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Genocide Olympics! How Chinese Propaganda Runs the World

2022-02-08 | 🔗

The “Genocide Games” are proof of how much China controls the world. We recap what’s happened and why it should terrify you. Speaking of terrifying, Joe Biden announced he’s coming for your handguns. And special guest Sen. Ted Cruz joins the show to discuss his investigation into GoFundMe. #Olympics #GoFundMe #TedCruz

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All right I'll keep the short and sweet. Yes, Senator TED Cruz on yes, I know that some of your medicine, the commissary made about January sixth, I should join mocha because we talk about it to day. In the extended version at length leave a rating or review, and The in the review here. The secret word is every year rub. The word that you leave in your view, is area rub on now adventures of the white privilege. Hey there boys to see again. What can I do you for thanks, Mr Macarthur? Well, you can start by gay as everything in the cash register. While Golly is a firearm you're. Putting me that yeah no bag is about. Did you boy we don't care empty now, do not rise above boys. Welby boys, I'm going to have to call the sheriff. You know, but you ve got me for now. I gotta take everything's visual.
the existing out. Now, that's one for you, that's one very about dead from Brazil. Cajoling get out of here. You rascal, though what to do when they find themselves in that stay tuned for next week's instalment, adventures, otherwise privilege I've gotta,
by those wiggers you're doing well. They are we at the light, the flame and they're good you're since we're working, thousands were technically a part of the media that we should also propaganda as you care what so we have senator tat grows in the show. Today, both big show a senator Tattoos home internal stem. I hear my head fights this myself. My things, arrogance that keeps crews and the show is gonna, be talking about. What's going on with go, find me Andy in Congo, in Canada and what these states are going to be doing to. Hopefully, you help us avoid communists, hell, Scape and also, what will be talking about China look Gerald and I disagreed about this we're I don't think the United States should even be participating in Communist Chinese Olympics Gerald thinks we should. I understand the idea of engaging, but this is a little bit for example, in world war? Two, because right now we have a complicit United States, media and corporations who are actively doing the bidding of the communist Chinese and so I think that's it. That's a dick
problem than sending a Jesse Owens, that's a different problem and having Joe Louis Peter maximizing. I think we're two different point in here. Three and we need to look. We can crush right now, I'm in the communist chinese parties in order to help liberate the chinese people and instead in other John Siena Coca COLA, it states government were being complicit. Yes, the and the W Nba as well know they dont want them. Now, we sent a ban on Monday. We do you need it will be time- you know a comfortable before we get anything else comfortable or what should we then be taking part in the Olympics, and I will get us some of the propaganda that's been taking place in NBC has been carrying the water along. Joe Biden, not knowing anything about fire was our weapons of war. He calls base so a lot to get too and, as you know, sufficient going on with Spotify with Joe Rogan and before that Youtube, so fish show is not on Youtube. For some reason, especially, we talk about China today. we are no longer on Youtube. Its Monday through Thursday, ten a M eastern ten, a m
eastern, he can wash ing ton rumble. You can subscribe. My club, we have another full hour of show. Today we have an extended interview, tat crews just tune in because you won't find If you search and hit that like button right, not so good thing, you can do for you to Belgrade them one foot. So before I go on Get Psmith, Psmith nine would take a breath. Gerald Day. How are you I'm? Well, it feels good the like, but does it s really does cathartic its helpful It feels good to dislike, but we can't do it anymore, not anymore. How are you, sir? I'm? Ok, ok, I didn't sleep. That's ok, I got you like. I sleep really well known and, like nobody says, that's enough sleep for two days was a clown. Gonna, get you again clowns about US She can't, but I don't know why we have countless of children and when people, actually it's an irrational fear, is a giant scary, disproportionate beast with care. Where's that a nature signifies aggression? When you ever seen animal with bright red, bright, yellow, that's you really want to lift their clause or their belly to say this is poisonous and we send out into a children's party clouds. The point is, I would like to
a clown genocide, and I love you- love him in time, no clowns matter, I'll be enjoy them with added to show April. Sixteenth second, show added in wealth, Detroit Rail Oak, Michigan, airlock, theatre, red or on the right hand, now tickets are on sale, Jude, eighteenth and pay be Colorado. Latona come slash tour Dave Lando? How are you ahoy? I was good until he you do know that I am the president of the clown defamation Lake are right, but it's more of a piano, its mormon artistic clown boy. Yeah it's a clown who has three acts: correct, yeah and no one laughs, because that would be well. No, it sits. It's definitely showmanship. Yes, it's a little butter showmanship, it's not terrorizing children. No people get miss. The people think we do, but we don't know. I do right. What not every right. That's also began to you once you have them sign the release form. I got to know that I we're you know you can't know what you're in three signed up like. I didn't know that without signing
speaking of assigning. We signed on, of course, to corporate overlords I have no choice to promote blacklist Months here later, with greater, we got his black history foam right so jumping off with the first black history. My fact who bring information to you as a nineteen. Seventy five Lee Elder was a first african American to play in the master and then Larry Elder was hit with a banana pie well by a gorilla suit person. Yes, that's not knowing all races, another black Israel in fact their day. I ninety, Eighty three gooey on just pick a name is normal, in Nigeria, three gooey on S blue foot became the first black American to go into space wow. What we know wouldn't be deep sea diving. Well know: in two thousand, seventeen and of Timothy Jackson night was recorded as the first black father to actually return home
after a going to the store for cigarettes, so that's nice ban letters garters black history month. We got before we move on here to the second amendment issue that Joe Biden just ok, I, just I tell you what we gotta get you guys can go in and we can't search. But if you got a lot of Canada come searched even greater second amendment. You will see this argument that Joe Biden brings up is one of the most rudimentary arguments that you ve heard. You probably heard it in you know: philosophy class one on one end: still using it kind like the seventy seven cents on the dollar for four women when they talk about women's rights, women, the workplace so we'll get to it. You. It seems remedial, but it just he gave us a lot, but before that speaking of lapse see. That's the recent Colbert. I have not I'm anxiety, yeah so called there are yeah Colbert put out this sketch. Yesterday
I do not want to say low hanging fruit, but dumb eminent, Stevens, even though their learning for repayment has writing stuck. Yes, those are another high Bush fruits of cheese, the wild right or cancelled. A sketch mocking taking a risk Rutulian If you like regionally on the masked singer, your love him on naked and seditious Giuliani habit it I haven't, we leave him there, that's it! That's the show happen. He succumbing to the covering poisonous snakes, desperately crying out to God to end his suffering. Will a wild boar taken amorous interest? Don't know, don't care in fact we're not even sending cameras, because this is an excellent show, just simply
we didn't you enjoy no shelter, know why get in seditious, traitor, island and coming soon to fox the floor is actual love us doing TED coups out what they did. It do. You know, Why have we thank you guys there in the country and Edit Bay for first much less money, doing better jobs at the Photoshop. Some sketches head far fewer people are far fewer people. Bundle was that it was a death threats that was just saying, will kill Rudy Julia and I don't get here. I get that it's a joke, but keep in mind when, after Sarah Palin for having a map that had target saying, as are the districts to target, they went after Marjorie tailoring they're gone after yours, truly claiming that these are death threats. When we have joked. You know, for example, about I dunno, maybe what might have been like throwing Kemal hairs out a plate glass window which I would never do right, just a joke, but that's all that was yet
there is no warning. There's a rigged mediate information. Nothing at all has been charged with sedition by the way. I'm just curious. I just wanted to make sure the seditious thing that they're putting on there saying that he is a trader and that he is basically try to. throw the United States government instead of challenge the legitimacy of an election that was fully fair to say that history effort we ve ever seen. I believe so that they would be the safest and most fair election in internet no mystery. Despite the fact that people were worked where Europe, it was so many Cox in the ballot box Well, Mr Giuliani, your faces running down. We can see actual haired. Well, that's just for medicine. Just for me, Oh that's a weird look: what it! What did you think they mythical? But oh, I think it's really writing. Ok, I won't do you have a staff of fifty on that.
Are we having a guest on later? Who is just a lid on fire on that should now look if the floor is lava you're supposed to not be on the floor and more that's all point to the game. That's it just needs to be quicker. Why is there next sketch is going to be why we need to do it with a filibuster? We don't like. to filibuster. We shouldn't have it and then Colbert comes back plus, I'm afraid the Supreme Court, a dish. Have you seen the dancing Pfizer needles on five more Mps will bring a back of a writers. Does it takes? It has come up with the worst sketch is, though, in horror of avoidance, what one there unqualified diversity hires, it's a little bit more time. It's true! head writer, whose leg that's really good, writing. had read. It speaks English, It was a stand in for the pirate from my captain Philips. Now he was selling hot dogs outside of the building, where they feel Metro. Where are you from from almost any kind of either of these? Are writing comedy you're funny guy for you
five were usually androgynous, gender, clear even better. You can be a senior and prison. No, no Pakistanis work for US sides. I don't know what your problem with them is, but you will command might be her. Does your right come on in here will give you a job in twenty fifty immediately said: read this student obeys ratings to have simply men to women and all night inflation. That is our way. So No one denies that changed. Definite change, I was only fifty in nearby the humor. Do you know you know, look, do you know why it's not that women are incapable of being funny? Let me just say: arrests argument off, so that there are some really funny female comes they Madigan one of my favorite of ETA Joan Rivers. hard pressed. If anyone who says that she isn't funny men have to be any right, that's how men interact with each other. If you hang around man, you will see the interact very differently than women, and if you go to an open More men are obviously applying to an open MIKE locally. So let's say, there's ten slots and hope.
Like what they now say, look there ten slots and eight of them are men, and two of them are women yeah, but there maybe we're forty people who applied and thirty five of them were men and when you say they have to be five and five guess what you're doing from a shallower talent pull just like affirmative action. Just like quotas when you're talking about university and women who shouldn't make it to the top get to the top. It's not their fault, twenty watch all these female comedians at their on. It's like a kid who has never been spanked well. This is how we get women. We have to be funny for them too, like us, because we're smell brutes? Yes, twenty two red is on Stephen compares ring stuff. This is from twenty twenty, and here is the head redder, that Howard Stern little body, mass aerial, dumb, ass,
you're gonna. Do that? Sorry, sorry, do my sorrow, Odo little that research- and I bet you heard tweets- are pithy that I bet they have an agenda behind me. I can't maybe I think, there's that agenda is comedy, methinks there's a pussy had some more in her timeline, resist Zira and applause, I'm on Twitter as well. I wish we had and applause. I feel better about it right now, so I just hate it that I don't know what else you said it with. You settle it said yeah, you sometimes losing ground Elsie Vonny, I had said daddy, it's kill em outlets and throw reprieved cheaply money out of it capture right, yeah and have them die in the woods. Remember that the guy Dinah Evan Guy, who may have the city better, who also Heinz person of the year and the bulgarian show, was Hitler. What we're ok for different reasons,
and he was a man of the year because he brought the whole country to get the point as it doesn't matter and safest, more secure election in history. So, let's move on to someone who does know what you're talking about, of course, not a former mayor, Rudy Giuliani. There is, of course what are your high inflation? We ever decimated southern border. We have this unbelievable power struggle with China, but don't worry the former vice President Biden has a plan. It brings us to this week inviting a problem here, May I draw up a new age black wanna get garb, keep me here too long. You know all about. It said you know what I've done. No we're new and you know it. I know you're doing. Let me closer this Vienna problem here for me and you ain't black a perfect I'll, get her only putting tongue twister's and on his prompter. I just think that aid up to give him a giant spoonful of peanut butter before the referendum they're gonna talk about international. How much would would woodchuck if it wouldn't touch of courage.
come on. You know, that's that's the thing with the twelve they get. Those teeth come on what we re doing. It's just the medicines they cause dry mouth or I go up promise all illnesses the whole immigration, my pants the lesser of two evils. At this point I volume I could give you Europe. what good sturdier certain together love, but he started with. I know I know, but you know that I know that I know the we know their say in a number of paranoid schizophrenic, but that's only because they know that they are Oh, that they know that, watching me, Sir Joshua in the bathroom and I run out of the toilet paper. I like to pretend that I kept it out on the ocean. of ever look out nicely some lessons at this hour and I can't resist carries a loose,
John, doesn't like this. The mullahs in me, aright Jello, us that all those place hold up its act out now go on now that doesn't like it ever since we play with Nerve Gonzalo. He doesn't know the moment that we acted like you're like fine leave is likely. I guess I'll stay here is playing hard to get is all right. So, speaking of nerve guns, last week Joe Biden Travel in New York City to speak about what you'd think he'd be spent by rapid, rapidly rising crime, of course, and I thought I was olympic, but while police members cycle what was it many families disease leaving the force and record numbers leaving their citizens expose which, by we're not both, have a gun, because you must call the police, but the racist point is vital if we are to make sense of it does make sense. He was voted on a violence, and it said he talked about specifically gun violence and the second amendment- and he said something so ass- a nine will see if you can catch it, ready the press, ending the press, as this doesn't violate anybody's. Second,
right now, cankers, no violation of the second member right. We talk like it. There's no amendment its absolute? When the man was fast didn't say, anybody can all gone and any kind of gun, gonna weapon you couldn't by a cannon and when this this, I meant was fast for no reason why I should be able to buy certain assault weapon, but that's another issue. First off Joe Biden. This is how I feel Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to, God have mercy on yourself. I want you to comment below. Can you see where he literally used in his argument? What would already be the counter argument before I presented to you if you're familiar with me. Having discussed this topic, the guy he brought up can look. He says it didn't say that you could ever a that's actually exactly
What the second amendment says? Not only is it exactly what the second amendment says: it was real Here's where there was a question sent today Madison, I'm not an urgent measure, whether one of that want to write a letter that the whole bill illicit, hey. You know we're dealing with some viruses. Can we have cannons and was like shit? You can have cannons. Rigid every man have true firearms muskets and and right now there's more than that. But the point is you should say you couldn't have cannons, look, there's a letter of Mark eighteen, twelve James Mass and gave her miss. privately owned ship have mounted cannons, as I have commissioned the private armed bread called the Prince Nephew next Fidel mounting eighteen carriage guns hereby authorizing Nicholas Mill and of the said break to subdue seas and take any armed or unarmed, british vessel, public or private, which shall be found within the jurisdiction? Let jurisdictional of the United States? This is the same guy who wrote the bill of rights. He was ass. Can we have cannons ago, James
If you read the actual letter, all reference available ladders got it. I was almost confused colonel. Unless and until we questions and chat as like. So Stephen, do you do like you know, do you like ice. Can we, I, like you, don't know why you waste my time of this question too, as well as those that we have cannon she's, acquire you what you did you read it to continue Of course you can have can and second amendment. Why would what why would you not me will have cannons dummy? That was the letter that he wrote I loved I love it. What you gonna, do God and take a british ship with a musket conditions to worry, is off hey guys, stop or other weapons to your talking about. There was the pucker gun. There is adjourned german air rifle. There was a pepperbox revolver about infant, these were all around. The founding fathers knew about them certainly knew about cannons. That was the most powerful weapon that you could really have back in and they should, of course, you can have cannons which actually, if you're talking about expanding that right talking about changing the scope. How do you apply it today? Ok, we'll be the quivering today of cannons at least tanks. So my boy,
is for you to think that it only applies. Till it all lever, action are pumped back action shock and which, by the way, is also something that be banned according to the enormous frozen Giovanni. Just doesn't realise that he said it of course, cannons yes, There was a letter exasperations from James Madison. Look don't waste my time. Yes, yes, you can have cannons well, and I have I have an idea job. I'm. You said that no amendments, yes, can't be changed or whatever you say, the others there's a process for that it it's not going through Congress rights going through the states. So if you, really feel like the second amendment should be taken out. Why don't you go through the process? Yeah? That's not what you because he fell happen eventually. Pathway, three experts well he's like the propaganda experts, analysed all these phrases to know what to do another time you'll get me go even on ninety two to sleep cash, a man who be well past retirement social security age who never worked in the private sector running entire country, who could pass have foreseen this going badly. Now here's here also using his anti gun rhetoric when discussing an Nypd officer?
a thing listen to what he says. This just shows you how little these people not now you should have been able to understand the job. I know something about firearms when he told his wife to just take a double barrelled, shot, gun and fired into the air on crime illegally. But tell me what reach home cocoa unifil. Why did this happen? or that a ghetto picnic effectively arouse agenda reveal party barbecue this is what he said when discussing, and am I pity officer who was shot see if you can spot just how dumb he is in a specific instance it's really a weapon of war. One of the things I was proud of stuff years ago, when I was in the Senate, I was able to get these weapons a war disease out war that got change, got a rule but I'll see any rational why there should be such a weapon reproach weapon and unwarranted anybody. Second amendment rights. To deny that up. But anyway refuges were cut short by a man was stolen. Blocking
Forty round magazine, yes, of war is the most popular side arm in the country, a glock, I think he said, go Aachen, he's a the german translation glaucon shies imagined and they said forty round weapon it. There was a drum magazine in that deadlock. If we use the word stolen. Yes was fully, Why means yet wasn't legal got us closer, stealing loophole? people shouldn't be allowed to steal. Also, people should be allowed to throw their guns and dumpster by a grade school like your son, ass, all well what, let's not focus on the Middle school thousand. Those honest come now rehab Highschool, let's not rehash the past weapon of war, a block, a glock which the most common hand, gun that entered by the way is a semi automatic handgun weapon of war, which wit I gotta go,
I said no more weapons and yes, a wealth are very similar to the clock. Nowhere weapons of war and studios guys, we have to make sure we do want anywhere where you jailed gel. Besides, I want it, it's not it's not look! It's a Walter site. I'm! U can take. Jello is with you there good soldier. How am I going to protect more weapons of war. In this, like I'm, gonna keep that weapon of war is not quite a key and we cut my pain, a sort of montage. Thank you, nobody came, it does have a kind of a drum magazine. It does the refractory period. I don't know if it's a good thing that this is what you guys need to know. Races out, you can have Kennedy S. You actually came again and there's a historical context where these as weapons of work locked. That's your that's your gun! That's almost! Every single pistol in the country, Walter Clock,
each Kay, the most popular guns no country, is now considered weapons of worse when you next year about the assault weapons ban according to oh buying former. Vice president Joe Biden, a lock is a weapon of war, if that's a weapon of war than everything as a weapon of war and you're not entitled to a weapon of war, the only people entitled to a weapon of war is military. The FBI. Of course, we are beyond trustworthy, and the local police force, who are systemically rate will any weapon can be a weapon of war, right now I've seen your shirt a chair. Palestinians use rocks Stephen Seagal uses his fists as weapons are actually use, is open hands the charter. Your face. You can't you the fixed laughingly through must. Never everything just hitting himself he's heading. It's me self. The corral his mouth is aware here for Stephen, just get more salad, stop doing that. Every time we go to the salad bar, I slept my tits bad things happen,
arrives adapting a rice and my plate. Yes being shock, they found was the first caucasian to open up. Ojo in Japan. Now you married someone whose father had a dough, Joe and retired, and then you marry Kelly the Brok while you're married to her, you wrap the biggest so I've swollen purple feed, yes, and no now. If you use the exact same language former vice President Biden last year, when he called for banning against weapons of war, but he was called for calling for banning assault. Rivals I know this been a hobbyhorse mind for a long time. We should also ban, saw weapon. High capacity. Magazines in this No reason someone needs a weapon of war with one hundred one hundred bullets and a hoop and stick that can be fired from that weapon. Ok, so first off, he said assault weapon salt
Full of return is often used in the military, meaning like burst fire salt weapon doesn't mean anything. That's where you got anything other than umbrella, like a lock is of Warsaw Weapon is made up term. This is legal pissed, represent legal. We ve been through this. I know it's remedial, but it just important to see the winds their picking up here. Ok, can you feel the winds changing this guy now, thanks for some reason he's going to push through some kind of anti gun legislation. It won't be done in a constitutional fashion because its immensely important, so he needs make sure that people who knew nothing about firearms here Glock go. Oh my gosh! You mean that weapon of war- just don't be stupid, don't be silly. The way there convince people in your life? Ok, because we try to be solution oriented. I changed my mind. We took people to the range they fired walthers if I shot fire shotguns, take someone you know who's never a firearm take taking the range haven't fire Walter if they have a lock, haven't fire glock then explain to them. This is the former vice president wants to ban as a weapon of war that, oh, oh, Oh now, I know it's bullshit threeg, your wife can protect herself because a handgun is no longer allow Brett,
that some other weapons of war, like you said by the way to include as the Brenner M ninety MOSS, Bourgh five hundred shot just to be clear: that's a pump, shotgun, Kay bar knives and rocks. These are weapons of war keyboard hectares like listen, come out. If you just gotta, say weapon of war. Anything Everything goes under that. Well, that's why that anything you can use, gets us Rifle is anything just rivals. Restore with a rifle and assault round. To summarize, the dumbest argument that I've ever heard- and I think Joe Biden is playing to his base a little bit here- unease trot he's losing in so many areas he's like well, I guess I'll go back to this. NATO available to God be Mizar without uttering a word that he doesn't show people, because I once you know I don't think anyone's going to see someone out there. Harpoon fishing and thank you in the Navy now they're not going to appear as they now I'll get us a harpoon guns. They wanted it, you want to tell you they are. These opponents. It should be all in a
elation leave. You with a village. People live in a war whether the last thing they use the sergeant as vitamins words. Yes, well, don't get him started, though data don't give him go and bad and his weapon of war where am and that annex luscious lock the door They try to die than blonde recently but we would be able to tell it doesn't work, shows up no one day. It's like I have a job. I've always been blondie, I so, as I was saying, what he's gotta stutter that's the whole problem. You can't make fun of em now has a daughter to study these two older. Has it look like a dog peed on? You know that it is able zones crotch day like one of those? doesn't like to. I goop it'll be shown. Dogs, like you know, like an old, a man. Would yes exactly now who's trying to trick you anything that he's dont? Like the other words here? I do you know what I'm sorry, MRS buying your husband, probably not going to make it, and then you think I can get the dies. I do about looking not dead yet very fresh.
Videos racing word, imperfect horrible contacts to take on the world by the way next Sunday to oppress cover make sure Joe Biden isn't looking directly into the sun. The like squinting, barely able to see is not a good look. Just leave sunglasses on yeah, yet at every turn, all the time, like Stevie just said, make rail. It comes out. No bomber jack, just put a piano in front of a man, just seven blind piano the rest of his residence. What do you think you're doing That's true! Ever marinas speeches in Braille. I think if I get Goin Love Archive TAT S, all by the way. I say your radio also ravished. If If you guys are watching it now, and you too, because we're also available but if I revealed on end reveal a on apple, so you guys can listen the audio version, and sometimes there are some
Easter eggs in there that we don't necessarily have here on NEA until show on Youtube in rumble. Ok, so it's time to get to the you know. The summit will complement the Beijing Olympics. I call them the peeking genocide Olympics, but it's where we want to call it says: Rothstein we wonder the change when they become the Beijing thing it's sort of like is a term by Bombay. What's the change of name to a bit of Beijing here, maybe I'm a guy. I don't know if it's Beijing or peeking the point as I dont care, it's either ones. I don't like it no idea that we have anything to do right now with China capacity that we do You disagree, you think we should go to the Olympics. Absolutely do not because I am, of course not every lesser North Carolina make my cases outline a fine, and I understand we coming from you do but you're wrong. So First, let me set the stage when President done,
from Flanders Biden is a puppet. Vaginal son walked out with one point: five billion. I think it's a little allowing them to rip off America for many years, by the way he wasn't the only one it was echoed by this geopolitical analysis- are correspondent in China himself, Donald Trump, don't trust China, China I mean that's a thing. Cnn could learn from that brevity, fantastic, that don't you we need to be so long winded. I heard everything I need an up. We trust him he's news sure. It's over the flag, What China has been ripping us for a long time? Ok, China, you can't trust China. They have spoken adds spa fate. They tie them up. They bind them the fate that sick folks bit sick.
he's the you know what, if nothing else you ve gotta give credit to president down from everyone was saint. China is gonna, be the extra cheaper power of the World and Donald Trump said not at my watch it it's a rolex. By the way, mariner yes, now on my ten. in dollar, bright, laying ok, I love the dig, though it honey like they walked away with one point, five billion, and it's like yeah. You know how smart guy isn't working away with one point: five billion for anything unless a delay but of course there is no way you get us, especially the Chinese Europe. You know these people are pretty business Sadie, they didn't going progress has been appalling com. It's ok, pro hunter buying com, small crack small palm, have sex with me.
Sexual assault, fro garden, dumpster Bertha. We way good and bad roads who give jury only than wrapped up give can only be wrapped up in a forest and Colbert. So These are just chinese propaganda. We talked about the very fetching and now Victoria's secret model for their Newt chinese foot binders with juicy written across a majority, formerly american, should never be allowed back. In a country like Ireland Goo who defect it became a communist chinese citizens just one her first goal yesterday, giving China, of course, a huge propaganda win. wife with bated breath. I let go Third and final run his nights, there's? They must be so bad former
There is so much online online commotion that they actually crashed. We bow a religion. this version of Facebook, which is just a funny name well too, to us for them that mean anything in Chinese by Eu Label. Wasn't me Ironically, I have no clue so this This is one of those things are claiming are as one of their own she'd right, acted from the United States. She train the United States, then went and she is performing the Olympics for China the media doesn't just then here's a problem. The media is an address. I thought she was american up until yesterday and now she's competing for communist China. Engines says that there are more there's more opportunity in China and isn't this great isn't a wonderful victory for China. First off any victory for China is now, it's not wonderful for anybody, it's it's a loss for the world right and she wanted inspire young women. Unlike all five, they let live yes right, what one of them to be a scares they anthracite, I have twin, so I've been having to get you isn't her everything on an inch there's no baby bathtubs in China's up his bath today.
Little bit at the end of her bathtub is just like a giant goldfish bag. Adamant Jerry! You actually comes at their return label, yes cynically accompany me I'll, be there and I seek wary of their it's just skeletons of kids. By the way I don't. I know everybody is just saying I'll see their clapping their happy. It's wonderful that former tennis start. If you saw this tube at pangs way, she was even planted in the stands to actually cheer argue as she won at every read my living everything, notably mainly everything's totally, but I don't have you remember. This was the person who basically accuse one of the Chinese Communist Party leaders of sexual assault. She did here for a while and went to a guess, reeducation can't because came back and said. I never actually said that Keyser fantastically was being sexually assaulted right then there was actually official with his hand up Hariri. Well, I think I think I may just send you to a place for more sexual assault right. You think that
sexual assault, amateur show you so try to think Wanna dad's catches you smoking. It makes you smoke whole pack, a secular right yeah, but in our dear leader, in North Korea and everybody's, like clapping and falling down in awe of their God, walking down the street, and then, if you will pan to the left, is guys with guns on IRAN. Remains that like this isn't real and then the media just goes. Of course, chinese sinister pinch way their cheering on her teammates, like no she's about to die at her family is being held somewhere until she apply. That's my problem is its different actors, at least back when you're talking about Joe Louis MAC smelling. You know when you talking about just resting in the runner, Jesse Owens, Jesse, Owens Amerika was cheering for them in the media, was very straightforward about care teams, good bad, we're hoping for a win for the good guys right- and I know there's a little bit more to it than that. But now you have the media doing the bidding of China. You have corporations who, by the way, we'll boycott Georgia
because I don't believe that you should have an abortion after the baby has a heart beat and its own dna the Boycott Georgia, but they wills and kindergarten threat and they won't, they will pay, after their name across the skating rank in China, where they are actually committing mass genocide, but system of down has written a song about that. Yet so you know what we just now we'll get there and this also fund. When you talk about pandering to spring of the chinese wiggers spout. weird. Why G h, you are in the comments actually only making little brown jokes. I know I've I've and a lobby was no more now. There's no more, no Eminem jokes here now: no vanilla ice, jokes, wiggers, it's a serious problem, but anyway, the weders have been. Of course you know abused. These are Muslims in China, Jaeger rows of been completely tortured, locked away course stripped of their right. So what are they do? They had a weaker Muslim Skeer like the torch at opening ceremonies and watch the media cover what a victory. This is today, a cynical, some might even say,
sickening move by the chinese government during its highly choreographed opening ceremony. Beijing gave the honour of being one, the two athletes to light the olympic torch to a member of the appeal. Weaker. My gun, reject dapper China's Far West region and ethnic minority. The chinese government is right now meeting genocide against good for Jake Tapir, what we found out. He actually called the balls and strikes and he's dead, he's been fired from these disappeared ads, besides, it is made
work and they were expecting just even Jake Tapir, they were expecting anyone like hey. We goodwill. We get it right. When I hear writing taught any we push me wait a minute you mean they ve been committing genocide for years against the wiggers and they gave them the ability to light the opening flame. Do you always Jerry shining Ass, the or even right was the open all that another burn him now and go to human torch, slash, weaker, changing pow, look at that in Hungary, Arrow look I'll that warmth and cold chile night for China, very they'll, throw early nuclear power plant cooling tower this and I think, will be good to just move on and on by the way the nuclear power plant? The cooling tower doubles the slope for these slalom hell, so really multi purpose oriented here, orientals widely stay. They stop the beatings in the jail cells so that the wiggers could look and see that one of their own was making a step a morsel put on Paul, like a pot with tat. They would back to our moral argument, lay examined, says red light, green right
we might even say Simon, says I don't need to. I beg you buy me a poisonous terrible, that's an awful, awful awful place Yes, it is Santa China's reasoning for some. This was because, who are you the c p shingle invented skiing, see this kind that yes addressed us gave those it This puts the Mongolian down all he did. We told you ll Put some load on his feet. Now says what they wrote. The alarming new Jane grew up in all day, a perfect of perfect your bordering Mongolia. In Far North West, changing Chinese I consider the region, the cradle of alpine sport after cave paintings were discovered there of hunters on Skis date, at ten thousand years or actually arose or other skiing artifacts originate from no surprise Russia, not China, Russia,
It just doesn't. Even when you didn't, you lie so much, I don't think they were ready for the world stage, because it means that other people go. That's a lie. I got. No one calls us when an aspect that we can say. We met this game. You say: ok, you will make the skiing fireworks noodles more money, that wasn't the only tone deaf torch bear that they had an having just let me they had another death warrant. So so we we brought this up elevator there we're Talkin bout stones being used as weapons of war. Twenty indian soldiers were killed well, one of the torch bears was bringing yet another over that one of the charter. as well, this guy, who is who the people killing the Indian turns this is reward wavering honour their country's walk out. No, no one in China's. Ok, that's isn't that the guy who was killed the other guy there
He can't hear one hundred people and you get to light the torch. It's a metal, our it solely cool. We should compete in that I am ever with the walk out. We had George Zimmermann playing the trumpet, but why? Why do you? you honestly, we should compete. Why do I feel? I guess I think it's important for us to compete in the Olympics, no matter what the scenario to some extent there may be some since that, but think about this- and Nazi Germany, like Communist China, well see. Owens goes that doesn't that this Jesse OASIS, you're litmus test was there and actually beats the area race in front of Hitler and made a statement was fantastic. Could have boycotted the Olympics, but we chose to go in this case. What we need are companies to do is not Harry the water for China. We need our athletes to going compete and do well, because this is the world wide under summoned before this answer, some Taiwanese who pull a Munich yet for sure and Lee
No, no, I'm all the Munich Additionality do not see that movie that they are better. Now I did see the movie, I'm just trying to understand the context you want them to kill some there. You don't we kill anyone. I've got the Taiwanese to kill with Chinese. Can all official China? Yes? Yes, yes, yes meant, because I only know the movie. Yes, exactly, not an historical context. I didn't read the rich history, so I guess for general the only appropriate scenario we would not compete as if the act, if the Olympics we're taking place in the actual hotel Rwanda that still not ass big eyes, you still got the era you're, just not for the Winter Olympics Energy overriding order exactly now,
the oil seed not to put the Olympics in places like this. We ve done Russia a couple of what that's the problem. The io see just like the? U N, it's not what it used to be in the Irish Sea is now a political organisation lookin for dollar bills. Baby, just like the Irish Sea, doesn't even require a transgender athletes to have undergone one year hormone replacement therapy. Now now you just say what you aren't civil we're, leaving it to the individual sports will do you leave it to the individual sports force? People to take steroids will not now we'd have to regulate that. Ok, when testosterone is that indirect directly into the ass, however, where little murky on the rule book, the point in all their doing is acquiescing to so I nursed is international governments. not the same as when we went to know? I know that Burma is what is what are you achieve by not going so? If we don't go there like ok, fine, whatever we don't care, obviously there bowing down to China anyway, they don't care. If the United States goes, we don't have the power that we think we do. The Irish Sea and the athletes who have this much of a window to compete, dont get to compete.
Do if they, if everyone boycotts China than the World championship. If paranoid about your dial, but not everyone to do this. We can't even get Germany to say that they're going to cancel the broken pipeline to make sure Russia doesn't invade Ukraine like we, don't have the backing, because we have Joe Biden in office. I mean I didn't expect Germany to ever. Get it right. Well, that's true. If we had trumpet office I would agree, is he would take a hard line and he would be like listen. I was already so I don't even know the NBC actually paired, and this is what I'm talking about. Like Jesse Owens, unlike an if you guys don't know about this, let me just give you some context. Joe Louis beating MAX smelling His second fight against smelling is probably one of the most consequential athletic events of all time? Maybe we cannot, you guys, can actually find a video. We can bring it up later. My club, let me the context for this- and this is why you know Mohamad Ali called Joe Louis House Negro. We would use a termite uncle Tom, because jobless was beloved by the country any be wasn't. a race bade her at all. He supported by White Van and black friends like, and he,
was undefeated, except he had lost a fight to match, smelling this german guy, and there was a fight between show Louis and Maximum Rematch and Hitler was really propping up max smelling right. This was going to be an ambassador for the Erin race and Joe Louis was the american initiative. Friends later on in life, match smelling actually wasn't a nazi. He just didn't really have a choice in the matter, but the President call Joe Louis necessary. before it was about to go to war, keep mind Yola, it's not a draft out you're like Muhammad. I don't remember if he served over it, but he was he was going to. He said I I'll answer the call and right before that, you're talkin about not too during World war to the President called have we really needed to win this four for the good guys. This is a guy, the only guy to have knocked out Joe Louis. At this point, I think it was was many many many tens of millions of men, women and like a hundred million people, whatever it was, as everyone was tune into it. I think the stadium was apps. I dont remember the numbers, but it was something would shock. You today way way way way way bigger than the Superbowl Joe Louis has all this pressure on his shoulders, and he knocked out.
MAX round the one guy who beat him up, this was a huge deal imagined. I can't imagine athlete with more pressure on his shoulders, then Joe Louis in that MAX smelling too about, and it was a perfect right hand that he threw unbelievable. I say that because there is a different was a different I'm with the present was saying you're, one of our guy where the media was right? Championing Jean Louis saying, we really hope that our guy beats the fascist beats. national socialist, whereas today NBC litter. parroting Communist Party, talking points during the open it opening ceremony. Why yeah. It's worth remembering that, while western countries making avoid causing means eliminating slowly human rights in China styles itself as a champion of the developing world, and it is worthy of support in countries from Africa to Latin America, where its investments building up local economies, that genocidal there there there genocidal stylists MIKE
style himself. Oh yeah, I guess, if you consider saddling developing countries with absolutely unpayable debt to hopefully eventually entered servants which, by the way, literature between still exists in China there a champion of the developing world, can NBC say that with a straight face its altruistic, the weather going into these african latin american countries and making sure they buy up all the rights to the minerals so that, when apple wants to build their necks, technological advancement, built up to go through us. We have all the minerals in the world. Good luck, seriously, That's what they're doing it! This is an altruistic you're not going to help the world their seeking a financial interest in these countries and having their way and trying to get them by the short hears by saddling them with unpayable. Yes, this is what they want in a little kind of move on down. The last year to China has been lying about events. The events haven't been fair. This is also what different. What's the problem is its unfair, their cheating and, of course, because there are complicit media whose afraid to speak out against China. They don't call come on. Let me give you a few examples. So China, one multiple golden speech skating after some
unbelievable penalty calls up in the one case, meter semi final, south korean skater. You know that guy wasn't he south Korean and China, Jamaica Bob's, the team can went so. Can he do that if there was a south korean competing any set. The world record by several body legs would have just said no, because he was a ghost south korean skater world wreck, Holder, I wanna make shaken his name right: clang, their human and people's aiming at us for not going right was disqualified. Here's the thing anyway, because he was disqualified, we're ok! I want you to watch it and see what the south Korean doesn't like. I should get the metal and he didn't have a father. So look there as this is the guy in the white look at that, look at boom pulls ahead. You saw that that's why he was just
if I'd because he passed to chinese gaiters, it was really or they, I think, are saying it was illegal, pass right. Ok I'll pass yeah because we know China, its chinese Chinese. It's not so much about passing. Have you seen them in a levelling the points they have Do what you pass, what you someone, who tiny troops age wasn't pile up in the middle of the What we know is an illegal passport, because you pass Chinese, get you can pay It's ok. Petroni is unbelievable. Chinese athletes are those on illegal If there is everything they said they cross the blue. No, you put your hand down, which is totally legal from the last time I checked, speeds get in the final after crossing the line. First, hungarian skater was disqualified, giving who, what political, China Everyday is coming at commie weird.
Of course, south, where they ve lodge an official complaint and an appeal over the issue. I'm sure you'll get right on the irish sea. The gave it to communist China in the first place is actually an overturned that right. Yes, all your my foot, you say we work well I'll see I wanted not they say was fast all you know better. I next time organization is want even acknowledged Taiwan's a country, you think they can overturn a middle class and we don't have time for now. I don't have time for this can also we need the money so and then later the United States be skating. They had a mixed relating by. That means, mixed, I think, means mixed melon or I can say male and female IDA, interracial people- we are very much under it's. I don't know but just a safer to say interracial the mixed relay team was disqualified and that guess what happened they wish? Partly in allowed someone when the gold can you guess:
who won the golden? Instead, when they were disqualified, This boy lead on, got sick of it shine damaging. Bring it home in third place and send only you in the United States are going to the goal middle match and the United States have also being penalized as well. So that means that James going through will be hungry and China. Ah, hunger inversion, got disqualified, says, like you know what you win: some: u win some China Linda Americans gator man baby. I think you have their rights. It apparently one of our teammates cross, the blue line that made the chinese team Mr Exchange, or something like that. It was an interesting call for sure, but it is what it is. That means I got screwed while he's gonna get killed. If he says I,
of that, you know it the most amusing and we'll get to the propaganda for the media there, too, by the way that just absolutely terrifying but shouldn't be all that surprising. The funniest response and the biased referee and was from a korean reporter Libya sound. You know you're a few rough. If you read this here, entire article. the same sentence repeated ten times it just as let's give China all the meadow, let's just give China all of the metal. That's all he wrote it turns out. There point This is how it's gonna go we're all these things are just being judged. Then, as I ok fine, we get it we get at ten. I would say by the way, all references avail, but let us go to combat thou and was scrubbed before they went viral. Also we have seen shots, but we can actually give you a link to wonder how that happened. Which brings us to our next point. this dutch reporter? So you know if you know this, but you know its communist country, the China, nor in its open, fair society for reporters they can report on anything they want yea and end up in a covert came from a bat wild. Yes, of course, so
There is a dutch rapporteur on air and, what's funny to me, as he seemed surprised by this, where he's dragged away by a communist chinese goon mid reporting that they don't even care here, behind our she nanoparticles romance short, then dash or to start flop, by its study on what how China allowed to gene transfer so those who will have to assume that we have a lot of boarding nearly made merry over our ethical by an onlooker. Beads represents this exchange of their land and, if it be, Molly of over four hundred Did you appear hurting am I guess are open outside IRAN, weather there's just what the Chinese is. None at all his low or occasion was too dingy. Also, then you put him at the Ritz. Now revolt press pass, yes sent him too weak. A camp
two wicked. I thought I mean Superfund, eventually summer camp, slightly arrests beating. Why? Yes, course, this summer camp with no food or water, make my Auntie fat camp in the face of the propaganda Armas, just absolutely everyone when you look at how many chinese party, so let me give you some examples here: Twitter had removed thousands of state backed chinese accounts, now thou We make our progress, however, they still have allowed chinese state officials to be on their platform. Like foreign Ministry spokesperson hearing who change, I can't get it right posts gems, like this. The weaker ethnic group enjoys equal rights and freedoms as the other. Fifty five ethnic groups in China that you shouldn't act. An african american Human Rights Policy act. Instead of the we got a human rights policy at China, of course, caught controls, free speech not only in China but in United States colleges by things like Confucius Institute, the c c p spies. We ve talked about this actually do have cc people spies, com, Chinese communist party spies here in the United States every ten hours, the FBI,
opens a new China related investigation, and it's just it's it's it's! It's not stop it's a non stop flow of propaganda. These people dont have the american interests. they actually want to see everything that you know and love be destroyed and the only a person who was in office, who spoke tough and actually acted, tough and got them to act in line at all. Was President Donald Trump? Why do you think now that There's no concern why for the same reason: the North Korea's firing off rockets like the fourth of July, because I former vice president ship pants and a ok, we're fine, please Libya's noon. I think it is. It says it on his braces Look you work were all lucky if it stays in his pants. Ok, they had to clean the Pope's Workin for an hour after eleven September. The bathroom incident that delayed the pope and the rest of the Vatican the place is being fumigated, give Gimme your hat,
They seem area levy this. So this is one of the unintended consequences of the left right now parroting. This lie this black lives matter lie that Black America, and are more likely to be shot by cops than white Americans. We ve debunked that over and over again do you see what our enemies are quoting to us right now, right, you worry about killing African Americans in your communities and we'll worry about our problems right, you're, giving comfort and aid to a potential enemy. least economic gave an enemy right now. Somebody who definitely does not have our best interests at heart, because you wanted to get the votes of a group. That's it. You just wanted some votes, you're willing to trade, everything that we believe in four votes so that you can stay in power and do what you gonna do. How small is that? That's it! That's what does that the Chinese Communist Party, but these were propagate. As I do, the talking point F or Vice President Biden collaborators. That's it that's it that's all they do yeah any any other.
we'll have obviously been subjugated, they're afraid to speak out, of course in China and it's a very different cut. When people talk about crime, when people tat even in Japan, really talk about, hey, there's less country, they can ban guns. They look it's a very, very different culture and the kind of stuff that kind of thing that are happening in China would not fly Unita and say why, precisely because of the kind of country the queen of the first amendment and the secondment with which former vice President Joe Biden wants to do away, Well, you just heard him talking about that weapons of war. This is what we are at a time in this country where international battle lines are being drawn, and I know it was a great idea, one point that we are the world and that great all hold hands can't hold hands with someone who wants to commit genocide. Not wants is committed. Genocide, You can't hold hands with someone who doesn't believe in the freedom to hold hands and that's why don't they? we should be contributing. I don't think we should be competing there. I get it, it cannot be taken, hurts and athletes, but there are other waste from the complete. I dont think the ice
is something that should be honoured, recognised, respected by the United States anymore. I think it's become a joke and I think that China is is a serious threat and I think it's one that we could absolutely crush economically if we had the fort. To do so, and if you're sitting out there talking about social justice and systemic racism there there, should be no one more enthusiastic in this country based on. rhetoric. There should be no one in this country more enthusiastic about crust, in China financially and the Liberal Democratic Party. Systemic discrimination, rife justice, ok, what what do you want to be allies with China? What do you want to people? Why do you after. Why was it Donald Trump who believes in strong national borders? Who doesn't believe that? systemically racist country. Why let him is that we need to be tough on China because they actually commit gross human rights abuses. Why aren't you why? You complaining about non its violations here and do
nor must send you go in your police, China, you police, the World team Amerika. I get that you can't do that, but there are some easy things to do like not. Sharing technology like me not patronising channel, like maybe putting the tariffs on them, squeezing the financial vice on them a little bit like making sure that their spy apps aren't allowed like getting like. You know, what's wrong, we'll start was not banging chinese spies. That would be a good jumping off point. The low bar- and even, if you do you, the Jimmy, had we're not asking look. I've left just with absolutely nuts, we said: hey, look we're seeing a lot of muslim attackers on american culture right now, we're saying bombers and around the world know. We saw that and we said hey. Maybe we should look at the islamic religion and oh, I can't believe that you would say this about them, thereby killed right now in China, there being in turn at the very least and rights taken away and beatings and weird owing to their defence right, where you take TAT, refined, it comes to the party and says something when the Olympics launch. Where have you been
and by the way, though, that also tells you something that the reason that they are being oppressed that way in China is I'm not saying. Of course, we should do that anywhere else. I think it's horrible, I think, should be free to practice their religion. They do understand and recognise China, a communist regime, a distinctly atheist communist regime that Islam is not like Christianity. Islam is not like. I was witnesses, it's not like Mormons. It's not like boot. Take your pick insert here. It is: script for political ideology and they see that as a threat to their political system. That's why they are much harsher on wiggers and are the harsh and pretty much anyone. You practice religion, but documenting mass genocide to that list. so that should also again just raise some eyebrows Why is China looking this way as lump because they have two main kick maintain? Control and Islam does say look. This is how you establish a in his one. government that's different. There is no way to establish a christian reverent. No, because someone read the Bible verse when they go and speaking the Senate floor is not the same thing. So I think we do need a
Now the warning signs that basis and also understand that, of course, there, an absolutely awful horrible country with whom we should have nothing to do with at this point what you do come at below what your thoughts, IRAN, China, what your thoughts are on the Olympics. If you do think, listen, Indeed, if you do, I don't I don't think we're having to do with it, because we're different point in history, space, because, because of the icy specifically also because of the way the media's covering this, we have no allies on the side of freedom with these international events. That's the problem. On the flip side, though, even this has been a huge propaganda campaign. the Chinese, you know the topography of something really special. It is a beautiful backdrop there in yeah It's a beautiful place say we ve got some cooling tat, looks like a water park in front of the Simpsons Intro as what the ski jump there is sure of that. now, you're gonna sign onto the Paris accord now get right on that. It's just. This is its those
clearly. That is why didn't they deserve this the issue: is there just not used to any form of accountability that didn't realize? You know what we're going to see those We know this, but we can see that there are high I do not know what I got brazen bathing saddle just fake town behind it is beautiful mountain, and while just show us a beautiful mountain to tell you, I've sent the internment that's right behind that. So that makes you couldn't the Olympics. perfect microcosm of it. When people talk about China becoming the next great superpower yeah, if you let them cheat, if they just ban prestigious vigorous discussed. Five people who, by their team and make up some role. It's the same thing when we're dealing with international diplomacy when we're dealing with with job of course, specifically fiscally economically, if you just allow them to cheat if you just allow them to devalue the. If you just allow them to put tariff
what comes in and out what goes out of you just allow them to take advantage of the american economic system and steal intellectual property rules, sure they can become a great superpower. The good thing is, we can do a lot about that now to stop it. You can look at the concrete policies from Donald Trump and you can look at how they play differently, Donald Trump there right back to their old tricks under the people you're supposed to get everyone accountable in the Paris accord right under the new, Party, who, supposing it everyone to play ball with international climate change agreements and their worse than ever. Look. We actually have coming up here in a little little bit, but I want to play this clip because you know next get senator taxes has not only talked about the issues of big tech, quite a bit in the past any spearheading some some bills there, which I hope will actually be fruitful but, more importantly, we want to talk about the Gulf on me situation because it in a big deal with Canada and equally mirrored in the United States. It has been merely united States. There's this the zoom call? It want to show this before we bring em on review, but the mayor of Ottawa.
The mayor of Ottawa was responsible for the go fuck me of the freedom. why truckers and came to nine hours being pulled down. Here's the video we have through the efforts of Debbie Bell, Christian, who know the mare who staff was enabled to shut down the Gulf Undine Programme that the temporary reprieve, because the funds are already moving in different directions. We are now going after supply and and fuel coming into the area. instigations in intelligence operations in introductions, all of which were under way yesterday, fully under way today It's not a violation of first amendment. If a company does whatever one's, why don't you go build your own? Go, find me so here to talk about that and more is senator TED grows all right, he is out of the verdict. Podcast, you can find him onto twitter at San TED Crew, senator crows. How are you sure, thanks Romania
stated fantastic are Europe's vital taxes and I'm not you doing very well. Thank you very much and you, but you have that depths of field thing going on there. It's like you have to give their narrow, ascii ash using your webcam, what he s, pretty cool where did it's all smoke and mirrors now, ok around one that makes sense for that is actually in the same Rynch Green Room, where we think the moon Lending yes said, makes perfect sense. And where they also have these slalom slopes for the Communist Chinese Olympic Games? So I want to go I was a bit. It was really great sea and scares. Filming blade run, It is the blame others that in future China there you right yes it's actually, but by the way new blade runners better than the old lady runner. People can change my my great. If you don't have ambient on hand, the original blade run have now
have you seen that video with the mayor of Ottawa, who just admitted and actually took pride in the fact that I was responsible for this, go, find me being taken down for people who don't know ten million raise release freedom, convoy, truckers, not one act of violence committed a court. the police that one act of violence committed entirely peaceful protests, and this may I just break about getting the gulf undertaken that have you seen not yet. So I just heard you play at a second ago. I had not heard it before then, but look what's going on in Canada. Number one stop for a second! It is using it as a phenomenal groundswell that that this freedom, Conway happening Canadians. If there's one thing about Canadians, they're nice, there night there polite and you rock driving into town hall in their hissed off, because the government is trying to
worse than the get back mandates to get back scenes against their wishes, though my view on products in our backs and aided by believing individual liberty, your damned choice, whether you want to get a vaccine. If you want to get a vaccine great, not result if you re not yourself up in all, be your choice and end. The canadian truckers were standing up. They are fighting against government tyranny and products, not just for Canadians, their fighting for Americans and an pause for a second I'm. It gets really go. Find me thing in a second but passwords that second and think about just the phenomenon. This reminds me of the F Joe Biden chance at football games. Then that is spontaneous football stadiums all across the country. You know what when one s job I'm really had I was a new patriots gain in Boston. The end higher stadium, was Channing. What is now known as
go ran in, but it was in the original Aladdin. So to speak. Yes, it same reflection of of collective outrage at the arrogance abuse of the petty urging governments who believe they can make these help. Their decision for you now take it and put it on steroids, not only due to these government tyrants believe they can for you to make the healthcare tourism they want you to be. Ten billion dollars given through go fund, made a fallen and helps them. Were these trappers and what happens the visuals, gotta big tack and say: hey? Would you steal that money Would you take the tent dollars that was given for the canadian Travers, don't give it to them. But member to give it to you right Doc, gosh, even I want to take all the money in your bank account and I want to give it
I support that would be called theft, Norman. You would be prosecuted for stealing someone else's money in this world. Big tat is all the happy to be they men forgot or in some cases it would be called marriage, but you have taken into the cave spade store from a account. But yes, no with you entirely and in its actually the exact inverse of Robin Hood where a lot of eels Robin Hood still for the rich and gave the port no Robin Hood stole from the corrupt government that had overtax its citizens and gave it back to the people. now. What we are seeing is the government going to go. Find me, which is meant to fund may right, just like you to the whole idea is its personal, the little guy going to go fund me in saying: hey, we're going to steal that money and then district to charities of our choice. Who no doubt will of course, support leftist causes, which is a proxy basically, a glorified pack right black lives matter chat. Chop, liberal Party of Ghana
and only when there is pressure put on them today stop now I saw that you rapid, drafted a letter to the Federal Trade Commission will not mistaken about go fuck me. And the canadian convoy to have that right That's exactly right, calling on the F Dc to investing you'll, find me for two separate trade practices because loved it that they launch this site. They say if you get money we you can give it to the causes. Whatever the go find me is when they turn around and steal that money or steal that money. That's it the cept trade practice and in this instance, they alternately back down because the public outcry was so great, but they try to steal ten million dollars and in less time, to start from a principle that any big collection, power is wrong and his dangerous. Whether it is an enormous collection of power and government are Norman's collection power in its
the common values that the accumulation of power as a threat to our individual liberty and what we are saying here, it's a patter, we're safe these petty authority mass these guys, but they want to control every aspect of your life. They want you fired. They want your silence. You must be met, vaccinated and end the next thing. You know they're doing programming and want to know what the next thing is, but but but these are people who believe they have the power to control every aspect of your life and then, their goals, and so it is second, you haven't been probed. I thought that was a more effective swab. Well, It is how the Chinese do covered testing. With that separate Roanoke. Secretary of translation? like well defined. That's why I keep my spare keys, so they put him back, no use the illegal back to you by the way the they have to see. What? What's
over there, the chairwoman Eyes Lena Lena Condom. Did she get back they had not. Yet, although I just said the latter were yesterday, day seems like something they should get on having come on. What else are they doing it's a theft of ten million dollars? What are you diamond well, just don't tell me where Eustace waste or the hope diamond. Well, I think one guess I noted that realism are what are called on we're gonna working to clarify this call it because he's drafted at the bill for big tech. We're bringing back on here on the mug club. If you're watching you're right now smash that, like button, we're gonna, be here on my club with TED rules but will be uncensored Youtube. You too, I think you know what to do right now. Do it Youtube
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