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Steven Crowder goes to a college campus to have real conversations with real people. This time, Steven discusses the recent executive orders of former Vice President Joe Biden regarding gun control.

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What happened with nine eleven and an essay act where start monitoring potential terrorists. Are these people consider potential terrorists who knows, but they would still be able to purchase firearms if you're a citizen of the Eu S, I thought it was for the Patriot ACT again that I change my mind. no time for a new instalment of change. My mind where we rationalize our positions on controversial topics, as always comment which topics you most like to see in the future. Today book you ve all heard former vice President Joe Biden talk about this in recent days. Gun control. Are you proposing
taking away their guns and how would this work? I am wicked. Man saw weapons and high capacity magazine. You should be able to exploit loopholes and evade criminal background checks by buying online or at a guy show you two gun owners out. Their blue, say: world abundant version means they're. Gonna come from my guns, gringo. If in an hour. I've coming for you hell, yes, we're gonna, take your are fifteen. We all know the proposed gun control is unconstitutional. There's no such thing as a gun show loophole and assault weapons, and it's not a thing. This time on campus, when I showed up, everyone was avenue Don I didn't like it? Just for that I prefer to abroad like roadways. Broad leg is everything
french Canadians. We have legs at our golden Corrals Relational Newport issues which need to be shut down for gross helpful violation, is Rog legged with participation. Is anything like what the? U Why did the prior privy to hear, I will read in sport. References were trying to Schenectady about the yellow dream, what three children and that the local cops ride tried to take us out said we couldn't film. Then I realized it was a public park last I checked the first and I'm still applies so I did it anyway. You gonna do we'll see
Here's at european or confusing. I haven't research, our I still haven't you mind moving in a little that just now you think I didn't know we ve done broad sort of general. I'm pro second amendment reminded us like I was saying earlier, we didn't expect Have you any longer, so I didn't change sign, but these are the executive orders right younger if you're not familiar with them, you can prove them, because we want to make sure that look. I'm not what we do now have no lasting, I wanna do is like I gotcha the unknowns. Echo expect everyone to be familiar with them, so look at them and I think that its nonsense, particularly from what I understand that your fan of as the national reflexes, You want to talk about the right, so clarification quest,
and with this red flag law does not make a national mandate of a red flag on sixty days. National agencies is obviously setting a template and then eventually they're going to. a lot of it as executive orders and- and some of it is also pushing Congress. We were able to cutting legislation by manufacturers they want that was somebody was, but I want you to do that through. origin, but they're, not the national red flag. Lawyers he's trying to exert pressure and wants to start with a template. My opinion is We should have an national red flag LAW and obviously process and bore. It needs to be like regulated through court system to make sure that it is I believe like enforced, to take their got like take the guns away: and I would assume that you would believe that his government over so will. I think we already have a system in place. It's not a red flag, love. What what is it then show of your previous purchased firearms? Just so you know.
Yeah. So you know it so I think we're running off one common ground and because at the time and give executive orders said people, nine does not background checks. That's after you know. I know its natural and without background check their making sure that you are of age rather make you're. Not right now in this country, you cannot purchase environmentally if you're phelan. If you're right, domestic abuser or a few we ve been adjudicated mentally defective by a court of law. I think those are pretty good standards and I think if we want to talk about filling the gaps would be open to hearing how you would do that not be a violation of constitutional rights. This right here goes far beyond the scope of, and I think A pretty good standing. There we're ok felony. We agree. Domestic violence, via their domestic abuse, its violence for April. I keep also said that guy in domestic resource in Africa that people getting into a tussle are people being verbally, abusive.
very different from an actual violent domestic. We can't legally purchase fire and then, if you ve, been by a court order adjudicated mentally defective, fire. How would you add to that? I guess So I would add it is first of all the rest for it is, like you say, constitutional overstep. Like personal rights overstep by the government and with the gun, violence- that's happened this year, as you probably know, it's been like four times the national average like in previous years and so Ions period, yea and organised gangs. So I would say that that is similar. I wouldn't say it's like: equally, the same to happen with nine eleven and an essay act. Where start monitoring potential terrorists,
are these people consider potential terrorists who knows, but they would still be able to purchase firearms if you're a citizen of the? U S and you can pass a background check. The emigrants goes against the beach I was. I thought it was for the Patriot ACT again that I changed my mind. You know so a couple of them just check so noted the Patriot ACT noticed buying and Americans and Note. Everything into the mix by new crime has been consistently going down. Firm is going down before this happens. There is going down after we have one year or wait a year in TWAIN. Sixteen, with a blip and this last year with a black cat. You said it was gone, Frank, it's not it's! For the same reason, there are two billion dollars just in business damages hundreds of officer, casualties, dozens of murders and
thousands of arrest at the rights that took place only summit, a k, I'm not disagree with you, I'm aside rate, went up just thousand percent important are not disagreeing with you that the violent crime went up over a hundred percent in places like New York and Minneapolis or Milwaukee, where they D funded the police. But suggested that's because of law. Abiding american and firearms mean there's a reason that more black Africans have purchased firearms and the last year than ever in american history, and I don't think that's stripping people who are the victims of these rights and this increasing violent crime is a solution. That is a fair yeah, that's fair, You agree with me that there was a sudden rise in just angrily. shooters, that there is a correlation with one year spike and that can be directly having traced to the DE funding these the allowing a violent riots. I would the tough on destroying it.
Thoughts together? Will look I'll, take that step assuming that line statistically its yeah, yeah icicles wasn't with violence, and I believe that you're telling me the truth on a summer of love, as I said at the outset, I still it still about psychiatric background. I know that gun violence might not have gone, but I still think its problem so how can we fix in? There are loopholes, as you probably know what loopholes we sit for stuff. You said you support the red, vs Zander red flags. You wanna talk yes proposal so why they support a red flag. Well beyond what we already know, which has read just repeated proviso: felon the iron domestic abuser generally by environmentally my court. You one do that with a red flag? What why are they out of that, so doctors, if they know that their Asia is a harm to themselves. They have to report that the police, if they mention anything of that
so why are they then allowed to continue to have their guns? If No, they are a danger to themselves, because, just because you reported the place doesn't mean anything can happen so you're saying that it sends me what you're saying, if a doctor reports in the police, they should immediately come and take your guns away, not knowing nothing, No, I think there should be due process and that there should be like eight would have to be paid, then, through like psychiatric evaluation, that these people are suicide. are trying to like hurt some other people. Then my going out shooting type thing, but you would have to show evidence whether in not just have to be, like I remind you, is argued against reflection,
Knowing how seriously languages that's what mentally adjudicated mentally defective offices by itself farm right reported and it goes through the process, the Red flag laws and, by the way, a sort of funny you brought up a doctor. I have some examples here, level, the sources and website just again just assume Tita. There's a doctor, I believe, is in New Jersey, New York, who actually had his patient because he wrote that the old reviews, headstone sticking yeah again. That's why I like you're, saying you need those processes have yet and we have those. That's why Courtney Sudan, you are due to adjudicate and mentally defective, is a term for Courtney sitting. However, the red flowers it are proposed, and I think what we're having ears you- maybe our thinking, red flag laws or something different because of your saying here, someone who is already displayed a violent behaviour or harmful behaviour and its proven for a system of evidence and they go through a process where I would assume that you're saying they can, they can face their accuser.
the right. Yes, however, red flag law is some reports you they had come and take your guns. In the middle of the night, there's no trial, you ve been charged with no crime, no evidence and you dont get Deface York users and then, after a certain amount of time, you go to court, and maybe they let you get them. Do you think just because someone has committed a violent action that they should still keep their guns until they do. I think that if someone has not caused form to someone else or themselves where it has not been proven, like you just said, psychiatric evaluation. And then facing your accusers, rightly, which is something that we already have. Yes, I dont think that you minority report and take someone's gonna someone guns programme. Do you think you should be able to take them? Pre crime because then, who determines? I think it is a criminal act. I think it's then sense of national security, like the Patriot ACT, where, if they
are planning on committing these like crimes, and they have been proven through these bra. like how many people with area- and that is my point right array of La Ranges- lag law is beyond proving right. Hopefully one is right now this can be proven. For example, if you make a death threat does not really like, while you can bring in accordance if someone is started, hurting themselves, raison D, tempted suicide, that's in court right away soon, already Phelan try to harm someone else and we go to the court system red flag laws completely bypass. The coarsest and put first off police lives in danger because they are going and taking going to think about it. If you don't know who don't know, they always kill, the dog happens all the time. How many times you sirop autonomic dongle around you're, so they kill the dawn and take your. and then maybe at some point you will even charter is no current. You may get your guns back. Do you think you think that's ok
that's not what I'm arguing. So I didn't exactly know that before coming in here, but I think that we need to open up the psyche evaluations more in our current systems, because I personally don't how many people get like poor adjudicated like insane aware they came up yeah, there's, probably a disproportionate amount of people who are insane dad just having gone through the system, yet that need to be filtered out through the system. I think I think you're pointless and I think you're probably right that there are probably some people out there. The hour mentally Mackay say: defective unstable and came hurrying. I'm gonna go was defective, but yes mentally unstable people who we don't know yet, but here's the issue we send. Someone cannot hear not the only issue
something to me, and I would like you to entertain the suffers. The person who sat down before you Emily said that we need to warm in this country, and I agree as someone who suffered from depression life. I think that we need to these stigmatize seeking help. I don't think we need to glorify mental health issues. For example, I dont want to be considered a hero because a depression at something I have to deal with. However, only give you this situation, these red flag was like, as you see, proposed, right this area and the White House website again soon that night you gonna wait I'll start governed
that's it might be from everything from someone who has concerning sites, like maybe let's say someone who is very depressed, someone who has considered not wanting to limiting or someone who's embarrassed about their mental health issues. Do you think they're more or less likely to seek help if they know that their constitutional right to protect themselves could be taken away if they meant to their mental health? Shortcomings will discourage people from seeking out. How can I bring up something else, of course? So what if you sign up for in most states where medical marijuana is legal? Once you receive your card, you can no longer legally purchase a fire when they wish.
Promise federal laws in the area and so does make people who would like to use medical marijuana to treat themselves does out, deter them from doing it, because I won't be able to have their firearms. Will you just lie and soon that's mine, she writes. Luther super worry, there's no point for red flag lock, it will just lying exactly so that's it doesn't We are advocating red flag law like you're you're, advocating what we have yes and a process to make it more thorough right, which I understand, costs money and takes time right, which is in very efficient. I think it's what's need less necessary. You would agree that the red flag will we're talking moment, because I think you maybe had this sort of foresee idea. Yard, flag law was
I could barely over here you, while you were talking to join it and that's where I got it from Georgians. We still hear George. Doesn't stop talking ethnic, but what you perceived a red flag law to be when I watch when make sure that I understand now understanding that a red flag law means that your family member, your friends, your doktor, can have people take your guns away not being charged with drawing up fishing year. Accusers no due process begins, I'd be a gets lorens proposal, yeah, ok biology. I support would guess. You're saying to those, people should be able to still go to the course estimate mention like put in a formal thing, that these people are unstable and then make them go through processes, because, just because you having gone to see as a kite rest, whenever you have schizophrenia, doesn't mean you don't have schizophrenia, shoot it. Just because of you.
Extra Phronsie s gets a funny as media schizophrenia. True, but I think I shall be checked well. I think I think that there should be a process which is not incredibly invasive. Otherwise you would just have everyone who is a lover, corn, singing schizophrenia. No, yes, gets a frightening everyday you're, crazy right. There needs to be a track record and look there. I think we would all have to accept that living in a free society, you're never going to catch everyone else, and I think that's a far graver sin- and this is something I think is never talk about. Considering, there's half a million on the loans to three million defensive uses of firearms each year in this country, and there are only fourteen thousand com a size each year in this country we hire in a black lives matter. Peaceful some remind you. I think it's a far greater soon to take away firearms from the overwhelming number of people who use them responsibly defensively.
in order to try and catch the look, you're never going to have a pervasive. It's a needle in a haystack aid is needed, but I do agree with you in that. If a doctor can recommended in someone is goes through the court system, I think from me. What superimposing I think we both agree here is, is there needs to be due process a charge and the ability to face your accuser, and in this case defend yourself and defend yourself? That's somewhat their proposing to me. It's terrifying Evan, yes, Evan Evan appreciate, I think we just came from coming. I think I think, What changed your mind by accident probate? Would you wanted a Evan inadvertently changed his mouth? There's plenty more to get to. I want to let you know that none of these episodes take place without your support and especially now that the entire channel,
Ben demonetized indefinitely. Consider going the crowd of sharp dotcom yourself, some slick threads. We ve got some cool new designs dropping soon. Thank you. So much for the support. No foreign caliphate were funded by viewers like you actually on with the job. George George, this report has its bell: Georgi. Ok, because also with friend, George J, O large Lorna Jorge, but he said he prefers you're, so they announced six executive actions and then some proposals to Congress at their legacy past. You asked me which one is most concerning to me. So let me just sort of sentence for people were tuning and we ve done pretty generic or, I should say I guess I should say more broad achievements in the second amendment. I wandered trains because in some of these new laws, because a lot of people have been talking about that's, why ask, as I actually done about ok, so
One thing that you are time which one is most concern to me is red flag laws, and if you want to read this year, Do you mind reading aloud and then you can? We have, for example, help if you read out loud, so it's just one year, red flag laws, allow family members or law enforcement to petition for a court order temporarily, barring people in crisis from accessing firearms, if they present a danger to themselves or others. The president urged supposing appropriate national red flag love, as was legislation, incentivize and states to pass red flag laws of their own. In the interim, the Justice Department published legislation will make it easier for states that want to adopt red flag. Also do so right. So could you girls, like the implications of that like word, show first off you owe me
It would help if expound upon you can know why it please location what a red flag varies from state to state, but that's why he wants to eventually is expressed interest in having a nationalized form, a federal red flag, lock, and what that means is effectively. There are gaps right now right between, for example, if you're Phelan or, if you're a violent domestic abuser, you cannot purchase firearms right. What red flag laws into do is expand that, where a family member, a neighbour, a doktor just for your report- well not even just related, for example, there's been some doctors or work associates could report you as someone who may be a danger to yours,
others, and so in that case the government could seize your fire said. I do see that's concerning well the argument. Let me give you the argument that they present. Is you know if you look at tat, I can remember what shooting, because I know this sort of way together. I think it was the one in El Paso, but there are several shootings when they said well. They called the FBI. This person should have had a firearm and so red flag laws would allow us to close that gap. Words, this person's dangerous, they can be reported in their firearms, can be they would argue temporarily removed? So if people are reporting a person riot like do they have to like Is it on certain grounds that it has to be like legitimize like do like what's the process since the question, right, got areas from state to state. For example, I think it was in New Jersey, you're, a doctor flag, one of his patients, because he carefully. Negative views on yelled and fire arms or move? So
this is the issue right is. It varies across him. States, administration habits like those at all, but no cause. I think it's pretty clear right if you ve committed a felony or if your violent domestic abuser, it's another little being wasted by imposing domestic abuse, you shouldn't be able to get to If you're down on domestic majority can for talking about someone again to a verbal argument with their wife, remove their ability to fire, but now it's is subjective, and the issue that I have with its most concerning as they take your firearms there's. No due process ok, you're, not even charged with it. You have to be charged with drawing up to be trying to you. Dont have to charge of any crime, let alone convicted you dont have to have been. Even mentally, diagnose your adjudicated defective and you not even there. For the hearing. You have no opportunity to face your users, then, several weeks later, but they say, severally
weeks later you'll have a hearing. We are allowed to make your case, I'm getting your firearms back, so it's after you, ve already been punished, has actually been taken away again. You know I do feel, like that's an abridgment of the second amendment rights. That's that's why I wanted to ask the Red flag, because actually, having heard about it, I understand your concern that right and I understand the reason that people would think it's a good idea, because it allows people are meant. we enjoy and in its different because, like if a doctor, I guess notices a potential danger that their patient my pose like our no, I see it being justified if it something like you have a patient, six schizophrenia or something great someone that could pose a danger, but I feel like they would need to have already expressed yes potential to harm others in order for you to, like legitimately, take away their fire right.
we kind of already have that standard is rightfully disastrously more on top of tat, and I think also you know we sail. I will soon with a mental health crisis in this country. But let me ask you this: what say or suffering from depression say or suffering from family members were bipolar disorder, but do not violent yeah. Do you think that, knowing if your doctor says skies bipolar and their protection, the way you think it would make people more likely or less likely to seek metamorphosis you mean, like Google, had rough times have suffered from depression, will ever talk about a pretty openly, but I know If I knew that someone doktor could subjective, we say danger to himself. I probably keep it to myself. So it's these laws of the rules of unintended consequences for clause. Gotta doesn't surprise you that you haven't heard more about it honestly, considering how media that does seem pretty sweeping kind of surprised I haven't heard about what this is?
This is from the website we make them. All of this is from the White House works on press briefing. I there like what else was in this. guns, ghosts, guns guns in there and that's a big thing. As the word now ghost gun, another problem with those guns deleted Ray I dont problems. Coastal zone have evolved, noticed it goes guns or not. It's not really operating as far as being an actual threat right now, an existential threat to unite. The way I understand goes guns is that their like you have different parts and then their assembled It's not! Syria lies it's not like recognised billions, yeah, sort of registry. I feel like that, does pose a danger. There is no federal registry are not a federal whenever this is important as a serial number, it can only trace the fire to its arrears
point of sale in tracing and individual too, so I think that matter most are enough of it and what it is. And if you look at the actual legislation, you look what he prefers, especially before even for office right. The idea of ghosts guns first, off its illegal freedom, make firearms at home. It's not very difficult, even if some piping in some copper wire, you can make a shotgun pretty amazing Believe me, I've had friends, do it, I wouldn't recommend it. Couldn't eighty junker yeah, that's illegal, that you can't sell? now here's the issue goes going to their say. I know you can buy. See where you can buy an upper effectively can put a gun together with kids. However, you look at their proposed. Follow, propose existing legislation. Its basic basically makes it impossible to purchase any gunfights online because it can be used for a ghost. What, if I have to say,
deepest broken, my nephew Workplace safety, what about energy- and it is also true, wherever you're, regionally bought the gun in order to do that right now, not if you make it difficult and illegal to purchase parts under the guise of the main goes comes from that is proposed way but like if you wanna Biosafety for said Lego, let's say like a slide longer whenever it is, but the point is they would they want to make it increasingly difficult to purchase firelight parts? Okay, if you did want that You want to do that legally safely. Whatever can you not just go to where you originally bought the gun, I'm confused? Now none of Not if you want you customize your gun and that if you want to change something- and you go in, for example, might well what extent. for example, I have a report that I really like, and I have I have some guns, inner more for practical purposes and similar heirlooms and the trigger was pretty rings, and so I got a trigger spring kit switched out the trigger. That's the kind of thing very much be under the guise of ghosts guns which dont make up any percentage.
Far as we know of crimes committed right now and that's that so it is the idea that, while these crimes are being committed out there right now, with these coastguards, ghosts guns, in other words, are going to think. There's this epidemic of guns out there that people are creating or really printing, it's just not true. It's just not an actual threat, manufacture, closest thing that I found was, I said, thirty percent, so it should do. Research on this isn't possible, defying the closest nobody from a single thirty percent of our guns. No recovered did you ever go skins towards a lot, and I realized I was thirty percent of our guns recovered in California or goes guns, and so a sitting there trying to find some. let's internet, about against. If it works Yes, I was sitting you're going, that's interesting. That's only in a gun, free state effectively gun restrict the stately, California, here's what the truth is. First off there's no official report. It was a verbal report given to an NBC reporter from the
two years ago and what they were saying with thirty percent, all guns recovered usually from crimes in California, we're uncivilized, meaning that that also includes guns were bought out of the back of a truck or they would extremism which is on fire. So used as the basis, and I encourage you to research and now he at last April thin. That's literally, why sat down like? I don't know that much about this I wanted to see it does. Is it like I'm on the left, I'm also Brogan we're gonna guide? Definitely respect people's rights have a gun, but I do feel like something like those guns to potentially present a danger. You know there's a potentially present a danger, however infra looking, with a sort of risk reward ratio potential dangers? Would you also agree that there is a potential danger and giving the federal government the authority to ban which parts
Julia. I mean like I would have to research, especially when you know there's basic dishonest premise, down there right now when he issued its executive functions. If you watch its conference said, we need background checks, you said you're broke. the only firearms Adele now seated alone, to fire. I've never produce far. Do you know the day requirements? Yes, yes, I do so we need a president who, listen, I'm the business describing motives, but I've gotta, believe president knows that their background checks, so, I am not aware that there are yes. I did not know. The idea is that Iraq about there are no loopholes. Young Annabelle, if you mean by a gun illegally. That's not a loophole. If you mean that, just go and buy a gun outside of a gun showing a trunk loophole, go to any place here that sells firearms, any gunshot, any gun dealer, and they will require a background check and a photo identification. So when he predicate his position on why, like that,
well that's not your anyone is purchased a gun knows it's not true, and then they use numbers like huge percentage of gross guns- HANS, I guess that's natural and then the package, the totality and you can have magazines over ten rounds, we can no longer cell gun parts and red flag laws right. That's that's really concerning tonight. I would encourage you to turn up appreciate your Emily really left, but the same dynamic. provision has been rapid enough, like unto the left and democratic left early yeah, communists, Would you put me in the gulags if you had your choice? Definitely not because I also believe and individual liberties, cable. Parliament now
it's never existed. Many left his country that's existed. I would tell you, research, libertarian. Socialism might learn something. I know plenty about: libertarian socialism Erika I and Erika socialism, and I think that these are actually morons make no yearly. I wish I could talk to you about that as I totally don't think they are, if you like, you can have, can have liberty looking eyes one. Second. Maybe we can talk about this later. Anyone else wants to talk about the good at it and then is any. Is anyone else looking to talk about violence, So this is where Georgian I wrapped our conversation on common sense, gun control, but don't worry, we'll have another segment with George libertarian socialism coming soon. He didn't actually changed, my my, but before we go on to our final guest, I had to take a moment to deal with this beautiful, brave young woman. I asked how is my face pollution
Similarly, I know I know, but that's pretty rude settlement activity spending just framework, but I'm just curious is when you situation, we are needed. Ok, it's a joke because you disagree with me faces he had already you. It's ok, look well you're being from concerning public area, as we make sure that, ok without hominem as well, ok, but by the way we We expect former vice President Joe Biden to declare war on the second amendment over the weekend, so we had to do an impromptu sign. Change, yes, for just that crafty and our penmanship is that awful now on the Emily Emily. Do you want to talk about, arms. I wanted to say it. You know we have this general, I'm close economic, in which more broad powder we just change assignment, that's why it's written like
me from toys story under buzz issue. We didn't expect by news issue sweeping executive actions, and so I wanted to specifically talk about this in relation to what is proposed is common sense, gonna form, which of course, I believe is nonsense. Particularly as it relates to Joe binds executive actions. Are you familiar with the ones you just issued? Classical? Yes, actually, so this is from the White House clean and the ones in bold with those are kind of the actual actions, and in this descriptions and if I understand you specifically wanted to discuss mental health in the issue of going you. But if you want to read these no rush, reason say what these strategies are, colonel, like the green new deal thing. We're than issues to everything thereafter and give us your money thing is obvious. We should have a gun laws, because you can just by a gun, Willy nilly, wrote. But this seems a lunatic.
This seems ridiculous in the sense that it's not actually creating any change. I voted for this and not to hide from you, but just to make sure that it doesn't blow away. Ridiculous that right in his ears using his executive orders almost like. What's the right word I wouldn't say it like that letter and in a sense it it's almost like abusing this. You shouldn't for the wrong reasons, because what it is this has meant a mental health issue. So, They should be doing in mental health advocacy in schools and said ass. If there really worried about social, and things like that you go to the root of the problem. It's not guns, but we should. We should have gun control I mean, I know a lot of people that have guns. I dont have a gun licence, especially in Texas, and I know you down oceans, but you shouldn't have dedicated reproaches asylum. You have to get it back. A data bank,
you can't be a criminal or violent domestic abuse, their licences. I can set up suddenly. like in the same sense of like a driver's license because it driving constitutional right but I mean you need I d to purchase a firearm justice. You need idea, should need idea out, so I think that you should have chosen identification. Make sure that you know your of age. We know that you're the criminal, you know that you're a legal citizen, but if you have your purchase a virus, so you did this winter gentlemen. A couple of lovely varies workable and they didn't. Doesn't so we went to go purchase a fire with the range going to educate them, and then I say which one the furnace firemen, shelter people you and they attempted to purchase it along then check it turned out that couldn't be she wasn't twenty one, seven treatment for pestilent access.
The eighteen for long. So now we have, we already Background checks, if you want to conceal, carry in some states like Texas, see that's all fine with me, but the issue is The issue is it's like its mental health. So I just know: monsieur we have come, so you didn't cinematic running round law abiding. citizens should be able to purchase partners, and I dont. I cannot think it like hinder somebody's rights, but the fact that like I know that I know some people that are schizophrenic, that have a gun and I don't think I should be allowed. I think that part of it is that part of it The background check, or is it not You have to be so there again there's a stand in this is the problem of threats like those we have to be, I believe, attorneys adjudicated mentally defective because look, I know people I've. What's a friends and or relatives with bipolar disorder, they should actually be allowed to own a fire.
you're a functioning member of society and that all well you're, not all sodium, have severe bipolar disorder. Some of them have by four disorder that does not have any like when it gets to appoint of severity than then. I think that there may be should be somebody checking and on that I think there should be checking in Nancy issue were again you're talking about the severity of a court order, and particularly that's pretty easy to substantiate. If this person has already either committed a crime or even a step, further committed an act that was very clearly dangers. others but Lebanon, silly crime. I made that something that would be on the record. the issue with, for example, read what you're talking about mental health, and so they use that sort of orphaned internet flight laws these? therefore, I think that's wrong. Yes, but it's predicated on me. It meant, I think it will look with a mental health problem So why can't family and doctors flight people's mental health issues as you have it now? You're right your mood, even though you ve not been charged with crime and you haven't, the future users. You lose due process, it's like
most manipulating mental health just for their own game. Jordan Gregor It passed some law like last year in Texas schools. They were like. Ok, we care about mental health, but in reality it was just like an elected. It was basically just Russia for judgment, question: is you mean you? mandatory mental health, of course, either in an instant. I think definitely in high schools and hospitals have either or you should have a license psychiatrist or a licence psychologist on campus at all times as actually trained, and they actually knows what you're talking about and actually provides a safe space for children and that's what we need in this place and if you did that in every single school school shootings would go down or think of you
armed security guards in every single school and cuz. That's the one thing: it's very consistent! You don't like anywhere from hello and ninety five, and I am ninety. Eight percent of all mass shootings occur in gun free zones so place like schools, churches. I don't really think that a social worker is going. Well, I'm in the schools here have armed feminine my my high school dead, but the thing is, I think it's almost making it a safe space for children and I dont think necessarily An armed guard versus a psychiatrist, aura trusted like mental health advocate. If someone wants to go into that school and she gets basis, for it is safer, but I think you can make an even safer by having mental health is the kids that are shit, the people that are shooting up schools there, the children go to school, while his greasy paralyse kids going. The criminal issues are the strongest correlation, particularly when I went to information package. But when you look at ninety five percent of current country
and another one is the ask me something like eighty to ninety percent of these measures didn't and that doesn't get fixed psychologists school help it could help it. I think, if we're going to the requirements of the issue politically with mental health, reopening to talk about is the nuke the family unit in the proper rearing children. It starts with families. Before we get to communities, are public schools. I look if more funding more resources in public schools would sell this problems then you're the best. In the country would be places like Chicago Detroit or Washington DC. It's a system that just doesn't work goes into a black hole has got, I think we need to take. It appears What concerns me with laws it doesn't seem like we agree, is this again bestows more power to the government to remove people's individual rights, and I have no problem with having psychologists on campus. I do have a problem with what we say. To help someone shouldn't be allowed to purchase a firearm outside
We have just efficiently adjudicated mentally defective because Not long ago, gender discourteous was considered a mental illness and now than it is for you just consider the symptoms gender identity disorder. However, it still comes with forty two percent attempted suicide rate, transgender, go any better if it goes into surgery, hormone replacement, no world. Do we say when you turn generating a firearm, would you like me to attempt suicide dilution, though often those things I've got? You about that. The court ordered thing. I think it is a good That is a good standard for there exists, but but german helping improve mental health period regardless of law. Yes, regardless of laws. What it will do is just it would just do the amount of children that are at the point where they need to do something horrible, I fix or to rethink the mournful parenting. Yes, but I think it is an easier way to solve that problem at least chip away at the problem would be to implement
use money that you'd putting towards these things to put executive orders to put the cancers in schools, because you. Can it be able to go into somebody's house and give him a father no, but you can remove, you can remove laws that accompany the welfare state that encourage single single parent households right to get twice the benefits It removes the laws in the box and actually discouraged depending or you are family. Why? Don't you love? Ok, I think that's a good, I think that's. If we were young automobile defining. Yes, it's a waste of money. We both agree to its also grossly constitution. I mean look like I did Think that I understand- and this is one thing I would say in German- get offended when I say that women, naturally are more empathy. Women naturally tend to be. Walk a mile and people shoes and that's a good thing. I also think it sometimes but ends up happening, and this would happen. Laws like these pictures, largely drafted by heresy. inside it
however, as is happening now, exactly got no strings to hold me is doing under the guise of empathy, they're kind of causing more good, and I think it very important that we look at people's constitutional rights. Look at the fact that the only equalizer, for example, for a woman with a guy for a woman to would have an intruder, dagger women are going to be weaker than men's is true. There are five hundred dollars The three main defensive uses the sirens each year. Huge percentage of those are women like this, would allow me to say I dont think its actual say like she's, crazy. That's happened to hear that right number particularly your guns, you can come, get him back and let us be found it right, but it doesn't he's rents. Let you give an example in New Jersey were doktor got a patient's guns taken legacy, kept leaving Daniele pretty I'm using the example to make a point, but this kind of stuff happens because some data really loose with it, I think
Any situation where you have appear being able to report another period, it's gonna, be abused and also sees the skirt yeah it's just liar they using all of this money when they could be it justice. This country needs more mental health. He's not all right now have more mental health, we'd have far fewer levels. Far fewer guidance, because they seem to think this is logical. This is sound reason. Thank you suppose, Emily family. I appreciate you sit down. Thank you very much and, If you take anything there, you have it votes. What are you line up on red flag laws? Ghosts, guns, comment below. Let us know India stay too and for our next instalment on voter idea and why opposing it kind of race We are still here on the internet. That's that's a mirror.
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