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GEORGE FLOYD ANNIVERSARY: Reflecting on the Summer of Love!


It’s the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. We look back on the summer of love and/or violent fiery riots. Seth Rogen doesn’t understand comedy. Joe Biden doesn’t understand words. Elliot Page goes topless. And did you ever notice Democrats love crime because they hate America?

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Hey there audio listener, or, as I refer to you now, my favorite Lester. I don't you think, because a merely listen, that's correct leave a rating if you're an apple, Android Spotify. Please just send this along, and I would ask you since joining Muslim. If you haven't already because we have Doktor Peter Mccullough on the show later and we We do an extended interview with Mug club member, in this one's an extra forty minutes- and this is a serious- a highly qualified currently practicing highly regarded doktor he's, not a Cairo bread. he's not a doctor of aroma therapy and he's got Well I'll, tell you this. He answered everything. question that I had about covert or the vaccinations, and you can only get all those answers if you're on my club, if not thank you, we still, are you being here in the audio Pike S nose up louder with greater, is brought to you in,
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who were agreed by stealth.
Ah, ah,. All this is happening in real time? What is this Johnny boy just me so eager broth inasmuch ass? It would give me something hearts for my throat with honey. I don't What this is about was on you. You really shouldn't various details. Like zebra muscle took a dump in my mouth. You know their tastes like anyway cream of Simeon Dave. I do the slept for you guys with the now I'm not going to do, I'm probably to keep drinking it. Then you every time you living my own personal hell. What are you doing? You're gonna polishing, your watch, our assume I watch, or we will have to get you to take that as we have done, your Peter Mccall who's on the show a diagonally worked in clinical trials. Data is actually a qualified Nicole Professional is going to talk about the approach to covered and actual treatments that are available outside of vaccines, he's not anti vaccine by the way now, but he also talks about treatments that are available that are not being discussed that need to be used internationally. What you can do to try and protect yourself against Covin more effectively, wouldn't
we'll be allowed on. You too, that's why we're here right now, of course, and my club, and if you watch this later in the day when us during, but on rumble Tata Photon County Gummy, not there, but we cannot, so Democrats love crime and I want to make law abiding citizens into criminals. Also Ellen page has has ab implants. Others in Palliate Elliot Elliot, pay, Ellie has here, has abdominal implants. which is always a sign of a well adjusted young men. So Gerald eight zero user. I am well second by the thought of the Arabs. The absent I'm just going to say the absent net refer to just like I'd Harrison foreigners pecking plants- really Are they like the like old shoes, you pumped up where you just like? Eventually they pop out well, that was chain in Delhi, W outfit- I was a tragedy- that's not joke about! That's your ring! Yes, it's better that today we have divined out here. Freezer ahoy, I'm good, but you get there. Did you buy those genes? Pre ripped, I did mine pre rip
because they were unclear points for nine dollars. Ninety, my questions: when you buy genes, pre ripped debt have like a stop gap where it doesn't allow it to continue ripping or does it just keep ripping well say this. My genes will end of ripped in the knee anyway. So why are you? Thank you. That's what happens with every rule of our daddy makes my right show a bunch. You get but first item I mean what sometimes or thinking what do we do. Weekly roundup, I dont know because it happens all the time this, the first moment that I just I can't even decipher Sobol trying to analyze it after this has anyone seen and because we are professionals it's time for this week, invited
It is a problem for our year for mere drop and you ain't black, but there's other to be beginning this effort to fruit twenty twenty one is, I think we ve learned a few lessons from last year's. Well, there's help us. We will be there to help clear roads rebuild mainstream so that famishing back to their lives as a theme, it does every single day, Vienna problem our here for me I'll drop and you ain't black someone to help him. thought he was getting better did. Anyone here understand. We was trying to say no, no, no, I'm still trying to figure I'm lookin amounts. Sometimes, as I've said this we're watching the basic document to say this email, your
guess is as good as mine as at the war room, he said I have no I'd start Josh. Can you imagine him in a ballroom? Someone needs to help. This meant that he is very clear that this ban is not all with it. Yeah he's a disaster at FEMA being a disaster just recently there not help ignoble. You guys clean up. What my well my depends. You know a thing if he was Greater and Walmart. There would have to be a meeting to get rid of rights which, by the way, has a minimum age requirement of ninety three, its Walmart and thus gets her way more integrated and you get a bonus and have an oxygen tank here. You're stuck aren't you gonna stick at oxygen tank because I saw that media the sporting goods section. You're right, you're you're, a real firecracker you're gonna die a short lazuli. Somebody asked him if we had grills- and he said you ain't black- it's you know what that's about resembled minimum wage. Listen these people,
there because they want to go. I gotta house and do something grant and also we worked a special needs. People will often be higher to places like Walmart Mcdonald's, to do jobs that they might not be superpower, mission at doing, but to give them a sense of purpose. That being said, Walmart graders. I think that, if or go if we get into another economic crisis, though, should be the first to go I feel bad because I walk in and I see them and, unlike you just something in the way of like I just feel like. I want a hug, you yeah, they, unlike you, shouldn't be here right, but then you're like yeah, but I could have some I'm totally immune to, and I hug you and go home in a body bag. Exactly Davis planning spend move around them twenty feet in advance. I am I die. I want to leave now that the farmer, well, I like their clothes line, the elderly
you got that he has already like don't the colonial midget when it gets a little Bow Baden Switch is, I think I run and upon the car yesterday that the Wiggles fly wasn't looking why we ve been hit whether following share, because I thought that was real thirty. He is he's been here that you know it's noise, the benefit of punching a nine year old man is the bruise, never goes away. Don't do any of you know, and I endorse she's ever eagerly anticipated. Actually great, that's part of an american institutions kick out the Salvation Army centres. Nor target was Agnes, bothers people. I do know anyone whose bothered by the Salvation Army I, like you, know it's there. It's not a funding. When it comes to like people asking for money early in San Francisco, hoboes panhandling, they are the least intrusive. It just dinging
because there's an organization but like a salvation is in the name it's offence. It's also usually community service yeah seriously. It is or somebody who died. It was a former drug addicts and their lending and get a job in a way back into society. Pdf and complain about that. No editing somebody has rested Santa what's wrong with that yeah. Well, you know it's not only start really horror like other labour fauna, because we're not going with a north american Santa scenarios. Folks, speaking of ethnicity, yesterday we surely this clip of our youngest generations near the next big stars, the ETA, this this ban, who just want to contest a little while before we went into lockdown away. My class came up to me and said that his dad told him the stairway when Jane. People, no one ever told you I'm either that voice. Dad didn't tell him that I like that. I was a boy didn't tell her diabetics memorandum got all these The reason is that his voice in the world, they become successful. That sure
You can't be part of its a mandatory out right. So here's the thing. Obviously that's offensive on so many levels. Then I don't use that word lightly, but I didn't I didn't It is something until after we showed this yesterday, I'm not very restrictive. In what my employer can do- and I know that in turn here: Toy Junior been we went to and will you for precautions Alyosha, but when you go I can watch that. What look look? Look as and drums now? What
it's really, honestly. You go back and you watch it, and you know when you can't tell you can't tell He was walking around yesterday and then, like. He really just looks like a chinese womanish. Really it's hard for us to tell I've just hear you: maybe meal on did work. It doesnt work anywhere else address like we ve got to get it. We got Reginald, India and MILAN get back in their like. I was no one, even better than the one where they be Elliot page would commit a black hole. You you're giant. You go to front he's really. it runs. He really is unbelievable Rumsey. He really is an unbelievable drummer. Of course, Dino we eat that's just to pay the bills. If we want our interns very, very laborious. Aright today is the one you anniversary to George Floyd's, passing George Floyd, in honour of the state government authorized embassies to fly black lives matter flags. Oh really,
That's pretty damn close to flying a terrorist organisation. Actually did they fly the Hamas like jihadi flag as well or over she'd. Its labour has it out of not have garage it takes it. I never let a touched the ground she's like she's, like the John Goodman and oh brother worked for him. I don't care. What we understand by Hamas means that much do you wish to lady only times you Jake stems from had wrapped around the wash right to put them in the gutter because you gotta use gotta use the year gotta used here. What does it? Actually I think these are zoological, keeps a bright brighter than the whites wider. I believe so doesn't sound like networks to me so anyway, this ghost that cells at the dead guy, but without him then Billy, yes, oh he die outcome separating us down. I all the people, like you, take
where everything we love would see. He died like a decade ago, and you don't even know I don't know, there's a goes off that has been trying to sell you oxy clean for the last, and it's like the Lord took Billy. What's any Billy maybe, but they left the sham, while guy weird I understand that when people say why does goblet bad things happen? It's a tough question to answer. Some probability is so the one year I guess takes. It won't anniversary the death. It's it's his birthday, like his death birthday. I guess the thing about it, I don't know how to broach this subject, so they put up the black eyes, metaphor and actually here we made our own flag to honour this day as well little bit front from the United States embassy angles. It's really a p essay than anything. What you shouldn't have to say it either rightly known. Do we have to keep up eleven next to the coffee machine. If it's bad You know it listen. Sometimes people we have caffeine rightly of caffeine help. You happen there step in and have a little, but a sentinel assess treating it.
I do. I will say this, so I think we are being very irresponsible Ethiopia epidemic right now we went from ok the opium. Now evolutionary it's bad. No one ever needs opening. That's not sure. I know people have been in car wreck of their basically, their face will never work properly. They ve shattered hips, and now there well being left out in the cold, who cannot get prescriptions for any kind of painkillers, but to go in for surgery July. First, by the way, a crack up my reputation. We go we really hard to get like how do you feel Tyler. Now I want to be this guy happy, filler, twins break over my ribcage and put three titanium rod through my chest. I don't give a rat's ass with checks. Humor says, give me the Opie is yours and strength, though, maybe We talking about here is a motion. Eight hundred another painkiller, all the constipation right and twice the liver damage they did. It always is purchased at Vikas. They added ass, a marathon because it causes liver damage that people get into high? Well, we know what drug look
what we do for the drugs will put in more tylenol so that they will the liver damage, the big vermin, stupid thing ever more drugs exists. These drugs do exist for reason and they should be prescribed by the people that need them in a very limited amount, type whereon from me surgery and they didn't give me any that's insane. Isn't it wasn't? Rapid Michigan with snowiest day the year, and I drove out like a willingness. We should have me you sure you want to link yeah yeah. Yes, I'm sure sure I want something: ok, we'll just have to drive back as we can't folded, India or Pharmacy and was an hour and a half drive in the snow. Really me drive yes you're my now, because I want a drug tat. You just can. I borrow twenty of amateur will kosher. You know nothing to learn day, just the only ins and outs. Ok, so This is something else happened yesterday to scientists. This is really big, and this is something I'm excited about. You know we ve talked about
Florida they're going to have this bill that punish social media. If they d platform, throttled censored, politicians but the bill that he signed library is actually significantly broader. weeping than that, and this is step in the right direction. I hope other states follow suit. This is people say what can we do? This is a very quantifiable part of the solution when the founding fathers establish our country and in crafted the constitution, were very concerned with threats to liberty, primarily emanating from government. Power and, in they believe, concentrations of power, inevitable, would lead to people's liberties being curtailed We now have recently. I find, whereas some of these mass they never do ass if companies in Silicon Valley are exerting a power over our population.
that really has no precedent in american history would say two of the major issues when people look back on this period will be the efficacy of on a virus. Lockdown stood in the origin of the corona virus. Is criminal. China Now we have information that this very well may have emanated, from the whip hand lab that it was was a leak from the lab, which you remember when people last year were raising that as something that needed to be investigated. They were DE platforms and now even be hear someone addressing that this may be sidelined. Very well is the case? Are they gonna now sensor felt she and pull him down when you D platform, the pressing I'd states, but you let I told her home any talk about killing. So so my first off I've been saying I told her how many wrong on this whole time upon matters I until a committee. No, I don't
the two are not always too. I say it, Americans down what was for regulating, but you know I love that actually articulated something he pointed to specifics and I hate to say, but when you look at even some people have been on these chose. Sometimes you look at ten cruncher decorous, love, em rainfall, some of these people who look at Margaret. They complain about big tack, but they dont laser into specific examples. Look. This is something that could have saved lives not to mention would have helped the people of China. We we talked about it initially or we talked about how leak in the lab and something that by the way, wasn't controversial and started now, and then they decided. No one can speak out about it, because Donald Trump Was- and they and shrines. Ok, he was, he he's a racist he's lying and so then the new policies were well that's good if it goes against the CDC, a World health organization. You can't talk about it, so we want a lot of talk about when you do, we have to do it exclusively on mug club, and now we know that, not only is it possible, it is likely that's really scary, talk people, so you must use the term orwellian people were removed for state
in following the science. What we now know at the very least, a possibility likely the trip right and, if you're, watching seeing a new day this morning they were trying to whitewash the history. In writing and I swear to you. This was one of the most infuriating pieces. I've seen which saying something they said. Donald Trump I am concerned about the truth. He was just trying to set up blame for China he's trying to figure out a way to blame. China in Papilio comes on and says I've seen evidence that suggested possibly lead to from the lab there- and he didn't put Evidence out and and Donald Trump was really just making racist comments that lead to an increase Anti adhesion crimes and I was like guys. How do you do you story about Donald Trump saying this possibly from a lab? It turns out to be true, and then you gotta go well. How can we covered this right? How can we go back and enriched However, what we said and make it seem like download from these rights is that right, he's re invited. Why don't you let people here? This is the only act like an errand brok, eventually, the brain still doubt role in these journalists and these martyrs
whistle blowers were disappearing in China, not a peep. You talk about free this? This is how we know that you don't care about the first moment you o Brien stealthily just done using it's not about freedom of speech. It's about a freedom, reach like hey, you know what a ball skill list, Johnny Cochrane! If that freedom of speech- reach in our mind, I'm a peach were at my dear sir. I just can't stand this got its look. It's not! about the illegal Moselle so rich around stilted for crying out loud? There were videos on arms and I set a wrong like areas about everything right. There are video people in China being dragged out of their apartments. The first reactor to cut a blow the whistle on this was put in a cold. toward essentially Riah disappeared. I disappeared, yeah we had video of, and I think it and pictures- and he was dead, was just like eyes how in the world how can you hate Donald Trump, more than the com, asked regime that oppresses the chinese people. How is that
so there's also videos of people being soldered into their apartments right now is like this second plan there, like ones, have taken amount. Let's just lock him in forever right, that's what they that's what they do now again, I am anti shine. he's Communist Party right, because I'm pro chinese people and I believe that they deserve the same liberties that everyone that you journalists so enjoy any abuse. By now I thought you off the show. I wanna be honest. You are also anti asian hate crime. Antonov people know this and look I'm not afraid, taken popular look at Barcelona. told me this its risks and I take it. We actually have a disproportionate number of agents working for us. We need to offer a rake appeal to you and I think the guy in the girl that work for you might be the same person it's pretty up to now. The difference is pretty toffee checks a lot of access. I don't know, what's our Elliot, two separate people, one
so subscribers podcast, by the way, if you are a watching this on rumble or if you're listening, coarsely audio version distorted to keep apple. Its modest Itunes but Apple and written modify. Here's another to what we're talking about not just freedoms, that just freedom of speech and what will figure up and will be back on Youtube and what that looks like it won't be before next week. We still waiting on some answers in fellows for more than a lawsuit, but the issue youtube right, as we don't know the rules and it's designed to create a culture of self censorship. and it's really scary, when that seems for some reason, appealing to people who are, I was to be short of that frontier of free speech, comedians yeah so you ve got Seth Rogan. Now, if you just the here, is actually something he gave to the independent him talking about how we dozen stand when it comedians, have a problem with cancel culture of area but I was never comedian. I don't think that made jokes demanded it merely like design target groups that were
subjugated in some way again. Have we done that's with realising it definitely have those things again, things are in our movies and they're out there in the things that I am more than happy to say that you know they ve got aids. Will you know but I got my twitter. I've never made a joke. That's like outwardly for refugees, wage, and if you have, I wouldn't didn't why you did that, and you know it's insane terrible things more so because that would mean not aged well, I just made them moving on five years before I don't think. That's a damsel culture. That's you saying something terrible with if that's what you ve done. Ok, first off this is, and I understand the area we need to stop importing Canadians. Look I come from a real problem here. They do not. They do not understand from it doesn't exist
now in Canada, they all going to shut down churches. People can move Uk Canada say we're gonna find comedians like our friend MIKE Ward, for making jokes it people find offensive learning political, this Pope, ok care, they're, ok with it, and they want that here and they want the laws of the land they had to leave to become successful in order to feel to speak freely like all comedians, they want to change its like Californians going to Texas and by the way he said I've never said anything horrific know that subjective to some people are saying they just remember. If your jewish services on Twitter just remember, if your jewish white supremacist hate you to see from what would to the Jews in relation to the Christians near beliefs, hey Jack Dorsey? Maybe do somebody let all the white, supremacist and verified simplified accounts to cruise you're, a piece of shit. Look some people, I know you're thinking, is it is that the Romans Rachel Matter. I know it's one of those things atossa,
also you started almost an international, almost an international war because of a film you made about Kim's. I'm gonna hear someone in unison once wouldn't when, when I was about to hackers Wednesday. Florida was a giant gay joke with Eminem. By the way. I just want to get that exact. That North Korea thing it yeah the that was economical coming out of the closet. Making fun of gay people was the opening of the movie for somebody. Who's never made fun of a subjugated group right yeah, that's really gonna point he's made fun course, the Christians, the Jews and, of course, the gay. Hungary and, by the way rate culture. Have you guys seeing his films of let's see, there's the forty or urgent yours knocked up you're right boy it. What working knowingly seeks out women who are inebriated? Yes, there Zack and Merrimac a porno where Jason Muse has actual sexual the porn star in the film yeah yeah. There's lots of movies observant report. Observe observer. Recording the whole point here. Look, I don't think it's too. I think it's rape. No, I think it's degenerate culture, but then you want to
like its southern Baptists or perpetuating rape culture. The only place you have a pedophile rate problem is your community for Kevin spoke, she's, coming back, doing a film about being a child rape. Detective, that's how come It only exist where you live in these people in a bubble rate culture right, it's because of the TED Haggard Joel's. Do you know it's? Because of you and I You should have every right to make those films but go on back to North Korea. The point. I forgot about Eminem commitments. By the way it was funny. I'm not saying you was all on it. It was absolutely funny but rules for me not for the here's, something the interesting. When someone is allowed to simply determined what's offensive and horrible when yours allowing it to be subjective, as opposed to the first amendment. You end up with what and with what was called the interview Have you made from a congenial you? Don't know this people love him in North Korea
because they ve been brainwashed because its propaganda, an entire nation of people. I camping people more subjugated, then the north korean people, but they have Stockholm syndrome felt like yours enough to their way of life. Why? Why would you do that South Rogan? Why would you tell them of green people by crap another dictator? no one is, I dont think you were. I think you have the right to, but you don't believe that other people do that's the issue, yeah, it's amazing to me that these people, don't you the slippery slope, look comedians already, have the only have a built in regulator? It's the audience the audience will let you know if something is too far, something as racist. Yes, that's one hundred percent accurate what they always say, something like all, if you say something completely horrible, of course, you should be removed. Ok will define horrible. You help me
Your stand where the line is because the whole problem that we have is that this line keeps moving, and our argument is that the line should exist in the first place will keep in mind the audience be the line at two months ago. Horrible was saying that it may have rejected a lab right and sets Robin supports that, because he thinks checked or seizure of the right to manipulate what happens the down square. Now we know it's probably true, the horrible euros yard and Petersen not being able to say he or she when he preferred it and couldn't tell the difference between somebody and almost gets drummed out of academia and let's see how thou Wert oh yeah, made him insanely aim as outlined in the place tat. We have Charles Brady what about people expressed when he's actually dating a high school yeah? That's what they don't see nothing wrong with that! Now
they just thing. I know they have to talk with their pr person for objects. Like David Cross write me was better. What's Washington Amber? What's the name of his girlfriend? Oh, she was seventeen and he said that he Bangor in back of a dumbstruck. Yeah not Amber, heard those. I don't know she was the one who was. She was one who speak map Johnny Depp, yours, a watermark dry. Yes, what I'm saying that he was sorted: cultural, tampon, applicator. Ah, that's what she said. You know I'm serious you took. Photos of people were like where this is not real anymore here and then they realise that she was beating him up any. I deplore could point relating to high school or and by the way, that something that we would just be that even on this show, which has been accused of being way to it. We do not do a joke about getting high school relief, is making fun of someone like a south Rogan predating high school or they can score, finds out using like oh crap yeah, school invents VON has a moment of clarity and that movie that, whereas in South Rogan saved us, Now not that I don't find them funny, but what you write about cancer, social, you ve really just said something there, where its taking
something that's already successful that people enjoy in getting rid of it. That's the problem with cancel culture is not saying that we should make this. It's too enjoy something we ve already decided shoutings. What it's it's it's both in the issue was cancelled cultural you're. So there's no cancer. Culture is a kind of illegal. Yet look there s. mobility. Anyone you know you ve been an audience calls on held accountable to us it because it's not funny people aren't laughing cancel culture is people who are not even part of the audience determining that they know better than the audience and putting enough pressure on second is to remove your lively. It's not. The majority of people. Look in any info of cancel culture when you're talking whether these people would lose their livelihood, because the remaining half of the country would support them, it's they lose advertisers its? They lose the ability to make a living, because people like Seth Rogan in three major cities across the country determine what is and what is not permissible. No one the problem with an audience saying you don't like it. You know: that's got up at once upon a time, a box office bomb it
all your tours no longer successful. That's not what cancel culture is it's just like privilege, white just deciding that they're going to speak for black people. It's the people say no. No! No! This is too offensive weak. And allow anyone else to see it even If all ready decided about with their doubt oak and they know they're, not great people, they made a movie about the apocalypse happening and they're all left on earth during the rapture. Oh, by the way, doesn't someone get ripped? My statement shows a hill gets raped by a demon and then and then Danny Mcbride forces sex on Channing, Tate of handing Tatum who keeps on a dog like well. This is the whole rules with them. As you go back to Larry S, it's really fun with you. This is pretty dirty. This pretty depraved is lying. All the suddenly see deciding that some like how is safe Rogue in determining the TED crews is offensive rights because they go learn raping demon raping a guy mocking Christianity mocking men, it's totally fine because its white men, so there ok, we can make it is vulgar. We can make it as energy seventeen as we want. We can attack people with no reproach
and by the way you should be able to as long as the audience can vote with their dollar, because it's a white male. Yet this is the issue. Here is not the audience determining its you and Johnny ok but they're a barrel full ass these days, so I also think folding, it's gotten so bad, just upsetting signing up to now. We got out what will the tongue here and see it, and it's just comedy and its being destroyed by what work I think the most offensive things ever done is that road trip movie with an art barbarously grabs is at yes, when he decided what funny it's not for me, yeah diminishing, promoting the film like they don't believe it, with such an honor, you know to work with the barbarous thrice in bad numbers. Really, I think audiences are going to really get
kick out of it. You can just see dying, ass, I'd like I've, seen it twelve Johnny Depp on Letterman. There is like what do you think of it is like I've never watched any of my move. Just added value might legged aright Fulton counting. So this is something you know. We're not gonna talk about this on you to take thanks. I'm on my way we're still here and rumble right now, rumble and why we would maybe we would be allowed to talk about it because its news and it's a judge order, but last week a judge in court in County Georgia, biofuel. He ordered audits and rule, absentee ballots can be unsealed. Now we don't exactly what, but the case, if you look at was presented to the judge that heat that was convincing enough for him to conceal this says, there's a claim. There was a very large discrepancy when a kind of did their sample audit dont know if they were correct or not, but it That's it ok warrants. Looking into this further, you need to unseal it, which of course, people Democrat say, is a direct attack on democracy. I know How well transparency is not good for bringing democracy right. Wouldn't. Can
farming, actually be great. No, we want to sign or other pole workers behind clear. We want to start them into their apartment. You shall hear funny. Liberals are so upset about this audit. Not only in Arizona now, but now foot but listen to their justification. Here's we're going to find common ground we're gonna, find consistency. We're going to go Based now on the left standard, listen well, first and foremost the entity that sigh, I wouldn't even call it conducting an audit conducting a sham audit adopting shenanigans out in Arizona partisan group that doesn't have any experience in elections and when we do election audits, there is a whole host of best practices, including chain of custody, among other things at once, tat chain of custody is broken and other I security procedures are not followed. Then it puts them equipment at risk, and this could cost Arizona Mill
some dollars to replace this election equipment. Oh, so, how did you know? She's your trichet to chain of cosmetic chain of custody is what matters now. It's leather, coffee era in India in the photo negatives relax. So It's still a thing by though it seems like you might really came Z. She is a he right came and went really quickly. Chain of custody gross the concern now is over. Let's use this standard for the left. We can trust us because of chemicals. Ok, we're not a legend fraud right now, not saying that we can say that the election? Of course, I'm not saying that we would never said you know. I never let me let me say this before I wanna go to the tune of custody argument. second actual rescued. Listen, I don't think that you need to buy the way take. Just in polluters. Stance on this, I do think that you need cut off so that we all want cannibalize our own with concerns, like I said Breton, sometimes you will go after Temple is not concerned enough. I think he's doing pretty. Damn
Well, the right, I think, he's moving along down the trail to compare him to two years ago with the election look, I do have my cut and I think that this should be reasonable to do my coffees. If someone is making a claim. That is entirely unverifiable, for example, something with dominion, voting machines that we don't have access to, and they tell you that you're a cook or that you're part of the established If you don't just start spreading, Nestorian agree with and wholesale I have no Britain speaking with those people. Now on the flip, here's here's the other border. if you believe, or if you want to perpetual the idea that there were no anomalies in this election that were never seen before in any other american election and that there is no reason for anyone to be suspicious or to have questions. You also shouldn't be include this does a huge swathes of remaining Americans one not only that it was that this was the safest and most secure election are not sing. It wasn't erecting. How do you know? I didn't know
had a measurement for this going, but how could it be the safest election period in the most violent crime wave? Our country has seen since before dirty harry, it's not possible. Are you saying the eighty eight election wasn't safe and secure, and compared to that, when this is like, I don't know where to go with this. Is there a ranking so there s thing I want to see. Is somebody risking wasting taxpayers money right up further? drugs are probably years. It's private groups, it's not taxpayers money, so we can trust it millions. Oh, I cited way more money, at least where money please how much four trillion round up so weird in Georgia. This is let's just got to museums of broken chain. Of course, yes and sets are concerned with a ok in Georgia alone. Observers left early and this Jeff States, as announced investigation into why they left before the scanning then we're just talking about broken chain of a there are so not not to mention the sworn affidavits doesn't have sworn affidavits right, there's very graphic evidence of a broken
Of course it has not even been denied by the left or been denied by the judges. It was just a moot point. believe your lawyer ice here. You go in Georgia, member that in the morning where Iraq is backing, show it to you earlier you fellows out from under the table, this table, the black one with place there, the lady with a blind braves at an age. When he's now their claim heaters. I symbolises in trade with those works suitcases, they were boxes, it doesn't matter gave a high definition of custody is broken because there are no other polwarth accounting. on a nice guy. Remember those may make use of the four and eight Did you in the morning of us yet accept not look. Let's but there's uses are values and others were actually just about and were there before and bring. I think there's a broken tuna, because the people did leave and by the way they are totally in the media was told that they left because are broken water pipe, and so there are so many lies there, and so many miss truths, but let's wipe off broken Tatum custody, no way to refute it. Ok, let's go to me
Paul workers were, of course, allegedly denied, and when I say allegedly, I mean on camera what then do what they will? There's? No there's! No there's no evidence of it because it was thrown out of court because at the elections over on camera, you had pull walkers who denied entry in the windows of the tests TCP centre there in Detroit we're boarded up. That amounts to a broken chain of custody, lionize so essentially, what's happening on our people are coming out from this morning. Our whole challenges for coming out in the morning,
they're, not allowing us to replace them. We ve got more than enough. You upstairs awaiting the commandant slop I'll do shifts because of a long process and they're coming out. We try to go away and they say sorry reciprocity, which everybody knows like a five hour fighting going again. You can try unless some justification, but if you say that this is typically practice or of no interest to mean a reasonable to understand, also visited shredder. Liberal media was saying: you're not going to believe this, but Trump gesture, Lincoln this being announced across. That's a fact. Rival can go. Look in China, they retroactively say well what everyone knew the mail and balanced organist which provide no. No, they didn't we were recovering it live in, they were gonna, looks like
from, we announce it as a sure thing, ass, his Marge, aided and believe the mail and doubt forbade implemented all this and some gonna pull than a truck at three a m and about that's a rule. One word in through our common troubles outperforming himself over the twenty six years. if you remember that, were that's exactly we're talking about so that I think this caught everybody, including chink, waiter, bucks. If I can't, I don't know, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! Not so he was we out performing his previous performance in an election and he was only are performing Biden in every single urban centre outside of sex. What does this personally outperforming? He was outperforming Biden Cincinnati. Without forming binding in Miami, he was up forming dine in take your pick in Portland, not saying that it was winning that he was up and he was doing better. The only area where there's a disproportionately were Detroit at length. They next, that's that's a fact
one nineteen, I think of twenty one bellwether counties so and if you say there are no anomalies, grant that's dishonest. If you think you know what happened. That's dishonest, but let's not act. like what you just saw. There was normal and again using left standard affairs, and we have to throw this audit because not falling chain of costs. We could give the throughout those votes and the three things got whose chief Gregor! Is it a real named it and nobody and that's the only answer you need, but here's the thing to me. I will not talk about this after the show willing. Even now we are not saying what I thought I was saying now has no eyes light. It was for a second, then I mean I had a friend who at that? No, you is that you get the young Turks, but we officially buried him because, like eating it, it's like being a dead horse. It's like being dead climate
well in this we're doing is highlighting the reason Peter. I missed my candidate. I'm sorry right. The reason you going to actually was a candidate, and that is why we are lost because of all his sexist rape articles knowledge. Yet having forgotten, there's gonna be a great. I love, o Chang go and look. If you look at all of these things and say, there's nothing to see here there maybe listen, you may have great explanations. For why these things happen. I would like to hear them. I haven't heard them yet, but if you have greatest but that's vent, that's fine, but people had questions because these things hadn't happened before right. These things sparked people going whoa wait! Wait what's going on here at the very least, broken chain of custody, right, let's go to Pennsylvania and others What say liberal example: pole workers were denied entry. Here's one example of it happening when the pole worker, by the way, had a
you had a quarter to be there, and the person said that this pole worker was at the wrong precinct and again paper. exchange it sitting? Was I at the right place and have permission to be? There was denied entry, but again believe your lines. I was sitting in a large city. Why does it uses the city of YO yo? You want to check out the site, no welding mask no entry I remember that invite observers were kept more than six feet away again: Barochan chain of custody, just looking at the Spirit of the law and the letter of the law, all of us not in its relevant. all of a sudden, well, ok, chain of custody matters, all the sudden, maybe You get to the bottom of what happened with the rules on viruses in this biochemical lab all this
It matters after people have been de platform for asking these questions, not to mention you, just change their terms of service. Again where this morning, where they will aggressively mother, goose, facial recognition. Software will remove any one who is appearing in a video. Without the permission investigated, wasn't cannot exist. It cannot exist and by wow and they still reserve the right. Now you tube to run ads on anyone, not new partner programme. so, in other words, you're, not advertiser friendly, we're not can allow you to make a living were going to make a whole lot of money. This is again this favor, unbelievable legacy me content creators because they ve everyone come in and they never one sign some kind of an actual permission slowly when you're in the studio, but that doesn't apply because we have love that already just single party consent states, especially of somebody's in public Youtube, won't followed LA. Why few million dollars of meal? That much NBC Vocs doesn't mean what's the Universal Disney ABC, but guess what means a lot? Independent content creators, so when they say you're not going to be allowed to be a partner, ok and wishes,
a few million after parliament. That allows shows, like this debate ass of people like Brien's Delta, O Brien Williams. all of these rules are being created to favour legacy, can't, while not even the greatest legacy, media and silence, independent voices, and they say that they're doing it for you and by the way, flagrantly disregarding the law there's a reason we have single party consent laws and that so you can root out. Corruption and investigative journalism can exist. In other words, let sake Nixon were a Democrat Watergate Youtube would remove it that's true, I just feel safe, knowing that I'm getting the information someone else would like me to have you have to think about it oh, I will have to bring about a girl one, The CDC just tell me what you're going to think about it or on your sideways had on we have to do. It should have a seat ever every segment like this, yes shows, are
by the way things they were. Fifty two legs broken appointed worthless paid by the smash that Roma button. If you are innocent, rumble right now, and we have actually become a continent which we're looking for everyone, but look at that angry angry angry hand, but poke that's good, also by the way, what we're talking about the same standard being applied, You know the Stacey Avram story That's what he said. I wouldn't know this and twenty. Team. What happened with Stacy Abrams, she still she still refuses to concede that election to camp doo doo, it will not know this issue has evidence. Rival are going to have a look. Let me read a little harder to know when the US, you have seen entreating per likes, you want neither politically she lost and twenty eighteen. Ninety claim that there is voters impressionable stuff. She never conceded can't hears actual quote from the New York Times. She wrote three one two three,
no empirical evidence that I would have achieved a high number of votes, however, I have sufficient and I think legally sufficient doubt about the process to say, was not a fair election. This is the first global. I have no empirical evidence than another quote. I make my rooms, based on empirical evidence of its demonstrated that, in a way that began with the fact that the person was to look she's this doesn't acknowledge that he's legitimacy that he wanted election, but I'm not going to say governor but way Was it possible for her and better work to get their asses handed them and get presidential and pains right after that, like, oh, you lost the local watching. You probably do fantastic international, like what's the Democrats of the party of the people just like they locked they sauntered Bernie into his own. Yes, that you and your sweet and plot failure. Yes twice, there is confusion A week from the figure out he's thought that he was the one who dad wrongs. Push must be a pull normally, no don't almost pupil must be it.
we must, I think, I'm getting Scrooge Democrats for the demon to his Jonah Hill exactly, all right by eleven reminded Democrats overdone what's this about IRAN, and this is something that we ve talked about here in the show Democrats right now want to make criminals out of law abiding citizens and they want to make current criminals into voters. That's what's happened, Now I'm not attributing motive, I'm looking at actual policy and the data as a result of said policy. Let me repeat this: they were to turn law abiding american citizens into criminals of the state and current violent metals into a new voter base. So today, as well near the anniversary of George Floyd's death, which we all agree was a tragedy. Now we dont agreed and we don't all grand the circumstances and shove in the trial, but we all agree that that was a scenario where obviously it would be better if short flight hadn't died that sat on upset. I dont think that with macabre
not officer. I dont see it is a tragedy, because at that point, someone's life was in danger. I see that as a necessity. That's the real of life when you decide to take someone else's life, whether Gunnar Knife, Georgia, think we all agree, regardless of where you live, when the trout, its tragic and the girl. Gotta live agrees with you. Yes, the girl who got to live by the way, strong and speak out because she's afraid, because she's been accused, I guess an ANT Tom. I guess at this point if she speaks out and support supply she called to save her life. She will be exercise. All right So one year since George Toys death, it's important to remember how Democrats before we get into this, have been curbing Americans too, since his death. each other, how you honor someone right, how do you honor somebody, you know if it's like Charles Drought and just died, they started posting. You know, clips of ease, never been anything short of the sharp in our view. You'll never have known, have talked about them. The show bottom you forgot about it you honour him by showing his best work, you honour him.
by talking about what he contributed. He was a family all this. How did honor George Floyd one year since his death Democrats have honoured him by courage in mass violence repeatedly we firmly guilty guilty. They're, not ALF, got they're, not gonna start in that they are not there. a movement, I'm telling you you're, not gonna, stop and an ever. One. Beware, because they're not going to stop it. they're not gonna start before election day November and they're not gonna, stop after election day, too many see the protest as the problem? No, the problem is what, forced your fellow citizens to take to the streets. Persistent and poisonous inequities
Justice also ease hovering genre. There is such a protracted and supposed to put it politely, awaking endorsed. How is he saw this in New York by thanking you for sacrificing your life for gas, that last one zero encouraging violence, it's just so stupid. It had to be the only Dumber thing that Nancy Pelosi is ever Dinas when she went out with the cool running scarf, to try and judged get up from kneeling actors apron blow and people were starting to starve and she decided to show you her ice cream. Twenty six thousand dollar freezer here at another kind of the kind of at par with each other, not demand you're four thousand dollar vomit, then, after the ice cream, you're not sitting there eating chunky monkey all night and then looking like Tom banks in the last act of Philadelphia, for what we do want to. Thank you
Floyd for inspiring a mass movement and in honour of the historic day we achieve a much montage again we're gonna be commemorating short flight to twenty twenty summer of love with our very own, even Brendan singing amazing grace even Brendan. Can you gimme a d Yes, soon- we found the same. Yves de la me, Sweden has low cost no,
was blood stained by now see ever necessarily don't drink Katy, some more thank you can run a nice job, tersely, One at that way, he would have those Nike helped to resume. Yes, we missed some of the bureau. There, TIM Tim, the two men haven't really had a couple. tough to see, but I have to say that it was right that it was right. I think we are. I think we all get. The general sentiment Oh you're, nice hideaway America reckons with racism right now and seen in one year after George Floyd's murder. Oh, how are we reckoning? Let's see. forget the audio their bright, and I don't have a quarter blackguard in but bring up the area for people to bring it in bringing quivering in the audio work on since friend, Lando Castillo was shot and killed by Minnesota police on
certain twenty. Sixteen that officer was never convicted on any charge, is all We could have said that there are jobs America reckoning with in the years since George Floyd's death and they brought up a story from twenty. Sixteen, yes for years before he D have for years before he died. So what they're saying is this was racism before and if they had fixed that they could have prevented George, but by the way they ve never made any case that it was kind of motivated by race, de I exactly in by withholding its happens in China, skyrocketing crime and lowering arrest.
I love is Chris Coma was talking on. There's like you, should focus on whether in the streets and blot right below this is New York Braces for another night, alluding in record time, because they have the threat of immediately being led out of jail without bail. I now I like what I'm pissed off at the looting and riding it's in your thing. Right just look down what this basic. Actually, this watch, I'm not too pissed off about, but yet of setting. This is something that we need if we need to pay attention to again their goal. I want to repeat this from sounding repent. It is important for you know they want to make criminals of law abiding Americans. They want to turn actual criminals into voting base. So during covered Democrats, they really violent offenders across the country consistently it doesn't mean that their needed they needed to be in Cahoots. They just all think. Well, ok, let's released violent offenders, because some people don't think the Democrats are what it is, but it be nationally children, eight thousand criminals released in the four months of covert, not least among them too cautious ignite
good, to have him good to have a snitch hops number one star is a snitch who was released from prison for covert because of his ass. My like piggy from Lord applies, someone take his car. lens use it as a magnifying glass. What are a bitch What is our suggestion in California, Governor Newsome, Governor Gavin Use because a shrill, lousy, Frank when you deserve a sister toothpaste, without sorry, just an empty brushwood angle. Razor blade have tools and just tell him it's an inhaler. He so does anyone know the difference. Six he's out violent than those in California New York City. Twenty five hundred criminals were released as of June, twenty twenty two and fifty then we're rearrested four hundred and fifty times there. That's always interesting and security that we let this rapist what happened? He still did it's I don't know raising. I don't know what it's almost as though the strongest indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour I don't know what it is. I I maybe,
taking nineteen years of a sentence because they might get a cold is silly guides its two hundred fifty people who were so down that they committed another crime right as they got out and then committed another one. Nineteen out of college professor pitch about the american prison Industrial complex, but this make anything to do with all if we ve lost all the businesses in New York, where people can get legitimate jobs, let's let out killers. Yes, they provide way. Take the Good NEWS is crime is up and arrests are down. What's have that as a good thing, so arrests are down thirty nine percent from owning I've, twin nineteen, twenty twenty, but homicide threw up twenty nine percent tractor nine percent down arrest, twenty nine percent increase Anonymous- has come up against Alan's Young Yang astride, even that out. Let's make it a thirty nine on both sides of the largest share of catching the criminals in its good. What is better than a year of New York now know he's alive, mares running much worse, joins shooting victims by way of eighty four percent in New York City, so decrease and arrests.
decrease in police funding across the country. We see an increase in violent crime now alone. Let's go for example, here four thousand criminal released putting sixty four actual murderers, wow actually, murderers say that again just to be clear, in the: U S: a more murders in twenty twenty since nineteen. Ninety eight jeez, that's an upward trend. Largest single year increase in history, People are gonna cynicism into your leipsic over the economy is bad and because of carbon. Actually, data shows us that cover the lockdown should do crease trunk and you ve seen that in areas across Europe. If you look at the studies, it actually decreases crime because there are fewer human interaction, so tat horrid denote. Ok that the increases in crime have happened despite the protective effect of locked out while weird. I also find it
I find that a few lock up killers. They tend to not kill us, many innocent civilians. No, we let out the killers and we lock up people who own the local, hello, Delhi. Oh yeah, that's what we do. We arrest people, not double masking. We release people for triple homicide. Well, that's fine yeah! This is what's happening is the mask is filled with chloroform before each examiner that sentence. It makes- and this is something we set it up- This is something to where I've seen people carnival along get it. Get it not over that's the only thing I know we're, get men, they say: look you look at Lord another trying to create law to a lighter, run over protesters litter trying to hold a significant what's happening is of these states. Now read states are trying to reach force laws so that law abiding Americans dont get arrested, someone ask you before we say: you're allowed to run over protesters. Ok, look, nobody should judge beat. You know like playing our old rage or twisted metal, but isn't illegal?
standing up in a freeway. Is it illegal to stand in the street? we're gonna get for Germany is there, it is illegal. The government decided they are not going to enforces. What did that lead to again the slippery slope were then they went. standing in the street to surrounding cars and kicking in windows and creating a role hazard and, like we see an increase in violent crime, and so what has happened is some of these. it states or sing on a horse, and we need to reinstate the rights of Americans, who have the right to drive freely bond these roads have the right to not have their trip be impeded. the right to have their safety, be put at risk which, finally, just as risky in many cases for the drivers as it is for the people. So it's already. and the law Democrats have decided that people who are breaking the law, there they are actually in the right. The criminals are no longer the criminals who criminals are the people who are opening the restaurant for criminals people who law aren't double massing if they had the way the criminals,
the people by most of you who believe that you should have a driver's license to vote, but the people who don't present their own vaccine verification passport to go into Madison Square God you're the folks who need to be locked up, not the people who are committing what once upon a time we're crimes. Like impeding traffic vandalism or the girdle fashion knock out came right. These laws were suspended in cities across the country. Believe your line, I Thirty beyond about words now they're, just like the tea party out there in the capitals laptop sitting right, you're, doin nothin, I know you'll see
I thought that was not league of peaceful. I just feel back has some guy was trying to go to jail anniversary we broke into a law office. Man was puts, the irony is riches enhancing out, so I dont need to tell you it's against the law to write your video building. Not really the way, people who say that its art shut up at this not your canvas really law. Its art is in some of it is beautiful, my name on your pillow case. If it doesn't matter, but not a motor LISA, it's not mine, I don't the right to break your crap, that's the issue with graffiti I know many people out there who support tagging are non contributing zeros thoughts
That being said is also stupid because you're like the wet bandits, now the cops know every single place, you vandalized bright, look there's a lot of hours in the day after the show, and I like to paint. If the truth is, I don't always have money for a canvas. So look I had to have a conversation with my wife last year with our very very young son, honey, stop having our stops. Gray, painting the bathroom now look if you're out and you ve got our sun in the car and there's a mob around your car as quickly and as safely as you can't get away. We will deal with the consequences later. I'm sorry, I'm not going to put my wife and son at risk An angle of hob is starting to ash in their windows, I don't drive away because somebody might climb on your car and then fall off and inert. I do I put pillar DR slowly, nice as quickly safe, exactly like as quickly as cases we try to slowly. They take it a licence to swarm you always trying to drive. It ran. Ok, look just floor Florence sword if you're caught there. If you can avoid the street where these
Austrians are can't getting ignore or how going around due to save all around but has quickly, but if they swarm your car, you ve got it. You ve, to get out of there as quickly as possible about an inch from all the way down? She. Don't interest burn and set their exact rage, what you wanna, although there is there, is a plus two given them just enough time to think about it. That is true. During that they're gonna hear the wheels grudging there had go like manna. Taking worth of this is gonna hurt and upon a time it was fine for you to protect yourself and get out of this. Yes wheaten. We shouldn't have to have laws that says hey if you climb on top of but he's car in your actively beating in the windshield. They can pull away. but we did have a lot that are just not enforce a sobering asked about. Let's look at another example: not only are they not enforcing laws there, creating laws that are against their own laws, for example, there many states that have anti mask laws. Good example of this is actually where these I mean we can bring up here. I bring us more or less of states that anti mass gloves and have agreed
for it is. This goes back to the KKK goes back to gangs crimson. Right. People are more likely to intimidate their fellow citizens. So you are not allowed to mask publicly, they say. Not only are we not going to enforce that, but we are going too far few to wear a mask that all so contributed, contributes to the rising violence. Listen you all day. Does anyone here thinks it's someone on twitter who is anonymous, behaves less poorly I used to wear a ski masks. First dates, yet just put it out there by the way, it's only a date. If she knows about jeez, that's true, I used to them to my hobby. Yes to your having these laws, but because these laws exist to protect who law abiding citizens. Abiding citizens after we have mass closets, we have graffiti less. That's why As you know, a lot of in the freeway laws like murder- and we took once upon a time- didn't release them if they broke them.
Tat will literally norms pact. We killed the sometimes we killed, we actually foot electric chair now, we're like you should go, and I want you to start sneezing photometer cough off that I'm hearing Turkey look. fuck, you might be on death row, but I want you to die or anything, save your life your grand a year for summaries around washing, yet sorted out. It's a misdemeanor. Do not wear a mask in Colorado, live in arresting dad's who violated stay at home orders by playing softball with their daughters by the way, here is another example: bedraggled attribute Mccall Low, but the FDA banned. The use of hydroxide clearer, queen right, keep in mind. It's been prescribed off label free for decades
because some lady murdered her husband with fish tank cleaner, a slight hook. Hidden idle area was a well known liberal. That's a letter in the media totally covered for airlines, rather than their down no way. That's like what the punk rock rose at my dad is by governments and my dad hates chinese people's eyes ignore ever happen now. Never happen that someone was done enough to hear Donald Trump and thought unaltering fished and cleaner death never happen either to get away with it, because people dislike Trump so much ass. I know I just thought I start giving my husband fishing and she did get away with it, but media coverage is loaded well for a little bit They cover is legitimate. Nominal foundations are little she'd get we wouldn't want. You blew the lid off that we really do. We allow us about errors that we found the criminal records of hers
was she was run off her husband. You try to file for divorce about what time on my old show, we don't have the cloud that you might show. We just call the we're like there's no way. She just kill this now and then things I did exactly what she did now again. You look at this. She led the way to mean in Europe. No, no. It took a very important because doctor should have the right. This is patient. Doktor privileged gripe, Hydroxyl. Look when these are things like Lupus, but they also for other inflammatory diseases, disorders, fires that are going to the doktor talk about it. How it's not the point, see about in tandem with other available treatments, works, its import so they have now made a criminal out of your doktor trying make the best decision for you, the patient. Why two politicizing so you're a criminal? If you try and save your family and you run over a protest or your criminal? If you go, New confront people, vandalism, your property you're, a criminal. If you give your patient and you believe this is the best medical,
to call possible right now. Given your scenario, you are criminal. If you can prescribe a drastic look, what you would be I'm not in the democratic world. If you had a magazine capacity of over ten rounds, if you had a semi automatic weapons without a bowler button, basically anywhere outside of California, they want you to be a criminal and they release huh. Words of murderers. They want Americans to be criminals and criminals to be a new voter base. yeah, that's about it. We don't! Let me let me look. That's about all. I have to say nothing about all points by way can follow me Instagram letter with credit. I never gonna have a doctor, Peter Mccullough you're in a little bit its electro magnetic Thursday ATM Eastern. That's why you an answer if you watching on rumbled is to live on my club, and I will take your life yet little bit credit shop that fathers day this is the last week for to come in and there's the hen I M Eastern Tenaya nice. I think you said eight really
well, you know I I can't be held liable for what I say just ask you to call on wait, wait: five minutes, you can change your canoe. Nobody will ever know. Yeah yeah is meant in fact, I'm pretty sure that did of all that the covert did not start in the lab. It was because driver and that's that weren't hibernation, a thousand miles away itself cabinets sorry, I'm just like look! Ok to the past sniffed us, oh, came from a bat first of eighty thousand species of eighty thousand samples. I guess not. Eight thousand individual species of animal tested, none of them tested positive. I went to second the bats. I was in miles away and in hibernation checks out, because voucher sets up looking this makes sense, but it wasn't like nobody was like all those stupid Chinese. Nobody said that they set out. While this sucks, I got out of a lab. Most likely we gotta figure this out women into China. Do it on purpose. I don't think you do it on purpose, but privileges I will add by the way this might be around but you know always they all coach. All cultures are equal. The fact that both series are equally plausible
you knowingly work, conducting gain of funds, function, research, training, super viruses and release it onto the world, causing the pandemic or you guys are so careless that you have wet markets with live animals and feed on bats. That you could have actually drafted a virus and send out unbeknownst to you mean, but maybe not all cultures are equal. That's true! No one would question either of those stories and that's not because the chinese people are less than it began they live in squalor due to the government who the World Health Organisation CDC support. That's why you don't think When the chinese people would love to have a little bit more little acts that access to a ridge, Can we just got the chinese people can more somebody please I don't even like the words wet market, everything about it. no good everything about it. Isn't it if it's an affront sensibilities, ok, try goods even in here speaking.
Watch. This is one borrowed from last night from two days ago, the sixty minutes and actually had a pretty good job. It's on de transitioning. cases. Patients are choosing to reverse the process. It's called he transitioning in her early twenties grew Sweden, Ski Smith, was seriously depressed and develop, gender is She began searching for answers and transgender communities on the internet and when I saw being so happy and excited about doing this wonderful transformative process to really like become their true selves. I was like. Have I considered? this can be done if he doesn't know what she's doing did this to have any part of it. A sense that men had it easier and life women did and that your road might be easier. If you are male yes, just have the sense that if I could inhabit life as like a trans man as a man than I
I feel so self conscious. I was thinking that it would make me feel very free. No, no yeah! You you look, it's! U chap your tits off and so that you avoid the stairs so in this way transition to back, and I will say that a political balance job this growth was to a Trans sites, get answers it's like if you went to a clairvoyant when nazi site near light, while they seem to be really into this one thing, but these are doctors were advocating transitioning for children right who do you think you're gonna sit in front of it a panel, a bunch of trans doctors who go? Oh yeah. We need to only provide affirming care, so I want to be clear, timid little fast with the trigger Butner. This was about The laws in a lot of them are simply preventing Trans athlete from competing in a lot of them are preventing well disallowing a pair from transitioning their children putting them on purity blockers across her sex hormone replacement therapy until they are
eighteen and people think that that is an actual travesty of justice and in a pretty balance and sixty minutes in that they provided some points of view from people who, wanted to de transition death. Now this is not at all uncommon. It's pretty tough to find those actual statistics. I wonder why, but here's is too that is undeniable when we're talking about children. Ninety eight percent of kids, who think they're trans grow out of it. If you don't give them a purity blockers or hormone replacement therapy, ninety eight yeah. Well, that's once you started zero, can't why they physically can't girl out of it. If you have given that exact zero zero, zero brought to go from ninety eight to zero, we don't have the long term studies on what these hormones do with children, but people are outraged. They think you should be able to transfer a six year old if you watch the elephant
and I'm sure, gives you some idea of gives us some idea or if you look at you, know crisp Anwar or look at bury bonds whose forehead cast you can use it. As a son- The point is, we know what happened to credits. We know exactly What happens we banned it in sports? We make sure that we don't put too much. Hormones are too much estrogen in people because we think it's really bad for you. If, like up but a six year old, whose confused at lunchtime let's go for it What is the same people who were blaming early early, puber menstruation for girls on Monsanto and for an orange and milk and chicken all the jet in need look. I was depressed and suicidal, and somebody very close to me and my family committed suicide and two very, very important thing. The people discuss it and right now doing that for depression is absurd, you're making their lives worse. I think for some people, when you get older, if that's what you want to identify as that's fine,
By doing this, to kids is wrong. I'm just gonna flat out say it on the sort of child abuse and yes, it is, and depression is a very serious thing in the people that are depress me to speak to somebody who is professional, wants to hear you and talk to you about your real problems got to get you real treatment. It's not just cut your debts, often you're gonna be its truth, I'm in or not they want to leave your sunny ITALY last up to do this to be a lot of middle age. Men think there's everyone, depression effects of testosterone. Now, that's lot of guys are suffering promoters out. It's what we know you seeing these commercials easy thing. I add my gratitude saying that guy in the Vatican Airline magazine, I don't like these to be my pants and he looks like one of the criminals now but criminal and of our though the point yeah, but there he had arrived in theirs depression and there's a difference with hormones, and we, no that with young men we with aldermen you'll or their testosterone increase or engine. It almost always manifests itself as depression, which is why they tend to to
rate doesn't get any better, but the Sciences and Indian, ok, speaking of which Elliot page is feel, alluded though, about the transition just showed off his new ads, instagram hey, look at that. Let it never be. The christian children's fund discriminates by race that flies all over. Just and by the way post the post was caption trains. babies, first, swim trunks hashtag drains joy, hashtag trans is beautiful, you know, the remake fast times looks tearing by. We could save a lot only by just buying a pair of red swim trunks been could lead with them. The other you have had to go through is vitally important to know now, with many says. A hundred percent nice suspect it
plants? I'm pretty sure those are fake, those our Arab implement ahead. As look look, here's what you look at if you look at like the guy in the right, those are actual ads. You look on the left. One aims at the bar are larger than the APS. At the front, usually a sign of abdominal implants go back to our Elliot page, let's bring back up Elliot major Elliot Yeah I think that those who are not an you're not a natural shape, because that now to be someone who had unbelievably like it might make sense for someone with a fat guy who had unbelievably big strong apps, not someone who's, five foot one and I would be willing to bet less than a hundred pounds. Now that yeah, it's their fake yeah, and that is a fact that I think I was ever thought is the least controversial thing. The idea we, I think I everyone is just like look you I'll go, go with boy, but them saint Real gives is now go with boy, big, an embargo with healthy. Looking boy. Yes, I will go with their looks like there's nothing. There is none.
Out of place here. This is the issue I know you're not allowed to talk about it. Do you really think that ten years down the line Ellen paid Elliot page is I'm not trying to do it now Elliot Age is going to be happier, and this is something to again, it's all superficial. What happened right away as hey look, hey! Look, I'm Trent! Look how much it me look my body, I thought my dream about it: from identity in the race for identity. In my ab implants, oh look, hey! I bought one trunks I know all that it is to be man now up for some reason. Stereotypes of women. When you tell my transition it hey, that's a dont tell women too. They need to wear make up here. We need to get rid of Barbie, have a more realistic body standard, but then every trains male looks like a barbie. They look because Dario Type of mother woman and people say, you know, I knew that I was identified this way. Ok, let's be honest here- page walks into a guy's locker room, you
Elliot page would be comfortable if we treated someone who looks like that way, we would treat any everybody's in a locker room. probably wouldn't leave and need to see a therapist you're, a smaller you're, a smaller guy, but someone that tiny, you know the constant joke worldwide yeah I probably be like hey you guys got up, rather than they are just joking. I just have this way, as I said on in that chair, when the news broke and you're doing the same thing is me, and I think it's because the name is so close to that you keep Miss Lake. I just do the same. It's relax and its wealth, and it's not accident from from sea I know you so funny how you do it so hard, really difficult anyone. It's it's not orwellian. We are at a point where everyone needs to look.
Just imagine another talk about going back to the era of the fifties or even the sixties. Right we want you to play cretin, songs. Ok, you can go back when Barack Obama took office Kay in Morocco, Obama took off, we took office and say you know was in theatre. Yet you know theatres and say hey in only a few there's time people are going to be afraid of being removed from the town square. For saying that a woman famous woman who removed her breasts and got ab implants looks a little off now. They're, gonna, be removed for hate speech about not lessen, doesn't you're. No, unless you're fearmongering, you try to download Mandela like Nano Hugo Delorean, here's a picture. I oh wow, exactly it's my wife, which is why Actually, we have to go to investing over this. Actually, ok, so we actually have a doktor coming in your thought. This would be very valuable for anyone out there to see
excited to have this gentleman on Doktor Peter Mccullough. but what has happened there could eat the singer. Ghana, given the music music guessing look eyes. You blacker and he's gonna be back either. This isn't me back either what this week is going back next, we get our summer texting you for a raise right now so can we do? We have the idea that we have the audio that nobody on always want a second really could we George Floyd's family? is remembering has got a halo, whittling Owen, his name, I'm sorry memory is. The family is the family. We haven't seen for a decade which, which I'm still twenty nine million or something wasn't. Oh, my gosh. and there are some insane amount of money, but took it on my second, your microphone dynamics, not on loans that halls economics? Can you get your microphone back on yeah. They they said his aunt now. This is his cousin
around looks like their Skype froze. Ok, so look, let me introduce or an excuse. You follow me on Twitter at Mccullough. Be H, VHF sedimentary looked down and get their direct, and if bring up here to honour on my screen. So I can see him there and the two men doctrine he's a cardiologist with empty from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. I don't usually red introductions gotta make sure I get this correct because we could all be, we all would be removed for expressing the opinions that this qualified medical rational may express. So to make sure that everyone knows this is true, and this guy actually knows what he's talking is a doctor he's not a chiropractor, you guys, M D from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School are masters of Public Health from University of Michigan and he's not only in some people said he's he's become notorious for his him being outspoken again, no, he hasn't been spoken at all against covert he's, not all I want to declare the governor he's talking about other options in treatments and where our priority
need to lie. What I read what I really like about doktor epidemic follows I like that is actually offering com. Solutions. It's the Anti John Oliver who just complains and then has no answers. So Doktor Mccullough, thank you for being here. Thanks for having me not did I get that right, I wanted to ensure I had a teacher who was a doktor philosophy named doktor monkey in high school and if I didn't column doktor, he made me right. Two thousand word ass. I did I get your resume about correct. You didn't tell you, I'm a professor of medicine here in Dallas, taxes, and I think at this time I published more on Corbett nineteen pandemic and certainly have taken care of my patients with carbon nineteen than any video doktor you'll, see on tv or certainly any agencies to ever. So you treated more power. Patients are Seymour patients than doktor faulty. not to my knowledge. None of the agency staffers have actually ever seen a patient with covered maintain. I think that has been one of our problems.
An early. I said: listen these hospitalizations and does so terrible. We can treat Breathing in Madison was. Together at a a plus team of doctors and figure out how to treat the problem and stop it. hospitalizations Andersen s when I did, and unfortunately we didn't have leadership in Washington, at any level that could make that type. A courageous state with the immediately started, focusing on masks in vaccination. The focus has actually been. I well people throughout the entire pandemic, without a focus on taking care of sick patient know, you're upset by the way I just wanna. Before there was a leading question. The correct answer is zero. Doktor found. She hasn't even zero. I can say that, but I know you're being very diplomatic about it. Look when this started. Ok, I took so much flak, including from overlords. You too and then I want to get to you sort of a four pronged approach. We have sort of four steps that we need to address with covered, which I think is really helpful people out there, but I said this with my doktor on it
then why don't we quarantine, sick people? I should have thought we just quarantine, those who are experts who are vulnerable, the elderly, the immunity compromise and we look at what treatments we have available now for other people out there to minimize arrest you sort of lobsters crawling out of my ears, I'm not a medical professionals, but I don't know of any other scenario where we quarantine the healthy took. Can you explained go out there, who don't know sort of your for pronged approach here with coal what the phases are and what has not been addressed. Because the first one obviously is containing the virus, and almost all of our focus has been lockdown masks until the vaccine, but explain for people who don't know you justify yours Senate November nineteenth of last year, and I presented to America and then publish this in the scientific literature. There are four pillars depend. MC responds? First? Is contingent control wearing some social distancing etc. The second most,
Important pillar is treat the problem, treat the problem early and we can treat. Corbett? Nineteen at home patients can quarantine and hold Waller Sick retreated, we can do the duration of symptoms and dramatically reduce hospitalization in TAT way about eighty five percent, because it's a fatal virus single drugstore work. We have to use about forty six drugs in combination as we would in the hospital right just do it earlier at home when their far more effective hospital care. I certainly do this, provides some benefit, but the majority of patients, unfortunately, who die it in he die in the hospital, brain mortality rates for those who need the ice. You twenty days are thirty. Eight percent, unacceptably high We need to avoid the hospital at all costs and then the last pillar is vaccine, she heard a merely, but I've always been proponent of a balanced approach to the pandemic Johnson was frustrated. America is
tv all day long. All we ve heard about his masks and axioms in nothing on treatment, yeah. You know- and I want to touch on that, because it seems to be looking at those pillars. The second one is the one. That is not only not discussed, but you're China is a pariah if you discuss possible treatments for at home It doesn't matter what it is. Obviously Hydroxyl clerk was very politicized, which will talk about of other sort of antivirals or other sort of steroids. Rims rim rims dvd average, cannot was This is something we're. Not only has it not really been approached as a part of the solution. People are Fraid to speak about it. So when you say this, this is approached a lot of people. We are talking about at home care. What does that encompass that encompasses now. That's it November. We can actually give patients and anybody infusion of monoclonal everybody, effusion FDA Ye away approved and that their job
It is equally as approved as the vaccines, but you'll hear nothing about this and the media and the poor patients are dead but to find these infusions and our fellow agencies have made them difficult to find a justified taxes Senate on March tenth that we need to have a one hundred hotlines who patients can find out about these infusions ran away the pre paid by the government. We just simply call a local murder, assume and arrange for an infusion time. I do it every day. My practice, sadly, Eighty per cent of these infusions set on they shall not used because the government is now. Focusing on treatment, but nowhere I let the what's. The vote would be the motivation Erika. That's what a lot of people will ask why this can actually help that many people. It seems that you're implying something sinister, they would say if it works. If you This recommending you know, garlic, curb vitamin c or just you know, like some other which, due to his banned by the way, we want to make clear thing: facetious, it's actually not we recommending. Why would not focus on treatment, or at least ink included all does make sense.
It doesn't make sense in our agencies- would neglect sick people, but they have from them beginning, and I think this is one obvious examples these infusions by regeneration and lily are just as high tech as the vaccines from violence Diana and Jane, Jane and wire officials are not giving updates on how these infusions are going had. President tromp had wanted these infusions. America saw this problem right from the the president himself, how come you ve, never seen. Updates on local tv stations are major media. I it's as if this treatment doesn't exist, so I think, there's a mindset, amount all meet people in the media to not bring this into focus, and our agency staffers really have to be held accountable for this. but beyond the anybody, infusions there drugs. Are we using combination early on? We can
the combination of Ivory ACT in our hydroxyl coracle imply stocks recycling, or is it the mice in use in healed still rights and an oral statement just like we want any as well? We can, I use an effective anti inflammatory drunk, he called you see and then, very importantly, what kills patients explained clearly shows how important it take a full adult, strength, aspirin and then for higher risk patients. We prescribe either injectable oral, but there so it takes about what six drugs enormously successful. And finally, after r, U S Senate hearings even notes complete, silent in the media. We ve arranged the whole country. We have where national telemedicine services, fifteen regional telematic services about ten to fifteen thousand fibres patients are it'd tonight and that's what's cleared up the hospitals at the end of December and January. Not the vaccine right has been a big big push for early treatment. You know the House Does not the manageable caseload the rates of new cases hospitalizations, and does your way down the only thing that does those early treatment right. What you're
It seems to me that most Americans think they have the option of vaccine or complete lockdown and if their sick right away get to a hospital and that's it. These are only options and some one point this country, people that we can have a shortage of respirators. I want to go back to Hydroxyl clerk because that something that was obviously very politicize and the FDA prohibited doctor in one instance from using Hydroxyl clerk, and so some people say on another science shows how Darcy Clerk Queen doesnt work. So this guy's a so dismiss all of what is, but really p having been following up on that there have been a lot of studies beyond the initial ones. It just hasn't been discussed in the media. You mention hydroxyl work. We! What is What does the science say about it? June on Lord Ingram on the evening news and serve
occasions at the CDC and end the FDA in an age are running about sixty nine months behind on the data so now and Hydroxyl core climatic. We have over two hundred studies, there's been some giant studies, thirty thousand patients from IRAN as an example, I drank sequel. What is not a miracle drug? What is quite hopeful reduces hospitalizations induced by about twenty five percent we never use it allow we use it in combination, ivory acted as actually more versatile drug, how that's available and eyes these. There shall both in works both impatient and our patient, and they ve been dramatic cases where families learn about. I ever met in the hospital. the doctors refused to administered in the hospital and, in fact there, go get court orders enforce them workers and administrators to give I've met in the patient's revive and go home, so members going on, is not just an agency staffers in the media, but it's in the minds of many doctors, what we call therapeutic neoplasm. I think American should be worried, we're going to say: why? Can they not
what, if the science shows that it works? I know a lot about here is one thing that I think you probably your stance and she actually seen patients. You probably a lot of people coming through their hands up. Go look. I want to trust the science doc right, I'm not a scientist, not a doktor and right there's a sort of appeal to authority. Fallacy which, like we pointed out, is appeal to an authority who made being authority, may not be a practising doctor, but I'm sure you have people men and say I don't other science. Tell me what I need to be doing right here to take care of myself. Why, then, when people would here this, who aren't fallen, science, they were prohibited. That must mean scientifically, doesn't work, I think, there's a group Income is driven by a lot of fear. Member originally, all the major medical centres would kit were concerned about personal put activists, we saw that on the media. Morning noon and night. There was an helpings occasions. There was trying to protect the doctors and nurses down when the vaccine rolled out. The first thing we heard about was vaccinating the doctors and nurses, but again nothing for the sick, patient
so what we ve learned over time, a search we ve lost sight of what's going on the pandemic, if we actually just treat sick patient. That's where all the action is. That's how we reduce mortality in taxes we ve now some days we get two zero deaths per day. The only way to do that is to treat patients early. Fortunately, we're doing it. There's no credit given to their heroic Those who are doing this across the United States right in and very disappointed the all the only medical society that supporting early treatment in their really the hero society is the Association of American Physicians and searches. The air May Meryton College oppositions infectious diseases. Mecca national institutes have after you know what they say. They say, don't for a milligram of treatment of patients. Let them for at home until they cannot breathe anymore and then come in the hospital and then even don't treat them. Let them get the point where they need oxygen and then start treatment. These guidelines will go down in history has been shameful
one other thing: what as your speaking right now, they just an unseen and that we're about to reach fifty percent vaccination rate. I think they were saying they sprang to his feet- were sent from first to last year's taken travel. I can't hear you token island, but that's all they talk about in the media, pier before we go to your behind, but for my club only said when I want to continue with a little bit explain people are, you said that can't be the only metric, and it's not even not I don't wanna misinterpret you It's not even the most important metric right now. It's just. Can we get to that? Seventy percent vaccination right? That's the only focus. That's all I've talked about on CNN. Is that misguided? If so, its misguided, I test to bind the Texas on March terms that we are already at eighty percent heard immunity in Texas without the vaccine- and I standard, CDC equations and public health officials. We up on that about two weeks later, keep in mind in the vaccine trials less than one percent of people who get the vaccine work a placebo ever come in contact with covered, so
Two percent of the nation being vaccinated is irrelevant because vexed vaccination will have less than one percent public health impact. While that is the isolated things use a lot of numbers and I'm a simpleton. So I'm going to do. Asked you on this, but it sounds about right. Really. we're gonna go here is really would tell you to figure ITALY that taken they can take a hike, and then we go in discussing things where you can get spicy. You can use foul language if you want, because it we're not we're not beholden to them, tech overlords Youtube time for you to take Ike
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