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This is at its source, it so sloppy. It is welcome to good morning my cup and Mug club quarantine is acting now. Not no one here is no one here, since it is a wonderful mask, Americans say like them or enterprises, a wonderful thing, issues from origins, origin of main supplement, company orange order. Ask an order them in the shipping at a thousand a day. Now little filter right here. You can add your surgical, passingly gotta. Take this somewhat I'll. Take that make your report That's a good one! Wasn't it There was some simple really quickly. The promo code is quarantine. You internet lot of Canada COM, slash my club, thirty dollars off all months.
Let us all month we're going to be releasing everything, that's usually behind the pay, while usually they usually that's only available the blaze that mean shows Monday through Thursday every single day here and then one day, Wednesday, Friday live good morning. My club, we want to see you chatting at the blaze Maybe that's really taken a chap, because you tube dont pay us. Nothing will be getting too few stories today. The latest covert updates. What else we have the FDA approval of new criminal irish test, the complaint of Trump slow response, Joe binds eating his own feces? Apparently, these data- and my half asian Irishman, is here this morning. Are you? Are you that's more of a dinner jacket and a robe? You know that you can take anytime. I too jacket many going ass disgusting and then Garrett has his James Audio wait. How are you have one bright, eyed emotional level, so bushy tailed its amaze? I've got we the guests and showed that we lose our Mumia Z, showing the softer sight of ISIS, the director publicly.
Since four ISIS and it's gonna be a little bit differently. I will have trafficking updates for you, because I know many of you are stuck at home, but you want to know what the streets are like out there. What the traffic is gonna want. Some coffee for you I'll, be watching a little bit of seeing an let's bring up scene and really quickly just to see that it works? Are you guys confessed check it along with us? You ve gotta, be in the hospital when those patients get there when those patient, we need to go on doing so. Just keeping you abreast of the story is that you need to know anything else! Oh yeah! That's right! Let us call it comes not schedule see all the shows available this whole month? All the way through May first and of course, subscribe on the apple pie casts an android all stuff, that's nice! It is more of a morning guy what is more of a morning guide nationalities signed it, I'm getting older, I'm getting older, because I'm a morning guy, it's late night host them up very early. I find myself there. Aggravated by the squirrels, the bird feed I and my wife and I reward irritating television television. We actually watching. Cable television was Hulu and we watched
they gupta and he was showing how to wash your hands- and he wasn't like say I know I'm, I know this go through some individually say happy birthday twice, but then at one point he doesn't look. I clean my cubicles me this actually my wife and I were watching women. L shape, so we were even right. Next to that it could have been some telepathic communication. Just went all that's good, and we felt very ashamed of our salaries, nearly all right, so latest covert news right now, FAO, Chief Kalkhi. How are you pronounce it? I dont really care predicted it up, one hundred and two hundred thousand deaths in the union. States, and so too has changed the guidelines now, where we are going to be extending social distancing renown until Easter, which would be a beautiful time these wretched wouldn't it be viewed, timeline, poetic sentiment. Now,
what are our mitigates? The disease, but I do understand- I do understand, wanting to be hopeful and getting likes a narrative dive in Euro area. We had it going until Easter when he rose, we destroy, wrote a virus they rolled over the big boat. The tube ok, they should he's. No, a little variously put you headed by say it. We sit down unless you I step corrode. By Savior committees to let's go to a clip actually of Donald Trump or those who have missed it. This is the news this morning him changing or extending the guidelines. Therefore, We will be extending our guidelines to April thirtieth slow the spread, on Tuesday, will be finalizing these plans and providing a summary of our finding supporting data and strong, energy to the american people. Ok, so I want to be clear about something
everyone. Now single camera deftly going to halve. The number is hundred two hundred thousand it out in the United States. You think that's accurate. As accurate as they can figure out right now, ripe, probably overblown. I think it's as actors can figure out right now, considering that the original study that are used for the modeling predicted two point: five million in the United States and then in the UK was half a million right and then lay down to twenty thousand or keep or much less a quarter of our water number. I know math guy with that's different, very definitely idealistically significant, it's like listen, Ninety nine percent of Americans will die before the age of sixty this year. What really or why percent. We don't know some put: it pays to get some hidden, saying TAT. I appreciate that you know the verbal accuracy no right if you're like it's between zero
ten billion people who write this year, aren't you can't it's harder to get more accurate unless you said Europe to eleven billion, let us make a space for the crazy thing. Is I and I've been watching seen in preparing for this new? Let me know what will be chatting with you over their place tv. It's easy to get scared, data because get when you want to Chris Common was unseen and gone and Donald Trump this killing Americans, you have blood on your hands, you don't care about american lives and they go past, every other country, as far as infections, on the rate that matters is per capita. That is relevant, it can't compared to a country that has a tenth of the population depending on which countries they talking about it and if you get the per capita death in its very realistic, five or six compared to China, ITALY, it's not even close, it's not even close or anything to get scared. Of course, I understand it. We should all do what we can to avoid the virus, but this idea right now that you some here Somehow I don't care about the deaths of Americans. If you say hey completely crib the economy, which will lead to mass,
play mayor starve, asian and vital aid, or even their insurance and potentially dying from other more deadly diseases. Yeah you do have to weigh the pros and cons of all these issues. There's a considering it in what I So we find interesting is that you'll see people talking about the lives and will you know we need to do everything possible? No questions asked have to be able to save many lives again and yet, in the same statement there like. Why can't we go back to work right and if they don't, you understand that those two things are different and yellow you're gonna have to make some hard decisions and that the government's wrangling with them, things whether whether your democratic republic and remind you no matter what side your on both of those parties are trying to figure out. They have different ideas about what that solution looks like right, and certainly we believe there's one of you have said than the other, but it seems to me we go. I said this before we're going about the wrong way: arbitrary, creating this what are the essential business? Haven't we do this? How about we current in ITALY?
I have in ITALY. Ninety nine percent of people died. Ninety nine percent, so many or post had put existing conditions, the guy who create Imperial study or was a sociable imperial study. Neither is it Neil Ferguson. He admits that two thirds of the people who died from krona powers would have died within that year anyway, now not accelerated and decrease the surplus populations. We know what that is different, led to if ninety nine percent of people have a pre existing condition that is, Relevant people should know that because if they dont have a pre existing condition and they get the sniffles, not only should you not go panic by toilet paper, but you should not be going to the emergency room and cluttering up space. It could be used for not only people with corona virus. By the way there are still p. Out there with emphysema stage cancer and other serious illnesses that they need care to. A lot of us of shut that done, I think it was in Brooklyn just in front of you. There is another hospital it opens at all to do. Just serve Yon Corona virus patients because of their being vastly under
nice by one of the big solutions. It is one of the big solutions as worked in other countries, and that certainly could be an option here. Is your idea I didn't know who are well. I mean I think, they're killing themselves, not just the one to tiptoe quarters. Just those guys if it is less than two quarter yeah I mean I've got no sympathy. This Anders is kill the Sanders is now only if they Tipp to quarter only you took them on that. Do not recessive Tate, let's all right. Anyone out there in the service industry. You know those people that deputed orders. I know you have a list. I know it's. Inbred, lipstick, I would have been read: lipstick, talking to your mistress right now. Is this your way of community innovation, Billy Madison, dont section under Mr Movie never saw Billy Madison Steeple Sharon's rightly the listen red lipstick get what you want. I think that you're about to me did you don't watch movies. Point number. The point is, the point: is you ve got people who are especially susceptible and we know,
without question. Nobody disagrees it more. Certain people in certain age groups or prison conditions are more at risk, so well need to do is very strongly isolating those individuals because, amongst even family rightly said this a long time ago, and I can say that we could go, I so late old people and the vulnerable we should be. This is just opinion okay and you can get really upset with me. It's not that I don't care about grandpa grandma. This is what we have in the office we have Young healthy. Who have no symptoms war. We probably in this office in January honestly hospital because it was it came in much earlier than news and then before you, older employees were over the age of fifty five are working from home. We ve taken us precautions. I no, why why don't? We a list of non essential businesses? That should be close. Why don't we create a list of people who should be quarantined at this point rather say breathing shut down everybody panic ever buddy stay in the house when the fact is its affecting a very small percentage of people here, something else it? Nobody tells you the corona, but not
for viruses and novel krona virus, but if you have lysol, if you have not cleaner and it's like battery clean industrial kitchen, you have a bottle and it says Those corona virus has been forever Corona virus, some form of it. Not this form is typically makes up somewhere. I think it was seven to fourteen percent of all its the cases in right now that I'm surely taking that into account. So at this point at this point, if you were to lump in all corona virus, that's ok all corner virus death with this death this year. In other words, if we had not recognized it and we will tribute all this to flew deaths. It still B, in abnormally high season for food is so, let's keep them in context it matters. We need to fight this God private industry stepping up and helping us? But I This is a I'm, not gonna, be shamed into panicking through regional the same tactics that use with climate change right now. What people think Ellison, I dont say:
that we should shut down everything indefinitely. We might look into some states opening up more industry specifically to people who aren't all that vulnerable in you or absolute leak score. You, your turned into this, didn't like it. I, like you're, upset a file, the rights for salon. What's crazy about this, is it's already happening right now? We ve already made the decision to choose businesses writers because people go if if, if you then sixty two somebody you're an asshole, and, as you know, I've I probably should hold my toddler. I don't I'm an artist, the errant grand states it well, but that's ok. What what? What The grocery store wells unctuous day six feet away, but if you grab Saint Box Cheerios the obvious till it like, we already know that we there are ways to reduce the risks and requires being specific and right. Now I get it like people, people are panicking
governments are panicking in there. Just saying shouted out down shudder, shouted out there that the italian Prime Minister, when I was out of sight, I happen to know what the text since the cowboy I think. Do a funny accent it during every press briefing right and I'm tellin you morale will go through the roof. Through the roof, with the funny voices the out with a funny. You know and that's the thing I think I think it is deliberate with a funny voice. I thought I eighty five percent of you going to both well painful death to Palm Army. I go I like to write this guy board. Here. Is
a clown ages comes in the slums dead. I forgot by the way we should have this morning is rendered. The first thing that we do is morning news round up. We already did a story, but Diarrhoea morning news round him. You know what that is somewhat. We gotta music from First Baptist Church jointly with copyright worse than they are taking part at First Baptist church. Here's a little bit of what's going on in our neck of the woods, that's partner. I now run down he's down to three chintz.
Yeah for out from six these drop down from, let's eczema, need, say five and a half. I want to give them that damn because he engineering needs it. Do we have actually before we move on we're more? We do have a traffic report, because the morning show unusual, for you guys, hidden notification bound by the way, through subscribed on Youtube, use, a promo code, quarantine, Hashtag, Mug club quarantine will be reading some of your comments tweets a little bit later on, but only from a club members, and we also need to watch it for free, but you don't get to talk with adaptation bill. That's a pretty judge the arrivals. That's not right. Its effectively a goods or services. Then you need to provide some kind of a commodity, preferably picture some with you bring very little clothing. That's built that wrapping no further measures. We have the traffic report right with Thomas Finnegan. Ok,.
Well, that is grading Tom, is turning into. We have Thomas Finnegan, our traffic reporter underlined Thomas very their good morning, Stephen over. You What can we expect this morning as people are taking partner morning, commute well we're seeing some traffic from the bathroom to the kitchen and you want to watch out. You ve got a stray socking. There's you wanna! How glad ok, thank you and hug. You mean the wall, corrects ok, but wrong, because I have I have a centrepiece they're, not wall with a with a vase. So we need a move that MRS lively I appreciate is running out. We should attempt that's about it. There is a direct, the pilot toward a good, but there's been cleared away. So pretty free lanes for all. Ok, sorry about this- has been the traffic update, witnessed elegant
Let me remind you that next store on top of my Mozart. How can I tell you? My life begins mustache idea that area of us it's well. You know what it's from a bygone era. It really cited a hang onto it, you're what Israel still from a bygone era, but remains that before the launch of the corona virus testing kids, because this is good news- Only when we have no this the the Pajama P Hall space, what is it with pajamas, where they they put a button on the crotch, but its way higher, there's still look. Look only show that this is my wife had to add. Ok, my wife. How to add this button, this button wasn't here. Ok, he's not gonna, hammering underwear, I'm wearing underwear, underwear blur I'm wearing underwear, but if I was not going to religious leaders who did this, Why? Why would you do look a space from here to hear compared to the space from here easily says: look at that What about your shot? Sharm? Yours too, we have put a safety Panem Quadruplicate shown John. It's the same problem does from J C penny. This is for me to look at it. Poor quality take her take your pick up put the finger through. This is approved
I have. I have had three times where my my long almost fell out. That's all! Give yours audio way a job, but it s a pretty. Well, it's How much is it they decided? What we know of genes of your button flies the buttons go all the way down the middle of the page with pajamas. They sign up we're going to close up a gap of four millimetres at the top of the flap, will you what a foot and a half make a sign. My brother anger about data growling Polly in high school. I was wearing Joe Box Europe agenda pants and I was turning out look watching tv like this year on the book ring posts, turned around because she was on the couch and I turned around turned around, I felt a breeze to tell while I was a late bloomer saws and bear because as very small and then the other this, Christmas this Christmas? My mother in law, gets me a thermal union suit. Ok, because
We were in Reno, Nevada, we're skiing stuff. Like me, they scheme than I just drink in the in the cabana, angrily dance me battened down plan, I think at night. You know what I want to put this on and go on down. My must show that I enjoy the jammies. She got me for Christmas and, as I walk there's that there's a sliding door mere in the bedroom. I take one step step and was enough inertia and might might Packer fell right out and I was going. I just avoid by the skin my escrow right there. I just avoided my mother law, seeing all of it while the eyes, that's tariffs, in the chat or tweet made us, but if you as a man, if you ve, seen as Ray underwear, not underwear Jim is under way the right under. Put onto button, and you think it would be the same underwear already figured it out over here. Right, put it on the budget eleven and we're on the outcome of the point that my wife asked me. If I bought my pajamas at a section, cushy thought they were, watch lists, men's
yeah they're, not here, and this is just how they do it. Ok, that's not gonna! Try right now, the FDA. This has been using in corona. Everything is premature and right now, but a lot of people may miss why this is important. The private sector is stepped up. The FDA just approved a new five, corona test that could be a whole new ballgame. I think we have a clip to talk about it On Friday, the FDA authorize a new test developed by abbot lapse that delivers light fast results in as little as five minutes. That's a whole new ballgame. Organ whole new bogging Obama aims noble games, totally legal right under the Laval Super, far away from each other. You can't take it We stick ball. After playing on the neighbourhood and its six feet apart, six feet apart, what is stick ball is it baseball with a stick words. Ugly say it's baseball. Poor people is evident, can T Baldos, baseball effort for Hamas or
our children, but we repeat our sound of their children and even some, even as we talk about this with Doktor Choi last week, right reset. It's getting getting better. We have we had five test. Now we have thirty thirty five, and that was from Quest labs. No, not because I do Bloodworth regularly from up some kind of praise in health conditions. Regular every two months, so I know quest lapse. There very quickly turn around things quickly, using that they had created a lab test for corona, and now they were getting more tests and that's a private, that's a private last this one is coming from. I believe abbot laboratories keep in mind that only a few weeks ago, the fastest test was hours now urgent. A five minute tests that will require them go up into your scientists like that film, artificial intelligence. We really do want to see that the cut away away what it looks like when they put the thing down all the way members here are actually touching. You bring no, but it's it's a club vertical. I dont think that the duty mortal now when and how they just starting right in your skull thinking
There's a second one of those solemnly not how we need socialize healthcare in this amendment. We Socialists healthcare well well. Well, then, what the silly see they were, the only ones who were cleared by the FDA to create these tests were right. They weren't ready in time and it took out, are significant turnaround time. They had to swap your brain and it didn't work this. Second, we approve any from private businesses. You can do it in five minutes at home and you don't have to scratch your model of them. Do fight. It is interesting how many people are like. I can't believe, we're gonna. Let these private companies make money off this. Ok, so you're against job Oh no, I mean no not again right. I've, just people making money just entered yeah, let me simplify my point of view forever develop secure for corona virus should be a trillion area. Step aside, f. Baisers aren't I do I don't care if you do next, our shipping, you shoot the guy education, what you're gonna site, Jeff Knit Corona Swap,
I did the corona swab and you make crappy movies, because you have all this money, but for some reason you desperately want to be a part of how we wouldn't understand this project basis, but it really is really what are lazy at the Oscars bizarre they dont. Do you not think that the guy who created or this lab I've been a test deserve more than some loose pocket? Change? Yes, can you know me one country, one example during this pandemic people out there one but where the government has been more efficient and private industry stepping up our Eddie Senate tickets? I mean only in the things that they don't let anyone else do like nukes right, Esther, some of the corona virus, yet that's what I mean, maybe that's, occur every well I mean it is not the kind of Europe we want.
A famous depends. John gave an area, but if it's not another new king people, look it maybe just maybe asian by our does not have a sore spot about that utterly radiation. It's not the folks at the post office that you want developing this cure. You want you want like simple to or have some innovation has membership and actually want to use the stuff. They have the skills they have rights and yet make tons of money and Also, I would I would trust, secure more soda Fedex like if we decided to pursue, entrust secure to a carrier service right, go facts right now, that not only speaking of which makes me answers here, transition of good morning, my club is brought to you by toast charges, butter in a regular piece of normal colored bread, sick of setting up your plate of eggs with a second plate of eggs. Now you don't have to worry about chose a similar bread but worlds apart, because toasted the result of your bread after it's been heeded in a device. Afterward it emerges slightly darker, you can
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And then we were immediately told it they're not pending their no longer so, but we can sell them to you. Let us act to get rid of it by the way, something to keep in mind the CDC, the or or depends the FDA. Who you want to look at with this thing to replenish the stockpile of mask after Ebola in saying that they didn't have the foresight to go hey. We just had a giant giant go on and we used on their masses were hailed him depending on your thing, isn't as descriptive, we had a giant thing on sailing with and they didn't think to replenish the mask gonna blame Donald. This came try to blame Donald Trump because it was sending over equipment to China. There's always blaming the stock, wasn't replenished any sense of the China keep in mind If you wish to go, they were blaming him for not sending enough supplies to China, so there are blaming about having enough applies. So if I get to send some supplies right and of course many real oh wait. There's net neutrality. They never replenish the supplies that,
me. Why is the way? It is not a sponsor? I don't think because our shoulders prepare with greater. We had the sort of show me that you're not call me a conspiracy theories. Now I put my wife and I ate all the oatmeal because it was so tasty with better than meal, and then we realise when this went down like what do we have as far as I know, the broccoli cheddar soup starve. We already know rock thrown out. We just didn't. We didn't replenish gotta start even towards their remarkable to me that he honestly he's been blamed for sending stuff to China. I understand I don't get. You should have sent equipment agenda until you should have, but in writing. That point we didn't know about it was gonna, be because they told us that it wasn't going to sending masks to China that were made in June no he's the one put can we can probably something. Donald Trump is the one president or one leader, maybe there's another one like I don't know like in Botswana, have no idea, but
of the major countries whose roof they refused testing kits. I think, and mass glancing costs are math, I think in China. China currently managed and they don't work. What doesn't work the masks So now is a company of an appeal when using I'm gonna get. You know those mask that you thought they were help Laden with our Chinese. What's the most daring bodies and evidently higher failure rate and Donald Trump said no masks from China. There's a video floating around this guy in a chinese manufacturers and he's rubbing the mass on his shoes Have you seen that why we want to doing that Duns Corona Regional, he's doing before he, ships out the mask there, all the other are there in the manufacturing. That's just see! Spiteful hope you enjoy drank why it is going to run shouldn't, let why is your clothes? I dont what we? This is a thing he might be retarded because in friendship, club, true story, my wife, my wife was this girl was really jealous of my wife's relationship with her aunt, and what did it was? It would go to sometimes Disneyworld people. This is the thing was a special needs, a group and
Disney world every year in Germany, this other mentally handicapped a special needs mentally handicapped, Madame disabled. Whatever the term is. It doesn't offend you most tat. They. She was upset, but my wife had a close relationship with her aunt who was leading this function. Disneyworld and my wife came home. I shouldn't be wearing shoes, should I hope you weren't you, I'm weren't, you don't, but my wife came home, you're liquor, hotel, room and Disneyworld that night and out of spite special needs girl. She was no angel in my wife's bed and rubbing her shoes on the pillow. Because she was jealous of her aunt Kind of behavior. It's the kind of behaviour that you asked, because she's mentally handicapped or a member of Antiphon writer. Airbus right. That's my point is this: this prejudice of soft, accelerating its wonder four mentally disabled people not so much just because someone's minority like I wouldn't allow you to rub your feet on my pillow. It's ok! You don't! Let me
It's already happened said it was trying its foot pining rattling it in a pillow kings and tying up with a nice about what else do we have here? Cdc was replaced approved. Two kids, I don't know, did the J F K? Oh that's right, but here is something else that I saw this morning and news of the morning. This is important. The there's still preventing, obviously some private company from conducting as many tests as they could. Some companies could supply hundred sixty thousand a day there only allowing a hundred thousand and Tromp. Remember this when it had that that's what he called summit press conference. What are we doing to briefings really home? Maybe we could find a way to reuse mass, or maybe you could ray them with some kind of a limit, its breadth and and and then they said, there's no way to sterilizing masks. The FDA has now amended its initial approval granted early Sunday now allowing Battelle to sterilize the end. Ninety five surgical masks without a daily limit. They can be sterilize reused twenty times thanks to the FDA, loosening rules well. Well, if just
Capitalism is allowed to go on chat working to beat this corona virus. Then, where will CNN be? Ladies and gentlemen, we have to preserve the job of second rate. Reporters we. By allowing this virus Eddie you're. Getting has doubts about you, let's see speaking a second important point. Is that lies? Yes, I am on saying that the kind of what that's not live on an equal footing with other life. That's a lie: that's gonna live scene and right now we are looking here at the. U S, s, comfort, that this is the spittle, shanter, ok, TAT S another interesting one. By the way was it the princess the truth here, oh yeah, the princess presenting a three thousand teach us again. This is a little more free flow. You guys, let me noble chat with you. Should the princess crews had three thousand people set hundred per seven hundred of them got infected Debbie eight when you are on the ship was one percent and then, when you account, for but who are below the age of seventy, it was much much lower like the death rate for you here below. Seventy didn't have any kind of priests and conditions. You are talking about a ministerial and it's the closest thing that we have to a sample study of knowing those infected and knowing
much as we could possibly know about their health effects, no one. Talking about. It gets remarkable j well because all so you're saying that all of those people on the boat were tested said them similar. Somebody has to positive right and then there's a one percent over so yeah that that is basically a lab experiment. I'll just got yank because there right now I'll be floating around me: they're not willing guinea pigs. Don't get me wrong what arrant thrilled to bear a victim of circumstance, alien chose to get on that guinea pigs are now willing. Guinea pigs usually there's that's true, but we don't really care about what I mean every every single guinea pig signs away, but I didn't know that little has little tiny, corporatist la marks. It's really just claw marks and on the other side of the door, once you lock a man, we take that as a form of its door consent, also by the way, consent. Big issue for guinea pigs in the in the fraternity, sorority houses. That's a guinea, pig rape. The real problem is that now those as guinea pigs, while that's
You would think, in other words, we just say Guinea, pig, gonna, guinea pig but weakened into account that many female guinea pigs. I may have been a press for a long time there not they're, not big fan of it. What we here, but I've always eighty candidate. Like rabbits, we just think that rabbits, we assume, Both parties involved re Rwanda copulate, so we assume that Mr Brie or some other they copy little Chinese. No, they brute something. That breeds a lot lot. A lot of people, three billion Chinese, the eighteen billion rabbits, turns out it's actually just rape. So this colonialism is really minimizing which cooperatives and the way they copulating in this way that we can make guinea pigs on catch. One saying rabbits are generally goes right right. I know that there are different and that China, we ve all read the richer gear story. My point here is that we are both willing participants and we are now finding out. That's not the case. You know it's not a sort of my letters. Ruptured gear was not the consenting party. Now. That's that
The tragedy of that story is Richard. Gear was the one thing really here poor guy. He just can't catch a brig. He all the Sufis straight to dvd than then crappy dog film Everyone Oji. What was a call to the dog still waiting, you can arrange the road is a prerogative of published rogue we're gonna, get you a little bit trumps present from slow response. That's what he's been accused of here recently for. We do that actually want to keep things in context. And what we can do. Some of your chat here in a little bit or sending your pictures in the morning. I was your twitted outcomes less as crowded keeping com. It's because in Canada, things are very different as manufacturing, and there are people who are being arrested and find thousands of dollars right, foregoing outside and violating the sort of lockdown orders which to me, is really scary, justice, scary or scares the corona Virus- is the complete absolved of right, It's that have been long standing because we're afraid of other microbe not saying it's not a serious, but that is
We need a way this, so actually our favorite, greek Canadian, who helps work with the show behind the scenes but we are creating a correspondent right now provide a little context and hopefully make you feel better about your day. Let's go to stories with pen. Tell us I'm not crazy, but I wanted to give you a story. You know that it could be worse like be passed. Everything's he's gonna have a buddy couple years ago. You went to jail and help Party, that we're all out a little wife. He got a jailer wasn't for him, the party, but he was there and I shall make allergy while prison cuz screw people. And then he stronger room and My friends, those there told me yea, Atomic, allow jokes, you went kind crazy in jail, because apparently he He watches too many movies and when he got into joke, as you know, anybody in there he went on ask someone, those like known, tough guy and he again, she kicked out of him and then no raped report
by allowing a lot of people and was it a daily occurrence were here you beat up and raped, so they can always do worse. As a result, dont onto the crime if you are willing to go to jail and raped, and if you honor go through? That organ are willing to rape and without help This virus thing could be worse. It's always nice to putting Content shows the way half asian bill had to go urinate. Oh my god, he is a bulldog, but he has a very small bladder. Bulldogs had pretty small about by the true De right, because horrendous inbreeding, like Nudes Ireland, a designer breeding cinnamon, their Euro gravity chair and put a sea, upon them all. They sleep gives a massage their lower intestines so that they can, they can make its almost like they should so they can make nicest
the dogs they really shouldn't exempted livid mobility sexually disapprove nature. This is to make. Is that make I've never seen this before welders, so it makes sense to make I think it might be sign language like that. I don't know mommy's to use it around then I think we're thinking on this casting that's going to Saint Andrew, quick and see what they have right now. So we ve gotten wrong so far, and you know that it's all about. How can we help these folks get try to get back on their feet? Try to you know, get through weather the storm, This is not just an issue in San Diego, but this is an issue. Obviously, cross the countries. While I'm really tried to set the tone here in San Diego its autumn, we fear Democratic Republic, and its bring in this city together. Putting policy He boy and how unclothed damn doorbell come on sale Go make good luck. We wish-
both the government and the rebels. Fred are missing, we are addressing, you might have total. We have total cases and deaths on their than ever United States, total cases and dancing right. This is something when you, tuna, seen in one of these mornings, will be doing just watching scene and, in fact, checking during the brake almost like an ombudsman. Those numbers are significantly lower than deaths from the flu right, Sir secondly, lower and so does matter when the models that we use predicted twenty two fifty times higher death, especially when you consider the fact that these deaths are signal gently lower then arrive staring right now, if you take into account, people who are over the age of eighty or if we take into account people, had serious pre existing conditions who are going to die within that you're anyway, saying, we shouldn't take care them, because this isn't a socialize healthcare country, that's very common in Canada or in ITALY, where they just don't help. You no matter what The new, not resuscitate order is a controversy in the United States. Tells you the different standard of care that we have here, but they just want to talk
but up to scary body, and show that the United States is handled us most poorly. Actually, look at countries, a socialist healthcare systems in Europe, the per capita death we have handled it incredibly well, the biggest here the biggest law James that we have had have been the FDA and the cdc- and it still happening it- still happening with cures. It still happening with vaccinations. It still happening with tests. Think about everything that we problems with. We need more masks and privatisation, stepping up to fix it. We need more two letters, private industry, stepping up to fix we need more tests. Private lads are stepping up to fix it. We more space, private hospitals, private, private caretakers, not apparently the concierge doctors now are reaching out to help young people. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they start creating likely if they have like at home care centres, will don't be so that there is not just re and not just a random guided trucks was speaking of the media turn a scare people. Women is turning on twitter this morning, Cbs news was using shots from. Italian hospital and when
we're talking about New York right, and so it's There really is a big part of this narrative and like so. If you show, if you show these pictures of, like thirty beds, full of people its, it is going to make it. Where you say that as long as you said, it was turning enter that you know what horrify Americans right outside of the corona virus, lots of italian hospitals as it is during the period people don't realize. When I went to it was blog hospital when I moved to Michigan using Grand Rapids and I was this is when I am so. There are two times that I remember going to hospital. One thousand. I tore Minnie Smellie Torrent. I had to get needs or at any other time was turned out ahead small, like a stomach flew and I got a need in the balls. So what happened was I went to this because, like my stomachs, really bad and my balls were hurrying and so that like something concerning what I've gotten about. Was this kid who I was teaching just like a little kid need me in the balls three days later delayed reaction, so I went to the hospital harrowing drink Keefer ICE, your balls, that was the fixed limit allowed, and I should also like right now
first of all to an american hospital at my wife took me in these it. This is like a hotel. I've never seen anything like this, and I know not all hospitals are great here and not all hospitals are terrible, but if you take the best hospitals in Montreal, when I lived there it was even close to this hospital, which wasn't considered necessarily topped Here- was an average hospital. The best possible in Canada would be a horror show to most Americans, let alone Americans who mostly going to like twenty four hour emergency clinics. Now it's going into a high it they're everywhere I go into a spring he'll sweets. So if you were to show any Americans just italian hospital, my God, what a horror showed us that was before there is a danger lie, should do it before we get a bunch of photos from before me. Like is this hospital. Today I mean it's just that you are very different standard and in other countries where you have to know the commodities healthcare you just, you can't afford the kind of things that we have here and part of that
If you're never asking are, is ITALY gonna come up with some cure is right, where's the scene, all meet, all eyes are going in the: U S Right Maryland: ok he's gonna fix us. U S! You, as I don't understand how the? U S is criticised for being number one right, but then is this yeah sure fact of being number one is is a point to be critical and then because didn't do enough, because you were number one, your critical as well green zone. Intervene yet like interviewed by like just give us money, but then leave it John intervene but pay three times the average amount of anyone else pays into NATO. We accept an international agreement, we're all spouse by two percent. Your pink three point: six in those countries are paying point nine percent about this. We pay for our own stimulus bills, which I have a problem that too, by the way the problem with this stimulus, but because I think there is a reason for small businesses right when you support businesses are the people, don't lose their jobs? We delineate between those people who had to shut down the restaurants who had to shut down their place of business because the government said you are no longer business, everyone else. Don't don't picture,
their business. We, the linear between that and the airlines who are going to be requiring a bail out within the next few years anyway. No, no! No! No! No! You guys, don't get it only the people. We do Rectory an acutely affected get any money, so I do think it's important to note that one is crony capitalism and one is an appropriate purview of government if they see this international bread and we should treat Boeing the same way we treat the nail so on down the strict values. There are very different exactly two too big to fail. Sorry, doubly that I believe that South West, these other airlines we haven't required bailouts- will step up and American airlines should cease to exist. Fan of airlines are big fan of airlines: big fan of big banks, big fan of health insurance industries. These are the industry's big fan of big energy. These are the industries and companies that have been bailed out time after time after time and guess what there haven't been nearly as many new competitors. You can't compete never earning supply of federal funds. We need to delineate between that and the peace We ve been directly affected because a government effectively shut down their business. Here's something else. No one wants to talk.
But since this morning and I have to go by showing happened to stir- I can get in trouble. We don't pay that China's debt until they fix this, I will say one word: you trillion, sorry, that's We're never gonna pay it, but you know what you should cut. You should give us a discount the whole world discount by the way we for lying, about this for being dishonest for not telling people what was actually happened and NATO, let's say you know what NATO we're paying. Three point: six percent the international agreements, two percent, the average. Believe is somewhere between one. To one point: three percent: what most nations pay? We pay? Three point: six, we say guess what the pay, the average anyone else pace until we step up right that you're talking about where, from five hundred billion to one point, five trillion dollars Lester rearranging you're, lift up footing the bill for the rest of the world. Just like the rest of the world is looking to us for some kind of in here right now and who do we look? Do not the gunman private industry and the rest of the world benefits from a private, something you know what you know get to subsidize drugs. This is
I sometimes you can order name rain drugs from Canada and their cheaper than the United States. Why? Because all the costs are burdened here in the United States, it costs more here subsidize abroad, and so they have to pay as much What do you want to use american made or american manufacturer drugs invented United States for American from companies, you pay a premium, our people pay less. After that you pay more This is this. Is the America first that I can be on board with not tariffs, not trying to shut down global free enterprise or trade on a fair level which isn't happening with China most of the time. But this idea that shouldn't be footing the bill for anyone else. Right now. Is it me? Is it me you try out when I see it megawatt a second. How about we could funding a NATO haven't. We tell China to go sit on wire brush and rotate until they decide to figure there crap out we're not they're, not gonna, be holding our debt and let's make we'll pay for the drugs that we created in that same thing right now, this is what I was always cruel. Really wise cruel for you to suckled at our teeth for decades these people-
about socialize healthcare just like they brag about having a smaller million euros a year? It works here way to work their turn. Will you have a small military budget campaign? Why? Because we want the bill and then they look to for help get nowhere. We shouldn't subsidize the world. We shouldn't fund the world for healthcare. Why should you all benefit from our private health care industry, in it, Why you simultaneously demonize it between every single election? I do think that there is an incredible amount of people who realise the dichotomy between saying hey, Canada. You wanna benefit from being our neighbour from all of the military process. We have. The collateral benefit to Canada gets from being next to Amerika is, is people dont care? even imagine economically militarily right all the different things that benefit Canada ensure ok, it's you guys want to criticise us hey, we're were definitely the land of dissent right. Where were we have a free media right everything example across light? They don't have it as much they're gonna they're gonna shut you down on on eight speech, but the whole point of the matter is just there's a simple list. Now, if you want the ban, if you want the benefits,
to pay for it when I say pay for it, I don't necessarily mean money per se. Righty could be support, it could be being on board with certain palace. That we have a good idea on board with punishing comp other countries that shouldn't be wrecked, the number of times where cannon His diverge, we said: hey, we don't like those of lights of uses in this country. We're going to put sanctions on them in the rest of the world is all I can't believe. I can't believe you would punish those socialists for ordering dissidents and morale gb, tease and at all. I can't believe you will continue to do that. America just get on board to say, hey guys if you want the benefits yet to take the rest. As you know, it is a great example. We do have to get to a guess, you're, but a good example is the sort of if you look at the chasm between people being offended by chinese virus versus the people of China, so the
can meet my ears, like you can't say that, because we're gonna be violence committed against chinese Americans, which of course, none of us want to see. But then you look at people who are trying to circumvent the chinese government. The censorship and they're going tell the world tell the world that the chinese virus, because they harmed us these people are now set with government. Keep in mind that guy said Donald Trump Conscious, China, China is at all that guy was even that North American. Chinese divisions they feel about the government. Empathizing the chinese people rook wires ridiculing the chinese government because they are It is. It is amazing that this has been allowed to go unchecked and you ve. All these economist go to say well, China is an expert, should prepare the world. You know what only have good people don't stop them and do something because this is there has to be somewhere where it stops and people are. Longer abused by one or more oppressive regimes that we can think of a modern mankind must not act as though american workers in afford plant on this in playing field as the kids working at an apple factory. It's not fair its right. We do something as Americans do. We have
on the line that I believe we have right now. Our guest for the show Mahmoud Almah mood, and he is the director of public relations at ISIS Mahmoud. Are you there, sir? I really is even bag. You for having made then see you again. Thank you. I'm glad to see you, sir. You look right out and bushy tailed. What from where? Are you calling right there? I'm seeing some boxes bind you yeah, I Maud we're doing corn clean. You know. You're an onboard problems we ve been deemed by unbar province to be non essential. I am well I'd. Look we're like somewhere, where you would be lined up for a police, photo one of those lines in the white Wall. It looks like the usual suspects that you know There are blurred lines for sure Let me ask you this Mahmoud: how are you are you adapting right now with ice? to the new social la distancing guidelines, whereas there
I'll, be honest. Dna quarantine bears a very close resemblance to my actual, like ok, so Hassan anyway, as we ve, been in since two thousand three or so so, you know being in this. Subterranean bunker is a kind of life as usual. Ok, all right! What do you have? Any Germany be plans for the quarantine manner with Jimmy plans when you're done with it yeah. You know trying to do a little bit of spring cleaning for sure I've been into this tiger. King, have you seen tiger going. I have. I have been watered down. Your king does not emblematic of all the United States by the way. Ok, because I was like that the girl. You know Well then, we are all. We are all Joe exotic, pretty much everyone ears like yes, yes, I would hope so yeah. I would like to think that you know
I saw a Carol killed. Her do think Karel killed her husband, unfettered, the tigers, way I'll be honest with you were trying to recruit Karel Van so just leave it there. I don't need you know, so she so effective, yeah, yeah hider trying to get them. Nor can it. What are you guys do, though? Your terminals radar, your cake, you would do as far as social. I think you froze there for a second, a social distancing. You also washing hands so little bit differently. In near culture, because you even the communal ball and we had a toy. Paper shortage, but you guys don't necessarily use toilet paper. So how does it affect people like you and in them recognising that in some ways we do have a viziers. Even if that's what you're getting at the after it's absolutely absolutely through, and so so will we will. We will. We would see how how it's going to you have enough toilet paper over there now
that's the problem, and I live with a dog and are you guys are a big fan of that in her hers? She loves toilet paper. That's her thing! So it's it's the worst, living being. You could possibly have an house with you during this quarantine. Opting out. That's not that's good it up. Ok, this this is that I see what you're doing you're trying to well look too can do that. I can drink from my mud Lycos like advertising Egypt what does he is? The advertising for tourists spot for Egypt I have just said you know: I've been to Egypt, all its lovely this time of year. Have we, while we're also, we also were planning on going to Medina, but that had to be cancelled very recently, because you know maybe I mean to say if you know that the large groups right now right. It's a very tough. Well, though, more people actually trampled Iguana Medina MECCA on an annual basis than the corona virus. So now you take some dead you're such a bit different like some. We things in life. You know it's it's it's a balance of risk, yes, the parents arrested. I appreciate you letting us know that we give to get but Mahmoud. What would be? What's your hope or what advice do you have to Americans,
as the the public relations director for ISIS. Yeah you know. Well. I think that I think that the b b be end as near, as I often say, that's good now, hopefully openly openly it's some some something. Where we can find a lot of common ground right and and then we can get back to where you're scared of me all right. Thank you very much about Mahmoud Almah mood. Stay safe, use. Your house, on your left hand, don't eat from the communal ball. We will see you next time. Thank you, Sir noted stave off. What's I dont want to trace it are caught. My mood Almah mood join us after side of ice is what a guy he says, he's a lover where you got to say something there are accorded like here. You look like at one point. You were leaning and not now just listen. You area, invariant and I want to know you say, look CNN, look another guy talking from his from as a closet, literally to do their job.
The american people need and what these states need to respond to this, I'm just as the webcam software behind this is remarkable to me I will say this these these pretty companies. You look at sea and you look at these late, my house there, so to having I think, Leno had a hundred forty seven employs. I know it's over. A hundred for every lignite show its well over a hundred four mostly shows at seeing and not to mention writers producers. Segment producers happens as they have all. Money and it goes away because of a self quarantine, and so they just aside well just turn on I've only you can there's a middle there's, a manoeuvre. Look what we're doing here there are any this happens. This is the great equalizer. When there's some kind of a pandemic going on, we can create better, more polished, cunt then all of CNN Freedom of the press This is more part. The show. No one people think of Laos current, you think polish motorcycles
told you guys when we said Mug Club Quarantine month, everything's going to be free in front of the payroll plus more content than ever, because we want to interact with you what we told you was listen There's going to be less polish, I didn't I just. Thus I didn't anticipate someone broadcasting from George Michael's poured a party in LOS Angeles and public art. I, like you, what do they say? You don't have to run fast ass. You just have to run faster than the last guy rare enough. SK. I say it has been raised to the middle, and this is also other putting pressure on Youtube in all these sort of new media companies right because what happened is they had? This not a monopoly, but a few major news networks right. They were on cable, that's what people had and they had this kind of classic corporate budget cost structure. Now they can't afford it and what its erased
middle there trying to downgrade they're trying to cut down costs were building up right, so they're coming down from one hundred and forty employees, to maybe I don't know like ninety and we're going from eight twelve fifteen. Hopefully, one day, maybe twenty employees join my club, thirty dollars off this month. It's cool Indeed, we must not make anything off of Youtube or intersecting there at the middle. So what happened? NBC Vocs universal. They try to step in and get you to be shut down competitors. ABC did. Is it able to Disney ABC Vision as they step in and they say you know what we're gonna, try and flag and copyright and shut down people who criticise or content? Then they start running or advertising dollars on Youtube so that they can manipulate get seem more, what's considered advertiser friendly and it still doesn't work. People are not tuning so there is a silver lining here right now that I think we ve learned the media.
Is not the same. What we ve done this for a while, but it's on showcase right now, twenty four hour right there, not the people that we thought they were. They don't care about you and and most of all, was defensively of all there credibly lazy and, Now the running, an advert for Saint Jude, that's nice, but I've been looking. It's been nothing but like gold. You would think that people who watch chain and spend their days wrapping themselves buying precious metals all day, the voting and awning up on their can produce. What's the median age down to now, ninety three: don't knock it come on. An idea railroads, don't have long slightly three year old, worn out an airport by the way what are seen in ratings right now, because no one at the airport They counting billboards Dennis Office lobby, starting everywhere down the greatest
Complement Anderson Cooper perceived as I have I die of AIDS fatty. While I turn on the gas, that is that's about that. That's what they have on rotten tomatoes this there once every five years ago, and just as playing on background you like so it's so it's so low quality. It can be the Jani of the later it's your music or the lobbies visually gnawing. Let me tell you a Jani song who are minimal. What I mean I actually so you know play violent and a lot of weddings again. What's up, and I didn't I didn't wedding yet so I've been sadly lady, like you're, very well paid lawyer. Fifty wedding but I mean, since I was a kid like my sister and I would know every other week would play at weddings and make some money three miles up: yeah, pre, bar and I've had a couple fiend weddings that I've play any one of them was like all Jani songs. One was an once we're gonna using a single euro hero, songs
without even mean get started. Likest United play songs from guitar. Here, a one Cosette was. This couple met, they met blanket darker. I dont like that, well I don't think it's like I don't like it. You don't like it when I don't like it when people they get cute with their wedding like willing our so they dress up like you back and argue or like we were India, so they wear converse. All stars like this is the one generally, where you have to be following tradition class it up, they will get, it was not classy yeah meeting media guitar her it's no pride and prejudice south over the edge of it. No one was like. Oh amazing. I look back fondly Franz Ferdinand nitrate. I just you know. It's crazy what when was the last time we did thirty dollars off. The lesson we did. Thirty dollars offer gosh. I do not, of course, students veterans get it, but you are now everyone gets thirty dollars was an ox apocalypse because remind because when you were talking about where you know, with all the different folks we're having to deal with the
media and whether they can trust these things and how this platform goes round yet only went happens is my this trip. That was also really way. We had a back, then thank you, so so much of what is going to get we're doing this, because this is how we can give back. We have decided to take an acceptable risk in every one hears quarantined just at the office in just at home, washing their hands Hansen ties are everywhere, though I want to be honest Not really it's, none of us here at significant risks were not exactly comic, causing Pearl harbor like throwing out now she now I mean he might. But the point is not that big, a deal we figured we could serve you more and a lot of people out there. We know that what we noticed more people are watching the morning yet the evening shows in the morning, because you get up weren't necessarily going the work and people are listening to the show at home, and so we thought okay, three times Let's do this when we own with votes, and I don't we have that at the blaze by the way for people who are working to use it gotta blazed outcome, Slash, tvs and replace, believe it. I'm gonna, you can chat the only issue we try to get this up and running immediately. You can
putting your user name yet. So in your comment, just put your name and call on, and that should be six year within the next two weeks, because we want to make sure we have a chance that we want to do she broke out on you too, because not only do they not pass, but then they can inspire us ran. So We want you- and I do not talking to people- gain some interesting quiet after taking audience. You want some insight baseball before last story. The dates immediate did. I retain a story about when I went into a meeting at MSNBC now show ok, can I I can t just now. I can't I don't get my size. It now is a vital need for four and a half a four and a half years. Ok, What happened was initially. My contract was six months for a couple it so there, six months every six months, every six months and Rather they would do this a lot of the younger contributors I went by young, I mean I was twenty. Maybe I was twenty one The only the guy who is my age was Peter. Do sixteen juicy son who basically should have drunk all the time to do some replacing haste? Steve do C, p p Steve do see: son! What's what's gonna be going out there on the street by ass
you send your own guy that's horrible reported. I got out ok, so I was very young outside of him. My point is, I you know, I don't think he counts and then six months, we'd have to sit down for a new, and sometimes it would lapse for like two weeks. So one to lapse for two weeks now still appearing, and I met with some executives at MSNBC and I didn't really know, is meeting with them. I think there are many with someone who is doing things, so I hope- and fine here is not a violation of the contract elapsed. I know Interestin MSNBC, but Alex Wagner was there Wagner. Citizens are, you have never username tonight the inside scoop she's there. She doesn't the world's greatest circus to show and show time our something very level she was hosted MSNBC. So I go in executives are there and they were talking about Rick apparent. This is back on me. The primary, no still repairing Mitt, Romney and soda. We heard that Rick Parrys is is gay. You think he's gay ass. I have not what are you
what you talking about an they are going to have a very high possibility in someone's got quite nice, well Hitler wins a dyke, so I say I says that so. I must say that who or what you're source as I want your sort. I was very chow. This? Why are ours is anonymous minds, anonymous, a man who is talking about Alex Wagner was there in talking much of that year. I studied at the Serbian and and she says I speak French and some international started. So it is a set of global policeman says they supposed about Falco. Much per compound probably has a new, the neutral member. Yes, she's, fine for me when I knew all their out. She didn't maybe something now opinions. We got word a friend she needed, that is to say we they had no interest in me. Working at MSNBC
but it was just remarkable to me on this issue per cubic pronouncing french words. The way someone who wasn't french but wanted to sound friend would pronounced them. That's a little bit inside baseball every now and then because, hopefully, it's not illegal violation of contract, and I join my timid fox use. I didn't much enjoy that. Do lead and worries to worry letters, hey, let's hear it Sanjay Gupta and John King. They all hate trump. Those are actually the areas where we get an interesting perspectives, attention to not saying what are you gonna be fine, they haven't had many. This is yet they're gonna be fine areas was feeding were not actually just turning the big fires, social systems. Are they fundamentally just a fundamental difference? John between what we are hearing just last week. This idea, maybe those place could start to be opened. The disease and other higher at his pay more attention to them for a small down just practically speaking. It's really about the number of people per
capita that are good at the Tokyo. That's gonna people. Whenever you look at these maps, look at think about this per capita New York, obviously much more densely packed some of these other areas, but number do we have been doing testing their. Yet we really don't know how significant problem is, don't you think those like the number should matter per capita? Go let some Good news, because per capita we're doing far better than any other countries as far as death, but we really don't have enough testing, because second, our overall we're infection, it is higher than the world because we have an obscene amount of testing right now. We're testing a lot of people and Robin lying about our testing was clear about that. We're not like now have Coloma, because there are a lot of that. Do really thought. Last night there was going through some self gonna get ready for this, and will you need to do in that kind of thing? I was working on a very social media, but also ring these sites, not a single article talks about the lack of testing as it relates to other countries. Wrangle, one of them are criticising the eyesight saying, there's not enough testing here, three hundred plus
people should have more tests, etc. Are here it's a failure: the government of Trump you know Cyrus ever but Single one of them is posting about. Other countries that have even worse systems like drank data many tests at all, but there were actually a few one social media who are thought they just thirty people, I've either no from high school or other places. Who just said, look what's going on, but I can tell you this. I dont believe, I believe that there are these other countries that don't that have zero number now that are being reported by by the media's having zero or like single did raise as of infection and even death. And yet we are saying we would there's no number of testing. That's happening there, so you're telling Those are the numbers we should believe rises. Why? The only number you can really trust, or is it any still contrast the most accurate in what we have is the total number of deaths, not even the mortality rate as a percentage of the disease, because we don't know how many people have it and now
determining that more people have. It were a symptomatic which, again you hear that you go ok, some worrying I haven't, we realise their ancient Americans very mildly, go. That means they can transmit it want to. Second, let's look at the bright side. The death rate, is much lower. You guys we're saying six percent five percent three percent its well under one percent, particularly for people under the age- eighty years old. What in those those are the only things we have to compare it to reckon, only compare it to how other countries are handling this exact thing readily we can. We can look back and see other pandemics and how other presidents may have handled those, but we, the the other people who are handling this one where the other countries around us. You know that depends on what you compare it to end its remarkable to me when they compares to South Korea, Japan and South Korea is a country first off that interest the Intel from China. They got on really quickly. They actually did farm it out to pray testing by the way. Some of these tests that were criticised for private companies were offered to the CDC Fda, but the one approved only the FDA, only the CDC kits were approved by the FDA, the ones.
In to your brain. We have drawn up no, but I think my brain has ordered in it. It's just a problem, and so South Korea had privatized testing and the government basically docks their citizens. If you are willing to do that, this is something we need to take into account. Should your data be given over to the government and should they then have the right to post it publicly? So people know where to avoid corona hot spots. Let's be really clear, this does matter. It doesn't mean that you don't care about lives if you care the lives of every American thereafter who base Lee dissolves all of their rights to a government, because imaginative if this were to happen under a government. Would like a twenty percent debt? which is what they always predicted. Whenever a picnic, a global pandemic, Julia Contagion, they were talk twenty thirty forty percent death rate and you're talkin a third of the world being infected right. So am I if we were in an actual pandemic, how quickly or
it would go away and not just because the government violently season them down trumpeted Menuhin. It's because of the people, the mainly in the media, demanding it. If you don't demand that there is a federal lock down that puts all businesses out of work, as we know them right now you for some reason. I don't care about the people who are being the corona which, by the way, if you calculated all still less at this point, then flew deaths. We need to take all of these things into account and by the way you have time for the commercials, because we're run a little bit later, black rifle coffee. They are still in business right now so wishes, but now it's cold, because we too sitting here for an hour and tat the black rifle delicious. Variable in its thereof, vintage roast flock rifle coffee that comes. Let's try to enter in the promo code crowd and you will get twenty percent off your first order We know that for sure you do. You know who needs all that. It's the people who were stealing coffee from their office- and I can't get it anymore- just Lebrecht black rifles industry into your house is absolutely right, easy. You could also trade trade it if they
really goes down our commodity. That trade traded reckon ever clear and block rifle coffee, yours and gun so you can take other people's black rifle coffee never gets really what's most and what in the hashtag is going to have to get going here tonight we do have a show, which is why we have life advice. Second, is going on outside tomorrow we raise your show just like a Thursday show and the promo code. Is quarantine. You get thirty dollars off. This, of course, is going to be provided to you in from the pay while offer for the month of May it's my club quarantine month and check out crowded bit subscribe there because it maybe some exclusive content. We really appreciate it and, of course, my about people have already joined the one to make this possible. Let's get to the last story right because nothing has been changing in the news they ve been complaining about. President trump really bad job right. This is what they're trying to run with. So I think we have a clip right now about policy.
Putting Donald Trump on blast, if you look at the headlines over their turn off into closer to london- and I put it on last- oh no man in the world is really ever. He has to deal with John King, doing a Skype hit with female skeletal he's, wavering and his boats growing areas to cover Our response here or there will be soon, let's roll clip three are you saying that that his downplaying ultimately cost american lives? Yes, I am on saying that, because what he made of the other day when was signing the billows had just thank twenty days ago. Everything was great, now everything was in great. We had nearly five cases and seventeen deaths already and in that twenty days, because we weren't prepared, we now have two thousand, one hundred thousand cases this matters, because the content know everything wasn't okay, we had five hundred km
is in seventeen deaths at the source and firmly, but I'm pretty sure that's fewer deaths than people from toasters in that period of time or peoples. On Tuesday morning of children are standing by their sponsor is darkening machine darkening bragging about tee, o s, t dot com to imprison off entering from. The reason why most people look. That's ok! A couple hundred infected seventeen death that, really not serious, because, statistically it's really not at that point, and that's why it was the left. It was people like you policy and people in New York who are saying that it wasn't a big deal and actually discouraged people from actively leaving because they thought there was a threat posed. If you don't believe me, here's the script, for the important thing for new Yorkers to know is that in this city, currently they are really is low and our city. Preparedness, is high, and so We know that this virus can be transmitted from one individual to another, but that its typically people
live together that there is no risk at this point in time, we're always learning more about having be transmitted in casual contact. The grey hair Chelsea work that I just feel that information was wrong. Yes, dammit, aiming not my eye. Just pulled up my earphones, knowing I can hear there, you go They live just wiggle bats combat. What do we do? cells of mahars, because the World Health Organization downplayed take advice from China early on saying there was no evidence. I think we have these overlays of human contact and the recommended against travel restrictions in January hears fast back during that period, Donald Trump, creating a chinese virus task force January nineteenth less than a week after World Health organisation said there was no evidence of human to human transmission. Then he band Trump Trump Ban to travel to China. This is important to note which by an accused him of being xenophobic for doing that's click. Five.
This is no time for Donald Trump record of stir, xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, This is no time for xenophobia, thinks I dont. Really I don't know it's xenophobia means I know that from what I understand is the fear of everything. For example, the fear of anything that differ not familiar. Yes, the hearing has discourse I think that everybody has a certain level of xenophobia than if you're talkin about being introduced to something new and other people are cautious, no matter what it is. If you're walking on new ground in the form of a backdrop, I have no idea how I always forbear traps, because wolverines I'm gonna get caught them and then they chew off their own leg and they chased down the person who made the bare trap because they tracked down the Centenary of short story about it. In great skill. I failed miserably mainly because it is a drastic parking replaced. The divorce reference with wandering the point is ship repair traps, that's concern please and dont plagiarize Steven Spielberg, if you're in school, they catch
that's our fully! In this whole corona viruses, just a cover up for the bare transistor cover, for barriers. Irreverently big bear trapping nods, more money at manoeuvres. Rent is no commercial. Now my lady, I wasn't going to do anything. I can use it with our gander. Mountain gander mountains, the German. The point is: if you need Bear trap, there's a way to find it on the dark web or you can we legal entities to hardware, even though, fundamental really need the dark web European, but a hardware, so there there four ways is gonna get. This is subordinate Donald Trump cut down? well to China right, put a ban in place which take the accused him of being racist, doing that this was given money at a time in the World Health Organisation who, by the way, when the other conversations excluded Taiwan, which to me very telling. Did you see that video of other World Health Organisation, the representative there he was interviewed on Skype, and he just acted like
didn't hear the question regarding Taiwan has pointed out and how we can bring it up or we can bring up tonight. Is that I don't know, I didn't hear you cut out. She said. Well, let me ask you again. He said now, let's move on to the next question. Why, while so this idea that the World Health Organisation, by the way that these these sort of international governmental bodies have no bias, is come. Lately untrue because they were saying there is no risk at this point. Donald Trump did you know that There's some risk. We're gonna have a taskforce, we're going to ban travel to China's there's no risk an angel binds that hey that's racist and now they're blaming him for not having done enough, and that is probably why our last vast backed here I'll drop is gaining and actually eclipsing Joe Biden due to the crime. More people approve of president drums handling of the crisis than ever before and Joe Biden is not doing so well, and I don't mean that he's not just doing well in the polls I mean he's not doing well in that. Corona should be the least of his worries, be concerned about that about that cranial micro,
that was a cat, p or cat poop in Brazil that making people really aggressive the soccer players. What it was happening there, there's something short circuiting environs brain, it's really hard for the guy. All he has is challenging people to push ups, but it's a stay so far away from them right now, rights, no one to challenge, and he doesn't any can't you push up from the ground because any has a problem with the contact terrible. It's also our can't. You push us because this incredibly weak it's hard he's. He would actually rallied fair. Poorly than women at pee tea in the Marine corps Why are you looking over there? Do we have that we bring anything. We have that clip of this person, avoiding the court We must bring this. This is a representative of the World Health organization again, that's resource, but but you and I we ve, talked about Taiwan. Taiwan can have been lifted. The cold here and its relevant here's the World Health Organization, I dont members name representative playing it.
But you didn't hear the question- that doping consider how once membership, whether it was a category. I couldn't you request them. Let me, let me repeat the question of that was to another one that right for this I am actually carry on talking about Taiwan. This well on Taiwan's case words. Any closer watch wow when you can earn an income and mine. I don't think this is. I don't think this is a conspiracy theory. At this point we say China has not been the chinese government, they ve been honest or forthright about, what's been happening with the corona by us in the world.
Organization has not treated all nations equally, they been carrying the water of the chinese government, the chinese people. I dont know why the Taiwanese couldn't have an epidemic. You might know more about that. Does it some of the Taiwanese should at least be involved? What's the big deal, the nut? Shell is that China doesn't really as Taiwan as a separation, it recognizes it only as a rogue state that is part of China. Any national or international organisation that recognizes Taiwan instantly goes on the China Shitless Ratan. And they just say, look if you recognise Taiwan as its own country. You're dead does, and so W H. Yo is an international organisation that receives support from another number of countries and of the big five China's one of them. So when China says hey we're gonna start cooperating with or funding you or whatever it may be. Who knows what these conversations I, but we do know what they could be like, because it's the same public conversation that China has all the time. If you, I recognise Taiwan you're dead to us, so we no what's happening here that rapporteur at an opportunity
it s so what's loud up in a manner of speaking, to really get the opportunity right and we set aside our political differences, China, Taiwan, in this pandemic, are we going to care about Taiwan? somebody was going through a tunnel with their Skype round by the very limited irrelevant, because of the way the government would be. The government be handling at right, Taiwan, they would be operating there would be operating autonomously from China certainly have been dealing with this. Yes in their country, where they would be operate Hoddan mislead. They would be getting support from a lot of their own supporters, which includes United States, ready, haven't ever government, but if you think about the places that are highly arrests were all concerned about real because it so connected there to China to adjust across it in on another peninsula Taiwan, in China the number of flights between those two countries- I dont know if they are, but the amount of travel directly or indirectly in that hemisphere. That includes Taiwan is extraordinary and we need it. But a place it's going to need, support and certainly wants to know. Does it have the support of the World Health Organization, and they can
even get an answer: yeah, it's a big concern and keep in mind the World Health organisation. This is the organisation that went with this. These studies right these projections. If you look at their twitter, you look at the social media that two point: five million Americans would die the idea that the These government did great work in everything that they could to try and contain this virus. I dont know if they twitter, but certainly the chinese government did their foreign minister repeatedly that this was actually a virus created by the american soldiers by the way and people were responding when Donald Trump respond in kind calling the chinese virus. Why does it matter because they do not get to rewrite history again, Amy the chinese government, the World Health Organization. If you look at the timeline the information that has been fed to the internet. No community from China. World health has echoed it almost exactly two eighty and then when questioned about Taiwan. Again it was an ally. The United States supports them. We recognize them, I believe we certainly understand that their that do we. The mechanism, is a country that is it some capacities? Yes, it's a complicate you, but they operate autonomously in a lot of ways in a way that we would actually be required to
by them with some kind of aid, and we do that cannot even answer the question that should tell you how terrify they are and how beholding, not the people of China, but to the government of China that they actually are and keep in mind. This is the same organisation that rank the United States. I believe thirty, six, an intern, national health care right next to Slovenia and Colombia. So do they have a vested interest in playing down success of the United States and do they have a vested interest in trying to parent them? it is coming from the chinese government They certainly have done that they ve done that thus far consistently and something that we need to be concerned with, especially if we are talking about shutting down the american economy and by proxy the global economy as the result.
This information, which is by and large being provided to us by the World Health CARE organization. Following the money falling relationships, it does matter and if we, if we leave me with nothing else right now, we will see you tonight at nine P, M Eastern. It is this that understand people care on all different identity people care they dont want their grandparents it I neither do. I didn't want people who are at risk of dying. Neither do I and people on the other side also. Care when they say I dont want every friend I know to be unemployed or small business that I know to go under sure. The big boys may survive because they never earning supply of corporate bailouts, but guess what a lot of small businesses will shudder, their doors for ever more there is about, to be had here- and I think the where's do matter, especially the source of those numbers more time at the World Health CARE Organization, the numbers matter for us to balance the risk reward ratio, it doesn't mean that you don't care about any lives lost if you want to prevent damage going forward as effectively as possible, both health lies and
economically. This has been good morning, mug club. We really appreciate you being with us. We'll see you again every night through Thursday, nine pm me Emily back here Wednesday morning. Good morning, my club at ten p m the ten metre by
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