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Steven Crowder runs through the news you missed, discusses the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic, and provides counterpoint to the leftist media's spin!

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so sloppy. So much we see a little but an echo here my headphones today with good morning Michael. This is what episode for six hundred or Wage Linz Whaley are we have ten new joint new international today? Are you just go correspond man? He will be here and will be talking about Joe Rogan Bernie Sanders when us, our o, o o r Exclusive called NBC yeah, they are about the clerk we fish temporarily and Lebanon to happen here. For me, didn't they didn't is welcome. You open arms, no noted- and it was more of a blatant rejection- was normal yeah pretty much in order to convey my tumblr wretched face. Get out of my house assent, but that's a nice as Kenya nets similar with which one is it yeah you're.
Don't worry. I've got an airline that provide a way. This is the month of muslim quarantine. That's the hashtag Merkel continue entering the promo code, quarantine. You will get thirty dollars. Offsets are biggest discounters, argued Huckelby, because no one else has gone there, not near studios. Polygamy, no Skype call when we turn to Sandy, don't you're back, that's my impressions. We will have better magazine. That's very good! You guys you than I thought it was pretty accurate and a lot of Canada comes lush schedule, so you can see all the light broadcast Sabre go getting a lot of your chats. So The Chad is only available on blaze, tv because they do not. Let us do Lincoln decide what they want us to chat on Youtube, but they don't pay nothing. They don't pay.
So now I own, I pay something network of non stop. What are you trying to get our grammatical nazi with me and Raina? Look. Look. Look. Court of accurate and audio- and you see this over their low number- let's go we're not cause. It's live. What what's wrong will do a lot of very rather know, what's rallies and getting audio so we're just gonna make lazy not getting audio louse screw me. You guys should get your crap together. Patients are built Richmond year for the first time in the morning GEO they all right. So, let's use they wanted to do, namely to buy some time before we go to the first or we say I'm starting, Ok, we refer to the stream on the placing on the place we apologise. Jazz only makes it without any words, but I didn't
target dates it. When I look at my right, there wanted your heels missing. They they will guarantee white, like I literally thought like there are literally gonna see if they should cut Gerald MIKE. I believe that we have you that sea region should have a button right here for the like. Didn't we have a whole meeting about how you asking just cut his MIKE off any time you went through. We like subordinating, given the authority to do so as well, and we will be in a hurry, has the cough, but thanks to the Gerald Button, also jail can't be bothered to bring his own pajamas too. You should know soon and outline the baseball here. Gerald refuse to bring fit well dear. How agenda like you bill, refuses to wear possess, that's correct! So we already subordinate good morning, eclipse we're all going away. Lammers it'll, be a theme and then feels like. I don't have any money. Oh that's an unsolvable problem, so alien election. I was not present at the validity of that. We really little we're pajamas, but now
to go all in like the venezuelan election. It means nothing because I actually exactly your smoking jacket. Yes, everyone's sane, safe, no one has any slight coughs taken up now. Nothing rewarded norm, logos accurately demanded of it right now and there talking at sea and end right now about fifty bad. This will happen at the Meadowlands. Activism enough more doom and gloom by the way. Apparently they don't they over how many hospital, but Sarah look, maybe two more right there. They have two more better labelling and you can expect them to say. Of course they were planning and hospital beds. However, only sent cots? Do the administrations lack of force right now, what what can you say about the caught their Doktor Sanjay Gupta? Well, as a practising physician cats, are fanatically less comfortable than certain real shame. It's a real shame that Donald Trump didn't have the foresight to take them
precautions and ensure that every American can have asleep number over their hospitals through another paying for it, no pillow top on the continent. Now, because that the Mai Fit pillow guy is too busy. Is my fit my perfect pillar my mind, although my peers, I think my really appreciate Michael. I really appreciate the my pillow guy, the aging over the masks. Absolutely I appreciate that good for him, that's american ingenuity, that's coming together, but the pillow really is terrible, but it is a budget packing the United Kingdom, where, by the pillow, I'm tellin you they do they really the people at what either he's all the budget pills are crappy, I'm telling you the people who live animals and the does happen it across the world to happen, but
but like the work started by meeting clinical trials and general queen. I want double blind placebo, controlled clinical trials on my pillow on my product sales outlets proved it to placebo would be any pillow. Those philibert ran than what is ill early one there's one. That's called. I didn't, while the not very worrying that term, not me very Georgians, as the name of the pillar, I think I got a bad debts and beyond and is quite nice. I do feel quite indulgence of human life as we would like dogs, its target, we're gonna, get to the exclusive call, the NBC member, which, by the way she wrote the report so her name, we didn't remove her name them. What lady was at an easy or that they haven't jersey? Shore on CNN right, what is this right and ITALY's at last we have absolute cases we felt like spotlight was all on us
here to speak out against a resident is the only passed her left in the northern hemisphere with mutton chops bridge. This guy looks like he needs a g, sick the amish facial hair with the modern pastor, yeah exactly easy as key out and modern sort of Hitler. Youth haircuts right yet today, as the old school deep cop shot men in disguise, a melting pot of talk, maybe he's a guy he's like he's like all right. Jesus give us the drums. Zella had right during our brazen worships. You suggest The background is somewhere Rob Bell is hanging himself with bedsheets, because he isn't getting the air time that this guy is right. I rode up, I wrote a book about how Christians are wrong about being Christians. Ok, so the first thing I want to get through this is just a pervert example, and you will be taking a lot of your chat here today, Joe Rogan Carlotta flat.
Because it has caused a lot of flak for saying that this is the guy who endorsed Bernie Sanders by the way, and I think they would you like to go very ciliary silly and I dont know necessarily why he did it. But you know no joy, wouldn't earnest Shirley, close friends, but I can only say- and I think now he seeing why, because liberals had a melt down over these, we have these this clip. The recent that he made regarding Biden versus Trump This is really an issue with the Democratic Party they ve she made us all morons. Yet, with his Joe Biden thing they really. General level modest Who do we mean? I mean kiddo for that. I can vote for him. We examine Joe by Robert Home. If you just sit utters about four trumped in him Think you can handle anything old now run any really clear. Your Joe did not say he will vote for Trump sober.
Defence, Joe Rogan than others, with a lot of caviar well programme, but well on this, but well Donald Trump. Does this, but the edges, everybody has to say in a kind of sad to live in that where you have to do it, but I do want to be clear because people are attacking imprisonment. He didn't say you didn't say I will vote for Trump. He said probably rather Trump, then by yet, which really is an all that extreme of a state, and when you consider that one of them has extreme dementia and shows upon station, he drank a bucket of salt water right before emerging from his he's. Just like an empty suit right now, I don't know how anybody could put him up for a candidate in any election and what for a couple of factual, really quickly, with Democrats finally Sanders by twenty two points, and then, when you look at Trumpet Biden Neck and neck fifty five, senator from voters very enthusiastic Biden, only twenty eight percent- and this is something that's important to our saying, hey. I would rather have Trump versus Biden. Sometimes it's kind of tough when you
candidates before there in a general election right, it's kind of tough to know exactly what will happen to commit rubber back. What do they do that sort of virtual fight where Mohammed Eileen Rocky Marciano they put in some metrics and saw who would win, and that was the basis for what rocky nineteen I think that was twenty. Two, as our then very clear, then they created creed and I don't know I'm in the minority. Worthing decree is an awful film, but if it gets, Hitler was ok, listen, we're gonna, take rocky and remove all likeable characters, and I kind of music and do I like programming and reiterated its, can we make it more black, we could make it all black, and I thought it was a ploy to make everyone like the older rockies, more robust back already time, unfortunately had the exact opposite effect, whereas, like that you know the new year, I should go back and watch ninja turtles to alleviate their leave it there just let it be. So what did we
in this case, we don't necessarily have to look at a bunch of hypotheticals with Donald Trump in Joe Biden, because the thing that I wish the right now. I shall just read an article of the corona virus stupid little title like because that's going to be the determining factor in the election and as much as people want to see the Donald Trump has done a terrible job. I don't agree with that. We know for a fact: Joe Biden was against the travel ban, which Donald Trump pulled primarily on right now, flopped justice last week, and he said that you know what we do. We do need to China, Travel Ban, Bernie still against it. Which doesn't like a whole lot of sense. I really does, but woe when you mean, does make sense, Bernie the Communists difference. Does it make savings and other businesses I'm what people need to be able to stick together? Who, like each other in nobody, goes better together and chinese communist and burning? That's that's like peanut butter and jelly, which is really not combination. We think about something you think salting great with this. What Welch's,
put it on I have no idea joining us discussing only peanut butter, honey banana. But the point here That's, not really, what's most important remarkable to me that Bernie Sanders before all this, you know he talked about how American shouldn't have to compete against effectively slave labour. In these other countries and countries really kind of national sovereignty, eligible Rogan, come out and say, burn been consistent. You can't catch him on anything. I don't want a second. I think a lot of people will be surprised when they see in the general. Maybe even sixty percent of Bernie Sanders supporters go to Trump. I guarantee you it'll be closer to a fifty fifty split than people think lol, supporters are not going to go to buy and use. You didn't go to Hillary Clinton, but the reason for that, I think, is that at one point in time, Bernie Sanders sort of. Bows american protectionism, which I entirely agree with, but it was team with a little bit of America. First nationalism yeah. I guess I could see him doing much better in a general than Biden because think about it. This way, if people are pissed off about the response to crown of Irish they're. Looking for somebody who exudes confidence and leadership he's not putting sentence,
together, very well we're on tv right now so nobody's gonna like that's a twenty. Eight percent was the amount of time that he's actually lucid and that wasn't just when his people were supporting him, the rights of its just its it there's no way he can stand up and say I'm the guy to lead us through this challenge. Right, of course, you would ve. Ok, I may have to hold me I was, but I'm in about four tromp right. What you're pretty much gonna see from other dams, you know, and I don't know I mean you probably have to hold your nose if you vote for Biden, if the vacancy poops yadda yadda himself- and he puts so my little girl- not act, let alone fact me doesn't in its being which, as worthy sad when you saw yourself in beyond the point where you know how to folded depends properly? This is what we do be converting our practice over to not a ninety depends on what I can also actually I'm sure they can also actually respirator masks. It was what upside down, diapers, your father has appreciated Giotto use the use one not again, you know what I hope I really dont, and we have we ve traffic for coming and going we pursue, but before you- and I really hope we don't see with Joe Rogan. I really hope seen apology here, I really
that we don't see Joe Rogan walk this back and appeared on issues of bias. Alert Obviously, I've worked with in person. He's been on this show. That being said, I do see a lot of walking things back a little, but not just show Rogan, but people in positions of power who host podcast or who who are on air regardless, regardless of their political leanings, Don't want to see that happen right now, in other words, Joe Rogan said nothing wrong. He didn't person. Only really was that you, no one here. We ve got Biden ominous overdone from that. Wouldn't have been wrong. Now him saying you know what Democrat make morons out of all of us I've in worse, Bernie, Sanders and now its trump and burning. At this point, I would probably rather have Trump than Bernie by inside? There is nothing controversial about that. I would I want to see. Is Joe Rogan go more on the offensive point. You know what you know. What folks? Ok, I have the big podcast known to man. Almost everyone else's exists in my orbit and you can go.
Wanna kill yourself with a wire brush. How about it that you know what hey c m. I love it from just come out like show, is an hour a card, and now you ve converted me to a Republican forever and I think that a lever held and everything will become a Republican. But you know what I wouldn't be behind closed doors, jargon, Polly, but votes for four Donald. But our job. I, how does Joe Biden represent? Not only Middle America, but how does Joe Biden represent anyone in the entertainment history, the Hollywood Alene anybody here, who does you hear that job or is it just old people who is it just the people here who are benign gold, listening, Sanjay, Gupta Unseen and is Joe Biden represent? Can someone, let me know, is it maybe, This sort of amalgam of People think he's the only one who can run he's the only one who can be Donald Trump and then being nervous about Bernie Sanders because he is a far left socialist, and so this is just kind of what we ended up with, because it's his time sort of like Hillary Clinton, don't know how they ended up here and remember everyone saints nature like it's gonna, be Joe Biden. There's gonna be in
crazy white guy when I said I don't know, I think it'll be I'd. Aeroplanes yeah, I think maybe it'll be but gig its other needed to cry. You know the horrible young thing and instead we end up with a man. We will raise your white guy. Crazy old white guy who makes room? Paul, look positively tepid. It's definitely does I do like like his own unerring supported pushups right, I mean guy pushups, lady bookshops marine pushups push abroad. I mean he's I them big fan of Hindu, prepare it doesn't every seven eleven you working with her you guys can do it's? It's just. Where is he right now? Rightly, everyone is asking that, whether you're on the left and right between physically or mentally, because the two can be very different place its clear we're not trying to put them in the same place where just are they at least to put something Ford,
the leader and he's not. He, in its conspicuous conspicuous absence here is something that even folks who want to vote for him or vote Democrat are saying, wholly crept. Overcrowded did this really our guy just created in me. The outrage that we saw with that with Joe Rogan over this year is: what's created any old, I'm really quickly. We do have to get. Would you have a traffic report? Actually, we know a lot of you have to do applications. Right now see lockdown warning commute. So it's time for traffic report. What Thomas panic me, Finnegan are you there, sir? I am here Stephen grateful thanks. For being here working people expect this morning on the way to work. Well more. That later I was in the hospital for a couple of days following last week's incident, the stray Sargon yeah well on the road to recovery. Ok, but what does that mean well on the road to recovery?
For this fine, however, I seem to have developed a bit of a dry cop traffic is about the famous last ok is, or anything of note that we should know about as far as traffic at about the same doesn't mean exactly the same, exactly the same ok. Thank you images on the traffic report with Thomas vinegar. I apologise. Job I went to their early useless phone call. It seems unnecessary. What were you about to say? I was about sex, that you're right in that somebody we're looking for a leader rethink. Thank you. I was actually talking to bill yeah you're right people are looking for a later to kind of stuff. Foreigners absence is conspicuous, but every time they have tried to put him out there. It only makes things worse for him, like the last few interviews. He's done on tv have just been progressively worse right time, and so I think that the strategy
then needs to be just stay out of the way and see if Donald Trump taken on the chin for the rest of the response to current of arson and come back when the settles down, because every time he goes out, I'm confident in him being able to do anything in the way we have seen Donald Trump taken on the Chin, Danone. There there that's their hope. They want him to take it on the chin and be so knock down from his respond or now here's the rights of its about analogy know why? Because down from takes everything on the doesn't, that is greatest call exactly this model has an iron had lingered has taken on a chain and duck any standing there. Like Re Lamotta in the sugar, Ray Robinson arousing boys, you have got a gun, you don't get it Jacob we're. Ok, you haven't gotten, that's what it is building a runner really is it? Is it it's amazing catholic? I would like to see a little bit more from you know, bobbing and weaving, like ok, you're, not prepared, whereas the gentlemen said he just like. Excuse me. Excuse me that's very nasty debts,
upon a boom boom. If you have demoralising this that we absolutely crazy, this is it's an analogy pointing out to what is happening. Is it when you hit somebody at heart, you possibly can never know, what's really didn't with Russia, it didn't would impede another do not with corona virus and his approval ready is going up when you stand there and you can watch this uncertain. Boxing match is right. You can see where you have, someone is art is humanly possible and its and they keep on working. You ocean shit, yeah, because using ok he slipped a meteorite. Ok, he was a vase of down Trump. That's his bets. His whole strategies are taken on the chin and then eventually give you one and that's it. Press brief. I'm really interesting see trumps second term, because the media is just run all of their options. Out
what they're going to do, for I wouldn't be surprised if he whipped out is she wants? It and took it s right to guess what a page, bad J D, a customs credit ended in the great lakes, were so That's what I think would happen. I do I think you're gonna be so bold who doesn't have to lose the sea the when some reporter was reading a Biden tweet I don't know if you scientists, but Joe Biden, dissuaded something tat. You said you didn't do that he has people in a job. I didn t know watching right now and let's be honest, if he's working it doesn't understand, it was. I was at a May. I will say it is a jewel Rogan. Something also people must in that. Pakistan are really call them part at this point, and I need to download a show. He said something else that I think is very telling Donald Trump. We haven't aged much as president.
Harry Georgia, we? U Bush when you compare to particular wrong ray, I'm so much I mean inverse, it couldn't be because he he Tansy dies is here, but as far as energy like he went in where people are saying, this is an old persons and competent in right now, there's still to sing using an old persons and competent, but then they travel Joe Biden feeling. Ok, maybe you know really, can you about old and or income candidates were lying and that something he's gotten flax or to just objectively saying that Donald Trump really has an aged all that much? It is kind of remarkable to me. I didn't really think about until your broken set of think he's tweeting just as much he's there are no Jean still lies every Lisbon. Those who is my god. Why do we have it's a cue Tipp, where we think we have enough ventilators to get us through cross New York state more than happened in rising by though I wanted a thing had enough. We have a source for this to bring it up, but will move on to the embassy collar. We can actually go to chat and little bit, but there every single death in New York City in York, state that
all covered at all. As a cronan irish deathray ran that to me is really bothersome. In other words, if someone has leukemia a heart condition Mona and then at the end of all that they test pause for chronometers wrapping listed as a corona death some people? I don't think this is true. There were rumours circulating that even people who delicate contracts into just pause recovered are listed. I dont believe That's true. I was unable to light. I now when you believe. That's not true. However, the idea other limp of of really listing one primary cause of death, even though there are severe co morbidity that is not in line with the standard and how we always measure deaths across this country. We don't do that if someone has leukemia, if someone has severe cancer, you know in their undergoing chemotherapy and then they also We get influenza, we dont list, that is an influenza down the other, not during a distinction between dying of covert and dying with right. That's that's the main to signal the janitor. There's no reason not to I mean every everything, that's geared right north than the right now, the hysteria, the resources it
everyone all geared towards guides, one you get to blame Trump, the more the higher Those are the utter it gets to be and in I don't think, that's everyone random. A thing like that. No earners down there like switching from all over, but there it. But there are. We have to take these numbers of the greatest salt to say: how are we Lynch are really in what are we going to do from a policy perspective as result of them and if every single person like well go ahead and put what this guy down do. You know you write about to die anyway. What I want to know too, as if, if these people who had died, who had all these other things going on as well, if they had gotten the regular flew if they had gotten really anything yet added the tipping point with anything or is it that you know cover? Nineteen is so severe that it killed them. United gotta get matters. How how these people would affair with ready flew that would go around every single year if at all, Ok, we got the competent way. It is undeniable that was held. I do not have that. You have a better chance of getting on a clearer queen early, I'm physique pack than you do have not using it in praying for the best with they out a respirator China, respirator ventilator.
I'm from so that people are saying: oh, my gosh, how heartless as it now is it unbelievable to me. I don't think we ve ever seen a more. Anti science driven media right now, when their talk. Now, no one here in this room said Clara, Queen, absolutely works, which are there clinical data that is available both in vitro end in Riva, then you look at the anecdotal evidence is, is is pretty pause? very well, then it should certainly be provided as an option, and now it is provided as an. Urgency treatment from the FDA, a medical option. The other side of the hour and other thing. There is no proof there's nothing to finish, but another is some. There is quite a bit of definitive proof. When you can't have it both ways because are also right now, there's only shortages. This isn't. I was seeing on CNN. Morning. Whether sinew the problem of this too is, if we start pilot, well, who need it who have Lupus retorted arthritis who ve been taking this for years longer. Access to water? Second, you just that it's a very dangerous drugs that we don't know how it will interact with roads of yours. You think you can say that you can make the claim that it is not fully
stood in the way that a drug classically is when it comes to phase one two three clinical trial, specifically in its efficacy against Rona virus? You can say that what you can I say is this unsafe drug that we're an uncharted territory. We have no idea how people will react and- The way we can have a short because the hundreds of thousands of people with Lupus Rheumatoid, arthritis or malaria use they need just about medicine, which is it is a dangerous drugs completely untested or is it a drug that has already been FDA approved, has remarkable safety profile and has been used for? me of elements for a long time now, and it delivers promise on this one that isn't entirely verified pick one This is why people don't believe your shit right exactly. What I think is even depends on which way trump goes, though, go the opposite when they would have liked. This thing is out there. We use it for everything. Why can't we try this Donald Trump, keeping it from us the right they had at ready? We got here and I think what we need right now is trump to come out and say no, no Chloric Wayne Nope net.
But you do anything with it right. We're not gonna. Do it any meat over noted the urgent pallid drop refuses to investigate right, important new, even create almost. I had only had chloric. We not. I mean it's, it's it's absurd. When we talked about its trump came out and said, I then if I woman on the first woman present right now, but I got everybody we aren t leave me. I allergies act. Also, these ugly is half that they have to like both sides of these arguments go unlike the Superbowl were, like the losing team, stop just get sold over somewhere in China. Like they ve got all these like placards for Donald Trump in all this stuff. Like he's saying the clerk, we can't work and it can and how we can use that we gotta go the other guys laws that Europe's citizens are waiting to say we have a chance Natalie here she thanked loudly about Joe Rogan think so, You don't understand, but what is the difference between what Rogan is saying about Trump over Biden Verses, all the Bernie brows who did the same and twenty sixteen? So a lot of folks and Tony sixteen pivoted from Bernie too
yeah right, she's thing was the difference between that and what's going on this note erosion, there's none at all. You know what you know, how I can prove that that the system that happened back then we got a lot of flak. The way. A lot of flak from those in the conservative media from sorted legacy outlets that people like a Fox news, people who might be working for some. The major the and not unwarranted they saying. Why are you focusing so much in Bernie Sanders? It seems because it just because he's cannon fodder for comedy well, namely the fact that this primarily comedy, shall I won't realising that isn't taken into account, but it that everyone is talking about Hillary Clinton. We had the analytics on Youtube through Google and, of course, at Lahti How did I come a week? We bloody not unless we get many many many millions of people who come in traffic a lot of Canada competently at that point, going the election, so it all this data we are seeing here then a second. We can see that a lot of people who are urging who are pro Bernie Sanders. Actually
Surprisingly, turning up in a lot of this trump related content. Now that Hillary Clinton is going to be the candidates, so we always focused on Bernie Sanders back then, because this is I have said- and I will repeat it again- Hillary Clinton was the coronation. Bernie Sanders was the movement candidate, people who are involving movement and a big part that movement was looking. For the American Middle Class first and being anti establishment, they go to Hillary Clinton in droves that you didn't vote or I would say problem. I would wager that a significant amount of more than have even actually come up in any kind of pulling went to done. From the exact same thing happening right now. I think that they are anticipating a voter turnout forged Biden, let it highly unlikely and I think they'll, be surprised. All right. So speaking of the clerk coincides with the move under this fund. Although we have ten Nugent in about ten minutes jeez, we are running late, you know one maybe he's gonna go late today because who gives a righteous silk
morning last week you guys remember that we reveal this. The clerk Finally, the lignite fishing clear data livelihoods fifteen and soon She drank fishing there, that's her husband, those definitely during a fish tat group leader, her husband died right. She gave the interview go back and washing machines that we treat. We took it because we trust to trim and don't nobody else should ever do the same. Well that we went through. That was a story. You were told them. There were some publicly available information, but the media was an interesting that she was a prolific democratic donor that she has Donald Trump. This is well documented and that she had history of mental illness and violent outburst. What was exclusive to us is that we found the court case where she was charged ultimately found not guilty but charge with domestic assault, and there were several on occasions where she wanted to divorce her husband and said that she was angry all the time. So, let's recap this:
this was a woman who was sold as a pro Trump lady who died, taking fish tank cleaner with her husband, when in fact, she hated Donald Trump and she hated her husband. So we thought, This might be relevant to the original reporters at NBC. They call wrote this story and we called them offering the air. This lady is never. There was VON. I can't member his name in the Erika. Erika was Edwards. Erika, Edward they call wrote the original article and I are eating he nodded. I think they can. Finally, we want to see if you search this new go back to the original article. This the one that was shared like a virus? cross and all other mainstream outlets. So we try to go directly to the source and see the media wanted to do the job listen, that their journalistic jobs typically entail. Logical, Emma half Asian, where village monsieur, let's play the audio. If we have it air hurry, Edward Stephen Grotto calling our you,
Thank you. So much I'm so sorry that I missed your call. Do you have a minute? That's what I'm calling, because actually writing a story here, and I have some some information from non anonymous source that I want to keep anonymous and I know that you guys over there. Obviously, discretion is pretty importance regarding the woman who drank the fish tank, cleaner, the clerk which I believe I was trying to find who wrote, I believe you call wrote it with VON Hilliard and why are you calling from short run on Ashley calling from other there's an economically. But I mean: do you work I'd like to see an hour, I said I'm calling from from fuck them You don't know it was going about it. That's why I knew that was a bad sign. It continues to be, don't laugh and fulfilled yes, yes, I'm a freelancer n in n. You know again, I I know it against the name earlier, and I know it's important to keep her
silly anonymous. I mean I'm assuming you, you know the person in question to you who you wrote about. I should ask that first, we are ok, so you did what the story- and you are aware that its it's great, so I wanted to ask you. This have come upon some information. You doing. Some digging the story originally that was published. You know stated that she drank fish tank clean. Obviously, sadly, her husband died. There's an interview that was posted where she said she did it, because she sought, from a Trump press conference, correct Ok and then she did say that she trusted him and that no one should should do the same heavy article up right here. I've wanted to know since you know, Were you aware of the fact that she was? You must be a prolific democratic donor in very,
Did you guys? You know her name and address its public record? Most people don't have an aim of interesting. Listen rightfully, so I did that region paper name I don't know you did you say your name, but I'm just saying I know her name, I'm just confirming that way, I'm not letting the cat out of the back. So you know the woman in question and obviously I do have Journalism NBC News. I wanted an oath you had discovered if you came this information. I can confirm that she's, a democratic donor who gave to Hilary in twenty sixteen and repeatedly throughout her. Her lay. I dont know if I dont know anything that not even relevant to the store quite frankly, relevant because she said that she did it because Trump told her to and their multiple sources here that show she was virulently anti trumpet and acted as for a long time, so it seems, peculiar that she would all of a sudden decided take medical advice from Donald Trump when she also gave to pro science.
Anti right wing anti science ideology, as stated here, nonprofits gate. Let me give a question for me. I mean to sound like your story, what I am if you knew this when you posted his story, because I think it would be pretty relevant now. That someone out there saying no one should have had and tramping. I didn't think you. I think that you have a big story. You you're going to tell him that totally nosey. I think that you did. I think that Either you didn't do you're due diligence. Also global warming, the one you are you whereby the assault case with her husband- that's you divorcing, her husband, because this is a totally separate instances. We're not talking about politics, but she, openly wanted to divorce her husband and we found the court documents of her. Charged with assault against her husband who died from drinking the fish tank cleaner. Were you aware of that? I think that you have a story very day
you should go with that that not all of us and actually regional story. God would you be willing to correct the story? Censuses, relevant information? Do you not see it as relevant information that a woman who went out saying she did something because she was a supporter of Trump when we that she's not here and she couldn't Mary and her highland. I have What I can say to you, would that would that be irrelevant? Would you like here? I don't have a big news outlet. That's the thing I have this information. I have corroborated at one hundred percent with authorities. I would love to get it to you, because I would love to see the truth get out here because, as we know, is journalists, You're sure you can take it. I don't I don't want the credit. I just wanna make sure the truth is out there and I can send you all of this evidence. If you would, I think that you have it Ray to tell, and I wish you good luck. I think I'll have the truth to tell here and I would like to provide it to. U Nbc News: do you understand but this is the definition of a fake news. At this point I can provide you evidence right now that she was
By the way it should be noted, we sent this email. I think we have a screenshot to both her Andy CO, writer, with verification collaboration of the evidence in nor spots David Lee? Our can only their working. I fancy. I give a story to tell sounds to me, like you have a retraction to write that was an interesting respond. I dont see I drove into the strike one. Second, you ran a story wearily. This is what so remarkable to make you ran a story. Were a lady a man died because him and his wife trusted Donald Trump entering fish tank cleaner turns out. They do like Donald Trump at all, and she hated her husband. That's pretty relevant either way. It's a relevant role is eventually because it wasn't. It wasn't just an unbiased report of it. It was basically making. It sounds like this was a Trump supporter of Alexander Radwan, guys writers, after taking trump towers and those who had already first off by the way, Donald Trump.
Go out, and not only did he not say drink fishing, cleaner and people use it. That's what we more Ministry example Donald Trump, go out and say: try to get your hands on legitimate clerk queen illegally Donald Trump didn't go out and specify Dosage Donald Trump said if you're in a hospital and there's a part in it, doing very well before ventilator ask your doctor. What can you lose at this point that it is only valid fatigue that and then apply drinking fish tank leaner. It was an absurd example. I thought that I wouldn't get dealing traction. Unfortunately, it did and its blatantly faults it who plays into the into the narrative that a lot of folks want to say it's the same argument that Hilary had when she called the basket. Rebels in arising, looked is take this entire group of people and look here's the example of a Trump supporter, not only trusting their fearless leader while he makes you know Quantico. That gives bad advice, but also their idiots.
Right? Where, when, in reality, this woman, who is actually pretty she Jeddah, look good Lord too, for one go in there should now be got rid of husband. She didn't want to have in the first place and she got to. What can we say I didn't want to go? We say that that speculation, but really I wondered how water lily I look at what this is about: hunting genial, their husband, I know you think my daily tour I can't go to the Euro area that you're gonna get you to look into it. Yes, I'll call him from prison and see where we heard about the first and cleaner Ladys, like I think so. I will have inadvertently. The right moment will not be surprised that our friends, you know in using thing I dont know how that necessarily works as far as some kind of an investigation separate from as ever, from a news side of it, because this would be some the would we have through which some have to report that the local authority It seems that it would be more of a national kind of investigation concerned involves donations, a longstanding history with the well. I declare that donations are no crime, none of them,
a crime, but in other words it is something that involves national elections, where it's not like the evidence presented, isn't just while she was. She was horrible to local supermarkets. Now she tried to influence for a long time and she hated her husband. Influencing elections is literally what everyone does rather there, Where did not technically author husbandry? What that with the crime and crime itself is the crime itself right is the main reason why there's no like? Why in others is the significant argument gets any hate crimes is because there are. I'm itself is the crime rate, as opposed to Certainly the reasons behind it and local authorities that, like access her, How would one report it will have to report to local police department? You can work but any them and then they'll sorted out amongst themselves ass, a who did he library that might be investigating it right now and we just not hearing about it.
I would definitely hearing about it as long as Erika has to be doing her job. Well, yes, trip right. I just can't imagine this is the real when people don't trust the media. This is exactly why I like this. Isn't an example of me. I didn't we didn't call in aggressively going. Are you crazy? You needed economic, hey, this is relevant. Would you like this sounds to me like you? Have a story sounds to me like you. Had a story, someone came in and said, and here's the crazy think think about this is: could there be Anything more can it be to reporters, then a salacious story of a woman who potentially off her husband. Yes, yes, yes, yes, if Donald Trump off her husband- and that is the decided to run with the only thing more appealing than Joe Tiger and Carol basking or making a murderer is, if said, murderer can be implicated as president Trump.
I know it is easily unless the road leads back to trip to trumpets, not a story, but that's not true at all like this would be a major story either way out. If a woman, like author husband, by saying here, drink this little cure covered nineteen like well, that's a story. I ran it like it was Donald Trump, Cathy dates and misery shake your classically buzz. I do like us even says Joe Tiger is everything you say. I certainly looking you're saying Joe Biden Tiger and then I'm like away Joe exotic, showing what message exotic. Oh that's right why Georgia Dogma, but I like it. I like you by the way, a gun to your head, you to vote for Joe Biden, his prisoner, jokes, Zadok, jokes, exotic, a loser, heretical zadig, asking whether they are easy notches. I don't like him that men get stuff
it's male concubines, you aren't even down because less than twenty joggers is twenty tigers. What is that? Even in the music videos to come out of it? Not gay, not gay, but twenty times these twenty tigers. What do you know who need defined? We need to find the guys who wrote the music there's some really good articles about the guys actually wrote. In reality it was lips thinking, PDA, right, you're, one of the guys I think, he's die that we read that I think last one of the guys I right now because Nobby was not related to tigers at all. Yet I am. It is remarkable too, because we always had questions. I think is guys regularly hear what would it take like for you too, you know, have relations with a guy can adequately
billion twenty million. Always ask these questions right, two guys, and usually we always- and now I don't know I haven't- I usually ask it to people, but none of us ever that ought to ask and show you would be twenty tigers. Nobody like how their young man, Diana out of my pocket, just means power, anything twenty site. They are they siberian. Are they siberian bringing the tray snow lover know, yet it no that's a move that takes place once it's big. I don't want to hear about. What's what are we have? We have along the line? Yes, we do all right. We determine the line right now, none other than the great Mr Ted Nugent, Mr Nugent. How are you, sir? I do it good it stupid, in spite of the crazy world around us, how're you and your family out, there's even what we're doing well and you. I thought it was perfectly appropriate here, Mr Newman, in this, in this very studio couple attempt, but actually think of it was before I was in the garage you ve been still permeating the brick where just isn't it
he's just smell. My essence of truth logic and common sense. Still perfectly understood tat, we its mouth, it smells like dear, covering sent and tap yoke of putting because I know you like your snack backs and so that's a little tin bit. Multiple, don't know about that would be takes number sixty nine notion that Rico by tee, but that in the morning now I dont want to reveal a location, but obviously use put your time between Texas and in Michigan. You proud, Texan, proud, michiganders, where are you Corinth right now? If we can work and our beloved home, where there's freedom in a hint of constitutionality right here in central taxes, taxes? We don't get live in spring Inhumane, hates my mention that, but you can google where we live, and if somebody wants to mess with us I'll, send you
to read it out only live and die to spring. We own the spring that China's bring was named after, hence the most important element of having uncle TED on your shows that even the opposite, I act locker ready Iraq, the black doktor. I have always have unlimited water, unlimited fish in the world ah unlimited firewood in case the power goes up against the park was out. I've always had a generator with fuel for at least six months. Call me weird, but I figured that out bout, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven after a Michigan ICE storm time. Like a boy scout eat me Well, I don't think you understand what yeah Boise I just went out. The councillors were allowed in there, that's the news, that's the new slogan at the boy scouts by new councillors is just don't tell so it was like the economic gap like our move,
right, MRS lives. So we apologise not now here this. Is it true that you bring it up, because I used to do this, for I talked about this being of the ice terminal. Montreal many people died from the Montreal. I storm on a few member that, but damn we actually had relatives who are employed oops played during an absolute blizzard wait, everything was shut down, but the amber do me driving the ban. We actually made it to cut back in Montreal for a culture, but we're we're right there through the blue just in time to go on stage, so everybody had already left, because everybody was scare the blizzard the eye from right there from Canada. They should be better prepared. You think they should have been better prepared, but that no they were not. It was was terrible and when we see this response anymore but prepare with crowd, which is kind of like you know, emergency supplies and how we seven, what do these advertisements listen? It doesn't have to be.
Some crazy, empty attack. It does have to be some crazy, postal apocalyptic scenario. It could just be like earthquakes that you have, in LOS Angeles, was my brother had lived, who could be like the ice storm we're all of a sudden? The stores are picked clean. It pays to have a supply of water and some food they can. Last year thirty days, people said I was crazy. I with this you're you're a little crazy, because six months you have you have. You can live for six months completely off the grid. Where I got news for you, without exaggerating I could live for ever overreact, desirable hunter, but I mean you know I mean how many how many deer you need. You know we have so much wildlife and the primary literally when I graduated from high school and sixty six I have already prepped I've raising a hunting family where we had to gather would at the camp he added the water. How to your fire, you a killer squirrel for dinner. I mean, basic utilitarian pragmatism. Self sufficiency, utilitarian
we can some self sufficiency. Is that legal sure I'd give yourself? I was taught all about that. So by the time I read with from high school, even though, as a crazy rock and roll mushy brain uneducated by the american Anti Education system guy, I had the basics figured out, so first purchased in life was firemen Michigan, where I had unlimited water, unlimited fish, unlimited square hossack, an element that was your first purchase, never put like a quarter and the little the little a rooster egg machine to get yourself. One of those sticky hands on your first part just was farmland. I'm calling on Colombia. S absence You never got us. Take a bazooka joe with my first personal virtues I had to buy a van for the envoy dukes the buyer requires the boy are wrong. My musical dream, obviously which I had imo
by the time I was twelve or thirteen in Detroit literally won the battle of abandoned nineteen. Sixty three opened up with the supreme in the boat brambles right next to the mighty funk brothers of Malta. So my american dream was on fire really early on, but my again it goes back to my hunting Jeanne trapping conservation, lifestyle right I've just ever been unprepared. I've never been unarmed. I've never not had a pocket knife. I've never not had a handkerchief. I've never not had a fire extinguisher. I've never not had a tired. Just the basic way my handkerchief. What did you tell us that it is just this week? Everything else have only not explosive item, but I imagine one of you probably most their deadly strew, given mediaeval today come on come on now and I we shouldn't be surprised at the color by the way. As far as far as the camera tat, we can still see you the bookcase. It doesn't necessarily blunt. Let me ask you this, because we don't have a ton of towns where we ve gone overtime. What would you like me
people out there who aren't sort of conservationists. Like yourself, we don't know this lifestyle. What if they were to start just being prepared for disasters like this one of the basic. Mantles that everyone should have well a handkerchief, Ok, I'm right there with your lives. I literally stop bleeding save lives with my neck or chief guard, but anyhow, you know Is it a shame that you have to a reference, the author of what got tangled for survival, but let them some basics and first of all, prayer, we're praying for those people who are maybe not on the edge of self efficiency and not broken the regional last boyscout preparedness. I think that's what an a response
human beings should be but we're not. We haven't, bought any toilet paper. I mean again I'm going back to ice storms in my youth and in blizzards and floods and droughts and hurricanes in turn eight hours I mean who hasn't lived through those, so we all have a few hundred roles at toilet paper. I swear to God. We have a reasonable pantry. We have Long lasting canned goods of quality, but we have unlimited fish, foul venison, because live on. Land prove provides life itself, but you have to have yeah guess: food water going paper yet Nerf guns ammo, you have to be adequately trained. You have to have fire extinguishers. You have to have adequate fuel. I've always been trained that you fill your gas tank up in your truck or your car. At the end of a trip into town, even if the aghast gauges only gone down a little bit the neutral. What I am because you're from Detroit, Nay invented carjack and there's a there's, a drive in movie theater still in downtown Detroit, it's the stuff that gives child that it gives children
you drive, asked it in downtown to Turin summit. Downtown Detroit, it's right next, on overpasses, DR another you're going, I'm I'm innocent are watching. You know big trouble to and my car's gotta be nothing but cinder blocks at a steering wheel. Before we get to the devil feature a right of veto, Oh yeah, let's drive by Peter, don't wear red, don't wear blue, just a neutral, Mr Nugent. We do have to get going ever Jack corresponding on here where's the best place for people to find your brother well go to Jerry, Garcia, dot com for all the things have. You got get back dot com website and I don't know of your pity thirteen, but I cell, in the hell out of those things you java, we have real ultimate high octane Joe Romania, where Jean here but we're quarantine, tween tours ADA advertise a competitor, there had nation, but I will say this: it is a
that Jerry, Garcia, so annoying, but unfortunately it latterly agreed upon there's the pond with Jerry Garcia is the best ice cream available its absolute happier, yes, delicious and I make little group here within its. I support those hippies. I love the Hippy ICE cream Thank you, Mr Nugent. We appreciated by the we must go our area. Thank you. God bless you and God bless me. You can now you can hang up there because we all know what he's going to Saint thick idea. Yawned. I gave up tat why she's ill yawned that women TAT Yoda was renewed, I'm sure it's not YO, YO, my what the cello say. Where's, the cherry see. I am hungry or your mama's off, and I dont know that man is an absolute treasure. Ok, we're going I'm going to go to some of your chat. We are going to have our Jacko will cause Jacobin. Link is actually a lot of people and wondering how he's doing we actually right.
Move many our Jacko willing correspondent who will be happier after the break and will also be talking about our voters. Sure Lucy Gay, so short break will be right back over this we cannot deny the broader lay it on with a commercial for black rifle conflict, we'll show everybody had did coffee's, but be your black a year or so good you gotta put it would just picture. I start up. Capital circle breeds. Are dubious legal breed a hero of black worthy pledges. Your stomach norm, approach at all this is necessary. And is the global warming and press what we can. We can run by Stephen, but I dont think you me into it. You should try it he's right, Telescope Glasgow,
with regard to hear so, but the gap between videos again, but I promise this new scope will be the biggest of my career. To be honest, what's expose this? I fear for my life it's time for the truth, he put a judge is not gay story, never added up not coming onto the thirties, recoiling from any fiscal intimacy with his alleged husband, the deep state is gone too. Lakes to cover up and re right May repeats history, because not only is he not gay people, the judge is a plant has been hampered by vice president migrants, to run for President Whitehouse once installed the White House to create an executive order to create pensive gay conversion camps has been pensive plan presented, Trump, didn't agree and went with point me when, but judge fix. Your watching ignorance
shut out everyone who contributed to negotiate me stone with Mr Patrick S, so you guys thanks for their support, and when my club, which, by the way one of the funniest fund hours available right? Now you listen to the already laying a halfway house, every activity, we are looking for a laugh. I hope we are going back on the show, but I don't have it and when the carpet bag less than it was in the show he was doing drugs really right before the shell. Almost on this, almost on the show any re open about it now he's finally sober arguing good. Yes, he was on the show and because we could literally hear him at, we thought we suspect they should say doing drugs. And he made some comments. We seem kind of out of it in there two interviews than we have ever actually edited people say that no one knows if the pretended because of timing, one a broken in his very nice person, was incredibly boring,
now we can actually get them to stop thinking right. Inconsequential one was was already Lange because we felt that he wasn't in his right mind and we did want to be a liability for yes, I would really they haven't back onto my little funny with such he's such a sweet guy, but his hour with Gilbert Godfrey right now. Is so funny. They were talking about tat, All of this repeat this very little but you're telling how Robin whimsically. I gather that tell you know, there's a three one on the Rapid Williams, a rambling actually kill himself because of how good your life it's you know, and I will have to go back and let the call back to ninety nine people watching Latin saying one of these guys is action going to have an incredibly successful cream. One of them is going to hang himself with the ladys piece of clothing, making a noose news and its the parrot,
well, you're measures, God, sir! Oh boy, you really are cruel. Isabel Goober government, we just says offensive things and lives not even a joke. Yes, I know that you can teach it. Where is this, whereas this is already at half way out starting my new show em agreement, there's something certain people you get them in a room with human Gilbert Godfrey the chemistry is just electric, so before we go to a corresponding? I want to talk about Lucy Catherine had before voter suppression by right now, of course, many of your incident. Good front of the show he's on quite a bit needs disappeared little bits. We want to make sure that he's ok, So there is no man more up to date on the goings on Jack. I think it's time for a Jacko corresponded.
And here's mood man come on in here. Let's go on a jungle corresponds very much and I know audio way. Some question smooth. You are, of course, you're from Colombia and you know more about Jack. What, then, I think anybody ever perhaps would you accept oh yeah, of course I appreciate. I appreciate you giving credit. Where do we wouldn't want to run the risk of ever not giving the right you can't? Can you Phyllis so first up, we have all you: have all these things right, correct, so and enter. Clear origin main that's the face mass. Can you bring it up quickly? That's jocose company, and thank you guys they did send some out to us. We're there there's a little pocket in there to where you can put a surgical mask or some other kind of a filter,
and they re purposed, all of their all their factory, to do that, and then all of this that when they sent that they sent us some samples like of the protein powders in you, that you ve had all the yearly I've had all, but that one's got that one's good, that one's better, that ITALY's better so he's going on with with Jacko these last couple weeks. You know, I think the question Stephen is what isn't going on with jug. You got your nutrition, your goods, if you want to read, you got children's books. Yahoo have durable goods in order. We ve just look up mask they re innovated, the mass and I here the CDC actually thinks in these might even be better than it has not erected for only family nitrogen producer. That's right! That's wrong. I dont want to be really really clear about that. What have you been doing to keep up with with Jacko during all this? Actually I think we can go to his twitter
Can we can check that he has indeed been waking up at four thirty. For, of course, really ok in the morning, thoughts and incorrect, ok he's getting at The andean before the enemy takes an instagram photo than goes back to sleep. Until then, I think so from one eye the same photo uses every doesn't find this funny, it all very soon zero funny this is loading. Ok, in appointing the cosy about having a loaded firearm and aiming at the sea aiming at the scene and monitor, and no one had a thousand that trigger discipline, and either way this may Aberdeen carry, and where did you learn or good trigger discipline? Obviously, cha right. That makes our citizens that gives them questions from their audio. We I mean I I did hear that Jacko has fallen off with the four thirty three thing, but we would see so he has. We do have the most current aftermath of his work out of here.
Unless there is clear ethical, doing body, work. Ok, and what are you? What do you say what we think is helping Jacko right now, most getting through the up that the krona virus, pendant Cavell, sort of we cope differently, how'd, you think Jacko as well, besides, creating this mass that pretty sure the surgeon general America has added. I know he knows more. Potent no vaccine for marrow there aren't potent, but he is a wonder if there's not a vaccine yet right, are you putting venom in your mask? You know it's like being in real life like if you put a potent in your man. I don't know what else is it is it? Do you think Jack? What you think is this big biggest call? Ok, what is this? I can hear your question because my Jacko GO has been opened and this might also be a cure for
no round and then let us at least this terrible. You don't. I almost feel like we want and I was going out with Jacko Deal under the table. There might be a nice I'll. Tell you what we're going to have you back next week or maybe not maybe the week after and will to Chechnya and and and bring us something more substantial. Next time, then just hawking jocose good values that drink by the way it's delicious. Try! Why? Don't? We? because even wearing your poison man, I'm pretty sure that all this is publicly available information or know if there's any kind of inside. Yes, that's right. You have any inciting from anything that maybe people don't worry. No, these Regis, my two cents spell your correct. This all public knowledge,
Ok, I think everything's gonna come back on the show. He needs to take a photo himself at four thirty three every morning. Oh yes, yes, otherwise is not really a true correspondence, so we need a yacht in black and white black and white. Hardly way ahead of you newspaper check my answer. I emphatically thank you very much through many enjoy your drink because I don't want to get corona. That has been our. Why are the unproductive instalment Jacko, corresponding ok oil
I wanted to ask you guys really quickly. Do we have a report, the pull that video from that awful female comedian before she removed it on twitter? Regarding Louise generals, not awful where we will have to live with had enough? We have right now, but we can put, we can do but I'll catch you blocked being deleted it so that you see us course. Uk was trending yesterday, because someone released another special and, of course all these people come out from the woodwork to say. I can't believe he would release Especial is one female comedian who keeps comply about Lucy casing. Anyone who actually pays for Louise UK special stop toggle me because of effectively implying that people are bus and rapporteur this awful awful sketch. Me no, if in one just gimme a hands up of a parody of Louis Intro, and it was just saying you know gagging yanking jerking off. That was the only lyric change and it was so bad. It was so poorly editor, like listen. Even if you
Let's assume that you believe Louis e K is a rapist on par with Roman Polanski, who got multiple discriminations and ask your words at a rate and a fourteen year old, translated at least Louisa asked it's weird. It's weird! It's weird request it is, but he played mates asked also night it's right now, if you're not here, let's be really really career, but let's assume that you believe he's that terrible. Don't you understand that creating something so hopefully unfunded just drives people into the arms of Louis decay. You're hurting your own, you creating more Louis UK fans, she's a deep state Louis. He gave an ambassador way open, didn't discussed? We actually do have? This is our second? What's the name of this lady, so she deleted she blocked me. She duly untutored! Yes- and this was all these complaints about Louis casing- he's not he's horrible rapist he's only made advancements in his career because of white men. Let's assume that all of that is true. Ok, let's see
What's your name, Kelsey came Kelsey came. What are you why I feel that we never run. All of this is because it don't go anywhere. You need to see that this continues played. Is it not Louis, so everything is. The credit involves penis, which I appreciate look at us too. She she keeps she cut, she breaks character and they keep it going everything about and not that I can't be low budget and satisfactory. This is low budget low budget indistinctly unsatisfactory. Let us look at us to try to get so at the end of the cliff. She tries to go into the comedy seller because it's really, we often goes and
Don't let her aunt look. They don't even cut at early enough is so painfully bad and unfunded that here's, the thing funny doesn't lie and that's kind of the difference between, let's even say, take roman Polanski or have a winding people who are actual sex offenders riah their lot. People involved with those productions are a lot of, will involve creating the film where they can't really take credit initially take blame if, for example, like lions for lambs, is that bad? but funding lie and Louis you, ok, I guess the court comes when someone paid their penance if they were granted. Did gummy stuff- and I understand it is not just that he was servicing himself in a green room. I understand that he asked people that they lose us. People felt pressured and Obviously there could be sort of a disproportionate abuse of power there or authority. But again it's like that. I did apologize, the guy away any
saying that I should be out. There is a role model. It's just is he still funny, and the answer in my opinion is undoubtedly yes. So what are you? What do you think that? What point here? It's it's tough to say, but we don't we. This all the time anyway, we separate the art from the artist with people that maybe we just have a mild disagreement with them or their act batch of crazy, like Tom, cruise and Scientology, and we're like you know, with people's it'll, go watch movies, I'm not seeing their good about. I'm just saying people still do it in any case, our best like that, They are bad, but
so you can emission impossible or where was harmed ruse ain't Henry Cavell we're both fighting the asian guy, wasn't either by zero progress until one woman comes into play and that I think you do twenty of capital on deck a drawn might have now, all of a sudden you honor and twenty pounds, soaking, wet and stiletto move need, especially when you reloaded his fists way that I thought it was over Tom Cruise is urged to letters, run rail, but I got a report that was in his eyes or Rwanda. Are major? Rules may need you onset and you please take off a stiletto input at night and lifts on was seated outlined, which generally you're saying separate from artist, so you're a roman Polanski. In so look, I think I think it gives difficult very
so when you have stuff like this happen right. This is this is different and I think some people will have an opinion and say look. I just never watched that guy again on everything right at last April forever. Well, but I still think so. Here's a comparison and I hate what Bill Cosby did, but I say: go back and look at him. Bill Cosby as himself stand up like that was hilarious. It doesn't change the fact that what he said at the time was funny. I don't really think you over the Euro zone as we are about to take her breath. Yes, Luigi case stand up, is about being a horrible perchance about being yes election was anybody who had seen anything he had done? Actually surprise, I don't think so now. I really don't think so. Yeah words, your bill cause be was out there tat. There were job, cakes, wreck first and male brow,
ok and then he was raping four hundred and nineteen people, rather than ever between leaders numbers are accurate. I think it's about equivalent to the entire Lakers roster, throughout history like something when I remember, even though women are already something they can't order. Yet there are no women on the Lakers roster. Well, out of touch you are with W Nba, not part of the world is ok, honey pot. This is this is a genuine. Now I want you to go genuine question. What is the name when people say I love women, sports and some people in this room have done it, but not so much the name of the LOS Angeles W envy eighteen go. Can anyone give it to me we did not. Even close mistakes now filled with Julia Roberts in a pizza powers. A little like this. It's
there's no way, we do things the dragon lie and what others zodiac civil doing. Well, we do know that many other ba is most comparable to cancer, Research has found that it is the sparks spar may mislead. This dilemma I mean, did you know that was pretty about those that allows elicits or characters from Dark Crystal W and Ba they're, just not from eleven? I heard you know not only to adequately loved us of that much, but I guarantee you that if you just had, you know like fit movies in the park, they do that sometimes movies in the park and in the park. You had the devil, NBA national championship
and the making of documentary of Dark Crystal everyone would turn Dolly NBA. They built a whole village without demands, and there still getting a little much it's cool experiment that needs to happen. So do you know any accidentally turned to the NBA right WMD, because I assume that the hard you is a puppet, what a lot of them, even though that didn't we, which will undoubtedly be torn off to think tat, I must got fired. By way, the notification Bell, please, if you're, watching on the Youtube, because if she does not mean a whole lot and please do consider joining my club or doing this extra contents free all months, because a muslim quarantine entering the promo code quarantine get thirty dollars off Please, if you are a member of my club, do consider renewing Eric,
we need you still around its roadmap, necessarily monetize to wrap up the the Louis UK thing I dont like what he did I think the guy's funny and I dont think its aimed at an unfair give its the kind of similar so unforgivable that the guy can't go out and tell jokes of people want to pay for it. The idea Enemy, and at what point do we allow somebody to be truly repentant like do it I mean? Are you done? I'm words, the law? like our you done for the rest, your lifelike. Can you ever say you know what I was a horrible person, then I'm not that person anymore. Is there any repentance? Is there any second chance we give anybody rang or do we just Europe the money in a corner and say well because of what you did not unaware. That line is very, but because what It were never allowing you to be in society again learner note in an unpleasant because he's a white male, pretty much Mexicans What do you know if you want to know is more mexican than Carlos meant a joke? I do. I know that you know that no, it's ok! It's gettin Carlos minutiae,
when is it is haven't, got any Mexican at all. What Louisa Game was nine hundred is hispanic, but I'm sorry now claim you ain't gonna be an urgent Mexicans and he wasn't executed. Uk was ladys and executed. Oh no, not now calls you now. Maxine all his he's half wondering what would you have even its level is a polish or something isn't really miss NED now
He knows what's going on the Us Ned. My name is bill soldiers of Asian Roy, urging that my colleague did you mean about whereby a better, but it was Robert lack basic reasons and I visited. I understand that I will now go by some Asian. They get on top of these magnificent. Exactly exactly makes guineas Patrice Zonia nicely someone bring it out. I think I think Louis UK was actually raised in Mexico. If I'm not mistaken, I think he was. I was born in Mexico City. Why was actually raised in Mexico City if yeah. I want you to know that Louis at all, I think there's a really advertise it, but the really my almost hides the Riis. The real thing is, I was just being personality and I wanted to correct my lawyer for no reason, because it's not really relevant the perception to see the light, a male tapping
For me, there's no one for me: there's no line as far as is it still funny. Just now that there is a line since it someone doesn't get to work in the industry anymore, for example, Roma glance, gang rape, a fourteen year old preludes item should be allowed to work anywhere, which, with or without the prelude to the dairy industry, not just the qualifying fairly qualified one could almost too it's our initiative way eludes were really the only saving. Grace of the event includes what else you got going now. That's the art, it could be measurable, Cuentos we're not the worst part of the equation. Only when it is somewhat argue necessary. So I do think you shouldn't be allowed anywhere. Children right and We don't send any women into the Green room with Louis e K unless they like watching red, had Mexicans service themselves. Like my point he's not a danger to anyone who didn't commit crime and its the Harvey wanting situation, so I don't think we can build up even as much as I can't stand Aziz and sorry. I really can disguise the epitome of woke dishonest and a little bit arrogant he had.
Really bad date? We can't lump in what are we weren't Stephenville cause being just amazing to me that I do not know what the comedians, particularly you I think that if someone is a real germ rain, they talk about the sort of our of powers that be well other people in positions of power who don't need bill you dont need Louis UK would be the ones who would speed and say he's a during this guy used to go away, but you don't see that from the bill birds of the world, you don't see from a generous you, don't you haven't comedians, who stand nothing to gain by being so into Louis UK? In other words, they can say that and guess what they? actually eliminate competition, but You don't know the guy is still funding the people who come out and say Louis e K isn't funny at all. Therefore, you should all boycott m. Are women like this- are people who are definitively unfunded and they argue well as just because of the powers that be the powers that be think the guy is funny and they have no reason to get similar, Jerry Brok, climber? Is you know if anyone had Durham Harvey Weinstein's you'd? Have someone
What kind of someone's is direct competitor will be the easiest thing in the world jamming they think about it. This way with sports, selectively outraged and you have athletes to God and do things that we disagree with, but they go out and still they are able to perform politically, and so we allow them we're like. I will pay, will go watch the basketball team theirs felons on it right now because they can score ride so their selectively kind of picking spots and we're going to be outraged and against too. I don't know anything about basketball. Did you shouldn't? I used it there's a lot of felonies. Why is that? exact in China, who are the earth and made more and more white guy, got airy nets, that's an almost all organised now in a lot of work to combat sports and physical sport as a way out for a lot of people from rough area, because at home I'm saying there I've you raise in the lap of luxury you after you know, you go play tennis or gulf right go, but a very look. There's a there's, a there's felons on Basle teams
football teams in in wineries and not in winery sellers sway. Now, drivel distributor who don't get over the energy max. You don't think Polanski made a couple of visits to couple as vineyard come on, don't be he drove away. Did I don't even you that I just love Josie will have been, then he got promoted not now. I think I'd doth protested too much Mister Sterling is saint. You know, you know you noticed the defensive and when he burst out the english quotes and english accent. I wasn't. I didn't do the exact center at what about yellow what about Yellow Taylor Barefoot, you think, I'm a few felons working at those in it. I hope has anyone around anymore. I feel like an undercover operation to think about barefoot in yellow. Tell us the three strike policy. Three strikes a crappy wine. Here's another democratic talking point right now. I don't think it's been following this weapon that Donald Trump in the jail. Be that they are challenging efforts to make voting easier right?
they want more absentee voting and so this is an area that people are hearing out there. There was a coffin Donald Trump thing. You know you look at. What they want is ridiculous. I don't think any Republican would ever be elected again. Their sing c c, with increased voter turnout. Republicans wants president, because they can never won with increase voter turnout. Why Think let me, as this trick question. Why do you think it is that republican might have an issue with simply opening up absentee voting. Basically and a federal level superseding states right now, why do you and they might have an issue with that. You think it just because they don't want peace, legal american citizens voting from then that's totally he's got I was shocked by the way, because because you have, as you know there, against voter ideals and they say that's racist, was shot as someone who has had devote absentee once before that many
dates. Many states do not require that you submit any form of identification at all for receiving your absentee ballot or when you submit the actual voting ballot at no point His idea required in many states. I was going to no Alabama Arkansas Alaska? That's just the aids. He aboard originated the Ba yeah in what is it? We have em by weight that the more the Democrats embassy they can get illegals influence about the more they can obviously sell at the american taxpayers. I think in Colorado. What does a seventy? Three percent of people voted personated so that this was a note that I put in their because the whole argument. Yes, it makes sense that I write shiverings, yeah, radios and so Gerald. I did my bad. You put my initials in front of it changed color. So basically, what makes no sense it says, call Carlo seventy three or egg, fifty nine. While I died,
thirty five in person, so you kind of scribbling you'd, see serial killers, war with strings of yarn, and only I know what to say so. In a picture phoebe came from signs at Richmond who don't go in Asia became something else. We are saying. Is that in November didn't want people to have to actually go out and vote, because it's much safer did just mail it in and so their whole argument is all we have to switch to this male engine already do with absentee voting. Why not well in Colorado seventy three percent of the people that got a male and ballot returned it by hand and dropped it. The same as if they had gone to a voting location, sixty fifty nine percent Oregon and sixty five in Washington state from the study. That they were using decide to say that we should just go to this because everybody's doing anyway, it wouldn't solve the problem. Why don't? I would assume that they would resubmitted anyway, regardless of this point, I would probably send it back by mail. I don't know what that means that what the point is made is completely nonsensical. There's no way to decipher that from this point nine
you can imagine how seventy three org fifteen November for him. They were not really little neighbours may their so called. Why there's the admirable finally like if you're dyslexic and you have to write them in reverse, with jumble letters if you're serial killer, you right notes, like you told me to have brevity with my notes. I know it s not in the way that I couldn't possibly decipher what for years ray. What is this? The dark night comics leaves Nothing Commissioner Gordon become in no I'd. Like four of this we're surprise notes: let's leave that these points are written down in a pretty clear regarding states. Here's the thing to me: I I have no problem with absentee voting if it required some. Proof of identification and at some point ideally both points. I do. Free to receive your bout. You have to provide a delegation and leaves submit your balance. He has provided invocation the left they. What's that mean they wanted invocation to purchase a firearm to buy a big gulp divided
you ve to make sure that we know who has the most carbon credits in need of purchase, not when somebody is electing the leader of the free world. This is something that is they try to over simplifying away. That makes very little sense and here's one thing I will say to sometimes, of course, from the left. Things are so extreme where you got that, there's there's no way. That's true. Often it is four exam, a lady drinking fish tank cleaner because Donald Trump told her do when her husband died. There's no way! That's true! You think I want you to backtrack. Legend Zelda agreeing of time. I don't have what the business at the hidden with this, and I have to go back and talk to the voters the waste of time I hate backtracking, but you have to do it with new ones that documents or damage or mass. Oh, my god, oh, I was just ridiculous. Another little clocked our shot. It stop it! Stop it stop with the backtracking I want. I want a game play, not short, but you have to track. Sometimes it sounds so absurdly there's no way that can be true and often, I would say more often than not on the left today. It is true
but you should also backtrack when you see the young Turks. Are you see? John king, you see, looks like a picture. Actor who didn't make it you see one story of someone saying you know it down from just. Doesn't he said that no Republicans will ever win if more people can vote on the second, That sounds a little observe. Why would Donald Trump be against absentee voting? Are we supposed to believe can use your logic process, your user? You use it just a little, but which must be that all of a sudden in West in Texas in Idaho people voting from home because they have corona buyers, are to swap to buy that, doesn't make sense? I know the reason that he has a problem with it when you search it requires a little bit of digging. Is that this is also
Leah Trojan horse to try and create new laws. Where you require no identification to vote, you have. You require no identification to use an emergency room. Sometimes I even verified unification for social services and now no idea to vote, and you wonder why the american taxpayer things that you are selling them down the river for people who have no business being here. Who are not here legally, it's because of this. This shouldn't be a partisan issue, knowing it's really are citizens? Think about? There are a lot of the states that they would win. Have large undocumented populations like Texas, in Arizona places like that. Are closer to the Sahara avenues. Change you ve got a flip it that you gotta put one of those states. If you flip taxes, it becomes almost impossible for a republican to win consistently yeah but they gotta. Take a lot over. The ground is very hard to take. If you flip Texas, like that yeah anxious lazy, when you think it's a lazy way to try and get this man and voter block of illegal aliens adjust, let's allow absentee about knowing Donald Trump. This is against. It will say that he he just doesn't nominal vote like like you know, just like strings and strengthened.
Two kilos or something along into the light into the voting rules. Do is take a little bit and then maybe, like you know, like I'm, not like a new the glue, stick and put on a fake idea. We release respect and care. I never you deserve to destroy our country from within. At this point, I try to put an end to Cato event which, by the way, two kilos to take another cornhusks no needed tomorrow. But we have taken rather than with that's why I hate democracy. This is just not arrive in its like a little blankets for the gum and gaiety it with the rapporteur comes with a paper wrapper over the coroner. Scrapper gets its multiple wrappers that doesn't make any sense is double run, any one other who that is double wrapped, like that one other Mexican Enchilada Zone, a double wrapped burritos are not double wrapped. Actually, breeders are going around crap. I just realized Horn idiot on air. My name is something else that is double rap where
A form of wrapping alkaline alone allegedly gives changing the eyes like another layer of isolated. It's like played out when you're a kid when they sell you, the Plato, fun fact like look at this looks like a strawberry smell. It smells like a very yeah, but don't eat it. What do you expect to do you offered me a scrumptious strawberry both your sensory overload send sensory over. What am I supposed to know how this is going to end up with taste strip till you taste? It makes very always did. Is it and that's why I think we need to make Plato more toxic We do have city didn't go soon. What does he think? More of this is due in check the window to know. Yes, we so, let's eat jaded here says thanks for the month of jacked up sure Jack. That month shows what you guys think weak, expect from a Biden, Trump debate.
Bad funny funny thing it's always going to be funny guy lies tromp is their time. I'd elder running owed, Netflix Special though they are coming out with another Joe exotic Well, I'm so other than that? There's nothing more excited shrunk by its side that we might see if this, by explaining Let me give you this: is this can only happen but because you dial trumpeted that sort of that sort of looming biologically like into our mother, that's kind of creepy right at pine, Joe Biden. First off he's gonna get very scared like Peter PAN Shadow and then he probably slot and then Donald Trump, probably swat back and then I'll just be like rockets. Soccer old geysers can be hidden. I wouldn't be surprised because you're too but two very big egos very two very, very big egos, one guy already president the other guy was vice president feels entitled to an end is crazy. You Joe Biden. He wants to fight his own conceit,
to a challenging, is lighters, divides activities, docketed, shrub, YAP mistake by sound state. You wanna talk to me like that. You buy an idea that I forgot that you're gonna believe me there, because I can't walk three. I do think we ve got me out there were you sick who do you think, would win, and if it's right yeah but your while I was they dont trumpets a lot bigger, buddies. Listen as much- and I think I don't want to spend a prick at present- is pre gelatinous. Let's be honest, idiotic isolating super physical can absorb the most even the gelatinous it'll here I was lying around Joe, but Joe Biden is Pennsylvania. It also comes down to fight IQ. So you're? Ok, let me outta! This is a. I never do. You think, would win in physical fight between Joe. And down from intellectual initial question so dont from obviously has a reach advantage. He obviously has a size advantage as much larger, does physically stronger and die tromp has had a lot of involvement with boxing in with mixed martial arts. What is it
and it was early but yeah does it doesn't mean I'm good at it, doesn't make I'm good at it, but he's been following it been the periphery for quite a while still Joe by on the flip side is smaller, but he does seem to maintain its fitness. He claims that he box when he was a young person, but he also claimed that you know he aims dynamic clothes for thirty four years, so I dont know that, let's assume they have no combat history, physical, advantages, certainly to Donald Trump in size, in power. As far as in probably
Joe Biden, but here is sort of the outliers. Crazy, usually beats big every time, and so I dont like, like Joe Biden, is actually an insane purchasing. It might be like a crackhead. You could take more here. I think of my someone on pc pay. You know they tying it out and rightly we're terminals earlier few hidden. A button is reacting, get hit and creates enough vibration, whether their sharp the brain rattles around, but if someone there buttons already been hit, but really just in a mental level. In other words, you it's not gonna shop and a cat scan. I hit you right in the button and it could be a you know, could be a Tyler Durden Yoda way. Then you have no idea. Crazy, beats big they're, both little crazy, but I think that Joe Biden clinically insane and that could play in favour big, is much more thrill right now to than Donald Trump, and I think the frailty part like he. U you hit him once
If you just actually Donald Trump all he has to do with step out of the way Dodge one blow in the guy's going face for growth in Europe and legs lightly Lloyd. I, like some at the theme of guy, he's gonna legs. You mean, I think he could throw good kick if you like, and we shall be dealt with in turn- is destroyed by what I stop your staff, because your tibia was snapped and half you fool. I think I like it. I think Donald Trump he's gotta go with a circle, Joe till he gets out of his vision, then is that moment, as it interacts he's, got his ear and there is a very low peripheral vision and is it? Is it gets out of his vision? Joel forget that he's in a fight
That is how it is with that view, but I want to know who the ring coaches are gonna be out. We are today what have we greatest Donald Trump brought out. The black trainer from the rocky film about looks with rubies and Joe Biden Corner man we're just like a hermit cry in a diet, coke handling IP and there must be full stop you take off your head on now we do have to get going. So a couple of quick announcements are not what announcements tonight we are going to doing mass Monday talking. I reckon link for people who haven't been mobile numbers this weekend, a little bit of theology philosophy, sort of faith based discussion tomorrow.
Junkie. Tumblr is going to be live streaming all of duties, nice guys requests. We live streaming and chatting with day. He did not allow one of the biggest video gamers on Youtube slender. I will say this to Wednesday morning in good morning my club, the most offensive thing that we ever broadcast yeah lever in the history of this scale ram its upsetting and I dont ice years. I don't see that lightly vocs pockets. All is right. Now, in this pandemic, you just you dont want to tune in Wednesday, thank so much. We appreciate it is my club quarantine. The protocol is quarantine. Thirty hours off, we do appreciate your support, will see you tonight,
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