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Yesterday, Elon Musk’s Twitter slapped a State Affiliated Media Label on NPR’s account. Dylan Mulvaney shared new photos on his Instagram, and he is a new brand ambassador for Nike WOMEN. Also, CashApp founder Bob Lee got stabbed to death in San Francisco. Is the dollar going to crash? Tune in to find out. Guest: Bryan Callen!Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: https://mugclub.rumble.com/post/3805313/dylan-mulvaneys-nike-ad-is-part-of-a-much-bigger-schemeGET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/ NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME:Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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Audio listener to exclusively for you to morrow the lost tapes, another instalment of old sketches. If you want us to keep uploading these just like and review. And if you are not a member of it still free tomorrow, because happy easter gerald apologize politics with the harsh winds, as he talks about their spiritual journey so enjoy the show today, but I consider going to market it's free for at least another week. You don't have to enter in your credit card info or any of that, where you get auto charge and have to download some service, it is free and gerald is mildly. Qualified
My lady, I don't care.
The called the fix it, because it's very hot I know I had is because I have that red tied. So I have this is basically very when catchy and a lot of honey, but I have a cap on it, which is spared, no expense and then, but that's gonna, be noticed. It acts. It keeps the heat in so tat.
You can ask somebody, I've had the cat, yes exact, I'm tired too. That's the that's the beginning of that conversation end the end. We have a lot to do to today. I know it's slow newsday, which means there's going to be of some some swerves, but jobs report is coming out. that summit, you probably want to know about, were also going. We talk about about Dylan, Mulvaney now is also this, but one of the spokespeople for nike Importantly with that I have an outer bush, you have jack Daniels, which is a it's not to not to suntory. I forgot the name of the. I forgot the name of the parent company. There are a lot of big companies These corporations right, who are you ve, heard the term go what go broke, but it's not actually about you, the consumers, not even about the employees, it's about. The shareholder and it's about manipulating the market, and I would ask this question: how is there this disconnect? Well, we'll explain that a little bit and something I want to go through here today. King lot of parallels that we saw in the Sixtys and seventys lottery.
You not know that you may think it was the air of flour. Paoli, here's a question for you: do you think that the sixties? What do you think the top selling albums were in the sixtys and seventys? What about films you go back? Are you thinking hippies Are you thinking you someone putting it little daisy in a rifle before your, hopefully that hand got blown apart? If that's what you're thinking this is what the media wanted to believe just like they want everyone thereafter. Today in the hereafter. I guess I don't know that when I want to say This is black lives matter. This is mainstream america, that everyone was on board with Biden going work, but you know that what we are living in, we're seeing the same skyrocketing crime and we're seeing the same kind of backlash. The pendulum swings the other way and I want to end The slow but give us a little bit of time to draw the parallels and and go back through the vigilante films dirty harry and in and death wish brood. By the way, do not recommend that two children- and this shows a pity thirteen. So then we have chat thursday. It is, of course, a life show monday. Through friday, ten m eastern notifications often don't work right sort of subscript They don't often work. I just send electric nepal right
I'm sure that notification bello basis they worked on well, then there you go, you can hit the monday through Friday. Ten am eastern, a perfect. I can join our children are user. Fantastic, carry you! I'm fine. Did we get that question up there, which Brands? Are you gonna be supporting boycotting? Why do you think you're going very go comment: they're, nice, I'm, the one who had the cap on my tea. Now I didn't have anything all right what cabin? Where aim third chair here today, ooh we haven't. Actually you can go and see him in portland April twentieth or twenty. Second, you can see all of his tour dates at Brian cowen: dot com, Mr Carolyn. How are you I'm good good to be here? but he no cap on mighty no capital, I I am wearing a blood plugged, hi guys, I'm I'm it again, I'm off the bat that is also personal. I thought you were one of those hard to sit buddy, but it's called discipline, yeah right and I'm willing to take one for the that's, also the region. First, fictitious. Let's bring any this act when you're done by the press happen
it is here before I get to all that item. If you know this, but npr this just happened yesterday. This is a win yesterday evening masks the twitter under it. it's now kind of owned by you unless they slapped a state affiliated media label on NPR his account, which npr was furious about, of course, they get a huge portion of their funding from the government from from taxpayers like you, oh, it's a Agatha NPR disputed on their profile, but is actually nothing harrison to their warning of washing post tweets in which they slept their account with the officially of lying commie, faggots, so they're, pretty ups. about that mean app distribution. You know I mean I worse, I dont know that could well. If you are again, we weren't. Yes, if you are about the way, the isn't it interesting if you go through podcast renault half of them are npr written their funding, but I'm funding our competition. Think about that. You are so our textiles we're funding. Our competition is produced in tat were not entirely, but they
not be able to produce any progress, if not for taxpayer funding brent, and then we get to see it there in the ep story. Isn't that fund I trust your institutions, how many sort of cereal? Do you need gosh? what that anti crime store cypher s all true crime, I dont know in that I don't know one that became a thing, I'm not a fan of women, apparently like to crime straight. Do yet lutheran psychology angli, where women arm themselves with information, and I live, I care. If that's what you get, that's what you get yet right back yard did you are missing the point where the main was murdered? My wife was like really loved this true crime. This is like a few years going like should. I know something here: I wear the gun. Always should I be concerned about the shallow grave. In the background, I just thought that was motif. speaking of women here before I move on to the jobs of port ears. A girl of Brian has seen this on the tiktok, who is who has no shame
I love america because I was literally a welfare baby. It sam baby, now blowing bubbles in the backyard. With my in this way This is how should at all, because as a whole, you're, a man look at the screen, while all, because I was a whoa, isn't it. This is where we are in a depression at an all time, high of suicide going to sit skyrocketing right now we have crime in an ultimate way of helplessness at an all time high, but the message to young girls, because all of it all of it, of course, is acceptable. You're, perfect, just the way you are being a whore.
Right, be a whore and blow bubbles and make a man who's about my age. Feel sexy yes, make them think you're, actually one for his genitals and the way he looks naked. That guy's got a set of tits is. It is just so sad that men are that easy to trick. Yet we all are. We just want to be admired think about how far we've gone, from ok, women shouldn't be left destitute. That's why had divorce laws of man had a mid life crisis right at some point, he was a primary breadwinner too. We encourage young women the fastest path to getting wealthy today. If you are, I want the fastest path leading wealthy argus, most effect, a path of your manager, start a business or to we know, learn a trade. The message to young women is to be a lying whore whilst through blessed not saying all women are, but this is a message that is being thrust upon. Young women just get a lot of your pictures on instagram, where your ass is higher than your fate, your head. You know what I mean and most of the pictures taken from behind and there's always a guy like who's little older once be admired. Yeah right was a bubble gun exley
why why did she feel the bubbles were a key to this story or that's what I'm saying that's the least I don't think that's super relevant, but maybe the alimony might be more relevant bubble. Blowing. That's is at the sign of well? I guess that was a flex as opposed to like spinners or studies showing that she has an automatic bubble gum she. She can't be bothered to go through the anguish of eight dollars, though that's not much of a flex. Well, I have no idea she's clearly dumb by the way this is this. Is it this is available in rubber, we're not on youtube right now it's one month, free still, two more week, one more week free, I guess, I'm more aft one more free week of mug club later today, dot com, slash nightclub, everything that you see, everything that we say. Of course, we couldn't say lying commie faggots on youtube. So thanks for that nope, you dont, join up. This ceases to exist are at stake anything I think you're go. That's gonna tell em all they know, knowing that, how boy you missed, something that new pictures on instagram apparently is a new brain ambassador. If you saw it
The instrument for for nike, although women Yeah nike, officially change or slogan too ass screw it and that's it. And she's hee hee, is, is there's a new it abroad. What is what is yeah? Well, here's the thing that also makes nike's job easier, because it's really easy to create a supportive broth. They don't have any tits yeah, that's true and they have a they have a testicle center. I think that they're rolling out as well wishes the turbo. There's a thing it will get. It's called the term yet our voting rights. That is not what is just well. That's a colloquial it like that how its known by its non, involve raw for all. You know, for all you saw them Lights are really calls a year and also that are not effective because it requires a ratchet heart. You mean and needle nosed pliers and discipline that what are these knee wraps for squatting? What are you doing this, but this is the thing right now is Dylan albanie give bud light, analyzer, bush
what just happened with with jack Daniels. Now I don't about before them look. I understand I also might be a little out of touch. You know that sometimes I'm a little bit older, I you know- and I get another one. I prefer my women without penises stephen, but that's it. MR traditional, I know I know it's a bit to differ. Time as long as you shave and tuck time have a good personality by the way, the debate, when you think of fitness, do you think of the the white somalia and essentially there that's like yeah your nike bros, the minute they belong to me that that's I mean it's like three inches circumference of a weak, frail scared man who is now playing dresses are, but I don't blame dylan dylan's. Money dylan's getting paid. Has good sense of humour its It's an hasn't I'd wash
the world did this. How did this happen in? How does a tiny group of people have that much influence on a corporation, good question? We're going to get to the answers? it could foreshadowing harmonised, and that is that so I it reads now. Nobody retrieve it by the way grapes of wrath is a commie manifesto and it's horrible remember people. Everyone talks about grapes of wrath like yeah, yeah yeah. You know that book ends american classic a full grown man, sucking nurse mom's, breast nursing, a read that the kids he's an old man he's all right. A woman's breast class enemy, another woman and those mama for this mission is not lactating, any god I'm so here is a cross over with oliver twist the utters as the others are so this comes after and Bryan asked a valid question and a lot of you have been asking this and it's it's not that it's a little bit complicated, but it's it's actually simple to
plain. So let's go through this. Of course you saw this would bud light and kid rock who many people are not huge fans of, though he's been gained. contraction shared his thoughts on the bud light, Dylan, mulvaney issue when we cover that we? So we don't know if this is confirmed written but like confirmed it in an active, you know the stupidest marketing I I can remember the stupid marketing since new coke, so Kinshasa release. This video online, grant bars feeling a little frisky. Today we Let me say some tall: you have been as clear concise is possible. subtle but light and has a bush have a terrific day
so here's the thing, I'm pretty sure he was actually shooting those. If you look at the line of attack, I think there's someone off camera, but the point remains our saw someone else, but the point remains to make most of america side with kid rock I mean you must be doing something really bad at another, but a friend of the show was beloved travis trade. Also, these dropping all and has our bush products. was hospitality writer and by the way. I hope you guys remember this, because I have always country music stars out there. They get these bush packages for bush beer, that's anheuser, hauser bush, so don't just make it about, but look at the umbrella company- and I know it's tough, here's the thing it's tough, too some companies that aren't under their umbrella same thing with other about three distillers or meters for whisky, but there is an opportunity here. This means you can support local and midsize businesses. This can bring us back. To the time of your grandparents, think about that right. We went through a period where ever
It had to become convenient. Everything had to become now now instant dinner, microwave dinners right, the raisers that went from, which is more effective, a double edge, safety razor. We went to two three four or five blades, which does nothing but cause razor bumps. It's ridiculous! No one needs five blades, but we're going back to a time where maybe you can be more in touch with your community local, because it's impossible impasse, well to do business with these big brands and not be supporting something you hate. So let's look at some of these other companies here some companies by way of seeing losses after going woke, you ve heard that it's a slogan all references have ever. Let us cut it. I've come you have disney disney in twenty twenty two they were down to point million subscribers amazon, prime twenty twenty one to twenty down to mind subscribers, the nfl for game after the column capron it. We know what actively modern routes to hear he set down. Four hundred as an viewers, while slaves were paid millions of dollars in his mind. Yes, slaves,
was negotiated, four million dollars a got it and sucked anyway there were slavery, was ok. No, it was not an here's. The thing you're asking this: it's because these companies don't care that, like us at this with comedy in writing for the audience anymore, the writing for the writers room. It's a bunch of harbour. An ivy league elites have never taken the stage and they say I think this would be funny and then have one watches it and says no and with the market for the ineffective the people at an hauser bush don't realize that almost all of their market share for their bush. Beer comes from middle america, but this is not about direct profit losses. If you look at this, what about the e s? G scorch is basically a score for environmental, social governance right. It's like a score that they apply to these companies and includes are carbon taxes, sustainability, yet are you good boy? How do we keep you in line and the problem, as you have these companies who are simply looking at this as the game, you nursing, you know what we think we can veer it this way and think of hollywood. You got this
what these movies suck but they're. Looking to open the market in china, there looking to open market elsewhere, and so this isn't about what's best for america at this point again community country, before the global community, but our global, and that is a fundamental difference in the world. You they're saying we can right now sustained some short term losses to shape the way old in the way we think it should be which lie our pockets, long term with markets who either way share none of your values and of a vested interest in the destruction of your civilization, that's what it is yeah and it in good with all the right people. Yes, all the people in power who say a care of all of the competition is sadly Satan worshippers, but they can. They can take care of them right, like we talked about before. Big companies can afford regulation, so there there good what the politicians that regulation comes out. It hurts the small guy coming up taking advantage of the market gap, saying hey you're, not serving middle america. I will write. I can't take care of all this regulation, though you guys can I'm out of the game rights its checking a box right which is kind of what they do in california, about public
company in california, has to have. I think it's a board of fire, if you have to have two women have to board a seven, you have to have three women on it, no matter what so it's it's enforcing, equity, yeah, and so they can just go. This- is the cost of doing business. Let's check that box and keep movement and figure out a way. That's why all new boards in california are boards of three? Yes, so, yes, I can never take away. I could never shoot a six pack with a machine gun. In los angeles know, you could not have to use my throne junior zeal, but I rather I train and gone for which I shouldn't even bring I'd area. While I'm an african throwing, I've meant what I had a guy and I was easier loose rest trying to impress chicks, whereas at a shoney's I dont care, they said you carry a gun. You secured said no, I dont believe Mackay african throwing knives and as yet its pusher
Why do you say that said? There is no way that this guy's using first off? That's not a thing. It's not an actual cause. A huge continent of africa has no throwing knife that would be effective in what he needs to do would be a liability. He would be suitably worse than him having a gun. I bet you, this guy isn't even license for a taser and the guy was like yeah. I know I am it's okay shown to me. He said: do at home my knives. Why would I carry ammonia? What would I carry on me at my security job african throwing nuts sulfur can leno school that teaches african throwing knives now till now, I would keep my knives here. I've always wanted to be honest with you, we'll move on. I've always wanted to be able to pull two knives from my back. She's, yes, where I'm in your back, she's and and and right double throw like that promise. Afterwards, your back looks like the passion of the christ, there's no safe way that backs cut up anyway. So here we have a quote by the way for mckinsey and company a better e s. G score translates to about ten percent. Ten per cent, lord law lower cost of capital as the risks such as
the licence to operate are reduced. If you have a strong he s to square the same, this is not about how this is about globalism this is about other countries. Let me ask you this. This is why I always I always rail against the idea of common ground. I love for you to comment below it hit the rumble button, please, because I know when we're not on youtube and people won't know for around here, unless you right here on rumble giza people say common ground. Okay, I said well now I say there can be common ground if you can actually discuss an issue in fact find out. Okay, where do we agree? Where do we disagree? Where do you think you are going find common ground with the government of china, the communist chinese party. Do you want to? Why would want to find common ground with evil. Where are you going to find common ground? While we talk about friends, this administration who just yet They carrying Jocker said There are no limitations, no age restrictions on sex which operations for children. How do you common ground with that. Why is there a virtue in that? I think there is no common ground and there's nothing virtuous in trying to play ball with and how their bush with jack Daniels.
can someone give me the name of jack Daniels, I'm trying to remember it is out of the cuts, its brown, something it's not son, tory there's, a few major computers, brown form and around four drowned form new that one? No, no, not from a thing our eyes, and this moves us onto the jet. What kind of offences have for you, the united states, the average american workers we just heard about the jobs are poor, the apologists cencian enter there at the ready, like no. No, it's actually a good thing that it's bad jones. German back in July. I think we have a clip in case you forgotten, when the fed raising interest rates august was in august I think that's where our art clips from the show said I was off by a month I apologize, he fell, bleed together. So we made this prediction when the fed raised the interest rates, and- and this was our this is what we thought would happen- You do understand, and artificially sort of, its related economy? We are looking at lending rates for a long time and how that affected the housing market, but still this opening and only a couple of months I wonder, I do wonder and I would like to make a prediction as to what this likely means for the uk,
the I did the matter if I'm wrong, yet very prophetic. Yes, spared no expense, but it's not really hard to pull out, but so please him. You have any idea how difficult it is to find a penny. Arcade, there's one and I want to know what's name that does not dare colorado springs free market, but what's the springs right near colorado, it's like the capital of witchcraft. Now now you're just naming springs. He wanted us to call him gerald springs at one point. It is a thing that palm springs to what palm springs. Manitou springs, managers, mad attitudes, best tip of my tongue. I couldn't remember that, but there's a patentee there's a penny arcade there there is yeah, I dunno, where I'm going with that here's
The jobless play an instrument thousand a penny arcade way higher than expected. Here's the thing yeah you guys can bring up overlay from yahoo. The way I expected with two hundred thousand two hundred and twenty eight thousand now you're, just talking about that in a month. Here's the deal, I'm not in a car most people tell you to trust. The experts worked like a charm of the emigrants vaccine right found. She was right about aids being airborne, but I want it'd, be accountability. That's if nothing else from this show everyone here, that's why we provide the sources if we're wrong. We want you to call us on it because we actually want to learn now. Let's contrast that, with the experts at cnn already running. Interference all is well. and you can say that we had been sort of hungary and the two hundred thousand level for quite some time. So this is a bit of it but goldman sachs actually put out a research, so yesterday saying don't be surprised
if we see a job because of some seasonal factor, saying that this is really the end of a technical distortion. If we do see jump which we now have, rather than a sharp job and the true pace of plain hours, a technical distortion? What have you attempting to hold it? What are you from holding the graph that cnn just pulled out there to make? You think that everything was going well was from january of twenty twenty one? How far back now to go? They had to go back to the jobless claims coming out of covert where people were completely shut down there to say: look at the slab, we're doing great right gets back now. Will you think you think something more current would be more relevant. I understand your argument. I don't know. Maybe within the last year are you presupposing tat, the economic indicators over the last year are more relevant to today's jobless claims and those from two years ago. Yes, all right, he hung his head on. A journalists brings the biggest threat here is lateral cooperation that won't. I worry about lateral cooperation between media and between the government, yet between corporations. Exactly that's that to me is the biggest
well, that's why it bothers me so much because they go and start your own youtube go and start your own face. Can't you can't do it now complete stranglehold, I mean, obviously your good friend rug when he had you had to jen psaki saying we would encourage those on spotify to remove this cut country to make sure that content is accurate and we all know what happened there. There the lost episode that you can never find. That's me oh. By the way, the last episode going up tomorrow on friday, I had already subscribed on audio spotify. It's like we found six hundred old audio sketches back from when it was on radio, so you can just subscribe there and audio and you'll get it tomorrow for free. It's the only place to find it. Okay, here's something, So I want to talk about the forward to murder and before he had a timetable. Before we get into the murder crime and some information that you may have sort of missed, as it relates to the sixties and seventies and the patterns which are very similar to what we're seeing here and the the dollar is, is something that people are talking about right, that's going to crash and That is something- and I wonder if you guys want us to do a little more about this, because my eyes glaze over here
your hearing about it everywhere. But what would happen if it ended? you, don't even really want to think about that, because the consequences would be too ugly really ugly, and it's really hard to overstate exactly how catastrophic the and the men of the? U S, dollar would be the world's global reserve, currency or china? over years made very clear along with the russians, they want to downgrade the dollar because they think that old answer power around the world and certainly the way we ve The dollar over the year has gone in that direction, the? U s dollars. As we know, it will definitely be dead intent, time or in us, prices. What mathematically things simply cannot continue as they are. Some of the panic it might actually be unfounded, but but some of it,
is it is relevant, and I think that, unfortunately, on the right and the left have sort of done, you a disservice. Jerk Gerald you're you're, someone is very up to speed on this morning. I saw my this is why about? Does god, my god for now, is whereas it comes low delay, best all minds that bent back paperclip in the word document, I don't. I thought I thought well everything again, people, those coherent and milk futures, guys, I'm tellin shifts milk. Just saddle you yeah loyal, quick butter, milk, I'd, there's a lot of fear porn right now that the? U s dollars crashing in that this has never happened before in its unprecedented, and there are some things about what's going on in the world that are new or that our kind of like consorts earning but people that think they need a run out tomorrow and change everything over to gold or something else there that probably not accurate that that, though the whole picture it needs to be taken into account, it's probably not accurately, and a crash like some of these people are some people online, saying too, by the way, if anybody
Ivar tells you like. The US dollar is going to crash and then there's a gold commercial that comes up, probably not believe those guys, but we actually have a deep dive kind of prepared for this, so we could, if you guys, interested. Just, let us know in jack comment, let us know in chat. If you want us to do a deep dive, we had a whole thing today. I was like this is a little bit too long and I'm going to trust g, gordon Liddy, to tell him everything I need to know it's right, but at the the day, do you have confidence, and the chinese economy or the american and cause. I know, that's that's my questioning. You doubtless know that what are you going place. The dollar, with what economy is going to back up what what a currency, zimbabwe rooms a smart, indentured servitude. I it's, a barter system with humans really is slavery area at everything all those knowing avery, is bad until until it There, until the dollar's threaten yeah, everything old is new. Again wrangler is going to have a slavery shirt at hot topic blogging I mean I literally read before it was cool. So what
Stephen. I have no idea by rights, I think our innocence alive show monday through thursday monday, through fraud. Actually, tomorrow we have a show up on friday, which we look forward to doing so. What they get into something here that a lot of you may or may not be aware of there's this misconception that people have regarding kind of our. It's this idea of the hippies in the sixties and seventies, and we are seeing a trend right now that I think mirrors it quite a bit you know the sixties and the seventies. It became this idea of soft on crime rate crime, skyrocketed and then that brought us anti heroes like dirty harry, like death, wish a lot of people, don't know the american public. Made those film successful. The american public works out there supporting the hippy flora, parliament, the american public, wanted to see rule of law and kind of saying that now with sky rock in crime them you're telling you that everything is ok and His movies are maverick and John wick right. So this is. This is a good example of a disconnect, and what did that? Do that brought way to the eighties, not saying we're in the same exact climate, but certainly as it relates to two to crime? There's a stick:
and I want to know you can come and if you guys have been feeling this so tragically tuesday morning cash, I found her bob Lee was stabbed to That's right is the story everywhere. Everyone, our friend, Jake shields, actually talk about this in san francisco, which is not a typical and we'll get into tonight. We are learning more about forty three year old, bob Lee the tec executive. Who was killed in san Francisco? There are flowers near the spot on main street, where he was found suffering from stab wounds about two thirty. Yesterday morning, If a news reporter Stephanie Sierra has been following the latest on the investigation and Islam in the newsroom with more on the stories death. Yes, dad will several sources confirm surveillance. Fetid shows bali was walking down main street and san francisco rincon hill area. After this attack he was looking for help before he fell to the ground on the sidewalk. How we don't know what exists we lead up to the stabbing, but were totally was in town this week on business and actually for.
The shovel, maybe we'll have a my next week, he's been quite a few too. He was on our shall actually, after punched out an ant. percinet directly. Remember the riots in the morning there- and I was surprised at you- the others are concerned. I wait, wait, deeply pot shop being vegan jake ideologies, I'm tired of this in berkeley he's he's become a conservative. I had the The pleasure of rolling jujitsu with Jake. Once I was in they round robin- and he didn't know me know a friend I get position on him, so he decided not to usually role without an actor right and is at the time right, you ve no easy go easy and I came out or new woman, though so that it ended with the grapes of rather deed. He hunted the whole time he's known. I was good, but he's a really nice guy, like authority, smells like authorities a sharp guy, you're, very sharp this really it's costa. He was a friend of least yes cash. I found a he tweeted out that I just found out. My good friend was killed last night. He was in a quote good part of the city.
San Francisco and elon musk replied, saying violent crime in San francisco is horrific, and even if attackers are caught their often released immediately now keep in mind. One of our strikes on youtube was real to make crime rate train gender inmate crime. We also got to strike a very long time ago. We did a weed an entire round up the black lives matter. Victims right, we went through everyone from we did well worth. It was pretty thus a tray on where it might brown. swallow kind of gave you some context, and to this is maybe twenty seventeen said, oh, but that could be perceived as racists, because, of course it was largely black victims of police violence. so this is, a trend has been going on for a long time in mainstream media and now big tech. They don't allow you to speak on its out. That's why that's relevant that elon musk, the owner of twitter can comment the truth, because we're not allowed to and on twitter you would have been shadow banned or removed. Now They give you some other called archers from twenty twenty twenty two. Twenty twenty two crimes
edward cisco has increased dramatically so in two years, homicide up: fifteen percent assault, twenty percent rape up twenty five percent larceny and set up fifty eight percent dead naming up? Fifty percent, yes, tackling does not have their. No one is unaffected. Somberly then. What do you do when they come for you dylan letter, since I was not going to listen, I was talking to Mcdermott. He was riding for my best friends wedding to senator ilm dermot mulroney, already rooney mooney. It may well be dillon. but we still got the same procurement versus do you have to know that you name your kid dermot? Yes, there people going to say dylan, yes, and you don't have No, no, it's dermot yeah, but the good news is. We can- and I say that I keep bunker ship the drug problem way so bad enough in san francisco that the mayor lunnon breed has called in the feds habits, do your job, london. That would be
you need to call the feds just put them in prison yeah. Well, you know what he's a thing it starts with, and this is broken windows: three, when you go back to giuliani, I once said as racist: you allow in san Francisco. We ve joked about it for years. You allow people to crap in this. Treats and you do nothing and you allow people to do drugs everyone and another libertarians made is not affecting a no shift in the streets is affecting me. Needles and industry are, and it also irreparably damages the city right. It starts with vandals it starts with hoop and the streets. It starts with drug paraphernalia everywhere and then people don't respect their surroundings, and you end up with this if crime am not saying that pooping in the streets is the same as rape and murder, I am saying that all the tracks together, when you are soft on crime, now. A few reasons for this, not the least of which is look that we talked about this a long time ago, Chickens are coming home to roost. San Francisco defined the police said Phronsie those now short, five hundred and forty police officer. That's including opened use
the bay san francisco safe, oakland death right now. It's death, that was just everywhere. You know right- and I I used to fly through san francisco on my way to napa. Like you fly into san francisco, go across the golden gate, bridge, it's fantastic to go from wine country. Whatever business, we would always grab some food and got out of the park. That looks at the golden gate bridge and you can sit down there right, rightward, dear delhi, and all that stuff, and you will find perfectly safe, not a care in the world. You're telling me the chocolate place, talk of big
what place right, he does Tasha for referred by the way he's the only guy who does a twelve hour layover in san francisco every time. There's a folsom street fair to go straight to tear down these exactly as twelve experts here at deli store. Hope. Yes, something about me says the duty free shop, exactly pretty, but I'm still gay. I love their apples. It's not going to go to retell the chocolate all you peasants, I'm a lindeman linda in an issue of it used to be too much vanilla in those safe and hang out, and it was beautiful. It was wonderful city in that part of the city, right, yeah, not even close, and I think the last time I was there was like six years ago, horrifically bad yes, no way that I would take at the time that the woman I was dating now. My wife, I would never Iker there we actually drove by- and I was like yeah we're not doing this for, and you can see the real devil being on the road right. You can see city's pre and post. I saw of a massive difference you saw. There was always a part of my buddy was a cop, so I did a couple of drive along with him.
Where in the tenderloin district there is an area that was really the they decided. Let's have a district where people can do their drugs and we won't really bought them. I mean that was really what it was and you had open air drug markets, but then your black lives matter and covered it just truly the people on the city council of of san Francisco. There isn't one Democrat they're, not democrats, there truly socialist and communist yes, and I will tell you that will actually the mail and agreed by the way he did defined the police. She also undergrowth london bridge. Yes, tat. Was there a london bridge yet, where the woman, the mayor- yes, yes, I mean real is ultimately last name is breed, grew up in a housing projects in and are even got so fed up with the crime her own car was broken into and she
the bullshit stops here. Yeah was it affects her affects hell going on she's like nah they're smoking crack they're shooting up to. Oh deeds are up who care where the broken temp they broke into my prayers outright fornicating in the back seat. All right, even I have my limits, can't do that in the backseat of a prius. What's the matter with you in Louisville Kentucky, never great city. Let me be honest, but before covered, went there and it was fine and then recently when we went there, I watched a guy o D that day about someone dead duck o d and right mere and when it yeah and when I went to work, hamper- and I did not- I do not- I should carry around with me- There is also a debate about that if the empty should be forced to deliver, nor can to cereal drug offenders, but that the conversation for another day- but I also noticed it CBS Morgan's. They lock up the sacks, the sacks, I'm sorry what I wanted, I needed a pair of Jim socks- I forgot to pack, you don't you pack, I forgot socks, I went and it was behind bulletproof class like this was the hope diamond doll.
Press? Yes, yes, and they start later. you said everyone's deals: everything there! That's what I been in so they defunded the police by the way london bridge Twenty million dollar budget cut in san francisco another now five hundred and forty police Gordon here's, the thing that left keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results in you have to deal with the consequences, and this is not new. You can learn from history. Let's go back to chicago chicago is attracts exactly from two thousand and nineteen to two thousand twenty two arthur was up thirty nine percent. Now to give you some context. You murdered. chicago for those who made the uninitiated was already high was already towards the towards the towards the the top and by TAT I mean at the top of the civil war. It's not like you had a city that was peace. So all of a sudden, you had some kind of anomaly that you
try really hard to increase murder year over year in Chicago. But you have to be going out with a plan is a pretty good years, it's hard to top that in Chicago they It's also important to remember that all those murders were of black people. actually yeah yeah, so what winslow, snout, when in one day yes, one tooth three, two one one we all wish. You should see our colleague couldn't even I did think good come turns lay it looks like they turned his body in to guide me. Jesus, I'm sorry, I'm I'm! I'm a funny mortician check for it out to you that I do that. I'm a funny coroner, here's my card between twenty twenty one and twenty twenty seven point. Fifty six percent robbery went up fourteen percent, Chicago here's the thing we were talking about this unseen and they just elected a new mayor. Ok, I know you're thinking, tough on crime may look at it,
the new mare, who, if you look at what he is promoting he's, basically letting you know that he is so short, he so confident with his job security that he is gone, to change. Nothing. Hill, undoubtedly make it worse. Here is the newly elected mayor Brandon Johnson, talking about defending it with the present the united states, a former president analyses, I'm sorry, president Barack Obama took it. One step further as well. and n basically said that the effort the deep fun police movement lost in audience because of, of that that slogan a voted vote them, which will not only get as a slogan at this x x is an actual real political goal. Oh
Is he saying that is his goal, or is he saying no? He did say that he was going to do from the police. Is he being taken out of context? I know he got taken out of context. Believe me, I do my research I he was just playing devil's advocate. You are definitely going to you're going to know. There are so many ecliptic just had to pick one, and that was the dumbest one yeah they're, all dumb while very dumb. He said so he said so. His solution is in chicago, okay of gun. Crime is at an all time and he wants a red flag laws. He said this: we do not manufacture guns in chicago, yet we have guns flown in, I'm also pretty sure they don't manufacture guns in rural east texas. It could not be less relevant and we need to look at police. We need to look at reducing the police. His campaign slogan has ain't. Nothing gonna change cases I'm done with these stereotypical cry needs access about crime, ethnic about right. You can't keep that shit I will now change you criminals. Do not have guns asked me about poverty,
bribery. Ok, fine! Let me what about poverty harmonies go! Yes, yes! Can yes to private enough. Do you not have undergone: gangs, avenant guns. You have to increase safety percent on the motorway, I'm doing nothing. I'll jades offer me like minded and shone. Like worry life with dick right. You hey hotels. I do not have this route you use like merger, you, like your third and I keep my you- can keep your blue. Can people that I hope to release them up? At least violent crime, violent crime, a diagram, a punishable by shit in chicago nego, je veux for me, yeah, you think we're kidding If you think we're just kidding this guy just became mayor of and here's something something by the way or something you know what is more more racist than doing a voice come at me bro! It's! Let's look at the map that voted for johnson, okay, let's look side by side. Look at
now that other map right down to see. If it's your left, my right, one of those mass is, it's the murder, hot spots where the murder hotspots and then on the right are the districts that voted for him, crow, the guy that said, defend the police so that people that had the highest murder rates are districts that we don't need. The crips are gone. Finally, a politician who speaks my language by the way his and his opponent was It's a moderate democrat right there and they used in, and he was a pro choice to actually pro choice, but he said ten years ago he said something to the effect of I'm fundamentally pro life, meaning for life, but I wouldn't put my morality on on the people which is stupid and they kept rolling that he has a mayor has nothing to do with rove. You wait. I have Selina, but they kept, but they in his campaign. he kept running the fact that my opponent is a pro life. A police race. Yes,
Opponents does not speak for the people of Chicago. All you murderers. All you stem is all you thieves, man, no, your distress, I gotta met. I'm out, I'm ok! Exactly the same, a you are going to have an easy time undermine manage several dig, a bachelor sausage I feel like some people feel like I don't have it efficiency speak in a way that, but this man speaks in plain english, I can. I can step somebody got you. Don't you at all over him to practice practice must stab in more of the same more of the same, and you guys can well anyway. Let me move on here. You guys and hit the rumble button smash that rumble button actually right now, because rumbles a lot of fun. no way. We could do that. You don't know what gets you removed on youtube. That's the problem, never have any idea. Don't you have to think about accents like that? Stephen know, there's something else in the map today that we're supposed to be a layup for the practice of stabbing. It was wasn't there a video of a crime being committed or are we now know, could it get removed when we were past it and we're past that,
yeah. Oh yes, but I skip ass interested you didn't, I missed. It can always nab him in stab me. What was it? Was it a video? but I don't know I have no idea anyway, I talked about it and it's one of those replays. So here's the thing we see this in Chicago. You see this in san francisco. We see this across. That's one thing that comedians and bands and people who who travel for a living. You have the benefit of seeing the pre and post yeah, and it's not just by the way I am not blaming it on the pandemic, I'm blaming it on the opportunities using to destroy your country. It wasn't because of the costs. Ok, because of locking down the country it was. of shutting up and I've said this a lot. It didn't just harm the account It irreparably damaged the economy that people knew their entire lives for generations. That's the issue here sure What be other ways? Economies will adapt yet, but the account we that you knew whether it's restaurants, whether it's live venues, small businesses, are gone forever. Yup they're gone for ever took thirty years to build and we'll see later yep. Now
and then you wonder why there's unrest? I mean not you guys here, but of course particular Well, now in Chicago I mean that a large part of that spikes who use thirty nine percent, a large part of that spike, was because of covert and now they're saying hey, but twenty twenty two actually murder went down. Yet it was five hundred, I think, I have hundred years that's a lot ray, has five hundred murders or right about there in twenty nineteen, and I think it was like six hundred and ninety five or six hundred and something in twenty twenty two. So you do have real bang up job yep. Your normal numbers were down here still at twenty some odd percent, while in austin for example, they say murders are down, but rapes are up dramatically right. I mean you just skew these numbers to make it sound like you're, doing a good job. Look if you're a person that lives in Chicago I've been there a ton ton of times I go to notre dame through Chicago every this time a black person is driving. I see somebody they're telling me how much they hate the city s.
You see if their driving, what they talked. You from the car like up your honour, the another tram or something like that and writing with somebody or their drive with only one jot arriving the tramp. It's an agent opening tries or am I right? What are you talking about now shut all bus? What I'm saying is every so. On the san francisco trawling, go paid me like a kid with a hot. We do. Do you really travel with a common cattle? Yes, I do. I got to get their poor juice on your elbows. I dont. Have the night is a kind of service money? Ok! Well enough, but it is. It is true. It's every sexual interacts everything what happened! Somebody in that city, the building block that they say there representing that's. Why said black people, because other people have obviously had the same thing but black usa? I represent you- know they're, like this place, sucks and I believe the crime here. There is no group of people who are, moreover, represented in the media while being completely unrepresented than the average black american, you think joy re represents some dismay or does not no, no, not at all along and tell the people driving. This narrative are primarily why liberals who pay no power,
as for being wrong right, no price, it's it's everybody until the brakes shot down that businesses and, what's to isolate original your career. Today this out, I know you're so they write and here's a think. This is something we ve been here before, and this is a lot of young people may not necessarily is or somethin breaking any about more young people will not necessarily know this because we ve been fed alike. So what you think about the nineteen sixties in the nineteen seventies, and this is why why each remember where you are right now to remember, You are living what we are talking about and have this discussion with your kids in twenty thirty years from now. because the exact same kind of gas lighting it used to be the victors, write history, today, that's not even the case right when Donald trump one, it doesn't matter the people running history, the media, people in big tech were protected by by the way these career. established these coordinated politicians? It's not just about the white house if you would take the power of the white house over the power of over the power of the entertainment we have all of hollywood and silicon valley. I would say that you need a cat scan because they try and right
three in its false history. There doing it whatever the Sixtys and seventys- and let me make my case here a lot of you when you think of the sixties right early seventies. What comes to mind is probably something like this but you ve seen the morning. So you think about the hip. he's right. You think about it. If you see the spirit of the sixties, outcomes are not figure there anymore. Now, that's what I call sixties. What you see is hippies, I see gonorrhea. I guess I've. Never! What s the problem with recesses sex? special right minded notwithstanding our homes, a pale, never free postal, pre aids, thou hans to take little penicillin, keep on rocket
It was pretty, I know about the aid. We have got their wonderful guy you're. Looking great, oh, you looking right little scobie scanning little gaunt. So that's what you think of a hippie in reality the seventies, take the sixtys and seventys were more like this. we had. The majority does not meet all I'd. Nobody each dig it out because he went up to three dollar three forty about starting with I can't wait to get by conservatively. That's alive, shot again that higher and brought to your attention just a few moments ago. many alarms are involved but, as he said, the fire department really as its work cut out on insolvency for the maya known as the zodiac killer elements,
of the day and put a psychiatry invasion. Ravages was among my bag, sketch a peace that narrows down or nice. I show you why gordon brown hair morning shoot out the tires and pick up the kitty. As they come, bounding asked. Yes, I guess man, but so for reference, look at this sketch of a clearly asian gentlemen. If we have any racist, sketch artist, we believe that it was blonde hair blue eyes for reference years, a picture of sydney sidney with a heavy so well. Let me also tell yeah little more detail was white cloud, white, hair and dots for eyes, and here is a picture of a guy who's. None of it, I think, had eyes in a nose hair of a face. A sketch artists, whisper if the us are yeah we're going to sketch artist with the free time. So they want you to believe that the flower power black panthers write, all of that was mainstream. Why? Because Barack Obama
in that movement right when you look at buying wants you to believe me. Wasn't that moon everyone, so you look at them that must have been mainstream, been mainstream kemal hears us into listening to tupac no tobacco to actually existed, but here's the thing none of that is accurate. Let me We have few examples in the reason that this matters is. You are the catalyst for change. The pendulum swung back and I'll show you but swung back and right now, there's an opportune. For that to happen. So when you The top selling albums the sixties sixties rights hippies and then seventies, there's kind of right, we're talking like sixties, too early seventies and then a kind of which two disco, you would probably say mom and pop, as maybe so, nineteen sixty two sixty five sound of music, camelot, westside story, real hello, darling. What Mary poppins now I've gotta nineteen sixty five nineteen sixty nine, you have a herb.
The t want to do you want a brass. You have the monkeys yet than you do have the Jimi hendrix explains my regiment was opening up for the monkey. Why? Just so? You know so there were some of those but the highest. We're show tunes country music. You go about. You probably don't think bout of the green brays. They want you to think everyone was on board with the beatles on attitude from the fact that most people thought they were ass. All those people hated these please other care because they wanted to get the class if just like you today, but if you go back and you buy that guess what you're already stuff if you're already operating at a loss. It's not true. So what you have to do is cut someone off at the pass and go no. No, the sixties and the seventies could have been great. They started sucking because of hippies and soft on crime policy which, by the way americans hated Let's go to that! The sixty, the nineteen seventy, you probably don't know there was a it was like escaped from the seventies murder rate, spiked, sixties, Sixtys and seventys over one hundred
Four percent increase between nineteen sixty two nineteen, eighty lao violent crime sixty to seventy a pattern: twenty six percent. Seventy to eighty sixty four percent! Think about that for a second while we what do you think there was? There was a ronald reagan to a jimmy carr exactly by the way when you go back to even if you look at people like jfk these. This is a guy who supported the vietnam war right. What what happened to you know? Peace and you know, love and that's all we want yeah, it's because that's what you Nixon didn't get caught. Have you can someone bring this up, then an overlay? When people talk about a landslide election yeah, you guys need to see that nixon map when he won it wasn't even close that nixon mondale is that who, who did he beat? No mondale, was a reagan, reagan yeah. I watched that debate on c span all the time because of I think, I'd like to watch a good spanking.
Our own solar can bring up that matter. So here's the crime went up right. We just get all the reverend surville, but let us Canada come now this here's that here's here's a backlash. Think of you think of those artists as far as music, but you also think of some iconic film characters. oh bring up luke? Do we have that map really quickly? Here's the nixon map bail, does milan loud. It goes that really is that gets unbelievable one. You understand sure what wrong did he do it? But when you understand what level of I'll play watergate, is compared to what happens today, correct we're being Watergate it just to be clear means being spent on it. the more complicated that but shut up episode and are you guys somebody line about its even that's my data so mad about this, because if you do, I look through the sixties
and what happens, is people say that and suddenly have more people now experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs thinking it's consequence free because they believe that no actually, it was very small percentage of people in the sixties and seventies. It was never mainstream, and this is why you see that big box office blockbusters right at the tail end of this, early stevinus, late, sixties, you so the rise of the anti hero, vigilante movies, like dirty harry and movies, like death wish, americans were saying we're seeing skyrocketing violent crime, we're having politics if our soft on crime we're being told that the police are corrupt and so everything to be letter of the law, criminals have rights and americans wanted strong leadership, and instead of peace based on a lie: they wanted justice here are the movies I am sure that the action heroes from the early seventy
in this the forty four million the most powerful hunger in the world and would blow your head clean off. You get this yourself. One question: do I feel like well: do you think money when we simply say commercial from of your white guy I'll kill you give your money are blessed. Your blog mustache, mrs stephen, but what's so funny, does movies is how they die. What, then, what is how they die of aids is a happy ending, but what's funny, if they are there but my grasp right out of the rape and which of you haven't, seen it because I need to establishing a motive for revenge, but then they just Often the language like a criminal who say: hey bust, you up a bus
Have you ever seen a world star video? The language is quite a bit more severe than that. Well, it basically he he said I'll, kill you and then he said, albus I'll, give you a knuckle sandwich I'll. Take a bus to go up instead of kill me that is kind of really smart. All over your body, a five finger discount talking to suzie q and called fl see I can be only I can be pushed only so far say yes, but he killed all of quarters in a sack. Yes, which, by the way is incredibly effective weapon, you may not but yeah a socket with the devil. Socket history is repeating itself. Yep John wick, four huh yup Jonathan Matthew biggest movie stars in hollywood are men in their sixties straight men in their sixties, everybody can I get an amen, yes, as a completely straight man who have not had one of the world's most corrupt religions cover up and I'm just saying Steve. I agree I wanted to ruin my party. I've met him he's a friend yeah. I did talk to him for an hour and a half and I will say a straight man if he had just lean in for a kiss. The peer pressure would happen
overwhelm crews lena and I do mean a step. Let her well worth five. That makes it more feminine he's gonna small face. Yes, he does his andrei sakharov sire happy place, features bird like right, any shapes closely right. You might wax hornets. Ok, the point the point is why you need five blades going back to gillette know no one blade alright, You everything you just sit around a thoroughly. Are you talking about africa, throwing nazi shades with african? Throwing one may sound prejudice, but he's not so you think with dirty harry by what he had for secrecy. Some death wish dirty harry and dirty here. if you go back and you watch it, it was about a cop. It was a. It was a direct response to the market. They're gone, hey, americans, don't like what we're selling. again want a strong, strong character. Americans want to strongly oppose, because now are actually please for the rule of law, and so you had a character who, basically
All the police system faced this sort of dino. I guess you're, just like these. These hapless chiefs redtail can like who told you you could do that callaghan have lebanon so he was the one who would take matters into its own hands, because people felt helpless was where hell. Does it say you gonna, write and kicked down doors, torture, suspects deny medical attention and legal counts. where have you been yeah? Does escobedo ring a bell miranda. I mean you must have the fourth amendment know. What I'm saying is that man had rights will have all
broken up about that man's rights. He should be. Nobody said last in movies, nobody's there for a reason. Yeah made harrison ford points, but god I mean talk about a movie star. All he had to do a smolder. Just did look like. He has a bad headache. All that I remember in that film. He says. Look next time, you'll get a perp callahan. You will bring him in for questioning that's our policy. He goes yeah. Well. If I see a man with the intent to commit rape, the best now he said if I pass if he said, if I see a man with a note of that there is such a rate, he goes. How did you figured that out Callaghan I see a naked man chasing a lady down an alleyway with an erection than a butcher knife. A figure is now calling for the rich It is something I love exerted by those big, well bargia, bending over this better callaghan that deserve it. We'll daddy here is old enough to have been in the movie theater when It came out and remember when people like oh yeah, did they
Dirty yourself is daddy. That's what the but that's what the people com gas with around one sees the peoples and paralysis. Yes, I remember, and I don't need punched, a black hooker one of those times. atlanta was incidental contact cause, he wasn't even he was just like a whore yeah. I covered my eyes. For that part, that's the part I covered my eyes. She was trying to stab him I thought he just punched her in the face. He didn't care really yeah, because people are going to go yeah. There's an african american hooker tried to stem, so he punched in the face does he know her childhood and her I expect I'm saying guys: yes, daddy saying no you're, not you're, setting the people work. Sharing that same thing by the way was death wish so death, which, by the way is even more telling was about a formerly liberal citizen whose anti gun he declined a gun that a friend gave him remember and was anti firearm, and then his wife get horribly raped by a incredibly vulgar and very thin young Jeff goal bloom. If you don't remember, I didn't hear one who did it yeah, you
at gang rape. I talk some jewish guy yeah. You know what someone can bring up the piano clip because the drop the c bomb in the clip which is but it's but it's his young Jeff Goldblum, you probably wouldn't we have here is a bean pull so he's a thing, then he? U turns around the gun. His wife gets murdered and his daughter get trick and she gets put into a coma and so and this man he's not he's actually not even a police officer, one step further. He now represents the citizen right. Dirty hay was a proof of product. And as if you know what hey hold on a second citizens now feel helpless. He was a citizen who went around killing the thugs that the police refused to gauge again on the heels of skyrocketing crime rates. These became the cultural heroes now Jimmy this is the american side, his antagonist opposing this chance, you're just a chip. less than honest if I gave you my MR cosy, while we ve got to find them before the distant
our targets, the american character. Our cap, like I'm, I'm for I'm being too it's this for this matter arc that all of us are going through. This is what happens to americans and ultimately, the american voter. Is you just go This doesn't make sense. The news is telling me a story that I don't see when I live my day to day life right. That's the biggest disk, the new seems to be pushing a story, a fictional narrative, bears no relevance to the actual married, my design life, that's quite a diet designed for the same reason the indictment, the arraignment. They want the right to get and so they can say, look at this. That's what I try and say that january six was like nine eleven to write this ethical. They want every one to believe that you are extremist right and they keep they keep implementing Paul sees where you are less safe and by the way, not only implement policies in these major cities where you are significantly less safe, meaning, you're, more likely to be raped and more likely be robbed, you're more likely to be murdered, but then they try, and punish you for moving out of the cities and they try
encourage you and forced to live in big cities through programmes like public transportation right through taxes. That I put you in a vehicle carbon taxes, so you're awarded if you're dependent on the government and living in a big city come to san francisco company, come to Detroit. I you want to go out there and there's a freeway. Well, you know what there's going to be mortals. Oh wait hold on a second you what you want it well, there's going to be: there's going to be a carbon tax, so they want you, pendant on these big cities and you are like lambs to the slaughter and americans are tired of it. Let me give you some numbers here: you saw the rising crime. You'd say all dirty harry's, maybe more need. No more need is the crappy exe. our mental hippy music, that you listen to, that you're trying to get you, that is always mainstream dirty harry gross forty six million dollars and nineteen. Seventy one Jordan. Sixty seven million dollars today, while not in the marvel verse just to be clear. Well death wish twenty two that's a hundred and thirty four million dollars a day and nineteen. Seventy four dollars: here's the thing. These were not huge budget,
films either and the sequels did even better. Not all the death wish sequels. Some of them are pretty bad. It gets to the point where it's like following them to poughkeepsie and someone like didn't tip well, but those in a way that makes it really they ends up he's looking for a crime is one of the first withstood. Ok, your wife, kill your daughter's raped. We get it then, all of a sudden he shows up in miami. As he looks to me, like you, didn't tip the bill up, what his character dancing too close, as that, as it looks to me, like a unit, a yardstick as a little long that kid walks into a date he's like hey both. On the ground when you in bed with the lady a door ajar chaperone. Yes, like I won Hannah my gun. On the other hand, oh my gun right. If you accept I'd like to peek sites. I think that we do have is the jeff
problem. Why have you analyze laws because people might shut off when they see it? It's really rough and warning. If you have kids while Jeff call them every bit as six five yesterday very talk, I take man. So let's compare this to today. You saw this right so again. Let me give me those numbers murders sixty to seventy or show violent crime, a pattern. Twenty twenty six percent up. Sixty four points: from nineteen seventy two nineteen, eighty occasionally looking at two different decades there- and we just talk about the anti here as we talk about the album americans actually wanted, will right now from twenty nineteen to twenty twenty. That's only when we talk about one year, not a decade, murders greece. Twenty eight percent k, violent crime, up dramatically depending on your city, and what do we see fit? like. John wick films like like maverick, are popular. Why does nobody internal member? Nobody? Oh that's right! Nobody was odin. Kirk Saint, is that ba ba ba ba honours even corrected, kung pow enter the fist. That's right follow incur, so this is something you're, seeing the peril on that now. The challenge that you're into is
back. Then there were some kind of responsiveness to the american consumer through media, but Let's responsiveness to, for example, into the eighties. You had read: darkness is actually perfect kind of a great movie right knows about the common. Russians russians came to america. It was a time where then they could say well, you know what, even though most of us here and hollywood, our communist, we know that americans hate communist. So, let's have them do read, dawn right, wolverines forever. Ok, now, today read on how to be remade and had to switch the chinese flag. You know the largest communist nation that exists to the car. in flags because they didn't want to offend that market. Don't know if the chinese communist party are big fans of red dawn to begin with, maybe their swayze fence. I don't know what this has changed now as they're, not responding to you they're, responding to external forces, they're, not responding to you. The voters that responding to the criminals are not responding to you. The american viewer that responding to china they're responding to to european names.
By the way have already since abandoned their their western civilised values a long time ago cell, but there also responding to an ideology that it's not just the rug. No, it's not to see if you can, but about money I could its that's yeah I can fight. This is To an ideology: yes right, it's a religion! Yes, when you add it all up the e s g, when you add up the fact that they don't even acknowledge Taiwan right with the n b, a e. How can you be this wrong all the time and then, when a little ray of sunshine pokes through like maverick look, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out maverick was relatively apolitical and people got to root the united states of america got to feel proud of american again John will not necessarily police. go, but it is about a guy who kills bad guys. They killed us puppy and now you have for three hours films later. What we want to stop the bad guys, you don't kill the properly. If the first rule you don't kill the dog, but this where we are now, and you an entire group of people at the top who now
only don't understand that we are asking is early they, this is a scam, they do understand it I do understand it and are acting this way. In part. So here's my question- and this is this- is why what you can do is relevant if you have children just peep a lot of the boomers, I'm sorry guys and you get that get a lot of flak, but the one thing that bothers me most about you is not the entitlement programs and hitting us with the bill. I get it, but it as in not communicating to your kids now. This is what the sixty and seventys were actually like. This is why the pen, in swung the other way. If that story is, if it's not a matter of record, then the media and hollywood will act like it didn't exist. So let's look at this period right now, where we're living in today fast forward to may thirty years, our kids in school, going to be learning than the year twenty, twenty twenty twenty two and twenty three. That time should be remembered like this act the right way to wait? do I know I came. I talked about the battle for the soul of america
we must restore the soul, the so, is that how your kids are going to remember what happened right now, or are they going to understand that that was a small minority of people and, of course, those in power who were the strong arm enforcing it? Or are they going to know the truth that most americans today at this point in history, were concerned about the country. Looking like this, police started using some of those crowd. Dispersal tactics like to your gas, even playing rare loud, sounds to push them journal, how it has been the most unpleasant onto the streets as a self styled. Protecting this was
moment has efforts ended in the dance of two people. Seventeen year old social media postings show him to be a donald trump supporter. These surveillance for each shows a seventy one year old asian grandmother violently showed to the ground her purse. Still when a ninety one year old man pushed and opens chinatown one three attacks that day, eighty four ty miracle we shall return a puppy knocked over while out for a walk. He died. in a few days later from his injuries. Yeah, let's be sympathetic to the crime, I'm sure that was just over an accounting error. That's right! This is something that and you have the same thing happening in the sixtys and seventys. It would silence. You was all you work that that's they use, but then you were a fascist, that's what I try and if the euro joe, what did I say, Just go retreats fascist when that doesn't work, racist and homophobic. When that doesn't really work. Trans phobic, so they try and silence you while you live surrounded by death, while
I live in an economy that cannot recover if the left has a way it's not about what is happening right now, as both the left and the right jockey for position. What would happen if the left had their way entirely? Well, we know what would happen if you did, because then rare instances where we see you voting with your dollar always see John, with always see maverick. If you looked, you see what you guys do with this, showing migrating from youtube to rumble and don lemons rating cnn, ABC Nbc Cbs. You see the transition with the vast majority of american, but here's the deal, it's not a matter of public record. It is a clinical level of debt. sliding! You have to make sure that Regeneration hereafter knows that there is an action in an equal and opposite reaction. just like dirty harry just like death wish. What he saw in the sixtys and seventys. I'm not I am not saying, go out and kill someone with a sock and a row. Of course. What I am saying is you need to make sure that people don't take oh yeah back in the eu in the twenty twenty yathrib. That's what
Everyone the country was on board with black lives met and that's from the most popular president. Ever Joe Biden was elected right and yeah. That's right! That's one! That's what we're everyone really finally realise that kid's should cut off, should be castrated. Now none of you need you say no, no, no! That's that's actually the very, very small percentage of people and we were furious with it. Needs to be a matter of public record and that's what we are here's. What you don't will bring up the jeff global thing, a little bit brian cowen brian callan dot com, are still going to continue by the waitress. I'm excited it's just that right now, yeah, but I don't even know if you can make today. I don't think you could move like death wish. Now There's gonna be a market, for it will not be too long ago. We actually got the rights and we tried to make a progressive definitions. about five years ago and I should spoiler alert. Every major production house turned it down, but that we put it together. The
enjoy a typical night in new york city. This is linger said this is the same, we have a person who decided to clean up the most bigoted city in the world, what you think you're some kind of tough guy, a real big man, yeah bitch too bad. That's just a social construct. False, but you didn't listen, civilization, you boy you're all the EL gb activists, job you see! Scum, did you get yourself in it? Ok, I guess needed some call him. I hate crime, vigilante, some golly, my hero, call him z, you like the privileged few percent, you know it's the only way to treat.
Rennie we do by. As you know, this poland, friend, Mr Walter, when it comes to turn these gender neutral the which fourteen the reassignment paramount? and it down, even with Brian cowen attached, I dunno. What happened amazing, but it's the time where, if we were on youtube, of course, you would tell them to piss off, and this would be only an mma club by the way tomorrow, mug it's only available on mug club. You can't see it on rumble, but it is still free for the remainder of the week later, credit dot com, slash my club, The Friday show ten am and right now it's kind of a mixed. It's a mixed bag so that you guys can determine what the Friday show looks like nicht, APOLLO April tenth starts on the network.
there's a lot, there's a lot for us to look forward to and, of course we have chat thursday, so yeah. This is where I would say, share all of this and you to piss off we're just going to keep it short because you get to watch it for free, enter to win it now because we're not on youtube. So thank you rumble- and this is like this is like this. Is this: Just sort of you know it's a placeholder, derek. But I don't better have enough time to pay. Is a private read the remit for like a minute else was going to say: oh did you call them waiting on waiting on right? Yes, I remember this clipping really rough. It's not the really rough raping clip. Is it now I know that you don't without. You covers the vulgar language way. It also any actual, raping. Ok, we'll! Let you see this is young geneva goals loom someone had there but spray panted and one of the movie. That's all I've. Never Yes, I do remember that. I'm just saying I do remember that was lacking in my head. It was
kenna in an empty house kind of thing. Where he's right, I call it tagging the but yeah exactly he got the best part about it. Is that when you tag one but and they they can figure out every single other person, you've sexually assaulted, because that's called leaving your mark. Yes, exactly and you'll never get out of prison. That's right! but I want, if you're, the infamous but tiger, who has done with red paint. I do remember that I think is the same. One reason do you believe in Jesus: you're going to meet him ass. It's lines! Why would you, it's here's like you to think. If someone asked you one of those lines, if someone the in real life, and they ask you and like Don't answer it by yourself, some time that there is a If you believe in Jesus, you can like oh hold on I'm on a call, yeah, okay, what I and then do something don't be like yes, yeah, because
got his tag. Reading there was yeah, you protect your without his tag. Yeah. Why give them? This is so true that there was a mafia hitman. The guy was praying. He was going to shoot. The guy was praying. I think it was that guy clean scare whenever it now, because in writing, as you believe, Jesus and I guess yeah enigmas, alright I'll give you a half hour, let's see if Jesus saves you and he went away and came back, gus didn't save shot I saw that I wouldn't worry, because he was here. I'm like tied up resolve Eighty came back and said when they went, I interviewed him said I shouldn't have done that. I feel a bit about about that. At that time little excess again, you know you don't want what amounts to one thing: when you're a murderer, he'll talk, religion and politics. That's what it is. You don't get him to pray Jesus. You know I felt bad, but our work on when I still shot him, that's a disastrous shot him. What have you done?
like what you should just sick, as are the monasteries from italian to the better answer it like You believe in Jesus. You like no tell me about him, that's good yeah the goods yeah like I dunno now you just sit on the fence. So how old is the earth just go into like random topics of interest? Do you believe in dinosaurs has a smart to do, but I see no reason they couldn't have coexisted across parallel timelines. That's a myth. If you agree that your tricks, may. I therefore do not what have you got a philosophical mob hitman? How are you saved on another gather killed? They gave me a minute. Told me about Jesus yea, just confusion with the riddle. Dubious in Jesus, how wait a second, the man of god, if, if a plane crashes in the middle of the border of
in the united states, right in the middle right, a donate, I'm just starting a religion where they bury the survivors. Well, they would bury them in canada. No way the united states wheat, it's going on yeah, I don't know I'm down some pretty smart about the time is this. Why did I barely survivor waiting that every time every time, the event? alright, let's grab a good movie, that's the rich, getting the shit that the only line in the movie is jeff, goldblum and shit. I remember watching that gets you don't? We only see him for a fraction of a second, but you know what I believe him yeah I believe that you know what are you gonna tell? Who else is he gonna kill he's like a walk using a stick bug?
It's easy just hit your mark. Look the the other actor in the eye and tell the truth. Steven Chin ketchum get James cagney, so they should have that was it. Was it Walter Cronkite with the sketch artists? They just draw him and it's just like a bamboo cane, this rich. She word was murdered by this bamboo kane. Don't worry Is this a normal word for them, and I dunno why are bamboo cane is: is black, but ah there you go use that we expect you to be citizens as citizen journalists for us all right. It's time will you take some chat thursday, the right. I really do have to go which is what I would also note by among others, armies, which is what I would, which is what I would say us and trying to kill me like wait. Wait, wait, wait! I've deposit! You know that if you kill me, if you kill me
that I evacuate everything, and so wouldn't you add in the hay, no tricks, but a good appreciate, you being cordial, go use the restroom and he would untie me and I'm like thank you, and I would I would act like I'm his friend yeah. I you know what I think that I would. I would run at three diapers yeah, do it in there we thought of every then you would have to change me. Well, you know grapes of wrath, which is what I'm into into into you go here. Weigh these diaper I gotta be fetish and hold this rattle doesn't have anything to do with that one. hold your ankles hold over your head. I gotta clean, but I've been like that at all times. Yes, you have that skin got sent and die free and safe. A lot of iran. This baby girl go. Aren't you does it, first channels here. Ok, remedies represent another about. This will not be perfect,
the situation, a boy from jake at seven twenty question for gerald just to annoy stephen. What are your thoughts on how well notre dame is going to do first, the house no put down look on and I think that it aims to do quite well I dunno I mean we've got a tough schedule this year and he doesn't care anything about this Bryan. Do you follow? College is rocket ismail. Still playing he's, not okay hasn't been for a long time made a lot of money in the canadian football league when they tried to buy some of the best players that didn't work out now. Now another time. Thank you we said that they're going they're gonna do just by next year, so boring back, oh alright, from. Gerald gay lover about it's, my birthday. Can the team which me happy They by calling Gerald, get no
Why don't we just show you how gay, as gerald get over here now sit on my love, my hands room, you said: oppose: go pc to try not to smile, not at all, not happening Why do you pick these kinds of chats romania who picked me? Some substantive tat whole will do that, and I should like to gaze from captain explore what is your favorite old school video games? Euro o old school, but am, I think, probably of what counts old school for most people that hide the super nintendo goldeneye was awesome but street fighter two on super nintendo. I I played that, like a champ like all the time I couldn't afford to go to the arcade, but my cousin had the the the super nintendo So I would played over their loved street fight or two on superintendent and see that it I've actually play I didn't say that all he just loses the nearby mash. I'm not one after another month, he could lay like you play yeah. By the way time, if Stephen feels like I'm a button
sure I would be happy to record me playing you recall my how you would java that you can seventy keep same but mash executive. I heard your way guy or whoever they are. Let us torment did we get cause this arcade machine? We have a key down there to did. Did you find it? I want you to keep it open so we can turn the volume up. Asheville match their custom arcade to that we have there and it was supposed to be on today. Last was for awhile yeah. I didn't realize the keys no longer in there. Ok, we'll look for because someone was asked me that there's like five hundred video games on there and it's awesome, really yeah yeah, it's it's! I dunno how they do it, I'm sure it's not like. I played the mario world two did you play mario at all, or was it just all stuff? There's mario on there I dunno I dunno in end they said like old school video. I missed a check or yeah. What's your favorite old school video game, yeah sure better to docking on countries up every super street better. So not the original. But repatriation characters more more care today. But I draw the line at supersede: furniture turbo. The turks perpetually fund
I could tell, but there is acknowledged in the arcade system, where you could do the apricots and, yes, you would know how to cheat at. This is what I'm saying you know, though the cheeks state, the kind of guy a play against you eat, used game genie. All you have to do now that fit is pointing a street fighting mash someone's button, and you can what I say yes, while you're talking about the actual
exciting. Yes, oh yeah, I was talking about killer. Instinct was also I play by street rules, and I've got a great combo. I have a great character history. I know yeah, you guys you guys are going to take me seriously. Then we won't it's going to teach us some safety tips, but whatever that isn't essentially from your blade back right here baby. Are you just saying that there's no way to do it? Unless you would have a net guard like you, would have to like hellraiser a unit I carry well. So when I'm killing I carry diapers wipes and a neck guard. President neck guard has said net guard yeah midgard. We would have to be like a leather neck. Well, actually we showed that we did a video that they were. They call up, call them leather. Next, the marines yeah people is because of the. I believe it was the rape, your swords from muslim tyler watts. Yes, the rape, they re Pereira, europe, europe here, so you got you just croat wanting to make fine adults but matching and re packard. Now
yours, but because the risk that muslim pirates- and they have specifically go to be kept so they put on this thick, Leather, like it's stiff leather, is not what you think of a soft leather. That's for eleven that comes from specifically to protect. It was actually David barton. Remember. We went ernie showed me these historical artifacts to protect against islamic pirates because they were doing for a long time even every captain Fitz Roy, whose orders works? What works against rapier doesn't work again. So much tat. I have no aids. Are that spanish? I don't know I don't know, but if it's tray oprah, but speaking speaking of kind of some of the things cannot really quickly. I just wanted to mention this. This ties back into that. So we are talking about in france right now. The protesting there's mostly peaceful protests with fires and a lot of stuff going on at blackrock as well. So this is the kind of
after that you will sisera clip hovering. I think we have a clip that we can show really quickly. Yeah is in france right now. That's in France! Oh my gosh! There's that much fire in the streets since joan of arc am I right that could cause making more like joan, vanguard joan of arc the first transgender warrior? Yes, exactly! That's right. Do you think? Do you think that when you get burned alive, do you think it just cinches, all your nerves were only for that or do you think you feel it all the way through, I think? Well, she probably felt it in our dick first that now I am apparently the truth is when you got burned at the stake. If you were extra naughty, they would they would fanned smuggle you wouldn't have out right. So you fell just the fires that you fanned the smoke so that the flames are actually we'll get and I think it hurts like fuck
this Henry, when in other words, when you're burning at the stake you now you can always get worse. That's the only time when you're on fire is the only time it can't get worked up unless you're like a sitcom, you billig, really, it? Doesn't sound the flames this cake? Ah, how could this get any worse and then it starts raining and you're perfect or it's hot as hell in here we had to rely her effect. Now, I'm in snap, I'm bored, I'm wet and being burned alive. Have you seen the stones, though, where they would actually put you like? I think it was the protestants killing. The catholics are bad where they would actually What am I gonna catholics? How did they got there's into? They? Would let you and they will. Let you want- is one mad that had like these pegs. That would go up in your back. Not me. I heard you were talking about and then they would put another one on top and they would just increasingly moved the wait up until it just penetrated your body and he died there were really cruelly the wheel, we're leaving. This is what it is that gross it. You on a poor, so
you mean trying glamour, is what you're fantasies have to do with this hard won Somebody say mash my button again saying I've been around nyc topology last week, but mashing everything is that is just like burden, see deceiving. He turns everybody into a power power bottom either, but yeah the place is really nice, but so they're protesting their vanguard, blackrock zone with friends, they're, finally growing a but just a blackrock they're, actually like rocket blackrock headquarters and some of the videos there's one of the reasons that approach from what I understood, today's they're mad, it's pensions. Oh so not exactly so yeah. They can't. I believe they moved the. What is it age of retirement back, so you can collect a pension, they moved it back two years, yeah, that's like the greeks are like that No we're not going to we're not going to retire at the fifty four yeah, no pensions kicks in it forty to years from sixty to sixty force. What a night air french will have to work the by their Hence this thing is there. Taking your pension plans now, Anne and applying is key to whomsoever that
that's where I draw the line. I want my money, it's not even that it's just you have you have these terrible policies that the state is going to provide for its citizens and it never works out in its visa. Every single When we look at a country like yet the network, I now have the money. There are now you're, absolutely right and by that this is something tat we did it. We talk about social security, it is a definition of upon these games etc. The factory authority that has led it's not when you look at the retirees per workers, I dont remember if it was there, thirty something or sixteen workers per retiree. And now it's that, like one two three sideways something else too little trick, they pull on ukiah when the Do a chinese restaurant and you you ought to know he s cheek. They still put it in next step from home. In ninety ninety four question: for the crew: if you won the presidency, who would you be your vp and what would be your goals for your first hundred days off zhao skype. Call If I were honestly jailed probably would be maybe be partly to be head of my campaign. Erika yeah. Can it be a chief of staff short
Well, that's a west wing that why, because you like the character so he's been fired, now he's been fired I'll, be your leo who's called gerald by some crazy, drunk brian would be my torrid affair, but that'd be my second term as I spend all my time. Uninsured under your desk he'd be yeah. The connection here is not good. I'm going to work on these plugs some more. Yes, exactly why lugs ha that price stop too much now I dont know We actually wrote a series, so this is one thing again: if you're watching it now, tomorrow, mug club, mug club only latest product comes to market. Remember, I wrote and we can't find it. We had. We had an issue when we had to transfer a lot of old coins tent over, and I wrote a treatment for two different series scripted series, one was about the studio and then one was animated and it was about a a a white house aide. You know the chief of the white started the presidential hands yes and the ideas he gets the job because his dad, but he's completely apolitical, and so the idea behind it was that you could have
the insanity taking place, it doesn't matter whose president and he just keeps getting pointed to the next president. So it's a perpetual presidential to fire and we re criminals like ten episodes and I can't find it but these are the kinds of things we want to work on and provided that the area yeah, maybe we could find rehash together here. The other one was a studio, was a single camera succumb based, but anyway I ll be able to see as it does. Yes it in turn, who has to change his political, One of you know he was completely unenthusiastically like buying back. I need you to go out and say that what is it I wasn't? There are stepping sniffing this kid for security reasons. I guess and yes, and then the next united kingdom at the podium like I guess he likes you know, was for safety. for security, and then it gets asked a question. You just get stumped and has no way to deal with. It is always love discomfort What about what, if he's economically and now, if he's kind of a macchiavelli in community, I'm change? No, he has no motive. That's all thing he's a blank slate she's, just as hard you just uses, lays a guess I'll. Do it he's like a
You cut his own heron and you know domain just one, and I didn't have to be. Cut you here with a ball. Are you talking about me here? Oh must be nice to be so perfect all right. I know that crazy next year, you're going to be portly I'll be in poland, helium billy April twenty two we went twenty two they like to laugh hard for over an hour and you have art. Surely it's at Bryan callen dot com, Brian Callan, dot com spelled with a Y b r Y and yeah portland is a hell hole. I can't wait. I hope portland Nyc walk around with a maga hat and see what happens it. Did you good luck to get a spy? Someone got shot with a maga hat and portland. Is that true, yes, shut down the street? Remember we got nog over here in guy got shot dead was going to have to wear my leather neck yeah, it's not a funny. Gig doesn't stop bullets, Brian. That is actually pr a perfect way for you to go out and doing a bit of what
are blissfully unaware will lead to your untimely demise. What it is yeah I really like either way they die and death wish it on I'll. Just leave him with guilt, I'll get hit and go die and be sure to bring your sock with a roll of quarters, but double socket. I've learned that and I am surprised to learn that won the how odd way, but the nanny got off scot free next jet from J semi stephen, I work in the office, my company in the websites we connect with with our vendors, are starting to require yes g stuff. Luckily, my company isn't woke any tips on avoiding the crossing. Yes, you, ok, here's the thing on the worst person asked this question because my a policy of like how I handle working with others. We actually in so we call it a mental. It's more of a mission statement is: go fornicate yourself with a wire brush so if I've or corn cobb's well, you know like the funny thing is, I would actually seem
I would say it was also a nice guy, but I am also rigid sometimes like now. I'm not gonna do that vote. Yes, it's like. No, no I'm not going to do that. There were some things with companies that I worked with like well. We want you to do this, not nothing sg related, but you know, and that was it it shocks people to go out, okay and they come back to they try and sell it to another waco yeah. It's the same thing. You tried to tell me like two weeks ago, still no villain and you just move on, but I don't know how to help you, because you have to work within the constraints of a company, which is why we're so blessed with you know, mug club and working with rumble. No one tells us what to do at all, which is why we're able to do the content that we do gerald you've worked more in the corporate world. What would you say that we also mainly run your own companies from blowing? You need only that's. Thank you
my main monopolised, maybe blows me out. I blow bohemia, not accept lands at that several de wattle, so I thought it was sometimes I got a bad man he's been going through years. He's been going through your carry on honestly pushing back. I think that is important. So look what happens that these corporate I'll tell you I'll. Tell you a story. There's a ceo friend of mine, and he isn't a company where he has the same kind of things. I'm not gonna reveal any details. Story will have a point that Rey will definitely say masher about the problem that you find with ceos or think of heads of hr or something like that is that they live kind of in this bubble, where they feel like they're forced to have to do these thing. Yeah, like everybody happy in their company and when nobody in the company has the balls to speak up and not even just protests but just have an honest conversation like hey. I don't think we really need to do this or hey. Why are we doing that and not do it in a way that is offensive to anybody? They start to think hey. I have to go this direction. Otherwise my entire workforce is going to hold this against me right. Hr gonna have a problem with this. When you start having conversations with us,
People, though, and start telling them like hey look. This is why this is a problem or hey. This is kind of rough for us. Then they go. Oh, there's two sides to this. I don't have to just go one direction. There are actually pick the right direction so that something like have conversations, should you can- and you may not be in a position as an employee- to go all the way to the top it you can talk to your boss. The bosses and be prepared that they may not like that. You that company right there's something more fundamental if you are a prince person and if you believe in something it indicates, I defined on who you are when it costs you some coils than that. why I am and constantly around people talk about this where it's you know well look at them at a money thing. I can't afford not to if money is more important than your principles, and if there is a color The agreement and that's accepted Then we're all in deep shit, yeah airline, that that that's what drives me nuts, that's why I appreciate what you did with with this whole daily wire thing.
it was, and by the way it wasn't the daily wire it was, it was, it was everywhere and you don't know that it's not a real, but I think this is important. The closest thing that I've come up with the up up against and actually want to go to a man and an inaccurate because they were there and so so as hooty, whereas again, there are many countries that are offered an across the board. It was you get penalised if you are removed from you to refer demonetized. this was always the sticking point, because you know if you ve, the show, or if you followed, I mean- maybe not even from two thousand and nine, but even got two thousand and fourteen to that depends. Are you know that it's always been a huge cause for us because we saw what was coming on the pike and I think here we are, and I that down with everyone here at the office, and I said, love here- are these just one. But here are these offers on the table, which are guaranteed, and nothing will really change for you, guys, ok or do want to be able to really kind of do something different and take take a risk, but I told you know the risk was mitigated because we kind of knew what we could do on our own and
the greater reward. But how important is it to everyone here that we be able to do the kind of show we want to do verses, a guarantee member, and I had a show of hands and we didn't skipper beat me. We were ready why everyone raise, because I know that I'm I'm the elected leader here, but I also want wise counsel. Now: it's not a democracy, but if everyone said no, no, we should take the guarantee. Everyone said screw and draw me to give you an answer to a big deal now and we cannot ember. I think it was too much like you what piedmont I call on you to border. You can't say anything. now: that's the advice of nitrate, but ass. You have to do what you have to set your red lines, but what I would everyone your employer, business owner, you do have to have a red line and you have to abide by it. But you define yourself as a person stumble lines, you're willing to defend what are you willing to fight for that
define, find yourself for brought this? We shall music in the background. Everytime. I talk tell you you guys and a wind in my hair, it's only for when I myself here talks about rudy, I do in a minute ago. Noted dame came up, know what I'm some bright year. Your point is right: people are defined by the that's, not how we define our ourselves anymore. That's that's why we can go oh well. It it's too much money for me. It's about the money I can't do this are oh, I don't wanna be area of somebody. Who's not accepted at the cocktail parties in an assembly, that's pointed out, is big it or all of this may cost me a friend on facebook that doesn't like me point of your. My eldest may cost me a promotion because my employer can worth it about this worth it. I know earth they that's the thing most people don't have that conviction and that a lot of it, but it really bothers me when you have people on the right people who are in you know who we think are in our huddle and there and there
ang ball and I don't mean by the way being amicable. I don't mean finding. There is nothing wrong with that. I I don't. Do this whole thing with all controlled opposition. I understand that there is a very large tent and people have different opinions, but when people say that they are fighting for you, when people go out and express the issues that we have with big tech that we have with media and it's more, important to exchange exposure with these shows to get on their shows to make sure that we can still be on their platforms rather than waiting years of war. That's where I have a I'll tell it comes what Brian you were about to say something and while they did, the left has been very good at attacking our pocketbooks a very, very real vivid threat. When you can't send you kids to the school you want or they can go or you you may have to sell your house, that's the. That is what they do. If you toe the party line. You could get fired we'll get marginalized or whatever, and so you can't expect a the regular citizen who
just trying to make ends meet an and provide a better life for their kids? Thank you. This is good too well of you. This is good superior stevens actually playing this right now on his pocket. the size is right. Next to where I keep my dad had no idea, you had that kind of digital decks. I arrange yeah wow he's just going to play the oregon. I know your hands have always been so rough, and dominant daddy. anyway. I lost my true. I know that's why may last for it I asked for you, you ve got it. I can't handle the truth. No, I certainly merits my boy and yes, I have a, but it's really new measuring yourself like when you, when you stand to lose something it's really easy to talk when that's all as you stand in the thing is with what we do and I will say: oh so, what are you guys doing talking yeah, but then why
it gets so enthused when there is a celebrity out there. Who may be conservative, because you understand the insolence whether it was colony before I went off a deep and whether its chris Pratt, who then gets attacked and goes back in the sound, is because you understand that cultural relevancy matters, because the culture, everything else. Right is downstream. Some people say upstream and not knowing what the expression is its appropriate but andrew bright by senator his talk, tutelage. Everything stems from that. That's the heart right as culture policy, all of it and the problem right now is you're trying to pinch that valve, because you are the culture, it's not even close why it's important for you guys to look and see how many people out there like you are watching, are tuning in are taking part it's not about us. It really is about how many of you are out there and they want you to believe that you are isolated. Let's grab one more chat then I'll I'll close on something that you know helped me right from mass Both jungles power
potent will you allow always eat there? When I met the charlotte airport authorities will ye who has based farming manufacturing be over the next decade? actually that's a really good point and we kind of botched the the good rancher spot, because we had some technical issues and during the live stream, but good ranch's as a sponsor. I think I'm going to later, if you can go to countries that comes less crowded and a big part of what they do, and I wasn't fully aware of this that a huge port none of its eighty percent of the meat that you get a supermarket comes from overseas doesn't come from united states and theirs. The reason for that, by the way, just like there's no reason for us to be dependent on foreign oil. Neither is it I'm too, unfortunately, with subsidies to farms, and I know you'll have some farmers who say well, we need it actually, no, you don't subsidies help large farms, they helped mega farms and if we we actually had, I don't want to say protections. policies, but I actually mean if we actually protected american farmers, meaning that we didn't bombard them with red tape,
and regulations so that they could sell direct to consumer is really difficult right and right now with the fda. In the: u s, d, a I did a story actually a long time ago long. time ago. This is when I was living in michigan, and I went to and it never made ere. It was worth it, we're gonna, get a little slightly whiplash, mustache aged and for a few videos back then I start freelancers and I went down to a goat farm and I thought and because I was looking to become a part of the goat share. We weren't horned rat rod, milk. Yes, that's how I introduced myself and then she didn't do the video. Thank you hear catastrophic events, because a goat share with rob. You can't get raw milk round michigan, at least at that point, know what the laws. Now, unless you owned a share of a goat, then it was legal because you could drink your own, and so I met her and she was actually talking and then I saw the way these these goats were treated right, they're all out the term pasture pastured meat doesn't really mean a whole lot and cheap explained to me, she said: yeah in our body will come they asked me this is organic. She said it's not me, show you why it's not organic this farm and this is
to be exactly what you picture. What peter would want happy, goats everywhere, and she said you see these fence posner wooden fence posts. Should I have to treat this with some kind of a liquid. That includes a chemical which they say bars me from the usda organic list and I would have to pay, is either five or ten thousand dollars to get certified usda organic, should, let me take you somewhere. She took me to the farm down the road there was a factory farms where the cows, where basic in cages and the piglet looked exactly like, like you would think when you think of modern factory farming. She said these guys usda organic. You said I'm not, they are so because they can afford it and, of course they get subsidies. She said you wonder how many subsidies I received none to same thing with big bank bailouts right. It benefits the big guy I want to do this piece on organic farming and it was just time where I guess it didn't work, we have lots of content that doesn't make air, but good ranchers has talked about this
where several though it's not organic yet well, you know what you could be getting organic meet that comes from china for all. You know when it meets these regulations because they use the right treatment on their wooden fence posts. That was her example, but there are the exact there's also really important thing about organic it. It takes a lot more resources, more water, more of that that sort of organic pesticides usually deeply. It has to fly, or more times over the field to spray. It begin and that's more gas. So it's actually more fossil fuel intent. It also turn there's this natural fallacy. Like I do understand that we're bombarded with you know with zero estrogen that they call you with things like gpa, o kennedy, innocent their chemicals that are the cause. You know disruption of your endocrine system wherever just to think that, because something naturals- but you know what you know it's a pesticide in our past nicotine and caffeine- these are defense mechanisms that plants develop that are toxic to animals, so they don't ingest them. Those are
naturally pesticides, so you can have natural pesticides out there by the way that can be far more toxic than mine, and and I'm not saying in every single case, but just a lot of people like the security of going by organic. That label and I think, it's far more warrant. For you to know where your food is from our relationship to ought to be able to spot that farm, and that's one thing, that's really great about about good rent or that we say look their prices are better than supermarket. If we set up an auto order, their meat is every bit as every Good now, like an alliance at its as an anti steak. You've had at a u s d, a prime steakhouse will know because it's a bunch of preparation and dry aging, but it's at least as good as anything at the supermarket. It's all! U s, d, a choice or higher yeah I've. Never I've! Never! Well! I shouldn't say that I've had to some of the the the bottom sirloin, but that's because they were that the sirloin steak with a cheaper signal at chuck. They sent me some chuck yeah but
You jump right. Leaner Ganz is gonna rabbis or new york strips italy's, always at least as good as the price, the supermarket, more convenient and its american farms. That's when you win, maiden america does not need mean the best, but in their case it's every bit as good. It's more competitive pricing and you're, getting something you can feel good about about getting and it is important. Lotta people don't realize that a lot of your meat comes from overseas is machine gunning hogs from a helicopter organic anyway I think anyone TED nugent would say so robin how about dropping from the skids with an axe on a sow's. Have you done that ted nugent invited us on an automatic, an automatic gun? A hog hunt from Alex TIM Kennedy said: if you were, what we could do is jump from the chopper's skis onto a pig's back and slay it will it's a hatchet or something he's never done it right. I said TIM I nodded. I don't have that kind of bone structure know what I mean revert system in their jokes.
It was gonna say left the wagon burgers. if you had oh yeah now, that is, I will say this with like I said it's always because I I don't the reason I'm saying this, because I'm not a connoisseur if I get us da choice at the supermarket. Now I'm gonna cost go it's it's pretty comparable to that. Eventually, I can't say that one is much better. One is a better price and one is from american firms, but the waigel beef, it why you ground into the beat it is by far the best ground beef, so I've ever had. I didn't realize had a cook it at first. He out this giant thing and I did a supply, prefer it to a stake access and I do like a salisbury steak, we're out as grill that and put some cheese on it. So I think it's important and I think again like what about what then hauser bush all of these big corporations. I don't have a problem. They make the best product and you like their product and they don't hate every. And you stand for, I have no problem with a business being big. I think that's that's what free enterprise is, but I do think we're at the point right now. We have to be very diligent in what it is that you support and going back to
Brian Cowen, Brian Cowen, dot com are going to see you guys to morrow. Brian cowen will be only on my club lot of cut it out. Come such macleod again supporting small guys. This is entirely funded by viewers like one more week free you get this one, a hand at smug by the way. It's the only way to get can't. I get all this additional content. I will this, though, in dealing with canada, contract issues, but also in business. I think a big part of what what shaped me. I was a very very late. Bloomer end I understand that I was allowed mouth american conservative being raised and socialist quebec, and at anyone really know what conservative was I've told. The story before where I got in trouble with my daughter, my teacher who was self about communist. What I didn't know at the time and
was telling us that we should give the land back, because when I was twelve years old, give all of the land back to the native americans and I'd just come from history class. Where we learned about the brutal wars between the algonquin and the era, I guess you guys at iroquois, we learned iroquois, then french, but the iroquois iroquois in the algonquin sets are the two main tribes and I said well as it's what gave the land exit to who She said what I said: who do we give a land back to what the algonquin or the iroquois I mean, were just perpetual state of effectively civil war? She said, that's so right wing stumps I said, maybe so and I went home and ass, much ass, it what's right. and he said what did someone someone attack you with that? I said. Yes, it was a wonder your teachers. I said yes, he said ok, this What she's trying to say and explain to me what conservative was? What liberal wasn't he had to explain it to me, because there was no conservative party into back there. Liberals and liberal separatists. Is that right? Yeah? They don't? They don't really exist? I mean technically, but you're, either a liberal or a separatist in quebec, and I went back the next day. The teacher I said
You remember yesterday, when I was trying to to coming right wing, but she didn't take the bait. As I remember yesterday, when you called me right wing, she said he I said yeah that can that was an arsenal that yeah, but I would get into because it's this america hating club, so I was bullied a lot as a kid, and some of it was of my own doing. But when I was growing up, I was I went through a period was short and fat and then really tall and skinny right. There is no in between. I didn't really start shaving until I was like twenty years old, so I was I was. I was bullied a lot and, I remember at a certain point when I kind of fish, bout. I think I was around nineteen, and that was my shop like one. Seventy two like two ten at that point as I was grappling a lot and I had another running- and I just flip this my head, where you know what I never again, never going. I knew how it felt and
I really was upset that I even had friends who were also scared, because now I wasn't the cool kids clique. We were mostly skinny nerds and I said that's not going to be me, I'm not going I'm just going to them wish they picked some one else, I'm not going to go along to get along if I'm being bullied and I've taken that with me through business in dealing with you, it would be for crying out loud, a lawyer and retainer. I dont think. Anyway, had more runs with you to facebook, twitter and then in the way that we done business, where were incredibly loyal and retention that we have an am incredibly great by the same best friends that I've had. Since I was a kid it's johnny when I was twelve known you for fifteen years, my dad, third best friend those people of my best friends, my whole life, but same thing, We also know. Actually, this is how it has to be done in this house. With every major corporation, where I work had happened on film sets and said now, and I'm not going to be that guy who sits down and remains and I used to be the guy. When people ask make you a nice, they would say: hey, I'm in university or hey, I'm in film school,
my teachers are this way? What what? What should I do, and I speak up if I know they're wrong and I used to say this- is maybe ten years ago hey, you know what keep your head down and get your grades. And then do good. Once you get to a position of athwart the promise. Now they can smell money. The promised there's no way to hide it, and so I think you have to flip that switch. You have to act as oh, you are someone who's been bullied, even if you haven't been because I tell what the conservative united states right now. Most of you are actually pretty young. If you're watching me now something you're, twenty or thirty, even your forties. Most I have a college degree. We know we can look at the demographics and you guys answer the polls, guess what you are in a minority. You have been other, you are being bullied. Do you believe that kids can't transit that kid shouldn't be castrated, guess what you are being bullied right now, you are being bullied into silence. Do you believe that businesses should be able to conduct business as they see fit without being burnt? with E s g scores: do you see what's happening with the bureaucracy, the red tape and squeezing of the american entrepreneur? If you believe that you are being bullied by
they are trying to silence you, and so I dont know the specific answer in your workplace. I dont know this, she'll dynamics there, but I do know that it doesn't. It doesn't matter you know you have some fighters who yet study tape, but at the end of the day they are going after dance with the one they brought at the end of the day they are going to have to go to where they are strongest and they ve decided that there are certain things they won't allow to happen. If they plan are being successful, that's in any sport right! You can't constantly in a state of adaptation, it needs to be a component but adaptation right being reliable, is only a value if you know where you are rigid. If you know where you will not be agreeable, so all of the answer of the macro answer, is, if you don't think yourself as someone who's been bullied. Guess what you watching this right now you are! You are the victim of bullying any, but you don't have to be. You have to decide every day it's about
olive inches every day. Every scenario: don't count your words, don't don't peak didn't, have to be careful and prudent constantly tread lightly. The left doesn't do that. Do Allow yourself to be bullied moving for. That means you have to take a note pet and what you do this if you watch right now, if your listing on audio taken note, and write down your non negotiable. and when you find someone pushing up against those, not burma, the I'm should go off you're being bullied and met, determine in advance. That's not gonna, be you you may not. When you may not but you make him wish they picked someone else and guess what the next guy or the next gal the next they'll wish they picked someone else and guess what soon later the word gets out and they, pick, somebody else and if that somebody else has also made, their mind as you do guess. What at a certain point, there are two options: if all view and there's enough of you right now say: I'm not going to be that guy. I've decided where my red lines and I won't be bullied. You can change the world and I
mean that in some nebulous be the change that you seek write it down on a paper. Put it up on your fridge. If you have to make up your mind, foot, flip that switch fight like Hell. We will see tomorrow on mug club exclusively and for those of you who are not there, you don't have to enter your credit card info, so you should be there we'll see. A happy easter, of course, to every out there. That's a red line for me, geyser, we'll guy god in Well, I'm ok! He is right we'll see,
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