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Did the Feds INSTIGATE January 6?! Capitol Riot EXPOSED!

2021-12-20 | 🔗

Something has always seemed fishy about the January 6 “riot.” We go over the latest and introduce you to Ray Epps. We also discuss how the “kidnapping plot” for Gov. Whitmer seems fishy as well. HINT: The FBI is involved with both. Plus, are anti-Asian hate crimes on the rise again? #January6 #CapitolRiots #StopAsianHate

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Ok, don't fast forward audio listener tomorrow is going to be hours of Santa crowded with kids, but today is quarter. Blacks last show dies on air if we have to get towards the end here, to figure out exactly what I'm talkin about. Eight is Actual ass show not young about that and he doesn't. He doesn't. While you eat, isn't much die as much as a minute I'll kill him liberating review egg s. Whispered recently Kim Jong. Il is lost a lot of weight use right right racing really do in such a way. I received an anonymous tape that came John had been smuggling his body sacred into the country built farce. I suspect the dear leader is leaning down with Belarus when he began showing signs of upper abdominal definition, and it was all insured when a close source gained access and lead to call lugs
no matter what brand, maybe I don't know, on the contrary. The bad guys I've got a job. Tobacco. you're right cookie
It is clear that we need to do Bilbil rise North Korea before they become so powerful, the global stage, but it's too late, and the only way to do that is to order. The entire world supply of built bars get off now. We should bear out.
It was a very difficult set because I took it. Deep breath before this happened, then I didn't have visa the internalized pressure to also do the ship that makes sense. there are obvious, if you exhale, then it goes down the wrong pipe and then you're waiting, exhale again and its it on other issues did than ever to sip, surprise you, like
was this. You know I find myself in daily life being surprised by things that shouldn't be all too surprising plan, for this is not in place for this. If you would think every day every day and Billy Hey, there's one thing to do: sip. Are you ok, pretty much more people tune and bs xenophobia. I have mother one person is an s m are like keep sitting and then today you is horribly disappointed, like that's, not good, SAM Eyes, toss us to write a risk. It may take a fresh look at me. I have to go back to acting This at a subway by the way is a tyrant, ain't member, the anti asian hate crimes under that there was a pandemic and no one is talking about it. It's actually gotten worse. I wonder why, but No one is talking about it. We'll talk about that today, any more than that. The worst pandemic in the country is federal agents affair.
Well informed, saliva people. This is the beauty of being on rumble. Thank you rumble way smash that Roma button. If you are what most will do this off the top through it, can't talk about us on Youtube January. Six! the more I learn about it, then We do research, the more. I think that it is. Not entirely, but all most entirely applied from federally stirring the part of it. Yes, so we're gonna get it, and you know what you guys can tell me you guys can comment below if you right now. How involved do you think the FBI, these informants our and about that? you tell me your mind changes later on, but, more importantly, at what point, if you have twice of FBI agents and applauded involves fifteen people. Is it it's not a plot FBI agents that says that twelve informants yes, couple of agents and they're not informants either if there actually like supplying weapons informing, let's see if they have a company card alike, weighty bulging,
finally got a lot to work off CS. I mean that didn't happen. Now. Nothing and the elderly prison and am ok, something or other? So when we talk about that, by the way. Tomorrow, we will be live streaming. Justice antiquated talking with kids for a couple of hours, seeing what they want: good old wholesome fun will will see how it goes. Are you gonna cost a lot about no. No, I never did. I would get stupid Santa ink thing now. Africa, loud, ok, good by the way, I'm so glad that Youtube change their entire like to dislike system just like Netflix after the immediate special rights is, why do leftist comedians ruin everything Amy, humor, ruins the Netflix Q and then Seth Rogan and Sarah settlement have now ruin you tube in the dislike button and the comments section they constantly have to be protected. Like Mr Glass are ripe before we move, with that we have Geraldine hurry, I'm well, sir. How are you got a little tired, busy weakened
like on. I see the beard is nice and full fiann and often wanna keep were after shanty but keep the beard or not court along it gets yet. But let's say I don't wanna go fulfil Robertson, you just trimming. Why did I know conservatives will get mad, but I'm not that impressed. He just he's made his living killing animals that don't that can't even bite you other jerks, Madame ducks are jerks screw winners. I'd quarter black get why, after that, a merry Christmas Eve, yemeni ones are, of course, always one totally not made up now at all in anyway, noble three, only really about one quarter of it and will have some announcements here with equitably, later, in the show and daily he's going to be at the Fox Theatre, in Kansas, on January. Eighth. This is you got me followed by helium and Buffalo the two of you. You guys can see it right there. You can follow monies Dave, Linda Ahoy. How are you gonna be festival? Still little for the rest of us. Yes, yeah yeah,
thank everybody. Camera to Syracuse. I did my best was like a slow, clap like no. They enjoy. The show very much I couldn't hear I was I was must have I let him know them. Look, I'm an ex I'm doing what again I dont think that antibiotics don't hurt you that much. I mean it she put your pants, but you go away, are going to mess with your own Antibiotics, it's the ivory. It's the locking ourselves indoors for two years and creating a super bug. Gas like Tom, Hanks and punch line at some point, have me yes but that's what I mean about stand up in movies? Is it's completely accurate, just stand up as hushing sunshine, where they have a locker room right, yeah fugitive you locker room for people's props, what happened to them? One comedian, putting his jocks rapid moors? What I do? Nobody touch my puppets yes! Well, if you're to Jeff Dunham show as well.
I love it when the terrorists, as I kill you good, bye, bye like this is alive, show Monday through Thursday, ten m Eastern. If it's not on Youtube. You here on rumble, ok, We can talk about things. The number we can talk about, a new opened, a new Europe back on you tube. God knows how long tomorrow's Lascaux, until the new year, ok before we do anything else there they had a little death the little death Projections on that they just had that unseen area by Christmas right now. It's a guy talking about reducing our colonial patents are lonely old pen through. They break the some money from you at the end of your life. You don't give it back. I thought I was a penitentiary
Where is using old? Why woman that sick? I needs have underpayment live here again and entered a Versify Franklin's. Did a focus group like we need more demographics? Yes, we need just deal from the blacks, MRS on here, Bitch, taken why people money Blackstone have met somebody LEO more, but we need to find a way to reverse mortgage. They don't have houses all right. Let's create a bank. Program. What everyone gets a house then put on Montel Williams and take their house joke about. My news that emerges is to take your home and scare the crap body, yes about its elevates. Let's all I buy silver, something somewhere in there. You fit a tub that opens up like this is why I am I am thirty four. I want higher unseen enough by an amendment. and you know what in a perfect world perfect world, I'm not saying this is realistic keg record in a perfect world force. I would have around to my own
I would have run everywhere. Why don't we all just have hover? I really need a reaching stick. I have no shame in that taves trying to sign it Medicare thought too early by twenty eight eleven hover on commercial tissues at the Grand Canyon. It's like what you can't even walk and the second again electric device you go to the most ambitious place humanly possible by the way I'm gonna get. I'm Everest is one I don't like average is actually that people who now in its Kellerman rights, K twelve, I'm ok, twelve ailing lie need to have around the great too, but none have also I twelve grams of academy income seminaries, medicine. Yes, yes, it is all right. before we move on to had their death projections. Now we can say, look look Let me just say this: ok bomber cron, I don't we found out how many deaths there, events last, I heard it was one, but I don't know we know,
as this case, when our report in November, twenty seventh and it's been almost a month and only twelve death- well, I was so raw. My gosh, I well hurry twelve percent increase, none are no, that's twelve tie her lockdown, they cutting the negative bakers, doesn't for them or food. poisoning. Yes, I really want to know how many million our- maybe it's not millions, but probably in the hundreds of thousands of cases of Amr Crown. Maybe it's millions. By knows, who cares that's right are still going to have. This is now used to be people would argue, we know what we thought to point how romanian people would die within the first year, be grass projections from Pure College of London. People thought give you the benefit of the doubt. There are many people out there two weeks to stop to stop the spread two weeks to flattened the curve this point it is undeniable that the almost cron variant pandemic is a cold. if you as an american support new lockdown measures which are going into place or support other, Your fellow Americans for not being vaccinated over the ocean. Braun variant. Now you
That is not America that is distinctly on American, This is not worth giving up of embargo, I don't you know they want to give up other people's freedoms. Save your vaccinated. It could not be less relevant if someone else's on vaccinated was over, they could strategy. So can you well, yeah, but I'm vaccinated, so I dont have severe symptoms or less likely to doktor. You go it's done over with who if there are vaccinated your man, because you took something that doesn't work. You don't get to lock down the rest of the country, it is distinctly on American. At this point can have one say at this point: when there are twelve death across the globe, it's the sneffels bitch absolute. Can we just stop calling it a vaccine? I really want to see. Is a drug in ITALY absolutely right it treats hardy about. This will vanish like if the United States government came out and mandated that you took a drug that didn't cure, you didn't keep you from getting sick and doesn't keep you from spreading. Would you have done it
a placebo that you write. A definition of the word vaccine is a drug, so you are mad. People who were on drug, that's it. Let's just keep calling what it is same, let's say the same efficacy rate for civil anything else, syphilis crabs. How pleased with that I love you, take this crabs. Ok, we'll take this it'll get rid of them. Now Furthermore, it'll make sure they can't get crabs again, not exactly it'll. You know well that they have crabs. They can still give you crabs and you can do and you can also still give them crabs. Crabs will be progressive in your pubic. That's all I'm getting from this or even their big deal you well. You know there would have been a good Page point is missed like this.
We'll keep you from dying. Ok, that's great, but it's not a vaccine, just stop it. We can all go. I don't understand why they Corey Booker and Elizabeth WAR, and after I guess she shared a piece pipe with a wider. Why did they even come out and say that they have a wouldn't you ill so wrong? You just be like I'm gonna go inside for two weeks. Don't tell anyone. I think everybody, MRS either one of those people for to Jan boosted. Why don't you take this opportunity to change pace and not lie for the first time and allied right? I support its key doing what you do a new day, one year on year, Brianna. What's her name the new day morning girl she got it yeah yeah, yeah yeah, After going to a Christmas party, I think they had a photo of her unmasked with all of the other Christmas people had CNN or other people, it's in it for the Christmas Party, including Jake Tapir shrilly angling, for that Chris,
almost like after this is. How are you showed up and play with their spouses? Have viruses work they spread to people YO day? That's not right! This is it's been two years stop. It ever heard the term viral hollow. Second, there unseen and right now you ways tougher restrictions as alma variants. It's just just think about bowed power. Oh no. We have no variant. Oh my god! It's more deadly and is now it's actually less steadily refused symptoms. Although that the point, I guess it's just going to supercharged the other, where the delta? No. Actually it's going to overtake us, we're the violence and a new case. Will we left with nothing but the armor chrome barriers which has very low incidence of death or serious respiratory complications Tom to take away your rights right, I think, Bore, Still listening to the Imperial College of London coming out with predictions. Are God's country really bad
don't worry I'll, saying it's going to be bad. The projections that we just saw the screen a minute ago from somebody at Austin said that we're gonna have like fourteen hundred deaths per day. I don't have all the current guidelines get inside that now. I got no idea at least every day. Fourteen hundred, how did you do? We have so far been a month at twelve, and you know someone in their like guys we're the nine hundred combat fourteen hundred semantic number here. Let's see, let's go, let's go just got Stephen sneezing, someone's coffee lick their straw. I don't care and we have a quota, make it's Christmas his the season to scare the shit out of every? How are we gonna ruin three christmases in a row if we don't get this message out there for divorce sandwich rests with all right, so look by now, one or two of them all of them
No, you may not so for invention, Hanukkah five going on cancelling. I know those those or Hanukkah cottage. Over already anyone come on. I swear I love and river its happy how heavy holidays like now Oriana, wherever the fact that the majority already happened wants is not real re go. Why so done you will say what about Diwali Wily. I don't care. I've been what and now something with light. So that's! those great Remsen with some of the thing with the lights, and I don't either way yogi Rapid his dog around a both staff. So the skill for vice president, Joe Biden in or not to be outdone by the fear mongers at CNN Four warned against the winter of death, areas prone vaccinated we're looking out a winner of severe owes endeth actually for them?
twelve, their families in the hospital Wilson over? Well, yes, so kind. the winter of death. I had no doubt tat you. In Ireland there is a year for you hey death. We don't have almost wrong. We don't have the emigrant yet be able either we did our you really here for that, and I think that's ok. Now you get can I get not leave jealousy time a year for you go out of their work, go, go scarce and people in an old folks, Let me give you a list of people to visit the start with Mr Booker NICE just take off the cloak and offered a let em service you in a bathroom. The rest will take care of itself out now, so
increasing deaths from Alma Kron. I want to be clear, Netherlands, any four percent, but only a jacket, strict lockdown, South Korea. Eighty one percent vexed they ve, been gatherings of more than five people, and businesses have to close at nine p M when this is all my trunk is Alma chronic Kremlin, anyway, don't get a white dove market in our mind, do you get don't fix it? I don't get aware these are all rules for like an alcoholic father. The auditors he's overcome Lardner, now very it now. There is more of a no no more silly and weaker though they may be raised, and if we don't track all citizen, ok and curled up at night, it will have another barrier. This is a never ending cycle. Do you?
know what our colleagues do, they're, like yeah, sure finals, our drinking it. For then, do I owe the bar closes at nine rate, Argo early that doesn't work. We ve hit the projection. People want it on the vaccination rates and, in particular the worst states. Okay- and it's not working. Let's just be honest about this if you want to say it's reducing some, you know what what what what this in context, the vaccine against the original strain at which is really the only one that has been studied against its worth. As far as yet The emperor s some degree gets a delta variant, the vaccine Kay, produced more tat. The drugs marinade could call the emigrant injection, reduced symptoms and death, less then said very just being overtaken by almost run repress reduced, that's death!
More than about Z, who do we pay for overcrowded? Does mother nature get billions of dollars now for giving us? Oh how this may actually be something that came from nature at what I think about nature out punted, We have witnessed How do we must see that? What do you guys know mccrone guy? you, but we were given us many Americans pass out right now. Right! Ok, good God are you. You did find them, and now complete overcrowded, make their back the dead. If penis far off something. Let's make sure we by respecting a super atomic came from my bags stupid and there are still pushing them by the way They are there pushing France's car up, but when we talk about this person in a minute I'll tell you it's ok, so here something Elsie and age director, Francis Collins Forces- and you just resigned, but not before sending us off with this amazing covert original jingle
saw who pass the pandemic never when we have sign it set just some Joan Baluchi when you need to act past the pandemic hands in the neck bass. Please tell me he's wearing red golden slipper No more need for a knows. Why of every time we call of theirs. Why are we still got their multiple versus lies in a just recently He's no friend can complain about the giraffe egg.
This is on average humbling figures. Europe needs a guy you see now, if you show up and you're really bad like a lawyer, a mile is the welcoming our man Frances, Collins, sometimes Y know they talking. Now I'm I'm tired of this gardeners. There there's so many of them you're right but they're, not Ireland's Shrubs idols just fine look. Look. I don't want to say that the death are lazy red lips. They do make it easy for the rest of us subtitles? Not all about you know. What's in it, for the Deaf little notice, all they have to go through. The efforts of learning certifying. That is a fair just to be mad. Just to be equally is mad at him, as we are there sitting there like
literally, although here's somewhere after the pandemic, while they're not hearing, Are there? No, but that's what they're they're like reading a night like this? I wonder what sounds thing he's holding the area is making. As I don't know, it is the town coming from the to pay up. Yes, by the way, the thing that he said not sure, if it came from nature or the lad, there's a small chance that it could have possibly come from the law. Now we know why he's resigning, I didn't say that innocent and also, why deserve a toothbrush mustache. I believe those went out with a dictator in the forties well says now: India, the janitor sweeper from rocking Bullwinkle. That's true, David spend almost a hundred years. When can we bring it back? That's, we need to bring back a small mustang. Yes, we do mildly. Nobody prattling is in his head. You know he's thinks he looks at Clark Gable, playthings back. When I was thirty Dixon Amir, he a season.
he thinks he sounds like Eric laughed, and everything about him is delusion. Oh, you should have heard is Leyla after that drastic Haiti reader by the way. You know what we do our own music here. So, let's see who did it, but we managed to hire the Vienna boys quite good. Let's see what you're up to render one too. Love is to join the club. As you all know, without involving he's got a gun was me. Was the gun join the monk Club We
end of year, so you get. The sketches did make up to that point yeah. Well, I enjoyed it ain't you, those things that are very poorly, I dont all night out and judges, don't like that. We had a we put budget into getting Alec Baldwin Perrault I really well what's out. Is he really did shoot him yeah? I know. Well, you never pulled the trigger, though he was ass, whirling around very happy, as everyone else can ignore. The fact that we all know Alec Baldwin has S p, can pull the trigger with his mind, police. Austria do guns work differently on your sets. but they work differently in his hands raised and there's never been more clear example of him changing his story on air to try and protect himself. The early I didn't pull the trigger. Like really. I know you're not going to believe me, but yes was this Magic gun did you buy this from the same guy? Who so Jack is being soybeans that reference? Oh, yes,
you do trigger it's. Why was on the phone crying and screaming I shot up? I've got a girl. I a girl and the director as if nobody would know how those guns work they could easily explained. Yes, yes, you pull the trigger this thing. I dont know what, but not what is it. Where is this? What do I do? I pressed the button on the side. Do I do I Tewett Immediate Stephen Seagal to be like if you look at it fitted footage the only thing: I've given credit for actually good shot? Siemens got what you maybe, because can't fight me fat me can't run so you'll, see as a good she's gonna say our normal gettin one. Well god, oh wow, why aren't you and I guess in your computer with a piece of a bullet matter, allegedly when, through one person into another cause, it was, you know, a peace while he did the wanted, he did the Angelina she's the director photography, see look at this
all right. I got a lawyer. You said you wanted to raise. My was set rich, honest, I'm not all we re all right. Let's go back to hear this is something that many people have forgotten about. The anti asian hate crimes. Yet we spoke out against early on. There are tons of those whose Oliver the hands of those who was all over the news. It was a pandemic or wind. We did some investigating into what was going and now we have some new data to talk with you about, but for those who forgotten. This is us in the way back machine telling you about the horizon. Adhesion ignorant other video montage for you that were taken from sources. If you go to the articles that income these videos, don't mention whose limiting the crimes in the videos. Here you got this violence. Footage shows a seventy one year, old asian grandmother violently show to the ground or purse stolen just one of several attacks in California Bay Area recently
ninety one year old man pushed and opens Chinatown one The re attacks that day, eighty four Ty american Visa Autonomy die nor over went out for a walk. He died. A few these later from his injuries is family, seeing they believe it was rooted in racism about back on the street. He should be charged with murder. If you see the video is nothing not intentional about asian american leaders say these attacks are trained, they would not believe any brothers. We have been supporting the growing number of attacks on Asian Americans across this country into night here in New York, a vicious and brutal attack, the suspect allegedly stabbing the victim from behind the thirty six. old victim, seen here, insecurity, camera video, now being reviewed by police, with walking alone when Solomon wilfully, he allegedly stabs him in the back with this aid in night police are investigating another attack on an asian american
person in Bali- was no longer going to lose him to get out of here. I'm shift everywhere twenty third age. So there you go. member, and by that I mean real, as they were, mocking I'm gonna. I thought it was him making that sound, and I thought that was kind of weird. They were mocking him, but it looks like it was dubbed out those guys got. Their aspect Each and every single person there got there ask now there have been some more and by the way, I'm warning you. Some of the videos were about to watch or disturbing. So just let you know if you're sensitive, if you have people who are younger, it's not me, it's the real tv rule. We don't The one die right now watching a Medea film. Well now
I said nobody die all because it would be me well end comedy it well in comedy, did hope. Twas Medea, that kill this site has died in Madeira, its significance of all through the house. Now creature was laughing, not even a mouse o, my lord, and five hundred million dollars- how did that happened? Imagine crisis I think I'm going down to is that Medea norm a horseman are generally take a detour, no gonna come on just now death. Let's we're gonna go step in my trip. A German, was placed in a toilet rule. Knowing Saint Richard gear. Soon be there he's going to go down a weird wrote, Southwell, we'll come back to it. That will come back to the reason that we have a time auto who just move to you, the? U S and she was choked and robbed on. This was last week of the week before on a New York,
city Subway. Here we have some fun the girl guy Gretna. By the way he could kill her right there. You can kill her right. There- and this is why I want more people- have conceal, carry because that guy should be shot. You dont sure he didn't kill her. Thank God cried, but generally one. So I guess what he should be shut. It would be a better scenario for that man to be shot by a bystander or by her than for him to throw into the third real people or of re, because conservatives want these vigilantes now don't want vigilantes. I want criminals to be afraid any tat. This is not saying that someone deserves a death penalty this Can someone does that? The second someone plays a knock out. Came the second man grabs a woman in front of the subway tracks. We could throw it on killer, and it happens all the time he forfeits his right to live that that's it. extremists view I would rather have Bang Bang and she goes on whether they absolutely and the guy that just got run over the eighty four year old it into the dying you're like all
kill him because he ran up and shoved guy we're he killed. He ended up killing the guy. You have no idea how this is going to absolutely no idea and by the way police say that in York, city anti asian crime has increased by three hundred sixty one percent this year running Jeanne. I hope I'm getting that right, but that's not really. The point. Co, founder of stop a p, I hate said of the search the anti Chinese. China I'd the white supremacy there. We got that does influence all sectors of society and that Asians are portrayed as outsiders, either to the country or to a neighborhood. White supremacy huh. Well, that's that's really! That's interesting! Well, you know what these are. Outliers lands lack face of whites lights and by the way it's really need an asian vigilant. Yeah, that's absolutely way I want. I wanna it Bronson asian four years ago: Clint Eastwood rightly that elegant fear, rocky punk. You feel lucky go ahead.
made my say here I my I we're afraid I came here to do two things to I was in a man, logger, rottweiler aid where it put away the work now just ran you Do you believe in I don't our powers, but you gotta meet Bang Godfrey Boys. Don't pay an cleaning up the theory my way I remember back when on the subway you d merits they bade narrative You have just heard there people down this. When you watch the to their debts so. The problem to people need to know like in. A country's new,
work is none the nineteen sixty two New York you're, not gonna, go there to have your dreams come true. Now now, but like its ash, no, it's out of place to go and be a model and stand on the subway, because some guy, I wonder I honestly do wonder how much like angry sexual aggression is just in those guys who do that because they want to wake up and people. by some creed. It's nearly million New York com. Jungle, where you get raped in police data The biggest problem is called. Let's hear it for New York, don't helper terms That's the empire state of mind. I can remember just the hook we used to being please now Nanda affable City, I god it's a subtle hellhole, it's just terrible.
Just absolutely terrible didn't have to be this way by the way. It's not just New York City life. Week, six Bay area men were arrested for carrying out. While you run away, I thought there are gonna, be white, supremacist! Well shit like this. I support. besides, it's just everywhere running ran out of hey here's, an undeniable statistic: Mr Charles want on I've, summarily hey We also hope what is best for meant that you smell, like from anti soap, death, a reassuring for fourteen. You feel rock rock. They re the blame libel diplomacy, undeniable statistic, its eighty five percent of all assault crimes and
and rediscover black on Asian. Why TAT s all crimes so that way. Eighty five percent of all of assault crimes in San Francisco were black on asian wow men. That's definitely supremacy and nationally twenty four percent of violent crimes against Asians is committed by a black perpetrator nationally and I'll, keep in mind. They make up significantly less than that of the population. It is there's a disproportionate number of black Americans out they're carrying hate crimes. If you want to call it that I would just say crimes because it doesn't need a footnote, violent crimes against Asians. This is why we are not talking about what I just want to go back something I have a question on in one of those news reports that we showed a guy was describing in a voice over the video any said. We think that this these attacks are motivated by racism, and he was describing a black man going after an Asian in the video you I thought, courting to the media and according to the gems that black people couldn't be racist,
right, that's a powerful another! That's what I thought literally, that racism only applies to white people being races towards other people. Groups that doesn't matter our differential, but I dont know is look if we're not going to acknowledge a reality between races. Is there any Morbus stark physical power differentials between a young black men? male, an old asian lady bodily Kevin? You couldn't have more of a mismatch outside of a man winning pen states coming regularly. That's a lot of measurement. Women too, from there are Hobbes you'll yeah. Besides, that of are also a bit with our banging Eric swallow. We are the only people, not bank bricks, now the Asian Ladys use Bangemann Chinese by oh, yes, no elevator, everyone else, except for Arusha, gets sick of his gas. not to say I know a lot of them are very does sound like kind of submissive in their own country, so of the people you could attack amounts in that there are the weak,
but they are definitely very defence. Will they very much believe here's the thing when you have a culture that very much believes in respects, law and order ran and then their up against criminals in these neighborhoods, who obviously have but no regard for law and order. That's what happens? That's just when someone says hey, I don't wanna have a gun. Well, ok, but if so the authors have a weapon. Peace is a two way street people don't understand that The euro even understand when you were driving down the freeway any wrote the amount of trust that you are putting into people coming down that lane to the left side of you. If don't want to die, but someone else wants to die and wants to die by running straight first red head on collision, you're dying it's the same thing, if someone chooses to assault you, if someone chooses to muggy someone chooses to stab you, people can see, no guns are for cowards. All you want by the way, are all and women College, because I think all of them should be allowed. Firearms are all handicapped people cowards because I think they should be allowed in firearms.
All women who are a neighborhood where they could be raped college because I think they should be allowed in firearms. Peace is a two way street and I just want the guys on the right side of the street to have an opportunity to equalize that's all it's all right. I would much rather read a story about an asian lady who blows away a would be attacker than another a person beaten robbed on a New York Subway or in San Francisco debts. But does the ABC me? That's me, mister traditionalist. We need more rooftop Koreans. A lot Is there an even robbing him they're just Why only four makes no sense. turn my lead, so many cross the street in front of me. I do think you know I'm letting you live. Yes. I think that about every time I look at the wires on your headphones, just be just behind Mr Coroloni says alone. Why know there's a shocker on these? Yes, that's where that, not so much around your neck. No.
Place. It is another snap out. No, you haven't, but you just went along with it. Thank you for being a good sport, no trouble so they're like onto. Like stimulation, second machine and burn after Mr Macsharry wakes up. Oh don't worry that advocates. They come up with a solution. Now that is going to end all asian racism in the United States. We are yellow with is the only thing more racist than umbrella power, Ranger, which, by the way, people don't remember that in life average to blacker than there was a readily red with our ranger who had feathers did he know it sounded like it could be right moment upon their blue. They think they're had rain and then their length, ok, whose blood parliamentary will come on like invasion ill This has now your written answers for the white power. Ranger right wasn't meant a guy. You know no one.
When they went on rehire ready they all turned into four year old. Have you finished article k, pop Gerda white power? Ranger was smart, it's cold or whether you want to do that with a green power. Ranger his knife was a flute. I never why it was just behind my debts. Incredibly dangerous he's, like literally puddings mouth, on a blade darling. Oh my god, you're gonna have Joker side drowsy. I granted, the movie too, My son like to your on watch like the new one. What I don't know yeah, but the new and its eye with Rwanda search just brine him like dying in a desert like, turn the saw earlier with its. It is fine, but I don't recall change of pay. It used to be read. I might get me now. You see Brian grandsons had an internal wells strange. Each had gone away the power it is totally just like there's no way they could have been allowed,
they destroy the entire city every time they turn in every single time. Every single time enable Hussein Islam. Is it like the circus? That's ascending with superheroes, as they just kill everyone. No, but literally when I got became the giants, they would just fall on building very nine eleven couldn't even those two areas couldn't have to do as much damage the power and used it the other major? She wasn't gestation. She was actually VIII enemies. Ah! Well, you know what so the yellows even worse, ass, you, I don't want but the zipper. I thought that was out. There was very strange: wasn't as I understand it, the year of tanks that another yet well, that's understandable. She died of agent Orange ass. She did we're a touch it headed by a blow into my fluke, now always tried to burn or village and raper six. I love the little thing. I don't have an accident. The rhetoric
you're just showed up in front of the house. Having Brendan made a very clear God. Transplants now rounded Charles want on child was aroused want on thy spread, That's the one or even bring say I wrote my punk registers no matter how I got my god, I dont know what to say openly that unfortunate cookie, instead of slipping accordingly, could jokers like you, we are very often pay is for two things that I have taken a fortune. Cookies. Minos, sorry it is you go daddy, I guess bad day, calming mousetrap damages the edge by my group,
I like that Charles Bronson already had the haircut Photoshop New York sets a record for the Third Storey day. I'll write your new daily Kelvin infections. Is that what Dutch altered that man's airline romantic his head? I don't know, I think, even where a green school, I think it's a thumb in front of a green screen. In a petticoat, I don't understand what CNN just picks the weirdest. Looking p, I now they're backup Don lemon and had announced like there is yet time limits, principles that are already on the have them half of them tat. They came from the fragile Rockets Dan Avocado. Yes, they bother. I forgot to mention this. Of course, you said earlier on built bar gotta built dot. Com is a promo code, crowded fifteenth crowd or fill out of India. Fifteen percent off.
Have you tried their new cocoanut brownie, where there is no cannot run chuck glad? It's really tasty. You know it's better than you given credit for what birth they can help. I don't I birthday cake, I don't like actual birthday cake because it just a lazy man's chocolate cake. Its way too easy to make its lazy and I hate it, but I'm down twenty five pounds and surgery and a big part of his eye just to replace a dessert with built, bars and then sometimes on a nightmare have too much direct aid. It built barn, and I also dessert which can against each other. I don't blame thirty in my legs hurt. I feel my feet. We did it Dickie, Friday, with my weight when you know that snapping Sandia, that's my legs breaking under the no really is ok, my knees, sunset, pencils, breaking a good thing when sounds like popcorn shrimp, when I'm going up the stairs Believe me, I don't know what that even sounds. Like sounds delicious looks like a wrestlers here. That's not your long. John silver isn't even appetising in the commercial is alone.
I realised as a kid gotta make dance. They make me look like the picture and long. John silver. Is you just? something like that companies make mind. Look like us, I'm gonna make me look like between bubble gum and three week, foetus and deep fry. It put it There are g ongoing child hours? Oh god, just a lot of catch up in your and a worry their kids vehicles with the o mccrone virus, probably just a pirate coughing on our right. So This is something I do want to talk about here and you guys can can come and bluff you been following. You know the situation of the F B. I informed the F B, I actually What point are they still do not informants? It's kind of weird these people, instead, yes instantly getting pretty little. It then has looking messianic anchor. This is me trying not to get investigated by the FBI. Sir, don't worry we're already asked how we are yes,
that is why I have to go to lead some browsing, not another totally fine with that they don't potato care to Madame searching are hard drives. It see this picture civil, Charles Bronson in this guy's a victim of a hate. When is this? What what's this Photoshop, who was Charles, want on some guy, goes down with a bunch of thread like Charles want. We should send them on a wild goose chase. We get Bain. We got all these other Cyrano mild, peeking duck chase. general her. Dr David, we found plenty of tears, filled suicide notes on video. That's like one. Every two months today we have to say this at the FBI, because, usually we say it's the cowards way out, but considering how many times you threaten Europe pussy speaking, Would you like a job just put on this glow necklace like it's a ninety? Ninety five rave he'll be none the wiser. Have you seen
departed? We need you to be that got. Yes, just tell us everything in New York, physical capabilities, because we want you to be an easy target. go, tell them to kidnap governor bs. Just kidnapped the governor yourself and will say someone else. Did it at this point? No one's paying attention? Who really is worried about a cough right? We can't be tracking down. We can't be tracking down assassination attempts and mild sinus infections and calves without come on we're, not Superman here. So I've decided to focus on the costs. we're gonna sit down. You know little secret. We have no end game. Yes, we started something and it's off the rails. We really know what we want to make sure we have more money next year, so baseline budgeting apparently has really screwed the pooch, but three houses for it. So there is the brakes,
ago. The president has dedicated himself for the thirtieth time today, ass the investigation. We found another door pool yard and ask our garage how many of you They have been arrested for shooting environs pants Oh, he started back. That's all you do you know what you're doing stop going around public and his pants and making it look like it's him in his own bans the sacred serve. So what I did it it was me we're onto you ego scout. That's all the secret service does sixty pages we're going. They wrote one easy starts in internal Pekin. They just jack along. This. Have another followed like that: it's all right. We the man who who share the vote Vice president in custody,
so far. You have to go through this every Tuesday, Mister Brand Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday, but don't worry we'll keep getting people bubbles, throwing the fees. Are these again bubbles the White House monkey how right that's a terrible thing to cocoa it did not call her that, at all with a reference to Michael Jackson, I wouldn't be surprised if you put in his power, how dare you have an average strategy proved in his pants and just like just didn't tell she pro would see where I feel. password poop every night, Panada Joe put a curling irons, bedsheets folded. Nicely machine. I know she hates of adding the hate each other horse. Absolute, real, odd coupling. When I look at minus the humor she s like this is what I had to do to be vice president, that's better than I guess, being prosecuted, Do a lot more for that new. Absolutely by a lot more we mean them. You know Montel Williamson,
Let's go that ok! So there's this guy named re apps. Ok, I want to talk about its January six. We would never be able to talk about this on Youtube. So hey, please, do share this if you're watching rumble smash rumble button so that people know that we're here there's sky re apps, who was involved in the January six most violent day in american history insurrection. but what did things I want to go through our gimme, that the sort of recap he's one of Guys was a catalyst breaking down the barricades. He was there. He was encouraging people to go into the Kapital. He was on the most wanted, listen and completely removed them, and now we have no idea is not an custody. He hasn't been arrested. There doesn't, to be an investigation, but we have people who didn't commit any actual crimes who have been increased, the in jail without bail without trial almost a year. So let's start with this here, a few videos of the man of interest.
Who seems to have a nice glow opposed pregnancy, glow about em re apps from January fifth and sixth back tomorrow. Rather, we need to go again. What are we going to go to jail for capital
This is the first breaking down the barricade, low, storing the guy, storing the guy. You also keep in mind I will tell you there's a lot about this. That is confusing, because then you videos of welcoming people in giving them a tour, now keep in mind too if this guy was the one who broke down the barricade, there are only about ten twenty people for not mistaken, because most people are still listing. A Donald Trump speech K. We ve been in the capital there quarterback get many times. It's open, your often able to go up to the capital, so that people who would some of that speech, probably thirty minutes later, would have seen. No barricades would have seen it open
not even trespassing, they just think it's like every other day. So it's really pivotal the people who took down the no trespassing signs and the people who initially planned in charge to go through this What are the people who actually committed the crime? This guy's, very? early on camera, Re Epps. You would think that keep wanting say my gaps in my different Epps. Oh, he was a person of interim or even in October, Representative Thomas Massey, from Kentucky play this video for aging garland and questioned him. This man who you're seeing not not in custody, not a personal interest rate. You said this is one of the most sweeping investigations in history. Have you seen that video or those frames from that come from an oil bats are high
at the outset, one of the norms for the Justice Department is to not comment on an impending investigations and particularly not to comment about particular ceilings for breeding you or individuals. Look at this day without I was hoping today does not appear to me to put to rest It concerns that people have it. There were federal agents, are assets of the federal government present on January fifth in January six. Can you tell without talking about particular incidents, are particular videos. How many agents are assets of the federal government were present on January? Six, whether they agitated to go into the capital, and if any of them did so, I'm not gonna violate this Norma of the rule of law and I'm gonna come and investigation. That's ongoing! Now look! I know there are two sides to every story, but I would think that
norm of law is not to have federal agents actually engage in acts of violence, and I, like hey selectively, do that. If I had a son, he would look a whole lot like Craven Martin by one of the former presidency here also Kyle written houses, a white supremacist, the campaign from Joe Biden as this was ongoing, like I just really interesting to me, how you choose to kind of picketing and choose next San man was a white supremacist yeah. Now building up on some or make my Jimmy was a beating up, they said smiled, I was hungry or smile punishable, smile against a native american crack Toothed completely. Why sat native American and I'm your friend of ours are culturally stolen valor. This is just whereas right now they say hey what about this? Guy who's on camera, everywhere, saying hey, we want to go in a storm, let's go into the capital, and everyone is screaming at em. Fed Fed said said that, then you see in the next day and he's the only one there and he hasn't been charged with anything at this point were
an entire mass of people right when they side FED by the way when he whispered in their geyser. Thinking like hey, you wanna go to Applebee's after games like they have a good spinach, artichoke diplomats to four twenty, that over twenty baby, it's clattering leg should announce called in any wiser and yes, it is who do protect. I predicted, like the any ties, are specially fat people. Take you mean I can have more food at any time of day, Hizbollah quality wage recited hands you with, which is why I brought back into the game. I thought you would able to tell it was me under these stained glass lamp, go home help. I'm the guy on trial is giving a trial, but speak into the court is giving less information that a mobster, because these mobster that's really what it is that, like I'm, not going to go ahead and break the law by saying we broke the law right, trying to trick me up not gonna. Do I'm
a trip you out that guy is right. There are people screaming fats are just meekly revolver news. They published a few pieces on re. Epps he's not been indicted of anything, even though he was clearly there in the crowd and other orgy of other people. Who didn't commit any act of violence. You have old Ladys who didn't community acts of. I happened to be there this guy, You know his name, you know he was saying. You know how he was instigating. You know he was there when the primary violent act of pushing back was barricades was committed, and it was a very limited group, he's there not indicted on anything the very least he was agitating on video right, yet not not only that, but picture right. There he's the last person to speak with that wasn't Ryan SAM, so I can bring up yonder like one of the first man to breach the fair. So you see him on video talking to now Rhine was arrested in general without bond until was a sip tent was August, twenty fifth, something
with August when you September twenty five of them make sense and then apps the man who just on that was taken off the FBI's most one, this from a criminal writers, just remove just randomly coasted idiot job, like what I have no idea, not concerned the fact that they have nine year old women in prison and France, where it sounds like a calming gobbled. A good memory is a thing this has been going on for a while. Actually re Epps was confronted by journalists asked about January. Sixth, I don't know if you could look more like a fairy agent, down a top of the line, golf cart, as here your voluntary photograph, we mad January patriots or patriots. Do you remember me from January thinks that we understand how are you still under investigation by the FBI? Are you a letter? All inform it is real
why the F B, I took you off the most wanted. What are you a federal inform it re Ebbs? Are you on form it. Why are you that's rare earths, alleged federal, informant driving into his property? Now the ties go deeper ii was present at the ocean. Arizona? This is a group of analysing as a terrorist organisation. So, as a person golf cart, so he may be giving tours ran everyone eyes. Property is. kinds of ties with the old keepers. There's a guy also distort roads. Who is a part of the os keepers and I he was active on January six. He also has yet to be indicted. So you just interesting, but you see some people who are proud boys and look at what they did or you. They see some old Ladys who go through something it's already been breached, where their basically being welcomed in and they go look we're going to arrest them. But these able bodied males who were on camera, inciting the crimes no interest. That's so there's
one or two options right either when he was an informant prior or they? Yes, him right. So if they flipped and dont, you tend to flip the like our fish wouldn't go to the guys on the ground and say who instigated yeah like we need a flip you to get to the bigger Bosnia, acknowledge that we're gonna flip the ordinary Capone, yet What are you saying, you're gonna get me all right, all right in all out. It's like this. Can you all the people that you, hold to go into the capital. Can you give us those people because they are the ones that are the problem? What dare say now? It's not what you would think the thing. If you flip low level people they would right away? The easiest thing to do is low level people more people involved in terms of more people who are involved, someone talks, but none of them can tell because they don't know the only actual plot is what you see on the only people plodding or the people you see on camera, who only has no interest the other people, kid can anybody, because only one part of any plotting all this open good? I can do it or exactly
well, if you listen to see an m you'll hear them talk about people planning a rally and that's the person you wanna go after a peaceful protest, because protesting is fine as long as reparations and lions, but it's not fine, when you having a rally and homeless We know that a lot that something in the constitution- forty acres and a new pair of dunks, true understanding the basin of the capital? There are some pretty sweet kicks yet while just hoarding them enough at what a father I too, sharp like Reebok, now I liked Reba. So let me give you a couple of other examples here of the FBI, not just being informants but actively being involved with inciting plots to of informants. I'm saying is using this term loosely want to drive the Liberty city, seven hoax Lycosa. That's the biggest terrorism plot, thwarting since nine eleven. There was an informant. in the room, with two of the nine eleven hijackers and twelve. Yet, given my twelve FBI informed
and or agents, we don't know because we will never know, were involved with the kidnapping of governor Wit reply. Well, that's what twelve out of what the twenty seven, oh twenty seven or not sorry, twenty twenty, three, twenty five, maybe as is almost half it was well who were doing it, and then there was another like twelve to thirteen who are just drinking strode, the other world. Ok, now those guys we're like either I just don't like her, I didn't wanna kidnapper may not or not. We should totally kidnap. I don't think we should. Will these twelve guy say we should like majority rule Loma strung out rope with you guys who work in the twelve informants urges wearing make Amerika great Amerika great by kidnapping early put her. She has to my house liker boy. We didn't think so through one gazing, El Kabir near its ever, there was one If the majority looks like my collection of dolls, you'll be
little porcelain governor that frozen Botox, faces so a year ago protest, someone's is wearing a governor, Whittemore skin suit, you just say the outline of an FBI badge room at it s gosh it's the f b. I won't let her skin suit again. you bring her the guys. Like kind did. I did I did. I met someone sent in a manner of speaking of how you killed. So let me go through this. A governor Whitman kidnapping, because people in the media tried to insinuate us there because ready to protest now, keep in mind there at the capital, which is funded when we did it the media set out their only threat or people there. There are several thousand people there and that to see their role, but how many people who try to downplay it and we were at the point you can go watch it. Life were, of course, telling everyone to peacefully request using Ethel. I request to get the actual numbers of deaths in old folks homes. Now then, when it was discovered
This actually was making a political difference. They try to say: oh this might have inspired people and they tried to now tie the huge rally which we thought was only two hundred people to the kidnapping of Whittemore and then finally, they said you know I just give up on this and let's just stick with our informants gave a bunch of gas from Toledo. Yea informants are bad, so Buzzfeed publish a news article highlighting some of the challenges facing the prosecution. Now with the Governor Whittemore kidnappers was you Think there should be no difficulties now say we're what are can have the governor, then you just arrest them. We had twelve people in the room that should be little bit well. One FBI agents involved with the canopy was then fired for beating his wife after a Swingers party. While which is really weird because it was a Swingers party, you think He'D- be beating someone else's wife rapid or he got rejected. So why don't we witnessed party if you're, just gonna go back to hit the same broad, where I think that when swinging says yes, yes, the swing
Thirdly, party, I'm going to a windmill body relationship neither It was accused of perjury but probably won't be prosecuted, just like the CIA without those child rapist state prosecutor, in that was reassign due to an audit of his past use of informants one, the most crucial and forms a Stephen Rob Robeson. Is it robe centre, as it absent? I don't not to pronounce employing Hobson, has, rapture, including fraud, assault sex with a minor can away from me. So with these intelligence agencies has also been an since the nineteen eighties? Well, there's nothing to guarantee job security. FBI or say, like being a child sex offender. You got a forty year, pen, yeah Vienna info like they have like a Roth I for how many kids, you molasses ease I gave you a less will will match it double every seven year s most recently.
Robson worked with the FBI to identifying violent extremists online, meaning actually urge people to attend, gun, rallies and commit violent acts against elected officials. Look there's a big difference between spying Donny scope, putting on a wire and you're the one actually committing the crime. It would be like if John Deb instead of having a what he was, the one who killed out, but you know and Danny Breschia right. I have I'm not a lawyer but you're not supposed to actually get someone to commit a crime right. It's usually what we all illegal is that entrapment as I what they call it? I don't know, but I love Catherine Zeta Jones going through those words are trip. Wires. L will have enough. Zeb shall even shelled Sean colony like look at that level of price. She oceans, eight, My favorite movie anyway see now now awkward vena She is a talent, so he ain't, nobody gonna die then moving aid women getting along the first,
That is just them thinking up just talking shit behind each other's verdicts, safe cracker machines, their tractors and what actions? her do the gymnastics she's only fat. Now he wasn't region is four years ago, and she knows it, but no, I must say it you're not going to say I want to say- and I confirm my motion section, sale, eight death- I wish I had around her face. I could wear my hair like yours- has its cutting exactly quickly We would have ventilator and so you re at work because one of em will be gossiping with the guard s. Anyone be saying this, but she actually rather less casino in the promise. She actually, my mother, has been at that casino over the council under the house, knowing gorgeous like ok and they're, going to hit us it eight p m. I thank you.
appreciate it, so the FBI indicted this guy in March on gun charges. Since, as a felony cannot use our own again, no idea when they are going to confiscate his child sex, offending penis. The only got two years probation and a one hundred dollar fine, and just reminder this plot with government, more included fourteen private citizens who have been charged of FBI informants and at least two FBI agents, so fourteen and fourteen, that's not again fight, that's like fifteen percent by the, by the way, if you're not supposed to have a gun, what's the hundred dollars for what like that? We need a tip yeah thinking about this aspect. At that point, why find anything less is like a hundred bucks? A really that's! It did you. This is the parking tickets less than a hundred dollars or more and more what you mean.
I may have certainly had progress that are less but have also shown that are more, but I will park inheriting the cap space yeah. Well you're. The only person who get a better deal on a gun charge would be Joe Biden. Son Hunter. Yes, so he just got nothing yet will show you how to use the expectant mother parking spaces like skis, he goes in and uses both of them all. or do they have a lot of expected mothers outside of crack houses? How high dont know not when you start with them a jury, Parmesan Pelagia have higher tsars origins went to the Cheesecake factory. I would like the entire left side of the menu and pipe right. Why is this a slice by the way, when do you empty the trash, because I threw my Smith and Wesson back there and I just want to make sure that the speaking of trash- I am hunter. Yes, I believe that as a school across the street or good gotta play, Then you get a window, you know why? Don't you throw my gun and I'm looking for a date, two birds with one stone operates as it appears.
I have to move twenty feet to another table, but it still like a view you have only one of those rare, seasonal revolving restaurant. I happened to be near great schools are just ass, keep working on it like rehearse treadmill, airs glasses. I'm sorry. I ran into your table opera glass, and yet I said, let me tell you thought that I'm on the FBI informants here- and I just I really the more I learn about January six, I remember I was really pissed off. I saw them said no Nancy policies desk along those assets should be arrested, but the more I learned, the less. I believe that its at all what we ve been told, no actual in its definitely not something that you call the worst attack in history on democracy, you'd steadily, something where you don't gloss over a cop shooting a one.
In climbing, through a window in the hallway, when it could have walked up and has been a doctor right back through the when they come on. This this, these people had been standing there for a while and actually Babbitt get shot, and nobody gets investigated right, cops, shoot, criminals that or guns on them and any plaster them. Cross the news and after they ve been in a fight with them and almost beaten up. their gun taken away, and you get pissed off for that. But this you just like out it's fine, because you don't you don't like our our system of government that we want to put in place. Also. We can call us most violent attack on democracy because we do want to let those jobs off the hook with Pearl Harbor right now, they think are going away. Scot free will is not even a violent attack on the building we. Finally, when we ve I'm doing the wrong elder, we thought we were awaiting us reaping the giant tainted being, but this strategy is just three rule for sixty five years between people who take a capital forget everything I don't know about you, but I'm there was a One word no end: Gamer Pearl Harbor,
Pearl Harbor, Hey Pearl Harbor, had I'm an adult women really, obviously insurrection. No, I mean what do you know what I did, but you know that's not, I've known when Tom Hanks was on MSNBC ethical morning, Joe, where he said that we were led. Into world war. Two bye, bye, jingoism in fear on what no one around him, just as you probably shouldn't say something that stupid on national television and then nobody else picked it up. That's crazy, but there is no end, and what are you gonna do in January? Six, so what I mean, there's no real! It is it's also one thing: ok, they should be arrested partner, somehow find whatever there's a difference between that and how, for nine months by you, have a revolving door for actual killer right and the CIA protects actual self admitted child sex there's because I don't want this is what happens right rules for me not further, so we don't want, or are we going reveal our sources and weed
on our informants to be revealed? We have to keep this private look there. They want you to investigate all of the texts and by the way, think it shifts who may have may have actually fabricated. Some of the texts were learning about this now, but they want you all to read everything in Donald Trump Ipad on his phone, even though Hillary Clinton of course destroyed these servers. And yet I will never know what happened there, but they don't actually want to allow an investigation into generous ex think about this. All I want to find if you go through dialogue from phone records great revealing your billing. Brett bears text, Donald Trump or whoever the hell. It is fine how about any footage from inside the capital, there's hundreds, probably there's thousands of ours, admittedly and they're, keeping its yield? Why maybe only some information and not the rest. It doesn't make any sense. Who are you trying to protect? the insurrectionists, oh no, wait! That's what you You can't reveal your sources. The insurrectionists might be another rate
ups and consistently. We just see them drop off the most wanted list. Like add Rooney's attendants, computer Sal, his real computer. So ok- As we have done here. We do have an announcement to make an announcement, but while our leaders in its it was both a heavy but joyous heart quarter, black Garret has been here for years. for years more four year law for years and he is this- is going to be the last time it quarterback gear. It is going to be on try castor but he still young very regularly and you'll be back. I shall be back for sketches and on a kind of answer. Yes, You might be moving somewhere. Far away and in this is wanting courted by your night spoken about this, and we have this before where it just like. I never want to keep some one from something that is perfect for them. Quarter. Blackguard is going to be able to do the props here and still appear and sketches. Also go work mostly full time for
Nerd Show Europe had to produce their exert show. Yes, I don't asking about the channels is neurotic so ignored radically. IRAN, neurotic and you're gonna, be I'm I'm doing Britain production over there as well. So kind of setting up the trick has tat kind of thing is right. We will have a trunk yesterday. The thumb think nothing but yeah. It's it's gonna, be it's gonna, be court. Can we orphan Young S, talk about moral like pop culture, war, stuff, so kind of similar things, but it's all pop culture related, so yeah movies, comic books, say pop videogame, no, no video games, but yet so, let's dividing the fighting culture, war on the pop culture site, right yeah and we I was really sad to hear guy. I know a quarter by girls like I know we could but outside work. Let us have you here doing props in doing the sketches and I don't want to keep you from. I can't think of anything more perfect than kind of doing what you're doing for nerdy stuff, that I don't care
I love that kind of that kind of world exact and my good. My good friend Gary Becker he's he's the guy that has that channel he reached out was ok. When will you come and help me out once again that it felt like if a perfect fit? And I think this is perfect because you came out- you said hey, I don't want it. I want you go right, so when she did still be in sketches and and due process and stuff. So yeah, that's like the perfect world. I still get the hang out. You guys could write. I love. All you guys in is is a tough decision. I I know I was shut up, You promised you'd, never go. You know, you're, just gonna get a pack of cigarettes that was part of the hiring thing would inevitably neighbourly. Now I you know the people who don't know this. I've told the story before a court of law. A long long time ago we were looking for like editors and more Photoshop stuff, and that wasn't something,
really dead and you you yeah, gave at the college but we were looking for a more technical at that point. It would you like animation, but we really loved gear, its attitude, such a joy to have around the office that we brought him back. We were doing this big Christmas episode and you were basically a grip kind of an assistant to the edge like a catch, all able yeah, we need Dinah, go and get it and then we had hey. Can we hire Yoda? We found out. He was brilliant, like all the problems that you see a lot of the sites. You know he worked with Angela, sometimes my mom, but doesn't unbelief. Double job and has really become and I'll. Tell you that this is something I will. This is not something that is just about your job accomplishments, because on a personal level. First, if you like that, you're actually got little brother to me. That's why it in Vienna, my Montenegro have allows the holders of my family. You definitely big brother me, so I guess I kept. I have a quarter. I have a one, eight foot, pendant opinions
but when we were doing the crowd or confronts, and we actually rented out a booth and created an entire right from the first line open minds of America at the Texas Democrat state convention and things started getting physical where people started getting in my face at that point and quarter black point who was really hadn't, been working in that in our youth full time. At that point, peaceful time, but it was the first year and with our and it goes and people we're getting into space, and I don't want to go back, and finally, we have to find that the European Court of auditors is getting it. they only because of all evil. Now you're. Ok, this guy really cares and always felt really felt. Really great. Haven't you in my corner and you know we're stolen your corner you're. So, given the name of the show again and where that the channel, where you're gonna be so the channel I'm going out to is neurotic, and
I do it. We show with them on Fridays, call frightened I tights and we'll talk about pop culture and stuff like that and gave declares the name, the guy that you were tights, know its superior tents. Ok, that's all below the belt, so you can't see it so you could ring tat. You can like heard again so why'd you just run. If everybody everybody's guessing that you're wearing out, I he it's a theatre of the immigration quarter, black gear that's what we're doing. I mean I also have a channel for gonna keep up with me. I play video games. Talk tyrant, movies on my channel same same weight. Would one slash for like here, I did you have any other words you wanna, because we're gonna go. We have a montages here of you. I want to say thank you, everybody in my club in the audience out there it's been in raising ride being able to shut up? legitimately, though. Thank you so much it's
so fine, and I can't wait to keep doing it in hanging out what you guys and yeah you get to do. Others all you guys in here and everybody out in the end it babe in Bryce Manny, so many people in it great naming because you know how people are not yet. I e not weep. Does some innovation for sometimes freelance, but he had this job. Nicolet create this video game like based on enough to explain it. The only sensible make Zog is literally the perfect job and it's a challenge risk as us that you want to keep it, but you also understand that there are just these unbelievable opportunities and you want everyone to be able to experience them. So I am I what really really proud of you of what you ve done here accomplish. We would never never do without you and I'm really glad that you're going to be sticking around in the situation and keep in mind that in your contract we do have the right to still be too for days on end without mercy. I was hoping you when we're going to. We are going to in fact invoke that now we never had before, but you know what it's good to have it on the table, its the nuclear option. So four people have been with us
whole time: let's run this highlight of quarter blacks greatest it He is there live in chess quarter black? Can you hear me, Sir hello, Stephen and crew back in your saved, safe studio? We're here, at short notice, we're locked another body, one by one body? Why is there stigma using? If you will do me the little book reboot, everyone could have happened in Bolivia. I don't want you, I thought you make one one training working for all for any and all round world. Oh boy should like Roxbury, I swear to you. I always like this have opened the door. There was a letter.
turning and some unsavory occasionally darker fellows? we do know is that I am one of them. I know that the aggression gear, which was air which is not just that will give a plan that was it As you said, you walked up and call them. Arrays sounds yawning Europe. Racist said everybody white like that, is not right. That people are worried by the way these black
anybody can galvanise us. Gonna get worse, still lacks videos, Lexington, Megabit royal draining instincts. Where can I watch the stroke of watching all Twyford all right? Above all, we had sex with Jeff you knowing as eight about you underground, preparation, mainly break? I should have no shot. You pushes hush can never be too many everything down on the platform? Doesn't work
just one on the big brain, stop crying and none are crying your current. You know what they don't appreciate: that new community, it's one of machismo and I'm not Dave's drawing Ankara It was the only one I like he work. Well, you know, what's out, be him last. It is time for us we're gonna play bad mobilized. What he's not leaving is going to be like the thing that doesn't leave, so kick your written, usually system would say, piss off Youtube, but today and Tomorrow- is our last show until the new year
and it's going to be Santa Claus tomorrow, Santa crowd I have to undergo all this make up. An enemy is gonna be a whole. While I have like twenty pounds a year so on three, we will lead, rumble now that we're going to mark of exclusive. But we love you me too,
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