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Steven reviews Senator Mazie Hirono's insane takes on Big Tech censorship, then turns to review some data from Michigan that doesn't add up. Then Steven and the team review the latest video from The Cut, "What Are White People Superior At?"

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Our esteemed before you go. We do need to get an audio intro for the show. Now I what people she was in the audio visual yeah, if we could just no the tv if it television programme. Like everyone did ya, do let me know they ve made their bad. They can lie. it or lay in it. What is it? Why line it? I don't know You know what I said in a bed of lies only line himself. There was another great video content while of Buffalo. They join a lot of Canada. Come such smuggling, otherwise the audio video it'll all cease to be. Oh, this is going out. Today, oh
into a sip, not only the sip. This morning I went home. I do with my night, I'm not settling down for a long winters. Now I thought you were about to rob a builder buried, as is weird you guys can see me, though the lighting everything is ok right here. There have been better I'm running late today. In the reason I'm running late is because we have some exclusive info regarding vote, irregularities and fraud in Michigan that no one else has talked about thus far too. That I know of, and I have been in touch with some people, some higher ups who have said this is very interesting. The need to be looked into, and we also made some calls to county commissions or election directors. Whatever the term is No! I'm going to lay out this case for you much like I did on election day. Regarding the early voting member and early voting keep in mind. I said, I don't know why people are saying that Florida in Ohio, Porthos UPS but they're not- and I said clearly voting gotta, I'm into I'm entirely coffin. I'd, be more surprised if or high
went blue then Texas Urban Shapiro was on the street when we crossed the streams with the daily why're you with that. Never supposed that night, the old obvious dream, very educated very and their internal going about you know if you ve. If current window I was had been body talk, it bent, of course, she's going to win. Oh hi, I have no doubt- and I thought I was can crazy pills. I said he's going to one Ohio by by five to eight minimum and he's going to in Florida by a handful of points. Certainly more than last time, I don't know anyone is acting like this is any different that money on it and those to do with it Nobody can wash you! That's it you're most right. I feel the same way right now they can have Ok, we're taking crazy pills back then and no one is paying attention to it, and I feel the same way right now and I'll. Tell you why. I think this is it's because, of course those on the left will not cover what I'm about to provide to you and you know there are some people on the right, not all, but there are some people who are drifters. You just free speech baked like ok. What else you got there are not going to put in this work everyone here knows that its. I should look like christian bills,
Machinist I've been up all night with homing through and that John Wayne County one county Ladys in German, So before we move on to talk about that, my half Asian, whereby Irishman is here you, and that is good. No today here Dave Land. I was here, of course, wonderful David from company. What you're trying to add Thou day that Landau Dave didn't get Dave. Landau known. Have the pole with old cast away? Not me affordable does here all morning and we do not have audio away because yet faced surgery and checking with him later poor guy, I miss him. I love him, and so we have to make our Gerald. How are you saw him? Well, how are you you know? You think? I'm actually I'm sorry, I'm not hungry. I'm in a good mood. Ok, logos and worrying positively putting no not putting up putting on appearances. Jim Conservative, eleven United States of America for at least a couple more months- and I think that something to be happy about vigo- something what
Let me right away a downer before the Monti, voter fraud, continuous vote front. We please everyone watching right now like this, and share this year. I would not be surprised if this stream gets taken down. I would not be surprised if this stream gets back and even though, everything about the ride for you comes from the wing County registration board their election results. Officially, when I run out of the room it's either because we got banned and I've gotta go, do some work or I really have to be. Yes, I bs as the UK decades eating dumplings, it's just carbs bill or logs right away. Monetize you're, gonna naughty language, the racial David. You don't need to be scared. I could see nothing like this. This is news here whether about to happen. Orkut was, this is gonna, be fun, I'm not used to cereal
You know he likes his white robed better, you know. Yet. I will not amended robe. Morally, I like it better than I had a gun thing: girls, you know what happened was I gave it to gear its kids. then time without the gun I gave em out on Halloween. Would you give out a high point here? gives a good shot there by the way I voted on here. Ok, so don't worry move onto voter fraud. There are lots of stories. We have to get you right off the bat hate to be a downer, but it is the news and it matters let's go to Governor Cuomo, really pissy yesterday, man give Delta run for his money when asked about schools closing due to cope this is a great interaction. Did in Orange zone in a red zone in Brooklyn in queens and weak. all schools. Which one member that ok, don't you So what are you talking about? How would you
Nobody would learn cider, let's go was dry them already. An origin and a right follow the facts. What are your parents are snow confused as well? You can areas, though you alarm views, are tiny wise of unless this is great. Schools are open by state law, four hours later there were closed, just got bad version of airplane, your ruling on schooling and the Orange zone, but in the red and don't call me, surely stop it. You got that with the
Third, there are no doubt it looked like bill burn the meal is, I can listen to fix the fork in schools, but try to be a jerk. I did what you schools are close. Could you have a virus just shut up soon I had always sets back like the godfather their united at the head of the table. If the guy right I give a godfather, is pointing to a really small packer, come you don't try as you like, easily cleaning bag like look deep in my nostrils, I'm right needlessly! Angry what happened before that press conference in fact they have run into a turkish prison. By the way, please do consider as we get to some more election fraud details joining my club lot of credit. I come slush. Montclair he's tells a promo code, crowded election stream, its thirty dollars off still, because the election is not over, and I will see its far from that, where you could you,
Conseil lurking oozed. There's a law on our international Cuomo is like a young, Serpico Opportune obey and that's what he was sent to the cops now and then all of a sudden. He starts talking about your fake, a chill You see me run out it'll be too late to have joined the blaze. We will already have been banned gas lamp in our lab band. Taking your lot jet later, obviously, exclusively a Muslim and Nick Deposit will be on your girlfriend there and there they ve learned he's my body and you don't need to read the show map you're, just because I know be mirroring some info later and you just do yours. Do you I'm trying to Your brilliant? I will thank you does himself. Many sends me the day now before we continue as what we have to talk about master hero. Now
You know, I'm Audio Wade is not here because audio way to actually a long time ago he had an issue is palette were basically caved in and they d screw. It in some Scottsdale Loose, and if you guys are, we talked about its being young face. Lace was really puffy, he had to face infection and they hamburger when an operate. I'm so he's having a procedure today, so seldom your loved. audio aid- and we are actually, I think, he's coming out of the procedure and we can actually check in with The surgeon and an update. How is audio eight fearing spray tat, is it starts with says he can see without his glasses. It is as if I really need to stop providing insurance for my employees. That would help to put a bunch of books it his coffin.
I come to the other side. Why wouldn't call coal can go piss off of bees and asked if he's allergic water nearby were also trying to be watching the video recently from cut about what what are white people superior lorries whenever it when you have a title that ends with a proposition something we have to watch my man and what is it that there is a tendency to criticise people for being white male straight sis That's a thing now and eating, going to increase under Biden Presidency. Are you what your biggest concern if buying were to become president, which I dont know, I think there's crack in coming out. Other won't be defeated, as it was immediately in the original literature. Ok, so versus car. This Haroon o is harangue. Oh he run over Runnel. He don't know she doesn't know suggested we hire now you know I know, but I have taxpayer data so here she
claiming just recently. conservatives in this matter, as we had into a potential for year by presidency, I'll give you twenty percent shot than you do. Become president or she actually spoke said these words that conservatives do not face any kind of censorship on social. you talk about for the second time in three weeks. You then call before this so maybe someone up in families and beat you're over reinstall. Your platforms are supposedly a biased against deserve. The fact of the matter is that these allegations are completely baseless everyone who has systematically looked at the content or social media media matters to the Cato Institute to former republican Senator John Fire was found absolutely no evidence of anti conservative bias, well and I dont know about media matters
but I will say there have been some people who ve been specifically calling for censorship and criticism of concern, solely for their point of view, not everybody, but you miss her run out. You too have its feet before taking any action. Against conservative commentators, Stephen prouder, when you tube, did finally take action. It took the half measure of removing advertisement from counters videos, rather than removing him from the Platte form entirely
first thing that is a flat face when she turned down, you could not see eyes or knows yes, it's a safety feature. Is it asked me? I was sort of safer person. I wish I had got them for my mom. We when we talk about where the term slope come from. That's that's a bluff dude. I haven't no idea man. I've strongly prefer Charlie, that's sick. I feel like I am looking to win a golden ticket calm down, Charlie. It's usually just a burnt down village. It is definitely southeast Asia. In China we do the burning, Jago Free Movie, here's. Why also her another reason. She was complaining that we were demonetized not banned, that should matter. I know that you know this being a frequent visitor media matters. because the ceo of you to the most powerful media company in existence said clearly that we did.
not that I had not violated any policies. My half Asian, whereby Richmond true untrue. There. That's true fact: check. So hurrah now wants these companies to ban, according to your own words, shows like this rather be demonetized, because we're conservative, so it is literally the most clear I know it, there's! No. There is no by us, but by right she saying they said: there's no violation. They took a half measure, the full measure, been silenced. This entire channel all hunt, all the hundreds of videos never and to be seen on you too, but you know we'll just go ahead and leave everything else and you know we ve been re monetize, so dull relates. If you quarter, is she the sexy young girl that said that the word sexual preference is in fact hateful yes, she's the one and then Marian Webster change the definition of sexual preference being here
by the way she used it not long ago, and current sitting senators used it like last week. It twice I never knew a wise hateful? It doesn't mean that it's not not in immutable quality, as they say: sexual preference, for example. If someone says our students, sexual preferences, woman, Sure Stephen Sector, references tall, blonde, Kubes Water, like my life, yes drew not offended, doesn't mean that, because your sexual preferences Harry Man ass, that you weren't born that way, your judgment, you were born with an orientation that oriented you toward Harry sweaty man ass, and it is also your preference I'm right here. That's why you talking about life again, she all we think tract of Gerald. What what's wrong? I'm gonna kill him. She leaned her words. Is your Harry assets of using modern Ivan now who hope shut up till they just said. Your wife loves you. Whatever my gosh man, you know
it's his problem because he doesn't think he's worthy of love. You are worthy of love Geraldine. I act that right. I also silence. somebody else volumes rendition team up one of his team members, Richard Stain goal. He went up explaining why the? U S needs a hate speech law like Europe, whereby the way people can be arrested for doing a cover of kung, fu, fighting or a good friend MIKE War in Canada, whether how these laws, but for human Rights Tribunal for making a joke. So this is an active member Current number of binding transition team saying we need a hate speech law, combine that with around saying bans, even crowd or even though its you're on the record legally, that he didn't violently policies as well. The little minor detail that their former facebook higher ups involve of pine transition team and you actually have a. stage. Five should again it's a double beryl machine gun with a hair trigger officer, lady. She doesn't have we people,
go back and look at just like the hates me listening. Remember, united, we went down in front of Google's sub regional, hey orders in Austin Downtown arson and we talked about how many, how many different people came up from hips hipster leftist Austin and we're like, I think, eight speech should be a real thing. in every single one of them to a t said: yeah, guess yeah, I guess you're right right. But you know what's really telling Donald Trump, this crazy Evil fascist has been present for four years and brought you the best economy we had in modern american history and brought back american manufacturing guess what he had this power. You said You look like a fascist, didn't you didn't do everything by executive order, unlike Iraq, abundant and like you're, going to sea with Joe by MR all use more executive order and I would be comfortable but guess what here once tried to limit speech of liberals. He said that the press, ass? The press is dishonest, fake news. He talked about that he wanted balance. In fact, what do we call? we say what has become of southern Poverty LAW centre and a p.
Who lied about the Trump team legal case or snobs who lied about many of our stories ladder with credit outcome or other sources will be available today. All we will is to have some right wing what some right, leaning balance to Donald Trump, the fascist dictator Hitler in Check apparently never once stood before Committee, never once stood before governing body and said get Verona, because she's got a weird flat face and she's a bitch. He never once said that we do on your right to be there, because we wanted to see how stupid your arguments are. If we had complete and total, we had the Senate right with Can it be the presidency, the executive office and we have the Supreme Court conservatives have been pushing for laws to silence you corona, only you you are pushing for people whacked outside of their legal purview, to ban folks like this show, because we things that you dont like, despite not being a violation of policy- and you know what else knows
he gets my go fibre Muslim is you have to Europe? private from me with the jaws of life delicious, broken when it could cover this is her role now the same woman by the way who wants to ban, as for policy that we never violated, asking Amy Coney bear it if she's a rapist. So you know where you come from issues. I ask each now. Many these two questions and I would ask that you don't you since became illegal adult. Have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favours? committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature. Now send it have you remember my garden or entered into settlement related to this kind of conduct. Now senator, and if I greeted you on airplane and handed you scoff, would you feel welcome, touched your knee Rios road like this, what do you think you are
right you may she asked those questions of everyone. She hired yeah. Do you think she s at the question of the president? Did she voted for she has a mat, lesser button in her office This is more a Lucy Cavalier, just lock the door come into green room yeah. I hear you right why so that Rawdon? Oh my gosh Verona grab round the room. it's time. This is something I stumbled across. Please everyone share this right now at this. Second, this is what might get this stream band were about to get into it specifically exclusive, no one. Has done this, yet it's time to continue fraud weak, ok, so you can go to other bits and see the catalogue we did dominion. We did George, we didn't vat in Pennsylvania wanted to end on Michigan. Unless, because MR,
land out and myself are our michiganders. That's right and you currently live in Detroit right, yet well, aerodromes, York and Detroit. Yes, don't you think those pointer try nullifies locks, Dave. Now, I'm sorry, not your fine! We Bush is addressed to the show nuts I Alger it's out there I yeah. No. I grew up in the Wayne County area, the good things he doesn't need security. He just surrounds his one house, with a bunch of bomb doubt crack. As is so. They act as a natural resource field and peoples that aren't mind. You have sown colleagues rippling animals of death and others Gotham unnatural. For someone reach the perimeter here with the lucky. What are you them from an electric fret? What the hell do I care it's? They don't like me, either but I just know where they are just thrown on the fence like, like a doctor, grant testing this fence and with a stick for how address. I got no work since it good point, and we know that
God. I know he's surprisingly quietly, because I know I told them is a topic later now leave. I know that I have some third rail lopsided Y know. It's just that you be. I love you, I'm just, and I love you. I just an organ to get into well and I will start with Dave. Landau follow he's one of the funniest human beings on the planet, so Nicht APOLLO, but David Andrews, nice a different way in county for people who don't know Wayne County is Detroit and Weighing county encompasses many other. I guess County disparity cities that are in that county, Temerity Big County in people when talking about Michigan, considering that Michigan was one eye leave by a margin of a hundred and forty something thousand votes than for I? Well, that's we're about to get into. So I was going to the voting records because I know Michigan and I didn't have time to get to can't county and the deeply red counties in the western side of the state. many people now, because some margins there don't make a whole lot of sense. Unfortunately, not all of that data is available, but I am working with from the official Wayne County Election Commission website right here these numbers and
ask everyone. Last night, I asked you last night have vision bill I said: are you noticing anything when I say the documents like a hundred and something pages, and I didn't realize that I'm, the only one me in Reggie read like a hundred and fifty page document. I mean I regularly red millions of ages for cases put them. No one now really telling you know, but the point was there's a they moms have been so into this feat. She is watching and she's. Like did you read more pages and Stephen? that. Is your vaccine. Ninety five point: five six. She was she's very upset that it's not ninety seven? So, but when you, when you looked at in the later, you pointed out, I was like, while you only would knows if you'd been living it like living right now. Is that the entire time? So? Yes, ok? So let's bring us up your here's, a statement of the votes report from Wayne Wayne County. So I have this a mirroring my screen. Forgive me. If this is a little bit raw, because If the zoo man I'm using an Ipad, but look let's
with this? You see the city of Detroit Right City of Detroit, the precinct. So what do we have here? Keep in mind, you have registered voters at the top. There, Ariel Sharon registered voters, the top may have cards cast. Voters cast in percentage you're. Not so percent turnout is based on registered voters Brent, that's important, very real. Registered border voters and the percentage of turnip, that's how you estimated. So we look in these right precincts, and these are pretty small, like seven. Fifty two here. You have over a thousand here, you have ADA want some of these only have sixty nine, but if you look at the turn out rate through low rate of fifteen percent, there may be fourteen percent here. Fourteen percent here, fifteen percent, twelve percent- you have some as low as ten percent the highest have seen here is twenty percent, so this is all Detroit precincts became. I want to follow along here. Sixteen percent twenty forbidden, seventeen percent twenty five percent. Seventy four to heal keeps growing too. That goes on for Detroit Precincts for while fourteen percent thirteen percent thirteen percent twin one percent is pretty high there. Sixteen percent fourteen percent twelve percent k these numbers are.
Consistent across the board eleven percent? Where, if you look at all these Detroit precincts, the voter turnout is between TAT and twenty percent? There are fewer than eleven hybrids between ten and twenty percent. The voter turn outbreak, based on Our voters- and these are trite precincts, so that's pretty low any notice here by the way, the av meaning that reform of the absentee ballots, that some of these weren't counted. So these are the in day election turnouts. Just to be clear right, I want to be clear, this, because now I'm going to go through the surrounding not counties but in municipalities in Detroit, because No Detroit would be words most liberal Wayne County. I do a lot of you. Don't realize wing County encompasses a lot of places like gross point yet like we're, only. I can't in some very soon bourbon working class, sometimes upper white no class. You have areas outside of Detroit that ninety five percent white tat thing to Taylor as well yourselves and down ship their white garbage
not just ranch, nor beyond its out specific kind. It Let me do this really quickly here. I will search, for example, growth. Point. Ok, because now down the document, so I grows it with an e arrogant. Yet more pretend. Okay. So now you gotta gross point, we look a while we still have Sure voters, as you see there and we have a turn outbreak and we have total generate eighty four percent, eighty four points eighty two, eighty two, eighty two, seventy five as the lowest. We see their eighty three even look at the Inn day, voting percentage they're all between twenty five, most when twenty five and thirty percent some of them are absentee ballots, but you see a higher voting percentage by quite significant margin right. Eighty percent here, seventy three, now look. Let me do this, I'm going to continue scrolling through you're, stuck because these are all part of wine county and then something is going to suppress it because we thought we were done with Detroit ran right, go down to Livonia very White Tonia,
have seventy nine percent. Eighty percent. Eighty four percent turnout right. Eighty: five percent turnout- these are crazy turnout rates by the way that surprise me in and of itself so too, We only have of the precincts seventeen percent average between ten and twenty percent- and now, and all the surrounding suburban areas hard hard from Country Livonia gross point I can bring up. Can and again this is all available ladder with credit outcome. We will make these sources available to you. You see voter turnout rate of eighty eighty five percent, seventy five percent of which should tell you that that is a an absolute blow out for Donald Trump, because these are hard hard trump areas were Livonia, so white was trending not long ago. Yes, it was rather than its property. That's where I think they poured some clorox on Jesse Small, it's personal trainer. They did, but it didn't work. If the only piece of data that you have it is
in your campaign manager for Donald Trump you're, popping champagne, right, you're, popping champagne, and by the way these are big. These are much bigger than the Detroit Precincts right. You saw some of that. Sixty people, you saw some that were seven hundred people. HI is that you solve their or maybe a thousand summit? Not many reasons in the thousands, but these have many thousands of response of registered voters, and I percentage of voter turn up Melvin Dale, I would imagine, is white. I dont know north feel very white. Eighty three percent, eighty four percent- he can on going down your Plymouth is very white. They were great, haunted House Erebus, since eighty five so these numbers are consistent. No that's Pontiac Pontiac, that's right. This little hoity toity always said, right claim it so either way. Plymouth is not not exactly next now. I say this because This is also important. Donald Trump did more minority voters in any other public, an amount of history, the better than you didn't twenty sixteen. So that's import, Keep in mind that even with these precincts in Detroit that might have fifteen percent told
voter turn out that we saw a higher percentage of blacks. Latinos in women's would have come out for Donald Trump, because that happened in every other county, But now we look in the area where we expected Donald Trump to win and we eighty, something percent voter turnout in much bigger count. in much bigger municipalities. All unwilling county, but this is what was weird so I did this end all of a sudden. beer and I'm pretty sure, that's pretty sure That's a caucasian area! Okay, tat S pretty much a garbage dump. Is it really a garbage dump actual garbage like Loki slope as we would like, and I think it Louis Surville Texas in a friendly lives there and, like all you guys, have us? Yes, it S. Letting out he's acknowledge that landfill. That's our trash, the Plymouth actually heading soccer, moms defined the police rally, the town centre right by like the tiny, theater and gazebo. Thousands of it was quite a Larry's, goes I the police, to watch them and it was all white soccer. Moms lemon
what am I gonna? What am I gonna do have have the lady in the FAB Lennox Monitor she can throw a punch mice. My dogs therapists would be pretty good at this. So just to be clear what I just so we are right now at this point. We are left with Detroit fifteen per and turn out rate average. and all the surrounding areas that are hard hard trump country. Many thousands of registered voters that we see their aid percent average. Turning up to vote, we know that that's obviously heavily trump, but don't you the bottom here and Allison Detroit comes back, but do you notice something. zero registered voters, an egg as far as per cent of turn up zero registered voters and by the way these are much bigger than a precincts before twenty five hundred votes? Nineteen about twenty one hundred votes. Some of these are like three thousand vote. Thirty. Thirty, four hundred votes- thirty, three! red votes. Twenty one hundred votes, twenty
three hundred votes: twenty nine hundred votes with zero registered voters and the percentage voter turnout by the way. These numbers here that have zero registered voters, no data whatsoever that you could match against. Let's say if you were doing some kind of can to see if you were doing some kind of actual recount there be no attacks. Because there is Euro registered voters in the books. This totals up to on two hundred and seventy three. was in voters again. Look: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, nine, also willing to say: well, that's the ACE Abc be, which is the absentee voters counting ballot. What's your committing counting bureau, I forgot the what the actual acronyms for here, but Let me bring this up an accounting board putting forward bureau, so they would say, ok hold on a second, so this is their argument. Is well that from the absentee ballots. Ok, we ve called with two calls to county boards and to people who are handling these elections. We were not able to get through to anybody, it's still
doesn't give you any reason, as to why they wouldn't have registered voters at all. Let's assume for a second that all these votes came in really quickly like drinking from a fire owes you want to marry. You still have long before election registered voters, that's how they do the poles right. The liberal poles were doing registered voters instead of doing likely voters so that doesn't change the fact that dad. I shouldn't red, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero zero and this toll one hundred and seventy three thousand votes from zero registered voters in those pray So what are we left with? We are left with the Detroit precincts. We have some data on registered voters We know the registered voters and a fifteen don't turn out right average. Then we heavy heavy heavy trump country growth point places like Livonia places like and right places there are. You have working class some union guys, but people who wist Trump into the White House last election with an eighty three percent average voting.
turning vote, voter turnout, Rachel Detroit. We have. numbers for some reason. Fifteen percent voting right other areas? Where would be white working of working class, blue collar trump voters? Eighty five percent voter turnout right then zero in All these absentee ballot, zero registered voters which give us a hundred and seventy three thousand votes from a hundred and thirty four ABC bees, now keep in mind that later election night in the middle? The night? There was about dump what about a hundred two thousand ballots offer Biden less than four percent. That three percent took place for Donald too, were actually care, four Donald that doesnt occur anywhere in nature. No could have an election in America's Communist Party in Dutch trump we'll get more than three percent of the surface area where there is no way to actually check these votes at all. No registered voters
and we have a dump. I want to make get this number right hundred fifty thousand votes and election night less than six thousand for Trump. That's about three percent of the votes and you say there are no irregularities. There is no reason to count this while those are just absentees or their former HIV be so well ass. I can. Why You have registered voters. Furthermore, do you know what the average turnout rate would have to be for these absentee ballots, a hundred percent, while it would have be hundred percent for these remaining votes and they would all have to go to by assuming We have to be more than a hundred percent because if there's one vote that comes in that's higher than that's already two hundred percent zero there your voters and it all tip off. Data that we do have available for us which, by the way you should have in elections and most counties, do this is just a rule of Wayne County. But if you have more than two and fifty precincts, then the other ones can just be a. They can be AC babies, whatever it's called absentee ballot counting and
at that point. You can just kind of as much as you want take them as they come in, but why Don't you have registered voters, and how can we understand the voter turnout right? We have three turn out rates right now, K we have Detroit registered voters by fifteen percent. Right we have everywhere else in weighing county deeply red. We have an owner over eighty percent turnout right now. Sir turnout rate, which is an Because a hundred and fifty thousand votes came in the middle of night from zero registered voters, one hundred percent. of which ninety seven percent of surrounding air for Donald Trump keep in mind by the way, rather than a hundred and thirty, eight thousand two hundred and twenty eight thousand votes had happened in Wisconsin that ended up being a typo, that's less That's it yeah, yeah yeah, then the ballot dump that actually took place in Michigan in the middle of night with ninety seven percent coming and forbidden and zero registered voters. Four hundred and seventy three thousand of those votes, the Lee
in Michigan, by the way for buying, is a hundred forty six thousand something else. That's a huge chunk of Detroit because to try any big city, the less sense astride, the Klindworth, seven hundred thousand people in detroit- and we all laugh at an ongoing ozone layer. It's not it's like children, fifty thousand and one crackhead, just wild footing that put the pitfalls everywhere and one other thing that's important, because if all this is how they do their elections, not how they did it in the primary is a zero. I'm sorry, I just you should be one hundred and forty thousand people of zero people. Modern seventy three thousand votes: zero, zero registered voters. According to I heard that so he's what they ve done as they broke the very best. They ve broken this out into a way that you cannot figure out exactly how many people voted in each one of these precincts in they didn't do it any or else in the county right didn't you anywhere else may know. Where else, why don't we have records from areas in Detroit County that our
smaller precincts a dozen here, a few hundred there, maybe every now and then you're, throwing a cat precinct with a thousand but the big ones. Four thousand three thousand zero. what is your voters? No, information, so this is this isn't an election irregularity This is what you would do if you were trying to commit fraud and this what we suspected right when we sit laws that we went to sleep and there was this ballot dump? How does that happened? And how did the state flip? Because before we went to bed, we reflectively calling the presidency for Donald Trump, while these No one expected a hundred and forty something thousand ballots coming in ninety seven percent for binding we. So what do we have to look at those numbers? That seems we're now you can't khazar zero registered voters. We have no idea. Has the voter turn up? The turn out could be a hundred and thirty percent. It would have to be that for this to actually make sense at best. This is design, away to cover Voter brought him again, it's not how they did it in the primaries, so even in them
that it premature when they do they wanted to get their candidate right. They made sure that they didn't have this kind of a lack of data at so really at work. This is designed to commit fraud and have no way to be fact, checked at best we have to believe that these people are totally Annabelle that no one cares. No one meeting has actually done this research and looked at these numbers and that, They re just going! Well, you know what we're average about or so a map to it. Just do worry about a guy's it'll be fine and less you think more data is coming. That will clear all of this up. Isn't there a new story about some county rushing to certify the election results. Yes, we are growing. Yet it is that we are going to get to that second relevant. This really important for people to understand that their That there's no way to know when there is your registered voters and there's no reason to not have a tally of registered voters. I interest
I must say it takes a while to Catholic Arizona, still count dead, anomaly, coffee breaks, they take a lot more z s. Does we ve hurt? We ve heard about the demographic changes in Arizona C est as we get it finish the counting, but that's Ballantrae say what we don't. Actually, we don't have the number that we still have to go to the palace, fine, that doesn't change the fact that you have the registered voters long before elections. That's not something that happens on election night. What you do on election night is match your ballot with the registered voters. There's no reason for that to be a zero. There is no reasonable explanation for that to be a zero and we ve called twice and we ve been given the run around and no one has given an answer, at all and again. This is not the way that they did this in the primaries, we're going to continue with Michigan election fraud, but this is something that did you have a question you think you know I was just going to play a little devil's advocates. A few you know take out the Kwame Kilpatrick that was the mayor of Detroit being in prison. Dennis Archer, weirdly running out before stuff got out
many young entire. You know Jack White boy reckon hit Alia. The democratic party, I think, has done a pretty good job and it's all about perspective. What are we to lower the popular when you eliminate Detroit? I've done a good job with Detroit its sure we had a riot and then it was no more. Lindsey Low, I'm like Youtube. You watch him in the news and obligatory coming back if you want in any feel you feel for, and you really hope that they get it right, but you know there never going to. It's just going to see another crack bender and, at some point, a perk for some reason that then disappears and is replaced with that bracelet. Whatever that wasn't a bird has called Dearborn if I had a crazy turn out rate to Madame nowhere, IRAN, Omar area who, who knew about before we continue now with some of the election data that is publicly available it. You may not know
Our correspondent, Thomas Finnegan, is here with us today for projects. Why do not wear intro for Thomas vinegar? No, do we not credible? Thomas Litigants, you're Thomas. I thought I thought we were going to you you're here. I thought you run location here today are right, but we can't really. Are you? Ok? Thomas been against fraud, weak, yes and broadening the words apologize first before jumping the ball early earlier this week, yeah sorry which, where he was a frog facts its first week, some facts about frauds. We have some tax fraud, facts goods irrelevant. Thank you for delivery. It was a film that came out in Australia. Ninety ninety three with Feel Collins and Hugo weaving the soundtrack is not available for purchase and it was in competition in ninety. Ninety, three four kids Film Festival Award
Ok, I will first we're doing for words that that doesn't mean seem like fraud. That just seems, like a TED bet. That's like a did. You know if frauds this is the disease is more about a fraudulent elections. If you wanna talk about numbers, ok, young just about thirty thousand australian. Yet it is not relevant. We were talking about fry fraudulent elections, election fraud right. You not remove a sponsor here, Gabby Arbitrary, that first I was sitting Vernier pay here I know that your wife still still have formula to buy some water yeah. Ok! Well, you know what annual? I've got some or watering undertaken public again, ok, you're the Abbe, our wonderful sponsor Gabby, as we continue with Michigan Fraud. Facts go ahead. Thomas Mann, again, you know here probably paying on car in home insurance, sure you love to save money, but spending hours
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Magua yeah you're right it's for Euro area or will start to go for me for Thomas Finnegan to eat. He wants to go independent bodies A broken down helicopter and the end of a flower. That's a king speech, not so good, but you know so. I also have great experience Gabby in all since they don't sell your data, it's another little, a few too big tack, which I appreciate site. I really don't think you should drink out of that. My hour, I don't think I got the Angela bring us some other water. If you can fail mind summer can bring in it. So let's continue on with Michigan. What was it that you brought up? What no one the Michigan thing, I don't understand what the logic would be other than fraud rights. Are you trying to think in the in the world of what they're doing. Why would you separated out when you don't do it? In other words, that we run up you're about to about people certifying the elections are in something when I get into ripple farming, Russian, you with the rest of Michigan Fraud, it
report, because I know a lot of you saw this. We covered at what was happening live we had the exclusive right to set the tone. There is a question mark behind. Why did they do this at the precinct covering it up? for a lack of accountability in Detroit Proper went county. This happened. the knot of approval. They do that when I walk by pre schools. Yes, I do that on the side of my then, when I drive by preschool. Yes, we were here. I can't afford
for deciding who buys all glass van. She did not know what the Lord's come in handy mega trip to staples Timmy is none the wiser almost like they should be able to see through those when it's also easy to write on like puppies yeah, oh yeah, you know, free candy inside is one day it's ice cream and you like, I will buy a puppy them right now. It's a multi for it's a modular rapist. Yes, that's what I'm saying. I am saddened by the way it's for someone else, not for you Ok, so the Michigan Board of Canvas artists, we return what they refuse to certify Wayne County UK after they said that absentee ballot pole, said? Seventy percent of Detroit, two hundred and thirty four absentee counting boards were found to be out of balance without explanation. Here's the thing, I'm assuming that some of that comes from what we just showed you, and I think a lot of this is lost in translation, because everyone talks about,
fraud and they want to sound bite. They want the Tibetan, they go off. Some things are out of bounds, but they don't know exactly why. What is it just me where's that shocking to you to see zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, its incredibly shocking, not only because when you think about how they did in the primaries, which is a very you when we look at these things, we say: okay, this is how it is, but how does a compare to It should be under the rules, the regulations, the guidelines and also, how have you done it in the past, frightened when you see something that is widely out of whack, just a completely different system with completely different results. You have to ask I should why, right when the results all tend to go in exactly one direction like ninety seven percent right uncertainties, I'm resent you, it's a pretty high nine. These only just a little more than the voting when number it's a lot yet alive. and then you look at it will literally if it were entirely black. Lesbian women, Donald Trump, would have been more than three percent of young people understand that if it were ph
Do afro lesbian, funk studies, majors funk? they would give gonna drive more than three percent and of what vote in three percent for Donald Illegal is weird, and how can we actually well is aero there there's there's, there's someone you read this from the can research right, the people who refuse to certify it just says. Oh, seventy percent of the absent tv increased we're out of balance between the law that seems suspicious. Someone should look into it. We just did, unfortunately, conservative media, Give you more than the sound bite we just did now you know it's incredibly disturbing. Go to the website. I've got it. I can read it for yourself Ray and easy explanation? Your I'm looking to be wrong. I could be wrong. There could be a really easy fix. I don't what it is- and we reached out to the officials in charge and they don't answer, they don't seem to know what it is. Here's the thing these people review to certify was a deadlock due to two. Then they were taxed,
was admissible sort of our consumers, what they actually said was found to be out of balance in these are the quotes without explanation. You think about how bad of admission That is where I mean sub adamant that they were being honest. They said without explanation right and that's why they didn't want to certify it's not, and we have some explanations that needed to be borne out with some more explanation or some detail, or we have some theories, that's implausible. That makes sense. We need to get some more data. Right was literally guys like in our wildest imaginations. We cannot come up with an explanation for these numbers, so we should pump the brakes and then the entire left as world goes no from big right, let alone and Chirac Bob Ray or why occurs listen all I'm saying is. We should investigate these one hundred and seventy three thousand plus votes that came in in the middle of the night. All for Joe Biden, Why do you say that? Because that
number is higher than the total of registered voters, which was zero. I felt like I bury the leader built little bit there. Like all you know, this is irregular. It's out of bounds. If you had come out and said there are a hundred and seventy three thousand votes that we can't account for, and we need to make sure we can. I think, What about a stronger argument to the public, then they're out of balance, will have always be five notes that here's the thing is they didn't even worse, to get to that point. They write doing their job and said we can't surf this we need to go where I oh here's. What happened is that we can't certify it. They were docks, and so then the news I got another certified it, but actually they said there were sending their votes by the way. Felicity bullied into certifying the election. You know why
I think we're getting a little loose with the terminology bullying. If someone Lydia your name birthday, address personal lobbies and schedule yet not ruggedness Worley asked you to hold a ticking package for them. Given that lady a wedge, there is just someone outside of their house. One of US professional sign spinners, but you know what the very confident is- is there was a lot of people who preach love, inanity, yeah, where the ones that we're saying shorter, Lily or will eat your children. Will you What, though you can love someone and hurt them? Like my dad spanking me they're, basically, loading up the three fifty seven magnum saying this is going to hurt me much more than its going to hurt you.
On about the canvassing law making of non partisan bored by the way you I pour libraries and reward in you, don't think they realized what they were doing if they were going guys we're. Looking at this information, it is going to cause a storm if we don't certify these results, but we compelled he s talking. I'm gonna go shut off this moderates. I see do looking at that level. But what are we just shocked by the facts? it's not ably, and now in the face, that's not where they want to eat and then be so paper. I would just say I wouldn't where underwear? What is this look at this? These are more pajamas. Look these it look at this problem. yeah, look a bit like that, my mother in law, these for me for skiing. If you want to try my children, I like it, I walked out, felt a breeze and my mother in law. I'm sorry, you had to see my dick,
on her Stephen go. Try these! I just I felt a breeze outside. I didn't want to look down those hoping for the best going be my big fat deck swinging out there? No one will design a fly that way what they? Why would I do that to me? She sent me? No, no, it's not a big! Now, let's it's out there by a mere was swinging was inside. I can't get out that's why the announcement was in play. Ok here's another Michigan, let's hope for some other Mitt voting and someone look at you. You know I know what happens is one people information. The screen they look at it. So you guys don't need to know that stuff, because it's my job you're just do your you you're funny, I'm just
failure by the number is crazy. I just feel like I'm surprised us as politicians, cheating and not the little rascals, though numbers are incentives, as the mayor of Detroit coming in in a trench code on somebody else on the shoulders of these acts into you. Remember remember the story that you covered the day after the election about the lack of security at this at Bristol Board University, which is what is it they call it cold. Holler, Cobo Hollow the well easy have been right at this very location myself. So this is it. You know over bringing in this issue, stayed in this issue in this county, all simple, it's all in the same place, it's zero registered voters with a hundred seventy three thousand votes in the same building frightened. We showed yeah no security during the hours when we all those people, I don't want anyone, they weren't count. We show people going in with wagons and coolers because it was happening, live just happened and then
people are always camera equipment in reconstruction. We weren't talking about it for sure being Coal is: why is someone able to go in with our whole cooler, no security into a voting precinct? I got stopped through t say because at a bottle of shampoo, that was four point two ounces right just to be clear. There are going in to shoot you basically be in charge of the state of western civilization and they're just bringing a real wed Reagan's. We know the response was the response. Was I cant do my while look at all of these coolers in suitcases and wagons and look one of the wagons might have just been camera equipment and you're like ok, ok. Great arsenal reminded us that this wasn't this wasn't fraud in the issue. they're in the wagon. The wagon was innocent. Ok, so let's continue the investigation. Investigation over Parliament's cooler open enough, it's empty! Why? What's in there ready Voters the prestige. I looked at the local, the fox to news woman has spoken it right there,
all at once, she came out. Is that guy's come on? I haven't, you would know her. It did Nikon partner with Yeti, but now you have Coolers out as a radio liar got together with that guy. That's it! You re launch the vulgarian, yet I do not know, but I would love to tell you about the new or improved Scandia Kara beaters that you can purchase now for twenty percent off. Don't gotta wait about further. We have every day in Austria? I that's like the word. Use ever its camera equipment. Yes, because people carry camera equipment in igloo, coolers walk the unless the republic and in which case are not allowed to use their career and radio desire wagons there, then we have to stay for the Republican. Paul watcher goes on with a camera and they smash it. Like blue our scheme with the guitar. Ok, here's some other facts here, Michigan they already are probably the mail and bout earlier in the August for primary sixty four hundred absentee ballots had to be thrown out, including by the way
Forty six ballots from dead voters now I know every now and then you'll get a story from going we'll see you have told us, they meet the Michigan dead voter who speaking out she's like I'm and what was left good enough for me was it there can be some makes ups, but again in August, eight hundred in forty six ballots from dead voters how to be thrown out such as aid the forty six out of sixty four hundred tell our now combined that what the that mail imbalance in the general election were accepted at first? times the right of any other previous election and the fact that we were hundreds every three thousand votes in Detroit proper. from zero registered voters no at what point we can use the word. I think more about. Ok, here's, some more information, forty, Evan mission can increase by whether use dominion software so I don't know all of the county that use Michigan, suffer, but maybe that's explained some other glitches that had taken place in Michigan. So we can tell you this up primaries. Thousands of votes have had to be dismissed, including eight hundred from dead people, zero
your voters with a hundred and seventy three thousand votes? It came in ninety seven percent for Biden pull logic. not being audited ETA, Bristol boards. But now we have a good of course ended in Michigan that we know about in Antrim County were sixth, in votes, flipped from Biden to try Now here's what they're saying what we caught it before the election. We are, you probably got it before. action because you're able to match it against registered voters, because it wasn't zero There was another glitch in Oakland County and I dont know if they use dominion and it led officials to declared that they declared democratic winner Republican conceded groups, and then they call So about that you need to do that. What is it you, one man unless of course you want, but like a thousand votes and it's a small counties that you're both it and I won by us, and both like a suit of last night. We don't know about, and it was a glitch, so did he's retract his concession, you can see concede
no, I thought maybe you'd like to tweet or they will have an additional we'll get backs. His opponent said no take my like malaria, racist right. They moved in an area like door's locked door, locked up what was adopted in committee, the in giving yes all loud in giving where you you take it back its red? We know what it is. Generally, this it's red. Skin Seinfeld, red skin theft cells, worse almost savages Those people are dying of hunger, every two Fred and Ben yes. So now we have. This is our two countries emissions only caught and Biota, though the fall person units that we talk about in Georgia? Oh to memory guards were found. Someone
this place. The memory was in Michigan. It was summoned and update the software. I don't really know what they're excuses here in in Oakland County and we ve heard of several different excuse. Just listen just get over the demographic and now the republic in one like ok, well, seem that might be some errors. Can we go check out those hundred and seven thousand votes from zero registered voters? You know anything about that in a waste your time, but let's just go on and give burn the election so it uses a van dropped them off, but its camera equipment wait, not interfered and I'm wondering how those votes got here and you're like a red wagon, think we're missing each other thick. Oh your racist! Without worry, we were able to see when the wagon was pulled in and they port brought it into the room. But then somehow the windows got very unstable. It's fine! Reporter sense organs a lot is legit. I ve talked about across all of the states as we wrap up fraud, we can I'm getting Mary knew the into this. Now might
hail. Kelly Garrett is at the name on the Hudson HAWK Elliot, Entail Kelly, get worked, his dominions, project manager, cake us we'll talk, when you quite a bit Sidney. Powell has said that there is blatant fraud. The FCC chairman's Sidney Power, so that there is evidence, I believe her. That's what he's We have heard about credibility besides do you said that, though just happened well, you know I mean everyone's borrowing from my notes threat. adventures nothing's you jerks so my care Mikhail colleague. Here she worked his dominions project manager. He is in the guise of a girl. Tell you the only woman layer. Sometimes you guys and understand it. Mispronounced things are, I miss gender people, sometimes because it's funny that trip and then some none because thereby read it and I'm reading an article on there's no picture of eradicating when talking about it because he's gonna talk about this stuff on the new zones. Gonna tell about corruption. Talk about these, so this person, that's column, left column. Kelly, Garret worked. His dominions. Product manager then worked at Michigan
Democratic Party headquarters and as the deputy director and is now mayor of Laughter Village in Michigan. Here's something important She is so does she helped broker twenty five million dollar contracts, twenty five million dollar contract, but Queen Dominion and the state of Michigan, while still serving as the Van chair for the Oakland County Democratic Party. So when people talk about this when people talk about getting big money out of politics, someone Who has twenty five million at stake whose working for that company, while currently sitting in office at the taxpayer's dime, there's some kind of a law against that? Or is it like insider trading, where it doesn't apply two guys named Newt by not just issued a pre executive executive order. That said, it was fine. Ok from
President Elect Office, maybe yes, this is the first time the President Elect is going to pre. Part in himself is really. It is likely that works out form gun, he's that you always said like down trumpets playing. Forty chess do Joe Biden, just peace planks, he's playing for ease playing eight x checkers important that doesn't work. That way I was hoping you I was hoping you go along with it. No doubt So we a scratch and sniffed trumpets playing chess, but by displaying hopscotch, Yes and I'd like to play hungry hungry hippos. If you want to later that, you can do with Frank learns. How should I know well, sneakers he's playing you're playing jump rather than theirs. The rhythm and be less it.
with another dogma that says misread the dummy. They taught me how to play jump rope and I did it and Canada with a black accent like the street part of sesame three, and I was immediately beaten attitude from little show called amen right when he walks a double dutch amen to that saving devil cheap. I don't know what I mean. Above all, it hit the notification bell. If you're subscribed on you too, because I ve been so mean a whole lot. We broadcast weekday ten, a M Eastern! Of course the notifications will let you know when something goes up. It's a special like an election. We go live and you can. I was but a lot of Canada Congress to check these sources. That's probably are best placed to stay in touch. Now, let's go through a recap of the affidavits. Ok, because this is important having affidavits themselves, it's basically a declaration under oath right. You are legally held liable for that. If you make that declaration, but we ve seen some corroborating evidence now, just like we seen some corroborating corroborating ever
for those electors thing we're not going to certify this because of irregularities, and now I just showed you why the irregularities are registered. Voters hundred twenty richer voters, two thousand, then Dear zero, zero users, a video you all this seems atypical. So the affidavit- one of the affidavits. This is in Michigan twenty, two hundred and thirty four pages. I think that the law and another on page twenty three or something like that, but you guys can go re all these affidavits in the website that Let someone reported the ballots were run through the machine five times, and it seems confirmed by some internal numbers. We brought this from twitter and leave verified it where there have ballots run one two three four times that has been done, many times we don't know. Where did come from came from pile of zero where nothing olefin. It's called magic, its convergence and,
There are about their a balance, not the voter database, where they just entered a fake birthday of one one. Nineteen hundred helpful lets us helpful because it can say will see people to stay there. For two hundred and twenty years old we ve entered this birthday is a default date loud venture a deal all Dave a hundred and twenty years old, and also why are you entering a default dated all don't people here have birth dates, weren't they born made it again and Susie Wild guess usually or wild, but I like how you can just identifies a hundred and twenty year old says I want identifies a person who was not born. I just appeared just now. What would a piece of data that would actually make it legal Frida vote or illegal, just guess: yeah! That's not really NASA
thirty thousand, given you an approximation approximation of when they were born at nineteen hundred? What makes you say that neither hit as we have zero dead, no registered voters, so your guess is as good as mine haven't. We don't guess my be crazy, where we can get punished. Thirty thousand votes to win made on the left, the vote. We, maybe we shouldn't let them via a little five year old Sally, has to be able to vote somehow suppression five year olds, not voting just Sally Lady names, salad voting five times ballots were even when they had no signature or they weren't registry. These are often the affidavits pull workers duplicated ballots to incorrect precincts to run through to balance for one person, twenty to thirty times claims at sixty percent of ballots? In one box had the same signature, a city employee claimed that she was asked to backdate ballots now, here's the thing. Those are three four five that from sworn affidavits that we don't have corroborating evidence for, but there are several already that we do now remind same thing in Georgia. People said you would never you'll never find any difference. Whether recount,
provided it, maybe one. Maybe it will actually found over fifty four hundred new votes, the overwhelming which overweening majority, which were for Donald Trump and that wasn't a real recount. That was a show recount right, those political theatre, Rico. How have we done an actual recount now right here, people refuse to certify because they have access to the data? They were dachstein intimidated. Isms Teamsters showed up with a two by four with a nail through this family certified, and then they said that intimidated devout. Now we see some of these affidavits are actually being confirmed, like ballots being run several times. Do we know. that is sitting employees backdated ballots. How do you check this when you, about hundreds of thousands of votes replaced with zero registered voters and you have no right How could you? How could you possibly test to see if it was a vote, a pole worker, a precinct worker filling in that
or backdating or filling in the signature years? My question goes: how can we possibly on this at this point? You go back, you count them all. And you don't know anything- you look at the ones that have the information to compare them to the registrar voter rules. Would you don't have to or not what right have registered rotor roles, and you have the names on the ballots, but what they didn't do was bothered to do anything. To put the information that you would use to check whether, for example, there are going to say let's see the answer was all of these people are not registered voters. Will you know you can throw the MILAN or you would say: oh they like it or not. They are ready. your voters, but we just didn't check them to make sure. How would you check them? How'd you check them in the first place. Liked about community. Don't have an aim autumn, so you check the balance against egotistic. that's what the board is saying. There's these results don't make sense, right right to do what here that here's the thing that we have a hundred and seventy three thousand votes from no registered voters. So what're you check it against. How do you find if it's an authentic signature, if you dont have them?
run and while you're right on apple, if they're my my thing is: there's only two ways to go about it: either the ballots are not registered voters and then there's nothing to check right there. Just off you throw them, or they are registered voters that the system failed to connect with an actual run Schroeder and an audit would reveal whether or not those were again either railroads, rotors or not real reservoirs, and I canvas border saying This is the only way to check it. This is the only way to think you can a certified and they were bully is that you would have to and would have to throw the hundreds of thousands of you'd have to throw out those who did what there's? No wonder you re voters, voters. How would you check that when you canvas? How would you check to see if a city employee, backdated the ballot seems to me there be no way of some? Of those things are the major problems that you would not be able to offer exam, when the ban comes in and you see a certain date on it, you can tell em with you had a video that sure what the ballot was persons. Aiming in it. Had the video had a damn stamp, you would be able to know
They came in on time or not on time, but the issue of registered voters is one where, if you have ballot, but that that aim to match the backdate biologists and we will need video graphic ever we need to state government to seize those red flyer- wagons, yes and it over and over again give me area era like yeah. I don't know This is the thing is at this point like you're saying with those garden How many of them could have in that data is all happening in the dead of night and the precinct was boarded up you just have to either there's no. You cannot trust this vote in Michigan. You have to do a revolt. You'd have to toss so many votes and then- a vote that you can't verify anyway there's no possible like this is a quagmire here. I just don't think that guinea, Michigan, the Michigan election is illegitimate. Theirs. No way to trust it right now and I dont know if there's any way to certify because
no one in the legislature wants to look into these numbers. No one in the media is asking for these numbers. It was shocking to everyone here. I saw you I'll. Hang If your mouths open my Disney film and bugs Bunny just turned to allay body- and I note a mix up whereby doesn't- does need but shut up star wars, Nortons go Watchmen Delorean. My point here is: This is our fingers delicious. Something is here I don't see any solution to be on throwing it out what we have to take an extraordinary step, because you can't say: oh, we did this, but then we mix them altogether. So you can never undue answer. You just have to take the vote. No, you have to take whatever extraordinary step that is necessary to say we get to the right number and by the way it seems like trying to be worse than the state before, like Arizona guy we're not been counting, it was lost in Georgia's. I hold my beer. We having found all our boats yet wreck Libya to me. I believe that that is the area where there is nothing hold on hold on. Don't rush me, no time delay on Miss Ip Detroit, and we did
seventy three thousand and four seconds Lyra floating. You do and I'm not sure what you mean by illegitimate vote, but I would say that there is a process by which we can determine illegitimate election or I don't know- I don't know what you mean by a legitimate election, but I would say to the point where you have another we're a processes. The villain was struggling adultery minutes. I think so. You can more poverty says, I'm not saying I right, I guess what I'm saying is: I'm not ready to say that the entire state of Michigan in all their votes need to be just discounted, because it doesn't make any sense in Geneva any vote, I think any to revolt and have some and have some actual safeguards unpleasant. I cannot pull our cars. We have zero registered voters hundred seventy five thousand votes coming in in the dead of night ninety seven percent of which are for Joe Biden and no one is checking it and people are being docks and are saying the only reason we're not reset what the reason that we had to rescind our stay that we weren't going certifies because we're afraid for families and then you
in the primary eight hundred people who voted, who were dead they're not even running this, the same when the primary they're, not even fixing it from the primary, are making it worse? I dont know how you trust or there's no revolt option right is not an option of Russia, the glass but then. You toss the entire state and you go to every person. They lighter democratically say we're just gonna ignore it, but there is a process that will reveal the fraud. Do the extent of hot, where these no Lack of registered voters are or are they not red in your right? If this is the normal process, the courts will go and say hey if the Peat way people were taking, these in was backdating them and we have evidence that shows that they were being backdated. You take that lump of balance and you picked up. My point is ITALY. The rivers there can be no evidence like is. Unless someone was there, someone was there with a Nikon going backdating it. So the stuff that we do have is bad enough or their registered voters. They ve been asked no one's answering for it, and then there are things that you can't prove. I mean the electors are unjust, certify the election. I think it s over them. That's what happens right and when is it
based on fraud, and I think this is so severe in Michigan, more any other state, again it also just it doesnt pass the reason test when we look into how read these counties are and how Some of them switch, some of them didn't and then the county, where we were most curious, especially because we want to see how Donald Trump performed in the inner city to today s vote, because the early polls show that he was up like thirty something percent had forty eight percent of forty six percent approval running with black voters, if only as a case, to see what would happen to see how much progress Donald Trump has made for black voted in a public authority. We have not yet in the less or even make sense and out they don't that if you look at all the other data you'd have to, you have to say that these certain precincts, and not even the precincts justly absentee votes, go against all the data in every other priests. In every other county and other state that committee, that did the elections and throughout history by
the bright throughout history there's never been a candidate who is receiving ninety seven percent of the volume in any cabinet. There I mean, even if you're gonna do commit fraud, you'd be like taunting. Ninety seven, like MIKE Tyson, do acknowledge his eyes. We can't it's like we. No one's gonna believe will only just guy race that we hide it. Then they won't even know they won't, even after believe it that's what corruption south richest pocket off from his grave gone, you guys are crazy, but it seemed so just it's a stupid that water is it really. It is this. Could this pottle unwilling? But let me tell you to stay here until until Stephen mentioned today, you didn't even know whether with super not stupid. I didn't even know it exists right so that The point sometimes the most blatant lies- are stupid: You see them, but the point was you were never going to see them get you
never going to know they were there, but then what you see me I go so obvious. Now, that's how many weeks I have been in no one has pointed out and that the fault not the fault of the obviously the leftist media they won't and there's no level of fraud where they just assume that everybody is going to look at it like that right. Well, there's no level of fraud, because when there is the hundred twenty eight thousand typo in Wisconsin this recipe by the way- and we were messaging that tell what's his name- PETE bump- it was something on Philip bump at the national well he's. I rather came, he said well, I came in from Abiden county within it was a typo. They actually added a zero rights round that moment in time they said, but who cares? That's normal? They weren't going to investigate four blip and what I'm saying is. This is actually more severe than a typo, and no one here since it concerns our fault, outta, the leftist media, they know that you are not going to be doing any digging. That's why you them when you're in an airport not lay over, but the people on the right and this is what also bothers me. Sometimes is they give you red meat and they wanted a raw yeah voter fraud and I've seen some
We'll share these videos that are really bad on the algorithmic voter fraud. One almost from doc something, and is this graph and has been shared, Deanna Endless, it's actually just its dishonest and is using statistics to mislead people. So you have. Is the left wing keeping it completely silent and then you have people on the right, not actually doing the digging, and so here you are this should be the first place? Your hearing, you should set her this everywhere. You shouldn't every major am ready or show is year in every major conservative pot. Guess you should be certainly hearing on foxes and seen in the fact that we are doing it we're doing these research. It did. We certainly want and we lose a strange and we just dropped. Ten thousand people really mean ok just address random. I got the by the way. This is a good opportunity as any to say, hey. Please do follow us on parlor because argued we never know. When now you never know when those walls are gonna. Clothes in, like like whatever the first hours, was an idea that I
So yes, so we have to go to nectar power, not club after this, but the first there's a video making the rounds. Is it what what's the company cut cut? and what's the name of the video, it's it's. What are white people superior at is it superior at superior at that's? Actually, title leave so low I don't want to start a raise war, but tightening Graham or so of using this idea. to be clear by the way trigger warning this. video is incredibly racist. The still allowed on Youtube. mind about to me just a bunch of mostly people than some kind of shapes: There is, I don't know, non racially by non racial binary. Berating right people know. Did you find out everything was Harvard recently, so the Asians are actually people of color,
itself, you lost privilege merely rewarding. I married him again. They still hope for your children. So this is on Youtube. Of course, and this was Are there need to page? You know nothing about this and I told Dave because you know you workshops and I should like it This is video, oh and there'll be bettered rails because I dont think that we respond. Inexact kind, and let me be clear: believe anything there saying just like. I wouldn't believe these stereotypes, if they or to be uttered about black people, but This is the video we are all going to react. to the video rum, featured on Youtube titled. What are white people superior ACT but in fact, white people support according to television everything. Why make a flat why would she before for what she knew karate she could take thou, think people,
I would pause. What's a farce really quickly. What's a fox, I don't know superheroes is definitely what I'm not evidence check your sources: zero with white people, fly, You see it's not it's! Not a Beverly. Audrey like this is what it was was accorded to your imagination. I think, in flat rate, according to fake and she s among against short white people, According to your imagination, you can vote nine time when Detroit lawyer, we all have either I'm five five. I can barely get out of bed from depression that all right. Let's hear GO and have a guaranteed. No one said what an altar is. They don't really due to correct them No martial arts throttled actresses movie kind of like how foxy Brown. What's your this not a do you have it can re every right, let's continue playing The secret passwords this week is single,
catch in its stance has me Peter, coming to see pass range view vision of this you to come and take them and you will be rewarded p under estimating what are white people superior at. Are you a white person asking it sounds like you
Of course, what are white people superior? I don't know where my does not usually language Roman examines mostly about in spite of the love data. That's all you see what I'm letting them get on your countertops, why you're cook- and that is a clear. Yes, I gave you pay blood. You need to take it everywhere. Like everywhere, I guess you know: hey justifiable downward her view. Electrocuted five years later, this year, you're gonna get to. yeah? I always do what are you doin, always my eyes pause: that's black, Dane Cook humor and that is something that is totally unrelated, but we should listen. Everyone here knows that white people always fucking tuna detour. They walk in the grub tuna, they put it in your mouth. They can't get enough
I wonder why I am white attitude. Cats are all ever ever better like. What's what are red blood? It was a very rare, watermelon. First orbiting, it's not if your palace, maybe about it I'll, do like certain foods and I'm sure why people do like certain? Of course, differences white people can be irish, they can be italian right, they can be Germans thing like munitions, so they can my pasta they can like potatoes the haggis, if their scottish, I have no idea we'll preferences, but
The casserole is not a white fail. Now we're not every area to night, I don't. I was thrown a kiss bert yeah. We look on Asian from the waste up and I love tuna. So we like this vision, mouser love sooner, do chicken it and see that she had chicken is tuna defrauded our desire to say no to the tune of white people who know MA am spit it out on the cat on the counter aright. What show dogs you idiot like why don't you eat it? It is early Gerald as these experimented sorry leave. I actually do now. I'm gonna be bettered much, but at least give us not littering
right now, I feel terrible littering. That's why the entire state motto. Taxes is don't litter. Here will that's where there's not litter, though they live like you right now, You will say why people better earlier. They are following instructions, you tell them not to let it didn't. You tell em up and Adobe Walgreens. It makes me kind. I want to do it what's continue, of course, Zol and good fun. There the racists is alive, of their recipes, making bland food unseasoned Jake and how you start whole spice wars? Don't you? U seasoning, like food, only hold clauses it over to the West indian training. First of all, the Heavens has a fine got buying. Any of this about guys are made for crying out loud, think about think about like hot wings and enough that's a white, those two guys in Buffalo. It's our only talking I'll give it to him would still say it's a black food.
Ok, I mean Dave, appropriated, Dave Approach. They ve. I hate that I have been talking about, it is the whole beauty in America. Is you can be black and eat pasta? You don't have to be an old time any you didn't you can check and wings and be white or you can be glad you can eat irish still and be white or black. Isn't like yours, parading all of us on things? indeed only one matter and are even true, so willing to continue teasing you at the at the level at which you, We are racist, but in gentle prodding, let's see more, smelling funky Santa Claus. Mailing aren't gonna torn maize's people about having fun that's a function like supremacy because they did not help me pressing. What's happened they having one is raising thing and we don't have neither lies first white paper. That's a funk why people have fun it's a function of white supremacy, because there are many stresses paying
axes employing people not saying the blackmail, don't pay taxes, but there's a significant portion of white and black people who don't pay taxes for seventy percent of Americans. Don't pay federal income tax did I say the Wrong House Party- you can tell by the hair cut so like. I can't I'm like seeing read here, yeah well, that's, why would you she read your enemy, stresses my gosh inside what what I've been? Actually, I swear worthy to be, in other words like wet dollar one man's fund, the other than that that white man fuck fuck. It is funky ass. You do in going to think about how races that gentleman in the mask has to be to have accused every other person. color of being unable to or any severe disadvantage of, having fun rat. It's all right now, trade me spots: where can you just do it? I don't care, I think, all the
Shit about runnin later even apply for an election. Give it to me. I will take it now. I will I will even switch. Maybe I'd say that is fine. You that's me like it's. Obviously, just dog whistles it just really what it also that's one thing I was that there would white people all you shall lame and uptight you can dance it was now. Does anybody would have more fun? I would have liked my gloves thousand you gotta why global line dancing ever looks miserable theirs from this awful. Finally, scattered. Nobody and you know, do a gay, no club, there's a white shooter having no fun it all. I got people are no one else. What is going on so they bitten within this idea. I know why did you give you something a break or no stressors right, yeah? I d go specially based on your other stereotypes. Why people have stressors use
that, the next time a country music festival becomes the worst mass shootings in american history like it was white people and Hooty and in Asia I forget his name now. It dairies record you'll always be hooty them. I wish we had so forgotten. It right make him cry. Let's continue with the right. Thanks cut we do not have the privilege to do whatever it, however, we want to what is actually Workpeople superior. Arrested we always driving down the street with down the highway with a friend of mine. Who is why, when he's uneatable, Mewks gonna pull over and p, and I'm in the passenger see please all because a black man thinks differently. pull over, decided road and p. A cop is going to be right behind me to punish What is that there were other pause, insecure that may or may not be true,
first off, everyone will be punished for paying in the side of the road. I know someone who was but who had become a reddish sex offender for being in a park nightly what I've known you there and that's why, wait? You can look to the archives. I think if you just type in a few, tube searches are working right now, if problems after this video, if you type in sight, even prouder p in reactions. I taught people how to pee while driving on a long road trip. The key is you have, The all the way over the White Lane and a wide mouth Gatorade bottle in other words, is not lost on me that the funds could take me down for public urination, so you're here just out of touch, did you see the White Lane the widening He said white Light Lane. Thank you, gotta lank zoo driver that White Lane. They don't forget all its thing. If you're driving, you got appears thing, you have to be all the way over the right line. Yeah you have to hold your you're, so no one can seek as of right the passenger side here this far. Doesn't matter one on, don't look. You can see the second day, Landau sexting
My strong preferences rules is that you'd not admit of crimes on the show, while driving is our crime. Yes, it is well allegedly- I had a tube. I don't want to know where that was where the video long drive. Catherine I think, you're sure we're being a fearful of nothing being ignorant. Why letting their prevention requires further every move freely, shrewdly filling victim the victim gradually themselves ownership, that therein or should have already been done, their superior at big dicks. What exactly, Look, let's say you re taken out of context: black People are only superior at being dicks now hope, I gotta contacts it. You can now scan thirty seconds in either direction. That is that it
finish of racism. That's gone past differences like they smell different, listen. I think we all acknowledge it. You have certain people from different people from different races, smell different different people from different areas of the country, smell different different people like different foods. I don't think that's racism to recognise differences. I think racism is believing that one race of people is superior to another solely because of their race, and I think saying why people all people in general are dicks pejorative qualify. as you racist pickets, not in general, all I'll be all are superior at being dicks and tipping
Look you that's a true stay with me to stay here then. Maybe it would not be races, but it raises because it is not, of course, maybe eight percent of the world population there's not dicks in its turn. We none of them are here, but now I know at least two or three white friends that I have that. Aren't you in this room will not be a good samples yeah. No, I look. I know why people that you know they'll built up. You know maybe twelve percent air. His name is Bernie Sanders. Artless lack of empathy, intellectualize saying oppression did I say oppression. relatively thinking. This is more. A worm rejects, like always saying one step ahead of other people could get rid of slave catcher. Is then, let's just expand. The police force like that stuff to me is why
What exactly are? Why can we pause? I know you didn't you gotta pull and bring me. This is all one big glorified, add four spirit: Halloween cost it's gotta be yet we got ready. We made century farm size, we guy, we got out, we got Jake, I guess we girl from the craft but- China, but you mean no over my demand history, gummy you'll go when it would look at US colleague, EVA scale, this Calloway. a whale somethin, you privilege you get to where you will in I never been wailing. You wanna Ferrel, almost sombrero hat the word my guys I was wondering if this is real, is absolutely it's kind of one or two percent real Israel. And are all and binds cabinet real. That's continue watching.
Leave We know that there are some period viewing superior, linking their superior thinking, that we are speaking keen that they are second flowing, although lifestyle, devolution and throwing the narrowly leaving their own press hearkening of white superiority, whether you are what money, whether themselves job little already putting voice from the sea about claiming that you know they are actually a whole separate way, and actually white DNA comes from black female than what we are hearing. We pause honey. Look how many people here do we think voted for Biden, a white man, One hundred YO nineties and bravery voting. Come all honest. I bet you find more votes for Donald Trump in this cast then in wine county. Don't worry about how many more that registered voters probably yeah how they affect the number of caste and then subtract zero. I mean just. We know for a fact that this violates every social platform. Stated. Guidelines
Oh yeah, I remember how we were looking as you know, is not that we have been archiving this. This is one to save. Yeah there's a thousand of them that we have a lot of, but I dont think only one has been this: isn't a hydra. The lists shut up, shut up chinese piece of shit. Yes, hands with well then mutilation, but he's gotta. Look, I'm just looking for the gods cynicism. Just like people get mad because I got going. Are you she was gonna crashed through this way per man and, like you, demanded the Chinaman put. I don't know where it's like. We talk about you, ll get mad. These AIDS offensive, it's wonderful! we ve had these conversations is some random people in that someone who merriment and they like to constantly have to refer to your lawyer as half Asian. That seem like that's the point
right, but that is considered more friends and then, like all, what does all white people dicks? Well, I come from a black woman. as we all do. We all do I, although do It is because you are correct in what rattle run incredibly ironic to say there is no real mama, but you came from race right. Yes, I wear this thought we'd just doing just literally a half sentence earlier, you said there is no right, so why race is a figment of your imagination, Have you wanna and fuck you white boy, I'm confused! Is there more it's like that old test to when you look at the door, Do you see a yell, a guy, your answer, a black dress. These people just want to burn it, No, then, by these people I mean these people in this video who are racist. I mean this autumn clan rally. I wonder how go
They are too by the white person with their guilt that put this video together and added. It is that's what it feels like did any of them. the press that it was a white person and asked them to do this, There are now a white person behind the camera that it's a white person that owns this crap. We have the full video, but at the end of it, actually you hear a kind like talk soup here, slow producer anxiously. The Duke are: let's keep Watch Edward, How much longer is another. We had had a minute to amend a man took it all new minutes are those laws, the lives of history? They say that customs ridden by nobody, but the victor could be replaced by the colonizers. What are white people superior,
conquering imperialism venture to open up for me to say about a policy mission, none of us and everybody else, really they ballsy. They woke up all over the world and they walk into everybody's house. And since this is nice, I'm gonna take issue and then ass. You know qualms about it on signals a worthy. It's got. Your white people have committed to billion dollars in damage right now. With these black lives matter riots, I may there were a lot of identified people. There were some one hundred people was black lives matter riots. So if you're, the double must for all the evils of white people. the label black lives matter and take responsibility for the crimes committed at the black lives matter. Alleys, even though there were some white people that early sea of powdered wig during a home invasion, because I thought I'd love to blame the sex workers it wasn't like that, it's like all of their references for why people in old Cagney fail
Will they said, I listen see. Take our staff shiny, Don carve a convention on trash you, having heard your negro arrive, what they said. They got rid of slave catchers and broaden the police and, like I think I don't know, were thinking the same thing here yet. Well, that's a argue police is the modern day slave force, where's the most to levels of police brutality where the highest levels of black Gittin cry. And jailing for crimes and arrests. Therein, democratic controls set out for a large part being controlled by minorities, both as chief of Police Mayor City Council? Don't gimme some factual, you know that that the average is skewed by Kemal Harris. She put in more loudly, let's turn like Rudy Giuliani in reducing crime. She put in so many nonviolent black offenders behind bars, use. The numbers are not fair way without was the past and the present. Now she is no longer in charge of the additives where's Chuck tailors my vote less. Can
with regard to pocket, ninety five zero right but the freezing now for the dance and horrible taste arrogant, we can bring up our white boys gets right. Now that might be of use to soft racism as a whole is theirs. Lingering racism display is let's just get to the last minute I live. I lit journeys is due in people's lives this because they feel your white. Well, you know this year pretty why pillar two you're adopt a photo negative microphone says: it's ok to do is impossible. Spi allows you to be ignorant right, unethical didn't know, what exactly are white people superior? Take it they are taking shape in the camp ginger for second posit gesture Britain Can someone bring up the arm?
libraries what you're doing work apparent as I don't really understand it will break, is not one of our skill sets. A positive point is that there is a certain raised that is actually predispose by their genetics to do certain things that people exist in all races right and that's the whole point and the problem is that, unfortunately, in the black community right now, there are encouraged by this kind of hate rhetoric and this kind of hateful rhetoric. When you say white people are dicks, they steal commit genocide, they want to enslave life people, that's how you justify violence against white people, just like that's how you just by violence against Trump supporters by calling the Nazis? This right here justifies black violence, black on white violence, which too is a horrible things, always what on black violence, those black on black violence, but this right here justifies it because you talk about white people,
on a level that is sub human, and that is what leads to be verifiable quantities today, if your argument also shows their own insecurity, and that's the problem is yes. This brutalize is both groups. This is somewhere to mess up both sides because it is designed to make angry and it is designed to make them feel like they are less important in our society, are ok. Let's continuing launching eliminating Richardson rhythms morning related about two things: they do not belong in other people's culture in making you believed that they intensity. Maybe they think it s very purpose in like recycle and re purpose. That's my grandma was ably whitefoot they'll. Take it. If you don't copyright, the are very good at destruction of common terrestrial laws, destruction of humanness. What exactly are white people prepare? your people, yours and with anything, nothing, nothing, nothing. I don't believe it.
superior anyway shape or form? I love her skin color, different. I don't know I wouldn't listen. I wouldn't mind. I certainly would make bets anticipating that's the generalization. I certainly would make the argument that their superior at editing or doing and cards because its unlike away personnel from the questions, but I certainly wouldn't argue that why people are incompetent everything. Nor would I argue that with black people, I cannot believe that that is allowed to stay awhile and actually got some juice from big companies at the with the big tech overlords. I would love Slovenia, where it just white people, saying the exact same things right, but I don't have it. put it out era generalizing, I think made one of the faces and maybe to keep people from pigs ill right. You don't worry about it more than what is going to be. Our bore purport to clear, exactly border block what they do very dark in the smell bird earn grown work their purse,
a reaction that even they like show their pets. The world has ever seen and we're out of their homes right wherever dog, fighting, Wade's shaping my furniture. I don't know. If you need to Palestine can be on Africa now you might probably mad that we have them later. Ok, ok we're gonna be going out. So let me tell you a quick start here. Is that lettuces he did this. Happened this morning. I was not well here you're really quickly and on this I was it quick trip, as you well know, we want to say that America is divided and quick trip, not a sponsor, but you should be as I will not set foot in the turkish prison. That is racetrack, I'm sure not so I was at
quick trip. This morning I had to go pick up some half an hour for the misses and them so I go in and rule the science has yet to Murmansk right to have one's wearing a mask and like ok, put it on discordant. Want causes seen right in this black eye. Walked right, pass me and he's not wearing a mask. Any walked right in since this is the exact conversation I said, that word it a good good for you. That's balls egos up. What are you talking about? What This is a moral and I tore off my mask symbol. locally as another. Listen, I'm saying that the balls you move. I appreciate that you walked in you, You're saying you got my early on child, you I'm telling you I'm telling you know they ve downtown you ass a day: hey, hey! It's a compliment to the wind. But he mumbled and he walked out. Nevertheless, this is where we are in this country. For some reason, people are so uptight. Any of that the idea of the tension in the mask, and then you have racial tension, because for some private, because people are watching videos like cut, they think that if a white person off
I'm a compliment that somehow it some kind of an insult vice it that was lit. I was very clear in complimenting him after that. I personally have I walked out and there are some police officers near by, and I have told you I go buy now is thank police officers. Not inheritors want to. Thank you for your service nails, my man, you know. Thank you. People don't do that now. It is and then enough a black eye witnesses car and he put his head out of my remarks that I felt I felt racist because I thought I was sick and I said to the gods ass I do know is that I really appreciate your nose actual at first. I know you're not like grade school. Teachers are anything but you know being shot at record numbers. I consider first responders aces thanks man, we don't get. lot of. Thank you self do. Do make sure that you dont tell someone hey good for you for doing whatever you're just like. In other words, if it, what would this is the lesson people have different races, just don't talk to each other. Now, just listen to
but listen to come, Allah Harris and just learned that we should be more divided than ever. That's the message to take away from President Biden Elect, and this is something somebody So why are you so positive wiring? Why, when the country is going to crap with the election right, as has happened with the election stream look, this is not made puttin up appearances. I I really do think that the country tends to a better place today than it was yesterday and tomorrow then today I tend to believe that in the long run, the United States- and I know that- won't last forever, but you gotta look at your. The pendulum swings both waits right and the pendulum swung from Barack Obama, so on your left here to doubt really hard as hard as you possibly could write- you went from Barack Obama. Far left to die from them is really far right, but perceived that way, and that was a harder swing, then from Georgia. we Bush centre right to Barack Obama and now we ve gone to bide, which I would say is not as hard of a swing as George Bush was too was too
Och Obama and when people say what does your hope for the confusion, I will say when I first got my conceal carry licence k in Texas and they used to do it where you could do it in someone's house. As long as there is a sort of certification and ripe for Brooklyn was becoming president and the guy asked me because at this point on Fox news. You should work. What do you think's going to happen with our country Did you know I am? I am optimistic cautiously. I think that Barack Obama's probably going to do some damage with policies, but I think we have systems in place that can that can rectify that, and he said, I think it too much people be each other in a street for loaf of bread. So whenever someone says the countries going away, it's done. I picture that guy and how crazy in wrong he was, and you now he's predictions are about the same thing: of getting it right as Dick Morceau shit up things, aren't that bad, there's, always a silver lining, and this is the United States of america- dont be defeatist. They
Then you just allow yourself to be defeated right now. Actually, we do have to hit like if you're watching it like right now, because it helps this video get out to everybody, especially with the voter fraud segment, but for everyone else, right. Now we are going to be exclusively to my club. We have Nicht APOLLO and your chat Youtube you. What is there something else? If we get this off, you too
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