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Jen Psaki made it clear the White House wants WAR with Joe Rogan, and it’s terrifying. We also compare Mao and Hitler and explain which one is the Democratic Party’s favorite. And a rape in the Metaverse? #JoeRogan #Spotify #Metaverse

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All right, I'll, keep the short on illicit. Now, let's go am, I guess, Joe Louis, slamming his face repeatedly into the door because he wants to come into the studio, so yeah enjoy this leave a rating leave a review, our I'll I'll go deal with Cuba, that's a fresh tasty. It is it's a refreshing, a switch to a different t. Did you really? This is interesting.
there's a lot going on right now in the news. There's a lot going round with with haughty Goldberg really double down. worse. I don't think she should have been fired just to be clear, but I will take the win. What city with a guy in Unifil, Brian Flores, Ok Gerald, is going to when that story, because I don't follow sports, but we also starting our brackets of the great dictator off between Hitler and mouth. Real Hitler and mounting reluctantly. Whoever wins goes against on and then Mussolini energies, so, and then there are some strange comparisons. Actually right now parallels between MAO's rhetoric, I should say his direct quotes, which will get into with a job. I am quoting him directly and also people we're from any two done and at what we are seeing today. So there's parallels between the ideas to policies as well as not so much. A parallel is like a straight line from miles to the current Dnc with an air away the crow flies yeah. Just in case we were doing research, unethical, didn't even hide it.
they literally say I like now it's in the sources, I'd just nine, only they all references available at lot of Canada. By the way before we move on, if we're not on Youtube. If ever You watch this just Monday. Through Thursday, ten m Eastern, we always here, if we're not here on Youtube that run rumble, that means run Mugclub club. We do another hour of Show on my club. Today we have another segment. We have Stephen, no sports. So please, that's the best. Where you can see for us also before about Poland Geraldine. How are you I will tell you I'm doing well, I'm doing ok, I mean a file, a lawsuit, about your hiring practices, though, because I feel, like the only interviewed me just to me, the quota so yeah Maybe they need to have a certain number of Hungarians looking gentleman safe and we token on any doubt. We need the slack yadda quarter Asian, who My final is looking to scream and his associates is shows turned still
just to lot to do and then look he's here he's going to be in Denver this weekend, but I will be. Actually doing some live shows with you. Can go to is a comes rushed toward dates. tour, just sign ashore, Slash, tour. Ok, but I thought slash tour. We will be together in Evans, Veil, Indiana March. Twenty six at the victory theatre, he'll be in Denver, ass, weak and able to. How are you gotta hi? How are you I'm doing fine, you sent a little low compared to maintain everything's. Do us on a little shrilling, and now you can. It is the victory theatre, excellently Road Victoria, because it was us theatre made the aid or from a meeting our money sent to us. It was now on us. They could feed her sent us the wrong name of down theatre. Listen, it was a tough Monday right by the way I just area, but he knows you're gonna be adding more dates to that. Calendar were also gonna at all the dates for day problem the next couple of days, but the got a little cold tour with you to going around the country,
we send you until I got a real commie. You know blue state and see what happens right. I need a new furnace, so come out this weekend, Dave's furnace right away before anyone. You know we're having a cold front moving into Texas. There might be some ice. How can this morning Gerald comes in and he tells me in jail? The canadian then of course, Dave amid western races There's gonna be ice, so We might just have to call off work. I was a humble character, I've I thought it was a joke, but with a funny joke we laughed about it. He was Syria. I still am serious freezing rain. You kid drive on ice well, especially in Texas. All right look before it gets the question. They a comment below and tell Gerald House that, what do you remember that I lived in them as well? I can't drive and freezing rain. Yes, you can know
When you wrote as iced over and nobody preps the roads, you can't the only reason you can do it in the north is because you have salt and San trucks every five minute. Oh my god. Where could they find salt and went out? Have them it's his? You have solved trucks here. You have friends like idiots out, it's one thing to do and then it the news of exit the early in Texas, terrified terrifying. When you get out this one, the news broadcasts. When you go to your car, this more know it may see something. A small film on your windshield muffler, commonly referred to as frost, and can be taken care of with a solution. That's one part, vinegar, one part witch Hazel and one part I have Newt rush out and you
bread and milk, so our rural family, as gas, is like you Northerners had a heat wave of ninety four degrees and people were dying were laughing at you like come on a hundred, and ten is what we see now is laughing at death laughing you sorry, we don't have a debt write heat yeah for crying out loud, not everyone can be from Phoenix. Mr perfect aright speaking of perfect- and everyone here knows that second olive garden, I'm a golden corral fan or who is out and a fight broke out ever been there I will ask. I walked in once with my father because you know was the only type of restaurant where they they decided that the real estate at the airport was most and so we were had that we had an idle tunneling and snow. Now now I was Walmart readers and am very cultured, yes and ethnic Tuesday. So we
locked up. I saw the chocolate fountain and I saw a kid sticking is bigger than going on right now. It's not free, but for some people look they they live for. It they they paid, they love it different strokes. Also, Many people don't grow have strokes. I broke out golden corral because of a stake shortage, which was Biden refers to it a tremendous victory.
Here. It is the melee person holding the kid gets the highest where's. The can think out of its pretty sure they shift amount allocated the prizes. The worst stake in ever greater rights still go. This is no longer about this day. Picks up the table realise them on that is like one black lives matter, it's no longer about the destruction of the nuclear family, you're, just looking for an excuse to loot at that point, someone's look into service themselves in the sneeze shield, Jeff Fox worthy is the person so there,
giant episode of our you're, smarter than a fifth grade, you're, not that are more than a fifth greater who gets shoved out of his highchair. I was surprised at how quick some of those people that wheeled themselves then ran out when there is a fight. I yet it's true Tourism is an called covered corral. Now I did have no less than a golden corelia, its golden comecon what is golden about the corral there, the the colossus revives the US equal, wuerzburgers, Butch, Cassidy incidents when you need them can't they just go out to mean how many dread luxury left and the group of the european people going to walk in some general going Crawler W Nba game as a Spirit Airlines conference. What evidence? That's seventh fight! That's broken out there over six years, only ghetto snakes- just listen. I don't know it Bruce buffer their announcing those corn. We have less stereo, not actually ran out of a one, because it's the only way you can eat one of their stakes so and in the future.
but how does it happen while you're out a stakes and psycho? I guess we just have to beat the shit. Not exactly a menagerie. Would you think that'll make their choice? roaster appear, can't hurt someone coming out and Jane Quick, quick now about what this is. Why is it? This is a sad state of affairs. It really- and you know what this is a problem with this wouldn't escalate. If the person who probably If there is one instigator got punched him initially, that's all Turning to me, you need to redefine the leader of the pack and this probably someone who seventy five years old take him out, and you wouldn't have that you can purchase seventy four, Your old it has another. Seventy five, like eight, the less stake. It's a here, it's kind of a good thing that they did Dave right. So you hate you hate golden crown type places.
Right and it is this naming. Aren't I like a bad one executive it back- let's not even just about not of our end of mad, but I'll call. I look at area. I would just if it's just a personal property odor in the room I was at one ran out a chicken. There was three dead guy I just like it's a sneeze shields. Are you scarred you don't have to test it right exactly know does work. I did one time I was at a gold. Cracky do not, and I wanted rise something Zodiac horse Golden Corral as part of the you grew up, making whore choices go ahead, so there was a spoon, and I was like I haven't tried that before I literally I picked up this you'd never tried a spoon of whatever would he was in a camera, the sauce or whether it was, and I look they weren't. You can look at staring in the eyes of the attendant who's going. I'm thinking about getting them to take the whole vague output.
How do you know any better? I was like nine years old or people listening audio jail just heard the story of the week. I won't make sense unless it s actually happened. I was a two percent. True. nobody better. I was. I was below the sneeze guard high rise, that everything was that I love all like I'll. Try that golden corral or as the Chinese, but failing to call it those cocky bastards with the eight health rating. You yeah when you go when they basically do you want to sit a sex offender or non s fender. I just have the forms to fill out to let everyone know in the smoking section. Just let him know please, the smoke in here. Yet no but yeah we care barium a little about the smoking. Suddenly the raping and pillaging that will ensue, and I saw a guy there, who is just morbidly, morbidly obese, yeah. I just overalls like this, because that's all he could nothing underneath it nothing underneath it. You should
Definitely not be it a buffet by whom he put the traveler on his play. You covered Everything with stay ended the banjos from deliverance play. It was like that I don't know where he is. I assume not above ground now, but it's just so filled with garbage in if you eat there. I just want you to know. You I think, your trash ya. Look! Opponent story, I'm your out! You it's not a character indictment except it absolutely as its character, known as accessories pizza lay and is used to be decent like bad, but ok, rightly digitally bad. Now I got for Canada, we did not have theses. Did you have like a piece of a face right, No, they are not where I grew up, no anywhere Peter had the Sunday buffeted yeah they changes of feces speaks about wildly popularly ere. You know you're getting into their one. That's a goldbricking for other feces engage
corral like their shrimp. I like job on something that looks like a wrestlers scholarship for her. She was airborne tariff. phrase and polish language try the shrimp at golden corral. The sushi at the golden. Listen, there's a virus out there. We all need a log herself inside I'm sorry, I've had shrimp. Golden gratify me. You can go or of yes golden corralled also enjoyed one or two molluscs, Bob Evans you're certain to die soon I don't love and of garden I've got you just aggressively mediocre, it is and they try to act like it's. Not as about is right, but the effect of the second many of attacking Christ. I was at last miracle. Jesus made the never ending rebel Louis, you want never ending bread sticks and you have forceful their terrible which hurry though the bread sticks they used to be good to scale. Yet his name never ending says: do I one never ending shit while thanks
Let me think about ways. So when I finish, I psyche get more something: that's awful raw, that's great, and I pay you for it. Well, I have to the sea you every day. That way you can, you can eat and take a meal, that's a great combine, rapid, Hetty Dish, its take a bread, sick leave, a bridge. I can take this home when it soggy and worse now. I got in the way by the way before I move on just this is always it's always interesting to me. Who do you think was worse Hitler? or maybe we're going to do a segment on that later. But I want to see you come at now then comment beneath it and see. If you're see if your opinion is change, its really actually pretty fun for us to see something definitely Hitler worsen and underneath it like, I was wrong. Thou who knew there's no Hitler's chicken, a golden corral now know there is a general mouse, I don't think it's. I served in a container red ball with because the people or dog we have no idea. Now we do have an idea deserved it
for dessert. Try the tenement Nemo's! What's the threads us, they light is like Saigon. Let's go no big dissident yeah, that's a wonderful! Those accused of swimming Jeez are there would be funny. The point is this golden curls That is why ISIS may have a point whether lawyers are gonna call this effort, that's why I'm a debt as they will look at the problem is that you have golden corral as a client. That's not not really respectable law firm. What do you say? then fall you slip and choke law firms slip, listeria law from the food poisoning? Long, let's be honest, you call your clientele livestock, its
around? If you understand what you're saying all right, this has been fifteen minutes and golden corrupt. Let's move on where we talk about this yesterday, I've enjoyed reading of speaking of beasts of the field, what we Goldberg we spoke of her yesterday. Yes, he's got big, she needs a walker. Look when you need a walker, and it's not due to age maybe some general yeah, that's what people are global, walkers, it becomes a weapon stroke take off a little Half tennis ball is a blade underneath. It so Whoopi Goldberg low she's been cancelled from the viewer. She'd been Temperance Bennett. Now I dont think that she should have been. We talked about yesterday, just how unbelievably out of touch she was with her comments regarding holocaust. Being about grace. I just that wages are coming out of my mouth that are real. These are actual. Things someone went on a national televised programme and that the Holocaust wasn't about racism. Ok! Well, she an honest, even Colbert. There too,
One does not yet well one dies on a clear the air if you're shaking grace from a forgiving audience. Who will be understanding you go to Mr Colbert, you wanna make sure as many people here you is boss, yes, exit can you get rid of a dancing needles? This is serious. To apologize, but not given. The dancing Pfizer's has crazy, we're bringing out dancing his yes, but not about raising she tried to clear up her comments on Stephen Colbert, but she ended up making it I don't want to say significantly worse all go with much
You have you come to understand that the Nazi sought as race work as they might filling out and the Nazis? They would say yes interracial, it will see. This is what s interesting to me, because the Nazis lied it wasn't they what they had issues with ethnicity, not with waste, because most of the nice will why people most of them. will they were attacking people. So people me, I'm me, I'm correct. How can you my company science about race, If you are fighting each other, so name, they said it all raised again because I said how will children? How will we explained to children what happened in Nazi Germany? This wasn't. I said this was a racial. This was about on white and no said? No? No, no, it was racial, and so that's what this law came from. So once again,. Does anyone know how you feel I can't read?
already? Now I get it I'm going to take your word for it. You can get her nice pop out book does come become on after Keenan terms, That's what back? What's she's Jason's using as early as the running Mandy, it's you seriously end on I'll. Take your word for it. Yeah yeah! Well, you know what maybe take the take us six million six million for it kid can somebody get this woman, a briefer. It would be like this. It would be just like a couple of here. What they read, this isn't just read: Holocaust was racist about like now now I now have enormous she'd not understand that Anti Semitism is racism, but I also understand what maybe you guys can comment because ethnic cleansing race, it's about ethnic city like. I mean you're killing someone basis that America,
we think it's more racist than, for example, like saying blue lives also matter. I certainly think that ethnic cleansing- you know, six million people because of their ethnicity is more race, I do not! Maybe you know this could be the point. We're just you know in my early thirties about a touch yeah, I mean it's like woody need a reporter like stick a microphone and Hitler's faces like so. Is this about race yeah? Why do people keep asking me this? I dont know how more clout look. Let me spell it out for you copy please, please see them Have you read her errors in trouble? If you're gonna say white on white crime, as she put it is the problem now. Should we just handle that, without community SEC, as she's. Trying to think say here is that we tell our kid I what happened in the Holocaust right white on white man, like, I think, you're missing the policies, a culturally appropriated their name of its true, where they are women it doesn't arguments about racism, yeah, that's a part, two
oh shut up? My friendlessness jewish write, her name's, not gold version. She took the names. You want the opposite. To succeed in Hollywood right wow, that's kinda is: thy Semitism. Coming from what I know my name Smith, Goldberg Gothenburg stating what right park, but you know what want gold and the bird both cause, I'm golden an ethnic now. Here's the thing too that we will not be. I dont think she should have been suspended for two weeks. I think she has an opinion. I think she's wrong. I think people have the right to be whimsically. That being said, do you think that Stephen Cold. There would have had that same grace for any kind of a conservative. Guess you think we'll be Goldberg would admit you tonight we'll be goldworker went. For Ben Carson for effectively being an uncle, because he was employed by Donald Trump, who would be Goldberg assumed was racist when she said something that was blatantly. I don't want to say, and I want to say racist. Something that would be Goldberg has hatred in her heart for Jews came want to be clear about this. I dont think that she has disdain for Jews, but
think she certainly more insensitive if you're going to tell people to check their white privilege because they dont but that there is systemic racism at universities today or at government level. If you're going to tell white people that they are racist, if they make that statement, then you would absolutely have to apply it here as far as what be Goldberg being privileged and ignorant in not understanding that six million people were killed because of their race or ethnicity, yeah, that's black privileges. That is basically saying that you're, the only person that can be discriminated against and have races against the United States were killed by Hitler sick. What I do not understand, I will keep you toe, they really hated that Jesse Owens came in and actually cleaned their clock right. Like You mean Karen Alan Johnson is ignorant of six months. That's her name that area Elaine jogger what you were saying she took on the name, what be Goldberg? It's not anywhere near her garbage. A accede in Hollywood corporate. Why did you pick Whoopi Goldberg? Why? If the first name, because I like to make work,
just ask Roadmap it the second, because our people to read my resume and give me a job and then be surprised when I walk in the North sea. The smile on your face he's crazy However, I would have to do stand up people ago, worthy Moreover, one woman shall we My total next, I am born in shit. It's real is willing, introspective exoteric by the way you know those applause signs were like flashing like on a blink right, just make sure people did not have a jewish audiences like Almost nobody said just imagine, Donald Trump Junior. Imagine anyone in this room! Imagine Nick deposit! Imagine take your pick. Your imagined Generales going on Stephen Colbert and making that justification. Stephen Colbert not turning to around get some clapped her, but has added shaven Letterman how hard he would have gone into billow, Riley right, but ever appropriately, yet every freely.
Yet he any did when it, but he still had a man as a guest and consider my friend. I do know that they consider each other front we're moving at a friend but a definite consider them, though you know a guess right: ok, there's that so she was has benefited view for to erect, and this is ABC News. President Kim Godwin said active immediately. I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments for what he has apologised. I've asked her to take time to reflect and about the impact of her comments here that always works. What else does you got shit in a corner tat? She needs to It's a google search. That's all sea needs to learn that she's in New York there's the Holocaust museum right. There go talk to some and tell him it wasn't about rate it and see what they said diary she can pick up or something yet is as few movie she could watch about it. Maybe on a loop yeah, she really watch assures us. I could have done so much more. You get enough. China can offer you handle list, I'm gonna work
the color purple with me, what has real rice are. This is another try speaking of racism right now, just amazing how much elapse shipping their hand should basis by that. I do not agree with you on that, because I think the problem, though I do want to say, with cancer culture, Is that it that whole show and it is karma, is based on cancelling everyone by she is getting a taste run medicine, but I do feel that if we side with it would just Spain has been agreed is era diabetes, medicine. What is it that she does the drug drug ads? Were they going to drop her as long as she's like doing TAI, chi and stuff Wasn't cheese, bad! What's the word she No, I dyslexic. Ah, They get their medicine. For that. No, I think dyslexic when you think that the Holocaust wasn't. May I say off: that's a new definition for Dyslexia anyway. Go on with his I read it like how low cost like there was free. Like the cost was hollow? You know I didn't know. I thought how oh man and I thought I saw Kevin Bacon payments.
Let them not distract good! I wanna tasted. Does it tastes like break it his they vacant sexual graze child. All right now, I'm going to talk about what's going on in the NFL another racist story before we get to Hitler now, but I dont know a whole lot about the NFL. So this is time for Gerald actually know sports. All right. So the only thing I know, but the Mammy Dolphins is generally known as because I watch ACE Ventura they go so tell me out what is going on this guy Brian Flora, head coach, Brian Flores has filed a class action law suit. He reports. Represent forty other individuals and he's saying that in a felt hiring practices reply, coaches were racist. So let me just give you just a little information about it He suing three teams are nice fired by the Miami Dolphins after three season sub. Sorry, advise us at a certain point. I just I don't have any shits left to give.
The ETA fell out, I'm talking about the significant portion you're, the Jordan Layers, but now this endeavour not enough coaches, here's the thing: it's like our hutches and people in the front office and its like what we got a lot of assisting coach ashore and enough of a black eye. So three teams that are being sued, the dolphins, Broncos giants- and this just keep in mind that one of the reasons that he was fired is because in three seasons he went twenty four and twenty five with them. I mean often so twenty four twenty five. Now I know like that that you may think this is like baseball and he can turn it around at the end of the year with a hundred and seventy something games. I didn't think that picture. That's not true. I knows I gotta figure, but anyway heat. That's really bad. newspaper three million dollars a year to a cheery million doubt Leocadi! Ok, yes, so this is almost like common cabinet. getting paid. The act, it's just like roots rights. Ups, according to What is out right now he's alleging the dolphins owner Stephen Raw years, a coach incentive
so I'm just gonna keep going to tanking. Three thousand nineteen: by offering a hundred thousand dollars per loss. Now that's pretty interesting because that would just increase the position of your draughts of you. is the most games you like Detroit Dave. You guys are familiar with number one picks you guys get to pay, Eriksson, maybe get the best athlete, and so a lot of times to quaint Detroit gets number one picks and there still Detroit lying. Oh yeah, yeah really does we just don't do much really poorly with them: ok, died, insult them back, but he's just right, I'm right an eye, but I want I want them to be better. I know you do. Quarterback is going to the Superbowl. This year's he's just along with their team, now know your hearts in the right place for us, as well as to China's there's just so much ethnicity, ride array. So this is about race right since whole lawsuit race. He says that he was trot. He was pressed to illegally recruit a prominent quarterback. I'm not sure how that's about race and this
how his lawyer floors, as Lord described the situation and litigations not for everyone, but he stepped forward he's been referred to as the rose up The NFL by you, it's testing actor and the litigation will create change. reporters Ass, one, one of those people, the desk just witnessed virtues, are worthy. I want without giving with one of those reports, go, that's absolutely not to have all she took the bus issues, making roughly three million dollars. You actually get your exact like Rosa parts with your three million dollars are tolerated, bus path, saying what was are you at the back of, because I would like to be there to whom a pretty nice by Rosa Parks of the NFL he's saying. Basically, that thing is they would sick dogs on him if he sat in the wrong, so the NFL had a proper Rosa parks. Hedda had what's it called one of those executive boxes. Yet
We are in the front of the executive board. Gonna beat about the Bush shrimp right by the golden corral we had brought in special. While it is the fact that a white guy said that ok look, I gotta go to jail megawatt, etc will be that got should loses Jeff out before we move on. Let's play they could, mortality has put it. I let me just say it one more time we headed you'd up a man litigations not for everyone, but he step forward has been referred to as the Rosa Parks Vienna. they just cannot get like, will create chess. That's the chatter roses: works of the inner you see them like. I hated move at all the white guys like India. There must be right. I like what would you do?
How about a browser? Parsing get up off this chip Rachel S, like seriously he's been referred to the Frederick Douglass of the inner? Yes, yes, because you're totally, he basically saying like it's an NFL plantation again they're using this plantation word, make millions of dollars a year. I'm like ok, are very bond wearing my Harriet Tubman, yet actually, especially against, would have nothing to do with rose gets because Rosa parts to deal with on a plantation on that, but the name of the book, was plantation, as I know, the Alabama bus boycott the slaves. so it also alleges that the giants only interviewed him to satisfy was called the Rooney rule out a dealer owner, because there are no hiring right. There are like Albert. I gotta put a black guy insurance for guess who the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers is right now my talent Is black and they say didn't jane- was named Goldberg clearly as brother or will lack the so they say
there is only a an interview quota, not a higher and quota anything, although it was just a sham interview. You entered five or six candidates a lot of times and, of course some are more popular than others, but you had a one in four and twenty five years, the problem, seminars and fellow sports, even interview quota, meaning if to meet with a certain amount of black people right took a witch, You can't be mad if they met with you for an interview with no intention of hiring right. That's the whole point: that's what silly about costs if you are not qualified or if you have a losing record and they go well, we need it well, we gotta meet with some black I've. Gotta know bring him in again. That's that this is It's the same issue with affirmative action in college and people go. You know for the rest of my life have to deal with. People are looking at me like that. He really deserve to be it that university. Why exactly that's a problem? That's why it's a problem! It should be merit based. There should be no quotas whatsoever. I ended up back in the day right right, but not that I'm not act like the NFL today is
last June of White Conservatives well and if you're a good head coach, I mean look at all of the head coaches that lose their job every single year. There's usually several positions, Jim Kyle at the Detroit lines, is a great head coach. Yes, you do you definitely so that you're telling me right now, and there may be a fine, maybe there's a couple, a racist owners out their final. Given that I have no idea you're telling me that they are willing to do the chance on black players coming to their team to help them when but So the racism stops at players, but the guy who's most directly responsible for making sure the team Windsor like I will that's where I draw the line and that France on black players is not really a role as well. Now, I would like to say that only hurt you say racist orders are only ok if you at the end of a technically head Alors lawyer, yet the player roulette table you bet on black, always that lack in Austria has its, albeit with one rhetoric that makes I'm gonna throw yeah yeah he's. So this real liner funny business, the first page of the lawsuit- and they say, as this class action completeness- fell on the first day of black instrument. We under the
leaders electorate that they bring the doctrine. Martin Luther king, and here they have a quote. So what kind of money in the first page For example, I don't know his hit. I have a dream: the coach arena football- oh yeah, does not change the fact that at the end of the season, right gets fired and peace budget that is hiring isn't, but he's not gonna get hired somewhere because he's just tease window dressing to me, but also in its economic ones, for twenty five yeah you're right they warrant taking user. Nobody will be a serious Leah got our country like MIKE Tyson thing. I am ferocious my defences and penetrating if he had lost twenty five five cigarettes and what I one twenty four. I don't. I don't think that anything
not intimidated from by me, because I am a black man- knowledge because you ve lost twenty five fights for that might play a factor, but I think rate ethnically throughout fifty percent of its my win. One hundred percent of that right, I guys actually just I have acquired from we'll be Goldberg. Apparently this also was not about race. Also, it's about ethnic at each, exactly it's not about race. It's just a black on black crime Indiana felt when someone uses something with a synonym for the thing they said. That was wrong If anything else comes out about this will reassess, isn't that right now, because she's, a woman because we're talking about a lay, not woman, the proud it's, the problem was with professional sports- is, if your hired big in your black for some reason it's racists and you're not its racist collar. We have only goes a little when I modern slavery, the kind I guess what well casting occur,
Mercer of exerting with equal, yes, is turning away people that did look slaved enough. Does the slaves all had tattered burlap pants with Nike logo? The NFL is one of the network aid by slaves. Yes, the NFL is one of the best places for meritocracy in the world and its not just about your ability to perform on the fields. so your ability to lead in the locker room and not be distraction sometimes will take more chances on people being distractions. Antonia Brown with the box obviously got half turned a little the game. Is pads and running into the locker room. you missed on that one coach owners and the reference, but about most of the people watching do so. That's look at it right, but if you like, like red, the safety who basically was Capra Nick and read, were the two guys that we're filing suit against the NFL Capron. It was a terrible quarterback. Reed was actually good safety, but he wasn't in the locker room from what a lot of people her, because if you can play, if you can do it, they will give you an opportunity. People gets
consensus chances, but criminal records that a recent hack, the raiders move to LAS Vegas in killed two people in two seasons, terrible Dick Butkus. I just wanna clowns segment. Let's move on your time. Yes, like I bears out aerial hurting. Ariel Sharon's has been jailed no sports. Now I want to get to something that is again really scary. You me talk about this with Trudeau I think Monday, maybe was Tuesday and you are seeing the terrifying totalitarian tyrannical, like statements being echoed by this administration. This is not here Billy, so this giant Saki was asked about Spotify and the warnings and Joe Rogue analysed
This is not about warnings. Warnings are the first step. We saw that with Youtube, where we were getting slept with warnings and then we were suspended for quoting the CDC. Look behind you there's the slippery slope. Ok, it's not a logical fallacy if it is actually taking place now she was asked the press secretary gents Aki about the warning labels on Spotify, and I also want this is that the problem, but we just talked about yesterday, we had it live or Brien's delta of the day before, complaining that people trusted Jerome condemned him. Look people trust you more. If you just come out of the closet with your man bag, ennobling, right, ok, I was at the golden fleece honest. How did they not trust me here out of czech roast, you guys, you started, the borders are getting somewhat his purse. Man bag, get the kids chair, rule, the snakes in Louisville time, unless there completely out, I can't believe it. I don't have enough room. Get my Kate spade from the car. There are at stake. The complete way that I'm not out so
he was asked about the warning labels on Spotify and this aspect: when people say Spotify right now: warning label and Spotify, let's be clear: they are talking. Out: singling out Joe Rogan like him or hate him. If you support not only freedom of speech, but when we're talking about cancel culture, I understand that spot. If I can choose tat whatever they want their platform. Here's the issue: you are not dealing with a free market because the outrages not coming from the market, the outrageous coming from the top down sort of like with the NFL outrages not coming from the viewers, the outrageous coming from the media executives, who tell them that they need to be more woke, and in this case with Spotify, you have members of the media colluding with members of his administration who then people talk about dog whistles. This is Douglas Gents Saki watch your answer. She says, and I want everyone on these big tech platforms. Basically saying: hey, look you but start doing our bidding for us and, more importantly, when you see the incestuous relationship listen to how this question is framed to Jan sake,
It doesn't even allow for the possibility TAT any one in the room may think it's troubling watch this entire exchange. Spotify is putting out by three warnings on emphasis that have to do with cope. Nineteen doesn't go. Two thousand administration think this is a satisfactory step. What do you do you think that companies like Spotify should go further than just put your label on there? Is it even though the option that maybe it's wrong to check this out in others, more research? You can look at research, Franco, sure, well, middle, not July. Parliament, about the surgeon, general also took the unprecedented step to issue and advice, and the risk of misinformation and public health, which is a very significant step and admit that he talked about the role social media platforms. Have Our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major new sources that matter be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the american people have access to accurate information on something as significant as covert. Nineteen. That certainly includes spot a fly. So this discussion,
Well, why it's from devout address, but I really want to every platform to continue doing more, to call out missing for emission distant formation will also uplifting accurate information. We want all of the Tec platforms of media to be vigilant. If you see something, say something also spot, a flesh, you gotta from criminal hairs, icon spot, We're station presence vice president brethren we also ensuring there. You know she mentioned the surgeon, General Jake number only on and this pandemic and we were actually working with Jacko Willing, says, show up not to show his up company. I camera what was caught my marriage and origin. no was Jack over their release, inclosing, they sort releasing masks. We on this programme in April of twenty twenty two said: look if you're going out. We're sick, the best way to get create a mosques in twenty twenty act, we're twenty twenty years has been going on for two years Please help me, kill me What twenty twenty we said! Look if you're going to make him ask at home here's what you want to double ply. We said: let mixed Polly blend a pillow case.
Show people how to wear mask if they were sick and had to go to work as before we had to accept Latin occur at that time is interesting because gents Aki just put up this. In general, the surgeon general of the United States, if you don't remember and I'm sure the control room can bring, this up was tweeting Joe, where man They do nothing, please Everyone stop buying math, yes and now. You're single the surgeon general has issued this and we need to trust the surgeon general for misinformation. surgeon general spread misinformation. We get it now. You said what we lied, because we needed more ppp for hospital workers, but the problem remains. We can't trust, you lied and you are saying we should be trusted and, of course, media. Big tech follow suit. Do what we ask what one? If, when you ask, what have what you ask is wrong, like you're, certain general saying, don't go by masks like your vice president saying I won't take the vaccine because it's been develop under trumps, so Joe Biden. What if it's like hey, you know the vaccine allows allows you
go out live your lives can cause. You can't transmit what, if pig tech who you are requesting out there to follow your lead and media, and that is the result of misinformation on Spotify. What, if, by your request, their spreading your misinformation, because what you are claiming today is accurate information. It's yesterday's misinformation. Exactly I think, they're whole point as it: it's not misinformation. If it comes from us right, no matter what it is and what you know what this brings me to, This brings me right back to what I said about Trudeau. Look if me of your leaders that isn't quite there. Yet GIN Saki but Trudeau, just because in part my language, we have kids just because he's a pussy with a capital and a coward doesn't mean that he's not a tyrant. This is, one of the scariest quotes. I've ever heard a world leader ever in my lifetime, speak out loud. more fringe minority of people
are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable view, is that they are very depressing. Do not represent The views of Canada monotony can stuff that's enough, holding unacceptable views Any time your leader says, these people are holding unacceptable views, they gotta go, they ve got to go. You don't get to determine. except will be just like gents Aki, doesn't get to determine what is misinformation if, in fact, hate issue scientist, because that Rebuttal was you. Are you a scientist I dont know? Is she because Spotify going based on her work when Trudeau says holding unacceptable views? That's it you're already pass alignment. that guy has to go in a fringe minority, just to keep a clear this, this freedom convict they ve raised more money than the major local parties in Canada. That's how much friend minority that book and then I want to- but let me read you, let me see if you can see some similarities here- very or to let the stolen quote. The press must
all day in and day out it is our party sharpest and most powerful weapon? Lenin said: why should freedom of press freedom of speech and freedom of press be allowed? Why should a government which is doing What it believes to be right, allow itself to be criticized: talk about road to Hell, paved with good intentions, I want to be that part again. Why should have government which is doing what it believes to be right? Allow itself to be criticized: here's the thing, let's assume, there's no ill intent. I'll tell you. Why has to allow itself to be criticized because You might be wrong and right You have a losing record. Saki. Invite administration like that the Florence got losing record, let's at least call it a split record, good, there. Quite a few draws the dolphins. Here's another call from it would not allow opposition by lethal weapons. Ideas are much more fatal things then guns. While we can allow those on those those on allowable view, unauthorized, unacceptable VON except above viewpoints right
by that I mean you're right. That is chilling, and you need to understand that the unacceptable view- and this is where we always go wrong- it's like well yeah. Maybe this view over here is is widely unacceptable, with his unacceptable view, as somebody being against a mandate not being against a vaccine and not being against having people protected from a virus. A government mandate right is the only thing just let us do it of our own free will. That was given to us by God, because I read the countryside, The says that we are not here, here's the thing to what what is required for it to be an impermissible. Already on allowable none except unacceptable view. Are let's go through? That's ok, doesn't people say need to find common ground? I'm gonna go through this with all right. Let's go through it with right now the vaccine to manage little, let's go through with climate change, so you can be. Pro personally vaccine. Ok, so I am personally. Let's say someone says, I'm personally pro vexing. Ok, I'm even vaccinated, like I believe its eighty. Seven percent of these truckers are I'm even vaccinated. Okay and
think that we should make it readily available for the environment, for people who are vulnerable. Ok, and I believe that we should educate people on covert, and I really wish to ok. But don't believe in mandating that everybody be required to have the vaccine unacceptable. That's an unacceptable you wear comedy. Let's go through climate change. Ok, you can say: look I believe that there is climate change. Okay, I believe that humans may be contributing factor to it. Ok, and I believe it maybe it'll even have some negative consequences in the long term. Ok, I simply don't believe that the? U N and China and the rest of these world governments getting together can do anything to sell the unacceptable that makes you the fascist now we disagree with the scientist Stephen may have. That was the called ninety five percent of the scientists agree right now, just seven percent without any seventy. But you that's the promises virtue with the spot. If I think they can say Are you a scientist? Well, the four people Rogan ART is talking to. They are the scientists,
One of the guys is one of the inventors of the MRI technology height. Yes, in opposing view that with it, whether to con big Tec is simply all the information that you're getting right. That's what so scary about one Saki just once to silence: opposition MA am use like that that they have no idea what they're playing with and if they do, then they are the most evil. tutorial people that we have seen in power in the United States, probably in its history, but I think they lean to beta really understand why They are unleashing with this, because it's not the first person the desert. Typically, that's the problem. It's the next person that comes into the person, after that, the goes on the ground. we're starting laid all you gotta do is pushing just a little further and all the sudden, you have people groups that go into concentration camps. You have people, groups that are killed by the millions will get to that. Just a couple minutes with our comparison of Hitler. Now that's
it happens. We must certainly there talking only Ivan accepting breaking news. That means it's horrible and scale swallow my darling around so you'll. Remember that Chris Cuomo, he was, you know, fired from seeing any address. This invest right. There's this investigation. If that's what you're getting Jeff Sector and so well? What happened was he was having a relationship with Allison Gillespie, who was the gdp of marketing, and she was actually tides, giving Governor Cuomo information. I guess we're having with with the internet, Andrew Grandma thank you hadn't. He had a relationship with theirs. There was actually uncovered in that investigation. See Mary! Oh, they were investigated Walmart and then they found that Jeff Zachary was also a scumbag sucker said I was required to disclose it when it begin, but I didn't rules were they not for me, a very many thought that wouldn't go anywhere as I should have, but I didn't and Allison Glad she had always lose do because she was actually shut, was Jeff Zachary meriting for her. She she was being considered to replace him.
By all, only twenty one. She was right under him utterly. What two. Oh here's, my nunnery you're you're watching this in real time. You said: let us acknowledge our relationship evolved in recent years. I was all its breakup. Reliable sources we had I wanted a bang Emma. I and fire withheld what an ailing mass rape or to the thousands of incredibly talented, CNN and Turner ports, employee success. I helped make this probably going to afford. Is Gomes. Adam suits us over there, both divorce, secular and ok. Well, it's just a few minutes ago, a stir, or for the CNN, newsroom fraternal. That's what it did to us is weird, I'm sorry, but Gunnar years now he's resigning over a consensual relationship that he didn't disclose. This again, but that is a midsummer amidst an incredible an unprecedented ratings drop yeah. Somebody seeing a ship sinking
I've been sleeping with that lady by guys, don't I've. If that's the case, I better get we're still arena rations sense. She is going to stop. Dare devil, for she was heard. Is that you VP of chief marketing? This comes from the control room. She was Andrew Promise, communication, stricter, oh wow. So of course, we should trust that the government knows in media there. One and the same for debate understand that and look at such an operation, but a guy who worked with for the Clinton's. Do you gotta see this? They are one and the same. The media in government, that's the issue and then, when you have the government saying we that all media and big tech platform. This is why they're going after Rogan on Spotify, look, it's really easy to control the voices unseen and ABC Nbc Cbs. It's really easy to control of voices on Colbert to really summer for major companies in their losing ground and then all of a sudden. Once we up in a legal issue with whatever it is via com, whatever whoever it is, our subscribe that we're going up under thirty thousand a month.
Exact. Then you right now, I can not get away from suggested Seth Myers videos, I dont, think any One is ever wanted to suggested, set Myers Video, but I do want to see what Brien's Delta is saying here. the slow where that is why he says, he's resigned, effective immediately, Kate. We both know. Here. The junker has been the rock for this. organization. The last few days has not at all local energy goals. Some people even wonder archive something was amiss, Anybody saw this coming these hard like there are being brought. It was on that enraged. Here, what an ordinance zero Irish is now the person the tiresome it's the the team we all play for its and an organization, this news operation so much bigger than any single person. And so the news goes on, but now without the top executive.
It is good that we are CNN and we people need to trust us. Yet now he came straight face Reagan's aiming illustrate phase. We are that Raymie news network TAT Day I hate him. I don't even know why you know he's angling for that job. How are you getting Cuomo job? That's why you're come onto the bus, and now he thinks he's gonna get suckers job because he's a talent was hacked. Can someone out there genuinely You know you can comment below. I have not, and we have a team of researchers. I have not been able to find any reason that Brion has that job he had some website any showed it and the next thing you know he has a show and one of the biggest use. What dirt does he have on something while suckers recital c mere resigning? So maybe they be centres on the way, I think not seeing the dirt in real time. I get us it's funny. It's over that passed over in Manila online. I heard a private and guess investigator website in that's that's a little Saudi from a stake in the mouth. You know just Duff
at the end of that little little bit that there are doing there we cut away before he saw this. He actually like all what what? What is this? If it's my resume for president of sea and ass, it's weird s. Hang on my wife's calling JANET's Maya, my headshot Ec Mister Henderson. I think you'll like what's on the back of his turn it around at the back of his head. I think you'll be impressed, Also my money shut. Yes, I have a lot of pictures. This. There are growth, you did fine words during our visit brings us ample we're talking about poverty I hated you still to reinstall service did in this lady from CNBC. I don't need it. That's not true. He wear her on his face, like an actual physical, very firm on the competitive edge, ouch gather pathetic. Like factor I see her again, careful Dave, I'm just looking. He did not know she did, Unless you haven't been seen for a few years.
He swallowed her whole there, Nicole LAMP Levin from seeing these are very that's just a waste, really is coming come on? I that now there's no way she's acute. There's no way every one thing you know, look it be one to be overweight and in clearly super straight, but it's another thing to have also and also be entirely devoid of charm. So I dont know how he would. I don't believe it. I've had a baby she's in a fellow somewhere, so we can make a parasol here. Is it to be heard, while dog that the relationship as in twenty loving serpents does much yonder. but nor hear she's and pulling away army fungus, are taking a picture. Please please don't oil at I walked in with your mouth rapped on. Something was nice I was up her. Wasn't onto throws, I come on made me VP,
you don't know where I've been. Oh, my is he here is I'm sorry, but that is not looking zags noting they must have a great well, none of those working in L, a patient since he was twelve hearing. I think it is outrageous that makes sense is like a bolder. He was twenty six. Was he really wow? that was twenty six year old Brian sounds sexual balanced other, that's not good, I guess the Papa who's on the left, their Chris Coronel gosh. Well, you know what CNN. We hope that you get a win some time, but don't God. It's all right. making of of winds it's time to see now we're going to create these brackets and go over this over the next couple of weeks, because a lot of people- you know about Hitler, but you don't know about the other authoritarian tyrants who have existed throughout time. So this is time now. Between Hitler now, our first dictator off
there will never be taken out of context now. Let us ever left, of course not just. I know you feel it uses remedial, but the media, those on the left people like stouter? Of course they ve always been I've always been using Hitler and Dave made this great point yesterday. If you miss yesterday, show it's a constant through line there, comparison to any male republican, typically, but also blackmail, republicanism, black female republicans. They always point to them and the comparison to hit is made ad nauseam Ruth when some a call from a fascist. Last year we were told that fascist control, mobs and paramilitaries and Trump doesn't. I
cited a violent mob on gender. The six, a lot of voters didn't want to believe everything that was obvious to so many of us that Donald Trump is a fascist or when it comes to Denmark, see versus fascism. I'm sorry there are not fine people on both sides they they get the jest here yes, but not to give her glorifying magazine and no, expound reporting. If they see- a dislike America aren't they. Multimillionaires- that's irrelevance. Some of that as international touring of anybody wants to know. I don't like green day there on the plantation. to Stephen. By that I mean technically, I think he qualifies as a little person, so he's been oppressed, Billy John
Here's the other thing now upright, so they always compared to Hitler, but not only is barely any attention given to these other horrible dictators who, by the way cost many more lives will get to that communism, socialism, that's they have to be careful. When you have someone in Europe Bernie Sanders. Socialism are illiterate, warning all good elements to socialism, not Only do they not mention it. This is something that is even more. Concerning former both Obama and by an adviser. I think she I think she retired and two thousand twenty one. Don't call me on it. A needed done said that my was one of favorite figures and you also see form of ice press Joe Biden quote now on ironic. We twice or not only do they not distance themselves from it, but they just think what Well, don't really know MAO's not do you. You say my like it's a bad character and then the third lesson in Tipp actually come from tool of my favorite political philosophers now say: tongue and money.
Teresa, not often fifty one percent of people in this country are women that expression women, homeopathy sky. There is a saying we use in a different context of Chinese saying, says: women hold up half the world, yeah. So here's the thing if the media means nothing to fetch it isn't that a mouse quote in that an understatement. his set in a different context. Oh you mean, like the red Slaughter of millions of people. Context. Is that the different context tomato to not be undersold that job? There's an old chinese proverb quote: that's if you have a girl baby, you drone it yeah now, don't you have a boy baby, because you know they gotta make some money in the killing fields too many people. I don't know, I don't know who pull us why we had so many parts. Is anybody else? If you go blind the writer
we're getting floaters, writes a who is actually worth Hitler around now. Let me be very clear: I am not defending either they're both bear both bad, just which one is more bad or are we all agree right, most baddest? Oh we're going for bad yeah, that's right, lions, bad! That's! Yes, yes, right line connecting the next one is gonna, be stolen. Whoever wins us when! Ok, let's look at the policy specifically, so Hitler created new deal style policies right these job programmes he instituted rearmament, which was really at the time highway, producing international weapons. Now, what is the impact of that? What Hitler actually claimed full employment and a few others by nineteenth? night Now- and this is something it sometimes actual white supremacist uses. Actually he really helped with employment and helped bring back the robust economy. Well then, where is misleading, because that doesn't include the one point: four million men in the army, the Jews who were basically ousted from their own jobs and, of course, the
and the rearmament to this is sort of the origin, not the origin, but certainly people who bitch about the the military industrial complex or what they do and Germany. At that time, fifty percent increase in profits for big businesses. And again this is a national socialist, workers, Party of Germany. It's always ironic that in every form of socialism, Communism, the big businesses, the ones with the big contracts- do well the media in the small businesses they suffer, and I'm going to get back to that too, as well with both Hitler and Mouth now. Here's another path, that he had hereditary exterminate six million jobs and then bring them back. So it's kind of like the way binds broad backing. really bring them back per SE is took them in reallocated them. He right yeah. It was at that kind of how binds them lead. We didn't house, if not the make pool. He also hereditary farm law. Nineteen thirty three
This is something that a lot of people don't really know about. What did it do restricted farms to not just Germans but Actually, Germans could only be those who are german blood or the same tribe. Whoever has jewish or colored blood among his ancestors on his fathers or his mother's side is not of the german or of the saint traps that you can. on the farms it had to be which, as what be Goldberg says, not racist, not racist at all, not a vessel. How are you lad is powerful. It's a great area. So what's the impact, the pragmatic? So let's say you agree with it in theory, because you are racist. Well, agricultural prices went up about twenty percent So Hitler really screwed up as far as the farms are worsening price carrots- I couldn't find a carriage at a golden corral that have you been to local farmers market off the Hitler Corral Ass, a cat. I don't want any part punctured. I don't think I've got ok so
This attack at the third corral. He tightly regulated small businesses, a lot of people again this matters, because when people say always nationalism, it wasn't. Socialism know there was a lot of nationalizing companies. A lot of nationalizing entire industries, so regulated small businesses. How did you do that commodity prices he would fix. Those are be crazy interest rates, the wages were fixed by the government they controlled. How much was invested distributed produce so twenty percent a small businesses closed under Hitler. Now we're not just talking about the Jews. You're just want you to know what Hitler actually did as far as a fascist. Ok, we'll get all your stuff. Let's look at Mount. He had a great leap forward policies nor terrible so him with agriculture. Here's waited all the household for organizing the communists and private property markets were abolished for the greater good. Just you re too good for the greater good you'll hear this theme a lot for the greater good. The commune directed all agriculture, local government, they manner,
all economic and social activity, all the resource allocation food distribution and then is a thing to here's. The problem. Let's say that this is done with good intentions like gents Aki. Just before saying it would be really good enough. They follow the surgeon, general warning Spotify with misinformation. Ok, let's assume that your intention, appear? Guess what you could still be wrong and that's the problem with kids elevation of power when people bitch about capitalism have always point us as it will. Surely the people in positions of power can be corrupted. You see that with executives you see that was income, but there is at least some form of a self correcting mechanism that doesn't happen when the powers consolidated to pay. Who are beholden to nobody. So what would happen to when it came to farming in China? Because of now I need a done. Joe Biden, big fan, They are in the right there in the mouth fan club ever my wall. They mandated practices these these bureaucrats and urban areas in China like overseeing over fertilizer,
and they ended up just even don't. Let's assume they weren't evil. They were just wrong. They ended up, Screwing up agriculture in China, so they had this for pests campaign and that was to get rid of look. This makes sense, flies short, mislead us shore, rats right sparrows! What I have always sparrows well, they were stupid. Well, let's just say, weren't evil we'll get to the forty five million people who died where they were stupid, so people and were actually encouraged to bang pots and pans to prevent sparrows from landing, because but the sparrows were killing the crops. Again. This is the problem or when you have some picture in China, but picture here, someone in DC telling someone in Indiana how to run their course they have no idea, and I dont mean telling them how much you know they can yield or fixing prices like. We have here, raspberries and milk, which is absurd because we fix This is, I mean literally telling them what standards and practices in Iowa they have to use for corn
imagine a needed done, so not another. This is how you are going to a zone of farm court. That's what happened in China, and so they said we can have sparrow ruin crop So one billion sparrows were killed, wow that's the cologne or those six million Jews? Where do you? No one billion spare us now, you will guys I was reading sparrow abilities, tagging travel and then what did they? Falsified The brain is gas. Coming out of that word feeder at last that unless the trick now stop, that's not birdseed, that's cycle, be so local leaders, falsified reports to meet rain quotas. What happened there was a thirty percent reduction in grain output, lack of sparrows led to locust swarms of the less time you're about a locust warm here I sit. I think it's Moses its.
With this in mind with China, that you ve never heard of a swarm of sparrows gunning as a plague in the Bible, but you have four locusts and then blips people had to resort to eating like tree bark and dirt or about the billion sparrows. Don't they have some meat? Will I just think that decompose rather quickly? Well, if that's true, you should eat the sparrow. You would think so. That's it events sparrows like manna, fall from the sky, you Frank dearly for bringing new manner. Be sure to boil unhappy because Lassa virus. Now you can read about it. I don't know I Rambo did it have you tried he was during the kinds of things would make a billygoat pupil. I haven't tried per to me, but I have tried for people, but what it was when it was it was dealt. I really thought it was four and it was answered Now what was the impact guys with my case again, let's road to Hell is paved with good intentions, greater good! Well, the crop failure led to the
First, famine in recorded history and forty five million people die right that just for contacts that as the largest non military killing of people in history right, but surely ok that that would seem to be. You know that that would be like a point in his corner in this really diabolical game of ours. Yeah yeah. Let's give them that's one point: now: let's go That's one point now case a mile has a point, the largest one in history when we're dealing with was letter who labour asked, but it's like they run out of bad people to killing like I, we like you, do get to cater for the reckoning. Here's another example. This is right. This can, parallel to with today, where they're, trying to force the green industry, rhetoric cylindrical, trying to force green technology. had another greener, an electric airplane go down in flames, there's nothing wrong with industrialization. It comes with complications, we're going from agricultural society, writin agrarian society to sort of a top down society. We had industrial Revolution, United States. The problem is in China and it was not without its problems in the United States, but in China they tried to force it. They tried to force the market
through what the power, the coercion of government and they were aiming to actually double steel production. Double steel production in an ear. So what about you? Let's say you got well that's a good thing: they want some more steel, ok, thirty, forty percent of the housing stock, was demolished to obtain raw materials for these collect. projects. That's one way and again. This is all all this so think about its well. That's that's! That's my house. Well, it's for you. what a great aboard you'll do for your federal citizen now there. What five million vast- but you don't want you do so at All- for the collective good. It's why you should do it's not about you're right, it's about making are you? Do it right for everybody else, does that sound familiar, and I think each of us, particularly in the context of a pandemic. That's killing millions
of people. You have got to look at it and say there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater society. Now, there's a what we have all references to a lot of Canada Converse. There's a lot to dive into here, someone trying giving the cliff nuts and in jail you can jump and where we want there were. This is also not a thing of course, when you have communist socialist regimes hate, I wanted in the United States, New York, Chicago LOS Angeles San Francisco, big cities right pretty big. This is what what usually happens of mayors. They promised more public transit. They promised more social safety nets right. The left, of course, is the one that wants you to be in big cities, and they want big cities have undue influence over there. The countries where they want to have a they want to do away with the electoral college. Well, you see that even in China, twenty three million rural laborers were reallocated to cities and some are between. Like late fifties, early sixties,
similar. How Biden has drawn a federalist zoning laws right now, essentially create cities everywhere again There are consistency. When you look at the USA will Nano socialism is about? Where would mean democratic socialism? Look at the policies you're, just not at the severe point yet guarantee. There were people in China who thought hey. This is good the government to come in and help us farm. All right sounds nice, hey they want double steel production. In the year till you realize that your house is being torn down. Hey they want to help us the virus in their like. Are they? Are they welding our door? Shut rights? Wasn't hearted. Here are winners, weird it's gonna win the where the window wireless Arrowes dead. My red breasted friend, so let's go to the next NASH. Listen. This is something to the people I liked. You know they make they dislike with Hitler, and I yeah Hitler was a nationalist socialist, but it wasn't really nationalism and the sense of borders
nationals and incentive rates. His border was the whole world for his border. Was anyone who doesn't look like you were deeply at like I want to end the whole world and everybody looked like me. He wasn't me that we, can agree. He was frowned upon. Yes, I'll I'll I'll read through the first couple, Hitler thing for you. Ok, please! Oh! He aimed to unite the working class for german interests. Right sounds good on area uninterested wanted Germany to be entirely self sufficient, wanted social order. Seeing Erin race at the top and ultimately killed political dissidents who threaten german nationalism. That's the only way that you can get everybody on board. It aims is to help you re all right right and now is not a capitalist culturally was it wasn't a national strike? He was up so he was a cultural revolution where you wanted to up end all their institutions and tradition right. wanted to attack before olds by the way, the the great leap forward as a great leap forward. really Beth, aiming for you're, a great leap forward together for old I'm, so I waited for all or great reap, go
I don't want anything to do with tank, so they wanted. The old is old ideas, old cultures, old customs and old habit, and just to be clear, you can check their forums where the actual words these were considered. Institutions absolutely was Should they get rid of these four old old ideas of culture, old customs, old habits and two guns and religion right do away with gender. None of this is what we're talking about here. This is see your reading. My note that I just don't want to do away with all institutions want to do away with old, nor ignited way in China. There is religion right, so pay is think is there any political wing today that wants to do away with american traditions ideas, practices call, I just, I think the left, maybe
your frame, bugger get dancer religion antipathy towards people want and expand, because in the United States it's not like guns and religion have placed. their role in our history. Is the history leaving while taxation That was one of the church of England thing and we're gonna make you that we don't have to by using this bad boy, freedom of religion, but nothing to do nothing. Today, to my musket and those who were considered intellectuals who had ties to the West in China right they are just they were killed, they were persecuted. So again, dissidents is about one point, six million people. So look we still have scoreboard here: nationalism. predicated on race, right after no nationalism.
And also just doing we were there in that major nation exists like China. That's bad. still a nationals, United States in that. I believe this is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. However, this I don't know. What's just dumb is pretty bad. Let's leave score even on nationalism, rights for appointing the both get a point to one. there are: let's go to religion here really quickly, because this also matters from impairing Hitler, verses, mouth lotta people say Hitler was a Christian when they say that you know they're stupid. I don't know it wasn't. Partly jewish, that's out I was in Nigeria. I know I mean it's. Ye could have put a lot of people. It fooled me until just now. and he walked in and like all the accountants here. I'm I'm not lying. day, I'm sorry mine. If you are ass, I To my own tax is, I am a quantified sleepy aid effectiveness.
But my opponents, MRI almost point. Five solitary just you know stereotype. Let's try it's ok and I did. I did road with us from law school. But I like to paint you and I do have luck, my lunchbox, what I do. I love beggars So Hitler was raised Catholic. This is where it comes from right now. He often did quote the Bible and Jesus and writings Buddy practice, something known as positive Christianity. This was an attempt to build. And his s no german nationalism with Christianity just to be clear. The nazi platform fully red? Let me read this: to quote the parties which stands for positive christianity, but does not commit itself to any particular denomination. It combats the jewish materialist. Spirits this in and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent have only from within on the basis of the principle is a common inch.
before self interest. Whenever someone says her, when you have conservatives do that Hitler was a socialist that that's that's their platform in their name and its platform. I data girl that had their tattooed on back, there was a pretty good. I've got a lot of time act, but I mean she has. She believed us we'll look flung his. She believes that she changed from. It weighs eventual it's our true, no using positive Christianity, which is what they usually just sounds. Nice, that's actually heresy hay and it resulted in what Hitler trying to control charges so Hitler used religion, even though he reviled religion just to be clear. The state right church was established to unify three branches of protestantism. They attempted to ban the use of the old testament saying that quote to Jewish. Well, you know they're the story. I lags prophecies of Christ about it's a little joy. Yet is cousin, Matthew, five, it says and also kill all of the Jews yes zone.
I believe that this has now. Why don't you say you know that we have a shower Zephyr United anew fluffy toppled. Your mission is hard to jump in the book to just ignore the first opening they're watching Godfather, to about what's happening. I have no idea how to use his afternoon is his parents and are you in New York now I dont believe the first to the second fantastic. I added some of my own notes that, after this gives me some great ideas for execution, how touches on the head? Who the fuck is good. I can understand why that's show fire now catholic priests were sent to concentration camps. Catherine newspapers were and and Hitler grew to hate Christianity other than you, his first biographer quarter to my saying so, dogma of Christianity gets VON away before the advances of science gradually is amiss crumble.
an understanding of the universe has become widespread. Zenza christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity, so he hated Christian them. He used it and then he tried to destroy. No, I don't think I'm revealing anything new to you with now. firstly wanted to do away with not only religion but any sort of belief and God another because he replaced God with his own image. So this is what he wrote well. This is actually said to the Dalai Lama, which is pretty bolt when you think about religion is poisoned. It has two great defects it underlines the race and retards progress of country today and Mongolia only had been poisoned by it that son of a gun use the word reach. I thought he was going about Tibet in Mongolia been poisoned by me, better poison. Then sent thousands of soldiers to loot Tibet. If you watch that Shitty Brad Pitt Film, you probably know about it. Ok, that's
about religion. I, like you, will, so every time he shows up there in the Himalayas. I just I end up with marks on my knuckles from going go. No, I don't, If you go back to the his for at least an hour, religion in China was essentially replaced with the cult of. Our eyes I need a done, refers to him, her faith best so portraits of our place. schools, factories offices, the stuff If now is compulsory, as just so I want you to know well, employment in Germany. These are not at all. I want you to know every inch of my body safer, I've. Really there were good fine songs of our being played from ST speakers, they had to be sung by schoolchildren ever parades from our held twice a year in Tiananmen Square. So look, I guess this one
then, we're gonna have to say is even when we're looking at, who was the worst dictator? Ok, they both make basically both did their best to outlaw faith. Why? Because well, first off! Not only is that how you institute a new form of what effectively comes moral decay right now and you are required to be the masonic figure, but it also allows you to remove, hope and that's very important socialism is a hopeless idea. It's the idea that you can't make it on your own, and so you need everyone else to do it for you for the greater good. What could pay? simply go wrong with putting your fate me hand of others. So when it comes no we're gonna call and even score at this point: a real quickly allies. Three Hitler s to the singing of songs by schoolchildren. Does anybody remember when they were doing the the songs about was found in the the vaccine or some earlier there?
sounded a little familiar and bodily when he was running protesters ever with his power, wheels, yeah exactly and also making somebody into a kind of this deity. This person, whose beyond reproach that you can't question in everything that they tell you to do like to eat, are you guys see in the comparison here at all like is necessarily abide, or somebody like that is doing it, but how it's a good right, no Indians are now was a better picture. They was here he could actually hit home plate. So let's look at the actual deaths. This is a number that may surprise a lot of people. Look both are bad again horribly bad, horribly that it's just, I feel like. We always spend this time on Hitler and we. spend time on stolen on mile on POL pot and Mussolini muscle in these kind of a Mussolini's. Those are the last he's the light weight in the wild coming yea. They had best tried right here in this in our brackets Mussolini, just gonna, be there to pat someone's record yet his release d to be active, he's community.
Yeah he's a Jew GO champion. Selkirk Hitler, twelve million were killed, Toto and concentration camps laudable. They just quote the jewish number, but there are far more people who were killed, interest use and thirty, more not million more, were attributed to basically starvation thing Ehler, Hilary ceiling, Mona Well Friday and slipped the mega her. yes Bill and Hillary Clinton deaths than that I had a billboard people now. Don't you another number? I want you guys to comment before I give you the number, because I know you heard me, give you one of the numbers earlier or how many deaths, how many deaths at minimum its undermine, didn't stop at the forty five didn't Sabbath forty five minimum forty top and eighty million people, minimum. Thank you for clarifying Miletus, making sure eight eighty five eighty one people held it brought a golden karate. Several bro. That a golden corral someone gets run over with a fruit, cart, Philadelphia, Eagles games that have less. We now have a jail.
the failed, so we're so we ve gone through this, but you guy see the compared. This is the problem is when people try to win this a long time ago, when Hitler was a socialist anybody's that will go soon, greater things over the Socialist yeah. Why? Because he said it. It was in the title. I take him at his platform and the palace is everything about it, everything about it? What a socialist and then you look at me not socialism. That's that's like jolt socialism twice the sort twice the communism twice. Where they just did a little bit more. Everything was nationalize, but the get. If you look at these ideas, these principle on your drinking, is you think it's cool yeah? Well, that's what you did this before energy drinks. They were in a famine. So what happens here? Is you have to look at the ideas and what they stem from? Ok, is mile that far off from Hitler's first, what they want to do with the country with their vision, not necessarily just as far as
nationalism is really the only kind of differentiating factor as far as ethnic nationalism. But you look at what the Chinese and Japanese that they'll believe there's really kind of one superior Asian raised, but Toby for another day, this idea was always look. You put your need. Second, you put your self interest. Second, for the common good and by the way, we're not requesting that we're going to ensure that you do that by government power by Where's? Look. We need all of you and big cities and urban areas. So that we can make sure that we control you We determine where you live. What businesses can open what businesses can clothes that we make sure we have control over not only the media but the educational system and people, urban areas. Here the elites they are going to be in charge of what happens in the rural areas, they're going to tell them how to farm they're going to tell them what they can for, they are going to tell which people are allowed to fund. This is something that has been going on, really. You know it's human nature, but communism and socialism just remove the reins and allowed the worst components of human nature to run free
and this is why anywhere it has been tried ever it's awful ended, Also why it's tariff just on a smaller scale. We do have checks and balances United States. We have eight years of Obama for years and are Donald Trump, and I have a couple years under Joe Biden really year a year, just over should feel so much longer Kenya Summit, I also differences people's down trumps that things, because you would say they were fake news, did Donald Trump try and get anyone remove from the air? Think about that for a second. Do you really I think, will be pretty hard for someone today to me a comparison, though they make it all the time and say yeah, you know what Donald Trump or TED crews or Ben Carson dead Ringer for Hitler. I think that
I think, even in their alone tat. We all have this when you're new loan time, any kind, reflecting what you said and hopefully or giving an honest assessment of yourself is wrong about this: to have a blind spot. If people are Jensen, is the world Joe Biden, the roll call here says of the world. They needed Duns the world people who all work together there near alone time they gotta. Ok, I really think that these people are Hitler now. No, I don't do I see a through line and similarities between mouth who these people upraised I've praised and the policies of Marxism Leninism. What we see throughout Lyman, have Bernie Sanders in my party, saying socialism is an all that bad of a thing and bread lines yeah. You know what I think, not saying that their mom, I'm not saying that their stolen, it certainly is more of an apt comparison than Donald Trump or any guy in this room to Hitler, regardless of the pigment of our skin. So you know what actually looking at the scoreboard with death, it's not even close. Mouthed put one on scoreboard.
My winds, my wins too well when he wins you all loose need a done refers to it when fewer mouths? those we want fewer amounts to feed, especially when you account those Damn sparrow crops, billiard governor sparrows, locus we'll take care of. This has been the first chapter of the great dictator off Will that graphics, wrong Hitler did Mitt? Were laws? Will everybody Hitler was going away? I think I'll just they wanted. The pot final solution comment.
Oh guys, look the best. You can do for the Youtube algorithm comment below who do you want to see next, we're thinking, probably stolen, but who would you like to see this comparison would probably than once a week? If you want to see them? If you don't, I know it can be a little bit nerdy. That's why you provide all the references, but you know what I think you just got more out of this and you would from ninety years of college so were actually now smash that, like button before we go hid it hit it? it it hit it had hit. You go we're gonna go places even though sports you to piss off good
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