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Steven livestreams the ABC town hall with President Trump, complete with a drinking game and costume contest ('90s-themed)

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Our esteemed before you go? We do need to get an audio intro for the show now automatic. What people she was in the audio visual yeah. If we could, just no, the tv, it's a television programme. Like everyone to ya, do let me know they ve made their bad. They can lie. It or lay in it. What is it? Why line it? I don't know you know what I said in a bed of lies only line himself. There was another great video content while of popular. They join a lot of Canada. Come such smuggling, otherwise the audio video it'll all cease to be. Oh, this is going out.
Give me a ride.
Her not that I was dead I'll still, you're still Kirk its current conveying or really happened. We with you, my half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond, is here Asians Smith. Asian Psmith here
I hate the pond certain general day is not your we're going to be doing the live, Trump Town Hall Stream, I shouldn't say goin gonna- be: do actually are professionally broadcaster, we'll be broadcasting around the town Hall live stream tonight and its nine. These themes that you sending your costumes the promo code better trumps dream using the hashtag using a promo code. It later with credit, are complex and you get twenty dollars off until midnight Demur roses, stream on Thursday, with with the bad biding butcher thrilled about Gerald Ays running late, he should be here in a little bit. We have quarter black guarantee, which ran out your Chuckie. I thought you were a little by racial Chuckie sense like the blue. Barbie, and then we have Columbine with audio ways. I'm Neil Ear, United Columbine at its roots in vain. As french MIKE Why shouldn't you guys is how do you expect this town hall to go? We have drinking game roles of glorious. Let's get these at any time that one of these
you hear fake news, China virus when chump goes off script, when Trump drops a thug life moment are you noticed here? We have not a Bristol board what its whiteboard Dreyer raised, a French. We call upon cat, hang on my mark outside our popped out this God is so that a White board we're going to wrench it's a different word. It's just so weird. It's a different work. That's why they were those rang. We also change the word for United States. What is it does you me? what to send an essay the force and refer to the way they say United States, but in French, like we do with Spain It's a spaniard, and we have asked that your Spain ensure the further words to America as great Saviour of our lives while they were if they didn't bend over for the queen RAM King Queen same thing, we're gonna. Freedom is a leading question any time. There's a in unfair question.
Whenever it right there little line Anna Ding. Let's hear that thing, Any Jemmy here that you guys take a drink along with us and we taking your best costumes later on. Let me ask you this first off right off the bat. What are you guys expect to see Oh, I should tell you this. I tell you this. I almost fired somebody today wrongfully because I was at home preparing and what is that by ignoring those fine, don't talk, first, rule about fight club posters is never talk about fight club posters, nervous we were. I was preparing, I was hoping you guys we're here and I was watching the town hall I know I did all diligence token. I wonder and I go hate what we missed the town hall you got, the terminally goes. No, the time isn't wrong the tunnel, the map, and yet I said I'm watching, gets out and what it turns out as they had given in exclusive the scene and they predate the town hall right and gave it to CNN, which that tells you First off? Why were they pretty paternal? It's me They know they have to predated with binding
like all Donald Europe is asking for a live town hall and Biden is the one begging for a pre tape, and it also tells you how how corrupt bedfellows Then why is ABC sending an exclusive to one of their competitors only to join D? ITALY alone. We can try and real presence here, and I do think I know what are we talking about. We have read, we have read the band and if you are in your way and show you he'll be helping us with research tonight, we will be fat check its high read. How are you do under eight. I guess you can see Maybe, but I can't see you well, we don't wireline dear bomb. I appreciate that have approached me and say your enthusiasm I was watching it and I was ascribing to token owns it. It's not happened to go, look, look I'm watching right now, Stefano policies in a stupid little suit. Looking like a marionette, he pulled out his reading glasses. There's a blue background. He to my right, trumps, left and then there's just
girl at a mask asking about called it in an empty hall, I'm watching the town, highlighting as I mean look, we were in a meeting and you see gibbons Okinawans eyes are literally got like a quarter inch. Why not just opened up just the bear, sliver and I thought something back, I have received from the room and You ever remember a pre taped, town hall or debate in our lifetime. Hasn't happened, but certainly can't remember it and why was covert it That's not a reason to have to protect decrees, that everything is less oil, disabled I've things can be most interesting, so we know they were willing to kind of hit blow the bell by taking special the clips out. Bring it to their bodies, overseeing a known, ashram supporters right now, Bologna, so they are finding the worst thing that they can find. Is he doing
Where are you going back like nineties terms? Those I appreciate- and I think I have to admit genetic, their Poland special glimpse, there's gonna, be one of the worst thinks that terrible question unfair Leah itself. The question was about him playing down coded right and he and so I know that one coming up sorry abbot, Genji, not as much of a cheap as CNN had from eighty see, but you know what calmly Donna Brazil I have. I watched the question. She was ass, Madame playing it down and Donald Trump said. Well, really, actually we played it up as far as our actions, not words, and there going nuts Ehrenberg nets, as, of course that's not true, and I will get into exactly why that is entirely true. As far as actions who who would have thought that a commander in chief didn't do Bartley send the public into mass hysteria.
You know it's not that it's like, if you have a dad when I used to mildly straight, my knee my deadly ok you're, fine. That way when it was something really really really really serious. You know, like I, had a compound fractured sticking out of my elbow like Dantes beak Mediocre has taken the emergency room. Well, at least you didn't go down to Chinatown in San Francisco like Pelosi, internal hiding, everyone down, therefore dim summon barbecue don't get. Some night was never going to China, I can it is. I can only assume that Chinatown was pulling a cartoon trying to trying You store their food in giant barrels with salt because I have yet to see refrigerator. The ancient ways are the best way has already that's noticed by this is: have you ever seen? A more perfect contrast. We will talk about eastern Medicine for our pig farms and the West Easter that the virus created in the east and now were one hundred percent relying on the West account when it acts have no one
boiling kush dongle route in green tea, to try and get rid of coverage of all, which is very interesting to time. We talk about this, there politicizing the covert vaccine. Why is there some arbitrary cut off of November? Fourth, where they wouldn't trust the Tec? They wouldn't trust them. But say town Hall, because industry, they wouldn't trust vaccine until after election. Well, you know it, think we're out of. We have a bill gates and many in the left said hate you we shouldn't reopen the economy until we have a vaccine and others We shouldn't trust me vaccine until after election. Well, isn't that wonderful little pseudo checkmate or was it wasn't just a couple of months ago that we with it? You know now feels a lifetime's ago. Where was I We have to do the occur. Why why Nicaragua, the curve we'll be fine? It remembered what the curve was right. It's not this curve. It we ve got right now it was this is wrongly, or trifling questionably. We achieved by every measure, exercise that was foisted upon this pandemic back.
Marge ISM yet had binds and I'll get that car flatter than curies. What who stopped with easy pedophile are Let's see what happens, you're an see what the town hall, starting up get ready, very drinking game with concerns overcoat racial clauses and the economy to fighting. Then it gets a little bit juggling dangerous. Seven who's gonna start drinking recombinant, we're going to waste recovery request with social justice, demean riots, seven hundred billion dollars in damage that the primary concern. That's not the social justice. We have a problem with as someone kicking and ardour like that, lay guy Emma S, our shit out there, so Dutch was in the streets outside air reporting. She thinker hygiene.
You talk, allowances is what I was watching background practice, don't even touched the ground. He looks like a marionette with our zone as a little socially distancing, looks like it's like those speed round and who wants to be a million. Some voted programming solicited for third can a certain on dire or no one at all, all have written their own questions. Ok and the first one from Paul to Vienna Paul. Take it away, let's They said it will, by Oliver to be on this. Mr President, I voted for you and twenty sixteen conservative pro life and diabetic I've had to dash people care about social instincts. Are you and what things: ain't risks thought you were doing a good job with a pandemic response until about May? First, then, you took your foot off the gas pedal, why did you throw vulnerable people like me under the bus
one way or another. One joint exiles organised orchestrate this, like a maestro. If you look at what we ve done with ventilators, now, frankly, by the way you know you guys under the boss. Actually, the most vulnerable are not young people, but the old people who are in the old folks armies, where young people were thrown into their, whose blank Michigan New York, New Jersey and where we are, there's a beginning. Again, I could be three weeks always what we think we haven't. Johnson and Johnson Pfizer. We have great company. In a very very close, thank you. But it's been very it's it's a terrible thing, but if you look, for example, are you familiar from? from what I enjoy from New York? I've lived in bath on Pennsylvania, eighteen and a half years as long as place, I've ever lived.
I don't give a shit where you don't wanna high scale, but actually is not the dating a greater number of age. We feel tat. My new Europe. We took the conventions to two thousand rooms. We brought in the ships I wish they would have used it because, frankly, they would have saved a lot of people. Have they use it. We really are starting to get very good marks of you, look at what we ve done compared to other countries with the excess mortality, the excess mortality rate. We very, very well When you see our testing we're going to be an eighty four million tests. Eighty four million think of that and the next, the India, with about fifty million less. What extracting whims only I read them. This is really the brothers holler right now ass. They came out literally today. That's just showing
numbers of progress with the other countries, but I do like oh, he hasn't research. It is, if I get a hold on. Let me pull this. Their numbers are here numbers Joe vines you wouldn't take out here. You see Alice snap packs. What about a pamphlet for curies came out, and this is a very accurate test, and people have this and be able to test or go ideally go a doctor, but it's very simple and very accurate, and perhaps supplied governors, including the said with equipment like no These are my garden. We were sure to invent is absolutely true. We can also bring us up. Iraq Obama. They depleting stockpile of ninety five mass of all of this essential since gear that we needed no one talks about that. They want to blame, but of course, on the resident drama is even me. Why did you take your foot off the gas, also competence material lock, the have you heard of the concept of other peoples and meaning me two million to use the phone? I feel that we have done it.
From may never did and something that is. What I do also wondering if we ve ever heard Joe Biden but Long list, long sentence, I guarantee you would not certainly not in the last few decades hospitals and we made a lot of governors, look very good and now summer and shut down, and some are we'd like to see it open up and open up as soon as possible, but we're very the job we ve done and there we ve saved a lot of lives a tremendous number of years, because he believes rearing about not having telling adversities what does it would put his livelihood? That policy must use technology if this term, here chazy unites, Aids is right here. This is number of deaths per million residents. Here's western european Canada way down there. We will not the top of the list, the excess, more mortality rate is among them. In the whole world. Jim and German, I can show you there's a charter just came out a little while ago, excess mortality rate is compared to Europe compared to other places its about twenty five percent better,
in one case it's over sixty percent, but it is absolutely true and we have done better as far as mortality. If you look at the actual death rates and by the way then hit the thing. That was a leading question from George Deaf Annapolis, which gives let's be honest here, but when India does, I realize I'm just going to force through the trees. Many of you not remember this first step, a novelist was in case you in case you thought for a moment. It was an unbiased jungle. He was a one ass communications director for Clinton and that we had to apologise again after covering up seventy five thousand dollars to the core. The foundation, which really only right reasonings lies because it didn't come from. The Middle EAST Why are they gonna? This guy's got this guy's, not the iron sheep. Will he ran the Clinton campaign is all with a were ok to our other. They made the first. They almost didn't miss. The working document features have an opposing James Carvel. We ran the clinical trial with a leader, refuge garters, just custody. We want to keep it that way. I don't want to scare people, I don't want to make people
panic and you're, not gonna miss it would all. Seventy five knots was going to be course yet went off the obligations rector cried when Bill Clinton was on the Lewinsky trial by the way sobbed like a little bitch donations to the Clinton foundation. We yeah that seventy five thousand lieutenant dinners with Epstein, but you know almost everybody- did and then his wife said he would watch pornography what their teenage daughter. So I do know what that's about, but we do have a source here. So pretty disgusting, that's not good asks. Although some people say we also believe this high are not allowed to write that children are very accurately. Safety are down, and I have my own views on that you get run, you sail out. People got things wrong, I mean you mentioned China at the top right there, all through JANET in February? You? You? Were you down? playing by your own admission, the severity of the crisis city in want of panic, not downloading. Let me just mention question for a lot downplaying. I wouldn't.
I don't want to drive our nation into a panic among cheerleader for this nation. I'm the one that closed up our country close it up long before any of the experts load, I should and saved honey save thousands of lives, When I close, if I put a ban on our country- and the ban was a very important bandit- I wanted to add- I was asking about. China was heavily infected and nobody by the way, I I read where the people said, do it now People that I saw said do it and I know they said- security advisers and others, put a ban on when it wasn't it all popular Joe Biden I was gonna, because I put the ban on you and I It was a very unfair and, by the way, is totally taken that back. Iraqis? Your nine does not want you to know that you have learned to Donald Trump Xenophobic for that ban. You sing, he is transparent. You were saying he was strong, you were saying he was doing a good job. Did you get that wrong to do misjudge present day? I did. I do we just finished a great deal we just had to
just order of corn in the history of our country. Last week, the largest soybeans largest donor of beef, as the largest Jordan. I beseech you like that state monopolies, staff Annapolis step He knows you may now. I know we know this? Let you never let me you like sky. Because you're a is very open with that there'll be is here until Gerald your leg. Its nice didn't go ninety much superior because it wasn't under they went all over the world, a hundred NATO Germany Prospect shirts. I didn't see about presidential initially, because nobody knew much about the disease. Nobody knew the seniors are susceptible, they thought people would be susceptible, but not just you know.
The seniors are, are really a very, very endangered group of people, even though the abundance of cheaper depends. Add more work. To do here. He's regulation has a question who look? What are we going to last time? Ascended and the worrying mask has proven tat lesson it spread of curve. It really Why do really has a mandate from national mask wearing and why don't? We were mask more often finds location match your gratitude that it does have a mandate to force people to wear masks. Do Why that's a problem to force people to wear and an item of clothing which, by the way, when you're talking about the experts, only two weeks beforehand were advocating that people, not where there are saying, please don't use mast and they weren't saying because it will deplete our stockpiles forever. Responders? Everything don't wear them, because I could actually ass or bait covert you'll be ass, spreading at will so that's actually not true, you just can't touch. The mask me to wear them appropriately are for
that origin main created some ass, we were but getting masked if you thought you had the sniffles early on, while the CDC was saying that you shouldn't do you know, I know, because we got fact checked by you. Do for being fake news. When we were saying a mask is a good idea to prevent spreading to other people. We will you do it fact Chet In saying that masts could exacerbate end, but at this time. When I told you what would you make homemade mask, you know we're got the info. You got the info societies, there was even a layer de shirt or a double layered aunt em, like Romeo Pillar Pillow case, and then they were it will now when he met and if you're gonna mandate, it is going to force people to wear masks and by the way what happened? Not not touching your face. You has One thing is already agreed by wearing a mask on that particular face.
An old, carefully finger, looking good commercial for crying out loud, its everyone is going out there I reckon mask and are making it worse. You see Pennsylvania guy, pull the downright and Emily. Literally all your folks out there we're like. If you pull your message, literally just shot, grandma face right, the Havana and then the other lady there, the one they rarely interface is wandering earlier than that is now a disproportionately harm families and minority communities yeah. Well, I didn't downplay. I actually in many ways. I applauded in terms of action. My dad with very strong self medication, What I do want is watching every one watching I want you to marvellous by four. This is going to be the clearing tomorrow that are going to take it out of context and saying Mcdonald. Toronto just reverse. In his own language in seventy was lying. He said he and downplay the woodwork interview, and then he said lady literally made- or at least I actually ugly it as far as action and he went on. Specify. That will be the clear that is take
If you see someone running that clip without that contacts, you know that their about as much of a liar as us, deaf anomalous and claiming to be a journalist, despite the fact that was a White House Communication Directorate threatening, gives only five thousand of the foundation will actually some people this well once it get going. Said where that is really a heavily infected place and we had a case where we had a lie. Americans, they were probably they probably had covered. We're saying: do we let them into our country? We let a man very carefully. We quarantine them, but we let a man but say that we allowed certain people in its true, but they were american citizens how onawandah some other subjects, but we're still arguing without, like you, natives retired, so I'd like to say something else. I would like to move on right now when you see that when you think about that, as I can, any pause as making thing is there. Anything I could have done differ anything I think we're gonna had two million ring it the gang hidden and then another leaving question is The thing that you act
Do you really know that you ve done a bad job? Look at all these look at how we frame that question x: amount of people dead without context, Then do you honestly not think that there's anything you could have done better right there he's? Actually course assaulting Donald Trump competency in character. This is important because we're going to be doing this on Thursday, it's important to contrast like like we ve, talked about you. Have a society by just having laws. It's all the law is applied. Equally right is this of journalism going to be applied equally to both, I can Aren T, you not know, there's no way is not inevitable and what let's go through what more he could have done. I want much of this time. My practical level in right now is just is: is urinating their panties over the woodwork interview right January thirty four He declared at a public health emergency Gay February, twenty four thousand, Pelosi said: let's go down to Chinatown. I don't. If we have that clip. Tell me. Let me know do you have that? Could then we have every twenty nine Trump administration. We do have a clap. Here's now
policy on February twenty first. Fourth, after Donald Trump declared international emergency everything's fine here come because precautions had taken. The city is but she's not wearing a morass. What was greeted? What gives one caution, she's not wearing a mask. Let's go in February twenty nine. The trouble is written, announce a level for travel advisory ban to the ears of ITALY, South Korea. They bear barred all travel to around then March. Second, the Palazzo incurs new Yorkers to go to a movie feeders march forth. Ministration announced the purchase of approximately five hundred million and ninety five respirators March Sixth, signed in April three trillion two billion bout dollar bill to prevent the Kronos our Universe Outbreak March, eleventh travel restrictions on foreigners were visited Europe in the last fourteen days. Thirteenth,
asked no emergency order to access forty two billion in existing funds to combat the corona virus March Fourteenth by the way. This is what really import March. Thirteen sorry Michigan. This is when they decided start sending young sick people into old folks owners that they wanted a short one that could flattened curve Governor Whittemore. What's the number How many people are dead in Michigan from nursing, I'm just these people to want to release numbers. We know it sixty eight percent in Pennsylvania. We know it's over eighty percent in Canada we use estimated at wrong. We spent a long time ago that was over forty five percent of all over there we're coming from nursing homes will actually likely much higher isn't that something is sixty eight over eighty percent in Canada and they didn't have nearly near, is dangerous policy, as we saw in Michigan where there are sending young people. Not just all people back into old folks are young.
People who are second old folks arms at that guy beat someone the tat we showed a video. We have no idea what that personal offloading we're the wise as young grip member beaten without a lotta grandpa and an old folks them, because he had called it. So they set about an early release that sport is a truly since then we have martyr Tina Diego K March fourteen to travel administration, restoration of european travel, Ban that extended to the Uk March Eighteenth closure of the United States canadian border. Also, they plan to invoke the defence production act. Then all forecasts evictions were suspended for a period of time March night. Is when the interview happened with what we're another plenty. Things have happened after March nineteenth, but this idea that Donald Trump didn't do anything, keep in mind that when the interview was March, nineteen those are the actions and they were happening. Simultaneously, while ninety blowsy wasn't China down a new Yorker for being heard, Sedona feet or so yeah actions, the actions of Donald Trump he played up in words. He was playing down the panic, whereas leftist
we're playing it up in words, but in their actions, were actually actively engaging in what they now would claim promoters. I mean it wit winded. We as a nation decide that all of a sudden, we were more interested in lip service to a thing that require, inside agrigent, then action They doing the action plan. I mean all of the different action that was purple that was proposed, or actually enacted either any proposed oh, no! No, no! No! No drawn trying to kill you any action. Actually they can look, is actually killing you and now, two three, six months later there going, If we had only done things little earlier but you know transport tell people to go to an agenda Jan and that they shouldn't you the mask boy at the media, we're getting my whether they be in Aragon, made haze. Think the word various Devon Apple is Anderson, Cooper down limit and the rest of the gaze at CNN. Dont, that they a break
right preamble. We the people, that's nice, they probably should read it more keep going hey man. Can you read the preamble now? I would like to know why you don't just force everyone to wear an item of clothing. They would also be really nice if, along with the mask like a patch, maybe like the army, we, like maybe like a tattoo yeah, I'm our code that we could have ever get pats. But it's not a scary, passionate. Maybe could be like us, like us, sunshine or smiley, face or star like a star pack up because start at last. We can do that and then, of course people who don't let em ass right, we would force with forcibly quarantine. Quarantine. The people who vote for Download triumph right. The boy below summer be like summer camp with a mask and patch that looks like a star you, fascist yo.
Just paid. Why don't you make it? What we're masts in fact yet They want to mandate, everything that they like and then ban everything that they meet their only solution. They only have made this way. Can we just admit, though, can we just admit that the left does not care about any kind of Gaza rammers of government there? Talking about? praise New York and condemning out we took mayor who tried to ban big gulps, so don't have one here about a woman's right to choose. You don't even believes you can and you can choose a soft drink diet how much better go? How many calories, by the way you how many calories, already small seven eleven diet, soda zero now I know if anyone here, if any of your math buffs, but if you we owe that to an extra, largely gulp, give any idea how many calories art an extra large big, alt diet soda. Well, I don't ochre, I'm not a math asian, but I'm gonna go with zero. You are,
Even I was getting always carriers organism we're not year did is wrong, or are you just ask if they have been lobbied world? I'm really sorry, men, like somebody slashed my tired, like real. I would have done that these were left at the scene. That is not a not an onlooker hurting am, ironically, with the tools of his own. Just coincidence, of my initials around. Most annoying. They show your own jobs takes really failure.
I'm custom made. Yes right is a lawyer but zone for now. Have you been able to watch it I'll know. I've been drinking wine. Ok, so well, models that inflation of the drinking game really again, the promo code is crowded from stream demographic news, China virus when trumped goes off script whenever he has a might drop moment and any leading or unfair questions which, by the way, have been all them, but not about that's going to push it. Let's go to up it, we'll get peril down. Here's! What you see is full of ok, I Precario get done, but I want you to this question. Was President Martin Luther King Jr, when Spain flame rout injustice anywhere as a threat to justice everywhere in the light of the ongoing protests surrounding the deaths of George Boyd Brianna Taylor, recent shooting of take take up Blake, you feel for regional injustices are occurring in this nation and if so, what can be done to address them?
Well, I think what enough on the board and to get again do feel that include any contact right last of age or similar Glinda doormats access, culture you'd think they would bring up the victims of sexual assault like Jacob Lakes, multiple time rate victim right with a club for their protection, in hell, no contacts as a leading role, and what happened is that we have some trump supporters and some non from supporters. The only trump supported with somebody said I supported Donald Trump until in care about my diabetes, most specific, receive critique there was you took your foot off the gas guess Sorry arrived here, I'll take Baltic almost live it's crazy! yeah. It is unreal to me that these are all the questions. Let's hear his answer here really thinking. I think what you gotta get the better of Meda. Did she really Juliana? Did a fantastic job, the city was safe and then all of sudden we have a merry starts. Cutting the police force and crime is up a hundred percent. In fifty percent. I saw one form of crime up three. Under president, so
I think, it's very important whether you talk Seattle were they have very good police, but they're not allowed to do their job. You, to allow the police to do their job. I agree with those events are terrible, but we have to allow them to do their job. Otherwise crime is going to soar now. The problem is that endemic, usually my mother way. Let an average rings in arms. We ever regions ball and showed actually among you, Non Republicans, odors saves lacks were the ones who are more likely to act.
But we need more of a police presence. Then why for democratic owners while run by democratic as the blacks are the moderate million seated at all, I am a democratic vote for Republic in because I find myself aligning with those values what about abortion and after birth and defined the police, the data its argued about had no idea that was on the floor. You talk about like that all night Nancy, Blowsy, Chinatown Bitch, don't I gotta Montana Jack? It's crazy, I mean I'm a Democrat because, like my dad was less right in the face and justice has destroyed. I mean I I they're gonna, make it, but they're gonna have a hard time ever being the same is depressing IRAN S, it's just a terrible thing. That was monstrous. There's no question about that, but a lot of people look at the status that that's a local and regional diagnostic ones, and what you can do that that's a lack of respect. There's no retribution right feel. There's no reservation. This guy walks up to a police car and you start shooting point blank range at two innocent people.
You can't let that happen. You have two. You have to be very tough on crime when it comes to the hope on crime, but also a bay the rules and then in regulations for policing and let you do talk about police Choky. You talk about bad apples, but a lot of you look at the statistics: black Americans more than three times, let more likely in White Amira killed, pollute by police, not true in the natural reverence bring up. That's tat for the eighty was eighty white people killed by police officers or nine unarmed black men. Again, you have to take into account police Interaction, release interaction, someone being pulled over someone committing a crime. How often do least interact with black people and white people, and actually white people are more likely to be shot. You can't just re a percentage of a population if, unfortunately, because
the failing current welfare state that they now want to continue growing. If you look at Joe Biden there, she was just a different there's: nothing different from Lyndon Johnson modern cities, programme model Cities programme, there's nothing different, there's nothing! You under the sun, the left wants to throw more money at it and that, of course, is systematically pulled at the thread of the african american family. So you have young black men were thirty two more likely to commit homicide their exponentially more likely to commit violent crime because they often dont have dads and they live in communities that, like we see with all these rights, are run by Democrats. You want to know why more every time occurs in the black community. You wanna know it's not the people, it's not. Because of melanin as net candid would say, look at why there's or crime occurring in major leftist cities right now, because they don't do anything because people are sitting, that's when you may crime easier, more accessible and less punishable more people engage in crime because the juices worth the squeeze right
now you can see why there is more crime in urban inner cities which have been democratically run for decades. It because people think that get away with it more than, for example, in the suburbs of Texas, and if you phrase it, as you are just basically protesting against the man. It's ok because the police are allowed to get you. It's? Ok, because your systematically oppressed it's all right, because this is our only form of expression that will get their attention. Of course, people are going to do terrible things to innocent police officer sitting in their vehicle. United. Stop that you dont say, but there is No, but there is no guy into that sentence that he was saying. I know I know they say that there was a terrible thing, but now there's no, let's go back several years. What I've I've still been asking show me one video one, video, I'm an unarmed black man. Go hey! Listen! I'm sorry offs are complying and getting shot and a public lynching is matter back. Show me one video could we have? We have Jacob Blake? We ever was a gigantic something K. We have proof
right and go back to Michael Brown determining go through all of George Flood was bad training, but again it still wasn't an actual lynching find me one comparable video of cops acting like that I did in shooting members lost, shooting LOS Angeles deputies find me one on the flip side, that's even remotely comparable to completely innocent people, being shot by a white police off. For sitting in a car while black, why talk about make Amerika great AOL com? If you look at, is prior to and I'm talking about for the black community eulogists prior to this horrible, situation coming in from China. When the vote, this game, and that was the probably the highest China virus that entails enough for our community Homeownership or a crime?
best jobs, they've highest income. The best employment numbers they've ever had. If you go back- and you want to look over many years- you can just go, six or seven months from now. That was the best single moment in the history of the african american people, in this country. I think I would say what I mean This statement is, though, make a great again so his Thirdly, the african american experience, especially in these these ghettos that have been red line store gleanings get outta. This is, I think we ve been steady. Retreat is the way did they have been the conditions of the drugs, two guns and everything else that actually create eight December. So what we fear that? What that you, Dr Argon, major, blaming that residents of wagons things have already. You doesn't believe in what they want a needle exchange. They want taxpayer funded needle exchange of these communities. You just shoe order in their Donald Trump Red lining valid. That was done away with by the way, after that,
The modern welfare state. You had affirmative action right, so there are a lot of systemic advantages afforded to anyone who was not a word this may, although back, and we have called them white Male Sis wasn't really term until two years ago, and then she went in and out of drugs and the guns talking about. One must look at the policies. What are the policies? ended up where, where we are today for saying that today is just that the Marquis example, the problem. Look at the policies that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, when put into place right in the early nineties. Yaquita condemned degeneration of black fathers to over and unquestionably harsher conditions without you, yeah. So what you're saying now is a trump you're, not fixing offload the problems that the Democrats, its we elected earlier created, but
you know I saw that right now in the midst corona virus, no, no one's going to every year a bad person right, where's, your our air Toby ushering, omitted the wings for an extended stay and false at present one in it. It's a false premise, right in saying that you're saying make Amerika great again and he's, like our experience, hasn't been great, will yeah I'm not saying take America back too bad times, I'm not, take America back two times were people didn't have opportunity, I'm saying we to be proud of our country, one that, while they are still a lot of matter and other countries, body at America was deliberate or Europe greater than I africa greater than Canada in many ways, You look at economic prosperity and not everyone. In this, there ve been different people in every way there ve been different. People who ve been marginalized at different points in its regular seem like Amerika was never for black people thou be like an Irish first now, increasingly, hey, listen I don't know if you're factory is saying about America be in great, but we'll have the potato haven't we came over here and there the day goes down there, and they made our life roof. Ok here are
the option to start work and other dogs. We're out, I mean hook for a hand or become the price fighting champion of the world. I don't want to go back to that. You're saying make Amerika great again. I'm thinkin you wanna, take me back to the famine, your floor. You know you can any group any group romance yet it came to this country was like in every other country. That welcomes a new group. Typically means they're, not less early blending. In their not necessarily simulating they're doing their own cultures, there's a problem with every culture weather caucasian or asian, or african or or any type of religion has its own, story of being in a country, not even the United any country and having a problem in point, proto how the Chinese were you think we want to build those railroads. You think we want to be when the nails right now. Yes, yes, you do what I want to their families are. I must go back to their having this guy the floor a whole lot. You know why, because they can cut off his money and we have to move on that even before the pandemic. Orgy did was earning half the average
white family was earning. Even if you education girl, I can allow the family. Let's managed that read the that differentiating first single parent income, households, because three percent plus of young black men. Don't dad in the home who, by the way, sorry feminists, is typically the main earner aspersion. If you look at the fact that disproportionately black american families, meaning single mothers, are often using welfare because it's getting courage to them, it's been thrust upon them. We have social workers who show them their ability and welfare options. They have destroyed hope for the african american family. Just compare to our souls second Has it dad we're one has to pay? working one a college degree before we even get to the amount of pay for it. Work, which, by the way, women actually might make slightly more than men and african american women specifically and are more likely to be higher this college degree before we even get to that. Does he have a step
he comparing joint income households guarantee at least not read out another able to find that, but I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar. What's this aids, oh, my god, this old channel is something can raise. It is just a bunch of black people with HIV puts Human, has prescription, divided Why dont, thereby allowing HIV wondering where you couldn't you couldn't just pick some white guy that luckily monopolised hold on a minute one. You telling me that I see it. It is taking advertising dollars for big farmer. Zero do employ racist policies from top to bottom and all leaders Blake
with chicken out their white guys ass. He was emailed. Them are full of intellectuals of war, that is to say, if discovered, a joy to say that it's a gay disease they got ready. Rightly there about conservative thought. What do they mean lately were all the original, but now their marketing it tore Ghana. We know they are yes, but my point they say it was wrong to say actually, if you're, not in the United States and not using dirty heroin needles having sex with strange men truck stop your chance of getting AIDS is statistically zero percent right. That was discriminatory. That was controversial. There is not a threat person being marketed, go well, that's not their knees going to tell you. Why? Is it ninety something precisely that of of age and missions and United States happens with gay men, because it's not true, Fourthly, seminal fluid way. The last second point That's still doesn't add up because there's its anal fishers,
it's a bitter, there was, I noticed there was a giddy and new testament to the commercial adjusted scripture, it didn't say, wholly grim affairs. I went out of your current butter analogous scripture little that do we have that number from red. Was he comparing joint income? Households was just saying over all money in a black household verses, white household ridge. There I'm not sure what stack you're looking for the main thing that I've seen is that there is no difference in female income african american women actually make a little more, why women riots controlling for education, and things like that. Now, where you see people making Less is black man versus white men in that's, largely become so many black men are incarcerated right or spirits in so it's it has more to do with the primary yeah I can.
I was curious. You have read, cant find it, I'm pretty sure. That's that doesn't exist. If nothing happens, I what do you like four times more likely or nazi you're, making a poison Emily are making twice as much as we say twice as much of what he says. It's a razor and unaware that very little sense, but he's acting like keep definitely not twice as much right now. If you actually looking to quota statistics its useful or our statistic, that is helpful and we can use to try to make a difference You tell us where that came from you don't say that these these two things are equal? Just like saying, you are more likely to be shot by cops if your black statistically are actually way more likely, even though you make up a lower percentage of people start by police to be shot. If your white right, that's a helpful number, for us all. I got hold over this morning by the way back up to each of the temporary license plate. I don't get shot, I have hold so I got hold over because a license plate. It's a paper plate and
couldn't see into the back window. So I put up a paper played on your car. Well, it's it's. We don't have the permanent play. Dixie Dixie play Dixie page whatever you call it. It's a paper it's paper, but I want to be on its now examining how to get down whenever you want to call it, and I told you because Joe Louis's in the back, that's often alone, I said: hey officer: can we just short of like fake, pounded, like smile and laugh with me, because I wanted to see a friend music, ok, we're on a journalist, rural again, and then I told them. I was a concealed caring, older identifier. Armani said. Thank you appreciate. It told me to put my plate and zip luck. Baggy draw some holes through it. Thank you officer. You we're latino. I don't know your name go to Stephanie Epidemic, that monopolies are thoroughly unemployment and clear. But whether of the first six months of covert nineteen are now seen their businesses dramatically. Launder money to promote a yacht was locked us on our economy. What does the president? your plan to aid these workers, who may not lose their job open today, but in the most cost date
and I was actually very much but with its own, requesting opening, but their doings letters they reopening igniting. There are spent on other people's money, which will run out when you dont reopening comes directly for I came here. We have a pretty good talks with the Democrats will see, but they ve been very if I go and call the speaker down to your office hammered out because too many days in China downgrades about haricots, but they know exactly where it is. Certainly a low gonzo begin a blow article vortex you keep talking about Democrats, states, daisy crises, their american stay out in our communication have director, for you gave five thousand dollars the Glen Foundation until they traded you out made you walk the blank and publicly apologise for not disclosing for fear of being T Oswald. Were you where you spoken about democratically routes to govern lips? Muslins criminals have things
Republicans don't have so they are. I mean I don't want to say to look the president of everybody. I don't want to say that the democratic run cities- it is what it is so values be calling the spearmen. Can you hammer out at the right time? Yes, I would. To see additional stimulus for people. That really wasn't. Therefore it wasn't. Your fault was an amount of my Republicans put forward another genuinely Democrats, nay at all blotted. You wanted to find out a committee has, with China's fault and our people shouldn't be bothering you should do stimulus. We a lot of it initially and now they stopped because they fish remember anything we're just tuning and the promo code is crowded trumps dream. They said to meet your twenty dollars, often of course us and inward, and have your less costume contest winner. Nine. These themes, after a picture of a mother, is achieved that's what I'm gonna. Let me answer did we'd Boggley monsieur to happen. Next, questions on healthcare, contrary Lisi, a block she's in Philadelphia and assistant, professor
No, my diabetic where the first man in earnest arena Macneil over there was born with a disease called Sarka doses and The day I was born in his room, really consider that disease started and what is the real, doesn't move to my eyes and ears, moralistic nerves, and when I went to graduate school into my brain My brain, I was automatically eligible for disability for the rest of my life. I chose instead to get a bath, there's degree a masters degree a phd, your camera great great, it is good. Except as to have similar healthcare problems caused me with cold I'm still paying almost seven thousand dollars a year, in addition to the color pay and sugar pre, existing descendants, chronic Obama CARE, brought into to fruition, be removed. Now
that is please stop, and let me finish my question: did boys weight than we are down to the level without Mamma the question you don't get a soliloquy, you don't get to bring out a girl and that I can tell where the disease has entered. My brain shut up, whether the President of the United States is answer is not my fault black woman, and then the medical community minimized you talk, there was not a big Georgia. Fatalism too, she has a higher premium to pay because a melanin like. Oh, I see that your black, thereby causing three times I was thrilled. I wanna hear, and it is up to the opposite view: get what they want to do: work social as medicine. They will reducing preexisting, pre existing conditions if they go into metal
here for all which is socialized medicine, and you can forget about your doctors in your plan. Just like you could forget under President Obama, he said you can have your doctor, you can area Lord and those minorities, rain or other many sided twenty eight different times. At least we have twenty eight different dives. You cannot be adopted, Maybe you can well it's not true, but what doing is we're going to be doing a healthcare plan Briggs. Staying protecting people with pre existing conditions. As an example here, It sounds like that's exactly perfect debts, Exactly what we're talking about we're going. We're doing a healthcare plan very strongly and protect people with bright. Existing conditions? I will say this: they will not do that. As you preside. Socialized I haven't got antisocial. I just have two centuries there is it just a couple of points? One Joe Biden has ran against Medicare for on the primary, but much more importantly, Obama, shipping, other moments, wrinkly existing conditions could buy insurance guaranteed. They could it is the same prices, everyone else, glaring
dependent introducing job benefits that insurance companies can put a lifetime limit on those benefits you to repeal Obama care you are already well. I suppose you couldn't ready rallying law and put in a newer, less intrusive law that does protect specific people existing conditions now, step monopolising just laid out the probably just outlined it without letting you know where these people previous in conditions could get out and not any more whether hold on a second. Why Anyone by insurance, the whole point to insurance is a bet you're using insurance, preventative early in case you get sick. Why? anyone pay into the adjourns pool. Till they are sick if there's no kind of penalties you can create a law that is different for chronic, for rare diseases in conditions where you can put them into a separate pool that will come with different rates. That's what people are misconstruing you're. Why would I buy insurance to try and have in cases of emergency right in case I get sick, and
I have if, if it's the same right, I'll just get it after I get die, These are a diet of rights, knickers and Orioles and say: well, you know what you can't charge me die more, that's why premiums, deductibles went up by forty seven percent in a year, I don't remember which year it was, but year over year you were looking at health care costs skyrocketing more than ever in the history of the United States, so yeah you can pay for it at the same rate as people who don't have pre existing conditions. Put, that rate is eight hundred and twenty two times higher than it was pre Obama CARE, when the underlying assumption behind this entire conversation is that opposition to Obamacare is raised yesterday and has not laughing a little black at the woman I gotta AG owing to the emergency room, and I saw a blot lady say growth can talk about this so. I guess what, when you lower somebody's premium, whose high risk guess who's premium goes up, we also every Also, the only words you that it's called risk, pooling you put really healthy
people in with really sick people, and you have and pay a rate? These guys pay a higher rate that we average it out. If you ve charge everybody the same rate, you will go of these. I would like to know: do you have with your car insurance accident forgiveness? We dont required because we don't charge anymore for people who have totalled as many cars as they so desire really, so I can pay the same of everybody else. You can be the same as everybody else. How much fourteen thousand dollars a month, now what's like totalling your car and then calling your car insurance agency that even We're done business withstood, admit new agency and saying hey. I need coverage well, my car just got wrecked. So please give me a new one pay the first months, Prima lady sounds like a so mansion serving you rather like lack ill. Talking about this ridiculous, really no longer have you planted Wretch has let em now let em comfort on she's only doing it because he sees this pole numbers going down so substantially, but Europe,
they hold wants about big. Why you're going to call on the house? One no Obamacare has been a failure from anyone, it's too expensive, whether it's the premium or weapons to cost generally, and they don't the doctors and they don't have their plans. We're going to a very good health care, I think maybe a great healthcare for less money can take another break. We re back or it might where we have some ninety trivia we do before we go through the like us. We could probably the first, let's get you some trivia go to our first short break and we will do it right back after this. What's the tributary. Actually, the question is: what is this from so ninety trivia again? So how do you like them? Apples? What's a quota of how ok, we address crowd or orphaned watching on Magua, but the blaze chat, and we will give the answer right after the short break there on breaks or not taken time right.
Joe Biden: navigator, crowded carriage. They said we all these through to be self evident that I want to frighten. You know this kid: how long she'd vessels to take your doubt and if we don't. Why am I stop? Don't I'll start a black tonight, not awake? I think I have a much higher iq than you do. I suspect
delighted to sit down and compare my? U two years, if you'd like right now
Urgency and ends up look! Columbine is very late. What would the answer? The question was: where does the outward that could come from? How do you, like them apple? The answer is Steve jobs at the release of the e MAC. I think you mean, I know the email the ninety ninety so there's a nineties hell yeah he's a nice was an email. I never knew about the email look at high like neon as we call it was like a plastic ones as an island was called Emacs and Emma not figured wrong. I think they have a really. I think Europe can. We have read the bandages secular and I don't think you MAC was everything was noble: Huntington, apex irregularity like them apples area, whereas yeah then say that in both all seems incorrect. I wanna get that answers and emails that has proved its grip. The science. I met a boy
No, I don't believe it. I don't believe it just like anomaly that further diabetic, Are you a large any by the way they said we were already halfway through probably more than half way through a pro trump questions, that's a mine of any anyone from any questions, woman who even could be misconstrued trumpeter on access. Even all of these problems in the areas of Raymond in between the time was deaf anomalous would turn, and then someone would start speed. King and growing that gap. That was when the trump voters- or maybe I mean it, was the only fair question was from that: the white, whether girl, let's bring after he, has drinking game rules again the from our code is crowded trump stream. If you enter the latter, guttered outcome, Slash, mug club, you will get twenty dollars off, will be Continuing the stream exclusively at my club is Levine until we visited A clause has been getting commercial work here on an agent and Bosnian. Let's go back is going to Jean Valjean Merlin,
as gloves really background. Like your beard, that's only eighty five percent him in one hundred and eight percent and because I guess a little matter, this fibre like for regulating you're, but I have to say I don't know it could be eighty anti fibre how that kind of stuff. Why I'm selling perverse mortgage sideways two meaning. Oh, I think we're illogical We wholly by all viable finds you how adviser market new story. This is So let us trails, cold, blooded, murder heard just no one was prepare for the combat murder missed war, what comes next after murder, yeah I'll. Do I get caught Britisher and most lungs is during a protest to slap or totally fine
realizing the president and the people. Let's go to George definite phenomenon, anomalous, definite matter a tunnel with president tremors present thinking for being here. The next question comes from Germany Desk ease from Erwin Pennsylvania that surround Pittsburgh, and you ve, for present Trump last time this venture at times some have called your behaviour, not presidential, If anything, would you do differently? If reelected, to create a more unified message? All sides can take responsibility for their actions and come together to make positive change good. You are right, so I dont believe that he was a trump voting and I certainly nobody that he is one now because you cannot unify with someone who calls your ground, Again you ever ye Israel peace deal a distraction. You cannot. Common ground with people have tried to put you in your entire family in jail based on an impeachment lie. You cannot find common ground with people call you a murderer a nazi and a fascist and chief anyone Who actually advocates right now, this idea
unity without calling for accountability from the left straight. It's easy to tell their left. Us, no wonder says without a caveat like how can you bring the country together? I don't know how ass. The bitch was soon come on down a dance in Chinatown, while she was calling me a fascist between blow up about, we start with that that citizens rights. Try, which is so incredibly so successful. You know it right to try, as we did or are we going to leave us by Europeans at the end of my first term, we're gonna have closed. Three hundred, maybe over three hundred new federal judges and floated court of appeal to Supreme Court gestures and, honestly, We move very fast. He thinks that matter, and I haven't you just don't you people fast, because they're not doing their job? I could tell you people that weren't doing their job, and when I do that get somebody else. That is good, and if they don't do it, we get rid of that person. We do a lot of things and we have to get em done. I could be
I always used to sort of kid on the campaign to that. I can be trail that I could be, more presidential, very easy, more presidential than any other candidate, except for possibly Abraham. Lincoln when he's wearing the hat right I had violated, realize you know: what's new has done like northern? I was a boy. I was a lot of what's going over the top, and I wouldn't we unfortunately got hit by this plague, but it's gonna be back very soon we opened up, and we have, you know, you talk to him about the way we have a supervisor looks like it's gonna be a super. They will then have a gun economy next year and I think we're gonna have a great economy in the third quarter and tat voting before voting, for me and twenty sixteen. I hope you going to do it again. Actually. I think I was a traveller. What does I think the question was vacancies, whether he was? I don't know that he is now out of the question is: is it I didn't? Stocks are again concerning all of the dialogue
that was allowed to the other questions. You should ask questions being, provided the Democrats, stop calling you a murderer and asking for you to be imprisoned. How would you Unifil Gazelle Ikey was giving him like a little AL? You like use, lay them up for an agenda that answer. He gave a good answer when we first realise the extent of this terrible thing from China. Drink he's been doing before the pandemic gave so that thirty six meeting held onto their stocks merry bells rang out as just one euro leading question was just sort of outer bottle, which does not supposed to be his job not done well because of the stock market. I've set records on Islamic I've even further, and that does happen by accident. I will tell you, there's Joe Biden prohibiting this position ahead window in the stock market, our stock market, We much higher but weren't for that. If but never got in I think, you'd have a depression, the likes of which we ve never seen in this country review at his policies, where once arrays everybody's taxes
what he wants to do in terms of regulation. We want to put the regulations back on that I took off and then some people in many cases double it up. You will have depression, the likes of which we haven't seen in this country. That surely there is a big payable under his advice by word or wrong. We ever had Emma whatever company it maybe look having a tremendous thing in the stock market and that's good for everybody, but people that are rich own stock and they have for a one gaze. You take a look at the following decades there, in cases better than they were before the Pandemic game This question comes from alexanders name, you know, and you know really wanted ass lively. Unfortunately, so I did
de Mr President, you say, unfortunately, voter stumble I'd like to ask regarding her recent comments about our United States soldiers referring to them as suckers. Could you show that again are the United States soldiers referring to them as suckers, and I'm sorry, I couldn't you over the over the lying. There was a fool. I guess I was opposed to not ask a question: that's been the bonds by over ten people and you can find the emails for crying out loud on both wrote a whole lot trying to cash in Amity AIDS. Drugs even said that was alive was very clear that it was due to helicopter, whether that, whether that would be too severe for helicopters and Donald Trump wanted to go. Reds abandoned bring up that overlaps. We have the actual emails that can destroyed and was told, was, and you many people, not anonymous sources. Mind you in a huff, Pokeberries or ABC no, whenever it is actual people who were there with receipts,
And emails with time codes and but let's legislates go out all the evidence, because a left likes to do that and look Just try and use up put our reasoning cap on the high reasoning, like a black cats favorite. Do you really think it's like cartoonish early evil, their sick people? server cudgel sectors in losers, I hope there isn't a microphone and me show people don't know really as president, never a microphone. If you believe that story you're too stupid about that, and by the way I would rather have a president who said something like that, though he didn't and actually supports the military and action yeah helps raise their pay, helps take care of them through ba helps bring them home from foreign wars. The pointed out he's detail by new hosted code pink for a bigger summit, exactly in the worst shape that was in probably ever depleted the planes world and broken Bishop's everything
you see what I've done. I've rebuild euralia, relegating the remaining amendments. Marin, boring password broken like the military, are uneasy David made up there. It was a maid quote carrying out there's a gmail overlay by the way you guys can never be sure some of it is that firms a story about there being, whether John? Don't you confirm that another ten people, always nor involved with those troops, have confirmed that all you have on the other side are anonymous sources? That's really not John! Both didn't you say confirmed yesterday. I was with the president during that issue and I don't remember him saying anything like then they went away. That's what trumps Adrian Algeria and the one who started it.
It's a big friend of President Obama and Clinton, and it was a phoney deal from a third, not very successful. Mr President, how do you have used language like that? In the past you did say that John Mccain wasn't a war hero and notably silent the same language language at all, and by the way you would argue, as somebody else which wasn't it. I've made worse jokes on this programme is that he was a captured warrior. I prefer my warriors and captured it sure is, funny. So let me be. The only person with the balls on record to say it was kind of body, was awkward for me, for my war he crooks empathy, people mass resurrection. Of course, darting gesture. But a study is genuinely have said your unfit for office had responded These are very little that I let go. These are described Furthermore, employees, to put it in a nice way, was sought a term people understand that general didn't Gina, not nice. Where nice I took
at present. I had the people that I wanted in combat. It was fired, as you know, by present Obama and I fired him also, we were says he resigned. You didn't resiny. I should give me a letter. No more get me later I was being nice one of the problems of enlargement as an icy tells you to designing later it's time for you to move on. He gave me a letter, but I fired that's called. I fired him that if I have to work hard in July, two thousand and three serious lead to clear. You jammed, bore him into the birch people's lives at all. While he's gonna go to war, I brought on bringing
back from Afghanistan, bringing our troops back from a rack whereby the way without announcing the timeline, so the ISIS or the Taliban is these two areas that are calculated. Look. We just need to grow food like nonetheless, that pilots for another four months sanctions with everybody can often be isolated ice cream of all God. Let's keep up with them. I get along with him jungle, and that was was to be a war of President Obama were president of Hillary Clinton ever got in view what we would have a war. Probably a nuclear war with North Korea in in turn getting calls all the time from friends of mine in South Korea. Thank you. We love you. Thank you really good at their amazing. So, instead of wars, everybody should look at what we have today with the United Arab Emirates, Emirates and you d-
and to suggest that you take a look at what happened with Israel today would either way tat, probably one of the most significant fees, the US in the last three decades, and they didn't get to it at all that the president has to read it resume on that year, which really should be a key issue concerning there's not enough social. This analogy Pelosi said it's a distraction, put it on high when he announced that he wasn't wearing a masks, rob to be correct Tom Friedman of them times wrote incredible glowing articles last week about this incredible thing that I've been able to do in the Middle EAST Guy, like Jim matters, could have never done it because they will do. We have that do emphasising law here to surround drilling in the role that show that life really quickly if we have it and what happened today, Just let me know when you have a ready and with Bahrain and with his people, but we do. We already have a poetic honours. Racking. Ok, there's policy calling the? U S, Israel! Peace, deal a distraction turn while I have your speaker other the president that making a dramatic announcement today
normal position, exert automatic relations between Israel and the arab states, Bach Ray the kingdom of mock rain as follows: the Peace Treaty there ought to be signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, this coming Tuesday at the White House. These are dramatic, develop in the Middle EAST, how much credit you give the president of the United States for these peace agreements Hopefully they will. Hopefully there will be beneficial to the region. We ve been way. For a very long time for the present proposal. For an israeli palestinian peace agreement that honoured that too David solution was in two weeks of his coming into monster was going on before we have a lot of courage, way that has brought peace so good for him for having a distraction on a day,
wow by the way. This is a distraction, and also, if I'm nice, if I know mackerel, but the Jews are a little. Why me exactly historic? It's this is allowed a peace agreement. This is not a distraction. This is that this is a historic agreement too countries in the Middle EAST by though I guess who is leading those guess who was the point man who nobody said who could do anything pondered, Kirshner chaired cushion ownership it, was helping in the Middle EAST peace on our own. They said he couldn't do a thing well from the roof of the king. David o tell this to pump bail out of it, but I like I'm, I do want to say this. Ok, look, look, look I gotta say follows he's got a point in her point was to go six jig two weeks. For weeks six weeks, I'm not go about this a Joe Nancy six years, years, twenty year, thirty years, when were you? What would your snatch it right as a single policy? You did bring peace to the Middle EAST. We ve been using that rates for decades,
we got good doing the guy, who s a bitter watching time, there's a diary, I'm what they're going to Berkeley does their action. When a thing is, I feel like he's like laughing on the phobia you'll. Have it in two weeks, I'm sorry, I'm busy! Oh, come on. Let's go below she's, not going to answer the call from an actual, prowling Jus. That's US and by the way, if you shall answer it from wine Steiner shop to fund raising, along with Michelle Obama Dogma, but a great guy is, but somebody who actually you know, shows up the synagogue. You think policies can have time for those people who support Israel's right to exist, of course, not she's turbines, EU them curling irons. In another way, if you want to palestinian Israel trade, you probably have the Palestinians that are interested in peace and not taking back land that some others was our AL. You know already say it like that may arise in the break. It doesn't help if you're on official government, Hamas, though critically elected, has the destruction of all Jews and its charter.
Doesn't it hell yeah, you start from their easel. I'm just saying you know what some times it's hard to hear you over the shouting of death to argue that those pesky views, if they just worn on their land- and I know what you're really saying when you're saying death to all Jews: ok, Hamas, in Palestine, what I'm really hearing you say is: hurt people hurt people and you ve been hurt, but you know but I still want to turn you into an item. One aren't turn that whole area into an ice castle. I wanted to turn into Superman's dad's heart somebody hugging. The Middle EAST, I think, is what you say: tat a new EU unwise mustard gas hug, some self esteem counselling level about a thing. You know what we how I have little Palestine bout a little less than all of the other arabic nations who didn't want them that's the thing to do. What do you know? I? Palestine is a big shot.
They shun. That's not. Let's just looked up put this all on Israel and are we don't like this whole night about salaries and the country? Is our speak for yourself? Dennis Rodman on foreign policy, lady branding lot matter cannot answer palestinian. I understand that there is a problem of drone angry. I just can't we just didn't taking it back period. Does look. Look, look, look! Look as we got a really give credit where credit is due North Korea. Ok, you know it wasn't like an that's exactly causing the say. Hey Trump may be the case, we're Columbus of North Korea relations, but that, but then
Robin was the leaf ericsson. He no one there. He goes out or new peace on the korean Peninsula, so I just want to make sure he he got drunk at the Pyongyang High it to happen. I just want to go home, maybe all ok I just want to Burma Mega had to go home with poor DNS Rodman, not re. I have not understood garbage I've ones. Like he's misunderstood there, also people that, just as tough upbringing who didn't become such a pile of trash- that's not it I haven't have filling relationship is with Kim Jong something or other sister. I didn't. I didn't because hey I'm ready her name housing is essential. I hope they have a good relationship, as you know, he's in a coma
why are they showing the greatest generation? This is a good one. Is now our world war, two is corona, virus didn't choose commerce, these are greatly. Stimulation is be grown. A virus and violence is Elsie said with climate change, as I mentioned in my climate changes that our world to I'm pretty sure that in fifty pounds of gear they were pretty toasty. So I'm further probably experience year. One point: six degrees, Fahrenheit entry type of he, also by the way napalm is known to get up there in the temperatures. Yes, Celsius are fair and
does it really matter which system using its more so it's that level of heart, and I hope that you can sympathise lost our caught bright and how do you see anything without wigand is like that, like literally every minute, the ears are like this in my like having you will then have to hear it. I can have a cigar government have become get, none have really get a cigar totally should all Eisenhower spray has presented as a more if some more nineties, trivia re, oh, yes, we do have some more and distribute these. So where does this come from its economy? Tata, I do not intend to virtual brand. Isn't gonna hinders like those, and I would ask for black. We Emily's will jump right. I think Joe Biden said accoutrements out of here. I think you're gonna break out now they didn't they just pages had Westley Snipes from demolition. Man answered service sector, these transitioning Stephen noise,
What was that Red Bandit Stephen actually have an effect, you're a little now now has not another manner. It scared. You mentioned the possibility of ABC doing a town hall with vied, with unsure question at sea. I actually- CNN in the thing with ABC as they try to set one up with violent and binding. Administration, ministries and turned him down. They just didn't have any dates of a word, so I assume it's because of the script clash What else got hurt skiing at as Cardy be through the Euro receiver with Miss Pack man? keep add, or I ll read just go back to your definition of vodka and what else is doing besides running for president, thereby making a pencil you and how can we balance common sense, police reform without sack facing public safety. The time when you no part of the country is calling to define the police and act. We cheering when they're gone down in the street. Then another part is tired of seeing the lawlessness
we have only just hours. Six minutes items drink just for celebration of the fact and Alex Emotional was goes. One first show up and ask a reasonable acquiring pretty much agreed to a lot of Democrats agree to it, but they wouldn't vote for and it was a really good. It was a compromise of a lot of different factors and it get done. Then it should have gotten done. It could still be out. There could still be resurrected very easily, but they just didn't want to do it because- think that democratic view in this is a political issue and I ve the probably agree with them. I think it's very bad for them. Because we're about law and order. We have to be about law and order. Otherwise you gotta see your cities, Berne and That's the way it is. If we can, a plan like terms its plan, which is really those far enough, but it doesn't take Dignan away from our police. We have incredible people, they ve been protecting us for a long time. I mean we hear and I feel very shaping in this room, these a great people. We can't
their dignity away. We have to let them be able to do what they do better than anybody else. So, I think we have to look at it that way, but I feel that kid, so we have out so afraid today that they do something slightly wrong slightly wrong and their pensions on their jobs got. Who knows what happens? Then? Life is ruined. There for their husband will leave the whole thing. It's a very scary thing to do, and then you look at safety. And you look at that? Horrible human being the judge. These two police called blank or right next, just a disgusting and then ran off a look at This is a very tough job and it's very unsafe job is a very dangerous job. We have give them back their dignity and we have to give them back respect. These are great before the most part, there's always gonna be a bad apple,
a business in my bit. The matter is that we have to bear is is room, but you have to do. We have to give the police. You can be sure that we will be very public. Concern is frankly your business, but George. This is a glaring, warmer actually democrat problem. If you just take a look at the list, every Democrat City, almost, not all, also alarming harass. You live right, then, like a worm going to an event that almost every city is run by the Democrats, these people respect. Is I'm eggs years actually look at what you did it's up to one? I think I've wrote this down beforehand, except a demo. Wrote down the cities we have laws we have to go by. The law is not moving in
I find this issue, but the outcome, and I want to get it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that all the major Granby City in an hour definitely question registered. Everybody has that I think it's a Tokyo and orderly nor agreement. Mayor TED Wheeler MC governed. Only Brown Democrat Seattle Mayor Gender can Democrat Governor J immensely out of a liberal democrat. Can OSHA Mayor Democrat Governor Bay, Democrat Washington, Dc Mayor Democrat Atlanta, Georgia, Mayor Democrat? republican governor Brine Camp, who sent in the troops to calm the riot down, and then you had the democratic mayor complain at that point, even though she was calling rubber member Acacia, saying you can't be doing this- you have to stop rioting and then what Hoboken governors that are less than in summer. Citizen troops the right away. How could you do this? Raises a every single majors reality where this is patent, and this is a major and there is no one to blame. Then the president, there are appropriate things to blame in the present their appropriate things that fall under the press
It's pretty, for example, an international peace treaty. Foreign policy is the direct purview of President states rights for ample state police, how they handle these riots in our how they handled cove in what they do with their lockdown states. Have a time me? That's why we have a constitution. That's why we have states rights in this case, You can see the direct contrast of how leftist cities like Seattle, like Portland, like Canosa like areas at Detroit. And see how they have handled these riots, verses, non leftist cities where they have been quelled right away. It's very very clear. You can't blame president drum for what happens in Portland. If it's not happening in the suburbs of Dallas, you can't blame them for what's happening in Seattle. If it's not happening in Tulsa Oklahoma, you need, if you can see it different across the whole country. That means it's not under his purview. What's not different across the entire country is if our country
is at war with another country. What's not different across our entire country is the response is far federal, stockpiling defence productions act to make sure that states have what they need is far supplies. It's very very easy to see what falls under the present purview is. Is the application of law the same across the country. Then its problem, federal issue, if not, if you go home, there's no rhyme arisen portal. Seattle Atlanta, why do they? Second, these red states with major cities? Don't have the same problem, that's because those rights that legal authority has been granted a ton of ITALY to the states as Burke Constitution, which I don't think you people understand because are asking the president is force. People, though I must say TAT, I think everything there trying to pin everything on it tromp. Nobody else has any responsibility. Nancy Pelosi doesn't know. The Democrat does no demand governor does no democrat merit as it's all Donald Trump Fault, and no idea how the system actually works. If you want to see us burn. If you want to see a city have law,
business in a state of lawlessness put Democrats in office who, no balls and will not enforce the law and dangle lots of democratically have will not call for National guard troops when its needed. There are times when that is the appropriate. Portugal response to protect everybody else. Who is not being an asshole that day and they won't get outta over a month for binding, say anything that you still haven't called out. Antiphon black live out, or by name for crying out loud. What are the way has Kemal hairs? Do we now read the Bennett? Has Kemal Harris condemned this shooting of these workers? You wouldn't Jacob Blake right. What about my shooting of deputies in your own state or true busy, locking up felons and extending their stay beyond when they were supposed to be. Let free because you wanted free labour for the state of California. Kemal Harris I don't know: how do you trust your black ass now. Without his black quarter. That I do not mean that I don't trust her with black half. I mean I don't trust that half as black, because you love
but more black people. Then then, what did anyone running in this race as far as directly impact in black people being mass incarcerated in this ratio? Donald Trump give MIKE Bent Joe Biden. Gamala airs one of these. People has had a direct impact, has deliberately proactive push for laws, that of mass incarcerated, more black people than the other. Three. Anyone want to guess. It's the one who claims half blackness, I think she's, the blacklist she's, the real blackmailing you wouldn't. What is the common? What is the common through? I like what we hear the lines, the, what dad. I'm sorry guys had ever example will be it on Youtube, there'll be a Saturday. She is not nor nor have. I think she is one quarter, look at what is the common thread, We often are talking about this in here. The talk with president talks about another votes. Talk about
Why are democratic cities in this particular problem? Is not just the word policies its policies specifically that in every instance choose to not looking for putting community first putting respect for authority. First, trying to actually help these communities, but instead there consistently using policies that we can people the cheap and people that that are creating The patriarchy, if you will of saying you can't do it Yeah you need offers a Jew Annabel. Oh, oh there's, nothing else for you to do what it can agree, any higher and higher aren't you use it is. Are we, each Johnny cotton. We have policies that shit, when people that weaken the report we are made in people they did for. What can I say true? No, these the entire thread, is your cheapening, the lives of any person, regardless of their skin color,
this happens to me that the most likely victim of democratic policies is your black families in Europe. You a hundred percent. That's it particularly if there are you know of You don't you know, Jack and right now, Donald Trump should get on a plane this week, and go to the allay sheriff wherever they, those two people are go and visit them and dare come all Harris and Joe Biden to follow yeah. I dare you to have the balls to be compassionate to people who were salted and a. We saw the videos people people turn a blocking ambulances. I if he gets saw the videos, are the people cheering MA? months after they were shot saying. All they got air out here in Compton or whatever was Crenshaw was a guy. I cannot believe that that is the mentality of people in this world would never if Osama Bin Laden was in that car, I wouldn't
have done that, and I know we argued about that. I, but I would not have been like you're talking to a guy who, within three hours, Osama Bin Laden dying, I uploaded a video of Osama from Hell. No, I didn't I take this now use the wrong silicone adhesive that ruined my pillow case, but that's gonna money because you're nowhere near a sum of enlargement, if you're down the street from somebody getting Charlotte loss, I gotta start because a black man answered, so I go to their local cigar shop. It shall remain nameless for this bell: Ass artists, Madeira, which is unbelievable. By the I it is now actually now, because I actually wanted it was wrecked line of it yet about this, so we can still find out about their two black eyes there, I'm buying, forced to guard and the ideas here, by another one way goes by five next one. Three, his friend goes You got me what was about to gather the area. Goes you want you gotta, give me one of them. Is that this material? That's what I'm better that doesn't it does it sure I bring it up because we
Ok, then I'll tell you what, since you so generous and his friend of get it, because it is obvious that was not easy to find. Those look. Look. Look the buyer twenty! That idea the journal of everything about you must go to this lady judged it. I can't passing since, when I gotta get that voice going pretty forget it We have adopted earlier this year and just take your time, that's funny just twenty or time, I hope right, absolute actor. Did you see my objective we can all it does is to live. Our american dream,
but how the bank has entered the less important, terrible and it's ok, it's ok, she had breast cancer amendment. Such on her brain, born lawns and she passed on. Maintaining one of our biggest dream. What still become acid send to evolve and she'll be fertility maize before she died, I needed to boost is so hard to the way, and I did it this past. Twenty eight We also heard she was supposed we here and ask you and thank you for this day. Stay should take good note of this epidemic. Do may people closer, we lost our job.
What we learn, how to love our family. So I'm saying that no hair, I feel for you. What because she raised this question: what will you do for our immigration? Safe them? Why would you change to many more people like me and like her but a common citizen involved. So we are doing a great deal with immigration and refugee is greatly, would be very strong because we want
the common to our country, people like you by the way red and like your mother, you can bring us up. Another Venus is especially when you have another going on when we have a hard for a short time to the likely to dying problem. Breast cancer has taken its view and at all times, but I come from a country where people have no more people who arrive depressing engine. I've ever known, lotta people, buyers legal entities to see a lot more sobs stories like that. It's important to note when the let's try to trot something in this case it wasn't politicized when they did at any time to talk about healthcare going what why do you want to make health care away from people where you will have a multiple and of examples of that story? Hundreds lies healthcare and I'm assuming a mom, probably isn't that young to be something that is so in a place like this where we do actually rash and health care. They would say you know what you will lived a good life, because I can imagine a homo,
and sounds like a great woman and I'll tell ya. Now she- and I mean it- you effort wartime, tired to death rate, that's not of civic breast cancer rate, but we have those dad's. If you go back and watch or socialized healthcare video, it was somewhat between two point: five to four times specifically for breast cancer, and so many people and they die alone. They die alone, because this is such a vicious thing. You can't go there and whole there and you can give me a kiss good night. It's a terrible, terrible thing, and hopefully the vaccines are going to be very soon. Hopefully did you have covered, you didn't, have a drive, you didn't have it. Mother well I have taken care of it's going to get taken. Care of the vaccines are going to make a big difference, one has made a big difference is renowned survey in playing around. We have we'll have many things: Donald Trump sinners european when we meet Jack and in fact they did not yet hasn't linking the care of doing he's. Trying to me wouldn't be is consolidated. Empty exactly into this woman extension,
doing with a nation Annabelle right where we were told. At that point we can be two point: five billion. Does it actually in a certain way, is more important actually, where you can go into our spittle and get mother and give her a transfusion or shot, and they can get better get better. Much faster, so we have some of those things and they ve been very, very successful, but we have others coming out and to get them. We have to get the FDA to approve this product. It all very sophisticated medicines, and I guess you could call a medicine, isn't burning hurriedly and symbol of private consumers of adjustment quitting. Although the government can do is approved hard work or you disapprove the hard work of the private sector. They don't come up with the cures. They don't come up with the treatment they can just give it up he's your thumbs up or thumbs down. That's it. They have more power, even though they create and contribute less feed with. Always, the question is: is it being done safe?
We ve gotta take another way round. Yes, why our on ring on leading? Wasn't the question you gotta being done safely? Oh really, columns like he was. Talking to whose mom died. He was trying to give her home and by the way he is actually acting on those policies, operation, warp speed and the CEO of Pfizer just demands. That said, we will know by October if the vaccine works and Kemal AIR said she wouldn't take it anyway It's a false argument. Every one of these, I have said we will not rush the trials. We will go through the process that were supposed to go through, and yet the left is trying. Say the Donald Trump is pushing the FDA to approve treatments that don't work and that not ready for public consumption and then not her out to be like. I can't believe you wouldn't take the vaccine. I can't really done I would say that I can't believe somebody else right say that in the public I have no idea Why then, to go? Well, it's gotta, be then say
We will judge you understand. We have to trust the experts and by experts we mean someone like Voucher, who hasn't practised medicine in this century and not people who have actually developed hundreds. If not thousands of life saving drugs and life improving treatments, we trust the guy who talks for a living and who has actually treated patients or created any drugs policies that that was a reasonable timeline. Fancy actually came out and said: yes, I've been so, of course you did all the time. So I guess what I did. What I find most credible about this is that when they're saying President is going to rush these vaccines out, ok, whose making the vaccines, businesses, what happens when businesses rush out of axing that doesn't work their stock tanks, people get fired, gnashing of teeth in their wives kill them. I mean, the company was just jump visit, walking down to the lab gimme that backs ain't. You know what you know how it works. It is I'm giving analogy deal how when you go to deem the for example, went to the envy they said, and so there was nothing
Where can you actually was really nice and help me out? You have to have two pieces of no idea, then you have to have something with your social security number on it. They tell you they used to tell you tear up your social. Can regard. Remember your number up, so I brought in my tax returns of my ex idee. Nobody said this, isn't your soul security number. I said what this extra tax. Idee number. I said you assholes calls that on the form is clearly my social security number running your little social security system. You see that you'll see right. That's my number! What operation Then you have to go into another line right to then get a different picture taken self. What operation warp speed, as is our right, listen, will accept or two I d number and guess what? Instead of two lines, you can get it done in one line or we can give you both sheets of paper to fill up. That's an operation works because it just making sure that things are happening simultaneously, so that you dont get held up and the bureaucratic process, because when you actually look as the into how much time it takes to develop a drug and bring it to the market, and sometimes it can't be brought because it might give someone is Tommy it that's. What right to try is the right
experimental, medicine inviolable, not talk about giving people, boys and bills which are not giving we'll pills are giving communication has been relatively proven, but hasn't made it through this. Unbelievably slow bureaucratic process, that's what warp speed nothing's going to get approved without the same standardized. Requirements being met its that it takes way too long to get a life saving drugs on the market It's amazing to me that they want to act like you. Just gonna throw caution to the wind and again you know it. Sugar pale get dead at granted up granted outlets basic. Comma militarism is a long process. There's a long line of businesses that are trying to get their various. For various important things and what they have said. One of the key things is just this: is the priority, would remove it to the top and align figs earthquake the basque people onto didn't get as much of it does Well, it's not like these stopped doing other work on other projects and other potential gears they're. Just saying: hey guys
you like. This is the important. Why our end? So you know it, you get troubling organ the new HIV pails at the black guy and the threat of her hair kind. Did you say I love you? You not move fast enough, you're moving. It goes back to that question. Seven up was ass, really is DE or anything that you could have done differently. Well, if I had known different things, perhaps I think what you probably want to be asking the question of his age Cuomo and his that sentence for seniors Governor Whitman, her with numbers, Whittemore Whittemore, is the worst as far as I know, because she was sending young people with Waiting around nursing homes, Pennsylvania, sixty eight percent nursing on death, Canada, eighty percent new york- we know it's We over fifty seventy percent depending on the numbers. It usually have those numbers from your we nothing from Michigan,
I had to see one more sign in my home state of Michigan. Thank you, Governor Whittemore, for keeping a safe. No, no grandma got run over by a Whittemore. Ok with her sent young people with carbon into all folks arms because she thought no one's gonna look in them, so she could save latin look: I've got to go to the hospital. Evil is growing old, folks homes. People die out there all arm again looking to grant seizures the world's little as dictatorship is just ass. She is, I don't throw this word around the left. As about everybody, winner is absolutely. Little fascist, how she's a little miniature fascists, and sometimes it makes me question the founders friendly reconstitution when it still allow someone like Governor Whittemore to come into power. Maybe Jefferson was wrong about shit, because Whittemore should be key. All figured only not literally figuratively, not literally. I just want to be clear that if a black lives matter aggregate, I can say that literally, I hope she gets given the figurative late, meaning I just wanted to be kicked out machine servants to references to kill whole. What's the obsession with fire
It's a very interesting way to torture, someone. It really is: let's go to that of that operators Does the commission? I am sorry My question is what has been the most difficult part of your presidency and what have you learned from it? three one question, I would say, because things were going so well, I think I have to say the whole covered that China viruses. I call it because we have no Sheridan areas drink. It's it's been very difficult, it's been so sad. One example. Talking to you about your mother, it's just such a sad situation. We're getting there, we will give it away. I was about to say particularly conservative, because you spreading it's been like this problem: the lessons nitrogen amounting locked out of repaying again
I learned that life is virtually from looking forward to at home a paper by a loving family, their capital. They got knocked out by age. You died six people, whose five until about two weeks ago, now it six but I've, That life is very fragile, because these were strong. People and all of a sudden they were dead. They were gone and it was therefore thought it was the of a country that could have stopped it and I'm a great trade deal with China, anyone it we all, I feel,
do you know what it was your mom? It's a good idea. It was good for the photos for ninety factors, shyness view. The same way was good for us, the stuff, but it was only because yes, the Prodi said I think, that's what I heard that really could have been stopped at the border could use when only allowed, to throw him off the bridge. I got things never. This is America like closing up the country. I think I save to maybe to let some of their lives. I really don't think so. I think we did a very good job. I dont know that's been recognised. We ve made a lot of governors, feel good weed, some reputation, ITALY, we ve, enhance their reputation. They didn't have they think we got him to supplies. We got him the ventilation. We made a lot
people. Look that shouldn't look good to be honest with you were at a time. Mr President, thank you for your and my thanks to all the questions and thanks to all of you at home, for watching have a good night just to be clear that really weren't all that many people watching at home, outside of etc. So you're welcome and ABC this remark by the way, but we I guess we were supposed to drink and the last one, because he did do another misleading. If he said it was Europe that's what I heard you guys back as they do so they gonna do didn't pull up. One statistic: earlier, then let us not. We do have a costume contest. When are we going to do the nineties theme? So I am curious to see how many people send it. Ain't, gonna, closets, they're, going to be great and by the way Thursdays scene with Joe Biden is going to be insane asylum, the mental ward so get year. I get you get your jungle of friends began round the e
I don't, I don't believe in real real true. I looked on globally, Washington Post. They have a database of police killings or you can sort by all different reasons raises, etc, whatever maybe really the last straw, while in some sometimes yeah, like some literally says in their like wheeled knife, at your ran it officer or life, going to that kind of thing. So Yes, it doesn't say, and that was justified. It just rare backtrack in that, if you shortly racing. Look at Black DAS by police officers for with, in all factual circumstances, the highest number in the last five years is twenty, if the under a bomb of black people killed. I please ask yes for all regions, whether armed unarmed, for whatever reason for whenever cause it's under
but what I was probably when the blacklist matter riot started at that point. Remember, and then we went into the Dallas shooting. Wasn't that wasn't the Dallas shooting and twenty fifty I dont remember the exact year salaries it was even before down trot was president sounds closely. The entire question is, if the eve we're looking at a troll presidency, that is fomenting war violence than ever before. Her was it the more black people died by police under about and nodded adding tried vainly, maybe like always Bush. He had seven years to get to that area exit. You know I I I understand you're asking this sort of energy to rhetorical question, but I you know I wouldn't put a past a to a greasing. The the chief chief, Yours palms a little bit of noise. Would that make us aware of your life? You are saying in recent times, because there are fewer black eyes around than ye doesn't seem so by racial.
Oh he's like the token yeah. Ok, so like token, our here yeah yeah, yeah yeah, played like I'm, not sure what online magazine hangs out neurotic Obama, assisted in committing genocide against black people, because he wanted to be the most black person left. But it's like Highland, no, yeah, I'm not saying that he Dick was it's it's not like. I wonder why I think the hairs giving due Stephen cutting off salad and, as you know it, you know how at fault Brok Obama is for that about is at fault, is Donald. Trump. Is for Blake being shot. When is violating an arrest warrant being taste, I dont think that Iraq Obama was followed for them. To mount a black people shot by cops in twenty seven, I do think that Barack Obama was certainly had felt ass. He was he was who created the wedge between black and white, because he was out he came in as a president, it had to be the first black president He had to write it on this wave of its time.
Time and then we will go out, he had to say hey by the way, just because we had a black president like me, doesn't just because we had a black man at the high office in the land in this country doesn't mean that isn't a ceiling you in this country, most notably the highest office in the land and by the way that everyone is racist and everyone a sexist may present you, your next Canada, Hillary Clinton. So I do think that Veronica Obama was responsible for beef. A wedge that divided this country along racial lines. Because less look you talk about a guy who, what was crushed under bow, I believe at Harvard was done, was Derek Bell. His first name, a black liberation geologists, a guy who believe in March this theory, Barack Obama. If you look at one was doing cocaine with bill airs convicted domestic terrorist. They were writing. Communist potions is a man who believed in that he was deep in it for its entire life, and so it is identical politics. I think he's responsible for that. Do I think that we can lay the blame at the feet of Obama for more black people. You know it's a fact shot
police and that you're twenty fifteen than any other year. No, I dont, and we have to be fair. Of course you can Blame Donald Trump for that either at now does now that's given, because what their state police parliament's right. You have municipal police. These are things that are for the are. They are different. If you look at how police handle crimes, if different from department to department from County too county. What is similar across the board, something that can be directly affected, The president of the United States is the overall, black unemployment rate at record low. The overall black labour occasion rate, which was high the overall black wage growth, which was consistently across the board. It wasn't just happening in Dallas suppose the Seattle it was happening across the country. That is something that would fall under the purview of the present and something that he could directly affect. He can't decide with the Canosa p d does with her
local municipal tax dollars in dealing with offend, will and not only that, but you ll have to look at the question of the reason why these statistics, taking their from every municipality, shares department, release of harmonizing I got your whether run by Republicans Democrats, the governors of the mayor's, but also the police. Please remember how many minutes already police chiefs have been run out, during the last sixty days as being complicit in the violence and death of african Americans or other people when, in reality, look at how many of those different folks were in charge during at the local level that we actually have power over. Those policies actually happened to be either Democrats support of Denmark, or people color. It actually erases the narrative that this is a race question and more about a training course. End or the reality, which is when you separate out the what the armed attackers or the situations and where is unclear and the persons acting in a dangerous manner.
And you get really down to the question of. Is there just portraying This is not to say that none of those death may not have been possibly racially motive. Of course? Where is the evidence? We have seen a video up yet the closest thing that we have seen too an attempted public lynching was a man firing a to police officers at point, blank range, your window. It's not! close range not even comparable to Blake too I was named gigantic too proud to Floyd. Even if you take them one we're everyone agreed with Floyd that was horrible train the place after should have done it. It still is nowhere near the point. Blank attempted execution. What you would say that would be close would be obviously the Portland uterus and we gotta Trumpery here, but that's not really law enforcement right find me any. Let's compare that Portland! Ok Portland the shooter? The guy was later taken out by police officers. We gotta number here: Bang Bang Bang killed the guy. We I know from security footage that he was stocking lets the clause, thing that we have, which got far more
our national media Canosa Cow Rittenhouse that I was being chased by other people with guns, saying get him, then he fired a warning shot and he was running away. So, even if you compare those two is clearly one is an execution and one is at the absolute First, a scenario where could shouldn't have been there now, let's compare. Let's look at Floyd Blake I'll, take what we got fly: Blake Brown Prude, Them take any videos and compare it to the LOS Angeles deputies who were fired at point blank range one is, clearly in execution entirely. The only thing that I could possibly not about them is that they want to see God. That's it you, but you know the cops, what Jacob like sex offenders, This is all right of work, violating the restraining order against the woman that he previously sexually assaulted. What do we know about flawed
The officers were really nice tomb, compassionate. If you watch that full tape, saying hey, listen, just get in the back of the car I'll stay with, you will roll down the window I'll turn on the air they found out. He was on TCP prude was also on pc, be they put in a spit who had which, when we go to the mug love exclusive, ratchet gonna play games, you house, but I can of bark and all that there is a lot more information that both parties new, which made it a volatile situation with the loss, Angeles deputies, the only thing that guy news cops, bang, Bang, Bang, killed Finally, one instance wanted semi a video of something is clear: cut of black eye boom boom boom execution. I haven't seen it I don't believe it exists, but if you say to me- and it's just as clear I will- I will shouted from the rooftops and condemn it. You haven't seen it what you said something about the president's. I'm gonna go a little tougher on Obama needed. There was a person that
in a position to say something that no other. President up until that point could have said when we had travelled Martin when we had hands up. Shoot when we had. All of these incidents were happening. He could have said guys. I know it's frustrating betray VON was beating crap out of somebody guys. I know it's frustrating, but he took tried to take the gun from police officer, after robbing a convenience store. He deserved like to note that already did say about trade on it s, like my son, I could get my sanity all comes down a thriving larger onto down to those skin color The aid we can, we can't be with details and bickering about is so to do. He confirmed it for the black community. Yes, they are out to get you. I am the president of the United States and yes, I am agree, if you they are out to get you. He said the tones re were experiencing a right. Continue this. After all, we're gonna go to Moscow, but first let a coup
that the aliens your question accoutrements Macleod, yeah where's from acount metallic where's affronts, actually Joe Biden First attempt to pronounce the name of then Senator Brok, Obama, blackmailing intimate, and we actually having a costume when, let's see the austrian winter, perfectly look watch all I have. Little monitoring measures leading to meet infirm, pretty small, it's pretty small. This is the spit hood. This isn't actual hood for the spit can I murmured? Are you now get away? colleagues, as you know, that our aid, well yeah Nick Nickel, Mary is a power danger. Is that the galleys, the ranger I'll, go heroines the gay willingly rainwater aggregating oranges, that Green Ranger had a knife that also acted as a flute? How do you This was not a reliable. My life was when you, so everyone was. How does he know this
what do. I know there's no everywhere, because generally that sixty paragraph- you don't cry, I was I didn't, have the money is paid out here and my parents took us to Plattsburg New York because we will let us go. Cavy joys and pick out one caveat what you'd want to powering toys, and I wanted the Green Ranger flute. That was also a nice. If you guys remember me Jerry S. Let's go you're part of the greatest generation, and I really appreciate that. Let me finish with your whole life and we couldn't afford the power of yours, and so my parents got me remember that these delicate terminator hand. Oh yeah, like this, we had the it was like these our traffic, so they called
to that I would tie in determinator to just like the David. If you think it was not, a sequel toy suddenly got those instead of the power eight years as always, but I remember, I really wanted the Green Ranger knife that was also a flute turns out. It wasn't actually function a flute, even as a toy, is still too likely in real life about as functional as it was as a knife, stealing greater worrier musician. He resisted all right. Listen! A promo code is crowded Trump straw, and if you entered in Laos, gotta come slash, mug club, you get twenty dollars after midnight. We be here a great deal on Thursday for Joe Joe Biden. I think that one that may be more entertaining that guy's gonna be out of his mind, going to invite who stopped machine I pooped suited but for right now we are actually going to play what the spitting game spitting game. What is called a spit? Take I forgot its. Split up
the only right now just deal with. We appreciate you, but it's time you had me baby piss off Youtube
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