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Steven gives an overview of the latest legal developments in Georgia and Michigan, then turns to look at Tucker Carlson's critique of Powell's allegations before the lawsuits were even filed.

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Ok, your listing on audio, which means going to miss out on all the funny bets that unity visually. Like half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond Face, he looks like a baby always, but please realistic, an audio whether its apple or android rate. This show click. Like and enjoy? We appreciate it. This is a big one. Meter catch up today. Are you my family gathering of six or more is coming back on the corona vaccinated, say it in front of my lawyer, but I'm a serial felon
man I had, and I'm just consider it just consider the house in an explanation of nineteen cars. The driveway your Christmas card is evidence that, without going to jail, exhibit may Jolly America. We did but we'll get tested, no authority, and we will talk about today by the way I may have voted twice: I don't want to lose all hope for humanity. Just read the replies to when I tweeted Israel with no just wait till the show. Never going to national receipts? I M going to show you my wife's Restoration, her veil, which adapts into absentee my grandmother and myself to different states. Despite formal Jane to address and we're going to do that when we talk about the new laws is not new, but thanksgiving. We'd get oath, read about two hundred pages of
Affidavit reef, you read much more than two hundred pages did I I don't know. I didn't really have the same thing as giving that you passed out and woke up later ass, the cranberry. I need to read this somehow find out how to read these symbols that are apparently written in papayas, because the brief was, I don't know. I guess that Nepal to never space Barbara dont want detract from them. Since we talked about that, we will be talking about Tucker Carlsson and whether he is friend or fall. Another battle, a lot of sort of a lot of chirped little chirping from people's willingness, chancellor, It is not just a bit whether I don't want to give him a clog but dogma. You always said my half asian low. If everyone is here, how he's a great, even good, thanks giving I did you guys, Turkey, oh you picking duck. Oh yeah, all sides Mexicans the chinese side, Bragger side, yeah well of Turkey and your wife does not look next. Can all yeah she looks very much more like should live Jasmin Princess jasmine, very much so yes, there.
much doesn't have the empty hammer pants very on Wednesday does right in which hundreds of the Tiger out man plus she's alive? What I like producer, courted, luckier and hears go and Gerald Day. How are you get things giving? Well yes, very good things on your way took an island is here and by the way, people who are watching right now. Right now, the many out look like we're running, ABC testing on Youtube. Seeing if likes or comments result, is appearing in your notification. You're subscription feed so Evelyn right now was watching what you watching liver archive pleases click like to do it. We have a lot of news to get to first off. I'm sure you guys have read about this Joe Biden add an airline rapture in his foot. Those playing with his his dog and of course, lesson. Obviously I think this is probably one of the greatest fronts perpetrated the american public words about, but it does mean that I want Joe Biden twist and angrily and unfortunately we do have exclusive footage of the incident.
yeah, I mean just run the actuary table. You know he's not going to take a very long way off like a major look, even majors doing its part for the american people here, but maybe not completely effective, but he still working well. The love of a dog can sweep went off their feet and that Rachel Louis ok and by the way, another another big thing for Joe Biden before I move on to why this really is likely untrue. The media's reporting that he finally crushed the crust the eighty million threshold for largest turn out. Why an american election history, which makes sense because you know, look at its social media following how many times you he's he he is the most beloved president. Ever I player is rosy, as there is a gap with various. You know what I'm going to say what you we have to call it that we were wrong here, obviously began. We made fun of him for all of those lids mean Monday, yeah does it was,
is it really Saturday Sunday, Letty TINY, shopped at lids made? It was great. I've got that flat bill. Not could stick around. We got into journeys, you get away with vans old school bus. They have no traction. I don't care how they market the lawful grip. That's why major took you have your feature about the eighty million threshold and we they do go now live two celebration by Nan campaign. listen not going to throw stones and someone being married, because I know that this weekend the one in the tail was actually the covert tsar. Since my cousins wing and Chang men. They know what we do
resting everybody corona tonight, so we follow man, Instagram you're, going to be moving along trail if you are not formulated with crowded on Instagram, of course, will be taking your live chat after this plague, Esther Hobo on Mug club exclusive. That's it all. The groups that are doing a lot of Canada comes much more. Let my question to you right now. If that is, what do you think is the most egregious example of of the I want to say election, probably election, shenanigans at this point that you think it's the dominion, software issue that people have talked about. Do you think it sending pull workers hall and in and not allowing them to observe you think it's the out of state ballots. Do you think it's dead What do you think is the example that is most of it. If that matters most. What do you think will end up in any of these situations being being thrown out? I guess what kind of right off the bat I think I think Georgia might flip. We and a long time going through the Georgia brief and asking Jordan one hundred and four pages Michigan was seventy I've matches the brief ceremony reopening the affidavits, the analogy. I write d, a lot of a lot of stuff there and before we get to that me,
again, and Georgia must have a little ah little personal anecdote some little Michigan on a hunch. I find out what's up this weekend and a hunch your honor that was registered, devote in two different states, real, despite the fact that I did vote. I did in one state and add a radical change of address, my wife voted, absentee, and there is a way to track absentee yeah we'll get into that Presently she did not vote absentee. Now. I will allow there's, maybe a ninety nine percent chance that this is all in action, including by the end of my grandmother. Ninety six, your grandmother who sought the Michigan Rally, who also voted absentee, but this isn't
shows that you did not go out, and so this is a very disturbing. We have some phone calls to make follow up on, but I will I will grant you. I could be wrong about all the energy system error, in which case don't worry about it because it just the largest most pivotal lecture in american history works cities on your grannie coming about two miles within ninety six year old, grin ninety seven, your grandmother's planes for each yes, she's got them right where she wants them off. The latest. You didn't give my money to always chinaman big chance. They want to check. The status of my wife's absentee vote is a lot going around whether saying a lot of you here, this rhetoric. Many millions of Americans believe that their vote did not count right and I don't want a second. We ve checked public voting records before at least four previous elections- s not too hard to do. It should be pretty easy to find out if my vote counted of my wife vote can, in some states
give you the ability to track your vote. Gesture registration, some states, you'll give you the ability to track your vote. If you voted absentee assuming the post office work, So again we're maidens leaps here. A big assumption. Give us a minute look before you post office, so Some states Michigan is one of the Michigan. Is one state that does give you the ability to track your absentee ballot? Ok, but I don't. you take my word for it: gotta clip to the most important tool. that. People need to know about is really the Michigan villains, information centre which can be found and that girl slash vote surface, that's run by the Secretary of State Bureau of elections, and on that you can find you're registered registration status, where you vote at the contact information for your local clerk on that issue have voted absentee. You can see the date that your request was received by your local clerk when you're ballot was may aloud when they received it. So that's a great tool to kind of hold the clerk account.
And make sure that you know that you're, where are your vote, is that in the process sorry clerks, we have an answering machine, is willing to everybody to check this out, and if you are the same anomalies that I found with every person, I know who voted absentee Michigan. I would encourage you to call your clerks and go through the process. Let me explain to you to really quickly. This is how that is supposed to look. We have a video you can keep my MIKE. I look you go to the west, site, and then you have an area where you track your registration. You go. You hit registration and you type in your information and then, if you have already voted absentee, this will show you right here. What turns up for people who are listening on audio right. Here is what this is. Actually, this is the wrong one. I think we have. We clip three first before that courted by cared. This could threaten us. This is clip three. Ok, that's my wife, and it did not so there. It says that she's registered, but there is now-
we'll clip here that should show what it should look like that I read sent in. If not, you can bring it up, Steve Gallons, really quickly. So that was my wife who did vote absentee. So you look at that new sale, cable that was that she's prejudice the system's working with my wife voting over there. He already. So this is The general EU registered is supposed to be an ability to track your ballot. Do that token on we can bring that up from Reggie have a video that actually shows what it looks like if someone is voted absentee initially we're pulling it. Ok, I need that really really quickly, Besides I'm kind of appeal at all here and it should have been in the show chauvinist so for record. My wife did vote absentee Michigan. Yet for record I did not. Ok, Also my grandmother, my ninety six year old that we can bring this up as an overly she did as well. You start the Michigan rally: let's bring it up, this isn't overlays, you guys can see it. This is my grandmother there you go so it says: congratulations! You are registered good.
that's better, but it doesn't say that you voted or the progress on your about right. Let's show that clip. If we have it, read the bandit sent. Do we have it here of what it looks like? We don't have much of what it looks like if you actually voted it will show you. The progress will go back to show you the progress of your absentee ballot. Usually some contracting info so we did it as its eyes. While right is about as good as like when I'm tracking and Amazon Pack, it says that it arrived, but really it's just own office, fragmentary, frightened industry, far more effective form. so it only says that they were registered, devote woman that video appear in a second now to be clear, I voted in Texas, ok, ok, we can show this right here. I voted. Texas, quarterback, Europe pay. Yet we do have the local knowledge in this area, and I believe this is what it should look like in we'll just go through this all the way, and so people can see it. It's a question of order because I dont Anyone have any reason to doubt that this is what it should look like. If you go to that website and you bout
are sorry any voted absentee and attracts your address audio visual sector panic over the we had. So would you would you like to video first or the or personal registry? let us show them many out. First, if you vote in Michigan, you voted absentee. This is what it should look like keep my MIKE on. Let show what it looks like and here is the video- is how to travel in Michigan Absentee about data regular on Youtube. Ok, Michigan, that guy vote, even though it looks like what we did, ok are you registered. You enter in your information to show if you are registered and if you vote by mail. This is the video right here. It shows you ok entering in birthday you can enter in your months. Then you mention your birthday. You don't need. Zack Day, you just need a year and then you, during your zip code now. This should show you look through a registered and show you the status of your absentee vote. See it right there with a tracking number, let's bring
really. What are we gonna forget warp speed again, so people can see my wife voted absentee in Michigan. This is she got when she signed up there. You go exact same process. We entered in the proper information she has written. Michigan. I know some of you so up, because we have Us House Michigan, you had some family members and ill health. My wife has been in Michigan for quite a few months after the year before I other than me, this year's lerigo we entered in her information. I'm going to block it because she is married So you don't see Oliver information here you go now we entered in zip code process, you are registered, but no other information. What ISIS She won't essendean. Violation of democratic voted well ahead of the deadline for the election time, each other like those we ve good enough, now thought me that's just it anomaly, my grandmother's. Ninety seven, someone who is actually at risk rather than pleasant, just attract she's gotta go down to a grades. So
springing up again. My grandmother rose. Ninety seven years old here is not just as you registered no status on absentee vote no other. Now to yours truly on a hunch. I voted in Texas because I do not spend so much time in Michigan here, so I had a formal change of address vote in Texas that show this really quickly. This is proof of my voting in Texas. Mr devoting Texas, rail, formal change of addressing, obviously on file their here's, something else interesting, I am also register devote in Michigan pregnant at court. Well, it looks brings our there's. We that I am registered, devote in Michigan now that may not seem in and of itself disturbing enough, though I would argue it is up here with me from Forbes Michigan law? Is that everybody, register devote gets about. They will have to be requested. This was signed into law registered to doubt gets a
so someone living at that addressed? Were I no longer lit- and this is an all residents rent receive my doubt as to whether they voted? I you know all. I know is my wife voter. Michigan, my wife voted absentee. My grandmother voted absentee who lives in Michigan. One hundred percent of the days of the year Information that we have on their absentee vote is the exact information we have on me, voter registration in Michigan, which is false. best case scenario. This is a broken system where you cannot check the status of your absentee val ballot worst case scenario. It's the perfect system to trying to move any transparency for obvious fraud ran round. We want making some calls of clerks. I want have only voted absentee in Michigan everyone absentee period. If you have a state and there's a database will have a lot of custody com where you can checking you state. If you have the ability to drag your absentee vote, not everyone does Michigan. You do.
There is more than just a wife and grandmother by what was your. Why lived in a little bit of ninety chess here we're still around it? Would it what it does? Is it really highlights a problem that people had already identified weeks and months ahead of time, which was if you move to a mandatory, sending of absentee ballots to all registered voters. Now it completely ignores the fact that those systems and logs typically lag months, or quarters behind people moving die. Dress change is dying. That kind of that, whilst certainly there are systems in place to check those things. But if you combine a novel, the count them all. I mean in a normal You would have a smaller number of issues in exile rather number to check, but they're really RNA systems. For wishing to check this written and now they have nothing then get. I will change when I addressed formally. I clearly vote in a different state? I don't live there, but what
some so talk. I mean the system in Texas doesn't talk to the system, a mission that there should be an assessment federal like you would think one, that's not there. It seems that you should be as proficient as well. I used to play ball low in the computer science in the sixth grade on land. I feel like we're stuck in, like you know, L L online stuff, like really we don't have a system. We can change the address at the Vienna as extremely that federal government has net zero addressing yes and that a one they make calls from vomit now you wanna disenfranchise voters now by throwing all second, I dont know if my vote Why doesn't care about counted? my ninety seven you'll grandly she loved, maybe might get a mid term and their if she's lucky we, over about counted? So that's what I'm saying unless it's legal, unless its constitutional, you have to throw them out, you have to throw them out if you cannot know Every legal vote is counted because right now we are in a system where illegal votes are apt. Ultimately, Canada will get into the idea that the document will get into the briefs here and the affidavits, and we don't know of
Although Turkey there's no way to track it, there's no that's either and that's disenfranchise knew you also have a right to make sure that your vote not only counts but is not deluded. We like the illegal votes. for whatever reason mistakes can happen, recent balance out to people who shouldn't get them. They moved whatever happens right so and people can be. You know bad actors. They write fill out your. I'll it and send it and say ah Democrat say what someone actually voted in Michigan. My only I'm going to be upset. That would be funny
no I'm not gonna lie about a lad I would do, but then they nodded. I would remind you that are going to open minded. Do the recounts didn't check signatures because now secrecy there's a secrecy envelope, there's about right, didn't check these recounted the numbers and machines which is a marvel to me. Georgia found fifty five hundred votes that actually auditing chickens interested. I think about this. This scenario we don't know what happened with my wife's absentee about, despite the fact that we follow the exact instructions on following up as to whether the absentee ballot was counted. Every single person that I've checked on not just these two. These are the ones I'm showing, because I can one hundred percent confirm it has no status up there. Other absentee bout, and I have no idea
as to whether I voted or not- but I do know, the ballot according to the law was sent to my previous address. They aren't checking for signatures and ballots are being rejected at a rate of thirty times lower than in previous elections. Someone doesn't need to forge my signature. It requires law requires less, must stand twisting then forging a sick note in high school. Some of your own eyes, fill it in job. I got him and by the way I do know because remember, but you moved years ago, while its six month lag? No, it's not it's a six month Lionel showed me sign away. Gene and before we get to the lawsuit they're saying seven states, certify resources trump makes baseless fraud. The collapse of the word alleged now baseless, Merlin alleged fraud climbs, yes, that by the way we
We do have some injunctions have been felt which we do have some seizing of property that has been going for just think. If you are following this in the media right now, they want you to believe it down There are millions of votes just to try and Wendy disenfranchise voters, and that is dangerous because it actually follow the constitutional both letter, of the law and spirit of the law. They have a free and fair election guess what you're going to have violence and writing the streets, because people been told Donald Trump, stealing it from what I've got. My wife's vote, I'm not gonna burn down along greens, the turn out that their vote were encountered and my mother was a movie test there might, I might pay a Walgreens, even their fault, but I don't know I'm just angry. If the language of the unheard you know it might be. oh grandfather, much in my view, a lottery ballot is Atwater and you know what I same day testing. You know what people are saying that they use the word disenfranchised disenfranchise, but that you can only disenfranchise someone who cast illegal the exact right. It's like saying we disenfranchise all of the voters.
Singapore from casting their ballot in the american election and you'll like what oh, yes, and yet we did not let them vote, but the point was: they were never ventured to begin where we disenfranchised the crypts in not letting them take hold men's. Grand jury knows it will gain I mean they were not a sad state of affairs, this country, where latin kings can't earn themselves a tier drop. Tat too. This is unbelievable, happened to me so by the way, I don't want you right now. Please hit like this second right now hit like, because we want to see if this actually gets out. Anyone gets through you, two Babylon, just watching right now like that's all you have to do, and I do ask that you follow up on your own ballots. Ok, let's move onto Michigan, there's: a lot of rights has been filed by Sidney Power. Can we just say the crime? It has been released going to school, what does she have some bombshells? I would say that this certainly would suffice, Does it mean that it's going to win, but certainly pretty thorough and certainly something that absolutely that in in in the cumulative case, it's
made. I don't see how you throw this there's. No doubt I mean look even just over the course of the last couple of days. You had the city of Detroit have their own counsel, blue. To intervene in the Michigan suit in order to defend the election itself in the process. Now that makes sense, because Wayne County is the center of what our. Where a lot of the controversy. which we covered Ariel Sharon's enter upheld that two million. I do want to insult hell. It's not even one of the circle. I mean look at the various let's see role, namely the hell innumerable they don't mention Detroit, either reason out, so not even a god would wish that on his worst enemy. So so, when you look at it, when you look at the, all the allegations that are brought. You really do see a lot of support for where those areas are made and what you're saying as well, is putting a lie to all of the coverage about. Oh wait. A minute, during my Hugo Chavez in Hugo Chavez denied years ago. In its like eyes, no one saying that Hugo Chavez came from beyond the gray switch ballots Wayne County. Put it in about are saying is as follows:
trail of where these systems are questions in a race and that's only one of multiple Vassili argument. Checkerberry died years ago that stop assholes from putting on a t, shirt, so we are aiming at the machine. Let's weren t shirt of the guy who band God now, I agree a hundred percent with what you're saying I think, what we still need, though they win. We need a very clear when- and I think, a judge taking this in saying: hey, there's enough to go forward like happened in Pennsylvania, was a very clear when the only problem was supreme, court of Pennsylvania was like what this as we something wrong and I don't think we didn't. They rugs obey with the loss of rights, and I hope that doesn't happen in Georgia or Michigan with anything get going on eventually goes the shareholders of air me. The snark today about
nip out some so allow Michigan, both Michigan the Georgia lawsuits. There's some there are some allegations that are sort of joint right. They applied to both states want, of course, that the dominion software was accessed by agents from China and IRAN in order to manipulate elections, including the twenty twenty elections. This is the big one, the dominion software issue. This is something that They do have apparently whistleblowers, and they too have sworn testimony from people who are cyber security. Experts there are some independent analyses that you can look up right now. Now, let's be cleared, I want to be clear about something: affidavits are considered admissible, correct most of the time re evaluate the statements, but yes, you have to evaluate the statements. Statistical evidence is admissible by an expert, crying expert, correct now in tandem, when you have affidavits from people saying one thing and we were sent away because I said that a pipe burst and turned out that it didn't and their role, these voting times that don't make sense, then you have an expert
I also say home. There are these vote dumps that actually have never occurred anywhere in nature, normal action in tandem. That is serious evidence. We don't just had affidavits, we'll just have circumstantial evidence there affidavits, which can be caught operated by statistical anomalies as well as potentially video graphic evidence. So this is pretty big, so so you're their children. Eighty nine thousand more ballots that were processes in the Michigan brief that you can read in for a priest Sir Townships over what the pass city allows there. It is Spikes it indicate manual. Adjustment is what it says by those operating the system whereby an attack from outside actors and by the way, what s interesting about this you look it up in Michigan. We have all resources available lot of Canada come yet the more concern but of the county. The more abnormal this, in some cases yeah or the precinct at least. Are you ok, can't county, I have liberals and grand rapids, I'm from Michigan swindler, say pretty well what theirs. precincts and can't county that are believe ably conservative and all the sun with these dumps. They they switch.
And what this means is, they have a certain cooper the real. How many bout can you process right? How many ballots? Can you count in this time they ve estimated. That number There is growing and eight nine thousand, more than all said, could be processed in that time. Exactly that this is also the sittings couldn't get their count done in a week and there like well, maybe we just sprinted too hard and that one hour week happened two hundred anywhere now more vote going. All we had to take a break, for that is a big ramp it. This is one of those things where, if there is an explanation, its readily apparent, if there isn't it wage other than a manual which a vote. If you reach the capacity of a certain system or a certain ability to do, eggs and you're. Well, pass that we're not talking about. Oh, you managed to squeeze in a couple of budget thumbs framework embryo fast right I mean when you get that many more. You have to be able to answer the question and all we hear is crickets are going to take we work batteries or the quits ready made, because we do not. We do not have the budget of CNN only they don't use it. They tell you nothing,
as you can clearly see that we have the ability to process this much before the show, we're screwed up. You trusted us, but we fixed by the way have been open. Well, if you subscribe, because you're subscriptions doping a whole lot, not only in a world where we weaken ones mainly Thursday, at ten, a M Eastern here's another- when an independent analysis found trumps, margin of defeat in four states occurred within just for data dumps. This is a quote from the analysis, a few key vote. Dayton. Competitive states were unusually large in size and had an unusually high bind to trump ratio. We demonstrate from expected results we demonstrates. Are the results different from expected results to be cause for concern here is an example in Michigan. So in Michigan, you have over two hundred forty three thousand hundred seventy nine thousand votes that occurred really from just a few data comes now. This happen, keep in mind most these dumps in the dead of night memorable. We all went all right, we'll say why can speak now we were here. We were one of the few network we were here while it happened. The only reason we stop the stream was because they were not going.
help me more yeah, we'll get started nine. We so I guess there's nothing left for us to cover the new start at nine. It took an hour, have not been a hammock and so from losing here's. The thing it's important to know it's not the lot of people are throwing around like theirs is. Theirs is debunked graph right, I'm not an hour system restitution. Ok, I want to be very clear about that, but there are people who ve done a lot of work in there have also been fraud there and, I think, not necessarily a frog. it wrong that doctor, Shiva Guy, created a graph that wasn't quite accurate. You don't need to shared. I wouldn't share that again. We have some. Some analysts will have their links up a lot of credit to come here. To me, it's important that the ratio right when you take a sample, the larger the sample. Ok, there's an inn: relationship between the ratio, the margin that would occur between two votes, for example, if you were to take up all right, let's say precinct we're just here in a lot of kind of recent you might have a hundred percent per annum. from mainly someone out there voted for libertarian hope you enjoy the downfall of western civilization that you feel you reflect our heroine, but I'm pretty
ninety eight percent for Donald Trump here, then you go to the block of where are here and then ok, maybe now you have a few hundred people. Maybe you get a ninety ten radical a few thousand people, because you have a generally closer sampling to that of society at large, and it was an eighty twenty. If you get into the many thousands hundreds of thousands, that's where you something more representative. The american public could be fifty fifty could be. Sixty forty would be considerable out almost precinct. Seventy thirty, including San Francisco, ok, just I put in these huge data dumps with hundreds of thousands of votes in places like Michigan, you have so marked percentages wise for people, understand ninety six, four for binding, so we the opposite. What we're seeing hears The larger the data dumbson occurred, the more people, the greater the margin, the greater the ratio of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, which does not occur anywhere
some nature, that is a statistical anomaly which, by the way, has only happened in these major swing states, namely a handful of major cities, Detroit Philadelphia, Atlanta and camera. I think you're walking exactly. This is one of the most interesting analysis analyses that I've seen vote an analysis where away you're heading pronunciation right that go in and read this hour. I read the entire thing. One point I wanted to make is that these all of these happen, you're stating the red deer. It's it's a new thing. It supports all these data dumps happened within five hours of each other. They happened only in the specific places that needed to have this happen for the swing state voting to change and if they did it analysis and said. Look we have when I don't play all walk workers when I what exactly everybody was gone right, we have no but you're. Always saying is. If we look at all of the data six thousand vote dumps and you normalize the data to make sure your comparing apples apples, they said this never happens, and if it does, one thing happens. Three things in this instance, especially in Michigan, and they said, look if you just
put these in line with ninety nine percent of the other data dumps. That's all you have to do taken from the naming point. Seven to ninety nine Donald Trump wins each of those. We also want the bellwether county, so there are a lot there are. Lots of things would have to happen for the first time here in this election. It has never happened before and by the way didn't happen in other counties and those things just so happened to take place in the counties or in the precincts rip. Hundreds of affidavit, people say by the way they sent us away from Paul watching and we weren't I've seen they boarded up with Bristol boards and they had doubts. Comin in coolers, doesnt matter would see. It says that the red wagon was just bringing in camera equipment with horse shit. Yeah, listen, we Terry Camera equipment. We cannot protect a multi thousand dollar low. If not red wagon. You know what I've read when when there came out, I was like what are the coolers? Ok, ok, great, you know you have this camera equipment and that's all that was you were bring it in. Why, in the did, you need the Bristol
boards than putting cameras undecided, aroun why're you blocking the windows, why are you sending people who I read? The whole thing is open, is fine. Ok, great than just be consists in the act when that came out. The first thing I thought was: why were you hi? That's very good I'll, let you finish, but first I gotta process. These hundred and forty three thousand house look at that. Ninety six, four. By saying, by the way that is enough, that is enough- I'm sorry I have to get that is enough by its get me. Outta filed a one page document in Michigan and said this doesn't in life. We have to do here and that would have been enough and there's more than that and in in Georgia. The states lips, if you just want people who cannot have a registration, the tomb of different state yet or doubled throughout its twelve thousand vote Marge Document summit. But I think it's like sixteen eighteen thousand, even fourteen thousand, because even in counting without checking signatures, the machine ballots twice, they found that you haven't vote, most of which were done I don't know how that happens, if not that what warrant
actual it. If not, we will Well, there's no like there's! No election fraud is never happen, or do I have any little experiencing? All numbers is not widespread might be a couple hundred. Then they found fifty five hundred Let's megawatts not enough to flip the state you, but you are wrong about all the other shit you're lying about the current. Yet I do appreciate that there is at least some level of intellectual honesty going on with what does media, because there out there, they used to say there's no such thing as voter fraud. Then they stepped back and they were like well, there's no wide spread is notes. stanch all right, but here's the thing it doesn't have to be now widespread insubstantial. You don't have to kill. You know, commit voter fraud in California,
and Oregon in Montana, and you talk in Massachusetts, you only have to find a couple, a districts. You only have to do a coordinating and a couple of precincts. Now, that's not the way you do if you're really going to do the job of hiding it right. As this is the statistical analysis now, here's one thing I think, would be interesting if we'd before people are going. What's the next step you get in when you get into this evidence, you start going. Ok, let's compare and ninety six for in these jurisdictions rice dumps too. in the most liberal Democrat bind friendly jurisdictions that use the same software and if you don't see those same dump now or let's even career, that lie to the liberal, most pro Biden, demographic, sorry counties that you could imagine mail. Bout but by hand. Let's eve you fire. Ninety six, four, let's see if you find a ninety too late consistent, you know what you find in San Francisco, which I think is used as an example of most it's it's. Maybe it s over its ninety ten. They have not been able to get up past. Like you, don't know, you're fine point killer
He sells now also on the Georgia here, but first Ella mayor Eric our city, there's a name he bent the need a black lives matter. Member he voted to cut the LAPD dollars is well now here is having the LAPD Guard. His home from black lives matter, protesters impairment and get the memo that he's one of you there protesting because they don't want Biden to appoint him to the cabinet. Here you go what guard sandy. What does this gap? Thank God he has the military their. Otherwise you might require a gun sigh, the rest of you Californians with eight rounds manner, I wouldn't turn round magazine a bullet. Not we. you know it is.
the irony of of the violent protests her I just want to explode. Sorry, I lost my train, a bag and another to reign exploded. They did. It did will. First of all, I loved that's our guests, Eddie every look out of his basin, with Mr Ferber on economic lobby. Don't call it formulaic, therefore, combat jeez, Lingeringly, regional, regional regeneration idea, because it builds its importance and of those. Now right, let's go into Georgia, because the hunters near or page lost my gosh arguing that more or come what did what's he talking? Did you say something where's, your written trying to me. I said that This is what I say is what I say. What did you say something now what is a good thing and that's why you leave me so you, when the loop, this sitcom
not last Duffy and step by step at it. Patrick Duffy, Brill Head was a hit since its right, he's got a haircut so there's going to Georgia Sidney about the loss of their many affidavits again as well just go evidence and some video footage summarizing. We have a lot of countries come a few things when we can't hit them votes were switch and binds however, during the recount, these claims in the in the suit, rather lack of procedures that we're being followed during the election and Georgia purchase dominion. Voting systems spoke of ongoing vulnerabilities which, by the way Democrats warned about that and Texas reacted using dominion. Voting systems. The burst story. Remember we with Lydia night, we were covering it because system just went down in Georgia, which we don't know the systems that went out. They were dominion and think we know that yet, but we covered that election that you can go back, You want to watch the nine hours Stream Reuben. Were you ever see, It's called a nine, our strain rail, your research
let me mention as errands went down and we ve talked about how long night reason counties and then the pipe bursting we're going stop. Can that happened that night, a member talking about it, turned out that didn't happen there? Maybe video footage of them still counting what they do. Is they told me the pipe burst you have to go home and from ten p m to one a m, they continued counting votes without Paul. What Given the judge, I go: ok! Well, let's just grab those votes and we we can't know which one from that time well has taken estimate. Sir. so you have to wonder. Why does enfranchise you set people home with a bullshit story about a pipe bursting and we have already approved that you lied. Throw about thrown up Roma deceit, percipient counting with less people. Is freedom, may additives and raise our vision when no one is watching. You know it's all images. Sometimes I just gotta goodwill quite spot. You know, I think that by burst in conveying out a brief real fast, I can't talk vault laundering d,
Why more so this is actually right here in the actual loss. This to me is really big, because this specifically video from the state from arena Enfold County, shows our November third after the Poles close election workers falsely claim the water leak required. The facility to close all pull workers encounters we're back there for several hours about pm. However, several action workers remained unsupervised and on challenge working at the computers for the voting tabulation genes until after one a and, of course they failed dominion. Deadening gives pop of the skull voting systems it a kid tabulate. We can't emulated, Those two plastering now now again after the military has not acknowledges the meeting a pipe burst, and this is what happened if you're watching seen in or Fox news we'll talk about, took across a little bit. I dont dislike the guy, but I think it something that warrants being addressed: consumerism, How will shenanigans and I believe that the crack and is its crack, and so they just sort of pipe burst and election. We told you a pipe person like,
Right, then add a word. They said Debray when there's no evidence rather said completely unfounded, unfounded claims. But if there's no evidence of voter fraud or irregularities, but we fall in Nepal and second that Pike didn't burst. You know that we followed up on that we say, wait a second. There is video graphic evidence and its filed in this suit under penalty of perjury that they have very rapid evidence of those people sending folks away and still counting votes for three hours. You don't see that on the media right now, so you still think all this is unfounded, and that coincides with the abbot David's people saying we were sent home because a pipe birthday we didn't go back and then I was on these votes were again. This is not just He said she said it. He said video
view, two thousand extroverts beyond capacity. What do you do you want to bet that it's the same people who maintain the Epstein Cameras IKEA, the area where the my birthday camera was down change amorous, while have carried out all that everywhere guy? What can we just get a ring, doorbell and assign the internet to charge an assortment coolers? That's why we're the camera? Nine? When someone get my comment, every cameras like one ATP like I can't literally there's only one picks entire screen. You are showing me video footage from the hunt for Red October with no that's, not the pipe in the arena. This is the great dictator with Charlie Chaplin, but are you not entertain Ladysmith? This is one of those questions that keeps being asked which is where's the data of the logs as the data is committed. How are we gonna? Be How are we gonna? Look at all all you be, able to do is look at the answer you be able to see. Oh during that period, it rightly had huge drop in the number of table. Yes, there were able in their yes
were counting. We just did want to get too far behind, and so there was Ninety nine percent drop in this is how many few were going through. Instead, somehow, at the end of the period, you go black box magic, although the right Alice. But let me ask you this: there's a legal process for votes right now, Jane of Custody, the legal process for votes. Does it involve having accountability and pull watchers were able to verify the vote? Yes, ok now, if those people are sent home, should you continue? Counting votes depends in the jurisdiction, but most of the time what if they're sentimental lie than a pipe version of a geographical and shows that that is not the case does not seem like a problem bill. You know it now that everything else no, of course, but to me that's enough to throw the certification of Georgia in doubt not to mention you have anywhere. The estimates are between six and eleven thousand votes from people who are out of state comes four from the same condition dark. I just showed the registration and do different states. That was accidental let alone or someone wanted to do on purpose, yeah, you're, going
been very easy for me to vote twice. I guarantee you, I could about twice actually well, and if there is a lot the explanation- you don't know that I haven't been- should about communicating. Someone may have done in the system. I still have no idea where my vote or my wife or Nan as is I with the mass told me I could track like the most full mask I've. Seen like everything I went to his eyeballs from them down those items that answer Geiger Way even giving I am selfie He does every what's the matter with that's so this another one more against statistical evidence. Looking at the anomaly so now we have ok, affidavits people saying returned away people They are right. You know what they continue, counting votes and them saying that are now. There's no evidence. Now we have that evidence that they did continue counting votes with no pull waters, no accountability in they lied about a pipe bursting, and then we combine that with some
crazy statistical anomalies that have happened in Georgia. Here we have met Brainerd voter integrity project talking about it. Let's roll the clear all the analysis that we don T really require you to say trust. About a magical, math go formula or some pattern we discovered or something that supposedly happen in the software, the voting machines, I can give you the list of the people who vote in this election who fight actual change the dress cars in Georgia moving themselves to another state, I can also show you the subsequent state voter registration of these individuals in other states who think ass Europe's to balance back in Georgia, it shows the names of the people in the records of them. voted in multiple stays in the raw data the states make available. So this isn't speculative and by the way why FBI is requested, the data so that they can review at which means you know it all disappear:
when did the guy from Hitman get into voter radioactive waste time in front of inexact tone of his flesh colored, my eyes gives focusing seventy whole time, I'm really pop, because this is a big. This is a big deal for me about hope to goodbye. I don't really think that man think in something, maybe not about sable. A good sign. And no tones light brown fire by the way is something the loss and also calls for an emergency declaratory judgment that voting machines be seized and impounded immediately for forensic got it and be clear, federal judge. That and I want to no one Michigan, namely twenty batten. Senior re, approved a temporary restraining order. Late last night, too, An election officials were barred from wiping her altering dominion, voting machine running it only nine election. Here's to get why why? But why wipe it all? Well
Hilary say like server you gotta. Do it nothing wrong here that I consider wiping out at this point ridiculous that on the table- scale. So just so some folks need everyone go read this, but this border came out last night. It I believe ten eastern there was a revised the came out the lad know you and I go hit, delete these devices rouse here I wanted in addressing before you file these kinds of motions and almost every jurisdiction. You have to confer ahead of time because courts one another like is there a find here are not so that means that most likely city, pollen, her legal team, said hey, We want you to know not why these devices tomorrow and they were like man, you gotta, go It ought not to resolve, Allegation here was that these were going to be deleted to day to day, These devices would be white by the end of the day on November thirty, while all of these questions rather now that it now, obviously that's why all this Russia, but always evidence, gathered again it out there get it on fire.
Wednesday, so that there can even be the fact enter without bordering on side sure that would seem like a floor. Matting thing by the way to me: if you look at the way the words were spaced, I mean some odd symbols. Everything was type of theirs. There's the you know being able to check on in all caps does Spelter. It doesn't work that, while in that, anyone who is really hated knows that, let me look it's frustrating up. Would you look at all the subsequent briefing doesnt have those and we were told we their distractions, but they don't touch the merits and if someone is only pointing out the typos or the young formatting years, it's because I can't attacked the marriage yap before you get to the rampant possible. Voter fraud is already enough in Georgia to slip the margins, the actual voting out of state as far as double majority enough to completely evaporate here, Joe Biden athlete to be clear about that: Georgia, absolute. If you're, just counting legal votes and you're, not even getting in statistical anomalies, it should slip executive there Oh here's arcs using words like we can't count up now I have now.
idea which runs out. We read, we counted all the votes in Safari private. Now we can do that now that Europe's pictures of Bell Del thing, the remedy for that- is that legally, they cannot by federal law. They cannot send electors if there is fraud, if they suspect that there is broad day the ability, because a federal law does say that you have to be able to make sure that there is a suspicion of fraud right. You can't send electors to us or I'm sorry, nothing, but you have the ability to not send electors and say hey. We can't certify our vote. We can't you who won, because you guys cheated and then you'd shuffled the papers around, so we couldn't figured out so now right, don't get those electoral votes. disappear from the map, and so this is where the little with a time ass, it really matters, and it mattered in two thousand and now it matters again. it is you can certify heaps, manage resources and to the letter. College-
you're. Saying now is undo the certifications yeah because of the fraud, don't send it to the electoral college. Yet as we need to look at it and is that unprecedented? That's not, or have thirty seven days wanting to count only three counties and George, what a lost every single case until it out of the Supreme Court recently, while you're like out three council guides us, we cut the whole state, he's been abandoned and would have eliminated. It is right that this, in order to recover these, had no less active affecting early that it's not agenda. Two thousand Al Gore came up like look eyes before the counts over or it's going to destroy all of the chair, Yang or otherwise right job and, in fact, we're just going to annihilate all of the records I invented. I want accept no account, and I dont want to see any those Q bonnet vote some Venezuelans. What are they know? Socialism work It's done right as my muscles,
so because, in January aspects this is going to go before the floor. I want to confirm the election is ingenuous energy sector, any Republican. At this point, any Republican who does not as they will have their time issue objections who does not issue an objection to this election. I will say primary them vote them. I am not saying that you can say all these out. You can prove every single claim here, but anyone who has no problem of these elections that these these irregularities and selecting any Republican up there, so people talk about team trump people talk about Republicans in the swamp. Listen if you care about the future of our constitutional republic. You bet have an objection January six. Anyone who doesn't you make my shitless ragists wanna be really let me let me be. Let me be clear about something else too. I said this before. Holbein if you window accept them as the presidency, we got here process. It is very clear. right now. Unless this goes to the Supreme Court, there will be no tally no investigation of these votes and to save time I will say President Biden for the next four years. If that's the way it goes, but I will I will state
claim this groundbreaking. I'm not gonna. Consider him. My president, Pat Cox, that crowded t shirt, not my president, if there are no objections in none of these things are examined, if we don't crowd at least the votes from people who are out of state dead, folks and people who were under age. I know you have a lot of milk. Toast commentators out their thing, well does not know cheated if you play come with me. I don't know, that's one for you, it's not! If I cheat. Sometimes I win. If you cheat, sometimes you and that's not how this works. I'm sorry, I'm not one of those guys. I will be unconvinced and the power actually you made a good point. Primary those people are actually in the states. The state legislatures are the ones that have the power, so you, if you're in Wisconsin in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Georgia right now in your state legislature, right, not step forward and say hey if you're, not to do an audit and investigate these claims. We will not certify this vote and send anybody to deal it will just keep everybody home. That would keep it from being too. Seventy
Nobody will be able to get a majority of the german people who are out of state situation that we just showed you and me begin rhyme registered devout and I did not vote Michigan and there's a sent Michigan? Let's assume this kind of same scenario where there is an excuse and mission which is not further on the possibility in Georgia, it was a pipe in Michigan wasn't even come up with a lie, because we thought that some blissful book, Bristol Birds bringing Door Uncle SAM none the wiser. So imagine if in Michigan, where I'm registered to vote, and my wife's vote doesn't council from what we believe our vote hasn't counted, thus far nine in absentia, surrounders wrong about this alone? It's like you and me, or my grandmother, vcr ground. Go through. My wife's didn't vote didn't go through despite a formal of address, I'm rich developed and there is a
Ninety nine percent chance that someone receive my ballot because ballots or mail that anyone whose registered devoted and that just takes place when they Bristol Board up the precinct, tell all the pole waters to go home and can fill in anything they want in about. Why? Wouldn't my ballot being therein lie? Wouldn't they trust my wife's and my grandma's? That's the point. You have any idea how rampant this can be. Just what we ve done this. we ve gone through the statistical analysis, and then I said what, on a hunch anecdotally, let me see if there's some some scullery going out with my vote is. Let me check went down every single family member in Michigan added up bill. It didn't know the legal argument were once you ve, once you can across the line in that look like fruit of the poison history of her term, be thrown around a lot like once you cross the line and broken the law than she had ever lawyers. You broke the law. There, and so we can't trust what she said after this. In that same voting process like is, there is an argument to be made there, your mixing legal and metaphors, but ornament
forests are be honest I dont know or Malaga. That's not the point about Wrought Veronica router the pleasant reorientate offering was an album if you were to go and collect evidence of violation of the fourth amendment through the poisonous trees. Any evidence that you would have obtained in illegal search, a seizure we are talking about is awaiting the credibility of certain evidence of catches, a say If you ve done this certain thing wrong, it can be used as evidence in some circumstances to show you continue to do wrong. The another principle I think you're talking about is if we cannot establish the legality that the processes were completed for April. When a leader said: hey back of the land goes hold these balances side. We have to analyze these bout. May have come in later. He saying, as a group we might have to consider these in these votes as not legally cast works, and that means you could take an entire. You can see the process was done incorrectly and as a result of legal grounds. As this entire
true balances out. So we're saying here is that, if the earlier points in the chain, where all broken they lead to a place where the election procedures were not followed, then there can be a scenario or large button large batches about cooler, whenever you're carrying all thrown up in using these years. Did you just Flickr treat pillow case look got enough. It was the leader of the free world. You don't have to believe. You know show you don't have to believe random people. You don't have to believe your elected officials to say wait a minute. We should just do a real audit here, which is really look at it. You can look at the judges in two different states who are currently taking action in of action who are saying please. After showing the evidence. Let us just look at it, while you're Bruce and will go from there So this week in Georgia, we're gonna thats what a hammer on Huck, what Why am I saying I'll be right? Yeah I just gotta take care this hard right where's the magnet run like Santa's fraudulent elves mandatory.
Wasn't poison shares a poison dart Francais, just blow. Darted people poison, dart, Frog Darjeeling. Then they came up with one and forty three thousand votes. Well, that's when we supported our legal system, there was a safeguard that the founding fathers putting I murder, not at all, not if you get their vote It's not murder, surprise map you're the best use of the ones that are expected. And the ones that you make yourself just rubbing it on a frog, pucker left off certified. Ok, let's go Ok, I think, with any other comments on this now. Good. Ok like they want you to Tucker Karlsson, here, ok, right! This is this is getting intention and we can take your chances to where you live. And hit like my life you're watching right now, like click like the like button, we're not gonna. Do this for a couple days. Click like we want to see us again. This information to the Youtube algorithms doesn't want us not being an authoritative source, namely that we actually provide sources.
so Chuck across and a lot of people have in giving him some some crap. A lot of you are saying: ok, he's not a conservative he's, not amongst us. Let me let me full disclosure here who took across one- and this is the case with many people at Fox NEWS media. I have had some personal interactions with them, so I want to be clear and so I I try to avoid talking about these subjects, because the inside small, and I know that I may be biased mobile personal action than you guys are. Probably you can even search ice. I know there were some on air. They ve been mixed. Now that the said: I want to make sure that I'm going through the claims and darker Carlson's history on the merits and I dont believe, Andrew bright. Bart, Believin, Ronald Reagan, near the eleventh commandment, you don't attack your fellow conservative right certainly not believe in just attacking people, because I disagree with you slightly on an issue that is different from funding
we changing your world view or throwing someone else under the bus who was also conservative and also on board with our cause, because you maybe from temperature now I dont think too Tucker curls and always does this. I think that technocrats, who has done a lot of good work, I agree with took Carlson's use, a lot of ways, but anytime you have someone who has espouse views that change. Seemingly, with whichever platform is afforded at that time like we have both diversion Tucker to at sea cross fire than we have MSNBC Tucker Carlsson, and then we have Fox news. Tucker crossing we have posts, Donald Trump, Tucker, Karlsson, ok This is where you get into it, and what start off with this Sidney Powell Tucker Karlsson caught a lot of luck, because he criticised Sidney paddles lawsuits publicly and also called her work ethic, or I guess you could say her legal ethic into question. Were the suits were even filed. This is what passed a lot of people off. We simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them?
so we invited city power on the show we would have given her the whole. Our would have given a unique, actually and listen quietly the whole time at rapt attention. That's a big story but you never us any evidence. Despite a lot of requests, polite requests first offers a new policy that they were not polite request. Now again it will stay inside based, but we were invited to depend on the show, and at that point in time they were very clear, will there's something that we can discuss because of legality. until we have? I believe we have to be careful. This is behind the scenes here. You didn't see us a bridge RO. I really want what I really want to lie. Politely has, as you know me like. Listen. If you listen will see, we get Sidney Power, but if she can, I understand because illegally for enabling get around afterwards, war what I want you under got her other to highlight.
the fact that they didn't give us an exclusive. We would have given our an entire, our, oh really and that could be admissible and then she loses I'm sorry that was completely off baiser. It was a shitty thing to do, and it's not something that I would imagine a conservative who wants to win this election would do Is it that's? A really nice thing he's doing right now like how we want to give it the whole hour week out. That's so good, we ask that make practical aforehand so that we could era. front of her opponents and she politely decline, and so what about China Super wanted, and I super wanted ease. So the situation that happened and I say behind the scenes to set this happens all the time and you tried and we have to try and work these people, especially when this could be one of the biggest lawsuits in american history, certainly as it relates to election fraud ever now- we see the evidence that has been provided cumulatively and if there is
an apology issued. That's an issue doesn't mean that Tucker Carlson's voice should be discounted. It doesn't mean that everyone should turn him out, because I don't like it, he did that, but I do think it was a crappy thing to do here is something They even about Tucker across internal crossing, see this a lot with people on air they present themselves. every man. You had been really doing this. I just lookin out for the folks. You haven't met a folk in thirty years. Who can tell you have someone to talk to the folks for you sometimes you. On their backs are that's an idea framework on his back whoops tell the folks to bring me some Nice, so typical totalitarianism was raised, ease, Canada definition. We will talk about healthily, ok is dad made into the swans and fortune right. This is the biggest donor to this wants enforcing. This is a guy who has been that does not this count any these views, but remains of Vigo, hey, I'm now championing the working class because they understand it and that's kind of your your brand. I think you need to be transparent about the fact that that's not really something
you would really have a whole lot in common with Donald Trump. Does that very well? Donald Trump seems to care about the little guy in the United States and is very clear that he's not one of those guys, as seen by his pen, ass apartment, entire we played in bulk. the only man, was more gold is Ben Carson. I could not believe what I saw his bow and what up he was up. Let's look at tunnel. thousands views again the reason people have a problem as far as consistency. He was a pro pro Iraq war Republican for awhile, before it became sort of what is seen as the quintessential sort, a think tank, libertarian rightness me people who work at Cato people into work of some kind of Liberty Institute for Freedom, prosperity insert here, foundation find and He tried to ingratiate himself to the sort of intellectual conservative Friedman, type think tank base. Now, when Tucker Crossings acts asked in two thousand three about the Iraq. War gave a long list of reasons to invade and in the end it with. One other evidence do
we need and to be fair, Tucker, Carlson's and very clear about the fact that his views of change- I don't I'm not saying the people's views cannot change, but they have dramatically. He has made a on aid and he's done it several times from Cnet MSNBC to Fox NEWS to post Trump Fox NEWS. I say this because I was on function is pre Trump Whittaker, girls and it's not the same guy who seeing right now so concerned. Can see in this case, does There are one you're looking at something it seems that could actually irreparably harm this invested, action from Sidney Powell which could there, I think it's possum, look. I don't know that I took it quite the same way that you did when he came out with that. My my initial thought was that that doesn't seem like writing. To save II should anything, but he needed in at the time everybody was talking to The storing everybody was discarding this story in saying, there's no evidence she's just holding press conferences is another thing that's going out, so I think he was fined to cover it and say: hey we ve reached out. We tried to do this, will present evidence wants. It happens. I think we're across the line with what you are saying is that he seemed to make a point of the fact that she,
would not come on the show. You any scene becoming a little bit of a temper tantrum about that, but then he said that he was rude right and then did he kind of close it, and we will. We hope that evidence comes out and I think that's true. If he ends up just having a misstep they're fine, I think what you're saying is: there's other evidence. As that probably went on a lotta mishaps and out, you know I'll, give you little insight based both my experiences Fox NEWS. I'm sorry, saying that that factories tells people what they can and cannot say, but sometimes I tell people what they can and cannot. a merger awhile self Destruct and it's interesting because he looks older, because a boat tat was a gimmick for awhile self described libertarian. Here he is, I am I right winger forty libertarian right where, but I'm far out- and I make no secret of it right oh man out the serious bashing go so called libertarians. Recently our leadership classroom. resolutely libertarian committee to the rhetoric of markets when it serves them
utterly libertine on questions of culture. Ok, so this the issue again. These views change depending on areas like CNN Msnbc, where he didn't have really great ratings and he's been. open about that. I was this. Having worked at Fox NEWS There certainly is that they don't tell you exactly what to say, but they do tell you which third rails to avoid this is true any network. I ran into this quite openly. I've got a meal, as you see, with what happened. Just look at what happened in the election was Mitt. Romney Rick's Anton was basically persona non grata when it came down to both of them they had chosen mic. Mitt Romney was basically a coordination at fire news and I will take behind the scenes It was well known that you were not welcome if you issued the criticisms of Mitt Romney that I think we're very valid, namely that we know now these winner, and finally, some news when yet, whenever you're, with a network at frames, what you are allowed, I don't want to you, don't remember to hate Tucker till the military.
today, then I go hey, tell me or populist and hate them eight libertarian today, for they say hey, this is what's working with ratings. This is people are receptive to, and this is what is required, Multi billion dollar corporation to continue succeeding. If you want that nicely, he doesn't know any of his shout lotta people at four. please don't even on the rights to their own name. You need to be clear about that. So these people, not seeing their mouthpieces for someone else or for network, but when you look track record over time you go, the views did change based on where the Czech was coming from. That does give one pause especially when, combined with the fact that I dont know how many conservative goes out and attacks any possible before the suitors filed by donors and when you combine that with more remarkable inconsistency, I can see why some people might be upset here's another one by the way, more information for people out there. It was only after taking over the Kelly slighted Fox NEWS that you really do you're going all and on trumped because remember when used appear on Fox News- and this is back- I think Trump ran in
primary year, recent Ormond and running for went through back then. Can we allow and now we see him, he was mister. He was a libertarian on the war and even look at set his arguments on drugs, and you look at his arguments on national defence, where it was hawkish wasn't and now as about he holds very big government views, What you can, I would just say, are inconsistent with not a conservative viewpoint, but the viewpoint that he is bows not that long ago here is the bench. Shapiro show a daily wire saying that if you were president, he would use absolute power to simply ban self driving cars. Would you Tucker Karlsson, in favour of restrictions on the ability of trucking companies to use this sort of technology, specifically to sort. officially maintain number of jobs that are available in the trucking and choking in a second, in a second, ok, let's, given the paddle man then has that
then has that them like reality, then turns out that affect Overpeer guidelines. The button brow was so firm, my god he was like the universe baby in the Simpsons, Just you might well he's only being big government there, because he's probe working man right. He won't user protection structures like sheriffs truckers, and so somebody made in America Sticker Ireland is one of us great I stand that that's a new sort of populist world you. I don't think it's very consistent with servant of world view. However, I understand why people might maintain that position. However, there There are examples of big government. I would sort of say, liberal, leftist authoritarian tendencies. As you see, we talked about it on the show, which was pretty upsetting to me that at that time no longer the number one conservative show was advocating for covert panic. Here you have him in February. Tongue
predictions of over one million deaths in the United States, and he actually went unto bride that he had brought this information Donald Trump and told him that we need to take action sooner than he had hears that clip. The less seventy percent of the world's population, is a big number infected four point: five point: four billion people, early, the krona virus appears to kill about two percent of the people who have it so let's be generous moment and imagine that asymptomatic carriers are not detected and the real death rate is only say half a percent. That would be one quarter of the current estimates, Even under that scenario, there would still be twenty seven million deaths from kroner virus globally in this country more than a million would die gypsy like fear porn to you, what's important contrast with what he says about the pandemic. Now was I was wrong because this was keep in mind before the completely discredited imperial College Study of London Wrangle. If we just
he'd, counting, though we might actually get to a million in only just Raleigh, all loo and ardent tax and motorcycle irrelevance. Where you? U coughed right before it right. I mean look at. You know that the flu clearly just changed into covered because Germany Loaf, yet we have no flew. That's now, basically right, amazing, it we'd, get rid of the flu we ve never been able to do that. Then the Moderns! Here's one thing like this. This is one thing that this is also what we mention that will delivery doing. Rebuttals a young turks- because I am at this- isn't really punching. I dont want to use this term, but I always believe in at least punching a people and asked what my view is on Tucker Karlsson. Obviously, Tucker Karlsson is far more well established, and we ve been at least for a longer period of time, with a network with far more firepower another sort of into some inside baseball, their people been blacklist if they appear news max in fog as people, that's conjecture, but I can tell you what there absolutely the blacklisting with people Fox NEWS, because I can t that from yours We can take that from people here on our network over to blaze. People who are not allowed to appear in fact you have seen, is competitive.
You need only the Fox NEWS is not in this for some ideology, it's in it for a problem. There is a need to market where they have a stranglehold and are now starting to lose that stranglehold, but Emily asking yourselves and questions. Why isn't this guest on Fox news? Wiser than this day, he doesn't have the ability Tucker does not have the ability to host any guess that he wants he's now the ability to appear anywhere that he wants. That's not his fault, that's the contract that he signed now again we look at this? Need? Ok, maybe he's looking out for the working man when he talks about banning self driving cars, but when combined with the fact that he was advocating I don't necessarily know that you would call them draconian lockdown, but certainly measures more severe than most of you, including Tucker Karlsson, now are rebelling against. You would have to citizens Poland, inconsistency. When you look at well, it's ok. He was programme worn till he was against the worn racking. It's ok, it's a change of opinion. Understand it, but then, when you take it again in tandem with what we ve already got over with coded and banning self driving cars and drugs and Ni Powell and
situation of being a libertarian versus being a populist. You go a homeless and adjusting that's keeps changing from CNN some BC to Fox news. Pre trumped a Fox news, Post trump seems like his views have changed depending on whether you can get a scoop from City Powell or not listen. We want to have Nepal, on the show we couldn't have around my opinions on Sidney Powell, have not changed. Our opinions uncovered have not changed opinion unconstitutional on the constitution of the United States in this election have not changed my opinion on abusing executive powers to some we ban something you dont like, has not changed and to be clear. I don't wanna punching at took across now we're not going after nine raising a labour it. I didn't want to do this. We ended, whereas that people are listen. The ratings have gone down dramatically. People feel as though Fox NEWS Mean be in their corner. Don't they don't you
they're, getting a straight streets group from people on someone who worked there for over four years. I think that there are a lot of great people there, but you can't just assume that some giant corporate entity and all of their personalities by default are on your side, can do little digging you'll see that inconsistent on which side and in that clearly actually said the reason the were reporting on it is because it's true right in re here a point there. He could have done it in a different way. That's the exact same thing. We're doing it there's a reason we're talking about this, because these things are true, we're not saying that Tucker Carlson's bag. I should never listened to him again, but he made some mistakes here. We need to know that. That's not just a one off right and these are truth, This happened was conservatives virtue, signalling words like look, I am the new, because I'm wrong to call you out, even though your concern good example. I am sure that lets say we find out. I was just some kind of a political error with the voter registration. My personal voter registration said ninety nine percent chance, I'm just doing it wrong, let my grandmother with a vcr, but someone coming out going. Actually that's just an accidental double counting on professional analysed and you didn't get. This right
therefore Europe fraud. That's what you see a lot of it and the conservative movement, because that would even be accurate. I've allowed room for myself to being re radical. When someone does that, like you, do Sidney Powell it took her Karlsson. Did you under cut them? You undercut the movement, you undercut people who are fighting for constitutional freedoms, the United States, and I don't see how that benefits. Anyone, which is why I have only to doing this up doing this very topic, because I think that, as a general rule, I like a world where Tucker Karlsson this more than where he doesn't same thing, have disagreements with bench appear on a whole lot. Peoples have eleven, you Voyager disagreements with them. Have you seen him on the show? Listen it's not always serenading with Ben, and I get this data was a composer. The point is I it's. I prefer a world
there's been Shapiro versus no bench appear rent and I don't agree with Kansas. I wonder, but I prefer a world where they can do so in supposing ok zones confirming that censorship issue did at checkers. I don't agree with one that can everything, but I prefer world has. I prefer a world with theirs. It took a girl's Melinda mark within it, kinda someone's been Shapiro and myself, then without them. However, when you have some of those people, as we see with, took her curls in several instances taking part shots at other people. Who here two should want to see amongst our ranks combined the intellectual inconsistency overtime. It just right
me the wrong way. Much like Al Gore rubs misuse the wrong way or or though, if that's the wrong way, the fine we're going to go away. You my club, take your chat and placing hipster hobo you'd everyone watching on Youtube right now, the hundred something thousand people just click like that's all. I ask that you hit the like button right now, whether archive your live youtube. We don't love, you get off.
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