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New York City Mayor, Eric Adams turns on the Biden administration and BLM after a deadly day on Juneteenth. CNN obtains tape of Donald Trump discussing classified documents. Also, we give you the timeline of what happened with Hunter Biden. And we have a dumb-ass anti-gun take on a TikTok podcast. Guest: Josh Firestine.Today's sponsor is My Patriot Supply, save big on each 4-week kit by going to www.prepwithcrowder.comJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: https://mugclub.rumble.com/post/4209377/cnn-leaks-trump-audio-tape-this-is-what-theyre-distracting-you-fromGET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/ NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME:Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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dot com, I'm supposed to say it three times I think burners nice tasty, is as even one of those days where you're kind of in a good mood and things taste better, is that today I think now he wrote it everything seems bright. Everything, tastes, better, shut up,
just as you know, we got a big do get gun. We come up and lie culture appropriation months last week, thursday, Texas and in europe. Your pictures in your costumes and you Why am I odessa permian come on, don't even know who that is friday, night lights, I have no idea. Oh my gosh, that's a show. Chris sports was also a film more to bowl a lot to get through today. There's the trump audio leak that everyone is talking about now to be clear, you're saying, isn't this the leak that we already knew about? Yes, it is the transcript that you've already read, but now it's him saying it phone call. This is a perfect example in how to use wretch out a story to keep it at the top of the new cycle for a longer amount of time which This is something else will be discussing hunter Biden. Look, I know, all of you kind of no about barbarousment ukraine, K hunter by smoking, crack gun and attract. Can we get it, but may not know just how much verification there has been, and that means third party verification. That's often needed to warrant investigation, I can't think- and you can, I meant below. Can you think of a stir,
in modern american history that has been more verified in authenticated than a hunter Biden. Scandal, comical so we're going to give you a timeline. All references are available and will even set a timer, so we can just rapid fire in case you go forward and someone says I heard that it wasn't really real. Okay, I dunno numbers in the hundreds, but it's pretty damn high end up philosophy about toronto, electing a new mayor because Canada silly ass, but it could happen here in amerika and is we'll talk about new york and actually the mayor, not a big fan of that blm. Now it's weird. It's weird he's starting to call him out yep. He is for. go expediency and you hear that voice. I joke. I love the man number two, ceo gerald morgan. How are you I'm doing? Well, I'm glad you're doing well as well, yes, you're just coming along, because I had memo
we've always human ash wednesday. So we changed things with my own thoughts right and then you hear them. You guys love them. You guys send it in the chat third chair when you hear this disturbing songs like the raw. Yes, even I like give raw thanks now the nine percent of our audience, which is black just to doubt that they're going to really tune out when they know that you're from tacoma so July, ninth at the spokane comedy club, you can check out his dates at judge, firestone, dot com and follow minute, judge firestone. How are you, sir good good morning, good They were angry at us yesterday that term we didn't you for your service again when we discussed it. So you are welcome. Yes, thank you. It was my pleasure guest. I was up here. They paid me when we say to the first everytime it comes up. Thank you for your service. Thank you for service. Thank you for thinking, service, okay, good. I think we get it. Ok, ero. Yes, yeah, a lot of heroes that not all heroes, wear short sleeve button yeah, but it's the one we deserve the right to keep this.
Vietnam war. Is it not out of it? How does a cape not fit? Well, that just means your neck yeah. It's just it's been hit a lot of neck fat. It's a little big, don't get me started on the smell, golly and bi. Lo, it's a live show monday through thursday. I almost at eight e p ten a m eastern tuna and we'll be back on youtube. This thursday is gonna, be a fun one. Ok before any of that lot of people have pod guess, but that's a lot of em shouldn't. I suggest the vast majority of them shouldn't, and so we haven't always known where to fit these segments, which brings us to a new recurring segment. Installment you let us know below. If you want to see more of this, I do the lukewarm take of the week it may be to have a pistol. Now. Why don't you care can do enough. Somebody threatened you with a gun to edit the good life doc, no one's born of I'd love to see. I love to see someone gun islands.
you're the only thing, that's gonna happen. Let me tell you to walk around. I know people like this I gotta clubs, and they go out with guns on them. If you have that on you that, if that's in your universe, that will be your universe, you are what you put out and if you put I don't feel safe that I need to protect myself. Let me, too, some universe going to test it. It's going to put you in that situation, you gotta, pull that your thoughts and prayers. But yes, of course, mainly thoughts of what you put out. That's ok! What are you putting out with a face tat too and a faint gold chain and sunglasses inside yet there Well there. I don't want that communist school, because without it it just unbelievable, are gonna, be ok, we're coming, although it may lead to. Would you really like to see someone? What are you don't know bro? What does that mean
I get mad. I got another gear, bro real gear, faster than nine millimeter. Do you have a bullet proof gear? Yes, because I love like I've lived a good life bro! That's not going to happen to me that people that live good lives to get shots yeah that caper sure has body so he got big guys. Little boy is really really dumb there, because has just in watching that there are probably like I guarantee if I watch the whole show their public. Fifty people who would line up to have him watch pull a gun on his volunteer? What you think The guy doesn't becomes across a genie walter. It's the monk you're not going to stop anything growth, not gonna, look on my chain. I actually have a gold gear gear. russia also, I dont, know ok, annamite, that you shouldn't judge a book by its poorly tattooed cover, but based on all that
I'm going to let you haven't lives that could allow not on that bank as objective of a good life broke. I love a good life, he says he goes on in other words or some other people who might say I have never been in a violent altercation, because I avoid those places right. You need have situation where some of the good life broke, one almost britches club, I feel about it. What are you a chance? I believe that those women real part one. Would anyone ever have an opportunity to shoot me when I'm attending the kind of places where exactly those types of events happen? Great regularity, in fact, I know a lot of guys who like to do that they actually go to these countries. I know a lot of guys who go to clubs with guns right, because I go to clubs where people often carry guns Don't happen, but our everyone in this room. I think it would be absurd that I could
or run into someone who might pull a firearm on vacation like des moines or something putting on a fake and all of that and get your quad cities right broke, go to the mall for tattoos, so they've got a bit of parlor. This isn't this week's lukewarm take of the week. I don't have it nevermind yeah. Sorry to the this, is this week's lukewarm stinger perform loop on the pet? You know what, though, to help just smash the rumble button that will help us right now. Watch that it's like a sorbet palate cleanser. Here we go, I'm not going to have a phone
said anything else other than that man for the rest of the show. I just can't believe someone could be that unaware of themselves. It is a fun, is a fun voice. Still it's a fun like guy to make fun of like you can just go all day, and he probably does he probably goes all day. Bro he's the kind of guy asks you to spot him on the bench and he expects you to do an upright row. No man, thirty fives onto your face, you spot me at the elbows he just like putting on hand. Sanitizer all right Often I just want to know what his favorite axe body spray it yeah it's flavor is used, don't try and get don't try and get clever, don't try and get cute lagoon, and you know it all with temptation temptation is they cannot resist
Why am I going to attack on social media go ahead and we don't care a guy you of the good life and you'll never run into my. That is need right something it's not very neat, and I know who cares about I understand, but You need a notion I was raised in canada and we used to go to the new york across crossing airport. It's only a few minutes away from where I was raised all the time. And Canada is very much america light, and if you want to see what the left wants to do in the united states, you can look and see what has happened and canada as a matter of fact. They mirror canada. Almost close to the letter. If you take into account what Democrats wanted during covered in what trudeau did right, they just couldn't come. all that, because our safeguards united states, that being said, that is relevant. This is just funny because canada stupid in toronto elected a new mayor whose basically a communist, but we do want to fill you in because, in its international news, here's a clip I don't know,
but keeps making it in their it's weird: here's the right clip people are tripping over them: selves trying to replace toronto first, so called strong mayor and after record. Seventy percent of toronto voters snooze through the last vote. Hopefully more of us the way for a living quarters and outermost announced this time around china path forward for the city that makes people feel a little less stuck. is that guy running provoke those guys she gave so there were total of two hundred and two candidate. What a sister including so when people bitch about the two party system. Okay, look, it's not perfect. I understand it. One hundred two candidates running one was a dog named Molly there as well. Muslim woman who, by the way, had no respect for the dog named Molly shouted out. There is a awoke, sick man, of course,
French, canadian man, even though its toronto does an english provinces. In that area, and then a guy I just like this one named Brad bradford, who, by the way, would never have any use forgotten. That's chad chatting that's over the bread reference. My twin brother areas are going all the time I told me, but a stop he's like my evil, twin bright red. My favorite, though, is Eighteen year old mare strata, mere strauss, I believes rising interest rates, mayor strauss, who actually said this running for mayor public urination, will be legalized because the city is already a shithole. That actual quote a good platform that you talked about toronto and new york used. I mean big cities. At a certain point about having the same her san tat, we actually pulled our staff because of this you know this breaking news pulled our staff up to see their thoughts
What do you think about the election in canada became gives please or even gay, the mere elections in toronto. So a hundred and two candidates and the person this is the best they ve got so libya chow. By the way to serve the city, is taking a break from our filming. The incredible sequel, so me, out of this
Is this yeah this is actually a luxury is basically a communist. How? How did the dog fare? I don't think very well because the muslim woke woman took her out. So there was a chinese man running gotcha, allegedly, I can fill in the blanks. So there you go that happened in toronto. Alright, hey by the way I dunno. If you want to go to this really quickly, but supreme court decision just did come in, I dunno. If we want to pull up cnn really quickly and see what their let's bring it up. Rejects a state's ability to change election law with no court oversight? So what can happen with pennsylvania? Let's eat not about state led to tell us that just get in fact our journey, the slaves of electors. You remember what donald trump was so angry with his vice president might pence about that. He riled up a crowd that ended up. Cheering hang my pants on the steps of the capital on January six. It was about my pants
not following through with this unconstitutional theory We live in a box here right now and unless it's coming through the feed, what is the ruling by the way he's not talking about that. He wants to talk about january. Sixth, that doesn't inform us at all. Can someone let us know what the ruling is, what it means on the actual ruling inside, but as soon as relates to the pennsylvania? Okay, I didn't know which way it was going to go or stay. Is it state election laws that they're doing right now in the federal election, to kind of stymie them to say hey, no voter id or something like that? Or is it to correct all of the wrongs that the federal this government didn't
it's like pennsylvania and other places that changed election laws willy nilly, even though it was against their own state constitutions yeah. What do we? What do we have hoodie? What is the ruling on Monday dismiss louisiana's appeal seeking to prevent the state's congressional map from being redrawn over claims that is unlawfully dilutes? The influence of black voters hold on? That's that's not this one. No! That's yesterday's! That's that's a voting thing, so this is just now supreme court rejects the state's abilities to change election law and that's what they said. Well, let's go back to it. Let's go onto an audio leak because that's going to be fun. Yes, so and here's the thing, I want you to understand what is happening here. We are going to do a rapid fire hunter Biden, but these two are related. They want to keep the from audio leak at the top of the news, there's nothing new here, you ve already read the quote: now you hear him saying it, and I want to look. Maybe Donald, There could be some violation of protocol. We don't necessarily don't bother me. Donald trump doesn't necessarily know the issue at hand what we ve always discuss. It is unprecedented to go after a former or sitting by sitting. President ice with some people say from us is in prison.
it is unpleasant to go after him for this kind of a procedural issue. Just to be clear. They want you to think of For some new bombshell there is nothing new and the dynamic hasn't changed. Rents is like a nine part, netflix series. It really should be a two hour special. That's all netflix series. Pretty much. Yes, so just stretching this out to try to hurt him for as long as I can right so cnn released this audio recording now from two thousand and twenty one were, you know, donald trump, is showcasing documents that he describes as confidential, and I will probably have to play and pause, because there are a few points here that I want to go in a moment. Only on cnn, you will hear what jurors will hear one day recording was a two summers ago, July's twenty twenty one and the form first off only on cnn, but bush you hearing it here right now yeah, who flipped through the rolodex. Releasing this like hm. I wonder who can have the biggest splash right, let's go with, and this is the issue they don't expect cnn to have the biggest splash then expect you know the tentacles to go out everywhere else.
No one thinks that anyone actually watches scene about what. will only here unseen and well about check anderson because we're gonna play it right here. Your move, angry elf, continue for prisons, club in bed, minster, new jersey. president was aware he was being record. It is the first time it is being played. Publicly with milly issued an example. He said. I wanted to attack a major risk this was in. In view of the rank of it. They presented me bosnia. Oh hey, you guys were the beacon of journalistic ethics. You just said he knew he was being recorded and donald trump said. This is off the record now, just just just saying: the reporters who you see who respect
these journalistic. They only exist in movies and television shows there. All gossip rags walking gossip rags continue. This was him. This was too full Just amazing this totally winds: migration, It is highly lucrative. Look at this by the way is done a credible you just you were talking about and possible pickwick something can be confidential, meaning that you don't isn't it in court? This happens all the time that white house is facing all kinds of lawsuits, and this happens us with members of congress and all kinds of state representatives of relate it's national security. You can't necessarily presented in a public court doesn't mean that it's not correct by the way. If you are the official in question, you still have the right to access to documents you just can't provide them to the public or to a court where it may be public. So that's kind of important to note. Let's keep playing
He wanted to attack IRAN and what Yes this was done by the moment given to me, since prison I couldn't eat like shit, and now I can't you know, but this is interesting, so cool, so cool. So so he basically end the clip. yeah yeah. That's the end, so we wanted to make sure that we talked about that last point. Re advocate! That's what if I could have declassified it, but now I can't He could have literally been holding up something that said here what they said- and it could say, plan to attack iran and not actually shown anything else like. I don't know how they're going to prove exactly what he was holding up, because this guy's bombastic he's always bragging about what he has what it can do, what he knows. And million. Those guys did try to kind of set him up as the fall guy for wanting to go into iran right right. They did. The claim this and he's kind of defending himself saying this proves my case,
Why did to go to war with these guys? I just wanted to give or take up one guy, and I did a fantastic job of it: where's code, pink death example. If, if nothing This reveals that you had a president who didn't want to get who was very very apprehensive as it related to go into war let's say using think I declassified now right, I guess guess have a problem. Let's say that! That's that's! Let's say all of that in context is true. It still would be unprecedented, go after a president, the way that they are for these kinds of procedural issues are more concerned about there. the fact that young people who were wanting to start foreign wars when you had a president standing between them and you this is another example wretch barton, goes out of return on cnn with astute stupid, little bruckian, bullwinkle, janitor mustache, this is. Why do you think it transpired that I wish I could anything as much as John bonham loves war, and I'm not a pacifist by the way, but down
did not like john bull and because it was far too hawkish, but disgruntled employee is often a former employ for reason. John Morton was fired and he should have remained fired. This does give you at least a glimpse into the care you're, the guy not wanting to go to war, and could they procedural issues was heel and present It was like the only guy standing up to the military industrial complex that the left has constantly railed against and like wouldn't that guy be like at least couldn't you just be quiet about the issue and let him do his job. I know you can't support him, but at the at the time when you'd be just like? Oh thank god, somebody was standing up to this guy because IRAN could be like the catalyst for another war in the Middle EAST that we haven't done fifty times before it. No offense josh heck you for your EL.
probably by the time you do. The third go around Jack yeah. I dunno. If it is working yeah been here before trump responded by the way to recording untrue social had to do a subsidiary suit. This is what he wrote I love that he wrote deranged special for all and calves like it's an actual title. It is yes the terrain special prosecutor, jack smith, working in conjuncture with the d o J, f b. I eagerly oh caps. Legally key word ill not legally illegally leaked and spun a tape and transcript o f me.
without that base our bad north. What you wrote it with space, so I will do that. I'm sure that's right. They wrote it with a space. That's by them. That's what I've been transcript of me which is actually an exoneration rather than what they would have. You believe this continuing, which Is another election interference, scam, books there? at the gators and their thugs thugs is a code word for race. It's a race, that's right! It's a racist, oh forgot about that at jack. Smith must be black humor and merrick garland and here's a question right. Why did this audio get Yesterday, you ve already seen these transcripts. You ve already seen the accusations there. I think it has to do with hunter Biden in quite a few ways, because
It was the iris whistleblower who just named six people set expertise our witnesses. These people are witnesses. here are their names, will go through the rest of the verifying corroborating evidence. It also happens to be the same day that Kevin Mccarthy or occurred on the same day. Can Mccarthy was europe? plans to impeach merit garland for interfering in the investigation of hunter button, will this prompt you to do a impeachment inquiry? Well, you apparently don't follow me on twitter, because yesterday I lay that's very, very clearly July six becoming twitter round the ira, because making whistleblowers and open o, J r garland. He is saying, and what David wiser saying privately are two different things right and if it comes What the iris whistleblowers saying we're gonna start impeachment inquiries on the attorney.
how about the way, it's a very serious accusation and I think it's based on a lot of the information that we already have, but I don't know why he goes to the same. Barber is John casey and they get the baby bird haircut, but yeah that part sucks so what's it, like, you know their gimme, the bait gimme, the BP oil spill siegel appeared before after dawn. Here you have a lot to I think on us and Kevin Mccarthy having a lot of you will get no merit. You know what's happening with merit garland. This is a supreme court justice more talking about interfering potentially obstructing, while he wanted to be a supreme court. Ecstasies lawyer yeah me that this guy he's basically did. I say that I say said he's us about we'll just a lot of admonishment from he wakes up most mornings, thinking that yes and he's like senseless. How can I get back at this guy now? If, if what it what these guys are saying is true, which there are six independent people confirming that he's, basically, that this guy didn't have the authority, the person prosecuting the the hunter Biden case, or at least investigating it didn't have the Did you bring charges, I think, outside of delawares what it was. This guy asked for special,
prosecutor kind of ability so that he could actually go in probe in other places in california and other places to see what was going on and it was rejected basically kind of stopping investigation from going any further? And so what they're saying is I hate merrick? Ireland? If you did this like you're, going to be impeached and we have six, witnesses. That say you did this that you actually, this prosecutor was talking to about this case, saying they won't give me permission to go further right right This is a special treatment and hunted by gets and he should be impeached. If that's what happened- and this is not his first offence at least that's been accused- he called parents that we're going to. teachers meetings terrorist essential. Can I add one thing to what you just said. I do think it's very important. It's not about hunter Biden is about. lighten right wait. I want to make sure that whenever we say hunter buying, we're talking, but the corruption with Joe Biden hunter binding is a useless crack attitudes dead who, by the way encourage laws. Five years, no questions asked in prison for having any crack who's. Dead ran, interfere
and for him a lot he will say. Oh he's, a son of the president, I don't care what he did. He should be treated as any other criminal in the united states right, but the connection to his father is becoming clearer by the day. Yes, I care what he did just because it's funny me too Eminem's. On the penis, I mean that's. What gets her idol smoking? The wall? I mean it's all funny, just don't use minis to kind of try to make it look yeah. I know that was a cheat and yeah. That was a cheat. I think it seems like a fun guy, honest, contribution that that old, Joe thing is seems like a funding I don't know that I think, is pretty useless, because if you know, if he's your drug addict friend, who runs out of drugs, he's not the guy,
The whole thing is it's like going to your friend's house who has all the cool toys but they're all broken, or you got the laser tag. Yeah, we don't have the batteries and that one doesn't work. The dog broke it. I always had that always got an invitation to a pool party, though so, yes, he does and he does yeah. As long as there are enough grade school children which brings us to oh man, it really quickly. Do you wanna hit the supreme court thing yeah? Let me hear what the new the new ruling was against breaking, while the supreme court on tuesday ruled that north Carolina's top court did not overstep it's bounds and striking down a congressional district plan as excessively partisan under state law. The court declined to invoke for the first time the independent state legislator theory, which These state legislators virtually unchecked by their state courts when dealing with federal elections, so this. In turn to see it. Could I can't read it: is this about redistricting it's about redistricting, but is in north carolina, yet right, it's basically the federal government. It says it's practically not gonna have a whole lot of an impact on north carolina because rex and things are changed there, but they had a disease
I think yesterday s louisiana as well, creating like another kind of majority black district as well. So this looks some redistricting stuff. Unfortunately, there not getting too, like the that larger issues that you and I have problems with the ilo and eagles, namely a chain that, exactly to everyone, gets a ballot valid at by and by I raise who care diana states constitutional says you have to vote on this in two successive sessions. We did one yeah yeah resources in basically supreme court to stay courts can checked state legislator when it comes to gerrymandering right. You shears people who want to make some very mandarin, something that only went republicans due to distant franchise. Black voters- some, in determines the districts. And if you look at the solutions, we've done a segment on this. What the left wants, as far as determining the districts, it basically says, give all of the powers to basically Democrats in those district yeah give all the power to destroy. There are already heavily lovely at some point. Districts are going to be decided, something I wish to draw the line and you think that either signed by the way, republicans absolutely do. Do it just to be clear and do Democrats, they absolutely do trying to
advantage and draw these little lines, it looks like you're playing snake, but then one who believes that only one side would try and gain an advantage in a state election is a silly person and until one of these guys goes to the reddit that you've seen the writ they're like really funny like It- gets to like a really thin line and then goes out to like somewhere as I can tell, somebody draws a district that looks like a penis and kind of makes it to where it it gets passed and you're like. Oh there you go, like the gelatin trying hard, not another novelty, honours, there's opportunity everywhere or soft enough. That was at its essence. Hunter by will move on with this too, because you have the leaked audio and you, let me know if you think, there's more there to discuss that, there's nothing new. The Donald trump leaked. My interest with this is always how are you doing? nebulae. How are they trying to lie to you? How are they trying to escape? This is a practice in keeping a story at the top of the news in order to avoid other lorries even making it into your feet. It's just that it's just another version of the algorithm manipulation right if you search stephen credit to promote abortion on youtube. That is not what
you will find your fine coming from pbs. Why pdf that's what it used to be. I have no idea what it is now we used to run as they beat us everybody s, video that had fourteen hundred place. I was looking for the one with twenty something million. No none of the see that an ice. That's why searched its title? Sorry, without it. It's paid for by viewers like me, I apologize or their viewer who pays for ad here. I don't even I did it once with the jerry Lewis telethon when he called a kid, an illiterate fact. Oh yeah, we could pull that. This is your other son, the illiterate, fag. No, I'm just joking he's. Just like jerry Lewis, you invited him so Let's go to the hunter Biden situation here. Of course you have form of us. Joe Biden and me their containing to run interference right as, Joe Biden was leaving the white house again denied knowing anything about hunters business dealing. So there is proof
there is provision denying it and that matters if there is proof that he was involved which will get to spoiler. Of course, you did here's a clip now now you just can't help himself it just the music's playing loud so that you can hear the questions joke right. You get there giving a cover. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Well I can't I'm sorry I'll talk to you guys later right and just walk out of the room. He has to walk over. Well, he's an idiot to be fair. He probably forgot yes whose order you come on man, or at least it is a bad one. The president, one is still with us, is walk right out of the room right after you give your speech. Okay, okay, you got it. Let me walk right out of the room. Don't stop got it. Okay, gutter!
they walks and stops, and the people in areas like son of a bitch somebody over their holding like a fragile than he just gets magnet. I saw her my leg What are you who you're about to pop in to get the jerry lewis clip okay really quickly? Well, yes, let's please, where you got your oldest son jesse, the illiterate fag. No It is not about now know what a great way to raise money for children and I do not want to be a little bit or a fag you'll. Only now when I thought this was what the go back to it. Ok, so lets you know it here. He just said no. He never spoke with hunter by in the media wants you to believe This is a story that is unconfirmed right because of if, if what we have covered for very long time has been confirmed, if it meets the threshold of wanting an investigation, then activity is criminal, its criminal, certainly for those
government, and I would argue that needs to be some kind of culpability for media collusion at this point in time, certainly big tech when they tried to that. Try to they silence, throttled a story that would have affected the election. Ok, so let's go through set the timer and right now all of the confirmation that we have so all the references are publicly available. Ok, first thing that was confirmed The hunter Biden laptop is real matters, its foundational right november, twenty nineteen, the fbi verified the authenticity of hunter Biden laptop. Even after this they did I think that it was actually real and even after the new york post said no we're actually not going to allow you to post this because it hasn't been verified, and at that point in time they already knew that it had been we'll get to that in a second in october, of twenty two thousand new york post broke that hunter by laptop story then, in october, of twenty twenty on this very show, it was accidental for the first time in rudy giuliani, showed us a laptop on when I'm in a silly back to the future of it. Have you
the pictures this guy have you seen the pictures of him with a crack pipe the genre of have, while does he look really look like cool unfortunately, I can't show them to you right now, but this is the hard drive there are. There are oh, my word, okay, so I'll, keep in mind that I've, been confirmed by the f b. I again, the references are of illicit, get. Ok, it's actually real, which matters, because before election, and we know that this would have affected proximately twelve percent of the votes from Democrats. march? Twenty twenty one jack dorsey confirmed to blocking the I call for the new york post directly before congress we made a total mistake with new posts. We be that within twenty four hours it was not used do the continent to do with a hacked materials policy where did nation building the decision to block their account. For a few weeks we didn't erie canal for two weeks. We require them to delete the tweet, and then they could tweeted again they didn't take that action, so we corrected it for them. Let's see
I'm just rattling through this. To see. Does this meat the threshold for something that warrant investigation august? Twenty twenty two zuckerberg, The french railways calls himself referred to piss off the common action admitted the f b. I pay actively contacted facebook regarding this story. Here you got basically the background here is the fbi basically came to us. Some some folks on our team owes a cape, It just so you know, like you, should be on high alert. There is the we. We thought that there was a lot of russian propaganda in the twenty sixty. election we have it on notice that basically there is about to be some kind of dump of of that similar to that. So just vigilance and this matters, because we now have since confirmed that the fbi new beforehand, they were saying that while they knew in fact that it was legit, December twenty twenty two twitter files. They confirmed that the twitter employs over, there also censored their story right so just to confirm
in what you said about the f b, I the f b, I knew it was so real. They had already sent it to the I r s and said: hey look here for tax violations, yep we I understand that he has broken the law regarding taxes and, at the same time, we're saying hey guys, you be careful. There's got to be this russen russian disinformation dump ripe data from this but we believe is real, which, by the way, not to me in the confirmation of the person at the computer shop, who said hunter Biden, brought it in and then forgot it here now. That would be all that would be needed for donald trump, someone saying donald trump brought in his smartphone. This is his great. The media would have combed through that. Oh yeah done without they wouldn't have had a moment's hesitation. So we ve confirm now. The story is absolutely real hunter by laptops right. Ok, now, let's get into what was involved with that story right what was confirmed that the media never covered and that this government tried to block okay. We now have confirmation, of course, in october, alpha two thousand eighteen hundred by an illegally purchased a fire lying about it.
drug use when it was on tape? Yes, the sick with him filming. Yes, he found himself- he cell feed, he said feed a federal crime he fancies himself, a director candy by france, not lie enough crack. I've still got a gun for the crack. Well, no, he just throw it in a trashcan that would have been smarter by the school salvage your smoking parm and you throw out a gun which, again what we don't have confirmed. Why would he feel the need to throw out that gun at that point? What was going on at that point in time that he was so concerned? Okay, I can confirmation that gun was discarded in the trash school october, twenty third, two thousand eighteen, how Biden, hunter sister in law through the gun and trash. Can your delaware highschool k it was down by a man rummaging through the grocery stores trash secret service to obtain the records from the gun store owner, but they were denied
which tells you how useless, I guess, the secret service wasn't that capacity wonder what they were trying to do by obtaining those records right and who denied it yeah exactly, there's a form ou to get you in trouble. Mister president, that was at the presidency could serve as a secret service teacher. I think, does extend freedom actions, probably his mansion. That is why I have that gun about now. you're gonna have to shadow hunter Biden. Emanistic was now I do not for me, let's go back. Eddie fill that crackers he's probably smokin me. I'd, probably smoking the load bearing walls at this point, so let's get back home in another. confirmation k, merit garland were talking about this marriage. Garlands d, o j interfered with the investigation with hunter by this matters, because those people should also be investigated do twenty twenty three at his iris whistleblower and he talked about the oj so that they
completely. Slow walked, stall, the hunter by an investigation, vague and an end. This doesn't back, it sounds objective, but they deviated from the protocol that they followed in every other instance. This was so a typical. wasn't outlier. He was treated absolutely differently and this ensured that the staff, limitations would expire on the tax crimes are twenty four, twenty, fifty nine! scrims statute of limitations, so in this case they've slow walked it so that those things right, buyer and they can do it in Donald trump's case they passed a special one year. I guess amnesty should come forward and say: hey: it doesn't matter when this expired. For one year we can go back as far as we want idea, because he called someone shudder, tits, that's right and by the way, this person Just from you know this. This whistleblower has now six witnesses. Six witnesses by name contradict our own sworn testimony where he claims he did not interfere with the
investigation just rattling through this again in all of our information? If that's what mccarthy's referencing right there and we talked about it just a minute ago, but six people- that's not one random person coming forward that six people compared to Cassidy hutchinson. Member bitch ghastly, who is another talking about donald trump, shirking the wheel in the year in this service, detail kind. She knew a guy who saw a guy who knew a girl whose esperance girlfriend sisters girlfriend new am guy, who saw Joe Biden, pass out at thirty one flavors last night now she said I saw yeah, I suppose he jerked the wheel and then there were Hasek and the media covered this the media, have adjusted as little as gospel turns out. You wasn't even there and the guy who she claimed taught wasn't yet. Instead, it serve to say by the way, and right now. We have all of this going to keep going through the list. More confirmation. We have confirmation that Joe Biden was directly involved with hunter's business dealings. He, of course, has repeated the claim that he never got involved. I mean ad nauseum, but again
just existed and echo chamber and vacuuming. Now I guess his word vs. There were no. We have confirmation that here's a clip of former vice present Joe Biden denying it all on in them have a confirmation. I've never spoken. Yeah, I know I know from deserves to be investigated he is why lady every basic normally present, you should be asking him the question why, Would a foreign labour try to intimidate for me? If that's what happened? That's appears, what have you should be looking to trap? doing this big are treated like a drum usually abuse of power and every element the presidency to try to do something to smear me. Everybody looked at this and everybody's looked at. It said, there's nothing there
asked the right question. It's just so fun to look back in time and go. He was speaking that way back then, and we're supposed to believe everyone said yeah. I want him, as president yeah That is, I think, when everybody you should culminate in so aggressive. What's it doing different functions in the reflection, you should be asking dennis learning violated the law, he's the one that did it haze that push europe right like little brother sister stuff. I now level so We have June twenty twenty three. The whistle blower revealed a what's that message from hunter to a chinese business part. and resolve, and this is the year we have it right. Here too, I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled, I will certain that between the man sitting, next to me that you will regret not following my direction to be clear: The man sitting next to him is his father. more confirmation that were photo voters. There were photos from
hunters abandoned laptop, confirming that hunter was at his. Fathers, delaware home, when that text was made, What do you need? Do you need the phone records and the jeep and india the find my phone app on four cry loud you're goin by so with donald trump. You just got someone said that he eu he took a wheel and east be spotted out of control. In this case you have his text and you have information, photographic confirmation that he was at a place where you would have been with his dad that alone, It would be enough, let alone everything else. It we ve gone through. It's not about hundreds about the involvement. his father and by the way, how best His crimes are that in and of itself does when you up to a national security issue, just like anthony, we are sending out dick picks, it's a liability. and they will use that leverage against you and I guarantee you that they did against job. I absolutely
This this case is only going to get worse for Joe, like there's just going to be more information coming out again to you, they're, going to try to sweep it under the rug and again do look at trump look at trump they're doing the same thing. Joe Biden didn't twenty nineteen, the media right now right, audio leaks, look at trump. What he did with the doc events. I can't believe what did it look at georgia? Oh maybe she's gonna open up a case again because he went on the term. All amazingly said: sex crimes happen again This is exactly what's gonna happen, but what I'm gonna hear: is hunter Biden had no right to ever beyond any board, are involved with any business other than the fact that he was connected to vice president Joe, but that's it right in the money there was paid, did up somehow some way going to him from what we are seeing as well that they cry. I can't think of any again come at below. Can you think of any other story scandal that would have this much confirmation Let me just recap this for you,
do we know we know that the hunter by laptop is in fact his laptop. So if it is his laptop and the information on that laptop obviously is seen as legitimate, it would be admissible in court. At that point, it would be miserable by the way, because no one had to hack his laptop. He just forgot it, which was a result of store policy. I don't even know if he had a proper password on this thing. One of seventy forgot- and it is just a treasure trove, a corner, clinic copia of criminality, So we also the mainstream media actively. Try to bear the story. We also hunter button committed tax fraud. Illegally bought discarded again. We also know that a year his death influence to score business deals directly. We also know that his father was there was present new about these business deals took an active role, and we also know that the media tried to cover that up, and we also know that he's denied that in public get that asshole on the stand. Former vice present Joe Biden and make him say no under oath and threat of perjury, but that will not happen, because along this country only apply, as to you, the law, on this country does not apply to hundred, but when I see
he had years, where he just didn't, pay tat. He didn't file he'll get something like two point: four million dollars in taxes and the story about how that got paid. Basically to make some this go. This wasn't is only tax. Firmness is just one of them. He acts took out alone from somebody in California that had no reason to give him money on a note that going to start payments, I believe, until twenty twenty four twenty twenty five at five percent interest and then get an eight hundred thousand dollar gift from the same individual to magically come up to two point: four million dollars to pay off the tax debt, because, typically, if you owe taxes and you pay them even if it's the day before court, like we pay the taxes and finds. What are we doing here? I gave it all to you in ten minutes what come comments, if you'd like a little more than theirs. There are hours and hours and hours of of content I use that term loosely unseen and all these we want him Should that you leave with the internet, if anyone
our view that the story is irrelevant, but a story has not been confirmed. They are an idiot or they are lying and with our government they know better, They knew better. It's been confirmed that they know better. The whistleblowers have come forward and said that they knew better but so blowers are only praise if they line up to the left and someone was tap water in films like errand brok of it good good movie crying. I want at all. If your reaction, if you're the action we want. A second hundred binding, even fountain, pay taxes for one two. Three years isn't you can do and then realize that only he can do that you're. Looking at this country incorrectly, yet they've been asked, if the fifteen hundred dollars since two thousand fifteen- really I don't make it acts as a very good. They owe me late. They all this company here, like like a million dollar over a million over a million dollars. We have to pay quarterly right as a business, and so we always make sure we set aside what would be the
small amount reductions, because I just never want to have them- go up my ass with a significant scope for no reason, because its costly, its labour and So we are overly transparent and we overpay and it takes them years to give it back if we missed one we missed. on page: you have any idea the kind of hot water we would be in that you just wait. What do people condemned populism and I use it's kind of feel that way a little bit because populism was kind of applied broadly, but in this case we're talking about you, the populace, of course, there's going to be a populist undercurrent at this point, because all of you will have to pay tax since the guy smoking his dry wall and doing business deals under the table with his former vice president father, while not paying taxes has gotten away scot free. It's ok, just yet that crap rockets sheetrock regrets ha ha done. I said that's a different rock son of a gun, it's not even a joke. It's just
he was smoking, drywall, employer, machine cheese and not paying taxes, and they all and the whole time, but they all at a second talk about you, know, birds edwards, because the forces the trees throwing a gun in a trash can sure. Ok, Let's just say, you're, not the sitting senator you're, not the former. Vice president united states, ok Let's just say this: isn't your son right. going into business with someone who you know, smokes dry wall? What are you a contractor, I think, he's borgia liability, as you would open yourself up to only he opened up the entire country doing business dealings with this kid by the way who everyone knew was a liability, and it's confirmed what do we just? What do we develop? What was it fifteen with at sixteen? These aren't coming, right wing sources. These are coming from people who are there you
not live under the same law. As the Biden fan and the Clinton's. That's why people say: oh everyone's, an elite, Donald trump, it's true he's been a very wealthy asshole like he is not an elite in. He gets to skirt the law in the way that the Clinton's do in the way that the binding, Wait to some degree the bushes do in the way of a bear. Airlines do they create new laws to try and catch people like donald trump and, of course it would probably do the same thing with rwanda santas and there is call themselves of these laws. Can only happen by the way poor story than this whole dynamic, taking play the country can only happen if not an ominous conspiratorially. I mean this would not be able to take place if the government, the media, and big tech were all not clearly involved with each other. Now it requires not enforcing the law changing the law and it requires that that happens in dark
this in any whistleblower who comes forward or any legitimate accountability, is completely silenced and the digital town square. That's why? When pay I'll say: oh it's a private company. They can do whatever they want. I certainly hope that everyone acknowledges that's gone by the wayside. That can we agree now, but it's not the whole. A private company at this point tons of government interferes that that's all it admitted to it. Yet kind of just put a cherry on top of this. For people who are doubting his father's connection, the brazen stuff that we ve been talking about a nice stone fruit hunter by is being paid one million dollars per year as part of the board right. up until his father left office once his father office, his pay was reduced in half where the timing, why would you pay less money if he's just that, much of a savant three under board? And then well resigned from the border areas, need not still collecting money. He resigned from the board during
the presidential run of his father and not be a distraction. So as soon as all the stuff started coming out as soon as people would start digging back into his dad's business dealings and hunters dealings now he walked away. Well, you know what it just to be a little bit too chaotic and find some balance in my life and go back to the things that matter? cloaking, drywall and sexting my knees going back to my route. I you just centre myself. She has good drywall snap, you ve got your scarf in your diaper. It s exactly ass. I didn't even have a selfie stick. Those things are inexpensive, you'll make better preachers the David. It's good point, partly rain. It is dead dead. There's there that insatiate, diaper yea share in drafting the report. I have to walk all over a toilet. Not much. I think I have in my hands what am I retired? I grab myself more than another father.
It said something by the way I mentioned this on the outset: go to print with crowder dot com, my favorite foods quickly. On that note, you get eighty dollars off on a four week get out through the ice german montreal lotta people died was set The point is you, don't have to be a crazy conspiracy, theorist to just have enough for, like a four week, supply of food, some water and a way to heat it up, and there it's delicious send me some morgan. Oh god, you taught me a week two weeks, I'll do it? After the show? The shipping industry comes good, for you know that wasn't you now sounded like it. I think we have done. Let's go through that. I want to do that. It is not just on mug club we're going to keep it from Oklahoma to share. The share will be back on youtube on thursday,
it's anything digital, the verification, studious. Alright. By the way, I love how you study more. I love how you stopped drinking at fitzgerald because he wanted to limit your caffeine and no, no, no, that wasn't to rockstar. That was it's definitely more caffeine, but I don't want to talk about it we'll talk about it off I'm talking about yeah. Let's go to talk about it, but we'll talk about it later. They will talk about it later and that's just because I feel like this is something you get a repair for who wants one? I don't want one game day new york city mayor Eric Adams, chief operating off the turtles club blasted black lives matter, for their hypocrisy. In a surprising turn of events, doom team was our celebration of emancipation and slavery, there was one animals daily stays in. Our city It was the deadliest in twitter issues of things some sites, voice
It's your boy shine ahead. Close range so you have to be honest about this. You know what's interesting, all those anti police folks then raise their voice at all. The black lives matter, black lives matter. When innocent people are shot one of the streets and I'm not going to continue to remain silent, yeah? Well, you can now because political expediency. Of course it's ok to speak out, apply against bucklers matter. One have proven to be corrupt and by the way in April Adams ripped even the Biden administration specifically there failings on crime and immigration, saying that the president and the white house have failed this city and, of course, that was not taken lightly. Former vice president Biden recently addressed the mayor and his rivalry, we already have bigger mary. We don't need any more in your big shots.
He is out of line just joseph arbeiten. You know what. That is why you don't have to bring that to the exit coming out swinging yeah joe's wow. They went hard r, hey. I didn't hear any stutter there, many many times. No, you don't stutter. When the words are, you really mean it sounds like you're reading, something I wrote yeah, I that in there twice he got really mad at the Wednesday Addams caller that such a weird collar and now it is by the way, How did he meant? What was it that whole speech with a bunch of white people in the back? I don't know your Adams is talking about. Juneteenth was where all the white people there, so he could thank them for freeing the slaves or what we needed. Some people to blame. Ah, yes, it's a black lives matter. Conversation is like hi where there was this he was. This processing is therefore
it's a shame that it really is a shame that seen other their new independence day type a deal, and that just didn't we celebrated depends, we deplore ourselves up right on yellow figure out what I've, given you better, be outlined by figures like their blackness matter. They they'd martian protest there, their peers, but they're all afraid another die again. Now by the way and other new york city news. Just in case you were wondering why it's this is when people talk about the fall of rome from the inside. Do you see what's happening with new york city? Just read an article on you, the other day sing. All you know it's bad in europe, but it is not as bad as it could be. Your lose The population by the day keep him. I mean this was something was a place. Everyone aspired to this idea, I guess of new york city of going there at greatest sitting the world. It's become the laughing stock, and this has to do you want.
That's not the direct result of far left policies come on now guys. This is where we are, and americans are the ones who have to deal with the fall out. Great. I'm glad mr Adam's you're going to speak out against black lives matter now after they bought a few mentions. Where were you before where were you before, whereas it knew it knew that black people have been shot treat set weathers new york or the south side of the society of Chicago. Family matters have been going on for a very long time. They only can speak out again. Now because they realise there will be enough public support to do what we all understood to be reasonable anyway, not reasonable in new york city. The city is right, now actually considering strongly burning coal and would fired pizza ovens almond shaped a pizza, recommend eyes out really hot sorry, If you were a kid, if you said pizza pizza at little, caesars you'd eat free, no, really yeah. Technically, you could always eat free as a kid, but they just wanted you to perform. Well, I had to pay full price because I had all this pizza pizza.
There is nothing. I can't do that. What did you have to use a waiter? It was I'm sorry again do that. Can you say a z because there's are in there? No pizza! No sorry! No! Ninety, nine! Ninety nine desk, a five dollar hot and ready! Not for you! Now you fuck it up, yeah, sorry for that yeah, so the new york city department of environmental protection. Hey in another instance of this. Be sure to help black people in our gosh. I now hear rick ruining pizza while making it more expensive to the new york city department of environmental policy. Should the spokesperson ted timbers, of course, environmental protection guy named timbers economic, ok pieces.
only yorkers deserve to breathe, healthier air and wood and coal fired stoves are among the largest contributors of harmful pollutants in neighborhoods with poor air quality raw we'll get rid of anything. So cried, I know. Well, that's what makes them exactly. That's the brand. You know the address of your brand right. You dance with the one you brought bitch. Also the airport not due to the pizza irony that they wanted to get a ban on all of the all of the iranian terrorist cab exhaust and bigger farts. That's I'm sure. That's not helping but of course, everyone happy about this dinner? Leads association, actually responded doing this. over you're gonna die Zeit. That's right! but here is the right click that actually happened and is just as good
That's what he had said. Nicht apollo you watch it breeds, are good. brutes. I wrote it None of the danish is just cheese. Pizza too little for a pepperoni went on waste that operators are always than I wouldn't look. I wouldn't wage. My pepperoni on these s head and our I wanna Kevin carelessness. Special, come in june should be so lucky to get within whiffing distance of by pepperoni, you prick nearly so Would you mind you gotta see, ok, now stop area and, as has been brainwashed, needs be day shea forget about it. You suck a lemon gateway to get
then take new york pizza from jersey, yeah. You got your new york slice from John lubbock from Hoboken go another one in the river. Oh my gosh! No, there. Four hundred and sixty eight thousand people moved out of that city between twenty twenty and twenty twenty. Two. Ok! Do it at first off again, do you we believe and will be doing, I believe, with bjorn lumber gum during the day. I bring along our coasts and climate change, ok, so to go along with this story in york. But let me ask: if you accept these premises. Ok, one that the earth is is it is warming to that human beings are the cause of it in this case three that new york is such a large cause of it that That's the one who has to address the problem. Ok, then, we'll will have cattle often results that the government can fix it and that the best way to
it is to ban. Would pizza ovens? Are they in the coal ovens in india? Yeah. Let's say you may want to call the world economic forum and tell them about you know banning all of these new forms of electricity in africa were like yeah, just burn the wood and get cancer and die yeah. I'm sure every indian, like that, that's what they're saying they're going to give up their ten their ten dollars. That injury yeah. It's all an attempt to clip it. Okay, go home and I'll get rid of grape. If you don't have to stay, we'll burn, gonna go will burn fees. Have my word I'll get rid of clip it let's go you go now a days of the clay pit. I don't know, I don't know I don't you go back as a bit of time. Then you must give a response to the proposed ban saying this is utter bs. It won't make a difference to climate change. Well, he likes pizza to let it go.
Yeah big fan of pizza man. I don't really know that we can say it like. It is very clear it won't It is not a nice and that that guy's in charge now or at least hopefully for a long time with twitter, for a long time. You wouldn't enable speak out at all you dont have to not, but you have to be climate change denier. Robert glover the warming deny or another change to climate. You don't have to be denier. You just have to deny that getting would avoided pizza ovens in new york city is going to you're the greatest winberg doesn't burn up when Skynet falls in ten years time, we could bring her back up now all right, so we're going to continue discussing this and more ethical pride, bring up by the jury losing again because that go see. Just you're not gonna, be here tomorrow. I'm not gonna get him are ok, are going to be in spoke spoken coming up on next week's next sunday, sunday, the knife July, ninth, spoken comical july, knives, go and see him very funny man and if you're watching right now on rumble look, we are going to be called
on you for help. As we come back to you too, on the twenty ninth, because that I'll explain it tomorrow, but a big part of these algorithms right. They ban you four weeks so that you have to start from scratch and you guessing counteract that was just boom heading. like getting a comment so July. On june, twenty ninth we'll see you there. Right. Now you can click this button, the ordinary mabel. Do any of this? Is u lot of canada come such michael, and we will continue right now newest gender pronouns. Usually it's a u to piss off at rumble. Thank you very much.
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