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Steven livestreams the CNN town hall with Joe Biden, complete with a drinking game and an insane asylum-themed costume contest!

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Hey there. Audio listener Tired of your old bedsheets- I don't, I don't have any. I can do for you because bedsheets don't sponsor the show, but I would like to tell you about gold really more of a golden opportunity join Magua, but let us cut it out, conflict Muslim! It's the only reason that they show is actually available. Audio version that you're listening to all run you tube and we have a full daily show that you don't get access to anywhere else. So if you want to continue- and during this show change my mind or the like, or if you just like a hate, listen you like a hate watch we'll do that and punishable face. Please consider supporting at Lahti with credit that come slash, mug club and up to in you'll be a better person for it. Do not attempt to training techniques you're about to see without consulting a professional. Tonight on crowd or nine one one. I think you're right now we're doing physically inappropriate politician is at the point where we ve groups every person they walked by
wreaked havoc on the lives of his jump at birth. I would then he started kissing my neck this Joe Biden was clearly out of control and it was time for someone to do so think about it. Quarter, of Color Garrett is Co. Worker Mattie had been dealing with a politician with no respect for boundaries. Are personal space? going to lie with these to be deprived of its Joe Biden hearing. You won't stop sniffing in kissing people. It's a real problem. I've done everything today Ok see the first thing you did he's right now with your very tense you're, giving off that energy actually encourage their behavior. I incursion that's right. Ok. What do I do?
The first thing we need you to do is get your Joe Biden to a calm. Relax state and we're going to do that with no talk, no touch! No! I can't ok, that's right. It's ok to drug delete, soaking focus is ok. I see what idea is I do a small correction when Joe Biden goes into care so much to see I'm stopping the brain from escalating to stay of sexual assault birthright for bad for him, I think you're right knows was doing. My correction is not to hurt Joe Biden but just to snatch the brain out of it not now Jack. It's ok, it's ok,
else gonna, third, a sort of extra sites, cities, the coroner black is giving off a tense energy and escalating he's. Asking himself is a job. I'm gonna kick my neck. You gonna make a helper. And Joe Biden is already escalating, he's energy to match Annie's, rubbing shoulders and kissing the face gum affirmative assorted. That's it that's right, that's right you're the farther back its yes, this correction corrected threats that that's right. That's he can only has water when you say he can has what is right, boundaries, consistency! Now you can have one you can you can have
Now this accord, a black was doing really good. We here's a job. I so it's time to introduce a new challenge for combating it's. Ok, coming up on a crowd or not, no
and what else would expect of course, any time we do something with the democratic how many its russian national anthem Little strange animal life song, which is its sing rubber, Barack said to Mitt Romney, hey Russia, the eighties called they want to foreign policy back. I consider Russia was a threat.
And now. Apparently, the left is very concerned about Russia, China, friendly bedfellows, We're going with you need promo code is crowd her Biden stream. That's also the hashtag use it. Of course. The seem tonight is insane asylum. Sending. Your costumes are the picture of the mug we will be reading the winter out loud later on today, of course, is all sponsored by mug clubs like you. Let us go to to come such Macleod Really. I unfortunately have audio way with me today. How are you to be here? Gerald could not be here today because he is off while he mandatory community service, Court of law. There is here at information, are and read the bandit who, hopefully will be at the monitor like opera all day, you're, not that gorgeous. I look at the monitor to see you because I'm used to look from afar? I do well that's a better look for me greatly that you're going to be, but also, if you have an advocate, she's cloth.
But over me works best. So what predictions do we have to it again people out there. We know that some of you are complaining that, though we were talking over at last and here's the deal we can't too much of the CNN, because then we might it taken down so do set your television near your Ipad, whatever it is your phone too, the stream as well, and I will try and come into long as a watchful, it's a watch along and we don't want to be booted ray, What would we have many other reasons that we would rather be bigger. Esther then Anderson Cooper, getting the best of us. You don't want to my foot, don't want that. You want to five foot for gay man getting the better of mister. You don't want him taking you out now, then you're, just like rocketing, feel bad from a vote, is greater Trump Sweetwater you're predictions outrage, the bandit you're that you're the most billion person here. What do you think,
I'll be seeing tonight. In contrast, thou shalt. We have, of course, ten leading or unfair questions rest on Tuesday they were both pre taped, which take a guess who that favours. This is choking me. I gotta get whose idea was this I know it was those missiles european stethoscope, no more stethoscopes, I've had been stethoscopes. What are you what are proliferating, so I think we'll pray. We see a little bit the binding that we saw at dead Dnc, like I think, they're gonna have this control? enough they're gonna have in palm full of enough drugs that he will probably be. Rarely coherent that violence is not very likely yeah. I can't I can't verify it, but it was pretty clearly ideal. I go into new tropics depot yeah, I'm getting some grass at Amazon, that's what I'm I'm sure he's probably ass. An anchovies sprang up. That's when I I would love to see the more normal off script Biden that use
or when he goes off script. Any any boches everything without two teleprompter, but I think this is probably going to be controlled enough, that it may be kind of plain the I think might become places why they pre taped it. Of course, I don't have all received the obvious cuts which, by the way, brings us to the drinking game thrown rules. Let's bring those up drinking game roles anytime, that bind gets softball question you drink. Any danger dementia moment. You know what that is its very broad umbrella. You think it applies educated, blames, President Trump or it tries to talk tough. I take you behind the bike. Rex then sniff here What do you want to lose? One. Do your pal? I don't know you're ninety two, so I'm willing to bet that I'll. Do it better than your your paper machine wrists Eddie can be stopped. Here's what are the other ones anytime. You stutters or lie lies, but I repeat myself: you hear that day and you will take a drink. Also smooth man come on in here. Of course, many of you loves with many for the truth, according to Smooth Manny and
you will be in here any time. That's Joe Biden has asked a softball question again we have a purely. Counted for the Trump livestock, ten, unfair or leading questions, and we predicted that tonight will see the exact opposite. Hence the reason for appreciate that you will see softball question. At any time that Joe Biden gets a softball question. I will be forced to. Electrocute fluid man sorry about that eurozone rules? There's nothing. I can do it if Joe Biden gets us up. Yes, I should we're gonna electrocute Manning. Yes, That is precisely to understand the logic of whom go. You know- and I dont know why he would have to question if you don't We know where the logic is an abiding town hall. What this man not what leader of the free world and you're upset that one of our ports, users gets a little bit of a shock. You grow up. What's your prediction for tonight audio! We were so help me. God, about this, but the I think that by
and so coast. I think it is such a controlled environment. I would be surprised if there were some kind of Biden moments, but then again I wouldn't be surprised. If it's it's a confusing thing, I'm in is there going to be our there can be any obvious. Cuts are going to be obvious. Questions fed to as we see a lot of his answer, I dont see. I see, I think it might be too obvious for them to do anything. Everybody seems to think that they actually do cuts. I think it would be too obvious just spot and I think would be too big of a scandal. Haven't we think that Brazil was is feeding a couple questions via her AOL online and her net zero account. I didn t, I think That's probably will be very heavily pre written. Yes, I think I'll be free written that I would be surprised if the other questions first so I dont like that, when you can spare nothing it's conspiracy, I dont think it will be edited. I think it'll probably live to tape, but he has all the information that he needs beforehand so that he is prepared to answer these questions, which
then like binding here's the thing by. Obviously we ve had these videos, where you can see him using a teleprompter use teleprompter on Skype call with James Court Then he made no sense will hardly be dispense going as area Putin or whatever the leader of the Chinese. This could be like little red restaurant is. I have no idea what it is at. This point would have the calling themselves, and I can't tell them apart. The point is I think they were really giving him there's too much of a risk of low expectations with job. That is true right now, if he comes out, and he does anything better than actually will go to this clip e people call it a true that the law must be calling this it's like Disney when they advertise. Films, a triumph, a masterpiece a landslide victory. Aladdin is out from
while talking you're saying it yourself, just pulled it out from all these Nazi patched frozen ports and you're telling us about what a great film this is, but if he does anything better than this, which just happened recently, everyone will call it a victory, and I don't even know what he's trying to say here is that you could think quartermaster you can have. Take care of running a in a department, store thing at work in a second, for the lady of the army, I don't know what he wanted and without it both slightly racist and raping dungeon quartermaster we're watching routes, and then you know you, ladies Fredericks of Hollywood, panties quartermaster, dungeons and dragons sort of your all of eighteen are higher than in a sea of
I googled in its apparently some kind of military officer, Boa was fatty hiding under military. While those fascinating to me is that I looked at the Google trend for quartermaster, and you see nobody knows what I started, that original influence, or by the way, there's also remember going on that. He wanted the nickname, the Duke but didn't realize what it had been taken from when we say that was relatively unoriginal and interoperable arranged in the other. Do other do what's worse debate? What are you saying things? Ok, bye soil yourself again. I think the biggest challenge is going to have to have a really directional microphones that you dont years depends crinkle I'd, be surprised if you ought to contrast the stage sounding anything other than a bag of lays. I would concern yeah well, but people will be able to tell the difference, not just from Joe Biden of five years ago to Joe Biden now, but also between job I'm in trouble able.
I have seen this year will had watched the other night and no matter what your political persuasion as you can tell that one of these people is healthy and ready to can coherently the world of yellow hurt and the other is nothing about what a miracle this is into twenty. Sixteen right people talked about Donald Trump secures here was that he was not likeable and they decided to run Hillary Clinton and now We are trying to say that these two unstable to be commander in chief and they Joe by anyone else. From all Harris doesn't doesn't by it. She said in a Harris administration and violence to dump notice is what we want is a poor women. Throng black is important. I just you know, I'm not call Emma Quartermaster. I just support the indian Half way Joe Biden. I don't know something about the military and prepare for this. What is kind of remarkable is impatient with the same prep for that we had four Donald Trump. We are preparing for the a change for co bid for
Calling the military losers and suckers, and what are just going to do is ask Joe Biden say ok, Donald Trump. What about when he called a military, suckers and losers age are buying. About one Donald Trump called the military, suckers and losers. What do we do? chances are that they ask about bereavement, they ask about his son, they ask about the unsafe. We business relations as a family coalitions are criminal laws that jailed nonviolent drug offenders. What do you think that you think? What do you think the chain? They ask about the other, the groping maybe history, terror reed. I think Anderson Cooper, my trying appear less biased and stuff. Yet what an end in the crowd. I think it is just Democrats and independence. That's really are you really can ring where Donald Trump there, who republicans we associations chosen the attendees and their only Democrats and independence and that's which, by the way, they repeat themselves only the arrival of energy? If you're independent in September of twenty twenty you're a democrat and look, what does it take? What is
you have over two billion dollars according to insurance companies? Now we ve been talking about this red. We had to use a number seven million dollars and damages, and I kept saying I'm sorry. I can't prove as embrasure it's over two billion will now George companies are saying at least one to two billion dollars, and what does it take with over thirty deaths that these rights in protest two billion dollars in damages not outright condemning black lives matter, and how could you still be an independent at this point I mean I understand if you're commie right, if you, if you're red shirt, Commie, I and stand that, but I dont you're staying how you could be politically neutral at this point in time and the United States after we haven't made up your mind. Yet what it requires Anderson Cooper, There's an cooper is the one: is gonna push you over the edge I dont swayed I'm listening to your argument. I think really behind on the tv are behind the only lets. Go, there's really quickly because I feel is: are we behind article? Let's go see it and right now, let's listen to the temple wherever still behind,
we still are behind bring it up to live right now, bring it up the little box here, a quarter blackguards and we are live, member set it and watch along. Let's go Joe Biden to provide for the safety that requires some federal funding. Particularly kids, going back to school, is making sure that, where the position there's tested and grace sorry that windows testing quickly, thus not impose a whole range of things we should have done. I laid out rushing up your dashed at present is totally disregarded. It continues to think that don't matter very much. He always says it, and then he has these. Large gatherings only with everybody around with no song and it's extremely dangerous. Was this a lot of sleep, thirty, nine people million dollars and artisanal, maybe I'll see their families club I've got plans, you haven't, keep us from contracting Kobe nineteen in the workplace compared to the question of Donald Trump. I would certainly consider that for me
Half of all her sure everybody. Oh my frequently primitive Yanks went to change our vice president That's the thing, but so many there's nothing. I can do wrote a virus You don't have to do if you were present. Could you see a scenario where you downplayed critical in from? they ve got another law leading question that what was actually a leading question for against Donald Trump for Joe Biden Eurozone downplaying the pandemic. Is that other piece of shit other you'd? Never do that sort of thing? Would you what does he do magic and by the way, from universities that result pointed out if he had just acted? One they weren't we on earlier. It would say- Thirty seven thousand lives. All the way back and I was on one here- shows all the way back in March. I was calling for the need for us to have mass cab.
Rising nobody denies this time money. I don't know all know about the old line and that he said this doll drop of xenophobia for the travel ban. We then he completely disappeared completely disappeared for months. You will not they're talking about masses and by the way things drama massed in March. That would have been before when the CDC, a fetish about math. Remember that Europe did not want him up with April or more messaging with equal April may more- and we were saying despite what the city see tells you, we think if you have this nipples good idea, where mass preventative for people around you, too seriously with saying don't, wear masks. That is absolutely a lie. Let me here the question of first: how will you get the proper messaging out to all Americans to keep them informed as to how to properly protect themselves and others from this pandemic word president's? matter, people less question and I will write to drink legalise. What is needed to be done
mandate, people worry Mass, but we just a minute all. If there really expect another two hundred fifteen thousand dead by January. But if we were a mask, we save a hundred thousand last word. What's going on, not only by acting thousand, we haven't had made a show that american people, the truth, tell them the truth. The man is your also permits and into the White House say you should be putting mandates out. If there no doubt I call the mirrors and their towns and their citizens put out mandates. Save lives and we should be provided for the PPP, the protective gear, that is, look. You know. It recently happened. A president states said No longer would we in fact provide mass for schools for schools, pay them to have the mask and school because it was not a night no emerges. What is he talking about?
It's totally irrational and look this law about one thing the stock market Maybe I don't know I say, and I have the honour bodies should be about the American you ve only person neutral would have less of a legacy Nancy Ellen, calling an irrational would be this link below so fatal, attract. Oiling the contradictory rabbies said every backed a just war. This mask nothin. But this mass you would between now and one another. We are only too well, so we to be honest, with a bold man. Rush, no going back on Roosevelt said, get worse and worse before they get better and better Bridget got at a level of the american people. Should shoulder tucked monetizing shouldered by this presidency, set down instruments. Prison
president rally? Rivers finds a ball you raise yet there are driving their summer. What is the difference when it comes to covet safety? I think covered safety nets affinity with a problem, no matter where people are worried, mast if they do not have not a Massa context, the phrase that money for protest here drink peacefully is there that was launched course out of to speak not to lose not to burn, not to do anything that causes damage the right to speak out makes sense, but we should be careful. Across my boy across the bay might want them without I'd, be Jake. Difference between people walking moving along and people sitting down cheek to jowl, shoulder to shoulder a thousand of them Brennan on one another indoors and out that call and aerial serious problem. You you ve, said about a month ago,
that for the next three months is a man or Maria bombing police. Lars organ in California, Moors see tell tales well in India. Given museum is taken that logically to mean Turkey should be setting maximum breathing, assigns dates and sometimes they had actually outdoor courts to find people weren't wearing mass. Is that something you would like to see happen and states? I would like to see the governors and force basque wearing period. I can do that on federal property is present. I will do that further away about already, if you're on federal, that you must wear a basque rebuilding, you must wear a mass and we could have a fire, for them not doing it, but this is saving people's lives. There's no question. No two save people lives to do or say its individual liberty or not. They were well. Let me show you some. You know I would bill bar recently said is outrageous. That is really like slavery. We'll take it away freedom, I would tell you, would take away your freedom but takes away
freedom is not. Everyone is really your kid not breed we'll go to the football game or baseball game. Not be able to see your mind hospital here that you know about right. Right now also have not do of course, all game that, because I would shut it down tat, he knew it is declared turn imagine had he let you need not have been brought about, of course, of our contending left. These are people who work in Europe about the Patriot ACT and I was against the Patriot ACT right where they have the right to supply and Americans. They sought were actually involves terrorism unaffected very, very few Americans, but they cannot fathom fast until bar said. This is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties since slavery, any delineate saying by the way slavery was very different from this. Of course it is you shut business is forever. How could anyone argue adventure see, let's go I'm on a drug that ask compromise my system, but my point. For you design.
It has come back in person to school. Will you in your ministration mandate, the vaccine to be taken like dinner men, are to India school when it becomes say and available to the public, because I of teaching I don't know I don't play by the way. How do you know someone's a nursery teaser? They tell you a media, I'm a teacher, and I love case, I'm a teacher like how she might come. I saw the teacher other home in ninety hero. I say teacher Joe come first of all, you ain't, I don't trust the present on vaccines. I trust doctor she found she says the vaccine is safe. I take it back see that we should listen to the scientists nod to the present
We want these say that some of them to think within giving you I would want other scientists have without wants to remain in force. This law is there and if an annual can't get aids and drew up the HIV Aids, then democratic, Voucher, needest, Babbitt's job to do that to sanitized, provide for more teachers and smaller classes, smaller Maud, maybe Sure the ventilation systems are functioning daylight across the board to make it safer. So that schools and I opened there are safer, but we're gonna? Do you? You should be the position where if, in fact, the vaccine, there's no vaccine, it's going to be guaranteed one. Percent, so you're gonna happen tough decision, you have to make and whether or not for you should be able to be in a position where you I'll be right. Place you aren't sanitized circumstance and your tea coffee now they rights and even the on copyright and baggage Is there a way to get back? I'm? U says you ve gone belated so and by the way some teachers have already died.
All right, listen, just two people are watching. We caught with a scene and copyright. Doing I reject pension plans. Warner brother, having taken every Warner brothers, one of others on CNN O time Warner, the time. One time Warner time orders It goes down right now, let's, let's hold on one. Second, we are going too well actually making covering this man get out of here right now, smooth many and figure out how we're gonna be getting back on Youtube Use, a promo code, state, crowded, Trump Trotter Biden Stream. Sorry, and that's after you tweet, I was off, we joined Muslim, we'll find out. They already have local day area about we're watching there on the blaze mother, I want to get a recent people now. This is apt inviolate. We showed less of this than ever before we showed less of this. Report we might need to get half asian Bill Richmond on the phone as well, because this is absolutely real, that they did the so called glee and so early on. So what time community research
community guidelines. You aren't you community guidelines strikes or copyright issues. You can you can't live stream at this time. It was a hard stuff. So we are our rightful clearly transformative content, for we are streaming this right now now here's the thing I bet you. This is what happened. Ok- and I can't verify this but didn't get any issue with the Trump life's, not keep in mind. Bluish, isn't that was the company that went after us before with the Oscars and then they stopped. They were not actively going after anyone's trot. Streaming the Trump action because they assumed that would all be negative if we are still on Facebook, when we are so on Facebook going around eighty one, but I won't tell him people on Facebook. Place right now, so there already there. I can't tell people a ghost. Now people are till it of you. You know what you are. I got you're like the guy who forgets the powers out at his house. Damn I was making dinner. I guess I'll. Just go microwave some soup, the powers out Facebook, there's no problem and we showed far more of the stream by the way with the Donald Trump Stream, because they assumed it would be negative, same thing. Regulate we talk
But what the Dnc remember that when all of a sudden wretch humor this right- and we remember that with the stream Joe Biden Speech- they change the likes dislikes ratio, not right. Of course it can happen with a wagon likes can go up later on, but I have now were seen anywhere else likes switch over from mode, mostly dislikes too, then mostly likes and few. Just like. I don't want to be clear at your announcing that every time a video gets, a bunch of dislikes at its conspiracy are there any time that you to all the sun include some likes on abiden speech that there's a conspiracy, but when you have dislikes actually go down in number, while the likes go up in number which we saw with the binding Dnc stream. That is something I have not seen anywhere else and we ve always you too to benefit as it deals with lags right now. That's also keep in mind that big tech, again you tube twitter Facebook out, it on Google and they work with.
Time Warner. They work with ABC, didn't need. These are some of the major sponsors who spend money on Youtube. We know this because we had a struggle with both ABC Disney before and Vocs universal. These are the people who are includes and have said that you should not accept the election results on the night of the election that they will fact check it. Can, Anyone. Fine for me has Jack Dorsey. Has anyone at Youtube or Facebook so that they will fact check if binding declares that drain election night? Can anyone find shit. For me, this is yet another example of I dont want to say censorship. I want to say selective enforcement of the rules. If you He wants to say that you cannot do a watch along with any kind of a town hall. It needs to be applied equally, we did it with President Trump. We did it. The DMZ were now doing up here with the binding. Should the only thing the only thing different? Is it inspired instead of Trump and something that set some
text here? If you look at the ordinary versus the DMZ, the feedback on line, particularly on Youtube, was overwhelmingly negative for buying and the Dnc in over Wellington positive for Trump. You don't think that's. I'm gonna Time Warner who again some of the biggest advertisers one of the biggest partnerships with you too, but you could possibly imagine you don't think they said. Hey, there's something we ve got. Do here, because we are not pull in the same numbers online report, a number of the jury actress who are being sold reverse mortgages from Magnum P. I on today No television, but on line trump escaping to ask is what can we do? You know what will make sure that we enforce the copyright strikes and community guidelines shrikes no less on the Biden Stream going forward it just seems to be all the time there are likes and dislikes that switch with Biden, Dnc and it goes environs favour selectively. Its enforcement is not going well for Joe Biden very clearly, all of a sudden the streams
critical of Joe Biden get taken off. It would be one thing if these little mistakes went in both directions, but statistically they dont. You can see our previous videos worth. About this for a very long time, statistically, it overwhelmingly favours a left algorithmic. We just like tossing gabert no searches just like when you start Stephen rather change my mind, abortion. You would find a six year old, PBS video with four hundred and fifty two views. There is a balance in the errors that occur on Youtube. I don't care if they say hey, you can't you alive, watch along for Trump or by five, we'll do it exclusively magua that far we can do tat the blades. That's that's fine by me, but you cannot allow one and not allow the other provided its critical, That is the issue that we have is the selective application of the rules. There is no difference in how we are covering this, except for the fact that we show less of it thus far it was manually detected. So that means somebody summarily share regularly argent an incident
owned by Turner. I don't think it's, so why am I interrupting Lee soon Turner's at Time Warner Ok, I guess I'm on your own time. We're only seen it can you find that Force wretch sure I was turning terminal. Yell Warner, media yeah so that we get in I mean the thing was Biden was not looking good tonight. In turn in, I was wrong. He looked pretty bad, so you know it's You would have really getting that numbers wrong in saying we have fifteen thousand more debts and mandate masts, and you Porter quarterly he's looking bad right. This is not going well for him and they are softball questions across the board. That's why I'm here look a shadow of a doubt right now with our experience someone manually detected in this wasn't automatic What should mean by the way right now? Hopefully, someone makes a fucking call that someone can manually fix this at Youtube immediately and by the way we
because we have some of these folks on speed, dial Youtube you're not supposed to let this happen step in and do the right thing you're so one pacific time. Someone is that the office right now, if only to have some kind of diversity, training we know you do that on Thursday, so make this right. Someone manually fixed it. Someone manually rig this system right now. You know that's. It ITALY in valid strike? You know what we ve talked about this before every single time we ve had one of these strikes before it has been resolved because it is undoubtedly fair use. Dont do the bullshit what you say you have to go through the system. We got through the system. Someone abuse the system manually and you want to talk about David and Goliath. Right this is the idea to write this week, moratorium on critical race theory. You have yet give critical this theory that there's always an oppressor provided that you're in some kind of a majority. That's the same one that you have left the reason that they support Palestine over Israel. Just because one has asked
weapons in one has rocks. It doesn't matter that their charter says throw rocks at someone for being a Jew in Israel. Has a defence policy? There's hey defend yourself of someone throws a rocket you for being a Jew, its hey you're, the underdog, Therefore you are morally correct. The only place it doesn't apply, however, is when you have conservatives on new media. Kicking the ass of legacy media, who more money than God compared to us, guess what asked me how much I of latter with greater how much Jonah, let us take a wild guess. One hundred percent does not Biden. That's accurate one hundred bread and real button ask me compared to our even young Turks, who have what twenty million twenty million and one Ramblas fifteen million from a foreign investors. Now the zero Qatar money asked how much We have ever received an old as a lump sum to invest in line with greater
How can a zero dollar zero dollars? We have a licensing agreement with the blaze for moments just like this, we're incredibly appreciate and where we were already generating a profit for them, and so we split it so that we don't have to do all of the leg. Work with pay wall in the app that's very difficult for us to do. We have never had foreign investors or outside mega investors. Coming CNN, obviously can't say that on by multi media conglomerates. Abc news Disney Vocs universe. NBC. You can't even say about these new media entities on the left, like the young, Turks and others. Everyone is in their network. Let's see what happens by the way with them. Now, let's see what happens as they cover these events, it is remarkable. I'm not bitching! I just want equal application of. Those rules right now, someone manually flag, this, you know it's bullshit, you tube You can manually fix it. Lets hopefully get that go in I don't know. If there is anyone here wants to be taking something for Instagram, so we get up there.
Let me turn now to go to the blaze, but I want to come in here. Let me know if you want to do that. I apologize everyone who was watching right now, we're drank it as many people migrate it over to the blaze as we can and, of course facebook. Until someone comes, and unless we know about that, let's watch more of the town hall can you arrange because the rate of infection, is much lower number one number two of what he has said. Lord this mask is about. Making sure we knew where it and making sure no one else gets so do not have to. Thank you. So much is to make sure you dont infect someone is thereby nets. I've had a patriotic requirement. I call that what we should be doing right now and if we If the president had done his job done it, from a legal body. Language does people able to president
we are making this up just look at the data wholly. How could the dead sea lags behind me? That's all Couldn't we know I pray to. God? Doesn't inequalities courtesy, Danglars contact could be available to everyone known first of all, at once a vaccine is made available, and you know this well once is made available. Well with a rather veil distributed throughout the kind of improved you're not going to have. Hundred twenty five million vial. To begin with, and the way which is transported, there's two kinds of vaccines that we're talking about What is in any way one after the other related rigging short circuit, Really up at me. Go through these motions right, you're just going to cover those like, I mean really good, taking two shots, so the who's gonna be a vaccine that everything will be fine. Tomorrow is just not rational, not reasonable. Do then
Comments by the attorney general contribute the people I mean, encourage people. Not too, where mass are quite forgot, fell silent when man he gets back, you never electrocuted restrictive manner, ever think any of you you're not drink here in tiny jug noon. Sector, though that, following the recommendations of the scientific community to say, you're and other people's lives is revolution to slavery. It is clear that it is the great ok look back for it, but it doesn't matter. What exactly is the greatest infringement under civil liberties hospital? The police in slavery is that in slavery course of intrusion for an entirely different reason. I've had it with you is very clear to differentiate. What's let me ask you this people to say all its absurd. Because you mention slavery, other for some reason, we don't use that what the Nazi Cargan, the punch and Nazi, it's not concern and absurd comparisons are present. Who pushes for the
regulation, more freedom of speech and lower taxes with the National Socialist Fuckin Party, patently at a reasonable comparison to make? But when again, he provided context bar. That this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties since likely slavery, and, of course that was for a different reason. Let me ask you this what greater intrusion can you think of outside of law Calm down businesses force children to stay home not go to school and fight. Businesses in many cities, thousands of dollars not allowing people to visit, dying relatives because someone the government who couldn't get their science right for three months? You wear a mask, you don't wear masks says: can anyone think can anyone think of at least in our lifetime greater intrusion on our civil liberties and end? I think Yelp recently said that sixty percent of the businesses that are on their platform had to close permanently is heartbreaking. These small businesses that are just trying to make a living yeah,
I can't think of anything that is more of that more effects, the average person. I want you to hold that thought. She would see coming years that companies that Fort afforded them the opportunity to aid for retirement which is helping to pay for her care. Mr vice president, what is your plan to make health care affordable, so I can still need to dream their savings. One cares now. All I got for much of what is in the eurozone is sort of wars and islands is operated. Mr vice president, what will you do to make sure that things are cheaper, because we know that you want to thank you very much for you sign might cast. This is real. To me it so much worse than I thought. I'd know why someone was ready. Someone was sittin there. Oh yeah mouse ready. They are ready to reality, Anderson Coopers, boyfriend. You know the guy. He plays doktor with Rockets in Goma pile little, but a role playing their part of you press fails whose difficulties the wiser don't tell anyone.
Out there in the vietnamese sex amicably clause. That he's still suggested keep up. Appearances love my My issue here. This is so agreed. You notice how you That's how he's functioning with seven ah fellows. He was interrupting trumpeting Not true, that's not right! Anderson Cooper is like the entered over there in binds like line. Please I quote, maybe bar that that help to write helping him. May I have your long Joe binding? I say if you don't have to take lever dope like that film with Robert Deniro and the insane asylum, No, that he's begins with the eyebrows. Downy really looks confused. He looks a little like doesn't quite know, what's going on yeah, and if we look at just some of the people forget that Biden. When this first happen, he did not lay out some big plan, How you can do everything he didn't hold a press conference from ones we're panicking. Even levelling publications weren't, you know saying like: why did Joe Biden disappear? Riders
right, one of our is pending as ILO get both left and right and by the way, the only kind of appearance it may was actually a proxy. He sends his own proxy. Though, he still centres on proxies. His adviser, who said that it was safe to vote in the democratic primaries yea, because the cdc said no gatherings of over you know. Fifty people answer the Sanders camp that you do whatever, and they said you know Simone centres when on there, and so do I don't know what you're talking about young. I think we really have a clip young. We do if you guys, can bring it up, clip Gee. This is, while Biden wasn't appearing anywhere. He was apparently I think, what the Franco's Simone Sanders had this to say some of our democracy. It is extremely important, even in times of striking a country, we have to do our duty so easy that is paid out there for two days now. I do not know if there is a faggot about, but Governor DE wines, that it was they ve. No I'm going. I got people get out their vote on Tuesday.
Also has just as nonsensical, only more energetic and when was that Marge fifteenth now urgently yeah, so so they know tat when they were trying to be Biden, I mean when they are trying to be sanders. Guys are important go on vote. Yes, now found she's, saying its findings. Downvoted there saying no, it's too dangerous button trusts, valley, right and the needs of the experts. The scientist decided just the scientist. What happened to the scientist perilously didn't give a rat's ass back then we'll people also for you that back in March Trump wanted to do more right. He wanted to put, quarantine on New York and Cuomo said that would be illegal. There were just furious about right, so there were things outcry
wanted to do back then that there are seen as unconstitutional. The present doesn't have the authority to do that. Right. Right right, I get all limited presidential powers were anybody I didn't mean live. How can I know people point out the inconsistency you're, something that I want to make clear? Ok, it's not about hypocrisy. Everyone is a hypocrite. Ok, for example, Christians out there can be against pornography and struggle with wanting to look at tits. Let me just me, they're about that. That's hypocrisy! That's falling short of your own standards. It's not hypocrisy! Nancy Pelosi wants to ban church from gathering and she shut rose up to get a block its hypocrisy? Its do you really think Nancy policies, afraid to go out and vote, but that is not actually afraid you didn't. Actually there is dangerous and is now in its hypocrisy. If that doesn't believe it, someone can believe that drugs are bad and struggle with addiction, someone who tells you
its unsafe to go out you're, taking your life in your hands and they go into a particle vortex. That is known as a circular turbine fuckin drier is not afraid of it. Al Gore, when he drugs money right not driving? I guess he's not he's not driving around in a private jet. It's not that it's kip to go there are major film, but a Supreme Court ruled had nine significant errors with inconvenient truth about its that and if you really thought that it was going to be Terminator two judgement day with Sarah garners vacant on the fence fly first class. It could at least tat you could you could take a pest and plain the turbine plane. You can fly up all honest pc, twelve, it doesn't have to be the top of the line Learjet or seven. Forty, seven, it's not about hypocrisy. It's about the fact that these people don't believe it or not that its hypocritical for Joe by to say back then I think you can go out and vote in the primary and now say that it's it's deaf
Scary out. There are certain death, if you'd, just when he thought it was safe to vote a legacy to it's, not that it's not that's hypocritical! It's that he doesn't leave it. Did you really think that Joe Biden is afraid of it? What was, namely, that that that broad report was arguing with here we met allow mackerel and your name, but she was arguing with their about masks and she was argued balance. If it wasn't, we see, as soon as the camera stop rolling she's taking all right off immediately, it's not a critical. It's that they don't believe it, they don't believe it, and they want to enforce these rules upon you, the american public, that they don't even think. Are necessary and they dont believe will do anything. It's not policy people into stop, saying hypocrisy, cadets pointing to someone with a high jump and they didn't make a perfect phosphoric flop. And yours and you know what you suck you missed it will you understand, you didn't entered the arena, it's not about hypocrisy, does Anyone here truly believe that Nancy Policy is afraid to go outside.
Well, the Catawheel liberal idea is may be true on the ground. It may be true of like your friends, that are alike. Will this guy actually is compassion and wants boot, but he s just confused about the ideas right from the top. There are no compassionate levels: they they it's all a mass for again just uncaring acquisition of power, that's a dick facade of carrying an emotion and because that's the quickest path, the power that there really care about you so vote. For me, it is a compact. Ok, you played, as you call it wiped out. And the gift you call chinese gift exchange rates, we're all women aged villas, noisier comes from China. Last guy, your legs honest untrustworthy, I think working up up up, listen, listen come on residence rather than open communications, they built a wall, that's how pleasant started to treat the Mongolian you're an end. It was great. Three times because they were so busy telling everyone how much everyone outside their country such that they forgot to instil
actual morals, and so people were greased bombs are raised. They let them and went out. One is chinese gifted play that game is everything compassionate about stealing the cool gift? and making them more efficient. I don't wanna level It's not your money. People lousy, has to date, freezers, just as you can keep more shocking, frigid four grand I have everything the Joe Biden owns you paid for everything I felt my very best bet he's been suckling. The public teeth for as long as he has been sniffing, children which is Let me see that is alone in sleep. Elections is in question, for the coming November. Third election, if elected, what's. Subsidies will take that selling sure voters in future elections do not the same uncertainty that their vote will be. It in time for election results number one I would not try to throw into question,
legitimacy. The election like this present in the people around when I'm done number one number to make sure that you remember they were all. Let's just take a minute to appreciate the irony from this evening alone. He's the most important thing you can do is where this mask. Why? Because Donald Trump doesn't mass very often because it doesn't work within a protein many's nine feet away. He wants to make a political one of the most important thing. You can do is where mask why people who go out and buy groceries and we're going to feature now at in Nashville by the way in Tennessee that that the contraction rape, the transmission we're so well. They didn't release them for fear. People understand that wasn't dangers to go up. If the mask is the most important thing, then why can't people put on the mass can go about right
How does the guy paves the way we ve always voted? How is he throwing the election into question. I peoples that is, I feel, like I'm taking crazy bills. We the big social media tech giants who have shut down this dream? That openly said that we will fat check if Donald Trump? claims, victory and election night. In other words, we will make sure to take information, where Donald Trump is claiming victory on the night. Where are we? always claimed victory for the presidential candidates and not about bided. This real to me. I don't wanna wanna, so ill thrust mistrust in the American Electra lecturer process. You want to do away with the electoral college. Your latest break the last time you weren't scrap.
Albania, you went to a diner that didn't even exist or better one created by go. As you know, the thing I mean yeah I'll need another drink. Any that put down a thing was about six other somebody faces the male, your ballots these tests is all about trying to deal agenda miser. It was really says you think that that I may present trumpet said that that is not yet, that he'd be willing to accept the results of the November elections? Would you tonight to obtain results. If the final result said cowardly, vomiting sell everything. Why do you realize what you are here? We gotta chair you're an environmentally sound results of the elections. It depends
happened to us a series of others. I this is he'll, fine, we're not making them cultural. Just it's just a little girl, don't even like gets introducing. How is it that all democratic gotta, like that President Santer School Board for her Son School Mavis, allow I've penance? then or black parents across I need to know how much different will the top be with our sons and daughters about these interaction under your administrate I'll write you a fundamentally different. Let me make it clear you were things people say I understand this. Is my mother, come work and my shows for a mile. My showed only you understand, then turn to say the kid you now get their licence, make sure if you don't stop vibrio reach ripe about box, make sure you do whatever the police officer says that
majority police are decent. Honourable people good one! things. I've found is the only people dont like bad cops more then we don't like him. Police officers, and so what we have to do is get them and what's more transparent means by which we provide for accountability within police departments, president of the United States, what I will do I, why national bring together police chiefs, police officers, the union, people naturally out of work, and I don't have a solution for this. Isn't my rooms. Leadership sets to happen. Naturally going to manage gotta, run interference, what's more rigorous background checks on those who apply for and become police off to teaching pay, how to de escalate three providing for a nine one. One calls like what happened like MR making sure that you have psychologists inside card available to go out to do
those certain rights we can change. We that arouses rude before I'm conflict please tell me about your mother to go with another night galleries, shines out to ask the commission to send someone out to ask if you wanted to bang as mother from this year, Loi Standard work out who is asking you didn't. I was mental illness like the guy was running, got one night than the picture, but one example of why have a psychologist go because guess what in that case, we are fortunate enough to know this. Guy is getting. With a knife or the cup showed up prepared for, but what, if they say, hey this guy just below the credibly keep this type means. Is that this time we does died. He positively used is that you send out officer property, but instead you send out a social worker
with a bachelor's degree and vanish. They go out there and they get stab the worst possible way. These people see a guide charging a cup with a knife and think they're gaining self esteem. Can we lose out of towns? Iranian nice did their usual what guy most of sad said. Again they don't say a social because a matter as well as a gun and charges and officer with regard to the matter of imitation of racism that if you charge an officer with a knife, don't have you committed sexual assault? They'll still say you know what, just disturbed you'll still say we need to define It doesn't matter if every single box is chap check where lethal force is absolutely not only appropriate but required. If you want to protect the woman who doesn't have a nice? It doesn't matter. This is an issue that has politicize just like covert at this point,
at Fort Tongue rhetoric where they say there. Good cops in they say, but Heaven forbid something like Lancaster happens. It was a good cop doing what was he has to be done earlier? He you know said o looting as bad whatever policy earlier today made a similar statement and that's after I'm soom, some really bad poles came in Quite simply, I knew you have the Biden staffers. They were giving to these these bail funds right and so the people who are in need bail, they're, not peaceful protesters, standing there were the sign or people who are losing destroying stuff. So it's is just come ITALY disingenuous for a camel hair. We don't worry about it. Just is just disingenuous to say we, you know it We decry we denounce all this looting and writing, but will pay your bail
I think. It's ingenuous, as it says, white male. That is a good point. You gonna call. You know we will back us what good cops and like the good like it lets, replace good cops with with shrinks. Ok, where we start, administration. We move to eliminate the disparity between crack cocaine, go came so black guy get nickel bag and snort and Coke one man read before it was what we were saying. Ninety ninety four crime, so that ninety nine or cry of ill you were the one who helps just ok, do not doubt for a separate George, Stepan, Arkadyevitch novelist, shorts, novel up a guess. What fact: Journal drop, use that checking a month opinion statements by the way he's talking about how he's been a chip and of civil rights of criminal justice reform here
Is the guy you only person without a worst sinners record, who needs to go into confessional booth? Is the half indian PETE first be less we'd be candidate? Come all areas happier lessons this guy painted the nineteen before crime bill, that treated powdered cocaine, different from Grech. Was this guy. This is the reason none, but driving on non violent drug offenders are being locked up. I know I sound like bite now: here's off its ruling of learning across the country, you wanna go Jack and I can What happens? This is just one killed. Eva Brad said I hate myself. I think we have clearly of light and talking about these criminals in its just amazing. If Donald Trump set it today, the people be saying this isn't a dog whistle. This is our right over racism, but its Emily, I think tat. We have the clear, or at least have really quickly
I believe it will pull out a second it is clip, be, could be anti matter whether or not there victims of society. It less Iraq nowadays there about not my mother, and with a lead pipes These include rules aid for the candles, and even though I had been against tax, that would Donald Trump who pardoned people know that only a woman of color for non violent drugged, rhymes even Van Jones struggled to criticise President Trump when he was asked on a panel. After the hour and where he said you know what Donald has done a lot for criminal justice reform. I just wish that he
do the pardon here and and do it as part of a political theatre. In other words, you didn't like the fact that it was broadcast because he thought there would be seen any job to make sure of a marriage gets out there. That Donald Trump has done more for criminal justice reform. Then the black guy before them, who, by the way, was also doing crack with convicted domestic terrorist bill, airs so you'd think he'd be us. You think it would have a little close to home. For the rack Hussein Obama, no body, How can I get a good outcome our community strike cocaine. Let's, let's bring it back up. Sorry guys we're trying to balance now not bring my vagina bout that somebody who gives a shit safely Clearly let it go down the drain if you're watching Roma prouder divided stream duty to do anything Rynch, my man, you know what gets a big thank you to shut up, The murders are fifty two percent so far. No wonder why, three percent LOS Angeles up fifteen percent. There are a lot of people who worry about
a breakdown of law and order in this country. Are you one of them? I am worried that as long as the administration continues to preach, hey Division, talking about women's rounds they draw. You know it's funny that I am worried, but here's the deal That's one way, you'd be as, after all, we're afraid to talk, but some people think breakdown of law and order are you one of them Now, who learned death is two million dollars in women like think it's made a dance, but instead we estimate that you thank you for pointing fingers, anxiety, drugs policy which gives me the letter sent by so? Why would you ask me a question like that, though I would you. I was told, no rising, curb no report itself, but you should not go beyond what is set out. What might be done now its whatsoever? It gets the military to go in for tear gas move people.
Physically my mom away, so you can we able to a protestant church and hold libel upside down and what did we ever opened it upside down and then go back to a bunker in the White House? What are we talking about Here is simply, are you doin with monetary dealing with Gmos, Arrest relates to current violence and that, consequently, Roswell White, ass, long to take a picture we can take care of emu has used to disburse eight because we definitely do when a presidency walking just you're allowed a swarm of escalate this you don't think of what the rest of the world look. Work definitely cannot mean. I don't read the international press, but I get it delivered debate, the time through my advisers are they all secure? I gotta delivered we're lookin ruling what is going on western, we'll be back together, Pinkerton The international news come every day on an apple card at a greater threat.
Mountain dog. What are you talking? Joe Biden, I don't like the internet. I have someone else animate. Well, you know what your handle it then a great job out taken down the stream from you to my god. Unless, as resolved quickly, I am going to suit the South South and there's so much president, I'm using a time using it conducts Julie President that has been said about that wasn't taken down when it was drunk and the third there have been so many suspect actions taken on behalf of Youtube as it relates to the DMZ we used to think. Every morning we have seen it We do see a little box every single morning right this time. It's different. Why is a different somebody? Talk in this retard help your heart, scared you our resident, I dont like see, I don't like bad. I e the clerk and hair.
I am a mega guy, one or more of a bird or I wasn't we're gonna go out into a commercial breaks and they earn a commercial break after the restroom see exactly what's going on We will be back here in two minutes. Please stay with the sea, the promo code crowd or trouble. Not the poor cares about the the provocative. The hashtag crowded by Israel. I keep still kept saying: Trotter Trump Stream, prouder crowd, ionize renegotiated and let people know on Twitter, Instagram Facebook that we're not on Youtube Brain Facebook doesnt. What we are doing is books and you go to the protocol. Facebook knows we're watching on Facebook. The promo code, this is exactly where people can be publicly before really. This is exactly why we offer these promo code. This goes back to that first, stretching would return down and very very since that you see like this. There are what we say: twenty behind the scenes that go on, that we have to do
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The brain is your good looking vice China, China, camera journalism?
Ok Jones Index, but she's a college. That's great, really difficult! The college vote please, let's get a clear shot, a camera number four times the Proba. Ok, great job! When you do what we can see or on camera and ok she's, a little girl, let's just get out, get out of it. Let's get off just now, don't don't touch or don't touch it don't he's detaching. They can offer this get my we got able to send you back to film school. Don't please, John Reed, Jpg unity, lent them zeal. These me erasing of your good use today with management.
Fuck back to the show, I'm white Don king, looks like Joe Biden Bags, answering the question and see what's going on, but there's no rationale to eliminate right now, Frankie, to those jobs sit around me there, whether it say being w worker or whether it's an iron worker steelworker, what I am proposing. Is that when Trump thinks about global warming? He thinks hoax? rising global warming, I think jobs. Well I'm going to make sure we do is we could marry transition to democracy in, for example, the five hundred reason why all these unions of endorsement theirs They know my position, but I'm going to make sure that we have hundreds of word around signs as our lives it into buying highway saga about breaking the electric car market.
Creating a million jobs and we can lead the world in ended ashore, inanimate, Leona, Phyllis, in aiming to together unstrapped removed electric rib as price. The United States have one of the largest fleets we spent six hundred billion. Dollars a year, Frederick money for Frederick contract? I'm gonna, make sure they're all those contracts are all products made in America include in the chain that provides every one of those products do away with the tax break that the president gave people who said jobs abroad to make sure but if you in fact have a contract here, wants to give acts. Prayers might want to say that the present new tax rates to people who send brought jobs abroad brought artists like we are exporting
one is that we have our economies that more you wants to give tackle rings to hand jobs. Raw networks was so when I got out and then it is, can we provide a lot of good? jobs for people in the trades We introduced a handicap bank racking you're, not like. He said that he would not wait see he's. Yes, we do have a clever look out on a year. We need has ever again. Why would you trust him on this, because that one of the things where is she Nuance he's been very, very clear that abandoned and he will not, I think, the clip it is quite simply got a clumsy really quickly. I am not banning Frankie how many times Donald Trump lies above me when there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and tracking, in abiding administration. Now we will now sure is eliminated.
So not only now, I will know fossil fuels and he can't take there's no charcoal in Israel No it's one of those policy changes where he's not given a reason. Why he's change right right at Ronnie setting came pro life it's about what changed you're always of Mormon? Yes, others, it gives me less impetus to believe him, because there's no story is tat. You know what changed to make. You suddenly turned embrace racking rights, You know I used to say once it gets an office, so just put it in a flip yet in a position to offer our largest right about him to turn on the cigar found there information earlier low pay really quickly. We have a development, on the right. Now that we ve had on Youtube. Can you pass the microphone over there to talk now in or out of rage knows exactly what it is? Do you know this language, your basic What it is is it is it's not CNN right I'll make. The complaint. It is the only one left, because the community guidelines strike is not CNN. Yet
someone, a time Warner content? You don't strike guy you're at stake. It is somebody with a gmail account of all things. Person aiding scene and another thing is, I talked to bill and he said this isn't just a guy who's, not at once done it multiple times you asking for not to us, but to other channels going all the way back to two thousand eighteen wow. So this is someone who, just you know, targeting channels and getting streams falsely take. Now in you know, for whatever reason you tube cannot see that the well you have to our expectations of the biggest tech company. The world has ever known area. It is it's something like you know, daddy, sixty two, Mathilda, compensating doesn't even like does not pass the test of just that. I will now address him cook coming out in introducing the new life on the work. It is still make calls leads me. Your guess is as good as mine. I mean how does this even get through with you begin to think for a second that are other examples of
Do we know when examples of conservatives doing this on mass like this? I haven't heard of it, and I know that it would be all over the news if this were happening right just like when they have they find one loan white supremacist they try and make up. You have gone to a commercial cause. Buying probably has two programme. Just type we're gonna make army generals signal, so this is something that has gone on. It was manual so random guy who doesn't like the fact that we were probably beating, unfortunately, foreseen and their ratings in the through a stream is able to get this taken down. What are you doing you best to? Let him go once he lays any let him for that. That's enough. Getting automatic. Let's get a spray bottleneck area back to who. I love a guy who's electrocution torture victim is going Does he added you didn't come back for us, the pepper yeah. I
This is remarkable that you too can actually get a handle on that as near loud. Some just some guy would on random, but on random diet, isn't going to have to say that what we have to say so he's doing CNN bidding and they are always what's going on right now they asking a question, but they haven't going simultaneously with the commercials. When we see this gives you dream about, will go to dinner. You actually look forward to. It is exactly like that, like other business treated all delivered right to your door, we submitted their saying insolent, that's a lie Why are we wondered why I lay outline promoted at his account retail coincidence, Mueller. Are they live as it was like when its pre taped alive is their law from off seven. True on that my guess, call all agenda, just figure, you know what it's back again. Who does it assist more if people see Joe Biden live seemingly
not soiling himself walking alligators drank up pocketful of salt water Riah it favours him more because people are yet expectations of Donald Trump on his feet, actually live there trying to push. This idea right now right this public image that he's good enough to do something like when we know that that is not the case. That's why I predict that so, and just because they try again, they selectively apply the rules equally, where it favours one person and then they selectively apply rule that they enforce at all. Sometimes it rang do so in this they go hey if they were to sit them both down, say: hey aright, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Would you want to do this? Live are pretty you're dumber than we would actually be. Anyone sit down for a four hour debate on Joe Rogan. You think he wants to do a free day, but they go to be feared above candidates. We're going to pre take both of them and tell everyone, that's life, but that's not there again.
Why are you this analogy, but I'll be like two people fighting a lightweight and a heavyweight, Nay agreed to a fight at a catch witnessed by the way, MR having waited to an end. Found, you actually enough to make one fifty five, but I'm not alive. Wait? Well, yeah, but now we're gonna make you both have to fight it lightweight yeah, but I wouldn't have read this I know it's gonna, be a lightweight, I'm a heavyweight. Well, sorry, we change it now, so were the ones you control. The paper view. Good luck, weather to be being able to control all of the people's perceptions on things, but I dont think that even pre taping, both of them gives Biden. Enough of an advantage to make him look good. Next, a Trump Nada so you he looked very bad tonight, I'm going to try to respond to expect and what still going on he's not dead, but we can turn on the cigar fan a little, but there it turned out. While you got it now, we do have some sign up in a costume contest. When earthquakes are, we ve got Brian to horror, signed up also got Queen Lizzie here on Twitter,
Queens, I'm going to let the liver, diversely group in the end, sorry, we ve got some detail here that the costume contest winner charity faith now she's, somebody over. He couldn't you. You can really see, there's some detail on the make up there. What is the make up? What does she Look I just made Commissioner Poul. Let's go back to it, it's just! Urban areas is glaringly extremely disturbing with training and education. How will we know the many ways he has compromised the United States? while the landlady what're you certainly but we're not embrasure you, MR interferes our election is a violation of our election by having an ultra vires you're, just going out, melodious gout did
it. Doesn't areas now tell me how good about no job you would do when they take the others. Mr trumpeting, why did you lie that people, Mr Leinen, wider trouble? I then asked what they're doing right sorry about this Now that you know the drill the longer, I think this is illegal out of balance, but he's fine he's a tough guy. Stronger, ablaze, admiration, Billig, he's a lawyer. I do at this stage I should also mention this. This is a maker they ran out to make up. They actually had to do this manually we will have the same thing but covered up back on Anderson Cooper around that from the Packer slack What does he call that agreed room warmer,
another issue of hate we're not on Youtube right now. Just Facebook broken ways were gloves the stove cars and then I'll be in the next. To that will be. The next vocs highlight real Anderson Cooper, getting packers lap ass, the hate speech yet because only when I hate room goes out before burning crosses. They used the term packers after in history. With regard to the actual content, mission and are trying to the ruddy, has direction for Re Russia's adjusting today? They stopped them. Russia outwards very active in its efforts in Valencia. Election in quote denigrate you. You said that there would be an economic price to pay for Russia. If they continue with this, can you be more So what are you? What are you what's? The price to pay would be For me to be more specific, but I assure you they will
I about largely withdraw timetable, I'm relieved in Iraq and sent to the Taliban and racists and red sheet of Jack. I think I learn my lesson, one Let me just say they would more about continued one country. He is strong data, look at certain little at their paying. Their fair share of all is that, instead of a rat that allow people paying their fair share when it comes to the lofty two percent NATO terms of the authoritarian nature of some the regimes Do you, China, as an opponent, because the president says you ve, been to cosy with China to do think of them and the international community are the guy look China We now have a larger trade deficit with China than we have ever had with China, and an art distribution- World Trade organization he keeps going on about us just wrong. That is his trade policy vial? to world trade
we soon we went to the trade. Our vision, sixteen times do you try out an opponent. I viewed Qaeda's Comparing that's why I think of you, ass threads and Communist China lines. Do I made it clear, as you may recall, that when was in China and and she said to me that we should happen diversification zone these relations Curdy. I was that a person is saying about achieving for China. I don't think so now. If he talking about my flora and now I just seized pro wrestler known as China, with a war that could be used every using rang through the black. Isn't there isn't lack China Wrapper examination of vice president? I just
I loved you I couldn't take it home grown is lying on a high, rather annoyed city, just one respect. If there's not a bit of an army veteran you, sir, you look like but so is John Brothers and sisters home and Armenia Terry involvement in these unnecessary endless wars, but dont have any end in sight. Who is it Yes, I would now public knowledge An interesting owes to signal the increase in our presence at the time in Afghanistan, why beds measures I thought, which is why we should have set of increasing parameter, turns raised Rome's dry out of Kashmir, weaken jewels from addressed in work, and we need more allows and everybody economy at all. I think you should vision. Roses for me. We buy but you'd by Western union.
Respond to viewing. The Obama was the first president to be at war for eight years for the whole presidency, but you forget, that's also Joe binds averse vice president to them to turn board or An attention was tubing jailing black eyes for crack this. Is Gary hard and the president of accompanying the makes their steel frames used to transport shipping containers in your public and who motive for present trump in two thousand. Sixteen very well vice President Biden, chief chassis is located in birth. Heads reproduce in a bottle container chances where small family on business that is facing unfair trade container of container Jesse's imports from? We will call a massive state owned entity in China The products are under currently under section three hundred one found a way
undermine the relief of the tariff. So, as president, I would you address China's unfair trade I would make a request for the gas, as we do in our immediate action that when they Stato State state owned enterprises, which is what they're doing state owned enterprises to undercut the price if they are to be able to combine compete manufacturing than they were in fact, would be. Do deny that opportunity? I would also make it clear that when you, in fact it's gotta be I've where any of that is being purchased by any government agency, that it will not work. Purchase anything that is not made in America and lost when astonishes I've. I've had only two beers, but they are belgian ales so as to be in order to morrow- and I not Falcon I was thinking of something or even where is
me. No, no solution is following obviously islanders day. What's going on one of those holes July's to you and goes guess, I dont know what he's saying any more product. I think the most clear thing he said. Was it wouldn't be prudent for meeting of specific about the right to religious, say the sun camera very clear areas in Cumbria, after where a purple tie gonna make I don't mind, I don't mind your prayers but you gotta be so in my face of market operators, I thought you were an, but I'd like to tell you about a bike. Rats bag with Molly or maybe you have as a gay all the time? Not so, guy energy, to match. That makes me scared and extreme burden on small and family on farms and is contributing.
Factor too many farms going out of business, These during the Obama administration, such the rules under the waters of the? U S, act, threatened thing for that right, you remember, Rigel as its policy deal. We have your climate plan and embraces, though it does its is used me I'm sorry! Oh, how do you see slangy actually wasn't? I wasn't like that They rightly ask our fight, if you say literally wasn't action. I finish gauges interrupted here. She was in the middle of a sentence. First, a wide majority to make a lot more money as farmers by dealing with being able, put land man, banks and you get paid to do that to provide for more over his face and provide for the ability of you to be it will be in a position that
guys all Bala for planning certain crops and, in fact absorb carbon from year. That's part of what the plan relates to in terms of agriculture. The alarm did you just biology, relates to farmer actuated by origin, to regulation, rice fertilizer, that what he said we get our urban as in the air. I think it's just the way it is so hard to believe we or greenery absorb some form of carbon chicken, chicken and poultry. The chicken and poultry all in poultry chicken newer? Quite frankly, that is according to chicken and so is polluting the Chesapeake Bay. What we found out, we were not on Monday, we find out. You can tell us, ties this and take out taken
tell it. I think so. You are in a position where you can use that fertilizing document, cycling, Rita, was being done before with the same way with our common I gotta Rayner, when I pellet I've create, gotta be brought against the wall, never within communities, and so say what they want about. New Jack Non LINEAR where he would not have been replaced, is whether or not to be enabled us sniffing person you're dealing with big money, both still talking too, in the translation, well as be able to grow more Mr President, this is so I can't you just say: local local age back business Democrats is welcome. Thank you. You're talking, I look out overnight I have some powdered, I front yard and I see a sea of trauma flags and
Ensigns value is: what is your plan to build a bridge with orders from the opposing party to lead for working towards a common future. The ball is now you ve got it exactly right. I said I announced much, So the answer so god my life, my hand put it on my gives them sabbaticals when it all around me and they re my wife. I plan to unite the nation, I'm running as a Democrat. I'm gonna, be everyone's press, no longer be a democratic present. I'm gonna be America's present and alive, made. My own mother asked too far bring people bringing my party's to drink. A relatively good to do is get too. I learned a long time policy have ensured receives when I first project the media stars of forty nine years old, when I got elected
it turns out when I was higher. Instead, my wife and daughter, three german word Christmas shopping tractor trip. Draw down to kill my wife and daughter. My two boys were Babbage, and there were assuring the one boy I didn't want to go. I wasn't one boy who, throughout his back gang in the other boys while on a crank vengeance yeah. That's it his craftsmen weeds help availing of why those rivalled only by Washington DC mayor. Yes, a hundred bite and he's started dating lavender. First, his brothers widow, she had a break up with him because of his crag binges in then, what policies, while he's, which buckling? Second, how stupid? As that, even his dad wouldn't have wanted him prosecuted. If you just powder cocaine. Would he couldn't help like not men and you get caught fire and are still high? So, while he's doing his dead, brother's wife he's also father and children with some strippers? Yes, so you know a third week at large,
binding computers, how many grandkids he has, which he does quite frequently Sharon's right. You lame em to gather. We don't know the origin of that retain ale saves. How are they live? Ale saves must have in overlooked for you to have children with strippers yeah. That's it yeah come on I'm coming levels of protection. Regarding of the contact laws, extra clubs to begin with, then neither one of them using protection, also doing crack in the champagne risk, which is dad push for harsher prosecution of it prepares and about ok, there's so much wrong, at the oars and could possibly top it is when John Edward was banging another brought on videotape, while pregnant rivals, wife had cancer and hospital. Here, that's worse, I would say this worrying actually have a blaze question from the chair. That is a bit like the question. I was just ass, binding about building bridges. So here we have asked
who says: hey Guy, I love you also much question now. What do you think the changes binding actually are abundant? Actually, when and in what would be all of your reactions if he did panic, Bow jump off abridge, even more riding idiots, no matter what I reaction. Listen now I will say this: it doesn't really change what I do. The person in charge is not who determines the country? People does that it did this with Barrack Obama. I sound like the debt than it did that ended in Iraq, Obama, lesson and nothing or some transcend and political figure to save us. I think that Donald Trump has done a good job, I would like him to went again. I think he probably will win again if Joe Biden wins a presidency first off their their checks and balances, inherently that exists in our system to mitigate the power that he can have. Not only that, but he really is a moderate he's, an empty suit. Another problem with that, as the people were pulling strings of Kemal Harrison. You got here Anders those people. The EU sees a squad which does worry me. This is the most important of our time, because we do need us
can turn for Donald Trump to solidify the gains that we made its really he's really only president to have you in american exceptionalism and pride in our country in our lifetime of any kind of hadn't after nine eleven with George Bush George W Bush the game the past, but some was made that the centrepiece of his campaign, that someone is unique about Donald Trump, and I think it requires to terms for that to be ingrained in the amount in public so that at least kind of, like you have to merge, who became people is ok, Boomer, really know what boomers were the pot smoking hippies? Who then actually saw Carter and ragged, and they saw in terms of reckon they saw the terms of prosperity, they saw How well our country did in so they naturally when they got over, but they got older reverted back to conservatism. You don't really have that with our generation, so I do think is the most important election of our lifetime. That being said, If Joe Biden wins, I'm not One of these commentators who grows myself off a bridge. It doesn't change. What I do every single day and we speak truth to power and listen,
I who were fighting is not the guy. In the White House from Brok abound was broke. I have a track record. People talk about, drifters, think about two thousand six on you when you go back, two thousand nine or two thousand a every single week was releasing a video on there, wasn't any money in it and their work. Conservatives on Youtube. I was speaking out against liberalism and Rock Obama was president, I'm still speaking out against them. Because the man is not the president. You see it's the media and entertainment industry, establishment and the same. Is going to happen if Joe Biden winds, if Donald Trump wins, expect them to be amiss, their death throes, the media before they die and of Joe Biden wins. Second to be doing what they do with Rock Obama carrying water. I will not stop doing what I view. No one here stopped doing what we do until Old media is dead and we can all joyfully piss on the ashes. Is it done then work off the Centre daddy's Maria. He was supposed to be an hour and a half. It's done. No, had longer than by and by rose short, yet on hold
don't run. Let's see what? Let's yeah yeah, I'm gonna get what they ram. First off I I don't think that we should only yes, mentally sound? Don't to mention of allowed him? We should have dinner shown such close proximity to a young. Lady. Isn't really free tape, so he came always hearings. It's a problem. Chris Cuomo saying I bet you he'll be telling us as a victory close to criminal. Now Biden got an popping endorsement today from one of my pencil former top AIDS, a former Whitehouse Corona Virus taskforce, member who is working just a month. Nobody cares about. She is letting their who kings. President tromp, we have Jeez sound is going to talk about the impact of all of us with our power team David,
so wrong, Philip they're, going to land. Our team would have all three of your miles. Good you shot bear is inject Abbe. Let's start with net effect of the night for or Biden in the town Hall needle guys beyond us. I think one of the things that you saw in this is by no means ability to just stand there and answer questions This ability their ability. It's amazing is able to its it's it's why you genuine consumer instead, rest, I don't you guys. Cod is but like several weeks ago after by and seeing a mental state was called into question. They did Photoshop were Joe Biden rides by a bike you know in, and they had some journalists coming in
Training on Twitter Jedo, as though the bar for who gets the repressive. There is someone he can write. A bike phase were celebrating at this point or a guy. Most stories landing out ran a seat, though less likely to fall off appear at the debate and more likely to be laundered. My can't make it also become category acts. You ve got the president who pronounces Yosemite Yosemite land by land question. The ability of his opponent to speaking coherent fashion. That's because I was not able to tell you gonna, coherent fashion, and you understand this correct- he whispered a word is not the same as being unable to finish a variety of the yeah, I mean one of them. Things you know I was in an english teacher for wild. I my degree a lot of english teachers mispronounced words because they just read them somewhat. Trying Sammy,
it's not an indicator of intelligence to mispronounced word its into it, but it is when you have a guy buying who can complete a sentence? That's that's something to worry about about which, by the way, if he's gonna hold that standard, even here the average of what's her name there, the the blackmail you just mispronouncing word earlier: she user didn't with black and brown towards differently from white american people different history of their dialect, a liberal these quality products and on what they call it now. What about party being there? administrative. Now I think when idiot, because part of me is an area that era by road, not, but if you apply that someone omission. How does a word? Therefore they are incoherent. You'd have to apply to all the rioters. All the looters you'd have to apply it to see. You'd have to apply to all kinds of people again. That's that's not really a litmus test for whether someone is more than I am most pronounced living solaces I want, because we need a far less control. Night
yeah. I know- and I think I think Cuomo really just wants to get rid of all those immigrants they can't pronounce English gradually fashion sense. What was positive and all and all he wants to get rid of anyone who sit. Who anyone who says? Let me ask you a question in elections, and how is this went to a fact when he loosened rotors here the truth at your thought, somewhere writer and you manage. So if you manage to get out of the insane asylum you re managed to that miles. One escape ok nice? I do think it very important that there was some focus. Made a decision develop a different understanding that was met with hostility. At the White House and certainly presidential level in. This will take this fast track said you can go out and one of the most part
What role does earnestly? I have ever met by fire National NEWS will not adopt measures. Filter get gigabits. We want to see a talking had not a puppy face. Oh, my goodness, the homeland Security advisers, maybe there's an awful you ve got the wrong guy, exhibit seed Token minority Bruce Lee out there and then this guy like our vision, just call myself has risk oneself, as I do not have a brother and higher office to have a show like another deep. My brother didn't do others workers not being part of the conspiracy, again in remember what was quick now Chris Como doing at this time. Violating quarantines. While is positive. For Chrome. I also writing, is by media
a guy writings by, like you told me to my face, Olivia Toy is doing an incredible job as much. Man security! By today, they sent out he Keller, the vice president's national Security advisor The sale of EU was a the boy keep Kehl October this year. Olivia toy is Johnston. Incredible joint action. We have well on Skype. If we want to get away, I think we all agree on Skype. That's all Well, we have this on. This is it. This is, in fact only have a binding airline was Nicholas, cage wandering the Joe Biden Town Hall. I believe that he has done an excellent job. I hope your Hungary now, I know a place where we can get some job links, Let's go! half asian bill tell me you have some
good news plays what we got. Some information, I think you guys may have talked about it all right, all ready but observe a man whose possibly woman us What are they gonna for, these two years I ve been able five by using a random gmail account, posing, is obviously gonna think that George Liquid generated an ax approach. I quite new one but have reinstall us we ve already. And you too not send a seasons, choose the person at submitted it as well have done some primacy of leprosy something up here, but Things were seen to yeah. They moved slowly, except for our people, who can get things taken down despite the fact that they have no ownership. Already or
There should be some fair say also might understand. The man who did not have perhaps this is preliminary research is in fact cup. Oh, you know I'll get that information sat gender sure it just means that we have no respect, right, listen, half asian bill. Your connection is not that strong right now. So, thank for updating us, we will let you go. I appreciate you calling in a short notice and it still better than the pixel. I is there any asked look on CNN. I guess we're weren't. We do have to really do the piss off you tube singer, rhino tonight, when using already pissed out, he went off the rails a little bit early on, but I appreciate listen. This is a beauty of having you guys, of course, who support us here at my club. We get to continue We know that. I know that it's a little bit different from what we initially planned. We had some other bits in Canada, some fun fun things plan free abortion. I get it. I won't. You wanna be taste for real. He wanted we're gonna. Do that in a little bit,
let's go. Let's go around the table here and see what everyone thinks about tonight. Performance since are talking about an unseen, and what do you think they're regimented, you think a needle mover, it's not good. Yeah. I think I think the he set a kind of high bar for himself at the Dnc. He seemed a little more coherent unusual, and here I think, that's why people like Tramper saying, I'll do debate it with a drug tat striped, because it was so clearly different, and we know that people who, mental problems they earn. You know dementia, whatever they often have good and bad days right right, and so it seemed like. I thought that Maybe they just dose them up with something he took in our little after all, maybe just caffeine. Who knows what? But he is doing better there than I've seen him do in so that made think but you can hold its own in a debate if, if you know that water, especially toward tonight, not so promising. You know like questions from Choosing some Democrats and independents
he still really struggle it felt like he was just sort of treading water, especially toward the end. I mean I feel like a solid deteriorate and when I hear that the question of our farmers that just the answer did not make sense to me in so I think, if he can, I even give you merely a shorter Helen was was trot, was was the trot was it was an hour and a half hour and how this was later and was now half wasn't? It would do to go to forty five and the clock. I dont remember, I think, of it went at least fifteen probably twenties areas longer yet, and I mean half the questions are you know bite and how do we know how bad trumpets area- and so so it's like if you weren't, he'd, turn it to that yeah? Yes, I think it was pretty bad just because you know that it wasn't disastrous light. I just feel like it really does not bode well for him going, as you know, like trimming is telling, so they went to say oh down trappers. Mispronounced words in the ATLAS, of course, will give you that he has done that, and everyone has done that any maybe doesn't moral
then what I don't know that in does it more than Barack Obama. Barack Obama do that quite a bit, then Barack Obama, when he couldn't think of what would make words up like Reuben we'd upper middle have arms. I don't know we meet up in the air. We look like urban dictionary of us know that this is a real and then Joe Biden of Course talked about shaking hands. Be what Amy's diet closer twenty nine years ago by mentioning makes up words that aren't really words in describing events with people. He never met in places that don't exist, I think that's a little bit different, but items that violence from set dialect which, by the way you might have been saying, is a dig, a trend Fair boys. I lady, you know what I'm jerking. You have never thought job. I just one Donald Trump, the other day memory and having a miss speak and either this let's was, as everyone has said, you listen to anybody, especially someone who speaks quickly? You see it with Ben Shapiro, you see.
We can see with anyhow, as you can see it, of course, with Chris Coma, you can see it with Tucker girls and were then you realize Oak Ivy their talk myself into a corner of misuse. The word new corrected number. There were a couple of instances. We're Donald, said something said, maybe a little word with her and then fixed it and continued Joe Biden. Wouldn't miss price its words and not mispronouncing like Thailand, but would say what he said, something I came and what it was, whereas like equipment to, like the immense a monkey for example, but he said mucky someone like Al Qaeda Zambia, anyone what he would contain- because even realize it saluting chinese China tat different yeah, that's right kind of that right. So it's a kind of any didn't even have needed a register, and you just can t realize all I miss book doll trouble, moments where everybody is an exemplary said, course with China. I'm sure I mean with China Joe Biden, Ngos and with Qaeda you know, we're gonna have to sign a different deal with China are created by going. You know that you know thing or the land bridge from China.
What makes you lose a debate? You don't see. Tromp just loses train of thought and get owned by reporters, even though he goes head to head with them every day. Right right, you cite bide and loses train of thought with Friendly's all the time. What do you know what? I think that you that's an important point is Donald Trump does have and I will say this is something that I am not proud of, but when I get in, rage mode, where I am upset. It sharpens me for sure, I'm someone who kind of dust better in in the park and someone who colleagues clutch player- I guess they play. There are people who are like that. Donald Trump has arrived, age. That's laser, guided at the media like any president, that we ve ever seen only unlikeness actual that's a man, he knows you, the man is right and if you know the man is, Joe Biden really doesn't have a rage and because he doesn't have anything to be stands for and so he doesn't have anything to bring him back to centre line. At least Donald Trump can say all right Second, maybe have gone down a rabbit trail, but I want to get
the centre line, which is calling the media out. I want to get back to the centre line, which is saying lessen. The political establishment is not looking out for the best interest of the american people, whether you agree with them or not. You don't you. Their agree with him. Are you don't agree with and because you know that's where he lines up, you know that that is raising that you know. That's a mantra for crying out loud make America, right again finds. What is rebuild back back. It doesn't make any sense at all. Very Morocco malign doesn't have something that absolutely gets the hair the back of his neck to stand up. He doesn't have anything, that's worth fighting for this, a guy who has been living comfortably at the government, teat ongoing at it. One of those farm animals at the farm banks, his entire life Never really would not. Never, I should say not since being whenever it is twenty seven years old and he's ninety two now at least
in half a century he's never really had to scrape and claw and fight for Ensure Donald Trump might be a billionaire, but he's had to fight for that. Every step of the way, if not get it because you was raised in wealth and he's acknowledged it and he's grateful for it since running for president and becoming president, because it is under attack every moment of every day. We see tonight with a soft balls that just doesn't happen with Joe Biden he hears weaker? It is vital that victory is defeated you, but it's not being challenged, has vetoed by you are talking about putting two people into a cage, one of whom is to fight, let's say four or five times a year would be really really heavy duty for a boxer for a fighter and Joe Biden who hasn't on it in several decades. That's why they want to keep my part. Joe Biden has not have to fight and he doesn't know how bring the fight back to where he strongest so he's lost. He's a lot
Finally, and in its been for years, the good people forget that Trump went up against and a very pact republican field. He I would was twelve politicians at the top of their game, including head crews and ran Paul in these other and many other people who are very good and very common, debaters. Guy he's dead, kill, JFK Monster, but yeah. So you is, it was a guy who again was the only person everybody talked about after years of Amr, where the media did nothing but just go. Oh, he so greatly, so great right, Mcgrath, so that user grade a lot of people to be too even be nominated for the presidency. I think there is it do is where he shines and there's a that's a strong reason why they don't want it to have our say that Hilary is worse. Performance was still better than oh yeah, so excellent was not. Hilary was not nonsensical How do you know her convulsions and Diana pampering stabbing her like the guy, but actually took place in three tend to humor they're gonna. Hang me in the moon and that's what they were doing, but that means that she never
never saw Hilary and felt bad for her. Like a girl, and father at the tea table who shit himself before dessert, came out. We gotta change him again. We already did it when the stuffing came out. Why, someone given the broccoli casserole United, so as to keep that away Rambo yeah yeah. In her, not good, I never felt bad for Hilary in the same way like I never felt with Hilary in this is, I know what I'm saying this is a feeling k, oh gosh, my We need measures. We shouldn't button this whole time. You did. I don't purpose he'll for Hilary. The way I feel for Joe Biden, where I was You know what Hilary step Chelsea needs to to come in their throw in the towel and come right, Joe Biden, maybe sons too busy banging widows doing crack somebody. To step in this, is not fair. It's not. And he's not capable Feliciano. They know they know is not because they had a shorter town hall. They they gave him software. She's right whenever they came back the four
thing they said was oranges. So great he stood up and answer. Questions like is a timely like all you're, so good right. If they actually thought it was a problem, they were even talk about where they want to talk. Him even when he was coherent, he was a bad person. Even if you have not waited even if we could make sense of every single thing. You certainly a hold on to hold its own in the debate he still of the east and all his beliefs are questionable. At least I mean, and again his foot flogged he has. No core conviction is you're talking about earlier. It is a bad guy. That's a good point. I think the owners and the people don't have disdain for Biden like they did for Hilary is now, when really understands and road lie knew what you were saying, you'd get from me by God. Maybe that's why he just goes on forever, because he has no principles and he's just kind of fine words to go on and waiting for him did. Ok, thanks thanks for stopping me next question, yea it really is it sad to war and listen if he becomes President Gabriel
think it'll, be the Harris Administration, and I doubt that make it all the way through his first term what we were not met. Game was dogma, John Mccain and the actual tables monsieur Darzac ongoing effort. She got run the accurate able, as they would actually run, of unrivalled somebody somewhere runners on by well yeah where's my view, I think, he's doing all the pretty horses too. Well, then, actually that they cannot leads me to another blaze question that we had but I ask so we have Deak here who asked why can't president tremor Republicans pass legislation that makes mail in voting illegal while setting the dangers to the public's voting that it would introduce and so I am I'm just curious. You know that does seem to be their method, that if by loses yet. You know you noticed how Biden was saying all accept results of the election, when we have the results in which is based, saying I won't concede right right.
Reach is saying the opposite of what he sank in. So I shall I quit and by the way, also basically refused to do an election year, and then she advised by not to concede, but at any point for any reason, even if he loses money is what conceding and actually a sort of have an answer to this question They shall not not exactly of you know, I don't know that that the legislation process a male voting. I imagine that you still have to have some absentee voting available for people who legitimately needed, and it seems that states are making d since our male in voting ino within whatever process they have. I have been reading up recently. It seems at white. The Democrats are trying to accomplish is what we call a color revolution right The? U S tries to inspire the syndrome notion from all the colored, so we
actually named after a philippine revolution: Yellow Revolution backward XIX, ok, but it's the people say others there's a coup right, but its specific kind of coup that the? U s- is actually tried to use to weaken eastern european dictators where what you do is you get a lot of peaceful protesters that aren't actually peaceful and then you have a contested election Where did the results are unclear and you get that leader out of office in May, The thing that they need for this is a some sort of mechanism to question the election results when they happen rise at up, so that that transition integrity project, which again, is exactly the opposite of what it says. It is supposedly bipartisan group of people, which is a bipartisan based on one former or in sea guy who's rapidly, and I tromp now. I think his name is Michael Steel, and you can look this up. They have this this this guy, the blog called. What's up
that was Michael cylinders? Currency chairman is a central question to what's up Michael Steel Works and a fellow rides. This guy says it hanging in any now rights for the route, which is a far less far less. You know publication in so the idea that these people are this bipartisan group of people that will tell us if it's a legitimate election, that's what really sort of finds me is this idea that you may have the dim. Let's try to do that right that dates in the books. Right now, you should look up norm. Eisner, I think, is his name, who is literally wrote a playbook on how to sort of start color revolutions in other countries. Right and is his book is actually title, the playbook. And so you look it up and research a little bit, but I actually think that's what they're trying to do with a male and voting. I don't so much think the mail in voting. I think it could tilt the election for binding, but I think actually with it.
To do it just muddy the waters at that point on joint, your road trust they met when they say, Donald Trump is trying to erode trust in the american voting process. He wants people to go out and vote as we have always done, and the scientists also the scientists have said that its probably finds probably safe to do right now. I thought you said other scientists have set it. Instead, the left right now, They don't want you to trust it. Unless there's mass mail in voting, which is not the same as absentee bowling voting, it doesn't have the same checks and balances and think This is why talk about the main- and I want to go to your point here. We are talking about the man. It's not just the man in office think about this for, secondly, the man in office, who is saying we vote as we have always voted. Every person gets about. Every vote should be count this is the only way that we can ensure that that is the case. You can see that the voting to happen with New Jersey, you can see this vote Male in voting, as have another stated, there have been problems. We haven't seen the fraud and the masses because we we haven't implemented this on a massive scale yet, but you have a presidency, every person's vote should be counted. That's the man in the White House,
but then you have seen and ABC Nbc Cbs, these organizations all saying, hey work and, of course, big taxing we're going to fact check anyone whose the president, has won on the night of the election, which is how elections have always been called. Who is the man who is the person with power whose swimming upstream, who is fighting? go about. Who is Goliath. The president of the United States is The man with this again because he's a president of the United States- I know many of you. Can't be bothered to pick it up. But if you read the constitution or if you watch its colonies, minerals, schoolhouse, rock out loud cartoon on. You would understand that the president does not have the kind of unfettered power the Joe Biden wants to make it make it seem to be and that job I would like to have as present throw out man mask mandates and large banks, everything
answer to a question too from the Democrats is the same way they employ their businesses like we see with Youtube and and CNN and Twitter and Facebook is. We have ultimate an absolute control we're going to make sure that we fact check anyone who disagrees with us and we're going to make sure that this be the rule on our platform we're not going to apply equally, that's a saving, the Joe Biden. If you look at his answers, he wants to do as president of the United States. Let's just let me just leave it That's when people say one person is a fascist that Donald Trump has not, and this is a guy who wants to see. Can in power if you're going to follow the trend. Ok, if you're going to look at Donald Trump, the things that they complain about right is he's cut taxes who that's evil. He hasn't force a mask mandate, that's what a fascist would do. Let me keep go out here. Hasn't forest people too to go out and express inexpressibly. He has allowed people the choice, schools right skull choice, he doesn't want to keep now Violent drug offenders in June
pass their stay, so they can be used as free, late, free labour for the state as Kemal hairs. If you just look at the trend at the vote release. Donald Trump has, if you hate him, half and half the policy. You hate him, for is that he has afforded people more freedoms through cutting. Taxes and giving them the right to speak their mine and live as they see fit any policy with which conservatives disagree with Joe Biden is because of a reach for more unfettered powers ever going to talk about a fascist. I would say if the guy who says he's going to force, people to wear masks if the guy is going to work with energy entities that are going to fact check and refuse to actions lead to the election and increase taxes on all Americans and the party that wants to limit free speech and by the way right to five page climate bill that gives them total and complete unfettered power over not only climate energy businesses to put social justice, I would say the trend is pretty distant that one person in this race, Joe Biden, wants to limit your freedoms. Wants
limit your opportunities. This is the only time I can ever remember. Maybe a sob Brok Obama, but this is a generation of people. If you look at the rioters and protestors in the streets right now corps meeting, two billion dollars worth of damage is at minimum, and we know that number is higher. They are riding in the streets, they are protesting and marching domain. Ending fewer rights than ever before. Calling the people who work as to maintain our God. Given rights, not government, given rights are constitutionally recognise rights fascists never seen it. In the history of the United States burning sit down in writing to demand fewer rights? That is scary, The point is that we had to entered almost fifty years of trick peaceful transition, a power, no matter how much division within the country and how bout diametrically opposed candidates have had had been the transition from one president to another has been peaceful
when one side start saying that hey guys watch out? It's gonna be a some kind of non peaceful transfer power that isn't it. Duration and that's an end again. This these are means that we have not seen used in this contribution, not used. Countries of origin and on Donald Trump is only a fascist. If you think America has been fascists all this time, he's the one who stick with the rules. We have its other side and wants to change. Yes, the rules of the game that were playing Jaso YE. I think that That's a real, a fascist because he's doing away with critical, raise three geopolitical raised serious. Do you guys know a critical raised, serious raise three believes in doing away with the entire capitalistic system. It believes that these ideas of family, of freedom, freedom to assemble freedom of speech, rule of law, are inherently white ideals. That's a critical race theory believes because that way It will written history, bonds and now that may arise not be true with most history books. I'm willing to bet that if you look at too high school curriculums, you probably have some Aziz or written history books these days, but again,
This is wanting to abandon change the entire system. S critical race theory is saying: to do away with that and teach me voltage, young children that all Americans all people are created, equal, that they should all have the same inherent unalienable right that we should judge them by the content of the character, not the color of their skin, that to me not the radical point of view. When people say he wants to destroy american institutions that critical race there, you know that's something you! She warned in very recently to try and pull at the thread it is made the United States of America, America, Canada. The point is you also have to tell people? I hate that argument if you dont, like America, get the hell out, but if you don't like what the United States of America stands for. If you don't believe in the first amendment, you don't believe in the freedom of speech. You do I believe in the right of people to have two peaceably. You don't believe in freedom of religion. You don't believe that churches can meet unless they're there wearing some mass that user. They shouldn't, where only three months ago and you I believe in the second amendment. Listen you dont, like the United States,
This just isn't the country for you in on unnecessary credible re SIRI. You know that Robin the Angela who wrote white fragility, that's a real popular broke. This is what she says about free societies. She says that you know the idea, of individual autonomy that underlies liberal humanism idea that people are free to make independent, rational decisions that determine their own fate was viewed as a mechanism by critical race theory for keeping the marginalize in their place by obscuring larger structural systems of inequality, in other words, it full people into believing they had more freedom of choice and societal structures would actually allow. So what they're saying is that Thirdly, a free society is is is counter to their there. They are fundamental world view right. It's just this manifestation of white supremacy and possibly that you need to check your privilege period if you live in its, not just if your white, if you live in a country that has been at any point established by a majority of white people, you are therefore a part of this,
Georgie and you need to check your privilege, sit down and shut up that's why you have people out there. Listen black Americans. Who lived the Civil Rights ACT. They didn't feel entitled to get up on presidential candidate stage and steal their microphone. That would have it on her. They would say, listen, we want equal rights, work, we're not for theft, we're not for us all. But now it's hey. If you stay here on a second home, I think I'm but I'm not for after assault critical race theory and like you're talking about that. But the Angelo is Hey Union have a right to say you're against theft or arson, with the wildfires to sit down and shut up because of the color of your skin exclusively don't drop us in order to do away with that, and schools are not that's, not what we should be teaching our children. That is not clear. Getting a whole new system and eroding trust american institutions that reverting american institutions to what they always had been and what they were designed to be and what we got right. I would say, after the nineteen sixties,
got those things right when we had full and total equality, and if you look at the state of african american Families- and minorities and United States. They were doing better than they are now then after the models. Program. If you look at Lyndon Johnson, then after the welfare reform that you see that happen under Bill Clinton, they were doing better we have stronger families with stronger by councils. They had lower crime, they had more fathers in the household. Why do you think at this point tromp is leading with latino voters in Miami. Not part of that is a cuban vote, but guess what Latinos? point this country are rejecting this idea that ok here, so you think we only got about immigration come on we're people. Do ok, we have other things that we care about. Just say we pay taxes by and I pay taxes, paid that much in taxes? Ok, like they have rejected this idea now that they should be seen
conclusively through the prism through the lens of race, and that's why I disagree with that. Did it area and that's why I disagree with the far right you see from Europe now that stems from what Europe is very different. These countries were a people. They were a race people in South America. They saw themselves as a race of people now knighted stage of America really is a people, but it's the people. We have people that are irish, italian, jewish, portuguese american colombian american african Can we are all Americans now because we're several generations into this melting pot, where we should scribe to these inherent values and ideas, and you seeing now, identity and the people who say it's about white and if this country isn't just imagine just a huge majority. What we're gonna lose the country. Now you this data mitigate the losses with my nor, have been taken for granted for so long you're, seeing Trump lead with latino you're. Seeing Paul's come up over thirty percent approval with Black America. That is my new mental and we need to be. Hold on that rather than
taking a pay from the left display book and focusing on race. We people now in the United States, unlike Europe online, our continent of Africa. We're not a people predicated on a race. We are a p well now, several generations deep who have subscribed to fund it mentally inherently american values which, by the way, are very unique values, pillars speeches they just near the countryside. The United States is not a thing, the second. We haven't United States is not a thing anyway. You may not like it, but that's what makes us unique Mexico with some brows and tacos. We all have our culture. I like american culture. I think it's. Better than other countries. That's why choose to live here? and I dont want, will road trust in those american values institutions and neither does Donald Trump, the people who say that do away with everything that has made America, the United States of America and teach people that they should see everyone. Through the lens of race, like south american countries like african countries like Europe did for a very long time and likely will do again, because
although Europe, they cannot get it right for a few decades, then they fuck up again I think that America has done it better than any other country, and I would like to stay that way. Let's go to that costume. Writes that costume speaking of Weird things that rose a terrifying. What do we have the detail here? But we also now I'll. Just give you a deal here, a cabin me too, so that that, I was a detail on that. I personally up there. Okay, so now is so so attention to detail from our caution when it now, I do have to tell you that you, too, has just email and said we can start a new stream of we, like. Maybe we're going to start from zero lives, and, as I don't think we don't want you to do it I'll give we don't Well, listen, hey Youtube. I will say this. I appreciate that they got on quickly, but are you? couldn't. Do that shit and twenty eighteen, you couldn't do some work. You guys.
We should also trusty was it relates to your you're, unbiased algorithms and we don't want to erode dressed in americanization, but all of a sudden, the search result for Tulsa gabardine. Even greater change, remind don't shout, we should trust Youtube, but you can't deal with a guy with an Ipad Anna Hotmail address. Well, thank you. That's all! It's app is our sponsorship revenue and our actual stream, which you know has been more popular than these may networks ring after a long time didn't get to air. So you know what I guess: let's call it a wash or you can lick. Eyeballs, getting it right from here on out. You know what we were going to be selling, that shirt of my mug pissing on the Youtube logo, but now we're going to buck that down and pray just so we can sell it like its tickle me ammo and ninety nine. These you sons of data is so tired of this shit. From your dwell with fixed it now, first off, you could have fixed it within minutes, ok, there's a whole community guidelines strikers who walk out like a fuckin route.
Did he walks? Ok, sure I don't even know what that is a bad thing and other good guys and start a return of the wife could cut it immediately when it happened. You didn't you until it was done and you could have fixed it too. Adele when this guy was cereal, flagging content, how do you not have a system in place to verify some kind of authentic authority for people to have content removed. I thought I thought open open exchange of ideas was welcome on Youtube. No one. This Why? No one believes you. This is why no one believes you at I hope there is some legislation that forces you to answer for this idea of being a public platform or a publisher? I really do so thank you for getting it right, an hour and a half later, but you know what we don't get that revenue bang up it's gone, we don't get it back.
Its color like if the nigerian scammer you'd been sending money since two thousand eighteen right, you know which violate Youtube. Also dead began organised in what we have here, a senator our. What can we do it as Nigeria, in the name, they know that they can actually stand up to a free exchange of ideas, they know that bind can't handle being criticized They know that they know the trump needs to have the needs to. Actually, you know, take feast down if is actually being able to compete with button, but button again by the every single advantage that they can and he still bite you It will have to do that. But what kind of affected do you think that has had on the the interpretation of the binding down home right. How many millions of people who watch these right. We know this compared to tat vision where the average watch time is measured by seconds hours. By how many half hours people watch Youtube. You know that that's why
really stung vetoed demonetized jail, because we don't post click bait, fifty there's a daily, the young Turks we post one to this channel and then several clips to crowd or bits its please. After the fact, they want to pull that same up these after the fact with male in voting at the same time, you don't get it back guys, you don't get it back, it's a system on tested, where we have tested it, it hasn't worked. It's been a monumental scrub, it's been a screw up of Buddha, blue tar ski proportions, and you want us to trust you going in the election. It's like Youtube right now, saying: hey, we can't tell you, who are accountability? Partners are here we can't tell you determines what is advertiser friendly? What does guideline friendly? We can't tell you what is considered borderline content, which is a third standard by the way outside of community guidelines and advertise it firmly someone that a lot of people dont know we can tell you that, but you should trust us
by the way, you should trust us, even though someone goes around false flagging ships and twenty eighteen with a Hotmail account got the better of us. You should trust us. We don't know exactly how mail in voting is going to work compared to absentee voting. We have some kind of verification process for identification and confirmation of address. We do but it didn't work really well, where we tried it. We are over sixty thousand votes. I believe something like that and nerves. He had had to be measured after the election, german hundreds of votes and that we do know where we ve done. It hasn't works that well, but you should trust us and after the election after Joe Biden, Israel It was too can see because he said that he wouldn't Hillary Clinton, encouraged him to do anything other than concede, and twitter and Facebook and Youtube jumped on board saying we will fact check anyone claiming that Donald Trump wins on election night, because we believe in this completely unleaded unchecked process on authenticated unverified process. But you should trust us and then afterwards they go but the moment we have the wrong guy in office. Well, guess what I don't trust you,
I trust you you do about. As far as I could throw Chris Cuomo and granted that's pretty far, because you don't have the bone density, that's what happens, inability ride? You look bigger than you actually way because of the same kind of connected to all, but I look, but when I from Britain brittle bones, I trust you, but as far as I could throw risk Roma, which is pretty far but not far, enough saw not willing to listen I don't have a gene condemn this offer. You do in this case for more job, so these cancer a little bit. I do like, like Anderson, Cooper, powerful tie but actually did purple, because these have been riding up on me. Some showed look like a poor eating heart, on that note. Do you really want to be dazed
our railways are ends with man. We have been requesting that he be teased always so this is real Can anyone tell you really like Eroto, my user, let's bring in the days or wherever it is. Many has said earlier to me today that he would not cry from pains. I just think that we should review Yes, let's lesson in Kosovo. Ok all right so since weight as one who has a big yeahs. Even this differential is our sign, something we can use our size a day on. Cameroon, as in Rio, contracts is not in the way we are going to. Thank you so hallway one. Second, I do not have one Judgment before we go out, we are they permits for the more we are, having a permit for the Michigan capital in advancing on Friday October. Second, pro the biggest events that we ve ever done. We will have details to follow on Monday next Friday October. Second, we will be having a rally at the stake. Capital in Michigan to call on the for some accountability. We're looking for
or to that get billets. Can someone please get outta here by who had the alignment guys have a tailor over like you, I like that in our waters. The one October second getting wider by get out. That's enough. Oh, that's enough. How long does he have to wear the count our second. We will see you there lancing October second, and as we send you off again. The promo code for anyone who was out there was able to watch on Youtube. Listened to your friends is crowded trump stream. They will get twenty twenty dollars off. Next: twenty four hours, crowded Biden Stream, rice, a crowd of drums room. Yes, you did Cracker Biden strain on events, see we correct. I have accountability of our environment safe, close enough we will leave you with the soothing, sounds of many being take audio taken away. Let's
that government everybody wheels Eu Monday was again, you yeah.
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