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2019-11-04 | 🔗
Steven Crowder heads to Texas A&M for the annual Halloween Spooktacular live show! Talking Trump nailing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Halloween triggering, an updated from Pedowood, and how Gen Z may clinch a 2020 win!

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How are you senator? I am do incorrect router, it's not it's even broader is Youtube. You really are very seem. Prouder is self styled can mean that both I would like to apologise for the use of all of the following racially sexually in generally prejudicial charged for Jordan, mounds and or objectives that have been used on this programme. Homo colored woman is now claiming that ill on Omar stole her husband when reach for come at the kind of woman was founded Hake. He was my brother First Dar fish in mexican bald. I knew that I disagree with you like a changed, my life alone. Had it all right, you called down the thunder. Well now you gotta. Let me not merely liberal for kicks entreated privilege that is not going to happen to the ground and how we may I ask: how can I make them noise and don't gotta twisted? I don't get it gained, is not gay now monopoly Chanty Lang, ok granted, which we all get to Julia. We can do with an and delivering through the night at a range of combating racism, anti wrinkle women to get it right in a faint again when they try to change my mind tried carefully watching me, never nothing but has no impact on the one hand and bridge the whole thing would come back to my wife, and I don't want a shout prodigality prodigal until we get one argument. Julia prodigal gave it Julia I'll, give it your mad. I gain nothing Jimmy, but every time I turn around Chang Maureen bearing no. I can't get a lot more of us along with a magic, mainly against you to be my own. Do we achieve cloven? Only that you know you can sail packaging to channels open in doing this for nineteen years there was one step back.
Before you can forget about mark with regard, and I gotta go one cow. I myself prodigal. Did I tell ya, think I'll give you a ride. I gotta tell ya, go get it we gotta go now he's gonna want sound prodigal gave it Julia. Eliot prodigal gave a curious thing I'll give it where it is not just about the devil in your rank. Crap gave a red line now the latter with it should have done it. I only they care about. You know better than I don't. I don't want a prodigal gave a big I'll. Tell you a prodigal. Did I tell ya, think I'll give it all you gotta do is one area where we are being given to welcome you to stage three great trouble. You're late, I met someone get executed fairly.
These are the Colosseum. I M very glad to be here season costumes. I see the joker we're gonna make your security takes a look at you earth we're not bringing you answer back so much to everyone is also watching live right now. Crowded spectacular is the hashtag in right now for twenty four hours. If you try to protect, you get twenty dollars a mug clubs and we're going to have a constant contest after this when we come back for the Cuban, I really really did also by the way anyone who signed up there's an after party a secret after party, so I'll go straight to your email after the show, I appreciate the ear of the tsunami when it was really gave the justly neighbour thing
my own really! Couldn't you guys not only show about this, then you you're, not we actually, so that an entire overflow room can we check in with the overflow room shown some lot? Everybody. Thank you. We will be there in a little bit to go and take some of your questions. I really want you guys to please everyone around of applause to yeah, for putting this on. Support can be the out. Boring of support has been absolutely fantastic, alot of people here as well. Yes, the little room and actually Prime Minister kinda, just insured always here so show em. You love him really grateful to. You
There are stream and ban yet quarter black early for now we're still Brazil up right. Thank you, guys should see, the prime Minister should learn a lesson he's a black face, a corner sore yes like so legal. Just do it every now and then say I regret it. He didn't like nine times and sang gale. You couldn't make it more racist song, racist question, today to you by the way. You know these Dylan College. Do you feel for people watching the stream? You feel your peers. These are as far left as a media reports, and how they make them out to be ready to put down a little bit. But of course before we get to that that you guys it down your outstanding cheering sitting here, like that's pretty good for you to appreciate that you're, so enthusiastic about life
course? Big story this week was President Trump announcing that Blue Abubakar Albert Daddy was killed. Yes, but you guys cheered, four chairs rings hollow. Allocating drug was very descriptive in how the ICES leader Dinah one, I surely at the exact quote right, because the media doesn't that he died like a coward and was whimpering and crying and straining all the way now. Listen. Of course, some people on the left criticizes languages, unprofessional which, as you know, was not helped at all by the press conference. The next day
look at that here to brag. Frankly, I hate bragging, but I gotta folks. I got aid the Baker, yes, Mister Travilla, you mean notorious ices leader buffer, the Agri Baker died baby, it's over less well, I didn't show much less As I didn't motivate, I bought a beta, the assassination folks who break. That might be frank. We have really leader. Ok, I guess you could say I would never say that's what people call me to tony robins of excessive nations, but they could shut up shop, do practically well technically
we were the ones by big ISIS was us, is going to rise and spread across from ITALY. Idea did speak English it. I don't think terrorists so kill a guy with a beard ok, predict fake news or by paying them. Ok, I kill that bag. God knows what they call me out: their diabetes frankly, its close to what they call me as what they, I would even say. They called me that bit west to do realise these places. There was one poor guy for you, no good for him. He did kill a guy with a beard who also happens to be a terrorist. Why it would just be an innocent bystanders with a beard. Guess a real and riding with little dangerous for a college shell wishing to clarify for more actually on this, it's been developing since you ve been here, we check and now with the latter with trotters Whitehouse correspondent.
Download drawn? Don't trust China? China is a guys we could bring clip volume up a little, but I think there have been a little bit of trouble unit. Let's make eclipse a little bit louder further and we're having a good Halloween, thus far you got here, I'm glad otherwise I mean I don't know how you haven't at all, and if you are this enthusiastically kind of sad, I just think you from crippling depression halloween. As you know, it's all about the costumes guenever own costume contest. So we thought we would do a little bit of a celebrity customer view in this week. Spooky version of Hollywood, many spooky, so you know it's good, first, we have Demi Lovato as Mary Antoinette yeah. That's right! it's like the real Marie Antoinette. All Harrier
Let them eat pussy, that's not right, nor, historically accurate, no miracle. Like you got that it already did next up? We have been asked lack who wore this. I don't really know when it is not really a costume so much as a mask scary, right, even more scary, his crippling alcoholism how dare you he's not the boss of me finally model Kiley Genera, think of another. She dressed her daughter, stormy up as Kiley, Jenner, yeah thousand Carson, and you can see the youngest Jenner doesn't seem like she's to throw the costume, but I'll tell you who is Hollywood pedophiles
How dare you It's gonna be a long night yeah, but I don't think I didn't like there is little long. We don't need it that long Lilienthal, moving on with them
Nathan, Philips, listen, we're gonna, know you think we're going to busy. Do you mind even it down for a little bit? I know it wasn't you can do it if you can wait until after that, you- and I want you to just give us a little bit. There is going to be a culinary Syria, but not if this goes on all night. Are you hungry you want to? But you know you want to mess good, ok, knowing that cement backstage you'll get mad its maritime weird
hidden all the marks early on show each year how about media matters? What are you? What are you gonna? Do democratize us again sticking with. I want you to know Bree Larsson fans of real arson. I'm not hurt like this is also a costume someone, I am not a fan. Go back there talking about tears, you son of a bitch, you captain there, my machine, limited, my show
but real arson. She said that most Marvel women passionately want in all female movie an amateur. Quote from one mature, get it right. I want to make oh stop it. You sexist pig I haven't, even rather quite yet here I'm not in charge of the future of Marvel. But if enough, go out in the world talk about how much they want it. Maybe it'll happens that there can be no surprise square earlier, feminist ruin everything all the way back
the garden of Eden, so there is the river of everlasting life over there lie in line with a lamb. So that's pretty cool and Eurasia soul cycle got precluded. Can pretty much enjoyment in you want here are just not from this one tree skis me this one tree we can gain since you got okay, so now you're gonna mansplain to me when I came in Kiev, it's not me, it's God, so if ye from it will lose Paradise, and I also got a man, I don't think you're up with man. Splendid could be guy. I don't know what that means. No, no don't eat. Don't I'm serious, don't what's happening right now, where'd you get that site, don't take, don't you take a bite? Don't don't take, don't give me that look you're gonna! If you do, it will all voting now you made me: do it now disgusted with myself we
that's your dough and black face corrected Nathan, Philips at my, apples, what a wonderful! First, you guys here, the first year from Naples was a man husky measure that I'm looking for puffy Ariel Sharon's due to making a fourth instalment of the matrix Well, ok, apparently you all you shut up, she's not wanted here. For this element of the matrix? For those you don't know, I guess I have to give you some backstory here and Neil Patrick here S. What we do the franchise. This go around now, that's right, time, NEO bends, the other way, so that
doesn't get me better? There are plenty of exit the supper right there. Finally, actually, I believe, president, candidate beta Orourke recently yeah. Ok, right now that I can go on presidential candidate. Meda Orourke actually recently has been she's now do we now. Are we good very good with this he's gonna be on my way given up for your through here that work with some glitches that went on corner black hair it away, alright, it's enough! You can stop the music,
That's when horribly wrong! They must respect music. You do you guys have the other step ready for the rest of the show, or we can have the same problem with beta we're gonna be. Are you? Ok, you wouldn't know the big one. We're talking about ok and you said, beat the hell out of data. We do not advocate or condone violence at all whatsoever. Ok, let's make it really clear them, I'm pretty sure NATO tripped over some. Records of Dave felt like don't take joy, and I said it so you could braver him now. People are sad if you'll get it really should the fact that I was more enthusiastic about the chairs and prayer, sorry God, unhallowed leave, no less. Ok, so beta said recently that it is no longer sufficient not to be racist for those missed it It is no longer sufficient
to be racist, each one of us- must commit to being antiracist in America yeah they weren't you bring him there. They also had shares yes, look here what is happening guys? What the hell is going on? Who knows? Are we gonna regarding you accuse otherwise one? Is there any unemployment, one with a chair with a fold out chair, and this will have that now you think beta went out. He said this, you know it's not enough to be a racism has been kind of a cornerstone of his campaign has been talked about, racism a whole lot, and this is what they I don't know of any one hears actually met like a real life. Racist ability, The core and I haven't, got some further out there. Probably guy- Could it be that NATO is beginning to Nose AMOS Robert, so he was confused lightly and they must Frances?
a little more lenient, Racism or is prevalent, though, is a work in others claim to be. I think our Today, interactions would be significantly different someone's rallies any time. One debate was wrong. I was we have seen Love Chris Rocky, so funny However, these measures into account of them on racist so you think people are rank
Another because it of their skin color, so it's not cultural content. How to make this dinner all about me. You guys have any plans for Halloween. I will go to just parents with kid. I feel you to say some. No really, let's find it's not ok, Ricky, if you we feel that way about the blacks I just don't feel like I can be relationship anymore. Wait: seated noise or racist, of course, now what you didn't notice how I dont have any black friends and analysed in a rap music. Never as my oversized exclusively white dog. My time I said I wanted Thailand hurry water morbid, you just hated Medea,
this house. Now Medea so Movie, where the young black guy dresses up like a sponge, the old black woman. Yes Medea firstly, that of pretty uncomfortable into practical terms. Jack. I all just take a deep breath and try and enjoy totally do you pineapple frightening, untasted, oh Jack, just got around of seeing the new oceans movie oceans. Have you seen it loaded really
Course, I'm not a sexist. At least real arsenal be happy without good for her captain marble. I think I think we're actually moving along down the trail with I'm not what is that we would just happened. We're going Ok, all right! Ok, I don't wanna be moved along down the trail here relatively soon. Until glittered like it, what is it will? Who are you wearing today by how dare you, how stolen my dreams in my childhood, I didn't you what you said. You know what in Lisbon, I just don't care yeah, that's the issue nor your character or that you start talking here its remarkable three guys guys all set our rights,
I think we will be moving on down the trail here with some additional I'm waiting for I'm waiting for a surprise guest. I think, and I don't know what's happening with it. Do we need to a reboot everything going on here there's a thing guys. We're Ladies and gentlemen, G Morgan, Junior Gerald, as we know him yes at the guys back their drunk with it, did you how'd you get here to do we drove he's lighted. Will you never reimbursed as regards argument machinery also really like the word howdy and cheers.
Really see the divinity incidents. Howdy, we have chaired sort said. I think I preferred when an audio board wasn't work. Ok, happier that ok for those you don't know G Morgan duty to Somalia, which means using affected breakin, his taste buds are more refined. What we as a wine that what's the one of the day there will be one of the day that we have here is way when what's happening. What what's gonna find method,
I gave a leading it wasn't me with. My lawyer- gets a bigger cheer than me and chairs givin up with its air, he is wonderfully is wonderful. Guys would show the overflow room. I hope the habitat attention literally light I still there and tell Us- is most in chorus guides Asian Morbo regiments come in your way and then I'll be there soon afterward. Alright, let's talk about people talk about culture, wars, a whole lot. Yes, gonna talk about! What's going on the culture, You are right, pucker up buttercup, put him out. There are no other stinky and hit you in the teeth. I don't introducing a bunch of expression. You got. No currency comes some might say at the end of the day,. When all is said and done as it would have its. What else do we got? It is what I would ask my words bushes, so I won't have a generation, z and twenty twenty election. When
started doing is look Yes, we do have them every four years. Will every four years lose? What wait? Wait? Wait? One! Let me go to my apple calendar, may grandma cheer for this shit tears. So there's nothing a man dresses the Joker yelling and share. Like if there were an. If I were in a piece of literary fiction that would be for sharing to guaranteed clown rate is no doubt like what what what came the genius of late over ass. I don't understand what you're saying- and I don't like it
people, I'm actually terrified of clowns, he's right in the front row, uncomfortable maritime and he's right next to a hot dog who cheers for my nipples feel so Andrew right, Buddy famously said that politics are, downstream of culture, and I will say this: it proved I think more true than ever in twenty sixteen one. Tromp upset the establishment both on the left and the right, because he really was the first sort of cultural candidate that we had ever seen and that's why you wanna that's a lot of people, support and right. Ok, I think me if you look at what Donald Trump did an enormous number history forward about this in the primary. He wasn't my number one pic, I think People were were cautiously optimistic had been pretty pretty.
Billion also wildly entertains resident. He not only pissed off Democrats who not only pissed off Republicans. I mean you changed the way that pulling data is gathered at this point. No one can trust it. He changed the way the president's communicate with the public and that's all because of culture, that's because of new media. That's because he's a cultural icon, and now you have the media industrial complex, that's my term, but I want you guys, go for it and use it because every time you have some Bernie getting military industrial, complex, say, media entertainment, industrial, complex and watch there had explode Middleton. Ninety percent of your paycheck, but I want you to know This also include we used to think of media as traditional media cable, television right, but now more than ever it includes big tech and bigger. Spent the entire first term, attempting to reverse what they see as a disaster, what they see as their moral imperative is to fight Donald Trump and a you think I'm making up anyone who watches our show knows that we lose sources, and I try not to make an argument for someone I disagree with. If I can let them
make their argument for themselves, the less you have forgotten. Let's take a quick trip down memory Lane to Google's turn on me after the election that that no! This is probably not the most joyous t J F. We have had, and you know what spaces most people here. Pretty upside down, pretty sad for because of the election, and I certainly fired appetites lotion. Crack deeply offensive trend, I know many of you do to pack a very sad short text that Red People are leaving staff as crying we're going to lose The first moment, I really don't
we are going away for they wouldn't be kicking and got that we are going to lose and it was really meaningful for the euro. Immigration is actually believe that didn't go it manually, how my watered down any immediate changes after January's inauguration of the new administration, highly unlikely, but we are, of course will keep a close watch on this. Are policy office in in DC is all over it and we will keep you informed, but you we will keep Google Earth interests at heart. Ok, I don't know what we're we're. What point you get a haircut. You have a national meeting the first. I look like a hollow and a second lady who, just I guess, she's been crying over anyone awakened at momentum, but somewhat gotta monsieur. So here's the deal if twenty sixteen was the World WAR, one of culture wars, as the term has been point. Twenty twenty is going to be the World war. Two and more importantly, I want to talk about this in twenty twenty. More important, never is to be: U Generation, Z?
I think yeah. I actually applaud you guys and I'll. Tell you why it super import, because the exact same establishment and we this German I'm talking about is a media, entertainment industrial complex. That people know what I mean when you say establishing what I'm talking about the media here targeting of generations, I M talking about ABC Nbc Cbs. CNN Msnbc everything not named Fox news. Every banned you listen to every single Hollywood, junket and conference. Every single company will be. We can talk about big money in politics. Go look at that These companies in the world, one through five, are all big tech companies who overwhelmingly support liberal candidates. Directly the DMZ platform, these steps. So I made it clear what the establishment is. I want to make sure that we're not murky territory. Covenant want change, we gonna be like because on establishing legal. What do you mean? You know nobody boy, don't look piss off, so that the establishment
there are targeting you generations e specifically we tell you why. That's me, generations II, which is the next generation below millennials. Some people are like what z it sounds like a hip, hop group. Now it's not I do not opening up of the regional authorities very soon. I said Chris because I'm a millennials let reference. I still understand. One died. She and good from it out here, so generation see you guys. You know this is the more conservative generation to have come along in decades.
Ok, this is not a doom and gloom scenario. You know we get that a lot of people whose, from both the left and the right and it gets clicks but like Linus with as little blanket, I bring you tidings of great joy. You guys are incredibly conservative but the media. The establishment wants to engineer all of you into thinking otherwise in boomers. I want you to be listening, because a lot of you think that the culture wars loss of lobbies into this country's gonna help hand basket. It couldn't be further from the truth, if you gotTa Cnn and team Vogue, because that still a thing, I guess, teen evolve, They want you to believe that generation see as the most progressive generation of all time right. These are article have actually been published. It could not be further from the truth. Let me make one this year and the phenomena by the way is global, so go to the UK and make my stats right here, because we actually care about that A recent UK study- I know, that's sort
Flying is arising, don't who might that be people would deny the armenian genocide unjust, hinting I don't want. I don't know what you're saying, but how dared you? Actually it's. No please. This is just like my greatest hits of awful my mommy feller seemed no. The glued is patchy. Beard Einstein. Why can't you do like now, because I suck I'm terrible the joker in a hot dog nipple guy is more well off. That I am somewhat mixed. The state right is global in the UK, where a lot of Americans don't even believe there are true conservatives I mean we understand, Rex it, but the idea of conservative comparison, the United States there is a recent study Fifty nine percent of generations respond and said that their views were moderate or conservative. Now compare that with.
Eighty three percent of millennials, an eighty five percent. Generation acts, urgent actors who identified is quite or very liberal? I think we have that overlay, therefrom forms and business inside of you guys get that. I can see no relation. Why? so you're hears wants even more interesting, though right political office, and presented Unify is moderate or conservative. That doesn't mean a whole lot. Let's dive a little bit deeper. Especially into their party affiliation in the United States, from two thousand eight two thousand sixteen Generations Republicans increased by one percent. That doesn't seem like much say with me: you're independence increase by about six percent that doesn't seem like much. Here's the Here's the cold water. I hope you have your mouth garden like I was talking about earlier reference that I don't really understand, but how the ultimate boy you say it once. I thought I was good. Democrats decreased,
generations by eight percent, and I know there are some left- is watching right now, don't like that, it's just a faith, now: ok, number baby boomers, ok, who are known for their support of tromp right, the boomer generation are often a virtue derogatory by other levels. Boomers! Listen! You know. Thank you. Boomers country and for electing our present numb grateful to you. I see if you have any audience I can. I can only spot you by the reflection off your chrome domes, but that's what you do so nipples, so that even tran we both have during each other member baby boomers, were now no right there known as conservatives right. You brought your parents about baby boomers. We think of them is one of those concerned regeneration. They want the most liberal, far left generation, you could imagine when they were
right, nineteen, seventy nine to twenty, eight to thirty nine you'll demographic. They identified forty five percent Democrat. Only nineteen percent republican, These are the people who are out there smoking part in putting daisies and fuckin cops rifles. Ok, So the point that I make here is that boomers were far more liberal. Ok, far more left, then generation Z is today. If you gotta boomers back only in their twenties or their thirties, they were much more liberal than generations is today and years using its important need to understand this. That doesn't change right, so fifty nine the UK, identifying yours, conservative or modern that answers of that fifty nine percent shrinking as they grow up as they pay as they get a job as they have children statistically, is almost impossible to
We hope that they become more conservative that that fifty nine percent goes to sixty seventy. I went back to fifty nine and I don't want to explain this. How many people here are our millennials as post regions, and so this is this is, I think, a lot of people mince right. Millennials. We grew up in the era of George W Bush right and at that point there is There was green day and there is requesting conservative was the establishment people wanted to rebalance Iraq against Bush and no effects, and should he Pont Music and music gator boy, and we hate our parents and our parents conservative right, because Americans are Counter cultural list by by design we, unlike where I was raised right, who bent over and kissed the ring of the Royalty America Foot
diamond, that I mentioned Canada just this, not only distracting so little gay undressed, letting you know not, unlike my home country of Canada, walk down the street and Montreal a bunch of people going. That's why they do and friendly? It's just them! That's all Americans are account or culture by design right now? That's what we grub with as millennials. But let's look at general. Lindsey they grow up. Many of you. You grew up in the most lopsided authoritarian leftist American America ever ok. Think about this. Not only when generations eager up, we didn't have didn't. Have George Bush allow these people, like they dont, remember right or nearly all anyone remember nine eleven. Not only did let us have the White House right for it for two years
the later to ten, not only at the White House. Not only do they have the Senate, not only have the house representative, but they had the entire media, the entire entertainment industry. There's no one here, remember: one rock Obama wonder was that video, where there were pledging allegiance to be of service to Barack Obama, run their own. Remember that it was like to me more and act in culture and a red hot chile, peppers pledging allegiance to a resident how important well here, Important. How dare you, sir? I can't you. We have this feedback on, but I'm sure it was very clever. It wasn't Stephen, now, but I don't. I shouldn't feel that they were pledging allegiance to a man Brok Obama. Yet why remember ass to any one member who was to be more action culture, but actually peppers that guy from the adventures bunch of night off now But here you hear something that was the back board. Any kind of rebellion, any kind of counter culture, its rebellion,
something so you may have a backward and when we were young yet George, W Bush and answer the conservative establishment Dick Cheney, that's how they sought these kids had Barack Obama they had Nancy Pelosi. They had pledging allegiance to Barack Obama. They had far left everything. I don't know that the combined with this sort of natural anti authoritarian, just having a problem with general. I know that the mainstream culture but leftists ok, so They really do. They said I wasn't saying they sent you shouldn't jugular negative deliberations, I was saying they suck the fun out of everything. Yes, yes, Commander John shares into love sacks at them all sure you love sex colonies. People look loves me. Can I take a personal story? Ok
The true story- I don't tell story that, aren't you sometimes I do, but it is true when I was a kid. I want my best friends. We were going to this letting hill in Montreal itself, gyroscope last plum on them. Ok, you would just get it wasn't wildly unsafe. There's no chair lived, there was a place where some people we can see some friends in a trail of blood from our all, the children had fallen before you We have something called a g g snow Razor which, if you don't remember it looked like a jet skis, would ride this now, but it just immediately racked your testicles and regretted Oliver it so anyway. Sweating place, and I was in the car with my friend my best friend. At the time that was in the car and I but his dad stopping announcing for directions. We got lost me ass, a woman she's, an area you go left in there. You gonna go right. Now you can go down one guy plus permanent, and I turned my friend maybe I was eleven years old and I said well that's it. We're never gonna get the blast plumber know now is why Stephen? I said because you asked a woman for directions right. Advantages that restoring and then he goes
he thought it was a sterical. Ok, you thought it was as this terrible as Joker thinks. Murder is here or hot dog, with my nipples nothing Ethical, hey dad dad dad. Did you hear what Stephen just said just now is even just said that you will never find class blondell because you a woman for directions and his dad Tilted believes in the front seat did the mirror back aiming at me. I just opened his eyes and stupid and is- but little Bruce Springsteen looking head. This doesn't matter to you, but to me, I'm revisiting this unjust opening wounds and he looks in the mirror and is looking back at me. He goes that comment is incredibly offensive. And I won't tolerate that kind of sexism.
Again in this car- and I said I seriously get I'm sorry, I don't want to what I said and, of course a call went to my parents. I was wrong to say that last part, but think about that for a second, there was life. Now, First experience as a kid with apparent who didn't I sense of humour who couldn't stand the fund has not done so much worse than that. That was what got me in trouble. Now, let's imagined, I never want to go to this house again. Kate! That's the point! I never wanted to go to work. It's how you gonna think that kid's dad I want nothing to do with them, so apply that on a macro level, you have the left today with generations in what are they want to do? They want to ban hollowing costumes for being offensive. They want a ban, video games. They want to ban merry Christmas and Christmas displays and they actually take. This is the true story we have never like if you want to read an entire generation of conservatives. Ok, leftist Ben Following Gambie, which they are they weren't ban hobbling Dandy
Ok, rattlesnakes! and if you read that article is people its argument is article unhelpful. Persons and well? We actually have had great success. We give out cards are made of paper and recyclable, Gom, all its public authority of your neighborhood. So what does that? Do that creates a rejection and we already have a generation who was wildly conservative generation? See, do you think, Banning Halloween gave in the name of saving the earth, because a sea created a five page bill that I doubt you could even read going to win more conservative or less and here's something else to generation. These super conservative, in spite of their surroundings in spite of all of surroundings. School teachers, only twenty seven percent or Republicans where'd. You go to college professors. That number drops to nine percent and about
I talk about this last year. Roughly forty percent of colleges have no conservative professors at all. Think of that you can find forty percent of colleges with, zero black professors, do you think you can find it any college? We zero black professors. How about any colony with zero lesbian professors? in with zero black lesbian professors so we have more colleges with black lesbian professors. Then professors and you want to tell me that you give a rat's ass about diversity and why being brainwash overwhelmingly by the democratic establishment, by teachers, professors from grades go all the way through college. Generations ease inspiring to make us less an animal like most of my generation sucks. Ok, This is worse than hot dog nipple guy we're not
Although the generation vs you ve got to figure it out, you play a little too much call of duty. I don't want the full amount due gain. Fuel thing is, but now I mean it's the one where you can get it so and this is why is imported ties into big tat cake? regions these resisting the leftism, of course, of the american education. The media well here's a reason why? More and more of you are getting your news from non traditional outlets right, by right applause, how many young people here have cable, That was surprising. Not quite Then he uproar as I would hear four chairs, but cable and shares somewhere brain filters going totally strange. We get it.
Ah, but you think big, show how dangerous right that this was that their power was twenty sixteen So because most of you get your news from nontraditional outlets, they have now taken measures to throttle to shadow abandoned blacklist, conservative content, how many people have been following that right? You guys know about it. What solutions are, as I mentioned, real arson, you kiss me: I mention big tech. Throttling blacklisting conservative kind. We have a crowd animator like Lily Saint Clair Let's take I meant they killed yourselves. I killed themselves, so they can funny. Ok, it's not as bad as you think it is your mind out of the gutter, so big
the big giants they want to censor or cure a noble alone is worth sensor, because not only the government but a culture of censorship. Because overhang beyond these words, why because they said the story they solely with it. They are concerned about radicalism Who is? He remembers the infamous near times article and study that was published everywhere, claiming that conservative and all light content ledger radicalization of the youth on you. Do that with the weakest boo, I've ever heard was a cast. The friendly ghost. If she were cute, If I were a single young person, I would want you date you just based on that issue. it's a meal. Petard hairs in the matrix.
That was a famous study. You guys remember to say that I question the methodology of the study that listed Phil. The Franco as a representative of the all right would be an understatement. Using the whole there is a new, more recent study that actually shows conservative content, the kind of content that you watch, the radicalized young people and this don't- got this shouldn't garner the surprise to anyone who actually watches our content or, like minded content. We are only content creators who can see currently regularly advocate against violence who encourage open dialogue and we encourage the rationalization of our own opinions right. We ve always priorities, We ve tried you we ve tried to. We always try to prioritize critical thinking. Evidence based think proper. Per sourcing and yes, yes, jokes? We do not. Do we seriously worried about my fill of her You mean you want, u turns eighteen nightmare,
criticise or because you sixteen untruss herself in further political spot like I get it I don't know the worst I'll say about about data, and I I I want anything: the world has ever growing she's she's a kind of kidding you re like I've got you. No you haven't not stolen, might argue biodiversity, if I did banjo, that you guys were witnesses that didn't go any further than that involved. He was banned because he said that she didn't have a sense of humor about the got your nose joke. So go higher Peter. The big tat was We are concerned about radicalization arrived. I wanna make got really clear here just concerned their terrified of what you generations II are already
Becoming and so they throughout this idea that you're being radicalized did generally evidence that they're afraid not of rationalization but just any dissenting point of view. Ok, look at the results and waited. That's. When you're done look at the results, Youtube latest crackdown on independent creators. They ve directed traffic overwhelmingly away from non traditional outlets like people here by the way did I realize we could the venue, because last minute, this time, three and a half is how many of you showed up for this show and I really don't say that to brag I'm so humbled like. I had a bucket right off stage because by the throat before I come, I have horrible stage fright in a second, I saw the language on campus somewhat. Well, there's a good chance. Someone could shoot me, but this is really inspiring to see this. Wouldn't this shouldn't happen. It shouldn't exist and that's why you too, and everyone in big tat there idling independent readers and their redirecting them back toward traditional
apple, tv networks and yeah. Listen Our channel was one of the hardest hit absolutely and I'm not saying they have no to follow me. Ok, we were the first conservative talking, also about how many of you showed up, it really does. Mean a lot to be now, I'm gonna cry, I'm not gonna! Do that as sometimes happens, but we would, first conservative channel platform. Ever survive. An attack like vocs that level against us, and when I say we I mean all of you, ok, I mean you didn't sit idly by on the sidelines. You'd see I don't even have to mention cheers yeah, you got
seriously, though you guys didn't you guys didn't sit on the sidelines. You'd seen other people who have been de platform before us and you decided to make a stand and you made it into a national conversation, a national controversy. We wouldn't have made it without you guys, and I really do thank you from the bottom of our. I really bring. So we ve tried to unveil Youtube's blacklisting tactics right against conserve channels in the search results, as we ve seen just recently. We expose you to this item. If you watched it other suspicious blacklisting of toxic average channel exclusively in United who here followed that, by the way, if you search, tells a gambler channel now the first you videos that show up are from her gentle and the third result is her channel directly. And use the thing. I don't think anyone here, tells a gap to be president
that's what I appreciate and love about you guys are genuinely do see all of us defending people with whom we disagree, because we understand that free speeches, absolute and for all, regardless of how many ass. Also you can you fire how to use all attend the resistance right resist Trump everywhere from Bree Larceny, captain Marble too dark crystal, which was real bummer cost? What about your nerves were watching the darkness of these lesbian and I get it? need to cross over about the points they talk about resistance. Generations. You guys are the true resistance, you're, resisting big check them of powerful companies that, by the way have ever existed. I think that it would be have to argue that there is ever been a more powerful company in the history of the world, as it relates to the delivery of information. Google and you do and then right down that last year apple you have faced
You have Amazon Twitter somewhere on their though I don't, I sincerely know where they are and that lists because Jack Dorsey, I don't know, what's happening with him. You took the mescal into something so you guys are the true resistance and that that's a message that needs to be driven home. That's something that we try to talk about our platform, even though I am not generation Z. All of us have talked about. We sit around and our pitch meetings in the morning we go on. I gotta just incredible: this didn't exist. You know I've been on Youtube thousand nine. I wish it could be an overnight success. That's not what happened, It was a really really slow, slogger pale and then all of a sudden it just like the curtains part and you guys we're all here. So what does this mean, though, for it? For twenty twenty one first offer people watching the stream. I think I should what do I look into that? I look into a camera hip notify caisson Bell. If you subscribe done, you too, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot but not so bad have a new page every single day at eight p m eastern Zaire courtiers even better the time that is correct, even you're, always late, but that's just a quarter of yet has just a quarter. It gives me you're, also a quarter, tipper. I don't know it's very unpredictable
That's what now, what is Prime Minister Trudeau in black face some I really hope producer tradition of yourself and, of course, people who are out there to area do join mud club, local councillor smuggling, but you get twenty dollars off if you use the credits from technical. So what does this mean for twenty? But let me tell you at this stage twenty twenty, can I dont want to speak for the opposition, and this is something we have always tried to do when we watched left to show they? Would you say something and with all where'd you get that right and they would you say it's actually. Right, but why don't you show me never resources. They confounded good load, originally vagina. Until you, when you're gonna get you might well. I've never heard that like I know, a lot of conservatives source so we always shrine provide sources are always available and there was a little lower third. So in this case, how draft How severe are the twenty twenty sticks? I want the voice of
local opposition, which might disagree. I want them to speak for themselves. This is what you could facing generations e in twenty twenty You know the? U N, just released a study. That said we're gonna, be ok, the vast majority. The world goes vegetarian immediately, some of it, with white bold. Some of it is on straws. Some of it. Dang is aren't cheeseburgers Reich colleges. Purchase charity, I should they lose their tax exempt status if they oppose same sex, marriage paling New York, democratic, Governor Andrew Cuomo for passing a historic bill, legalizing abortion and burn. The infant would be delivered
would be kept comfortable. Infant would be reciprocated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and among them. Just because a woman or, let's also not forget some one in the Trans immunity doesn't mean they shouldn't, have the right to exercise that right to choose hell. Yes, we're gonna, take your aid or fifteen greatly. If it makes you feel any better, he fell off, escape or ok self inflicted harming either shouting. At this rate, let you know they can't hear you right. They will
So let's, let's once we get that Roma beta, wants to go to your house and take compensate your guns jail you, even if you refuse every single candidate except for tells you Gabert wants abortions all the way up until birth, but she's a radical right wing extremist, because she wants to cut off to be seven months. The Democrats, a voice, for the Equality ACT, which would mean that female trend genders can compete in any women's division in any work. They want join women's groups, churches enforce politicians to wax their balls. Men have periods do, and they know that route beta Ginsburg is just one choking on a worthy original away from the Supreme Court being changed wherever they are petrified of general. They are, your fight of you and then I do have to get going. You can have a quick, real and come back like you and I have to go see their overflowing, but here's I know often people. This is really easy to come out. Unjust bitch
I don't know they ve been digging up and talk about how great this is for generations, but that doesn't mean that there are some steps you need to take, and sometimes you asked me what how do we fight back against this because, as you mentioned, these are huge companies, big tech, your huge companies, the media, entertainment industrial, complex. Here, it's really pretty simple. Ok, let's just let's be consistent, we remain entirely consistent and campaign against any and culture of censorship, I want generation z. I want everyone out there to hear the young Turks into here Trevor Noah and hear Samantha be speak for themselves every single week, so the can be here. Everybody I wanna hear beta every I want to give the Democrats chilling gun confiscation. I want them out there banning hollowing candy. I want. I want us to be able to cover fathers. You could potentially loose custody of their children because they didn't to cast straight down chemically effectively what is it We do. We can't change what is going on in the world some of these crazy stories, but
can do is rather than left in attempting to silence voices of this. And we made sure that their voices are amplified. I want to make sure that every single far left candidate and channel, and I hope that you join me- support the right of all of them to be on these platforms to get the same level playing field with suggests. Feed with trending videos. That's all we never asked for people on this earth understand our case against Youtube is not about censorship. It's about dishonest business practices. Not applying the law. Equally, I think we all need a demand from every single major company who can determine elections. We demand what guidelines, are that we know them and that there is some system of transparency so that we know that they are applying these laws. Equally, I want everyone here to be as public and as vocal as possible, because here's the deal the left. They want to silence I want to silence you really want to ban people write. Another term are banning political ads on twitter and then we were thought to. That does not mean there banning all media hats.
What do you think that Israel, Donald Trump, cannot nor can Bernie Sanders Herb Elizabeth Worn, but the embassy CBS here and they can all run. Add you see what's happening there and is also verse of what they want. Is these conversations to happen behind closed doors and silence people they disagree with? We shouldn't be doing that. We should demand that their voice to be heard on the exact same platform, with the exact same ample two as we do, and instead of behind closed doors, we should make it a very public dogfight in execution area logically in the streets. So
everyone can witness which ideology is correct and you know what generation see you guys are I'll be back or doing here is a real step, but humans. The metabolism lawyers, will be worse than we'll be right here in right now I'll be back in five minutes. Thank you. So much so, let's go to the says: swear snazzy, moving in Swag Dubai louder with grotto shut down like this new signature, baseball De Boer. These Ranger ban these, of course the Holy GRAIL itself, Clodagh. That's since we should start by the merged table in the lobby after the show
ok great eggs. Rightly truthfully. I wanted to be an area that was my favorite school my favorite place to visit. I would never say that it sits by they replace that's what everybody says, but I am pleased with my forty hour. Fort bag lied street shot. Look at that. That is done, sir. I can't we're gonna grow up subtype your case most likely to be, My name is Teresa and I'm a lesbian You know that lesbian couples face many of the same problems that also plague straight couples. The strangest any family squabbles, although the domestic violence? In fact, contact crimes occur even higher rates and straight couples living in rural areas, According to research of forty, four percent of lesbian couples experienced domestic violence compared to thirty five percent of straight women. Twenty six for gays
not be Adobe down or anything, but I was actually slap on my girlfriend on the way. Here is time we put an end to the senseless violence, but providing shelter for victims in well carpeted rooms. Please donate at better. Lesbian start work unless make sure no more levies take beating from their partners. You, too can stop the abuse by giving generously battered lesbian story He s the sheer twenty junior boy sleeves why is she recruiter? Wear them so wish, together. The only possible answer is still progress twitter because it will achieve this.
Dear Helen Junior, Sherry create conservation and social media, whacked outta your share I guess days of earning their lives are at an end. Now that everybody knows it, this scribe habitual, sit down a subject about patriotic, like description would move out next time, Bishop era.
We can do it. Does this by spending yield spread. Jake was today we go from the idea of creating a co workers, not appeal to me like. Maybe it might set some unprofessional circumstances that could be uncomfortable. My data they like. So I'm not a huge fan of that, but also crazy cat person in a basement apartment. A do you remember what
may God with so great loaded gun? Free food without Kennedy was food
just so you poor. We will try some off track. Some of you said you were pretty came in. He found the disciples asleep again for their eyes were happy. I love that they needed. I, like you, do need to add that the God they're asleep it's bad enough fairly. God wasn't a comedy writer, because I would have added that down four times we wanted is one house in its hot shit. There was the school was like you like to great trick, treat waiting for me in her cheek Jameson. Those strange you guys Luba too often is units thing clear today that we just took off the road at the whole school years of ordinary greater. Most of all, we can welcome at this stage half asian bill Rich
howdy egg snake you for their welcome. Take you for everything you ve been doing here today. I gotta tell you Stephen mentioned all of that wouldn't be possible with our friends without our friends over a year. We need them, a big whoop. Sir, our friend Reed, whose one of the one of the leaders and the guy's Megan everything happened come up here and jointly I'll say so. Tell you tell your little by little bit about what he's doing, but the first thing I will tell you if you have a question, if you have a question for the EU. Go ahead and go to the lobby, there's only a limited room for people to be able to ask questions, and we ve got some folks up there who we're gonna. Can I get us to a place where we have enough folks
up there see Gerald and see red in the back, so I only have a limited time for QA, so just go up there. If you want to and we'll get those in who we can, I will tell you a few if you don't know this, but I am not an Aggie, but I did find an Aggie wife. And she's here tonight, but you know one of the things you have to be at to be a good aggie husband. You have to remember all the different traditions which is hard, but my three favorite. I have code words for us that I don't for I've got the leaning lazy tree. I've got guardians of the grass and my personal favorite is penny feet, Why you guys it these? I don't know, but I love him, also look I'm when I turned it over to read the tell a little bit about what Europe is doing here on campus we'll howdy
First, I would like to thank Mr Sid ties. Magnolias possible. None of what we do at gap is possible without him. I would also like thank Young America's foundation. We'd like thank you. America's foundation. They also made a big part of this possible. Then you see from YAP comes from them. So it's really great the poor, we get from them well it's amazing what we ve done so far at this point Last year we had about ten numbers are beginning to your. We had about six to eight its kind, not clear. Now we have ninety. So and we are always always looking for new members. So first off I'd like to bring up the we're hosting Dan? sure.
And rudder for ten we loved, see come out and one Monday November forth, at seven p m and that's going to ride across the way I a her auditorium so make sure you come out that you can make at our next meeting as November, fourteenth at five thirty p m and rudder poor ten, see come out and one last thing, I'd love for you guys to follow us. Honest, ran twitter, Facebook Shameless plug. At times have on. Twitter and then just Sanum young Americans for freedom on Facebook, but also be sure to check out our table. Today, we see all the ILO spaces again in the future, because we're in Hebrew and Edward he didn't bigger. So thank you. So it's been an amazing right here this week and I dont know that so your were out there seen. The lines are fairly soon.
Someone told me the law was passed, the visa. So that's a guess what double The wives yea, and you all know how far that is. You walk at every day. For those of you who are in in mud club, we we'll be announcing where the after party is so make sure to check your emails and, hopefully, will see all evening- get to meet with some of the crew in the different folks out there. So we're really excited and most, Fortunately, our mug lubbers. Thank you all. Thank you to the volunteers who been tyres. They got here yesterday to help they got.
Here this morning to help every single one of them. So a rapid appear shortly. We're gonna get Stephen back out. We can do some q and a let's get some love for Stephen prouder. Let the rest of the true here that you love and by the way, guys broken bottled pieces, conservative good for you or I throw that's enough. So looking I know that we announced costume contest winner, we're gonna pick one here in the crowd by round of applause, but before I do have to change my shoes. Go there were two says: is too big and I fell back stage so don't look at me. Have a warrant. The casting winners online is actually a man named, did Weaver FAT, Thor
gas from Antonov. We have it here at all, but it is just over. The thorn is kind of fat, so fat boreal we gotta get mugged publicly that felt was filled with stuff filled with candy. I have known he'll be getting something, but we do have something here. It is very special for a costume winter, so let's see who we have in the crowd for the costume contest. Ok, you're Bernie. I see burnings as oh, a hot dog and a hamburger. You have indeed the other hotdog cheered from Naples. Are you? Are you black guy and a slave or you? Trudeau, Oak well. I would give it to you, but I am worried, I'd be accused of being racist, cereals. We got a man in a gorilla costume. We got Betty. Ok, we got Barbarossa appreciated our
you know what I will say: that's getting pretty close. Who else do we have what we have here? We have only one Kenobi. I could give you this, but I'd rather you find a girlfriend. Are you stalling Stalin? Ok, are you moment. Is all your marks Ok, you're margin. Your change right too. Guy. I'm ok, but I gotta say minds: rhetoric about the crappy beard are those who listen Bob should get it here because they actually have a painting, a mom, and so don't bother him home tonight. When you're, you are what your gun later than a real, been familiar with it.
A bunch of rogues guerrilla. You know what I think you got to give a rather less data to Barbara right now come on, deserve and I'll. Tell you why the reason Barbarossa is winning. This is because you win in an autograph portraits that Bob joy of the Barbarossa states lawyers eating from a pile of crap next to Mohammed. So tell case you guys had been following: we drew we painted Mohammed is Barbarossa. We got an email from the Barbarossa states and you better start doing that. We have regular builders and has a duty to respond to this. You don't you can pretty much do whatever you want. They can't tell you to remove. It is ok. If I dress up like Barbarossa and paint these lawyers eating from a pile of crap, he said pretty much. I don't know
and then we never heard from them again so always say we're not necessarily sharks, but we can be one hell of a pauper fish, just Megan, which they picked. Someone else and thank you guys so much ok, so we have of course, To get to you. I don't know I've got an idea. I guess I didn't card you, What is your name? Sir? My name is Donovan was drawn up in ok, Donovan. What is your question was actually asking? If, if you thought there were any change my mind segments, were you didn't really get any productive discussion? They were just really are hostile. You know, I think, there's always something productive, because the whole idea of change my mind and how they came about was in. I was at Fox NEWS for four years and I will say this inevitable
What I could I couldn't say, but you did know that there are certain topics that they want to discuss on air and only like four minutes to talk about it not just said you know. I have so much so much better conversations in the green room with these people were actually sit down and discuss issues and renowned this crazy time limit at every sitting down with some friends, and what have we just actually tried to broadcast. This conversation in didn't added it at all and didn't make it a debate with other political talking edge, we're trying to get. You know retainer from a non profit, but just people who are actually try to discuss these issues, a cavalier your dinner table or your lunch table and on a number I pity doesn't channels and they said that they will never work when's ever gonna, watch that especially with you and I said well that may be, and then it worked so typing every time we do it it's pretty. Active, because someone's mine either gets change or we get to sort of observe the strength of our argument, whether you know whether cannot stand on its own. That being said, the one that jumps to mine is always a sky. It I think I can t see you just came out
why don't? We cannot work who are you? Don Quixote swing it at windmills like what are you mad about either? I don't like rate. Neither do I think, ok, anything that was super productive necessarily, but outside of that. No, I think I've always in pretty grateful even for conversation haven't gone as well as we'd like them too, but I want to make really is, if the very different from a debate that the whole point to change our minds to rationalize your position and actually listen to each other and hopefully be able to you, the socratic method in your own everyday life. So we don't treat it like. A debate is not nearly as aggressive of the debate, but sometimes people come in hot, I got it, I got it so. Thank you very much. Donovan
you don't you dont unrepresented given up or down again, and I believe we have a question over here. Yes, what's your name, Sir Phil Venuses ICE filing movies, I feel banners indecisive lyceum person. Thank you appreciate what question what Camelot didn't? Try make it fast. So, basically, my name got banned for being a black person. Who's, not fucking slave, proud of that you got banned for being a black person is not a slave. Yet that's what happened? What we're from me? I literally just said things like a Democrat vigorously and in a moment getting what we like lead you MIKE slave, I'm like we do. I am ploughing our oils.
I use it, I'm not gonna, let you pointed out earlier. Bearing mean I mean really. These people they fucking with me like go ahead. Look at my name, look of new world patriots without pulling the number do the it won't come up and walk about the blacklist of me, and the thing I want to ask you about will also want to congratulate you for actually having the fucking balls to talk about free speech. No one does the teapot USA Jollies proceedings day. You know, one thing: is I'm not gonna get to the concerted inviting an insult anybody? That's why I'm here and I have never met generally, but all my international workers. We don't ask you to attack people because we know other proxies we'll go out to you. You know
All that is proud of EU policies, like you mean like no seventeen tile. No, I mean the processes that, through your bed, the slave, probably weren't great, like anything by putting poxy you're like a thought of pay Where are your questions? Are so basically, my question is: what are we possibly gonna? Do concerted ink just completely goes lid tartan us with what we are seeing now with what they did Nick Winters, where they boredom and they silence dam and they fired their own fuckin employed for being a picture Nick Winters, Charlie, you're, crazy. He didn't say that I said Charlotte and anyway the point is if we go by the less rules right, then they win. Ok has they're getting exactly what they want. We just can't do that were given,
exactly what they want to make sure that we do have a lot of people are not so happy. I didn't get what so. What's the question exactly this question is how do we stop conserving from doing this because it feels like it's almost impasse? I will start in Syria from becoming lived cards or how to start inserted, ink from being faked conservatives and demonizing. Those of us who actually believe in free speech is standing up for people who want to speak freely. Ok, what's a pretty broad question. So I'm trying to that's what methods are ones that it's only almost nonsensical, but I will It is in the sense that I can answer for any of the conservatives. I can answer for myself, so I know that we have defended free speech for people who are conservative. We have defended, freeze for people who, with views, we even view to be completely reprehensible, Annie People like also gathered who, when we saw an injustice, we tried to write it. Would hope. I can speak for applicants everyone the moment, but I would hope everyone out there with an obsession of authority in the conservative movement would agree with me on that, regardless of where they line up on, I don't
The war on drugs are regardless of where they necessarily line up on certain economic issues. I would hope that we can all come together and support freedom of speech, because I'm looking at entire room of people who, unless I mean shocks hands a round of applause. Anyone here who doesn't support free speech? Ok, so there people in the conservative government who are leading it yeah. I think those people should be out, but you know I don't know them. So. Thank you for your question. I presented. Are user Alex Peak eaten? Yes, what's mine? What's your real name? big rock wait? No, you will think that guy wasn't even the guy and Seinfeld who kept beating. Georgia stands out with the sails and then went mental institution, who knows I'm talking about what's his name guy it's going to get much of Russians been granted in my question to you: is you
did I ever your law back on cigars of Dennis Bragger yet, and I was wondering what is your favorite cigar well we're cheering chairs and cigars. You it's funny, as relates to cigars. I talk about this when I was being raised when it was being risk where I was in Canada like everybody smoke cigarettes, and so we would be two bedroom apartment with twelve people knocking on New year's eve, and I hated it, and so I did. Hated all of it for the longest time and then I actually offer introduce me to pipe smoking and then another four introduce me to cigars and it's amazing animals. You guys know this, but if you go to cigar lounge in this country. You almost can't find a liberal. It's almost, and I dont know why. That is the sort of thing. I think it goes back to sort of being a counter. Cultural is right used to think of cigarettes raised as the french existentialist, I'm an asshole, but I'm conflicted
I do see with an angle. That's weird and nothing happened but until we had and then would change, because you look at Ella, you look at San Francisco, where you can actually even smoke outside in a public place and conservatives you probably have never smoke cigarettes, their life or the second. I dont but we should be able to tell somebody what they can and cannot do in a public space are certainly not in the privacy of their own home in San Francisco. Now you can't order unless they reversed it. A vague online, that crazy, it's gotten so aren't even other conservative like cigars, like sometime Pagoda cigar lounge, I see conservatives area known Abacha trump shirt and you can tell him you're like ok. I should enjoy this. More than I am also It is amazing. You see that a lot. You see that obviously gun culture is eaten cigar culture, lot of new sub cultures,
you see the enemy with a lot of mixed martial arts fans who follow the show, and I can't even realise this until Jake Shields beat the crap out of some protesters in Berkeley any on the show and jeered shields was like a vision in the. U S see you. I always thought was deliberately that these sons of bitches now think what my god if you please be my bodyguard news educated for me, I thought you said so. As far as this man, that's I'd want to bore you with it, but I have a bunch of favorites. You know I like like a lot of predominance cigars, like recast cigars and like the drone cigars, I, like Nicaragua, when cigars attentively have on your wrapper or Maduro Wrapper Cigars, and I use what's good example, actually cigars our great sort of lesson for people in communism like Cuba. What we want we do not have credibility. Is that better Cuba, right that they have this legal documents?
arms, and, if someone says only spoke cuban cigars there asshole so few There is a soil they have right. There is its God's gift is a soil and flavour. You know: there's a cuban cigars cannot be replicated right here can happen. Cuban cigars, you are the best cigars and the count of course before we sign the embargo and interference, but you can actually had his aid go out and collect over a thousand petty up men summit. Cigar efficient, I think, was petite up means or they were the admin petty corona, so regular sign that bill he's gonna be able cigars. They brought it in North Africa. What happened is when the cigar companies became nationalized and active a friend in Cuba who taught me about this, and I won't uses name for fear retribution who grew the most sought after cuban cigars wrappers in the world and is still does but ninety percent of it goes to the government right there
it s a garden the world, but ninety percent of it goes the gunman. He told me, I don't even over guts, I don't know which cigars it ends up in now. It's almost like, like what happens is every now and then you get a great cuban cigars. Oh my gosh has that flavour that's fantastic, but you have to go through twenty cigars that are growth with young tobacco and their plug and the quality is terrible, and this is because people aren't incentivize to create good cigar. They have a gift there soon, soil that nobody can replicate. It's like a woman, getting abreast reductionist like slapping gotten the face, in other words, when cigars have no excuse. Can that be in the world, except for socialism and communism. Right I'll answer your question. Thank you very much. I think the after party there might be a patio, some cigars. Yes, our rights, user with the with the glasses. In the time I look at you, you re spiffy edgy appreciated the Nazi little face but
I say this with my pubic here. Are you really think I feel good about This is the legalization of normalization of gay marriage. Seven years ago we have seen decriminalizing. Why or that. What was your answer? Jacob Jaeger, ok check it out. We see in the decriminalization of transmitting HIV transsexuals become normalized child. Your story, hours are public libraries, chemical, childhood, chemical, child, castration, in efforts to early transition and pedophiles are re brain themselves as minor attracted persons are being welcomed into the algae BT community. So my question you is with all this happening. What is a threshold for mainstream conservatives to actually stand for for christian conservative principles and not just be progressive? There are five years behind the curve. That's a mouthful now I certain listen. I certainly grieve anyone's watch my content of taking a lot of flak. You know the fake short by the way. I think we build it. This is the thing I wouldn't Fagin lessons
I feel like I've only rather monotonous I will say you come across a lot in their so we're talking about chemical castration of kids and trainers. Does child abuse? That's and if we're talking about this idea that men and women are fundamentally interchangeable and you can declare yourself to be whatever actually won by the way, the idea that gender and sex or different it's my new idea, dont. Let your college professor sell you that it's a very new idea started. Nineteen, fifty with french existentialist again the cigarette smokers Maybe I can have a cock, but even back then they still believe that only two genders. That's crazy, We must have a rather believe they're only to gender than you, John Money. Are you familiar with our money on Monday? we remember the studies that he did you boys, when that it would put one and sexually dominant positions right, doesn't have a goal that we found out. Both kids ended up killing themselves because he was an asset. Really abusive, I guess you could say a Thorn Authority figure. Obviously that's terrible and it really took all the way up until I think Judith Butler,
cannot sort of a patent that a tussle with Naomi Wolf which to feminists having an hour. Maybe it's a lesbian chain gang. Like judgment what you don't want anyone to get hurt, but is not quite the jets in the sharks. It's just you know. Someone determined gets tussled August. Determines our instil thing, who got a permanent last few decades, so I think those things are important. Now I don't they spoken against them for a long time coming us as it relates to a gay marriage, pretty cock toss at all in there, and I bet you that here you'd probably have some conservatives who don't believe that that same sex marriage should be a thing, and certainly nobody that should be a federal thing, and you probably some concerns here who share an opinion that I shared on Dave, Reuben, show a very long time ago. China was maybe a hundred thousand June. Two thousand and eight Reuben asked me about same sex marriage and he said well, you support influx marriage. He said what I said last night.
Give a rat's ass, who you rump, ranging that doesn't bother me. I dont care, but I don't think that marriage is a fundamental human right I don't want anyone has a birthright. Take it. Maybe we talk about fundamental human rights. Are talking about what the right to speak freely, the right to worship freely the right to protect yourself, your God, given right to self defence, which is a firearm? being married to someone that's a privilege, because you have to suitor by the way, and for me it was hard for a long time. In case you couldn't tell people weren't beaten down. My door also met a few billion subscribers unkind of you. What what? What do you mean as that? Well, here's a, This was kind of new. I want to declare marriage a fundamental human right. Then you the fringe on the church, because a church can no longer decide that table. Mary to men and they can lose attacking them status or christian business is well, that's kind of crazy. I don't trust me. That's what's going to happen, because canadian pastors who were jailed. I think someone can facts Agnes. This. I think the guy's name was what's all who is jailed for saying, I'm never going marry. Let you guys in my church by the way, noticed bait
never says mosques right. Going to church you won't marriage guy. They should lose their taxes and sad as theirs. Every mosque in that country like we're right here, because I don't want you blown up. Do you guys are fine kit, I think really. A lot of those problems are solved by understand the constitutional parameters of government If anyone you will get a civil union that they want states can recognize that in marriage should be in a church. There should be some of the church recognizes, and civilian injuries governed recognize us now, being said right we go into. Why is marriage recognised by the government? Ok, this is just something little history lesson We recognise marriage and the nuclear family right, mother, father and childs, because before federal government before state government before local government, we understood that the only way you can have a society of the building block the fabric of that society was a nuclear free.
Why doesn't take a village? It takes a mommy and daddy, and so that's why I support of course, area traditional marriage. I think a child does best with a mother and a father in the home. I do not think that a man who I am Finally, the woman can give everything to a child at a mother can just like. I don't think that two men, Give everything to a child that a mother and father can, but I do recognise that states have the right to regular civilians as they want my promise when they are infringing on the church. So I think a lot of concern. Probably sure that point of view- and I think you don't listen- there are different point of view- Good NEWS. We all have to be like the left in that we don't have the final lockstep and sounds people disagree with. But thank you for your question, Sir John. Yes right. So this is an ironic communists have yeah, ok, I don't know
the military fatigues level pissed off. Actually, I was gonna buy the took over your, but my mom was going to kill me if I actually did it all, really your monument to check of Arafat. Oh no, we're from Venezuela more than a year ago, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy indeed Jimmy I'm starving virtually through its work is actually through is actually true. Your mother started laughing you weren't jangle guy. If my mommy, the very angry, will now and then I throw like nerds Candia through a page on joking, look at what you questions are ok, First of all, I would like to thank you and like everybody here present, because before I came to this country two years ago, everybody told me- and it was like common culture- that white people was races and everybody with
we are going with the crazy person, but I wanna thing yet to prove that all that is wrong and unblest beyond the basque country and the more general I once again, he said something say that real quick, I don't wanna bet your question arises: again, a reminder of you are in my glove. You're gonna get an email. If you sign up for my club today, you won't get an email, but just as the way the system works you can sign in through your subscription and you'll, be able to see a video of me and can tell us telling you about the details for the if your party, so either email or video, get out here. We gotta dogrose to get to now sorry about drown a baby. I don't know he's what does this it's a chair, not listening.
One thing I do think is important because as organic and this can be fake- you just talk about two years, even in this country and wonder when you first give this country, you sort of thought that why you were raises no one had a gun was crazy It was running because I really know English thy well when I came here, but nobody ever make fun of my accident. They I just try it, but it's ok, I would go so making fun of you laughing at your starving mother, but here's something it's really interesting to me right when they want to. When the left try to say that the conservative consists of me All right people who, don't you don't have a problem of illegal immigration who just have a problem with anyone who wasn't white coming to this country. You guys weren't, prompted, I didn't say a word. We have a brown men whose lived here for two years who came from Venezuela and said: hey, I'm blessed to be the best country in the world and every single person in this room shattered him of your applause, work, less
Have you right back? That's because let me tell you something in case of every now and then we'll get some trolls like. While can you name any single country has been successful, but TED immigrants ever destroy western culture. We now need to see some people works. We must make a second are there? Any societies have been successful with immigrants. I don't know I point to the United States. Now what is important is important to understand. Right, we didn't lose culture and the United States first off, when we create a constitution that all people are created equal in. Of course back then most of them are white, because slavery was bad. Now, we're gonna fix it on us. We screwed up, but We didn't lose our culture. When we rightfully free the slaves, we didn't lose their culture when they
Allianz came over. We didn't lose our culture. When the Irish came over, we didn't do their culture when the policy motorway and with our culture when the Jews came over. The only problem that we had with immigration is a modern leftist philosophy that flies in the face of a melting pot where people like yourself come in to be a part of the great exe that is the United States of America. That's a very new idea, a new idea that you can migrate to this country, whether legally or illegally, and not take part in the culture, not learn a language and not been american. First and that's. Why we'll probably not have concerned with Whale and Americans coming here who are Anti american. I more concerned with Anti American again. You want to bring people here who don't like those contracts and that's why, if you like em up when you get me a choice between an angry raspy, feminist with blue hair and a pussy hat or or even Elizabeth worn and some Bangladesh, somebody
gosh you who's coming here, who wants to open up a business and why the american flag and be a part of this culture, guess what I'm picking Haji every single time. Thank you. So much did you have a question: yeah. Ok, that's a James, Pakistan myself. When I go to everybody, cool people put a blanket circle. Had you get so caskets cool inside? So actually migration? I have been like amazed. In America. Everything, but one thing amazed and at the same time, acting by no hope more socially such ass being here in Amerika, especially because I have seen like yeah what work any due to our wonderful country, and I really don't want that to happen to America. But my question is: why do you think it became so unpopular over here? Because I've never lived it.
I know I said you know I just went over give soliloquy. The truth is that it relates to socialism no one, as ever actually lived it. I mean, I know Bernie Sanders Honeymoon and attend to the. U S, s are, but side of that no one's ever looked like. I was raising cabuc, which isn't socialists like Venezuela, but we do have. A socialist healthcare system would have a fifty two percent income tax and it's actually not be making that much to be about highest income tax bracket. I live that and, as it relates like socialize healthcare, that's a good example right. Here's it often happens Kate. This is why I think that they haven't lived it, but they also get tricked by the same needed who wants to silence innovations you by the way here, you often see like mistake: healthcare, for example, by the way. How so you're in Venezuela, converting our states stuff, you're, free stuff. I already told you my mama starving.
So what we do and if you just walk in a less than a year this in the debate- and I mean this- is one thing: hopefully, you guys understand and see this sort of Baden Switch. That happens a lot the left. What they do is they say: hey, hey the United States. We spend too much on healthcare understood. We do have a system broken, if not flawless, they say every single other industrialized country has socialized healthcare Kay they're, not necessarily all the same kind of system, but I do understand they have something more similar to what you would see. A socialist healthcare compared the United States, and then they say they spend less and by the way they have better healthcare by the way they rank them. Well above the United States. This comes from two studies: pay is important up what they do is they talk about healthcare and they what about the problems that we haven't united States objectively and we do have problems and then what they say is these health care systems in other countries are better and all of us and MR pushing subjective ratings comes from two studies comes from.
Is the world. I think World Health organisation they did their global rankings K. Have the United States ranked right? between, if I'm not mistaken, Slovenia and Colombia in time. You do not know who Pablo Escobar shows up humble and then there's not there's one other one? The more recent one was the Commonwealth studies into the only studies that involve and by the way, the Commonwealth Studies Commonwealth. I believe Baroness Ashton, we wrote about on the website. They listed eleven different countries for healthcare and they rank them. A nation. Ok he's the best from best horse. You know who's rank, eleventh the United States do not always right number one, the UK now here's the thing: how do they come up with those rankings if anyone here, even if your liberal, does anyone here believe that our healthcare is not as good as Cuba or Slovenia, for God said no, of course not what they do. We say we have problems and then they say these people have better health care. Why? Because there
happier with their healthcare. Well that doesn't matter. If I do somebody a shit sandwich and are happy because it's free it doesn't mean that its better me having a meal of broccoli in chicken breast and came right. You can say all you want that my meals more expensive and the person who starving was cracked sandwich is happier with it. That doesn't mean that its objective we better from United Sates. I'm amazed that nobody talks about this more conservatives get sucked into it. Alot may say: well, these countries are, higher than the United States. Ok, let's take the one. That's ranked number one in the most recent study, guess what they have their guests world objective arms mortality rate you're likelihood of suffering of dying from a serious illness. It's two to three to four I'm tired of you can, I think we, the numbers, was like two point, five times more likely to die from breast cancer from prostate cancer, the weight times. Our exponentially higher than the United States. Drug development doesn't come out of these countries, but guess what
you, don't have to pay. Even if there are countries where they're paying sixty percent income tat right now I can afford a car. Like in Denmark because attacked so overwhelmingly all Dr Old gate besides, they think that their healthcare is better because I see it as free don't be fooled by the rank is that list our healthcare lower than other countries, because of subjectivity and people saying that they, like their health care more and that's a lot of young Americans to go on. Sofa must be doing it right. It's a why it's not true you don't have to buy it cut that shit off at the Thank you very much for her case case. You haven't heard on live losing my boys, so let's do two more questions. So, if we want to grab I know, but listen to this. Do you hear this disgusting sound like Tom Sizemore after a bender
yes, Mr Hawaiian church? What's your name, Sir Isaac has even I'm John John, ok, very nice. Thank you so much ground or it's a question about tax censorship about why not tech send a ship about tax censorship? Yes, are ok! After being demonetized by you too, you have been variant. I tech censorship. Yet when nationalists, who are more conservative than you are unfairly censored, like Nick Point has been kicked off a pay pal and political events, James also being banned up Youtube in Twitter and Vincent James being demonetized, you don't seem to have the same anti text: censorship, bigger! If you oppose text censorship. Will you strongly advocate against this visit censorship of these individuals specifically, and would you consider having that one has under show to talk about where tax send a ship is affecting surplus on line the most. Well listen. I appreciate the question. I am not really familiar with next winter, so I can't promise it would have on the show and have no idea why was removed,
I do know that when I see it with people where its unfair, for example, whether its tells you gabert or result with Dave Reuben, I would done our bet. We ve done everything we possibly can in our power to defend and there's been no one at the front lines more than us, but there are also some people who get removed to a smaller channels that we want a sicilian know about. So I can't answer the question because I'm not familiar with Nick Quintus. I've had some people ask me in the past. If I will defend folks who actually violated terms of service by docks and people have no idea. If he's done, that, I assume that you probably hasn't, but any time somebody is simply being targeted in silence because of their opinion. Regardless of how unpopular it may be, yeah I dont get people should be deployed formed, but I don't want to answer
regarding someone who are not necessarily familiar with, but I appreciate a question. The spirit of it remains the same. Thank you, sir. Thank you, Mister Crocker, taking and by the way I will say I will defend your right to wear that Hawaiian shared out in public and not get your ass, get. It takes brass balls to wear hawaiian shirt and faced the likely ass beating that is coming way synergy across the. Why I'm kidding? Thank you are right. Yes, sir. Name's entered and Andrew, yet never strongman Andrew Bright bar the On Monday, I was watching your video about Congo when he was talking about pornography and everything like that I know. That's all, that's my kind. You ass a boy, the biggest things I've seen before my time in college. I've been here for five years, so we
to that, but I will give you may even five years. Yes, we're going your masters know. What's quantity is here the college shirt. Ladies gentlemen, Bhutto, blue tar ski is here to ask a question either, but seven years of college down the drain soaking, prevention. We are, we all have hiccups yeah it does. That's ok, your white know what you think I didn't know where you're going. But take test a swipe, more white, privileged card. Find an Asian. Let him raised the GPA, the biggest things I've been seeing lately register my time colleges, this huge like push for like sex and drugs and everything like Dias. So like impure stuff and as a Christian. I am constantly like fighting for this like against it
in trying to living like appeared he's my question, you also fighting around biology. I know that's tough, it's the only thing! So how do you be pure and this time who that's a pretty broad question? Michael, maybe everything question I have no idea but being his job. Is there anything more specific, like how'd you get here in time like just they don't like moorland. Secondly, put it places the you're not supposed to be very much more, like Poland purity. How do you see like for me? I am a cushion side, one young people as possible, so how from no you're, a Christian and using all your stuff from boxes, everything very no sex before marriage stuff.
Flat for that parents are controversial position if you like, like you'd monster, is controversial, furlong and forget american history ex yeah how'd. You stay here in this time because of how much there pushing for sex drugs and all that stuff. It's very difficult, and this is- and it was now say this you're, a good looking chap side from the five years in college, I assume I want to make a lot of money soon. Ok, I'll write, you bet on it. Well, you know maybe compared with it Venezuelans, mother and you can help bring our over here, because now the event is where what is lacking is not mad about. What's a white people to talk about chairs I gather, did you? there's another joker there.
I had no idea is that is testicle rich wrapping scary two years to use the term from that now, while I think you're doin that maybe. Afterwards, you guys get, we can break a pool you and you can have try out. That would be great. Ok, this will be. The last question is pretty broad, so I hope I hope that I can be of service to you here. Listen arenas, you're looking guy is because I know reliable here, identify as Christians We could have done You have been doing economies service right here. I will tell you, page done for me shut up now I'm really glad that country has come out nothing. You can influence a lot of people. The reason I say, you're good looking eyes him have you stuck together, is there's a sort of stereotypes of Christians who wait until they're married who don't have sex, because I don't have an option because an orbit
ways. Listen. I understand that I'm no Gregory Pack, you our generation. I want to make sure I know your Brenner, I'm no co jack. I did have some options. I'm all right in the middle there on average enough- and I was articulate enough that when I was in the road, it was incredibly difficult to not have sex because it was not from the table and I felt like I was pretty important for me to talk about that. So other people out there who are struggling with it understood and they understood that there are people out there who weren't being abstinent by choice right. Here's the thing I've won raise their hand as far as Christians, and while you are young right, how many here actual virgins
No, good, Looking at a lot of beautiful faces, one later internally, you listen. If that's true great hold on a second one. Second, are you I like Bill Clinton. James, like like depends on what the definition of, if you're, using a cigar, humidor and some guy. Is that, like all right, if you guys are all virgins and I will say this: I would see that amount of hands two years ago, three years four years ago. One of those are, I think, those articles I wrote about eight years ago and number, to a heated argument. Amy humor unready over it did anyone, but no one ever see that argument with monsieur we're, ok
for the time. I was really. I felt really embarrassed and he's. My felt embarrassed was because she went after a really hard. Personally, I remember thinking man, you know if I dont, if I don't volley back here about comedian, but if I do when it does make it personal idea about christian- and really tough and I got off if I left right. I've got before my past Romania, which they have done because I don't seem like a stick in the mobile. So one of the authentic about who I am you know here, be real, but people always you to be real until you're actually being often taken away, that's uncomfortable and I've been extended. Clubs or people could be up there. Pantomimic three sons and new now like donkey, shows from Mexico in a horrible shit I don't have such as Google you're uncomfortable when I talked about that it was the last taboo in another room an issue in that debate. She said like well. I just think Now that opinion, because when you're older and you're married your propagated into some really weird shit, that's what she said
and I'm older married? She was correct, I have had the called my house our neighbour with sex offender and that's not a joke, so I wanna be. I want to be really clear and sometimes listen. I know I go too far and reform the edges sometimes have a party mouth. I get it. The reason that I do that it just because I feel it makes sense and myself becomes church where people aren't honest about their flaws. People aren't honest about their sins, doesn't mean that sin and flaws should we go. Fuck, I dont think that it off. I don't think if I use a naughty word, if I make a joke is inappropriate that someone should be glorified. Sometimes I just can't help it I feel ashamed like so funny, though
and half the time. My dad's like, what's the joke, its Caitlin Jenner, saying you gotta, do it dad? Are you serious, but I don't see. The point is the reason that I talk about these things as bluntly as I possibly can it, because I want people out there tonight. You alone. It is a very difficult struggle. Listen a young man with your hormones ready! I see. I see you looking at your water and I don't worry you gotta, be I imagine it's a laptop. What the doors closed now. Now becomes accountability. Partner, hide all the Louvre: Durham no, I know you're open about most. Ok, let's be honest, we struggle with pornography. Yes, and I'm open easier struggle of pornography?
all our second he's he's dead. We got things like. I like that it's not a struggle porn killed, love. Ok, I couldn't. I can't read your teacher. I just thought you I just saw you stand up at par One thing to a church right at church. You see I'm talking of Kenya Hemoglobin a dogma how's, who is afraid you from your sins and people go up and they say was addicted. You know TAT Heroin, preying on them in their home, snakes and stuff, and I'm not really, but we will have my lead heroin people go up
Look man I was, I was a junkie. I was homelessness. Is great story right. No one sees it as a triumph, it's the underdog story, but guess what? No one really feels that empathetic for the middle class seemingly privilege American who has porn pumpkin, who is phone and his computer day in and day out, but he cannot avoid you'll have to go looking for this progress. It's an eight we're here, why would like sex wasn't? Making Ladys are good. Looking I have one it's great it so easy to. On people with pornography, and so people nearly I think I was somewhat Gerald GMO Junior about this at his church, where they have these sort of small groups that recovery stuff like that, and when I was dealing with drugs, knowledge that the problems in our work a holocaust which was just ass, usual network and go through the rolodex. But then when it's about sexual problems are progressing
no one signs up on the list, because I want to change that. Why? Because you're not going to a dark alley, rapids and surgical tubing around your arm and injecting yourself in some subway rest stop like Russell brand. Circa. Two thousand six issues is delivered to you right away. Everyone struggles with it and everyone struggles with wanting to have sex when you're a young adult when you your teens when you're in your twenties- and everyone is telling you that you're weird. If you don't listen, you're, not weird. If you don't mind somebody sometimes happen because I will support someone who is making the hard decision just because the hard decision- even I don't agree with them- and this is something I would say to people out there. You know I've talked about on a surly just working hard, but working smart, and that is important because I did get your point. My life, where I would. I would burn myself out and I was Workin fourteen fifteen our day. Stop it wouldn't take any breaks, and you know what I'll be honest. I wouldn't respecting Sabbath. You know. As a Christian, I wasn't doing that I was work.
What do you want? I thought I had to keep going so I've learned works Mark not necessarily just work hard, but this is one thing that I gotta drilling. Do you guys it's the same thing with generations, even more conservative everyone here, I'm not I'm kind of preaching to the choir, but you the hard decisions to be here to take the position that you do. This is not popular, no aunt em and little open outlier, but on campus it is hard to have the points of view that you do and guarantee you that if you to speak up at a party and talk about abstinence, you're, probably not the most popular guy, I don't know- may not be the I can't get close to could be body or my point is an idea. I assume it's not. You dont have to work hard if the works mark, but I will say this always leave the hard door open.
In other words, to close the door, don't make a decision based on what is easier, sometimes listen, sometimes maximal impact with minimal minimal effort is the most effective decisions. Sometimes it's the right decision, but often, we see people eliminate the decisions that cause discomfort or decisions that are hard. You have two in your life. You don't always have to pick the hard path, but you always have to leave that path open as a possibility, because let me tell you something to have talked about this. People always say this failure is not an option. Failure is not an option. That's not true. Either failures always and often do not have that failure is often the easiest most readily available option. Don't live your life where you simply walk through easy door after the door after Easy Dorcas guess what few walks through every single, easy Doorn? You shut yourself off too hard decisions. It wouldn't be a conservative. You certainly wouldn't be a christian and twenty nineteen on campus, and you certainly wouldn't be denying yourself the most in eight viable Google urge which issue procreate with attractive women.
And there's nothing wrong with that. That's going on what you need to understand: the devil's not can be shown opportunities prickly coffins, that's pretty damn good. I think we did a good job of it now. Show up as someone who just to listen and I'm saying that nobody knows impressions like that's crude tat is true. Does the world we live in, not glorifying it glorifying it temptation going to show you open the form of a bus secretary? It's gonna show up in the fall, I don't know, maybe some kind of alcoholism it's gonna show up in that group of friends Paulie away from your values? More and more and more- and this is one thing that I will say. No leave you on this now. Ok, because it ties back what we're talking about with generations. Ie. You cannot just someone asked me a question. I have had a few questions about what people have asked me to speak for people. Why don't we sincerely? No or don't reminiscence really represent? I try to make it. I try to not make it a practice to speak on issues I dont know or speak regarding people. I dont know why it's important things. Conservatives, we all innately, understand! Listen! You cannot control what other people think about you
you cannot control other people's perception of your few conservative on campus and you're living your values and you're being authentic and you're doing. The right thing is best: you can you no control over how people interact with you over what people think of you. You can only control yourself, but someone. We don't always talk about that same cooling, the flip side of it, only you can control you
meaning you cannot allow other people to control you. If you can control them, they cannot control you. They cannot control what you do. They cannot control what you say. They cannot control what kind of self defence mechanism you purchase. They cannot control what you they cannot control, how much money you should be making us one of the period that they want you to go into a seal, a sea publicly funded socialized healthcare shit programme. No one else has the right to control you and they will try to control you for the rest of your life. Will try to do it to intimidation, don't try to do it through a solution, so try to do it for making you feel less then, because you're living your life truthfully and because you're leaving at heart are open and guess what usually the people who try to Troll you, those are the people who all together are marching through that easy door, every single time for the rest of their and you know what maybe you might be hard by be difficult. You may fall short, but if you're one of those people who try to control everybody else. You ve lived and assholes life. That's my point of you think
so much for everything you ve done
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