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CNN Dishonestly 'Fact-Checks' the RNC | Elijah Schaffer Live from Kenosha | Good Morning #MugClub


Steven reviews the media's "fact-checking" of the RNC, much of which is dishonest itself, and then interviews Elijah Schaffer of Blaze Media, who is on the scene in Kenosha, Wisconsin, reporting on the riots.

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Day, I'm a real life atomizer. Somebody droplets it's a lot. What's! Thank God. We all did the popsicle stick covert blood brothers, you're, no good, I'm late everything here for that you didn't do it now might by, though in the next couple days you might feel a slight cough may want to lay down for stay away from my new born son. Thank you now you need not always be mine. She virtually by I'd rather Alamos, most kids. Fine. We ve been able to echo of the shock and make his honour what I'm really glad to be what it is. Today we have Elijah's Schaefer on down the grounds given OSHA Canosa with, or should I say, that's could use. I just our notion of repeating me
canosa, though just do not become surprising disease, actually ease bigger in Sheboygan threat and then will be done, but why New York sacks my New York City such still undergoing auto recap here the Aral Sea from last night, and you guys voted on today. We will be broadcasting live early night because I think Russia going have TED crews, undertook crews and down junior live woe better. If we didn't have that, I wouldn't want to do. It but it was pretty funny last night, we're gonna, ok, let's, but for me to highlight what I'm Donald Trump was talking to a group of people. Yes said he said you know virus. Ok, the corona virus, the China,
there are many days. I'm not gonna. Give me something. I want to hear the names, but some people may be offended, but that's what it is about, how many names elaborated anyway. I mean the virus or the disease itself. We have audio waiting torture bill. I haven't endorsement. We back tomorrow. Gerald is back he's father now, so that's sperm works, courted by courtesies good morning, and we do have a quick off the top. I want to show there's an uptake here and Jacob Flick new video footage. That shows another angle where many people have been saying hey. Why didn't the cops? Why didn't they? try and detain him first right away, trying to subdue him which, by the way they don't have to do, is reaching into a car right out of sight? But you know what the Good NEWS is that that also here's the new footage from another angle, Jake Flake. Here we go, they right there. You can see the car
an old graph calculator him on the ground and the cops trying to restrain him right. There say took up front restrain him on this side of the car. He gets up. Out of the restraint and search was around. Have no confirmation by the way whatsoever. Some people said they had a knife, somebody else. It is saying he was going to get a gun we all know, but as rapture there was a current warrant out for his arrest There is a will. There is a worn out right now for being sex offender and domestic abuser me to his wife to lady sexually assaulted to context is racist, even content. I heard I heard a lot of racial slurs and I bet you didn't you yeah everybody's her saying it was raised motivated dad, so they must have heard now I am, but we do know what they're saying.
It is also just remarkable it. I've always been my head against war. Still another one trend. Oliver down yesterday said this is a completely justified shooting that's without the new context in that we have. Go home and have dinner officers. Thank you for your service, but you know what's going to happen if they use these p, was the fall guy. They will. This is got. This is a travesty of judges. Ok, it's a travesty of justice. Now That guy should be shot because of his priorities. Not there is a will. There is an active warrant right in that area,
These are clearly trying to arrest him that this is already in reaching into a carnival mountains right than his actions then or enough, but you're gonna. If they know who this guy is, maybe they do? Maybe they don't there? Aren't you going to add to it, because there's only warns out for his arrest, which is not that hard to figure out. If you run the plates- and I saw somebody tweets history saying that reaching into your car while casually ignoring police officers is not a deficit and others like what, while can normally is officer they reach again for a bouquet of flowers. Together that anything being casual. There is almost more
this behalf as it is called a grandma up which baby you know I was. It was part of a region, and I dont understand. Ladies, you know me: I got some southwest ghettos, witness he was read, you guys want. So this is the guy was reaching for the cure for cancer events. Louis casual observer issues about reschedule after throwing the objects of him, a perfect upon, say, anarchy. Luckily, for us we have Lebron James tweeting about it, so there will be suggested. Some smart people had never thought. I dont you we're gonna violate Youtube guidelines. You can't make one functionally retorted. You go to that building on the Jacob Blake situation. It only reinforces my view, in my view. If we wait for the facts and then we waited undertaken
that is found rap sheet, which has not been operating. We're haven't found it reported anywhere else outside Ternata for a sort of the eighty Associated press arts and we're gonna hanging on that. More information brought expecting right up and variety about what a candle users are and what about what? It means in a lawful saying what a gentle average sized giant, hearted man here, that's little tough to make that work when you're, not six for really quickly just go to see it in This man, driverless Republicans, tell trumps Hamley of hand in it. Well, you know, accede inspector you're, drunk when from to Congress. You can't just time Donald Trump responded to the pandemic Fashion and Democrats, yet again how they cut from one of his species because they said it was misleading. When the fact is, he showed a video of Joe Biden saying it was even phobic of Nancy Pelosi. Saint come on down to China town we have totally fine like that is Doctor So she was saying come on down the Chinatown at a different time,
with a pandemic wasn't going on. This wasn't after Donald Trump stated travel in no wise, but we did what we do, but we don't like him. Does it work for his limited travel ban? He can't hang his hat on that, like that was like the end of the pandemic. He didn't they. Getting to know that we will be getting what you're going to tell you everything. I need you to blame if you're gonna get well, let's get. Thank you so much with the Orient yes, but before that, I also just wanted to get to this. Cultural appropriation is a real problem folks, as seen by those damn filthy asian, stealing bubble tee from the blacks. Three matters Not black all were using your stealing black culture. Is this
Likewise, it is. Your man is terribly confused. The problem you just can't one you'll be your trip to allow the parties can expose here, because I thought it was black women because you're a few. Why? What did you think it was black own feeling, glass,
once a cool guy was tee and we definitely so her lip shut aircraft. Haven't you these men because you're stoop? What do you mean by stupor unintelligent lightly, but think that maybe like what came around doing his talent shall run DMZ? It's your cell phone alone you're, not black
about the sign outside made. You think this is black onto other known all alive and asian people at work there. I don't know why you always a Vietnamese so plays a job from Ghana, its multi. Anyone been under the impression that bubble d as anything other than a friend civilly asian. I think I think that is now called t trap and it's worth it gets. You think rams, because tapioca balls came from Ghana erode exactly oh my god So my question, for you actually is eating adored fat check we're going to get into the currency in fact checking here in a little bit. Does there has in fact check lost all meaning and try to tuna the ABC thing. There was just CNN and they are just as bad. ABC Cbs. There is no place to go
by the way, also speaking the place to go, subscribed to crowded bits to that's really get clips every day that are shorter. And it might make it for your notifications, hit the notification Bell too, because subscriptions not mean a whole lot more available funds I defy Android oughta outcasts and please do consider joining month limit. Let us Canada comes much more club. It's the only way to do this. We ve been remittances on you too, but it's like a stick is not exactly what you would it we're, not we're not Scrooge with you. If you gave me monetize, knowing what we ve been able to remind China, be ready leaders, yes, senses crystal give you no money for your eligible What's the sound of a reverse catching Deanna, Ching, Dutch, I don't
probably, but that we're just happened. We cover Jason Jacob. Like somebody gets this Tipp checking. What did I say is eight, reaching a break incentives Ivan lecturing Ghak king lot over users sounds racist though it is, as you are aware that our continent is, you could go. You go squeeze out, that's why so for Genoa tell everybody knows so was run the railway to Canada. Would Tubman Amendment Amendment Amendment. I think, a? U retard. I don't really know Uncle Adam. You really really polite about. No, no, you do very little damage beat
you don't know, don't you mustn't. Ok, I gotta go to download you're gonna be around the son of a bitch veal where you'll come when you leave here. They present a birthday present for uneducated beaches. You go if you're on a black uber, even innocent creation, I believe in a separation of atomic beaches. It's gonna, be at our last week on thirty August, will be taking your jack do by this. We don't do supervision and you too, because it is not worth a Benjamin's super chat there on the blaze and we go behind the pay. While I think we actually have a clip first before gets effect of Brian stouter correct they're. My Gary alter doing hey. You can use being interviewed. Be complaining, it was being interviewed. I mean that's all
sure, however, that in the w contemplate reconciled propels there is no reason this man to be unveiled talent less on likeable and you know, listen for all the superficial reason. We can say that, to I believe this nice clip speaks for itself. It one! Third, countries disconnected from the normal new system, the NBC, doesn't let your sizing from a closure and they often the disaster in reality, inside of you gotta there. So we don't how Europe Bracken relief wouldn't have genuine back. We don't have the kind of journalistic standards. Other networks do and that's a problem that actually hurts us. It hurts our credibility, MIA that's why. That is why our credibility took to the real ass picking up the ox Newcastle OX, but they don't have a journalist standards like we did in our fat checking of Jesse Small at which are then decided after we found out that it's not very common for people to make nooses out of shoelaces when there to them being personal trainers. We should have seen the sign, but I'm gonna,
hold down the drain. Travelling open, but this, like therapies, is opening the closet door slamming just like an out and out grow. certainly blunder waiting to hear him say that those news organisations did have journalistic standards. Have you seen any of the like life's rooms that we ve gotta be seen, anything that you ve put on air that has turned out to be completely false and your thing, that's your problem with alternative media is someone like you guess, have a voice as legitimate as the person who, Even I don't even know what connection this guy has, but its deeply never believe any illumined about what is going to monitor its acceptance of yet, like that's really that that's the coal lab.
We needed the crossover Brian Shelter or rather network who says we're ABC, was innocent BC. Imagine who says MSNBC like dad it when it still to break when he walks in the railway forecasts. Somebody like that's the guy. That's exactly what we are going to put up a selfish interest, a pint of chunky marking I needed office whenever the geese. Buttons are so dear. My grid strength from years and years of nonphysical labour, as well as lack of mentally stimulating activities, have no value but well pay I got an extra mould and suddenly tat went on there see what happens the highlight before we get to the factual, the highlight of last night for people who do Watch the the currency, Amsterdam guess watch it, and it was this. This cuban immigrant, again
Maximo. I want my creator, it maximal Alvarez, and this is something of targeted before, because cuban immigrants were the sick most reliable republican building blocks for a long down at eighty something percent and is a great film from Andy Garcia. Is it the lost city? I think, I can order, was there was about the changeover. I think of Battista to govern Castro. Marianna hold changing of hands. Remarkable film in ITALY, get a lot of attention. I think cuban Americans that those immigrants are really see. It's really a group that people should study and then but that is because they came for the american dream. When even Democrats we're still selling that at that as something that was, you know it was amended to aim for with the ministry. For now that's change. I think it's a biggest difference. It you see between the Republican Convention and the democratic emission. Is your down your out. You can't do it system stacked against you unless the guy's been in office for fifty nine years return,
and he ll save you and the Republican, and there was a lotta hero. Worship of dung trampled again is that they have to contrast it because Joe Biden saying that nothing he's doing is correct and placing Hey actually Donald Trump. Did this this this improvement in this way, and thank you very much for this cuban immigrant came in and what I love about his speech. I highlighted you go what's a whole speech is no one can dig him for it. When he actually says communism, socialism, it that's what this. Yes, he knows and no one can say all that's fearmongering. He lived through it and floated over on this desk. Chair is dramatic. I made it happened and Cuba Cuba, it's not like they were some you know, backwater they were very prosperous. Tons of money was praying for american companies, so he gets to see prosperity, people being misguided and falling into communism and a true dictator, not somebody like owed I'll, try to dictate to write a dictator or and exactly what happens, and they came here for freedom and that's why they vote Republican as opposed to like Honduras or Venezuela, where they ve created nothing aside from Miss America, full contestants. Yeah I mean by that that I'm gonna hold out
learning, show this first before we give the factual, but I think everyone should see this no, would love to have on the maximum Alvarez acumen, immigrant at business owner in Florida last near the urgency. False promises spread the wealth free education, free health care. Before the police. Just a socially stayed more than your family degrades. Even your community. They don't sound, go to my ears. Sound familiar prison in Beauchamp because, I choose Amerika. I choose freedom is the most: are authentic, yeah You're my dad. There is no place to go I made a good Lord bless. America.
I love hearing rooms, Cuban Seymour, Caselli, railway area, Seymour Cosette last hour, but he means it, and I will say this: I don't think it was a most authentic. I think the strategy we see from currency is happening A bunch of Americans who are just like you that we have a lot of people that we're just small business owners. Nurses. The problem is there just like but they come across as innocent because they're not polished, speak speaker, and so that's where you have politicians are people like Joe Biden who ve never worked day in their life in the private sector, since the ripe old age of twenty four right yeah and there they act like they're, just like you, but they can sell people on it because there are good communicators, and so unfortunately, the people who are like you and who will vote just as you are voting for President Trump. They come across his reading offer prompter in wooden, and I think, as it disconnects are sometimes a people who are best. Their stories are best talk that are not best told by themselves in absolutely, and there was a couple of other people to meet. Herschel Walker is one of the guys.
He was actually great because there are dealing with a couple things. One is that socialism, this whole push from the left for socialism is gonna work and its main task. He just refuted that right, they're bringing somebody on whose dealt with it before and then Donald Trump is a racist sneeze like I've known the man for thirty six thirty seven years, I've had a personal friendship with him in here Let me I grew up in Georgia. This is what he said. I grew up in Georgia. I know what racism looks like he's, not a racist. He had known for thirty cents. There seven years, and that not only loved his soup and solid. That's what I said ass. If he got muscles in his lower argument, Ali doesn't eat like a small cup of soup and salad each day he was agreed. There was a great, oh, it was meant to be a little bit losing their lives. I would you can say that what you're talking about with authenticity allotted time, some people think that their seeing something authentic, it's just really good people. People are really good They can't yeah yeah but yeah. When you see actual hunted authenticity, it actually really refreshing to say that our human fella forgotten.
Excuse me dollar out a few months, it is in your father. I know I know you would be offended by effective, as I am a hundred percent America, the actual you'll, never put you Ralphie. Looking Christmas story, son of a bitch, I am there you'll go. Should you re right or be begun in your Cuba? I guess that's. When a raft, I am one hundred percent use. Your or how to shoot agrarian they want and what that means. We demand with yeah. What was really most surprising was the fact checking the orange trees. I want you to be so happy Brien's shelter lamented that people are getting the news from CBS Msnbc Cnn and I think it's a great thing because of the kind of fashion that they do not actually we're going to do this. I did this for a long time ago with rock imposed, but fact checking the fat checkers factor
that meant that gets me. I'm ready to get excited in ready. So we have that sort of authorities are okay, so here's one thing they tried to fast track of seed and then I'm going to actually just read the article in real time preparing it doing research- and I really don't see it in fact- checks their own false that check in their same pairs. My but First Lakota. Somebody with this is really about how Joe Biden their turn a fact that that Republicans, the convention to the Joe Biden, actually condoned or supported the violent writers, give us some examples of what you saw tonight. There needs to be found. Objective, and we understand members attention. Although sampling citizens living means that we have gone from junior suggested. Joe Biden describe riots as court. Peaceful protests. In fact, binding explicitly condemn prose that protests, violence and looting
now, let's go to the table with the binding minimum pay for it, but as with many times, let me read and actual some actual coachee said that Donald Trump Use of federal force in Portland was egregious in. This is a direct by what they are brutally attacked and peaceful protesters, including a U S, Navy veteran bite in the prison by two percent of democratic nominee for President said in a statement to Busby NEWS. That's remarkable because you, the only other statements issued- was too Cardy B. A party and by sea. Not that I particularly pro veterinary vote. I want to say that there are there that little they had a little lower better on the DMZ. This is not an endorsement at all of our military actions like oh, I wouldn't want the military to be the military and but for the worst example, you could pick is Portland their rights. If you're gonna pick one city where you could like make it seem like they were peaceful protest, you think Portland unfit for lie. He jumped up on the matter. You ve been saying
four month like Nashville or something I don't know and opens up something by the way, proof that walls work right now, the police recently, but above all it works are gonna when they put up a fence, it worked, it does right. This we know shares they put up a wall at all their protected. So you know that you prefer to think that we must build a wall because we're gonna be cleared up before money with the factual Nicole. Situation. The rights that have been emerging the same time. I am not saying that the virus is a hoax. I want to be very clear: the virus not hopes the viruses, viruses real. They try and say just like Mashable that you are being unscientific. These are the people who, by the way, that you can't vote in person despite the fact that both algae and actual agree at almost nothing both said if you can go to grow. If you can go to trade or Jos and pick up
your general orange Chicken I'm non binding because data appropriate a culture that you can go pick up your orange Joe Chicken, whatever it's called. I have no idea, someone correct general criminals can go vote so whose anti science now, but let's be clear when people like me say that the social engineering experiment is what do? I mean it is the most powerful political weapon that I can think of having ever been wielded in my tongue. Let's big, let's walk through the time. I know there's something you to close the force it to see the trees. Ok, so with the cove it you cannot go to work opened a business go to church go to school,
you can't vote, but we're going to declare racism on national health emergency. So you can write in the streets and people wonder why. We think that this is some kind of an engineer and programme to control and that's why the death rate is important in that wanted to say that all of this sort of social engineering or whatever you. If what I'm gonna call it is over a disease that is like a one half of one percent chance of actually killing. If you get I've known for people who got it now, you known to yes we're none of them had any serious, but that also half of people are able to make some of them by the weather? Is one caveat there? It depends on what you are protesting right, so it right has to be on the approval is now, listen, I'm not worried. Projecting now jump right. This way
we have an bricks and black cats. We couldn't get cherry firms as my hope and fingers crossed with Amazon, prime nicotine, but some of the van delivery drivers are mainly come on out. Why wouldn't you some gnp here? Are some quarter six dynamite and we like you to follow its followers usher to the police, prefect gee thanks, I get young Ladys so we have, you could buy already came with my own remedies came prepared, enjoy yourself since, like right, tourism like can, Shelly, now, could notion OSHA amaze if, on a black person and canosa allergies and banned novelty, really big Canosa, their hunt them down There's no one here. Another fact checked accordingly glued on unemployment. A claim from, I guess the urgency of multiple speakers from congressmen, steeps, police and Jordan Tout Economic records that have been obliterated by the pandemic. They cited the lowest
when the rate in fifty years. Well, we don't have any more were now at ten point, two percent higher than at any time since the great recession I hear that using their actually rebutting their own claim right now. Let's go live to see it and look at this end. See struggles to bounce back after a pandemic. My point here is obviously we broke economic record, yet no one denies the endemic and all parties, including you Everyone is acknowledging that this is an outlier in temporary, because Donald Trump rising, we'll get back and open sooner and Joe Biden using this little blip is gone, go away once you will. Let me in November, right now they are saying bounced back from the pandemic bounce it means that you know there is a return to normal, so their fats, not new, nor is will actually it was a blue ribbon. Japan, because you wouldn't allow people to go to work. You are assuming that this is tempered by the way clean as soon as the virus goes away. All the stuff comes back and if you remember when he was giving what the state of the union in areas like what are they gonna say against him like every single number,
putting out there on the economy is just killing it. And now the stock market and no people say to stock market is not necessarily the economy, but look at the recovery that it has made were not very far off the highs. We saw them as act even higher than it was before you go meet our language and widows businesses. We have course yet and by the way we did see unemployment to a record low under President Donald Trump European countries about their economies crumble. They ve suffered far worse than the United States and yet we did have an incredible salary names for the average middle middle class American can we did have record low black unemployment, but because of this pandemic, which, by the way originated patient zero, ok, we're on their having pool parting Europe, exact and label giraffes in crap. Let me reiterate our own apart: it's not the pandemic that this. It's the over reaction because of scare tactics in the media about a pandemic runner
we could have a dogma. These numbers before when everyone is actually happening, but now that they're not happening because of them. You know it now they talk alone. We are never worked in history, but ok, let's try them again and see if it can ruin the economy so that we can elect somebody else whose terrible at their job to begin. From that CNN lower. Third, it still says in what she's drollest about back after a pandemic You're right can we say that were after the added it now is that we have now, because life is too many white bread, but CNN telling me that its after the boy life like one voice of illegal, know that on top of that was when he came to the climate, or I guess I get that reference. While I do not, as you and I both hate our child, exactly
Christmas record one illegitimate, relying on a path that was a that's right is like thanking my right ass. It was all will be talking: Missouri, Seinfeld peace. There are New York, I shoulda seen and right now, but at night we were so poor at one point that my parents couldn't get the album the chip most Christmas. They got the happy hamsters, renew your parents and ears and they got the open cassette tape because I assume it was the floor model. Their parents, did you lose a rat pack? Spit out like Zambian, cares, and thank you also. They had a voice that they had the air of great and then it would have little little aside thing where I am advocating under the mistletoe last night. Melvin hides now found a happy about like it above scale addendum, but just read the lyrics
Are you guys not archer? Ok, let's go to this article here and I think you you have you have the thing there for the fact checking gonna wanna, we, the rest of this article up first hit the notification belt. Please nation bell. Join my club because of differences in a whole lot. Every morning Monday through Thursday, we do it at ten, a m eastern unless, I can use, and we start maybe thirteen twenty minutes later with Jake too late Thursday night, where we live. In the Irish Sea, nice, it's like you, said it's Blake, actually Jacob laying out fairly early years. Nobody wanna safely in your head, yes like about Bobby a minute to get out now we was things may well asking me if you're going to claim something, why Bubbletop Tiki, inflicts least cool thing became. Don't let us be drawing came clean icon about now. That's a determined endearment
ok, so this is one that we bring this up here. This is where they do fat chip fact, Jack truck. When I checked the fact that an audio wages in December to set up a Trump junior claimed. I would like to underline to win here the facts, and this is the facts. First from and this is what it says- the? U S and This community did not determine that China preferred Biden, because you would echo Otherwise, we can? U S. Rather it why this is the CNN fetchingly. Rather, it now line that China preferred that brought President Donald Trump lose the election because it was unpredictable and because of the many action is taken against China. No it's not that they want Biden to win her, that China, officially on record, wants trumped to lose so exactly type in supermarkets.
That's right now, I'm reading comes out. This is journalists. This day there is no balance, yet there so near them, and they admit in their own that check, which is labelled facts first, that they are wrong. They d fabric are sitting there watching going. What do we do with positive posted there? Somebody below to work right now? I'm so scared right! Well, it's wrong, but let me just rephrase it plays in the form of a question. Worst, your backs up pretty bad check that goes to print tomorrow from TAT has no one's by new win, but they don't want to lose Let us show them for a loop by the way to a lead on that double de bitch trumped junior falsely says: middle Class has done better under trumpeting, Obama hears their facts first and I dont need effectually ventricle. Actually middle class. Come grew in the final years of the Obama administration, but stagnated under trot. That's it. I mean how
income state, essentially flat in twenty eighteen, at sixty three thousand two hundred breaking a three year streak of increases accordion about recent census. Bureau data: oh I can't actually yeah the first to the first two point: five, twenty six and twenty seven members. There is an increase why then are increased by one in twenty nineteen which talk about an end when you, twenty until the temporary pandemic, which is what you guys claim but yeah? Listen! If you want to look the actual numbers brocklebridge eight years of one thousand dollar average income middle class income increase Donald Trump thousand dollars or notice. They don't actually use the number look at it more notice. This paraca Burma is the only president in american history, for some reason when he was president, there was a time warp where he wasn't responsible and while he was present, it was always George Bush's. For a long time. Now, all the successive Donald Trump is Barack Obama's doing Remo you'd come, but not now not know how to recover from from a bad economy
he'll, be policy, and I know that right now, unemployment is terrible and drone strikes, but but but just watch the next guys go I'll. Take credit for that. You have asked me, that's me, but my wife, woman, Maloney us are more Michel, not one word, but you know that if the economy were bad debt Now we know that if the economy is bad, is transported economies good its yet riots and regular, something I'm not a stand. We use before. No one goes like, while Reagan was only successful because of quarter I felt like it wasn't all age double you. Don't try and sell me that false bill of Bill Clinton, goods loud tat, he could do right. A really is nothing that he can do right at the third see this, as I can see, it acknowledges that themselves are right. We go down too, I don't do they have any more fact checking those are. The only should allow now is that it they do. I know where Ok, here we got here, we go. That's right. I have to keep scrolling have to keep from factual.
All kinds of examining postal workers on second oh, what is it ok fact check Hayley accurately suggest all Democrats want government run health. This is, if some Democrats, but it's not a palace, Joe Biden supports. While he does advocate broadening the governments involved a nation's healthcare system. He does not back so called singer. Single pair programs, like Medicare for all, which were pushed by others in the past Mary will hold on a second, that's an ironic shelf back. He was the one who did the healthcare mandate. Did you mean you don't know you go right and by the way, before the mandate, even Barack Obama pushed push republic up. Which they had a scrap, so keep in mind. He then that if they had, he did what he did, but you ve got a wonderful puss. Quantum allowing through years of barbarity, zambian appropriated victim.
So this is this- is this is what they say. No Joe Biden Brok. It would be a lot different if this, if he were an unknown Mcdonald writing these are no record you something you have this man's, let he is only a record. Isn't that he's a record of failures on race, on health care, on guns? Not only put policy wise, but even knowing about any of these things have doubled battle. A few things that you can scare off intruders in a woman can protect our house by aiming a double beryl shot gun in the sky, which is illegal, ITALY's names, but they get. The maximum Sidney informed, honest, pours legs, son of a bitch. What is it hailing but as it is on this, The country, I don't think they get up like clips up Joe, isn't this you saying that universe, healthcare is a good thing that somehow got that of our own. Here you go. Here's another fact check short Jim drawn claims. Democratic China
confiscate: U S, citizens gun! This is seen as vat. First, some Democrat Supported a mandatory gun, confiscation buyback, Joe Bind credit nominee instead supports a voluntary buyback programme hold on a second son democratic. You mean, like NATO Orourke who you promised would your gun back minds and who is the most extreme person? I can fire guns paid or Rourke Yo Yo did it to your days. I beg how God willing to take your guns. Watches kits and lighten up, like Joe Biden, pick that's why, by in case you ve noticed he has really been talking about it. May I mean made, have been losing weight, Lackeys Tom Hanks in Philadelphia because of all the stress of it, I'm going to be the guns are the cement of killing me. I don't think you're going to be because that would be the equivalent to Joe. Fine saying hey: can someone guarantee me a loss in this election? Their activity
can I find the guy who said he will take all of your firearms away and make my guns are amidst these surging crime and record and violent assaults occurring at major cities across the country with more first time gun buyers than ever and ever United States, including Democrats, stick with radio Orourke Zepplin Francis Democrats did not have a law and order problem. We fruitful loud, read so much worse it this? Isn't it more convinced than ever that Joe Biden is going to lose when I'm reading CNN clearly trying to carry his water, I mean: do you think those guys are gonna, like reread the flexibility reserve. This would not look at the foot of a lot better if buying it. Actually, given us comment, but he was too busy talking about wax with party be he was too busy. Getting interview to the website that has single handedly, create click. Bait listed calls he's a big disobedient.
He's a busy man. That's I've got another but where's, my colleague cooking. It's what where's out? Yet where is he now? It's always those pop up ads likes to child actors who are dead. You, economic Mcculloch, cocoanut, now alive. Now, southern. You would expect a pitcher of him back from Avalon days. What's my girl never grew up, we must have produced Let me see anything of factual Donald Trump claim that bind called the present xenophobic hears. What we know facts first from buying use trump of xenophobia. That's that's bad name. Allied with us from that check, Donald Trump Junior claimed that Biden called him xenophobic hears.
We know the very first phrase Biden did accused Trump of xenophobia. Why you look at the facts? First, I'm really shooting at my job so becoming that's first, this is the output. Airports still run prime time. You blame Europe for a butcher the IRA bother to do our duty. Diligence were too busy. Looking stealth dropped to a pudding ivy, they needed fifteen fact checks and they were running a little low. Ok, we're like United view more up. Let me read the rest of this: could they have dude vaguely at first by didn't use trump of xenophobia in Iowa campaign speech the same day January thirty, first health, inhuman server, the, but it was clear. Vine was even aware of the travel restrictions campaigns as he wasn't. Well, listen that can be a defence for anything with job. I really can one unaware of Donald Trump policies at that time. Really what was aware of soup?
I've been left, he was moving around the bird woman. I think that human rights are lying in secure job. I wouldn't be surprised that doesn't because until anyone myself, thereby hey Joe Biden, what do you have it? What are you have every day in your european carryall Joe stopped? Embarrassing he's got tired and allow jail starts going away. General surrounding is response and an someone on dialysis and introduced Coma Do you love her, but so this is a fair check. The very first statement is he did accuse Donald Trump of xenophobia, but we're not sure if he knew exactly why, because he's retarded nobody there,
It was for different reasons. I don't think we said that the reasons mattered. He just accused him of beings far from claim that bind call the presidency now phobic here's. What are you talking about? I better rely problem your father, but not because the hat which, by the way is anyone else, surprise that if shorter, what about race, we were on the shell whenever something or you might get in trouble for that when they were when the at the african garb started laughing, our asses eyes was going on life whenever an annual everyone gave them crap of european cultural appropriation. Listen somebody selling ethiopian food. I love is the open to get the spongy bread. You dip right, it's fine! It's a lot of fun, it's communal, but then there
up there wearing your clothing, which are you, which is often you ceremoniously. There's like they ve completely tone deaf where's that lady with the cellphone, these codes, novelty, she's a kind of joke, shows up to a chinese Street Fair weather, doing that dragon. You know like the rascals wrong issue that that that's it that's. What mathematical profit is right here, but she's bonnet parties that she's a cheese she his the black equivalent of budget, an African and can, on educated Karen seriously,
gives you goes around with Bubbletop like number one on her hit list, imaginary lifelike everything she every all its exact I guarantee, if everywhere you go to everywhere, she's, like shown up a Talbot subjecting now Africa now he's like subways now. What tat had subways you just appropriating our Trans share red black? We don't let's go on there, not to know what's going on there, you got what I take a flat bread bitch. She's always now with the black forest em. What do you do it? What is going to starve arrive? That's gotta We don't have been rather hill diet, I've got a most clearly gross Chinese, they would ever Korean is a Korean is alien to many other. I would even ok. Let me be clear here. I know that China, Vietnam, North South Careers diploma,
Korea, Good Korea, Tang Agatha, Thrall different countries too, but when it comes to food, with the exception of korean barbecue and its, the gross from Taiwan. So I'm still have some time. I will ease bubble. T hi, my own needs That is not a whole lot comes out there. They gonna have some crazy african me crazy, Pock, Bitch. There's not coming out there, it just accident figures because they already have the molds and bubble Wales has had a president objective basic White Guy observer. Let the Taiwanese have a win. Our
We're going to come back here. She was alive. Electroshock issued a larger shavers on the ground in Canosa, but before that we are going to go to one of our wonderful sponsors. Express Vps will be right back at last, Schaefer tax may actually now you have to do is access than fascist computer mainframe. This will be to smash the o mine, not conforming, generalists, none binary to spirited God. Did they find? You know? We have no search history born a boy
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so saying. The social media companies don't have our best interests at heart. Little love us personally, wow. I don't know about that. Its wording into ye said she I like to think that they love me and care about you access it. While you live, you learn case or ass or whether we want a platitude fool me why, while there are like oil and water better too, Allow me to express the undying I'm slashed greater. I really do appreciate your support in its usual product. Alright, we on the show. Right now he has been on the ground for foreign doubt on the riots were first shouting and now he is in Canosa Wisconsin in it Eliza Schaefer. Are you there's or can you hear me I can hear you I'm actually outside of the DMZ. Looking real good, you notice, you notice what you, if you're, really noticed this. This is actually the best convention that we have had so far for Joe Biden yeah.
Kind of what what you're gonna get a lot of a lot of this. It looks like one I'm done with a bonus round and Super street fighter. The key is to. With the chalk gas Ryan's, you win you actually, what kind of funny, if the evidence hard to say this money when this is somewhat tire livelihood destroyed, but right near here about a block away. There is the Democrat building for the left, so it's boarded up with every other business. The buildings rounded have been burned to the ground judgment of car set on fire and they have a nice well behind her above their boarded up store that says. Make should have about Blue in November. Sound well, that'll teach not card is what you get that'll teach that parking lot do not support men, who are cereal, violent offenders with a warrant out for current sexual assault, domestic abuse and wrestling with cops or that'll teach them. I think we're all rural learning a little bit about ourselves right now,
I want to go to a clip really quickly and then ask your question on this Elijah Schaefer we're someone, I believe, you're footage aimed in actual gun at you yesterday and cannot, of course, the place where words Jacob Blake was by police. Let's go to the eclipse, rightly room while private. Because you're not cooling by the way well, without yet bring up that last green grab right there. We can raise it right when they rightly ok. If you want to see a rifle round, go to the side of that skull right now, it would be entirely appropriate for the police to do. He aimed and click that just as easily could have been a boom and a life is over and some people consider so they will consider that a tragedy. I don't because I could just as easily have been our rapporteur, Elijah Schaefer, that's a real gun was he was here, being the hammer on New Eliza this again as in Canosa, or was he d pull the trigger scientists? Have you noticed? I transferred
offers. You look exactly like your office. You know hey guys, Europe ways to you, be they give us a really good budget like use that express a piano publicly. Provides anyway, it's gonna fuck way to a crime. I mean here. There's no laws, and here he pointed gonna might be he. I can you just accidently DR fired it. So you know when you. Pull the trigger on a gun now I just because I'm not an already aids. I have no I'd. I literally have never accidently dry. If I hadn't gone- and I like you know, when you want to go and visit, you pull the trigger you you're not living here, here's a crazy! So if you think that you're not this is not what rules exist like good is evil. Evil is good. These are peaceful protesters. What you're viewers don't understand as every shot glass is just like a drop in the bucket is peace. This peaceful glass shod some took a little Patsy. I mean this. Is
Peace looks like an end. Safety first is writing your city on fire and then accidently almost shooting a reporter on the ground. Because who knows any do says, like Obama said, of the unseen of these are peaceful there peacefully, shooting people peacefully committing arson, I mean: there's Peters peace, destruction, peaceful a full peace has a whole new meaning and twenty twenty and I'm not sure I understand it, the while others just because you apparently taken firearms safety courses. So there's a cultural disconnects dad got bubbled, Z, bitch. Let me ask you this compare what's going on around connotes by the way of all places, we always thought this would have a notion. Cities no walking in Chicago New York, but can know share with constant, is where it's happening. Now? How would you say this compares to what we saw after George Floyd in places like Dallas, where you report for us and by the way I want to make sure people now?
You're channel is slightly offensive on Youtube. How does as compared to post George Floyd? Ok? Well, I don't know what this does for George gets it in the fact that some of these businesses are actually believed lack own business at a minority on businesses. But what's the most important thing here? Is this actually kind of worse than the Minneapolis in a lot of ways, because there is at least ten structure fires at Bergamo Credit Union? They burn down the Youth Correctional facility, they burn down the ominous furniture supplies, nor because nothing so What's an police brutality like burning a l shape office debts, you know really does the precedent got clear. I can't reach swedish bitch, you note what what what is the worth? What is the worst issued you I mean, I think, there's even at Chevy Impala that was burned here as well and so on. These are cars striving towards the black community.
Use they cut enabling like well. I won't tears until the Chrysler, two thousand or whatever it is, has been burned in this house. Let me essentially what happened last night with a look here: they're yeah, what happened with with Well Dodge Caravan should update their software because, like driving in a ninety ninety two vehicle What happened last night with their law enforcement again Canosa was constituting a little no Eliza Schaefer. There was a curfew than Guard was deployed, it looks like a cuban migration is not nearly as big of a city is a lot of places. It looks like the riders had free
rain of the city? I mean this would like what's happening on a grand scale. What can you clarify? First yeah? So so so they said they were deploying about a hundred twenty five national guard to help out county state. Troopers counties, Nature Britain, police, I dont know how is like in the middle of safely firing a fireman summons face. They also, I dont know how to carry out here because they grossly under provided the amount of opposite they needed than they had about a hundred and total whittling. Fifteen hundred two thousand writers, so I'm not like that got a fraction, but usually that doesn't turn out so well and they, the police, didn't worth making the rest. There was no contact, they stated at the county court house, but the the people it took. I think the total response, time for fire trucks to come to put out building fires with proximately like fifty seven minutes, so it took almost an hour for for fire departments to come, but there's missiles were. This is wonderful.
What do you know now? What is going on? We, we got. The state of emergency alert are on our cell phones right through the warning system about an atm curfew at eight twenty two p m, so that the guiding Hawaii Listinoise around acted in an iron legend. Citizens already gone down like oh baby. We're gonna go really quickly to behind the Paypal here. Legislature. I want you to stay with us. Everyone on you to please you consider joining mug limit ladders, credit outcome, such Magua, because we have a full twice the length of this behind the pay wall every day and it's what supports it keeps us going. But now you do it's time for you to put off.
And what we re more of your your chat. You guess! There's one thing: I want to ask you a larger. It seems like there. They ve been targeting businesses. A whole lot more, I mean when you look at how just quit they burned down these businesses. Look at that lot. A concerted effort where they targeting businesses rather than Josephine public buildings, It is my sort of observation are accurate, and why do you think if they are there taking this to burning down businesses. Specifically, I mean look. Ok, I exploit hard to seek your honour, your phone, but there's this is that government property over there in the typical in a great roman style, but you're. Seeing right here is a private car lot, but you know this is where it becomes a problem. I never the vigilant reads, rightly militia which we hear demonize so much work, which were the only people who are actually defending store.
Successfully by the way is crazy when citizens are arm somehow they do a better job, with a groan, probably on people get mad about fraud goers. When people get mad about the proud boys, you know, no one only go how many car lots they burned down recent right, they ve only antiphon and blackness matter in the face. So even if things are the most horrific people alive at minister businesses safe at least if your copy non eurozone loving shot in the side of the head so tat when people say why why, with this double standard, why they gone after our progress or because they don't do this, they dont today we won't be seeing them from the refuse. As we see with you here, continued US militia arnauld about a good point there. I'm british do the same person. That's counting the amount of violent acts and cargo ships are probably have destroyed is the same person who put up a state of emergency and call the amount of troops The problem counting on on the far left and we can do to gradually other bubbling shops are closed. So it's hard for us to do them. Somebody
We continue to encourage young and about the people showing up to protect businesses. Did you interact with unusual? Oh yeah. Yeah live streaming with them and they will tell you. This is not what this is not an target. You not why you targeting private businesses that what are you, what it is doing? A lot of business is a family owned aid already been so hard on on the business party been hard on the community here because of already what's been going on from cold it, So then they put me I'm on among right. Well now shut up long long, while you're going on private citizens made businesses yeah yeah my ear. Yeah, you know you're gonna tell why you're like a brain down. We, not China, burned out small. What is that? Oh yeah, I hear they sell limit, they don't give a fuck about food, got money or whose door what sitting so bad cars. If I were you, I'd Burnham.
This is not an accurate away gnp of a source. For that. Mr Klaus knows: punk ass, bitch, there's not a big compilation of black folks here. Ok, so therefore, for you to target a black man, has children in his car and harm you? What are you trying to be escalate? The situation? Eliza? Can you let me speak with him? Can you give me? Can you give him here had found you mind parent pick out, you're gonna get report. One is in european, not talk to him on one October this year. Let's go, I apologise. If I don't get hit him, can you hear me, Sir now going right? Ok! So what's your name, sir? I think very moment. Ok anonymous? And what have you I understand, so I won't say anonymous because that's different cooperate was, I will say, about local fire black yeah you're cancer blackness.
You think that is justified to burn down a private car lot. Do you have any evidence any source if they sell lemons there buddy you're in December turn of our car? Ok, so you bought the hard it didn't work. I didn't biotech pop while I was down the street because the card, though start but we're not talking about this lot. That's gonna make it about business, but you burn down to business sort matters I didn't ok. Well, can you can you denounced then, and condemn people who burned down the business will not deny them no longer. I'm a good sign. Yeah, I'm concerned. Why are concerned of american citizen and I happened to be white, but we do have a black man here and studio B
burning done a lot of talk business. It's not like this, like you know like we're like that. Our group will about nearly there have my doubts about that, but at the end of the day man, but are you not concerned with businesses being burned down and you in your your ear group there destroying the on your own city that you have to live in that? Doesn't concern you down proper. We gain
about bad know it. You know, I don't remember, that's a little bit different from actually burning down someone's business, but you just mentioned I'd like to know. You just mentioned a man, Jacob Flake, Jacob Flame, we're right. Why not make harder thirty, but I'm ok twin? Where do you work? Let us not mince our words word. I work here in Amerika. What do you do you make a living here, how do you make eleven? How do you contribute gonna work and Pakistan? Yeah yeah tells it all about what you do. How do you contribute to american society? Aside from not condemning people who burn down parking lot on bird,
Ah, well, there you go, I guess we lowered the standard there a little bit, but for young man would you have to get go, and I appreciate you taken the time and I disagree with you. I'm over you'll be friendly with our guy here. So this is David, Stephen crowded, Stephen Crowd or even prouder yeah problem. We assert them exciting yeah go ahead. It was rather actual family who live in Wisconsin. You have driven through their couplet arms. No, no! You ve, been through consistent with Ah now I don't live in connection with constant harry. Go Trump card I've been to Canosa Wisconsin? Yes, we're second story. Let's get to the point: I've been to canosa you're. Obviously, a local go ahead. The problem remains a problem. Yeah. I was promptly guys we're going down you're right. Ok, thank you. Why actually were given a world body. They did it, give it a world
My and found that I wasn't about you for me on the shoulder you very much. I was in Dallas earning a living thing. Yes, Jack appear so by political yeah, you're, just that. But then why are you not because they don't give them? Why? I'm someone burn down a parking lot and its private property tangier attacking the bill. Yet the negativity not only bridge reader Canosa is a giant sack of negativity, their negative I guess I would have it. I guess I will say it differently. If I was on fifty second street, you get this No we're trying to You know I gotta get back there. No doubt with their electorate, Well, you know what I'm glad that I am glad that you put some of the negative stereotypes of the
listen. Canosa was carried out. Ass to let things were putting my life. And by Saint Andrew sorry, even let them get so my life on the line for your entertain it thank you to the airport as I do. I got you throw it away. When you know I've been out there myself and adjust the guy, you want I'll, send you a sherry's, berries, sweet, very thoughtful, I'm sorry I do upon. If I blow your cover Allah I'll I'll, send you somewhere else. I know I came out myself, I get so will you not the camera and urge adriatic people now lets. You were examined it as a deaf to America. My country gosh guy. There really seems like country, he really entitled, and I dont get men works.
What's it like the illegal money, anymore and rights that we have to get going, you anything you want to leave us with that. We must go ahead. I think it's really important fearlessness to realize that you ve made your point. This is Canosa. Eliza thinking to move back to where you, where you're really gotta pick your household eliza, you're receptions, not good there, it froze. If you can go back to where you are sorry, and so for interrupting. You there's a bit of a delay here, so I apologise, but yeah continue with. What you are saying is that he made it a better now
that is better and it's a little bit choppy, but it's better. I can hear you say you said he made a good point. I didn't hear anything after that. You just making it just making a good point there that this is Canosa because it happened here. It can happen anywhere so genuinely if you, if you realize the only people that were able to protect their businesses, were people who had firearms who took their own protection and safety has its own responsibility, people standing homes with shot guns with rifles, epistles, etc, and so realise that this violence is planned, its organised chaos and you need to be ready.
To protect not only yourself but their fellow citizens and a constitution that his country and that's not a joke, even if whatever just happened and their interaction. I appreciate- and I appreciate the brass balls on on you they're alive she for Hake we'd have to get going. Where is the best place for people to support you in order? Don't you go to Youtube dotcom. Slash slightly offensive, really check it out. Do a lot of on the ground under cover is that we can find every other social link there in the descriptions that go to the slightly offensive on you, two kinds of crazy shit. I'm we're done what we get demonetized on everything you and they just obliterate the channel. But luckily you guys are all really loyal people and you does love countries, though the views keep come in and the truth keeps coming Now- and I thank you so much for have me on again Then, why really appreciate you being on and stay safe, no dry firing, a ripe, we'll see you soon. That was Eliza, faceless used to think this is for me, see. Someone like that speaking that way, it is like beating your head against
because you are show him the footage right now, the man and it wouldn't care and at the same promised the mob mentality. Wiping the proud boys are fools. Rakers you go out. There and there is no reasoning with these people now, if you hold on a second, this guy was a registered sex offender. There's a worn out for his arrest for current sexual assault for current domestic abuse. These, these call on our way, in the latter on the way to what Yeah, we're gonna, go burning them away to burn down the wall. Greek, on the other side of the river, like gonna, frail fire. You know I didn't hear some broad like that. Goes no dog what we keep cops, so we can by emotion and this that this is one of the reasons that I get so pissed off at political leaders in community leaders pushing these false narratives, because people like that believe that people like that task, ass, poor people who aren't educated on what's going on on the streets and just did you take it run- No, oh all they kill the peaceful black man who was just trying to go to his car and then
after I had only closures and Elizabeth worn in that Casey NICE that guy from you to always be what ails you. This caught needs to be arrested and prosecuted in charge. Wait a minute. We want context, come on, don't you! These are cook with Georgia. First came out. We all agreed in the neck now tat our report, the guide and even have a bruise from what we understand and really all the cot did was had bad trade. Yeah, but now this is an example. Words very, very clear that the police have the right to defend their life and limb and there are still being condemned by everyone in the Democratic party. So I hope that police officers, despite the fact that a nose unions pull your strength and I want to do away with those two. I hope that you guys realize that threats are not only supportive of you. They are trying to expose you and turn you into targets when, go and say hey police officers who wrestled a man was a warrant out for his arrest for violent felonies and has a history of harming officers who reaches into his car. You can't defence
life and limb, police officers. They are telling everyone else take direct aim I get the police officers. They will accuse you of murder to save their own asses and get votes. Restricting ties to get both illegal. Do it for the lowest thing is just to get well, they want those votes. They want gotta go with little cloud mills in his skull mass. They want more, can lock in votes. We. Actually we have a chat and of all of us know the chat vote, sort of service one from the anonymous everyone remember this dealership, the one that we just had a billion sign in support of bill. I'm ha ha someone else vote and then actually, every ounce of many found a picture of duty of the sign it looks like we're dealership, was playing extra church. Ok, oh I remember seeing so the shirt ass likely ass an he added that short enough. That should have its own guns. Well from nurse taken in universities, church or think. Having This doesn't load. You saw very clearly
care right absolute. Does it matter to these people could not care less have been saying this for years, appeasing crocodiles is futile, fixed tile feel what everyone is able to shake of lake. The reason we are passed, the point of logic where it is a mass hypnosis and a mob mentality where I've taught by this before you have to recognize whose minds you can change and then the people of whom we have to make an example in that's blacklist matter unfortunate that's blockers matter antibody and see they're all interchangeable, we're going to leave. You said this before it is like painting the blood on the outside of your house of route for the angel of death. The pass by, but the angel of death in this case doesn't care rather than just He doesn't know that anyway, it's like the angel of death forgot about the blood fatal Joe Biden, like her words, Georgia paint test sconces Let me kill their first born and find out what this is about.
These writers, they derive any standards that are many decency. Of course, they're not gonna be like well. I guess they supported this report because I can't burn down their business simplistic. Let me ask you, got my car, the man's people and by the way that includes white Antiphon mom in Portland, there's going to be I'm calling them sub human scum. Now they won't, though, people, sub human scum who want to pray. Oh, my god pray outside of a plan for an offer. You alternatives as opposed to killing your baby. We call them scum, but the people who are burning down car lots and churches. They just want to be heard, and that's so so racist, no, so fucking race, to say that what do you expect their angry you're saying that black people are so all black people, Monolith are so animal listing, and so in case
controlling their urges that what other option do they have if they feel unheard mother, then burning down largely black owned businesses little. You must think and expect from the black commuter piece of racist shit in large area, black run communities to with governors and mayors that account yells and police chiefs rail and by the way, I think, the problem that we're gonna see what like five minutes see and it's gonna find a way to say that this is trumps America. This has had actually like amounts, as they got to tie this too Trump yet again to try to make him look like the bad guy be like see. This is what happened yet Donald Trump Office sack check, journalist, monitored. They burn down a car lot truth they did, but they were trying to get to the jury.
It was the way it or heaters. Thank you, Mr Klaus source, Clefts electorate and then ask you so broad is. Are we want even really working? Do the New York segment? I guess I'm all right. What do we need? This is what I do feel bad if Elijah's life. I need a little everybody. He doesn't have protection come on. I just I can now finds itself faced with this or someone like that is someone like that? Has the exact same rights as I do, the way if this is someone who did actually take part in burning some unknown or even stood by and didn't, do anything there's a good samaritan. While there was the finale to Seinfeld, he should have I fundamentally less rights than anyone in this room. I mean that this is the problem right now, their vote counts for just as much as you are just understand that obviously supported. This is a constitutional republic and they have all of the same rights as you do what you
For example, there was a great point for the urgency: the Maclaughlan mcclosky Mcclosky advising game. Their guns. Airily was none of those people who broke down broke through their gate. And we're chanting and yelling disturbing the peace and threats of violence. You can save you our support if none of them are charged with anything now these were vibrational weapon. The lady who led them through her street is now going to be a congresswoman from the first district of Saint Louis. What this point they said, it's not enough: they want a martian it'll, all Washington's one can say, and it is bothers me we have like- and I love, but even temple them do this? But you do have sometimes like, like Rogan and in sometimes Dave Reuben a little bit and you have a lot of people want to see my turn. The middle listened the truth. Isn't in the middle there there's value to balance, there's not valued centralism for centralism sake, people's rallies, Exist on the fringes wearing seats, safer representatives? We single for every single candidate. The DMZ, go down the list up a job. I
Harris Bernie Sanders Elizabeth worn. They have failed to repeat We condemn these riots broke and biological them peaceful protests and then have double down into these cops need to be basically hung from the gallows of this is what I say when they're not in power. What are you is going to happen when you are what, when they aren't, what is going to happen, you think of this first. Second, the same people who have I condemn these rights, who said that over eight hundred million dollars in property damage nine hundred officer casualties, fourteen thousand arrests over thirty people- that is by large. These are peaceful protests and we need to hear them. What do you think is going to happen when these people are running for office, but they hold office, oh and by the way, better? Orourke Francis is going to be the guns arms as hell. Yes, I'm going to take your guns away. Races, the
this time and people have always said this- he heard me real against. It is always the most important lux. Never. This is without a doubt that the election ever level yet is the Dnc platform right now that the police are bad, and so we don't need police. We need social workers, that's what they were trying to do in Minneapolis and then so. The only logical thing we know you're, not a no, no police right in and now the only logical thing that I can do is arm myself to defend myself. But even if I walk outside and say you, I think that a take my house united it now I'm a criminal, and I can't I've been myself and I are taking away you don't Democrat direct, yet it into what country do you want to live it? Do you a country that has zero on order. No police, no ability to protect yourself and just riots running rabbit is that kind of country you want because- I don't understand their india and the justification anyway. We always need to be heard because I've been desire expressed in their funding their claims.
There being oppressed by an almost all we're, not believing them every time. Imagine for a second. If there was a natural disaster that, because that much damage and that many deaths there will be front page news run. India is the only thing everybody docking about, but we have to hide it because it's personal and there are people doing these things, and then these are the people who need to be protected from the consequences of their actions and then that's a tragic way to treat people and its also tragic way to treat your view,
where's right people are treating again treating them as if they are stupid and you can't handle the truth where Sean PAN or so India, with their kayaks like Hurricane Katrina, the wrath of irish sewage ladder. Forty nine wading through the fires, saving people rescue, rescues, IRAN rooftops which, by the way you know a lot of animals have been hurt and yet no one totally. I ran the one click of the puppy being shaken, but you know that right away, anyone unseen and who gets demographic delete photos delete family farming, because if you want to get the left on your side, watch them harm a puppy. What do you think happens? One half the city is on fire unless there are no dog, odors and canosa by the way, a car, not starting. That's, usually like step one and figuring out. If you wanna bite, maybe just leave like it. That really is the case. Now, just don't buy the causal him as a push bottom and wore a push, but no one can I get man. I've thought about blew up, have you shit academic, or do you think it through the yellow pages going through MRS a black on business, because I think black lives matter? What about black financial eyes? We ask somebody who put everything they had either
car lot and had everything in it. Maybe they have insurance hey this burg at all, asked me how I know that that guy was lying because of it car salesman is a scam. Artists have just naked salesman. He first has to get you to purchase the car, so you'd think think something that I'll go out after a few miles, alternator that eleven going to move any cards that don't start right and I have no idea, maybe that guy is such a moron. That was a savage your like this. I thought they haven't had both about such as India is right, above all, do not recognise anymore, and you know what some people right bad Yelp reviews Some people say we are now to look sales experience expression. You can burn in hell, I'll prove you want a star you or fire down and out that's and we'll go to champion. Seeking. That's also why people need to understand. Freedom of expression is not protected, concentrates right or the left doesn't believe that the left by and large, rising left
now people who know more closely, but they shut up. What is one of those rights and for the Democratic party? Ok, every single one, and then you can go down the list of the top most influential senators, car congressmen whimsies whatever you're getting my was easy and none of them actively support speech are very very few of them, I should say virtually none. That means us and thus a constitution, freedom of expression or the reason freedom of expression is not protected, as opposed to freedom of speech is because everyone's form of expression is different. Some people do gymnastics some people doing but of dead. Some people pay and some people claim their expression is burning down a car lot because they didn't know how did it start, but none of these out all them all with fifty thousand mile. You cannot have a broad umbrella term with expression, because a russian expression can be physically expressed. You can express yourself in one four ways: Madonna Nose like dry firing, a revolver in someone's face. Yes, this is that's.
Safety. One of my heart, I d that guy in the next time he lives a revolver to someone's face. I hope that guy is taken up. I hope that guy is taken up. Do not want to see and he'll say all doesn't have like matter his life, absolutely matters, but what matters more someone who did not plan of being shot in the face at that guy plan to take that guy can plan to take someone's life. It is It is more sad if someone planning to take another life loses his life, then someone who just walked out their front door and all ended. The same will your rights in that the other person's knows right in that guy could. He's a war barrel at Argo yeah exactly you could have peacefully in France on Elijah's right to live life, the first one ripe, and what do you think would happen if that guy was lit up like the fourth of July Rubalcaba? What happened to me fireworks go wild, eyed vagabonds! I ban he's, a job and you bring up a really good point. You know what the you know, what the guaranteed way for Mr Wynn, Mr Blake right now to not be a hospital not be paralyze, not have this terrible situation
Don't worry not resist fully followed only waiting on what you wrote that spouse that in a world that is really step one? This is one a trail of vast. Don't do that? Don't This police officers, where did personal responsibility, go everybody's, blaming the cops they should have been able to de escalate. Ok, fine! Look I grant you that maybe sometimes cop should do better jobs, the escalating where's, your responsibility to de escalate and not get yours. You know what I disagree with. You really think, so that's! Ok, I know don't say I agree that was advocate yet, and I appreciate it I would say some cops. I would not say that we in videos of how those cops, including George Flight, those people try to less Julia escalate. They did I'm saying at the very end, issued it just at least roll them on a site that was it the rest of the world and on whether they are relatively to how he would rain rain. I rent, but before that they D escalated that there's much as you were too much time on that guy in the back. It would be better served hog tying him in throwing him in the back seat at that point.
They would have to protect. Anyway. Probably I point is: there's nothing they could have possibly done. That would have a peace because he was going to have a heart attack anyway and if he was in the back, they would say who said he was glad to phobic. If he's on the ground, they say there on the ground they hold tight and, put about this that you couldn't be would say you could wait till you crushes diet, values their diet no way around it. Now might my point here. I know if you're trying to tell black men how to survive a police encounter. If that really is your goal, because black lives matter right. That's your thing where you tell them, like the ninety nine point, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine nine percent sure way of not being killed by police officers or you gonna tell them like just do whatever you want cops or pigs. They could they they're gonna, take you like the way just walk around your car, even when they have guns pointed out you after you, physically assaulted them and try to reach in the car or after you, ve been taser, back and run away and pointed out that, yes, like that's, not actually mars people getting. I rather doubt that you're right, it's irrational. Nothing is like kings had a change of mindset for a place of logic and fast on coming from a place of emotion, So when you have a police officer there, saying literally with George lighting
not going to shoot you, I'm not sure sure you please, a car, hey our role. On the window, I'll turn on the air. I'm going to stay with you please. The car and you're gonna, oh, my god he's raises gaps, are gonna, kill me guess what that's a rational, because you weren't taught properly that those cops wrong. Looking to kill you, because you are irrational This is why I say it's very, very difficult of a national dialogue with people at this point on that side of the iron, because you can rationalize with someone who's offended by bubble. T you cannot rationalize with someone who thinks that that officer went out and Lynch George Floyd, you can rationalize with someone who doesn't understand that an officer who tried to arrest somebody's, we just saw that footage, a guy who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and reached into a car. Why that and being shot. You cannot rationally rational person. Do not have a conversation or interaction with an irrational with another. Jam person- and these are the constant interactions police officers have now because of a lot of times the race baiting hucksters that go into the community and say exactly that's good,
the right his hands were up, don't shoot nowhere. In word up, he was assaulted, the police officer, there's I'm and had his gun unsnapped. That's probably not a good place to be right. Now, when the burnt Lebron James latest statement hid, his whole thing is that black people are terrified. That's it that's the big whatever those talking about, but the reason why people are terrified because if you look priority right now you are making them scared, you're them you're, making them on their behalf. They are from like, like two years old, that why people out to get you examine her out to kill you. There's a video of a little girl in one of these marches black lives matter. Blacklist meant a little girl has no clue. What does is she was told, choose program right. This is how you should live. This is against. People are scared. That's good point waited. Is me Lebron James, because I don't that we get there and misrepresent airspace, misrepresent the facts and use it to try and brainwash the Publican believing that white people are out there to get them with no accountability ramifications, you know who I think has lived. Life has sailed through life. Credibility, ramifications. People who burn shit down don't get arrested. Dip near now lie would say, that's a privilege that I dont myself enjoy
if I walk over the next door neighbor here and this in this business, this business strip and I burnt down while you know I am canadian every attack or you would be the crap out of you. That's exactly what there's that there's a silver lining in that thirty six percent of black people in talk about them and seeing them with advance acts. Thirty six percent approve of Donald Trump Donald Trump, huge if it gets twelve percent of the black and that we have a problem with the white supremacist who, by the way, endorse Joe Biden when they say Well, you know you should be trying to reach a demographic as are never gonna become conservative. If you can get thirty percent black People's republic and guess what rapid up we're done. Yeah. You can get Republicans to just not lose the vote under forty four by twenty points, meaning if you can close to uneven split of forty sixty split for all people under forty four and you can just get fifteen twenty percent the black, but guess what it's a landslide. You won't find any boy on the map. Aside from New York in California before we chip them off, like you can Cornelius fishermen in the ocean and by the way that the vast majority of the blackened latino community want police around,
course they? Just I didn't say I was a huge majority of them right now so Democrats, do you really think pushing against the plan? They want unstoppable tee. A couple checks and then we'll go will have to leave until tomorrow. What we have is, first chapter shirt. So, U S! Yesterday, people wanted to see a stream. We ask a national decision. The directive as it now and I want to see a stream you're disgusting. I didn't ok, the dirty twist. Your worries, what other interpretation bladed lighted as we had they'd response. Some people saying stream remonstrated strenuously stream gas from That was a lot of an all round ceremony. Arraignment. We will be streaming an idea of the devil I mean I have to sleep, laid kidding
later on five November, one evening streams gonna, we love you. We do love, that's right, I'm getting to be carried out to date, That's right. You can't suckle now, but I can help comfort. You can help I got a whole. Allow my baby, not there's only one way out. We maggot Ergonomic not come here to look like an accident like a legacy. The exchequer grab more chance. I on end on this note, so enough ass, hasty, even better options. If we lose this election I don't. I don't even want to think that when they are always the same, listen the options are always the same. Be the change you want to see, see right, manifested changing yourself, so what I would say is start planning now get your firearms now make sure that you're able to protect
ourselves now, not saying that we're gonna go to a civil war, but I am saying that if you live in a city like Canosa that guy just told us, it could be you next. You need to be able protect your family is no longer a luxury of maybe someday I'll, go down to the shooting rage, maybe someday or myself. You have to do that. Now and then you have to get active in your local. Can the conservative groups, political groups, republican groups, as well as on social media, and make sure that you, voice- is heard on these platforms so that conservatives are not remove that something that every one, can do that and of course you can go on vote in many people have voted. Yes, absolutely we owe, and even now the culture or is heating up. So all the things you should be doing anyway, rang out who have already it's not about whose office that I'll leave you with this, and I worked at Fox news- remember with their talked about, but Brok Obama this well you it's good for ratings in if Mitt Romney ones will be bad for Fox NEWS, and people are all saying this, If too, if, if republican winds of no one actually thought don't troubled when, but there are things
public and winds. Actually, that's gonna be bad for em radio unless we beg for foxes and a as well. How blind are you guys that you think making an adversarial position is just about the guy in the White House, because, if you take the power of the guy in the White House over All of media all of the entertainment and all of Hollywood, all public education you're. Out of your mind, all public sector workers cold, war is so much bigger than an office. Animal Who is president? That's not going away. Any attempt to think of it. This way have we had anything that we need to speak out against correct or fact check with Donald Trump is present. It's not as though it were the big boy, the bully Neuro. It still has an uphill battle, because all of the informational outlets are controlled by the left and biased by hugh margin it's not even close, not getting even worse. Now, because of you to Facebook, Twitter right there very clear and transparent in trying to ban conservative. So I think people to understand just
The left tries to say everything is stacked against you. Unless you vote Jump Joe Biden, you can't look for some. Some transcendent, some wonderful from the had descending from the heavens political figure. To save you, it's not going to happen and in the realm of influence in the world. That most Americans are facing any illogical to cultural or not talk about actual physical more. They should only serves to protect your home. When you look at that culture war, the presidential office, the way House is it's just a small sliver of that pie and you need to take part in the rest of it. If you don't, then you lose Tibet. We will see you tomorrow. Good morning, my club and then we'll be live streaming. Thursday night see them today.
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