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The bodies in Colorado aren’t even cold, and the Left is pushing gun control. We’re not going to let them. Also, Joe Biden’s new “woke” military is making us a ripe target for China. Kamala Harris has a giggling problem. And did Kristi Noem flip-flop on protecting women’s sports?

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Heather Audio. Listen were actually experiencing. The news with you today live because the tragedy indent and I hate to have to cover this gun control, but before the bodies of assumed room temperature, Don lemon is unseen and already talk about white extremists, so up support the content, leave a rating on Apple or Android, join my club and not. There is no hope for you. I am saying, is your hell bound
the angry fellows, where you re sets of that's an angry fish. Efficient really angry fishes I see a very similar models and angry as a danish next thing, I'm in a break out my native professor Godiva Dave Land out now do we have so much to talk about today? I first offer me: take us wish. I wish to talk about gun control when it's the first trending hashtag after a shooting about which we know nothing. You would say, The media had learned our lesson from accusing our, or at least I should say, covering lying about the previous shooting as a hate crime, and we found out that day, thirty three percent of people shot were white and there was a guy, we'll get sex addiction. You think they learned our lesson to not jump the gun, forgive the punt, but don't
but neither do the exact same thing. We know almost nothing at the time of this recording very little aside from ten debt, which is horrible. It's a tragedy- and I want to before we talk about this. We also tugging. Also, we talk about maternity suits in the military for pilots. Here's the phrase to be more tolerant. We need to build Maternity suits for female fighter pilot, there won't turn your keys now another time you're up all the time, you're done, reacting, Torah Tortora in your settings, I use, is Ghek people who you remember, Nickelodeon Nickelodeon I'd get into that secure seminal could be. Flavour could be flattered that we will move is marked right well made, Robin Williams, Post blubber, who describes call I turned it into. Well, guess what it's my anyway there's the rub: stock of notice, Davis is on me. We have to talk about
gun control and we have to talk about the lies right now that are circulating. I wish that we were in a world where recent tragedy was not immediately politicize, but you can. Allow false information to go on unchecked. So we are going to do that and Of course, I want to hear from you guys in the comments section pretty soon we reading your hate mail as well, have more crypto into doing Gerald. How are you today her you, I'm terrible? How are you quoted like doing great The more you know, look he's come to go for the fact these accepted amongst no communities he's a man with no home Dave, wonder how are you a whore who I am good, I'm excited to talk about going control with you a gun, holster uses a good look for me. This is a very rarely whatever I am getting to guide for all of us at once. You sit in the chair and this show you have stop worrying about optics. I do I do ok. First off, though, before all this. Let's talk about Kemal Harris yesterday, it was ass if she would visiting a border and a lot of people and we have the first weapon. We have obviously the edit right
no, we don't we don't. Okay. Well, commissioners, ass. If she was going to visit the border- and she laughed and said not today, so we Actually we, This little disturbing, we have a clear Warner up not today, but the fact that my backpack that's news news danger, however, without the charm Vienna's, oh you mean new doktor Hibbert from a white guy, oh yeah, that's right I was sorry, wait! No from a non white gonna be a black guy. Other point is the other way. I can't why change perfection, why mess with perfect lack voice is a thing now really through our resident daddy separation. My issue with family Guy Cleveland laid aside make him a black eye where you go, you have so many races, jokes and every episode was united like arable. He was not
like I, I don't know. I don't want to live in America anymore, where a man can not get a forty million dollar contract because it was raised precluded as cleaving has it was right. Well, if we're not gonna, let people play characters, it's not really acting. Is it if the Paraplegia guys just Paraplegia? You can't really when a trophy for acting bearable, Egypt, you would think not, but they do well. they ve done that with transgendered, has vetoed bravely just acted like himself. He was just she was distraught and and unhappy, and certainly in spreads Europe dishes rowers. Without any substantiation this arch enemy award worthy by the way it was you guys, can listen to the progress. Your audio only like last week, some stuff got remove. It are still available on Apple Android, Spotify, and the best thing to do is check into the show it's alive show Monday. They at Teddy and Eastern and look comment comment. That's the best! You can do comment below. Well, what do you think is going to happen here is going to try and find a little. We do know what listen I don't there
that many mass shootings under Donald Trump. That's all I'm saying not unheard of us always notwithstanding. Of course, that's not, including all the writing. Well, we'll get to that second downfall statistics, where you may believe that most mass shooters or white now so we'll talk about it before Rhonda Santas. This is just. I think this is the guy who needs directly for present he's going to special after what happened with Christie Norman. I understand the legal issues there, she's not she's, not pro transgender men in sports. That's not yeah. the conservatives in this up abandoning someone, because they don't wait for details, however, to scientists to wait for details its black or white, simplistic reductive. I love the man here here addressing a reporter when asking about the public's scandal for vaccines so far, about what you're saying is wrong. That's that that's a fake narrative. So, first of all, when we did the first pharmacies that
we're CBS and Walgreens, and they had a long term care mission. We ve done almost seventy five percent of the seniors in palm Beach and the reason is because you have the strong retail footprint and it's wrong. It's wrong. It's a fake narrative. I just disabused, you have the narrative and you don't care about the facts because you see. I wait it out for you in a way that is irrefutable and so is clearly not now. Now no you're wrong you're on your own, yes or no word gang violence in Georgia must be rapid, its new stuff. And you should listen to his whole answer because he set the context. We will not know we rule this out with what are we ass, easy ass with Walgreens Travel allowances, parlor mission, and we wanted more retail positions this with electricity. They go. Oh wait a second there's money from some concern. That must mean their funding. Everything right. You know what you're saying you can say what concerns which shows that what it
If you didn't fund everything literally didn't do. This is what we are talking about, the Santos. This is how he is better in this one thing than Donald Trump was. He is great at putting it right now. In your face, but also giving you really good detailed facts really get it tastes like a lot of times would just be like wrong. You, raw and move on to something right would actually tell you why you wrong dissenters, go the extra mile is like here's. Why you're wrong and here's why this is gonna, be run on every competing news agency I was talking with quarterback Garrett about this is what Donald Trump has Donald Trump seems like the guy at first glance, right who, if you were doing a sketch on Sesame Street, like a celebrity with a puppet and he'd like getting mad at the puppet realize you get mad at the puppeteer like stop all the actors. Are you saying let me ideas? Mccleery figured out like anywhere with you. Stick with your hand up its s step. We need a semi shows. You look, there's a puppeteer that already showing you know, you're lying. This is dishonest. You cannot allow the left to set the narrative
and then try argue down that path and that something that was done was changed. My mind that then we will do in the future will be doing more change. Their minds really is terms matter, you need to have terms and conditions before you start, and that is why today we're gonna cut for the past as it relates to gun control. I wanna know what you think is most egregious control measure, with covenant a few times in the past, but a lot of people. but never refresher. Let's look really quickly before it move onto the Colorado, shooting, let's look at CNN and how their covering it. This issue, even though
Chuck humor, the majority leader of the Senate, just sat on the second floor that he would try and that this percentage would address the issue of gun violence. But how exactly that his dress addressed remains to be seen. One senator a Wyoming Freshmen, Cynthia Lamas. I just asked her whether let her opposition to expanding background checks as its changed in any way she said in her view, is that expanding background checks would be quote in erosion chip away on Sunday, amendment that would shared by many republicans in the sand enough. So, even though the Democrats plan to push ahead even other pointing to this massacre after another and saying that something needs to be done now to ask lets us I can I can I can I can I dont want I don't wanna, I dont want to be another. Statistics. Were I stick a gun in my mouth? Ok, that's why
if I watched in too much? If I take myself out of the bottle, appeals will hang myself razor blades just so that I dont give Anderson Cooper the satisfaction with him. I just don't want to make a mess. Well, listen that parents hills, but you probably involvement I've thought about it, though you ruin that hotel, then your family had to pay for it here you go just straight pills. Are a mess, though just take the pills and throw yourself offer real. Any ozarks gets better. That's probably the way to do it so versing, who here owns a firearm, Kay em when you're on the fire. Let me ask getting at you watching: do you fire, I'm ok for those who are blaze. I lost all members when you bought a firearm, what they do they base said here. Take it run away. No, I had a background check they could ever who I was show. The idea makes everything's correct what about you,
rough, a paper bag of a guy named. What's really the paper bag was just for, display purpose seemed very legit. Yes, he's very use compassionate. He was using the doktor Kevorkian of selling Saturday night specials, but when you purchased it honestly yeah they actually they had to take my information than they called me a couple days later to pick it up with a New York Detroit Ray. Nor can we re waiting period. There is awaiting Piero, that's ridiculous. So when they say background checks, they say most republican support, background sharp they already exist already exist. There isn't a loophole. There already background checks, that's what we started that give two gun hashtag o via go, because all that is needed for someone understand that scene and is for Bullshit that they are lying to. You is to have ever purchased one fire.
legally whatever name can say, there's an online loophole mean that some people by firearms illegally, that's not a loophole, breaking the law, illegal, so overtime and we'll get to what the each hour one twenty seven is proposing exactly so you understand what they mean by this. In truth, be told they don't know what they mean. They say what Aristotle weapons monotony in order means We need to know what it means, but every single person here is purchased firearms. I have many firearms, always within reach and airy. Every single one background check there is way to get one would so here's what we know about the Colorado sure there are ways to get it? Yes, legally dwell. Yes, oh no illegally, but I'm just saying it there. You can illegally obtained, of course, but legal criminals we're gonna criminal. What I don't have an expanded background check is gonna write what if it's
where they go. Hey we should check some people day was gonna, get a gun I still enjoying a paper bag honey I can't hold on. Let me get my mandates where information to welcome to the crib registration at last. We will break a lot. Allow like that. I am the hey. I told you I'm sorry what asked before Poland Thicket So what happened here is exactly we know. Ten people were killed, including one police officer, fifty one year old, Eric Italian horrible magic. I wanna because we can roll some you'll, hear the police escorted, the suspect from the scene. at the time of this show we don't know his name course he's white, and so the media is talking about mass shooters being white because they see everything through the Prism of race. The shooting occurred, King Super supermarket at roughly two thirty I don't even o King shippers to owes was a thing yeah. I think this
Four supermarket didn't help yeah, I will just avoid shopping at names that are small shops. Have names are spelled wrong as a general rule or use super twice regardless spelling, that's true, orbits cool with a k yet, Well, that's probably getting shot those cigarettes Gazette it's pretty good them are again talk about. You know that this arsenius audience won't be purchasing Chesterfield cool with a k, that's much yet Newport for many, many really as an important, even if they still make they do all gesture. where a doctor recommended number one. So that's what I want to have a nice smooth, pull very nice one out of nine. No, Oh thank eight out of nine regretting that the bottom of my claw heart. So this something. Now now, let's go to the claims that are being made. This is really important. We get through these here,
one of the claims it is is, is, I guess you would say most consistently, as happens with all shootings, but right now, you're saying all this happened in Colorado, specifically because they didn't enforce what you ve heard of and again determines matter, because you will go assault weapons who some scary I saw. I saw a cobra No that's bad right. People should never. There must be a Bezukhova is bad because it isn't that wonderful, but that's a great result weapon. He used a nineteen eleven, so they say this shooting occurred because the assault weapons ban, wasn't it we're still take my word for it. You tell me about it? Why you're here and you're outside? I got the call from my daughter, my grandchildren and my son in law were locked into the fire see for him to get a covert nineteen shot, and The shooter came in shot the war. in front of them they hid ran upstairs hiding any cold climate for the last hour and is put in a big pitch for gun control. Oh, you did get a shot me well didn't,
expect him to an already said. You have my answer with a well. Listen, I'm just asking questions. I want to know the facts about what's going on with the shooting. I think that this is the result of fluoride in your cap. It does that live ere the adventure that that would have we ran hairdos, be here so here's the deal. There is nothing to tell us that in a hour when people say us all up and then they think they are fifty eight fifteen not stand for assault rifle by the weight stands for normal life would have it impact on this. So let's be really clear, but let us go through some statistics. A lot of people think a fifteen. That's a scary! Black rifle the rifle that was used here I saw weapons ban, is going to make a dent in mass shootings cordon in New York Times. Weapons Mass eleven out of nineteen didn't use any kind of a rifle, let alone effort in a rifle of any short, we talk about hand, guns are used, nineteen times as many as far as I can. Countries, far martyrs all rifles put together, so
nineteen times more likely to be shot by a handgun than by a rifle. Eleven of nineteen mass shootings didn't involve a rifle all. I can remind you Virginia attack. That was always there handguns. and then, by the way, according to FBI Statistics Year, four times more likely to die from being nice to death. Then by being Chaparral little bit higher if in your city, cons, municipality or in the same thing, that's what we're here London serve at my friend Johnny Knife. The journey that you know it's, it's almost not fair nosed But if you upset him you're gonna die by knife, such metallurgy. That's what I do. Sometimes you know my name is avenues midlife precipices therapist. I was thinking. Maybe it would be like Johnny Knife you know, sackful of quarters or maybe Johnny Knife and revolver like none not. We made some progress in real headway here. It's Johnny knife
Nothing else for you. Ok doc generally unleashes write me. My joy sock luck, joy such slackened aside like- and I say this lands yesterday, you bunk knife, guess what's gonna happen. Next knife he's gonna meet visas from my knife, we always swords. Why is a lot of stuff infomercials yoga container over? This is Tommy reverse mortgage. We just people around for sound financial advice. Ok, I just wish you were dead. This is Johnny hopes. Let one you tie you see. I can't go nowhere right and then this guy's gonna, where you down about doing reverse mortgage by the end of it, it's gotTA, make said it done this. Something else if their claiming that this, of course right now the running with his narrative, because he saw the guy who looks like a fine upstanding citizen, but you noticed there is a lack of melanin or is Nick Cannon Encarta basic lack of so they say
They like melanin. His soul is now immediately that black people have sold and my people don't of these black supremacists. There can and of course I alluded- underlie the only one who agrees Well, as far as I know, I'm a soul as far as within well, yes, not all Otis and the Knights, and whenever it last night in the pip, silently animal, how oh you're, tired of an animal Otis mind if we we gaze Otis my man, my man brought up for you, so this is another myth that they are now parenting. Is this another ample of white men disproportionately committing mass shootings, don't take my word for it biggest terror threat in this country is widening most of them radicalized brought out to the right most of these shooting a young white men. and these young men have something in common. They were to kill lots of people they wanted. A mass murders and they
angry young white man. What were forced by the thing is very interesting that we're talking about racially profiling in the context of Mass shootings, the the vast majority of people who are doing the mass shootings in America online Muslims at all, so exactly white men, bullshit bullshit, both motion. So let me walk you through why the environment, because we must be clear about something tat when people say hey, why is he being escorted? The other guy was shut down because these white gonna look look the purpose for police offer after shoot. Somebody is to remove the threat okay. So there is a huge difference in most of these cases, including black and white, when they aren't shot on the spot is because they are not weaving they're gonna run, they ve surrender their fire. Do you understand that, regardless of race, there's a huge difference between a gang shooting, malay or remain saying, you'll, never take me alive and a guy the door with the cops and come up with your hands up arrive here, I'm sliding out the weapon, I'm coming out with my hands up. There is a huge difference to try and say it's exclusively due to race is dishonest
and again it breeds more racism, those chicken I've come home to roost right now with over eighty percent of all violent attacks on Asians being carried out by black. Americans, because you ve divided unconquered, what's affirmative action with the idea of gun crowned with the idea of poverty rate with the idea of people who are taking their job, this is what the left has done. You will breed more racism here. If you convince young black males that Dell be shot on site and white people want solely because of rice, that's not accurate. What else is we in is the idea that most of these shootings take place from overwhelmingly white, not just that Europe does not. Europe and this is this is what the left us with statistics they basically give you kind of a sliver of some gas route is idle. I tell the story, it doesn't help explain what's going on, it's not useful in solving the problem and it's a lie, you're being generous with sliver dangling thing. Let me give you a crumb too small for a mouse. That's true! Ok, that's true! honest question, so let's say you have
There are a lot of angry white guys who should places, and let's just and I would assume that there will be more of it when you decide you destroy the economy, lock them in their house for months on end to Eleanor s neighbours, but there are. There certainly is an epidemic of that with a lot of people. Whatever why are they say it's a mess? Shooting is it just? Are you saying that the in black communities, the you're saying those are mass shootings? Is that the argument so here's years what my dears, whether statistics matter, because they will use one set of statistics from making one argument for that, and it is another statistic and another arguments. Let me give an example right now they will say: look the vast majority of mass shootings are from white males right, but here's the thing what they do and actually have this right now for Mother Jones is someone. That's been circulated that floods, that sixty percent of shooters are white announced by the way in two thousand fifteen? It was seventy something percent, so the black lives matter riots machines that statistical single handedly that includes all middle eastern people, North Africans as white in a completely excludes gang crimes. Now, why is that matter?
mass shootings are defined as for people killed or more now. In these aims will say we have more mass shootings in any other country, which is a lie. They include the totality which is gaining crimes which may the huge majority of mass shootings. So they want one set of statistics, mostly white people, but you excluded gained ground and you included middle eastern people as well as people from Egypt lie, but was either Libya, Algeria, Morocco, I've seen through romance David, not precise right. So I'd like it. It's kind of like saying that I'm in the top one percent of athletes in the United States is probably not to tool or off that was pretty girls to think you're, trying to evaluate me to see. If I can plainly- and if that doesn't really tell you anything, I need you need to go drill down how about in college. Ok now have compared to people in the ineffective the staff matters only if its relevant and useful, and it's not useful to say or white men or commit more of these crimes. Anybody s, okay, well, what percentage of the population? Are they? What what other
actors are there so that we can then a drill down on that's a horrible analogy. You boastful mic. It is Notre Dame we get so Mother Jones rightly fell the FBI, definition for mass shootings excludes draw gang violence or drug violence. Writer. Why and then here's the thing since nineteen eighty two there have been exactly a hundred and twenty two mass shootings right that again excludes gang violence, but another Jones point, though, that the gang violence is more. We we get the idea of a we noted its involved and their send at the white. Shooter is sort of you don't the motivation they can see. But you don't necessarily know Brian gang violence. Unfortunately, there's a lot of collateral damage and that's why they decided to include those in measuring the idea that gang violence only affects those in the gangs is untrue. Destruction, despite what can might try to say even elephant from the jewels gang violence makes up. Seventy five to eighty five percent of homicide and inner cities like Chicago K, nationally
Five percent gang members are black. Forty. Six percent latino, just to be since the beginning of twenty two in one have already been five hundred and twenty seven shootings in Chicago five hundred, when these seven shootings in Chicago that means at about four hundred and twenty of those shoes where do the gangs for times as many mass shootings, but on US Many here, it's gettin nicer. by the way, you that's a produces the issues. Let's lock everybody down, let shut down their businesses, let's remove their ability to feed their families. Let's create a mental health epidemic like we ve, never seen in this country, and then what we do is remove guns from people who need to protect themselves from all the other, crazy people who ve gone STAR crazy, who have cabin fever. This is a powder keg and you guys just want to remove firearm from people who can't afford security details
worse than that, your vilified, making the villain out of every single white person in the country right now, either because you're, a second amendment advocate right. You Mona, firearm, anything people to be able to own farms or your racist. Just because your white, where I can have inherent racism in you and so you're, make these people out to be the bad guys and, I think Dave. The point that we are making here is that, yes, there are white people that end up doing very bad things and we have to get a handle on why people do what they do so that we can stop the future right. But if you only focus on this one part of the problem that isn't making up the vast majority of the problems, statistically you're missing out on the Chicago, though, why, if he out on gang vital here's the thing, let's openness and remove race from it right midnight, we again, I hate them to do this because the mediately, the narrative of the media, Russia, do you know, what is the single most consistent, what Congress sadistic with these measures What do you think they all have in common bullets that is Welsh is some
I said earlier for he's dirty. I try and ask you to know. I know I know I know I was. I don't make jokes, but you know one of its most and don't forget or before twenty twenty thing or some, like thirty, eight of the thirty nine we had those statistics, it's the vast, it's ninety something percent. I dont have a father. Come from a broken housel, go watch, my wife and I were watching what is. I am a murderer, confessions of a murder of words. Each episode is a murderer. Confessing every single one would come first, well, you know I was jumping around foster families. Then I finally found my dad adopt. Maybe he write me till I was twelve, and so you know I have that add lack for relatively good. You are talking about this and there's nothing. I say you know my dad walked out on me and I had to sell drugs to make a little and then for some reason the left thinks that adding I dont know two three. Let's at four thousand dollars per pupil spending and public schools will fix that problem, well Alternatively, actively, destroying the FAO.
Labor of this country, the nuclear family, a mother, a father and children and incentive rising a mother and father to stay together. They ve Dave actually intend to most people do not get married and get divorced and it is overwhelming, if you're going to look for a correlation. Its rays doesn't come out strongly. Socio economic status doesn't correlative strongly Having a father is the single greatest statistic that we have its also the single rid us indicator as to whether you finish school, where they have behaved. Your problems, whether you, a college, whether you run a business, whether you get married well, you're an abusive relationship yourself. This is about. entirely ignored. Let's go really quickly to this on this, this this guy, king who up MR potato head tally was was doing. As he lost his life in the line of duty, he was radically trying to save others the state of Colorado, thirty, five people from the Colorado view of investigations and state troopers.
Cecilia Investigation, since yesterday we offered to help with victim services as well or guys, let's at the control room, keep an eye on it. Let me know if anything new happens because again we're broadcasts in this life as information is coming outside. You want to provide you with what we do have, but doesn't this become about race, where it, when you will you look at it immediately if, if there is a shooter of color, all of a sudden does break down to okay. This is the reason why These are the reasons why, yes, is why it's almost acceptable are forgiven or whatever might be, and then of the of the shutters white, which I don't know that I could be arab and his leg was read my honour of human eye on it could have been a little bit Nathan, Philips yeah, but but all the sentences breaks down two words. Obviously homegrown terrorism, some love, I love of race. Racism is that we're looked through everything with this prism of race, usually you won. One mass shootings adhesives summarily only shoot black people to another. Now
you don't know that Aesop's and they also specifically only issued asian people now right now, so he's gonna be clear when people say yet race, here's the thing, I think- and I think you're right look. I think, with gang violence. Often the motive is pretty clear now when we They terrorism, for example, its brown person, it's because they have a mission statement. It says I'm doing this to bring glory to allow. That is terrorism, Judy Manifesto right when you read a written statement from White Guy who says peanut butter on bread, and my phone is talking to me. I'm calling this guy isn't an international terrorist. Maybe he's just a dummy. It does my motive in that case, what determines whether Tom grown terrorism or not, and right now Of course they want to set the narrative that home grown white. Terrorism is a greater threat than people who are burning down cities right now in the name of what is effectively a terrorist organisation. If you look at the black lives matter charter, it is too destroy all systems in place that exist right now in american institutions. That's that's in their charge. Is destruction of the nuclear family? That's in the charter of black lives matter. If you had that from a white.
Right. They read that Black Roma gas look at this guy Lou leave others homegrown tests, the destruction of the nuclear family with a sky must hate anyone who is not white but for some reason we give it a passive placards matter. We give it a past antiphon. We know What's going on with this guy, if this guy said hey, I want to go out. kill us many black people as possible because I'm a racist, and he just you, know how the map upside down, so it didn't result in any kind of successful, because it should only black people over the first person to say, hey This guy's a racist terrorists, but we don't know that yet in statistically, we know that it's not the same kind of problem, and it certainly is not the kind of problem that affects black Americans throughout this country in it or sit intercity black children right now are far more likely en bloc adult to be shot by other black Americans. not mass, shooters, your white life So if you look at the shut down to where right, there's too
different levels of that were in a lot of luck. Communities everything's been taken from you now you're. Turning to drugs now that they weren't there before, but I think you're gonna get more than before. Right now also have this wide area where a lot of people that they have to strive to be so successful, everything's taken away from them, feel uses which they can either make you suicidal or a killer. So, Take a lot of stuff does breed from over the last year, not that shootings or a new thing, but I do think that a lot of what's happened in the last year has cause people to lose their mind and go in a direction that is sometimes more commonplace per year. Will that's the thing? The left only cares about mental health when they can use it for a background check, because if you ve ever taken his annex, you can purchase fire. You know lost your right to self preservation. That's what the left right now we know, statistically, we have the biggest mental health epidemic that has ever happened in this country. Cause we ve, walked people down and remove. There are the way forward, you. That's your own fault. If you stayed home, not actually hugged your family members, shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. If you
quarantined your children in sequestered them away from you. That's you living in fear and deciding that you're going to let your children pay the bill. Ok, this all has to stop now We know where it leads. Your mother, your father you're, a son you're, a daughter. You are a member of the community, stop locking yourself in your house and only going out double masking that you can go to super super whenever it is in which case we know that certain- and while I was gonna say Dave just add more analysis, unseen and ever does with the shooting like this, because Dave is trying to get to the root of the problem right Dave can help solve. The problem. Cnn is trying to make sure that people push a narrative so that guns get taken away from the scary white man. Yes, well, listen, you're tall and you played another name so and I will write to be fearful and I'm short Well, you know, shorter ones are crazier. I hope for noted Voltaire happens a shorter ones after due crazier stuff. Like that's always it's like ironic, Numa guy, that's big! That's big, Davy, here, very small.
but he does big things. That's what they say about me. A more solid and Johnny knife. Johnny knife is terrified of big Davy. Johnny knife cut anybody, but big Dave he's. You Jesse know that big Dave he's gonna come back. Let's see what this guy is saying or another guy says to fake talk, like Obama in this guy who sits there. Only talks like there's watch what right she's taking up proceedings to buy eggs. Some of them to get a cobra taxi mere instant, our community was upturn. by senseless act of violence. Years Coloradus we face, a lot of challenges, self imposed and in this manner of you do to cover it of loss of loneliness I suppose you, the Carlton Party, one yes one of any. I simply keep our treat me like I'm a little key activities that we ve
ten, to engage in Colorado in as Americans its hard to describe what it means for this safe place to see a whore, tragedy like this one, for once upon a time in the United States of America, he would just talk about tragedy and what we can do to help those members. Let's see, how long can we put on a timer to see how long it takes before he gets to the gun control narrative? I didn't plan on doing us today with a show and I'm sure the previous guy did a moment ago common here in the next two minutes, and how long has he been speaking so everyone you can watch along with any place? Your bets are, let's see our movie theatres and in our communities, We need to see a change. because we have lost far too many women easier. Let people leave their houses, there's always lived in border county for many years and one, I am sure of is this: our communal strong. It is kind it is compassionate. and it is resilient and we
get through this together. As we comfort each other as we begin the process of healing in the car. Days and weeks and tough months ahead, like two turned over to the mayor of older sandwich They are thus allowing you to learn to exchange good for him. I'm actually glad to hear that and it was this right now, because the mare area is the guy who now on our negative, you may get you wanna, see almost name it. Ok, whenever what was the girl who was killed in boulder the little page girl. I dont remember. I know only on an ad in no way right. I lived in boulder briefly, but whenever eyes there will again she lived to Germany. Rams on Germany ran Germany Ramsay, I think that might be hide Apple a boy stomach. What was that I have brought. You know that I have come on. I have no idea where time, let's go to another argument here with its, which is what you will hear, because they try to point of the fifteen
second man? It was only intended for muskets and well written by the what we talked about this at great length, the security of a free people there's a comma yeah, militia being asserted Carter, their state was a secure state of a free people, a mission militia being necessary for free people. Comma, though, right to bear and keep arm shall not be bridged. There's a calmer and then George Mason was asked whom Who is the militia? Why does the entire people? Of course this is something that was clarified not only when you read it quite literally in the constitution, but the corrupt bidding founding documents. This needs to be under so they have tried to say there was only four militias. It was only for muskets. This is another one to what's the militia. It's a whole people. You can find quite difficult. Africa from the fannicot was only four muskets, rightly here that alot well, ok, look That would make sense if the only weapon around at that time were musket or
equally, if the other firearms at existed. That we're maybe higher capacity more rapid firing. The founding fathers didn't know about nine hundred zero. Fourth right, not only do they know about it, they actually xx. Actually permitted at encourage people to use? So what do we have? We had the pepperbox revolver with adjourned only air rifle right and then there's a letter from James Madison and night that in seventeen eighty seven he wrote a letter of mark in reprisal to a private ship. Saying, hey look. second amendment, but we have these pirates trouble are willing to have cannons and differences in what what are you feel you need to ask? I am not your king, of course you can have cannons of someone send me a sketch. This is what I would like to see that a cat in is at least a bazooka, So when you have one you have the founding fathers saying we are, of course a second amendment it so that you can defend yourself. You have pirates, they have cannons. You have kids You were actually meant to have
fire on direction to have armaments as effective as what the military had at that time. Here What are you weren't, anti ideas and they warrant anti new technology so wise it even a conversation. It's just stupid point Ryan. I hate to say that this bluntly is blunt, as I can put. That's like those in the first amendment only applies to the printing press. Yet when you look at these shooters that are all isolated, it's always been a common thread, regardless of they were forced to this year or not isolation, loneliness sadness, depression tends to trigger people now yeah and wheat. When we talk about this, we're not talking about you know fully automatic military weapons that they're talking about, like all the air fifteen, I don't know why. The air fifteen is so scared people. It's probably because they ve never fired again before your neuroscience reporter, in which case you fired you soil yourself until they get PTSD right, but
to hold the whole goal as an actual you're, no Israel, I gotta compression that took place really. My mother in law, who looks like Sally fields, mind you any. I feel process commercials right, current sally field, I love a double she's, a very slight lady. She hit a balls I at a hundred yards of an air fifteen on the first try. You know why cause an air fifteen is not that heavy. There's not much recoil and it's very easy for women to understand and operate. What are you saying that women don't know firearms most of them? Yes, so what I'm saying is you need something simple? That's why I have a nine nine millimeter hindrance and a nine millimeter carbon rifle. Why? Because my wife, legwork God, where and she just dropping bullets into the gun, so she can grab a bucket of Amazon, put them
any firearm announced than our late cottage, because we have bears its three fifty seven, its carbon rifle and in revolver, so that it goes into every fire, because I don't. I don't wanna talk about this here and I want to encourage everybody out there to purchase a firearm purchasing firearm legally right, gig, of course, get proficient in using that firearms that you will not be able to educate. Other people on these myths need to know how to use a farm. You need to exercise your right or you're going to lose it, and I would rather have fifty people out there. I don't have five thousand people with one firearm than one person with fifty. We need to get this beyond the realm of hobbyists to collect guns and everybody. Seeing a firearm tool in their household. Just like a hammer or reciprocating so well in and by the way this ship has sailed so long ago, right analyse what this, no pun, intended right. So what Second amendment right, you ve got people was intended.
I'm pretty sure I love them upon. We got even following them all. Ok, so if you took the guns away from all law abiding citizens today, how long would it be until you got all the way from criminals? And could you ever fully guarantee the criminals would never have weapons? Know the answers absolutely not end. If you could, that would be country that I wouldn't want to live in. That would be a country that takes away every freedom. You have just make sure you can have a firearm and can't protect yourself right in far more defence of these is the firearms each terminals. Yet it's up its close to the numbers are hard to know because a lot of the time people don't use the firearms, they simply brandished weapon and stop the situation. Escalating, when it's a home invasion? Of course, I shouldn't be running around like several ripen. I e the character so
but I do encourage you to to go purchased firearms into an you. You have a fire, but you see I do I do that. That idea a well let's, not our world. What I had I'm sorry, I why have I stuff What about this, because it lit look- and I say this because I have not a collector every fire my have has occurred-
right and we all have several firearms but you're in. I bet you actually newer to this, but that's a good thing, because I want you to learn how to be safer than why a fire. What kind of arm is important by never shut again until I was in my third is right. I never sent agenda two thousand my twenties because those canadian and the only person we ever knew who had a hand and was my ex girlfriend dad who had the magical closet of mystery, where we with legal it was like an old replica, no go in and a pretty sure that bullet what a hit you sideways. Allow friends who have the means, if you want just militias to have guts good luck at twenty two. This is something I do understand this is this. Is how tainted your view is from films like shoot to kill? We saw Batman original them in, but I hold the gun sideways right, yeah, that's a burial shut! It make sure that it can't recoil properly to chamber the next round and you it's a long story short. I looked cool before it, so this is, What's important, lumpy will don't know, as you think, I'm gonna get a twenty two
There's no shoot to kill her shoe to stop ok, shoot to stop someone, is attacking you right. If you have a home invasion, you are looking for a fire and that you can fire most effectively. That will stop the assailant before they continue to do damage doesn't matter, if you sure morphine are killed by twenty two's and any other caliber, but that's because people die an hour and a half later, maybe the next day right in the icy you from internal bleeding, but the fact is kind of you spoken halls of the twenty two and you're the chance is if you basically do, kill the guy, because our isn't enough it will nervous system shock so by law. your caliber again. The idea is to stop where you get a hollow point put. This is something they talk about unfair. I was watching. designated survivor because banks for the recommendation dad, that's right. You're not clean where some guy get sniped and they go out understand hardly make that shit. from six hundred yards away. Another comes in detective: we recovered a firearm. What it was an error
If teen, sir, my eyes of all how did they get their film that you're an area? The goal is to have a caliber that hit someone and causes enough central nervous system shock, regardless of whether it hits the heart rate? Maybe it's a spleen that they stop. Your goal is not to kill. Your goal is to stop and that's why people talk about- getting a caliber that you can fire effectively? So, let's get into HR one twenty seven, because all these things that people don't know they want. We believe that there's no background check for firearms. There are background checks for fires. They want I believe that certain calaveras are only designed to kill more effectively. There are more people killed with twenty two's and any other calibre it does mean that is more effective, stuck stop commendation! These things are not true, but it has to be clear.
You think I should file the serial number of my gun and sell it to a teenager and then get something big. Yes, and I think that you should only handle it with Saran wrapper perfect. I just want to make sure I heard a right to be saviours of Bernard thing. You know you come and listen all I already have just eleven. I have slice them off with a raise her, so I could do my bit game. Oh no, you live in Detroit United, silly enough to make a trip to Plymouth. Now, just I could throw the gun out, a guy would catch it pretty much like. I got five of these, though, and when you do, when you need a new one, you can just go in for a while. That is, I believe, a God take is called rise. You got. Competition is actually a fishbowl like business card, mostly civil, again, I've done with this one. For so this is HR, one twenty seven, which is the bill. Of course. That will be that this would be a national. But what would I do? What I want? A national data base of everyone whose licence to own a gun and by ammunition if you're, unlicensed firearm owners face fines, ranging from seventy five thousand two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a lengthy jail sentences which, by the way,
just turned an entire class of people law abiding american citizens who don't into criminals. Think about that there were let's have a right to privacy because you dont want Facebook tracking. You know what we're what kind of soap we're looking up at Etsy afterward when we're site, but you dont have a problem with having to register with the a real government. If you have a firearm which, by the way can be posted publicly, that's happened. They want their data map where people can now your house. A map were p, well can know exactly where all the firearms owners and their neighborhood it's like a neighborhood watch. Only you take out all the neighbourhood watch. I love at sea. I bought salt and pepper, pepper shakers really for eels. Did you push it good isolated by Lord ninety? Four legs itself, pepper, Lady Julia? That's it we're operation, salt and better, and you should be ashamed of yourself should not be. They want a mandatory psychological evaluation of the gunfire. All family members.
including expenses, while the review from your actual life, whose fighting over custody annual eight hundred dollar gun insurance VIII is required, and this is something else that people it just disingenuous the left is with this right. What is this do this disenfranchises the poor. They want to say that poor people can't get voter idea, which is effectively free right now. I don't want to do to disenfranchised poor. They want to make sure that black people and Latinos dont vote voter idea, which is kind of racist by the way, because it's not assuming their ports assuming their stupid. I don't do that to be the case, but what do you think happens if you have to register your face? Is fine or if the pay, a minimum of eight hundred dollars, fire insurance per year, which is more expensive than the firearm? In most cases, look poor people in Detroit, poor take your city right trail, white people in trailer park, people, people in Korea
and people right now or being victimize right asian Americans from hate crimes. They can't afford the luxury of a full on security in detail. A yo see Nancy Policy, the best shot they have is being able to exercise our second amendment right. That's why today equalizer. It's the right to self preservation. This bill control just makes poor people the people in neighborhoods, who are more likely to be the victim of gun violence to begin with less safe, but we really cool, about that, you don't care about disenfranchised and poor people. How much does it cost? get some kind of agreement. I know driver's license like fifteen bucks somethin like that, you know what it cost. You can get some other form of government idea that I think doesn't cost you anything. I don't know. I know it's less than a recurring. Eight hundred dollar fee, if you want to make sure that you don't come home and your wife's no longer there and it ends up like ransom as a lobby
the citizen is there any other product that have to be treated like this with, like any other product that I'm guaranteed the right to be able to purchase in in our rights a bit closer thing I can think of is if you're, twelve years old, guaranteed free condoms from the punch ball at the student activities coordinator flavoured oh for her pleasure, but really it still Europe letter. What hope, hope you make responsible decisions? Twelve year olds, we can't you do not fail, but here's a french tickler, here's a dental, damn lucky like cherry. It doesn't really
Haste like chariots more that medicinal flavour, but you know what you'll be glad you had. So it is not the cherry purblind daddy's, my right, that's that's a scorpion, yet the terrible million their great no offense. I don't want anyone measuring the Mona Hate Mail, I'm about to give for somebody here. What's on real big age right, think we know my thoughts and real big fish. Is forest scar bands go at the time they weren't the worse, but you know- but have you heard of England? I really like. Actually we don't look, I'm getting a little bit. It was the early ninetys. I even tolerated sugar ray for some real. I didn't like it, I'm not a fan of salary. I taller! here's one heck of a job and access Hollywood, though he really transition. Here's something else. It's in the bill, regular language, a talented, there's, an additional licence to own and possess this is the bill, a military, style weapon. Ah, what does that mean? But thought says what what what does that mean?
one of the most popular hand, guns being sold in Amerika today to seek Peter you twenty, because just one I believe it was the army trials we're out of was the marine trials. They have some daring to that. That's that's a military style weapon. What about it? I thought Haber a knife, I was talking about air fifteen since it similar to the six months that the single sky, interesting it shouldn't. You bring it up. You know what else is not a military element. Fifteen is not used anywhere in the military, and that is an m sixteen people, or is it not just because it looks the same, doesn't mean it's the same it off in M. Sixteen is a rifle with Burst fire one. Two three shots are fully automatic it, whereas an eight hour fifty is a civilian version with Semi automatic Barnett, centrally scary, to people semi automatic, any gun that isn't a bolt action or pump shock on one trigger pull one round the difference between Europe, our fifteen and the military style. M16 is as significant think of this. If you had to cock your hand, gun every single time cock at every single time. Ok now
Semi automatic that's near fifteen, the differences about the same between the eight hour, fifteen, the military military style variant where it has full automatic or burst fire. It is not used in the military and There's a problem right when you hear is that when you bills, green new deal notwithstanding original four pages and Papa you ve got rid of military. It's me you're a great weapons is a military style, no definition of terrorist I'll opens than what am I supposed to do with my hands. You know, and I would just say, dont register them and drifting occur. The hundred fifty thousand, but there are already registered as Lithuania gets you. If you transition to David Levine Uncle SAM's, none the wiser arise and when a cave these were, but then you have to register your vagina so
this note its register that when we talk about we're talking about bills again seized renewed deal fight, they all know is lethal their thousands of pages. There are thousands of pages right there. Thousands! How do you have? It is vague as weapons it looks like they could be used in an action will be. How does it happen because they want to be? the fine it whatever looked scary, whatever they happen to think they went off the streets to make themselves. Look good luck doing something to solve this problem. It all goes back to them, trying to do something for votes and not actually trying to solve the problem that we have right. we didn't have a Photoshop, and I remember someone deleted it from the show member idea. There was there Maybe later I've never mind. I think that later on, we do you have a new subdue. We know the name of the person twenty one year old our mad Alyssa that doesn't Jenny Wren. Is he a transgender terrorist? Maybe try mad mad
in transition? Haven't thought about them, but I dont up, I haven't I set also estrogen, doesn't really agree with me, so I feel angry girl. Amid does little. Is this a white guy? Still, though, the officers you must be looking for my middle men, except my I d looked arabic. I said that, and I had I Nana was arabic. So I'm gonna love now we're not saying Arabs, like all Arabs, are bad. We're saying owes its. They just said he was a white guy. No media says for us what we sat aiming to catch Gerald. I got him. I guess you did. I do not always be taken down. I know just saying that I do other people speak for us right, I'm not saying it's, but by the way that I mean look at Arabic, that'll be included among wetsuit, even if you even if he is fresh, I can say for sure, but because of the sick and even if he is fresh off the boat from
IRAN Fried from Saudi Arabia or from North Africa. Egypt he will still be labelled: White courting these statistics just clear? That's how you need to educate yourself, so you can no one there line too arrogant and we don't know we found an instagram that might be this guy. It's the same. Spangles name said Alice and this guy this guy's from Colorado and he's young. So this is what I had evolved spots. Was it an omen brothers that saying sweet Alyssa, though I can't see: there's lots of people listen to me in earnest, worship, Alaska, your five daily prayers so fast during the month of Ramadan and give your wealth in Zack ad. I'm Hodge! If you can afford to the last chairman of the prophet Mohammed, so we don't know if this is the guy. My earlier he's from Colorado, the guy is twenty one. I dont know that what they showed on the news of the building. I have that's a twenty one year old.
as we know right now, but this aspect is this: is his name? I love my love. How no known motive right now is what they're saying on CNN. Where with massage proposes right away and yet asian haze what he can't get on your mind. Kemal here said: I'm not I'm get monoplane ago meet with the asian validity in Atlanta how're. You do that right and it, but it's not even just as bad as jumping the gun when we know for a fact, There is no evidence that it was a hate crime. It wasn't targeting asian people. They still run the stories that it is every single day should always just wait for that doesn't matter. This is what it is. We have a media with no accountability and then, when you have big tech, trying to look big media lost, legacy media lost, they lost to us, they lost a place, they lost it gently. Why are we beat the monolithic when that, when the playing field this fair? Their content cannot compete and so I guess the media in order to avoid any kind of accountability, has tried to get their clause into big tech so that it
Speed you see in an end. Yes, Fox NEWS is not exempt either so that they never get called on their mistakes. Look with this happening in real time. They said that day you when you are hosting the show that was happening in real time. You're joke about the growing shopkeeper beard had me in tears in my hotel on my part, was earning male clinics. You're gonna have to pay for some new studies that happened in real time and they said hate crime against Asians. I will admit when I was what else. Well, you know it looks that way at this point it cause I didn't read: it takes a while to read always thirty percent were not even asian await this guy didn't have any history await these Massage prowlers, where there were sex trapping which, by the way, has been just sweating under the right now in real time. It's we have no idea as to the motive of the shooter, You can start with a mad and take a gas if you're gonna take a gas just because but who happen to be asian, seventy percent of them at massage Bosnia, citizens, a hate crime, take
gas here right. If you're going to do it, the point is you shouldn't guess, but you already that doesn't fit the new this guy. We just showed to were fairly sure that this is the guys I'm. So this actually Facebook nuns room were fairly sure. Does the games you should get together this other tweed from Turkey? Is this aspect in butter? Cholera, medalists, twenty one of our vote and this guy? It's as he's from about our let's? Have them come through more stuff? I'm sure we'll find I'm sure we'll find up lifting little or nothing to see here, though, our runaway may also Instagram ass model. I also by my fifty Jeez one, what I am about to face and I got five times a day. I am glad that I do it in Gmos, shark. I've neighbours a deserved. My dogs bark,
as you can hear the Hall Occult apparent, Hendrick yeah now, oh well and Trousers Heller. Polish though, and we're doin the parole gives you can get this induct blood Sue Pino, whose head that Anthony Boarding and me isn't any good. It's actually. the good I like the sound of his soup guy. I know it sounds terrible. You day, I'd, never aided until Anthony Bourdain did and other than you know how it ended. I liked him where I wanted to be like em model don't be like Well we'll see, let's not follow the same path, jurists now, one if you do throw yourself over rail and the US are we ve talked about this. Yes, we ve packed. Yes, we do I'd suggest the native media matters, bang and adults like you know what to do and when you are right, she's not going very pleasant because our office years only two stories, but really you know we're going to
ourselves for both are gonna, be dressed as feathers like a bad fellow with me, and they ran, whereas we dealt with a cold day under orders. Access idols. This third right now like a penguin Adobe legacy, they can fly Stephen. It goes a ground now, every so funny. I want to join from a building? And instead of that, like that in makeshift sort of trampoline, I want them just have a giant box of ground out so that, while you take about that, this puts a nice grass and your frontiers, they can borough and Nino they're not day there, not on the wise doing. What's going on, I say to be saved by eight pigeons and they just grab my coat and told me that one is of happy
yet you deserve it like. You will die from that fall. We're pulling you hire to drop you this system, time and jerry that I brought my son to see the pigeons will be wrappers as well. Listen Detroit, it could happen. Stranger things have happened like Detroit still being a city. So let's move on well we're talking about people being allowed to do stuff. I dont know how to try to allow this to be a thing. I don't think technically sensitivity, denial. We have acted choice. Do we have doktor joy? Ok, let's see if he can hold for a few minutes. You think you can see is here. I will ask him. Because we're gonna have to log in and we met these just talked about going until we have a whole. Ok, let's, let's rattled through the second economically, let's talk about this one then we'll get to Doktor Charlie, but what's up dock with that pride, which so Ireland's military. This is something we need to talk about right now.
the military, and I will say this, look thank you to everyone who has served. I appreciated, but the military is not what we want sought. The military has now become a petri dish, a social experiment, it's not about having the most effective military in the world is not about having the most prepared people in the world. Of course, when you do that, when you turn it into a social justice experiment, you end sent at sending unqualified people, largely women, pregnant women now to their death. That's so don't say that this hasn't come from a place of empathy, just just like you can't say when we're talking about people having the right to bear arms. Nor does come from a place of empathy because I dont want women get raped or one read more headlines at red woman fights off rapists, an attacker with firearm than raped and left in a ditch same thing here. Want to read more headline to say, pregnant women who couldn't do need tuck or pushups ends up dead on the battlefield. Ok, they shouldn't be in the battle field. You can call me sexist. I don't give a rat's ass, cancel moment high. Take this clip so last Friday, at the end, a summit in Alaska chinese diplomats marked binds weak stance against China.
Mercilessly and dumb and, of course I would never side with Communist China, but they got some shots and I have to tell you what I am hearing is very different from what you describe. I'm hearing deep satisfaction but the United States is back. There were reengaged with our allies and pilots changed diplomats right now. I'm also hear how Mohammed it's about some of the US. Your government is TAT like you seriously when you sit in ITALY, cabbage parents should see, but why islands can't mother, while I Think we saw earlier browser. Does the United States? We thought that the? U S, side will follow They necessarily diplomatic protocols, woman, Counter Bishop timing, wonder LISA so for China it was necessary that we make our position clear, will surely Gigi EMO meals, goods, some good amendments or muslim solidity with Slovakia,
the Congo, so let me say here that in front of the chinese side, the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from position of strength for abolition of snow. strangers, and that was what we couldn't find a clip because it got cut off because pretty embarrassing. Just like the guy's balls, you're saying or not strong. I think pound four pounds, you a pussy by so We need not worried because former vice President Joe Biden, he knows he knows it national. Security is not achieved through strength now, so the military's about you guys are all concerned about power and strang efficiency, its achieved through diversity, for using their voices and actively working to change policy in the military. Give easier and safer for more women, not just, a joint military, but stay in the military and to thrive credibly proud that, in turn,
fifteen under the Obama Bide administration. We took the final steps to open up our positions and military to anyone qualified to serve them, but why today's military told no. They should be old. Now the military became an all inclusive. This isn't sandals, they should be told. No. If these are more people who call people who qualify, what have you done qualify overdue to qualifications, what if they still don't qualify them all just reduce all qualifications in the Chinese will laugh at us. Ok, while they did that, that's really what we're going to do. So, let's look at a couple of things you before we get to women. Sorry women! Are you saying that women are weaker than men physically? Yes, here we're gonna meant period. Ok, you should be the military for pregnant. I don't know what we're talking about this, but one of these areas of orders that was issued by Joe Biden, former vice President Obama, free transgender surgery, the military, reversing and Obama arab policy. That's nice! That's nice! That's
that's a priority right now. Imagine that an Pearl harbor when you people are dead. That's the thing people were hold up there in their hospital beds. How many people would enable to run out to their fighter jet while back then they weren't jets? They will run out there. What are they use nearby moved between biplanes and fight or gets, but they couldn't less. They hurt the sutures in their groin gonna, wattle out there that all on and bleeding from my crotch we're gonna use my medical device like a barbershop quartet to reopen it is a wound us that at the beginning of saving private Ryan actually is weak. Has of China's suitors is yours for some. So this is what the landing rights everywhere. They want everybody to which experienced by the way Hollywood yet another remake, taking their chances redo of missing in action, and that seems
I want to know from past experience missing to go in this important thing me saying this for and by the way, the best you can do it now when you watch the show just comment com. Come on just leave a comment. What you think about women in the military and what you think now about Milton women Terry because everyone agreed but women, a military officers, women in the military, think that involves intellectual capacity, because women are justice, organizational capacity shore line, you know even pilots provide did they aren't with child, but I am about to say a phrase that you on its face would think, is a scam She would think its a bit. It's not bad Oh me, just read this verbal never I am article two slows eyed and also announced the priority of special maternity fighter pilot suits for pregnant women. we're we're making good progress, design
body armor that fits women properly. tailoring combat uniforms for women creating flights, updating requirements. First, styles TA some spandex on their fatigues and call it a day. This is remarkable to me: hey look almost society where the military is no longer about protecting women and children Do we really didn t you know maybe take? Do we really need another? No bid military Terry contract from eternity suits like just have a bidding war between Talbot and whoever I don't or whatever else is Talbot. But the point is you don't want? what women shouldn't be able to do in their pregnant fly.
ok, it's not leader parent. You think of happy thought you can still die just to be clear. It safer for pregnant women to fly only between three and six month. I know because of a wife Britain, with Twins Mesa, don't line at the first chemistry, not the last trimester and unless you're with twins, guess what you probably don't need another shoot. You don't need to leave a little butter room for the belly, also that baby is going to be mashed potatoes. At that point, it is disgusting we shouldn't be sending all women in energy force better. Really what about the six month all give any ideas stereos ride in a world where that women's rights are reacting, Tortora DORA. I can't believe that we are now saying the military is not about being as effective as possible.
Well because at one point our goal was to protect women and children. Why? Because we love the why? Because it make babies? Why? Because men are fine, being leather, necked rough baby doing this out their deer hunting on that weekend anyway, they don't give a rat's ass, switch the dear out with a terrorist and switch that hunting rifle with an m16, not err, fifteen, less you're, an idiot wrecked. That's what I want those the people that I want, the military, also, the people, the military who I want. People who are able to do basic pushups not need pushups non pitch pushups. How about that before we start talking about job I just like to spend money.
Maternity flight suits. Are you out of your mind? You know what happened a goose. What are they gonna happen among us? Well, I think we are denying the super soldier, depending on her mood. The s I mean we could really take out the trash. They don't give a methamphetamine like a japanese Canada like she killed everybody even in her own platoon. I get that extra another journal in highlighting aim. I called her through a headset myself member those Cadbury exit was saving for I get hungry at night and ate them. She set her ankles hurts and I suggested larger boots because they might be swelling. She murdered nine, but she's headed for the White House. All you guys might go and Marion those canals farms or anyone else waiting woman can know first off the first until you practice right, don't I would even say it. We can have a glass of wine. You can have a cup of coffee, but stress avoid stress. What do you think a job
fighting the sky by qualified, especially units one and can do pretty woman. They can't write roller coaster. They can't get in hot tubs. Working to put them in a fight, Jack, I'm sorry, it's not sex is to not want pregnant women to die in the military. Here's something else to sixty five percent of women, Failing the new mind, you knew equal gender neutral fitness test versus just ten percent of this is important to note. This is a new gender neutral fitness test. What does that mean? We ve made it easier because we weren't passing the other tests. So now it's you, don't even have enough to do other things. There are like pull out from stuff, so we're gonna make it really easy. Where you know you do like a network, but guess what women are underperforming in me. Tuck one point: nine, for every eight point three men pass Joe brought another option. You notice journalists by Europe as it is as these shameful right.
headed step child with a blanket which is a stupid thing in the world again, because you show your push shops when you're doing a push up, guess what you're? Always. Thanks, but rather to remove that from the equation and just sit there. So now they allow women to because they have to get up in the maternity flight suit, otherwise. What how could you? How could you eat your patriarchy? So, let's make sure we lower standards so that women with child can get up there. Now. Sixteen I found on what the plainest sixteen fifty nine and patchy whatever it is, what the hell is, let's make sure they can get up there. Let's move the neat up and left just hand: m. Do money anyone's balance on the early, that's not even as hard as nice bucket challenge. So now women can go out into the front of combat with planking, and that actually reminds us that we have to get going I'm running late today, so awfully doktor try still there, and if he's not that I understand, but we wanted to put this to the test ourselves. So it's time to bring in some internet
Our rights, the boy in turn and a lady in turn, I do not enjoy you good, not very many hate crimes. Lately, all you just. Let me know if that happened during this office, because our things that are tolerated- one thing- I don't have it this office racially mode, hydrants earlier we haven't ones. I see he'll, give you what you need for next fifty right, so we are just going to for the rest of the show guys get down into the plank and we're gonna see who wins the boy. Oh majority plants. We have maternity flight suit, pants bother you plank, I have to finish. The show jealous stay there the whole show, I can't see them see you guys. Let me know if one of them fails: hey, no! No! No! You can't get no don't ever have Joe Louis. What could be a terrorist out there with your platoon part of the deal with other often crying out loud, want you protecting our countries to accept,
hey, don't be a big user. Man anyway loves you all right this part of this. This is what amounts to freeze. Yes, just it's best to let him think another thing is now the work, be it the Navy. I really will be how are some forcing all sailors to reach where there also the constitution in order to try to weed out extremism. Here you go extremest. Leaves behaviors. Extremism are not consistent with our core values. They have no place within our Navy or our Navy culture, extremist organisations or the that promote like in parenthesis causes- and discrimination against others. Based solely on race, creed, color, sex, race, virgin sexual preference or national origin, or those that advocate The use of violence against our government and elected leaders,
on our core values. This kind of behaviour is in direct conflict with the oath. We all swore when we entered disservice. Participation and extremism can include demonstrating rallying fund raising recruiting or conducting train? or were an organization with those believes. Just by hosting retweeting or lighting and a thin. That's enough, I don't give a rat's as they are the same hour drive from Macarthur with a deep corn, I'm impressed with the play Now I would have already been involved in these two hundred and eighty nine seconds which one minute, eighteen so says, you're Z. In arms
shut up by the way she was silent. Majority say that on children you get over here, calamity employer in and choke yours, as you said, to choke yourself, we're gonna get out. Thank you so you're summing up this, this chief naval personnel, Vice Admiral John these are the stand down will focus on the damaging effects of extremism in how to eliminate, after dozens of veterans and service members were arrested in connection with the general six right. U S, capital! We will not tell those who participate in actions that go against the fundamental principles of the earth. We share particularly action associated with extremist or diesel dissident ideologies. I thought we had I thought we discussed, and by the way this is thing that they also have said in the navy. This has become a social experiment. It's not about again it's not about keeping our country say. That's the issue right now with the military. Master, sergeant Ramon Cologne Lopez, hopefully get that right, probably get it right. Ok attributed to racism. Let's have him. its crowded
I think the same master sergeants gonna put people off, maybe that's implication that the rank, hopefully the earned it wasn't a slot. So the military needs to educate soldiers on the different twin capital riots in black lives matter. If they want to make it really clear that the two hundred people out of all the folks on the capital about two and fifty four hundred thousand depending on yes misuse that that is a threat, but not the people who two billion dollars in damages officer, casualties and dozens of deaths. So it says what I am committed to do is make sure that our people understand right from wrong that our people are well educated to be able to carry on in an honourable fashion in their maternity suits, and if here somebody saying the wrong things at their quick to go ahead and current correct them without being confrontational, so they want to make sure that you educate your fellow most of the military fellow service members if they happen to have a pair, with their neighborhoods back on their getting a letter and is not just a topless pick from their wife, but it's their wives.
Burned down and their house that he doesn't hold a grudge great there, so they say it just for demonstrating just for marching in a peaceful protest for RE twitter for sunlight, like aids, for like any other, in other words, some guy who's in the military, whose tasked with going out there and taking out you know, make me king could die fees. Little hot, look like hell else, bachelor pad right. We need to make sure that he hasn't liked a tweet that happens to have something that can be considered as Lama phobic, like the shell, well NM, unless you think that were being sarcastic here, the people that were marching in Michigan, the second amendment rally were viewed as extremists for declaring Roy falls, even though they did not a rally. They did nothing wrong. They didn't do any damage to hurt anybody. Extremists are you gonna kick back out of the military for that pay, question question: I have to go and see what Doktor Tribeca try. Thank you so much. I know your doctrinal you're very busy, but People always say that, while black lives matter, there are just a few people who cooperated these most of them. The vast majority them were peaceful, which is not true
One of these are the same when there were only two hundred or so people who were not of the cap arrive in their hundreds. Thousands of people there continents, rather doesn't fit. The narrative it does with ninety percent. Be how do u have ninety percent peaceful anything with two billion dollars and damage? damage to happen. It just becomes on peaceful once it starts like the executive, and may I say what I always also do all right and by the way China would agree with some of these things because they called the United States chinese media hypocrites. supporting on com and then denouncing the January sixth rioters, Well, you know I once I guess China they. I guess they cannot see how they could see it that way. Sure jerks I hate it. and he's a purple, and one overrides I'll read my hope that the Chinese are actually able to just embarrassing,
was, I know you are, but what am I saying and it works and it works? It works right now think about this. Then paying our rebate is more of a man than or Vice President Obama in some ways, not a fan of Communist China, not giving and by what. While? U S military is concerned with diversity, inclusion, Jean being again haven't pronounced, Landau has all the military kings, air for war so they're gone. But then I have already made a little march, will boost at where they are sure you have your Europe, travel to knowledge, your medication and some snacks. You guys the strict structurally parents. Ok, someone help or into the fight it. If someone help her into the fighter jet my gasters nineteen Chinese on us and we're already dead at this remark both to me he's they would never consider this end. You know why will forever the horrible communist country China, but we ve, always understood the military exist, to protect our country and to protect are women and children?
we dont send children out into war. We dont send pregnant women out of doors, not because we hate women, also I don't know that we shall be paying for transgender surgery, because things are a lot of people are now we're going to join up in the army. National Guard, you can chop and then there's gonna be out, do one tour and out so they can get a free, snips nip. I have a problem and unjust. I just saying really didn't want new liberals who have a thing you can do right now is comment. Comment countries. Let us know what you think that the military that situation- what you think about this, you any information that you see about the shooting or the shooter, please do leaving the comments section because he's getting into tracking updated as this unfold we're gonna go to Muslim. We have Doktor China, fat pride segment and, what's up doc, Youtube. Thank you. I would say we love you, but you know that would be a line. I just want to be up front with you, so you can pass
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