, and why would? But why would do away they support assigned being free? Oh that's right. That's right! Chicks, penises, makes it really easy to line up dreams? Untie me everything is ok how to stand over here. I wanna be accused of hate speech, be now back yard dumbfounded by chinese brethren right, I'm not a threat to you, commies! Ok, let's go tromp sham impeachment here the. How is it that we follow the whole first day now? Thank God. We want to follow the rest of it. I know, and I think that there are fewer and fewer republicans now we're going to vote for it, because the arguments have been paper thin, but you may not know what I want you tell me is the question that they want you think that this impeachment is going. I was making the case that I think it's to make an example Donald Trump, so that anyone outside about. Why doesn't run its to intimidate you? It's just to make sure he doesn't run again it's to intimidate or
All of you into not even considering representing your constituency because we want to come in for the people by the people in Europe want people than the government for fifty two year here and have to be held up by wires string, entertainment. You know you tell me. One thing assumption is going on is really no justification at this point, but let's go to a couple eclipse that people may not know Jamie were asking I once favorite and she I dont know the point is not a fan so opened his argument assuring assuring the jurors right that his case would be based remedies based on cold hard pet. That's that's cool hard facts. Do not be hearing extended lecturers for me because our case is based on cold hard facts. It's all about the facts cold hard robbing wholesale back.
Is even inside. I was kind of funny head. The eggs are embedded in the same open argument. Annex ii presented a clearly selectively added video, isn't it the worse? This is just a lead. Any did a lot of stuff that he had to fix later on. Clearly select, We edited video to prove that from speech. Incited violence here that we're gonna walk out and I'll, be there with you, we're gonna, walk down, we're gonna, walk down to the capital can On Friday and fraud breaks up a myriad there, you can see from very different rules, so I like has the courage to do what it has to do. I mean it's like you First, it was made on windows movie maker. He I was really bad cut, its insulting God is, we will walk down to the capital? I don't even know what they are trying to do, their maternity, if the so the imperial manager, so the cold hard coal called our ard vascular
ranks failings standing at attention, pulsating cracks in fishermen David, Sicily, Selina, hoping that right he presented evidence of a phone call called hard facts between in Alabama, Senator Tommy to real, also patient enough brine sellers and examine high skill levels. The three hundred out money Tommy, to prevail and that their alleging that Trump pressure Tub Urville to make additional objections to electoral votes. And then they said this or that they said that MIKE Lee was a witness to the Funchal they presented this bottle. I keep in mind as evidence if this happens in an actual criminal court, which is a theme we're gonna continue with your. You actually have a problem phone rang, it was done. From a thousand leagues ways. Is that the phone or goes something like this: hey Tommy from Bass and
certainly says this isn't Tommy and heat hands the phone to centre taboo, certainly thanking from that. He stood by as centre tolerable and present from spoke on the phone and are not call Donald Trump, reportedly ass centre tolerable, to make additional objections ratification process, ok! So this is why they use a lot of anonymous sources, because when they say something that can be fact check right away. Mightily like stopped clipping as nails are not back. Never happened. Places like this, the because that's all Shit and Antwerp, and this is the problem with twitter by the way who also banned James O Keefe, as we just here, which is the majority of the sources, are Twitter or Washington Post out. That's gotta lotta with Godaddy com. We have the whole briefing there. You can check the sources. It will make your head spin like you just, p soup and there's an exorcism being performed. It is on believable how paper thin and how
the legitimate these resources are being used for this. They said. Ok likely said that likely setting USA. That Twitter was fact checking saying. Actually mightily did now. As a matter of fact, he didn't how'd. You know that he didn't Rask and cold hard. Throbbing vascular facts had to retract this piece of evidence that was initially submitted. The impeachment manager, Mr Sicily, correctly and accurately quoted a newspaper account which distinguished senator has taken objection to so were happy to withdraw it on the ground.
I'm just trying to avoid like Apulia, Senator where's you'd have to diagnose it, because it's not true. We have to take it off for real, because you quoted Georgie boy like we do. I do with what we have to check it, because it's bullshit maitre D, smoothed over accurately quota newly balloon report on like well. That should tell you everything you need to nobody's gonna prefer this lunacy. That's not true. He's like how did I say that we shall be able to do. This is not true knowledge about the everyone's favorite banger of chinese spies.
Oh, I wish I loved anything as much as Erics, while loves betraying is country by Bang on Chinese buys a passion. So he came forward to undermine the way this guy's an office I don't eat each applies even a target of chinese spies, you're getting nothing kindly middle hanging. I think we need to be an improvement trial for Eric's, while they're just so much work goes like yeah. You know what we think you shouldn't be here, because he had sex with chinese buys a rest. My case arising guilty by looking herpes lip adding Herpes? Why Shaw is page of chinese treatment body? Has the herpes remotest eggs is both his picture? Why have a signature,
My reason for this is because it is not a vote, but I don't know what I'm doing I oppose down down is up when Erics war while still holds office, he sighed- and this is in presenting his evidence. He said a tweet from Twitter user, Jennifer Lynn Lawrence to prove that trumps base rebelling and committing an insurrection in his name, the Bang of Chinese by serious talkin. But an honour to stand up and fight for you and our nations you that check must end in strong Jennifer Lane six in DC with you, we are bringing the cavalry. Mr President, we are bringing the cavalry doesn't need a consistent must shepherd to set them aside approach. He always community tat. I see bring in a cab he's getting there every time. So did they read anymore? So you know that, don't you see that initiative done Europe with a twitter and then that was a fake, doktor checkmark what subject: Berlin, shit, she's
prevent she actually came and she says she's never been twitter verified what's so there. Out of that was because again, all of their sources are illegitimate. Not up. Most of their sources are illegitimate. Speaking absolutism like they do, but there are no repercussions for them. There are four, even on a comedy. Has that check mark in order try and provide gravitas like look. It's verified twitter followers, and she's never been verified. So that doctoring evidence in this problem within impeachment of a private citizen, you also have you don't have just as Robert Patrick Lady we ve talked about. This really is a witness, a jerk and the judge in this case, in a criminal trial, which is why they didn't want to bring crew. Charges. Guess what you doctor evidence. You can have some problems? You're gonna be held accountable. That is a doctored picture confirmed by the woman whose account was doctored herself, I think, should be bringing this kind of stuff up to ride. Out of them. The guys you are representing trumpery gonna bring that kind of stuff up, but of going back to what he said he said,
look literally they're gonna bring the cavalry right that that sounds like militaristic. Did they write in on horses? Didn't cavalry actually show up in modern Day Cavalry which, what what is that tanks and like our obtaining we, we don't have sales there's no mentally or we're going to be at our support you and make our voices heard peacefully and patriotically that's bring. The cavalry guys. I have some of our had something to do that to me once will remain nameless of the big tech companies where one of the videos, s a drill, your hand, fervour bitch, it's a line from true grit and then, when we took that threat of Ireland, we think throw you in a snake pit under the moonlight you idiots? there's a thing they train you they train. They dictator is a double standard here, but they had entered that really matters. Naturally, people's outlets, and I don't care if someone else use you just some kind of How do you do some kind of colonialism? Vine with that? My problem is when they present evidence that is clearly doctored and facts that they have to
and they can even say because its untrue burns coming out, I'm off it should burn coming out of your mouth because you're a liar also with well, of course, you banks, Johnny spies on us, not a fan of his parting habit that the president is expert dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help them achieve an election. You get complying go far indian massage wrong, just crazy at all. You gotta know it's not you gotta be talking. You do you feel about Jazeera pause? He did this like we break the yeah theoretically alarming up a narrow path? A treaty that you do across the worker was bitter rose gonna like now, before I go on down mean domiciled in needed,
people were impeaching before like like that. I get it. The Donald should promote Donald Trump, as we speak so much issued from the hip unsuited to have all the stuff on him. The problem is, I don't speak that often, but when they do its history, Eric had and untrue, but none of this is evidence against him they're playing things that make him look mean at the very worst. He doesn't mean spirited say I don't exactly what I thought. I liked what what's really since it is. They are lying about all the aroused everything Let me continue on here, too TED Lou, abide by the way I have a whole, but I have a whole bunch of gradual. Tell just look at his twitter. Ok, just look at his amateur, it's gonna score. I rest might outcome horrible, no, my gosh skies God so breathe? He said, TAT, elucidate Trump told my pants. He would go down. Forget my language tallow, just isa, vulgarity. These are the diaphragm told pens he'd go down in history as a pussy, ok,
this is what TED Lou presented. I think you have the overlay right. There overlays see took an hour hitherto. The court was too from a Washington Post article that sourced from- and I quote, to people breathe on the conversation that wasn't the two people who had the conversation wasn't even to people who were in the room when they had the conversation. It was to people who were briefed on a conversation, which means they probably read. One of tat we use tweets and considerably then briefed think about this. He lives, that represents this and it gets, was called called him a pussy the Washington Post, which of course we know, is a liberal rag Rand Loop Force, based on the conversation. How is this shouldn't? This wouldn't be allowed in any court of law seriously right objection, this who say hearsay objectives? that's, you say- and I don't like you
It's not here by them just in case you were even when I don't makes mistakes now think our ulterior motives for TED Lou, because let me presented this is the same guy who, by the way, accused Candice Owens encouraging and inciting White NASH? wisdom and Hitler. I don't have any problems that all over the world nationalism. I think that it gets the definite gets poisoned. Muso one said quote: if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and hair things run. Well, ok, fine promises that what'd, he dreams outside of Germany. So when people try to legitimize Adolf Hitler, does that feed into white nationalist ideology, but responded. She was. I do not believe that we should be characterizing Hitler as a nationalist was a homicidal psychopathic maniac that killed his own people, a nationalist, would not kill their own people. That is exactly what I was referring to the clip. Any purposely wanted to give you a cut up similar to what they do. Donald Trump Decree Edition
narrative that was unbelievably dishonest to Luke look at a strap on again and bodily accurate Erics, while I'll put him in a wig and invent a massage parlor, but look at me, I don't think it is prudent fervour can't zones to generally speaking, if you bring up Hitler as a comparison example using the bad column, but He was clearly misleading people on watch. Outsiders aren't even Alfie he's cult, maybe he's actually colorblind, and he has no idea who is sitting in front of them. I'm offended, I'm color blind and I dont- want to derail legislative at TED. Let your heavily re so worried that the guy is pretty damn stupid. Is about here's another one by our time out inciting violence. What about tell me where he said that there would be riots if Trump Fire Miller, if the president, go ahead and higher Robert smaller. We would have people take to this. Aids. I believe it will be widespread civil unrest. We, why did you have people right? I don't think that
He was bringing rioters with him. I don't think he was bringing cavalry. They really had a pre planned. It was prepared, but my point is that when it but this that we will have riding in the street. Put that in writing. We will have right. Did you not say we will have riding in the street? Is talking about France last name, we legislate protesting protests things never gone bad in these communities around the country. That feel like their voices of being heard, because you said their voices are being heard. I was talking about midget joy, major triad leader, we sometimes put we're gonna ship and Eric Swallow just put a minute nobody's going to bed and of our right to pursue its policy. To be bookoo dictum where'd you get out of here, here we go he's a word that smaller has never heard me these meetings. All you too,
no what's problem facing two big. So tell me something I don't know. I don't know every else, may I point even see it. I had to call him at once seen and calls you out. It must be really bad, they call them out when you live tweeted insults during the present term Jeff Deject sessions. National? Doesn't let me have it right here, choosing words that the president I say its uses on his own twitter on I M Madeleine Average administration. But does that make it right I mean: do you like seeing the president used it's like that, like the lion TED, so then you repeat them show their present changes words this doing it, because I do want to highlight how ridiculous it is. Isn't. It is pathetic a thing to do that and I'm going to fight back. Won't they go low. We,
stay low. To always, oh your moment, you're gonna ground you set a grown up thing to do shabby Jimbo. By the way we did you called about not just seen in the CNN, be Tina warning crew that I have to watch before this isn't an adult thing to do now. Ireland, then an adult four year grabbed the media. Did this to all politicians have been a much better position. They have like a quarter relate they hear it like once a month ago, all right, we we checked. We check to level out over the earth. Now we're on biased What can the logic is that he did it, so I can do it and we're not gotten out of like the fifth grade mentality one download genetically one. Other thing don't under that violence. Clear inciting violence we are well riot, but when Donald Trump says fight like hell, it's violence by the way hit the notification Bell, you're watching right now, you're subscribed because subscriptions so I mean a whole lot and we broadcast Monday to Thursday
Ten, a M Eastern just check and that's the best way to do it here is not what we have. Is it Stacy plastic it Harry opponents are but one of the things I ve only read basic. So again, I'm done going through. All this you why you should know that all of these things are very favourably false. Ok, you can check the source alot of credit outcome, Stacy plastic. I think it's plastic somethin, like that. It's close presuppose that our task, a scant resources, plastic it claimed. This is what she was claiming this: what their buildings narrative, that down from new about the storming and She said that that is according to an article about an Ex Whitehouse insider, an Ex Whitehouse income paint insider deal. Red who has known boats could be no under President four years, nomes that there was no way that's casino and the trumps social media operation would not have aware of the plant circulating online to storm the capital, because- and I quote The trump operation closely monitored the webs darkest corners, ranging
mainstream sites such as twitter, Facebook and read it Two fringe message: boards, like four Chan, an ex Chan now call should actually done a coup. The Donald DOT win an offshoot of a band, read it community dedicated to rapidly, supporting all things trump. Now, if you don't know what you're watching she goes, and I quote, yes, I'm a lawyer who she quoting the article was entirely based on. Anonymous source by the way we do said the Lord of the day, and I appreciate that the best you can do for the Youtube. I love you remove a question you want to talk to people just comment is another source of lets the word of the day, because everything is an anonymous sources or non existent
by the way that this person this anonymous source? If that was not bad enough, you know what they're what they just said, there's no. They must have no right, I have no evidence of them actually knowing it and see them looking at this NGO, yet they saw they talked about it. I wasn't briefed on anything that actually happened at that, but they must know last have known because of an unknown article in Washington Tell which I quote: how can you even something like that? How can you much less go back and or to Indonesia. That sounds about right now could even part of the first. My these are the people who want to silence all of our shows, keep in mind wash in Poland, Bulgaria and by Jeff Beza, CNN, bright delta, they're, saying you need to get rid of this red of misinformation and faintness. Really, this is fake. Is this fake news you presented at the impatient, fake twitter verifications documents from people who are briefed on conversations when they warrant even there and other documents. So from anonymous sources, and you can even pronounce it correctly ex Chan Ex come
through how she give how sharp, in a run for his money, whom I was going, they romagnuols you're still wrong by three. Then she went on type but to be fair to your point only to include Oliver Context because she went on you cite Donald DOT win posts with twelve comments, an example that, although I am a real underground schemes biomed, TAT is or is there a clip, I think clip I write you could buy. This is example of a postal was captured from one of the sites dedicated to Donald Trump. Twelve countries talked about shortly before the site was taken down. Ok, we'll more than twelve comments. This very second that MRS Archives- and we said the word of the day you just for contact me- can't come at live because liability, but once its archived you can come in here is the truth. The first and all the time that image ever appeared in January,
anyway. I think they think that Donald Trump is clairvoyant like em all Harris. You know where she can travel back in time wasn't tupac before it is a thing because a black person black person holding him to that standard because he clear, would have no. It was planned ahead of time by this post that wasn't post ahead of time was twelve communist. Look, it's Donald Duck without the message, but it has its because his name in it. But I rest my case. Try another more people in the West Rural Baptist Church than looked at that they have a flippers for next year Here's another it is evidence of this is happening that I missed hats off to Lillian Insincere, who helped us research this they please to figure this is presented and you wouldn't I didn't know what I don't blackened with nicknames, there was have nicknames, so I No, that John Sullivan. Why is the same person as jaded x, and so this is one of the videos are presented from Jane Ass. You can really see on CNN. This is what they presented as ever.
And you can see his watermark in the video exchanging right there. You see jaded exploiter, ok, so that's jade. Next John Sullivan Some of us are travelling to change it to Martin Luther jaded. Exe. Little by little red x. I mean I don't know, I don't know a guy with a nickname made a heart. I know I didn't men at John Sullivan thing and Jane acts. Are you where this guy now I have heard of who I think about it? to Johnson, because these are really going to get in touch with you routes,
Somebody out I want to give Turkey a dumb route, guys, I'm sorry about this series routes. That was a fake. It's pretty tough for me to watch it Joe. It's really! Well, you really are self loathing so this could easily Jane Jane Excess, John Sullivan. This is the source they use. So not better than anonymous bad nonexistent straighter than banner of chinese spies, but I was still there might be some by their because this is what John sullen Slash. Jake next is all about go on everybody, money and John Solving problems. All the city you to my room, surgeons USA, without which somehow that office right over there. How about that now now remain above the wait till the next election. We're about to go get that mother Now I dont think that that's a misinterpretation of someone saying we're bringing the cavalry no now seems pretty many sets out. Almost literal sounds like a threat
congratulations and maybe only black minutes Alex in Utah. So that's it. That's the kind of guy. What does stand but they're, not even concern. This guy is actually incited. This guy is actually not just an. I don't have inserted cause. You may not have been successful, but called people to violence. He's so bad that it even black lives matter. Disowned him and you know you ve gotta, be really hurts After hearing him speak. I understand why, when with jade necks zounds much tougher sounds much tat is by the way when you Jonah speech like that you're turning violence, don't wear rash guard. That shows you look like a famine victim in order to serve your in Utah, ok here. What use part of his capital footage that they also they didn't present. They didn't show
I don't want to imagine that I was trying to tell you I didn't say more. You just at the moment. This is not going to be. The best will move ever make light earlier earlier. All believe it when you made your wish. We hardly in fact did not delete that shit is allied to be fair. Mr X doesn't know where the delete button is not look. I'm nuts
That proves that there was antiphon renders what stage, but here's the thing. What a guy going in there. You said Paul pull that men out of office, which let's be clear if he is willing to actually commit a family environment, enact treasonous violent acts against present United States. Why would he uncomfortable lying about him, of course, are going to bring forward to lie just like the women who lied about Brett Cavanaugh and then they rescinded. But no one covers that store anymore. So right now they presented next and then, when it comes out these align be scrapped but is actually committed. Acts of violence that we're and it may just won't, have any accountability at that point, but think about this for a second that guy's there. What is he shoved? Somebody right. Doesn't it does need to be a whole group of he shoved somebody and someone reacts. We ve seen this happen to change my mind, that takes one person and although we have a lot of security there, this is the point. It was a powder keg. It wasn't just one group of people in Europe being honest about it, because I think you know that if people saw that video- and they understood the videos were shown- was of a guy goading them on and a guy who had previously called for violence, why would they
who said, hey, pull the motherfuckers outlets burn this down. What what? What happen from committing violence on that day. When he's talking about how great it or not it more than Donald Trump did regularly. Think dollar up inside it won't they did. But do you not think he was? egging them on, as they were heading that way so that he could get men the best. Did you ever gotten in my life right and be incredibly excited in yet went to get I presently they Angelo Louis around like that voted she got up and what look looking and by what that's it. Don't call em out for them is culture four stroke it's better than what you want like it on you and everything I distracted me rather go. My black blood pressure is going up, will look to things, can can be true in this case right micro set at MID, really good point. I think that each other's hearings matter we're going back to this than ever.
Thing that we see right now by the way- is democrat, showing you how bad it was a day, and I will grant it. There were heroes day who made sure that people get to safety. There were people that did at a fantastic job of being patriots horse and doing their jobs right. It was horrible that people broke. It did Did it's horrible that people's lives were costs in this right? That is true, but there try make a connection to Donald Trump. That is not true to say that this is true and therefore Trump is wrong for doing. This brings me to what I think to what I think is a most important point here that awful you guys throughout their when clip this, get it up because this. The timeline they haven't running must talk about, and I know that be upset because any time discuss the deaths at hand, he discussed the truth. People get mad may say why. Why are you why you downplaying of death? That's not what I'm doing. By way. Of course, we do support people in law enforcement who are doing their job well, and I do think that there are tragedies, and I do think that people made unwarranted violence of course deserve to be prosecuted. Have I set have I set the context Enough Oak, because it also matters, but the house impeachment manager
and it confused me- and I followed us for living presented that here the claimed at least seven. One of the five year seven We live there. Seven people died, that's not true! Eureka Johnny he's ok, that is a lot now, when you going crazy, guy really clear about this guy. Actually, Babbitt is a person who we know was was shocked by the police. Obviously, that's horrible! That's tragedy, really rare That genuinely makes me sad that that happens, the oak, absolutely there were five reported deaths and we're not seven reported definition. Now they changed. The seven includes two officer suicides which happened days after the riots no caused by the way is known some,
was trampled to death in what was a present medical emergency. We don't have all the information on that two of the other five died of a heart attack and a stroke and the times of death can not be confirmed now, the one that they focus on as far as the officers officer after technic he was originally reported, bludgeon death with vaccinations and as everyone here we were all horrified to hear that it didn't happen. We are in fact horrified to hear it if someone blushing to definite faxing, so I want to see them fry, ok, being said, there was miss reporting here which is cited as a source with impeachment folks. The reports of his death went to twitter at five. Fifty four p m was amiss for his time of death was listed at nine thirty p M Nine hundred and thirty p dot m sickness autopsy. It hadn't been released. Reports refuted, they died from blunt force trauma by the way it's not been released, yet they report the refuting that alright here's the thing with Signet Tipp, because its matters I'm about to get to the Trump video on the time. I'm really try to sit here and don't violence. He checks at his brother after returning from the right
saying that he was ok, but he got pepper, sprayed twice, family later learned, he suffered a stroke and then he died on the seventh. My report of his death was at nine something PMS nine. Fifty four p m and by the way, Investigators have been completely unable to match the video of him being attacked with the fire extinguisher. They don't have to give him being button de facto and theirs hunt of footage doesn't mean it didn't happen right again use, but you said seven deaths in two or suicides days later, wonder and confirmed in a heart attack and stroke. Listen, you are still on the graves of people and politicizing here? This is, ready, tragic enough. This is ready wrong enough, it's nowhere near the black lives matter right as far as damage as far as deaths as voters. All other categories is not even close, and you guys encouraged that will have a superpower that on Monday I bet you did probably get up an impeachment all trumps worst verses, of the worst folk thanks summer of love and we're gonna burn this down in these people need to be her, in riots or the voices of the unheard. You are the party of
urging violence and telling businesses in California. You know we're not gonna, just don't report the theft unless two thousand dollar minimum. That's what was happening in California, so use seven after we had heard five and here's something else that is really important to know. It was to thirty eight p m after the rice trumped. We did this exactly. Please support our cap police and law enforcement they are truly on. The side of our country stay peaceful What you're trying to say is Donald Trump set. We love you to them he's right log onto riders, we're going to keep in mind. Every single one I mentioned most than were days later. None of the deaths at this point had been reported. Not no deaths have been report. Just injuries at this point we're Donald Trump release this video. Where he's you need to be peaceful and he said we love you because it was at this point talking to people who write something out of hand, but at this point there were no debts, yet it wasn't like black lives matter. Here's a video so go home. We love you, but you have to go home. Now we have to have
this. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people, an order. We don't want anybody hurt, TAT was before any deaths were confirmed after death, confirmed after many many many death after hundreds of offshore casualties can prevent the billions of dollars and damages he's still have leaders of Democrats, cities who haven't said that who haven't said you need to go home and stop can Imagine this per second do think for a second, if it again at this moment in time context, no one had died. Yet there were only ends. No one knew this Verde black eyes met, and I am not saying that I am not saying that the attack years justified, but let them Agnes scenario. Ok, we're black lives matter. Breaches of, I don't know, let's say, breaches the CNN building, let's say: breaches some state capitol building and there's at that point, there's no deaths, rightness thing. We need to be heard
Could you imagine we could you imagine any democratic politicians saying anything other than their voices need to be heard and will not be violent, but still we need to listen to them. They wouldn't have spoken, is strongly and condemned black lives matter as strongly as Donald Trump did before there was a single life lost. How do I know because you ve had months and you haven't done it and the number of people even distort they were peaceful protest. In the first place and defended the writing, even though they could see the cars burning right behind the CNN reported saying that it is mostly peaceful protest at one quick question, and I want to step in anything here, but where all the people, like that, worse that police, brutality and police shooting people- insinuations, maybe where they didn't know too, with with Ashley and a lot of people are brought this up like did it was that a justified shooting and that's a question- I don't I don't know I haven't seen everything about you haven't seen every angle has that radio when she was shot, I think it was through glass and protestors was obviously privacy at that point. Turning into rioters interact come through, so I can understand
fearing for your life, but if the guy, in the way, these parking lot that fought to police officers toss them like rag doll, grab the taser ran off and started issued. A cop can't be shot, can actually right just because she was on the wrong team that day exert that's why it s ring anything up about this right, just curious. I'd really really is remarkable double standard and it's not even close fade away scales of the violence and the carnage and the condemnation that response from Democrats. It's never been a strong listen. It has been over course of the intact summer of love. Is a Seattle unbearably referred to what has been going on all summer and into the fall for crying out loud to change their march to seasonal, aware and without from one and where there were support some supporters for Donald Trump One, and at this point death and he immediately set. We support law enforcement, EDA Dahomey to be peaceful. He can't say we love but you gotta go home. Junior showed a hostage. Negotiation is a definite this point there, no life, loving it. Let's not make any worse. We love you guys, understand why you're upset, but you need to go home as opposed to the left, who says we
you guys. We understand, and I think that there's a GMO free down the block that you can burn down. Walgreens is very flammable. What there's a ran Paul, leaving the event so go, go mad him right, yeah, go mob him and will get money together in value out of jail if an exact what you can do to get right. Yeah people who repeated, who committed murders, people who committed theft, people committed rapes, were being bailed out thanks Kemal Hair VP, helping with that bail fund, we do have to get going we're going to talk with take. I believe we have a talk with terrorists in a little, but everyone there remember where the day is anonymous. Sources comment: your thoughts on impeachment, seeing this has to change your mind at all comment, comment, comment, come and after tat, crews, we're gonna go to my club and take your chat rang. Let's get go into this editor,
tromp has left off as he's no longer president at this point there simply exercising their primal rage. They hate the man so much an inner you think of the challenges facing this country. I mean we ve got a global pandemic whip tens of millions of people out of work. I think they need to put their partisan hatred aside and and and focus on x working for the american people getting America back to work, helping small businesses. This is going to be just venting the id of the Democrats, and then it's gonna end with daily, in for the president to be convicted. It take sixty seven votes in the said it- that's not rather than focus on getting kids back in school and getting tens of millions of Americans back to work. The Democrats war. A week of just political theatre raging it Donald Trump, and there you have it. Of course
the clip of our next guess: political theatre. That's the word! He used, which it is almost an insult, a theatre somewhere so Merman is rolling over in her grave singing clang clarifying the trolley I guess you can follow me on Twitter for as long as they allow at TED crews or at Send TED crews, eyes Pike S his verdict with tat crews in his book. One vote away, which he hasn't sent us a hard copy, a senator tat crews are user. Doing great and end since you're you're lacking a hard copy of the book. I am unhappy to demo it and we will send you this can't be right here. It is in the mail along with a jerk or book as in the mail, so I can expect that to be lost due Fedex. Please, let's go the private rout just to be sure. Ok, so send it, because I have a lot to get too and some some tough sure, because I promised my audience that we be asking Republicans and tough questions here. You ve got some splain into bill, but not a lot
first, let's go get written Ricardo along TAT. I now yeah Benwick threatened to beat his wife Mercer. When you jaws old, shows you like the good old times, Givney idea, you watch the honeymoon. Roma zoom to the moon is strike. You so hard, you well being events, but nobody on earth thought that that desi earners could take Lucille ball. She would kick his tail and everyone knew that and so that sort of kept it on a nice even keel yeah, and it was foreshadowing too now the executive action from my Joe Biden, where Trans males can be A transitional solution is now the blood the lines are blurred. The point is: seventy hands up chin down, ok political theatre tell people what we're watching here. What what do you think about this impeachment? Right I mean I, I really do think it's a shame. I think the Donald Trump Defence during the first guy should should just which would walk off a cliff figuratively.
Why is this happening right now? The constitutionality is is, is your strong suit, but you have both sides. They always have these arguments. Will the constitution and says this and give us the Renault Chill meeting? Both peace is number one. Why is it happening as Democrats hate the present that they hate Donald Trump for four years? That's been the democratic He has been defined by this pathological mean there. Reason, trumped arrangement syndrome is a thing: who they are, and so this week that trial is going to be lots of screening lots of pounding on the table. It's an emotional grasping their ties and like looking looking with big puppy eyes, and it can be lots of videos really hard wrenching videos, but at the end, hey it's doomed to failure. They know that Ray Senator in the chamber. All one hundred senators know the outcome of this is going to be the trumps going too. When they need sixty seven votes to convict Benny
there's gonna, be somewhere around fifty five votes to convict, plus or minus one or two and Then it'll be overrun and they're going. Through this not because they actually want to accomplish what they say they try to do, but because they just take the guy and an end there's no reasonable argument. I believe that this needs the standard for impeachment? The standard is high crimes, misdemeanours. Their argument is that that trunk in cited. The bottomless last night I was here at the gap was on the second floor when, when the attack occurred, it was a terrorist attack- and we was reprehensible one- this officer was murdered. Every one of those violent criminals should be fully prosecuted, but if you look at what Trump said and listen, I've been among the first to do so. The trumps rhetoric was was over heated that it went too far. I wish you hadn't gone as far as he did, but the Democrats
argument, is using language like fight and win and take back. Our country that is somehow incitement to I would say you know that is true. You better be prepared to line up and indict every single pull candidate for office who ever given a stop speak. The local candidate for dog capture is right now saying we need and win and take back our country from the dogs like this is absurd hypocrisy. They know it but their anger and rage towards Trump is what's driving napping. That's why I know you're making light of it, but it's no laughing matter when large swathes of Detroit are controlled by packs of roaming, wild dogs. It's a serious elected position. I don't appreciate your tone there, you know, I just point out that the great state of Texas, where you and I both reside the legislature- shape
the law to legalise Hon hunting from helicopter, yes with which made me. The love like like tat, look part rapacity lives, they destroy crops and that their do all sorts of damage, but but it is still thoroughly bad ass at and I'm gonna admit to you right now, steed that that I I feel completely incomplete. As a person. Till I actually get up a helicopter and hot dogs. I haven't done it yeah. They are trying to make that happen very, very soon and I'll. Let you know what I do, and so the walls were taken over that those can be dealt with tat yeah. They can live in a world which is actually wild dogs. That's a pervert example! Actually in Detroit Michigan, where I spent quite a bit of my time, they had a vote for a Wolf hunt in the upper peninsula. Michigan how familiar you are, but that's separate by a large body of water. So never be. Yes, the you pay serious
people. We have someone from Wisconsin who works here even Brendan, and he thinks it should be part of Wisconsin, but he's a moron celt. They had a vote on a wolf fund because it was a problem in the UK and it was voted down. You know why because a bunch of hipsters in Detroit Coffee shops thought it was mean, like all the walls, keep the populism coyote population and check that you peers that they set the eucharist we're more concerned about the wolves than the Cairo he's right now and that's a problem, I think, with a lot of politics, we have Americans who feel their voice doesn't get heard because some people in big cities, just they overrule their vote. Why are people in Detroit voting on a wolf hunt for people in the Eu P, and that brings us back to the election just said, and this is something that I know if you ve got. Some heat for Donald Trump went too far in his rhetoric. What could you gimme some examples? What are you? What do you mean by that? A look I, by the way that this is not a new sentiment. Diving trump Rhetoric often goes too far. I wish what he said when he tweets will just ratchet down a total to. Actually
he would have been more effective without all the drop that there were some unforced errors, and so With regard to the last election, I think the president saying over and over again that the election was stolen, its overwhelming and completely clear and accurate. I think the evidence back, I think there are. Is Syria evidence of voter fraud. That needs to be invested It's why I stood up on the floor of the Senate and Brow, together eleven senators calling for an election commission and review the evidence I, but I think determination. That ought to be actually based on evidence and facts and not Stating the outcome you want, which is it was still because I say so, I think it's much better. Had actually derived from and connected, but using unit Not most of these cases were dismissed. The evidence wasn't even heard. I mean I've is court, in particular
dismissing it on. On standing, so what does President Drum do what an unjust present trumpet the seventy million Americans, who voted form or Saint Paul and there's no due process here? We ve shown irregularities and we might be banned from social media if we these irregularities. How do we say it's not based on evidence when ever I know the standard return, what evidence proven in court, but they haven't heard the evidence. Let me ask you this: have you seen up? Do you believe that you say enough evidence to say there have been some serious irregularities and large levels of fraud. Last election, I think there questionably have been serious irregularities and what we know that the Democrats have done in state by state what these certainly did was changed. The rules to benefit them so the move, for example the universal mail in balancing. Let's take a state, a state of Pennsylvania right where they moved to universal mail and balloting its contrary to the Pennsylvania State Constitution, ignore the law and they did it because they understand that for a long time now
in reality- has been the greatest source of voter fraud that it is susceptible to ballot harvesting susceptible to two things, I got you, take a nursing home when you have universal mail in balloting. Political operators can go into a nursing home to a bunch of folks who may not be competent anymore to make determinations and fill out the balance for them. And build a man and by the way, if you want nursing, home residences, stubborn votes, the wrong way from the political operators view than just rather Balin and that's a problem. You are just a couple of months ago in Texas a woman, was indicted for motor fraud for doing exactly that. Over a hundred ballot, she went a nursing home residents to fill out Many of them were not competent, we're not capable to understand what they were doing and shoes. Trying to steal vote, and so male invalidating is particularly susceptible, and it's not just me that says by the way there was a bipartisan commission. A number of years back, it was cheered by
Jimmy Carter and James Baker round the corner. But your commission, you may quarter is hardly some rightwing cook or the letter written from Elizabeth worn in any club which are too, I believe it was apparent company have dominion, not saying was a ghost of Hugo Chavez who came extol the election but saying hey? These machines are not secure in what we understand that we require for national action, signed Elizabeth, worn Amy Club, which our souls. Ok to say that important social media until recently. Now it's considered treatin, I guess or high crime that so listen. What I would say, is there there is significant abbot is that there was meaningful, loader fraud that that is deeply concerned and you are right- that many of the court cases were decided on procedural, resolute and get to the merits they didn't get to the underlying evidence because a procedural barriers. It's why, on January six, I stood up and lead the objection and raise the objection, because I said, listen there there's enough evidence primacy, She evidence on the front
to raise a serious concern. We need to appoint on impartial election commission that can consider the evidence on the merits and make a conclusive determination. I still think that would have been the right path to take. If we have done that and reviewed and on the merits, you know you ve got. Nearly half the country that that belief he's the election was right? That's not good for the stability for confidence in our democracy, I think having a process too not the fair on it would have been much better right and, unfortunately, the Senate didn't agree. Are you worse for democracy in this trust of our constituency is, is potentially elections being rigour, and the answer here, according to the Democrats before this election, and I think that a lot of people feel as though there doesn't matter going forward on that asked. Because I got what wasn't if this is what happened last election there's over thirty plus million Americans who feel that way, specifically on election fraud? What do you think the future of the republican Party? It's because I think a lot of people who are mad
you do need to fight like hell and people are on the move on and take this on the chin, and I tell you what for me, because you know we we cross reference. We have an intern with pictures of today's newspaper in Nevada addresses just we can only go to so many dozens of addresses to show these are not valid addresses. This is a fake vote. We can prove it, I would say, under constant threat penalty of mercury, because we I've seen this myself I can't say that I've seen everything else. This is what I can claim in court and no corps. Would admit it is evidence? What's the fusion of the republican Party? Do we think there's a place for delivery, chinese of the world and the Trump vote, the world. So I said I think there should be a place for everyone who is willing to vote to save our countries and and- and I do think efforts actually on either side within within the Republican Party to purge either purge Trop supporters are purge. Those who are sceptical The president, in both of those mistakes I want when I want to get the fifty plus one. I want to actually have policies that makes
for a country that defend our liberties that protect our free speech and religious liberty in our second amendment, I want those policies in place and so think we should be growing The team of supporters now does does that Can we give up and stop fighting absolutely not to the contrary, we need to stand up and fight for what I believe in and what you believe in and what all of us believe in weed to fight SIRI. Sally and and effectively and the thing irritably at my back, because when you say fine, I'm not huge treasonous bastard, you, you know, and this is a battle on electoral battle that will go on defending liberty is not is not easy election It is a serious threat. I spent twenty years fighting voter fraud when I was solicitor general taxes. I led the states, the fence photo idee laws in the states right
fraud is a real problem. And we need to fight against. That being said, I HU? Thank you sometimes see republican politicians who say who use voter fraud as an excuse. I tell you my approach, What I've been on the ballot is yes vote or frauds probably divided and combated, but for the election coming up. Now here's the simplest answer when big enough margin that they can't stealing from ran in, and I do think from the approach you get that job done that is in Gordon, I ll give you an example where we didn't get the job done, which the Georgia Senate Ramos on January, this guy went. The georgian three separate times and campaign on the ground, those with the most important Senate, races of our lifetimes We lost him, but that is What handed the Senate over to chuck humor the country is when you go through some horrible policies, because we lost those races.
What happened in Georgia? All the devil it showed up, they were read. They were united that they work in, vigour raided to to yeah, I'm through the socialist policies that they're getting ready to push through an hour I stayed home our guys, we're depressed. They were demoralized and and they didn't show up and then because it's a lot on finance. Our vote didn't matter. You know, like you just at win by a large margin, Eve Alot of people whose country who think that did happen, and they could still they can sell steal it. That's what what we haven't seen the evidence. Fundraising. I understand how those people feel. I still think they should gotten vote, but it does. In some ways, for many Americans right now feel like a hopeless endeavour in, and they just don't feel like Republicans or are fighting for them enough look Republicans fighting enough now and then that it's been a persistent problem, but
we can win. We have one you look at even this election where, where we want most of the close Senate seats and we gained a bunch of seats in the House of Representatives but is about turn out. You don't reminds me of you know John Man when he was young. People video games, your wife, financing, Babangida, saying things like what you were. You know it. You score more points than the other team. Your girl, the game that that's true in politics, which is, if their voters fill up at your stay home, you're going lose the elect, but it's not you. It's like a boxing match and the guy keeps punching you in the nuts and the rough doesnt call it, and then you keep trying to keep it above the belt. I think that's what a lot of people feel that right now, even outside of voter fraud. Even at that that Democrats play dirty money for cried out, Senator tell crews LEO sees that you try to have her murder, for that is the most absurd thing. I've ever heard by the way, your response
I know you're gonna be nice about it, but let's have something needs to be commensurate with the accusation. She said that you try to have murdered. I can't think of something that could inspire one to violence. More than a statement, that, because, if I believed you were actually a murderer, your Timothy elephant shaved, head hitman- I probably I probably get physical with you. If I believed it, Look she she's unhinged that's better than I do it to respond in kind, and I don't need this screen, you're a terrorist run away like like it's just the left has lost their minds I actually think it's much more effective to respond. With with the with a smile to respond with your I take a screaming socialist, who believes that that bet like people are trying to have arrived. I don't take that seriously. I think it's naughty and enhance its self parent.
You you don't actually have to you need to say much other than will that's pretty crazy. You and your lamp you're to reason. Here's a from your intelligent, your to reasonable and there are a lot of people in the country who aren't. But, more importantly, The media doesn't care after the ABC came out that she wasn't there when she wasn't when she was in the cannon building. She was. She was seven miles away right. We covered this in depth and the pipe bombs were planted anywhere near her and she kept changing our story. After all this car. Two days later, I was listening to have an ABC news, update my and my kind of step to my podcast stuff, just cuz. I want to hear what they're saying on Friday. Is it oh see, describe her harrowing experience at the state capital, and I thought oh they're, going to as the controversy now didn't even happen. So I know that you think it's, I think, she's crazy, we know she's short of viable, but the meeting and treat it that way, and then it's a drip drip drip with enough American to absorb it. Nothing all tat prison, attempted murder. Look at that
there is no doubt about it and the media is utterly complicit one of the consequences. Last four years. The media's broken that there is, anything you look at. Something like see, an end which is acting for years ago. You could see them trying to be journalists, they open no, they hate troops so much that They are raving partisans, nobody argues the media's unbiased anymore. If nobody, the media, argues, they are passionate vision. His partisans and saw the agency thing, of course, and by the way I see the fact that she's unhinge doesn't mean she is endangered spread. Her ideas. She's an unmitigated socialist, her ideas. This is a woman who celebrated driving Amazon at New York and killing twenty five thousand jobs with us we figure average pay. Yet who needs who need jobs. These who are they ideas there putting forward would do enormous damage to our country and by the way, their vicious.
Part of the reason she's claiming that I try to have a murder, is Is this is like Robespierre, the hard left, then? What destroy all their enemies mean They are trying to try to destroy Donald Trump. Why is this impeachment hearing happening because they, I'm so much- did they figure much drivers take three minutes driven by hatred and extremism and they want to drive a snake through you and me and in their trying to raise all set, five million Americans who voted for travel and right now, the media's fully and on a big check is fully and on it I mean it is this: is the empire strikes back to threaten to shift to a different? the reference sunny day our right. Now we will cross the rebellion Senator air was at the property, unannounced farmers there. Was Darth Vader, although probably did work on my breath and yours you maybe I just I just don't follow nerd lore, but I understand the reference, but here's the thing Senator
and will work it when we had about it. I don't entirely believe you, I think you probably had, like the watchman graphic novel hidden, underneath your desk in just a year recovering nerd, pretending to be cool. Now. I've talked about this in the show I want. I viewed the watchman on a flight and I walked out that's how I dislike the watchman I said: is it? Can you get that? Can you get that small child? A toddler, too short? Kicking the tv train, the back of my chair, so it just it ruins my train of thought here. Distract me, but here to think now their control three branches of government left. Republicans, and I remember when you were here, you know a few months ago. I said for years the biggest issue over time is big ten to thirty. Let people them Republicans within what hope do they have now now it's open season can start with then work its way down. All of us look, it is CS. It is profoundly dangerous, are in Congress. All the Democrats are opposed doing anything think tech they want them to use their monopoly power to silence and destroy their enemies. So you get hacked
Congress, that is fully in bed with big tat. You then have The Republicans that are just scared of doing much of anything it's only a handful of us. I mean I've been leading the fight on big tat for the last several years at your hearing after here. After hearing the pressing for action? Here's the real problem: when you ve got all the Democrats and have the Republicans or the other side. You don't have the boats to boot, something through Congress, so I proposed all sorts think they ain't gonna move because the votes are The only hope was the executive branch right For four years we had the executive branch and in one of the challenges, look Trupp understood TAT was a problem. He wanted to do something about it. The studies, administration couldn't actually effectively execute the do. Some about like Italian, the last four years on this topic, I have sat down and met repeatedly with President Trump Vice President pants, the White House Chief of Staff turning general, the deputy attorney general, the
didn't turn in general for the Anti Trust division, determined, vertebrate, commission, the General Council of the federal trade. Each and every one of them laying out here the steps we need to take and they bring lawsuit against Google. That was good, but that was focused. Mostly on on commercial and anti competitive conduct outside of the speech and censorship, side and I could never get the people in the administration executing the policy to get serious about stopping censorship. Trop wanted to It's a gosh. I wish this would happen, but nobody minute administration was able to be focused and effective and competent and get it That's the only way we're gonna get it done is with an executive that is right. The act and knows because you're saying there are too many Republicans in the Senate, who wouldn't take part in the votes, are lacking
we want to have a new contract somewhere here about that's how bout you and your guys co, drafts and cook covering up some legislation and put it on the table and, let's find out who those fifty Republicans are invoked them up. So we know who they are so, for example, Senate, Judiciary Committee. We voted voted on the bill one month month or two ago. Rain in section, two thirty provide some scrutiny to big tat every single day. Grant mooted. No one half the Republicans, but are right. I want a list of those names and I want those people voted out because the biggest issue over time- that's I dont considerate winning. If those people I want a big ten, I dont want those namby panties, I think that's fair look is an excess sensual threat. That being said, and by the way by the administration will do nothing because they their bought and paid for by big tat those of their supporters, and they want big text to be works. It's not even they won't rate in big tech. Divided Duration is fearing protect any work right so the only answer. Frankly,
is when the White House and have an executive understands that the danger and is capable of, but it knows how to use tools of law enforcement to stop the censorship in silence and abuse of power No, you have to go we're gonna go to behind Youtube for two minutes with your equipment. I listen. We know, there's probably chance it you're going to run and the next election year, popular republican national figure. Maybe you will now do you want Will you make a promise right now that if you run and you win, you will take executive action to make sure that speech is free and open on these platforms, who claimed to be platforms? Absolutely hundred percent right when a holiday that and if you don't you run for present in that vote for union, when I'm gonna accuse you attempted murder, always gonna be way more in depth and I'm gonna have receipts and he's gonna be some very large man named Lyle who works for you?
I will save you say: murder, you have got to know if you saw the Babylon be article that that that ahead of you see lying on the ground screening. My goodness me there needs to be a few more double use and murder. If you're going to say that this is true, really quick or black, let's tell Youtube to take a hike because regular do a quick, rapid fire. Secretaries Let me ask you this. You said let him in the show your bourbon man, that's your your drink of joy, ASCAP, Scotch! I thought you were american, you, the first got to burden by sit side of this is true, but is it so widely reported that the Driscoll Hotel and asked me great old hotel, haunted. What's what's would end up with also cowhide leather, sofas and They'll be J used to come in their apparently and and
would border a burden which is the right thing to order and our tendered new to serve him scotch because apparently he drank scotch when he just didn't want order it, and one too There is a new bartender, he ordered bourbon and they gave until they dragon spinning said what the hell is. Never any problem That's some racial slurs because it was L B Jack. What you know I got, I got Before Christmas I get some twenty two year old scarves, its apparent I dont like Scott. So next time you and you in the studio you can. Let me know if my friend you purchased it for me, like mere hates me, wait here old Skype. I think they, like you. I see Now here's the thing to you know the big difference. Bourbon is actually not nearly as American is right. We had right before bourbon and then country have radically the corn lobbyists. But a big thing is the reason I love the history of bourbon and in right is when we too surplus here. If you ve had a surplus in the old world left you to give it to the king and we had Americans that we have a surplus and they didn't really have storage. They said, let's do still it, but you do so.
You still what you want, you want the queen and her money to Mr Scotch. I got nothing. Figures, rightly my mind, started wondering as you were saying, and I thought so last night I finished watching the tutors out of you watch that on Showtime, but this sort of It's kind of a game of thrones type Series about Henry the eight I wants to episodes, and there were too many man, but not a man but a lot of man but a lot, but go ahead. And you with your men, but are all so I did, did last night. So it was a bad guy by the way. Oh no, you know when you execute multiple wives in and burnt people at the stake. You know you were bad guy, but corners Attorney was yeah now you're, absolutely what's your favorite film You got me state assistance where I hear, but Princess princess bride. Really, ok, solid has that we could be friends right. The book
you know it's for my favorite film? If I have to pick one my chair just broke? Well, my fellow robot as I share it, there's a film You know most be weapons, even called the edge with Anthony Hopkins. Now it Baldwin was written by David Mammoth. Where their stranded in Alaska went with them the bear that is also moving, see everyone who thinks what goes? Oh, yeah, really like that film and if you go back and watch it is, it is close to a flawless picture, as I can think of outside of one shot that you clearly see the green strain because they couldn't get the trained bear to do this. Dangerous stunt, but yet I love it here to think when you watch that film. This is. I love it? So much do you know I met David came at once at doubt, one of the, where we can say no friends of aid in Hollywood,
and made him too he's a hell of a screen. He is he's ex eccentric got really sharp, but this was written the edge before he had come out of the closet as a conservative and when you watch the film it's. The only thing that I can think of that comes to mind were the spoiler for clemency. The billionaire is actually the good guy. They don't just vilify him for being rich. You realize that other people are trying to use him for being rich and is actually a sincere guy. Any kind of feel bad form is isolated. Everyone wants something from it, and so I watch now go you can see the little seedling there in David Member, Is he still what are identified as a liberal, but this is a guy who didn't buy into the propaganda. So when you go back and watch it to that, lends I pray Even more, I just think lessen our Baldwin, as is is clearly idiot. He is an unbelievable actor and that naturally Hopkins get lucky, the very talented actor, although I do like what team America did now at ball with desperate its essence
David Manner in terms of a screenwriter. I don't think there's any one better writing in terms of just Chris part of me. You look at something like Glengarry, Glenn, Rossiya, again Baldwin? But you don't, you know, stand in their abc, always be closing. What's my name, I can't say what my name is: you can, but it gets qualities and and unlike- work and it's not written in a way where he wants people to speak? It's written in a way were intelligent men could speak that way in real life or Sorkin is just a joke and equip and equip and equip our right. I get it you smoke. While writing the west wing- and it was too fast but yeah? I really am a big fan of mammoth princess, brought an action plan, the set estate. Third propriety, your by third prizes, your friend, do I have your attention now, all right. It's at TED crews, apart gases, vertical pictures, I know you're busy. The book is one vote away. If you want to show it to people, one more time
Listen, I'm gonna hold you to that promise, because no one should present your people. Aren't you come on my show and Alzheimer liability rightfully so, but I need someone else. This right now and I want to get in trouble with my guys, but. If I ever end up getting elected president, if we're there, you and I I will do a live, show a ladder with greater in the White House. Ok, why am I don't have to promise that it is actually a promise? You know I want you to make big text suffer, but I'll take that as well Thank you. Santa Cruz be well be safe, no more attempted murders, please that none today, although I neither firm nor deny northern where do the nineteen sixty ride role, the stagnant feels good sometimes Please let me know I haven't things: bullshit we're home into that you and I
I will primary his ass soon. Do I will, for. I marry him with Hodge twins back. They wouldn't took a breakthrough and they went to a break and I was not a fight. You you again went into the bathroom together woman ever yes reward you when there's two places like them but why do you both go into the bathroom it? What do you do sworn? We target tugboat investments we bought painters, alot of white people, don't let your guard say space man in the bathroom, how many white people in the bathroom go to the bathroom since we're kids. You know it's take back together, yeah, but usually that stops Little did anymore go. It takes them in your jets for wanting to either upcoming that we actually, we went to the gym together and speeding up of death. This is why we have shows next week. I think prime counts gonna be in a black
men and women are going to the gym you we were just walking and she leaned out of her car and she was saying something I turned back and get your saint. Thank you introducing you to really handsome right, isn't it that happened Oda from black women here, you're alone, into who white woman elected Dakar yet more sharply, but like a cultural thing were black when they will tell you if you're, if they find you I have gone my entire thirty three years and never once seen a white woman just sailor. Cakes gives me your handsome up and never I'm not as handsome is you granted? Usually it's. Usually it's about women's enemy. Are those mirrors on your shoes and signal black women alike? Gave me?
really for an idea. What I've had it with game. It. I've been sexually harassed by game and I said: don't do that you didn't get it right. I do the pigment which you would think would be like. You know, you think, wouldn't be their thing. That's like further just traveled. They bounce back. The Andersson report mustard seed gives the Roupell Electric lesser carrying selfie stick. I don't know why this ties and that's a perfect example of cultural racial differences. Here, None is better or worse than the other, but this reference to I've. Never like you really have to be a third date for woman to admit that you're not repulsive with white people. A black woman. Black women are very aggressive, but you really look at blackmail: yeah yeah, oh yeah! That's how you look at them
the bathroom wind brother. They got this day. Nibbler you'll was up. Bitch fund is Hale, hold a game black man. Do that to me. Yes, it's a little on countries. What's that bitch, what you got a fat? like sat ass. Another p h, eighty, yes you're, not, that is a woman- Congo, you you have that cackling video, like letters worrying cackling, are we going to address the fact that he was walking through Harlem and every single voice You tight and like a systemic problem in America, Upper West. Sorry you're, not another. Hey again, I wanna get what we call the humping, all the harm being the broker yea thing. Now it's a cultural thing, but I could do without the beaches and how's that term submissions and hopes that the above and blackmail dinner, is not derogatory. Like men as a compliment yeah, but
where we should put the brakes on, you should look. You tell a bundle, Oh, you ever see them sell cars it just they look like white women. This huge debts of attaining there were about a hundred men. I wanna hunting. That's one way to car wash yeah: it's a little bit different. Why people don't really do that very much? Why people don't do it was I think they just said just grow to Sidney. You virtuous an older woman too, and I will say, black women have talked with us. They always I've. Never once had a black women get uncomfortable or not appreciate a compliment, when you gotta be careful, sounds like geek that you have the beautiful skin rate me now! No black lives. I really like you know you look like you have super along mail,
when I was a very interesting. Oh, my dear young lady and I will return your merchandise vehicles and I will allow you to keep the merchandise by giving you a refund on what you do on the store. That's theft, but thank you and the one. I've taught us a one black girl. What do I do to buck over the one black girl who dated as an adult not in high school? She was very good. She make out. Raped me you, yes, you make out. Let me cause I was. I was living in her moms house. The timer mom was a real ter. Living in our moms house and Semi Valley, because you she was now, though she said, look, you can live in my house and show the house for me and keep it cleans went off to drive away out there. I think Basically, I was homes and I'll eat, sleeping you Datsun and her daughter liked me. You and I choose very she's pretty, but I didn't think we're going to work out long term, but the problem is I M in her mother's house, so I guess we're dating.
It is you, didn't hot, don't stop tat filled the room, and this is. This is a true story, because you don't talk about this, we were like old gives. No, I was didn't, have any checks at all or whether there are any six four billion like nothing and Cinema she'd like lunged at me in her mom thousand? and then she was like. So what do you want to do and I felt like she was trying to push for something else? I don't know you go see a movie and she said no, and there is a gulf. Jim in three Valley have Cardio theatre, other Ghana, cardio thier, wearing a pay. We go see what their show and let this orange was to say. I want to go to the gym. I will give you the car, so he won't do demand deep inside one. She was very aggressive. She was married with child six months later when well didn't continue
your plans with her air plan. I thought she wanted you to know that I was not ready for that point in there's nothing. She was very nice girl by the way, but here's the truth I walk or to her car good. Thank you. Good night, I'm still a man I'm trying to I'm trying to be a good christian men. I just took it, doesn't make up and then I Walker regard as ok. Can I can I go back and she's gone some, I'm alone, then I switched to payment for nothing the basket short paper, thin basketball, shorts, mine, I'm still hot bothered, of course, she still there now she's, like you know what I didn't really feel like going home, and I, like you, can't hide it with basketball short sensible. So now I'm walking around with a loaded weapon here I just didn't let in the door like hell. It like. I was like
the robot. I know I know, but the basketball shows that this is so and the other side of the door. Like our move. I know most. You wouldn't believe me with this, but it was true and you know so that it and their words more experienced by women are very aggressive area. Would you have a good think of them? You shall really. I would not expect you to Jacques you're gonna win. Will I'm still really Sarah look like when I get to know you much anymore, but yeah I mean nuke. You call me all sorts of racial. So what you did at the moment to make the first move on you, the idea that does accurate. I cannot ask one for number and dig it turned out. I can take to reject really you have about do happen. I didn't know getting rejected a whole lot. You good looking guys know. No woman rejects Maggie
wow. You hope to evaluate its behind the pay while you're not saying it in the forest, I mean like cleanest bits. For its extremely minor waters too far away from Europe. That thing that microphone is way too far, We can't even hear you ok or at least in some areas. Other nice guys are shy. Guy, you can support them. Good guys at heart is official Ash Wednesday. Yet ass a website, you can buy a nice patriotic t shirt today, don't forget to discount co decision, Code is circle back circle, git One percent off I've got another disco, cove earlier doktor. Fallacy has any or if a ale is E. Why?
that's a complicated discount reminded all spilled. You ve got White Van, is dickens, pale, be worried, Chris Rock is barely a duck defaulted. They were made This gap call that a thousand dollars the same? Let's go to some share lives for me and for the twins Sidney Reds morning creditor thanks for all you do question. What do you think will be? The next thing changed from cancer culture? Don't know the first one is aunt Jemima. What next what's barrel, crowded romero- maybe maybe she meant Jim, is spelled barrel.
She's. Since a cracker, that's going to chat, auto censor the change, how we shall also take you less cracker bail onto my uncle bends. What are we change? Will change with changed Redskins didn't just change chiefs to cheese which was named after advocate general, some on the chief legal, but it wasn't actually does a minute. Stake, and I think I want to change chiefs I dunno I mean what's left Redskins make Margaret. I get it Thank you know why you should necessarily change it, but What does it also, maybe probably Chicago Blackhawks? They change that Jersey, yet we're so it's beautiful Jersey with the feathers and stuff no, no don't follow hockey it's up to now, because you never would have thought that cancelling people like J K, rallying for saying that with penises and Maxie dresses are still men with penises tat fitted with a strict. Very I don't know,
I have a dark, saltier see you, I don't know. What do you guys think what you think is? Do you think? Let me ask you this: do you think there's going to be the pendulums when the other way on the algae, BT, Q, piecing with the trans thing? Do you think will be telling our kids? I gather that there is a real, true that one point where they were putting boys and girls sports, or do you just think it accelerates and keeps getting worse? I think is getting worse, and this week big take get put in place. The news made a study done what they should be known and we get like a conservative back in office. I think it's gonna get worse and they do have a strong opinion. I think it'll be forget for the people. They have more rights than anybody else. Oh yeah, oh yeah, we did that we did a video long term back would knock a generous era. We went to women in the mall, Economists agree that the exact same compliments me as a straight men and him as a gay man, and he would get worse and they were totally found. Insiders walk up and say you have really pretty eyes nearly. He would walk up and say. Oh my gosh
had the prettiest eyes like, while also Susan. I just want to take you home country, my trunk, putting around no one ever see you again like. Oh, my god, thank you chat, or even a little bit shop. You opened a little pieces like a little serial killer, wow so cute, I wanna do all twelve gay, maybe one a little conversion, their railway. That's what happened when you come out of the bathroom you have in mind. Good! Lord has been killed. My had to say now that again must surely be sure and only fence, you're, not you not only financial and ass, my wife. But what about each one of us- and I hope the pendulum swings the weakest yours at one point. I hope you have one point in time, not long Rachel eventually come on put some effort into it Try you Norman yeah yeah, but does not even more like
in trouble on Youtube for the Stephanie, who is a Trans male claim? You was a six year old and people adopted in when they were using them as a sex slave for weird role playing and Youtube said that we couldn't deny these existence. To threaten to kill me stuff on me is how we spelled it staff. As T f on me, sexual name for crying out loud here, and there are you can't you can't do that we get in trouble for laughing at the transgender person who, through a whole, Merlin Lunchbox Admin, Nonetheless, it would have thought its new motorway yeah. I didn't wear a claim for me to laugh and that's a very simple: the left Roma go. You think it's a lady girl, informing us, I think you're fine and that's the problem of the left. It's not about right, verses, wrong about facts versus fiction is science. It's about who do we see is in power. Oh there's
There's a white male, their looks relatively large and that Trans mail in the Letterman jacket with a shave tattoo just became Athena really ransom Bell bottoms lipstick. Clearly he is the he he's a persecuted when she's the proceeds, the persecuted one. Therefore, it's ok for z to commit felony, see I thought coming felonies was committing felonies and that they get there. Really do get away with a lot. They really do get away with alive and think that they have. If you're Trans person, Raina Indonesia male supports, not enough, we must put gonna men's room of the economy, must go at glass for a job. They say. Well, you know what integration has greater energy edi acknowledge because I'm Transnonain? Oh, I think you meant to say your heart You don't want to do was a store of his people. The manager was gay in a city, not everybody did he hired was get almost always get. That happens alone now happens. Didn't you stick together, various five guys nearby, that is all black, highly black and not black neighbourhood,
it takes forever to get. You know you guys don't argue with that, guys lovers. Guideline again is really: it really is more of a guideline. It'll be ready and twenty thirty. Answer that next week the restaurant would you like empty, look I'll, be the only person in the union the peanuts, also because they're all black teenagers too So I want, I honestly wondering if you like us to take a blanket youth programme recent because they all seem very young to be working there, but it takes for ever and it's a pretty diverse area where this is mostly white. There's not a single white person. Ok. So I just want to make an accurate representation of the San pick up. The steep come on come on for pets, wait the negative stereotypes fast in other areas of Europe without committing hate crimes against the Chinese and emulate their server. You this Europe that hate crimes being committed against chinese people, which is terrible, but they want something. It's a bunch of white supremacist. Unlike all the video
the sheriff Pilecki. How old asian manual come on. If we all would be against it, black people would be. Against it and why people be against it? The problem is he can't have people unify against it? If you lie about it, that's the issue. You don't need and say what you promised us most black people. I wish you would like. That's really messed up These hitting an old Chinese meant they probably Chinamen. Could you get away with it? We kept the point is we would all by and say stop at no chinese people, they didn't create the lab, although I don't know I'm outta here they d let autonomous week, in which case justice, but its dont, not Nova jointly Justice must get another chance actually web wants to know my school's hosting a meetings held, exploring definitive moments of whiteness. What should I do? Don't go Ok, what does so stupid? I can't you do what what is it
it mean hadn't, and how does that help black and also? How does that help? The ideas is done under the guise of it helps black people does a possibly. I would imagine that it would create more racism. I would think so, I'm really concerned about not only because I grew up so groping in Montreal in our school did not have a lot of luck it, But we had a lot of asian. We had a lot of middle EAST shrinkage with a lot of specifically lebanese kids lotta Muslims that we had prayer rooms and was mostly opposed racial. On both in the United States and Canada, like we had black that wouldn't really think about it so much it rib each other. I'm worried that there is no post racial America. Now there was post racial MCA for a period where one nor does it mean that I didn't. Does it mean that maybe I didn't understand some of the race individualism that black people face. Of course, I understand that this individual discrimination that everyone faces that maybe I didn't face. I have different experiences because I was an English. Can Canadian in French Canada where they had the language police? And if I open Stevens apostrophe S diner, I will find out of business, so there is act. Systemic discrimination against English.
Making citizens in Quebec, so not by color, but by language, but by where you were born did experience that discrimination grown up, and so I know that it feels pretty crappy. That being said, it's not the same United States. A systemic discrimination. We grew up. There was, I would say, postal market who bore the chosen. I watched fresh principle. Air fare matters. It wasn't like we have said we watch the black show and the white show even to show that we watched like power rangers were mixed right. It was just something that was just Kennedy was never thing tons of black stars, Denzil Washington will Smith riders, tunnel, but think about it. Now, what do you have now? You have? I don't even know it's on it, but you would have liked family and then you have tell apparently bs it's like now. You have like people going to take this black people, Collyer, blacks, chief content, exactly right, we Really I don't. I felt I wouldn't have that newly is much wider. Grown up. Was way more mixed and now I think the kids constantly being reminded here's. What worries me? Ok, you're. You obviously have an experience this, because your black, no one ever, came up to you and so, like we're tissue class, we have to recognise how
awful you offer being black, so imagine you're awake probably needs you. Imagine I like going to school who's never on the slave was never had a racist thought and he's going to school, and he has teachers telling him to know you to recognise a privilege. No. No, no, no, no, you have problems. You need to recognise the horrible things at your forefathers of committed, your bad because you're, what and it happened that kids going to resent it and he's gonna say why are they do on this island raising wrung o because black people want me to do this? A problem? But it's not black people, it's it's! It's feminist webpages, that you're gonna have way more racism in this generation, because when you vilify, someone based on race are going to see racial. Yet this this way more racism in its country. It all started Obama's administration services and is getting worse and worse, but that's what want and that's what we have is the one silver lining. I sat with Brok about being present hungarian socialist smoking. Tobacco pillars are rights, imports, babies, Nino, babies born alive, letting them Dinah we're pretty bad, but the one
silver lining is at least there can the total humanly now a black person as if, U S myth talked about it for years, been the first black President Hannah and now we I said I will at least be one good thing, and it was just like the racial unionist crap out there, here from there. It really who would have thought that black guy, that you would go from riots, racial, it's not like my dad in Detroit in the sixties and civil rights, but which obviously, there was racism and obviously the people expect and obviously we need to understand history, but who would have thought that we went racial riots skip a generation of LOS Angeles individually, but scripture and then all happen our lives matter rights under the first black president. If you would have told us and ninety ninety eight and it s going. No one would have believed you what you got the first black president. Have the most violent, racially motivated riots ever backward, That's what we ended up with mainstream media, but they want to sit there.
I also think that, because you know you say some naughty, where do you tell some racially tells him racially motivated jokes, that that what's really causing damage, not that not teaching young kid that they suck because their white and not teaching young that then you to let their stores be looted. If someone has the right skin color and not tell it's not from telling young black kids, they can't make it in America. Just ignore the last president, whose Eight years in his retarded sidekick is now serving another four. It's not because of all this brow beating and racial division and solely identifying people by their race. It's because it's because Kramer got up in an open market? Laugh factory? Did he get yet It was a bad moment not get me wrong, but like that didn't breed new racists people don't want that girl Paul, you know he makes a compelling argument,
oh, that guy's crazy? What happened? What did they were thick minium right, yeah, Haglund, em, and then they turned the camp. I was the first sort of cancel thing and that being said, it was like everyone sort of agreed. This is horrible. He shouldn't have said this repeatedly said like you and you say and words stuck it with the e r, and here I am using the most the hardest thing for their work on. What can I finish a person with right, and then he sent you like. I think it was horrible. I also don't think he's a racist. I know I know so. My mom just for laughs, comedy festival in Montreal was a word of cells and that he was a host one year and he was debilitating Michelle. Because you ve never done really like live, shows like that. He was more than a classic classical actor right, regular and, I think, maybe at an improved back or I don't know, but compared to like Jerry Seinfeld or compared to candy or day manner. John Rivers always would command. You have to do the costumes work with him. She was really nice, but was really shy, like that. I think you would like throw up, for you would get back in the green. Romania is really really.
Demure and shy and then he was just trying to stand up, and you know it's a pressure cooker. If someone hackles you right at stand up special you're comin up now, most people are there, for you, what happens as they say something we're trying to take over the show, the way you should them down is by stinging I'm so hard and so fast that they don't want to speak again. You're right. So you combine that with Anita Shut, this guy up with a complete lack of experience, and that's we end up with Michael Richard, Saint Aubert, crazy racist. Are you don't say it? I don't care and you do get removed hate speech pay, while neither did I tell the story, but did you know about Youtube? Is like your previous episode remove, it's because I just hit rare random point is one: do you remember is going to what are you going to make sense all right. Let's out, we have two more genuine dancing. We're ok are so intergroup
I want to know: why does the show say louder with greater again instead of good morning? My club job There's been getting all the supper questions lately. So I figured it's about time. You got one! Thank you for the show. You have a positive impact on my life thanks for that keep up the great work guys stuff question. I pray I appreciated you know what it was as we saw when we give them a quarantine month. We show that we have been doing the night show, which was with crowded, and we needed to delineate that between the morning show in so doing to shows three times a week. I thank you and I, it was so good morning, my club and then we found that more people were watching both the night time show lateral, clatter and good morning. My club in the morning, and in doing our argument, we real analytics, realize it. People watch late night, not really late at night, they wash in the morning the next morning, yeah this was a better schedule for us. We were able to get our news more quickly and do better present. The show em, like a lot of gas, has a lot of pre production and it's tough to do sometimes are getting a day ahead. And then we came back. We said, while the show is always louder with Crowder good morning, my little kind of temporary, and since this is a flagship show, it's just louder with Crowder late night in them,
You mean you know, listen the world Changing its new media man get with post we're gonna get that interests on back. Yeah, that's during the strange animal song so that Muslims, Michael Courtney month was really it was. It was tat. It was really valuable for us because just doing that, much content, we got to see what you all want. Most and dumb yeah, but it really grateful and how many of you guys joined up? I really do appreciate you guys have kept us going, we're the only people who survived the onslaught of oxen apocalypse and big tech, and we now have when Caliphate money, we're not the Turks and we don't have to. I don't know, target number one target number one and I dont know what, where the money comes from from brain stem I assume it's from some black hole of talent, lawlessness and I know we don't have it. We accept to sing for supper. So thank you for your support. We will more question. Ok found a question comes from Dan Snyder Stephen. Our conservative tendons, like those on the daily, where pretending the elections, were free and fair, and how do we respond to this?
I haven't seen it is out. There is out there saying do we know that that for us for a fact that they are saying that they think there was election fraud or someone you I've, I've heard bench since press area day been never been, since it has conservative z. I dont know if he hasn't. I have no idea what lesson I don't. I haven't watch, but I will say this because we will get mad. They want to pick concertos against each other. The bench appear has been a fundamental known for a long time if he says that there's no evidence of vote for I disagree is wrong. The entropy ozone. Whoever says it is wrong, and I say this. This is because some people give me flecked with no worries the dominion voting machines- big. I just can't make the claim, Dominion Voting machines, because I don't have access to them. I cannot make a claim that I can. Verify so when I tell you that I know there is massive voter fraud and I would swear this under oath under penalty of perjury usually have to understand a lot of people in these lawsuits. Ok So why can save bench appeal is wrong because he hasn't and the research that we have. Nobody else has a lot,
the claims that were made that were submitted to court were incorrect. Some of their numbers are wrong, overly inflated about your dead people. Voting some of them wrong, where there are more people. In some municipalities who voted and didn't live in that address now I can I can from all of them, but I can tell you that we can confirm thousands of them illegally. I have to say I can only confirm. Does are hundreds of them because we ve actually sent someone to and address that no longer exist and will have those pictures, because, whenever sending out interns to go and get There are those for you right now. We through devote our roles ourselves, not other people. We just take their word for it, because I know we're held to a higher standard. I will only make the claim of things that I can confirm. There are people. Of course we can confirm that the chain of custody was broken. We absolutely need that. Course. We can confirm that they made massive massive changes. Here's the thing this vote, This election has more irregularities and any other election people go at all. Just because you must know it makes sense we would have more voting irregularities and the election that had more sweeping widely
setting voter law changes than any other election in modern history. It absolutely make sense. We have a lot of regularities broken chain of custody. We have people whose some people who double voting we do have people who didn't live in that it we did have some glitches that can be verified right, for example, an interim carried now I can't verify the rest of it, but I can tell you that for me, going through voter roles and finding hundreds that we can verify of the thousands that we ve run through analytics we're brilliant researchers. Here is For me to say that should be amended as evidence period. Tell me, I'm gonna recently. Too vague, worrier people right now in LAS Vegas Nevada, because replying on doing before I mean I'm broke my heart literally going from addressed to address. That does not exist, that voted I'm saying some as empty lot ones manhole cover and we, How much time do we have, because this is what is required to verify whether the court's won't do it the pundits won't, do it the researchers do it? The journalist don't want to hear it.
How much time do you have that's how many hundreds or potentially thousands we can get you I've done that work that nobody else is essential here does say that listen! I, like pension, respect bunch beer very moment smarter man than I am granted he's wrong. That's all! It's totally fine for me to say for conservative to say I think you're wrong. In this case. I know he's wrong. Unless there's a different standard of mass voting, for I could we can confirm hundreds and we have what rules where we know there are thousands, but we haven't been those addresses so legally, I can't say I must have knocked the door and you're not Jorge. Apparently, I'm not allowed to say that we have confirmed personally Many many many many many and for me, I think, that's more than off when he states that I was in the margin of ten twenty thousand votes, and the most irregularities that we see any election love venture peril of the people. It Delaware thing to great folks. We just done some like and research that nobody else has done, and if people want access to some of its lesson. We can not talk behind the scenes just like if someone has some things that we can confirm great, but we ve got to confirm it and do our due diligence because
more important than making a claim that we suspect is making sure that we can make that we can verify the claims that we make and stay on these platforms because You need some voice and I dont want conservatives pitted against each other. We can a great we can love each other. And disagree and say that they're wrong, listen right now on this fight together and next week we are going to have, I believe, Brian Cowen, on the show we have some guess. We have some big stuff comes. Next week and then the hush Wednesday Landrigan we back can be a lot of fun. We are going to see you on Monday, make sure you go to Youtube and come in come in come in. If you can, that helps love you
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