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F35 Conspiracy Breakdown: What Really Happened to America's $100M Jet?

2023-09-20 | 🔗
Procter & Gamble brand Braun is in hot water for its new ad campaign featuring a trans person. NYC is now removing statues in its city. Also, the lost F35 jet was found in South Carolina. Lastly, over the weekend The Ukrainian Defense Force’s Trans spokesperson ranted about Russian propagandists.Tune in. Guest: Bryan CallenGo to Manscaped.com and use the code CROWDER20 for 20% OFF and FREE SHIPPINGJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sou... NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcr... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowde... Music by @Pogo
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The I say the future is ours. If you can help now look what we have before us. We have louder crowd right next to Alex Jones. We have nick depaulo right next to MR guns. Indeed, on today's show alone, you have Brian camp right next to Gerald and nobody is rolling, no one, and that is a mirror.
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the Oh that's good image as much as saying that real, it's not just lip service delicious I don't want anybody. I have no idea. It's gonna look of the drama, the teabag janet borders, tons of someone hot summer.
the records you know. So I don't sound like s amendment, but sometimes I do so like Ethel murmur nanette. Maybe I'm glad to be with you. We have a lot to get to today. That's like it's kind of become the really big show the lot to get to today, rhythmic show. I'm gonna. Keep keep saying that are you by by you can admonish me. I I always say that, because I'm always looking at the run down that we provide to you, dont drums. his account was hacked? That's not necessarily huge story, but it's funny, brown and because it was hacked it's funny. What they said. Braun is now going to use a bronze me. The trans female, with a with a with boobs, could offer a new commercial at that point. As you get it, and then a new york city they're going to be removing the george Washington statue they're looking to do that, looking at get rid of washington monument dunno. If you know this, but he freed his slaves upon his death because slavery was a thing back, then and he was actually notoriously anti slavery. You suggesting in a world that was, pro slavery, siphoned washing feel deserves a little bit more of a defence and he actually gets
look at thirty five one. You think actually happened to the thirty five jet. There are a lot of conspiracies out. There will be talking about. I think there are european. So this thing that were found, but Doesn't do you any favours when they put, everything is opaque. They just nanine into the store. Is yes, so we get into that and more and gerald a number to see you. How are you I'm doing? Well? How are you I'm over my neck? Still bothering it is, I know- and yesterday everyone was telling me- you know from the chat like get traction. Do this everybody's got a solution. Yeah, it's a little bit better, a little bit better. Only two ways at you hurt your neck. You guys, a company law for another two ways: it you hurt your neck. One of them is the flash, and when you hear this, certain third sure he's gonna, be the genesee cedar in what keegan illinois? That's funny name, Sunday september twenty. Fourth, you can see his whole lot to our lineup there, Brian cal dot com, Brian gowen. Are you, sir? I'm a man mckagan, that guy sneezed,
that doesn't sound at all. It is yeah. Well, that's what keegan says yeah that sounds like you're faking it anything at all. It's I'm a native american impress. Tiara read the word redskin. Is that what it is, there's actually a scene, this advocating mission control can bring it up. There's redskins, wait, wait, Does it really? Are you partially redskin, What percentage is iran? I dont know, because my grandmother won't give me the to sounds Santer Rigour in LOS angeles, such an honor blue eyes, were not so incoherent ray you send you to shut up, or than was Warren yeah, oh nine. Its Elizabeth warren to your here on as much as warner herzog is cherokee has is that we get your cheek bones as I smoke our chat with all of my friends and wrote my cookbook for new york times best seller. I hope that they would not, discover the fraud that existed within me spirit, cooking,. I wasn't what I act unable to.
You know kate with the bs, then we get Mr president, it is very good, ha ha right, so brian cow! Now that's going to be a lot, and you know what eight before anything else. If you see this, I know are on youtube, so hit the like button. But if, at any point- and I guarantee you you will today, you see this while you're on youtube. That means head on over to rumble there's like a five second delay, and we just hit the center button for youtube and once we run out of delay. Get suspended in Europe. It yes right! So before we get to any of the other stories here. I guess this is I've seen this because they wanted me to be a surprise. You'll be surprised. Here's a wife, out as gay to her husband. That's all eleven parenting this year I came on his gay husbanded, insufferable signally acts and he had.
sweetest imagined him to be twitter action, and this is why he said what did you say. I said that I was so proud of. You bruce said that he likes to watch Now we are also grown, separate ways and we're about to put this house on the market She wrote you, like my ex husband yeah. They that got five per cent. public service announcement be exactly the opposite of that ex husband method. That has to be clear. I do know every action that he's taken just of there could be some exceptions, but as I've always the exception does not prove the rule as a general rule, whatever that man does do the exact opposite of him. Yes, lisi gets laid now anne and by the way, to me to be a favorite lady, haven't you been a good person instead of the lying whore that you are here? I am under false pretences and by the way, when you came to him and said gay and want a divorce. He said, oh thank god, exactly right,
his dating profile with that beard. Did you see that weird that goatee didn't suffer that lucid variant? Eight, a male look: yeah yeah! I was going to say: here's a guy fieri goatee. He has a goatee that looks like guy fieri
he's like where you'll leave. If I did the video for you history, his pronoun is pear shaped as he likes his chances. He likes to what didn't you he's, obviously taking the out. Didn't she get the hint when he woke up from a coma, and they said? Oh, that's the most. He said in two days. He heard your voice and went and he went back to sleep yeah exactly you want a divorce because you're, gay or you're so brave as well wait, wait and joan of arc she bravely takes half have having two women. Do they get one hundred yeah? Who do they pick to take half I don't know, there's gotta be a guys somewhere. Just a chain gang of gold diggers could look forward to domestic abuse because lesbians beat the crap of that is true. Is that true?
I don't know yet and I think of you re. Actually we still have better lesbians that or the other. We have not come as a seed armed with rough wrestling, I'm getting to know. It starts with a disparity in power with lesbian couples, because, unlike with gay couples where we both have a nuclear option with lesbian couples are easily tens me one, he was pretty pretty glued like and is just the one going to resort to violence most quickly, so domestic abuse, rampart and lesbian households nonexistent gave us star. Go that muffins. This hasn't what suppress won't you. It off by a rocky and bebop nose ring well, he was already he was also in the background of the of the tiny thing he was kind of. In the background- and he was shuffling around waiting for his cue when he went action- and he was like it is a must The thing in my life, it can you move his mouth, his ear, incredibly brave. As with her, so
your path, smile she get back and get back. Ok, now that we're not allowing the house did you she calls in her muscle. Sorry lover are you know what I think is good time is any because my neck is, for instance, nine year old came right out of the shoot, guys leave a car
If you like seeing gerald when he east came nearer the shit with line more, which is very rare for joy, I've debt was descriptive, yad went for a christian man, I have to say that was very old test them. Well, I think that today you seem fired up. You should be in this chair and will swap it's time for chinese fire drill. Guess I don't get. You got jails. Lips are three different perspective. This a prospectus rose structures, roy prospects, which is why I feel taller. I feel taller and more christians look at the roma audio at all or your screen. Unlike gonna, like frickin tall, they have to put a stop to man height editing, but I have a short cuts being irish. That's what I'm fine, what we planned potentially to do this, but we didn't plan to do that.
What you said lying at the can. I happened. Alright, fine yeah. Well, that's fine, I'm not against it. Zoom in zoom, in on those formerly notre dame pecs, as I was knee, gave way as I've told you, though, I'm not a boob guy, so that makes her make this next story fun tell him that she's very tired of the fact that there are enough to men after I'm, not a boob guy. I was waiting well. Thank you very much he's more of a guy guy yeah, guys, I'm gay, I hate all of the electric chair. Hey hey! Can I do this? Show please go ahead and just get all right, so there's not a whole lot to the story. Other than some hilarious tweets our buddy don Jr. His twitter got hacked this morning or he's on the first of many benders. I don't think he's. Actually somebody who partakes is completely sober. It's completely sober, I don't think any happen term. I promise, but these tweets are.
gold. So let me let me rock through these really quickly someone else tweeted, somebody or someone hacked. Isn't that isn't that him does not end, but it's really funny hey. I just realized on the second. We handed this over to gerald and on the segment of gerald as the self awareness to realize it. You don't actually say the inward that was tweeted. Yeah just that I just realized. We we took all that was my good opportunity to bleep half the words in these tweets. What he's talking to a few letters? That's all waiting all day, all right, so this first one and this this one got a lot of traction quickly. Obviously, I'm sad to announce my father, Donald trump has passed away. I will be running for president in two thousand and twenty four. No this just in the next week. This just in north korea is about to get smoked. I think everybody said I don t think he would sad. Does that another that maybe he took it back over me for a minute and then get back out sound emma? He would say this next one though f Joe Biden stupid a inward.
you can say, stupid ass edward there you go, you said, and I don't need to a ninja, ninja, kids, that, because that's going to be code word for racist stuff and later on, they're going to come back at me and use this episode against me. Oh this is this: is probably this isn't going to go? So it's a little fiery. I also if your girl, by the way Logan paw come on it, was him saying it not me I'll, be the hacker right, the hacker actor I dont there's really a whole lot more of that story. I really hope you get your account back quickly, custard from june. Is it he did you ever hear what Joe rogan tweeted after somebody hacked his his twitter he's? I didn't, he said tat, he say Few using you know that bears they eat around It was crazy that that raises the bear will eat it's share of the kids going wow. You know what
that he had trouble, spelling that loud. The thing is legitimate, the people that know something Joe rogan like his nature. Facts are right. It's crazy to have to see so many okay go ahead as our great grizzly bear. Does he? Yes? He said what do you mean? He does a great group that is gerald and has a great he may he can do a greg griffin. Where impersonation. So that's little color facts about this. The jargon factor minute or an He persuaded if, if he tweeted, if you guys start seeing random there's a large black dicks. You'll know I got my twitter back, so it's pretty good no joke good for him. Maybe it was a little leaner, napa. Moving on. I see your job as we were. Sometimes you know corralling people if I think riot concentrate he just said vascular after I said dick, the more
I know you didn't say that I think Bryan's illustrated I can see his eyes are going on. I told him I said by the way you're going to be in my seat and you're, going to see the chaos of my screen yeah. So I hope you can deal with all of this like Oprah, if there's a monitor of himself, yet he is yeah. Never compared to opie, looks at himself and then he's like wanna see my impression of Oprah every time she's on air right and she looks up to the camera like three seconds all about her matter. I loved her rights moving on, there's a bit of it, commercial has come out, but we don't actually have video of this commercial. Did you see this in like an article or something an article, your daily mail of korea? So it's procter and gamble their brand braun right and it was in the daily mail they referred to. This brand is a grooming brand. I think they mean just like real grooming pedophile. The other grooming could be both but they're they're in hot water, for the new ad, featuring a trans So this, oh boy
wow the picture there is I dunno, if that's a picture from their actual ad, I dunno if the tenant strained it, but obviously this was something that was. It was covered in europe, so we were looking for. If anyone has it, you can send it in gear the us. Yet if there's some kind of a leaked version right, so the the the model using the series x, hybrid trimmer, has a big old mastectomy scars, as you could obviously see there, and while the actually using the same technique to motorway they have their should we could they better now have been using the same. So this is now for men's problem, not just men's now, a lot of it's all a conglomerate right because they ve been doing this for a while, and we have the commercial that they stop daring, but we really yet or a women's writer we go and when it's time for a shave use bronze comfort, flex razor, it's curved design fits the contour of any laying pop the blades off with the touch of a button and be ready in five minutes, sensitive skin the sensitive touch of braun-
that's, I think up saying hybrid tremor I take offence to. But what is it I prefer trance lithium chargeable, what it is: mining, cobalt, look he's. A training has a razor, it's a straight edge on their rest, a couple of or full stop statistically spade, while hit the dump. You make sure glad button at the youtube die gerald was early on the site. You are speaking of a horse if you hit the like, but I don't know if you're putting braun to your boycott list. I think that the share of hercules, eyebrow brain speaking of what suicide. Brian is that where you going as it can be a dark moment, no, I was going to say that you know bron. If it met, branch would probably have a wax. Sir or a placard for when that person decides that transition? was a bad idea and wants to date transition. What do you look
brian killer financial year I was like I, my daddy's yourselves looking down arise because its croy them your money make is doing during my going to shut off Brian's monitors their exotic? I've got my camera. I was. I was I'm looking around like somebody, pessimism hearing at the show me I'm not about to have arrived now you can't pass. They pass notes to Gerald. They do as a breaking news. You can't pass them to bryan his passing and Bryan. Oh, my god, it says I told you guys. It's not fair was just a picture of a tick is from from edi. If I go to and bottle that demand, wait this just the guys that pic is from an ad that pic is from an ad mad over. There said him he and SEN. Nick- and I was like pick- is our lord henry- that he visit
it's not easy, but outside of that, I like that you are going to say there cheers pretty good, pretty pretty comfortable lab stuff over alright. So look, we are new york city gosh. They just can't get anything right right now and they're actually kind of facing one of their big, problems. I think right now that you're trying to solve rats, no agents. push by african americans under the third rail of the subway cars- you know that's high on the list, but it's not their main problem right now. The main problem right now is apparently removing more statues the council- is advancing a bid to remove statues of controversial historical figures yeah. This would include figures such as george Washington, who knew he was controversial, thomas jefferson, peter stuyvesant and Christopher Columbus. I'm glad that guy at least had the presence of mind to go white george Washington, yeah, except everyone knew. I know everybody knows that everyone on everyone knows that his contract of abe lincoln is controversial to the left. George,
and here's a lot of people, don't know the history where that black my diary. Issues which have thrown youtube. You have to go to will be uploading it on youtube. I guess it some whenever we have, I think its next we had arisen at the black lady was basically a white whites abroad. Lady who happened to me last night. She was and she and I mean that, because everything was a very very well. the privileged suburban experience, and she said that tell you know George Washington, thomas Jefferson we're out there and there she thought that they fought for a confederacy. They didn't realize wronging, I've heard relaunch ideals. A lot of these people were, and so they apply our current lens to at that point- that you term of the seventeen I bet I ride. I have no idea why people don't owe his especially people in power in new york city, like your pandering to an audience that doesn't want which are selling- I don't know, but there's no like mass movement to get rid of george washington statues in theirs. I pay Do this and get rid of george washington statues? Don't you want to protest again, but the duke so committee is actually weighing removing statues that dip,
a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefit economically from slavery or who participated in six timid crimes against indigenous peoples or crimes against humanity Gerald today and not including the overlays united meeting. There was no overlay for this one. Ok, there is hardly a one navies we're statues in europe, the son of a gun, I just wanna retorts, who wanted to look like you can't do this without reading, but I have to read the queen, yet we always read the quotes. What in the world is otherwise a thing as your words, by the way, I think the same person who wrote this actually works for you too, because they basically said anything anything that we unnecessary, we're gonna do this for him by, though it just so. You know if they dont, remove the statue there actually going to put an explanatory plaque they're just make sure you know how evil of a person that this I have to tell the story about the person's misdeeds there is like the scarlet letter will be placed on the statue yeah this. This is called chronological snobbery? That's what it is you
print back, then you would have been, but you would have known better him yeah. Ok, I don't think that you can put that black up there about george wash in slavery. If you put one up about rosa parks, laziness Apparently, the further explanation I met here Joe, was god it was. I don't think you do Brian, I don't think you do is going to what she has just you just didn't want to get up, offer us They really made himself more comfortable after that common, who, I really did he sunk into the chair. Little bird is not likely to nepal when it goes yeah. She was lazy. Why? Well Look here, here's the true than you actually set it right, so you're the one that brought this up and brought this to our attention. Like george Washington, he freed It was upon his debt. That was one thing the already mentioned, but also there's a there's, a quote from him about what he actually thinks of about slavery, remo yeah, there's a good ones are actually really there's an overly high does work. I never mean
to possess and other slave by purchase. It being among my first wishes to see some plan adopted by which slavery in this country may be abolished. Rights George Washington, but a perfect man right, absolutely not a perfect man, but he had an idea that the cut tree at some point would adopt a policy in a law that would actually end the practice of slavery right then, you brought up a point actually before the show that I did know about my greatest slaves upon it tat. I knew that, but I do know because ride or a lot of love you couldn't for your slate, why week would think Could he give slavery? Is the law the land aquino's you can't allow? well to free slaves, because they'll be there billion for every person that they became front of their slaves, but if you're in fact free yeah. The other thing you talked about was not where they go. Where do they So what? If electra store. What's the matter with you, do you do you need, like you know, gentrification or something like that, go to another into a wide area and take it over? The worry was most of the country probably didn't agree with that or he didn't know if there would be a place off
plantation, where you walk in and go free in the other guy goes not have this plan to achieve real life. Do you mean in a different way than I made here about property serve? You lost your mind. Now its bold also is it just setting up like come visit, the at plantation, no look. This is the thing you have to take into context. You guys can comment if you knew this about a lot of the founding fathers. In other words, it lets it's the chicken or the egg. Only you combine it with a lights. The hey hold on a second. We had this with this declaration of independence with the constitution, that all men created equal but not with black people or no. Actually, if you look at the frame, They were putting it in their sing. All men created equal because they were they were. That was the spark there literally planet in there, so that they could ensure. that slavery would eventually be about right now, not everybody, but certainly people like george Washington, certainly people. If you look at folks, like jefferson look at people like items and by the way, just to be clear you can find racist quotes from Abraham lincoln. That's absolutely true.
It is the guy who signed the emancipation proclamation. He also by your current standards, probably was a little bit ignorant. You probably find m, quotes from george wash in saying we have to do with slavery and probably some Stereotypes too in our I gotta know so that they are they smell like chicken or something like that. You know probably say something like that. Like racist joint, we ought to free the slaves during an era where that was the trade. That was how the existed. Imagine you are trying to up and whatever it is, depending where you are a fifth, a quarter of the economy. And you know that not everyone is going to be on poor within you just left the country where of course engage in slavery and they were things from an entire continent that still practises slavery. You know it It's it's one of those things. It's impossible to go back and put yourself in that position and actually see the complexity of actually doing it, because you have to do it at the right time I wouldn't have. Works. If he had tried to do it earlier and by the way, when george, why once arguing Abraham lincoln did it? It cost him half the country right so that the This was still high in the bloodiest war that we ve ever fought was fought to make sure that, among other things took place and by the way new york. If
I do something and focus on stuff like this regarding george Washington, how about you do this? How about you teach people that he is one of the only people in history to come to power and then give it away yeah right There are people. Writing. George basically says that I didn't fight this war to become george, the second exactly because he said he said you know tell me said you should you should be the king. They wanted it to their. What I wanted to make him, can you didn't want to do this? He wanted to just live a quiet life and kind of retire and be out of this like he had he done a lot of bone. fighting the french any enjoyed that and then had to fight with them side by side? So it must have been an awkward first meeting like high made about what will happen. We do with JFK I mean not only the billion budget. What are you dont know this? You know why Sammy Davis Jr was republican for the rest of his life, because J f K uninvited him, Sammy Davis. Here because he was married to a white woman. I don't have a white house press correspondence dinner if it was inauguration. Jf, Jeff, the uninvited him and Nixon said. You know I like the way that
our fellow things like Mr Bowe, jungles and rotten in, and so it had some voting republican fed our ass to my life. So you know J, F, K and by the way I dont think jfk was a racist and on think jfk hated black people, and I think that different areas- people wholesome different views in everyone's imperfect, giving idea what you're resume is going to look like a guy progressive today that we think we cut you could tits off of children. No, we don't kill rohingya. We take the view, and I hope so. This is the reason this country exists in the first place. Do me a favor research? Finally, that code from king george, because it was something that stuck out to me because of how he was perfect in the way that he said it is like if something to the effective. If he, comes to power and then walks away from it. He may be the greatest who's ever less something land. I sat here isn't like there's no way you can walk away from that kind of power when they want to give it to. You is that you are taking it. It's not just that too. I think that you know. Thomas jefferson was one of the people at solve the political problem. You know we have
the freest nation on the and the very language and the arguments and the infrastructure that these people used to say we ve got a tear the statue down or exercise their free speech or just we know how to be more equal society. That is come out come about through the true thin air, those ideas had to be thought through and put down on paper Thank you James madison. Thank you, Thomas jefferson, John Jay, and the list goes on and washington was the exemplar of that. That's what he fought for and exemplary and it created it's ridiculous, you're you're, taking credit for something you didn't do any work for their and you just erasing a human being because of the fact that slavery was the order of the day world. Why and they didn't do enough in your mind, to fight it that, even though obviously he was like
and here's the thing too it's king, it's king of the hill they're, always gone for king. Let's be honest, the united states is the king of the hill. Hey. Let me ask you this because you say all we took the native americans land. Even though, in some cases, for example like manhattan, they didn't have the generations therefore it we trick, we treated like thirty guilders, which is equal to ten thousand pounds of timber fourteen dollars and another receipt. I think it was the Canarsie came back after they left and they said hey. We like what you've done with the place we're going to come back now. So the point is they didn't understand the concept some of these tribes have personal property. Let me ask you this: if the united state doesn't come to be think to charity, freeing the slate you think there catalysts for slavery ending across western civilization people say: oh, they ended in england, not in the british empire. By the way, that's a that's a nice thing to leave out and they still had indentured servants still exist by the way, more slaves than ever on earth. Forty two million, but if the united states didn't come over here and by that didn't commit, aside, there are more people like met there for crying out loud with one six year, whatever it at an average of four, because it was a matter to you know to assimilate to intermarry. If the united,
It's the george Washington right! If that doesn't happen, we don't have the revolution of pilgrims, duncombe and no mayflower, no sandra been a member of santa Maria in any of that stuff. Okay, Do you really think that some elsewhere the catalyst for really you would have had england at that point, the greatest superpower and you're, not tribal warfare, never end now. How does slavery and across the globe come at below? You tell me your theory. We can do it like a choose your own passport for assholes. Anyway, I want the european disease, we should have vaccinate them first, that's true. If we only had the vaccination of what my prepared force, it would have been more, and I dont mean all native american whenever you see them solidarity on a horse, it that's not until white guy showdown spain didn't domesticated order, is actually her how to what danger, someone have asthma attack,
new york. You got bigger problems, however, is not only on the water. You know we're going to keep track of the story and if they end up actually taking down statues of george Washington, replacing plaques, they are going to be made fun of the world over because people, whether you like america or not, people probably think of george Washington globally, in a very positive light right, so you're gonna, really tough case to make on this on our speaking of tough cases. Military? You could do us a favour government, you do us all. A favor new would end the conspiracy theories tomorrow. If you just wouldn't lay it up for us maybe you're, trying to do that. Maybe that's the entire point. It's like some eighty chess game where, as I go, if they talk about this plain being in ohio, act essentially in flown to cuba because of his software, and then they will be talking about other things but tuesday afternoon, from one day to fund a? U s why Tom from dominating added? No blink, part of the blame and when it it's a temporary drummer blink little the old
on tuesdays debris from the missing have thirty five was finally but stealth, plain. Was finally found in south carolina breaking tonight as search teen, just discovering a debris field, two hours northeast of joint based charleston, it is to be the wreckage of anne S. Thirty five fighter jet that disease peered on sunday, the one a million dollars stealth. Jet crashed after the pilot safely ejected, Charleston south carolina hundred million dollars. They couldn't bother with an air tag. I couldn't have cropper zones. Well that that's that's that's! I understand your point here, but we do actually have an exclusive image of the pilot ejecting. He tells the story makes sense. They I found her stretching maternity suit it just so. You know that military does they have designations for when they screw up, and this is a class a mishap.
Which is silly called it, the Amelia earhart vertical. It sounds like it's a class, a mishap, but I just want you guys to know: that's not a bad alex jones well, I wasn't even trying I just was going for you and Allah, the general have some sort of authority and had cited the they part here is that keep talking about this number is two and a half million dollars, plus in damages, qualifies as a class. It yeah you're, not in the seven and a half million dollars away from the actual number of damages. Thank you very much media for covering the most important point that really the class a mishap thing is because the plane was destroyed. You morons, hey, I chet know what happened to hold on wait, wait ah come on guys. I can't take every october, so I have thirty charters blown ago to hold it with one on er progesterone. I know that's not the cue and on sherman it's this year's understudy. It's plane has vertical takeoff capable
decent, be fine to get out of the white house on the capitol grounds. The pilots actually- and this is kind of funny to me, because it reminds me of the new top gun, maverick yeah, like you're, just pilot parachutes into somebody's backyard gloves- and this quote to me- gets little bit crazy and look we're just we're just kind of telling you kind of what happens. I understand you've seen this in the media, but we're going to go into some. Some of the can Here's the theories about what actually happened just to be able to spell some of them for you that are kind of crazy, laugh at some of them and then the kind of scratch, or had no wait a minute it's just one of those moments where we're going to look back and go Alex Jones was right again, so there there are a couple of these that actually make sense, but here's the pilots quote, he's unsure of where his plane crashed. He just lost it in the weather Y, know that I know that happens to me and when it trestles oh yeah, he's a fight about.
With one of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet that we'll get to later by the way when those things crash, typically countries scurry about to try to find them before the owners. Do this guy eject did one mile north of I believe the charlotte airport may remain airport, not worry, took off, not the not the field where took go, I don't think, but a major commercial airport and then, by the way he actually let playing fly for sixty additional miles is? Why he's mister? I can't fly in iceman to do that shane. Can we admonish him to do a split screen of me and him? Just him? That's ok! You can imagine me. I dunno, I won't even be in the chart because I'll come off. You stinker myself, did you you're in it yourself? It is good work. That does not mean I didn't see. I good thank you got that much on you, but look
the reason that this all started. Kind of coming back up was obviously you know they wanted to find a plan d. You know the governments, I hate you. I see a plane, literally reached out to the public to see if they could help them find the plane, but apparently debris field? of sorts, has surfaced online and this is causing a lot of speculation over the government is again doing you're, not really telling the whole truth. What's this clip see. If you can see what is not there,
on fire, it was at a burned. It has only been not blame but no blame and avoid damn good stuff. You up a photo. You just can't make where whether a rapist rolling on the experts here, she was sound of an ice cream truck is like x files in other they roll up and cordon off an area. There is not really a plain there that you can see now. Look I get it. I get it. This is a really curious kind of accidents and then that this is not really clear. We thought it would be time for us to look into what really is going on, and that brings us to the truth. According to Gerald, you always
scratch stuff out and put my original work, you're a businessman you're not whining all right, so we're going to go through the the theories. If you can give me, maybe like a ding here or something well, let's also by the way comment below I think it is santa and what will probably take some of your chats and mug club in consider signing up a lot of credit. It comes to Michael you guys sign up there and, of course, your Brian Callan show every week now the branca this is chair. Now I hurt my we share our laughing at me. I'm your spine is now suppose my it yes try about medicine supple leopard. So there are a lot of yours, the crazy things people are warring with each other, where they really are. They really have dug in their heels at their convinced. They know what's happened and people are going for the craziest possible theories, but the worst part about this is that some of them seem like possible and others don't so? Here's the first one we'll start off with one that doesn't that the jet with
shot down by local you illicit using small arms. But if you can down a hundred million dollars, I have a small arms, my money by exactly I thought they had some kind of armour. I get it. You think that it was got down by some farmer in the field with a shotgun gonna when I back that might have been affected by liberals but left us, because it may actually think you can take her and thirty five of an air. Fifty. You know what It is an assault weapon here. They won't survive with key for settling like how'd. You make that this actually happened. Maybe someone can find this clip and if so, how do you make that shot from sir? hundred yards away. We found out sir. He had an a r fifteen, yeah. It doesn't explain why he was able to make a six hundred yard shot exactly because like wanted, where he's curbing the bullet, this makes zero sense. He shuttling on a jet brian, that's, like Well, let the twitter post on that again, hopefully pull it up. I want to see how much interaction this thing has gotten do. Eat nah not have do me a favor to let me know how many people are buying into this one, because we need to be able to mark these people
you know I'd and avoid them rising. It could have been a wild goose. So it's he's definitely no sully. Did he fled did you fly into a bunch of geese? Is I got over the land there like a herd strike out there? That's that's my theory brine. You know why. I don't think. That's a theory. Why? Because you think of the plane flu for sixty more miles what our, because it goes sixty miles per second take us. I've got nothing unless the geese like like storks, they had like little bandages, they carried the plain and other sixty like the right idea, like that. I don't really like put like there like a tear dactyls carrying they like king. After, if these jobs they took it in as one of their own is nowhere to grab a chat, obviously came slowly and we don't know much about stealth fighters and then it out on me, Brian Cowen took
it's far too late to relax yeah state of different styles, that everything we do will never recover due to his attack. from the bs, your diary be more metaphorical. Stephen found out my fatal flaw on air. The runway We are used to go to defence mechanism, a mimic mining as though he had a diary or the abyss. Did you write? Words read more effective, this illiterate tat hour I'll Europe's researchers came back, etc, is only for forty five years. One reach. We know what is one idiot who were because it ass. We know it goes only languages hacking into account, as I found the job there's another one when they're not busy creating fires on hawaiian islands directed energy weapons took down this jet mackay.
The judge should also be able to avoid that. You would think that I'll look. I know, in other words, there might be an energy weapon that could let let's go eventually, but generally potentially could be developed. Ok, however, really make. Why would they take down their own jet and costs themselves? A hundred million dollars the Jews? Well, why it's? What happened that we know the yellow good point. I mean those there's jewish nasa with the space, that's what they say: lasers, laser, exactly how thats what I took my directed entered under your right, we're right, your actual! That's right added! No, I didn't I didn't make the can you believe it? I just thought out: anti semitic. It's not entitled not ions, actually easier, these very pro being metaphorical because red jewish space lasers, it's actually code for banks, stop according marjorie tell agree a lot of stuff, but it has not. Everybody arrive alright. So, but I
I don't understand this one as well guys because, as I will repeat, the plane flew on for sixty additional miles, so it maybe it's the worst directed energy weapon ever or we have the most trigger happy pilot ever to get out of the plane energy weapon by yeah and doesn't actually get shut down so that one's probably not going to be true too. But let's get one. That is this. What seem to be making the rounds quite a bit more and will see what kind of activity the between about who I just can't not say, tweets the posts on acts lightly. Just doesn't sound this area that the jet was actually by the chinese and diverted to cuba. Of all places that is a result of a lawyer or one point: six million views because a danger tatiana okay, so that makes sense. I bring that back up really quickly, ordinary the one right up there. So if you're concerned are upset about the: u s losing a hundred and fifty two hundred million dollars- that's not inflated, don't forget about by! whatever who cares about the rest of his rights? But people are talking about it being hacked look. I know
is there some theories and we'll get back to the hacking thing in just one? Second, because there are some problems with this jet. I think it runs on clinical year. I don't think agitate said it was hacked chinese and diverted. He said it was hacks that made sense. That makes sense me like that checks immediately can't control the planet flies on an autopilot for sixty more miles like okay. Maybe there was such a sensible theory yeah. It is it's much more sensible, but look. We are actually have in its way. this is a real news report, the greatest I know what you're going to think that it's not real but its one hundred percent real. This is a witness puts all the speculation to rest and bad, I'm taking a shave, and I heard us screechin screech twitter is great in a whistle yeah. It's one hundred percent real. I read now look I got. I got best dentist on the just as the best legal area
I would have voted that I'm jealous worsened by the rest of us at the roots commemorate that I was in the bathroom. Take an approach of my two meticulous shave. That's what I was the wage asia the way he stressed that the way you talk him, he said It's like the stereotype governor here. Good god, don't make it sound like a guy screaming people out of goats as I go there, I'm gonna go viral. Did it go yeah, you sure? That's not a major policy that wanted to go. Where's auto tune the news when you need it. If you've got some more material, you guys still around and we watch it one more time we had this happened yesterday. It is the greatest interviewer incredible bathroom, taking the show- and I heard his speech and thought at the time
it's great in a whistle yeah, the guts yeah. This is going to live forever. He didn't realize that he was going to be famous. I love how he was. I thought he was taking a shave taking shave yeah. He wasn't shaving, he was taking a shit taking a shave taking all right after my first sexual experience yeah or is that without an air when you first saw a naked woman inside voice yeah, that's right! That's right! This guy for anything for row dropped and I screamed cause I'd, never seen. I've never seen a ticket. I can't even go that high with the pitch like he did pretty good. He was unbelievable. It's it's incredible good job. So there are some major problems with this shit. Like it's a thirty five, it's very technically advanced. It's! It's stealthy obviously has some problems that make pilots eject, but into Eighteen, there was a report that indicated that fifty three of the I'm sorry, the thirty five had thirteen
category. One deficiencies that made flying dangerous cats seems like operation number one- is to try and make flying as safe as possible because the enemy is going to try to make a dangerous for you. So you probably to have that one figured out enough, like the wing randomly them randomly by the way does lend credence to yes, I haiti's jumped, but the theory that occur. Been hacked, whether the next one even it. But we have is that even by a promise filling in the blanks in the chinese hacked and centre right, but that's what there can be some That's true and you can have a question its valid, that the problem is when you start feeling in the blanks as though you know, and you pedal that though that is fact fire, but I mean you were to get a new plan and they said: listen
good news is that one hundred million dollars and it's amazing piece of machinery, the bad news is there- are thirteen things wrong with the aircraft that make it difficult to have. What was it fly? Yeah and you go? Are they big things while their category one and one spirit was one of the things is that it loses thrusts on a hot day if in landing, which you know, if you're doing the vertical kind of landing thing and at the wrong point, because it's a hot day, you lose it. That's a problem. Also, the battery it's cold can stop working islands out enough. You ve known planes that if my high, I know- and I called her up there- I've never had a problem with rare, absolutely so bright. If that were the sound. I may twenty nineteen to give this hacking thing a little bit more credence that event. Watchdog noted that there was susceptibility to
So here's here's this. The government accountability office, released a report in october of twenty eighteen, showing that nearly every software enabled weapon system tested between twenty twelve and twenty seventeen can be hacked, by simple means like looking up default passwords online for commercially available software? Numerous parts of the thirty five programme use this kind of software, EL I s and that is runs on windows, for example, EL. I us runs on windows, turnover, Dana shape integrity about them. their mother tongue- vibrant, oh, no, not yet come on! What a black marble preferable plain! when a plane would play you are so dumb. You turn the turn the plane on. You start me up yeah or almost never stop in this case it did so, but let people still this plan just really quickly this. This,
well, graham, is going to cost one point: seven trillion dollars you have thirty five programme is the largest big. It is a lot of nuts, it's the largest programme ever at the pentagon, and it was developed by lockheed martin by the way, twenty twenty two lockheed martin profit, sixty six billion dollars. I believe one of our researchers. He can he can throw this into you met. I had named miscellaneous met there we go miscellaneous I can have it will come as we ve got. A re may have three minutes now. We have previously fired man of cyber Matt. Oh, is that I call them cyber megatons. Ninety point: seven three million that sounded caught up in it for eleven thirteen hundred billion dollars. That's all. I got seven hundred he's a math, not age, but I mean what you know,
Well, I know you've got a little bit after a plane that runs on button dose that they were telling us it made like a million dollars like lockheed martin makes like a million dollars, seven million an hour and seven million an hour in profit, not in revenue. What were the wrong, but you want to go into the defense. Business huh yeah seems like the place to be yeah, and you know the good news is, I don't know anything about it, so I can make a plain chocolate. We can make this one fly for sixty miles before crashing. I feel like you, hit the ejection button a little prematurely over it. Amputated area lucky the plane did make it sixty miles away before it crash, but look there. Sixteen other countries that want to purchase these things are, I'm sorry that have purchase them among them. when germany, south korea and singapore or arming people that hopefully will stay on our side. I think we should ever on germany ever, I think. That's
I did yeah, I know the one country they get restless every forty years, yeah exactly. I wouldn't call it like they're out so to speak, but we can't really trust them. No, I don't like that. It's not that I don't trust them. I don't like them unless we can hack all their planes and fly them to cuba. That's true, then, that's fine with the pilots, but then they'd just be vacation for them. Germany's also, mostly syrian and turkish. That's true, but look countries like china were not selling them to china. I know what you're thinking right now are also not giving them to arraign were not of banning them in Afghanistan. Right like some of the stuff tat we ve done at, is really good start with it was. It was eight billion dollars worth of equipment we abandoned. I guess that's what we know. Eighty yeah, but it's really hard to carry home pilots of cash. the an opium bay literally left palates of cash along with all of the military equipment. There take priority. Is the cash is well just watch the italian job stetson in some duffel bag? Let's hear the sirens one plain I'll: go: get the pilots of cash for you, but China actually
and thirty five actually went down and china was dying to get their hands on like one of the most sophisticated pieces of military technology on the planet. Now at the bottom of the south, china sea regret the races on that want to the weather, appropriate kind of recovery gear, the the chinese. Have it the? U S, navy has it both. Those countries are going to want to get a hold of this record. Alright, Look. So tell me: what do you think is the thirty five, a savage savvy national security investment that ensures that we will have? U s. Air superiority in whatever fight that we end up with in the few here because of either a stupid administration or some idiot dictator that tries to take us to war or is trillion dollar boondoggle suckling at the taxpayer tit, but here's the thing either way by lockheed stock. Yes, good lie. Laclede cited is definitely which even the actual, thereby some lockheed style, and yet I buy. I dont, but by the way down, I'm pretty I'm and a lockheed I'm bearing.
on the other new technology regarding the air transport of palates, o cash? Yes, so that we can start a company called that's, ok, protection and outside, or do transport, mostly flying to around with this regime, is doodlish. Look it up for other people it's just creators. If it's one hundred million dollars just and I mean you could make them float, they could double as a boat become more amphibian like ooh there. I said it see. I guess guys I should be there. I come up with. I you're, not gonna, johnson idea. Why? They don't that's what I was thinking here. Look, I thought your diary call lockheed. Martin water wings, try to get it on the ground floor of lockheed Martin. Only I have a delorean, sorry guys not going to happen. So look our friday show this week is actually going to be some behind the scenes of make kind of the making of this show and some of the skits and some of the opens an inch, the stuff that you guys love that we get to do where people get painted gold, which is a lot of fun.
Sure you check that on a mug club. Only again, it's only going to be available for mug club, but here's a little bit of a taste of what you can expect. The
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downstairs, nodded and say that that's what I thought that was our implication come on guys. Eight. I called out in my call that minority plays its. Why keep it in the dark men's gaped? At common, you used to promote re credit. Twenty get twenty percent off I by free shipping by the free shipping. By way, I will say that there are their trimmer, for their beard is actually legitimate as a little dial. So I know you have a bunch of different guards. Oh that's! So then another also spoke to the shop for them. the you who don't just need to shave your balls nose, hair that weed whacker, I need to start listening that every once in a while, I'm losing hair here gaining here in other places. It's it's kind of a tradeoff cruel, but also thank you very much for the left. Help me help written actually use it on my neck, which is why my neck looks like you. Could sleep alright, tim. So before we went to this week, we were talking about the story of the thirty five. You said he had an edge. Somebody said they knew what it was like. What what the theory was. Do you still have that that image?
I did detailing only danny, I should in image I I'm sorry. I totally forget what it was. It was that I hold in the plane. I thought there was something I am. I would not like that we're going to start a story and then finish it in mug club. So you'll get to hear a little bit of what we're setting up here and then he got up because will absolutely be gotta. Gotta get one of one of these guys you able to see. It's the secret pass the golden ticket. If you will over the way can't you, the ukrainian defence forces trans spokesperson, this is the one of the most strange stories by the who, story on? This is not just that this person exists because we already addressed this person in august, but they action. went on a ranch about russian propagandists next week. The teeth Russian devils will nash order and there, abbott mouse will form an uncanny voluntarily. Trying to be panels will see a phased out again say like
you know how it is to get a good way of going to zone is only the first rush. War criminal propagandist will all be hunted down, and just we'll be served as we ukraine or lead on this mission by faith, in god, liberty and complete liberation, and it was apparent, the only let them come. Looking like a woman was visiting party city and asking for VM a week from scooby doo, her dog get ready for that done, but that always just don't. I honestly think yeah just gimme gimme a I dunno, gimme gimme, a bon jovi wake with the help of the day and lays on his wig I've ever seen. This is what I'd like to call a wig trainee because that's the only ever actually hit the button tat. They should have done this
if this is the laziest part about being trans. I would imagine ukraine if you own a wig shop business ain't, a bowman right now. Well I mean people still need wigs. They when they're fighting battles and not trying to die. At least I mean because there are a lot of layers to this that are true that some some parts that aren't true, but we can all agree. It's it's a good thing that draco malfoy is found some new work. So that's nice, yeah everyone's not going to help you buddy. I think it's going to work. And by the way be licking, can if they want to do a deep dive onto this this disease. herb individual, because this person does exist, Some of the stories around this person aren't really truly inciting crazier, as we dive into this right. So this person's cringe ii in the voice in the way that they are its like they're doing propaganda rights. This is an american citizen is what we think based on what they ve claimed and there's some people that have thought. Maybe they found out who this is. But trust me the story is only going to get more craig
as we go, but look again. If you at a nightclub, you don't get to see that part of it, and I'm really sorry, but this is really interesting. So, look if you want us to do a deep dive, maybe we'll do a deep dive. One of the other shows like you said, but this is the part I don't, I don't normally get to do stuff like Y know what people need to know in on my commalena get bright, the brine Kaliko or for other, but you also you're going get the push. When shall you get us every day in Alex John environmentally it Alex Jones on friday, MR guns, and done your gear and, of course the undercover No doubt the undercover investigator view that all the way around who did a lot of work, the reason that that poor, knob exclusive got out in there's going to be like this. state of action taken, that's entirely because of you at muslim. You know what blood of them Profit investigative journalism, outfits out there can't do they can't after companies like born. No, no, not a lot. Do that. So it really is all because of you and I and an that's my club that today was the first of those four sponsors, but within a long time it is a first, it's fun now to do it better. Every fire ass. Well, that's true. They do give us creative licences and that's your fault, because you did it, but I don't know
they had to say this piss off you too, Well,
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