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Steven reviews the Trump team's legal case in Michigan and looks at what sworn affidavits allege took place during the vote count. He then covers Democrats' illegal calls for leftists to move to Georgia to swing the upcoming Senate elections and celebrates passing Louder with Crowder's archnemesis, the Young Turks.

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Our esteemed before you go, we do need to get an audio intro for the show now automatic people. She was the audio visual yeah. If we could just no, the tv. It's a television programme. Like everyone to the do. Let me know they made their bad. They can lie it or lay in it. What is it, why line it up? I don't know You know what I said in a bed of lies railway line himself. There was another great video content while of Buffalo. They join a lot of Canada. Come such smuggling, otherwise the audio video it'll all cease to be. Oh, this is going out. Hey wait, I has we ran out of black rifle coffee. No payment info didn't get change. Processing think all will have some more tomorrow yeah.
today, well. I was just parted with fatigue because waited so well, but then I didn't discussed. I saw you almost a quarter black area with us. In my hearing to you properly right now, not yet ok forget it. Yesterday was a technical disaster. We all know because we sought quartered lack, had the cove it turns out. I didn't I didn't. We tyres, appoint areas of sketches boring of him as our covert corresponded fiery disappointed come so I do apologize, but we have so much to get you today. We have my half regional over, which means you're. Obviously, hello, one quarter black Audio Way Gerald A, but it's really important that my half asian wherever richness Europe, because we are going to go through the two hundred and thirty four.
we're pages of sworn affidavits just in a state of Michigan right now. There's no evidence, not all a voter fraud and irregularities, none at all there. over two hundred and thirty four pages, that you can all read, but their hand written and they're not really labelled, and I think that someone should be hung from the gallows before breakfast for doing that. But thank you to register and it and myself are spending an hour and a half yesterday attempted agreement just think yourself before we get to that. This is something just before we get into. Anything else also were passing the young Turks today, which is kind of all doing liberation, but this is something In case you wondered if the left was beyond parity I just wanted to leave this more go back into it with Georgia, voter fraud, but this New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, the the lesser Friedman, the lesser by encouraging people. This was last night to move to Georgia, just a vote for Democrats.
everybody moves to Georgia. You know in the next month or two registers to vote and votes for these two democratic senators. That means in a vacuum Angola's another I surely made that statement two days ago on this show as a joke solely because I know its highly illegal. So here are the kind of issue days ago This role is to calling every single louder with crowd or viewer, and everyone here to go rent out timeshare apartment in Georgia and voting the shit out of those run on its side President Klaus, to just doing it, but I know that we would be caught on time what I'm doing something illegal. I made a joke about the fact that we would be caught doing something illegal two days.
later. The New York Times colonists encourages people to do something illegal by the way have Lucian bill. Is it illegal? It's totally there's a process by which you can actually moved to a state of voter, but the time frame and what their specifically suggesting is again no, no Wages are evidence of voter irregularities and fraud in the election, but if Could minority report this right now sure you'd arrest him for committing bone fraud? Well now, You just said that there are more people will say the same thing of which are, I could see them or another talking about hospitalizations and covered. So really by the way we have a lot to get to today do consider following an instagram because its lotta with crato, we do some some lifestyle, stuff ran and lifestyle branding ass modelling and that we will be taking your chats later on. At the end of the show- and I do consider joining my club- crowded luck,
stream is still thirty hours still go on. Election is not over Start Granville. You were saying this early you're watching tv, and I don't know if you do that. You chose to tone it down on air. Was President Elect Biden and you had some words either. He was present President elect fuck you by India as there is a legal body thing users in prison like a few plight and They had signed up and make my question before you ve done is which battleground state do you think is engaging the shadiest voting praxis because now we're looking at? Obviously it was constantly Michigan you, a pencil, Dania George, you have Arizona, you have Nevada, which one do you think is the most egregious will be going through state by state next week. So you can kind of habit as a catalogue and a reference point, because we ve been doing it is Oh comes in, but I do understand it's tough, sometimes, especially when they say what there's no evidence of any kind of voting irregularities and your mother so much. But where do I go? We got you covered
Let me now come right now. Take a second positive. You watch this is in the archives and then come back to it if your mind, is after you see the Michigan affidavits right before we move on now. This is one of my favorite things that happened this week, abiden voter being mobbed by the mob, trying to than that they shouldn't mob. Let us do it with a wooden leg is a sham. Only peaceful, Crystal clear has only was like talking to them
preaching to them, it was a good iron or stay within only saw when I read the language of the bottom was like none of this, because I was just watch like lives. Not does not there's no way that we are really being said, and then I heard another. I just I love part, my language, you really just do it was believed, but it's so funny people you to watch their clear. It is as though you wrote a sketch real. I voted for buying. Please be peaceful I was gonna work, they would happen. They worked a bird new stuff down. Look I've got aside. I've got us still use, not use very white, the guy, why, but I gotta say those protesters were pretty spot on, I mean if, if there's any one is the with a party of white supremacy, it's definitely Biden
yeah man his slave, owning first p, o S candidate, the well. Let me look between the two of them. One of them is turn more more minorities in jail for victim arrives at the other end, its her, and one of them has since, as had their direct ancestors and slave more people than anyone. This room. That also why? Actually I learned that footage was from a democratic party meeting. The two sides change man to be fair: the pool is tainted booted anytime, Robert Bird shows up you re everybody. It's not a bell curve. It's a Robert bird current, ok! So let's get in Michigan affidavits here I notice is boring for some people I understand, but I want to make sure that you understand exactly what is in this document. What matters kind of some of these things are tough to read. So first office was introduced by quite the dish. Clearly makin, yesterday I hear you gotta sister, announcing it we
hearing, the drumbeat of, whereas the evidence right here, Sean to hunt. thirty four pages of sworn affidavits. These are real people, real allegation signed with notaries and this region they cut off in the latter was going on in a later lawless was then hosting Kennedy right now. Nearly widows irony is vulgar over my schedule for baby geniuses for old I guess he is the early production, so its two hundred and thirty four and thirty five pages of sworn affidavits want to go through what I think are the most notable first of having Can you explain what a sworn affidavit is and why it matters? Whites, not earnest I very much like to use the right it's a statement. Under other mean a lot of people have had to fill them out. You know where you go to the bank or you go to a notary, and that person is when? Is it take down your name? They do. The signature should have a record of making sure it's a long process, but are unfairly
You know we're now doing some digital signatures, which the electronic version of that, but essentially saying like there has to be. multi if working to rely on these words is essential central part of how the legal system, where I did that you can trust that someone isn't gonna, just put false information the same in, and so there are two different systems of the state and the federal at the federal level. The penalties are wide, ranging depending on the circumstance, but you could generally. Have about up to five years in federal prison that further, so that yet perjury applies to throw in Athens Avis, just like being under oath in court. It does I mean when you are making in under a statement in writing at an affidavit. It is the equivalent of sitting on a stand with the judge, their young, making a statement again under a zone in the state of Michigan, which is where these affidavits are from the actually have even more strict penalties. It can be up to fifteen years in its a felony, so you would have to believe that these to believe that these affidavits are false, you would have to believe that someone was willing to give up not only more than a decade, potentially a writer own freedom, but also all
other things go along with being a fat, we're right and the rights to Julius, and you don T know what to be Michigan next Ill homer. shit, Rashid, its labour. The point is: you're affidavits their hands and around Europe two thousand and there I was going to ask you. When somebody makes a statement like that, doesn't doesn't somebody say: are you willing to sign an affidavit under oath saying that this is true like given their process? These people didn T go like I'm, going, go, find a notary and make this statement right. They were upraised of kind of the penalties, potentially, no unilateral, gonna, try and other processes are continually with the process will go back to what people they know. You didn't happened by chance. That's alone, would enable didn't just run out and try to do this, not knowing the consequence. There are many met. There are many many hundreds taught totalling well over a thousand affidavits ask these are just from me and by the way I was looking this up. Someone can probably faxing there might be off by one or two a Christine Glossy Ford. I believe there were four affidavits and there it is evidence of pupils or high think Christine lousy. Ford, told me about a party
I'm not gonna disprove, whereas these affidavits are very dieter as to what these people saw taking place. So let me give you one here. This is from page seventeen PDF is available to everyone will have the link up here on pay Seventeen someone said that there are batches of ballots run through them. Machine as many as five times. This is a direct quote, proximately four. Fifty eight am, I witnessed. A man sprang a chemical on a ballot machine. He then placed twenty seven ballots into the machine and I noticed tape on the top of the battle we're a ballot number would normally be throughout the night, we missed him? Insert these name, these same twenty seven ballots at least five times legal or not. Having bill sound scare. like I said not exactly like their lawyers are full of joy. If anything is there's so much if any of this is incorrect, if they can prove is incorrect, this person is in trouble
person who made the same and rightly and arranging owing to of actual material statements that are false. They will be likely found to have committed perjury, and so here's the parties. So people say: oh well, you know the people were signing. It have no idea there just being told to sign this up, but actually suborning perjury, so going out in procuring perjury. Is perjury itself like it's right, also within the perjury statute as a crime. Here's a thing, even if you ask for some one to make, false statement and they don't even make the false statement that want to rise. Belgium will thus I was getting into like where these things can still hanging there of the entire or, if that process of it is made, that has penalties that are involved in so like we're that one just you know, being you know being very straightforward. If you look at saving the question is always can be. This is like what you asked a question of: what is the weight supposed to be right and what is the waves being done and what is the legal way to do it in the ways being done? There are reasons why you have to re run balance if they're not read but not running them, five times out rerunning them
twenty seven year, so it takes over the numbers with it ain't over the number and it just so happens through our own side, with the one not one hour and a half nap. Yet I charter and the sudden jump what unites us all seated regressing finally suffer more than five million votes nationwide. We have you read five tying specific. Yes, rather five times that on Monday in detail, Michael, ok, with rhetoric love it there's another one this can be found again, the pdf. I want you all to read it and probably a couple hours on page twenty five page, one hundred and sixteen eight hundred and twenty two p238 take one hundred and fifty page one. Eighty five: we have over six eye witnesses testifying that ballots, not in the voter database. We're just entered using a fake birthday of one one, nineteen hundred awhile, but that's just a terrible date. Six separate witnesses again check up.
Those pages at this is innocent enough. This is an excuse. It's often using we talked about dead voters going well, we just sometimes it just entering nineteen hundred is birthing. That's also. Not a legitimate, doesn't match the birthday of the person in question. You're not supposed to corrected here, there's one person years so that their son voted yes, dead twice now, all local news that had been disproven, but they did natural right sources to doing this proven right. Red was a simple sometimes if their part of the new township, its created given like a birthday like nineteen hundred, legal factor here the only voted once rightly with their backs avenue. Tat is really worth dates. Incinerating it's like. There are some examples where you know they. The birthday was illegible. They put a feat like a placeholder birthday in their of nineteen hundred and then they go back of it follows up, and so, even if the Emmy, this is the end
our problem. We have with anyone going no there's no fraud in all, there's no irregularities. We should look at any there's, just crowned by move on raise, there are legitimate irregularities at the system is already set to review right, we're not saying hey. Do an extraordinary review do anything. It's abnormal canvas the districts. Look at the votes check the ballots checked it things that are irregular and let the chip forwards either way. That's important, just canvasses districts. This is something I want. I want to know that it's the in Georgia, for example, keep in mind to the Georgia Secretary of State. This isn't anyone involved in of the Republican. They don't want to say yeah. I was involved in the most incompetent voting process that agenda later, even if it's not scandal so there necessarily going to be looking as aggressively as possible, regardless of political affiliation, because it reflects. thirdly, on them as well, if they didn't catch it, but this is a it was overlooked and I would say, even in our show, we know enough time in Georgia people They just to recount explain to people what the canvassing
as the recount, how that's different a manual recount and why it could change dramatically catch brought good. It's not just go and recounting that might be to me a few votes. While it's looking it in every state, the ballots or a little different. They have different requirements example in Wisconsin, you know, there's the witness calibre the address there made right there made out of cheese. Sometimes it swiss cheese, you may miss candidate, but we're not Europe shows you is Oh, I got a different state, NED Land, really he abandoned them quickly. Charges so Stephen was worth every death. I live when similar in sport I gotta go, I'm gonna get gobbledygook Its went, except for a good gobbledygook refer slope. Go you don't have preferred Charlie. So when you go to different the different both more, they can certify, they have to do canvassing and people are going. I can't believe they're asking
scam sing another we ve only been doing damage. The our entire nation rank higher up your sorry of certified votes again, not every state has it. Every state does a little bit differently over saying, as do the process you normally do and in an election wearied out. Not that close. No one pays attention, but just because you didn't know, canvassing happens and that canvassing is required and rights are vacations happening viewing the irregularities and checking to make sure the right doesn't mean that that has all vans, Anthony Broadest comes down to have. People believe that this is a legitimate or not, for example, because I didn't know that canvassing happens because you didn't know, for example, and I think that both should count, but it wasn't born in nineteen hundred. Why So that's illegal, my didn't know that is still an elephant. I don't care what Detroit repressed old you if you're aboard and nineteen sixty seven and It says nineteen hundred and its doesn't matter voter registration. That is no that is not legitimate, cannot know what is accurate or not yet isn't it
and I think we ve just gotten so used to the media calling an election and we distrust. Ok, those are the results and we had no idea. This entire process went on until around December fourteen think when they actually say yet boats certified in each one of the states right, and we just thought happened, the knight of the election right, and you can see it in one out of their way to make sure that we knew that that wasn't the process right up until there I was the beneficiary and then they had nothing to see here. Move along, I always act. It is extraordinary words Morton Affairs, not they weren't gonna. Let us ensure that wasn't the process there are trying to. Let us know that. Actually, this time we wouldn't even know the winner period we wouldn't, because usually the processes used, but media will call it may work with local officials in they go. Can we have a general? We think we have an accurate count right, but they were saying, don't believe any of it right if Trump went and they had to keep saying it. Adele for twenty five, and you know how here's the thing when they say, while we knew that bind we're gonna pull had. Do you know how you know? That's not true.
weaker, we will not mention after the stream was losing his Mama up until midnight. He'd aimed at every Democrats did not see it as if it is a formidable lead at that point and labour This is surprised if they Saying: hey, listen, keep calm, all is well winning, Florida by double digit by twice the margin of I think, that's what I thought was every point, something at another total tally. They would have that day, listen he's gonna change in the mail and balance company. They all you see, use what it was like. It was like a bath march, and that is what we want. for fifty one the morning. Look. How did this change our oceans. You ask me questions when the beggar favours me. I don't say anything we're just even sure when you need em all the duchess S. Questions now provides answers not now to what happened with that voting machine. I'm no. What do you think happens? Kind just asking the question always the interviewer. Never the interviewee Wash W Bush family Shouldn downer behind
the tallying machine with Saudi, Prince Acme plunder we're, not tower seven zero you're suggesting I'm just ask the facts with my creepy riffraff parity. So when they, I would say, is very interesting. Is I've talked to a lot of people? I think I mentioned before before the election is not a lot we're going on these days on like not getting my fix of adversarial conversations. Rightly normally. Do you call me up at two in the morning, just to argue yeah, exactly I'm like? No, should not be wearing spandex. This is not the time of year, scrubby right, and so I will go talk to us about much work. Some still doing that today, in a lot of folks on the last like vote openly they support by they go. We need to cut the votes there like just let the product I dont want to to answer to someone and say: oh, we just one because we shuffled it under the bed, but that is not what your hearing in like on CNN there, like I'm looking around in seeing these headlines, but none
And half of Amerika believed by one people, origin executor of Durban, several positive, come up to that effect, a people with just come in. I got exactly I go. You that's the kind of stuff you need to be telling of the people they like, but everyone around me using kill. This is America. Why aren't we find, the law on. Why are we stopping following the let's just count the votes business and they didn't nowadays it well hey, listen! You can't molotov cocktails five allow. Why didn't act? where's that real still we're still enough to arrest you. I don't think so. We're gonna arrest you that vote is not legitimate and I didn't know it doesn't matter that does not matter. I had a friend you got arrested because or or he was he was detained because he accidentally caught a speech of fish in Lake Michigan that you are not allowed to FIFA and he legitimately could claim ignorance, because everyone could no hockey player that I can't do that. We have to bring you anyway. What what is this this silly those. But what is it
Does it really matter will show you a chilling it's an hour? I need took his licks there, here's another one. This is from page thirty, seven! Regarding mail in voting, uphold teachers, observed mail in ballots being log, even when they had no signature or work a registered voter again, you can find it in a pdf on page thirty, seven We have seen this happening across our many shorn affidavits across the country, and all of this is just Michigan. There also numbers coming into their just proportional number ballots that just hand, Biden Harris, and I can't verify this, but I haven't really largely been disputed words, just Biden Harris and not the rest of the ticket else, but which is very very we will in one of these. This piece is the signature thing pieces. off more than just about anything else, because that was what they assured us would be the backstop. They said, no, no, no mail in or fine because we can check. The signature, right, and that will be fine. Just have just go up there and I put an excellent
Why over their fine? They did so because we ve talked about this long before this show out how many votes could be compromise, because a lot of balancing the agenda signatures were the signatures didn't match, but now just entering good enough Serezana say now that voters name is Paul and it says John, I wrote John hang, you is buying ironic that was being thats, not mature, and now Sonny ballots accepted meal and out at thirty times the rate of another election, unbelievable because any signature is gonna. Think about that for us all, these things and then something that is statistically observable. No one can dispute this whatsoever mail ballots in the you're, the first they were on requested accepted at thirty times rate projector. It was percent? What used to be knots exists? Point zero, three, embarrassing think those add up.
A hundred thousand votes couple million votes. Those aren't just doesn't around here, that's winning estate. Exactly that's just one factor right: go to post mortem everything else, and you start to add these things up and it becomes a huge number of votes turned, so it would gerald if only there was a way for us to double check into national that the thing out where I think the one already been mirrored bill, I apologize. We have to move on if only on government, not that already put a process into place to double check these votes and give Americans way. We already have one right right in oh by the way, give job trophy? What using the present gets? A trophy platinum? Fine, you get the black Look I'm comes later, the free world. Why didn't know that? Well I'm going to tell you guys, I think, you're making a big mistake even referring. You know in any way to think that this has to be by in presidency, and you know this is definitely all day
Brazil Harris? I sent her a cookie, ok, just a hedge, my right up your suggestion that sometimes I go to a Methodist church and not just a Baptist church, just a hedge, my bow rewrite age out. Will you do if you want to know if you want to send Joe Biden Gift sentiment? that you really want for yourself, but you can do without forgotten nine months to a year and a half. Put a return to do. Look I got you unknown and tender switch. I kept keep the give proceed and showed something happen. You see. There's a control. Contractors has just returned Spectra, throwing back what, your leader of the free world wide and know that so here's one duplications. This is on page one o seven. If we go for before this wise martini Adam on CNN right now
originally the other, then she was doing. She was doing a little odd little shoulder pad like orphan. Now she just how funny would it be if that guy just reached into her little boxes caught me, he would rhyme, Are you saying it's unprofessional, yeah yeah, and I know that wasn't women act as though they haven't harder in the workplace, because men where uniform could do if you walk in today, wearing ruffles high rank ruffle shirts. He didn't beaten up our just didn't lace negligee. What are you doing that and professional seven? The number of times before the show started and I've had to tell Gerald, take, take the ruffles off through my. I'm really protecting you here. I think it works. It works come on. I'm not saying you are good at anything. It's perfect he's tall, so the lines eagerly to the horizontal lines set out by the way did having built on a matter how many vertical line to try and put on your suit we can tell.
As I say, I want you to notice that seen in always has the popular vote, the irrelevant riotous. There is always there. They don't show you that it's an eleven thousand boat difference in Arizona. They dont show you that its under twenty thousand in a cup of their state that he showed the popular vote, it's almost six million. Now, of course you know evidence of voter Fraga evidence of voter irregularities, none whatsoever, there's a lot, there's a lot now as to whether there is enough to flip all of these states. But anyone who says there is no evidence there lying to discount there immediately just like. If someone says I guarantee you Donald Trump, one discount them. Immediately right. That is not information that is valuable, because this person does not know. We do not know exactly what is trip. What has happened. We do know that they are illegitimate votes. We do that their irregularities and in some cases, fraud to the level of which that we don't know since it from page one o seven a pole watch sharp whole workers duplicating ballots to incorrect priests, things in order to run through two ballots on one person and they said it
observe this repeatedly about twenty two thirty times so of all allegations? This is one of the ones that I think is is a very much like there's, no there's no innocent explanation for that right. They saw what they saw which and I realize they sign and said that this is what they saw but look having worked in law. You see people who everyone will see the same scene and remember things a little bit differently right now or there's some explanation, but that's one of the ones where it's really hard to think of how could there be an explanation? You saw the ballot it had a precinct. You saw another ballot, had the same person with the same votes, but with the different policing and enable run through right, right, there's. No, there is no legitimate explanation for that and it's one of the examples that we have to look to get to the bottom and here's one other point now. Let's say that the presidential election doesn't change would say that the swing states background states. They are what they are
and Trump doesn't end of winning, there's still a little hut of other ballots. That matter we're coming into a twenty twenty one, redistricting cycle right, the state legislatures are the ones that determine that. So knowing that devout the balance for those less less popular of care, it's worth less pot rain races is really really important especially when you ve already heard people who conceited and re like thousands and second. How would you not want to invest to get an election. Were you had a six thousand votes slip to flip and they got well? though, that we caught into the system works. Second, You call it in one district in your claiming it works. I would prefer that it didn't happen at all seems its. oversight that six thousand outward Miss counted for the wrong guy entirely, and we also have another in Michigan, a Republican who conceited and then they found out we won by a thousand votes which, in the district, is locked, let us imagine this happened just use these tools
labels, wouldn't that warrant investigation of every vote in the state of Michigan six thousand out. That's consequence, national action and the local guy. Until we won and if it's a glitch, if someone here, if someone here came forward with proof that Gerald had groped them once like all. How do you know- and I see video graphic evidence of his hands lighting up a thigh and then another one is just a video graphic evidence of him later on service himself. after I bet you know, I'd live now I think that we need to look into this and I go through the ring security footage, because I found two examples: that's enough by the for example, to ban. If tube and did it twice, wouldn't it be worth a probe, problem, but we would like, but approve into how many times is to be done. This happened two times and effectively the outcome of elections in Michigan. That's not know ever happen theirs
yeah, but I don't understand what we get the no evidence claim they can not like the evidence. They can not like what they're saying and think. Maybe it's not going to change the right road, but there is evidence that stuff how a year and readable evidence by the way the notification bells being of irrefutable evidence because scriptures when a whole lot on Youtube and a notification bell goes straight to your mobile app and tells you or your phone, your mobile app. I don't know entire taking a break since election, nor weakens and out we do good morning. But of course, we days at ten a m eastern here's another one. This is from page one. Seventy two of the pdf. publicly available, and it is good that they look at me good thing about the green new deal is, I want to read it because was five pages written by your right, you're functionally retorted prison. This is a little bit tough, We will not want to come through two hundred and thirty five pages. So has the president if Watson Rewrite and when you are you're the left they go. What were the party of new wants? Your mute you're going,
over the economy with five pages, and it was double, it was double spaced, Mister Stewart and thirty four and you don't have any interest in ITALY. The party of new on come on. This page one. Seventy two, a pole, watcher examined a box of ballots and found sixty percent or more the same signature and that's totally because we need to investigate this because they sworn affidavit right there. We too have essentially hand counting with supervision, will find you. I don't want it This is a question that I did have for you: pathogen we're bill, how many of these things, if you do a hand count, can be found versus not to, for example, this is one you can find a fail, the same signatures, but if some of these secretive secret ballots have been destroyed,
that there are some things that could be covered up, afterward right right, so one of the hardest ones are ballots that don't actually make it into the system. Rail they'd never got received and that's enough there ballot boxes or drop off and they just don't kick Lecter. They get down to the get sorted before their taken in it's really hard because you don't have anything in the counting right, accounting presumes. Majority habit does not really anything. I can do about that at this what about backdating like the ones that have been backdated. Can you find those so kind so indeed some states they keep a record of when it was actually received and ignite the reprocess where it was stamped those we saw there have been questions about where they stamp appropriately on that day or not sometimes dated in the ballot itself. So for it well. You know that it was sent the day before the election and then how it got in and had a date from the day two days before the election right you
You ve got a problem. I would actually say that, especially when they just they put, the data is nineteen hundred near right in your life is bad brought. Beat you far fraud campaign that, if one of them one of the actual brows with multiple signatures under the same, who is you only known that if someone notices it, if you have a thousand people counting, and you have the same thousand signature of one for each person. You may not read it's really hard to notice if the entire voting precinct as an arena covered in Bristol boards or sixty feet away from that there are some of those areas. If the put two and two together right, flattened, pointed up wall Paper on Glass bill, you ever seen that outside of a horror movie, and that's only because people are acting in the exact opposite way that some will react middle ground, especially
rapidly, true, observing and what's going on behind glass, but also the guidance that they were given build the guidance it says, even if the signature, match, even if it doesn't have a signature. Even if the postmark isn't clear, even if it is after the deadline, go ahead and accept that Gordon say that that is a legitimate valid, can't we go back and find that that's illegal conduct to say gotta do it even though that against our state laws threat now think that's what they're alleging happened in pencil Kenya and in some of these districts of folks, were giving the wrong instructions and in looking sought that it doesn't happen in every election. The question is: is it happening in the key precincts? key districts re having a material effect on the outcome of the election, and when I say the election, I mean the entirety of the electoral out, just the presidential idea right now, and so what about one thing that just annoying about that? One thing to be clear: it really only takes one: two precincts per state too It's a bit, I think and ass we watched broke process. Take no wing county is enough and Pennsylvania someone you have some states, it are twenty thousand ultra Wisconsin. It can be one or two precincts, so we need to be
about that so much every individual's home. These these votes are collected in basically, what are giant ballot forms effectively, frightened If it's covered up in Bristol board- and they don't, let me went in and locate well now. You know that you're screwed me about a state like Arizona View, have miracle county that far exceeds almost every other county and drought of numbers near so you could make it look like very little for problem by framing it like well, one of them before counties percent error rate in the counting. A bow is right on Canada, verse, another or two percent of them didn't actually get in. two percent of them had irregularities that we ignored by minor, we counted them. But then you going you're like ok But how many is that two percent, and how much is that two percent against the rest of the oh? Oh, it actually is eleven percent, rather because a number of people, so that you have to look at the objective numbers and also The percentage is giving idea and people say how can the county affected Wayne counting the term of the troika that affects the crime rate?
entire state like murder in Michigan is basically Detroit its Freud every now and then there's a little bit of a scuffle at the drive and mistaken outside that's one of those people realizes what we're not bill, Clinton to claim credit for tough on crime right and in the nineties it was Giuliani in New York that affected the and higher national crime level violent crime level. So you need to understand how much a state can be enacted by just one Anti all of Michigan you if you're too, with michiganders right people who don't actually live in Detroit Secluded is annex that shit and set it to Canada will be better off. because they know how much influence has and how corrupt it is for crying out loud. This is how can people talk about Chicago corruption? I don't know that we ve had a mayor. I think probably two out of three mayors in Detroit have been investigated. If not a rested there, quality was mandatory his ears,
it may or may not have killed prostitutes we had in the mayor's motions and he tried to flee they caught up with the Dallas airport. Remember not criminal he's stupid, courteously they don't you to extradite you when you were umbrellas bad plan, you didn't international. Like a so Gerald to your point about the instructions you know there have always been issues were you know, you worked in one state and then you move to another state than here in the next election right, helping the work and the instructions are different or the instructions have changed because the rules or their alot minute. You know that a lot of last minute legal rulings ever had and you ve gotta, communicate that to lots of people who the last time they did. This was the last cycle two years ago in the instructions, were a little bit different right. So when you have legitimate claims of questions about instructions being given correctly or the process, not being done, according to the instructions that were given, you have to be able to answer this. It's it's it's again, part of the process. We are
we have in place all the Pennsylvania the Supreme Court had to come to tell them no evidence ass, I hear and obey, and now we are going to go back and just thirty seconds with actually, but she'll new voter fraud, as expressed by the New York Times and began gang picnicking. Now you know I hate you guys. I know, but you know you're, not a matter of all you gonna, but right now I will readily a word from our sponsor expressly Vienna and the government is gone Yeah looks like everyone's gone back to our snacks and start want to fire up the projector. one problem
right you every year if like is times but when some time for Albania now, I'm them baking My main angry snap member countries come what is it what you do online is more business, protect your business express Vps entry and by the way this is I'm going to be talking about passing deal idea, rises, the hashtag crowd or pass his tea whitey crowd capacity. it just if it gets running it. Just municipal chariot up, if you could express Bbn comes slash crowd or you can. I wanna make sure we get this right. You get three months for an extra three months free, we use Express VP and we use it when sort of actually figuring out on the algorithms with social media, but here's
also aware of GPS is valuable because an olive, your dad as private right and you can't trust trust you I was trying to trace and tracked lean in new either. Why does by just pulled a binding is invented? Just another thing is my left side drooping. Can I become CEO Pfizer now, I'm doing my glasses hum, I wanna use experts VP. It doesn't matter what I watch it still. Suggest Seth Myers. Really, The document is, why doesn't matter if I'm watching it can come here? Listening to a billboard, podcast, r and D Paulo could be bent Shapiro, it always suggests Seth Myers
who is demanding Meyer, you don't wanna know it's admires data you to bed waters, we will make general do thou say no, we have no is in here's. The other by right in a lot of folks are like hey, wait a minute. We ve got big jack. We got big data they're out there, they're taking all information or selling it and they're making these online profiles that one of the best ways to just carve back a little bit of that is using expressly and you don't even have to use it when you're doing secrets or what are intercepted has to meet you, no other trades, your its work or confidential. You can issue to use it during every day, browsing and other things like that, whether fetish or otherwise, at home. You know about that Asians underlined. As that men love will. Your dad is white and you're determined today that you're dead beat you at ping. Pong he's really now ass. Only interested in asian women was that, like his thing, because I feel like a lot of guys who I know like they do
Who did you? They all went? Well, I wasn't lived. Ass did not like. I always liked lawns and some are not made sense. You know, I didn't know that guy's you haven't. I know a guy who is married, you and he was like I only date, Asians and I actually sources responses to their own. I think asian Obviously our beautiful hair this year's Artic, especially to a man. I love those ladys with hair rate blogger, but actually this reaction is it what about like what WWW, there's like a nice Whitelaw and he went out I don't know I mean. I know that I before marry my wife, whose Mexico had never dated the minority at all, rather look, I know a periodic that would just because I'm insane lose. It has meant that many of you think me a list or I will he didn't, make the drive. The Ferguson there's a there's, a great old, normal gentle joke. It's that ping pong is the only sport named after its inventor wow.
But my dad is very good having palm. Yet my chinese grandmother so on my mother's side was better than and would beat him regularly. I really the moral, the stories I'm terrible, a ping pong now Riddick great. I would imagine changed, member that Isabel chain smoking cigarettes and a lot going backwards, because a lot of shit I ever they smell you, alright, you're, really quickly seed and before we go to the next version of election fraud will know the final Arizona tally, Sill from accounts. Arizona vote out allows dismissing other results. This is the thing they just go without contact labour critical. Also, when we ask you to be reviewed Five six thousand votes accidentally went to the other diners owner was there actual local see that flipped Dr Argon conceded in areas not as happened in Michigan. That doesn't mean that nothing wrong, as happened with Arizona, because of course there are military about came in late. There's some just ballots. It didn't come in on time at all, but it's not just hypocrite.
Because you know all you want, maybe that state state did it right in that statement and it still Those are not contesting the results in New York to be equally or Lord or California. But are you not only contesting states where he lost we're? Only talking about states where there is verified evidence of the various activity which again you say, does not exist, so someone watching this not addressed in the context of worship equivocal. No, no, no! No! No! You not contesting all states, just the ones where we have verifiable. Proof of some bullshit now again to minority report this, The left is now being open about committing voter irish voters. Disregarded it wouldn't do, but an irregularity, because the fort like an irregularity and haven't afford hand you don't play an irregularity is ice anchor and if you think it might happen, you get some benefit baneful, whatever the fibre thing
What what's the fibre thing? Baneful Icy, rattled, hoop Joe? We try. You are you re, cycling, TED Cruises, poop joke that recycling. The pictures is what's what's the fibre thing that you drink, the Orange Drink CAFE bit of home and, at any rate, Madame use another to divine afford anyway, the point as it was shut up We have a large, we are going to have to run off and actions, and I don't know, there's a hey. What's that you don't really need it. Just means is gonna, be another electronic everything we should pay attention for which Party controls the Senate. Now. I think this is more important because, when people talk of Kemal hairs with a typewriter at people, dont rows of vote but keep in mind the we're talking with a number of Republicans in the Senate. It still is colluding Mitt, Romney minus one, can't trust again party affiliation sand. vagina. It's gotta be a tough.
Growing movement, a you know from every sandy vagina comes a pearl I ve never seen an oyster clam Joe. Your terms times columnist Tom Friedman, we showed you this earlier today, but it gets worse. I want to revisit this. He encouraged people to move to Georgia to vote in the run up to everybody moves to Georgia. You know in the next month or two registers to vote and votes for these two democratic senators carelessly this Rina, Bang, someone who sells meatball sandwiches It is a characteristic of illegal origin, so that- and I want to go through Sir Andrew Yang sorry but Andrew Yang tweeted, a similar strategy. Let's call it our recent. I want campaign for Joe should get ready to head to Georgia I'll go there. Isn't each time the earliest date for absentee balance to be mailed for the run off
member eightieth. There deadlines December? Seventh, the end in voting? I mean he's laying out a blue ride around. That is seems me that they are suggesting what I believe to be correct me. If I'm wrong, possibly felony voter fraud, italian me, boss, substantive damage guy. Yet so his saying seems much more closer to what would be voter fraud so hurt in any such as fraud to go and do it. But you, courage, someone or purchase their vote, which has been suggested that oh, you can pay people to go down and in Ghana counselor Chelsea Handler with fifty cent by offering him sexual favours to vote for binding yeah. I think that's a problem when the prosecutor that brought? I don't care, how many books she writes about vodka IRA thought we get along and creators. I believe in preserves rise. We would not want to put her with a terrible, better mile on their faces, but, but I will say this is something that is very important is defined as an over with regard to this run off so Andrew Gang is saying: hey he's gonna go there in Hell.
And they're, going to increase the number of people that are out there doing not ballot, counting or ballot canvassing, but door to door V, canvassing to make sure that people are voting for the election and that they're going to send additional money and then they're going to have all these balance. This is the time when, if people let off the gas in this particular election deal with, it may have we're dire consequences them. Then the White House is due also lose Senate, so you know things that Andrea was saying trying to set up a residency. His stuff, not seem to be set up residence la guesses, because mother guy out every year about by the way, just because I know it's from state to state. As spokesperson for the Georgia Secretary of States, office Rebecca there registrations, they did so a state law? there is a felony devoting George elections. If you are not illegal residents or if you're just residing the state. Briefly with the intention to vote and then move away, I was joking. When I said that run days ago being heard anywhere highly illegal. I thought it was so
Obviously illegal logging on a jug well at killing a hobo, throwing when the ozarks you're not gonna, do ITALY. There was a joke, it was a joke when I at it now? Did it right, but the point is I was sorry, sir. I took it to the extreme move and get the apartments condos in Georgia. I haven't told me you had a big last about it in the control room. I sought by all time shares and always in fact, that Stephen Incorrigible and then we gotta go damn stock what a volley anymore. It was a good idea operative from Stephen crowded. We should utilise Dennis sphere. bastard. This is just amazing to me that they are saying is that we should move to Georgia to vote like cramped, and then when we talk about. How would you do it with the electoral college? Why? Because it could just be based in the popular vote. That's what's best, representative Americans. You think that most wrapper
a native of Georgians is a bunch of the gang gang moving into a times sleeping on being bags. They can throw their vote in and go on their merry way. Now you think that represents the average American through care. Representation. They don't care about the systems of law in this country they care about simply doing whatever is necessary to win an election, whether league that's whether legal or not. This is illegal. This is illegal. Can someone investigate the New York Times Guy Friedman can someone call him in for questioning Go James, O Keefe in for questioning running his big? crime is running a camera, while someone else's logical in a federal crime and then they interrogate Gmos. But now you have a New York Times rather than encouraging a crime. Can someone put LAMP Wendy was face right. There's gotta be a tweet that he followed this up with
two right he's got a Briton about. It is worth a quickie got evidence acceptable, followup tweet, to changes in areas that are hard just Josh's, or you should arrest him the executive. Now he probably double down in the treaty is one of Zion, so it such as that of even the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles about how you could go in. savage there in the georgian government, maintain look, you d, there's process for which you would have to establish residency were, even if you do end stashing residency, but your entire point, which is to come in south residency vote in leave that still eagle illegal yeah. So it's not only I mean if you wanna come in and work on a campaign. You can do that and in fact that I think what Andrew Yang is trying to do versus bushy. Mc meatballs was without that go down there. Do your vote and then move away right, no problem or just go down there don't even established residency because, for example, you can like it a Georgia driver's license, so you ve got it.
give up your driver's licence from another state, get it there and go through those steps. There are a couple. Different ways were saddled residency in Georgia, but you can't just go in vote. Roll out. Why does wish that? I have? I had the life of a complete lack of accountability. We couldn't remember we're moving from Michigan to Texas number talking with my accountant, and asking about voting absentee, and I said hey or talking about how we pay taxes ratings as well. what you really would have to prove that you are in this state for more than six months of the year, so it relates to taxes and specifically the rates of voting rights. These questions matter, these folks help Georgia very little is good enough. For me, a Congress at any of the legal counsel. Just think of how many conversations we have had where you go, Stephen, I think it might be. This is an actual conversation apparition because I think it might be illegal free to drink, half a bottle of epoch and go into the dm thee.
I remember a Democrat. No one was there. It was somewhere between eleven and ninety seven reasons why that was half of which were legal. This wasn't fool thing that we did not do because over there during the second, when Dounia Hotels, her trunk care makes me sick and other trump hotels, so we say that government bureaucracy makes me sick to drink epoch like but like twenty of us and go into that the invasion just be vomiting that could technically misconstrued is vandalism of federal, proper misconstrued so advocated, and these will protest. My parents told me to make good choice in this and I do most of the time something. But if for him. I would have considered epoch if we re going to really hard heart was trying to find epoch apparently can grow anymore because I say doesn't work yet visited actually work these epoch environment like it was used to stop, be like poisoning,
in our guarantee that, but I had a guy, so I was gonna hold, but that was not what stopped us it was. It was this man rightly correction rivets isn't you'll get your photo readers that does not. I was trying to see if there are any other sources that were also in encouraging in their a ton of people who are saying just moved a Georgiana have court. Listen, you want to move to Georgia and stay there. Fine yeah! That's on you hate! You know it's almost like CNN could investigate it because there in Georgia they want. I think like when he asked when yesterday thing was yesterday. The Secretary of state was talking about they didn't show it. It was haddock. We, it was happening. Their street, there's a window I mean, is that what the hell's going on out there? The blinds there's also a single line where things are not voter fraud or they're, not illegal chair there just clearly intended to game the system and thus immoral, right and so in offer, for I feel like we ve only about this for every day of the last four years about one party being the moral Party in the Why not
in in now to say: well we're just gonna go ahead, get a bunch of people registered, have the market here say that their staying and then influenced the election in and it actually game the system to take the Senate. Ok, maybe you didn't make. Maybe you didn't do something illegal if you do jump through all the hoops, but you definitely did something wrong while we accept the Serbs is illegal in Georgia, yet some of that is only what ports not illegal, where society that move there and you are actually going to stay and you get registered in time and you turn in the ballot become a knock em. You could vote, but if you just like leave in January. You ve got a problem. Only a part of this August stay in Georgia. Whenever None of these there are going to move back to Williamsburg Britain, Inner, not Hobo, oh. I don't know. I don't want to insult a large portion of our view. Worshiped Georgian Georgia's a horrible place Just now, I prefer the Georgia country, while
they can hold their own against the Russians. I would rather be in that Georgia than your Georgia, so Georgia get your shit together Roger. We love you, he does We just don't like you. I would not like it, but we do find it funny when the CNN and gets burn down right now. We re presidency are importing like please stop and there they found out that the reason and PETE marauders were bring down the billows because it was a police precinct in that same just get that during a second floor they don't even care about C asylum under a task that goes fifties bomb drill, higher doesn't go sailing. Does it so we're safe? On the fifth floor, I have no idea right. Listen. This is that we also have to get you it's a long time coming, but this right now today or tomorrow we will have officially surpassed Turks on the Youtube. As the number one independent news channel
I can't drink from so here's the deal. That's a little. I thought this was going to be bigger than it was your term of the stream now the whole ass, a young Turks. Again you can, you can post a crowd, rapacity whitey, but let me give you a story of the saga and why it matters there are like me. Largest dreamed about this. It delivers. the kid I was nineteen years and whose back in two thousand and eight two thousand nine when I was doing videos and had very few young Turks attacked me, They started fight back on you too, when there were no conservatives read the Renault Conservatives was already atheists and liberals and young Turks were sort of seeing as I guess counter, culture, somehow and they were actually going after after me and the actual from a friendly Doorn who time he's a lawyer who had a small channel like fifty thousand subscribers, so think it one day I'll show you, and here we are, but it's kind of like
its colonel, I go and Rocky Marciano thought Joe Louis. They had a real beating as you like band, was no Jean Louis that finer I be out there, that's not the Jean Louis. I grew up, watches the younger. Now it doesn't really matter. I didn't know they were still really around. I know I know and with so much money so I was going waiting Joe Louis had heavy investment from Al Jazeera lose more. My biggest issue is, I mean they're, no good He had a hollow viktor! You do that. You can do that. I'm gonna give you yes exactly, but this is when we say independent new women like actually and then we don't Oh dear little, layovers draining Earl, you guys invented fireworks I don't know better. What do you do next? Overtook your noodles? Yes, the answers you so the young Turks air there that people say congratulations, the five million to meet it doesn't really matter what matter capacity in terms of an airline that doesn't really matter- and I told you I made this promise
You guys once we pass the young Turks in overall subscriber ship that we will I will no longer be using them as a source to revive I will no longer be making fun of them. I will, at the end of this, show, retire once and for all my chain compression and my costume, because I dont want to be a bully. Like right. Now. It's like a kid. You know you imagine shown up here. You're bully, go back and tell him. What's what and he's got a pot belly? these bald unease divorced and, like that's kind of what this is, but I still have to be aware. I have to do this so because we have was they attacked me early on and then what really bother munition little young can The union assault happen in Michigan, so I had gigabytes of I am giving you the saga of Stephen crowding young Turks. I gigabytes of footers. They try to submit to the local local idea locally ere. They said that couldn't submit it because I was no longer in lancing at an eleven lance and which, of course I found out later is untrue. So none of my evidence was submitted, but the young Turks actually did a very
how fast flaming that they had watched the footage and commit a crime which the local district, Ernie used as evidence. So this is what the young Turks did so edited video. It appears that the man is standing calm in the beginning and then said, punches crowded out of nowhere, turns out when you look at the full tape. not exactly how and down. Oh, my god. I forgot how and he is looking out. He has changed. The years have not been kind to him and I are rather someone who is aging at an accelerated rate like a paddling in the soldier, This happened. I was yours, assaulted by union member. We applauded this footage and then sucker part that yes occupant, gender punch and then ask when they did this in the d a set or autonomous district attorney for prosecuting attorney exactly so, though I watch from the young Turks common turn was pretty clear that Stephen it Gentlemen: first, for this. I didn't know what's happening, I wasn't even their am I ever
never been submitted, so I did upload this, so you can see for yourself on edited to simultaneous angles of this assault. Footage which Youtube then labelled age inappropriate. So no one could well yes, but here you go see that right there there cutting their tent with box cutter. That's what you're saying right there see that guy standing over the box, you can find that guy he's drunk falls in the main one any bang Bang went over under clench. Then I just turtle because five was this get alike, car by the way. I remember thou, know: Nuttin police had no interest in the footage and theirs
so any on voters. There was prior to that you could, that union gentlemen. He told him. I was Betty Devices grandson. I want you to go out and get em. It's like with my fictional. My fictional grew and mother employs you radically. So, are you guys we're in this tenth that was being attacked by people? The only thing that you guys, we're not to do is to say, hey guys, stop somewhere, they were women later there was your deeds and I are. We have family advance this, and this is precisely why the peace of the tender was cut up with box gutters, coming up like a cartoon rynch cutting through their arrogance, a box cutter. This was the first time in my life, wherever they this huge platform at the intersection of a very powerless because human upload, the unlimited footage I couldn't submitted to the cops Youtube set its age and appropriate. So no one could see it and churches were not lie about. It knows. Actually you realize was actually admitted as evidence. Just keep talking about some right, exactly didn't, actually show, and this
so just went on for a while and I'm nauseous is an independent channel and the crazy funding for the young Turks. I don't know the story. The four million in twenty fourteen, I think, was from buddy Roemer. Another four point: twenty five in twenty fifteen to right now we are at eight point, twenty five million. Their twenty million in twenty seventeen they receive three hundred million in Google funds for training journalists. I don't really know. I don't really know what this was when I was small right, really small as channels with the other What do they would go after me and the rapporteur growing in calling about nothing, nothing I couldn't get to show up remember there was a political was a small things. Well did of its change. Nothing Things is very very long time all the sun was organized, it goes existed under their bed. Is you can punch back then? You start when I was Elam. All that's that's. The thing is that's why, after we do this and we give them their eulogy, that will never ever addressed the young Turks. Again, it's the end of an era. The end of a two bit hack era
and the young drug speaking of social media. No people often wonder why such an extra one would think tat the young They were. Actually broadcasting you to create a space. You Hundreds have a studio there. My brother has to go in there and you, freelance work any see Genk. All the time there's like porters it also our bodies, but the guy. That's what the baby. Greece Joe came from Gaza would bring his own job asian trees lorry. So this is what happened. I kept wanting a debate with change. We are because he had attacked me when I was young twenty years old and had no Billy punch back and then he wouldn't respond and then, what and wise, and this is something that obviously is pretty shitty on my part, but I don't apologize. I started doing sketches as channel guys well now sitting on Africa, but here's something that laudable dont know. I did these sketch as chink wigand. What I did was I'm I found out through the great friend that they really hated it. That will have to do more.
what I did was actually did sketches chink weaker with all of the Big Youtube Britain attempts Like Alex Jones, Lauren Southern Yanks, remember how you upload and I gave them the video. Is it just upload your own channel, so that when you search, we hear our young Turks? This is what showed up and then, also ran these sketches, as adds prior to young Turks videos, free role as though prison. There is being an expert at Google lose like. What's this targeting fix, what would you do that outlines? Of course they were rightfully finished, because this with you for a period of time, a glorious burdens on when you click and watch a young Turks video. You sell one of these sketches as an ad before it twenty of them. You know it really. I've heard about. You show us I ask you a question about the new Jewish shackled. I think my words
that is our Angela Merkel. got it, the loud virus in the context of that which people who might be Dave ruin The young Turks left them, which already kind of grinding gear and had a very successful Youtube channel. I produced a video as chink rigour with Dave Reuben, let Dave Reuben upload. to his channel and then I also Randy's as advertisements before you enter a fact that that's when they truly began to level, then I still, though, no response. We only what here too the grapevine that they didn't like it then I was, I was no longer allowed to run them is adds another skunk again. And I really want to get my hands and weaker the young Turks, and I couldn't so, this problem. Animals cringe. I've talked about the most eyesight
well. I've ever been in my life here, and it was when I did this and I'll give you the full story. After this clip, but The only way that I thought I could actually physic maybe in the same room and engage in some kind of debate with chink weaker was to crash, I south by South West panel in Austin was chink weaker eyes. Eyes the chain weaker. I apologize for the cringe still banned, but due respect the commitment to character. This actually happen, life now God bless the rude like forty people and easily Argos Stephen Drowse, what he does right, insecurity leaves
leave him. I am not doing a MAC doing. I would never do actually. Dont does dont pet personally dislike the guy at this, but simply chair and have to sit down at sit down that I'm not going anywhere. Second Orient Erika, bicycle Geraghty and here's the thing so that was itself by South West. There are two myriads in Still there? Yes, one is across the bridge, is itself Lamar. That we're is relying on a somewhat address is that I was there for south by southwest. I dressed up in a bathroom has change weaker change change. Jane covers pronounced, and I who cares what was dressed up. I had actual bacon he's got a job that we kept in Greece and actually come to be. I wanted Daniel, they do us, it read. It was, and I put it and I'm waiting in the bathroom- and I heard that bill Nigh was out in the hall for some reason and I knew that I was going to, I think, was a small, be in the merry out some waiting in the bathroom
Then. Now I get attacks and crap crap crap he's at the Mary ART and had already started, so I have to get one of these. What school, a glorified like pedal? Can we not acquainted with any carts with bubble? I'm I run their covered and bake trees in above like a jetson scar, arrive me over to the Mary I like and security at the front door, and even stop me out of here. You they went has another of my panel at. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. I didn't want to do it, but it's going to have to I respect you for their own cause. You ve you dressed up as a trainee several times, and this is the most uncomfortable you ve bears yeah in any. I haven't got that I dressed up as women, so careful AWA Amre, that's why I don't have. After just one I've lived dressed up as actual women in right in you Bradley pasted. You little hate speech there little heights in this
I know the bacon greasy. No. Actually these bake in Greece, because little known fact like change weaker. He be everyone ok, go likes to eat red now he really likes to eat and, as it turns out only two minutes before we can where I had not one but two powerful votes. Amazing sneezer ideas about food Epiphanes about food. You'll, like space, you put as much as I like non spicy food but with spicy food, Tortilla, Lauer, Turkey. I didn't like spacey put porn turkey. I love Granby. I killed like corn tortilla nothing, but if not driving hung a mouth I'll eat it terrible, but obviously Siemens Delicious thousand my God, like Joe Biden myself
like I leave rode on that note. I leaned knows this God, just additional hearing about about guy fee area already took up. That's public order is no legs. Drivers and others will do me a favor and here and then the only time that, unlike I would say, eight years, the young Turks actually ever addressed me publicly was, of course, a lie, and what it was was. I am given that this is really an. I know for some people. Maybe this isn't it, but this is just this discarded managed, because it's sad, this. Is me saying goodbye to something that helped shape? Who I am,
who's, the Christine Blasi Ford saga and it's an accomplishment. It's something that I hope is on my headstone that I was called a garbage person by annex Parian, where they lied and took a joke out of context and immediately lost tens of thousands of subscribers years, though so we called her lying whore and he also accused her of calling someone a rapist with no evidence as she did not call anyone a rapist, but nonetheless Stephen prouder. I mean this is what you can expect from trash like him. I apologize I'm eroded trash. Ass, not garbage. I don't want this whole video to be fast tracked by, in the interim I didn't say I have a job I miss avoided ends. I thought to myself so no first off she's wrong about Christine Oddy for did accused having.
Do we not remember that she accused Brick Avenue rape negotiate gang rapists, or that was that was every cow that was flattened acres? In other words, it attempted re poker and clear. This is one of that. This is a rule that out for anyone out there whose creating new content- and this is really what this segment, why the second marriage, or planning on creating new content, you announced coming up. It was the of the young turks- and I didn't know if this would exist, as you guys watch it now, I am so grateful. Because we there there was no we there yet because there was no there. Yet days a new there yet, but if you say anything If you make a joke in that, you think could be taken out of context. Just sure you say to those people extend that clip thirty seconds and either direction there. Oh well now. I know what he saying: that's a rule that I follow and its one that the young, I guess I've never heard of four or the media, because this is not just say Christine blocked affords lying, or this was the joke. There was taken out of
next week this for you or will accuse cabin attempted rape in a letter dated finding that fighting dimension till after the hearings, vines in situ that she can vouch for everything whether you were not for doesn't rubber exactly when it happened or where it happened. Historic undertakes, a therapist did turn you strike, undertake sports and ensuring that originally set forward would testifies. Now. I think, saying that she's not going to testify was put retainer on August, at which point you took alighted technocrats for an accusation. She claims she was never going to make publicly at all, should be noted of S. Ears are saying that there is still the noted possibility of Fort being a dirty Langhorne sketch out of his mind possibility, still open from investigator, not for me right around the globe. Yes about a possibility could about a possibility. I would never say that no certainly is a juncture, but this is thing is: is they apply these standard rate with the young, and I think this is why they ve lost so many viewers and it's kind of sad, even though what we tell it up? Thirty something forty something million dollars and investment believable. By the way I have
Hagen money for us from any kind of a foreign caliphate. Its mugs gets you guys I don't give me a refund above yours like you, in whichever way, Mitt Romney goes real, but really weight. So am I not suppose we taking money from foreign collisions more support will talk about it. Later I mean details, you can work out the details. I will say the women name of mighty fine, here's the thing we're. Entirely by you. You join up my club lot of Canada. Come such Markleham taken funding from Qatar from Al Jazeera, which became current tv or Al Gore. We ve never had to So this is why this is kind of a significant moment in history, because often people play may work, up independent outta. This actually is an independent news channel. We don't. of allies anywhere
of course, the blaze we work without becoming like NBC, Vocs Universal, ABC Disney Turner, Comcast enemy, setting up shop and Youtube studios anytime soon and Arena Del RE thing, but we were clearly not welcome and it's ok, I, welcome me either, but I think they took it out of context because they don't want people to know We become social justice warriors today, their track record, the young Turks, specifically of massage me in the way that they treat women without irony. Now, Steve prouder is a gross person have a camel telephoto for you. that's my bias against him, but an? U have to guess who the owner of that Campbelltown is you to believe me, you can see there are. That makes me think them more. Young, its assent, to his massage dynastic viewers, never respected
I'm gonna go Demi Moore her breasts or not margin. That's all you ve got one like making a point. You do in Tiger, you give a short hair gather gay, but otherwise we saw for ways you know find a way to, women down one way or another if she's a five rather than there's no way, I would hook up later, they can say, I'm not a slides is drunk. What can I do pressed up against the wind? That's none the less Stephen prouder I mean? This is what you can expect from trash like him. I love the ultimate reviewed respect me. You don't shoot me well dollar women, those relating to have no! That's right: what that a word. I will be Shelty where you are your pleasure now, because we are going to have a great white and try to humiliate every woman
and my audience is gonna get off on. That is what he thinks foxes like more your breast and then you can't quite how we get the YAP wishes. Nice rack re, but go ahead and crime in all day long, and we know exactly what you're about, and at least thank you for giving us clarity on how you feel about her inject come. I may work, free country. Are we if we can't even someone's what actually prefer that old Jake against my wife and I do not love zags until it was ever more fun fun. It's objectification. Women, too, are simply not for a while, what's most offensive is how flippant fluently he did.
guards to me more all rack, like she'll, be heartbroken she'll be heartbroken. You third string Turkish, rather tons of under. Like me, we're, not how I got was. There was very little seas of those Ben. I wouldn't have any problem with it if you please, I was very shocked by the idea of error that you are shocked to see this thing. I believe this is why I say I've lived in this bubble for years. I've been using two thousand six right on Youtube, two thousand and eight doing political videos, and yet there's like that was the average to climb. So for me, this is a surreal moment. It's just I kind of arrived here nothing's ever quite what you expected the terrible, Kilimanjaro and there's you know, there's a dairy queen. You like they ruined it's a tourist, that this will be
pristine and untouched, but you still got a blizzard, then I did get a blood and then turned upside down as I would really etc. Just like that, and so now, though- and I will say this- listen thank you so much everyone. We subscribe to a supported. This general, it's been a really wild ride during election cycle. Twenty! Sixteen! That's when we went daily to election it Eichel recently, and we don't really like to talk about. numbers because those things ebb and flow. Really. What means than most of us is you is you because we know that point I was at misfit I'll say this: I was the misfit where really. I had no idea that whatever work doing it
and can serve only to while I ve been told, my whole life was swell. Socrates is concerned. Is don't like this kind of comedy, and I do so. Maybe I'm an anomaly in same thing on Youtube: didn't exist in the algorithms kept favouring everything to the left. What that will you know what? Maybe it is half that when we first launched this show to giving idea we actually first wants it shows a podcast it got to now. Simply eyes. Oh, I wish it. I guess no, I'm just gonna pay, because at this point of almost saying, hey, hey Media concerns what currency do short from content like if you're thing is thirty seconds added it down to seconds and then, if you could add a cat and like a piano or a funny or a turtle humping Timberline like that's what work. Long form content won't work, and so we actually considered at one point just me king, this show all the content exclusive to market and earning a living but like? Well, you know what I guess: it's just an uphill battle, but will never be able to have the kind of influence that the left would be able to have because they're just isn't that ability. So that's
actual conversation that had taken place- and I was a real hard taught that I had to have with you- my wife go and have no that stuff that I really wanted to set out an accomplished. I don't really know what we can do it better our people remember saying like I can't compete with over thirty million dollars in funding if you're, both India. and I just I just can't I'm just gonna be snuffed out, so I say is because anyone out there who thinks that the current landscape is what will be ten years from now. Don't lose it really can change, is currently talked about with free enterprise and conservatives. Nonetheless, as I want my piece of the pie, we know as conservatives you can bake more pies and I've said that people, just propaganda from capitalists who want you to keep feeding- and this is not a look- look. Look. This right now What you are watching this a whole new pie. There was no piece of the can. Serve it above the right, leaning of the independent of the libertarian voice. There was no piece of that pie on Youtube, or this was before Facebook was effect. This is a whole new,
I am now everyone gets to benefit from it, all new pie, and so here we are it's kind of bitter sweet, because the young Turks their numbers, keep dwindling and going down. That's not really a worthy adversary were now we can. I have to go after CNN and in an bigger networks, and I dont think that will never get to have any of those debates, because now I can't do it, I would be a bully. and up, I do appreciate, So I guess as one final time. I shall give you one final one for the road. Thank you guys. Gate was right, but a great ride, but this bullshit and it is time to officially retire, the young Turks chink weaker, costume and character
Yeah yeah. yeah.
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