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Dave Chapelle & Tucker Carlson CANCELED?? Screw the Woke Mob!


The woke mob is now after Dave Chapelle and Tucker Carlson, and we're telling them why they can screw off. Plus, the DOJ is targeting parents for the crime of ... protesting at school board meetings? #DaveChappelle #TuckerCarlson #Netflix

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Other audio prisoner there's a rash of the duke of it around the office door? some people are missing, but they're all fine, just until they tested positive negative. I don't No, but I know that I actually lick the fork of token now and on Thursday and nothing's hat So I guess it makes me sad. Essentially super human, or I have no idea the point as they will have Fevers, like cough and that's much like today shown joy. by the power of crowd or shop. Tis, true
Those cool threads. Wouldn't you like to know is a mystery. The crowd. I think you'll be pleasant ways Robert Shaw, Burnham delicious, I guess I have little moroccan mint dirty today,
which I didn't know, is a thing, but I saw babble fans Also. They had high concentration of Jews outside of Israel at one point babble and something about making this Sicilians black tat a little more and more history for your luck in the world and how to get rid of that. We have a lot to get to today. Look fire, Tucker, Karlsson or was cancelled. Tucker curls and I can't problematic ice. Both was trending, of course, cancelling dealership they. What look people use that term cancel culture? I want to talk about this today. Let's I've never really likes it turn, because it someone trying to coin it. like Macgyver, Sir Magua peoples that you're some people who are just really today. No conservatives who want what's best for America with cancel culture, but really talking about with Dave Chapelle with Tucker Karlsson. Is people dont like them and they want to get them, Irish and they want them to lose their livelihood and people misconstrue, what happens with tape? Chapelle right, they say see, there's no cancel. Culture has a special. That's because he's one of those
Well, if a comedy writers of our time, the concern is what happens to people who are not Dave Chapelle, who are not Tucker Karlsson in the comedy clubs who maybe at local networks who never get on a national platform thats the issue: it's about the bear you're too entry in people sort of misconstrue that with the folks were at the top and even though the subjective Chapelle did Tucker Crossing, did it's really not that bad, no notes and its cells case funny it. really a haven. Let me introduce general, they are you want I am, I feel, like I missed the boat guiding it to earn. My you know, immunity is at an indigenous peoples, joke no, no I'll you well. I miss. I hope that our box blanket ah well I'll, send you one.
thank you very much centuries before germ theory, don't know how that rumour got started but has taught in schools will get to that too. In a little bit, because the FBI deodorant and investigate you, parents have, you complain, PDA, meeting, scooter thought rightfully so a quarter blacker, he alone is still around you're a good dad. I am a fourth metaphor. The way what else we heard gratulation. Thank you. I thought you larks down there where you closed up up. No, no, no, I mean we after this nose, assuming snip snipping, snip, snip there really old soul or taint. I just got a New York where this can scare yea. I down there. I ruined I ruined Christmas dinner in Reno, where a guy, as I have said to me, you needed his wife I do need some ice Knesset yeah need to put our need to put our froze. Bag appease on that taint and he said, No more turned to actually really sorry. I don't care about them. Just come on, grow up
that day I give you haven't he's the one who is a friend did at Trinity here metal well whatever ever since I was an adult If you do so, you haven't got half a dozen pairs of shoes. Pants hanging in Nicaragua, name movie line people out there and Dave Landau is here how user Hoy I'm good grades. You can be in Orlando this weekend. Yes, that's correct this weekend and he just announced it is having a baby. So I was also on a fishing show. Very nice. Orlando avoid the night clubs yeah. I hear the wealth you like to go day. I hear there a blast, but you really don't want to take where I do not want to do these booty shorts and all this ecstasy, I'm sure you'll find something fourth year that I will grant by the way, I don't think that, if we had us today is actually national com,
yeah, great uber. So how can we down with the upper? Well, you can have from this person. However, we said now. This is any deviance in that committee. I think I'm sitting on a super off without a senior what's funny about that person. To is that she was born a woman transition into a male to do drag some of what I would you couldn't just I feel that this is the kind of crap Freud shuffling papers. I don't have a forum for this. Second English. You still wanted to bang your mother, not only a little more natural, stop that didn't lump this image alive, like you, ve got July, take the home than did. I understand they wanted it close to hallowing, so they would have an excuse stairs so many gay days, ok and I'm not just and I'm not
you're talking about boxing day in Canada, where you get a fake discount, there's what they're so there's an azure when I allow myself things yes, port at one end of waiting, a port, a body and ally, there's vice you old, international, bisexual. They then there's by visibility day, which sure within there's, no international gay awry coming out day, there's some legal, its with Martin Luther king. It makes sense, Martin Luther King, that ok on the map is a forefather really or you could. but certainly one of the catalyst of the modern civil rights movement can vote. That's absolutely fantastic! Great. I understand why celebrated? Let's not compare that to your preference of friction or I make up. Let's cancel Christmas. We must cancel Chris no by the way I am over driver. I don't have to tell us it's slow Newsday, so I had an upper driver who I got in one time after a place where we often guns are you and I get into
but when I look at sea all these Christmas lights, cyclical red velvet everywhere- and I look up front- there's fake snow, and the over driver is Santa Claus. Ah I mean a real I'm. Ok, I'm taking you to my address, and I say yes, sir, he goes and don't for I swear to you goes this. Wasn't me April theirs, We two hundred and sixty three more days into princess, monsieur this guy is Daniel Day Louis thing over and then before I leave, he goes well. Thank you for the pleasant we ended up. Talking offended goes out. He does this part time to going cruises with his wife he's retired eyes. I love the end of a living. He goes. Thank you are enjoying the conversation. Stephen. I hear You ve been a very good boy. That's like I just want to fundamental that home life is over there,
the goals of Adam. That's all I want I want. I dare I want him, my only rhubarb, I request a long story short died in a horrible drinking and drank not milking what ya. Then he was dipping. Yes, he was so obscene wheeler region, barracks and cared for the reindeer, but he's got stuck. I got in a car with a woman, she was driving amazing and, as you are, the wife's driver I've ever seen and she's a gaze to be a boy day, and then she got home. So we have a lot to talk about today. Look there stairs They talk about right now. Merk was upheld, a treat carnivores nausicaa for five minutes, and I know that the joke confounded me snubs foreign move onto this apparently left on Tik Tok MRS lives on Tik Tok has sorted this great. These things have once again kidneys. Cancelled another offensive term. A national issue,
national, coming out day, ears at national ivory, its national International National National coming out day. Well, you know what a queer. Surely it should be? The next thing you know: there's gonna be queers without borders in the Middle EAST, it's just in who day for hunting there, why they don't celebrate these holidays more flying. Yet it's true. They get a test travelling enough. They invite you to the rooftop for a complimentary yoga us examples that show I may give you James can write off of it. It s position is dutch our toes. It's called sorted, Vigo, yes greatly! You parts. A new word is being cancelled now and Tiktok guys
Let's talk about the use of guys as a gender neutral term for a lot of transgenic folks being referred to in this way triggers they are just for you, then people will say. Oh I got all my friends guys, even my girl. What are your sis friends did not experience the trauma of well being conditioned into a gender that is not theirs for me. I have stop saying it because I realise how much importance of de gendering our language, language matters and the words that we use in form the way we see, thereby creating literally studies on this saga, Saunders late, like guys to be gender neutral and non girls, are ladys. This fuels the narrative that man is default, and this is the core of the patriarchy look. You can use whatever words you aren't you part of that have to consider their impact, and if someone tells you that the language you are using is no Jennifer allows this investment interval thrilled. I think that says a lot about your okay and a couple of things
I use the term guys all the time k and some of the Romans, and that includes women. If it's only women, I will say gals or lady lady, but the idea here is that, because of the trauma of ok, look here consolidation, but I think they are we. But I know people who attempted suicide if people are tempting suicide because of a Dave Chapelle Special or of people have to spend thousands of dollars on a psychiatry, because you walked into a room with mostly guys and use the term guys me. Maybe you're not mentally stable. I understand the Irish, then you can take a dump a target and not at Walmart, and this is as bad as the euro. The treatment of chinese internment camps right and the Japanese and the true, but look this aside rate, isn't as high in America
slaves. It wasn't drew them a holocaust. You can look it up. So if you think that the only reason, the depression, the anxieties of mental health issues, the suicide is so high because someone used the term guy is maybe too that might be physically, I think, they're coming after Neil Armstrong Next, because when he landed on the moon, he said for all mankind in man, rational yeah. Maybe just I guess we just areas that are of a gun today was alien. Pan sexual booty shore to partake of dumping drops a little rainbow flag in it. There the moon! You figured, I think you. I ve called guy. If you have Martin Scorsese his eyebrows about Lord their work, it's just how you address people, it's nice,
However, I do it to two other guys it. This is just such an insane way, though, to restrict all language and to be offended by literally everything, hey guys, I'm supposed to believe that someone's going to David Carotene themselves, because I walked into a room and says: hey Buddy. That was more about pluck out. It was a pleasure thing, I'm so maybe they will well. That's all that's left, a good way to found in Thailand closets, yet a piglet somewhat questionable! Because we're going to get this house gave it to you that the government is now targeting parents, we, the summer of love, we're ain't that we blockers marijuana. No, are you aware, other d, o j that they're gonna be targeting in investigating parents for speaking but these governing the here's? What then here's my challenge to anybody find me I've been looking all morning, I'm not saying that its incorrect. I make mistakes Mogadishu later today from a whopper last week I
not seen one act of violence from a parent teacher at these meetings? What they're so many the rats Ah I deserved, but it hasn't happened, we'll see about that. If, if it just threats that my twitter than my twitter at reply should be an FBI has to hate crimes do all right. So I want to get before that D Artagnan celebrities here this is just it was just to delay. Not a lot more steadiness, the ironies actually irony actual, Dave Battista for people who don't remember back in October, twenty twenty unanimous showing for buying hares and are you advocating, obviously for big government on gun control. So this is him then reset. My fellow gunners Joe Biden is pro second amendment. He wants gun reform, abandoned assault rifles and voluntary buyback of assault rifles owned. I won't even given the fact that progress in order to solve was a laser blaster from our individuality, and this is here this would save lives. I dont need over
compensate with an our fifteen, a lawyer right to barons. Ok, first, a few something only just address real and we'll get to we'll get to the point of this, because always complaining about something that he didn't foreseen. When people say I don't need to compensate with an air fifteen Every guy in a wheelchair has a small, Dick we women, compensating to avoid being carrying raped in Inglewood, California, it's the stupidest, you know, carries more than you have the champions we ve had the monitor with bullshit and talk to us is that everyone wants to pull up and pull up and test us. He's really on the street? Of course, I'm not going to fight somebody. It's a liability, I'm all along defend myself, the fire, you D, better. tough. You are our not tougher than either multiple attackers or an attacker with a weapon. It's not in saving right is not compensating like taking steroids and go out there and tell I wonder how tough you are. It's a special important for women
people who may not be able to afford the end of our dosage that you do exactly. Why would you take one of the most effective firearms and say no, because it so effective? Isn't that the point I know it's royal go baby that wasn't with a vaccine they had aversion to with works out. Let's do bird shut for everybody here, so you can pick your attack or off further yeah, exactly Unifil, Gabriel, shall, with coins that I found out of town Enough Movie, Lillian yea somebody fire that no wrong area of Hollywood with all the no to the around look run. Winning change show king. You would do the parliamentary year indian area. So I d register these is lethal weapons. Well, that was a sex offender. Reacts wrong registry also had to hold them up. When you notified all your name, that's Joe, but I did bring them apply with hair and a very nice. So this is what,
right, you can be safe with a voluntary buyback while he wanted to make a beta his guns, our research mandatory, going back like Australia, but here's the thing the issue right is: once you give government control, look at the assault weapons Bane of ninety four. It became nothing but bureaucratic red tape. This was legal pistol, grip, illegal, just little cosmetic differences to try and make it hard for gun manufacturers and, and pop jobs to be able to provide you with the means to defend yourself. The main issue is an infringement of our rights, but it also it's another big government bureaucracy who of course use this power to infringe on your rights, but I didn't see that coming and now I think this one up just this week and he's pissed about big government. Red tape and regulation tears, but these do not have a riddle, riddles mystery and I need help with a cat figured out how many bureaucrats does it take. the grant and powerful citizen of Tampa like myself, you just call him seven,
author deal with people who have meetings to set other meetings deal with people who give me a list of stuff to do just like and take them So they can give me another list of stuff to do. Do thousands of dollars on permanent I've spent forty grand last week on a wire. What do I have to do to get power from the city well? First off, you should learn what a riddle is Those like hey, would you like a guy like riddles, is if we can get an idea for breakfast. I don't know eggs rats, but they don't bury survivors, idle nodding and others, rather than just a statement that there is nothing I that's again from stupor yeah yeah.
The guy from guardians of the gallows at hit film, the honorary citizen, as he said, how would it take for an awful citizen? Did you mean to say lawful, citizen, awful scripts, awful cigarettes, awful wrestling offline, adaptable area that it was the guy thought it was you? I hate, go on no you're, absolutely right, while these awful we This is the same guy who doesn't need a gun to compensate? What look? What we're? Ok, you don't in Egypt wanting generators right. Why? Just now Twas family Robinson. That's doing this are getting to peddle ray what what you need this for power ease or tools just like. firearms! These are tools to make your life safer, to make your life more efficient, and I agree with you. You shouldn't be having to deal with a bunch of bureaucratic red tape of its on your own property. Hey, look! You can come over here, our side. You just can't decide when it vignette for you that my wife, if coming out of let's say surgery in a wheelchair, doesn't have the right to have an assault rifle which, by the way, what
Gloody Walter PDP with over ten round magazines, while you would be illegal because the magazine that so let's just what should we can study, must be consistent about an awful citizen. I don't think you should have the opportunity to continue firing peoples even after seven, if you can't hidden within seven. Yes, then, Just tough luck like they were before January, in a movie with guns in it you don't say only movies with Guns- were that's exactly the wrong simply, and I must tell you the actual movie character, but you're kind of pro gun all the time on general there's, no there's no wrong com: how to lose a Battista in ten days. It's pretty easy, just cut off his testosterone supply like the bane mask risks of all citizens and all lawful
longer horseradish laugh all I'm into first alley from its tendrils. What an ass I love! We draw the line like the second amended, the thing that can actually cause a society to crumble, Australia and he's like mineral until about power from this baby, I'm gonna, buy back in Australia Risky put our arm my gosh. This is, but this is out of touch. These people are look. I have this I think it was on sky NEWS, where a man said he was Anti gun. I believe most kind is a maiden babysit you can. Try was originating in on you too, and by the way, you will notice that you too really quickly. Have you noticed that Youtube is no longer an actual search engine? I can try and search for something specific, very smooth like. I was searching for a very specific coffee maker, the other day for a townhouse that might end stead of that it showed all.
He's, videos from channels it I'd previously watched. It may be coffee related. I couldn't find a review on the coffee that used to like it is no longer an actual search engine. It's just an algorithm. It's just curated based on what they think you want. It has ceased to fulfil its original purpose. Try on the second pillar. Let me know search for something specific search for, like aren't even mean using me, like Stephen Credit, abortion, but search for. Now I can apply in review or like die. something react, something very specific. You will only find. Maybe too, the Google in general has that doesnt work is a search engine. It isnt working to sort it out like page too, which is what will happen if you search for chairs are going to see ads for months every website you radiators just gonna, be like paper. Would you like chairs chairs Gerald areas? Hofer? Did you see the Christopher raves one there's an eye. Four knows that Google page was Christopher Wren birthday, even though, and it was like he was blowing Google now
let alone the deodorants, googling, that's the much Fettes so either one is so incredibly tone deaf or they have the best sense of humor. I can figure it out, I'm like it's, it's either hilarious, so they have no idea. What to do. The hours just are raising stallion gather all their Lord or an enemy written in horse jumps. The first serves no matter what you search for is all the pretty horses. Ok, oh by the way you can follow us uninstall, grammar and Tiktok, where the chickens behind us, but we have another profile there now playing by the rules that make you and you can hit the notification bell. If you want to watch the show, but the best way to tune in every Monday through Thursday. We're like ten m. Even It's a slow newsday. We have a lot that we can talk about. Has anyone with you I will take your chat of course, later and marketing and were actually didn't have time. For today we are going to read in full on Magua business, this right, from a transgender comedian, beautiful and brave dahlia bell, criticising chapels comedy
so we'll talk about it to sell abroad either national coming out. It was thanksgiving I'm no there's no way of Columbus Day, as opposed to sorry, it's energetically in later people, which are neither where we should have an assignment, is almost everything that you believe that Columbus is wrong. Now, talk about native Americans. I've talked about how we actually tried to buy Manhattan. How much we take them. It is look you don't even like this, but all the method that Colombia, kidnapping, girls and making them rape slaves it it's just. Not true and that's a good example. What's been taught in our schools when you look a contemporary, sources with Christopher Columbus Luck, no one's perfect, but he's not the monster he's been made out to be almost breathing you ve read is incorrect in its written by people with an agenda after Columbus had lived and
Things are not objectively. Actually, they checked for legitimacy so limited That's my dad. You lay those I'm sorry to have to say I do love the fact that we are celebrating a man who got lost. Yes It is good that we have achieved a lot of women is like I've got a new way to get to India right that way, that's what's hilarious. Is there called Indians because he just were like eyes is where I am must be easily trying to cover. These are also in the area of common guys there every what you know, myths that he was trying to prove the world wasn't flat some people, something believe that that's never to answer. You go way back to the greek state and believe that the world was flat. That's not why Did it Johnny boys less than two percent now yet Johnny boys last year? That is rather that moment not a helicopter goin up. He says once he gets a helicopter and you can do the experiment hereby voice. Let me look at in the sky and saw that everything was round and agreed with definite Americans, which I know who you are old and praising.
Harold and frankly, the indigenous indefinitely enduring aboriginal in Australia Rise offensive in North America. Can't do that here that doesn't what do they call black people and Australia collaboration? Americans Eskimo, don't they call them African Australia monopoly Africans didn't Aberdeen on Africa, I don't think they call him. I don't know. I really dont use any Canadians at that point the ethical Monday S, Ok, now I did Herblay black people there, though it anyway, it's more by choice, though right, Now I mean it was a penal code of news, a screen all right area they were they sent. I forget that they said there
synergistic about directly we oughta Kangaroo Bree, let send into a warm weather in beaches. That'll teaches also spiders and snakes and cracked and sharia thing in those giant spiders or not in what have dinner player in everybody's. Ok with them. Now we're like that's just our pet winkie feeling quite rightly, and needs a crazy the brazilian wandering spider can buy. I've talked I've taught you much. Minorities can bite you causing pragmatism until death. For those I don't know yes, pragmatism is raging erection Sophie. When I say why are you here spiders? Well, let me tell you why, because a spider that bites you vineyard, Dick until it x and kills. You know I don't they irrational Stephen. It opens up in the inside of a right now
just using the wandering spent. It will bring us up on my club for I grab for like India. They earn a case. I know it. I never read this year, but its brazilian. It's not here, you're, not there. It's ok, ok, you gotta, get it from the cause it worthy using before that. That's good about a pharmaceutical talk about his fear of a brasiliano. They sure I travel and biomass gets we have not been finance, is what love every night to be free. I have every right to be afraid of ITALY wanderings, but is there not small big enough you're? What size matter? If it kills you by breaking your dick it at this level that we have not brought his absolute you, the brazilian wandering spider and then there's outside of, oh Paul, I've talked about this snake island. You guys wonder what it is it just in Ireland of snakes, it's an island of snakes. It something like nine snake. Snakes per square metre here just exists as an island and the only reason we can't destroy snake island. I'm sorry I'm getting often attend, and you have talked about this before, but it really bothers me have nightmares about this stuff is because, while there are some
endangered species that only their endangered species that only just and snake island. If we destroy the second we're not destroying snake island, because we might disrupt the ecosystem of snakes who live exclusively on snake island them all and they really firebomb this is why I have said: burn down the rain forest Jack. I don't give a rat's replacement, Robin Williams back and firm Golly Road burnt down no you're right, Snick Island, not cool, now of a vaccine, video footage- and it's like- I don't even know how the cameras got their lying snakes, I know, but they jump up and so horrible place emerged. Not everything should be alive. Now, we should start to go for me to destroy snake island. I did I'm with you. There always like well you're not to further not recover from which I dont really by when they talk about like sharks like other next predators. So then we'll have too many seals. Even people missing, and I am therefore back back in the good old days of
right white. When we used to go out here and miss half a hammer on the way back and not just seals. Ok, maybe it smells kind of funny, but the point is to eco life finds a way in this case either closed ecosystem, its snake island, you're, disrupting nothing outside of state Island, a burn it make it painful. It's four minutes so brutal that all other snakes where we were even thinking about just like a vacation home. I think we're gonna stay away. Hurt I want just Oh badly, snake never considers a time ship Zack. I I don't wanna, be no sin. I dont want to be a snake. I'm ok spring of snakes, Brussels, Yes, limb and more of a negative list. Now, just one more of Netflix, she's. Ok, sorry gasoline more generous offer you, because that is almost upon us up. My pronouns, oh geez for that reason, I think you're gonna hit it again. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! So we talk
this last week? if it's something with you to her, which I'm proud- yes, Can someone didn't back the over this? Was that was, I listened? Ok, so look, makes so data tat. We talk about this last week. We had not watch the special you watch especially, I did ok, so I watched a special too get special, I would say not as best not worse, but pretty damn good came. I re like the coming swinging in registering join later about it, but it was a whole piece. Yes, and he was deliberately offensive in the beginning to job like a pink Floyd. Album like Mars. Volta were dealers at the comet turning words like it followed us. you, I was a whole piece and I really I really respected, and after watching the special in in the end of the special my mind, was blown that people walk the issue
I've been blown that people were unbelievable, just grossly, misrepresenting especial, and what Dave Chapelle Instead, it will show you the ending to it, because the whole ending is a very pro algae BT message, a pro empathy message, while still maintaining pro free speech, but it is very touching end to it where some people are left kind of Syria. So This is something that now I've had the luxury of watching all of it makes the even more disgusted with Jacqueline more the show runner of the Netflix programme. Dear white people wanted the boycott Netflix. This has been made. the rounds right now, even what were you another article that posted last night if the guardian? interview with variety more said: I had been thrown, against the wall for using a woman's bathroom. I would just its ironic that for somebody who famously walked away from a tv show because he felt the messages of the joke got lost, he doesn't see what the message of these jokes due to people, really tired of my existence being a matter of debate. This is something that we always have to get an opinion about. I am not going to be take
anything to Netflix? For the time being, No, what it will take for me to feel comfortable in changing that, I know that it will, take some action. So, let's couple things here, let me in Gaza may go with this. This is what we're talking about. We talk about when people cancel culture. You'll have some people are used to get bad with bill bursting like two guys in the audience they get over it right. It's not about you, guys New Orleans, it's about some people in a position of power who really don't deserve to be in a position of power let's find their voice to try and take away your livelihood. It's about aliens going in complaining to the book, or so you never get stage time we're. No one is argued that these people are the majority. No, is arguing that, by the way, a white straight male, who produces a show from the black american point of titled dear white people, who only transitioned more at December to do twenty went from this?
this right. So it's a straight line. male cancelling a black man. No one is arguing that that is the majority. Unfortunately, they are in positions of power to dictate what you, the magician We get to watch when people say it's not a thing: it's accountability, culture! No! It's not! It's! Not it's people who furious at somebody for making a joke about biological sex and then go to the most powerful network. In the world where they happen to be a show runner for I dont know if its popular, but certainly one of their hallmarks. I was dear why people saying I am going to I'm not gonna. Do any work for you until you fire this guy for having enough when we can anyone. Imagine it going either way, like you know what that's like sustain chapels, that I'm not gonna finish my contract with you until you take away the parole, friends, gender agenda pieces, tat you push on kids, I'm not we give you anything and ethics until you take away girls talking booty showing us how about that now you can never imagined this coming. The other way will the whole point really
Ex down to the day was saying that these transgender movement was me, successful and easier than the black movement in our society right and look at what happening as result of especial their provings point. No, there absolutely on this point- and this is something that I want to point out here and then have let you Louis out apparently heard squirrel or something this is the part of chapels special that he ends with. I have to assume that people who are boycotting the white Straight male up until December twenty twenty, still by the way, bisexuals. I I dont know. Ok, the point is Visas are living room against a wall in the bathroom, Adipose and within the latter within the last six months, not buying that at all, then the less six months, just nonsense now just doesn't passes. Snifter sat and poked was a nooses at NASCAR. Ok, you shouldn't be an almost always wrong ethical, swastikas puppy
because that was some people believe that NEO Nazis, who actually believe and want to respect the history of Nazi ISM, would would graffiti it in poop am I have ever seen. A NEO Nazi was in higher learning a college, Marguerite, because I don't like you went to a community college. We could have met one yet We also need to ensure that everyone else will search for gas station rhythm howling. So here is a special here's. The portion of the special that these people are complaining undoubtedly saw an hour I call on you not watching here's the context of how Dave Chapelle under the special but six days after one of which I have described to you, my friend, Daphne kill yourself. true story. My I was broken when the jokes
I don't know it was them dragging. I don't know what's going on in our life, but I've been dragging her didn't help. was very angry them. I was very angry and her fellow dampening she always issues identified as a woman and then one day, She goes up to the roof of a building and jumped off and kills herself clearly, only a mayor. Reducing gangs too, should like to hear me out how does it is the year a job like that? I'm telling you right now Daphne would love their job that's why she was. My friend is over L B. Did you elemental? Thank you. As a result, telling another joke about you until we are both sure that we are laughing together. Davis, all community.
Oh humility. Would you please stop want to ban all my people very much. Ok now whether you feel that that does not a race, the misdeeds of the previous comments in his special jokes, its proactive to avoid and I tell people about that context. When people say taken out of context some times it becomes sort of MR dodging right of responsibility, but here's the thing, if you tell someone, for example, will get too in a little bit more people talk about Tom swearing, huckleberry front. If you read a book and you tell someone book is horrible because you read them some horrible portion from chapter four, but you know that there's redemption in chapter ten- and you specifically don't tell
people about chapter ten. You are lying about that book. You are now a propagandist, that's what this is it Netflix. It is propaganda. Person knew what happened at minute. Five, six. Sixteen knows what but a minute, fifty five and specifically omits it. Guess what there are a lot of people out there like me last week, because I've twins right. We have bill here with the cove. It don't worry there I'll find a repeat myself there just staying without contagious, but I didn't have time to watch a special, but I said I'm I'm willing to bet that there's some bs, I'm gonna watch the special and I watched now go! Oh ok. Of course, I've been lied. To does come up to that, In your opinion, does that change open? even if your pro algae beauty does that change your opinion. If you think that day, Chapelle went too far or if you thought he was hateful, really He thought it was me that context matters absolutely alone,
the way that he told that, like I'm, not a committee, you guys know this better than I do, but it's a great way of dealing with tragedy like sometimes it's ok, laugh about any set. It like Daphne would love that joke and I didn't write Joe coming. I thought it was just getting it really like trodden like part as Jeez manages made. Everybody laugh now remedies gasping right and then you just turn That's. Why he's one of the best? I thought it was fantastic if they wanted to. Story it's about having a friend you who is transgender, who he lets open forum. You know who essentially by HANS and somebody else out from the crowd. Is the carpet match the drapes to attack her and she turns around and says I share of hardwood? wars, and that makes everybody laugh and gives you an idea of this woman sense of humour as as well as his soak it. He builds this what wonderful base of how he s relationship with another human being.
side of all the bs outside of doing it gesture for posturing. Yet this is just relationship has with somebody and he's also black guy who's in own known for being a reverent. This isn't it the easiest thing to talk about on now, but he puts it out there. he puts his life out there and then he ends it in. I think a really very fascinating and beautiful way, and especially because he starts it so aggressive. that's why it's this entire peace look, so anything in this peace, though taken out of it, I feel, is out of content. I completely agree with you on a people try to act as though Christians. You know you get from Christians who, by the way they could tune in to any comedy special, particularly Catholics wreck. The community any comedy special here joke about priests. Are Christians, your jokes about televangelist Christians? Don't try to you band and don't say that we're going to boycott the world's biggest multimedia producer. I do my act and they laugh right and if the most you might get, if it's really really offensive, you might get this
really, that's not sound. My parents make I've got some news alerts in vain in a movie. didn't you write a letter read where there is actually a couple people in the audience that were they look ally. I will not suppose for them. So we have this lot happily exonerate. Throw this picture up here, as in the audience in leaving out actual, Yeah everybody really powerful, Dana everybody around them is laughing except for them, and you knew you know they pick the front row to be like we're going to show him. We earn Vera Jim, reject Nielsen when he had the tiny lipstick. Batman looks like setting and re why, but I wasn't lavishly gothard. We thought it was made ass. They, like all these all of his work and used. It was great, so here's a point that you just made a second ago, the guy. That's trying to the girl, but is trying to cancel Dave chapels area up. I
didn't mean they. I will hit it again in in December. Twenty twenty could not have done it There is no way that at that time a stray white men, like you said, would have been able to make these kinds of accusations against Save Chapelle a black man and try to get him cancel, but the ultra privilege card, which is the whole point. Dave Show he was taught. I question is: how did this straight white male become the show runner of deer white people written from black people write. He had a very tiny do you have. This is something I think is legitimate grievance when black people say you're the problem with a lot of the black content. There is you don't leave white writers writing for black voices MIKE that's a legitimate. It makes sense if we're going to create a show with largely black castor about black culture, that you should have a majority of your writers people,
and I don't like it needs to be a pie, chart exactly representative, the demographics united. So it makes sense, though it makes sense, it lets, say you're doing family matters that should probably well come on. You think why writer on very nose, fresh bread, say it anyway, writer shaft actually written. But my point is you James Bond only written by a bunch of old british White Guy, so you hate and it's ok, because it's totally safe to hate them are. Mr Belvidera Billy was written by all black which, by the way, Mr French sanction halt.
The really doesn't go the other way that doesn't like out there's no black writers on ALF. There is just a heroine attics, yes, Syria, for another year, but the senior writer was, I guess, I'll, just eat another kid and hope he comes to after his loose dibble smirk many can ex. Could you fit into a show before they were like? You know, I think this mean someone else s we keep to care for, or should I strip my arm diameter, surgical, tubing and heat up the teaspoon or you by the way, Google, the dead on that show to see we now, I know, are not only do it now, we're going to buy the same tactics being used against Tucker also need help. Yeah. I've said there things. I disagree with entrepreneurs and, of course, are not necessarily the biggest name, but I dont, I dont dislike him and I will defend anyone when I believe there's
deliberately an attack in bad faith, they're doing the same thing, but before we get to that, we are not about making corrections on its up earlier and last week, on September, twenty or two weeks ago, in September twenty ninth, I made a mistake. I I've always set call us on a call us to them, I made a mistake by mixing up Kandahar, I said Kandahar when I meant to say Kaboom now granted its two cities a start with Canada, apple country, however, no excuses, I will show you the clip and we will correct it. and you have no idea if an air base in middle of nowhere surrounded by landmines, was an effective straw. hold that we should have kept in lieu of trying to depart from crowded Kandahar. One of the most crowded cities are the most crowded city in Afghanistan. There had already been overtaken by the Taliban. Here's a picture side by side. So you can see your bathroom Airbus, surrounded by landmines, Kandahar, more detail canto, it's almost like it would be helpful to have that second, behind
Now again, this was just me miss speaking, I said Kandahar, I meant to say Kabul, but you need to look at an audience. I demand that you in the comments section you need to admonishment. Yes, ok, we'll know not the kind. another. They need to admonish me, that's its most important. Was there not just let them now they need to admonish me alone. Make it stick. I not get away with making these kinds of mistakes alone, I'm just home, again, ok efficient! What's next, I mixed Kandahar in Kabul, Brian stouter, with a picture Google and twitter rotating Cairo with facebooks. Now so, look I need to pay the price and are we didn't? I should rat, you know, have the US, my garters to ratchet down
I myself that we did not really needs to be some public admonishment Hanover regime's helpful. So of course I still have two. I have to host the show right yet to be in this, so someone's gonna be shamed punished in my tribute that even grandma which one of you is branded me. You been selected for admonishment once again, yeah do ass. You yeah, let's go at borders,
No, donors it s not others all right, even brendan- and you can come in here- you do have to admit that it was. It was a real. It was really careless mistake either you're, comparing? U S, controlled military, airbases, ya, end and woke. and her is used by the USA and NATO for military sounds like well. I don't. I don't really care much. I can have
I can't look. I have the whole admonish set up yet another day, raiders we can't let it go to waste. I understand what you're saying that they, both at the edge airbases in their clubs. I was specifically reference in Kabul and some people got you know about the population density, so you did get it wrong. I got it wrong and you would. I know you get pon right because that's in your contract, so everyone alone is yet give some Brennan's way too. Give more alone is just right. You can get going so these are certainly about war We have the man we pay them for half dead and they get double overtime. He was bleeding was set up. we're not gonna, do not stop at the other four yeah, that's true! Yet here we have the knack exit to leave for Armenia. Let's get to talk,
Karlsson rebuttal here, a rebuttal upstart Karlsson, but fire Tucker Karlsson was trending rent and on this video come from sir, they just try and so on. yes exactly again run so often, but will you realize the attacks are so lazy? It's one of those things are really as ad nauseam he's a white supremacist enough that people believe it. Ok, what we are going. To do here is show you the clips that we're trending top on Twitter. Yes, believe number one, and then, if you went to the and this was number one from the super pack really American, I don't think he's a white supremacist think he likes him a little more. Maybe he likes him a little more. We all have preference it as national. Coming out day so they raised super pack really American raised one. Eight million dollars or in the twenty election. Almost This money is spent against Republicans the entire business model is its clearing hit pieces,
notable republicans, consumers right me, things exist. Sometimes this is. Why only be really. This is why I do this. Those are the only show that a lever do because a lot of conservative media is a bunch of non profit. People too, when people are beholden to that end, it sucks the only people were beholden to you. We first up we're not funded by a nonprofit, we're not funded by a foreign capital fate like Al Jazeera, we're quite literally fun, by you and when we can't even say we get, Google funding do consider joining my. But this is that a portion of the cliff- and I want to show you what they say and then show you the exact clip that their referencing, giving you context kind of like what Dave Chapelle Context over content. If that's not If there's nothing else, you leave with today context over content. I make it a rule on this, show that if we say something that's something that could be taken perceived is all you need to do is extended thirty seconds in either direction Yossi up. Ok, Well, that's taught, let's totally reasonable or Anderson that that's a joke generally, the rule here
says in this video, the guy from really what it really american. What does it really really nationally? And I guess it's a really are super. Really american sound like an old navy sale, So really, American, Israel's Tucker Karlsson, is basically saying over problems are from non white people here right, Tucker Coffin just said this: there no organise white supremacist. Forces in this country. Kid there's two way forgot her, but that one is it white people like me, aren't quite a supreme is advertised secret forces. You can't see, but I'm ok That's what talker man white supremacist, see saying all the trouble in America, because people who aren't why don't know their play, remember that when they come for you, my god, I just religion for crying out loud. It has had to beat our number to employ here. First saying, Kandahar, instead of Kaboom Age wish. I could straw man the shit out of everything I dont like and have no accountability, but you said number two who is number I set. It just said human, a break
for you. You can have trial. Paisley Tucker said the whites of ramesses disorganized, yet no data that we have the vocal observe the clipping contacts in how to look. But I know that Is so short, but he just run and what comes across into saying is right. We do in the show. I got up, let's listen to what they say and you tell me you don't Oliver, but unless a gold watch the whole video, even though its against best it's against my vested interests for you to support that content on Youtube that it auto place him or God forbid, Sef Myers after they show still don't know how that's happening about full context. Tucker curls. was discussing mask mandates and specifically rebutting acclaim. You tell me with this full clip of Tucker Karlsson, assaying white people are better than brown people will use, He called legitimate civic disagreement is now a threat to the nation. Is this Really about people being upset about mass mandates, their sort of underlying disruptive forces- white nationalists
ok, whatever in this country that are using mass mandate and a public health crisis to sort of way wage chaos get them more on our television sets hurting the country. I mean come on their way this now they're racist, because it all with their kids to be mask Imagine saying something like that: their underlying forces at work, good forces. You can't see, must be Q and on white supremacist, then organised white supremacist for in this country we have a lot of problems are not one of them Clearly him saying all of our problems are from brown people from non white people. They had another place, this that's what I. This is something that it's not just with being done. The lie look the and not only in the intent, but what these people are estimating the outcome will be when they take the sort of context when they take their clip and they say Tucker Karlsson made a white supremacist, commenting that why people are
Look there expecting. You do not watch the footman context, people it really american people at MSNBC. They believe your stupid people. because only a stupid person would believe that if they watched the clipping context, they believe that you are fundamentally stupid people, and that's why stupid people like you out there shouldn't have the right to communicate. Information on social media shouldn't have the right to forward emails. Shouldn't have the right to express their opinion because you're too stupid. They understand girls and is actually saying that he supports white supremacist. Let's go onto the neck, but from a really american lava, just real quick It's been over two years. People are tired of masks. Yeah! That's just leave it at that right, exactly that's exactly it and he went on that point too, but they were saying one of the other knowing reasons of mass mandates. Well, you know
We, the man on the street, coming up pretty soon Riah interviewed a bunch of privilege, white people in an area of town and then, if you, black people, guess who oppose mass mandates. Guess who oppose taxi mandates work, don't work done right, don't worry, stupid black people, MSNBC will speak for you Don't worry dumb african American says really American, we will speak for you went her curls and says mask mandates. Having a strong disapproval. Rating is not because of race. It's it's really because you're stupid, and I know that many of you, but you black people out there are actually opposed vaccine mandates and mass meant it your stupid, let me educate you, that's what they are saying- and I know some of you are trying to go to the contest- can say Stevens that stupid, like it more. They are saying stupid black people, because this is so evidently higher percentage of black Americans who are mistrustful of government, then certainly them We privilege white people who run really american or MSNBC here's another thing that they are they set against was turning on twitter, didn't, say, oh Jack.
One black people protests it's a riot when why people protests its democracy. He makes this. This is another straw, man taking things that are complex area when black people protests its the anti for domestic terror movement. When why people protest its democracy, not ok. You said in tee for a couple of things here, IRAN, or even as absurd as that is the guy. With the corn hair, cut yelling Jonathan round pc you? Yes, he took one clip of some. On yelling by the way who waited I turn to get up and spews show the clip. Just so you know the whole, so I can show you the worst. That's happened at these municipal, it is by the way. What you're about to see is the worst thing that has happened, in contrast, that of course, with billions of dollars and damages where thousands of arrests and hundreds of casualties with black lives matter an ant for riots. But here you got what he is trying to say. Is one black people protest? It's a riot when white people protest its demise,
here's the weirdest stronger, argument they could pull. Is this never relinquish it. To think that the four fate of marble at home you up of high in this chamber, will help you from the fate of humanity which you don't play Santa Maria vaccines. Are you had better, not say, Alex takers, wiggle disguises alike when the delivery out of use? But you know I m not wrong. I know not what he said and he sitting that just the fact that he's sitting at a desk and leaving
into a microphone means he's respecting that he's supposed to be at that spot, that microphone he's not burning down a wall green snow and is also not threatening the lives of them. He basically said you are unleashing forces forces that you cannot hope to can control ones are out and your kids will pay the price, let's go We were saying you were saying very loudly commoner. You called with already four days, but still they they burn down Seattle. Nobody thought it was all black people right now even clearer people, when I again teeth, I think why, yes, generally speaking, we wait and cement for people who were black don't know we're, not majority but like it, but I've seen your can anyone anyone else. This is natural challenge. Anyone show me any incident. For example, the parent right now prevent running in a mass shooting at a pda meeting Eddie Municipal Board meeting. I know they ve said. Shame on you. Shame on you, you're trying to subjugate us. I know that's got unheeded. I know the devil of yelled, but guess what here's the thing, the art
that really American is making is actually correct, its true when there are riots industries, the black lives matter, protests again we're talking about, I think close to a thousand officer idle these new dialogue about andreasen. You talk, but also deaths, including officer David Doorn, for people in shadow to my two billion dollars worth of damages termites, thousands of arrests. That is a riot when people get up and yell at a town, hall or enemies will meaning, even if Yelling varies democracy. You made that the point is what this their tipping their hand, these really American is tipping and saying see we don't what they're saying, even if they wait there turn, even if their peaceful. If we don't like what they're saying shut them down there, not even arguing that parents out there violent. Do you know how I know look right now: let's look at the F B, I d, o J and they're doing right now, they're going to investigate parents yeah this is.
school board my language? Okay, if you have kids right there, this is fucking terrifying. It is either and all of this was shoehorning under the guise of the Patriot ACT a long time ago, where am I stood at the time. My mistake. That wasn't an old enough to vote for George Bush at this point. That being said, Ok, I understand because we're facing terrorism, but you know what liberal and conservatives and people who oppose it. We're right, because now what was originally designed to be used right to secure us from foreign threats to spy on foreign It is now being used internally to investigate and to monitor Americans at an on press. It dented level an unprecedented. important when people say well, Democrats didn't to oppose a debt ceiling being raised, The tramp tramp spent some money you're absolutely right. on the show we weren't big fan of the one point five dollar trillion bill. We were talking about the covert pandemic. We thought listen. We just have
March, our way through it. But do you really want to compare that? To wit, what do we know? Six, seven trillion dollars and the first things money scale is different shore. Africans have had to be padded down at the tea. I say or goes through those moody X, Ray machines which we all oppose, but the level with the pernicious nature of this government, using what we're design to be tools in times of war simply to investigate and intimidate political, despite distance by admission no one said that their violent right now now at these meetings. Let's put that really quickly. Actual domestic terrorist antiphon unblock this matter, who killed people Yes, yes, your people who commit billions of dollars in damages merit garland right. I think we have them touch with what did he say when asked their investigating these people? We look at anti for as more of an ideology or a movement that an organ-
nation. Do you regard assaults on federal court houses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism? Domestic terrorism saw an attack on a whorehouse, while in operation mainly is the most extremism and say it. There's a domestic terrorism attacks simply on government property at night or any other kind of circumstances is a clear crime and a serious one and should be punished. Both are criminal. one. Is a core attack on our democratic institutions, guys like turning down a courthouse, only set erection. Look in answer reckless be cleared. Insurrection requires a plan to overthrow the government right. a few o duels and I'm here thinking to gradually diviners thing assure without the difference. The point is When you talk of insurrection requires a plan,
An insurrection can happen at national level, can have it at federal level can happen at a local level, one about burning down accord us. What about? firebombing. A police precinct knock incidents. Insurrection, one of the eight weeks about domestic extremism which, by we're Toma terrorism, terrorism is vital. As a means to an end, to subjugate and implement a point of you. Do you think that? Are you a trump supporter? We ve got a trump supporter here back to the face like Travis Becker. Do you think that that might be domestic terrorism that happened in Chaz up Seattle, not a peep? No, keep it all, and I love how he pivots away from this is like well. If the courthouse wasn't dino in use it I mean that they waited till five o one yeah. I think it was five, but here's what he didn't say, policed nations were burned with police officer. Still there right Merrick talk to me about that, because air we single time. This came up. It was the peaceful protest part that they showed cry like look. I don't have a problem with
the protesting if you got on the highway and get hit by a car. Sorry, I'm not going to feel super sorry for you when you start to attack police officers. Looting Nike, burning, Walgreens, an burger king, an court houses. That's I do have a problem of emerging industry to have a problem with you that the entire precinct, the officers left the building looking like dark man, yet my primary problem, you into a samurai me film, with no no consideration for what happens so now live contrast that merit Garland urging the FBI to mobilise against parents, protests saying greed in recent months, there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence. school board- administrators board members, teachers and staff. So Combine all that harassment, intimidating intimidation and threats of violence makes me think it's bullshit. Here's what now when I have actually had real death threats, never to be on the phone with with law enforcement officials have noted that way. I never I never said like. Well, I get harassed. I get bullied
by the way here- someone who threatened to kill my wife and sent a pitcher further work. I didn't do that that that's very kind of you, I didn't bury the lead but how are you order bullshit when people, but I get bullied? Ok, all right chip, my twitter replies shut the comments section, when there are legitimate threats- and I get them all the time- they are Can I go? This is a legitimate threat. This is what I'm afraid of saying. There's Rasmussen, boiling and threats about. What's up, Well, you know it's kind of a girl, you're gonna. Do they do all the things they say you ve heard about the harassment part I'm asking about the threats of violence. Are they credible I can get you he David he's had a gun at a small black, don't get. This is the same guy who didn't have an answer: Retirement Anthony blacklist matter? He wrote the coming days, the department will announce a series of measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed towards school purse enough anyone ever Rapture
we ve made a rapture develop again all references. All sources are available. Letter of Canada come of the Lincoln the description we have a long rapture with black, thus mattered, aunt where's the rapture for these parents, we got to guy went a corn, guitarist hair cut post. Two thousand. For wanting. think what he is saying he so loosely defining what he's going after its people being. The council and School Board, for what they're doing term these people's children. Yet you dont like that. I get it right, sign and let me get through this year because I have today to meeting the exactly point why? Let's, therefore, next so everyone got teaching, not teaching boys about checks with debts and that Bradley, whether racist talks back my work is done We have question disagree. Work is done for my aunt about. Do I recording amphibia exactly circle, the food, the right: Jitterbugs just kill them. directing the FBI working with each? U S attorney to convene meetings with federal state, local and
I believe it has got to include them. Rival lead our surprise at that letter. What lay schools on their hosting parent? teacher or so why didn't we think of your old tonight? It's time to pay up this, whenever I hear from me, mother, hearted fellow soldier S, just enhancement drop, sleeping in our deepest software, convey many, the federal state, local and tribal leaders facilitate the discussion and strategies for addressing threats against school administrators Board member teachers and Devil Open, Derek maybe lines for threat reporting assessment response and, of course, this whispered by the National School Board Association, asking protesters to be deemed domestically by the way, this is the same association, especially when you look at the control of union. In education who have much harsher restrictions here.
in places like Europe when it comes to mass, because in Europe in places like Norway in places like the UK, they have said well, there's no signs from asks in children in schools, and we dont think that it's worth it and it's actually very there is harmful never have set with governments in Europe? The United States has been more stringent about this and keep in mind that this now no association, said we're not going to go back to class until and insert whatever right here what those three months vacation. about an hour is not enough then, and I would not enough for the real heroes. No, no, no absolute I've been by the way they wrote that they wrote that or to the White House and within a week Macfarlane comes out with his thing saying we're going at the abandoned and they said they. They threw him that the catch line for everything they wanted domestic terrorism and hay speech. They think they said specifically. They said we think that it rises potentially gave me to this level and, like hate speech or there's the word, do we can define the hate, speeches and appropriate speech. It could be considered
terrorist threat by the way, we're going to show you some clips. Would literally be repeating the curriculum back to them? I wore If you're right now, I sure, isn't a trader warning. I just dont want kids watching something, unfortunately, are teaching in schools, their parents protesting pornographic material, racist material and if they try and read it is a pity they train, shut them down and Satan right so. Keep that in mind repeating the words that your teachers deliver to your children when they have authority of them- and you are not able to defend your child- is considered a terrorist threat. Let's be clear about that. They have your kids for eight hours a day, and this is the kind of shit that there to them. I am surprised that more parents aren't livid, let's start off lightly, so here's some examples, critical race, people try and say: oh it's a bogeyman. Now it's not it's a real think. It's just mandated by given Newsome California, you're, the disguise of ethnic studies, but, of course it talks about
superiority a hierarchy in things like my privilege of Kenya. Last year, California, teachers in the education organizations released a tool kit called a pathway to equitable Mass instruction ha yet at all two plus two equals for divided up by four. You each get one shut up and do your test when it was made. Harder for the agents just make their ethical ardor. There's like the toy is described as resources and guidance to support black lack necks. multi lingual students to thrive and grades six through yeah, but you know very well that this is bullshit Latin, it is in their time and time again we had our we went out. We will. There has been empirical data that shows that law The Americans that Latino Americans Hispanic Americans find the term offensive. You stupid white bitch. They don't like it. That's how you know this is bull crap They will get their plan. Is anything like what's going on in San Francisco, where they actually decoupled this tracking there like up? Hey you guys that arise.
The good at math and you would be an advanced placement. Well, that's races. Now Sorgen have to put you back in an hour glass with everybody ally the way that some areas have in San Francisco. We weren't playing in talking about. I being raised in high school. I was no longer bilingual innovation. Can those raising the thought I was learning disable into line with great? So I speak French pretty well Mamma french alone had ridden right french right, but I realized the college's look at your transcripts, they don't look at the actual level. Of course, like we have advanced French and stuff Nobel idea never wanted to being advanced French want the Cabman altogether. figuring, Gilligan. Ninety six, a normal French, Fried, probably sixty seventy advance French, so This is a library asian with man. Yes, I I swear. I swear. This is true. We have something its internal regionalize go people out there. You can, let me know, maybe it's a thing across that called weapon June, which is actually good idea, which is, if you
fail the subject throughout the year. You had two weeks and it was like summer school. You had two weeks. We could do a concentrated course take the test. Again it was a provincial towns and if you test, if you bet, beat the test. Whatever your great wasn't remember the threshold, then you could actually continue not be held back by people who didn't fail. Anything you had What you would have is like baseball or you'd, have home. I cannot give you a bunch of fun stuff. Unfortunately, if you would, two highly in the regular level subjects throughout the year. Instead of getting to pick withall ball Gulf, which I did I for two weeks in June and advanced french class I told- and I just was strewn around I don't want to do this and I remember dumb. Movement have comanches like I don't know why this is so much potential idler potential. I dont any potential grade. It's really easy, where I do just three two new some votes at right. Basic for tens is, I don't want to be an advance French? Is it well just make the most of it? I didn't show up. I pulled up
french teachers. When I went down to the honest I said I am not going to do this, I will not being advanced French, I'm not that smart, but in Bobo French, which is what we call that I am a genius and I wanted to stay that way a comment. Screwed bags, french Bilateral again about your try to tell me about it, you are basically trying to do at San Francisco is forcing us to do that, though Boyd College I'm gonna, go you didn't care, they do care about me and now for crying out loud metal them you they don't. My brother went to U T and they leave no to do with the system because only go to eleven. Graham, you have saved up like I will kill you come and know what they just want to make you a sophomore so in other words about running their stay in what you think, I'm gonna look and go over. Your French is french for or why not french fora to ideas? That's true, but he's got you gotta. Ninety five in fragile, we should put an international programme to be part of it. The point is appointed and acted up to get out of it.
Aim to be really good when compared to mediocrity. Well, that's another it for you, don't even have to aim for that. Our so I'll get back to settle It's gotta talk! It consists of five and the path to math equity stride, one! dismantling racism in math annex instruction. I always thought the co sign. Tangent seemed a little like appointed had its first chap includes a section on dismantling white supremacy, in math class for oh good, some of them three ways than Supreme Subaerial admit that adding of cave the three strike out said: baseball. Ok, three size wrong. Why is it you putting advance students ended classes with students that are awful and I want to be there. I don't ruin reason and putting them in white supremacy, not just. Grievous obliterate, the car
any chance- the private affairs I remember when I did join my local neo nazi chapter- the flashing has ignored. It was basically just multiplication cards. Oh I don't know my seven. Do they make it later a water I had, the supplier holds hazing. So some of the lesser ways at math perpetuates white supremacy. This is from equitable laugh dot org. So you know its official. The focus on the right answer that that's wrong. Perpetually students are being tracked way. What why these are. These are an example, is the announcing the right answer? Yes, students, to show that we're grading practice are focused on lack of knowledge. So look John sure I heard your right horror, I went home and ended up. Yes, yes, you and the show runner for NET Dave. Chapels, tawdry, jokes, look This raises the getting the right answer. Math class is white supremacy.
You are all races, smarter than kind of races you the problem again: what do they say? You stupid black people, you can't be expire. Did they get the right answer enough? We shouldn't you to show your work. Math should not that's a conch of white supremacy. Dont worry, don't worry, I guarantee if he asked black people pay two plus two echoes what for do you think that you should get greater, I'm being reckoning gap? This guy gets it wrong? we get it wrong, yeah. Well, a bunch of rich white bitches say that that's races perform they're, not gonna, be on board. With this message coming from black Americans, I'm not saying it's me: black Americans button, Neither do you equitable math dot, Org I guarantee it outside of getting the answer right, which God, I hope, is the right thing for engineers when they're kind of designing the airplane. I want the math to work out on that in Britain, but also showing your work. Those are the two more important things in mathematics. Otherwise you don't need it
You really shouldn't teach it because shown. Your word makes you work through a problem. It makes you find out where you are making a mistake, and it makes you be diligent. That's what Asians are better at math, it's not because it just gifted at math. They will work on a pro, longer than other people, Gruber all those words on linguistics. We look at the asian language and that not only that, but also their primary crop rice is very personalities. That requires a very scientific approach. You ve read Malcolm Gladwell, haven't you will have read a lot about this and I know he writes about it, but it is true. There is exerting cultural reasons and, of course, its very highly prized in an american house all right. Currently this as racists, but hey, guess, violence, it agents are good at math blocks are gonna jazz.
an hour. I was wrong. I wish the asian American call train equivalent. I know someone very likely a Yo Yo Ma am I know it. I wish I were to go to school now, Oda graduated with what did you learn? Nothing? I got nothin right. Oh I pay. You can't prove it. Data is brought up a great point. You show your work and say that everything's, racist, just put all the gifted and talented people in the class we're gonna get beat up for the rights of the texts from oh, my god or I do you have any idea how I now be for me to bullshit my way through this class. That's why I never got below it in a plus, I'm humanity's. Are they going to be doing bookkeeping for other students? And if we do not hear my trigonometry would have just been writing down will? Actually, if you understand trigonometry and its roots in white supremacy, most black Americans weren't own property. Therefore they wouldn't need to fan the size of their triangular life, which is perfectly short yourself. Also, actually, I think, enabling Eyeglass right to exist
I believe it. It's a trigger now material for a guy board. These guys are gonna, be in class like they used to like solving very complex theoretical math problems, and you gonna put em at algebra. Does exactly my point? Thank you. Ok, my eyes glared at all. Ok, so look! This is this: is the bull crept with things like math, where you think that they shouldn't having any that humanity to promote this past months and Fairfax Virginia again? The FBI ideal J, wants to investigate you for this. If you're mad about that, if you think all of us right now as parents, if we were going to put a kitten vessel underwrite now with sharp and be mad, they would say you're, you're, potentially plastic terrorists were saying the right answers, the right answer and math, but there's more to it. Fairfax written in this past month watch how they react hearing their own curriculum ride back to them: parents, protested, and I warn you if you have kids here, that we believed it. I think we ve got everything the protest pornographic schoolbooks there at the at the library Hager. After seeing
September? Ninth scraping the lighting in Texas on pornography in the schools. I decided to check the titles at my child school. Both of these books include pedophilia sex between men and boys scouts Manual, both books describe different acts. One book describes a fourth grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male from the author, Maya, Kobe Stephen cling. I can't wait to have your cock in my mouth. I am going to give you the job of your life, and then I want you inside me. End quote from the author Jonathan Everson. What, if I told you I touched and other guys what, if I told you, I said I was ten years old, but it's true. I suck Doug Goebbels the real estate guy and he sacked mine too. This is not an oversight at Fairfax. I saw it,
yeah. I've been hearing at children in the audience law, junior law makes the position, the rest of the current exhibition of obscene material in child pornography, a felony crime everyday, allow such books. Now our soils makes you complicit in further potential violations of the law. Finally, the plan talks about promoting parent participation, and I agree Europe, where she not kids. Her sawed showed her a really has sided given to him by his Fairfax meeting assign what said this quote. All twenties, minus women, Kyle's dreaming of re, sir waiting for these
a pair of embryos that your store. We are children and long, but also its only okay to teach children. Parents are condemning the junior deplorably transport education review when people over this is domestic terrorism. Have you can watch the Brits in parliament? Do you have any idea what our founding fathers did when they were arguing? Call someone a fool was way worse than the call them I came in. but I think that that is not as bad as it gets you want. use. These people have been domestic terrorists because their reading your reading assignments outline. This is what really important they want to operate in the dark. Always want to a scientist, your children. We want to read: Dear children, you can't read it back to us when there are other eyes on as we want to do it. When we have your children for eight hours completely unsupervised, nothing could possibly go wrong there and by the way, let's compare this and I know I'm not a fan of book banning, I dont think sing
This should be a reading assignment or effectively pedophile pornography shouldn't be in the library. But let's compare this to books that the left wants to actively ban the adventures of huckleberry Faint and to kill a mocking bird are banned from economic county. Public schools last month apparent expressed concerns over the books, use of the inward there's so much racial sir, since the wording that can get past that and right now we are a nation divided ass. It is cheap motor requested. The district find alternatives forcing them to temporarily suspend use of the two novels anywhere should even be animal Teresa Wilkins hopes the delighted bans that taken by sent mail, you see that they are able to say that to anybody what some people
the great thing, even though the books have racial slurs, the clarity of the higher the earthen who sat down the White Savior ISM over to kill a mocking bird, the inward should in about but you're, not gonna, love ice, tease, new trigonometry collect cricket riddled with it. While he had a black lawyer and to kill a mocking bird, it would have ended much differently it s exactly it's like contractually. You have parents, domestic terrorist, sorry who outcome weighing about pornographic material and factually incorrect material as it relates to math in order to systematically, of course, try and brain students into believing and racial division into stoking racial division right into identity politics. Parents, and I don't like I dont- think that my kids have to read about These reality, or about economic and the library, I think that that is wrong in their speaking there waiting there tat, whereas on the left they say again. This is context above content. The inward isn't huckleberry thin. What's the contacts there?
Is it about people being the same and is it about people come together and becoming friends huckleberries than in terms of what what about to kill, Mockingbird Classic that's right, the end. What use is it you? used by the villains it used by the villains It was a great the innocent men whose, on trial, who is being defended by White ITER, regardless of during a racially divided time. Fails to see somewhat exclusively by the color of their skin. That content is that overall positive message against racism will look. I think have a point here. I would be fine of critical. Raise three would take that out to because it probably says something about people saying the inward and that being bad right right, something that's the foundation of it, so we can have that either and by the way, I know that that mom is probably very diligent. She is doing all of her work at home to make sure that YO songs are being sought by the aim at source wrappers that have that word because, lest they think they can say it like, she said they'll think that they can
say that a word in general. Conversely, no absolute and, I think, even more importantly, in their first clip, did you see how ugly that couple was in the first row if you go back that is area hideous coverage, leaving titillated by what the lady was wrong. I dont like they have kids, I think they were of Islamic ever like ours is, though this is bad. What, but I'm just you running what books these were, though, in high school like who will? I could did the teacher right on it like this? Is my literature taken openly? We would like to thank you for your assistance, professor this year, Bill Cosby. So you don't have a white bark back just my book. They were asking for it by Dac Gerbil Gaza, we asked Kennedy, Lazy, becoming teach nitrate in Luxembourg Bill. Don't look! This is my point here.
this is really scary. This is unprecedented and if you look at them labeling you the F B, I d o J. This is why I don't blame Americans we're gonna, go to make up in a little bit and read this letter here today. Chapelle, don't blame Americans people, Eighty people, of course in government, but I repeat myself right now- leads don't blame Americans for no longer trusting your institutions when the institutions of education are obviously no longer of any value. The institutions of our intelligence agencies once really generally seen as the good guys have decide to selectively enforce the law and investigate one group of nonviolent offenders who are concerned apparent waiting their turn to get up at municipal meetings labeling Was domestic tears don't get mad when those parents, don't trust the FBI or the deejay? Don't get when those parents don't trust them. Secure and safe election of all time because of being permitted by the media who, by the way, have been silent about these stories, don't get me
at Americans for no longer trusting these institutions where you have decided to subvert them and then use them for political game. Don't act like people politicized covert. You did at first don't act like people have but a size education? You did at first don't act like Polypi, we're politicizing FBI, India, Deodar, you have done it first, don't act like me, our politicizing, the media, and there were some bygone era of journalism and Walter Cronkite and Dan. Rather it never existed. You committed and first- and this is people reacting to it. The good thing is, you can count on conservatives. You can count on right, wingers, reacting in a way that is orderly and in accordance with the constitution, but something you dont like dear, if you keep investigating them and arresting them and holding them in jail without trial. The constitution has corrections. For that too. Don't overrate and then blame it on the people who react to you over reaching it's gotta stop. We are headed off a cliff and we're not headed off a cliff because of both sides. We're not we're here.
cliff because these institutions have decided that instead of keeping America safe, they want to use lies them to destroy one half of Amerika and on half of Amerika at some point, isn't gonna all right. We'll talk more about Youtube. You know what you can piss off
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