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China Is FUNDING Russia’s War Machine in Ukraine!

2022-02-28 | 🔗

China is teaming up with Russia against Ukraine ... possibly the world. We have everything you need to know before WWIII begins. Also, vaccines can now spread to the unvaccinated. And did Louis CK play Ukraine this weekend? #Ukraine #Russia #China

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Heather Audio, listen! I know you can't be bothered with this message. You probably had skip what you relation. That's why I don't put ads in year which has run away and we support it. at the beginning of the show. Guys were saying advertisers who would request that we people Hit skip What I do I want to hear about bedsheets, her vibrating toothbrushes, butter I remember my club. I would suggest that you signed up today. We gotta get extra full hour in fifteen minutes and stuff. It could never be heard here or on Youtube, otherwise, freeloader this totally financially for review rating if you're an apple, Android minnow. I know its fuel at this point. If you still listing and not you haven't done yeah, yeah yeah, there's no convincing you give a unit. Legend spoke. He do in cities across Amerika, they whisper his name.
His name's, something like candy rumor. Has it stays name in a mere five times? He appears seasoning five times the huge one. Two three four candy ass wait about a second. Aren't you just that fat falling on CNN? Yes, it is. I heterosexual news, Anchor Brian Stealth, who can take an agenda, carbureted, new booth, sprinkled with lie, then submit information. They can be the candy up. I like girl. some believed it was just a fairy tale
but they were wrong with so about it. You're next twinkled, no candy this one's for you, I don't come for girls, Only women are safe. Brother, do candy ass unless you will
Ok, I'm not out of breath You had a run out and ran back in really will you no there's something very for you watching here. Right now I had to run out and ran back in. this is the picture I was watching, sanitariums just engrossed, while I'm amazed that yours too,
Can we talk about Siena Mills, brains Delta are going to be fired? What's according to reinstall through fingers crossed so well, to get today, look Russia, Ukraine. I know it's one of those situations where you feel like there can be overloaded, agonies, liver, their angel. Thank you appreciate. You feel it gets overload, but there is something going on right now that is concerning lotta people missing our going. mother is driving Russia in the arms of China who, by the way, are not natural allies. If you don't wipe someone out militarily, I'm not saying we should, but you just put on these economic sanctions. We, But what happens if you try to browbeat someone on the international stage, economically yeah spicy, somebody, like Pastrini oversight, not well come on turning everything to pay back. They take it seriously. They take it seriously. So but of course, as a transfer if you hear Mitt, Romney, violation, yep, Mitt, Romney, useless to the left and the right to be talking about that- also be talking about the fact that too
others when we fired- and if you know this but to developing a vaccine that can spread a contagious but without saying so just ass, the best thing you can do for the algorithm if you're watching, but you watching this archive is comment the question of the day, we have a few them to do. Think Russia will ever actually use nuclear weapons doings any intent, or do you think it's bluffing This is some of the people are discussing right now and they look. I think you know the answer but apparent Don't I've seen it fifteen different voices on this morning with fifteen different opinions. Of course, I think maybe accidentally on themselves could be an answer. So right, Go get large that Ukraine, the growl we shouldn't have used. Acme no can come right back to us. I live long enough. It warranty servants plan. I lived ripe old age of thirty eight, which, in these Greece areas very good. We leave on vodka in conditions, is foreign carnation, russian novel alike,
they don't really. Rather than does sorry look swollen who says when he's behind me literally the earth. If we had a patched up turn around I've, never seen back to I've, never seen stomach to spined. When we have many in Russia, thing you can do by the way to wages for not allowed on Youtube anymore species. We talk about the vaccines today, that's one of those touchy subjects right tuna rumble or mud club alive Monday to Thursday at ten a M eastern, nothing will make me we're going to see you go over there, women other our show today. Also tomorrow, Lifehack checking the state of the union address no idea how long that will be right. So we will be there in the morning to Morrow will do the evening show. Only when we have already come on Ghana, and I think there might be something going on Wednesday morning. It's a pretty in depth. Video about to see we're not necessarily know what don't worry it's about, tease it for you. I have no idea how what was written by
me under an alias as a clear parity was accepted as academic research, but it was- and we have also. and it's the silly better. The silliest crap you could possibly imagine just in case of any faith left in the institutions of higher education system has grown up Wednesday, but it's an undercover thing if ever goes period, either way we're getting sued by an angry fat. Lesbian whale, ok or you mean in the entire Schenectady College, professor. Let's take a number ladys. Yes out before I got jail Are you I'm? Well? I really am Fine, I'm good and Dave Lando is hearing on eleven March. Are more aids? Will our user good man? Are you? Ok, a little asleep, but I'm gonna write. I haven't you, don't ever sleep well I know it's probably beer should not normally to say I slept if it's something new us exactly it's atypical
they need us giving I hours appraising, but what or it's like Iceland three hours from the shakes nightmares relic. We know nor you know I'm about our eyes to get really bad. Like actual night, there is your own yet really bad night tears? I'm an element of I dont know credence plane you here to capture. Yes no he's had a nightmare that was, I was perpetuate a creed concert. Well, we have overrun the big star. Was it like out of body crowd serve right? Yes, could I got it? I think they got underway at that time on earth. I think they're gone away because even in the night, Terry can still hit the palm safe go to shoot. Just another court like this ended this evening in this current rules that are longer worse got over almost too
Better than no glad of manufacturing standards, there's no, we ve said no more creed Kalashnikovs, which you want: creed, Nuclear Bush, Nook, both sunset, We also have a nickel back more. Yes, though one do that too much nominal Obviously revival back like Ukraine paints, so bing of higher education and nervous infiltration that we did. What I'm excited to release right now. I'll show you the results of public education, United States, gonna want us to start is depressing off the bat, but look called being an adult. and that means sometimes accepting realities that you dont like, and this is reality. You also a high school, had a walk out today and this little girl.
said this. I am so glad that mother came the first man, slavery. Well, there you go with the thought that counts they're. Trying right did it. we play that again because people may have missing is the black girls reaction? everyone in the crowd was they had, but we species, send them back into school, but then it is come out with more than watch. The black girls react and you can see it in real time. Watch one also a high school had a walk out today, and this little girl had said this.
Men here, the reaction, here's the now then I am risen. Signs- are like this isn't the right now, since you are only off by like seventy five eighty five years, something you're gonna, Martin Luther King Jr high at the corner, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, boulevard and wrong century height at his bad. You don't you learn, while also go my own private school. My son said that I had never had a child, but I might about whether they are not all retarded. The real problem is charges schools because its full profit, George, assuming they have educational standards that they have to uphold yeah you mean, maybe teachers get fired. If one student things that Martin Luther King Jr was the first human
oh yeah, I love playing tons of money to send back into a private school because they're not doing the job at the other Scrite, the one that already pay taxes for I yeah Missis Reed, a thrilling those my idea, mask them and zoom call devil. Mass them and put up I might say about yes sort of screen all day: don't wear their net lacheneur gonna Minecraft Memorial card at any point during the right yeah they muscles are some of the Civil Rights ACT. On that an unreal go to mingle watch beauty by that's aid. It's not just that. She said that its that she made it to the podium. Well, that's true! is the best and brightest among them achieve Navy Seal of public education byproducts. She was Martin Luther, the rest, home and she's. Like Martin Luther. I got this someone's hackler death that that's what that's what I've got my way? That's, not a human Martinek allowed. A coral reef is shit.
Martin Luther King gave over no what oh my god, I want to go back to high egg cells before our go back to school. At Billy. Madison get the four point, two ideas out of eighty three tests. If that is the standard anymore day when Harriet Tubman help the slaves escape on the Pinta, this Maria. and the Malcolm Axel down their boulevard They were ever. I don't any of that is correct. We lahti ninety two rows. Epoxy of the ocean blue right at the front of the ship ass, the roughest part, will I get off their in there was and then she killed autumn Indians with Kobe blankets, see a plus Why am I drop? I dont you question
culture. I gotta dream catch my college that hanging from the mere one tattooed on my phone like a lotta strippers, I cant figure that You got a dream: it isn't. Your dream is dead, you know, ban and the one planet fall asleep at the wheel. It's kind of a dig move that's what he always makes me feel great. When I see a dream, catcher hanging from the near an M in bottle head on the dash area too early, made by words, we know they do yeah. It's that good, hey. What sort of those are, but does it would happen? You're Blinker Button, I've changed to a Lou, Nesta dispenser butterfly. I can go drive to tackle we'll get a gun. And by us the union as an area no aid. If they rode out, I'm going to give a speech about civil right I'll be back I guess you know don't refers. She might have taken notes from our former vice president.
The first Saddam Hussein My second is, as it were, could have ended at first clean. But it just settle anything yeah. That's pretty tough, where's, like if you wanna, see like articulate and all right then clean, you know there's no way around that one had. I always look for some way to defend what somebody meant the area like the good and on a par with an electrician, Does anyone appall? No there's? No, you have to be a beautiful mind to figure out what he meant. Yes, he's like a shark. He can't move backwards. He can't back up his mistake. It has gives further talks himself into a corner and then just keeps ramming into a corner like a bumper car. I can't get out in my lab in that sector. Kill it. That's good Joe thanks for that and by the way that
the reason that Barack Obama made him vice president, because you now that up, if I put most racist man what I don't mean as an obligation of Euro We agreed upon Racism are being left, I'm out as president. If you shoot me, that's what you're gonna get I promise? That's what that's that that might not not not! Now. Let me that's why the Joe Fire insurance, but it wasn't, I yes, sir, we just did even see it out and I need just like wow. You know what he's he's better than the alternative. Remember when he said in his speech. He said in his first speech: Never not now. Not not not everyone knows you don't mess with joke. Take. So that's projecting it's your this reverse ecology, because that's all you do everything you know, there's no purpose. He serves no purpose. Oh he did you not to be met. Two things, the first by precedent, you're taking a risk and he knew that was about
getting Jeff you impeach me, you get and boy was he right, yeah those whose, after whose after in language here, Robert Bert, I thank you draw up, which is Joe S, sits, corrects a camel. Our current take her kid me. He called TMJ in paparazzi audio installing the wheelchair ran for Joe, is why not go up your shit? Is patents and laid down, not now dialing your scalps for about we gonna. There's a work has little little ones. a elevator chairs putting dispenser? What are those here's the wheelchair, the wheelchair grandma online area it goes up, or would you call it kills you around yesterday they later phenomenon, but I hope that have a beer. Why, geared to Joe, we get stuck right. I'm just half words be a trail of brown to buttons like oh, my gosh.
They make the state of the union. He spent the last nine hours on the Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair ramp, yeah trimming, God it was buckled. Then yes, within a break of car parmesan cheese, walking and was guns hidden in the trash from this in Pixar. Maybe I wear when one day when I was a very big streaming module limited Disney plus our ancestors had a mystical connection. We read pandas any strong emotion will release the Panther exhaust hurting refugees, brutal guiding, suggested original movie streaming March, eleven Romeo Disney, plus alright, so you're let us do it before them onto a rational, Louis UK has cancelled the February shows in Kiev. Well, ok! Yeah! I mean not hope. I appreciate it Thanks for the laugh, then, if you, because of bombs
yea I summoned a russian invasion. I have no idea will rings river, some like them so tickets, Russia being they were sold at a thirty percent discount relay stillness cancer. Who's the idiot there was buying them, representatives addresses button. Babies like I, we should use comedy, it's good throws assets, this will be new currency shows to cereal masturbate or whose cancel the Meda it's so the great, I actually think over the weekend p Louis UK was talking about. This was as it is. Think their reaction to know rather worrying it now once in a while flats allow this Louis, hey, yeah, hi, we'll have reports that your show in Kiev is going ahead as scheduled.
Right of the invasion, I'm we not in the Ukraine and is the exact opposite of where I am. I can't get a fly you try to take off and they kill you, but I was reported on twitter at the sellers are going How to schedule hallways some made me with his I've fallen in your leg. I guess that's the thing that's happening now. As of the other day, there were no changes on the news website, because the guy who's job that is tat. Now he's are raised from existence. Turn. We don't know that you could be in all our shelter from the fifties, how around bunch of dirty.
kids in old Ladys in shawls. Knowing all wait, I have to tell everyone he's not coming and like all darn now I dont get to step over a pile of dead bodies to see a fat pieces where everyone hates now, while where are you ill store down. What is the more on the ground there? No one everyone's just in shooting and using the simplistic hookers it doesn't matter. Well, I guess that's all I have to know we can read Are you serious? This is just to. Why am is a person? I can't help it out. Ok, I just thought I was the only one doing this. You see him
Do you have to be a sex offender to work at sea? I think it's part of the court is funny as yet one of those people are cancelled for actually being a sex offender yeah. Those people are actually his legs offender, yet one I've got a contract extension before it was up like this guy down, although I don't want, it must be seen to have a look at the how and on that man. Look at you want me to my second one: guy burning comedian, who got permission from somewhere other guy actual man who masturbated during phone call, your readers pretended well when he came back on our Dave in their defence. They had a woman interview him and ask him these questions. Awkward at all has really are at the end of that interview when he tried to put a sticky note on the Emirates in and let the Lord here like alice- and I was looking at you the whole time right when she just closure. Computer what'd, you just up. everything you have with idle for idle. Now CNN, once your hobby, something I they wouldn't you just have a shred of self control, but that to start now
We can't wait. Thirty minutes, This was a two hour. Zoom caught wasn't like a crazy or it was just like it was a key. Was a catch up meeting? Maybe just happened. How long is like are now I've? I lost track of time where my band sets the problem with the internet, because, before that you didn't walk into a conference, rumour lay argue: we have coffee water and stop masturbating at the conference table. sorry, I didn't realize you saw me. Of course we can see you you're right. There ballroom, be it the marionette and you're in front of me. I it's called ballroom Was it not that not what it is anymore? Where does naming things nebulous Lee our army for putting them on a chair? Is that because of society? Yes tube, and it's because of society? Just stop. Yeah they wanted a higher outside adieu and like it was poor plan b and there are like knowledge, is proven back. I dont enough, but we'll talk Dell during a little itself before anyone else at the binding by Supreme Court nominee. Even following us, he nominated
I don't know it's gonna, be Kentucky Brown Jackson have only read it. I'm not hurt spoken because a story that makes me mad at close, a Supreme court which brings us to this week's or days or probably quite a few of these sweetly steadying a curious coincidence. Is it Qatar Dear Qatar gee, I don't have the other, you never announced, but I think it should ok. I have no idea, I think so. Well, Brown, Jackson. Let's go that. Mrs Jackson, the EU, the widest version of that ever know,
around Jack attacks and Brown, saying that we are on our own Angie, I now, as the black has version. I want you to imagine tat this Supreme Court now running on empty running no lover, music, that what are you thinking the Brown Jackson, she's a bad girl, and that's enough, that's enough ice, we're down to just one by racial, and I think it's oats, so rich guy got its colonel now has not by why? Don't you stop it towards the same judge who sentenced the pizza gate shooter in case you have forgotten about this, so another interesting, that's the greatest qualification for Brown Jackson, that's biggest case again do you think this person has just selected on the name like Jackson? That's a black sign it! What's a middling brown done, perfect
another point to about the shooting internet, about Peter Pizza Gate. The shooter only shot at a closet with a computer in, that's all he shot and for all the hub of about pizza gate, and he would think it was a massive scale shoot but he only shot a clause of the computer and which also, why there be it at. Why would you need a closet with a computer inside it at a pizza parlour. And what was are coming out of. This has been cures coincidences. Branch elderly leave, the closet for branching Yea goes
and brunch. Where I live for branching, I saw my shadow six more wakes up, my mouth be back for lunch and then you reckon lunches linen third linen. And you said it was all you can eat at midnight snack. You know it. Let's just put a fridge in my closet and then DIN dessert fact, like college college dorm going by next he's not co at all. Growth. Super straight so by the way before him about to talk about brain cells. There, David on tour, lot of current comes lashed or will be in tells her uncle homer may Fourteenth and then Colorado Springs June. Eighteen, so also global May fourteen June eighteen Colorado springs, and I just doing the good old stand up lot of Canada accomplished. Work are allowed to get it. Did you hear
so Brien's delta. So there's some changes coming up at at sea and here's. What interesting is now it Brian sellers, afraid of being fired, but the reason he's afraid of being shop. Would you think we're better reporting not doing your job? being unappealing in the face value. Don't let's go see you can do you consider that I can Zackie just gave away you dont give away the living here. The twist We saw that to escape the thanks, railroad, Ammonites fired for being to hand. yeah that's right felt at the end of it he finds out I was a gay Goethe doll. You too much a man's man when somebody layer for ladys We have had too many comparisons with our focus groups of Frank Lance and they see you and they just each House Bronson. Yet we all know too much of a Clint Eastwood. Yes, yes, that's what they say. We need more of an hour. Fruity grimace! Yes, yes,
exactly what we need more of a Damn Delhi's type d, and only one, Mr Mulder, who would be dead. ever damned Louise but more suspect. Yes, yes, vivid imagination, I'm coming change that CNN and this guy who's going to the new head of CNN outgoing Jeff Sucker, it was leaked. Chris licked is his name stopover jokes. actually no comment below your best licked Joe, It is true that the might like stuff like let what you have my attention. Now you have my curiosity, MR licked. I'm here measures are licked, Chrysalis, Damn I have, I have my own green room, but I'd be willing to share so it's
It is about why trailer really a trough. It's just that amendments bath. Yes, it's just giant chair in it and the traffic urinal Eisner and now that it's not hard to pay all set him down now people think its gross need as much as I do in the men's room, but I do what I do yeah. You know it's that actually I'm of this is more back to it. Kitchen, then the men's room, so really I'm more sanitary than you men's remember, my closet, which is also a men's room. It's a watercolor what you ve been a Europe PETE, the handbag, so What does announced the new head of CNN? Ok, here's the thing it was like it clearly seems to be a deliberate late, because its accurate and Brian Spelter didn't know about so they didn't. Let him know the name of his shovel, Israel, I have all sorts of three, and now we know who is, as always has started to run CNN wants. It happens, Chris Electoral, the head of news for the newly combined company according to three resource
spoken. We on Saturday. The appointment is not Germany and Austria, removing other things in the days clubs I party broke the news We now know. Yes, we ve known. Yes, thank you spoken to on Saturday, the round my meal with much reliable. If you guys, if you're not even breaking anything, what do you want to? What is it you would say you do here so how reliable sources, unlike your show, right. Ok, so to give it, couple of things here that are important, so Chris Select, is going to have seen it. Ok, he also discoveries purchasing and, I believe- and he wants to bring Siemens credibility back so that main concern. He wants to get rid of what seem what seems to be partisan hackers, which is interesting because he was actually the creator of or one of the creators of mourning Joe and then
He is currently only the show, and I want to tackle issues for the late showest, even call their. So look. You know where he lines up. You know this crystal. lines up to what he sang when he says we want to retrieve from the abyss the credibility, see nobody really means they want to go back to lying to you by amish lot anymore single scene and got really bad. No, no. They didn't get really bad. You just warrant aware that cement of your people, like Joe Romans, Israel He pupil, who short of newly conservative right red buildings, I should really seen unused to be reliable. They were never reliable. You just weren't paying attention I've always been as bad Anderson Cooper has always been this bed just to be clear down. It has been there for years and years. This is not a new development, so this guy clearly is he wants to go back to the period of by. ass by by omission and seen in really has got to be more opinion journalism. So that's the important point to note on that front. Now: here's something else! It's funny
Brian Stelter is now afraid of being fired. Knots. Not that that's hilarious put. It is it's the subtext. This is reported by red state and I dont I can confirm the authenticity, but I'm pretty sure so it says Brian Self enrichment most was less, have decades cause other. Several people are jobs as told people that he thinks he's going to lose his job at seeing it. So what does that tell you? Ok, you have a new incoming head of seen it all right who wants to at least keep up the appearance of objectives, That means there was a meeting. Look they're gonna, be summer, changes here at sea and in we Do you know really get back to delivering real, accurate news? I'm fired every my God a morning was coming back? What sort of hydrogen who called afternoon jab? Yes, no no made evening poke about niner step.
that night time and search. Yes, no, perhaps a thumb do it perhaps some early morning, products out just grab my thanks here. Just a pair of rocks she has a ban at cape that he's been trying to make work. I just don't know no, it doesn't take it that that belongs to wardrobe foiled again now speaking of their political they're. Putting about right now, I gotta there's only put on you don't, but on the side profile us you are saying right now live, let's see if it's not just complete partisan energy networks, but access to the internet is an alternative that provides access to frankly, the truth, the ground truth of woods- on. At the same time, we are seeing some russian websites being half their multiple reports of russian media upsides bean.
With Anti wouldn't hazardous on them in the past is Rosa stationary wearing showers using before, and execution of, these is the greatest kinds of hats, also signs that food is losing this information war on one other. That's what What the hell I'm nervous arguments Zalewski is winning the Pr Battle UK. Winning the PR battle that my lesson Britain is less important than the physical warfare on the ground. But it is credit: around the euro using every night, I really hate the anti Americanism that you see across the globe, especially having visited Europe. But every now, and then you ve seen a million that we ok that they're not that got appoint their seeing him in the airport when they landed. I mentioned I be pissed to making the country that invented the guillotine. Looking at that, there's no way to make it. you know, as I have seen for whatever they. What you call it make Donald is fat, If a clown, there is nine weeks need time for custom stocks. I dont know what that is.
I need a tin head basket Pleasedness. Why? What does the men which from doom have to be hit? it may rise is rises. Feeling like Twitter just show This is look how he views himself, Brien's Delta, It's not even true that they're going to have objective journalism are seen in, but the moment Brian seller believed that there are going to attempt objective journalism lose. Everything was just now that he's I'll do the morning show bring me I've been wanting to be looking. I don't I don't you know this guy has made his living turning people fired, I don't it thing for somebody to be fired. It's an. Other thing to be Brien's delta and be fired from Broadcast Helen. Who else on gods? Green earth is going to put this man back on tv and let it alone
he basically rose to feign because you sort of like a press Hilton for a political Europe, a political blog website, Adasa website ethically. So then I got a job. Like the New York Times and and I believe, was near times gone by road here, and it was as they were surprised that he was a college student writing this but here too thanks, I sort of Haiti This bad will rise by his appearance in the security sector is a wild and it was right after the two, your contract near a year and a half like what we need to do that. You are about to die recently, violet extension. So, Sharon's policy and it was a soft, It was a soft expectations of women young and then you gonna Siena. Now they say: ok, but now you are thirty six year old, completely super straight, broadcaster with the lowest ratings. You are entirely useless to us. He is proven to be a failed commodity. That's gotta be a really scary thought for Brien's Delta and, frankly
I'm gone note. I was just about to bring up that point like he is perfectly positioned there, because, if they're trying to go back and we had their image, which sucks in the first place Ryan Stealth, her being front centre It's like I'm saying you d want to create that power. Vacuum Powell nerve advantage for Amazon Forest, but well that's what I think I thank you for what where's beginning. Got there, though, because he basically got everyone fired. Look at him. Yes, I'm karma, You can't just cutting through everything and billiards at the top, their eventual gonna get rid of, and then even through people under the bus were fired at his network. Yes Chris Glomeris wrangling for his spot. day. He was like he's a rapist yeah. You heard your version, yes, he's a rapist boy. I don't know, he's gonna feel that nine o clock
Oh boy, now it's not gonna happen. What would be worth a shot I'll take my Kate Homo had no impact is things when he's in there measuring for drapes, Cuomo, sick leave and he just hovers and uncle ants. Anyway, you guys. Let us I dont, want stealth or to go where best do fleet about rhythm is actually want him to stick around. I really really do and that we should just Hiram say brand Delta. Let's start, oh ok go find me might be the funniest gag of all time. If we just PAMELA, of money to be a chair, and, and just and you just don't let him speak you just duct tape has mounted just always just always just he has to say only extremists, things, yes that's not run on airily offensive, unwarlike, prying spelter. That's how I would say that I can't believe I mean, and we have just who work here, my command and then I'll be like we don't and he always has to hold his person the chair and alleged shake it.
I recall that when you turn off color joke, he has to go Dave and hit you at the purse. There's a laugh tracking, yes! Well, we would be with laughter. I know, he'll be! Ok, that's like Maude! we should be sure to redressing Estelle Getty Golden. We would do it. We need to get it. We need to get it. Oh? That social area can now now you'll need a love, see ts answers, not rated. Finally, I call it me: seed is full of love. So is another thing to this can happen forget, the russian jailed really has been falling. Russia and China very closely, and it is interesting, and unfortunately this was always concern, and I know you lane were arguing about Russia and what we should do and friendly debate it was. I drank it's. It's everyone's heart out their break for the people of the Ukraine yeah, but
things can be true. You can feel that way and also believe that we should be sending Americans over there to die, and that being said, you can recognize those two things and also understood that the actions that are currently being taken, economic on the world stage, could be driving Russia into the arms of China. But before that, of course, conspiracy theories have been tackled by the media, quite a bit for suggesting that covered vaccines, and this was apparent offers last week wasn't too long ago, has been going on for a while for suggesting a covert vaccines could shed too faxed people? Potentially it's even in fact, one influence are claiming that just being around someone who's been vaccinated causes, though side effects that not only can recover. Nineteen vaccines hurt women's fertility by attacking the placenta, they cause of action person to shed the virus onto women. In effect, their periods are pregnancies, so the first part, as reported here on fact, check Friday before the double hey Joe says it's not true- the vaccines janius cannot cause rupture.
utility about those who have been vaccinated, shedding virus particles and causing harm to others. I've no scientific document or source that says it's even passed people with the emigrant vaccines or the J J vaccine. Ok, now it's not true yet and what they just said. Accurate. There is no scientific document available, Ruth the did he say Pfizer and James. seen or imminent and in our aid rather a hard- are wrong ends in the wrong place again. The point is that is not enough, but they try to act like it's. One person said Oh, no, isn't one person who believe that there is a potential for shedding or one since that is women from any scientific literature on these specific vaccines understood not fact, checking that I'm talking about the spirit of how they do this and what are we doing it seen at rest, the lies by omission, taken extremist fringe person to make a point that in another context,
be valid or worth investigation to dismiss it and then selectively present references that make your case for him by the way. That's what we present all references that are available, I come if you're watching a new two bits in that paint comment, and course, if you're watching rumble or mug club, which I recommend you do, you can just go to the website and that type. So here's instinct part- and I regret it the researchers and now in the? U S, UK and australia- are now researching the possibility of a quote selves writing vaccine, and when I read this to vaccinate, I would quote catch the vaccine as it spreads rapidly across the country in airborne droplets passed on the close contact with others just as co, old and flew already spread and that we accept exclusive footage of the preliminary results with the self shutting vaccine traps.
let's infrequent dry, yes, work before we're gonna, do it to ourselves early this year. This is now we're Greenwood go to the top of a shopping mall with guns, with what he heresy, This is a scary thought. Why it's funny the yet that we through on there was kind of a joke, but it's not a joke, because every single time some claim like this gets made, and then I got absolutely not possible for this to happen in their work. That was done in the last six months. part of that. It's getting a vaccine I feel, is knowing the side effects per person and talk- and here I address you- know on a private basis, knowing how that would affect you individually notches, catching its walking down the street the same as anything right. That's usage,
early vicious. No, I think you're absolutely right, not only that there is not eight now. Of course, side effects and adverse reactions with vaccines are very rare. In most cases, yes, Sir more side effects both a martini injections and all other time, Provence legislation catch up, The very rare, but I dont know of a single vaccine that doesn't effect certain individuals negatively with adverse effects, putting things like neurological conditions, Gina asses one them. There are certain people who can even take a basic, flew shot because of auto immune issued apple thinking, Jenny Mccarthy's an author wrecked, yet exec wound I dont know different, read that nobody did to pee, well. This is a concern. People who absolutely from their doctors, recommend upon their doctors recommendation cannot take vaccines, don't have a choice in the matter. And this is what happened to think about this. We ve done this with everything else, where big farm about right people talk about big. They were, they were, you know village or for a long time, except in this instance. We
the same thing with medicine, drugs, opiates, bad, ok, benzodiazepines, back, ok, even people, you know I'm a profile that enter think your drugs bad. You should take his and then for some reason, though, when it relates to the vaccine. Its note this is good. This is this is good for everybody? I don't know any other medical intervention that is considered good for everybody's manawyddan thing. You can find one. and when your tongue, about something that would be spreading or shutting that now putting that has the power in the hands of government and, of course, is not only an infringement of of personal liberty, I'm just wondering where all the people who were sceptical of big farmer and all the people who are about my body, my choice went to. I dont think it could be more clear than this: it's not like abortion, where you believe abortion up until nine months in including birth period. Now not greeting Stroman. That's the actual policy of many leftist states to be clear. I do nowhere. The folks have gone now. I have no idea to it and we, when we talk about the the issues
We had earlier with a back seat. It wasn't that we were just making claims right. Some. Some french people were like saying: I make my cousins ball swell if everybody reforms that right that wasn't necessarily it was the those Carnegie Ghana, we are making to infiltrate what they needed. This did The kind of blend I'm gonna lose the other one. Now that that was his Nicky, monotony key shutting admonished, may stand admonishment in the car manufacturer. No we'll do it like. How could I simply can view? No. The problem we had was the daily array sing. Another six inch nail slashed Alan well, yes, we just didn't have any long term studies, because it hadn't been around long enough to have any long term. Studies generally that our own gems Ladys require something being around long term, but look at it we're at about what a year year and a half right now we're goin ha. We didn't know when it's like really. This is all we were saying from the beginning. Is there a? Maybe just do some studies on this that go a little bit longer than say I don't know a few months. Look. You know you have to be
Finally trusting of authority across the board, or you have to be sceptical across the board, doesn't have to agree with. Someone else is a sceptic across the board, but I do understand how people go from being a sceptic, particularly as it relates to big farmer particulars. It relates to drug companies and then is completely gone death. It's about consent. I'm not required to suspend my consistency to say on a second. Is this a good idea, though? Is it a good idea, for Every single individual it's entirely consistent. It is incomplete. for someone to say big farmer. We have problems with these lobby. It's one of most powerful lobbying groups in all Washington DC is big from I dont disagree with there. I also believe that western medicine is great fear of cancer in Europe. I understand the route you should have luck idle cyclical every drug, and I believe that every person should have the right to choose. I believe that you have more drugs available to people and I believe that the FDA approval process there's too much red tape August. It's a problem that if someone understands the risks, they should be allowed to take that truck. That is
hardly consistent with that person should also be allowed to not take that drug. When you see the policy of the left right, these are the same people who said every single Democrat, Every single member of Joe Biden Cabinet said either the vaccine could not possibly happen on Donald Trump Timeline Red or that they would not trust the vaccine where they wouldn't take them. in almost all them set all three. They said it publicly on the record. You can go back into search bar on Youtube certain mocha, because one final on Youtube. You can see that this is think it Joe Biden himself, said Kemal here's what unrealistic for to happen at this time. I would stress the vaccine, because it happened under Trump, and I wouldn't take the vaccine. All of that is gone now, all just asking that we be consistent, especially as it relates to people's private medical decisions and what you put your own body
Ok. Now we can move on to former Vice President Biden, Ukraine, but you're going on here with Russia, the Ukraine knowns paying closer attention. Motivation. We noted the former Us President Obama. Is he really out he's just a hawk? Allow really railways has been well when he sleeps it. Twenty focuses best right he's on it faster than other Dakota June, but They are working with a stick every few minutes and let him know the what's what rights wiser a mere hanging above his mouth? I know no say Yeah there's a mere hanging above Brien's doubters closet, bad. I don't think this is walking. Is Windows funhouse meares now It's just me. I said the whole ceiling with mirrors, like someone had expand. My body and never hit the shift key of this. This is my mirror, slash, crying room, the
Mr Mayer on the wall, shut up? Ok, you're, still fat, Brian you're, the weakest of the ball I guess I understand: how do you still have a job merits not healed yet so here's thing the. Why would former vice President Joe Biden, he so interested in the Ukraine lies heaping. Such close attention could be they walk out breast cancer na solemn alchemy or when we're not going to give it a billion dollars. I said you have no authority you're, not the president. The president said I should call em. I said I'd tell you not get dollars, I said you're not getting the billion I would be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I, like I said, I'm leaving in six hours at the prosecutor's, not fire you're, not getting the money or son of a bitch. fired, always term of the other guy. That's weird! Also, that's not a crime to brag about
two on the records highly illegal. Just to be clear. I was being sarcastic, that's a crime, We need a regular. No, I don't know. No! No! I dont frowned upon illegal felony jail time agree to disagree. We dont gruff would be upset the only you can take a bite of by former vice president, and also just one thing that dumb lotta people don't know is hunting. I was handed areas with the Ukraine. three got out of trouble to Ukraine and I believe we have an exclusive. He had an emergency visit to a doctor for parmesan cheese knows my nose so stuff just gotta be covered while you're tough came back, get it for covered, but you're your nasal cavities are clogged with parmesan cheese swear that was cocaine. Cypriot. Let's try clear Centre is clear. Yes,
it's made by clear and which is recognised as the leading manufacturer of Zile at all based products in North America, and this nasal spray is all natural. All natural was army that its drug free drug free- that sucks parmesan is also drug. Free, just try to spread like a brave, breathing is important for a person must first turn on your right. Now. Let us be clear that it worked shirt thanks for showing me the clear away die. My pleasure can do on more favourable me sure old onto this laptop. For me, no no deal about prescription of two hundred workers get out of my office
that's a good at home. I told you to quit smoking Buddha it now We have consistently wonderful sponsors and they become responsive to the show, because he heard me talking about them yet a product that I've used. You care the goats cleared. I come and clearer than acts in the regions because it uses and called Zile at all in there now I encourage you, do your research go to the website and go to permit and read the actual approved data clinical trials studies have shown that this actually cleans out your nasal cabbie like reduces adhesion factor for things like go bad viruses, and your nasal cavity. Ninety nine, sent me, I think about it. You brought your teeth. It take a shower. Think of all the wrap your breathing in eight. What you do in a clean, this specially run Dave I mean if, if who works for Hunter, and this This is doctor recommended at what I mean by that is some doctors. Yes, I would ever say all doktor looked like a self shutting vaccine no
I wouldn't be so bold, even those drug free and works for Diamorphine Taiwan, I think even though I feel it works. It doesn't mean that I'm gonna run up to enforce it in your no right friendly. Exactly you haven't had allows, although what been without a water boarding, when we have an idea you wouldn't like, while this is this, is it effective. You know it just doesn't. Thank you. I think I'll give you the information. You are going to exclude outcome for more info. It really. I recommend you read the literature, the scientific data. Ok, so last week. Let's this is something we really Russia, cream and, more specifically, what's happening with russian China. I was watching from Vice President Biden very short speech, for the largest military action taken since world war, two in one country Neither was it really that with that was it. That was his speech. Was very very brief, but what I want Shit- and I heard what he was saying and I want to get too then it forced me to do some digging. I immediately was concerned that
this seems like the kind of play that could horse Russia into a corner to create sir, kind of an alliance or partnership with with China in and see you can understand. Why might have thought that last week, president, you didn't mention swift and your sanctions that you announced is there a reason the! U S is in doing that is their disagreement among allies of regarding swift and whether Russia should be allowed to be part of it. The charges are we proposing on over branch of legal consequence. Maybe more consequential, swift, number one number two is always an option, but right now that's not the position that the rest of Europe wishes. It so I ve been time what the economic sanctions which by was not merely a severe, has still been still buying oil. Yes, we're still doing ok, I'll geoghegan, sure yeah, eight hundred
Twenty five thousand barrels a day, roughly fifty something. Ok, I just make a six hours to fireproof you something I got this before we finish this segment, because life is and what should we do and they always do what we can do internationally. You can't can. when other countries. There is a lot that we can do here at home and so for all of his faults. Donald Trump took actions here at home to make sure that we would be less affected by this bullshit just to be clear. There is action that we can take right now, that would not only hurt Russia, but would help Americans help mitigate the damage done to everyday Americans, but that's really not of concern to this president. So there are practical. Solutions that we should all be on board with? Of course, we can't because a really isn't a minute when people try to save a centrist know, there's a radical left and theirs all right wing tent. That's what you ve got to think about. That for second of fundamentalism. people always say: well, I know its action, extremist on the right. See pack just happen. the list of speakers on the list of people that you have people like Donald Trump and then you have
libertarians until we have people who believe that black tar heroin should be legal, ensure we estate issue, and then you have people who basically Mennonites. This is the right wing on the left here, excoriated, if you're simply liberal, and but you can't be liberal and pro life you can't be allowed on the liberal play form and Programme Bernie Sanders when he was in a primary had to justify why here The only person on that stage to not get an f from the inner edge. He only achieve the de minus any had to apologize how's that for rigid, ok, so concerned that it is, can start driving rush into the arms of China. Why? Because you put these economic sanctions on them, they need to have some kind of business alliance as some kind of financial interests. That's a dangerous place. I've been, I get them to sticky situation. Here's the thing it continued were actually think thinks is actually happened and binds had put my name under torture pipelines leave me of a play. design, but European Commission President Ursula Vaughan
a person Ursula Vonder Lane like it inside a chef, it's better Herschel Borderline, they got sick. Aren't even do you wish to return architect. Learn. Learn then announced that they would expel russian banks from these. With system or the Cairo now opposed to EU leaders. The following measures. First, we commit. to ensuring that a certain number of russian banks are removed from swift. This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm the ability to operate globally Swift is the world's dominant global interbank payment system. Cutting back off will stop them from coal
acting most of their financial transactions worldwide and effectively block russian exports and imports, and she went on a single Petersen denied addition? Mr elder no objective speech, MR over those who so White House UK did the same thing and then, happen immediately after this Gerald Year, learned man well Putin, of course, back down and left Ukraine hadn't none and how he he he took it wants that further and actually put his nuclear forces on alert, yeah rights. This is basing the presented and that Russia won't like we're all know, you're going to remove an ability to bank legitimately nationally. It's almost like a following protocol of drug war, but, following on international diplomacy, word will make revenue all. Why runs on quarters.
Laura dimes, but inflation is illegal for all of us european citizens verdicts, but it also six. Fifty million Roupell slide tank sticks premium, but it's hard to fit in love. I guess why I feel like look you you do have to step up sanctions just go all the way to the very end, first and and cutting them off from so that a big deal, especially when in Russia they were facing some really high inflation. I think it was somewhere around nine or ten percent, de barely above the universe numbers from nine. Although up to twenty years now for twenty four people, who don't know swift, it's an internet It was an international like a rapid.
Is it allows rapid, Heymann, national right, so loaf of bread will be nine per cent less as big? Well now, that's not how quite Sarge nightmarish what is our inflation goes up right. So what is the FED thinking about doing here in the United States, where the thinking about raising interest rates, while the problem with that is that there's only so many things you can do and just this morning, the russian National or that the russian Central Bank Sars Multinational? I was actually cut off so now they dont have the tools it. Basically, they freeze all the assets that are held here in the United States, United States, citizens and businesses cannot do business there anymore, and so now Russia, backed into even a further corner right, and so a man like potent goes item backed into a corner. You didn't think I was gonna come over the top of your raise, I'm saying nuclear myths right high alert right now your move Yeah binds these. These sanctions are just severe as war. Someone asked me a question: would you cities are severe the dead ukrainians like how more is worse,
yeah. You know you can't you can't buy happiness, but you know you can bring a tete cutbacks like the money is yours is the south. That's it it'll work. What are you saying I wanna kill MIKE is what does this has created a problem This has created a problem word now. Goods are more expensive and also the value of the rouble has dropped like thirty percent about thirty percent, and so he met at a really long table. If you watch any news channel, you see him at this like table. They should stop producing really long tables and may be focused on the cod for practising jobs. He's got like a seventy foot table and to people on the other is that we have that the financial airports will lengthening table so that people like for you you'll keep. Does I can focus on how long I will make able go. Get yourself useful, get tape, measurer and solid block of oak. Send them to go
dinner with, can basically agreed at man. I've just come down the reiterating my friend, my group. You know, I don't think I've ever been in this room now. so basically they did leather stock market open. They didn't want to rule the continue to fall, that as it Duvall Use in world currency right there, there less able to manage this crisis, and so that's what we're talking about. Creating an issue like the tree recite, which you set it pushed to people who had been at war with each other. Russia and Germany during World WAR. One in who being allies very very quickly after that and, if so, in what we do. That's why they started having the same team until Hitler attacked Russia right. He would at the same table. The gave her a little longer, that's the same thing that can happen with China right right. So you now pushing people naturally can be a little bit of a really really good point, because what it will save all living will have set. Actually that That was not really concern, because you know Putin is really anticommunist, which man or no I mean. I think he says it's but ok,
I don't really know that. I trust him. I do believe that he is beat he is concerned. Russia's national interests. I do believe that believe he's, with Russia's national interests at the cost of certain Russians. Not only other members of of Eastern Europe but this is also important that we turn what you can push people who would be natural enemies into becoming friends, Putin right Russian if they don't stockpile just to be six hundred and thirty billion dollars of international foreign currency, exactly and fourteen percent that is held in China wrecked right and so the it may not be convenient most of the time for these guys to be friends, but if you're back into a corner, you have no way out you you tend to go to.
But who can help in their close writes a Russia is the largest producer of wheat in the world. I didn't really know this. I knew they were pretty high up there well technically, and what role we are the largest producer, but other than that, I'm sorry about what happened was that it was at Donald Trump there. Now, though, I could see was under the table at the end that we build a table. Then we build the room around like come guys resident drums. How about you sit down
motherhood and sent to my face- I don't have the time is filled with how we were so big. It's also act as great inner. Later yes needs a vacuum, sealed its with weak polluted, that's how they measure Dixon. Russia is Ryan stupid and how far you can put people you need to be able to go ass papers between down the table. He just walks over to his walk over to the White House. Insulin. Ok, you pass the pepper to think. I have the time this fifty employees, not for nothing unemployed. I'm busy man hold on. Let me ask slave on stilts. Ravens stilts is bring me to true, saw basalt. I asked for long Federal This is the smallest, stable ever said. This is not the gold is done tabled. This is like coffee table these
these? Are Russia is nightstand put my feet on the watch. Television does a meeting room whose intimidated by the. Ok. Well, I remember give accuracy so that the other that long saying all nine weeks to poison gas We set our guiding Poland wrapping up. Blind your milkshake. You heard me, very he's, got a screen and others like a new set of camera and put on tv next. Can neither bain it'll be head of table, but I can't hear you The good guys talk is Miss, Mr Haglund, closer look alike, talk into speaker, you have to heat park. I can't hear you
Has it home lady who threatened me to come closer this? This is I will I will wait for her by setting by sitting calendar Rights Otto had there but obviously there also known for natural gave up its long nor winters, that's all you're, not gonna, go areas of it? It's just where realizing the values table. I've ever saw the company, but Why do gas rights are the biggest oil company, their natural gas producer, which was stolen by the state by the way from private companies? What am I gonna? Get it at their the company behind the Nord stream to pipeline they signed in February a thirty year deal with Russia to pump in gas are right, China and Russia, now have a deal thirty or do hope, and Russia's already China. Second largest oil supply are right, so China is getting tons of resources from these guys, and I just told you about the wheat just a second ago they just opened up
a deal that they had signed. I think about a month or two ago. They just fast tracked it so they could get more wheat into China right. So there's enough in twenty twenty one that the trade between these two countries was a record one. Fifty built one hundred and fifty billion in the next two or three years. We'll be at two hundred billion. That's not just to be blunt this right, but it is going to help us to be clear again there not necessarily people tat are not natural allies now interest, but the Celtic there's this our goal is an entirely cool sites, entirely frigid relationship they are in strengthening ties and they are sharing or ties right now. So what happens when you, if you'd, just if you just try and cripple someone economically. Those without any kind of military action. It's a half in measure and these people have to find some kind of a lot they have exactly have to find an alliance in right now. China, of course, is the one who wants to treat them with open arms right. an that's too lanes pointed the day, he's right that if you do this to Russia, they will get closer to China and that's a big problem.
Has every single issue that we face geopolitically, whether it's your the climate change accords, whatever we're trying to do. China is Where's the wildcard. I I am warming up to China, but they keep them at tables linked, it's actually safer. the people at the table, big eleven thousand Missy, I mean no three impact. Plan to bring guests through table, that's how they they bring. That give. two Putin is a longer table, longer table. How many tables is pipeline this? We would like to present this gift to Vladimir Putin issues they have like Doktor Seuss, who characters we get it that you ve liberty from France. They get a long table from China. We need more liberty, ships to growing thing. I like, when my dinner is presented in seal of trade that is opened with smaller person in tray and then smaller person for two miles.
then it's reach me always believed that self willed. I will shoot you from the stems from this distance. Was would strike. Who am I and unemployment here is also doing important. China is supporting right now, Russia, diplomatically they ve, made it pretty. Damn clear that on his foreign ministry spokesperson, Hurrah swinging discuss western sanctions in this is that there are some quotes. China always opposes any illegal, unilateral sanctions, the? U S is imposed more than one hundred sanctions on Russia since two thousand eleven, which not We failed to solve the issue, but also harm the legitimate rights and interests others. This is not just the foreign ministry behind hanging. I just Hello is hold me the standard of saying the names properly. What right don't care? America must set Chummily Jerry, I well when he can pronounced Stephen crowd, her that's two hours, even anyhow possible. That is so the tab. met in China also made. These statements are expressly statements. I get upset me careful with the german foreign minister
China disapproves of the use of sanctions to solve problems, still less unilateral sanctions that have no basis in inner at international and there's plenty of evidence to beyond this. Beyond. Just what they ve said, official chinese spokespersons what we see in the hundreds of billions of dollars in trade and beyond what we see he's, growing, stronger ties, there's more to in that they actually refuse to call this and invasion? I think it they they're, calling it a they just went for a walk in another country has with what he walkin he's got around to pay. What did you do it and then way actually is, is training, I think fifty thousand Russians and cyber defence, because right now the cyber attacks are probably pretty high on Russia. Obviously they were doing some of that and I just talked about the wheat restrictions a minute ago. Like that's, that's a big deal, I just gonna through that Iraq, they just dropped on, but do you know? It also is one of the biggest kind of by products of Ukraine, wheat That's it they were. They were known as the bread basket of the Soviet Union, so to speak, and so there there's a lot of time
so China is doing every everything that whole play sounds terrible. What we'd doesn't sound bad? Well, technically we have biggest supply of wheat in world, but twenty to name the eight percent as useful as well. They have you seen the wheat around Chernobyl order, the IRA. it's really large stocks years and unfortunately, in all fifth nipple third fief now you become super winds, the prize that a fodder very dead, my don't look swarm, I right! Well, you know point is this is getting pretty. This is getting really bad significant. The idea, a China, Russia Alliance specialists have talked about Taiwan. That is worth were three, that is world war. Three. If that kind of a superpower is created, you're not saying it were there yet, but the sun
You are here diplomatically economically, there have been major changes, and now you have a country that is right hell bent on wanting to be a world superpower right, there's a lot of safe. Rattling, and they also want to be independent, not behold into these international committees, which I can understand. The sentiment of that. being forced to prove that their superpower As I have someone so saying like screaming, that there should be party what you wanted is like a used car. We get it right. We will now move on to. you don't say no you're not right I'll show you the way going to that other third table when you have a billion just in one country. Oh you several madman tonight and it's a toad different thing that if you bring China into this equation, everything changes immediately immediately or the entire
world like the rest of the world against, like an area of the world by potentially potentially our bad. This could guess the napoleonic complex and we're like hey we're, gonna sanction your banks and he's leg ear. I. What do you want me to push on increasing? Paying is shorter than actual napoleon? Well, yes, so when they have not as yet when you have a royal flush Mitya fold immediately, so using even the chinese internet is cheering Putin on Judy you already have let us look at a weird filter, caution, but why is there? No final how'd you, you thought long thin thing. Y all count to worsen the ten years that we are going to conquer Taiwan short bomb put in danger, but use stress,
but when you marry yes, was the only messing up. Please look at the piano, her husband left alone or maybe cheerful, and it calls for my share failure to smoking find what you said. Something similar peaceful zeal watch me in a mutually right out and he used to call you. that smoking, chinese man negative donating until these put nine crates of chickens on a hot cup here had happened. Here's thing else understand what some of you are thinking. Ok before your comment does have the algorithm so common whatever's, but before you say yes, that, probably is chinese propaganda, but that makes it worse. That makes it worse because Tik Tok just see no, we ve talked about this. They favour chinese propaganda, any nationalist posts for China. Things that come I'm from Assisi, and some of these influences are paid out here, you're paid to promote yoga pay.
And Sir TE, wherever elitism, probably bogus d that doesn't work w is way over there you're paid to promote the government and then Tik Tok favours you, so it its work. If that is changed from again, I'm not saying that I didn't watch it seems like I might be scripted. Also. I can see the reflection, the window, the guy holding a gun to set about eggs. I gotta go. if too much hurrahs women rarely. I feel that she was speaking from the heart Yazzi I feel like. That was something that she was forced to say: yeah well, exactly you're, not free to speak period in China, live amongst some reason now, she's an opinion of war stretched. Her idols such a handsome like you that our oceans scare me very handsome, is so big and he felt you hear from have have very big tick, pebble swollen my babies, please, So by the way, also a translation of one of prudence speeches one I'd re read this has there was this was a misprint one point
one billion views on. We bow in twenty four hours, wow! That's insane! That's that's a lot of views, one point: one billion views you can get one one billion views and almost anything ever and speeches going to get that just a translation like a seventh of the world or something and hear something, so tongue. What MR that have been taken, don't forget that from vice written by had the bright idea, of sharing. U S intel on russian troops with who China what is arriving from the New York Times. This impasse, rightwing concept, I wouldn't let me draw and other ground we're here- a hawk there there. Yet Secondly, draw your map and a list of my schedule and Hobbes alternative think they were gonna use it against. They were known how many artillery pieces did you say it's all right, we're having a fit running a sit down, Geraldo former Vice President Biden. Thank you for being
here. You have a problem with over sharing. I was here. I told him I'd six hours, ok, stop admitting to crimes. I didn't say I was the big, You said I am the big guy son of a bitch just shot shut up. A vicious ever be charged at this is from the New York Times over three months senior binding measures, unofficial held half a dozen urgent meetings with top chinese officials in which the Americans prince intelligence showing Russia's troop build up around Ukraine. And other quote: U S. She's got intelligence, showing Beijing had shared the information immediately. Moscow telling the Russians that the United States was trying to sow discord our own worst and it's a game of international telephone with nukes. Yes, it's like a
Erica knows there just being babysit by their grandpa or like the country the world, just like others, construed as dementia are babysit reach. Do it everyone, here's a think, chaos I also have some Roy. I can see arguments on almost all. I try to all sides of the issue, for example, and pro life, but Anderson, the people who may not understand this. Behind fertilisation dna. They don't believe it's like. understand why someone holds that position. I can understand why some I don't agree with it. I can understand why someone holds a position of abortion for rape and side of rape, an insect or say abortion for open and six. I don't necessarily agree with and understand it understand why some people who are uneducated on the idea of net transfers from federal income tax, maybe things that people need to pay their fair share. I can understand that I dont know. Free with it, but I can understand why someone might maintain these positions. There are some, so there is. I can't and maybe you can come, and let me know I've also, this charter schools, dead or school choice. The idea of school choice
I've, never heard an argument that is logical or convincing, meaning one that I even believe someone who's arguing that position, namely being anti school choice, one that they believe tat I don't understand here the argument that for vice president havoc with how would he presented the case for why sharing with China in tell on the russian troops. Build up was a good idea. You got me it's any purpose, but I dont think. My conclusion that might be worse? Can anyone think of Y know thank you literally no ray. I really do think he's native. I think he thinks we have. Standing with the global community right now that we don't have and he's into China, thanking our we're. Gonna keep China on our side by doing this in China's just laughing and they ve been laughing at him since he was a little before he was elected right, yeah he's not afraid of you not afraid of them. He's just not aware of any thing.
They know it's. What's it until things you look more powerful than he is yeah. That's the sad part is word that women, if they become an alliance, we're losing our power right, absolutely- and I dont have a reality. I dont know that mean China is for me too. would do some of the same kind of sterilised fighting over the power. Maybe I'm guy just spoke really good English and said he was Hunter, give a column! information, Cairo dad you do now, but this really is really doing this different. Have a call it's because I've been taking care to banks here, thanks for the job that guy the problem with this is that all of this is a joke, but this is how the scenario spin out of control, because you have people who misread the situation and don't understand power and don't understand people that have power and actually exercising and I'm sorry, Joe Biden. You are not powerful
Somebody like Vladimir Putin or somebody like seizing paying, who is eight an autocrat or dictator former KGB guy. They may not be powerful and ways that we like, but they the old power or illegally unreasonable that disagree with them. They understand a terrible right, they understand it and they are only threatened and here's the thing in, apparently someone as opposed to being naive. Inherently someone who is willing to commit acts of evil, which you would have to admit them, GB of so evil that is someone who ass to understand human nature, to understand the idea of how we have to understand human nature and we'll get using thing. You can look at the genocide of being committed and just to be clear, this mutual being fair Some of us present robustness and nothing to that degree now take not now only committing an act of evil to this to repay, call them a killer. He knows pollutants that guy. He knows. Putin is that guy in this area, but that the issue is people who under Didn't value power have to understand human nature. What does that mean they under
stand, that human beings are inherently bad, are inherently selfish. If not curb that's where faith comes and that's the idea of originals idea of a fallen man right. This is some people who they, their life- and this is one thing with a lot of people- think that the left is inherently more compassionate, its located on the idea that people are inherently good. There are people, heronry, be altruistic that all wait. A second year If you give more money to the government, of course, people are inherently good. Good will be done with it money, we know, that's, not true wait. People are inherently good sure Intel on russian shrewd build up with China where's that laughing, because these are people who willingly commit genocide. These are people who willingly arrest, punk rock bands and murder people and get the Olympics in both cases. Yes, I had China and of both. Gilbert, whilst not even close, the written out of the Russians were do anymore, rats or ass. If some I wouldn't know, what is wrong in my view, the jump across the table at me, say not only were doping because
what's this documentary Icarus, fascinating Solaris, they weren't, even people thought the Russians beat that this is how evil the Russians are. That there was a Anti doping. Commissioner, Bolivia, which which means the Russian, doping, commissioner. Take anti yeah, yes by the way, what we call a direction. Anti doping but I bet you can read between the lines, maybe that they scratched out with line anti in my clear, ok, I go back to my son, stable itself, not only where they zeal to see who Tuesday users coming across theme from law of railways still walking they. They not only were dough and people think like over. They would cycle lost steroids to beat the test. No, the Russians were so hell bent on doping that they actually found with their trap doors where they would freeze peoples. It would freeze pick a peep people's party, I'm using right. They would for
these folks, I use that clean urine from like months or years ago, so that they can immediately up until competition still be using obscene amount of performance enhancing drugs, because if not the Eu and they were using well it. So it's not same as being a test, and not the commission that such recycle on you like Lafayette, that we subtler kind of ways to find things. It maybe aren't like crazy the stairway performance enhancing drugs that maybe things that might be such a small amount you micro now they were just going, go somewhat absolutely crazy and we will then freeze european from two years ago. Well, that seems like find stuff do. They also found a way to get that the little camphor canisters open? Yes, had bad locks on them that we're supposed to be impenetrable, no like I, as we figured out how to open them and then replaced the habit of honest I'll bet plan in high school evaluing. I recommend you gonna score.
Russia, Frazier piss, that's coming, let's get some frozen pests and then we can just put in the now the watch you p man will arise for in trouble. Rather thing is that I worked in Russia cannot be answered open you, commissioner, to repay you what this is great. You have good ideas. Of course you will compete clean. You will go in new and provide urine sample while opening trap door to take you to a simple enjoy. In my clear do you understand? Do I need to spell it out, for you keep taking off all did drugs never stop! Now and really quickly and Russia? China, bad right and a lot of people have said we ve been kind of elevating Ukraine to a level that maybe we shouldn't there's, there's a lot of there's a lot of negative stuff. There there's a lot of corruption but the way that they do not argue that I was kind of a puppet and stole my area around me and yet, but the way that they are fighting right now. The citizens of Ukraine, like I know, there's a lot of fake information going around on. You know: twittered social media everywhere, even in hook
news organisations like CNN, but I'm impressed by the and I'm impressed by the fight They are putting up. Yes, I wanna make sure like we, I dont know. If anybody I dont know, I know they have Starling now Formula mosque and right that he just put internet there. And it's like this. This is a fantastic development. If anybody watches from there but, like I think, the rest of the world except the ass, in China are on your side like you're, you are the underdog in this fighting. You guys doing amazing job from where we see the human beings. The citizens are not just like you separate The chinese citizens from the Communist Chinese Party right her? I hate the chinese government because I've empty for the chinese citizens I'm not a huge fan of the way the Ukraine government was instalment of human yet again of what their what their, what their alignments are, because I also think that's what benefits the ukrainian people just clear, but the people who are standing there in fighting this is it is your heart has to go out for these go out to these people. You have to be in
fired by their bravery, and you also have to be terrified. Look, I think it's The off now they're trying to blame Donald Trump, you some Mitt Romney them for Russia, I think pretty clear with Russia. But we look. We talk about Georgia. We talk about Crimea. Now we talk about Ukraine, Hugh basely, turnabout kid. We're fooling around and class until the tough teach regular going from up I for three years and they go right back acting up. I think we ve all seen that happened now, if you want to argue, does a delayed reaction, and this is what I think when I too want to leave you with this a similar or two things we can do here at home in a silver lining. Ok, silver lining here, They always try to argue at any time. Something would happen that was good or those bad with Obama. Would Bush time something that would someone happened. That was good, positive, don't trump they would try and give credit to about. The several unease would eight years of Iraq about what we saw, how Russian acted. We had three years of Donald Trump and now you're back to four years of former Vice President Biden, it's pretty tough to make that
argument twice now there was a pretty tough to go and see all the good that happen under Trump was because of Obama. And now say, yeah would actually really the Russia Things trumps fault, but you just gonna happen under trunk was Brok Obama because there are- and I say three years before The presidency was completely new kept by the left because of covert an hour. I can immediately we're back to how it was for eight years. This contrast is really valuable and there are people who are waking up right now, not just in the United States, but Ukraine. Russia allows you to wake people up across the world, it doesn't take genius to figure out eight years three and then within the first year year and a half were right back to old habits, That is a good thing. We ve never in our lifetime. Had the ability to have a contrast of. a date stock departure without from not even basic. Republican until he ran and then right? back to the same person was from the vice president. Same, exact administration is
specially when you see the exact same kind of result economically internationally, look, we had George W Bush K, lots of oars brought about my more drones Ex Ante president continued the worst Donald Trump Only brother monument in history to not start new wars by incomes enough, our right back at our guarantee, we're going to be some kind of a war here before his first term is up, assuming that he makes it that long. He kind of what the Brok Obama, but the fire insurance for bringing the commissioners I hate. Who can, I think it may be. We elected the person who pulled a dead last and every democratic primary wailed bingo. What else? What's that What can we do here lot of people think about, and I would love to hear you dont get testing for the outcome is coming This is genuine he's just criticise and better not offer any constructive solutions. Now, I'm not in charge of domestic law
see. However, what I am saying is people who are in charge of domestic policy. I know that you're watching show their lot of people out there legislators right representatives who watch that show we don't have to be dependent on Russia at all for energy that affects Americans, tweed, dramatic degree or termite inflation. We're talking about gas personnel asked prices which are about and general just globally pot petroleum products, retirement in general energy costs. Not just guess we do not have to be we don't have to be dependent on a lot of these international relationships for hard goods and services. We can do a lot of this here in the United States. If we open it up now, it's hard to get. You can render ok, textiles and steel and lumber right. Why didn't arises? eighty per cent journalists, eighty percent of our american Beef and american grocery stores, from United States of America, Brazil, Where can I just know, there's not from the United States of America would mean supplier in Texas,
you ve been to it's nothing, but cattle seem Yellowstone, there's cattle everywhere? How does this happen? The breast has got some cause. I've seen it let's see what Mona I've heard about it. That's all Are we buying corn from anywhere it's on them? welcome to end the state. Sign, don't stop to well. After them, I seen it what I meant it says: Indiana were more than corn. That's what it says was a picture of corn more corn. We wanted to make sure that we say that we have so much corn here in Indiana. We need too. We need to let people know that were more than current. What should we do? Show them? The Nebraska like we're cord oscars we're gonna go, buys, there's no need to be dependent on foreign nations. This is the idea of America. First, because guess what you need to put on your own oxygen mass before you help somebody else. America first is also what's best for not only american citizens, but what is best for these other countries. This it's a failed experiment. The idea of no internet,
no borders. The idea of all cultures are alike and we can hold hands, and since we are the world because guess what it just requires, one evil prick as we now see, and we got to evil right now we just need one to ruin it for everybody else, and oh, my gosh besides there's been a precedent set for that all throughout human history, are things that we can do when there are things that I represent is. Can you look? What can you do it? You can get active and you know what Make sure you remember this when you make sure you're fired in your brain that little ship where we go forward in tweets. Don't really mean that much! Is that fair you guys can come on we're gonna. Take your chats, of course, on local and play or playing. A robot? Oh there's! No way we can do this on you, you no doubt Youtube. You know. I'd go had in fact the vaccines to have. We not give a rat's aspect.
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