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2019-04-23 | 🔗
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris. Join us for a night of drinking, fact-checking, and calling BS as we heckle the 2020 DNC candidates. #CrowderCNNLiveStream

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It is how awful scar plague quarter black I'm trying to make large crowd or see an enlightened with the town hall tonight. The promo code, CNN sucks, you get twenty dollars off my club of having joined. We have some a club join ease coming up. I think you better bring them up as overlays later we have at brought again in studio with my quarter, who have quarter black haired over the river half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond usually go later on us and we are going to watch at least Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders and if it goes well, we'll see how this goes through. I come here. Well, that's a and PETE, but gig and by the way no notifications have gone on Youtube. So let it go no hash. Crowd are seen in live stream. Tonight fact checking. Overlays, I dont know I dont know why we're doing as you would expect tonight, bib what,
What I expect of it it's kind of like a clog, but we'll call my question of the dying, because what I'd rather be doing right now. Besides anything is usually watching Montenegro between them, W ain't CNN, which is vaguer, more heavily script, That's probably only sadder thing he could be doing a lot of Monday and I got a better say, and so we have a little bit more. I will say this. I expect Elizabeth worn to be as awkward is humanly possible, her instagram a moment of hope, or rather favorite things. It's for me instrument and Elizabeth worn where she I like to drink. I called briski, I'm just like you, I mean it has no one seemed to Billy Madison give shouting. She said that she does. She calls up eighty Todd from Schenectady Anders calling to thank you for your five dollar donation cause. That's what I do. All all good political warned. Please go away so That's her to talk quite a bit about impeaching Trump, because she's, just God, love Elizabeth, worn today and Emma Bernie, and, as we know, it's five Bernie Sanders and then but kick It was with worn, came out with impeachment
Livingston student debt, like I'm surprised or isn't in Elizabeth, worn shit hole in the wall she's running out here she is, I guess that's why, but also about what I think it basically is that she was expecting me the front runner now at I think she's looking to being the issues Chris Christie, which you should have one four years ago right so now, she's throwing everything at the wall in some guy. Why can you give us a little bit of volume here, but we're talking so we can at least I just hear some of the stream and then will bring up louder later. So we have to be a little bit carefully. What we can show you guys, because we got banned from elsewhere, so it's all gonna be the oxen box was at war. Let's go from this having how they students had to take out loans. Pavement adaptation outlay, paying off for you, I roman closure plan to deal with soon debt and the rising costs. Education. Ok, thanks for the question data she apparently lamp to pay for a person who has only by her plans when somebody else's together ran up a little bit more class liner way you ve got it have some post high school technical training. Your college for your college, maybe graduate school depending on who you are and what you are ending up doing the position
The federal government has been good luck to you, you're on your own as it is they who can my Eldridge? Look at the incentives that reason that costs have skyrocketed an educational and by the way, does not merit in areas where the private education areas even in high school? Like you look, I'm sorry look of private schools. This is because of all the government incentives. Basically, you have to render college completely unaffordable for people, so the guy, makes up the money, that's the issue, so parliament want a second there's ran out there. If someone makes under thirty thousand year, let's make college and affordable to someone making thirty thousand year. Otherwise we could be one of the challenges that are getting all these government grants. This is completely false. The areas where there is hyperinflation, where there has been Has there been skyrocketing cos education, health care, never got transportation. These are not bastions of deregulation. Let's see what she has said, what Robin Como universally available with situation in phase and to put more money into Pell brains, so that
color, so that our money have a real access to knowledge and that way, But some real money into our historically area knowledge. Maybe you don't worry for where's that, like some more money into our historically black men, one about how to pay, City college. Ok, show me how your money would fix it here that, for it gets a little bit dicey, yes, interested millionaires. Vilnius is echoed by people more dad's thing is going to do with from the areas where they have come here. Think this idea that you just throw more money, whether it's a black colleges, she such spling identity, politics, big, surprise there, one nineteen, several hundred charity and right away, just ex throwing money at the problem is going to fix it. Here's the thing we have been throwing more money at the problem that there are, we need. Our government subsidies were higher education now than ever before in here something else it nobody talks about and actually- such a wretch talked about this. This is just encouraging horrible b
there are people out there who didn't take out loans to the person who works there, waste College Reign of worked with university. Gotta paying job should be fine. The bill now as a tax, paying citizen, for Other person decided to play video games. Will they got their gender studies degree? What fair about that one! Second, let's see what she has said Let's talk, listen more, but now let me get impressive used language fortune spent. just a minute, to remember how you got it, you build their weight. Sir, your ancestors did, using workers that all of us help pay to educate? You got here goods to market using roads and bridges that all of us help pages. remarkably similar to do? Have you didn't building your factories? What I think she's, ladies and gentlemen, already they had all pay, I think of it. When I'm dominated Northanger based regulation on language, he said you have.
We are the ways we ve drinking game. We forgot will send us by the way you do what you're drinks are bring us a full screen, their court of like get because we just I just realized. We missed a ton of Andrews, drink climate change, new deal, rush, inclusion, obstructing justice, trunk tat, one is inequality, Milliners billionaires, Medicare for all fashion, what resin nationalism, right, wing, extremism, Sullivan's walls or works. mercy rights of immigration. Of course, free schools should be on their own and a wide isn't on their, but be anyway. Let's just considerate drinking universal pre cow. Universal College knock back the student long debt burden for ninety five percent of, students and still have merely a trillion dollars left over here, I want to start work will gradually one voice in me, but it does not, however much I wonder how many others duties Right or who are now going to foot the bill for the for the irresponsible, and I just similar extra because I pay tax, ok, let's monsieur
ex question but everytime Lawrence Student Loans zones or contributor Forbes, where she covers women running high impact organizations in Africa, you make me feel club? women covering an item notions, hamburger thing, we're the short list. I am sure that an arrogant means that I can buy rare Gunderson and brand names from my phone and received them on my doorstep, with or without a delivery, within twenty four hours. How is breaking a big tat good for me? Ok, good care! Megan. So let me do. I remember, remember our in my name, Google, about apple about a lot of these giant tech companies. They actually to bid you gonna talk about this. Isn't what she's like that's the place where people putting Austria's possess such that's, where do we go to get whatever it is you don't you can compare? Forty eight predators and get it all deliver, knew less than twenty four hours got it cool. That's the platform,
Just so you get an idea of this girl here for Amazon. Walmart does about. Nine percent of all retail sales in America If you want to sell on line Amazon, during about forty nine percent of all Retail sales are happening so that is market place, Am I right back into your computer and see what vessels try Amazon does a second thing and that is they collect information on every buyer and seller comes through every time. You got I something they get your information and they aggregate it with the other information they had about you and every time you come to sell something they get in nation. This is our very long winded answer. All of this is why she's not going like pillar
It is by the way, when I see long winded, only this long winded and that its substantive and she's she hasn't exclaimed any new, wants or details here. I just explained what happens when you click add two cart am basically anytime you anything on the internet, less whatever happens. And when you order on Amazon and there's theirs, the priority which is for you can do the two day but Sundays and asked to be over thirty feet, Ashby over thirty five dollars or you don't get the two day. So I use Do the two day we'll get me let's, I think we have all out an experience. Will you know the Amazon annually on Facebook are kind of three, because it is a little green. We would just Ivan covers Asian shorten the area around. These giants are referred to by venture capitalists, investors as the dead zone, because it means you try to start up a business just making. It is wrong rest that Amazon steps in front of you or Google steps in front of you or, though, the deadlines for consumers who do not
not entirely sure I think in New York, for example, of an average income and can bring this up an average us now that women over a hundred thousand dollars a year, adding twenty five thousand jobs demonstrably tonight municipality of New York. I wouldn't. They called it a dead zone. I think New York City, which is hemorrhaging people who would actually pacing the amount of tax, is I consider the dead zone, but I dont know against identity. Politics have just talked about how we need to make sure. students don't have to pay for our schooling and we need to break up companies that are creating some other higher paid jobs in their countries. Sounds like an economic plan that will work wonders. This is why no one likes Elizabeth worn by way she she D spent a tunnel. time, explaining nothing. Let's go back and see if she has anything else where there is really a chance for everybody to get it. And compete, so that's the reason I want to see the two of them brought her due order stuff from Amazon. Wars lie just wish. I could order my Rosty beers.
As a matter of issues that I ordered a handsome all like all these kids are using these data. They put the mailbox in what I'd really like ordering the fidgit spinners. We ve another question. You bring it up now: salary, the Amazon salaries Freshmen, Harvard a supporter of mere put, but a judge set, your worn in two thousand twelve. You oppose utilization of marijuana nationwide and then in two thousand thirteen, a senator of Massachusetts. You oppose the straight and narrow differ legalization. Yet in two thousand sixteen you came out in support of the legalization of marijuana nationwide. What are your honest views on the legalization of marijuana and marijuana legislate? Well, I believe they have. Why have they change so? Actually, at nice Actually, I was teaching my all was well. Oh, my consultants hasn't me this pole criminalized. That said, that point- and I thought my
is what legalised part now go ahead and legalise right marijuana and I now support the legalization you might want to think this is the most saw it all town hall. I will say this at least about Fox NEWS right out of the gate. They asked Bernie Sanders about the economy, about democratic socialism. Ask him about his his views on trade, the asking about his views on foreign affairs and the Yemen, the Yemen war. They asked whether they asked her about free college tuition. Amazon in part either, but this is what this is all this is always that comply with the debates. When is when you have the Democrat primaries and republican primers gotta demographic equations, Buddy views were whether with where they had examples. Democrats get asked about what do you think about what this personally about the other person? ex again and they can criticise. Well, you didn't talk about issues. Europe really as you he's your real marijuana. I like it right there
Trying to read this is clearly a lay up. I don't have Donna Brazil handed to the questions are not all the way from the Fox NEWS Avenue. The Americas Buzz is clearly like What is Elizabeth warns Achilles heel aside from to be all of it? Young people? Let's give her the opera ready to buy some young voting by promising free education, which is not free, just being a bill, is being passed on to the taxpayer. When people who aren't getting for your generous to these areas- and let's give us opportunity to talk about how much she loves reefer, I want you to meet. Jackson. Dwyer is from Massachusetts, he's a sinner at Saint Anthony College Jackson. High tax, as you have often been vocal critic of policing, criminal justice system, both state and federal level like a wall as your I'm serious, inspiring police officer mother, but like the actual parties, including the recent very very autonomy years, not Sir Michael Chestnut Weymouth? How can
HU. I assure me that you will support legislation that keeps law enforcement safe. Such that's a very question. I had scarcely asking Not a very good question: how can you convince me that you're not gonna hate cards, the criminal justice system, people, a whore and law enforcement people wherein the judicial system are the people who are routinely accusing barbarism in shooting libraries in the back just for fun you, those people until I need their union voting block and by the way we want to make sure we have carjack can have people stepping out of the limestone is broken and right at the heart of that problem is race. We have to drive drinks the bells order, just give you some basic information about, what's happening right now, our criminal justice system study after study. After
ok, good, we can factual, shows us that African Americans compared with white, are more likely either. Then the Forza Blankly, the same crime are more likely to be arrested in ITALY. There are more likely to be arraigned. They are more likely to be taken to trial. They are more likely. Wrong fully convicted and they are more likely to be very injured to hear her study should study after study after study, because I have a bunch of studies. Europeans live in freedom and the resource document that show that black Americans can that kind, of course not least disproportion amounts of crime, and if you actually compare the disproportionate crime levels with the population, they make up in prison. It's not at all disproportion that is somewhat People need to keep in mind now. She just said wrongfully, conviction She just said more likely to be convicted, for the exact same crime is a white person. Again, I would be very interests This is kind of like they used to use the talking point about how you know our prisons are over full over popular with people who just smoked
no. We did some doing on the show. It's just not true, it's less than one percent of state for penitentiary Therefore, solely marijuana willing, crumbs, usually Lear and others, it's usually other stuff and usually involves other drugs or violent crimes that accompany it. I dont think our prison should be over with people who ve smoked a joint just but they're, not But as a bridge so right now, just how would I support police officer respecting America? I would than by saying I support them, but then using them of just accused the entire police force and judicial system right away, judges Supreme Court of the circuit of appeal of being recently motivate He's not enthusiastic about her answer the walls and drama character. When people leave the prison system, they need to be reintegrated into their canoes. These they may just? What I can do is almost exactly. What are you gonna do about resources, housing and they need to be able to participate in the political process, and that means they made their right to vote to be
and stated they are heard. I forgot the drink. The american citizens as a whole. We are the world bring back up. The drinking also has an obvious. Isn't fair prouder CNN lie ones remain. Why CNN sucks is the promo code that entry from a club see and insects. That's a probability get twenty dollars. We don't know if you can have United Student veterinary military tonight, twenty dollars a luxury thinking that CNN sucks just for typing the CNN, such sergeant cannons tragic death in Massachusetts. Abed with his parents, our leaders across this country to sit out Bob and pass them sensible done safety laws. We need universal background.
already exists. We need to take on weapons of war off our divine its defining. What does that mean? We live in a less and less to find that right now what weapons of worry time of tanks Doma, pandering to torment, Bazookas Belgium, on our fifteen, which are not the same as an m16 which are semi automatic rifles which include of huge percentage of her. Rifles as well as all handguns help to define what of world to be willing to push back against the end, our egg and put some sensible done so, laws in place. We announce a sensible, gonna safety laws at you just pointed out, all ready exist. We already have universal members, and this is where we ve just once was getting old, she's a student at Harvard issues fresh, let's see what this guy. I senator onto this, isn't as much policy based question, but it is not just some invoiced concerns about you getting Hitler Red in the election, meaning that you get held to a higher standard than your opponents.
If this leave town hall agony indicated subtly regional borders, other people might be asked about the arab Spring or might be asked about international conflict or marginal tax rate. You get the tough Guy about part. I believe we have privatisation in that regard. We do is personal life and I want to go back for twenty six tankers from Hell just what our hair down here for a minute, this didn't start and twenty. Stay rant letting ere, I think, you're right. I, like you better. What did Rikiu displaced emerging, Samuel, Adam, it's gonna, be elected politicians,
Wanted to hurt, or the John out, if I thought that would be my job forever and during the crash land up down in Washington, setting up a consumer agency for President Obama and after I did that for a year the Republican said we're never gonna. Let her stay and run that thing. So I came back to Massachusetts and there was an encumber nature, keeper republican incumbent who had the Senate see and he was coming up for reelection. I understand. He had higher profile ratings. He had a lot of money in the bank from longevity still, regrettably, it envisages a woman who was really good. Don't you and she was not only one of the worst candidate for the past fifty years the attorney general, I think of it, but I think you talk about the attorney general from Massachusetts. That's got round beat rain for setting. You should tell you, should do
Like professional standpoint, we campaign, which has not what you should do, that you're going to lose. All I can say is democratic, get a better mess. can anyone tell me why was Hillary Clinton held to a high standard because permit, qualification was blowing the Ex President Minoan That was the interest in Europe. our biggest immigration wasn't not blowing asked president or because you got it, you got an apartment. New York for two weeks even got a set. It see you can imagine I mean This is the what's remark, ultimately just throw this out. Their women are held to a higher standard, really Elizabeth you really think that you are being held to a higher synergy, go out there and you champion this idea that there's women are paid. Seventy seven cents on the dollar or no one calls you want you go out there.
Now that we have the money to pay for everyone. Student debt unknown call you and if you go out there and you talk about Pell grants and increasing government subsidies to the college, which of course has contributed to the massive hyperinflation of of college tuition and you never called on. Generally speaking, call a lot of female, understandably held Carly, fearing it to ruin If we really wasn't eighty correct when she was on the view- and I ran a brutal her well, you know when you were at HP, you weren't you weren't a great see out, and while they were hemorrhaging around the numbers in front of me, there are hemorrhaging eight hundred million dollars a year. Now when I came, and they were only imaging four hundred million dollars a year, so some of us would call that a net gain why she had only I don't know, which is honest. We know exactly what she's doing to be one of the people she's doing something. what did you just say something something sexism going from becoming a second drink. Seen in such a promo code, pink
just as just a girl. You give us a pole, I wanna go when I went to that, no matter what the day had been like. I would count apparently pinkies swears we done during the day, and I can't get out there and hammering my message. I kept getting out their times, given credit about what's happening to working. only cross this country. Talking about how Washington works great, just not greatly swear you and how Can you see the same guy see the very big is where you will not. I wonder your underwater basket weaving agree hind debating by seven. So the way ice is here. We are in the presidential and
the same company about thirty stone I was, I was gonna say, give an example right general ceiling is accusing figures are led by its. If this were done properly, the fact Jack you get me popping up and I don't want you- have any rights merriwig. Actually, Amazon all requires you to thirty dollars for an extension of an Amazon. He shed thirty five, then again, that's what I'm not claim that the president has a close relationship with the truth, but that at any these people and they d get them yet the go on and on and on and on about the fledgling across the screen, no, seventy seven cents on the dollar, bs right, yeah, there's one thing I will say this: I expected by the way, use the hashtag crowd or seen and live stream. Promo code is seen instructing at twenty dollars off. I am astounded as to how flat this is compared to the burning seen internal by like every single person. Just a question of Bernie that I can recall, was
a liberal! I would certainly wasn't that that the deck was not staff with a bunch of conservatives, and these have been nothing but soft balls right now there hasn't been a substantive quest and she hasn't really answered substance substantively. The closer she came was when she was talking about universal background checks, which we already have. Then she mentioned sensible, gun loss. This is what is remarkable to me is that they are not. They are not held the same standard now that they hold Republicans too, but that we hold Republicans too. Now we want spaces. Ex. We want specific on these answers. I mean they a guy. I mean you know you could be my candidate and I still wants specific woods specific answers on policy its own just as weapons a weapon of war. second, what is that that the sixty three twenty, the you because that's what they use at the other side arm is that a weapon of war, because it's happened, executive they use these nice like every day, a cable- or I mean a lesser antiphon- can apparently is your weapon of choice. I don't like this is This is something that is remarkable to me, I'm hoping that we move into a direction here, where she's actual.
her feet are held to the fire little bit. Let me see what I have to have some some prep and will I this new and Mary always sing out here cause I'm not yearn for me. What, if sign up and we're going to bring up a screen, grabs call second shouldn't talk about Impeach yet. I have this year shouldn't talk about impeach on that she's going to do. about getting rid of the electoral college. I'm sure! Yes, I know I know she's done Giving student at this is I would like to hear from you to remain a crowd of anyone out there. he paid for your own school. I. What do you think that this is remarkable is again that this victim? This fell victim culture, creating actual victim the unintended consequences. People use, it's not free, whose picking up the bill, taxpayers right, who would be taxpayers people who have already pay their student debt and are entering the workforce, or maybe they still have some student Denton are entering the workforce, but I guarantee the people who work their way through college and didn't rack up. The kind of student death would be forgivable under her plan because
You have to be making under a hundred thousand dollars a year. This is simply punishing good behavior. What about people who wrapped up student debt paid off themselves became lawyers became doctors became amnesty yeah they're, gonna pay nerves, interactive sinners. Nation paying off student loans to people who make forty thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars a year because they decided to internet slate or what What about what about people? Who did what like what I did where an eighteen I didn't know what I want to do for the risk, my life, so I didn't go to a ten thousand. Twenty thousand acknowledge that what the college. When they went to a local it wasn't my local school it isn't mark will that we must act community College just don't exist and by the way, their vocational schools there. This is something no one else was talking about. Let's bring us up as an overlay Mary, we have looked, were available jobs than ever and the United History, since the Bureau of Labour statistics has been keeping track of jobs, accord right with the highest job surplus in United Stew, fishermen their more a freely available jobs right now that have not been filled that tell you
there's, not a problem with degrees and education. A line of these don't necessarily required them to Greece alone, require that people get a trade schools. There are jobs out there right now. First off. I don't like this assumption that everyone needs to go to college, and I don't like this is something with her proposal basically make that all degrees are equal. They are not I'm sorry they're not observe established that mercury is worth more than your gender studies agree. It is by the way it's worth more than General political science degree but I think it s easy I'll just should be making more and the degree is worth more than someone is a public school teacher for the first great at an irresponsible that teachers it's the most important job in a United States. I think that, he's brainy right near death and then backing it up a couple of a couple of millimetres that someone we might want to be tossing some extra loose change. Ok, look look at this grand she so have just happy to be here. Let's hear it. We're gonna have questions from the audits and men do just want to ask you. You have called for
impeachment proceeding zero young hurry go present people drink. What do you say to those democratic success from a good time. It's gonna take away focus from winning and twenty twenty speaker Pelosi told her caucus again just today that she is, plans, you immediately initiate know some ideas if you wanna, if you want to go down this road for impeachment, gobbler call inconvenience exception to the United States constitution. Ok, brain arose Rebecca makes things. Yes, if I can't take a little time on this, because I think this is really important to a little, but it was his birthday I been out I ve been to South Carolina. I would like to spend more time on this, because this is the only thing that delineated me from other candidates and or makes me even remotely interesting, and it's only going to last about a week.
So, please, let me stay unimpeachable a hundred years and then to Utah it he's wearing. I get that talks with our, though viruses, but the only way in future work like coming bad people. are behind it ass I start reading the owner is and whether they will apply Bill Clinton getting mph was because of the oral sex or because they can actually like. You know like understood that, as opposed to the party. Right now that they did away with the russian collusion, and they hear you were going to push impeachment, even though they think they may have Well, there actually they're losing arousing independence more than any different demographic would bring it up their Mattie. If you search independence, russian collusion see actually they ve that they ve lost a lot of ground Independent voted on russian pollution. Industrial Frida toss it up
God, bless, you just need a load of their way, help Donald Trump. The evidence is just their read. It footnote after footnote, page after page documentation, part two Donald Trump welcomed that hell so on the first one about what they did understand. This was a sophisticated attack. They attacked part of voting system. That's gonna be an ongoing federal. Vested geisha, they hacked and more than fifty computers at his bones. The bodies do this, while others are determined rush ring, I was drunk, you said drunk and our having a very hacked. She didn't Ireland we want the rush. Oh yes, right, drink by the way russian impeachment. I give you this whole thing. This whole thing I'm really running out. If we only second calling to die and looks as though I bring a baronet well starting I will make the burning weeks alcohol poisoning the idea tat. He was welcoming what was happening from there.
Government son probably deserves to understand that people are border or of anyone that, by that point, the Trump sadness at the trump Again, she's not saying anything, you do we get that money there, the independence and the Russia Collusion Marine and ask us for dealing with the weeks that we're coming in from the Russians. So that's part, two part three is when the federal government starts to investigate part one and part two Donald Trump took her up hated steps aggressively. To try to halt the investigation. You really don't what obligation he wind on twitter irrigation that you guys were accusing him of collusion and that this in instigation was a political witch hunt because It turned out to be a political witch hunt its
someone come picture. This a police officer coming to your house, and I would like to search out there. You go independence, trust trust smaller, which could be. the wrong one. There are many. We had one after the mother Investigation Day. That's pre yeah, that's pre, ass when they lost actually independence? So that's the three es. We need the post of such and such ass there before is crying. Why not gonna get editors? Are those betook themselves? Becomes your house and says hey? I have a search warrant for his house erection peaceable. What what I'm here for we're here, because we believe it you're dealing drugs must not do holistic, I'm not feeling drugs. I don't wait until it can. I see a search warrant and then they have to funnel around and look for the search warrant, a hoss I can you made me, look for the search warrant they find out. That is the guy next door with doing drugs did nothing to do with dealing drugs and then they say even though you didn't do it, you have you have a completely clean record. You didn't community the peculiar, but you did obstruct us by asking for the search warrant. Make me fumble through my pocket you. How do you get in peace, justice to a crime you never committed obstructs.
Requires you bother with it was no actual obstruction, is opening its important right now it's not that bar saying this mother said This'Ll. This is about what kind of democracy we have in a dictatorship. Everything and government revolves around protecting the one person at the center, but not our long or say. Like two thousand, I allow we're high voltage president's border checks and balances, and we hope we need here in a way understanding our place in history. That not only we like, and what are you trying to soar here, not quite hitting it protects democracy like an eagle when the next president comes in and the next president and the president after
our resuming that the brethren you just talk about serving hundred, find more executive orders and neither precedent in the history of the country on environment. One of his first was reversing the original amendments. Eighty policies that we could be funding of orphans Overseas Bank guy is that what you're talking about our moment in democracy, Elizabeth Warren focused on impeaching, the president, which is not going to pass in the Senate supposed not really gonna, go anywhere. In that sense, doesn't that take away focus from the table top issues that you and other Democrats say they want to run? So, let me just say it is actually read the Mulder report. It's all right. Out there it's not like it's gonna, take a long hard. Usually, how can we really he's busy can release her mother? It's full disclosure, I didn't want. You haven't even read the Green new deal. Why are these people on television it's not in a green new deal at it is you can go on Youtube written on watch me residents new deal from pillar to post. It's all in this. We're talks about trying to base it to eradicate transportation. As we know it,
travel where it talks about radically changing every single building and infrastructure in United States owe that isn't a bill. How can I expect you to read? What's the Morgan report was a four hundred babies are paid and with like voters? Ok, you start with fire five pages on the fire just up. The omens are, furthermore, paint your hundred sixty till I read this page about having told the White House counsel to go firemen and then told the White House counsel to write a letter saying that Donald Trump had not told him to go fire Mahler and then to say why on earth would you take notes about what I said to you the lawyers idea with never put anything in the right. This is using this. There is so little if, in this report that she's gonna send can you couldn't picture serves a president who is not to avoid taking notion is. Why are you taking notes? Oh ok, without really relevant everything
Let's say the lawyer found any evidence of collusion or obstruction. Is that one? didn't want the law, taking notes with. Creating himself. Was the offer Others me: can you believe it surprise it notes, or what what? What? What did the lords was anything of note from Columbus, Ohio studying Clinton's, but he didn't like it. You were registered as a republican and lengthy ninety five, but you ve since become one of the most progressive people in Congress. Did you change your beliefs, or do you believe that the political parties changed around the seller. Ginger understand this Assyria I grow up and just tryin to banana. It was a political I go about homer and to this day I couldn't tell you how my parents were registered or my grandparents, or much of anybody like you, kids. I was do I know that besides
I live in the United States before was politically polarizing. Do me a favor, don't go back and watch West wing. I've been watching you back here with my wife. All they talk about a strong. This isn't like the days of empty are even my God, my God love and Gerald Ford, we're more polarize, and ever this was in the nineties and the early two thousands bitch about this all the time and by the way they didn't ditch about polarization to the same degree when they had brought Burma and announce that in thousand twenty eight they gonna be saying this was the way was Madonna droplet, offers when we are getting really with each other. And I can tell you. working parties in Northern Ireland, ITALY, respectable Republicans like jeered, Kirshner and Mitt, Romney Junior, the fourth, who is clearly a grand dragging the cake So you can see in the year twenty thirty six years are just finding the path steeper and rock ear year by year and for people of color
unstable and even what scientists as its us. This is something I dont understand Dan there. Finally, we need a drink people of color. That's ammunition can bring another drinking rolled up already out of bankrupt, she decided going deeper and rocky for people to make it in the United States can bring us up. Here is normally we talk about this before we have unemployment, that's below four percent grateful! Well! That's not that's! Not that's, not an adjusted number, as you show with President Barack Obama, because labour force participation with very low. We have read high labour force participation. We we have more people have entered the workforce. Then, as I talked about earlier, is the bureau labour has been keeping these statistics. We have record job surpluses and the markets have rallied to unprecedented degrees. This is this. If, if you believe that worse now than ever before. Please do Open a history book up to nineteen forty two lines about like fewer lay offs than before the firing line
there are less firing than ever before many more people are quitting to find better higher paying jobs, and that's when I jumped in politically I gotta fight- and I thought it for In the years, but a lot about a light into the courtyard singularly you know that every lotta people these days and they have dire expectations and what their odorants right millennium. My party was the party that at least I have damaging to stand up for working people. And that was the big change for me not to foreign glasses, pangs, Vance arbored can tell from sweatshirt from New Jersey, studying environmental engineer. Eight swipe, removing it is a former interim for centre. Corey Booker's says he's burning, Decided on who disappointment you hear some stories: settlements in the country that certainly not the sex. Don't worry, rose areas might be status quo will fail. Might I be easy,
Do you know what a minority honestly think it's worry was asian countries, for example, really global with this question about social security, because this is one that remind you how things have broken a part in this country. As you all know, source scrutiny like a drop in retiree bring worker ratio, in average life expectancy that used to be sixty five. When so sturdy was creeping out. Seventy eight years old Tom, those are we talking about largely held? That's why we're not going to get it, even though we're paying into and by the way the rate of return is about two percent, as opposed to a few invested. Privately you'd get a ten percent rate of return doubling of money every ten years. Even if it's a fixed income portfolio, Rwanda, with low risk, bringing it five states that Social security is year thing you can just set once end up: population change, is how one can live. Changes in working hours actual overdue. Ok, let's cities must never does bring em up as overlays. Thank you waiting. Can you read about you? I finally got my Montclair membership, which I had been able to do it sooner
very nice concerning nice ones. What's the name what's ring the bell, I can't read it with its mark. Brutus, MARC Otte, Brutus. Thank you, sir. We appreciate it and the next one, women, for that. We said we get to survive, Again shows Mars: we haven't Ok, let me hear targets are security that we're not gonna make any more changes to social security. Now can increase the revenues stream not going to change the the pieces and we ve been locked there and the consequent I says we really bring it up and say that we want to get. My mother says rang just a little literally and backed by the way, if you're talking about a plan where people were promised that they wouldn't be paying in pay more into it. We're talking about that would be consistent for for all beneficiaries, and then you require more people to join independent, previous beneficiaries for beneficiaries or Why them to pay a higher amount than people who previously Beethoven system. You know that's called called Ponzi skiing
Not all the policies given its social security, because the government is doing it? There is no way that social security as it stands now can continue to be financially solvent, especially in the wake of the baby boom generation. It can't we bring it up and they say, like you said, You want to kill their grandmother by the way. This is the part it supports. Euthanasia. Remember this is how we can we can we put Kevorkian at your feet at least everybody. Well, not everybody knows you know about it. Ok, if you doctor that you are not able to put you didn't write, the problem is the political will. and would you step up and say we ve got to make adjustments Michael just it's on revenue. Will what does it mean? I didn't judgments and revenue, then the the pearls angriest access, so that particularly women who have lower earnings for so many years after the intrinsic two years that they work better support in their later years. But at this moment rubble little will to come together. Theirs
no one who is willing to drive. This went away because Washington being earners benefits disproportionately from social security for people who are the guy, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year can invested in his own portfolio. Is there something one thing that people understand like this idea: like women who earn less well, you they're getting any sort. Here too, though, she sank by the way, if you look it's scary, when it started actually initially, I believe- and I think it was until either forty eight or fifty, the only people eligible for social security were people who had enough years of income earned on the book. because I didn't believe that you should be. You should benefit from the social welfare system if you didn't actually contribute to it so this idea that everyone should get it. That's not how it started. That's how was pitch the american people in particular that you have experienced present trumps name, calling and bowing first hand, and given the success that he's had with these tactics in the past, I was wondering how you
proposed to counter them. If you were to become the democratic nominee by log out when I say this in particular, are you worried that you might be able to caricature anything general election voters before you, ve had a chance to do so? Would close, I can eat your candidate call you senator worn. So what do you mean to say for politically just tell us rewards. What did you call your programme hook? Honest very My twenty three in me speaks for itself really because this Dr things up point cheer convention, really pissed off around the commonwealth. Massachusetts people Carol a lot more about their families. Then they do about some kind of mankind. I gotta tell that to the network IRAN right now, twelve and I got into a celebration right now, as a thank you, because what I'm driver, not because I looked at myself in a mirror every day and set up a senator. President Putin to Cheekbones again with this deal
but the hygiene bones internet, your non native american forefathers. Thank you very much you do that you in the commercial breaks excrement we'll have a commercial academic ftp when they go to another rang. Those kids who had a dream we tabled will bring back up I've known what I wanted to distance. Second, great public school teacher. We have four America's public schools. We both, I don't. I don't think she was making it the Bernie Sanders. No way I can see. Why what. Russia must yours, there are no less true. Let's hear it for free,
Marijuana and public school teachers and lean and goals of the best thing is to have a lot of what you see that she doing. And then I got married yea and then I dropped out of school yea and I took a job answering funds, and I quote that was gonna. Be my life for ever got alive, but not that anyone who do not have a juridical failure. Fungi life around a commuter college that costs fifty dollars a semester and for a price that I could pay for on a part time. Waitresses, shop. I had a chance to get it for your diploma and become a special needs to you can still do that. You can do that by the way, still possible. What I believe is the best of Amerika.
When we open door counter, translate volubly, give you the democratic, no one, even though many by doing this out, that's not just about opportunity for those born into privilege, but that's about opportunity for all of us with, we all know what we can do, namely a single country that has a better economy. The United States to sit by Luxembourg doesn't count because you guys, aimed at people, use these offshore banking havens right. Luxembourg is basically a banking capital outside of Luxembourg, where the highest median income right, not whither most unemployment without biggest with it, that is the biggest gdp in the world. I think that we have, more top ten universities than anyone else and adopted, which isn't really surprising. I just words about the top universities across. across the globe, I think really get you get Oxford sergeant when you get, maybe Mcgill in cattle might be like towards its author. Almost all in the United States has been remarkable, not only for the privilege. He just talked about how you are working as a part time: waiters, ETA, dinars and there's a black kid
with a Harvard Letterman's Jack this. This is what I've talked about for socialism and she is a socialist following. They want you to be hopeless. Want me to believe that, right now, when it's as good as its ever been in a modern american history that the court that the debt stacked against you- and there is no hope for you- it is unbelievable- think people are hopeless because you're, in them hopeless, not because drop down from coal. Pocahontas. Donald Trump Moon called Doctoral, maybe inarticulate. You know how he won t you will not work. Has originated with american Working Class. Sport is the Democratic Party has not right, but he also believes that the United States is the greatest country in the world and guess what middle Americans don't really want to hand down like to think they don't want what she's dogma rather want free school they do want didn't want to be, rather that experience being able to work their way through college and in and get a degree and support their family Donald Trump resonate with them. Does he believed in the american dream? These people are clapping on it,
Is crippling on the american Dream saying that its first, it is only available to the most privileged all you do you want to put more money into the pilgrims right right So more would imply what more about it no more money would imply. There's already monitor already are paragraphs where what is a programme its basis, guaranteed money to make up the affordability of college for people who make below a certain income threshold and by the way, is abused, often for people who are qualified to being those universities. In the first place, we have nothing but programmes to provide subsidies and grants by the way only want to absolve people of student debt to or making four hundred thousand dollars a year, sounds to me like we're benefiting the most privileged people than at the bank. I would assume that most of the my home of course, offer with my had lain where builders he's going to be here any minute by the way CNN such a promo code, hashtag cried or seen and live stream, so you guys should be using. He had p.
Okey jammed and his net from his tighter mom because he missed a middle, see once and then graduated sumac, whom latte from S m you law, school. Okay, this is about the most privileged among us getting wealthier has been I'm sure about that. More than eight, when I sumo, I thought I thought I did say Summa commodity, I ve met him. Maybe he was only Magna. I don't know that's cool Miladi man a lot. I assume a lot in one of them's best. He was the second best site that I thought you said civil when you make it an angel. No, I said Summa ogre, trestles sumo. You may do so He may the asian joke a quarter of an hour it this morning. I don't I'm here to make, and actually you don't you guys can read out the lights read out. The twitter twitter sent from a club then go to acquit camera Rick and we'll be back with more because I have got to tinkled
We get to Bernie Sanders because acting on a piss myself die on Europe, S chair the right back like to flight light divide. Thank you. Yea excellent also did not get a notification today, probably not.
Well I'll. Tell you why, even though the way this is true, but we do so.
crowd Miss widgets guy who got you. Back up. it was probably that half asian lawyer of yours is always good. It. Fighting copyright strikes. What's your problem, helping them. Is this what you want? Stephen. To put across both your precious Susan, widgets key while she said on a toilet.
Surprise, not a water. It would be both historically and creatively. Inaccurate you ve always Wanted me off. You tube, haven't you guess, but you refuse to let it go. I respect them. even admiring By four, what's yours, never permanently delete your channels that would you fear too much fun to permanent take when your temper tantrums every time we ban you'll live stream, bleak somewhat. I found them in pieces shit your gifts for those Ma Club full try to glued together. My just stupid cups, say that word again one. He'll kill the only meal ticket. You have you hit me with false copyright violations. When you knew I hadn't violated any rules wilder
Let me finish, and we can talk this over in my office. I can't go back there. The mugs are in what are you afraid of a few broken cups? for me, I will hit four million. I was always going dated four million. I just wanted to take. you are that this rightly is a war. but other feet tall of solid ice. Ok correctly, those seven king
have an outbreak in the drugs in rates of a state of change, that's right when it may become a cake, but this night watch is gonna grab it by the pick worker, and although this is a good, what does it serve? Looks like the Mexicans brought some other jades with the giant sir, if I could do You could say the savage kid gets joining it aloud with credit card slashed by club, ok, frankly its Julie, but only sixty dollars for students better as active military. That's what it's been such a great deal. That's what they tell me I've. Given you such a great you. I don't think that's what they tell me. Why do what's better that cuts like butter cups at the tickets. Before we came after silence product because you have written by the waves in the house. Everybody we only one with you when you were here, broaden it was talking through the prism of private home. We're going back, as I think I love is about about squirrels I know that you were just talking about him and he appeared. He did
appeared out of nowhere say his name into a mere three times When I saw things- and I was like someone's gotta get in here and say some some additional things about you. Have you ever been watching the stream yet as an hour following it golly? I was that a volunteer event, so good That's more than Bernie can say our consumers, what's he or she answers here biggest philosophical differences in approach jostle compared to President Obama, for I will be both sexes. Well, at a rate we know, is not voting to support babies born alive from botched abortions because they all voted against that. That's about that for a second set of women's rights, just look the born alive infant protection outgoing. If it's either it's the borderline protection at zero, live without charge, you can bring up its image in the appropriate. There took humanity. This was simply guaranteeing healthcare to babies that survived abortion. She voted against it. These are. Maybe there was already borne outside of the week about the guy gets its consistent, she's very concerned
the person that, before it was a born alive protection act. There are some that happen in Illinois, State Senate we're vacation ring, thrown wastebasket Brok. Obama voted against protections for those areas where the few tempted in present. Eaglewood literally, is one of them. I think that one of the only things he halted for rights Rights, I wouldn't hear her answer your continued support in this fight asked college professor. I have no political swipe, unlike the colony. Sorry for it are you I was thirty legalizing by all I can do is influence these young minds right in front of me who have no one else will essentially reinforce them. It's fine, I know, and if they don't give me the answer I want to hear, I can feel them before I drink myself. some good all frosty ads thing I love more kids and after a hard day of brat, so here's baking College professing
triggered a good all bottle aside to my right, a delicious, and I prefer the cannabis when I went to a cannabis, infused five course meal ones for privileged under the boss, and he said now: I'm not gonna. Let this crisis pass and not come away with a consumer agency that makes sure that waste, never get shaded again. I will present that is right and bathroom brain do bill written what to expect from Bernie Sanders a lot of grumpiness of lot of hunted shoulders. this curls over of the lot of angry defensiveness about his recent millionaire status, a lot of do, as I say, not as I do ten ideal deal a lot of ignoring his past sexual harassment. Scandals within his own campaign
I think there's gonna be a lottery fair, not some Bernie himself, not from burning himself. no just the people he's on, but remember back when he was interviewed about this. In January he told Anderson Cooper, I was busy run into a running around trying to re run. The show that was his excuse What about what was happening on his own watch. Just remember that right, you're out there thinking about this is the guy who's. Gonna save America right. So what happened over there in Yemen, water brass, get weaving. Why? Now I don't realistically participation. We all it is a Burlington college. that's right twenty is icy advertisements, for, I think, was Champlain College. Where is it broken college or sampling college? That is, his wife work, that world riddled with a broken reaches the advertisements for we lived in Montreal all the time they like they had their. Ah, they had champ,
in College and Burlington College and Hasty get confused with the coat factory, because there are already crappy rain or manager, commercial organisations and their Brody Dagda the one one thing I'm interested is in today in the news the mayor, P, p, but like But the other the term are going up. Other went away like bucking like I'd sobered under but gig dulled told the press that you compare like Bernice supporters to Trump supporters. We also think that it is my Montedison yet but Bernie didn't, because apparently he clapped back and adequately with the clock back was now I'm curious, that give that comes up. Man, like you, the more in Europe. the guy,
Yeah, they built show me Limited Edition, poster that people get alot of Krajina. Shall we go? It's just a test. Look at that age were built, oarsmen cracking you gotta get the coroner up their bill. I dare you. Eleven miles long. I wonder whether the teacher possibly is unclear gay. I think he's dying, he's dying words
finally like. Why does your buddies Eichelberger, because the global Bertie Voice, we're talking about human rights, is not nearly as fun. will sign this one. It will give it away. I limited Edition edition will have Bill Richmond sign it. Only men have because in some economic, your signature, I am one hundred percent comfortable, thousands of bleeding lights. And also by the way, hair puppet. We send out one of yours as well. Also for some reason: a full dna scraper. Why have you technical pens with dna scrapers they'll get lycian DNA like really want to ensure that you pull out their dna out. Ok, nothing alone are by the way, tweet out past typewriter seed and lives reminder of what the training is for. If it's burning town hall now we go I expect him to talk a lot about inequality and the wealth disparities, drifts Cuomo,
Robert, I long for than you know, it's pretty bad. You know one students and young adults representing more than thirty states, nationwide. Do this, if I like, we bring up the drinking game again, perceiving Levin, seen the rules yet and also a danger in Rio. Russian collision obstructing justly trumps tax is one percent inequality, millionaires, billings, democratic Social Medicare for all fascism. What nationals racism through them? It's all weapons walls, don't work, strengthen diversity, rights and immigration or any subsidiaries. There are five letters and right now known while you can that's, if you want, and right now, Senator Bernie Sanders One morning he walks out. That's like everything takes everything he can gather to walk out. Maybe not look like groups from Shawshank can settle, get him a com. I wish he'd by rushing to see this issue comes. We that smart,
Unfortunately, while sitting, we re, why not agree one? we just need one more of him and he Heckler do nectarines. Ok, he's from Every year, thousands junior look university. Elderly citizens like low, induce Luria gouged. I senator sounds like it. It's likely written ran a satisfaction with a gay or younger Rick Miranda's out of several other senators, many of which are running alongside you for president of the United States. In this legislation you call for an end to private health insurance companies. How do you plan to phase out these private insurance Chinese, for you knew how to care for all insurance, even though this is actually a really valuable because you're, the only one who feels back that currently hold back the curtain in saying that yes, Medicare, we're all but eliminate private insurance ceremonies. Trusting you know you have a choice, currents. He doesn't want you to have a choice. We have a dysfunctional healthcare system in which thirty million Americans have no health insurance at all.
And even under ensure those denied the duck liberals in co payments we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. I thought about our healthcare outcome. in terms of both the financing already life expectancy. Ok, all right! This is isn't. It must bring this up. Now we have this year. We don't you can compare infant mortality because it's not comparable across different nations. Your stated its without a higher infant mortality rate because we actually consider these to be lives lost. Then he mentions life It will even be city problem United States because the problem of over abundance right this is chronic problem. That people is a problem that stems from choice. Is the problem stems from too much selection? He uses those health care of Roma. Why are you? What are you? So? Let me tell you: wait types you're survival rates for more work mortality rates from life running diseases. Why don't you?
medical innovation. You talk about us paying too much for prescription drugs. Probably drugs. Are we getting from Nicaragua? How many jobs are we getting from? Can how many jobs are we getting from Germany? That's like when you bitch about the fact that we pay more on national defence and the number one through five or one through ten nations combined, and then you complain when Donald Trump says: hey you better start paying your face year to NATO S, because we're covering this, for, body else: we invent the drugs we innovate and we have a system that has better measurable health health outcomes in any of these other countries. Instead, he got to the one step, but right now out there, if you're, watching Google infant, mortality rate across nations, you will see, isn't it is not something that even those in the far left agree can be comparable. I happen to believe from the bottom of my heart and I believe this for my whole adult life, that health care is a human right you're, not a privilege, The best way to go forward, and we are expecting applause, brunetta, capital
mathematics from trembled. I believe that people. Why would they? yes, the economic, a convicted. Why, Well, is that the same girls brought the question. This. I believe felons is creating a vibrant the market. Today, as you may know, Today's yeoman novel low, we'll burn it. We think the newest way is to be about going to mortgage credit. One of the heights called reentered ranch, icing balance given about getting involved in the political process, but not enough
Look at the question of theirs in sex offenders will be all the good luck. That is not a good look at all, but to get to your health the forerunners, how long before there's a pack would become coming out of our draft pushing for they have lobbyists pushing for the age of consent to be lowered, to say, as the dominant political forget that summit only just. Let me just on this a young from burning own website, and he says that he wants to re in France as the right to vote. One in thirteen african Americans who have had their vote taken away by phony conviction, paid their debt to society and deserve to have their rights restored. I am actually curious about the rest of the people who are found but apparently only apply to African Americans the one in thirteen infinitely actually ensuring legal question. I was asked about this earlier there should. There are different classifications, felony certain wrecked, so
should the opposite. Couldn't I don't think that if, let's say for some reason at some point, you got caught with a bag of cooking or crack or math? I know the saints racism don't say crack. I don't suppose should lose your right to vote for all time, but I do think if you're a violent phelan, if your sex offender and it front degree, if only you shouldn't have a say in the laws that we create. If you're going to blatantly district, them in a way that harms other citizens have absolutely Emily, whether it, whether you call it a social contract, whether you will get a utilitarian practical aspects of giving someone like that, the right to vote again it granted it's going to be a small minority, but in any particular place I'm really thinking of California. I mean they're gonna have the largest problem. with this. If that votes right to vote is re established, it just doesn't really change the voting black hole. Bunch engineered California went from Blue really blew it is, but the No it isn't bury them are also wants the fellow felons vote, while their imprison mark exist,
I don't think so I don't know I don't know. I don't know visa that learning she's like voting diminishing sex offenders. Nice. So, like a plan, question goes to this being, like you're writing an opposition at against by saying you think the boss, the marathon bomber, should vote not after he pays is dead to society, but while he's in jail. right up there it is, I was writing drink all little grabbing. Really getting me editing adds throughout my life. Think This'Ll be just another one, but I do believe look. This is what we believe in democracy. Do you believe that every single american eighteen years of age or older was on a mark citizen has the right about now we're going thirty start ship that he's he's given the new. Maybe you ve heard that in the description of democracy, its fight, all about voting with sheep call. Yes, we ve heard about that You ve really taught you actually done by wolves, disabled people who are in prison, violent crimes. You should vote wilder in prison. I thought you'd think I actually think it in
interesting conversation entertain if they ve pay their debts. Societies are, and it is not one that directly involved inflicting Harmon. Somebody else, and I know that all crimes influx Harmon somebody else, because you're putting the taxpayer has driven from a violent crime or sexual assault, or something like that he's talking about people who are other people who are? Currently they can that's, not security prison voting when you ve got Cuomo. looking to you? Why did I did this morning? What's o reparations people? What good question you're telling us what I hear. Reveries legislation unite in the house. He'll Jackson, we get a whole lot. I want a Europe that we want to hear Villa Happy Angel Richmond. I can talk about the railroads and that will call for a study of the implications of reparations and, I think, You're saying is what we all know to be true today in America, in the midst of mass of income and wealth. This We have another alone Obama chasm between black and white microwave.
we're gonna mark and less than ever before. By the way things are resident, Donald Trump, like business, crazy. That way up- and I don't know why you got to deal with Donald Trump- is otherwise. Aside from I get the obvious orange juice practically translucent haven't. I would love to see him dancing in a wedding. We can hear you be the guy. You pick out the dance. Will it that's the dance that being said under the widest president, possibly ever lets us like that lacks haven't better than under that this move. Talkin have black gun percent. That's really What is really going to grind his gears? So by the way you just try for the wealthiest communal one percent drink about in minority communities. What communities latino community native American Commute communities who, how long he put in wine private. I was not expecting that and we focus on those communities. We make sure the horse Here's my question Bernie, I just why reparations don't work? How can you have the First generation latina woman paying Rep to another with another slavery.
What about an asian American who came here thirty years ago? We wonder who owns a bodega now he who takes? What are you? Are you just talking about white people paying for slavery, in which case how not discriminatory law and by the way, is only white people who you can prove our descendants. Slaveowners ended reparations only go to blight people, so you can prove or descendants of actual slaves and by the way, also not descendants of slaveowners, because that went on in that both communities are like you're, not really necessarily know so, who pays for reparations and oh gosh, rules and it goes straight identity, underpants Since then, he has limited can claim that the highway and hardly waves jargon is good, which is given the Russians and Chinese chanced April with such regions. What will your generosity, good money in such regions? Competitor on good questions, shrimp lock your right, we live in a global economy? We can't pronounce hiding all industries pronounced without overrepresented difficulty, but how does a fair trade
Let em and less in the context of Europe can be done, Bernie, can't we was handed out his hips in the context of left unanswered. I his hips, don't like the rest of Russia CARE of Americans. Now, his hip internet lost their jobs because profitable corporations in this country, shot down because I warrant Megan enough money alone. They were beaten at times in the last couple years in the modern american history. By the way that we talk about a statistic you can bring it out there. I leave to cure. If we had earlier on watch trade Paul, you were lay off your firing than ever buy them and not by more people are quitting in seeking out that means. More people are quitting seeking out new higher paying employment. Then, since they keeping record of these statistics thats a huge one. Not only do we have three point: nine percent, less, I unemployment.
Nor do we have highest job force participation we hadn't decades. Not only do we have the biggest job surplus that we'd have simply been keeping record of these statistics, but we also, firing and lay off. How does that make sense to talk about the big corporation and jobs those jobs was shifted abroad. Just I still don't forget. Disagree with Ireland. they sold his senators. I sally relocating millions of dollars. It was from a non corporation stock right. I will start with Ellen bursting she's a fresh within itself are published and grow. It was from my friend, Simon at his brother. Choose to tax returns recently revealed that you are. In fact, a millionaire rendering respond to concerns that your financial status undermines your authority as someone who has rail against early and Andrew and every other democratic relegates million. That's a good question! No its not! And here it is. Right there are needed as winked out. Only please give me go ahead. Take me till I waited a book which was an international bessel. Ok,
down the only that's the only reason for the part about starting a business, people, international and EU parental aid money. would you like, with what a member of Congress does. that I draw the line and cooperation you run for public office and used as a lever to write a book about, I'm gonna run from public office. Again. What am I started? Business unemployed people in the West making Cares or both Patty Mission was not only vote this ray require, but I have and will continue in this campaign to fight for progressive taxation, in other words, whether is burning, said there's a your did. I fall asleep and wake up and it is our own world not aware of the marginal tax rates in this country raise com. I plan to link that we phenomenally well yeah
If you re looking at bill, I'm looking up the reverse, publishing and our economy profits should meet. Knowing we established that the publisher very ass taxes, Wednesday Black, so we get an Irishman do away with the tax loopholes in the tax breaks that large private corporations currently receive. You happened at all anybody here. I happen to know how much Amazon pay in taxes less the. Let me guess: zero are right or by the wealthier in America that is a absurd packs. So this is on the agenda. So this is something that he says economically. When I will change, he is worth almost amount of money on a temper everyone. I didn't start turning profit and tells us it will at last have de facto, maybe Mattie can bring that here in the last round. I was pretty revolved decades in what is represented by this idea. That this is where there is talk about if it's a corporation that brings in two billion dollars and gross revenue, but they spend two point: one billion dollars or there's still running it out. They have as aunt. You should be familiar with that turning guaranteed because they ve been
this for a long time, in investing all of their money into let's, say I dunno inventory for next year, you see with market with Amazon, it took a very, very long time for them to become profitable. All now hear me by the way, coming up for two whole signal this. When we talk about big corporations, look the top five corporations in the world. Big corporations I support democratic alone. Will you ve got apple? Google, it Youtube Facebook jam as our nations when we look at your taxes went up, but they didn't go up proportionately. I'm not coming after me about what you gave him, you don't nations. My question: is this having experience of having a lot more money in deciding what you wanted to do with it didn't give. You know perspective about how people with more money feel about the government or someone like you forcing policies to actually good man them to give amounts as a whole. I want to get a matter of fact. If you read those tax returns, you will find that many people have said that you gave less than three percent of charity odor accountants and figure out how we can possibly pay the lowest amount. Taxes probably take more than we should have. But let me just say that probably not reassure me.
When I try and figure out what they are getting gates were wondering what make millions wording dollar dotcom made about three hundred and ninety seven million dollars in revenue monsieur definitely just a little championing little guys. Yet I will tell you that She had a meeting with their money tournaments, but proposal is now having to do that eleven booted me now those ones. I want the express my them, and that is a great deal lucid and I have spent my entire life and hopefully will condescend hope. We lose my political life in the White House trying to make sure that every person in this country does not have to deal with the stress of whether they can afford to pay the electric bell whether they're gonna have health care where they can And their kids to trial, so that is the difference that I've learned. You know what we are trying to turn out before you can write child care. They are. Our studies show that that we want to put a cap on child care costs in public is country.
As I said, I shall ask you from my home province of tobacco think it's actually in the property document. If you type in the back natty there actually harmful to children, as people use them when you remove those caps, it s the user to raise their children in very bad that they have significantly negative outcomes for children who are in these basically public childcare facilities, and you have changed your mind about recently. Nothing good system for not just get it. I know that's why I'm paying more attention to raise the foreign policy, and I think I was like fully criticized the less time around- that I didn't pay as much attention as I might- and I think you know the economic issues, whether or not people have health care, whether they have decent paying jobs, whether we deal with
climate change or renewed. Almost touching on domestic, we gotta, look in the United States. Is walls in the world as well are used not focus on foreign policy have been now I'm using a threesome as a springboard demanding drawback to domestic resolution, you remember how many died out of our way. That's right. That's easy! Basely stole a slogan from Illinois, let alone for the first time in forty five years under the war powers, it has been successfully used. We did it in the Senate, we did it in the house. Sadly, tragically tromp vetoed it. But to answer your question, I persuaded think a little bit more about foreign policy issues. Then I previously. like like the scandinavian model, is to stop for a first really mangled, and do you pay attention to NATO? We have a lot of CNN special them and a bird. I asked you about NATO. Hey Bernie
this building and it more talk about. How do you pay for all? Is that the way these other countries Paypal and by the way toward the highest median income of anywhere in the world outside of Luxembourg. How did they pay for all these really talk about? We pay more for effort for drugs in other countries its because we effectively, ironically, we're subsidizing it, not the dunes government, but our private sector, our taxpayers, our consumers and of subsidizing. It's freezing the countries, and by that I mean we pay for privately. We our companies and wanted to go to the FDA enough to go to this approval process may say all only costs it only costs. eighteen dollars to make this drug yeah, but the first pillar cos eighteen billion dollars to Britain to market under the first pillar. Cost eighteen billion is not just about the actual powder, the actual substance that goes with the drug and then there are other countries. Have governments subsidize prescriptions like we hadn't Quebec and by the way took a long time and get back where I was raised for us to have any kind of seven doubt generics, because we have this income loss. So and the American, the power of the american consumer benefits the end.
Higher global economy, just like the power of the american military benefits all global safety, and they can't say it because they. Believe it. The United States, is the greatest country in the world. They cannot say it here. Something I want you to do this cake next time you're driving through What are you gonna road trip. Any time you seen american flag, I would bet my life. If I had two gun to my head: it's republican, it's a Go knock on the door and asked you might get shot because we're gonna lawyers or look for per stickers on their car this is it usually takes it if you see an american flag in driveway someone's long look at the bumper stickers. If you see any there, almost invariably conservatives liberals do not put Americans like that no, they don't know that's what I'm going to make fun of me all the time they make fun. all the time all waving, the red, white and blue. I know we have a second we have highest income. We have the best economy in the world right now we have the most powerful military might that the world has ever seen and by the way we do what you guys bitch
out in nation building, which is a costly endeavour, not profitable, because it's the opposite of an empire. That's fine, so funny Levine. This evil empire we're spending too much overseas. Do you didn't come I'm stupid. What do you know empire words when they went well wish colonized but where they don't like? I don't know we're. Gonna have to invest over here for about. Two hundred years and is totally remove it now they just your stuff. They can acknowledge this about the United States. That is their big. If you think about this right now, Americans, the left, patriotic. It used to be something that was there was kind of simplify the people would say, is reductive, but right now in this area I dont think. ever been more clear. They are cheering they for them to be successful. They have to have a present whose colluded with a foreign power. They even said it was a bad news Benes. Bad news, bad news for the gets going on is that bad news
I see that our present actually has the best interests of Americans and others to add one when the only thing you can think about is trying to denigrate the country in order to get vote says that's the whole point of the summit. We were wrong for two years straight. I mean look at the history of America since Bretton Woods what we had an option at that point right after World war, two to go in the empire, building business. Everyone said everyone even thought. Germany thought Russia thought America's can establish an american empire and when you look at what actually happened after Bretton Woods and the investment that went into Central Europe to a former power and look at all the amazing things that are coming out of war torn Germany, look at all the amazing things that are coming out of other european nations that benefit from American might not just american power they came in and took over did anything like that. We made a deliberate decision.
Be able to empower these nations and now essentially saying take it all away right, don't help them, don't let anyone bill, don't want anyone grow and it just ignore sister tapping said was kind of a little bit of a one hundred from the tree ever say. We were a little bit tat. We were little Extreme, on that lessons learned lessons. Learned is learning S army, somebody on the international stage or you might get Hitler public whippings, not re. We stand up, don't want for made the question has been more and say on this stage earlier. You know there is no political inconvenience exception to United States constitute Her argument was if any odium rights in this country has done what's document Malo report.
What in jail and she's. Obviously referencing this president. Do you agree that it is time for impeachment proceeding with Emma? She said, let's say, but I agree that we have the most dangerous precedents in modern history of this country. My somebody was a pathological out. If you'd have your eye, somebody who the Mulder report said basically left the question open, which the Congress to explore as whether or not he obstructed justice a very serious crimes. So what you know what's mine is twofold? I don't, u obstruct just does what they do. The crime of someone who has worked Ryan's screen that you didn't commit the crime is an obstruction hot and do know the eventually take action. I mean that the elements of the crime of the travellers Jesse's actually lay out the things you have actually take action will be someone who says to do it. That would mean every single persecutes lawyer needed not guilty was obstructing democratic means.
That's our works like you, ve got to meet the elements and when you don't meet the elements you get them all. I did send out some angry tweets. Let's just someone like With- let's say at least actual research, more came into my house and I slipped in the bird and called their mother. A whore would even that that's actually works, uniting shrunk would do, but what that even be considered obstruction? from now. Ok right, some pretty cleared out what a structured around it is not willing to make now when they would keep tastes. Different last reason: we're not talking about combating climate change, we're not talking about sexism and racism and homophobia of the misery goes on with your voting base and have also prison like how, like I was seeding it for like if he wins he's gonna, be like remember when I said that these things are not and be like. Remember going to take three drinks: re negligent, sexism, racism, homophobia, everyone see it. This is the drinking game dont know ass. A dispassionate Cartagena live through the proper. The drinking game where, like that want to all twenty
Be one sentence when they could be right after June, but right now that is that's. Why you're all right, so you don't know where you are unemployed. Yet what are you so? You haven't one collector Mahler said he couldn't come to a conclusion: it can't exonerate bidding and prosecute, and then you had the agency and the debt ass guide equations, and although it is about you re right, so why don't you get? What are you a forest areas like bacon? That's, but now the issue of instruction, not what Mamma said is. That was an open question. That is something that should be taken to guarantee the deputy Edgy said not well, but I would rather, how well and objective investigation done by the house are ignored. What she's, Samantha final Samantha Objective investigation should ask your question: that's an event that your name, that I get it right through without
If not, you know, but I could look what you ve been united us our lifetime of an orchard portion high Senator Sanders runaway my father's family left soviet Russia, nitrogen revolutions, russian fleeing from some of the very same socialist policies that you seem eager to implement in this country. Marlon erupted in democratic socialism, but the failures of socialism in nearly every kind. Let us try. You said that the ideal rigid will believe in what our during communism that existed in the Soviet Union I'd never happen. I posted, I believe, in a vigorous democracy, but you have asked me the question about democratic socialism there
and let me answer- I drank democratic social, that in the United States there is something fundamentally wrong when we have three families. Only more wealth on the bottom allowing more consistent work if we doubled everyone's wealth, rightly disparity would be worse- is that bans on equality the problem of poverty. Ninety two percent, something very wrong when forty nine percent of all new income today is going to that, One percent, and rightly like mine: during long will, we have a corrupt and political system amount, it even worried by this desire for citizens United, something something. Now. I want to thank our second ok hold on a second there's so much bullshit. This answer, first up restoring, but the top that new income made. Forty nine percent goes the top one percent. Ok, let's talk about
income. Inequality Artagnan's, as you know, my promise with poverty, not inequality, and you won't you're Bernice industry, but poverty, because no systems, Pablo people out of poverty and free enterprise system, capitalist system, certainly only with socialist utopias, including nine socialist utopias like Denmark or Sweden, who, by the way those citizens a meal. Can Swedes Americans Danes Americans have it better than gains in Denmark? Seventy something percent of Americans will be in the top twenty percent there liked him over. Fifty percent will be ten percent of errors in a lifetime because club is mobile. Class is transit here in the United States. That people need to understand your. We talked about a corrupt political system. What could possibly be? corrupt and a system that allows people in positions of government to become multimillionaires. While everyone else has to play by different rules. You saying something else that I wanted to address what else we say there that was really pissing me off of the union address everything from this. What is that basically was very profound speech, told the underworld. What do we do now? We got a great constitution, gutless bill of rights,
relax your freedom, freedom of whose treatment something else- and I forgot about it- you know what it does and protect it doesn't protect and guarantee you economic, like going to table Is it so? Some at the level of aerial honest with you? I believe that in a democratic, civilised society, health care is a human, Why does the little lady Gaga drank actually believe that every young person does this just shows you. The burning standard has no idea as to what a fundamental human right like a human right, Kay by the way, is something constitutionally. What she's is no concept of its pretty clear is now granted you by governments towards otherwise any commodity goods or service could be. It could be a right just In Germany, the declared the internet to be a human right, no human are inalienable rights that are given to you by God, and they are simply. recognised by government things like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion,
freedom to self protection. The second amendment health care is not a human right college, because a human right and by the way you know how else you nobody is interested in the concept of human rights. The only way you forfeit basic human rights which are given to you by God as a birth right is when you irreparably harm someone else like in the incident of a violent crime or some kind of a serious sex offence, and by the way he doesn't think those people should forfeit those rights to vote and elect him. Your next present, while they are currently serving a maximum security, prison, so rights, health care college, Flynn come free, you name it and you dont lose those rights, even if your rape and solve your next door. Fourteen year old neighbour, the need people, asteroids follow on this. What do you feel differently about now? I was reviewing what CNN K file had come up, taking them
almost of those boxes. Archives like are you take that Ray you surely goes into the powder room and goes into a half color in formal, just like the natural major looking at himself in a mere setbacks. No, but you say- and this has got Google exactly what it sounds like you, ve changed. What weight at first thought egos be criticising video of gets nervous about one of many things that measurement arrived is also the second I seldom relations camping headquarters and I can allow lies in the industry in the city of Burlington Vermont. I don't think so. Congressmen for sixty years look. I said what I said, and that is I want to live in a nation in which all people in the wealthiest nation, in the history of the world,
can have a decent standard of living. I'm not talking about everybody. Only. We have focused on the fact that he likes to Germany, where the wealthiest he doesn't seem to say that that's bad away, but he wants to ignore how we ve got to be the way out here. I just like you will we are the wealthiest in so, let's make sure we quickly become not right, Exist, virtually every what you don't want: a standard of living who have a higher standard of living in the United States and by the way not these subjective pulls up they use like did you prefer? That's all you have health care ranks is higher in Cuba than the United States. Michael more by the way you think that's it should make a more cited it and sick they trumpeted. This is a look. Even Cuba has better outcomes. It's because they're going by poles you're not going objective parameters like mortality in announcing infant mortality rates, but overall mortality rates when rather looking at life threatening diseases or looking at meeting people work? You know cutting edge new experimental healthcare technology. Your bed
chance of surviving a serious disease is living in the United States period, whether your black white, rich or poor, you have a better chance making it here with some kind of a life threatening disease ailment or incidents than anywhere more recently. but for the highest in college and the biggest the lowest unemployment rate, astrophysics from New Jersey. Don't have what is this guy's grinning from ear to ear, for I won't. I promise I centres enemies, you been in Looking critics who take inspiration from rural areas, elephants get. Israel is also one of America that Michael Sarah Prime Minister Netanyahu, just one office. How do you plan to maintain the strong? U S is our relationship. Despite those critiques, What are you smiling down town or shovel over the is tunnel in a locker given originally Span number
He had already had swirling will clearly books for Well family in Israel. I am not an pie, Israel, but the fact of the matter is that Netanyahu is right wing politician rightwing. No, he said why wing extremely unfair. By the way, who might be viewed as the more right wing, the Netanyahu believed that Hamas billions abusing using their standards As far as that, you could, they assume anyone is racist or wants to commit. Genocide is right wing which, of course, is actually not a part of the conservative platform, but using them stay destroying to talk about right, Wing Netanyahu, People who are racist people who simply want to slaughter people because of their crews, or ethnicity, lineage put Hamas up there, one country that right the top just an unlikely Donald Trump, and that now you Hamas, as a track record,
and actually doing these things a magic, Donald Trump put the slaughter of the entire sandbars bloodline in his charter. Put it up on his website. We're twenty lad it! That's Hamas, this right into exist in peace and security and not not be subjected to terrorist attacks, but the United States needs to deal not just with Rail, but with the palestinian people as our city, people who elected Hamas, and then we can get just wanna, make sure for mass agenda, big fan of them an aspiring police officer there ain't you live with mass shootings becoming more rapid in this country. Was your stance and putting armed guards or high police precedence out of schools, I am against it, but let me also, unless they are convicted fellows, then we lead
this gives rise to reform our criminal justice system, which is very, very balkan war. No one component Nicholas and I'm really like it together, you're going with delighted to hear the report's couch young, mink that jacket to get involved in criminal justice and help causing a trance, just as he said, he wanted to be a criminal justice system that is not working right now. I'm just give you a few examples as Americans, none of us, I think, are proud that we have more people enjoy Well, I got only country on earth. We have what you believe area than try to those in jest. China they yield.
I guess that's a good example of animal feed, their fellow obeying work, family database with loud Bernie and selfish, by the way, but it is also using what we're talking about does. China is not necessarily straightforward about their books, Yams Verde Gov that those numbers are a little says we're like Ahmadinejad, saying, there's never been a gay in IRAN, s sake. Never one, not one. We have got the there's, never been a single one, not alone. many lives have been destroyed because of criminal records associated with possession of marijuana but why report that state to state legalizing motion, anyway, one about. We are also seeing some communities not rush way white people.
Not you. This idea that people- ok, my wife, which is not legalise marijuana. You ve seen those billboards for the pot lawyer with them. Leave it reduces like serious possessions down to tiptoe to meet our left rather get finds. One point sure. Maybe, but even then, if you go back looking at Woodstock, there were smoking out in the open in the public, as I do that people's lives have been destroyed, because a joint, it's just not true. Now you ve been running a criminal and I dont think that anyone should go to prison for plot. I don't and I dont think their life should be destroyed. Four parts black white Period- Rich Bore, I get it understood, but it's dead. Our aim to act as though that is why our prisons are overpopulated this country we are locking people up for single instance pot pot infractions. That's not what happened was response not, as is too often the case.
the first response, and when we are bringing the timing is I just want to steer, keep them? yet another reason to build the war criminal science from Pennsylvania. George. Did he answered this question when armed guards in schools, in the way that you she's gotta, conservative, so Paulo MRS Area, a lot about what you do is present to reach across I'll the compromise with the GEO p? Well, I have done my Roy them throughout my political career. In fact, that may surprise some people that there was some years when I was in the. U S house of representatives that I passed more amendments in a given year than any other congressmen. Precisely because I reached across the oil and found common ground with Republicans will agree with me on a particular these issues mentioned we got access and on the full value cable. I work with the herd. Frowning help pass a resolution in the Senate we have already out and then Helen Payment Police bottle. That agreed with that reaching across the island conservative republic, and I don't care,
tired of this whole idea reaching across here, but a moment or marriage across the aisle to grab his decrepit old, never spotted hand notes already in your pants, but also to think sickles deeply. I dont know the exact numbers, but republican Democrats work together all the time I love my inbox guy, I'm on a bunch of personally spelling. Listen lay back so that time is that Republic incentive to working with these Democrats. Probably about eighty percent of the bills- roads, it's just you know, they're they're, a couple issues. We have some disagreements on this one. I believe that I can hold us by the wakens seen insects twenty dollars off. If you join my club scene and such as the problem crowd, are seeing their lives dream is the hashtag before Twitter. It. Let us know if you want us to continue with Kemal Harrison Peak. What gig I dont. I dont want to be here you guys need us here what Wilkinson,
let us now and of course- and I saw your screen generally joining up and Muslims are moderate, like Ebay entering my phone just over this year, you ve made me watch the Oscars. Indeed, we should respect, show now saying that for two hours you have to be here, try to it for sixteen. I have two p m Today, the Muslim was deal with stick around four Kemal, ten major guess who Amy, overcome. Otherwise, I think he's vilified pharmaceutical companies again and yet one in five Americans can afford the medicines they need. They are incredibly only raise it he's still alive Thousand years old, Martha Pike handed you mustn't that ideas to do that to cut prescription drugs cost in this country in half, so that the american people are not paying any more than people around the world. Arthur, told the right that cannot be done by the way that cannot be done, but it cannot be done because other countries rely on us to innovate, create the drugs
bring them to markets where that they can subsidizing through the government in their people, their citizens pay less, that's what's happening, and in a way I was raised. That's what happens across the sea. It cannot be done. We cannot reduce the cat. the pharmaceutical in the United States to that of other countries, because we are the ones who bear the costs and bring it to market. It can't be done and if it were even attempted to be implemented, you would watch these pharmaceutical companies is by the way de vilified too. We have some kind of a serious disease. Think not the last time you were seriously sick. You didn't want the Gestapo rubies Gimme, the industrial heavy duty, shit right, we love developed until we actually need them. Those pharmaceutical companies will leave so fast if they believe that their when you try and that the debt that, but it's not gonna, be worth their while to invest in a new innovative drug use. Is a good example that a new drug ketamine, only the club drug right. They just have reversed antidepressant tube and brought them. In the long term to go to a clinic and that you as a nasal spray. The very low
so I can only say to it for people who are ill treatment resistant in depression. This is what most promising drugs have come along. I think, if I'm not mistaken, I reckon Research, this matter, I don't have a numbers in front of it- was ring article on this I want to say in thirty years are really haven't, haven't been any revolutionary writer of new products. In the end, pressing Morgan. I know before we will get into the hall from so. Let's just for a second that depression is a thing for people. This New drug right now that of course, would be incredibly difficult to bring a lot of these drugs to market when it comes to up to other condemning, knew it. There's no question it disk. This policy could last for let's call it that, next drug cycle. That's it because launch you decide that you're going to kill the golden goose, which is what this is you're, going to chop up and you're going to say, pharmaceutical profits go down the tubes. You wanna research, you and invest in future research. Math! Don't worry about it! The generics will pay for it, but the generic companies aren't the ones that are doing the research in so ultimately, you're gonna get five year
maybe you can get ten years down the road of having really really really cheap drugs, but you're only going to have cheap drugs are the ones that exist now. You'll never have the innovation. So if you go back ten years- and you say ok, what have we implemented this policy ten years ago? Let's say we did in two thousand nine or ninety ninety nine. What you would have said then, is at there would have been a finite life at which the ability to innovate again would have ended, because we would have no one else to funding that has no one else. Has the collective power to do this other than corporations are corporation, sometimes guilty of doing things wrong, absent We have seen it up and down, but having some regulation does it mean you have to destroy it and that's what burning say with it? Somehow we can kill the goose and contain delay the golden eggs.
Simply won't happen. It is amazing to me too, that we absolve the FDA any responsibility of drugs out there right now. You have treatments that could treat me. Myriad elizabetta know exactly what is on the shelf, but drugs that people with life threatening illnesses right now would gladly take, even though it causes slight stomach discomfort. You're, these things sit on the FDA Shell, for ever for ever it is. It is there's so much red tape, and this is something that could again. This is this is the difference, the fundamental difference in a old. Yes, can corporations be corrupt? Of course, can individual business owners have nefarious motives? Absolutely that being said, the dam? that they can do- is not nearly as as as significant as that in a centralized government guess what it takes for the FDA to cause irreparable damage and millions of deaths. It just takes one corrupt person there on the rights, but on the right board on the right
and guess what it takes to starve thousands or millions of citizens. It just takes one bad leader under a socialist communist regime that this idea of talk about this before. A mouse guard, local, don't you have guard works, it actually is what it is. First shock among a lot of things that go. It's like patting like punching a pillar. What happens if you hit someone a mouse got it's almost impossible for you to knock out teeth because that rubber disperses the shock across all of your teeth, so to mitigate the damage from going all that vibrational force right. All that kinetic energy from going to one to that's for enterprises, that's what capitalism is its. This idea that human beings are inherently flawed, and put a mouse guard on its would have somebody makes a mistake. It isn't happening at the hands of war, giant, centralized power that can screw everybody Amazon right now. If we found out was a part of one of the biggest scandals,
couldn't be, is damaging to the american public as the federal government. If we're the scope that Bernie Sanders. Ok, let's see what this guy s eventually hurt us dammit, call idle wages or amend. I think what our campaign is about is justice. It's it's a fight for justice. You can almost justice social, just drank the environment and justice and the younger Johnny Boy. I'm gonna need you to come in and your how another beer, so whether its executive novelty amounts like Amazon, Netflix, General motors, nothing in petrol taxes trend next life Maximus, just like you ass times, just your beer families like the EU to be run in one of the wealthiest families in America. So I think what we need is a fair and progressive. tax system. In order to raise the revenue that Gimme, the Mafia, the metal wrapping on the top held immediate families, doubling their country and deal with a very serious problem of income and wealth inequality.
So we have to drink ring on bringing in bringing to bring it and don't try to avoid the camera, their Johnny boy, biodiversity. On camera. There is an acute catering rules from Europe and other countries, populations the individuals around the world on the murder I just like other hooligans about giving the United States or another conference after college. You need something else on our second pillar must given the bottle sense to me so what we just pure foam, profitable corporations should beginning. People can see is when you run around like a little girl, just walk with tax proposal. They become invisible. Prancing like the banana regime, is trying to not waken limiting bills. Getting bottles are insurmountable corporations. Trodden deficit was elected president. I would listen those tax
Yeah within those tax breaks that every American has benefited earlier tonight, arguably goes like this zone. Downtown has a piece in her plan. It is about debt. Forgive you, a journey time. Take the rest of this awful hundred, grand or less Forget yourself a little dollars and student loans sliding scale these supply even see. I really have been studied it, but I think you know Elizabeth I and of agreeing on a whole lot of it, because I didn't have wanted at the green room with it as an adult, punish people for the crime of getting a higher education so well, I like how he describes higher education as a crime that he doesn't want to punish people. It's not aiming. Can anyone.
other than like us about what you do want to punish, Beaver being fiscal irresponsible, whose aid their way through knowledge. You want to punish them of their making around two thousand dollars here, because, let's say bill, they went to law school right, medical school because you should pay for somebody who s a feminist studies, degree right or to a young woman. You better sense. I mean like parliament, but above all right. I often About how I should have studied a feminist instead, for that me. Asian community, huge drought and about the health of different stagger. Moms are like feminists evidence for breakfast. That's how my mom toxic idea- thirty five years, Talks like an old night one six veal, yes, lands Kojak argue about a jam pianos in UNESCO conditions, either scan gray loves you with aviator people should not have the floor. Do me a favor, their young billion go having kids for growth Ok, just gonna Billy. What are very big on getting a college drive
jack. I'm is significant weight and people's like what are you gonna pay for that get back gets back to the question that the young man asked a moment ago. Your higher taxes, when Wall Street was bailed out. Why Congress to the tune of at least one trillion dollars? Don't tell me we don't have enough money in country to substantially reduce, stood in that we don't have wasn't guy in advance. By the way you know, as a tea party started, was santerre enemies, Rick centrality who granted on the trading room floor about the baby. Was conservatism complained about long Yankee by walls. Remember. We were therefore Andrew bright barter. They used to be you keeping a racist. He came to prominence with the tea party. And backed, and so was Michel Morgan because they were concerned
about the walls we built conservatives have never been programme should be allowed as much as eighty frames with a phrase red failing that was basically wiles intended. The bail out was excellent. People were normally conservative, they can go to vertical. Who isn't this a scrap hold on a second? What should happen with her kind of change? climate change, dragons and I've got to tell you that. In a number of years ago, I introduced the most sweeping legislation to combat climate change and the history as it does a bank outlined. As you know, the scientists who know the issue the best and the worst I dont months ago made it clear that if we do not significantly transform our energy system to get it over the years on fossil fuel, energy efficiency and sustainable energies, this planet and our country will suffer irreparable damage, go back and watch and inconvenient jury issue. Look at their timelines, then very
I can read climate protection, we have it actually at Lahti was amended outcome. I think we have you go, go read this. These are vibrant climate protection that didn't comforted by the way. Not only then can we ensure afterwards there was the Leonardo Caprio Film Polar bears just another. addiction horrible, but look at them but the great lakes which we ve talked about golden Compass. We now those parts work at a time of crisis. I think that was for. I was forced to read that it might have great English was. Let me. By the way you did away with all nuclear power in your home state of her mind, your carbon emissions went justly Germany, moving to renewables income in comparison to France, who, I think it's what seventy something percent as nuclear energy. Here's what they know, to talk about nuclear energy. It has less way then solar wind. It requires less acreage. It has or less carbon emissions and is far. But if you look at the juvenile,
here the mining materials that are incentives Gary for solar panels to help now is by the way it's not profitable to recycling. Even Its proponents of solar panels understand that has actually cheaper to get new materials like right. Now we have a problem with recycling China isn't buying the crap that we're trying to sell him anymore. Recycle tourists a glass, for example, the glass bottles to release for that to be cost effective way. Recycling glass has to be cheaper than sand. Millions of ok, so now talk about solar panels. What is it they they have? They have nickel. There are all kinds of rare precious metals, not to mention the kinds of batteries which, by the way, Bill gates invested over one billion dollars in solar and wind and that we will have anything clothes terrorism The kind of battery capacities are capabilities that we need right now to people to store long term solar, wind, wind, energy. You know what does work nuclear energy and the carbon emissions are far far lower. France. Nuclear energy car emissions went down. Germany went to solar wind, their prices doubled
and their carbon emissions, went up. There's a tale of two of two countries in right now, unfortunately, because of political pressure that might be doing away with nuclear energy, there is less waste less waste, its cleaner. It's safer, Germany deaths. There have been. We nuclear think about this sort of thing that Fukushima We have got there were ever tuna death. It was from the evacuation from people panicking. Over ten thousand death. I think right what the dam that broken China that was well. There is the one to China, but there is also the one in Brazil. I mean that certain those concerned with about ten thousand at I mean thousands and thousands. throughout the history of mankind, the deaths from all nuclear energy combined do not amount to that of other energy sources annually. It's ninety because, and you have to have back up
For solar and when this is what they don't want to tell you tat backup for soul when which actually completely eradicate species completely require clear cutting of entire forest to work and their inefficient picked them so you're gonna say someone need. I was just going to make a burning more, no sir. I don't know but actually to to build on that point again. Two burnings platform from his own website. I just want anyone who's out there listening who works in coal. Natural gas or crude oil. New may have a co worker or a family member who says no, no bird he's not out here to destroy my livelihood to remember the last bullet points under his environmental plank and exports of coal, natural gas and crude oil and the ability of the United States to make money off of its own mineral off of its own industries. Smart ass, clear and destroy those industries. That's that's exactly what he wants to do with by the way no adequate replacement. None at all.
To nuclear I mean that recorded solar wind, which has never worked. We always have to have a back up. Yes, you always are and by the way you know where they use. War call a natural gas in recent years, Germany. Because they need a more back up to their stupid, solar and wind eat the costs it already gone up, their carbon emissions. Our goal. Not because we need a back up to it. It's this idea. People have this ill conceived notion because I, by the way, I'm building a pudding solar panels, to our our small lay cottage, because I like the idea being self sustaining, but beyond this idea that it's like a home solar panel kit that you can store. elysium batter. You cannot do it on a grand scale. It doesn't exist yet not yet it's all there there that the treaties will you look at battery technology. Yes, it accelerates very rapid rapidly and its plateau for a very long time. When you look at the cape, What we have with nuclear reactors, new nuclear fusion, we look even we can recycler Teresa nuclear waste, its unbelief
Well, there's been a thereby far more advances in that, and there had been in battery technology is relates destroying solar, wind recent. No one wants do you realize that if you use nuclear energy for the rest of your life, you personally, you could fit the waste from half Asian Letter Bill Richmond in a coke camp, amazing even one days of sheds all of American and by the way you put it caught, you put it in metal tube and put it in some kind of a concrete structured irradiation gets up. Then no radiation gets. You could store all nuclear waste from the history of American nuclear energy use all from his the United States, in one football field, fifty feet I in a country building. There's fair more ways for solar wind. I'm not saying that we should look at new energy sources, but they take Energy sources off the table because of political expediency, the region I don't want to talk about nuclear, because this idea of renewables, as they put it, it would be dead, would be dead people
They understood the economics of nuclear energy. I cannot come out, are a stick around four Kemal us. Let us know, tweet me address crowd from Cnn sucks, hashtag, rider scene and live stream is what we need, and what are we going to go to a break right? Now, I'm going to go to the restroom tweet me best route. If you want to continue through Kemal Harrison, PETE but GIG, and then I'll I'll be back and think about it. Do not attempt to training techniques, Europe, to see without consulting a professional tonight on crowd or nine one one. I think you're right, nothing doing physically inappropriate. politician is at the point where we ve groups, personally walked by
on the lives of Hizbollah Jump. I would then he started kissing my neck. This Joe Biden was clearly out of control and it was time someone to do something about a quarter. Son of Color Garrett at Coworker Mattie have been dealing with a politician with no respect for boundaries are personal space. We're glad with these to be the problem, Joe Biden hearing you won't stop sniffing in kissing people. That's your problem! I've done everything! I don't know what to do. What see the first thing you did. he's right now with your very tense your game, not that energy you actually encourage their behavior. I incursion that's right. Ok, what do I do that First thing we need you to do is get your Joe Biden to calm, relax,
Take it we're gonna. Do that with no talk, no touch, no eye contact. Ok, that's right! It's ok to drug delete! Soaking focus is ok. I see what idea is I do a small correction when Joe Biden goes into kissing, let's see I'm stuff the brain from relating to a state of sexual assault, birthright for bad I think you're. My nose was doing. My correction is not to hurt Joe Biden, but just to snatch the brain out of it not now Jack. It's ok, it's ok! gonna, thirty gonna sort of extreme sites cities, the coroner black is giving off a tense energy and escalating he's. Asking himself is a job. I'm gonna kick.
I now give you gonna make a Hare puppet and Joe Biden is already escalating his energy to match. Rubbing shoulders and kissing the face gum affirmative assorted, that's it that's right! That's right, you're, out, the fat? Yes, this correction credits, bricks, that's right! That's he can only has water when you say he has won right boundaries, consistency! Now you can have one you can. You can have. Now this accord, a black was doing really good. We here's a job. I so it's time to introduce a new challenge for combating it's. Ok,.
Coming up on a crowd or not, Ok, What kind of Facebook Timeline. when you Instagram snatcher. The same in real life like on tv not find people Jimmy Camera Samantha
real funny Show me a picture board of you. I don't know they're not funny. How often do you see them. Every night. everywhere, you won't tell anyone, may tell me jobs, About it,.
Everybody turned to play, guess how much better get some, Betty ways to get away from me. Ok see me, can you guess prodigal, hotter and twelve well, can you guess how much this tasty morsel. See ways I go over these gonna Egypt and I know how much you said in your tweets at its greater guess: how much better ways are right? Sweets, sweetheart, you could come get the pop she's gonna poop Sweden's gonna open work area of Kemal here's. This is from the which, by the way, a lot of Canada comes much more couples where you join up right now, hashtag, not hashtags right now. Looking promo code is Betty. Betty Betty do what you want to do Do you do you? Do you impeachment lot of Canada? I'm flash. My club at this, the promo go to sea and insults to get twenty dollars off right now, even if you're, not a student, veteran active military dashed
strategy and live stream by the way, let everyone, no one social media, because the notification did not go out, which is why half asian we're Bill Richmond is here to worry, is what I. a bargain. We we provide our viewers which such good product, what are they? so much that they vote for us to continue watching see, and I haven't. I ask myself and I have no idea what I learned lessons extreme right. You can't look away, but I think we should have some new mug club subscribers. We can actually show here because you Reality or their families Oh look at that very go! Well, being We got some of the names there, Joe Northern Norman Junior, Thank you very much. Microcredit learn Tyler Myers West two. When Slovenia Luke Wild eight ball It's in your hands someone's going to join Muslims, and we leave your name out loud during this month and then immediately they're going to join the club, their names to be like peace, but GIG I would be ridiculous if every twiddle had at what
toward, but in it please join now when it would be a peep backing. the agreement. A better deal to reach new motorway eventful hour. I would have to have knowledge about what might be the animals are, but that doesn't mean the product impeachment that's right drink. Thank you let's talk about you visit the level, that's tat she was looking for applause break. I can always tell us a comedian concerning you're looking raised by she's, looking for new clause, Breakin she's, not rescued by the audience, electronics and underlines the Keel University of New Hampshire studying is. this is actually one of the gay intervals arrested and only because money from what I ve been hearing. She has the magical doing here. The question there that public schools are being targets for mass shootings. Two days ago, the twentyth anniversary of cholera by mass measuring
but still, two decades later nursing story. They lead to twenty four miles. You remember wrestling websites, you know where she made, as President Prodi was, that has been passed since then, and keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. Thank you ban and I'm sure it's your specific, what's yours, to react, to get points within solomons been active money for metals. Those last want to think dissipate in a drill right where. You and I was like a by racial Lisbon. Warm thanks years, like looking like run right mass sooner. I have an arm. I was losing ground nuts. Half is one thing I don't get like. It was also the array accountable for manufacturers and what about the governor? is that are messing up the background checks in the first place and causing people to get the guns and assuming that gets you smile majority centres, pops up in the wings like people
now. Who have failed to have the courage to be false. Weighting of Allah, was back there. Listening when an emerging said Albert always don't put armed guards and schools. That's what's gonna nomes to hide. I came to drink, there's a regular divers. You know what you want to go. Hunting, that's fine, but we need reasonable gun safety laws in there, I want you to tell of background check. We haven't renewal of the assault weapon ban, all these lessons. Banners are reasonable asked, so this vital legal, this illegal you're saying what capacity no what caliber, literally just a rifle grip versus pistol. That's amazing legal person illegal. It was a really some fishing area and that didn't nothing. Now, it's just research. Will you worked with you work with IRAN. Companies from voluntary for violating the industry, for our great tend to think are wonderful, sponsor Walter really appreciated fantastic and having That's not so weapons ban. I didn't do it didn't do nothing at all.
When you look at the statistics, the statistics about, what's actually being done with firearms. What's what are actually being used by law enforcement versus what's been using crimes, the types of guns are being illegally used, verses, those that are actually rightfully obtained at such a small percentage of guns. That are actually legally obtain that would fall under the definition of the sea rifle that are being used in these kinds of crimes in when you look at all the dogs, you know I want to read you clarified, they don't say assault rifles, military term assault weapon is made up to; the, but I love to hear how they mix them up all the time, and that's it. That's all The issue is: go ahead and enforce the laws that are actually on the books and will see what happens in as opposed to saying we ve got to go and do What's she won't mention is twenty years ago in Columbine they weren't using weapons that would have otherwise qualified under software in Spain, we shall do so.
Wouldn't one of them have a nine millimeter. Curbing old has organised an irresistible. She ok pistols in chocolate then what is it wasn't like? This was called a scorpion of the immense five years like a nine millimeter carbon was that you be aid or somebody used at which that happened to that became the gun. De jure that everyone rife right, there was concern about yeah pistol, caliber, carbon financial biting. Debt crisis: do you support initiatives such as free com, just say something here: protective this roaming Joshua? What? Because. though, obviously since, where we talk about the left being unpatriotic little talk about Donald Trump sort of talking down to his voter base. Nearly all questions asked by the democratic I've been selfish, prick question, yes, they ve been the elections. Are an asshole asks, just pictures, pictures off at a dinner table? Ok and you have of your family members there and you have your head of household pictured. It Thanksgiving Gate, and you have some kids ease the conservatives who go: hey dad.
Really hope? Your proud of me look at what I did here. Look at what I did on my own. I went out and I started this business. We won this. If we want this art prize me and my friend and look, I out a college, and I paid my way through and are not in debt dead. Aren't you proud of me? in the case of the other side of the table, goes hey dad. You can pay My school dad are you gonna buy me a car, Dad Christiania Healthcare until I'm twenty six dad dad dad. I want a cookie. I want a puppy me me me me. I I now now me now: that's all it is free college. I want to smoke. We look on culture for everything it really relented idle brings every one spoke, we'd, free or that'll, be the next What you're! Only if you are you are you? U make health care free and all of a sudden, just classify part of the drug for everything from a hang over all the way to pancreatic cancer. Well, I've gotta go right because getting barbecued is a human right. Yes,
I can do is anyone that our lives? It should be so much easier. These questions are for Kemal of, and I may not be like directly barely idea. We think they were harder on learning, aren't or Kemal, but like birdie global is actually hotter and burning. Isn't lab Lebanon, Cooper outlined was hard. Your little girl be requiring a real fast. ES by which we mean just when you set eyes on payment will be the norm. And finally, let's look at the fact that for all of you and all of anybody who has a plate applied for financial aid, that is an awful process
You guys know what I'm talking about all even governmental financial aid so give a goal. We got it right here. Fill our financial aid of travelling rates are informed about it. You're right, I won for words almost like she's jogging. We abandoned as though it could be your credit red tape. Those while allowing like, for example, teachers in Dublin, spend a lot of time. I think a lot about education in terms of air aspect of it from students like the one role given fresh prince, who we were supposed to believe, was black, really are those who have left the profound I do think I don't know, I have no idea and afford to pass right now. We're looking actually had a deficit. bill on the noble you're, losing time denominator: college going through all the way through law, school you see. It's probably about six says she supports productivity and probably a little bit under that you still have some detrimental EPA.
now all under that Moldova. That more reason thank because you got a lottery. Yes, yes without question There are other parts like you started, showing you too will not judge. no, but I mean I want some of public school for underground with Universal Missouri, and so when I was at Mizzou. You know I have some scholarships. Another thinks of that helps. I got the scholarship to go to law school as well, so those things helped as well You know. There's thrust me, there's a fair amount of course, but never in a million years was there ever the thought. My mind that somehow this would be forgiven mean that at some point some one was gonna come along with magic wand. In tell me that the deaths that I sign, my name on we're just gonna, go poor, and let me ask you this: if you knew the debt was going to be forgiven, would you may be going into a different field that you didn't know was
indeed is profitable. Is, let's say, law medicine when you experimented more, maybe spent more time in college I possibly might have, but I probably would have just stone a bunch other things. Why was there? I would have just taken or credit I would spend more free money is being given to me. You I mean that's, that's that that is human. Each remain human nature is taken in the end to use what is given right, I mean there's that's the concept of house money and when you make everything house, money, you're, you're, asking humans to somehow go against their nature and that's what the whole plan When I see her, I've looked at all their websites and I've been seeing any one of them where they talk about free tuition, saying it only applies to let's say stem fields, vocation colleges or degrees at your clip space, There should be some kind. They can't do it because those aren't the kind of people who want recall it now. Typically speaking,. Well, that's a Jones! I would say if we wanted to say all right. Listen, let's up here's what I think
you should do away with. I know you mention it yet. Scholarships and some people right agonizing, gonna, see Stevens largest, proves the need for now. If we didn't have scholarships for grants, overall costs of education will be lower, but you're not going in that. Take it when it's on the table sure I just ass. Well, talking about his home has been rebuilt. I think three times on the beach in the east coast after hurricanes, I should have learned not to build their, but I'm not going there. Free money on the table, that's what John starting a blog. I mean, I believe, an inability of an institution to say if they want to encourage certain students to why I went to one school over scholarship verses. Another I mean I had other schools or often before rise. I turned down because I wanted to go to what I perceived to be a better. I think we're going to do this is a new segment. We're crap lot of color salute re actually offer since the green. You do actually kind of expanded. It was only five pages, but we're going to do five point solutions to major problems. Things like Healthcare Things are. Education is one thing I obviously women working not yet, but I do think that we should do away with all turned pale grants stew
made scholarships outside of serious academic, reflect scholarships to do away with it, and it seems to me that, particularly in certain locations or or stem fields, law making a complete tax deduction, sometimes. How about that about that we can. We can cut down inflation little bit by not creating an incentive for cars. Is to make a degree on affordable right to have an incentive to say what can you for it twenty thousand dollars a year, all right if we make that price fifty cents. Dollars a year, you can get yourself a pilgrim this school will get more money. We need to do away with all that because a hyper inflation and, let's just look at the idea of May all higher education, completely tax about what mean you're. Talking about an actual former wherever you gotta reform, something you have to stop doing. you're doing now and do something different with the Democrats. You a college students and their idea of reform is gonna. Give you more money right, which is a reform. It's just
very well. Let us go on private health insurance. What's your cause, Bernie said that medical for all would do with criminals such a she didn't cause. I'm gonna think should not be the barrier to receiving the care that will relieve you of pain. Are help and Norway, because you shouldn't have to pay money for your help. Us here has created a magical land, shop of rivers and midgets untraceable. Where, where Kemal Harris and Elizabeth Warren spin recycled trash into golden yarn and insulin shots, I don't understand This idea that you have to pay money for your drugs barrier to entry shouldn't be after able to pay for it in a way. Health care, that is, costs, pharmaceutical companies or caretaker. Allianz of dollars to create, invest in the barrier. entry should just be me, access right and the supplementary
Isn't how the cost analysis is a human right for those who can afford it? One of the biggest issue. Impacting America was done, lemon put the glasses on travelling this country really serious big, as this is the third most like I'm trying to see your point here in the house are not based on. Might you know? I just wondered when you hear for died about giving away free college there, I really want you to give your book a labourer. Yeah, Dyslexia, education start right there. What word round I am holding time I mean do away with the best selling profits. Listen monolithic, snooty, clear this bill that you cosponsor essentially phaser private insurance for four years in four years,
I don't think, that's right! They would like more likely that this paper we never actually eliminate private insurance. It was essentially phase out private insurance company has the is the main yours. Beggar serve dieting, supplement, other Toby Access, all right come on insurance or whatever I haven't felt: let's Bingley Thereabout medical still be accessed plan that will still be access to several mental insurance, bringing political wing. Why, under the plan, Medicare form it will come rather they knew them you doing them, for they do not go through what we need to do better around whether having greater access to repeat that this is so they? Never talk about disabled on various honesty, remedial drink. Everyone was Malaga. Max Ratner is originate from Massachusetts. He is now student at seeing it college right here? Let us in our modern for senator She acts, which are about
thank you for that migration. Thank him at the green new deal is not a law, but rather a memorandum that has no actual legislative effect by its characterizes. Expensive, divides, Democrats and has no chance. A passing through Congress in its current state. Greece take a moment to appreciate that the them You gave me a lot, but I said good looking girl, she's, a conservative and the one guy looks normal, the only to people who have they knocking Dorian or you would look into your house where conservative Laconia, their ordinary no deal is becoming came down shut out just lose by. She knows that Parliament will have to draw up the microphone analyzing day this issue and every both sales will be no arc light.
Earlier? I was looking at whether the next and I say this for him. It's really easy to find his position on the points browsing, Arap, Bookmarks website. We can't find anything that was, actual positions, american, unlimited, it's like budgeting archives, says we need a moral imperative. drink clean air. Neither farmers will be branded. We fear, though, if you have actual positions on your website fire. All of you can swords lying across the board. People are being impacted by this. Let's also look at the fact that we have in so many states great work. It is happening that is actually contributing to the economy. I run and investment are when all by long range of skills has six came out with a less last year of the top twenty jobs are going to see the greatest amount of growth in our country over the next ten years. Number one: a number two installation and maintenance of wind turbines solar
Let us read it in the Congo: first, you didn't say: number one institution, and so she is clearly will the count, which also explains why the financial don't at present. The issue here is more pelvic working hours. They think that they understand when they talk about unemployment. They just Bernie mentioning in the dung and the island is one of the Fox Newtown Unemployed. we're going down under Obama, and it will have a second we're. Not just talk but overall unemployment numbers when you funds numbers new, include government, job right, shovel, ready jobs, you don't include pate people who left effectively the workforce looking for a job she's farmers are not. We dont care Talking about things like Solyndra. Are you talking about the federally subsidized and losing technologies? Are unprofitable technologies? That's not what we're talking with you can't you can't claim
as a growing job sector, in the same way that an actual healthy private economy sector could claim it. It's just it's not it's it's! It's not an actual business run, an honest profit margin. It's because you through money at it, because you have to pay off your constituency for vote, but that animals with Obama they completely graded new math like wasn't, is created jobs created or save jobs. right over the kind of the drought job growth instead of like they think they ignored all the jobs that are lost, Windows and George Bush. the government bottoms okay. This is where I start. I think we'd all back up and down right ear and by the way look it up. It will be before dramatist acquainted with. Italy- and I should like those of Amr or by the whole time and still is a dirty tricks will be organised in terms of the river the work we need to do in the approach we need to have, but we can see success. We ve saving caliphs
In California, in California and success, and we will reach a great varietals or you will lunatic by resuming, she was like the drinking gave the best where she's joined us wait to be less check the roles of human cloning President Lala here is just jewels. We don't you like sucks, Alice neutral towards worry. I totally totally with garlic makes total illicitly this future music exists However, when I was in college, listen listen to my chemical romance, really It is something else we should explore. We have more time we'll get you thinkin affecting as I gotta go. Ok are Although the baby and like others, I don't know I was there, I came other even any beds out now that I gave in use, for example, nothing's the took guitar has been replaced with the dead dj mixing born.
ok, there really are no more rockstar out. Ok up it. S kind of like when I was using two mumble rap when I was in college Maggie mumbled itself, like my breakfast this morning, number at all times San Francisco, all guy. hey, I got a viable. Businesses are wasted, ass, ever disco and she was like this is I sent her a joke. I was like. Oh, like no big deal right. This is clearly just people, exaggerating she's, like no. This visible Of course, we are one day of August two to yourselves that one, what we're going to make it through one more commercial break, and then I'm calling acquit. That's why one more commercial Break AGA said he boy. We need more beer from out again, I guess drinking game, but you have to have one feel as though you do you do have to ask, is for the Oscars livestock producers. Do did you break, which is good.
you need a bottle of an organisation that one doesn't imala or even stamp. We finished finish: don't you you go to bed at night offensive to the. Is live stream? I had to have that one twelve percent beer, just because with tradition. Dragging smell the dragons wealth and that as as I'm standing they had? We want those like fifteen percent. Do you anymore good funny name A glove, yet we argued area is going from one out there just attempt to read that one. I can't even richer I'm regret balls of fire Oh, it is already good with the clever, liberating bleared symbol. Fucking ardently Barnes, that's a bull crap name, it's a tv name low, Malta is a terrorist. plan link on mergers zinc. Thank you very, very few, very much on didn't Ricky Flanagan iranian Magua. That's what allows us Erin Jos, Jos, Joke Josie.
Yes, it was about time and Cars Jesse reasonable, It has been our say, thank you to air and for DE says about them. Tat, monseigneur. Exactly this is using them right, let's be honest, alot of people they just when people come up and see their fans and what do they know. I love you Feminist film Festival or I love the under cup. I might go. Ok, you're, just watching biggest videos. What allows us to also do a stream of something like this, which is very important in our people. Talk about this work only cover things that are good for ratings, they're, probably couldn't I could name anything that would be worse for a conservatives programmes ratings, then four hours or three hours of a CNN town Hall lives watch us watch when we do it, for you and the only reason to delay is because of people who join up at my club lot of credit. I am such Muslim right now the promo code CNN sex. We wouldn't be able to do this if he didn't make in this revenue back on Youtube, That's not already limited my classmates we're democracy.
Before I even rolled out of you know I was gonna, go I don't know. What's going on, let us no comment for those who are watching this in the archives or send me a message. Observe tweet me: it s, crowded people are getting motive. none of our notify. Caissons are going up relations numbers bitching about this, because in a lot of people in Belgium, but everything as it listen, we ve except the democratization, but they too I remember you today sent us a letter saying if you upload more than three pieces of content in twenty four hour period, you will be notified, but we have screen grabs at show us that the young Turks and I'm a lot of us are subscriber them notifications, letter and bright three times a day and we're uploading more than one piece of content per day or non ratification on this life. You ve no idea like when, when you're asked, are you reading, let's make sure, when you're out their tweeting? If you got him before and you're not getting em now, just let us not give us a little detail. When did it start? You know you'd
When did you normally get em when they did not come now? May we know that their doing an and trust me everyone you out, there is not one. I can either you're just running some diagnostic tools that can I, once you have been ass, a chamber. What. Harvard students sell my clash in talks about how this country western clay, you and many reparations. to devote a person of their students wishing to their minister reparation giving surviving the terms sandwich descendants of the two essential to guarantee the stern online or soldiers in the nineteen o five everyone to save the school hover. This is but a small step. Now, how did you get into specific actions? Do you play to take to administer reparations. Let me I knew there is none at all has been hard hit by slavery, Vanessa Chambers, arbour not yield exec nuclear attacks.
I first choice was Coronel safety was honestly, have you been hard not to say systemic? That's complete. crap. You know how I know because there's a quota for you at Harvard and not for white peoples, a matter of fact they re sorry, hair, Asians regiments were full up. Let's be honest, I wasn't even qualified but right there. You are right, though, that the when you look at the numbers- and you look at the quarters, halving the number of losses when going on about this very issue. Where is he actual. Where is there a problem? Are their racist absolutely is theirs My problem is continuing to hold that every instance of success for minorities no way now. it was here right now. What she's answer is to overlook the facts of history as Just read me or their meaning that every single major democratic candidate supports reparation you're, just gonna, crazy fringe emailing. I come on now, that's a little, but not if you're a fourteen year old names,
Schuyler Name Vanessa chambers in you actually have benefited from affirmative action. All these government programmes and more public funding to education. It like farmer, now, there's gonna, yes reparations. We need to talk about how to best implemented, look into what I think it is because that mean Democrats was one of the hide these things. I think they viewed Donald Trump as an easy win, because whatever pulls because because they pick a reason, but because of that they figure. This is the one time a wicked run. As us and say I'd say that Moscow and say this is what we campaigned on and you will like that us the counting on uneasy victories eyes, It may get a huge mistake, real factors that young be associated with time and when you are talking about the years and years and years of trauma that were experience because of slavery because of Jim Crow, and because of all that we have seen in terms of institutional and legal discrimination and racism. This is very.
Real and needs to be studied, and we need to look at exactly how the response should be legislating. Everything that you have to tell you that family didn't come of this country with an ideal hundreds and never left with your. So we would ever again when they were slaves, we would never lived there. What does it mean? Wanted anything we're a judge and precedents, and how do you do? Does the latina able to pay in terms of ever my life. Represents forever. If my weapon that's true you're? What do you have to pay By the way, do we only pay to people who are dramatic sentence of slaves and videos that we're what? Unless, if Latinos, don't pay? If Asians don't pay? If I know I was here You must have any amount Americans on play, don't pay if Persian Americans don't pay, It only white Americans and then to say only white Americans who clearly come from lineages that have own slaves, and then it should only apply to black. Americans were direct descendants of slate. This is what it just doesn't function unless you're talking about a bogus social justice agenda, I'm sorry! No! No! That's it! It's that simple!
do, I believe in giving a land back to native Americans bill. I don't do you believe in reparations to Vanessa Chambers was born in ninety. Ninety eight. No, I don't know it is mine, keep liner. Let's go tearing like waited, whose only the first came to say the reparations are human rights. The point I think, we're all gonna saying it in pleasure: there again there there again theirself so one of the things it Kamali did say in a recent interview was that in her mind, he's one, this version of reparations is going to be mental health treatment for African Americans. here's her quoth. She calling all African Americans mental. She is well. You can well here's what you can look at it. She'll VON treated and undiagnosed trauma african Americans have higher rates of heart disease and high blood pressure. It is environmental, It is centuries of slavery, which is a form of violence where women were raped, where children were taken from their parents, violence associated with slavery.
Because clearly there has not been a single individual choice about diet, culture influence education, or any of the hellenic Valium unless there's someone from the audience, any person bring up a soul food menu, any menu from assaulted restaurant across the country, Kemal airs, going fighting If we now, because even pass a green new deal reparations, that's the reason for the coronary Zira black think the same thing as rightly underlines. This is one thing that is a good time to talk about environmental, you're, southern food and didn't white southerners and then that largely influential about black Americans eat. It comes from a lot of soul food in the south. Dean has more in common with house ourselves about solely through legacies of the winds up. But if you look at they say your Their expressions, white, south.
Have a lot more in common, culturally with a lot of black, not lot of northern black Americans, then people understand and a big part of that is, white Southerners catfish a lot, listen live didn't lived in Michigan. If you wanted to see, there's a place that used to go to his Ali Baba, had half indian food and have soul. Food was Delicious whether it is going to was casino or convenience store, I was actually both. She was a half convenience store, then the restaurant amounts of ITALY have indian food and half sulphide. do you get a chicken taken, Mozilla and catfish fry without the list it was to have a say in the winter, the gay black man that that then I was? I was unaware of their populations that have problems. I mean they're in the ears of the city and closer cross demographics, but to be able to say that every single instance of current heart disease, among
an entire demographic attacking values. Action under the directive two hundred years ago is a problem if you legalise the second how you got hacked sex workers. The traffickers- that's always should also be clear about that and I take it won't we questions why we still hear question. Why would you know this is the very sensible because in our affair and the sight of massacres- and I'm only, they would have rejected analogy careful? We appreciate that they are not even try ass. We love you because you think of my bourbon. Most was really do you realize that would just make expert opinions and by the way libertarian? I also think it ok understand it, but the taxpayer is a pity because of you that demanded taxpayer protect sex workers would keep. I guess you're back hams, wrong em. All What what's marched? Ok, that's a great. Well sure glad you asked about the great work, because it's really arrogant,
Mention has been talking about in the United States Senate I serve on seventy dreamland missionary numbered. Maybe I search anaemic room one. The challenge is: do you not lose Flash Russia interfered in the election of the president? I state and in fact, on that point I also heard one last three cyber works. actually mandarins to your point, a new we made a deal with understand. You know why I'm going away to reward for cyber attacks because come on Black and political interests, so we ve already seen one cause. You know why your treachery label, so we have been attacked in terms of ok. Let's face it also, but the train conditions? We are multiple in terms of all of the systems that hold together.
Mantra, Leguminosae right now, if you think there's more generally, not a word, I tell you what you are saying and wearing black parallels. There might as well be heightened words. Pros by the way. The economy of Liberty and Arthur it's just I don't know- maybe they pearls are black. I think exists, can like mine For my part, I mean that in the sense that she's working relations are dynamite really, just as there are as yet the current layers they can go on and on and other an irritant sand in the centre and then the oyster creates a smooth covering on them. that's coming heard. The same lack pearl does actually in another regions at the claims that are used landing Sand and proclaim our our claims. We prepared
Nothing That's right. We were all she's got to tell you, I'm not going along the knuckles and is an utter denial about the realities who who bordering stones, wisest regret, That is why I was Exploiting and as a supporter of our animals for who, behind what it says and mixed up is a lady who shop that orbits machine Red homeward prudently Obsolete Jean teach. You are there any other laws or policies that your regret as a prosecutor and what actions at any would you take to remedy this as president? So let me be clear. I absolutely would relieve the anklet. Children have and should be thought of two clear
national right to elect to education, about not being killed her come on how about if they are, if someone attempts to kill them and they survive, when you just have to write them with the same kind of health care think as human right to everybody else, a baby, How about that born alive protection act. About that, come on? now we're getting integrate territory way out college drop out of twenty four years old, who did a degree and underwater basket. We then we're supposed to paper, but if it's a baby's arise, a botched abortion leaving the wastebasket today, that's kind of our platform. It's a little hard for me to strengthen the message. Democrats are about to presidential cycles, away from legalizing.
portions of another twenty four, for I must, I think, she's do menstrual cycle of Santa twenty fifth year. An alliance of the of the recitals, and rightly so, and incidentally, rose up to forty percent of them- were elementary school students missing fifty sixty up to eighty days of a hundred and eighty days school year, public schools, so I decided to take issue on- and I took the issue on for a number of reasons- not least other Montenegro Elementary School Tonight- isn't rate for islands likely. No, that's right. Removal lack ruined a lot of black people. Yes, I was just reading, but this was a dove black parents, the arrogant in trouble gets lot of kids risky brings going like jail. I shall not all black people, but there her for that, can I guess we talked about with with crack lost. This was pushed by a lot of black mothers in their communities, because I thought crack was actually destroying their own communities, so do that. Disproportionately targets black Americans by the way meth also disproportionately targets white?
and this was initially requested by the black community because he sought the stronger neighborhoods. This is progress the truancy issue, I probably That's an initiative which was probably not to do the right thing, and now everyone playing politics with it, because, unfortunately, some black parents were affected negatively because their kids were skipping schools, but that does not even the parents or push. I think it's like the kids who don't read. Trade is not anymore you're going with me. If I don't know, if I'm not mistaken, there was something going on with black parents. so I've been reintroduced, is because because a college students pushing it because they know nothing about this very you know here. Here's here's one thing I find to be ironic. Just go just doesn't. Isn't that what you? Don't? You think seriously jangling evolve amazing, but come Allah I know that the rules so come on.
so we positive America, lie NATO, the ironical gold open, yet scarcely literally parity, the entire J Little Bill album operating it tomorrow, diamond! Please don't she recently talked about the kind of first signs are read about this truancy problem this project, but I actually think it reveals the practical realities of enforcing existing walks. She was out there enforcing laws. It actually is to try and better Amerika to try and create a change in how these kids, were going about their view of school in trying to get them to be in school, and you say there are consequences with the problems you have, but now even there. Chronic strategies or say it's got are to be a progressive prosecutor, enforced, the law is a spoke out it with being a democratic candid
in this way? It's not like she was prosecuting people for a baggy of we'd know what was happening to treachery small truancy lot to keep. Did she wanted to be we enforce a lot of keep kids in school, it's crazy, I wanna see which insects there does the Boston Marathon Bulwark Bomber be Alison's. Central bank from these are things that go back to the heart of apparent that had been about disenfranchisement policies that continue until today, and we need to take it seriously, but people who were convicted in prison like the boss Obama on death row, people who were convicted of sexual aside liable out. I think we should have a conversation. Why which, which basically yeah we're gonna get? My shows a thought. What I heard only say that I really thought too. In my mind, that was the craziest thing. I've ever I have a question people out there.
As this is a quandary. This is a porter that says it has a bridge the gap between Multi Brown, ales and heavily roses. Doubts notes of chocolate, coffee, roasted barley, offset with just a slight hot bitterness, I mean that there was coffee used in the brewing process like as our caffeine. This, if only we a broad we get asses screen, but is there usually would have it Flavors added. If there were coffee in us would say, coffee. it didn't say. Coffee editor is basically if he drinks was right. All you ever go to sleep tonight, coffee when you write. So there's promising a volume in us take a flavor think national, covering all right: ok, ok, all right not yet, but we really will not overcome outbreak.
So what we gotta Michael over right here I got my boy, a question rebel watching right now, I'm assuming its. But what does the entire time have you heard anything tonight? There should be a lot they ve learned. Andrew. Would you do I only broken. Things, ok, look, I'm sleeping energy framework and its use on Kemal is one site I'm having to be similar gather for minorities. Gagging relegates visit used that used to be when I was devoted to consult them because you're not like five people like what are given issues because what you actually say, what you going to do, people can hold it against you, so you can. Basically, you have a donate page. You have a biography of you with your kids and everything else is filler.
That's mainly, if I wait. What are you doing there? What are these dignities? Are people joining up? Money has? Oh, that's what the spring you, Philip kicking it. Thank you kicking it y all was a little tired. We was as everyone has been talking with the ground. All thank you. Jason has pants, and we appreciate that you have them react like Chris Cuomo backstage right now, don't send pics you just lately relieving himself all over berries platform, roaming around our someone around army. Stop it I'm like it. You and me the ground, our still probably add- and I am more used for the ground owl than Kemal Iris Wild soon one. So that is. Will you have a song? My my hey, hey about molars irony,
now event Jones going to prison Usually I dont like this because I feel that this could be a sick. Come worry. We get like earnest goes to jail and they don't. Let him leave me, like I'm sure, yeah, let's get back in your cell, but I got a lot of our own wants. Even sure you do eyes who do you think Don Lemon Kip again, but Whenever it actually watch us now, I can't do it, try to go back and watch both us and the wire came. I tried it. Why are you so hard mean it just they could it's the best, show very high. Yet it certainly as I wanted sign of their idea, but I gather that no way I generally I get into shows that high up because they never live up to the tabling of the main Romania's may never bothered with game. A throne is everywhere and what are the game with roads? Parties in the garret there's no way this is darkened suck.
Its aim. You can't live up to the high, because the hype over over sells it amends This is very over items. Gonna come out and say it like. It is, the spread of turnover hydrogen videos jack? You re, watches, Sopranos right now. Did you watch the supremacy of what is happening? There is a while, when cable channel first of all like a tv shows, whereas only they had like Gillig, boobs and pressing yeah, It was considered a good guy, doesn't have one planet operands Macleod for themselves, as long as I was a sophomore does he really was given up on seeing the boys supporting Senator Bernie Sanders. That is what is an area that I know what I think It's always evident from Harvard denies that I missed out on us Anton every single person from arbiters been lack such as the one you up. How does have an identity politics
something that you know how we noticed rags. There are no illusions as being an essential point in the history of our country. Also, I think a marked a moment. I like it or not, but I know I think I'll get ideas that I can. I can I guarantee everyone watching wrestling right now. It's the most scripting scripted demographic. Then this is already looking to mirror and ask a question. We can talk eliminating. I wouldn't This is part of that everything is incompatible with the bureau's. Raina are better than this continent. Secondly, see here, the other part of it is understanding that in this inflection moment there are very powerful voices in our country right now that are trying to say hate and division among yes, your party, and we lay you talking about racial remuneration. One of them is this: it's always
What was it about racism, sexism, homophobia and then blame the other side of sowing derision amnesty growing. This idea, maybe ten years of saying, if you want lower taxes, your resource know it to be true, because I've been exposed to many cultures. The world is. The worst is accusing my pencil supporting conversion permanent only never did not like it in one. It's it's a page one page of a multi, I think hundred page document on a website Could be misconstrued as supporting Sarah for homosexuals like any, is openly come out and said he did not support convergent there is, is the funny thing about that, because, prior to buggy thinking that he's running in my pants, trot. He never wrote a word about him in his biography private operated in their disagreements. My petrol treated with the utmost respect. You can look through a laundry list of quotas were but gig was talking about how might pence innumerable
work together and only now the improbable writing right because later because a couple weeks ago that the thin pieces, I d come out that but Bucky gazing gay enough, because. What is needed is actually know what you think I'm going for now. I know why did you give a good enough? this because, basically like it argues for the guy he's, he's only sexually attracted a same sex and married to one zero metres, emerging parades or get angry undue protests and since those regulations only come out. You stopped running against my pants for president. If we were to get startled Need a rainbow Sudan sorely needs China and I'm sorry. But if my pencil governing animals looking to put people but gig camp, you would think it was my going about it. As may already have I've to resume the breath y. All
Do a fan of heat. Everyone in to permanent, you're gonna, kill him. New and you just get a kill, em look. I was dying out of the Danes Cook, impression, I'm gonna have a serpent. I felt quite high Take a moment and reflect on the fact that we are still talking about her identity, business, not identity, politics. I tell you how I did like my time is running out. That's what I was just going to take you.
This, ladies and gentlemen, we now have a new companies interlude Bernie Sanders during dinner, although it was it was they ve done. Disaster glass question answered ass. Now I don't mean you, you ve. originally to replace those there should, in any event this. There. There is a huge problem right now within the Democratic Party about whether or not they should we go for their normal pilot, with the normal view is, if we just when enough rural white voters equally traditionally done, will be able to succeed in an election, but here alive
of them have kind of gone full minority? They said you know why you ignore the white voters and that's what she Simon, here's, the guy in them. West is quote on quote a white guy right because again you know, you're gonna have reparations you're gonna have to do. black people, Taylor, don't let the people are going to pay warriors connected mentally make a bunch of people pay who didn't have anything to do with it, but that's what they're talkin about men talk about coat the people that they are now little with, nor that's what she saw him up. That is the thing is people act as though Donald Trump completely change the electoral map. He didn't like rats gave it to him: yes, like they carry no way Donald Trump wins Michigan. Without this kind of a town hall Society Major needs Manchester, she looks normal women in our countries, face very real inequalities in the workplace. women's equality, possessions, you're, gradually, wives, participation, rate shrieked, and what do you guys got oiled and empower working
we're gonna do in day one. We need to pass the way you, but here too little rights goes. I remember the astronauts Plain Eurasian Rhodesia lab realities from years of hyper damage to your little desire later, I'm like eyes like waste, and that is something that happens. Flowers and doubt whether women earn on average seventy, so seven percent. Ok, here's the thing up to you. Do you really believe? Does anyone here not have access to those areas where a servant had been even being there? we know that the seventy seven cents on the dollar- something I'm not gonna, go because the effort of debunking this right. Now, it's simple impairs what women make verses, what men make it doesn't take into account degrees. It doesn't take into account amount of years working Party for veal. The fact that she is parroting that tells me advisers have told her that's a winning issue on the DMZ platform. They couldn't care less about truth on women.
Ass, a soldier who banion, we don't have a national policy on account of what is happening, and people can get away with that Alexander people get away with leaping paying women citizens. a dollar Mary would be that we want a playwright out at the conversation that, beyond women's, could point here for women to be clean, have army bankers to react, she'd, be the hp icing, lift up the economic I pay. Almost everything is a little. Let me also want to deal with it and the Ladys said she. Finally hey minded way. Listen said: the prince took a lot of good outcome, such Montclair promo code to see and insects dispassionate gosh We want a big. Four billion? Why don't you like war green banned but dig say, you're, really good ideas. But during our meeting people ask me.
The last disability and safety like the transgender community and allow me to draft community members of color, so I my entire career life, Don lemons and he said Merriwig, listen man I will so making it easier to have it. Controls are getting question that no group should be treated without equality under the law and right now. That is the case, and we have. to change it. I worry about how good will not observe as equal under the law. We actually correct what is wrong and you cease theology when they say Israel, real that's. I now understand worst human rights issue and we must address it. L time a human right issues just like violent sex offenders getting in maintaining the right to vote on getting this now in my race scheming. This website, you can file read that argument. You can find anything lamb, so once like always would have someone is in prison, pulls the
they sexually assaulted or beat up a member of the algae, bt plus community about don't you over there? right on, ironically L, GB tissue plus lonely after algae. You they're just like that? A plus. a Red cross symbol. You know I really think someone should bring a lawsuit against CNN for not adequately representing all the other letter of the alphabet. This should have been problem. They had other questions that have three or four lines. Why they had the other letters here? Ladies and gentlemen, if you are out there, probably no one. I'm actually Zog and you are now really affair, by the lack of letters. It's not your local senator. Do you realize that I actually add people complain? We did the feminist from us when we made the joke with algae, beating you IP back and that's it and people like, ok you're is extending the acronym now to mark them. Here we are Only then will our years ago illegally, because back then we'll just algae. Bt now is eligible, you plus at minimum at Madame
was the last time you heard it a liberal Democrat say with a straight face, LGBT never stopped anti, they always add Q plus, and they often add you a an you. We ve all heard a cue HIV now seriously. A hint of of of sarcasm but gone back to your question about, like you know, if Phelan should vote what, if the felon take them out of the energy we use whatever recalling them, I wonder what Bernie Sanders were taken, And centre right good points, I dont know I wanted to raise a civil war between them. They already have one the identity biologics led to these. Was it really vote for the white male straight white? Male, the? What does it says this straight white male. I made the millionaire Sis White Male me Gimme a break. Well, if you wrote a best
Book in which international best seller, yeah, yes and job I was thinking, I should have thought of it, looks like I was too busy. Filial he's an alarm smelling their hairs guarantee smelled Kemal airs, and that is something I would reverse immediately when. Elected president of the United States is amply would be hungry. I'm ready for Canada last question. The past couple of years have seen young people giving orders. You started talking and activism organizing on issues such as gun control and climate change. Given that policies pass now warfare, the younger generation for years to come with you, the merited american- should have the right to sexual and really
However, I have to tell you that I think you're doing it all night. My food unruly edges, conversational, aren't even haven't glances goings on in our country. We are putting more responsibilities on people at a younger age and the report, I also greatly lowering on ownership of age to make more robust. It would be, I think, one of the said, the downsides. I re that our system is current, I think, even to continuously August. I really think again and for doing this town hall with students for was there Voting will don thought or they don't I'll. Do you know why you have to pay an additional five between the twenty five to rent a car and just because the rain is not fully developed, particularly this. This portion of brain that takes no account risk taking and self awareness is not fully develop into a twenty five years old panic from nineteen. Ninety nine when I go to Quicken hurts, but I can elect
the next leader of the free world by the way- and I think I think drinking voting guns cars. I think we should just consistently make it When aid across the board, it has gotten hoarded forty forty, I'm ok with that one of the things that is so. That we have to remember how do we know how we got together? I think most people wonder stupid, like biggest look after Bernie was with learning but give them. worn and Harris Stance There is nowhere making through, but they ve been so repetitive. Now at this point, they also signalling, except she is apologizing for truancy. Another lie. I want Cuomo back. He s a good questions. It was pretty rough onwards. It recognize. Ok, before we go entered, lotteries, gonna come slash, mug club My code, CNN, sucks, get twenty two hours off and What are we learned tonight? Well, first, off a glutton
I am at least a glutton for punishment. Second, that more beer. If we play a drinking game that is as as startlingly accurate exists in the future? I think I quite rightly the fact that none of us thought it was were drunk afterwards with Warren show something because it were paying attention because she was a woman- I also think that this one is It can be seen in a off was capable seniors, frozen, frozen. Can frozen. Or are we are what we lost the image our rights. people, as is the theatre of your imagination, just right, It's ok, just keep the image operating to go, we're we're. Now. I don't give a damn about giving image up. Well, even go now that we can accept that not only do so much to my half Israel or build rich and of course we have brought in
tomorrow. There is no show we'll be back whence it with an ash Wednesday and Thursday, just because brought in export on the way out. This is now Bernie Sanders. As data subject break. Very citizens, day and cook as international best seller, yes, New York, Tavis Beth, analysed, What I found out There was a vast salary. I say why. Being sour the New York Times. Who really are ties? otherwise. Why Grow advisers we'll see you tomorrow,
To think of something else,
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