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CAUGHT! Joy Behar Misgenders Caityln Jenner! CROWDER HAS THE SCOOP


When is an insurrection not an insurrection? When the media can exploit it for political reasons. We expose how! Also, Joy Behar was busted misgendering Caitlyn Jenner. We pinpoint the exact moment she realizes she screwed up. And Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility to all who celebrate.

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Hey audio listener year. Today we got the hard twins because they went out sick aids, but leave a rating, a review- and I hope you enjoy this- also really important Wednesday night recovering the joint address thing from President Joe Biden who uses the inward and afterward you hear about Michel enjoy By the power of prouder shop, tis- true,
those cool threads. Wouldn't you like to know it's a mystery when you start your treasure crowd, I don't think you'll be pleasantly broader.
I'm taking my tanker, that's a slow, Newsday, slurp, muddled! That's that's a good thing! That means if that means that the cops have abandoned one of colors being shot by police. I refer that's who, as I wifey there still are, but we know it's ok. We only When I regret that we have had with its there's a lot of the eight theatres happened last night. Really, that's it! That's all now. No one cares worse ratings ever for this. The first time we didn't do the live, Oscars alive, Anti Oscar streaming, though we will be means that we will be on Wednesday night, though we know show Wednesday morning, because Wednesday night we'll be covering the joint joint dress from my job. I almost had brought about former vice President Joe in phases, and that we do have a lot of news to get to that? Doesn't really matter, but it really does because insurrection is kind of in the word of the last few months, and I realize before today show Maquinna. Second, there ve been like Thirty insurrections across this country, if you taken do
court houses precincts being burned down. So what are you don't want? One does something turn into an insurrection. You guys, let me know we'll talk about it throughout the show, but you can come on you're. The best thing you can do is just comment and US measures like button halo. Charolais is here. They are you how are you horrible how're you quarter, black Eric doing fine. I've maturity, that's good! That's where, when you do me the white half, statistically, that's most likely if he has speaking of people of color, which sounds a lot to me like coloured people, but that's offensive the hush Windsor your day, Blanda. By wishing the best he's with his family there, the gets into Emily his wife is some issues go, and I will see you next week, but Hodge twins are you, gentlemen, feel safe yeah court? Nigeria, to discover lights danger he just its Garrett DARE occurs. there they think I hear they their use in the now there from the lab after the bodies which ones keys which ones cabin it is a better empty,
was actually submit a day later, we will support you guys. Is it? What is it forgotten after several to it, though, you do twins on Youtube our great yeah. Well, thanks. I'd say that if we were monetize at all because we beady monetize regulate we're, not you can say whatever you want sort of atoms, eyeballs. Ok, we have a lot to do to get to hear Joy Bay, our first off Miss gendering. engender, whose rights or office in California, but first it is lesbian visibility to o, it's a hell! Is it it's? Well, you know what they're visible, which you know what hey just see now, the other three hundred and sixty four days a year. We can t we generally. We see how
So even I dont know all these people are lesbians, I'd wagering, but my bottom now that they are here's a bunch of fat pride, mostly lesbians, doing there Do you wanna Party, without which no going on at the time it? That would be TAT wild together? You know I'm leaving a party with a bad by may damage come I had to get out. There are pushing the idea that a wise and healthy range to read out the relevant. Even again, I'm a big, daddy small, but here it all up. Luzhin Y know I'll think about my back in touch with my name. Is there? Ok, look John came, but I don't
Make catering, as you know, the greed of angry jokes summit that the Joker late some people just want to watch the World Berne and then put it between two grand record over wait. Do not wear tie the sunburn pattern. You like the big bang. We went further to think member. We went for hay, fat, private was being accepting, and I have always said if you know you ve talked about this. To have someone is over weight and Jim. You courage. Them you're, ok, good for you. The issue now is our saying hey. This is something to be proud of, and now they're not even sticking with their own premise, which was obesity?
can be healthy. Well, look if she was sitting there eaten a bag of killed ships. First, affability, you're lying, but we'd still appreciate that keeping up appearances, love she's, going I'm obese and unhealthy, and you should be proud eating ranch doritos! Yes, now they're, just like we're fat, we're unhealthy, but we're gonna put what you know what one for putting kids on puberty blockers, who really cares if we tell them, have a cholesterol level of of a MAC truck? I love the line. If you get with me, I'm gonna leave it didn't really The imo? Leave our observers. I won't be able to breathe because, like you said, your backfire does touch itself, so I'm assuming the front. Stop though they were saying, you're gonna, think about it. I've yak roles in touch yourself: no, no, no so those women who has always been now- I just assumed
I'm sure, there's already, let's give it away, I would end if they are. Let me without assuming that one is more of a byproduct of nurture phones daily nature. Tat was the only women honest plant, they homosexuality would go through it. Yes, out of advocates. we're at both for the women ass. Well, and if she leaves a dent, I hope that she leaves and gets gets to away station under the. So you prefer a man over you, so gay body building and that's about it? No doubt trophies has a few a few Joe Weeder trophies, if you know what I'm saying so We give our debt they ban. go in and above all, has not made it this way. So we aren't. We join with the joint to address on Wednesday. Network can be lies in the line of action is come on, come on and former president.
Both addressing or is it just a joint session of common former vice president join over by a form of ice, and vice versa. Call here that I haven't the president call here is about it we'll talk about. It will say we must keep in mind. Present Trump addressed Congress Fabric, twenty seventh about five weeks into his presidency earlier, so yes hindering, namely definitely not more than five. so it's five weeks world, no s first, first time when we can present a five weeks first, one here and not five weeks earlier five weeks overall, so in general answer that earlier than what we're getting Riah much now Joe Biden has ninety ninth day in office and by the way we exclusive exclusive video of Joe Biden practising for his the beach and by the way? Not this is not a dab. Now this is fake. This is real. Is white, supremacist Nazi sympathisers, Karen Nazi frogs flags,
using Jews, and he would have simply wrong. I thought when Donald Trump left office we ve lost good comedy coming from the president were well, that's a little more severely. Respecting listen. People were expecting, you know. Well, some he's been totally on top of things. So there's no company to be had, he just said, is using the don't forget. He said the word about what a model here right say that everything I've gotta must being, and I have started a liberal and taken forgiven and what gets into the second with joy failure by what you could fall foul managerial louder with crowded the three gets himself. That's not necessarily political! You from those we do a little bit lifting we do a little bit of a dog training. We do a little bit of newly, but the main thing is it's alive show Monday through Thursday, so tune in every week day at ten, a m eastern. This set this Wednesday, of course, tuning at night. We doing it will be taking your chat and a couple of minutes on Mug club
but to any segment which are true or to which would actually gets so joint. They high Taylor, ungenerous running for office. You know this in California, where you guys used to live, but eleven. You know that guy got other. That could be your gun that could have been your governor Ok. I don't even know that both through Caitlin Jenner, outside of who would you vote for honesty, and if you have Gavin Newsome and Caitlin Gender- and I was thinking about this ironically Caitlin Jenner- maybe more reasonable and oppose puberty blockers. Two kids, which you nobody ever Newsome, supports Russia, even though Caitlin Generous a murderer and crazy, and I mean that literally she can run this, this woman ass was that will generate transition that was Bruce Jenner. Those Bruce Jenner no longer exists, foreshadow driving ability became then became a woman for daily. Then, like next thing, he's gonna identifies and she Asian Brook Bruce killed a crook kill the woman in the became a woman. Yes, Bruce
doktor at least get a ginger. Well, ok, you? U escalated it, so that's not a valid term! So joy being I was talking about this on the view and it was an wisest import, will listen to the idea that gender will disappear. Men and women cease to exist. I still think that some of the most important issue destroy the nuclear family here in this country, which is black ass matters, goal you destroy the idea that men and women are intrinsically fr, we have rules where we complement each other and it's a beautiful, wonderful thing. If you just say that they're all you're changeable. I think that's a huge problem and I think that our society ceases to exist. That is nothing do with whatever nouns you pronouns. You want to you when you're an adult fine, You want to say that you now I don't. I don't care what you do, but I do think it's important as a society. We recognise that those are outliers and protect our families, and our children's children should not be put on puberty blockers. Everyone's that we were fearmongering, that we were strong, adding that we were using a slippery slope, logical fallacy! Look now you
kids, who maybe and away from their parents. It's already happened in Canada, maybe happening across the United States, and now you have people complaining about bills that simply don't allow women to compete. Against biological men theirs This is not safe for Trans gets right, so let's go into this first joy Bay, heart noted, liberal and our look alike winner was no can't miss gender tabling began our three times when about here's. A clip here, son he's got this guy Brad. Pascal wanting his campaign would essentially that I mean that guy was was accused of using campaign funds to enrich himself what that's those running a giant our campaign, rather three, now oh yeah right there we go along with that. I think that he shed a shave, our feet
somebody with the credentials take over. So first of all, let me apologise for my pronoun mix up what I think I just didn't get enough sleep last night. I know mixing them up, but- and I tried to corrected immediately, but whenever it just came out. So sorry, that's good. I have avoided the Youtube motivation or whatever you do. Don't we didn't have my Nyc will end. I was reading, a DSM five and I got confused. I am or whatever ok, I didn't go joy, so out of tat, yeah well, you're, something that no one else is she apologized right and I'm not miss gendering her. She destroyed, they are but here's the thing. No one. Also too, about this. She APOLLO eyes and obviously didn't know that making mistakes or someone spoken or earpiece. That's how it works. You know yet only shows you just did some stuff on Fox NEWS, a late when ice, if villain, hosted Gimme in Europe now, if you don't want it to the European legal order, what have you need is to feed
That's me. I want to do that. either I'm ready or not, so they always have an ear peace and someone is giving them corrections and information. Clearly what happened here because joy they hard, then afterwards apologize or whatever. But there is a moment in this interview that no one is talking about, and I guess t you there's the o crap moment and they're going in our ears ain't. None at all. You gotta fixes you gonna fix us. It's what watch clips. You working with sunny whatever some hosting whatever her name is and something fleetly unrelated to what's going on she's. Very Confucius, is what I, guarantee you their inner ear, peace right, DEFCON five here you go watch this clip one of the largest economies in our country. I think that she returned to the governor and to run anything. Tell me that's not just because I'm ok,
load the moraines getting out. I'm getting word is at all because it confirms area literally. Ok, so look! This is my hunch and now I'm getting word that we actually We have the exclusive audio. Sometimes stuff gets leak of the ear peace. Tutoring obey her during the segment exclusive. Ok here built which rolled up so just because you have experience or you ve grown up in politics- doesn't make you right for the job I there so yeah go for it here. Son he's got this guy bread. ok joy, you miss gender to her. There make sure you correct that it is her camping adds Caitlin Jenner, her campaign No, you know there's just to let you know why so is running a giant pay that package stop, saying, you're gonna get assurance ties apparently I'll show you direct know what it is now up to Europe. apology for Joy Bay. Listen, you know,
We're coming back. You joy make sure you apologize for Miss gendering. And correct. It were coming to you and now nor country. Why What do you mean what you wanted to make? These rules were run anything right, ok, ok, yeah right, you're slick, joy, just keep saying: ok, Melvin, maybe no one noticed what a room you are leavin tell me what you think about this. running was itself card. I you know, I think deeply serious person with the doesn't need on the job train right, I would go along with that. I think that he should a shea. Rather are you sure you stupid
a rhetorical question: everyone stupid his joy bay. Can anyone tell me how stupid joy bay? Is you? Don't you? Ok, you know what I quit. We should avoid barked the bare do a better. This isn't worth it. You make me miss, lousy. Germany, joy! Did you hear me you make me Miss logic. Gama get gotta, Lotta Gladwin go back, go back. No, no, my whole yeah. She apologized, I'm not goin back. I quit I quit blood she's area, sheathing area work well done very sympathetic produce. Now that our work, but I understand the frustration and you wouldn't it be nice, let us think about double standards, right largest, for I just forget, so we just just right now. We just went through three Rachel.
in fact, thought flag Jews. What I'm talkin about kids Bassa nets seek is now have twins coming so just now we have missed gendering three times. I'm sorry. I got a lack of sleep now we're something whatever excuse. You need to know a little good enough for me, you re so he'll know. Never do you have to step around the mines constantly their walking backwards in laying down mind it's a minefield, there's like that which it there's no there's no bland left just mines in. We have to sit and say no, no, no! No! This is the context. we have to explain in fact check jokes and they just go They say what over that? No one cares. It must be nice when I would I do when I think of a liberal, I picture conservative. and then I remove all reason and accountability.
It's it's that's funny because, like they act like this, isn't confusing like this isn't tsar array world that we are now living in and likewise that earlier gets out slippery slope. None are no it's way worse than we could have ever imagine right getting this quickly and they chastise you for making this ain't like look. This is my rule to I just use the name. We may have Caitlin General. Shall I you can legally change your name. I try using the public right, but the pronoun thing avoid because I'll probably get it wrong anyway. I've had transient on the show who are passed and I ve- had some who looked like men and climbed, make sure you're not gonna. Do this with Blair. Why do if its Blair, why we're at a restaurant public output in I didn't know them? I would say that behind that behind that girl over there, that makes it easy like I'm, not I'm not trying to be rotational. You can't just expect me to be like oh yeah Caitlin. She yeah she tree with their. She won the males to catch your eye on me Buffalo bill over there? Just
and this is even a child like well, you mean you mean behind that down Value just what you say clown make up like a witness, So it's what you see like a transgender person come in and is obviously a dude aired by starts, like very valid, knows it, but to try to get least give it some for well, but you know, I will say: Caitlin General did put in the effort, did the autumn half surgery and then forced her girls, to become unless we can, but I don't understand it at all. They got that when I first came across training gender ism, when gas became women, I thought they were into guys. Yes, I just I don't want to get pound it by guys, but like Bruce Journal now. Can I don't wanna, be restrained, Irma Hammer this? What news but twinges to some like? I knew this girl
want to be a boy. Indeed, she had a boyfriend, but you want to be a girl, like you guys, are not even gay out of notes. This gender weren't, you we're just type disturb this offer surgeon word down on your knees. I have to use a device just to take appearances by don't hit the notification bailiff, you subscribe because notifications don't mean a whole lot or subscriptions will mean a whole lot more and enough. Neither do not forget something else. I wanted to talk about today, really quickly. As this is something to you know, we ve taught me how we ve been demonetized on Youtube. You guys aren't demonetized, yet right, go steps in its pseudo forget and what happened with us we were deemed. This is something that goes on right. There's a new taxes into place in September should be big. Lot of states are stepping up to the plate. Yeah Florida were hearings of the grapevine. There are few other states, that's where you go through, but this is one thing
others, Jean Louis, that's what people really want to see here. That's a pallet cleanse from the the land, whales and Bay Har. you know, and I want this is actually something I want you guys to comment here below because work using you for some data for some av testing here whenever I log out or use is expressly paean, and I play my videos there's always an auto play its always Seth Myers Trevor Noah when COBRA there always Otto playing they hate had. I would even go through and sometimes log into another Youtube account that I have and try and play like. Ok, this maybe some daily wire stuff, maybe some when Pearson stuff- and it's still auto, plays set my Trevor Noah and Just recently, they came out with Trevor noise in the guy does like fifty million. These are just not true. None of this it's true when it's important to short of point something out here, Let's use an example. I did some some analytics. We have some videos, you think we're from screenshots like one video here has one point: five million place, one point two million place, but if you look at the likes it
in ten thousand eighty one thousand likes. Unlike sixteen and thirty two thousand comments, now Youtube. Typically values cut. You guys, know comments and legs right as people are interacting right. So if you don't have a lot of comments- and I have a lot of likes- you typically dont have a lot of use and if he's video with a lot of use and no so called interactions. It me he's the views are bought, yeah or, if their not being Botanists is another thing. What people say we need campaign finance or former. Everyone has excessive amount of money. Well, it's not really fair. If the entire media is pushing the Democrats and all of you to Twitter Facebook right, they decide that we're going to feature and put in brows and when you search for Stephen crowded change my mind instead you'll find Joe Biden speech where we wiped them, where the bag from it, so We're Noah, by contrast here hears of it of his has five interim thirty, two thousand views so a hundred and sturdy comments so in point nine thousand likes. While so you look at the plays and their there. Can. Lately disproportionate to the.
It's like same thing assess Myers. These are autopilot six hundred eighty six thousand views one and a half thousand comments. Eighteen thousand, like Stephen Colbert fight hundred and five thousand views only eight hundred something comments. You that's crazy. A loved one point: four million views for Jimmy, came on a video and asked Twenty four thousand likes and two point six thousand comments. These numbers are so much lower. So what does this tell you and by the way, a lot of these videos? If you go on you to their fun razors Would you know you have to notify you tube if there's a passport or ship and there's something they make here? If I am, I dont, because I'm demonetized, but this is important if we want to know because when they talk about the right wing, rabbit whole right, the radicalization, like the New York Times on Youtube, it's actually the exact opposite all These leftist channels are hyper early inflated you soon because people aren't liking or commenting in what happens is since channels, are monetize Trevor, no assess Myers Jimmy Kamal. They then get to go to advertisers and say
We have these amounts of millions of place. Will it doesn't count for attention time which they don't usually so secret and people are gazing with this content. So it really is a house of cards there either bought or play, and I would love for you guys let it come and blow. Let me know what auto plays after this epoch or go to crowd- are bits trying collect this year, because this has been going on for a long time in I'm in the shower, have a shower speaker and I'm listening is something the enjoyable and those in time for a closer look at just step now becomes a real thing on a beach yourself up a little bit more. That's why we ve told people for a while now to common are like those are the ways that were kind of testing the algorithm outright see what's going on, and this is just privilege, less, think we're just saying all man you're not giving us that the do that we are just do right. Now, it's pal, I don't they got out. It will not. You won't say a lot of the time, but I will write. I really don't care that we do what we kill. You know I mean the You here is not a fair playing. Now, it's not a fair. You guys out their putting out content that isn't half as source or half as good as what we're doing and they're getting push biology
media companies in their set standing vexing. Now it's fair, but I wouldn't arrival. I have to correct a year for Democratic S. First, half a source, you can't do a fraction of zero and you guys. So what has been your experience? Do isn't don't usually look at if you comments, and if we have a ton of comments like all, that's probably going to do pretty well. Dear me, definitely the more come what's the mole lights DES Moines, are asking her fans the more likely to be used to be put out there and have you ever ever. Have you ever in your life, had a video that lets they had Clara, really huge play out with no likes or common. Now it's nice to meet. You know It's like you can always say it's the likes. You can't always aids the comments, but I wish one thing that is an absolute constant is, if you don't have liked your comments. It's never a big video. Never had it happened, so this something I just want. You know people talk about how we need to do when you have big tech right that these two thirty protections you look at Joe Biden and they say we need to make sure that people aren't getting radicalized. What was actually happening right now is people are searching and trying to find basic, bitch, conservative content and instead they have trapped.
No one who is radical by the waves university familiar and Stephen Colbert and Kimmel, and they thrust it into your time. I know it's not a fair playing field and, more importantly, there is no radicalization that is taking place. It's not even possible, but they consider radicalization becoming pro life and owning a gun or to really know us crazy way. If you create a new Youtube Channel, it gives you an option to check. If you want to subscribe to these major you towns like traveller, gimmick, gamble you unchecked their box. You go back like an hour later. You subscribe to. real, because people get unsubscribe from our stuff in your cause, I'm too, and he can't really just at all
Oh! You know this from both a shit you're buying God. I love that he gave me licence to sail the words we here. We gotta we gotta check from of uranium Daniel Wilson. He said I used to buy views and come in for a list. Wrappers, music videos, record labels pay a lot for views because they get more money. For that makes sense, we used to run or videos is pre. Rural adds with a very small amount of money, just to see what happened now, they ve all been banned. As hate speech My mind is been banned for violating content guidelines. I think I'm advertising is shocking. While I think you get me a traveller, do it well, they said Obama which which will build. I would go to a good, so you and we re in it they do is get all is hate from a pencil
would you would it not all they grow? Tat was like dears go get your days ago, full came out and well go. I'm glad, you're out you and Caitlin generally, you can run as you can run as Agee, for you helped us my jumper thousand Vancouver. Why were you in there and into a dead? I was an alias all right. So this is something else right now that we need to talk about. It is lesbian visibility day right. because otherwise, otherwise I guess there walking around like walking around like hollow man outside of lesbian visibility Day, they have to lesbians, have to cover themselves bandages in a trench, coat and hat airlines. Or how I now- and I don't have it wears a lesbian. I can't see I can't what's not the day, Joe, it's lesbian visibility day, which you know is what's important in this country and american public schools are now teaching something in this is also being taught in university. Actually,
Ok now, and what can I say, you showed this to me from someone who had at someone who shall remain nameless in a curriculum which, by the way, should have nothing to do with gender May Ivan University, and it is in the customs field. These rights made reality. It was in a stem field. Here we go. This is the gender bread person, and this is lying there actually teaching right now. Why taught in college, which is what so disturbing like what are they doing at Harvard now? Do they have the little the little metal track? What the thing that you have to know what you did to claim: Gingerbread Person university us, I'm never sending my twins, two call every so. This is again which most of the tenants universities in programmes that they're not humanity's rates, are not there not which we thought. Maybe you could tie sort of the worth of a degree for going to any kind of public funding for you. it agrees to stem fields. Are things right, but it is now the lines are so blurred
they're the same as the humanities degree. So in honor, here of happy lesbian visibility, day, hashtag, lesbian visibility, we have to explain the gender bread person, because all of us are very confused. You know you'll love em. He informs us all professor penis. Our eye professor p Thank you for being back of expert haven't than we were just talking about fields and degrees. What is what is your formal education and in which field in professorship, ok, yeah, but what's the site, o thou, be penis and penis science areas ok, penis dinosaur, lady happiness, related penis, related science engineering mark. So we thought who better and rural general now I don't even know about your email, your undergrad minor. Can you explain to us that this has been talking stem fields that so we wanted a professor, the gender bread person? Here we go
Can you can show us what this is? I don't I can make sense of any of it who? Yes, you can see the gender bread Earthen lay on the hinges. Red right. It's ok, you are the first matter here: go for gender identity in rise. Normally, you know that additional view of woman and man right, that's what we! a binary right, we're getting away from Nigeria in the mail here gender. We're we, I gender queer somewhere in ok. So this is gender identity is different from because it used to be. There was no sexual orientation and in that sector sections in the bottom right. Then they switched to sexual orientation and gender identity. But now I see they're all these other there's now gender gaps been like split up. Ok ass this. This means that you might have to go back because scientists have now expanded. Yes, a little we go down to again. They were all split up so now will go on to the next one. Gender expression, russian and that's
also like actually not a moral issue, referring to refer. You guys know like what I don't know engender expression is, and this is again taught and universities. Why does I wondered? Why should there was the difference between identity in expressing yeah yeah? I think they should be may be combined into one well that prevent I'm not too familiar agitator, hey! I ain't Bates, our! Let's just move on from that. Ok, but there are clearly different because bring back up the old ways, our honour that we're waiting for some ring a back up. So people just realise that this is actually being taught in universities right now, and even professor peanut cannot answer. Ok, so now to biological sex. What I feel like I understand this one, that's you know you have if you have a peer of e, that's again biological. I mean that's like up here but also, this you're born ok. So this is what you would you like in your head about, and this is why you are in real real, like
ology life? Ok, thanks. Thanks, Ok, thanks. That would make sense for the intersects affecting Odin less than zero point yeah. I guess, if you or with not it all together when most of them are knows how halfway round thing man, I'm not angry. I've, seen it before beyond the halfway grown. Ok final, one years, this seems to sexual orientation so that This is yes, so this would be. You know. People are kind of from that's right, you're dead. into do no, that's heterosexual yeah
and there is an enormous, actually ask them around. When I say just for example, people are familiar and sexual all means for people who don't know right. That means that you could be any of the gender identity, slash expression to change whenever and orientations of four yeah yeah yeah when you mix all these together, that's the general red person. Ok, thank you. Change to the crazy person. fishermen are right, I feel smarter. Yes, we all feel smarter, Venus related scientist I mean he's. You know what he's sustain as lane, because This relate in science, and you know: that's pretty canongate married, but ten years later into not just penis but also severed. Penis also inverted penis slaves. Yet this need
to be taught in our universities. China's laughing at US agents are banned feminism in China. Waste, watch them try and get their head around. Gingerbread pursuer like this, so we don't need famine are that we don't want you giving ideas, dogma, dry, gender, gender, bread for American for taught it basically Member for a while, we thought, like one Donald Trump, was present with a guy. I want you to say that China was going to export superpower, that sort of fizzled out and now we're right back. Ok, here's something else we need to talk about where no one is no one is discussing this annex it surprises me. I just was going through my mental rolodex because, obviously look we, I wish to say when people talk about the other that happened in January, six at the capitol ok, first off, yet hundreds of thousands of people- and you had
a handful. Let's say a couple: dozen people who obviously committed crimes who need to be held accountable for those crimes that problem theirs what we were lied to about multiple officer death about after Signet being killed with fire extinguishers. The media and talk about the fact that now they ve ruled his death actually completely unrelated. So listen. It doesn't make it right, because I don't want to see anyone storm the buildings are break the window of American. You know any any halls of american government However, there have been so many insurrections in this country. I've lost count so to set the stage here. Let's get you The mass media hysteria about the insurrection? On January Sixth, here's refresher leading up to January six. We uncovered examples like someone, small digital lace and didn't hit the ship saying things like revolution or bust, has figure play, say has a new proposal for, a bipartisan nine, eleven style Commission too
evaluating study the events of that day, not financially each man all the stuff that wasn't really the best clip there, but there is less than you remember what happened. What January s? Ok, whatever, if you don't think you have set about January sick there looking now to send a trial based on the impeachment here, you think even so many insurrections, aren't you guys? I have ever known Look. Let me go to the insurrection definition accordingly, Webster, who, by the way, believes engender bread, persons, doesnt like you're, right wing, bash dynamism and act, or instance, of revolting against civil authority or an established govern? Ok, ok, EL definitions, matter, gender, We stand at right, words matter. Well, let's go through a hand Would we consider this an insurrection when they use determines direction? Because the point is right: now they want to make you think that only can only right wing extremists have ever tried to commit some kind of an insurrection again which, by them that was the only incidents of violence. Look at any of these sick tea party. right, yeah tea party probe protests that I M, even if you're really call them protests, are really morsel events. You look alike
of the d, make Amerika great again rallies. You look a lot of free speech, rallies. None of them were anywhere near the billions of thousand damages and, thousands of deaths and thousands of arrests and hundreds of officer casualties that you ve seen across. these riots right across the country. Now? That being said, I wanted to talk about the rights, but act. Full events that meet the definition of insurrection. Ok, Portland! Antiphon Black lives matter, stormed federal court house in March and set it on fire. tell me if this is an insurrection on other me, outline they try me that when they get shot they want to call on other, don't do it.
The definition of insurrection from very much an actor instance revolting against civil authority or an established government, seems to me lighting a federal court house on fire and storming. It should count. You too, Maybe if I was in big enough, maybe if I wasn't thinking that they were doing it for warm weather, not very successful, whether fire another not to be clear, but I let it go on. Try me try me and they do this, but they do this all the time at last week were there with the CNN reporter, were they were whipping you no ice bottles item and then, when I was trying to back out me lightly, someone's bumper like so right now, as I could try me just what is the capital of the paper gimmick hello? Do some come on a more to do We always a white guy. Just let's say, but by their definite actually did the that insurrection was ninety nine percent peaceful. Yes,
so but there's was only ninety five percent peaceful. So I think we're ok, I think we're in the clear yeah. What's our insurrection, because the the the courthouse was only two percent flammable So I guess about basing the morality on the success of the insurrection is at this point has innocence it's not our fault anti further. You can't do a push up suck at your job are right. Now we have Ohio so a black lives matter protesters they broke into the Columbus police Department. In my country too, You know there were the false rumours of sickness was killed fire extinguishers, bruising, there's no blood for Sharma. In this case its on video, they hit a police officer with a club, I'm guessing. They brought the club. Where stole the club, a fire extinguishers. You can find anywhere Macgyver it, but a club, it shows some intent there. You go higher the guy there who hit the cap, but as wide as it gets
yeah very, very well what a lot a real person he looks like seventeen year old, Quinton Tarantino if he ate the fat earlier arranged to Rita with this because of the Bryant that you two hundred things sometimes when your evil, you get the face anything he was born like this and then, if you're just do the time lapse into going, It makes it harder to hide out any ended with a mug shot summaries and with this because of the bright shooting. Is that the rights and But when you say that it's hard to keep track, it is because we had so many there have been so many. I don't think that was because the Brian shooting, but you ll areas tomato tomorrow, it's data Riah till now. I would say that it matters, because that would mean that Lebron James is guilty of inciting awry. Oh that's your next year on our dinner, narrowly light mobs
It is naturally what we're journal. That's one that social and, by the way and two weeks, they're gonna, try and move on from MECCA Brian story, because they're going to tell us what he was trying to stab, but that doesn't change effect, there have been insurrections urban riots right. This is highly responsible. The media has been. The same thing happened before with other people who are, I mean, was Jacob Blake will now they're gonna go back. To it and they dont acknowledge that he had a nice underneath his foot. Turning now to be sexually assaulted, his living girlfriend was back and kidnapping the children. Just like the guy member and George. I forget his name was at the windows
a monopoly, or no. That was a different guy. Who was a guy in Georgia who was dreaming the taste the guy's favour sheet Brook so submitted our drugs or short brook? No one is talking about that. Now know what people still list ten and Michael Brown and a couple of other period like do you not do any homework and alter not following up on the trials or conventional because it doesn't matter they already burned down an area of George. This is what happens right. They just move on, there's no accountability, just like where you just missed gendered, Caitlin gender three times in our daily slipped for hours, good enough. all right now? go and again using the definition of insurrection, actor instance revolting against civil authority or an established government I'll. two weeks ago, blacklist matter they broke into Iowa State Capitol and for their protest in, for assist bills which, by the way now a few here of people protesting racist bills. It usually means something like vote, identification or something not racist.
I have no idea what these bills are, all the time it just usually illegal racist billiard. Well, there's no one whose actually proposing a racist bill that actually that couldn't happen in the year two thousand twenty one. So this was clearly just an excuse for a few molotov cocktails and Billy Club meetings. Here you go Iowa, There's a view about his job he's doing his job? brown numbers, I believe what to do with black people or said I mean how is that not considered an insurrection? You join my in the capital right there, new committing acts of violence so by definition does this mean that every sit in that was done in the civil rights movement was an insurrection and should have been treated as such
another thing, the United around the learning about January's when talking about January, because the people were violent, but I'm seeing these are all examples of people being just as they go out and they try to take over and established government or civil authority rebelling against militancy have to be violent again. Some just try you're trying to overthrow the rule. So every time you break into one of these buildings or go when unlawfully get over. Is that an insurrection? I'm just try to make sure I had my definitional Marian Webster Sesar, the ok, but I think that these are equitable James was behind. This shows that get hurt me change and by the way, does not apply to gingerbread people? I will say no, no, no you're set out to do whatever they want their allowed to hit and run checks and then, as long as they suffer their wiener they're. All fair in love and gender. We don't know what to do with you yet. So you get to do a lot here. Pretty much. Here's Oklahoma to another Oklahoma last week, lock us where they broke into the economic capital to protest.
And by the way? This is why I love this due to protest in Anti Riot bill and, of course it nevertheless, it ends up spilling out into the streets into it. what you guessed it right, it's like the inception of jam ass insurrectionists. Here you go Oklahoma Why invited it? I? Why now can you like the mob guys, noticed. This is me NIT picking, but Jane, Just how entitled here we'll be back? No, you won't. no. I just think that I'll be back, no you're not allowed to work on broken. You broke the law,
what you mean, I can't are they going to be arrested as well? Is it going to be a victim sun set up to get them out of jail Koala Harris did no, of course, not things before. We continue with this right now. Shocking Chadwick Postman best ACT, your loss on CNN right now, which is this is the only way that came from the Oscars there really mad Anthony Hopkins one. It should never be a shocking up and win now. I remember that this is obviously a black act or any died of Canterbury, sad story, but it shouldn't be shocking. Its Anthony Hoskins, let's see what they're doing here. from us far too early at again. Thank you all again after for that now really did not expect this. parliament wants the development aid, but this is them again just driving a wedge in dividing re on how the fact and Anthony Hopkins one right not to mention it couldn't be the flips. What one of the issues on the other foot crisper plumber?
you're that new technology and warrior gold watch that performance and tell me that Mcnulty that we have so little deserve that Academy award walk off, but LO and behold, crisper plumber played a gay guy or Joe Biden just Anthony. How should we need in the air that should be near the different award because he always wins this one is to see what you have voted. This should be the best Anthony Hopkins and Best Merrill Street Dago yeah to win a war for its on. Can you actually man everything everything is racial identity. Now everything is seen through the Prism of race, except for comedy you're not allowed to make jokes, but everything else needs to be.
what's that reaching bird when his hunting down that he's, the former vice president of the United States, is a loser just because he can't climb stairs guys come on, he could fall upstairs third hung around it and are using their sector elders. He could do no wrong. The first, the first president to reverse mortgage, the White House. It sounded like a good deal of the next president. Come senators dig and to develop is how many days you say the word year, Philips? Instead, he said the hypnotist clearly did not look at. I want to be clear, I don't think he's homophobic and I dont think racist, yet word flips and by the way I dont think that I think there is an idiot. I don't think she's a hateful person, but if Joy Bay are pink, keep track of.
This right this is a lady who so far left she's never seen again. She mapping such no idea what our security rise over there and I was meaner, private secluded, persona, studios, but think of any other hopeful. I just think that there is such a discrepancy between how the rules or enforce it be so nice to just be Liberal now, while I said that in college, I didn't believe it. Oh well, I said he for times remedy I she, you know, I had a rough night, sleep. Well, the region. We bring this kind of stuff up is because Joe Biden Arabs are Donald Trump and had a handshake. They, basically the CNN project. Very tough thing right, we're like bringing in every medical experts say something's wrong with him when he almost slipped down some stairs earth. A platform because it was slippery, negro rail and I go something's wrong- with him, but the old Joe Biden involves upstairs, which is really hard to do three donating India Zayigo out, or it's really unbelievable- that didn't he tried really artfully suppose, there's a regular thing soon a family of Brown Junior may be shown. Body came footage. Is this the Virginia? I don't know
that's right? It's a shooting. I sit North Carolina, not Cousin North Carolina. Ok, police, shooting by the way, here's my view in the body came footage either you release it right away if you, the police department, right away without before there any protest. If you know that you're in the right or use it our own time, like as some people, are saying, although I think you, when you said they shouldn't release about again footage in Columbus. I was seeing you shouldn't do it because the mob is gathering and lighting their molotov cocktails outside. There is now you ve, set about it's like giving a kid a cookie when they miss behave either release the footage before there is a protest and say look. This is done islands that maybe they'll right, anyways or if people start congregated start demanding it you'll do it on your own terms. I just think it's really important to not reward these folks right now with without with anything I'm you look sharp injuries in immediately afterwards they were protests and keep it keep it up. Keep your phone
the gas we earnestly right. It got worse importantly, there are saying that in even the president of my former vice president came out and said, the reason that we had this verdict basically was because of the protests. That's why we are getting this verdict of cause and effect. Okay. So next time, if we just yell loud enough, it doesn't matter if a person is innocent are guilty. We just don't like them right for the guilt, and I'm not saying that about the shop and trial. You can still think that he's jerk that should go to jail for some period of time, but it should be to be a fair, and I want to cut you off, but right now I want to go to this. This demolition man, hoping the video can answer more questions, but Turkey are also expecting a counter protests, day this evening for people supporting law Foresman? What is your message to this group right here and that group? Oh, yes, we support law enforcement. Some members, my house we're gonna call now, when we expect for the police to sheriff Department to come to defend, as we would expect to social worker. Weird man gets the police, we're just a guess: police, brutal,
we're, I guess I'll shoot on arm mail. What the hell? It stands to reason if you work out their protest in right now before the body can fully right. So it's very clear that your ain t police at this point, you have no idea. If there's police brutality, you are blanket protest in police just wait a minute see from the people here that here we're not to be angry more we're not here to calls but we're here to just make sure that everyone Miss Hale accountable and are we received their formation and let the information go to the public. That's what we're here. You know what your question held accountable. How are you held accountable? How are you soon. And how are you held accountable right now, you're covering this before there is any body, can footage and you're acting I don't think it's a counter protest, its p. Supporting law enforcement and people support
mob rule, it's not a counter. Protest effect is law and order should be the baseline. That should be the point. Zero are neutral set point instead, you're acting as though well right now, these people with no evidence whatsoever, have decided. This is that this is a police brutality and unlawful murder hunting down of another black person. That's what they goethe another might be a counter protest. None of that was our counter because they're supporting law enforcement, supporting our law Believe me, not all police officers are your friends. Ok, especially when they go on arresting people for not double masking, but let's not act as though this right now is is starting with starts with, we start with the protesters who are anti police brutality and then, as a counter protest or no. No, they have no information. None will in right That sounds very reasonable, very smart, it eight after if, after this footage comes out, if he goes guys, this was not
brutality out absolutely applaud. Witty data be like look, it's totally finally got make sure, but we're not starting off neutral approach, starting off assuming that right. Yes, precisely, I think there is, but again footage release friendly spirit of every kind of this ok. This is because, right now, they're just saying the family might be shown body came here. I don't think the footage is out on this idea. Now I was angry. If they are they talking about. The Virginia incident is out of the dark about maybe cause this way. By the way people are watching with us, live sending your chat. Let me now because I'm just dive a small screen over here, that I can't really Virginia yesterday. I believe- and this is something north North Carolina Young, so they're saying the family might be shown. The body can footage. So you family here- has not seen the body can footage and you already have protesters. I just don't understand. How do you show up in protest little on commit acts of violence before you have
information won't even when you have the footage release like was released in Columbus, people still act like idiots and say that was just a surreal fire. You gotta among us hasn't our souls. One of a neighbourhood knife fights like nerve its bar or nothing now know that no, I don't know one among us has had a knife fight, ok, Bagley for crying out loud. Let us know what you're going to dine there we'll get back to it, but finally started the sudden about we're talking about riots and end were actually dogma insurrections. This is not to include we went through for just since March, allow not to include of all of the other insurrections again. What we're talking about an unlawful assent? Let me go back this definition and act, or instance, of revolting against civil authority or an established government. So I would argue with me I would argue that the George Floyd Autonomous Zone or Chaz lashed shop, where they do
allow officers in lawn ravishment and declared themselves a separate territory from the United States, even though there are still going about egg as in picking up ready, I would say that that would qualify as an insurrection. I can't think of a more clear example than to then taking over eight square blocks of an american city in saying this is an american senator anymore, because I'm in charge your chance belongs to me. Four died. Two man, yes in shares the damage profit. Of course they attacked people they had. I believe three people work here. I know five people were shot and chats Jerry less and raise including a seventeen in a fourteen year old and then in the drawer what time zone there was a thirty year old who was shot, and maybe the police could have said that they wouldn't let please go into the autonomous am so again. This has an insurrection because you are actively rebelling against a system of government saying we by our own rules. Here, you're not allowed to come in case in here you go. If you forget, about this in the media. Wants you to forget about it, hears Chaz
and the George Floyd Autonomous Insurrection Zones Morgan NEWS in these, so called Capitol Hill organised protest, so there's been yet another human being really this morning, top security shot at those people in the jeep after they ran into the bear, not ease again. Another earlier had ever been in any country there and another moving in a few minutes, so be ready that's right. This is this man Razumihin handing in air fifteen to an under age kid, but no charges and calling it a clip keep in mind that removing the Americans lie because this is not America. Chassis gum upon shots ring out- and this is the video that once again in the Capitol Hill protest sown in Seattle, the two people hit teenagers and one of them is dead tonight
so again united, ask what what's the definition year we using the actual definition of insurrection and no one hears excusing what happened on January, six, no you're, Dixie quoted a protest, is all right they called it. A prick know they'll go in atomic summer of love. Don't you react glamour expose at the mayor of hoop? What who was at mayor of Seattle that yet yeah realer TED Wheeler? I wasn't really. I don't know what this portal woman, whom I don't know, but I remember there- that's love it's just going to have just gonna, be the summer of love and then, after a few rapes and a few murders like while you know it mostly look at what the left is playing the victim here, like Tuesday Nth degree, eighty suits you can be like seven blocks away and claim that she was a part of the capital right. I guess you can do anything, but here's what they're doing there saying there's eight hundred people to the going after the FBI is calling for you to tell us who these people are. So We can arrest them when people were brought footage of Portland. No, no, I don't know what's going on over there. That's probably not it when CNN is recording live on scene, where they burning car behind them. It is a mostly peaceful protest here.
January six. Oh, my god, all the sudden violence comes knocking on your door, and you say we can't have this anymore, I'm serious. We dealt with this for an entire year yeah and you These are just now getting onto this in saying that that's dangerous right, Gimme, a break yet not to mention all the businesses have been shut down. People say what do you care about? Is not large enough. We hear about life all too, as well as livelihoods. We care about innocent people was just like just like when they were saying will couldn't that officer. Columbus have shot into the air is opposing. Let's endanger civilian life with a stray bullet rather than any aiming at squarely at the obese attempted murderous. Is crazy bullets don't come back. At the sky once you fire them up doesn't happen is not present. Today, I would you shot gun and fire a couple off into the air just make a common sense. They think this year, where a mask it's fine, not to mention the core.
but sponsors of these autonomous zones to you by guaranteeing about ape dot com, what are not being burnt down in these areas. You cared about black own businesses and black him. You don't skin, pass that guaranteed rape dotcom watching to see it guaranteed rate dot com. I sterilised want to make sure that not only is urgent, I'm sure, there's context. We will judge you think you're gonna get nothing of rape saying that agenda. They rode away at a zone, yes guaranteed rate, yet outcome, lesbian villages, disability, lesbian of Isabella, they'll, probably safe, the other, like that's like shorter, repellent only two rapists polluted air; no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no he hears a jumbo Moscow bag of ranch to read out, leave us alone and finally, the George Floyd. You would think right. Ok, after the George Floyd, the verdict wrecked the Shovin verdict. You would think that there is more George Flight atomism, you thank you. Take it still up.
It still has dealt with by the way separate. Calls for white people, oh good, and I know that the left is trying to say that asking someone voter ideas, Jim Crow, which is not comparison. Consider and Jim Crow laws were obviously last supported by Democrats, preventing lack republicans from voting but they're stupid. So now they have different rules for white people live, and yet somehow I point out to you that this is not racist. So here at the George, Lloyd, autonomous zone for white people in particular d enter yourself and to listen more and witness bring own processing to other white folks, so that you will now Harm by car What is it? What are you wearing is Julia Yossi in Europe, people of color. What is behind me
that is at bisexual people of color zone was ever using its exclusive. Can someone find this listen? This is, and I work in this case. I can tell you what I'll gb tissue HIV is. That's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender algae BT, Q, queer raw allies black indigenous black in black indigenous people of color, by the way they don't call em indigenous anymore in Australia, because that's now racist, its first nations, so work has taken this throw out the racist terminology in the trash, Edward Dempster, diving, you ain't black. Its desire to move hispanic people and confused that doesn't it so there Black Indigenous Idiot color Eyeglass hispanic people are technically people of color, but I want to address a maiden black redundant. Isn't a black person automatically person of color? You would think Nato is anymore, there's a gender person. Oh, I don't know, what's going, what is it with all the letters it's hard to keep up
This is the only instance where they believe in letters, letters or press The Erika accident wise and site people. We can't be using vows and counts What are you But what are you guys? What we would do you prefer someone say: demo, black American Black America, you dont like the epoch, people of color, that's seriousness that makes me feel like a cave in ice near at times article they have can of worms you just over one percent Cynthia for Israel recent professor of strategic communication. It misery will journalism, dynamics, no more sense uses the black, and indeed this was added to try to make sure that it was inclusive. I think the major powers as if that was for including voices that had originally been heard that they want to include in the narrative darker skin
it's an indigenous groups. It doesn't make any sense to immigrants hawking and by the way, that river to answer that's a run out and that's a professor in the New York Times you could make you could just say not white people you're racist against white people. Why don't you just say the antique will get really mad if you used the word retarded look. Let me be clear here that my wife and I volunteered at this- they have these churches chrome. I haven't called friendship, club people with special needs and I spoken with several dozen retarded people, who are far more stipulate than that run on sentence valid from that produce better, but doesn't it It doesn't make any sense. If anything, I think that retarded now should be an elevator should complement the right. They wish that can be returned. How dare you, oh, I dare speaking of which I dare what's By the way, I still don't know it by park is by Polack Indigenous, people of color, but I don't. I don't
stand. Why you have to have black when you have people of color, it is only the wholesale and peoples that will people of color can collude multimedia can employ equipment will be, will cover restrain around their precious into sight. Jesus that little children will write like a girl, a matter tat change right, but people of color, but that also includes that black in the Tina. and potentially Asians, and so we also add that aren't they under people of color, yes, but we want black people of color to know that their more portent, then the brown or yellow people of color it same only more now than when I think of black indigenous and think about you know like afghan women. phones, should always have the black and indigenous means, like native Americans. That's what
the bloody hell, not offensive. Everything about you didn't get mad at me for taco, Tuesday, have an old technological and some sombrero new thinking. Things raises another person walking out like there are fully clothes current evolve. Contrary contestant results there not wearing the thongs because their midst not flattering to their body type. Looks like a peacock. If you go back up to bring them back up that was a friend of his Nancy Pelosi with Desmond Tutu scarf learn. What is this? My? within the fertilizer for every word. Someone is damn autonomous zones wearing it.
You set a target for active rise among with as a our fifteen. She gets. Your bird cage is little mother, again age, feathers in the eye of the large tik tok shit up on the voice and all that shit. I do party, don't stop it. I'm gonna get you out, get yes out, not party already stopped my gosh arrival. Look. Do we have any easier? The body can push there's North Carolina in Theirs Virginia. They they were miss. They were confusing the Virginia. Anyone could certainly brown, but do we have the Virginia but again footage because I've seen there is body came forty. Zero people are protesting right now Virginia. I was going on this morning. We are talking about an on CNN and then they went away from it really quickly, which assuming means there was body can footage released and people said. Ok are bad limit, Jerry. I look at what you don't we'll go. I will go to the muslim segment here, but they look. Let me know which one do you think is most insurrection e of the UN's.
corrections. We had right o. We had Oklahoma. We have Portland, we Yet we have chop, we have resort flood. Why are none of these things being covered only one side as far as we are talking about the interventions and that's a blessing to smash that like button tomorrow by the way here and then Wednesday night we'll be lives, remember half Asian or Bill Richmond will be here to that check the people say state of the union. The joint address you to thank you, sir. We love you but we're about to do a truth. According to man, oh no we can do this year on Youtube. You need to pay,
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