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Crowder gets into the racist course Coca-Cola is forcing white employees to take. He also takes a deep dive into how a minimum wage hike only helps the rich. Plus all the reasons to love Gov. Ron DeSantis. And herd immunity by April?

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I ride audio listener? You know the drill. You should be watching this, especially if you're, not a muslim member, because there's an entire adventure series about plank boy. That's exactly as interesting as it sounds. If your listing an audio, only just don't just write this on apple or on Android, just because it really sticks and the craft POD save America, and we all know that they are tools just bleep ass
its Graham had sworn murmur. Headphones will elaborate know, commissioner, that you mentioned the volume thereby turn about remote notice. I'm really glad to be with you guys and slow Newsday, otherwise known as former vice President Joe Biden is in office there, so they follow his level of energy and team to amendment. Usually I haven't been like this weird, like I'm talking through tin cans here only while about we have quarter black here today we have more detailed Morgan and they went out when you favorites back a studio. Her answer Ahoy set up. Why would right away, yours outwards black history, mountain right out of the shoot, you're out of touch ahoy is not my reach. I dont get it next, Malcolm X and Martin Luther king. Take a left on our whole checks. A home run on Gm Ma. Bugger makes good cookie, no doubt
we go out is able to get to today. You know dominion issuing Michael in Dallas about that time are the minimum wage and why it actually hurts workers, and of course I led some of the media is not really telling you seventy seven percent. Decreasing covered in the last six weeks, whites video, you know we're master twenty two ordain. None of that changes anyway I shall perform, but first of course, we want to honour our colored brethren its black history month here she has some information you gotta get summer. We want an educator audio we get well educated, are also a little known fact. Re Charles can actually shapes at is run. I really fact throughout I want to do. Why don't go? There is legal, equal, the here's, a true story. You know I told this further afforded ever take. My thought me and my mother in law was like a singer who toward with Joint Mitchell Stephen, Rita Franklin and so
Sometimes they would be around musicians and my father in law. One time sat down with Ray Charles. He was reading a playboy in Braille at the airport rarely ice hen hang the cross, my heart, but I can't get on everything gliding porn, heroin, piano, amazing. I have a personal privacy reburial one handed a credible, our man. Don't bother me, don't bother me, I mean that's him tat busy! Just and rail is home. It was just about to say, monitors, audio graphical map right away. Let me talk river audio anville. My Lindsey echo my mug right here. This is a terrible start. diminutive chewing MIKE Lindau K. We have a lot to get to, but he's just breaking right now, fellow I'm curious to see what happens here because he said that would so make my day, because they would
to go into discovery and that would meet my job. Ladies, you that's what you said before and look here's the thing We were I'm going to have my condone the show and people have asked me. Why haven't you focus and dominion here today? Youtube is really draconian. I guess I was only say with their policy and I can say that there's voter fraud, nitrogen, has been met, but I can't see the effect of the outcome of the election. In everything that I have said on, the show I can confirm because I've gone through voter roles myself. So when I tell you that's an address, it doesn't exist. What am I in turn has been there. If not me right, Execrate, I'm allowed to make those claims, because I can. I can claim it under penalty of perjury. What do I think about dominion alone? but I can't even thought of it. I don't have access to those machines I wanted to be. made some very, very specific claims. Their rights and their very Sus IP address is how people internet through whether they broken my firewall falsification. If you didn't want to our seemed like a parity documentary
I feel that have been mentioned in there that really raise my rose from going. If I could have access to those machines that would be gained changing in by guess it'll They will say. I won't say I think he's right, though I think he'd they do open themselves up quite a bit if they in observing somebody- and I don't think I mean it's gonna- be hard to make a case. Could is a reason for some to believe that may be something shady one on what when the sham, while guy prove that Al Gore, one if you yeah that's true every river by weight, we will quickly bring news that they are now. We re at a bear Why does it with my sleeve? Will you join? The Supreme Court has denied fronts, Pennsylvania election challenge as Moot Guph was just resupply. That's not as that's aviano when that will. Finally lawyer was mute
I'm sorry, I don't relapse were to be a month late Supreme Court like what have you like up? It has a marriage or like what do we want to get to know whether that is not the only guy like filer. That's not the only case. A lot of your little down from every single case have been through. A lot of cases have not actually allowed any evidence to be presented right and of the currently active cases there. Still there still are plenty so we'll see what will happen, but listen too little too late, even if there's a system in place, if they do find something new fear, it's a moot because they waited two months near here. Exactly that asked why, like hey guys, we did our jobs rather than our jobs by flexible shown up late for
work. Why is no work to do? I guess it's just go home like best, because you showed up eight hours late, it's fine! What do you want me to do not show up eight hours? I accept that would be a little more dark. A casket alive, fifteen dollar minimum wage. We're going to get to that, and you think I want you to as we move forward. We did. We pay interns more than fifteen dollars, but I don't want to force other businesses to pay fifteen dollars an hour and I'm wondering to think when you order a fillet of fish and they forget the fish everything we ve got let's personalize at you, Let's also something that we need to talk over the Quickly Coca COLA. Did you see? follow their mandatory employee training. Now mandatory video,
importing around them invasion on how to be less white? It said that yes, yes, yes, material, which is impossible. I've been trying it because in our very very high, which is crazy for a company that puts vanilla in every possible wanted by the world, a coke is the widest commercial and every year, because they're like we could start with what I were worth it build a well also then cause we too have a coconut smile. I for cars, we cause Beata Coke I studied and Pepsi no ditty. I know Van Hale ended Crystal Pepsi. They were later. We don't want anything dark at us, so this is. This. Is Coca got just see what people say it's beyond parity. I think we have to have a video from linked in a mandatory training video for Coca COLA, because this is the the front lines of the race WAR,
every moment that I spend in white space. I deeply reinforced. In the White World View, or why can't we all just be human beings here? Why do we have to talk about race? I'm going to invalidate your experience I'm a fish gentlemen, water and I'm moving with the current and you're trying to take me of the water and its unbearable at first, I was I thought that might spaces like a new social media website. I thought it was the room she was in. There was just like Myspace we're just popped, collars the legacy is wearing the jewel from Titanic than I caution at the bottom of the light. I was seldom at the end if for no other reason titanic sex, because at the end I virtually everything she goes through. Its basically hope diamond. This isn't ass. You think life is the real
treasure together, we better with millions and millions of you can also feed people over use word, but it's not a binary choice, still value life and relationships envy life she made echo to the bulgarian ill divergent ways. You was really quick to anti taxis that other guy usually fields. A marvellous velcro like it's more will plug waited a kid show. The raft rose point everything of value in her life. She throws them. Oh Joanna, William rose you ve ever heard of recycling out. If you dont remember by the way, this is more pernicious than than you would think or more interference or I'm seeing the stars are gonna keep seem stars really studio, yeah, because I'm here, because I'm looking at the lights and undo This is the same woman who was on Jimmy Kamal. This is the woman who is De Angela was running what your first name:
raw Angelo in case you forgotten your she's in Jamaica. I think why people should remove that phrase from their vocabulary. I'm not racist. It's not trust me. It's not convincing black people personal well, if Russia Just imagine that I like the way I hate it when you have these like when you actually have racist, really then about what culture that well, here's the problem, when you just say, White Kulturstaat assumes african american culture, because you have you have you, white Americans european values of Irish here get going. Russians you're right, but when you say you are no longer allowed to defend yourself because of your race you're going to create racists can no longer stand that raises several exiting the Asians, like you can no longer say: I'm not cheap, but I'm not but you can't say it anymore: I'm just saying it is making a stereo type about an entire race of people, and then you wonder why there's backlash- and this is there talking about removing from your lexicon- I'm not racist. That's just remove the defence.
something else do we actually have, but we obtained some exclusive footage for that We do that then make a final comment. It is fair to say how to critical extent, less accurate LE pen is work style. Tat is why the critics going to say the least, that back Next, I M going to show you how to lift a grand jury. No Papa in Aachen, here is how you have run out of a red lobster, because if you did not pay the check and also grab a tip off another table, don't we voted by the way you just don't why people that they can didn't she just that's races, right where entire re subpoena behaviour certain way. Yeah
What would our second, that the Angela, what you just sit as racists notes that there were too many yet be let our asian years breaking chopsticks over your knee, you can't have the EU not allowed only left for you, we will judge. You said all white people do include everyone in their like now. Would you say this to Oscar should look like can't say that you do you can't say that you're not a nazi and right? Really, these boy could statements reading. The witch blanket statements that are wildly offensive, no one's paying tension to this, and I think I know why it's time for this we can buy up man Problem outward here for mere drop and you ain't black, have their equipment, that's right, the yellow have the slow. You may have missed this. You are Galicia. I have not arrived. He's gonna, be surprised. How long
your buts, and it was Joe Biden in a recent s, but just watch the cliff look. The range of challenges Europe in the United States must take on together is broad and complex I mean he. I am eager to hear. nigger here next autumn. Start and end by Yahoo, and I know it is a word whisker, but it's a bad whisker. Here's we to suit case for those who, MR You got here next here, maybe that's a word Weber see that no one's gonna talked about it boy. I was virtual Munich security conference. invaded anymore, so glibly that must happen. Folks, can you imagine if Donald Trump yeah? Can you imagine?
I'll drop it out that word whisker, but he was all that their. Dare you like it. I'm sorry, sometimes its communist radio. Remember who you hurt his feelings, I'm sorry I've Versailles that he's the former vice premier the United States did. It underlines our other when I yelled Adam overthrew my car window. Seventy five percent of EU is fine. Ok, yeah! That's what piecing together! right this has been this weekend button more smoothly. Vienna problem figured out what year for mere drop, and you ain't black. Can you can follow me on the ground by the way the lot of residence? It's just. I wasn't gonna. Let me ask you this. Ok, here's! My question today. Welcome tumblr understand: did you have any of you see no clip? Are you sure this other clubs reminded them? Are you sure about that club
you and your pen, you haven't. You have not seen that clip is gradually american journalism. I don't think he's racist right. I think he's an area and I think, he's going round the bend. But, let's just let's be honest, Lou, let's just register to a double stand. What he also says Saint around. He also said to the Munich conference to the german p. I maybe he was thinking I could save our my people, that's great! You ve got some common, like the others, so much gravity there and if we reviewed we'll get banned where to Germany. Second out that Beijing would not be immediately removed. If any of us accidentally said it yeah, accidentally Wasn't how'd, you immediately exactly you ain't So, where are you could find? There is a lot of credit and, by the way, the best way to watch it show just Manette you Thursday, at ten a m Eastern knows tuning
That way you don't have to rely on subscriptions notifications in them. and you can, if you watch you re, not just comment, comma leave a comment. That's what helps us most like it leave a comment. You can just comment whatever you want, I don't care. Let me know if you saw this Joe Biden whip am I am exaggerating, resentment was describing. Unlike did he, or did you not very clearly articulate the unreal your intellect yet, as you did, middle of a sentence that didn't need any word, not even closer. I don't even know what firing real thing right insolent. I thought when I watched it was so obvious, and this must be fake. Because Someone'S- and I know it's real- that's why well, I I I almost didn't to be the first to presented, because I thought I could be guilty by association, for he wasn't even wrapping along that path and even avoids ain't clan, and this includes he's like turning down scarface hackers by the way. You may not know this uses, here's some silver lining. I guess
but a silver Joe Biden glorious blocks, seventy seven percent decrease in covered cases in six weeks, Evan percent decrease as good as you there's a new reports that so we may even have heard immunity by April. Now, let me be really either on this. This is not only twelve percent of population is, fascinated right raised starting over six weeks ago. This is what people have been set for a long time that we should have reached a certain amount of heard immunity and there's an article in the Wall Street Journal or someone. about the test and how they underestimate. Name is and how many people in the population of actually likely but infected, which, by the way, means mortality rate is lower, but we're at that point where this clearly its in the middle of winter. There are enough people vaccinated. This point now takes weeks for the vaccines to kick in. They were just talking about on CNN and it's already decreasing so hope you don't miss your business exactly and so that they actually say that this gone by this guy's, not just some random guy he's talked to a ton of doctors at recover. Read this article is a doctor's while anything literally gone,
by April, we should be vaccinating only seniors nice, each other's matters. I want to say that you're, not apathetic Nora. What we're saying at this point is that we need to vaccinate those who are the most vulnerable. I said this at the beginning, and I wanted a year ago I suggest just Corinth in old people, and compromise on going as I want our life and others everyone needs to get a vaccine will need to get both doses before we move on not just old people. Ok, the people of compromise immune system teachers because they're all a bunch of policies and their sovereign, I guess I met heroes, so. We have reached somewhat heard immunity? This is the only way you could actually explain account for this. This decrease in case, but don't tell doktor value that data. The Americans will still be wearing masks, for example, and twenty twenty two. You know I think It is possible that that's the case and again it real. What you mean by normality, royal mail when I waited a fine, had actually the way you
by which I will have anything as much as that: guy lives being on camera, speaking which, by the way, what about when the cameras aren't rolling doktor of algae. what a germ germ as it worked out a beard. It's just look at that. There's, a guy right now we just one by one. He pulled his gotta, see their current coming home. Everything is unhealthy with that's like you're, a cop comes home, puts his gun and afraid she comes on pulls his master in rows. Tangs are hang around for dear life that he's a hypocrite. It's that he doesn't believe. It's scary. try to tell you that everyone's a hypocrite stay in its Nancy Pelosi, doesn't really think
so like Ebola with a fifty percent more tell right. If they found you, don't really believe you need to wear double maskers. He takes it off the second, the webcam stops. Also, it will be a camera the second and stops. That's why you ve just breaking numbers of masks going up and down. Is it getting aware when about for our two, my baby, twenty twenty, maybe twenty, twenty three? What's a normal, I like doing this for their there were two about this and said they said the overall population mortality rate. Now, what is it point? One five, I think, is what now nearly ongoing. I think I think what you meant to say was the number that those doc,
Others were banned from face yet again to for saying it like. I was months ago that number that number you'll never get their page back, who will never get their Youtube General back right. Those doctors were banned to actually saw thousands of patient really doktor vouchers, and more than thirty years that number, and by the way you know all the people who have told us that, even if you get covert, you could get it again. The infection rate is less than one percent with mild to know symptoms and by the way they did a nine year old person, who was some survivors of the spanish flu, still had the ability to produce a fight against, payments analyse, still add those cells in his body. I think we're gonna be fine, and that guy is one Hooray says he really is a training course and teaches the inward. No, no not at all, and the problem of the Spaniards is sometimes you can't see. You can't recognize them by sight. Some of them are white they have their trickery mediator. You'd think I like the Mexicans but they're, not some of them have red, hair,
gotta have everybody's friends Harry. Only a Spanish was injured. Spanish Shipping is yours. By the way, a notification about viewers subscribe because inscriptions dumping a whole lot on Youtube, and this will let you know but again work enough money to Thursday. Ten m Eastern is when you, when you're watching us you're all right. Let's get to the fifteen, really quickly. Let me go to see it in there. confirming merit darlin for attorney General look confirmed that would address That's enough of that cut me to tell you something: not a fan, but game asked respecting. That's one for you, Joe Biden But that's why Laura is where they are like, or are you running through narrow, ok, all right, ok, fine, let's go two years, one! That's not! Let's go to the minimum wage. This is something that this vote. Firstly, strove this Kobe relief bill, everyone thinks so, of course you want the covert relief bill
when you want to give people money, well, ok, economics, but we'll get to that after their there their possibly more reasons to oppose the covert relief bill than to support it and I'll get to the primary great that I have with it? But let me give you a couple first office covert relief bill which has meant to people during corona virus, rather big red shut down. I don't know how this helps them but expand. Stu Obamacare, one hundred and twenty eight point: five billion to teachers, unions, forty billion to universities, ninety one million to domestic and international student loan borrowers, ten million to the press. nation of native american languages. I'm sorry, that's just sort of like, like God, speaking through the wind decks inhaling the is this US apologizing for smallpox. Mammalian for that is its smoke signals For that reason, when talkers come already cheaper, but what's also in this bill, which likely won't necessarily make it all the way through and is probably the most could could
the most damaging thing to to thrust upon the american public uncertainly small businesses that I can think of is not the most damage like a twenty dominant, which would be better well give routine is bad enough is the fifth being dollar, minimum wage would have devastating consequences and, of course, this is something that has been supported by every. on the left gear is in America. If somebody works forty hours a week that person should not live in poverty, our debts radical idea. I believe we should raise the minimum wage to a living wage, and that is fifty in bucks an hour over the next couple of years, any job better, two dollars and thirteen sense in our is not a job. It's indentured, sir,
We don't have those jobs. While of us. You saying that what she has someone who could better than it has done to return to written ready, do Lass wage Tipp. Yes, look mama! Why so many sake baby I worked. Watches dad. Did the french fries and identifies cream. But the reality is that a majority of the folks who are working there today are relying on that income to sustain a household and a family Mcdonald. Does I put on the black voice right now that I didn't. I exclaimed a bank manager knots. In fifty eight hours and a big party smokers Iraq. I gotta figure. They try to target your heart strings. Elsie said two dollars and thirteen since in our guess: what by law, if you don't make enough tips,
yet you to the minimum wage. They have to bump your pay up Elsie. I know when you're lying AG and they never have to do it because people makes it gets more their monopoly and which, if we're going to get to the numbers here. But here's think that this is maybe try and sell you, and I want to tell you something it is the exact opposite of the tree. Let me give you a summary really quickly. You guys can tell me blood. There were watching for small business owners what it would do to your business. They want you There are fifteen diamond on wages, something that these giant businesses, can afford, and they are the only ones who oppose it. Not look. Fifty nominal wage would would rush absolutely dish. Roy Small businesses, the only people who actually supported are the wealthy billionaires. You earned over a trillion dollars and net worth in earnings in this pandemic. Will I get that into in more detail? But this They're talking point here is EO ceasing. We need a fifteen diamond on wage because people are just as otherwise the rich Red keep all the money in this house.
The guy is a billionaire because paces workers, starvation wages, and I think it certainly a part of the equation that when you have their very large workforce and you under pay every single person, when you undermine every single person, like the twenty five thousand jobs she rejected from her suppose you they paid an average of one hundred and fifty thousand, each? We live on that. That's like what a Congress person. It's already like somebody, it's like what it's like, what I they paid, but if you can do all the insider trading cuts for them, it's illegal, suddenly up any wiggle remit. All every single person is bade starvation, wages as and when they see is starvation wages, I'm sorry millions of dollars later. Instead, we just shut down all the neighborhoods and no one made anything grace. We have no money to spend on helping people. Have you Ben. Did you make a queen lately, it's awful, which is what I call no gentrification. So, let's not that up as a win. Also, I did you
word equation earlier. I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't know what it means, but Call guy in an eight ball jacket stabbed another guy who is wearing an eight ball jacket, and I said, thank God. We don't have those twenty five thousand jobs, because we would lose. We would lose, who we are we have not things down I'll jackets years, if the fifteen to our minimum wages almost exclusively- and this is like you see- with with Amazon, supported by the biggest companies in the way you look at the most powerful companies right. These super corporations. Why? Because it's a way to put smaller companies out of business. for example, when this is just how government screws things up. You know right forgiveness, salt in Georgia, rent forgiveness. What what does that mean? We just on paper it really, work. It just means that you want don't want to pay rent, don't pay rent will guess what you can't find right now in Georgia You can no longer find cheap housing because people
all these leasing appliance. They won't leave them out because it's one thing to have burning a whole your pocket it empty this apartments, nothing haven't inferno when your pocket, because people are using the utilities and damaging your property. Those are the unintended consequences. Think about come in, I remember landing in Michigan and they set up. You can any stores everything is shut down, really serve no we'd shops and CASA. So why can't go to areas where market I can go to a local mom and pop store? But Carrasco and Walmart are still, in home depots up, although you wonder why they support a minimum wage in the mom and pop store can't afford it. Just like big banks support the bail outs. Think about that for a second too big to fail Why? Because there is no local bank that can come up and compete with them if they have a never ending supply of federal funding. This the issue, the Democrats
This is why you see where, in others, this changing the demographics at the Republican Party is a party of the working class sort of a blue collar party. They always line up with big powerful corporations, whether its big tech for censorship. Whether its big corporations for minimum wage just look, the small business, all the associations in America, small to medium sized businesses. They all about Amazon, Google, those places targets aborted, absolutely they can. They could just drive the competition, but not all jobs, are worth fifteen dollars an hour night. We talked about that just briefly, a second to go but think about the jobs are going to talk with you after the showed come on. I want. I don't push me up to an intern. We talked about it just a to go, but restaurants are disproportionately heard by this because now, instead of having to bump to whatever it was eight or ten bucks. Now, if you'd like the worst server in the world in Cancun enough tips over the course of an hour now they have the bumpy to fifteen guess what you're gonna do they're just
going to have as many people going to be like screw? We can't come back, we've already been hit by this in Texas. They were hit by the ice storm on Valentine's day. They were counting on that money to come in for people wanting to go out now there to reopen and they ve got this daring them in the first visit. Let's go We supported by the billionaires you they increased their earnings by one trillion dollars in six months under the pandemic. Contrast that, while sixty kind of businesses may be permanently closed by September. Two people not hang rent in Georgia have anything to do with the fact that Coca COLA is there. I you know what I'm entirely sure and its one. They just need to be less white. If they are, they do need. That's thinking. I see I suppose Joker, sometimes as well as it up on them. I hears what place, but yours. I think that this is one sometimes a tip their hand. When you know a journalist goes Rogan, my God actually ass in question
we're right. Now you have this man who basically says well, we do not, then these small businesses can afford a fifteen times. Then we don't want they shouldn't exist. He says it. Of course. Large businesses, like Amazon and Mcdonald's, for example, can can and perhaps should pay more, but I'm wondering what is your plan for smaller businesses? How does this, in your view, effect mom and pop businesses, who are just struggling to keep their doors open, keep workers on the payroll right now, but we should be doing it by pay people low wages. We don't want low wage business life. The most successful small businesses can a affair wage. So I love more business is all for it, but I don't want small businesses that are under a employees who, by the way, it should be noted, ceasing to say when you ve never worked for business, yeah yeah exactly never sent. This is the danger with these people. Joe Biden has spent forty eight years in government now Yossi, went to college part,
I'm bored tender and now she's in charge of your economic decisions, she's, never not suckled at the taxpayer's teat red. That's the dangers good. I want you to think of the people in college who are part of the Arco, socialist Club, right people who they love dabbling in economic, syrian they'd, never worked a real job, now, put them in charge of your business. That's what this pillars and then they they call it a fair wage right. Ok! Let me let me just explain to you how this works. I have a job that I need done. What scares me hey. I think it's worth this much you're gonna at this much production to the value of whether a product or service that I'm putting out there. I got to tell you and you have the choice. saying yes or no guess what, if you don't like the waves that your skills currently will earn. You go, get more skills, the motivation for you, it's like giving a trophy everybody, there's no motivation to perform better regulatory anyway. That's in Gaza forgot his name that representative, he said really. If we look, if we just for inflation like after the great depression, increases right now that animals should be twenty three dollars, because that's it that's
deregulation to their value contributed. That's we would again. You think, just when you go in order. I dont know a quarter, under with cheese. Only it's nothing pounder with cheese. This has happened to me at the drive to one dollars an hour. I forgot lived to deliver pizzas because I was high. Did you get tipped them too? Not just the boy came back and I was like oh yeah. I knew I deduce that the whole purpose leave it constitutes a serious matters. I know what I mean. What do you have that position? You don't have a skill set. That's why you're not making figure out what they they aren't. They only think of the consequence of the guy who deserves twenty three in our fifteen, our whose high delivering Peters they don't get that business on. Let's go through this scenario. Okay, if you live in a liberal states, state we're all their policies that thing
in a dreamland which the kind of their they couldn't act. Okay, so you're hiding you dont, deliver the pizzas, but the guy still has to pay twenty three in our because that's a minimum wage and he can't fire you because of workers, right, you can't have no fault state for firing. So this person is going to continue being employed, but maybe they spend their money on drugs and they don't actually pay their rent, but they go home and they have squatters right and you can actually, if someone from what we ve seen Pacific heights, so you can't get them out of the apartment. You end up with a Matthew mode, Dean, Kevin, Michael Keaton scenario with thereby putting roaches in your apartment, so he's not contributing to his job he's, not contributing to run. We ve worked a business owner and we ve hurt the landlord, butts, Chrome, no rent, and let's pay someone this much regardless of performance. So you go. There's America there's your american dream. We used to think was work hard, get ahead. White picket fence have a wife and children, but now that destroy the environment. Now it's do nothing and get more than the guy who risk everything to create a business. Your America,
we were debating the monies gonna come from. They don't get rich problem, yet it's always risk people. They always have all the money. These rich boy I'd say: look it's gonna, be sixteen dollars, veer, big MAC and you're like as long as they're getting money, not just business. They deliver roundly burger. As long as I know that those people who slap their clientele midnight or two in the morning world start hip hop. Videos are in twenty two an hour. I feel good about, patronising the walk Yo Mcdonald's did as they just want to these self service chaos. So, like our input rolled out there not worth that much money, I only York there, the ATM Machines and it's just like homeless people licking I'm in here like I'll pass, I mean just think, does motionless Tammy, Shaw bag boy then think about it. demanded that we increase wages, and now you are given yourself a job at the grocery store. You have to do your own check out exactly you it bag? The just boys just running cash for cartels me
then fifteen dollars an hour and it's worth every penny really just use them. As a bag, it just more anxious more it's less offensive than mule. By the way. I don't know how this gives us act, wheezed into a covert relief bill right. So this is supposed to help people that have been hurt, willing congressional budget office of the real costs. One point four: so their that'll help those people who that's just the that's just what can actually be quantified not to national again. The sixty percent of businesses that were opened in April will be closed by September. Unbelievable, but Amazon won't be affected by it and here's the thing tat they. Finally, we had some specific examples and I always like to go back to some of these are women. Denmark and a little bit bid just because I love that the Prime Minister told Bernie to shut the hell, but let us not you American Samoa, is one of them and we ve all seen those people terrifying. Like they have more, it's her pop per capita nfl players than anywhere else in the world. That is true, sanely strong.
so you think in other words that could be industrious mouth now. I sum on its horrible felt. Yes, it would strain the rock, I don't mind TWAIN by the way. never touch steroids. That's all naturally touch so much in college and they terrified him. So he never so that his those names are all natural, his veins and his lower stomach and forehead grows. Naturally, at forty, a young rock, that's new this week watch it I can sum up. They were devastated by a minimum wage right. They had tuna canneries, which was that was there are two major tuning canned tuna canneries. I believe they were sent to Georgia right, then there is a reason why there is a reason for dollar wage like a for dollar wage hike in law. Beach and what happened was just a crowbar just decided closer shorts as well. We can't we just closer What's all the growers in long beach gun? That's what we have these real world examples we have as little micro chasms like they happen in California, are Americans more and they haven't bounce back by the way? This is something also people don't necessarily take into account. So
They were skilled jobs in New York or Retirement Amazon, VS, twenty seven thousand jobs at well over six figures average by the way in dollars and tax revenue YAP unbelievable. But that wasn't enough. So that's how you know: she's really care about them in one way she didn't want jobs, it we're paying six figures crying out loud, but Amazon has openly supported a fifteen down minimum wage and they pay fifteen dollar minimum wage, but as they virtue signal about that, they actually just eliminated, workhouse productivity in stock options for the low scotch, so it actually resulted in a net loss of income for many their employees. Take do you know who don't how stock options and in productivity option small business. It shall Amazon's if we are sure we can pay fifteen dollars an hour, they decrease, although these options all of these benefits and workers left holding the bag? Man? Well, look somebody is going to end up paying. The company had been set, sack man, it's better. That way, though you they're gonna cut benefits are gonna cut,
We are going to bring in automation, looking to do all of these things in Bernie Sanders and Elsie if they really are trying to help people out. Instead of this whole fight for fifteen campaign, habit earn fifteen. That would help more people out the new trying to change the minimum wage in five years by the way would fully can't you just love for once, like you were talking about how you forgot to deliver pizzas, because rail area today at honest moments I just Whiskers Bernie Sanders and in in command did them if I get back How did I screen? I worked Mcdowell, with cell in the mic. Wiper, a print. Long John will. But I don't know Louis and is looming
those same before. That's what I say that I have no idea: no, automated machines coming into Mcdowell. That's what I was saying: no, that's not what I was away. Member even comment below that is combat, comment, common! That's the best thing. Do you can? Let me know what it was that I was talking about it, but it really if one of us this is what I was talking about, I just wish you were. You were That's right, you guess I'll! Have your permanent brain damage from other all those years. That's correct, HTTP d from ass, it it's just he buddies level, ahoy! So what I would you love is we have these folks hoo hoo hoo sailing. Well, you know. Believe it everyone not every and can we also acknowledge that that's not really an outlier. There are not just a few there's a huge percentage of the american workforce who would rather get high or who would rather not be productive, collector tech. They don't care. What that business. Does they don't care if that play stays in business? A lot of people, don't care about their jobs and don't care about?
sure bidding. They just want a clock in clock, that's just the reality. I just wish that they acknowledge it, but they act as though every employee. This is what Marxism is based on. everyone has ownership of their space, and every employee should own. A piece of that company is it's not the reality and the outliers. A huge percentage of this workforce does not, give a rat's ass and should be paid accordingly. They should be paid give a rat's ass wages. Absolutely I didn't.
Thus, when I ask somebody for something at a store when their employer yeah, they just get mad at you, I know you really need a raise. We need more of you as store. I like your attitude. I like how you're on the phone and mad at me for stopping here, love your clipping your nails and the daily sexually levelling out of twenty three twenty four twenty four hour you did you made. It remains a living visor good for you. I did you just get that. Hang you off their yeah thanks I'll. Take my turkey pastrami younger an insolent discount, Erica's boy. Are you big? Thank you. Do nothing all day illusion some weight would might help that, but how much of the footway, because that's probably going to be their long make just put you wonder the wire could signal somebody's going to drop thirty pounds, and this is something the uses an example. They try to point to successful examples, but it's a lie. They constantly point to what
the Scandinavian, our own Denmark, and I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway, and learn from what they have accomplished working people, while Denmark doesn't have a minimum wage, so crazy and really stupid, pulling at that. They don't even have a minimum which now I know what you say there. Actually they do have a minimum wage, but their set by trade unions are very strong trip, but remind you know what they dont have a minimum wage. So, let's just start with that markets in Europe. no it's my gun, consumers like Mark and Sweden. Germany, in the forties work at an end, by having no minimum wage? It is true here. This is true credit. Where do they have higher average hourly wages than the United States? But when you taken too account using the international metric of purchasing power. They actually have forty four percent less than the the Americans will realise this: they talk about Denmark. Again, let's go through this, no minimum wage.
Trading and even though no minimum wage to have a slightly higher annual average hourly wage, but it accounts to about forty four percent then you have is an American with purchasing power. So let's look at what the average person in Denmark pays. This socialist utopia. They pay quadruple what Americans pay my apartments double? What Americans pay for a basic, cheap used? Car triple to double often triple for any of these things are created, eliciting driven overlay, basic groceries, restaurants, clothing based two with necessities like milk, eggs transport. Sure rent Jim membership going to the movies. You really think so. Let's take that into account. We follow that lead. You really think that a fifteen down minimum wage is going to give Americans the ability to afford a twelve year. Forty thousand dollar shitty car and an eight hundred thousand dollar one bedroom apartment, because that's what you're? Looking at with purchasing power when you do the averages,
from the point of Djibouti fix the problem. No one thinks a problem and you you'd. When you oversimplify this and say what, if they can do it, we can do it. It's like saying what they can provide for healthcare, but they don't pay for a military. Ok right pay for that, for them there's a reason to ask why we have learned a country than our country exactly no, not to mention the. I would say it's not an end significant fact that the debt- it's a very small homogenous country, and they don't have to compete with millions in foreign, undocumented, unskilled labour. Here that does play a role in wages and the economy. While I feel I've overpaid for my apartment and car butterfat in some areas and we hope to Denmark. So they learn how to not. So damn right, let's do the same I hope in the ice cream hold on, I gotta go blown other guy, don't knowledge, just job security. Give us some of that money too. Out you something that's funny to this is one thing that is always really interested me and
No one else ever talks about this right. They say the term, while the Danes in the swedish they have higher living Standard United States in that takes into account a lot of things and again the people who say this are forty thousand dollars for used all Jeddah. That's actually a thing! Ok. Why? So, just say that, even including all that, because of your social safety nets in Denmark and in these scandinavian countries, they do have a higher living standards are Americans, while that is true according to what our international network they use. But here's something you never tell you, danish- Americans, so when you take those Danes and you transplant than the United States, they have a fifty five percent higher living. then those living in Denmark, Swedish Americans have a fifty three percent higher standard of living. Then swedish swedes, in Sweden, I want to do. Is you take people from countries that are inevitably homogenous than ever that have an unbelievably burdensome tax system, and they also have a culture that appreciates to some degree or another, and I know I'm surprised famous about Sweden to Denmark a lot of these countries that appreciates work. That appreciate
work ethic being industriously transplant them to the land of opportunity and they do far better. We have all these sources bill available lot with Canada COM, it's one of those factoid that people don't believe bigger, didn't believe it whenever it read. It will end in republic this basically are saying in this bill. Look we can govern this way. We can't just throw everything into a relief packet and say it's the relief package. It's almost two trillion dollars. If fifteen dollars Bernie Sanders EO see Joe Biden is such a great idea put it on its own. Let's vote on just that and they will never ever do that. They're scared, because nobody would support this, not with The fact that something out supported not be reasonable. Young Dave, Landau its oh yeah. I made fifty dollars now really yeah. I don't really want no citizen. Detroit yeah Peter boy now sign three NOS ninety seven year and I was well. No, I was detailing cockers Fur Vienna Assert does
count what lie India from the change to the no I've, never made click apparently becoming nigh, and I was very bad. Take a twenty. the die is: may change duchess. He forgot his weak, our rights and you, let me know what it is where you line up on us on this issue at the fifty nineth minimum wage understand this again. It comes down to the idea that liberals are somehow and pathetic its predicated on weren't pathetic. We want. I want to make things worse, but it's not practical. You haven't thought this through. You haven't walk through the entire sequence. If there's nothing else that changes here with the perception of conservatism. I just want people to understand that. Look. We all want, what's best dig defending fathers, wanted what was best, for American, that's, why they left right and they put these rules and systems into place to be as
to be, as would the least intrusive they possibly could be, because I believe that that would be the best way for Americans to pursue life. Liberty napping us, so everyone cares right, and this country has created more wealthy people than any other country in the history of the world and we have better class mobility than any other country in the world with parliament, lot of poverty than any other country in the world doesn't mean we're perfect, but I don't necessarily know that we want to do it. Like the Danes, let's move on to someone who actually really do exploiting this, we didn't we, went too much time on people who and by the way, it's wrong to hate you. I was almost not your heart. I was almost like. I was almost hauled off for murder, because there was someone curling in the sky, I say that I doubt that bothers me more than late term abortion it. So it is not the severity of it. It's sorry what its manifest severity, it's the commonality of it room where he just walk up. This guy gets us.
The only squandering the signal is hey. Are you? Are you squatting in this world? No, not uncurling! Oh, how that's the sign to get your ass, to get your shrunken shrivelled emaciated us out of this quite rack sometimes occur. World rack. I don't think you don't even know what is more. I doubt you just keep. My dodges looks is watching goes it'll be soon. I don't even know. Exercise term is to discuss how and you think Irish, how do you feel about hey? How do you know about my pillow? I've tried to my pillow nice fellow, would you like, but you like David, how good below this puts a got? The mistake that good from its body
programmes. Please go that outlets testing, of course, which I might do Landau and, of course, not David Hog, yet to be very clear and to be clear, was Joe Biden who stuck the landing on the e r and were thoroughly or not self for the Youtube Otto Words right here, not us! I dont want the latter with care transcript to read the word that Joe Biden said how the associated with me with the former vice president, the United States, peace people, so governor dissenters, I'm really liking this guy, and I say I don't think he's actually going to be on the ticket we could use injury. I want to do his job as as governor thing, but let's go through so that that topic, samples as to why I am a big fan of dissent as first off they did everything right with covered in New York. Now, didn't lie about it, didn't lockdown and they're, doin! Ok, it's amazing how many senior citizens it just a sea of white hair. The sea. I thought Florida was gonna, be decimated. I've just because of that.
Yeah. That's just not all people, it's gonna go through their like wildfire. That's what I thought too, but imagine if all other conservatives have the balls to talk to the media like this wrong went the roll out of the vaccine that we see phone lines jammed the websites graduate the man, I think a demanded when something about not just say what has gone wrong saw me answering the question. If I could complete the question out, so you can have your speech or you can answer asked the question with all due respect, W S question on Venezuelan. I know you're you're, give your given a speech. You asked the question. I am trying to ask you that you're gonna, how many questions you get. Three got one question: what You get three
he's my love to every time. He answers he wins every single time. Please, your disease is its ease, a guy who realise sort of when you storing stand up and you realize but wait a second. I have the microphone, they don't write and it's not really firefight he's realized. I waited second, I can continue and they have a limited window. So I'm going to embarrass them, resale, that's rude of him! No, its not! She was trying to make a point by asking the question and certain way to make him look now, my mother or rude, although time yet a yes, she wants a gotcha moment. They don't want to exact question. They want to become a star by writing. This guy is play if like when you have people at church in their praying, but do not praying dramatizing like an alert. We thank you that Gerald learned to put the monitoring software on his computer that provides and accountability. We all your life. What are you so much that he has been clear of his desire to dive ten percent, a prayer
calling me out at all at once, but this was a safe place. Please clear my browsing history, honey. Have no desire that tat all zero laughing and watch. I believe more. We need to fire Dave Linda. Why because he makes me cause- I see stars when I dont- want to laugh anymore latecomers. Let's this is clone you and union. So does it is considered a pill anvil show up carry a writer. I love you handled racism way better than a lot of report. Problems need to be unapologetic. That's what I do appreciate about design Syria's. Where are they Trying again the media to attack him in a partisan way regarding
is handling of the vaccine, roll out two different municipalities. It's just like you said he always wins, but look I mean if Manatee County doesn't like us doing this than we are totally fine with putting this in counties that want. It were totally happy to do that. So anyone that saying that let us know if you want to send two Sarasota next time or Charlotte or Pascoe or wherever. Let us now we're happy to do it, but I think most people, if we have an opportunity to bring I've seen and do it efficiently. I think that they're gonna want it gives them like air, be sick with a kid like well
But to me I can give you if you don't eat your dinner. I can give you deserve to your brother and your sister in your other brother, not feed you for days on end locked in a closet, but I think you probably foundation about not about yes, you read my mind. I completely zoned out every said: manatee accounting takes you how's lining up to get a vaccine about right, I think wearing old lady wigs, like those people get in Florida, not a sea com, an old lady, it's just that, I'm not about to manatees and each other's shoulder a trench, coach, hi, hello, sir What's your name were now well how many cities a problem? It is special emphasis eager maimed manatee but again between through our soulless wanna. Do it very how they are an endangered species so through how it
I mean again, goddess pick them for extinction I always, and whenever I see one I'm in Florida and I see a manatee, I think you're still around how they are the wild, because we think about arranged. Sharks have been around through prehistoric times, raise visiting apex, predator, so the entire turn the military's been around. A shark has been around I'm sick sharks largest. Why the chase and sealed wage rates. Many visitors do it's it's it's just a giant log! That's made of food. It's too! It's too easy. I think there's no sport, another, like nets, boring everything in a bad light on that then she what we ve done with people. yeah that someone supposed to go extinct and now we're just letting them breathe. We get the worst version really. What are we doing this for, like? Let's give it twenty three an hour, This is not rethink that without a lot of people been raised by many of you should be in danger: yeah no offense to most of you watching, none, not so after twitter permit
we banned from which, by the way, is still raging when you think about euro still on their, if Hamas representative, still on their only rather than an ironical, mainly to shining on buried in Arlington, seems Agus efficient my gosh after trumpets banned from twitter. The scientists did he introduced legislation to limit, and this is this is landmark if you dont know what it is, but a introduce legislation to limit the power of big tech within his parameters relates to. The state of Florida. Here is explaining in Darfur Technology Company deep platforms, a candidate for elected office in Florida during an election, a company will face a daily fine of a hundred thousand dollars until the candidates, access to the platform is restored. If I were to give something a valued candidate or political committee, it would be a contribution, but big task has been manipulating news: content in designing algorithms to give the upper hand their candidates of choice, and they do so Scot free again, euphemistically called content moderation. I think it's more
political manipulation. The message is loud and clear: when it comes to elections in Florida, big tech should stay out of it. Why is it so? Why would it be so hard for people for Republicans at national level to do this than others me when you think about it, and I can I can explain this. Now, because it turns out, I can't do this legally. I checked with my learn what I want, but I dont have informed of what I wanted to do was run for some local office in Florida, one by like eight votes like constable or dog catcher here, and then sue Facebook for a hundred thousand dollars and resident Donald Trump should run in some county for Like City Council anyway, I ninety two percent and just then tweet, I'm back up kid stab worlds, tat understanding of anyone else. If I were able to do it, I would just run a national candle light. You ve got a problem Energy County. There's been no accountability for your dog catchers. Well. That ends today
on a billboard, I wouldn't I run them even outside of Florida, just so that there is no chance of an opponent getting the upper end. Unfortunately, Election laws say that unless I'm Hillary Clinton- and I have a time sharing two weeks, I actually Nevada Fund, would it be, though, to make commercials for that against the early? So no man, I eerie, kills the dogs once they tell us about your free, Sir candidate acts, there are some republican governors out there. The could just do this, but this is this is all you have to do is just a nod to Big Tec to say we're watching. We understand what you're doing and you have to stop a you know It is an example of something that I think look. I think they would eat. They would just eat the bill if it were Donald Trump bananas in dollars a day, but you're not going to do it with everyone. The local council high representative that long. all right, let's leave the monkeys, think about it for a second. You should not be able to, answer someone running for office who represents almost half of the constituency
Absolutely haven't you how many republican governors other right now I think it's well over half, I can't remember the exact number, but if every one of them did that right now, big tech would have to change ready. Do they have they be forced to let us have another hearing. Ok, You also and voted on by he also introduced a bill. Dissent is by the way on election security, so introduced a big tat kind of some kind. Some issues near and dear to my compromise heart Just the outflow here see and start here. the here's the election security bill no male in voting, no ballot, harvesting, signature, verification meaningful. Observation of signature? Matching no grants from third party organisations real time reporting of voter turnout at the precinct level and election supervisors, must report the number of balance requested. How much had been received and how many are left to be counted? It's almost like without pointing it out. This is made The address bar
The last election, it's almost like it covers all of the basis This is all very reasonable by the way, if you, if you have decided in the ten years ago, you just said hey. These are the rose like my fine go ahead and nobody's gonna oppose that go for its future work. My way, my wife cannot call in to my bank to raise my credit card limit- and I don't even you I just so that that way, it's better. For your credit score, apparently my wife can't do it. Even we have all the rise to fifteen, but someone can fill out my down ticket ballot without having my John AIM card for that Uncle SAM is a little wise to what's going on. I just I just its remarkable demanded doing I once you heard about your heart, gonna! Think ahead. that's true sign up.
here's another one by the way, just another that just a scientist I really wish the scabbard run. I can win. I totally wage, Diego there's just so much time between now and when that's going to happen, he doesn't you say a word about it now rise, keep doing what he's doing you do, you think he's playing toilet now. I think I think every politician. We're, not every there's somebody politicians worries. I would never do that. I am too busy doing the job for the people that I'm sorry you wanted to be president. Yes, yet I would run for president fancy it. Could you at the equally imagine this guy debate? Well, I mean you wouldn't be debating. Ninety prior debate airs, but let's say in a world, could you imagine him? What are you get a zombie leave all like others? I thought about. Listen, stop! Stop sap, step, accurate tables, so us beyond Could you imagine him debating, though Joe Biden Obi, like all the things you like about Donald Trump Minus, the lack of discipline right, you won't get distracted, yeah he'll be
when Biden has, you know, says the inward it, but why did you do it? Did you just say to Edward He would call him out of his fart ice age, no mom a high I would just love to see this guy ameliorating. Would you like to see most it's too early, and I know I'm not in the business of endorsing candidates funding if the person I probably greed, moat agree with most in politics is ran. Paul I've known, distancing run for President bear a great yeah. I think this hair offloading adding as well. Bombs the onward national tell a lie but not match our I would never do that because I was by the american Constituency and doing things during the end. Word is something that most of them prove what I want to be prohibited head from California, that's it very much. What he's that's, why all of which are which is which is the next clip that where is it? The final click? Yes, ok,
first before he also afforded by the weather, wouldn't mandate covered vaccines, which again. I am not against or masks amount against vaccines, I'm against triple masking, just as it does just don't, which, as you know, what the screw you that's. Why is that? I don't want you visited them against suffocation. Yes, in order for eyes, I lie. I would just like you. Let's just see how many people would, if we tell them that a hundred percent effective in reducing transaction is just as just a plastic bag with zip tie it would be a hundred percent behind. He really was a hundred percent Europe wide and brought it up. who's gonna, if you, if you need said, mask pick it up from days doctor, but I've ever to pay for them it's easy for anyone who does not know wants it now, no baby, The control control but what can you em, if you let him know that term I'll pay for anyone in this office? Humans covered vaccine? Anyone wants. I want my doctor,
For me, the Hank Aaron I'll take a different one plays none of that Yours too, after all, to be the air in spelling out is came this look like a half moon. Is he dead errand spelling the she she she is very nice to know you're thinking over someone has now. I don't know no one hundred m for longer, either dead or dying Tory Spell Authority, lorries daughter adds ranks the dead. Well, then, if he's dead, arms are either way both here and now. I feel it is also a tory spelling, clearly half moon reference. She has a book called storytelling, historic spam.
oh geez, our final, and we have to go and pretty soon far too much club, we're gonna, be playing photoshopped or not and taking your chat, United Creditor comes next month. The final clip ears, like President Donald Trump, two scientists is not a fan of figures and he's not afraid of color the media's worried about that. Obviously, you guys really love that you dont care is much if it's a quote: peaceful protests. Next you don't care is much their celebrating abide in election. You only care about if its people that you don't like so I'm a box fan, I'm damn proud of what they did on Sunday and so in terms of the UK variant. Here's what we know we know based on all the evidence that These vaccines are going to be effective against that by the way I level under a press conference in there are people are also cheering him yeah, just goes to show you how different it is when someone actually speaks the mind of what happened with the opinion that half of half of
America. Have you any is a little bit more articulate to regard this honourable around with a little bit more Diego's? I try to be nice guy thing, I'm just saying Donald Trump of ISA and I buy lavish like down from the outset. We can say that it would look legit news likes that ok, but really it what we know about the UK variant. Ok, they were talking about the UK very that agenda you we can link united the varied from the United Kingdom. Some people say Britain, it's not just written, it's the! U, where there is ever south african Varied there's a there's. A variant folks from Brazil but we're not talking about that right now. And what do we know? Ok, what do we know about the UK variant? Listen, no! Excuse me: and talking step, they use varying vaccines, are fantastic. For the UK, That is how we know they are so good and not to the UK. Varied is not so fantastic, but the vets.
the UN is fantastic. I am really happy because we were so worried. We were so worried about the United Kingdom, where I get by. I'm sorry I'll! Never ask another question again pages, like Donald Trump: what the media that I think desperately constantly running out the cloth to really get to your question tat S really what dissenters, though he judged some yes just gimme that area that is very good ex person to be heard. By May nine, these negative victory only arrival. Listen, we actually get going speaking, but we have some more talk about that. We're not could not be discussed here and not you. My best thing you can do if you're watching this has been our is just comic.
certain Rhonda Santa's drifting dollar minimum wage and have you seen that clip of Joe Biden saying the inward anywhere just comment on that below comment? Garment comment: Youtube. We don't we don't love you, but It's? Your very! You also pays off
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